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The Cariboo Sentinel 1870-06-25

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 al  ITcdi  ,.nw  GC1  not  Wag  rw-r.  U  l Lf������  lblr  wishj  DUlllJj  1 60,(3  'il lu>:  andd  KEY  be pre-  ake bei  hehoaj  jlit am  led with.  f carry.  ?rrtricci  . ��������� Wtiorft  bciysub,  w-iriiiuV  )Of!K.  ni-23  mm  15\  'LLAB  ���������rdedby:  itelj;  aru),  jrietor. I  .'  '      1  "ictoria,   f|  hetabli li  6r������Js.      g  Dining  jl  >C 50,-   I  'tis, 60c.   m  m  ��������� few  Mil  ILLE.  Si������  il  ��������� -.  ililiil  m&<  'if1  Mm&  ^^w  GtjBB  \TV%  ^^^r  16 6m     1  fill  UCE,  $ or ihij ������������  baring 1  Wurcos- p  thattba m  RAri'KR, B  supplied  m wrap*  perrins  nit they  jower of  t MA>'t''  jriralta*  1  I  nd see   |  9, and   I  cv aoa  Vol.9.  Barkerville, William1 Creek. B.C.; Saturday, Jime; 25 ������������������ 187Q\  y  No. 8  THECAMBOOSpTlNEL  ;;      Published every:. Saturday by  ���������R 0 B E.R T    II 0 L LOW-AY.  Subscription,   -   -50 Cents per Weelc.  AgentScfor the "-Cariboo Sentinel;V  Van Winkle,*..      -    ' -  Q uosn c 1 mou th, ;���������   *. ���������'.->..:  Soda Crock,   .- --,��������� '. ��������� _���������������������������'.- -  Clinton,;.; - ���������'. \?'"' -.     -.  Tale,      - '    -     Mr. Evans,  New Westminster ���������   '."'.'V -  Victoria,   ���������      ���������- '���������''.������������������ y ��������� -  L,.P.-Fisher,    .    *   '���������   - -.-���������--  MrG.W. Linrthart  :      Barnard's Express  -  :   Barnard* s Express  Barnard's Express  do do  - ,   Clarkson & Co  :,;.Iohn, Cohens  - .. SahFrancisco  -the 'cariboo sentinel   :  J OB PR! K TING O FFIC E.  Cards, Circulars, Posters and Programmes for  Balls and Theatrical ^EnW&imnedt^: :���������'  j^-Executed with neatness and dispatch.^f,  -���������>���������'''':������������������'��������� Terms moderate.:���������"-'. .  An English lady, of middle age, who Fad-conceived an i htense affection for the Emperor  /Napoleon, -came to: Paris and endeavored.:tp  obtain an interview with him. .SJie met with  n ii merous bV)stacles: to the grati fication of her  wish .but she .hired;1 an; apartment ;oh |ae second story of the*' Hotel ou Pavilion de Ronan.  looking iupon ;the;: Rue fie Rivou. Since she  installed hi'r*elf there:she has madeinnunier-  able attempts, to; 6b tain an entrance into; the  Tni! evles.;.- b\\p tlie. ."spates Were to o ��������� ctosely -kept.  On Monday, however;she contrived tq.Jev;ado  ihe/Sva tali(liln'#������Vof the gatekeepers, and:made  tasr' way ;ifito the pri vate garden of tbe Tail-  eries. wh w shf; p re pared: t o a wait/: 6 e co rri ih'g  oF the .Ernpikrbr.,. IIw; hope was frustrated by  the officials on ditty, who-aiscover^r her un  an.ihqrispd. presence and marched- her, off to  th e -guard ^ wo m attach ed to il i e pal ace,. tip on  h**ln-g in te'r rogated -.;��������� -phe"s said; her... name; was'  Louisa Creery, a native of Dublin1} and a de-  sceudaht of. the Stnarts. She added that she  had an irrepressible affection towards the Emperor Napoleon- Tbe poor lady was examined by;the medical ouTcers, *nd by! their direction "was removed to ia :maisoti._de. jaatite;  until her friends, to wbom a telegram was  despatched, should arrive to take charge of  her. ';"> '        ���������'   " ::';:.:   y '',-. :������������������  '��������� Silvers Some years ago there;was a'rep'ort  .that all of the .copper-bottomed ships brought  home silver Crora the salt water of, the. oeeau,  and mathematician9 at once went to work to  compute the enormous c[ lantity of- the pre-,  cioua metal that must be. contained in tb^  oceans of the world; but Bince the original  discovery notbin'g fu rther has be'en, said on  the subject. In 1849 silver was also found in  the blood of several animals, especially of the  ox, but iu all.of these cases the occurrence ie  generally considered to be accidental. The  production of silver was stated by Wagner, in  18G8, to*be in values:  North America, .: $20^000,000  Mexico and South America^ 35,000.000  i3ritish America,. ; \    " ; :.,. .500,000  Australia.and New Zealand,      .1,000,000  Siberia,A :���������.-:: - -.i^ 1,500,000  All other countries/;" yr-y. -J:7 ��������� 2,000,000  :":'"';' :Total, ;: -'   :"���������&- -x      ;; $60,000,000  Tue Hon. Mr. Hplbrook read a paper on  British Columbia before a large party of Senators and members of the Ixouse of Commons  at O ttaw a * on tb e 9th: ;May."; At; the cl ose a  vote of thanks was moved by Mr. A. Mackenzie, leader of the Opposition, and seconded  by the Hon. Malcolm Camerom Mr Cameron,  in seconding the motion, said he.had met Mrv  Hoi brook on tue. banks of the Fraser, and  knew him to be a real pioneer. Ho bore testimony to the faithfulness ot Mr Ilolbrook's  description of the country, and said British  Columbia must have a railway. The paper  read by Mr Holbrook receives favorable  notice in the press. A full report ot it appears in the Leader, having been telegraphed  to Toronto.  '  Something; thb Matter ;wmi the Stjk.-4  Mr Frederick^ Howieitt; in a letter to the Lpn'f  "dou^ime&,^ysj;^AimJber_enormous spot of  very irregular: form; but of one . c^nHniiqus  suriace,v5^000 miles i.h mean length and 30,-  000*' miles in meani b read th,: is:; tr aversi n g^.the  sun's northern hemisphere, and possesses a  superficial ;avea of about 1,620,000 square  mileSi In .additibh to this great single spof  there is a group of two fair sized spots in the  uprthe'fn hemisphere, besides six other, groups  in ther southeriv hemisphere;��������� mostly of a very  scattered and , irregular., description. The  total area of the whole,of these spots cannot  ; be^stiniate<l:afc; tas^bwrS$O0!000i00p Square  miles. .1 have never, during a period of 20  years,seen so greatadjsturbance; Thegreai  hortheru spot will pass off the disk about tlie  1-ith April j and previously to that date may  very probably resolve itself into a group of  spots, a3 it shows symptoms of breaking up.  EAHTuauAKE vs. Goayaqdil.���������In Guayaciuil,  between Point Pasado and Point Venado,. a  peculiar volcanic movement has taken place.  In a space of two leagues the surface of the  earth��������� undulated slowly, and great" chasms  and deep circularexcayatjons were operied.  A new lagoon wa& formed, and befcweeh the  Bhoreand the sea there appeared a large sized  hill. During all this fearful commotion, the  hills along the coast were observed' to be in  a state of unrest, and large,land slides took  place, carrying with" them rocks and trees.  For four days this; agitation continued, the  undulation being from west to east; These  phenomena took place early.in the month of  March. It Would seem from this that the  throes of the earth which, a year or two ago,  sent desolation and death through some of  the most populous districts of South America,  are not wholly spent.  /Advantages op lGNOiiANCE-~rIt appears that  the*' number of: insane^ persons;at St. Petersy  burg is rel atiyel y smaller th an in any 'other  European capital;, Thei proportion is one' ill  lJO'43 inhabitants, while in London it is one  in,200, in -Paris one in 222, and in Milan one  irt 244. This is chiefly attributed by Russian  statisticians to tbo defective state of education  at St. Petersburg, the number of insane in a  country usually increasing in proportion to its  degree ot civilization. It ia also found that  the majority of the insane in the Russian  capital; are women, and that people become  insane most frequently between the *. ages of  30 and ,40. Many of the people suffer from  religious mania; these are mostly Lutherans.  Among the men a grea,t number.are inyenters  and;financiers.-���������[Echo;-.;      ���������>  M1SCELLANKOUS.  Van Ydlkeiiburg  &   Co.  RETAlU; BUTCHERS,  BAIIKERVILLE, RICHFIELD,   AND  \MOSQUITO CREEK.  A supply offresh meat of all descripUons consibnlly  on hunii.",-.       :-.-,-  ;:;��������� A&CBAXGi!: SxoRT^-Le Gaidois-relates:that  some workmen engaged in demolishing^ old  house in the Quartier St.;Yictor in Paris came  upon a^nest of gadders containing some hun-  dred^of these reptiles, e.t the .bottom of an ex^  hausted well.);, In the midst of this snaJSe nest  waX^fmibd:. jt ~; skeieton^ which? had pr ob ably  fallen into the. well years agoya^dTibeTfe  which had been devoured by..the;adders.~~  Strange to say;in the band of .the ;skeleton  wasapocket-book of red morocco;leather,  in 'whichi. when opened, .therei were;! found: 40  bank notes for lOOOf. each, a woman's likeness; and a letter which had been almost en*  tirely; eaten by the reptiles, the only fragment  remaining: decipherable bearing the; wprds,  .���������' Tip not makei known ;tbe] plotl>? A;judicial  iunujrv^haabeen commenced^       __  ,BasINESSr-N0TICESi;';--, XyXy '  m  Miners' Provision Store,  i;��������� ; .bAr-kerville,  Xyy Nbxt Door to; Skntinel OrncK. .  / A l T: .this Ei?tabUsl itnon t \y il I ahv a y s b c f ou n d a xt c 11  xjL ���������'-.������.:;: selected sin d y aried assortmen t o 11h e  FRESI^ST: GROCERIES ������& PROVISIONS  y a;^;^;^,,;';-lN,CARiBOO.  A:LS0~A good selection of Clothi.ig. Hardware, Glas  yyy  :and Crockery^ Best bran as of Tobacco,  y.       ,-'/;'";;-!/.-!..Medicines, etc., etc.  :   B06"t Javu Coffee Roastcil and Ground DAILY.  A^-Gto^ RATES.  ��������� ibeBAR isfullysuppiied witimr?-choicest-���������  '=��������� ;:v-"-HavanaGigars^Wincsand Liquors.  .1:.:,-I^'rus:t;.by, sir let at tention to b us i u ess, a n U fa j r ������ n d  square dealing^:^ meirf t 'a< ccn t^i u a ncc o 1 th c 1 ibc i al  patronage tierctoi'bro extcnA ed to me.  A large lot .of HEY WOOD'S celebrated BACON  for; sale;, at a very..10 w figure.  ;;.Feb^^ 18^9. :y:. yyy* '     8m  i -  .  l  ���������~  ���������������������������  ������������������ -.- ���������  si-  ���������    t  .   ���������-���������������  j ;  An Assistant Secretary of the British Astronomical Socioty, Mr Williams, has just furnished a translation of the Chinese records of  comets observed for 2,250 years ending A.D.  1640. This is the only continuous registry of  the kind in existence, and is expected to yield  important results hereafter,    .  Governor Hill, at the prorogueing of the  Newfoundland Parliament on May 18thj expressed regret that the colony was not united  with the Dominion, and said the British Government was anxious therefor.  Diamond-Pointbp Stkkl Djulls-���������These machines, which were first brought into use" in  the Mount Cenis tunnel, Europe, have been  brought to great perfection by American engineers. One of them was recently employed  in a tunnel of the Consolidated Bullion and  Incas Silver Mining Company, Colorado, the  tunnel having been at the time driven COO  feet into the mountaiu. This drill cut. horizontally through 417 ������ feet of very hard quartz  and feldspar rock; the expense for diamonds  in drilling this distance being only thirty dollars. In very hard trap rock quartz or granite, eight feet per hour is found to be a fail-  average rate of boring, where holes are not  required to be over one hundred feet deep  and two inches in diameter; while in sandstone, marble, slate, etc., Qfteen feet per hour  is easily bored.  The -Great Pamil y Medicine of th e Age.  Slieet and Oast  ������������������#������������������ S  . LL job b i ng;. . wok k in TI K, C 0 PI * E r :s h e p t  ;;i;r 6h, 7An c an cl; teitl^.P i p i n g, a tte n d c < to w i t h  promptness, B:'stad ' warran ted to ki v c e n tiro  sail  faction.' ���������'':''' 'V.':'-r''; ���������: :-���������'  Hardware; Iron & Steel,  ...j..  i. .  . s '- ��������� .. THIRTY iTEARS '.. VX \'Xy  Have plnpscd since, the' introduction of the Pain  Kilbr to the public^and.y.e.b. at the present tinie it is  more popular and commands a larger sale; than revor  before.- Its popularity is not-confined to this; country  alohb ; all oyer the world its beneficial; effects in  curing the " ills tluit flesh Is heir to,'' are acknoy/1;  edged and: appreciated,; and as.a pain killbu its fame  is limited to ho country, sect nor race. It needs only  to be known to be pria'od. ..;'.,       ���������   ;. 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VICTORIA, V.I. my7 3m  "E';<  WATSON,  ATOHM.\KER, JEWELLER AND EN-  graver, Govcrnmont street, next to Ibe  St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V.I. Cl iron c ureters aud Watches cleaned, repaired, and warranted ���������  Every description of Jewellery mad e to ordt r> I'Saiii  and Ornamental Engraving neatly executed.  Orders from the Upper country promptly atundod  to.  s*.  ?v        ,������   c  /  /. ��������� !  .-.'���������  '--.  y\  ���������-'���������,  1-j  ;-;  .   ���������;  ^i :  ;:-:*  yy  W'y  Vrl  my  -\ ���������  -.,-.  ")'; ��������� v  ������  ���������? ���������  t7>  ,?-  SATURDAY; JUNE 25, 1$70.  the: NEWS,  t''iYt?--:W 4 DTDAA CT?\TfPT\TT?r   strata may be found.   G)ld was never be-,  1 tlli DAltlbUU oJii>:lll> J3/M;, fore found in^so light a layer of earth'.   In  a day a hydraulic /pipe would wash as much  as it does in the .William creek hydraulic  olaimr in/a, week. ..The -strike on 'Grouse  creek, i n the. bill al ongsi (le the ri eh o J d Texas ground, is not so important, and is only  worth mentioning as an illustration of the  want of ^thorough prbspectingj both in bill  and creek, which has yet to be done in Cariboo.-, ���������'"    ���������.:-;-../: ./:���������' "'>���������'. "h.: ���������'������������������ '.;'{; y.y':,.;.  Narrow Escape���������O n Tilesday last a miner  named . Jpha; Fi nlayso ri, w hi le engaged in  clearing out the William creek: Bedrock  Flume, stepped into a part of theflume which  he thought was filled sufficiently to enable  him to stand in and take out some rock, but  he was immediately overthrown by (he strong  current and earned .down the flume from its  head to the point *\ihere the doub 1 e flume  commences. In the attempts he made to  catch bold of the/flu me sides he hurt his right  arm and was considerably stunned; He then  <rave,np all effortto savo himself and called  Io u d ly fo r help. On p assin * j,; Rich 2oI cl h: a  cries were heard by John Greer, P."'Kirwiu  and Recorder J. II.��������� Sullivan, who ran along  the waggon road to get ahead of him and en-  deavor- to atop his dangerous progress. by  p 1 aci hg th e m sel ves al o rigsid e. the flu me a n d  catch hold of him. ;; At the junction :of the  two;flumes; however, he;was;stopped;.by ah-  e/ddy. an d managed.to eraw\ oxxt, of the f!urne;  He:;was taken to Mr' -Neiifader's;house, at  Richfield, where;, lie Jwas yery kindly eared, for  .until he/ became:/able"to walk tp/his^cabin/  Subsequen tly: it was found that his right arm  had been dislocated^ :yvhich|w^; set^by Dr.  Cnring the week ;miieb; interesting;- news  has been received here.:; A lease of the Meadow^ from bank/to bank,./and five miles in  length.; has/ been 'granted to -Messrs. Kurtz  aud Lane, who represent a com pany of Cali^  fornia capitalists with .8250,000: ' From Oin-  inecaiseveral miners have arrived at Quesnel^  mouth.   A very;promisirig strike on- Walk-  ke r s gul oh, a tri b u ta by of Wi 11 iam ,:pree k, w as  made on Monday.    Good surface diggings  near the base of the-, mountain rising from the  valley called the Mfcadows, above,;: referred  to, have been found,-;- and a strike was made  on Grouse.creek.   We have no.particulars as  to the nature of the lease, except'what has  been vouchsafed to our- contemporary, tbe  Colonist, as above stated, and that the.company, after getting the ground into a workable/condition, will charge a moderate rate  for drainage.��������� and water., furnished to miners?  u who may acquire; the right to a reasonable  peclioh: of ground^ oh either side of the channel to be opuned by the company.   Miners  will: feei \aterested in;' the statemen t ;i of the  Co 1 priist vtbat; a; bedrqck ;d rain .or fium'e is to  be constructed,; *riarfcl^ such/a work  has hitherto^beeri deemed .impracticable be-'  cause of the depth and the want of "fall"; for  running off ;the, washings.:;VWe are pleased,  bo wey er--and we.��������� t!;iuk ' th at; none can feel  otherwise, unless the immense extent of  ground granted may .furnish a tlferae for  growlers-^tbaj something is tobe done to  open the great, perhaps the? greatest /-" and  richest gold depositaryVbf Cariboo; however  it may, be done, CWith side-rock shafts and  a OO-horse power .engine at the head of the  ground;; whicli will be drained by a bedrock  drain pr-flu me, the chauces are favorable for  success*��������� Something^as_already_J)e.eii_do.ne>  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Fri  CELEBRATION. ^  ~^lst,  1870,  .y���������������������������-.������������������   Thefollosing is tho ���������  "*'��������������������������� PROGRAMME OF/SPORTS  ��������� '���������"���������' :���������''     Ij.^-'"--/ ''��������� .'1st Prize.-.:  1���������Hop;Slcip-,yump,   ...;...:,.    $10  2��������� Standing Loap,      :-���������'.;.,..        '      1*  3-^Standiug High Jump.......  ���������,,'���������        10  4���������Rurinaij? Hijjh Jamp,....' 10  2d Prize.  -5. '  towards reducing the! amount of water at the  head;of the ground by-the Batlarat- tunnel  ,    au d the Wi 11 h tm G reek bed roc k;drain; w hich  bring tovthe Jsnrface the seepage and bedrock  water of W11 \iam creek.   We wish the; com^  panyall^iiccess, and hop eithat.it,may- be the  means of attracting the attention of capitalists  to the very large extent of^deep  mining  ground to whicjiywe referred in our last number; ;? As to the news from Omineca, it should  not be taken for final 'judgment on the val ue  of that part of; the district.   Disappointed  .  men tell sad tales, andfthese men;have;been  badly- disappointed.; Tbey came to the colony wi th a vague impression p f Omineca being a second Califorhia ;with an Australia on;  the;tbp of it/ ��������� ��������� We^re'not responsible-for any  part of sucb ari impression, .haviDg carefully  deal t with O in in ec a /aa we end eavpr to with  Carib66. by publiabirig only sueh reports as  we have' reason to/ believe are bbttomed by  fact..: We; s'ay: np w,; what: we'��������� h a ve ��������� at ways  said/5n:: respect of Omineca,,;that /there is  no th i ng kn o w n of it to justify a. rush or an  excitement, but it may r)r6ye.to:be a rich and  extensive gbld-.beariiig.country.    The Cariboo miners.; as will be seen by the;letters we  publish to-day, still believe that,rich diggings  may yet: be found, and while they thi nk so  we will speak of .Omineca in the same cautious mariner as hitherto! avoiding the fancy  reports- of - exaggeration and all coloring ��������� of  that selfish depreciation; of which we have  been, as it now plainly appears, wrongfully  accused.   The strike on ..Walker's ,gulch, at  Richfield, points to the existence of a rich  channel; i n the/ righ t bank.   Pros pec fcs of $ 3  40 bhe pan h a ve been o btal ned, al tho ugh onl y  .-on ofltf side of the channel, judging from, {.he  elope/of the rock near the prospecting hole..  A great deal vof prospecting has been done, on  th is gu 1 oh .thro ugh on t a perio d of ��������� hi he years,  ^but the channel from which came the rich  deposits found at the moiith of the gulch in  &SH1 was never ..fo������ad liiilil Monday 1 ast, by  a company who,have keen woridhg and prospecting for three years.   If. this strike really  indicates a channel, and ail mKiers.acquainted with dbe gulch say.it does, we may expect  to see an -output of^gold corraspceding' to  that of Stout gulch.   Both gulches are M by  the same waters rising  iii   the  ���������rao.uni.ains  ���������which also feed William and Lowhee,creek.-*.  both gulches   were  equally  rich  at itheir  mouths, and the formation of both are aljke.  "Walker's gulch.is nearly two miles in length,  ;80 that if a good channel be found in the  ,flill, the importance of the recent discovety  is apparent   The su rface d iggings on Val ley  , Mountain present quite a new page in the  -history of gold mining in Cariboo.  Prospects  averagings cent tb the pan have been found  in a mixture of, loam., sand and gravel, of.a  ;carroty eolor.     Underneath this lies.a.very  ,weH washed gravel, of a dark grayish color,  tbiitthe gold, of a shofcty -fo'ria and clear, .color,  is found  principally in the  upper .stratum,  .and on the aarfaee as well as downward.   As  , Fires^t-Two fires broke but since our last  issue. One occurred in the upper part of the  building occupied by Lambert & Bissohnette,  and the other in the Wake-up-Jake establish-  merits ; TheVF're Biigade; in vbbtb: cases;were  promptly;oh;iiuty. but their services were not  requir^p^fires baying peel(T"exfm^isWd/  by-buckets of water.; , .   :  'TowARn Tetb Jaunb Cache���������Two miners,  named Somers and Bell, have started,on a  prospecting expedition from the'head Of the  nor th arm of Quesnel lake, intend i ng tp's trike  off in the direction of Fraser river.' They  have taken with them a few months' provisions, and contemplate go ing;;, as far .as Tete  Jauhe Cache/  /:; -���������J" NEW ADVERTISEMENTS,    j  For Sale,     :\:yyy  Ni:. AiVP /feRBE-FOURTH^ INTERESTS In ' the  -. best fixed-up. ;.-���������'���������     .'-. ���������-.'./. ��������� ������������������'���������;-. >       : ; . ���������:;  IITDRAIILICClV^ (3KGROUSE CREEK.  Terms liberal^:*Apply to Simon-'May4 Grouso Creek;  or to J. McB; Smith, Barkerville.     * jc25 It  THE Ordinary ���������Annua] Grneral Jiecting of the' Wil-  liams Creek Bedrock Ftumo anil Ditoh Company  (Limited) will be held at their Office, Richfield, on  TUESDAY EVENING, ,5th July, at Seven o'clock,  when the Directors for the ensuing year will ..-be  elected.  .- '       J, s. THOMPSON, Secrct.4ry.;  25th June, 1870. -     * :Tje25  NOTICE.  fTHECOPARTNERSHIP.heretofore existing between  i: William Forrist and David Bonncy is this day  mutually riissolved.  David Boriuey will liquidate nil debts and receipt  for all outstanding accounts due the late firm,  ; '   William forrist.  . david bonney.:,  Barkerville, June 23, 1870: - je251m  5���������PuttingStono;221bs., 6 ft. start,  10.  6^-Putting Stone, 15 lbs., 6 ft. start, 10.   ���������  i?���������-Foot R.ice, 150 yds, open to all     ��������� ;  comers,     ...... .   ......      ./;... 15 7  8 --Fu<t Race, 100 yds, open to all :  excpifirstand secoml,;        ../.., 10 6  9���������Hurdle Race, 125 yds',-5 hurdles,    .  ./������������������ 3Kroethjgh;������������������-..-'-������������������"   . ....   .,;... W 6   .  i0~Turce Legged Race, 100 yds....... 10 6  ll^S'ick Raci\ 100 yds, ; .. ��������� ' *....   10 5  12���������Wheelbarrow R;������ce, 100 yds ...... 10 '.-.���������'       5  13���������China Race, 100 yds; ���������...      ;...    6 . 3  li���������Siwash Race,; 100 yds;; .;.;.;   6      ;    .3  Ettvjc Race, open to all comers,- 300 yds,' Dominion,  ...' -  ���������'���������������������������������������������:������������������ ;...'.-. '-Pur^o,^?^.--, . .-���������,.-.; '���������  Scrub^Race, open to all comers; except winner of  .     Dominion Purse, 300 yds, $40.  Entrance Fee's foi* Eorse Races, $5; for the other;  sports, except Si wash and Chi na Race,: $1.  ,A Royal Salute to be fired at Noon/ /  ��������� Games to commence at.11; a.m. sharp".   Judges to  be chosen/on tliw: day.   No second prizes to ho. given  unless there.be three ..es^ri'iesi; ''.'"r-y:-     ���������>������������������:���������'������������������.  The ara usemehtssto conclude wi th. a.perforhiancQ.at  the Theatre by the Cariboo Dramatic Association/  ���������W.  rOWEE^rTroasUr'r'r, -.-.".  J. S. THOMPSON, Secretary.  SandbiisonPbarcv, Chairman of Committoes.  ''������������������ :  Barkerville, June 23,1870. . Jc25   ���������  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Reduction iii Frei^lit.  THE RATES OF FREIGHT FROM SODA CREEK Ta  Quesnehnouth on the .���������'. P '������������������**:  ;   STEAMER    VldTORlA  ���������    Will in future bo  ;  ONE   CENT    PER   POUND  ,t '"y.yPASSAGE, .-' -   ���������' -���������'-:'$5/  ;-v    '  The undersigned will hereafter be prepared to re.  ceive goods at Soda Creek and forward them b?  Wagons or Pack Trains to Williams Creek at thi  LOWEST RATES QF FREIGHT,  FREE FROM DRAYAGE! STORAGE AND  COMMISSIONS,  Collecting Freight upon Williams Creek.   We respect*  fully ask for consignments;  ������������������������������������-. ���������  .   ; MARVIN & WRIGHT.  We are not responsible for leakage of liuids in tin  Soda Creek, May 14,1870.  . my28lf '  /~TH:E";{^K:rEroTF~  Announee that they wi 11 perform on t ���������,; 1  ^riday Evening, Jiily I,  To^commence ..with the humorous and entertaining  ;; ;-    ;   ;   Comedicttji, enthled    ..       ;v  ;; TKeLo^^  Nicholas Capiasii.:..:.........,........... J. S; Thompson .:..  -Wormwood (his Clerk)....... J.;...-,H. Havblock  . .  Charles (a Valet) ,^^.:........./l^.,.v^r. McB; Smith  Mrs Corset (a Milliner).. .......���������; Mrs Parker..  Su'sau (a Maid of ''aU'wo"rkj.:';.V,;v...-..; Florence Wilson  Concluding with the petite comedy of  A. STJIT OF TWEEDS!  Lionel Loafa 11..  .............;;...R. A. Browh  Dick Wurzcll.;....:.....���������....,........'.-...;E. Pearson  Old Barter ........,....,....; ..,^w.....H. JfcDermott  Caroline......:......:,..  4..������ Florence Wilson  Susan-(hor Maid) .���������......; ....Mrs Parker  .������������������'..  1������" Doors open *at half-past 7o'clock. Performance to.commence at 8 o'clock.  Admission $1 00.   Reserved Seats, $1 50.  Tickets may be had on application to W. Powell  Esq., BarkervHIe.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS^AND  ;     GENERAL;DEALERS  -;";,"'���������> '-.'//���������' ���������'���������;.;.'���������ik���������'"':.' y*y ���������:���������:-;���������; 'y :'; .'v  'QT0ceriesv;5:^"-:.���������-:��������� ^v"^;;- V ������������������  Provisions, and  :������������������;-.--yyy    ;/:-^���������^//;,';--^^::Liqiidrs.  .;"������������������;��������� ,y.yy; .[-..   -^px hand��������� .--. -������������������;     :���������.;���������' ���������  W   THB   CELEBRATED-  DPfYIItEIBHHWHISKET.  ^T Particulni! attention paid to Consignments of  Country Produco..; ... L   je43m  L A IB El f & BIS SO IN E T T B  BARKERVILLE, B:C,  ���������DEALEliS W ALL KINDS  OF���������'  PrGTisioiis;  LIQUORS, CIGARS, TOBACCO, &C���������1C;  t^9������-Orders from outlying Creeks promptly attended  to;. ���������;.���������-'    ,-; "���������������������������. :."       ;;,...;.���������.���������;";;--,:  STORAGE  &  COMMISSION.  Having added ppns.iderabjyto thei.e :..p.r<>,m.iP!::.,!, L, &.  B; a re prepared to receive cargoes of /iivrcuiin Js������e on  Storage and Commission.        ���������   ' ,M 5N .   ;    ,:  183=- All Consignnients from the Arricultural Districts will receive the strictest at^-'a'Mi.: .i  jell 3m  BARKER/VILLE,  ; , (Opposito the Post .Ofilce.5  For Sale,  n.y  CELEBRATION.  94th : ANNIVERSARY   OP   AMERICAN  INDEPENDENCE. :  f  1  TUST RECEIVED, a large lot of  .DOMESTIC FLOUR, BEST BRANDS.  For sale by  j������25  JAS. WICKHAM,  Barkerville.  Monday, July "4th; 18W;  At a Meeting held in Mr J. Wickham's store for the  purpose 01 arranging for.a Public Celebration of the  eusuing Fourth of July, the following Committees  were appointed: ;.-.,.--..���������  ; COMMITTEE: OF MANAGEMENT.  ' John McLean; John Adair, David kurta and Joseph  D mny.  SUBSCRIPTION AND COLLECTION COMMITTEES.  .Fob RiCHriEiD���������W. A. Meacham, H. Coulter and  P.Kirwjn.  For.Light.nxvg Creek���������J. C. Beedy and James  Ger.ihl.  For Lowkee Creek���������James Welsh and L. B. Lewis.  JOHN ADAIR-Chairman.  Jas. Wjckham, Secretary. je25  Received every Week by  Express,  At       DE NOUVION & KURTZr  :4^25 ltn Bnrlcerville,  Cariboo Pioneer Quartz  MiirCo.  THE SH^VRE|50LDERS of this.Company have determined , yiitb a view to en cou rago tho testing  and working, of Quartz Leads, to  ���������DEALER IN���������  ���������AT-  " ��������� THOS.   FLETpHER?S  Second - li a rid Store,  BARKERVILLE. , Jell  ?  ?  CRUSH -QUARre ON THE FOLLOWING  ���������  '  REDDED TESJV13:  ONE TON,       -      -      -      ���������       -      $20  More than one ton, AT A 60WER R.4TE, accord-  ing to .quantity, to be arrange.'! with the President  I: B. yasou. I. B. NARON,  ������   rr   m President,  *'.. ...H. Tor������o, Secretary.  " ^o22, iSTO. JetfSlm  Groceries,  Provisions,  Liquors, &c, &c.  STORAGE   AND   COMMISSION  U8L Consignments carefully attended to and orders  faithfully executed,  B irkervillc, June 24th, 1870. je25 3m  For Sale or to Let,  A BOARDING HOUSE, situate at the head of Stout  JX Gulch, furtiisbcd with Range and every*hin*  necessary for tho business.   Terms moderato  Apply to yjjos. FLETCHER,  3"u u flirkerville.  MESSRS.' MEACHAM & NASON are prepared to  1TI furnish Lumber at their Mills, William Creelc,  or deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK.  Having a Planing Machine in oporation they will  also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates.   .  Planed Lumber and Shingles constantly on hand.  jell tf  ������������������ 1 ���������������������������*  For Sale,  ONE  HALF INTEREST IN THE  CORNISH CLAIM,  RICHFIELD.  The property of E, Orancfni.  joll  Apply to  JAMES WICKHAM.  Cariboo Literary Institute  THE  READING ROOM AND  located in the rooms next  stand, and  LIBRARY  "re now  door below the old  THE   SUBSCRIPTION   HAS   BEEN  REDUCED TO $3 PER QUARTER.  Juno 10, 1870.  JOHN BOWRON,  Librarian,  m  'W  OM1  Nine  ;Satnvd^  I from the  [relating  [near the  It will  [left Will  fin hoats  [w.������ M *  Ibiiiig O  ove, J  were do'  ,een.dr<  met on I  ,anditig  urneil  pay to  SJIatal ace  Christ  Co.,  ear ri'  JcArthi;  ihe Chrii  jo tie ah<  Ine: tbe v  jter U  ihey lay  "hristie  biter,  [adeii, st  egan  t  arty ^o  jtream f  to the m  In .the vv  !hrislie  uppn'rN  '������.piolv 1  ith th<  he br������fl  n a b-rt*  Th������ Cl  paired  ihitinn.  ���������utwei  ���������sions  ruser r  ii  Be  ���������he fn  . Nr  dee  riiiupoi  i-kiug  ���������eok. J  ������tuniP(i  '-Wi^- bi  ^Selvus v  ISfci four  fSSk? Nati  -tw^Gill  _j|Sorted h  93m lakes  xwt^]'m������  fS^'itul wi  mm}''* *  mm* !-ei  ^Miltto p  liter, ti  ow in  lime hi $  farty. t  "il   in  imphi  ���������b on V  our  ad ;  il  the  J|������Bid thn  H the L,  pf||inml h  j ';tSeek.  I^Bkery c  pfLaidla  BP"ei'i an  I*..; J  '.,������(iV-'.-���������-. :���������;'���������" :i-'.-i.���������.'il'a.-t ���������  t,i  -J  li ..  E  m  If  J-SS  TUE CABIBQQ SENTINEL  SATURDAY, JUNE 25,1870, !������������������  i'bi  OMiNECA  INTELLIGENCE.  Nine men arrived /at Quesnel mouth on  [.Saturday last-from; Vital creek : with news  ^ from the new mines, and also some particulars  Relating to a fatal accidentwlhchbad occurred  [near the mouth of Bear river.  THREE MEN DROWKBD.   .;-.'"  It will be remembered that, a few partiei  Ml William^creek for Omineca, proceeding  in hoats by wayof .Bear river. ;The first  t,;; ;^Lai(daW& Co.~descended the; river  c'{>'':.', and when last heard from were on the  ?//���������7 >o Vital creek, being the first or second,  Vyjshft party in the spring-migration up Stn-  'V.-r.er for Omineca.   Another party, con-  'i���������\\\������ of James and Andrew <Clni9tie,-Wh*  uove^ Jacob Hough and T. Thistlewaite,  iyerenot so fortunate, the three latter having  3een drowned. The Christie brothers; were  net on Lake Tatlah; about 40 miles from the  landing, by some of the men who have raj-  urned to QneanelmoiUh, and were oii;their  var to Vital creek. The particulars; of/the  lata! accident are reported as follows:;,;:  Christie &,Co,., in company with McArtlmr  , Co., of Grouse creek, were: going down  ..ear river, and came to a raffle, which the  He Arthur boat successfully; passed.: One of  he Christies arid another1 $' the ./party;; bad:  rone ahead of the two boats.in a canoe piloting the way and cutting .out- driftwood, etc.  Lfter McArthur & Co. had passed) the riffle  hey lay to for the purpose of waiting for the  ) h risti e ho at ah d to wat c h. the passage of; the  atter. The Cbris^e: boat, which was heavily  laden; struck; it; is sup poised;, on a: rock and  egan to sink.   As so on , asV ;tbe ; Mc Arthur  arty observed what /'mil/1 happened: they  Jiic1(lV"unlWde1i;;tte1r;: boat ami plied up  .irearn" for the purpose of rendering assistance  Io the men, who/were:by;this time/struggling  i the.water/'itwo; of: thein': swimming, .well,  .-tiristie got hold of a.roll of blankets, which  iupporfpd him and,enabled McArthnr &, Co.  > pick him u p.; One ot the[men (L'pye)���������sank  ritb the boat and was hot seen afterwards;  tie body of Hough*was subsequently found;  ���������) a'b>r. '/.���������'"- :-^v *\ ���������������������������';; -;;. yy-y: ;:-;���������;;.,..;:;-y.;.;;  The C Uriflties aft er ward s reco vep* d, t-U^jiioat,  iep aired \T*%_7aml "proceeded on to; their ,de&.  li \%tlmi.. A lit 1,1 e. Sour "An d suchis tu ft* as wo u Id  Mt were saved��������� >(ro'ra /tUe/vwreck,"and pro-  sions'. weie :obtaiued ;at;F:0rt Georgej on  ���������raser rirer..... ,-��������� v.. -��������� r\';.;"f--"��������� -.-. ������������������: ���������������������������������������������.'  arrived safe on -Vital creek. The "Christie  brothers were also upset in Stuart river and  lost some of their provisions. '"-.. It was said  that about 250 nien,.including 40 Chinamen,  were at the mines, and would remain to give  the country a fair trial, or at least so long as  their provisions lasted. ..Some-of the China-  men had returned to Lake Tatlah, and, were  prospecting thereabouts. A great many claims  were offered for sale to Chinamen, but" none  were bought. From Fort St/James to Tatlah  Landing the miners were.conveyed in boats  arid canoes at $5 per.head.' Kane's boat was  in;a slough at. Fort George in want of a crew.  Nothing: bad been heard of Hblloway & Co.,  who. left'William creek in a boat for Omineca  by way of Willow river. , The men who.  started for the mines via the Sneena river, had  arrived all safe, and experienced no difficulty  ,in travelling after leaving the river.  FROM AN  OCCASIONAL  ENT.  CORRESPOND-  Vital Creek, June ������,1870.  I arrived, ��������� here o h th e 29 th May, having  travelled by water from Quesnelmouth to the  Landing on Lake Tatlah, a distance of about  350 miles ; and by land to Vital creek, about  ,50 miles; over a trail that reminded me of the  trails of Cariboo in 1861. Mr Fitzgerald, the  Acting Gold Commissioner for Omineca. arri ved h ere o n .th e 30th. Io ok ihg wel 1, b ut ��������� a  little wearied from his journey over the trail.  The miners here speak, highly of. Mr Fifcager-  ald.and are well satisfied, with the; decisions  he has given in miniog disputes.  ;; .Nearly all the little fleet that left Qnesnel-  mouth have arrived without eh countering any  accident. Mr Laid taw������������������ and party, who came  by way^ of. Bear river/ bad '-a very rough trip  of it^ having lost some of/their provisions^ and  were ;��������� two .weeks -in :;rnaking; the/: passage/to  Fort George.: TbeHChristie/brothers and party  have not arrived yet, and their friends here  think that tbey :bave met with an accident.  ���������  m  m  ������  m  I  w  m  -8  MIVTSG NEWS.  8 The nftwa fro m the mi nes is no t very eheer-  Bitr���������. No n t'^v d i������?incs; had been fonnd, and  Sae deep riig^inps, as far as prospected, had  ffii^iiopointed the sanguine hopes of the enter-  grUiug ' mi ners.... The uews:dafcea f rem Vital  lireek. Jiine 8th, when the miners who have  Aimed left the creek. * Black Jack, White.  ?A. Black, John Met?., Polmere and Nick  Ivua were on Silver creek. None of them  \ found aiiy diggings that would pay any*  |iiug over small wages.   Some men had left  ��������� Nation river to prospect. Fred. Lynch  I Gillespie .came to Vital creek and ire-  rted having been io the head of Silver  iek; and foil nd "ritr brancliing"from~a~series  lakes. D. MeMartin, J. May, J. Jakeman  ri McMillan were idle. on account of the  ;h water in Vital creek. Abbott was doing  thing and came down to tbe Landing.  tal was also at the Landing. McMillan had  Mo-vied bis shaft, and' drifted 30 .feet into  ���������'il, but found nothing. The Payne-Tay-  ���������"=���������. think, they-will have ounce diggings  ,n they get fairly to work. Operations  ��������� sen impeded by the frost in the ground  * ������:������? high water in-the creek. It was diffi-  it to prospect in consequence of the high  ter. and as there was a large quantity of  w in the mountains it would probably con-  In ue high for several weeks.   The Mitchell  i'ty. who mm by the Skeena river, were  'I In the Skeena country prospecting,  imphreys and ,R. Hamilton were at the  Banding getting supplies.   Byrnes was work-  gg on Vital creek. ,  W rnovrsioNS, stores, etc.  ���������Flour at the Landing was offered at 35c per  ������nod; bacon and sugar, 75c. Very little  IB anything, however, bad been sold, as nearly  H! tlie men had provisions enough for two  ���������d three montlie. Elmore, who had a store  g the Landing, had ten or fifteen tons of pro-'  "10n8- I'. Hickey and W. Crist also had  'i*es at the Landing. Gil lis had a saloon at  tal creek, but had not opened. A train of  ������ww was going in to Vital creek from the  -nduig, and was preceded by men cutting  It a trail. The Indians charged 18c. per  pund for packing from the Landing to Vital  sees,    Twelve-foot  Davis was .feuilding a  Mi  m  Mk  l\Wm'y on Vital ..creek.  ��������� :;ty  ���������V  ���������MISCELLANEOUS,  |Laidlaw&Co.'s boat was upset ia Bear  ������"]' an<^ they lost some of .their cargo, but  Lament reports that, there are 30 miners  with pack animals on their way here by the  Teleg^ph trail, so:I think that there will not  be more than;200'-,miners in Omineca this  season, 'There are several trains on the; road  up, loaded with provisions,: also beef cattle,  which: will be quite a change from.beans and  bacon.; Capt. Moore is running his, schooner  -.between Fort Fraser and the Landing, carrying; passengers and freight..-:- ���������'}'���������' -.;, s  -; A t "A h e La nding pro v. is i dps were md ffered :M  the following prices :-^E\our, 40o ; bacon,  Si ; * beans j /45c ? sugar, 75c ,��������� butter, $1 50 j  tea, $1 75 ; tobacco, $2.  MrHawfeins^ftheDiscbverv^b^has built  a house at' the Land ihg for r the purpose of  storing provisiom?. : The spring is very backward, and consequently very little work has  been done up to the present time, Gil lis and  Kern are building a large saloon, which; will  soon be Completed. Davi? -is buildiug a  bakery aud coffee saloon; and several other  buildings are in progress of construction* so  that Vital creek will soon have quite a respectable'town. / .  Nothing new has been struck yet, and it is  almost impossible to prospect at present for  new creeks owing; to the high water; but I  think thafOmineca will be fairly tested this  present season, as most .of the miners have  from two to three mdhtbs7 provisions.  The DiscoV"ery Co.. Chapman co. and-Taylor  co. are ground-sluicing, and will not be washing pay dirt for some time yet- Martin & co.  are running a tail-race, as they think their  ground is deep, which will oblige them to sink'  a shaft,-Black & co. are sinking; a shaft >  they are down about 25 feet, which proves a  continuation of the deep channel discovered  by McMillan &6o..  "Following is a list of companies on Vital  creek, commencing at its head: .  Creek Claims-Brown & co., 4 interests,  abandoned ; Robertson & co., 6- interests,'  abandoned; Kelso & co., 4 interests; Gis-  comb & co., 11 interests ; Half breed co.,' 2  interests; Martin & co., 4 interests; Trevor  co., 7 interests ; Telegraph co., 15 interests ;  New Caledonia co., 7 interests;, Adair co.. 11  interests ; McMartin & co., 4 interests, working ; Chapman co��������� 3 interests, working; Discovery co., 6 interests, working ; Vital claim,  1 interest, working ; G. W. Taylor & co., 4 interests, working ; B. J. Halliday, 1 interest,  working; Wiltiscroft & co., 3 interests; Uaz-  zard co., I interest; Bed Squirrel, abandoned.  Hill Claims���������London co., 8 interests;  Beaver co., 4 interests ; Sierra co.. 6 interests;  Omiuecaco., 5 interests; Oozzalinha co., 4  interests:; May and McMartin. 4 interests;  Black.& oo., 6 interests, working; Guiohon  co., i interests, working; Hamilton CO., 3 interests; Lamont co., 4 interests.  Mr A. Fraser and party will leave about  the 10th for Nation river on a prospecting  tour. Giscomb and party (colored men) are  building a canoe, and intend to leave shortly  to prospect tbe tributaries of the Fin Jay.  Many other miners are also out prospecting,  so that by the next express I hope to be able  to give you a more favorable report of^ the  country.   1 must remark in conclusion, from  what I see and hear, that the prospecting  party gave a truthful statement of their work  and the prospects of the country,        J. C.  ;t LETTER FROM A MINERS^^.,^^:-;  .:;'���������;:��������� ';    'y JuNfe.sth, i$t%y,  Friend John.���������I received your letter.  Times are rough;, here; yet. '��������� Nothing struck.  We bottomed our shaft at 44 feet and found  nothing to pay. Black\ and Sylvester; bottomed last night at 30 feet. No prospect. We  are now working in the creek claims, and 1  think it will be deep there. Shallow diggings  on this creek are played out. If you are doing anything: you had better stop until you  hear from me again. There is a chance for  big diggings on this creek, and it may/ be a  square bilk ..The new cburas are selling out  and leaving. The Chinamen have all left.  If we find nothing in the creek I will let Vital  creek.slide. I am-in hopes that the next time  I write I will be able to give you some good  news., ���������*' ���������'.-���������. --.���������-' J. J. May.'  John McLean. .    ���������> '��������� -:  .;��������� MINING INTELLIG^CE.     ;  ;  :"..' /���������>:;,-= ���������'���������: ���������: wiixlvm cueek.;-1 ������������������:'���������;.;. ���������;' .-y ':,.  The hydraulic: companies, who have been  waitingj for the Bedrock Flume to be;cleared,  are; at work again. ;The Forest Eos9 cbmpany  washed up4$ oz.Tor last week^s work. The  Barker co>;: are drift in g to ward t h e western  hill/ at:the base of which tbey obtained splendid paylast year, but were driven out by the  autumn; freshets' of last year. The Cariboo  an d Ualedo n ia co in panies h ave reco m tn enced  workv aud tlie co'in pan ies abpiit Camerphton  are pre paring to star t.. again .���������, The, Alert co.  are working;jh;the old.;���������Borealis tunnel./ The  Ballarat cp.&e getting-, on well with the reco nstnictiorfo'f-the caved: portion of their tunnel. Things^egin/tOv/lpbk livelier thah of  late,on /the creek,/ but/ there is yet very little  ^old"berr^~takeiH*^tr^T^ - ���������/; ;/���������"���������: ���������-'-���������; /;', '^y- >,��������� -.  ; '   ' \    '      ''. WALKER^S GULCH.  ;; The Last Triatco. have struck prospects as  high as $3 ,to the' pan,~and believe they bave  got into the/ old channel/of this gulch/ The  gulph; has .been staked off up to the Stout  gulch fork; '-..yy^yy  y'y '��������� ';������������������-i./;',.-���������:.-r-STCCT GUF.CK. ;,  TheTa^vale co. washed up 54 oz. for the  week.  ::;".",';; / ;;;:.:,;.;"conklix gulgk.  y Tbe^Felrxco/hiive got down with tbeirnew  shaft. The \\Thite Pine cb. are;0n pay grourid;  but tbey are troubled with water. The. McDowell cO.lhave laid over their claim. The  New Almaden co. are still running up stream  for .bedrock and getting good prospects. The  Renfrew co. are iu With their hill tunnel oyer  2oofeet;:'.:.-' ��������� "���������"'  : v':'-,--    ���������''���������'������������������������������������"';������������������-'  VALLEY MOUKTATN.  / Surface diggings, averaging as far as pros-  pe sted one. ce n t to; the p an .have b een d iscov-  ered at tbe base of Va' ley Mountain. near the  mouth of the BaUarat tunnel. ..The discovery  co. are brisgingina prospecting ditch, aud  the ground;will be tested nest vievl:..  t���������������������������^.a.iiptrgE creek. / ;' y -,  The Salt Spring co. haves/ground-sluiced a  I arge exteh t of grou nd si nice sp r i ng. The  Ontario/Cascade and Caroline, hydraulic companies, are-ge t ti ng o ri' well - with -their; wo rjtj  and the Shy Robin Co: expect to do well with  ground-sluicing. The Queen of Sheba co,, a  new prospecting co., have struck hill diggings  alongside the old Texas ground, baying  washed up four ounces from the sluices without touching the grc-und-sJuice, and for a few  days1 run; The- Union claim has been*brought  into excellent working condition. The pay  lies below Ue channel of the creek, and the  most complete provision against a break or a  freshet has been made.  LIGHTNING CHEEK.  The Lightning co.'s diggings are dry again.  The Victoria co. bave been ���������(d rowned,' out5'  Tlie Van Winkle co. are about to remove their  machinery to the bedrock shaft. The Spruce  co. are running a tail-race. The machinery  of th is com pa ny is b ei ng m ade on Willi am  creek, and the lumber supplied by Meacham  & Nason is to be delivered on Lightning  at William creek prices. The Gladstone co.  are about to construct machinery, and are  down with their shaft about 70 feet. ;  Masonic���������The Installation of officers of  Cariboo Lodge. No: 469. F. & A. MM for tho  ensuing Masonic year took place on Friday,  24th inst., at the Masonic HalK Barkerville.  The following are the names/ of the officers:  R.;W. Master, Jonathan Nutt (re-elected);  Deputy1 Master^ :5V Neiifelder ;*��������� Substitute  Master, Richard Beighton; Senior Warden,  John Bruce ; Junior Warden, J, 3;Thompson;  Treasurer, George Byrnes; Secretary, Ed wd.  Pearson;; Senior Deaco n, .JK Bisso n ne Ue;  Junlpr Deacon; Robt: Patterson ��������� Inner G:tiard,  A. Hoffman ; Tyler; Wm. Uosford ; Stewards,  A. Vignolo, G: Velatti. ��������� The Festival of,, Sr.  John the Baptist w:as duly celebrated in the  evening by a banquet in tbe hall according  to;the ancient and honored custom of thefra*  ternity, which was largely attended, and harmoniously enjoyed by they brethren.  Fourth op JuLY.-^Atmisement is the order  of the day, in spite of dull times. Committees  forthe celebration of the 94th anniversary of  American Independence were appointed at a  m ee ti ng ;h eld last Tuesd a" v. Mr. John Adair i n  the chair, and Mr J. Wickhara secretary.  Messrs. John McLean, J. Adair, D. Kurtz, and  Jos. Denny are the committee of management.  The committees on collections are;���������-Fof  Richfield���������Messrs, W. A. Meacham, H. Coulter and P.; Kir win. /For Lightning creek���������  Messrs. '��������� J. /C. Beedy and\ Jas. Gerald.. For  Lowhee creeks-Messrs. Jas. Walsh and L. B.  Lewis.-.;���������"���������/���������;. ;,;;.���������'"'���������--.;.;���������;^.V-:.-; ���������- :;-;.v:' ���������'. .���������������������������������������������,  The Dominion Day Celebration Committee's  Programme1 of Sports is announced in this  issue. .The prizes are as |argea\ those of last  year. _ Arrangements for the sports are being  made in good style.' /:The course.for the hor?e  races is being jgfaded, music will be provided,  and a platform and awning are to be erected.  Anteoedaneocs���������The names, nativity and  Rges of the .threameh who were drowned in  Bear river were as ;follows: Jacob Hough,  from Sch war tzenacker, Bavaria, aged 35. years;  ^?Tn7Tli6Te;^o:ra"nearrWopd  New Brunswick,aged 30 years';.and T; This-  CHISUOLM CREEK,  The Good Hope co. are still on pay, getting  over wages. Jones & Co. and another company are making wages.  NORTH FORK.  The Barker co., just below the month of  Spaui&h creek, have struck good prospects.  A company belo w'the Discovery co. are prospecting.  SOUTH FORK.  There are about 50 Chinamen working on  the South Fork, and it is believed tbey are  doing very well.  BLACK BEAR CREEK.  ,  A company have commenced work on this  creek. '  tlewaite. from Prescott/couhty, Ontario," aged  abont 33 yearc.. "-���������        :;���������  :  All Safe���������Lamont, the Omineca express-  man. arrived on Wednesday 1 ast, and reports  having seen tbe Willow Hver-Omineca party  at Fort Fraser. They had lost their boat in  Vftllow river and went forward in a canoe.  Two of the party���������Doc. Holloway and Mc-  Cormick���������are on the way back. ���������  Bins* R o's. Express arri ved o n Mpn day. an d  1 eft 6n Wednesday m orning. The passenger*  by the up express were Robert Somers, C. M.  Beak, a Chinaraaaandtwb klootcbmen. ."���������/ Mr  Beak returned; by the down ^express. A full  mail was brought/by:the express., /  .: Fresh Butter By :ExrRESS~Messrs. DeNou-  yion & Kurtz have nb w; on; hand, ; an d ;w i 11  continue to receive weekly per express, fresh  supplies .of the best butter made in the colony.  They select only from the dairies/including  Wright's, which produce butter of unequalled  quality.. -. XyXyj.  REpucTipM-rThe price of crushing quartz  by the Cariboo Pioneer Qnart-z Mill Co. has  been reduced. It is intended to crush quartz  when brought to the mill in quantities exceeding one ton, at the cost of runuing. the mill.  This^is..cerfcaiajy; a_generou;s,_ofier, arid the  sharehoiders;deserve all praise.  Acotdent���������On Wednesday a cave of the  bank in'the Dutch Bill hydraulic claim on  William creek occurred, and two men were  nearly covered by it. One of them, named  Aaron Skank, a colored man, had one of his  legs broken. The other escaped with a few  bruises.    .        ..  Canadian BuTTR5R������������������The butter imported by  Mr DeCosmos from Canada is for sale by J.  H. Todd, and is of very good quality, superior  to Isthmus. . . y*  Tub break on the road at the point opposite Van Winkle creek, has been repaired,  and from thence to Barkerville the road is in  good order.  Rrj������E���������Wild strawberries, quite ripe, were  gathered near the' Forks of Quesnel a few  days ago.  Personal���������We are pleased to notice that  Mr John Adair has returned to Cariboo.  Memory presides over the past: Fbli/s  Coffee over the present. The first lives in a  rich temple hung with glovious trophies, and  lined with tombs; but Fell's Coffee has but,  one shrine, and that is every breakfast table.  Its aroma walks the earth like a spirit, and  can be found for sale at every respectable  dealer's in British Columbia. Beware of  spurious imitations.  Coffee���������The Coffee prepared by WILLSON  & R1CK.MAN. Fort street, Victoria, has superseded all other Coffee in the lower country.  U is manufactured from the very best rawr  coffee, and its superiority is attested by \hf  fact that wherever introduced it has bew  tbe favorite beverage. v *  f;  *  '!  1!  ���������l i  %>  ',".  ��������� t  ��������� a  ���������hK  tr  t-.v  ;y  ��������� %  t  :: s  ;;;;  I  4  f  ky  \     ���������  f h '.,���������  r'.  I j#  y \ ";  >���������  i-: ���������  ;;        \y -.';"  v  :... ;'-:ii ���������';;..'>  -.-���������>}  ii:.  -    p  C'  ������a    ,:  ;-'.   ��������� ii^SAIt-PRPPFJSaFES\'������tj������\OXYGEN GrAS.-  . Thareceiii; mamifaptiire of Oxygen gas on a  ^commercial scale apd"-the facility With which  : it can be ; com pressed intp cylinders, .and  transported fromone place to .anptheti;has  .'��������� suggested Its: use for a: purpose; litHe; anticiT:  ;; pated oy the,world: at large; y \Ve ftbd Henry  :St Claire Devil 16 employing oxygeji;to- fee  the. most: refractory^ metals .;. .we -^ee; ifcused;  for lifeht; and;now it; is regularly prescribed  ;���������; by .'.physicians, ��������� and- will jbefore,; long be .sol d  by ; every apothecary.   There is another ap-  ; plication of it that ba'sli^le ;b een thought 6f;  and which renders it impossible to construct  a burglar-proof safe.. Tbe thief in tbe night.  can place himseliin front of a safe with -his  two cylinders of compressed hydrogen and  oxygen,and, with an oxy-bydrogen blow-pip^,  can in a few seconds burn holes nf any size  in the hardest metal that was ever invented.  He need not try to pick the lock, as a man-  'bole pierced through the door by the heat of  bis blow-pipe will answer his pmw.es quite  as well.. The light from the burning metal  would be a source of annoyance lo the bur-  glnr,\-but the noise could hardly be - heard  through the walls. It is evident that' tbe only  safety is in keeping the bursrlar out. for if he  once gets in:with bis fire drill, a.few minutes  in all that he. requires to work his way into  the strongest safe that was ever constructed.  ���������The interposition of solid stone between t'e  sheets of metal might occasion some embark  : ra^sraent -and-delay, but- there -remains 4be-  lock witb its metal covering, which can be.  . easily, burnt off so as to expose its mechanism.  : or.enable tbe burglar to slide the bolts,; or  blow off the door witb gunpowder.   It may  .-wellbe asked,;"What' next?"   '. I  Diamond "Mining in Australia���������Tbe mail  steam or going this naontb will take with it  378,diaraonds, weighing 87 carats, on account  . of. the Australian Diamond Mining Company.  The parcel is the ��������� produce of the last, four  ' weeds' wqrtc, and it is by .far the best yield  . that tbe company has yet obtained.:  Better:  .returns.are expected as the mine becomes  "opened up.   A parcel of email,rubies go: by  , the same mail.. It found saleable In London,  the company will be able to send larger qnan  titles.   The telegraph wire has not informed.  us of the finding of any diamonds at Mudgee  during the month beyond those that have be^n  ��������� ohtained by the Australian Diamond Mining  Company. It was stated, however, by the  local paper, early \\\ the month,: that there  had been a marked increase in tbe number  ��������� obtained in the district.   Better returns 'still  .:would have been got but for tbe delay in:the  forwarding of machinery ordered two months'  previously, and which had only just arrived  from Victoria The people in tbe Mudgee  district were very sanguine of the place turn,  big out most successful. A parcel of diamonds  from the Gudgegong river were received last  week by Messrs. Clarke and Co. of Melbourne.  The number of diamonds contained in the  pa-cel was 164. These were in addition1 to  the supply that has been received from the  Australian Company. The stones were quite  up, to the average for brilliancy and purity.���������  [Melbourne Argus.  :: DE. SiDBALL: M.il.S.rB.S., ;  ;^A^./p.;:D:E;;.Wi^.l:S^J.  IT AS REMOVED TO BARKERVILLE,: and is pre-  :Si pared to treat all kinds. of;diseasc aud executc  DENTISTRY,:in all'-its:different branches in the neatest and best style, i Teeth filled with pure Gold and  Silver: -also,False Teeth put ia. P������ Oold rPlate, and  . >- ���������.,'���������-.    .iii   _......���������*-   --   _:,.-. ir.i.L  ^i'   '(lift"   Inntli  r  any person to liav<? false teeth, as' ihe'y- arc never removed for the purpose of Gleaning like those upon  plate, and are perfectly natural touhc mouth and  tongue, as much so as the original teeth were.  Parties who have got sound teeth would, do we'i to  call and have'them cleaned, ttms ^avoiding losing  them as others have done through the Injurious eMots  of, what is' called tartar, consisting of salivary (mucus)  animal matter aiid phosphate of lime, which encrusts  tlio teeth with.a :dark scale, loosens the'gums,1 continues down to the ftrmes,' loosens the tcetli and  .causes them to fall out.without being decayed.  '������������������; j^f" Teeth extracted* in the yeVy.best way known.  Charges moderate Tho best reforeimes.'given, and  all work warrautcd to give perfect satisfaction.  t|������-.OFFICE~Opposito the Government Assay Office,  my21 '       BARKERVILLE.  ,..:....; 3v|p<p5^W^���������:;  Ilest^raiit and Bakery.  WHS Proprietors,of^thiis old and Wei 1-kn own e stab,  ; 1 .1ighraentwould re.spectfull y.thank the ir n urne'K  oyst: , eads an d theI p ub.lic.foir' th ed xtonsiy c patronage  heretofore bestowed ori ��������� thelri, .arid trust th a t by theiT  u.4ual..strict, attention to businoss, they will, merit a  continuance of theirc!onfidence.and support.yy,  '. ^Meals, $1.   ^oard, $1|5 : per Week. .  BR^AD^A^  7Tr\y^Fecd^mn^oTTi^  (QROUND   COF FEE,  Wiiicb is a much superior, article than any which can  be bad from below. : We Roast and Grind i toursol ves  and choose the besttbeiries, consequently the public  may b e sure of its being free, from a adulteration. i  y y;. ���������.-, V:>:^W--:i-^::--.TATTER^y;.fe':G06bsbN.-i'Ji  ���������~ ;o>:t:j-'c^e-;;;--;:-::--'::;^  ,GT0SIA MAEBLE WOMS;  YATES STREET, yi.GT 0 RI A, V.I.  8ct- Orders for'.Mominients, Tombstones, &c,  promptly attended to. ���������Every description ot work  in ilarble executed. A List of Prices can bo-scjn at  the Sentinel Oflico    , . : ;> my7 6m  A;.: l^McPhersonv::  A;;Ti-C;;:H:;M.;^  ;-.'.' C :. '--^,ANiy..rt, ���������������������������      '���������������������������'������������������:' y ���������  JEWEL LcER,  CHEAP   GOODS!  COWRJSIN'G-  Boots,:Shoes Clotliing an^:  '";:.C'''.'/-^���������'-'^CTTOoearies5v^^  :}'y&$, ^thb best: quality,  For sale at the Store1 of Urn undersigned in Barkerville, opposite tbe Bank of British Columbia %    _  ,..,''   ���������������������������������������������_���������'���������.'��������� ���������.- "- ���������   "NV, REisJSIE.  VICTOEll  STEAMER  Has commenced making her regular*!  '-��������� )������������������,.-; ���������' between   -.'    -..'���������''  ,   SODA CREEK & QUESNELMOUl  '''.���������'        '        ���������.'���������.���������'���������-        ,--.'   -������*  jfegr The steamer is not responsible for leal  Oils, or other liq"ids shipped ih tins.  The Steamer - Oawai  ;,:,  '-. capt. wm. irving;  T EAVES New Westminster for Yale on ?  JL   deys and Saturdays. .  The steamer will not he'responsible for lea!;  Liquids shipped in tin or glass.  for the egggSAins,  THE undersigned begs to inform all parties������  to ship goods to Vital's creek a������;? ������5urni  country; th;tt he will be ;prf������������������>;ired to Torwar-i  po.mils t>i;i" month, on and afu������r the 1st of Ajm  from Quesnel mouth to tho head of navi������raijf)n.  ;Arl consignments attended to .With care bi  patch. ...'"'��������� ���������"  jaStf: PATR1CKHICK  A  8c4tf,!:  a:s usual;'  E   STORE.  Lightning Crekk.:,>,^;.  MINERS AND:TRADERS will Qnd it -to their ad-  :vanlagota  i  Muscle���������A New York man is out with a  proposition in which he offers to bet $10,000  that-Wm. B. Curtis is the strongest man living  a id that be can lift more pounds���������tons should  bo used���������than any other man in the world.  It is said that Curtis has lifted 3.300 pounds,  which is 100 pounds more than tbe boasted  lift of Dr. Windsnip. He has also elevated a  dumb-bell weighing 150 pounds, besides accomplishing many other surprising feats of  strength. His backer has deposited a forfeit  of one thousand dollars with the above challenge.   -.  Tom Allkx, who siams himsd f " Champion  of America/by permission of James Mace.  Champion of the World," has issued a challenge tb all professional bruisers,except Mace  and Heenan, to fight for five thousand dollars  or less. He is particularly anxious that Oo-  burri shall accept. '.Allen admits bis defeat  at the hands of 'Ids au'lagonist near New Or  leans.  Peace, river Mines' as soon as practicable, -to open a-  :^Bran^  :,. I' wUP-take copies of the above \vitli; me and lock  up the original ttllmy return, in the falU;  -*_ _ ���������-���������-,  I will also take a select lot of Drugs, Patent Medicines, and various ichtaS, suitable for Miners. ':���������-'  During my absence, I hope my friends will not forget that I have a large an I choice Assortment of Patent Medicines nt'the Old St-and here, which the)7 can  obtain at reasonable rates. ;  ,  Parties owing small accounts will please call and  Settle-the same.      .  ���������JAS., P.   TAYLOR,,   ,  . Barlcerville, March;18,187.0. r    rn!9tf;  Al aiLMOBE,  IJERCVtANT TAILOR,  ���������     -YATES -STREET; -VlGTORIAr: -V.-Iv,-- '���������������������������--���������  AS ON HAND, and. is constantly  receiving, a  ..   large assortment of CLOTHS,' CASSLUERES  and'Vestings,:-Which be.is prepared to make to order  in the inost approved styles. ...-';���������:;  Parties on William Creek can ha ye tbeir measures  taken by Mr McCallum, Barkerville.  ���������jjSBr All orders from Cariboo promptly attended  to, -   ,- .: - -, ��������� my2l 6m  bfthevorvbest description on hand, and. the-Stock  constantly replenished by new arrivals. '��������� The proprle  ' :,   '-" ;.""'���������;    tors will sell Goods ,_,'  AS CHEAP AS ANY; IN  CABLBOO.^  Ordcrspromptly filled j and forwarded with dispatch.  Van "Winkle.  , BEEDY & L1NDHARD,  ' :   . -..-:-. '���������:���������'.; Proprietors;  LOMD0N   HOUSE,  feOVEENMENT AND;:WHARF STREETS,  ������������������������������������������������������ .-'.-'- VICTORIA.   -���������';.' -----   A  A.;; Gasama^you & Co.,  ���������  Commission Merchants & Wholesale Dealers  : ��������� in-'      '-,.,  OROCEFIIES,   PROVISIONS,  H A V A N A  CIG A R S   AND ��������� FRENCH  PRESWRVE.S., ..  'Yates street, Victoria, V.I. < .  ���������       niy7 3m ���������  H. THESES, Sl CO; ���������  mporters of all descriptions of Dry Goods.  ^:IIosjery and Underclothing.  A very full assortment of these goods, suitable for  -Wholesale buyers, at their Wharf street Store.  Rogula^supplies received from Europe by ��������� sailing  vessels and by Express via Panama unci Pacflc Ball*  road:'- "��������� ��������� ���������������������������'::  ��������� "',-''   ' - "v   '  ig^-Particular attention given to orders.from British Columbia; ,'  Sole Aiccnt for Alf.xanpre Kid Gi.ovks. .  London Firm���������J. P. TUNSTALL& Co., 8 Bow Church  .   -Yard.    ���������     .--������������������'..  TICE.  rpHE barge. ^OMINECA," Capt. Moore, will I  1 pared, mi the 1st day of Juno next, Kims  regular trips from the foot of Stuart L������ik<> to tlj  t>f navigation on Lake Tatlah, carrying frclgl  passengers. '   -,:, ��������� ,"���������;, ���������: -.....       '; ���������.'-. f, ���������     .-,.-������������������.  The Ominecais 35 tons burdcn^ and)s priivliit  six wateu-tiglit compartments and. capauluoi  .i dg'25 liciid'of pack animals on deck  All goods intended to be sliipped by tbft On  the parties shipping will please address J. W. j  foot of Stuart Lake, .where there will be agoM  stantlal warehouse for the receiving ������^nd for?;  goods; -. yy'y'--' ���������-    ������������������ "J. -wyMOO  Qucsnellemouth, April-i Dtli, 13"0.      ;    .: i  jCj  THtiT.WELI^BUILT DWELLIKG-HOUSE, k  ibe residence,of Ly 0. Cjootnbs, Esq., pte  situate on .the,, poinu.at .the mouth,, of ��������� &*;}��������������� G  containiiig Two Rponis, a.Wdodshedjpellijr^aiii  riagc Shed, , For particulars, apply to  ������������������'-'v.;- '* --;: ���������:'yy.'\:::ys. ������������������ ��������� r-:h. BROW)  .   ray21 im.: y-:-iyym.-:yy- . ���������  BurkerTi  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  A^D  GAR IB 00    RHYME  BY JAMES ANDERSON.  PRICE,  ONE .D0L1  aiid forWi  S1STS AMMMITI03  Mining and Agricultural  Machinery;  QPRATT k KRIEMLER Manufacture all kinds of  O. Miichiucry for Farmers and Minora, at tho Albion  Foundry, Victoria, V.I., and for cheapness and  quality their work cannot, be rivalled by any other  machinists. First premium Colonial made Wrought  Iron Plooghs, after the Scotch stylo, linivi-rsal'ly 7ic-  kuowledged to be the best in use, price ������.fi5. Orders  for Quartz Mills, Iron Pumps, &r.., i'iouglis or parts  of Ploughs,,promptly attended to. utyT.fim  SPROAT  &���������  CO.  IMPORTERS OF WfflES &  AGKNTS FOR  The "Royal Insurance Co..  WHARP STREET, VICTORIA, V.I.  my 7 3m  For Sale.  t   ANE-KALF interest in the well-known'-1 ANTELOPE  .   \) RESTAUR.WT," in BarkervUlb.   Vttr nuriicuiar^  apply to Sfr. JOHN DALY, ���������n tlie pr ,Ml^ uuuar ������  my'JS Ira  THE BOXER CARTRIDGES  For Snider-Enfield of ������577 bore,  and for the Henry, and Martini Henry Rifles of .450 boro,  adopted by her Majesty's War;  Department, also of *500 bore  for Military Rifles.  WATERPROOF -CEKTRAL-  FIRE META LLIC CARTRIDGES with enlarged gaso  Tor small bores, adopted- by  foreign governments for con-  vorted-Chassepot, Berdan, Remington and other Rides; also  Cartridges for Bitllurd, the  Spencer, and American Henry  Repeating Rifles.  Tho u ELE V.. BOXER1' a re the ch capes t- Cartridges  known, carrying their own ignition, and living made  wholly of metal, arc water.proof and imperishable in-  any climate.  Tho above Cartridge cases (empty) of all sizes, a .id  for the different systems ot Breech-loading lliflus can  bo had with or withoutthe Mutable Bullets and' Ma-  chines for finishing tho. OaHrWgeK.  BOXER CARTRIDGES of -450 boro for Rcvolvin*  Pistol s, usml i n hor- Ma.ji������sl.y'.������ Navy.  COPPER RIM-FIRE CARTRIDGES of all sizes, for  Smith & Wesson's, Tranter's and other Pocket Revolvers.  PIN-CARTRIDGES for Le ranch cux Revolvers of  12 m. G-m, and 7-m. bore.  CENTRAL-FUSE and PINT-FIRE CARTRIDGES for  all size? and systems of Guns, Ri lies and ,te vol vers.  Double Waterproof and E. B. Caps, Patent Wire Car  tridges, Felt Gun WaddinsP for Brooch and   Muzzle  Loaders, and every description of Sporting and Military Ammunition.  EL E Y   BROTHERS/,  GRAY'S  INN  ROAD,  LONDON.  WHOLESALE ONLY 2611c uU  For sale at the Sextin>:l Offico  post, free of charge ;'..,', ,:;  Pacific   Telegraph Hot  Sto re street (b et w ee n Hera I d & F\$\$ti  :  VICTORIA, BX.,  i . y  Andrew Astrico,    -      -     "    . Propnt  The most commodious and clean Hotel iiiVfc-  It is conducted on the European principle. Tt*1  i s suppl ie'd. w i th' th e v ery b e & t the m ark ot affw  Meals at all hours of the day. . Private ft  Rooms for Families., -  3oard aud Lodging per week,. $ 5 50 ������if  Per dav, -St.- Single meals,-37 -1 .-.^cents.-M.  . xW A Fire-proof Safe in the House,  FiOUli  ES  FL0UE,  rsi  SODA  CREEK,  QXJESI^EIiLE, and  .BABKERVU  Also, ���������  TWO 6^in, CYLINDER STEAM  WITH BOILERS,  Suitable for small steamers.  Clinton, ApriU2th, 1870.  J. HABTJ;  LEA&PERBIHS1  Ccdobrated h  WORCESTERSHIRE  SA������|  Declared by Connoisseurs to be    I  THE  ONLY   GOOD  SAUCE-I  Caution against Fraud.r1"-'^ 1  most Jlelicious and" unrivalled Condimu ff|  cimsed certain dealers to apply the naii������-��������� y|  tershire Sauce" the public is hereby intorimu *  only way to secure the genuine,'is to |  ASK  FOR   LEA,&  PEBBINS' B*|  and to see that their names arc upon  laiwls, sTorm-m, and hotti.e.  Somoo! the foreign markets llaV,11S |U,  wi th a spu r i n u s Wows t u rshi re ^a " co, up . p.  per and labels of which the names ot J J* *g  have boon forged, L. and P. -give i,0l't,)r^|  have furnished their corrcspondents *������* |  atlorne y to takc 1m?la n t proceed inp 'm\]tiffi  i-ACTt-RKRS and vendors of such, )>r , * > i  tions by which their rJ������ht may be iun������H. ��������� M  Ask for LEA & FERRINS1 Sa^|  Name on Wrapper, .Label, w    |  Stopper. n^Proarictf,rf'|  Wholesale and for export by the I r<T'   ^i  cesler; Crosse and Black well, Londtm, ^>   |  by 6 roc������rs ;������n d Oilva v������ u uiv ersa 11y.  been:'';  I  i  m  I  Hi  1  II  M  1  i  1  9  n  I  m  mm  n  Wm  m  ���������Mm  1  SB  m  m  li  m  Wm  5#  '?*t&&.  ^m  H  *m  m  y'y  mm  wk  Mm  sis  ym  #1..  f-  !   i  / i.


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