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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-06-12

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 1ENTS.  disc, '}  ������TAIL.  Liacn aaj  Quilts,  iT4PcshyCar.  v'ctorla, b. c  ___Jm_  l&,po,  ^fcbifrits.  J������rs, and Gre.  Victoria, V. I  ���������-il!L  ti* ���������'.'���������  Gloria, between  vest,side.  i; und attended  .' ��������� Cm  ad Lodging per  Single meals,  ���������Proprietor;.- ���������  :/��������������������������������������������� 6m ���������-;���������';��������� -;-  IfXff  ifttrtcr of Eng  itciaes audi' ������������������/  I. . .  ��������� ���������/.-'.���������  ly attended to,  ff   :f'$m. ���������  Government:  ! despatch.. :.  :n axd;en-  ������t, next to tho.  .1. Ch runout*  ml warranted,  o order. Plain  tutcd.  '���������'."���������''   '6m ������������������  }.'���������������������������. ���������.-;���������" :  : BUILDER,,  ���������a Streets, ..:.  of veliicK'' A  ays on hand,   ,  \*Xf.f :������������������"'���������  Taney Foreign  b:c.  .fl  :ing,etc.  s pacta Goods fa  id. manufacture  crs."   AU kinds  miptly alicmled  VPMAN;    '.  ,cs St. Victona.  lilt?,* 'Insnrance  f victoria, % 1.  isions,  'reserves, .  3ria,V.l.,B.C-  ff VICTOIXLL  y atteniyj^  VIctA* f[  >>;y,' - '��������� \;'; i ff Itl ������������������ff. tf -p  VoM*  ���������,,.' : :.'.-( ��������� ..���������' *������������������:.������������������.���������.��������� ._������������������,.'   ���������������������������"���������   f"."\,^'.V 4", ���������'*"'%: ��������� i'.' ��������� .I'""'-".'   ''"'-: .   ��������������������������� :*\;      ,   '  ���������* ,'���������'    '<��������� ��������� '-���������'������������������    ���������v..   '/'���������������������������':���������!��������� :���������:���������;.���������; :\.; (. !.',   i'lr^'.i^ J "''(-'���������'        '^^   T^"*^.**  'ft; ;##&���������;.  iEVJSRY -WEDNKSPAy and^iSAlIU'RDA^;  Snbgcription,- $ 1 -per iweek\.(incliidipg' co, t  |o! delivery ).<pavabjM.oJ. the c^rrier^; >;'f'/, ^  r ^vKJrbcery1^ore).:ii^l:' '���������-ffp  .   .-  -,.     ������������������.-���������  ���������   ���������.',������   %s'*H >JM':1 "rJ    ":''i ���������������'������������������=������..���������    J:  , Agents fpr;:; tlio"Vs- pariSpp'^eii^tfel*"  iQucsno I rn bo tb', If r. Gou"tile, jBarhar/������s-E^  jSoda Creeks';; X ������������������ { ^rl X^fi -:���������>��������� -Baradrd^xjirefif;  |Yalo; ' ������������������������������������;-- _ Mr. Evans, ���������. _do_.._���������,v/J.dP. J;,  [Now Westminster, J ���������:.  fVicturia,  \fj-:flfrlj::j.:  a ��������� GURioro^RECiiarorjs1 sec^ r;m.ft  .: vM31arfc_bn & Co  0 ther year^ll will W^  o������a;Migipus;soefe^  Temarkaole^iiLf.itevma6b  eoine under our observation?: iifeortbut f'of  bboJWifvi'v'"  "ft  if--i". 3"  j; A New BuEEpn-L^DiNO RiPLE.^Tbe new  rifle ifiyeni������dx\iSy-Meyydfer9 in'&sfc Prussia,  seetnsi :to ^be tbypfar the mdsfcttormidable*  weapon in extstence. ^Ch arge , anH discharge  appear to, take, p lace almost simiil taneously;  ao^it ��������� is -tisaid ^hat tbkt^lMtsian^bd fired  fr6iri;it;inf a-mlnutel4Atj the moment when  the* barref isrcldsed [by-a-valve/ the cartridge  is^explpdeidji byrr means of a smalL knin?V; >A  ir.\^������<  A; very; 'remarkable^ society-exists ��������� [ amopg-  fine itttdetl'iS-Sf 7 tb^apt^ instiUtiib n^iiow n"  as Shurtltiff Gbllege, at-Upper-Altorirlllviand:  lis caUed Uie^gtod^f^l^  !consists������df;a1]feul?^niembe^ com  mon tableanil a.cptnhion ���������;���������purs0i;/;;A!box��������� for;  Icontribu tlorislisr placed ,;ia v the^dinidgjrobni;  Iwhich the; treasurer; opens cv^ry tday;;and;  Ikeeps a record of the receipts and'? e^pendUf  piires. This o'flfcer also kee^s Vjournal,* ope  lor two extracts from which; wergive^i^v ^ /  Oct, lCr^ro^teougb^us ajload|of fcoal  Iworth $6:; :B&rD. ^mp'kfi^wo.r^  Oct.-  ��������� *���������;��������� -si  ���������SLinrHh^bpxv  We; shall need;  '$&���������?������%>  i  1  191 b 11L we trits I tb e k i n (LMaster; w ill p ro vide thfi  gBnecessaryisiim' before jtjie 'time^js^up:^;l1v^';/':;?5  MS Nov. 3���������We received: $10 to^be used for  'mm the band,'provided none Of our members used  ^raE ''��������� '/���������   '���������'' .*���������S���������J������������������ '*  ||;, tobacco. :-Oa;inquiry^we-are pleased:tp learn  US tb a t all are free fro ra tb is habit; : This a'mou n I  J|| is a vcry time 1 y re 1 ieI.: ������������������.������������������'���������������������������-;.��������� ''��������� .��������� -:: ������������������ ������������������'.���������":-; '���������'���������"���������; ���������;;:������������������'-' ���������' ���������  |J| Dec. 2.~-In .tbb altern'Oon'Sfo'^B^brouglit  Wm?>i-a.biisliel-of;-bejins^orXlv-^2^50 ;jabout^tlie  S|fiJinie time some one-else sent us &'ham worth;  Ws;Sl 75. No w notice; how :kiud. the fiord is ; ���������  Mtbe bean3;would!have:beenless agreeable for  |i������|prc3cnt use wHbout' meat tpp cpbk with\,fcbem,*  IBpad so^ he put it into the heart of���������,-;an'otherIn f  HEdtvidoal toiend^,uV.:Tne!'haBflU'-l J...'"'.,'. XXlifpf.-. '���������  1  1  mm  .i- Dresses  iiuv'3?. yi^  nd &(fl  Goods.  -, vi:i n*"  a|-   The  steward   likewise .keeps adjournal,;  ^whjch is even more'^Vcuribiis than tlie.treason rer's.   We ;ap pend ai' few ex tracts.;  f"'  m   Oct; 27~Thigt^ornlng^ a/  ggiii to help in, the,house���������a direct answer.to  prayervas,itisIvery'difficuH to ^ei'help*; ; ;  Nov. lO^For a numbpr 6fi?;tdays;l:we;h^f6|  P,boon asking the Lore! for woody aiid ijastb^*  m fo re we were ion t it^came.: Oh, \ that me d  E:W������uld praise tbe Lord..!,... .P. ,v.���������;..���������,. t,, f,,... j  Il Nov.; 13���������God. has provided. a; barrel of  ^^^gflonr, five pounds.of brown flour, two bushels  ^^gof turnips, a box containing"' coffee, sugar,  ^^pbread, and cakes valued at"$5*vWe'-are /out  iS|Sof cora mea1'' als0j ^ needed to pay .the  ftilf he]l] to-morrow. I have told Qod about it. ;!  ||S Nov-' 25-^Updtt going4o-'the Tostoffice I  ^^^found a letter containing a bill of shipment  ^���������or a barrel of molasses lfrom Iowa/ which  ^^;came from an old debt, but none  the':;less  lff Mfl'������m the Lor(1" ^e .&e4fltond;bf-.nioiasses,  Band have felt for some time that it was not an  lecoiibrhicai; way of buying;by/th;e'gailqn,,antl  ipave asked the.Lordito provide it. in larger  fen an titles.. ;.? ��������� ;: /  ��������� <;-X:r  ,���������   ,-,; . :  M The social creed pf the .'?- Band of, Faith?'  Mis embraced in three short senjenpes; 1. To  ���������wk no "one but God'for their supplies. 2.  ftwever to contract /debts for their' supplies.  ������3. To be contented with what God'gives  I them. Its membership comprises nearly one-  |half tbe students of Shurtleff College, and tho  parfeipulai^apparatus prevents 4be; espape of  jgases,^uniess ri>x;tt)������e;;J^UM,te\jrent.' ($hii  new ^ap^n^wfeighs * on\y ik "lb'8./ and .the  barrel iw^ieSgljbJ"^  jtridges are ', o\ paper;':; whichjp- besides; beirig  jcheap, ca^noi^expancLandi sticks last in \ the  (barrel,^.oal: was"ihe: .case" yfilh thfe" Anierlcan  iri^;'tried^n/St.4^e?s^  (shaped^ yprojectiiet of "tte^Me^boT^rS^ia  |a potind^"so that:pvery;sol^ie^ltf the.fieldjsan  jcarrywitb'Kta;!^ rifle is  lloadedby agenue^owlof^l  band -on the' habidlejof zibetvalve w Inch���������:briens  the powder, chanijieVIl^/the; entrance'. "of tlie  cartridge^ ^he/mventory who? is* hinlself'not  practicallyikiiledjitf, nrelMrm^ iias^pti! Several occasions :Grbd ^rteen'sbotsiin 'thirfcy-six  f ���������. Wiro: is Brxtan'nia >?^-We were not- suffi-  cientiy masters - of; the -language to exp 1 ain  exactly ?w lip B ritannia was7 j and .we left tlieni  ip: a/perplcxingi.state of uncertainty.'its to  whether-the badge; was meant for the>:Queen  of England:; or -the wife ;pf I piiribpipnel;^; The  former'illustriousi'person's existence they- had  never heard of, and they laughed us to scorn  wbdn we tp]d thenv tliat'the riiler-of pur land;  belonged to the:gentjer^ex. They thought  at,first that it.^vas oh 1 y one of.R . Xs-mId  jokes j ?.but whcn:we hadipopvincedthein that;  it* was/really the case, it'was amusing to watch\  ho w; the ;o Id women b ri died up aiid- looked at  their lords, as muchi.as ip say,. "AhaJ you-see  there, are conn tries where 'women are treated;  with proper ^espfeefcf tbfese toj ins aren't such;  'barbarians ������������������'. after aall VKfQn ���������the other band,'  the >menf ieokeft.. puzzietl, and strove to^ enlighten tliemselves by asking'/questions1;. " Dp  yx>urwomen, then, fight ?r .With one accord  tbe whple \>Mt>ypvesj)onded"T/Uather!jr flip  voices- of ^ the * married- men; of. whom there  were.two,or, three .amongst ns, being ,parti-  cuiarly "abtic'eable.4." Again the old \vomeri  looked significantly at each other and then at  their' husbands���������who thinking," perhaps, that  'the^BubjecVHf'to  might convey a bad lessonto their wives,  hu r riedly changed it.-~[ Our Life in Jap an. I  *'.,  "' ���������' "*' "        "''    "' ��������� j  1 New Discovery;���������Exchahges slate tintt a  German Professor, Charles Neuman, of Munich; h as' dis co y erei tub prig China, literature  an account of .a company pf Buddhist priests  having 0htered the jc.ontihen t o f America by  way of; Alaska, 1,000 . years p rovious . t'o the  ti me of, Ch ristp pher. Cpl u nib us., This co m-  pahy explored -with much research and intelligence the.' coasts1 of ��������� the Pacific, ��������� and  penetrated into the territory of the Aztecs.  /;|;gfl|\y.'^^  ~ :���������/ '$$%fl '[ '-���������    '     -  ]'oikPt&Xpfftft ;���������;;;���������  ^'iPt^'X^XX'f'if^t  ���������';-iJl  f:t::.t;y-./;ttllfff:.tt^  it:^:f'.^mmtr^f:0   ��������� _..-..���������  |N THE FrRST'nATfpFijrUNEiANri bNTHE^FinSl1  '.   and l&tk day of eiich;a^pnlhithcrcaftQr   . f^ - ���������"  1.!: Bernard's Ekpress,' v:  ;;-;> }>'^:>.,-,'.'}i:. <V:/Wiirdespatcli;.:-;:^v;f.U^u';.- rf  A FAST FRE1XMT TOAM ��������� F&M'yAjM  jraking/tlic trip; to^arkcrvillo^in about* 14^ilkysJ ? U?  I $ ,,, ������   ^.j, i.lJjiUl (urthcrnotice, , ,. fl    .     .     2  ���������^X;lfi  By,Uiese;teams,,onall parcels of ,50 lbs. and upwards  f ���������������������������    ���������'   if*X.r-''l'ff .?{M i>Qff:ft:f^y'"V.   ff'  Icsclusiv^^QfiRoad Tolls,, {, ti * .      {3 '. ���������>��������� ������������������,, ���������  NE\Y, ADYERT1SEMENTS.  ^^i  %  }m^Mf&imf,-fft  [}   Q A T It TUPl,TtTi'am!������1':cictrtTimtrTiww . '  iBegs ftb  aanbunco^tiiat^ he^^has^ reopened ^hla  f:tWt-  ;chargcd. ricoonlingly.-;  ! ;Shjppcrs^ay depend "on the/regularity of'Jttiesje  Itenins, f<trJwhctteer"with lull freight or iiof "tliey; will  come������tbroagli.;   ^r    -   * ,Ut-.^';,.   :t r,f,������.v,' ,"..  it'^-^imt^"p ppff^t>\J^^trNARp^^;  Hh|BarkohriUe,| wlipro :fte; is-j.preparedi to^eiecnte all  {workan^h^iine^in^h'e'bigbe^t^tyle'^ftoin*^ fff  r 11 Cartes;) dQ/^isUfi^Ambroiy Ppe i (Milanbty p'esif^p.r*  traits i n Leath er;;AVbi tVSilk,/ Unon; orCot ton j Views  of'Houses, Glaimsj ������tc;^siiiglb of Stereoscopic. *' ti ;  ;, ^JEWELLi)RK>iwork of., al I de?crjp tiong dprie in' su*  peirior. style; PRICES MODERATS.i '��������� .:;-. ;:;:,, = ff  ,. ^ovem"ber-20'   1868.^"-^ . **- i'&^VitjZ-,,  THROUGHt^3p VICTORIA,IN, <SEVEN  ^Jl.i'ii1'^*.  J!$?sl ���������"." ���������-';!'!.;���������''-, \  On-and/affe& 2fii.li day of'May, and un'tif further  |ig1jC0'theJil^ular,_ Weekly ��������� Express/wUhamye^aX  th^sarhe^lay fii.6i)?cIoc^; p:nnv sarripingilat; Yule on  Tlnirsday,and;yictoria;, oriySaturd.ay ..evening. of; cacb  wbett.*^ ���������" :.'   v- -:-\f ',.   . '    ��������� :".. if'  v  ' -'" ' ; '  ^Bdr^rates ofjlfreightjand ;passage^ftpply4,piv;,vi*y; V  . y. if ' ��������� ���������:��������� s.,6RxiANpVv.. ��������� -v.  >Mayl9:-:     ���������''"      " '     '"        Agent; Barkerville.  Important; -to  ,1!  I :LL FREIGUT. CONSIGNED TO,,J., C. BEEDY,,  "JX'' Yalcj. B; C.y will b e for ward ed to any partj of  tlio Colotiv, on;tne most reasonable terms-.free of com-:  miSSiOU.-V,    ������������������...;.    ..,' A^E^S^.., ,\,-:,    r,,.,:;tff-g;:., \  : Miliard -kBecdy,' \ f' 'Denouvjori 5c. Kurtz j..   \; ;  Victoria;..:  ;  y-:'-  ^^/���������r'Barltcrville.::  Barkerville, April l?th; 1869.;. ;���������'..?,w    ; >,:;\.f ������������������.  m  ^i^jf<Tttf'���������?fly Uifrf] i  Av"HO,fc^A^E::;A^]9^r  HA R.D W;^t i:\^Xf I'flftQDS.  CLOTHING,-BOOTSr* SHOES, ETC.,   \  WflrrantGdiUo^.tftbOfS^rpasseir^b^ ���������    :    r ��������� ^  Pacific coast.. - /"    " .*" ��������� f' f;"--':-   -tt. ".?'":���������::���������. f-* '. ���������'��������������������������� %..       ".rt    : ��������������������������� ��������� v;"  -i   GUM BOOTS CONSTANTLY ON HANB^^; ^<;i  I'ltEPAIlii^O1 done Iniliefb'esi^niaj  notice/  tne^best manncr,'ar "sliortest;       ' v������  ���������^���������sJi������Ai:..' ,    ' r' IO : i;fi'p.    ���������" ';:c,'".'"/     ' ;'  e abOVff.   hn bp.P-R fn Tint.tftr   h*������ : *-'������������������������������������-       ..  ���������'.i f J' f ������������������'���������������������������!������������������ '������������������.y,'^:ijl "f-1.'   '.tt-'-'���������' ������������������'*'-'ink!  ftf :fl:"-flf'i ; ::'-;;'i:":.':/V;: ^  i 8    :'  't   -.--���������', ^ jsS  J^p?JmWEfBJMK!OPfBJl^^  \ ^BjirkeryUle,: May. 5^������&f,-,fXX,; i .',* ������������������ ;f:^ :; ������!^*^*;  |icG^e3^  ; /;:  tVy  C|"i  ^trtA.r  vn'i,"  k"C*  &- SCTJ^ei  n^^Tl'C.  THE  UNDERSlGNEm^EGS3> Tb:-INFORSf  HIS  t , lrlends(and|tbc p.ubU'cf tbat be.bas fitted up so-na  ���������^MF^aT^tJ^ ^iD;:;FtQ0JV1S:.4  In^i^e^j^uiWi^,'^nere he;is preparedVtp giyo>>  good Bftds at, a;,r,e;w������x^^ =>  vfl>voi^niTO%witiiTn"eir^&ttvrpimgt^tqwy^ttp^  ���������     ..            v       ).  -��������� ���������   :-.���������������������������-.'c^  -���������'    ���������������������������:,.  ".   ��������� ; ('  v|; ���������."���������';'���������,:  't  i#  ffXX-  ''JXfj  -���������<v'-  'px-pu-f  cleannessiaiidcomforUof^bisybouse^ (.ffz- ������  ii'j; 0^r  i: * Ho takes also t-U'is opportun i'ty Tto* re mi dd"the" Car) ���������  booltesrubat bis Browery Ihas^vreceivedrAhaSBSBSR'  PRI^E of:.tb e fJolobyj for bis. celeb ca ted.L...  ���������������*..������* 'l.--,iff.f;' XXX,  Aiid the true amateurs jwllibo'able ta judge.by. theiu-  selves"-thatis"iicb': nonbrable^prize:'hasi:been, justly  aw,arded;to.:bini^������;.:".- fy ������������������������������������������������������ x-f/? 1 ������������������;i^liff-- f. tff.'ft  " N.. 'Bi ���������A large "front room to let. '*'  -BiirkcrvilleVJari. 23^1S69[f'^^l  $H <!  JN."G0XI0  Ijightx'IXG: Greek^  MINERS AND TRADERS' will find  it to their ad-  ���������y vantage to purchase at tliis Store, where there is  t'itH f+t '���������'-"������ TiA!^B.rASSpRTJtENTiOPt;GrOODS, ,'v ,(;->; ;>)  Ofthe, very best. Rescript ion pn. shand,. and % the Stock  c6nsaih.tiy;repleuisbe'd by new arrivals. 'The prOprie>  :;f t'ffi   fr.-r?   7 tprS1 will SOli .GpOflS   :; y-flC f^:ry:.-  :.;'. ;.;...���������,..... As.: Cheap.: as. . ant.��������� .;in. . OautroP- '. 't'. ������������������?; \ %  Orders-promptly'iiiied, and' forwarded.with.'dispatch. ���������  ; t ���������;: '���������; - ��������� i ���������:': ���������. ���������''������ ; - ������' beeby '&. li nbhard, ���������" - *  Van pinkie, Mayl2}:lS69.; ?;,:- f .���������;- -,-.. ^Proprietors, i  A Plan ls,%ingagitS(ied",f9r cutting a ship  canal through .(he;. valloy of the. Garonne,  France, to ��������� uiiite; the,������51 editor ran e an and -the  Bay of Biscay* The cost of the work.ia-estimated- at ������88/dOrJ,0pO ; the. time required for  prospect is that before the termination of an-! its.compiatjou it iix years.  vt i:s''^r'vBlARK B M.XL:.ii;;-^rfl>f:-r: ;  CONTRACTS UNDERTAKEN} an(tA;j#i KINDS OF  Job Work done with puiict-iialily au d dispatch,  at reasonable rates. A'goodstock ofseasonodlumbcr  always (hvh'aiul. ,--:\if r :���������.���������'.   .'���������        ���������:''-��������� .-"���������-���������-���������  ���������beBs"! ; BE^l'r- BEDS |l;i  MRS. S. P..PARSER BEGS. TO ANNQUNCE-jl TO  .' ber;"rii?mls. and 'the public, tliat-.she has iur-  rii&li'cd a 'number' of Bedrooms in the most coin fort-  able style, which her patrons may depend upon being  carefully attended to.  ������.     ,..,.,  Wines aud,Liquors of;best .quality, as usual, to be  had at the,Sar.'  April 17th, i860.  OCGIBENTAL    HG^PEL^  & '-.  m]  HE Proprietors of this well known Hoitso tender  1 their sincero thanks to their friends and thc travelling public generally, for their past liberal patron-  stantly kept ou tho table. IMvato-Parlors and Suits  of Rooms J or Fa mi lies. Tho Bar is stocked with tue  best brands olivines, Liquors and Cigars.   _ t , ��������� ��������� '  ��������� Tho Stable is.Well supplied., with, tlio- bost-Tmxouij,  Oats^Hay and Grain. . .BROWN &^ILL1^  : Quesnoltnouth,'-3Uur - >.' 1669,  '���������  rpHIS ESTABLISHUENT;v HAVING. 3EEN  .'X ��������� itcit in the tho'stVcomtbrtable^niann'e^.w^tji giiod.  %dsjthe't0iveiiing;publiQ.mayrely uponbeihg^weli  accoiumodated. ''��������� ���������. .. ' tv.:.,.i-/,. '��������� X..>. ,. r..V  'Tlie best Wi ues, Liquors- and '.Cigars'to(be had e %  ���������thc-Bar. '���������,i:ff -ff: ���������.'���������. ���������',.<. 'st.-Y:; -���������������������������;������������������?��������� : ",;; Una .  Tbe restaurant department has .been closed for ia������  -wiuter. ��������� '������������������=������������������������������������''-��������� ''    ; i "���������" "���������.,:     f:f-!fff-ff   .  ;.ii    -v^ PAINLESS   ���������" ;"   ���������'' ft-  TOOTH   EXTRACTION.  DR. CHIPP IS PREPAREDTO EXTRACT TEETH  aud perform, short operations wkhui.it, pain, by  the aid of the apparatus discovered by Dr. Richardson,  uf Loudon, - This valuable; idiscovcry; prod ucesf insensibility in. I ho part nlune, and rentiers unnecessary  tlio n'dni i n 1st radon of chloroform. ��������� ' ������������������ "��������� - ' '  ��������� ..OUlcc���������Upper end of Barkerville,. a bo ye China Town  tf&fe'cTeci S5,' "Too'tb extracted, or filled with Gold,,?o  ��������� ��������� !-.ijfatcii^27,1S69,   ������������������  ���������������������������-���������"' ������������������ '-    : ���������     '      ';'   '' ;;';_  ..:-";;-';BrBi)^A^s\;:r-/-  HAS on hand, and for sale, at. Ms-.Store ia- Barker.  viile, Gkocekiks, Pbovisioxs .. A.vp J.iquobs. oi  thochoicest; description, which he will^sell at low  prices for. Cash. . Also Gum Buots, and: other aruclca  required by miners.'  .; Barkers lie,. May 12, -1869. ;    '��������� _______  j. s. tHo1vTp"son7~  4 ��������� CCOUNTANT,   M I'N J N G.'. AND. COMMISSION  _3l   Agent, Barkcrvi 1 le. :���������������������������'-.'! ���������.;;. -.- :  Mi u ing Com panies1. Rooks kept and adjusted, ���������  M^vi.-i^e?."'-' "  -: ���������' -������������������-��������������������������� ���������- ������������������,:'-- -  ������  ami HU_-utt.WkMLVA)MiSl<Ji will UiiliW!^' :,. ���������,.*���������������������������,;:���������, :-    -r"f<���������''^VW:^^::^,,;(.-1.5.;J:).V'. .;;.*_������������������������  TlIECAItI.BOO SENTOTL  SATURDAY, JUNK 12, 1809.  ��������� '.���������- ...  THE .CARIBOO SENTINEL ;.:  Js published every Wednesday and ^[^^e^  ���������drortWcm������il������ WVnded far rn^-rV10,-,������t^lv be������rc'  cre.iat latest aWSix ������*clock;r. MM ."> a������_  pu blieHti on.  . ���������  TO ADVERTISERS.  :-; AU.advertisements  (not .inserted for ���������7^W"|*  peVio^villCbe continued* until  ordered-out,   and  :  charged for accordingly..- ��������� - ��������� ���������   anil travel of the Heel River section, and  when Bt'unuVatcdp by rivalry they will increase thei r efforts h nd; means o f co mm tin $ ca-:  tion to secure^ jt^I^is: plain, fixtf any rate^  thafthe mother couritry does not menn-to do 1  anything: towards construe ting an& overland ���������'  road or^rail way,; a nd, this energy oh the part;  of tbe Canadians seems to bey at present at  1 east, on r only - hope \ 'for incroased : fact]ities  for, >comranmcatibn. Prorn:.Fort; ;Garry^to,  Caril/qo the^istahce* is notl veryj; great,Jin  these days' of .quickeni ng facili ties-���������; hit t it is  much,: too-groat ^ under   present Conditio ns.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Danielson*s Bridge  %  nel"''^3|rei������>^H  form  Road from^npg I'nuno iu ������.**��������������� *���������*.-,   _..���������.     eyond:  Quesnolmouth ia now open and in good condition lor  Pack Tra \ ns an d Stock, and 1 ha t there is a bun d ance  of good feed throughout.: There is a house of en ter-;  tainthent at the.,bridge". ���������-..������������������ ���������..-. 'ffflfff ��������� f ,vJal2   ���������'.  t::-y  Mr Charges pAXisrsoN : .���������-.  NEW ADyERTISl^iE^TR  t   ' iyllu  !M  f^Mmmm^'^^f^m,^^'^^  <. -  -cold  have  been   taken out each wee* fiotn  ground in possession of a ba]f-do������n^companies on Stout gulch aod Wilham creek    It  :   mH ordinary occurrence, however, m Can-  boo, ' and   creates   none., of-, that    natural  phenomena termed,excitement.   Qn .the discovery of a piece of quartz'in Africa, or the  finding of a silver ledge in "Nevada,   or   of  eurface    diggings    in, Central. America,; a  "rush" immediately takes place.   But British  Columbia, nbrnatter bow rich her gold mines  are'proved io be, receives  none   of. these  warm currents of humanity, and is left in the  coldness-of; neglect.   "What  is  the  reason?  As  a-whole, pur climate, is salubrious, and  well adapted to all who have not been reared  -    in. the -tropica;   It, is neither,, unendurably.  hot in the sumoier, ,nor insufferably .cold in  the winter, and vigorous health is  enjoyed  oretiih'g desert; and ��������� the 1>arbarities of  tlie ��������� ab origi nesr; the neigh b or ing ��������� ��������� * tor ri to r i es  b a vc had th e i r p op ul at io n y tvar 1 y;: i n c r ease d ;  and ho distance seems too great':for the rest-  less*tide Of rcihi^rdtion,:providing that the  end can bexreached;by degrees,^antl ���������Xtieiex-  perise partly earhedon the;way;���������,-How few of  the; foreign^popuiati^ cane  di fee t f ronijBu r 6 p eS iiow -fe w of; jthehi: could  have reached thtjre but for the meaas gathered  ih the interhiediate St at������5'v ^Vith/ '$$��������� ������Vel IXnid  yq ad may we not al so expec fc dd ditto ns to  pnr.'-.pppuUition^indirectiyj; ��������� fronlj Eurppc,  th ro ugbl -' the i mean&. ga t ji"ored: in ^ the eastern  provinces., When he once leaves;;his������������������native  jplace ��������� the eniigran t bec'omes; iri differan t ab out  jdistance.. The; Americans have: built, their  'r&lwaygprm^^  -ance 0% ? the governments \ '.Wo have no^gov-  iernmepit no w to look to for assistance exsept  i'the-goyernnient^of theimdiher country.   The  ^^CfTJ&f^'ffff;pff^  CARIBOO   A$:*JiXW*$]'  under it.. We cannot look to the climate as.:^^j^nir-e^aV^nrt^tJ.'-verftnte^-^MWt'ance  an   objectionable   feature   of  the. country/ I-^^VieW tf^^  Heitber Siberian-cold nor CentraVAmerican. f^^(|^^^i&^_^^?^^l^y,!_ a  .   heat deter men from the.r search alter tbe ^^^^���������^^/m^'m^^f^S^^t  precions metal, as accent eyenia haye fully ^^m'tiasatee^irect^nteVea^n^ cause  proven.    Is .bigh    a^atjon and consequent .^--^ ������������������������������������O0'__fl^ing" :aid^populating  their ��������� Nortb; American terntory; f It yrjould  %cijtAi _ ftiv-Gtly ^natibaay-WorUj'iu Wiethe ;<jasfe  o f the-A rn eri c an ra i 1 wa y.: Great -���������''���������-Bri tai "a i has  other- colonies,';aiid^'air'.^el^iia.nyven^tl^t'to  assisfcan ce;; in; such * mattei-s, and; ��������� tb erefo re,  British Columbia ^cannot be made exceptional 1 y a fay ored colony.    We n eed hot, Ind eed.  high-priced .living the cause why so little of  ' the   migratory   stream^ of life, reaohes^ns^  -~~������tuCwtctsstci.u<ltcig inc. Offered (j al   ������tixa<lua; to  0 iVdfroy: Ittixin gtonV.ii..;-.^ i ���������'.. V. ��������� Ho'n:. IV:>V'\V. Caffall  Matthew Esdalo '...v'-.'iii^'-'i'^^:.'; i iivHon :H iHuyelock'^;.^:-;  Edmund ESdale.. ..���������.....,'.:..V.:.;.;..Geo Grant "  Vulentihis;Verdfct.W;.,..i.,L.;.....i..' J STuoinpsbtt''  Cileb Browu;.....;..';...fff:.���������!iV";;jf M.cB Smith ;.;;    ���������:  -  ��������� Edith :IIarrTn_tdn\.,;^;.;;.;Jf^.Ali$s! EiViily ���������/' fffff  \;~'li\rhdrd'Jtijiim������x'.,i;:^  Agatha..:..,................*.:....;; ;.-.Uns SI*Parker   ���������.  .To be: fpjlb wed by 'the Pe I lt������ Cotnedi e tta /entitled :���������  THE   HEAD, QFJ^kk^iA^lLY-^  iJereiny Hackl*%**������..'-��������� ������������������ .V......-..V.S prjnundy.<$.;  ������������������'"^.'���������Gregory ;;;J'..v.U.;^i:..:������v..i."^.'fi.V.;^.:. j ;Hu<lson:-; ��������� ':f.';;"  .���������-:������������������ Gousin Charity.;..... .Florence. Wilson v  . >  rrndeucev.^;- .v..^...v^Miss Eini)yf'';;ff.f:.tf  /I)oorsopGhat Half-Past.Sovenio'clock.;; Performance to commence.at.Kight o'cleck.:: -,; v ',- ..; .;,;.:..  ' Avimi33in'n. $iroo.; 'R=>seryed Seaii?; $i 50; ��������� fff\ f '���������',-,'  Tickets.lorJtlie: reserved ,seats;.may be batloi'spv  plication to Mr. Geo., Grant, Barker v'iile.v t-;-tff''"t.f  T&*y I2i<i869;;-:  ������S;:ibr-;Saie;  0^ 5.WhnM oBoiJer^T  *?r*s������ow<*r?fA\\ iw good order, andnCwin^Jixly  Seaton, <m Sektoii Lake--^^hehr���������I���������iioSt^-���������-"9Vtt^  : For rariher particulars," applv to : " -'-*>���������?'  gelllng^o jBT at Go si i;  OTM-   W0T.PP, IS', SELLING OFF   IUS^ EVttpt?  goo<ls, Boots;:Hats,;Ci������urs-Tobacco  i&tc������ pS  Stationery,r&c?, AtfCOSTl   ���������  '--���������       '    -'?"c^:i.Wy    .  mmMmi;itkil judge: /pr yourseiycs oeiore purchai_Kt  which  Cariboo is.subject, the cost of living  is reasonably low, and not out of proportion  to   the  scale of wages.   Is had government  the cause?   Perhaps so ; yet we  sec  countries flourishing; under bad , government  and:  high   taxation.    None   of   these   conditions,:  however,   arc   tbe parents of the slow pro-:  gress noticeable Jn British ..Columbia.., ."W&  are far from the overcrowded hives-of popu-;  lation, and communication therefrom is tedious,  difficult and expensive.   These are the:  -true   causes   of   our   limited   advancement  Such communication, too. as we have is imli-  ;reetly obstructed  by  the inimical acts and  words of our neighbors;    They want our territory, and ��������� place every-discouragement; in  ' the ������������������ way of. im migra tion to i t;   We h a ve o n  former occasions argued that immigration by  way off the ,sea need not-be expected. .��������� If we  ��������� want" to: .see 'our poxmlation'increased,'our  miri.es  worked,  our 1 ands' cultivated to. an  ex ten t p r^po r tip n ate to. our ter r i tory a p*d ,r e"  ^60Uroes,J^^ust: look .-across the  continent  :,... .:^0xll8.^.ftft^WJ9!P.1^l ^llOxexs. ,he.c.essary.'.f ������& >th������  , ft ^prE-<;JS^:-'r.iish^_ and immediate reaction,  f.Ieaying. only a feit.be of the new-comers, is de-  _,. sirabler;. but.a; steady .stream of 'population,  and of a character adaptable to our national  ".' institutions.   The terriiories on oii'r southern,  . b p u h dary   re ce f vc tv m o i>'ji of' Mwt e p er m an b n 11  Be tilers   by   means .of ihe overland <route.|  ���������Why. should. >ve, not expect a Him iia r tide to  ..'.set  iri  towards  ns, if the way was open���������if  'tbe natural obstacles to communication,..were  :'C n' fc o u t a n d travel' rrj a de ea sy. as i t c an  be ?  In tho Uni ted S tales th ey ta] Iced- p f th e tra ns-  '���������continental  rait road ��������� thj r.ty y cars b e fo re th e  ;Vfirs fc rail was: lai cL    It is ;tim e th a t we sh on I d  have begun to talk about a x^oad across, the  contmerit.;:: 3"he  Canadians : are . b uiId ing   a  w a^o n   ro ad   from  L ake: Six p eri o r to  Fort  /���������; Garry.   Now that the territory across which  it is to be laid is theirs,, they will push on. the  fc work ��������� with   redoubled' energy.    This  road,  however   is   only   a   temporary  means  by  which  Canada  bopes  to secure the trade of  the country between the .points   named.   It  must so on b e fo 1 lo wed by a rail way,  for. th o  Americans now have control of  tho   trade  expect^ that 'the P - Imperials Government vp;f  Great B ri ta in will regard her ter ri tory on  the:PiiciSc: with the same: warra^arid jnteiv  ested views as1 the Federal Government of  the Uni ted Sta tes regard th ei r terri tory on  the Pac 1 Sc. We:- kn us tbe pi aced u hd er a  gpvernment to whiqh we wil 1 bear tho sa'me  relations as. the,. neighb ori ng territories d o  toward tb"e~ Federal Goveriirnerit alb Washing-'  ton;-' in short, we must either^he united^ to  the Dominion of Canada, or annexed to the;  33 n ite d: Spates.; > In : p u r pres en t co n di Li on we;  n eed no t expect m nch i m p for em e n t i ti *o u r;  circu mstanc.es,j raateri al 1 y"-. or p pi I tlcal \y.;��������� 'if ^ i  . Nottce. ���������M r.. C. Me Ca 11 n m, h a s re o p on e d.  business in the store next above the Bank ot  B ri t i sh C p hi. m hi a, w here he" h as al a rg e  aa ~.  i������;njriisa  'J >veeas.   Mr,   McU.   continnes   his  tailoring business, and makes Pants to orders  and of the best: material.    He sells his goods  cheap and for cash. *  BimilD TABLE m SALS.:;;-  T70RSAXE,-CHEAP/a full sizad POCKET BltlilARIX  1?  TABLE, doinpi&tttj;^Fo^purticularsv applet������.^  ������������������-.���������.���������, ��������� -��������� ��������� . -J   I.A>������5,' ������������������  '.. jeo. im. '.'-X.Xf: v ���������:.;.,XiiifXfi::'::.";:";:,':,ftH.<??LS' ��������� ���������.  ed ,a t reasonable, ra tes,  V >������ ex t door to Cunio's Brew....  BarkervUle; May 5; 1869. '       ������������������ . lm ���������  RICH FIELD.  ftr;p.;   ;' .notice.;-f.,:::���������[ttff  THE BUSINESS. Jiilhei to conducted by- Mrs Trr������cey;  ���������in Birkervillb, ns libilglagflipuso ap;l 1 Sil;>on  kccpet\ w;i11 from to rlay be assumtirt by _iRS FUNK������  >vbo; hopes by strict attention fio b'u_inui������s io_s_ouro a  sliarooi' pvihlic p-������tr^ntirP. .  The s 1 rs< 'pi n ^ "a p I it I yi ents w ill ' bo kept i ii the h est  ordcT, .and live -lines t Wines, Liquors an ti Cigars may  be obtainei! at tho TJ_r. . , .   -  ���������^'.���������.[-f'-r^l   -���������-���������t.r      -r1-i\:    V-M'B&-F0KK.-V!  Barlcorvillo, June 2(1, 1S60:, ���������) |e2\>  ���������'���������".' /NOTICE:^   t  fXX:';^  THE un'lcrsizncd hrgH to n tin ounce, that on an'd  ���������: after the.First (1st).(lay of-.Jnly' noxt,?the, Tple-  trrnp'i Line between. Birkervillo arid Quysn el month  "will -bfe d������setl.-    : -1 r'i-:*0 ���������   -���������   T.'RV-mJIK.'!)  ;���������"���������='Muy 29,1860, '���������-..- <--f-    ..-;" ���������;.;...-.     -  .    ,.my29 1m;. .;  ffff SELLIN^/ OFf';X 'Iff  T' HE:BALANCE OF. THE- STOCK OF L. -MQUTTET,  1 fit Kiclifl-'ltl, 'comprising Groceries, Provisions '  Clotbinjr, Hurlwtiro, <fcc\, ;<fecU.:.. Ateof \be House ana  L'������t; .The ilon.se luss two rowmsani a Cellar, in which-  there ri3. a well of spleh'H4fwatffr i\\\ 'tb������. year rounc!.;  Alsot onq hir^c Pol.tr -air-tight...:Stovv:, AI]������tt__r make.  The above will be sold'cU'eap'jor cash Apply <������n the  proniiSosi'Rich field. : ';f. .(���������- mySDlrni."  MISS;A*|:HICKMAjST bbgsvto;anaounce to tire Mincra  :. -of -: Rich Qcld. jitli:! the; pu till c ; i u,-' geiii oral that also  ha% openeel tho 'ab<rre' Rica to oran t for the sumfocr.  Having j m ado fox tensive add i tion s to the JRcsUmrini  department, and fiecureil the Rcrviccs, of a firsirel,^  Cook: Miss H. Hatters; herself that she will be able to  gi.v,e ;.hCT.patronsf.every;;satisfaction, and:; hop^5* bf  strict al ten tion to ba3incss> to merit a share of public  T>at.r0nageV',:;'" ��������������������������������������������� f-t: f;' ���������;���������-     ..���������������������������'���������'. ���������'.''; *:' '���������" ;f:  Boa*di"per We]ekV':$ 1-2.; ���������  SingleiMeals;: $1.  ujB^Thevbesi liquors and Gignrs always to-be had  at tb-'Bar. ' - ���������������������������;������������������ '���������<. ���������'������������������ :���������".      ..-  ;.my222m  EW    ENGLAND  smSL Goffer Saloon.  HrtJE&J���������"England   an ft  taU  the   United  K K UT A DV f3RT 18 KM EKTB.  .ST.-J0MSM?G������LS3IIAII0I.  C A RI B 00:   RHYME 9'*t  " 'f  ' BY JAMKS  ANOKitSOX.  Pllick/'"'-'.'    - :     -        ONE DOLLAR.  Eorsalcat lhe SEN'TrxEL Ofilc������,  and fcrwarded by.  pO#t, iree of chajge. my29  :'- dunville's  CELEBRATED OLD IEISII WHISKEY,  my26 . At DkNOUFION & JCURTZ,.  a^w^of-V (Bompcteni Bakirj which ���������enables' Wiri  ^tlS^^CO^E^^ol ������tpcd;V&  above,-whrrt noho but the best Coffee, Pios ami Gto  ^IS: ;^LITEB^D! W :all .parts, A*  Creelc.  niv22 lm  t   Stout's' i^ G-ulch ; Hotely  nnHE';;MINERS:ON: STptJT;S   GOXCH .AXD ,*  T - nub1 ft ^nerally ������ro hereby: rrques ed ��������� lo ������kj  : fflhfg������leb,H>mwCdn- th.eT:airyalo./.tid  lac .^rp ::  "'��������� ���������''Goin'^anie_V'stV_ftfe,'-v.;���������-- ��������� ��������� ������������������ ���������  '���������" 'Iff'   . i  rt&fSk\ij,$i   H'".dvW-1  OPEN ,;  Wy-Only the best of Liquors and W?^",  kept at the Bar ^^pj, ROSl^Tropr;^  it C'uloh, May 13, 1869. ^_3--   Millers' Boarcliii^  Hc)iise.  BOARD, S12 T'kr Wkkicv' Bishr^llEAisf$ix  wyM  IRAIEB 018 IRISH WHISKEY,  At DeNOUYION & KURTZ.  For Sale,  [On account of .intended departure from the Colony,]  rpiIE BUSINESS, HOPSE AND FURNITURE-OF THE  I " K1CHF1 ELD HOT EL."  Payment to suit purchaser, if noofssaiy fpart cash  on delivery an.I the remainder iu monthly instalments. Inquire at tho (iII1 c* of 111c Hk:;riskx. omf the  proprietress, MIi;<. J. rENBKKTBV.  Stou'  AKE-UP-JAKE  R'estaiir^nt:;aid Bakery.  :���������>MealS,"$l.    Board,' $10  P������ [fR  BREAD  MADE   OP THE BtoT TW  Wo rcco.Vimoriil lo tho public our  ;   GROUND    CO FFEt,  which  is a rn  l>������ liad from b  ucb superior arliclc ������^n. "Ju,"pBwrits  Harkorvill������,MayX8,l"86P Jk/  <s?  '. ������������������  H  gMati������aM___e  SMTESffit  SATimi*AT? JUNE 12, 1SC9^  * .*,  ^:'v^MXN^:0p���������R^^;"^l;'Y^2;;>^  ��������� ������������������''���������. ��������� (Before C.;Bre^E^ Odi"^ ppnim l^tOnciiE^ fPfff  ' ���������   ���������   <:"\f'  "X ' Wednesday June 9.  Ontario Co5!WSjClt Spaika ���������Oo.-^Th^ Ontario Go/is;oiio^f:fQur' companjiea onG^puse  Creek who "depends- upon.a supply of water  after the Salt Spriofc -too.- vibave^akenf water  from the creek; the lattor being; a creek:claini  and en ti tied; to , the w^ ler befpr e!,th e 6 tb er  companies who^^  day last, tbe water having fallen cbnaiderablyi  the Salt Spring cpi cut ofNfewaterirbm tbe  other companies^ ;^  cause why they shbhlS'^haVSi/iboi^a^'r .abut  "off. wlieri, as they alleged, there was su fflcien t  wa'terin the creek for;both compamesf arid  alleged-tbat^he ^efendant9^flmne:%as! j&i  properly graded^andU^  clioked ; that the-deleudants^failed to k&jut  clear: that there was water sufficient to>clear  it if properly graded,; and that defendants,  tbroiigb..th'eir defective flumei tleprivedp!fc!o-  ti its of water, and it ha t - tbe water was; un r,  necessarily wasted.contrary!to the; provisions  of {.lie Mini ng Ordinance,;: XqHxi Jerikfe,$eo;  Montgomery, Wrn^Bbwman and John -Itf^Grll?  Ms testified substaiitially to tbe effect tbat;the  defendants*! flume-; was" irregtilarly^graded' |;  th at i t w as ch oked w t tb; tai li rigs an d some-,  times rocks j; that; there:were;over 100 ihc lies  of waters iri: tlie -creek when the. other:companies were deprived of water | fmd tliaV'if  the flnme^wafelConsM  manner and ordinary; care,taken! it coulil 'Jiei  kept cl ear wi th -the use of from 45;,td $5 i aches  of water 5' that: when��������� the Salt Spring[CO; did  not work oh:Suridky!:lftst;.there.^as;.ejibngb'  water f or fou r! com,panics.,! to g round-sluice  with, and one of Mejn to-bydraulic, aiid 'that  Ionr.-co.mjianjeij^d5* wb rk ; :abcording ly.��������� "Mr  El wyn. wbo hap^ cr^ek;  on Sunday, testified::^  w e re  w o rk ing  on Su n day, ? an d th at: w ith the  6a m e a mo iirit of water as there wiis i n ��������� th e  creek o n that day;*,;fiho - Sa 11 ��������� Spri ng co., be  thought, could easily sparei-25 inches.:--:    ���������;���������  * 'On bcii a 1 f of defend ������nits ��������� i. fc; was, argued:? that  the fltime' was;projyeriy- graded..';:'; that Xtieir  el ai m was w p r kod ''��������� i til ami ne r-1 i kp: manner-;  th at so m e ti tries roc ks fell! iri to ��������� i he;; fl ii me Yrp in  the other comi>anies: ground |Uhat-th^(de-.  lend ants) look care to. let !no; rocks''get^'nUo;  tlie fl ii me j. that they worked on loo.se ground ���������  which gave a 1 ar go;ambiiut;of tai 1 ings;;,tba>  th ey e m ployed two China in enl to; keep : the,  liume: clear ;. that they coiiId network their;  claim witb. 1 ess tha_ the! ahtOiint'of..water thati  was'in the c reek oil Th ti rsday when the water j  mm shut off from the other companies���������;" tbat!  there was not more than 75 or 80'Inches of;  water in tb^cr^^a^'iiiat^iniie/dn^ythat the;  flume had to carry the tai 11rignlot the oiherl  companies as .well as- their ^wn.': W.:Bri8ri  baiw,Jaines Kcating..b\������0ominos and Thorne!  were sworn arid lestiried accordingly,: ,' v/.j- ���������  Chief Justice Begbie- to��������� Thome��������� Do yoa  work y o u r c lai m -ja-a, m theivlike m an ne r ?c_:..'  Thorne^-d- wdrkihe" IClaim.������to-*ttiefbest ark;  'vantage���������;to the interest of the.company.v^ ���������  His Lordship-r-But; that xnay; not- be \ ah la;  m i ner-li k c..-. in a n n ei\, as >, is required: by the  M ining Ord i n au ce; ;��������� A man m ay' wollo p b is  o w n do nk ey, b u t's he may no fc w o 1 lop hie own  churn if it be defcrimental to otherjclaimsv.:'_���������'.���������"-.-  In reference to the allegation of plain tiffs,5  that tlicro:was.!water eriq^gB;for)an the com--  pahies to ��������� worfi 6n:Su n day. Mr Thome, s tated  that it might be cplortible. worki'rfg ; that itj  might have beeii all"' got up for effects  blind, the court, in.faQ^aad^e.:��������� believed  .va?. .........: ...:, .:,   ,.,..���������..,..,:,-... -...���������,.-��������� "ff.!il  After Mi* WaikemVrema^^  plaintiffs, his Lordship and the Gold Commissioner retired, and pn their return the-Gold  Commissioner decided that"tfie! defendants  should have the. use of 75:inches of water.  Chief Justice Begbie assisted the Gold Commissioner throughout this case, wbich attracted considerable attention.  X, Thutisdjly, June 10.  Auchiuuc Co.; (by T. Arcbdale) vs.' H. S.  Booni���������Suit to enforce payment of $2i; assessments for work alleged to bave been done  on behalf of defendant, as shareholder in the  Arohdalo co., Lightning; Creek,.; Defendant  alleged that \\e had not been served wiln a  bill for the work* that very;'.little.work'bail  been done, jand. that, the "plaintiff.1'bad-spent  m est o f h is ti me at; Vanw i iikle and Barker-  villc instead of working on the company's  ground. It appears that Arcbdale, Booth and  others had taken.up ground, recorded it, and  then obtained leave of absence for five interests, and that Arcbdale was to remain and  represent the company. Defendant asserted.  that the-plaintiff was engaged* to work as well  as represent. George Mills, afc the instance  of plaintiff, testified that be bad paid his assessments ; that he understood Arcbdale was  to represent the company ��������� that he.did not  expect Mar to do much work,"an(i that wbije  ���������������������������T������^r  tbe five interests were laid over Arcbdale was  to work, if be could, iu!"."c6njuacti'6n with an-  otlrer^cpmpariy.      , " ; ���������.; -,--,_������j ��������� ^  !^bth\iuyiimade^inb a^eiement to���������S^ona  P4������,i :W*ki but merely to represent the'claim.  Hjpw:couldXwork aloire?   ,; : [ff  Judge ���������Then I think' yon have all been  humbugging: me in; gettingi-:ilia, claims laid  over. .'������������������.' ;e- . ��������� f. "f a :  I Plain tiff���������All the members of the company  have; paid their assessmen ts exce pt Mr-Boo tb,  ���������������n$r arej������ati8fied^ It wasjnot; expected that I  woiilU^do :mucb:wbrkf butfjhereiy represent-  a n (1 ho 1 d; the claim for -the ��������� comp a ny, and I  have done soj^arid:the claim belongs to tho  companyriaw^ccording{^,law* .-ff,.:,ff-i���������  f- Judge^Idbubtiyery luuch whelner ltdoes  at ter these explanations! : f; -J ;-j        ���������  ��������� J. Cennellr-Didn^fc see'much work ���������done.  PIaintiff told'!maj-he bndn'^beeri^ doing aiiiyi;  thing; he .'can Id n?t work alone; ' ��������� '\ ' ��������� ���������' *  j Judge-^Is there any evidence of agreement,  or was plai ri ti ff to ge t $5 a day merely to  watch the'claim 1 ? - .; ��������� ��������� ���������' ��������� ff- "���������������������������.'���������>'���������  ; ; Defendanfc^The :agrpempnt ^wa.9 that he  i(ptaintin*)' Bhould work, arid tools were given  to him. '.',.;*  - ,   . ���������'.{ - j t, r..  j Judge���������A,man can't live: upon tools.' I  want to know whether plaintiff was td.J>e  p)iid', wfprk ior, no ^work. The: whple^tbing  appears: to:hate beehli sham to deceive me;  |Who pbtained leave of;: absence lor the five  interests If   f4   t'-       f        ������������������   ':     . ,7 -  ,   Plaintiff���������l did. ' :   ;  r Judge���������How riiahy days did you work ?-ff..  fl Plaintiff���������Every day that I have been ui>on  Ithe ground/;,It:cquld;notber expected that j  : could do much 'work ^alprieb^ riiyself.  J udge^That was your own..fan. 11 by^asking  leave of abderice for the others.   How- many  days did you work f\        ft  ., Plaintift���������-Twenty^seven days.     - .,- .  Judge~7The resu If of your work bught to  haverbeen visible. ; Have you been~ on the  groti nd, Mr Cennel If., m v  Con nell^ Yes, your h on or. X.[ There ��������� were  tbree sets of tirabem ;; two on tisider-fif sho iiIdri*f  think he did more than two days' work.  i Piaintilf^But my Umbers got burnt ,by the  fi re. 'x:'ft; v" ���������'~f f;.-;.;.' _. 'fl '-;- :-:f.'';-. -. - ;-f  . Judge���������I dismiss jtbe case, and give no  costs to either side.! I :have no mei^y for  people wbo;deceive me.;;  'JUUsssibew*^ ii ii.ii s__ssaag  I  to  It  of  ;���������;;.!���������;;������������������;.'���������::plppCOUNTY COURT. ' vi; pf p:W  f     (Bo fore C. B ro w, Eeq.-, Coun ty Court J a dgtf,)  -;-- ���������? ������������������Friday, June 11.  : $T.! jMaury ys;.Wm. Pqlby���������Suit for $M and  costs for goods furnished. Judgment by die-,  fault, !, P;Jf ������������������! ;���������'���������������������������;.��������� ;.":.. .':., .!'��������� ^ -f:'f  N. Maury ys, J. . Invixis & !Co.^Sttlt, for  $ 102.90 arid iebsta for goods furnished. Same  judgments '."' *""';'_ ".".;'?"':. " '' "���������" ���������:-  j iliTXDIIAnT'TsfSMEATbx &[WlIrTE--Suit tot  $242 and costs.!balance of account for goods  f Uri-n is h ed. Ju dgm ent for platuti if. wi th so ui e  deduction for hotel...bill,, not chargeable^to  thecompariy.-/:; --fffffff XX^.f-' ��������� '-.fX.f.1 i.  ���������   Wm7 Johnston vs.' K err : & Sox���������S u it - fo r  $2 i and cpsts for 1 abor done.',  defendauti   ;      :  Judgment for  Escape,*--* Jesse Pearcey. ,>v(li6:had been;  co mm itted ��������� Tor trial at th e erisui ng' a ssi zes, on  a charge of homicide^ escaped from, gaol on  Wedriesday evening.. Pearce; it will.��������� be. re-  membered, had an altep6aUon with one Wm.-j  Phillips; a qu arrel ensued, an d; Phil lips sub -1  scotn en tly di ed fro m the i n jn ries infii c ted;  lipon -hini by'' Pearce; as1' is ialleged.-: - Ani  inquiry - waa ! beldrat? tlie court house orij  Thursday, by Mr. Brew, in to the circumstan-;  ��������� cfes! of thej escape, b u t wi th w hat ^re6uH^ we:  d i d n 61 Mar riT Pear ce 'aficcte d to -be' ;q\ii fc|  ^onp^o^&^be^fO;U:fe^e^^^  sentence from-ibe Chief, Jnatice, arid up'to  Wednesday b ad'!. m an if es ted no d isposi tio n to  escape. 'The galoler,; ft-:.^p]^ar^^w.Aa!btir'Ui.e  grourid froriting the gaol when Pearce escaped {  aud bow the prisoner managed to get away  ��������� u n pe rcei ved is- a mys tery, jis th ree b th er pe r-  sons, the Chief Justice himself."aiid. two constables, were also on tbe grou nd about the  gaol at the time., Mr. lirow^ immediately on  bearing lbf the escape, telegraphed: to all  parts of the colony, and Pearce';will be  sharply looked after.  ': Road TRAnTC���������Pearson Bros.' team, from  Qnesnelmouth, arrived on Wednesday.  Frank's train and Turk's train arrived on  same day, With goods'for O. Sirouss. An  Italian train also came in. Geo. Bent's train,  with the Assay Office material, also arrived  on Wednesday. Steve Uobbin's train, from  Vale, with goods tor C. Strouss,;arrived yesterday. T, Hutchinson's pack train, from  Quesuelmouthi also arrived yesterday.  T n h B est Coffee .���������In o rder to ob tain a  ArBt-class Coffee, it is necessary to.;secure the  very best berries, and to roast them according to the most approved method. This is  done by Wilson & Rick man, Fort fetreet,  Victoria, who are prepared to furnish,.for  cash. Coffee that never tails to elicit the; approbation of those who use it. . *  BU__S_E_p  Rain Axn WATBirSuprLY.^Iri Ireland they  say ��������� that:^hen ;the ��������� Judge:iarrives he brings  ram-wUU hnn.;;' Whether thps 'saying sli'as its  origin in. the analbgo its; ternis! applied "to ius-  tice^nrto rain���������" heaverilyrain," ��������������� heavenly  J"^c?^f:<io not know j but certain itjs  Uiat since the arrival? of >**'the. Judge":w$  hav������ ^ne Vleased cwith copious showers-of  ���������J; 1;^ forestfiresbave been extinguished,  and thoiigh (he; various creeks arid gulches  have not been much swollen by the heavenly  moisture, yet they might have been disad-  yautageously; dry ' without it -There is riot  yet enough of water to supply the whole of  the hydrarilip; -claims'- on ^WiUiam8 creek.  Indeed; to supply^aH tbelclaiiris on the:creek  with water! during: the: whole; of the open  seaso n it is, nccesBary to rely upon sometbi ng  m o r e per matien t th an tho strearii in the creek.  Tbere.is; plenty; of water for mining purpbae-  iri Cariboo j: ifc only wants distributing. Swift  river has been pointed to aa the means of  ^^_??^^__������w������������^^  ; The Fire at Langdalb FARM.-ln our last  issue our space ;forbade more than - a"-brief  mention of the fire by which the farm-house  of Mr. Allan Graham was destroyed by lire.  Mr. Graham, was seeing a ditch fixed .when he  first saw smoke seething out of the bouse.  He.immediately ran to the house, and ion  getting there, found that tho roof bad,fallen  nv .Blankets, provisions, tools and cooking  utensils wereall destroyed.; and a quantity '  of grain was also/burned. The house was-  completely, destroyed.; Mr. Graham estimates bis loss at $1,000.. His farm is near-  Williams Lake.    - / ,X<  f The Assay Office.-^-Tu6 material fortbo  Assay Oilice ha3 been removed from Richfield to the new building opposite the store  of Messrs. DeNonvion & Kurtz, part of which  has been purchased by government for the  use of the assayer, Mr. Hitchcock. Wo  understand that toe assayer will bo ready .to:  commence   work   iu   about  giving:a^continuous supply, but;tbe,want of j^iuuieuce  worK  iu   about  two   or  threo  unanimity bri the part 6f~ claTniowners prevents any ac t ion being taken ; to; pro ve  w h e tiier th at r i ver can; be lap p1 ed an d; ��������� con-'  duc^d to William 6reek. ^Theexpense of a  survey cannot be sbtgreat as to ^warrant \ the  i ri d i If eren ce sh 6 wn in th i s i m por tan t mat ter.  Fairly proportioned iVwpuldbe-i ver^>ligbt;  andy a;suryeyjwoulid:. decide jtherfqueation  W be the r S wi ft ri ver co u Id be m ade; avail ab le  for the elairas on William creek or not. It is  !noi)iso sajfiug^hat a thing4a; iriippasiblcaintU  somo! practical demonstratiori shali have^beeh:  [made;��������� ���������;The advantages;of;a-constant arid  [plentiful supply of water are too manifest to  ;need citation^ the: disadvantagesMre pairi-  fully apparent. ,        ; ���������- f        ,: ������;:;  ��������� ���������SiiEEr-^Mr ; Jerome Harper is about .to  :furn ish. Car il j p o w ith an ,a b ii ri d an t s n pp ly \ of  ;spring;lanib meat. ; We'^ii^y.j^p0Qtio^n}Qyi  the delicacy in two or three Weeks.^: Last fall  Mn:,Harper putr^800 sheep to^ winter, and;  they now number, all told, 4,000.- Of this  number 1209. are..: 1 ambs,! al I .drop ped early.  this s p rin gplffinite &6ek\ was ou tail; winter at  Lil loo el, a nd an6 th er a t Big fiar. (3u t o f the  en tire! 4.000 on ly 515' have:;been lost. There!.  were/^llOOiewiss;altogettier innbbth������flocks:  Mr Harper's ^enterprise: in sheep-raising-has  been avSuccess. and ewe: trust will prove as  prolituole to himself as it is, beneficial to the  country. Among other objections .urged  against;! the countryghas /beeui ^the,assertion  th at it is hnot sui tab 1 e for sheep-raising, bu t(  the. success of, Mrr Harper, completely, dempl-  islies fine "i 11 -groimdeu; cro alii ngT- ^Tr u eg the  past w i u ter jh as b peri ;an ,uri usual ly m i! d; p ri e,  and-! the ilicrease of Mr Harper*s���������!!��������� flocks a rid  the; smo 11 mortali ������y.< mayv1ri:conse.4uence,:.be  lip average criterion, but it shouId be rememy  bered thafcin^countries^vhere the" Winters; are  always mild.* the heat bf suminer and tbe  ravages of disease make sad havoc:among  sheep.������������������';;;. ��������� -��������� \,y -y ������#>.   ��������� a %��������� -.V- 'Vs- -?  ���������<,  A Volgnteeu M^xstrel:���������la. oM, countries  pne ni ay ��������� any ��������� d ay!, see, arid % h ear :���������nil os trels .in  the streets, exerting theirv-vpcal powers for a  collection of h'aUpennics ; but this undesirable icature i nJ: o 1 d couritry 1 ife has not yet  been iniported into British .Columbia, -nor has  any o ne b' een coni pelled to beebnie! a street  iriinstrel; ������������������ Sometiraesy a however,^;we are  treated to an/outpouring.:of song from volun-  tees, and their jiniisic as; all the .more agreeable because voiuntarily, given. It is:: not  su gges ti ve of p o ver t y, [but the reverse. . Teste ro1 ay, a musical indiyidual, overflpwing  with vocal enthnsiasm, walked along the  stree t, "si ngiug, ,���������al I the, while,. to th e In te rise  gratification1' df" ievCrybody, [arid hims^lf in.  particularf He illustrated the burthen of his  song by;;? most energetic ���������*- theatrical. - gesttire  and action 7\ and With;the'assistance of ci bot-  tle of Danville "succeeded in attracting gen-  .c.ko.1 ^aUeuiip;n ^ ���������-.MO;.v^p.u,ld.;:rioC^ IiK:e...:;;tp.. ..see)  f : Scrimmage/���������Two Chinamen yesterday  agreed to disagree and undertook to settle  their dispute by a.regular fisticuff fight; but'  after three rounds of the civilized method oh  pummelling, they.relapsed into barbarism.;;  and. commenced,^scratching,: gouging and���������  pulling, hair,' io the.disgusfc!, of .the., spectators^  one of whom separated them'.     ' "���������"' ���������  i! FnEsii. Botter. ��������� Messrs.   DeNouvipu   &'.  Kiirtz are" receiving by every! fast "express  quantities of the finest fresh butter, put up in  rolls, to suit the demand..: Tbe colonial butter, at this season of the year * is. acknow-.  lodged to be superior to any imported ; but-.4  ter. ;. .' ,' '"���������; ; ;/'.* ..' "    ������������������'..'*; ::  j ^Merchandise.���������Mr. C. Strouss has been re-?  cciving large quantities of goods, during tho  past few days, in addition to previous ship-.,  ments ;*and has now on band at bis store V  and;:warehouse in Barkerville a complete^  and extensive assortment, of goods, especially;  selected for the Cariboo market..     ... -���������  ,  ][^fis.: the   Roao--Boyle's; train. from Dog;  creek";   Turks' train  from   Quesneimouth;  CanneU's ox-team, and Tompkins', train and*  team from Quesneimouth,'are all on the road  and may be expected to arrive in Barkerville  within the next few days.. Tompkins has.the;  Fire Brigade iriatefial.   . ..    ���������  ��������� ! Olaixy  pR03rECT3. ��������� Kloosh-le-Tete,. an;  Indian, recently arrived from Bear lake,!re-  IpOtis' that tho-ioroei; ������1*03 havo'<ibott>oj'<id~bh<������.  .trially   shrubs;.and   the   prospects   for- anh  abundant harvest of olally muck-a-muck are.  !dim through the smoke.        ��������� , ;'.-.>������������������  r ^VrsrrpRS.���������Mr. J. C. Beedy, of the firm of  Millard and Beedy,. and Mr. Jerome;Harper;  the enterprising rip ill owner, have been jn  town during the past few days. Mr. G;. Mf  Wright has also favored Barkerville with a  : visit. ...   '. .������������������'���������: ��������� v t -- --ff:  :. Concert.���������The Welsh Glee Club will give.  a.concert at the Theatre Royal, on the even;  ing of Dominion Day, when the leading  vocalises of Caribpp will appear;!' fThefpror  c.eds'are, to be appiibd" to the beniefit,\pf the  new Cambrian Hal!.- *'*��������������������������� ^ '\f''}      * *'"  :^R!EPiRTN(Ji -��������� The! ground: lying\ between  the inhiri street and*the;fire*tanks on the hill;  aide, is beingiopeUea1fofftue;purpose^-.of lay-  ing the ! iron pipes, iwhicfe are;expecteoV sopn  tb^;arriveJ"X^X.ff is, lX: It��������� ���������, ���������:,. Ppi %si.Xft-ti X.X.ntl'  WASff-ups:-^The Barker co;. v?asbed up 101  oz.,bn Wednesdayi.r;,the.'Fpste;-Campb^  on Thursda_5 -S 0^ ;^e!!;C6bmbs   cb.,";bn  Wedriesday^61-:^&?^thei;:TalV^  day, dl-Mk'f-r.yf'-.   -fXf' ���������i[;ff^^iiff;:f f.-fp  f j^_r*:Fe-Ij's CdFFffiba^ now stood tnejtest.  o i~"the last eight"^]������w^"ha������"t*TOpe^e^d:''B"ea^ ���������  <���������**.  ^^EEVESi-^ Seventy 'steers:, '��������� iielbnging: 'tp -  Messrs; 'Harper,  are on ^the road fov-Bald  Mountain...::.;,.",'.... '������������������ffyS-fr..;~( ;? \fjf /t-^-A.  voluntarily 'undertakes to: soothefhe savage  breast, we have no greac objection to street  minstrelsy^./:..;-. f..-. .:ft\:ff'if' 'ffift-.ff p.  BEnuocK GossiP-^Since our first gossip on  the subject of a secondary lead and bedrock.  wo ha ve bee n m ad e awn re of ������<? ww I -in -.  atancca.confiviuatory of onr COnjectill CS. O n  Grouse creek, we have,been told, evidences  of a second lead beneath .the bed-rock have  been found, and in one instance on William  creek. Tile gold-bearing" slrataoriWilliam  creek is evidently, of quite recent formation.  Sir Charles.-'Lyellestimates that.the; delta of  the Mississippi required a hundred thousand  years for its deposition. ThisCalculatiorij of  course, affords no guidance for. enumerating  the time in which tUfegoId-bearing strata on  William creek wasdaid, except by contrast.  At the upper end of tbe creek, where,the San  Juan company are working, the^old-bearing  strata lie in places only sixfeetrrb^the sur-  fuce, and the valley is wide enough to allow  a large body of water to pass over-it without  washing down to the bedrock; as in the.casc  of a.canyon. This circumstance affords some  proof that the gold-bearing lead is a receuL  formation, and favors the belief of many old  miners that another gold-bearing stratum lies  beneath the bedrock, and is the work of many  thousands of years of aqueous'action*  . >. DeWJXEIX-t-JR;.. G.;S JVfmez wavory Jininrn������-.  oris, butrrather top- personal;forepublication.  CDRRSSKONDENCE.  -.ri������  ������.  Kditor SKXTiXET;-:~In your last issue 'I  noticed a communication from'; "A! citizen of  Ui c h field," i n wh i c h i t is, s ta ted-; a nip ng:. pt her  r easbns -'f Wh v Rich field d id/ n 01 b u r ti.? '��������� tha>  the 4 * ban d' of Frovid en ce" w as W i th' u $!'���������i. 'e.,  the inhabitants of Richfield.   Sir, my leisure  hours are devo tod'principally to" the study of  matters "theological,' and I should like to be  made acquainted with your corresponden t,as  fbeiieve. I can  convince him that since ;the  time when our Saviour was.on .earth,. Providence has riot vouchsafed to work-any miracle  atall���������not even for endangered cities of far  more importauce than Richfield.      :   :.     .*-������������������.  Slum Gulch, June 11, A.D. 1869. .":.,J,/..,.���������.;_  BIRTH.  On the (Hh last., at Richfield..BriUsh Coiura^V '.. 1.  ���������ifo of F. V. I.ep.,' of a clnughtcr,   ' ; ~   , if** }&*;  ?-. tl,  &J -; ���������'���������        [ORIGINAL;.]  f   ON THE RECENT* ACCIDENTS.  ������rime is flying ti-0������ -'is* flying;   /'  SlTo water down the swiftest stream ;  Mpn are dvinif���������this is trying���������" .^  i&t the^blood flows Jthfoiiffh-thw; veins.  :Wh6can tell the fatal;hour     _  hfkn^er-  Wuenmdn's strong mind and a 1 bis po*er  Sball fade away as;tlie withered lear  ^Cf thestiirdy Tbak; in the forest bleak.  -Tboiigh man is doWii'to sleep away.  Beneath the oibds of'earthly clay,  Bis soul may soar to thrones above,  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ���������  OF   BRITISH J^LXJMBIA,  [Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1$G2]. . s;  CAPITAL,    - '���������-..-"���������' -������������������"fe?^������  "With power t-o increase. ,���������. i:r   ��������� . ���������:   .  _<BW  APyEfif^g^^^f^Z^  STEASER  ���������K22  fe^ianff;r^iar;trips"hci;^  ������������������ftacsa^ln-OUiliV connecting"fwnu-  ��������� isjiQtifcsponsihl  Oils, ^'^T������^r"iiauids--hipped'in tins..  THIS Steamer is no\\  So^a Crock und-  Drafteissucdori tho Bank's branches- ^ ,  IN  VANCOUVER   ISLAND -VICTORIA.  "    v. ...     in the United States :  'ft' '   ' '��������� *������:.'    :- ������������������ ^"^  TT,���������: Vr-ATT-OfeKlA   '-''  ������������������-' SAtf.-FRANCISCO.  SKGDLAR CQSSCIBSTIOUSSORUPLE^. gAgg-ORMA, 1'OOTLAN^  f^'v'-v-f  yli^'ff''-^������������������"���������   ��������� ���������   " -:    '-���������.'". KPW YOUK       -    Messrs. ..Belt. A: uundbt,  .Yesterday .afternoon a man named Jansen 1 *ft ^A  chf8 for the Bunk of Montreal.  was called in the County Co������rfc/to be^worti Q    CA^ADA_-Tbc Bank of Montreal.  ;. n witness for the People in   a   criminal ������N SCOrLANP-Thc. British   Linen Com-  ' ���������   -  "     x    J   ,f   i.;.,pahy?sBanlc.-      ..;..    .  ON IRELAND���������Tbe. Bank of Ireland.,  ON MEXICO anivSOUTH AMERICA-The  i   /jLpndori BahU, of   Mexico   and;, bouth  ��������� ������������������ America.-, ������������������'.".. ��������� ' ���������       ������������������"T '/"'���������  A'T''c:teto0,K!������  je wtMS^M^f  Barkerville, May 1,1869..  i'U I *'*'������������������  hlra   to  hold  case.   When the clerk .directed  tin his right band he refused ;;said ������ft-W?  not swear.   He was then asked if he wpulft  mrmr'ak ha said ������.No.������   Thejndgc then  questioned him;: asked him why he refused i qN :ENGTjA_sD���������The Bank of British Col urn-  to^swear or to affirm, and.the:-man;answered , .,., bia^Heacl office���������East India Avenue..  that be ^ 'Leadenball street ���������' X  matters which prevented him. ' He was aske.d >:���������    I     p[ '���������; ���������;  whether*? was a Christian, and said be was, j,qjjj jyrjgrji  ^B BARS  Van  'Vol^ifil^^K;  BARKERVIL LE, MimWSlipr  MOSQUITO ORE^.^:-  AND  :Rccciyod> on,Deposit, or Advances made, on tlie in.  TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS  and  _Tev:er out   of tlie Field!  Sheet and Cast Iron Stoves  TIN PLATE.&-SHEET: IEON.  : A LL JOBBING' .WORK  IN  TlS^'-COPPfeR, Sheet  ���������_"l_   Iron, Zinc and   Load Piping, attended to with  promptness,  ruction.  and  warranted   to  give  entire  satis-  Hardware, Iron. &  Steel.)  ���������    E. PEARSON & BROS., '  I3arkerville.  HARNESS FOR SALE. ���������    .  ftddibg 'that.Jliis ('LordVadd Master had cpnir.  tnaaded  him "to   swear .not at all, but:to  simplyanswer "Yea" and "Nay."   Judge  McKinstry,fiha;\Vy  toldL him h*  must ^eithbr  Granted on Victoria, ^n ^ncisco,  Portland,  swear or affirm, or ho  would  send   him Jo [every description of Banking Business trAtoctcd..  3a\V for-contempt of court, ''On this the man .    CHARLES'S. JON es, Agent.  forgot his scrUples; and swpre that he,would\ William Creole, Cariboo.        - ;       __  liein.prison during the term of; bis .-.natural  life i) efore he w ould ei th er swear or affi rm.  The Courrdid not send him to jail," but told  "him he could* have till 10 A. M., to-day, to  consider tlie propriety of obeying the authority of the{Co^^^ ,..';:  '*;...."���������'.. X'..X  VAt the time' fixed .he appeared in Court,  baying under bis arm a-Bible and some other  book.���������������������������' He ' still   remained   obstinate,   aud,  opening the Bible, commenced reading portions ot it and commenting on them as he  ..; t^ad. *: ���������The.. Conr,t��������� listened   paticntty' some  time, ;b u t finally remark ed th a t h is re ad i ng  and comments, were very interesting,  but it  could devote no more time to it.   The man  was .-.accordingly ordered into the custody of  the Sheriff, to be examined by. the Commis-  fiipners. of I������unacy, on tho question of his  Canity. ���������;.;���������  This afternoon he was examined before" the  Comraissioners, when he gave ready answers  to all their questions. He: said-the Bible  clearly prohibits all oath3, and he is therefore willing only to., promise that he will  epeak the truth. Xf'y-  ���������^ In the .Foiice Court when,vthe case was; ex-  amlhed, he,:,declinfed; to:?be sworn,:and!gkye  his; testimony 1 under; - the-usual ;form of afifir-  *matidn;->!He saysvh^^has-been studying the  Bible much of late for the purpose of learn-  - ��������� ,nf::^;^-:'duty" as^ja Christian. U was'clear  :'   :ihat^lig! consjd^  ;: i^^^^^F4fek:t^tne^  *������^rP what disposition ��������� would  ��������� -.: kfy:W&-^t%,casevwasvnot :known  when  A supply of fresh meat of all descriptions constantly  on hand. . ���������   ..  - .  ���������   -n;;; t .���������, (��������� t'ri'. -..:T f fi\r ���������,;/:::-'-:f yb.i ^   '   m,  Fh'oe nls^MFe^ei  twv<i  so  KERR    &  B a;uke ny iLLKr ":^;  ��������� ob-  Fen. G, 1SC9.  r-t  ���������:"/i  Is prepared to do nnkin^ot-wbrk;ih Uaiej;-  :Al?ti. HOU^E-SHOKING;, ' n>. ';^:-^/t f'fff :^ffl>:tf-  'I >a������=^^BST-*Sra^PJEKB*l|1^_to__i.__^;1- .^ T")    ���������  :,,;������������������:: 1:;��������� ��������� Cotton.;Ginghtttti������,^BWwle^f* & au'a  ���������. O <i.."(>~ ,("'' ^jtPlo-^'txidB.   .-,    ...  ���������; :'������������������,- '  ..."���������  SS___SS3_S^^p;  _;__���������';i'r:i  Aiarg? assortmontiOt Dry; Gqodg, "l,fquotg:' anA   '  ?^^f^?'^^^^^ soTicitcd^iidatteDdeij  tiMiiKt'gL-itti&y-x to.>yith:Ui������?patcU.   ���������-���������.(,-:v��������� < > *���������"*'?  i^g^w^-_- ��������� ���������:������������������. -^ 'La_^i^::;6m ���������  j^ORE^Stre^b^twec- HeraHUan^Fi^Vd^Virf?"  Pk>rt*^^Ieal8;ai.alI,faqiirsi.^ ���������  VICTORIA'ADYEnTISEJEKJSrTS^v  >:^5i  PRIZE    SEEDS !  JAY  &; B AIi^E S, ;;  YATES-STREfr, YtCTOEIAy:���������> A'X;-^  TTTERE awarded PRIZES^a't YAXB^M:  > >    and  VICTORIA AgTicultiira 1; Ex-....'-.  hibiiions, for theirs pi end Id collection of  COLONLiL-RAISED FARM ff:  ".      . ���������   ������������������ASS ���������  GAKDEN" SEEDS,:   ';  Which  they 'offer at  LOW PRICES I  ���������"���������^-:'������a&i'*":  Millets'; ProTisioia; Storev  ^lXX,:Pf ;.   .BAKpHYTLLE,/,,-   -';'-;_:  :;^::;v^E^\&oK^^fo-iS_^ !  A T ^isJf^h.lishment willalways"be found a well  JX   .    ... selected and.varied assortment orthc  FRESHEST  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  IN CARIBOO.  -geri whilO^e^wa^ engafeed in- extracting   a        Q^1^S^tJ^[^���������^^!^^^ GlaSSj  tumor  from;-a-patiGnt^;;neclv.m the Heath - -.*-.... :: Hc^cines/cto'.,^..,;��������������������������� ���������ta?*^ ���������������������������-������������������    \  ^2?iBLo6D;aPoisoNiNG iraoa; A���������iSuBoioAi^;OrRiu-  ^^fer^^^ur^.^ cHefr: on  Su&3ayt; bOHe ^iiad,r:;says: Saunder's . News-  Letter, only a week's illness, caused; by; his  gain!  STOVES!    STOVES!  ADAMS &  PEAEOY,  BARKERVILLE,;    ''"  Have ou hand a choice selection of  CAST IRON. CDOKiNG STOVES  Wlth.yarious other articles in their line prtrad.c.  4&T. All;rJoI>bin^ in the tin; Sheet Iron.' Copper and  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted' to give satis  faction iY  noG  Fruit Trees and Bushes.:::,. . _ _:   ;  carefully packed.   '"_' - ; ., ;  March 13,1809.,-." . ,-��������� .'.: .   ,...,������������������ [..;,.    3m '  '..;, '������������������ '  A. G-iLMOKiE^. f ;\.:.  MERC H A"N'-m   TA\ LOfj  YATES STREET,,' ^      \Xf:S 1 X X  HAS on hand, and i.������ constantly rm*\vlng. ��������������� 1 ar^e  assortm ������������������ n t. o r C LOTHS, CASSIM ER ES and V EST-  IN OS, win di he i s prepare tl to >nialce to s 0 r d e r,,i n/ the  mo-1 approved siyle^..,.,,,....-,   ,-  . .���������   ...',..,   v  f.f.i -.���������  A11 ord cm I'rotn Cariboo ptomp tly a ttended' L0.': "    ;  May 1, lSCfi. ,Mt. y   6ra  ROBERT   BUFtNABY,: :;  -iLAKD AOENT,-:EtC.^^ f\ -,:..-".s  (jOVERKME^T  StJIJvET,  VICTOKlA:, V.; 1.'|-' ?  ��������� f All business carefully, and punctually,a I ten ded to -,'  ;ifayl,:i868v .'.-...    ...���������'. ������������������-f.fX^f *{;Xf''XXftXfXX,Gm  YALE ADVERTISEMENTS^\U.  Hospital   on ��������� Monday : last.   Although   thc  |Wound appearpcV at������ the, time: a very trivial  ione,.ye>/m a-fewVdays: it resulted in blood  ;0isonin^  *'& his ��������� medtbal:;ft:icnils, terminated  in his  Best Java Coffee Roasted and Ground  DAILY.  ALL GOODS SOLO AT LOWEST RATES.  *i'A':"' BAKtiOW- deist res' to; ;in ft>fni 'tire ���������p'edpl6; of" thq  f\.' interior and'upper country;; that having ob-i  t ai n ed th e ncces sa ry maclrt ne ry in n$ tin jvjtrcy h.C , is  now prepared to Iu rnisli a li rst cla^s _uali ty ot <?o(fee,  roAstejl, prepnro/1 aiid pnt up.in tins, accordin������tb the  latest approved HcLcntlfic principles, and ���������warrantsH  to'!>esuperior to.nny other. ��������� *���������*'% ��������� ,'���������. :  G r< >6(s ri es, D ry G on d s ��������� Tin wa re,.. CIo th ing: Garde ni  JTjol d and; otlier Seeds, Eng 1 i_li a n d Colon ia 1.  yv4e, May 1,1.^9.        . ' : *    ��������� - :  The B VR is ruijy supplied with the choicet  Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquet   9  1 trust by strict at fen 1  square '  Tonagv heretotoro extended  0 Z        tl,9-1?J>wl  Feb._o^rI������WU*Ure-  FELL  3 m  ��������� r.,t Tbe AbfAKpAGissi 03?; FoRESiTiiy.���������The "dry-    nessviof^;^ ^^atl^cr7w'u^S ccl^raled  BACON!  ' fritter te|, '^ is su ch that rain Scarcely ever fei 1  five or- six days a-year fin tho Delta. But  Mehemet Ali 'having planted twenty millions  6f trees in tho^e districts, the annual aveiW  An Englisbmau is going to-start.a weekly  .newepaper in Jerusalem,1 ���������'���������*;.  & finlayson7~~"  Tea arid Coffee Salesineii,  Fort street, Victoria, V.L,;  ;  . Spare no ofTort in selecting rind !���������^<  meat-of the choicest, "Vi5i^Iil.rJ^ne������tt  To larj  prices  FORT    YALE    HOTEL;  Front Slrcot, Yale, British Columbia. ;-  HIS ho us 0 hn s. .excel le n t accom m o d at ion for Tra ���������  ' veliers. Goorl beds, mperinr fare, aiid the- negt  L.aiiorsntthcJjnr. Stabling for animals ; Bliyi  ���������1 OitH ;it the lowest rates. .'.���������/ ' . ���������.- 7  ^pms house  of  an  Mi������y 1, 1859.  u     KILLI>; ^ LANK, Proprietors.  NBW^YESTivn^  W. -SMITH  Dispensing Cherni������t ;nnd Dru^i.t. : Importer of Kng !  Iwli Orup, Chemicals, Patent Medicines   Arid  ,l\- ii u rn ery, No w Wes tin i us I e r. H ��������� o1  Mnv 1  is'flo        W"0[*Iilry .carofully atn-ndod to.     ;  rrilOMAS WAI.SK, Tailor, >V!W  We;  &&s***ssig Msmmmm  sttnfnstert B.C ,  s.     Al-  . Orders  aro   and  m������  ^^miisha^ags^Chern]cals,tPa.it;niJMed^  ^���������Ip.-:..{>n''ii^i,^Cfameryi^ictoria;'^/X ������������������; ���������&���������.?���������������������:; ���������  v?_^?^4S^w^^^^  ������ :;:f ? * ���������; '*";������: *v': p' S tree ti. 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SPENCER,  importer of, Books, ','^tat ioneryv .and Fancy Foreign  r"'- ���������* ���������*:.* .������������������������������������r'���������v" '.   Man������lacuirfs,:>'-.:'  ^r;iuA.?:poKt'STREET/'YICTOUrA;'B: C.May 1, ispa:'���������--:-"���������'X- v'fu- '���������Xi:"::"f:t    fit- u'  TH#hnSrsicrne<I b rinounccs that Iio pack^^obOs in  ���������- Vi6toriafor the Upper Country; and nianufaclitres  .Bogsr'tbr iUUWMercliantsf and>FarmersV^ Ail kinrts  of; Machine S-wing done. #>Me������ promptly .attendfju  ������q   'vr'V' "' -f.f '.'���������:..     ....-.iD;-������������������ KAUFMAN, ���������    ,;������ .  - YA>fii- 24; ;i 859!:;; ���������w;;*" 3nt ;rj- :;;w: ;^f <������ $g^_t^  Importers1 and ''f^fom\^jm^f^J^^f X^W*  *���������  ;^;:J-.-t ^'"!i ' ���������'"'' Agenis^;c'tc.,,; ��������� :.,frf. ':i{ffki*  .  rmmi&M,l TrM,Xt iftf^<^mil������  V^v.Havftntt^ci^fs^atfd/Frep^ J  -^ty^treet;:-;':^;^-- ���������;;^;/;yictorih;, ;v. 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