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The Cariboo Sentinel 1867-06-27

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 >���������-/  o has  racs.  Vol.: 4. Barkerville, Williams Greek, B. G., Thursday/ Jiine: 27, 1867.  No. 16,  FEROSiTY OF KANGAROOS.  a.  for tra.  *ly with  . cannot  nest Ii,  rietor.  ONS  se,  at ihe  6ad.c, j)  c .Dls.  ) tTjj]&.  > to suit  : ttraia;  uriy for  . Is  ? Tffl>  jus jiod  uilioefi  >.il>!e is  Stalling  i hand.  ISE.  montS  jicaiir  vitha!  fll'SUp  l-i  E&g  eeu re-  :, mafia  o acgo������  of; tho  est of  TER .  barges  S '  ors..  1-s/  :#?*&,  pared  EAIfl'  '���������1-s ���������  tweett  {onto:  ios to/  -. MB  t i m  )ui;  iphctt-  ; ��������� and  oeni3  javes  ���������N. '.  thU  xtCH.  tf.  A'lafly. residing oa/ an extensive pasture/  .-station; about two hundred miles west of <3ee-  Uoiig, Australia, gives the following partaoa-  iars of an'adventure with that very -singular  tanimal, tho kangaroo, a varmlat as i* common  ������s camrabuiHe",in that region ;  We had fine sport here the other'day in  miming a kangaroo dpwfl on  loot.   They  Qiave been so little disturbed here of late years  tthat they are literally in swarms���������naohs of  from ten to twenty we often see in oar walks,  witbin a mile of home, and. Trip peony, who is  game to the back-bone, will always follow fori  a time, but he is either not fleet enough, or  ������does' a$t understand their way of running,  which is in circles.   However, on the day In  ^question, he started a solitary one about a  anile from borne, where I was walking with  jthetwp dogs, {Tappeany.. and little Rag) and  the children, and ran it down inside the home  Jfence, where it took refuge in the creek (they  always fly,to water)/and.it,kept Tuppenny at  'bay fill we got wp to.them with little Rag,  and then the two dogs gave him no peace, j  "Tuppenny at last got hold of ������is tail, and then  the kangaroo tried to get away, and bo.kept  'bounding about, up the Ml and down again,  '-and:-through:tbe water, Tuppenny never letting go, and 'Rag/snapping at his nose and  paws.   At. last  he   took  to his water-hole  ���������again���������it was not very deep or broad, for  .Tuppenny ��������� still held on.   Then be tried to  ���������catch Rag, anfi drown him, which is what they  always .'do.   They will even catch a man up  In their fore-paws, jump off to* wafer-hole,  and hold him under till he is drowned.   I did  |inot know that at the, tiraejland, .thinking all  jphis enmity was against the dogs, I was really  fpn such terror lest he/ should-cateh Rag, who,  jBpitavery now and then,when he had expended  ^|tehimself, wpuld go and drink within reach of  l^he animal's claws, that! got a Btick and gave  5ta,good blow on the back, when it %egaa to  1tboutul after me, but <eowl<& not como far,^s it  | *waa gotfciiag laint aail frightened,. J think, long  I before that.   So, seeing that it was likely to  ������HJHf <be a long and uncertain fight, I bad -sent'one  of the children up to the house foT assistance.  IyX/M -It was a good quarter of a mile up-hill, and  Ifly'S she brought back tbo housemaid, an excellent  ^%ll v<>ne "* ker way, but no good- on the  present.  Xfy B *������ccasi������ri I so! I se^ ������^ ^orae������*or i Was getting'  a���������* ������ick at the -sight; and':tired ;Wi&/:^IJing;tne  <dogs off,; far I would fewve beeai wery glad to  j������ thaye seen the poor thing/sa^/awayjipr his  toil was in/a dreadful state.   I soon sent tfafc  fo oy/down& n ; horseback with ��������������� "^tin, and he  ^^���������' -tshot at It 'throe times, afraid ^ kUling; the]  iR/St 'dogs ; the last -shot tilled, it; * poor ^ing.y I  TBI mwno more of it after 1^ lefl^:^litthey found j(  that it was an; ''old man^ between five: and  -six feet high ; -and: they say the'* old men*'  ^^^B: ;wiil always turn.and fight witli a 'dog, instead!  liliBfc.: *of kying i$ get awayy;^ co.m^  ^pletely broken his tail,/which made us spine  ^cap Ital soup, and al 1/the pigs in the place gotj  a feed that liight// Rag:showed; niore:pluck  than I ever gave ; him ' credit��������� fepj/-";We: look  upon him as rather.. an idiot, though be is a  pretty affectioiiate little fellowr/y      : yy-  I never wish to go /through a similar ex^  "Citenient^so/I keep the'ibgs;vsry t5i<������se wben  we walk now:"; hdiil rea 1 ly think we" shall  have to do some thing ��������� soon to:.; stbp ^he increase of the kangardbsi for it Is not only that  they increase in themselyes, but "it is as if they  .put in t^eir local journal that on such a run  ihe kangaroos were allowed to go in peace,  and so they congregate here from all parts  ^here they are much bunted. ,   !  As further proof of the ferocity of tbe male  ^kangaroo when driven to extremity, we give  an extract from another letter, from an old  Australian resident:  Speaking of kangaroos, Tshall never forget  what a struggle I once had for life with one  of these creatures. I had been out kangaroo  hunting on my run in Queensland.taking with  me a black boy and a couple of dogs ; and,  after a very fair day's sport, was returning  home, when 1 fell in with an " old man" who  toad escaped us in the morning. I chased  'him, and followed him into a water-hole,  thinking be was pretty well exhausted, there  intending to finish him with the knife I always  carry <in a strap round my waist, for the dogs  ;bad lingered some distance behind with the  'black boy, who also carried my gun $ but no  sooner had I reached him than he sprang upon  *ne and grasped me so tight in Ws two forelegs, effectually pinioning my arms, and rendering , me powerless against bim. Still I  struggled to free myself, hoping every minute  the dogs would be up. Ho succeeded in get-,  ting, me down, still grasping firmly ; while  j with his hind legs he kept flapping backwards  and forwards, close to my head and neck, evidently trying to score-.me with the powerful  claws with which they are provided. It was  not a pleasant sensation, as bad he succeeded  in tearing the jugular vein, of which I was in  terror, it would have-been all over witb me.  Moreover, I was beginning, to feel my strength  failing; when, with* the expediency of despair,  a thought flashed across me that my teeth,  which, thank God, are good and strong, might  prove a formidable . weapon against bim.  Wherewpon I seized bim by the throat, and  held on to him like grim death. In a very  short time, I felt his grasp gradually relax, and  I breathed freer, and was soon enabled'to liberate myself. I had throttled tbe brute, A  fact, unvarnished.     /  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  The Idler caught Napping.���������An idle fel-  T G H M A K  ������������������ yyy-       ' ���������"asd���������   ���������-���������'���������'; '  AT'E.- HODGENS' OLD   STAND;  Barkerville, 1st May, 13G7. 1-3  F. V. LEE,  Auctioneer, Gollector,]  ��������� AS1>.���������.  .   ,  MINING    AGENT.  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  ;���������:'��������� ���������y:;\^imSNmiOUTH,/--=: ;-./..-���������  BRGWN & GILLIS, Propioetoiis.;  Good Be^s  - ���������:'��������� ��������� y&tii  : Rcstauratit; Billiard Table;  ming for -Horses, Say and Oats. . '  -&G  Goods sold on Commlssioa-.  Saleroom, Barkervitlo.  Office,  Rfchfield.���������  5-s  low chanced, on a hot summer's day, to seat P '      ATTklTXr    HpTW   RTTn'P  himseifon the tempting smooth surface ot a'     -'-    r,sarrr     -*.*-*��������� t   ^--������^  resting-place near at hand, which happened to  be a half barrel, of pitch ; and, finding his seat  easy and yielding like a cushion', he gave himself no .trouble   in   thinking   of the consequences, but soon fell fast asleep.;" when the  pitch, by the natural heat of his body, gently  j yielded to the pressure, and he presently sunk  into it so deep, that it flowed around him.  j When he awoke from bis nap, he found himself so closely encircled and embraced by the  mass of pitch, that he was totally unable to  extricate himself, and must} have perished,had  not his friends helped to dig him out of his  imprisonment.    Application.���������The  example  this fable offers is addressed to the young and  thoughtless, and seems a^good representation  of the many alluring snares to which such  persons are more easily exposed ; for, as the  old proverb says, j* all is not gold that glitters ;" and those customs which at first may  appear both pleasant and harmless, become  at last our tyrants and destroyers., ������ ���������  TSE UNDERSIGNED havo commenced insthe above  busines? next door to MundorJPs stables, Barker  viUe, and soiicit a share of public patronage. -;  CAST   IRON   STOVES  Always <mi hand.      ; /  New Work aiid Jobbing j  '   /.Done at reasonable rates.  S^dur Teams run regularly between; Jala: and  Gariboo nnd all orders in our line of business careftiHy  attended to.        ��������� >;���������   ''L-J'-y,"/���������:������������������  1-s E. PEARSON & BROS.  PARE REDUCED  GbLONlAL RESTAURANT,  .���������':"������������������      ���������  ,/ .   ^UES^EJ.RKKJTH, .. '.' ���������'  'P;- U^^ JOHNSON, PR'OITOEtrOR,'  Meals at'aS be^rs, and Cookin'g roi- the btrA  : : . 4escripUou., s-  OTICS.  e:ii:i:bf:ri^i  ������������������'2   SvitL i������w is yoxiows:; ' 'yj  Thursdays aiid Siindajrsv  :���������//    '-.:   /id six o'clock, a. st, ^        ..;  'yyXi iie^&s 5CXDA greek:.^03*;/;���������'*���������'.  Tuesdays aiid/Priday^:  '���������]. At "FOUR O^CLOCKvA'S.  /.      2y2\ ���������  Quoanolmonth, May 2nd, 1807���������.". '��������� -' -ly  WMm  sMemsk  ^ffi  1/serenaded Sophia one day when ihe was  but a tender lass, and the greeting which 1  received for my traveling musical convention  has neve*' been fully appreciated by me. It  was the watchful hour of one; a. in.-, when 1  church-yards yawu. Everything, was bushed,  and stillness.reigned profound. I commenced  to sing;';���������������: luring a little, flower to thee." Sophia was hanging out-of the window, and it  was through ber solicitation that I endeavored  to warble this ciisSed piece u I bring a little  flower to thee.J? Sophia's tyrannical p ap  stuck-his bead but of the window, and in a  voice of thunder roared : "Well, just set it on  the door-step,; and don't make so much fuss  about such a cussed little flower,"  BARXARB'S STAGES WILL LEAVE YALE EVERY\  "VTi'th H. M, MalLs,   Express and   JPasscngers,   for  Lytton, Clinton, Soda Crook, Quesnello and Barkor-  vUl^.with braajchea to Savana's Ferry and LilloocL  ;���������: gurnard's Exprosa^cartios-Xclters, ��������� TreasunV; Va-  luables)> 'and"*Expres3 freight to Big Bend, Cariboo  and way stations. - ��������� -.' .;.: ���������'  FAKE TO'SODA CREEK, ���������-���������/..       $60  FARE TO BARKERVILLE,   -  XExctusi ve of Steamers fare.)  S85  1-s  tmm  mmmm  Ml I  VMKR  m  1  If  ���������  m  mm  Hi  mm  JSEBf  : Ti������e effects^61 adterfcising is thus related in  the Vicksbarg Times :;4i A lady advertised in  the Times last week for a stray cow, and the  fcow same home next day, pulled down the  cow-pen fence, bellowed till the milk-maid  came, and then kept off her own calf till she  was milked.^  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  EXPRESS  t  BRITISH COLUMBIA  AND   VICTORIA   EXPRESS,  Connecting at Victoria with WELLS,  FARGO & CO.,  for California, Oregon, the Atlantic States      .  and Europe.  AND AT YALE AND LILLOOET WITH BARNARD'S  CARIBOO EXPRESS,  For Big Bend, Cariboo and the Northern Mines,  Conveying Treasure, Valuables, Letters, Packages and  Parcels. 1-s  Ad;aias^ Pearcy & G<x,  \Xy'. ^/.-::������#A'rkerviii,E.,yv-'/. :;y.X.'  ���������'yy- :-"'fiitvo:-3'S&';receiVed ;-a'eliof<;d -^sele<jtion:ofv X'r'':'  CA^ST M6t4 COOKING Sf OVES  : MEET COPPER, ������   >  TIN, P LATE  AND   S HE E T >t BON,  with various olher articles in their tiao of trade.  jKB^ AH Jobbing in the Tin, Shcct'Iroii, Copper an*  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give satisfaction, ������������������."'.-���������"��������� ���������..':��������� - - 1 .  U  The  Cariboo   Sentinel,"  SEMI-WEEKLY   PAPER,   :  PlTBUSHBD    EVEB^   MONDAV    AND   TfiUBSBAYs  rraiS'STOCKvOF THIS OFFICE HAVING BEEN  JL considerably augnicnted by the recent importation  of a variety of new Ornamental Type, peculiarly suited  for '��������� '" .        '���������  /.���������-;���������     , ���������_ ....        .'. ;: ���������  Posters, Circulars, Cards,  Billheads, Programmes for  Balls, Concertsuaxid  - Theatrical jSutertainiaeuts. .  Orders for any description of Job Work will he executed with neatness and despatch.  4J3J* Terms moderate. ���������,tt&  Cariboo Literary Institute  0. S. THOMPSON', Thksiok.V*\ -   JAMES ANDERSOiV, Vict>I^ESil>BXT.  ALLAN & CO.; PROPiUK-rons..' >/  O^hoe^BARK^RVIIXE, Williams Crk&k, Cariboo.  Subscription, $1 per "Week,  (including cost of delivery,) Payable to the Carrier.  WAK������-UP-JAKE  estaurant, Bakery;  ���������-��������� AND���������   '  $  BARKERVILLE..   _  PATERSON & GOODSON, Pro^rJKIPohs.  JOHN MacLAREN,  JOSEPH CLBARIHUE  JOSEPH PARK.  JE'}  Directors.  m  W. Winnard,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE.  E. STEPHENS,  CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR.  HAVING TAKEN  AN   OFFICE  IN  RICHFIELD,  Williams Creek, is prepared to execute Surveys,  ���������Plans, Levels, Sections, &c, &c., committed to his  charge, with care, despatch, and on REASONABLE  TERMS.  Z 4ST Office, centre of RichQcld, -(^  August Stampehl,  BARKERVILLE.  A largo assortment -of Hoots and Shoes always on  Li-and. 1  THIS INSTITUTION IS NOW OPEN AT BARKER-  ville, where it is no\y fitted up With a view to the  comfort jind eon veniencc of the people of Cariboo.  The Reading Room will be found supplied with the  latest English, Scottish, Canadian, American and Colonial Papers and Magazines.  Terms of Subscription���������$5 per Quarter, or $2 per  Month. . Single volumes loaned to non-subscribers at  50 cents per volume,-With $1 deposit.  Persons not subscribers, visiting the Reading Room,  aud making use of the Books and Papers, 25 cents for  each visit.  Tho Room will bo open from TEN, A. M., till TEN,  P. M. JOHN BOWRON,  Secretary and Librarian.'  N. B.~A fine assortment of Books and Stationery is  always kept for sale, *        Itt-s  PARIS   AND    LONDON    HOTEL  AND RESTAURANT,  RICHFIELD.  he undersigned have refitted this well known house  which is now open for tho accomodation of the  public. , ��������� ,  The Bar will be supplied with the best brands o!  LIQUORS and CIGARS-  M$t Meals aad Beds furnished at all hours.  G.- FONTAINE,    ���������   , ���������  ,    FKLU rCUCJIIOT,      '  Proprietors.  RichQeld, 1st May, 186T. ' " 1  TN ANNOUNCING THB RE-OPENING OF THl^  A house for the. season; tlie. proprietors wish to in--  fdrm their friends and the public ^generally, that they  will spare no pains la" ord.or to nioti t tho pa tr on age oi'  all who give them a oull..;/.,..  . .      JCeals at all hours., .1  PENFOLD'S  SALOOH,  /BARKERVILLE.  \ /.;_  MR. PENFOLD BEGS TO ANNOUNCfi TO HIS  friends that his new BILLIARD SALOON is now  open, where eycry attention will he paid to the comfort of his visitors,: ly  THE BEST LIQUORS & CIGARS  That can be obtalued in, the mark ot will always be  foutiil at the BAR*. : . -  With private entrance, are attached.to the Saloon.  Barkerville, 1st May, 1867. r x's  ..-     T, N. HIBBEN & CO, ,  wax.  roitwARO. PROMrrtYj  at  moukbatb   ffeuai%  .   English^. American, '  '- ' ��������� '       .   French*   G-ermaiii .  ' An j ot h cr Newspapers and IHf fiodicals, y   ���������  SUBSCRIPrfO.\������, Ai)t)I>'G POS'IA^K, 1'AYAnLK jxAdvamua  15th May, 186T. Mm  z^\i^^^miii-J^tu8u^^-i^ui^xiijz4& HE CARIBOO SENTINEL  THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 1807,  Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel.  f������rouKe Creek, - ���������'-"���������" -' ������������������ '*i :'i A. McWha  ���������Qaosnelmoutb, MrvGoudie, Barnard's Express Otfico  Yale,   ���������;������������������-.'     -      MrT Evans,..',   do do  XUlooet, -     F. W; Foster,    .do do  Now Westminster,      ...      .     Clarkson & Co  Victoria,      j .....      - .   -....;   )A.tyhb.        ~  . Big Bend,. -      -   y-.���������-.   Jas. Bullock, French Creek  Van Winkle,      ,' ���������      ;-'. .y-      -    , ��������� . ���������'. S. Edwards  "..,..'..,     TO jCORRESPONDENTS. .   .'.      ���������  y AH communications must bo accompanied, by the  veal namo aud address ��������� of the writer, not necessarily  with a view of publishing the same, but as'security for  bis good faith. ~   V"  .;..- y ��������� TO ADVERTISERS.    ;yy''.  -The "Cariboo SentinePMs published every Monday.  nod Thursday i   Advertise meats In tended- for iusertion  : -tanst bo delivered at latest at 6o'elock,-.p. m., the .day:  before publication.  ������������������83* All Advertisements (not inserted for any definite  ���������period) will be continued until ordered out arid charged  for accordingly.      .  OUR MINING PROSPECTS.  , Tbe sanguine anticipations of a successful,  mining season this year, which induced our  , -citizens to embark in extraordinary outlay  for im p'r o veraen ta on; th is-c reeki ha ve b ee n  the ��������� wi th" u n exp cetedSisap pom tin en t, in the  protracted   depression  , which   how . exists.  throughout all classes ia our raining' community.   This unlocked for dullness, however,  has many and very. simply explained'causes  -'to account'��������� for it; and .if it were not for the  very, sensitive   nature'.'.of2mmeigygeneYpXlyf  would liever have: created a; moment's uneasiness ia'tlie minds of our inhabitants.^: >. In the  first place, the spring has2been" jmorditmtely  protracted,; and prospecting parties have been  almost entirely precluded from pursuing their  avocations.   Tho little means thejs* p ossessed  h as'.-��������� b een jfri tfcered a way, in idleness. .< Some  few, more hardy and detertnined' thaii."their.  neighbors, ventured"to try-their luck : but  from the unpropitious state,of the weather.'  a nd tb e great depjjhjpf: srio w still 1 y ing on tbe  deal of work ial.going on, on Lightning Creek  by old explorers, who seeiri to think they have  now,lbunrlylocalities'���������'��������� that' willvbe likelyAo-  reVard tUtjirlabors;; Williams:Greek seerris,  to' all; intents arid; purposes,''/-ibex-ban'stibio;  Claims thafcwe weie led to^Bupp"ose had -been j  fully- ^plore&y or; entirely wor������e# put, are  again coming intarft^  tion, above Richfield, bids iairy id;eclipse its  renown inearly times; ;A1 thoiigb^tho  the creek is in a measure deserted, the hills  aa& gulches are being thoroughly?tested,, with  considerable success.;1 The Bed .Rock Fliime  is being tener^ticallj^pushed and  may yet be all its projectors thought of it at  its first inception. ^Tbe)great:;diffi6uJties of  thes un d ertakirig; tire nearly ������pfc; overhand. wi th  a Yast reduction to'the,forking expenses^ the  time: Will soon; arri ve V$?/ AW" ^e  looked ibr. ��������� Oft Stouts:gulch, the claims that  have been tbbrbiigtily opened,'; are yielding  large re turns, with every prospect of a continuance   throughout  the season.-  Couklins  gulch is once more  coming into notice j the  amount of prospecting that is being carried  on this season, far exceeds any previous operations in. that  respect.   We  heartily wish  them  success.   Work 'is gradually invading  tho solitude below Cameronton.and taught by  formor hard experience, the claim holders aro  setting about their work with every prospect  of making the ground valuable.   A number  of the companies have amalgamated, and are  bringing up a drain so us to secure perfect  drai nage> through4&eIr*������everaJ :eia5;������s.���������Tberefv  can be no doubt that much ground heretofore  unworkable, will be by this me^ns turned to  account.   On the whole, we feel convinced  that the highest anticipations of the spring  will be fully realized, and the good times  about which we heard and read so much, are  near at hand ; although sometime may yet  elapse before their beneficial effects are universally fejt, still every one may look forward  to happy and prosperous days, before the  close of the year.   ���������*   .. -  NE\V^Ai)VERTISEMBNTS.: >  Fdurtli Qfjf^; B  Rai: VmblASf ALLAN; B EGS TOr Jtf EOR^SeR  ^ friends arid the public generally,; on ,Wtlhatns^  Grouse <irid Lowhee creeks^: that sheintends, opening  tbe Pioneer Hotel, ���������--. Omneronton, on; the evening:of  THURSDAY, the FOURTH day of JULY next, Willi  a GRAND BALL and 'SUPPER, on which occasion  she trusts to see all her old friends and acquaintances,  without any further invitation. 'Messrs. Adler & Bar-  ry's spacious saloon,- Cameron ton, will be used as the  Ballroom, and ho pains will bo spared to make tins one  of the DEST entertainments of the season. .  TICKETS, $5.00 each���������may be obtained at the Pio-  neer Hotel,,Oamoronton ; Mr. Strouss' store; Barkerville : and Mrs. Tracey's, Grouse Creek.    ..  25th June,' 18G7.      ....  VEW./AJ^mwm^^^  y   KOTICB.       j       ,  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of  FRANCOIS CASSEJute of Williams Creek,  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate.  : ���������^ECUYER';iSEBRU^:,;r^orRK^  2i re i&ady mMszoiims^&^  dx thb.abovo EstabiishmeBt. yy\ yywyAi'y?^-  y2:2.. good fare:aNJO GOOD ^r^jt^^  Barkerville, 27thMay, 1867.      XX2' ��������� 'Uy'r' -  WHOLES A L E  .���������AND��������� -���������  ERCHA  BARKERVILLE.  TS  LL PERSONS'WHO  ARE   INPEBTED TO  THE  above Estate, are .required to. pay the amounts  BER, 1867, to  CHAK E.POOLEY,  Ottlcid Admiaistralor.  .Dated Richfield, 25th June, 1867,  BUIE   BROS.,  Carrier and Expressman,  Between RichfleU, Barkervilie and CameroDtoh.  PERSONS HAVIXO GOODS OR PARCELS TO COX.  vey to.either of theso towns, should give him'a  call ; he is always to be found on his beat,  Ko also keeps, m connection with the auovo bus!  ue.ss. a LIVERY STABLE at RJehftehi, wherchor^i  can be hired by the day or week, and all kinds of r������j  is'sold at reasonable prices. . 4-lm  DEALERS  IN  8  C I GAR  Clothing and. Hardware,  BARKERVILLE.  June 27, 18C7.:  Billiabo Tournament.���������We observe an account given in the San Francisco Bulletin of  a grand billiard match, which is being played in San;Francisco, for the champion cue of  California.   The contestants were Jamieson, j   Grouse Creek, June I2th, 1867.  mountains, were;compelled to abandon their j the Nevada champion^ Radovicb, the Victoria   ������������������    ��������� __  WE HAVE THIS BAV  PURCHASED OF. MESSRS.  ���������Van\  VanVoikenburgh & Co. the business of retail  Butchers, on Grouse Creek. Our. purchase iucludes  all book or other accounts due to the late Arm, and  we would request all debtors to the late firm to make  immediate payment to us alone.: In the future' management oi our; business, we will endeavor to merit  the patronage of the patrons of our predecessors.     ���������  J. B: GREAVES.  J. VanVOLKENBURGH.  1 15-lnJ -,  ^i^lorations-till a more advanced rjeriod of  theseason.   Thus the hopes of pur people  were centred on the few paying clainis in, th e  Immediate vicinity, ;ahd these,. from;a \ 'yairiety  of causes, were not yielding so much as formerly, y Then the mild weather ^commencing  with a copious fal 1 of rain, prodnced a sudden  freshet, that fbr.'������V: time, threatened .the; destruction of the Bed Rock Drain ; as it was, a  y    number of: claims that looked :tor us likely to  be highly productive, were"entirely stopped,  throwing a number of miners out of employment,- who were not prepared to forego the  earnings that would have. accrued from em-,  ploymeufc.    By this means, our merchants,  traders, and business people^ generally, suffered in their turn, and a period of:financial  pressure ensued.   To a mere observer, and  one who has lived in Cariboo for the last five  ' or six years, there was nothing extraordinary  in this state of affairs ; such seasons of depression are frequent, usually  followed by a  period of excitement, in which buoyancy of  feeling, and great anticipations for the future,  are the ruling sensations ; and we have every  confidence in predicting a like result this  year.   The summer has now fairly set in ; tbe  snow is rapidly disappearing.   The departure  of .prospecting parties from, the creek is of  almost daily occurrence.   If we may judge  from the hopeful bearing of these hardy explorers, we may look for great things before  tbe end of the season, as the fruits of their enterprise.   In the circle  of mining  operations  already known, we hear of new strikes, and  improved production to an extent sufficient to  raise the spirits of the most despondent.   On  Grouse creek, the Heron  company have discovered a continuation of the lead, that is  likely to pay as well as  previously worked.    The  newed confidence in the ultimate richness of  the claims now being prospected, im mediately  below them.     Many of the claims above the  Heron company, where a great deal of labor  has been expended, hitherto without result,  are coming more into favbr.and there is every  probability that this favorite creek will rise  in the estimation of our miners to its former  level.   Lowhee is again giving good promise,  and if,the results of 1 ate op erations are one*  baif as successful as those interested confidently assert, we may again see the rich harvest gathered by Sage-miller and others* fully  equalled, if not excelled.    On Antler, we are  informed great hopes aire entertained that the  long-lost lead has been once more traced to  its original channel, so that a large yield may  soon reach us from that quarter.   New and  extensive surface diggings have been found in  the vicinity of Snow Shoe, where as inucb as  an ounce a day to the hand has been made.  Cedar Creek is still well thought of, and gives  steady remuneration to those engaged on it.  champion, and ilott.and .Otto, of San. Frua-  cisco. The llrstgame was between Jamieson  and Kadovich, both considered crack players,  which resulted ��������� in: favor of iJamieson, ��������� who  scored 500 rjoints; while Radovicb'only* scored 149 5 the game lasted half an hour: 2, The  highest run made by Jamieson was 157 points  At last accounts Jamieson'. had only Otto ; to  beatto receive the' p me.  iHPORTHi���������The imports at the ports of New  Westminster and Victoria, ������������������ for the.: quarter  ending 25th March, are published in the Government Gazette. The total value is $4L-  459 57 at New Westminster, and SlS5,S-i7 99  at Victoria. There were imported, at New  Westminster 9805 pounds bacon and hams,  852 bags barley, 6705 pounds butter, GSti  barrels flour, 4339 pounds lard, 345 bushels  potatoes, and other articles in the list, all of  which can be produced in the colony.  A friend of our3 visiting a neighbor's  found him disabled from having a horse step  on his foot. Hobbling out of the stable, the  sufferer explained how it happened. " I was  standing here," said he, "and the horse  brought his foot right down on mine." Our  friend looked at the injured member which  was of the No. 24 pattern, and said, very  quietly. "Well, the horse must step somewhere."  ; Large Boiler.���������The largest boilers ever  built on the Pacific coast were lately turned  out of the machine shop of Coffey & Risdon,  San Francisco. ' They were constructed for  the steamship Orizaba and weighed 30 tons  each.*  yyNiyncE.   ^  TS HEREBY GIVEN,-THAT:AN ORDINARY GENE  X ral Meeting oi the Williams Creek tied Rock Flume  and Ditch Coiopanv. limited, will be,b'eUl at their Oi'-  fice, Richfield, oh the SECOND DAY OF JULY m-xi,  at THREE o'clock, P.M., for the purpose of consider.,  ing the report of tho Directors, electing Officers, and  transacting other business of the Com pauy.  .      E.  A. WADHAMS, ';.'���������.'  ��������� Secretary.  . Richfield, June.2-1, 1887. ���������-.  ������������������BELLA  UNIOI  SALOOI,  F A3IIION. SALOON,  ., ..": BARKERVILLE,."  ,r....l, WJ. L LIA MS^eR.������rx.;,:_ J  THK PROPRIETORS -BKO   LEAVE TO ANK0UKCB  f to the public that they have enlarged; refurnished  >.nd thoroughly renovated their capacious and fajh!  ionable saloon, sparing neitherpains nor expense for  the comfort of their Patrons.' - .   <���������  This is now the forgest. and most complete Saloon la  British Columbia ; consisting, of three large separate  apartments, viz.:. CARD ROOM:, BAR ROOM, an 1  CILMARD SALOON, containing three superb BID  LIARD TABLES.-"  The   best  LIQUORS and  CIGARS  obtainable, ar*  served here.   This establishment is under the itumu-  diatc superintendence of theTrojirietors. ������\  .'    ���������'. ADLER & BARRY.  June 6th", 1867. .' ��������� ' ' ..  ���������      - ���������   4m  ��������� EXPRESS   NOTICE.  -A FTKR THIS DATE, BARNARD'S EXPRES3 13  J\. not responsible lor damage on LIQUIDS shipjwd ia  Tin or Glass, unless by special contract.        y     :  Until further not!co. the Express, will arrive-heft  every SUNDAY-AFTERNOON, and .close . for bclo^  every TUESDAY at. NINE o'clock, P.M.  ROBERT POOL.   ���������  . '.'������������������. Agent.  ; DarkerrHls, "May 29th, 186T. "y       8  Steele^ -Re s t a iir ant,  '-���������':��������� .RICHFIELD.       .  - KEPT 13Y r-f  rs.  Fanny Ben-.dizen,  BARKERVILLE.  H: -STEELE BEGS TO INFOR5I HIS OLD FRtKNPS  ��������� and Patrons, that-he has opened his OLD STAND,  whore he -will he glad-to see them.  8������������ Meals at all Hocks'- "&a  Juae.lOch, 1867. 11^  ^7^0UTTET~&" Go.,  RICHFIELD,  WHOLKSALfi   &  RETAIL   MERCHANTS,:  THIS SALOON, WHICH IS FITTED UP IN THE  most elegant style,.has just been opened to the  public. ' None but the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS served at tbe Bar.'     *  There is a PRIVATE SALOON for the accommodation of customers.  Juno 10tb, 1S07.  Im  NOTICE.  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of  REM! DAZET, late of Williams Creek,  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate.  ALWAYS ON HAND, CALIFORNIA AXDJSTHfttfi  Jiuttcr, at. $1.25 per lb.  .Sole Agents lor CJirod & Guichon, Quesnclmouth.  June-Will, 1S87.  ���������   ��������� -' AU  COSMOPOLITAN  Restaurant  and  Bakery,  BARKERVILLE.  A Poet's Toast.���������" Monsieur Karr," said  LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THE  XX above Estate, aro required to pay the amounts  dueforthwith, and all persons who iiava any claims  agamst the above Estate, are required to send in th.-ir  ���������>UIJison 0rbcf^  t}|c EIGHTH day'of SEPTEM-  BER, 1867, to CHAS. E. POOLEY,  n4(flll .  ()      ou _ Ofllcial Administrator.  Dated Lytton, 8th June, 1S67. 13  I^Hn: UNDERSIGNED HAVINQ THOROUGHLY BE-  X novated hia Estahlishnxent, has re-opened the sain*  for the accommodation of tho Public, and trusts to  merit a share of their patronage. His Bakery has also  undergone repair. an<i ho Is now ready to execute  orders from all who wish good brend.  JACOB VELTU, Proprietor.  Juno 10th, 1867. U-J   .  Boot and Shoemaker,  BARKERVILLE.  or any one." The poet rose and proposed,  " the health of the aick."  Soap Root.���������This root which is to he found  quite plentifully ia the midland counties of  California, is now being; manufactured and  sold as a substifcute for curled hair, at two-  thirds the price of the latter article.  ��������� A boat propelled, by electricity is to be  tried on the Grand Basin at the Tuileries. If  successful the discovery will be applied to  larger vessels. y '- f \  FENTON    8ALOOP  RICHFIELD.  T>00TS ANft-^glfOES MADE TO   ORDER AT THE  and DISPATCH.  ���������    &y~ Opposite Cariboo Sentinel Office. -������$  Juiui 6th, 1867. *m  June 6th, 1867.  Fisr'uerly Of Edwards' Ranch.  KelaoQ Creek Is highly spoken of, and a good 1 wood Ranch.  Prison :RETURNs.~There were 17 prisoners  in Nei/Westminster jail on the 1st May; 4  were received during the month and 3 discharged leaving 18 in jail on the 31st.  Thk erection of tbe new church at New  Westminster is about to be proceeded with  immediately.,  .   A Black Bear, weighing 3001bs., was shot  last Saturday by a packer near the Cotiion-  r^AKES  THIS   METHOD   OF . INFORMING   HIS  i.J?Je., * r1?;1 Jb0 P?^ 6renard������y, that ne hasten,  larged and fitted up his SHAVING >;ALOOX, in a superior manner, having secured the services of an eilicient  assistant, he is now prepared to operate in a  satisiaccory maimer in all branches of the TOXSORIAL  Ai.iL.  REMOVAL.  C.  STROirSS,  DEALER IN  ETC., ETC.,  B ARKETiVILLE.  Has removed to his NEW STORE, .opposite  OCCl������  mm  Pi  m  DENTAL HOTEL.  13  He also calls attention to his unrivalled Hair -Boston  alive, guaranteeing to stop hair from falling out, in  one week and in reasonable time restoring Hair to its  former state.and color. h ���������  Also Gentlemen's furnishing Goods- finest ftWrt  ccountant,  ��������� AX������ -  MISSION  CO  AGE  BARKERVILLE,  0ff7cb���������Opposite N. Cctkio's BRmVERT.  JunalT. 180T,  18  mm  ^#  ��������� ���������u.  it  HE GMIWQ SENTINEL  MarLEQii Ha^i������tt; iba gentleman; who it  rill be retemberedyfisite New  reB.tmfaster;and TTale last: year, to procure  itatisties*: &c.,/for ��������� Lariglby's'*; Pacific Coast  iii^ctoryi^.teMsrv^Ung^is. and'surround^  [Dg;;districts( shortly, with a Vifew of collecting  nformation reiatiye to pur mirier al resources  tnddiaseiniiiatingU  'alitoriiiai;; ;The;Britislr C61um]bian says^" Iii;.  ismuch as Mr. ?Hamett?s mission into the in-  jrior is pro bono publico^lie; having -."been  > revailed mpon by jtlibse -largely uiterested; in���������  the ultimate o bjec t Had in view, , to "viait the  wi p os known ��������� 1 edges,| we: ^ e; the; 1 i bef ty j of  itroducing him;tb .pur fellow: cojonists iu the  interior/ and; bespeaking* for him'that kind:  ittentioirand hospitable reception tb4Cwiiich  the peculiar circumstances of; the  case grye  11 ma strong claim upon every one; in  any  'ay interested in the prosperity of the country." ' We have only to add that should Mr.  [arnett pay us a visit  -be will receive  all  that attention and -consideration   from   this  community that it is possible lor  them   to J  ���������estow. .' .  ���������Victoria ;��������� Itbihs from - Colonist.���������Intelll*  gencobas been received of the partialv wreck,  ih a heay y squall, of H. M. P. Clio, ofeiier way  trprnTahiti to yalparaispi  of the- 'vessel's" saili w^re ;lbs^h'ey inairitbp-;  mast sp ru rig; main caps:^ Jimbd; away, tlie; r ud*:  iler disabled; arid tbey stern-post started.:^; She'  reached Tahiti on 29 th March j, m's^My]: when;  the necessary repairs; wo uld be- made. '* About  ibrfcy: ^  'with fever,���������Tripp and his brother-in-law,*  wlio were(lately eomuiitted; to^jait att^Port  Townsend* for the murder of two saiIors;bave  applied to be-admitted to baiL-~& childybf  Mr. Frank Campbells'fell froJnla, chair to; Jhe  flborVand received such severe injuries as^tp  ^anse its death.���������There was a minor of- His'  Excellency extending his'-..trip to the North  THE-NEW  ISLAND   IN  -;HAOIFIC.:  THE: NORTH  Fatal Accident.���������A Chinaman who was at  'ork in the Ne'er-do-Weel claim on Grouse  ][roek��������� .^B;lustaatly killed. on. Tuesday last  >y the caving of a large lump pi* clay,   it ap-  )ears the Chinaman was'engaged. with other  tembers of  the company in cleaning out  *6cks from the ground sluice, within a few  jet of the deep bank, when a portion of it  'eighing several tons gave way, burying tue  mfortunate man.   The ground was eo hard  that it took nearly an hour to 'extricate the  ������ody, which presented a; frightfully mangled  ippearaoee. -.       '"'" ''���������-.  Ball:���������As will'. be' eeeii by an advertise-  tent in another column, Mrs. W, Allan' intends giving a ball and supper on Thursday  ���������vening next,the 4th Jniy,previous to reopening the old established Pioneer Hotel Cam-'  ronton.    From the wpll known  character  Mrs. Allan has earned by her many charitable  l&cts and kind assistance rendered to many a  jjjpbr sick miner, during her long' residence in  We mines, we bespeak-for her Sail' a liberal  patronage.      y.y   ���������-. : .;;  " ���������      ���������'.'-'.'  f-/Weather.���������Yesterday was oneof,.the few  Varm and bright sunshine! days that the in-  "t hi (ants- of th'iK'.: s>cftig������. of the'country, are  ip������ often favoit-d - with. Everyone donnfed  heir summer costume and felt convinced that  iii miner was actually drawing high, but as  ;hc shades of ���������'������veuing'begun'-to approach, the  -looray'appearance . of the ...sk>. 'bespoke a  :hu'ji;derstorin. and -dispelled all the happy  iv:i-:ioipafiohs fbiit were indulged in through-  lout the.day.   ...  Death.���������An Indian Woman who has resid-  ���������d for nearly two years on this  creok, and  vas commonly  known  by the sobriquet of  Captain John." died on Monday -last from  inflaniation of tbe windpipe.   This poor creature was the wife'of an Indian chief called  Jap tain John, who was shot in Victoria Jail  some five years ago, for making a murderous  [attack on the officers, ���������.'''. ',:..  Assizes.���������A Court of Assize and general  jaoi delivery, will be held by His Honor  :udge   Begbie,   at   Richfield,  on  Monday  Jnext.   There are two criminal caseson the  'docket, namely, Barry, accused of the murder  [of 'Blessing, at Beaver Pass, and an Indian,  [accused of the murder of Morgan, near Soda  '/reek, -in 1865,   Several appeal cases will  follow the criminal trials.  which sailed oh the 8th instant, for San Francisco, took away twenty-fiye passengers jariiong  whom were Capt'.'- Bazss 1 egatb and' Lieiite nant  Cooperi of San Juari Islauil, Capt. Stamp; Mrs.  John Wright arid Miss Armstrong;-Mrs. Thain,  anidMrs: Ca j) tain Tliain, Mr. Hen dersbn, Bank  o^Britisb Columbia/^  Brown'}- Marsden;,SpIbinbn and; Talbbt.~~Sevr  era I fayora b le ; i oo ki ng quartz spe cimen s h ave  beeii found at Leech river ; tbey were:taken  out :of: a well-defined ledge It wo and a-half feet  in thickhess.T-liev. 'Mi*. Browning preached  death of Mr. ;:MitcheilS--The Masonic Lodges  of; Victoria intended celeb rating St/ Job n }s  d ay ^by .ay. p ibrnicipfOrego ri # flo dr Z. com man ds  $17 50 per barrel at .New; York.���������Mr. Eli  Marks basMisppsed of his stock of jewelry to  Mr. Wrii.: Jamiesoi.���������The Colo hist has co m-  pleted its ��������� seventeenth ��������� yolume, being. now  eight and a-half years old:���������A man named J.  Irvine, was committed for trial for obtaining  goods under false pretences.���������C. R. Waters,  who was allowed a certain time in wbicb. to  leave the country, had a fine of $250 entered  against hiniat the Police Court.^-A gentleman   named  Mcllvcen;  while 'visiting   the  Douglas pit, Nariaimo, had his left shoulder  fractured, besides sustaining severe internal  injuries, by attempting to leave the cage after  it wasin motion.���������A'party are about to prospect the south fork of the Nanairao river, for  gold.-���������The government have reserved a tract  of land containing: 20,00fc acre's, lying on the  east side of Queen Charlotte Island, at a point  known as Skedan Bay, for six .months, from  third June.T-Thomas Harris had passed bis  final examination, in bankruptcy, and got bis.  d isc h arge.���������The si oop Mary Ell en was sold  by auction for: $275���������A farm of 292 abres,  with houses and garderi; m Lake District, near  Capt Dpdd and Mr. Piers' farms, was sold at  auction for $1275, to Mr. Sawers.'������������������The property, corner of Yates and Wharf streets, having a frontage on- Yates street of 45 feet, and  132 feet on Wharf: strbpt^ with ^impro^ments,"  including.:.;tbe' Identical;Sitlo^bn, was-sold by  auction to Mr, Lbwenberg, for; $3,300.-^A  partypf ^prospectors: have:gone put toclook  for quartz leads in the mbuntairis near Co wi-  chah?^John Wiisbn,;��������� a new, arrival, was firied  $50, or four mohths; imprisonmerit, for selling  liquor to Indians.^The ship Cbrdilleras ; took  2,000"_'tpria:of-boal from NanaimatpSanFran-  cisco.-~Six of the sailors i:-bf :taie:ship:;Siain|  ly i ng at '��������� Burrard In let, stole the ship's boat,  and deserted. '���������"������������������' '������������������t-yX-. :<'}2. ���������:-/~. X }y:":  Concert Hall.���������Mr. Lange, who lately ar-  ���������rived from Victoria, is engaged; in fitting -up  like building opposite the -Paris arid London  :Hotel, Richfield, as a concert, room. Mrs:.  Lange,'who we understatid, is an artist of -no;  -small merit, will preside ������Ct tbepiario: * The  room will be opened te ;the . public on or,.  | about the.first of July. -X}  Canton -Creek.���������A gentleman, who: .'leftlvalue was, we should judge, about a dollar  Hixon creek on Saturday, iriformsus that the [and a hal������. If the Indian's statement be cor-  arrastras at th'e -Washburne ledge had not rect, this discovery  is very important,  Probable^Important Discovekt���������-The Bri-:  tish ;Columbiari -says-: y A:;Squamish,: Indian  shpwed;us yesterday two specimens -f of :gpld ���������  which he alleges he obtained from rock about  20 feet above the level1 of the sea an d cori'ti-'  guotts to, wherp the Squamish\ River; deboii-;  ches into Howe Sbund.:  One specimen consisted of about equal parts :of gold aiid quartz  tbe value:of the gold beirig, we \ shouid. say,  about oire:dollar.'/;-The.other was pure gold  i n tha t arbereseen t=f o r m i n wh ich it no t u n-;  frequently exists in the quartz, and bad; the  appearance-of having been newly taken from  the matrix by tho roasting process, and by  which the Indian says he; obtained it.    Its  ^Thel^iely: reported discovery of an, island  ib^ttiS North Pacific, in 151 dejr. W. long., and  40 degi;30 tain. N. lat., has excited considerable interest anion g sea-fariiig men i n th is  city; ��������� ;Qu itb a numberof sea-cap taiu s repo r t  haying either seen the island, or indications  of lari d; iri its v i cin ity, some of the p ar ti ds h a v-  jrj^passedby it" 25 or 30 years ago.    Among  pthers^Gaptain Kentzeli. a. late pilot of this  ���������p'bwii^pprfe' having seen the i.slaud and de-  termiiaed its positinu by obseryatibn, mak i tig  itinl^dfegl dO.mm. Wi,.and,"40 deg. 40 mini  N;|'the island; being, according to; his view,  ^bmVt:20v miles long.    On his arrival in portt  .CaptrEeritzeli reported the discovery to the  'pugtpmfj':'pfatUoritie.s, biit no steps. were taken  by::tneiri:tb have the i������landexamined or taken'  pbssession.:o.fby a United Slates"vessel. ���������    '��������� ���������  ������������������������������������'_: The:position of the island is such that*' it is  leftto the west by vessels from tho Sandwich  islands bound to this coast.   It iat however,  riearthe track of whaling vessels from the  islands bound for  the  Arctic^ or returning  frbni tliere tb refit, and it is somewhat surprising that these vessels  had not found it.  The island.is exactly in the track of vessels  frpm;Japan or China bound to this port, and  frpm its extent and rep or tod-low elevation,  most dangerous to navigators.   In the absence  bfabpuiuteknowledgu of its position, it is of  ^���������mportance^'swffieieuHci'��������� j Ustiiy * the' go vern=  mentvdespatching one of its vessels to locate  and;survey the island.   In the  late* voyage  of thej steamer Colorado on her return, she  raniyery near the reported locality.   As fog6  aridynisiy'weather prevail in.that section of  the Pacific, in the absence of information of  the existance of an island, vessels are. .liable  to great damage if not total.loss...   A number  of vessels-that have sailed, within the last 20  years from Asiatic ports for. this coast have  never boon heard from, and as the reported,  island is in the immediate: track, it is not 'only  possible, but probable they have been wrecked on it.   Among others, the fine clipper ship  Romance of the Sea, left Hongkong about  four years ago, bound for San Francisco, and  has never been seen or heard of since the  date of sailing.     The late: discovery of the  of theremains of a wrecked vessel  on Corn-'  wallis Island by the schooner Caroline Mills,  makes it all the more probable that this jf'et  unexplored  island' may. havo  proved  the  wrecking place of many vessels whose fate is  now unknown.  .:   ;... ��������� . - y-  - We learn that ;tfce i nterest "An: th e rep o rted  discovery is so strong among seafaring men,  that a number of them have formed a comr  pany and wiirsend a .vessel within a. week:' to  examine. and take p ossession of the islarid.  As seals and sea-elephants are reported to have  been seen in its vicinity, it is believed that oil  in considerable quantity could be: taken, and  it is^ipwundor consideration, by the parties  to the:proppsed enterprise,. to take try-pots  casks,:etC;, with a view of getting a return  cargo of bii. ! As the island is about L400  miles actiiai^distaQce from this coast, arid in  the'direct; track of the return China: mail  steamers,iVgood harbor, if found,"Vould prove  iof great value as a coaling station, which is  much .needed.���������S. F. Bulletin.  ���������commenced working, and would not, it was  expected, be in working order for eight days., entertained of the existance of gold-bearing  )  Several companies, were prospecting For'hill  -diggings:" *..:-;.'������������������ ;���������   ^X* *--/   ;-   ���������  (<"'Ships on thr Way.���������Tbe ship Byzanthum,  ��������� Capt- St. Clair, cleared from London on the  wJ|'"'-Sth April far this colony, and at latest dates  ^^S. the ship Mercara was. loading  at|Liverpool  |||ff -for the same destination.- ';.-   '' ;      --,.''V:'::'-  if^g-.   Sale, of Olatm.���������The -Caroline' claim,; on:  HB^Oroiae Creek,.was sold yesterday, by Sheriff's  ^aBfmale-for $50, to Mr. Prager..  ^^^^^ ' ���������.       . ' ���������'������������������>.'"���������  ^mm   'Conninoham. Creek.���������There areyfive com-  g|f������'panies, numbering twenty -men, at work on  I4JI ^s cree^j moat ������? whom are taking out pay.  |1|||1    Mr. Leblanc ' has nearl v finished his photo  |H|graphic gallery .at .Richfield, "���������-.  The Alturas   company, in   Stouts  gulch,  confirms the belief  is  which  many  have  and  Ions  quarto in the Squamish! country. So me steps  ought to be taken to test the correctness of  the Indian's story, as the probability of the  discovery of rich quartz within a few hours of  New Westminster is a matter of too much importance to be treated with indifference.  company, in  washed up yesterday 80 onnccs,  I New Zealand Wool.���������It will be interesting to many of our colonists who arc directing their attention to the raising of sheep, to  know the progress that has been >made in the  growth of wool within the short period of  ieven years', in the colony of Ne\y Zealand,  which possesses no greater advantages for the  production of this staple article than this  country. In 1858 there was exported from  that country 3,810,372 pounds of wool, while  In 1865 the exports bad increased to 19,180,-  1^00 pounds.  r: Russo-Amiskica: Canada���������The Dublin Times  hasalbrig arid able article upon the purchase of Russian America by the Washington  Goverriinent, rind the position and relations  of the new Dominion of Canada. The Times  says, ���������';Vancouver and British Columbia are  pursj and these must at all times be defended  from-aggress ion by a fieet." Again, -'It is  the duty of England, therefore, to complete  the union of the British Provinces as rapidly  as hiay be, arid to make communication between Quebec a matterwof four days travel."  In speaking of a railway between Halifax and  Quebec it. says it will be connected with the  Grand Trunk line, with the lake system of  navigation, and the road through the passes  of the Rocky Mountains to British Columbia,  which has now enrolled herself us a member  of the Canadian Confederation. Respecting  the Russo-American bargain tbe same paper  remarks/" If the Emperor of tlie French is  allowed to purchase the Duchy of Luxembourg, with two hundred and fifty thousand  inhabitants and an impregnable fortress, America imiy fairly claim full liberty to make a  bargain with Russia for a frozen region occupied by the,, bear, wolf, and Arctic fox."  The Times apprehends, as tbe only evil at all  likely to result from the transfer, a diplomatic warfare, long and wearisome, in the  settlement of tbe as yet undefined boundaries  between British Columbia and the uew territory, which may embitter the relations between the two nations.  A .Great :Mii������ng  of miners^[have Started v������ - tijitiing ^enterprise i&  this, cpuiityV which will rib doubt be prbfltabU  to themselves, and of. inestimable benefit to -a  large number of placer claims. Greenhorn  Creek has been;filled up with tailings, as hav<j  alHhe ravines'.; opening iuto it, and a large  amount of mining ground has thu3 been shut  up. Saridfbrd & Co. have recently located  25,000 feet in the'bed -of Greenhorn Creek,  and have. bought the remainder to the fbrkk  of the creek. They o3yri from the forks to tii*  junction of the', creek".with.':������5ear river, giving  them about eight or nine miles of the channel  It is proposed to comuieuce at Bear river, aiid  work the tailings to theybed-rpek, through a  flume twenty-four feet wide. A a. the. tailing*  are", woi'kodv o ii t,. a. sufficient fal 1 will '..be obtained for wprking; the ravines which opeu  in to: the cree k .'oii b b th" si des,. arid a 1 arge nu m~  her of mines now;abandoned for.want of' fall  will be again worked. The tailings in Greenhorn are known tb'be very rich,.and haviug  never been cleaned'out, now that enterprising  and practical miners have undertaken to  work the channel,, largo amounts of iiuoney  will do ub tl ess: be. taken i here f roin. 1 f. th is  company is succesful, creeks that have been'  c losed u p wi th tai! i n gs wi j 1 be w orked,; an d  such mining will add largely to the gold  yield.���������Nevada City Transcript. y  Chinese  Case���������Novel   pRribe'EDixcs.���������In  4he en;30 of the -:^ec p \e \ v. ' G o ck HangrlVyr -' w?- ���������  tempting, to commit murder,, in assaultirigon^  Ab Poon, a few weeks since, says the'. Grass  Valley National,the proceedings were.decidedly novel.   The witnesses; to the number  of twelve or 'fifteen. on each 8ide, were all  Chinamen, and in order to insure.a truthful  statement of facts, were sworn according ty  Chinese custom, which is :to swear on th$  head of a dead chicken.    Two:chickens were,  produced in court, one for the.witnesses on  either side.   Each uiaifih his tnrii knelt down.:  before a miniature altar, or something of th������'  kind, consisting of several wax tapers .stuck'  into the half of a large " murphy," and tliereV-:  after bowing threetimes to floor, went thrdugk ���������;:  with a prayer-of some kind, winding up the  same with a most, emphatic lick with a\cleavet  at  the -unfortunate   chicken.:   This ; being:  through with, a yellow paper,.bearing burner-'  ous characters, was handed him, which he.  burned;   Whether even this,-to themi moaJ,.  solemn oath/:will compel -theni; to tell thA  truth;l3-'d6ttb^ful.   Lying seems to be theirv  second nature: v Judging . from:: the number .  and ch ara-c tor '������f; the witness es,'. the trial] xy iii';.  probably 'occupy several days. ; /: .yy}'}.} y ;>'  I JBLBCTarciTY tkeCause;o? ANiMiti/.CoLps3B;:;  ���������Mv Nicolas; Wagner... has; recently;' brought  before the Academy of Sciences ..expenmenh? -i  which seem to show.tha.t electric currents aro  the cause of the colors,,at least of some.amV;  .majs.   These experiments .were made on .������ ,  species of diurnal butterfly (Vanessa urtica)..  Electric   currents   changed   . the   reds'  iiim  orange, and the blacks into red ;' -and tho :  most feeble current, especially if from a coa-:  slant battery, produced black spots, the.shape;  of which bad a relation to the current.   He  ascertained, by means, of an extremely sensitive apparatus, that not only does electricity  modify, and even produce colors, but that  those found in the butterfly are due to currents in the wings of tbe animal���������the most  energetic of which issues from the base of tho.  wing, arid follows the middle .nervurc till it  reaches too outer edge.���������S. & M.  Pre^s.  A New Employment for the Chinese.���������A  correspondent of the London Times recommends that Chinamen be enlisted in the English army, for the reasons that they are hardy,  strong, good-tempered, and can stand heat  and cold ; that they make excellent soldiers,  and will eat anything, "from roast-  plum pudding to rice and rats,"  beef  A New Disease.���������-A new disease called by  physicians Meningitis, has made its appear-  in several towns on Long Island. Its syrupy'  tous are inftamation. about the head, with dizziness and restlessness, the membranes of the  brain and spinal cord are much inflamed.  There is during the second stage of the'dis-  paso which shortly follows, perhaps in a day  or two, contractions of the body in all tho  different attitudes imaginable, which is accompanied with intense pain and suffering by  the patient, finally tho victim of the disease  reaches the third stage, and reaction thea  takes place with stupor and the patient dies������  Scarcely any one afflicted with this much ,  dreaded disease recovers.  How Deep can Shafts ue Suxk.���������Tho qnes*  tion occurs to tbe miner who sinks down a  shaft for three or four hundred feet, " How  far might I descend without being burnt out,  or froze out, or which?" The student of na*  Ural science, who adopts the theory of internal heat, and recognises as correct the pre-  sent- observed rate of increase of temperature  with depth, would answer as follows : Water  would boil at the depth of 2,430 yards, lead  would melt at the depth of 8,400yards. Red*  heat would obtain at tbe depth of-seven  miles,gold would melt at the depth o f 2 l;miies������  An honest, bluff, country farmer, meeting  the parson of the parish in a.by-lane, and uol;  giving him the way so readily as he sxpectedt  the parson, with, an erect crest, told him h4  was better fed than taught. " Very true, io*  &udj deed,sir," replied the farmer,"*��������� for yoate������sS  mc, and I feed myself."  1U AUAMRMM SSBSS5 hmtawfnw  ?��������� , ��������� ;  ft:  LEGEND OF A MUSKET.  Wo give below an amusing extract from  the letters of Mark Twain to the Alta California', which is a fair specimen1 of that gentleman's eccentric style. The story is told by a  feliowr-passciiger, who, being bantered about J  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  JAMES   P.   TAYLOR,  Druggist,  BARKERVILLE.  AS  CONSTANTLY  ON   HAND   A  CHOICE   SE-   ������������������   r���������~t���������o~~������   :*;-"**������ o.-���������������������e    ��������� ������������������..**. v-v* ^^> %s v*w *  his timidity, said he had never been scared] Ip     *--��������� ���������-   --- - -   - ~������~*~������ ~-  since he loaded an old Queen Anne's musket j������* ^^l^^/^r^r'^^01^ lw?a?" i  ..-,-.   --..      ��������������� .,.--.   ... ���������   "*. v\mt? tue celebrated   Golden. Balsam, and   Murphy's]  for his father once, whereupon he related the  following:   You see, ike old man was trying  to learn rae to shoot - blackbirds and beasts 1  that tore up the young corn and such things,  80 that! could be of some use about the farm,  because I wasn 't big enough to do much. My  gun was-a little single-barrer shotgun, and the  old man carried an old Queen Anne?s musket  -   that weighed a ton, and; inade'a'report like/a  thunderclap, and kicked -like a nmle.    The  old man wanted me to shoot'the old musket  somotirnes, but I was afraid. One day, though  I got tier down, and thought I-d try her, one  * riffle, aiiyhow, and so I took her to the hired  . man and asked him how to. load her, because  tho old man was. out in the fields.   Hiram said  " Do ybu see them marks on the stock���������an X  unci a,V on each side of ^a Queen's crown]!  Well that mean? ten balls and. Sve slugs���������  that's bev 1 oacL'?.-   ; ;    . '  4i But how much powder ?"  44 Oh," he: says, % it dont* matter ;  put in  three or four handfiils."/ -.  4^������^ dncTit was" an  awful charge���������I had sense enough to know  that���������and started out.    I  levelled tier on a  good many, blackbirds, but every time I went  to prill tbe trigger I shut ray eyes and weak*  cried; I wa<;afraid of/her kick.    Towards  'sundown I fetched up at the house, and there  was the old man resting on the porch;    T  "Been��������� outhunting, have yeV.  ��������� /* Yes, sii*," savs I.   ���������'���������" ';������������������:.  X ������:What did you kill?"';.'  2:')" Didn't kill any thing, sir-Haidn?t shoot tier  off-1! was afraid she'dkick." (I knoiw'd d���������d  ywell she would.)    ,   v yy;  '" Giriimo the giia!" - the old man says, as  mad: as sin./.;/ . / .;  ; y.And;he took aim; at a sapling on the other  : side of ttie road, andT began to; drop out of  danger./ And the- next, minute I heard an  earthquake,:and-see /tho Queen Anne whirling; end^ver-end in the air,, and the old man  -spinning around on one/ heel, with one leg up  'arid:both hands on his jaw; and tbe bark flying from that: old sapling: like there was* a  haitetbrm.!   The old mahfs Shoulder was set  backfour inches, and his jaw'/turned black  and;blue, and bo had" to lay'lip for -three  ��������� d $y s.   pholera no r ho thing else can ever scare  / ni0.> the way I Vas scared that time.     ���������   ;  ������ng     _...   Mixtures, for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis,  Also a great variety of Sawaparillas, Hulr Brushes,  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powdurs, Sponges, Fancv  Soaps, Lubin'a Extracts, Rose Water and other Perfumeries, Garden Seeds, &c, &<%  Just received���������an assortment of Stationeryv Pocket  7, and Billiard Table articles.  Diaries for 18������ ,   I*. S ���������i'rescriptiona carefully compounded.  1-s  HE UNDERSIGNEU IS NOW PREPARED TO  aflbrd every accommodution to the travelling public, aud hopes by a strict attention to business, to  merit a shure or tbe patronage bestowed ou the former  proprietors. This is one of tho most comfortable and  commodious Hotels on the road, containing us it does  warm and well furnished bed rooms with good beds.  Tho TABLE is supplied with every delicacy it is possible to procure in the upper country. The BAR is  stocked with the best of Liquors, aiid tho choicest  Cigars,  .   <��������� ; ������35* MEALS,   $1 50   EACH. ~m  Tho stabling for Horses is all that could be dosired,  and the charges are very moderate. Hay for Horses  [ per dayr $SV; OatsAnd Bar]ixat..th.e.vche.apj������jlwmarket  r rates.*  The undersiguod has a large quantity of OAT HAY  on hand, for sale in large or small quantities.  LONDON .HOUSE,  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA,  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL.  J. H. TURNER & CO.,  IMPORTERS OP  English & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses, Underclothing, Gloves, and every description of  Drapery Goods.  Receive regular supplies bv Express via Panama and  by sailing vessels'via Capo Horn.  4J������* Particular attention given t  4}������* Particular attention given to all orders. -  London Firm���������J. P. Tuxstali. & Co.  ESTABLISHED 1858.  1-3  STABLINGJbr HOBsg,  WILLIAM   McWHA,  LYTTON CITY, B. C,     '  Bogs to inform tho public generally.that ho bns  STABLE & CORALL ACCOMODATE  On his premises for upwards of 200 Horsca  Hay aud Oats for Sale cheap.        '  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HiRp  TERMS   MODERATE.- .     ,*  VICTORIA SEED STORE  Comer of Langley Alley and Yates St.  MESSRS. JAY & BALES  Have opened the above premises with a large  and well assorted Stock  .  ��������� op ���������  a E/ROMBBOT,  BOSTON BAR, B. C,  Wholesale and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS  LIQUORS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, fca h '  1-s  JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  AND FLOWER SEEDS.  The business of the lato arm of Jay & Co., Fort St.,  and Springileld Nursery, will be carried on by them  in all its branches. ��������� .  -~������ruit-Troog~{tfid~RttBhe^  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of every descrip  tion. lis  OUR   COFFEE.  FOSTER.   OF  ,   w.     LILLOOET,  CHEMIST.  AS FOR SALE, and constantly on hand,  a well assorted Stock of Drugs, all tue Chemicals  usod by Physicians,   Photographers, A6sayers   and  Mechanics.    Also the popular Patent Medicines, and  Druggists'sundries. .  Retorts, Crucibles, Muffles, Cupels, Ingot Moulds,  etc., etc. ���������//.-'���������:  TRESCBimONS  FAITUFULLT PREPARED.  WE   ARE   FORWARDING   A  Packed in Tins of from  each.  two to twenty-avo pounds  1-s  mal  F. W. FOSTER,  .    ���������   Chemist  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  - 2 A beautiful young lady of seventeen, engaged to be inarried, was not long since found  in her bed one morning, at Jeffersonville, III:,  to' all appearance dead.    Several  physicians |  examined the body and pronounced her so.  She bad taken chloroform for her teeth, and  there seemed no possible doubt that the dose  had been a fatal one.    She was buried.!    A  few days since, her relatives, being about to  remove to another state, desired to take the  remains with them.   They opened the coffin  and were horror-stricken to find the corpse  turned over, both hands full of hair, and the  clothing torn: to   shreds.    Chloroform had  placed ber in a deep trance from which . she  awoke to find herself in her  coffin and her  grave. . \ ,  BENJAMIN  DOUGKLAS, Successor to A. C.  WELLS, Saddle and Har.vkss Maker, Yale, B. C.  j&g~ A completo assortment of Stock; constantly on  hand,' 1-s  WrLSON. & MURRAY,  Fort street, Victoria.  THOSo WILSON & CO.  BfPORTERS OF ENGLISH ME11CHADJLZE  Wholesale nnd Rotail,  DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, &C,  Masonic Hall Govcniment Street Victoria.   1-8  The  Bonaparte House,  SEMLEN. & PARKE, Proprietors, at u*  Junction of the Cariboo, and Big Bond KouiIr <*  now open for the accommodation of the public, fai  lance IVoin Clinton, 26 mllei?; lYam S^vanas Stvamfjua!  Liu ding, 22 miles; from Spence's Bridge, Jiv ni]]cj  Travellers will find prices aud accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain-  attentive hostlers. Stages leuvo hero regularlv fo)  Yale, uM,.Canhoo,/^^        _                 J.^  164 MILE OR DEEP CHEEK  TS OPEN' FOR THE ACC0>nrODATI0Nr OP TB!i  X Travelling public; tho bedrooms are spacious and  airy aQd the Beds cannot be surpussed for cleanliness  and comfort by anv in tho,lower country; the Table u  always supplied with tho host of victuals. Slaljliw  for Horses; Hay, Oats, and Barley constantly on hamj  - Front Street, Yale, B. C,     .  BEGS TO ANNOU.VCE to tho inhabitants of Cariboo  that bo intends to forward (as soon as the Ktate of  the Roads will. permit), a large and well assortod  stock of Cooki.vg Stovkss which he will dispose of at  PniCFs to Suit t������k Tnuta. .  Yalo, 8th April, 1867. 1  J. C, BEEDY,  COMMISSION &  FORWARDING AGENT,  Will pav particular ; attention to se-  lecting, purchasing, or forwarding Goods for the  upper country.  Any commission entrusted to his care, will receive  prompt attention.  References :���������W. A. Meachak, & A. Wadhams, T.  Harper, J.J. Bramly.  Victoria, April, 1867. .1'  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE.iS situated 26 miles from Quesnelmoib.  The proprietors haviu? lately fitted up bedtwey  and good Beds are now prepared to aflbrd every accommodation for Travellers; the Table is furnished withal)  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well sup.  plied with the best brands of Liquors and Sejjars; gnoj  Stabiim?,. Hay, Oats and Barley, jGSgr Tlie CHEAHfl  House on the Road.        ., .   i.$  FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE!  1 PARTIES DESIROUS of shipping freight'With Drs-  ;   patch, will find it to their advantage by giving us  a call before engaging clsowhero.  ALWAV & BAILEY.  Yale, April 8th, 1867. 1-s  Firmness a:kd Obstinacy.���������These two qualities are continually mistaken for each other,  but they are not at all alike in reality.    Firmness is essential to success,: while obstinacy  may plunge'its victim headlong into the abyss  of failure and defeat.   Firmness is a persistency, of action, founded upon a clear and  conscientious conviction as to the right and  wrong of a question.   The obstinate man, on  'the contrary, will not examine the merits of  anything.   He jumps  at a  conclusion,  and  sticks to bis decision  with pertinacity.   The  great beauty of all law, human and divine, is  its inexorable firmness ;   but we all know  what animal is distinguished for its flat, stubborn obstinacy.  W. H. Sutton,  AGENT FOR BUNSTER'S ALE !  \ ��������� In Bbls. and half Bbls.  Yale, April 18th, 1867.-  1-3  HOTEL DE FRANCE, '  Government Street, Victoria, V, I.  THE RESTAURANT is supplied with all the  delicacies of the season, and the sleeping accomodation is replete with every com tort. The best of  Wines, Liquors and Ci^rs.  1-s j. BIGNE & C0M Proprietors.  A. W. PIPER,  CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre.  CANDIES of every description manufactured and  sold, Wholesale aud Retail. 1-s  ������.  GREAT REDUCTION has been madd in the char**  at this establishment, so as to suit the times.  Meals, $1;  Beds, 75 Cents.  McLEESE & SEXAY,  Proprietors.,  May  1st,   1867. is  122 MILE HOUSE,  LAKE LA BACHE.  HKNRY GREENBAUSI, WHOLESALE LIQUOR  ���������Store, Importer of Einc Mkkkschaum Pipes, Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson street, Victoria, V. I. 1-8  A Mks. Wales, of Richmond, Canada, baa  just come into an English fortune of $200,000.  Storage and Forwarding!  YALE, b. c.  Parties shipping goods by the yale-lyt-  to.v Routb, arc advised that  KDIBALL & GLADWLV  Have erected an extensive Storehouse and Dock at  Yale, and arc prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods.   Goods re-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates.  .   Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to tho care of  KIMBALL k GLADWLV.  JULES RTJEFFj Commission Merchant, Royal  Hotel Building, Wharf street Victoria, V. I.   I-s  DCLEAL'S Coffek House an������ Restaurant,  ��������� Government Street, Victoria, V. I. This is the  cheapest, most comfortable, aud best attended Establishment in the City  The BAR is always supplied with  the choicest of  Winks, Liquors and Cicjars. 1-s  rV E. WALTERS, formerly of the 04'MitR Housx,  1. having purchased this* Ranch, is now prrpwl  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD 3IEAL3  and BEDS at moderate ratos. 1-8  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  (     MALLANDAINE, COLLECTOR AND GENERAL  V* AGENT, Government Street, Victoria, V. I.    1-s  127  BLUE   TENT,  ��������� on ���������  ILE   HOUSE.  DAILY and WEEKLY " BRITISH COLONIST  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE." Orders for mail-  ing either the Daily or Weekly issues of the a?>ove to  any part of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, &<$., left at this office or sent to Victoria will be  attended to. Terms In advance. Wekki.y, 12mos.,  with Postage, $7 50 ; 6mos. do.. ������4 75. Daily, 12  mos do., $*23 ; 6mos do., $12 50.  A ^BANKEL, Victoria, V. I.. Dealer in ForS,  .XX. Skins;, HinEft, Wool, &������, Liberal advances<made  on Furs consigned. Refcrence���������G. Sutro & Co., Rein-  hart Bros. Victoria, V. I;, ' 1S  corner  ^553159 & CO., Importers and Dealers in  CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershamn Pipes, &c:, S E.  W of Yat<is and Wharf street, Victoria.       ! ?    s  THE IJNDEDSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  desirable property, is .now Prepared to accommodate the travelling public. The table is supplied with  the very best oi vianrls. Tho bedrooms and beds are  as comfortable as could bo desired, and the BAR contains nothing but the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.  A good stock of Grain and Hay always on hand ''  3rd May, 1867. 3 W. WRIGHT.  A, BULER. & CO.'S  pHEAP Store.    LADIES' and GENT'S CAST OFF  \J Clothing bought and sold.   Secondhand Watches,  Guns, Pistol*;, &o , for sale.  4J������~ Government street opposite tho Theatre.   1-s  ACASAMAYOXJ begs leave to state that ho  ��������� has removed his stock of Goods consisting of Gro-  Ckrjks, &o., from Wharf street to tho Brick BulldiiiK  on Yates street, adjoining Cowper's Boot Store, opposite Wells, Fargo & Co.  He will sell his Goods by Wholosalc, at the lowest  rates, for cash. l.s  MESSRS.  CORNWALL'S,  AT'  iV Si  Trave     living, of Liquors, and of Wines     Fresh Butter, UHk  and Vegetables.    Good Stabling and cheap feed.    U  ~lITmLE houseT~  AGE IS NOTHING! *��������� .  BLOOD WILL TELL!  'pms HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELL FITTED IT  'JL lor the comfiirt of travelers: Uw Table is supplied  with the host of everything that can be procurd, an-i  ihe cooking is not info'rior to any on the road; Bedrooms  or families; Stabling, Hav, IJnrley and Oals.  M*ttTiH'truil toOcdnrnnd Horse-Fly Creek8leaves  tho Wagon Road at this place.  18 Wm. HENDERSON.  HIS OLD AND WELL KNOWN HOU^E has hm r* :'lH^i  ceiuly opened by tho undersignct), who will make '-aB^^^  it his constant study by using every endeavour to accomodate the traveling public, to deserve a share o? Ilia  patronage bestowed nn the former occupants..  j^S* The Bar ooniains nothing but the very bm rf  LIQUORS and CIGARS.   Give him a call-  1 1-s EDWARD ��������� TROFATIB .,  COLONIAL  HOTEL,:  SODA   CREEK.  [o;  W  Sficu  T^ WONG, LEE & CO., CoMMissro.v Mkrohants, Im-  XX.porters, and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Victoria,  V.  I , ia-Ie,- Lillooet, QueshelmOuth,   and: Williams  ���������reek-:     ,- ���������   ���������/"���������':      . 1-s  17   WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler    fis,  ?XJm ana Engraver, Government street, next ������7%  o the St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. I.   ?        JpT>i  VAN WINKLE STORE.  rjiHE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform tho miners and  JL residents in & aroimd Van Winkle that he will hi fu  ture keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand and  hopes by close attention to business, and bv soiling  at.LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet the nt  tronagc of all. ; l  Orders froirn outlaying creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dis-  patch. ���������  ^S5" Terms C^VSH, without distinction  ls ^ W. UNDHARD.  slong^ ^ushS^^TJrlum^1"^ "P^l ^t*'  scTiptioisearefunycon 2,il Physicians' Pre-  with care and disimcT"1      d ordc^^wored  Victoria.  orders answered  V.L i.s  Free Port for Ever '  E THE UNDERSIGNED  TAKE   pleasure" Jn an-  nouncins to our numerous cusffiS md tho  pub he, that we will supply them wlhi��������� h%t^L^  Leather Boots (duty free) ever'offeredI in g'^I,,tBlVCH  iK^At our old Stand, Governmen t St., Victoria, VI  i*S CHARITY & BUTLER.  ST_HOUSE.  36 MILE    POST, (i  BETWEEN. YALE AND LYTTON, B.C.  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at this'  X Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD BEDS.   ..  STABLING FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at  Lowest Rates.  B00THROYD  BRO'S, v  1-3 l>wmrjotcr3.     /  Proprh  BOSTON   BAR  International   Hotel.  JTHIKTWELL KJfOWN HOUSE Is now open for "tjjj-,  J- vellwaj.   The Table is supplied as formerly W  \!i  bes(;thG market affords, and tho Cookiog ennm  Pe excelled.    Tbe Bar is stocked with tho finest U\.  RU0R������ mi[ CiGAEg.    GOOD BEDS.  . WILLIAM CHARTERS .  i-s Proprjewr.


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