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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-06-14

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 Wi$t  1GT0RIA. ": .-.-���������������������������  descrlptloa 0?u  II orders,,    /  2t.t::f:.:' ci ���������  :..���������-���������,. -S;.       J-S  m.Drugs,, ifo  ������������  Physicians' pn'  orders answm������  ^ Spirit Her.  ���������f- - ���������   ,ii  /;-..-/:':  'Orswearsolcur  WO..I purchdso 2  Strcet, yicicri,;  a. Have on has*  V.o l'romthcbc,;  lO'eariycrdenof  solicited.' '=&..  e.stock of-6mi  uperior.^ualiiy'  nd Dwarf lm  cation; 'A;--i.s  ?CED__t������e.';'i j  ���������lid-Barley ftfii,,'  Nanaimo, ������Bg-  Orders.sent ���������  eivo immodiita  -.yfx.u  iUery,:'Given..  fotel de France. I  out Britisher  igBendsalw8;i |  ../.'.' 1-s  ortirigBook..  tly supplied and  nd a ril, and Mis.  y Stationer? ia |  -angley strcck.  ffpf'- Vta ���������  er; Pert Street]  KoteJ, where bi  roa3 -with ewy  y season of tlV  :/:/������������������'   ...1-S.. ���������  ortet������:6t.fiv<  tail dealers to  .V. I.  'Oa.atd [  it, opposiwti*  Is  L, V. I., 'JOU  tors. TbcP.es-  ;s'the.markei  licestliQuoRi   f  BETTER tWB^mCfflmA!^^  '* "v izn %ua$tt\.'MM-: ifl^^-li L'p..'/iOV,-H Kit. t.t.i.   n  I  *f commence iny ^fter^th/a ifewrfemarks  3rValo^  ItaritSiOftthifill^  hv tho representative ia the Pacific waters-of  .Spowei^^  ambitious, and Ill-governed; country, 'Spaui.:  ne^TtieHnher^  Stages of the country 'began-to tell somewhat,  after thelfew y^pt^'^^Mifi^M  ;���������All the present generationhavehad - ���������A - ~"  ^���������������^ Af,Nn.rva������8rEai>artero*.0'D  "more than  feelf-  Hi  ���������  mm  after the .domineering spirit so characteristic  *raffed- and the astonishment of the world has  ^rit Mibiidea ^efore"Chili1is ^nmoned, onthe  &biectty<to/toarrbgantr������  [an_ injudgiug admiral^wHbEventually ponC;  Inti&stiiei!^  Igrant outrage?.* W,o^eac^ableouhabt  Emk a town in which the most .hostile ana  tasked" what has^his to fio'witb%.?. It is;a  Smarter, inuch/tofe |ieplored^^pea^rMd  not provoke the;A6ttbng.^The:^TO^ptJ>pn;i  lisTfnowFth^  loa foreign nouseS; #b iefftei^iSft ves" of each  fnation, .Fre'nc1iii;&&ican;a^.-&iia8h,; having  LavaLforces of theirro.wn in the harbor, and-  |aU looked^  "..-.yes,  ler'was gunf-of ^ter;^n������'s������lfcu- That  loble vessel, the Sutlej; thS lines <eff which all  Jritish eyes litty&sM^  a'man of inMHgenc^aB^ educajip^^to make  $6dm:fo������ wKoEt?^ A fnw^bo^^^e ^ie^  ban of a work-house^o&^i^i^i^^. yes-  tryyto:ba6tG ^master jaMimistr^ a>a caur  );erize the paupers i'hlAman.��������� ������with a > "fine- iio w?  ingyoice^^an'd >reiriArkablV^shall6w'������������^^^  jyho to my.certain Imowledge. never "paid his  last election fees; nor th^ fcpst of i defending  his seat; his bill io^dat hire np^toiSait^riiig  Island in June, 1963^ amounting to f$ 12^ was;  brought ty Peterson, w^B^Stmaift.jtb[Mr* tyenr  declined 'ib lave anything to 4o with/it'  Faughi a bankraptjlegiglatorjrouiion such ill-  timed vituperation^ 'As a publictman the last  inember unquestionably did/Ms?- diityitp the  tical adventurer, who draws all his lights'frbm  thejbabl-wobds ofcCanada/1,/''^ W--V '/-.' ituf.,  *,^There:ia.a,slight .dWerence^of opinion, just  pbw^in ffie 'm^t^.oj^.ttie ^Ircanoni^e ^between*  is    HBwarefully conveyed itself <mfr or the harbor  3t, Victoria,  S,-BRANDIK  ivanaSegais..  ������lerihTDBs;  dYancesmadB  y&.QQ^Syx:  1  "���������-���������������������������;; ..-l-s.'    '  fc  _ ^fid anchdrea/:^^^^^  |_Kn to-saj^i "tie. JBfritisK atoMvWJ.Mpw and  /Jjjsaid he c(5uld not interfere except  l^cally^ that the British inte^eto^hb^;mtlst,  iS^ook6utfbr.theniselv^siI^/,^  keb, ' "Govern-  IsofMillineiy  ind.. -Orders  ;.  i-s -.  ,ndler and  isa, ,AIwa������  ass. ��������� Wharf  A l-3ar  jrchants, lm-  Rice/.Sugsr..  ifcSireet;Vic-  1  I  !2_������sr*i    I  jalers..In.all' i  as,\BIce,au- I  trovernincnt,: |  ,-sranager;   , I  I  ���������"FBbvisww,   i  ������nfectioucrs,    1  ���������������������������' ."���������- U 1   I  sion Mer-  tIES, Peovi*  rs & Whole  L Liquors,  IilPORTESS  et��������� Victoria,  ���������Xffu-"-  DBAl-EBSf  ��������� ��������� : ��������� s  jtona, y*l--  :.       M  : Cl.OCltf������T  >S  1_R<FSAST9,  ���������I-S  is;ifr)emnar_ anamfe^8������aBoir;themt Shame on such  roceeding I ? Eis^OBifio^land^bjectf in the  r afboryf' taketit/;wer.e:;to protect BriMshintert  Sffieste; ��������� 'diplomatically;t- \ tfoly^ut with powder  Kand shot' fffM Gaipt,^al^malQ^f th^;fiali  pljiDog, atB^ti^interfM^^ip)^^  llfcnd1 folio wed it with tie irrfisistebleiiwgum^at  g������f sinkingteM  ^Smiti;e$.lher; outiage/^lPMi hev'toteriere'diri'lo-!  pj^aticatty "as. ^^^^f^UiiS'j'' ^es'f-pdc  ig^Siis desire to speak^^wltfc "adamant lips" on the  jSquestion was, so i<great -[tha^ihe: p\x\ ��������� Ins,vessel ���������  |������"������n a ree^ an^tnere fougbt tlie batteries, which  ||M3ie silen'oedj and the steamer;or>steamers which)  ������������^e sunk, and then destroyed iis own vessel to  |^J keep* her out of the enemyJs handsi -He was  |������ tried; by^^ fcolirtipiartXalTand xeprimanded, not  pj^or"fighting;"that?s"what_.,he*'Was serit;butfor;  Hp^ut for losing his sMp/J Admiral Byng was'  f^hung, not because he fought, but because he  p^iu-not %������. -Sit fiare a BritisLadmirai pro?  mm tects .British:::intereste:%y inte^riag^iplomatr  |������3cally and anchoringi outside while "the pro-  lyerty is being destroyed.' Why, in the Crimean  ^#^var' e?en Odessa ,was spaced,,hy the. Allied  ^������ troops, thougkitwas used tb;hjarbor and'com-*  ^B'fort tae euemy after a harassing raid^ and just  |������^efpre they attacked our .devoted battalions,  W8aud 0U1^''decimatioil may be tracedto our fatal  5lSif?l'en"cyl "But^Spainunderstands nothing of  ^_this feeling j and our.inaction is the more to  ^te deploreb!;.*henA_res.oM  S-British admiral,would ,no (doubt have staved  ^1|all prbceedlngS;;bf.anylHn4^^, Jf-, ^j/:,'*--vv-'  ������ In the 'Governmeht^a^^of May %8f&  ^lalVandsundry are notified of a changehn the  Igl^P^sentation'of the country;r anew member  8*PSfK ^e.^ f1^?*������^ /^ Salt Spring -Island, and  SBK-j ������ Jttafe.ihu,HTepr������ssible John Tretasso  llil W0lu    H,e and olirex-Mayor,andagentle-  ^KSS;^? ^ '?^WP* $ m Action was as  Sfir^lt?,^^ bT^ name of the three  ^inepres-ibles.1 The famed Jbhn;TreyaSso W  ..... j^^^py-MfMc^ix^l  wished to, abolish / the"property/qu  for members of the ^ssemblyL;! ^the latter^ ������oii;  the;coiitraryjrwished to /increaseI:it������,by: $1000.  ^Thereisno 'doubt"that taking a;-broadband'  dispassionate mewfy^ef d^^ageneral; way  fee!? I will nbi say re^ardfo^b^  more^atten^on onfa-man *. ballasted withlprb-  perty.', )Mfsst, & man imist have ability of some  kind, though it may be ������fa, low,-.mercenary  kindf-to; make .money-;-^Becond^/it/dbesmot  seemiiaturali that afrdan peluiiless^shall legislate for those who*have;pence.f ,But, in reply,  it has been ab dished in--Eriglandf ?and tlie nation has not been, revolutionized. Again,, we  do Mmit^eja-suGb ^ua grad^ateif^at; our ������&$������  veriities,veteT^io iave.votes^ thereforeweido  pay'spme^siight^homage toc i^lligenbb^anbVf  it*is to be mipjjosed ^hat a :man who;hasien--  ^ere^ liimself soiiiewliaff|upen^ i^^SJnr  mentsmentallyisnottotaliyiiicapableof'ga^  ernlng^ rAJrfd beyorid 'aM^abbveVall we^haYe  the moral certainty that no constituency short  ofmanhoj^uifrageiw^  1aienteo!%iafr/as;they shall ���������havei confidence M  pay t,\ j Ajid why should uot property  ^rppertyj fi61ders; are/ jthe.Sb3t^iargelyi  interested in the,maintaining.,of/^peace and  ^ttjetnjssf 11dbtnot mean,tjiaj;>ina^^ning  landjs^ore nearjy ^f^^M'^^^fgl  than, %landlessT merchantdwhoUhasi^jwarbr,  housesiftiliof goods,,though; the^ibrme^ibr:  the ^iroe -is certainly more intirnatelyAound up;  with ftfe ^country. (^But^^  suppl^n^^rEstate^Ta^I^^ffi  else wcan:mpre,iaB^gefar^  the > <#$, machinery ������pft ratwj^bn: ^Verytning,'  wh^preyailsiin;.England./ ft6 tlie-Trades,  ^censerAjnendraeht rejection ^anS"^^^^^  SalariesTax I have riot :much/tb say. '^The>  thrQwiiig out of the Stbcl?jand^arc^se Araen-d^  menj;,>aad the other measure -for", charging a;  duty^oiihay ;and lumber^ lwere^hpthr, ifilmy  matterpf .this bugoear b^.Pro^ci^n^oB|FMff  ���������H^noCat ftll synonymous' to] my; jinking/;* s and  ^e, 1^ arid Frjee^Tr^  ���������.*;.. <c ���������:������������������  -OZ/-/      ''!f    * '&   ^UlMl.   1<   1  uf^'fl"'  fA"7trp2ffjf'-f^'~l' t&u   -   f-.:f^if,--fft.f:  f DRAFTS ISSUBB^iprHE^BJmK;gBKANCHK������i,   >  -'.,;, /aslK^ANCOIWER ISLAND,*>,���������*������>���������,* i:W i  ^iV^wh-otoi!^ i-M i>CtX. ..  }. _i .^_N-BBI13fb^^COLUMBIA^,  j'.',....vj..'-i ~-.i ...vt. :.-. ���������<,(,..,' AiiU^^iJiJiV���������j.. ...J   '...''.   ���������.���������]   .:.:;'.   .���������'���������'���������.���������...   '..'������������������ :..-.:.- ���������'���������/.'���������   ������������������   ��������� .-��������� i,  I    ��������������������������� ,-  ^.yy.yi- -*..--���������������������������v;.vT ������������������-'������������������.   - ���������-���������^^���������-li.:,,:      .....,;,,._..". ,.        ���������    ?'"   '";   -������.-���������--'   -    ��������� ���������'.       '       "       ,  * IfX   INM^EHEJT^TBDySTATESilT ';' "'���������'������������������  :^-,SAN FBANC1^0j|P0RTr_iND, OREGoy.- ������~ ,./.  ;| ;oN^B3A^^M6mEi^ ��������� -',.  Montreal, Toronto, Melieo, "Hamilton, London, Mug-  , l 'f Bton^j Cobourg^rBeUevine^Br'afifiror'tJ?- Brocki/ * ��������� '    ,  :'^^ytne,Wbitby,|I^tooro, Ottawa, Guelph,r  v;.-  brithusiasim and_3emblarice?of Siligi^  19m centuryjflm^ etci, ��������� they-tryf.to drown.then4;  htfw|,< enp^g ina^hine,^  .say^that ffipsemost enthusiastic after Free Bort.  cantfp,t^fi^::a^^^  Mr. Burna%, ever made aehbw of considering  that desirable end. Heioj^f  to; advocaite^a���������.tax W unoccupied lan^s, by;  ivhich tfeowrierssHould eiitist sell^^improve^  arid. afeo^&agree-iK) it.ineasure^liy^i^  fbllQw^g^S aic^^n^ex^  of adjusting alicerise now in the Statute should.  ho longer be law: for  of ^business -trans'at^JJiij Sr-il jji0r.bent;' an^?  for^eJOOp, ������6 or sixtii-tenthsi^f 1 percent^  t$X������lp0O]$^  riabviroposed, if ���������myimembry serjes^, i  ��������� the v&arf Street;merbharit at a $5O,0M;trans-\  :actmn^quallyvwitii^e>small^  shpuld|Day.:I; ^ij^eBt-rO^^^vg^c^A^^^t.^ ;ht  '- li-.-'H'Ki  / :C^SRENT.*A(^OU^ opened, for, any- amouat/aii'j '  less'thonOneHundr^d-Mlars;   ��������� '     '      '  V    "  /Bills'Dlaco'tt'tfted^iid^liectedj and'Bills of Excbong'^  .on Great;*Britaiti, 'jS^mncisco and* ;New; Tork^gw-,,  ' ^$$&*ffr ifyt ^_IMfe. fo * ?' -^ -i^r ?"./- s ��������� b l r-s': ;w /. ��������� ft"' '   ' ���������  ;/ CKHfernmoat ano^other ,Scpuritles. received for aaf������  custody; Interests aaorDividends collected'.   "  turned  4uaUfications%feretbnly borrowed hbwmany  have the^^vM;bfrSt^t^hen^  only pr6tectibn~sfroin arrest was' the magical  Addition of -.J^;F.'t6?&eirA&We8^-Q'Wliat-' bet--  ter.-^ere theyi than;pop^  out MHO of^la^n^d^rb^e^^^^tibetterf  bet worse t for if ipossessed of ^any deling at  all their, f alserppsition must have galled them. ���������  Therefore' ahr I^m^ayiDij^i ^oin^iaway- with  .the.property,quatocatio^i ,.,,', ll4 '.,;  j Brit thisiiOouribftBai/bring?/me^t^  some remarks ^n-the^Counptt/-\On::Mpnday;  i;th May, the;Gpuiicil met f or thb^despatch; of  business, an^'bills;aj; all/events' 'they^'did-.des-:  pat^$jcm^^i^^?^4b Ee^iEstate/B.epe^I  Act was thrown put .without ^less&it.    The  Trades Licenses Ameridment;. .Act; J>jrAwMckit;  was sought��������� to relaeWall persons itffradbfrom  ^ie^$10 pp_14ax> and reduce lit'46^ $5,, ^was  thrown oufc-- The Stock and Carcase Amend--  merit Act, wMch^as.intrpdgc^^y: the House  of Assembljvto jenable-nuldh"pows��������� or/stock  rearing animals'tb enter aiaiiomlnal payment.  ^was also thrown out; x and,noWaSettlers will  have to pay the same, amount on aaimals^in-  tended. as stock as for beef cattle.   The im-  poafcywaS; pte ori/tb cbririg money Jntp; the  'treasury.   It did not as a fact work injuriously to trade, nor did "it affect perceptibly the  price of meat/ " One spirited coritra^tbrtbbk  a trip tp/Oallfoisiia iind tlrence^imported a  shipment of beef cattle.;:. By this means he  obtained animals costing about the same���������except some excess infreigh^and'fbr,which, the  same iibpbst wa*> paid here ($4 per' neacl); but  as each animal weighed bri the average lOOifos.  more than the Oregou grown beast, the speculation was decidedly to the advantage of the  California animal.   The butcher had the handsome margin of 100 lbs', of'beef-imported for  nothing to.pay for the duty, therefore he could  afford to" sell'at the Sarite fate; Iri; any case the  tariff need not necessarily increase the retail  price of meatl ceiit peFpouiidto the consume  er.    -The ��������� Salaries Tax 'Bill i was lbsti"L/The  Temporary Loan Act $100,000, shared the  same fate. Ipft'to/ She H^bor Bites; Amendment Act. -..-.-,- -  "' Now it is not on the fate of these Bills or the  mischief arjsirig therefrbrii, that J am .going  to enlarge. ���������" The ileal -Estate Repeal Act I  think need not be regretted.  It has been the  fashion here hitherto, to make Eeal Estate pay  most afrthe burdens; -and- really if no duties.  i , y-,.M, ,jx .(.-:r, ���������,/ , y.-\ -r .,.;.,::,   =>.r,..-  ['/ A������li__N^ J^toE^  o Ofbtcb���������Miikebv^^ ^TO^ij^^nafy: &jmmf  '���������ff '< ; !SubsoripatibnV$l perrweek,r;, f . s .  ^sdludiiigi cost of' dkiYery^) ������ayablo/tp th9f Carrier^  -CAMiaRplpr^ %tr||Ma;cS^B^y^iJ ^  mSB TEitoe OFSUSCRIPTION;have been redace.d,^  1 rSS.perinipntfr; jabove^4p0 ^qjoaes: of New; WorkSv  bave teen briiy lateljr; added#;th^  arid inorb aro expectedMaiSy;'- Parties are solicited fo  subscribe^ t r-~:-- :-:-   >���������������������������<--��������� ��������� ���������'   -'/'-' it- ..*.* ���������< --jh;.^  . !.x:/r ffff -Aff" - ^OH^^Cffl^m^.Iilhr^aii::-i;  its  _)EiaER 1ST  C^st:.'.r_^a^.;:-:<3  POWDEIt, FUSE,' &c., &c.  ALSO,  SIATI  E R Y.  G <*,  NEUFELPER   &  KICHFIELi), ;  pealebsin'  PROVISIONS, GEOGEEIES, CLOTfflNG,-4o  ��������� -. Storage, and Commission* .:    '  j%.:  E.H COGENS,  BARKERVftkE^ijoimrbg the Express Omce  and'etfall tlio;Branches ^bfiihejliatibnUrBa-nfcofSwt*  JaadandAProVinoial;BaflkbCM^ ������ , J, /  i! BiHs*bf ^Esphange-aiid Goldn_?urbhased; *���������*>*  latereston Special-Deposits.of Money aHowed'&tfcktt H   v/  rata of a^uartar of one.per cent; pornionth.! jj������i ff u ,w  ���������Vui'  ' ^caa^DS-)Meltedvafi6VAss^d\^a_U5M        ������a^d  within 24 hours in Coin or Bars,. r~ ������������������.,%;���������;���������,,.- v.,.",;.,;,?  ! Ores of every'description carefully Assayed/' . "f " '  ' N;1 B.���������Any irisrriietiojiMas vfo'th'e drsposarof .tbe'pre-,^.  'iee^''Of>CM>lir:Bnst.'^mar^iB'(l> to: the office in'^Wtoria <r -.'  for Assay;wiU-becarefclly.^attended to.  ������������������r^::>anv  .;,,: l-if.   ���������, ,,^ ���������   ,���������t   J. G. ^HEPHEBD, Manager..  /  fv  BARNARD'S  Gonneetirik; at -I^ilooBt 1 'a,nd/  ,/1 /; NELSON'S for New^Westddi  with .'mim-'kiff,  W^slminster;&^ictori%^/--''ra . >.  !3ti;;iBmE:-A^D_:i__lT'"Mj^  f f ^ SarkerVillei to fcpnheet with'the s'teanier ^Kn������. i:  ternrise}Vat;Qaeenelmouth/,and the-STAGES; at -Soda-; ���������������������������  ���������Oreeki. EV33BY. ,WItiEK, c<mveying. Tkea8VRB,.Ijbtt. ��������� /  teb8i'and VALCABi-S^ for 411 parts of the worTd;;: /Also,;"   '  Commissions -received-,::a'na forwarded: by Express" for;  the'-coHectionof -NoteB,i.BillB;and the purebaseVof.rarti--i  cies to be obtained at Now Westminster, Victoria^ ;Saa: >  l^racctsco.orecroutCj.and returns mado with dispatch, .,  '���������'t:f-f'-:t���������*������������������; ���������' ;//50teB.L0visix; ;���������;*// ^ ' .  -\.pgt*? ���������>������������������'-���������;���������; ..--^������������������������������������-���������' -;. -^t������������ -vv^gej^ BarkervilUV- -^;  f  / The undersigned is prepared to, .   ..  CLEAN BLAOK' SAKD, BLOTONGg 'Am  .   ..��������� .     PANNINCJS,-: :;';: .:���������/;..��������� 'Xl,  :On Commission, or will p.u'rcliasa anrqnantity^a't&ft '  \ JfosrlJBEKJxIlEiatg' at the  /���������v;    Beading Boom, ,fCameronton,/ v.;     r  ���������The'Subscriber iawell known on Williams.:Creek, sb4  from.the cohfidenoo reposed 'in him last JFall in th*;,  Above���������ousines'Sj he hopes to receive the patronage of;  tho Mining commanHy the ensuing.season;*���������,���������:   Al.      >  ;.-iS..  .. .,,,.;:,.,..;���������; .t.t;1-/::,,   -^^JQHN'BOWKOtf.-. :-  CAMERONTOWN.;  JAMES   PURDIE,     /  .'���������  N !*#m  fffljki^cV&k  -Victoria,,,; >-yT.    -      -,. - *    ,;--' ., |j6ttnDorarir '  grouse Cwk,U;:*.  :.: .���������.:���������;���������.������������������;-'��������� "J^TO ADVERTISERS.^:f ,������������������>,    ��������� T���������\  The ^Cariboo Sentinel" 'is published 'every Monday  and Thursday. VAdvertlBements intendedfOrinsertion  must-bo deliverednt latest at[6 %Iqck, p. m., the day  ''before publication. .    ""     .  , , ���������    .  addresses at(thepublicatlpn^fflce.ftI Price,;��������� jwcluimihi  postage, 60 cents per copy.   V 'f'i .  -'_____  ������������������ '; ;:^,j^ti>;a3_ito  o.   Art Communications roustJoBaccqmpanio^ by the  wal name arid ^address of -tho^vHfcr, not /necessarily  withavio%^  ' hte good faith,      f-'ffflfffl$<ig''-:  run<itiohary,;;tnat we are incapable o������ inter-  4preting*thd:law4or of knowing whatsis best  for own interests. He characterizes my letter of  31st ult.,as "a specimen of bad taste, concealing under,, specious arguments, sophistries cal-  culated^to mislead- p oor* men ftestitutejof com-  inon sense and subject them to serious conse-  qfi6'nces;?.'butra"m sorry that Icannotcompliment him on writing: anything more than a  tissue%f nohsenso from -beginning to end. He  TimRSDA^^UNB!I4JIlS66i;  .-f.ir.������-*rn->w,  .'���������.;*  ;M a, prospecting; qomfany. , ,,  The old adage that''he, is-best helped, in  is tforld ithat Aelr^^ffiselfl^^^noAwh^re  _{SFesmKiri0^  community, as 'theyery!naturef of his; pursuit  renders the-miner entirely^ dependant^npon  ^lis, own ���������resources* fylt'is with the % abpyo tru^-  ism^ividlydmpressedvupoams, .that,we would,  agitate the organisation of a^Prpspeeting Cpjy,  and' we 'think we can' make it sufficiently' apV  parent thatsuch accompany rwould^ be of'the  first utilityJ-' Miners; at! all; acquainted with  Cariboo, are aware that alyast extent of coun-  tfySemaihs to be pro^  we can learn from, individual, explorers, we  are assured that an enterprise of this descrip-  'would be rempyed by the joint contributions  of a company, small ia. amount to each, but  ^#ifii^.  supposetthatsuch a company could bo formed,  tho advantages would include the followmg*  ~   : ���������"     1st. Thechbice'of-thfeliesfc.^jaiit for, the pur-  Does he think thatwear^ living in the  of JaMs IIand Jeffreys?; ^Does he think the'  Star1 Chamber-is still in1.vexistaiice? : Does he  forget'the'revblution of 1688 which secured to1,  our forelatHersthe libe%ofwhichas^glish-  men we boast? l He would classall whodiffer  With Mr/Jtistibe'Begbie^s decisions as disappointed litigants,- but such is: fifty ironilbeing  the case,5 every manfhaying any; stake: in the  country feels an interest lin the stability of the  laws/ and %isties to ^lmdw'i%hat;>^tle��������� Ko '��������� pos-  sessestb bis property; as1 iiMer !tlie^_iresent  state of affairs he cannot fteli 'when his; own  turn "may come to have J that title; disputed.  Suchacourse as-is" now- belhg^J)ursued��������� is  calculated to* up^  ofthe colony; to ^drive out [every honest man  ahd?prevent pthersfrom coming;in;}4capital-  ists wilFnotinve^  orai&ehiHime;and! labor; ��������� while:! they-have iio  security that ^erlaws^Twnic  theyreadL\'''^-'';JF *"-*���������- ,-:-4^r--'- y\fXf \ ;  I * You ask'in'your last issue how;, an, ihjunc-  |io^<������iiWe vissueb5from^a;C<^  in a cause pending'in a^Supreme Courtiland I  imis t oohf^ss^that'I am uhabletor enlighten you  hb������'dbIlLnowOfJany othe^  WILL BE ^ECE^ED^3THEJ OFFICE QFtTHEQ  SISTAKT ^OMMISSIO^E^xPF:JLAKI)|&- WpRKS,;:,  "    '   ' V?TO 12 O'dLOCK'   '   '' "'-f '* '>m>v-  ,-;������������������ ^xpA:: i -,^'-' - '��������� < -������������������  ���������0A&V B QN^OW^:  ' TOE^^^OI^iEti)^ Iff ^^BAESV  a general invitation Ao hlaVfrlends btj^k!  gives a general  tHends and ttj  ��������� \>; -v,' FOR THE FbLlij^^'iRTICI^^^  <upr  '? X&m fti best: dolden Gate Flour;^'  ? 3000 A do'������  ���������Qoallty Bice?  if '700; ��������� ^do-'^-^Oregph 'or'"  r -m  sive, and unjusti;Mr: Begbieiof - course icons!  a^ffeftiticonrec'fc; bui^^ w  before^issuirig;an: injunction: from'that'Court;  be^as coriipelled3tP^rescind'one previously  dO'    -,'���������������;VA^=_yU w*   V**11^***��������� .f "**"**^>  t 'do f '^Bayos;Bea_sV;:"? v. rf>uk* s_?,Jfj.  do;,... No.,2Sandwich Is. fagar;%  {"If, 100 .,-dp;v-;Dri^;Ai>^  J )'���������->. 200 rd*'1 ASaivff v ���������" ������������������ -     .....k-' -,v  '.;  '  '':. : : .^150;'' iib>- '"-'Tear ^-':'     .    ���������--.''   IV'-" ^.������ ^5-7-^-yv  =-S'i:  ilfiO'-^Uo* ���������-vXea|-  60i^^do.: [ ^Ground Cofiee;  1 bo? of;Pepper; r   >Vl?.  1 ft     t ^o;sMusterd;,;  1,,���������,;,,;.aH ;,v   M. v^;;  V^iAIso? to be toMered^o^separately; or ���������tpgcifcerwritli*  the above articles:! f.^f'i^f- --1    xf  aa-A   *���������  the!same time he considered^ the defendants  to his infallibility. In Conclusion, I .would  again;suggest that'thej miners -should/gby a  unariiiubus petitibh to' the next a Legislative  .CcmnciT'en^deavour to '%'rp curejaa'a^Wn^^^^'  - !"'��������� :2 tons of Natural Hay; 7-  .   .rl0001fes.vBarley;������''��������� ,<?>'.>   ���������.;���������'��������� >���������'>���������*<.'. *  ,   v l 2000 tbs. Potatoes;       ff: ���������   v     ��������� .f,  ,i;.;:;(iw.ibs;T,urnips;..,...  ;; ;,.. ,   -.  f Pwpoaals willals supply of,  v f  - Tenders to state what price on foot delivered at,Cotr;  ton wood Ranch; ot. killed and- delivered on the work-be*:  tween Cotton wood and Ricbfleld; if on foot animals not  j>Tbe above articles are to be all of the best description;  5 One-qtiarter.,of ;tbe above articles tofbe ^delivered at  ���������Ed ward's or'Van Twinkle within.six days after the acceptance of the Tenders^ tho remainder wi tain-15 and'  ���������.80; days respectively.?<;>+   \   \.\ -  fi,^   '.,,..:-,;'���������,'  1 Tenders to state the price for cash on delivery, or for  Bills at ,60 days on Chief Commissionerk)f, Lands and  Works at New Westihin^ter^"'^ ',';." ' ., , 1  1 Tenders to be endorsed ''Tenders for Proviaionsy'Gdt-;  ���������ton wood., and Richfield Road.?? -a (���������:;;%'. yfifffit^  .The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.,.. <  ffWf'If.* ifi f\,f; THOMAS SPENCE^ ff.^f  ��������� ''' .*<'* "���������* ���������--.*" ;'\^Government Agent,"^-'  ' r Richfield, June'������th, 1866. '''.*���������.,���������*'*  '^  -���������*������������������-tJ - - U -��������� ��������� ������js  WHOLESALE AK^REXAIL,^ DEALERS m.'Ali1'  V;.r?^i>a.{'-  :: .'1'  s^firtii  Il_������Hpi3;;  BOOTS , &f SHOES,  w  fff  21>tAtVf%L^ii  ���������;    '   '   '.'".'     :..  '"������������������?���������:-���������*���������   .:-;'.n!r"f'r1'-fJ  M?i   ���������;,.     I  Beg to call the attention oCrMinera>n^otl������ri  to tn'eir full'asaortmbnt of SUPERIOR GOODS "*������������������  ��������� '<��������� 1 '-:��������� '��������� ���������   ���������   wbicU wili;be sold. wffff'l&ff  r  ''A ffi)A:..At f. ^l.tW-7 >.-,������ .-'v.*- ^fa i'/>** *a1j,. .������;.'"���������.('-  ILL8A  31H  ltted;,excei  ^  ';*���������' .'fe1  the  me  til  ing creeks -and the! ^cini^ ;couid be tested,  that may otherwiseiay^vaite'for- years. 4th.  Mininglehterprisesof^arious^|ids;coii]d-  undertaken by the company, find; where the  magnitude of 'the undertaking' exceeded- the  funds available: from'the.Tegularsubscrip^ii,  speciaf subscribers^cduldbe ioBtainecl by;bal?  lot o^MOtther^isetfrom  such special;enterprisei;; ��������� ^th.^Thej, company  would be no ^monopoly7 as it^would^be ?open  to all, its advantages being,only participated  in by sub&driljersa ���������J$t&:- It would; also? be the  means of securing work to such-of fthe' mem*  bore aamjght be uneinploye^^as;the mem^  .���������;biis?r������ 'ojf;;'-. Ifi^/cSjttpimy rTKOjjlia." alyirayd -''"^iyef i jffiJB  preference to each other. 7thyrl_c theMovent  of discoveries, any'grant from*(Jovernmeht  wouldtjlie applied' tb' the common Ifund after  siiitable rewards had ;beeh .bestbwed,:on-Me  SJn frivolousi pretexts^paould  be put,;-aifiip to, as the poorest ifian |Ksuch  cases miisti inevitably go^toitfe wall f indeed  my own qpinipn is that nb;- appeal jShould be  auoW-3 to the Supreme Court at>H, 'if ihere  is any, let it be to a jury of disinterested min-  ��������� e;rs>with th e ��������� |Gfold Gommissioher ias!^ c^innan.  This would give, what Is, required lessehtially  in a mining country^ a speedyr] settlement. of  all Jdisputes^ put a check on a legal quibbles  ani chicanery j and: iWP am any judge of popular sentiment^ be 7 heartily^ .aceepifeible to  rimtyrnine out of every hundred of the -inihers  -dfCariboo.   '".,.;  ' ;;.     "'  .    .,<_./���������   "VAN' WINKLE,*;'-v-ffAf  BEGS.^TO' INFORM'^HISr CUSTOMERS1 AND;%H_{J  ipublicigeiierally tha^'hd'ihtends':tO"furnisbUhem  BEEf OR MUTTON^, so soon as packing Is-practicable;';  nat their..respectiverclaims: ,on ,thef' different creeks, or  residences, at the Most Reasonable Rates.  pVan Winkle 3uncTllVb, 1866;'     '   if'^"  m������:.  to^ make room for, a^NEW' STOCK tojanive- sobowjbj  I -v't At^/irAf the Roads are^open. Aff^ff ff\  V\j������8F Literal; allowanc-^ will be^made ^  Restaurant���������and>Hotel/Keepera and the Trade generallyv  on>large orders.,ly:-.4^.'(^l a'aX1^' nt, AAf-i.v^ .'Xu-?  ���������':-">.- *������������������!���������;}������������������  ���������if ft 'fv.:    s ���������: **;*\Vr** * t*i*fj^ ?~'': t. a *!fWi f,-, |  |y^r������^TRj^K;f:K  :"Sti:   Cl.ii.-J..  PVXJRING-!' THE,PRESENT!WEEK  w expect to re-  Br|celvo n^^open o^Firsi Glafeistock of BRAND-NEW  r ; fit -';;   ?   Af . GOODB^ comprising        "    .  explorers.  miners/  :8th.^ AU members^should be free  ;: those1 who^ thjnk with������us to fill-in ��������� the minor  ��������� : de^iisJT -������  rying but of such; a 'iBchemevwpjUd^^f6uhd:  we do not for a moment doubtiVftnd;we virpnld  iipt be^ ���������surprised to find twb-thifds jot th^free,  1 iriiriors in 'Cariboo; enrolling"themselves; as;  members of r such;; a company? &jThe only ad*  ditonal incentive required, wculd; be the ap-  poihtnient of. .responsible andJ experiehced  iuinersto the board of management; weekly  meetings where opinions could berfreely dis-^  cussed and cpmpared and the business of the  company conducted so as to-be'1 easily ^under-  stood by every member. We dp not doubt  its meeting with universal favor.  -; Williams/Creek, May 9th, l^S.\   ,f., f  y BRITraH-MmiSTEB AT iVAIJjmAIs6.T^It is te-  ported that: immediately ��������� after^the - bombard^  m^ t ^ ^Ipariaso; the. ^  requested to yacate tho premises oeciipied; jiy  JhiminSantiago;^d^novpne it is said will  >rent him another house | his:name; will also be  struck bfffxbihtbp listot jbiembers pffeheClubi  delaUnion^   ��������� f'~ ''   .���������'  ���������-.,--i.���������-;,-��������� .^-*-  U BBER .IMJ^-T 8;' <���������'���������;���������*  GOODYBAR'S ;$<������ IRraBEB   COA  ";='���������.:.: yXf COAL ^IEj &c^ &d^   fffft"  'AH of which^ha^ve been' nibst caremlly selected and will  be sold a t the LOWEST RATES, i ��������� At^fl: ru  ,:��������� \y$ cordially invite a- caU from onr old friends and  the public generally.;,    ,,��������� tr ,.,,;. ,.:.. ;i   ;,������ y , ���������  : *,:���������,-������������������:���������'   ;' ;���������.. : j. 'it-TODD k CO; ';  , Barkerville; B. C., June 4th, 1865. *  /��������� N. B^A small lot of. Hardware, Paists & Oils on  hand, for sale at 50 per cent. /Below Cost, f, ff    '���������'-���������:. t  ffftftM^M������ W'ff.: f  mJ-y'-At&nf   >:,-?.'������?���������       C4������r������- - "v'_ "*��������� ' A-*-f-.f''"-: ������-"  T^T^ A  ST!Afl TY1 AT?       TTjtil ^AT^Y^T*! fifi"  ?,,?*��������� ���������'���������  WllfelPawSOl^ACIKEEffi  fvyyu---.'  '  i' j fMXMDATmTEXmSDAY MOKOTKOS, .  ! X-r  ; ^'wmiea^Qtnssn^^ - ��������� v> *'��������� u  \VED3SESI^ & SATFEpAY MORklNG^  ...; ,;.:\;-v'_,!''''//ate 9;clock,,;, 'tt\yyt,  Oonnecting at SodaxCreek witb' Barnard's Staow oa.,  '' Wednesday 'a; trip; down andT^tup_a^s trip tip.'  /^r* %|igh^ta  Steamer .itEnterprisov^  ���������"���������ff\   ;-HIT. Q'R  MISS /  Bakery and Goffee Saloon^  p        JACOB HI^SON, Proprietor  Bread, Pies and Cakes constantly on handw*  EGS TO INFOR-f THE MERCHANTS AND iP������BLl|J  _J! (Of WilHams'Creek that he is prepared, at the shorjr  est notice,.; to iremove goods of. every/ descripUpniwHi  care between the towns of Richfield, Barkerville ������w  Camerontown,' at reasonabie'rates, '���������;'i!l ���������:--;'";-������-:fy ���������'��������� i:':-  j Richfield, May 21st, 1866. '^a a-:} ^fff&ff^A}}ff  NEW AJDVBETISESfENTS.  il  LOST, AHITNTING--CASE aOLDWATCH,  on Wednesday, tho 13th Juno, 1866. Any person  ���������finding the same and leaving it with E. HODGENS,  Watchmaker, Barkerville, will receive the above-reward.:.    :; ������������������.-���������'������������������... T12-2W    :  "ADANIEL COMB TO JUDGMENT, YEA  //.   ";/   '���������"'-,:��������� A DANIELH������r y:fX"  To the Editor of the "Cariboo Sentinel,,j  &h,-^History teaches us tnat: there has;  lieyer; been any man iii a high position who,  be liis actions what .they mayj; tyrannical,  cruel, of; unjust j eye r lacked flatterers and  parasites; who "would, bend the pregnant hinges of the knee, that thrift might follow fawn-  ing'^in which class the individual; writing,  over 'tho -nori-dc-plume of "Onyx,"'" in your  isaue ofthe 4th inst., may hot inaptly be placed. He has put himself before the: public as  the apologist for Chief Justice Begjbie, and  LOST,,BETWEEN 127 Aj 150 MILE P08T3, YALE  Waggon Road, a box containing Law. Books1 and  sundry papers, addressed lo mo at Barkerville. I will  pay the above amount to any one who will deliver the  -books to any of Barnard's Expressmen'for mo.  A. R. ROBERTSON,  Barrister.  Richfield, 13th Juno, 1666. 12  Ei  ������������������?,  Tt'OMAMT-Sf ���������  barkerville;      :   ���������  nEALERS in '".':"���������  Assorted Merchandize  Wholesale and Retail.    . i-  )  barkervilXe;  JAMES LORIN&, Proprietor.  CGHEN  a  a. t   ��������������������������������������������� ���������'���������[ ��������� dealersi^ " ���������"������������������  GLOTHING & DRY GOODS  BARKERVILLE.. ���������  A large supply of Ladies' Goods on the way.  .C'i!; FULTON^jPROF������Hpro^'  There is no distillerykept in this estabiiHaaicuj  and strychnine and rot-gut find no place hero..; *  -,..:,- ������������������,'-��������� EVERY EVENING,,,,., f v:  ..'.'��������� -A        :'���������������������������  1'!p   ,-.;-_T-TBB'-:*'iA': ''''::���������.������������������   '������������������'--������������������������������������  fas;hiok's:a;ioW  ./'��������� f PPX.-    BAEKEEYILtE.' . f  WILLIAM  WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE.  BARKERVILLE BREWERY.  This First Glass Saloon is now open to the lovers of  BVBRY   EVENING-.  FirstClass order will be preserved, and tbe proprietor  jiaimy v?u? h-ujj^t ������"y _J^*SX%?f!?iU I t-Vites btt friend and the public to givo him a call.  h la- colony, and who support the Chief Justice     &&* The BAR is stocked with ti_j beat of Liquor������ and  plainly tells us miners, who alone.jnamtaln  th la colony, and who support the Chief Justice j  an<f all the other officers of the Government, | Si-gars.  BREWER.  mm"  ���������   VAN WINKLE,  Dealer in all kinds of Provisions, Clothing, &c.  4������- Btahlins for Hors^S; H^y, S-ri������y sai Oatfi al-  w*ys oa haa<. %*%  \ LL LOVERS OF THE TERHSCHOREAK" ABJ 6f������  ill invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a w  welcome will bo estondod.  4sr Theibest of Wines, Xiiquors and Beg^f  and Good Order observed. ,- ��������� ��������� ��������������������������� ���������  -_,������������������   '  1 .."ff.       ..MARTIN & COOK, Prop'rs.  BARKERVILLE, 7   y  MISS TflURBERi^B-/LAWL^  THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN  NEWLY FITTEP UP ^  the Restaurant principle with a view to the' cj"  of the public, and will' be conducted ln.^ii,  ensure the.satisfaction of those who are oispw  favor the proprietors with their patronage.,  j , .   Meala at all Hours.  Good B������gW- j  ^a-ThoBarfefurttisbfdwttb th^ b������st.a������W.j  Liquors and 8s_������nv;  gM2  M  few.  m  lA  ty  f  $11M THEffRIBOO SENTINEL  THtTRSDilY, JUNE \U. 186&  GOIiD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.. ;?'  . ^Before WVG. 6ox/Eso_.) ������"���������    ?-  r: \. Monday, ilth June,1866r  Prairie Flower Co?yya Break: o' Day CoV;  per H. Calder, foreman���������This suit was brought  to compel defendattts to show cause why������they  should not be; ��������� ejected. front certain; mining  ground allegei'tb belong to plairitiffa.^:.^'.;;,;';/  This dispute, arose/about a small - wedge  shaped piece of ground1 that lies'between the  lines of the Prairie Bower Co'y and .the For*  est Rose Co'y.   It appeared'ftdm the evidenco;  adduced that H. Calder, before taking up the  lisputed ground last fall, went and examined  he stakes pf the Prairie Flower Co'y: he  bund two corner, stakes, /which-were'pointed  lout to him by the foreman of the PrairieFJow-  ' r Co'y (RvScarr) aq their side bbundarf lines;  unning: a straight line between these "two  takeB, defendant (Calder) staked off the Break  .' Day ground, and, went to work on it in De-  ember last; and had'held undisputed possesion of the same from that time till the 4th of  dne, when plaintiffs "alleged that:they..had  bund their ofd stakes of 1863, showing a di-.  rorgenceifrom/the straight line/between the  wo corner stakes of a distance of 46 feet, on  hich the Break o'Day Co'y were, trespassers.  Midget crooked line, and all he.could do was  ^> order the plaintiffs to draw, a! straight line  ���������omone corner stake to the other. Each par-,  ly to pay their own, costs. Mr.Park for plaintifls.  .fflX+X.        -<'.'"Tuesday,- June 12th,. .  Plumbago Co'y ts. Kelly:Pajtch! Qo'y, Low-  ee Creek.���������This was a^smt brought to recov-  r $1000 damages for ground alleged to have  een worked by defendants which belonged  plaintiffs; The Judge^ after, hearing evince on both sides of the case gavo a judg-  ent against defendants for $125, with costs.  QUESNELMOUTH ASSIZES.  The only .criminal case before the Assizes  was that of the 'Indian Chil-Pekin, who was  concerned in the mnrder.of John Morgan, near  Soda Creek, last 'fall; "C The indictment con-:  tained two counts; thefirst charged the prisoner with being actor or accessory in the murder of John Morgan, and the second charged  him with being, actor bri, accessory in tiie murder of a manrwhbse name, was unknown���������the  second count was deemed necessary; .as/the  bodv of. the murdered man cbuld,'no t be positively identified; ;A 'jury; was: impanheiied  who failed to agree and were discharged. A  second jury was empannelled who brought in  a verdict of: "guilty.?: on- the second count  The prisoner was then 'indicted on the Charge  of assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon  with intent to. do grievous bodily harm. The  jury brought in a verdict of ''guilty" on this  charge also. The prisoner then confessccTto  being an accessory to the murdeiy accusing  his accomplice, Mickel-Patsk, as the .principal.  The Judge passed sentence of death on the   ������������������y���������-���������-������������������-���������-~ ��������� -������������������ ������i ������i  the total absence of crime amongst her white  population ; and herewith tender our thanks  to his.Lordship,' and submit our report;   ���������  C. H. HEATH, Foreman.   ���������  DISASTER ON THE COLUMBIA.  m  prisoner, at the.same;time;remarking;that*he  would sta'te"the circumstances of the case'to  the Government and recommend the prisoner  to mercy, -t.   -;Xrif>v.wfA.\u ff  GRAND JURT'S REPORT  " CherrtCreek Silver/Mine.-���������The British  olumbia ^Government has granted this corn-  any 18 square miles for silver mining pur-  3aea.JJ���������'Chrohicle,'; How generous bur GoVr  nment is with its mineral lands. .Only think  ' the monopoly of 18 square \ iniles? of what  IB supposed:to be ;a rich mineral distr ict, by  ^ Jjpe company 1   If such a policy is persevered  I Swhsit will become of the bone and sinew of  e country, the " poor but honest miner " in  few years.hence?l He wHl undoubtedly be  iven out of the country and the. whole con-  Dl of our mineral wealth * will' be vested in  >-S_fe Dan^s ������f a f^w capitalists.   It is all very  BR11 for the Government to encourage the in-  lltpfetment of capital in our mines, but surely  ||||CARtBOo Library.���������We understand that the  ^^llance of the instalment of books purchased  |j||| Governor Seymour before, leaving the Col-  'Mmfo .for this institution, and contained iu three  . sixes, were shipped at New Westminster for-  gllriboo on tho 30th ult, through Barnard's  ^ppress, so that they will be' here soon. We  %|/le likewise informed that the Photographic  /|������ews ,qf various parts of this country,;which  HBi Excellencyvery liberally presented'to the  m library, are to be-sent on just as soon aisthey  l3gp he procured, from Mr. .(^ritile.  l^gGROUSE iCJMSEK- ^D; ROCK FLTOffi ^COMPANY.  k^MThe Gold Commissioner has sanctioned the  ^Kuest made in an application by the Grouse  ft������eek Bed Rock Flume Company to the Goy-  Ijjpment, during -last- winter; - for. having' ��������� the  j|||ms'-of their charter so ialtered as to enable  ������^' *b cut a ditch to bring water from a creek  ^gPtying into Antler creek, a distance of 3000  p||t, and lay 500 feet of flume for the present  ggipon in lieu of laying 700 feet of flume as  ������pured by their charter. The Gold Cdin-  l?lrl?ner naa: a������cordingly . issued an order  fc?#ra,m^ miners from molesting theFlume Com-  Ifjjfy's ground,   , .     -  ;.  ^Ruartz .Assay.���������A return has been received  $$_L t? as9^ of a portion of the quartz sent to  HP^ancisco last fall from the reef situated  ^m* divide between Williams and Grouse  WE ri   e result we bave not learned, but it  |fa"smctory to the parties interested, who  fir11 d���������:������ commen<!e operations as soon as the  (|#w disappears. ��������� , ,  .  ������30 Dollars Reward.���������^ will be seenbv  Reference to our advertising columns that  W  S above reward  one  wu^ be paid to anv ,���������.-  Wvenng t of Barnard,g E     esg^ ; .-  ������ of Law Books lost sometime since, be-  Mm the 127 and 150 mile post. '  fcbSwTf'r H������,a J,udge Be������bie arrived  Mtticbheld on Tuesday last.    His Lordshin  m open the Court of Assize  to^orroT  ������re are ao cnminal cas       n   fa     orr������w.  _fcss___tt^'w- *������ ^doa  t-jB������������&  said ��������� to^-^** ������a- Grouse creek  F tunnel,  bave found good prospects  in  i  The Grand Jury, empannelled pursuant to  an order of his Lordship, Matthew B. pegbie,  , Judge, ofthe Supreme Court of British Columbia, on the 8th day of June, "'A, JD.j 1866$[ at  Quesnelmouthy^gje^y^  report:? f f f: %^M- U,.\^:f:if ��������� ?v.'f r=--,- f-^  .   The duties pf the Grand. Jury as';''usual' In  this district ar^ not arduous^   We have found  one true bill for murder; and one for '-assault  with deadly weapon,. With intent to' kill, both  against the same person, Ke being ah Indian.  No-.other; felonies, have] beeni committed or  come to bur knowledge,^^anbinb; petit 'Crimes  or ^misdemeanors wnatsQever,!ahd:.the disposition of the white population is lauda.bly peaceable.- ' ff ��������� f ������������������ i '���������      ���������������������������;���������'���������'��������� ' ������\ -r-'.fy -.; \XfX- \ ���������  We have; visited the Jai 1 ofthe district, and  find that some extra repairs would" be very  necessary ;,;bein_: made of Jgreen timber, the  doors are allishrunkso Uhat tW6olts>bf Tthe  locks will not catch.   ������������������.   '\ir/V-T--    ;���������':- -;-  ,   We would recommend that >good suflScient  iron bars be placed before the front .windows,  and that at least one.cell!b,e so constructed as  to prevent the ppssibility of. an escape,, and  with whatever slight improvements the resi-  dentmagistrate, in consultation with the constable, may'deem proper. !. '** ff if "f:';  fl We would also respectfully call .the attention of tbe Court to the fact", that "there is now  rnnnbig at large the.accomplice and probably  the instigator of the crime for which the prisoner 'in custody stands indicted,- and ��������� that  no adequate attempt or praiswbrthy effort has  been put.forth for his recapture, and it"is the  opinion of this. Grand. Jury that this matter be  inquired into and a speedy effort made to retake the principal criminal and bring him to  justice. "'.'".'  It has been represented to the Grand Jury  that there is now at large, about the neighborhood of Williams Lake,two Indians, charged with the crime of murder and grand larceny, who escaped from Williams Lake officers two years ago, and considering themselves outlaws are preying upon the property  of their neighbors to their great terror and  inconvenience, and we recommend that an  efficient officer be dispatched to bring them  to; merited 'punishment..;; f-fftf: 1. .v.:-; ivfff. f  f The Grand Jury would respectfuily call the  attention of the Hbn> Judge -jbo -tlie necessity  of a bridge across Quesiiel river at -ife mouth;  the present means of transit is in> tbe opinion  of the Jury inadequate to the wants of the  colony--vefy ihc.bnvenieht and unsafe to the  property and lives of those whose business  calls them to pross.       r     ^   - 4) , .-���������*,: :  And the Grand Jury would particularly  cal 1 the attention- of his Lordship to the culpably deplorable condition of the road from  Cottonwood river to Van Winkle ; the Grand  Jury cannot speak in language too* strong of  the negligence' somewhere, either in the Government or the Government Road Agents. We  do not believe it is the true policy of this colony to grossly neglect her most important  interests; and yet to that portion of the  colony from which emanates nineteen-twen-  tieths of her wealth, nothing heavier, than; an  empty waggon has been able to pass for the  two past; months, while two or three thousand  dollars properly and judiciously expended  would render the road very passable for loaded teams and greatly expedite the facility of  travelling..;   , * _  We are informed that theref is money set  apai't for the relief of destitute Indians, whether such be the fact or not we do not know;  there has none been expended- within our  knowledge, and yet there has been an old, de-  crepid, sick and destitute Indian woman subsisting on the voluntary charity of the people  for the last six weeks. We beg the Court will  enquire into the matter, grant the relief, and  enforce the same as justice and charity demands  In conclusion, the Grand Jury congratulates  the people of this District bn the law-abiding  dispo&itJoD of her citizens and subjects, and,  Our telegraphic despatches of .the_28th tilt,  contained a brief account of the disaster which  happened at Death'Rapids,"'dnHhe Columbia  River, on the 19th May ^whereby 16 lives were  tost*   We how clip the following from the  << Victoria' Chronicle,,,? -from which it will1 be  seen ftat manyr of the unfortunate sufferers  weret>ld and well known residents of this  place:...      .!������������������������������������ ��������� . ; f;f:f<.. ������������������ ff f,tA  I "From Mr. D. F. Adams, who arrived in town  yesterday, 30thMay,vfrom-BigBend^'we-ob^  tain the following account of a dreadful calamity which befel a^^batteau, manned by three  Canadian Frehchmeh/atid containing twenty-  two passengers}'at 8 o^lbck oh'Saturday evening, the 19th May, in;the,Death. Rapids, Columbia River. ."..."  ; The batteau left Wilson's landing about 4  o'clock in the afternoon, and run down to the  head ofthe raping, wherei the passengers disembarked, with the exception of four or five  who manned the oars and "ran" the1 first two  miles, of the rapids, while the? passengers on  shore followed.along the river bank./ After  ninnuigtvi'o miles the boat was stopped,, and  and a* the request of the captain (who said he  cb'uldV make the Steamboat Landing -before  dark) all but three - re-embarked.:   The, boat  ^TiM^gm; 'atfd:fiaT on lylnade- aooui' 1(J0  yards, when in turning a short; curve of the  river; it ran suddenly into: a riffle or boil and  was partly filled with water.   -The boat was  then headed for the shore, 5 and^ three ^strokes  ofthe bars would have averted the dread calamity ; but the oarsmen were completelyrter:  ror striken, at the.danger they"saw on every  Bide, and stopped rowing ; the. boat^/instantly  upset, when only ten-feet fromVthe;.snore and  drifted into a great maelstrom.   Four of those  on board, viz: Mr;'D.F. Adams, A'. Iindon,  Lewis Lehoy. (captain) and Frederick;Quick,  succeeded m gaining the ��������� boat's, bottom and  were carried down the river for. a distance of  Half a mile, through whirls, riflies'and rapids  -i-iintil withm 100 yards of the' great falls,  when the boat providentially ran into an:eddy  and after floating up the eddy, and along into  the stream, and again reaching the eddy, when  near the shore, two oars floated along, which  the unfortunates seized and reached to some  men on.the bank,and the boat with, its : occupants ;wa? pulled ashore.    Two others���������Philr  lip Ma^^Cmjeof Jfch'e French Canadians) and,  James^v^ ^Ji, of ^WaHa^^allaH^reacheiQ,,  eddy aterfne boat upset and: swain : ashore;  The remaining sixteen passengers^ found a  watery grave. The particulars we give below  In the sad list will be, found; the names of  many Victorians who a few weeks ago left us  full of health, hope and manly vigor, and  to-day "sleep the sleejp^ that knows no waking."  Wm. Cold well, native of New Brunswick,  aged about 30 years, lately".in the employ of  Jackson & Co., of this city; John G. McKeil, a  native of New Brunswick, aged 26, brother-in-.  jaw of -D~F,.Adams ;��������� Richard Goldsworthy,;  Cornishman, leaves a wife in Victoria; Richard  Harvey, Cornishman,. late of Victoria, formerly of the Prince of Wales claim, Cariboo ;  Edward Gilbert, Cornishman, late of Victoria;  ���������- Richards; Cornishman j aged 60;: contractor  of Victoria, leaves a wife ; a nephew of the  last,name$, a plasterer,^ name' unknown; John  ForShbm^bf London; ^vLit^e; Jpe^V a Switker,  formerly employed at the New-England Bakery; Edward Daunet, a Cariboo packer: ^Merrick; Miller, of Greenwood Valley^Califernia;  Robert McGee, of Dry town; Amador County;  C. G. KirbVj of Canada; A. T. Grim, of Ohio;  Joseph de Fort, a Canadian Frenchman. f two  Frenchmen, names unknowri^ Before Mr;; idr  ams left the fatal spot, his own and ColdwelPs  blankets, together with a small bag belonging  to La Fort, floated ashore. None of the bodies  were seen the next day; but the telegraph  informs us that Mr. Richards' body has since  been found.   The three passengers who declined to re-embark, and thus preserved from  death, are N. PiaistedrArch. Mailer, and IX.  Klumb."    . .: '.".":   -.'/:  yiCTORIA ;IT^;raOM^r^  I Mr, J. J. Sotrffcfeate'hii arrivferl from Eng-  laud in 38 day^ from port to port, thequickeet  trip on2 recordr.������������������ *���������^ Mr. S; entertains ���������'* the - belief  thatUnionwill be accozhpliBhediduring th'o?  present, session should no extraordinary emergency arise to change the Ministry,^-An iron  clad ship of war, the 'Favorite/ was to leave *  Englafid on 16th April for Victoria.^Thebax'ki  Eastern Chief bad'amved from Liverpool in '  185^ays.^MrV >Vilby, of Esquimalt, 19 in pos- ;  session of a ypung goat having a head with [  two faces distinctly marked uponit; the'ani-  maronly lived a short time, and is now being 'li,  stuffed for. the'^benefit of thecurious.-^Mr. H.  Nathan; had returned from the Sandwich Isr '  laids.���������The^ rerouted; coal^ discovery1 at Sooke  turns out af mere hoax; the specimen found is  siijpposed to have been dropped by a steamer J  during the gold'excitement there m 1864.-^A  lucky Caribooite-while on a visit to Dublin  lately had been arrested as a Fenian, and only ���������  liberated after'satisfactorily proving that he  was what he professed to bo, "an honest mm- ."  er."���������The, great,���������.boiler for.Capt. Stamp's new  steamer was successfully landed at the H. B. :  Co.'s, wharf; it weighs 32,400 ibs.���������The steam^  or Alexandra takes the place of the. Enterprise  while the' latter .undergoes repair's.      ' . *'    ��������� \  1. J^*Mr. Spence has given instructions to '  haverthe road from [Richfield to Camerontowa- ?  repaired." A number of Chinamen are now ,  buBy cleaning out^e#;ciilver.b i.w() ifentfi _g:u.-  fhe brea"Ss7", 'iSiBJwaa gre^tty needed in Bar-" I  kervilleV where a-great p oHion of. the ��������� street \  has been undermined and is constantly caving 1  to the great danger ofthe public.  v. ^S^ We are'informed that a "Special Jury  will be sumnaoned to try the case. Davis;. Cq,  vs, Aurora Co... y'\   "\.a-. f.f'f'' ff-ffpl- .  v; Central PAcmc JliiLRo_p.~The workmen XX  on this road, says an up country paper, have  broken ground ais far as Heatpn^s i two miles  above Polley?s, at which place.tnere are some  300laborers; There are at work on the whole  route5 from 9,000 ^o lliOOO Chinaman all organ-f  izedinto^ effective;gahgs.������--S; F; Altai'-      -!;  -;   s-''   '������������������<'��������� " "'"v.'<'I'.' i- y..'.v.:"t-'tt ���������'���������..'  '">":    \v>fv.     '    ���������:':..������..���������}/  W. D. Moses has just leased the premises.;  lately, occupied. by:D. J.Dixon, in Barkerville;  where he intends;carrying on his old. business,,- .  of Barber and Hairdresser. His arrangements ��������� l}:  are. not yet completed ior; supply ing '.his Hair ���������  Invigorator.   He -invites a call from.his old %  friends and patrons.    ���������    - ,j pa^X. :,'���������  ! ^JS^ If you wanit good Coffee use FelPs.    .  M\  %  jas?  .������  NO T ICE   TQ   M 1 N ER S ���������  THE WILLIAMS CREEK BED ROCK FLUME AND  Ditch Company, Limit* 2>, call the attention pf Miners to " The Williams Creek Flume Ordinance, 1866,".;  a copy of which can bo seen at their office, and hereby'  caution all persona not to trespass on any ground nor  Interfere with any rights and privileges therein granted  to the Company.  ,'���������,. E. A. WADHAMS,  1?������v Secretary.  Richfield, 16th May, 1866.. \ ;   44w     -  WAKE   UP  JAKE  RESTAURANT, BAKERY;  Finakcial Company.���������We learn from good  authority that an English Financial Company  having a paid up capital of ������500,000 will open  an office for investment in this colony in the  course of a few weeks. This is welcome intelligence; the great surprise has always been  that British capitalists have so long shut their  eyes to the advantages which this colony  holds out for profitable investment.���������'Colonist.  Admiral Dbnman's Policy SustAiNED.*--The  bambardment of Valparaiso had been noticed  with indignation, but the action of the British  Admiral was defended and, endorsed by the  Government The English Press and people  loudly denounce the course of Spain. At  Liverpool an indignation meeting was held,  adopting resolutions expressing gratitude for  the exertions of Commodore Rogers*  Appointment CoxFiRMBD.~-The Government  have confirmed the appointment of Mr. Joan  Bolrron as Postmaster for Williams Creek.  Barkerville, B^C,  KELLY & PATERSbNv Proprietors.  Everything Is done In connection with this establishment to give satisfaction to the customers.  jjsr Meals at all hours. *  M. J. BLACKMAN,  TINSMITH,  .   .BARKERVILLE.  1  Bo  LEWIS   WILDE,  ot and Shoe Ma  BARKERVILLE;,  ker,  L.  & CO.,  WHOLESALE & RETAIL  a  RICHFIELI), Williams Creek, B. C.  E HAVE ON HAND a large stock of Provisions,  Hardware a-d Vegetables, an'l &ra ^a^r  mined to sell them etieaper than any other store on  Williams Creek, Come and see and Judge for yourselves.  Richfield, May 5tb} 1806, 1  J,K.  SUTER   &   CO.,  Commission Agents  DEBT COLLECTORS. ;  Bankrupt Affairs wound up and Balance SbectR pre^  pared; Mining Accounts carefully made up; All kinds  of Forms and agroamtfltf* drawn, and every other des-  criptioa of business promptly attended to.  'jS$T Office���������RICHniXD, n?ar the Court House,    5 qgaiBBsasasBtBgasssasggg  $s  AUTOGRkPHv LE^^ROF'  ,fi  >A!tr  HR-QUEEN  ^:^lS^lW  shortly to return)'iio*JAmorica," anil' she!would  be sorry; that'ho" s_ould: leaW England withf  out being* assuredly jheraelfi. how, deeply, ^Jie.  appreciates tl*e nobJLeact of'more than princely; ��������� munificence' by vtfiicli he has .sought to re-  jects residing.in.Lbndpjt' *  \     '.,,.. fl '/ .jf  X. f#j������i&$n ac^aa^e><_uepri ftelieve^ ^h^ly]  without! parallel,' anUfwlncb/ willcarry, ite. besljf  reward, in Me ;cbnscidushess of having contri-;  bitted so Jargely/tq^the assistance of those who  canliUle-helpthemsqives^;^;^3,:  yXpfXpX 'H'V  ���������'.'. f Tlie'tQueen^woutcTIno^^howeverjj h]|ve,  been i satisfied ^h^";0^;^f^<i^^ly^  some public mark of ?her^sbnse of ilia \ m.unifi-  cence^ and ^e^^uld gla^^  upon .him- either a; baronetcy or tbe'Grahft  Ci-ossof^the OrderVpf 'the^atbi^utMhat^he  underatamla Mr^Pe^  baped$vovn>accepting "sucli .distinctions. \'. j  , ^.^ly-romftins^  to give'Mi\ Pea>ody;t^^ her per-'  ' Bona! feelings^iiich s^S^v^d'furt^^^sli  to*, marfc by asking him, to. ���������saccept a ^miniature  ofeberseliy whicjti she?wiH^esiretbjha^e p&ftr  J^^oxJn^^ndrj^^  ei^er.beTslmffio iii^ '  hini?6n his return, which,.she rejqiees to hear,  he ������meditates,*ilp &jeg^Scy. i%t owes him so  ^much^  ?> *���������^  &������*  mm&m  iffff&m  * ��������� ''   V ' ���������,     y,\   f   .:���������-,���������.,,,  ,- -.. -.-..-:;..:���������������������������      ���������.���������  t   V.    KOTXCE IS HEREBY GIVEN .THAT,' .  THE.>POS T  OFFIC E  f {a.- ^wUVIimtil farther, notice, be kept at the ,  '; jBl!Jtt������ABY:?ff'<J AMERON^'OWN,:-*  __d-_lr! ijOHN^BOWBON will be tne^Aettii������J?oa^master  ���������, <���������.,.-:.;: ^. - ���������  ii  f f: :  ��������� ���������'- WM^GEO; COX, .  "  : ' Richflei<l,-B. 0.,"   \ f>,    ff   >: i JrJ.P.  1st May,-.-A. 3)', 1866.;���������"$.  Op^i#fc^  .It!  :'>-���������? COLONiAli ftESTAURANT^H  ���������!; i :aa *>������$������,( lpOEi^^p^o^^rp^py' yc  IffeM^  f     'u/���������   ,   '."'description.        f:   4 s'.   .;;���������  . .^?.~:r,,,, '-^^QrjfisKELMOUTH, ;::' f'f'ff ff fX  ..  " BROW& & GrLL-iBj^'PitOPRiETp^^ "'4  (^oo^tBeds^Res^urant ^BilHardTablftsiiSse.  ;; f      a Stabling for Horsey E&y/anct,Oats. /..,,,. a*'. .,  *   -v r*  YiqTO&Lk  .?. ��������� Or j  fjAD^ETKWE^^r  f^'  'RICHFIBLD*  EiA#Wli!SlERl -Mtif  ���������I-  J{r!,v;r;<  r -HMkrohastsakdDealkrbiw ���������*������������������   ' ;r"; ;���������'������������������.  THE) CO-P-ilXTNERSHIP 'here tofore.cxlstinff! between  Messrs.1 J.,B. QHANOELLIER and NV CtfNIO has.  been dissolved to-day by mutualJagTeement.";.^^:quni6  remains'sole prbprietbr bf the BarkerviUe^BreweryV   ���������  , Williams Creek^Hay 23rd, I860; "   '*:i L 'W/.1 6ilm '*.  mi  . ME..PBABOI)Y^ RE^LY^O^HE^QUSEN.  'THefollowing letter wksE', tranVmitie^t^the;  Queen, through Earl Russell,,in reply;'to' her'  -^Maj es^?sv^^i^:iyt^er tb^ !iir. j^a^o'idy ^f ^ J  ", 'i'The Palace Hotel; ^Buckingh am-gate-: V  '  ^ ''     ' ���������������������������-_J6tidohj'-Ap'rll:3;186ai^    ���������:    j  .^Sladame.-rrl feel sensibly .my inability;������feo  express^ m adeo[uat(i terms the gratification  With wfiich;! have .reaAL.theUetter which your  Majesty has doiie niertlie!lioiibr of transmitting  by tne'ha'hds^f JSafl'&ssei, l~f       ?':  '{- "?\  :" *"(Jn the'occasion :wM'ch,;lias^attracted your  Majesty's -attention' < i C se ti I ti g: apa \ i a portion  of ihy! propertj' to ameliorate* the ^condition'  S.aMkfiigmefii;ffie'^^^^ the ije^Xop^&x  dotii'I have^been-actuaWd^y idee^ sense^6f  ��������� gratitude to God, who  haV;>Tesskl   i"<r, Sviih  v prosperity, and.o^attttehi^ritioH^' country  %whererunder-yo\if- .MajesjQc^i'Vemgri������- rule( ;  r^;vl^;;r^6Ts������������fgicM^r_^  t:?;"X^i|i;.GMOlS.^^W  ��������� ��������� *';.OLD\ EsTABIdtSHtO)^GBNBBAt vSxORK,/f ,\ j{{  PROVISIONS,^ WHOLESALE / &  COMMIS-  i - r> :tt-'  -;c;.i glQN^RGHANTS,!; /4i;4vV.i '/^  ' > -���������Storage2^c^-TeiTfe^rj_os^v  ROAD SIDE' HOUSES, &o.i  THIS HOUSE is situated 26"miles from Quesneimorithi,  The proprietors.Ijaylag, lately: flttod ;up bedrooms  and good Beds are'riowprepa'red to1 afford every accommodation for Travellers ���������the Table is furnished with;all  the luxuries tbat.canhoprocured-fihlo Bar is well supplied with tho best brands of Liquorsand Segars;; good  ^ablm^Hay^Oats^  _2&fiaerK^.b^BG������4^ -^ \ >fA--.��������� i&., -CfJl. zf J.tfLf^^" ���������  \ x^i:Gcms^^ ������������������ y.  :ry vJi H.(7;yRNgfi h co.,    .���������  'J' ���������- * ***������������������. r' ^rt��������������������� =������JSPORTms -jaai' ' ' "* '; f  English^^r^^Sil^'Stia^vlsV Dresses t]W  4-t 4erclothlhg,^iovesp ahel ^eVery^dogcripHloii'oc^  s tr,-;^.o*?<i ������feVr'-5iii)raperyT*pocl8;-Oif^j/0)jrn ?f   ���������  rRSQiyeiregnla^  ���������l^lsaUin&Tessels.y^ajpape Hpr^,,.;I X*A-.tf&:??l\  a j^'Particular at lention given: tball "ordered 'H'U^ j  'l^'l^ndon^^fffi^^^E-TosaTAXL^&'Go.^^  jv/^T^Btasfimassa^:-  >0������;  Wli_Iilk_i'ZE������l^^ l&r*j^fc* _v_>  s j r;'ctSES'and CaEMipAi^,^Fan^  Sponges/X Brushes, ^Perfumeryj);&e,) .; ^hysiciahs'' Vk v  scriptlojua carefully compounded iaifd-; nrd,er8;anBwered-;  wHh caroiand dispatch* ,.Victoria..v. I,.; f * fAAAf.  i, ,'-iJ^ci^yATTK_OE?S^0RNERi5^ ^tSS  J"^>3Eft;f'BOBEBTaONrrWino-MdSp_rit--_ito:  r.rtohaiit,^lctprla,,,V;iI.iM,.  ~f.f<������������������>,"ff*T:  pyyy, ��������� ( 'BOOTS'! /BjOOTSYi^^ ^5~S;  &A^SA3ff ijVrHpffii tat your /Bpcii wear so^/  and keep your, feet so dry? <tBecaAuse f gu>cHase(J  Charity^ and"Butler; Government Street',rjVictoria^  CO.���������/>Port; Street, ^icipti^Jy,-.viivft^,k J  an4 'Field ���������petedi guaranteed.; Have piiiaiJi"..  a carefully ���������'^leqUd;stoek?pr ;tho. ahovo' from'-'thD b������"-  ^umpeatfahd American'Markets^ -Ttie'earr^Srilen'^}  tl,. Qardeju  n ^xlr40^;Vr^6'iNl'BAKK^ ;.���������: 'iff,;, v-^  WaEETEAS,^ Petition for A&3u&ica1;lok^r;^Titopt^  !cy^asTb^en^ul^ffle_-on'ithe l6th_day|oCiMay  lastbyi WAiiTEa &s  liams Creek, BritishrColumbia, late Bestaurant and Sa-;  doon-KeeperJ *an-vhe having bebn adjUdic^ted'a Bankrupts is hereby^eo;uired'toA surrender hirfiselF^to Wrivj  l0ep;.Cpx^Esquj,reti; tbe Judge of the above Court, fora  first: examination on Friday the 15th; day of'June next,  at 'eleVen o'clock,vin the morning precisely, * and' on  (Monday,-ttieieth day-'bf July fiext,iat 11 o'clock in'the  morning preciaely, at the, Court House^^ Hichfield, and  make a .full discovery, and disclosure [of' his estate and  effects, 4yhen*and\wherVlhe Greditors^ are, tbjcbme prepare d to prove their debts; and at"the ' firfet^itting to'  choose Assignees and at- the;last, sitting the said.Bank- ���������  rupt is required to n^Bh^sieKaminatieri.? f%A n ��������� n*>=  i All?������persons indebted to.the; said .Bankrupt or that,  have "any of his estate and effects'are not to pay or d6-'  liver-the same vbut'to Mr. Mi G.'Phillips/Esqj, the Offi:  cial Assignee appoihted by the saidiCourt.r~f c-  a,   [f If  ;    ;   t'-ff-'     ^rOSEPH^EARKv        -  ���������   r,r-,f ,, ,    .,',"-.'.���������,   '     .f't .Ricbfleld,   '  '   'ff-        '    ',"" JfJourisel f6r Petitioneri'  4-Richaeld-:i7th>ray, 1368.-; w ,-.-.. 4-'  ������plonia.1 Hotel, Soda Creek  ' ;t;iScTJJ^B'jKi' SENNY, Ptppri^tors; :^ V  TEE FUBLIO ARE -imTOSD TO \0AX������ ^VT^THI^  -HouseJ -iJ Were SplGoflA., Meals ��������� Good Beds; Stabling  for Horses; Barley,' Oats and Hay.* (4 ' ���������' ���������v s  ; ^1-b> ^  iSX.QYE8 -FOR OTEi ^COMM6^AT)ft)N ;OR^ ifife  fravelling';public:;' the bedrooms are ispacious-and  airy and the Beds'-cannot'^bw surpassed - for cleanliness  aiid comfortby any In the lower country; the Table is  always suppliedjwith 'the>best,?of,victuals,,,^Stalling  for Hories ��������� j Hay, Oats and Barley constantly: on hand.  Clover andf.oniqh seeds 5 or,.;very} superior -;qualit_"  Fruit Trees; and; BuBhQs;;. Eve'rgreehs, '"Shru^Vcfop  house'��������� and/iGrardeh^ Plants,<Standard and DwarT&^  of everyiyaiietyivi^Cataldgu^B on amplication. $ul*j  ��������� ���������"t*i'������������������.";'���������-"������������������'' "'_,^'^iiin?^''^'i^'~ri'>i'~ -. It'f. .,.Vi fl.'l  BRODRICK, QoAt .,anj>' I^h^^B^ssi ^  Wi  <   JfilLLtfOBT tmWE&rf3$mmTS&  ���������aEJK  have-received;so'much"p.e>s6KK^^>4^W^'iifffW^};'PWV^fit---1 ' -r^'^?  yei36yeo^s6^ Ihany'ydarl^t^  * "Next 'to the approval pf fn^ownoonscience  I shall always prize the assui'Mb^'whlchlypur  ; Majesty^fetter, conveys to. meVpf^thefapprp-  "batibn oftne Queen;of.Bnglana', whbse wh<5lS  liie'hasi attested ^hai^er exalte dotation;' has  ���������in "no degree diminished her sympathy/ with,  the humblest;'pf her subjects.^'-^ j -, T { ��������� " -  ' "The" p or trait which: y6urJMCaj e^tyi* ;is'. graciously pleased ,tol^e3,tp w; onMet I{, shall v value  as the most precious hetrloc^that^canleave  Un^ the^land tf my birtfi, where? together with  the lel&iyoursMajesty has ^addre^d' tp, me;  X itwll ever~be regardedfas'alaSvidirice^ofthe  Inndly fe^in|j)pf^fthee^^ the United  Kingdpxii'! tow'arcls" a citizen "of !the   United  ;vStates4"-!4":*vr i ff.t at a f-'sfff; j, fvj'--������pr  '   '**r hWef tHe - honor? to ��������� be^ ^y.our ; Majesty?s  most obedient servant,, ���������,       '  ���������������������������.'������������������:������������������:' "���������*_   >   ., 4 J %EOItGE PfiABODY.  "To heril|je|^$Bie ftueon.^j |^f ly J-  jS-l^If you want ^^saye;i|Bpney get your  Kewspapers and; Magazines^fr;bm G. C./C^ijRK-  ������on"'&:Co^Bo and^^NeWs  Agents^New^AYestminster, whp forward papers  by mail or expresk \ft-all^p'^^ofiiA^^ioDj;  ��������� Thr.���������XlsJ^aiwL^i'a^dTicis"of.^mixiiigtChicory- and  other adiilteratives'wHirCto'ffee, hTs Very'much 'damaged in ipiiblic esUmatiba^';".what\6ugH,t to*be the most  delicious of Beverages. -So effectually;have.the public,  beeu drugged with suchjimstures-tl&t!thb friie proper-  tiiss have been lost sight of,' and man^ prefer a black  and thick infusion to a drink, rich Jilt'Spirit and aroma.  Canera 1 as��������� Is the use of <3otfee, It-is;-little known-that.  in c4.>ridensing_thoiy_a_prst extracted ;>frem sthe berry in  roasting, a liquor U ^btoiuljd ot;.ttn?"hic?st nauseous:  tnste,- and of a scent the most unbearable..... Under such  circumstances it- is evidently important, that' all the'  gages;and fluids extracted- by roasting should bo carried o������ as.cLUlcklyMpb^ible, In: order to prevent their  r-luruing agaittrto the Coifee, ..which, is the case in^the  -cehtlnod-cylinder." ^This object is^ admirably, 'accom  .��������� '+������������������.;::������������������ - -:h.sj: :j<.-A   j ' jtaa:a-   '-j,.* a :,-rifcf.  rr BE* UNDERSIGN ED ar e now maunfacturing FEOTJB  jL of-all grades:  Extra,1 Superfine land;: Fiue.������i v Feed  Crashed^to-order.iM^ ���������;.:;'/vv,, ft i.i :y^' rl^-->'-,,.. > -f f-A*  '! *:   T a f 4  LILLOOET FLOUR^niX.CO.n    4  IW ff: ' if , ff'\ ~:"f f f F. - W.'. "Fosr jek, Agent, f  EDWIN .  EALtR INt^DKX' bOGDSrCLGTHIKG, HATS��������� AND'  ^a"psj'Boots;-ati'd-Shoes, :;Garpetihgs, Oil Glb'ttt^'  WaU{Pfl^r;r&'fc$0U^    Wt^mA^sMmimm^yft  DISNKIS MTJRPHY, Pro_irietor^> Tfiis House;  "is'&iraisheduwitht.ever^cpn>:;enienc$ for^the comfort of-Travellers *; the'Culinary department |^ 'imder  the superintendence of ah experienced cook; the1 .Beds'  arecleaii and Comfortable 5" the Bar, contain^thevbest'  ^igo^ore^gegars/&c^T Stahliu^^yi BarleyrfcOats^  ltSii;lKEiMS__Rs6N be^ to inform his friends'  YV^ and tbe travelling! public generally(that he has  .aket^tlieritibofee^ncfr  with Eirst Glass Acoqmmodatiqn.     Good Stabling for  librses^ Hay and Grain/"., 4'  4-- 1���������,V 4",."1"8"  large stock of 3Hay/;Oats;. Wheat and, Barley of ika  jbest description aliifpys onhand^nlBOj-Nanaimo, Em.  lish" -Blacksmith' arid;(^iinel Ooal^'^OrdeVs'eeDt fo  .Union Wharf, ^i^rJa,Vi^i^w  attention.1 nt. ���������ff.i h>- ������������ ���������; \aX>. s A^tanbi^JM.'���������  G'ENTIIjIJ^S'' I^oS|rapHicf'<yaUeryv,&S*  -xhentSt,'yictofia^V. I^'oppqslte;Ho;eldeMnce,i,,!  Views-of pari boo and tScenery^thioughoutBrUU-Cdl  umbia; inbluding.vfewspf the route, to Bijg Beadj ata^  ^on hand at liberal rajtes^^^^ ������ lV "*  iSELliERS^STATIO^ERS,tcoiisfcantlyBU0i^  receiving,from Bbest .sources, Sc^colJ_Stapdard1.an(iML=:"  cellaheous'Bboks^ and ^: Stapl^^^  all itsBrahchesH^ Corner -Yates "aiid rta_gley:stiree^i  )VictoHarTancouyeflslto fe?f a^v/ tt: H-3mr?  rXxix Victoria; V. t ��������� o^VJosite Bee-Hive -Hotel? whereb-  iS-prepUred^tb^supply^bif ^nMero^s^ati^^t^en^;  requisite for Clothing' suitable forjevery seasonofjUirr  year.'^.--^*i4-f jf^il^i^Uf 'A^jf { ff 4r-'";;;1f \  T'&Qi&&&lViT^^ Bog-1  lish Merchandize,^wholesale' and \retoiljdealo13;in?  I)bt <^T>B^~&Gy������Yzt^'$Xw aii^  after 1st .luneiiext in Government Street"',opposits die,  Bant of -British.Columnist 44 4 f   * "     a' 1-v '  m  LIl  101  >y  the  lei  |bt  x%  ill  ]d  fell  \fU  W  te  le  to  lOt  fve  N  n<d  pit  Era  n  ai  ar  a  k  fa1  ot  ui  ei  k  In  ;i-s-  i * rtULtiQQET   BREVy ERYj   v t  JiLCOB' MtiiTZ^ Proprietor.]! has always &n  hand a large arid superior stock of iLager Beer.;;at  the; Bar,wiir tie; found;fthe'besj; Brandies, /T^ines^and  Seg^;;the public; are invited ,to ,call., jf I^eparedi J&fill  all orders promptly/ ...   ;       ..'.   Ifff'fy :f\X-s.f.  DPELMAN and McKENZIE/'Proprietors.  k3.-This Hottseis well fitted up withy Good Beds* and  thc'Bar is furnished^ith'the; best Liquors;, Meals' are  served at aH hours on the Bestaurant: principle jf Star  tiling for Horses,;Horse -Feed,' hef";.;; ..:. f ,;l-s'-v  ^ lv> ivU4 r^JProp^tor,. ,.,-!.;'!','��������� ;Agen^.  T" HI^ HOTEt IS, LAKCJE AKD jfttli ilTTEB XJF  ,.ihr.thecomfbrt of-travelers;^the JablCfejfiu^JiliM  with tlie besttof everything that can Deprocurd^f-and  vthe4cookjiigisjaptinferiortonhyoritbVroad; Bedrooms!  for;families;'Stabling,;'Hay^:>Barley^andXJats. j iX-^fk  i;--83 MIILE HOUSE.  AiJBBR-": GRYSIiEKthas1 opened the above House for.  ; the reception.of;Travellers\\\;the Table is.wellkept  and the Xiciuors cannot be surpassed ��������� rtho Bods';are  clean and comfor'tabie-   Stabling for Horses,-Hay and  Oats.-- ff' -^f-���������'������������������ ��������� \-: ������������������.   Aft ��������������������������� --. ��������� f - ���������*���������:-'��������� '"'I'Jsn:'  HOTEIi^DE^BAjNC^i?OTbtbriaf YiWJoas?  ,. Bigne.a^d^erke ifANCiET^^ I^opHeter^. !,TlieIter;  teurant issiipplied wi th, an th'e dMicacies 1 the" n^'rkeV  affords:"^'-'Mil theBarwiU be'^oun  burnished Booms/. -&c.   - ���������  - --��������� ^ffft- f i & ;iv'^ j >U :1  EUG-%KEWnOMASfY&te&  . Wholesale and- Retail Dealer imWINES^ BRANDIES:  BEERS,;^aud, LIQUQRS-^ ahd,i depot,of. Hayana Segari,,  Goods 'forwarded .to: the Mining Bte^pu*;/ ���������flff \*f.  ffi  PRAIJTKEl������v:ictbria^  SiasSjfHmBR^.Woot, &o. .  on Furs cohsfghed. r Referehce-  l)brg '& B^eft; ylctdriaj V; V; 4.  V.3li������!^)ealerinFimi  Liberal advan.cesp^'  T^HAHEiSS^NELSON, Proprietorv 'This[old  V( established House ;ds well fitted up for the comfort-  of;^Travellers; :the \Table is supplied with thChest' of  everything, that can be bad, and the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the tower country; Bed_ooms  for Families; Stabling1 for Horses,- 'Horse Peed j,: &c.  The Express stops here. -... ��������� ..   - ��������� , v l*s  J.4MES, HXpROH, Proprietor^Iv^iswmmbdi-  ;ous.Hotel is%ellJfltted'up with "eveiy cohveriiehce  for the ^mfprt.of the'public ;��������� the:i Beds';:are &11 that a  ^eary'Uraveller coulddesire; thcT^ble is supplied with  the beet of fare;, the gar. contains the: choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed', Oats,  Barley4&6* "f fl, .;'.. '. =. ���������  '���������,   :' 1 4  *   -    '���������". 'I'B'y  plisbod by "the ne\v and patent "Conical.Cofloe Roaster"  ha used by-FELL & CO.., Victoria, jin whtoh the berrjr  is directly exposed: to the radiated beat, and the v'apbf  extriicted carried off ihStantanobusly, In addition to  luu advantage to bo: derived by the rapid removal of  the steam containing the objectionable properties, the;  j>uro aroma of "the'Coffeo is rctdihed;'. the essential /oil  * '      -"-������������������������������������-- in the Cylinder  remain a much  ?quence of the ���������steaming it/ undergoes by tlie. confl ne d steam.   It'is chemically t inipossi-  11 le to retain "tbe qualities or arrest the deterioration of  Oolfec when.gro'iiniJ./. The heat engendered by thepro-  <w.$s of roasting, and especially of gf indin������,'c'reates an  action in the elymentary parts which gradually destroys  jtsiithess'lo'r drink. '  But to retain :the-essential---oil-  -which it Oontains we have it encased In tins contaiaing-  troin 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and which can - be had from any  oi" tho respectablo dealers/':v?e'ca_iJcohfidenUy re-  cum mend those who have hitberto been obliged to ,ro^  jr_in from.tivkirig. Coffee on account; of its; ill effects,  ' 1 bat they: niay :.use' our Coffee, roasted '/in the Conical  Roaster,* being 'recommended by alfmedical men under  wijoso notice, it has been brought,;and by-numerous  .other tesiimoniaIs in Us favor.,������'��������� i"4���������' FELIa & CO.;   . ���������.  Cofiee iiercUantg, rates at,, Victorii. j  PORT1 DOUGLAS ^IXv'I^iSBMENTS:  MACDONALD'S    HQTEL,  K.MACDOHiAIiB, Proprietor.  Miners and  Others destined for the Bridge River Miiies,'wiU  find every convenience and accommodation afforded  them.   .Good Beds and a Table well supplied with; all  the delicacies of the season," 4.,;     .',,   ..-'.������������������   .:.l-s...'.  'fi BAGIGrAiiTJPE, Merchant and PackkjRj; bo-  ��������� \Xm ,tw.een Douglas and Lillooet.; j. Always 6a hand' a  good stock,of Provisions, kc.   /  ...iff  LORENZO LEAR.TO, Proprietor. Tliis house  aifprds; eyery accommodation for the; comfort of  Travellers; the Table is ihrriished with all the delicacies  of the season,'and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wines, .BKWidies &.Segars^ good stabling for horses;.  Hay,. Barley and Oats constantly oh hand at low rates,  milled Flour for sale cheap. lis  RS.vHEIN, Milunkr & DaEsa-, Maker,--Gpmi  , wentJStreet, vYictorIa^V.'^v;/All JfiDLdsof-MUliuery.;  of the .'latest!style kept constantly;Oh hand.- /:Ordes  from the country"punctually attended tol ������P> \\ U^  PETER McQXJ__B__; ksiiip; (jhandler 'M'  JL ^dealercih'Paints;-Oils,'andWm'dow-Glass.if^l^j;  bh.hand-T-a large stock of Rope and Canvass, {5WM  mreet^Victoria, ,v; I.;: '1,/ f, XI -XX - If f f,". ���������, ^ 1  ^m  iarl  TAt SOONa &QO.v ^mmission-M  ���������porters and Dealers in [Chinese (xOodSj. Rice/*""'  'Opium. Nut Oil, I^ovi8loni,&aVCormorant Street  #>ria,y;~iff '��������� 1!::'-.' ';".'"��������� V*-;-;';'. fff'- "' '*  e;Sugaj,H_i_Bis������  0> ONV& GO.f'Im^ortersiand DeaicrsiW  kinds of; Chinese;Goods;.and;Frovisl,onSj(Bicet r.  gar, Teas,, &c. \ Corinorant Street./west of .(S������veffm  Victoria," v;:i.    *.���������;/', "������������������'��������� .:-^/eHkx*KAYl'Maaag^.,  l-2m  ������*  L. SMITH. & CO., Proprietors. This House is  well fitted up >fOr the" ttccomuiodation of Travellers :to the Bridge River. Mines. : Good Beds, Stabling.  Tor Horses^ HorseFeed, &c., A Sta ge rues twice a weelv  betNyeeh this, house and Port Douglas on the'arrival, of  the steamers from below and connects with the Lake  Boats for Lillooet ^. .>���������...:. :   . , .-:ff. ���������:. "'; .;r.--l-s'  Bonaparte House, \  SEMLEN "& PARKEi Proprietors, -t' the  Junction pf the. Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of tbo public. Dis-  tahco from Clinton, ,26 miles; from Savanas Steamboat  Landing, 22 miles; from 'Spence's Bridge,. 30 'miles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  the times.;, Give them a-call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. .Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend and Vale, and once a week for Cariboo.    1-s  WILSON & MURRAY  Wine*  Fort Street  Wine k Spirit Merchants: leakers. It Confcciion^:  a*���������**, victorta? t. 1: Xli; ;��������� ff;���������'���������-','; "''';  QSCELVNTS,7 Wholesale Dealei^ |p]Groceribs. W:  [sions,, BooFa & Shoes, .Whurflstreot, ticterb, .Y  fiRELLEY & HTERRE, Importers1 * w;  XX sule Dealers it* WinoSi Spirits a^'JWKff11  in a  K  -fWtcti  ^������al!  5������ert  Sjlfrar.  ���������  LEWIS LEWIS, Clothier, YatesStreet, Victoria,  opposite the Bank ot British North America. , A-*  If? MAL|*ANDAINE,C0LLECTOR &GENERAL AGENT;  JL__ Governaaent|'street, yictoiua, Vaaeouv^ Lilind. ..  MESSRS. CORNWAIile'S.  A T THIS WELL KNOWK HOUSE, naif-way between  A Spehce's; Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route,,  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living,ntLiquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables., .Good Stabling and cheap feed/    1-s  HICK'S   H O T EC,  J YTTON S6iUARE.New Westminster,B.C.  Jj.now occupied by W. E. STEIN". - Tho above fa*,  orally knowh:hohse is now open to the public: the Bar  is constantly supijlied with the choic������rt brands of/  Liivi^rsaud S^gar*.' r -. -������   ;  Viotoria, V. I.  OPROAT :M, GO.^late Anderson^ Co.  V  ) and Co^Missio^'MsRCHAKre.;;Store St|reet,,yf  Is  Vlcton������i.'  1* .  AND  VX.   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Heershaum Pipes, >���������������>,,$  m$ll  corner of rates and Wharf street^ Victoria-  tik'fy  f} . ner of yatcs and Government Sts;, yicwi^  wtty  f_S2^_f_.*  lm  ifty,  m  m  PIERCE & ������EYMOUR^^^VW^;l  X  FoRrixoRE,'Broad;^trect, X!9t9^}^____^^'l  pAIRE & &RANCINI,HaiiPWare&CiOis '|^g;  \U Mekohantb, Wharf Street, Vlctoria^A^^^I  *.00  >rt  efo  iii  nU  k  tit]  \l  la*  pri  si  to.  a*  n  m  HENDERSON bud BIJRNABXi  Whaif WtiW, Tifttetta, V, Iv  M������������*5,  op ','������������������',< V  it:Mer4  1  ot %  Barkeryillej'^rro  ; .   At.  mm  myiY:  :;iET*ER FEQMLVIGTOE-IA^Np:'  I commence my letter with ^ few*remarks  jnthete^^  jf Valparaiso:| On ihcj *3lsfc-Jprj^  ants of this ill^  lorrbrs of- this j?artaarous^mode^of' ' warfrire^  _v the^representative*inf the;Pacific wajers; of  Ke power of Ihat ill-adyiseo^^^^������^hpugn  ImfctibuSr^  Really the cruelty arid arrogance, of Spain  butyeti;third or ^urth;rra4BS;ppwet inEurope) ;arc orily^ equalled by its shortsighted-;  less. The inherent wealth and natural advan-  Lesfif the cMrifry|)egan^|teTl^mewliat;  ifterfhefewyearsit��������� has been'allowed %bine  flight appearance ot^absto  Ml tjie^^ pre^eii^ge'neratio^yayihad more than  iheugiv of Narvaezj Espartero, O'Donnell,;&c;  fhc fmitsTof Spanish reyjtifiOijSbJh soon show-  Id themselvesinari! unmistakeable desire for  Llf^assertioh,^hicli Jetr^yo^^o:ha^r^  Ifter the domirieeHngspm  If "old E$a1fi^^  ie former calamitousdsregards ah ill-judged  Expenditure;of .treasure.^ $eru-4s next ou^  ttiied- 'and the astonislMent'OfHtie world has'  iotsu^sidmbef^  fveof ������i^eai':iS^^naKK^^^yi, to, apologize  Ihiectly to an; arrogant power, by, anu.arrpgant  M!in^ging-admiral^^o.evenJ,^  iiEsfeuicide^ Andhbw'we"have/fcfiis last^fla-,  jrant^utege;^a4own-of ^aceaAlo inhabfc  mts^atoAvniin which ^eimqst^hostnei'and  Mikerere^tibn is^i^s  jarded for ^reebhbuisOT^OUt intermission^  bd a loss of S15,QOO,QpO incurredi ^jmaj ^  Iked^what^as^tiiis' to do'witli^^?, ^K;;is ^;  latter much; to fra deplored  fpt provoketthe:strong;:^4__ie; 3ays;ofcI)ohv  bixotisn_are ^ast. a. All ^ery#ellTforr conir;  lercial men.-j But what Jwilllje said when it  known that:iherpeaie^  ton  w  ,val forcesof their own., inr thei harbor, and  1 looked on and"permitted ^the'/tlevastsitipn  y^t&e* armed- i&maris pfelfie HSpMiairdM^es,  1 allowed it t I.forgot;" theBritish commah-  % was guU^o^-^f eater,, wrong* still.: :v: That  ble jy^seXilic^uW^^  iftsii<ieye& have^ s^veyed^with-  faimalt narbor,^f6ll6wed by.^the Leander and  e I)eVa_btion,5with^ the^stpreship Nereus,"  refully conveyed -itself ���������but hpf; the harbor  & anchored^** ��������� ^At/the'last^HiielAews'goes  to say, (Hhe British admiral withdrewfan'd  id he could not interfere except > diploinati-i  llyj'th^  .pfc- oWfbif theilnselyes l.f f 'A I/P|^sume: jhat  e Consul could interfer������<liplomaticaliy w\&f  it AdniiraJ penman's assistance., Is Admiral;  enman an ambassador, then ?,^Shaine on such!  roceedihgjVp. Hjs-:pQsi^^^and object in.'. tbfei  jbrboiyj; take it; were^to pirotect^British inter-  its'; ' diplomatically^; <i^  " s!h#t..   BidVCajjW-.^^^^^^iuy.Bjill  og, at Hay ti> interfere^diplomatically ? Yes 1  " rfollQwed it -withthe iiTesis^table argunient  f sihkihg the steamer^alarbgue^ which1 cdni-  itted the outrage:I; v Did ;hc; interfere di^lo-  iatically; as regards, the island?   Yes! and  is desire to ^eakVith'^adamantlip^  uestipn was .so;rgrp'at:"that.he put .his vessel  ii a reef and there fpiiglit the; b atteries^ whicji  e silenced, andthe steamer or steamers.which  e sunk, and.then destroyed his pwn':vessel to  eep1 herout^of the enemy?s handsU-; Hei was  gpt in. For him the <Chronicle, has noj; left'���������;&}.  st^elinturned^ no)StKat stbric>Jwithbut hurl-j  ing,it at ttie last qccuj^arit of Jlie seat, pelting  him ,withdirfc,aVan&^^ least  a man ofdntelligence' and educatibn^to make  room for iwhbra ? ^ A! nian born v to be chairr  mliri ofi workApuse bbardorof^pe^ve^  tryy to ;b>aste * th e' :rhdster |irid ��������� m isWe^ aM: cauV  terize ^epau^e^!r^ma^  ing voice" and remarkably shallpw pockety  who to my certain knowledge^ ;iie>^r paid his;  last election foes, nor ������������������ the bost' of;defending:;  his seat j his bill for b bat liirC up to Salt Spiring^  Islan,d-in;J^n^V^?J:-^o^ting4ftQ!, $12., was  brbughf by,Peterson, the boatman, to Sfc Den^  nes to sue fori and Mr, Dennes out:of delicacy  dectin ed to have anything J tp; do p witli ;it.  Faugh! a bankrupt legislator;;^t on such ill-  timed vituperation. ��������� As a publib man-the last  member, unquestibhfiibiy.' did his Jciuty to, the  best of his ability and experience,1 whichwere  not small; ��������� to be Succeeded by whom?; a politic Jil Mventiirer, who d^awsjall his lights fi?bni  fhe backwoods of Canp,da^ * ..**���������< V | ^  ^Tkes*&  how!iri;the, matter' bfthe Franchise; between  our [Legislative: 4ssemblyTanct bur Legislative  Council. Tlie? former, inspired by Mr. McClure,  wished; to ab blish ^the; proper ty* qualification  for members of: thb Assembly; the latter,';on  the opntrary, wished to increase it<by $lOOiOU  There is no doubt .thafr taking? a broad'landf  dispassioh ate vie w, \ we So -iii - a-gerierkr way'  fepl, ;I;^vill;hpt say! regard for, but we bestow,  more attention on a man,, ballasted withrprori  perty;r;:;Firsts a/inan mlist hayeability of Jsome;  kindy thpuglivit m% be. of a< low, mercenary  kind, to make ^moneyt;' v'Secpnd, it'does not  seenl nartural^mt^ _nan*penniless shall legisT  late for.those who:have pence. But,inreplyi  ,it>lias:been abolished in England, ^and^the na^  tiorilias;not been revolutionized; f Again,, we  do "admit men-such.'as; %rad^  versities|^tp^ to lia^eJvotes-$' tlierefore<we do  pay some flight homage: to jintelligencepand'  if is to be supposed that^a man '��������� whfr has' ren}-  dered 'himsejf; somewhat isuperi^. 5&! Mtafe-:  nteiits menta-lly is riot totally incapable of gov ;  prning. And beyond and#.bove all"Wbaye  fte^moraliCeKtaintvdihat novConstifcuency'Shbrl  >t*'fm  are  be  3 to be impQged' hoW7are any payments to  8?M������.V tn9 exigenciCs^of Governmentlmless-  RWlUjSP^y-' And "wbyshbuld^noi property  quiepesa. I do not>meahrthat a'manowning  landjis more nearly Infeeked 'in^ gobd 5order  than^a landless fnierchant--whb( -has' wafe  houses full bf ;goods, thPugb,the*^Prmefte  the timeis certainly more intimately Bound lip  witlitihecbuntry.?: Biit with Trade licenses to  sup^ment ^eaKESstatb Ta^k: j Jldb; iiotgeWhpw  ^Ise^e can'niore^Mrl^  the,|Ql^l machihery of rates! oiV Pverything,,  ^"^prevailsitf^England, f To ^the ^Trades;  dut^pn|hay^���������J.aridV.lamberpwere both^ iii^^my  W lMfp������Si;'0  f   " ir f<f pv~f t]f [~    .  >l:>I)RA^rSSUEI^NJTIIE'BANK^ '  ���������     -- IN.YA^COUVER ISLAND,"-    *  ; xxf .i';J $$$$$$> iMm:xf :<>> '1,.  -    f[ w :BRi^isii coLUJ\miA^-:- f ;;  ���������NE^t:wiSSSisrB^_^^  .,...������������������-.:j ���������.. A.',���������.,-, ��������� ��������� ^-^"^rciiARIBOO:"   '   ''-'-'  ���������������������������- l"r";-T ',',���������:  ./  't ft '( .   '-J__t^ i    \'A<^   tut    K,     ...     " .;' ,.'.?,  ;' .*���������: ;K mwsss^mm states, , - ^;   ;  ';���������,, V^SAN^FR,\NCIS|0, .PORTLAND, OKEQ^ *   'ff  Cy-m^BR B^KK^&QNTRBAL-TN'GANaM,'       ������������������  , "^^Mu^u^ih^whirieV ^fter -Free Port; ;'���������<: I:  say thSt those TObstJea&^  AAce'J A'-r-"' A: ''��������� ���������-<  :cannp^bn%^ % means of 'repletion*-;--None but  Sliv''2utnabylfeyi r made a t iiow of 'considering*  that-dfesivable end; He'offered, very sensibly,  ���������to>: adpic^|S|li % \ on unocc npie'd-^a'nds'^b^  whicb*theoT as ;h -aldeitber sell ox improve:  ,ana-w8fegp4������j agree ���������to a Pleasure, by .which tlie  folloMn|^a|cefti ^ 1 extent'^ridiculous" mocle.  of adtf stirig'aliccase no w: inthe Statute"shduld  actio]  ���������fed  *ied by court-martial;; and reprimanded, not  )r fighting, iiiat's what .he was sent out for,  .t_, "A for losing his ship.. ; Admiral Byng was  ^Bu%;"io^ because-he fought) but;because he |.price of meat.  ||i|p not fight!   But here a British admiral pro- a~trin to -Gal?  ^gects British interests by interfering diplomat-  ^gally and anchoring outside while the pro-  ������^erty is being destrbyeci: Why, in the Crimean  far, even Odessa was spared by the Allied  ���������--  ^^8/������ops������ .*^0������gh' it was used to harbor and com-  ��������� <$)&'��������� j|JiHPrj %> .���������enemy" after .a harassing raid, and just  A0f '^|S'e?re we^ ^fceked our devoted battalions.  * ^nd our decimation iriay be traced to our fatal  jmiency! .But Spain understands nothing 0f  His feeling; and our inactionis tlVe.morc to"  e;deploredv when a resolute attitude by the  British admiral would rip doubt ''have staved'  11 proceedings of any kind."     ::  ���������In the 'Government1 Gazette," of May 28th  aland sundry are notified of a change in the  epi^seatation of the. country;;-a1 new member  ���������ft  mm  victor M|������  !/>,:i-s;. ?-,_^  gf been elected for Sa^t; Spring Island and  *^f ^t the irrepressible J������ohn *������������������%  wwoii.   lie and our ex-Mayor, and a gentle-  "mw^ M f?en5Pt ^ aIi Jetton was as  emoor for Metohosm, m opposition to Dr.  Si *he?,e,al1 went by thc nanl>e of the three  iqnwwMw.   The fajned John TrevuU te  talonted^aniasMey^  'Last7"not least, ^how many men have been re-f  turned. and acted as vLegislators whose landed  'qualifications were^only-borro^ved ? how many  have-the: wall of St. Stephen-enclosed, whose  pnl^pi@ection/ffrp.m <arrbs t?svas "the- -magical  acldltipn ;bfM;P^to theirImme^  ter were-they than popr but honest meiX^with-'  but;5630p7;pf landed property? ;': No^Tietter,!  but'worse���������; for if ppssessed of any feelingt at!  all. their vfalse- position 'must have;galled.them.  Therefore am "I in favor of '��������� doing away with  y������;-propei^:quaiificafio^'T>?r^ ;:���������"���������;  ,;:.��������� But this (Spuncil Bill /brings: me to make  sonic remarks" oilXihe1 QouneiL On Monday,  7th May,'' thp Councillmet/for the despatch of  business,.and bills.-at^ill ^events ttiey did des-:  patch in one sense; Vj.The Beal Estate Repeal  Act was���������'���������'thrbwii'vout'Swithbit desseUt'.;;:' The  Trades-Licenses Amendmeht::Actrby:wliicKit  was "sought to relieve allpersonsintodefrom  the $ 10 poll-tax arid: reduce It: to $5;;���������; was  ..thrown put,..^.-The .Stocfc: and Carcase Amendment Act^ which was introduced by the House  of Assembly loienable :tnil;ch ;cows or stock  rearing: animals to enter at a nominal payment,  was also thrown out; .Arid now settlers will  have to; pay-the; sa,me' amount On ariiinals intended as stock as for beef cattle. The impost, was put bri��������� to ;bring ���������nabney into .the;  treasury.;" It did ript; as 'a fact .work i nfurious-  ly to trade,- nor did'it affect perceptibly- tho;  '.' One spirited contractor .took'  a -trip to -UaUfornia-ini" thenco imported a  shipment of beef cattle; By tliis ineans he  obtained animals costing about the same���������except some excess in freight���������and for which the  same impost was,paid.here($4per head); but  as each animal weighed on the average lOOlbs.  more than the Oregon grown beast, the spec-  illation was decidedly to the advantage of the  California animal.!- "The butcher had"the handsome margin of lOOlbs. of beef imported for  nothing to pay for the duty, therefore he could  afford to sell at tbe same rate; in any case the  tariff need not necessarily increase the retail  naby������opbsp:f sfMypneriiory serves:meythat  thelWiiieirSrcntet^t-a :$5'0;000 :traris4  ^WaiiW^^tlie^ small agent at $500,  THis' -"-���������-"������������������-  %'.!*?.��������� ���������? 'fXypfll^:^jp^jnaed.y^.".'; y^fPffXpA, X.  -      *   -  -   ',   "B\mcmSt.:Cathermos;    ���������      .    ' ,; ..���������/,-    1--.a  liA-f :,tAlftAAfi.A-,^m^t'A^  AA.,\ A,[<A{ ytf::.-   ���������        \     ,  ON;-NEW -^ORE^Q^^Icssrs; Bbw������& Sundry, {Agents,.  ,     ;-,   L Xf-f '4^t_o Bank or Montreal.;   /t  on' scotl and-^thJi^ritish =linen ��������� co: 'S BANK    .  ON IRELAN D -UNION BANK OF IRELAND, LI3IITED  fmffitt A'C.f^f^ffyAAiAA:" 'f^Aif,    ty^:---**.A   \     "  ^.f;*f^CT^  '       :SEMr-WEEKLY PAPER,  PdblisUe������ Every - Monday and  Tb^S3>ay;  '    ^1^ & L&BE^ ���������  drKC^BARKERyiLLB, -Williams,Greek, CabibSoo."i  X. '    ��������� .Subscription,^ 1 per week,) ,. / . / '  (Including cost' of delivery,) Payable. tp tip farrier.;  ���������������������������'^v^'E^D-l^N Q't^R^q/Q^M^0:;'  ���������'"ft   ' ~'ji3tD        "*       '   *    ''\   ,  '    *  ���������  G ir c ul at mg :t- L ib r'a r^ I  ..-CAMERONTON.. WrJXTASI^: GRI3BK, XypfX  TEtF/TE^MS ��������� OF ��������� SUSCRlPTloiir h  $2per mouth;.aboVo >400 volumes of 2^ow'"Works;  have been 011I7 lately added td;the circulating'Library,:  and more;are expected;.dalIy;Vj ��������� parties; ^are;solicited>to.  subscribe;-^ . ���������",.;.; ;.:f f~ ���������. . fff- j-���������'��������� '������������������"._?;;' 1 ���������.;^.ff  a^.���������:.���������'-:      '--"'������������������������������������    JOHN BOWRON,��������� .librarian. -"  ...(,..V.  EsTABasHEi) ;ikI836.  A<  '&;G&mi$p^^y  B AREEETI^LE,; ;?:r     ;.;������������������  price of meatl cent per pound to the consumer. The Salaries; Tax Bill- was lost. The  Temporary Loan Act $100,000, shared the  same fate.    Ditto the Harbor.Dues-Amend-  Now it is riot* on the fate of these Bills or the  mischief arising therefrom; that I am going  to enlarge. The Real Estate Repeal Act I  think need not be regretted. It has been the  fashion here hitherto to make Real Estate pay  most of the burdens; and really -if.no duties  CARPENTERS' & MINERS5 TOOLS;  Cast, Iron   Gar   Wheels,  POWDER, FUSE, &c, <fcc.:'.;���������, _,,  also, py  ... .x\:  Sf ATI ONER Y. 1  GOi;  NEUF ELDER.   &  .,��������� RIO II FIELD, tf  -   I)EALERS.IN: ,' . , -;9  PROVISIONS, GROCERIES, CLOTIIlNG,&c  Storage and Commissiori. *  E,   HOD GENS,  BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining the Express Office.  ;��������� Head-Ofpxoe:\7, ST." HELENS-PLACEiLOmOKu  >; Drafts ISSUED bn'rLc-jidon;; Ne^york/;^an Fraii*  Cisco/ Carll>oo,\^Canada/ 'New.Brunswidk; ,Nova ScOtiay ���������    ')  and- on?all the Branches oCtlie National Banli of;Scotw  limjl.anaV.ProvlncialBank.of'ilreland.r^        X^aa \  Bills ;ofr Exchange Jand^ G-oldiBuroKased: |  Interest on Special Deposits of,Money allowed at th������  Tate of a^uarter of ;Ono pepcent^pernionth. V* - -������,: ���������  Gold Dust ^felted andr.Assayed,, and) returns S3&4o  within 24 hours hi Coin -of. Bars.-',,"., :,f ?  ��������� ^Ores of every clescriptiOnlcarefully, Assayed. -'"��������� --.ft  y^.^B^Any^nstrUctidns tsWiTie dispOsal^tlJe pro-;  ceeds of Gold; Dust forward ell to the ofilce in iVictorlft  for "Assay wiiLhe carefully attended to.������ : - -.-^  -:ft.' '" '���������" J. Gt; * SHEPHERD, 'Manager.^  . Victoria., V,:>L, April,; 1866. \ ; 1-a       v  BAaNtRD'S  GonnecUng: at Lillooet and' Yale with-DlETZ _;  I,-��������� ���������';;NELSON:'S ft������r New;Westminster &yictoria^'���������;-.������������������ "<������������������'  'Mflbbi ARRIVE���������.'". AND&EPART : from; tlie; office inP.  'TT���������*;;^^Barkervillei' to.cbnnect with:the. stcarrier "En?'  :- terprise" at Quesnelmouth, and:; the^STAGES at Sod������  Orbek, EVER1T ypBEK,-.cpnVeyihg Treasure, -Let^  ters and VAiuAaLiES for*air parts1 of the world. '" AlsoS  Commissions received aiid:forwarded ^hy Express for  'the collection of Notes," Bills and. the- purchase of arti*  clcs to bo obtain bd- at New Westminster, Victoria, San  Francisco or en route, aud re'iurns 'made with dispatch.  tpif ���������'.������������������������������������������������������-f JOHN B.>LOVELL,  _!*&...���������.  Agent^ Barkerville.  Important; to Miners!  'V.':-     .   The undersigned-is. prepared to**���������*���������������������������'   -  CLEAN BLACK SANI^ BLOWINGS AN������  ,.:- >..-; ..   ::. t:.; ^ AmmQS, f \.it a f I,,::.._ ., J  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity o_ tk<j  Most Li-Era_ Terms, at the  Beading Bopm,; dairierdiitpn, , -  The Subscriber is well kno>vh on 'Williams Crock, a ad]  from the confidence reposed ��������� in him: last ��������� Fajl. in th e  above business, he hopes to receive the patronage of  tho Mining community the ensuing' sea son.   ;''���������'.  s JOHN; BOWRON.  E. C. GiLLETTE,  CAMERONTOWN.  dAMES rPURDIE,  BtilCK SMITH,  RICHFIELD.. Ageats for the "Cariboo Sentinel."  Grouse Creek,.  Van.Winkle, ���������  Qtu-snelruoutb,  YoU ' "���������' -.,  I.ilJ<>oet,', l'-X.  Now, Westminster,  Victoria,'' :  ..     |.   a\   ��������� .-. - .7  ���������    A; McWbn  ��������� -���������  *  --i..;.-      :.-'-. i'N. I*. McCalfcry  Mr. $f>udlo, Barnard's Express Office  'Mr.CEvons,    -do        \       do  F. W. Foster,    : do do  ;���������;���������    _      .v   .^-Clarkson&Co  ._*.'.        .".-, fCR. Mallaiidaido  .*������������������������������������"     *     | John Darani  ,   .   .   ... TO ADVERTISERS. -  -        -  ���������ft The "Cariboo Sentinel" is published every Monday  ��������� ������nil TbuMday.   Advertisements intended for Insertion  must be delivered at latest at 6 o'clock, p;ra:, theday  before publication: \ ff/'- ff '-.O/-:  ������������������"-. -: ': -    .i,!.-..,.-i-NOiT-ICE.-.'    V" " ~~'.     fX������������������  ��������� Miners and others wishing to scnd^'The CaribooSeri  tind" to.their friends in-Canada,. England, the United  'States,'or.elgowhere, can have it mailed by leaving  addresses at the publication office. Price, including  'poatages f>Q cents per copy. ���������>;.���������;'-" ;���������; .   ���������  r - "       '' '      "' ' ' .'in '      '   ��������� *  ' '    .  "~ ���������:���������.:;.:'.JP:;C9RRESPpNDENTS.; . *  All communications must bo accompanied by the  real nfuno and addross^of'the writer, not necessarily  rwith a view of publishing the Bame, but as security for  his good faith,   ��������� '  fjlE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ..-....; THURSDAY, JUNE H, 186U.    .  A PROSPECTING COMPANY.  - . .The bid adage that., --"he is best'' helped in  this world that helps; himself,'i is: no where  ., more s trikingly exemplified tban in; a mini ng  ,' *:' cOD^nuhity, as: the very nature op his 'pursuit  renders the iniher CBtirely: dependant upon'  *m * j.^ -0^ r&oxtross;; ~~3Hssr5thtfri^ irirorc - ira-i  , ism vividly impressed'-upon us, that we would  f agitate the organization^ a Prospecting Co ?y,  :: and we think we'ca'rir make it sufficiently ap-  r parent that such accompany would-be 'of the  :: ��������� first", utility.;/ .'Miners, .at all, acquainted with  s Cariboo,' are aware that a vast extent of coun-1  that we should not exercise the rightof thought  or of criticising ; the decisions of. that potent  functionary ; that we are incapable of interpreting thd laws or of knowing *what is best.  lor own interests. He characterizes ray letter of  31st ult., as "a specimen of bad taste, .concealing under_specious arguments, sophistries calculated to mislead poor men destitute of common sense and subject them to serious consequences," butXam. sorry that I cannot compliment him on writing "anything more" than a  tissue of nonsense from begihning^o end. He  thinks, that criticising the decisions' of a Judge  is "a course of action much to be deprecated."  Does he think that we are living in the days  of James n and Jeffreys ? ���������  Does he think the  Star, Chamber is still in existance I Does he  forget the revolution of 1688 which secured to  ictur forefathers the lib.ertyof which-as English-  men we boast?: He would class all who differ  with Mr, Justice Begbie's decisions as disappointed litigants, but such is far/from being  the case, every man having any stake in the  f countryfeels an interest in the stability ofthe  laws, and wishes to know, what title ho possesses to his property, as under the. present  state of .affaire he cannot toll when his own  turn may come to have that title disputed.  Such, a course as is . now, being pursued is'  calculated to upset all confidence in the future  ofthe colony, to drive out every honest man  and prevent others from coming in; capitalists will not invest their means, nor prospectors their time and labor,; while they- have no  security, that the laws, which-are: set before  them as their guide, will;; be; administered as  they read.:,.    '- tffff:- fAfff-ify -  ^ You askin your^jlasy-ssuo^;jijb w ��������� ap.iu.uiuc-_  tion canfeelssued^rbm a Court of; Chancery  iii a cause pendiug. in a Supreme. Court, and I  must confess; that lam,unable.to.enlighten you  nor.do I know;of any othor.man;/.capable' of  doing: so, unless it be your erudite/.correspondent "Onyx;" to me it seems; absurd,. oppressive, and unjustj Mr.- Begbie: of course considered i t, correct; but. when -iye'l; re collect that  WILL BE RECEIVED AT THE OFFICE O'F THE ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER OF LANDS & WORKS,  QUESNELMOUTH,  UP TO 12 O'CLOCK  Monday, 18th June, 1866,  ���������)   ,f   FOR*THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES:  3000 l_s. best Golden Gate Flour;  i,'  sooo  700  400  600  .100  200  150  60  1  1  1  (lb  do  do  do'  do  do  do  do  Quality Rice:  Oregon or California Bacon;  Bayos Beans: ��������� ''���������-  No. 2 Sandwich Is. Sugar;  Driod Apples; ������������������������������������ .  Salt;  try remains to be prospected\ and from > what  are^assur^hat att.en^r5nse(ot this ^senp- h6 ��������� comr^ned to rescind one,'previ  "tion would be crowned with success... But the J  ^reat difficulty in the way, :is the absence of  . ���������, J unds.: to proyide.: the^vrequisite': ��������� prbyisiohs;  tools, .and ��������� means  of, .transit; .this . obstacle,  ���������'���������'wouldbe;removed b^-thejoint cohtributions  of a .company, smalLifeamouht ��������� to each, but  ;isufficient iii;thc,aggregate, toiequip three'��������� or  ���������four .expeditions during;^ the season. We will,  suppose that such a company could be formed,  the ad van tages would include the 'f folio wing I:'  1st. Tbe choice \ of the best m^n/for * the p ur:  : pose from' the:members of the Company. 2nd.  , The first.knpwledge;. of Jthe h^v/Jdiggings/^by.  members bfe^ther.'cpmpany, ibr^w;fein^^^olaims.  would b.esecured.:: _rd.%Gb6uhdlin heig|^br4  . ing creeks and/the; vicinity could: be/ tested;'  . th at may j)tlierAvise lay. waste; for iy.e'arsV *. ���������_ 4th.  . Miiiirig enterprises of various kihds could be  undertaken by the, company,,; and where the  .magnitude of'the unUerfaking exceeded the  funds available, fromithe regular subscription,  pompeueci to rescma���������; one ^previously  issued by .himself from";;the. ^Supreme Court.  which he. admitted wasfillegaliralthpugh at  ���������the same time he; considered; the?defendants  ought to pay costs:: whichever^' wayvthe' case  Wierit, it is but natural ^i:;feelgraye;dbubte as  to his infallibility. / Ini^ :/cpnclusion^;Ii;JwouId  againi suggest that the miners f should; by a  unanimous petition toi $he /n'extiiliegislative  Council endeavour. .te-;projcp^'{an^ffiendmeH;t  to;the mode /pf .$ -appeal-' jnp^.^thprized by the  Gold'^^ Mining* Laws,/noappeai(1������^nje;Supreme  Court jshoiild-be/-.p good  ja^^sufficient ^use^^^s^Wgh^hieSthat -the  :;p ������&ei^f&<.py Ing^Tg^^^Wpj^^iins >: for  monthsi* or--years "oh fnvblousTpretc^  be.put a stop.to, as' thelpobresfc man in such  cases must inevitably,go tojthe'-.���������:.;waU ; indeed  my own opinion is that no ^appeal should be  allowed. to;theJSuprerne Court at all, if there  is any, let it be" to a jury of disinterested miners %vith ".the Gold Commissioner as chaii*man.  rea;  Ground Coffee; ^        .  box of Pepper; ,  do    Mustard;     ....  do    Soap; ���������'  Also, to ho tendered lor separately or together with  the-abovo articles: -  1 2 tons of Natural Hay;  ��������� 1000 ifes. Barley; ,*������������������  . 2000 lfcs. Potatoes;.  " 1000 lbs. Turnips.  Proposals will also bo received for tho supply of  ' .8000 lbs.'of Beof. .,.'.���������  Tenders to state what prico on foot dellvored at Cottonwood Ranch, or killed and delivered on the work be-  tween Cottonwood and Richfield: if on foot animals not  to exceed 500 fts. net.  . ;  The above articles are to be all of tbe best description.  ��������� One-quarter of thc above articles to.be delivered at  JX������i-\vaFaW.������r-9^_ ^?������>kfe-w>i^a 7_������^tejjs it? te  ceptancc of thc Tenders, tho remainder within 15 and  30 days respectively.' ..  Tenders to state the price for cash on delivery, or for  Bills at 60 days on Chief Commissioner or Lands and  Works at New Westminster. .  :  Tenders to be endorsed: "Tenders for Provisions, Cot-  tonwoodandRicliUeldRoad.,!J   . ,        -  Tho lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. ���������  f.yf.ff.   ...       THOMAS SPENCE,     a     .  V Covemment Agent,'"���������  Ricbfield, June 9tb, 1806,   '-; ���������     ' 11  DAKCING-  ���������   J, FOR THB  BILUABD  CAMERON.TOWNy  WHERE THE PROPRIETOR, T. A HAn. I  gives a general:invitation to his fieni^l  public at large.to call and judgo for thS?JH  ments of his Billiard Tables: also, theChoiS^  his SEGARS and LIQUOR^.. The OrchS ^  consists of four musicians, is First Class.     \  0^P'EMEiMER^:ci  ANTS,  CAMEROBIil  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN Alt  ���������      KINDS OF.     ������������������'.     *",;:   /  PROVISIONS, LIQUOES, SB  dlOTHIKG,  BOOTS   &  SHOES.  1  m  MINING TOOLS, &c,I  ivered at Beg to call tlie attention of Miners and oiv  -r .-hfrCfl-r��������� ��������� ^TheTr Tufr'assof fmeni'6r.SDVE^M' GOOK;  ': which will be Bold  AT pO?T  PRICEsl  tomako'room'fdr'a NEW STOCK/to arrive sosxat  ���������ff     ������������������   ���������; ��������� the Roads are open.       ��������� ���������- =  .   j^* Liberal aliowance will he^maiif;  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers'and tlie Trade jjeu^  on largo orders.*'��������� * ���������"���������:���������.'...   j  ILL! AM    SE WELL,  BUTCHER,  VANWIKKLE.  BEGS TO  INFORM - HIS  CUSTOMERS   AND: THE  ���������pubhc generally that -he intends to furnish them  iJEEF OR MUTTON, so.soon as packing is practicable,  at their respective claims on..Lhe diftercnt creeks, or  residences, sit tbe Most Re.asoxable IUtbs. .-  Van Winkle June ll\h 1866.  11  DURING .THE ��������� PRESENT WEEK we expect to ��������� re  . ceive and open a First Class,stock of BRAND NEW  ;���������,.;.   ���������*:. ���������:.���������;   .:    GOODS, comprising.. ��������� ���������        " ..'.  RICHFIELD,;- *.;  Best Billiard Table on the Creek;,theLiq  ;; '"��������� ���������    and Cigars are. of tho finest quality.-   ���������  special, subscribers could be. obtained by bal- Ll- _.l;1/1 ���������. . __K|1 f. ������������������������������������* ,,   ,f      ,. ..  lot or otherwise from those/favorable to any ^Zltt^^t L^wlf^^1^  unMi^ni.n,-������i:������nfiirn1r,-������i'-..:At_;-.':ThA .n������m���������������������i !? aiming country, a speedy settlement of  1  .'suchspecialenterprise." '5th. The company  wouid be no monopoly, as it would be open  to.all,,its advantages being 'only participated  iu by subscribers. 6th. ���������t would also be the  means of scouring work to such: of' the members as might be .unemployed,, as the member.^ of the company -would always give the  p reference to each otheri ; 7th; In. the event  of discoveries,,any grant;from Government  would be applied to the Common Ifund- after  suitable rewards had been bestowed on the  explorers.' 8th./All members should-be free  miners.       '" ff '"      ..   ;.;-:.; . -..;-'  ���������.. The above will be sufficient to explain our  idea of a Prospecting Co'y* and we leave it to  those who think with, us to. fill in the minor  details.,:. That members sufficient for the carrying out of such a scheme would be found  we do not for a moment doubt, and we would  not- be surprised to find two-thirds: of the free  miners in Cariboo   enrolling- themselves as  .members'pf ..such a company. . The only ad-  ditonalineentive'required, would bo the appointment of responsible  and  experienced  miners to the board of management; weekly  meetings where opinions could be freely dis-  cussed_and compared_ and the business of the  company "conducted so-"as tofbe^easily understood by every member.    We do not doubt  its meeting with universal favor. -.:....'     . t  all disputes, put ��������� a check : on legal quibbles  and chicanery, and if I am any judge.of popular sentiment be heartily acceptable to  ninty-hine out of every hundred of the miners  of Cariboo.  '- ������������������" Miner.  Williams Creek, May 9th, I860.  "BRmsn^lrNisTEB at Valparaiso.���������It is .reported that immediately after the bombardment of Valpariaso, the.British Minister was  requested to, vacate the premises occupied by  him in Santiago, and no one it is said will  rent him another house ; his name will also be  struck off from the list of members ofthe Club  de la. Union. ...         RUBBER   BOOTS,  GOODYEAR'S  NO.  1  RUBBER   COATS,  COAL OIL, &c, &c.,.  All of j which have been most carefully selected and will  he sold at the LOWEST RATES.   ���������     \- ''r"     "  Wo cordially invite a call from oar old friends and  the public generally,  .'���������������������������' * r J. H. TODD k CO.  Barkerville, B. C, June 4tb, 1865.  N. Si���������A small lot of Hardware, ;Paixts'& Oils on  hand, for sale at 50 per cent. Below Cost. 9  HIT   OR   MISS  Bakery and Coffee Saloon,  RICHFIELD,  JACOB UEINSON, Proprietor,   .  Bread; Pies and Cakes constantly on hand.  Tlie Steamer ��������� ������������������ -Enterprise'  ���������        '      Will leave SODA CREEK  / MONDAY '& THURSDAY ���������MORNISGS,  '���������AT DAVLIGHT;  / WiUleaveQUESNEL ���������  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNDiK  AT.6 O'CLOCK,     ff ...  Connecting at.Soda Crock with Barnard's Stacbc  Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip ������i?.  J2ST Freight to Quesnel 14 cts.-^ lb.  Steamer 'Enterprise,' V  If. ���������-.     5-  May 21st, 1806.  ifB  REMOVAL   OF aCOffiK-  Wmm  m  H.   C.   WSLMOTT  NEW. ADVERTISEMENTS.  $25'REWARD;  ; T OST, A HUNTING-CASE GOLD WATCH,  Xi on Wednesday, tbe 13th June, 1866. Any person  rinding the same and leaving it with E. HODGENS,  Watchmaker, Barkerville, -wuT receive the above reward. 12-2 w  $3.0 REWARD,  PRAGER .&,. BRO.,  MERCHANTS,  BARKERVILLE,  DEALERS I.V  Assorted Merchandize  Wholesale and Retail. 1  BEGS TO INFORM THE MERCHANTS AND PUBI.I.  of Williams Creek that hois prepared, at tbe fiber.  est notice, to remove goods of every description vA M  care between tbe towns of RichHeld, Barkerville an. m  Camerontown, at reasonable rates. . m  ���������'Richflcld, May 21st,��������� 1866. 5  i  1  CAMERONTOWN,  C. FULTON, Propbietob.  m  m  Wm  W  There isno distillery kept iri this establishment-1  and strychnine and rot-gut find no place her*  ItiH  m  1  " A DANIEL GOME .TO JUDGf-MBNT, YEA  .��������� .^...vADANIELti^^; .tf ff:'f;  To the Editor of the' ���������"Cariboo Sekttnel/?  ; Sir,^���������History teaches ns' that there   has  never been any niaain a high positioa who,  b������3 . his actions what they'��������� mav,; tyrannical,  cruel/ or. unjust, ever lacked flatterers and  parasites, who /'would bend the pregnant Mages of the knee, that thrift might foliow fawning"--in which class the individual writing  over the nori-dc-plunie of "Onyxj? in your  i?>gue of the, 4th inst, may not inaptly be placed;   Ho has put- himself heforo the public ^as.  the. apologist" for Chief Justice Begbie, and  plain Iy; tel is. us mmere, who alone. maintai  urn cokny, and. who support tbe Gbie  und all the other.officers of Ihe Goveniment, j ScgXrs,  LOST, BETWEEN 127 & 150 MILE POSTS, YALE  Waggon. Road, a box containing Law Books and  sundry papers, addressed to me ut Barkerville. I will  pay tho above amount to any one who will deliver the  bootoKto. any of Barnard's .-Expressmen for me.  A. R. ROBERTSON,  ._.,������������������' Barrister.  Richfield, 13th Juno, 1866 12  COHEN & HOFFMAN,  "    DEALERS TN  CLOTHING & DRY GOODS  BARKERVILLE..  A large supply of Ladies' Goods on the way.  QUE AT   ATTRACTION!  EVERY EVENING, 1  AT TUB  frA&HIO-lf-S  01  BARKERVILLE.  0011  BARKERVILLE,   ".. ."  JAMES LORING, Prohuetob. .  Thig First Class Saloon is nosr open to the lovers of  WILLIAM MrINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE.  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY.  IX LOVERS OF THE TERPISCHOKEAN AnTJ������ I  invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a. nw������v |  welcomo will bo extended.  JVXU1VUVU      SZ&ZM      *,*���������*���������     I  i: JSQf-Tho best; of "Wines, Liquors aiid; Sega* |  and Good Order observed. ���������_ :v_Lii*   m  1 MARTIN & COOK, Propyl  m  m  Wit  s  mm  MB  EVERY.   EVENING.  " Li<yi  124m  BREWER.  SCHORLING,  VAN WINKLE,  Dealer in all kinds of Provisions, Clpthiug,&e.  ; Hiyi 3*rlef aaS Outs al-  jgSrStabliagftv mm  ways oia haiut.  yl  BARKERVILLE,   ,      .      (   I  MISS THURBER '& MR. LAWLESS, Propff|  r^HIS HOUSE HAS BEEN NEWLY FITTEDJf*^ I  1 tho Restaurant principle with a view to trov w |  of the public, and will be conducted in -a nw������ i {i |  ensure the satisfaction of tboec who aro ais^ m  iavor tho proprietors with their patronage m  Heals at all Hours.  Good Bed*:.-1  ^r-ThoBarisfurnUbedwitb tfeo WW*w %   |  Liquor* aud 3agiu������, <������������������,   *- .v 1 ��� *��� ''"ft
the ciRiBSt) Sentinel
(Before W.G. Cox, Esq.)
r J: ; jkohdiy', lfth June, 1866. -
Prairie Flower Co.ty vs. Break o' Day Co'y,
per HT]CdWer, foreman���This suit was brough fc
to compel defcadantstb show cause why they
should not' be-'ejected: from certain mining
ground alleged to belong to,plaintiffs..
This dispute arose about, a small * ^vedge
shaped'piece of ground that lies between the
lines of the Prairie Flower'Co'y and the Forest Rose. Co'y;. It appeared.from the evidence
adduced that H. Calder, before taking up the
disputed! ground last fall", went and examined
the stakes of the Prairie .Flower Co'y; he
found two corner stakes, which were pointed
out to hini by. the foreman of the Prairie Flower Co'y'(R.Scarr) as their side boundary lines;
running a straight ..line between these two
stakes, defendant (Calder) staked off the Break
o' Day ground, and went to. work on it in December last, and had held undisputed possession of the same from that tinio till the 4th of
June, when plaintiffs alleged that they had
found their old stake's of 1803, showing a divergence from tho straight line between the
two corner stakes of a distanceof _6 feet, on
which the Break o? Day ,Co?y were trespassers.
The Judge said that he could not acknowlr
edgea crooked line, andallhe could'do was report:   ......
.4-oWerUkc^w^ ��^r��U^.*��*jrt^fc
The only criminal case before, the Assizes
was that of the' Indian- Cbil-Pekin, who was
concerned in the murder of John Morgan, near
Soda Creek,'last fall. The indictment contained two counts; the first charged the prisoner with being, actor or accessory in the murder of John Morgan, and the second charged
him with being actor or accessory in the murder of a man whose name.was unknown���the
second count was. deemed necessary as the
body of the murdered man could not be positively identified.' : A jury was impannelled
who failed to agree .and were discharged. ; A
second jury was ernpannelled who brought in
a verdict of'/;guilty" on the second count.
The prisoner was then indicted on the charge
of assaulting an officer with a deadly, weapon
with intent.to.do grievous bodily harm. The
jury brought in a verdict of "guilty "on tliis
charge also. The prisoner then confessed to
being an accessory- to the murder,: accusing
his accomplice, Miclcel-Piitsk, as the principal.
The Judge passed sentence of death- ou tlie
prisoner, at the same time, remarking that he
would state the.circumstances of the case to
the Government and recommend the prisoner
to mercy;. ���   '.
the total absence of' crime amongst her white
population ; and herewith tender our thanks
to his Lordship, and submit our report.
C. i��. HEATH, Foreman.,
The Grand Jury? cmpanhelled pursuant to
an'order of his Lordship .'Matthew B. Begbie,
Judge of the Supreme Court of. British Columbia^ on-the 8th day of June, A. D., 1866, at
Quesnelmouth, beg leave to submit this our
from one corner stake to. the. other. Each party to pay their own costs.-Mr.Park for plaintiffs.
���'.; '';.".' ff:., ifXfty, .... Tuesday. \ June 12th.
: Plumbago Co'y vs. Kelly-Patch Co'y^Low-
hee Creek.���This was a suit brought to recover $1000 damages for ground'alleged to have
been worked by defendants which belonged
to plaintiffs.... The Judge;;after;bearing evidence on both sides of the case gave a judgment against defendants for.; $125, with costs.
"Cherry CueekSilver MrxE^-The British
Columbia Government -has granted this company ��18 square miles for silver; mining purposes."��� 'Chronicle.7 How generous our Gov-
: ernmeht is withjts mineral lands.. - Only think
of the monopoly of 18 square, miles, of what
���is supposed to be a rich mineral district,. by
one company!;^ If; such a;policyis persevered
in what will* become of the bone and sinew of
the country^ the " poorbut honest miner V in
a few years hence? He will undoubtedly be
1 driven out of the country and: the'.-whole control of our mineral wealth .will-be vested fin
the hands of a few capitalists... It is all very
well for the Government to encourage the investment of capital in our "mines, hut surely
this might be attained at >a= less extravagant
cost than the granting of such privileges as
those above alluded to.   .. '".ff
Cariboo Library.���We understand that, the
balance of the instalment of books purchased
by Governor Seymour before leaving the Colony for this institution, and contained in three
boxes, were shipped at New Westminster for
Cariboo ou the 30th ult, through .Barnard's
Express, so that they will be here soon. We
are likewise informed that the Photographic
Views pf various parts of this country, which
his Excellency very liberally presented to the
Library, are to be sent on just as soon as they
can be procured from Mr. Gentile,
Grouse Creek Bed Rock Flume Company.
���The Gold Commissioner has.sanctioned the
���request made in an application by the Grouse
Creek Bed Rock Flume Company to the Gov-
jenment, during last winter, for having the
terms of their charter so altered as to enable
them to cut a ditch to bring water from acreek
emptying into Antler creek, a distance of 3000
feet, and lay 500 feet of flume for the present
season in lieu of: laying 700 feet of flume as
required by their charter. The Gold Commissioner has accordingly issued: an ;order
warning minersfrommolesting.theFiumeCompany's ground.     -������*'������;���l:! y;\���>������ ������;���-.->���
Q^-^TZ Assay.���A return has been received
of the aaeay of a poMoii of the quarts; sent to
San Francisco last fall from the reef situated
on the divide between Williams and Grouse
Greeks; the result we have not learned, but it
is satisfactory to the parties interested, who
intend to o.o mm pr>r��.f�� finoTflfirtfinoh �� ��� __ *._��
any one
the above reward will be paid to ttuy uuu
dehyenng to any of Barnard's Expressmen a
box of LawBooks lost sometime'since, between the 127 and 150 mile post;
at^S"^ H^^ Begbie arrived
atKichheld on Tuesday last. His Lordship
will open the .Court of Assize to^orrowP
There are no Criminal cases on the docS
(Wy-0nefa?f of appeal from the Gold
Commissioner's Court -
ar^Jt^��rtBfdc,��'yon Gr<>use creek
this district arc not-arduous.   We have found
one true bill for murder, and one for assault
with deadly weapon,; with ip tent to kill, both
against the same person^ he ��� being an Indian.
No other felonies have, been committed or
come to our kriqwledgei-and no petit crimes
or misdemeanors;what6oeyer,.and the disposition' of the white population is laudably peaceable.; ; ��� ���; ;.-; ��� 'ff  \" '* '���'��� '  ''��������� '���-���.'" Xff
,. We h ave visited the Jail of the. d is trie t,;; and
find that some extra, repairs would be very
necessary;: being ; made of green timber^ the
doors are all shrunk .so that the bolts of the.
locks" will not catch; ���"'-���; .ff: ��� ft,ft''ftf..
We would recommend 'that good sufficient
iron bars be placed before the front windows,
andjthat at,least one cell be so constructed as
to prevent the possibility of an escape, and
witir whatever slight improvements the resident magistrate, in;.consultation.witIi..the.. constable, may deem proper.*      ,   ' ��� ���',.'.���.
We would also respectfully call the attention of-theICouffc to'tlieTaci, that there is now
running at large the.accomplice and probably
the instigator of the crime; for which the prisoner in. custody .stands indicted, and that
no adequate attempt or praisworthy effort has
been put forth for his recapture, and it is the
opinion of this Grand Jury that this matter be
inquired into and a speedy effort made to. retake the principal criminal and bring hiin to
justice..     .......       ,
It has been represented to the Grand Jury
that there is now at large, about the- neighborhood of Williams.Lake, two Indian::, charged with the crime of murder and grand larceny, who escaped-from Williams Lake officers two years-ago, and-f considering themselves outlaws are preying upon-the- property
of their neighbors to their great terror and
in convenience, and we recommend^ that an
efficient officer be dispatched to bring them
to merited punishment.
The Grand Jury would respectfully call the
attention of thc Hon. Judge^ to the necessity
of a bridge across Quesnei river at- its mouth;
thc present means of transit is in the opinion
ofthe Jury inadequate to the" wants of the
colony���very inconvenient and unsafe to the
property and lives of those whose business
calls them to cross.               	
And thc Grand Jury would particularly
call the attention of his Lordship to the culpably deplorablo condition of the road from
Cotton woo d river to Fan Winkle ; the Grand
Jury cannot speak in language too strong. of
the negligence somewhere, either in the Government or the .Government. Road Agents, We
do; no t.b.eliey.e.it-is.the true- policy of this ������ col*
fony to grossly' neglect her. most important
interests; and yet to that portion of the
colony from which emanates nineteen-twen-
Our telegraphic despatches of the 28th ult.,
contained a brief account of the disaster which
bap'peried.at Death Rapids, on the Cp.lumbia
River,.on.the 19thMay, whereby 1G lives were
lost. We now clip the; following from the
"Victoria Chronicle," from which it will be
seen that many ofthe unfortunate sufferers
were old aiid well known, residents of this
place: ;���;-= fX'\ f-^f.f.. '-������'���: ft Vl
" From Mr. D. F. Adams, who arrived in town'
yesterday, ;30th; May,|- from Big' Bend,' wo Job-
lain the following account of a dreadful calamity which bofelabatteaii, manned by three
Canadian Frenchmen; and containing, twenty-
two passengers, at"8 o'clock oh Saturday evening/the 19th May, in the Death' Rapids, Columbia River. ;   :"     '   ".. ��� :
Tho batteau left -Wilson/s landing about: 4.
oxlock in the afternoon, and run down to the
head of-the rapids> where the passengers dis-
cmb arked / wi th the execp'ti 0 n" of four or fi ve
who manned the oars and "ran? the first -two
miles ofthe rapids, while the passengers1 on
shore followed along the river bank. . After
running two miles the boat was stopped,, and
and at the request of the captain (who said he
could-make the Steamboat-Landing before;
dark) all but three; re-embarked.    The boat
started again, and had only made about 100
ll3:r.4Si.w.torfini��� t.iixr^giv.sho���t-xvur.ve-.-���sf"Uie-i
river, it ran suddenly,into a;riffle or^boil ^and
was partlyfilled with water.'  Tlie'boat-was
then headed for the shore; and three strokes
ofthe oars would have averted the dread calamity ; but the oarsmen were completelyf. terror striken^ at the danger they saw oni every
side, and stopped rowing ; the^ boat instantly
;upset, when only ten feet from the shore:, and
drifted ihto;a great maelstrom... Four of those
on board, viji: Mr. D. F. Adams, A. Lindon,
Lewis Lesoy (captain) and' Frederick 'Quick,
succeeded iri gaining the' boat's bottom /and
were carried down the river for a distance of
half a mile,.through.whirls riffles- and'������ rapids
���-until within'; 100 yards;. of the; great' falls,.
when the boat providentially ran into an eddy
and after"floating up the eddy, and along into
the stream, and again'reaching the eddy, when
near the shore,' two oars,floated along, -which
the unfortunates seized and^.reached;, to; some
men on the��� h1 auk and the boat with its 0ccu-
parits was'pulled ashore.    Two others���Phillip Mallett (one'of the French,Canadians) and
James Nichoison^of-Walla -Walla���reached an
eddy after the boat upset and. swam ashore.
The remaining sixteen passengers found a
watery grave. The particulars, we. giye below
In the sad list will be found the names pf
many Victorians who a few weeks ago left is
full of health, hope and manly vigor, and
to-day "sleep the sleep that knows no waking."
Wm. Coldwell, native of New Brunswick,
aged about 30 years, lately in the employ of
Jackson & Co., of this city; John G. McKeil,a
native of New Brunswick, aged 26, brother-in-
law of D. F. Adams ;  Richard Golds worthy.
Cornishman, leaves a wife in Victoria; Richard
Harvey, Cornishman, late of Victoria, ���formerly or the Prince of Wales claim, Cariboo ;
Edward Gilbert, Cornishman, late of Victoria;
��� Richards, Cornishman, aged 60, contractor
of Victoria, leaves a wife; a nephew of the
lust named, a plasterer, name unknown; John
Fordham, of London; ''Little Joe,"aSwitzer,
formerly employed at the New England Bakery; Edward Daunet, a Cariboo packer; Merrick Miller, of Greenwood Valley, California:
Kobert McGee, of Drytown, Amador County;
C. G. Kirby, of Canada; A. T. Grim, ofxOhio;
Joseph de Fort, a Canadian ^Frenchman: two
Mr. J. J. Southgate had arrived from England in 38 days from port to port, the quickest
trip on record.;  Mr. S^entertains' the. belief
that Union will be accomplishect TduVing tho
present session should ho extraordinary emergency arise to change thoMinistry.^n, iron
clad ship, of war, the 'Favorite/.was to leave
England on-16th Apnl for^Victoria.~The baric
Eastern, Chief had arrived' from Livcrry66l iii
185 dajs.^Mr.;WiIby;.;.cf Esq^imalt;'^ in;i>os-    :
sessioriyojr a young goat having a; head with
twofaces'distin'ca tbeani-:
mal pnl^liyed a short time; and is now being
stuffed for the benefit,of the'c_ri6us.--jii:. H-
Nathanihad' returned ^frbm-the Sandwich Is-
la'ndsV-The. reputed' cbal'discoveVy at Sobke-:"
turns oiit-a'hiero hpax1;; the.sp.ecimeiv!foiind is
supppse^tohave been drbppeil ;by a^steamer
during the gold excitement, thereini 1864.���A
lucky;,Carlbooile while on -a".visitio Dublin
lately had; been. arrested' as. a Fenian,' arid oil ly
liberated after satisfactorily proving'IhaV ho
was what he professed to be, uan honest m:h-
er.f'���Tl^e great boiler for Capt."Stamp's now
steamer:wa;s successfully /landed at the.H.; B.
Co.'s wharfj' it weighs 32,400 lbs.���rTh'est;earo-
'er !Ale'xandra takes the'place of the Enterprise
whilfe tJie; latter undergo es, repairs, f 'fpf
f-^iUrfSpence has given, instructions'to
have the road from Richfield to Camerontown   '%
repaired;v':A number'of Chinamen are now    ^
busy'cleiinihg out the .culverts'-an<J;mending
the breaks/' - This was greatly needed(ini Bar-
has been undermined and is constantly caving:
tq the great danger ofthe public* f ,f.,:,.,,.,
��� "$&��r. We: are informed that "a 'Special ��� ��� Jury -   ;
will be summoned to try the...case Davis Co-,
v^Aifeii^.Ca''\xyyyffiAft;i tyyyxyi.
t Central Pacific RAtrjipAn.^The .workmen-.;.
on this road, says an��up. \ country paper, have
broken ground as far. as. HeatoVs two miles
&boye Polley^8, at Twliich. place there are some
'300 laborers. Therei are atwork on iHe whole ,
routefrom. 9,00,0. to 11,000 China-man all'Organized ���into; effective gah^s.^S.; F.; Alta i/��� t ppj ���������'
'W.D.Moses has^ju^tt leased the-=prerai?e��
lately occupied byvD. J. Dixon, in Barkerville,
wlierehe intends carrying on his-old business
of Barb er and Hairdresser. ���?������ His arrangements
are not yet;completed tor supplying.Jbis Hair .
Invigorator^ He Invites,p. \call^fr0m ihis old;
friends,andpatrons^ >?:. ^.: ^ -.:;' ffXrtft?^ .
;���; ^_S^ If ^you want good Coffee use FelFg.;
N O T I C E   T O   M IJSJ E ft
tieths of her wealth, nothing heavier than an
intend to commence operations as soon as the
snow disappears^ ,tf. aa
" S30.DoLiAns Rbwakd:���-It; willbe seen bvfwpulcl r^nd^r tlie r��ad very p assable for load-
.a reference to our advertising columns that ed'teams'and-greatly expedite the facility of
empty waggon has been able to pass for the
two past months^ while two or three thousand
do] lars properly arid judiciously expended
We are informed that there. is money set
apart for the relief of destitute Indians, whether such be the factor npi we do not know:
there has.none been expended within our
knowledge, and yet there has been an old, de-
crepld, sick and destitute > Indian woman subsisting on the voluntary charity of the people
for the last six weeks. We beg the Court will
enquire into.the matter, grant the relief and
enforce the same as jus tice and charity demands
In conclusion, the Grand Jury congratulates
the people of this District on the law-abiding
disposition of her citizens and 8ubjecte? and
Frenchmen, names unknown��~~Before Mr. Adams left the fatal spot, his own and ColdwelPs
blankets, together with a small bag belonging
to La Fort, floated ashore. None of the bodies
were seen the next day ;, but the telegraph
informs us; that Mr..: Richards> body has. since
been found. Thei three passengers who de-'
clined to* re-embark, and thus preserved from
death, are- N.^^_steS)_^.c.h.:.\Mallei.v and.H.
_vlumb7r' vr"'a-'--������������ ���- -f- ��� -1    '������' ���':������..
IX ��� Ditch Company,: Limited; call the attention of Jfln-
crs to "" The Williams Creek Plume Ordinancq.isetf,''
a copy of which can be seen ot their olDco, and.hereby
caution all persons not to" trespass on any ground nor
interfere with any rights and privileges therein granted
to tho Company.  .        ���..' ���  ���'' =.���;'���-.���'���-.:.;;
E. A. WADHAMS,; ��� ;���
. ,, ���'      ,.;./.    ...  Secretary.
'  Richfield, 16th May, 1SC6.   :f 4-4w' ;
WAKE   UP   JAKE   j'r
Barkervillet B. C., ."
Everything is done in connection with this establish-.
men t to give satisfaction to tho customers.   ....
. j^s^Meais at all hours. l.~
;v*^>v^L��t' o ��-���' -���/��.���> I
Financial Company.���We learn from good
authority.that au English Financial Company
having a paid up. capital of aC500,000 will bpeii
'fin office'.-'for investment in this colony in. the
course of a few weelis. This is welcome intelligence, the great surprise has. always been
that British capitalists have so long shut their
eyes to the ad van tages whi ch this . colony
holds out for profitable investment.���-'Colonist.
AoMniAL Denman's Power Srj9TAiNKD.~The
bambardment of Valparaiso had been, noticed
with indignation, but the action of the British
Admiral was defended; and endorsed bv the
Government. The English Press and people
loudly denounce ��� the 1 course of Spain. At
Liverpool an indignation meeting was held,
adopting resolutions expressing gratitude for
the exertions of Commodore Rogers.
Appointment Confirmed.���The Government
have confirmed the appointment of Mr. John
Bowron as Postmaster for Williams Creek. ;
������:;������;���'���;; lewist 'w\i$Eyyyy_
���'*'���    -'���".   BARKERVILLE;   >   XfX. I  ;
RICHFIELD, W;illiams Crock, B. C.-*t,, -,..,.  .
E HAVE ON ilAND_i large stock of FrQvisious,:
Hard-ware and Vegetables, and are determined to sell them cheaper than any other, store on
Williams Creek. Come and sec ana judge for yourselves.;
Richfield, May 5tb, 1866.    1-       f 1 ������. ��� ��� . ��� f:X.-.,_
.'-':j;.K.. S;UT:ERi;&:���0^.;s:;:;,
Com in is si 0 21 A g:e n t s
' Bankrupt Affairs wound up and Balance Sbeel a prepared ; Alining Accounts carefully made up; A.l kintm
of Forms and agreements drawn, and. every other description of businessj promptly attended to.    .
��^r Ofl3c�����BICHFIELI>, near the Court-Hcu33.   fr, A-
���������., .;,. j r ^.v*-L*+t-v
���^���sifiii^mfifpKniGm '���M'.u MrnMUKAmi I kVJfaLtt^WSMuamiMuaaBBi
:: '''XffX,,;-* t i^ .'������
l* r ten bY the Queen td;Mr."Peabody :���r * "
- ^^'7i^;^ji__n; H^arrflhat Mi*;;^abQdyMends;
1"' ''shortly" to return, .to. America, and she would
I r Wsorr^ t^ wife
��� -! J'dut feeing assureib.^h^^
*   .'ly munificence by'which;he:lias sought to re-
'-. lieVe the'wahte. ofthe ppqrerxlass.df.hersubT.
Ejects ResidingIhLondon. ;'V; ,   ., V ;/'- .
^ :v \^It ik an:act, as thG;'Queen^elieyesj wholly
""��� treward'inthecb^gcidusness of Javitig.cpntrir,
:; "-AA
'tj - ���. '.* i Will, -until further Notice, be kept" sit tho ��   ?   .
��� LI BR A'RT ;in ' QAM ER 0 N T 0 WNi ,,
and1 Mn JOB&BOWROX will bothd Acting Postmaster
f'tf- fr ffmi: geoJ^ cox; I f
*',/'! ��������' ._w(.��.     ,    < ;-:���      WMrGEO. COX, 1
i Ricbfteld, B/CL,?* \ ~f ���'   ' - -' ' ,   v; ���" ,    ''"' J. P.'\
Is^May, A, D. 1866. j      <.     '      ltf. ���   ^ .        '^m
',   ;,. .. fl    QUESNELMODTE^  '    ���   ,ri   -  f-f
���     P. ,L. JOHNSON Proprietor,     :
Meals at all hours, and 'Cooking of thei)est
'        i1 ,      r     description^ * ^s^  fa": ������������
- >;!���}" f   -'A 1.   QUBSNEtiMOUTH, ....;�� :������>'. >��'a,
<-'  f BROWN &- GrlLMS,^
Gdod Beds; Restaurant;;Billiard Table,; &e
!7��5r.S^^ -������,';.
iipORTEKS or
���V': : L
f^Uerclbthin^ .Glb^ ���:
a ifiiff Cfi'y&f. ft? <i>; Drapery :Gbdds ��� ai j. ;,}.y amfoi ���%��� %.
��� i ��� Receive!regular-supplies by Egress via'Panania anil
I&^yiSIONp, v gftOTII]^,- LI^ORSy 4c.
' ^barretl Stein ac'eepting such distinctions;. t^ ft
' '""tfonly remains, therefore; for the > Queen
'" tbifeiv^ Mr^Peabbiiy liis^u^ri^odf&^jpfe
," sdnal feelings^ which^e^toiild'lufj^eT wishv
T" cdfdr liun/ahdCwhich, when finished, pan,
' either.be sent;foiiin to Amenca^prifgiven;rto^
r yPjbeyneditates,|to;the'c6up)ry.thatpwesjjhiniso,
'J:mmhfJ   '    10X     fj .-     Ppffffff   i
'    The following letter was transmitted to the
vQueen^ through Earl Russell, fin' reply to ner7
,    ��?i?^���e;-i;eel sensibly my inability, to
^-express"in adequates terms the gratification'
���with which I ha^e read rthe (letter which your
Majesty has done me the 'honor of transmitting"
^ Dy'thevhan^sloSEarl'iRussel^ r/; '-" A1'iL ���; p
���      , : :f'OnUh:e occasi
tof my^propferty
^rid'aiigment the-conite
bdpnV I-have fbeen-actiiated oy, a. deep sense jof
gVatitude to God, who -has- blessed me ��� witli'
���::ttf;'TSOTlWlE!.,f :ff-
���THE ^b-X^OTNiSRSHlP i.; rierctoftrb- existing i between
been dissolved to-day by mutual agreemciit;; Mr. Cunio
rerriainsrsole proprietbr, of ���the; Barkervillo. Brewery. * j a
��� f J7illiams CreeK; -ilay 2ard,;i866 if,;; \y;. f ;' ;^lni;';
&>the^feounty -0durt^df ���British; Cdliimbia
x yyyx girod &QyJGH^    ;v.v -
���"���'',   !Old 'Established -GEK3eitA-'! Sxore, ," -'X !'-.
������ ���;  ; , -sio^>ierohants;  .,,- r\������-;�����
.. Storage, &d.rrTer?iis most -,-Moderate, y v
���::���'���';,.;.;'.".���.; ���������::::; quesnelmoutji. .,;,..-,i-���&v;.,���
"'' ��� I
have received so much personal kindnesaand
'   fenjdy'ed'so m|my;y>ars-of ^happiness/. , 1 n.~   ,
^Ne^to; tlreapp^
I shall alw^jrs prize' thie*. assuran'6e,"Xvhich your
���Majesty^lefervc^iiveys toniecpf;;^e/appro|
���    oatidfi'df the ^
^ifehas^attestedfthlatlier^exaltei stajjion^as
^in/ho degreesdmiinislied. tier.vsympathy; with
thehi>mblesW 'wf f- t tf     i
'f 'iy: j'fThe-pqrlraitrwhic^^
as/the most preeious heirloom that J can leave'
ir_ the lantl; qf^y^^ irtihr where, together witk
vthlyletter your Majesty- has-ado^essed^nto.irie^
v(it.will5ever be regarded Es'an evidence olKthe
ff lcindly ieeling^of the |Queen ^o&the United;
. /   Kingdom r'tdwards a'' 'citizen Of './the   United
ff  -States."    ffyffrffV"'f"ffUff-       ^ ��� ' ���
i  "I have ;the-honor to be> .your Majesty's;
most obedient servant, v -     - !
'       "To her Majesty- IJie-'Queen^ys rf.;^      '��� !
; ^Eprr If you.want t to save money get your
Newspapers aiid Magazines from G: p.��� Clark-
-   --^on?&Go;;*Booksellers/ Stationers^and News
;"" by niauWe^
, ,;  -IN BiNKRUPTCfy.]'   ;-   "A '' ''r.'.; ,-
^THEREAS/^ Petition1 for adjudication ir Banlcruptf
1W Wacyiilias' been duly-filed1 on the 16th day of May
.last��� by jWALTERt; Long; 'FkstosJ oC.earnerontown^WiL
Hams Creek^ BritishlCol umb ia^ late Restaurant^and^a-'
loon Keeper^ 'aiid he'.JtiayM^
'ruptji ^is hereby fequiredHoMsurrender himself to Wrh^
<Gleo> <Oox, Esquirej ���lhe:^udgcofv;theiabove;Gourt, for-a
(first exftminatipn;on Friday^ the, 15thrday of:June iiext,'
a.t;eleyenu o'clock:.,hi the .morning;;precisely, an.d|6h;
Monday^thelSth'^ay;6f; July nest^jit l^o'cloclc in^tbe
morning'precisely){at the' jOourt^HousedRichfteld^and
makefa fuU discovery and disclosure:i6T his^estate and
parodytp'pr^veihcjr^debts,,.and aether- first sittingvto"
cboose Assignees and at- the last', sitting the said -Bankrupt is're'quired"'^;fihish-his examinations "VXk ���
UyAXtepersons indebted;tcr^the\said/Bankrupt;brthat
have any of his estate and. effects are not to pay. or de-
THIS HOtJSE is"situated 26.miles from (Quesnelmouth;.
The proprietors;-having:Vlately^iflttcd up bodropms
and gbpd Bedsi: are jiiow' prepared, to dflbr d, e ver^accoin-
modation for 'Travellers; the Table; is furnished'with all
tl\c luxuries that can be procured; ;thc Bar is well supplied iwitli.thb best brands of. Liqutfrs and Se&Crk. f&obfi;.
Stabling, Hay, Oats :and Barley,f>j8_5�� The CHEAPEST;
f',\,T ciSEsand <Jhemioa.i.s,; Fancy and Tpilet 'Articles
Sponges, i Brashes,w*Perl\i'mery, :&c; ���>'^���Pliy6l<^__g},.pK|>
soriptions.carefully cprnpouhded aiid .orders answored
with, care and dispatch. ^ .Victoria,,. y.,I, f ������-��� fy;..-,.,*.*-
���:;;. ^:-;C-^?l^^SjGOTNEm:: r    . .
:T /R.' BOBERTSON, Wine and Spirit Her-
%} ������.ohant^Victoria,,V-. ���!���'���>���, ;t?..;.t.r;;:,^.. i-/.;u1x.s  ���
ni -jx-Miiiu,
I? SAY SAWCr!; Howijsjt iyourjBooTsJwe��ri8oloii2
apdkeep your.feet so dry? ;.Becauso:Ipurchase of
CKarity and. Butler, Government Street,. Victoria
House on; tho RoadJ.;
��� -fv i ^I^E^SEm^; ^rpprietbi|sVv   ���
U" .'Garden miA, Field Seeds guaranteed., ;HaYe on hand
lo; carefully' solected-;;stock .Of, thij aboyo:irom tbeiest
Eurbijeaii a nd"-A%vcrlcnnv Markets^ The'ooriy 'qrders of
thci r friends 3 n^ Bri tishvColunihiai are; -'s&licj loftf :���]>&.
ticnlar'attcntions isjca^ed ;to itheir large s^qck; of^Orass
Glover^��4> ^nto^ ^eds ^C^^
Fruit Trees1 anp;^Bushes^Eyerg% GrecV- "''
:hdusejand 'Garderi-��� Plants^ Standard -aiiU'Dwarf Roses
of every Tariety.^i Catalogues on application;? t-��� \%
t   ,,   , i   ���     '      r    ,  Counsel.for.Petitioner.
......       ..   .     }
X ���Travellihg��public^the�� bedrooms arc; spacibussand
airy and the Beds cannot ,tbe surpassed 'for. cle^ullhess
and comfort; by ;any in therldwercountry.;; the .Table is
alwayS;suppiied wath "tlie 'best; of'victuals? Slahling
for Horses; Hay;' Oats ahd'Bafley;^oiis'tanUy'bnhand.:,
_1/t.is. furnished';with cvery^conveniencevfor the.com-
rbrt-of travellers;" tV^C.tilI^a^;ide^rtm^t^i^^nilcff'
tlie'BUperintcrideirce i&fdn experienced. eoolc;{.the T^eds
are clean and comfortable -; ;tho Bar.contains^thq best
ofiLiquors^Segarsy, ^c.-ViStabling^Hayy Barley &fOati
���BRGBBIGKrGoal and Produce pEAuei a
�� largeiStockVof. Hay;; patsj;Wheat^and.Barleytofthe
best descriptienjalwhys on.hand; also^Nanaimb, Eng- I
Hstv;1 Blacksmith.'and Cannel Coal; ~ Orders'sent to f
Union: Wharf^ = Victoria, .V.r' ll.\ will.Teceiyb immediate - :|
attentioh.^'^n' -r \ft   irttift   ,f.fti>;.   ,:i-s  ;
" jfS i^TtLE'S^no^rapruc 0.aflery^ Govern-
:A3T^rient St^.yictoria'/ V.fl/,^opposite Hotdl doFrafe
Views or (Cariboo afajh- Scenery>tlipoiiffliout-vliipitishfeol-
iimbia, includingviews of the route to Big Bend, always
%i;ha^dvat.-liberal:rAtes.-,; vi<* ^ft^i'-^'^
receivingjrom-bestsources, Scbool, Staudard^andMis-
ceUaneous.Books^and~^taple^^and Faacy SiatlojiQryfln
all ftsi&fariches/'r Corner Yates *! an & ;%anglby^siTeets?,
Victoria^1VancouverIsIand^  ��' *J '^.rAAm toi^
rpHE UNDERSIGNED are^now^^maunfacturiDg.FLOUB
JL of Vail'grades: Extra, Superfine antf Fine.     Feed
Crushcd'-to'order.' '���<������ <f ff "'-"ff ^��-F;:Hm"; " =;.,'���   ";���
. .-   r      IillXOOET FLOTXRMILIi Ca, ffil
t fl-s ,;H.,, -,. :  ' _ (, ��� , '     ������; ,. F. tWj iFosxEB, Agent.- f':
W: I33_SNDERSON^begs' to inform his^friciids
:land^thetravelling' public-generally^that^?he has
taken^ the above Banch and is prepareil tp supply therri
^-ith First Class ^ccommbdat^ph, 'Good^ Stabling" fbr
hqrsesi::Hay;. atibV Grain;- If ff- 'f'"-
E'fBl WHE3AR, Tailob; & Qutfitter, Fort Street,
V Victoria; V7E;*o^os^te;Be^H^ f:
.isVprepared^tp'supply-'lLiB: tiiimei^iB^;pat ronfi jiii tti* cveiy^i"
{requisite; ior;Clothing .suitable for? every.seasoa'of tho:
m?iffS^fA> :Xa ff,   \ -:.. f  .,>- ,:M '
rX I lisjh ��� Merchandize/jwholesabr Und ?retn i 1 * dealers1 iu '
;I)RV;;(SKWhSi &o., ^ratesiStreetv Victoria^ViJtifh'Qkiml %
after; ist June riext;in Government Streei;;'Oi)rjpsHa ihe :,
Bankf'of British ^Columbia.. f'j.J,   ', ,    ^        ' " l>s
,., Propriotorj
' ���;i_l.t_LlOOET  "BREWERY,
TACOB: MILTZ,. Proprietor, has always on f
_l hand a large and superior> stock of Lager Beer; at
the Bar will lie found the-best Brandies, Wines arid
Sugars; the public are:irivited'to-calJ..: Prepared'to filli
alLorders prompter. ���'. ,_    -.- :".���������;,   ���,.���",,      ';-, r:f 1st- -,
tff'f AAfy't-tf A^ent.;
rrHis, HOTEii is; large ;ATO..^iiTi, "SrETObi-^uii'
'X^^for tlie eomibrfc'of travelers; ihe--Table' is ^supplied;
With the best of everything that can�� be procurd, :on<i
the coold ng Is -not inferior to any:onHberoai:i; :B qdi'pbms;
fpr' families'���",Stabling,;,Blay- parley and Oats.,;  l��s.  ;
f :S3?;MILB HQTJSE, if \
Ai LBERT.C/RYSLER has opened 4he above House; for;
^JrX.; the reception of Travellers:; the Table is, well kept;
and the Liquors cannot ��� bo surpassed | the Beds are\
clean arid * coirifor table.-   'Stabling for Horsesj Hay arid;
QaXsj'f'.':t,.yft'iffflAfff,. ;.>4 ������AAfulfAAfli-s-
HOTE^DE GRANGE fi Victbria^ii IIpx
.;��� Biqse and PierrejMAscfET, ProprietoraBTi^ R?s*
taiirahtis supiplied with all the,.delicacies-.the market
a (fords. In. the Bar will be' ifbu ridthe' 'choicest^^Li'quobs. :
Furnished Booms, ? &c. ���,,,.,���, - - - r^' ,- j ^ ��,���.' 'l*s
EUGENE THOMAS^a^es^siTeet^ofcria,
.Wholesale and Retail Dealer, in'WINES. BRANDIES
BEERS.; and, ;LIQUORS, and depot;of Havana Scgaw.
Goods'ibrwardcdjtb>he���Mining:Districts'.7.7'-tf'"   ;!"s���
A ; nE-^NBLE^Victbria, ;V; Up-Dealer in'Fons.:
xjL��� Seiss, Hides, "^"ooL,*jfec. .Iilboraladvances.niad��
on" Furs cdrisigbed. ^'i^&^^i^^u^f&K'06i}^at'
bbrg&Eueff, Victoria, V.I; - l " f  "''U-s
Thr Universal PrAdtiCE :of 'rhixirig ��� Gbicory' and
othc'radulteratives with. Coffee,; has very; much'damaged in. public estimatibUjvAvhat ought Up be the most
delicious of Beverages. ;, So elfectually liave the public
beim drugged with such mixtures -thatihes.true properties bave been lost sight of; arid: many'i prefer a black
arid thick infusion to: a drink-rich in spirit arid ardma.
Goneraia.sis the-use of Coffee, it is little kriown tbat
iu coridensing the vapors extracted from tho berry in
rintritiu^ a liquor is obtained1 of the riiost nauseous
taste, and of a scent the most unbearable. Under such
circumstances it is 'evidently imporUrit that .all; t-U'e
gases and ihii/Is extracted by .roasting, should be car-
C PEUM__N: and McKENZIE, -Proprietors.
Q This House is .well.iltted up with: Good :Beds; and
the Bar is furnished with the best Liquors; Meals are
served at all hours "on .���the; Restaurant principle; Stabling for.Horses,:^Horse FeeUj ko,: fl-fff'ffffi-^fi
Pioneer Hotel--Lillooetyx
/iHARliES; iTEBSOlSr^ Proprietor-.: ^ This bid
^.established House, is Well fitted Upfor ihe comfort
of;Travellers;. the Tabie is supplied with the best of
everything that cap be had, and the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the: lower country; Bedrooms
for Families; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &c.
Trio Express stops here,- . .        .    1-s
JAMES HURON; Proprietor. ��� This;;cdrrim6di-
ous Hotel is well' fi tted up with every cdhvehicncc
for ;the comfort of tbe public; the- Beds; are/ail; that a
\veary traveller, could desire; tho Table is supplieel with
thejhest of "'fare;' theVBatoori ta iris 'the' choices t.hian'tis
bf.Lio:u.ors arid Segars; itood.Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats^
Barley,-koff -fffpfTfiJ' ff < 1, T ft' f 11a,'i^v ���
BS. HEIN, ;Mnij[NER!& Dress.'Maker," Gwern-
arient Street, .Victoria, V.. tT.--.AIi kinds.of Millinery,
of :the --latest style !kept:cbristaritly on liarid.'' Orders
from the country^ punctually? attended to: v^v '���**��� Vjg<
T)ETEB McQTJADE, /Sliirj: ^h_^erH:and
���Xf:. deaierjn Paints, Oilsj and Window Glass;- Always;
on hand���a, large stock of'Rope and Canvass.;;-Whurf
Street, Victoria, V. L. f. ,       ' -  ;\. t -   .',-_ :   l-8ra
plished by, the now and patent "Conical Colteo Roaster''
im used. by FELL k .CO., yictoria; Urvvhich the. berry
is.directly^exposedjtb:the racii.ated.heart, -arid ihe vapor
extracted^carried blf instaritarieously^ ��� In'addition to
��� tue ad vantage: to be derived by the rapid removal of
the steam containing the objectionable properties, the
pu re arbriia of. the CplTeo is feta i rietl, the- esses tiki' oi I
being preserved'and riot exhausted as in' the Cyh'ndqr
Kpasteri where the Coiree is required to remain a niiich
] urigcr ti trie is consequence of tbe sterimi ng i t u nder-
^oes by the confined steam.   It is chomically: iinpdssi-
Ide to retain the qualities or arrest th�� deterioration of
CotT^e when ground;   The heat engendered by,the proems of roasting, and especially of'grinding, 'creates an
action in the elementary parts which gradually, destroys
iiSiic.n.e=s for drink.-. But to retain the essential oil
wLleh it contains we have it encased iri tins containing-
/n>ro 1 ib. to 28 lbs.,: and which can be had from any
at the respectable dealers.    "Wo can confidently recommend those who have hitherto beep, obiiged.to, re-
/riirt irr/m taking Coflee on- account of its ill cfl'ects,
'"'���thai Cmy may use" bur Coffee, roasted*is^ho Conical
>^sif>Tb^iug recomiriended by all riiedical men under
' ��*v#is wotice it has been brought, arid by numerous
JiLwV _-j*4i&iOKHiiS -Ssi-Ujs ikvoiY     -- FELL k COw"   .
Coaee il^rcliants, Yates st-,, Victor^. j
M. 'MACDONALD, Proprietor.. Miners and
others destined for the Bridge River Mines will
find every convenience and accommodation' afforded
them.. Good Beds and a Table well supplied with all
the delicacies oi" the season. . .':.      1-s
LORENZO: LEAKTO, Proprietbr. This1 house
affords ��� cyery accommodation for; tlie icoriifbrt of
Travellers;; the Table is furnished with allthe delicacies
of the season, and. the Bar is stocked with tlie choicest
of Wines, .Brandies & Sogors; good stabling for horses;
Ray,:Barley.ami Oats constantly on^hand at low rates.
Kowly milled Flour for sale cheap. ��� ' -l-s
1>AI; SO0NO^& O 0;, ^ommis��bn;Mercjiarigi;Im-
r\:" BACIGALTJPE, MERcnAXT and Packer, be-
\X�� ��� tween Douglas and Lillooet. Always on hand a
good stock of Provisions, &c. ..,    ���      .l-2m
The; Bonaparte House, ^
QEMLEN & PARKE,. Proprietors, at the
M Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is
now open for the accommoclation of. trje public. Distance from Clinton, 20 miles; from Savanas Steamboat
Landing, 22 miles; from Spence's Bridge, 30 miles.
Travellers will llnd prices and accommodations to suit
the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;
attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice, a week for
Big Bend and Yale, and once a week for Cariboo.' * 1-s
WQ ON i& GO.i -Impbrtbrs' arid; Dealers in all
, kinds of Chinese Goods and Provisions;.<Rice, Su-
^r, Teas,, &c., Cerniorant Strept^. west of ^oyernB^nt,
Victorhi; V. I.       ' . ��� " :;;;��� Chlv Kay, Jlannger..
^WATSON;,: Watchmaker, ��� Jeweler y
^_ - and Engraver; Yates street, abpve^ov-.
enimerit street, .Victoria, V. I. , . l^s'
Fort Street
.-_-*, &,MURRAY, ;Grockr9,;Provision
ine & Spirit Merchants, Bakers & Confectioners,
eet, Victoria, Vi I.;   -   ������   ';    .*    ,     1-s
L. SMITH k CO.,,Proprietors.   ..This House, is.
well litted up for tho accommodation of Travellers to the Bridge River Mines. ;Good Beds, Stabling
for HdrseSjHbrse Feed, kc. A Stage runs twice a week
between this house and Port Bouglas on the arrival of
tlie steariicrs.frpm below and: connects with tho Lake
Boats for Lillooet; 1-s ...
LEWIS LEWIS, Clot-iier, Yates Street, Victoria,
. opposite the Bank ol British North America.     1-s
T, THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between
Spencc's Bridge aud Clinton, ou thc Yale Route,
Travellers will tin a Good Accommodation. The best or
living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, Milk
and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.  : 1-s
QPORBORG- & RTJEPF, Commission Mer-
O CHANTS, Wholesale Dealersiin JGR0CKR1K8.PIW1;
sions, Bookjj & Shoes, Wharf street, Victoria, y.tt-i?*
GRELLEY & FITERRE, Importers &Wliol"��
. shIc Dealers in Wines, Spirits and Lia?0^
Victoria, .V. I.! * ��� vr  ���:.--,- ��� ���> ���-��� *����.���- e <&���*������**<#;;   vs
QPROAT & 06m (latc;Anderson;& Co.) ImportxrS
O and Commission Mhrchants, Store Street, Victory
v. i.    ���; '���'".     . -  >����������� :; '��� ' f'f:���:':���>.: H_
RS, l?OBACC6, Meershaum Pipes, &o-> &A"
, GDTiU'n.'-ga-j Jitre?L, Victoria, Vancouver ukud.'
.- HiCK'3    HOTEL.
T YTTON SQUARE, New.Westminster,B.C.
JU now occupied by W. E. STEIN. The above favorably known house i3 now open to the public; the Bar
is constantly supplied with the choicest brands of
Liquors and c^gar-s. _
1    SUTRO
corner of Yules arid Wharf streot,; Victoria;
T   B. HAGGr'IN. Physician & SuRG350Xt.npiir*;
t) m rierof Yates arid (foycrniricrit StsT, Victonajj^'
PIERCE & SEYMOURS doalers in^EOPiN-a*"
1.   PdiawfuRB, Broad Street, Victoria, V.. .L.
& G-RANCINI;. Hardware &Ctoo^
ants, Wharf, Street, Victoria, Y. L 'fJf->;
Whanf Ktr*��t., Viourin, V, L 'ressesKOti.:  ription of. -j  .?m<*o-;Jr :-:;  .'Panama; and  iers,x'ts '  >ilct Articles,  fSiciaris'r-Pre.  era answered  rf/tifyUf  h '-.'ty vs ).������������������ ���������  3pirit-Mer-  i\vcftr.:So;iong  I purchase of  ^t^ctoria.  S5S5:  Have,on hand.  ftom the/best  flrly;6rder3of  ici ted; ������ Par-  qclcor Grass,  rjpXw.4uaEyr  rubs,43recn.  !D\varf Roses  iong vi V$  : Dealer.- a  fBarleyibftlK)  inairao, Bng.-  ���������ders'scntua  'b/ininiediato,  CV.xi..,Vi;-|..-.i,'.i;..'.';  ary, ^Govern-  61 do France,  tf.BfltishXM.  Senily- iilwhys7  '.r^l-S  'j-iV-?:'   -    ���������,-.  ting Book-  ���������i'upplied and  ard;anilMi5.  Statfqnery; ia /  iglcy ^streets,  !1-  -l-3m  i, Fort Street,  ftel^^wjier^hj..  is wi lb' every. (  s'easonfdUinj.::  Xy-f'XH  'ters/br/Kng',:  iil*dealers'iu  4l;4_a*iUKl;  -opposite ihe  _i_j__iL  % II, Jons ���������  r&^ThcKeS'  i the market  t&atLibjjros.  yfyfru'f'  Sii^S  |gqt;fa^^������& left a  stone unturned^jaorthat stonej without hurl-  ^oommence^my^letter r^ifeja/ie������remttrB  ontineTiel'e^  ofValparaiso.-^irthe^  tants of th!a iil#ted^city we^treate^^pl^  horxte?of/i-iis^  by the representativein the;Pacific waters bf  the powerroffth^tt ^-a^yised^weakjiijthoogh  ;ambitiou8t,'arfd^ll-idverned c^dfuiltrK'Sp  mm.  f^fM<9W^^ jrrogan9e. flf,|pain,  (but%-t"a\tbirdlCrtw%urffi rataxppw^in]Eu���������  rope) are only equalled by its shortsightedness.7 <- ThVFnnereht wealth^aridnatoal ad vantages of the country -be^alPto tell somewhat,  ���������.-..-1A.. t _ _- jjeen allowed some  [ing it ai tiielast occjipant;of ^thesea^ pMtinjj  jhffij$T$i^.dirt;v,aIbanMpl legislatorW^l&akk.  ia man of^jeUigen^oudejto  ���������room for whom ?, j -A.man/bom, 1k>(;bjB chairr  jman of a w^rlirSotiseboarS\6r Wtlt;pefijy ves-  jtryj :te^ and cau-  Jer^ec^e paupers^  ing voice^;%rid ^remarkably; ;shallcj w tnpcket,  jwho to my certairi;/'KnowiM     never paid his  last jelectiori fees, nor the" cost of'defending  his seat; his bill forftftaft hireup ^SallSpring  Island in June, 1863,j amputijafig!. $ 1 $ ������2, was  brought by Peterson, the^ boattman,>t6 ib;T)ii?fr���������  declined le  have anything to'do^with'-itv-  sliem; appearuuec^y BMou^nce^6^ !,a bankrupt;legislator;<out on Such ill-  Xinfie^r^ :���������ed. vituperation. .As ap^c^manjttte last  enough of Narv^  The fruitsi O-tSpanish reviyificaiJonBOon showed themselves m an unmistakeable desire for  A* ���������~ma&IwHicS betrayed'tBeC3iankering  self-assertion,:! .      ..   ...        :....    . ....  after the domineering spirit so characteristic  of old/Spain. "^Moroc^  the latter eventual}?.disa^troi^ to; Spain, and;  tlie 'former ealamitous' as reprds^n 0%dged!  expenaiffie^of^  raffed* and the astonishmentoT theworld has  abjectly to an arrogant^m^Vi^J^if^i^  and iU^udgtn^ Mmir  mite :suiddeN^f^^^^F?/.^t3/ifM?i -Jast flagrant outrage i,^ town��������� qf vjjea^e^leJ^abi^  tants^a town in w&ch the moBt hostdeyand  warlike erection^ is ar customhouses-is bom-  ibaif^rifetnree-hours jw^y^in^iss|6^  ^iia a lbssiF*15P050OO:inc^^  asked, what hasA'thisM do^With* us ?  ; It is a  matter muctt to heideplored; ^^atshoiild  not prov^eC thep: strong' Themys^f ,^on  i>QaixotismTare pasfc'^Ail ^ry^^l^r--c������'m^;  ) mercial meiu^'IBut wJtfwUVb^'saM wlienit  Us known that the:greaterpartof-thislossfarh  member unquestionably did;,hisiduty,to; the  feest of h^^s^ability^and expeftenc?p, ,whjcn';were  not small;f >to tie suscc������ddfed^  ileal adventurer, who draw     his lights from  the'-;backwoods; of ;CanadE !pXy 1 'p[ X yX'l pyp -  | iTHS^is^sjight! d^re^eapf I opinion} just  ^6ur r Legislative ;&  CQuneH^Th^frler;^^  wish^tf toi^bMisK^Jie properi^i^alm^cation  for meriibers of the,Assembly-;������������������.��������� thelattferj/oii'  the^contra^^wisied^  Theref'is1 nb^fitoflSt' ftnat'/talang; a>broad and  di������passio^na,te^yiewp wot d6^mjagenerai?way  'feel, t will not say regard forj but we bestow  more-fettention^n a^mah-btilasfed'with'piro-  ,rjerty. . Eirst;r^man must have ability of some  3uhd,"tho"ugTi'^  kind; ^to make ^money; second^ it'does ^not  .seem^^naiural^hWaTiatfn pMnilefesshali lef isolate for those. wbp ^haye-p^neei^But,^ in reply;  ii has been aboiis_ed-siri fSiglancfjHand the nation has not been revolutionized. Again, we  o^ojadmit ^men suehi asj graduates^afcr our Unn  ^sltiesV^tci,^ %avei votes ^ the^efp^^e^  pjav/somejslight;homage to; infelUgence^and  it is to" be0 suppose^Jt|ata(nAan who has ren4  dfered himself soniewiQat: superiorUnVattaic^  t,  V ib\AJii<*t  5,iBRANDlEil  ^ana Segars.  tllf.  iler ia'FoBS,.  vaucesflwd*  &/Oo,,*Sppr-  "f ;.w  ���������JR,'--6wfera-  g.of Millinery  nd4 'Orders  tf.^ppif  hdlerH.and-  las:- /Alway?:  ������ss.;^^arf  18m  rcriantSj:Itn���������  Kice,-Sugar,  t:Sti'_et^y|e-  ;'44^3m,,  jalers in ^H  ns^Rice,Sa-.  3overnBi?Qi>  i 3i������nagcr...  veler-L  IOOV:1  "provision  infcclioncRf,  4;;4 'M ..  ;sion Mer-  ^&wS  jet, Victoria,  =���������','41*  DEALBHS If  ^k*M'  ^Jicarcor-  ictoria, y*u  /BeoWN'0 *"  ���������hXtf^'  &CtO0KE^  ������__Ji':  Ii.  inaval forces/bf their4own/ia the harbor,;and  atfiotMa^ol-laMfpeM  by the armed;rui^nsj(pf :&  |tli allowedjt^ ���������Jiforgo^  ^er wSs guilty b$-grgate^  |ioble vessel, the Sutleji/the^ all  pBritish eyes hay^vfu^vjjvjS^  |juimalt.h^,rbor, Mlowedby^ ^^^eand^r;apd  |he DevirSifca'iibn,;? with'/th^ st^reShip-NereiSs^  * arefully conveyedjilielfSeu^ of the harbor  rnda-n^hd^ii^^'^ith^ "Ia;st,? HbefjieW. go;^8:  bn to sayjJJfthfe BB^  ;said he cotildidt'iB^rfere':excep^  Really, that the British; ihter^fef^ashord/must  ;look out for themselves, W'y ^^J>feiuE^thaY  itheC.onSV.couldm^  ;out; &dmfralJPe^  I)ehman an ambassador then^j Shame oh such  proceedingT: IHii posiSoii and object! in the  harbor, :fIjteke Jt, ��������� were  estsf/ diplomatically ;?i no f-i fo at l with.^pbwder  iHBandahb^^^^^  ^M;DogfafrSayti,;interfere;d^  ^^^^and followed it with'the irj^isfebJle'altigwei t;  of sinking the steamer Yakrooue, whichcom- f  ^mittedi jthe? putra^.|^p^_e:ia^rfei^idi^  maticauy-ae'regards ^th'e^islaad'f TeePatia  his desire to speak; with"^'adaniahtlips" on th?  question was;&o;great thafc-^he pu| Mb ;vessei\!  on a reef and ^here fought^tlie Datlenes", which  he sjiienced,iaiid the steamer or s|eame re which  ^he iuhfe,iand'^jen.destro^  keep her out ef the enemy's hands. X fie was  tried-by,^^ourfcrmartiab ai^d^?eprimandedvrn.ot  Jfor fighting, that^s-What *elwas 8ent'fbiit%)r}  K^s__j?ut for l08ittS^i8-saTp������'T;Ad^nira^^ was  .^^fehung, not because he fought, but because he  J3������SS  did not fight,:, But here a BrMsh admiral pro-  Ha_|tec^ pritjs> Iritesfe b^inMrf^rinl'diblomai  If������lcall>"'and' arichbr.ing,outeid^ wjiil  d__w the,unemJa?er,aaar^lagraid,dftd jiist  gbefore^eyrattacked our devoted .battalions,-  Waad.ouridecimation may*e;tra<iedrt6 bur fafel  ���������Jf nipftcy U But .Spain understands nothiuff; of  St_is feeling.; and pur Jnactioavia the mot? to  Ke.^eP^edL^^^    resolute attitude by the  Vll proceedings'^fiany^k^a/'/fi' T 3 ft^lf-  mf- a^.Wdrj:,are.no)n1ed^ change in the  W*epre8en^  wwell., ;He:and our ex-Mayor; and a _-entle-  ^SJ^&V^ m**���������> of the^ee  repressibiea.   Thc famed John  tjertatmp^  ofmanhodd;fiun^agewill^ver$eturh;^^  ribbiest minpany^bu^such;;a* respebtable or  talented man as they shall have'confidence in.  Last) inoti least/t fip^'ih^ally/lm:^l^^  turaeSafid "ac&d'a^  qiialMcatioas wete only-borrowed ??h6w-Sahy  iav^he: walliP^St^^epien  pftly1 |>rofecti6n' from'^^ n.rrest was the magical  fidditioii of M. iRfto:th������r^ames^'*} What.beir  teVi^ere jfchey "ftan ippprvbut-hohest/mettiwith-  oiit ������300 of landed ^property ?3^1^t bettori  l^^w^e^forjif^^ssessed' of ��������� any^eling :lpk  all their^fal^pbsltionmust have galled__emt  Therefore ani'fl in fawr/of-idoing awayVwith  ^e^rpperty^ualification^i 4 fi f-.^rfhrXf;  a But this Council Bills brings/ mer tof ���������make  some-remarks on -the Gbuncii.' On Monday;  ,7,ti May, the OouBcUcmet:^ of  business, apd jbills a^all^vents they did des-  patchlifi-onel'se'hsei^  Act was thrown but ^without/dessenT;. The  Trjades Licensesi Am^nctnient Act, by-^hicn it  was soughf to relieve all persons in'trade^pm  the ������^l(^tpoliitfe^d������redtibi&-'!ifc''itd $5,_I was"  feownout���������/������������������;'-The StockandCaroase Amend-  inent Act, whi.cfi Msw ialiMiic'eCby^h&Hbuse  pf | Assembly 'pip enable mjicb^cQ>vso(r stock  srearing animals toTenteratfa noniina:i payrrierit,  j^as also thrown, out ? jand now ^settlers will  have to pay the same amount., on animals intended as stock as. for begf cattle. The impost) $as( iput -on (to 'bringlmbriey: into1 the  treasury, Itdlc^notas a fact work injuriously ib trade, aor:did: it affect perc^^  p rice oTvmeatr7 Ojae spirited cop tractor took  a. trip to pilif^t!riia^a_.<li thence imported a  shipment of beef cattle..; By this means he  obtained animals costing about .thesame^-ex-  ceptsomf eicfss Sa' freighrwand for which tlie  same itopbst Was paid^hereYSfjjerhead); but  as each animal weighed oh the average lOOlbs.  more than the Oregon grown !beast,; the speculation was decidedly to the advantage of the  ���������California animal. The butcher,had the handsome margin of 100 lbs. of beef" imported for  nothing to pay forthe/dut|;, therefore. he}could  afford to ������eirarthe;s^meratey in any casettie  tariff need not necessarily increase; the retail  price of 'meat l cent per pound to the ebrisumr  er, j The Salaried *ax ml was lost- - The-  Temporary Loan ^Act $100,000,. shared the  same fete.,.^pitt& IffiC^aftior I)hes 'Amendment Act/ .;.:- ���������;: -.i-  j -J  ';'Now it is .*pt on the'fatbpf  miscHief arising therefrom, that I am going  ito enlarge, i f Ther Real' Mate Repeal*Act I  think need not be regretted. 'It has been the  fashion here hitherto to; make Real Estate'pay |  mq& -of the burdens j and really if ho duties  pajy^Property? holders are'the mostlargelM  intorested in thevmaintaiaing*r b& _jeac&ffmffi  !qigetne^ ol do)hbt means ibatk^^ man-owning:-'  W4ri8^or6'neariydnterekM'Jin'"^^  tjSiiya-j landless* :;nterefratit^  ho^s i Sill of ? godds^ thought th^fbrlmer fbr/  tMftimeSs'dertamlymore intimately abound jup;  witfcthe^country.^^^  fi^ideriientrReal Esytei^  elsfe we* can moretfairly get a^revenue short of  the";/ old; machineryidfcurates^ bn ���������everything,'  which *prevailstitf?England^^^d?the-  License (AmSndnient rejectioniaiid th'at>of ^  SatedesTax^ifhave riot^much^ to say;^The5  thpwingbut'bf the Stocfc andCarca-e 'Am'ehd-  mentf and the:othef measure ^for^chargihgf -a  duj^ohhayffand'lumber^^ereibp  opinion,- childish' and^ misbhievous.%������_uid hbre  I #buldj''enipassantj^ joiri������ issue on-the whole  malterof^ this bugbear bfoProteetiba: br^5?atrff  ^pt;at aU^Byironymous to'*my (thinking 'f and  Free:P6rt'and.fFreeiTrade)f;ea;uaIly<^  ^e^&u^eto^teeamT^^i.^^  enthusiastic for -Pree Trade 'per se^by-whicte  i enthusiasiinT and^emblarice bf^ enlightenment,  19������h' centuryismy etc/? ^they%y'to/drown, their  ho#l^ ^ end^n^in;a!jwhine,^afteri_^ee/^  ,say|'that those most eiithusiastic'af tor Free POrt^  cannot/bn^r^^ans ^bf i. repletioniniNpne^btit  Mr^urnaby ever1 made~ a' show qf-;&nsiderin^  :thaFdesirable end. feHe^on%red,^er^serisibly^  to advocate j a .tax on;^unbcoupiedVlands^ by  Which theowners shouldbither'sell or improve;  and also to/agreetoa^measure ub'y-which the  folibwihgtiq a/certein4extent ridiculous mo'de  of-aSjusting a licensenowin tEe Statute^hbuld^  rib ������n|erbbQaw:/for^l00hai^y^  of business; transacted^^ or 1'P er^ cen^^and  ^brMooO/c/pS^r Bi^-teriths?M/ltpe;roeen%^  ifor/������l^|00.|;4of S pe ^centr;^'ete4r���������;Mr.i1Bur4  mabyipro^ed-,- if 'my memory .serves Imb',4n"ati  tlie^aii|S^et merchant^ a'$50^0 00tranp  should^ ;pav. i per cent/on ^el^^^^bp^  W^^St^SKUS^:  mm*  fi x -ff i i a n if tit:   ;  I ^/'.v(wyw^������^r;-to^crfas^  m0i  y?A  ty7M^M������o^Mistmi)\f  ;. ���������f; '���������-. VIC^RUdpi:^iaSo}.iJv^n  wu  ymym  KEteWESTiH  v- : '���������-��������� ��������� ��������� :AA^\ff2Lffi"-J 'A-' i rf- w^l-i'l '> Or, j $j'p,;. A-: ���������  ���������: ��������� ^w^OBS^mssD: statesj ��������� L :^  '"  . gAN. FB^^O? ;;?QBT4NB*(pEEGa^"''~*"  ��������� j-:ON;THE BANK?0F MOKCBEiii"IN CANADA,  Tlpiitrfalp 5?oron^'iJludbec,v HajnUtw-'.'Le-rf^ IHfig.  ������������������ VfBtotif ^#|^lleyjlle^vBrflnUor.cli/ Bwfe^rV'  Gbderi  KjPfl^rboro, Ottaw^'Guelpb  I.; - &TOM-  ������y*t   t- ^cr-BES^fl^^SS^F  ti:&y.?ff?'%:'-m  ' ��������� -r , ���������,  a mm<$ "    if lAi    y m,   aU  '0K^(m^Sr^wM^n\uw^ mfs: bam-4  bNiRmN^6MoKT4f'^ up iMimi), mmmn  ���������  U,f !j     AffufA   A i $i      sjijs m   AU      VA  ' , *,  "(To beOontinaed!;^  " l|li������, ?ilaii|ifp|t B ^M^  ':������'>!.:  ,lea^-ifasa OneiH^lted Dollars;. ���������    - l  ;J 'j Bil^ DifWufll|^^^n^tea;^n4-Billt6psc f  on Gre^t; ^ritain4^n.Fraicisco andKN^w vprk ^\nrf f  ij^ftBedr^'^^W^S " ,r:/4rlJ*;/4;r :^C%L;.%' '^.:;  u |(^vfer_'rn"etit^a^feli6r /SecnritieB^recoive'^Tor aliif $  Hstc^yjila^rcBiptadDividends'collected/!' i{'' l:'^;'/  ;!>{',     /\i4/ "^ v/~   ^'^Ai;X'AA,f    }   y  p. fXX-  :/^^^D^r^M^iA8aa   ,y������<Jv' '>:- :���������'-.-?���������" -"'--'.r'-��������� .  A'-  ���������AA������  i^AlLAN'^ LAMBERT, jr>o^Bii:TOBS?; rX  Pif^^BAKKEByiLE,' Wjluam^^Cj^e^k, _ (Gi^tDOOj.  '   ''', i:?; Subser^tion^^'l^peTT^eS,_yp' '���������;';,,*  {Ind-dWg'.teoBt-^fdeliydrjrji)'- ^iyabib^ to;sthe ^jfisfcrier^  "' ;t:. ���������'      and    .   .';/.;   'w./'O't/f,  1       CAMEROOTO^WILIJC^  TJ HE TERllfe 4OF^S0SCRireibN iiayobeen reduced to  ���������i $2 per niemth ;''��������� ubov������' ^O^Iumes^of^iNew^ Works  havo,been'pnlyiifttely;ft4ded. toithe circnlating-. Library,  and nioro are oxpecteCdaiiy..^ ^Parties:>arc solicited j^  subscribe. ��������� / 4/ ������, ,. "_'���������.__ * .^    ���������-..   ���������������_������������������;/���������.. ,������ ^i  ���������c'i :' ������������������"'-   j��������� "^f, '"'. '���������'" ��������� JOHN BOWRONi librarian;;; '*  ���������in.ti:.:TO.K  GAIlP133^BRS,���������&'M[^^RS, TOOLS,  Cast,  po^ypEE, fusb,&c>; &o;  ^]B^A������ Orrxcc: ..]7,;^v- HEL^S,P^CB.X01?S)|������K.',|>v, h  ^;BRAFTS;fISStJE^- ottj;i^AbnJ^Kw^r^^������fi^������^  cimo, Gar^bodj^^iift'dal/Kew^  .'aii(i.OAiaI) the, Branches of, tbe National Bank/of Scot-: ;���������;  land'and^yincialBankoC^ '<.A'\f  ^^Inter^ QAiSpecial.pepps^  rate'bf a^uafter;of-oiie.percent^per^^nbntfci. " l;tff  fft'.,  / <.6oxb Best 'Melted'aiid Assayei/ and returijj ma<������  witliin:24hoursiinCoin'or.Bars.': / ��������������������������� "fu *i^H^^*'**>  Ores of fevery description carlBiuUyrA_'s%edi*4/:.- - - ������/  ^B^AnyJnst^ciion's as.to.tbe disposal of theprev'  cee'ds^qf, ,Goi4 .Bust forwarded ..to the onlce, ia^yictorii  for ;Assay will bo,carefdlIy attetideilitb;v,>'4J '4'444:  yr < ly-A^AAAJt '>kPfAiffG;.. -SfiKPHERD, JManagw;!"* '  tj:i:v^ctbri^vV\lIvAprll^8684^4'^;;-;&!^'.|/'''l^ fttt.  BARNARD'S  ^Connecting at rLUl������^Mmii'\Tale witbfDIETZ fe ���������:f  - r ::tt3^f3QN!?.for,^^Westminster,;&.jVictorJa, ���������.;;���������:;.,.-';%:���������.  WILIVr^iyEiiAN&IffiBARlifrbm^^ in i,:  j.Barkerville; to^connect.with.tbe steamer>J'En- -,/  ;������erpriseV,at,^esri61tri0utbV'arici "the' STAGES .at"Soda..   .,  Creek/EVERY ^VEEK;*conveying Trkasurk,' Let - '"  tbbs-and VALUAni-S'forall parts of the' world. ��������� ��������� *Also������*'  Cpmmissipns..re^lyed/aad forwarded/i.by Express for��������� '"  the coliecttoh of,Notes, Bills; and the, purchase of arti-  ;  cles to bo obtainM;at;wew Westminster,.Victoria, San  Francisco or oiirbttte, 'aiid returns made with'dispatcb ;' /  ���������'- f-Atft^7^f"r^-AA^jS^lB. ^BOVEEt; * ~-v -yf<*' -^  ���������''���������*1-*-.-;   fitfi f-hUAH; i/vAgontj BarkerdU*/* t.tf  "J        Ji  ALSO.  STATIONERY.  E  CO.,  FELDER   &,  -4\ ���������       _.:,RI(THfIfL3>,;xxyfXfpzi  DBAI.EBS IJf  PROVISIONS^ GROCERIES, CL0THlHG,te   ,   \ 2 'Storage;: andlComna^ioru' ppf l ������? ;���������,,  BABKERVIfeLE���������Adjoining thoExjresa Office;  | ; Tho undereigiKjd is prepared W Iff^^  OLMH BLACK-SAND^ -BLOWINGS Am  ���������*������������������' f'ti fif.:fvmm$G$yf'ff x^ffif  On Commission, or will 'purchase; any .quantity ������_ tas  : 4 MosTl^K^_teMS,atthe. ;    _���������.-..  ���������       ��������� '���������;; Reading'Room, Ca^Wontpn,.'        ]...  fbelSabscrtbar is well kBJ>w#bni ,Wiliiains'Crefifc,a_d '  ft-om.theconfldencOi reposed la itim last Fall in ta*  abeve,business,,he hopes to, receive-.ihe patronage: ������f  the Mining community..the.ensuing season.,- ...-  :s'?;ii/ ***���������" '""- r,,Kxf'"X   JOHN BOWKOK  ���������s v. -..  ���������CV4  :f.t&-  tr*  IS  gwautfjwg  'lA^m^t^y :$$$&: %&0$fc*\  mmmff^ff  ;x������toocv:-;^-i"..'-'-vF.-.  r, Toster,       do  do  --i-.iH.  ,     ���������! .-.-������������������     .. ..ii .     jity -;i  tl&iwlBhoiildbStexerciB^therightdf|heugM  St of critic^ing thf ^decisions of ibaj potent  1������^^j^%ear6; incapable Of irife  _ Jtewfyti^  foi&wnintlr^^  31st ult,a_ :^a specimen.of bad/taste^coneeol?  N������w Westminster,��������� ,-aaaa"!-'^xfti. ~Claf*������>n .&.������2 iac underspeciousarguments,' sophistries calf  ' /b'^'oi^ -  -   -     i_____r_____|__:> Mod s&nie a^dsttbject them to" serious.; conse-  .    - TO ADVERTISERS. .  ' The "Cariboo SenUttvV^������?P^������-hed^weiy.Mondiiy  arid Thuredap '-^velAl^^mili^U^MSSg^f^  inViat befell vcfed aVlatesf at~# b'dock, p. ra., the day  ,' '   before pnbUcationVU /r -'. 44 .'^?;1"l ��������� ,   ���������   - _���������  .'.*���������;'. 'v ���������,'**���������'��������� J-.'i'    .' ��������� t���������V-- *���������"-:���������������������������-. "'*"��������� ^.- ��������� .M**v; _i r'/V - '"���������"-���������'; - ��������� * ' \ :/.,      A ��������� .���������"���������-,'���������   r������������������������������������***** ��������� '.. ������������������"'.i-'f ���������*:'-(���������   ��������� -- '       ,    "*--*' ^ v ''.-���������"'���������<'���������������'.'*.-" V'''.''  '. 4'   * Miner&'akd others wishing to send "The Cariboo Sen  "    ' ttrieW to^thelr friends in Canada,  England,*he/United  Bwtes>or elsewhere,can havi/Itf foaled byjleaying  aoVuWsegiat tho:publication office.:; Price. inolcjmxo  /postage, 60 cents per copy/ p^!r<xy.  '*,* *  ���������'4 : ffp:w .. ���������-  '     TO CORRESPONDENTS.^ ^ ^,'/t' ,..���������"-  All ^ommunic^ions /m^#'&^66mt������flnlod:by ihe  / real riamo and: address 'of /tho/ writer, ^n^-necesearily  f      ���������/ withvavlew^pubftshing the satriev^butas-ecurlty for  htigbod'laitb.^^^ :       ���������'���������������������������������������������'"'  --.-;** **;������^-!  _ fE  vaaifflsEb  as  THUaSJ^Y,r^rp!,14,,1866y ;...������������������  r,T:;       ^pRosPECTiNacompany: ,^  ��������� i;;\. \_ijftAy:fiff fm^"^ffffT-f^ pm.ff  Tho old ^adaee that ������*ieJiSs4best helped (4  that ���������^.fee.Mbest ;helped4m  ,:      community, &.ihever,y nature: of > his pursuit  '"' reuuerg the miner entirely.depeadant upon  /������������������" ,'  hir6wn>r^6ur^  ism vividly Impressed upon'us; that we would  agitate" th:&6r_jft!ft&ti6riibt WPrdspeeUng^oJy^  i      aMY^tMnk'^cai^mj^%i^^suffi  parent tbat such a company would be^ of the,  lirsfe-utiltty.   ';MihersJat' all.*acquainted with'  ���������h       Oarfb'db, aro" aware uiatfa.'vast extent of coun-  /4\     try remain^ tOibeprosp^ted^^^  wo can learn from individual-explorers,. >we>  are alsured'that an enterprise -of this "deHcrip^  tion would be'brownea'with'succegsr But^tfe;  great difficulty in,th<^ way,, is ;,the absence :of  fundi to provide the. requisite -provisions^  ���������.: f':' tooled and; -meana of- ;tranBitj;^ iiiis^obstacle  woufebeiremoVed Vy4he join^'- contributions  of a*eoriipany, smaHin^amount'to > each,- but  '-   -    Bufficient'ih the aefgregate-to equip three  or  f E* ^Uahdai?ei^ted t^  ^__o)i s^s^alod"^  quences}?' but I am sorry tbat-I oannot comply  linent Jiimr on writing anythjngamor������itKair a  itlssuef of ���������iion^nge :from begmmn^^^MvjHe  thinks tbat..criticising the decisions ofaiJudge  i^gja- course p������action much to be deprecated."  Ijoes bethink ihat/jWOsaro living in the^ days  of ^un^s llwiJL Ueffirfeys^ ixDoes he thi^k: the,  S&E\Cbambert?s:stillini existance^l-'Doesihe  forget the' ire volution<6l 1688 which secured to  ouriforefatherai;'.the^liberty; o^wWehris/English,  men psv,e ^oast ?^eHe iwould plass. all who differ  ������������������po^<������d^Mgati|s^  the case, evoryiman^bavih^;any:Tstake in? the  cbuntryl feels an:inter^st!in thestability^f the  laws,^nfcwis^s toA^m wi* .^hat^titld^be > pos-*  sesses ^to bis pr^perty^ as tinder the i present  statpjof>Mr^^h  tm^in^cdmeittOy, bave/ithat/ title jidisriuted.:  Such,-,a coursefas .is; now being pursuedmis  calculaled/to^upsefc all confidence in the future  ofithe -eblQny^to^  arH^r������jv^tfOttors fro^  iBt^wiiliri^tin^esti tbeir, means^pr^ jwosp^eclr  'rirsi their Jtim^^rid labor, ^ile4kbey'; bave^no.  security^ thaftthe/laws4fWhicb'amsetfbelbre  ffiemaT������$nerr^^  they^read/v' \������- fff fl ff /?^: / fX;' ^-aa. ,...a / ;  ji i&u ask: in your last tissue /bowc an4Srijunc-  tioncan bo issued from- a Court ? of ^Chancery  dii/a cause ?pending in a Supreme Courts and I  must^^^confesSf^^that I am unable to.enligbten you  Mor do Ivknow^ofoany,other man;capablei of  doingVsQ^.unless it vbeyourlerudite/correspon-  deht^fOnyxj^to.me it-seems ^suM^roppreB-  sive^ andiunjust,rMr^Begbie of/cburaef; cohsi-  d^rediiticorrect ;^iui������;^wben ^we >rrecollect/ihat  beforeiissuipg ananjunctionfrom^that Cdurtj  he^was; compelled tol rescind;*one������ previously  issued by ^himself firdm < >tbe^SupremeJ.Court,  whichjhe; ^admitted swasi illegal^ altbougt/at  the, sameiitime4ie: considered/tbej'defendants  piightr to< pay jcosts/ whichever? way; the$case  lwent;it.i3?toutnatural;to feel grave doubts'as  WILL BErHECEIVED/AT-THE^ OF^E OP/THl:>Xfei  SISTANT COMMISSIONER OF LANDS &,WORKS,  \-'4 'r-arr'v'UP.Tb i&QiGLOCK.'fyfffMf !'fs-lJ:  "^hifrA..-JtA:-"*f>J$*lLl ���������JAf������A:  ?-J-..i aii^_2j4i;51  ifAfiiy*  CrAMEROKfOWNy  '^m^^^^vWMiR^i  gives ageneral Invitation t_fc& ftletida and tha  jraW^flt Uif&JtO(Can fitid/,Jl^iftjf^enMelves iG  merits df his BUIlatd 'fablee: ateoj the Choice Brands7t  'his; SEGARS arid^ TJQTJORSH 'tiThe Orchest^^wSch  FOR^ *6li^^ ^ns^ts;of:fburin.uaielansr;ls\BrStff^  "/' 8000 IBs. best Golden Gate Flour: / 4 V - ���������������  4'"4 3000f;\ab:������ -Quulity^Rrcef^' ������f ',< ** '--'\;w  I ^4;%'; 700j ?.'doi'.- - Oregon or California Bacon ;*      , ���������  44Wn'400;,-do^;'< Bayos3oans4'it"--'44>'.T n^,v ^-������^'*:  / 4/" 6^ 4do:,; IN*. 2 Sandwich Is. fiugar;.^ f ^  s 4;'4l00  'do   \ Dried Apples: . r.      4   ff.ff  \^lf:20Ofd6ff'^SaWi'fyff:-.'f  f^fftim>fd&f^t^a<U-f^m  60f:>dos^ Ground Coffee;;/  ���������   ���������  :.t>" ��������� .  -' '���������. ' 'f  . ,������v.    would be secured.   Srd.vGround in neighjobr-^  ing creeks and the viemitylcduM be'jttested;'  1    ,     that may btherwis&Jay^stejW^  ��������� Mining enterprises of^yamus^kinds: ccmld be  ���������������������������:"      undertaken'by ^the-company  magnitude, of.. thc^ undertaking, e^ceeded-itbe  k        funds'avaiiable rromthevregular^subscriptionf  I4.'4v' fl^.Tbox of Temper >t. ��������� ..,-v..,, ���������  ������������������'" ���������'"''���������.. 'f !:��������� /do/'-'Mustard;���������/ .'��������� 4v .-.  ��������� ���������.; ��������� XAy f 1\ f'!46} ���������;' -Soap; * f A A a ������>*, >.y   / Alsb^ to bo tendered for separately ��������� ��������� or!together witia*  the,aboye;articles: r ^,4/: 4V-4' ���������*������������������ '���������'' ��������� fl^^'-f^y  i If 4 '2 tonsoDNalurAl HttyY^ ' ftk'? - * 'V*;'.'  i ! 1000.Ibs.tBarley.;r ^ >,4 ������������������;!<>���������;. ;:/.-*>-*\'-4...i ;  i 2000"fts. Potatoes; -��������� *. fr.- :j ,. - , . ;i,i* .i..t  /"'' lOOO'fts. Turnips; 4/''4 l( "'///"// ��������� ;. ; ;  ;^Protfosalg will also be received for the snpplyOf-. =4;  a ���������'"*;- 8000;__s.of Beef. v-\4   - >-.^ /    K  \. Tenders to state what price oh foot delivered at Cotr.������  tbnwQOd Ranch, or killed 'an^deliveredpn the, wor^be/'  tween Cottonwood and RicSfleid; if on foot, nnimals not  ��������� to:^%c&&&&ffi~il^*tt'^f^  The above articles are to be all of the best descriptlonv  ; ehe-jquarter'lot the/above/^^  :Ed warH's; or-Van:;Winlcle^wilibiri^  ceptanco bfithe^ Tenders,"the remainder within 15 and  :30 days;respectively./*4^^>^;4'4 '"������r*. **--f*w-%ii ",������  i Tenders to<state.the price for cash onideliveryporXop;  Bills at; 60 xlays on* Chief .CommisslonerrOf'Xjands andr  ���������Works^ at _^ewWestminster, tLi 4 ^ f "ff; "f "ffX'f <  Tenders to bo,endorsed,^Tenders for^ Provisions^ Coi������  (tonwood andRicbfleld Roadi/', -=>*f <u ?/>������'-'.!?<���������/ I A'a  4;Thelbwest or anyl Tender, hot necessarily;acceptedlfi4  f-A-f ff '   44; "'"      THOMAS SPENTCE,   "     ff  f   <yff    fff-f{   '*���������"   '��������� ' l ' Government Agehti4  A,Richfield-June 9tti", 1866.    _;   fyvAl.i   ffyfynf^  liXi  ft  ���������t  fi'  h-to'���������-.. 4hiW^i-4r ;*'' ^m*^.:^'^* .-v . -*=. ^?^- /������������������..���������,,"  WWLESAtE Ai?I)-RETAIL DEALERS- I>fAL_  !"/���������������*.���������*. |,.K j, .r-,^KIKpSMOF-^ !..-,,'. ;;VM,V,_':  ���������'.?'".      '      '"I   J - I ' i'V     <     'i '"���������>; -������1   ������������������'���������'���������- -,i    ���������   ��������� ���������   ,;.'���������. V   ���������     ������'���������   - "������������������*"!  ���������f'Jl;  - ; A '.;;���������.��������������������������� "-���������.-.-.���������.;s,������������������-'"���������<���������:>....,r..;'.:-..;.yv."i;..;.,;.t ^���������f/..'":ft^.'^-?. k.���������.-.v.;.;./,-,>, v.i-'i  -..S ,5   ?> i..i..;.--������'.i.t':'v.ia.V.-������.'^>vfi������-" 5'..������.f .T*i-f,- *���������������������������������*������������������ a-j.-���������.���������.���������-..... ..���������.-.���������-.:-^i.;.:,������;;;v '������������������)  '        :BP0^S;4&U;;SHPEP^*::^  ���������. ���������," f4 *������. f ? ��������� ��������� -i i'- **������������������** ���������$ *' ? * w*v *' ?������"i���������* * fts' v/ - -,, i ��������� (  unanimous ^petition. >to the next Legislative  Council endeavpurto procure an|^amendmeHt  ���������tq-tbe;mode^of_.appeal-now, autborized byithe  special subscribers^cbulclbe obtained flyvbalr;  /-lot:-.6Yotherwise from those favorable;'*'-'  ^i^such.  .��������� I/wbuld  .: to all; its advantages b'eing only participated  ,* in by subscribers.^ 6th:- It would ������1SP; b^ the  i means of aecurm|; woffe io, sucl4^fthe|jtfeiQ-  bers'a3: might beJU unemployed,- as:Uhp/members of the company^woiild! ��������� alwaji / giye uthe  preference to each others 7th. Iri^^tfi^ eyekt  of discovenes^ an^ gtjm  would;.Jbe;appli^< Po^6 ^o)iahibi������>Efiind after  suitable re wards baa beenbesto we'd4pn: the  explorers^- 8tb^-'All-itonbera should be~fr,e  miners. ���������' 'ff ' ii ** fff ti -������f' '^.    . -.v  ^rygoocl  "'"ajfrvffie  pracjaee������pf a tyin^up^#  mbnths^or years; on friyolous' pretexts should  be put astop to, as the poorest man in such  catees must inevitably-go 1������ ihe ,^wall 5 indeed  my own opinion is that no appeal "should be  allowed? to=thV Supreme ^Mrt^tti allv if * there  is any, let it be to a jury of,dfeinjterested, miners with''{Uff.iE^fr chairman.  iSjfn&wo^uld. give?what'irrequired^ssentially^  in [a mining country^ a 'Jspjeedy settlement of  all disputes, put a cheek onf legal/quibbles  ami jcMcanery, and. if Fain any j udge of popular 'sentimenl Tb^r, hearjalyj -acceptable/ to  ninty?nine^wi^ffyery..-h^^  of Cariboo..rA\ fTXX::-f ������>:x.    . \'X  ���������- X hi -vr'tr r ft;f-f f IT'.     4W / - f :% -f JMlNBB.^v  /^ilUamsj(^k,my^9^ "  f&EX-  -?; :'44;5 4'4;./c  ;..,     r, ^   ,v     .,VAN..WINKLE, :     ^ '  :   ".  ���������  IytoK toS Il^RMftlslcpSTOMERS-^N^^raE  >,publv3generally thatrheintends/to furnish them  .'BEEF;/OR ..MUTTON, rso{soon aspacking^is practicable,  :at'iheir respecUye^c&iins .qnTihe. different creeks, or  residences^at'the Most REA8bKABt_f_UT_s/ -'���������'//."* /;/  tVamWinkle* Juneaitb-'.1866; ?:,"Tf,0 ���������   ������- ' *-, ^ 1^  j _^T'_T_; _������������������'��������� _S.'| awl ll^'yt'l:l.-f _ t-.'.'   y|>_ %_jf.; ��������� a ��������� -; H lfc_g. EL'  s ^,,s, ,,.;���������> f'v ' ��������� ~ f T ffff^f 1 yy     'fi  4 ^f- -  DURING. THE PRESENT, WEEE^wtf/expect 16; re^  .ceivo and open a B'irst Class stock of'BBAND NEW-  rK/   t     ,     ,   .XJOOD������; comprisingi\,��������� >yt,.^. ,,/u.. 3  .,    ���������--. - 4>.. ,.!-!,���������    j..,..*^-* ...������ ry,4i,.i ,..���������*,-..������*. ,.,..4^1 *.A.'a--.,...-.. ri ..' f.   (.1  ,'<,,. ���������.'.',. ,v'^'' j,>  "-���������'V",-V-',"-; '^'j^'   '���������"���������' *���������': "'i'1 "Tt'r-t*'- ������/;''' f.f ~ {,  'Beg 'to call the attention of Miners and, othew  .     t^tlieirlfuU assortment; of SUPERIOR GOO03 *��������� /���������  4' '/������������������������������������- fl' '/which will tbb sold ^.v'.4"v//'"4������'  . ���������'. ,1^;   .   tr-r,..K' f-H^-.-AW -,l?it;>Ai<:>.>H*i A<A:-~- -.-k.i*  A,AA   \���������k:-*<-<-H ���������  Wmaio^Jroom for a? NEW ST6K5K' to ariiVe so soon' a*>,  11. ^. ji rf r t U^Wq Rc^S'���������aro':open,.^ Mf 1 y > .:^;. ���������  ���������rja^'liitferal: aliowance; will be jnjade to  ?R������stau������ahft-'anotcibtcrk^^  onJargc-'ordere.; ���������������:#/.: ".'/-si   ^?>^?/- "t^.������^l ^fc: ���������  tnij<i  */  .   T^.ij*.l!i5-S*~t.y>~f<������ sy<S.*i.~- v. A,.*' > A"- A.r. ������������������.A'fi A-\f':''..  IL, ri il   /4'RtC-H'-3PI:E'^B,.iMt Xjtff,h;  ^BestBilliardiTableon the Creek; the .Liquor^  ;     ;  ;, vaad Cigars are ot- the lines ^quality..., .,.^'f  {>Jf!;^i/.Ct������,.^������^  J i  '1.1/.. ::  ���������    ^f  .���������^'    ^J'V':^'^-'"^'"  de la Union.  NBW ^YERtflSl&fENTS.1  ^Bii*^^^1^���������^ re-  por fed; tbat /irarj^diatel^vaf^jgj tber^pmbard^  jmenl ^iVa^ariasp^ the, ^^j^JJ^te^vwi^;  Irequested fe' tabate tHb premises ^Occupied. By;  him^in Santiago, and^o^oM it is said; mil  ,:,,-��������� Theiabove^wll^'be sufficient t<j|explain Kpur iriratibim-another house | fiis name will also be  id^afpf^r_^|feciin_r^?i^ s'truck off from the list of members.of ihe Club  ..;thbi������toba#bink:^ '311" ft~s���������*  :dstails< 4QP1&������-^ cafe  ry iug out of! :suehr as scbeme %ou^ J^e lound  we do -'not fpr;';a^moment-doubt/, atfd/^e wiild  nofc:te^urprl&ed^ mid^l)^r^^f.^er-freg,  niinersa ri? Cavibtip ;; enrolling \tiiemselvesa as  membera of sucbij-a company.; The only ad-  ditonal inceniive^require^di wuildi"fee",, thc;ap7  pointinerit; of respoiisibife- and  experienced  ui iriers to tbe; hosml^j management 5 weekly  meetings where opinions could be-freely dis-;  cusfsed and compared and" the'business of the  company, conducted sqas to be easily under^  stood by every member. X We do * not' doufifc  its meeting with universal.favor.���������.;, if rf if  ��������� RUBBER  BlO  ���������   ", --A--< ������������������:���������'(:-��������� ������������������ *  ." ,���������,'.-,.-.;���������- 1" ;���������;���������-��������� ';7.?; .' ^'i-ki    .������.sit =-���������������.' i.'..?i>'i������r-<'i  i ;'���������,,, X'yyTfiOAL. OIL,:&c.^&e;,.;V. /;i ���������&Jl?l  AU of/which liave been niost carefully selected "an_ will  be sold at the LOWEST RATESr   ?> 'AtY A* .:  : We/cordially.invite a. call from. Jovr/'pld friends and  the public generally. ���������-- ���������   '     : *  -���������- , ."���������: ^'-   - -#   ���������;���������;    J. H. TODD & CO:  Barkerville, B. C;,;June 4th, 1865.' *   '������'  N. B.������������������A small lot/of,', HARDWAttB/'PiroTa & Oits vons  hand, for sale at; 50 perpenti Below Cbst;U^ 4/^4* 9/������;*  ^:|" ^>"^^^_tts leave SOIUSr ������R_BK_CS5^;./^i Z1  %; MONDAY, ,&v THD11SDAZ, MORNINGS,  ;/  ir - ^nyyfhf -a jafTwrn^ttn'tfyy^'t  I> ,J-.������ \**J  ,'   .RICHFIELD, ( "^  -,'"*-sl .p1;",^  K*.      ".I^P1* ^^f^^^^V P^rietbC^;/^ ,/Jv  Bread, Pies and Cakes constantly; On- hand;  *Y fc.������������������������**;* ������i  ������H * 'i*  jVB-^^ATiSjO^LOCK^  XJonnjJCting^tSoda-Cro^wU  e>"i"I ^V^nesday?������;tripdo'wnand^jThursday^atripuj>%tjJW  { , !J^t Freight ^Quesn^l^ic^  Steamer^'EnterlJrise,^^ , j;;!-; 'ff ^: I ?"J ?.?  *4M - ;!* /;  B<EGS:;Tb INFORM T&E MERCHANTS AND PUBLIC/*  ; of jWilliams. Crock that hois prepared;-at: the short-; >  est notice, - to reraoye goods of every description witQ.^  car������ betweeix. .the ?towp������''Pt RicbJftjBld,*.^ricerviUejf n^i  Camerontown, at reasonable rates/. / >��������� r,; /11 if  :/Ricb'field^May-21st, 18664/.f*>]Wf   ' '4^___!l_4.  .,;?  $25 REWilD.  ���������%f   >r*t tt- '2jsl'--9- :��������������� ������������������������"��������� ���������-*',.��������� :j  os%iHttNTiira-o_iii_ if OLIJWATCH^  PRAGER   &: BRO-,  BARKERVILLE,  r;'.       DEALERS IN :. "f?-v:  /Wnoiesale and Retail.  ze  41 ':  ,;h  " A DANIEL COMB TO JUDGMENT, YEA  'b_; /.;-.���������=-....:..aDA^i^n."-^.;^:: ^->^������  To the Editor op this j* Cariboo, Sj_ntii������el,^  SiR,THHistpry feaclies'nik ��������� tuaiM&ere ^ bas  never been any man in s a high f>bsitiOn wh6,  bo '-liisi actions what they ^may^^^rannical^  cruel, or, junjust,X ^verJ ladked ' flatterers and  parasites^Who "would bend the pregnant bin*  ges of fbe knee, that, thrift might fpllow fawning"���������in which class, tbe inaivi4]nal:.wrnjing  over the non^de^puine /of /4<0ayap,^k in. yoiu*  issue of the 4tn Ihsti/maynofiuaptly be placed . Seiias put himself before the public as  the apologist f^lChiefi Justice'/Begbie, and  plainly tells us miners, who alone.maintain]  waru.  ___.  12-2w  LOST,, BETWEEN. 127 h 150 MILE POSTS, TALK  Waggon Road, .a box containing Law Books and;  sundry papers^ addressed ttTmo at Barkerville.   I will  pay, the above amount to any one. who .will deliver the  books to any of Barnard's Expressmen for me.  v' j A. R. ROBERTSON,  f>tt��������� Barrister.'.  Rich0eld, 13th June, 1866    '., 12     ;i  ��������� ������ BAKKERVILLE:,  JAMES LORINg, Proprietor.  -   COHEN  &   HOPEMAN^ ��������� ��������� -  tf:f fxr DEALERS IN 'a a >������������������������������������;.  CL0TB[lM&:DsRY^06bs  ���������f>, / .v;i;.:���������] .    BARkERVlLLE.     ���������: ::-rP'^Tf.  A large supply of-Ladies' Goods on the way;  4 iWILLIASf 4WTNNARD,  ;';,..;,/;   BAkkEMviLLg; ,/   '; / fTi'f  A.������> l  r;������,/: ,^ayal3R6l^WN^  iCf F Uli T^Hf Propribtob  . tj't" ..  ,t'- .. ... t.' ..'1  :/j-"''>.. >���������" ���������  Tlierelsiio distilled  *M* ; andstrychtiine^ and^TO>gut?i(liid:n6 place here.' a  "/' ; 'J':'   ���������'       " ';J'-; "-''������������������:- AT THE'' -'"������������������' '"-���������'  LL LOVERS OF THE TERPISCHOREAN.*AW������g  , invited tb call and enjoy thetaselves, When a w������w  welcome will be extended.   '    ��������� V  jBST'The best of-Wines, Liquors and Seg***  and Good Order observed.; ��������� v. A- < ^^_; ������lilii_ <  nil ,/��������� /..;    < 44t//    MARTIN k COOK, P^R?gh ���������  '! *���������!'? v:  This First Class Saloon is now open to the lovers of.  First Class order will be prescrvodt.and the proprietor  BREWER.  VAN WINKLE,  BARKERVILLE,  rp__rg;Hotj^;Hy;;"B^i^  "1 the Restaurant principle with a view to thei cora ^. (,  of the public, -��������� and will be conducted dn -a maau ^ r..  ensure the satisfaction of,those-fwho are..Hifipw ^  tavor the proprietors with their patronage.  rMeals at'all^Hotirs/ Good Beds.  pwiDiy ^il������.u^.^W> ^?,ai������^ Dealer in all kinds of Provisions C&thinsr &e" !^3VIeals at aU-Hours.   G-ood Beds.,-' 'J SAIKBy  fWaand'nJ;  jtoaelve, tho  l������o Brand, cr  fstra/Zw.^  JTM   >������'  ������".##������  UtfALL  r|  ������s*  *^������  ������'^**������-i  inieifiett  GOODS/ //'  y.^/Vij;  jeLiquortv  W$f  >KSIN(3S-  trip up.   j;)  'miff  K3D>S/  to public-  .t;the sliort*/:}  ption/witb,:^  erville/acd ;,i  W.'  $ff  j^3V*3ksm*  j[.i-)*J*M&  TfflJRSI^}^^  "j���������st  ffi'A-f  ^ffi^fl^df M '.V--*���������.. ���������  . ' ^ {Beforo^ Q-.jCoXi-Esq.J .    . ,  . (  , .v^.un. .^^hday^lltk -June} ftofe*  :a������aWw#0������nm^  >omnel defendant9]to^8how cattse why they:  Said m^^m^Jj^SS^^'iaa^  m alleged J���������^^  ?his dispuje:; arose^ojat ^?emaU wedge  QUESNELMOUTH ASSIZES.  SVA:B:Uv^#  *��������� . Vrf*-  .!������������������+��������� fi  The only:eHmi^^e������bef6re;.:the Assizes  was;.tto&y^  feu'ted ground lastMl/wehtrand  PI stakes^f^M^f^^l^^^rM  nd two cortier stakes,* which Were pointed  to hiinbvtheforeaan^the  tfj (R.Scarr) as their sideboundary lines*,  ^ing a straight; line;b������twe^  Ikes defendant(���������alaer) staked off the Break  *ay ground, and;we^^o^rk^pn it in De-,  ber last; andhad held undisputed -.-possess  ofthei flame from^thattimeHUVthe 4tbof  e when"i^^  *nd their old stakes; of <1863, showing ft'di-.  _encerfrdm; the' straight'iine" between'the  O,,,....,t  ���������r\--i'%t<-    "e 'ZJAtAttkVn'a' Af. Afl fflritv-An  he-could' not) acknowl-  tainecL two counte^i^^lFcbarged']thejpns  orier-witfe being-actor or, accessory itt"theTOUT=  der -of tf phn%Mq_gan| and; tjjfji ^e^fehar^d  him'w^  i&er/ofa-m^  second "co'imf'whs deemed'necessaryf& the  ;body of "ttfe mttrdeFed"maa;-equld bet tie posi-:  jtively identified; ^^^ury was*: impannelled  ]who -failed-to~agree:and were dischargedi^A:  ^ecbnd, juryvwa^  a verdict/of >i*; guilty?/ on/the/ second> count.  Thelprisoner;wa$then;indjctod onrthejchargfe]  of assaulting^an^office^'With a'deadly weapon  wHh iateitf? $%&9 -grievous 4>o���������dily^ harm.a; The  eharge^also; -i J^prisoner^eneonfesscdte  being an accessory > topthei^murder,j Recusing  his accomplice, MickeUPa^^^  to his Lordshipf and submit our report.  If  ?ffff:&  rr-wy  n^}ui:-telegraphic despatQ^s,ofpe.pth^ate  contained'a brief account dftHej disaster which  happened atl)eatnRapid^oia^  ;River/on the"J,9th Siay^whereb^ ttli������eswere  dbste Vfe> now; clip/ the following^fror_Pth#  j������^vHe^a^^o^cle,"/from which ifcwillibe  jseett that many;fof the unfortunate^sunerers.  iwere old and 'well known/ fesidehW of "this  mm  TCCTORIAvl^^  ..% Jfr* J^i3;i$o^sWe ted arrivedrftoiniiBng^v,  land in 38,fl^lroj%|������Ol?t;tp^or^tf theLquickesJ;  tripsorr. reco;rd-4'������l4t^Sreatertainsv the "belief  thatiUnipn- will ] Dt^m^comnli8he4>>durlpjg -th������v  present session/ sboa)d*iip ex^^rdinary ttnipvi  FJS������|olMr/^Mai4liio:^  yesterday, 30th May? ^frpm Big Bend, we ob-  taitfthe; following; acicipunt pf 'a dreadful /caK  would.state the;'Circumstances ���������7of.Ithe: idase to  theiGoy ernmcht and; reeommend-the, prisoner  iotniercyV--ffff ��������� u������ lf^'f: .4 - ������������������? ���������������������wf<\<%<i'  fcMr.*-  y ^qB^'^roifS | HEPORT;:  jn & hearty ..: 1  ������.* e  , SegW.';;- I  Prop'i������i =: ,! ������  ,'Frbp^/); j  a>TJfo^,v  _ecoisftrt ���������;  nanner to '  isposod *������j:'(  ds.  on  rf  lm  ionavtheirowncoBtSv Mr/Paffcfprpaintin������.  :;...,;;;;��������������������������� p{J f Xa X, 4- Tuesday^June ,12th.   ,  luinb:aiofCoV^ReUy-Pa^  "Creek.���������This -#as a'smt brought to recov^  $1090 damages for ground alleged to-have  nworkedby/defendants which^belonged  jlaintiffa.: The /Jiidge after hearing ;evi^  ce;bnboth:_ide9;bf "the4cas^/gaye ftvjudgr  m^auist de^daats ffe^$125^with costs.  jlumbia Government/lias granted thiscom-  y 18 squaremiles for. silver mining nur-.  [seB;}J���������^Chronibiei'fHow genereuflourGbv-  anie'Ht is with its muieraiynds." Only think  ?the monopoly of-18 squaret miles,: 0f what*  3uppbse_to'be %'rieh^mimeraVtotfict,;b#  e company I/If such; i policy^ persevered  [what will become of the bone and sinew of  ���������-, /The Grand ^ry>]empannelled puMufthtp. to  an pr/ierr^)f JWsIIiorilship; Jfettl^W; :R. |Begbie^  Judgei'of>the Supreme^ Court* of. British Qolum^  bia^ on the-8th day of. June, ;A*- -D., 1866j at  Quesnelmoulbj-beg^ave^to/Bab^  one/true bill for murder, andjdne^r ^assault  with deadly weapon,'wim intent to kill, both  lew  ven^put ef/the;cbuairy^n^ the whole con-  :of ��������� !our/mineralicwealtfcwLU * be vested in  hands^df ^a/fewf c^taUs^PKl^l'fvery  forthe, Gpy^menTto  ianenfe of capWal-Jiia our\ liaines,/ buVsurely  mightbe; attained at a less extravagant  ;tha_; We^''grantittg^f sueH^pJri^Ue^s^as  above alluded to*i,..,., . -fl./'.' 4      /  fc  rose  l-rnii  come to!/.our"knowledge^ andnp( ip^tit/crimes  ormisdpine^nqrs wh'a^  tion ^ftthe white popu^  raWei?*J?^/!.^.-0/H ? j "t-..- :^4 41 .<���������: ->^ ������������������ j 44m- .^v^-  ������1 tVe^bavei-visited the*JailWthe disfeict;"atid  ^ndthairjbme;extra".rerjjto~woujd/be very  ^ecessai^J^lngr made iot^|jr%n tinjb,er,fthe  dpora iaie raTiiiinTtt^  locks;will not catchv^t~ n v rUi ���������'���������"'" ff'AA' -���������������: "������������������  1: We'Would recommend that ^-goodfsunlcient'  Iron'bars Replaced before 'the Jjconfwindows,  jand^at ^lea^t"o;ne^mI������b^^  Jto prevent4he possibility of-an* escaper-and  with-whatever/slight improvements"'the^resiT;  dent magistrate, in consultation with the constable, -may^ deem proper.^ u r ;iJi-1 > * $  Idiow  running at rlarge the ^pompiiee^ndprobably/  the instigator of the crime/forvwhieb'^e/^^ri^  ^onerh in-custody, standsindicl:edjf^anST tfiaf  two passengers,'at- 8o'ciock-OU'Saturday evening, the.!9th May^ inr the - Peath ^RapidSjvGjql-  umbia, River. ft'.'  ]" The l^tteau \e|t f^ffi  6'clock. in the, afternpoh, and;rutfMown to the  heacfof the rapids, where the passengers dis-;  embarlied; with thelexecp^ia^'fSur ;;dr- Sye  whoi^ned^eea^^  mites^pf ,the rapidsy'wm  shore followed along/the river��������������������������������� bank. '������After  riinn&g two;mile^  and? at* thetequ^s^^  could:i make the^Steambbat- lianding ;befbre  dark) all but three re-embarked;   The boat  started again, ;and ^Kiid'pnly made;about lOo;  ?riraiitrah _ _    ^    ^ (     _   ^  was p^xtlyjflltedj ?iyiUi wafer. 4 ^TJieilBpatji Jif Sa  then lidded forTte  pf jthe pars ^wouid^aye'av^ted/the' di������ad;5c������d^  ^amity-; butl;he;oir^^  rorTs^iKeM) '^;^:3m^::i^y^^s^^^^evy'  pj&inty-pmR������njti~W^^  lahce^Vthel instalment ^f rbooiks purchasedi  Governor Seymour befbre leaving the^ 0o^  y;for ffiis;institutibn^^  xes;,/were shipped; at 'New^Westminster; for  ribpo on -the} 30th/ultv; through^fiarnard's  ipress, so that they will1 be here/soon;j{ We  re likewise 'informed that /the ^p^raphic  iews of various partis of this; country;. which  [B^ceilehoylverylibenUlyJpT  ibrary, are to be^sent bn;^ust;assbonasiney  in be proeured: fronijilr^Gentiiev .U iffffi  G������oubb 0fiKK; Bb^: -Sock; VvGmif^iip^si-  The Gold Commissioner has saactiohed the  quest made in an application; bythe Grouse  reek Bed I&e^ flu^  nment, ������������������ during ��������� last winter,1 for having: tne  rms Pf their charter so altered as to eaable  em to cut aditchtobring;waterfromi^acre^k  apty ing-; into 'Antler creek, a. distance 0H0OO  et,.and lay 500 feet of flume for the present  ason in lieu >of laying 700 feet of flume as  quired by their charter. The Gold Com-  issioner ��������� has accordingly .issued; an ��������� order  arning miners from molesting theFiume Coni-  any's ground. ;/���������.,��������� ;;/M v :; ���������,-./.  Quartz Assay;--A *etorn has been received  r th^ assay of a portion of the quartz sent to  an Francispo/last fall from the reef situated  n the divide.between'.Williams and Grouse  reeis; the result we have not learned, but it  ssatistactoryi.to the parties interested, who  ntend to eomynence operations as soon as the  now disappears.  $30 Dohym RfiwARD.~It .'wili fee seen by  ^aJ u nce **'our������������������������������������dvertWngi eolumns that  Whe above reward will be paid to any one  S^^enng .^ay bf.;Barnard?s; Expressmen a  Tf^of Law Books lost sometime since  be-  Iweenthe 127::andB0 milepbst. ' --  It^^T^S ^^ ^^ Begbie arrived  K?*^ Tueadaylast;. His Lordship  fc^^^e.Court Qf-Assize :to-morrow.  pnere-are noicnmmai cases on the docket,  itndonlypne Case,of appeal from the Gold  pommissidner?������ Onnrt    f aU1  N saidlo tee founds Jpr^cte^a  iS8ioner?s Court.  Rieir tunnel.  Opinion olSfeGraiid^urytha^thismatter be  inquired into and a,; speedy eflortmade to re-  tftkeHhe/prihcipal Criminal -a^dtbririr'hinvttf  ������������������������- :������������������',���������������������������������'���������:.--���������������* -A '.A-r.fV\AA-):---v)A,-h'-'>yyA^AAl^Kj b;A:.:.rA,y  justice. /,;;/. / iff, y 1 ',fif,*yr,, :.<<.,, ...; H f  f It ha^i^enirepresent^;^  toithere isnow^at ^large^ faboutHthe neigh-  ^orhpbd of Wiilianis ta^^^  fed with ^^enmef ^fer3er]S^^gr������U^jlar-  ce*nyy wto] esca^e,aTJrpm (WiUiainS;>LalEei officers; two 'years ago; anil considering > them-.  selVes Outlaws are^^^  of their neighbors''��������� tdf^lieir^^jgreairterror:��������� and;  mconveniehce,,^and4we/ recommend that an  efficient officerjbe^^iapatehed<^tO| bring^ithemc  to merited pmnishmeni ulrL A Hf --l ',:''" -"*v;  i4The GrsiM^ury ^  attehtibii; <jf I. tJKtHpi^dgje^tbJ 1% necessity  of a feridgP, across; 'QuesneLriveri.t its;inouth|  We present means pf tramit;ie^in ��������� ��������� the; opinion  ofithe vJury��������� ihaotbquate-i;to^ the- "wantsJ ;bf the  colony-^very inconvenient and unsafe, to the  property-and-, lives^of t^Gse^w|iosejbusiness  calls ttieni,tocros_/?1:.. -f ' > *'V*;������<>?'"-4 f  ' Andthe- GrandTJury ^uld/parueularly  call the attention" 6| his Ijordanip- to; 'the!?.c'uU.  pably deplorable eohditieaof tae;road/ from  Cottonwood river to Van Winkle; the Graud  Jury cannot speak in language too strong' of  the negligence somewhere, either in the* Government or the,.GPvernment Road Agents. We  do not believe it is the' true policy < of this colony to grossly; neglect her mpst important  interests; "and yet to. that portion of the  colony froia which emanates nineteen4wen-  tieths of h,pr wealth, nothing heavier than an  empty waggon has been able to. pass/for .the  two past months, while two or three thousand  dollars properly and judiciously expended  wpuld render the road very' passable:for ibad-  ed teams and greatly expedite [ the facility of  traveUingv/ D fl f' 'iO X: "j f .4 // ��������� f f  ;; We are informed tbat there is jnpney set  apart for theTelief; of &stiiute Indians, whether such be the fact or no fc we do. not know ;  there has none: been expended within - our  knowledge;-and yet there has been an old, de-  crepid, sicl?;. and destitute Indian woman sub *  sisting on the voluntary charity of the people  for the last six. weeks. //We beg the Court wili  enquire into the ���������- matter, grant ^che relief, and  enforce the same as justice and charity demands  Jn^conclusion,'the Grand J^yibngratulates  the people of this District on the law-abiding  dispositiou of her citizens and subjects, and  "EewiaiLeaoy (captain) and Frederiek^ Quick;  succeeded in gainkg the ;boaVs bottbni'��������� and5  were yarned down the river for,.a distonce of  tbai^a^muep thr^K^  V^ntitwimm^  .when te jboteprqvidentially^ ran into an eddy  ^aiidaJtiKlqatin^ eddy, and along.into  the stream] and againreaehingitheeddy; when  jnearSthe shor%two^oars^floite  tthP uhfbrtodateslselzec^ sbme  nien^ofl the bank and the Iwali^wTto^ite^oeettr  pants wfepulled^ashdre/ , Two others-^r-FhiK  lvp,Mallett (prip p^the:^  James Mchoison/bf^Walla-Walla-rreachedan  eddy after the boat upset ;and, swam ashore.  '$bki remaining.. sixteeflHpasaeage'f8:X\ fbuadsa  ^watery grave. The partieul ars\% we give belpW  In the sad list, will Jje- founds the" -nardes^of  .many jyictorians wlio 'aTte wweeks; ago left ua\  ������ull dOeaith,..hope. and. manly. vigorr and  ip;-day "sleep tliesleep that knowsaowaking;"  I iWm. ^oldweliJ;natiye> c^^ew^l^nswick^  age^;aboutWyears,; lately jin^be^emplb^lof  Jackson & Cbl, of thisi feiiy*^ Jp^G/MeSSeil; a'  native^ of New 'Branswickj;a^ed^26f:brotl^r-i!i-  li_y of DiiE^Adanis|llRicbard ?G61d-wbrthy,  Cornishman, leiaves;awifp.te  Hatvey, -Cernishman,^ late of fVwtoria^formerly of the"������������������ Prmce/pf Wale^ claim, / C$ribbp^'  Edward Gilbertr^  -^i Richards,vGo.rn^  of vYiptQriai leavesAa,wife ^-/a n^ptgw^jpi'jthe.  ^^na'meiijialpMs^  j?prd|mm,S>f fcpnddn; ;?������itUe Jpe,V a/gwjitzprj  Jbrmeriy employed at ^ ^w Bi^lan^ Bak-  j ery; Edw^d J^n^r ^j^i^ ;M0:  t ick Miller/o^trreenw^d  St6hertMcGce,,o^  ,C.!G. lorby^of; Ganada;,A^;iGr^  Jojseph dr Fprt,: a ^Canadian1'Frenchman;^ ^wo*  Frenchmen^ namesunkno wii^^Before^^!A^dr/  anis left the jatal sppt;W^^wji j^XlJoWlw^lFs,  blankets, together with a small bag bei6ng;ingj  to La Fort^ floated ashorey None of the bodies  were seen the next .-.day1;"1 but the 'telegrapb  informs us that Mr. Richards' body lias since  beea'fotmdl   The- three* piSsseiigers 'wKo*1'de:-  clined tore^embark, and thus preserved from  death; are N. Plaisted, Arch. Mailer, and Err  Klumb." .v ' ". X:aa   /���������; ��������� -ffffflfj'^-A  udoD^ letb-d^tfor^ictbria^^eba������  tyferi^hiefvba^wtfeed f^m-Liverpopl^iS  l^;aays.--rM^Mby^of fequimaU^ieinposi  session of & young^ goat^b^ing^^heattrwitav'  itwp^faee&distjnctly^arked-uporiat.;^  inial only live^ra?short!time^and isnoWibeiPg?  ^^f^.forjthedbe^efit^of .theiCuriQuSjTf&^H/c  ^a^aji^hadDre^rnedjh-pm-tt  lands.���������The reputed ,coaV discovery at SpoM^  lurns��������� out}a*mer^ bP^i^a,specjm^n> fo.iutd=is ,  supposed to beve/been dropped byja: sfceamepi:  duripg. Jthe.gqld excitement, there an: 1864.^ A-'  lucky^Cawl^oite^hfle.- on:Ka?visit^tpfiJ)ublii^ *  lately^iha^^bepn^rrestid^^as^aFfinian,^d onlyii  liberated ^{t^^atiii^torily^prrjvirig thatvbfe  wa& wbatbe;, pTpfessed-tbrbe^ t.  er.V^-The greiit^bbilernfo^CaptivSt^p^^ni^  steamer was /���������auccessfally),landediat the<HU&f, /  Cp.?s, wharf; -it/ weighs ?2;40Q lb8^Tfie.stean^rO  er^exand^takesithoplaoeptthe^nt^rp^^  wWle;the:latteriUndergoe3irepairsf������ >rcf pM^'-vi  ��������� i'.i.':������ **i������fif2 i:i������ ov:.wh%tiii I' ifi Wi .ii'Ji &'t(i'i\\*}#Wd Ti tit:  4 _g_ir-Mr. Spencer has-igiven ;mstructions^Ov/  have .the road from Eicmieid^  r^ajre^^^iwaj^r^ :  b^y cleanings dttjTjb^c^  ^be break's/'  This was greatly needed in Bjr-r.  kerville^where1 a great.portion;of the. street;/  itO;the great danger,of���������thepublic. :  ;.1/^afirpisWeidre^inf&med that ^Speciyi Jury  iWilllbefsummonecL tbytryJAlmACasei^ayis}^^  '""',;"r -The/workmen/' "  ">?-  .���������������������*>...������ mnv.'������, f������������������ .'������������  300. laborers*" vThere are at work on the whole*  route fromv9,000 .to;ll,000 Chinaman all organ-,  ized into* effective gangs^ p"A1fo     ''  '     y  m  Al  *A\AtAA.-m.  :.  n<\ff������ftJVi.'  wbere^he intenos carrying;'on*his/bl(l'Ib'usine'gff '-���������  IhvigoraB] .  ���������������������������friend_-abd pfcoris". ' 4'   "/" " w X'^ ' '*' 1"    ���������  1 ^tJtyon want,good Coffee .use FelVfl. ���������   ,  fmfQ:m&&rft^M  TW0i"^m3Am CREEKJ^'RO^lptaMf A^^  LX Ditch CoMPANY/LairrBD^^  d&ixt-"''Tho Willfaras'Creek Slums'prdinaEce^I8Ce,r' ,   .  a copy of wHiclf:caJi be/seeh at theirofflce^'and herepy*^  c^uUobI all !pei^o^;ho^io,>r^Rass,bn^  Financial GoMPANT.--We learn from good  authority that an English Financial Company  having a paid up capital of ������500,000 will open  an office for investment in this /colony. In the  course of a few weeks. This is welcome intelligence , the great surprise has alwaysf been.  that British capitalists have so long shut their  eyes to the advantages which this colony  holds ,pu,t for$^ Qoljbnist;  Admibal Denman's Policv; SusTAiKED.-^Tne  bambardment of Valparaiso had been noticed  with indignation,1 but the action-of the British  Admiral was defended anct endprsed.by tbe  Government.^ 1 The, English.Press and people  loudly denounce the course of Spain/ At  Liverpool an indignation ��������� meeting������������������ was������������������ ��������� ��������� held,  adopting resolutions expressing gratitude for  the exertions of Commodore Rogers. ���������'    '   ������������������  Ap?o^  have confirmed the appointment of Mri John  Bo^vron a_ Postmaster for Williams Creek.  RichfiGl-l, 16th May.1866*/}   iAf  4,-   ^zilifaf&ttlS '  ii  UPTAKE  vhiA-  oitr  .~ji.-i.ftJ.i-/-i.  -JA*'  Barker/vMsf :^]Q������k!/; ���������  :;-4KBEE^WPAT&S^  '*>���������������������������"  "''-������v"<**f'������: ������i '-is*   i>     iAiiiJ  1..,'.- i -.���������'.."-'������i"r>'_".|j' "H* _������LVs Aii.  Everything i8.done.in.connectioa.wita.tfii8.e8t&&nsa������ :  4ntint'.t������ giye-Sfttisfac^ofl^:^������:vmp^^iiizhy^ M*t-Z[  ���������i**-ilU  If.  Vi'ii-. i}i ������������������-'   !'-> i-ii'-'iVit"''. i  BARKBRVILLEi.:  ���������;^.;^;t.  i>; .r,o,  yx^w  1:������i  oot  BARK_:feVIItfbTfiff f  :^_.__i^u  L.  moutjet; &  WHOLESALE & -RETAIl  ���������?;  ; iUCHFlELD, jwmiams Crpek, Jl,; (?.". \ ; f n ff f. ,a  "B HAVE ON HAND. aVlarge stock of Provisions,,' ju jj  Hardware:and":y;e^ , ���������;,.  fl*-  f..  Jv K;;;S:Off|'Ft::;&-eO.;i;  G 6m mi s; ftimm ��������� ^g-^lf:  .    :-   .. AS������     ...^.'....   ;    ,���������:  DEBT COtiLECTOBSy;  cription:of husiacss promptly 3ttea(de4.to.  jl^Ottc^lCEWLDjVeartfifl Court H?aS3. ��������� A:iJT0������l^H^^  V-sF-r.*.^  m^������??MI^^ABODK^  v.O'  /^he*?felio wing gra^efbl letter h&beenv\rak  'ieii^yltli^-QttTOn-tb^Kr^PeabodyS^- '^ ���������^  .4 -.i;u -/ * "Windsor Castle, March-28, 1866/'  ^/^The'Qaeen-heaw thtftMr/Peabody intends  shortly;to ret^ri'-to-America,; and she would  ; - brlori?y-thafejhershould>leav^Englahd ^tK-  oUC^einf a^ur^d^berself/hdwlae^y^  apprecffe^th^nb1rte���������bt^bfMrekhMw4%6&  ������>f<-:,  ���������  '���������'-.i  /���������.*  QUESM^OOT^  *f*P.  y������yirw  ;Iit:  ^   NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAJ  WV  M,,f.*^.i.^4SS^.L>.^fXiWl������      .  and; J|r*;J.0HNji3QW^0Jf wli| be ������je Acfciflg^oBtra^terj'  ! rsd> juw- -rijlirrhr '^o-i't- {/���������������|3WM;'.GKO.>.C0Xii'4 -  ^OtONIAIi  :.,;���������-.,-.A..w������,r '*^t)ESNELMOIJTH;*r "3 "'������������������m> '���������,';i';*'.J  Meals -'at/all*?fipjirs, :and Cooking of the ^hp\  ff, f lx M^/^es^to.;,!^;:;;^;;^  gQV^I^E^  upbh* him! either ;wi baronetcy j or Me Grand  Cr^si^ the;^Order/Bfcithe'Bath, bto thtte'ebS  ..understands'Mr.;< Pea-bod^ to'* feelf bliriaelfr de^v  batred'frtiitn/I^^  zmmmm&mtmmm,*  J. h.: tURKffifi/a;%*#  En^^grpM^^phawls/3  . -:.-,..ii...i;,it*.i,v-.,t<>t> .f.l:i. K������ ff- ,l>i.{ii-yv..S-^.-..!. ������.<������.. J. ������������������,.,< ; ���������.������������������������* ������������������������.������** -^  gq|rw k^-oGIROp.i&:.GUipH-O^M J^f-'*'.<  ^Cs^eti^  /f    . I",-A*! < .. ii" S-l './ V,l if..-  to mark by asking him^to ;!ac'cept%vmiriiatu?Fe  4bfher^  ^dm'hikyam Wmift$imSnifitifi*~can j  -/eith^  .y & $i.to-* ?��������� ^������������������; ^^^^s/^^L'.' 'fi  . ]M% 'frt;fpu<y$$Qf������^ -i������' jy  4;iiV '/ivJi-U'.'At'^a a.IjL-- ^...^/V  IjHE CO-PARTNERSHIP, heretofore existing between  : Messrs.,^' St CffANCfiLLIER. and/Ni^CUNI^has.  bebh dissolved to-day by mutual agreements/Mr.'Cunlo  remaiha'sble;proprietor bf vth'6^HarkeWliIdBi^ery,,->1"  ______________*������ Mayf2ard,;i866.Hvbj jri������*v? v. *) fi-lnt: J  'IE; "     ^  ti)hyfq-'AiA f   44;if4 ^-' ? o-/n c  The folio wihg/letter was; .trarismitted' to the  Queen,; through BarLRussell^i^  ^s gracious;  SoMr/  ^^Vg'  -a.iiThe,Palace-Hotel,rBilckingham^ate^>  ; ;,., r t-u^,;J|iond<Mi/.Aprils, 1866.1 ������./. %J n  '*Ma^ame;^rigerfienSibly^my'Triability%r  expre;ss-tn adequate! tertts' the^a^Mori  ,    with which I have reaU^fb .^tetter wKi'ch{^������^  Maiesry>hasM6ne/nie-  j;r/,s^f .vi^jH^old^  I jj.ii.>4��������� -/,i/i'v'   ���������.^4^/4;^-:^ V-u'^l;-^///���������/:���������' f -:'  \W/i'jy_bi������9 b'P^a' fduly ,91ed^pii; the j. 16th/ day of May;  last by Walter ;LOno FENTON.^of Camerobtbwn, Wil-'  'liamB/Crepfi:'������BHtiah^^ ColWmbia, .latef^stadrant and Sa-'  lponFJ:eener^Avan&'he7Mvingib.6en'aa^  rupt^. is herptereajaire^io su^renderihin^sel^to Wm/  G^^pox,rI^ir0^^be.Judge ofi pe above Court, for/a*  ? ^/ey^B0^^^EIB-4i^^ 4^iJ> j  THIS HOTJSE' is^ittl-t^d .26^ ml^iVomi Que_Mmoutn P  The proprietors having lately fltte4 up bedrooms  and; good Beds are_now^repared to afibrd every aooom-:  niodation for Travellers f the'-TabW is furbished wi th all  tho^uxurIcs4hat can he procure^ ;vthe(Bar;te(weU ^up-  plied >Itl/tho best brands of Liquoreja hd Segars: good  .StaDlln^BayvP'a&^ffd^Barlfe^^'!^  House^h^the'_?oad.i-o ymofoxvjAfcy $#}��������� ^;f._.SHf  :<^______#  ^iehaj^>Vfceofia^\^ ti^i^^m^it  liU:  X andkeep-yournjetso llryf .l>B4ciwiffi������iS  -   Majesry^has^done^me-Me^ibnorof Mrisin'itfcin^  by the handsefEarlRnsse'!;-. ���������' ��������� Ta ;&& ml lm,  [effec%HvJb^ahd4whero;tho;Greditor3  pared to?prove theiFdebts, nftid at������the first sitting >to';  chp.ds^vAssighoes and at the/last"isftuitis'the iaid'Banfc-���������  1JHE/JRUBWC .AlkE ':-IOTSD/^r:'CAiS;:!AfeiTraS:  ; 'House. .Thero.js.Gfopd Meals; Good/Bed^: Stabling  for.Horses: BaYle\r>0ats and Hay/ ' ''4 ��������� '������������������ i-ls^'  ;' 'tTw';' : ,;i ^j " ^t. li^'rr ?; -' *.t ;; s ^ ^ ^ -%"K: :^ ���������y- - ^ ���������''f *t s' * * f  European-and American Markets. , _he earl'viSS  theiMrienus^n Brl^  icular'att^htto^^  : i and^augment^the^oqmfprte-ox the, poor, oft^ii ?  Man; 3$ba^^een,actuap^d^  >..   - have'receiVSdso':'ffittch^e^M'l������in:diie^ and  enjoyed' so ;many years of r nappmessr    ���������     ;��������� :  , i\Nexfr to ftSe.approvai;oSmy;owa'C&hsefence  I shall al^vaySiprize.the aBsurence^wlucJi^your  --     Majesty's letfer'conveys^^iSe^of-ttfielU^ - - -  '������������������������������������������    '.������������������������������������'.   _i>ii.J a .--_  *j������.ts:'. -'ivi-. ir  4 AH .persons indebted to'the saidf Bankrupt or that  hav^a^o^his^eRtgie a'nd effects'fire^n6t tbpay/orde-1  liyefcthe*samoibut;tb;Mr;M^^PhiUipe^B^ the Offl^  jjial As^gileoappoittted'by thosaid_^>urt44 ^ 'f, mf\  ai ry" and ih e'Beds- oanijoV Ve^nrpassecl/for 'elea iii iness  ja.n*;iwmtbrtlby.any.in''itttb^l6we  always supplied with the best of victuals.    Stabling  Jj^entSt,:yictOriaiy^ ^^^--^S11^^:^^.!  "'^JofCariboo *'"Au  ftflSMra^  i^;E3?^S%tT^^I^iPr6prieto^  U is furnished .with every conr^nienco' ������for the, com".  "for^pff ^ravisl le?s #ihe4Chilinary^ departments is-under  the; superintendence ,olVan .ezpierlen ced/coolt;; the Jje'ds'  are^tte'-n _hfd (wm'fdrtHble^  pt- ^ia3ior^^^r8^&c/4Stablin^Hay;; Birle^ Ar^pats."  u^ia-ancludmg^i^softheM  --- - bation'pf the Queen of Bnglandjrwli6s������;whole  life*h^' attested tiiaf hePexalted stationQiaf  in no;degree diminished-her, sympathy with  tho'humblest/of her subjects;     /     ; 4^ rff  a     ^Pe;p6rj-rait;wliich.yojir Maje^iylisj^ci-.  /ousjy^leasedito/besto  3mE;0NDERSIGNKD arehow rhaunfacturing JXOUR  ' of y all; grades: K Ex tray i Superflne>an'd/Fine. -Peed  Crushed;to.order.,-..  ���������-,,,. ~   < a " ,t.    ��������� , ;f f  ,,  ��������� fptXvTlTTX-   ^.LLO'OET FLOUR:_1ILL COl/XX'"'f  r Jbf.h'^-V'AJi fAArs: -^'.^ FJ-W^Foster;'Agent.-' '  recelvJngifromubeStfSQttr^s^Sobto  Jfei/jfc,/WBGBIAjBJt^  taken' the'abbv&Ranch^and'is prep^aVed;to supply ttieiri  withiRrst fClassj Acoommodat|on. oj/GoodvStabling for  hprse3VHay;andGraiD.v.;.v.;^>r-.f,n.   irt  '   iTa ri  'ffhxti- :%u j;-_____5_s-/_|X f-^Fi::!' Cf i'.'f' iir.^fl  p&p'^uii.fivgjpi  j'rj'.ii'l'rJ'-V.^'r.)",.  E^ERJiNia>^^o0i)s^ Ysfcb*i_ntffe^������iw3__^  rJ//..iXJ&p^-v.JJ<Jo'ts'>-and/ Shoes, -f Carpeting; ^ Oil^Clbthsi>  ���������IVlffvMANSON,  mmMcLEAIT^  LJbLLOOET^ /BREVVER^,  States. -   '  -C^f'w'-; "1w   ��������� .-. /mi^-::. : ' *uf~ " -��������� "* --'���������*--   ��������� -     ���������-  --������ ' ��������� *���������-   ��������� ���������   -**    -  .H,n.  the letter^y^urr Jpfajes^h^^-^a^  it wUhever/bevreig^d_d. as anfevicienee 6f the  f}> hasidsa Jarge .;an4'^suneribr 's^ock.of/Eager Bo,er;;,afc.  thfe.B^r,-will/bo:fpundj the\best-Brandies,-WinesVand;  f.'tha^:Htter:������6hor%;r^  ���������mopt_pI>������dwt-a^witfc,..V; 4 JW l^t^^ -:?li__g_^_^^  >���������  ',        .   v "George Peabody.  ffTo;her Majesty the; Queen^V / / A f  "9 .������1*1 E,   a   tfProprifttor,1 v'* Jy ^~.������fhrw o������m. Agent; ���������  X| for'the comfort of travelers; the Table is Supplied  :With the b^stof, everythingj that.pan be."prpcard,* aiid  ; the'cooking is'nbt'ihteHorto^  tot'families ^StabHn_^'/Hay^iBarIey;and;Oats.::r ^ lis i i  requisite for Clothing -suitable for every soason'of tti-' j  yea'r.V^u'i- tiif*ihWii aiH: iy tAiWA'ni hivfrkfr  ,?������������������,"'���������'''"���������������������������    ''���������' ' "        -f * -> ���������>������������������ :'���������-:������������������������������������ ������*.-v-u ,u;>  rrife_������5^LS-%;iLsdN^^  ^i;-llab,Mercha'naize^whoiesale.and/re^  ������������������������Rip;0dbi>s;J&c^,.S'a.t<J8 Stro'ct^-Victorl^/Vr'I/^Oa'aD^  (after 1st June; aeit 'iu^'Qoverhmeht1Street,1 opp]te ifoi;  ;|an^.pf::Bri?is^:<^Iumhfc^^  taurgnt^s supplied with all ^hondelicacles)t&eximarteti:!: R?^  affords.';;. In. the; Bar will bo found- the choicest Ijqcoss, -m^  Furiiisbed'Rooms/<,������&/''" *\ 9f ���������' ff 4. iU   mwi  Kii-'ii.i,~JJ~fFT  :���������������._'*%��������� >..������f-,.^'������.  TT  ^ JS������T- If yod^nljbl^vej in^e^g^ywur  ; KewspapersandM^  ^pN&Cp.^ Bookseller  Agents^ New>\Kestminsfce^  , by mail or express tbail parts of the "Colony.  Thr;UNivERSAii^'I^bTiCB-^f 5mixing__icbryi and'  other adulteratives with Coffee,^hasv^ry^uohMamag-  :.-.;od in....pu:blip..estimation,.; what; ought/to! bp/tbe most  dBliciuus of.Beverages.;^ So. elfe'ctuailyljave the~publlc  been drugged with such misturcsithaithe'true properties have been lost sight o/, and.many prefer a black  and thickinfusiqmtea drjnk/rlWin sbfrit.^nl/aroma.  Gpnoral as is the" use of Coffeo^itis utile known that  in condensing the vapors ��������� extracted; ifrom tho berry in  nwstingi a liquor is obtained of the- most nauseous  taste, andof ascent.thoraostunbearajbloti Fader such  circumstances it is:evidently import^n^tnat all the  _ giwes and^flulds,extracted ^byt roastinff. should bo carried off as quickly- as possl 6ie^ in of der tb'-prevent thoir  returning again to tho Coffee.-.which' is the caso in the  con lined cylinder.. ...This, object" is Admirably;., accom-.  plishod by thc now and-patent-"<?onical Cofloe Koaster"  as used by PELLV&CO.% Victoria, ih-"whibH thoberry  is directly exposedvto;the radiated,heat, and tho vapor  extracted- carried offJnstentanbouily^ TT In addition, to  tu������ a'd^anUigo ^o;bo- derived hy tho rapid Tcmoval- W,  the st earn containing the .objectionable propeftiespthe  pure aroma of ��������� tbe Colfoo is: retained/'tbcf 'essential oil  being preserved and not,exhausted as in the Cylinder.  Q!PEIJM^/a^ ^  O'/ This 5Q<lS!e;is.weU;flt1te.di_^with, -.Go^difBeds ^and  the .Barkis fur^hed .witttth^ best,Liquors ��������� t Sleals .are.  served at allihours.oh^ ine Restaurant principle;" ata-'  ������������������>iO.  TySB-MrMi^^^L^  LBE^;(JB^tl^*haS:opttea:t^ House for  ,.a.jL- thoreceptioniofcrTravellers; the:>Tttble.is''<welLkep^  W&;t*l������^^aup^i^nnot) bo surpassed/; the Beds are  clean and comfortable.;. Stabling for Horses.������������������ jjay and  Oats.' *"',: fJ'rf'   l-':'-'\.^   ii-!'Ai   ij*'.ojyi������ii.-:.iis.j, ii-yn^  ..��������� i.jT ������������������������>'.���������<���������'> r   i, ne'er. i?y>\(i.-,-r: '*:���������-���������>���������   ���������"*'.���������.: A.-.- .  ,.,,,, /..ftl .���������./_���������? **; ^  'A-J^holesale^na &etail DealferTh WLVE3?6r.^tdS  BEERS,j:and;r.lQUORS and^e'pdV-of^Havana'"Segars;"  G^������;forwardgd^toIhQ^ihin^istrJcts^ Tf^r^l^^i!  est^bilsfied House ?is well Jit ted up;for the tc6mfort  of .Travellers;' ,the; Table i3 supplied with the'bestf-of  every thing'tbat can be bad J and tho cooking is noi'inferior to the best.hotel in'the lower, country}: Bedrooms  for Families^ Stabling for ^Horses, Horse Feed, &c..  The Expre'ss stops here,; / ;,; ,r, ��������� ��������� / i   ."/������������������/./���������,.// 1-s /  If AMES iKtJB0Nr Ero_>r^t������rJi^|fcommoo^  _lf Qtis Hotel is .well fltted/up^itft/every, convenience  for: the romtSDrt.oribhb'.^aiilic^ihe^Beds^m Jall:that a';  wearyitraveller could desire;; the Tabic is supplied' with1  ���������^^SKiss^HifiiE^;^Voo^&c.^i_beral^  ?n ?"^onsigned^.-r/.Beferen^e^^^'S'utroT&.Oo.^porr/".  ji  MBS^HEIN^ JttiiitNiai^ Dit^--lfJite^oRn^:  ,. /^n^troeV.VictorlaV V; hi7 All kinds of^lllinerr:' ^^  jOI mo ��������� lates.t qtyle;,kept constantly:on;hand.;j?Order?:.' ^^  f^^M^ conntry .punctually attended to." ; ;,   U ������. |44  jETEB McQUiUD^i/SMp /Chandler] aiid ^^  f !. dealer inPaints, Oils, and Window Glass., Always MM  W bandit largo'stock of-Bbpe and Canvbss; -WHarf mm  - Street,; VJctoria^^I g *i fJ' ������������������ 7 ->; a/ -.? ���������;;r' t ������������������ 1,1 t'lbi-s__ri - -.^S  ��������� ;.i. ���������.������> 1  IDBSNZO/LEARTO, Pro]priel������r;,;Thi3 house  / affords every ,aceomr^odation for, tho.,cdmfqrt of  Travellers ;,tno Table'ish^'rnlshed'wjtH all.tho delicacies  of the season,1 and-tho Bar is Stocked with tho choicest',  of Wines, Brandies&: Segars: goo'd: stabling for horses;  r! "Kinds of 01Mnese'(k)CHis:and-Prorisioh's^Rico;Su-". BS  gar, Teas, &c,- ���������:Cormorant Street. Jwest'ef Goversmeni.-" m?$  : Iff?; "WATSON.  ^Xra*^Tna^^lLXtt&bv,!'&A  Po^������ra^.iD������RMBJ;t^^ss^  bio tb roiain'the qualities or arres't'the^eterlpratfoh of  'S    HOTEL,   4  M. MACDONAX.B, Proprietor.  Miners and  ; othersidestined for the Bridge Elver Mines will  find every conyenjence ���������; and accommodation afforded  them:, ',000(1' Beds and a Tabic well supplied with all  tho delicacies of the season.  ;";   4 1-sV/  C. BJLCi(^AiiW?% ifBRCHANT a^d Packer, ,of'  ���������* twcen'Bouglas arid Lillooet.' !;Always on hand a  goocl'stock6f;Broyi6iohs, &C- .' ������������������'������������������:       '��������� ':*.\y- ��������������������������� ���������.%%&{���������'  \������i,  its illness'for drink. t But to retain" the essential oil  which i toontainrf we -have it encased in tins contain i ng-  t'mm 1 lti. to 28 lbsi,'an:d which can - be had'ft-bm iiny  of the reHpectabio dealers. -Wd can confidently ro-  commend those who, have hitherto been obliged to re-  train from taking Coffee oh 'acepvpi' of its*ill effects,  that they may ,uso. our; jCoffob, roasted, iii ,the Conical-  liottsteri^eing reepmrnendedby ah medical mehiindef  woo*������ optics it; has been brought, ahd/by: fiumerbus  other testimonials jnjtsjavor.:  ^r FBLJiVfc COl, "���������"  ��������� h. iSMITH:-:& CO;; Proprietors. .'-This House m  : well; fltte.d up ;for ��������� the; accomiiibdation; of Travellers; to,, the Bridge River.Mines., t Good Beds, Stabling-  for Hbrses. HorseTeed, &c.r A Stage runs twice a week  between this house arid Port .Douglas! on ;tho arrival of  the steamers from below arid connects with the Lake  Boats for I411ooeti:> v        ; t ��������� r -���������    - ��������� <\_*_/.'���������:  arte House j  SEMIiEN & PARKE, Proprietors,0 at the  Junction of the Can boo: and Big .'Bend j Roads,i is  now open for the accommodation of the public.;; BiS:  tance'from Clinton, 26 miles;.,from Savanas ^f-i?amboat  Landing,-22 miles;' iTom SpcncVs' Bridge.. 30 miles:'  Travellers will find prices and accommodationa46'suit"  the t|mes.\ Give them a call. Stabling, Hay.& Grain ;-  attentive, hostlers. Stage, loaves here twice a week for  Big Bend arid yale, arid once aweek'for Cariboo/ . 1-s;  ernmentjtre^^iYicforja,-y^I;  -14^;  ILSON & MURRAY, Grookrb,m Paovisros;  ���������.,- ��������� j-wine & Spirit Merchants, Bakers & ConfeclionoBr  *ort,3t������qtj.Victoria,,V:I;4 . :^ ':--,-,H;  S^S?SPR? * ^UEFF, Coin^ssion^eW;;. |  a  ^  ,, tio/lce;Merchant^;Wt^."9$.Victofil |;J  LEWISliEWISj Clothier,-VatesStrebtj Victoria,  opposite the Bank qt British North America. % flf$  ^ ^ALt'ANM!������E,COtLEd  ��������� Gomnmenti etr'stt,. yictoria,! Vaacour^ !ilan_/i  ^ ^pence's Bridge and Clinton, bri the Yale'Boute*  Travellers willjflnd Good Accommodation.  ,Tfee best of  ''^^Jp^-������nd of Wines     Fresh Butter Milk  and;yefrptobles.^dstabllng  ''��������� > hici^^iEiS:^  T YTTOKT SQUARE, New WeStmirister B G  tessie'SS  ? CHANTS,; Wholcsa^o^De^lIr8''iniGB6ekR^7PR6T,'  fi REtLEY & FITERRE, "impbrters (S Wholi  IX sale Dealers^ Wines, S_iiritB; ana Liquors,  .Victoria, V. L .r.������;';.K;.!7'���������.!���������������>'  C?ROAT &'CO.;-(Iate: Anderson-^'feo^lMroB^;.. WM  KJ and GoHMissipN:j_l_RCHAN_$ 1 store Street, ;.Victorl������, ;; j  ;__L____LL_i:.,is  0/ i'i^f  (4 ii.V J/i^v^-V^^.". |'/"'  __������___  y-f .-���������;��������� ������������r Pf yates. and Goyernment Sts .^yictor|,a,li; ^';  P  IERCE'& SEYMOtJRV dealers'idBKP^ffi/1;  FuB^iTCRE,;Broad. Stroeti: :Viotoria^ ^.jL .'i ^'lf' fl.  ���������' ������������������ r.  CAIRE& <JRANCINI������ Hak^waee & 'Ctpcf'1?^ ...,'  Merchants, Wharf IStreet, Victoria,; V; V ^ ��������� *'8   . IT^S3?21^0^ ana>SU^NA������Yi,:  ^;g.  ,M1X ^**?men.<Yi9\m*fJf&i*tf< evii  1 '-


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