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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-06-26

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 1  7  m  u**  n  1111  I  Kill  i|������l|l|  Jr*'  M  I  VoL 7.  Barkerville, William ? Creek, B;C.,������Saturaayy June 26,.v :1869?l  a  V^fei-    ::^  No. 10  TBE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ���������;    :    ������       PUBLISHED ��������� ,  ^VEBY WEDNESDAY and SATUBDAYv  ���������'���������"    ' '-;'���������   '���������: ��������� -rfe-Bif'    '������������������"'.='      .,."     ',.-"���������:  ROB EET    H 0 L LO W A Y.  -   Subscription, St.per week (including cost  ot delivery), payable to tue carrier.  0FKicfi ���������Barkervilje; (hext dbor to fSfarietta's  ' SSf;,'Grocery. Store).f':}[ I ��������� :y ���������}������������������ >  &%*>  <-../;���������,���������  Agents for the^VCariboo: 8entinel.'?���������  6' Quesnelmouth, "Mr: GouUic- Baraard's Express Office  Soda Croek, ��������� -.  --,   >-���������'' r*!.:'i *���������' ^Barnard's Express  Yale,     -      - .    MrrEvans,      do t.;."..    ;   do-v  f\;Kew'Westminster^ |ft ,r-"<<,;; "> c]J5kW &,Gp  ��������� '-Victoria, * ;* :^':-*7 f~y t *.J  ��������� /A.*ISyucf    ;: .-  ���������:^:^;v'.y ��������� THE CARIBOO SENTINEL;, i- ���������:;:i^^  ��������� Is: published every VWedUesday'aha Saturday., Ail ���������  advertisements intmdetlifor irisertioiiy:must be dcliv-  rroroJ at latestat Six o'clock, F.M., the day. before  \t: publication;   *'"-3*n,;;!>-*^f.^������t y'-yy^.y --- ;y"  eV= ��������� '���������_���������������< y-~ ;  .,,.._,;...,y- -' ' -i-4 -;; " y^ ;   y ;.-  ''TO ADVERTISERS/ ,',; "'V !'^\  i���������' ^AU advertisements'("ribt Inserted ftr anyjde^nUb^  ^.period) wllkb^ continued; tuntil^Oitldrea  but,  arid-  .cbarged for, accordingly-;; .  y ��������� '-yyy :^V^V4  -. , - \; :���������!   .yrTO CORRESPONDENTS; v ^  All communications must be accompanied by the  real name and AddFess of tim.wrHer| not;necessarily;  * with a view, of p ubl ishiug the ^aihc, h u t as ''security-.  , far Its good faitlu       \y >������ -: ... ;   " ;-   ; '  dividends amo'n'g.its proprietors.  $2,500,000.  It is owned by fifty individuals, all capitalists.   One. cau easily imagine the great inflii-  ence a few companies such as this one can  .have upon Congress���������a body"luo'inajor)ty of  whose members  t go in for all  tbey know"  diiring (lieir: term of office,' as ia wel 1 known  and generally acknowledged by  the press.  The \fact; is, poji ticiads are iti mosfc cases the  instruments ofy the^grasping capitalist\ ���������for:  whom their work, and/from whom.tliey: recpiye'  pay.   Poor men; in the meantime, are ticiclecl  .will) homesteM laws>and-the.dike-Awhile: the  capitalist fleeces them with immense.,profits/  ���������Afc'���������tbe*same time that the man:-of" money:cle-  man^g .a^tarlf, wbicli will give bim a profit'df-  .100 ��������� ���������dr. 2Q0 -per eevii. he .takes'���������.preeibus- gbbii  ;carc io^eep^ages^down by;, e^mbinjn^wlth^  'others,Bke himself.tobring crowds of labor-  ' IHOTELS, RESTAURxVOTS, &c.  ^  HOTELS^^RESTAURANTS. &c:  MlgA;. HICKMAN bcgs'.to annoiipcc to' the:Miners  IU������: oraJ}chfleU arid the public iiiJ general that she  :has opimeji;the,vabove; Restaurant.^fbr the summerr^  HaVinjr|tnAdb;;ektensive additions ttf.the Restaurant  dcpUrtlfti^t: and?sc'curedUlw, services^ of: a .'first-class  ;Cook;^IJss H. lla tters^herselfvtttilt She -will .be abl^to  gl V P.; ^* tfaVati&;-������v^ &n(L bonesi^by  atricfc(raentibtfto;T)usih^^^  -piiirp^Me:-- y;:-,\,������%r V������������������'-.* :v. i .'.'...��������� y,.,{���������������-.-* :,;* -,y  ;Boaf^per Week^$lS.   Single(Meals,' $1.,  ���������^-Thcvb'es't XIr^uprs and.Cigars always ,to bofhad  at;tho?������ar.;:,'^ri:^K-; :y:^.yt!- ym> ��������� :r<y   my22 2rnr  s tead laws, an d>other meansjawd i nduefim^ii.ts.  Pauperism in England.has attained r inimo'nsfc  SALT ANLVOTHER: TfilNGS:  American   manufacturers are: continiially  crying out for protection on the! plea tbattbC  oworking man is .thereby benefitted.   It is in-,  ^ispuwble; however^ tpawproTOetiye ;mrtflrr  ��������� doos not "enspre.'��������� ihigh * wages'.y The:price of;  'labor Wtider any ��������� circunisJanceS' is regulated.;  by the su p p 1 y.- j ust 1 ike,. any mere ban ta b 1 e  article. Aluniifacturers: demand to be :,prp-.  tected, to the cxtenI of 50 and; 200 per 6ent.  They make for tunes) but "the \ worlwman^only  ge ts wages,, an id: lie/gets no more wag es when  tHts tariff gives 20b'per cetit* margin to;the:  manufacturer thaQ^ifebe had a margin j of 25  . per cent., Kuing'.the'civlV.waT.manulWcturerB'  managed to raised the-tariff; to.a prohtb.itbry  scale. This was done oil tlie: piea,' -pf. ue'eesJ  sity���������to rdso reyenue^but- in reality the  dominant party-ofethe Huie:were working iift  tho interest of the manufacturers. The high  tariff was' c;dcrtinuej^&p:.lii^\������hw.ttndor\t^  plea that it was necessary;to pay: off the ua-  ' tional debt, bu t the . real object was to: pu t  money into the pocketsofllie maim fact urers.  InQuential Congressmen were :interested, in  tlie maintenance of a' high tariff, and:thqse:  who were not :bad-thpir; " itching .palms?  tickled so as touting iliem into the manufac-  turersV " ring." -Take, for instance,: tho arti-  cle of , salt���������an article which: enters:: into  almost everything one eats and therefore a  prime necessary b tap le. The duty paid on  that article during tho first three quarters of  the year 1868 amounted to no leas than  $1,140,000. Indeed, it amounted to a great  deal more than that sum if wo allow for official peculation.' Now, the amount of salt  produced in the United States is wholly inadequate to the demand, as is shown in the  fact that during thotime named there were  imported 40(1,433,789 pounds of salt. Michigan and New York -produce'tbe bulk ot the  salt manufactured in the United States. The  New York salt interest is so powerful in Congress that that body has Imposed a tax of 100  per cent, on imported salt.. One example  will suttice to show how it is that legislation  m tho United States ia directed tor the benefit  ���������of the few at the expense of the many. Tho  New lork Salt;Company, owing to the high  tariff, has during the past nine;yaars increased  Us stock from its own proflts to three times  .ra.o original value, has purchased property  v&rtU $1,500,000, and has divided in cash  Congress, tbei, pauperism of England is not Oompa'nie.s1 Shafts,"* '  any worse; than "in the manufacturing drs-���������"     ' -'V-''t q - TC'n  trictsyol the United States.   Mr Wells ^says  that;^ there are balf amniion^j^ple^ithi  sight of the ;steeples^)f New-York hungry and*  destitute and out of * worfc" la i the city,, of  Philadelphia one "in' everyj 15 ^erspns-has^  lately been in receipt of,relief. 'This, is'a  higher proportionate .amount, of pauperism  iQMi^n    th ^sx ^*���������������_ East,, kan J vy   ^j, \14 ^A 5 ai������&  appcars' in.;its wbrsfipBasje.1 $B(i:t. jn what Ve-  spect is British 'Gdlumbia AiiiterestedV;in this  conditio a of  affairs' in the ;JJui ted-States"?  \Vby,; it shows; thatjJ^pu^licaA'gb^ra^'iit?  is;v not the -groiit ihiug ;it: is said to be.;; It  sbows that while the mil 1 titude> are flattered;  wi th the id ea o f ������������������ I i b er ty th ey are fo ol ed. by  the ca p i tal lata-   11 sh ows: that, hi e n -, can; be  rn a d e to b el ie ve ' th a t. th ey >.,: e n j 0 y a pe'if ec 't  po li ti cat: freed o m and  at  th e sam e' t; me t b e  mad e si av es to aii ar istoc r acy .of ca pi talis ts.  It,:shows, that protection^ to:borne industry  ca n :b e ma tie- to mean i eal ly no th i ng el s e tb an  ro b b ery p I sthe poor.: ���������; It sho ws -in deed that  o u r ro ad to good go v er ri men t an d p rosp e r i ty  is n o t i u' the" d tree ti on of the U ni ted S tates.  y^ ps5* Fkix'S CoPFKisbas now stood the; test  Of .the last eight years,, bas superseded yenr  ti rely the i m ported; Chartres) ^offee^jand .is  n b w k e p t and: so 1 d by al 1 res pec ta 6 fdd eal e: r s  Miriers' Boarding House;  BOAHI)y^l2 tbu Week.   Single Meals,-$1.  MEAr^ERVED FROM HALF-PAST FItE O'CLOCK  in'(ho momiog'till NINE in.tho evening, at Mrs  .T. PARKER'S.BOARDING HOUSE, opposite the Sex-  TixKt:o;ftiQc.\ y-y- -. yy ���������������������������'%��������� y "' *��������������������������� -:';-���������. ��������� my26: lm ���������  S::   (^  j^yyiymyy. .  ON .STOUK ^TJIXJH: AND THE  rrilEpIIKERS   ,     .... . .._ .    . ....__ ....._ ... ..���������  :,X>^ptUnci?generally are- hereby, 'requested to -talze  notice tbaOlfo'abtfvC Hotel>situate ;on .the left- ^de;  of tho gulcl), between tbe Taff Vale and tlie ��������� CobmbS'  miesl-ebafta."    >-������        l   s   - - ; <.'   :    '  ^;,::-:v;...v^N|^CE,;r-;:. ^@  THE BUSINF.SS Wtbe|;t6 conducted by'Mrs Traccy  in Barkerville; mr I^dgiug-houseJ and Saloon  .keeper, will from to day; be assumed by MRS FDNK,  jwho hopes by strict attention to business to secure a  share of public patronage.'��������� V  The slceping'apartmenfe'^fll be kept in tbe best  order, -- and the llncst Wrnes. -Liquors and -Cigars may  be obtained at the^BArl*^  -'.I'',  ���������\yyy\ -'������������������'.yyy'-y^:$!iX::yWy,m&;t^K.'''y.  . Barkerville,. Juniy-lrd������flS69..,  ... ..,���������,<:    ; tt y /jo2 ���������   ���������-  BEDS! BEIg!:^^{EI^y!  Mrs. s; ,p.; pareWr%i:gs.; to-'a^ounces'to^ '  n,her friends'and^tho public^iitliat:%sho^-bas farr -  nished a number of Bedrooms In the -most comfort- i  able s#lc, .wliicti^  careful ly, attcndeiL toiM^i'. :m .Jit-^^ii-., ;���������- . ���������'��������� fy ?y&  ���������;��������� -������:W&es:'ah^'LM6'r^o1^3i^ffalttyJ-t as , usual7T0"U9^  uau At iho.'R,ar:   '   --Vi?:"'-'     '='   -'"'���������   "    ���������   '    *       i-  -"  April 17th, 1869. pi, ;,     \ .'    /; -     ,; . y  '��������� ':'.'-,/ .'���������' ���������;-'.'.v,    ������������������������������������;���������'l    y''"'''',-i'sV'������������������'-,  ���������y--y$  :m<--:  HOTE������-������i^Il:A:tN''OE;/  ��������� ��������� y '   , ��������������������������� y '^BABKERyiLLE..-.  -'   .:,-��������� -yy      * t  '.    >   ���������'.'  ���������\%-  wis :n tfW;jo?Bji y  and tbe^roprietbrteu^feall%ii6^niay favorjhinv with.  theirvpatronage -/that -., rib"-,' effort swill be sparedrto give  satisfiij.ian.^.      ';' *- *,- ��������� v - y,' , -:, by  THIS^E^^fisHMENT' HA^l^fBEEJT: iEFITk ���������  b todiia^he 'mi^t^bmibrtbb^-.in^-iinerii^i&-rgootl  bedsj'the trWeSling^Bito'^^'r^iyrUpbii.b^ing well  ibinraodated,'..-Jfyy^yyl''^hy::y; ?j: ���������-'-."= ;  ;J.t;.V-  ���������%*������������������&������  '���������      ' ���������-'���������'-'-:t'-'V ii''"���������'  ��������� -'-my  .y'm  ������������������V������iv3s  -a'ccomj  kept':at|������he;Barrv  , , " ���������$  -            FREDERTGE ROSE; Proprietor.  ���������' Stoutfeiilcb., May IS,_.1869. : ;"' " ;. T > ^  ftnyl? 2ii\ ,  Bf������������=rrnRaiaMBaBMHigRnanMBMHHaHMnMi^  - The besit; Wiaes^Liquorsjan^fCigarsto^be^had^a  the Bar.' ' , .' "'  s- TlftftRriilYfirS IRfifti   v- ���������''sV:-&ft'41?>7-$ fc5--' *���������;������������������>'s ���������  December S/186S:  ���������������ymm^ymr^  /    ;    J: S. THOMPSON, '      .^  ACCOUNTANT,   ATIKIXG "AXD������   COaiMISSION  'JX  A?*nt, Barkerville: ���������: ���������  " Miain^ Companies'; .Books kept; and adjusted.  ���������May X, 1869.-; ���������- _ ���������; .;y;y   .- ���������/ .-   ,..   *[...-y ������������������   S  ; y fyByl&p WAJRI5S:; y. ^.l  H ASbn hand "a rid for sale, :tt iiis'f Store in" Barker,  villej: -: G������6t^EiUKST'��������� ��������� -1*rovisro.vs: axd Liquors, of  ibo choicest description,..which :ho will. sell? at low  prices for. Cisn.   Also Gum Boots', and btber; articles  required bv; miners".: v:.:!:. ly--���������:������������������:'. ���������:.:.;.-'' y ������������������:;'-..��������� r-t  . BarlicryjUe^MHy-l^ 1S69^ p:.....  .... ,:.;���������':..:.. , .;���������";  y  NE -W"::E;N GLAND -  "<i!'r.:  HE^l ROPRIETOR^f ;tii^ above^Mablis^riicnt yrojii 4  ''-'3::C!  yk  jMISOELLANEOUS.  PhotograpliiQ G-allery,  Begs  to  announce   that   he   has   reopened   his  in Barkerville, where he is prepared to execute all  work iu liUlin'e, in Urn highest sly loo f the art.  Ca r tos de Vis i to, Am li i*t t ty pew, M llnnii ty pus. Por-  iraiU in Leather, White Silk, Llnon or Cotton, \ lews  ol' H'tu^cs, Claims, etc., single or Stereoscopic.     ,  JFiffELLKRV work of all descriptions done In su-  peridr-st vie.;",PRICKS MOUEUATB.  November 20   180*8.  IN TUB SUPRBME COURT OF THE MAINLAND OF, BRITISH COLUMBIA.    .  In the matter of. the Estate and Eifoots of WILLIAM  AVINXARO, dcceascil, Jn tcstate.  LL persons who are indebted to the above estate  are required to pay the amounts due forthwith,  anci all persons w-ho have any claims against the  aiiove estate arc required to poml in their accounts on  before the lllh day of September, 1800, to  ' .       CllAS. K. POObEY,  Oiticial Administrator.  Dated Richftctd, 11th June, 1860.    ���������    ������������������       jclQ td  or  SELL  ?  rpHE BALANCE OF THE STOCK OF L. JIOUTTBT,  I at Rich ft old, comprising Groceries, Provisums,  Clothing, Hardware, &c, &c. Also, tho House aim  Lut Tho House has two rooms and ������ Cellar, in which  there is a well of splendid water ol! the year round.  A Ipo on o la r������ e Pola r air- tigh t Stove, Al ban y make.  Thd above will be sold cbcap for cash Apply on tne  premises, RlchflcW. "lV-D im  yy-yc. ;;;:^pB:A:Rl.1C'E:-R''^I:t^  CONTRACTS UNDERTAKEN, and ALL; KINDS OF  \J .-'jbVwJork douc with punctuality and dispatch,"  at rcaso'nablc rates. A goods took b fseasbnod 1 umber  alway^ on hand.    ,.  ���������.  ��������� _*���������  _.       ;.','-..���������."-;.;���������������������������.-���������'.'     -  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL   BEALER  Q-roceries, Proyisibiis,  HARDWARE,    DRY    GOODS  .   CLOtniNG, BOOTS, SHOES, ETC.,  .': : ,.'���������    BARKBRriLLE.       : .  VAN "-WiNKLE    STORE,  Lightning Creek.  iriNERS AND TRADERS will find it. to their ad  }.L   raniage to purchase at this Store, wliere there i:-  ;     A Largs AssmtmusT of Goods,       ,  Of the very best description on hand, and the Stock  oonsUntly replenished by now arrivals.   The propric-  tors will sell Goods  As  Chem'  as  any i.v  Cauthoo.  Orders promptly tilled, aud forwarded with dispatch.  BEEl>r & L1NDHARD,  Van Winkle, May 12, 18bi). - Proprietors.  an CCf > 0 fat; COII) p ^ternr-nci ri^tT'ryr.-uivTi-^n-Kirxrxi^n mr1-"*  ;defy competition^ " - .��������� * ' "���������*������������������ -: *.'���������:���������-.'.-' ��������� '���������'���������'i >;-':'. ��������� ��������� '���������'".-  ���������,-He Ims'alsb'in^OF;f^EvSALOONxat^hbdi to tlio;  abovo, vyhere none but tb(j best Cpflec3 Pies an^l Cakes x  will-be served.:-"" = r h ' '-y "i;;;: "7y"   *'mS. --^v  .r, -j N: B. ���������BR E AD  DELIVERED : to; all parts* of - tlie  Creek.  -     < ..-. - .,  ��������� my22 Inv���������������������������'������������������  . r j- ���������  . '^rjESNELjronrH.- -,. -j -.   -,, ;-  '*��������� vvr:':./. v. --yXy^Xi 'zy?^y X}y\-;ayy'i ���������.".'' "������������������  THE Proprietors of this well known. House tender  - their sincere'thanks-tb:their!friends- and;the travelling public generally^ fotrtheiri.past liberal.: patron-,  agey arid b cg������to" Inform theib th atJ in 6rd er to insure a  con'tiriu'ance of the same. Board and'iLodging 'has been  red uced Ui $3 50 per Day. , Single Itfe^als, ..$ 1.. 0 O; ��������� ��������� .'  ' All the luxuries that tlie country a(lbrds;are con-  stantlv��������� kept on ithe: table.-.; Private;;^arlors;and Suiis  of Rooms for Families; ....-The Bar, is' stocked with the  best brands of Wines, Liquors tind; Cigars*::'.  The Stable is��������� well supplied with, the best Timothy,  Oats, Hay arid Grain. \      .- ':.'. BROWN ^iQILLIS. ,  QUesrielhionth^iray ��������� v1869^ .'.���������* ���������-'*--1*;--       -.  yyj0$&  ���������*:?>y? ���������-���������'--'-���������,.-'',-,' ,'i-,,V'.-'" y^  tM -  A. Mcpherson,  ER^  ������������������ ANP������������������  JEWE.LLSK,  Barkcm-il  BARKER VTT.LK.  Mflvl.ISGO.  0T1CE  T\HB.;ITNDERSiGNED:. BEGSr.TO - INFORM  HIS  I. friends, and the pubiicv^ii<hc hast tied up somo  COMFORTABLE "?BEph ROOMS  tn bis new. buildiugv where "bavis,prepared; to give  good Beds at a reasonable, price. .Those who will,  favor him with their patronage; may depend on the  cl ca nn ess an d com for t. of his house. z ���������'������������������'������������������ ���������, .  He takes also this opportunity to remind^ the Can-  booites that his Brewery has. received the Flitei  PRIZE of the Colony for his celebrated .   .*  XXX   ALE,  And the true amateurs will bo able to judge by them  solves that such honorable' prize has been justly  awarded to bim. . . c  ��������� S. B, ���������A large front room to let.  Barkerville, Jan, 2;}, 1869, N. CUNIO  WAKE-UP-JAKE  Eestatiraut_aiid -Bakery.  nnH-13 Proprietors of this .old and well-known estah-  I lisbiacn t ww. i d respect fully tb fink their. n urn e r ���������  oiis friends arid the public for the extensive patronage  heretofore bestowed on them, and trust that by their  visual strict attention to business tbey will merit a  continuance of their confidence; and su] p>rt,.  Meals,  $1.    Board,, $16. per . Week.  BREAD  HADE  OF THE. BEST  FLOUR  We recommend to the public onr  GROUND   COFFEE,  which is a mnch superior, article than-any. ^'bich can-  be had from below." .We,Roast and,Grind it ouraelvcsi  and choose the best berries, consequently the public  may be sure of its bcing.frco-from'adultoratiyn.  ���������' rATT'FR60:S.V GOODS ox:  Barkerville, May l$t 1800, my 13  .���������--'. "SSI: ������������������    '-���������='  .-,- yy~\ !  y% '  i-1] ���������:  &\:  (  y ; ypy^i ,���������'.'���������������'���������W���������j-    .  ... ^v>l'.-���������'���������������������������  *������������������  . *      '- ..-^^a'~ov^;  :':'"*r>,^'r"--"-^--&^<,;-. -l^i  -'V  ,v  TOE O^RIBOO jSEyTMEL  SATURDAY  JUNE 26% 1869.  ;AS|wjaL&dME NOVELTY.  ���������:'���������*������'  ^Tn^.onr'iriihiri^'.repo'rt on;> two occasion^; Jfc  has* t>eeri;incntibliea that. efforts were; befn'sr  hi ido to] 9V%ftnize a company ��������� to] prospect  Bfr^k Bear Lake,:--$ad  Jlrnt flie rnbyeiriPnt  bndl nale/1.':;nrnorj^ -. the; farmers  of ^Williams  Lake an*l: siirroiin riiDgVr'coari try. f~It is a mo'sf  cbmrn emta'bl e; ni b verhen t, an cl,-, we.��������� Ji a U it as. a  .Welcome' novelty.   Ko>t": eomnyeiidabie Hyitb  Tespocfe;to prnspoeiihg tlie particular place  : iillud ed to. bnt:wiUv respee 1.1o the moveineht  1 tsel ff: n o matter wh ere; m ay b e f h e see h e o f  farmers to advantage should be- noticed and  appreciafeed. y Doubtless,: we can not look for  such rapid adyiinceirieht as the countries we  hare alludedyio-have made. ^They are^ex-  por^rs. ;^ Oiir isolated .posIKoi^^rblds^uch j  a prospect,; but so rapid  is; ^t!ie;:jncrease   of'  popnlatibni: throng ho tit .'-tb'e-v.^bpldV/ln'atVthe'.-  hecessi ty. for   exp ortaHoiiy of ��������� y -grain   m ay  be  nearer ; than we imagine;;y With every  yea r's  i ri crease   of  p6 put at!ony the   grnin>  grooving area, in:which?**: snrplii^is: at band.  ' b eco m es: com par a live ly sVh al ieiv ; Wh n would  b ave,, th o n sh t, twen ty yea rs; aprb;; that: wh eat  would ohave   been   sent   to.���������������������������Jji'verpool'.from  pqrtlahd.   Oregon t; ��������� :t Yet   su ch ��������� ;im probable  ci r cu m s ta ri ce h as a c tital I y b ecorae a fact.    A  [cargo of wheat has been shipped.;direct- from  Portland   to .Liverpool,  an'f the0export of j  this now example of enierpHse.    An<lwp, ....... . .... ........,,_.... .  designate it hs a welcome nbvel^  is n o t������ n orrl i n nry eirc'i i ni s fan ce in flu's co 1 p n y> | ira d e. In mnpy n o w terr t 6 o ri es. w h i c h t wen ty  nor even in any other conn fry. for farmers fo j .jwirs,' ago produced -nearly- nothing, but g?i**i|n.  nnderfchke a work of "flits* description;' It/ is j and -, where Jts" export :;was ; tbe;;princip?ii  :^n# ^rafifyfnjr -fo: Jearn Ubat -Airrnlng in  means   of , support. . tlie   con sumption -now  law, an absolu te title to copper or silver  bearing lands is giveQ^by the 25th seciibh,  which reads as follows :      ; *"   yy^  u Fp r a ny q u an ti ty o f - la n d n ot exceed ing  three chains long by two chains wide, the  sura of; one; hundrfid dollars, together with  tfe costs of������������������ survey; for arijr quantity oTlfihd  hot exce<Rdihg thirty chains long by six chains  wi(Ie; in the case of a Company Of not 1 ess  th a n ten p erso ns, the sum of two: b u n d red  and fifty dollare. together with   the costs  of >,.  ^ u-  survey* (-,^, y ;,_".yyy:/.:y':Xy.xyx  ^Thisis going'fiirther^ than the" United Stated ' ;     WlthP?^^incr^^^  in liberal dealing with mineral lands, for in ^ -ri-i: ������'������������������������������������.. i ^^Fr*': ������������������ .���������:--v--s;?k?.:.>hr---:;.m  that��������� coii:'ntry tho geheipali������overhhieht;*thbiigh  ?il low i n g possessi n n an d d e v el op men t; ��������� d oes  not con vey i ts title to the m iner e xcep^ by;  i^puimr a patent by reason of purchase., AH  the 111 i n era I 1 a n d s i n t he JJn i ted States be 16;ng  to the gen era 1 go verumen t. "  [Incorporated b> Royal Cl^^  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Br?t\i>h Coinmb\a has pregressed so far ns to  I      ,call into existence this new clement of progress, and'ILshould be given all the publicity  of ,winch  our journal   is  capable,  because  i_ll_atiaclL_Ct:nm_ the .fact that such enterprise in  i tsel f n inos t pr������Isewbr| hy, 11. **b ows M>��������������������� ib o rc  :,   is sucli a thing in the colony as a prosperous  anncultnral  interest. ; It is In. fact a proof  y   that the coilhtry is not deservihg (if f lie  obloquy to  which it  has  been  and is siil>]ect  through the representation's  of the  inimical  ���������* r   comments in the press of our neighbors, the  exaggerated remarks of disappointed Colon-  :;-:;; ists  who' have loft t he col ony. an d \ n a g reu t  }    measnre ti> the querulous spirit even of many  .':;:!wliq ; tti)l . re^de t in  it.   Through, these and  other  disparajrmg agencies KrUish Columbia  ' has to a considerable* extent become misrepresented, especially  with regard to its Borri-  ':     . cultural w������?piirces.; No.wi.tbopresenfcdr.ougTity  eeaKon will probably add fuel to  the, fire of  ',",;: M  (Hese deprecatory;influences, but it is an  ;.      indii'pntabie  fact,  nevertheless,   that where-  y' S ^"ft?';*M ^J?^Jf}^ry:.nri?^e(-nA^irly  tested  and  b.-r���������i_������V:flTi5T>.er judhs ^riv_^rid_ks^:���������*'V-^-*^^^-^*** ^^ vvy*f  ...'��������� farming operations have been quite suec<*^-  ful.and the profitsbave amply rewarded those  \y. who have carried-them on with the requisite  -y-y cenditions  of success.: In  one  respect' the  drought  of this year  will have a beneflciai  ;:-.    effect.   It  will go  far .to show  that   there  should not be any relaxation in agricultural  industry   from   fear    of    overstocking    the  market, for we are now likely to need   everv  . Pj?nPd of grainyzriil:otherfproducts raised last  ;    >ear. .IswIH also resruli,;it,is tobehoped/at  :.:;l:^  .;,-;":. enrer basis by; extend ing and increasing the  ^ ;^:^ renderingthem.  le^s:depen;deh>upoh the Weather, which can  1"S^6^ manyc broad  ^r,;farm* wjiere irrigationyhamnot hitherto been  ;;:;Vv.required,; It is-an old axiom:thata������riculture  :;,    s.the basis of all  prosperity.   In  manuf.icJ  <y^^ niay not  v ,-- beliefya.tap one; but in new conn trios it  - ;. /.;������  pmfe.tlr,.sp.    In  the ' Cnif.c)  States  he  rapid increase of the -agricultural interest has  ;   -,:Jw  rapid!7 foUowed by the initiation an|  yy   ex ensive growth of other interests. In .mnnv*  ,    , Of the States where agriculture was the^S  and principal element of support,  manure:  fures, mining and a variety of industries have  zrz, ts* ^������=s/E.s?irs^; z������a r  qiials the growth.    Newer fields are sought.  and  the  increase of population aftd consequent equalizing of consumption : to production follows.    The  most  populous parts  of  Canada are those where the  agricultural  resources Wo * greatest;    All -: other industries  hare followed in the wake..of agriculture in  Canada,, also, until the export of produce is  no longer the principal element of support.  Tf we cannot for some time look to exporting  produce, we can, at least,  supply ourselves  with all that the earth in  a   temperate  clime  lis   capable   of   producing.    Statistics show  that we are yet far behind that condition, and  that there is yet ample room  for  the spread  and increase of agriculture in British Columbia.    With a road, or even a good trail, from  Yale   to   the seaboard,;we might even now  commence   . di^tnhutihg    our. >well    fatted  beeves iu the markets of the  /ower country  and  thus  tend to stop the outflow of mo,?ey  to other countries.    With  such  a road  the  stock-raising  interest, would; receive an im-  mediate impetus.  _Let t h e a tbckrpw n ergJi ave  [.(Be meaiis "of"taking their cattle^lo "any  part  of tbe colony and tbey will supply, the entire  market.   Cattle  have already  been  sought  for on the Thompson river and Kumloops for  the Yale market.    With a road or trail  from  the  Thompson  river or Kamlobps, back of  the   Cascade   range,, to some point on the  tower Fraser,  tho stock-raisers of the upper  country wonld soon furnish the whole of the  | colony,   including   Vancouver Island,:with  b^pf.;Instead of devoting -surplus.-:, money to  mining enterprises, the farmers would  thus  be encouraged to increase their stpcK.   :  ; Y COAL, COPPER AND SILVER.  At length something appears toVbe. doing  towards the  development of the numerous  coal  mines in the colony, especially in Vancouver   Island.    The   new }Iin|i;al   Lands  Ordinance has doubtless been rife means of  attracting attention  towards   this great element of industry.   Its provisions are. liberal,  both with respect to copper and silver veins  as well as those of coal.   Such ag ordinance  should have been law years  ago."  It is   not  law yet, having to receive the royal approval  before  it shall  come into effect.   No doubt,  however, seems to exist that it  will   nicei  the  Queen's  sanction, and  when  that  shj  Dissolution of Cppeirtiler-  ^fts issued on theBank������si^ i  Oregon. ~yyyy ^m&M&yi  'Agents Tor the-Bauk of Montreal 'SW(  -^'^/pany>Ban^'^'^-:l-!-:"-?":':^-4.lV  .,;      London Bank ^of ^exicW a^ #  America. ^5|K  THE Copnrtn^hip horotnfWre  exist in? under   the  UHinc and slyle <������' HARPER & TORM KV Is Iveroby t  d.--3:,K-������:d by mutual coosmi.    E. T.rm-y nlso nUi.ros   ON ENGLAND���������The R������nV ftf pui.i . r.  ������yolh������ date irom the Arm of VAN VOLKENROKGH | Wa^eitf  Office^East   iSft^  J  H.jrpnr will rscsivQ or liquidate all debts and'dc-  mirnds or Harper & Torinty.  JKROMB HARPER.  n^i        -.������ "'���������������' w������������������'���������",' " EDWARD TOKMEV.  Bnrfeerville, H.C, June 25th, 1869. j������������2a  DO IVilNIO  CELEBRATION.  ���������'-���������:���������.    JULY I,   -   -   -   -    ���������   1869.  The CntnmHtee nsmed at a Public;'Metcfngr in the  Theatre hereby announce the following programme  for^thD fijlebri'tion of tbeS^conl Anniversary of the  Union of the British >orth American provinces :  Leadenbbll street  JReceirea on Deposit, or Advances matfeon iff  I���������H'p Skip-Jump,  PKOGRlMirET"   "  1st Prize.  $10  2-rTbrj'e St a nding Leaps. "  3���������St-tncling L *ap  4���������SianJMng Hit:b Leap  ..5���������Running Hi jh L'-ap  6���������Putting Hie Stone ci-Jib) 3ft start  '-        u    toe Lftrhldo (isib) 3:t '.������  8��������� T^ns Rice (125 y !s)  9���������Short R:C? (SOyts)  10���������Velocipede Kac ��������� (100 y.Js)  11���������Walking M-ttch (260 y Is)  1S���������a������ck Rficy (50y������:.c)  rdge (12 lbs) 9 ft  10  10  10  10  10  10  10  10  10  s  io  6  10  6  6  21 Prize  $5  6  5  ���������  .5 .-..:  5  5  6  5.  5  0  o  5. .-, .  "4  6  .    4   -  4  '*; TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS  Granted on Victoria, San Francisco, Portland\a':  ���������_...: New* York: '    .'  Every description of Banking Business transacted  -L���������������������������������������������      ��������� -:.'- CHARLES S. J0.\*E$. Aceot  William Creek, Cariboo. ' >      .  15���������Cliinnman Ric ��������������� (100 yards)  16���������Si\s*:Sh R ice (100 y :r l.������)  17���������Throwing tue SK-dge (12 lbs  start 10 6  Horss Racxxg���������Quoin's Plate, open to all comers;  Dommjr.n Cup, open to all except tbe winner of tbe  Queen's JMate.  En'nmce Toe to eaon Game, $1; B������y.s? Rice, China-  mm Race, Si\va?h Kico, no en trail cc fees. Horse  Rac'?, $5 eutr meo fees.  A Royal Salute will be fired*at noon.  After throe e'lerrs for tbe Queen, and-thr^c cheer3  for th e p j m i ni nn,��������� t-b e G i m ca w i 11 ci������ m men ce. y  J'eSisions of the Judges in all cis^s final.  j 26       ,     / H.HAVELOCK.  WILLI A  BOOTMAKER,  SALE THE BEST A_   BOOTS to be found on William Creek.  BOOTS MADE: TO ORDER,  Wnrrantcd not to be surpassed by any madeot A  Pacific coast.  RENNIE  A^EA1J?R. S41'E'THE: BEST ASSORTMENT Of"  GDM BOOTS CONSTANTLY ON RaXD.  REPAIRING done in the best mannefj al *b������ttitf  notice.  Seer tary.  GRANDCONCERt  Will be given by tho  ELSfl   GLEE   ClUB  .   At the Tbeatre Royal, Barker\*i1K?,.  On the Evening of 1 st July  (DOMINION DAY), :  Fur tbe Benefit of the  NEW '.CAMBRIAN':   HALL.  oc^!nadingYPCal{3tSOfCdri^������  will appear on tbe  commence at  Back  .R-io  ��������� -Id oonaooU-90  irUh iliOAboiro, J>o b<*^75 to&otjfy til.;  frionds and tbe put die, that he has on h'anil a chm.  assortment of GROCERIES and DRY. GOODS, w4;<  Jiop*'^, by keeping a.well selected-stock on.band, to*  merit as bare of public patronage.  "������S*OI������POSITE BANK OF BRITISH *C0LVMBlA-ft  Barkerville, Hay 5,1869,  Sell ing  off at Cos t!  : f tf It ���������':-. WOIiPKSlS SEliUNG ; OFF; H ISO fiKTIRE  ?' ?     weli-assorted'^stock of. Clothing,  Foriis'ita*���������--.  G<>ods, Boots, Haii-/- ICi^irs, Tbbacco| Alatpbcs^ Pipw,  Stationery^ &c^ATedSTlr <: r A     -:    .  ������SrCdll and judge Tor yoursel ves before purchasiBg  else where;   y'y ��������� ���������Jy<yyfyy^ y ������������������".'  yy} niy221m, ' ������������������  A Perfect  Gura  l^T THOSi ^FLETCHER*S: SECOND-HANI) STORE  tX. and; General Repairing .Sbop will bo found a  l^ttbc capablu.of Tnrntrig and' fitting up Car Am  and Wbeeis,,Hydraulic Nozzles,. .Hose Couplings, ������.,  and a 11 repairs of metal work done with neatness.  To be found also, Cook Ing Stoves; Sheet Iron Stores,  Pumps, Hose, Nails, Picks, Shovels, arid alma  thing requisite for Miners.' use at low prices.  UPPER   BARKERVILLE.  ml5  ar.ket  iXEOJG- STORE.  ; oiilhire more than any ofher indu.sfrv lon.h t���������  ;; nn^h.nce crery other industry- fa. ort^aS'  On Apotfier hand.mining is often the inWator  or -agricn h,re,   as   in  this cdonv.   I��������� Z  co)ony .0f...yjotorta," Australm. mining la.(!  ; an .mmenso i���������313sflls tqagrlmlUire.   TherP  aro, on ly abv>ut 60.000 miners in  that colony.  *hile the population altogether fa-ten time,  ���������Art  n,������������������l,orv    A   similar   proportion   o  ��������� ers^o  the aggregate of population   is  noticeable in California.   Every little   cir-  enmtanee,   fterefore, >bfch 7shows . our  ������iM������.ooo.ooo. Tuuzyy:' :iX"xt"nt'"  .. i   . mj? an < nonnou?* sum  Sir t-=.-=  ���������>n<i will m the fuuireshow a mpirf yea..|v ,���������  crease of wealth through the uge,u,/of J  Copper una silver uls��������� abound.;,^ ^i-'  i������fo    existence   a   \arsra    ,n;J       .  Throng,, the absence Tfa ^7 "**"*  which agood litie to Uuf^tr ra^ '"^  be obtained, the conl m; ���������        J U C0,,!(I  .vet in Ih^Sr/ of fcecolonv is  Have been made Card tho T* f������rl* onl.v  copper and siirer. Z ,L d������fe'������Pjn������nt of  Ordinance, when. U sbafl bo^-fc3   ^uds  C   ivi.   BE AK  opened   a   ������hop *������  $���������������   ������>������*   "������   has  TAS. P. TAYLOR desires to.state tbftt Ij������ fj'lj^jjf |  i<5 business at tbe old star J  :ediciries of all kinds on bfl  GARDEN SEEDS.    Prescriptions ch.-.-.v T;,e'Rr(,ff.  Next door to Cunio'S Brew  *.J    on his business at tbe old stand.  "-���������- prkh  Patent Medicines of all kinds on band.    Also *wwn  where he naj  ,uu������. Also FRESH  jarefullycompfcd.  e<l at reasonable rates,  cry. :."'���������  Barkerville, May 5, 1869.  lm  REMOVAL.  rpHK AGENCY of tbe Bank of British NortMmfJ;  B ved from tbe temporary omcew  nipici by il.  wbero   >.7������   ;Ai       ?.   NoU s   n(iW   building    TnK AGKNCY of tli  choicest descri!1'i5atb,UChel"S meat of ^  i.Kw"bVaTriu.-^"^ *������flS?  ^fom 10 to 15 cts ner lb         and he trusts rn ������������������������������*,*��������� ������' J?t?x  AD,,  and to  it  to receive a share of busine^  B:irk  'Tvill-, June 2*  1S6!������.  ������r/ng  L1YE!"  je23 Im  supply you ���������.Hh ,>a,)era nnll Itllg^rnes :Slm'USter' l0  "���������f'^fiSr 60 MR GENT. LOWER  *SS������n"t������S! "^ Plrt 0f the world can bo had  J^^0rV^nicuh)rs of  May 12, 1869.  NOTICE.     *  THB  undersigned begs to an noun ce,^"������       Te|C.  I      nflnr thft  First fist) day of J������J>   n(Lx;* ������Mmrttri&  1 "after the First^flst) day of J ������'>' .UQU^"ej"m^  graph Lino-between Barkerville and qul������ b0(R  will be closed.  Kay 29, I860.  niy������9 If"  ���������taB bo declared  to" k|^Bf n,H?Ko������SI',& T" ������*��������� - ������������. or  Jftl6 1m "Ui>'/^^ster, Barkervili^  cr.OTK & ouincsoy.  REMOVAL^     -  R. CHIPP has removed to his\������wff*g*Dd op?*  _   - STORE, next to Rennla's bhoe jw      bugil3etf  site tbe Bank of British Columbia, *bertii<  will be carried on as usual. jel������  Barkerrill c, ^TimeJlSLjjeO. ���������; --���������'  ~muAm mil m^,  JeO Ira v>-  "^Mftf*������j.-:  ea  ���������:K,_..., -f  Wl^.-  NIE  xnI5.  Hr  jc!9  1  Pi  1  m  MM  CARIBOO MARKET&^iWB 25, I860. ; Y.V.. ���������  jTia%k  -:-.": waoi-BSAUS.���������'���������'.-...  :;:',-,i'-Brtriif'$14@$'10?10ptt  ..^r'Co'i:,'   13 0O@$14 0O   ���������-  ! ,'"i'-' .Y^i'ornia.     $00    ;'... ';:"^J.w.'  ���������������������������'���������r-i:������,^-0^gftn.'- ������P@40;  . els J tfc  :^,/7.;.'���������'.iniar.;'C0@45 cts $..ft    :  V; ���������*   ���������������������������"���������^',-';-i 65  ������������������- -  '%������������������'��������� -r Vfesbi-?:.v.!:-;.'/.:.0:00 ���������,;*;: A:.,.;,  ;.���������^'���������-,���������'��������� V.-r >?���������������������������������������������:;������������������ ���������:}i:0 02 t.&'f -������������������:���������.  ^:'^=n^r--AmflriQanitO,55.^^.::.  ^^.^-T;agli3h,)-;.-.0 55,.r   -  -'������;���������,;.''���������������������������������'���������;)-.���������������������������'���������-   ���������'������������������������������������/���������0.7������--  v:'ri-:.u^i;co.K     $i oo;  ���������v^rV-|^Nd'.'lf'^0"3D:;  ��������� ������wf ��������������� -: f'tsliodifi :���������',?$: 28*;.  Vs,.;.;-: Mlqoolivv.'v'-'.^.SO;.   .^i.^';i%::';0':oo:  'inesftj'*-'      '0 24  j*;  (4  ji  it  r-' li'i  f; recti)" , 0 40  i-'tlgr'il) "0 80  ise.up'<J:������*c) 0 00  /.f,tii's lircrii) 0 CO'  44  u  a  ;-.J'i  ���������**':  ���������"**:  "V.  ���������' '*,.  '-U-.  ?>/:--i. A-'ples,','     .o4o;  ! IvdcllOfl,.".'-'������������������������������������0 40:  -���������������������������^Vi'.'!-'-'---0'48 '  bvsb    ooo@ 0 10  ���������.......^V.:;'-V^:-:s.:;^=M.,-  .?*.,,;,-   " ;���������;,='������������������-:���������   ':;::?fl'Si:'^:,.>':;i,  ������������������i������Q:iW*������������������';������������������'v-'i ^vt^v^Vv; :���������  >v.n-;^: -.-. .���������������������������r.so.io./;:,.:^-"'^'-  f- i-kvi;: pickled;$00 00���������$' l>M. 200 It  .'iirtl'itffti-  -.:   ",H'V-f!-OVWj'i*.''' -.:>���������.;.-;.  sfacfc^i,.;:      : o oo ������������������'.--.:-  .Yeast Powders, $52 60 ft gross .':.:.--W  ��������� Coal Oil, per case,-,$22 50   . :���������*. ���������������������������.,A ��������� .^-,,        .    ,.,  Cimirs (Havana)'  ���������-.-���������':���������     m'y   $120 -@ $160 1-1000  <?uhi Boots;... .,;;���������:: $105/00 ftcose,    ;-.-.$10$Q}3 P:Vlr.  ,MUk������ 87Kpcr'..gallon���������& ���������;;.   :>.yv?  Brandy, ; . $T .00 H gallon.; y  po. {Mitrtclt:& H������oess������y) .I-:*..:  '.Whiskey. (Scotch i Irish)   $7 50  Bam, -���������������������������..:    ;'rv-Vy'v.:*\$7 ������o  Port nnd Sherry, . :���������;   $8 00  Champagne (quarts)  . ,Bi������,-;: :(pints) 7 '-i, :*-V -������.; ? ;'���������.  Shovels, y*���������- A--$2^5$ '$' dozen;  -';::. retail ���������-:'-.-���������'  $16 00 ������$18 00  $16 00������$ 18 00  $������-;...<*  $0r50 ^ tti  ;;i' .>$0 621-2'. ���������  '-;.?* $0 66 ���������;''���������'���������  $4 75 M 10 th tin  . $1:25 ^ It  ::���������.*<������������������ o oo  :'���������'" ���������'���������"." '���������,--.ov75  0.75  ���������   r-"-:'U".0-75  /���������'-'     : 1 00  ������������������,',, T'25  0 40  .'.������������������������������������'.������������������: 0-50  0 25  ���������   ��������� 0 00  ���������'��������������������������������������������� ���������;.-:: O;:,0  0 62-1-2  "f 087 MJ  y.y i oo ���������������������������.:  .    1 oo  :;.-    "  .  050  ' : o 50  ������������������'���������:.."-.'���������.-.-' 0 55  0 40  yy^y.yX'y  10/0 @0 -15/  '::���������������������������:,- oU5  -3:   : 0 .40;  -���������������������������y^'OyQ  y}r 6.11;  ��������� h.V/0,.;00''  0 62 12   '������������������,*  ���������13 OO-fi'-kit  ;$5 00^'d������x  $3 n^ffdlnm  .*������������������<  .'-'���������i*.  u  . it  ii  ������������������it  ;'������<  ', ������< "  .4*'  1 ((  C(  .**:'  ;*'������",;  ,���������������������'  .it ���������'  $l������0}vr^lion.  0 00; *������  $25 00 |i case;  $9 00 ?i p?r irnl  ���������$9 00;?^.gallons  : S������:00'^: gallon;:  $45 00 9 d������zen.  $50 00 #doz������n/  ^^"���������S2--75:;eflcb;r  NELSON CREBK.  Delatro co. are making email wages.  Do m mie, co. h ave wash ed ii p ab pu t 25 oz!  All the p tb er com pan iea have had: to sfopehd  work on account of the water drying up.  ftUt!er.;&,o^^^^  tliey have no water to wash; ���������  ; ;���������  ANDERSON OttEEK.  (.Wisconsin co. ;washecl ������p; 35 nz. for the  week; Warren & co. are down about 35 feet  wkhibeir ���������;';.;  ��������� /:    , '���������  "    :.  !       ��������� DAVIS CKEEK."'. - '. % -   ���������    i ' -, ��������� '  Cupi. Evans & co have commenced another  shaft,: -and tire1 down about '30 feet;: Moon  Rukerco:^ are still ..running their luhnel, and  have no sign of bed-rock as ^et.  V CHISHObM CftEEK.        ; :* ",  Halladay B ros, a re making, wages. Welch  co. are in with their tunnel about 650 feet.  One phinese co. are makihg ^malI:wages.  ���������;������������������'; -J-yyyy'yy   burns creek.; '.-;���������-:::-'  Byrnes ifcco. are niak ing wages,'.. and one  Gelestial co: a re,: making .wages.   ,'��������� .,':.-   ',>, ���������  ..; POOR MAN'S GULCH. ;  Dr. Haling is. si ij king, a shaft here^ andi is  down about 20 feet.  Masonic���������The consecration of tbe new and  spacious hall of Cariboo Lodge, No. 469,  i|U������ A. M., took place on the afternoon of  ibursday, 24th inst., after which the officers  elect; were duly installed. The^^ following are  the .names of the, officers for the: ensuink  Masonici year :-R. W. Master, Jonathan Nutt  (re-eected);; Depu^r Master. J. O. Floyd:  bubstuute Master. J. ;L: Muir {re-elected)  bemor Warnebf George /Grant;: Junior Warden,:/John Bruce;; Treasurer, Wm. M; Coch-  rane;; Secretary;; J;; By. Thorn pson ; Senior  Ueacon, Edwd. Pearson ;;Junior Deacbm J;  b-. Oroodson; Inner Guard, A. Hoffman:  Stewards/ J. G. Mann rand Robt Patterson;  Tyler, J.,D. Ritchie! In the evening, tlie festival} of St: John tlie Baptist was celebrated  according to ancient and universal custom by  a - baiic[uet in the hall / furnished by Messrs.  Patterson & Goodson in their usual good  style.. A large number of the. members of the  Lodge and several visiting brethren were  present, and ail thoroughly enjoyed one of  those happy and harmonious re-unions which  tender so' much to foster and cement friendship and good-will among the fraternity. :  ... . PETERS CREEK.  The. Discovery cb. are,ground-sluicing;  y'Ay, 2.yy-     eagle crkek. .--,-' .  ;Ricjiards:and;c6. are making: wages.1   :  MINING COURT.  Axes,  Sldice Forks,  $42^0  $43 00..  $4 -00:,  $5 00  :.,-��������� :/; v   DIED.   ,     y <   ;-,:.;.��������� . .  Accidcntidly .drowned-,������tt Questielmoutli; pntho 18*h  Juiie.Anhie, the wife of :Mr..J6sCEh.,T;;;Sen{iy, pt; Soda  Creek, British Columbia. ;     ; , .":'--    '  j&f Friends an I acquaintances at a distance arc  requostod to take notice of th is au nouncom t.������n t.  Victoria and Stockton;:;-'(Ciiltioririaj pap^ris; please  <"^py. ��������� ���������'-       ,  WU.UAM creek,    :'  Oq Thursday the:CanadiAn eq'^washed lip  13 ei -the Foster-Campbell Co.,44; oz.^;; and  the Barker co., 73 oz.     t- ���������;'������������������ '��������������������������������������������� ,^-v:  ': -wocTyti\ium.yyyyy-y'.}y.y^'.y  Only three picks:are at work in the Floyd  claim. but thpy gave a good account in the  waah-up*. on Th ursd ay, wh en 7 0.: bz. w e re obtained. I'n the Ta If vale claim so me exce I \ en t  pay bus been,found, where it, was. supposed  there would be little or noiie. and 95 oz.  were washed np, oh Wednesday. At the  wash-np of the Coombs co., oii the same day,  104 oz. were obtained.  MOSQUITO CREEKv;"  ;.'��������� '?$' 7  .The Minnehaha co. washed u p 75 bz: on  Wednesday for three day-work, having got  mto better pay than in the previous week.  r  . ���������   red. GGLcn.V;-.';\,-.;.:':::;-::..;-..'  A good streak.of pay ground has  been  elrnck in the Tom and Jerry claim, and from  one set of timbers llj oz, were taken early  wis week. -  LIOnTXIXO CREEK.  The excitement about Lightning creek has  cooled off ���������considerably through the delay  necessary to prospect,the new around where  tiio rich prospects were obtained. Still, in-  S!!!r{wnHnues't0 be repeatedly made.show-  ������n?; ��������� ,. ��������� pub,ic interest is jet str<mLr in  S? ������^00d result^ VvVare unable  hoS1 { Unm7 With much th{U i9 Haltering,  not |hnih\rcsult,of operations so far ne/,i  no nourish a feeling ;0f disappointment.  A   Umt we can Say-of the Dunbar co., up to  ufi^: ,8 ih?1 th������y wuro washing, and  mrn^������������nnd Was P^P^ting well.   In  al o Inn ������f a ,wusb-������l>. Brown & cl huvv  ti? t0 ������������*. The, Perth co.  fibaft ������n ii ���������f0B,ln������������ wnkli* another  etij at lJvUr^ay* Th������ Caledonia co. are  Cl'and^!line of success. -Sev-  {Bofbre C, Brew; Esq.; Gold Commissioner;)  Hm,  The V in w? i. *    ine l)ea"ro  drain ciIphI J }mkle co' have a^rled a  C^i^^������20fret ot the sur-  f^SS? ^ to enable them to  'Wiinjninan d^ lhe LlSl������ niug co. are  c������-haltnffi ������������ Rosa  ^mm^ncoliakin ftnd are ftbo,lt t0  y       . ' Thursday, June 24.  Rabt, Go, vs. Draix^Co.���������Suit brought to  recover^ $1000 for dam ages* al leged to have,  been caused by, the.- Drain co. to the plaintifts',  mining ground.: fPlaintiffs adduced evidence  fo show^that from the imperfect nature of the  ch'ftnnel'ofythe Bed-rock drain and the want  of due precaiiiionT by its owners the spring  freshet had broken1m through the dliferent  caves and shafts contiguous;to the drain and  carriedraway their shaft as well as choked up  that'portion of the drain running through  their own ground ;- that: they, had been compel led to abandon their claim as too costly to  open up again, and that a number of* tools  and other mining materials were all swept  ;away...Oii-.lnj������.tJ,^!i������w*^* ~<.-y^.^;^,--:,-.;^  The defence -set np; was to the effect that  the defendants on the contrary bad used ex-  trao rd t n ary p re can tio n an d ha d e xperided a  fiai^e amount of tiine; and money. Ic(ng-.'beforg  theHfreshet  took ;-._pliice Jin vanticipation; bt  damage ;  that the plaintiffs^ who owned that  portion of the drainrunmhglhroiighv their  own ground had been guilty of great negli-  eeh'ce in permitting their  own drain^to be  fi tied up for a considerab 1 e perio d prio r to  the !reshet:;Hhat the mouthpiece: or outlet of  the .drain was of smaller^di mansions than the  drain itself and was Incapable of carrying  away the water a nd slum necessarily passing,  th rough, the main d rai n ���������';   th a p d iir ing  the.  wlnter motiths, upon several occasions, men  were detailed by the Drain Co. and a competent engineer employed >to protect the drain  from  disaster;   that the drain was in good  order belore and alter;the freshet, and so far.  from any tailings having run through it from  the cave in the Cariboo,as'-'was, alleged, by  the plaintiffs., to the Raby co.'s ground, the  drain  was clear, and that the,damage to the  ptauUinV g'rotfud had been caused by their  own necligeuce. '-������������������;���������"    ���������-        .  Hon. Greo. A. Walkem appeared for the  defendants/and Hon.Carrall, oue of the Raby  co.. appeared for the plaintiffs.   Judgment deferred until Friday.  *' Fridat, June 25.  Tho Gold .Commissioner dismissed with  costs the case of the Raby Co. vs. the Drain  Co.j on the ground that It was not shown that  any damage had boon:inflicted upon the  '"��������� but on  the con>  fieient to effect comp-.- ,_,  although'received by the Ilaby co. in thai  .-o.idiiion 'Vnn.i otlvr nnrties. still it was their  duty to ooiwlrnot a'Urgur uiie aud to havj  complied with their written agreement with  ���������antions demanded by the plaintiffs ; thai  he Raby co. had shown that the creek had  oeen turned upon the flats by Mr. Oumtmngs,  one ol'their own witnesses, and not by tin-  Drain co. ; that it bad been satssfactonly  proved that the tailings from tue Caribou  cave had not passed through tho dram and  caused the alleged damage.   Floor���������Since we published our last report  ofBLhe price of provisions, flour, it will be  noticed by the report of to-day bas.declined  one cent, per lb.  ���������j;/gBEj>-nocK G6ssip>-rlt Is gratifying to learn  thatft littlejgossip now aiid then -,:upori mat-  tera abbuf which great variety of opinion  exists, and upon which we venture to propound a theory that niight subject us to ��������� rkit-  cule,:dwing to" its :novelty, does, meet "with  some^iconsideratioii in the minds'of more  jj^^cJlc^'Cm onrselvesi ;::: A New;  Zealand miner informs us- that on Weather-  st6n$ creek, iir the province of Otago/New  Zealand, it, was accidentally discovered that  a se co n d lead and bed -rock existed, an d that  the rich est p ay was f ou n d on the sec on d b ed-  rpcki 'as was the case in"the Ballarat gold  fields. He is of opinion^ too.1 that a1 secondary lead and bed-rock exists on William  creek, owing to the siraUarity^between:the  bed-rock of that creek; and the bed-rock of  -^eatberstone creek, via the Dntch-Bill, and  Steadman companies, ground, above Richfield, this resemblance is strikingly apparent  On Weatherstone creek a second lead was  found after sinking^ through just such rock as  is^ bliservablelni those claims, at the depth of  onlyjsix feet  ytimtoi Matters.���������The appeal of the Rev.  Mnjlieynard   tor assistance in building a  QmirlcS^ought  to be responded to.   He has  beenj'sent here by request of a large number  of;thejinhabitants of BarkeryilLe, throMch a  in������jn;<>V;rtr;iorwaraeo"toi;ne uoioniul Kisnop,  iasryear.'' A great deal of dissatisfaction existed at :the time at what appeared to be io-  diff^repice   or   neglect  as   to   the spiritual  welfarfeof Cariboo, on the   part  of  fiose  whose; duty it was to fuinish the means ot  giving divine service in acco rdance with the  view's of those who complained.   It is to be  hoped that Barkerv_Hle will not suffer the -.fm-,  pi j intiori of;: nngod I iness which last ybar was  cast upon her in cdhseqiience of the absence  b f a su fficien t n u inb er b t: minis te rs, sup posed  to have been caused by indifference in supr  porting them when they were here formerly.  Dominion Dat.-^-As the time draws nigh  for the nelebration of this day the enthusiasm  increases^ and fiora present appearances the  funds will be ample for all purposes. The  union of the British North American provinces - w'af an eyen t i n wh ich al t wh o re cognise  the British ��������� flag as their emblem of national-  ality, and who feel pride in the glory cf the  Empire^^should rejoice;;: for it was by no  means * strictly Canadian measure, rior was  it designed exclusively for the benefit of  Canadians, bufc for all who may choose  Canada as a home. We trust that all British  people in this colony will, on Dominion Day,  forget all local prejudice and unite in the  celebration with as much enthusiasm as  though it were a national day. l  Just RECEnrED.���������C. McCailum wishes to  announce that he has just received a large  assortment of ready-made Clothing, which  will be sold for cash at cheai'Br rates than  have ever been known in Barkerville. Thankful for past favors, and respectfully soliciting  a continuance of custom, Mr McC. would in-  jimate that an inspection of these goods and  e lquiry as to the price will convince all as  to their unprecedented cheapness. All parlies wishing to have their clothing made by  A. Gil mo re, Victoria, may have their measure  taken by C. McCallura, so as to ensure a good  fit.  Concert���������The Welsh Glee Club have given  the public (he pleasure of appreciating their  musical talent whenever a charitable, friendly  or benevolent object has made a call upon  them, and now "that they propose taking a  benefit for a good object of their own they  should certainly have a bumper house. The  proceeds of the concert they announce they  will give on (he evening of Dominion Day are  to be devoted to the use of the Cambrian Hall  which tbe Welshmen have had erected. One  good turn deserves another.  * Survey.���������The Flume co. are surveying  with a view to extending their ditch on Jack-  of-Clubs creek.  NoTrCB._Yr. C.. McCaliutn has reopened  business in the store Jiext above the Rank ������  British Columbia, where he his a large ^  ttV PV-'S0?**- ccmprfsirlg farS,  ���������?> drawers, Neck-Ties and ofher ap-  parel% Also, a lot of best French and  English; Tweeds. Mr, McC. coSes Ms"  tailorm^bnsmess, and makes Pants to order,  and of the best material. He sells bis goods  cheap and for cash. * *  Fourth- op Juur���������The committee of nr-  rangements for the celebration of Independence Day consists of Messrs. H. Colter, Tom  Spellman; Jas. Wick ham, F. Neufelder, J. R.  Bromley, Wm. Adams and Sam Tompkins.  A meeting with a view to complete arrangements will be held on Monday.  X Fresh Butter. ��������� Messrs.   DeNonvion &  Kurtz are^receiving by every fast express  quantities of the finest fresh butter, put up in  rolls, (6 suit the demand.* The colonial butter, at .this; season of the year, is acknowledged to be superior to any imported butter.-; - >,,;���������/ *        ���������     .     .,-���������-;.���������  ^Wr~*The meteorological savans were  not far astray in their predictions on Tuesday  last in saying that we should soon have rain.  A shower fell on:Wednesday evening.gbut in  estimating its Value we will have to cite the  proverbial drop in a bueket.  ���������\*,BijjtLT������T-:Them^rnbersof the Fire Brigade,  on. Wednesday night, showed that their interest in the organization has attained the  requisite pitch of enthusiasm. The drill was  in -all respects satisfactory. In ordering  weekly::drills,'-Capt. Oppenheimer has done  V Robbery.���������On Tuesday night, an unknown  ihdiyidu^v^hoidpes not subscribe to the  doctrine- that honesty is the best policy, entered the,'dwelling\of Wm. Riddle and took '  therefrbm^ia^putvSSO in money, and gold  specimens: otth������.^alue of $30v.. _���������  v  ���������"\Rdip-t^iiha^J..-Blackand train arrived  frpni: Yale on ^Thursday,: with goods for C. :  Stronss.-cEearsbn Bros, team- arrived from  1Qiiesnelm^rith^:;:T3Hutchinsoh,fl train also  ariiyedfifrbm^.<jaesdelmouth. Caughili and  CampbelPs btteam will arrive to-day or tomorrow, front: Yale;: * ^  DEATR>^-C)scar5tbe - ferryman at Quesnel-:  mouthy who;'recently met with an accident  which rehderect it:;necessary to amputate a  j^������.^^^^tyjjel22d: inst. We understand his  name wasi'Gsear^'allmah, that he was a  Swede-by bn;(h; anU aged about 33.  ^S^U^T^; Dunbar co��������� on Lightning  creek, washed Hp25 oz., for two days' wash-  ing, on Thursday night last.   The Stonewall  co., on Keithley creek, have washed up over  49 oz. for a week's work.  ;; ;":Keep:Cool.'SSo far. all efforts t<i trace  the lead found in the Dunbar claim, on  Lightning creek/;:have failed, and several  companies have: abandoned their ground in  consequence,/ V.  jg^* FeliAs CoFi'EE has now stood the test  of the last eight years, has superseded entirely thei.mporfed Chartres Coffee, and is  now kept and sold by .all respectable dealers  NuGGKt.~A six-ounce piece of gold was  found in the Wilson co.;8 sluice yesterday.  It is a rough specimen and had a little quartz  attached to it.  Express.���������Barnard's Express is expected  to  arrive  this morning.   It will return on  Monday. -.'.' ,y,y-y-y  Damaged���������The late forest fires have damaged the road between Barkerville and Van  Winkle by burning the crib-work.  R. G.���������Your verses may appear ia our next  issue.  The Best Coffee.���������In order to obtain a  first-class coffee, it is necessary to secure the  very best berries, and to roast tbem according to the most approved method. This is  done by Wilson & Rickmax. Fort Street,  Victoria, who are prepared to furnish, for  cash, Coffee that never fails to elicit the approbation of those who use it. *  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  s  my2G  At DeNOUVION & KURTZ.  r*FGS IEAVE to inform the Ladies n ml Gentlemca  (J 0f Btirkervitlo and vicinity that he has spared no  pains in fitting up a  BATHING    ROOM  for their accommodation, next door to TAYLOR'3  Drug Store, and hopes to merit a snare of their patron-  UgHo is also prepared to fill Teeth with Gold, Silver or  Tin Foil, set in Teeth on pivots, repair Plate and extract Teeth. Having considerable experience in that  line Mr iawis foets assured of giving satisfaction.  ��������� ������������������$!���������'���������  '8v  f  \  ���������I  Mi  m  m  aottasamssessSSSS^. To  iii^^py^f^t^K^  ^^y^yyy-..  T  ���������,*i>; v.y"ji...  !&&5 i  assesses  vV.,       ,--���������; GENERAL S5$ra^ .---���������-.   ' <Y  V peace pSrried  a -c&ple ^ISSS^di^orced  ?fi^0Mkn i m '1861, ^fricd^be, *������������jp������&  yy^noib^ .mkii" in;.l,S62, and^Mst:^e^ie re-  :.".'* 'married tlie original -couple.  !���������* ;^,,Tb<B:;Tqronto;'GlobG' say������-: It-.ig^ye^jopijt.  :v'VlbUet/the New^  ^^qVUgea \tc   siispe'nd^pnbiijatiotf���������ttfe rarest  ^%^m^{ymy.sing   to5Rel^;i^?ftap8������^{^  '^'neighbors arb-'mbre'v^articiilarH^n^e areg  f^kuiCarfada peojfte/ara^al 1 owed,sjto '^publieli  -^^^^m^.mm^m^ '  '^^g^: ������^Ri^ENTS-  feAise-. :-^^W:|li;p^sE,  nf^HlS steamer is -now ma^Dgre^^t^^^^M  "l'^ft^Crcek-a^  B^sS is no^^porifellJie^f Jcfft* of  Oils;(>rdtlV^llqaidsshipped ia^lng^y' j-   y^fys'  #y?:^   ���������' v-������>l^'i^ &!< ''���������'��������� j^-.^ij "���������"  y^-?:'-^^-;:,*'?r-^  1> AILEY'S Hotel,' Langley StTee^TictorfMS) still  Jj  opener "the^a^^ travellers* ������������&  the Tabic and^Beds fire'KjOT  -ff-i-ivrovT.'^^i-"-!"--y yi- yyi y! f-yyy^^ /y^yi'P9- MW^^.^^^y x  style;  yrMM-&&M?Wy XX-y'h  r i, ford ers from; :-np -oo^trv^^M $>&  Iii  ... --- - - -      ^p^r?^  km ?l-fomyI)og. ^cAlrls ^, thefJO^liH.' ;$$*($$^PS$  Importers - acdtC^mtritssi^n  'Merchants,-- lusnractic.  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East side Yidtifary:   r;  -     .  r ���������     fe -  S^.^s orders for:every 4escrfVtion X>f vehicle - -A  ^|^fJ^^fQre^nt'dr������v^������nSaa  ^Iay,ljjlS^i:^;;..S'^.pBEAp-.^������:.13A8ff^-*'-':^,>v^i*'���������?:',i!������m'  :.:._ -"���������������Taavffha.'Clears, and *ffn?inWhvi>i.������������,^:,.'.....  YatetStteet  S";  garsj?aad 'FrcnchiPresc^ves'.' ^  i^a^i^?-!f?5!������^^ f-BJB^  J) 06  -������������������f-  ���������^SKs. P.c.rtCR fa  virarm, m his ^rienrkliins  Never 6u&2&%������& field f  Sheet-and Oast Irof Stoves  is���������- aa<i ���������'-^^r^'^aZ  Hardware, Iron &  Steel  E- PEARSON & T?T>no  TBD^. ? WJtisON & C6:���������  ;y Importers of English Merchandise,  WHOLESALE 5itr-TB    BET A.IX1.  At. invoice of goodi piy,������ three-piy ami Tape .try Car  ������r        .   ,^   ,, *   ibjn.vr received ���������  ir./���������^^'' ������WC-","'-'"- ������������itf nctorla, B, .0  Ifllll   tall'ih&i]     wtJliilwflyshe'ronndAfft^  j9L-'.:' ^ -::^ele<5������,d ahtt^a%P ^f������^tftey'  ^|t^^:CoSe:^KtiaBt  ���������|������tiro-iitt'-a''-gaf"ht^tolw^  A largo lot 'of HfiyWOOl^S celebrated BAGO^r  for sale, at a very low figure.,, .....   3m J  Fob. 20,1800.'-'       .       '  d  nix-BrgWery1  ������  KERR   &    SON,  law.  -.'������������������-*��������� .������������������������'..-.   Barkeiivit;M<;  Fob. 8>I86t/?l,i    -y    :���������'���������'���������  am  & BTIOS..  HAggRgg FOR SALP;   B!M';tCrvUle-  yy   yXyT2}3nt^ she >ras employed fn the Treasury  a negro ������ftttuw .; -' ' ^  uy  egro woman.  . ;:  SELEBMTEB OLD nUffi%Hn^y  ������>72S At ^OUVIOK ^ Knpt.   '  & KURTZ.  LONDON"   HOUSE  ���������GOVERXMEXr STREBT, VICTOKIA '���������  WHOLESALE_aNd      REtaIl  J. 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