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 * i  Vol. 11  Barkerville, William'Greek, B.0;^  NoV8  TIIECARIBp SENTINEL  Published everySaturday by f  ROB ERT     H 0;L L O W A Y.  Subscription,  -  -  50 Cents per Week.  RATES OP ADVERTISING.    <    "f  For one square (ono 1 nch)r first insertion,.'-   $3  ;"'  tt ������*���������'������������������ one month,   *i  ������������������     6  For two squares, first insertion;- '>..'���������?   ���������*.*,-*  ,    t        fff-   ono month, - ���������  -  -   -  -    tl  Agents for tlie * * Cariboo Sentinel..*'  Van Wink.*.-i  Qu������sn el mouth,;'; ;  Soil a Creek, - -  Clinton, -' -  : Yale,.';.-'. - ,'-  . New Westnilus.ter,;  Victoria, - ��������� >���������*-..-'������  L. .IV Fisher, . -  Hatilcson & M enet, -.;.: .  Mr jfW. LIn dhnrt-~"  .     . Barnard's Express  -      Bimi a rd *- s Express:  '.*���������     Barnard's Express  '-..': "7do.X'.'��������� " ������������������ .do.'-'' .';���������,  /.-..-.- John Murray -_<  f -; John Collons,  > -. San Francisco  i _ -f ���������������������������-. .'"vi New York.  "fflB CARIBOO SENTINEL  JOB  Curds. 0 i rculars, Pos tere a nd Pro?rammes for  v: Balls nilil Th e a tr i ca) En tertai n merits ���������   pm*- E xec ���������1 ted w ith n eatnesB an d.dispatch .^sf  Terms moderate.  MINING PROSPECTS ON THE'-gAJg&AA*  y/&^y:$*:rf  \f [F1W������M T-1K-0T. nUT^KR^S REPORT.]  For somi* years hack, indications of gold in  nio re^or | 1 <������ ?s cj n an ti ti es? have been^u n d iri  al rii os fc >v e ry r; ver . rnin rilti gy eas t fro in  the  ...nuntmnv On IKe Peace, Arthabaska, Mcleod and Pembina rivers, all of which drain  their wafers into the Arctic Ocean, as well as  on  the North  Saskatchewan. Red Deer an<J  Bow River, which  sherl to Lake Winnipeg,  gold :han been  discovered.Tf-. The obstacle?  which  the miner has  to contend  with are.  however, very great, and preclude any.binjr  on t th e most par ti al exami nation o f th e co u n -  try.   Tin* Black feet are especially hostile towards the miners, and never hesitate to attack them ; nor is the miner slow to retaliate  ���������indeed, he has,been too frequently tiie ap-  gressor, an d the records of cold discovery are  full of horrible atrocities committed npon the  red man.   It has only been in the neighborhood of the forts of the Hudson Bay Company  that continued washing for gold could be car-  lied on.   In the neighborhood of Edmonton  from three to twelve dollars' worth  of gold  have frequently been " washed" in a single  day by one man ; but the miner is not satisfied with what he calls '" cVrt washing," and  craves for the more exciting work in the  deep diggings, where if the strike is good ihe  yield is sometimes enormous.   The difficulty,  of procuring provisions or supplies of any  kind has also prevented prospecting parties  from examining  the   head  waters  of  the  numerous streams which form the sources of  the North and South Saskatchewan.   It is not  the high price of provisions that deters the  miners from penetrating these regions, bnt  the absolute impossibility of procuring any.  Notwithstanding the many difficulties which  I have enumerated, a very determined effort  will in all probability be made during the  coming summer (1871) to examine the head  waters of the north branch of the Saskatchewan.   A party of miners, four in number,  crossed the.mountains late in the autumn of  1870,and are now wintering between Edmonton and the Mountain House, having laid in  large supplies for the coming season.   These  men speak with confidence of tlm existence  of rich diggings in some portions of thecoun-  tryiyin^ within the outer range of the mountains. From conversations which I have  held with these men, as well aa with others  who have partly investigated the country, I  am of opinion tbat there .xist., a veryZ'ni! E^reSS  Line    Of   Stages.  EXPRESSES, \&T������^BRSV^C-\  s  probability of, tbe discovery of gold fields in  the tipper Saskatchewan at no distant period.  Should this opinion be well founded, tbe effect* .which'it will have, upon the whole western territory will be of the utmost coiise-  qiience.' '���������"  Despite the hostility of the Indians inhabit-  irig'UJe neighborhood of such discoveries, or  the J plains-: or; passes leading to them, a genera) AntAtxx^txxpnerE will take place into the  Saskatchewan, and in their track wHl come  ���������tlie"**waggori or pack horse of the merchant  from the towns of Benton* or Kootenay. or  Helena* It. is impossible to my what eifect  such an influx of strangers would have upon  the Piairi Indians; but of one fact we may  rest, assured, namely, that should these tribes  exhibit their 'usual spirit r.f roobery and murder, they would quickly be exterminated by  the miners.fi'.���������':'  bration!  FoiirtiL Anniversary of the  { %^ia&huon of Canada !  SATURDAY, FIRST OF JULY, 1871.  ORATION AT  10   A.M.���������J; S. Thompson.  ������������������; VOCALUNO INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC  '*��������� ������������������'f by the Baiid and Cariboo Glee Club.  PROGRAMME OF SPOUTS :;  1st Pri..'-.  $10  10.  . 10  10  10  10.  10 .  15 ..  2d Prizi  ft   $*  l_Tbrowing Sledge,  2-T������ssin_r the Caber,  _1���������Hop, Skip"ariii Jump, -  __8tandi.iK Jump,  *5���������Running High Jump,  6��������� 1'ut l in $ Stone,  7_I>r.i wing St������ >io>f 6 lei. t start,  ____F<i..i Race, 150 yards,  .9���������Buys'  Race, notover,14 years.".  " old. 5  10���������Foot Race, 100 .yards?, 10  lit��������� Merchants"' R;i'c������v winners .of previous nte**.** fxolultftl, 10  12���������Sack Rao������ ,100 yar u������,;''             1.0  lS-i-three-1 *egge.l H'������co( 100 ytirds,     10  14���������Hi tkTK' Race, 100 y a rU*, carry ing  , i:.o lbs.,       ; ;. io  15���������Hurnhi I'aco, 125 yds, 5 hunile-j,  %% feet hltfhy :   . \\\  16~Wh<*iI������nrrow lisi������e, 100 ynrils,     10  lT-XSlwukh Race, 100 yarUst,       .'    y V  18���������H������>s<i-Garriagc ltkc.e,.. 10 ���������  19���������Hill Race, i    ��������� ���������  ��������� Glimlnug the 6reai.y Polo, 30 feet  high,. .     U5 ���������  $$.. Entrance Fo.es to all the above sporf?. SI, ������x-  cj5pi i ng ' B< iy s* Ra ce. H< we Ca rrla )je R; t cc, Hill Rae<s,  Slwhsh Rad% Jut'l Greasy Poh., which, a re tree.  tlt__, Sports to commencu at El.K\rKN a. tu. sharp.  2 1  6  . \ .  &  o  rpHE COACHES OF THIS LINE ARK NOW making  JL  REGULAR WEEKLY TRIPS,  Carrying Bam art!** Ex pre?*, Pumongens and Freight,  making close connections with Steamers at each end.  ���������   BARNARD'S   ,.*.  BRITISH  COLUMBIA EXPRESS,  In con uectjoji with WELLS, FARGO.. CO , forwards  FREIGHT, PACKAGES, PARGELS. LETTERS,, .  TREASURE; COr.LECTIONS, COMMISSIONS,  Aud transacts General Express business with Piinc-  tusdiiy ami dispatch.  apl5 ���������    F: J. BARN'ARD.  Q-erow & Jolinson's Stages  Wilt, leave barkerville every week,.  >t cuniifciing with the Slfamers "at Quvstiul  mouth aud Yale, with H.M. MAIL', EXPRESS *ud  Passengers ' ���������  FOR YALE & INTERMEDIATE PLACES.  GEROW   &" JOHNSON'S  Express and Stage Line  CARRIES.  LETTERS4, TREASURE. VALUABLE?, ��������� '���������  EXPRESS FREIGHT AND PASSENGERS  AT    REDUCED   RAT|ES.  'jft_j" Collections, Commissions and General Express  business iniiie with pancuialliy and dispatch. .  ji&- Office ot the Caribou Ascency nt  il It D A VM> K URTZ ������S STO RE,  ap29   .... .Barkerville..  ���������7  ,5  ������������������)  Steamer Victoria.  KAKO AKTER.THE 18th 'MAY, THE STEAMER  Victoria will '���������"���������:'i  LEAVE SODA CREEK  EVERY THURSDAY  MORNING,  Connecting next day with the Steamer ENTERPRISE  at Cotti iii wood Canyon."  ��������� .. /' WILL LEAVE QUESNEL  /On the dowu trip every  TUESDAY    MORISIING. V  . ���������        ,"'%' ,. ���������.���������...  Freight from Soda Creek to.Upper Cnuyon ....2% cts.  lT      **     Quesnvl '.;', ���������      l'     . .-*.*. f \}i n&i  Fare from Soda Creek to Upper Canyon.............$1.0  Faro lroia Quesnel to ���������>    ��������� fkt: '��������������������������� j.. .........   .5.  Farjlroiu Soda Creek to Quesnel ...;.     d  Qu������!.nel, May 12, 1871.     v* my20 ������������������;  DOMINION PURSE���������Open to a 11 comers, htm ts,  .     300 yarUrf,  best *1 out ol' 3, entrance  'fee $10, , t $150  CARIBOO PUKSE���������Open to nil comers, except  the winner of the Doininlon Pursw ���������  1   heat!*, 300 yards, best 2 out ot 3, entrance fee ������5, \    ���������   $50  SCRUB Ilk(;,K������-Open to all comers, exeepling  horses cuM.rurt for Dominion Purse and       \  the- winner of the 0 a ril .yn   Purse���������  :i00 yaros, entrance fee $2 50, ."   $25  SLOW RACE���������Ownern changing horses,   last'  horse wins, entrance fee $1, $15  No jockeying allowed.   Patrol Jud^AS will he ap  poiatod to-decide as to fair or fouls .in the Hor.ie  Races,  ^^ 1Jl.e Prizes for any of the above sports will be  paiil to the winners as soon as lhe decision of tfct'e  Judges is given,.  flg, No second prize to bo given unless thero be  three entries.  A ROYAL SALUTE to bo fired at NOON, and  GRAND ILLUMINATION* AT NIGHT.    } s  In tike Evening an ENTERTAINMENT will be  givt.n at.the THEATRE HOYAL by the Cariboo Dramatic Association. '     "   ^__^  J. H. TODD,  Chairtniin of OiniinlUccs.  ������. M. MORRIS,     /  Si5<:ivtary.  W. POWELL,  Treaauror.  BarkerviUe, B.C., Jus* 3,1871.  ' L10 HTN ING,-C KEEK.,  MINERS AND TRADERS willflnd if. to their ad  vantage to purchase at thisStore, where -there i  MISCELLANEOUS,     f aX  GOMMISSIOK, STOUABE,  ��������� +.-      r.::  AND  General Agency.  JAMES   WICKhlAM,  ap!5tf ���������' .    . Barkerville.  .! '*  Van^Volkenbiirgli fe Col  Retail Butchers,  Barkerville, Richfield  v .        . ���������And��������� -���������    .: ��������� -��������� *������������������'��������� "..-  -T  A SUPPLY OF THE  BEST QU4UTY OF FRESH  "   ALWAYS ON HAND!  Stanley   Hotel*  #  J.  J.   ROBERTSON  DEOS TO ANNOUNCE THAT.HE HAS OPENED A  AT 'STANLEY,t f. LIGHTNING PREEK.  The Table will: al ways be suppli ed . wf th tlie b eat  articles that can be; ^ot In Can bOo, and tho% Bar with  the:.: .,,... f,.;:..,;'."; ...     ' \  *^y*p*ffs  . Staniev (Mouth Last ChanceCreek^j ),..    ;-   v. .  April 20i 1..7t. f[y    X: fjf        ap22  i     ������  i.;:;.  i ':' T  f;fxmw;i;m;f:  Importer and Dealer iri  FINE     HA'YWA  u  Of t.h p ve ry lies t d esc r i p tion on I. a n d, a n d t h o Steele  co ns tu n 11 y r ep I en Is 11 e i: I > y tu. w a r r i va 1 a. T h e j^ropr io  ; tors will sell Goods  AS CHEAP AS ANY IN CARIBOO.  Ord ersprotnp11 yg 11 c d, u u d forwa rd e d w 11h d I spatch  Van Winkle,  BEEDY k LINDHARD,  Proprietor  E*SSRfs. MEACHAM k NASON are prepared to  .iirnishLuinborat thoir Mills, William Creek,  ar deliver it to order.  '  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  ���������WILLIAM CREEK*     -  Having a Planing Machine in operation they wil  hUo f u rn is U D res a e d L u in b e r a U a t isf a c tory i h U*,  THE  ABOVE  ARTICLES CAN BE OBTAINED IN  ��������� jind uttt wf Bond, at tho option of the purchaser.  A general assortment of ,,       ..  S MO KING    A R,T. IC LES ..  MSB*.Orders from the Upper Country promptly at  tended to.  NO. 47 YATES STREET,  (Opposite the Bank of.Britisli North America.)  VICTO ill A, V. I       '       my fi 8r ri  .'}������������������ .f- ��������� \  For Sale,  ^j  ���������AT-  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Second-liand' Store,  .BARKERVILLE.  jell  r\  K-  n ������-_i,.'v9#.,W^J*^)_l_r__M_wi_ui_������ii,iivli wa_.������'.ii i������._wi,i SWINEL
SATU111)AV, J U-NE; 24v l��Jif
%a:r:."'A '-:*-"������>    f-r. Ar t-f:    -AA.  ������'���-.UU'V
���'iA.i.J'.'.Uii "������''���-<   '
* ���'������?
t: :
y$n. our dast fesne we <c��ramenced s, lo j g j v.e; a
ing 'from'; tho'.. 1 o ca H <>".; o f J f he ^ i��ti r 1 ? <���� t -^ i.?��0f> v-:
*.ri��*8. and foilnwing file tracks of; tne'; first
y*rospectprs.;- On r:revie\v th��n '"'pi?ty : %a^T& A
IngAhe dividif^isio^^i}^fi^\^9^ it-9\ ^
litn tad area in which J the,, hu-sres't
';-, anion rt ta. have h ither to .15��en::iaken > oxxh'yf The;
iii-sti'if'reams! thntiw^f triko are the jri biitaries-
<if Kear: r.yor; of, -these'.,, tbo. chief ..ii?. An tier
. creek, a c reek' wh I cli i n ear iy d ays pa i d ex -
tremel^richyand<o.n,whlpl.1jn��gopdImany men
���������: are'; Btlfi''fit-' work In stir lace dij&i ngs. ��� bnt: the
>nnm rule applies to jt. as .to many other
cret^W^in'CaribrJb.'���'��� r"G-i^ft^\rn>* a- short diH-
,' 'tatine^and'deepy ground is struck. With- un-
.."tuckily nothing, but loose gravel, which bus
uo .far'baffled the attempts of prospectors who
^iave year after y^
torn. Many of the feeders of tills large stream
���coming in below where pay 1ms been I onnd,
. ����ch ns<Wb\��i California,Steveivnl afidfBegga.
<jo mi ng .f ro ni the western bill; have paid well.
.and; on the three latter ���;considerabIe. work is
sjtilliObing fi6ne.tt$.e! nextSSrti-ge|tr^i&.ry ef
An tier or Bear ��� river is Valley- crock, which
y b it a n ey e r��� been p r 6s pec ted_ 11 re cei v es. bow-,
ieyer:?.*; th et waters, o f G rouse,, Can ad i an an d
i>enclr creeks. tHe firfft of which" has been
.worked fro in, .th e earliest to sh
^Cariboo dje^nsrra^
;:;. ���     /6a?'l JUNSTUELS .\ '��� \y _
'ip*   fi' """-    - ' ;  ."���"rill .appear ���    /  * ��� '*  '   '���   ��'!\'.
ii "Willi aii entire cjiange; of; performance.- "V
SewSoNGsr'-"'//-,��� ., '.���'//...; : ^."'
, Unors open,at 7.,,'10 ; pf*rWrn.a m.c to co
8oklocic. . Xdmtesui'ru Sl;,JVfseryrMlKi��at..
command) iiit
'il'S**/;;.' '
.-MAXAX.1.R, ���/-,-r-
SECRETAEV;. ���/':.
:;V.\' Will jriyc a'pbrtVirma'iice oif if. ������]
S^^day ? v 1 &t f|^y i ^1871|
C< .umcncinij- witlt tb_ l..u��lMhlo J*iiW, la two Actp,
���iAIRISHlMi:-! lOMON;! .���:
���?.rr-Fri��*U -.���:-;--i;
Ciip^in Scymcuir,
Mr Cntlorin'.'.i*.
Murtoch pel a ay,
K-Uyartl, -.
���Cyirion/.;.;.".;  *-.'
; -""/.bbojilSi"-.^'^. r. i-
.   ...(';(.��'line,' .-'���'
;':��� '^ctiubfti1-1 ���'���':>'
;.,..Wr<*..2��- AUrMtnl^.
���:: ���'   M r .i* "TH: TI v. ��rit psiin
,..,>   y\r; J.-.il. Sulbvaa
>      Mr iti'iinur johns ���������>'
��� .'���-'' ;M r Rrfvihl PearHon
"}lrf& V. Parkin;..
':i'.JI,jss-Jo'ties:-';'11':^- ���
;\"B;^'.^' *aT
:M::;0:;H _H :^:S0:.B; H %MS
rfz&.iiV) YY-^'A
"T."'Orft'i'rs '���wf-M.1 b^ isRn.Hllon -tiro Uiiitoi .Kinsitiem
4>y. :th:��. ��� Pdf*ti.;(jinc^s;;jii.. CARtijpp, jNcw ^yoatititasivr;
-aiult-Victorht.    ''.-,;,>!  f'��;ii - i _ ,i  . ,- '=���;.���
; -.; ^ratks of Commission as robunvs;:,.; ���;'.
Net ovr �����,% ��   ."'.-.-.-     .      1.5 cou is.
���^.^ N6<* tiriierd'-"wil.:; ^ii"-;*i|ffi��eUr!-'oi!t'"" '.''l** s".<lay* LUa-'Mail. is^
madenp: * * ' ' [ - ' ���    f t    "   ' ���'  -   <    -     .,. ' : "
;���'.    ���- Bv comnifinfb    ��� ���-...'-..��� ;
-1 ,    -     if if \  lATfti. BT^RBYv-.Acting P/M; CJ. ' ��
^^TGw^Wcst.^���lin^.tort"2^)tl^, 'April1. 1ST i.^1; ���     '.V
T��t;n c.cdrcin:iic'a wj til. rtb. i ftbhyr. .notipf*. ' ArOX I"iT
4*rbts; VMile'i.s;ibwor prtrtion/ where   {bel^'l^1^ ^ bfV^&^" 'Ue ^uirc'l'Kl��^lo,a fe
^ri.nnd; is deep. 1��>sHlI. cornparatively speak-: -    f:   ,.'��� > ,'���, | Ml,.   ,..; JOHN BOWHOV,' - '
InfJ:* nnworWed',, rGooVV'pXy;^''ton nd  incite    A^U^f" y'   ���>���;,...-        a ct h��^ i-'^t master.
��� rg roVuid. o" rai nodjlvy :.t1 i e i:^Va^y e r 1 y ^ tn ii n el v ��� ;bti
frill a l,arg;ev extent believed to bo equally
i:ich. iCanadian: aod Krehchi creeks, are  very
Aeep. sirsd both bay��-ibeen p roved to _'con tain
/r"chVdcp;()sitsrttnt neither liaa;=been" yet th or-
TVTH K \VFe AS- a$4ti iion- tofVLiiAi ditid 'faa I ton ,"-p f i Bat ,1c ^
"J \f "^raiftc^; Wiis y"fa"_ihfl;21st .��i -iy|o.*...iun i..^ 1871^ tiled
Iii��� ��� Hfrr;;;M.-?��JVSt_���"'��� ^ O^lthi v ; Cuuri'of'..Br11 i;-?11.. Cvl\.\ ui"hi/i;
y :"l5l'niofi�� -.liks ',.ni'...��n;-. 'il'iljuU^uiil-'Avinkri'ipt .v. Not ice U^
-.-.. ��:.T-iTv.���... ...,;...-....i-:.. .- .,1  . hM^by.:g|v*.atijUt^ijirvitty-Bj.'".-Klirntirc--: iseltt-rijliy ,r��v j
on'ffbif-'testedv-^ nionntain -between- .n'ulr.id?to-surriaik'i(:";u'in
-���' -, ifff '-m v'./i'-Vt-' ���       "'"������'��� "v" '���- '���'-'"'���'���U^ iv-.'V-'x:" ;'i'.-- ��� -tir.��?t aifieting Vir.:cr��<Ho>r>.. to. Ii.. hohl. bed. re the sab!
'���To Vo foili-wetliby; 'a
1). .f>rs��� ��� f.*p.:ii ai:' Ti80 ��� pijrfoFmrinco,to ��oinn.?.nC6 a'
8 o'cl'tok..       '  ,'-  Yf.fi   ...,,     -,.*.  ..'     '    ���' i-ff
.i.i.evIlyHirryoil'���Statis'can b��J _o]jValued;'.jir{Mr ^ijarfiliall,
Barker vi II u.   . .     . f    .*;.,.,"   .--',,   " *    ���
if 3635* l.t-iVii-latioi. Tickets' taken |for'aftnrt��ion'i.*..'-:V'" *
'^;t:;;. i'jisiSSis" ;.',^'-l'"z-
���',4;- .QELEBR-AT-IQIf.;;;';'-'���.
; thb ':'Ffcirivar;; j>F. -^S"p ^jons" ������ thr
,^*S^^ fbrate ' "hy .Cariboo; boUge>4>>iO'.i:1489,.6dr-.-&
;f-f$fix a.y\r.at'ap.m.f \ , , f- �� , f("v_. '-.
.ryt iift' Install -ition LoV ;i:h.,| bfflcf"rfl:,fer,.the! ensuing y.��a.r
,wili;take!fa/ic^ a i;Tl.ro.MRetook fi-in.^.-f?"���/'''"! ������:'-:'-'!������,':
. .A 11 sojmi ni.i n g B re ill r on i ti iJpoji sta; in clinjpj'j Ji re i it ���
VI t04'-tft..att.'n��l f.   -    ^1,,--^,:^c^i.>^;.-^.:..:,i^!:i:^���(���M^.'^v.^lO���t^J���    .
4ia^brterB? "Wholesale ��� sCiict
i: ��� AVlNlvS i LiQuoris,  :���;���-'' f, '   ;���';; ��� '��� -''
'������f "XX'riiiiY\g6odsJ*CLdTillKfi, (/ -
/,,./; iff- :lU:^&G;U'S,,-',\, .c; ���:   ' l
:��������� ���.i;09TS-&,-.SFTOK_3;;v/i
���Acii-fcuLxyj^^:/^ /'��� .':.-
'5; .-'piQAliS1 ^& TOBAGOGir: ���[-/:"/;./'iff ���;'';>
:.1   .; .   STATlONiiJliK,.      /  \;   /    :-'
'*���:'.":;;';-':;;���";'���';   HAR��(WAltE��� &.-CRQCKERS"/-.
v And a cornple'te: assortment of; Xf'i..
:.;;|pppeah��;m<?r^Br<'S. beg te itviV.rih .Trfblc?^'-j"ljb'"*r*.
nu.t ;F��rutvr.s.".requiring a stock ot" (ru.f��.ls that ihj-y
iiVt|i:l it iiir$ii.*ati<l .vv��'l) seli-cie< 1 asj^iri.miVi11; ixWdVur��
pry-parcn: jto mb-at the Iio west Miirk^v I:ric��-Sv;'^i ;^
Mr* Wofiiivite. iru.pectt*��ii r_' our Stnok' bv^re jai r-���
chrt^in{->lsewln-rii. '      .;'��� f, .-'   ;���*',",
;: :^3U:N K W .U 00 bri ��r��i b *i i h g .riMM. iy jjil .Jcont i it ui' 1) y-
fffy v /OPPEN^
-<*���'���'���   ..'a^r..     ;   ' mv2i.3ii.?..' ;   ���:: '���!.  ���
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���KxpP^s. iatcQttv^Mn'KU'aiVJLibi ^ipijuu^Gm-k, w^^r^.
: p.* reels Mi.rh'tVrrrs \vtll he: h/Si'lyun.-tf ���ffff. ������-. ;. fl; -y
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n.h'JS '.   ' "     i< V1 TU .SM VF.y-TF.fl
,;iust luiOEiyuu; ;
3"aiteVJanil; ^illiam oreekxi\gop(i' ibydranlie
d i pjfi tig's; a i;e"n o w b ei ng. w'| irk e d, ;bn t the) r/- ex-
imi or origin :1ms not yet been proved.: Fro in
the iitonth?of: "Vail eyip reek norlitiwardliUleds'
"known ,ofjJJearf,'ttyer...beyond1 tliefactthat
gold has .b��en/ow,nd. . . f ---a' T"f
\ "TV ei; hextveoiim fio ; Will o vv river $ nd. its
H^nmerbnfl^coti^aesit; streunvs.; '.OIK. tiH^se;Athe
Ticbes of i,"Wil!hiw; .Lp\v.bee.:':and; :MofiC|tiho
Tic rock s % n >pa st, d a-y S/.a r��. hi atte rs. o iy \\ is to ry.
��� On the formor the. easiest worked portion -.���hits
... 1 ��:eady ��� vieldedr:.-the/- tiidst aocessibIe""-d;f..1 ts
ireasii'leStlbut-tbe^ast-flatH, and; meadow*, from
. Ct'urt ou il ie 'J8t!y;n'-1 y ��� o.- Jii n**.. ��i i ts.ii.i't- ��� at/,1 !'.->V* i��. I r ��ck
���iu ! lit. n ��r��:: no(>) i |��rv<.i ?.ely;- ii i Hi oh fi c* Kl, -a n < I a Iso. tv,v ti i.'
Co it r t a tit I ib.j��u I'viic -;%).t ti'ii'^' fU��;. bi..;-- ,n" ppw i fted hy tl'. e
t 'i. u rt Ij i r; Live, saiij ��� Btti n;u pi 'io p ��'iw .��i is'.. hist.. t-x i m in -
��� ai. mi ^ r��f ,w]- ici i sitiin ^ U u'.j n j ti e.e will, bv- giveu: i n. tb.
OiWyrijirirbt: OHZ^ttc   -..  '���;'���.'-' "'.������-...���.���...' iffff'f.
; A t .tins ..first.' iii.t'l in%��{ ol* onstiitorp,.the' RffpiRtr*r"will
rooi-iyii the jiroof ol' ih'6 .<ii.lj;tVf 'i>r-'t iVe-;<.r^f ii i.i jr^; .\ ji< 1; thts
eivy.i ipryi"pu\y'ciiu''��<* .aiV/Awi^aoc or Ah>1 eiit*ei_yC the
-: Bankrupt,^ -fe"*Uit o "ahu:.eii>cts. .'���'. .A i.vtiV.i.'.s.'conil-'sitVin^
.prouili ;or cleh ts ol", -.cr.cii tf��r.- will alj?*** he r,?.o.ji voti, a is tl
th. B-..;nkrupt .wili;be fc(ptirod��� t<���.sahniii\to\lu?. ox-ui'i*
] ii (ul anil. Vo Trtak _'!Vi nib ; i;if'ei'.isur��* Viul fH^. wv.cry or
a II his t:.sta toJ an. I.', <i fTec is >. am I; to / iW^h his- cxau. l n
iNotic.  is also ffiv'j'n'to all 'person?* iinii'btod to tho
_. ;j i: I. I. a iiicrti j ��� t; or '.tl ui. i. I. ave* a ii y oi iiis^ elft ctJ*. n n ti t< >
i th'iivVr the SdViv?. biitTta.J.jJskhI Luvhsay, <��t';.J��i��litie]<.I,
I'-Oltltjir.i A.r-.'Um-tfe,' wimiii.tlMt.-Court Iujs afipoiut<:i.l;;aii.l
_��'       . ���,��!''^" -.-'-���' ���'I_:i;:i;/   ;.,,      .;.    , ���;-, ipiV" notice to JoiJ.s.G. IJAaNSTOx.fc.oliciii'r, ul' -Kicii-
MaryKVilItv to. its monlh are still tttitottchod. ��� 7iul-li -"���;��� ...        ' ':
ytXtf' \''ffii\:i'i. -    :JAyiFS]d*im\YfX:
. witi 1 e tbe hydriiiilie:diggiiigs on : the 'itj>pt*r
,.'��e cti on w ill alio rd. p r p (i tab 1 e e hi p 1 o y i n on t to r
years, a ri tl iii al 1 p r< _. b a h j 1 i ty, tl te tjr i > n ti d (Vo tif
'the c any on ro $.ti neron tn n, w 1 rich It asp ai d, s<��
: r i cb. wi U e ? e n tn ii IW be Vv or 1. ed fro t r. the sh '_*-;���
face, to the bed rbiski      ���   " T     .:    . :;'���
Tjowhee, thongli%it a ?mn^ 1 ptream, has. yt>t
; a 1 ar pe a mou ri t of, d ee p tt n w o t'ked.' grouri d
��� 1. r it h; at, i t tj tn oil t h a rid liend. ���-. ��� M osq 11 i to ;n n d
Jted gulch havr never been tested in tbe deep
ground at their months, npr lias the channel
'<> f Wi 11 o w r i ver i tself , w hi ch is b el ie v e d b y
many tb be richer than any yet found in Cari-
*boo. For want or space we taut., again suspend
-onr remarfte on the subject till a future occasion.   ;������;������'���'-.,[
TirR MRAmws���The tjani. &, Kurtz co. bave
���commenced operations, building a bouse, i
grading for their shnft, nnd getting: ready for
their machinery, which may be expected to
arrive in about a fortnight.;
WaK K-nif*-JaKB; RKSTAi;n>*nt���T t wi11 he seen
*by advertisement in another column that the
-price ��f board at this welbknown establish-
ment has been reduced to $12 per week.
f |M{ IS �� I. D A N P AY-K1.1 ,-K JvOS? N* K*TA 01 -IS>I M K NT
.1 tj.< -i.J.��A*;i.ys ^ui>|vli\.il with tho iKSt ul' every th iug
that ciOi he prucuiinL in (.arilioo.    '
Board, - - $12 per Week.
Single. Meals, - - - - $1.
The C'/lehotcil
A sap"rifJr article to any which can hft had from he-
low. Roast .il find Groiiuil on tho pr.,uii;f<,s Irom the
l."st srlected hjmifS, ami. warranted li'oe from adal:
ttMMtion. '*���-���'"
j.a.7 .      '   .   ��T. G. (fOOT^ON.
Steam   Siigine for  Sale.
A.- "Knjcinu ami Boil.-r.' wii.h or \viihont hoisting
genr. ���-also���-
The MACHINERY VOU A FLO Ult MILL, ..ompletc.
Fo r pa r ti c uhi m, no ply to ED \V A i * D Wil 'Si >X. o r to
m Viri.itria.
-Avijri.wsufiplj'' of
IV ' t o t h��;.' sp:i nous pr��M 11uos l'or ni eriyi kno����.a.i th""_
Sr..  GiHn'Sfft�� H/d'ii>ii, wtl_reJ WWy..:nil 1 b'ts.wt- _lM tisowj5
prep:vr���-l to luriiisli .-���'���'Vv..'':;-:-:     fy '
bo'a:rd;  aSd :-m"ba'tVs :':; ;
;    OF   THE   BEST"^QUALITY, if
T1 rn   -T. AI. i? ftin_islied VitbYUxo tinci.t ;WINES,
LIQUOitSaud-ClGAM.:;;;- ;;-.''.\= .".:..*./..';> ;t-!"i" :  .
Aad#guarantee to connect with the Sieamers
tit'each ���end'.  .
Tjonve Barkerville on Mondny
at Six a.in., reach Ynb�� Tbursday
at Six p.tn., un d a i ri ve at Victoria oa Saturday at Four p.m., .
"��� ������ $&?*��� New .f(TOods.;.\riU ;ho; reeeived-efiery
week vdnring'theij.ea"S!.n;:^af'X-\-Yfyv.:Tift',:���;.
Glotiiing���";' %ri&r G-rooeries,
yyyy^T'tm%Miy^t^i^% ft
��� For sal ��> at t h o SI op; o fC-ttie tin tl c rsi pn. 11 i n Ba v;l. c r
villevojjpositr the. Bank ot/X��ritii.Ii (Joh)iiittj;i:
���"���'"". ���   "..   i      W.vKKSKiL*.   ������
.:J'*tT. ���  ,.-. - {,s"ji24ii.il; ;.- .      i'ff~',
'otel   de
IDominion Day Celebration jm*
J\    < ,V<s ff i i i.vr- 't-\ WW h"l rf  at-  thf Tl i�� at n.. KnV al,  r r g N f j R RR W J U, ]. K K1.0 KIV KJl L P T( 1 ,H: I _ Y rul'! F R() .*)
B. r*V **r 5.1 it*-. '.'- T f. 0 N* |>:i> A Y E t EN I N( r, .1�� p * C.th % ��� |.    tori' w .��.n. y Th' i u -si n d Kt �������� t- ni' i...... i s*., i, (,, | s ]>r u i.-.c 11, v   r. r
? V.wfrA. V. [->; V. t/j isj;( k i. ft n <j I r. fra n ^'�� ro en ts for tii e  T. ��� o h ��r.->. '���'; oT> d .1 i wrtd at tl. ���* I-'i > r .-r t. R* ��� �����: (:) .i I n i j��,i - ���   -   .
��***��. r.*T^. J.  fl, T0P7>. C'vi.inM;*u. i nfr*j.i.t..-J v..  F-.-,- p f rt i��--.;l-i r-, ��ppjr a.. \\.\r C\.nv\ iVOa.fl,
\*fAV> tk -5!. ��� J 01* J. i >, ::'?���; re ��� ^ ry ,1    j ���_ i 7 ��-i TH Oa. L. _U KV'J CJ K. .. ���; vrj's��"���' ru\.     !     J': 17
P&- REMEMBER.    THIS ! ^��
TpivelLM-s   Lv: lln.   EAST   MXK   SAVE
it  loilerimr,  us olhef liiu.^s do. on thin
X,-   A.    KE��
Begs to announce to his friends and the public
that he has purchased Cite
Which he will open nbout lhe 2(5th inst.
������At ������ ��� : ��� y\yir ��� '������'���
:*" ft ri'n
G-rpcei*iesr Provisions and
I) E V 0 T     F O It
-#5. ���������
, l-JUJ ______ 1J__I ..
���     . .' rt*'-    A' 'ft-  ���'''-*-:- !:"'t: '"'': __.___-.J'- -!    _���_      ��� ���   ...,m
" .'
; DIEDf-\ 'C;f /: ;h j:j' ;>-._' iTi V.
ft t Rn rkervi 1 le.Vni" Sunciay> ISth Junev: ,at;-12 ��� g.ni;.;
"unvr fri ilLutSi. of (.i��h_ ihonths,. Or.n, wifoof kting
Kcm1 ,  "**#***��� U<-rmaw,- Burkeryitt^;. a nalive of Cbiua,
uz-.J 35 years ���       y-r_-y- ;-..] ..,\ _-.-... ��� yy-Yy
,. > ���  s__..__. ,��..������--���-'���'���   ���������-��� ._.    ���   -f     ������������ '���-	
s <**j^j*g'^^ ^j^���*!^^^
Passengers- ;:���;?
.!June>J��>.tTiii,.*"���4:;:' ''lK::^='t ';%*Vi i ^i-i^v.^-y-.r.-.i *?' Xffky fi '���
fl . ��� it? .fly; JohHison- *?& i Gerow 'a. Express,; arid vie'd
��� -.,; ""ITtlr Jiln�����Mrs'. i*o��*.li ?������,': to^Iiiklit n i n^--cri*ek.'
-! amiifrif i^wayj> fcseHgers./.:.powia^Junij/lS-f-.
��� * JV. hil Bakfer.*-Ui Quesnelinouthi"���. .�� - . .f .:'. ���
.a.*! ���;���.
at_riyed fori Wednesday in fS 4��y&sfrpt'vGer-
manseif ctee^jjacluditi^itwo: clays? ;.$[o'pp.age.;
tit iCort:Gr<*org*V; canyon by; loss of Ai canoe. -; -:;-.
: The chief news; from : the' mines; will be
found iti Vonr Special IJorrespondent7s letter;
arid dittle^mtife ; ft* III*, be khb^iitill nfterjtUel
subsidence ot high Water. Tlie water in the
Pfa^hiitf ^ ]>nt ;cbm-:
mehce.t,to;fttH;on the ISth-in?L-^���'G-r. 15,AVrijrlijt
had. been': u\iXto 'Stnun't. 1 alee,-and fhinks
favorably ot Hie pj-bs^ectfoj'takih^ th|��:EnWV-
^ri^.tilMin^h'irpiVi Fort George poknytirt*;tp,
Tu \\n\i. ' II eft] \\ Blurt from. Q uesri el mo n iii,. to
make tl}�� attempt al>bnt*;25th* 'Xy.
c*Tb1iii^MrtcUint6sh, we) I Knowir iivGiinhno,
a yiiliye of?'Pi'Jiifuri; Noyu Scbt.iu[ aged hbe.it
: .S * j ears. d i ed of cotisu ni p ti o n nt Tat la h Ifcn.tjt -
ing'-OU June 10lU.?iS;Giacomo Morelta, dn��
Italian packer;; w^|di'Wp^L^ile "crossing-
his load over i$A lid riyeiv about 78 mib'sfvoin,
Qnesnelniou'Ji." J�� Franklin?;one oi'; the old
Cariboo <l pioneeii. commonly known as
)i *\"falf^ij)-JakeJ*|--Wfts^iriip^ri^d in one of f fie
brariqliesof Hhe;5SU��ena oh his return with
>���- '"'���;. ^     ������    .-'..^ fY: "A    A- -y     ���     '..������ '���       .- -.. V
1 eaye ; in fact, * tiieVo are ii great many'- fnen
jVow ��ii Ufeix i i n g 6 n ?i i i e rt\e a 1 ad ay rati w V��-th an
be <ibliged to leave tlnrconhtry.; ; -; ff" i\
���XT The f flowing ^Hr^fthCpv!c^So^ii)r6vJM0ns
on;; Gerraansiii. -creeTcf^Bljoim ;
'.���lV.��aiVfe_SO.ft';;i Jpiacoji, SI 50^nqnei.ii'market)':
HnjrHr.;^l;25:,a' Si: 40 ^ coft"��^*;:$125V(;- tt.si' $2 ;
^i^t,pdwderr.-$J. per box ;.:tob<>cco; Simper
���:1 fe:v_^t.|S55_a:��3��.^u::_"��**__*vicWt>"-r; .cniiditS; Sl'oU ;-;.riai)��;
(olilyXtenpenny iti ,mar.ket, not iai.deinaiid);
Si 25���sixpenny-'and eiyfhtpenny in dehiaud *
clotbin^j aJioVit iO per cent, advance^on Jjar-
kervi lie prices." ' '���> t; 'fy :     .-;/j -: T..
:;; lii;ab;'oi.t-liyeT;pr M;k/weelwinior^iie^^oiind
of slhje >xe \yill i>t>.';ht.��i'r(i r.nj^inp:- tj.roxigh iiiv
w6'o(1 ffT und the; literry, iaiighfxxf the 11ii11ei* wi 11
echo from hill' to^hiII an'he iiib6&.^n.the::(lam
:w hicbljv* 11 (livid e'ih��*�� waters fro ov the- h right!
metal1 which Imndw^o.JuixHiUfily awuit*������%&.
Kfeeu r e. y o w i 11' ? i h e ? week i n usi c '������wli i c h. wi 11
5s i ii e \'ro ni fc ter 1 i 11 g ��� ��fc ->Sm it 11 Ji> $al oo?V c li ar ji i
iiin to ii.s:dootj.i,,vfhere with tli.. little iiahc<-rk
some other^parties^from a prospecting expK
d i ti otv. , A   trail, h tiif be e n ������; co't; "fro n _ ' S to ti y
f.iftih^l.!w"a&- worked; BtiRiciehtly lo eniiolij^de-
ii.nditn fe ��� to ;freplace ithe , tiuino; theyrfehouid;
supply plat huffs, with-the .15 incliea. of wate'e
they had oiFeredto acceptv.;;.:     -i.iyi:.,...-i:
"X!- "Xff 'ifcotiXi"& uouiir;; ; :���
(Before H:'Mv,nallv E^'t Gold CommiesioiiiT end
v   -. ' *��� p'U^ty Court Judged ',';���.   .;���. ':>���
'���'. f ���'���:'���" ���' .  TuBsruT* Ju'nft 20. 187:1,
K^Kerr. vs.3:Klmorv;���.Indgiium
Post poiied ti 11; T1111rMhy. o"n accoti nt :ot iti-
;cnpa b i I i i y o 1* ]> 1 ai n itff"a coiihstd.to ap pear.'
,. ���; M a. it e U:a y ^. Ota r 1. e. co,,; t. i gh th ing e ree k .--^
No iappearance on-either aula.'       ; '���   ;,
/ ,0'v     :  ���   ,'" " v.   .       ' , TdblWDATl.JllftO'iS.*    '
���Wtwrivsfyited.' Delondtinii has (lied ii petUioa
Par U .Ip) id o t \ Ifj? c<>n i use!,; tea ti ft ed; that: his ����-
ie Ui -co h .listed ,'b i."' b ou ses' a t' I )o tt ��rl as. Peinb v r*
h^wil) soniy iriifje in the;. inmTy walij.'n^
Omineca utinoK.  ? ������'.' 'ffXTfyfi-; ff^ftf. f geiltev with . a ^Inrd: iRt^tSMii'.rttf Anderson
lal,e .8teambofi'tf;ithd' prhpMAyf aiid jn, largo
anion n't T o fK n 6 i es -an d^b bo k ������'d o b fs;-: sbtn e o t
npff ;,'iMl^lNfi ipOURt;���'-; -,:- ; r
���' ���;' '�� B vf ore H. M. B,t iX, Kffn.:; Go! d' Coni mission ct .' j J.-j
��� . ';���:���.-' .^SiTiii'nK^JiineJT^JfTl;;-,
Cortiifvh Go. Ajp. \VUIknv Greek  bedrock
Fl u me -mi d I) itch <>��;*( IM tn i t .id). - r '���' ���   -
.,l'i;hi^rwart a siut  brought. f.o recov.eiv two
'thon^and ��� dtWHiTH' for '^damage.done UvplajwV
���---. ;f- *   . .,     ,'.    -tf   f:.>,i,i\        "', J tifl*ft- ditch.: atttl one' hundred dollars tiejvday^
trail, to^Stuart's lake, and there is sbtue talk'"ftsii^'nut��. ^ J >
nbo'iit opening-atio ther* fro iu--Lhe lake to.Gcr-   '. ;Mr Robinson, foreman of the Cornish cdv|
opening .
to ansen creek;.J ��� .     \ f -a'a\, .,:    * --��� f-
;C'-vv..!: ;.'. fspKCi'-Ar/ c!0��:n._i.roNnk_,yCK:]  ���*'���   ��� ���''.
.   ���;,:��� .-W:-: ���'��� i'���' ������'G kn \ia \skn;' Ok kkk^Ji ; ne ~8f 1871.!.���:>���:
���TlmJSlveensi party. -artdved;at:;T>itla:Laiiy-
\\ig pn 2d "May;'-'being'- the fi"��*.&? ijf'i the ^pi-iniy
artivals;   Tl^: fi<*et trom (iitestteintonih via
and 'Se:ver.ii wil.tieHse>5. proved the fact of the
-flurn ei. ^vUi qji.ca r tied.; the-.- di tch . a crn^; the,;
grohnd of -the-.Forward co.i where the Fhiit^
a head; of waier in the nilch would be equivhv
'^fXf :y*m^wiWmMi^        ��� ���
' The Tvfyres fiH ole^ coy lan I;; wee'r. washetl 2(55;
-  ��;heir ^^b^ntyin^been b;ro1<e^:l)yfthe;f.fsliet;
"The Bt,?,Gey^^^
< V.'Vijn ir i'fir). ivXsim" ti rrt ia. n > h ^o t' 'I-he' Kot'estlJf U ��si��
b*-uVbyHhkbiir;.aJiiie>��jV shajl^:tvick iii -Jhe
Wiiir.'^Tfi^byii*t!>{,'t!iiofelirirrts-;ivi;eHilf Jiaking ad-
,--,-.. ^i^*t) ti^trf- lite water whi It* it bvst^ ai)f ivniji jylfi jr
f/^tiVd   p'rogress." : The  ttHw'": ir'oii nijVes iti-use;
^iv 'lijiiFltiuie C0i;;yvork :*yej,l .\nd:dp great ex-
' ''"iywy'Aop. fTfy- ��� i.Ta\ '   - ���; v
��� ���'���'��� 'ffyAhy. ��� -. -ft ..Ubl-.H$CHWIvK., ^
'Vhe Titlisman co. hayeconimenced iio sink  very few Inditing t(j pa.ekV and. lhe enortmnts. tjte, ditch  were .not/ repaired^  and also, t!ii|
" ji ii.' sv wh'a It.    A11 i li e surface Glaums that cUn   n rice of S2\i aiVd $!"�� per--! Ob' \hrt. u�� 11 o$jym. aj n*Jn��r�� bnt **! he* foretniih :lmd 'offered Uv I'e-
������worii ���{H'wjsTOuivdrsbtith.ia, ���        \   ,   v    '      a ilistnuce.of ob uiib^i^beiiiw paid.., Tl^ j c��*iv# ilfieen i itches of water per VJ ay ui lien
^)KiMy;;lty .way ()f ;G���
l^liVl ft ii ev f Tlr^y^v fi^rt.Mt' Ji a rd .j, j ���.} pi'; .and '.av^j>;.;[^i^ jlj'fnie .it;��j t (ii.," b p: jm t;n.n :^>^
P;d j ty^' ge ||i n^ :.niv jhiXXK tt to eca'r iy. e r ^ I nv yj.j ig ]". no �� l^i ng v. \v t> r l$d.; ��� ..Vh're^ ti )M\$ i ad Sk^1>^ n
bee ii" overtaken^ byVHih:lr wtftetv   -    ; *������.   -   ���,      used ' bw*t ��,yHur." f Lu ,tlie 'spring ho agreement
G< >1 dTOn ��b ni i^io tier O * I lex 11 y ."ar ri rod h (ire had been n. a de <v i tl i the On te IrDii I co. to rettt
���Inne^Uth^ia ,G)sc��)ine;:;;4)oiii yisipi-;, i I�� -in'^��ifd!_;
rdule^'a'';;.y.ery,:.:. piMui.enV;and^vi!.^ 5=tetp, aWliu'
ltie^VpiV'iio'n'of;:'imniy^iwtt^it^vuWLI>.e;Taiv the tiuhie,:dits.hl;YTiie^preseht;/!iteb^vas^lu^
;������������;" TX'i'tffPfiXTXyiX'fyf.iiXi'iy- .-���',- ' better lor -.ilie- conntrv >tt Uttjce i f the.aiiinuiVi. in iy i.i;: H*. wan jhtemiettViakeVwater froiii
.j.^v^hnH-wb^h^b^ tiSeinne' m)H\\\m-^ii\M' ihOtt^hHh^ be^wfts b:i
tsnowduAvti oyer jn iee[. tuu ^��-!d ,is Imm..^ . 0,.^ .;WVre': expended^ in j^iik a ���go'6d,!K\Viuia��iV creetc. Uattliei, priyijeofe. bacl^been
l.ejndtv, the grn vel; ������. A" -lew;;'(layd more will .^^ lVnln Q1u^ut*i t(, GerntUtisen ciwt^l . ','!"���'. ��� HUow:6d oRaJcih^ is ..'mfroliV" water -,.1r6'm,, the
^Kic'l^er��^<*en:'..5)rf eight;, years-;;.6.bL;.4':-f"!w
'���*-''-.     :;' . *. '_   . .ANTI.KK��� CKVMKA.V .-%&t & ..;,*'- ''
-   Tbeliaiuiln'oi .co./?w.!\o)hay*�� spent a lonqr
ibuifj in J.i ivy \ixgi, Jo Hutl^im Ihj^xb^eir^oond.
b.. ve; Init i.be (rutt^.orflit��lr- la^r thH��nih"lhe
1-i'e<loM;-whieb-cifried   a.w.a-v   ilieir   daui   and;
- %. Vi r^ryi f j^^ t'1 >^f i-r^>ft gv\^n iStF. - flT^S^y ? wt^n^cl ffliiu i--=
h\'�� thv- creek te'xt..season. ���.���'���""".-;��� '..���".���!   .���-���;
��� tl ftf JB a'n Ic rt i p I.Cy^ ^H tifU | two��f-c I a i m 8 V> f t V i tkr
$l*fet(!;^ 1 ocated JoV Jijm bo
^eriri'dnafefi-(h'efek.'biiir-'liall'.'gdf-hothingSut uf
t_lVnVi;j''V��..r .Al.   ���      ;A     ��� f-. ,,���     x
���.probably le��t it:; :
. rj{..rrr:v't.vt> <:!lt.Ki.k;--���-.,/ ���..
*'    The tipper eontjuniies lutve liceu" doinjf no-
tl i i n k o n .ace u t it t'. o f.; tin.: t re's I i.��t.   TI��e Ho u i b
AVa 1 ��*a an.d.S.pt:,n.c*\fi'}'pp.aivies haye.. restinie11
\vnik.. .Theilormer.lorJiln*  first three  dayv'
V o rk.. thi s ; w ei^k w tmfied .7 4. oa.   1"he 1.b��� ve rt
^rf /BnJEbiiti'll.i.f.b".': conjinuey lo .yy^'a^e' obont
^4ldi:et'h' to fywntfi'tbyJ1 to '-the set.; /Tlie VV il
. Wi\)k 1 e ; co.  11nnk of Vn nniny. a 4 ra:n.   The
? <-riiMKt/uie ..cm :iv.i-t-*>' bad very/^j^Vr^ to
. ��C'>:n.ten<l w]ih in  thyir dri11, bnt sit- "Is now
;%eitihg^so;fieir./ 'Tlifff".':..;"; i,'_'v;..-."'.' ���:' ���*'_! \' ? -^.'
��� ��� ���'; T I1 f ���l*)*if'C or er y- 'i i iti: V a II e y Mb u fi i ii t n com _
;P'^nU^;|irrf_;:^upm^ '^Vfe^clwntn^^p^Kt^iB^
,- ititne.^he:<b;.ytik��of. WayeV.be' nir..'"^iiitbw: .mid
e asi |.y wash ed; Tit eyl are p ay i ng goo d wage^.
. T��aii, to 0mtxKC.V���The Go.vernment eoute
d i m e -��i n ee ady er ti nell for* ten dp re 4 or a ch a r-
t ered trai I fro m Q.t t etm el tn on tl j $? 0 in i n eci j .
w i th ri gh t >1 o;', c o] Iwjt; to lis.. M esssr?. H ar per
Ilrof?; put in a tender giving: the Government
fiie-ri^ht to purchase at atty tfime -at,* an ad
'Vn nce. of 25 .peivcent. on. fiqmU but no111 i11g hns
���*\ i een d o n e i n th e rn att er i -(11 i s gen er al I y b e -
1 *u* ved; th at -n good tra*_ enn b e -: mad e - wh i ch
��� tvo ii Id m al. e, the d is t w n ce in n ch' sh o r ter th an
by the prosen t ro u te, a i. 5 .�� n*ie w oft he n um ���
filer; 6 f: m en , vv ho h ave gmne t b ere, m any 6 f
���������whom, i t ih re ported. tn��s$ 1 e�� y e o u accou nt
-ot want of proyisions�� we fit.nk that��onie tinr
>)nediate actieu' shou 1 d\ be taken to,. pnt it
Ihrongh this season,
Domixtox 1>ay OKT.Kin.A'nox���Tlie preparations for the ensuing; celebration arejroin?:
A. iuii.it: named Krahkliti /abas Wake iip-:
Tit kef.wii S: drpw'ited: iu t he .- &keetin, juhI a
Chinaman was droAvned in the jloAVer^caiiydn
wn <")niiitei.a river.
:. M t n i n g ,o n;-.(". <J.r in n n sen creek' hash ee n ?i t s-
p i ��� 11'([ ett o ti a^ �����i 11,1 if tl t e h i g; h s ta ge ��� 11 w a te r.
.\ le w rift the c r i *ek c 1 ai in s we re? \y or k i u g b' 111
'h:ive how s.opped.   ���:   ' ���"-" " j'^';?.:-    '""���   '"- _:.
��� T ho. 11 i'. w 1 > iwe ay ery .* c n..  si tn n te d a l ift u t:
ei�� h 11 n i 1 es ati < i v e tii e c a ti ypn, wo r I. e d i h t r te e ii
davHUud ibok oiiu -a8f)^ft.> 'J-
cree|. hs - -was.-; .discIt arfifed. in t o ��� it 1 ro in.. the
gnlch. The record cidletLf.)!-. 200;:lnches; A
11 e w d i t ch; I Vo ni M c < J o I b t m "s g u 1'ch b ad si ii c e
b e��ii 0 ng fh u fc'���'. i t, w\t Id .it ofc. pa rry inure th an
7o. iimhesv^ 'IMie Jditehvhad.;6een put in order
i h t s s p ring a bo v <L* 11 ie Fo r w a r d g f <. i in d, except j|/portio11< triflltenppet: enil, whicU" the
tovem:\rt.. tho��ghI- con Id be tix<*d'in half a day.
'..���,!:Mr I'nrk.-CcuiiUel"' fcU^iluiirrtiffssM.fg��^ft>;thiit;
t lie e v i(let ice was- ���_u frihli. it t ,td: V;t ti tlei ��� ��� * i is5 cI i='
e n t s to< I ti in a g es i u 1.1 ie. a ti I'b'un t cl. i i tned, ni
i)uuc.*n "\Ic*.la=rt*n-i& A}o;., ad j oi 111 h ^ the �� ��5^3j. HQ y C| ilS blJ^eenSd el ."^u: j^H ^Ito i 11 ^1 i>t: it ��ii. of the
1) i sooy e i y wi., ii v e ra ge d  S iu per .<b i y t o th e | i| i t e h. fti r ��In i i i t a mo n th .1 as t fall and a si i n i 1 ai;:
lihTi'��1V;V":.''"^'f-: !'\r-vi- ;.;v:r-!'*-^'' ;;-;;:.' ' A fff--f   ';��� ' ] ;.;
lial pii & Co. b a ve' s i r tiek"Tig "iod  prospects
paitfkedsthroi'i^h tb ahl> rAiplcyfbubswhibhiwonbi
b^binding shmtld theiproce^
Ah iord'tt'r iwas;;granted.':-'to>p.uy,.S:i.UD per
'montbT^'t it:: *.fs f y^rf Affy-i ,:%fyfA
��� ;LATOT "^V^V^^.0SKKpi"��UTU*^8a^
ExpleSfi arrived j yesterday evening. *r A, *Jjs-
patch from Qttawa'.'of ���. June 14tlr nays ���" The
Home GoverntaeAt hh& decided tb'it-the nriioa
iiiB d -are ��av e rug ii t g $ Ip; per.. day to .tth e juuid
roc'kiivg.'';; ���'. T' ���       'V'-"."  [   '" " ;
The Pi\yn��;'C^$w av^ry
aged Si66 per drfv'to the hand;:;    ',
There i* cbnsl^efjiM^ pros pecting going;on
in the hills, and^gOod;pro��*p^s:have been
obiafcd. - -' *."-."'; - ip ."*������-      -I. i ��� f!:'
Harry Elliott & Co. hlive.struck good pros-.
pec is in the h i j I a i\*i a re .b ring utg i tt tt .< 1 i t.c h.
Charley. Morrison &0o. have also struck good
prospects in the lull, and inawy othetH have
.1 oeated hi 11. claims aaid ob turned good p ros-
pects.- '���- ' ' '.' ���
Jnlm -Bryant Jb Co.. hare bmight a. ditch on
to .th eir cl ai in. st tuai ed at Hie it pp e r e ml of
Om inect_ to w n, and h avis oom lutmcei I to Wt*sli.
<j��eorge Fnraa-ce <fc Co^ ***Mheh claims, are
making good wages.
Den. Ed wards & C o. h a v�� *an k it sh a ft;. 5!0
feet deep on the -EtMitb fork of the -west, branch,
of Germttngen creek, and _oi*e now drilling.
Tho. indications: are favorAfele.
Fin ley Cainp&el1  an tl   IVheD.o n a 1 d *s ��� new
wing-dsim lias  been earned away, toge.Liter
with all the old wing-ibnns. by. the freshet;
.' ��� Q orinnmen -creek  km q aU�� a ret.pectai) 1 e
, t o wn.   It 1. a a be en n sane d Om _ v k. ja Town 1. v
���ntt  lav^nU)ly.  and a good, time generally is jibe. Gobi Com mis��io iter.   There are  ithoa'i
bfeSdi.. \] ii^fe^m0jlgincess ?.;!TJi j S-^Det^
ra"irlc.-.H'3*IJ-e -ft *^ib>Vi\!feHi ii^utt it*.��' H"e"ai i ^*f yrV*^jc*.igi
;frb.m' Fran^edms --been;; repaid e< J. f Pi. J^'lchi".--
rlten are saidvt^iiayejieeh kined1ihn?4|atei*t
in Paris. ^oi'ge^AV'iisonf.;.tlioi C^rilt^pri^e:
.ttglifet-; u'te'd^*^ co.nsnmptiori at.!^ew^est-
' tri t ns ter o h V Ju n ef 1 i. tii.-;.;;) ��� There" li a v e ' beeti
grt.at'iicmd8;Uv;Mlsyp^ -:
y p .fii w;iyJbLtCii^ _,>y **S.'l K^?^n 0
beeji^o-wariu^as forvtljO ft^y days; preceding,
���amPtltei'ehave'; been/sjoraej-sbarp^Jfroisti: at
higiitl": The water in alt-the creeks 'has igono
down Tip ;a.ni o derate .be" gli t_�� ^ auC .the -s^ri ns:
fi;eshe|"--ia; apparent'!yvoy^r;vTbe^^hbw^has
gojie^^-^jrfeater ^ovtion^qf (ha road,'ex-
oe p t tii r o u gh; tbe' can vo n_ y T here i s s ti If al) o t it
pr^ijiif|'-.:bitfc:?Ha'rry''\ViVmot;hj.s'.:akeu .Vcnii-
tract- iron, the, Gobi: Commissioner jo Have it
sfe^lled .mi>.,\anH^T��^V:f^w days It fy?ill be
il);^J^)^ ^>!*^fQiir-hoy^;tearris:;,; ^   ,;'* ff
i Ro.Ai> "tNKws^fr Tbaddeus. Hafper;arLiyetl
he fe ��� t h is .* week! ;*: ���' lie i n fo nn s.. us th ai:; Mr
actual dainagedmd been proved, and thafjin Spenccjs biisy on ;the::r^;betwe*5nWlliaift
n o c a se c n n Id: p I iii n tl ft s elai mi n o re, t h a n  th' ��� c ,.^��; Tf
time-litis sjiring.,- -. fyi:f- Y-fy ;���-, ;,'��� f ' fj \ .
��� lj'or ihe defence. "MtvTfiompson;; .S'ecj:e|nfy
to the Fluine;C(.>,.argtied:jthat, :jhe;- tlitcti.. -not
h a v 111�� b e. ��� 11 11 sei 11asi sj> i'i h g! w as a b an d o rt ed',
and-tlnUllibTaet;of ��� tbe ^orninh frioi haying
Hi i ��* Jti i o th.-r tlj t.ph: lirt'Gl uti 8 il the iii 'fif r b iri ^ it n v
funl.ier claim to the/bid one ; Inrthef. tli.it no
value of the-1.5 inched water they had offered
to.take.'   >���:��� " '��� ���������"��� ���;���- ;������.
Mr jMeachuni. foreman of the Flnme, Mr
Coulter. Mr Wickbi'i'n; tindSeveral witnesses
w) i o 1 tad b ecu wo r ki ug o n tlie Fin me g ro n it d.
were called to prove that when * he ditch was
broken. I ast y <'ui' the fl'ii ui e across .'the; Kp r w ��rd
2 round wasin a vetybnd condition and not
lit to carr\> water ; also, thai il it were put np
now it would be: of no use. as the ditch was
m d Qu e s n el in o itth -m aliin g re p airs, and:
the , worst places have been tixecl. Messrs.
H a vper. h a ve : es tab 1 i si t ed;. a cattle c at t. p a fe
Co!lon wood." wberet here - is good feed, and
will keep-sufficient stock there to supply thirt
market till the feed on the mountain become.*
ffbod. The cropB in. the ..farming-, dh-fcricls'
give promise of an abundant, harvest.:
Li g 11 tx i k a ICx r r KI4S-��� U ar ry W i 11 n o t b as at
.,   . trreat expense put a tour-horse wagon'on (ha
not ready to ���^*a" road, aud'intends n^kiTtg daily trips andlast
per end. where it was from ionr to six leel j -:     '.       .    ���      : ,    -���  to ,   .<      '
abov.e the present bed of the creek, was fixedjtmm  to  and  Irom (A .mwinkie A\m Mtntmer.
and shovelitrd out, which wonbI.take a much';The  fare for passengers each way has been
longer titne than estimated by plain litis ; and i reduced to $ I. 50.
ftirthei-.i that no objection had been 'madeby j    ,; ,   ������.,...   v .^���..,t  J.*fc   _>*��!������
plalntllA at the  time  when the fl'umo was      ^ikioht   Anniv Ku-^evrna pack   tiauis
tat.ee. down, the foreman having merely  re-! with mercitanihze tmve arrived this weeic, in-
questedlbat the old siulf should be put to j eluding Turk's and' Davb.-'.' for Oppenheimer
one side, ..rid, that the Cornish CO-had neverj ^ j|ncl p4.0Wu'd with flour from Dog creek
paid sufliciont probt to jiwtily 'the prerientj      ^ Pendola. *
-.:.���' '���:
r^kvtivKW��"v"'0.wliH^ Rxprt*48 will! Provi:,^)nH 0i" ^henieans (o }>ro!:.m*e them. No j he thomrhi dftetuhuit? had acted too hastily      %j$~- The MoGiriley Minstrel  Trot
������'"""     -'   *' *   '.*' ' ' if' \    "" "      | provwtms have so  far. ��-t rived, atitl if the j-iu, breaking dowri the.Hume without first hay-V.;;        #,H^vt��irimt��nt at th-  Theatr
��'hvc al noon to-day, np to which (un.betters i ]ry(k(., ,jo   JUl|, vyva  {[���mf^m J11J(| pu,b ; inp  llM(1   f7n  w,tm^\.  in . wriUng witb tV| *"t*      r��^��^?��rat^ w-   -intftU
will be rccdi'eii tU'I3aruardv& lixprws-yiSce.  ���! thcai in ^ grcM imny aim nrill be obliged I.' Cuiuklr' cc   ile  would order' thai until lhe1 ^xu ""vcninfi.
npa' will-
a, It oval
r '
Bn__&US__B_8_B9SBSSBIUIia ilFf*  ���������AlA-  ���������   ,f ���������  ���������'���������fii'tl  ;������*!'';  sP_-J  ft,*  IP  . >&^  "fi':::;  * ���������'������������������������������������)������������������  i  1.1  li .;���������_ ..?  ft-  _*;S  teg  Up.  :fefe.  ���������������*** >-  ���������si; -x-c  sik_*\.   '  .t>i'V ���������  ������M  (j.������in-i it  111  lii-J-i'-.;.'. v  ���������r-|?a!F  #1.  if- ���������  :kff-:  fife  :  ���������fit  1- A f  W-Mf  IS  j 5 j: '-fix  fl  '���������'���������mM-  ii  n,1J_l  v'.������"l|������ii  - ilfrj:������  Ml  'mH  . ���������*;#>!  , p._if  *  it'  ;:':  :_Y*  ff  ff  y\.  ill;  fri.M1  i.-::..;  H__-..t  'f J-i  hif  .  &  LiMwmmmsm  HpBBBOT-fl  am  MINING RECORDS.  AMADOUCKKKK.  Wooloomooloo co.���������June 1���������Recorded in  fivd'r of John Polmere, B. Van Volkenbur^h,  Wiii: Tucker. A,' McDonald. T. R. Paltnllo.  ,iy. Powell. T. Bell. W. Forrist. N. F. FosUr*  3.B;Naaon,W. Hitchcock, W. Davison. N;  V'ninbaiitn. Ed par Marvin, Sam. Roberts,' I.  Vnn Vo.fcenbiirjj-i. 16 creek claims, com-  inencinp at upper line of Amador co., running  4.p stream. t        >  TAN'WIXfJiS CHEEK.  June 12���������"Recorded in favor of M. Cloney,  IL Roberta, 200 feet.  NBI.SON* CRKKK.  May SO���������Recorded in favor of A. Borland.  one hill claim on west bunk, about 200  feet,-'  above Gregan-ft cabin. h  June 12���������Recorded in favor, of Ah Ging,!  one bill claim, formerly known as Ab Wing  co.'s ground.  i.GTlOtJgtt cnisBK.  Cascade co. (Water)���������May 31-  MISCRLLANEOUS  J; P. TUNSTALL & Co*,  8 BOW CHURCH YAHD, LONDON.  J. H. TURNER & Go.,  VICTORIA, B.C.    ff:  HOLESALE  Dry Goods and Commission Merchants.  p3-* Goods bought in the Knropean Markets to order, and consignments of Goods from  British Columbia sold in London.  REFERENCES     IN .   ���������   -  LONDON���������London and Westminster Bank, Lothbury.  Messrs. Co pes take, Moore & Co.-, 5 Bow Chnreh Yard.  VICTORIA���������Bank of British North America.  triy6 6m  -Recorded  Ib favor of C. P.O'Neil, 100 inches water from  head of Sawmill co.'s ditch. .  Mount Pleasant Ditch��������� Jnn������ 3���������Recorded  In favor of A. McAlinden, the Mount Pleasant  Ditch.   Re-record.  Talisman, co.���������June'5���������Recorded in-favor  ���������of Talisman and Castle Dangerous companies  their amalgamation under name of Talisman  : CO.  - "       .-   '  Rocky Point co.���������June 5���������Recorded in  favor of J. J. Cowlev, 100 feet; re-record.  Full Rig; co.���������June 8���������Recorded in f������vo-  '<ol A. McAlindon. five hill claims;. re-record.  June 32���������Recor led in favor of F. Peny , a  creek claim commencing about lower end;of  i.a -_Gbina cabin and running up stream to  ..After-Clap co.: >  FRENCH CREEK.  ������  . -'Clark CO.���������June 1���������Recorded in favor of  P. Manotta, H. Schorl mp, P. Desorneau,1 three  creek claims, commencing at lower line of  Clark co., running down stream j' to form part  Tot .same.  Clark co.���������June 12���������Recorded in favor of  A. Jeffrey, 100 feet, abandoned by J. Iunes.  - ..."    ANT14CK CRKBK.  " Tudor Co.���������June 5���������Recorded in favor of  H,; Jones, 1 interest; re-record.       -,-.-'  Hamilton co;���������June 8���������Recorded in favor  of John Knott, one interest.   Re-record.  :   - LOWUb.K CREEK.    ."���������  . Brown co.���������June 7���������Recorded in favor of  ��������� I. Oppenheimer, 14 interest; VV. R. Jones. 1  interest; John Sanderson. A. Clotworthy, J.  O. McLean, J. Lnmley, J. Polmere, W. L.  Carter, each ������ interest; E. D. Price, | interest;, re-record. ,  fiK-GG'S OULCH.  Matilda co,���������June 12���������Recorded in favor  of G. Monroe, John Lnmley* Geo. Fergrusou,  three creek claims, commencing at lower line  of Trust to Luck 50., running down stream.  FLOUR, FLOUR, FLOUR,  FOE SALE AT CUNTON IMS  ft  SODA  CREEK,  .       . . ���������      ��������� ' '  ; QUESNELLE, and  .    BARKERVILLE  J. HARPER,  Miners' Provision  Store!  BARKERVILLE.  IT. THT  fX.   SeRc  THIS STORE will always, bo founvl a well-  William Creek Schoql  Board.  OTTCB IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT  the following By-Law passed by tbe  School Beard of William Creek District,  having been approved by Ids Excellency the  Governor has now become law :  ������������������ Whereas,'at a meeting o^f the male residents  I of the age of 20 years, in tlit* School District  of William Creek, held at Barkerville on 20tb  March. 1871, the following Resolution was  adopted, namely:���������That this meeting do authorize and empower the Local Board for tlie  Sclio d District of William Creek to collect  ami levy a tax or rate on all the "��������� male residents of the ape of 20 years of Two Dollars  per head per annum, or any less amount tbat  the Board may find sufficient to meet, the expense of the School.  Therefore. Resolved,���������That- the Local  Hoard for the District of'William Creek do  collect, and are hereby empowered to collect  aud levy, a Tax or Rate of Two Dollars per  head for the year commencing 1st June, 187.1,  upon all male residents above tats age.of 20  years in the said District."  J. Spkxcki. Thompson*,  President of Board.  J. GoonpELLow. Secretary.  Passed at Public Meeting held the 20th  March^l871. '  Certified by me,  ,.'������������������[ J. Spkxceu Thompson'.  Chairman;  Approved,  A. Musoiuyk.  10th May, 1871.  Tn accordance with thc '* Common School  Amendment Ordinance, 1870../Me Gkurgk  By ax ks 1ms th i j> d ay b ee n n p po i n te d Col 1 ecto r  for the District for the year commencing this  day, 1st June. 1871.  ctcd ���������slock of tlio  FRESHEST    GROCERIES   AND  PROVISIONS   IN   CARIBOO.  BEST JAV������ COFFEE'  Roasted and Grouad daily.  Branch Store at Last  ../. Chance,..  Where a good assortment of Goods will alwnys b<?  found. ..-  I triis.t by strict niton tion to business ������nd fair nh'i  ftqutmi diMling, t������������ merit :t continuatico of tbe lil>rral  patronage heretofore extended to me. fe4  T I C E.  THR  UKDER^IPNEn  BEGS   TO   INFORM  HI?  friondsaud the public,that he has tilted up sotio  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  n bis new building, where he is prepared topive  yood Bods at a rojirtouahl*' price Tli.iisc who will  favor Mm Willi their patrouaffe, tnay depend ou the  oleatiuesj. and comtoft of his house  H^takesalsothisopportunity t<vreti.ind tho Cari-  booties that ItiK Brewery has repelw(I the FIKfcT  1'KIZI" of the Colony for hlscolebrated  the FLORENCE is.ihe best Sewing  Machine-for Family use, because it  so seldom gets out of order. If there  is one not working well in  CALIFORNIA,  OREGON,-  WASHINGTON. TERRITORY,  ','    NEVADA,  IDAHO,  ' ALASKA, :" v- f  BRITISH COLUMBIA,  MEXICO, ;.  JAPAN, ��������� ; *  ���������  CHINA, if informed of it. I will  it without any expense. to the  Or  fix  o.wner.  SAMUEL HILL,. Agent, .  Ho. 19 Montgomery.Street,' South,  GRAND HOTEL BUILDING,  Pan j^rancisco, Pal.  Send for Circulars and samples of  the work.   Active Agents-wanted in  *i__9  every place.  R, BEAVEIM, Agent.  jplO (.m Vic form. B.C.  XXX    ALE,  And th c t rtto amateur? wlllbe able to judge by thein  selves that such honorable prize has been justly  awarded to him;  N.'B.'���������A lurtfc front room tolet.  Barkerville^'rau. 2a, 1869. N. CUNIf*  LEA & PERRINS'  Oe leh rut od  WORCE 8TERSHI.RE    SAUCE  Dc.laretl by Connoisseurs to he  THE   ONLY    GOOD   SAUCE.  d^)_-),._-_y__s___*^-^^gX  M ZQ'U'z.if������W^i  mamm  [  3. S. Thompson, Chairman.  Kaw i>. Puaasoat See retary.  1st June, 1871. je3  HAVE 'been roqueted by stevral ro?pootablo par-  llos, '.vhocali tvstn'y to the efficacy of my sjTtttetn,  to again make public the tuct that  Moses' Hair Invigorator  Wlhh PREVENT BAI.DNKSS,  KESTORK HAIR THAT IS BECOMING THIN  OU PAU.INO 0|i*H\ und oir-eiuilly  CORE SCUUb* OR MNJHtto,  This is not a more amoHlrrh en my part,,as I have  in my posst.ssl< >u n amorous totst.monial.'. certify ing to  the suoecss of iny r������mtedy.  I fta not of omirse preumd that 1 can make the hair  ���������rrow on bean's which have been bald for y������iarft; but  1 will ������.Mi!iranteo'to stop the iniir Iroin fallingr.0, to  iucroa^o its growth, and cflTcclually rcmovn Scurf ������r  Dandrulf. W. I). MOSKS;  BJirltervilk^B.C.  CERTIFICATE.  This is to certify tl������at during ljist spring my liair  was rapidly falling ������mt and my heafl whv [Vrst b'���������.coming oa hi, when I applierl to Mr \V. lKMO^ES. Rurber,  IJarkiTVill"', who io a low weoks rostorwl mv linlr to  its lorwior honllhv state DAVID GIRRONS, '  ilarkurvillo, Qiso.J9t 1866.     v* ^uoiidlir  Caution against Fraud.���������The successor this  most ilellcions and unrivalled Condi in out havlnj:  caused certain dealors to apply the name of" \Yfircof.������  trrshire S)auco'' to tlieir own Inferior compomulp, the  public Is hereby informed that the ouly way tone-  cure thegeuuino, is to  ASK'FOB LEA & PERRINS1 SATJCli.  and to see that thoir mimes are upon the wkai'J'kh  mbel8, sTorn.B. and norn.K.  Some oI the foreigit imirkels having hoen mipplted  with uspurious Worcoster^hln'Sauco.uiion the wrapper and label-! of which tho names of Leu and Furring  have been .forged, L. nnd 1*. give notice that tlmy  have furnished their correppomhmts with power of  iittorney to take instant preceod^ngs against manu-  facturkrs a ml vkx������.ii-8 of such, or any other iiuita  ti< ui s by wit teh t h e i p rig a t m ay be l ii fringed.  Ask for LEA & PERRIES' Sauce and see  Name on "Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper.  Wholesale and for export by the Proprietors, Wor  coster; Crosse and Black well, London, &c,, &c, ��������� aud  bv Grocers and Oilmen universullv.  BUSINESS- NOiiCES.  THE GREAT FAMILY; MEDICINE OF TH*5  ri    . AGK.'.���������Xffyfiff iX[fli  THIRTY YEARS; . y   '  Have elapsed since the introduction of the  Pain Killer to the public.and yet at tti** present time it is more popular and commands a  Urjrer sale than ever before. It* pppnlaritY  is not confined to tins country alone \ all over  the world its beneficial effects Ah enrinp; the  ���������Mils that flesh is heir to,*7 a re'acknowledged  and appreciated, and as a pain klTJiKU its  faine is limited to no conntry, sect or race.^-  It needs only to be known tii be prized;*n p  TiuitTY Vaus is cerf������ifi.1y.alpnf;"ie:npijigh'-  time to prove the efficacy of ^any^jnedicine,  nnd that the pain* kiw>ib[fa demr^gp^jAAV  its proprietors clnira .foritis amj>!y proved  by the unparalleled popn.atUy it has at-;  tained. It is a riire aMJ^^KcrfiVK; Yeiiaedy.  Sold by all Dru^grtsts and Storekeepers.���������  Directions accompany each bottle.        j������3  Giant Fdwdei\  Robertson   Stewart*  COMMISSION MERCHANT,  WHARF STREET,     -f -      -<     -    "* VICTORIA,  Agent for   British   Columbia.  A supply of.^i 1 an''l 1*4 hwh Cartriduec. C������p������  . nd Ku������������ always kept on hanu. ' ioy" Jim  Albion Iron Works,  VICtOUIA,  B.C.,        .  ANUFACTURE STKAil ENGINES AND BOII.KRS,  eithi-r High or LcAv Trosstire,  (ir i������t, Qua rt v. a 11 d Sa vv >! i lis, a lid ah fact a ny I liin if  (.���������iriure.u.il with the M:n.liiiie:lni?tne.<?s. : Iron iiji.1  Brass. Castings of all d*js_ripMons,. On hand and fur  ji������ii.,a largo assortment ^J'SiifteVBarand i>tlivi,Irc>n,  IJoiKr Knits, Jack i.crews, Briis's rucks, (Jlobe Valves,  C������'niet'ery liniltiigs "I dillmnl- Patterns. <'ar,Wti������ds  with Iron and Steel Axl<wSt...im Pipu Killings, kc.  All onn-rs pronyjtly attended to., prorata Oiish, at  our Works iu Victoria.  hi v 13 Bin i* PR ATT, k IRvT N G, Proprietow.  A. GILiytORE,  xr"  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA;. V.I  AS ON HAND. ANP IS CONSTANTLY receiving, a  large   assortmvnt  of   CLOTHS,. CASfSIMKRKS  ;md  VKSTIXRS. which lie is prepared to-make t*>  order in the most approved styles,  jj������* Parties on   William   ' reek  enn   hayo  their  measures taken hy Mr Mi.(.allum, Barkorville.  8&- All orders from Carihoo promptly attended to.  myelin  &  Store Street (between Herald and Fisgard)  VICTORIA, B.C.  ANDREW ASTRICO, -   ���������   -   - -   ���������   PROPRIETOR.  The most commodious ami clean Hotel in Victoria,  It Uconducted ou the European principle. Tlie table  is supplied with tin* very b*������������t the innrket allords.  Meals at all hours of the day. Private Dining  Rooms lor Families.  Board and Lodging per we*>k, $5 50 and $0 .)0.  Per day,   $1,   Single men Is, Z*% cents.   Beds, 50c  #3- Fire proof Sate in the H>u._e.       " inyt to  SPROAT  & CO.,  3F TOES & LIQUORS.  ���������     AGENTS FOR  1  The Royal Insurance Co.,  WHARF STREET. VICTORIA, V,I.  my tf 3w  1  L  CO.,  CASAMAY0U .&  Wholesale Dealers in  Groceries, Provisions,  Liquors, Havana Cigars  YATES   STREET,  mytJ Sfui  VICTORIA, B.C.  ___^(i_a_jra_saffl!W_ffis_^__T  jflS-StPtef������3fi*_5__^t_W)_


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