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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-06-28

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 mi  jliorden/'  *>.!; ��������� ��������� X  j':i\  H*-**'1  3S._<.i j-/" .  \r   ->  Uh-...           1  l:;'^p'l  liM  ���������VoOK  ^���������^y^  858.*  ������������^yy^  PR./  ^gpiritiiJ  oots wear'aa  "yipnrdifc]  t.StreetjVli  ad.'iHawoi.  ivo-'frnnnit  '-.'aolrtftd  ^ stock or^  BUptfrlor qiiiii  and.Dffjrf.  llcatjonj'-^j  >dce;Dkahi.i  and BaritjjifiJI  "tftig "^oiuntieer Rmes-have bad uumerous.  ���������WlBJfik^  ^eirenian-mo.vement^na^also;oi4he.promp^  \2L ������hnwn bV bur *vesselcbf war in taking up  TS^lylilcessaT^td: s^������m^meajqe  thev could come fgr^nnless in extreme cold  father, to get a supply of firewood or coal  Sf dep������ H^mmim expense  to England would be nothing to that incurred  bv themselvesinanysucbteadproject. How?:  :Lt; extraidrilV^wili I noiburfcthe jVplnnteers,  +hft rumor may increase their '\w^hlmyOt(^x^"  !!Sr^it,JifM  The butts are up, aM'class^infc: wjti0fc_us-  iial' accbmp^iment: of match shooting, will  : *tr���������>���������.*  '���������������"'  '<Vrt."������i"_y,-.   ,.^^ViKflAn^h nrtoihnn  drill  FT  IX* 1  cavalryfb^iCbrisi^Uig^f sundry.patriotic.'  owners of borse flesh;yy ������ is a greatVpity,;!!  think; that <the ideahas them brO&efaed/for the  to tKe ridiciil^  ;* Orders b^b] J  ceive^iriii'"  yy.yji,  allery, Com  Hotel deFnai  Kout'Brilkiti  ^gBeEiI,;^'  >/:v. V  porting B������y  fcformeK.'^^  march afoot arid trail the rifle, it wpuldlie|al]i  weltand^gobdr^Butrwhen the-;i>ractib^'wlll  heras itiwas) to-draft men put of .tire rifles/ tp������  make -HoiSe-sbidiersjqf;them,v,tiien;will;the  two movementsjp^^  and undermine:prie^anbtJ|er. J ��������� Let us- get td-  andanl, niM  cy.Statiotifiyij  Langley M  m  TER,"FortSi^  : Hotel, wfos:  trotts w  ry season efts  - -   ; ' !1'  porters aflij  ���������elail''d������tej  /V. J. Osst  jet,.opposiliili  ?;/"' ::^:  ,a/y.������  eterc. TteS������|  ies'the  idicest Lnjrm |  Vantfdtoj-mot^  Ifcutreviv^  -this' Colbriy a penaf: Settlemejifc: ;;BefaifeLput^  'E3, BRAKDE |  lavaoaSmfc  iyX������jK  Dealer in R^ i  advances aid'I  To&ViM  'aser/ GOVS!-1  baud.; r;0rda������  XyJL  indter^  3IaS3..-;Alw85  ivass. :M:  -���������yyi^r  IQTCU^X  ,i-.Rtce,-.Sf.  intSlrsM,^.  i'.y.^iM  ris quite certain that some of our most flourishf  ting Col6mes:haves^  l^iriipim%Vce1tvibt l^b^fv^^^^^^  ifaers, and especialljr toDutch^tbok good care  "fio press the natives int^their semb^^I-'alln^e!  fp^ura������7t<^  Itentbt; and ribTthe^. warlike, Caffre ; these na-i  i/3tives they .often" "used: lij^ Jlpgs Jftttd:;asV, dogs;  ������%iiie^ \. Hhey -;k;ept\Hhein ;;for ,years ��������� in; virtual;  y^e^^jx^re^jtiiem a^cnan^brfedeem  Ithemselveslata rate utterly out?Of: their reach.;  ISd =they��������� adv&ricedT Ja'iriaic^ 'arid all the btherj  |westehi Col^ilibs'iad: the1 'fteStiriegrp^aye;?  fsince the;emancipation of theriegrov'Gopliei  a|la])or has been ^gortedf Jamaica didwithout,;  ffiaridi Jam^iba isiMt||eip?iJiin^; jfj d^e^t/I Wb!  Spied not enquire too furiously into our North  S1 American. Cel onies* on i this continent; they  Whave taken &t^^ ^uir&Ie ail oifes,:we  lOOOJCOnvicfe^wbMd^cb^e^ctoShe^  ly^ot^bnif Bnglarid.w;"Nb 1 ^wjh^ti^sOiil^ |be  .grwn here would>b%grpwn������ari3^^  ^pbrted.L- In tb&firat;plabe-welienefit��������� our spt^:  tiers, intbe^s^cp^d^ou^njerch^      But;to  she w thiat-the^n^sbn: ?is^pi^j.^ppriant than  it reaUy^appears i^theriOOp cbrivib&would t^  ,qiji^e ^b^ne.rmairibnt; jp}sei^;b������*  ^orce^f vQouJ^4:|\^;^%!cM  ism oflferirig now:and^gairi;a Sari JifanIsland  or other unforseen^affair turning up/1think a;  regi^entn^d ^c^K^oM^  The pay of thesb^pppsj;^ sent here^'  and to ar great extent spent^ here.. Settlers:  won Id? adopt thb; Atistraliarit systeiri: of/gettirig  >men to labor for them'as'sei!ykn-1������;|'at^b'min]al  rates of vpayv~~It:woiildy&$ ��������� b^tbe "advantage  of tbe;men ^b J^baVe. wellgfi^r fcmj^lieir be*  hdvibrwpulfl defend. $&& JengtH of seryibeV  Now ift/tfs 34������k at;the/drawbacks^ The AusV  traliari Colonies/^ayerb^e, by one,; all; btit  ^esfcem Ausiralia; i\vldcb;lably^  >fte^:protested;^a^feany !Mpcet-bbnvibt������!  e^iigli j; tlimr^prj^inn^a^ work: was^dbne^  ihof, ^k^i^bttlirigJi^^  thriy ing .Colonies.:: yfee^hite'menw  mbrQusenbiiffh to kelp themselvesi' were riu--  .merpus bnough?'to" compete*'inj*tn6 labor mar-;  ket; wbre no lon^risiquatters/ or importers^  or contractors, or even handicraftsmen. No^  it had Jobn&vlolffi^ ; Uie^  ^aya^jttrans^rtati^ \ as tftiep^were,  cbnc^ne^iwerernuriibered; ^ Ai fbrthe^ciap-:  trag of .the denioralf ijing inftrienee^ Convict  fcbntab^'we Jcnp^i^vbat,th^;s/ :Pl^ien irij  a^ country where freeaov%y&egeiieisi.te8 .into  rude ljcense, where even ^the, .educated, and,  hitherto 4elffiestmn^*4^rily indulge in  drinking and other^^species of debauch to ex-i  ���������i} *Tfyik: yt*&*&t;^ :V.;c  w-yiy<-������-y.  ���������  yji.:.,*^..*.^..  yi>'x-y) \   :' )U ih *rr  y..y,., ,^#, T^v'  .., /. 1S,E-H-I;!WEEKLT.:-P'A'PER ;p, j  ;PuriLIftFrl/rS:^"PfvKRV SMrivn*-v'iUwri   rprrimlv.  tPlBLISffElS      MONDAY^^A^/TfltmSDAY.'  iyy '���������.���������'"byyiy ny y  ������?--.?���������  ^4^TxAN������i&?LAMBBRTjjBROi^  ;OFr^^ARkEtoLL^'i:Wi^������^  i yXyr\y^'X^< tyi^���������j^'i m ; y''^ -- \''  yy: Subsoni)^on^$l .peEfciwepk^-.tr^!-,; "  dipg \cost;of < .^hror^Ji^P^bje, jtij^ th^|Carrler;  <c^  i&C  w-.-  ���������T^~^  ^^  mmr  rfwhite, man is quite equal to do all the labor  Bwh0n'.fce"'ln^b^  Mthe infancy of a CblbnypWben face to face  Dealers, in������������ i  ,0D8;.B!c������,?;-.  fGpveriiW^iB  jweler  veGov-,  "1%  Ctonfccttoners,  ission*  EWES, F������^  idM������f  I'flMTOBJ^  Jexist^ridb/ brft*hSi:&l|r in"emb/oyS |* wlien tbe  |3| pioneer has to^ippprt his^fpod, and supply be-  llllsides a rovii^iminli^pbi>iitetfe  g do aught else but mine for gold; it is then; I  j2y^say, that laKbr,! fcBeap^ labor/ /isCia! request.  STo this cause may be ascribed the wonderful  ,'Jl^creasej of maohineryrin trie -United Stages,,  Band-thej:univeftai Veeling agairist\tbeemplby-  ffl|iaent of human labor where a machine could  ^Ibyariypossibiii^ fee("brbiigbt iritb'play.   It  m.certainly Hv^^plabmg the;" dignity of labor "  l&iin a new light when it^ad found practically,  5 r|Stila^ humanity initjsi new feature, contributed  ggB^bfrbone arfd %irie.w/(the ��������� bhite^ibachine sup?  ts������L|jgplie^ ^e substitue) butintellect^-ryapdso may  m.it ever be." "We have: done'with 'tlie" day when'  1hecatombs were offered^in seryile labor at the  mshrine of: tyi^aririy! s' lM':^^y^1oxen: do>.  gthe^wbrk.   But still where 'machineryr"cannot  g-he used.to advantage, andinature must be met  gin clearing the forest,: forcing the royal high-  Iway: thrbugh.^theottrioperibd. wildr,?or iwhere  i^heapness is an .element in excavating the  ������<iock for imperial and private purposes: where  and  ������t1     .,,       ��������� ��������� ���������~,.~* w ������ somewhat  ^plausible one when If is'suggested to use con-  ���������not labor. At least, Victoria City cannot  ���������wm up sanctified eyes witha bbly horror ������ it  $h*'rtin- ;.-,-r-y��������� mv������*������������vc*wof;50 cbiivicts there  fM 500 or 1000. , Now let ^enlarge a flttlb:  ft* collateral advantages/the ibo 5 for these  s  cessy whSre^Serisebf^hamb: 8^^1011^survives  tbgr^ibyeltyi M Comparatively^ unfounded  wealth; wbere a!btal-revolutionof ideas^eems  to have ^accompanied^ thfe' ^atarally; Opposite  position .-���������of 'tlie seaspiis^ tof; cap/all. this, add  the^nibs^'tptej^ al)sencb/bf^the' humanizing  inflifence ^of nvomah; take in all these features  of $iie- case, and ybu will not, ilthirik^reqtdrp  to^v|r4lo^^P^  the increased tale of crime.   As.ioJhe^ moral  .pn^gmnation ;jwe|are|ey ery ^cursmjxing,wi*b"  unconvictedrc6nvicte,; and; far less -^safe^; li&|  muse^el^Inwdiauslnflu^c  undermihing-ius j but of thei cbnyic^ w^;arse  Ewarjs. y !MosV ^ ;^/^i^orted' /cohyi(?ts> Jfts  y^r{f^ders lipj dbufit v kno w,' iftoni England  ibspeciaiiyi j :ask dis^^is^d^froffib^er;parts  of the- United ^ngdoirii are;lient;^%^pn:liea-;  ;^,|efl(b^e^|b^r^^ ;?a  S^ccess|ulf(at ifii^Xs^windler^ clerks tbva^ bom-|  *pariy;.or^railway director,/;pilfering thieves,'  Ix^^an^ppttei as/v^ell 'to/the^^itfrglar land\  higtfw'ay man:1 ��������� Reinpyed ftoiri" scenes familiar j  and haunts' ot vibe; removed irii'fact to where]  henxjak^re^erect Ms/bnaractbr (for in England;  the sta|4.pf:brjme,pastj:cnme^  the rnatf'bf "crt^ has  a%6aSic8 rMl jfe/and \ o^rma^n^iti^^  %i (&ll^y^&^ while placingithb mjoral -contain^  Ination at^a coriapa^rativ^  .0;3$pS|jBit:^W^v&^  1^-e^ra^ex^nditeel^ Profit  accruing^hereto-,:from ?the presence Pf -avtotftt*  pie-of ^tbbusUnitf^eniy 5Vebaye already found  the advapitagevpif j^e^^^fpontriLct?. which we  do enj by/ Then' settlers} iban; get - lab or. at a  nominal rate bn/their farms//  I suppose:of^clothiiig-^d^feedirig their men\  the latter will^p^iainl^ miibh ^l'eferr the jVprk'  to':1 tobriri^^wrfiri/ *i; ;bbaiji. at: tHeir:; leg' arid, a  IpaSedigun; wiwnjilibptirig^^ distance of them.  Tlien/ again, many public works can be under/  taken now iibt - even ��������� thpiight; bf for want of  funds; ��������� y There';, :1s ��������� rib/fear 0 f competing. wi th  skilled lab or. y^he man chopping, your firewood; will -not interfere with, the mechanic  building your house. The laborer'Cutting  your ; bay will, ?; flot interfere ��������� with \ your  iblapkimith > forging your n plough coulter:���������  But when1 ��������� population increases and money,  cirottlates' (at present Jit is ,"mbrb tbag ;:sStibri-'  exyj 1^?8xisten6e /^^is doubied) and ;bandicrafts -  Sburisby and art-is paid ior, then convict labor  Will no Ibngbr be ��������� riecessary;' ! Then soriip1  lothbr budding: 'dependency can irribibe: tlie  natisbous;' though fructifying gift-when Van-  cpuver will have assumed that prpud ppsijion;  so long^^ prbphecied fpr-her/ and "so long awaited; 6? d^pbt- Of East' Indian {arid : Australian  commerce, ^halting place ofi the trans-continental railway and" queen of tbe}' Pacific!  Therefore, say-I, send us convicts:  :y  jUj4&'*.������*���������  ' ,A-Jyni '���������;*���������������&���������*-��������� -fy r'-% -i^oi^ i'yy' \: :���������.  i;;;-:-'--^  u#j *;'?:-.: X X000M>X'r yy. i -#?:';:: ^/^.//'/ir  . .���������..H?y..  ^���������������to:BAM5F ^TREAl/'l^:CANADA,  MGntreal-fTorbht^ Quebec, Hamilton,;Lonrlon,-Hlne,  ' *'��������� GARPENTERS' -&:MINERS? TOOLS, / J  ^ttAFTS^I^U^^THE'BANrSBRANGHl^:^^'  ::r-:;:;'; riN^MrouvER^sLANJE);*- >; '>:  r. .u;v; -.^viotoi^^D^nMimo; .: m 13;,'  ��������� r      -IN' fiRITISn COLUMBIA?,       ��������� ^ t \  y'   * >   s  * * t1   CARIBO0j^;.^ -      '   '- "���������f ? j       ���������  jyyS,\v^.^^\.n-i--^':",i-^:yy^^.'���������)<,'������������������ .-':.v:';. V--'. l^'^r���������^!���������.V;������,^���������V.i:������������������.���������i.'i������w-v���������-;������:,.'i..i>J.���������;���������.'?.'-.'��������� .'.'V -'  ���������  PROVISIONS/XmOCERIES/eLCTHING^  ���������^..y^- y:-.;-.r:^yy-y:-!y't; ^j^.'^v^y ^^1 y5J^J>liy^. f  .;:������������������'    .Storage and,Commission..: :;:.-.  E*^H:'o:p:6fEjps������  '*l f BABKERVIIXE~rlAdjd^ ^/ 1  -/"������-;>JLYJ.. BLACKMAN,  ������. j--������������������' tff  Boot  si^n  LEWIS, WILdE,  ^SR^EEvriiiis^-^  ���������Lj.^:; sviqu wet/;&/ ea,; ;>  ;  ^TOOMSiM^-EEi^tL^.'Vr-f:-  f!';yr  ��������� ^BKJHFIELD; Wilimms'Creek,;B/C;. :  E,HAVE ON HAND a large stocfcof vProvisions,  . 'X :Hard ware -.-and., "Vegetables,, and {are ^determined 'to eell them;piie'aper than any :'6ther,:store; on  ^UliamS'Creek^ Come and see atacf judge, fof yoursfeiVes.'  ' RicbMd/ May; 5th; 1866.?; yy 'it Vy * ������������������-> "<X $ -^l'-"5  .���������>:a.v*^8=u^Eri--  G;6^:m'i:s^ii'a^  ./ ::.::/'::':::.:...":;/:.and.'./. "���������/:   .        ���������..   .-.  , ; . debt collectors. ^ .  .o^SfiwrsrOR  ^n;;>Kssre;~B.KLL':&:GuNDRy,^(^  ,6$J ^SCGTLAl-f|/4|h������s BRITISH (LINEN; ^CO. ^S BANK  ON IRELANri||^  ON* ENGL.. hi,-W& tfht OPSRlflSH'COIAJMBlA,  , (       .,     v      ^Head.qffic^I^mbard.;^    bondep.  r: ? CUHRE(W|^'(M)t%TS ppeneS' for Tariy arhourit' apt-'  lees thpii.Orig.Hi^S^rediDollars.!.������*/-a^>-?v^j <yf���������'-:,./ ���������  !^ -BiHs BiBconri^d|.ml Collected; and Bills of Exchange  onGreat^Bnta1o|^j5anFmuciseb and: Novr'vork: pur.  xhasod,;'-1 yXXyWX'^ '-'^'iei-'r L"?'ii:^- '' ��������� ;-' ��������� ��������� -*'��������� ������������������''  "  (xoverhment^ajg|: other Securities received for aaflo  ijt^ or Adva nc^raadeiipflnrtk  *1:  ;'?i'-y:  "and"Assayed/and re'tlirnB i������a4������  M^i^";1 ^'^v.'   irv*%y  X<^Xr wirom ������?yy&.  ri'^iyayy - - ,y^_-^y t   ^������^ ^ ^ ^ ** ���������^-,-; ?-   ^y  ,.,������,?: v- i-i y.-y   -. _...    s :   /  . wv;-iV  :"..p  ^THE^B^NK OF/  r,Vi{.:S  '���������>-.;a Aif * .  Established jSjl83G."r  / Head? Office: ji^sK/^ELE^STiaC^X^BfAf^  /jDBAF^SISSUEDion7l>6nd6ir>vNew,vork/ San PraB-  /Cisco.'Cariboo,^ Canada, ,Jfe^Br������n83yicte,*;.^[ova Scotia,  aiid on'aU^the.jBrajiches oft the '.Rational; Bank of; Soot-.i  land 'andTfoviriciaJ/Bank of Ireland;;/ , }j      \ *��������� /  ';1"Bill'Sp;pf '.Exchange an&:<jolci purchased.';  ��������� Interes5t/>h; Special D^wit^dr^Monoy-'alitfwed^ai-til*  rate -'pC-a^iiarterof bhe^er'ccntrper inohUi '      S- ���������  ������������������"���������';������ ;.Yy���������<>,?;j; ,j;>L������i.rv-> v'- '������������������'��������� ^ ���������   ,.������;:' yyy y ������������-\'  ���������^:<������6������p Dost,;Mciled/ah d r Assayed J' an'd\ retdras ma4������  within 24 hours in Coinior Bars^y i-'-t    - ;'   !  "'".: Ores of. every description;carefully Assayed., i ;%/ ���������;  ���������������-���������' N..B.rr Any instructions as.to the'disppsalo.f the jir������-  ceedVoif Gold- Dust;Ttfrwarded"-to; the office in VicUrla  for Assay will-becarefiilly? iittend ed "jbH.*; ��������� "*������*��������� r *.> y '���������; y' ���������!: ��������� \  ..:;-.���������   ' ���������.-���������*-���������..    ���������  5    J.'G.nSHEPHERD, Managflr.  Victoria, V.L, April,-1866.s?. ....-, ;-'������-.-: I*-*''  ::;  Bs;Fi:N^R:fcs  ^^* If yduHvant' to * save mofiey'get your  Newspapers and Magazines from G. C. Ciauk-  son & Cp., Booksellers, Stationers and News  Agents, Ke W' Westimnsteir/wh o for wardpapers  ��������� by mail or express to. all. parts of the Colony  .pSfrlS, you want good Coffee use Fell's.  Bankrupt Affairs wound up; aiid Balance Sheets prepared; . Mining, Accounts carefully made up; All kinds  of Forms and agreements drawn, .an^every other description of business promptly a Uehddd to. . :;'* -.  ���������y&g* Office���������RICHFIELD, near the Court Hou.se.,   6 .  ..,,, /WILLIAM   WINNARD,  BLACKSMiTAA?  barkerville:         I  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY.  BREWER.  *7  PRAGEH-yBu   E/itg^  ��������� ��������� jA :Y/BARXikR.VILLE-i .'*/;'���������'���������'  .;   -^ 2':\y-'-     DEALERS IS /" "'    /' /'   Y . ""/,".',  Assorted^ Mferclxaiiclize  '...'.��������� "Wholesale and Retail. ���������������������������l  Conn&tiris'-Rt.:, Lillooet.-: and - Yale: wit li =��������� [-DIKK&Jfc  2y HEtiSON'S'^r'NewiW'iStm inster ^s '���������Victoria,.-.-1-.'.'.- ������������������  VtfJhU ARRIVE ,A^P,PEPART; from ;,th%;omce ia  T TJ Barkervill6/ to connect' wlth: the stea mer ' {En-  iterprise" at Quesnelmbutb, and tlie STAGES at Soda  Cretjkv EVERY WEEK^corivoying Treasure, Lrt,,  ters anti Vaujabi.esifbr: all-parts of-the world, ;. Also,-;  Cpnimissioii8*Tc6eiycd;ahd forwarded by Express .-for  :UiW'call^cUch1 of Notes/Bills iih'f;ilie'.inirchas$i.of^riV.'.  Ides' to:be obtained at ifew.Westminster; Victoria; San  Francisco or dbroute; and returns-'ihado witb disjatcb-v  .--. ry JOHN- a.s LOVELL,:;, \ ;-: Y ������������������?  1-s' . ,. ���������"������������������*,���������, AgonL Barkervillo.. ...  Important^ to���������; Minprs j-'-y  . ;Tbeundersigned is prepared to ?M ..���������������.;.;  CLEAN BLACK'SAND, BLOWINGS AND'  ; ;;,..;, ;/���������/��������� S-PANNINGS//. --- ".-*���������' ���������������������������/-. ���������- .  On Commission, or will purhhnso. any'quantityoa t&a  . /jilosT, Liberal Terms, at the   ;.  , .-,; Reading, Room, Caxneronton, . ���������     y ���������  The Subscriber is'woll ;kno,wnpn Williams Creek,1 bM-'  from tho confidence..reposed ,in ;him last ,Fall;ia ta^;  above business, be 'hopes to receive the patronage ef  the Mi riing communi ty^ tlie ensuihtr sea son ;������������������;  s Y.IOHN BOWRON. ;.,'  E; G. GfLLE'FTE,  GAJIERONTOFN.  ;JAiyiES:1 PyRDlE,:     /  BICHTIELD. Y^  s=  Cy  Agents for" the ''Cariboo Senta^el,;*  -���������   : :'./.'    .     .  '   .:' ; A. McWbs  ��������� -:'. s-^s J;--..-.     N. L. McCaffery  Mr.' Goudie, Barnard >a Express Office  .   Mr. Evan*,       do do  P. W. Foster,������-   do        '."   " do    r*  Now Westminster,      -.   . - .   -���������...������������������������������������.-- Clarion & Co  .    '     ,';"  '    , ( E. Mallandalue  ViCterla "���������;     .���������-.'.- : . '}y.  ttr������ u������������ Creek,  Vo������ Winkle,  ;  QuivsQi hiioutb;  Yiib, '��������� ��������� ��������� - ������������������:  Llllnimt,  BRIDGE RIVER.,  \ John Boron.  TO ADVERTISERS //  The "Cariboo Sentinel" is published every Monday  and Thursday. ���������' Advertisements Intended for insertion  iAus������t be delivered at latest at 6 o'clock, p., m.y the day  W**~orepoblicationyyyy: Y/Y'.'������������������ Y .:-   \  //;. Y ;; :   ; / ;NOTICEY'���������/. y/Y7;   ���������-.'.  Miners and others wishing to send "The Cariboo Sen  ttn 1" to their friends in Canada, England, the United  Statu?*,-orelsewhere, can have It mulled by;having  iiedresses ut the publication office. Price, txoiuDitfG  pogUg.yoO cents per copy; -������'i  ....;;   ���������.-.y    TOCORRESPONDENTS.   ,.��������� /y. :/. [  '   Ail communications riiust be'accompanied by the  rial name and address of the writer, not neceBsanly  with a view of publishing Jne. same, but as security for  his good faith. Y' '-: Yy'  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 1866.  : It rarely fallsto.^  cord the assemblage of what are usually peaceable and-indusfripus.cife by the  mal-administWUion of. the lawe, for tlie ,pur-  ;., post* of .giving expression to/their /grejyances  and conveying by.theYmost -marked and yet  ��������� most legitimate^^manner"theif sense of wrong  ,-.on thepart of thosfelh/authority;;       -V.;: "''- Y  ���������}, We-.conceive, that in the/, meeting of Saturday evening la8C:we/.h,ayer^e,;inost striking  illustration pit the p������o^yer in j the hands of the  pepple, when "unitedly:*P!KP',^P?rly: applied,  /and it would be .^yell, i^. many .other, populations that flatter,themselves tfn their progress  and erilightenWent/ wouldtafiettie Mnt and dp  ;likevviseY:Yv':' '/y-/ ft >*SYr:Yi- vs'WyY:;  ��������� ��������� . 5uV ppp'ulatipn j\althoiigli^coDiposed of men  from all quarters of the.globe, has exhibited  an ariiount of:radun^c^.aiid: patient suffering  .iih^dat without parallel taxedlti) ah unbearable  vxtei^  : the J awV^ aiid ��������� treated, witico^^  have ,attempted:-tb.seek redress at"tie1 seat of  ; Government,fwhat ^ther:comniiiuity we ^asky  ' uoder the circumstances,,would r have shown  life same1 obedience to the laws and respect  to the Government? yy ������������������������������������:���������������������������"���������'.'    /-  One other great,fact must be borne inmind,  Cariboo at this moment is the only place in  the .Colony, and we believe elsewhere, where'  -a miner can; earn his $7 or$8/per day* not  merely during the short sumftier season but  throughput the year; for withbur increasing  adyautages of good roads, cheap food, com-  fi������rtable dwellings/ and many/other adjuncts  rarely found in a mining camp, he can defy  all the rigours of; our uortherh; winter, and  becuro by frugality and industry a competence  more rapidly, than in any other .part Pf the  world. "        . ���������-.-:i.    -'     ''    '.; '.--*���������  The steady manner, in which, our mineral  weal th is being developed in" this section of  ^y. tbe Colony, and in view of the partial failure  ���������'--' of the other mines, as Big Bend, Bridge River,  &c., that were expected to throw us entirely  in the shade, has led many of our miners to  look at Cariboo, if;not as a permanent>place  ot a bode, at leasT as a ho me tor ". y ears'| and  th Is, no doub t has,, in a great measure aroused  them to a sense of the value of good. Govern^  meat/and to the necessity of reforming existing abuses. '    ��������� - Y  , The miner, until he has arrived at a section  of co tin try where * he is likely-"t to: remain for  some time, is the most c^lessyf^U6K;/ih the  world with regardto Governmentand Law; he  adaj*t������ biraself with great iacilit^hbWe ver t$  tlie habits and customs of the people;he dwells  w i th, and hen ce legislators are apt to be misled, and believe him ready to bear any impo-  si tion or infliction, with the most imperturabie  apathy.   This '"'is an error agairist which we  woukl most seriously recommend every brie  in authority; to >e on their guard; and wd feel  convinced that it will be so palpably apparent  to pun Government at New Westminster when  the two gentlemen delegated by/our citizens  have made their representations, that immedi-1  .ate remedies will be applied to the evils,  brpu|ht;abbut by the proneness of the Government to fallacies how so cbinpleteiy : exploded; vv  Our legislators must not forget that ibis  section is the only one that, for a long period  at least, is likely to contribute, iany material  fcuin to the revenue* ��������� and that on^ oiw citissens  more than all the rest of the Colony depends  Junction Claim,; /  North Fork Bridge iRiver,  ::fy :. ;;:. Y    yV     Juue J3th, 1860.y^  Mr F.W..Foster, Lillooet,  Sik,���������It would seem from yourletter and  various reports of late, that the general impression is the Bridge River mines are a complete humbug, and that all along T have been  designing and imposing on the public.   Now^  I dare say you are heartily sick of the subject  long ago as well as myself, but as you are one  of the very few .whose good opinion I care  a great deal about, I wish to say a few words  in my own defence against the mass of evidence that has been accumulating against me;  in.doing so I shall take a brief review of the  whole case since last fail/- -     T /     ;     ' "."';  The weakest point of the report, that I now  see was the unsatisfactory way in which was.  raadeknpwn tijfa time it took to take out the gold  taken from. Cadwalader creek.    The cause of  this Was, in straining to accomplish as.. much  dsvposs.ibie in the very limited time at my command, I foolishly went away exploring other  creeks while the men were at work ^washing  out the gold, tbey being thus left: alpne did  not. work but a very small portion of tbetime.  as I soon found out on my return,' it was clear  however tp make any complaint against them  would serve no good end, and in attempting  ing.them I got confused, hence arose that particular inexplicity in the report; I dare say it  had many .other'defects as writing is not my  forte; it has one great merit however, notwithstanding any errors of that sort, that to all intents and purposes,it is true to ��������� the. letter, I  will maintain it, were it with iny last breath,  the amount of work done to obtoin that gold  which you saw could most certainly have been  done in half a day by one man.   Time will yet  prove the truth of that report and to that trust  I am een tent to leave it.    With regard to the  few that ventured up there, if people choose to  believe them in preference to me, they are at  liberty to do so; I shall not attempt; arguing  the point with such indignation fiddlesticks.  I am fully, aware stress is laid .on the .fact of  my not going up this spring myself, no w I most  certainly intended.going to within a few days  before-leaving for this place, but dpring that  time circumstances pecured inducing roe to  change my .mind, it would serve no end to  state what, those were at present, suMcej it to  say it certainly: wasi not l������at I had;;' Ipst^cpnfir  dehce: in:that. upper ��������� .country or -that>*J. had  found a Kfejtter prospect: elsewhere.    I; have  however no fears for the future, brighter days  will come for us all, take my word,for it, there  are treasures: lying in tWse mountain's soon to  be developed, that will settle all the growlfersi  croakers, andfaultrfinders, arid patience^ perseverance, and plenty of hard, workwjll&ririg  about the consummation of our wishes/ In re-:  gard tp Mr. Dewdney confirming, bad reports  and his opinion of the country, we have plenty of witnesses to prove  he  never went six  miles beyond Teackton creek; to the miserable  manner m which the trail  was executed by  him is the great reason more people do not go  to the Cadwalader creek.    Such an affair is a  disgrace to the Government, where the first  rain shower obliterated his scratches, and his  bridges within one month became impassable.  For this man's opinion, who went about halfway, I think the public will be as likely to be  benefited, as miners are to attempt to he successful in discoye.ringjhe whereabouts of the  trail constructed under his directions.  : ";      Your sincere friend.  A. T. Jameson.  Hallo!  Old Jack's Alive!  JUST RETUB.VED FROM BEING,.0\t A BENDW!  Fully prepared to. Repair, pi! BOOTS; and SHOES  Cheap for Cash. ' He kindly invited one and ail, great  and small, to give him a call.   * : ='        .:  BARKERVILLE���������next door to J. H Todd's.. ;,y;15   :  yyyyyymoi^BWyXXfy  MRS. K. BROOKS begs to request those who fire Indebted tp her toCALL AND SETTLE THEIR ACCOUNTS AT ONCE so as to prevent any farther trouble  and.expense," ���������:> "'���������'.-.-���������,  "���������'���������-'���������:���������'���������''-.'  /*,������������������;   ', . . .'<- "-," -.  Cameron ton j 2dth J.iihe,J ISM.'"   : Y v .'-.'���������' '��������� 16.1m ''  In- the Supreme. Court of Civil1 ?������������������ '  British Coluinbia���������.    J*ti* ti  \   (. ���������������/. ;������������������   vi      \y   '   *������������������'  .���������'INy'BA^SKRUFTc'f.   '  Re Revierb.   YY '" -  fTHE MKETINO for the Grant of tbe Certift  was adjourned by the Judge of County CoUrffi '3  Columbia holden at Richfield, for the cWsfdl^1^  the Judge of the Supreme Court of Civil JusiiS? *  ish Columbia,, will be holden before IheflonShf^  ^ew Balllle Begbie, at the Court House, fifl ?>  Friday next, tbe 29th day of June Instant atSfft *  ofeleven o'clock; In-the'forenoon. ' '   ..8������i'  WHOLESALE & 1RETAIL  DEALERS  IN  LIQIJOBS,   GROCERIES  :��������� AKI>���������  ������>l*  QENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  1   BABKERVZLLSi. .:"!?���������  A full assortment of Groceries and H. B. Co.'  Liquors always on hund.   ..: .16  Richfield/ June. 23rd', 18 m.  ������������������i      .JOSEPH PARR  ^unselfortheBa^  BAIERY  AMU  J A M E S   P.   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'  %3- The Bar Is stocked with the beat,of LIQUORS  and SEGARS that can be procui'ed...." * ;/    15;:  : '       .  .   '    . 'i   '".'"���������������mmm" '" '" i      mm*  '  i    i .I'niiiii mi',,', '  BARNARD'S   EkPRESSYvi  <^-at-';em;:bai,c)o.k  ���������: r JAMIS LORING,-Proprietor'..\ ���������  '��������� Thin. First Class Saloon is now open to the !<wri of  ���������Y,; 7H:yy EMERY   _EVENING;Yyy-  / tirsi Clftsa driier;wlUb>presei;ved, and the/i>iwiieicf  invites his friends'and'the public to give hfm ac������n.  i  >8SrrTheBARi8 stocked with the bestof Llquorem  Segare...;;.-..;.  yr:yJ-r, v';-;*, ������? ;..,���������".,.,,; -,-,  ma ���������;  WILLIA:M ? SEWBLL/  ���������JT  Reduetioh in the Prices of Express Freight.  N. AND AFTER THIS DATE the rate for Express  Parcois.from Yale to Barkerville will be .'; ; ';.-. v; :.  Parcels firom 5 to 50 lbs;   : :   ��������� ��������� ��������� ? 75 cts. ^ ft'. .'.'Y  do      do ,60 to 100 fts.. 621-2 cts ���������$* \%,.  .:   do ���������". do -���������; 100 fts. and oyer, ^',60 cts'.^ ft.      {  /      ���������    '   /   JOHN^.lavfcLL, AgentY: Y  ���������"'-'  .'���������."  *���������:";'' Barkerville; :���������  June20th, 1868. .������������������������������������*. '���������'-'���������"_ ������������������''?���������? y ?������;;;>   X4     -,  lev  yy /'". ;/-'"'Y-VANV;WINKLE,   /Y;*v'"Y  Ed$ TO> INFORM.rHIS, Ct^M&li';AND ^  { public generally that be intends'tor-furclBhtfe  BEEF'OR MUTTON,' so soon:aspacklngIspmiioik,.  at their respectlve .claims on'. the d SRewht' i'reeki,'������  residences, at the Most. RSAsoNABtB-RiTSS.';*-'.-> '���������'���������':  ���������y;Van;Winkle June lltb '��������� 18W/   /..      ; /,   V!  ���������������llr'iSiir;ffi  FOR THE  Moses- Hair Intigpratori::  TO PREVENT BAI.D'XESS, restore hair that has'faii-  en oif or become thin," aud to cure-effectually Scurf  or Dandruff; It will also relieve the Headache/and give  the hair a darker and glossy'color,: and the free useof  it will keep both the skin and hair in a healthy state.  Ladies will find the Invigorator a great addition to toilet,* hoth'in'consideritionof the delicate and agreeable  perfume, and the great.facility it affords in dressing the  hair, whicb,;when moist with it, can be dressed.in an^  required form, so as to preserve itsphce,, whether plaifl  or in curls. When used on children's heads, it lays the  foundation for a good head of hair. %v ��������� ' ���������  Prepared only by W.D.MOSES,  Barkerville,. Williams Creek. .  MTOJori/oojj;  AT  yy. 2-, 2 ':. "'CAarER^NT6WN'/^:vY':/  WHERE THE: PROPRIfeTOR,''':*& " JL.-.BARW,  glVes a general invitation -to his friends and ik������  public at large- to call and judge for. themselves tbe  merits of his Billiard Tables; also, the Choice Brands of  his- SEGARS and LIQUORS: The Orchestra, whkH  consists of four mualciahs, is First Class.   , ,10-30, '  yjS&?'"I come to steal," as the rat observed  to the trap. "And I spring to embrace you,"  as the steel trap replied to the rat.  .^".If. you waut good Coffee use Fell's.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Williams Creek Bed Rock Flume and Ditcij  Company/ Limited.  i. GENERAL MEETING OF THE SHAREHOLDERS  JX of this Company will be held at their Office, at  Richfleld, on SATURDAY, 7th of July next, at 2 o'clock,  p. m., forthe;purposH oT electing a Board of Directors  for. the ensuing year and hearing the Annual Report of  the Company.    .  E. A. WADHAMS, ^  . ��������� -���������.-.-     ������������������ -���������;��������� '��������������������������� ������������������- "i" Secretary.  \ Richfleld, June27th; 1866, ->  .   > - 163in  THE MEMBERS OF THE MASONIC FRATER^ITV  are requested to attend a meeting at the Cambrian  Hall, Barkerville, on SATURDAY, 30th June, at 8  orclock, p. ra. '  June 28th, 1866. lfllin  THE UNDERSIGNED HAS TRANSFERRED TO MR.  B.. VAWQLKENBURGHall Book Debts contrnct.  44������JU always oefore them, we do aot think our to Mr, Vanvolkenburgb, who is fully authorised to col.  l^r-makera ���������" will kill the goose that lays the' lcct'a!l tbe abov6 ^ationod tefota,-  ZCild*'fl'*Z"y :"-''  "     " . EDWARD-TOOMBY.  TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  THIS IS TO CERTIFY that from some .cause or complaint of the head our hajr commenced faUing out  so rapidly; that we feared we should lose the whole. In  this, condition we went to W. D MOSES, and strange to  relate, in threb applications of hiswonderlul Hair Restorative our hair became as strong as ever, and is now  soft and lively. We make this certificate with pleasure,  believing it to be for the public good.        -:   ;���������  GEORGE COFFRI^, Cameronton. ::  ROBERT WARREN. BarkorviUe,  Y-;(- -   - H. S. P.EDGKAVK Richudd.'   '  Williams Creek, 1st July, 1866.  CABD OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT.  T^c^V0' W-tM0SES- Sm,~In the years 1860 and  i 18W, from a long and severe illness, my hair became  very weak, aud was falling off in a most fearful manner, and I was in dread of becoming entirely bald when  I was recommended by a lady residing ou Fort street  to try your Invigorator. After a few applications by  you. and aiter using three bpttles.of tho Iovigorator  my hair was restored and became as thick and strong  as it ever it was before. MARV A. LEWIS       ;  Victoria, % I., March ^}9^,:^^.^'j  rpHIS IS TO CERTIFY that a little; more than four-  X teen years ago owing te a severe flt of sickness, I  lost nearly all my hair the ������rown of head becoming  quite bald, and has b������en so ever since until the oast  summer when hearing of the marvellous success^  W,D. Moses m.several caseg where it seemed almost  hopeless to do so, on Williams Creek,-j Cariboo,   I wa^  ?^mdhi������0%nHim.t17W skil! on'me-butVithbui  Jaith lit his ability to restore my hair, it having been so  wngoutj but miraculous as it may appear, in three  months' time I was happily surprised to ind a new  SSS^^L0^0^^ which is daily becoming  H^FJL tbicker- To **y one: requiring his professional sendees as above, I would merely say that he  possesses a skill and knowledge in restoring hair that I  have never mot with before. l  B WHITR  Victoria, V. I,t Feb. 20th, 1866.       y-X^%.,  DPPEIHEIMM&G^  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN ALL  :>������������������;   ���������   ' ��������� Wi e:    -KINDSOP  '   :        '.'?/"Y':  Beg to call the attention of Miners ah4ftoiber8  ���������to their full ftssortmen&of SUPERIOR GOODS  y ;, which vWl be sold . ,y ���������' ������������������'. ;  ................ ......    .  to inake room for a NEW STOCK' to arrive'so ������������05  ; ���������; '���������: '���������' '���������.'        '��������� the Roads are open.''v/- ���������     ' <s/., -  ^Liberal Wlowahce':will he,'m^  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade gefl^' >  enlarge orders. ':' ������������������"- ���������'���������l;-y:':'.- ���������"���������'". L-V''  ';'/,  EVERT EVENING,  AT THB  &  DEALERS IN  BARKERVILLE.  -.-.t  June 2&h, 18������5.  barkerville:    ' Y  A large supply of LADiEsVaooos on the way/  Aii LOVURS-OF THE TERPISCH0REAN ABT^r* -  invited to call and enjoy themselvcsrwhe������������ r  welcome will'be extended.   ���������  m*.Tb? best of.Wines, liquors aaid  and.;<^P.d Order observed.  .-. j - - -       .  V   ���������   .     -  gegars*  MARTIN & COOK, .Ttop*-- ��������� ������������������ ���������"���������' ;^y/Y''yy ^���������^i^y^l'tY- /HYY '--- y '���������������������������;  ,   "'f(Befi>re W.*fefe������, Ks.i/J. P.1 ; y_,Y /  ;  ���������.     -=   Friday, ;22ndJuj|e^l866/  "Ah Sue, cl&rged byiH.:^Margesori^ha^  Min^^  Bank of British ^Nbr th: A^HcaM$7^which  "was lost or stolen'0frSatur3ay|l6th^fertM  complaihaht^Sj^r^emg^  the Friends'of the prisoner brought the pocket  book andJpapersj^aMfMelivered them up.  Prisoner was cautioned and dismissed.,,,,/. *  y'y   '    "v"  {"''/.-JQi'Seo- and:Ah Buij two Chinamen^ ai$e?t-  id oa suspicion of having robbed - the/^lfilces  of the Chittenden Mining .co'y,. Lbweee creek,  ILea the night of 22nd inst,'were examined. The  "~ 'prisoner Ah Tee proved an alibi and was dismissed. Ah Bud was remanded till 4 o'clock,  when no evidence being, forthcoming he was  dismissed. <��������� y_ /;y    /;;-.X> ���������       .' .; ���������'  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S^ :  (Before W. G. COS,' E&q.) y-fy yy .  Monday, 25th June, 1866./  EGoldstadte vs.- H; Curry.-~Tbis was''an  witness on part of. defendant. . Defendant  proved hori-fndebtednessi. .Case dismissed/  'withcosts. ������������������/ .������������������ X 'XyXy^XXiXy-Xi} i;  ;YThos. Tynori vs. -Thps.-Foley, Last Chance  creek Y~This case came up for re-hearing; when  plaintiff examined John Gannon wHo proved  the nature of the agreement��������� Y Judgment for  "plaintiff for $221 50 and costsi;:x Yy XXX ��������� ���������  ://Floyd Co'y vs.YAlturas Co'y^^cdpacwas.  brought to compel defendants. to show/cause  Jwhythey should not be restrained from tailing  |on to plaintiffs', ground, and why;they should  Inpt pay plaintiffs $500 damages. Adjourned!  [till Wednesday.Y(Since settled but of Court)  Ah Wah & Co., vs..John Williams/R. Booth  Sand Ja8/^pp.tm.:7-Th& brought ;re-  fquiring/defendants to.show ..cause why/tbey  fehould not be/ ejected from plauitiffs'/ciaim  [aiid plaintiffs put ia; po'ssession.> /TH'e delen^  [ants. jumped' the' Chinamen's ground inHhe  fceiief vthat they had no License, and had not  frecorded; the Chinamen lioweyer proved their  Ititle.   The CommiisioiierHodk occasion, while  living judgment for: plaintiffs, to severely:'re������  ���������remand defendants, whohad pulled^ut ,tiie  "hlnjanien^s;r stakes/. against .^he/^  Such an fofence, a������ it was deemed by the mining laws felony, and would be punished accordingly. ./.    ...     Y^Y'^Y :> Y^''!V   "?$TJ-  ;Gone Below.-���������Messrs; P.Laumeister and  [.McLaren, tlie delegates, appointed /at the  ;J4 a/pnv^-lette^^  inst^ %itteikb^  tamwn Carijpooite,jtola Mend here^which we  were'permitted to peruse, he states :^-" When  I came up^her^all the, ground on -French arui  McCuUoc|wjcreek8^wa8 ^laimetlfor miles^noww  one. can get as many claimsf as?he wishes.  No,  one knows yettheexa&'de^  and; the CreekaWerbbstructed"��������� byYblocks lift  slide fted^ck: (for ?instan������e:as on McCuU'ochs  creek) and large boulders. Yrweht a few days  ago fo McGullochs- creek-to see some Cariboo fnen^J^g;^e^% a half  milea is as steeps The; ropf/of, a louse/ being  nothing but a meresuccession offaUs-rHigher  ;uj)V;the country is >o  similar to .Williams creek iieiir Major Dowriie's  claim above Richfield. The companies in the  uPP������r part of Mcpullbchs creek, are. making  wages; and three, grulJ, on a stratum of gravel  above the clay. , This is a|l the gold taken out,  or nearly all. from McCuliochs creek. ,-Tlie  Willoughby co'y sank tishaftr tb;-the bed in  that portion of the, creek, depth/30 feet, but  could not find the color. ��������� Lower down, accompany, in which I saw a miner from the Saw  Mi|l claim;- of the namo of Tom, was running  a tunnel, it is already over fifty feet long; they  told me thfey. were not jgetting a color yet  Near the town there was another party sink-  is&j?*^.af te^ -SQ-aSd -������0Hfeetj  deep; they-had got nothing so far. On French  creek only two, companies are/making;gpod  wages; the rest are preparing to .work. I  have |ust been buying one half interest in the  pjjpuis claim/ which paid well last1 season, ;I  do iiSf expect' miich: from it, but. i /was tired  of prospecting without success. I see by read-  ing.the; newspapers "jtliait^  with glowing, accounts in .regard"^to'the Big  Bend Mines;;,Xrieed.hardlysay.that such accounts are untrue./-I:never saw before newspaper editors so well stuffed. If the miscreants]  who set afloat such falsehoods and mislead public opinion iii such a'shameful manner lived  in uncle Sam's/dominions,,no, doubt they  wouii fib gratified witb a coat of. tar and feathers, or perhaps be:: hung at the limb of/a  treei ; My advice to all my; friends and ac^  quaihtahces is" tp; remain where 'ihey'. are,: by  coming here they Would only fall ^fro'm the fryr  ing^pau:ihtpthefire.^/Yy:/ yyy  './���������/.:   ���������  emigratiba/ Y Ait; all  events, it is>ureto^e of benefit to the com-  .^ty.y 4*;p,^X--yXy'i 'Y - " Y/Y;  //, Afc^^suggestion,of the,shareholders, and���������  also pf^ the membbrs? of "the expedition, -.Jl'r*  Maximilianq deYKraiit/wili:,accompany the;  i>������feas/lea36r/ uiMf%^onvOTient;pomt^s  fo^ltq e^blisha:headqii4  ;erai managervwilliibe 'i ejected^ :i superintend-  t|ie> operations ibf .the different prospecting  ������������������'���������*  '-:i :���������.���������,.���������-.  ;H0NGil/rOlTHEiI)ESER^G|y  i,;. -.-:; ;.'Vii;,/t , , ^^^^^yiQyy^yyyyyy.-^  BARBACOAS MINES.  luting of Saturday last, to wait on the Ad-  lininistrator of the Government at New; W[es.t-  |min8ter, left ori/Monday/afterh^pi. YWhWaVn  phat the handsome sum ipf $800 was collected  |bn thiscreekj within five hours, to defray.tlieirt  lexpenses on the journey, and that $400 more  fwill be raised on theneighboring Creeks which  Iwill be amply sufficient to meet the outlay.  fSuch promptness of action is a good evidence  |pf the firm determination of the pebple to ob-  iiain redress for the grievances complained of;  fwe believe there:was not an individual whp  pascalled/on.Vtb subscribe, but gave freely  fwhat he could'afford. YY1'.,'   ��������� -.������������������">'���������-     '   -       ���������: -..-..  f - .   ; y  h Donation.���������Thie surplus funds remaining in  |the hands of thfe committee who collected the  subscription for the testimonial to,Judge Cox,  imountmg to the sum of $227 50,' was gener-  msly bestowed on the Sisters of Charity, Vic:  Itoria, and sent to them last:Express, to be applied towards the maintenance of two children  fef Mr. Winnard's sent from.here to their care  fover a year ago.  Correction.���������We were in ertor in statins in  mr last issue that Mr. Harris had entered into  jpartnership with Mr. Toomey ; he has only  |made arrangements with the last named Kcn-  |tleman to supply him with beef cattle for an  iestahlisbment on his own account/which he  finteadsjopening at Hichfield on Saturday next.  I Tub Price op a Nosb.~-A story .is told of a  ������trader on Johnson street, who, having sold an  Indian a musket, was horrified1 on the fotlow-  |mg day to see the man return to his store car-  iv^g-ms nose in one hand and a 'shattered  E?5r^ iTtt* ������^en The&m ^ad h^  Kt   F ^st ix^e # WM fired by thepurchas-  fe^hnlVfff1^���������to0k off ^������ose^ clean  g though it had been cut with a. knife.    The  SLZ^^PJ0^6^ with the red man by  ^iundng him the money paid for the jrun-i  pctona'Chronicle.' ' y o :; y .   ���������rfT?..;  ld^Th .pub?je wiU find !t ���������<* to their  isting fai   a t    F������neral merchandise y  Shoes. T,i���������������^ geg^ lli^^l    l%e  must be closed out .immediately-  coil-  ^heref<  prices.  m S00ds 8re ^:?,mki^&M:  About a month ago we had; occasion to*  quote from the letterof a'cprreapondcntto the;  ������SL- F;, ;Bulletin' a desbripttbh ;of a/ trip^ tp thPSe  g^old mmes, bur attehtiph.'is now.- more partic-'  ulariy called to the subject by the receipt of  the first copy of a diminitive sheet called JThe,  Cauca Miner,' published there by /a" German  named MaxjmiHano de Kraut.   The paper was  transmitted here^ by Mr. Taft,.whp was sometime a'partner of Mr. Clark's in the butcher  business on this creek, to an old minihgpartr  nerj who handed it to us for /perusal; / It is  dated' 7th April IB6.6 and contains but little  news about the mines, the chief, subject which  occupies its pages is its salutatory and/the account of the formation of *an .expedition for  the purpose of exploring the head waters of  the river Telamby���������It goes on. to .say that "A  company of about fifty men have   beeii formed for the purpose of examining the Pambana  mine and exploring the country, around: the  head of the Telamby river.. <. About twenty of  the party left on Thursday, the 5th inst* fully  equipped for the expedition and accompianied  by a suitable number of Indians and peons.  The remainder bf the party will follow in a  fewdays.:/  '^Ve are glad to see that the mhabitants of  Barbacoasha,ve awakeiied to ai sense of their  own interests, and have seen the necessity of  doing something in behalf of the foreign emigration. A meeting of the most prominent  citizens of Barbacoas was held on the evening  of Sunday tho 1st inst., at the request of jtfr.  Maximlliano de Kraut, who laid before ithe  meeting a proposition for forming a company  to be divided into a certain number of shares  for the purpose of raising money to procure  a proper outfit for the expedition; After considerable discussion the plan of Mr. Kraut  was adopted, and the company organized.  The amount considered necessary was sub-  suribed in a short time and a portion of the  party started as above etalted. V  "The necessity;for,some action being taken  in this matter by the citizens and mine-owners  was rendered almost imperative, from thefa,ct  that agreatmany of the emigrants had arrived  here without sufficient ineans to open a mine  or bngage in any expedition.  ."We have no misgivings with regard to the  result of the expedition; no better set of men  eoiili possibly be found to engage in it, as  they are mostly practical miners of* many,  years experience, and we believe,,they will  be successful in discovering and: developing a  rich mining district. It is true they will have  to encounter fatigues and hardships, but we  4o. not thiflltihey; are the kind of men fo be  easily discottrag^i" or be turned aside by any  slight obstacle. We shall look with cohsider-  ableanterest for the result of this expedition,  as it will to a certain extent, prove whether  the^EorroR of this;^GABrapo^SB^^Bii,^  iit^^HbhOT^  to whom toll, ^dtrilniteit^  diie^ are injunctions'glveh by: high authority^  honor is tendered tb some for the sake of their  position, and with thrsame grace and feeling  ,as if it was a' ���������chmpulsory ��������� tax or a tribu te.  'ButCariboo came but last Saturday to offer it  spontaneously, to one desefyihg, fhe highest  gratitude at our hands.-Judge Cox is-the  /���������right man in the right place."   Courteous to  all who .seek aa interview) impartial in his decisions between/contending -parties, kind and  obliging to the. industrious';rainerY(without  robbing the revenuej/and what is.of vast importance in a District like this, he is above  suspicion, that even fhe tongue.'of slander ,ha8  never dared to hint -ati his having ^thbyleast  bimtohkiulnd^v^M^  caries of disputes which he has to settle, and  is therefore deserving four confidence.   *  * 1 love my "country/, its constitution and laws.  One ofrits brightest ornaments.is that ancient  usage of trial by jury.-; It as, aVvery i rare - Occurrence- in England for ^any/of -that highly  respected class, > our chief; administrators of  justice, to insult a pannel of jurymen. How  has it fared with the Same in this country?  Noting can have a greater;tende.ncy fpibrlng  our cohcepfcibns of -law to utter contempt than  the farce of swearing' twelve men to deliberate od;the merits of a case ^laid ^before them;  and should their verdict not meet with the approval of abullying, arbitrary and eccentric  Judge to totally ignore their findings. ;The  main 1 who dares public opinion-is-nbt fit for ah  important position, and it is high time such a  one be:removed rather than be allowed tb'remains disgrace to;'ant' enlightened ^Government :-Let "ns: one and all take:the only legi-;  timate mean3 within our reach,- of-petitioning  the Home: Government*for the^rerabval^of a;  person; who'has lost tEe'cpnfide^  of the community/Y'Ii^te^i^en'ia\a^.:.biily the'  continuation of similarrcases. duringYthe^his-  tory tpf/this /Colohyi/ : A/Chief; Justice may  sheUeV'himself under the. cloak of his office  for the ^me being, imprisoningeditors for be-  iag the mouthpieceof the public, and threat  ening incarceration to all who* will not quietly  suffer indignity, at bis hands;: but what of the  futui^f/.Therblood-thirsty Jeffrey's name will  be; handed down to posterity branded as b���������s  ingoneoftbe foulest Mote on the English  Bench, while thatof the Bedford Tinker, whom  he incarcerated for twelve years in av cell to  dream the Pilgrim's Progress, will rise higher  and higher. Few that have hot Teiad of the  celebrated disguised miller, Sii* Matthew Hale;  and his lover of Justice���������it were well forWery  Matthew who occupies the Judicial Bench to  follow .his example. I greatly regrpt;' not  being nble to be present. at the meeting. on  Saturday.' '������������������'  .:.. ���������      '    ���������;.:���������-���������.:.:,  -M '- ���������   ;   .       ��������������������������� YYyc. J. EVANS/  Some personally Yates, -strebt hadi pijuswT ..  washing machine iabeled ^emaifr gullotinb'f  hfc^obfeofto ^P������r, ah 1 indication that:every  <'(bye".;who������may;invade this,landr^ilkplace  h|s/f^ulletin^eppardy."JrrThe .trouble of the  -,Nanaimo^/Gazette".i,continues,; the ^publisher  steadiry^refuse^to open bis doors to allow-the  Sheriffs" -offi^st^  j(9th jnst)ipditiph of|hoJipap6K^was^M^ed in  the.carriei-fs/hands as he Emerged fromh thp  door, but another edition. was[stniek?bff;bh  Sundayiiba^ which (day a? civii-i process ciphot  be sewed.r^^M^mery a builder/feli'from :;a  scaffolding rat; Esqiiimalt and sustai n ed severe  injuries^John' T. Howard of Esqnuualt, w as  placedunder bonds to keep the peace for 3  months fort using threatening., language - on  board x>f H. ������WEjfiL Alert���������The Chief' ilU3tice  had granted^ah injunction against the* Use of  tho material on which^the ^newspaper known  as the Nanaimo 'Gazetto? is published.���������The  Mountain 'Rose co'y on Leech River were taking out wages from their claim iri the;bank.~ A  moveraehtiS;on toot for the orgauizatioii of a  force of-mounted..Volunteers to servean*. case  of; an ^invasion"tby the���������;:Fenians.������^Cucumbers  twenty-five inches'in length /are-; jgrowing in  Jtfr. Bushel's garden on Johnson- street���������The  umbia Government will expire in 'July ���������and  will not be :rbnewed.--~H. M.S/Alert is"about  1 eaving' for! thp -coast of Mexico /and the Scbu t.  for Hpnblulu.^Oneof the men accused of the  murder of thp Indian> at ..Cedar Sill ��������� having  ^proved an alibi was discharged, otie wasliberated onbailj and the third: is still ih^ prison  not;being.ablb^te^procure'httil.y-,;//i:i;>/:  .  ;;FRiOTTFCty^^ iNpIANfl^FoRTY-  NlNEfCHINABlBJf/ KlLjiprrrThe ^UfttlQ Jn^ex'  says that on tbe 19th inst., sprabfifty Chinamen  were.trudgin^teir^  toJhe mining regions ;  of;Idaho, abbuji five miles before ttiey reached  the Owyhee rl^brv when a large band Pf,;Ind i-  ans, ,supppsed:*tP:>\^^number;: two or rthreehun-  drpd,' attacked;|hem, and,; reportiays,. kiiled.  forty-nine.   , One Chinaman alone escaped; t<>  tell the news. Y.jLieutenant^eppon dashed to  the ground w ith a squad; of soldiers. an d f ou nd  thirty^dead/^bpdies.^"..-jHe immediately.sentra ���������;  despatch/tp,��������� Major,: Marshall .who,.. at-the :timje, ';  was, near thisijiWce with a company of cayalT _.  ry of; about 5 0 jtaeu";��������� j .The Major left on Wed-:  nesday:last fbgth murder;. /..How  ever., it; isi;;stafe<t= that*^������hen 'Lipiit. IfPpoon-tfrr ���������  rjyed at the. pla^e:he; found numbers, of, deftd  bodies mangl^edr :.most: pr.utally, ,.��������� ���������. In;vjcnany  places flye or-six Were* found -piled, together.  The^LieutenanpTfoiiowed the:tr|iil. about five  miles and found ciead Chinamen all .theAvay.  v-**  ���������  .w*V'^  ^-.-V^  ���������**,   *������*.*' *j  Thb/Sisymour " Town 'Cmer."--We /were  favored with the sight of a little MSS.'sheet  published at Seymour under the above heading, which contains many pithy remarks,  couched in a felicitous style and very much to  the point. .We quote from the saintatory the  following paragraph which it would be well  for some to follow: "The Press has ever been  considered the-great bulwark of liberty and  freedom, and has by the1 diffusion of information opened up and developed the, great resources of different countries, and has penetrated even into the forest glens and mountain  fastnesses of this vast auriferous continent  The Press if-^-as it should be���������free and unfettered is expected to advocate good and sound  Government, to correct abases, tb expose'corrupt and imbecile officials/ but��������� at ��������� the same  time "nothing-to extenuate or aught set down  in malice,'!;not to labor at traducing a ebn-  temporary; or for its own aggrandizement^ but  to be the mouthpiece of public opinion/' We  wish our Seymour "knights of the quill" every  success so long as they adyocate the above  principles, which we are sorry to say are^ not  very strictly carried -put;by .their ihore elderly  pdntPinporariesY    * ' 'i,;;/'���������;';/'Y-/\  ��������� ^.We would call the attention of those  having goods or other commodities to move  b'etween the- different towns on; the breek to  Mr. H. C. Wilmott, who has a Horse and Pray  ready at the shortest.notice to execute'any  orders'he may be favored with, at very rea-;  sonable. rates. f ���������,.���������������������������;���������.���������.       :       ; %i:-i  -.-'.-'  .  ... .:   : . ��������� -y ���������.���������������������������:���������   *.A   ���������������������������'-.<-:  :-y y\vj:i?'''Lzii  Boofes for the Library.���������ThFee-tooses oi  boPks ^purchased-by* [Governor Seymour;, last I  fall forthe Cariboo Library, arri veS on Saturday last by the Express.  ". Thr UsirEBPAt; Pb actkje of; ro; x ing. Chicory v a nil  otheradiilteraiivWwith;Collec/hasyCTy much (l.afeag>"  ecUn -public esihnatinn/ whav wght'to 'beth5:.rao������t  deiicioua of B������verfi'g/s..   So eft'ectually navcihe public  been Hriigged with-such Hjixturus that^tHo.truiJ propur'.  ties have been lost-sightof/and many/pref.'>r a-black  aiid thick Infusion^ a arinkrich In spirit ahtf Aroma.;  General as is tbe use of-Coffi^ It1 is little known tbat  In condensing the vapors., extracted' from the-berry in  roasting, a liquor is obtained. of the. roost nauseous  taste, and of a scent the most unbearable.   Undersucli  circumstances it: is-ievidontly important that filltho  gases and fluids extracted by roasting should be cari  ried.oft* as quickly as possible, in order to prevent their  returning again to th������ Colfee, which is the case in.the  ; confined cylinder;;  This object is' admirably acobm-  plished by the new.an>l patient "Conical'CofleeRoaster"  im used. byJ FELL & CO., Victoria, in which the berry  is directlyexposed^to.the radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously.'    In addition to  tho advantage to be derived by the rapid removal of  the steam containing the objectionable properties, tbr.^  pure aronia of the Coffee is retained,ahe essential oil  heini? preserved and-nira exhausted as iii the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee is required to r������"main a much  longer time in cmsequenc^:of'tiiiG steaming it- under--  g(ym by the conflocd stoam.   It is chemically impossible fcfi.retam tho qualities or arrest the deterioration of  Co'flfbe when ground.   The heat engendered by the pro.  cess'of roasting, aud especially of grinding,-creates an  action in the elementary-parts which gradually destroys  its fitness for drinks-  But to retain the essential oil  which it contains we have it encased in tins containim-  from 1 In. to 28 Ihs., and which can be had from any  of the rosp-.'Ctable dealers.    Wo cun .confidently ro.  commend those who havo hitherto been, nblijmd to rc-;  frain from taking Cofl'oe on account of fts ill effects.  that they.may Up6 our Coire������������, roasted !h the Conlc.il  Roaster being recommended by all medical menunjier,  whose notice it has been 'brought, ,anil by; numerbua.  other testimonials in its favor,......,   . FELL & CO.. ' ..;  Coffee Merchants, vates st., Victoria/  . i;'"^.'^;:*-,vy/-BA'K-KE-!R.VIL;XJE,;/.1''' ;'/-���������'  M8S THIJItBEte&:$iL LAWLESS. Propers -  THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN^NEWLy FITTED UP ON '  the Restaurant priiiciple: wi th a view to the comfort  of the publi c, - au^ ^vill- be con ducted 1 n; a mn ii uer: to  ensure the satisfaction of thoso who. a'r.o: disposed toy  favor the propriety wi th their patronage.   /       ; ��������� /': ���������-., \  Meals, at altHp^rs.  -Good Beds.  '.-'_ /  ^^The\B������r,ls furnished with; the' best sol action of  Liquor^ and Sugars..// j .;",         '���������   '   .-..       ^���������..'..;  '.' ,"L:..,,.!tHE "CARIBOO- SENTI^ElX--,?y:-  ^40^  Saitdsi Bill .^ad^-^irculars,': -Posters: aa&d  .Trogranuttes.for.Balls and.-Theatrical.������������������:';-.;  ��������� Entertainments,        : ' -.  Ex*������uted with Neatness and Dispatch at this Offies.  jpSg" T������ nn*  Mo.icr*ti a; -'<^  KutMMinmismk&B :1������UES^������M^^  - * ? - -.-��������� -.������.  ;K y: iriteresting and handsome alii loy^ble-enough  , y    tor all practical and* poetical  purposes,-.un  ..2 y -qtiestibiiablv/albeitl have" never' been abl  unr  and MivJOHN:BO,WItbN;\viil;be:the Acting Postiriaster  , v * -��������� r \ Y; ? Yn -j f -T-' *' Jvifc'iGEO, .cox,:/'/:'  -RVebfi'eld/ B^C;/    VJ -    "---^:,4,  j;.***,".;  lstltfay^jA, d: 186^ Yfn^  ::itn^  ^^^qOI^ONIALVWES^^UR'ANT^:;:-:  y m?.{> - -1 f;nV;: *   k QUESNEMotiTJQY Y ���������/? ul:;. / f ' Y '  Meals at all hours,;and1 .Gooking.:��������� of tile best  -...//-' .- . -'������cr,��������� description.. r, /..,.,;*b <  yc?|^HTERg'; 6>YY.; yf  , I f-r* ���������'  ,?5,'fr.  /'^^BROWN'^^eiLLIS; ;pSbrarETbRS;/{!:H,i:  ,?;���������-*:'"yy     Stabling-for Horses, Hay and 'Oa&f(V is- Y;  y^ld'i-yyy-'   M--   -��������������������������� yr^"*'*-Y1' - *-'-;Y *���������; ���������  ���������-;YMJJyyL(  'GKft]d^&/6]Ul^^N  q;.; r  Y! ;>o;; ''iu. ,,y ��������� ���������-:h>- :������'t-^--'i :,>),:'l������Cj-/'   /'-':'  !? Y/  re fa tip' distillery kep t in-this establ ishmen^  * riA j gtry ch hi ho hn d r,6t-gutLflhU'hp; place "here, -*V 2  ���������*yj*i  06  (by;s&ning,vesaeisL.viitcCape^Hofn? ���������yV^.y  ! ^ra^ParticuIarattemion!giveh^o^i(t^;f  1 ������������������*     ,, Old ( Established * .General Sypas, j ; , ������������������ . '  ��������� ylVy;yy; SION-MERCHAINTSv^/^i/v:] -.-^  : ���������',������������������ -Storage, ;&c>-Terms most Moderate.X1 -  ;(.t/^;;,.;..^^  it a  '*";// iti c&lpetiple' to l5d! $ntli&o mhbli Sippancy uhd  .. ^yjU^hlr^pVes^  y y f:?^\TM'ufte^^^ s lie^^vbrb: al ways'  .���������;/���������,;. frenulsive; of .course���������for they /have' nothin'g  ���������'..���������'.;��������� v.... Tn-.-f.iwJiT������;ntA '������������������..flnri'rttTiiriintfB ni������--'r������ni*a������ir\i iif.lpa    tr������  : -J;'' weal th /.b.p pofiu zirfy ;fyp"(ra ton^,-fe,adi4*rita������e  '''"���������bXtravelfanU^tlier aids tofsiioMSr*ffiental  ���������/   ^Y^anct^hysic^i^evelbtmfent  .,,..���������y,...;...,,,,.,,. ,^,,;i-'S  MU P/^yTFllGK   KIRVyiN, Piibp'R.    !;:*  2'2-'     and Cigars^areof the.-finest quality.  . ,   ' 9:y  u f Y rRQAD!SIDE1HQUSIiS^c^^^:; [^  ,'T"'-'.  ;Yi,Y/.M^Pi|S  8crjpUons;^^I^ly-fcb^^de^S^^  ;wiih'^re:ahcl{dte^tcr^  "', . -  'VY .'  ;��������� i-BIOHFIELR }.   .������.>,.. Y!^  ', -��������� yy^yy-yi-'i '-yyyiy'iiiyh.yyyyy:yM *>>i. lm  i^p'Li/ t  -R<y->! i.t'j'*-!  ���������;->?*  ; y/BPYD &/HI^TO^ppn^rs,   j:  f|.iHIS1 HOUSE is situateaV,36liqitcis from Qucsnelmdnth.  .-^T^Tp^pH^PK,, having: latel^.'flttcd\,up'ibed'rponis  'and'go'od^Beds.'nre. hpw'prcpaV&l to'aflbrd every^accom-  nibdatioti for .Travellers #teTdb'lo- is'furh ish ed wi ih all,  the luxuries thatfeap be: procured; ^thc^aris^welljsup/  piied;^vith'.the, best brands of;;Liquors, ahd^Segars1;, good  Stabling, Hay,; OatS;aiia;Barley. ?. yj^.The. 0HEAPEST,  House'.on the EoaVl."yy yyy y y-���������>**������?������.. fyyifr >  +lb-tV*4 *f������Mfl*>A    '-.**!  y4   the ordinary, earth; earthy  lacking th6. lutein  >,., y    ..le.etuahty, spirituality, 'delicacy and elegance  7; tli afc:give so.:j'arj^archarih ,'td thej"J{pr.t;hern wb^'  ,  : ^: Y ' riiien, ^They /were "f poorly ed uca ted a nd*worsS  ��������� .Jored, alarmingly denc-jient^m.-.-.taste,; frivilous  ,..   in character, and violent m temper: utterly de-  ^ll^glQ^1^  iX^yJyymXX   Ui'{-ill !.}"���������.:>���������* j ly- J--J.  >Si>.>. .--���������;-  ������������������-.'������������������ ...������ -  '   -������������������"   ������������������-      ;,T.-  -4 few   J/;.-*;  Cplcxtiia;! mm ^QdMlcmm:  c I U > -MoLJEESB ifc. SBi^Y/^Prbprietors^ i, Y,  ,CFHE. BUHLIC ARE /INVITED TO-/CAE&^T^^HISi  A rHpuse: "f Th ere* is Good i-Meals ;j Good^Beds; Stabling  for Horses;; Barieyt Oats and Hay., ;/...   .  >*���������      , 1-s ' '  2ryX:J-Myy&99^  IlSMT^SAMh How^isHnybur Bfe^  and keep your feet so dry ? ! BecaXi���������    9i  Charity( and ButIer,^oyernment-sttw  ^fKA^^^CO^Kt^Street, VictorlaYv?"  tf.. Garden andTjeld Seeds guarauteeti'' hw! ���������;  ������:fcai^iy_iBei'eclbd;;stbc������r^  Europea n^uajAmericiiy MilrketsVa Thewi!  :- j fo  -leave ������ODA,<CREEK  ??:  ���������X'p  m?^���������'  f.)t7-; ., ihe .causes,oJ their ^inferiority, or rather ,un-  ,''t /loy(elo.pmenf. must be.-sought In slavery/first}  /' -:.i ^^���������i\^^ki,y^'i\   y.-\is -yj-x^xx  yi: ,Xy\ Wmrieave/tQUSSNEL^  ��������� yy\,\  4'!'  CldVef: aiSl4',f-'OnI6i������* "Seeds' "^of ^iy'  jTUitTrees^nd/Bush^VEvergr^  :house..and ^arUe^^lantfe,^  ^l^l^^^^^'^^^Whfeat 8u������;b2'  v^bp u f ^mct cbni, bread Ycafi b e gehiile/iQFTIi'ne^ I It������  <>v7<;W^odh^sMy^?tW^d6^ trip up.    "  ";J^ ^rei^t; tb ^%eL ij^^ -ft. X\������1 l  Steamer ^Enterprise,?.")      ' / ' "    :   s  f" -May^Ist, 18������6."   ' f      '*   ' ": ~   ��������� '    *'1   '-      5  |miBI^OET::������AI^RTrSEa  airy  and  always supplfbd^ with .tho sliest' ibf'V^ctbalg;-' Stahlihg'  forfHqrses* Hay^ Oats and Bariey constaiitlytori^han'd;'  urn  JL/^is furnished with every'couveniencd4Ibr;the* cbrii-:  . -..w.... ...,^.  , .9^#}.^&Ti&ufftiSI  i^f^^^P.^^nglY^^P^therouteifo.BifM  on band,at liberal:rskfes?y-y ���������'���������:������;���������    \     : Y/  .^!:  -f .'Jiu4 neverjbeeii'iliissetU . ?l.^ cannot * conceive  .,... -JJ^UNDER^GKED/a.rc'p'pw'iHati^ ^   ���������j JL J of .all .grades: i ?Extra^: SuperCii.e-:ah'd> Flhe/ ���������; '{Fejo'd;  ^Crushed tb.order.lyri ���������.'"'Yy-^'T������������������.��������� *i';-YY, ��������������������������� ; */{/u^,;; >;.  BtUE  1^M:1HENI)ERSGN' begs to inform'his-frienas  4J| <ahd thejtray^ing^BubiiP geaerallyj Jthat^e^has  ta^en";.the";above Ranch and }s prepared to supply;them���������  ;with First Class "Accommodation;   'Gooci Stabling for  horses^ Hay:z������nd-(ira\ji^yUi} }- -:J "\V*Sf -h. m -'j.g  fort .of Travellers p the Culinary '* depar tinen^is1 ru^deii- ���������^^llahwui'Boolc^iinti Starve" -iiiicSa ne?������  ^hfi^ppeBtftendie^pfe JthPiBeds: sHtfts-Branchcs^&C6niet /yates^liiici^^  we ^Ican!and;corii;ibrtable ;;:tp^arrbohtaiii%ttie:Jl3esfi "  of^^Liquors^Segara,; &cy;:; SUptin^ H^B^ley^;()ata^  Yictoi^arfYancotw^ri'Island^ >,ni f |;?y? r M Vii  '���������M^-^P-rWHE^RJ:TAiidR'& Ol^rrU FiiftSSI  f J^^rVJ6tprl9^>V^VI/2' foppbsi te jBetffljye Hotel, ^  y^^i  .y r-J.J>U.  -y^-^vl^if ?<!'!).;���������  Jil  WM/'MANSONi.Y*-  :/l:;4j)prehendJthe ^phrase was j used "figuratfeely  ^)rf>a hard ^natw^l expres^on that Hhey.have  yr ^hi'ehlis-'sb^cu^cep.tibie-'that^l am confident^  ,...... if,ttij.meu, were-lik(e ,meYtliby^ne,ver, would'jbe-  ��������� Yaaressed: thontth >sofi Ilink .were as i =11 n������Am mtirii  '/'bbhsuiriiiigangei]' with a teniperamental teh^r  ^l^ncytosnuffrdippingvcouid say:   "'.  .\/'-  /   ? /'The fragrant infancy;of opening flowers/  ; ]; I^o wgd 'to my;senses ���������iff tha't; melting kiss J>"  ���������: ^yyyyyy^:x.y, xmw^^ a^f y ajms ^pl^s/large- aw1���������"0- ^^^^^^  .j .'fitted /tin:  ��������� ;.;":;:���������, ^;-'.;,,4 ./..,���������:/;-, -;..,/. ;):/;.:'..,. Y YY.'.. .'������������������,:,;.:.-..vi : ���������" ���������  &������������������ ���������for the; comfort: or travelers: '��������� the' Table '^ auplbiito'U.-  ^y.<-X'*- EDWIN"-;'-1?YW"OJ^f''''-- ���������'-���������*'r:-"'^:'with'.uie;b  4x& *V tWts ^T^nv-A^A^: ?'i,V: ^Wt^? -i V^^y': v^iW ��������� the cooking is not inferior to'any ion tbe road 3 iBcdrooriiaJ  rpHOMAS t^IIiSON/?& 'GO^flnipcirteis^ ||  vXflish^prjchandize^  'J^yjGoods/&cY yaXes ^treeti^ Vic^Uj'Viry 0|8  aftefr;ia^ June'riext iii "Govern men V Street, oppep  Bank of British Columbia. ,.-?     " Y "'ifi{ |  T\EALER IN DRY^OCtQDS,: ���������L6THI^/HATS,^NIJ;  11^s l Ca'^s, /Boots*' an U. Shoes,. * CarpOtihgs,; Oil: Cloths J  W^llPaper,/������$, Llllpoet, B? C-/1'.-:������������������,;���������������������������^���������'    ^ g>t^ |  LILLO0ET  ?Hifot::  >0^r/M.&;Ss  :, 1'2'X-  ' lX,y BflGHEIELD,'-'.',- ',]"'���������'���������   ��������� '��������� 'j I ���������  '5readj-' Pies and- Cakes; cpnistantly on hand.  . ri hi;; the /. County,; Court;, pi* ''^ri&sh .Colombia  YHoldeh at'EicMeld/-\���������< ://��������� ��������� ,'Y'  ;tbe;   Segafs;; the public a re invi teS to call.,  airpr.clersjproriJptly.;  BREWEftll/  Prepared to:flii  ���������"M-sL1  ing is not inferior to any on t.be;roa~di>Bcdroonisi  fb|v :famyies; ;?Stabhhg,,. Hay,-;Barley,and Oats.: ,>  l~s $>  H' OTElii>BE.pRAHCE/;ViKtbna;y;;I^  :: B^G.VE/^N^ JPlERE.R^lAXCIfc^  'taura h t JCsnppHed wi thi'}.'ail the -delicacies the, oufe  faffords, i'lii the Bar^wili'lje found;'tEe choicesthpa  Furnisltetl-ItobriisV &tj;"*'7^l' <ti"..'-.?;/' "-U  BEERS^ -ahd^LIQUQR^Md'���������'depoi :<of Hivabi S^  ;i 13GRT: .CKYSLER,-has' opened the aboVevHouso; for  , .*h'$& ^ccPt|9n of ^avpliers.;, the.Table is.well kept  and the ..Liquors, can no t he "surpassed : the B eds: aro,  clean and .comfortable;   StabliiigtoV Horses,'-Hav and  Oats.-*?���������: t   ���������k-r-"y: ���������: -��������� ���������) -; ���������:;i~.������;.y ���������;~:hytk 121X1%'.l  QPElBiytA^^ahdM McKENZIB/^rop^ifetors/  :0fl- i Th is, House ?is������ well :fitte,d; up -w.itU,,GQod ^edsi^ and  ^/Y"//:y//\:://iN\'CA^KubPT^;^v:.' ::, '.';../��������� Y/Y  ���������TI^HEREAS, a Petition for adjudication of������ Bankrupt-  ��������� T4 ��������� cy, has been duly Qle'd^ on< the (10th day of Afnv  :m11 iy Waltkk.. Loxa 1 FiiKTO.NV of. Gamuroutown, - Wi 1  ���������hama Crouk, British Columbia, lato Restaurant and Saloon Keeper, and bo having been adjudicated 'a Bank-  ,rupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to Wm.  ireoi GAS. Esquire, tho Judge 0f the-abv^ve-Couri.: for a  .first examination on Friday the loth day or June next,  l1,1 rA!-W ������'plocK: 1 u the morning \precisely.^ -and on  .-Monday, tbeietli day of July jiext, at II o'clock in"the  raomiug precisely, at tho Court House, Richfield, and  . ��������� ,-mj ke -a; m \i> discovery lind a isclosur e of his es ta te an d  cUt^ts, when and where tho Creditors are to come' pre-  ;pir^d,tp,proye,their debts,, and at the, first sitting to  -cnoose Assignees and at the last sitting the said Bank-  >-ragt-is;required to finish'his exam 1 nation ���������  ���������  ^J*������?^.:indcibt0(l % t5e said/Bahicruptorthat  Offi-  fliiARIiES ISTELSONr Proprietor, /$dsY>id>  \i/;. established Huusji iy well'fitted up for the Jdbmfort:  of Travellers;;, tho. Table; is supplied with theibest;of  every thing tb at .can be bad, an d the. cooking* Is no t. i h-  i^:*ou3 Hotel is;welfcfitted up;.wit!i- every 'conveniehce;  for thecomforfcbf^the-public;:tho.Beds)*a������e ��������� all^thiit]a*  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied wjth.  the best of fare ;���������"' the Bar. con tains* xthe .choicest-> brands'  !.'of;Liqu6rs and Segars^^igdodStablingv'HorseTocd.-Oats,  :aaricyT &>y; ��������� yyyyyyyjy^^  GoodsCtbrwardbH itO th6;ilining'i)istipicts.  HI  consigned,  borg & !RueJft Vjctojla^Cjfhlv.y  sis! If  froin the country punctually^attended to*  a  ETER;; McQXJAIffij^ShipyChanpUer: 8^  POUT DOUGLAS ^VDYERTISEMENTS;  MACDONALD'S. hotel;  WM. M ACDONALDuProprietbr. Miners and  dthers destined for tiifc Bridge River Mines will  find every-convenience-and accommodation;'afforded  them. : Good- .;Beds.sand.a Tablo w.elI supplied >vith all  the delicacies'of the season, ..  ': 1-3.  JJ; affords every- accommodatiori f6r!the Comfort'of  Travellers; the Tabl.vi^ furnished:with alltfie'deHca^ies-  .91 the season,, and thenar is stocked with ithe icfaoicest:  w^S!S,������ Cw , w ^ BWT^ WJsMbling,for horses':  SfS^2?H?S? 0aVs crtusta������tly on hand' atlow.rates/  Newly milled Flour for salo cheap. - ������ y>'-'' '. ��������� -'? ��������� ���������!������������������ x^s !  ;GfrtthftcKa^&].^^  The BbriaparteYHoiise^  CEMLEN, &?-. PAEKE,  Propiietors,; at- the  Wa{-bif';^'^d!rim|feS^:^  kinds of Chinese Goods and"Provisions, Kfft,s  ir-.TeaB/^c, Cormoran^Street, west of Qmrnm  ibWayV:'!//]'��������� ;- ^.^///C^^V^nf!::  gar,.  Vi  havo any of bis estate and'effects are hot to pay or  liver the same but to Mr. M. G; Phillips; Esq , the <  cia] Assignee;appointed by the said Court.- V. /  V, 'irX* X rt  :;i;- YJOSEPH'fPARK,.-- '  J Richfield  G' BACIG-AtUPE,;MERCHANT -AXD PA0Klsk- Bb, I  ������������������ tween Douglas and Lillooeu   'Always on hand a j  .good stock.of Provisions,.&c ... ,-:..;.  the times Give them a call, Stabling Hay & Grain:  nt?kX������ ^ostle^. stage leaves Kerafyicbi%ekfol  mu Kond and vale, and once a wockftirCdrlbdo   " l������s  ���������pRpr^l  Wine & Spiri t Merchan ts, Bakers & ^.^{f  Streotj ^VictoHa/ Vr L  *   ;    -   ";; __X^  QPOBBOBG-:65 BUEFF,;Comnns^Yng  P. CHANTS/ Wholesale Dealers in ���������|Gro6bbM^!  810X8,;Boofs & Shoes,"Wharf street, Victonv^.  Ri chfloid,; 17th May, 1886,  ���������   Counsel, for. Petitioner,  ;'$0 :H������NrjYi SCHORLING^  Y/ .///'���������        ���������   VAN-WINKLE, ...,  ,J>MlBr;in all'kiridA of Provisions, Clothing; &e.  r^jr* Stabling for Howss; H3.yf. Barley and 0* is al-  .Wfiyw.pn.bantf.;:;;'. .; ; "y    *  -Ij;.S.)1ITH-:&: CO..,.,Proprietors. . This House is  VT- well fitted ..up for the accomuioda'tion of Travel-1  lersto tho Bridge River Mines.' Gobd'Bods/St&bYmg-  for;Horses,:Horso Peed, &c. A Stage runs twice a week:  between ;th is ho use an d, Po rt Douglas on the arri va 1J of  the steamers from below and .connects with the /Lake:  .    -.������������������,���������-��������� ��������� 1-S  Boats for -tillooet.  ; MESSRS.  CORNWALL'S/  :0 PBQAT& cdy(l4������ 4^  & and Comjussion, .ilkpiiA^/'Store ^h^  1-s  LE"WIS LEWIS, Clothier, Yates'Street, Vic^ria;  opposite the Bank oi7 British North America.   - 1-s  : MALLANDA IKE, COLLECTOR &flENERAL AGENT  ��������� .���������overa-fa.ant, Hrcet, Victoria, ryanfl������i>aver. Ia^and.  ta^������riM   *��������� T  .Accommodation.  .The best of  iwS^&������v ������#LJ(!aors,-/?nd orWi2l6s   YL^sh Butter, Milk!  and Vegetables.    Good Stabling.ahd cheap wed; - i-s!  ���������"'"" '."'������������������ -������������������-r^^^r""���������^..���������.';,._^.;.il������������������.,,.;,., ...^  Sy'--y;H\CK?$ /^  T^7'1PN- SQUARE, New Westminster,B.C.  ^hW^^������UpLGd hy- ^..E. STEIN. >���������above favl  tfi^^SP hm^}*������������������. open to tlie.iiublic; the Bar  r-���������^ n% F1lpr,jed wiib tUe choice* -brands-"-W  ,M<luors au.i4 SBg������re..       -������������������������������������ ������������������.������������������������������������  '-,,,. i   ���������    .���������.���������%���������?(.������������������  T   B/ H^Gim.^^^  W . nor of Yates and Government Sts.? yv^J;  PIERCE. & SEYMOUR, dealers,m.^^  X   Ft/Kl?iTURK,.'Brbaf Street, yictoria^Sj^v^  ''���������'������������������������������������*���������   ''"������������������''  ��������� ��������� '   :  -''ii    ' '' '���������ii���������-���������-���������*���������      j 'rtilCK^  y MEitonANTH, Wharf Stroetr -W^-i-irf^S  ffENDER������������������0^^i^^  11 Wharf m-reet������Tlc^������riav v-'-I*"''*��������� '"v   / ,


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