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 "I I
Barkerville,' William CreeK, R��^
���yy t��� Publishedoverv.Saturday/l>;v/;   y
E.JOvBE;R,.Tr,H:0 L L'Q;WA<Y.
;���:** >.~ w- \A*.y.e    '���   *    <"���-   ��..,-   '.   ..., y. .-���w
Subscription,  -...- .50 Cents.per'Week.
,For.oae.s<iuaro{oue inch), first insertion^
i !���������; V, X*1...   ,       p;\ ono Month; --'
For two squares, first insertion,     -
* "   .   one month,	
Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel."
Van Winkle,'-      :
Soda Greek,
Clintou,   ...    -
Yale,,-   :-fx-     ;.
Now" Westminster,
Victoria,. -
r.. P. Fisher, .i  ��,-���.
Bean k Gag if ;������% .,
G. Street/   ' .���'": ���   ���
��� :   - '.    A' D.'McTnries.
" Barnard's Express
Barnard's Express
-   "  Barnard's. Express
}pi   if  ido ���:   >y do''|
-   ���'���"'-  '"��� 'John Murray
r   . ..  ...  Mr Webster.
lAi;���'.' .-���'   /San Francisco
'Ai -.u->      San Francisco
30 Cornhill, I/adoo, B.C.
Cards^Circulars, Posters and Programme^ for
���'���; Balls and Theatrical Entertainments'*  V
Terms moderate.       -,    ���,.-���
.yA-yiV-A/- AjQUWEGAif/y* i'i Au pi
Quesnel month, June 3���Sylvester, with the
Omineca mails and exprese, arrived here this
hfternoo nv'*'Ha' repo r te thei death .}>y drown-
���ing. below D lack water, of Mr Co well. The
deceased was in the Hudson Buy Govs employ at Fort George. The trails are in excellent condition, except a-;few miles on Man-
st'ii mountain. Sylvester left Omineca May
*2;Uh,   Times (lull at that place./About 250
'iiiihers'tiretbere,now. HarperSfe'Cov are on
the south lock of tbe Deloir river,, and.will
start soon  for summer prospecting up and
-down the .river.,  "V;;*:; \" V f"? 'A-.A.f'iy
Clinton, J*uhe 3���Following; are the lists of
passtngers by the up Expresses :
By <Ba r n ard 'sup1' Ex p ress; i^Mr Q. Mi Mo r-
Hs and Mr Cow thorn. Bank of British' North
America, and Mr D. Kurtz, for Barkerville ;
Mrs Smith, .Clinton ; Mr Seymour and .a
prisoner, Quesnelmouth: J.'Latiniore and
John Curry; ��� Soda Creek ; Al*. J. Lewis, 150-
jnile post..
By Pearson V up Express:���Mr J. Jcssup,
Superintendent of Education, for Lytton ;
Mr Quint, for 70-mile house; and a Chinaman for Soda Creek.
possibly averted the;destruction of more
property and the loss of life, the mas3 of Hie.
debris being grounded and thus1 stopped in
its career,- .Its momentum, however, carried
it across .the street against the houses of
Messrs. Wadhams,,:Hoey,- .and- a" Chinaman
ahd wife, who had just time to escape by the
backdoors as; the mass was hurled against
the -fronts, smashing them in and. flooding
them.' Tbe street for-a distance of 100 yards
is filled with goods of. every description, together with the ruins of the flume, warehouse,
and the immense body of driiti A large party
are'at work clearing the streets so!as to make
them passable.
>t Mr Foster;estimates his loss at .$30,000;
James Mime,, SIOOO.^R.. Hoey, damage to
wagon, furniture,,v&p.fX$200'; Mrs Smith,
damage to houses occupied by Mr Wadhams
and t He .Kee;, '.'��1000 ; Mr Pope, 'danfage' to
furniture,' $200'; making* a5 total-ofe nearly
$35,000, as. others suffered to a. small extent
by mud/and .water deposited iu their dwellings.  ���;���;"   ���'*'*    "Ai ' A   '.
Victoria, June"2���Mr Bermingbam,-of San
Francisco, and Mr Bell,-one of the Directors
of the Vancouver Coal .Company, are inspecting the coal deposits of the East coasti ���>���
The Boxer sailed from Nanaimo for Knight's
Inlet. She will return to Comox on Wednesday with JudgePemBertori.and 17. witnesses,
who will embark on the Douglas for Victoria.
���ArLondon correspondent says that-.Queen
Victoria is aging very.fast, and is* quite grey.
-Rev. J. HaU.Missionary.from/Jaribop, will
preach in Uie Wesley an Church this e veni ng.
Great good^bas been effected by the recent
rains, and' farmersevery where are anticipating
large crops.      /..;���..-;.      .-v-v,   '���>.
VaiUancbur, -Lavery & Go
I �� -    i i :
Barnard?s down stage arrived at 4 p.m.
Clinton, June 1���One of the most serious
���disasters which  has ever occurred on the
maiuland,.attended by great loss of property,
but fortunately no lives,,visited our town this
morning.   At 9 o'clock aim. a distant rumbling and crashing otfalling trees, attended by
yells from';Indians and   whites, startled our
���people, but before any but a very few could
realize the impending danger an avalanche of
water   and  trees came rushing down . Mill
Creek, bearing and carrying everything be-
fore it with resistless force.   The rains of the
p rev ion s 34 A h ou rs hmV so s wel led the sm al 1
mountain streams running"through the  town
that it is supposed some sawrlogs broke loose
���in the monntaios. In'its course it first carried
away the flume of Mime's ;mill. then strrtck;.
Mr' Foster's dwelling house in a slanting direction, doing no,damage, but sticking a log
through one window, and passed on to his
warehouse, containing about 40 tons of flour,
grain and merchandise, carrying the wfcole
fi r u c tu re ac r oss the st ree fc f agai n s tithe1 ��� ho use
of Mr C. E. Pope, which, being built of logs,
decked the course of the warehouse.   It also
i>ok the side out of Foster's store, carrying
away drugs, goods, &cM also an iron Bafej to-.
.gether with. Mr Foster^ who. was in the store
at the lime. ' Mi*- Foster was fortunately not.
injured;    Thei outer dpotAol the saf*0sWas
wrenched from its fastenings.   Some idea pf
the force of -the torren t can be had from, the
lact that the safe, weigh ing 1100; pounds, was
carried for fcy yards, by the rush of wa te r
a\o n e, ��� < he d :-ib r is haying taken a no the r direction, thus-ailowing the water to escape, which
yypi  >-:.:X&m��W&AyAy..yXyp ��� y
Bostpni- ApHl.30>--A Are was discovered
in the upper floor of Hal ley, Moore & Co.-'s
w are h o u se\ a nd in; 20 ml n tt tes th cupper s to ry
of Uie building was one'.massi of ilamesV ;- The
fire, worked back into the istables. of George
F. JBary, an<l soon destroyed them/ The walls
of the. immense edifice wherein the fire com
menced fell in, cmshing to atoms the gallery
bf Jordan, with all the stores on the opposite
corner of Fayette Court.   The flames soon
spread to a great building adjaeeut, and the
theatre was destroyed, including Nos. 403,
405vand jt07 (-WasbiQ^to,n street   The flames
then- crossed Washington street to  Chicker-
ing's splendid building and-the Globe theatre.
The fire also caught the steeple of the.Presbyterian church, corner Beach and  Harrison
avenue, continuing its course southerly from
the piace of its origin. The fire soon attacked
the International  hotel, which soon fell an(
easy prey." The next building destroyed was
the large four story;store occupied by four
different firms.
; 11.30 a.m.-���The fire in, the Beach street
Presbytei ian church has been extinguished,
and the fire is believed to be under control.
3 p.m.���It is impossible how to give a list
of all the losses, or even the names ofthe
losers by the fire to-day, but Washington
street, on the west side from Amboy street, is
nearly or quite destroyed. On the other side,
from Hay ward place to;I3y"efet street, there is
little left to show what existed' this morning.
B. Cashing, of the Board of Assessors, estimates the total loss at $7,000,000. There
could not have been less than 100,000 persons near the scene of fire when it was at its
height. The Mutual Bank have hot opened
their vault. They have reason to believe
their securities are safe. Four firemen were
killed by falling walls. During:.the expiter
ment attendinjg the"fire packagest of * Chicago,
Burlington and Quincy 7 per cent, bonds,
new issue, were lost or stolen.
.��� I^lsyMay^Sp^���peipniciaV
norince'"the appointment of Gen. deBarreto
be Minister of War in the place of de Cisser,
which completes thejreeonstructed Cabinet, -k
London, May 30���News has been received
from Central Asia stating that two columns of
the Russian exneSitio n against -/KMva were
about to meet in the Bokhara Mountains, and
the Ounburg and Masqnish Lake columns are
so near together that they are able to eommur
nicate with each other.
Versailles, \ May 30���The f Assembly this
afternoon ratified the proposition to' rebuil d
the Column Vendoine, and adjournedtill 5thr.
eTune. v
Bog to Inform their friends and tho pub lie that, tha
have taken the well known premises ju Barkerville:
so long favorably plitrouised white in the occupation
of Mr i\"; Cunio;        ' ''   "���' ..--.-.  .
The Celebrated XXXf :A&.
wi 11 he mahufactnredJ[ah:d^s6l(i|byiWhole3alo and;R��
tail in its purity, and    ���     ���'-;';   .,-.... ���';
Tlie1 besti^iqtiqrs ^Gi^ar^
constantly kept pnhand.,; ,- ? ��� -y .   ,
The XiGKigingrDepartment
will bo always:carefully-attended: to, and thebesf
Beds and accommodation . provided, for their cus ,
touiers .-v:.'      ..���* .-' 7del6::
V., ;>;....���: p E,ir,p .6%%9:" I.
....... ;<.' '....!.    ..    ......a..      ...      .       .'���':,'        ���_ ' ���
Z/xi' '^.BARKERViLLEj-' ��� s'ii.':
Xr   :. .-'������: '.' /;   !   DEALER IN     M fwAyy^Ay
G-rocerfes, P^pvisioiis and
-     .;   ;DEPOT   :F.O R  'X   AXy
on baud.;)  AA; y \ '-pA W .'���  ��� ipyt ;uo23:
J. is always supplied with the best of everything
that can be procured in Cariboo.
Board, -'- $12 per Week.
Single Meals
vantages^ a spleii-
"���"���������-:.���   -     :������������     J. W. LINDHARD.
Van .Winkle, June 5, 1S72.  '-     ���.
Fan YolkenDnrgh. & Co!
to the.spacious.premises formerly known as tbe
St.  George Saloon, where they will be At all times
prepared to furnisja;;
.The J BAR   ��� furnisho d' wi th; j, the
finest WINES
cl7 t?Jtt
; ��� ��� i
���'���-'i ������.i-AUWh.:: UA7-.Al ;���'?,:&:'&^.,. -���-'-"..���.,��� the c am^.sen���������el:  ���������  V:   Saturday, jlJNETmi-  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  .'������������������;������������������ Cabinet ^presentation.   ���������  We observe by-late fileB of Ottawa^apera  a movement- has been started...by' otrr  representatives at the Federal capital having  for its obj ect the representation -Of British  sCohVoibfa in the Dominion Cabinet^; The Ot  tawa.Free Press/ of.April23/contains awell  written article oh ibe; subject, and says it is  4ho.: geqera^ opinionjiat^bu accoiiojj of her  peculiar '��������� and;isoiate4 position, the vast im-  portaoce of ber resources, and herTery large  <jonU'ibulion to the revenue? of the country  <50 ,per ..cent, per ^aputwer affiy other Pro^v-  incein.the Dominion)^ that ib is unquestion*  iv&bly a-matter of public justice that British  xXJolumbia should have one M inisier out of tbe  fourteen now "forming, the Executive of the  iefei Con federated/.Proyibcesi"*' Although  very little attention has so far been given to  4his Question, by .ihe. AwpjAp/pf -&nboo.  it! ia' welf worthy of their consideration,  an4 we .believe the opinions of our Ottawa  Wtemporary will he genefUHy endorsed. It  will; be admitted that at- present our representation in the. Federal t Parijament ������s in .fair  "proportion to the; numbers ot ou r p o pulati d o.  ; ^ut it is" desirable tjjat the Province should  ��������� iiave a representative inthe, Cabinet to see  "thatio shaping the legislation of the Dominion  the parlicular- interests of ttbe Pacific prov in ce  '���������' are not; pveriboked. v We have n 6, doubt that  eo-far as ohr representativea. .in; th e Ootni n ion  Parliament -aretconcerned, /the;;interests of  A4bexr constituents will be fajthfully>ttended  -Ho^butsix members hi' a House of over 200,  cannot bp expected to wieId sufficient influ-  ehceito carry treasures for oilr especialbenefit.  v ATl:;the- Proviaces constitnting the'.Confedej*<  vktiOD baveja rlght^to be; represented in? Uhe  '��������������������������� ��������� 3&e:&ttivtf jA the; comparative'sparseness" of  ; icuir:.p6[n^  : <)f patrio tic legislators i ri=its*'' favo r, a fe ri 6 ar-  ��������� :iguments .^gainst J ts. jiisticeiv.; Notwithstand ing  V theVast resources of British Columbia, we  eanppfc'"^ope to;see her popuIation increase  ���������ip'a like ratio withthe other ProVinces having  greater capaWit'es of SHpporlieg large pura-  -^AND'-^  o^urt^  The Committee of Management for the Celebration of dominion T)ay and the Fourth of  July have adoptedthe foUowiog  Tuesaay,' JxOy 1st, 1873,  y/ -jiQ^  DOMINION CUP AND $300 ADDEO,  350 yards, ijeate,;3 in 5,' 25 yards distance, carrying  not.Jess.lbah 90 pounds���������Ennnce money $25, to be  added.'.*-. ������������������'"}- AX-X. '���������'; . ���������'-���������..' A-,. A-': ..... ...;    ���������  ^PEOPLE'S PURSE--$125f#  350 yards, heats, 2 In 8, 25 yards distance, carrying  not less than 90 pounds���������Ku tra nee money $10, adued  (winner of Xtoioiuion Cup barrertj.  if 'AA ArBACK RACE^$50,  350 yards; heatsj 2 in 3, 25 yards distance, catch  weiAhtar^Eulrauce $5, added (winners of previous  racesearred). y  ��������� Xsi yy-p ..��������������������������� ���������".���������-.���������  ��������� SLOW RACE-$15,  350 yards,1 'singlc.dosh^Entranee, $1, net added.    v  .  * \SIWASH RAOE-$10.  350 yards,- heats, 2 in 3,. 25 yards distance, catch  .weights'.V  iAAA���������i;XwLfX:;--;y"A,��������� :'"-'.  ���������  KOTICK  DURING MY AESENCE FROM CAP-IBOO^  Barkervnie, May 31,1873.  ju7 lm  THE UNDERSIGNED BEOS TO INFORM  1   the public tha,t he has opened a   ....   :,;,_   ;  Bakery at Last Ckancf,  LIGHTNING CREEK,  and is prepared to deliver Bread at any part of the  Crj*7k* . ^OHNMAESEV  Oood Property for Sale.  THE ELDORADO SALOO^ BILLIARD  TABLES: BAR FIXTURES, PIANO,  BEDS AND BEDDING, &e..   .,  THE UNDERSTfiNED, WISHING TO RETIRrFROlt  I , busings, o.T,rs for sale I'.iat well-known Froe-  hold Pr.pertv tho EMora.'o SUoon, togeUherwUh nil  the Fixtures, Billiard Tables, Piano, Bar Fixtures,  Stove,, Bedsaaa Bedding.&c.    ^ ,^ ^^  :    <^UOIT TOURNAMENT.  Prize iitff. 1*: yards.-:> En tries; to he made not later  than W o'clock, Jo ly 1st; at KurtzV^ ���������"  POtATO RACE,   V ' ;.  60 yards, XO murphies.? 1st prize, $10; Jd-prize, $5.  :;:;; Ipf/i- "0.:>B6yS,-:TLACR f/iZi. A Z  Handicap.   1st prize,. $4; - 2d prize, $3; Xd, $2.  /���������   vTRRp-I^GGEDilACE, ���������: :y  100yards. ' 1st prize, $6;.i2ii, $^-.-A:'y lyX'  ��������� \ Ehtrance' fee' $1,' execp f tb th e Btiys* race.' fl ' ':  MISCELLANEOUS.  B arkeryille & VanWinkle,  OFFER FOR SALE,  AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES,  Their entire and weltassorled stock of  LIQUORS,  CLOTHING-  BOOTS AND SHOES,  Lightning   Express  LEAVES BARKERVILLE DAILY at 8 A.M.  ���������l.s: AKD   ,  LIGHTNING CREEK AT 3 P.M.  Pas?apre,$2; for the ronnd trip, $3.  Freicht taken at low rales.  ap!2 _.JL.?:.^^2T;  Wednesday, July 2^1873.;  v HOESErRAClKG".  ��������� ��������� ��������� queen'S ;PUKsri~$25;o;;. i  ���������v" ":  '���������' -; ���������= *' ���������'' ���������'   AAA < ���������'*'*:-,������������������ Jl ;i-^"--   r -'   '-   Al' 350 vards, best 3 out of 5. 25 y.^rds distance���������En-  hers of people, and as a natural consequence ^Ycejii<  \olir 'representation: will always;be much be  low bur req'ri i remen t3; the re fo r e the only  way to -*do justice to this Province, without  infiifiging on tbe principle of representation  according to phpulation, is to adopt the right  of Cabinet representation.  vThe movement referred tevof course, meets  witli the opposition of tbe Victoria Colonist  .The acknowledged leader of the British Columbia delegation . at Ottawa���������Hon. Mr  DeCosmos���������is, according to that journal! the  leader of tbe niovementr Mr DeCosmosis a  suecessful;rival in.hnsinej?s and politics of  the conductors of -the Colonist, who were so  ingloriously " hoist by their own petard" at  the time of the tormation of our present local  Government, tberefore any good measure  emanating from liim must he opposed!  This continued howl of "plotting", and  ^'trickery7'* is harmless and amusing, and only  serves to show the factious and sordid nature  of the opposition, offered to successful  public men in-British jGolumbia.  *   ���������        *. :-"   i .-���������������������������:'<���������      ..'i. ���������/���������;'V.*f .'���������������������������-���������������������������*    .   ;-.    ^':-  Money $10, not Vdded; Oinryin? net le>s thun  90 poumla: iV tli ree fnhi^s, secoad to save his stake;  wiDnerot* Doroinion Cup barred.   '        f-  f,     CAK1COO PURSE~$125,  350 yard?, heats, 2 in 3; 25 ynr<!s ^IstaDce; winners of  Doiniulon Cnp anil Queen's Purae barroti; c:iiryii������G.  nolliss tbaa9Gpt'������n:isj ejUn*.iiee.s)oney $10, added.  SCRUB RACE-S-IO,  350. yards, beats, 2 :n 3,25'y.irrls djslnncft; entrance  $5, not added; Lo be three >nTries or no race; win-  jicraoi'tbe four principal races to be bwxedj catcb  weights.      "' ���������   ��������� .'��������� -   "   "' "      .,    .   ���������  .   St WAS II RACE-$10.  '::  350yards, beats, 2 in 3; 25 yards distance; catch  wfejghts,  RACE FOR BEATEK nORSES~$75,  Single dash; horse? h;ivin*������ run in Indian race barred;  entrance $5, added; cucb w������lgh&  Knirances for. Dominion Cup to be made hefcrc  Ten ������>xtock p.tn, ������n June 36tii, to the Secretary, at  DVKURT7/S.  En������i*nc.s Tor Qucr-n's Purso to bn made befor������  T !���������    cl>-V "'a. July 1st, to theSecrel:iry,  Other entries to bo made proviou.1? 1 j ench i*ac \  JS't J<ckey������i^ nJl������>wed. AH disputes to be settlod  by. the Pairul Judges. ��������� ���������        .....  Road Tax JLists, -1873.  \TOTICE 13 HEREBY. GIVE^, THAT A  AS List of all persons within tbo Richfield, Litjht  ion? Cr������tuk and Qu .-sn-dnvuth Polling Divisions, who  ar liable to pay Road Tax fo.- tho year 1873, can be  ijspicted at tlie"following places: ':  Court House. Richfield.  ,-    Post Office, VanWinklp: pp-  ��������� Post Office, Quesnelmouth.  JAMES UNPSAV,   -���������  my3l ColU'Ctor under Road Ordinance.  NING   IMPLEMENTS,  Ac, &e>, &c.  Parties intending to buy Goods of any  description will find it to tbeir advantage to  oira us a call before purchasing elsewhere. ���������  - . myl7   l -- -  i ��������������������������� ������������������      ������������������' ���������     ii    ��������� i^        m  arnard & Co.'s  EXPKESS,    .:  (Carrying.Iler Majesty^ Mails.)���������  Mining Claim |br Sale.  0" NE.'OR MORE INTERESTS   DT THE  ��������� .Two  Sisters   Company, .Jack  of  Clubs  Cr^ok.  For particulars, apply to.. .      ,.-.'���������.- >  W. W..DODD. Rnrkerville;  Or to        JOHN PINKERTOy,  mv241m , On tlio Cto'lm.  THE ESTATE OF TUB LATE  James Madison Bohanon.  T ETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION have  \j he< n cr.icted to tho undersigned, who will pay  and  receive  ALL DEBTS owing from and to the  Estate.  MARVTV P. ELMORE.  PAMCKL HALL BOHASON.  Qu'esnfilln, Jhy 9,1873. ='myl7 tf.  Every Sunday Moniitig-  Freight aod Fa?sengers carried "through at u)������  lowest possible ta 6 ������-3   ...  Ft������r rules of-Freight-and Passage, npply at tha  Kxpn-*s Oifice, Barkerville, and at J. W. LINO.  HAKD'S, VAiS WINKLE.  - .        ��������� JAS. A. KEWLAKD, Agent,    V  mylO   : ������������������ XA.py Burk^rviUe.  Barnard & Co/s  T7ROM AND AFTER THIS DATE AND  I?   until further notice^  Treasure to any amount  Will bo carried between Barkerville and Victoria ut  ������������������������*���������  DOMIKIOX DlT A NO FOURTH OF JOLT CELEBRATIONS.,^-Tbe programme of.': tbe races and  sports will bev���������found in our advertising  co iCfmris. ^ Tbe races; a nd a p or ts = wil! ;co toe off  on Tuesday and Wednesday, 1st and 2nd  July, the committee having decided that  51 would better suit (be convenience of people  on the oti tlying creeks to bold tbem on t w������>  consecutive, days;   One thousand dollars will  l>e demoted to borRe-raeing, and a fair sum to  athletic 8por(s. The owners of several of the  fastest, horses in tbe province hare already  notified the committee of tbeir intention to  ^nter tbei r an imals fw the races, an d so me  good ninningvmay be anticipaled. A1arg:e  number of vis?tors from tbe ontlying districts  are expected, and the committee of raanege-  mmt wil I take every step for ihmr gratifi ca^  tion and amasement :.  Barnakd's do wa Express 1 eft p n .Sunday  , raoruing, let ibst.C wliii fcbe! mails a large  amoiint of treasure,., and a Cull load of pas-  SPORTS.  1st Pri2e.  2d Ftlze.  |$3  1-jWheelbarrow Rnco,  (no prompting.)  3���������Foot Race, 300 yards,' 15 .7  3���������VflaUitig High Jump, with pole,:  ..'���������' throwing.polp: back,:.*      ; AIQ    V       fi" '������������������ '-1  4-FdbtTtrice, 150'yards, winner  of S00 yard race, excluded,    10 .5  5���������Sack Rivce, , ... 7 g  6���������Hnr;'lc Race, .       -     10 5  7���������Running Hlsh Jump, 10 5  ���������������Hop, Skip And Jump, ;. 10 6  ; Entrmce fee to all of tbe above snorts, $1.   ���������  ..TlieSp;>rtH will comTience at TEN a.m. sharp,   i  signal gun will be fired,  ; SALUTES wUl.be Ured at Nnon.   V  ; GOD SAVE THE QUEEN 1 i.iy  A Wm. Kknnir, Ohairmin.  Chas. Wi f^on, Secretary.  W> B.'Stkblb, Tre������.������umr.  ���������    NOTICE .    - .  TAMKS WTOKHAM holds my Power of  O Attorney, an J la tully auUinrised to collect for  me All thf������?e knowing themselves to he in my <lehl  by "itb������*r Promitisnry Nous or Arc^m. will pJe/iao  nv������kn imirv'iatfi payment, an'I all tho������'* having  dairnR.against me will please present thorn lo iny  Attorney. ' -���������     ,  WTLLIAM FORRIST.  Barkervnio, B.C., Mfty 12,1873. myl7 1 m  notice       z:  ALL PARTIES HAVING QDX1 OR  IV. other property.of thr. Cariboo Mechanios,  Institute in tbeir possf?ssion are lierobvnotified tbtit  the fame mu������t be sc.nt;ia to the Librarian innnedi-  at������ly. ' Legal proceedings will be fikoii against all  parties neglecting to comply with tliis notice.  ..'���������..;.    :By ordfr. JONA. NUTT, Librarian.  Barkerville, May 16, 1873. mvl7  JAMES A   NKWLASP, Agent.  Birkcmlle, M;*y 12, IS73. wyl7  J  UPPER FRASKR RIVER,  HURING THE SUMMER WILL LEAVE  SODA CREEK ON THURSDAYS,  As soon as possible after.,tho arrival of BAKXARD  & Co. Js Stages, and  QUESNEL ON MONDAY MORNINGS.  The under-finned hope, by a strict Attention to,  business, U) merit a con ti mi mice of the patronage  biiberto extended to Messrs. Marvin k Wright  Froight, per ton.      -      ���������������      -      $20  Pa-ssago,     -     ���������-      -      -      _.       $d  G-RANT   &   ARNDT.  Sodafr^-k. April 1, 1873. mylOSm  >  A  MEETIN^^F THE GENERAL COM-  J\   mittee, will be held at Dodd's foaloon on  Thursday Evening, Juao 12, at NINE o'clock.  By order,  I  ARE preparedfJto furnish Lumber at tbeirl'ilfills,  William Creek, or deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK.  Having a Platting Machin'efin operation they wil  also furnish <   ,;.    "   y -  iV-  CHS, WILSQtf,  at mttetwtixy r&tm  ENGLISH DRUGS;  PATENT MEDICINES,  PROPRIETARY  ARTICLES,  Chevalier's Life for tbe Hair  COUGH LOZENGES, &c., &c.  J������p Teeth care:  tracted and billed.  ������&* Prescriptions and Family Recipes accurately prepared. s    ^    ,  Barkerville, Nov. 20,1872. no23  . SURVEYS AND;PLANS EXECUTED  On reasonable terras.  ^* Orders left at Mr Kelly's, JVarkervill&  will be attended to.  asm  iit  \-*m  m  mm  1  j's^jfe  WAyfM  fy fl  HH  wm  m>������;  i SPiK  $fWEx  MP  mm  m  ���������  lilt  1  ������������������  MB  W������mmm  Ut  PPSt  liliiil  ill  ���������tew  ���������Hi  ���������HE  Ml  T."    - . SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1873.  UNITE!) STATES,  Poiigbkeepsie. N. Y:. 31st May.-  Br Brown,  MASSACRE ATVTHE. FEJEB. ISLANDS.  New York'1JurieJ^ileiierfrom "the Fejee  - Islands says tbe savages .killed a family of  r whites named Burnes and some Polynesian  laborers..altoe:etber sixteen,.. Tbe^bilebodies  which were found -were Korfibly mutilated.'  Some of the bodies were carried away for a  cannibalfeashi ;     V.''.y...    'rX A, :'��������������������������� A. ���������  EUROPE.  The London #ost of Way 30tb says tbat  Burleigh, after leaving Madrid, was seized by  ���������the OarJfetB aadt'Carrietf to the headquarters  of the ittsiirgent ehie'f, and his life was in  danger.  Bayonne, May 50th���������Advices from the  vicinity of dagrona report that a great battle  between Carlists*ed Republicans was on the  point of taking;place..  Lisbon, M������y 30���������The mail steamer from  South American ports has arrived, bringing  dates Ironi Rjo Junerio of 17th. inst. < A revolution bad broken out in {lie interior province  of the Argentine Republic. rTbe Liberal  party had revolted and -taken-possession ot  the towns ot ���������Quatgay and Victoria, but sub-  sequentlymet with a check at, tbe hands of  the Government forces. At last accounts the  <*o? ������f\\ men fc' w as :j co nceu.trati p gi troops, to;  crush the insurrection. ' "   . ���������   '  'A MINING INT^LIGENGE.'  WILLIk������S GBJCKK.  The FsPeBt Rose ia paying moderately. The  Ballarat ������co. cleaned np about 40 oz. last  week; .they Have' now Etopped work until  after higfe water.  ;; JiscxopcxmB/'pwcicfc  The Two Sisters o#. cleaned up 80 oz. last  week. ' ���������;���������'���������'���������-  .���������'.������������������:;  AA. BBRN8 CRRKK. ������������������  The Dawson co. washed ������p.40 oz. last  week - lhes other companies aie cleaning up  with good rewilts.        /  ';��������� fcOWHEW CREEK.  The Calaveras co. cleaned up 46 oz. last  week. TIih Victoria co. is running a drain.���������  The Bla^ Bulled, will probably get up steam  next week.  ; '��������� *';"' '���������'.'" ���������������������������iff. licut nino cmmsbli "���������     ';'. ���������': *  . The^Spruce co. started to work.on Monday  in their upper diggings. The Point co. had  to stop working in the face, hp the water was  increasing; tbey washed up 'l&tfo'z. last week  and .60. oz. on Wednesday. The Vanwinkle  oo. are still working on their drain. The Victoria co.. commenced pumping yeslerday.  The Vancouver co. haye still about 30 feet of  water in tbeir snatt. The Gladstone co. ate  still running across the.channel. ������������������  yy; COUNTY COURT.  Beforo S. M. Banj Esq , Gold Coraaussfoaer  Coaaty Court Judge.]  sad  Satchday, May 31,1873,  Lor4 Vs. Dominion Co. (Harvey creek) by  R. Borland.j-Soit for $400, for labor, Judgment tor-plaintiff, with costs.      v.      ���������:/���������  Two other ceses were postponed until 16th  June.' ;   ,y/.��������� yy... ... ,py ::..    : . ..."  MINING COURT.  ��������� A/ Satordait, May 31,1873. ���������  Tbos. Allen vs: fu Wintrip.^-Action to recover one-half ef; tbe GoJdeo Hope and one  third i f the Floyd1 claims, included in the  charter of the Stout Gulch Company; also,  tor the;production of a debtor and creditor  account as regards the plaintiffs interests in  said company. '���������������������������*' - ��������� APl.pX. ...���������?"    "��������� ". :<p  '  The Court ordered a transfer to be made of  the interests of Thos. Allen in tbe Stout GnIch  lease ; and the accounts connected with the  Interests of Allen and Wintrip, both before  and subsequently, to be submitted to an arbitrator. The arbitrator, to decide as to costs  of suit and arbitration. .....:.  MINING RECORDS.  ������������������*���������������������  ���������^i^ ������������-������������������<������-<������-  FROM THE ATLANTIC TO' THE PACIFIC.  We have received a copy of the prospectus  ef this work about to be issued from the press  ef Mr Geo. O^sburats, Montreal.  The auftior,  M.'AchinU;e^aecompanit������d Hon. Mr Langevin  last, year on bis visit to British Columbia, and  therefore may be expected to know something  of-.the subject on which'he is writing.   The  fcnok will be dividod into two parts ; the first  '���������-part entitled ���������' From the Atlantic to the Pacific f? t������ rompr<������hehd ihe journey across the  Ainerican coniinVnt;   lhe passage and return  horn ttie-otte ocean to the other, with tbe npX:  ihhiou������ incidents.ocourring during so  long a  tri p ;������������������' a d*������se r j p ti on o f the p fains.' the wb n d er 4  ful'.-.'bounty of the places as yet unpeopled.  "Bomp ac c o u u t of the great Pa c i fi c R ai I road.  i '&e:A&c.- A The seciciDd part of the work; which  V willvbe its principal and really essential por-  tiotii^lH b** Htyled "Journey to Vancouver  Island and  British Columbia.'7   It will embrace, along with the history of British  Columbia since its discovery, an account of the  different"forms'of government which  have  yicceed'Hle-icli.other; its) physical geograpSty.  its geological constitution',,its' ciimate, cities,  ports, mineral productions, those of its forests  and tie Ids. its fisheries commerce, and industrial vprodu ssys his object  Willie jtf cfer ^ at once  agreeable:/and us6r)ii,:1and to 'make known to  Canada nod to other; Zemin tries ibe subHmu  scenery and thet as yet unexplored riches of  British-lOoVri^biW-^^\Mi:.yAtohiiiti*o states that he  has deemed it not^ amiss;to print, as a very  appropriat<vepigraph,-and  one hereafter to  WILLIAMS CK6KK;  April 29���������Recorded in favor of Lewis Mor-1  gan. 2-3ds of the Chrysalis eo.  April -20���������Recorded in favor of F. Lallier,  one half of the San Jnan co.  May 3���������Recorded in favor of Sam  Moo &  co., the whole of the BradieyNicholsvn claim.  May 12^-Recorded in  favor of John; O.  Jones, one interest in the Jenuy Lind co.      '  May 19���������Recorded in fiver of O.Urqnbart,  21 iuteresls in the New, Aurora co. /���������-".���������;  May 2^-r-Recorded in favor of A. Pendota,  one-half of tbe Sun Flower claim.    ,  V* ;       OON'KLIN* GULCH.  ; ,        /  May 15~Recoriled in fb'vor of Felix Daoust,  one-fourth of the White Pine claim.  lie*  mm  be of ten beard, the;expression with which P-ir  George Cartier concluded his speech in  the  Dominion Parliament at Ottawa, in favor ,of.  the arinexatibn to Can Ada -of British Col u rn-  h\a\:���������"������������������"������ AH aboani- for the West I"   We ha^ve  .--������������������quo ted enough from [tbe ���������prpspectna to sjfow1  ihia t. M. A cti i n t re in ten Ha te fu rnish n s w itb a n  agreeable and i i.selnl bo ok, an d the f{ nfor m_ a  tion contairied? in its pages cannot fait to;d raw  attenttbn to ihe'^resbnroes of��������� this province and  t lie ad va n tages it offers to emi gran ts.   The  work will be profusely/illustrated,A The sub -  scrip tion price la S^ the selling price $5. and  orders sent to the publisher will be promptly  attended.to.-^- if-A'Ay ,.f.'.A-.y. i  Sap Cask.���������The Victoria, Colonist says that  a few months ago Mr George Muir, a well-to  4o farmer of Nicola Valley, wrote to Scotland  for a young lady, to whom he had paid his  ad d resses, to j oi n h i tn i n th is co n n try w i th a  view to matrimony. The young lady anived  on Monday and pntiip at .the Angel Hotel.  On the same evening Councillor Morton, the  landlord, received a telegram from above,  announcing that Mr Muir, while on his way  down to meet bis brute, was drowned by the  upsetting; of a canoe, The. sad news was  broken to the you net lady ; and it is only  right to say that aithongh among strangers,  she has found^many who sympathise with her  in her .deep distress.  Tub Weather.���������We have had considerable  ruin during the week, and on Thursday and  Friday a 1 ittle' snow. The water fn .the  various creeks is very high, and no work can  toe done in the majority of creek claims until  sftar the freehefo.        V        > :  STOUT QUI^U.'. ' '��������� '" "'������������������-  May 26���������Recbrdetl in favor of John A.Davis.'one interest in the Mucho Oro co...  June3���������Recorded in favor of W- P. Smith;  fer;the company, 0 nejjri terest in the,; Mucho  Oro.;ce:;'"' .    ���������' ���������*'���������        :'-" -       ': Af A >  NELSON CREEK.  V . "yiAf  A pri J 7���������Record ed i n'. ta vor of tbe Ab Sjn g  co.. 100 Teet of Vni|n ingV grou ud, com mencing  at tbe. upper line of said co. and running up  stream.  V   SWIFT ItfVBR.      ." .  April 9���������Recorded in faver of Ah Sam and  Ah Sing,-200 feet, hi IS claims, on right bauk  running up stream,  . BURNS CREEK.  April 12���������Boomerang co.���������Recorded in  favor of Mat. Lynch. Thus. Bell. Wm. Langan.  and Ja.s. Ne.wlaiid, 400 feet, adjoining lower  I me of Columbia co., to form part of Boomerang co.  April 21���������(rlendianing co.���������Recorded in  favor of John Hunter. Walter Foster; P. Glen-  dinuiug, and A Glendinning, 400 feet.  UeiiTNINO CREEK. ,.  April 21���������Gladstone' co.--Recorded in  favor of M. B Bniy, IL P. Orton, R. Watson.  J. Hill. J. Akenhmd. T. Lavery, C. Wilson,  J. Holmes. C. Vaillancour. A. Wood, J. Aken-  hend, S. Reid, T. Purtnn. H. Lucas, J. Valett5,  R. Hill. J. Dodd. H. E. Metcalf. each one-halt  in terest; T. Fletcher and T. Gartley, each  one quarter interest. Re-record, ly; y ";.;���������"  '<��������� Ai>ril 24���������Cos tell o co.���������Recorded in favor  of R. Magirl, M^ Connolly. J: JohnstohVA^  To w'.rise nd. ea ch 100 feet o n >; t he r igh tha hd  bank of liightn i ng''��������� creek, adjoining Costel lo  co.. creek and hill cl ai ras, to fo rm pa it of  Costelloco.-,  A p r i I 2 4'���������������������������C o stel 1 o co.���������R ^cord ed i h f a vor  of J. J. Robertson..R.Magiri;J. C McMillan,  each one interest; George Byrnes. J. IL Todd,  each | interest; A. Townsend. D, Burns. W.  Oavison, J. Johnston. M. Connolly, each i in  terest; HiCoHinfl,.4 interest.  April 28���������Recorded in favor of Tsu Hung  and Tsu Yo w, 300 feet of grcmrtd on west side  of LifKhtning. about 200 yards below mouth  of Last Chance.   Rereconi  CHISHOLM CRBEK. ,  April 2S���������Snowden co.���������Recorded in favor 1  of E. BlakeweiKH. 0. Jones, John Jonfs. M.  H. Gil I is, D, Edwards, each 2 interests; Evan  Phillips, A. Pendala, John Williams, L. Win-  trip, Thos. Allen, each 1 interest.       ������������������'../,.  AMAOQU CR&KK.  May I���������Recorded in favor of Thos. Bell, T.  R. Pattullo, Tbos. Birmingham, Jos. Phillips,  Adam McLean, and E. Harper, each 1 interest ; Alex. McDonald, Neil McArthur. J. Mc-  Kinnori, F. Farquarson, Wm, Hitchcock, A.  Jeffty, A. K. Johnatno, each oae-balf intereat  Posvau���������We understand the Barkerville  Postmaster^ has received; instructions to de  liver the Harvey Creek mail to the contractor  to whom it was awardetl by the Dominion  (Postal authorities.. The service is not to commence until 1st July, and although the ten-  dors cailed for the delivery of a weekly mail,  the postmaster is instructed to deliver but one  once a fortnight to tlie contractor. There, is  evidently something wrong about this contract, and we hope our representatives at Ot-  t;wa will inquire into the matter. . A mail  once a fortnight during the. open season, will  be but a poor convenience-.to. the parties  whom it win tendedi to benefit, and they will  still, hayo, to rely upon 'he expressman for  the delivery of one half of, their correspondence, as their mall matterl.will reach Barker-  vilje everj week.-The; contractor must con  sider himself' in luck, to find out that he will  be required to do only half tbe work he contracted to perform, and still receive the full  amount of his subsidy.  : Tub Libtary and Reading Room is now  open tp the public-: The missing books are  being fastcbrought in. and in a few weeks (he  list of  newspapers and periodicals ordered  wilirbe' completer "Np'bettw--place;caTi%w  foii n d; in Ba r ker v i 11 e . w herein; * o pass a way a  sp are* lii a I f-h o iir; and the Worthy su peri n tend-  ent. with an^ey^ to the comfort and enjoyment  of the patrotiA Of.��������� the ���������. Iosti tu tei is a 1 ways oh  mind' either .to band you a volume of Milton's  Par ad i ��������� e t/$if or to i hstru c t you in the m^ s-  terles of chess or backgammon.',:".  fPMk Wjl Davison aiid. wife left by^Bafnard7a  Expreffs on Sunday last for. their native  province of Ontario, Mr DavisVm during bit  stay of five years amongst ������s has always per  formed the part of a good citizen, and jor a  long period was one of -the nroSt active members of the Fire Def������artment; and naany of oils  citizens will regret his departure;  New Bakert.���������- A. iie^v'Bakery baa beea  opened at Last Chance, Lightntag Creek, by  Mr John Mahrer, late- chef-de-cuisine-Of the  Antelope Restaurant, BarkervUle.   ..' ���������,.,r I  No Repoiit.���������O wlbg: to interrnptlpnB caused  by heavy rain storms in the:lower country,  no news report could be transmitted over the  wires last night.   ������������������'   '" ;   '; ���������'������������������ ���������"��������� - ifx  The Barkervilie felegra|)h offiQ*"$W fe^ftfii  removed to the building known as tb���������> Ms*  chanic8?InstiUUe." :  %   ''������������������  "yy  ��������� ��������� ��������� y i\   ���������-,  Fit������8HEt and FiRE.-^The^parttculars of a  destructive freshet at Clinton and a larg������ fire  iti Bostpp will be found on our first page. ���������  Dominion ��������� Day and Fourth of July.���������A  meeting of the general committee is called for  Thursday evening, at Dpdd's saloon.   ';  ,/  NOTICE.  A COURT OF GENERAL ASSIZE A^Tt>  J\   Gaol Delivery, and of N>si Prius, will be b������5d.&t,  each of the \mderrn en tinned pi ices ay. follows, except  tho same be hereafter changed.by Order fa Coaudl^  SPRiNG CIRCUIT.    :^-     "  New Westminster, Wednesday,^'Majr 1^* "  '. Yule, Monday, May 19.        ... .'  '���������:���������. Lytcon;. 1'lKirsday, Hay. *2lX��������� ���������'". '��������� X '������������������;'���������:  a:.   K;imlo('p>*, Weilnosday, May 28.' ..        :.;..���������;  Cljhtoo, Monday, June 2.   .,.....,:    ,.   ,V..,  QuesnelittCAith, Friday, Juno It.'    ''"''  r ' %:' "'"-'-��������� -  ���������Kiclifleld, Tuesday, Julie 17.      ':    ��������� A;  "PALL CIRCUIT." pi  V Richfield, Tue9dny,'September 16.   -:  A:    Queshelmoutb, to bo flked hcreuiter, if a&������ %4sA*  ��������������������������� >   -v -  nvfis.' ���������   '���������     v '..;���������'.   :- ���������'     - -a-  'Clinton, Thursday, October 2.    *   ,  ''    Kamloops,-Tuesday, October.!.  '  Lytton, Monday, October' 13." :.  .;Yale,.Thursday,.October 16. '������������������ .- , .  . .Now Westminster, Tuesday, October SI.    :. ��������� "��������� ;i  Assizes at Nanaimo and elsewhere will, wkea ft^BKh  sary, be herealter fixed; ' .  V     . ������������������ ��������� X  | ./Dated Utli day or April ^1873,  v "A- "i   A, i Ay  V.* '������.'���������. By command,-   -v ......    ,,-....  ,.''.'  X-'X'A ���������.. -joiraASH,v.  ��������� tbyXO ;.', . PrOTincial Secretary,  s.  ������������������"������������������������������������' ?;���������'   : Provincial Secretary's Office,   V  :. ::;; . ��������� XPy'.P. 25thAprilj'187^:-/  : His Excellency the Lieu tenant'Governor has been  pleased to appoint the-following gentlemen to receive  appttcitio'n's for Registration and Rec>r.i, under th������  provisions of:/'The l/'ind Registry Act/ISTO," and:  'MUe.Land Repistry'ATriendnient AcV'i873,". and to  perform the duties heretofore allotted to the Stip^n-'  di"ry Magistrates under ���������' The Bills of Sale Ordiu=������ace,  1870." and t(The Bills of Sale Amend ment Act, J8T3,"  . . .     ,       , ,\    .* w and the "Cattlo Exemption Act, 1871," in and for  who lost both of h\p hmids recently through; tho E{l.ctoriU Districts, or Polling Divisions of- Eiec  a railway nccidetit* in  Canada,   was  married ; toral Districts, set opposite their respective names:  Romantic MATtnrAG������.���������Mr Lowe, of Osoyos.  on the 8th May to a Miss Simpson, to whom  he was betrothed-a few duys before lhe acci-  dent. The younp lady on hearing of the ac  cidenfc went to bis assistance and nursed him  in his aftHctien, snrl the ceremony ef marriage  took place at his bedside and in the "presence  of the patents of the bride.  Passkxgers booked for Barnard's down  Express on Sunday :���������Mr Hitchcock. Mr  McN<iUghten. of Harvey Creek. Mr J. Lord,  for Yale. From Qoesnelmoufh���������Capt. Butler  (author of vThe Lone LuiMi1-), for Yale.  From Soda Creek���������Mrs Colbreih.,  Kldorado Saloon*.���������Tbeiproprietor of this  valuable, freehold properly, wishing to retire  Trom business, offers it for sale on liberal  lerms, vThe:^  table?, piano, &c, and the building is the  Iargest in Cari boo and; in excel len t cond iiio.n  Mr W u. Allan; a tnemb er of the M in n eh ah a  Co.������ Harvey!Creek, wholeft;..Cuilbbo last fall  on a visifc to his friends:in Scoi)and,.���������;has de-  cided to settle down- in fen gland, and has gone  into the book and stationery business in the  city of Birmingham. :.  Barnaro's Express, wilh the mails, an ex  press, and four passengers for Barkerville���������  Messrs. Kurtzf Morris. Corthorn, T. de Nou  vton, and Frank Morris���������arrived yesterday  nfteru-'pn., ;- ���������*'- '  Wu*mpt?s LroHTNiso- Exprkss.���������This great  public convenience will from after this^date  make daily trips between Barkerville and  Lightning creek.  Th������ First Pack Train of the seasori���������^Jeo.  Tiesiera's���������arrived on. Thursday, with a enro:"  of general merchandise lor A. Pendola and  others.    I  ' ���������    i     ,    .. A '"' AA .������������������.   '  Mr Moitnis. Manager, and Mr Corthorn;  Accountant. Bank of Bri'ish North America,  arrived in Barkerville yesterday by Barnard's  express,  Sylvrstkr. with the Omineca express and  maila, leaves Quesnelmouth on Monday.  $&* EBOtsT^iii Yom Vote. Tbe time ex  ^IreiB oi tdesday next, i&a iOtb Xmk  W. H, Fitzgerald, Ehq., Polling Division of Omineca.  J, Bowron, E������q.,; Polling Divisions of RichUeld and  Lightning Creek. < V  O. Hare, Esq.. Polling Divisions of Keithiey Creek  and Quesn id muiith.  C.   E.  Pope, Esq.,  Polling Divisions oT Williamfl  Lake, Can^eCr^k, and Clinton. :  A. W. Smith, Esq., P������riling Division of rjillooet.  W. 'league, Esq., Electoral District of Yale.   .   A A.  H. V. Esmonds, Esq., Electoral Districts of New  Wostmiuster City nnd District. ���������  C. Booth, Esq", Electoral District of Kootenay.  ������������������   By command. JOHN A^H,  rrovir.ci-il Si:cr������tarv. .,  AND  General Agency;  JAMES  apl5tt  WICKHAM,  Barkerville.  GROUSE     CREEK  Delivered to Miners on the following outlying Creeki:  Antler, Ouxtninghami Stevens, Beggs Gulch,  '���������'���������; :��������� AAA' '���������;.' A" .&o. ' ��������� '��������� V" ' w  The Goods sold at this Store will, as usual, b������  of the best quality and at the. lowest market prices,  Or������ajse Preek, \1uvl0. IS73 n������vl02mV  ������p������-  Groceries and Provisions,  'i* I G H." T N I N Q    C' ft * ������  L  X pyA:h :^^^sm^M^m^x^^t^sim^ yy^yy^^^mmmsh^!-s^^^  t^'<.wwysswwrWXywKWAiA.sW!  ^^mmmmw^^  '-.If?  X III .jr/s-ri*-? ������������������^Vflii1;  Vf'^y't''*; ��������� ;  -/|tS:]V :;JOSEPH,Kt 'TRUTCH.  : ZffA yw-x-   .. CANADA." '   ���������-'  ;.���������������������������;,.,:      -..      . ���������_������ ���������:.:-. -.;.,-. w.z ���������: ... is.,-.v V.-5?'  PROVINCE OT^BRIT^H  ���������J, -��������� * .Tufaffed ������i^ and Ire  ���������  iand,QuBEN% Defender of the Faith,&c;, &c  To.all,to wliotn these ������resents, shall come.���������  *y%ii&&mw.iyi-Ai-      A    A  ���������iX*W.M  ;yiW.f   -y������k   Wl     -:;.-��������� ^   -.   * / - ���������     ���������  *���������   ���������  A  PROCLAMATION. '    ���������;;  :'*GmAAP* WAi,EEMW^#Hi5RBAS bv Section  ; 6' AtJgrbey:General Jp^# of ��������� * The Road 'Ex-;  ' /teBsfori' A������t/"1873,J:ib!ts 'provided that the'  ivLieutenant-Governorin Council may, by Pro-  ^ eianialion,1;create, aliy^ortion.or portions of  'tho Sf ain^n^or;R^ Utsh iC^lninbia intp: a Road  'I Distric fclor/Distncts^wlthrBu^ as;  -���������'^LstiaiUblnft''^ ��������� '  ;-. ������������������  And whereas tho^ JlQriprable Joseph William Trutch, as siicfeEieritenan(.-Governor in,  . ^ouriciljas'atore^iol^lnder aiid by ;vtflue';of  ^theppwcrs nnd; aiUhoi^ics' cohfeVred' npon  J Kmi itrjj(Joiincil as aforesaid, and of .all other,  /powers and.., authqrjfresjpim ��������� in that behalf  ���������enabling,  hath ^de^6^|(hal"thevRoad Dis-  Iricts,: hereinafter''rn^tlbn,e(l,'l)e^cr'eateiJ:."  v   NOW KNOW Y:Er;t,hat'\Ve,do hereby ore-  ��������� ate tbe following Roax^  "land of British Colombia; that is to say:  1.   THE  (URIBOO0  "ifchJcb shall iwlu^e^^ of land, in���������  *cla a*eti iu the* CariboJoSpistrict���������., as, set ,forth io  ;4heSc|^  :^2rTHB-/Ltl.LO^j||ip^ ^niST'RICT,  -which shall ine luilelll^fKt'Jriict "of Viand ia-  ; <cltided in the LiU66e1|J}i&ricKasset'��������� forth in  the Schedule to^/Thedojaltit'ution, Act, 1871.^  V 3. iT^;YALR'||||^ DlSTRicf; which  ^fdnfinciufle'iiir(li^tr^t'of hmel ineluiled  I fii "trie. YaleDisI rict.,'as set .forth in. the Schedule to" The :C(>nstilntidn Act, 1S7JL":   "  ./'-^MTHBj.KO.OTB^^RdAp DISTRICT*  X. which shallinciudeJallvUjat iraet of -land in-  -cludedihihe KootenapiDisfr|ct,:asrset fbrlh  in;the Schedule toIS#iie Conistittilion Act.  1871.": ������������������/���������  ���������iAAAXfAfyXAp ..s.    -  "; ��������� ������ THE NEW WGSliSsf^ and COAST  :vRGAp.;,U,rSTR.ICTS, whiph: shall; include..all  :.tjmt 'tract of land jncjJ4j3������d in the New Westminster and Coast-DisfrictsVas set forth in the  Schedule ;to.'^  '���������   'In Testimony VvHKitEOF, we have caused  .: those\Onr lieUei^lo^fio made Patent,and  .,   : .tbe Great Seal ofthe Province of Brifjsb  ..'.;.'   Columbia -io: bf SeiSuntb affixed : Wit-  A/f '/KESSi .the   Honorable. Josei'u William  ��������� iTROTCnvLiootehlutfgovernor of the Said  fry 'Province 6fBriUsh^Jplnmbia.in the City  Aa- ���������. of Victoria," in:!thevsaid ^ Province, tbis  .y-x Fourth day of M|ujiii0n the year of Our  V Lord*One Thousa#ffieij?ht hundred and  j ���������..f seven tyHhrecs:ahdihvthe thirty-sixth yea r  of OunReign., '/ /Ai  fi     Ai// f/  ^By commaod.aX..  ��������� wxJOHN ASM, ��������� ��������� WpA  .. Provincial Secretary.'  Division, and in- the Electoral District of  S>otenay:  ��������� NOWxKNOW' YE that We.do order and  proclaim tbat���������*', The County Courts Extension'  Act, ISTS^ishail^ from'and after the date  hereof/have full force? and effect in.the.Elec*  toralDistrict of \Garjboo.'except that portion  :thereof known as the Qmineca Pollinj?;:Di  vision, a'ad !n the HsctqrarDlstrict of Kootenay.        .. i-AXls ''A 'A ���������'xlp-  l.In Testimony Whereof, We bavo caused  Vi' these Our letters to be made Patent, and  ��������� -;the GfreatSenl of the Province of British  . a���������_���������* Columbia to be hereunto ��������� aflixed: Wit-  i   : ;nbssj j the HonbrableA. Joseph William  V Trotcet, Lieutenant-Governor of the.said  ';:if.-Province of British Columbia,in.the City  ' -   2/ Victoria, in..the said Province, this  J* our th day of March, in the year of Our  '> w\ Lord i,One thousand eight;hundred and  ���������'���������' ������������������Jseventy.-three^aud in the thirty-sixth year:  if ���������. pf Our Reign.; ;���������;.���������������������������---u ;'���������������������������> : ���������������������������������������������'���������  Byconirnand;^? :^ ; ���������-..' ������>'-''  X -'���������   \   r>  ���������  - JQHN-ASH^'  v A'/A "X   'A   : y  ..������������������;;... ���������"���������: ...ProvincialSecretaryiv * njr22 4m  p. y ���������yyXyy.P  TTTIIEREAS by a Proclamation,, dated 4th 3farch,  VV .' 1873,"the Mainland 61' British Columbia was for-  tho purposes o������ the above Act, divided into five Bead  ���������Districts, \\7.P. IX  '���������'���������':. W, :A  The Cariboo District...  ���������-,-. Tlie Li Ilooet Road, District. ,. ...  V Tho Yale Road District.. AAA"-'  'I ���������  Thq'KootHnay Roiid District. ��������� '.  A: The Ne w Westm ins ter' It������ >ad District.   :  NOTICiS IS HEREBY GIVEN; that .the following  Col lectors have been appointed for the said-Districts:  Cariboo District/.;; XXXiyplyA: X.f.'f '���������:���������  :. Ominoca foiling Division���������W..U. PItz^erald, E*q.  ���������^������*. -  >. PiiovrxcuL Secretary's Office;  ' 4th 5krch,1873.  Lillooet District.  . Canbo .Creek and.Clia'toh: Polling.Divisions���������C. E.  ;.Pop-.!,- Esq. ��������� ..���������.-.,:, ;,;    ly .   .'���������  ' .;.:������������������;   . V ......  LillooevPolling Divisioh^A. W.'Smith; Esq.  Yale DiftTiu'cT. :".        Af'Ai  His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor  has been pleased to make the; following appointments, under "-T1& Sheriffs Act, 1873^: J  RicuAiti) Woods, Esq., for Vancouver Island;  Henky V. EDiioNns^sQ.^for lhe. City of  New Westminster.1' ^ -    v   ' '���������Ay' 'l    : x '���������  George Byrnes. Esbj.^ for-Caiiboo. v  By commaod,   i!.X**0 X.;AX<    '���������  ..JOHN. ASH,  *������������������;;������������������'"��������� *?-: provincial Secretary.  ProvixxIal Secretary's Office,  ��������������������������������������������� a- - AliAA ;'   4th March, 1873."' ���������;-'.��������� ;.  His Excellency, the Lieuteuant Governor  has been pleased to appoint Henry Slyb  Mason,:Esq., lobe Deputy Registrar of tbe  Supreme Court of British Columbia.yip- *  ' Bycomaiandi':    '":���������  '     a   .;.;��������� JOHN ASH,      y  ���������"  ��������� Pfovincial.Secretary.  ProtinculSbcbetart^ Office,  /AA    . ;. " '- 4th-March, 1873;;    <r  ���������  His Excellency 'the Lieutenant-Governor  has been pleused to appoint W.C; Berkeley,  Esq., to be Audit Clerk for .the Province of  British Columbia.  ��������� ���������'*���������   v. >> ���������   -  . By command,  ������.    ���������    -JOHN ASH,   '  /.....���������;.'���������: '    rPro via cial Secretary.  ., :...   , v :   PROvixcrAL Secretary's Office,  4th March, 1873. ;���������    .  vHis Exoelleocy the Lieutenant-Governor  bas been pleased to appoint tbe-following  gentlemen to be Assessors and Collectors under, .and to carry:out.the provisions of "The  Land Tax Act. 1873���������':���������   a,.: . .  Riooard .Woods, Eso,;. for Victoria Disii ict.  Esquimatt and Metchosin District. Esquimau  Town District, and Lake and Saanich Districts. N ...       .:., .  William Stewart, Esq., forNanaiino.Dis  trict;   r   ���������    '      "; yx  John Morley, Esq., for Cowicban and Salt  Spring Island Districts.  JJX.S.1  rf::JOSEPH W. TRUTCH.  V ZZ vQANADA., , f/A  i    .-> :. *.���������������������������;...,'.. t .'    V-'.i ���������-..  '.���������:������������������'���������I  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the  Un j ed -Ki ngd o m of Great 13 ri fa i n. a n d Ire-  Ian d, Que en, Defender of the Faith; &c.,&c.  To all to whem these presents ehall come���������  . -Greeting. ..-.���������.   .. xy . >  ���������   ZyZfJiiPROULAUJm  O^or'A.  Walkem,tWIIEREAS Jfc  fs.pW'  Attorney-GeneraU(f*,vjded by Section 1 of  M The County Courts.-Extension Act;. 1873/'  ���������*tb.it  "The Mining,. Court eonstititied.under  "���������^The Gold Mining prdiiiariceTl8G7,������ shall  ,, ,h e a nd is here by. merged" in the Cou n ty,  41 .Coti rt; .and every Coti h ty:��������� Court ��������� Jtt (Ige of  /** British Columbia shall have and be pos \  " sessed of the same'jnrindfction, powers, and  ���������".authorities, as those.had and exercised by  "the Gold Commissioners appointed, acting,  "������ari'd presidi ng as Jndpes ofthe said Mining  "Court;   and   all   proceedingsi, thereunder  '"shall be bad- and taken iiraecordah.ee with  '���������f* the provisions of ' The Gold Mining'Ordin-  " apce, 1S67,' and \Th.c Gold Mining Amend?  * ment Act,, 1^72.'"    ,  iV   ,:  And where;ts a proviso is inserted that the  A'it should oialy have.full TorCe and effect in  such portions of the Province .as-the Lieut.-  Governor iri Council might, irom time to, time,  by Prbclamation ordfer.  And whereas it. is expedient that the said  A ct sh o u Id b ave .fu 11 force a rid effec fc i n th e  Electoral District of Cariboo, except, thai; par-  4&on thereof kuown as-the Omineca Polling:  . .Ly.tton andl4Caciie Creek Polling Dlvisionsr-T. R.  'Bii.ie'y Esq,;   .-        A     , "..-'.'���������    *   :  'Yale and Hope Polling Divisions���������Yf. Evans, Esq.  KoorKXAV District;    ...  WlUfHors^PoiTy Creek, and Frbncb Creek Polling  Divisions���������C. Booth .!B:sq:.. . *. ������������������: - '��������� ���������'���������������������������  NKW \Yy:STMINST e R'D/STRICT.  . .:���������' Chilli whack,. Laogiey,. Now. TVestminstor, Born rd  Inlet, ami North''Ann. Polling Divisions���������H. H. Ed  mdrids, Esq.;      -:"'  Kbw Westminster City -Distkict.     .       !   .  i'V. Edmo������:ds, E>:ij.  '������������������:. Bycoiniaaad.  '. ;���������'    ���������':������������������ . .- ���������������������������   J0HNT ASH,        ���������      ...  ���������  X   . ���������..    ���������'���������',', ProvincialSocrotn-ry.  Victoria, April 4lh, 1873.   . i>p2S JJni  In tlie Supreme Court of  British. Columbia.  ,  Joseph Rodkllo. Esq.. for Comox District.  IIexry V. BoMoxbs,: Ksq., for New West-  raiuster District.      ��������� ,      .;. '������������������' '��������� iy..i,   v  "R. A. BitqwN, Esa.,fqr Port.Essinirton.  Bknjamix' P. Gmi-Wx, Esq.," for Yale Dis-.  trict.  Thos. R. Buie, Esq!, for Lytton District.  ���������: John Boyd, Esq., for Kamloops District.  V AtEXAKDtJR Roi3t3,RsQ.; for Nicola' District.  Charles E.! Popkj Esq., for Lillooet District.  Edward Tyxon, F:sq..' for Lillooet District  GiiOiUiK Byrnks, Es<i. for Curiboo District  .. Corxkuus- Booni, Esq.. for Koolenay District.  By command,  .  . JOHN ASH,  ��������� ror22 3m .  lay, J. EJ McMillan, and 'D. Lenevue, of Victoria  Esquires, , '   *������  Jerenjiah Rogers.and^Cooto M������ Chambers, of B���������r  rardfnlet, ^inirc^>X ippy yf r % "ur*  ������G. II. Wilson Brown, of"AHerJC5', B^juirb. - ���������.  W,'H. Morrow, John J. Galbraith, and Joim Shaw  of Kootenay, Esquires.        ���������,..-.. '  James Roub' and G'. P. Drabble, of Comqx, Es.  quires.-       A.X.i ���������-.���������������������������   ��������� ���������  r-..- ���������  -���������    -��������� ��������� *���������.���������.'  James Mackie, of Langloy, Esquire.-  CUarlosB. Sword, of Motsqui, Enquire.   .  Donald McGilvery and David Miller, of Sumass, E3.  quires. '-'     ' ���������. "'���������' '' ' '' ���������        "If1  ,.* Thomas: Bell, Edward Pearson, John. Chipp, aa*  Jonathan Ntitt, of Barkerville, Esquires:  ��������� Richard Deighton and D. JlcXaugUten; of Han-ey  CreeJ^, Enquires;.:   .-.,'.  ��������� 'Adam.Prentis, JolmjAmont Muir, and Jolm Joha.  stone Robertson, of Lightning Craek, Esquires.  -���������Abraham Bartow, of tho Town of Quesnel, Esqulro  '   Robert Burnte McMicking. of: Yale, Esqniro,-; -  .James Cunningbaiu.and- W.;CJarkson, of Kew Wesu  minster, Esquin-s.   . ���������  W. D   Ferris and H. L. DeBcck, of Xgrth Ar'ai  Fraser Riv������rr Esq������J Ires.   -  W, H. Ladncr, of South Arm; Frascr River. Esq.  ���������By command.....  ARTHUR J. G. P1NDER,  ap26jm ' ,'../; Private Secretory.  ��������� ���������������������������a-   -....-. ���������}��������� Provincial Secretary's OQlce,  yP.     . ...  .    25th April, 1873.  His Excellency the. Lieutenant-Governor has been  pleased to appoint the tallowing gentlemen to rcwivo  applications for Registration and Record, under tho  provisions of u'The Land Regis try1. Act, 1870," and  -".The Land Registry Amendment-Act; 1873," nnd 10  perform the duties heretofore allotted to the Stnjcn.  diary Magistrates under ' The Bills of Sale Ordinance,  1870,5V and u .The Bills of Palo Am end ment Act, 1873,"  and  the  torat  W.U. Fitzgerald, Esq., Poll hi& Division of Omlncci.  ..I.. Bowron, Esq;, Pulling Divisions of Richfieldaat  IM thing Creek.  0. Hard, Esq.. Polling Divisions of' Keithiey Creek  and Que^iii*]mouth. :  ,C.  E. Pope, Esq., I'olltaj? Divisions of Williams  tVcstminster Citv j������nd District.  C. Booth, Esq!, Electoral District ol Kootonav.  By command. JOHN ASH,  Provincial Secretarv.  Provincial Ser.rotary1.?-Office,  . ; 25th April, 1873.  His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor; has -bwn:  pleased to appoin 1 the follow)j������r. gemIcmeii tn b> nt-*-  trict -Registrars under "The Births, Deaths, iiiid Ma'r-  riages Act, 1872'���������������:; .'���������'���������' ���������    ���������  District No. a���������H; V.Ed mondR, E.~q.  :���������.���������*������.        ���������������   4���������.W.. Tcaguc, :Esq.    .    VV      -  (;   : . ������r..G���������A. W. Smith,. E.-*q.   V    .  "        ������   7~J. Bowron. fcq;  :.-.���������������       "   9���������C. Booth, Esq. '  ���������: By command.. JOHN' ASHv.  '  mv24- -Provincial Secreiary.���������.  Wild  THE ASSESSOR: OF. WILD LANDS  1 would call the attention of Land owners tn Cariboo District to the 9th Clause of said Act, viz.:  .9.   Every owner of;Lsuid in any  District shall, at  soinc time during the months of March or April, in  GENERAL ORDER.  ng  Mm. Court in Banc, at the Supreme Court Room in the  City of Victoria, for tlio milowing terms, oq the dayj  hereinafter mentioned, namely:  For Hilary Term from the lf>lh to 25th February ���������  For Easter Term from tho 15th to 25th April; *  For Michaelmas Term from tho 15th to 25th November.  .  There will be nos'tting in Banc in Trinity Term.  In case any of the days' of -too dates named for the  ���������beginnirig.br ending of the Terms should' fall on a  Sunday ior- Public Holiday, then tlio Term will bc^in  or.end on the aoxt. folloyvingi day;r <��������������������������� -i;; ���������.       ' .v  ' r rf^ A     A A   :    f MATT T. BEGBIE, .CL J. ;  A L,s.l    . y-    A HENRY P. PBLLEWCREASE, j  "Xy^:}'.     ,. U;'.HAMILTON GRAY, Ai  -    '  " Oated YictoEia,. Jaiitn.ry^24th. lfi73. ���������������������������  :    inr22 tf:  LAND TAK ACT, 1873.  IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT BY  a Proclamation dated tbe 4th March  1873,-the Rolk] Disiricfs therein named were  created under" the provisions of "The Uoad  Extension Act, 1873/'  Ar d Ibat by Section 4. of "The Land Tax  Act, :IS73 " it is provided that the Road Districts, established under *������ The Road Extension  Act, 1873," shall be Land Tax Districts for  the purposes of the Act.  The Road Districts hitherto established1 on  Vancouver Island are under the same section  made Land Tax- Districts for the purposes of  the Ac*.' ..  Dated the 8th day of March, 1873.  By Command.  JOHN ASH,  *pMm ; .     : ���������    ; Provincial^Seiretary.  Provincial Secretary*s OIBco,  19th April, 1873.  HIS Excellency the Lieutenant Governor has been  pleased to apj)oini the lollowing pentlemcn to  i>e Return ing. OiliccTB lor-the several Electoral  Di.s  tricts'of .lire Province, under an t to enrrv out the  provisionsof "The Member.-?5 Indemnity Act, 1873'"  CARIBOO--James Liudsay, E~q.  J.ILLOOKT-..A. W. StnitJii E.sq.  KOOTKNAY���������Cornelius Booth, E?q.  ���������SALE-~Wm..Teagm.,E:q.  NEW WESTMINSTER  CITY AND DISTRICT-  U. V. Edmonds, Esq;  By command,  1A *      JOHN ASH,  roylO.- Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Office,  10th April, 1873.  Hlfi ExceHoncy tbe Lieutenant Governor has been  pleased to appoint the folio wing gentlemen to  be Registrars of certain Electoral Districts, under aud  to carry out the provision^ of "The Qualillcation and;  Regi.s-trationof.;yoterd'ActjI871." ��������� ���������  CARIBOO-Jobri Bowron, Esq.  .   KOOTENAY���������Cornelius. Booth. Esq.  yALE-rWm. Teague,Jkq. '���������'������������������'   w X  XT I.bOO KT '--A. W. g mi th. Esq '  . . NEWnVESTMlNfcSTES CITY, AND  DISTRICT-  ���������������������������*,-.    JI. V. Edmonds, Esq. '..,.-  By command,  ,  JOHN ASH,  . .    Provinciul Secretary,  1>p;tvih/ir������ii'������SAAi*AiA������.w    overy year, liiniFelf, orhy his aaeut, cibtAfii' from a  Irovincialbecrctary.  VonrOmce.'niiun: sign, dad deposit in A Post Ofllcs.  prepaid,, and addresred to the Assessor of tho Dis  trict, a Land Tax A-sessmenl paper, cuntniniu^ a do.  script ion of the land owned hy him, his name In full,  his place of f'.^hk-nee, the'tbt.il quantity of his land,  the quantity liable to the payment of Land Tax, and  Iheuaiureof the improvements., the value thereof,  aud the vahio of the land. Such Assessment piper  shall be verified by a Declaration made bv the.owner  Or his agent.  O. BYRNES,  Collector and Assessor of Wild Laud Tax.  &PERRIKS'  Celebrated  WCRCE S T ER S HI ft E    SAUC^  Declared by Coiinolsseurflu he'  THE  ONLY   G-OOD' SAUCE.  mylO  Provincial Secretary's Ofllce,  J Oth April .'life.  0. Kooth, Esq., of Kootenay, to be Coroner for <ho  Electoral Districtof Kootenjtyf ���������'        uoroner Ior_ no  -���������: ;. '. ��������� ��������� . By.command.-.; .;'  win :' '   -JOHXASIL  myIU ' Provincial Secretary.  : PiUVATE; Secretary's Ovtice  ������������������������������������:.���������.,     -4th April; wwi .       '  ]TIS Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor fiVhpen  Al  pleased to place the following Gentj'erffeti oiuhe  cSlnln^1 ������f tU������ FG��������������� l������T the^r0viuce orlriS  Wallace, J. H. Turner, Alexander McLean; (fSiau.  Caution against Fraud.���������The successor this  most delicious and   unrivalled Condiment having  caused certain dealer? to apply the name of "W������ree&  tersblre gttucen toUmlrown inf'Ulor "otnponndp' ih������*  public is hereby informed thuttlkoniy way to'nro-  cure the genuine, is to  ASK FOR; LEA & ERRINST. SAUCE  andtosoo that their names are upon the wjiaitkb  T.ABKLS, STOPPER, and miTTLE.   ���������  Som e n J th e fo re I gn in ark c t s h a v I n c. be e Am ptfHed  with a spurious WorcostershiiTSauce.tipoirtho wrap-  per and labels of which the names ol Lea and Perrins  have been forged, h. and P. give,noticethatthey  liavolurnlshod.thoir correspondents wi tli power of  attorney to take instant proceedings against manF-  actoukiis and vk.xdoji.s o i such, or any other iniltu-  0ns by which thejrrighlmaybeinfrmgcd.  Ask for LEAT&,PERRlNS,r Sauce ana see  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and.  copper.  Wholesa 1 o an d for export by tb c Proprietors, Wosv.  water; Crosse and Blackwol!,Londbn,&c.,&c.; ;,(  .byUrocersandOUmcii unlvorsailr ���������'���������'";":-��������� ���������;fc;:':"'���������"���������  %  m.  m  m  m  m  mMi  9  m  H  lm:  A. yrsjaarW.y  ' ' >n^^f":I    I' '"' I t- *W& >i  Wiii  m.  jm  :^mi


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