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The Cariboo Sentinel 1868-06-08

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-   ��� ;.; " i ���--I1. .'   .'���'.'."'���".~?~    '.: .    . . "     ' vi.'.'.'~ .'j..'," '.'   . ' . .   ".'"'  ,.'.It.'.. *'.t'~i..    '."*.* '....'.     ' .. ,'T i.   ';���"���".     -'.'*^~"T'''.'"'"" "i....
Ba^fcei^ B.;.G;. Monday; June. 8, 18'68.��
The'Cariboo .Sentinel,"
���/���������.       _ubscWti��'V$lPerWe?V'"'   \
'_"'���'"* :'v': '-i^;- - ':"'��� ������'.   I���ij....-_f \-pavabl.   to the Carrier
^incltt line cost i>f-:: delivery,),, r^r*"?":; '
grra. "SesBr.' Pofjram, .George. ^Yashingtpn
F6graiin1_sb1namQiJ'-bec^Zf-iilie.tbe first-G;-Wil;
he coddent teVL% Ue> jyhicb; igj^ropf' conoli >
sSro-Ahat' hd is a pre blaek and hsiint^got no.
Pofcratn'blboa .ihltite yetnsj^enis^Pbgranif
'*ft'can'tbe,"��� wd.Bigldti '.I?m'',bo'tind to
erusbHhat Pollock^' :;  ", '_''���' ?��� ���'*���."'  :  *'\    4
Belter^ aid eyeryv .other white maa; in jtlse
robmfez 'tliey-notist -'their \wiv/e8:";-.d.rpppim^n
.-..,,.,,,^.,.. .,,-y... _,.,-,,.. ;. ���...- -��� an/^matter---
;,U~<'r^��':<_'_;_.__L_i-":*iT '���"���1*-X'te��
*���    ���'��� ������      �������'-_������   ,_UI       ������ .III _��*'y*i
_ ___, ,���"���'   - Ba Theatrical; *entortainmeate. ^;
"Cdcrsfor;any description or'Jj*; "work will lie ex*
. VEIGLBR^   ' .      - ,_',>, ,;,,,,    y :
��� Poht OtPFia, Cosfbosrit'X,Roads,
Tho Corners is co nt* no bally TORSiicd;
Sir does one fever get hetjelf*"^*
.fore mother is set agoin and.the result is
Then, ain't' .otUmlilio peeoe here. i'tfrUck-
��� ' S*. this beenr when BSscom  runs
*hort His barrels contain thetroo oil which
���' 95ws'onfe tbotrouHledwaten, of oun pass lops.
������A When them is out there's a mm.a.toor
'The  last  ejf^ifcemem  pn    i robably -the
kin, ;ez -they; air filed'Uhto vtbeleburt roorn;
'* Wtiifcfdo fopi pieen^/brjngtn into this y<*r
ooarVall'tliese d���dnigffcrsV?   < -a ��� . ��� ,
X ^ .* Wat do I mean ? -Wat' diffbrcnoe is it to
font They'r.ray witneagefc  By(tbesb"'Intel.
Pollock' a perjered villain and a most uncon-
sljaiaable^indler.*^ :; v.
.v-Ahd": he" gflniedl at Pollock,; who iwmked<
wickedly at,hiift-jri return.   ���>?-;-' y-i
ft" And t*^*^ seiJ.bUb^: _.
ejs^well; beyatnyj wlttie^sesswar
;*it^8tan^n{j.'.^5j: ""��� '^ ^w '":i';> ?
able Engine, nv complete or{icn7 :~yr;, i>   - v;-l"**
-   Or ^T.'L.- BRIG GS, Cameronton,^. Oj
t'itay 1.1863. s   i_ 'm      f-y   f-* fffff^f^l
���������- ���,^bWnimm^a^Tri.^ ELDDB^DOa S^^jp��**^
notb^ecksh^ i f, fiU.lft \ti%AT ^Tinvmhi     y    .
^mfAltiOAi9.Slr e^f^nciu^ivo.'v. �� -.-r ' - .      ,   -     -^
ncSipacWto grow out,.n*.^^Hf^
la^oiis'-u'v the races  to each ofcbec... H w)iz
I^V tlio Yeia-aa iet-t^a by. the "grant Lm?
Under tho,oVd Ipatrmrkle.W^
;-i�� or: the nfeera to go ^*f:��h^,
i ih'elr troblyipatclarklp hmt^r^jwich,-#��#��_
^ and rioVbnly r.��ssary,but pro?ei%: pato.
^aplan&shun there: w^.��
to distinguish :;them; ^ wnz, to y^�� VS|
nosered very, well & long; ez they; ��� J�� ��
etate uv skriptooral scrvitood;;^W*
proud>Caucasheh mas^^
oth&wisev ez ihe frekensy. mft;. ^^SSJ
names;-Waif- called-:indikatedv;tto^te"it:,of
^ir^pbssessibris.-  But sen ca; theses cusses
'bev sot tip for themselves,;**; ainfc sol)^asajit,
��� Now that they kin-ov;n property and perform
all the functions uv men, the same, ez eny one
^else, ifehas; liecothe dtstastefulvto the Corners.
���It is asiugular fact thatTtiic Comers ^ hez pt^y
kivered, since the niggers wuzaetlroeTSuttiui
they never know*afore; to wit: r^e.nigger
hez an odor onlike the wbitev TV heir they
^uz slaves, and used to miss era and play
with era^and wait on em, and.sicb, this odor
wiiznot perceptible.   Itbes developed sence
emancipashen.   Jes so with tber names,   in
their ��� normal condisben it wuz Avell---sence,
its a degredashun the Corners .won-fc brpott,
no how. :'  ������Tl'-Y.-.,, '"���f^t.-
Defekin Pogram and Issakef Gavitt pernK-
crly chafed under it. They mourned and lost
flesh under the.inftickshen; fi To think "said
Issaker Gavitt, ��uv a hundred niggers^eann
the illustrus name uv Garitt IV. 'rTo think. -.
said the Deekin," uv a hundred niggers bearm
the honored name of Pogrom!" And so they
pertisbened the Legislacher at Frankfort to
releeve em by passin a law perhibi tin niggers
from bearin the name"uv" white men wicb wus
their former masters. The fact leeked out,
and this imbrolyo was the result. *     ^ ;   f
Pollock, the Illinois storekeeper, wicn is a
disturber, immejiUy sued Joe��� Blgler for a
��tore debt, and hed him hauled up atore
Squire Punt. Joe immajitly subpented. all
ilie citizens uv tbo Corners ez witnesses, and
bed em alt in tbe court-room. "Come,*" said
Deekin Pogram, '��� sware me and let me go. I
don't know nothin about this matter any-
bow." . a
" Not yet,'* said Bigler;  " I hev other tee-
^timony .wicb I sbel put in. Mr Constable, call
Hannibal.Pogram."   The Deekin started ez
of he hed bin shot. ���'.".," -. ^v. ��������� ���
" And cz we kin save tbo valyooable time
nv this Court by swarin uv cm in a lamp; yoo
may call al&o ^Pompry Pogram, Joolins.Po;
iloses^Gavitt; Juditb Gavitt^Jefferson GaVit^
itdam  Gavitt, Martha "VVasbington Gavitt>
PaskelGav������V    '���*���;:'     .   l \ ,.
'.��' Am I to- be swore with all these niggers,"
roared Issaker, red in the face. -. -
'.^ReeiT," said Sc[uire Punt, *{,I ban't permit
this." ���'":..      f'-i'-f     Pf ypyf :';
" But yoo.must,". sed .Bigler., " Bz desprit
a wretch ez^is this PollobkV ez deeply ez; be
hez wronged;me^bz much _ez; I loathe/ bate
and despise hi ray he shel. h e v fair p lay :in a
court of ju8tis. Even shood he Ueei ^ine and
crush mejneatb his iroii^heel, I insist;;..tba.-*>be
sheltbev-"hiss-rites. , But the "Squire hed better
swear^mine first"
, Andes they generally don't like'; trouble
with /Bigler. (tjiV'S^uire, pale as a gost, for he
didn'Pt-know wat wu'zcbming, swore the piie>
1" fj *>* ?";scd Ei aAor  ! * Ce ese * It j gw w t b ^ n (i
oath?" " ''-���"'��� k��� ""X     '     ;    '     "   ' "
lo'ckW^B'tf 'thea cusses embraced ..ini^pen
resident wnfe^pay^
wftmis^fees. ;,, :;*;..:,: ; ��� .__'-v^' '-X- '" ��� \
, '* E_S?tn%^;wuz-a;^leavingv.#
Bigler;snng out: f \\ ;v ���a>:,\ .'-
$��� "Dbekihi ef yoo send. on that peusnef|to
Fra0fbrt;>Ishel sendba a protest, provmttiat
_.^'_._i_Aw��.-��*�� *k_��'���'���itrrrtivQ who boar* vbori name
name; yoo ought not,to object. ^ ,v ,,...,,,y
.iimb& arid Pollock, rolled^oft-tbgetbe^
to annoy the Corners.   Wood;. CM wood that
^we; ebbd 'lie" deliv'ered;f,rpm?Jem;:^^^.> >,yf - a
-��� -."i���'.������    pi_TB0i.Euai -V; Nasbt, P. M.    \   ,
vi%\ . - \(Wich:is.Postmaster).hff
^-Menkin ani) tot- ^iBUisBR."' ��� Ttie. re-
nbwled ^Adah,, it VwilL fT^^f:
took-a fancy-to the celebrate*. John.Q,
Hefcan, for which tooyhOThiwbMdiAlefg
and'er J. Menkin, has obtained a d^cree^ of
divorce onthe ground of adultery,   ^^g'
which' came; *if in Ctncinnati lastpa^
created :qmte an interest; owing# the we, 1
if^ character of the defendant as an
actress,'and the party with whom she was ac-
ciiacd-of having had-improper intimacy, as a
bruiBer;    '"r"" "'""" " " ,:;" J'' "' " * ^ '' "'^' ""' '' '*'
> \/BARKJElByiUJa,
���nOOT^ MA"0B   TO.".'ORDER��� - "^Wggj
4>-dbne%J_b _ioatneBB and .dispatch.,:- GumW^^
SENTINEL OFFICE." N       '..-,""" "to"
May 1,1363.   ,     fft  .        -.    Y     .    -        W ,y
IjAKKBttVILLE,  "W.  C.,' -
AlsbWendi^ Bedrooms,. find the best Wines ;ani;
'������   ir .      A"",:   '��� "���    -. '?Cigarsr ,.:;';' '^    >  '    "v . ': ,
: slie.
l"Ye8,,sah.".        u    _;.i ,.     -  .   .. - ,v.
'.* Who wiizyoor father, Geeser?"   .
11 Don't 'knowi sah."f. ���
"Is; your mother ia the room, aml,he7,
���b'ih sworn ?"  ;' . ^ , '  v'     .  ,     .
.-���'���* Ybb may set down for the presentv 'AVill-
-Melissy Pogram arise?"      f 'Y f
The wench got up.
fi Now, Melissy. atate to the Court the pater-
mty of your son."
yy.l pGjectV shrieked the Deekin. ���;.*' fWbat
h ez that; to do w ith ybot b win Po 1 lock as to re
debt?" ;: v--.-:' ������"   -.��������� .
:, ������'" is this yoor case V\ re tor ted? Bigler. '��..������'"" Are
yoo -���' defen dant or': plai n tiff' he rein?   Mel issy,
��ncwA��.; f No. Melissy/ion. ��� second = tbots,  to
V FasMoii;,Salooii \,, l}
' '��� ���     : - i     Xi *> -h f \P    ' ~i'*i>:
ri ^anU-fittcd!up;for ;thb/accommo(iatit. n of the publioi
will-be.kept InViilyle to defy competition. ~ ,   ���
f Ooods.sold atWbolesale_oi';lletull and as cheap 'as
: tne, cheapest ia Gftnboo rn'irknt. '.     '      . " "
WnoKi ,ii'3 orders from'outlying Croc_:g ^will' biA for-
if fff      \        fff�� CT.; TE,ISBHARD;,< =
.^anrWiakle, nUv let, (363 ��� ;'    ^   ; myll 6m-/
Saloon and Restaurant,
CBNTRBV1LLB,. ^     X\
.'   ���    ;. ��� ���-'     ' MOSQUITO GULCP.
,   May's, 1868. . .    l' ^^
COMMISSION   *MEftGflA>T,      .
answer. ^No.,Melissy^;on "^second ��� tbots, to
spare the blushes. riv the Deekin- - tb. bast the
niantel uv oblivion^ov;er_vtl_e peccadilloes ���ny
bis yooth^-yoo needn't answer. Do yoo
want to examine the witness, Mr. Pol 1 pck ���?,' *
.rf.!'No l*' fbturned.'., he. ,;���.." Lycurgua", trayitt,
stand up. What right have you to bear the
.name, uy Gavitt VIff i'f' ��� ���     ���       .}:,^
\" It was my .adder's name-*.V".i / c"
''To which pertilielcr Gavitt do- yoo al-
l00d??,-v.-.: yff ""PfP:   -ff   fftfi-Xf
'VTo thc lately deceased Elder."
. '���" Then you are half brother to Issaker ?"-���"��� ���
i*' Yoo may sit down.- I will state to the
Court the objick uv these questions, which,
without explanation, may appear irrelevant
Bigler ana I agreed unanimously ez to how
this soot shood be conducted.   Niggers alone
kno'wd'the> boz uv ^difference that unfbrtui ���
ately aria between us, and knowing that the
pure African wuz unworthy uy beleef, we
determined to yoosc only sich eacood show
indisputable descent from good trustworthy
Cauchan citizens.   Hence  this preliminary
examination.   We hev here the niggers uv
mist blood from every plantasben in the
naberhood, and we shel reject all who bant
show raixt blood.   Their evidence must betaken i for' to doub t the wo rd u v th c s ops an d
daughters uv sich men would bo the bight uy
presumpshen, and an insult wicb they wood
be justified in reseat in."
" Certinly," eed Bigler, "and let's git at it.
Bonaparte Pogram stand up."
" Hold," shriekt the Deekin, observin that
Mrs. Pogram, bed just stept into the room :
**ho wmuch. is at Mo o in, this yer soot?"
'' Ninety-one cents and' the costs that hev
acrood," said Pollock.
"I'll.";pay it," 'remark, the Deekin,  ner-
vonalVt' rutfier  than.", her this tarce go -;oo���
��������   ^��� i��M���r��_��don't   Here's the
- -1 f'v-   X ' :::    ��� A-XI> ��� ' V::.
AT B., IIOPGBNSJ   0Lp.   ST-A X��i
Barkerville, 1st May, 1868. i > / "\-'Y .   .,3a,
wXk;e-up:jake    ;
Ilesta/arajit and  Ba&er^
establishment, in thanking thb' public and Mbeir
numcroit3'Trien��is for,p-jst: ftyfiTOV^ouiir'Jic-inilly solicit
a cofltiiiuahep of th<tir,: patrpniigp^ as: they: ;arein()\y
prepared to afford every satisfaction in"��� tfieir. line:of
business.. ���. PATTERSON k GOODSOJf; ;
; iff ^MiMi^^^^^M&i. f
������ Barkcryilie. %ny i, ��� 1868.
 ��� :5r; ~        :
i: h'.'-T-o: ��� ,	
���0 of G^eivM^vandise, of ^e very, best qnalig,
; comprising" ���&��   a t'X'f ���-���'������ f���f
7i���,,h��nVni Otfeaii, Clothing, Sag,:LeatherBoolaaad
'S ^^oots.:;coa^nd Hats ; ^stingPow-
SHnPS Sicill and Borax.; Rope, glass,
S^allepoSl 'dUf< ^na Kenerul kining Tools,
solicit a coritiuuauce of tho same/ .; .. ;> ��� ,   ,
;;"-; L;- * _H;.';/OK-��,l"��.V;
1 lery, nn-i is VWgF^3^ liigbeststyle:
1J. lery. ant is prepar���� iu .u�� ��u ��....	
pbic;and Jewelry work, executed .iu tho tJlgbjeist style
of tlie'aril   -, ��� ff'-' ft". ;���-;"���"���/
Cartes deVisite, Timhrc de Posto Portraits, A.mbro
'  types, Leather Pictures,. 'Mi to not ypes,. Views' o
Houses, Claims, etc.,Single or 'Stereoscopic;  ; *.
Portraits-also taken on Whit�� Silk, Uuen or Cotton
������'��� Cloth.       . ;;' .. ���;
Barkerville, May 1; 1868. .6rri  ,
'"~-f ��� ". K.a-*iC^B!..7;,,....:.:/:;.;..^
L'  exofjlled.   Parties wishing Tab made BooiM.
will please send their orders to IX MgQL'AUUIE.: i
who keeps the best of.Prencb leathers always
hand.   Orders from Cariboo and tho upper crnmtrv
promptly attended, lo. D. McQUARRIR. "
Yale, B C., May 1,1863. ,6m
HOT �� L:!
M'     nq    i'   F^BERTHy" BEGS.  LEAVE   TO������; AN-.
B���nVucetW^has,.opened ^e:-abovc^amed.
dationof the.-paWle^,; .    ; t
, RkgdiiIvh-IJoarp: - .;. ��� ;������ - ; ���:'���.   ' - ' ������ *���
^___L3"AT'ALt Hours,
c. *' Goon Bejds.  fff
The BAR "wln*S��$ept. stocked" wuirthe finest U ���
quow.ana.i^-:;^.^nKffirtr.ir.      .,
���'��� London and .Paris Hotel, ���  _���
\ *f' Kicbfleid^. Williams Creek.
May 5,1R68.
Sellins'l^!   Belling Off f.
;: ���.   .groceries     "   ^f'JVlsicms. "       ^ry Goods, ._..
;ions, ;        Dry Goods,
Bavdwarp,"      ;  13r��i Tpgctables, Mining Tool*
Don't oalt no more nv em
money. ���*
tuted for the recovery^
jnylS lm
^-.sWJrjM^C ������������������W"  S   ���������  A A  !TfXm0MA^MIMM^  ',, ,<y     MONDAY J^NS ;8, I8(;8:  fi  H  i!:  - - /Agents for the "Cariboo Sentmeli"  Van Winkle;���������     \ -  ;- ,  ,- *   -     , J. W. Lindhard.  i ;#_ a es nei rnouth^ii Mri|(Joudie^Barnar,i *s Express Office.  Si<5a Creek* ;   -      ���������  , ',-      -  :   Barnard'sExpress.  T'slo, ,  - ;  , -  ���������  Mr. Evans,      do    . do  New. Westminster, f~$ '-ff-   :-     ,..:,:  Clarkson&Co.  Victoria      - -'*' - Xf'i A 'fly:     _     ( E. Mallandaine.  victoria,. ,^.;     . b .?,-,,.-^   t"   lA^Lyne.  v The.aCarit������po_Sontiriel" is published every Mori Joy,  *������and T.nrsdj.y."'Advertisements intended for insertion  mnsthe defiv^redat latest at 6������oVIockj p. in. ��������� {hejday  '",' before publjcaifonK- f iff fyf   '' = ff ��������� ��������� - ' , ,    ' .' ���������  i TO CORRESPONDENTS    ; -J v  f'.^tAHicommuhicaiiohs']:mnsi;.be .accompanted by the  ; r^al^iiamc/niid: address* of the writer,' not necessarily  f with a view oi piiblisuing th^same, nut'as security for  his good faith;.    /, ���������'.        "' 'ff f  ���������y..j.��������� ---���������������������������in i ;:,���������'.���������t j:1','.'..1'.'.'   "!.'.?.v~���������"���������!���������.' ii,;.|,|i.    '.'"������������������|*"1''"'   |,:    "V ������������������������������������.  V ,* -'���������*"'vXaaTtto advertisers:; ������������������:-��������������������������� ��������� '������������������'.-' "l������������������ -  .- Ifffo" 'All,���������Affyertiseiiients (not inserted for any, definite  jp/fwqd).w*Jl be contmupd until orderod out and charged  loraccordingly;, ;jv'.v' ���������//:'������������������ /*''' ":A-f f , .";������������������������������������< 'O^  :THEiSCIENC^;ttRGf_������V^r&A������EOT.  ;Meh -talk of the-"science of ;politics/' as if  tbe, ar t of go vern ing a c 6 un try hjxd -been t re-  ;'duced\.to._ what might _be^^teVmed: a science,  and were bound down by a testament of their  fathers, which they had uo power to .alter, so  long as one fourth of the notion continued  true AM ie vers in its d o c Iri n es.   To th esc detects in the constitution of the United- Slates  may be attributed the disasters which so many  are pleased to term the failure of a  "Republican form of Government.   A fallacious conclusion entertained] only by the enemies of  popular rights.   An  equally  fallacious idea  is entertained by the American people and  the lovers of American institutions, and that  is. no Government styled monarchical can be  republican.   Such a fallacy, if not altogether  exploded,, we tbink is in.a fair way to become  so. by the constant development of the principles of responsible government.as-, being  worked out in Great Britain and her colonies,  arid is more particularly on the. road to perfection in the Dominion of Canada.   It in true  there are elements of; irresponsibility which  are opposed. to the principle of a purely  popular Government, and which perhaps in  tbe present state of society, so far as England  is concerned, are elements of .safety.and ultimate good, and may be. defended on the  ground of unintellectual qualifications on the  part of a majority of the people,���������a defence,  however, which we do not endorse..   .We do-  not allude to the_Crown when we speak of an  irresponsible element, for we think no other  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  EDGAR   DEWDNEY,  II1WNG ENGINEER ME  F. V.Lees Auction Rooms,  jeSSra BARKERVILLE.     .;'.  XEW ^VEUTiSEM^yTs:  HARPER   &   TORMEY,   .  IMPORTERS AND  WHOLESALE  DEALERS   IN  Lire Stock of all kinds,  . je8 6m BARKERVILLE, Hl&l  FRESH   BUTTER,i  THE BEST ARTICLE IN THE ;COLONY,  IN  SIX   POUND   TINS.       ' ;���������  A -   REMOVAL.  ft a'DR,   CHipp  At home i'or consultation d:iilt"  May 8th. 1868. *'  adamson^IThwrd^  ��������� DEALERS IN��������� '  CORNWA-LL-*-S--J)EOEMBER CURING,  Just received, and i'or sale by  E. PEARSON BROS.,  jeS  '��������� IferkerviltQ.  ._*_r_JIJ'(*������������_>_,  .any, period in the world *s ��������� his tory;:; Bu .Vleav-  . ing aside the questions of free* trade and tariff  ; -^direct addT indirect: taxation���������to what,ex-  ;'&te*?fc Government should carry mailsjarid con-  our^ivjea to thfe m  ",p tion. who are;tbe right and p/opeiv parties to  '; rule and govern a country'?' Some- maintain  .. tha fc t h e ri gh t b fsel frgov er nrae n t ds; the t> ir tii--  : \rigbt of every man'/arid no statesman, ruler,  for'orator, has been able to refute the' pi;opo-  j-eition  in "its'theoretical sense;-  Othfers contend that to-basevthe governinen't;of. a coun-  ���������/��������� try; "njion "the;popular   will,  .is   to   %\ye  -ignorance and vice the supremacy over intelligence and moral worth," as the lower and1  '^unintelligent classes constitute;_the majority  V,������*?, all countries.   This-argument iVequally as  Hdiffi^ult"of refutation.as tneJ former, o'ue ; both  *   are good in.theory, both equally bad in pra'c-  $tj.ca. ' The g r  "t difficulty seems to be, _rst to  '-'lln'd out ifcfe true theory^and then to And asy -  y tern -" which   will 'alio w .'tliat theory to be'car'  rj���������ftl     (Jut    hi    pnctlC?       \Vh{^     tills    JS    On  W?ffyTf*>T f " ' ^tfOWred,and practically demonstrated,"-then.  ���������yfyfT> ' - ,/' '-' ��������� *and fch^a only, ' m&y politics/ 'or the- art of  WVXTTfP   f   '    ' ^^"trning,  bo  ^i   uo������,-?i ^i a 0ri(.nce.-r The  framers - of   the' declaration of the independence of the.United States started.out.with'n  Ml*?o,*ry that was "commendable, and which did  . credit to' tl_e:head and heart of the man who  conceived it. r But alas for-their'conn try and^  : n������uianity,, whilst severing   tlie   chains   of  their supposed?heirarchical aiid monarchical  thraldom, /they   rivetted  by absolate - and'  v ��������� ;������ISi.p?J unalterable law the chains of slavery  *������p,on(,ahelpless and irinofceusiveface, and a&  ;i������hwiutelydepMy^ new  liat^onot any direct control over, the des-  fpotiam w hich rthey setlup unde%'the false  .O'11?1^ of liberty| and (^us^������wit^the dffclara^  :   tion of,; and a deyotqii"-to��������� a glorious and unassailable ; theory,;^and a .veneration for the  writings qt their fatheivas sacred as that of  -/the/"Jew for:.=tiis^Hebrewbible^ the'pebpleof  ������������������ .;lf0$Ttyn i te4;Sta tes linye;' b ii i t % tip a n d ex p anfed  ���������to.au .almost fabulous extentral great "nation,  vh pishbinerea'i-re pii ^  its constitution the? elements;of inevitable ex-  ( plosion, though not'necessarily destruc-  t'itypifi The; three great imistafees made by the  v'.; fpnieraof;the "American:-.constitution: were :  ; "ribleij power.; giveniiojatbfeExeciitive,   and  YtXhe^jjmalterable>: character^ of; the f written  Pi^AP^'^Pfe.;;  tlio' lattetti   however,: may be'  /consider.^ tbeniW^  ������������������^f ^e Atnericah^G  P������^*"7>eea le^  : ���������thesejgreat.^efects in the!������������������constitution- could  %have; beeril^remeVlied longbeiore the curse of  :::������Jayery and :the intrigues of an irresponsible  ^Goy^rninehfc. plunged: the 'nation into a civil  warj tho efifects vof which: upoh; their own  attracted  by laws as   immutable as- those  which control tho systems of the universe, to  disturb which by making it a prize for public  competition; would be to unsettle the entire  Government,and make.its  head, instead of  the poin t. of I attraclion for the whole hation,  ihe head. of a mere polilical party devoted  and pledged to the interest only of those who  placed the sceptre iii his hand.   In no particular, therefore, do the people of England  show tlieir wisdom more than in their unanimity ; i ii' i he su p p or t c f an ��������� h ere'd i ta ry cro w n,  |so Jong as thoy hold the powerto- make that  crown the.conservator of their rights; republicanism; iii any sense, can go no farther.  The questionable element of responsibility  lies, therefore, in the House of Lords,spiritual  and'temporal.   How far such a house may  have been necessary arid just in the past, and  how' long it may be a necessary.' institution to  u p h old as com p a'tib 1 e w j t h f hej.ru e pr in ci p les  of popiilar Government; weXdb.not;wish to  #x_>.*"ei^  Government: of a coun'tryAtiis perforrjied its  full: measure-of duty by 'educaiing arid ele-  yatirig allelasses of its subjects, there is no  evil to be feared from allowing that people  :o say who, and who alone;should;make their  laws, and share tbe honors and emoluments  wbieh aresustaiued and supported at their  expense.  AUCTION "ROOMS;  BARKERVILLE.       :  DRY GOODS AND LIQUORS.  A large assortment of Iros and SfiK'iTfii  -bund..    '        -''-***& ���������������  BarlcervHU*, May 1,1$fift.  Pioneer Drayman.  ���������'-.v. ho. y^MQTAf,  rp HE[^OLDEST   DRAVMAV    ON   THE  on b������  the  May 8, lSOSi  Om  A N AUCTION WILL  r.V   Rooms  BE HELD AT THE ABOVE  ^-p^y^JS^txirday, BftMoon.  Goods sold on com miss ion;- Goods received; on  Storage.   Mon<\v advanced onjropds.  Morcbnnts will pleasp-scn'J Goods to Auction Room8  not latpr tban Friday Evening for ^.it onlay's e-iJe.  jaSfith --F.-V. LEE, Auctioneer.  R. LfrSKTf.  J. T. SCOTT.  '    AKCADE   m  BiiiMBD- m^mwmw^  o.  T. Millard. J. 0. Beedy.  MILLARD   &   BEEDY,  Importers and Dealers in  G-eneral Merchandise.  Wharf street, Victoria, B.C. ���������  'PAKE. GREAT PLEASURE IN ANN;oUXCLVO TO  AGENTS   FOR  MEiiCHANtS1  LINE 'PACKETS  : jv8 6m SAN   FRANCISCO.  'from  At the B.ir will be found a full supply of & i)fl8t  ���������WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS,  BarkeryiMe, May 20th,- 1868. jel lm  EniToa Sentinel:���������Can it be possible that  the Canbooites after th������ir enthusiastic action  m. favor-of ConMeratibn  last winter will  aliow the recent adverse course of the"Gov-  ernment- to   tlieir almost: unanimduslf  expressed wishes throughout the  length  and  breadth   of  the  colony,,to go un rebuked?  l/onrcderatipn.pr the unification>together with  British; connection, -has been the watchword  of .the. colonists .of British Columbia for: the  last t>yo years.   Ihe idea is embodied in the  r)onimion Ac c^ The th ink ing,m en, fro in Newton ndl and, toYYancou ver,: have;supported the  Pr������J?ctv.The-^"itiment is almost unanimous  mthis colony, in fayor:, of Confederation  or  .Empire;, andhas ;been  loudly expressed bv  Agings j'oirLone end of the colony^ to  the  other, Mi\A the miners of Cariboo aliow the  ,f������tocratica!opposnionotVacmp)ilousttanry  0  stand m- the >yay of the consurhmaUon of  their deeply, chemhed desire for British North  American empire ?   I answer,* No!   Let us  protest against this biireaucratical biirkiri^f  our unanimously expressed wwhes. What  say you to the First of July-Dominion Dav--  as a suitable occasion for some demonstration.  Mosquito,-,  pleasure in being  BARi\JARD*S    EXPRESS. 7~  AcFTERTHlS DATE, UNTIL   FURTHER   NOTICE,  i v the Express will nrri'v.o here every Sunday.after-  noon, ?in������I cluse a_rAfh'-for.- below ov-i-rV TUESDAY, at  TEN o'clock. AM: ROBEilT POOI*.  -._.Barkerville, May 28, 186$.' .. Ageut, ���������  : lWhi^SB^xjers. Wanted y  T::QUESNTJ_r.MbUTfi;  tofoon'tract'. foVfhe rummer  'torn Stonmer.'-   Aliout 40.000 feet required "prin  ci pal J y I Hrgi ? t hn bcrs a u tl th ick pi j n k i ng."  STOVES I    STOVES!  ADAMS &: PEARCY,  BARKKRVILLE,  /Have ju3t received a choice ���������selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  ;��������� SHEET.: COPFEB, MCf"  TIN-::PI_'AT*E   AND ;;S;HEET >ItiOK,..  ���������with various other articles in tbclrHneof trtdo. ..  .   i365* All: Job iii ng iii it he- Tin, Sh.cci Iron, xC.ppi.rVni'  Zinc trade.attended tpj.und^varrauted to give sarj. fae*.;  tlon.������.  -6m':  Apply, within ten 'rfnvs, to 'st'uamo'r F.ntorpm^:  Quivm-lniomh, prT.*onulIy or by wriiiuir ; or to J.-T.  Hruuley, Barkerville.  _M"������v3Q- jcl3t  Van Yolkenburgh &'Co.,  RETAIL   BUTCHERS,  BKGTOIVTIMaTE TO THEIR FRIENDS AND THE  public eenerally thnt thi-y now hav.- two Markets  m Barkerville,- one in RiobO-M.imn one inCeritrevill^  a il or wh i nh w i I lb c cons tii nil jr a n (I wn H pu ppl led w i th  pood fresh meals,, of the very best quality -tha. can be  ftrrajrht;in British Co!unibia, :__d \vouiYrespectfully  solicit, a cominuiince of the patronage heretofore  extcn'led to them. ������������������:fl. ���������. .:���������"'.���������. a . .:���������." ���������':������������������ ���������-;.-. ���������������������������.��������������������������� .  Birkeryille, B.'p._i_Mny MflStisP fff-'X-' "-Vjei lib;.^'  WHOLESALE  ANID f RETAIL  ���������   -.r^s^.,..    ify  [We have much  in a  DEALER  ; <^rocerie*3v, Proyisions; x  HARDW GOODS,  .-CLOTH  ::..,,  BARKERVILLE.        /  ��������� niy2o6m  HEAVY   iiVIPpRTATION.;  A. C. CAMPBELL, XT  HAS.NOW ON THK WAY   FROM ViCTORtA ON*  of the largest and best; assorted stocks of  HA ROW ARE  Ever Imported to Cariboo, consisting of sbovcls, hoee.  "Xest sluice-forky, nails, brtrand buull.e iron, flat an/I  round, of all _iz:*s; Naylor*s cast steil, fl.it und ecu-  gon *, c ir iybotl-5, cast steel axles, double action; ijolta .  nuts and washers of nil sizes'; nnvlls, vMc������*,;bVljnws, >  arid blacksmiths' toolsvgonerally; hayIrdkefi,:;scyt-luic:;.  and sua thes;:, axe .a n d pick ban Tl *���������&; r"op \ su ws, gl-uw,  sow les, c i r_>v n ters' tools, locks. h i nt;������������,': sew n'fi. - basp% :���������:  S ta pies,-: hat an d coat ��������� h poles, fi If s an ���������I rasps";". bn Ichen *  a ml hu n t i ng k n i yes; . cutkr^ in great y. ri ety;" _ n'd ~i  e y ery a rti cle n i-ces^a ry for i'tfta i ai ng country;"-. ,Hom i A  nnd .mule slibes and nails.   Alsj a good assorimont of  sta ion ery, a 11 of w hiclilic!. is prepared to sell at pries* . f  which will defy competition.  " ;M:iy-5, 186'S. ii  Oovernment in accord an re with  the-'peo'p 1 e is the true theory  and when that; theory: is ra  with prac^ce,; tfc "scienbe of Govorninent  ��������� may be,said tohmpipommerieed.   It is clear  then, as we have shown, that the  people of  the UniteclvStates never bad a Reptiblican  form or ^Government in its true sense-   they  worshipped the idea but were never permitted  . to enjoy its strbstance ;  they boasted of the  pnvilegeof '^|ifeiHig^'r>on.'_.'mau-'ifor four  years an irresponsible power over which a  taajority of tb������ peopls bad no: direct control  ������the will, of for ������ Dominion Day/SZ   ZS  y of Government,  measures .13 they might deem W   tkt   If  apparently has at heart.���������En. SbntwklJ  ������J?E rCMnSdia.n paP������rs are fined with tho  affair of AIcGees assassination. The Z dence  agamst Whalen is. accumulatin* an^S  clear r to us o-tiU ������      u i]0i"iw*  FKESH GROCERIES.  WM.    DAVISON  HA0in?TTD HTS NEW STORK IN THE POST  II Olhce Dmiainjf, and bus the best aPPortmcnt oi  Groceries ever oifered lor sale in liarkervlllc  WATCHMAKER   __   JEWELLER  ecute Bnt.ravinj_ an I REPAIR WATCHES  ���������ny 2511 n  tmMyf. TAII,  HAS CONSTANTLY OX HAND A CHOICE SELKC-  . tion of Drugs' un!. Patent Medicines, ,incl������dn<  new made and Patent'Pills, Trusses, byringus, Cherry  Pec tori ^ Sfirso p iri i las, and Jay ne-s M teratlre; ��������� va  purifying the blooiv. 't- f'-f'  AUu ^tatlonerv. Rati und Black Ink, Candy, Seeo������,  Rilli ltd Chnlk, and Pocket Knives. The c< iobratcd  Oolden Balsam and .Murphy's Mixtures for the. complete cure of Secondary Syphillis"������ntl���������.'Bheuinatlsro',.  and 'Cros^man's -nnd other specific mist tires for G<n-  orr!)co 1 ;,a gr.������������t vari-'ty of Tuil:-.t' Arlioles, as Oowu^i  Hiir Ollst Huir an I Tooth Brushes, Tuotli Pavva������W,  Tooth Picks, Sponges, Fun eySoops, Bay Bum, }&���������  bjn^ Extracts, an I other p-'r.umrrifS, etc., etc.  Prescriptionscareinlly compounded, .A--.  P. S:���������As I ship up goods eivry spring- snd fall, par*  i'������s r������quirinir medicine may r ly on' obiaining'.1*  ���������*RESH, und so ensiir. its having the desired ellcct,  N ��������� x t door to Cun io's Brewcry.  May 1/1868.  .6 m  BirkprvPK B. ft.  JE3?* Allow no one to  Coflee than FelP mmr,  f'-ble dealerd.  put you off  To  bo hud  with any., other  froiu all rotip������ol.������  ���������      RT C II F I  May 5, 38G8.  -   E  MERCHANT,  ELD,   B.   C  6m  FOR SALE.  83 Mn;LSTATI0N; ���������  \.fzj i.������_L   the waten   road  Thcreisafino^^V^l  e of the best localities on  from   V���������le   to Cariboo.  premises,   AnnlvTo^TL,    -Ki*aDd "*tft*"l������n������ on the  May 1, 1'8(V8,  attached to th*?,property  2������3  RED GULCH AND MOSQUITO CHEEK*  John B. Lovell & Co,  TT EKP CONSTANTLY ON IIAND A LARGE SUrFltf  MINERS' TOOLS,  PROVISIONS, pLOTHING, &c, &c, .  And for sale at tlfo  "Lowest Current Prices*.,   ;-  . Only one Cash Prion asked, consequently no I0"".  credit given- ���������'"'���������'��������� ___.*_>  N.B ���������Miners and Prospoctors oa Willow-i^iv^r,.  igar and other CroeJcs-in that section of conauj-Jr'  myi  IS'  ft^&i a_g  Sngarana oiner L.rotJK8'in vuai.bvi5uwM.ui w,7*'*,'���������.%i^w  bo supplied AS CHEAP and to barter advofitagje tnw  from Williaeas Creek.  E_������_y������  11  ill  ____>������������  -fsl-if ^--:-:~���������;^^^^  ^���������SPTT  r".-AA"������������������" .''���������' ""r'j^ - >r ���������'���������*���������**;*������������������ i,wit^ry������-~y?**i*~?.*---> ������^^j^>4,������^__p  - - r4r..������K*-i-**~~*-;;-*-h -3-r>~<' -- = '.ci:;-,z.--t::^^^T^ f.i'&z  %'���������%  ^4r,_4^tv^^^  ? -ii  A\.a> it  Special to tip',**'Caribpo-Sentiaei:  ���������"''.'      CAUFORNIA. ' - ��������� ."���������' ';."���������''���������*���������  Sak "Prakcisco; May 30���������A remarkable and  serious earthquake took place last evening in  : the interior of tHiM State aiid Nevada,' about'9  o'clock, in a line  from Sacramento to Fort  were sharp enough to -shake buildings-at Vir-  ginia City- and frighten people out i^f floors. ���������  fX. ���������/-.< ��������� t ������������������ ,    ' -;    ,"    ������"���������*   "   ��������� */   .   ���������  . pi f,     UNITED STATES.' ',   ���������'-'.  ^*ashtngton> May 27-fMr El Ho tt,. from, tbe  ^CommiUeebtf^  - -���������- for Pike's bitt to pronrote American cbmmerce  'as follows:": Tariffs to'bc collected from; yes?  sel9 arri?ing from foreign ports and- ft/draw?  TT,back equal to duties is to be allowed oa nia-  ff ferial ;fbr shipbundihy.^.:; / fl������������������ ip. '''f^fffff.  ! Secretary Stanton has notified the President  that owing to the -failure of the Senate^to con-  i Vict the President he 'lias relinquished the  War Department.:._MTl*l(lf;^i?^^.'*.' with books  -arid archives* ;m riders the-care; of Adjutant*  ������t������Gi__^^  ' " President:':"'   ';' ' %"���������'.,-:���������    , ���������'' ;'���������" ���������' ��������� "' o.  NBW,y<)RK. May 27~Gehep.il.Thomas took  ' pc-ssesaioh of the War Officie as,Secretary ad  interim.   The Senate will probably confirm  'Schofield to-morrow as.Secretary *f War.  *"    The Secretary of State learns^the Naturals  TT -.zation'-.���������.Treaty* with  Bavaria; is< on equally  liberal terras ��������� with' North Germany;    The  Secretary li opes to negotiate a similar'treaty  _   with England.:  v    .    ,   T:       ,., fy  ' ���������-  ���������  It is the intention of a large portion of the  '' Congressmen   to  adjourn  on the 1st of July  and en ter>on the Presidential campaign.  Chicago, May 29-r-The committee appointed  by the National Convention informed Grant  land Colfax of their nomination..' Both accepted by briefvspeech.  Chicago, I May ao-^flvit Garson died at Fort  /Ly oh on '30 th May:.. ;t  ������  Wassixuton . * May  2_*~TL e Presiden t was  acquitted yesterday oh all the, articles of im-  ���������  peachment".    Senators  Feasenderi,   Fowler.  :Grimes,;* Hendersonf Rpsii Turntmllfand Van  Paris. May 20���������Marshal Niel,iin an official  eport, states that the. Chassepot is the best  Lfirearm known';.: he also, states.tliat tiieseg-uns  are bein^ manufactured at the Government  armory.attherateof ^-000 per day.;;   "  Berlin, May 22���������Prussia has taken the  initiati ve steps for a pro posed gen eral dis-  arnva men t. Kin g: Wil j ia ni h as b rde red a re-  duetipa te,;be%made forthwith;in the land  forces. :���������' :;���������;���������'-���������< .-.- ������������������-:"; ff fT -��������� ���������'������������������''f ��������������������������� f. .Ay  s Mt__;rcirt May m~A treaty for tbe;rauttial  protection of naturalized citizens, negotiated  by Bancro^withlhe Bavarian Cabinet, has  been signed.   ��������� /  it Jrix order to -start anew: one oxi the other  side 'of the creek,talcingbecUrbck for a'661-  mg tor their timbers.���������Homeward Bound co.  are going ahead with theirhew tunnel; are  (n about 100 feet^-Smeaton & Co; aietiydrau-  ffiiY.1 ';: Xii^P^iP^^^XAff-TfAyffT:  ^pbinson &Co^arem  wHIilfheir new;;tunnel;';,. no: ;sign_:;of J bottom  ���������yefc^Monrffbm.ery;& Go. liydraulicirig -pic Hed  uR^bo'jt;^3 pz>.in the^roiirid;cleaned if or a.  12 ;foot'b'ox.���������Domjriique & Go; liydraulicirig  a;p pin fr: ;bel6w tlie M on tg o tnery co. X w i th % very  gpb& prospecte.4iittler ,ifc C6;!p^  Vibnnav May 26^A formidable revolt has *head of Robinson & Co.'s ground. " :.  brolken -out iii ?Bosnia.    Troops are being  rapidly pushed forward from Constantinople  to quell the disorder.       f       , :'  Loi^nbN.^^ May" 29-^Tlie. Daily News thinks  that Johnson,mere!y escaped and was not ao-i  quitted^^It^coiisidei^s 'the strengiHC of the  Radicals not materially impaired.' The Post  thinks the Radicals pugii t to ���������be pleased wi th',  theirT o^a defeat i? eventually ��������� It will be for-  the best ,.   ' (. -       ������������������ ,.-..;.   *-.  ���������; BERm.i���������ay.?9~TheG  Qer^mu^y.:; has ; abolished^ imjirisohc-ent  for  debt. y    - _yp> '   f-'f-  v    ���������      MaNING INTELLIGENCE.  to-day"in his 77th year,    -_  f Wasutxctox.^ June * ^I^General  Scbofield;  took m)ssessioh^ofHhej\Yar Office Jo-day..  ,  . Portlaxd, Juhe. 2~^The Democrata carried  the Stalest election held yesterday_ J   ..'-'���������"''  -"��������������������������� -CANADA;  ; :..'f   T -.  Ottawa; May 26^A man named Turner,  .who testified /against ;Wba^^  ������at last /night aiid brutally beaten by three  aen.   Two of  them  were arrested.   Other  :���������';: witnesses; have received tb rea tehing letters.  ;"-��������� ;Nkw/Yor^  (  dispatches say the ti oops in garrispn here are  iinder inarching orders.   The ;?oId iers wi ves  :  at St.; Johns are ordered piit of barracks, and  hogpital accommodatibhs, etc.; _ made ready.  A large detachment of troops are inarshiug  . to the frontier.' .f ffi ��������� ii'fl Yfff>*.  f~~f,rr,^ _.. ~WIUJA.JlJCl?BEff������ ft   -.    .    ...  ��������� Owstig- fcs^Hhe^-f*r%f5li<st^^^the^nssqtient  snspension of work by the most of the claima.  in order to secure the bed-rock drain, very  littleyhas-been done ;this;week/ Only tlitree  companies have "done ianytbing by way of a  clean np worthy of ��������� mention. Tlie Raby co.  washed up on Thursday;J20 oz.,theBa!d^  head co. J90 oz,, a h d the Sheepskin co. 70 oz:i  The Point coiand Morning Star^co��������� (hydraulics) cleaned up their tail races, during^their  suspension and each gpt a good prospects  For a week.or two;.or; until tbec freshet is  over, very,little mining "will ba doue on the  creek.fy.X'A -t:f:'f: ^ffffXy ^tff X fi:f  ,1 " ��������� STOUT GUT.CH. f-  Six companies are taking outfcoOd'pay.--  The Jenkins cp. cleaned up for the week 47  oz.     ���������ff&*-?f iTTTf>:fXyff;: fffiTt   - :-/.  fifi���������> ������������������ y,::;;.;-MEXICO;��������� TtfPpf XxX:���������: v.; y  Advices from Mexico; say; the insurgents  were within twelve leagiies of the capital.  Juarez and family were: hurriedly removed  from Chepultepec to the capital. The mbun-  tains around Puebla are-reported full of re^  Tolutionists.  ��������� - ���������. '.'- ���������' "-.'���������  .EUROPE, '���������'���������':;;-���������.  Loxnox; May 26���������Mitchell Barrett, con-  victed as being,one of the principals in "the  Clerkenwell explosion, was executed at Newgate to-day. A commission has been appointed by a resolution of^Parliament to investigate and report on the condition of the  Jaws of England on the subject of naturalization and the rights of expatriated subjects.  The commission consists of Lord Clarendon,  President; Charles Abbott, Secretary; Kur-  plake, Foster and liar court. :  London, May 27���������The great Epsom Derby  races were run to-day at the Epsom Downs.  A great throng were present. Business here  is almost entirely suspended. The Prince of  Wales and other members of the Royal family  were among tu<������ visitors. The weather was  une. -More than usual interest attached to the  race in consequence of the heavy amount  ventured by the Marquis of Hastings on his  mare, Lady Elizabeth. Blue Gom, owned by  ������r Joseph Hawley and ridden by Mills, was  '������������,wl^_r- King Alfred, owned by Baron  itot^scbild, was second ; and Speculato/be*  jonging to tbe Duke of Newcastle, third- The  time was two minutes and forty-four seconds :  ���������^stance, one mile and a half. Eighteen horses  CASADTAK CKEEK.' 1    [' .-l  .-.-.; Things are looking;prpmising on tliis^creek.  The Sovereign co;;are getting- down iiuely  with': their/shaft ; expect: to bottom ina few,  days^and ifaprospectis.struck, the character of theicreek;-will be-established.���������The  NoneSiich Ctx, aboveithe Soyoreign ^co^  struck a prospect of SI to the pan.- Claims  are consequently looking up.  ': :��������� GROUSK GREEK.   * ���������,.������������������'"." .  . The reports from Grouse ;creek continue  f������ vo rabl e, the only com plaint fro ro tliu t quarter is the want of a road; ���������    .���������������   ;  '���������   WrLSON/CRKBK.  The BiacksmUh co. bottonied their shaft at  XdO feet and found Va chann'rd pitching into;  the hill, which is considered by the company  as a very farorableindication.^The Discovery co'; are working in their old grouri9 and  are taking but pay.; The, creek is looked  upoii generally as valuable mining ground;  "   ; MfARTHUR GULCH.  Two com pan i ea are takjng out go p d pay.  ISLAND   GULCn.^ -'.-'���������.  t This gulch heads frnm ihe sanie source as  Mosquito. Red. and Wilson; and is looked  upon with much favor. Several parties are  prpapectihg.butsofar without success.   The  cbaanel Seems very deep, f  i-'"  TfiyT't ' vJ_bSQUITO..C5ULCHi-'  Wash-ups fer the week'.:���������Minnehaha, 509  ozs;; Willow; 200 ozs.: Hocking, 142; Dis:  covery. 70. Jeffries and Ho)man pompanie?,  over wages ; Tabbco. prospecting;  '������������������^ -;;:\'-; :;.;.; RKD'GULCH.'��������� ������������������;;'��������� ���������  Discovery washed-up for the week 50 ozs.  Blacksmith eoi making wages. ���������"Catch-it,  wages.���������Butcher co. are running a tunnel.--  United co. are making over, wages.^-Tipton  Slasher for the week, 20 ozs.���������Moonshine,  wa_es.~Thistie and Great Eastern companies  are running tunnels.-Never Fail co. sinktng  nhaft-^Tom and Jerry co. making- ovet-  wages. -Hiawatha co. putting in machinery.  McCann co., paying wages.  The aggregate taken from Mosquito and  Red Gulches for the week amounts to about  1200 ounces!  LIGHTNING CREEK.  Great Eastern paying about wages  one nugget weighing 2 oz. l?/dollars,  shire Lass co. taking out. small pay;  been running through old ground.-Lighuig  co.. running through soft rock and making  good headwav.-Sigel co. have stopped work  and sold tbe ground to Chinamen.  LAST CHANCE CR&EK-  Prfaco of Wales Co. taking out wages.  DAVIS CRKK2C.  ' Moon Raker claim bave ftilled to ruu iber  tunnel through the siuro, and have ahando  ;!;4'hbatrk: RoYAii.^'I'he; /representafiohrof  a '������%\sz in the Dark** took������������������>place oh Thiirs-  day^evching last at the Theatre Rbyah The  p iece is a ge n u i ii e farce,', w ri tl en by ��������� Biick-  st6iie, who:^ never wroie- a poor play ; although in regard to its originality; the ^author  d. pes not p ro ba b ly ,61 ai m .the c on c e pti o n ��������� o f  the:: idea of the trahsferof the llbeauty ��������� spo.'"  in the dark^for that was an old story long  before this' play was"writtenV _The-scene is  in^ah -apartment in the villa of Mr. Pettibonef  ;M rs: Pe tti b o ne: (Miss;El orenc e Wi Iso n) - isi si t^  >feing^afca-table-'taking^uiiiy^atory^ of';-afoo.U  ,lection .of curiosities. A ring at the hall door  startles her, and Mary; (Mrs. Kelly);enters  an d -announces Mr; Frank Pa thorn (Mr; Bennett;) : Jrank enters and a ; very cordial  greeting passes beiween .him ^ and Mrs. Pettif  bone���������they, having been:early lover;'Frail li  informs her that hebas; brought her some  ,cnr*ositiesrto add t^her'coil^tion^^ Mr;'Pe^  ti bone;(MrV Thompsoh) enters^ retii rning froni'  his 'business  in^ the: city, aiid is' glad to see  tm A. *Fish,- out 6if| Water,** by Joseph liuun^  The play is simply an amusing representation, fp X  of a.ludlerons 1 mistake;made^ thef steward('1  o f Sir George Cou ri\yyiny&m ployihg a secretary and cook for a foreign embassy.   The nX  cook ^ being , thet first applicatifc,.", throiigli a ,,-���������;������������������;  coin cide n ce of: circ amstan ces; -was in is ca kea X i  by the steward for: the secretary; and the situation and salary be"ng:so tempting, tbe cook    -^  could not resist the offer, aud ; accepted  it  Tlie applicant fop tbV secrefcary'a?������situatiou  being also.mistakeufor the book, finding,that 'j  he was forestalled, from a motive of love for V  the ambassador's ^daughter, ��������� who was ^  to accompany her fatiierV accepted the vacant-, ;  situation .of cook,v in order> tliat .he ^njight': f'  .���������"A:?y  part which *properly>belonged to tlieiother^ '  can;ronly-be understood by- wfthessingJts per--   .  f'  fo r m an ce. ' The p lay is a very good' o ne , an d;.  the finale is most'excel lent.   Mr. McNaugh*7      ,   /  ���������ton; ini the character of;Stewardj'commenced    -  well, but his'representation did nqtseemso  iy  complete at the en d; it seemea - to "lack study.    '  Mr.  Thompson,', as 'Sam Savory, was inimi- i ,  ij rank; ��������� aad very socrti d iscloses to bim fthe  Sec re fc of h is- j e al o u sy To f his w i fe> and 'proposes a trial of her fidelity.' Mrs. Pettibone is  just entering,the" room anda overbears^^ ;the  little;plot as agreed upbn between Pettibone  ahd Erank ; Pettibohe makes ah Excuse^for a  few' m i nil te's;: a ipse n ce, a n dv re ti res to the co n -  servatory,   watches'- thro^iigh  a window and  disco vers. Prank., ;ki3sm^ Mrs,: ? Pettibo he's  hand ;. returns, in a?fit of. agonizing, jealousy,  which he trios to conce^l/but acts most ludicrously ";" conceiyes a splendidridea ; putsWt:  'tlus; lights (accidentally); pours ink ;on  his  ; sot  -File-  have  e'd  portiihjly of��������� bayi ng jajkiss 1 pithfedark ; Petti:  vb o htere tu r n sJ wi th 'y a'^light* au d   d iscoy ers  a  black spot pnl prank's noj5e,;^orrespbhdirig to;  the���������.,^ne',' on Mrs; Pettibone's cheek ; lefids  Mrs. P. put-that shes may look, in ������the glass.  M ary en ters ; Fr a n k kisses b e r an d' ��������� p 1 an ts a:  triplicate of, the ink spot on her cheek ; Petti b one . re-en te rs   and .finds that Fran k' h as  been kissing the maid also.;;vows revenge;  rushes put for his: pistols ������������������'; returns an dvfjnds  ah *.linknown female'*- (Miss Ed\vards)"' sittiihg  in a chair, cloaked.and veiled, thinks  it  is  Mrs.  Petti bone 'about to elope with Frank,  catch es ho Id o f her very r u de ly an d threatens'  vengeance;jV'uhknowh;;female**;screams; all  en te r", in h as.te ; Pe tti b op e > is ��������� leorifouri d ed .'to.  disco ver; that he has made/a;:m*stake ^and asks  who is the strange lady.,..: Frank declares.; her  to be 11 is w j I % to. who ui "������������������ he��������� was. cl a n desrti n el y  married-: previous to: his se tti h^ out for Amer^  ical'"'. Pettibone '-is.-; overjoyed ,to find;that his"  wi fe is n b t. goi ng to elo p e wl th l"*.ran k; ah d  asks ier; to   exp iai.i the kiss "in ;t3>e.:dark.  Mrs.. P.: confesses to having  overheard   the  mean p.l otto try her fide 1 i ty,; and th at she h a d:  resolved,.;as ;he..--.hadv:suspected^ her /witfc;  out: cause,  .to   give  hiiii a reason ������������������for; his  j eal o usy.   Pe ttib o ne asks Jo rg iy eiiess, shak es  handsWith ;Frank's wife, kisses her: andj tells  Frank 'that   the- books are . balanced.   The  play.;was^well sustained...throughput.: and re-  fleets! gre a t ��������� c re di t up 6 h  the;- m an age'rs ;for  their excellent skill in casting the characters,  all of whom acted their .-parts.; well ; and for  the fi rs t ap p earance o f M rs; I _e I ly, we m u st  say. that she ahbwed an ad aptness for the  s ta|e wh ic h can no t fail to make h e r a y a lu-  able acquisition to the dramatic corps.   Miss  Edwards did not have an opportunity in this  play to display her ability ; the part assigned  to her required but little acting ; but in .the;  play a week previous, when she made her  debut,: she   proved herself, on the score of  set I possession   and   ease  of  maimer, quit',  equal to any task that may. be assigned  io  her.   For the interlude, Mr. Seymour sang a  comic medley, **. Richard Co3ur DeLeon^"* aud  when encored, '*33olty Perkins."*   Mrs. Tracey  sang " A Kiss and Nothing More/* and for an  encore, "My Robins .so^'Shy,'* .The.siugiiig  was excellent.   Mr. Seymour i>osse.i5J-es a fine  voice  and  seems  to   be overflowing with  comic originality.   Mrs. Tracey has a sweet  voice,  but  this   being   hev   first  .appearance she manifested &> little timidity iu tbe  first song, but in the sece nd she  was  com;  pleteiy collected and &?.ag admirably well,  and was enthusiast!^ aly   applauded.   Tbe  BHCORd piece per.or?������ -d wm the oaa act farce hng a  ^^inibiihg^  week;road ib 11*: aiid $2000 a week: mining  licences', etc. ��������� .   '",, "      ���������:  The Street;���������Since the street* through the   *  town has been put in such fine condition; afi  the expense of tbe Government, principallyy ���������  ,  it is a'pity^to see it obstrhcti*d again by the  accumulation of ntbbish.   It would be but a, ?'  trifling expense for the proprietors of bpuEes   f  ��������� to emp 1 oy aChinaman pr two oneea^eekAp* - ;  kecpthestreets cleau. .    .     .  The Bed-Rock Drsun still holds good, aud  -  if- it continues so mr a day or two longer all ' r  darigeri for the s3asonv will > be past^ The  hydraulic claims: on ������������������- tbe: creek; have -very,.;'  generously stopped working in order to allow;   /  the creek to be kept as free as possible, V   ,, ���������  FuESHiJT^T-The hot sun of the" last three  days has, raised the water in the creek;:so  that great fears, have been entertained for the  safety of the drain.   Men from nearly all the ^  claims on the creek have turned.out in order  to pre vent the overflowing* of the biilkhea^a.  ���������'Barnard's ���������Expfes;arri:ved :yesterday,:;; atj";^'; fy;:.  o "clock, with the' m ai Is and the foil 6 w i n_r p as- f  senger:-���������Messrs.: (������ B. Wright, Woodcock, ;���������;  Joey, Glynn, Mr3.;?hi^  child. ��������� =,   -���������-     : *," f .y T   "-'y ���������   '  '- ���������     ������������������ *; ���������  Look Out .;,pott'ithb; Wizard!-Martin; the      ;  Wizard is at the Mouth, and will be here in &  few days.   Prepare yourselves everybody for  sorae good sport, such as cannot be exceUed.,  , Colliks & Co.-have purchased a grist milt  m PortlandvOregon, and intend,-to bring the  machihery to Suda Creek and have it running ���������  Ms season.' .   . .*;';,;,-������������������ '���������'<���������;'' Tj-f if.  The weather for the last three dayslai  been excessively hot for this time of the year,. ���������   ,.  The thermometer baa been up to J)a io the  shade. .'������������������     ;.yf\ \> 'iff: :':f': yf''fi  Two droves of cows were brought on to   ;;  the creek yesterday, in coi sequence of which  -  tbe price of milk has fallen to $t \W gallp|j.  The down Express will close at 10 ofclocK ; .  on Tuesday morning, and the mails at 0-'fliii'..  evening. _���������-._���������:. :Ayy f-'f- i;'* ���������.'���������;���������'_-'������������������.....  Two pack kaihs arrived yesterday, ;br!ag'  " -bout 2000 pounds weight oi'goods. r,.-  im  ���������r    }  mm  mm  m  ���������  ygr  "iftfXfffT  ��������� . f  f  y.  t:i ���������mx- i  ��������� r',..������^_i������..-V  _;__ _;_;.-?.*_*_������������ifirfSy-W*W**B* *'���������' ^ !  .-j...-������_*..v -..  J  >_rn  ">��������� ���������  1MT HEART' IS YOIJNGr.  * 2tfv heart is youngi tbo* tresses grey . ;,  r' Hive seat the blooroing cbeelis away y, ,;..  '.   TlieiYaft 6nce ���������tor-fe'^irt^BPW:^  "' ' WithWrinlcVed brow and. eyesight dim.   _  r      - It is not years tbat makes me old.  ;    f   >        l?or tbey arefew and qiiickly tola.  ������������������-.-_. '' " .Upon, mjf life a blight have east, ���������  V . Mr be*Tt is young, tlio" withered frame \  \ i And rtot'teriog step deny the same;  'TX- TJab7 shaking ��������� voice and sunkenieye.  *>A*-htAKi?^ u_������-/i-.'tw������ fnth belie.  returning npino the. Co^.^������ inWy. ac,.0m  confined cylinder. ���������. fh ? o^cc. f ^ Ro{li,tcr������  plisbcd by the u** "^VSorltt. in which the berry  as used by;FEU. & CO vl^a'hoat a_d the vapor  indirectly exposed to the ri ���������* j" K > ltt addition to  extracted carried off n*1���������1;}?;���������j**..iPid rem-val of  the advantage to be ^^^^^^^ the  the steam oon^imnR t ie fh*g���������������$ the ^ehml oil  pure aroma ot ^oC���������������Z\^lrd as in the Cylinder  being preserved ^not cxI���������*���������������l0T.,nn\n a much  Roaster, where^.tj l^f^^4 " ^teamin? it under-  VlCTQRIA^Al)VHQ���������������H^  aB JEW SflllSPlIBf  Importer and Commission Merchant,  WHARF STREET,       -       '       -, VICTORIA, J^I  May 1,1S63.  6m  G  LiL>������ or nrrest the aemnuu.uvu ,.  ,hen puna j^*$^^  .rousting, aud rappcwll> *������ e^n'^Uvdestroys  U1C iu i<-v^��������������� ������..- -,-  Coffee when ground,  ces a of;  action.- . .  its fitness for drink.  V  SUTRO   &  Corner of Vates and Wharf Street*,  Victoria, V. I.,  IMPORTERS OF CIGARS AND TOBACCO  May 1, XSC8;  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS?  EMALI.ANDAINE, COLLECTOR ANDfGXJKERAl  .'"'AGENT. Government Street, Victoria,-V. I.    '  M������V 1.-18C8.     . .: .   6m  .      Tbe 'summer ���������ay_.qr.eam������ ui ;^ ,f--  . .  '   r '   Have vauisbed .with the winter's blast  '   ' -   '    '   '.        ".    it is not years that makesme oia.  ii The1 youth I loved was-all .to me,  j-'.*������_   -.'- __!:_r_-_.l-'.-i AAiiMoni)  onhnptfl'V  ' ''���������.  akm^floo on account of Us i U e f^- --^.  use our Coffee; roasted in the^^nlc,  Roa������ r,  iuitsfavor. M____. rat'esSt. Victoria..     | I,,  ..^TM  ROADSIDE APVgKTjggM^gg1__[  li ���������  " ' - So full of misery and woe,  %fffXyxyy:PyXif iT- -���������^yyyxxyiy -v  -'" l ������������������;///���������'*���������-������ ��������� ������������������ .i^'i-i t ~u_v.*i_i:_k^wWK_-*  QlffA if ffyy\'-i:f:-i ���������:'���������^'<^iY^'i'^t':'���������'������������������ ..������������������'>���������'-." ^ ���������'������������������ j : Vi,/-';.'���������'_;..'V\V".,:i.;  _50   mil ..Oirmiacu-jr aiiu *������v,v, , ��������� ,  This day I should bave been tbe bride ...  ' Of him who died a suicide!   : .  '���������'-' "-���������'���������" 'ihatnia^es;#ie old.  s -TikL. 6'EfpiON.  itVi868.f- *?>:;> 7, ���������  ... QUESNELMOUTH,    . ^  fiii^^ :  Stabling for HorseE.IIay and fcu*. , :  May 1^ 18C8. '      '���������     - ______   -.  LAND AGENT, Etc.,  GOVKUS-ENT STtoT,  ViCTORTA,:T. I.  All business carefully''������^ punctually attended nC  Mav 1; 186S.  Om  TE  WILLSOH &  COFFEE    ROAS  ��������� And Dealers in ���������  GROCERIES. PROVISIONS, Etc  '   '       ~'~     '  -   '.-_____!  ���������   ,  , ���������   ��������� '/i.^ and Labor,���������Luck is ever waiting for  - - 'something to turn up j Labor, with keen eyes  '""nd   strong, will,   will-turn up something.  ^_.^-vii*^1vi^_f_i'*o.���������-_i . .postman ���������  ._eB;new3^of:;;a': Legacy ;  x.olclock.-and'.with busy:  neri:nays;f;tlie foundation.  ;"'v���������-"kl^Sines ;".Labor.  Labor on  .to: indt-  fjintiepen-  ^ptir'cr than  noth-  ter than  faith.  Sthe purest,  rhtestj the  iness.  TS OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE  I Travelling public; the bedrooms ore-spacious and  airy and tho Beds cmnot besttr^se^^  and comfort by any in;tbc lower country; tbe T^e.-jj  always supplied with the best of victuals. Siablmg.  for Horses; Hay, Oats Aid Barley constantly on hand.  Mny-1,1S6S.. '������ J  Mayi, "ises.  Fort Street, Victoria, V. I.  RS  Oai  ���������p -WATSON, Wateli maker. Jeweler  l_i_ and Engraver, Government'street /next  tfl tbe St. -Nlchohus Hotel, Victoria, V. I.    Chrcn-___a  ometers n^d Watches cleaned, repaired and'-varmiit-  ed.    Every description of Jewelry made to order. "  Plain and Ornamental Engraving neatly executed.  May 1,1868. .  _m  DAILY and "WEEKLY   " BWITI?H COLOnSt  aud VICTOniA CHRONICLE.*8.   Ortlew for mall."  ing'ctther tho Daily or Weekly issues of tho above to "  any part of Europe, tbe United States. Canada, Australia   *.n   Xrtft. at tbu nfflco or sent to Victoria will fa*  May 1, 1868.  HOTEL; DE FRANCE; .'-'.'  6oyt:itsMEN*r Strkex, Vzcr<>RUt V. I.   - ;  THE RESTAURANT in supplied witb all.th������  1 delicacies ol the season, and the sleeping accom..  dat ion is replete with'every comfort. Tae utat of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars. ,.  '   ' J. BIONE & CO., Proprietors.   .  Mft>.l. 18C8: .-.6_  LYTTON, BiC.  fTHB PUBLIC ARE RESPECTFULLT INFORMED  1 that the-above Hotel.is now open for tbe accommodation of travellers. ' One of the best Cooks tn the  country is.retained at this establishment and the Bar  is, supplied, with, a cboico assortment of Wines and  ���������Sho^ndersign'e^wuW also announce that attached  ���������to the Hotel be lias an extensive Livery Stable.paddle  | Horses-for hire at moderate rates.   Hay and?Oats for  f-Xiff xicWHA & co,;  ���������:' '���������*,���������; " ''-- 'ft - .-��������� ���������'.' -' ''���������'-" Proprietors. ; ���������;  ������dV"York, California, Rud European Express,   ,  ward W_a^_**W_! "4_J,_^" But**.   Bills of.  ^-_^t^Sl=������,v.i:       ;zm  M������yl,.186S.', _____ ��������� ��������� . ������������������;   T. N. HiBBEN a CO.,  ^^i^^^^ MODSHATE TERMS.  English, American, f.   '  & French, Gorman,  And other Kevfspipors and Periodicals.   ���������  Sonscatrnov3, adding p"c_t^e, payable is *������������������*-  May 1,1868.  GEORGE JAMES PIS MAT;  sule cbeap>:.  ;,royl4 6m;  , The foundation of domestic happiness is  ip^wv ,_. J ' faith Ah the virtue bf7woman *; the foundat"6n  ^K of political happiness ia confidence in the -in-  f;i tegrity of man ; the foundation of all happi  ness, temporal"'and eternal, is reliance on the  goodness of God..    ' t-  '��������� Cleanliness of person promotes health of  f body, and this inturn naturally begets purity  c-tmind and' moral elev������ttionv? Such persons  ' fi requite as much tsonce'rued in haying the  Inner and .unseen as\tidy iind as clean as the  outer' and  thoJ visible 5 they are pure from  principle, not policy.��������� - v  He who pursues his own advantage only,  so far as he can do so without injuring an-  f  cither, i.; jrist:; he who gives up his superfluity  ^. ' rather than do harm to another, is noble ; he  X-X*:'y$p; worUs'ipnly)^^'tiie::;:coinm6h.'.welfare; is  ,    tbe most noble, and no one but liim deserves  ��������� ���������.   that name,     'lyf    -    ... ;- ,.'"'.  V ���������   ;   ���������  ���������^^^MEi^liftve^a;tnufch/i'nicer������������������'. s^nse  of the  bemifci fill- than: men'. f "They are;; by far, the  ;v Mfer nmpires in matters of propriety and  if gr&e^.:-v A^himere^scboblfgirl^will be thinking:  :::;'-and; \vr'ittn'fc:.--ab.b. itigt^e:. beauty of birds and  i������������������- Mbssbnis,Vwhilef.hie_������ brother is robbing the  ^;! iiesjs andfe  ' fXT-fiBn^ge^ has'_ itiiit^ttockhead cleaned oif  ft--.tfiii'mow-iTOm^tn^pavembnU?/ ** Yis, mann."'  V Did he 'do it with alacrity V.7 ��������� *' No, marm���������  with '-a. shpvcl."::;;.  ''My-'dear, doctor," said an Irishman," it's  no use in giving mo. an ein eti c; I tried i fc  twice in Dublin, and it would not stay on my  stomach live minutes.^  "Does this razor go;easy ?"��������� asked a barber  of a victim who was writhing under a clumsy  instrument, whose;chief recommendation was  a strong handled ''Well.", replied the poor  fellow, "that depends upon what you call the  operation. If you are skinning me, it goes  tolerably easy ;: but if you're shaving, it goes  -;rath'er;hard."',/_ ;   ,. '  "'vThb UsivERSAii Practice oi* mixing Chicory and  other adulleratives with CoJTee, has very much damag  itd in public cstimatibn, what ought to be the most  delicious of Beverages.-'-  So eflectually have the public  CLI  Clinton City,    ,  BRITISH    COLUMBIA  >OH.y HkNRT Dl-ttHAM.  FINDLAY & DURHAIVi,  Xfff IMP ORT ERS,    \ f..;'  And General Commission  Merchants, .Wharf Street,  ���������ff ". 'Ayt ;"...     Victoria, V. I.1.' ' ������������������:/.'.-;      ��������� ���������.- .:;.;.';  London omce-Si^Great St. Helens, Biabopsgatc Str.^  Mayi,.lSGS."       -fiyf-f "���������'     '       0m';  STORE STREET,  ��������� ������ Betw"Jcu Herald *nd- Fisguard,;Victcrii, V.: L _...._...;.;j  .A KDREW  ASTRiCO RESPECTFULLY 1NF0RM3  i_T hYS" WftfttttH "suw'*iiw"-ttawHfflgr _w**U������r'. ;iat ��������� ��������� -.  the above Hotel is tbo most comtnodious and tlcan j  hotel in Victoria. It is conducted on the Europeon ']  principle, and tbo tabids supplied with.thcyiry be.t     i  the mwrfcoi affords.' ,   ,    /, . ,      j  A restaurant b'ciug at incited to thc premises, rowdi  can be bad at nil hours of the day.. Private ainin_  rooms for families;   The rates of oho r_^v������ ore as lol- .  lows: Board ������ud' lodging por week,   $o 50.to $6 GO;   :.,  ditto per day. $1 00 ; Single metils, thiny-sevi-n^d . :  a-liall cents ; beds, .60 cent?.     Tcrms-Casb io ad-     I  rauc<\   A flri-pruui'safo in the houso.  Miy I, 1868. ���������, ���������    '  ��������� -  6m  WILLIAM' .C.__S-J-Ali.E80:i;  OIDON  HO  goversmekt street, victoria, y  'Wholesale and 'retail.  .       4; H. TURNER & CO. -ft  Y 1  ISirOHTERB OF- V-  Eneli8h"'& French Silts, Shawls. Dresses; JJ������  :-;'���������: ^clothing, Gloves, nnd every description ������������������  ���������  ���������' - :- .:l*������rrtpcry Good*. ��������� .     ��������� ^   ������������������ -��������� ������������������ ... ,.  ��������� Receive re_rtttfir>uppl������e������'by Express via^Pantni������M-J  bv filing vessels via C;.pcllorn^  - -ffff  ; "jaSar Particular ottontiou given tp-aii orawr**  X6nd'onrFlrnWJ.' ?.- Tcnbtali & Cor 'ft-y^  ESTABtiSHED -1868,.  m  Mayi;i86S.  'to  rpHIS SCBI5CRIBERS, FOR MANY YEARS PRO-  1 prictors of the Twenty-Nine Mile Hou?e, Douglas  portage, beg to announce that having purchased the  Clinton Hotel property, they are pmpared to "afford  excellent, accommodation to tho trnvellinf. public.  The table will.at ail times bo well supplied, aud in the  Bar will bo fdiind.the choicest liquors.  :. Ample: stablings for animals; and the^ best Of; feed  constantIy-;-bhhand;-.:  ;; They;respectfully invite a call from their old customers, as well as tlf������5 travelling public gehefaily.  Clinton, B. C;, May 1,1863 f.   i   J.-SMITH & CO.:  W^f^ L^ei^ry Ins^*ri.te  ;. "Jf B: THOMPSON"; ��������� PkESIDE%*t>   '"-::-/  fff  JAMES\ANDERSON, ViCK-PRBSmBST. .  "WA.TCHMAKSR  AND JEWELLER,  CLUB BUILDING,  Government Street,      -      -    ������������������������������������-'������������������'  Jewelry of every description made to order.  May 1,186$. " ������������������      Victoria, V. I.  6m  H. S. BLUNT,   "  JOSEPH CLEARIHUE  JOHN MacLAREN,  1, [��������� DiR  A. GILMORE,  ERGHANT   f AIL.OR;  X'fffXX^"ATES STREET,    ;;���������-.  Third"door below Government Street, Victoria, V. I;,  .'Has on: hand, and i?, constantly receiving a large  assortment of Cloths,^ Cassimerbs ;an'd ; Vkstingp,  wlilclvbo is prepared to make to order in tho most  approved Ftyles:  ;/ ''������������������"-  All order* from Cariboo promptly attended to.  May 1,:1S6S...  -'       f':-f%:'- '-;;;- "'���������������������������'���������- ' :-t '-'   6ml  G-BELLEY &FITERBE,  WHABF. STUEET, V7CT0B1A,  JESSE  'IRnCTOlS.  Jerms of SubKcription���������$5 per Quarter, or . $2 per  M/mth. Single volumes loaned 'to' non-subscrVbera at  50 cents por volume, with $1- deposit.  /Persons not subscribers, visiiing thc Reading Room,  and making uso ofthe Books and Papon?, 50 cents for  each visit  The Room wiil be  P. M.  .. ���������- DEALKTt- IN ��������� - : -  ���������IIBE BOOTS'AIB SHOES,  No. 23 YATES STREET, VICTORIA,.  (Opposite Wells. Fargo & GVs.)  Always on hand���������Cajf, Kip, Shoe Findings, etc., etc.  May 1,1S68. -. -���������'      ' .    ������������*���������  _ Dealers in  Fine EnkHsli, French & Ainerican Liqno:*, ;|  Fm Charnpagne, Claret and Brandies.. _!  a    t AlifiF "stock  op   BONDED   WTNES'AS������;  CASH  All ordersAyill r^iv^prt^^^,  <.- Tit mt<������   A ceu ts for Hostel tor S- ���������������";'.  Mav 1.1868;  SCOTCH   HOUSE,  FORT    STREET,    VICTORIA  open from TEN, A. ��������� _L. till TEN,  JOHN BOWRON,  Librarian;  N. B ��������� AflneassortancntofBooks and Stationery is  always kept for Hale,. 6m  EXPRESS fc G-ENERAL  AGENCY!  A.  fcLEAH & Go.,  Gkxkual OUTlTJTEnS,  TMPORT CLOTIHNC OF ALL KI^DS ; also ROOTS  .1. and SHOES, direct from the best English and  Scnleh markets.   .Sell retail at  wholesale prices for  ���������CASH.    All orders sent  promptly attended to,  Mavl. 18C8.  tb rough Barnard's Express,  6m  E_iCJH^NG-En  ���������;;;.;';:.sqda creek, b. c.; .;  T^E ; TJNDEMONEDr^  I. above well known an������lpopuhir^tabn^jjc,^^  to inform their numerous Jnends ^y/id;everyf-  rally, that they im now prepare^S^V *".  commodation to-the Wgfgfc^  most reasonable rato of charge!*... uowur.'.   ;* .  bcdTCbnmberfs.   ;       f'.;ifi _.��������������������������� heit;-t"ran*"?"  The Bar is storked with tbe very best  Wines; Spirits and Cignrs.. ,.,.������������������     ��������������������������� -ubstantlals w  ntxuricB the country:affords, and;mpa������.      , r  SlUe^bieB are spacious ^^^M  by first-class hostlers, and a constant .wpi it  best provender of all kinds. f-_im.y coii'liiciva  In short, every ^vm\���������c*JJ?Jm& f������������^ ^  to the comfort of men and benU w W       {0 ^  the proprietors will spare n<>^������;Vt?onize their #f  tire satUaction to all who may Wu8OT&T|gfc <������  lishmcnt. , mr ���������    xa ���������-������,������-     ������������������.ioyi������n"  Soda Creole, B.C., March ^Mf^____,  f|   N   THE   ARRIVAL    AT  \J every Mail and Express, 1  kerville with an Express foi  Mosquito and Red Gulch  Creek  and  week  on  kinds  will  BARKERVILLE    OF  , -. REID will  loaveBar-  for the following places  BAILEY'S  PRIVATE   .BOARDING    HOUSE,  Fort Street, Victoria, between Douglas anil  ��������� Rroud ".Streets.  A    p/JLEY  \J.  1> |  REGS TO  INTIMATE TO   THE    public    that   ho   has purchased    the  building and turniJure, as lately occupied by Mrs.  TIeal, which ho ha. entirely refitted si threat cost, >and  the premises will n'������w be found replete with every  convenience for the comfort of Families and ladies and  gentlemen.   lf-iTTerms moderate.  N. R.���������In ad (Ml ion to trie above, N. C.  co���������iinue? tt} carry on the H>te   and Bo  on Lri.np.ley street.  Mayi.lWj  EG TO RETL^N THANKS TO^THEI^.^ m  UXor the past, and in order to jn������ ^  have reduced tho scale of P"^^- and Ijjf������  ^S?.__lSSiiB__3  Having recmlly tnede ^^^"S  an_t.ondoU8upportm.tUeiutore. .    .Wlin.   |  ,:ft5?lS Bar Wi������ **&*������**" ^ai*i  -1  R n i I pv-1 ko I of W i n cs, Liq uorp a nd Ci en rs. ^,d bo^4       ]|  :������^ 1  em    1     UayLim.  ��������� B  .Vi.  ..am


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