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The Cariboo Sentinel 1865-06-17

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 Vol. 1.  ^arkeryillev TO  .3;  THE CARIBOO SElTIlEL  BARKERVILLE, SATURDAY, Jimtirjjm  f   AN UNCONSTITUTIONALiA DANGEROIJS  |- '   ; ��������� u ��������� PIIECBDENT.    .';..;.       ;;;;'  I        WhenrHer.Mnjes^yfte:Queen bestowed up-  I    on this colony the form of representative in-  |   stitutions, the instructions of the Secretary ;of  |r"State to the Goreraor were, to give thepeo:  j;|| pie the power of having five independent  ^^nemlbers iii the Legislative Council,   Under  'the laf^Groyerttor these instructions were carried out m . their integrity, but we vegret to  pp eay they have been disregarded by fchepre-  H^^ sent Executive, who should set the f_reinost  it  example in obeying the~order��������� laid down for  piis guidance, more especially whenMmefof-  .^I^Sdetrs are the law as well as part of .the constitvH  ^^Kiou of the colbny.    The breach of these in-  K ?|������tructions to which it is our duty here fo refer  '/-V^pfis that of the Governor having'employed Mr.  ^^f'Hoberly, member for -Cariboo .-West, as a- jnib-  ^HJjgiic official for many^months past, whilst that  Jihcorriiptable patriot; has held his seat in the;  ^Council, to the disgrace of the Grovernment as  ^weU as oft the man who dares $0 ;��������� usurp the title  ||p6f an independent member,whilst he is a tightly  ^boiind official. ��������������������������� If such a: departure from the  ;ftlaw and constitution had taken place iii:Eng-  ���������iiand, or  any other part of the Empire!) ut  ^fflBrHish Columbia, the Minister who assumed  , fthe power of abrogating the plain letter of  Ms Sovereign's instructions would have been  ��������� instantlycalled to account for such a' viola-?  ;v .stioii of his strict duty.   Mr. Moberly may have  [|$i������fititic<i"himself "'.to &-Government appoint-;  l^lfet by liis servile conduct in the Council to  f J^|������S"patrbh, but his connection with Cariboo  ^j^pfest should-have been legally severed the;  ||lpi6meiit he accepted officer ��������� We call-iipbn the  M0jrbvernor, iu the name ofthe electors of West  j||pCariboo, to declare the seat immediately va-  tllljcant,-so as iu some measure to atone for the  Ifl^isgraceful; departure from the Queen's ia-  instructions to which we have referred.  \  AGRICULTURAL^ PROGRESS.  ��������� 4 i)It is a matter of tbe highest,. importance to  wSfffJfe progress; and development of .this country  1^/^^t silfficierXt^  ���������?������'j$G& within its boundaries to supply its own  < ' large consumption.' The ain't of land this year  i> 'X-,iiMer cultivation is unpi*ecedentedly large  ! :.^|||Jd from the fact of the farmers having had  ^;?;������:������(S������5p6rttl years experience in the country, we  X,^$$7������ 110 doubt the yield this seasbn,will. ap-  ^;P_Jr6ximate'"to the demand for next year's cou-  :;^||^sumption.   From Liilooet to Soda Creek there  , ia not a single ranch which possesses an' acre  Xffhf good Land/that the farmer has not been engaged in its cultivation.   In the neighborhood  If   '_ of Lillooet alone upwards of 1200 acres of  1 \     wheat will be 'grown, and on -the ranches at  X;    Williams Lake a great deal of land has been  X    l|iid down with the same crop.'   On the wag-  f;P-~ ,_gon road ranches sufficient oats and barley  "^|^li be produced to make feed for horses both  :'wfiundant and cheap.'   For instance, at one  ''?#& u������t far from Soda Creek, that of the  ^.^pular Frank Way's, there are more than  MO acres under oats and barley, the land be-  in^all irrigated and highly cultivated.    It is  .contemplated in tho fall we believe to ereet a  ;L /flour mill at Williams Lake, containing all the  .-;'���������'���������;Jiipat modern improvements, and at an ex-  . Jpense exceeding $10,000.    Such a useful en-  f f ierprise deserves, encouragemeut and should  ; j:=;i; y^command success.   Although flour in Cariboo  :? (gJ8 at present lower than it has ever been be-  yyiore, skeuld the crop of wheat now in the  j/vgraund turn oilt well, next .year the staple of  ^he mining camp will be still further reduced  '���������'.;:;-;:Jin price.   It is only by cheapening the necessaries of the miner that he will .be able to  ; prospect.this country thoroughly, and we look  :S^brward to the success of the present season _  ��������� crop as of the most  vital importance  to  ';;;';$||he- progress and development of the country's  Xf- jresburces hereafter.    By reducing provisions  to the lowest ebb a, large population of min-.  ; %;;$>b will be attracted and induced to come here  '^faM prospect    Let us hope that the time is  ���������#_t far distant when flour instead of being 30  ���������cents on Williams Creek will not exceed 10  , ffbents.  ..0VQUESKEL. MpUTH:^A^ES_: ���������'-"; .  .(BeforeHon. JudgeBcgWo.j. "'..,,' . VA .  ffftC ^ytyyy ��������� TPy ._.!���������,; Junedot% I860;.:  The Judge opened the Commission at this  tqwn on the 10th June,: and . after the Grand  '/Jury, Wer^; sworn' in, three j ndi c trn������n ts against  1 two men, named respectively Livingston'aiid  Chishblm, for murder,! rope and assault, on; a-  ndtive woman, were ignoreuY This concluded the Crown business., ./    ff f : ���������*'��������� ������������������ \f  Jl\ 'f"ff.' ;'"' X���������"'RJECOfc'il COURT..:  :, ff. , ��������� f: v (Before. Hon. Jtoilgt j ������c������_ hie. )';.-'."'��������� \  '1 Menefee et al, vs. Meldrum et. al.���������^This was  an action for tresjjass and diversion of a water course; damages were laid at:������800. Botli  parties to tlie suit reside at Williams Lake,  and their ranches are ; adjoining: each; other.';  A water course which had. been ..common.. to;  botl_ rjttie^.ihroughi their lauds, and a.sta supply,  of water for irrigation, is- required to insure  ttte ,^u _ eossfuL- .p r p du c ti on Top ������������������: \crpp s in yAM^  ic^unisry, _ie\diversioit of^ tlie' stream;would  lead to the serious injury of the piahitifts.   It  appeared from.; the * evidence of Mr. ,Woo d-  w^^i^e, partner of ^encfee^ ;thai-ttie water  course in, question came, dowu through:the  land of defendants,: and-that they had erected.  flams for the purpose of diverting the stream  through their own farm;1 thereby depriving  the plaintiffs of their. right toUhe water.  The  Judge ruled that the defendants had: iio legal  right to divert the stream, and after hearing  Counsel von ?b 0 fc 11 > sides, the. j ury re tu r ned a  verdict for the plaintiflS* with ������200 damages;  Mr. Walker' appeared:' for! the; 'p laintifls;' and  Mr.,RobertsonJbr defendants^ cX  fl ff ���������"'���������';  ;"������������������-������������������ V1 'ffyf *'".':"!; cno'ss ActidN^';". 7- *:"':  '. ''-1  PiiKjhbbck- vsv Meiiefee et; al.���������This was rt  cross action, arising -out of .tlie;- previous;- one]  for-^tl^ag^Vi^tainell^'by defendants liaving  eri tared upon the. lands of plaintiff and:ciit'a  ditch, whereby;;the water was drawn from, the  dams _r^ \ The .-plaintiff ac-;  ceptecla nonsuit, oh1 tlie Judge ruling.that  defendants were justified in entering .the. lands  of plaintiff to abate -the :trespassjwhichbe had.  committed^ and that' 'had' formed the'ground:  of the previous action.'  Counsel iti this casei  were .the same as those, engaged-, .in, previous;  one.'- ���������"*t"."-r* ������������������-'���������v  WILLIAMS. CREEK BED ROCK FLUME,  This undertaking .which-promisiB to do a  great deal for claini holders oni'Ah'e upper part  pMyilliains Creek-has progressed with woii:  derfult speed since it, was first; started. '; Commencing at ;tlie cahbri^ below the old Black  Jack Tunnel j th e flume \ ia laid for a: dis tatice  of; 1600 -feefe and iii: so substantial a manner  tliat we do, believe it will. seldom if, ever get  but of ] brdpry 1.' %hep sides' of the, flume are bf  rcitiarkaoles stfeiigth, the lumber bein^ specially prepared so asi .to7 insure ^urability,:  and the ; blpeks: of ' tiinber, cut'^so  as to , _t' together"; in; mosaic -fashiony  in- y the"v-botibiii f; will: ^'resist:;: the '; foi-ce  of the~fiei_e?burreiit: which rushes through the  flume with' terrib le- Trnpetiiosity on this"pttrt  of the ereel_w;i ���������' The crevices between  the  u  %fbu&f 0d^^  ������������������.ff   *WEE^llir  VAPEH.   ', , ff  ; ;G^ROT;W^^ ���������  - Subscription, $1 per weelr|:Xf.  (Including ijost of ���������lelivoryj) PayaWe to tho ChitW.  61-2 MY  n  blocks ih/,the bottom of flie fltimeare' designed; sb:'as to act;'as-a;trap fbrthe gbl_,! and we  haver rib; dSubt wil 1 be 'found��������� riiost adyantage-  0its in ;tli#respectXJ; 'Seyer^1 cbmpaiiies- have  commenced; washing > iti to :;the- fltttae, ; and; as  the work {proceeds bthers' will" tbllbw/'? The  THE HORSE FLY TRAIL.  This new trail whk  t A Romour.���������We have been informed that  ;\t!ie Indians are stealing horses at Deep Creek,  md taking then! off in the direction of Kam'  ^oops. It this be so, some steps should be in-  ���������$tmtty ta.ken to put an end, to the practice.  fnd -have tJae ruffians brought tb j uBUce.  road at Blair's, IIr_niile post/is the result of  the persevering efforts of-Capt. Mitchell in his  endeavor to open up. a shorter route -to Williams Creefe   Our reporter lately passed 6ver  it on his way up country, and states that from  Blairfs to. the South Fork Lake the_rail runs  through the beautiful valley ofthe Horse Ely,  Tlie valley is roUihg land, thickly wooded, and  is gen orally urilit; f or agricultural purposes,  but a few fertile spots here and there might be  turned  into   profitable  cultivation.  /From  Blair's to the South Fork Lake, a distance of  52 miies, small 4akes are to be met with on the  skir ts of the trail j 0 ur. rep or ter ha ving cou n t-  ed no less than 17.    There is'only oiie house  of accommodation on the way, and pedes-  trains must sleep one night in the open air. on  their journey^    At tho" Sdulii. Forks Lake*  which is 12 miles broad, there is a ferry-])bat  plying, but the arrangements connected with  her being a ny th ing h u t s a Ms fac to ry great de-  tentio n takes. pi ace there.   No doub tihese in-  conveniences   will  be  hereafter  remedied.  From the lake there is a mountain of easy  grade to be crossed of four- iniles, when thc  trail strikes Capt. Mitchell's bridge across the  North Fork of Qucsncl.   From the bridge the  traveler takes the old and well beaten track  of Snow Shoe and Antler mountains; :which'  are so steep as to effectually prevent anything  like-a waggon road being made that way. The  distance from ^Mitchell's bridge.to Williams.  Creek is computed at about 42 miles, making  the total distance from Blair's, including the  lake, 120 miles.    There is no question this  route is much shorter than by the waggon  road, but the steep hills, deep snow lying on  the high mountains in the early part ofthe  season, and the want of accommodation en  route for travelers, will render it anything but  a successful rival to the grand  trunk line.  Cap t. Mitchcl I' desc rves cred it for h is enter-  prise and perseverance iu connection with  this trail.  fen men Avpiildf have;; had; work:without; tlie  flume ten tinies as' many are; now profitably  engaged^aud' every.;day will adfl to! their  number- The sum laid '-but iii; tbe construction of; the 'flitnie; ^ainountbd, we'are informed,'oil the". 1st" instant tb upwards  Of   S 120,000;   :tiii'X addition,  tp-  Thb B.VLD Mountain.���������The snow on the Bald  Mountain is still very deep���������some places four  feet. Mr. Spooner, the K.vpressman, in company with the ;Live Yankee,' came over it on  Thursday last with great difficulty. There are  four pack trains waiting at Dorp Creek unable to get to Antler aud Williams with thoir  loads.  _.__-.,,���������_. ......    __._,,   ._   tins   tlie  compahyHjud- outcast ycaivmbrc than $20,r  000 in':coh.sti,ucting^^a'water- ditch from Jack  of: ClubsCrecli>-a distance of; nVe miles' ,- It  is;''a rriatterTor,much regret that tluj company  have1 bcenirapededv jiLUiarryiiig on the:..work  -this sprlngiby^ the foct of several law suits  'bny-i^-^b/udi'jhsiUiit^d against them by claim  holders wlio lore deriving, great; advantages  from the;enterprise of the company." It is hot  otir 'province at present.;to pass judgmelit as  to the merits of the several siiib; now awaiting the decision of the Judge of thie,Supreme  Gbur jt, biit we may j list i ri did ge the hope that  in future 'there wi 11 be an . entire absence of  litigation^which only deters capitalists from  embarking their money iu legitimate enterprises,' and brings no good to any one but the  members of the legal profession. Before the  law sui ts were b rough t in ore th an for ty men  _were_.emp 1 oycd. b 1 it sincd th e G old Comniis-  sibnor,gave his decission only 8 or 10 irieii  are engaged. Tliat the flume will ultimately  become a profitable speculation there is no  manner of doubt, but so fnv it has not paid  anything, and could riot be expected to do so.  Wr. William Miller is foreman, and from his  experience nnd intelligence must be well  qualified to carry ouf the works 10 the advantage'of "the company.  CANON CliEEK BED BOCK FLUME.  'About ten men are at work on this undertaking, and the foreman of the company is  desirous of taking on more hands as soon as  he^ar>jge: t th em. 11 c visile _ W i 11 ianis Croe k  last week for the purpose of employing men.  I'he flume has been completed to the canon,  where the work goes on slowly from the fact  th a t for 7 0 fe e t Hi c 1 mm _ o f tl 1 <������flu \m wi 11 ha v 0  to bo Jj] as ted tl 1 ro u gh th o rbek 1 n a) j on t fl vo  weeks it is r expected 111 at pay di rt wi 11 be  reached and washing up commenced. Sanguine anticipations are indulged in respecting  th e success 0 f th is e a terp ri ytJ. Ca no n c reek  is abbdt 10 miles from Beaver Pass, from  which j|lace there is an excellent trail.  Serious Ciia.roks.���������A correspondent of the  'Britisb Columbian' hows nap or has publicly  brought a series of most damaging charges  against'Mr. Moberly, of the Lands and Works  Department.. We have no means.of ascertaining whether,the, allegations are true or false,  but we Iiold that the Government will seriously damage its own character, and impair its  just influence iu the country, if it does not  immediately take steps to investigate the truth  or falsity of the reports, and thereby clear  itself from the stain of winking at the faults���������  if there' are nniits���������of its officer. If Mr.  Moberly is guilty of the conduct attributed to  him his tenure of office should be short indeed.  Let-there be a full, searching, and public enquiry without a moments delay. It is only  fair towards the accused, as. well as to the  public, that it whon 1 d be 1 ici<I f0rl-hwith.  EXPRESS FREIGHT AND PASSENGER  yypf"$fXff '.ifW?3! it !���������������������������'; ' - ;:  $^^s.;^d^Saddle Train!  Tra--k6s^.'isiicnbmoi)3'\-!&ND economical, as  ��������� well as the moat comfortable mode of travel to th.  ilowver country is by this lino;    i\\  SADDLETRAIN leaves;Richflelil on Mohpats ajad  STHuitsbATO --atr-NOONi-- in timo to catch the STAGE'at  Cottonwood for Quesnel Mouth ami the steamor for  Soda Creek. BARNARD'S STAGES leave Soda Crock  every Hobday nnd'Thursday" at 8 a."m. The Tliura-  day's Stage willjlay over at Blair's, 111 mile post, aud  atCustohfor rest*;;the'rilomlay's Stage'at Cuxtox  only; both arriving at Yale, iii time to catch the steam-  ;'ereforKow WesMiiinstor. <'; "���������.���������.;.'-  SfS" Through TicketsVmay.be obtained at fehc 0_Dce  in-KfchuGM;-���������-��������� -���������--v-v-;-^---.  --��������� --:^- :..���������-��������� "  St&aiifer \fEnterpiise,".'!  y fff lieaves ������^M:fjRE__K- for <_[?ESNEi;-  ';';  MONDAY AND' iTi-llJRSDAY MORNINGS,  fiif-'-'fifATm^iAQwr^  .   ;.   Leaver IQUESNEIj for SODA CREEK,   ������������������  vraDN^^^&S^URD 4 A.M.  Imporiailt to  Miners!  The undersigned is prepared to    ...  CLEAN i&ACK1 gA^I), BLOWINGS AND  "f} :��������� .";;!.���������'���������;;-.^PAN_^INGS,   ,"  Oh'Commlssieh; or will' piirchase any quantity on ih*  f,,-f t ���������;: Most Libera;. Terms, at the.-:  Beading.Room, Cameronton,  Subscriber is up>y \yell known on Williams Crock, and  from the conHUenceTOposcd in him last Full'in tbe  above business, he hopes., to receive tho patronage of  tho Mining community the ensuing Ronson.  s   "      ' '��������� ' 'f'f ���������:��������� JOHN BOWRON. '  -^  ..'���������;���������.-. ������������������   ~~ifm~  - LILLOOET AND YALE,  CONNECTING WITH  DIETZ.&.NELSONS FOR VICTORIA,  Will arrive at Rich field on Wednesdaysand Sato Riuvi  and close on .Mondays and THURsnAYs at NOON", con-  veviiiK Treasure, Letters aud Valuables-for ALL PARTS  OF THE WOULD, , . ,,,  f'F.J. BARNARD;  :_TO���������     ;i-   ',��������� ���������   ���������������������������  Neighboring Creeks and G-ulches.. .; ���������'���������"  JOSEPH C. SPOONER will run an Express  Keoumrjuy, m connection with Barnard's Express  from WiUiauiB Creek to Urouso, Stevens. Beirgs, Antler'  CumitUKuam, ami Kolthluy Croyk^  Letters, &c., to.be left at Express Office. Richfieki,  or John Buio's, Barkerville.  EXPRESS   FREIGHT.  npBK BATES FOR FREIOHT by tho Stage from Tal^  X ui Richfield will sbe  6 to 26 ibrt. . i    ,.       , -        $1.00 m fly'  .26 to 100 fan        . . _ 90 %fe  over 100 \\}a       .        .        . 75 ^ Iti  TUROUOD   11*   TRiS   PAYfl.  P. J. BARNARD:  Farewell  Dinn e a.���������-v comp I irati n tttry d 3 n -  ncr was given fo Limit. Cominmidov Vv.vney,  J\. N., at Victoria, on tbe eve ofKib. rJcparturo  for Kngl m ci 11 was a11 ended hy i\m \jr i nc j;  pal mcrcliantij of the ch\\  READING    ROOM  AND  Circulating   Library!  CAMERONTON, WILLIAMS CREEK.  THE TERMS OrsaSCRliTIONhavreheea redttoed to  $2 per month; above 100 volumes of Now Works  have been only lately added to the circulating Library-  Parties aro solicited to subscribe,  s JOHN BOWRON, Librarian.  GREAT- .ATTRACTION.   ,  Eveiiy Evening at tjis  BARKERVILLE.  A LL THE LOVERS OF MS ARE INVITED to CALL  JX aud enjoy theniselv;.;^ when a hearty welcome will  be extended.  MUSIC AND DANCING. ���������  Billiards, Excellent Refreshments *&4 th������  best of urdor observed.  MARTIN .t CO.  E. C. GILLETTE,  Oit 10e   (Y\MKP.0STON".  .'-.V. -_��������� j. i j nft^rff^^rn.:-^l^-y^ygiir'wcgg^j  .���������-���������.*--���������*>���������'���������> ;J ��������� f  Tt^miBsasas/sasBi  ���������    _..      ,T  . .^r.   .  .    ,      ._.  !^yry^w:.f_i[fiK'l������iii'AJiwwi**^^i^.i-ag  Agems-fQT the? >'Cariboo Sentinel." i;  Barnard's Express  ,,_i_. .; do . ff v  . Vari^Winkle; -;Vr-:- ��������� -.V ���������.-'���������.  .*. Mouth e������Queshclv .- -f ._���������- .;.������������������_ ' ......*^v  *Cuhuingfrjam, Antler, Keithley, Sto-      . fi  Kf ������������������ 'feensji'Groiise, an d all other out-' -.  lying Creeks,      '-"....'-   - -.-���������   - Spooner's-Express  Wagon"Road, >���������  .- f ���������'-.-   '���������      -   Barnard'sExpress  ���������: C! in urn City,: :X'*, f ��������� --"���������'   rl' '-- f ���������f A  '' f do. ��������� ^;.;.-'  YM,$jl ���������    '*���������������������������������    Mr; Evans, Barnard's Express Office  XLillooet; \ ��������� -"'���������  ,F. W.;Foster,   r_' do      ../^-'fdas*  New Westminster,      V  -'������������������ * ������������������ ;���������   -        Clarkson & Co  ' j Victoria/; _ ff.,;;. . - ., . -.',:*��������� >f. 1 ���������  Thomas -J.? Burnes  ;::;;���������"���������;-   ;.;t:,;;':,��������� ��������� notice; ...  ������������������"Miners and others wishing tSsend "The Cariboo Sentinel'? to their friends in Canada, England/ the United  ���������Statea, ;or elsewhere, can have it mailed by.leaving  Addresses at the publication office.    Frice, including  postage,; $1. ,  ft}-1. if-cA ���������.:���������.;- "Aft- f ���������.;���������  ably ^declare that this is the effect of the policy adopted of late. There "would; be manly  dignity and: honor however in his Excellency  acknowledging the error that has been, committed, and in making a just recompense to  the aggrieved by fallowing out the course of  his predecesspr in'Holding put every encouragement to the miner, instead pf cramping  his energies by unjust, illiberal, and unequal  i&m^Pz-rAif' '������������������ f t ������������������' y if ���������������������������'��������� -." ��������������������������� \ k I. XyX-'T- ���������'  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ._  THIS; '���������!& THE.  G  f"  CARIBOO HOSPITAL.  TO CORRESFONBENTS.       :\  ';;��������� Correspondents.sending articles for publication under  _ioiif do. plume' must entrust us with their; names in  con9dehce;;  Tb this rule we m ust' rigidly adhere. ' ���������  THE CARIBOO SEOTINEE  BARKERVILLE, SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 'G5  J^~'A SUPPLEMENT containing eight  columns is issued with this number of the  "Sentinel."  THE GOLD EXPORT TAX.  "The Government is reported to have made  some concession to the mining community in  regard to this unjust tax. It is stated (why  iR.it not published 1) that all -gold.assayed at  the Bank of British Columbia will only be  ^charged one shilling and six pence per ounce.  So far this is a step in.the right direction, but  it must not be allowed lo stop here, for the  injustice and inequality of the impost on the  miner is still as glaring as it was before. The  concession However should stimulate all who  are interested iu the welfare of the country  to continue the agitation upon the question  until the'law as it now stands at present has  bSen set aside altogether. A simple reduction of six pence an ounce does not in any  way lessen the injustice of a measure which  is. only designed to take money out of the  pockets of a section of the community whilst  all others are exempt. Neither does it affect  tlie principle that shareholders;of claims must,  actually;^ay duty ;'.oh gbld^wMchJias; to be  laid out for labor and materials for the due  working of the claims. -We maygust adduce  an-iUustration- 6f-what^  many claimson the creek faking out say from  fifteen to ^ day;  each of  these has from twenty men upwards employed, all of: whom have to get their wages  in full, for which purpose the gold is exchanged at. the Bank, whereof jepurse; the  duty is deducted. Now as may be easily imagined it often happens that the shareholders  ha ve not a cent left when all the expenses are  'discharged, and yet they; have been mulcted  of the duty, when in fact; as jnauy well know  here, the shareholders are paying taxes when  they have ho income of their own. : ft fre-  'quchtly happens besides that the Government  takes the duty whilst the legitimate demands  of the creditors of a claim remain undischarged! Is it therefore right or commendable to  impose a duty upon the enterprising prospector who takes all the responsibility of employing labor? and the more men he gives  work to the more oppressively is he taxed ?  Is this the way to stimulate bold and enter-  p ris ing men to op en up the co untry ?   Very  4*������t* *W\rri \i-  %ir\(! Wat   SArtSfin'S   lerrifilatiOTi   hns  In JanuaryJ last the Legislative Council  granteri $6000 towards paying off the liabilities of the hospital here, as well as for meeting  its expenses for the current year. Notwith-  standing that the^necessities of theinstitution  have been yery urgent, and the demands of  the: store keepers for'the amounts due them J  for supplies exceedingly pressing, yet not one  cent has passed out of the Treasury towards  assisting the institution to keep open its doors.  In our. last issue we published a, letter from  one or* the creditors here, whose humanity  would no t allow him to deny the institution  actual necessaries, arid he complains? with  reason,; and justice on his side, of being un-  necessariiy kept out of his money since January; last. It is really most unreaspnable to  act so tp men who have to meet their engagements when they become due, I and more  especially when no excuse can be J offered $$&  deferririg ���������p^ymen  made six months since. The: prpcrastinating  conrluct jof they Colonial office, not only in  this Jca^se but many Vothers to which we have  callerl^^.Jtttentipn^is unparalleled, inexplicable:  and most unsatisfactpryi : We hopie; now that  \ye have brought this matter under the notice  of his Excellency, it will be;: enquired, into;  and: the institution; placed on ajspuncl and  hea ltlry founda ti on:-. We lately ���������, visited the  hospital and fou^ cleanra;hd comfort  able for. the inmates, as it&:ppraibl^^'make  i t withou t i prop er appliances, hut| we learned  wi th deep regret that the institution is totally  devoid of^almost; vevery, necessary that it  shbul(l{be supplied with. "For instance, for  want"of blankets more .than one p'atient isi allowed to^ occupy the same -bed^ ,\ Medicines  and jmediieal appliances are sadly wanting j  thereJieing none unless what- the attending  physician^supplies from his own laboratory.  We hope:;thai on his Excellency?s arrival he  will visit Me instltutipii aiid: have the, difficulties it now labors under*^removed] It is a  disgrace to pur humanity to allow such an  institutiori as the hospital for the sick to languish for, want of prop er support. Two or  three philanthropic individuals should take  upx the cause of the institutipn and, lay' its  c&ims-pre^eiiy--hefore-th������ ~���������^overnpr^vlren"  he is here;; the very best results would be  siife to follow.;  JAMES  "CAJydERQNTON;- / ���������' 'A-~:A ^~~:  Oppeiiheimef & Co.,  This Magnificent Salpoh, which is the ifinost  in Cariboo for Terpsychorean Exercise, will  be opened THIS (Saturday) EVENING, the  17th June, to' tjie, lovers pf,,;  MUSIC   and: DAKGIKG--  ^S_f First Class order will be preserved,  and4he proprietor invites all his friends to  give him a call, :'.',,/  The Bar is; stocked with the finest Liquors  arid Segars.- ff >;3\.. .  AND  IS NOW OPEN, having received the largest stock  of NO V ELS ever im ported on the creek, th cy comprise ull the works of Modern Authors ��������� ��������� Wo have also  received $20,000 worth of tho finest brands 6f Havana, G igars, and Chewing and Smoking Tooacco, ever  imported on the creek, together with a fine lot of Per-  1 Umery, Brashes. Pen Kniycs, &c; A large variety of  fine Meershaum Pipes. Wax Matches at 75.cts. per d6z.  -':' ffffApi ���������-    BEN LICHTENSTEIN,  ;..?..-- ��������� "-������������������: -v.-'Manager.;:.'.  BARKERVILLE, Wiluams Creek,  Have on hand a large stock of the following  .,-:;���������: goods just arrived, which they will sell at the  :;, f '* ' I. , ���������' ��������� Lowest Market. tuim, viz: - ���������,.  GR^lilES, (including Pickles, Jams, all kinda i  -,;���������: Sauces, fic.,)^������������������..���������;',:',-,...   ���������   ��������� .;������������������.'���������.���������;; .._ "  :;  fTf provisions, XX;^;^^'^   pX'fp: ���������  >Yt\X:,'V'-  ���������������������������HARDWARE, CROCKERf,;  '���������".��������� f: LIQUORS, WINES,    ,;  :���������  ". ' . '  SEGARS, TOBACCO, f-  : stationert; clothing,  j*fxy\ f/f'Vv<;;". \pppyy^]p^^xmfi''.^m^^  MINING UraNSII___,.mcludi_^ Zf^A^ff; ''fT ���������  ; SHOVELS,; FORKS, ^-X,f ;;'���������,���������.,  :^:--;\'r'\.;..-i)_x3i^R0PE,--;'';;-:r:  ������������������ JT f  '   p f:::^ '���������^PICKS,&c.1i&c.  j|_f" Particular attention is called, to our fin������ stock  of LlfJUpRSJ, WINES & SEGALS. v>;iV-  .  ,  Barkerville^ 12th Juno, 1865.   . t   ",.%.:���������..,..  ;A2  r  '0  THE PARLOR SALOOiST  ft  TV   J,   ATCHESONL    PROPRiEtOR,  THE WINES, SPIRITS,  ALE; & SEGALS;  to be had at this Saloon are the; best thai;;  * ��������� . ���������        can be*imported, ,  _;'  .;���������:, -B.UI'E ;B'FtOiS;.,-;'-"V  -"WHOLES^  ihix^^M^PXTfXXfXfX  Yfff ftm$Q ge ii--ii? s:,  ,.' T.   "Tf.f  . ��������� .    &Xl>     .'���������:'  f- ���������  Gr ene r al M 0 re ha ii. d i z e,  "v XXX i5ARKERVILLE.'.-': -.. t .f  a:.-  A-  f.  'iii:  f  TT  i  y:  %  A  ���������"���������I  ���������I  Will be gi ven once a week hy the  ��������� .  Cariboo Amateur Dramatic Association.  .��������� ��������� -f'Xz  CAMERONTON.  Lnportant to Prospectors  ."'"';.;";,".",y... x������6r Quartz, .-:  /{IHE UNDERSIGNED 19 NOW PREPARED TO ANA-  X, LY SE ORES ot ��������� any descr ipti oii b rbugli t to h\m  for that purpose     Charges mod* rate.  BLACK SAND;' PANNINGS. _. BLOWINGS BOUGHT,  or CLEANED on: Commission, at theiAurora Cumpahy's  Office. ;���������'���������'*��������� if: a: :.:.;..;. ;-:l fffi ���������.. ;.'-.���������: -.:.-������������������ ������������������'fif-.'-f.-- -f<t :..  : ,:2;:-.:.  ;t-tf     :ffA~'f. "-':��������� if -yfff K E: ;DEVIN;:  CONCORD SPUING WAGGON, capable of seating  nine passengers, besides carrying haggage.  ���������  AI^O,  ���������;���������  A pair of fin������ American Horses, with.sot of double  harness for sale.   Apply at this ofllce, or to  MR. SHAW,  2 . ������������������  Smith's Ranch, Cottonwood.  EASTERN NEWS.  far from it; and last season's legislation has  just effectually prevented any great amount  "of prospecting being done this season, because it has driven the men out of the country.   We are persuaded that had the Govern-  :_aent pursued* a different course towards the  _uiners last winter, Cariboo would have had a  large population this summer, and the people  more actively employed in prospecting the  outlying creeks than had ever been known  before.    With the cheap prices now prevailing thousands could have gone out prospect-  iug who never had a chance formerly.   In  this vast district of country, with its innumerable creeks and gulches, nearly every one of  which is known to be auriferous, hundreds co'd  have been busily employed, earning wages at  least, the whole season though.    To the unjust legislation and unequal taxation carried  out may be attributed the partial depopulation of this region.   There is no way to work  out a cure but for the Government to retrace  its steps and to pursue a course of fairness,  iionesfcy, and justice to the bone and sinew of  tbe country���������the mining class.    We cannot  believe that Governor Seymour desires to see  the country abandoned and its resources left  undeveloped, imi we plainly and unmietak-  : The latest eastern despatch was received in  New Westminster on the 7th inst. The wire  after that date was not in working order.  The following is a summary of news received by Barnards Express and collated from the  'British Columbian /  An order has been issued from the War  Department at Washington relative to the  mustering or discharging volunteers.  The New York Tribune says the grand jury  of the District of Columbia found bills of indictment against Jefferson Davis and John C*  Breckinridge (or high treason.  All the cavalry in the Western Department  are to be mustered.immediately at Cario, for  active Texan service.  Fred. Seward had an unexpected hemorrage  which excited renewed anxiety in his case.  A.special dispatch to the 'Tribune' from  Washington says: The Attorney General has  made a most important decision; he affirms  that the President's proclamation was a means  only to secure a specific purpose, which was  suppression of rebellion. The rebellion being ended the amnesty does not restore citizenship, properly or equal rights. The President has no power to pardon except for what  is past. Executive clemency cannot stretch  to the future; therefore decrees of confiscation must stand. The decision will be given  to the public in a few days.  The 'Tribune's' special from Washington  says in the election for House of Delegates  the Disunionists swept Virginia, so far as  known.  Havana advices of the 20th say: The ram  Stonewall has been delivered to the Spanish  Government by her commander.  Fortress Monroe, May 28-:-Jeff Davis and C.  E. Clay are in close confinement here.  Gen Lee will be indicted by grand jury in  Richmond, in a few days, for treason.  St. Marks and Tallahassee, Florida, were  surrendered to theU. S. forces on 9th May.  MiySeward now; directs the affairs of the  State/ZDeparfcineiit. -Fred. Seward was notified  of the assassination of President Lincoln on  4he 21th May for the first time.  THE   MINERS'   HOME  S. T. WILCOX, Prop.  THIS   ESTABLISHMENT  WILL   BE   OPENED ' ON  MONDAY NEXT, thc _9Ui inst., fop the reception  of Boarders. The house has boon neatly fitted up and  will be found a comfortable home by miners.  . j$5y- Lodgings FREE.    Board $18 per week.   Single  Meals $1.50.    Meals supplied to night hands. 3 :  POR^SAIiE.  AN EXCELLENT RANCH, situated oh the "Waggon  J\. Road, andf on which a large number of cattle could  he cared for in the winter, as there is plenty of hay for  feeding. Thero U a good Dwelling House, together with  Cattle Sheds, Stables,.'____, on the premises.  Apply, by letter, to, UA," 'Cariboo.SentiueP office.   2.  liiiij_iiiiri_i������rririir������gWrW������i������T~^rMTH____nrni���������_r_na���������i ������������������ i��������� 11������������������miMiir.Mini.i in iiiriium i B n���������rj��������� u���������i ____  f\yy-j.. k; suf er  Has Instructions to sell the following valuablo  ,���������:���������/���������������������������;. *.;.-!   claims, viz':,;'-  % 1-4 interests in "Sago Sfiller " Co'y, Lowhee  Crock:  1-2  HAS  rj  ANI>   HAS  1-4  1-2  1-2  1-2  1-3  1-2  1-4  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  dp  do  ���������io  ���������'Brown*!    ,-. do do  uProvidence,, do   Watsons Gulch;  1 'Morning Star" Co'y, Williams Creek  do  do  do  do  do  4o  Conklins Gulch  do  Where he will be glad to see all his  GAZELLE   SALOOK,  CAMERONTON,  Adler & Barrj, Prop'rs.  This large Saloon is fitted up in a ~8tyie~oT  elegance and comfort which has no rival in these colonies. It contains two large Billiard Tables with all the  modern improvements  ^ST The Bar is furnished with LIQUORS & SEGARS  of the finest quality and best brands. 3  do - do  "Forrest Rose"   do  "Nevada" do  "Barker1 T do  "Cornish" do  "Garibaldi" do  1 do "Challenge"        do  1 do "Hood" do  Also,"a few shares in tho various Bed Rock Flume Co'ys  All kinds of business connected with mining promptly and carefully attended to.  i&ar Oiflce���������RICHFIELD, near the Court House.    2  Fashionable Hair Cutting!  W.D.MOSES.  Ip tour ILuk is falling and becoming tiiix,  call and have it  BESTORED before you are bald headed.  w   p. MOSES,  2 Barkcrviile, Williams Creek.  ff  INWARD,  BLACKSMITH,. MACHINIST' AND MANUFACTURER of Cooking Ranges,  BARKERVILLE, B. C.  F.  GREAT     ATTRACTION  Every Evening at the  BARKERVILLE.  A LL THE IA1VERS OF FUN" ARE INVITED to CALL  XX and enjoy themselves, when a hearty welcome will  be extended.  MUSIC AND DANCING.  Billiards, Excellent Refreshments and the  best ot order ot'^ervt'd.  ^ MAE'IIN & CO.  V. LEE?  Agent������ and Collector,  RICHFIELD.  _3_g- All Agency Business attendod to.  Auctioneer,  Mining  IF vou wish to be cubed of diseases of every kind,  without tho aid of Mercury, call on Dr. Siddall,  either at his ofllce, Cameronton, or hi3 residence, Marys-  villc, Williams Creek.  OmcE���������CAMEKONTOIs. Ihe cariboo sentinel  Barkerville, saturIday, june rr, ?65  CARIBOO PRICES CURRENT.     '��������� if  I During tie past week there/ has been; very  little change in the price W goods generally.  ##he market gives signs of firmness and mer-  "ffilumts are not so much disposed to sell at the j  Ifjlpry. low prices as .formerly.-' :"&��������� large nmn-  pfaer of trains have arrived during the i>ast  ptweek; ��������� Mr. Elsasser, of Cameronton, has had  Iii further instalment of his large consignments,  fend Messrs. Todd & Co., of Barkerville, have  ^received their summer; stock of English gum  ft^oots and general'goods for miners service. ,  |f-. Fire in BAitKEitviLLB.^-On Tuesday morn-  Hang last, abcoit:2 aVm., ,Mry Charles Foreman,  ?%vho was engaged on the night shift of the  $Bald Head claim, observed ablaze proceeding  ^Spm; the back part of the store occupied by  ^Sfr. Boaz. He immediately ran to the snot  Slid, alarmed the inmates qf the,house and  l|p|en procured; water 'with which he extin-  ^luished the flames; On enquiry we found that  8������f|!e fire originated under the stove, yyhere thc  fftBjbards became ignited from sufficient earth  IfiSt being laid over ^m.^ The fire, in a few  ^ptt>raents longer would 'jiave-been difficult to'  wffltinguish, and the lives of two persons asleep  ||l������fihe room where it took place might have  ^^uefor bis waichf&riess, presence of miiid,  flfafid promptitude in subduing the devouring  ||p|p_hent. \Ve hope'store keepers and others  ^Mll take every precaution to prevent the  ^possibility of a conflagration, ias anything of  IptRe kind occurring on 'the creek at present  I^Mlien so much goods are stored, would be a  ^flamity most damaging to the interests of  iSjfie whole community- ~y ���������     Xf - ���������  ',;-���������;>fH, ,.-������������������ "���������  I..   '���������'     ���������'.".���������'  lifftOsuTTED^We omitted to give the 'British  p|ftlumbian; credit for the telegraphic news  Si&^ed into our last issuc^ Our contemporary  ||wu|fexeuse the errori which was <^uite inad-  J^fiSSpnt..;.--. It gives us great- pleasure to iSnd^  i.thWthe enterprise.of the proprietor of the  ||>C6lumbian' in publishing, at a vast expense,  Inelaborate telegraphic ^despatches is duly ap-  Ifpr^iated by the public. We can state foom  /p^B|fown knowledge that the paper.finds its  jl|py now into./ every ho use from New ^West-  if^iister.'to .Cariboo, arid it does this riotwith-  S&nding that its principles are far from being  $!H$hgehial *������ the vi^W of nine-tenths of those  j$H?jio read it outside of New Westminster. We  flpjjbar testimony with. pleasure to bur con tern-  ||fP|rary7s success, and we refer to the circula-  Hjpii especially that advertisers may be aware  ^|>filihe tact aiid patronise the paper accordingly.  . .   -.A,::.    X:X_A.\.:ffAf  /||Susiness NoTtCBS���������Frank Richards has re-  pSjif^yed to Barkerville, where he will be found  .at bo me in a new saloon.  ' ;JfMr. Atcheson,' o f the Purlo r Saloon, in tfes  isttnte town, invites his friends to give hinv-a  -call^   , -;'���������-���������'���������    -  -Messrs. Adler _fc Barry's magnificent Saloon  i^^jiiiSamerbnton should command a large pat-  |f^nage, as we are sure it will during the pre-  ^^gfit season.      -.'   ���������-���������������������������  XTf |Mr. James Loring has opened a new Saloon  UptCameronton, where the lovers of aniuse-  mfent can assemble and enjoy themselves.  $|8|Mr, Wilcox has fitted up a new Boarding  ppwein Cameronton, where the miner will  fSfiftld a "home."  fyypfg&r We regret to learn that a young gen-  Jglj^^au on tlie creek; whom we esteem very  ^b;||lly, has felt hurt by some observations in  ':.;-_^_8per which appeared in our columns on  Monday last. Had we felt there was anything  perspnal or offensive in the allusion it should  not have (bund a place in tliis journal, but  as^the matter to which reference was made  had^fbund its way into some of our contempt without eliciting any rejoinder, we  / <did>not believe that a facetious allusion to it  fcfere would have wounded the feelings of one  ; whose character and professional standing in  ffis community are so far beyond reproach  /ias to require no eulogy from u������  ���������������/< Further Exploration.���������Mr. McKay left  i ^illiams Creek on Tuesday last to complete  i/tlie survey of the proposed line of route tor  pfiiie Hudson Bay Company's telegraph to Tete  H/Jeune Cache, there being 45 miles of district  | njbrtli-east from Williams Creek still unexplored, Mr. McKay having had to come down  fS|Jj|at distance by the Fraser in consequence of  J$me of his men being taken ill In about 12  S&Iys he expected to finish the work and re-  XX ifitn to Williams Creek.  Smitttivm-���������The Hon. Judge Begbie arrived  afc^ichfield on Thursday last from the Mouth  of Quesnel. His Lordship, will or������en thc  Court of Assize on Tuesday morning next.  There is only one Crown case, that of Felkcr,  who is accused of stabbing a man about 12  months since. There are quite a number of  important cases of appeal from the Gold  ^Commissioner's decision to be decided.  ..Vo Mail .���������In consequence of the non arrival of  the steamer at Tale b?fer-3 tho Slsgo loft .we are with-  oat a mail to-day  WILLIAMS CREEK.  The freshet which impeded operations on  this creek to some extent at the date of our  last issue has entirely subsided; and the slight  damage which it occasioned;has been repaired.   In former years a flood in- the creek at  /this.,.season of the year was greatly to be  "dreadedt Sut^ now the ; shafts of the majority  of the claims are so securely defendeddw the  tailings being embanked around them that in  future*apprehensions of loss from the 6yer-  flbwings of the creek are at an end. / In the  vicinity of Richfield ground sluicing has been  carried on during the week most energetically, and in one or two instances where companies "washed up" with encouraging success.   From: the canon below Richfield down  to Barker ville> botli on the hill and in the  creek, a great deal of work has been done.  Mr. Hard Curry has had to commence a new  shaft, which was rendered neccssary to avoid  a heavy cutting through rihi rock in the one  just completed.     The Summit^company, on  hill (in the old Dixie company's ground) he-  side J3ard. Curry's claim, have been actively  prosecuting their ardjioiis undertaking; tlieir  shaft is at present 80 feet deep and they have  commenced tp drift f The Eagle company, opposite Barkerville, to ok an encouraging pro s-  pect of $1 'to the pan put of their shaft-a few  days,since, and they will commence washing  in a day or two.   The Barker company's shaft  has been again filled up, this time from leakage, -aXhe-��������� J3ald-^Head vComimriy,ha^ve-,.be^_������,  driving hard lately, but with only indifferent  results.    Ori the west side ofthe creek, beginning at Barkeryiile, we have the prospecting company, called the Hibernia, which has  sunk a shaft to tlie bed rock,'but; the water  becoming very troublesome they are necessitated to get up machinery before they can  drift.    The Hit or Miss company have been  impeded in their progress also by water. The  new Australian company are"also in the same  predicament.   The \Velch company have got  down to bed rock in their new shaft, at 30  feet, but have not found a prospect; they are  preparing to drift.   The Stuart company have  struck bed rock without finding gold; the bed;  rock pitches towards theM,creek and they are  commencing to o^Tih^&^^eGtiion.    The  Morning Star company (next to the Stuart  conapany) got down early in the week and  found a prospect of from $3 to $5 to the pan  in tkc bottom, of the shaft;   the bed rock  pitches towards the hill, and as soon as the  company have erected their flume they will  commence to drift; perseverance in this case  is likely soon to be rcwarded^with success;  Captain Ferry, * the foreman, has been three  years prospecting the same ground without  having derived much benefit heretofore from  his labors; we hope mVreward will be commensurate with his past sacrifices and perseverance.  A company, headed by "Big Larry,"  took up a claim oh the hill below the Morn-  ping Star, and in the astonishingly short time  of 4 hours got down to bed rock; the clajm  was commenced, prospected, and abandoned  all in one day, a fact which has no parallel on  Williams Creek I    On the east side of the  creek, the Aurora, Davis, Wake up Jakei Lillooet, and Cariboo companies are busily at  work; the fi rs t named only taking out large  pay.,    The Tinker and Cameron companies  have been averaging, ^we understand, about  IO ozs. per day during the week.    The, Raby  company, which, has 28 men at work under  Mr. Charles Malloy, the foreman, 'has had  great success during the week; in one^day as  mucli as 46 ozs. wore washed up from one  shaft, and the average for the week will he  40 ozs. per day.   The Dead Broke and Forest  Rose companies have been yielding about the  same as lately reported in our columns.   The  following companies below Cameronton are  taking out rather more than wages, viz: Prince  of Wales, Rankin, and Elliott.    The Oram  company had their shaft clear of water when  the bed rock drain burst and filled it up  again.   The Bruce and Adams companies are  commencing operations.     On the whole the  present week is a most encouraging one for  claim owners, as most of those on the creek  are now taking out gold, with good prospects  of the yield increasing ere another week has  passed over.     There are also many claims  which a very few days more, work will test  their value.  CONKLIN GULCX  E   YIEL  This famous gulch promises to surpass its  yield of the precious metal in former seasons  during the one now opened. The Saw Mill  company, whose good luck we last week had  the plea sure of recording, have rease n again  to-rejoice oyer /tlie;"large amount^ which their  claim has returned^since Sunday last. The  following is the daily yield/ taken from the  books of the company:/' i   '.-:���������'��������� A! ' f * XXff ff  ARRK vxed.���������The cap ta i n and crew of the  schooner Lang!ey, on board of which vessel  the murder of Ogilvy was perpetrated, havo  beeii arrested and brought to Kew West^  minster.  .^TARRIED.���������At Catrierontori, on, the 12th instant,  by the liar, D. Duff, VfHtUM Ali^lx, to Janet Morris,  late of i Scotland, both residents ol'! Williams Creek. ,  ii  13th,  168 50-100  do  ii  14th,  137 82-100  do  i(  15th,  170   ;  ; do  u  16th,  :85-;'- ���������"-i-������  do  it  17th,  9$  do  ' Total, 758:57-100 do . >  The dividend declared last Sunday amounted  to 100 ozs., or ^1550, to the share (9 interests)  , clear of expenses. To-morrow it will be the  respectable amount of 80 ozs.^ $1240, to the  interest, .leaving a .considerable sum in' the  treasury for contingent expenses.  The fericcson company, next above the Saw  Mill company, have had the first streak of  good luck for the season. They have been  drifting in their new shaft, and iri two washings up for.the week's work they have had as  a result a little oyer. 900 ozs., or $13,950. This  is a good beginmng^ and much confidence is  ffSlt that: tlie coiivpanyTave entered bri anbtSi-  er season's prosperity. :We believe that no  dividends will be tbrthcoming this w������ok, the  whole amount being -absorbed by the" past  season's debts/iofijth^> company and, the Gold  Export Tax, towards wliicli the sura of $450  will j liaye to be ;jcontributed, aithoiigh the  shareholders are not receiving a dollar of  dividend. Can tli^re bes anything more iniquitous or unjust than this ?  The Philadelphia company i-in which Mr.  Bob .Dexter is!the -leading spirit, have commenced sinking a shaft in the hill near the  Ericcsou companyJs lines, and with fair pros*  poets before them. .,.-..  The Ileid company are still engaged in  drifting. ^Theiriprospects; are beginning tb  brighten as they progress.  The Challenge company are drifting over  high bedrock and hope soon to strike a  channel.        T, ���������  The New Zealand company .are endeavor^  ingio get'the waters out of their shaft, arid  hope to succeed in a day or two further.  The Lone Star company are commencing  to sink a new shaft.  The, Good "as Any company-, near the head  of the gulch, are commencing operations.  The Slate Range and Britannia companies  have been laid over to 1st Sept. next.  CALIFORNIA NEWS.  DIED.-i-^At Olympia, w, T. r Mrai. Henness; wife of  Capuiin Hcnnt'33, of Lo\vhep;.':.:v '���������;._,':/;  At Tale, on the 3rd instant, William McOoll, lat*  sergeant,of. the IL 35.  :        -. .������������������;��������� A-y.--Y-f'tfTf ���������'���������������������������������������������.-::;.:���������; -  '-���������'f-    THE BA^JE OF:  BRITISH XTCQAXtlmil,  . Incorporated by Royal Charter.  dapital,;; v If. $i;250,Q0O  "���������;-,v IN 12,5<k) SHARES,  "OF $100 EACH,     ,.v  With. Power to Increased  KElTHLEvS CREEK.  Owing to the high state of the water very  few of the companies are at work on this  creek. The Grotto company, situate at the  mouth, is at work in the hill, and doing well.  The French company is also actively employed, and will likely make good pay. Crops at  the Willow Ranch are ail in and thriving.  HARVEY CREEK.  Several companies   are  prospecting this  creek.   Nothing important so far to report.  lay*  AMn8BM&NT.-~If the "hoys" forgot to give Dan Watson a humper hencat to-nigbt at tlio "Parlor" thoy will  show that thesy do not  appreciate a  genial spirit.  j ho*t of of lhe best Ulcnt will tafce pan in   lhe  uiani?nt* proncled  San Francisco, June 4���������An atrocious murder was committed here last night.- Antonia  Mach aTDago, of southern Austria, stopped by  the side of a wagon standing by sidewalk in  front of the store of Edward Walter & Co.  Wal ter was standing in the do or with his  brother-in-law, Z. Spitz, when one of them  laughed. Mach asked why he was insulted  and some chaffing took place, when Mach entered the store and stabbod.. both meu in the  neck, the knife ranging downwards into the  right breast in each case. Walter died in a  few minutes. Mach was arrested arid identified by Spitz as the murderer.  San Francisco r-June C ���������Mr Spitz, who wag stabhed  hy the niurdercr of:Walter, is improving slowly Tho  inquest in Walters case is pus I poncd until Spitz,, can  give testimony Judge Dwindle to-day rendered judgement hy default in the attachment suit against the  firm of V^ndermedne and Melville to the amount of  $10,000 Legal tenders 7(> 1-2 Private telegrams  quote gold on 27lh ult at. 107 declining to 135 Sterling  exchange quoted at 110 Flour: demand continues  hrisk chiefly for the interior, hut tho market is un-  settled; we note sales of Oregon in quarter sacks $12  and $14 per barrel, as in quality, repacked extra  $14 25; local extra $15; for Golden * Age, national ami  commercial, $15 50 WUeat market appears to ho  shaded a trifle though there is little doing, a small lot  of private domestic was pin ced at 4 1-2 cents, nominal  quotations are 4 and 4 1-2cents  leaves San  y ��������� yym��������� VANCOUVER^ISLAND, ���������;:.  VICTORIA���������Bank of British Columbia;   ��������� :  NANAIMO���������Bank of British Columbia;  ��������� ':���������       UST BRITISH COLUMBIA,:  NEW WBSTMlNSTER-^Bank of British Columbiii;;  ���������YALE���������Bank of British Columbia;*"a.   v.  MOUTH QCESNEI_^-Bank of British Columbia;-     ;  IN THE UNITED.STATES,^  SA^. IBA.^ClS<Cp-^Bahk of British Columbia; y  PORTLAND^ OKEGbSi���������Bank:or"Br'Hto'C6itfff������ftarS'.?,r3r  ���������";..- ���������-���������:���������. '  yMi0A&AO^fXf ^-s^x^  ''if,; BANK   OF   MONTREAL,  ",:   ���������;  BRANCHES &>AGEKCI15S: .;;U    Y    <  Montreal, Toronto, Quebec,'.; Hamilton, London, King*  liton, Cobourg, Belleville,  Brantford,. Brock- : :  ;   ville,Whitby, Po ter b(������ro, Ottawa vGuclph,  .  Goderich, Stratford, Tie ton, Perth, a :,'��������� ._Y  ..-. '��������� r- ��������� . ' .- tJimcciO, St. ��������� Catherines;"'1';: ���������'���������',."-',  ������������������;.;������������������; ^ f\}. , ���������;: ��������� -:IN'; ENGLAND/ '��������� iff::  LONDON���������Bank of British Columbia���������80 Lombard St.  i: CURRENT ACCOUNTS opened for any amount not  less thin One HundredDollars. ,.";  Bills Discounted and Collected; and Bills of F.Kchauge  'on Great Britain^ San Francisco and Now York. pur:  chased...     - ������������������" ������������������--. ��������� f ���������      Y '   -.  Drafts issued on all the Branches and Agencies:;  Gbverhment and other Securities received '*��������� fur .safe  custody; Interests anVl Dividends; collected.'  Received on Deposit,- or ;Ady^nces; made' upon them.  ;  Cameronton; Williams Creek.''  *        \. ;;  British   Korth   America.  EsTABtraiiBn m 1836.   Ikcoufoeated by Roval  ..CflAKTKR. ..  Paid up Capital,     -  Undivided Net Profits,  $5,000,000  600,000  Seattle, June 7���������Steamer Sierra Nevada  Francisco for Portland and Victoria this e<  evening  A Contrast ���������During the past week Micro has not  been a single case before the Gold Commissioner's  Court At tho same period hat year the Coram is sion-  er had his hands full every day Tho plcjasing contrast  which we have now to record in a great measure is  attributable to the good oftlcus of the resident Commissioner being employed to discourage litigation altogether.  TooLatc.���������The tlirelling narrative of a correspondent on Cunningham Creek of the loss and subsequent  finding of Expressman Spooner was received too late  for insertion in this issue.  Thanks.���������We are indebted to the obliging courtesy  of Mr Hawks for tiles of Victoria and San Francisco  papers in advance of the Express.  ���������������_?- AM who desire GOOD COFFEE and Fine Spices  A l cm uavo both by always* nsking for FELL & C0'6, which  enter-' can he had from all reip-ciable Store koepors.   B9 sure  ! yeu get it rilh cur ira.lo UhU Y:& cac^ rack*������*.  Brad PiTiCB: V ST. HELENS PLACE LONDON.  \      ESTABLISHMENTS: .  San Fbancisc<v-F. H, Grain & W. S. Sutherland, Agents  New yoiik���������Walter Watson _i .Tames Smith, Agonts;  Montreal;       Quebec; Toronto;      Hamilton:  Ki ngston:   . London, C. W; Brantford;   Hall fax, N. 3;  St. Johns, N. B.;   Victoria, V. I.  AGENTS:   '.  ScoTLA������t>^-N'ational Bank of Scotland; ;   .  Irelakd���������Provincial Bank of Ireland;  ptANGE���������'Marbuard, Andre &Cip, Paris;  'Austuaua���������}_/nion Bank of Australia;  India, China & Japan���������Chartered Mercantile Bank of:  India, London and China.  DRAFTS ISSUED on London, New Tork, San Fran-.  Cisco, Canada, New Brunswick^Nova Scotia, and on all  the Branches of the National.Bank of Scotland and  Provincial Bank of Ireland.  Bills of Excliange and Gold Purchased.  Interest on Special Deposits of Mon^y allowod at the  rate of a quarter of one per cent, per month.  j_?g?������ The Bfink receives Gold Dust and Bars for safe  keeping without charge; undertakes the purchase and  sale of Stock; the Collection ot Bills and other money  business in the United States and British Provinces,  Gold D.sr Melted and Assayed, and returns mad#  within 24 hours in Coin or Bars.  Ores of every description carefully Assayed.  _\ b.���������Any instructions as to the disposal of the pro-  coeds of Gold Dust forwarded to the olilce in Victoria  for Assay will be carefully attended to.  J. G. SHEPHERD, Manager.  Victoria, V. I., May, 1865. 1-s  ^  ���������FOR���������  LILLOOET AND  YALE,  CONNECTING WIT0  DIETZ & NELSON'S FOR VICTORIA,  Will arrive at Richfield on Wednesdays and Saturdays  and close on Mondays and Thursdays at NOON, conveying Treasure, Letters and Valuables for ALL PARTS  OF THE WORLD.  F. J. BARNARD.  ���������TO���������  Neighboring Creeks and Ghilohes.  JOSEPH C. SPOONER will, run an Express  Regularly, in connection wjth Barnard's Express,  from Williams Creek to Grouse, Stevens, Beggs, Am ler,  Cuuniugham, and Koithley Greeks.  Letter^ &c, to be left at Express OfBpe, Richfield,-  or Jebn Buie's, Barkerrilh.  ���������  0������MffZTfn&nftnR3flBfKfl_SfHnRSRr%!_h_lir_Q83% lURKERYILLE,SATURDAY, JUNE 17, >65  A SUGGESTION.  lARDWARE.  -o-  To the "Editor of tiik /'Cariboo I^bntinel.^ ;  Sm^The 'plaiti^ stroig^ tical  ruanne^in whicli ypu^fe  i ng the welfare: an d p rogress r of th is ,-pbl ony  pronipts me io make a suggestion or two for,  your consideration; ���������    f '���������������  ������������������  ;; '..i  Theftemire of<infa^  ny is en fcirely too iftail and- uncertain to coin  duce-toHihe 'peniiahenV an cl steady progress of  the country; ��������� Mining ���������; claims.,- upon ��������� * -which  menspqhrl months of labor, and thousands of  dollars are ^\vhediarid held; by d simple Record,; made once a year, and at but one p 1 ace  in a very ,1 arge.;.- district. of country,_   If the  unfortunate holder of such a claim happens,  from any cause, tp allow" the dayjn the year  upon which- hp riaade his record,. fb-rXXt^ hours  thereaftcif to pass without renewing his record, air h^ forfeited and goes to  any pne^whp may succeed in recording,it ;be-  , fore he;doestf-ffWoiild it; nb^be'Detter-for^the  miner ahdfbrife any fail-  u re to re-recprci:ji claim with a^triel; to>be increased as longv) as the! claim is worked wi thou t a recprd^until: the feihire^ works a forfeiture tp Let that be in one, two or three months.  Thej Gold Gpmmissipher^ has> top much to  do onthe trial of: imipor tarit mining- disputes.  He is required to hear iand^ditermine^^iippn  all kinds of eyiderice���������^out; -the^localitTX of  the= gro&rift^itsCharacter andde'sbriiftionythe  style and manner of working it; the cost and  val ue. f pf, .��������� all kinds of work, as well as 6f  the rights of the parties. To^'^^'Mjda'-licQiust  ..thoroughly understand all kinds of mining,  a nd ail. miners' p hrascs.   Is this not requiring too much of one man ?   Would it not be  well to give the labor of determining upon  thu facts in all such cases fo a jury of miners?  Let tlie law,be so amended that a miner, can  * ho 1 d h i s"' gro u h d from .year to )Tear after he  rhas done a. certain amount of work upon it,  and"that a jury of miners will determine disputes between miners, and the progress of  the colony willu'eceive a new impetus.  Boulder.  '.   Williams Creek, June 14,1865..  The undersigned will keep constantly on hand  a full assortment of  Hardware x and Stationery  X fff    ���������.   .-consisting-of.:- 'f -:;  V:'.' '.'."i'Bolts &o &c*���������       ���������/������������������.������������������.���������        "'.-������������������������������������������������������  CARPENTER'S ^BLACKSMITH TOOLS:;  SAND, CROSS-CUT &:^HIP;SA5VB;; '  SAW^FILES,- all sizes, (Spear & Jackson's);-  CAST STEEL SHOVELS- HOES & SLUICE  /FORKS;'   ' '���������'���������-   f''   X ''  HUNT'S ^AXES ANI> HATCHETS,  AXE, PICK, & DRIFTING PICK HANDLES,  best quality;  CASTJ3TEEL (Collins &Co.'s) SLEDGES, all  sizes;  BLASTING POWDER <__ PATENT SAFETY  FUSE;  NAILS���������-Cut & Wrought Iron, <fc Copper, all  sizes;  RIVETS���������Iron & Copper, all sizes;  SCYTHES & SNATHS, STONES, &a;  BAR, SHEET, HOOP & BAND IRON;  SQUARE.& OCTAGON CAST STEEL;      .  MANILLA ROPE, all sizes;  DUCK & RUBBER BELTING;  CAST IRQN-CAR WHEELS;  GOLD SCALES, 32 and 6 _ ozs., &_., &c.  Miner's   Provision Store! 0OIiONIAL   HG^l  :       CAMERONTON. .   ^  LIONS &  pODERO,  a : ��������� Wholesale & Retail Merchants & Dealers in  Liquors,   Provisions,   Groceries,   Clothing*  Hardware, Medicines, Drugs & Miners Tools.   K  ^?^^**The cheapest prices on the (Creek.  and  R E S T A U ri A N  CAMERONTON.  sition   to  __������i  4  A   CARD.  THE above favorably known Establishment  t*^8TrinleDdftnce of MADAME jiH  JAMES, i (4 proprietress, baa just been opened SF  public. TheHoteUs fitted up in the most comfniaS9  sty e, and the Restaurant is supplied.with aiHhf ft1  eacies the market atrbrdsj A FIRST CU^cffit/j  been secured.,-. >���������>. *'*���������.. ;������������������    ...T.fr. a-    ���������     Y^^a  ha^���������^^bl^?ds0f M<W*8 andCigarsalwajj  f  Tp the Editor or tin. "t Carikoo Skntdjel."  Sir,-���������An ^ article appeared in your  last  htfue   reflecting in .very  severe   terms  on  tlio qualifications of Mr. James Oar and. the  gft������tlemon- cp^nposiiig the party ; under his  charge; will y6u allbwine stiflflcient space in  roar| col������mn������vto state--thatj^vei^vrespectable  p o r ti on 6f th e co mmtirii ty do no .indorse th e  flentiments contained in that article, on the  contrary-���������whatever political differences may  exist���������-the- prevailing.j if not;,the universal,  opinion is that on this occasionUhe Government have placed "the right man in the right  place/*: -Mr; Orr's lohgTesidcnce' in%is colon y, his active life while in it, his cxperi en ce  as a miner, his gentlemanly demeanor, and  the spirit to lead, which is so inspiring to those  who are to follow, eminently quality him for  tl i e p osition. whi cli he occupies.\   It may be  that there are many, men in Cariboo who  would bo his superior in' the use of the pick  a ud shovel, but it is not to every person who  can sink a shaft or run a drift that the charge  of an exploring party coiild be given.   But  should Mr. Orr be deficient in the more prac-  t ical department of mining,y the* deficiency is  fu 11 y niade up'by the men who compose his  com p any ; all of th em ihih ers, and most of  them   accustomed   to driving  through   the  densest  forests  and   braying  the   swiftest  streams, skilled in the use of the axe and the  pick and shovel, accustomed to hardships of  ti v cry ki nd, and wel 1 - fitted i n every parti cular  lor the work before them.   You are mistaken  when you slate  uthat the great stimulus for  exertion  is wanting."7    In this party each  m emb er will be ew ti tied to a discovery clai m,  which will be held for thein nutil their term  expires.   The fact of their receiving $75 per  month is scarcely sufficient inducement to  " ho nes t in in e rs'J to negl ec t thei r cl u ty, whi) e  the prospect of .finding a good claim will render thein anxious to strain every nerve to  further the success of the project.    If ns a  defender of the public interests j-ou find it  y our duty to attack the G overnmeiit of the  colony, it' would certainly be of better service to root up some real evil Uian making a  groundless charge upon a popular, and it is  earnestly to be hoped what will ultimately  turn out to be a prosperous undertaking.  Yonrs, &c,  FltEKAKDO.  Barkerville, 13th June. 1S65.  BLANK,- POCKET, AND MEMORANDUM  [*:      -BOOKS, all sizes;  LEGAL CAP, NOTE, LETTER & FOOLS-  t>.  CAP PAPER;   .  ENVELOPES, INK, PENS, BLOTTING PAPER, *a; ;  WEEKLY TBIE BOOKS;  VIOLIN STRINGS, SONG BOOKS, kc.  a/mackenzie,  Barkerville, Williams Creek.  Request my Friends and acquaintances  to recollect that I have always been and am still  opposed to Monopoly. ' I thank them for their past  liberal patronage uud solicit a continuance of it.  i$_y������Iam always prepared to sell CHEAPER than  anybody else.  II. EDWARDS,  MERCHANT, Barkerville.  NO     MONOPOLY!  1STO    COMBINATION!  -o-  s  Cameronton, Wiluams Cbkek, B. C.  WHOLESALE      AND      RETAIL.  JV H. SCOT/T,  fg.  Has on hand a <miYL a nd COMPLETE ASSORT-  ������������������:������������������������������������:-"*MENT.:of =���������'.","<'������������������������������������ '   -Afff:.  iw;  Greneral Merc  . which he is prepared to sell  As CHEAP as any House on Williams Creek,  Cameronton, June 2nd, 1865. s  GROCERIES-  PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS,  TOBACCO,  . HARDWARE,  CROCKERY, v  MINING UTENSIIJ?,  STATIONERY,  CLOTHING,    .  -BOOTS &SHOES,  DRY GOODS, &c, &cX  ILLIARD     SAi^op  ;:;���������;;;.[ ���������"l��������� ��������� X.:R;XcH f ie-l_)>.;"'������;���������!;;.'.."  PATRICK    KiRWlN  PROPRIETOR.  >f>m  A AA,-  Thia Saloon is fitted up in FIRST CLAS5  STYLE, with  PhelaifS Billiard Ta"bl^;  JZS^- The BAR is supplied with tho FINES'!  LIQUORS which can be procured..  tf  RICHFIELD.  J A  ES   F.   G UERIN,  PROPRIETOR. ,  L. MOUTTET & CO.,  ;., j&������5iGoods bought at my Store will be delivered FREE OF CARRIAGE to all pprtions  of Williams Creek.    A  XPf S. ELSASSER,  ; TO MINERS,  /IMIIS HOTEL contains 18 Bed Rooms, which are  .1 fitted up in the best stylo for the comfort and con  venience of guests.  The Bar is supplied with ?LIQUORS and SKGAR3 of  the best and choicest descriptions.  Paris and London Hotel,  RICHFIELD.  f  : ;_^g  '        riff  ff  fm  ���������W  ?m  ��������� ��������� ���������:���������������:  m  /THIS HOTEL IS OPEN FOR \1SIT0RS, nnd is fur  X nished throughout in tho Best Modern Style  for comfort.     The Bedrooms are clean and well ki-pt,  THE RESTAURANT  ig supplied with all the delicacies of tho season, and  :   the BAR is stocked with the  :y f";   PUREST LIQUORS; ONLY^ ������������������ ..-  jg������** SEGARS of the finest brands on hand.       :    s  -���������_..:���������" r, ������������������::.'���������:��������� ������������������i'- AND ^ DRAXKRS IX   -'::        f   ���������/  Pro visions^ Hardware. Liquors of the Best  Quality, and Garden Seeds suited for this climate.  ^J_5������The CHEAPEST STOKE on Williams Creek. -5^  Richfield, B. C.j Juno 1st, 1S65. ��������� s  HENRY   LAM  RICHFIELD,  Commission   Merchant,  LIQUORS SOLD WHOLESALE & RETAIL.  STORAGfE.  jjeif The host Slablinc; for Horses to bo found on the  Creek* Hay and Oats always on hand.  about to Retukx.���������The skedaddling Cul-  verwell is about to return to Victoria, where  he will no doubt receive quite an ovation  from his numerous admirers (victims). As  usual he threatens everybody who has dared  to say a word against, his truth, integrity, and  honor, with the pains and penalties of the  law. Wc cannot help admiring the bold effrontery of the fellow under thc circumstances.  FRANCOIS   CASS E,  BUTCHER,  RICHFIELD.  Mutton always kept on hand and supplied  to Miners and Hotels at reasonable prices.  " ���������        !-������������������      LIII������M__M������WgWIIMIIf_llllll^LI������1IHI.II.I W.lJr.TM^M^__w_n_r_r_|<_l____<  Beer & Porter Brewery!  BARKERVILLE,  CHANCELLIER & CUNIO, PnoPRiETORs,  THE BEER ispronouncod hy the best judges to be  of ihe Finest Qunltty ; it is sold at the following  rates: Wholesale, Fit gallon, $3; Retail, Per gallon, $4;  half g������iHon, $2; quart, $1.  PRAGER & BROTHER,  . CAMERONTON,     \  Groceries, Provision^ Li-  guors^^^a^    Segars.  RICHFIELD.,  Meuchai������ts and Dealers w  Provisions,    Lic[ubrs,  And eveiy other description of Goods required by thc Alining community.  4JSBf" Moderate Terms.  FERDINAND   TESTANIERE,  V    ]X RICHFIELD. ^  This Establishment is now open for customer*. The Table is supplied with tho best and choicest  delicacies.-   Coffee and Pies can be had at all hours,  '  4_gf^ Tho Bar contains the Finest Liquors.on tbe Creek  THE?  The Oldest  CAMERONTON.  Established Hotel  creek, ���������: V.  on Williams  "M'BS. CAMERON begs to intimate that she has;open.  Iri.-ed the Fjoseer Hotel in Cameronton, which is  neatly fitted up with every comfort; the Beds are clean  and well kept under, her own superintendaucc; tlv  Bar is well stocked with the finest"LIQUORS; and fi  Restaurant will be supplied with every delicacy. ������������������ Aa  efficient Cook engaged.  . From the long experience Mrs. Cameron has had In  Hotel keeping on Williams Cr������jek, and the Jar_rc patronage formerly bestowed upon her house, she will ieavo  nothing wanting in her new Hotel to ensuro tbe sup*  port and patronage of her old friends.  0W Hot and Cold Suppers to be had at all hours.  XX  ���������������������������::.rvcv  ��������� ."���������VijS'.iJ  ' ~ , f  mf$!  _ i. (--,1 <f :-^  y ff  ENGLISH & VAN\^OLKENBURGH,  Richfield., Barkerville and Cameronton.  j^^A large supply of the best Meat always on hand at thc several stores of the firm on "Willi 'mis Creek.  WAKE   UP   JAKE  Bakery,    Coffee    Saloon!  AND  Barkenrillet 33. C,  A. KELLY, PKOFSiBTOn.  -Everything is doDe in connection with this establishment to give satisfaction to the customers.    -  other Goods from Victoria, aro hereby informed that we  will purchase supplies at Auction and otherwise on the  best of terms at 10 per cent. Commission, includiug  charges of shipment at Victoria, where remittances are  required to be forwarded to our address. Freight con-  Ira ctcd through to Cariboo at the lowest rates for customers . Ca ri boo rote ren ce?���������J a vo es Cu in m i eg?, f Ay r-  sbire Lass* and M'riuce m" Whaler' cliiimi", nnd Charles  Mc Ha ni y, ��������� _ a 11 frj������ri n g I*ia n d Co. * G reu^c Creek.     i  LIVE  WILLIAMS   CREEK  Bakery,    Coffee    Saloon  AND  THE SUBSCRIBERS   will constantly keep for sale  throughout the season a choice assortment of Greneral Merchandize, consisting of  GROCERIES  AND PROVISIONS,  SUPERIOR CLOTHING,  Boors and Shoes, Mining and other Tools,  Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, &c  j8_f" The above motto will be our guide in every particular. J. H. TODD & CU.  Barkerville, B. C, June 1st, 1S65.  N. B,���������In a few days our Spring Goods will arrive,  when we ^hall have a full a_tsortmei_t of Gum Boots  aud  Coats, Sou'wester Hats, Cotton Duck,  Blasting j  ������ row der, Oregon Hani*, and So, 1 Scotch On luteal.  G.  BARKERVILLE,  MILLER & CO.,  PROPRIETORS.  ^__e^ Meals Ready at all hours.  BARKERVILLE,  Provisions, Clothing, Gro-  ceries, Mcdioines, Drugs, i������te.  Every article-sold at the very lowest rates.  \  \


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