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 rt hi hia
VOL 4.
Barkerville, Williams Creek, B. C., Monday, June 10, 1867."
No. 11
Jen for in:
merly with
^DR' caoiiot
*" fittest 14.
it in
tion at i>u
rest tola
ale Bow
The besic?
hitter, Mill
feed.   U
rs, at lb
blic. ��� P*
, SO mil**. J
y & Graft;:
jularly ft?
,=���,".���".:"���'���   DOMINION OF CANADA.
The Cosmopolitan, an English paper, ini.al-
liiding to the confederation of the .North'Aiue-
Tican, Provinces, savs :
The  extent of the earth's surface which
���would tbiis come under one government, is so
vast as to transcend all European, analogies.
The area of the three provinces which are
.first'to be united, is above 370.000 square
miles f of the two adjacent islands, 42,000 ;
���of Vancouver.Island, 20,000; of British Columbia, 200.000 ; of Central British America
^and the Hudson's Bay Territory proper, taken
together. :2,750,000 square miles ; or a total
..ateal of ...no t.. le&j. than (in - to iind - num ber&)
3,000,000. square miles.   More than half this
vast region���all beyond the line of perpetual
frost, aa well as those great wildernesses within
that line.where the only vegetable substance is
-; %h&i reisdeerriitosr, an d"titer*on\y - mdigT$fitffi\
land, animals,the cariboo and the musk ox���all
that part mu3t he given up by man forever to
the absolute rule of barrenness.    But throwing off one; moiety, a million and a half square
milesi still remaiu as the ground plan of the
new dominion.
As; to the climate and productive condition
uud capabill ties of the habitable part, we presume notions just as vague and incorrect are
���entertained by most perso ns in this country.
In Canada proper, the song sparrow is heard
in:the first ten days of April/and melons,
grapes and.peaches ripen in the open air of
*ummer*;-iThe island of Orleans, below Que-,
toecy was;known to tbe early' navigator as the
(visitor;Bafechus, from the quantity of its wild
|,grape3^Jwhile, in Central British America,
���'.���cattle haveLWintered.out... as far north as Fort
;Edmphdton.    Nothing can be more incorrect
r ;han;tp'associate, as most of us do, the idea of
5a sno^VTClad^land with unproductiveness. The
Hruffiis^hat'while frost is ��� fatal to lender veT:
^eta^oii^snbw covers it like a warm mantle/
^xcMi^v^e -other and destructive agent.
^tfefce^oT the farmer in Canada, in Mirme-V
^cjjaivandihV.Rvd,J&iyev .country, rejoices.;j&i:|
The stream, however, was found not to lead
to the settled districts of southern Peru, as
has been supposed. Tbe Indians met with
near the sources, had never had coramuhica^
tion with white men, or civilized tribes, and
were ignorant of the use of iron.
In 1805, Mr. Chandlcss undertook a second
journey, with the view of ascending the Aqu-
iry, tbe most important southern affluent of
the Funis, which he thought might possibly
be tho navigable river known as the Madre
di Dios, flowing from the Andes, east of Cus-
co. lie ascended this stream almost nearly
to its source, finding it to terminate, like the
main river, in the midst of trackless forests.
He.then attempted to.cross by land,and hewed away through the forest for nine days, but
was obliged finally to abandon the attempt
Both the Purus and the Aquiry were carefully mapped during both journeys,- and Mr.
Ghandl��ss-v;aiv^e det^'miae^-ie���-ioftc- no-.-op^
portunity of fixing his position by astronomical observation that on one occasion, when
surprised by a rising of. the water flooding the
sandbanks, the only places on which he could
find a tract of open ground, he set off down
the stream with all the speed tbe paddles
could master, in order to beat the stream and
reach a place where the banks were yet uncovered.
A. MqPherson,
������<���.      ���   ->-.>-���.AXD ��� v.'..        .���-.-     ��� ���-.
Barl.orville, 1st May, 1867. . ��� 1-s
:������ .\f.:V::;L=EE/----' X 'll
Auction e e r, Co lie c t or,
���y-'-V"M IN ING '���' A G"E;N T:-���' :"������l;
Goods sold on Commission:
Salesroom, Barkerville. '������;>���;���
'���....   :5-a
The." ;upiboo   Sentinel'
PcBLisHBii.. ExptY Monday  and" Thursday
���;   ALLA^&'CO.v PROnUETORS.-
OFFiOB-iBARKS^XL'E, Williams Cheek, CA&'tBoo.
. Subscription,-$1. per Week,
(including cost 1q^olivery,) Payable  to tbc.'Carri��.
Re s\t&$g*&&$yr B a k'erjv
A story is told of a soldier who; about 150.
years ago, was frozen in Liberia.    The last
expression he made was : t: It is ex��� '"���
He then froze as stiff as marble. In the summer of I860, some French physicians found
him, after having laid frozen for 150 years.
They gradually thawed bim, and upon animation being restored, he concliidedliissentence
with 'u ceedingly coid." -
Tub greatest; truths are the simplest;
men and women are sometimes, too.
pSevpHy^ snow-flal&si
1 js��**.,The great demand for Tell?s Coffee
in iho; mining -districts; has, brought into existence;
many spurious imitations,- but.the intelligence of the
^mining .'��� pop.uiatioc^i37#eli M ,Co.lsXguaran wo,��.;^i��
THE'UNDERSIGNED have commenced in the above
business next door to JIuhdorlFs, stables,-) Barker
yille, and solicit a share of public patronage. *���,. ".. 1:-
������������. ���,���������      .   Always on: hand-.. P:   -l   .
New Work  and Jobbing;
./���.��� Done at reasonable rates; ���, p-pp ���'.,-.-,_. r
"���'���#35*Our Teams run regularly, between Tale* and
Cariboo ami ali orders in our line of business carefully.'
attended to.  .
"��� 1 ���?��� E. PEARSON*.BROS..
_.,^_,5:^\;-:.iJ|PKERVII,U^.l^-.^.^ ^
IXs.tAN^blT^cSmJrHE ��� ���.-S^opeS'ino OFJ'THts;
% house for the,-jsjp6n *"' the' prbprietors ivish'- to in ���
form their-friends^ad tub"public generally, .that tUa^
will spare no paii^m:ordur- to merit the .patronage, of
all who give th;enig
X:X%   :liii\--m
feat all hours.
With. Hi; M. .Mails, -Express au'l Passengers;, for
Lyttos, Clinton, Soda Creek, QuesnelJe and Barker-:
villfi, \yiih branches. to Savu'aa's K.erry. aud Lillooe t..'
Barnard's Express, carries Letters," Tr'ea>ure,\���"'���.Va.j
laablcs- [and Express Freight to Big; Bend.si'Carib'op:
ire of
&-": ���:
jr )?e8t
3 SUppH
>ctird, i
g HOC88,
,    1-3
leverage Of 37 per cent, above those of
the United States, taken as a whole.     *   *
SB -^e '-^ Powcr*s t(> QQ known as Canada,
"-." -H��and to be"-governed under the Queen by a
|<iovernor General, by and with the advice of
la Privy Council, the number whereof is not
Jatated in the Act���that being considered, we
. Jgpresume,..a.matter of prerogative. The mem-
I^^Sbers of the -Privy Council are to be styled
^^��' RightHonorable9,;? as in England, the only
pj%^tin(1jcation of a titled order given in the bill,
^^^���or indicated anywhere, as desirable or con^e-
^^��nial to tbe Canadian people. *****
fSftfM fae outfit of the new power may be judged
^Sof by the following figures :
5>^8?:n!ueof farms,- -   -...''.-..   $.54(1,000,000
he undersigned hove refitted this well knpwn house
which is now open for tbe accomodation of tho
The Bar will he supplied  with  th�� best brands of
^5T Meals and Beds furnished at all hours.
J t^-'i't-V >>'������&���.
friends that
-H#~-r~ .... .....   ....- ..
SliKERVILLE; . I- ������>;.;.-���.���;
new-^BILF^I ARD' SALOON- is .now
open, where.ev.eiy^tejition' will bo'paid . to the: .comfort of his visitors^;; :X- ''��� - ���   ��� "'..'"' ���.' '���   ' ���'���' X" .'..'. '"''' ]
.That^an be'.:qbiatMd-.'';m'';tho market' vrjll always bo;
found*at thV-BAK^B'v-->'-,'>;-'-'--:v---';'-'-.--:'>M'': '   .' ���'? ������''"*���
;. With'piiv a to on
mce; arc'attached to the Saloon,
l^m^x X-' -XX-yXX :,;,, l-a
(Exclusive of Steamer's fare.)
Richfield, 1st May, 1867.
To be sold beforo Ibc arrival of tho Pack Trains, to
make room for now stock.
DIET2  &
^^g^alhe of miscellaneous Stocks,
^r^h^ Value of,Goods on hand, in .Stores, above
l^l^jj Debts duo, -
fe^M,Value of other.personal property,      .   -
'       "-Value of Shipping	
7oj 000,000
cious anl
5 Table Is
-y accoifl;
well suP,
irs: '
iHB' ������������ ~~"
mm ~~~
fe?5    ^n English  traveller, \��.  Chandlcss, gives
^S^n account of fa is. exploration of the Funis
|��Tiver,.one of. the affluents of the   Amazou,
^gwhich we find iu tho London Times,as follows:
^g    He was incited to the exploration of the
tjjl'Streara by the importance, attached'to it.bv
���pte people of Southern Peru and Brazil, is
^P^ell aa by European geographers, who  sup-
HB'^��sed it would form an uninterrupted water
jjjjjr'communication between the rich provinces of
��southern Peru'and.the Atlantic, via the Araa-
^Jjon.   All previous attempts to ascend had
^goeen frustrated, not by difficulties in its navi-
^g-gation, but by lack of. perseverance  and en-
gterprise, ���  In 1864, MK Chandlcss engaged a
Wflmall native canoe and a crew of Indians, and
jgBascended the river nearly to its sources, a dis
������tancc of 1866 miles, finding a good depth of
wm water, and no obstacles to navigation for the
Bgreater part of tke way.   It is peopled only
B^�� ^ fe^ tribes of Indians, each speaking a
wdistinct language.     The banks are,formed of
S5 uv^ 80^i��od are covered throughout with
&nse forest, rich in India rubber trees and
v��gekbb producte of cb mniercial value>
25,000 lbs. of MERCHANDIZE !!
Miners, Merchants, and Restaurant Keepers,
take a chance.
@ $1.25 per \b,
Richflclfl, 1st May, IS67.
Connecting at Victoria with WELLS,  FARGO &
: *    for California. Oregon, the Atlantic Stute3
ana Europe. .
For Big Bend, Cariboo and the Northern Mines,
Conveying Treasure, Vainables, Letters, Packages and
Parcels. "   1-s
/;P-P ^:0"'V^ARK:ER:V'ILiE.> ���; '.������:i1. ��� Ppp��
'��� _���,  Have just receiye'd> choice scle'ctiojii of     ���   .
gXst iron cooking stoves
with variousother airtiolcsin ^their line of'trade.*
jfj^y* All Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and
Zinc trade attended .to, a'nd warranted to givo satisfaction. .-'.'.'" ":'/'V- '^ ���������:.'   ' :.���;;.;������. .\ ,
��� ��� ���'   ���i ��� -     -   ���   " '  ' ���      ���..���...      .,- - ..,     .. - ' 1 .1 j 11      ���
Wih��    TORWAKV    PaOMtTLY,.- Z.T.    M0PERAT3 . -tBttXI>
���English, ..'American;
���:     French,  German,
And other Newspapers and Periodicals.
Cariboo Literary Institute
J. S. THOMPSON, President;
JAMES ANDERSON, VicsPkesidext.
16th May, 1867.;
Wi Hi ii ms Creek, is prepared to execute Surveys,
Plans, Levels, Sections, &e., &c, committed  to his
chargo, with care, despatch, and on REASONABLE
3 mr Oflice, centre of Richfield. ~��&
August Stampehl,
A large assortment of Boots and Shoos always on
hand. 1   .
DR. W. B. WILKINSON, J- DiREcroas.
Secretary & LrnRAKJA.v.
rpHIS INSTITUTION at present contains about 500
X volumes 01"Choice Literatim?,consistin&of Religious,
Scientific, Historical, and Poetical works, and works oi'
Worcester's Lnrge Pictorial Dictionary, Ure*s Diction
ary of tho Arts, Manufactures and Mines; Lippeucott's
Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World, and Hoi mm's Cyclopedia of Commerce will always be kept-ia tho room
for reference.
The Reading Room will he found supplied with tho
litest Knglish, Scottish, Canadian, American, and Colo,
nia 1 Papers and MagUilies'; .
Terms of Scbscrn'TIOn--$5 per quarter, or $2 per
mon th. ��Siugle volumes Loanod to uon-su bscribors at
50 cts. per volume, with $1 deposit.
Persons not subscribers visiting the Reading Room
and making use of the Books and Papers will be charged 25 cts. for eaoh visit.
$3g**Etot Room will be open from 10 a.m��. till 10 p.' m
1"' Sccretrary and Librarian.
BROWN & GILL.IS, Proprietors.
Good Beds; Restaurant'5 Billiard Table-, &d,
Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats.       s
P, L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,
Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the beat
doscrlptiwL        *       a
 : LJi  ,"''    "'   -,, ;'��� ,���,������-���,������������,..,��� ,���'   ���-   ��� ;U,J>
���  ���0��� ��� ���     ���
Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars* Posters and
Programmes for Balls and Theatrical
Entertainments, ;
Executed with Neatness and Dispatch1 at this Office,
4bir Terms. Moderate* --^-.
E -K
X   Xj   iv .P  xS   I
Tiiiirsdays and 'SnndajfdV'
AT SIX O'eLOCk, Av M.,    ���' V
' . XX '  ��� ������on���    '���'      '*��� '*'X-pp ''
Tuesdays a n d F r i d a'^
Quesaeliuoutb,. Siaytfa'd, IMS* ��� 1-,.^^, li>X
MONDAY, JUNE 10, 1867.
/ Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel.
Crosse Civete, > .... . ���: : - -..-X���' ' A. McWha
Quesnelmouth,' '/. Mr. Goudie, Barnard's Express Cilice
Vale,   : . .'; ��� " Mr. Evans,       do ���   do
till'o'oeti''"* "''���'.  T. W, Poster,      do ; -do
JJew Westminster;   ������   ��������     ������      *:  Clarkson&Co
Victoria,        ....   -.���������;.;--      -.     ���:     \ A Lvu0.
Bi-r Bend.   -'    V    -v     Jas,r Bullock, French Creek
TanvWinkie, "���;';.,���./-���=. ,v' ;->��� . f. ���  S,-Edwards
AU communications must be accompanied by the
teal name and address of the ..writer, not necessarily
with a view of publishing th* same, but as security for
his good faith. .....,.���;...
P   ���'���  ���:���'    ���'��� ���; TO'ADVERTISERS.  :
��� The "Cariboo Sentinel" is published every Monday
and Thursday..; Advertisements intended for insertion
m��st be delivered a't latest at 0 o'clock, p. m., tho day
' before publication. '
������ jgtf- All Advertisements (not Inserted for any definite
period) will be continued until ordered out and charged
for accordingly.  ... ��� ���- ?;-..   ,..,������'���'.-
Gold mining, as aa occupationr-refiects upon
. ������-���.; all brought under; its Influence a sort of fasciQ-
.'iting radiance compared with other sources of
wealth, ft3 the diamond in-brilliancy; to'-.'tbe
��� common peeble.   The endless privations, the
never ceasing toil of the most arduous descrip-.
tion, the continued risk to\ \if& and limb, are
all passed, over in silence. ;:.Gold dazzles the
'-:��� imagination to, such, aniextent,. that; death it-
���flelf loses all its terrors ; and A as a matter, of
��� course, steady progress, fair-remuneration to
.V'the, laborer; and reasonable. profit lo;! the
"'trader are all treated ��� witb-cpntenipt.X' There
: is plenty of ground in ��� Qaribpp that would pay
:: fi'6m five to seven dollars^ day to the hand,
'but such diggings are not .esteemed-worthy of
. consideration', and failing in the means qf going but to prospect,:.numbers>;ok ableboclied
' xniners are content tovhangarodnd^theisaloons
> - vying with each other; In: idrayihg the, most
doleful picture of bard lucitf f:We cannot, to
:?��'-a-vporMn.! extent, help sympatfising with', these
.  men, many of them havrngyiehdered; good serv
��� vicoto the cpuntry in tim^s^gae; Jiy,-and if
" the^ nature of tM ta
;,;.:V.acXless prudently with their JiSans than would���
'   :be deemed reasbnable'by^thos^e-placed-oat of
;   the reach of temptation,; the^'raotiey- Vas, at
pi. least spent' lathe country, a.hd the country is
in some sort their debtor. ;I6 does seem very
bard'that these poor fellows cbitld not at this
moment get credit'for a sacM of flour and: a
piece of bacon, to enable th^ni' to try their
fortune in some new direction. XWe had oc-
casion'last year, to propose the formation of a
kind of prospecting   association,  by  which
.men of ability and integrity as miners, could
obtain the necessary means for going out on
. an exploring cruise.   Our firm impression is
that it would well repay our merchants and
��� traders if such an association was established,
:  and very few among the morefortunateminers
would refuse to contribute to its support.   Of
coursethere.would.be certain   privileges in
connection with the  society involving   the
earliest information of new strikes, and the
. chance of securing, good claims to the members contributing to its funds through the instrumentality of those making the explorations.   We urge the consideration of the foregoing suggestion,    because  a   very  small
portion of our gold mining surface has yet
been tested, and new strikes are the necessary
stimnlent for a mining community ; .claims
are worked out, pieces of ground are abandoned as unworkable, the immediate vicinity
of the mining camp begins to look deserted.
Traders in place of giving miners the  means
of opening up new country, put on the screw,
and suddenly cut off the credit hitherto extended to   all,   Iii   this  they- are perfectly
.justified under the circumstances, as the number of paying claims are  reduced, and the
mass of their customers, if they remained in
"the same neighborhood, would be unable to
pay their accounts from the impoverished state
of the surrounding mines.    The misfortune
is that when circumstances reach this juncture the miners themselves are incapable of
moving for want of means.   It is therefore to
the interest of the merchants,'traders and the
community generally that exploration should
be constantly pushed forward. First, because
We think we have conclusively shown the
importance of aiding and encouraging exploration, particularly on the part of our merchants and traders, but in reality it is almo3t \
equally important to all. When men are
congregated in a mining camp, where only
one-third of the number can find employment,
it is easy to understand that universal poverty
can only be tbe result, as men in employment
will never see their fellow miners in want of
food. The consequence* is' thatevery oue
connected with a mining camp so circumstanced is more or less involved in the general
ruin. Can any stronger arguments be adduced in favor of the association we have proposed? It behoves everyone in Cariboo td
urge its immediate, formation, and to give all
the support to the society in his power when
formed. " ������'.���;' : '
. ^*G'i^
Bed Rock Drain is being damaged by tht.Influx or
ter.through the neglect of adjacent ���to|mbo^to
W H 0 L ES A L E
��� AND ���
Rock   Drilling  Machine.���We notice in
tbe Mining and Scientific Press, that letters
patent have beeu applied for in San Francisco, to secure a patent right for a new hand
drilling machine.   It is designed to be operated by two ��� persons by turning a. crank, the
drill being forced against the rock by means
of a steel spring.   The object is attained by
constructing a double frame, or any, convenient mechanism by which a universal joint is
"o b taine dyscr airto all o w th edrilBo- be pointed
in any direction.   The drill stock is extended
longitudinally across a frame, and has a tappet fixed to the backjpart of it; behind which
is a spring sufficiently stiff to force the drill
forward, and give the desired blow, as soon
as the tappet js released, by a cam attached
to a shaft which crosses the frame transversely
and  is   operated   by a crank.   The drill is
firmly set in a socket, fed forward ate fast as
necessary, and turned by a. screw in the cam
shaft.   One great advantage claimed Tor this
machine is, that ifc can be worked by unskilled labor, two men doing as much: work
with it as five could do with merely the sledge
and drill.   A saving of 50 per cent is also
effected in the waste of steel usually destroyed by the sledge; but saved, in the use of
this machine, by the blow being, given by the
force of the spring.   The inertia of the drill
is overcome, and its own weight made to do
the drilling, assisted by the abov6-meritioned
spring.   The labor: is also found'easier than
by. the old way.   The'price of-the machine is
such as brings it within the reach of almost,
.every individual miner.   When - there are so
many .fed. rock tunnels being run now-a-days
here,:would it hot be a prpfitable^peeulation
for a number of miners to club together and
procure one? .���:,-..      -
by building
co^fln*ibe^e ^during the freshets, within a^ertam
Snel, by .Bulkheads, it is W*l��^��^
all Companies, whose Flumesrare^ted by, ^or adja
cent, or connected with the Boo/Rock Drain, to
in- preserving the Drain from, damage,    	
Bulkheads, or other,substantial works.^.,. ��� ^ ���-.. ,������*
It is alsoincumbent upon allCo^Wg^
Bulkheads and Flumes buatforthispurp^
condition at all times ;. and by mutual J^sent.of the
interested    oarties,   THOMAS   SPELMAN   has   been
ekcted geneial Foreman, lo superintend these works.
; :���*'������- ���    -���    H. M. BALL, v v.- ;-       ���   .   ���; ;,-.
Asst. Gold Com3Tnr.
Richfield, 6th June, 1867, . :   s   ll^.X,
Carrier and Expressman.
^tween Richfleld, Barkervlllo au^^Canierontonj
I voy to either of these towns, should give him ��
cah': he is always to bofbund on his boat;;���;^^y
:��� ~He also keeps, in connection with tho,above.bnaj.-
hess a LIVERY STABLE at.Richfield, where horses.
can bo hired by tho day. or .week, and all kinds of feei
is sold at reasonable prices. ...:���. . 4-lra
^,.<jol0 ComaissiONER's Court, V
^pXd :;f-\.l;^7uue.6th,;i807.v> ���;'. u yi \
of " TailingsV- accumulatihg in the bed of the Creek
during the low stage of water, from the Hill aud Hydraulic Claims, it is hereby necessary, that ail tho
Companies working such Claims, should take' aU precaution against this accumulation.
Hill Claims will therefore be required to have "Sand
Boxes,1' and Hydraulic Claims, during the low water,
to take steps to prevent any large deposit ofil Tailings"
at the foot of their Sluices..
11-2 ���;-���:  Asst. Gold Coms'nr.
LECUYER & LEBRUN, Proprietors,- \-
jfltHhe above E^tablishrm'nt ./.,u ..,..;.M
.Barkerville, 27th May, 1867.
0'    "
lated reports to the effect that some daw existed in
my title to the property known as the CARIBOO'EX.
CHANGE, situated in Barkerville, Williams Creek, I
wish by tnis means to give a niost emphatic denial- to
any such statements^-and to warn the public against
befrig milled on the subject; "    ���
I am at ail times prepared to show my title deedg to
auv person desiring information in respect to. my pro.
pefty, which is, beyond the remotest question, wholly
and ehtirelv my own. ��� ELIZA ORD. ...
14th May, 18d7. 4-lm
To the Editor of. thk " Cariboo SE^"^^*EL*',
���. SiRy-r-rse Devon,, and I'se English,, but I
love to read Burns, or the productions^of any
of his countrymen who write now-a-days, if
the latter, would only write. sbrae'thihg new.
Why cannot they leave.Burns alone in his
glory? Not turn pirates'by twisting his
beautiful lines to suit their subject, and call
them original, too ? Perhaps parody was
meant. However, let his countrymen.look to
that. But, sir, I saw some lines in the " Sentinel" lately, in which the writer, after filching from Burns, Percy and others, actually
pulled down the " Village Blacksmith,"
smithy and all, to build his (?) " Castles in the;
Air." Shortly I will send you the real bricks
and mortar, with which that airy superstructure was raised ; and I hope the, next time
" S". goes " biggin," he will at least use his
own adobes. lam,sir,
Quesnel, June 8th, 1867. A Grouse.
Dissolution of Partnership
in all mining spcculationsv is this day dissolved, in
consequence of tho said Charles Walden not'having
complied with any of the conditions contained in an'
iostrument executed by the above named parties. AU
business transactions will in future be carried on by
the undersigned.   .
Barkerville, 7th June, 1867. 112w
' . EICHFIELI),'.;' ' :,.
business on tho first of June, 1867, lie requests a[]
persons indebted to him to'callnnd settle their bHUoo
or before that date, otherwise he will put them into
the h'inds of a collector. Any one having bills against
him arj requested to present the same for payment.
J.DIXON. ���;���'
JBarkervillo, Williams Creek^ 1     '
15th May, 1867.
'New England; Bakery,
' barkerville;    7,.-
Butter; at $1 25 per lb. :
Sole Agents for Girod k Guichon, Quesnelraotith.
June 10th, 1867. " lis .
Steele's  Restaurant,
���        ���     RICHFIELD.
Cotfee; etc., iriav be had at nil hwurs.    '
ttfln and after th tj FIRST J UN E, n<is tt a . L ;U N.C 1
HOUSE will be opened, in coimocii��m with tbeabovi
establishment, .when CHOPS, STEAKS, etc.," will bi
ser\red at tbe shortest notice
433- Rrt<id���21b: loaf. 50 Cents. ��fe^' r-
; ' '  '  ������ JACOB MILLER.
19th May, 1867. ���',.���,   ' ���*
and Patrons, that he has opened his OLD STAND,
where he will be glad to see them..,"
X'r--.'4&'\Meals at'all Hocrs -^   ;
��� June 10th, 1867.; .���:';, V    ���       H-a
Baot and Shoemaker^
shortest notice. Gum Boots repaired, and WARRANTED WATER TIGHT, and all, other work connected with his business executed with NEATNESS
and;DISPATCH. ���'��� .;.. -^ ] :
.-������".��� jg��5*: Opposite Cariboo Sentiacl Office. *^i
June 6th, 1867. Ira
Mrs. Fanny  Bendixen,
when mines ia any vicinity are exhausted the
circulation of money ceases 5 .'second, because
.in the event of discoveries heing made, an
.immediate outlay follows on the part of those
possessing funds, for outfit, and even if the
Strike should prove unimportant, the trade is
benefited to a certain extent; third, if the
strike is of importance, a new field is opened
to the trader equally with the miner, and in
ail new mining camps profits are the greatest;
fourth, when mines are exhausted, trade
iceases, and the trader runs the risk of losing
all his previous gains in the deterioration of j
hm stock which is reduced to a nominal wtfae.
most elegant style, has just been opened to the
public. None but the best brands of LIQUORS and
CIGARS served at the Bar,.
There is a PRIVATE SALOON for the accommoda.
tion of customers.
,  June 10th, 1867. lm
chased my interest in the *; Occidental Hold,
she alone is authorized to collect oustanding accounts,
and will also.liquidate^thc debts heretofore incurred,
. ������;-.���;,  ^WALTER E;:LAWI^^  ;; ^
Witness���William Phillips.       ��� ^
BarkerviUeV May 29th; 1867. ���'."'.;��� :J'>        -,,'.���.;$**;:.
, ital
��� tznc
between Richfield and Barkerville, a POCKET
BOOK, containing $83 50 in bank notes ; also a Time 1
Book, belonging to tho Plumbago Co. The subscriber
will be obliged by any one finding the above, leaving
the same at the Office of this paper.
Barkerville, 8 th June, 1867. 2w
to the public thatjjthcy have enlarged, refurnished,
and thoroughly renovated their capacious and fashionable saloon, sparing neither pains nor expense for
the comfort of their Patrons. :
This is now the largest and most complete Saloon in
British Columbia ; consisting of three iarge separate
apartments, viz.: CARD ROOM, BAR ROOM, and
BILLIARD SALOON, containing threo superb BILLIARD TABLES..
The best LIQUORS and CIGARS obtainable, arc
served here. Tbis establishment is under tho immc--
diate superintendence of the Proprietors.
Juno 6th, 1867. 4m
tJ  sale at reasonable prices;
���-: ��� GROCERIES;" ETCV, ETC/'.''' "X;.-._
Sugar cured Hams and Bacon, ��� Eastern; Batter. California-fresh ditto in Rolls, Dried Peaches, Old wca
Cheese, new Lard, Olive Oil, Picklesf Worcester����
Yeast Powders, Raisins and Currants, Priced Caw
Hudson Bay Tea,. Wilson.& Murray's Cofree,in^'
Coal, Oil, aiacaroni and Vermicelli,, Oysters,, cw
Tobacco, etc., etc.
-pRY,Goong, etc., etc. ;       npk
BaUic Shirts,-"Working ditto, ���Jumpor^
Pants. Moleskin ditto,  Cord ditto,  Cassimere am
Cassimere Hats, Fur ditto, Woollen Socks, Merino^
Suspenders, Turkish Towels,: Paper Collars,^ecKi"*;
Rubber Boots, ditto Coats, Undershirts and Drawer*
great variety, also Coats, etc., etc. .... (u8
Thankful for past favors, we respectfully s0,lC1.,lba
patro n age of one a nd all. Our s lock th is season * V��
much larger, and more varied than any ^PJl^t'r'n
... J. H. TODD & W
Barkerville, May 18, 1867.
friends and tbe public generally, that ho nw
largcd and fitted up bis SHAVING SALOON, in*s"L
nor manner, havfng secured tho services of an w"
^jiPI^'&S - "
.��� w
Restaurant  and  Bakery,
novated his Establishment, has re-opened the same
for the accommodation of the Public, and trusts to
merit a share of their patronage. His Bakery has also
undergone repair, and he is now ready to execute
orders from all who wish good bread.
JACOB VELTB, Proprietor.
3��na l<Hb, J86T. 11-fi
friends will give him a turn, as be has experienced
heavy weather lately. E.F.EDWARDS,
June 6th, 1867. Formerly of Edwards' Ranch.
not responsible for damage on LIQUIDS shipped in
Tin or Glass, unless by special contract.
Until further notice, the Express will arrive here
every SUNDAY AFTERNOON,   and close  for below
every TUESDAY, at NINE o'clock, P. M.
,'."'��� .     X      ROBERT POOL, .
B��rktfrviUts May 23th, 1867. 8
assistant,  he is
now   prepared  to .operate
satisfactory manner in all'branches of tho TO*:*"1.
He also begs to call tho attention, of tho lwU|�� }?v
line selection of Perfumery,  which he is cpnswnw
receipt of, from I^nglev & Co., Victoria, viz., I on*  . f
Powders, Oils, Combs, 'Brushes, and other articiw
the Toilet.     ' ��� ' *   OflStor-
Ho also calls attention to his unrivalled Hair,1*  jD
ative, guaranteeing to stop, hair from fal,lR?,rt0,iis
one week, and in reasonable time restoring .J��a��r
former state and color. ��� _ Aoi ���imib
Also Gentlemen's furnishing Goods ; ��nefJL ��#c.
mentof Shirts, Underclothes'Neck Ties*Scans, ^
27th May, 1867
Rubber Hydraulic Hose, together with np
'Noszlos thereto belonging, for sale cheap..������*��*$,
For particulars, apply to Mr. F. W; UUKfW
2��tb May, 1567.     ,
a <P. ;  ;���������>  )  ���������J  a.;..  aft.  n i;  ui.  raea.  teed  m  wi  CD.  GX.  1$  1 to '  nsi  in  i������.  allies  ice,  W  n?.  ri������'  ick  :to,  io,  tc������,'  liQ  the  ;o.  319  *  cut  S  At  for  0  its  1118  1  SB  111  HI  B  ill  B  B  '������&*������  MGNDAY^;j[JNI3iiO, 1867.  Bfe.  Coroner^ Inquest.���������On Friday last   the  [Magistrate held an inquest en the body of a  ^ChidamaD, which was; found on the rpad be-  St ween Kichfieid and Van W i hide on Thursday;  ��������� A jiity havings beeri/eiBpaanelied,; Mel Piter  Igeratd testified to having proceeded yesterday  ^to a place; two miles... frpia RieMeld, on .the  wagoh road, Where he fb iin d deeeased lying  vjon-hiaMck within���������:w-&w'f^iPot,,lih^^i^ ; he  Examined.-the^ body 'tout,: could discover /no  [���������marksofyiolence.thereon;on searching; the  th e cl o thes of. deeeased he fo and $34 37 in  | notes arid silver, and alongside of the bo ay he  I picked up two mi net's cer tinea fes.  ;���������$ i Chinaman was (called who stated that he -knew deceased ; his n ame was Chang Wo rig, a; native  of pantbh, aged 31* years; sa w him;three days  ago when he went off to Van Winkle,, with  i;,beef, for. the. purpose of selling it there.    The  jury, after viewing the body and hearing thev  e vide ace, rendered a verdie t th at deceased:  came to his death "by the visitation of. Providence."' "; "���������--���������:--���������".:,,-*.������...;..'.,_;... Z.....:p.:J,pi;,^  As wnx besGeu by the general orders is-  ���������������ue<F out of the Commissioner's Court, and  ���������, published Jhis^morjajngvin another column, alI.  tjlaimSoTiera albng'ffieTme of^Oie Bed; rock;  drain are required to secure the chanriel of  * the creek by bulkheads, with the-view of pre-  ^etiting any damage to tbe^ draimfe;Hill; and;  hydraulic cl aims  are also required to -co n-  .struct sand boxes at the end of their sluices,  so as to prevent .the accumulation, of tailings,  in the natural channel  of the stream. ��������� As  ithese orders will be strictly enforced, miners1-  ought to give.the subject their earliest attention.       : '* ....  The way to make money on the tarf, is to  jt&ke a spade, put it into a dGukey-cart, and  drive tbe donkey to the nearest common. Dig  -up a patch, say ten feet square ; take it home  /and' bang it up topsy-turvy.   When dry, sell  ' it for what it will fetch.    This is an io fallible  rmethod for making money on the turf, and,  ���������what's more, it's something out of the cpraV  i iznonV  | ���������.��������� Telegeaph. Like to Cariboo.���������The Colon?  list says that provided a; sufficient amount of  ���������moneybe subscribed by the business men of  this place and Cariboo/there is a probability  ;<of.thejineof the Collins' Telegraph Company  ;beingr ertended to Williams .creek, '-'rttf.  )Laui b, su p'erintendent \b f ���������. the .1 in e, ;* startfed,  ;aorth on 31st ult., to perfect arrangement^', '."  Court op Assize.���������The Government  Gazette announces the time appointed for holding Courts of Assize, ateach of. the following  ,pluces: at Yale, on Monday, 3rd June ;;at  Quesuelmontb, Monday,  25th June j'at Rich-  ;Seld, Monday, 1st July.  .The large shipment of dust to San Francisco, by last steamer, was sent through the  : -v.^-MINlNa -I&TELLIGENQE.  following Ranking houses : Bank\ of. British-  !North' America, $293,508 ; Bank of British  ^Columbia, $85,652 ���������������������������: Weils; Fargo &Cb., $1,X  ',m.;p'^xxxx^xpp'<pp-rpx ���������**< 'xX%X'i;:''-  Barnard's "Express arrived yesterday afternoon, bringing a small mail. Among the;  passengers were Messrs; Mitchell, (X Hare/  Barnston, A. C.Campbell, John R. Adams and  Bewdney. ���������������������������..���������,'.  The steamer Active was announced to sail  for Victoria on Saturday last, 1st Juae. ���������"'��������� We  .may therefore expect an eastern mail by next  Express. ' . :���������:;-���������;���������������������������'��������� ������������������''���������'���������.-���������'    . '';:'-- ���������;������������������.  We would call the attention of our readers  . .to the new' advertiaemeat of-Mrs. YBendixen.  who has opened a well-fitted up Saloon in  ���������Barkerville. XXXX-.,,  Wi are glad to learn that His Honor Judge  'Ball liberated the four men belonging to the.  Canadian co., Grouse creek, on Saturday  morning. .  Mi  ���������mm?  m  MoitEj Goons.���������A large 'quantity of goods  were received by merchants and traders yesterday | upwards of 100 animals having arrived with full cargos.  P. J. Hanki^ Esq., ex^uperintendant of the  Victoria Police, has been gazetted Colonial  Secretary of British Honduras.  Yale Assizes.���������The only case on the docket was that of a Chinaman, for robbery, who  ���������was sentenced to two years'.imprisonment.  The Indian who escaped from Quesnel-  saouth 2 years ago will be brought up tihere  for trial oa the 26th insi  There were nearly 4,000 Indians present  ��������� at the celebration of the Queen's birthday, in  New Westminster.  Hon. G. .A. Walkem will arrive some time  during the present week,  .   P&, Livingstone.���������The death of this great  explorer is,placed beyond any further doubt.  ^������������������;;:J-:: ;.,:;���������   WTLLUM3 CREKK. .;'  y'-"Bo great has been the havoc caused by the  late freshet to the "Bed Rock Drain, that none  of.the creek claims below this town have yet  been able to resume operations. Most of the  week has been spent by the different companies* :in securing the cre������k, by cribbing and  breastworks, against an overflow into .their  digging^;; this having been most effectively  accomplished, the next step about to be taken  is to: clean out those portions of the drain  which/have been choked up with sand and  tailings^>iPhe extentof the damage cannot be  correctly ascertained, but it is believed that  by putting on a strong force of workmen, the  obstructions can be removed, and all the  claims at work again within two weeks. As  one of the points of obstruction happens to  be on apportion of the old drain company's  ground, namely, at the, head of the Cameron  claim, we understand it is the intention of the  Miners''Drain Co. to notify them to have it  opened, otherwise they will apply for an  order to have it done. , Seeing that the tilling  up of the drain was not the fault of any one  individual or company,<would it not be better  for all parties concerned to" carry out the work"  collectively ? We think that under the circumstances, there could be no reasonable objection to such a course.  *?. The ^claims - aboye^ibQ^CAtto^Jjein^^all^  worked by the hydraulic or ground sluice,  will no t wasb up for som e time ; so th at  with the exception ot one claim, the Davis  co'y, which washed up for the week 290'oz.,  we have nothing to record in. the shape of  a gold yield on this creek for the past, week.  C0NKLIN3 GULCH.  Considerable prospecting is being done by  driving tunnels and sinking of shafts, on the  south 6ide of this gulch, above the Hood co.;  claim, where the old channel is supposed to  have crossed the stream, and although nothing  very satisfactory in the shape of prospects  has yet been,obtained, still indications favor  the belief that good diggings will soon be  struck. . .;  The. Ericcson co. are engaged at, present  running prospeet drifts, on high bed*rock,but  have notyet taken out any pay.���������The United  co. "washed up yesterday 108 oz., and declared  a dividend for two weeks of S300 to the share.  They will be washing this week from their  upper tunnel.���������Kome Stake co., have not got  on the lead.   They are running  across the  channel, which seems to be very wide.���������Reid  co. have four pumps worldng,and have nearly'-  got their: diggings drained,   it is expected;  they will get-to washing some lime this week  from their lower shaft.���������Hood co. are in 300  feet with their bed rock tunnel, but have not  struck the channel.���������Renfrew co. are pumping out their shaft,and will have all the water  out in a few days, when they vail commence  washing.���������Indian <^ueen or Britannia co.are  making from S10 to $14 a day to the handi���������  Justetruck-it co., located on the south side of  the gulch, about 300 feet from the stream,.  and opposite the Renfrew co., are now down  40 feet with their fifth shaft, and are hopeful  of getting down on a channel.   Two. shafts  werei previously sunk close to where they are  at present sinking, in both of which the rock  appeared to be pitching in that direction, and  small prospects were obtained.���������Dead-Sure  co. are down 20 feet with a new shaft, having  lost a.former one by striking a strata of slum  or quicksand.���������Moonlight co. have got their  wheel and pump in working order., and will  resume their sinking this week.   This company sank three shafts during the winter, and  got fair prospects.���������Night Hawk co. have got  down 36 feet with their shaft.  If any of the numerous companies which  are at present prosecuting their researches' on  the south side of the gulch, should get on pay;  a wide field would thus be opened up for  miners, and at no tiine was such a "consummation more devoutly to be wished/' than at  this moment.  .    LIGHTNING CREEK.  whole length of the creek. There are now  abbut 53.white men, and from 20 to 30 Chinamen at work in the various claims.  ' Jenny Lind'co. have had <6%' stop work in  their tunnel, in consequence' of the great  quantity of surface water.���������Kelly' Patch co.  have commenced sluicing a cut up through  their ground, in the centre of the creek.���������  Brown co. has been laid over until the last  named company get up to their lines', so as to  give them an opening to work their claim.���������  Plumbago co* have commenced cleaning up  bed rock that was worked over in '62 arid '63,  and expect good pay.���������Boyle co. are preparing to drift.���������Enterprise quartz co. are sinking  a shaft oa their ledge, in front of Mr. Hough's  store. If the rock prospects as well at a  depth of 20 or 30 feet, as it does on the surface, the company intend erecting an arrastra.  ���������The N������w-or:Never ������0. is in 120 feet ; the  rock is getting softer,which indicates the near  approach to the channel. It is expected that  two weeks more will put the tunnel through  the rock.���������East Bank" Discovery co. have run  a drift  into the bill, at a level   of about  TELEGRAPHIC.  40 feet above the creek, where they have been  taking out good pay all winter. The pay,  however, appears to be confined to.a strip  from 25 to 30 feet wide, near the front, as  they have run into the hill upwards of 60 feet,  and loose it altogether. The pay they get is  supposed to be only the outbreak froma  deeper channel further in the hill.���������Moorhead  cprarFpepftlog* ta'^work" u-preee-o^-g^s^md^  at the upper end of the claim, which was covered by a hill slide in 1863, and supposed to  be very ricb.r-Sage Miller co. are preparing  to work over old ground.���������Washburn co. are  preparing to work.���������First -Chance oo. arel  taking out fair pay .���������Calaveras co.are running a tunnel to drain thuir diggings, which  they: expect to have. finished by the first of  next month. Last fall, when their shaft caved,  they were taking out 15 oz.to a set of timbers.  KEITH LEYS CREEK.  The Anglo-American co. have suspended  hydraulicing operations, aad commenced  drifting. It appears- they got on the old channel, but found no pay.���������Touvener co., about  a quarter of a mile-above the last named co.,  are preparing to run a tunnel into tho bench.  *.���������/."���������   :%-    HARVEYS "CREEK.  .There are two companies at present on this.  creek. -.. Kim bell &*co. are engaged running a  bedurock .tunnelJnto the hill, wherir they .are  sanguine of getting a " big thing.'/   They ace  now, in 120 feet from the, creek.-^The other  company, which is located at" the mouth of the.  breekf have been making from $5 to $6 a.day  to the hand*, until lately, when they were compelled to quit in consequence  water.  ���������    *'' ��������� '     '" ' CEDAR CREEK/  of the-.high  According to late accounts from here, most  of the claims had commenced work. The  Discovery coi are said to be making an ounce-  a day to the hand.    Provisions are selling at  Allow no ono  '<Cpff������������ than VtiVs  to  piH you ott* with* any other  To b������ had from aU respect-  Times have been very hard here lately, and  money^oxtremely scarce. Only one claim,the  Fifeshire Lass Co., has been taking out pay ;  it is averaging about $20 a day to the hand.  ���������The Great Eastern co. expect to takeout  pay in the course of a month. This claim is  owned chiefly by shareholders in the last  named company.  In many of the outlying creeks, tbe frost is  not yot out of the ground, and consequently  nothing has been done.  LOWHEE CREEK.  The copious supply of water that now runs  in the creek, has enabled almost every company to commence operations, and it is expected that in the course of a few. weeks, a  great deal of gold will be taken out. Much  interest is felt as,to the developments soon to  be made by the bed rock tunnel, now being  run by the Kow-or-Never company, into the  east bank, where-it is well known a hill channel exists. Should this company find good  prospects when they tap the channel, quite a  rush may be expected, as there is every reason to believe the ohaane) will .follow the  very reasonable prices,; Hour 22c. and beef  40c. per lb. ..." ���������  COQCET CREEK.  There are some 20 Chinamen at work on  this creek, who are reported to be ^making $7  and $8 a day.  STEVENS CREEK.  Some little excitement was manifested during the latter .part of the week,in consequence  of a rumored strike on this creek, causing a  stampede to that locality. Ou Friday, we are j  informed,- 3,1<)0 feet of ground was staked off,  and as much.. more on Saturday; It appears  that a company which had1 been working: on  th^ creek all winter, sank a shaft in the bank  to the depth of; 20 feet, and washed .up two  ounces from the bottom. 5h.^.li^pspecj}in^byi  this company was done on the "strength of the  general order issued by the Gold Commissioner about a month ago, declaring ail the  rights of the Flume co. ou that creek forfeited  in consequence of the non-fulfilment of their  charter ; but it now turns out that the Flume  co. have carried out the requirements of their  charter, and of course lay claim.to the whole  of their ground, thus depriving these men of  the benefits of their discovery, and the loss of  their valuable time. No blame can be attached  to the Flume co.dn thus claiming their rights,  if they have complied svith the terms of their  charter ; but there certainly can be no excuse  for the   Commissioner   misleading a large  number of miners, and causing them to expend money at a time when they can ill afford  it.   The least that ought to be done under the  circumstances, would be to refund the money  paid  for recording  such ground as comes  within  the limits of the Flame company's  charter.  GROUSE OREEK.  The Black Hawkeo'y washed up for 5 day?*  work last week $5000.���������Heron co'y are not  taking out much .pay having got into what appears to be a very narrow canon.���������Full Bigg  and .Discovery co'y are busy ground sluicing  their front ground.���������Blind Channel co'y have  commenced drifting up stream in order to  strike bedrock, and are getting encouraging  prospects.  ' "      '  '     (Front-thc"B.'C;;Fxamiaer.).  :New. York, May 19th.~Kelly won the boat  race against Chambers. The falling of -a  bridge drowned a- number" of spectators.    .  A heavy cotton firm at Liverpool has failed  for ������400,000.    ���������:.-" ���������   .....  The Star says it will.bo acrime to execuU  the. Fenians.  : The.Palace of the Tuilleries has been offers  ed to; the Czar of:Russia while in Paris. ���������-..-  London,. May 18th.���������in PariB th* Corps  Legislatif is,reported as opposed to tho Army  Bill of Napoleon. .  The London Times condemns the Government for allowing the Reform demonstration  on the 6th inst. Fifteen thousand police and  numerous military companies were held in  readiness/ Everything, passed ;otf quietly,  50,000 being present..   ������������������ ,.>!'    '    :.  ".' "���������' 1  Paris, May 19th.^~Ten thousand persbns-attended the. French Derby, with the King- and  Queen of Belgium. Many English and American horses ran;c- Patrician won... The bettiujt;  was animatedrand generally against Patrician  London, May Vl^th.���������Napoleon and Xiujc  William of Prussia have "signed the treaty of  Luxembourg.; v.,. ...  London, May ^Oth.���������In! the Hpiise *;������'{ Commons to-night an amendment to the Reform  bill pertaining- to femaleVsuffrage was -rejected by 12.1 majority. -The amendment pro-  ���������po^ia^-^^^M^hise^a^^  ���������  London, May 21st.���������-Burke, tho Fenian, i*  sick.   Life wM\ be spared. .  Dublin, May'20th.���������Motions, for new trial*  in the cases''of-McGafferty and Rielty wer^  denied. McCafferty has been sentenced.to tie  hanged in June.'"*. X.'i-iX'      ���������. p-X���������'>������������������": ;-'.  New York, May 22nd.T~puririg debates in  Saxon Parliameiit on adopting a new north  Germanic confederation, prominent iriember.*  asserted that the instrument was accepted,,  through fear of Prussian military reinforcements being idistfibnted iu such a manner a*  would lead:to revolution iii! Germany.  A Montreal dispatch to the N. Y. Herald  says another invasion is threatened.' A largo  body of Fenians is organizing to be concentrated1 on tnofrbntier in a.few weeks. ��������� Th������  masses he re are ��������� hiding. Fenians \ who.; sever*!  days ago arrived secretly..��������� . illc.. PX.: .\ ������������������  .'��������� New'Y6rki;-May lSth^No��������� -eteps' have ye*  been taken for the registration of ���������voters in  Alabama.' "fin Louisiana registerin g. was. pro -  grossing rapidly-. Two colored inspectors of  cus toms wer#< appointed * yesterday. . .Mayor ;  Heathv'design*$"opening public schools to whiu  and-black*ihdi^qrimmately."; ������ .'��������� {;������. %:;] ., '*������'.?  X, The tJunder^erg has. been 6oid to Franc������  tor $3,000,000^    :/v-"..:,'::_;: .���������'.; =!/>'-.;^"-;:.:-:  A Tribuno. correspondent ^applied' td; Holt  for permission to publish Booth's Diary.; the  request was, granted ; ,but Holt referred  the request. * to Btanton,.' who. refusod .' it.  The Diary isuot to be published if /he car  prevent it. Tho President and Holt are willing that it should be published, with the Congressional testimony.   .  San Francisco, May..15th.���������Hon. W. H.Sow^  ard, Secretary of State, Washington: A steamer will be dispatched.for Sitka early .iu Juuo  next, and many,of our citizens are anxious to  ship merchandize to that point. Have they a  right to do so now, ;or must they await tho  official occupation of tho country by our government?  .   (Signed). JohnCokness.  ���������   Washington, D. C% May 22ni  Hon. John Conness,:   Your telegram of tba  15 th is received;^ The Russian Consul at San  Francisco is ^uithoFized;^^^^  curing private Interests, 'to 'vyesselsj convey iug  merchandize and provisions" to Sitka^ and.  without waiting official occun^fion, ���������;but  vessel ...must/ io/furnishell. witji; $tiep prop or  papers by thp jpollec!^  (Signed) ; : ' ' ^Wm; H, Sewjiri).  . The >bark Siaui arrived from Sydney;" N. 8.  W.,: on the 1st inst., bringing 24 alien passengers, who were duly reported to the Commis*  sioner of Immigration^ "She hot'being bonded or commuted for by, Congress, suit wTa*  this morning commenced by the district Attorney in the l^th District Court, to recover a  penalty of $100,000 on a portion of the passengers.  Thos. H. Selby, Treasurer of the Southern  Relief Fund in this city, yesterday forwarded  by telegraphic transfer $15,800 in gold coin  to New York. Total amount se&t from the  Pacific Coast thus far $56,800.  Rio de Janerio, May 8th.-���������Ail army to invade Paraquay is preparing on the Upper  Parana. The decree abolishing slavery i*  not meationed in the papers of the 8th,  Hon. A. N. Birch, it is reported^ will shortly  leave for England.        ; '���������"': -,  ...  " BIRTH.���������At Nannimo,' on the 18th uit'V^u'e wife  of C. S. .ISicol,.Esq,., oi*a daughter. ' '���������'������������������. ;.-ft'--  f> ������������������- -  MARRIED.���������At Y?ae, on the SOthumby th������  Very Rev. L. Foijuot; O.' M. I., B. T; Ituliou,-'^���������<ltture-  to Mrs. Mary EU'eu Bdwdcn, ofY&\%      ;���������'".        .'  DIED.���������At Victoria, V. I.,'on'2tth uU... Qeor^  eecoad sou of Mr. G. Pottinsor, n^A lti yaa^.        ^ ���������  AttbciioyAl Hospital, Victoria, V. 1., on th������ 33fA  Olt., Johu Spffyg;.a,gDd 41 ycars,va.^tlve.^ Gomfl^  HIBWmi4IWMBiBUWBS������ 2%t  THB'MOTHER'S GIFT.  JL soldierlay within his tent,.���������,--..  His eyes were closed in prayer,;  A weeping comrade held his ban 3;  For life was ending there-;  ::  '���������*. And friendship now could do ho more,  ??or death was wai ting at the do or.   ��������� ' ;'  ff.Jim," aud the watcher be a this-ear,   .i  "Beneath my pillow look   ������������������ =  And hand it carefully," he said,: .  . > ������ That; old red-covered book.?'  .;  -. ^The book was placed with in ;his hands,.  While lower ran life's ebbing sands,   ���������'.?  3t was a Bible���������-f mother's gift,"; ��������� ;���������  ' The best "that she; could send, : \''.,  -And on a'leaf ia trern^Ung lines.   .  ; These;words her. band'haft; penned ;  prp*. My ;'dfif ling-boyrwhiter-betide, i X-  . Ac<^^t^iB'vohime foiyonTgnidefi  The book Was old,; with pages worn,  .And stained withbattle-smoke^  But not a ieaf was goiie or torn,  -'.; And;not a clasp was;brokei'v  -TJppni its lid the sol di.er sealed : - ���������- -'���������  "The latest; kiss that life-'would; yield,  r** Jim JP!: beuding low;the.>w*teher. heard.  In tones fainty &inter still,: .;���������'.  ^.TeU mother;vef her. dying boy,  That aU with him was 'veil."        '���������;  I;oud roared the morning signal shot,   .X  That slcer/er tcrlhir ten trmbi^otr~~~~~'~  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  IT  ES  ;; v Druggist,  BARKERVILLE.  AS. CONSTANTLY ON HAND'A* CHOICE SE-  lcction of Bicugs and Patent Mei>icikes. including the celebrated. Gold on ��������� Balsam, and Murphy's  Mixtures, for tho complete, core of Secondary Syphilis.  Also a gr������at variety of SiiTSJipariilas,' Hoir Brushes,  Tooth Brushes, Combs,Tooth Powders, Sponges, Fancy'  Soaps, LubiuV- Extracts, Rose.Watcr and other Perfumeries, Garden S'ieds; &c, &c. .  Just received���������au assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1S67, and Billiard Table articles;    '  P.-S.���������-Prescriptions 09refuHy compounded.     1-s  VICTORIA .ADVERTISEMENTS.  LONDON  HOUSE,  :    GOVERXMKNT STREET,'VICTOBIA.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL.  j. H. TURNER & CO.,  IMPORTERS op  English & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses, Underclothing, -Gloves, nnd every description of  '������������������ Drapery Goods..  > Receive repular soppltes by Express via Panuma and  by sailing-vessels via Cape Horn,  .i&f" Particular attention giveo to all. orders.  .London Finn���������J. P. Tcnstam. & Co. 1-3  . ^'ESTABLISHED 1858.  ROADSIDE- ADVERTISEMENTS.  STABLINOfor HOBsS  WILLIAM   McWHA,  LTTTON CITY, B. C,  BegB to inform the public generally that he haa  STABIE & C0R1LL ACCOIODATIOB  On bis premises for upwards of 200 Horses.  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE  TERMS   MODERATE. ^  THE UNDERSIGNED IS.: NOW PREPARED TO  ;'-.aflbrcr-evcry accommodation to the travelling public, and hopes by a strict attention to -business, to  merit a share of the patronage bestowed on the former  proprietors.1 ^This is one of the most comfortable and  commodious Hotels on the road, containing as it- does  warm and well furnished bedrooms with good beds.  The TABLE.is supplied with every delicacy it is possible to procure in tho upper country. The- BAR is  stocked with the best of Liquors, and tho choicest  Cigars!   .-'..'���������. }  .SST MEALS,. $1 50   EACH. -������������  . * the stabling for Horses is all that could bo desired,  and the charges are very moderate." Hay' for Horses  per day, $2 ; Oats and Barley at the cheapest market  rates.''' --       ���������   ���������  /: The, undersign ed,'Jias a large quantity of OAT HAY  V10TOR8A SEED STORE  Corner of Langley Alley and Yates St.  MESSRS. JAY & BALES    ���������  Have opened the ahove premises with a large  aud well assorted Stock  ��������� op ���������  BOSTON    BAR  International   Hotel/  rPHIS WELL KNOWN BOUSE Is noV open.for tta������  I vellers. The Table is supplied as formerly with  the best the market alfords, and tlie Cooking cannot  be excelled. Tho Bar i������ stocked with the finest It*  * and Cigars.   GOOD BEDS. .  AVILLrAJt CHARTERS  .   Proprietor.  QUoTtS  1-8  '.."���������;. Thb.1Yankee character^is.:;m itseiff^ an ex*  ^eedmgl^7h������m6rbuscohipound.   The.Yankee  ���������will^tn ake a living out 'of anything and everywhere, , His ingenuity fsjqs������ the most certain  lever for removing difficulties and7- obstacles:  from his; path..;' It has'be^tf; remarked that ��������� if J  js. Yankee were shipwrecked over n ight on an  Sankiiown"���������������������������. islaiid/ he ��������� w6uldXli>e going round;  ; '. thei first thiiig; iii :ihe;-.' mornirig try frig. ��������� to sell  anaps to the ihhabitantslf7: ���������":'Put ���������/: ham^ says j  1-s  JOHX PELLETIER, Propriety.  FOSTER,   OF   LILLOOET,  AND FLOWER SEEDS.  , TJie business of ..the late, firm.of 'fay. & Co.... F.ort...St.,  and Sprin^aeld Nursery, will be carried oil by them  in all its branches.  Fruit Trees and Rushes, Evnrprreen and Deciduous  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plums of every description. .��������� " 1-ls  C. E. KOMBROT,  BOSTON BAR, B. C,  Wliolesale and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES AfSJD.PROVISIONS  LIQUORS, DRV GOODS, CL0THIXG, ko.   Is '  r ������#*u'* \* ** ������-w������ *���������* h  w^*ju,n.j.  CHEMIST.  ;ifcy::hasj  Jinade him one of the handiest,Shiftiest,' tbrift-  ie31 ofmprtals. ��������� in 'trad i ng -be. is tlie very in-  ���������carnation ;of the keenest shrewdness." He will  ���������be sure .to do business linger;the most adverse  /circumstances,'and secu^ This  propensity is portrayed^ in^tie story of the  Yankee'peddler.  AS..FOR SALE, and constantly on hand,  a well assorted Stock of Drugs, all the.GhcmicaJs  used, by Physicians,. Photographers, Assayers and  Mechanics. .Also tbe popular Patent 'Medicines, and  Druggists'sundries.  .   Retorts, Crucibles,  Muffles, -Cupels, Ingot Moulds,i  etc., etc.".        '.-���������..  .   PRESCRIPTIONS PAJTHFULLT PKPTARED.  - .. " ... R W. FOSTER,  -     Chemist  OUR    COFFEE.  -    WE   ARE'  FORWARDING   A    :  FffiST CLASS ARTICIE T0 CARIBOO,  Packed in Tins of 1'rom two to twenty-five pounds  each,     ������������������-.������������������.  1-s  WILSON & MURRAV,  ������    Fort stroet.. Victoria.  JFOREST_ HOUSE.  36 HUE   POST, r,    T':T  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B. C.  mal  & c  IMPORTERS OP ENGLISH MER0HAD12E  '��������� Wholesale and Rotail.  YALE'   ADVERTISEMENTS.  Storage and Forwarding!  '::"'-.'       ..'.'.''tale, m c. -;������������������������������������-,.  Masonic Rail Government Street Victoria. *  1-3  ���������;ilpX\ Reckbh I could n/t driyea^trade with you'  i&da^ specimen of  the* Yankee pieddlerj as'*��������� he''siliop^'.at='the door]  X:f>f. a ^merchahtin1 St. rLpu&^^^'v Xpifp^l 'pX-^<������  ;vv".;*^rreckon^; you calculate^v^0ut;-mg^ifor  : jroucan^t noway s/v.;.' XXppPX^' 'i^X:XX^rpX.-..p. V  :';,r."; Wall^.i guess y onVnceS n ?t git .hiiffv 'Vaieoxx t  , it>.; Now, here^U'ddzeh ^enobme razor-strops  wain $2..5_0,"yoii;uiay hey 'em for;$2.'? " ���������  v .'���������"'; H I'tcli you'I don't want any pj your traps,  so you may'as woll be going along."  . ".Wail, now, look here; Squib, Fil bet you  $5 that if you make me an offer for them ere  ^strops, weUlhev a trade yet" H ���������':  ;" Done," said the merchahtj and he staked  ���������iheinoney.' "Now," says he chaningly, " Pll  ���������give you sixpence for the strons.". '  "They're'your Jn !,J said the Yankee, as be  -quietly .poeketedthe stakes. "R\it," continued  he, after a little reflection, and with a burst of  "-frankness, " I calculate a joke's a joke; and if  you don't want them strops, I'll trade* back.J'  The merchant looked brighlfceiv " You're  ���������not.so bad a chap after all," said he,   " Here  ware your strops ; give me the mbney." ;  '. "There it is." said the Yankee, as he took)  the strops, arid ; handed back the  sixpence.  "A trade is a trade, and a bet is' a* bet   Next  iiate. you trade with that 'ere sixpence, don't  you buy razur-strops." :i"   ; ���������  The Yankee j ho wever,u nliker Jew or Greek,  has a eoft place in this business nature ; there  is a biind side to this wide-awake character ;  he maybe u bamboozled" through his better  feelings.  PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE  YALE--LYT-  to.v Eoutb, are advised that    ..    .' v    ..:*..  ; VVvXIMBArX & GLADWIN ; ���������;  '<��������� ���������Have erected'an extensive Storehouse, and Dock at  Vale,; and are prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods. .Goods re-packed, and freights engaged at the  ���������Lowest . Rates. .'."..:'"... \ /.'::' -���������:.':" "���������.' '.'"'. \ . '".'  ���������/Parties shipping goods through us will please marki  to the care of  *fs;U  ��������� KIMBArX'& GLADWIN.  J.CBEEDY,  COMMISSION &��������� FORWARDING  AGENT,  WILL  PAY PARTICULAR   ATTENTION  TO  SK-!  lecting, purchasing, or.forwarding Goods for the  upper country..  Any commission entrngtcd to his care, will receive  prompt attenlion.-."���������.   v ;  -.������������������ r ;���������::...  .References :���������W. A. Mkacham. E. A. Wadhams, T.  HARrER,;'J.J. Bramlv.    ' ���������.���������  Victoria, April1,1867.  The  Bonapai'te House,  QEMLEN 6s  PARKE,  Proprietors, at* the  O Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Hoads. is  II ���������  3   ''-��������� -:.,  Front Street. Yale,  B. C,     -  B15GSTO ANNOUYCE to the inhahitants of Coriboo  that he iuteniis to forward (as soon as the state of  the Roads will porinit),   a large and well assorted  stock of Cookixg Stoves, which he will dispose of at  Pricks to Suit the Times.  Yale, 8th April, 1867. 1  ���������FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE!  PARTIES DESrROTJS of shipping freight, WiTir Dis-  tatch, will find it to their advantage by giving us  a call-before engaging elsewhere.  .-   ���������'   .  .. ;:.;��������� AJ.WAY &  BAILEY.  Yale, Aprit 8th, 1867., '.'.'-. , i-s,.  ,'..'' W. H. Sutton,  DEALER IN Wi.ves, Liqdors and Cigars, Coai Oil,  Goal Oil LampSj.&c,  AGENT FOR BUNSTER'S ALE I  In Bbls. a-nd half Bbls,  ;Yalc, Apr)U8th, IS67. ' I-s  ���������.HOTEL DE FRANCE,  OOVERNMBXT STREET, VICTORIA. V. j. "���������'  T������HE RESTAURANT is supplied with ail the  X  delicacies of the season, and the sleeping arcomo-  dation is replete with every comfort.     Tlio bc������t of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   *-* ������L RTGNR & CO., Projirietors.  A. W. PIPER,  CONNECTfONER,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre.  pANDIKS of every description manufactured and  \J sol J, Wholesale and Retail.  now open for tlie accommodation of the public..: .Distance from Clinton, 26 miles; from Savana6Steamboat  Lnnding, 22 miles; from Spcnce's Bridge, SO mlK  Travellers will tind prices and accommodatmns to suit  the times. ^ Give them a call. Stabling, Hay A: Grain;  attentive hostb.-rs. Stages leavo. here regularly for  vale,' aud Cariboo '' S'V-'".: "' -  .''.' 1-3'': .:  1-s  Free Port for Ever!  WE THK UNDERSIGXEO  TAKE   pleasure in an-  ? J   noinicing to our numerous  customers and  the  public, that we will supply them with the boct French  Lkathki: Boots (duty tree), cver oirered in B. C.      *  ^T*At our old Stand, Government St., Victoria, V 1  1:8 CHARITY & BUTLER.  ���������        ������������������������������������  ������������������.  v  The great opium suit at the instance of tbe  U.S. Government, against several. Chinese  companies for S53,400,the amount of which  it is alleged the revenue was defrauded by  defendants smuggling opium from Victoria  to Saa Francisco, was dt&i4e<L in favor of the  ^&\;;:;.v.,,;Cl,: ���������"���������������������������:.   -...".':XX--.r      ,  BENJAMIN   DOUG-LAS,  Successor to A.  C.  . WELLS, Saddle and IUa.vKeis Maker, Vale,  B. C.  J&3T A complete assortment of Stock constantly on  hand".-" i_s  A. BULER 8l CO.'S  TtHEAP Store.    TOADIES' and GRNT'S CA������T OFF  <w  p;L^?-blJU3bVflncl.w,i,1:"  '^���������*M���������������1' Watct.es,  wuiia, nstois, &c , lor sale.  tm* Government strnet opposite the Theatre.    1-s  OS DEEP CREEK HOUSE.  TS  OPEN*  FOR  TfiE   ACCOMXfOJDATION   OP  THB  X Travelling public; the bedrooms,, are spucious aa-i'.  airy ami the Beds cannot bo suruassed for cleanliness  aud comfort by any in the lower country; the Table U  always supplied with tho best of victuals.     Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  c o ld^^ri������g~ h o use  BOYD:& HKATH, Proprietors,  THIS H0lTSK is situated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth.  The projjrietors havinuj lately flttcd up bedrooms  and good Hods are now prepared*to alford every accommodation for Travellers; tins fable is furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured; tho. Bar is well supplied wilb the best brands of Liquors and Segars; goci  Stabling, Hay. Oats and Barley. .GSr-Tho CHEAPEST  House on the Uoad. 1-s  B  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  EW0^G,XEB& CO., -Com^cssiok MEfcCKA>*Ta, In-  Fosters, aad Dealers.in Chinese Goods,^^^Tictoria,  T. .L, Tale, LUtooefc, Quesaelmouth,  Cre������k,  and  Williams  1-s  SITTRO &; CO., Impgrtehs ani> Dealers in  CrGARS, TOBACCO, MeersUaura Pipes, &c.,S E  ���������comer of Tates a������.ii Wharf street,' Victoria  :,'��������������������������� s;  kALLANDAlSTE, COLLECTOR ASTD GENERAL  AGSST/,GovemnieutStree^ Victoria, V, I.   1-s  AFBAKEL, Victoria, V, I., Dealer in Fuas,  ������ Ski-vs, Hfoss, W<jol, &c. Liheral advances made  on Furs consigued. Bsference���������G. Sntro & Go*, Itein-  feirt Bros. Victoria^ V. I. - l-s  E^ATSOI^ ^ratchmaker, Jeweler  ��������������� aad KngraTer, Government street, negct  4i>t*a'eSt; Nicholas HcteL, Victonfl, v. j.  VAN WIISTKLE STORE.  THE UNDERSIGNED bogs to inform tho minora and  residents ii\& around Van Winkle that he will in future keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK ou hand, and  hopes by close attention to business, and hy soiling  at LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet the patron age of all.;-. .     ,  Orders from outlaying creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch'. ���������'���������-��������� : ������������������������������������': Y  ���������   J3@r Terms CASH, wi thou t d istincti on.  1-s J. W. LI2S-DHARD.  11 Store, Importer of Finn JTbkiwc,iaum l������Ws StVms  MotHhpjcces, Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson sf?c!n  Vic-  ��������� .'    ' 1-s  THLS OU) AVI> WKIJ, KNOWNT. HOUSE has been recently opened by the undom/zneo", who will mako  it his constant study by using every endeavour to accomodate the traveling ;mh!io,lto.deserve a share of th������  patron a jre bestowed on the former occu pants.  &tf~ The liar contains nothing hut the very  MQUORS aud CIGARS.    Givn him a call  *s KDWARD  cry. best of  TROFATTRK  RCH AST,  Royal  1-s  BLUE   TENT,  ��������� OR ���������  127   MILE_- HOUSE.  THE UNDEDSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  desirable property, is now Prepared to accommodate the travelling public. The table is supplied with,  the very best oi viands. The bedrooms and beds are  as comfortable as could be desired, and the BAR contains nothing but the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.''.' '.  A good stock of Grain and Hay always ou hand  Srd M*y, *#5?. . ��������� 3   ' TV. 'WTtlGET.  ^i������.!^^>!ie ������ai|y!?r W������?K'y ^sucs orthe above to  111 MILE HOUSE.  AGE IS NOTHING!  BLOOD WILL TELL!  THIS liOTKL tS  LARUE AN!)  WELL FITTED OT  X for the comfort of Irrtvuta-*; the Table i������ supplied  raS)forclu.iiSGnOUSby m������1CS!,!o> *������ ^im  the W������t;on KoaO .it this place.  1s ..-���������--   Wm. ilENI>ERSON-  122 MILE HOUSE,  LAK.1C LA HAGUE.  HS^S^r"1^ aUl1 ^**������������������ >*tat  1}   K WALTERS, formorly of the fl4 Milk Hoctsb.  -.L *   havj n g p u rch asod th is" J to n ch,  is no w prepared  ''J^modato the traveling public with GOOD 31BALS  and REDS at moderate ratks. _.. ' I-a  66l6 S ������at7 hotel,  soda creek:-  A  GRRAT REDUCTION has been made i n tho charges  x.Vat this establishment, so ns to mH tho times.  Meals, $1; Beds, 75 Cents.-,  McLKK:<E & SBNAV,  ���������      , Prt^prietors.  Hay   1st,   IStVT. ���������,'������������������������  ^PRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at thta  1  Hotel.   Excel h-ut Cook ing.   GOOD  BEDS.     '  STABLING FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at. Lowest &u������.-i  BOOTHROVD  BRO*Sr  1-s Propri i!ten.'  THE ASHCROFT HOUSE  ������������������'  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S; ���������  i T THIS WELL K.N'OWX HOUSE, halfway,between ;  iX. Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. -'.The best of  liyinrr, of Liquors*, and of Wiucs   . Fresh Butter,'M������lk  and Vegetables.    Good Stabling and ch cop food,    l-t  m  im  Kg  mm


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