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 '.��_W iK-Ktt. ,��**r__-___S
':',.'..:��� . ���'    -^.--i-.-w...Tif '' ,t,      .'V"��'j  ���������������   ���vl.l;  i ">^';'���'������''���" :'������'��� ���'���"���  '
'^.ft.^^olf"%'s^fl��5tS'--" '' -   __*_���' '*"*���-'���    ' 'y r'~ -i' '   * fi'Y. <"''-<_���.'   ''���. '"':'
���>*���'���;_''���. .i. *;
Urtr.fi" *>,<%. A,.
���':-flf; *{}"������ ' "IfA'
A >' * i i"  ' ������   ���        '.''.".      ��� ���    ��� '     '���"���        ���    :   ������ -~"
'      ,  ���    ��� * V    sV_��"      *    " ' "
' Siibacription, $1 ^pU^^^p^^ii^
'M\^)rm\y^i^^^^h       lf-t
[F��CB-Barkervine,(ne^t;door toManetta's
fi"'-'"     ��� grocery, Store),-^. { a.,~,
"-"��� - '"���'"���'"'V'-- ' \_____a___x ___!_. ���''"'--        -     " ^
Agents, for tlie '. Cariboo Sentmel.*J
_ .sne.mouth, $tr. <3ondfe; BaiSard"s^xpresa^fltee
)da Crook,     -      -      -.'���   .;,""   Barnard's Express
jale, 1 '���������;". - ��� r' -"Mr..-. Evans��|| do,'- >   ���-; j, dp ���
few WestmiflVter, *  X -X '-\"*J -    rciarlcsqn & Co
ficturia,       -      ���      ���      -V'".      A.Lyne.
"TELEGRAPHIC, !NEWS.   -   : ;
���\.:.���:���:������.,':������. ;.:���'  ,' .:'  \r. -'  ""~"   ' ''''fififf. Vff::. ' f:fr
|, An annexation^resolution, moyect by ,J)r.
lurray and seconded by J.-S. McDonald, was
irowQ out of the Nova Scotia House of As-
.mbly^wUholit'.dIBCUBslo!J1-^'"^', _ , iff. .
In England the probability, of the House of
Jorda '.-rejecting-:'; the-ftfah;^!ii^ch,vBiU, caused
inch discussion and,some, i prehension .of
lisorder. '; ,���;������.:��� .:.:^--^ife^'^^^|i.;:.^^
LA New York .despatch reports the sarrender
jf 40:000 Ciiban: insurgents. A despatch jrom
jfadrid announces that the Ca^taiQjGeneral
jad countermanded Jthe order fqrireSnforce:
���ents;i.whrch indicates cpllapei&/ "f tbi   r
tAl'llrtn ��� "     ' f     ' ' ���    -
Ilmtjie British Hdn^'of^oi_r&&s^ojisen;;
f The1 curse dlthe wliiMman: seems to\ be
taking its"effect pn��%e wbndrbu%__urdea "of
South'.Americi.W' The ,102 -tribes tfiat existed'
oa,the:banks'of;theiAmazon^and i6triblitar^
les ihr,._he - 17th-ijentur^liave -dwindled^
down to ohe-fbiirtH of that number.^
:'���: ;.The"result of the,final' appeal oh. the long
litigatid d.between the Not th-Eas te fnjt ail way
Company -.and Mr.,. George'.-^Hudson, tbe
;('RaiLw^KingV' was*to conOi^uthe, reversal
of the decision ofthe Master;bf t"_e ;RoHs.;and
reduces Mr.Hudson ,to. a /state .":of'^penuryi
Ho is now in^Fraacei said '������ to" fcna * atterly^jdea tt -
tute;'f',\, ^^ ;/.,"."/^'?��� yfyy.
i Mr. Wells, special commissionejr^has made
a rep or fc-tp Congress, and supplemented it4by
the;publ|cation- of a letter in which he^states
H-jw'vJn thf.m6rriiug"tlirNINEln the,i'cvc_tJa'g,1-at' Jirs
tf _^RKEm.BOAKDING fiOUSE/opposito. the Ses-
TiS'B^ffl^y \-  .   ���������--. ���/-'���'.        '( ���   :;- . ��� niy26 lm   _
oiilvl be'mven ftb forward, the interests* of
Sritish Columbia jh'cbnnectionVwith.tnos^oi
'anada. Lord Bury 'regarded Canada as, the
luturehighway to Indian;and ridiculed:.any
project for annexing Canada to the Daitefl
States,  ��� .  ftyrf,y.fi.f<:.f'YyA,.:yfffi
The Newfoundland delegates have^ cbtnO||o
terms with the.Dominion Government. .ss.-.*jto
the consideration to be received-by^New-
jfbundlandon entering the union.,':The t^rms
are to he submitted..-to the people of Newfoundland at a, general election jnext. fal 1. _ * *'
AChicago>despatch says:;'iA'mpverhentis
m. foot among  Republican politicians, to
nake the position taken by the Senate on the
Ealabama claims a question .in__the canvass
this fall.   Arrangements are being made Ho
sarry out this programme in the en suingp\e&
|tion in Pennsylvania, advocates of which be-*
|3ieve they can thus force the Democrats tp
follow the lead of the Republican"party, or
take sid es wi th En gla n d. in either case, dam aging them sel ves by thousands of votes.*
The N. Y. Herald says President Grant will
tot support Sumner in his views on; the
[Alabama claims expressed ia his late speech.
pe calls tbe speech good rhetoric but prior
pogic. He professes to believe Sumner Mm-
feelf. not sincere, but to be actuated by a de-;
hire to overreach Banks and the annexation-;
asts by putting England against ail notion of
peeling her North American possessions to this
bountry. He holds that if we' would not go
po war witli England, we must conduct negp-
|tiations with courteous diplomacy.
Ten of the continental nations of Europe,
|*mbracing 130,000,000 inhabitants,/ have
^adopted the uniform gold coinage, and it is
paid that Germany and Russia.will probably
S<?om9 into the arrangemeut this summer.' .
I The bill authorizing marriage with a deceased wife's sister has passed its second
pading in the British House of Commons, by
|>alaige majority.	
I.- Post office registration is not absolute-In-
pnraace against loss or damage j but greater
destitute and put of wqrk.*,;p A
lathe course of the: proceedings^ la, the
iCourt; of Queen's Bench recently, in which a
"'' * (graph company was ;concernedi :one of
counsel engaged told a good story of a
^lprk^inistake*XThe^message to be sent was
;'" ^our wife is deliveredof p ^*i_ie^rI.'.,-;^.Tbe
^message aotuallyP transmitted" and received
by the astonished parent twas M.-Your -wife is
^^^i^fifi'i^i*11    ^.ftave ny iieard'
of the"T^.^;.OiOf?ment-t   ���   -
During :tho first battle of Bull Run, a
brigadier-general discovered a soldier concealed in a tioie-in the ground, and ^ordered
him to join his regiment. The man, looking
him full in his fape. placed, his ihumb upon
his nose and repl^^
fellow; ;youwautthis;.noie;you^^
_jha'ra.',6ff|5.t.]_IIc7pat;TO_ia^ .....-.,-, ..,...���..-.     .
���..-..Th b sleepin^apartraSnts.JpiU^^ Im^ f f %- ljSW f;. *.*+*.--.-- .       ,^~
order, and tbe^finest Winis; tlquors and Ciga^may./^1   >������*���'* -  f ', ������> 'sS^
borobtained^at?the'i5ar. ���;c.��jj>.i- " y^tt:^:iT^tf^^if      ��� Tff--���". ���,;'-'*   -','"''..������������ "
," ff Yi-'lftAiilffftCl   ^;r:MRS.'|FUNK.L'    f     '-^ff-    '  f   - 'If" fl i Uk
^Barkerville.; June :2d, tZ%f ff'^ ffr^ V}&>M'f:.; -l. f-y<- trf* y fy Iffffy
!ifIts/ts/k:PARKFit BEGS;��tf^NNWN.C_.3TOi           ,**���*, f, " f"".   '* ,-   .   ,/ " '"
fXX: herfrienda alatt'vthey^tbllc^ tliat eheniaaXuV;    -v -  yf f f ,..-;���*,, }f: fr:
hl.h.da"namberbrBedrooi)i5A                                     -'    "" -   -'
.able style/;.whicbher���patrd_tsmky. depend.upon feeing .-ir"    '    '
���carefully- ��� attend wd tor.; -' ' ���''fyft    '   "                    '        .   ���.      "   " if-  -
Wtrvoe linfl-T.irtnAi.- 'rtf-.i\V��'_KVi��'�� _?{*����� ���   _o   n.Hii fin T��'i_ ���'-    -������'������        -.-'        - ....                             .,',..    ,-.���:
:    BihKEKViUf:
'���yffi;fyfj��lfifyf j ^v^i --i---?.,..; ^ ^,    y
[TISS A^ffiCKMAN, begs' to ahriouhcie tp' the Mihfers
li  :Of^R'��eld an��t;th'e puohcjjn^eueral th-at- she,
Iris, flpcnedjtlie ab^
Hay i ng;: h_t���a^ex tens1 vo'"�����'a'd ditibhsytbtheiRestnurint:
depaTtme_).#a_i'd secared ithe. .sei7'ic*^:6r��i^rSt^.cl9sa
Cook^.MtsM.���flatters herself:that- sho.^I^^e'/ablelt'o'
"'gWo . her.'vMtrotfs': every ���sHi3fa_tiori,:. a*i@^"tifi_��^y;
striot attenlon to'husiE^
patron"agp.*��. ��� _ ���_ , . . _ -"'t./Vr
^^cgi]|fii''Week,: '$12. a Single^M^alsg- ;$&
!* r_^Ih<^ffist Lienors and Cigars always to ;be' Had;
at tlw Bar/V.      ��� fty my22 2m
JL ���': pubHct_^nerally ajre :r her .by deques ted-t"b . talce:
noUce;tha^ha:abbve Hotei^si tuate / on; t.b^ left -.side
:bf tho?guich|:hotween * theTaPfyale , and ithe .Coombs
'Conipaniesghai'ts,;    _    .     .    . ;���;:,��    .    r. ^ _, - _   ,'_":
.  '; ^ ife^lN Qlfe^O P E.Nvr ^ _ -J.
iandtlafe proprietor
tb eir; pa troS^gc ';tfiat'". nd^efl ortwill beysp'ared-togi.ve;
initiftGlion;    " --''fff *,��� .;.-ff .. ���' ."-.'    .  /.
Board, $10 per Week. .' Single Meals, $1; .  ,���  -     ��� f- Y?; - ��=- *^V Al^ __V^   ���/-:,- .  -..���'- .";'.- "
, jj_5- Gntyjhe;best' of 'L^uors'and Cigars will be  B*^k6ry EllluT,'GOiSSB  S^lOGH-
-kept at thelBur.   " fff -ffy ;....'      :. iii   '"���'   ' f   tfrf, Btf'A^AAflYf. :ff .' If.- - 'i"f\ fr'y lAfffAi'ttA:ffffiyAilfi-iy':f ���ffM
.,f.ff.     FREDEKIGK ROSE^Proprietor.      >THE 'proprietor of th.Tabove qfitablisUmefit would '-    '��� *.   ' fff
;A'-ted in th!e"most"comfortable manner;..with good
:b'eds;fthe;trav,elH^ ��� v       ^v I f        " -;   ,
';acQ6_dmodatefi.i.._-,-'r'-',--1..X^^'':---V-'-.-..>^ *s::. ~r-f ',>."--..������ ������-
* ��� Th'e:-b*.st -Wines, Liquorsfand Cigars to '.be 'had At;  ���'.._��,..   -"        *. <
ithe Bar.  ;^%^y --1 4     , ,  1 ~ ~      " """' ''   ^' '^" '
> 'December5,1868. , .-.'.;    *_..-     ;.-
>      j: $..TH0MP.SON,    a ;
A.  Acent, Barkerville.    v *     ��� .    ,r
-.*'*  Mining Companies' .Bopksltept and adjusted.; ,,r:
ifeylVIBaO.-- f Ai.: ���   7   ;       "'-   *
Bogs i to  annonnco :that  ho  hasy reopened   his
in Barkervlllo; whero -he is prepared to execute.all
work in his lino, in the highest styleof the art. .
Cartes do ,yisHety .Ambrolypes,;: MilW?W��j; Por-
traits-inJ,eatUer, White Silk, Lmen or Cotton, \ic\v>
of Houses, Clalnis^etcM siugtc fifScWpj;.; Ai
' JTEWEdERY workofall descriptions done in su-
parlor stylo. -PRICES MODERATE.   .,
-'November26. 1808. .������������.-..-     .���.:������.;..:-'-:.���-��� y-T-tt-"   ��� ���'
AS on hand, and for sa h, ^Mfi^^^^fV'
Sville, Grocerirs, Provisions, axp  W������^.
tlie choicest description, which, he, will sell-aUow;
fJ^^Ciiu'j V.AiSoX3um Boots^; and; other articles,
required by miners. ���   ���*���/��� ,       ������--.'���-.   ., ":;
-��� .;i.;irkervilloJ.Hay..I2;:-1869^.;: :.;������;���:..-- :-yr .-v =' ff:-r  r:
dety,compentjon;. :;Af: -.v;;.-_!.���> ^:,:��� -.-..������:v-'-;;.;'.- ��� -f:.-,'?h=_.w.'.^:_A-,
s He Iias'also'asCOPFEKvSALQOK;:attached;'to'the*..
above, where none butthe-hest Coffee^Pies and Cakes
will. bBrServed.:: !', ";���   ;- ff '' -   fff "f" f I -if iff? "
N.B.��� BREADT DELIVERED to all parts  of tha
Creek..*.    .  *    (      ": -     ^ i '   v niy221n_ t   '
\j "job Work done; with . punctuality and, dispatcir,
:it reasonable rates. A goodsto'cfc;of seasonedlumber.
al\vays'on hand,... .. fff. ���-. fff, ''���������'-���        "-:''"-. '���-
' i fcv        . ' :' ���-QeESXELMOUTH.di    '���f*?f' *'- f~A ..
,.. ���...-���    . ���'-"      .-* ���'���   t, ::: ,*:.^, -i-, ���-.'���;
THE Propn etors of; th is well-known. House ��� .fepder
"their siiicero thanks to their friends nnd thts tra-
vcl_i_tgpu6liGgenerally, for their pastliberal���patrohr
age and beg to iuform them that ?in order, .to insure;,a
continuance of the sanie; _5oard' and Lodging lias beea ,
Teduced to $3 *>0:pcr,i)ay.;.. Single-.^ls.-;$15';0Q,-.'-
All the Tuxarics that the .country,- atlords are con*.
^stahtly kept oh-thei"tabic;-".'- Private Parlors and Suits
of Rooms for Families. ,The(;Bar is stocked with the
Vest brands bfWiness,' Liquors and: Cigars:;       V. ���?
:;'.-Th"i S'table is well supplied with the best;Tlmptny_ ;
Oats, Hay ianVl Grain:'.,- ; BROWN &AGlLUS��r,,
? Quesnelmouth, May      1869,    . ���,.-.;   .    y     ;
In the matter of the Estate and Effects of -WILLIAM
. ' ���'���' WINXARD, deceased, Intestate.
A Lt persons -who are indebted to Jho'ob^.wtRte;
A m required to pay tho amounts due>tmto villi
and aU.perWwho have any,clJ��M ^JJL'S
abovo estate are required to send �� their ^accounts on
or beforo tho 11th day of September, 1869  to
.  CHAS. E. POOL. 11.x, .-
OlHclal Administrator.
' .Dated RlehfleUli llth June, 1809. JclQ ta
groceries, _ProTisions. ���
,Xi friends and the public, that he has fitted up soma;
In his new building, where lie is' prepared to give
good Beds at a-' reasonable;,price.:, Those who will
favor him with their "patronage, may depend on ta��
cleanness and comfort of his house.       :.;'   ���. - *" *f*
Ho takes also-this opportunity to rQmSn^*b�� J{_g"ct-
booites that his Brewery: has received, th* FlKt?*r
PRIZE of the Colony for his celebrated ;   . ;���_
V  ..,.,,. .-:���;   XXX   ALE,;:  :;
And the true amateurs will be able to judge hy them
selves that such honorable prize has been justly
ia warded to him. 1      ���"
N. B.���A largo front room to lot.        .     . Y x1
Barkervi.les Jan. 23,1869. . N* CXTNIO
Lightning Creek.
Barkorvillo, May 1,1869.
��� AND ���
Ij ler
INERS AND TRADERS will And it to tlieir ad-
ili   yiiaiage to purchase at-this Store, where there is
A __argr assortment oj? Goods,
Of thc very best description on hand, and the Stock
constantly replenished by new arrivals.   The proprietors will.sell Goods.
As  Cheap as  any in Caetdoo.
nfde'rs promptly filled, and forwarded-with dispatch,
Ui        P-     *. BEEDY & LINDHARD,
Van Winkle, May 12, 1SG9:. Proprietors.
F^iCE. i; X -'--' -: -w '   y     ONE DOLL AB;
Srorsaloat tfee SEKTim Office, and forwarded by
postj free of charge '"���*
��� j and perform Short operations without pain, by
the aid or tho apparatus discovered by Dr. Richardson,
of London. This valuable discovery produces insensibility in tho ,p_art .alone,, and renders nimecessary
the administration of cbloroform. r .- ,.;, - ��� ��� ^n
Oillce^Upper end of Barkerville, above China Town
Ofiicc feo, $5. Teeth extracted, or filled with Gold, $*��
March 27,18^0.
Restaurant :jixiu.
TnF Pronri.tors of ibis old and well-known estab-
UhSJ w���u?d Upectfully' thank their -tutmer-
contmuancc of their confidonco and support.
Meals,= $l.   Board, $16  per Week..
Wo recommend to the public our
Jrhta-t is a much superior article than any which can
be hadfrorh.belov. We Roast and 'Grind it^ourselve,
andchooseHbo best berries, consequently the pubho
m__v.be suro of its being froe from adulteration.;-, ,
\r_3- Please take notice that Frederic iTiqk is p<>
_0m?r delivering Bread of our baking.       ' ������   . "   ���.
Barkerville, May 15, I860,. ...   ml*'f
i_ff_irrlWflffl-llf--fl_-P-Tff"lHRl-i TffE������^  COM^I^CAtlbN:  WEDNESDAY* JUNE 23, 18C9.  The Parsonage*     y  Richdeld, June 22, 1869.  Editor. Cariboo Sextlvkl :���������L' sball be  much obliged if, you can find room in ;your  next issue for tbo enclosed statement ot  Church Income and Expenditure :  ST,  8AV_OUR"S CH0RC1J,  BARKERVILLE.  RECEIPTS.  Offertories at first services.(L <"���������> be- -ff     ���������  fore the Ore)        >       -       -     . - *127 00  Offertories from  Dec.-13, 1868, to  Juno 13,1869    - . -   ���������'  - "-   -   -  Offerings��������� Hon. G. A. Walkem, $50  Mr B. VanVoikenburgb,   40  Mr J* Harper.   -   -   -   -    25  ".  Mr Watsop IE* B. C.*)      - - 25  Mr G. Grant (B. B* N. A.)   20  in   England  Gospel,   -   -   -  Mr Long, Victoria  de hy friends.  per   Soc.   Prop.  A WASTE OF RESOURCES.  It is generally "beloved, and  there really  eeems no reason to doubt it,  that there are  rich   and   extensive   resources in  Cariboo,  -which  ought not to. be suffered to lie idle  . while it is possible to develop them.   There  is no.end to the extent of ground which with  efficient hydraulic apparatus:and an abundant supply of water would yield rich returns  for labor, ana" means expended thereon.   It  1 seems impossible, however,  to do anything  towards'developiog.'tbese or other resources, |g ec^Q0atribntion3       '  uo'eo much from the.wanfcof means as  tbej    j.k.'sMission,ma  lack of the unanimity which is necessary to  undertake great enterprises, requiring a combination of labor and capital.   No one has  any  preferential   proprietary  right to the  wealth of Cariboo.  It belongs to the country  ���������tlie empire at large; and whoever will undertake to utilize it should be allowed to do  ep.   If the capitalist/or merchant wishes to  .Invest in mining enterprises,which would result in pro fU to the colony as well ag himself  through the employment of labor, and  the  distribution of money in purchasing^material,  '.'H seems folly indeed, to throw any impedi-.  inent in the way of his"doing so. ' Especially  unwise Wthxi disposition to retard the en ter-  prise of ��������� the capitalist when it seems neither  possible nor probable that those jwho cherish  v-itVwiU undertake to do what men ofi means  propose  to do.   By all means let the miners  '���������:'.  be properly protected" in the enjoyment of  whatever rights they have, but by all means  allow capitalists to invest iri mining enterprises whenever and wherever they'choose.  %:There are the Meadows, for instance.   They  'lie,quiet in all,tho  idleness ;of: primitive  nature, their glittering wealth covered by  rank grass:' ��������� What: should be the scene of  busy toil is  a poor pasture for.a few cows.  - 15  &  Donations towards maintenance of  Singing Class .���������-"-'���������.-.-���������-.-   -  Church Institute Lectures:  '���������   " John Bunynn,"     -    -    -  1st entertainment in theatre,  2d "  Lecture on English Ballads,.  2d -.'."? ������������������"'        "���������":"��������� f  The Bishop of Columbia  towards  Parsonage,   -   -   - A-    -   -   -   ���������'���������  Diocesan Church Society   General  Fund  -   .-:--*>   -   -���������'. r.-.:;^  haUd.'the British atUlioTi^  render to them* as it has now been proved  by clear evidence that the capture was effected  within two miles of our small dependency,  and therefore iu British waters. The Spaniards will therefore have to override, the decision of their legal authorities, and to give  up their prize. The tone -of the Jtitest .communications froni General Dulce leads to the  hope that he wil 1 ack how ledge'-; that his7sut������  drdinates acted too hastily; and that he will  yield the point. The* Spanish authorities  have been greatly irritated by iheconduct of  the Americans, who 'oohtlnue(tpptitari0|#;*$e  island supplies of ail Kinds foittheiptiban;!^  surgehW . The -House ,-WUepr^sontativjs  have passed1 a resolution caUing upon the  PreMent to.recognize the Mndependenco  of  (CubSf * This line of action 'contrasts strangely  wiih their bitter' bompiair.uUagainst usJot  hiving acknowledged the plairi- fact of the  belligerency} of the Southern States. .    fXjti  jssg- Fell's Coffee has.ppw stood the test  of "the last eigh t y ears, has/ eu per s.eded en-  ti re ly th ei m p or te d C h ar tres Coffee, and is  no w kep fc an d so Id by at i respec tali I e 'Scaleis  327 75  '^^"^ym^m^^  mm  rrriXyV ���������-���������I  ; [Incorporated by Royal Charter,^'  CAPITAL,  Wlili^o^er W'&_fi_i^.^0^r:  ISO 00  ���������40 00  $75  82  69  28  30.  2S4 00  500 00  250 00  $1708 75  Behohes and fittings in service-room  " destroyed by fire. .-:���������; >'" - ."���������-.;t - " ft SG2 -00  Contract for building Parsonage     -.900 00  Chairs and lecture table in present  service-room     -   -   -   --   - ���������- 13G 00  Stove-   -------   .    -   V 18375  Purchase ot Prayer-books, Hymn-  books and Bibles - -' - - if. ���������-. 17 00  Express charges on do.- ..*������.-?������������������'' * ���������-��������� 34 50  Fuel arid Lights - - - > - - - 31 00  Rent, 6 months,,at $65 per month"...��������� 390 OO  Fitting Vestry .and Platform - - . .-��������� 27 00  Piano . -. -N - - - '-.' rf - - - 250 00  Music, $11 75 ; Express charges, $5, 16 75  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  C ariboo Market  Drafts issued on the Bank's brunch** *\~  ��������� 'F i ;W the UuitedS^^ ���������    f v '  CAtJFORNt., ::;;;���������:; mfamtitiSo'  NE\V YORK, ';f -Messrs;^:^^ X  v    Agents for the Bank of xMontreal T|  ON CANADA���������The Banbor^ontrW  ^ ^ '  ON SCOTI^ND^he British ^K'Co������.  ^.i^A^pany's^Bank.,^^^- ft.;.     tfff T,Mm: ���������  ON IRELAND~The Bank'bf Ireland      - '  ON MEXICO and SOUTH AMBRlCA^Thk'  London.*Bank   of   Mexico   and   South  America.     ���������  c.  B E A Kv  Desires to inform the inhabitants of. Barkerville, Richfield and vicinity that ��������� he has  opened a shop in Nott's new building;  where he will sell butcher's meat of the  choicest description, at - '��������� if'Tyi'  From 10 to 15 cts. per l\>.,  and he trusts to receive a share of bus|Qess  and to ,_ .   i_"."....' iZ  ... " :~  "LIVE ASB LETOTE!"  Barkorvill?, June 23, 1S69.    .     - ' jc23 lm  .  NOTICE.  THE uodersi^ned begs to annonnce, that en and  after the First (1.1) day of July "n^xt, the Telegraph Lino between Barkerville and Quesnelmouth  .will bo closed. T. R.   BLUE.    .  . May 29, 1869.        ��������� . my29 lm  ~' REMOVAL. .'  reason,  but   the   green grass and frowning  fo.reBt of the Meadows are suggestive of the  /jstory  of  the  dog in the manger.    Why this  field of wealth is allowed to remain idle when  'enterprising men say they are willing, to rial,  their capital in opening .ft' is a source of regret to all who wish well to the country, and  now that there ia no probability of its being  opened by those'who professed  to be able  and wilUng to do so, and  who raised their  voices against giving it to the  capitalist,  regret changes into something like the contempt  sought, to be inculcated  toward the fabled  earnne above  alluded to.   Is it any wonder  that capital declines to harmonize with labor  in'Carlboo? .: How  often  is it said that it  seems strange men of capital take no interest  in the development of Gartboo ?   The self-  reliance of the miners ecares them away, and  ^that Belfrreliance is^^ their bane* for it operates  y towardjdeleatmg that which is equivalent to  Capital in undertaking great en ter prises--the  ^combination of labor.  Two projects require  :P&;$*'.nn^ertaken  to give an impetus to the  l^rosperity of the^country.   One. the opening  v -$* ty&9F* ^d tn^ o^tne distribution  of water;  Deficit   -   -   '   - y   -   -  AXALTSI3.  Net income.from Offertories,  .  Net proceeds of Lectures, &c..  Singing Class,    -   -. -   -   ���������   .  Offerings,   , ���������_  $371 25  $296 75  235 25  40 00  180 00  DR. CHirP has removed i  STOUF., next to Keiv.i  site the Bank of British Co.  wil\ be catri_.<l on as usuk',  . Ba nicer viilfi^J u n c 18, .1 ?f  0N ?-^^ANP~^,e Bftnk of British Colnm-  . .bia-r-Head Ollice���������East India Aveaue  ;X.eaden hal I street. '  60LB DUST AKD BARS PURCHASED  Received on Deposit, or Advances made on them.  TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS .; :  Granted oa Victoria San  Francisco, Portland 'sad  ff..     ��������� '������������������"���������       New Vork. -' '���������..'* .  Every description of Banking  Business transacted.;  ' '   '                              : CHARLEi_S. JONES. Agent.���������'���������'"'  ^lii^^Jp^irk* Psjiheo,, j_; :__....���������..       ...   _.r���������,__...i  WILLIAM    RENNIE  BOOTMAKER.  OFFERS FOR SALE TUE BEST ASSORTMENT OP  BOOTS to ho found on William Creek.  BOOTS MADE TO ORDER,  Warranted not to bo surpassed by any made- en tb  I'acillc coast*. _.   . .        '     '   '      ���������  GUM BOOTS CONSTANTLY ON HANDi  a_jia, \7rj.'i.������  !..._ business  UEPAIRIKG done in the Uest. manner, nt. ehortc.!  toUliCtf.     ��������� ��������� f ���������-������������������'--��������� -f -ff '������������������ -v"  -  ..BUJNTV?I,LE\S  CELEBRATED OLD IRISH WEISKEY,  m>26 At DkNOTJVION & KURTZ.-  lb cbnnectlon with the Above,' Kc begs to notify his.  <Vr.S*l*v������nd.tUo'pul>lSc. that, he hae on han������t a cUotM  *li>/!.t aJifiortment  of GROCERIES and DRY * GOODS, ond  | hopes, by keeping a well selected stock-on Land, to  n.crlt.a share of public patronage. :f.:-  _5a-OPPOSITE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA-g^  Barkerville, May 5, I860.  $752 00  It will be seen by this statement that my  labors  in Cariboo have  left me much'  the  poorer,  and  affbrdt'rl  only twelve  months  experience of tbat proverbially '��������� hard'" ta<������k  of making "three guineas  do  the work of  five.'    I had not lhe heart, affer the   terrible  dtsis'er of the fire to appeal to the liberality  of the general  public, or to  ask nssU-inee  more particularly of those whose appeal to  the Bishop of the Diocese was the immediate  cause of my being sent here.   They were involved in the jreneral calamity.  : I make^ that appeal now, and that with the  more confidence because the income  of the  cbnrch  for the-past six  months has  been  bered) for the mamtatnance of the service ���������'���������  ^oon I hope, a pretty little church will'be  added to our public buildings, and worthily  an<rgratefully.complete the rebuildhi" of  Barkerville^a church which shall prove  that men while working under ground have  still   some   bone*   wMm,   ^   upward   aid  PIVE-TWELFTH  FOR _SALE.  of an in terostVin   the CORNISH  L.   cla i m, Rich field,' th c proper ty of E. Gmn ci n I .��������� For  urMierparUculirs, apply to       . ; JAS. WICKHAif.  Selling og^at Cost  O   HUMBUG!  Barkerville. .May 12, 1869  Im  BILLIARD TABLE FOR SALE.  FOR SALE, CH RAP, a'fa 11 sized POCKET BTLLIARD  TABLE, complete.    For particulars, anolv to  je91m- '������������������"��������� .  '". ',  irs, anplv to  J 'la'ng,  QuesneL  LE  I am, &c.  abeyance, and; suffici-nt unanimity on tt.be I  part of those interested is wanting to under-/  .     take  eyen  the  preUmWry  atepa.   Haaibe  first work been allowed to have gone on,  ,: , who now would  have  been  injured?   Who*  wouhl not have been benefitted, indirectly at  Iea������tVthrough the extension of the ^eld of  labor?   Let there be n������. more foolisli opposition  to  tbe   investment   of  capita).    Let  ; miners have every djpportunity to ava.l themselves of the wealth of Pai-fboo, but the welfare *of the country demands that when they  cannot or wiilnot undertake to develope that  wealth,   any  and   every   proposirion  havincr  tbat object In view should be encouraged and  gratefully accepted.   Do not let our resources  Jieidle.  J. REYNARDy  ��������� ���������*    Curate of Cariboo.  The Sktzure of Tu^lJISYLowELi.^The  of *\&t b������aS TpeaMl^glven "s intimation  of late of a subject of diplomatic contention  in which the Spaniards, Americans and om?  selves are concerned. It Was r���������, L_;iv  however, to learn what vverelht _ASfS5taof  the matter from the brief, hasty and not verv  reliable despatches transmitted^over the wh,l  by the agent's of the American"p^T jl������2  a perusal of -the papers iateJv corn XL hJl1?  we think that tbe;Vo lowinJliVto^"4-  of the fact, pf the ^st^Z^S  r_EG?J*E.AVE t0 5nform the Larlies and Gentlemen  .   ������.* barkerville ana vicinity that he has spared no  pajqsm fitting up a *\  BATHING     ROOM  for.their accommodation,  nest  door to  TAYLOR'S  Drug Store, and hopes to meri t a share of their patron-  apre.  Nev/spapers & Periodicals  A.   LI.ARK.ON, News dealers. Ni>w Westminstor to  supply you with Papers and iu',gllz\aff '  thl.tx.IrS pr?^" 50 PEB GENT- LOWER  *TSS?'-tSS_ aDy  part of lho ������������������������ .������"> bo had  OS- Fnr pi������rtlcnlirsor nricftf    rnina r.��������� ��������� it-. ���������_"'  ^^^ i _���������:        CUVTR k Cf,AKKSON._  A GRAND CONCERT  Will he given by the  ITrM.   WOLFF   IS  SELUNG   OFF   HIS  ENTIRE  t Y     well-assorted ��������� stock oi*. Clothing.   Furnisl)ln_  Goods, Boots, Hats/ Cigars, Tobacco, Matches, Pip������,  Stationery," _c, AT COST!  '_____rCull and judge for yourselves before parcnasing  elsewhere.; ..ff:-, :;.^-,--,;: ..-.- f ��������� , - .,.!:mySglm;\.  v':Wy^i^  T THOS;   FLETCHER'S- SECON6i3AND STORK  ana  General -Repfiring Shop wi 11._be found^  Lathe  and  aDTabe fonndliT^OMkiDg-StoVeB, Sheet IronStojefi,  Pamps,>Hose, Nails, Picks, Shovels, am almost every-  thinir requ is i te for Mi n ers' use a t low prices;     ..-   .-;  *:       n   upper barkerville:.        .^L  BRtr(3- STORE.  JAS. P. TAYLOR desires to state that he sti'Ik^PJ  .   on hi. business ai the old stand, where he m  Patent Medicines of all kinds on hand.    Also *������J������������  GARDEN SEEDS.    Prescriptions carefully comppunj  3d at reasonable rates, fhext door to Cunio s iJrew  Barkerville, May 5, 18C9.        ������������������*     '��������� ;___________!L-^.  ST. JOHN'S DAY CELEBBATIOI".  '^^"        OF   ST.   JOKK  is an American vessel, and wa*  seized by the  Spaniards  off  Rapwa Island,   one   of  smallest of the  Bahama ffroiin     ti,  ���������^*������nJ*yh* Havannah, a^d  was  then  the  The prize  nn*V?i^*- V ������**_������������������* to stete that 1. ���������alB The &f.d bj tbe Spanish tr  nntil further orders the Fire Brigade will be S \f, Americans, nevertheless d,  called-out for practice every" Wrtn&dlv Z w,������ !n_ ffender. t0 them. alleging the  evmmg, at 7 o'clock.      V      '        "anes.8y   she Was illegally captured on the h"hSSp,.'  ���������,.:-��������� ,:,:,.-:.'-:y -.������������������������������������::-   ������������������ v-   .     /.   m miles, from E^cd r8Ja_d.   On it. 0?her  SH   GLEE   CLUB  At the Theatre Royal, Barkerville,  On the Evening of 1 st July  (DOMINION DAY), ~   .    .  For the nenefit of the  NEW   CAMBRIAN    HALL.  oc^4!,.ading Vd������������^V5Sfioa^I! appear on the  6 o'clock-������Ppr?cUe y ������ V^^n^^ommm^.U  seats, $t   ��������� '        >'��������� '*?s���������������Q*t seats,  $1   50 ..   B8rCk  THE    FESTIVAL  the   Baptist (Thursday,   Wf^n?v,kTT"469  fteldbrated by CARIBOO -LODOR,, No. W  Fftz A.  M.    Tho  Consecration ot IWBJ  Masonic Hall at.Barkerville and Installation ot vm  for tho ensuing year  will. take, place at JV v^.  a.m. '��������� '' - ���������'���������'������������������-   ?  jc!2  THE BALANCE OF THE STOCK OF; L. J^grt  I at'Richfield,- comprising Groceries, iru rM  Clothing, Hardware, &c, &o. Also, tlio n u ^  Lot. The House has two rotims and a JA.ujJ- n(1(  Uiere is a well of splendid water all t������J.f *;'' mnc.  t\lso.  one Ume Polur air tight Stove, Aji������any     ^  The above will be sold cheap for cash  promises, Kichfield.  ni  y29.".na<  REMOVAL  npHE AGENCY ofthe Bank.of British f������$lff<>  I ica has been removed from ^"g^PJSDled W|1,  the new building,,on  Hay 12, 1S(50..---  the site forrnerly oc^m w  GEO. CfBAm.   t(  _;Viv.'--.Vrf-U-';;:*ik.'.V.i-i  m*-A, m^smmsfr 5^5. -  *-vi ^ag?  ._���������___������- _*_.-,__.._...-,.-..  -TV  *..*  Bja __.__  E  ������������  Hi  i  ���������L  ���������  ���������  ���������  Us  it  m  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23.1869.  MINING INTBLLWENCIS.  WIW/__M CHEEK,  ;13xcept the San Juan co.. none  of the- by-  The Flume  fraulic companies are piping  cb bave -commenced cleaning up.&nd yaster-  fW washed upt-100 oz.- The California Co. got  40 oz. last week, and 'the San Francisco cp.  45 oss.-The Cornish, co. washed -.up'.90 oz.  Below the canyon-^the Barker co, washed  np 178 ox. for the week ; the Foster-Camp-  bel 1 co,. 135 oz.; and the Canadtan.: co., % G  oz.- The Baldhead co. took out a fe\y pirhcea  . over wages.; -. .   ���������       . ��������� '.. ff-Tf  ST0CT GULC1T, ,  Tho TaflVale. od.. washed np 125 OB. "for the  week. The wash-up ot tlie Coombs co. at  the cud of the week yielded 110 oz., which  made over 160 oz. for the week. The Floyd  co.'s. ground maintains its late high yield,  giving 90 oz. to the last wash-up, which  makes the total for the week 192.'oz; .   .  '':(\  '(m^A^.Qbl/MyXXyyYf,.-..-,/:/  The WhifceTInq co.; have been: .'faking."'put  .xpei)3esr but have not got into proper working condition. In the early parVbf last week  the Fel ix co. on ly washed u p a : co upIe... o f  ounces, biuf they got into the chanrieK;;again  and washed up lab out ltoz.;fbr the week:  On Monday the McDowell co. were prepar-  ing to d rift from tb ei r ; shaft k: towards; the  -g-n I ch, to. wards. which the, rock pitc lies. The  Indian Queen is at her   tricks  again.   She  ������������������Brailes and frowns in rapid succession. She  'soioWi making promises of rewards to ber  courtiers, who are making expenses or tbere-   abouts; The JEc 1 ipse. co.*s grou nd is. look mg  better, and the Renfrew co. made expenses  and -'wages' for the week.   The Lone Star.'  ���������: Reid'. and Gouroek cos. are prospecting;;  the Ericson co. made   over   expenses  wages for the lime thoy- worked..  ,..    . FtUiXCU CKEEK. :  ; The Ambrose co. have been, drowned  of tiiwr shaft, alter '/getting down 120 feet-  They; intend to run a tunnel for drainage.  itoWHEE CREEK.  V The Blade Bnll:'co. have made a contract  for the.completionof their tunnel.. The ;Victoria, cq. a'C driving ahead with their tunnel,  liti the .ra te of 45. feet per, week'. Th<.,Kkl ly  ���������coi cleaned up 30 oz.jfor the week. Boy?] .is  vrorkjm. in his tunnel, making wages. The  Calaveras co. broke the shaft of their wheel  last week.  MOSQOITO CREEK.  the Minnehaha co. washed up 75 oz. for  the week ; and the Tabb co. declared a dividend of 3 oz. to the interest from the wash-,  up lor the week. .The Discovery co. have  completed their tiinhel. and from the'first set  of timbers tobkoutli bz. 'Tliei Willdwxb.  made a little oyer wage's for teweel. ; and  the Hoi man. co. deelared a d i v j dead ot $7 3  to the interest. . The. Jeffree co. made wages ;  and the Hocking co. made $12 ji day stoV the  hand during the. week. The new Discovery  (Hough) have bottomed their shaft in the  Hat on the hill above the Jeffree claim,-and  finding they wrere not in the channel, have  "commenced sinking another shaft.*. ,  surface-diggings."  going ahead,  p    '  Waveriey tunnel Is  and  and  out  BEOO's GDLCH.   ,  The Grappler co. are ���������making wages/ A.  company have commenced to work the  ground abandoned by the Ancient Briton: oo.  The other company on the gulch are doing  well.:     fir;fyf.y;-A::yf.fT'iXXX. 1 Tff-'i-  ���������ff- ft fffi;fX,.'": AKTLER CREEK, p-ffl  A company has been organized to prospect Antler creek, about t wo mil es below  the old town. It is intended to run a draih  tunnel to -bed-rock,/Prospects were found  in the ground in 1862/but it was then abandoned on account of the excitement on William creek. I Th e M id d I esex co; are iron bled  with water intheir shatti vEI^ht miles below  Grouse creejc, one man, working alone, has  been making $5 a day in shallow diggings.  There is . pten ty: of water in th is cree k. and  nearly all the companies are ground-sluicing.  BLACK BEAR LAKE.  Nothing baa yet been done towards prospecting this lakelet, but the farmers and  others about Williams Lake are still organizing for the purpose.  f:f ' '  EAGLE CREEK.  yXyf  The Richard co. have not yet completed  washi ng up ,'��������� b u t from that..-' p or tion of , th e  bed-rodk which baa been already cleared,  the" ground  pays  wages.     Water  getting  ���������scarcer/'1   .-  -, f -  ������������������ ."���������        '���������  P;,y f-fx'r'fy:Lioirrmo.oreek.������������������".������������������  ���������*���������  ij$QAh \og o f any i mp or tan ce ;��������� h as X transp i rod.  on^ thisf creek since our last report. The  Davis co .are prepari rig to w ash. : B .��������� Moo re  <_j co. have commenced linking a shaft about  two miles on this side of Van Winkle, close  to the wagon road.  MINING COURT. ��������� .  (Before C. Brow, Esq., Gold Commissioner.)  Tuesday, June 22.  Miners' Drain Co. vs. Raby Co.���������This was  a suit to compel defendants to show cause  why tbey had not cleaned up their drain be-  **������* abandoning their charter.   Defendants  alleged that they did not consider themselves  responsible for the condition of tbe drain,  which was due to the carelessness ofthe Bedrock Drain Co.   The Judge, in   giving  his  decision, said tbat he found the Ruby company had held a charter which before it could  be given  up required that the drain should  be given over to. the Gold Commissioner in  Rood condition, which had not been done. He,  therefore, ordered the Raby co. to put the  drain in proper condition, or if they elected  to, let the work be. done by others, to give  $500 bonds for the cornpletion of the same.  As to t he' a 1b'ga tion pt defen dan ts th at the  conditioner the drain was due to the eare-  lessne^s- of others, that, he considered, had  nothing^to do with the case-, but would coii-  ptitiite ground  for an action for damages.  Hon. R:W. Carrall^ on behal t of defendants,  stated thafrsueb action-would'be entered*:c!^  '  "BEp GULCH.-;        ���������::.--. .'....: \ ��������� Y-  The Tom and Jerry co. washed np 26 oi.:  for the week, and the Butcher co. made small  wages,  wuirsAW gclcit : ������������������������������������".������������������if    -  ' Tho Discovery, co. did very, little work  miring the week. The Hit-or-Misa cb* made  about $5 a day to the hand.  GROUSE CREEK. '  S_^ r\   '      . ���������'   -" ' -  m Operations on Grouse creek are assuming  g a dull appearance. There is not enough  water to keep the hydraulic claims in activity, and ground-sluicing is the, only kind of  mining likely to give any returns' until a  afresh supply of water shall be obtained.  ���������v������rj[ little w being done by the Fountain  iicaii.co. The fd&bo co. are prospecting in  the cre.k. The Rocky Point co. have cotri-  menced cleaning up and are doing pretty  well, lhe Ontario, Cascade and Caroline  cos. are short of water. The Saltspring co.  are preparing.to drift in the upper part of  tneir ground. Below them the Chinese co.  are g_oumi-sluicing. and are communicative  enough to say that they expect to do well  llt^t  if* ,The Uniou co' have b������on ^<>inS  IJJ m l' J!!d exPccfc a continuance of rich  pay.  The Discovery co, have commenced to  a shaft behind their dnmp-house, and  Spwh������?ieormBa 'VOrkinS & their tun-  I'll llUlme<C0' m not S������t .-'much. gold.  heFh^?re acrr a ^ep hole.   Next to  We Flnme co. are Lord & co., who are work-  inn*     r\������     _K * ~"  "**���������!   " **v/  HiU     *������U11\~  he h^l ^lnd0n^ ^ouna, and by cleaning  ovteftire ,makinS Wd wages.   Be-  Sh?if^ co- are PWectlng ;  m two French companies are ib off well in  DA.VIS CREEK.   ;  The Red Dragon co. are-sinking another  shaft, higher up the creek and further in. the  hill than the previous one.  ,    .   . ANDKrwOXr.C^KK}.-.^-.:--  The Emily co. have washed up 7 oz., minus  $1, for two months* ground-sluicing.  KElTIiLKV CRKKFT.   ���������  The Grotto co. are making over wages, and  the ;Howick co. are making about $5 a day  to the hand.    The Cascade  co.- have   got  through the bed-rock and  expect to reach  their shaft in about two weeks.   The Stonewall co. have got on  to. pay again.   A new  comp;;������������������������������������:.���������;_;vu starting in to' prospect between  the J ?f:'v^.'_;^and' the Stonewall: "The? Harrl-  up en. expect to get through-with their incline  in about ten  days.   The company opposite  {C'l.hmore'd ;:torc have got down .with their  j shaft a������l are  drilling and getting, a little  ' tfoid.   A few otber companies are prospecting,  CKDAU CUF.KK.  The Aurora co. are still working and making   over   wages. /Another   company   are  working on this creek, on ajgocb'about a  mile above the Aurora co./   :.vfffiiif,  .ff '; ��������������������������� X ��������� XiiiTii' HARVKT chkek. ������������������;'. "iff-', ���������'���������'������������������ fPf  The M i n nehaha co.'- hStve gd t d own wi th  their shaft and got some gold in the bed-rock,  which is pitching into the"hill, .,  ; '/       :        GOOSE CHEEK.  The St Niniah co./expect to be in solid  ground iu about ten days;  -,' , -. . iff'; .LITTLE LAKE CREEK.. "'  i Two companies are making wages oa  creek*  :���������       '��������� ' .������ ;  ���������������-<-  *������f**r  ->������������������������������������  this  SUPREMI3 COURT OF THE MAINLAND.  M. B. Beobib, Chief Justice, presiding.  1 ,...    ,   Tuesdav. June 22.  Hon. G-. A. ^Walkem stated that R. Lipsett.  F. J, Barnard, A. Wei don and Chun Kee had  made arrangements to the satisfaction ofthe  District Magistrate.for removing tho causes  of complaint embodied in the indictments  presented by the Grand Jury, and that he  would..In consequence, enter a nolle prosequi, which was allowed by his lordship.  Brouse , co. vs. Tyack Co.���������This was an  appeal from the decision of the Gold Com-  missioner, who when the case was tried in  .the Mining Cou rt ga ve j udgmen t in favor o (  defendants,, on the ground that he had no  right!to review the acts of his predecessors iii  office, or reverse, their, judgments. Mr.  Walker, on behalf of defendants, disputed  the right to appeal on the ground that the  judgment ofthe lower court was given in accordance with finding of facts, and instanced  a case,- the Grouse.creek co. vs. Canadian co.������  which he alleged was precisely analagous,  and in which his lordship decided there was  no ground for appeal. His lordship denied  the correctness of this position and maintained that the case alluded to was one of  boundaries���������of fact���������while this a question-of  law.  Judgment*-���������Appeal dismissed without  costs.. Forty iaciwa of water reserved for  thii croak claims.  /THE^icAL^On Saturday^theperfbf  ances,ofrthefamateurs gave much satisfaction  and pleasure, as was evident by the frequency  Pf : tJ?e:^pplau3eiand: the,/heart^^-b'ursts of  laughter, t In the '��������� Char coal Bii in er ������ "iibne  of the perrprmers showed any hesitancy or  want of; confidence, so usual to amateuri  Ody one Impediment to the enjoyment of the  acting deemed to.be apparent and that was  caused hy the number of acts into which the  d ram a was yiylded^ o w i ng k to' the "want "of  8uffici.M_stage_,materiaL^MrJ H6wmah,-as:  the leading :peribrmer7;had^jffic  plaj'v biit he succeeded in- rendering .it/very  satisraciorlly.; - Mr Thompson fwas;::as usual ���������  inimitably-droll.���������:Mr-Grantiimproves -with  each new effort. and he made a - decided' ad-  va hce, 6 n th is p ccas io nf i n identl fy i n^ Mmsel f  with the jitvenile hero. _3dmimd"Esdaie. Mr  Ha v elock, as Matth e w Esdal ei' was ap pi au ded  in the first scene, tbrdugbjwhich 'he ;carried  his/ rfcle _somewhat in /accordance with the  author's"* intentiob, but in ths succeeding  scenes he\ soemed1 to lose the proper ;person-  ation of the. old man J&dale, and/evidently  ^playedlgr .the sake of effect rather ithan:- de-  _vej o p itu^tl 6X c h&  ally admitted 'to have: been well played;.; by  Mr Fraser, and Caleb Brown by Mr-Smith  was: wel 1 li and bidf'[ The Hob. ^R: ]Vti. W? Cfe  rai 1 was quite Vat home, as the amiable parent  of Kdith Harrington, notwithstanding the/fact  of bis being:a bachelor. Edith1 Harrihgton  and Barbara Jones, by Miss Emily and Klpr-  ence Wilson, /could not have been .played  much better by regular professionals!except  that the correct readingjahd clear apprehension o f: character display ed/ by both: ladies  tn ig h t h ive b ee n in ad e more effec ti ve by ad-  ditional energy,4trie resnl fc of practice,... In  the concluding piece, ."The Head of the  Family,*:'- they were still more successful,  especially-Flbrence Wilson, whose representation of Cousin Charity was very life-like and  the requisite toIubility was well maintained:  Edgar, by H r\ Ben net t, was rendered in strict  accordanceV. with.������������������=.what V we would suppose  were tlie characteristics of the person in real  life. No spasmodic effort at display nor awkward assumption.. so frequently. | manifest in  the acting ot amateurs, characterized Mr B.'s  efforts, and his make-iip showed a correct  taste. Mr Ormandy 'a Jeremy Hack 1 e was the  good-natured, droll character intended by  the author to afford variety arid contrast in  the composition of the comedy. Gregoryis  not a character of sufficient compass; for Mr  Hudson's histrionic capacity, arid he did not  consequei\Uy appear to as much advantage  as on previous occasions. The attendance  was not as numerous as usual, owing doubtless to tbe fine weather, but by no means  small enough to warrant concluding that the  public interest in the performances of the  amateurs is on tho wane.  Colon-tAL News.���������A steara fire engine, for  ihe use ofthe Deluge company, .Victori?., is  about to be shipped froni England.���������R.  Smith has laid an action for slander, damages  $10.0CO, against P. Kilroy���������both of Lytton,  ���������Mr. John Duie, formerly a trader on William creek, died, recently in California.���������T.  Reynolds and Josepli Lascelies were brought  before Judge Pemberton, in Victoria, on a  charge of having conspired to defraud  Joseph Lammbn of the racehorse Greyhound.  The case was postponed for further evidence.  ���������Wm. Lyons' counsel endeavored to obtain  a new trial. Judge Need ham refused, and  tlie previous judgment, sentencing Lyons to  12 months imprisonment, stands confirmed.  FouitTn of July.���������-A meeting was held in  the Theatre on Monday evening to take the  preliminary steps towards the celebration of  Independence day. A committee was' named  and a programme agreed upon.  DEmcATiON^The attendance at the dedica- '  tion service of Rev. Mr Derrick on Sunday was  large, and comprised member of almost every  denomination.  It is about eight months since  Mr Derrick arrived here, and during that time  be has succeeded in raising the wherewithal  to bmld a suitable church and residence, both  of which, together with the furniture, has  been paid for by subscriptions of the inhabit-  ante of Barkerville and surrounding creeka  and the; collections made at the services.   Mr '  Derriclf_ has shown much energy in-his mission. # He preaches" ih:*Bttrkerville^^ia. tW  morning, tramps off to.Mosquito creek in th^v  alterno9n. holds a meeting, there, and returns -  again on foot and preaches iu Barkerville; in  the evening.   On Friday be visited Grous������  creek.   The-miners on the different creeks  which the rev. gentlemaa  visits show their  appreciation of his. efforts by. very liberal  contributions  when;.collections  are made*  Mr Derrick 'seems-ibiTeelVBoidewtiati' proud of  his success, and indeed he has reason to bo  so, as not a cent has been received from any  missionary society since his arrival,:and tho;  voluntary contributions of his hearers alooo  have been the means of building the church  and parsonage. ���������-". *"���������.-"     ; 'ft'.  '  \ Pr.ACTrcB.���������On Sa.urday nigiit. Capt. Op-  penheimer.'wishing to ascertain the prompt- .  ne3s of the= Fire ��������� Brigade  in bbeyingVa  summons to.attend duty,:caused the alarum-  to,l.e sounded shortly after twelve o'clock,,  arid it soon appeared^ that the members were V  ready to obey the call.   With such apparatrisl  asvthe Bngade now possess, an immediate  rush was made/for the sawmill, above Rich-.  field, which was reported to. be in danger.-;  Their services, however, were- not required ;,  but  the  alacrity/ with which, the. Bngade  turned and "marched away clearly ebowed:'  what may be expected of'them  when there:  shal 1 be any real Necessity for. p racticaVduty������v-.  : JtTnE AcctnExt at QriEsxEtsouTH.���������A brief  telegram in 'our last:: paper 'announced'^' the���������'_  death by. drowning. of Mr3. Seuay.   Front  ^parties who have since arrived from Quesnel*:  mouth we.learn thafthe'tbree men.who were  iri'the boat, together with Mrs. Senay- at; tho  .'time of'its upsetting, were Messrs*-Brosseaux-  :arid Senay, and Livingstone,; the .'ferryman*-:.,  They were crossing the, jQuesnel river,:but  Ithe'cause of the aecident.hias not yet reached'  m8."  The men were picked up by Mr. G..B. ,  ���������Wright and two of his men, who were workr  iibg- on'the steamer Victoria, at a short dis-  etacuje.below.where ihsLbdatrwas capsfeed.^::^*  ������������������J/JSTotrcE.��������� Mn O. McCallum^bas reopened  lousiness in the store next above the Bank: of'  British Columbia, where he has a large,assortment of Dry Goods.'comprising Pants,  Shirts, Drawers* Nock-Ties and orher apparel. Also, a lot of best French and  English Tweeds. Mr. McC. continues his  tailoring business, and makes Pants to order,  and of the best material. He sells JSis.. goods  cheap and for cash. t *  PLkt. it Come Down."���������Weather prophets.  say that when the springs in a mountainous  region swell and flow more rapidly than  usual it is a sure sign of impending rain.  Yesterday the springs exhibited this phenomena and we ��������� are curious to know whether  the. atmospheric quidnuncs have their prescience based upon fact or fancy. It is no  mere fancy to say that rain is coming, for of  that we are quite certain���������the-question is  when will it come.  Books���������Mr Bowron, librarian of the public  library, has received a variety of .useful and  entertaining books which will be placed on  the shelves of the library for the use of the  subscribers. Mr B.- intends to add to the  stock of books as often as the financial condition of the institution .."will, admit of Jtho  necessary expenditure.. pfTp"iP^fX..f.:fX- f-  The Best Coffee,���������-In -Order, to obtain a.: f  first-class coffee, it is necessary to secure the.  very best berries,-and to roast them according to the most approved method. This is  done by Wilson & R'Ckman, Fort Street,  Victoria,-who are prepared to furnish, for  cash, Coffee that never fails to elicit, the ap.  probation of those who use it. *  Fresu Butter.-V Messrs. DeNouvion &  Kurtz are receiving by every fast express  quantities of the finest fresh butter, put up ia  rolls, to suit the demand. The colonial but.  tor, at this season of the year, is acknowledged to be superior to any imported but*  ter. ' :'.'',  Burxed���������On Sunday afternoon  last the  cabin of Richard Johns, on Eagle creek, was    _  totally destroyed by' fire.    The occupants  were absent at the time, and everything; in <  the cabin was burned-  ,_ Tall���������A liberty pole, a hundred feet high.  is beiti* prepared for tbe Fourth oi July, and  will b/erected in front of Stirling's saloon. ���������  Ryder's ox-team, from Quesnelmouth, ar-;:  rived yesterday. - ' -   ..:  The Dominica tariff on imported beeTes U  $10. ..'���������.,'  ? *:t  .*?!:  n  ft  I:  H ;  Ai, i  iXf  .    'U  r_TB Vr_T_i"__T_W_!??__n\_i_u ,^j^5______������*_____i  *_..  THE  A Melbourne  correspondent ol the New  -York-Times, under date of March 1st, says :  Merc is no 4oui>tas to what bas  been   the  most important and interesting event of the  past month.   Everybody has heard agam ami  again of the great}" Welcome������ nngget/.and  models of it baye'been the': centre of attraction in lhe iriteroational expositions.   But a  greater than the ������.Welcome ������ nugget has now  turned up, and has been duly christened the  ������Welcome Stranger."   The story of its discovery is extremely interesting.   Two men  WLbeea working; for a long time in a claim  ct DunoUy, where a year or so ago they had  found a couple of nuggets weighing respect>  Svely  108 and  36 ounces.    They had again,  however,  got  " dead   broke";   the  store-  beepers had refused them any further credit,  and they were feeling very badly indeed,  when one of them, in following the claim by  working  round   the roots of a tree, struck  something hard with bis pick, immediately  below  the surface.   He bad no idea, however, what had stopped his pick ; lor, miner-  \_ike; he grumbled out, " Confound it, I wish  it was a nugget and had broken the. pick.'*  Tlie  nugget,  when it was unearthed, was  found ip weigh 210 ponnds troy,  and * on  smelting it  yielded   2,268   ounces and,. 10  petiny-weights* of pure gold.   It was scarcely  covered by tbe earth, and was less than a  couple of inches below the surface. Dunolly,  the* ground on which -this gold monster has  been found, is a very old digging, but has  never  been  regarded as.a first-class field.  Every now and then a big nugget has been  found������~Dut whatever gold has been obtained  ;   has been discovered in pockets. .The '. "Welcome . Stranger   is   thei largest   nugget  on  record in Australian mining annals; and in  fact is belie ved to be the largest mass of gol d  elver .discovered. The largest nuggets pre-  . viously found in/Australiia.; were *.a follows  The 'Welcome.. nugget, found at Ballarat at a  deptb\ of 180 feet, and weighing 13 V pounds  9 ounces ; ther Blanche Barkly,' found "at a  depth ot 13 feet, at Kingower, and weighing  145 pounds 3 ounces ; a nugget at Canadian  pully, Ballarat. weighing 134 pounds 11  ounces, at a .depth of 60 feet; the Lady  Hotham, weighing 98 pounds. .  regular trips between  connecting with  I^HIS steamer is now making regu  Soda Creek and Quesnelmouth,  B^SS.isnot responsible.for leakage of  Oiff/Or other liquids shipped in tins.       .���������;---   Danielson's Bridge,"-Qnes-  nel  Kiver.  R.   CHARLES   DANIELSON   desires  to Jntovm  BAILEY'S Hole],  Langley Street,  Victoria is still  open for thc 'accommodation of travel ers and  tho Table and Beds are kept in the usual satisfactory  style. ���������    gm -  T.  PRICE,  TAILOR,   GOVERNMENT   STREET,   VICTORIA.  Orders from up-country punctually attended to.  r  Ro  1    Traders, Packer?, Travellers and others Unit the j  Jti from Do* Prairie to tho W-Mlle Post, beyond,  Quesnelmouth ia now open and \n good condition jor  Pack Trains und Stock,  and that there is .������>���������������uc*  of food  food   throughout, - There is a house ot on er-  LOWE   BROS.,  and ' Commission    Merchants,   Insurance  Agents, etc.,  [WharfStreet,        ���������.-.".   * ���������    -    ���������������������������'���������'  Importers  Victoria, V. I.  of good  food  through  taiumentat tho bridge.  jel2  Barnard's Express.  SEVEN  THROUGH   TO  VICTORIA  DAYS!  IN  On and after the 29th day of. May, nnd until further  notice, tho Regular Weekly Express will arriro at  BarkeWiUe on SATURDAY-MORNLVG, and return  the same day at 6 o'clock p.m., arriving nt ^aio ou  Thursday and Victoria on Saturday evening of each  week, ,      -  For rates of Freight and passage; apply to,  ���������y'' .-���������-..'��������� S.   ORM Al\ D.l,  Mayl9.      . '".[   -      ���������:....    Agent, BnrkerviUe.  R.  ROBERTS,  Tailor, (Successor to EL Read,) Government  Street, Victoria.  Orders attended to with care and despatch...._.,  :: ft;., s hot mmfr^fff  DIspcnsin.fif Chemist anil Druggist.    Importer of Eng  v lish i>fugs^ Chemicals, Patent Medicines anA"t������.. ��������������������������� *.���������  If :'.-���������; ��������� Perfumery, Victoria, V. I,       r _.-f-^  Orders from the up-coimtry punctually  May 1. 1S89.  attended to  6m  D.  SPENCER,  0  EXPRESS   NOTICE.  K THE FIRST DAT OF JUNE AND ON THE FIRST  and 15tU day of each month thereafter  v Barnard's   Express f  Will despatch  :���������  A FAST FREIGHT TEAM FROM YALE,  linking the trip to Barkerville in about 14 days.  Until further notice,  RATES   OF    FREIGHT  By these teams, on all parcels of 50 lbs. and upwards  will be ...  25 Gents per ib.,   |J  exclusive of Road Tolls.  Importer of  Books,   Stationery,   and  Manufactures,  FORT STREET, VICTORIA,  May 1, 1869.  Fancy Foreign  B. C.  Packing, Bagjtffaking, etc.  rpHE undersigned Announces* tha the packs Goods In  J. Victoria for the Upper Country, and manufacture^  Bags for Mil Is, Merchant., and Farmers.      AH kiuds  or Machine Sewing done. Orders promptly attended  to; D. KAUFMAN.  April 24, 1869. 3m Yates St>   Victoria.  Henry Nathan, .Jr.-, & G6.j  Importers aiid General Commission Merchants.  A/large assortment o! Dry Goods. Liquors,. and Groceries constantly on baud.  Wharf Street, - ��������� -   ��������� ���������     Victoria, V. I.  May 1.1809. Sm  DUCK   __   SANDOVER,  Wagon and Carriage Makers,  Blacksmiths, etc., Government St., Victoria, between  Johnson and Cortnonnt Streets, west side.  Mathematically Mad���������The Chicago. Tribune publishes an account ofthe great demonstration which took place \p Chicago, and  concludes tbe report, whiph occupies about  ten columns, with the following curious mathematical summary of the procession:.  Parties shipping by these teams must order poods  to be marked " Per Barnard's Express, SLOW"^-  otherwiac they will be sent by regular Express and  charged accordingly.  Shippers may depend on the regularity of these  teams, for whether with full frc^^rrt or not they will  come tb ron ch.     .  May 14, 1869. F. J. I5ARNTARD.  No. of men on foot,   ���������- ��������� *> ��������� ���������   -  No. or men not on foot,     -   ���������  No. of bachelors,       -   _   .   *>  No. recently divorced   -   -   ���������  No. goVnitto be divorced, -   ���������  No. of women on foot,   .  ������������������ No. of women not on foot,   . -  No. of women with children in  arms,  - . -   ���������   -   -   _.   -   .  No; of women with two children in arms   No. of women with three children in arms,   -   -   _   .   ���������  No. of women witb four children in arms,    -   - ���������������������������_,   ��������� - _  "No. of women with Ave chil-  '  dren in arms,   -   ---.���������-   -��������� ,  .. No. of  women without any  ^ children,      -   -   -   .   _���������'."_,  No. of women with pipes in tbo  crowd,    ----__������,  No. of women" with cigars in  the crowd, ��������� ��������������������������� -   -   _.'������������������-_,  -No. of horse-shoes, ',"��������� " -    -   -  No. of mule tails,     .������-���������.-   -   .  To (a! n u m bee of women. wh eel  . spokes and--waprons.'. -   -   _.  Total length of the procession  ; in miles,   -   ���������>   ���������������   * '.;������*'-'_.   .  Quantity of  tobacco .chewed  (tons) -   -   -   "-, .-;,.   . :_,  Quantity of la^er drunk, bbls,'  Quantity of whiskey drunk, "  Time between drinks, minutes,  Time passing a given   point  ,-.   (weeks)    -   - -.-'".-.' -   -   -  Time passing two given points  (months) -   --,_.. .-*..-   _  Average rate of speed 100 miles  an bonr;   -   -  V   -   ������   _   ���������  No of policemen visible,  No. of survivors killed, - ' -   -  400,001  ������������������- 400.002  30,001  .800,001  ��������� 500.003  600,001  000,000  10,701  9,003  402  1  000,000  900,416  700,003  2  10.000,001  232,101i  3,400,302  25,000  400  2,108  38  2  Important   to   Traders ! J  A tt   FREIGHT   CONSIGNED  TO J.   C   T3EEDY  ���������i    *-Tnl^ B*<t������  will be  forwarded to a'nv part ofthe Colony, on the most reasonable terms, fre'e o( commission. AGENTS:  Millard & Beedy,    \       Denouvion k Kurtz,  Victoria.           J Barkerville  Barkerville, April 17th, 1869.  }  2  S6,007  6ran������toM,      -   -   -    -   .0,908,032,104,  ft J������2 "Tk* *J������ ad,?in������ machine gav4 out  STOVESj__STOVES!  ADAMS &  PEARCY  BARKERVILLE, "?  Hay������ oq hanrt a cboicc selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  SHEET COPPER, ZINC  TIN  PLATE   AND   SHEET   IRON  WUhv-^ri^ other articles i��������� ������__.���������_,,_. lrade.  *-i?l^Sa'ft^__?-__^  faction * wtvcwitea to glvti Sa.tis-  Never out   of ^^Tp_^__  Sheet and Cast Iron Stoves  TII PLATE &JHEET IE0N  J!  promptness,  faction.  and  warranted  to giv.  to with  entire  satis  Hardware, Iron & gteel  E. PEARSON & BROS.,      '    HARNESS FOgSALE   flarkerv-'i'IIo.  ���������   *    - ���������:���������   BHB:VI1_I___,S:  OLB IRISH WHISKEY  At D.XOUVION & KURrz_ '  Orders from the upp.r country solicit*  to with iiispatcti.  May 1, IS69.  on ded  <.  * - ��������� -  6m  Pacific   Telegraph   Hotel,  STORE Street, between Herald and Tis^ard. Victo1  ri a. . Meals a t all hours. Board an d Lodcins per  vpoeln. $5 50 @ $6 50 . Per dayk $1. Si ogle meals,  37 1-2ceiUs.    Beds_ SOcufs.  .. J  "   .   :' ANDREW ASTRICO. Proprietor. ."  "May 1,1869. ff'lf T fpm. ���������'  ^^m^Tsom  EN-  WATCHMAKRR, JEWELLER' AND  . i*������ - ,..fi.:lverv Government street, next to the  M������?^5' Mcl-olas Hotel, Victoria, V. I: Chronometers and Watches cleaned, repaired, arid warranted.  Every description of Jewellery made to order. Plain  and Ornamental Engraving neatly executed.  Mayl, 1809. ;   .  6m  Gr. C. GYEYROW,     ,  CABRIAG-E   AND   WAGON ; B _T_,_>E__,  A.   CASAMAYGU,  ���������Wholesale Dealer in���������:  G-rooeries,   Provisions,  Havana Cigars, and French Preserves.  Yates Street,        -      -  '   -       Victoria, V.  l.,BYC.  THOS,  LSO  Importers of English Jferchandiso  WHOLESALE   AND  RETAIL.  b Mate-  nd  An invoice of good nty  * M.ree-piv and Tapestry Car  VictoriaiB. G  2m  my2Q  LONDON   HOUSE  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA  WHOLESALED      RETAIL  J. H. TURNER & CO.  t?������������i* t        - "*" I:y''0riTK������a or ��������� 7.  English   and Frenrm ������?tii-o   c?u     i    ^  doonptioa of Drape.y Q*������?.l,  ESTABLISHED,  1858.  .     A. aiBMt>_REr  ERCHA^  YATES STRKET,  OR  H  AS'on hand, and Is consianily re^t^*.     .  __��������� assortment or CLOTHS, CASSIVPi.?eg a 1ar"  mogt approved etvles. '   ���������"*      ���������   ordeiri la the  ���������- -mS^mSl��������� b^ih00^?^m attended t*f -If  ���������  ���������'���������'���������"'���������*���������!        ��������� ���������'.������������������:."������������������ ' Iff if 'ff pk":f  ���������   -I FELL   &.  ffNLAYSON,  Tea and Coffee Salesmen;  ���������;���������'������������������   Fort street, Vletoria, V.IM "  Spare no bflort In selecting and keeninv_������ ������������������' X  rrient^r the choicest articles thafc?, %Sl:  ?^&Z2&iFtUoy ������-r ovei7 -^^SSSi-  '������������������ '������������������ '���������'���������'������������������������������������ '--; ���������.  .._���������������������������'"''-������������������"��������� ������������������:���������-���������.-������������������    -.  ���������  ;".to_rl5ai:.  .;������^S;RQBERT' :'fe.URNAq'Y ''f-y-x  'fx-i������ ���������'��������� if y:; ww.Ao__^;-__*ci#\vs*;:'.-* yyf  GOY_t_&M&NY   STRKKT, VICTORIA    V.. J  All business carefully and punctually fitcndfidli  May 1, 1608.  -    ��������� :'-,,*:���������;,���������;'���������        ^^m'  AA  :   ,,   t  YALE ADVERTISEMENTS;  Coffee ! Coffee!! Q<_>geej;g  1 .BARLOW desires to inform the peeplc "dr th.  TV��������� interior.and uppcr country,^thatihavin'g-ob.'  tamed the necessary..machinery ������ndttin\var^hi������!j_  :'iA&M  .,-. '������������������%'M  ���������'...< (-A  oA\  to be superior to any other.  Groceries, Dry Goods, Tinware, Clothing fbtttAiift  Field and other Seeds English and ColoDinl-���������-^--1-^^;  -Yale,; May .1,1809*     .     : ffffYiffffi-  FOHT    YALE    H<Dg|l^  Front Street, Yale;British Cblu^biSi'^^'"^^-':.  THIS honsc has r'scellent accommodation for Twrf  ��������� vcllcrs.. Good,beds, superior fare, and :the b������t;.-  of. Liquors at tbo Bar. Stabling for animals j; VHij_.  ^ nd Oa ts at the lowest ra tes. . "*��������� f;  Uay 1,1869.    u:    Kriitl V *5: LANIB,Tropii.ton.-g  NBW WEgTMINSTER ADV-_:RTjS"^'^*i^  *.,"���������*      ..'".��������� .- :���������-..������������������'..   -..,:���������.:fc������������������U"'���������:���������  Dispipnsioff Chemist and Druggist.    Impartei.'.of-.,'E_s*.i  : Hah DrugB. ChemicJils, Patent Medicines, and ff  Perl Un) ery. New Westminster^ B. "���������GY.i[ff  FRESH G A R DEN S F. E DS CO N ST A __ t LY OK', H ANP.  Or'd ers frora up-country carefu Uy attended to. : ��������� :  May 1, 1869.        ���������-_ ���������.    f>    ;"   ".ai  THdMAS-WAl^Hy Tailor,, Kew Westminster. B.C,f  Clothing made to order at iiiodcrato rates;    Always on liahd-English, and  Oregon Cloths.    Ordert  from the  up-country attended  to   with care and  d\spaUA..fyftif\i.y-;f- ��������� ff:y'f -.,.   fff' ..: ���������������:' *  it,  fX  Mi^rs' "Provisioii Store,  v.v.: ������������������__>.:, ;'"-���������:,/'BARKERVILLE,:;, ���������  3^ OfFrcE. ifyf  -4 T'tliisEstabiishmcnt will alwaysbe^^ found a well  ���������TJX; ���������-   r, selected and varied assortment of tne - ������������������  FRESHEST  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  IN QAR1BOO*  V  AtSO-^A gdod selection oTao^hing, Hardware, Gloss  f?   and Crockery.    Best brands of Tobacco,  Medicines, etc., etc.  Best Jav* Coffee RoasTSd and Ground DAILY.  ALL GOODS SOLD^T LOWESTRAT^.  Tbo'BAR is fully supplied with the choicest  Havana Cigars; Wines and Liquors.  I trust by strict ratentionlo J?wlw*?. f "Jf/JJjJ  square dealing, to merit a continuance of the Ubem  patronage heretofore extended to me.  A large lot of HEY WOOD'S celebrated BAC0K1  for sale,, at a rery low ilgure,        ,               3m  .   Feb. 20. 1869.  ������  B  ������M;  Barkerville-  Feb. 6, I860.  .RICHFIELD, -���������     ���������  is prepared to do all kinds ol work in ������**������������������  Also, HOHSE-SHpElNG.  Van   Vblkexiburg & Co'}  T t RETAIL   BUTCHERS,     .;  BARKERVILLE,   RICHFIELD,  ������.  M03QUITO Jf^EK.        .    i  A^iipplyofrresbimeatoTall description. m*&t  m  if*  J5S_S^HBM


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