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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-06-18

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 8:  1  m]  mi  M  1  ro'Iotj  Mi  ctoru  m  m  eii;;  th#T  l_l-  ifol  rati  I!  ������*���������*"   " f.3$y?      3i   i." Zif-'ttX'A'-^i  ^w_^j*Kffeiir  srdi:^  ���������'���������.*���������;,    -  K.77T7  B'/lfM^ 1;  fd;f'  *i������  V;*j" r  !s^4i'.5.i  '3  Barkerville, |SWi?^fc*|^|JJl^������#3^ SI 1866'  :-.   -   ' -    ���������>������������������ "'" :^~-r.,-_ f     t,   f    J'_   '  '. . v��������� ilj^4^1___h____^ , *>  V v < ~ *   t        , % v.  . ;:Xf%*  L_&������l_R^0^^  /,     '   ^[coKfei^P^ ; 1|:\  \ rYfffff' yictoriajcVT. ;L/Juae: 1st, 186J6.  Now to; the.main quarter.; "To]supposetfiat  we are going; to: get men to turn stock-growers  'aHft_Uira_ii^  ting,:.like goffiffiffii$-= mftro ;i(er; head;for  their stbplU^^  collateral advantage, arid, thafcis alii ���������; To urge;  that We"are protecting idle.men, at $\e expense  of the industry- of. Jh^polp%t ,^y; cjiargihf  $2 50 a thousand q%foreign lumfijer ancl 35^;  ton on foreign hay is childish^ Granting evein  thatweididdunpoae; thei'chargewitli ?the fjery  object; I again repeat ytheipromium^would1 be  no bait at all. vliriyself Have &Bwp:��������� $23 per  ton offered ;for hay$ laii<"t', \rejfUsed^at, Saanicli  (on the ground), 8 mile$ frphi Victoria. What?  Protection did that form^ like  to fciab wv  3Vfth 300:'peftoen������dptbe/^madeioir  .poultryj-a constant .$$*$&&  foiling and gladly tendered" price: ofi~62jMCt&  ^.|&^*_������������3k-^������^^  settlers; want ?; 1 The- ver������ worcl is. eMftfv Wits;  vegetaliles, and '/fruitisuch^^is^npjtemperate ���������  clime Peyprf riva"Jed> fore _)ro4uetiyeness rind  quality- (think of "cabbages "65 lbs.weight:*);  grain-to superior to, Dregimt raii1d^^alifo'rniar,  ; and atmarketwHibn/pii^a elol^calci^tipmcanl  consume; or could: unHtKvery^rec<_iitly, Tfiive  times;as^nuch as t^  settlers could ibring^o^ai^^ jto5  cbtoej^wl^^bine^  ;who .will sitr listlessly down day^ after day on  the verge of .civilization ytn^f^rv^ion ^arid  smoke his^ipfe ins  plowing''ffoomiMw^ $5 which good luclt  may put in his way, sjialt go 5p theioearest  public and brag and play at whist, till it is all  gone; willthat mail atfemagicaljntelligence:  %d������ 55 (a' to tf ts charge cfMt^icto ria^o i foreign'  hay,' will he rouse frjbm his lethargy aiid secure,  eyenftjhe wild grass t gro wing; :a t his doors;, to  sell it?' Nof that man is debased/ He has b'e-  come ttalf^sa^.age wltB* to Indian "worn  .to^uajierb^  are notoade!aidne^i������<^nerchantspor^r#i_K  mgv it,i andit. makes our position the stronger,  merchents will not, cannotSlrve^by auppiyihg  ^migratory* or*mining;popul tohValoiie; the  bone;and sinew of the country%tis't be .here  m the shape ^farmers and:, manufacturers.  No, theihomirial %tnd slighlidvatotafees hitie^  to enjoyed by the 7merchant and which have  enabled:>hiui" successWly ^^^ his ^depot at  ^lctbriai and^thu^dahiii-the "prospectrpf ihis  continental rivals^*W^^  acoomvcetc$these,;^say;\:_ie^_nuS^  fully,giveUip;^ Tbe^wprlMs'fulio^  and the third/-.-tlie^Sgriciiituraliperiofl lias 1 ar-  rived.f I That all'4hftburd^  ernmentshall^not e'ornl. oufc^pf: the'merchant^'  pocket; either in heavy tradelicense^ Or a heavy;  direct^ax^h such real-estate'ag^  because^7i(^:that������r^ght^riess%f^  ^is proverbial he-has investeo^iii landf nor������to  pay allMthe taxes; nimseif", ^'^ay, he^ consents  thatanamppst sh^ll^OTi^ed^hT^  Jaip^prc^u^e^toii^^  such . manufacturos':> as 4shair-^sporftah^us!ly  spring up. ^^e^wUl> not'allow ^isbhl^ steam  sash^factory ?*o> beVstrangied because xhgl is<  sorely tempted-to1 screani5for; Fre^Tra'cie;^!!^  will not iuft^r'Sooke^ Alberriaana^hemainus  Jumber, mills ;|p' dief of, exhaxistion^ Ketiuse  doncerhs of twice the size are:; established^  ^cross\thelS6undr*v^n"^^a  store the|balance^sHForeign*>s  cpmeherie <w.itfe^t:]?ayiiig theirqudta'bjdues:  norshall their^ coasters^dr^HheiHsteam^tugs  have priyilcges^ denied :ifeo.urs ^)E ^he other;  side^   No^ali thisj^ujd^^icrdal,itlwould  be retaining tbe spSp^ose ^e :wiale:   And  when settler^ "sball^bbund ��������� wl^n^e axe, no  lOQge.C|e������imb_s .thrpugh'% the ^vo ods;-b ecause  there are,no'w6  given place/tQ^hecIinfcofvthe'a^  a^culturistiriustvitimleif^re^^  sacrifice/  He mustb.e reminded,of:the, advantages bpiJhMi Minse^feenjoyed :olSmaking >the  rjyal:< and"foreigr^ p^oducer^pay 'e'xtra for his  %%  f:  ^oil3.  i'f     i_('''{  , lA f<  " ^ri.- ��������� -��������� ���������     -r;-3'./I-' ������������������'-���������' - '-A''*'\  Ofirps^BARK.ERV-II<LEr Wipa____tf ~CBmK, CAaiBOo  : . rfc"^*^smp^  A--  ' BANKS) EXPRESSES,- Ac.-  Wk ������������������ ���������"������������������-"-" - '    ,-'.,3-s H"-:  in  T^L^id ff. ^KfA.fffA^mfiftffAf^lxAA  T .   ,,_.���������  v������Mi.p?*v?������^  I#-D -J^Iate1^^^^^^������ tt3eoirchlatin^Uhr^ry'  2__ 1   ;''frr': ^''^������������������������������������''''JOn^'BOWHoV.-LioraHiin;^-  ;o  '"QEALElfftN^  is.fi  At  {.-At  tiff  m  care, hotfor work.1 '3ut������upp6se:;theSontrary:*i ���������^^***fy '^^^^Sm^l^foi  '4"^'^^frv^'f ww :*'if_^^^snhiO?*i"n" W3'^ ".iii^^^^i;his gwn^p^toiy^a^ij^^p^  *^fi4"K/"all .foreign  -., .    ..Ji|^^i"ree1|/__e:;  populous ivillages and c^  HHHjFi-ir life.   Is- that a result to^e"deplorei^ _?^7?%WSB9K^^P exchequer; ^his own  ;:<������^Vhat right has the Americanrpro^^w^tbWiS: feliow*^  ^���������Kenatb the detriment of'the native and* offer wewdspii and forge and smelt.   In a  |������is>gobds ���������?/  ;Why: should- he not pay for "the [W'^: period of ^manufactures has: jfully  l^pjrivilege of a good market at; all h^  Silllthe cheanest ���������mean's, of .."trahait'.^thp a'Aa 9. ��������� r_A_i  f  .CARPENTERS^ &'UTNERSKSTfjiUm^  - -;.'rr:j?#'1 >-������'^r;.'M''vi-i?i3^"^iv^i'^^,:^'  ALSO;  ���������ft  ^::T^^#iil#i_i#  mi  ^^^^he cheapest ^riea-hs of jrahsit^the seja*1   _)pes  iijiiSlie on*er facilities "in' return ?" No."y Does he  mSm  mi  ^������idmit^;vessejsjj.ft^e to ;his^ppr^?<_^Qan>^  (^.Mfeo-andvcome.as'we.like?: Nb^no.i Itwas^ohly  / .gthe other day that it was sought to exclude the  ^^pteamer-Ale^h^rao^th^  |f I������)ecause some old. ���������statute^which they dug up  l^yiid prohibit a foreign: steamer from ^n\n&%n  ^jptbe;Sound." ;Th>; (collateral 'reMfc���������iwatethaV  H^ffi E**za Anderson, whose present owners are  iSSayfchln_* but liberal,\thre,Wimany impediments  SMP ihe W:*^to*%raisM^ other  ^Mide, >nd; the Alexandra's competition was  ^S1111011 dreaded,j Mt%aS>only thVother day that  ^IJ������t_Rhe **mS������������������ T---~- T_.ii-   ^        ,.   .... ^.- <j-  steamer Jenny Jones was by the most  S%#trenuou3 efforts-on theiparfr of her spirited  S^P���������61, flowed1:1������h_Hrf'Poraan-t''^*>L*iid  WBBt��������� ^^orities aeet to-prevent her ^Because  ^^s British she'cptild; cali^'atiohlv foreign  aSB>ort> and she was compelled to:get her clear-  ^������nce at Astoria! There's' Free Trade with a  HV^if nw, .Then: why in ;the-name of all that's  ^������quitable should uny facilities be offered to !  ri^^^^^^fShipp.er or exporter?. Not that  MMestricfcl0ns.anywhere -are desirable: but if  We ^e insane .enough, to; impose isstrlo-  ������m%������ pU ^'J*? cryiout in defence of our  ^KX ru%n������ .85arl at Potion, in the very  lfiffi>th o| a deficitm our revenue and emptiness  V?t let -it be all round a fair field, let none  Th^i C������mUatante be favored.: Strip one,  ��������� K115 ��������������� one, arm all.    But let ua look  Hlh"iW!^?' ^e p������* ** #e face;   let  Wi ?1f the blatant-disturber of^our peace  S@ES o w.ould_look a kittle at the nature of things  I#olK^  StlunL   g  _of   h.ow c������untnes. are built un  ������ou^h ^all/orniai ^t it be Australia, patses  SSSU3^ *������������.: There is, fi'rst" the  SMSa* SSlut?-5aoY.n:wealfch J9;^und or  ^������ In       " au Jmn^gration sets in: the nl-ir������������  ISb^T5 San^. stay and wbfrtEe golden re  ^___u  fflF  m_.  ______!  Ifopo vV;-- n a I'oeral basis; credit ia firm.  |^ =������t it w the 1)sht of a hopefu] ndfli������ o������  great; then free from 'extraneous aid, and^fe"ar-i  ih^ho;r^airy%iil the 'Colony be^a': country:  and I humbly;;submitjthisx is^the rational ���������������������������and  only methjQj of;progress.:*>/;v' f-^\ r/ f  TBpt Free Trade and Protection b ei ng argiie d  put,; let. me now teyer^o ;bur>��������� Legislative  Cbuhcil.J Biit I (will .premise with^a remark  that it ^as Sr pity, pur temporary loan- 6������ $ 100 f  000 was knocked in;the head ^our,pub lie works  must be executed, ahfl 4n no more just way  can they be paid for thaiila p^tiibn^by i the  ''ongin^^.a^d  _u^gr6at bbj������ct in mentioning the'Councils is  to. touch on. a few of4he- anomalies which it  presents.: fA few pfficials^and v_pffii(3ialsihey  all are' biit twq^areTprnieiinto a Legislative  Council.   Men: who dra\y their living from the  public, paid servants of the public, are appointed to make laws for. that-public! >As  Prixate .indiyiduals .they ma^y., be q-ualifiod:  Wefethe.Cbuncil '.constituted partly of officials  no one could make a remark, -' I bold that  itheir presence is necessary some where, to give  details and information,, otherwise not so read-  iiy acceisiblef but let them be in the minority;  let a certain number ^chosen by the House of  Assembly be sent to, sit with them from,the  latter, and sp that the officials shall never, be  in"'the -majority.    Or what is to prevent the  two houses from being amalgamated?    But  thit men; whose very salaries are voted by the  House below tbem shall have power to strangle or emasculate the bills and measures, affecting perhaps themselves ;   that they shall  have power to bring the business of the country to a dead-lock, or controvert the careful.  deliberations of tbe representatives of. the  people; .that they shall,cut'such capers or originate measures themselves is ail a solemn  mockery, is: a;mere travesty of representative  institutions, is calculated to bring* the very  name of British Colonies injjp. contempt.  The last interesting item is! that the new  member, Mr. Pidwell, has been placed in the  handss of a .Committee of Qualification to ascertain how much property he has out of the  maw of the mortgagee, etc!, so his troubles  have begun.  AiX-XflfXffifA XTX.D^tT^-^.Ypfff flTy TftP-- X; X  f-t ,t i^Storage)land;-Go___inisgidat'rT f   y.*T  ".-   ' WiW/Power to'inoreaGQ.)  ���������-if-fUv r;; .^A^'   fA:.    A,   , ;r/  -rf-^ yJK    " . ���������'[  ^-l^f^teTisH Columbia; !-;'���������"  -  ������������������ '   *'-    ; -   -_'"t'-^ -     '    '   '- -   '     ���������  r^JfyX m*ampi^BD*fiTATra..vS" ;- -  'B%?-?%?tM^  fiSXXfXXfffM^  li['" f     ' Xi^^Sr--t?0.Saafc-of 'Montreal,      <  [^FJ-fT^ i iri^__||  ONiENG I _"^^BSfiANK.bp BRinSH:ddfei_B_A' -  rr K'v'i ',j iyMfHeati Office/ Lombard St ^IiohUon  /^^OT^OI-NTSoij^^. for .an.  amount aofe  less than On0?HutB|dr_d,DoIl<ir_ - . '  ������? G*:^pntai������^|n:Francisco ^d'Mw Tork^wS'  ^^M*?BfS^|t#erSecurities.Mceivcd'-ror s&f������  custody-:.Ini^WanU..Dividends collected- - .  '" -     "Ay rj&iA'Y -'   *       '���������'���������'"?"������������������' ' ' '     '���������  :^5OT-^^pS|iS o^AdvanxieB made upon thesa  i^^^  ?____M'__fi&S*^^  S^3*  _pARKERVILJiE^oyomin_iithe;^  *^^^������������^^"^"������"^^"^������Wi������"*B*"������"W^"������W������"������_i_______a__BB__*_|BlBi  ..;,/ iy,t yM.. 5. ^tfAfyiMA^y yy - ;  BARKEBVILLB.;  :' ;    X;y LEWIS   WILDE,f-f :  B:dat;and! Sixae;Ma!l_er:  ��������� .'  i \--r,'.-.  ������������������BABKEsa,Vl"CLEV'' - '"'^^- I '  L.  WHOLESALE-&���������RE'PATL*^^ ^^  ICOMIlSSj  ,.;;:;)Ji^KIELp, ^illiamS;Crobj_,i B.-C.  E HAVE "6fc HANI) a large^toc'k. bf '^royisions^   .:Hardware and Vegetables^ and: are- deter-'  'mined to sf?U; thorn, cheaperrtharnvsny' othvi)'-gtoie: bii-  Williams Creoic. Come and see and judge for yourselves..  within-i24{hQur^.{\y;i ���������"/f;   j    '^^   > .  ' ^1    ;,   {;������������������:::.: - .;'-::   :  v%Ores.of: every description'CarenUl^ "Assayed. ���������     [ff  PyApr\lj_lSS6.i ,f};. ,   Pfiff    /(. -. ., j.  ���������.  ;Britisii :]^t^  /, ..-/ '{j       ;'������   Establishep z_r._838.,_ .'    '   f  ��������� ''i .  f^ZXp'0mcsp -7,:OT^I|EL__^ ���������  j t DRAFTS ISSUED: on _>ohdo_; ;New vdrk. * San Frarf.  Cisco, Cariboo,' sCanad^ ^Tew Brunswick, ;Nova Scotiav  and on all the;; Branches "pt ;the. Kational Bank ,bf goot'  laiid' and Proyiheiiij iJanlc-of i'lrci^Xffpyff. fff^'if '"������������������  Bills of Exchange a^i'GpldiP^ciiasecli f  "1 \ Interest-on'SpecialJ_>epokits 'of ��������� irbiiey -aliowed at thi  mte:pf-a quarterft^^���������^e^^fneTt^t^YT ff''" fY-Y  ;'.) GoLD'-DtrsT Melted': and, As_ajn.df/ 'anci, rotB'rUs' ^d*  within/24boursJnCoih^or Bars;:'������������������-.-:��������� $fr.i$ ������������������:iV^  ; s��������� ^'?>  1 ��������� Oresbt};eyerydescription^_re_ully>Assayod^r'^ 'X.f-  ;:���������_^^B.~Any instructions,,as .to the disposal of tbe m.  oeedsbf; Gold Dust forwarded Mo the oifice in Victor ii  for. Assay, will be carefully; attended to; ''   '***���������" ;:   :' ' ��������� ���������  "y^'f ft ~yW'fK -^^-SHEI^E_^ivMa'Ba^r7':';:  ��������� ;yictpna,;y^I,.A^ :.-i_e  Kicbfield,lMay -5t,h,' l$&6f:, ���������.;; ;;  ^^50*" The 'Banffshire Journal' records the  fact that a Mrs. Mo watt, in that country, has  just presented her husband with two sons and  two daughters, all doing well.  V'-;JV K:VS 0:T E FLXX& pC Oiry..:[  Commission; Agents  ���������    ���������;���������'      ,     ��������� ���������.   AND-' ...',.,  ,;: DEBT^O^CTORS/'; Ti'\ fX,X-  -Bankrupt'' Affairs wouhd up arid Balance Sheets pr<5-  pared; Mining Accounts.carefully made op-' All kinds  of Forms and agreements drawn, and every .other description of business promptly attended lo.  jfiSar��������� Office���������RIGHFIELI), near the Court House.    5  XWILLIAM  WINNABD,     '\r  BEiCKSMOT  ; BARKERVrLIi^E.--! ;   r      :1:  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY.  MGQIii^eiJNIO,  ��������� BREWER.:  "  MERCHANTS;  ;     ; BARKERVILLE^   ,  .-���������      ���������,   :   ���������.   r    .   DEALERS IN. ������   ���������<-.   '  Assorted; M^tctondize  Wholesale and Retail. l  i. v- NBLSON'S for New ���������Westminster^ .  mi^;;Arrive and; dispabt, ^from; the ��������� office inv  , tt Barkerville. to connect'with the atejimcr:'''En-  terprise"atQ[ii;_n'.'lmouth, .and the- STAGES at Soda  Creek- EVERT .WEEK; conveying Thkab[pre, Let-  ters and Valuables for all parts of tho world: Also  Commissions received and forwarded by Express for  tho collection pf Notes, Bills and the..purchase of articles to bo obtained at New Wcstmiaster, Victoria, San  Francisco or enroutc, and,rcturns made with dispatch,  f f - ' JOHN B. LOVELL,  ���������lVs     .- '  '���������';���������  '    '-���������   ������������������ Agent, Barkervilit.  l^pp^at y to ^Miners!  The undersigned is prepared 'to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  .;;r;PANNINGS,. /.   '; -..,  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on tie  ..:���������.���������    . : -Most Liberal Terms,' at the ; ���������' -   '���������'  Reading Room, Cameronton, f  The Subscriber is well known on Williams" Creelc.: and  from, the confidence reposed in him, last Full in ih������ '  above business, he hopes to receive ihe< patronage of  tho Mining community, the ensuing season.  ���������s     ; .      r; ;'.. . ;'.���������';       (    JOHN BOWR02f.  e; c. Gillette;  CAMERONTOWN.        :i' 7  J AMES ������������������; PURDJE,  BLACKSMITH,  KICHFTELD,  _S8BB55a������n_���������������  i__������r_tmiw.������������nu������.*ra ���������ri,  __<���������_-*������ _4i_pw_uwair--fM������af^uiga-i>-^^      flratn tsga  ' Agents for the  GrouseVCree^. - f .-,_;���������  VirfnWinH*e^'  Quesnelmouth,  W?}    . ������j .>;>  Jjljooet, ������   r.*������   -...  Ntfw Ay������stmi|ister,  Victwia'/^���������*;- -".*;.  ass  sau  ____________?  "Cariboo Sentinel.*"  . ___ii_^,. -. ������r-Kir.:���������::.! '."���������v." ������(-'  _'-������������������" - ff.-- - ������"' -��������� ������ if  'A. McWna  .:\Y > V- -fff.  :���������!'���������; N.' Lm McCaffery  " -Mrf' Goiidie. Barnard's Express Office  ; Mr."Evans:If) do      ���������; ���������dp    ���������.  F.. W. Foster,- ^i do   .ft if    do   J  -.->'.   . ;.;    -   i Clarkson & G>;  ' -,'_.-' ��������� 'if- T$\ if.(.Ef Mallandaine  ��������� *��������� frff ���������;���������. -     I John Dqran,.; .  ���������' ;'-��������� ' ff,:- : ff: :T0. ADVERTISERS. .. '...jf^ q ,-r-  *' Th?������}Cariboo SentinelV.is published every Monday  '���������'and Thursday.. Advertisement.intended for insertion  .-'ttiUBt IhmIeliyered at-latest at:6 o'clock, p.'mi, the ;day-  :, before PUbJI^MpP^f; "^^' "Xlff.'y ��������� :-'v ^ "' ��������� ��������� - '   '   ''���������' ''' ��������� I  CARIBOO ASSIZES.  h  "-'"' f^i:-Xtff. v;;:NOT;ig.-*E.'. ;:."  :./Miiiers and others wisliing to send '*The CaribbO Sen  ���������' ttn<-l" tb/tbojr, friends in Canada, England,.'the .United  ft States'.or elsewhere, "can have it mailed by. leaving  addresses at the publication office. : Price, including  postage; 50 cents per copy. ���������'-,'.'. :-ff. % '.<-,-y <f'f ft '''���������':'-'.  ;.^;,r^���������..TO CORRESPONDENTS,  . AU oommunications must be accompanied by tlio  real name and address of the Writer, not necessarily  with a view of. publishing tho same, but as.security for  "his good'faith;' 'V "'��������� "��������� fff; _____  1      |\: (Boforo the Hon. Mr. Justice Begbie.)-,  t J������?������      fXy      Friday, ISttiJune'J\ 1866. ;  TlieiJudge entered the Court-!in company  with W. G.' Cori Esq., J. P., the Registrar,* C. E.  Pooloy, Esq., and the Deputy Sheriff, Mr. 'J. S.  Thompson.. .The. Judge-having taken his seat  on the Be'ricn" the: business of the .Court was  proceeded .with by. the reading of the^Qiieen "s  Commission by the Registrar.   The following  gentlemen being called, and having answered  -toineir names, wereswom iu as a jGrand Jury:  John McLaren, Esq., Foreman;   ! '... .  THE^ARIBO^'SEITINEL;  4^--  : MONDAY, r JUNE-18,-1866:  The^celebrated caseZ)avis co'y vs. Aurora  been* broughtvtb a .close, and  R;;BuRREr_rj,   ��������� '  J. J. *BRU^_LBYf?;*T;  John Burk,   .  C.^Fiilton,;^ ������������������'���������-���������  D. B.: WltKINSON,^  H. S; Blunt,  B. P. "Anderson,  D.'OpPENHETMER,  i^ community-loolcupon  this .instance;^ith ,Satisfactioh. y There is pro-  bably no"_ instance in ;recp^^ trial by  j ur y ;��������� has b een ���������>. so ��������� fully ^appreciated }, and we  Jlrust;that the feeling;on;^ the subject.. so v, uni-;  *' versaiiy^expressed, will be ;<respected in the  properjquarter; it is possible that similar qties-  ���������f tibhsi maysoon^ be'brought into courts and  x:; doubtless,'tlie same' mode'of 'procedure Jwill be  adopted. -We are convinced thatihere.is.not  ''JX\x. single minerToni: the. cxeek* that would not  ��������� g] ad ly sub mi ii his greiy ances to the decision  ���������if .pf seven disinterested fellow citizehsy and thus  avoid the 'expensive'^ arid/'-.yesatibus prpqeed-  *':ingiiin.^.hanceryi;;;..;";''.yy0-: Tyf... .-.v.--.;;,iff  .fff p. \Ve must say we look; upon this trial ;as a  -: concession-to :the public sehtimentt;a fact that  must caiisevmuch satisTaj^iq^  : likely:to brin^ forward:quje|tio^  ���������fof\n,wy^-as many iitigantsV^ :���������; suffering  ^ a n immediaYe loss rather tb an 'incur the risk  of riwmii^the^auJDitl^ course  from tlve ^oltfp^^^ ;  \.. iQiir,;re_iortOf.��������� tne^case^(puMi*aed-ia^.a\sup-:  *."pteuien"t) "will be read7 with * much - iciterest  XX throu_:hbut::the.i^ with  some surprise.    We have ������ voided,; so; far as  our journal is concerned, expressing any opinion that might by any 'possibility prejudice the  inerits pf, the.:case, but it seems thafcpitr .efforts  '.lavei-riot beeri" crowi_e_^with success, as the  learned counsel'^ for the 'appellants in his remarks _ .to bkx; occasion to all ude.... to .what h ei  thongnt; fit*to' term sensational reports which  i\ad been disseminated in relation to this and  .otlier cas'e3.; We feel that such allusions, were  ���������as'unjust as they were uncalle'dfor, both as xer  gards ourselves and "the public ;^. ourselves as  being1 the medium of public^.opinion,,.and our  fcilow citizens who have, shown .ah unflagging  disposition to abide by the decision of the  Court, if ;pT \ "������������������ ���������'������������������ .." ;���������      T ft if tX /v���������  _ We. must, however, in justice, to .the community aUmTt that a strong feeling was elicitedin  respect to* the' different mariner exhibited by  i lie .Chief Justice in. his remarks ..to the counsel;  dining the trial; the unquestionable snubbing  administcred to the counsel for the. respond-  ents whilst simply doing his duty;to his clients,  an do n the contrary the grca ti ndulgen ce shown  to the counsel for the ^appellants in theirex.-  tremely.arduous effort1 to'inalEo qSt tHeir��������� case.  'We have only to add that all Ve have expressed in oiir; columns is. fully endorsed by  nearly every member pt this,community? and  one who ris^&e least  we beg; to assure} any  scieptic.Voh^tJiat subject' that ih&fc&n easily���������$&<  cerfcairt for himself byapp  ^������������������Gbokge:.Pufp,_; t-f.-f  D. Grier,   y ���������-'"':. f- ���������".  % W.HlLL,V  '��������� ������������������' -Ay- I).' McInnes,".'  f'-'AtiJXANDEB HARDlE't  ���������  J.B.Lovell,  : X E.: HodgMns, f-.X.-X'-  CIF.Ma_j.ort,,.  W; F. Foster, Esquires.  The Judge addressed1the Grand Jury and  said: Gentlemen,- lam extremely happy on  this occasion- to. inforni -you that: your duties  'are merely formal, there, being no prisoners in  jail; but'your business does not only rest with  those criminals who < may be in jail; but also'  concerns criminals who may * be running at  large.'-' It ishighly^mportaht th.at,Grand Jui'ies  should be summoned periodically as the guar-:  <Iians of the rights of life and property.   Ac-  duty.to..presenrjan^Ging'"ofTa' hurtful'oTdangerous character to society that "may have come  under your notice,.without fear, favor-or affection. Eortunately' for this Colony, and  creditable alike to;the efficiency of the Police,  there has been a great absence of.crime at the  yarious^districts which rhave'^visited ;rtlus As  mainly attributable to the energy and; zeal with  which crime is ferreted out and the offenders  brought to justice. Besides criminal matters  there are others of great social importance  winch 'require your attention.; If, for instance,  any unwholesome 'trade or business is carried  on; in your��������� neighborhood whereby:ihe piibl ic  are'annoyed, that is a subjectJbr the GrcnuT  Jury-l to; take, in to <: consideration (hei������e.adog  quarref arose ih(/purt); the learned Judge  continued, eygn the, owners; off quarrelsome  and:dangerous dogs that annoy the public may  be indicted by the Grand Jury. In conclusion,  I have to, remind. ;the. Jiir-y .-if-.they have any  formal presentment; to make to me; that it  should.<be in .writing,^^anct signed by the foreman ,. ancC ma^3JSit$|^he; consent 'of^at least  twelve* of tfielfenrttn^ being -quite  unnecessary.  'The Grand. Jury then retired.  The case J. WV Lindvhart/plahitiff;;:ys. R. P.  Ritchie; defendant, was called, and the following gentlemenr.empannelled: as a'jury to try  -the-casc: :  L. G. Tower, Esq., foreman, Messrs. James  Purdie, F;Pcrrott. S. A. Smith, E. A Wadhams,  W. A/ Watson, ��������� Benj. yan:.kVottenbergr John  Adair, Thomas King,,.L. G. Toweiy E. C. Parsons,rD;Siddell;T:; A: Barry;       We had intended giving a detailed report  of this case, but space will not< admit of our  giving more than a synopsis.   The action was  brought by plaintiff to-recover the sum of  $979 7-8, being the amount of two claims, the  first being $.529.87 for packing-a cargo of barley for.-defen dan tx from Canoe, creek to-Van  Winkle iii July, \TSG5,'as per��������� agreement,-and  the second was ..$450,;,for; loss "sustained by  the detention of the,plaintiffs train at a busy  season of" tlie year by reason of the failure <yf  defendant to supply a second cargo as agreed  on.   The.facts;brought out for.plaintiff, iri'evi-  dence of Carson, *went to show that Carson  had charge of-a train of 36 animals belonging  sold;that hc_had paid all the freight to .Carson lie- had received, j i \  ���������The'Court summed ;up the evidence and  charged the jury in Ta very lucid, manner,  pointing out the peculiar features of; the case  which required their attention. ;Thejury after deiiberatihg for haif ah hour, returned a  general verdict for plaintiff for $800.  Mr. Walker for plaintiff.    Mr. :Walkern;for  degendant.      -*  The Grand Jury indicted Messrs".: Dole &  Beak,R;I_. Clark and Edward Toomey, butchers, at rthe instance of John Buie:and David  Pppenheimer, for committing a continual nui-  sanc"e in- Barkerville.- -. \-������������������. f.f :��������� 1- *ff'  'XT The Court then adjourned till to-morrow at  11 o'clock.. ���������" '���������"���������,'    '������������������:  T  ITEMS FROM. LILLOOET.^  WILL BE RECEIVED AT THE OFFICE OF th* <  - SISTANT COMMISSIONER OF LANDS & WO^  QUESNELMOUTH  CP TO  12 O'CLOCK  Mondayv it&th June, 1866  '.:-r IFOR THE-FOLLOWING ARTICLES:       '  3000 fts- hest dbld'en Gate Flour; .  ;Liil6oet, June 10th, 1866.���������:There. is: not a  white man at present mining' on Cadwaladier  Creek or tributaries of Bridge .River in that  immediate-vicinity. A party of four men returned last week, confirming Mr. Jamieson's  reports, $6 to $8 per day diggings���������notwithstanding the conta, statement of Messrs.' Jeff-  rays and Lorimer, published1 by ; you, and a  few others, who politely express the mines,a;  fbilk.J The four referred.to will return if they  can make arrangements to get food in there  ch ea p enough.., Messrs. Jamieson and Cad-  walader say they are going up there; as soon  as the water is on- to..their present claim \at  .North...F-bxk.....;.-.. Notbing-w.^rtlUv^ecor/i.i^g..4*i  mining affairs on lower;Bridge.River.: About  20 white men are .workihg fronr the forks  down to, the mouth. A company is trying to  be got up for working a bar;above high water  mark .on the Faaser six miles belowi here1 on  the South side, they require a mile of flurairig.  '.; Iff    F..W.F.'.:  fP. S.���������Enquiries are made, if "the author of  ''Chronicles of Cariboo5* is the same clerical  gentleman who is famous for his- partiality to  Cariboo mutton pies. f-Xyf-   .   '{.-.  ��������� ��������� - ft....  ;^^If you want good Coffee use FellJs.  3000  700  ,400  '600  100  200  100  ' 60  :���������������������������'.  1  'St'l!  1  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  Quality Rice;  Oregon or California Bccon������  Buyos Beans;;.       . "  No. 2 Sandwich Is. 8_gar������  Dried Apples; -������*���������''  Salt;      ,.:.  Tea;,   -if ��������� ..t t- fi. ..  Ground Cotfcb;' .���������'     '������  box of Pepper: ���������*  ' 'do    Mustard; >  do    Soap;  jUso, to be tendered for separately or together������  tlio above articlos:  .2 tons of Natural Hay;   .  .    1000 l_s. Barley; ,'; :       ;  '������������������������������������    2000 ]_s. Potatoes;       " a..:..-..-.  '��������� 1000 lbs. Turnips.        ������������������   ';;;fffff   '  Proposals will aUo be received for.tho supply of  ���������:  -8000 Ifes. of Beef/ ������������������ (-' ; t 'ff ���������:: ������������������ ;��������� ������������������ '������������������  Tenders to state what price on foot" delivered at C  tonwood Ranch, or killed and delivered on tbe writi  to exceed 500 Ifcs. uet.\:   ,/ ���������  ' Thc abovo articles arc to bo all of the best descripii.  One-quarter pf tho abovo articles to be delivered  Edward's or Vatf Winkle within six days afterthet  ceptanco of the Tenders, the remainder; witnin 15 ai  30 daj's respectively.   * .  .-;V ....;' fyf.   .... ,.'  Tenders to state the price for. cash on delivery, ori  Bills at 60 days on Chief Comhiissioner of>Laii<l$������  Works atNew">V*estmlnster.      '���������:  '.    ......  Tenders to bo endorsed "Tenders for Provisions,^  tonwood and Richfield Road.",. .       ., , ���������  The lowest or any Tcuder not necessarily accepted.  ; -fyf.      '���������������������������������������������'���������> ���������'.': ���������       THOMAS SPENCE, :  ��������� ; ' ��������� iff-. : ���������...   ;-:'-��������� ���������. Govcrnmeut Agent,  , Richfleldj June 9th, 18C6.     iff.  - 11  v'iSTEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  .uy-  20 REWARD-LOST  IN. BARKERVILLE, , ON  THE   EVENING   OF'SAT:  urday, last, a.WAUET containing money and notes.'  Any ono who will lcavo the same, at the Wakewp Jake  Bakery or at this office will receive tho above reward.  The notes are drawn in favor'of JI. Margcsdn. ::'-  . Williams Creek,������June 18th, 1866.������        i :.*: :> ���������f'lZ ������������������  "ff ^p0^^$YDi   ft  I* OST,. BETWEEN 127 &,150 MILEPO^TS, TALE  j Waggon .Road,. a box containing Law- ,Books and  sundry papers, addressed to me at Barkerville.. I will  pay the above amouut to any one who. will deliver the  books to any or:Bamard's Expressmen for me.  ,    . ,        ._������������������*:..A:- R; ROBERTSON, '--  '���������������������������������������������.���������',     ,..       Barrister.  RichOeld, 13th Juno, 1866. . 12  G-O - A T-'EM SALOON,  BARKERVILLE,     ���������     >  JAMES LOBING, Proprietor. ,.y  This First Class Saloon is now open to, tho lovers of '  MUSIC   AND   DANCING!  ���������EVERY    EVENING-.  First Class order will be preserved, and the proprietor  invites his friends and tho public to give him a call.  ; ,e������~ The BAR is stocked with the best of Liquors and  Segars. ..;/���������' -A ff' ' _2-lm  DANCING-  F0R THE  AT  m  ___n  ; ^CAMERONTOWN,      f  Where' the proprietor^ t. Av baert,  : gives, a genera!', invitation' to*hls~friends ml tu  pub'Ho.at large to call and ju<lgo for themselves tie  merits-of bis-Billiard Tables; also," the Choice Brands f'  bis SEGARS and LIQUORS. . .The .Orchestra, vftci  consists of four musicians, is First Class.       lOto  mm  DPPEFHEIMER;&CO,i������  \r -.  X GOOD NEWS FROM C.VNON CREEK.'.  We are jiiformed tliat.-Messrs., Hickson, Mc-  Lee.se & Co. j? who wen fc on the exploring ex-  . pedition lately from Quesnelmouth haii returned, and,report favorably ofthe diggings; -Tliey  had fou nd .tieChinese Co., they *were in search  of, the Chinamen hadrwingrilameS one of the  forks of the creek, but from;fhe* high, state,of the  water' ��������� were uriable to: work., ���������'. j: The explorers  prospected a bench 15 feet aboye. the .level of  th'e^^'cr'eek,;i anft found prospects;to pay at least  $10 a day.  .They ground sluiced off a: little,  but, not being prepared, with tools were unable  to' do jhucti, they brought in ; $75: of the dust  obtained from the ground sluice.   It is a very  bright lookinj*''diisi and^^ more or less mixed  with qiiartz, indicating the cxistance of extensive quartz leads in ;the. vicinity; they also  b rou gh t in a piece. [ of. quartz ab ou fc 8 inches  square-whichtwas literally specldediwith gold,  our informant states that it was the richest  quartz specimen he has seen in the country.  The company are making preparations to return, being well satisfied with the country.  creek to Van Winkle for him;-at the rate of 10  cents "$ ib., the freight to be paid in October.  The firstioad of 9000, lbs. was packed and the  train returned for the'sectfndj but1 the defendant finding he could not get- sale for a second'  load declined sending'it,' and' the plaintiff's  train was consequently, :detainecl 'i at Canoe  creek so me 15 'days, whereb y he sustained a  loss equal to, the timerequireel in making half a  tripjVor; $450, Several sums were paid on account from time to time, which leaves the balance now sued for. Plaintiff;proved that the  agreement- for packing the '' second load for  Ritchie prevented hini'from executing a contract he had,catered into with Messrs. Oppen-  heimer &;Qo*'torfreights goods from Yale to  Williams creek,r which having to be delivered  at a: certain limited time he had to have it done  by others at a loss.        ; ; ;  The defendahJ ��������� in his evidoncet = which was  "corroborated byjhis wife, Mrs.Richie, admitted  having macle thei agreement\, withij Carson at  the time specified, but tinder the provision  that the freight was to be paid only when the  barley was'sold and the money collected, and  that he (defendant) would hot*be responsible  for tho freight on .any other terms: that 'the  greater p or tion'" of the" grain was 1 eft [with  Messrs. McCaffery & Robinson/Van "Winkle, to  be sold on commission and- the money paid  oyer to him as soon as the sales were effected;  a good portion of this cargo still remaiaecf un-  ILLIA  SEWELt  BUTCHER,  VAN  WINKLE,     -  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS.IN ALL  " . .   KINDS OP      '.  ���������'���������:  BEGS-TO-INFORM HIS CU3TOMSRS-AND.THE  pubUc"generally that ho intends to furnish them  BEEP, OR MUTTON, so soon as packing is practicable,  at their .respective claims on the different creeks, or  residences, at the Most Reasoxaiile Rates.  .. 'Van Winkle June 11th, 1866.  11  CLOTHING-,  BOOTS   &   SHOES,  "���������-'    ���������'"--''��������� -"'     H^  MININ& TOOLS, &c��������� fe^  ...... K^fe  Beg to call the attention.of Miners and others ^^m  ���������to their fuii assortment of-SUFERIOR G00B>.    j^^g  which will ho sold  ST   PRICES  DURING THE PRESENT WEEK wo expect to reserve and open a First Class stock of BRAND NEW  ,  ;:   GOODS, comprising  ���������py  RUBBER  BOOTS,  GQQDYEAR'S  NO.   1   RUBBER   COATS,  ;: ; ���������-:..������������������:' COALOIL, &c.,.'&c.,'./^;':.;^;;/".  All of which have he'en most carefully selected and will  b e sold at the LOWEST RATEQ. ...  We cordially invito a call from our old friends and  the public generally. ''������.:������������������;      ���������   -  ��������� ���������;.    .���������   ��������� a j. a TODD & GO.   :  Barkervjlle, B. G., June 4th, 1865.  N.' B.��������� -A small lot of Hardwarb, Paints & Oils on  hand, for sale at 50 per ce*nt. Below Cost.  , .     .9  ... 1\       .  to make rboni (br'a NEW' STOCK to arrive bo soon ������  ���������.   ��������� tho Roads:are open. *,  .^T" Liberal' allowance' will^C m^J  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade gener* r  on large orders.  mm  ISBi  O-REAT   ATTRACTION!  EVERY EVEl^lNG,  .1  AT THE  FASHIO  kT  OF GOODS  ^'A:LO;0K  pfP BARKERVILLE.    v        , I  ', A LL LOVERS OF THE" TERPISCHOREAJr A^������J |  ill invited to call and enjoy themselves,.when* |  .welcome will he extended;  mm  hfJIf  mm  91  _S������Re?'  mm  s_s  m  m~ Tho hest of Wines, Liquors and Segtf������  and Good Order-observed.  iiARTiN&cqoB:,Prop^  C,   WIL  OTT  BEGS TO INFORM THE MERCHANTS AND PUBLIC  of Williams Creek that he is prepared, at tho short-  est notice, to remove goods of every description with  cure between tho towns of Ricbfield, Barken-illo and  Camorontown, at reasonable rates.  Richfield, May 21st, I860. 6  $25  Jj on Wednesday *tTTd 13th Tauo", 1886.^ ^pgSg,  int'the' Rftm������. and' leaving it witn _*. ������������������������>'- rc-  T OST, A*mjNTmG-CASE ft9i������D]ff^  finding'the' same' and' leaving��������� iu. w*.M^L7_bo7fln  Watchmaker,- Barkerville, will receive ������**���������*;^������_  ward. T    T.  Vol. 2.  Barkerville, Williams Creek, B.C., Monday, June 18, 1866.  .No. 13  SUPREME COURT.  (Before the Hon. Mr. Begbie.) .  Saturday, 16th June, 1866;  Aurora Co*y, per M. Hilton,appellants, vs.  Uav is Go*yj pet A: Jack, foreman, respondents.  The-follomng. gentlemen were balloted for  and empahneiled as a specialjury to tryjjie  ciiao';���������Mi; J: H. Todd; foreman; Messrs. Alex.  Itardte, James Anderson,.;&',A. Smith, "WVP*  Ad ains, Phillip McLaren, Patrick Gannon, wlio:  took their scats and were duly .sworn by the  j&gistrar. of the Court.: Out of a list^pf" 48  .mmcsoniy foiir^were objected to,;? by the  Auroraand 1 by the Davis Co'y. ��������� ��������� '* ���������  jvlr. llobertsonVvCpunsel: for; respondents,  ��������� opened his case by remarking ^i.&ym.&&&:.  ^fe'oFalioTel^'fb^  before a jury, inasmuch as the concession had  never been granted in any former casd of the  fci-ui. The facts of the case are these: the  Aurora Co'y in 1862 located a claim of 1.400  "feet front, with an indefinite extent of ground  back to thc mountain on the east side of Williams creek. In 1864 they struck a prospect  and were notified to stake oif their claim. ?In  order to hold all .their ground thc Borealis  Co'y was organized. This Co'y brought an  action in the Gold Commissioner's Court  against the Aurora Co'y; .^bat tnc decision  iu this case was I am unable to say, but the  case was appealed to the Supreme Court, and  that Court gave the Aurora Co'y 6 weeks from  tbe 27th June, 1864, to stake off their ground;  ilie period of .grace expired on the 8th Aug.  Some four days after this, on the 12th, the  .Harvey-Dixon Co'y, consisting of 7 members,  ���������desirous of��������� extending their limits and knowing that  the ground in tbe rear of them \va3 not staked oif, and  therefore open for pre-emption, staked off and recorded  A 00 feet of it. A day or two after this J. Edwards came  to one of the members or tbo Davis Co'y and told him  ihoground:bclonged to tho Borealis Co'y, and Mr. De-  vine also claimed It for tbo Aurora Co'y.v The Davis  Co'y decided tbat if tho Borealis. Go'y or Aurora Co'y  owned it they would have to test their right to it. This  throat was made by. the "Aurora Co'y to frighten a set  ol poor men; they argued .we are a rich company and  we will thcreforo frighten them. Men though poor bave  just as good a right.to protection us those wnoarerich.  The Davis Co'y were allowed to occupy; and prospect  this ground for 14 months \vithout molestation.; 'For-  tuno at last smiled on the Davis Co'y, hut they had not  struck.pay one week before they weresupd by the Borealis Co'y before the. Gold Commissioner and gained  the suit; the ..case was appealed but was allowed to  drop.; The Aurora Co'y, by their foreinanj M. Hilton,  then committed^ a trespass on the ground by sinking a  shaft, .thereby. compelling the Davis Co'y to becomo  plaintiffs. An notion was brought and the Davis Co'y  gained it-������������������'. An appeal was taken to this decision, and  that appeal is the case now before you..';'  Judge Begbi3���������Your argument about rich and poor  is nonesense.    ���������;;   . . iif.Y  Mr. Robertson���������-Itmight have been nonesense had 1  used it ___. an argument. v;;   .  ���������' ff.-, ���������'',".;���������.-'��������� .?���������'���������  Judge Begbie���������It seems a very invidious argument; -  and would be condemned by any man of. sense.   ,  The first witriess called was E. J. Johnson, who be-  ing.sworn said: I was a member of the Harvey-Dixon  . co'y in 1864; the co'y. consisted of 8 members.aud own-  it out; 1 examined the ground thoroughly and could see  no stakes before taking it up; it was vacant ground in  my opinion; I plantod the stakes; wc have been in possession since 12th Aug-1864; hav'olfecn working on it  ever since; the ground in dispute was drifted on in tho  , fall of 1864; no objection was made to it; we have a  reservoir on the surface of tho ground which was built  in Aug. 1S64; no objection was ever made to our building it; nover heard any direct claim being inatlo to this  ground; we prospected the ground last fall, by a tunnel run through bed rock; Iaan't say how long we  worked; being in bed rock and striking nothing we left  it; tho Aurora co'y knew we were in possession as they  innst have seen our stakes ; the Borealis co'y brought  :;������, action against thc Davis co'y in Oct. last year for  (jetting possession of 400 feet in tho rear of the Davis  oo'y; they lost thc case before thc Gold Commissioner;  the Aurora co'y,then sunk a shaft on the ground, saying that they claimed 130 feet of tho ground the Borealis co'y sued for; we sued them for trespass; Mr. Hil-  ioa was foreman of both tho Aurora aud Borealis co'ys;  the case was deckled in our favor: thc majority of tho  members of thc Davis co'y sold out during the time wo  v.ore in peaceable possession; four members sold out;  ihe Borealis co'y brought action against us about a week  alter wc struck pay; the 400 foot in question has always  been, in possession from 1864 up till now.  Judgo Bcgbie���������I think I can sec both Pities of the  o.ise already; I dont know what the issues may be, but  I can guess thorn. -  Crofjs-examincd���������Tho Harvey-Dixon and Davis co'vs  were consolidated; on the 1st-Aug. 1864, there was no  f 7 H?o_7a_? '5������ Davis co,y i * became a member in  .hily 1864; the first record that was made in tho name  of the Davis co'y was on 12th August; tho Harvcy-  Jixon co'y held 400 feet on 1st August; fwitness being  Known copy of record of the Davis co'y tor 400 on 12th  Aug.] this was 400 feet back of the Harvev-Dixon co'y  and recorded as tho Davis co'y: wc worked tho ground  <cr the 12th August on the back ground other than the  nm\ UIU ground; 1 cannot swear that the drift was  ui   over the Harvey Dixon co'y's line, as I am no sur-  ���������, IT' w-������ (hrl not sct rm>'or(U'*'tu W over thc grouw'  a was unnecessary; after ______ August 1804  the tw  j  wo  claims were considered as one being 800 feet; Moore  sold an interest to me in the Harvey-Dixon co'y un the  1st Oct. 1864; the consideration I gave Moore was $100;  the interest which the Sheriff sold on 7th Oct. 1864, belonging to Moore was in the Davis co'y ; I did not ask  the Aurora co'y where their slakes were; I was told by  our foreman that, tlie ground behind us was vacant and,  ,if Svodid;not take itiup some ono else would." "XT- i.  ���������ToJury-^WeAvercvtoldby our foreman^ Lewis, that'  the ground -was va cant. ,   ..;.;.,  Cross-examination resumed���������The Aurora co'y arc now  claiming 130 feet of the samo ground, that the Borealis  co'y sued for;' I am positive that the Borealis company  claimed,the whole 400 feet; I understood that Wilcox,  had been talking to some of tho members of the Aurora and Borealis, co'y about tlie ground a couple of days  after we took!it up; both co'ys claimed it; -Wilcoxsent  me the information; he did not tell trie woi hail better  gi ve it up, elso we would bo sued; we did riot want any  ground-��������� belong!ng to; tho Ajurora co'y,: we could not afford to litigate with them at that tima... [Witness was  here questioned at, length, abou t tho. entries in .the co.������s.  ;&c, and the Sheriffs sale of Moora's interest.] Wc re-  'solved!!to -hold' the:grouud ��������� because wc thought it belonged to us; I can't say whether the determination  was communicated to thc Aurora or Borealis co'ys; I  went during tlie day time to look for the stakes along  with Marshall, the foreman, at one time and Wilcox at  another; I swear positively there wore no stakes there.  By the Court���������I have heard of the order of 27th June  1864; I was notawarc of the order at the time I took  up:the ground. , ���������.  S. T. Wilcox sworn���������Am a member of the Davis co.;  do.not know if thera ever was a Harvey-Dixon co'y;  tbe so called Har.rey-Dixon co'y held 400 loot of ground  up to 12th Aug.'G4; Davis co.thcn located 400 feet in the  rear and recorded it; I inado.the record myself on the  12th Aug.; the whole 800 feet was represented up to  tho present time; I did not assist in staking the ground;  saw the stakes after they were planted, in the afternoon after I had recorded; Mr. Edwards told me it belonged to the Aurora and Devine claimed it for the Borealis; the determination of tho Davis co'y to contest  their right to the ground was not communicated to the  Aurora or Borealis co'ys by me; think tbe Davis co'y  .have worked a portion of the disputed ground; the Davis co'y were in possession for 14 months and were not  disturbed during all that time; never had a dividend  till Oct. 1865; Mr. Hilton went down underground lust  season and inspected the ground and pronounced it  worthless \ Devine admitted in his evidence before the  Gold Commissioner that the Davis co'y staked oil' fir?t;  he was asked by tho Commissioner who staked oft'first*,  and replied the Davis co'y; had a conversation with  Devine in Aug. 1864, ho said it was uot necessary for  the Borealis co'y to stake off their ground, ns they had  an order from Judge Begbie.  Cross-examined���������I sent a note to the Davis co'y about  the claim of Aurora and Borealis to the ground in dispute aftor nay cori versa tiori: wi th .Edwards arid Day ine';.  I saw no other stakes on the day that our ground was  staked but oui\own; I never agreed ;witt_ Hazeltihc to  adandon the ground. ;��������� ?���������-?.-"> ff ':'''���������-'  Frank Laumeistcr sworn���������Am a member of. the Davis co'y j. became a member iri July, 1865; 'I and II, N.  Steel purchased together; the ground owned by the  co'y was described as 400 feet long by 200 feet in depth,  8 hill claims; Ave made a trade of 200.shares in-the Bod  Rock Flume, which was equivalent, to $4900; I first  heard of the claim by the Aurora co'y arid their intention of. contesting our title after we struck pay in Oct.  last; Mr. Winkler told trie at Quesnelmouth, "Your  co'y have struck pay, but the Aurora and Borealis co'ys j  are after you.".-/. "' ���������, .;���������;.'"'  a The Court���������You mean they were before you.  ,  Witness���������I went round to soe the stakes along with  Marshall,, Steele andVSmith;. I did. not examine the  stakes closely.  Cross-examined���������The stakes I saw were those running  up the hill; was shown the -square boundary; did not  examine the records before I bought; j left that matter  to Mr..Steele, who was a member ef. the Aurora co'y,  and he said it was all right* no reference was made at  any meetings of the co'y which I attended to the claim  made by the Aurora; I was.told that Polmero was pror  posed as foreman sbmethrio about the middle ;or Sent."  1805, and was objected to; I.said that was quitex'ght;  I have spoken about this suit out of doors and to a great  miuiy people; I am always a law-abiding man; my Bed  Rock Flume stock has always been at.par.'  W.Farron sworn-���������Am a member of tlie Davis  co'y j became a member in June, 18G5; J purchased half an interest for $2,200 cash ��������� 1  bought one-twelfth part of 800 feet; I saw the  stakes before I bought in ; at the north-west  corner there were 4 or 5 stakes some marked  Watson co*y ; on tlie upper South line of the  disputed ground I saw one stake; the first time  I ever knew our title was disputed was in October ; in October, we got gold in paying quantities ; before I bought in Hilton told me nobody but niggers would look for gold there ;  I know the Davis co'y have worked in this  ground since I became a member.  Cross-examined���������'We first crossed the line  of ground in dispute in October; I examined  the records before buying in; looked at the  record book and found two records of 400  feet each.  Ralph Borthwick sworn���������Was,a member of  the Davis co'y last year ; I bought, from Valentine inVictoria, in 1865 ; C. Chilovich and  I bought a full share between us. This witness was asked what he paid for the; claim.  This was objected to by the counsel for the  appellants as being irrevalent to the case.  The Court���������I suspect that the respondents  seek'to influence the minds of the jury by  shewing a valuable consideration. If such is  their intention I shall have to order a new trial.  Mr. Robertson submitted that if parties  slept over their rights for more than a year  and allowed innocent third parties who paid  valuable considerations to be misled they Avere  debarred from asserting these rights. If the  owner of a horse for instance stood by and  saw !that horse sold by another party without  asserting bis ownership, he would be barred  from asserting any future claim to that animal. I press for the reception of this evidence  The Court overruled the argument of coun-  'SeJ.!';..,."..!::.,. .'._.:;;: ' '  . Witness-^Was a member of the Davi3 coj  from 21st April to sometime in June, 1865;  the company were in possession of 800 feet  when 1 bought from Valen ti ne.  , Cross-examihed-e-worked in Davis co?y last  year;I^c6u^ records before I  bought in, as 1 was in Victoria; I have seen  fen^M31^A;^y.^w. tf.attilkfi.rJ_)avfe^ico*xJ  hold 800 feet ofground ;,cannot say that. the  company have worked on the disputed ground;  I never worked underground.      .  Geo. Murdoch sworn���������Know the ground in  dispute, have been on it otfen ; on the 21st  June, 1865,1 was near the disputed ground  with Hilton, staking off the Watson co'y lines;  Marshell and Lewis had some conversation  with Hilton about the stakes, when I heard  Hilton remark that the whole of the ground  was not worth disputing a))but; there was no  arrangement made between them in my presence. . - .  Permission was here given to put in the  notes taken by the Gold Commissioner on the  tbe trial last fall ofthe evidence of Marshall,  who is since dead, they read "staked off on  "12th August, 1864, Marshall staked off Davis  '���������'co'y; no stakes to be seen; five or six days  '���������'afterwards Edwards staked off Aurora coy."*  .. Mr. Walker opened the case case for the  appellants, and'said, gentlemen of the jury,  you have heard the bearings of this case freely discussed out of doors, it has been almost  impossible to. pass up and down the street  without hearing something said about the  Aurora and Davis co*ys. You have beard  misrepresentations in every form made about  the case,;, I am aware that there is a strong  feeling against the: Aurora co'y, but when you  have heard the evidence on both sides of the  case you will dismiss from your minds the im-  pressoh formed;put of doors. Sensational  h"e^dinj^'lmti_i':lSi^iQ:!iiscd in tho public prints,  and!threats^ offorce!have been freely indulged in; .After!fully.Explaining his case to the  jury Mr. Walker! concluded his speech by calling the first witness^ for the appellants.  _."��������� John E. Edwards sworn���������Am a member of  the Aurora co?.y; have been a member since  it was first organized: I.know the ground in  disputettob well ;;I cannot remember anything of dates: early one morning before the  "6 weeks expired we went and staked off our  ground ; was under. the impresson it should  have,been staked the 6th August;  I  staked off a portion of the ground before  breakfast and told!Hilton to stake off the balance ; went to the Jack of Clubs Lake I think  on the $th August; after I came back in the  evenin_:'ttiet Hilton and Dewdney on the hill  side, they asked me to look at the stakes; Hilton remarked that the ground was strangely  laid off I told him I thought the lead forked  and we would catch both forks ; I saw the  stakes at the north-east corner the day I came  back from Jack of Clubs Lake; did not go to  the north-west corner, and did not sec that  stake; I was on the ground 2 or 3 days afterwards with Dewdney when he was taking  measurements to make plans; Dewdney told  mo he would have to measure it to ascertain  how many superficial feet we had; he was guided by thc stakes in the ground ;.I remember  meeting Wilcox; I. told him 1 had been inform-  the Davis co'y had been putting stakes on our  ground; I told him I had been to Lewis about  it and he referred mo to him (Wilcox); he said  he would see the boys and get the stakes removed ; Devine was present, he never made  any claim afterwards; I supposed he abandoned the idea of claiming the ground.  Cross-examined^The reason I recollect it  was on the 8th of August I went to Jack of  Clubs Lake was because everyone says so ;  never made any entry of it; don't keep a log  book since I quit going to sea; I have enquired of Polmere and Dewdney what day I went  to the Jack of Clubs as it was a memorable  one in the staking off our ground; supposing  we had not staked off within the six.weeks  specified in the order the Borealis co'y was  perfectly safe; I was going to run the line to  ihe old shaft at first, but then I thought it was  all right anyhow as I had a share in the Borea  lis; don't remembev having any conversation  with A. Jack about the grouud.-  Qucs.���������Did you ever alter any stakes by  night on the south side line? Ans.���������I never  did either by day or night.  Minard Hilton sworn���������Remember the time  our company staked off our ,-working claims  in the summer of'64; I helped to doit; Edwards showed us where to stake; It was staked as described in the map produced; suw the  north-west corner stake put in ; when I put in  the stakes am not positive I saw any Davis coy  stakes; the reason theBorealis case was not appealed was because Deviue got discouraged  aud concluded not to do it; I did not think the  Davis co'y would contend for the Aurora piece  of ground; in the latter part of October 1 got-  an!oriter^nl^j^  ,  Mr. Cox���������Mr. Walker has made insinuations  about me not permitting the Borealis co'y "to  appeal last fall;Imost emphatically repudiate  such insinuations; I even extended the time to  six days.'  . Cross-examined���������I knew sometime in June  last ye ar that the Davis co 'y claimed the dis-'  puted ground; I saw some of their stakes;  fearkes told me there would be no trouble  about it; Iunderstood bythis that they would  adandon it.    .  To the Jury���������I asked Marshall foreman, of  the Davis; co'y when I was down in .the prospect tunnelhowfar he was from the line, lie  said 3 or _ feet; I did not know what he meaut'  by the line, I thought of course it was ours ;  the stake on the.N. E. corner has Dewdney ;s  mark on it, and has been there 14-months. ���������  * Wm. Hazeltine sworn���������am a member of tbe  Aurora'co'y; Mr. Pearks came tome las sum-.  mer and; wanted to compromise the difficulty  with the.Davis co'y; he did not lead me to  undrstan'd that the Davis co'y would abandon  their -ground; this was in Jul y. -: ��������������������������� -  Edgar Dewdney sworn���������(Being shown a  map of the' Aurora co'y ground) this map was1  made by me in 1863, the pink coloring was  put on in August, 1864; I was asked by De-  vine and Edwards to stake off the Aurora co,y  ground; I declined as I had been engaged by  the Erricson co'y to survey their ground; I told  them to stake off the upper portion and as  soon as they staked it off I would survey, it  for them; (being shown a map) it was made  in August, 1864; the 6th August was the first  day I visited the- Aurora claim: I went back  on the 6th; Hilton shewed me the stakes; I had  not time to complete the survey on the 8th;  went back on the 9th and surveyed the lower  portion; Hilton and Edwards shewed me the  stakes that day, and the claim was marked out  on that day; went back on the 13th and set  the interior stakes.     '  Cross-examined���������My'dlary"contains cnter-  ies made at tho time or the day after; I did  not survey the Borealis ground at the time I  surveyed the Aurora's.  L. B. Lewis [called by Mr. Robertson] sworn  ���������I was a member of the Aurora co'y in 1864;  I had a conversation with Hilton and Devine;  Devine told me the Aurora ground, was not  staked off within -the time required; he said  the time had elapsed some days.  Cross-examined���������I know the Davis .co?y  claimed the disputed ground last summer.  TUis closed the evidence in tbe case. Mr. Walkem  in. an abluepcech addressed the jury on belmir of tbe  appellants, and was followed by Mr. Robertson on behalf of the respondsnts. At tbe close of Mr. Robertson's address tho eager spectators nuJibly manifested  their feelings of &pprobationr        -  The Court then summed up, commcnling on tho evidence adduced on both sides, and concluded by stating  thc poiuts for the jury to consider in returning their  vcrdici, which were handed to them in writing.  At 10 o'clock, p. m., the Court rose and t,h������ jury wer.*?  loft to deliberate on their verdict. After the lapse of  an hour the jury agreed on tho following verdict:  Vkrdict.���������Thc jury were of opinion tliat, tho Anror.i  failed to prove their title   That they were also of opiu-  to establish their title, which in the opinion of the jury  arose from tho irregularity of their records. The jury  therefore submitted to tho Court that the 130 feet in dispute should be divided between thc Aurora and Davis  companies.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL'*  ���������o���������   .  Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this Office.  jg_T Terms Moderate- *=?������&  rr^n-mMiKwmnmmsw^Jm'i'&t.'W ���������wflityf iff'"Lwn_-iiiifff^iwffln  tZZ3a5^__-________-____B__M-__J5^     __^_r____________g-_--Millii^_^  i'^^jj'^^ .5 >*  " >,    '   -a  STOUTS GULjO"".'_ *. ������������������ .'j  Thei High-Ii6w>Jack^cb?y are busy at work  md makingJVote;2������^  ifioneer and Floyd co'ys, ; having; been unitod,  lire ground sluicingto get a face to open their  ^rift which caved during the late freslief;? they  h*vehowlaid!oyer! 200 feet^oftflume^^tu-  las c'o'y are^foutid sluicinf ^tMe^im^mSi  Lose asrthe Floyd.co'y^Utey havelaid 240feet  lof flume, and expect to get through .in a cou-  ule of weeks ;,29 men are^at wprk.^Jenkins  Po'v have run, aftunnel 1500! feet to^tap their  iiiinffs and -sunk a shaft 73 fget' and: are now  3U^iri|upta wheel and  rround will pay! about anbttncei a day to -the  land * will be washing during present week.  -Australian co'y sunk a sljaft_52 Jeet' and got  i prospect of $2 to the pan-f are;nbw putting  an a wheel to pump and hoist with.���������Union  co'y sinking a new. shaffcr^Emery co'y (tun-  ieiy- theystruck pay/last February, and have  .een at work ever since|.%e:cbannel pays for  a width of 25 fee tf about; Xka ouncer.a day to  ike hantiV-North and Sou^^ on  the flat opposite the Emery^co'y, have just  jommencedsinking. ;       ' -:- '...   'V. '."'.-.  i ��������� . GROUSE  CREEK. *.,   ..  )een taking out good pay", ounhg^he-past  veek; their diggings will average 25 ounces a  Jay.���������The Cascade co'y have started to run a  tunnel, the prospects in their shaft having  proved satisfactory.���������It is expected that several new strikes'will be made during the present week.    ; ^____..   '���������������������������--   ������������������ _;'-: ;   X  BIG BEND.  ' From Mr. John WhitiSeld who arrived here  m Saturday from French Creek, which place  ie left on the 4th inst., we gather, the, following particulars:���������The snow had all disappeared from the lower parts ofthe creeks, although a good deal still remains on the.!upper  Portions. On the divide this side of. the Columbia the snow was Cft. deep, but a narrow  |rail had been shovelled' out to within 18in.  Df the ground, Mr. Moberly was busy cutting a trail from the Steamboat landing to Mc  "ullocbs creek, distance 20 miles, of which 8  iitics had been finished when our informant  left. Our informant remained altogether  about 2 months in tlie Big;Bend ;coto^, i and  was; engaged in prospecting for!;over a- month,  fii company wfthJe^  pig was done 'birai^nch creek;!: The_r .sunk! a;  lhaft oh that creek, about a' mile above;.���������! the  fowh, to ���������*depth, of 26ft. but could! npt^get to  'iie.bottom for water; they.;: then 'tried.-a; bench  ibout a quarter of a mile: below ihis; they-got  lown on boulders which they had to blast and  leached bed rock without! finding- a- colour;  jrlessrs, DefFis, and Gillis had rim a tunnel into  the bank above the Half-Bfeed, co'ys !ciaim  iver 25ft. on bed rock, and only found\ a; few  Kolours^  >iece of ground on'. the bank ,-��������� opposite their  jlaim where they expected;- good!: pay,.��������������������������� "but  found bdt little; they intend! to flume the creek.  The Discovery co*y had ground sluiced the  Jbank and washed up 2 oz;; they had:started to  fwork the creek'ground, had put in a wnoelfor  that purposeV! The Muhroe co'y were taking  Jput from 7 to 16 ounces a day t������! the; ruii ;bf  puices; ���������_:'���������'; The Ship^wl^^O^ ��������� for two! days  iwashihg withfour men, tookout lloz; These  fare the only two claims that -were 'taking -out  |pay up to;the time ;oiir informant left; i There  f might be about 200 men on French CJreek. On  IMcCullochs Creek there is -: but one claim at  |the head of the creek making; good wages,  |and the balance are making from $3 to $4 a  [day. Abbot auctrNobles had abandoned their  j"'rich'" claim and gone! down the Columbia.  |There was about 150 men on this .creek. ���������   _)n  I Camp, Greek only one company was wprldng.  Total number of men on the various creeksj  gthe trail, and at the Steamboat landing were  H|about 500. Generaldisappointment seemed  |to prevail throughout the country respecting  |tho mines. Flour sold on French Creek at 60  lets; bacon, $1 25 ; beans, $1 ��������� sugar, $1 25 ;  gutter, $2 50. There were about 2&0. miners  pvaitmg at Seymour to hear the result of some  rprospecting that was being made on the shores  :Ol the Shuswap Lake in the neighborhood  CARIBOO MARKETS.  During the past week over 150 pack ������  mals have arrived with assorted cargoes  merchandise, which has had the effect of lowering prices so'mewhat.from former quotations  Moy is now selling at 22 cts. $ lb.; bacon  W.o s.; sugar, 4C> cts,; beans, 30 ete.; candles  ]-> eta.; coftee, $1; tobacco, $2 @ $3 :  40 cts,;.gum boots, $15, $18, and $20.  am-  of  nails  i^The persons indicted by the G  ^jury tor committing a nuisance at Barker  gnave been notified to attend at the ^  |House this morning at .10 o'clock to  I me charge. ���������;;    Vs  Grand  ville  Court  answer  LATEST TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES.  '(From"the British Columbian,* June 9th.]  Repulse of the Fenian Invaders in Canada;  ; J5000.British Titoors Guarding Frontier.���������  ^Canadian Deserters Tried and Shot���������United States USING EVERY EFFORT TO PRESERVE  ! ^Neutrality. ��������� Milttauy preparation^ ' ry  f^European Powers con^intje���������"EgtiopJan CrI-  :Tses still Unchanged^ .'.',-  i-^cago,June 4.���������The Fenian invasion at:  Fpi;t;Erie has terminated disa_trously. ��������� From  a;mass-of dispatches it appears that reinforcer  J_n^)M^t$^^ .Siv.ir on  " Saturday night, June 2d, and were driven  back by the United States' patrol boats,; the  situation on the Canadian side being perilous'  from ;thei close proximity.of 3.000 British Regulars under Col. Gordon.. ' Col. 0*Neil,.com-  manding the Fenian invaders; attempted to  retreat across lhe river, under coy er of, dark:  ness, on Sunday morning, 3di' when the Colonel and Staif and from 300 to' 500 men wero  picked up by patrol boats. They are .now on  rafts anchored in the river, a tew miles below  Buffalo, under thp guns of the United States  steamer Michigan, it being thought unsafe to  bring them ashore lest rescue might be attempted by several hundred Irishmen who  swarm the American shore.  ���������., Chicago, June 4.���������British troops aro .how  guarding frontier,. and, are picking up the  Fenian stragglers, of whom it is estimated 200  or 300. remained after evacuation, Fenian  ^o sbv will _nQ.t. oxcejjd^ Jkiljed.. >:; $})������: cej_itire^.irivaling force did not excoed 1,000."' Bnt'isfi'  loss estimated 60 killed and wounded. Gen  Barry having assumed command on the American frontier, from Erie to Oswego, is,prepared to prevent any further breach of neutrality.  He is awaiting instructions from Washington  as to what to'do with'the prisoners. . Gov.  Fen ton has not yet called but any militia, and.  will not unless on requisitinn of Government.  The air is filled with rumors of demonstrations  real and threatened, from all points, from Port  Colborne to St. Albans. There does not however, at present appear to be any evidence of  anything beyond threatened attacks being  made at any point except from Buffalo.   ���������  General Sweeney was at Albany yesterday  and started last night for Pottsdam. -. A disT  patch from Albany says Niagara failures do  not discourage the Fenians. There is great  enthusiasm for another invasion in stronger  force. ���������' < ^ ��������� ���������' " ' ��������� v  ; *  ��������� A dispatch from Detriot says 4,800: Fenians  riflie3 were seized thereyesterday.;Dispatches  fromflanada represent ;,that there was, great  exitement in Toronto, Montreal, and. all. the  princip!ai cities, yesterday, but express belief  that their .precautions are so thorough that no  other!invasion need be apprehended. . ���������  :- Ogdensburg, N. Y., June 4.���������Gen. Meade  and Staff are perfecting arrangements to on-  forcothe neutrality laws. He came on as far  as De Kalb Junction, on "the same train with  Gen;;Sweeney and some 200 Fenians. Gen.  jleade thinks that the Fenians in northern New  York mean to fight. Sweeney and; his men  leffDeKalb Junction for Malone N.Y., where  .nearly 1000 Fenians are gathered. Three  companies of regulars have arrived at Ogdensburg;; Twenty-eight companies of British  troops are now at Prescott, Canada. Two British mail steamers are kept fired up ready to  transport troops to any point.    ' '  : Buffalo, June 4.���������Abput 15 cases of arms  were seized by the United States authorities  at the.Central Depot to-day. Several hundred  Fenians arrived in the city this evening.'  The Fenians still hint at movements on this  frontier, and presume that as but a small number of British troops are at Fort Erie, most of  the force had been ordered elsewhere yesterday;  'Washington, June 4<���������Sir Freddrick Bruce,  BritishMinister, had a long interview to-day  with Secretary Seward, and it is said asked  the Government to surrender to tho Canadian  authorities the Fenians captured by the Uui-  ted States steamer Michigan. The request  was not complied witty as it has not been decided what course Government will persue.in  the disposition of those that fall into their  hands. It is most probable they will be turned over to the civil authorities for trial for  violation of thei neutrality laws.  New. York, June 5.���������A proclamation has  been issued through tlie Attorney General, or-,  derihg U. S. Attorneys and Marshal's to arrest  all leaders of conspirators: kno wn as Fenians  who have, or are about to be guilty of violating  the- neutrality laws. No 'arrests haive thus far  been made, and only in rare instances have  any* arms been seized,' I War rents were issued  yesterday directing the U.S. Marshall to arrest  ;the Fenians now in.* custody on: board the  steamer Michigan at i3uffalo, and bring them  before the U. S. District Court for breach of  the neutrality laws. The writ was served last  evening, but the answer ,was witheld,unti!  Commander Bryson, of the steamer Michigan  should consult with tho Washington ��������� author-  tites. The prisoners are really in, custody! of  the civil authorities, and the military .and  naval forces are guarding thenr ��������� t._;  '���������-. A Washington special says no decision has  been arrived git in the case of the prisoners in  our possession ; one thing is positively decided on, however, that is not to surrender them  to the British authorities. The Canadians are  said to have aboufl50 prisoners, and it is reported that not less than 25 or 30 had been  shot in the'woods.around Fort Erie and Ridge-  way; but this needs confirmation. It is reported that several Canadian volunteers,, who deserted in the face of the enemy, have been  tried by a drum head court'martial and shot!  The'most exaggerated rumors continue to circulate to fire the heart, about active sympathy in Canada, and demonstrations such as  cutting canals, railroads, telegraphs etc., to  impede the movements of Canadian troops,  but they, are all groundless; there, has /.been  most enthusiastic afcid solid loyalty throughout Canada, and not a single trcsidenfc Fenian  has shown himself;, indeed several hundred  Capadians, residing in Chicago and western  cities, have gone home to volunteer for defense: The funeral of the volunteers killed at  Ridgeway was attended yesterday, with most  popular demonstrations, all business being  suspended. The Toronto 'Globe* says -Gen,  Napiers admirable dispositson of troops will  enable him to"meet the enemy in. any port  shores!of the western peninsula: Several  gunboats have been improvised to patrol the  St Lawrence riven and not less than 5,000  British veterans are stationed along the frontier. . These stirring events have pretty effectually squelched thelrishjchief organizer,Stephens, who has mournfully declared the cause  of Ireland has been destroyed by.botn the  ���������/ St. Albans, Vt'.. June 4.���������Another company  of U. S. artillery from Fort Ihdependance, arrived this morning; ��������� ��������� The United States' are  using every effort to preserve neutrality. Tlie  Fenians are preparing for, another movement;  Chicago, June 6.���������Excitement continues  about a new invasion of Canada.,. If Fenians  were, however, half as active arid, belligerent  as gentlemen engaged in getting- up telegraphic news, they would have had Canada before this time.*' It is, nevertheless,certain that  activity among F.enian circles throughout the  country is greater than ever,-and that men are  being hurried forward from all parts o������ the  country.. This looks ominous, and gives rea^  son for concluding there is more trouble  ahead. Fenian forces are being" massed: at  Detroit, Buftalo. Pottsdam, Malono and St. Albans, to all. which points trains are moving,  heavily laden with armed bodies of men. ��������� Reports are so sadly conflicting that it] is- impossible to tell how many Fenians are in tlie field  but probably not less than 10-000."    !;  Liverpool, May 23.-���������The.European crisis is  unchanged. The statement that all the Powers  had consented to a-Congress was premature,  but it is confirmed that invitations were sent  out. : ���������:'.:- -...,'  ' Thcreis no indication of relaxation in military preparation by'the several Powers, and  the almost universal feeling was that a pacific  solution was hopeless. l-   )  New York, June 1.���������Further advices from  Callao say the Government'. of Gen. Pavelo  was more popular than ever since the fight,  and all Spanish subjects have been ordered  to leave the Republic under penalty of perpetual imprisonment.  A grand celebration of the victory of Callao took ylaee at Limaon May 13th.!.  Advices from thc seat of war. on Parana  river, South America, are important. There  was a fearful slaughter on April ft)th of 12,000  Paraguayans who attacked Brazil. At Anson  Island opposite Detapeture, 10,000 Brazilians  crossed the Parana, on the 16th without opposition, and drove!in the enemy, killing, and  wounding 3.00.0 that night. In the morning  they occupied Atapeture. The Paraguayans  had retreated, and the Brazilians had crossed  the upper Parana River "and. reached "the. railway, within 30 miles.of the capital. Ascension  which cannot be held. A speedy end of the  war is anticipated.  (Special Dispatch to the Cariboo Sentinel. )  -..,.     ���������      NEWS FROM BIG BEND.       .���������.,.,;;,..;    A:  Cache Creek, June 13.���������By arrivals.this  evening we have the following from Big Bend  to 8th inst Oh French Creek"MoiTo"aiid Bella  co'ys have taken put gold, the: former k with 4  men, have ranged frPm 9 to 13 ounces per day;  this claim is quite shallow, from two to five  feet. The Discovery claim working in the  bank, have also taken out gold, making one  day 8 ounces and $3. About 40 claims... are  located and will get fairly: at work in ab out  ten days. The Half-Breed'co'y are'preparing  to flume French Creek, and the adjoining co'y  have nearly finished their wing-dam. About 500  500 remain on the.river and 400 -at Seymour,  waiting for,the water -,to subside. Steamer  Forty-Nine.arrived at.Wilsons landing last  Thursday, 7th inst, with ten passengers and  six tons of freight. The Government trail has  been opened by ���������, cutting a, passage through  the snow 6 miles from four to twenty feet deep  There is considerable water on the trail from  the melting snow. Pack trains.are! expected  through from Seymour which will reduce the  Accident.���������On Thursday last, while ..a wag-.  gon drawn by two bullocks and loaded with  lumber for Richfield was proceeding along the  road that runs through the canon, one of the  wheels slipped* over the bank precipitating  the waggon and its contents into the creek below, a depth of 50 feet; fortunately the coup-,  lings which attached the animals to the, waggon got unhitched just in: time to save them  from being! dragged along.   ,;:;;    ff  it0ht We would call the attention of thos<>  haying goods or other commodities to move  between the! different towns on the creek to  Mr. H. C, Wilrno'tt, who has a Horse and Dray  ready at the shortest, notice, to execute any  orders he may-bo. favored with,, at!, very! reasonable rates...' \pXf  XfT     -. ������������������-   .':,-.      *  > 05* During the past week over 100 head of  Milch Cows arrived here or in the'Vicinity.  They are the property of five' different individuals. .'It is expected that a lively:,competition in the dairy business will.be the result.  Milk is now selling at $1 per gallon:  Treasure.���������Tho Bank of British Columbia  have sent down by their messenger this morning. $80,000.     <���������.������������������ ��������� :ff_  BIRTH.-r-At Barkerville, on the 15th inst,  the wifc 9* ^r:- ^William A. Meacham,. of a son.  . DIED^At McGullochs Creek, Big Bend, on >  the 30th ult, from injuries received by'the  falling-of a boulder while at work inthe Discovery, claim-, -Mr. Henry. Viol,- a native of  Cornwall, England,.and sometime a'resident  rfmi^ Xfuyiy.������. xpfPw^^f^y^  . js__*r*Tf you want, to .save rabriey get your  Newspapers and, Magazines from G.' CClark-  son���������& Co., Booksellers, .Stationers and News  Agents, New Westminster, who i'orwar4 papers.  by mail or express to' all parts of the polony.  J&ST A curious menage lias just been'established in the Jardiu des Plantes. In an iron  cage-have becn-,placed. a young lioness, an  Algerian wild boar, and a little dog. This  lastis quite .the/master, the "lioness v generally  amusing herself [with teasing the boar. When,  however the lioness goes too.far the dog: in-  terferes and re-establishes order;'  Tur UsiVEiiSAii. Pkactice of mixing Chicory en'l .  other adultcrativcs wjUi Coflfce, bas very mucb.uaman-  ed in public'estimatiopj \yhat'ought to ho the mps4  delicious of Beverages;  "So effentually. have thc public-'  been drugged wjlh such rpisturcs that the true properties have been lost sight of, and. many prefer a black  and thick inlusibri to i. 'drink rich in spirit aiid - aroma.  General as is the'use of-Coffee, it is little known that  in condensing the. vapors .extracted from '.the berry- in-  rousting; a liquor. i3 obtained .of,.the most/nauseous-  taste, and of a scent the most unbearable.   Under such.  circumsUnoes.it is evidently important that all the  gases and fluids 'extracted' by 'roasting should be car-'  ried ofKas quickly as possibk^-in order-to prevent their  returning again to the Coffee, which, is the case in thc  confined cylinder.'-1  This object is admirably accomplished by the new and patent "Conical Cotloc Roaster"  as used by FELL k CO., Victoria, in which tho berry  is directly exposed to the radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously.    In addition to  thc advantage to be derived by tho rapid removal of  tho steam containing the objectionable properties, tho  puro aroma of theCoffeois retained, the essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee is required to remaiu a.much  longer time in consequence of thc steaming,it undergoes by the conQiied steam.   It i.s chomical'ly impossible to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration of  Coffee when ground.   The heat engendered by tho process of roasting, and enpecially of grinding, creates an  action in tho elementary parts which gradually destroy*  its fitness for driak.    But to retain the essential oil  which it contains we have it,encased in tinscontaining-  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and which can be had from any  ofthe respectable dealers.    We can confidently ro-  Roaster, being recommended by  whose notice it has been brought, and by numerous  other testimonials in its favor.    ������������������    FELL __ CO..  Coffee Merchants, Yates st., "Victori.1.  Iu the County Court of British Columbia  Hoiden at Richfield.  IN BANKRUPTCY.]  SSS'and^filo laSt sitting the said Bank-  Jf^tS rcaulred to finish his examination.  \U neSs indebM:ti>: the ;said; Bankrupt or that  have ^nvof bis estate, and effects are not to _������y' or-Ac-  ���������!���������''��������� :"V- -��������� T-fa:;,,������������������. > ;       "��������� Richficl(",  '' -fff: :������������������.- Counsel for Petitioner.  \ Riehfield,inh3fay^iS6g;!-:  ���������... f, ������������������������������������������������������������������������ !___j 1  THF "CARliBOO SENTINEL"  Cards,  ���������as   B*li Heads,- Circulars,..Fosters and  Programmes ibr :BaJJii:^d Theatncal ^  Bntertainihents,   price of provisions. one4al^;, Aiew stragglers j^^^  arc returning^ but generally on account of ~   f s Hoderat6.-^ ������������������  sc_rcity of funds.  i  ��������� .-������������������'  YtxiA*- '������������������ f'"  .���������:������������������  '"*%*  Dbath-6*? "Gordon GinnniiG, the AroiCAx-f  Lion Hunter���������The merciless slayer of African |  lions, Gordon Cummin^, bag at; length ^fallen  a.victitito a more-terrible destroyer.'    He  < died at Inverness, Scotland,- on the 24th of  last month.   He was born on the d5th' March.  3..20, and was the second son- of Sir William  Gordon Cuinming. '<   He early showed a : passion for hunting, land became an adept at  deer-stalking.in the, highlands of-Badenoeb.  Afterwards he.was in the British army for  some years,.and left it about the year 1845.  Between October ���������bf that year; and March,  l$49t he made several hunting forays into the  iulerior of Africa, tho marvelous accounts of  which he published in bis 'IIufiter's Life in  South Africa.*    With his acknowledge skill  us a hunter of lions was joined a less commendable   passion   for   the ���������indiscriminate  slaugbter.of more harmless game, and an ability in telling large stories really remarkable.  On his return to England he made considerable profit by the exhibition, of tbe trophies  of bin hunting expeditions..   Of tyte years he  conlinod his attention mainly to the game in  tho Scotch highlands,. v  Exciting Soenb at;; a JrKNAaERiE.���������On the  71h ApriI, whilo Wombwel 1 *s menagerie��������������� was  being exhibited at Stirling, D'Avpy, tho lion-  hunter, entered the den with the performing  group of lions, when bo was'placed in rather  an alarming position by ono of tlie lionesses  -suddenly turning round upon him, and seizing him by tho left leg. > D'Avey, with great  presence of mind, seized his rifle, and brought  3fc down, with full force upon the lioness's  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  ���������ff NOTICE IS-HEREBY-GIVEN THAT- ".'���������;.  THE F0,S:t;f&MFICE  -w!l), until further notice, be kept at tho _  .LIBRARY in CAMERONTO WN,  and Mr; JOHN BO WROX will lie the Acting Postmaster  L       .    XX'ff'fi ''.-���������        -WM. geo: COX,   ���������  "'. f f ,....��������� ��������� J. P.  '"' Itf.;  RichfielJ, B.C.,    >  ~~     800. j  1st May, A, D. 1800.  .   COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMOUTH,  P. L. JOHNSON, Proprietob^- -���������-  Meals at all hoars, and Cooking of the best  description. "..t.-'"..:  f   s  -VICT9R|A:aDVErt]S^^  .    QUESNELMOUTH, "f ff,  a' BROWN & =GILLIS, Proprietors.  Good Beds; Restauran.; Billiard Table, ������tc.  f '    i    .'Stabling'for ilorsesi Hay and Oats. -    s   :  taKpQMiPiivb  ..........GQVERNilENT ^RE^TlCTO^  VEOLESAL_^ND  R_TAI.  J. Hi TURNER &CO.  IMPORTERS  CI*  BIUIASB AKD B0WIII6 SA100I,  ���������������������������  yf-yy 'c^merontown,.;;: 'p':[yx  ''.VC. FULTON/. Proprietor.     . ff  There is no distillery kept in this establishment,'  ' ' and strychnine and rot-gut find no place here. ���������  :' 2  i  LICHFIELD,." "/'.  PATRICK ;;k'iRMN',\?������w^a fl  Best Billiard Table oh "the Creek; .he Liquors  and Cigar3 are of the finest quality.  : girod &;guichon, .'".'   :  'fff       Old  Establisuki) ' Gi_.vERAL SxpRe, j ���������  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE , ��������������� CQaiffiS-  ���������   x.X * v SIO'N MERCHANTS, X     .:..,   .  ' Storase, &o.���������Terms most Moderate   .  '   :���������-.  QUESNELMOUTH.        : a    f  English &.Freneh Silks, Shawls, Drw__  ,,derclotbingv:Gloves,--.and-every deserm?1'  .     ...'���������;     : ,  ^.Drapery.Goods  -���������-ptllJJiM  Receive regular supplies hy Express via ���������&_'  by sailing vessels viu Cap9 Horn. '    ���������"-' *' aD*$������t  ��������� j$3$-Particularattentiongiven toallordf.*  London Firm���������J. P.; Tu.nstau. 4 Co '  ESTABLISHED,,1858.:  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, Ac.  -..!\caiV^caking4he-&i������ok M* Aha lifie inr.lwo;  and treeing himself from the grasp of the  lioness. At the next performance, the lion-,  hunter again entered tho den, when the liori-  '��������������������������� ess immediately flew at him thc Second time,  D'Avey was well prepared for her, beiug armed with a heavy stick when a severe struggle  ensued as to who was to Remaster, the lion ess  repeatedly Hying at DJAvcy, and he meeting  each charge and driving.?her back, until she  finally settled down in a- corner completely  .cowed,and subdued. ; The fight lasted several  i minutes, and caused a good deal of exftement  in the menagerie, which 'was densely crowded at the time. D'Avey escaped with no further injury, than a slight flesh wound and torn  dress.rr--European Times.?  ,  ... W.;i). Moses has .just leased the premises  lately occupied by 17. J. Dixon, in Barkerville,  where he intends carrying'on his old business  of Barber ah d Hairdresser. His arrange men ts  are not yet completed lor supplying his Hair  In vigorato r. Hoi ny i tes a call froni his o 1 d  /friends land patrons.'"  ;;-��������� :if fff ..-pf '.. *f\  f ������j?������i5rlf you want good Coffee use Fell's.  RICHFIELD.^  nf  Am-El:ST.E-R--^r;:CO;7A  ...   .       Merohaxts axo Dealers m ff.  PROVISIONS, < CLOTHING/ LIQUORS,- &c/  )  ^BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 26.miles from Quesnelmouth.  The proprietors having lately fit.tod up.bedrooms  and'good Beds are now prepared toaflbrd every accommodation for Travellers; the Tublo is furnished with all  the luxuries that can bo procured; the-Bar is well supplied with the best br.mtis.of Liquors and S?gnrs; pood  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley, j6_tF%Tho CHEAPEST  House on the*.Road. -  ; '���������-:    :;.������������������ 1-s.  WILLIAM !ZEL^ER, dealer \n ^-f-\  cixes and Cukmicals, Fancy and TiS: *  Sponges, Brushes,- P^fumcry,-;4c..rphy8lc.lS  script ions care! _l)y compounded and orders 1  with care and dispatch.   Victor!q, y' _, ,  ���������m'  .., ..   ...fPATTRIGK'S. CORN_i_L  T   B. ROBERTSON, Wine aiidSn^t. I  'Oi cbant^Victcri", v:;i; ^"^^PintHjj  ."'...:   . XT. BOOTS ! BOOTS]?  ���������T"SAY:SA:^!.' HoV.isJc^^your Bootsw^r^k  X and keep your feet so dry ?'.' Because XhiS  Charity !and Butler^ Govcrnmcut street yk  1     ;     WAKE   UP:'ME   -" r:'\  ��������� ' ; ��������� TT."-**?'' ii X-  LUNCH   HOUSE,  yf'if;  Barkerville, B. C., .  KELLY & PATERSONv Pboprietors.  Everything.is done in connect ion'with this establish <  men t to give satisfaction to. the customers.' ft.,'  go*Meals at all hours. . :t..-.,   ..������������������.���������������������������������������������   t:f\  The Steamer "Enterprise"  -ff-  ".- ��������� Will:leaye: SO^'iCBEEK'  'ffP ' f  :  UONBAY &^^ THURSDAY^ MORmTGS,:  ���������������������������������������������'        AT" DAYLIGHT; ���������  - :  :   ������Ui leave" ,QOTSNE*__. %  WEDNESDAY &; SATURDAY 'ilORNINGS,  ���������    AT 6 O'CLObKy: V  Connecting at Soda Crook with Babxabd's Staofs on  *. Wednesday's trip down and Thursday������s,trip up.  TXX$k-. Freight, to Quesnel 14 eta.,"*g lb.  Steamer ^Enterprise,1 )  .'������������������'���������:';  ...May 21st, 180u.       j -fl . -��������� i-filf,      5  LI LLp OBT :AD VERTISEMENTS~y  : FLOUIl! SioSSl 1  -ZfZ LILLOOET    MILLS.  : V McLEESE;&.SENNY,"Proprietors, X :  THE PUBLIC ��������� ARE .INVITED TO CALL  AT THIS  House. .There is.Good. Meal?; Good Beds; Stabling  for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay.' ....,���������.���������   1 _a  TAY  O Ga  a carefully  P  S OPEJT. FOR. THE; ACCOMMODATION <OF THE  TraVell in.j?. publi c; th'e b ed rooms a re, spacious and  airy and tho Beds cannot be^surpassed for ci^nnhness  and comfort by any in/tho lower country; thcTable is  always supplied, with ,tho- best; .of victuals. - Stabling  for Horses; Hay," Oats and Barley constantly on'hand.  ��������� & CO., .Fort Street, ,-,Victorial-'^"7~_*T  rden and Field Seeds guaranteed;'-Have __m  fully selected stock of/the above from tbU  Europe?! n and America n;Ma rk.ets.  The early or hi  thfir Wends fo British. Columbia are.sojlcitedX"P  tlcular attention is called to their large stcck'o?f*-  Cloycr .a_>a --Onies^-S&etls-rof'��������� ve.y, superior'ffi  Fruit.Trees and Bushes,, Evergreens.- Shrubs V*  bouse and .'Garden, Plants, Standard and WrfE*.  of every variety,'/; Catalogues on.flpplJcaticn. '��������� v  R,,. BRODBICK, Coal a^d Pr-.duceSS  ��������� large stock of Hay, Oats,AVheat and Barl.W  best description always du liarid"; also' Nanaimo ������.,  lish, Blacksmith and Cannel Coal, ^Ordchj''ui  Union Wharf, Victoria, V. I.,.will receive itcn^v,  attention. -'������������������ ���������" ' 'j.j  THE.UNDERSIGNED are hpwmaunfacturing FLOUR  . of all grades: Extra, Superhne. and Eine.    Feed  Crushod to order. ' -  ���������;  - LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO;,   -  I-s F. W, Foster, Agent.  EDWIN   TYNON,  EALER IN DRY' GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  Cups, Boots and Shoes, Carpetings,  Oil Cloths,  Wall Paper, &c , Lillooet, B. C, 1-s  141  MILE HOUSEv:.f  DENmS MURPfiY;Proprietor: ' This'Houso  is furnished with ..every convenience for tbe' comfort of Travellers; tlie .Culinary department is under  the superintendence of an experienced cook; the Beds  are clean an'l;comfortable ';'���������' the'.Bar'cbntains the,.bcst  of Liquors,'Sega rs, &c.-'  Stabling, iH.'iy, Barley &'. Oats.  BLOOD WILL TEXiB  :t^:;^i-OE^TEiSiT: ::raKich>"::;;.' ;  WM. HENDERSON begs ,to-inform his friends  i ��������� r t ������������������ and the travelling public generally ithat.h. has  taken the above Ranch,and is prepared to supply therri  with First -Class-Accommodation, .Good Stabling for  horses; Hay a nd ;Grain. . . .;    .        ..'...-   ^ . i.s ���������  bCil  unibia, including views of the route to'BigBi'Dd al������q  on hand at liberal rates. - '<;'.-- ���������.....: ��������� y, f .���������>������������������ i.,'  HIBBEN & CARS*W:ELLf' Impor���������neM  ���������SELLERS &STATIONERS, constantly supply I  receiving from:best sourc'.'s, School/Suin'nir-va.Dij.  cellaneous. Books, and Staplo and.Fancy Siailcri^H  nil-its.Branches' ".Corner Yates fand.Laugley v,m.\  Victoria,;Vancouver Island, ff".   "fff.. ff, 11?  Ill MILE HOUSEv    ;  WM.; MANSONT; ��������� ��������� D. A. McLEAN,  Proprietor, ������������������ .'"������������������- ��������� 'Agent.'  THIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND  WELL FITTED UP  for the comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with the best of everything that can boprocurd, and  thc cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and'Oatsi   ' 1-s1'  I)Y P.. WHEAR, Tahok & Outfittcu, F-.rtSi^  \>jm Victoria, ..V; I/, .oppositt* Bee HIlye. Hon 1, kNIi'  is pr;.vpared to'supply his numerous jrtrrdnswltbwry;  requisito for Clotiling su;tablc for every se'uscn of !i������  y'e������ir.:v;.;'-; ��������� :-���������*.���������-:������������������.:���������-.-���������'!_:> ?-':.v- l '������������������-. -������������������:'��������� -������������������..-.-iV|j  rVHOM'AS.;*WTXSdN^& ������������������CbMf-Importpri.'or-&fj  I 'lisli'Mercha_t.:i���������^: ^wholesale and" .retail:deaku jl  Dry Goods, - &c.���������' -vates rStrj o t "��������� ;Vic(6ri -\, V. I.' oi U  after 1st Juno next in Government Street; oppcd)ti������,  Bank.of. British Columbia.';-  /"   ';, t'f.fU'  <  i  t  ���������A  'Ti  c  ���������3  i  tn.  fill  Fi  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, V. I., Ja  Bigneaxd Pierhk Mancxet, .^oprietorsr The!*,  taunntis supplied [with all the delicacies tbe ciartH  afTonls. In the Bar will be found tho choicest Lupa  Furnished Rooms, __c.  1-3  L-_-  . .,:;.'���������. .barkerville,:.  MISS THURBER & MR. LAWLESS, Prop*rs  ��������� ��������� ���������   " ��������� ��������� . ��������� ' ��������� f 'fff ftf ��������� ��������� iii? ':ff':f<f������ ��������� ������������������-  rjfiHIJS HOHSE HAS BEEN '^E^^'FTfim"XfP'iQ^  1 the Restaurantr principle withi'a yiew^to the .comfort  of thi? pu bl ic, and y? ill. bo, con d uc ted' in a manner to  ensure tbe satisfactidh of those, iylio.Mro ,.diisppgoct to  favor the proprietors .with their pj.tronagc.; .  Keals at: ail Hours.  Good Beds".  jK_rTiio Bar is furnished with the best solection of  Lk.uwrsand Segars.       ,-t f ��������� 1 ���������'��������� T'Z'  ���������.,, ... --1--II il__riiT__n_i������-T������Mi_____a__cMi-Jw^_cu_--r___tfii-^  'y.f HIT   Oft   MI^SS  Bakery aiid Ooifee Saloon,  RicnFIELDyX   XX; Ty  f  JAGQB;^m^,^  Bread, Pies and Cakes constantly on hand.  ,   LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB  MILTZ, Proprietor,  has always on  . liami a large and superior stock of Ljger B jer; at  the Bar will be fourid the best Brandies, Wines and  iSega .__.;_the_pu bl ic are invi ted to call.   Prepared to. fill  all orders promptly. ' 1-s  83 MILE HOUSE.1 .  A LBERT CR^LEK has opened the above House for;  _f_L the reception of Tnivelhrr_; thcTable is'.well kept;  and the Liquors;cannot bo surpassed ; thc-Bous are  clean and comfortable. . Stabling ibr Horses, Hay and  Oats. v " 'l-s  1?UGENE THOMAS, Yates street,-Victoria,-  JCj -Wholesale and.RetailDealer-in WINES, BRAXDIE"  BEEft?, and LIQUORS and depot,of HavanaScgus.'  Goods' forwarded to the Mining Districts.  Ii  AFRANKEL, Victoria, ,Vt I.ji.Deah-rinPns, |^W  ��������� Skip's, Hides', Wool, &c. Liberal advancesoa^ Wt?M&d.  on Furs' consign od. R. ������������������ fer'-ne'e���������G. Sutro & Vo,, Spo?> j^^^|#.  borg &-Rueff, ��������� Victoria, V. I.   : >- - '   ��������� ��������� ��������� * ���������  ; ' \ " U f WBtf^  QPELMAN and McKENZIE, .Proprietorss  kJ ;'This'House is. Well fitted up. with Good -Bails;'.a_id  the Bar* is 1 urn ish ed wi th the best Liquors; Meals: are  served at all hours on thc Restaurant principle;' Sta;  bling^ for Horses, Horse Feod^ &c; - yfcl-s:."  COHEN  &  :.;DEALERS'I_T ���������':'.���������;;:..  CLOTiniCftipiftiss od������  .   . BARKERVILLE.  A large supply of Ladies* Goods oil-the way.  Pioiteer Hbtel-^Lillobet^  flHARLES.NELSON, Proprietor^ This;old  Xj esuiblished House is well fitted up for the. comfort  of Travellers; the Table is supplied with tho best of  everything that can be had, anl tho cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country; BMrooms  for Families-f Stabling for Horses, Horse- Feed, &c.  The Express stops here. l-s  AMES HURON, Proprietor. This commodi-  . ous Hotel iSjW.eli fitted up .with eyery CQhy.nicnce  for the' comfort of the public; the Bed3 -; are all that;a  weary traveller could desire1; the Table is supplied with  the best of: fare;: the Bar con ta ins the choicest bran ds  of Liquors and Segars.j good Stabling,. Horse Feed,rOats,'  BJirloyV;&c'i'���������'': '.: ���������"       ' ff '���������������������������   'f*.     '       '��������� ��������� ���������"i. '1-sr:-:/  i_.-RS. HEIN, MiLLt.vER & Drjess Maker, Gw.cn-.  I?l tnent Street, Victoria,' V. I.. . All kin.isof Millia:ty  of the latest stylo1 ki*pt ct������nstahlly on hand.' OrJeii  from thc country punctu.illy attended to.   ::'"'   1*<  PETER ' McQTJADE, Ship Chandler ��������� and  _. ^ jdeakir.:iri :Pairits^' Oils,' and -Window Glass.;' Alwayj  on handr^! large; stock'of IJope and ���������Canvass*; ? ���������Wha'  Street, Victoria,' V./I. j  ff ff:y)'ixf aYQ t-l-S������ "  ,       __=^____, ___     ���������        ���������      ��������� -ju  m  TALSOONa  i;p;.r'ters  DNC^^^b OH iSmraissldn^Mer^  'ahdiDealors��������� in Chinese Go6ii_;��������� 'Riciv .Spga  BIB  PORT DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.7  MACDONALD'S    HOTEL,  ?M: "tCACpONALB, Proprietor. Minors and  ��������� others destined for tbe Bridge River Minos'will  find j every convonionce and accommodation afforded  them. Good Bods and a Table well supplied with1 all  the delicacies of the season.   ' l-s  G: BACIG-ALTJPE, Merchant and Packkr,, bo-  . tween Douglas and Lillooet. . Always on hand a  good stock of Provisions, &c.  l-2m  TORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor; This house  1j -afrords,every accommodation, for the :comfoH;of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all the delicacies  of the season, and the Bar/is;stocked with the6^01003^  of Wines, Brandies & Segar_; good stabling for horses;-  Htiy, Barliy and Outs constantly on hand'at low rates'.'  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap,   v .:,.       ���������.;  ;i-s};.  1?he Bonaparte  QEMLEN & PARiCEr Proprietors;' at the  kj Junction of the Cariboo and 'Big' Bend' ROads, 'is'  hew, open :for the accommodation .of: the public.   'Dis  til c times. Give thorn a call.. ; StabIing ��������� Hay & Grain :  attentive hostlers. Stageleayes hem twice a- week ior"  Big Bend and yale, and once a week for.Ceiriboo     l-s=  dpium.Nut.OiL Provisions;.���������&c,:!;:C6rm.orftnt.Street,ViCr ,|^_|K^  t()rK,;v;T;;':L-:s fffff f'fl tl ��������� ;.'������������������.' y. jtWm���������; '||S|idl  f": :���������������������������-'"���������������������������:-���������'LLZYitf-: \.f.ltf-������������������.������������������7-^������������������' ^^HJ:"'  ������0 ON _.'dd;f^mpbrtiSr3' aiid ;Deajeis in 4 i  , kinds of Cliihese Gho Is 'and- Provisions,': Rice, Sn',  gar, T.;as, &c.. Cormorant Street, west of Governntfii.V  lyictpria^y.;!^ / ' rT-.Tl'i,.f-: ;.(Chin Kay^ Manage������������������  E   WATSON, Watciima3iert: fJTewelei* "Jtsr  * and Engraver, Yates street/ above Gov- ������M  ernmentstreet,,Victoria^V. V  -., j.      ���������.: 1-s.;  "^  WILSON 6c" MURRAY;' Grocers, ' Efe^Pgf  ! FT. >. Wine & Spirit Merchants, Bakers & Confection"*,  Fort Street; Victoria, -V; t..';,���������, ������������������. -    '**'"  HENRY  S'CH^  ki  fA'ifffffpi-W&KWlSKIiB,  J \  JDealer la all kinds of Provisions, Clpthing, &o.  ___ST Stabling for Horses; Hay, Barley and Oats ad-  ways on hand.1 ���������','"...   ..if:, a ..���������'...  ���������.'  1-s'  2S  -fylfm-QTWMyf-.y.^  THE CO'PABTNBRSHIP^ heretofore existing between  Messrs.'J...B.::CHAMCELLIER and N, .GUNIO has  been dissolved to-day by mutual agreement.   Mr" Cunio  r*naa>aB sole proprietor of the Barkerville Brewery.  :& iraiia'ajfi-ftweic; M*y 23rS, l$m, ":; -f''    '     64m ���������  L. SMITH & CO., Proprietors.1 This House is  .well fitted up for the accom rood ation of Travellers to the Bridge River Mines. Good Bods,-Stabling  for Horses. Horse Feed, &c. A Stage runs twice a week  between this house and Port Douglas on the arrival of  the steamers from below and connects with the Lake  Boats for Lillooet. 7 _,.s  LEWIS LEWIS, Ciothier.iVtttesStroet, Victoria,  opposite the Bank ot British North America.     1-s  T?.. MALLANDAINE, OOLLECTOR _.G__N1_RAL AGENT  j JL/. -QtvpnimmtJ srtrwt VietfTia, Van'coursr. Island.  _' M-  THE ASHCROFT HOUSE  MESSRS. CORirWALL'S. ;  A T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  _x Spencfi's Briige and Clinton, on the Yale Route,  Tra volljrs .will tin it Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines .���������, Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed,   j 1-S  .���������*���������'  *~" ��������� ..    , ������^____a___n _, ,| ������____,pfM__i������iTiiniii__a  HICK'S    HOTEL,  T YTTOH SQUARE, New Westminster^ C.  U now occupied by W. E. STEIN; The above -favorably known house is now open to the public* tlie Bar  is constantly, supplied with the choicest.brands-' of  Liquors and Segwri.' ; ������������������*  "���������  '' s  f-RELLEY'& FITERRE#:im'pdrt^  ' \X s'lle Dealers in Wines. Spirits and Liquoj",  Victoria, V. I. ;     fffffti 3*s  QPROAT &'cd.,'(lato.Anderson __ Co.) **������*$[  O .and CostMJssio.v Merchants, Store.Stree^VJC^  ;V.;L.*���������'���������'������������������ f ��������� '���������.;-���������    ���������; '-;:' v j f ,.-.,'TfU.T ^.^_i-L''  G     SUTRO ,&, CO.; , iMrORTEBS*; AKPIDEALS*3 J-  ��������� ' CIGARS, TOBACCO,.MeorshaumPipes,&<?')Y  corner of va tes and Wharf s tre'et, Victoria;..    :^j____ -  T   B. HAGGflN; Phtsioiak^& Surgw^earcor-  tt m nerof Yates.and.Goyornmeht; Sts., Victoria^.,  Pierce & ,r*_fflSr*_tor_f&  Furfiture, Broad. Street, Victoria.. yf IA������^___. ...  1  pAIRE __.  ���������  \J MERCnANTS,  &, G-RANCINI, Haboware & CiocK������l*  unts, Wharf Street, Yictoria,^^^^,;  . -tod EUBNABY,  Wfciifwrttt, TistOTt*, V. I.    '


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