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The Cariboo Sentinel 1867-06-24

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 FINDING a nugget.  i -A 'm au who ha������ to wo rk very hard for ^ his  living is, after all, not very much to be pitied.  Every man of sense works hard in some Way  ' or other.   As -for me-, I am ia comfortable  I 'circumstances, for I;#as smitteh- by the -gold  '" .fever aud went to,tlie diggings, "where! I discovered a'nugget, oiie that has never wasted  nor grown less, -but given, me igood' interest  ;year by year.';. ��������� ". ';" ���������-     ..'. *; ';'-..  ��������� Biit I will, tell yoii how J found my nugget.  A party of six started'for the far-olfland, after  . laying out. tyliaj _littie '/cash we,- had .in:-; the; ne -  -cessaries of outfit. ������������������! need not Ml of tlie long  voyage out' nor yet. of onr -pilgr,image to the'  |; -wild, rugged place, dotted .with tents addshanr  ' ties j where men si aye and starve, up to ^thei*.  i'tiou at ___.!  20S.    ^'  rest Rai  10'S,  ������priet������B,-.  use,  .s. at t_j|  'Roads, _  bJic.. Jib. I  Steanbij.  ���������'-.30 mfHf  obs to j  ? k Gmi  :uiarl.ri���������|  QF.  ieanlbfti-'  : StJtWiJj--  oh' Iisd .;.  1,    .���������  jlmoatli.;  'edrooM  v accoiiv.  'with bU;  veil sup-  rs; wi  EAP&T  ��������� ���������' i-S V  _____  ______  ! ,m������k������."i  to ace* f������  ..of-tiv'i  ���������est Bf E  TER   I  harge*  ors.  1-s  IMli  }rs2,  virci  5AI-8  1-s  VCOD  stof  Milk  - w  ["WW  _sSit  is  .fist  JfflW  v?  Jyd  'nd  _as  'drawing prizes j ia f'that, igretii .earth ���������lottery,;  s picking ;out the -gold from the earth -in\ theiri  ,;.''claims,'? iwliiie; others- sickened: of the' 'place  and died--sickehed and strayed off���������;into .the'  sscrub,1 to be, heard of no more���������or sickened  ��������� and tramped, pack and --piic-kagelessj back to  the big town, 'beggars.' The store keepers  %erp:the real gold gettei^  ���������but took It from the hands ofthe hungry men:  : to whom they' supplied food, and ." wh a t they  'need not have sup plied���������th at' which., was the?  cause .of.three-parts of tho fights and outrages'  'in the camp, while the other part was due t to  ; tlielust of gold ^by jtlipse who-were /unsn^cess^  tful,.or too idle to work.     >    *  ��������� I am talking of-the early days of the - gold  vfever, when rbbb.eryj rapine"and vyiqlence rul^  >od supreme. A hundred times over I would  ,igladly have been back ��������� home'.; but I recalled  the oid saying about lying upon ihe bed/I.had  Imade for myself,:and took ray partiA'tiie^dJg-  Staging-'' and washing; for. go ld���������s qiiietfrnes wi th  A ni ore, sometimes .with less sti e cess f b ufc in the  inoath's average it always came..to this-^that,.  'work:as hard as we' woul_l;at. our claim,-.we  ^could:onlyiobtain enqu^^\keep us in pro-  vision's, Wiiea^jrwastife^  thing at that time. ... Every now and then some  ^fortunate; individual  'which -was enough.to set the whole- camp  'fiercely at work;agam f ^utafter s6me;months���������  of toil, it came to my being guardian .of- the  leather bag containing the tiny Aiits vof .gold,'  ��������� as I lay in: the little tentj day after day, sick  ; o f a kind pfague.. fever, which never seemed  :to loosen me.from.its clutches! fffyif']:  ���������TI have known wbat it is to be vlow-spirited,}  'often and often, but I never knew anything to'  "compare with my- feelings���������lying; untended  almost, in th at wild p.l ace. where I was awake  "for hours throughthe long, nights,, listening  to the .carousing, quarrelling, and fighting,,  while my companions slept the sleep... of fa-  'tigue. ; They were-kind enough to me in;their  ro ugh way j bu t what /they wanted w as . ��������� help;  '���������not to be-burdened with a sick man.iff  At last, one day after a week; of. go6d siic-���������  cess, I lay with the heavy leather bag beneath  me, as *L tried to sleep and get rid of the hor-:  rible, balMelirious fancies; 'that '"Bung';" about  my brain. I' was, j tist sehsibie enough to know  that��������� fulI helf: of Ah e. rdistorted 'images ^/which  liaet my gaze were notreal, while.the heat of  tbe place was insufferable. All at once it  seemed to me that the canvass at the back  ���������part ofthe tent was lifted, and then lowered.  This Was repeated again and again j and J lay  in a dreamy way wondering' whe ther it was>  fancy, or one ofthe many wandering dogs on  an expedition for food.   .        \.t  I lay perfectly still then, for this movement  'of the canvas interested me, though I was  watching it with half closed eyes, expecting  to see tho movement begin in another part of  the'tent,, or that some strange monster would  glide across the place, as I had seen again and  again in my fever fits.    Then I closed my  ������yes for a lew moments; opened them aga'n,  and looking languidly towards the spot, there  was a hand passed beneath, and to me it seemed that the fingers were beckoning.   "Now,"  I said to myself, " the arm will come next,  they, the head and body, and at last the whole  figure will appear, and then go slowly back;*"  and then I smiled and lay calmly watching,  till, as I expected, an arm and then a head  appeared; when feeling satisfied, I closed my  ���������eyes and lay perfectly quiet,while a hot iron  ring seemed to be bound round my head, and  to grow hotter and hotter.  b All at once I felt that I was being gently  lifted, a sensation Xhad often before experienced, previous to feeling that I was wafted  through space���������burning, fiery space, where I  knew no rest.   But I could* not understand  "���������wo jerk I received, and turning my head, 1  encountered the gaze of a heavily-bearded.  face, while at the same moment a hand was  laid across my mouth'.  f /���������'"'This'-must be real," I thought, but I lay  motionless, and still overcome by the dreamy  sensation which made me half close my eyes *  once more ; when the hand was removed, thc  jerk repeated, and, as I looked, I saw ^the  fignro slowly rise v/i'ih a knife in one hand,  and a bag in the other. It seemed so real  that I could not holp feeliug interested ; when  suddenly it was as though a light flashed upon  my intellect, and, leaping up, 1 was the next  nioment struggling furiously with a powerful  man.    ' ���������  Fortunately for me, my onslaught was so  fierce, in the dread lest the gold left in my  charge should be stolen, that the. knife was  dropped ; but a blow aimed;at my liead with  -.NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  (���������  A. McPherson.'  ;nval8ts-iifr^ upon  ���������-���������--���������-- -a - my shoulder, while, desperate as a madman,  Iclung to my adversary, so-that-, we swayed  to and fro.; and at last tripping, fell heavily.:  upon the ground, rolling over and over, and '  the villain striking.ine savagely in his attempts  to esc ape. I'm n i e d i ate 1 y, -sifter cl osi ng, I h ad  grasped the bag with one hand, but a clutch  was upon it move powerful than mine, and  every eflbrt was in vain, till, losing my hold  of the treasure, I threw both hands round the  thief, even setting my teeth fast in his collar,  and holding on with tho energy of despair.  KOnco I saw him straining every nerve to  reach the spot where the knife had fallen ;  and foiled fir, this, he struck at me savagely,  but I was too close for him to do much mischief, and determined as I was to prptect jny  "triist, ,1, bore aU witlio  silent struggle;" for he Twos eYidently; afraid -iof  alai:tnln g: my, c ompanibns^ working o nly ab out  fiftyy yards^-off ijibu  nay* ^rpat a i dast, lie .worked himself Upon myi  chest.r 1 ea vihg ^he^bag'; to ;itS:f^  seenied -Aoffywipif the- bloocl;-tp;rush;fe'-;my:  eyes J;: and the}i:.a; :sn^o w;4p.pear'e^  my sigh ip and:' a ��������� .'SSayySWp; w ���������to^fSlf j-'^ii^ilip;  jipxtfjfve^  old' place,rwitii.;;my; companionsi-.?rpiihrbfmei'  wliile, ^soein^ m  one and all thanked-me-and shook hands.^:-v  ������������������ But A t was spine' days before^:l;cbuld - make  -out what .it all ^meant :f "and then, for "what:  they called- myv gallantry^! was; vbted; an:  extra share out of the. bagr~a share I gladly  accepted to carry me dowU to the��������� port, where  I' ��������� ^took ship ..for li6me^~-to arrive'T safef a and  sound, for tlie sea air drove away ray;ague-  fever.;. ���������'���������/-.--       ���������   if . '���������["���������' '       'f-'f '��������� ���������-,;,'.'  .    ��������� AND ��������� ���������  JEWELLER,   '  AT E.  HODG-ENS*   OLD    STAND..  Ifcirkcrvillc, 1 .t May, 18G7. 1-s *  F. V. LEE,  Aixctioneer, Collector,  .    MINING     AGENT.  Goods sold on Commission.  SA.Mv_.roo_.;; nn rk o r vii! _::;' ���������-���������"*-  Office,  RichQeM.-  -::z:::rr 5.s.  rrHR UNDEP.SIGNED have commeuced in thc abovo  X business .noxI tloor to Mundoril^' stables, Bttrter.  villc, and soiicit a share of public patromigo.  IRON   STOVES  Ahvays on hand.  :f- NOT.*; ADVJ^RTISEAiENTS..  Adam#f  eaircy  BARKEnVILLR,  Havo just received a choice selecUou of  CAST IROCCOOKIWG STOVES  ;���������  '. .V  TIN   PLATE  with various  PB^AN.p,. SHEET   IRON,  otber Jirticles in their line of .trade.  #_y- AU Johbin||in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper iihil  Zinc Lmdo attendeg to, and warranted to give Hatisrac.:  tion.        . "��������� -./.fe''    .--���������.-    ���������:-��������������������������� ���������        '   _-  ������������������ iA^-'-  _.- #____���������_  paper;/  SEMI-WEEKLY  VvBhimnp ".EyiiBY; Monday. ;Axt>:! TnuuspAr.  .; ALLAN .& CO.,. PnopniSTons. . v..*;PX  O'FKicB^BARKfefe^iLLE, Wilitams Creek, CAiiiib/*.  .... Subscriptiori, $.1 per Week..   ;  (iiicludi'ng 'cosf^delK-Ory:) Payable   to the CarruT;  :   f  Done at reasonable rates.  jtXgf Onr Teams run regularly  between Yale and  Cariboo and all orders in our lino of business carefully  attomicd to. .-������������������.;������������������"..  If ...B..PEARSON & BROS. .;  BlR|gtl*I^S STJ_GES, WILL ��������� LE AVE Y_\������__   E yBRY  ifMTTffM XQX tiXD^A  -JAKE  51 aSra ii %; B & k e r- y. -  rEj$t,< AN^OUNCl*<(?: TnB.:-;RE-OPENING OF THIS.  illhbuse for;th'<".pOasomVthe.proprietor^ wish..to'..in*-.V;  i;dr m tl ilo.i rfrien^-^ti tlie j>n Jr.I1 c/gen orally.. tliat "tho; -  will'sparo no.p^r"*���������*   -!     *���������  ill wlio.__ivo'"  ir^f^iL  s. .*������������������  .   -;..'  ;���������:,.-,  That is long ago. no % As far as I could  learn, not one of my companions, succeeded  at the .diggings, for there were.'many blanks  to each prize. 'But, as I sald, I found a liiig-  get,.and that I;, brought home. Man^s life is  not long enough to risk many, speculations :  and ���������!-'take to myself the credit iri being wise  in knowing when to leave off. Gold can be  purchased. too dearly, find it is a beggarly  substitute for heai.h. But I am but a vprejit-  diced, partial preacher ; for : my Voyage, to  Australia was ...the means of -my finding: that  most inestimable of golden nugge ts���������-0ontent.  FARE^TO BARKERVILLE,   -  .    Tf.'. (i-XcI.usiY'e oC Steamer's faro.)  ���������S85  'list  X PRESS?  mE^^Mi'M'  AMD  BRITISH COLUMBIAy.ff }  VICTORIA   EXPRESS;  ''''^f'V^iixiiix^  Btt*[.A'G%  BARKERViLLE.  E. STEPHENS,  CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR.  Connecting at Victoria with WELLS, FARGO & CO;,  for^Calit'ornia. Oregon, .the Atlanti'c istates ;"."'"  -���������;.-'��������� "y- i'���������'���������'.���������;- and /Europe^ ;.������������������'.-.;;������������������._.  AND: AT "YALE AND /LILLOOET^ WITH BARNARD'S  CARIBOO EXPRESS,  For Big Bend,.Cariboo and the Northern Mines-;  Conveying Treasure,, Valuables, Letters, Packages and  ��������� ��������� :.._������������������'*."      -���������'..��������� Parcels.'      .  ':��������� ��������� ������������������ "1-s'���������-.'  ���������:������������������:- f0f$h ffftKf tf ;���������>������������������;' ffffif  BARKERVILLE.   , ������������������.       ;;    '-X If.  tit PENFOLD  BEGS TO   ANNOUNCE   -TO��������� HI& "  ���������,._; friends that bis new BILLIARD SALOON is now  bj)cn, where "every attention, will be paid to.the coin  fort of his visiters. 'y ''"   -f  THE BEST LIQUORS &. CIGARS  That can be obtained in tlie market will always bo  found at tho BAR.  llABlIG, CHESS  ��������� With private entrance, arc attached to the Saloon.  Barkerville, 1st May, 1867. 1-s  ;; T. N. HIBBEIM & CO.  wiiju  Forward  promptly,  at  jioderatj.   terms,  :.: English,   American,  -French,   German,  An-l other Newspnpers and Periodicals.  :iXi '������������������;:,":  :���������...: ~-^u.-.':  HAVING  TAKEN^  AN   Ol-FICE. INT  RICHFIELD,  Williams Creek, is proparetl to execute Surveys,  Plans, Levels,  Sections, &o���������,  $zo.> oommltUul  to his  charge, with care,  acspateh, aiid on REASONABLE  TERilS.  3 ij������1* Onico, centre of Richfield. =^-_t  PARIS   AND    LONDON    HOTEL  ���������^AND^ f-A:.  '' .%iC"HF IELjlV  'a, 'r f'f-X  Aiignst Stampelil,  BARKERVILLE.  A largo- assortment of J3oots; and Shoes always on  hand, 1  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  JOB  PRINTING   OFFICE.  ���������o���������  npHE  STOCK   OF THIS   OFFICE   HAVING* BEEN  JL consiclcrabljT augmented by the recent importation  of a variety of new Ornamental Type, peculiarly suited  for  -Posters, Circulars, Cards,  Billheads, Programnies for  Balls* Concerts, and  The undersigned have refitted this well known house  which is now open for .the accomodation of the  public.  The Bar will bo supplied with tho best brands of  LIQUORS and CIGARS:'  j*_������r meals and Beds fui'iiished at all hours.  G. FONTAINE,  FELIX PC)UCIIOT,  ���������   Proprietors.  Rich Qold, 1st ?_Cay, IS87: 1  &JRSC RI I'lh 1XS,  AD DING POSTAGE, PAYABLE IX A D VA XC fc  15th hi ay, 1SG7. 4-_m  -QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  . *   Cariboo Literary Institute  J. S. ��������� THOMPSON, President.  JAMES ANDERSON, Viok-Presidbnt.  JOHN JfAcLAREN,  JOSEPH CLKARIHUE, ,  JOSKPH PARK/ J  1  Directors,  Theatrical Ehiterfcainments.  Orders for any description of Job Work will bo  en ted with neatness arid despatch.  jgif* Terms moderste. *&a  0X0 i  rpHIS INST1TIJTION IS NOW OPEN AT BARKER-  JL vine, where it is now fitted up with a view to tho  comfort and convenience of tho people of Cariboo.  Tho Reading lioom will bo found: supplied' with tho  latent JEuaflish", Scottish, Canadian, Arii.ncan and Co-  lonhil Papers and Magazines.  Terms of Subscription���������$5 per Quarter, or $2 .per  Month. Single volutu.es loaned to non-subscribers at  50 cents per volume, with $1 deposit. ' .. "  Persons not'subscribers-, visiting the Reading Rooms  and making use of the Books arid Papers, 2u cents' for  each visit. f  The Room wiil be open from TEN, A. tt., till TEN,  l\ M. JOHN KOAVRON,  Scoretnry and Librarian..  H, R.���������A Vino, assortment of Books and Stationery is  ahvays kept for sale, .   13-s,  QUESNELMOUTH,  ..    BROWN & GILLIS, Proprietors.  Good Beds j Restaurant: Billiard Table, &c  Stabling for Horses, Hay ami Oats"       s  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMOUTH,  P. L. JOHNSON, ProprtbtOr,     .  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  description.. s  OTICE  _-_>-_-^________i  _55S___?i-  B  I  s  E:.N. T E R.P  With RtJN AS POLLOWS i  ,   LEAVES  QUESNSLMOtJTH ,ON **���������  Thursdays and Sunda^g,  AS . SIX O'CLOCK, A.. ;M.,  .:���������'..   LICAYES'  SODA  'GgOGBpt' ON.  Tuesdays a n d F r i d a y  AT POtJE OX^OCK, A  Qucsncitttcut'fy May and j 18.it  m  M.  1  ��������� y f   .  TFTfi" *PAt?TTlftfl *517V.Tt"W"_PT iamdsedfeytfl0stnP^^scuss.^n9^rl tue  MONDAY, JUNE .24, 1867.  Agents for the *lCaribop Sentinel.  Arouse Creek, ..'-.-,. yfif -   ' fff>    - -    A. McWha  ���������Qacsnelmouth,      Mr; Goudio, Barnard's Express OUlce  Yale, .    -      -:    Mr. Evans,    .do   V   'do  l.illooct,...;   f   F- W. Foster,... do.... do  N*������w Westminster,      -    '.-   .  i-'" ''"ff Clnrkson & Co  _. 'f . ���������---���������     - *    --..��������� . "'.'���������'    "���������...-.. ��������� . f E. Mallauduiue  Victoria- ... ,. . ,-..;.���������;..-,,   ff-.y Ja. Lyne, -  HigBnnd, :-.-:. ...  ���������-.'.   Jae. Bullock, French Creek'  van; wiukic, ..;.���������;���������. --;.,. /;. ��������� ���������'���������- '::-..:r-.-'*.���������������-'��������� . .a-pdwards  ���������iif;.,;y,yfT10 CORRESPONDENTS. ��������� ���������..-' " fff  AH - communications ��������� must'��������� bo accom pan i'od "by the  real name and address or the; writer, not .necessarily  with a view of publishing-the same, but as security for  i fcl* good faith.    .-  , ff       lif.    ���������' - ,..  f   * TO ADVERTISERS. '-. '' ' - f  Tho * 'Cariboo Sentinel'* is published pvery Monday  and Thursday. Advertisements intended for insertion  .must ho delivered at latest at 6 o'clock, p. mM tho day  bsJoro publication. .:. ��������� ' f '  'JBGg* All Advertisements {not inserted forahy defiuito  ;p*Ti'>-l).iVl..J becontiuuodiuniU ordered oiit a no charged  for accordingly. . ��������� "  ;   ���������������������������       f.i:f ff ���������'-:';.:������������������:-  ���������   '��������������������������� ;'���������������������������'   ANNEXATION;-. -  ~~iris~$Tran^^^  that of excessive colonization, or a too great  eagerness for the . annexation of neighboring  and weaker nationalities, should continue to  manifest itself in these day& of'enlightenment.  With the fate of so many* nations,, great in  themselves, but dissatisfied with all.the power  riecessaxy to secure respect/and thus, leisure  to advance the knowledge and prosperity of  their own. peoples, tliey sought by . the absorption of other territories* that power in  name, which was ��������� weakness'in .fact,,and impoverishing the parent stem, threw' the.whole  strength into the branches ; these in turn; by  their weight,-'.prostrated; the' trunk that nourished them, and dispersion-and ruin followed.  Even ts of this kind areTrip if- confined to the,  days when Greece and Roihe.^were at their  'w____-?___V ���������.Wa.' h_*xr������ T_r_-Ha*h'Ixr /ihi*  Vic  toria papers pn the subject ofthe annexation  of these colonies to. tbe United States 4' happily tor the colonists they treat such ideas  with   the    utmost   contempt.      The. only  notice that has been taken of the ill advised  discussion has been by some of the California  papers, that lacking subjects for their leaders  have eagerly seized upon the vagaries of their  Victoria-contemporaries to fill their columns.  We wish them joy of their prize, and hope  they may make the most of it for the denotation of their California readers.    If the subject attracts any attention in that portion of  the United States, it is more than it does in  these colonies.������ We are too -well pleased with  the prospect of joining our brethren on the  eastern portion of the dominion, to.bother  oin* heads with annexation bunkum.   We sincerely hope that the government of thc United  States will occupy itself with the equitable reconstruction it is now engaged upon at home,  and afterwards in the development of the  riches she already possesses in the magnificent territory forming the States of the present'Union.   We are perfectly sure that there  is quite enough to be done in useful reforms  and public works to engage the ablest ministry in the United  States for the next half  century.'"  There is a curious clock at the Pans exhibition, that shows at a glance the time oi  twenty-four' of the most important towns oi  the world, on a revolving globe, besides a  complete moveable almanac of the month ana  week, and the phases of the moon, while the  pendulum ia both a barometer and a thermometer.  V. I. Board op Edccatiox.���������Thc Governor  has appointed the following gentleman to form  a Board of Education for Vancouver Island :  Hon. Vv. J. McDonald, hou. T. Lett Wood,  Messrs. W. F. Tolmie, L W. Powell. X. Trounce  D. Cameron,, Lumley Franklin, P. Garescho,  D, W. Biggins.���������B. Colonist.  '^r'if you want good Coffee use Fell's.  NBW iLDTERTISEMENTS.  O T E E PE  F R hHcl  LEeUYER & LEBUUN, ProwUbjtpes,v. /-���������'  A RE READY TO ACCOMMODATE EVKRY ONEN  JX tho abovo Establishment.     :        ,,      -r.   ,��������� "r  <GOOD S"ARE AND GOOD I&DSi; V;  Barkerville, atthMay, 1S67.; -f i\f f;. f fsyffc.}  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  WEI  Vi  The trial of a suit at the instance" ~bf ~*T6mi  T. Pidwell vs. The Hudson Bay Company terminated on the. 14th, after a three days hearing in the Supreme Court. A decision . was  to be given, on. the following day. The action  was-brought to rocover $727 value of wear-  apparal, &c., ^belonging tp plaintiffs wife, who  was a passenger on the steamship Labou cbcre  from San Francisco to Victoria,in April, 18_G  which^vessel was wrecked, and the wearing  apparel lost. The Solicitor-General and Mr.  McCreight, instructed by Mr.'Pearkes for the  plaintiffs, Mr. Ring and; Mr. Walker,, instructed by Messrs. Drake'& Jackson for the defendants. ���������..-.'.      ':-.,���������.   ...;..'"'...       .  HAVE THIS DAY   PURCHASED OF ME-5SRS.  auVolkenburgh k Co, the business of roiail  Batchers, on Grou so Creek. Our purchase includes  ull book or other accounts duo to tho hire firm, and  wo would request all debtors to tbo late firm to make  immediate payment lo us alone. In tho future management of our business, we will endeavor to merit  the patronage of the patrons of our predecessors.  J. 13. GKEAVES,         J. VanVOLKENBUKGH.  Grouse Crock, June 12th, 18G7. 15-1 m  OPPENBElMEIt  mm,  E  AND���������-.  erchants;  BARKl_aVltl_E.'v';.; fikl  - J^OTICS.....  IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT ANr ORDINARY GEXE  rai Meeting ofthe Williams Creek Bed Rock Flume  and Ditch Companv. limited, will he held'at their Office, Richfield, on the SECOND DAY OF JULY next,  at THREE o'clock, P.M., for tho purpose of considering the report of tho Directors, electing Officers, and  transacting other business of the Company.  E. A. WADHAMS,  Secretary,  Richfield, Juno 24, 1S67.  BELLA UNION  SALOON,  KEPT BY  rs.  zenith.   We have probably.';the most striking  examples within the last' fifty or sixty years.  _?rance. for instance, -under -the first Napoleon.  Had this ;great soldier beenvsatisfiedswith his  first acquisitions^ there can'jbe no doubt that  they:;,would have been firmly uni ted'to France;  and:; would Lave ;fqrmed-;;th8��������� "J:'strdiigest and  m&& powerfdl ��������� nation; in tibie'ivorld.f But the  . lust of conquest- hag tbe^ samef fascination for  afrriilitary power, that gain fi'aSt; for ;thc' gatn-  bier ; and the result has always.been the loss,  not .only of the territory so acquired,-.-b.ut portions of th^ original realms of_which others  wer.a the ackno wleeged; possesso rs, bef0re the  first success! had given them the taste for acr  quisition.   To wit, Sweden under the unfor tu-:  nate Charles Xlf.   Russia will never be content until she has secured .Constantinople.  She has at present the, largest amount of territory of any nation m/existence ; but in lieu  of consolidatiag what she at present possesses,  she will continue to enlarge her- boundaries,  'until weakened by her unwieldy size, she will  fall to pieces from the mere impossibility of  assimilating such yarious' hai.ionalhies?^wheh-  ever tlie"nations of Europe believe they: are  endangered by her too extended influence.  Prussia has been seized with the like -mania  for absorpdon, and a similar fate awai ts her.  Austria is Already prostrate, after : retaining  het> conqiiests sol 0 ng^ and; although - curtailed:  by the I la te ; wars wi th Italy land;;: Prussia; ��������� is  . still unable >to control the peoples who are  supposed to ';be under her dominions Spain  holds the few remaining colonies by a very  slender thread, jahd is herself In the throes of  revx������ffiion,\ which may end in Jier own-dis-.  raemberment. T JJngland, more *wise tKan her  neighbors, sees; her mistake; fsTM.fichoosing  only such of her Colonies a-ssh^i thinks are  mifficiently valuable to, make; ff worth her  wiii ie 'defending; is gradual ly disemb arrassin^  herself of such others' as are onlylikeiy; to be  a source of weakness.     >       ������������������:"/'.'������������������  The United States  on   the contrary,  is j  thoughtlessly burthening-herself with useless  ���������ap p end ages!". whi ch wili ; d rain   her ���������; coffers,  and should any, national embroilment occur,  will also exhaust her armies in their defence.  Hardly out of one" of the inosfc terrible struggles on record, and before even a reintegration of her original territories has been consummated, she proceeds to buy a/cast off colony  o f Bussia wi th itioney . squeezed out of her  o ver taxed citizens.     This out of the way segment'of land will  only involve: immediate  expenditure, with; a very distant prospect of  reimbursement, even  should , circumstances  prove as favorable as they could be wished.  r������\it if home dissensions reach a. point when  the people become impatient of heavy taxation and restricted commerce, such a distant  possession will prove a continual bone of  contention.   The territory once acquired, the  dignity, of the nation will not permit of its  abandonment, and Mr. Seward instead of acquiring fame by this ill-considered, stroke of  policy; will be execrated by. the generations  io come, as a dreamer and a cause of misfortune to his country.    We have been much,  Bank of British Columbia.^-At the late  General meeting of the : proprietors of this  'institution, held at the London Tavern',; the  financial statement and report which were  submitted were of a satisfactory character.  The reduction of working expenses; a sounder  business in the Colony, the increased, number  of permanently employed miners in Cariboo,  the discovery of a rich silver lead atv Cherry  Creek and the Introduction of gold quartz  crushing are mentioned in the report as causes  of increased confidence;���������B. Columbian;'"-:  ';���������" . -   .'  " ���������'���������; ' "������������������,-- '.       ���������..'���������,"���������    .'���������'   ��������� ���������$';������������������  ������������������  State of the Roads.���������We understand that  the roads are still in an impassablestate:-bet-  ween thel50 mile post nnd Deep Creek,-and if  theGovernment does not do something to them  immediately, it is Mr. Barnard's intention to  put on a saddle train from the 150 mile 'post  to Soda Creek, by way of Williams Lake. ��������� It  is really too bad that we should be, burdened  by heavy road tolls and-, .the Government  look passively on and do nothing to keep the  roads in a passable condition.  Melancholy.���������Letters received in town  announce,^the; probable loss of Mr. Wm. H.  Daniels * of this city, who sailed many in onths  since froth. Honolulu; for;. j_uistralia,C arid hak  never been heard of. The ship is supposed  tb; have gone down with., all on boards ilr.  j)anielsi; Jwha; was; a'<most estimable :y:ouhg  gentienian;������������������was; formerly vin the employ of  IIO11. Mr^;.:'. Soutli^te, and was a prominent  meinber of the Victorii Amateur Dramatic  Clubi���������.Colonist   ;       . ff-ff  !Panny Bendixen,  BARKERVILLE.  11HIS SALOON, 'WHICH IS FITTED UP IN THE  . most elegant style, has just been opened to the  public. None but tho best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS served at the Bar.  ;   There is a PRIVATE SALOON for the accommodation of customers. ��������� f ��������� ff. *  June 10th, 186T.    .-.-���������'-'.                      :       .         lm.  O T 1-G E  AVING^SOLD OUT OF THE NEW EL DORADO  Saloon, BarkcrvUlo, this is to inform those who  are iudebtcd to tlio undersigned, that he has put his  accounts into the hands of J. K. SDTER for collection.  JAMES BURD1CK.  15th June, 1SG7V 13-3  Carrier and Expressman,  Between Richfleid, Barkcrrillo and Cameronton,  PERSONS HAV__$f GOODS OR "PARCELS TO CON^  vey 10 either of these towns, should, give: him a  call ; he is always to.be found on his beat;.  Ho also keeps, in connection wUh the above bttsiV  ncss, n LIVERY STABLE at Richfield, where horse*  can bo hired by tho day or week, ahd all kinds of feed  Is'BoiU TU r������tiS0Iiabie;|JriC*53;,;;-'';;; v'f ��������������������������� ������������������'.������������������������������������-,������������������ ���������: ;;���������-.��������� -���������- A&i'm'. ;������������������  FAB H'liaiK:^  ':;; w t l l i $$^  THE PROPftlKTORS BEG LEAVE TO AMOUNTS  to tbo.public that they^have enlarged, roiurntsbed,  find.thoroughly renovated their ������ipuciousand faeh.  ionable saloon, sparing neither pains nor expense for  the comfort of their Patrons.  This is now the largest aud most complete Saloon lo  British Columbia ; consisting of three large sopara.o'  apartments,   viz.:   CARD  ROOM,   BAR ROOM, im '  BILLIARD  SALOON, containing   three superb BILLIARD TABLES.  Tho- best LIQUORS and CIGARS obtainable, ars  served here. Tbis establishment is under tbe immediate superintendence ot'the Proprietors.  ABLER & BARRY.  June 6th, 1867. 4m     ..  EXPRESS   NOTICE.  AFTER  THIS   DATE,   BARNARD'S   EXPRESS -li..  ^not.responsible for damage on LIQUIDS shipped ia  Tin or Glass, unless by special cou tract.  Until furtner notice,  the Express -will arrivo hero  every SUNDAY-AFTERNOON*,   aridvclo30  for below  every TUESDAY, at NINE o'clock, P. M.  - ,;������������������:..  ���������:a-T;a.:      . .   ROBERT; POOlv.  ���������������������������.������������������..,-'���������.-- '���������'���������������������������''"-. Atjeni. ;  Bri.rkervnie, May 29th, 186T. ���������   l;:'-;      '8  O T IC E.  In the matter of tbe Estate and Effects of  REMI DAZBT, late of Williams Creek,  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate.   :  LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THE  above Estate, are required to pay tho amounts  due forthwith, and all persons who havo any claims  against the above Estate, are required to send in their  accounts on or before the EIGHTH day of SEPTEMBER, 1867,; to; /,- CHAS. ,E. P00LEY,,; .  :y . *   :  ,��������� Olficial Administrator.  ; Dated Lytton, Sth June, 1867.. ���������.. 13 fiff" a  Steele's- -Res ta urant-:  ,':.������������������;.;��������� ;;���������;..",;;'  . richfield:    f' ftWi [  H:   STEELE BEGS TO INFORM HIS OLD FRIENDS  * and Patrons, that he has opened his OLD STAKDj  where ho wili bo glad to see them.  45T* Meals at au. IIoubs  . June 10th, 1S67.  .-���������������.  11-a  L. MOUTTET & CoM  RICHFIELD,. "  WHOLESALE   &  RETAIL   MERCHANTS,  LOST  ; Ports /in J"ai^ tp. -p^p [Q^^bzX^P Spyi  ernmenCo^a^n lia^ the  1st January,1868, the Ports of Osaca, Yeddo,  and Negata, on the west coast of the Island of  KephOn to European'. settlement and [ Iuter-  course. This concession of the rigid exclusive  policy heretofore observed by the Japanese  towards foreigners, is a strong proof of the  beneficial effects produced by the introduction of trade and commerce.  Ball.���������Mrs. Parker's Ball on Saturday evening was well patronized by the ladies and  gentlemen of this and tho neighboring creeks.  The music which -was of the most enlivening  character, induced the admirers of the mazy  dance to prolong their stay till a late hour  the following morning, when all betook themselves to their, respective domiciles highly  pleased with the entertainment.  A BOUT, THE BEGINNING OF DECEMBER LAST,  XX. between Richfield- and Barkerville. aPOOKET  BOO E, con ta ini bg a note * for $83 50, . drawn - by  the Brown Go.,'Lowhee,jn-favor ofthe undersigned :  also a Time Book, belonging to tho Plumbago Co. .The  subscriber will be obliged by any one finding the  above, leaving the same at the'Office of this paper.      ;  '������������������^���������fi:..,7ti���������.if.T:fi....: ���������;;���������,.:..:pai7L-.hohm  BarKerviIfe, 8th June, 1867. 2w  ALWAYS ON HAND, CALIFORNIA AND ISTHMUS  Butter, at $1 25 per lb.  Sole Agents for Girod & Guichonj Quesnelmouth.  f Juno lo tii, 1867. H*  f   ....... . ,        m   -    -   -   ^  CO S'MOPOLITAN     -  Restaurant  and  Bakery,  XT:.-'"- ff. fifty BARKERVILLE. '". ��������� ��������� if ;yX fi f:  F E  TON    SALOO  :    RICHFIELD.  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING THOROUGHLY RE^  novated his Establishment, has re-opehed thesam*  forthe accommodation of tho Public, and trusts to.  merit a share of their.patronago. His Bakery has alao  undergono repair, and he Is now ready U������. execuw  orders from all who wish good bread.   ���������..."/'  "���������    ��������� ���������������������������".-.-JACOB" VEUTBrPropHe^^'  ���������A June 10th, 1867.   ' >H-<  rpHE UNDERSIGNED HOPES HIS OLD PIONEER  A friends will give him a turn, as ho has experienced  heavy weather lately. B. F. KDWARDS,"  June 6th, 1867. Formerly of Edwards' Ranch.  FOR SALE.  COMPLETE SET  OP  EXTRA  STRONG  INDIA  Rubber Hydraulic Hose, together with Pious and  Nozzles thereto belonging, for salt* cheap.  For particulars, apply to Mr. F. W. LAUMEISTER  RichQold. '  26th May, 1867.  Accountant,   Collector  * 1  AND  CO  MISSION    AGENT,  BARKERVILLE,  OPTICK��������� OPP08JTK N*  CCA'IO'fl Bl-BWEIVf  me 17, 1867.  13  A large pack train arrived yesterday,  loaded with goods for ihe Hudson Bay Company's store herey.consisting chiefly of liquors,  being the firs.t instalment of a stock of 30 tons  of general merchandize now on its way. Mr.  John Work, who came in by last Express,  takes1 charge of the store.     . ��������� _  A portion of a-large consignment of wines  and liquors, forwarded by. Messrs. Grelley &  Fitterre, Victoria, to Mr. T. Briggs, Cameronton, were received by him on Friday.  The dinner at New Westminster to Mr.  Birch, previous to his departure for England,  will come off on the~ 24th.  o01 and ShueMak'er,.  BARKERVILLE.  THS  --TAKES THIS METHOD OF INFORMING HIS  A Iricnds and the publio generally, that he has en-  iarged and ilttcd np his SHAVING SALOON, in a superior manner, having secured the services of an efficient  assistant, hu is now prepared to operate in a  satisfactory manner in all branches of the TONSOKIAL  AKl. ���������  Ho also begs to call tho attention of tho ladies to his  flno selection of Perfumery, which he is constantly in  receipt of from Latgley & Co., Victoria, viz., Pomades,  Powders, Oils, Combs, Brushes, and other articles for  the Toilet.        -  He also calls attention to his unrivalled Hair Restorative, guaranteeing to stop hair from falling out, fn  one week, und in reasonable time restoring Hair to its  former state and color.  Also Gentlemen's furnishing Goods : ilncs't assorfe-  m"l^.0!!?j,irti?* Uaderclothos/Neck Tics,Scarfs, etc.  27tb May, 186T.  .  ��������� *       f-    '��������� 8 '���������  BOOTS AND  SHOES MADE TO  OKDtfR AT  shortest notice.   Gum Boots repaired, and "������������������*"  and all other work^gg  exocutcd witIi.NBATftft������  and DISPATCH.  Jmm Opposite Cariboo Sentinel Ofllce. "=&  June 6th, 1807.  xj snortest notice. Gum  RANTED WATEU TIGHT,  nee tod with his business t  ������m  im  REMOVAL.  0,  STROUSS,  .   DEALER IN  w.  Hi  '.mm  f &UOLXW y������ *4J*W^,  ETC., ETC.,' *    "  BARKERVILLE.  Has removad to his NEW STORK, opposite  DENTAL HOTIfTL',  OCCI1  1*^ :  K  i__ac____- HE CARIBOO SENTINEL  0NEi>i  U  MONDAY, JUNE 24/ 18671  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  r  is.^WILLUMS/CUEEE.-.:; ������.; -'.;-,:  The past. week has been one "of tiriprece_'  Offi-dented dullness among all classes of the; corn-'  ���������.    ^S winunity;. ���������'���������' Thfc chief Raiifte ttif this! Iiowav^.r"'.  W;  fftmay be traced to the cessation:of miniog.ope-  M ratio ns  in cohsequen ce; qff the unfortunate  T &    HB-rep&irc P**og**ess witii the utmost ,cxpeditipn'  ft������ complain of the hardness of the tfthes.-,  There is nothidg new to record 'concerning  fi'-���������; :.: ^^B'the claims  aibove Richfield,^ Vall- -are;;busy,  lan    pSS������ ground sluicing? ;Tho' Bed , Epck Flume co_,  lo/U t   g1 fff ^rg ac^Van ci'n g with the. laying of their fliitne  very Speedily,: having got through.-/ tb e bed  rock, and it is expected that in the course of  a couple of weeks they will reach the lower  lines of their ground in the rear of the Paris  and L ondon Hotel.    There b eing; an . amp le  supply bf water iia the Flume Co.'s-ditch, the  a ton,  3 CON  him a  e btisi;  ftor_e_  of feed  Mai**'  it,  -,BI������������| h ill companitis have parted washing,.' among  B^_B wm������k ai"e tne po?e3t;-'^ill^^le<^,''l^iitlibb-and'  3������_  Wm  >UXCE  lbbed,  fash.  cso for  loon In.  ps'rato"  1, and  i-hlL-  e, an  tinnns-  rV.  SS li  ped la  i hero  belor  ;d.,  8  it^  ..ND2  AMI),:  SH  ������s_&  114'  .TS,-;  14  ���������y>  _5  tO.  :also.  iculo  Ls.  >r.  13  r.  its  A1V  ;oDJ  ES3  San Fraiipiscoifcom  The first claim' belbfa; the banpn that is vtalig  Ing out, pay -iti" the Aurora ;.!co,, which Xwashed  out yeaterday:abo.ri; 4-3& ^anees-��������� -makiKg-fo?  the week 220 ounces.���������Davis co. took out for  the week 206 ounces.-^Borealis co. cleaned  up yesterday 45 ounces.���������Morning Star co.,  are making good wages.���������Never Sweat-co.are taking out very good pay.���������Forest Rose  ^JB'co. washed up for the week'.ending Saturday  IU 30 ounces.���������Raby co. have got everything  ready and will b egin : to   wash during ;the  week. ������������������...-:   ."';;'.;.;..     X-\ ,  -CONKLINS ' OOLCU.. .    *  The Ericcson co. have started a drift from  ^ -,6 their old shaft, above the saw mill, with the"  ffi'view of working tbe high rock that paid them  | ff|so well two years ago. They have taken  ���������nothing out of their tunnel .yet���������United co.  \ washed out for last week 117 oz., and declared a dividend for the, two weeks ending  ^yesterday $G4 to the share.���������Reid co. areget-  pi ng iu to good: p tiyf <It -is though t;; that the  Sea'd of the .United cb, goes into this claim.  They washed-up-for the week nearly:'30o&.������������������  .florae Stake co. are now in with their tunnel  about 400-fret, and find washed gravel, but no  .p rospects.���������Hood co. havei run over 300 -feet  ���������in the;bed rock, bul have got -no indication of  :a channel, farther than the presence *of ocea-'  ���������fiional seams of slum, that are to be met with  du the- rock.���������Just-struck-it cp. having; beeR  unable to bottom their shaft on account. pf  water, cpmmencedy*unn"_ng a *feunnel^and^tre^  now iri wi th it abbii165 feet.^Galbft^p. hayei  ���������comp leted .8.0 feet of their \.-tW_iQ'el^^'iRfeB^W;'  co. are sinking a new shaft to! worktheir deep'.  ground. ��������� L o b e -S tar-; cp 'y are ab put' to let ih e;  runniug of a /tunnel -by cpnlract.-TBi'.tish-.  '<2ueen co'y ure making good wages.-^Night  :3Iawk co'y, having got their wheel and pump  in working order, will commence Work,fow  ihe'xv shaft to-day.---flooMight ��������� co'y aire Ijiiik-  ^Qg a shaft,-, . i--f 'f   i'--p TpXpf  Beyond a doubt, the claims fa this- giilfch:  which have baffled the efforts of their owners  for thedaat 'two 6i* three years in opening  thempbidlairib yield >; golden harvest; to.  all interestecl.   The Brick eo.'s ground at the  mouth of thegulch has been re-located 'by a-  new co., who are engaged in running an in-  cLine.���������Floyd co, are busy repairing damages  to their tuEnpLcaused by the recent fre$he^  and will not be ready to wash before two.; or  three weeks.. This is very unfortunate as-big  pay was ^expected 'from this claim^Alturas  co. washed up for. the week i(31 ounces, one  piece was found that weighed 7 ounces :and  another a trifle over 3 onrice3.   The gold in  this gulch appears to be of a coarse character  Taffvale co. expect to reach tlieir shaft about  the middle ofthe week.���������_Tenkias co. are making an ounce a day to tlie hand.--Mucho Oro  30. washed out 60 ounces for the week. Some  lilliculty is experienced however in getting at  ;he deep channel where the best pay seems to  jo on account pf water which their pump  s unable to keep out.   *Jhe company intend  ;o run a drain tunnel froin thc Jenkins co.'s  .haft-���������Emery co. have quit tunneling and  iommenced to ground sluice with  prospects  )f getting good pay.   Several other compan-  *a are sinking shafts, <fcc., farther up the gulch.  tinuous, -for a distance of at least one and  a-half miles, :thus alFordihg remunerative employment for two or three hundred men.-eThe  Taughan-Sweehey cb; have had becasiori to  clean up a small portion ':��������� off their ground  sluice, in order to make room for rocks, during-the past two weeks, arid washed up over  100 oz,' They have laid bare a A arge strip of  ground, which if it ;;<pays any thing J like the  same rate as: thatS already.; cleaned, will uni  dpiibtediy yibld the shai;eiiblders a^^ handsonie,.  sum in the fall. - ,     \   '  GROUSE CREEK..      '  ft Times are ^very;dtill ^pn this fcreekjiist now,  Tfor several reasbris.'���������' ^; First, because; thp._iu_u-  erous claims that are: busy groundf sluicing  hay e: not co mmenced to wash up. Seep nd,'.  because those claims that were taking out big  pay, the Black Hawk fot instance, have been  locked up by litigation } and third, feecause  of the failure in discovering the ������lost Heron  lead.'ip There are, however, goodi reasons for  believing that all these causes of depression4  will soon cease. f'.  The Heron co; have been working for .the  past three; weeks grpuiid that barely :paid ex-;  perisesi; On Friday last, they struck a wide j  and -deep f channel; in which gold ;;bould -he  seen in the gray pi, and which, acbpf ding to';  present appearances^^^ seems to "be.running di-i  rectly into the hill. They; washed up yester-,  .^ay^bpnt .30.oz.^  pany on the creek are either ground sluicing,5  sinking shafts, or running tunnels, and but'  few are taking out pay.  M.GGS  OULCJJ.  The Ancient Briton co. are now in with  their tunnel 159 feet, and have' reached the  rise of the rock towards the hill, which proves  the channel to be fifteen feet in width. They  are not quite deep enough to drain the bed  rock, and will consequeatly have to drift up  stream until they reach it.���������There are other  three companies busy prospecting ; one of  which, located a short distance below the last  named company, on the opposite side of the  creek, are finding indications of very good  pay. They only commenced ground sluicing  last week, and have picked up several pieces  weighing $5. and $6. '"    .  . enistipLH CREES. ,  '^There are two companies at work on this  creek, one of which we learn is making $12 a  day to the hand. The diggings are very shallow, and easy to open. As a proof of this, it  iSyOnly. necessary to state that the company  referred to have only been at work for two  weeks.  ������������������ i ��������� ������������������ -  '������������������;  frontier, in which respectable parties in northern New York and New England are engaged.  ; |St. Louis,; M^y 29th.-���������The Helena and Montana Herald of the 2nd says, great excitement  exists in the territory in consequence of Indian outrages. War meetings had been called by the Governor at; "VlrginiavM^ arid-^ a  plan of operations arinouncedv '*\*5>innteers  aiiclvdbnatibris of arms, horses, etc^arb;cafte*d  fprf 'Several companies were -enrolled anil  birganized within ��������� twenty:ibur ; hours. : TKe  forces already mustered were to leave i_nme-  diiitelyVuhder the command of ipol. Through-^  lar, accompanied by Gen.; Meagher himself;  Ibr the scene of the disturbance, Gov. Meagher has issued a pro clamatio a j summoning;  six hundred mounted men for instant service^  assuring them- that they shall be at full liberty to appropriate arid hold whatever horses  and arms, and everything in the way of spoils  they may capture. He says the Government  has thrown niih on his own resources, and he ;  wi 11 take the rekp onsibili ty. -  It is stated that the Sioux Indians have not  only planned an attack to devastate the Gallatin settlements, l>iit they are in alliance with,  the mountain tribes, and assert that they will  penetrate to, sack and burn both Virginia and  Helena cities. -Col. Weii has been appoiated"  to the ^command: of the .Holeha ��������� troops. It 3'-,is  soggested to invi tc the frie ndly Flat "Heads - to  join the whites in the cairipaign.    Large bbd-  opeirating iu the Gallatin Valley. An Omaha  dispatch says it is reported that Indian depredations have occurred near Fort Laramie.  Gen. Augur and staff 16ft last night for the  front-  Several deserters left Fort' Hayes, Kansas,  last week. .Five of them were killed and  scalped by the Indians, near the fort, on the  24th. :;���������;. . >  The crew of the Vesta, during the trip, attempted a mutiny,' and demanded that tho  captain should return to 'England, because of  heavy gales. The captain restored order by  vigorous measures. ' ;��������� f  Cholera has broken out at Buenos Ayres  and all the towns on the coast as far as Cor-  rientes.. -. ..'������������������'.;  The International Telegraph Company expects to open its line to Cuba in July. Florida dispatches;, report that the land lino wili  be completed on the 1st; J ane.  m$������M  ���������  1  Wm:  mm  I  Ii  ���������  if  t  IiOWEEE CREEK,  It is more than likely that sotfte now deve-  ������pmentis may be made this week respecting  ie value of the deep channel in the east bank  F this creek, which was tapped on Saturday  y the Now-or-Nevor tunnel co., at a distance  {150 feet into the hill. This company will  )mmence washing during the present  eek, when it will be ascertained to a cer-  inty whether the ground contains payor  >t If pay is found, as we observed on a  rmer occasion in referring to this channel,  ere is a strong probability of its being cori-  M*AiR*ri������UftS GULCH.  Three companies have commenced washing  up -the. |>ay dirt,;iwhich they drifted but during  ���������the winter, and expect to do welt  ��������� - ;   _-- ���������;       ���������_���������    BLACK JACK -OULCIL;    - ,;     ��������� :tf- f  Which derivesits riaine from the celebrated  claim of that ha me, on ace ouht of being; op-,  posite to it, was all \bt_t abandoned since 1863  iintil last winter, wlien a company called the  j Annie Walker co. ran a tunnel J75 feet into the  southern bank, and discovered a well-deiitted  channel, 'containing very, coarse gold-~pieces  having been found weighing from one ounce  and upwards.. The company are now -pre- j  ;paring to open (ip the diggings in a proper  manner.���������In the Stout co.'s claim, immediate^  ly below, a: piece was picked up put of their  ground sluice which weighed $1S.���������Several  co mp anies; ;h ave -pre-e mp ted. ��������� ."'cl aims bo th  above aiid below, arid as thb diggings are  easily prospected, there is'pvery probability  of soifiething ihbre definite being known as to  their valiip^ in the course of eight or ten days.  OXXXDUZS 'CREEK.  SotwithStandifig all the exciting reports  circulated last winter, nothing has been struck  here yet, although every one feels hopeful  that there soon will be. . ���������  The Clear Grit co. are drifting up stream,  on a channel where they anticipate pay in a  short time.���������Miller co. will resume sinking today, having finished their wheel and pump.  TELEGRAPHIC*  (From the B. C, Examiner.)  New York, May 20th.���������The World's special  says General Thomas returned to-day fully  charged with the views of the government as  to the status of Brownlow's militia.  J.N. Maffit, ex-commander in the.rebel  army, yesterday applied for pardon.  It is reported that Horace Greeley has written to Breckinridge, inviting him to return to  the country, and take part in the work of reconstruction.  The HerakVs Montgomery special says, G.  W. Uagle, the man who offered a reward for  the assassination of Lincoln, during the war,  was arrested on a charge of complicity in the  assassination, a few days since, but was discharged on producing a pardon from Presi-  dentJobnson.  The Herald's special says it has been discovered that an extensive contraband trade  is carried on with Indians on the northern  .;.   '[From the Colonist and Chronicle]  New York, June 2nd.���������A special cable des-  ;patc^;to,tho Herald from.London,.furnishes  Rio Janeiro news of May 0 th. Pomedo de-  ;clines the mediation profferred by the United  'State3.in the difficulty with Paraguay> because  the allies are preparing to attack Paraguay as  _sppn j as ,the;cpntingent under Baron de Heural  ^could j pin; the ^forces ��������� which the'; former bad  ���������sent to the upper Parana. .;��������� Therei.hadieennp  fartiber fighting.^: Cholera was raging in the:  camps. -It is rumored that General Hrquiza,  with 10,000,: men, had raised the standard of  revolt, and pronounced against the triple; alliance:   A. reyoIt in the Argentine provinces���������  is reported.       ; ���������     ,, "'  ;   New; Yor^. April 7 th.T---Nicaragaa vpapers>  say ti a t tlie iriissibri of bx-Presiden t Martinez,.  to. Engiand; is tb obtaiii, the incorporation of  the Mps^uera compahy.   Nicaragua will soon  ^demand :���������; payment ��������� for. ;the; bpnlbardnient: pf  Greytown, and a call for indemnity for Walker's ravages, is likely to follow.'  : Chicago, Jane;8th.--An Omah^ spedal says.  Sherman has withdrawn his forces tb the south*  side of Platte river, be tweeri 'forts ' Sedgwi 6k  and MePberson.   The stages have been withr  drawn from that portion.    Sherman will pro-  bably abandoii the 'expedition into the 'heart  ���������pi the Indian icottatry1,; vaM cojttcentrate -his  troops .to protect the stages and railroad,  deeming that mo re i.mpbr tant.. ���������  New York^ June 8th.���������The Herald's special  cable despatcn has a long account bf the attempted assassination of tlie Czar of; Rrissia;  The assassin fired two shots ; the seeond barr  rel exploded, wounding his hand. The first  ball penetrated the head Of the horso ridden  by the imperial groom. The assassin says he  came from Belgium with the intention of killing the Czat, and declares he has no accomplice.  The Americans in Paris will present an address to tho Czar, through General Diz. The  address is congratulatory of Napoleon, and is  extensively signed.  Several towns in France held the services  of the Russian church to-day. The Czar,  Grand Duchess, and the sons of the Czar, attended services in Paris, and offered thanksgiving for the escape of the Czar froni assassination.  Paris, Juno 7th.���������All the Powers having diplomatic relations with Austria, except America, will'be represented at the coronation of  the Emperor Francis Joseph to-morrow^ An  amnesty Will be proclaimed to all Austrian  subjects charged with political offences.  Chicago, June 9th.���������The steamship Bremen  brings European news to May 30th.  Candia intelligence, through Greek sources,  state that two fresh engagements occurred on  May 15th and 16th, resulting in favor of the  Cretans.   The Turks, under Omar Pacha, had ���������  devastated the country, burning 55 villages,  ���������without obtaining decided advantages over  the insurgents. ���������;,.  A fresh insurrection had broken out in Bosnia. Sixty thousand troops have been sent to  quell the revolt  ; f A report from Jaffa reports a now persecution of the Jews.   Large numbers have been ,  sent away.   Joseph Corvas had addressed a  representation to the Emperor of Russia.pray-  ing for the protection of his' brethren against '������������������  the arbitrary pleasures inaugurated in the  Danubiah principalities.  ;:: The Prussian government has opened confidential negociations with Denmark relating  to the Schleswig question.   Neither Schleswig  nor Denmark will be required to assume the  deb t   Prussia will also guarantee the pro tec?.  tion of Geririany-to the inhabitants of the dis-  trict which is about to be returued to Den-/  mark.   It contains 30.000 inhabitants.  .;' New York, June. 10th.���������The trotting match  between Commodore Vanderbilt and General  McClellah, fpr;'$2,00q ^a-side, at the Fashion  eourse, was won by McOlellan, who won the;  first, second and. fourth heats. "Best time,  2:30i;-- :������������������', f.iyiyxy ���������  if TyXf  ���������irQSew Orleans, June lOth.^-Meiiean advicey^  dated Ma/ 22nd, says, Miramon is dangerously ill from a v;ound; aud. is expected to  die.        ,. .'  ii- When..Haxiq?ilian. .gayp.np.. his>;sword._hef  said : 4t I surrender my sword, oiving to infa-7  moiis treason', without which, to-morrow's sun  would have seen you in my hand3.J?-  Escabedo ordered a court-martial tp convene'on May ,29 th, for the trial of the Emperor. ���������        ,     '.���������������������������  Maximilian sent, through General Diaz, a  telegram pressing the Court to appeal tp. the  Consul, at Matamovaa, to obtain permission  for marine rival (?) and others tb defend him.  Three hundred aud forty-seven officers were  captured,   ���������iff: ":      ���������.    ���������  Maximilian- issued a proclamation as fo Ir  lows: '" I caine to Mexico,; called and pro.  tected by Napoleon, who, to the ridicule.of  France, abandoned me, cowardly and infamously, upon the: demand of the United States.  When the neVs 6f my death reaches Europe,  all moharchs,.0f every age. and country, ;wil.  demand of the';NapoJeonic dynastyanaccount  of my blood^-and.-.the German" arid ..French  blood shed in -Mexico ; tiien Napole.oii:: will  be covered with;-shame, trom head tp.foo.t;V  He concluded^with an appeal tb the Mexicans  to act with pmdence.; (Here -the Iiae ibrblX  :puth*ofVYrokaO;'*: -^nff- :-fr;.-^ ^���������Af^pp .  . CRDELTf to^'ANiMALS.-T-The heart of arif  humane person :woiild have bebh melted1-tp';  pity,.;? to have"'seen;the horrible, bpnditibn  which the backs of a number of paiclc ahlmais  belonging to some Chinamen, presented on  Saturday last.. Many of the ulcerated wounds  on the animals' "backs and sides, wero largo  enough to admit; a man's hand, aucl yet they  were loaded, while in'this'state, with packs of'  from y200 to 300 lbs; We would direct the  attention of thV'Magistfate^b this, as we believe the Act'for the prevention of cruelty to  aniflaals is as applicable here as it is in England; and ought to be stridtly enforced in suck*  bas6s.-:;"    '-'.   pi;     ���������  \[f"r ���������        '    '   fifi  P; The jury in the case Pidwell vs. Hudson .  Bay Co., failing,tp agree were discharged on  Friday 15th, They stood-o to 3. Had this  sxxit terminated in favor of the plaintiff, the  -H.-B.-Co. would have been involved ia a very  heavy sura, as this was a test case. ,  .Milk lUxcniss.���������There are no less than  four milk ranches on the meadows of this  creek numbering; 80 cows. The whole of the  lacteal fluid produced is.consumed on this and  Lowhee creeks, and sells at the moderate  price of $1 per gallon,  Death at tub IIospitai..���������Robert Syres, a  native of England^died; on the 7th instant,  at the hospital inl.Victoria, of congestion of ������������������  the lungs.   He was aged 29 years.  Express.���������The Express carrying a small  mail arrived yesterday afternoon. -Among  the passengers were his honor Judge Begbie>  Messrs. Pooley, J. Work, Picht, Dick, Orman-  dyandLawson.  Drowned.���������A- man named Brown, In. the -  employ of the Hudson Bay Co > was drowned  on 10th inst, while crossing some low land \  which was over flooded, lying between the  Company's farm and Fort Langley.  ^^The great'demand for Fell's Coffee  in tho mining districts,, has brought into existence  many spurioug imitatipris,  hut the intelligonco of tho..  mining population is Foii & Co. 's guarantee.  BIRTH.-���������At. Victoria, on tho 8th inst.* the wifo o. .  Mr, Jas, 3611,'of a son. ':  MARRIED.���������At tho residence of the brido'S &���������_..  ther, ou the 19th April, by the Rev. Hamilton <?idson;   ^  John Brow������vBi?q., late of Williams Creek, British Co*  lumbia. to 3iargaret, eldosi daughter of Charles Tougii,  Esq., township of Stanley, Canada West;  DIED.--At Fort Rupert, May 21st, after, an illnopS  of fi vo d ays, Clarissa  Eli zaboth Mouat, dau_,4.Vci' .ot ������������������.���������������������������  Captain Wm. A. Mouat, of the H. B; Cc., aged eight  yoftra and nino months* -*��������� ���������-.'  :������[ow much the heart may bear, and yet not  ..-   breaki   '.:,*'  How much the 'lesh may suffer, yet not die!  I question much if any pain or ache ..'  Of soul or body, brings our end more nigh.  Death chooses his own time ; till that is sworn,  1 All evils may be borne..  "We shrink and��������� shiidder at. the su rgeon's knife,  Each.nerre recoiling from the'cruel steel  Whose edge seems.searching for.the quivering  ���������   1 life ;,     ..  Yet to. our sense the <bi tter pangs reveal,.  "Th at'tili tlie trembl i ug flesh be piece-meal to rn,  This also can be borne."-  ) see a sorrow rising in our way,  And try. to flee from the approaching ill;  We soek some small escape.we weep and pray:  But when the blow falls, then our hearts are  '-'��������� 'stm���������  a ,'.:.;        -;'.'���������  Not that the pain is of its sharpness shorn,  13ufc that it can be borne.  ES   P,   TA.YI  Drtiggist,        ���������'  BARKERVILLE.  HAS   CONSTANTLY. ON   HAND   A. CHOICE   SE-  lectiouof Drugs aw Patj_.ni. Muhcise-V includ  ing tho celebrated  Golden   Balsam, and,*  iy's  Mixtures, .for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis.  Also a great variety of Sarsaparillas, Hair Brushes,  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powders, Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Lu bin's Extracts, Rose Water and other Perfumeries, Garden Seeds, &c, &c.     '-'������������������-  .... fy  Just received���������an assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1S67, and Billiard Table articles.  '       .  P. S.���������Prescriptions carefully compounded.,.'. 1-s f  _________S_5__S2St__.  yiCTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  LONDON  HOUSE,  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  WHOLESALE  AND  RETAIL.  .    J. fl. TURNER ���������& CO.,  IJirOKTKKS  OP  English & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses, Un-  '  derelothing.  Glove?, and-every description ol  Drapery Goods.  Receive regular supplies by Express via Panama and  by sailing vessels via Cape Horn.  jfiSF" Particular atteniioi  tteniion given to all orders,  ,T. P. Tcnstat... & Co.  ������>������������������*������������������������ 1'.n������������  y. f.  X   afford every accommodation to tho travelling pub-  lie,'and hopes* by a strict attention to' business,! to  London Firm  ESTABLISHED 1S5S.  1-s  merit a share or lhe patronage bestowed'on' the former  proprietors. This is one of tho most comfortable and  commodious Hotels on the road, containing as it does  warm anil well furnished bed rooms with good'bods.  Tho TABLE is supplied with every delicacy it is possible to procure'in the upper country.  stocked with the best of Liquors, and  Cigars.  The BAR is  tho choicest  m* MEALS, -$150   EACH.. ������������&   . -  ' Thc stabling for Horses Is all that could bo desired,  and the charges are very moderate. Hay for Horses  per day, $2 ��������� Oats and-Barley at the cheapest market  on hand, for sale in largo or small quantities.  ;-l-s; . "       JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  FOSTER.   OF   LILLOOET,  :     CHEMIST.  We wind our lifo about another Ufe',  (We hold it closer, dearer, than our own ;  A_non it .faints and.falls in deadly -strife, ���������'���������..."  Leaving us stunned, aiid stricken,and alone:  Bat ah ! we do not die .with' those wo mourn ;  This also can.be borne.     .  -������..Behold I .*rca:iu"e. i-iir.QUgl^.ALlUluags.^arnLiie4^^^--^----~- ������������������ -������*���������-"^-i---��������� ��������� ������������������-������������������-���������.--..������-���������  -   .'������������������ thirst .    . ���������* f 'The undersigned has a large quantity of OAT HAY  ���������'__, -'���������''.������������������ u ia }."���������"   ���������'���������     ;���������   ;> v ���������'. ���������'.';.;���������   ���������   ._.!.��������� on brim,   for wilf. in Inrf <. or fimnll niian' ttif.8.  Bereavemeut, pam:; aligner and misery,  All woe. aad-sorrow,; life inflicts its. worst  .   ��������� On soul and body, but/we cannot die;.. ;  Though we be sick, and tired, and faint and.  ��������� fy  [worn.: i    ffYf\fffi-  ftXiT-ffffyf  ���������'���������fl     Lo I all things can be borne.  '-ytyytf :3~TAlMuSSiST^;:;  Not long since an honest-1 poking Hibernian  'entered the office of the.������������������, prosecuting '.attorney  of San 'Francisco, and' addressing_ that-officer,  .... said :  ; if: Tf. -X -ff [ffyl'.-i-Tf   '-'���������'. )   V -  il I want a warrant.for a man who has cora-  ihitted,murder."       T'-y yiXif  " Well, sir j give / mo '.;. th^fafc ts; of the case,  and I'll' accom tho date, y o u>? I /answered the affable^ officer, if '.t.'ii :fyfff'fi: fl '.������������������������������������: fi  -.���������fi 1*1 Xdo .:that.;same, sir*.; .You see,/ meself,;  Tim Morarity,; and Barriojr/.JMcCioiid were  "y %ihining. in.;; P1 acer.: county.; ��������� in 1862, .and not  ��������� Comer of Langley Alley and Yates St.  MESSRS. JAY & BALES  Have opened the abovo premises with a large  .        "   and well assorted Stock  ��������� op ���������  ROADSIDE ADVERTISEMENTS.-  STABlSajor HOBSEs!  WILLIAM   McWHA,  LYTTON  CITY, B. C, ��������� "  Begs to inform tho public generally that he has  STABLE & CORALL ACCOMODATE  On his premises, for upwards of 200 Horses.  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORS&S FOR HIKE.  TERMS   MODERATE. i   '  ff ������������������ AND FLOWER SEEDS.   .  Tho business ofthe late Grin of Jay & Co.? Fort St.,  and Springfield Nursery, will be carried ou by them  in all its branches. ....  j Fruit Trees and. Rushes, Evergreen nnd  Decidiihns  tion. ��������������������������� 1-ls  BOSTON   BAR  .   Iiiternati������Dnal   Hotel.  Tins WELL KNO"1VN HOUSE 'is now open for tra-  veller?. ' The Tablo> is supplied as formcrlv with  tho best tho market aflfords, and. IIio Cooking cannot  he cx-celled. The Bar is stoclced With lhe finest it*  'neons and Cigars.   GOOD REDS.  WILLIAM CHAUTEns'  1-s v. Proprietor.  Hoi  C. E. ROMBROT, .  BOSTON BAR, B. C., '  Wholesale and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS, DRY OOODS, CLOTHING, &c.   Is  ���������W  AS FOR SALE, and constantly on hand,  It a well assorted Stock, of Drugs, all tho .Chemicals  used by Physicians, Photographers, Assaycrs and  Mechanics. Also the popular Patent Medicines, and  Druggists'sundries. '���������'---���������'Tf " -���������  Retorts,.Crucibles, Kullles, ..Cupels, Ingot Moulds,  etc., etc. ....  ,   PKKSCRnrriOXS -FAITHFULLT PREPARED. ���������  OUR   COFFEE.  ARE   FORWARDING    A  Packed in Tins of from two to twenty-fivo pounds  each.  1-s  WILSON .& MURRAY,  Fort street, Victoria.  SEMLEN &  PARKE,  Proprietors, at tk  Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Road.*, is  .___ _.t ;_..��������� ������__���������.__.._,'__���������' ������i... ������..i.������__    i,.  Travellers will find prices  thc times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stages leave litre regularly for.  vale, aud Cariboo .is  mal  F. W. FOSTER,  Chemist.  ��������� ,.-.  ��������� * * Never mind about'ffieTfcrip^| to > i Washoe  tell roe the- circumstances' of the murder.*";  i-rpT '?. ��������� Aisy'$���������" si r, .��������� aisy; for. y e sec Fin. coin ing to i t.  . Wei I, wh i je . we were ��������� going to Was hoe, we  stopped at a shebeen in 5 Strawberry; Valley���������  <li vil a * straw,berry did t see there though���������-  au d to oka couple of dri nk9 of the creeter "for  ���������the purpose of putting more spring'to the sole  -of.pur feet.. After we .had.taken the drinks,  Tiin Morarity got into a bit of a quarrel wid  the felly who * keeps the sliebeen, and was  knocked down, and kicked . on .the' arrum,  - which, by the way, was broken when the fun  ceased. That arrum laid him up" for four  months,' during'. which, timef'-hp;. borrowed  nearly a hundred dollars from ine. However  he finally got able to go to work, and, would  you belave it, lie paid me every dollar of tlie  money he borrowed.7*  'u Conie, come, I can't listen to this story.  If you bave anything to complain of, state it  at once."*  '4 Now, sir; would ye refuse to' listen to a  man who comes to ye wid a complaint for a  -crime that has been done, and 'the perpetrator is escaping the gallows ?   No, I know, ye  ���������; wouldn't.   Then, when I tell you that Tim  paid me every dollar, I'm telling tho (.ruth.  Well,: now, about a year ago';> Tim came to  vSan Francisco, aud worked tor a gentleman  who had a contract for grading the streets,  and about three weeks ago he got wet and  'xifmghfc'^oIS/.aa^^ arrum began to swell,  arid he tiik the .lock-jaw and died, and I want  a warrant for the felly who broke his arrum,  .itml caused his death."  Weave sorry to say the attorney did not  think he could make a case.of this, and refused to issue a warrant.���������S.B\ Paper. ..    ���������:  rVEE UNDEDSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  X desirable-property, is now Prepared to accomnio-,  date the travelling public.; Tho table is supplied-with  the very best 01 viands. The bedrooms and beds. are.  as comfortable as could be desired, and the BAR contains nothing but the best brands of LIQUOKS and  CIGARS. ��������� --..  A good stock of Grain and Hav alwavs on hand.  ��������� 3rd May, 1867. V;3 'W., WRIGHT..  HpHE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the miliars and  1 residents hi & around Van Winkle that he will in fu-:  turc keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and  hopes by close attention to business, and bv selling  at LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet the patronage of all.,  .- Orders from outlaying creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded'with promptness and dispatch..   '��������� -....: '���������"���������'���������  &&" Terms CASH, without distinction.  1-s J.-.W. LINDHARD.  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  SON & CO...  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH MERCHADIZE  Wholesale and Retail,  ")  Masonic Hall Govern ni out Street Victoria.   1-s  J. C. BEEDY,  COiBHSSION &  FORWARDING AGENT,  WILL   PAY   PARTICULAR   ATTENTION  TO  SE-  } V -Iccting, purchasing, or forwarding Goods for tlio  upper country.  Any commission entrusted to his care, will receive  prompt attention. ' *  References :���������W-. A. iDacnAH, B. A. Wadiiams, T.  HARl'ER- J.J. Rlt.UILY.  Victoria, April, IS67.- 1  S  OPEN .FOR THE  ACCOM 110 DAT ION   OF THJT.  ���������Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious and  airy and the Beds cannot he surpassed for cleanliae������  and comfort by any in the lower country; the Table is  always supplied with the best of victuals.. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly.on hand.  HOTEL DE FRANCE,  Government Street,' Victoria, V. I.  THE RESTAURANT is supplied with. all the  delicacies of the season, and the sleeping accomodation ia repleto with every comfort.:'. Tiie; best of  Wines, Liquors and Ciiiars. '.:';>'���������.'.     ��������� .' ,.;���������'���������  1-s J. BIGNE & CO.,:Proprietor.  A.  PIPER  ENJAMIN   DOUGLAS, Successor to A.  C.  WELLS, Saddle and Harness ilaker, Yale, B. C.  #2F~ A complete assortment of Stock constantly on  hand. . 1-s  Front Strkkt, Yale. B. O.^       BEGS TO ANNOUN'CE to thc inhabitants of Cariboo  that he intends to forward (as soon as tlie state of  the Roads will permit), a large and well assorted  stock of Cooking Stoves, which he will dispose oi  .'Pricks to Sdjt thk Ti_____t.  i   Yale, 8 th April, 1SG7. ;-. ... 1  . C 0 N>F E C T I 0 NE R , v.v-   : ;"  Government Street, opposite 'the Tiioatrei-ff ]:  pANDIES of every de?criptioh'manuriictured and  ' sold, Wholesale and Retail..-'.. ,; ^g  \J  D    SPRSNG   HOUSE  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  JTJTTS HOUSE is situated 26 miles from Qucsnehno-t_.  i-Thc proprietors haying lately Ctted itp','l)eilnj*w_i ' ���������  aud good Beds arc now prepared"to afford every accwr.-  modation for Travellers; thc Tablcis furnished with������!! ,  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bur is wellsvp-  pi ied w i Ui t i i e bes t bra n d s of Liq tiers ii hd Se'jrar?,; "Owl :  Stabling Hay. Oats and Barley. -jes-Tlw OHEAPftt ;|  House ou the Road. i-s.  SlTOMND 0R_74-MEE house-  miliS OLD AND WELL KNOWN HOUSE has been .<?���������  .1 emily opened by.lhe undersigned.- who will ri'.ako  iVAiUconstnnistudy by using .every chdeayo������i; to acco*  moUate the traveling public, to desenTC a share of tbi?  patrbnasco bestowed on the former occupants."f\ ;ff-.  ; yrtfST The Bar contains nothing but the very best of  LIQUORS;md CIGARS.- Give him a call1  '��������� -;;-: 1-s ;'. ff f f- f      "f /'EDWARI) ���������. TROFATOB  f :-,- ���������' 'SODA'CR^^  K)f I  It A  ������������������she  <on<  ^S__S_SF  :mm  Free Port for Ever!  WE THEUXDERSIGNIvD  TAKB   pleasure in announcing to our numerous  customers arid the  public, that wo v:i 11 SuppIy thorn wit-h the best KjtENCil  Leather Boots (duty iToe) evt-r olfered in B: G. ��������� ���������  JO������" A t our old S tau d, G o \- ernn lent S t. v Vic tor ia, .VI  1-8 - CH ARITT & butler;   .  of at-  STOBACE All. FOEWAEBJ  "'���������'''' FIREPHOOF WAREHOUSE 1  A. Wisconsin paper announces that the  '' Wisconsin Legislature adjourned non compos.*" Its members must be unfortunate fellows.  PARTIES DKSJROUS of shipping, freight With Dis-  l'ATCix, .'willfind it to their advantage by giving ua  a call bci_.ro engaging else where  ALWAY. & BAILEY. -  Yale, April Stir, 1867. . l-s  TTKXRY GREEXI3AUM, WHQLESALE.-: -LtQUOR  i I Stork, Importerof Kino Jfi-yajscHAUAf Pipes, Stems  31 outbpieces, Cigars and Tobacco. Johnson street. Vic-  tori;., V.-1: .���������.;:  l*s  TULES RUEFF,  rj  Hotel 1  RXJEFF, Commission Merchant,-.. Royal  Juilding, Wharf siivet Victoria, V. L: -1-ij '.  CLEAL'S .C0PP1.K..H0USK  anu.Re  iTAURANT,  ������J ��������� Govc-rnment ."Street,- .Vict*nan, V. if   This is th0  cheapest, most com lor tablo, and Uest attended Esiab-  lishnient in the City  .Th e B A H i s al wily a su ppli ed  _v i t ii th e ch oices t of  \vi.\E3, IjTqcoks ami Cigakh. ��������� . I-s   ���������  4  GREAT REDUCTI0N4ias beenraado i lithe charges  ' Jix at this estab 1 ishmbu t, so as to suit the times.  Ideals, $ 1';-:BedSf175; Cents.>>y-i:  ^-^a^cLtE3"3'���������*tfc������������������SENA^i��������� -T-������:  .^Proprietors.  May,. 1st,   1857.  1-S;  122_VnLEHOXJSE;  Tfif;ltiAX& VA'nAmA&'ffi'f1  ^WAxtm^^m^  v,,  having purchased this* Ranch, is how preparej.-���������:���������������  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD JJBAIS' g  and BEDS at moderate ratos;':: ' '���������'.;. -1-s   im  DAILY aud WEEKLY t������ BRITISH COLONIST  ami VICTORIA CHItONiOLE;"- Orders for 1 nailing either the Daily ot. Weekly issues of the above to  any part of Europe, the Uni tea St;tt������_s  Vvr  TT  Sutton,  ' VIOTORtA ADVERTISEMENTS..  MALLAN-DAIXE, COLLECTOR  AND  GENERAL  U. AGENTT, Government.' Street, Victoria, V. I.    1-s  A..  FRA'N'KEL, Victoria,  XV* Skins, HinES, Wooi., kc,  on Furs consigned.   Ruferance���������0. Sutro & Co.j Rein-  hart Bros. Victoria, V. I. . l-s  V.-1., Dealer in FuRa>  Liberal advances made  17 ,'W,ATSDN1 "Watchmaker, Jeweler  Hi* and Engraver, Govern in cut street, nex  to the St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria. V, I..  fl SUTRO & CO., Impoktkks and Dkalei.s in  Ij. CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meersh.mm Pipes, &������., S E.  corner of Va tos an d. Wh a rf s t roe t, Victor! a. s .  ~7~WQNGy LEE & CO., Omritmox Mi-KCHaxts, Im-  *-   portbjis, and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Victoria,  V.  I.,  Creek'.  Yale, Lillooet, Quesnelmouth,   and  Williams  ' - ' 1-s *  DEALER IN Winks, Liqcohs anu Cigars, Coal Oil,  Goal Oil Lamps, &c,  AGENT FOR BURSTER'S' ALE !.  .     In Bbla. and: half Bbls.  Yale, April.USUI, 1807.  1-s  Storage and Forwarding!  YALE, b. c.  PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE YALE-LYT-  i   ton Route, are advised that  .  .'-   ICIMBALL & GLADWIN  Have erected an extensive Storehouse and pock at  Yale, and tire prepared to Receive, Stor,e, and Porward  Goods. O/oods re-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates.  Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to the care of  Is KIMBALL k GLADWLV.  Iia. &c., 1 oft a V th is office or s ���������.. u i  Canada, Austra-  . -     . -. ,        ,��������� -- to Victoria will bo  at ten ded to.    Teh m s i n a d va nee.     w m: ki.v. 12 mow  wit.hPosta{re,$7 50;   Ctnos. .in., $^ 75.     Daily/ 12  inos ��������� do., $23 ; Gmos do.,:5.12 50  A. BULER &  CO.'S  r<HEAP Store. .LADIES' and'GENT'S CAST OVK  y Clothing houffht and sold. Secondhand Watches,  Guns, Vistol^ko, tor sale.    ., ."'  X@y Gover 11 m en t street oppos i to the Th ea VrL   1-s  CASAMAYOUbegs leave to state that  ��������� lias r*jm oved his a lock of* G1 u. -.is con .<i:< t j n % o f G  t lie  asOT, &c   irom Wharf sir-tot lo the"Brick" Building  ������-i  wn    T ' '<^f}���������t Cowpbr's Boot Store, opposite Wells, Fargo & Co. '    ll  He will sell Ida Goods by Wholesale, at tlio lowest  rates, lor cash. " 3 s   .  dealer in D.Rrcs, Mkdi-  WILLIAM ZELNEE  CJNI2S and Omuu cai.s., Pan ov and Toi let Ati'wki*  S|>ung-(-s, Bru..no.s, Perfumery, ^"c. Physicians' Pro*  st.i_pliw_s carefully compramded and nMcri. answorotl  *v Jia, care n nd di spat c! j ,   Viclor'i a, V. 1,' 3 - ���������.  HESSBS. CORNWALL'S. ,:  A T Tins WELL KNOWN" HOUSE, half-way botwee"  JX Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale-Ittttte.  Travellers will fiud Good Accommodation. TJic hcstoi  living of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, "ttili  and Vegetables..  Good Stabling and cheap feed.   '***  111 MILE HOUSE.  AGE IS NOTHING!  BLOOD WILL TELL!  ���������m  wzm  milS HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELL FITTED f*|J  X Tor Use comfort of travelers; the Table is supph^  Willi the bes., of cvervthjni> that can be procuni,-ano  :,.... ..      ..���������������>.    fc ���������-Bedroom3  the codkijiir jSnotinferiorloany oirUio road; Bedroom3  for la m i 1 i es; Stabl i ng, Hay, IJ a rl ey a n d Oa ts. /  JjfirTiie trail to Cedar and Korsc-Fly Creeksleav^  the Wagon Koad at this place. '        rt_,rtV  Ls Avx, HENDERSON.  FOREST ' HOUSE. .:  36 __������______   POST,  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B* 0.  afrtlii**  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodnii<M������'  A Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD  BEDS.  STABLING FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at ***** B*tft"  BOOTHROYD  BRO'S,  ���������1-5 propnete^.


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