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 ****il  SiSr:'"  _l������oi������&..  Ba-*^y^  ^,:^:'';V'V\:-^  French Creek, May 26th>; 1866. 7  I proniisedito lei:you*heariromme and give  fix: 200 on McCullochs creefc/_200,oh. Fre_id^teT7h a    !3a" *4>ris*,     d^i-ji, -vi J������  ireefeTana 200 more scattered all: over the &       ie    V_>ariDOO     beiLXllieXy''  nnnfrw t!"   _".,,* >_** -.UA ;oAn   ___���������_-__ ^:_-_.. _������:_-:V:^_.r-^H_V������>"    ^'"--v- *���������������������������* V*"- '<*. ��������� r-    .. ������     ../' ���������'! *    '-; ..*-.������������������������J"'1.! V --V^/?-. ���������_-������  f'^S-i.__i  ';' U ';';���������  -/���������;i.r  treet, v%l  "wm'ttjU  ffrtyordpfjj  'J<^.- ft  i- P-warf __5_[  "ton. ��������� j.  bDiuiis. J  i;.Barlevff'[_j|  *.naimo''������i,.'  "if'eS.stjjiij  fo,'lm_iftj|u  fifib;  9*fyi::.%ii  eLdeFnuci,  tjritis.pj;  iy'''iU  tmg Boot.  supply  "r-j, aniitp.  Jiailoiaj'i  fjijfa  ^1,vvh_re_*  s.vlthernjj  ..tfakfiii  IfOk-  jpposJta  if the]  the mai  stLi.ci  Victoi  BRAND  _aa Segfi  n_es__  i'MJlto  _'-' m  ler.ai  ants, I;  reet.T  ���������:������ _.&_.  rs in..J  Rice, ,  ?ranwi  .aa_er.  'y6u..-a'fairirimpartial view of things in tlie Big  Bend; it ia to comply wit^sttctf|^  I addressYoiT the'rpf esen fc ebml^mcatip^^^^  Having;ta_cen\ a''ealrajsi^  : for"three.we^|s jpast;^',;; % j ;; '���������' :. -f. ��������� ��������� '���������'-���������  I shall first:state that "the country upoa^the,  whole is.;.fc*f no^meanalviAat it^a  to be; the value of the diggings, has beeh  greatl������;6 verratedYv f Nofcone-balf ^o*f '; thieP gold  reported^was taken ,out last seasoap Np^later  than %he first"b!fItfay jtfwas publisfie^d- by one  of the Victoria papers that? a miner was met  xtt Seymour, pity: with~J540pp Pwp>riAi of ^gold  <iusiv and $iUfflS,"D^^  ���������ou������*i.2'ftQ^  Men working.   > There ia not a word of'truth'  in all this ;1^  out to be:amere.injthj^as,fpf the J200Q wash-  ���������e.d" puCby^tfie^l^py^r^^o!^^(^ce it to -8  ounces andy^mll TO^ re?;  Sards'-the snaUow^iggin^^ere 'j&&yT$iMiM&k  'for'iujgnliJKfl.^  "but I think^they' are oilt. of the'question here  on a large scale.;  . ���������,, ���������������    ,/'        ;   ;  * i It was reported last ^winter'that Ifour; rich  Jc^etotad'fceei^  McCullochs and Frenchireeksl',.!..,'.    -  ; rSeYjeral parties prospected >jO^C^_amp;creek  this Spring| iibne'could raise an^  Sblorg tlibngh it! il aTgpodj locking.-crleeK }������������������; it: is  now entirely deserted., f '['   X   ���������*   -     - - X\  :-f There 4s>not over half a dozen people now  prosp ec ting in Carnes creek, wjth; what ^result  1. cannot teltoi Some few days;ago I was told  by a party ,cohiihg.frpm there;that_nOiOne was  making/expeiweg.'/A5-. t fAyfyf- f'   f ���������  t- f  Some two hundred nainersarenqw^^rking  n ^fcCiillbchs; creekf f only eight or tela com-  tanies washing ��������� oufcgold ifrom a\stra"faim-; of  ravel bii_t_.^lay^i Scb.    a Canl^opite,^siwins  3 have ..one" ofrthe beat claims ; all that he  yerages is.$8 per day'to the hand.   I chanced  V see him ori' my^arri^llat Wilsons Landing;  ������ had a long talk^l^etfiier about the pros-  ec^ts of ithe counia^: Jb^did not seeifiitoienk  stjEiti^yei^iLlgh^oplnto^  ndjlike all'the Carib;boites Ihave5met with,  ^infe^iatCaribob is bjf all means, even now,  jgbbd;deal better place than^thevblown Jup  IgBend^V Sbme^pmpani*������._j(a^Bstfiiclc the  ed rock" in Mc^llobhs; crdek^ liut have met  ;i ffl'tifa success;Bsb;ilari^;;:;; "*:f i:. f-ylTf \ f -'  Two days ago; a rmot:was afloat hiefe that  mmer, ��������� by thei name [pf L Jack JbnesiL in > ebin^  any%it_irbthers ;had w^K^*?$6 out of 5fcwb  ans>bf dirt^u^butlVbm the Iside-iiill aa^bih-'  }g the^^ Discover^^^ claim;- afterwards it turned  iit to be; $6 out pLthirty p������ans, \yhich makes  uite^a difference.'li Dayjbefore ;y_esterday it  .'aa rumored that a veryrich gulch had been  iscovered emptyings into McCullochs creek;  ccannot say whether; there"'_s jany tratii in this  jr not; were it even as rich as ���������repprte.dihjere  jouid fee iip;r_op33iJ ^apcbf&ihgloi; wnai I hear-  nt for three or four companies.:": PUP   ?fi  French- creekfwas'alLto  eek in the Big Bend .country; many prbg-  M^aticating that it would be as rich as Williams  ������������eek;.-. nothing seems to��������� justify sncii]anticipa4  ^_}6li8,    T^ 0n^ company washing any gold  ���������IM      Munro, who are making, oh an average  ������Mour men wprking)f ljS^_������^^dt!_y, out of a.  fitter which may, be,from. 6 to 18 inches -in  *^Kidfch| outsiderpfrlhis sntall������|gutter I Should  Mink they cannot get much gbld, the bed rock  ^ing hard andsmooth.i Though yery littleis  jmownso far about this e'reek; or the country  ��������� general, matters seem to have assumed a  i___i0St P*lnnTnv*{.oT������_4A"4-"    Mnn^ ���������������^^ m;_.A_.^. _. * -.  VIZ  creels  country.;? QpifofftMf20^^  French ������creek: about 'bne-third are ��������� ehgage'd  putting in wing^dams, etc., the rest are'lyirig  .backj eating up their pro visions, and seem to'  depend on the few v^ho 'are prospecting, and  ������Q^Pviditlhce tb'nM  ^|an4-slu^is)ilsetWfpe^  any place pi% instead, pf grumbling at impost  abilities; from morni  purposethan the fdiog barking at 'the5 moon,  of striWng sbmethihg would be greater'-for m  |wL������;y*w-fd^__ig>"  with _lphnhy Gfllis/ih^  La^r^rvHali^^d biaiin \ Cfeorge'Weaver  htw -alreadySbrb^edptheLiihe^^  Blackfoot; James May and John Tilfbrd are to  join ns i toy*run the tunnel; should wb^strikb'  nothing they intend Agoing: to Blackfbotj^ia?  vKootentiy.- AJnewfeatchiof CaribobiM^arfe  ed this inorning^ some for Catibob; som%_^r  Blackfoot %tid bthers'fbr'some where else, i ' X \ ���������-  ��������������������� Many'people hayecome, here from ;Blaek-  f$?tfztt^  months^tlibtit success. ^ Tfiey1 say .the :couh-  tryiis open and extensive, but it is overrun by3  ;pebple,varid the gold is very s^ottedr ;''Frpir_|  all that I hear and see, I think that ,a���������'miner: p,���������  stands1 w bbtt'er'shdwye^iS'Ca'ribo^^^ :$Km  where else^; Please %I1 the boys' tliat <4alfthW IH,  glitters is not gold>" ahd-;Vthat ^'UvTi^MmSm^  handis;befcter,:than two in the bush-'    %fnWi^JSl  who haveleftCariboo to comeuptlibre^r^M   ^*  themselves back there again:   They n f 9 stHke  some rich spotsiiipihere^ a,j..( iippn^e^n'ole  J |hin,fc; it, "^ill ^py^&^0^^)^^^^$.  Aryi; ��������� ��������� ,The- mountainsfarelhig^  ren of every kind 6f|^bgetation but -fees'-froif  the iiiost,part cetjar) .and -pnckl^t^^t,!,!^  ^0?>ap'propdately ty! mmerEae^M^^M  which tear your; ha^s^en-^  Tlie bep*/Foek iii'tne streams and ''hitovelj1$$$  cojnntry, as; far as.I am abie;^to: jat^e^fi? as" ;a  general rulc^what is known "aiiong geologisS.  as amphibolous, it may contain'rich!spSMfia  abme^bf'itlrl^  proves ito^b^Sicijgand every:i 0unbe of gpl^  ^bBtisHEO--Eyi.R^J;Mc^^  ft;AL^AN'&'LAMBER*]?^ ' ^f{  W������&^^ WrLiiXafs. Ceebij," Cariboo;  :V.n'vi!--:'T;:e  it;        SiibscriiMonj $ 1 per week,      '- j:^  RE'AblNi3-^^R  '��������� '���������������������������-'��������� -'--f���������;'���������:'������������������'"��������� '.;Vi'-. ���������������������������,'.' '���������'���������'��������� iai&v^rfiy  a -f'Tt -ffftmlm^  Jmmm  AVO  ff CAMEBONTO^ WltMAMS CRKEKi '    . J :  fl teTERitfs ;;of si)ific^ _0  ;;^;������2 per mohtli;.abover400 volumes of New"4Works  Mve been only latelyiadded to the circulating rabrary.  ?I'Saro expe^ed daily.,, Barties are.solicited to  subscribe. -    y  < ' '       . ."."'._ '  !ft:?' Xf, yf'ftifixmti'ffi  ^pARPBNTBRS* ^���������MIIffiRS?rV66LS::'���������:���������',  ���������I^l^f?--1'."',,, ^- ���������,,'������������������.. ������������������������������������_?}  .',������������������,���������-Ai .;���������'.-'.. ������������������ y   AYf.f\ ..'.;;;,;,:    i^.,-'..---l4;i  powder; fuse,; &c./ &c. '!.;  us  dvisioi  j'tiboef  ::.1.S  i .Her  Tbot  .���������i:i'  quors  1-s  ARTE IN  ictorii  ..:lrf-.  BBS ������  ar cor-  _>'G &  ;i..v^.  jiJiTSf,;  iyt  ������^������ost gloomy aspect; 'Many good miners: such  ^m John Tilford,<James May, George Wea-  HF' and, otne1, renowned' Caribooites, have  $S������en cxPloring and prospecting the countrv  |������manyweeks' past,'-without-being.able 'to  ^^ke a singie^spot where they could make  ^mr1 ffj*nb. Great excitement prevailed here"  ������������ew days ago about Trimbles_gulch, a ..tri bu.  ^������75 or rather a branch of French creek. As  ^������!ffiGr of,c?.urfieJa rush took place; but the  Nm^T? P-art" Jf not-all������ a^e alreadyxeturned.  ������^, a"U1IlgiheDe^ ^covery anewnumbug  HKft^ yQt than-all the-test- . '    " *?  ^������-ne greatest dissatisfactibn and 'debrefwlnr.  tfc a,m0,ngst the whole eommunityf T���������-  ^ hundred people found their way up tote  ������e?igK thlls/Prin^ to������ ^ost of. whom re!  HKf ? ^ack faster than they came iio  nrrt  t������ n n ng a smgl5 b^. cursing the Cham-  f as^om^erte. <>f Victoria, and the ColonM  fc^rtS^W'80 m*W misstatemeX-  ^Eood nf .their1ilH^ for having abandon-  ������?na5r������ etc, to nm after a wild ironip'  W^orc are still about (J00 peoplein^S;  limestone or-slate rock, theiatter belonging to  the' class of rocks toown among scieritilc men  as phyllades.V;The diggings; though perhaps  ��������� hot; sodeep Baffin. p^ribobv(nb;ipne Iraaw'smuch |  'thus far abbut;their;average^ depths witfbe of  ;a very^cpstry chanicter,;. owing to the humeri  |������ns:large feohlders obstructing?^arteay.^i|  requires a good deal of capital to prospect;  this country^ and unfortunately noJbne up^hbre  seemstb/have %__y nibney. / ��������� f think; thati all  the brbkemenjn  iforai^ Blacl^oti etc..;haye^ib  here.   Veryiittle will be ������np wn aboMF^ucli  crebk bbfore M  for size ahd:: in everything: elsb it resembles  Keithieys creek ;more than. any icreelcrI haye;  ever seen.; ^nb? gold is ^struck iii some if  the nats X wbuid'iiot ,giy;e^ m^h^^e fieds^pf  tho creeks. in;BigOBend ;i still bur knowledge  and ��������� experience i is so limited in i^arcl' tb ?gpld  discoveries that I doJiiot want^ny one to; take  rby^opinion as^thby would current-cbiii; ^The  Country may iburn but yet ��������� better "than I think,  and it is my earnest wish that I may be wrong  in my anticipations.; fer. it is of little consequence whetheran^ indiyidual; is incorrect; iii  his;caiculaUbn^  portahce to see the country prosper.  -        - B.D.  i P. S^'Richard is himself again;" Mr. Stege  is opening a large hotelv on Sunday- next,:  which is: to be1 called the fFeriton Hotel;" it is  to be larger than the bhe oii Williams creek  bearing thb same sign;: This .will be the.first  hotel opened in the Big Bend, and will fill a  great desiderattim. Success to the pluck and  indomitable energy of Dick:   ; .  tr-  mm  bN^bi^  ON lKSLAXD--y%^  ;p^p^i^NX)g������te������  ���������1 ess; tfoan:Qn<fKmw$$^^  on-Great BritaicJ^m5^aa^_^^oii^  chased - ^^M^^^^^^^m^^W^m  Government-md^hm^umQk ;tecGiveilTi& ktT&f^iff  custody; Tntorestri^fpfWd^ctg ooJJec*ed.^r      -      v"-y' -   v  ,_������____:__. ^^'^^li^S^^^^^^^iM^^^ii!^  %3t& ' -      'n l*SS^*_tlS  ���������_-'   <'   -  : Storage and Coiriihission;  EW H'OD-G'EN-S;  BARKERVILI_E--Adjoining: the.ExpreSs Office;  r  .'    1        'I- r 'in f   i   '   11 miii 1.1 ___   j   ____ :._  _   "���������'*'���������    M. J. BLACKMi?tN,  l^ii'i'"'''  BARKERVILtE.!  ff. ^ -;. f lewis wilde,    yM: y  Boot aiid Sh6^  "   .' ��������� ;V        EsrABiismsjj lv 1836_        ."-. jj'  . Head-Opfjcb: 7, ST. HELENS PLACE LO_*90������T.  '"  t JDRAFT3 ISSUED;on^i^^'fXs^ii&^^^'^^  c*i(^-.^rllj|opj:-^  hntlon all the Brauef ies 6f; the Natipnal Bank of Scot'.  janct and Provincial Bank of Ireland^   -ff Tf      ff '  ; Bills of-Exchange and .G-oId1 PurcHaBed. s* '  \ ^Interest 011 SpeclaH).posits of -^Vloiiey alJoW;e4 at tb*..  rato of a-<_uarter of one .per ce__t.fper month.,. "   f ,,;"���������'"  MQUTTET &.."CO!*  'WHOLESAJSE'& RETAinv;  .'  v ;.-;,     ��������� :'-'��������� ^C������*TOELD_������'OTjiamS;Creek/B./C;  WEjIAVE'ONH^NDa^lar^Qstock of i^ro^sibnsi  ? Hardware and Vegetables, and -are deter-  niinecltosell them:cheaper ;thaii! any- other store 6i_  AVil liams Creek; Cdnie.aad see and judge for yourselves';  :, ^Richfield;- May 5th, 1866.,,;a^,;,,. -^^ ft^Ai^Alf  ; GpLDiDosr Melted aiidvAssayed, 'and' feftirns ^iaa*!**'  pwitlnn 24lioursinCoinor Bara ;-       ff. ���������; ~> ? ^f -  Ores of ;eyery description carefully: Assayod. *      f  ' ' N. B.-^Ariy iastructibris as tQ;the disposal.of tbepro-  ceeds of. Gold^Dust forwarded tot- the office ihTictdriai  lor Assay .will ;be carefully attended-to;'  -     '$������--r/. ;y  ' a''X   ff f$* ������-./SflEPHEBB_ Manager.  1   Victoria, V. I., April, 186.6.    -.  -      ,   -     .1-s   -���������-  B ARN ARD?t3  A Ragged'School STORT.-^in a speech at  Leith on the 27th, the Rev. Dr. Guthrie: told  the following : On one occosaion a: very serious crime was committed by one of the boys  in: the Edinburgh Ragged School.������������������'. He had  broken a rule sacred in the schbol, and must  be punished.   Mr. Gibb^ the governor, assembled the schoolr arid the boy was told to strip.  Strip he did to the skin^ and stood before them  a spectable that wrung the teacher's heart---  so thinj so swbrii, so starved like, so wretched;  that Mr. Gibb had not the heart to bid the janitor lay on the whip. But he must be punished  so Mr. Gibb turns round to the other boys and  said, ''You see that child, will any one bear  the punishment in hisroom; will any one bear  the strokes for himV9  Then a little fellow off  with his jacket and took his place, and bared  his back for the blows.  ; J-  K. SUTER   &  CO.,  Gommis^ion "Agehti  ��������� '.-'   - .-".'���������������    " .--   -���������   AND ������������������ ���������    i     -.    ��������� ��������� .,.������������������-'  Bankrupt AfTairs wound up and Balance Sheetft pro.  pared; Mini ng Accounts? carefully rriade op ;J Ail kinds  of Forms and agreements drawn, and every other des.  cription of business promptly attended to.'      >   ������  4������- Offlce^RICHFrEIvD, near tho Court House.    5  WILLIAM  WINNARD,  BLiCKSMlTH,  -BARKERVILLE.    ���������  BARKERVILLE   BREWERY.  Connecting "at; Lillooei and'Yale with BIETZ &/  I ���������   ���������)Hl___SON'S;lorNew'Wi?_^  WILL ARRIVE AND, DEPART from the office in  . Barkerville, to icoiihect wi th th e. Rteamer:'* 'En-'  tc'rprise"- at Qu'esnelmouth,; ari'd; tfie1 STAGES at Soda  Creek, EVERY WEEKV conveying Tbeasure, Let- ;  TERs'aiid Valuables for all parts of the wprlri. .. Alsoi  Coramissidus received:'nlid; forwarded by Express for  the collection'of Notes^ -Bills and the purchase of .art!- ;,  cies to. be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria/' San  Francisco or enroute, and retu ms ma de ��������� wi th dispatch". "���������  ���������'���������:..:fyr ���������1: '': :; ;JOHNB. iOVELL/, ;  :, .  '���������-(  I'Sf Tf'Tfi   i -T Agent,'Barkoryillo.  BREWER.  Ii^ort^t W .fibers I  f The undersigned; is prt^ared 'to ���������.'���������'-.  GLE.1X 33LAGK SANb, BLOWINGS. AN*D  ���������Xf'Xi"i-.X.i ff ���������:",?ANNINGS^^- yf-ff.ff  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity oa tie  Most Libbeal Terms, at the  f   Beading Room, Cameronton,     ;- 'fff.  The;Siibscriberis well.known;on Wijiiams Creek, ar���������������  from- the;confiderice reposed in him" last Fall in, ,th#,.  abeve-business, he hopes, to receive: the patronage ef  the Mining community the ensuing seasons  s      ;.   1 if yf .<.    JOHN .ROWRON.  PRAQErt   & BRO.f  .BARKERVILIiE,  E.; C. GILLETTE,  CAMERCXNTOW-V.  DEALEKS I.V  Assorted Merchandize  "Wholesale and Retail. 1  JAMES  IPURDIE,  BLlClS'ilTB,  -   RICHFI1.LI>;      / *_������������_      - .  ���������.������������������.r .v.- -.-������������������?,>_��������� 'T������e_B8������-: r,;  thl eol<ireil.mcn^eing blind to the consequent  ces, iiati shnt^fneir eyes in looking 'fdr^he  stakes and only feeling for theirv own?advantage; the blackness of which deprayity_hasinet  3vith-it&!r:merite^  of the learned Judge. . >'   ��������� --.   -* |   ���������  i There are"a number of foolish persons who  think<-the MiningvLaws;a^rce,\as they htwe  never met with' any one whot can 'interpret  theiipin it. mahner- ^befitting the Co.u.r fr| andf  ?one perspuita&ur knowledge possessed-.. of ;a  It^elam^unt of rcapffl^ has .determined^  Carry his money idtoispine rother country more  i*avbr^(i'by juries^d  erudite than ours;- >' Let -our erring ^brethren  goyif; there sKpitfdbe&o mtaejstopay^ice^  wershall at?teasi be rid, .pf the; tax gyht^erSi  .'' ;; * (Before^ the Hon. Mr: Justtc^Bcgbicj) 'ff  X'Wf h % Monday, 18tt*Tune, 1866. /  James Dole, -^Beak, VE* Toomey, and R. E-  Clark, the persons 'who were indicted by the  Grand Jury fdrp committing ,'a, continual^ n������i-  sand*at Barkerville;were called andafter'the  indictment^charging them with slaiightering  xattle at a corral within*the precincts;: of the  tbwii of Barkerville,.and allowipg, thei oflal  thereof arid otlfecbiTitpt matter.to.accum  .   ���������;*>'  ^'i__' ____'_.-~A,i  ,   _������U^������������T-,^.    -���������������������,*������������.���������.���������>>��������������������� .3  - ^, .-.'.-  ,: If  TELEGRAPHIC  | ||1       y  THUC^DAY^jtTFE; 21-,  1866;-  Yale, June 18th, a866.--^he B. 0. Tribune^s  correspondent (June 15tfa*H says?:i The "Disco-  ?e%?c'ami was not given to eitherparties,but  McGuUochisiallowed; to hold one hundred  feet -.above! the; "Discovery # in; "ihe;* mean' jtime  some friends ;dfGle_nen*B .recorded the^isput-,  ed^ground and/now hold it; both partieswere,  dissatisfied ^with1 the decision. Prospects of  business in Seymour^are beginnirig to brighten  a- little.iStie trail across tlie divide is r      "  neariy completed, is all #iat can be desired  It is carried on high' ground with an easy  grade; on this trail Jhere^is a good grange of  feed for two iniles in^tent. > Rpmano's. train,  p^twehj^animals-which.. amv^ by^ Steamoer  \on*l|im|ay;ief'^  ian* assorted��������� cargo of provisions; f this im, the  first train that has left here direct for the mines.  The latest adcouhtsiroin> the creeks are now  have' taken, which should be a sufficient"guar-'  ���������Pi-, aritee for the finding JlMng^a.��������� least ^thehonesi  conviction of their minas after, duly.(weighing-  r -   the relative merits, "ofr the caseV    Alas! and  has i������gpnieJo this, thatjwe cannot findi seven  me if 4in the whole length and breadth of Gari-  bQo-who.have/sufficientcommSh sense or  tegrity of^^  counsel,' arid!the summing up. of the learned  Judged tp^iye^a propjei.  that-rioafi beXrec^ve^by -;1_3e .honorable and  , learr.ed^I'u^ge^ then  8ball we find^the men to fill the position ? Are  f they to bejjourtdffitlieBolohy?| Welallknow  *I^ in.ahy .otfer part of the world rtbey are  y easily 6b tainecf.' We-hagin; t%be ^impressed  with the*belief that tbfere must;^e'������. great deal  of!:in^p^Bty^o^Lgs4;us' altlwnightwe have  ndrcriminals in purf jails- at lieastnwe^have  every-reason^fbr t sinking so,feeing that there  / are so "few who can be believ^b^"onlo%tli-MPor  instance^ ��������� our juries, are unreliable; In *the  various cases during the last^twb years.in  which, the :>, Aurora"ahd Borealis* Companies  ^ - ha^eH^n^iilfeeatedjSthfe^.ly^pSiibiis'whose  evidence ^pearedVtpAa^  t-he;.Court' were memBers :of tlieie^two cbin^  parujs.-; Would' it not be possible to secure  the services pf these^ gentlemenlto,iform a sort  of ^permanent jury; before ;whoM ^3/ cases  could be ;trled? ^It is truelthat^. companies  in tfehjimmediatie vicinity inighgbe ruled Put  -;- ran d4hei^ claims >(lde^r to the: already '*3xten-;  si ve claims o f those two co tap anies_! but th eh!  we should heapVriches on deserving men and  6eciu������e to ourselves the satisfaction of-know-  cheering. ���������-.IMs truethat^i few men are're;  ^^ning-dailyvX&nA that many "now are: going  do wn^e ^0lun_bia^^ttjb five comf  panies oii French' creelc are paying, that three  of thenr witii theHiUl^reed/Munroe?.-aii^ ^up%  fBail_^' are washing three ouhVes'a day to the  hand; has done^much to re-establish' that con-  ifidence wnich^ has for some vtime been wanting.  Dick'fWilioughby, otilcCullochs creek; amy|  ed here"to:day; he left ;Erench^ creek on Satur-  day. He stated^that the; fivev"cornp^,nies who  were^takirig but pay -/were well satisfied with  their prosp;ects.:the remainder were wing-damming, eta, and some .of them expected ,to be  taking out p ay ver v go o n. ( The ^ffe ei o f go I >J  b__|nj: * iaken out was ,soon visible in the^tp.wm  tp^Xfiflpgthat atmonfch^ago^were lefti unfinished are now b ei ng. rapidly c ompleted; traders  !K^S__iiegifiJo������*;b  (forward-for a gpotl timetComing.:? Gn McCul  Anoyance of the pubUc-r-was^rpad. ������������������. the * cul-.  prits were^asked' whether they pleapleo. guilty  or-iiot giiiilyT to the^chargef . MZipMvacQf ;as  agent f*or^ E. Topmeyy appeared arid^ pleaded^  guilt������bn his. oehaltVv^ The?Judge .said that  th_s;*beirig a criminal charge he could'riot peiv  mi. aii; ageriUpjpiead^as Jfr. Toiomey was abj  sent from-the creek Ke would cause a summons  tpbeservxed onVhiim as^soon, as ho returned.  ; j^iriies Sole being 'X caUed was asked^ whether  lie ;wa^^reallyJames��������� iJpleior: only^his agent;  arid ��������� ^hswerihg;, inf ihe ; affiririajtive^;.; pleaded  guiliylApithe [charge pfi iilling cattle.y Rr.&  Clark also^lea^ed^ihyi^^"Beakjieingabserit  hisparther, James iDole, pleaded gailty on his}  behalf ;TOeiudger  ^vpiild l>e-willing to ,be coinmitted, to, > jail X on  accourit'of h|s pariiier,should he (the .Judge)  ^feel'inclined to be severe arid/order ai ; Mn  ^l^^rtgjii^Il^iiMJ  The Court-then ordered thedelinquents,toven-  ter into tlieir;6^n recognizances jto;appear' in^  Go^rt]mthml5^d . time ^would ���������vbei  allowed the.irii to abate the nuisance complained of.'   ! ''    .  TSBARKERVJ|JJ.;^N;?T������"E 'EVENING^F*,'  i cri>ay,i_a_-T, u-Wallet containing mono.''���������'_____i ��������� ��������� T':  Any one who wilI^eavt3*thorsame at tlie Wakeun t^  Bakeryor.at. this.-^flice.wUl receive the above n '  The notes are drawn in favor of H: Margcsoh i%  Williams Creekj June 18th; 1860.       to  I'OST/ BETWEEN tSr.it 150 MII.E P0ST3 Tii,  i Waggon Road,; a box ^containing Law Books  sundry papers, addressed- to me at; Barkerville -f\ H]  pay the qbpve, amount tp^any.otic wljo will deliver \l  books to any of .Barnard's Expressmen ibr.tne.';:   ��������� ������������������  ^>.:^,A:v4i.^.->./.%   ' *   y.*t     A: K.' ROBERT.6_.  f Richfleid, 13tU June, is66 i   ���������    *���������*    '  ?*?<*>*'   j^BARREBVIILB,; , r  -r. ar JAMES; LaRING^TROPniETbi^^  V Tliis ;Flrst "Class Saloon, is now open to tho loVcrs i  KVERY  Tvf?.  EVENING.  V First Class ofller will bepreserved, arid the propria  invites his friends and the public tp give hlhi a cull  ivi'j8ffl?i.The J*AR is 'stocked, wHh tho'best of liquors __  Segars.' . .      .  .,.. fff ff ^   yf ;:.,���������_, ��������� 12.^  Wil.. Ill A  SEVV.Efl-L  'Xff{   ,NB\V ADVERTISEMENTS;  ��������������� "���������>'��������� '���������': > - ������������������; 'l; '��������� ��������� >-'������������������'��������� y ���������������������������f.i  %t:*::  WiC^'tHE _tUNEI*Si:& RESIDENTS OF CARIBOO  '  ^.WILL^BE/HELD-v^if^!  " " '���������  ���������������������������Ai: '������������������������������������'?-������������������  A.:..-'->:: , y Y  h "���������'���������"-.'   '- -  H':'(|""''"  "  ���������wl   >*&tfv^.^.^������������r  '    ' Kw ]f'- -    "    ' '  ��������� ON���������  _ A^AyAyyAftyAf::-AfA' ������f- ������ fyftfYf tAftilf^,  *^i_GS'vibv*iNFjdBii^^  Ji> public generally^hafc^he intends'���������to" furnish them  BEEF OR MUTTONy so soon as paclKing is practicable.  at their-respective*! claims on tne Idiiierent'creekSj.  residences, at the Most;Reasonahle Rates.YytAAA.  .. Van Winkle Jurie.lltb,. 1806. *":: f f   '     \\  rV v'^TH^RDlNOT,;^  M 8 O'CLOCK.  .^B;.W;V;  To take into iconsideration the Atlministration of JUSTICE in BTitisbi?olumbift;on .the Mintag^LawSi^'^. ff  ������ wliiiamsCJreelc,,June 20th,1866.��������� V; "r -.'������'��������������� */l4  thirty feet when they struck bed rock piteh-  ing,intp! tlio creek; tliey are now^jdriftingt fb!v  the channel; ^ Cottonwood Smith is sinking  below the "\yilloughby; two sliafts were commenced oh ithe npper end jofvthe creek (last  week. Provisions on the creek were scarce  and high. It may seem strange to your read^  ers that grub ?should, ^eC;Scarcev*on French  ing that the right men were in the right place.,  There woulfLbe,^ another" gre^; Vantage in  Kicurihg the services of these mehj we should  be spared thehumlSiationof beirigheldup^tq  the^ world as a: community incapable of com-  prtthendi_ig the obligation of ah path, or ap?  pr.eciatingaGhahcerysuit.- ���������.-[���������%fiPfT.  ^The deplorable want of conscience : on the  part of the great majority of Caribobites; has  ioroe'd upon the learned Judged theXdisagre-  T.&H&itecessitiy. of arbitrating between the-li-  %ahts named in the headings to- this j"article;  and his decision will be appreciated by all  who understand^ the legal acumen of the Hon.  Chief Justice.    :He gives to the Davis co'y  .*somethin<g more than a third of the 130 feet of  the deputed ground, and at the sanie' time he  finds that the colored men who originally ldr  cated the ground hayo no title at all; he gives  to. the Aurora compisny tho balance as .he  state's that they ~Jthe witnesses ;in the: case)  ���������<pi:eved.the staking o,To^ theirclaims, whereas  rates have been _3aid -for packing. Another  reason is that when rates acro^ ^xlividelai'e"  high the market isliable'to*"be^gliittedfhyTthe  Pyutes, with a; single trip of .the- Forty-Nine;  as Qap t *White has nowtP^ariyr_3_royed tthal4  the jipperiColumbia is navigafeleribr steamers;  With a good trail across the/divide and the  road tolls abolished, tlie- Columbia river route  c^n<. t be^in^tbeprojete w  ifipixr, the only-staple article ^h- which they  :hate3a^i5Src^a^  12 cents at the lower Steam*ooat lahding^ allb w  ������icents for steamboat freight .(half therrate  {Oharged at present) and it #i_T cost ������������������ 17 cents  at J^irbys. landing; at Yale flour is selling J5>r!  5icenterro^dto^  across the lakei cent, overthe divide 4 cents,  as so on as the shb w is off, total 16 i cents;  leaving a margin of one-half cent:, per pound  in f avor; of this route on the only articles on  which they can hope to cbmpetet successfully.  The Forty-Nine arrived at Kirby's landing on  Tuesday last with 10 passengers, three tons of  freight and three horses. The sal������ of town lots  was held on Saturday last; Mr. House, of the  Lands and Works Department, acted as aiic-  tiblneer, and MivTilley acted as clerk; the np-  set price of town lots 60 feet frontage was $150  'persons having; made improvements on the  lots had the privilege of buying at the: upset  priice. ;The number of lots sold (original, and  subdivided) was 21; amount realized ,S179<>;  amount paid in ;cash, being one-third, $59$ 67.  There was no competition, all the lots but two  bought by the Hudson Bay Company were  built on.   One lot was claimed by two parties  and as each one thought he had a prior right  the lot was reserved.     The dispute will" be  laid before the Attorney General. Mr. Trutch  arrived from the Columbia last evening,  The  trail is now clear of snow, i;but is very wet;  f^_f AND AFTER^THIS DATE the rate tor Express  [J ^rbSlsrfrom _Me^ Bar^eryiUe will be^������^ yTftf  ^Parcels from 5 to 60 ft s. If   * -" 75 xte.'^ ft.  '      ; do       do   50 to 100 ft8.     'v    '62_U2 cts WAb>t  ��������� , .do i   do   100Ifes. and over  : 50 cts.J_* ife.    , f,  '     '";     ;; 'f" JOHST B. LOVELL, Agent;   . >  - ;f *'-.. f *: -��������� T' f"\, . if" k f.   -Barkerville.;,.  ,j_"une;20th,;1868;:  -   f;: -        ��������� ���������    -. ��������� " '<  U ~'~';  BARKEllVIIiLE,   fff\_  M**SSv*rH*OimER^^  (THIS HOTJsis'HAS. BEEX IJEWLy FITTED^ OX  JL- the: Restaurant-principle wi th a^yiew tti the amH  Of the public,' aha will: beacon ducted in a inander ���������  ensure the; satisfaction of those who I are di_po.edt������  favor the Iwoprietors^w^tyUeir patronpe.;.. v.  v,    . ,Meals;at all Hours.- Good Beds.  ���������X JSSgrr!The Bar iSifurnished with the;best solecllon cf  Liquors and Segars. ._.",-������;. ,   "  *w*'(< t ' f X^AiiEtti'dsTpifisi <y  W:"V KERB THE PROPRIISTO^T.;*A.iBABEY,  , givea.a generiil InYit-ation _to bis friends an<i t-o  public at large to call and judge for-themselvesM  meritsof;hisSilliafdTables; also^theOhoiceBrand6������(::  his^SEGARS and. LIQUOBS."\^TheyOrchestra/ wW.b  consists of four, musicians, isFirst.CJass..;:y,, lO-Sm,:,  fO; PREv^r^UAtDNESS,; restore hair that has.felien off or become tbin������ aud to .cure effectually^ ������?curf  or Dandruff. It will also'relieve the Headache, and give  the hair a darker and glossy color* and the free use of  i it ��������� will ��������� keep 'both tho. skinjan'd hair; in ��������� a healthystate, ���������  -Ladies will-^ftii^tlLe.'InvJ^rator. a great addi tiojii. tp; toil-  et^both in cbnsi.cieH tion of the delicate'; and 'agreeable,  perfuuie, and the great facility it aflbrds in' dressing the  ?hair, whichj^when moisV: with it, can be drefesod in any'  required form, so as to preserve its pl?oe_, whether plaiil;  Jojp Jit/clirl-i.:: WKen.uiod oh children's Jieads,;itlayss the  foundation for a good head of 'hair; f "'���������"���������  ; ' Prepared only by-' W. D. MOSES/' :  % :. j4 ��������� ��������� v ; '   ���������, j Barkerville, Williams Creek,  Xf '   TO WHOM IT 'itAY /CONCERN^1;  plaint of the head our ..hair commenced falling out  so rapidly that we feared we should lose the whole! Id  this condition we went to,W.; D ���������:MOSES,%aiid strange to  relate,, in three applications ..of his wonderful Hair Restorative our hair became, ae strong as ever, .and is now  soft and lively.' We make this certificate with pleasure^-  believing it to be for the public good...' :s t   .. if-      -  I   OJEORGB COFFRIN. Cameronton.  ,  ,: . ;   :> ,v. ROBERT WARRBJ*-. BarkervUle..  "���������    K S. REDGRAVE, Rictiileld. . "'  Williams.Creek,- 1st July, 1805;':"'   ;    *: ��������� Y  1CABD OF^ ACKNO*y7^EbG_kE**_TT,- ;  TO'MR. B. W. MOSES: Siit,~Tn tie years 1860 and  1881, from a long and severe illness, my hair became  very weak, and was falling off in a most fearful man-  ner, and I was in dread of becoming entirely bald, when  ���������I was.recorameo.ded by a lady residing on'Fort street  to try your Invigorator. After a few applications by  you, and alter using three bottles of the Invigorator,  my. hair.was restored and became as thick and strong  as it ever it was before. MARY A. LEWIS; "'  ���������     ; Johnson street.  Victoria, V. 1., March 27th, 1866.,  ttF_^tifclM;EE:fe&  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN ALL  ��������� 0 - ������������������;    ;l- : .   - -  mS&&b������f 1 fJl   '  BOOTS   &  SHOES,  THIS IS TO CERTIFY that a littlo more than four-  teen years ago, owing t������ a severe fit of sickness?; I  lost nearly all my hair the crown of hejid becoming  quite bald, and has been so ever since until the past  summer, when hearing.of the marvellous success ef  W, D. Moses in saveral cases where it seemed almost  hopeless to do so, on Williams Creek, Cariboo, I was  induced to let him try his skill on me���������but without  to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive so soon ������*  '      the Roads aro open: v .  ^Liberal ailowance.^  Rpstaurant and Hotel keepers arid the Trade genu������ j  on large orders.   ;: V; ';     ;;  growth of,hair coming out,, which is daily becoming;  stronger and thicker.   To any one requiring his.proles-.  he  I  F:A,^HIO^'S;i;^0:01t  A LL LOVERS OF;'THE TERPISCH0REA|f ART^J  il invited^to call and enjoy themselves, when a a  ,weicbme will be oxtended. _���������*���������  The best of "Wines, iiiquors and. Segar������  and .Good Order observed. _ f mrtfM rroo'i5*  1 MARTIN & COOK, irop������  mm  rm  ISM  Beg to call* the attention of Miners ������and otters |  f to their full assortment of, SUPERIOR G00UJ> |  'ff.Pf   f ..P,:     which wiU bo sold   ,--:.       1  SI   PRICES!  _a_s;  _K4_  m  iii  V  Iu  ^  Bti  fn  ta:  th<  lai  hi:  (io ���������- \-  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ^       THURSDAY,. JUNE 21, 1866..  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  SUPREME COURT.'  WILLIAMS CREEK..    .  There has been no exciting mining .news so  far this week, nearlyevery company ho we ver  - have got .into working order, and are >���������begin-.  * nirig to take but more or less gold;    Airiorig  those wo hlsar: of ttiat are: doing;weU. Jwe may  mention;the Forest Rose co'y who cleaned up  for l&fr.Tvee^TOS^  20 ounces with fair;p  -^Tbe tast Gtiailce^cb^  to',30 ounces a;dayfrom*; their ^Haft but not'so  woij having got as; high as $0^to>'the'pari; pri  Monday jast^Tfe ��������� Mprnmg; Sf������r co'y washed  up on Monday-.io[punpes but of ^their tunnel,  and as this is out,ot>dirt' 9ft. rfrom iheTbed  rock, ifiey will thusi have sombjloft. x>t" pay  <wvel.^Thefground;";sl^i^e^ana; hydraiilic  claims between ih'6lCa__pii''aiicL. Richfield, are  hid ustriously. at .work biitf none Tiaveyefc wash-;  ������rl ud excebt perhaus the Forest Hill co'y,who  ���������   (Beforo the Hon. Mr. Begbie.)  ���������Monday, 18th June,-18G6.  Davis Co*y vs. Aurora Co'y.���������The verdict  rendered by the Jury in this case was read,  and-is as follows:        . \f-        \.f f\  I. The jury are unanimous in the opinion  that the Aurora Company have failed to prove!  that:tbe stakes of said Company extended over  the 130 feet (of groundv  t- 2, The jury agree that tbe Davis Company  did on the 12th of August, I8G4, stake out the  130 feet of- ground in question. ���������".' .. ���������:  ;   3. The; jury are of thc opinion from the evidence adduced that the Davis Company did  hot abandon^ the latter 400 feet, recorded 12tb  August, 1864, but that the said company have  forfeited their title to the same by nbri-repre-.  mentation. .'....    ..-.      ... ..-������������������ v."' -     . I fi  J 4." Seeing that the Aurora and Davis Companies liaye expended both time' and money  en. said- ground in dispute, the jury would  aaK������s_ag_3_r_t_j_vttgAaM amuam -  ���������Aurora co'yp-caso and the order then issued.  The Davis co'y knew the Aurora co'y held a  hill claim; that company had no right to put  their stakes there whether the Aurora co'y had  staked or not., I never heard a clearer case  than the present. .   .'.'.'.-       , ' . ���������,-: ....  AGKKEMEXT OP r*EFERBWE.  ;"This appeal coming, on for judgment this  !������w'llrtA.i.*kn    ._,__._._.    _*_-__!._    1. I"   IV    ..      _ -   >_   1      ���������  VICTORIA ITEMS FROM ".CHRONICLE.":  The NauMnip Publishing Co; having determined on-.winding up the affairs of the Co-had  appointed a liquidator, against whose.entranco.  to take possession of the 'stock. *'thejpnblislier  barricaded; the door, and the only!meansvof  effecting an entrance :is!suggested:������������������ by talring;  humbly submit that the said ground be equally divided, giving one-half to each, of said  ed up except;perhaps tiie^'p^stMiirco^y;  got as-much as 15 ounces outofthe'.boxes that'  dump iuto the Bed Rock Flume.'A great number of Chinamen are at work on these claims.  1      ,;'..  f: GROUSE   CREEK. ! ' -  The only two companies that are washing arid  Ne'er co Well co-ys, all the others are either  sinking.shafts or driving tunnels. The-Full  Rigg co'y have-bottomed1 their'shaft and have  commenced a tunnel, so also has the Robin  Hood co'y at the upper portion of the 'creek,  .and they havo.Btarted������toruna tunnel;,'. :     ;  ' GOLD'COMMISSIONER'S COURT, y  ....'.     (Before W. G..Cox, Esq.)��������� Iff'"    ;  .'  Wednes;day,.20th June,,186C.  Thomas Sinithsoh vs. the Marysville co'y.  ���������Suit brought to recover $218 50 for work  done on the claim.;. Debt admitted.- Order  made for .payment^.wiiiiin^'^re&idays^ after  which execution to be enforced:  Robert ;Orr vs. Grouse Creek Bed Rock  Flume Co.���������Action instituted for the recovery  of $210, amount due plaintiff for wages.. Mr;  Cameron appeared for the. company- and ad-;  mi tted the debt, but wished time tp hear from  the Secretary ii Victoriaj which was granted.  Mr. Park for defendants.  Public Meeting.���������rAs will be seen b_ff'reference'to-another*' colunm a meetings mis been  called by the miners and residents of Caribco,  .on Saturday evening' next; for the purpose-of  considering the administration of justice in  British'Columbia.on raining daws.'.  Let all  | who take any interest in the welfare > of thc  country attend and give expresson. to their  sentiments  in unmistakable language, :and  let these sentiments be embodied in resolutions setting forth distinctly the grievances  I under whichrthis.. community^: iabbr and ap-  -poirit a special delegation'! to proceed below  immediately and lay thefacts before the'Ad-  mmistratpr of the Government and claim redress.   - -���������-������������������'   i f. '���������   ��������� ���������".,;.;"  .  FiRE.--On Tupsday morning about 9^eiock  the roof of a building adjoining vD_v"  (fficejo|Earkerville, was discovered^ be^ on  hie.a,lhe alarm soon!spread;and;although  ; ^feP^ JM P^a;nreei.ginestill&  uni^d^effbrts of ourcitizens andtheicopious  boon quenche^th^  :ui horn the overheated,state of:i a siove-oine  which came/m coritacHoo 'clos^vS Hhe  ______[2^  Accident.���������Anaccident beifel'Mr.  grouud unworked. ._.   ���������    . ;;..     . ;  ;.     .  ;Tho Conrfcsnid the Special Jury had given  their verdict at a late hour on Saturday evening, and it was now the duty of the Court to  consider their finding.   ' \  v,Mr.?Robertson, applied on behalf of Respondents to-be heard on the;law1 applicable  to the facts found by the Jiiryl'.  ^ :*The Cjkrt**?sid thi^-ap^  made for a.Special Jury, (by Respondents) tb  .try the case, pu the ground that a.conflict, of  evidence on .facts was anticipated?   No such  conflict of facts, had been shown; eo that a  Special Jury; was quite unnecessary. .. The  finding of the Jury however is clearly against  'the Respondents.   I quite agree with the finding of the Jury with the exception of one  point, but that is immaterial. Were I togivea  judgment in the case I am well satisfied that  would not end the litigation, and the expense  of actions in one or two other branches of  this Court would be heavy on both parties;  What I propose to do then, if; both parties are;  agreeable, is to suggest that"the:whole inatter  be referred to me,.npt inmy. capacity ae Judge,  but as,an arbitrator and friend, and thatwhat>i  ever decision I may arrive at will be final and  absolute. ; I think that .-I can suggest an ar-!  rangement of the whole dispute that will,be  satisfactory to b o th. p artiei.    I- shall .do th at  which I consider wise and expedient in the  capacity of an arbitrator, which JI would be  compelled to do according to. justice, acting  as Judge.   I think both companies can repose  confidence enough in their respective Counsel  _o_arrange the terms, and I shall be;prepared  to meet them privately for that purpose.  The Court .then.adjourned.   .-     -,   .  fffy ���������' Tuesday, ,lHth~ June.  !  Davis Coy vs. Aurora Co'y.���������Both parties  having consented to the reference of the whole  case to the arbitration of the Chief Justice,  ithe case came up for a final adjudication this  morning.   The Court-room was crowded with  anxious listeners. -           Tf The Judge.remarked that"the duty he had  to'perform to-day was not to decide.as to the  rights of parties, but to.effect a treaty of peace.  If he had known there would have been no  conflict of evidence as to facts he would never  have permitted a special jury to be^called.  Very often in! Equity and Law Courts the  Jufige summonses a jury simply for- his own  advice, .not to ascertain the law.but to determine the facte. Juries were called in Courts  of Law to decide the facts;bccause we placed  more reliance in the judgment of twelve men  ofypue sort than on that of one man of another  by agreed tbat,; in-lieu of giving a decision on  the mere rights of the parties on this presen t  cause, it be referred: to the Judge of .the Supreme Court .to make such award as he shall  Jhink fit and expedient for settling as well the  interests of the two companies and their respective shareholders iu tlio piece of ground  contested in this cause (being apiece of ground  about -100ft. wide, from R tovW.. and about  130 ft. long, from N.* to S:, and lying to the E.  of the original Ilarrey-Dixon ground); as also  all matters iu dispute or in a,ny wise relating  to any dealings'or workings of any ofthe parties in and upon the same piece of land; and  also all-costs as well of litigation heretofore  had, as also up to the final settlement of the  interests of the parties therein.?"; :���������;���������'.'. Tiff fi)  p, Xi AWARD.   ."���������"  ' " ...  ^ ''Declare mutual release of all past acts. De-  ���������������m$ >ik&di$pp cedrtenfto ry t/y iprotiaoiag'Tlhe  Svboundary of the Harvey*Dixon claim 100ft.  up the hill, thence dr aw a. line no r th wards  parallel to the eastern bounds,of^the Harvey-  Dixon; such line to be! the^eastern boundary  ofthe disputed territory."!. /;!. .   .  .. -There being-at tlie-commencement of the  action 5. full interests in the Davis co7y the  owners of. which; were, not -members at the  time of the jump, 12th Augugf; 1864, and may  therefore be taken to have been bona-fide  members, and 2| interests belonging to members cognisant of the jump of 12th August,  1864, and 14 full interests in the Aurora co'y;  divide the whole of the unworked portion of  the disputed territory into -19| equal parts';  S>1 to belong to the said bbna-fide members of  the Davis co*y, 14 portions to the Aurora co'y,  nothing ;tp the owners of:the 2i interests in  Davis co'y who were parties to the jump, ex-;  cept indemnity arid fbrgiveiicss' for. the past.  Each parly to pay their own costs, ab initio.  \, .Costs ofthe receiver in Commissioners Court  to be paid by both companies equally.  ...'���������Unless the parties can agree .without a Surveyor, let a Surveyor be appointed-jointly:.!to  fix the pbsts bii the sui^ae'e,' both for -tlie' E.  bonndry liuo of the diluted- territory and for  tae dividing line' betw'-een plainti_fs: 5| and  the defendants ,14 parts.    If parties agree op  one;Surveyor,- each, to pay half; expenses^of  survey.   If they cannot agreeteach to appoint  and pay their own Surveyor. : After division,  parties to execute mutual releases and quit  claims, to be scttled-by Court Jf parties differ.  Recommend that the. residue ofthe ground be  worked in common.    'Reserve power to give  directions for carrying out. this award which  is to be made a rule of Court."?.  deliter sailed���������for.Portlarid-on ���������the*5thVjJune;  she,had 46 passengers; fare,cabin,:$20j>steer-;  age, $15; there is every probability ofrheri  doing a-healthy trade,~6n.Loach-riverY6nlv  about 50 white men were at work, with varied  success.-The Stipendary Magistrate had'Visit-  ed the Indian Reserve an dordercd the immediate, vaccination- of.' all the Jridians.-^-]irr.  Walker, ;Manager of -the ^Batik^of British Col- "v  umbm, ;had c^ntratlicted! a report -that the  Bank,had refusedfurther;creditto the:;Govcrn-  ment of British Columbia;���������The steamer California left for San Francisco on thc 6th June  with 100 passengers;' rates! of farc;'cabi_iv$.0;  ateera'ge, $15;~Chief:Justice Neodham;had  taken a trip'toNanaimo for recreatiom-^A  young raan.^^' dentist, hud seduced'agii;l;a#ed  14 or-15 years, aud left for the American side.  ���������An inquest had beeiiheiil by the* Coroner   ;  over the body of an |idj[an^who;^t  *meT his rdeaMi at Ti he^KnWofiime '��������� men, rianfc v p  ed EbenezarHatch, John--Vin cent: and-jamis !  R.:Ford,'On^the4th inst;,'on the Cedir Hill ii  road.���������It was reported that a couple'of'thou-  sand;, Fenians had left'San Francisco,'their  supposed destinatioh.bcihg-VictoriaV the authorities- of Vancouver Island -had made\ar-.; '���������  rangements to receive early iutelligehce;-f^Thc'  Election Committee -in the House ��������� of Assenib ly, .  were engaged investigating-the' qualifications...;  of J; T. Pidwell, member elect for. SaltSjiririg f  Island; it is reported that Mr. Pidwell will re- /  tain his. seat. t'Xyf"- fff fff '.- ff.frrTffff^f"i  "'1??!  '-~*������������������'! *'*.-. ~t*  P8I  s^  C. Mal-  9_j  I  ��������� _,^^SK2__r_;_t_  __sa^*������*Jffrta-  IS   ROW  m  3 ^k^fe S Ttt*y morning abo������t  Van^Winkle i������~.ab--tants"?_������������ VHtown of  |by ha" taJ"������_?,.������������������ conscouaneas of danger  stream of water ^-^ m^^ ^& a  from Van 1^^^^$���������<^  tES������S8?*������B. ofthe water of th,  sat  ffirfoodin. ofiSV"��������� uon? ^oweyep thaa the  l^pCf1teS^^gthe8���������eetto  ICouH, for ffinrt hp5-StW 0f ,tl?e Supreme  I^op. ofthe 5S, f���������f>������l^S'vI with  landslide abouts  It wiis soon ascer-  arose from  the creek by a  urther ������������S&^?^^���������  done however  sort.   With regard to the finding of juries  ���������where a Judge'bolioves.thate-jurv finds a verdict contrary to the evidence, .resulting from  ignorance, fear, or any other cause, it is his  privilege to set aside their verdict and order  a new trial.   For my own part I have always  had every reason to be satisfied with the finding of juries during the whole period of my  own official experience in this colony.  I have  never had occasion to order a new trial except  in one instance, and that was a case in which  excessive damages had been awarded and then  that was settled.     I can by no means agree  with the finding of the jury that the Aurora  had failed to prove that they, did not stake  their ground by the 8th August, 18 64.  If j ury  after jury were to find such a verdict it would  not be permitted to stand.   There.is.no miner  on the creek who could have established the  staking of his grouud so well as the Aurora Co  have done.    The stakes are now standing  th ere.  T wen t on the ground myself and saw  them a few days before the hearing of the case  came on in order to satisfy myself.    I have  not the slightest doubt that the stakes were  put in on the 8th August.    Edwards,* Hilton  and Dewdney.all are positive to this, and there  is not a scrap of evidence to rebut tb em unless it is that of two men who went on the  ground for the purpose of jumping it.    When,  inen go to jump ground they do not! see their  enemies stakes.   It is not of much importance  whether the stakes were there on the 8th August or not.   I do not think that- there was a  man or company on the whole of that hill side  in 1861 that did not hear of the Borealis arid  ��������� ���������   ���������  Bridge River.--We learn that a man named Thos. Gallagher who was. on Caidwalader  Creek last fall, started for that creek some  three week ago, in company with three others  for whom he assures them ��������� he. will find $ 10  diggings.   ��������� :.:    ���������:���������    ,   . .    ...v  Davis Claim.���������By private  advices   from  Williams creek, we.lcarn that on May 11th the  PaVis company took out 42 ounces;- on the  13th, 82 ounces; on the 15th, 8i ounces; on the-  18th, 95 ounces; on the 20th, <>5 ouuces..,_ A;  very. handsqme^. .yield.���������Victoria  'Chronicle"  June 4th. ���������'  .f  CuiXESB Licexsks.���������A goodly number o  the celestials have responded to the Commissioner's order, to step up to his office and pay.  A considerable revenue wili thus be obtained  this season.  Grand Jury.���������The Foreman requests the  Grand Jury to meet at Mr.Buie's, Barkerville,  to-morrow (Friday) at Z o'clock p. rn.  $������?- We understand that the case Borealis  co'y vs. Watson co'y comes upin Court this  morning at 11 o-clocki  . What is Law like.���������Law is like a country  dance; people are led up and do wn it till they  are tired out. Law is like a book of surgery;  there are a great 'many cases in it. Law is  like physic too, they that take the least of it  arc the "best off. It is like a homely gentleman  very well to follow; and a scolding wife, very  bad when it follows us. Law is like a new fashion, people.are bewitched to get into it; and  and like bad weather, most people are glad to  o-efcout of it.  Tb a Universal Practice ;of mis i ng. .Chicory' ��������� o n d .  other'adultera.lives with Cofloc, 1ms very much riamag. ���������  cd in public1 estimatloD,'what ought to be the most  delicious of Beverages.   So elfectually have the public  been, drugged-with suchiniKtures that the; true proper1 I  ties have been lost sight of, and mo uy .prefer a black  and thick infusion to a drink" rich in spirit and aroma.  General as is the use of Coiree; it is little'known that  in condensing the vapors .-.extracted from;'the berry!-in .  roasting, a liquor is. obUined. of thQ- most nauseous .  taste, and of a scenUhempBtMnbcarable.;.Under such  !  circumstances it is evidently important, that all-ther-  gases and lluids.;extractod by. roasting: should-be car- ���������.:  riod off as quickly as possible, in order toprevent their-  returning again tothe ColtoCj.^'bwU; istno ease in; the.,  coii illii od cyl indcK f Th is obj Set' Is *acl n. i rably7 .a ccom ���������  plished by- the riew and patent '*'Cbii'ical Oottcc". .caster''  as used by FELL& CO.,-Victoria;.in which the berry  is directly exposed������^to the r'adiatea heat,;' and'the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously.   ��������� In addition .to  the advantage to be derived by the rapid, removal of  tho steam containing the Objectionable properties, the  pure aroma of the GWoo is. retained, thc essential oil  , being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Cotfee is required to remain a much  .longer time iacoosequeuce of thesteaming" Rounder-  goes by the conflued steam.   It is chemically impossible to.retain thc Qualities or arrest the deterioration of  Coffee when grou nd.   T.lic heat engon dcrcd by thc process of roasting, and espcciailyor giinding,-creates an  action in the elementary parts which gradually.destroys  its fitness for drink.     But to. retain'the essential oil  which it. contains wc have it encased intins con tain ini".  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and which can be-bad fronvony  of the respectable dealers.    We can confidently recommend those who have hitherto been oblicod to refrain from taking Coffee on account of its ill eflect.v  that the}' may use pur Coffee, roasted in the Conical.  Roaster." being recommended by all medical menundor  whoso notice it has been brought, and bjr numerous  other testimonials in its favor. ���������        FELL & CO..  .   Colfec Merchant s, va tes st,, Victoria.  DUKING. THE PRESENT WEEK we expect ;tr������..r-  . ceive end opena, l_l!r^,t..Q.a..s���������stir������cl_;���������o^BR  GOODS, comprising *"       v" * "'p'~.  e would call the attention of those  having goods or other commodities to move  between the different towns on the creek to  Mr. H. C. Wilmott,' who has a Horse and Bray  ready at the shortest notice to execute any  orders heimay be favored with, at-very reasonable rates. *  j������* If you want good Coffee use Fell's.  RUBBER   BOOTS,  GOODYEAR'S  NO.   1   RUBBER   COATS,  COAL OIL, &c.. &c.,  All of which have bem most carefully selected nnd will  be sold at thc LOWEST RATES;  We cordially invite a call from our oltl friends and  tho public generally.  ,J. H. TODD '& CO.  Barkerville, B. C., June 4th, 1865. .������. .  N. B.���������A small lot of Hardware, ���������: Paints &Oiis on  hand, for sale at 60. per cent. --Below Cost. , ���������. p .  $25 Bl^WABp;     ;:  T OST, AH*OiSrTING--GASEG-6L"DWATCH*  Ju on Wednesday, the ISth June, 1866.  :- Any person  finding tho same and leavittf. it with E. HODGEN>\  Watchmaker, Barkerville, ��������� will receive the above ra-;  ward. -     :.i ���������"'���������".-yff- -    ;ffT:n-2w:f  THE "CARIBOO .SENTINEL"    \  Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars, .Posters, and  t Programmes for Balls /and Theatrical  1 Entertainments,  Executed with Keatness and Dispatch at this Office.  jgJT Terms Hoderat_ * *������> A Novel Wager*���������An ;amusing story is  now going the round of the Paris clubs.;  It  .appears that a short time ago a foreign prince  ;  made a heavy bet; that he would be aires ted  -.by the police without committing any offence  'whatever, or in any' wayi provoking the authorities.   Theibet having been taken'by a  . juember of the Imperial club, the Prince went  ��������� ��������� to one of the most aristocratic cafes T in Paris,  .Pressed in a battered .hat, a ragged blouse,  ;:,:and boots.all in.holes, .arid sitting down at  t 'one ofthe tables; ordered a cup of coffee. The  ������������������waiters, however, paid no attention ttrstvsus-  ; .picipus-lobking.'a customer,upon which the  !princeimt his hand into his pocket, and showed them; a.bundle: ofi bank notes. ��������� The proprietor, then ordered:the/coffee to be served,  sending meanwhile to, the nearest police star  ... \tion for; a sergeautrde-ville; ;.* The prince was  uulv arrested .and'taken: to the commissary of  .. police, where ho stated-.who he was, and was  afterwards taken! to the gentleman with whom  , he, made the b e t, to p ro ve; his identity,   ' A  similar story .was'.told -.afc -"'Vienna, some time  ago of a Hungarian ��������� Prince. Seander, M; de  A^tternichfs son-in-law, who, in order to make  ��������� his arrest quite sure, took tfiebank notes but  of his 'boots. -f'-ir'-Tfi       ' .-������������������������������������"���������  ;.  NOTICE.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT   '  THE POST   OFFICE  will, until further notice, ho kept at the  LIBRARY, in CAMBR^NTlp^N,  and Mr. JOHN BOWRON will be the Acting Postmaster  '���������''���������"!.__"._  WM. GBO.!cOX,    .'���������  : J. P.  .    if      Uf    V   ���������    ";���������  RichQeld. B. C,    .*!  '86C. j  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS:  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMOUTH,  P; L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all .hours, and Cooking of the best  description.- :   s :  VICTORIA ABVER'lTiEMi^;  1st May; A, tt. 1886.  ; CAMERONTOWN,4.!  C. FULTON, Proprietor.;y \  There is no distillery kept in this establishment,  and strychnine and rot-gut find no place hero.    _.  'TT A Royal CoNNECTioN.-^Tbc Prin cess Hel*  * .eriaof England," says the:.Gazette dc France,;  'by her  marriage, with. prince Christian of  ^Augustehburg, will'become: the neice^of a  '..-.' New. Ybrk-lady named Lee.r.Tbe family;of. this  if latter.some/years ago established themselves  ;,;at Paris, Jippitig,^ as. is nothunusal with rich  ^ipAmenetms,-: to formi anTalffance with some  viaobleEuropean ,famiiy,. vVThere where two  f. yoxmg, ladies, bo th of whom attained ' their  "���������" wishi as one married Barpn^Wachter, Minister  pfi Wurtemburg at .Pariej and the other, some  !:-';!";'tit_ie''after/inspired;:with; the warmest love  if Prince Frederick; b rother of'���������; the late! So ver-  ;���������'.<oigti Diike pf Augustenburg, and uncle of the  .present Prince.,.The marriage took place at  the' United States Embassy! at'��������� Paris, and the  Y. bride arid bridegroom started:for the East on  .. .',a wedding;tour. ;,They had:reachedBryrouth  :?   in Syria, when the Prince was taken ill and  died.   His wido w ������returned - to Paris to the.  /house! of her sister, the Baroness Waeliter, and  >now becomes aunt of! an English Prin cess.':  ;  RICHFIELD,    ���������  PATRICK  KIRWIN, Proper.  Best Billiard Table on the Creek; the Liquors  and Cigars are of tho finest quality.   . ���������   9 ���������  QUESNELMOUTH,.... .   .       ;;< .  BROWN & GILLIS>, Proprietors/ ..'*  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, &c.  .    '   /��������� Stabling for,Horses, Hay and Oats. ... ��������� s  ':":'.  GIROD'���������;& GUICHON,  ."*.  Old 'Established General Store,  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMISSION "MERCHANTS, ��������� ";.     ."��������� .';  Storage, fee-Terms most Moderate-  QUESNELMOUTH.- ���������   '  -s    ���������.  LpNDO:NHofi?  ...     , GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA. .       '  WHOLESALE  AND  RETAIL  j. H. TUFtt^R & CO,  ,'.     ....' IMPORTERS  OP '  English & French Silks, Shawls, Dressep v  ':derclothing, Gloves, and 'every descrlDtion, ,, '  "    .      I .     -   Drapery Goods.- ��������� - ������������������- ��������� ���������"   . w  Receive regular supplies by Express Via Pannm  by sailing vessels via Cape Horn.. s < -.; .  j^ Particular attention given to ali orders' '���������"'  ��������� IiOndon Firm--J. P. TuNSTALt&'.Co.       '  "'"-_  at.  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &c.  RICHFIELD,  ���������3  Merchants asd Dealers m-  PROVISIONS, CLOTHING; L*(QIJdRS, :&c.'  OTICEl  COLD   SPRING   HOUSE,  BOYD ��������� & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is sltuatod 26 miles fYom Quesnelmouth.  Tho proprietors having lately fitted up, bedrooms  and good Beds are now prepared to afford every accommodation for Travellers; tho Tablo is furnished with all  the luxuries that can bo procured; the Bar is well supplied with the best brands of Liquors and Segars: pood  Stabling, HayJOats and Barley. ��������� : /j__r The CHEAPEST  House on tho Road. ��������� <.       1-s  ; : ESTABLISHED 1858.  WILLIAM ZELNER, dealer in, Drocs \t._  cines AndCuEjncAT^, Fancy arid Toilet Am i  Sponges, Hrushes," Perfumery,. &c.';"' Physichm'v!?l  %scnptions carefully compounded and orders nnW  with caro and dispatch.   Victoria, ������;'���������__;       7^1  l      PATTRICK,S CORNEli:  J. B. ROBERTSON, Wine and Spirit M_*  . chant,Victoria, V< I...:.:    . /  ���������  ���������������nx ^f ���������  ��������� ML tJ , j ..,���������������������������       .. glL- 1    or     1   ,-,   -_       _ ���������  V  f  ; BOOTS! BOOTSU    ~*~*~~^  T SAY SAM! .Mow Is it.your Boots wear's. ifB,  I and keep your foot so;dry ? . Because I purchase..  Charity and Butler, Government Street^ Victoria  European and Americah Markets.-' Tho early ordentf  their friends in British; Columbia.aro*;solicited.. p_������!  THE;PUBLIC  ARE  INVITED TO CALL   AT -THIS.  House. . There (s Good Meals; Good Beds; Stabling  for Horses; 'Barley, Oats and Hay. ' ������������������ ���������;   ' *   ' -    ���������' 1-s  :W. D. Closes has -just leased the premises  lately! occupied.hiy p. 3. Dixon, in Barkerville,;  where he!ihtends carrying ori; his old business!  ,-of vBarber. and Hairdresser..; His arrangements  are not yet;completed to'r supplying his Hair  'Jiivigoratpr. !He invites a .call fromhisold  >friend8 aiid patrons, f X-Xfff:i,^-f., if ������������������* ���������������������������"  ��������� : pjjs^if ypuvwant^go^ .  The Steamer "Eiiterpnse1-  ...       Will leave SODA CREEK a., if ' |  ������: MONDAY^ & THURSDAY MORNINGS,;!  ^yp-f    -f '. ..';Ar': day.light;\ . XXX Xpfi., -;;  X  Will leave QUESNEL ft...   f.:  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS  "'���������. 'ff fff AT 6 O'CLOCK/ .. .v.;   '  Connecting -at;Soda Croek with BARS'ARh's SfAGFS.o'n  Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip upi: ;  ^^Freight to^ Quesnel l������cts."^lb.; :  St6ambr:<Ehterp^se,, V     ���������       .     *r    f'.if--f.  May 21st, 1866.      j     :     ^    '  ���������.: - ;;;  Pip.  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS"  t  ts opent; for THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE  A. Tra veil ing.. public; tho bedrooms aro'spacious and  airy and the Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any in tho lower country; the Tablo is  always supplied with tho best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Outs and Barley constantly on hand.  Pi  1  If  LILLOOET    MILLS.  AN'D . i  LUNCH   HOUSE  >  BarkerviUe, B. C.f    '  KELLY .& PATERSON, Proprietors;  ; Everything is done in cohhection with this establish  ment to give satisfaction to the customers. ���������! '.,  ; ���������  4ST Meals at all hours.  ��������� l 1  ,  THE UNDEKSIGNED are now maunfacturing FLOUR  of all grades:* Extra, Superfino and Fin������.    Feed  Crushed to order. ..   , v  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL.CO.,  I-s F. W. Foster, Agent.. .  141 MILE HOUSE.,!  DENNIS MtJRPHY, Proprietor. This House  is'furnlshed.with every.convpnienco for tho comfort of Travellers; the Culinary department. Is under  the superintendence of an experienced cook; the Beds  are clean and comfortable ; the Bar contains tho best  of. Liquors,;Segars,.&c.   Stabling, Hay, Barley k Oats.  BliiQQD WILL TEL^  BLUE   TENT   RANCH.  WM. HENDERSON begs to inform his friends  and tho.travelling public generallyjth'at Iio has  taken the above Ranch and is prepared to .supply thorn  with First'Class Accommodation. ���������" Good Stabling for  horses; Hay and Grain. 1-s  E1' BRODRIC"^ Coal- and Produce "Dealer a  m;large stock of Hay, Oats; Wheat and Barley������rt_e  best description always on hand;" also, Nanaimu ������aR.  lish, Blacksmith ;and Caiinel Coal.. Orders seat fo  Union Wharf, Victoria, V.X, '.wjll receive -it__me���������i_.e  attention, ".������������������      ������������������'������������������������������������       ��������� ������������������ ������������������'������������������ ��������� .     -.   :������ ������������������   jj>3  GENTILE'S:Photographio G-allery, 'Govern  , men^ St, Alctorla, V.: I;, opposite Hotel de France  Views bt Cariboo aiid' Scenery throughout British Colombia, Including views ofthe route to Big Bend, alwin  on hand.at liberal rates. ;���������.:.-;  f ;. . :'-..:' ._.s  HIBBEN & CARS'vvTELL, Iinporting Book-  SEIXERS __ STATIONERS, constantly supplied.Qd  receiving from best sources/ School,' Standard^ andMiV-  cellaneotiB Books, and*Staple and Fancy'StatiomTy m  all its Branches. . Corner vates .and Langley. strteis,  Victoria; Vancouver Island. *';!.....    -l-3_j  R:P. WHEAR, Tailor h OuyFirrKR, Fort Street,  . Victoria, y,.1, opposite Bee Hive Hotel/wherab.  Is prepared to supply his numerous patrons with ever?  requisite for Clothing'-suitable'.for .every season of IU  year.   . .        .....'.���������'��������� ff ���������   .' j._  HIT   OR   MISS  Bakery and Coffee Saloon,  !    .      RICHFIELD^   'TTX  ;      JACOB HELNSON, Proprietor,.    ,  Bread, Pies and Cakes^_constanitly on hand.  ,1 ��������� pp. 11.11 iiiiii������_ iw������*r_________i_-____-v  COHEN   &  .        BEALERS IN  CLOTHlM^ J)RY GOODS  BAKKEBVILLE.  A large supply of Ladies* Goods on the way.  EDWIN   TYNON,  Dealer in dry goods, clothing, hats.and  ��������� Cups  Boots and Shoes, Carpetings.  Oil. Cloths,  Avail Paper, &c , Lillooet, B. C. :    ' 1-s.  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB MILTZ, Proprietor, has Always on  hand a large and superior stock of Lager Beer; at  the Bar wjll bo found the best-Brandies, Wines and  Segars; the public aro invited to call. Prepared to fill  all orders promptly.' 1-s;  111 MILE HOUSE,  WM. MANSON, D. A. McLEAN,-  ������������������-���������--. ;Fropriotor, Agent.  'THIS HOTEL IS LARGE1 AND WELL FITTED VP  A. for the comfort of travelers; the Table as supplied  with the best of everything that can be procurd, and,  tbo cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats. '<  Vs  THOMAS WILSON & CO., Importers of Ee_.  Ii9h Merchandize, wholesale and retoif.dealers In  DnvCfoobs, Ac.', vates Street, Victoria, V. I. ObsdO  after 1st June nest In'Government Street; opposite i.9  Bank of British,Columbia.^"        < ���������        . -,-  ' ' \.$  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria. V..I;t Jow  Bigne and PiERitE MANcrKT, Proprietors.. The Bestaurant is supplied with all the delicacies the market  aftbrds. ,,In the Bar will be found thc choicestLiqcohs,  Furnished Rooms, &c. .��������������������������� U  QPELMAN. and McKENZLE, Proprietors.:  O .This House.is well fitted up with Good TScds and  thoBaiNisfurnished-with the best Liquors; Meals are  served atvall hours on tho Restaurant principle; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, Ac.., ��������� - 1-s  83 MILE HOUSE,  ALBER.T CRY/SLER has .opened the above House for  the reception of Travellers; the Table is well kept  and the Liquors cannot be surpassed ; tbo Beds are  clean and comfortable. Stabling for Horses, Hav and  Oats.,  . ;;���������.'    ;i.8  JAMES HURON, Proprietor. This commodious Hotel.is well fitted up with every convenience  for the comfort of the public; tho Beds are all that n  weary traveller could desire; the Tablo is supplied with  the best of fare; the Bar contains the choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,  Barley, &o. 1-s  HENRY   SCHORLING,  VAN WINKLE,  Dealer in all kinds of Provisions,-Clothing, &c.  4i__f Stabling for Horses;  Hay, Barley and, Oats always on hand.1"   ..;-;,   .__ : ��������� '. y::^y- ������������������     -^is-  Pioneer^:Hotelr--Lillooot?..  CHARLES. NELSON, Proprietor.. This old  established Houso is well fitted up for thc comfort  of Travellers; the Table is supplied with tlie best of  everything that.can be had, and tho cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in tho lower country; Bedrooms  for Families.; Stabling for Horses, Horso Feed, kc..  The Express stops here. ' 1-s  T^UGENE THOMAS. Yates street, Victoria,  XL, Wholesale and Hetail Dealer in WINES- BRANDIES  BEERS,, and LIQUORS, and depot of Havana Segars.  (Goods forwarded to the Mining Districts. :.;     ; ���������_���������*  A FRA_NKEL, Victoria, ,V; I., Dealer in Furs,  XJL. Ski.nb, Hioes, Woor^ &c, Liberal advancesma^  on Furs consigned. Kefcrence���������G. Sutro & Oo., Spor-  borg k Rueff, Victoria, V. I. U  MRS. HEIN, Milliner & Dress Maker, Govern^  . ment Street, Vietoria; V.' I.'  All kinds of Milliner  of the latest, style kept constantly.on hand  from the country panetually attended .to....  PETER McQUADE,- Ship Chandler ati  X dealer in Paints, .Oils, and Window Glass. -Al������ay"  oh hand���������a large stock of Rope and Canvass, -'Wnan  Streei, Victoria, V. I,   ; l-3m  TAI SO0NG-.& O 0., Commission Merchants, Importers and Dealers in Chinese Goods,! Rice, Sugnr,  Opium, Xut Oil 'Provisions, &c.,.Cormorant Street^lc-  toria, V;l. ��������� '���������fff' I-3m  Orders  PORT OOUGLiVS- ADVERTISEMENTS. --  T  ' ������������������������������������:   $ A..   .:    - .-.,,  THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretoforo existing between  Messrs. J. B. CHANCELLIER and S. CC7NI0 has  been dissolved to-day by mutu?il.agroement.;.  Mr. Cunio  remains solo proprietor of the Barkerville Brewery.  V^iUiamsCreek, May 23rd, 1866. 6-lm  "���������^I'^r. ���������ii'iii'ii    mi in   .ira...!     i i ii-��������� ���������_m____-_-3c  British GoIth^  Published every .."Wednesday������and Saturday,; ������t tho  ���������publishing Office, New Westminster. ��������� :  THE BRITISH.COLUMBIAN is the oldest, newspaper  published in this colony, and has a, larger circulation therein than any other..., Its columns are regularly  supplied .with full telegraphic news from all parts of  tho world,'while it .coutaihs. a faithful "record of local  events, and a,full report of Legislative procobdings.  The ������'British Columbian" is supplied to all parts of  this colony by Express upon extremely liberal conditions.   FortermSjil'C., see Express Accnts. .  ROBSO^ __ MeMILJ. AS,  Publishers &Proj>riet?Jfs.  MACDONALD'S    HOTEL,  M. MACiDONALD, Proprietor. Minors and  others destined for the Bridge River Mines will  find every convenience and accommodation afforded  them. Good Beds and a Tablo well supplied with all  the delicacies of: tun season,   ...    :      1:3 V  T ORENZO'LEARTO, Proprietor.' This bouse  1j affords every accommodation for the comfort of  Travellers; thc Table is furnished with all tbo delicacies  of the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wines; Brandies & Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand at low nites.  Nowly milled Flour for sale cheap. I-s  O OK;& OO., Importers and Dealers in a������  kinds of Chinese Goods and Provisions, ��������� Rta?, feu-  gar, Teas, &c; Cormorant Street, west of Government.  Victoria, V.I.  - ��������� ��������� Chix Kay, Manager.  ?   WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  XJm and Engraver, Yates street, above G  erument street, Victoria, V. J. 1*  BACIG-ALXJPE, Mbrchaxt asd !Packer- be^  tween Douglas and Lillooet;    Always on hand a  good stock of Provisions, kc. l-2ni *:"  a.  GL  L. SMITH. & CO.,. Proprietors. This Hbuso is  well ilttod up for tlie accommodation of Travellers to the Bridge River Mines. Good Beds, Stabling  for Horses, Horse Feed, &c, A Stage runs twice a wcek:  between this house and Port Douglas on tho arrival of  the steamers from below and connects with the Xalco  Boats for Lillooet.   . 1-s  LEWIS LEWIS, Clothier, Vates Street, Victoria,  opposite the Bank ot Brjfc. sh North America.     l-s  1 MALLANDAISTB, COLLECTOR &GENERAL AGENT  _/������ Govern_a������i.t; street, Victoria. Vancewver Iil-ind.  The  Bonaparte House,  SEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at the  Junction of tho Cariboo and Bag Bend Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of tlie public. Distance from Clinton, 26 miles; from SavanasSteamboat  Landing, 22 miles; from Spence's Bridge, 80 miles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend and Yale, and once a week, for Cariboo ���������    1-s  MESSRS.. CORNWALL'S.. ,  A T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE,, half-way between  _������4_ Spencc's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route,  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap food.     1-s  ���������w*^**^^^��������� 1 1 1 1   mi .ii���������jmm__������^_i^^___-^^^^a^ '  HICK'S    HOTEL,  T YTTON SQUARE. New Westminster,B.C.  Xi now occupied by W. E. STEIN. Tlie above fiiv'-  orably known house is now open to the public; the Bar  is constantly supplied with th. choicest brands of  Liquors and Segars, ' s       I  WILSON & MURRAY, Grockhs, Pbovwi*#,  Wine & Spirit Merchants, Bakers k ConfoctLoncn',  Fort Street, Victoria, V_ I. .   u  QPORBORO- & RUEFF, Commission'Her*  O CUANiy, Wliolesalc.DealeK3iniGR0OKRimf������0VI;  sions, Boofb & Shoes,' Wharf street, Tictoriv.y.L ;i  GRELiTeY & FITERRE. Importers^&WIiolB  soile Dealers iu Wines, Spirits and Liquors,  Victoria, V.l, i\---    :'���������' "., **���������������������������  Q-?ROAT & CO.. (latoAnderson *C^)>lw^jSf:  Q and Commission Mbkoiiante,. Store S.treetj victo.n������,  G     SUTRO & CO.,   IMPORTERS; ANP  DEALERS Jj"  ���������   CIGAKS, TOBACCO, McershaumPipes,-&o���������**.  corner of Yates and; Wharf street, Victoria,..   . ;^___  ?T 33. HAGOIN, Physician & SoBcA^Rfl;  el ��������� ner of vates.and Government(Sts.,.Victorj������r^  PIERCE & SEYMOUR, dealers in Bkddik  X  Fdrfiture, Broad Street, Victoria, :fy*fifff^  /^AIRE & G-RANCINI; Hardware,& Clock***.  \'l MEimniNTo  Wharf SirAftt. Victoria. V.l. *���������   .  "O; Merchants, Wharf Street, Victoria,  HENDERSON - and BURNABY",  Wharf street, Victoria^ y.L.  Mbr^anT^  . ,; '"1-^  1  I  m  m  wfiayAKSX^sr-.


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