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 (  Alio  Vol.2.  'srs  BarkervHle, Williams: ^ "Mm^  Ko. 9,  !SseB^Un>':.,  ���������tion f of, A.p  iinaina:'aEi'?''  LETTER FROM "VICTORIA.  jasii:  ���������t: Arttclyp,  ciaiis?. pf,.  i answerer  lifitMer-i.  "^"^"^"^���������������������������^ ��������� *  '('*   i/'X ,'������������������.-���������,  eiirjiqtotfl  mrcVse of *  t, .Victoria;1.;  vcohhinii^  ������&1Uf<i/1fet#  y.,6rilt'r5,of  ted.*-Par-  k of-Oraiw,  >r qurlSty;  bs^ Gfiith. ���������  ������L*rf,Rr*e$1  JEAtRR.,"^  irlfofthe."  MmOjEng',  .Ts sent to"  immftiiafo'.'  ������������������������������������;/vl-s;;  .p'- " ,: i->i'.'  yv Govern.  de^France;-:  Briil3hOjk  hd^jtlwayi'1  ngBook-__  applied ant  atli nvryja0v  ley 'SirMeu, l  A-VZm   '  Wrt&m;A  VrWJhtrehi'l  asoir.of tht  ��������� .V1*3- -  raVor 'Enp  ^e������l?ra la'  I. Ob ������ti-  ipposite'thi"  A -������������������^-l-s'y  A LjiJoB?  . i vThe;RiS: ���������:  tlie: market;  St-XlQUOXl  "/wyUw  YietPnzA  BRANDIES  uu'BigaB,;-:  AAiim  irikypsli  >Go.;Sport;;  ..',   ...1-s  ������; 'GWeiB--  jiahllin-iy  air.. Orders'  "v . !������������������<  dler;-:ami;  S..AW  . . 1.3m1.  3U?niis,,tov  iccy Suptr,  Street, Vi*  ;;- :.i;3lfl :  .]���������:������������������������ in ������U.  i, Bici:,������^.  :>vfrDWpIltt  . .'  ������������������'.-:;        Yictoria, V. I., May 18th, 18CC, -  An. attractive feature just'how, for in times  of dearth, even crumbs are not to be despised  ���������a somewhat .interesting subject is our cor-  '; -poration.; As most of your readers are aware,  a certain Act, called the "Victoria^ Incorporation Act, 18Glj" iecoived the Governor's assent (SiivJames Douglas^ on 2nd Aug. 1862.  Passing oyer, a slight technical incongruity at  ������������������,the:.fee8holdr0^^e_!A'ct (as one of Mr. G. H.  Gary's idiosyncrasies))that "the tract of land"  ���������should bo incorporated, and not the inhabitants, and fonniivcity/ and overlooking also  tlije slight drawback;that, owing to sufficient  time, not;being'given to the drawing up of the  , oixjiaancesjisome-bf the by-laws were sufficiently: incomprehensible (one of  those on  ; ..nuisances,- No. 11> beginning, "And everyrsuch  factihall bedeomedto be, and if not shall;!) e,"  endiiig^^rabriiptly ;without other "termination);  A;Iremember,tffee time, when ,Thos. Harris i#as  '...';. -3tf aypx and such^ men as 'Capt. Reid, Stronnch,  "V'Hi'c'Si-iiewisj Copland, -McDonald, ^c., were  in tlicCouucil, Mr. Leigh Assessor and Alger-  nor AustenvTo^vn XJlerk,' iii those Says, I say/}  we h0% corporation ; and though really the  . land alone iinder< .our feet -was incorporated,  and not ourselves,' we did'not know it. -Streets  were, levelled; and graded; we had aCity Sur-  yeypr;wlib"cut up our- streets to a wonderful  ���������i^mil^^of^leveli making water lodge where  ^:i^V0r^l6dged before, for it could not get  ^away^-^Houses were lowbred down gently-by  'screws,from an unseemly position yard3 above  the^footway,;;'���������or raised on stilts to a dignity  3correspbnding with* the raised level;" "all Yateg  |���������;��������� -street w^. metalied, and the length of .Go v-  r crnmehtstreet from JounsbnJstreet.:" Improve-  ments^wereieyerywliere going on.   The .yiew  l^^iMK������^F^:^������^ucted.'.^ Though this  '���������:hitter.^prkj-p.aiin6.t "by any means compare  with the^loaca,Maxima'. in extent or -proba-i  bleJdMtiqiiiybr'���������:even-the;Fleet Street Ditch,'  ^Londbn/.-sfiff,?wonderful to relate, it was and:  is yet seryicable; though' the contractor, Titus,!  surrounding the Church Hill; a deluded inan,  single-handed/filing a stone which was '.-heard  to-rattle" on the Bishop's 'uousc.%bya man, or  several men, set to watch at'the extravagant  rate oi two dollars and fifty cents, per night.  (The rates were so low because, the bold was  sufficiently intense to keep ; them from sleeping.)   The deluded man was collared���������. red-  handed by the vigilant sexton,.and released  only because the Bishop coming but of the  housejsaid that the stone.,eame irom.anothor  direction���������probably^it was an aerolite.   Well;  all these rabid arid patriotic Councillors ; the  pluck)r, forlorn-hope Thornc; the highly argumentative, though slightly, cantankerous and  long-winded, Carey; the democrat Lazzcll;  the -ponderous and-inflated'Pell; the dangerous Hibbai-d, all grew immortal on the question, and were restrained from acting further  by means of an injunction at: the Supreme  ���������Sourt; =and it was afterwards made perpetual.  Well, this Council, though useless and mische-  vious/was still alive.    -It was succeeded last  November-by (mother Council, a gentlemanly  Cbuiici 1, 'with a gentlemail' as Mayor.    If the  duty-of 'a: Council is simply to lie as unobtrusive as possible, to let its small voice be hushed, to keep in the shady parts-of business j to  send a messenger, with bated Lbreath (though  bristling with importance), personally to see  that all nails shall be driven into the boards  of sidewalks, and here and there a rbttcn board  removed; if this be all their.duty.admirably  . d o they iu lfll it.   But if the. ,du ty of a :corp o-  ration be, .and.they.have it" in: their, power,  laid down in section 26* (and it must'be their  duty for the Act has never.bqcn repealed), "tb  prevent and "remove \ nuisances; to regulate  and repair roads, arid footways, '&p.fi and by  means of by-laws, <; to make regulations for  drainage jjreserve from firejto grade the streets,  ly, I reply, such.a by-law or bylaws;must be  good ones.    Why doi- they nbt'.*work' and-' xio  something ipstead. of waiting,: as the Italians  say^, "till roastedlarks. fall into their mouthsV7  waiting till the Assembly stop jangling and  pasi* an Incorporatioa; Act?    In the name bf  Heaven* by vi rtne of wh at do the Corporation (  exist?   Is it not the Incoi'poration Xctj.1862 ?'  Is.itnot valid till repealed?    Has it been repealed? j^re not there powers as therein d'e-  finc,d and quoted?   ��������� Why do. not they, work  then and not be the effete, servile, trembling  thing tbey are, waiting "for powers ? No, I will  not'hear poor absent O. H. Gary's Incorporation. Act impugned and called into question by.  all jand sundiy, from the late Chief Justice  downwards.    He did. hot.incorporate the inhabitants, but they acted as if. they had been  incorporated ; and .sincehim no onehashad  the/ability or the honesty to pass a better one.  Shame on either excuse.  f^M-KXRRESSES,- &cS  A '���������-��������� ��������� v;iTHB bank -Op'-' i^a-aaa  PAID iUP-CAPITAL,  ^M?0^^ to- Increase���������)  si.sw^oo,  ���������  yixi  v-'SEM-WEEKLY  pteER;;:1:;!;'  :^ ALLAN & LAJfBERT,Pji6ntiEToits.;.r  OFnos-BARKERVILLE, WitUAais.CKEEH:, CabibmL'  ���������. /.  ,  Subscription, $1 per.week,-::    iy ').'  (Inclnding cost of deiiven^,).Payable to .thevCarrier!;  READING    R  ��������� i_ ������������������:��������� _���������'-��������������������������� ���������, /  iDrary;!  ,;; x y CAMERONTON. WILLIAMS CREEK; .' ���������>!<������AP  Br two,y.ears)dtr--stm: delivers its waterV Ihcve  ^M:: seen ^^^"^24 honrs' rain���������rain without in-"  fe^B- termisslou���������and which has .'laid-: the- gardes  pB- adJO^"ug;y^arid what would be gardens if it  B not were unreclaimed land, in'two feet of  IS ^ator' I.have; seen it; carry off this water in  about the next24'hours.   Fort street sidewa&~  to" regulate me sanatory condi'tibn of the city;  public,cemeteries;"i-and even some' things are I   t r A'  have^eeu only lately added .to the circulating Library,!  a nd riiore aro expected daily.. Parti ar fire enii r������; tM: t������'  subscribe.'  DRAFT5,ISSUEp;0N THE" BANK'S BR^'CHISS,   '  Ay ..; JXI^0RIA;AND^ANAIM0;;- '  yy-.- i w IN BtoTKH COLUMBIA; :  NEW OTSTM1NSTEE-.YALE,. MOUTff OF QUESNEL  -  \ P.. sApwyAyXARiBOO;-'. :. y. .. ���������      x'wy    '  aZaa.mi^E'umTED'states; ;' '--������������������'  Z-.��������� '.���������$% WW0.i^^^ypr^^T, A i,  i{.,ON^^/BAffidF MONTOEAli;;IN: CANADA^  .  ���������  Moatreal^Toron^^jec;; iHarniitod^LonrJon; king-  ;--:-8ton^ - -. ...  ,,-.:   jjvillo,Whit^vjPGle.rboro;Ottawa. Guclph ���������- A  . ;. ;,    -.  Goderichj Stratford,. pfctWL Perth;   Ai -A  lyyAAiAP ��������� Sim^St^theria^ "-,J^   -" :     :  ON;NEW,YpRK^ph^essrs.;BELL.&:GuN-DRYa  AyXsA: X:i,. A/y ftftheBankofMontrpal. App " .  n"t i rirtrt-m^fn  '; CURRENT  Icssthan OneKuhdrod'Dollnrs.^';:: - .   ' ' ; ���������' ", ::���������''���������  : ��������� Bi JlsDi scounted,and Collecfcod ;"and Bit V of Exchs eg a -���������  on. Ore at-; Britain/; San.'Francisco-aiia ".'New. r'york pur- ���������  cbasedr :'���������      '   "' ''  Parties are solicited to'  '-. ���������  1  m  m  1  was run but beyond the- city limits, and the  -corpbratibn was vigorous and lived, because,  !||| like many other thjngs_EngHsh,-it-never-ini-  M^agineoHtrwaT^ca^r'^It'was left for more en-  hI liglitehedj if? degenerate, times to discover It  ������)|������j| had no p;6\Ver/"t-oV|becorae a bye-word, a non-  H| entity, a solecism.. It was.guilty of one fool-  |j|S ish act, and $hat was its only superfluous piece  H of machinery. It appointed an Assessor whose  mm assessment frequently clashed with that of the  ^ Govcrnineitt/-and in-anycase has salary was-  ^| superfluous,' ibecause- the Government assess-  |p ment might a,s wel I have been taken. It had j  llg Council Chambers and paid for them ; it was j  Bl not extravagant", if jt was,, not penurious*   It  described in-detail, as that "if property������hold-  eH on requisition shall call bit the Council'to.  grade, metal or'drain,' and the Corporation  shall then dp.it, and make a rate in such road  or streettp pay the expense .\;thcrrfeof,^and..onT;  fbtree^he-> colie'dtlon'/ ahd fidef before a JTustice"  of the Peaee."   if this,! repeat/ be the duty  of- the Corporation, .and if it.be their duty to  get>half their revenue by an assessment on  real estate in thecity limits, ^hbt, exceeding 1  per cent ori the.Government assessment^ and  the rents and profits accruing from the lease  of; corporate property and other sources; if  all this, I say for the third time, be their duty,  then are they singj^rly^w.anting.in-their dutyr  JOHN ;BOWRON, Librarian^ ���������  Wm of th. w    i ��������� Ta$ deleated'    An ornament  ^g ot tht bar, who lor some time acted as Attor-  fZM S?d,i W* .P.* otically determined to defend  ��������� SAW Thl5\th? c������n>oration!)thaUh,  |������ even by. by-law.   Their revenue (it was defln  mM m section 2^) was. to arise fro^m TasS  source, but  or a loan on  S ,e'it on real estatc, and no other  PS.?ieni?f COI,PPtation property, or a loan nn  |vi| iypottaoatod .revenue not ixce^ding oSSm  WlrlreTCmi!5' n.������tt0 W toeing 12Ter  "TB������������t.por annum interest-therefor.    That!  MUZ StCr ^hould P^ a liconse to GovcrnmLt   w     t ^   then^re-tlrey'effete.} then are they dead; then  It" was left for more en-J havewc no Corporation.    Instead' of going  it/> iSrnno *��������������� An.~n\..:- ul whining to the Governor that the inhabitants.  want the chain-gang to clean the.gutters of  the streets, to prevent every one" from being  poisoned.-  The Governor snubbed them once  or twic.e.and refused j.'he snubbed .them this  last,time and complied.  :The ground of. refusal was the un suitableness (he did not exactly  use these words) of the members of the chain-  gang to worjv invpublic. ��������� Men that had helped  to demoralize Indians, body and soul, by.selling to theiri' chaiu-lighthing canipliene, alias  whisfcy; who had broken into stores and houses,  robbing tills, or destroying-:safes;. men who  had smashed the heads of innocent women on  the highway,- and .committed various other  atrocitieSjhadnerves to_o finclystrung to cleanse  the guttersvbf a street under the public gaze!  Men clad in an uniform of���������I will not call it  what Dickens describes as a suit of door-mat,  but I may safely say���������old canvass dipped in a  tan-pit. with tho letters V. P. badly painted  on very prominent parts of their persons; and  the guards "too big for their breeches," as the  Gov, aptly described theni, did not want even  I suppose chloride of lime to come "between  the wind and their nobility." Faugh! ousuch  stuff.   I see by the morning's paper that the  ������������������"���������' 'Ores' of c'veryMescriptioa'carefufiy Assayed   ' Ay.  r /ijy&lwGA '//-��������� ��������� ZZZx Al A''\ AiyxiA/-A- '"���������  GARPENTJ!;RSr^"MINERS, TOOLS,  Cast   Iron   Car   Wlieels,'  .    POWDER, FUSE, &c.y &c   ���������   :- \  ALSO,,  STATIONERY.  EU'FELDER   ^  RICn.FlELD, '.  CO,  HEALERS IN*  PROVISIONS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING; &c  Storage and Commission. s  COHEN   &   HOFFMAN;"./  DEALERS IN  , '        .  ^-HeAd Office;.j/ST.;.HELENS:PLACE LONDOX  ���������������������������DKAFTS ISSUED on'London,1 New york, San Fran.  ,Cisco..;Cariboo, Qmada,. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,  antl on all.tbe Branches of the Nat ional Bunk of Scot-  iland and'PrpylnciallBahk of'Ireland^  i   Bills pf, Exchange and G-old Purchased.  ' .''Interest oh' Special .Deposits of Money allowed at t^������  rate of a quarter cf.one per pent, per luouth.   '  !   Gold I)cs't JtfeltR'd".and Assayed, and rot'uras Raade  .within 24 hoursjn'Coin or Bars.  ;  Ores pf cv.ery description carefully Assavcd. '  i. N; B.���������Any instructions as to the-disposal ofthe proceeds of Gold Dust forwarded to the office in Victoria  for Assay will be carefully attended to.  ;.;..���������. aa -J. a SHEPHERD, Manager.  ��������� Victoria, V.I., April, :1866. ' 1-s  CL0'T  ec ui\>  barkekville:  A large supply of /Ladies? Goods on the Tray.  B A.R1N ARD'S  !SSf  &  E.   HO DG ENS  sssfc  don Me';  ies, mf;  slrwff  ���������A* ;  IMP B^1  it. Victo"*'  ������������a^n^Slini ^ub& sh<>uia not be  ^^nauded,  were.tho consideration.  incorporate  it for somu Lime.  cliain-gang is at work under tho direction of  Mr. ~  Jl?i,1S.h fte t!?P������ght! public grounds albneAhat 1 the Governor ^~^e}i^^^r:^hYi^^ii  some name quite unknown io Kie;  no doubt, a broken down scion of an ancient  house.   But to resume:; instead of going to  At length it gasped for breath, to t-    . f  ���������B1JSered and fell.   Before then, men such as Mc- ?onlxv  W^onald and Smith Allatt had left it ^whether ^ 01  ^^hey had not batter have stayed is still a moot <}���������n ������  ^Suegfcion. /Then a radical crew, unmixed, un-  ^goritaminated; got in; then the Church Reserve  b-ath,  or Samson  wa, a valiant Coun-  tow down some of the fenco  ^ko Goliath of  Kienngthe��������� >��������� :'  m]]������y fninUcnlly  Sv^ulderina: the>afnC ftrr������n       '  "/ ^^"isou  Km    -     ������ uie gates of Gaza, a valiant Coun-  thc Corporation carry out their duty as per  section 20, raise a reveune as laid down in  section 24, or any other way they can by -bylaw 1   Surely a byrlaw which has been framed  and,brought up as so clearly directed in section 20 j vide���������"that it shall be reconsidered  not less than 3 days after its passage, and if  confirmed shall come into effect and be bind-  on all persons after G days.from publica-  . of the same in the public papers,". Surely every by-law. which "shall be.passed by the  vote or resolution of at least 3 members of the  Council, of a meeting of at least 4 members,  and a copy of which shall havo been transmitted to the Governor within 48 hours of the  final passage of the same, and if not disallow-  Ihtf bv tfe* Governor, within seven davs;*? sure-  &��������� JSWELES  BARKEKVILliE���������Adjoining the Express.Office,  WILLIAM "WINNABD,  BLACKSMITH^  ,     BARKERVILLE.  Sonncct.ing at Lillooet and Tale with DIRTZ  KELSON'S for New Westminster & %*ictoria, .  WILL ABRIVE AND DEPART  from the office in  VV   Barkerville, to connect with the steamer t;En-  tcrprlsc" at Quesnelmouth, and the STAGES at SHida  Cruek, EVERY WEEK, conveying TRK^sufefi,- Let,  ters.und Valuatjles lor all parts of the world/    Also  Commissions received ahd forwarded hy Express for  .the collection of Notes, Bills and tho purchase, of articles to h o oh tai tied at New Westni i nster, Victoria Sa n  Francisco or ciitouto, and returns ma do with dispatch  -     , ,.    JOHN R. LOVELL,     ' -���������   "   -  [.** , .���������"."       '   -Agent, Barkerville.''  M.  J.  BLACKMAN,  BARKERVILLE.  BARKERVILLE BREWERY.  NICOLAS-GUFIG, j  BREWER.    ���������  LEWIS   WILDE,  Boot and Shoe Maker,  BARKERVILLE; '1  Important  to  Miners���������!:;  Tlie undersigned is'prepared to  CLEAN, BLACK SAND. BLOWINGS AN^  -.- .   ..PANNINGS,. !  On:Commission, or will purchase any quantity ������n 'Ska  Most Liberal Terms, at the :  : "', :' -Reading Rooni, Cameronton,     .  Tlie Suhscribor is well known on Williams Creek, ajjrt  from the confidence reposed in him la^t Full in the  abevo business,.he hopes; to receive the patronage ������f  the Jlining community tbo ensuing season.  s JOHN BO WROX.  NOTICE.  ��������� .. . BIG BEND, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DURING THE MINING SEASON tho uiutejs^ne^  will be prepared to execute Surrevs and tr-inwo^  a General Agency Business, JOHN MORHir^  -Vs '6 ml Ep.sinsir. K^ti^yBiMrarar.  '^Agsnts 'for the "Cariboo Seiituiel.";    a.  f?rou?eCreek, >   . -:  /;-/;/-//-   "/_^/^^a  Van-Winkle;   .:   -   AW   X   ������������������ A.-      N. L. McCaUery;  <Jn..-Kuelmouth, :--   Mr. Goudie, Barnard's Express Office  iYaUV     -   '  - -. .Mr. Kvaris,   .   do .;/   do;,.  'XHlooet, LIP- AF. W. Foster,;y- Ado     .'   -'      do'  New Westminster, ���������    -" -" '��������� i wl    y ~ Clarlcson & Co  ��������� .:>..:.      f E. SfctUttriduiue  VICthTla,   ..,-_   -,--..... ,.������-.      |John yjoran.  aaa^flMu^njgiiu^  THE GARIBOQ SENTINEL  MONDAY, JUNE. 4, 1806,  judge; begbie: and/his judges.  To the Editor op the "Cariboo Sentinel,'?  Sir,���������An attempt has-been made,onrthe  ��������� part- bf some unfortunate^litigants,' to throw  . di.tespcct upon Judge Begbie and some of his  late decisions in this and other parts of the  colony ; a course of "action much to be deprecated, and which should meet with the condemnation of all law abiding citizens. We  rmi<*t bear inraimTthe long and painful probation through which a judge miiBt pass before J  arrivung'at aseatupon;the'bench"; the severe'  -course of study as a student;, his struggles: for  - position aud advancement at the English Bar,  where he rnecto and has to.contend with the"  most brilliantintellccts oi/the'day;:this 33 no  ��������� mcre< p astihie, biii'; requires' a rnost; intimate  knowledge.of-the. Law. with' unquestionable  . ..genius. . Let,.us; look/now ��������� at those who.set  themselvesup in"judgm^ifc.upon a man po$-  acssingr the qualities *.' described in the: fo re-  ; going, they are*men; ^ho;ileither by education  or association, are competent'to Judge of the  iitnesst.of things in/connection with the Law';  : do not let me beniisurideiitood, I am prepar-  ed. to admit that there* are ;aniohgst the miners  have been taken of the matter, but the fundamental principles on which mining- rights  have rested have been glaringly trenched, bn,  and every man who owns a claim in the country .has a personal, interest in discussing ithe  matter. As for the fears of "Onyx" about -the  liberty of the press, we think that we are  as firmly impressed with the knowledge of.the  heavy responsibilities which are attached to  our positioh as he can pbssibly be, and we  hesitate not to state that on whatever matter  we;may be called on to express our views we  will not allow ourselves to be biased by any  personal, or selfish motive.���������/Ed. ;.- pA ���������'. *   '..  PANIC IN LONDON.  BIG BEND.  / A private despatch received last night an-  nounees.a great monetary panic in London.  The great discounting house of\ drerend,  Gurney*& Co.A lately formed into a limited  company had failed. The Bank of England  had raised its rate of interest to ten per cent.  The Bank Act had been suspericed, and an issue of ������5,000,000 authorized.; The suspension  of this firm'will in all probability occasion  other heavy' failures. The causeof the failure  is not* stated j but is* doubtless, attributable to  the disturbed state of; .affairs on the Continent  and tlie Bank being large- holders of foreign  securi'tiesl���������'Colonist/ 24th if ay. -.'=' A'-.x  u  men,of goo d .education an &Asome,possesscd ���������of  / considerable V' attainments/such ��������� indeed ��������� ��������� as  ;.'....would:fit them for high-positions';in the: most  . scivilized communities |l)utTinsist that there  is not one of them sufficiently versed-in tjurisf  ./...'.prudence to.'assume;the "right ot/criticisihgthe..  j nd gments of Mr. Justice Begbie;   What then  is the result ? simply thisythat men who dp not  understand the s.opbistries;.concealed/under  '"thefspecious . arguments:'of:.your/ciorrespon/  dents Pl($land''v^nOT^iu^^gi^g^i^ly. xiila-'l  lead, and forte  <pbsed to common sense,-as:to produce not<un-  frequently very serious consequences to those:  poor deluded fellows������who//take :up the cry!  without understanding the;'subject in question  -or itsjcollateral bearings./;^jubmity-Mr.' Editor, thafrthe publication^  that contributed by "?'G2,;" or'that specimen  of bad taste indited by /'Miner^.are hot,the  best intellectual food for, a community like  ours.   No one is more jealous bf the freedom  pt-tlie press, than myself/ but it is  a -great  '"power to wieid for good: or evil"; ana'mucu  bus been done, I regret to say, giving, much  appearance of reason to those who would institute a censorship ; it therefore behoves every  friend, to the freedom of \ the press, to ��������� counsel care and discriminationi- vj; have only; to  add-that readers of letterssuch as those writ1  ten by "/C!2" and "Miner,"shoujd allow a wide"  margin for the irritation' always produced on  a litigant who comes out at; "the: small end of  the horn ;".arid when it is:understood that the  motive for their effusions is >'pnljfc.to force a  portion-of the eon tents of; their .cup^pf .���������bitterness' down"' the throats of, the ��������� public,- their  scribbliug will meet with universal -'contempt.  As for Mr. Justice Begbie he is; quite capable  of defending himself when necessary; and he.  certainly ;wo#iJt trouble ���������himself about the  sting of such gimts as "Miner''"and.u,62." *  .   ���������- -   ���������    ���������   ���������:'��������� '" -'"Onyx.' "  Wc cannot endorse the views/ contained in  the above letter of pur correspondent VOnyx."  So;lffie;is t^e ^^ iyfei. should  nbV-cyGmha^ di&iwp/ no tt feel  ourselves in justice bound to hear:-both sides  of the question^ /If; the defence therein cori-  taiapd palliating the actions of pur Supreme  Court Judge 1 s al 1 that; can be urged , iii his  fa-vor he certainly stands on very,weak groupd.  The whole tenor of the letter is simply an attempt to cast ridicule on the communications  of our correspondents " ,C2^/and "Miner,"  and does not for once touch on any of the  points mooted in their communications. An  endeavour is very J adroitly made to cry them  down by asserting that they are not sulScient-  lv versed in the technicalities of'- the law. to  ������������������ .From MivClaridge, an bid Cariboo, miner,  who has just arrived from French creek,;.whicli  y>lace he left three \veeks ago', we learn the  'following'particulars from that quarter: The  only claims'that were at work when he left  were the French co:y, the Half-Breed co'yand, c  the Munro coJy/ He saw the Half -Breed co^'^^ '-'    '   r  which is composed of five men, wash up for  one day's \york,$18. ���������   There wcro about 500  men-on French creek when our inforinahtleft,  but:few bf them were doing any prospecting.  He saw several men- that he knew who had  prospected 2J niiles above the town and sunk  several holes to bed rock, from'3 to 4 feet in  depth, without getting acolor. ��������� Several shafts  had been sunk'below the town as deep as 35  feet..without getting bed rock; '. Therwatcr is  veryhigh now on the different creeks, which  pre von ts meii' from prospec ting,;; the ,sn o w is  fest'd'isappc'dr^   There were some .206 men  on McCullochs*creek;/- a few men wore; taking  but on little,gold.   Our informant says that all  the; strangers were leaving and going to the  Blaekfobt- country and all the  Canbooites  were returning here."  The best time for prospecting.the Big Bend country is said to be in  the month's of August ��������� and September when  the snow is all gone/and the water in the  creeks is at: its lowest, stage. , It is , a great  mistake to imagine that ..all. the men who. have  gone tp these mines this spring had to leave in  cpnsequence...pf/thck ; aiid; provisions  having. .^glvST but; our informant states that  many who were there; had supplies to' last  them -two months, but seeing the titter iiseless-  ness of remaining there without being able to.  do anything had sold them and- left. ���������=: The  trail from -Seymour -to the- Columbia/was in  very -good; order with- the exception' of about  li miles which was beiiig corduroyed,-there  was only about 8 or 10 miles of the trail* that;  was covered with snow. //The -first tarin/fbad  started from Seymour to the Frenchman*Js 22  miles out,-just as bur, informant left. '���������������������������    ':'/*'.  WEATiiEK.--The weather for the last few  days has been rather' variable, we have, had  occasional showers of rain and sleet accompanied by thunder;, Yesterday a heavy sleet  fell during the early p art, of the day wh ich  we are apprehensive will cause a further rise  Williams: Cieek   Fliu^  Ordinance/; 18 66."  NOTI C E Zk Oi M I N Efts.  rpiIE WILLIAMS CREEK "BED ROCK FlUJrp Avn  I DiTou Co.MPA\y, Limited, call the attention nrti  ers to. "Tho Williams Creek Plume Ordinance mW  ni'copy of which cau bo seen at their office nnd'hf'r.!*  cantion all persons not to trespass on. any ground n  interfere, with .any rights and privileges therein craZl  to the-Company.    ���������    -'���������������������������.    wl -    ���������������������������        feraQlc<l  * 'E.'A. WADHAMS  Hichfield, 16th May, 1866/;   ; ..^44?'  :V % Zip   'A    LOST *-  nnd  leaving it with any of Barnard's Express Agents' wiu  be suitably rewarded.  3?*Tf. you want good Coffee use Fell's.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  r  S    HOTEL  CAMERONTOWN.  ���������; j^y We are informed thatthe'1- cut" which  is being made at the head of the Bed Rock  "FlTmTeTls of no benefirTcTthat company ;" ins  simply being tuu on ithe: front lines ���������' of /the  various companies having claims for their own  special service as a /drain; y The Flume co?y  will have to carry their flume at least 50 feet  further, into the creek where the channel/is  ;deeper.   -    ���������*  ! ?&*��������� The punctuality in. the arrival of the  lExpress for the past month is much to be commended when the rough state of the roads is  considered.. Heretofore it has arrived on Sun-  flay afternoon, but the late change in the running time of the. steamer to Quesnelmouth  enables tho Expressman now to get here on  Saturday afternoon leaving again early on  Monday morning.  ��������� ������������������  $B~ With reference to the remarks made  DURING THE PRESENT WEEK' wo expect-to receive aud.opeaaPij*st Class stock of BKAND NEW  . ":.;."   '   ���������;���������"    GOODS, comprising ���������pw'ip- '���������-..   ,:  COAL OIL, &c^:&c.> wAAyAAy  All of which have been most carefully selected and will  be sold at tho LOWEST RATBS. = :.'���������;-;������������������ - ��������� XyAA/.  ��������� .We cordially invite a cull from pur, old friends;and  the public generally.   ���������-/'    ..���������-.,: -.. A... .       ������������������;���������: ,   -i , ���������  ; ;:':";-".'���������-���������   '���������":'���������'"A": ��������� ���������-".��������������������������� J. If. ,TODD & CO,  : Barkervilie,--B. C.; June-4thj: 1865:     ./.      - ''.. ' ��������� \ \  "^N. B.~A'small; lot of Hardwakk, ' Pai.nts & Ons on  hand, for sale at 50 per centi Below Cost. .        9-2ihr  . ���������,,,.r,.,, H j.yy ;q R-.. M , S.S.;:- sy....^.  Bakery and Coffee Saloon,  /AA/y:; RICHFIELD, '/-/      A/ZwA  / JACOB HEINSON, I^oprieto^ / a'Z  Bread, Pies and Cakes constantly on hand.  THE UNDERSIGNED  HAS  OPENED THE AB0VS  Hotel and -Restaurant, and. is now preparer  lo receive Board bra by thoAveek or day.  'A- sw A first-class COOK has been engaged/  -Parties wishing to'Board out this season:- will find jt  to .their advantage to give him'.a call, as his' house for  cleanliness, attention-to custqsners,. and a^pod Table  cannot be excelled.  Pies, Coffee,  Chops' and Steaks at all hours  .   .    ALEX. D. McINNES,-Prop'r. '  OP:PEraEIME'R.&/G0,  ;;:--;;-;j^i;t;^0;iH;W;^^  ��������� %;������������������?���������   -'    BAEKEItVrLLE,;.;:  ;   ������  i'   ���������:.'     '".   ,> ������������������'.'"���������' A.    :: .-i ���������    .' .< ���������   ���������;'"������������������    l '���������- ..      ' . -  'WHOLESALE1 AND RETAIL !DEALERS IN ALL,  ���������A XpplA -AiAA :���������������������������{ KINDS OP '.'   A:, A ,'/ //.  :GALIFdRNIA    SALOGN3  \'i/ypZ]  ^RICHFIELD, /  P ATRICK^KIRW!N7\Propjr:   /  Best Billiard Table on the Creek j the Liquors  and Cigars*are of tho finest quality���������-  E. C. GILLETTE,  CA51ERONTOWN.  OTICE.  THE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing bctween  : Messrs. J. B. CHANCELLIER and N. CUMO has  been dissolved to-day by mutual agreement. Sir. Cunio  remains sole proprietor of tho Barkerville Brewery'.  -Williams Croek, May 23rd, 1866. 6-lm ���������  SEGARS,  t-O-T^l^ip:/;;;-  ;' ;    BOOtS   &; SHOES,  ; -Ml]Sri^a/T60LS|;&c., ���������  Beg to call the attention of Miners and pthera  :-���������/:������������������ to their full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS  '���������."; Avhich.will:bc s%ld    ���������' ' -'���������  AT'' C��������� O-S:-T V-.P R1 C ESS  ��������� ���������'���������" yxw1,. ;>.; " -v..;'*! ������������������/> -:y\ '������������������ ���������"���������'.��������� ;>-:".-'.- ;-,"*-t'-~*",?',-..f. .'->; '.  .to make room for a NEW STOCK: to arrivo so soon S3  "AAA ..:;������������������   the Roads.are. open; .'. ���������_ ���������';    >yA  s @������FLiberal.allowance- -will be: made to  Rostaurant and Hotel Keepersan'd the Trade generally  on large ordei*s:.       ..:...    ,..;/.;.     :.-.,...   . ;   ,  1  WAKE   UP   JAKE    ,  ]&STAUEANT,;.:BAKEEY^  AXD  J.  K.  SUTER   &   CO.,  P o m m I's s i o n Agents  :ASD'    ���������  .DEBT COLLECTORS.  by Judge ;Coxia giving his decision in the  Grouse Creek Bod Rock Flume co'y7s case, on  26th ult, we acknowledge having, fallen into  an error in omniitling.to stale that hiy observation extended to all flumes ,excej/t the Wil-  liams:crcekone whichhasfulfilled the conditions of its charter.   . ;     -        . '  ���������/ W. D. Moses has just leased'^the premises  lately occupied by D.J. Dixon, in Barkerville,  'where he intends carrying on his old business  of Barber and Hairdresser./ His arrangements  <are not yet completed for supplying his Hair  Invigorator.������ He invites a call from his old  friends and patrons.       i ��������� *-i-  . $������F> A new building, called the "Cambrian Hail," was opened at Barkerville, oil  Saturday evening. , We understand it has  been built by a society of*Tfelchmen and will  boused as a Meeting House; and News and  Lecture Hooni. '.'.���������*'        -:   ���������/.,  .  Bankrupt Affairs.wound up nnd Balance Sheets prepared ; Mining Accounts carefully mado up; All kinds  of Forms and agreements drawn, and every .other description of business promptly attended to.  ^������- Office���������RICHFIELD, near the Court House.    5 .  REMOVA^  ;7X:/H^  BEGS TO INFORMTHE ilERCHANTS AND PUBIJC  of Williams Creek thathe is prepared; at tho short-*  est notice, to remove goods of every descrtpUon vfiih  care between the towns of Richfield, Barkenillo and  Cameron town,, at reasonable rates.  Richfield, May21st, 1866. '���������'"' '%'���������  TICE.  ; ifi������?* If you want to save money get your  Newspapers and Magazines from G. C. Clark-  be capable of criticising the judgments of our S0N & Co., Booksellers, Stationers and News  learned Chief Justice.    What a misfortune it Agents, New Westminster, who forward papers  is that the community should be/coniposed of  such a dull and thick-headed .set' Of ,fellpv/s.  that none can be found among, lis ; \yith cap a-;  city enough to penetrate the deep profundity  of the legal arguments of the Supreme Court  Judg������!  ���������vV ���������  With -regard to. the c.oiumunity treating' siich  effusions with contempt, we venture to say  that the views contained in;theletters alluded  to meet with the full endorsement of nine-  timiha ot tbe inhabitants of Cariboo. Were it  o 11 ly . iji&i v k.1 u al i n ter ests tb a t were affec led  hK lhe iiite decision^., but-Ettic;noiice would  by mail or express to all parts of the Colony,  i/j^"* Private letters have been received here  by the last. Express from Lytton, stating that  the number of men reiurning from. Big Bend  was equal to the number going there, and  that merchants had stopped sending on further supplies.  Repeal op tub Indian Liquor Acr.���������We  observe that an act has been passed in the  Vancouver House of Assembly repealing the  Indian. Liquor Act. Th������ vbto stood 7 for,  and S.'against-  The Steamer "Enterprise"  ; "Will leave SODA CREEK  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS,  AT DAYLIGHT;  . ; Will leave QUESNEL  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS  AT 6 O'CLOCK, /  Connecting at Soda Crook with Barna'ro's Stagks on  ... Wednesday's trip; down and Thursday's trip up.  20r Freight to Quesnel. 1^ cte. ^ lb;    .  Steamer 'Enterprise,? *)  May 21st, 1866.      }        ��������� .5  / '..   BarkervilleT B. C, Ay.    Ay,  KELLY & PATERSON, Proprietors.  Evcrj-'tliing is done in'connection with;thlsestablish  ment to give satisfaction to tho customers. .  >G5rMeals:at all hours.-.    . . ���������:' . . I  .  - ������������������        .      . -���������  PRAGER&  BRO.,        '  ���������MERCHAM  BARkERVILLEj   -  *' "    " '    IX A ���������' .^ALKRs-za ' -' 'AA 'A -.  Assorted Mercliandi|e  ������������������'��������������������������� Wholesale and;Retail./   AApfi'  ���������ASfUfV  GREAT.  EVERY (EVENING,  '"at'^hb .'-7 ,  FASIIIOF^SAL  BARKERVILLE.  00N  ALL LOVERS OF THE TBRPISQHOREAN ART are  invited to call ahd enjoy themselves, when a nww  \velcomo will be extended.'  jfl������^ Tho best of Wines,'Liquors, and' Segais*  and Good Order observed. ��������� .,   ' ,i���������  1 MARTIN & COOK,, PropT?-  CAMERQNTOWN,  C.  FULTON. Proprietor.  There is no distillery kept in this establishment,  ;ind strychnine and rot-gut lina.no place here.     2  Liquors aud Setfars.  BARKE.RVIJLLE,    .        ���������;  MISS TIIURBER:& MR. LAWLESS, Prop^s  .rnHIS HOUSE HAS .REEK NEWLy FITTED W'^  I tho Restaurant principle with a view to the coin  of. the public, and will he conducted in arnann^  ensurothe satisfaction of those who are dispute  layor the propri6tors with their patronage.   ���������  Meals at all Hours.   Good Beds.  '���������' JI2P*Tho Bnr is furnished with- the best epIecHiw  of THE CARIBQQ; SENTINEL  -?������������������  MONDAY,., JUNE 4, 1866.  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  MINING^INTELLIGENCE.  Work is  Ay WILLIAMS- CREEK.  .being carried on in  the various  elaims from one end'of the creek;-to the other,  with great ��������� energy; ,:;. No/remarkable 'strikes  Lave been made however .since our.- last general report; " Every; man appears to: be busy,  and even thi returning-Big Benders, who are  arriving here daily;������arc /readily finding. lernA  i.)Ioyment^V^e'JicatDiicyC^erori co'y have  discovered some rich, ground on the West side  ofthe creek, and have'located a.great portion  bf the old Despard claim, which was abandoned in 1863. l/x ' "A'Al Aw/- -A A'A  ��������� -���������������������������������������������      -. "   MINK GIJLCH.   ;���������;  Wc understand that a company at the mouth  of this giil ch-'have taken out good prospects  during the last week, the gold, is very -coarse.  -    'grouse;; .creek.'1 ,;       . *���������,  The Ne'er, do Well co'y,took out of two sets  of timbers, last week $500.���������The Discovery  oo'y took.put for two-days work '50 ounces,  they are busy sinking an air shaft.���������The Heron  co'y have run a' tunnel 170 'feet into the hilI,  and sunk three shafts in it, in the: last one it  was found that the bed-rock was pitching-towards the creek, .they, have gone back a short  ��������� distance aiid are sinking another.���������The Reid  co'y,.6"shares, -have been busy, running a  ground sluice on the opposite side of the creek  i to where the channel1 h'os-^iE;i������^du^d^'tIi(3y  have found the.'rihi rock pitching into-the hill  some pay was taken oiit inside this rim rock  lastseason, -     ; ''���������.'". a"a "iAA'A  /.ANTLER CREEK  V.  The water has risen in this creek, stopping,  for a time active ioperatioris in' claims located  in the bed of it.���������Neil & Co. in the bank below  the canon will commence.to wash next week.  ���������Ross & Co. .are" working, on the opposite  bank.���������Last Chanceico'y are still working on  their drain.���������Provisions- aire -plentiful;.on the  creek.  /���������".//'  From Mr. Dewdhey, who arrived here on  Saturday afternoon from Now Westminster in  8 days wo gather the following items. "     i ������������������/  Mr. D. fully corroborates the statement: of  Mr. Jeffray, given in pur last number, respecting the diggings on the upper portion of the  Bridge River.: He says that none of the Government party who were'out last fall had: yet  returned to these diggings and he.did not believe they intended going there���������avery sign!-  |ficant fact certainly. -It is Mr.Dewney's opinion that the country above the canon is not  ���������of an auriferous nature..;   ���������*/���������  The upstage had broke down-anout'4 miles  4his^ide-o^Cooks^Eer^byireason-o^t-he-������>ad  getting under-mined by the. late rains and  leaving no<traces on the surface to indicate  the damage. The forewheels went down as  much as two feet, throwing the passengers forward with a lurch.but none were thrown out,  and no injury sustained by anyone, the king:  bolt of the waggon got broke but was replaced by. a spare one, and they proceeded oh. ���������  t The California steamer was expected to' arrive in New Westminster on the 2nd inst. .-' .  On Thursday last the telegraph line was  down. The break occured somewhere below  Deep creek, and Mr.-Barrage had;gone down  to repair it, but a/thunder: s1������rm;cohiingVon  he was obliged to desist after receiving several  severe shocks. A It was not :in rworkimr -order  wto-Mr.1). leftQiieshelmbu^  T- There;were several bad breaks^ifae road  between Cottonwood and Van Winkle/ particularly one a short, distance/below Edwards^  ^n ? #is c6SPle*ely gone, andanother  this side of Beaver Pass. Mr. Dewdney has  msti'uctions from Mr. Spencc to repair these  ouches atonce,he will aerefore. procure  men and return to-day.  -;...  F^^+hfl^r^^fT^^11& 20 animals, being  k������$ ve lirsfc amval for the season, got in yester-  Mi noffi!? load^of potatoes from Ques-  fel Late in Vi"* T *ehl������ sold a* ������ cte. | lb.  M ra n Z P   -y iI<3SSrS*. ������PPGnhcimcr & Co.'s  H| iuin oi 2o animals got in with a general  US! fiortment of merchandize.    ���������11SVT���������1  SS here and Van Winkle is  ijgrhowcver.   '  (Before W.-G. Cos, Esq.) ?  iw. -/. .Thursday,-31st May, 1866.  J wpi   ;     ������������������ DISGRACEFUL JUJiriNO,:0'ASE.;':   ���������':->/j  'James Lewis vs. George Wilson.���������This suit  was brought to eject defendant from half f a  share in the Forest Rose J co'y, on Williams"  creelc jumped by defendant, who is a. member  of the company// .... ...,.-':  James Lewis sworn���������I bought a "half interest in the Forrest Rose co'y from Mr. Hill :on  the 25th May inst; it was represented by me  on the night of the 24th inst. ;  Cross-examined���������I went-to:-the claim at 7.  o'clock p. m.;. I saw. the:foreman; he did not  ask me if-I was representing the claim-; if this  ease was lost 1/would lose::all the money  mentioned'in the Bill of Sale.. .     ���������. > ���������/���������      i  Mr. Hill sworn���������I bought; half an interest  in the Forest Rose co'y in-1864 ; it has cost  mo ovor'$2.00();;I;wasonthe.claiinon thc2lst  inst; I paid all my assessments last fall.- -.-  ��������� .The Judge at .this'stagei^f -the 'proceedings  wished to know from defendant his ground of  defence, which he stated was that the- ground  had not been represented.- .   /:���������/;:   . ���������;;; ," ���������;  The Court here remarked that this appeared  to.'him to be one 'of the most disgraceful cases  that had ever come before him; a. partner endeavours to jump his copartners claim because  he thinks a few hours- have elapsed without  its being represented. Judgment for plaintiff, with'costs. '/.,'. '.  . /" . .        ,..���������/.;  Thomas Ty n on vs Thorn as Foley .���������This was  a clairu f01/ $221'T>0 as wages^for /work:'-done'  on defendant's claim on Last Chance creek.-'  The evidence ofthe plaintiff went to show  that he was employed by defendant to represent and work his claim at the. fate of ������75, a  month ;; that he; worked for'three and a half  months and had received nothing but a pair  of gum boots, worth 817, and vLJozs. of gold  dust. '     ' ' - /-';'���������/- *-/..; '-:i x A AiyA-iy //'  ���������Defendant testified that there was a special  agreement made between him and plaintiff on  the 26th September-lasfc,~the-terms~of���������which  were, that plaintiff was-to work for him from  27thSeptember^ 1865, to 1st of, Ma:y,:ifi66, for  the sum of $500/and that ho/was to'be paid  this sum wheri;the .money came- out', of .the  claim; that plaintiff had made-this offer to him  which he' accepted in the presence of John  Gannon ; plaintiff was on the claim 104 days  but had;only worked Tl "days, he left saying  he;was sick and came over to Williams creek  400 feet; it* was not recorded then; I recorded  on the 28th;Slay; I recorded it within 3 days  after the time I started over to record it; the  shaft is sunk on the line of the consolidated:  ground; I had 4 irien working on the shaft on  the 2Gth ult., about 7 or 8 days prior to this  two. men were working ; in re-staking. or 'reconstructing stakes I..went round to:all the  stakes and drove them in anew, two of them  were trees;; I .picked up my notice ahd stuck  it up ona stake ; it; was the old notice; we  were .working to find the rim-rock to see how  itiay���������-    //    ���������������������������<   '/���������'-* '���������;.';/./���������-���������'��������������������������� ���������-;-';-; '���������"'  Mi*."Walkem���������Did you ever look for a fim-  TockAvith a key in it? . . ./.A.As /,:../.  /; Witness^r^No! but I know who;had the key  iii his pocket..; We found the rim-rock, it was  under the soil; I swear.that our three shafts  In ,a..llae towards the hill are on the lower line.1  of-our ground; I went over on tlie 29th nlfc/  and found Holding-on the ground; I told him  hy was on my ground; he said^ he did not  Ui'ink he was ; I did not show him any stakes  or notice.   "..        ./ -���������    ;    : '    ���������   .'  Edward Stein sworn���������I own in the Caroline  Co'y; on the 26th ult' Franklin and I went to  the .stakes and fixed them up" ; we had; got 1 a  prospect in our shaft; Ipullcd out the stakes  and put them in again;' /;',' ;  . Defendant���������We believe you I '������������������"'���������  Witness���������I don't care whether/you .do or  not,, if won't hurt; my feelings but little either  way. On Saturday, the 26th, "we re-set the  stakes for recording on Monday; did not hear  for himself by his kind and-obliging disposition the osteeni and respect of the whole community1; he was about; to leave,this Colony,  but lie "trusted .that: wherever his future lot  might be'east he would ineet with that success  which his merits deserved, and his nunieroiw  friends:wished him.���������Drank.with all th'ehon- ;  ors:. /Mr. Phillips returned-thanks in a few  appropriate remarks  A A   -.  ��������� The Chairmta next proposed the heal lh of  the Houi Mr. ;Walkem, our worthy meml?er for  Cariboo East,, which was/"df'aiik,with all the  honors;   Mr. Walkem had left before.this stage  of the proceedings.,' -   .:/;// ;;    ;; ;  Mr. Neufelder; next, proppsed'. the ';Pres3.'?  coupling, therewith the " Cakujoo SektjTcej,',���������' .  which was cordially responded to;/ Mr. Allan  re turned; th anks/:   .'; /. v. /'/;/-'  : The Chairman next proposed " The Mining  Interests of Cariboo,", to; which- a'cordiiirre-  aud did not return-; the amount taken out to  the interest'which plaintiff represented during  the term he worked was $143*71; he had .received goods at different times amounting .to  $51AXiyir;/' ������������������ xwp ///y/AA/yiAi// \  The Court in summing up remarked thatthe^  plaintiff had worked 71 days which the -claim;  he came over  had derived advantage  from r  as-  The trail between  in-a.very bad state  a"v"v,(;1' .'--'-���������  3nf^R?ETS^here is n6 change inthe price  ������du?K^ at- theLamval of sevcral trains  ������(ni ting the present week will have the effort  ��������� of lowering prices considerably. ������������  ^ MSi88!^^^ t0 ^e break in the  [cete* ^ elsewhere mentioned^ S  - saved no dispatches by the last Express  here in ill health and never wrent back, so that  he looses his claim to the $500 ; $141 71 had  been taken out to the share, he represented,  and $51 had been received by him, a'balance  of $92 71 would still remain, but as defendant had an account for board,- all the Court  could do was to give judgement against defendant for- S50, each party to pay their own  costs.   Mr. Park for defendant,  ;.���������;/���������/./ Friday, 1st June 1866.  ;Russell &Co., vs. Kelly-Patch Co., Lowhee  creek.���������-Suit was brought to compel defendants to remove tailings from a tunnel (owned  j ointly by plain tiffs, and^defendants), so as to  eri^leplaihtifrato^ork;^ ;'-- /A\  //^erhearing^;e^ thp  Judge decided that by the terhis/of the/order;  given by the Gfpld<^mhuss^erlas^  ber; the plaintiffs; had a right/of way .to ihe  tunhet, "Iiiit hactno right to lay; a^^ Kiume; Judgment for defendants, without costs. '^Ax���������yi'^x  'XpAp . J/     ;/ "-Saturday,; 2nd June, .'1S60,.  till after we .m ade the. reco rd that / the ground  TVD-s;iUI?1P.?.(1-;-. outlast shaft.is. .39 ,feet Etches  deep/     ':-,>..������������������/;'    ��������� yy. y/w.. :������������������ /���������  *:Court���������We' sfaked-biffirst on 28th March  last; on Satiudayhight/26th I pulled up three  of the stakes.and re-placed them;; All did not  alter the side stakes ; the ground is not staked off to the summit of the hill.,, ,../:������������������; /:,  '.,-:-r^ Burke' sworn-^-I -know'' defendants bf  sight; I wasin my tent on Monday when Holding came and got my axe. and went .and. blazed a few trees ; this was in .the .morning between 7 and 8-o'clock ; he told.mc he had  d riven - ,s takes "bet^weeil rours." aiid /Franklm's"  lines; I belong, to the'-Cascade Co'y,. which  joins on Franklin'supper line..... ._/  ;  . ;  James Holding. sworn���������We staked off the  ground^ on Monday morning, the 2'8th ult., at  4 o'clock; we put/up the' lower, middle and  upper stakes; I put up:the side stakes niyself;  they run perhaps 250 or 300 feet lip the hill;  the side lines were staked off before the ground  'wasTe'cordeci/';���������v:,/^;/^;.^ wpx pp.'' yx 'li'.'  The Court: observed''that had there:<been any  work - dpney.pn /the ground by ,plaihtiffs he,  should .not allow the. circumstance of a/priority of, record to have any weight, in .deciding  the case, but this they had'failed5: to. do. He  therefore dismissed the case, each party to pay  theirvown costs. Mr.���������>Walkem for' plaintiffe,  ^^-arlHbr-deferrdantsr   We; learn that a re-hearing will given to-day.  PUBLIC   SUPPER.    -  -  sponse was given..   Mr. Thompson in a very  able and eloquent speech returned thanks.  Mr. Huskihspn rose to propose a toast to the  health of an honest and upright man���������he meant  bur"worthy Magistrate and Chairman, Judjre  .Coix.���������Drank with all the honors. The Chair-  man, in' returning" thanks, observed that since.  he had come to' this creek he had endeavored  to perform His duties to the satisfaction of tlio  Government an^l the public at large; how far  he had succeeded;in this it was n'of for. him to  say. ' [Three Cheers were given for the Judge.]  He hoped to-see many .^uch re-unions as the  present;/;;/'//"      /.."'//.'....  Mr., R;:Bnrreli;proposed the liealth/of BJr. ���������  P^.Oppenlieimer^wh^^  terprising- merchants in British Columbia.���������  Drank, with all the honors. Mr. Oppenheimer  retrirned-thanks/" ;���������   : ���������:/.;:  .The Chairman then proposed the health of  the Supreme Court Judge of the colony,1 Mr,  Begbie, which.; was cordially responded. tc.  Mr..- Fitzgerald"'proposed the health of: Mr;  Laiumeister/ which was responded to in ii cor-:  dial mahrier, and thanks returned by/Mr/; C.  G'owan.   The CHair proposed the health of Mr  .O. ,Hare,- rwhich-met with_a. cordial. response, j  ���������M:"Hal,irydturncd thanks .in/ a. -neat .speech.  Mr., Winkler :proposed the .health of Mr.- Fiti-  gcrald.;/ responded. to most cordially... Mr.  Fi tzgerald; returned thanks. \ ��������� The.: heal lh of  "Mr. R. .Biirrell^was' proposed; byyMr. -'Grei.f,/  and thanks. ^returned. by; iff. Burrell.. . Tm���������  Chairman next; proposed a.toast,-".To the ma:- !  ried "Ladies of Cariboo^"-coupling with which  the name of/Mrs. Oppenheimer;: which was  .drank with alLthe honors;; ..'Mr.^Oppenheimer  .returned thanks ..on ��������� .frehalf .of / the ^ladies/ of j  Caribopl-'Tw'y:':y.sAyy y~'y:^ rwys ������������������ y-,.  A;. Many--other toasts were;; given, .��������� which1 cur  want,of space prevents'us from 'noticing!:  ���������suffice it to say that the whole'affair passed off  with the greatest hilarity and good fellowship,���������  and the company separated ��������� ;sorry to part but  -h'apfiy-tb-meet-again.^,  . ,,-......   ."    , ���������,..-   y  un-  Caroline Co?y,. per J: E. Franklin, vs. Mary,  Ann1 Co'y, per James lloliding and Wnii Wi 1-  spn,���������-This suit'was instituted for:the piirpbse  of ejecting defendants from 200 feet of certain mining ground belonging to plaintiffs on  Grouse Creek. '  J. E. Franklin sworn���������I own in the Caroline  Co'y; there are four shares in it; -Itook up the  ground alb hg with two other, men oh Saturday, the 26th ult.; there were four men at work  on that' day; I had been prospecting the  ground for some time previously; know hoth  defendants; Holding was at my shaft every  day; Henry Fain, John Gannon, Mi\ -otein and  myself were at work on Saturday ; I went to  the stakes that day and .looked at them, saw  my notice on the ground'; fixe?,, the stakes with  the view of coming over and. recording the  ground; came over to,,record and did so as  soon as I got a chance tp;get into the Recorder's office; defendants had not driven any  stakes then; did not know that the ground was  jumped till the Tuesday-following; defendants watched me for t,wo weeks, and tried the  dirt that came but of my .shaft, they said this  themselves.  Cross-examined���������The shaft I sunk is not on  tho Caroline Co.'s ground; it is oh consolidated ground ; our co'y and the Ne'er do Well  Co'y threw, their ground together for the purpose of prospecting; the stakes, w  iu our ground ori 2w������h March las  ?. were first put  t. covering  On Saturday evening last, the;2nd inst, Mr.  R. Grei^, late agent for the Bank of British  Columbia here, and Mr. M. :G. Phillips, late  Recorder for this district, were entertained to  a supper by a large circle of their friends, on  the eve of their departure from Cariboo. /The  affair came dif at the London and Paris Hotel,  RichGeUl. The table was well supplied with  al 1 the delicacies which it was ppssible at this-  :season'to procure, and nothing, was /left ni>i  idone-by the^courtedus proprietors, that could  in ^any way promote :the enjoyment "of the'  pkrty. //Ainong those /^resent /we i-b^servedi'  j"udge Cox, Messrs; Di Oppehheimer, ^Neufelder, J; Biiie, Huskinson, Walkemv Bluiit, Thont"  son, J^rejmd many p&er^  enpied fte cliai^; aM-M^yC-Opp^ffierS  vice-chair,"������l {yAl  ' '"-w~..y��������� . xXlaWs^���������������������������.-.-.., -..v���������  / The cloth having ;beeh renioVed?^S'.dhSLr-1-  man rose ^aiid; proposed the health of tlie/Administrator ofthe Government, the ^Eon. Mr.  Birch/v/bich was drank with all' the honors^  The Chairman then rose unci said it was his  pleasant duty to propose the health of a gentleman wliom we have all held in'the highest  respect ahd esteem ever since he came among  us> as well in his social as in his .business relations, with us, 'and who is now about to  leave tliis community. He proposed a bumper to the health of Mr. Robert Grcig ; drank  with all the honors, /y. '''���������'��������� ' ��������� "  ���������'  Mr. Greig .returned thanks for the honor  that had been done him by proposing his  health, and the cordial manner it had been responded to ; he had done his best endeavour  to deserve the good opinion of all with whom  his business relations brought him in. contract,  how far he had succeeded in this is'best seen  by the very complimentary address Svhich that  day had been presented to him by the inhabitants of this creek. It was gratifying to. him  to know that he left this place accompanied  as he was by the good wishes of so many kind  friends ; he assured them all that/wherever he  was destined to take up his future abode, he  would always possess a lively recollection of  the many happy days , ho; had spent in the  mines of Cariboo.        ., , !  Mr.  18Ci.'  An address - signed universally by ever>  class.in our community was presented to  Greig, of which the/following ,isr a. copy:.  AVilli.ims Creek, B, C., ,2nd Jjp  ROBERT GREIG^ ESQ, ;  ' .-"/'".  Dear Sir,'���������We'liavc justlearnM  that jtou nro aboiit to loavo us, and while we rc-grctoX'  ceotlingly the necessity which, will terminate our agreeable social and business intercourse, it'affords us much  pleasure to bear testimony to your upright, prompt and  manly conduct'wliile Managing Agent of the Bank of  British Columbia hero; and we hope sinceniy that the  change in jrour position will be both agreeable and proll table toyourseir, but,whethee this.he the case or.uot,,  you will bear, wi tli you pur best, wishes jfpijyour welikre..'  and sucess in future life. " / ; 'p. ": A'  A ~:AX: ^QTemaih/vsry ;tr lilyaud ;sincerely,:;Z ���������:': ���������'' ��������� ���������  .f  ���������*    ������������������ '    ���������'"���������        '���������.,    '      *-   Vburlriends,    " :-:.  iW.G ;C6xj. J. P.:;;./;I������.Opi^hexiier,'; ; Alex,;.Jack," -'��������� ;  tRpBERT. BURRELU, -;: ll.llEiUtOXA '��������� IX A ?~ ���������":.JOHN . BOWEOyy-,.  ���������JOL'-Folto>v;        ;'' #*��������� 'Ai Walkem,.:      Tnos'Harvey; :  ' / .   J;&.Tnb3irs6x7 dnd.400 others., /���������'-���������:  "/vMi*.- .Greig1 iii return ing: tlianfcs^to: the .deputation, who.  Wai ted; on' h mi wi tKthe address; sa id tli' at; it gave him -.-  great .pleasure tb'find on;. lcavi ng Carib oo tha t he had. \  o. cquiro Jt Uu ri ng bis'. residence here the/esteem; of so.  many friends; whom ho regretted how to'be compelled :  to^leavc, but.\vhose kindness he;should never fGrgefc...",  Ghixese Licenses.���������The.Gold Cbramissibner  has had an order, translated into the Chinese  language aha* posted, at the most prominent :���������  places along the creeiv, cal 1 ing on all Ghina~  men who are at work on .the mines either on ,l  their own account 6r hired by others, to take  out mining licenses at oiice ; lie will "send out  his constable in a few days to ascertain whether  they have done so, and thpse unable to prq-  duce a license will be liable to��������� a fine of ������50  or three months imprisonment. ; This is as it  should be, indced we cannot see why theso.  almond-eyed sons ofthe flowery   kingdom  sh ould ha ve been alio wed to .work ou r mines  so long, without being compelled like their ;  white brethren to contribute their, due share  of the general taxes'pf the colony. '/' In every .  other country they liave to contribute liberally  to the revenue..   '���������'-���������/.-,:'��������� ���������  Small Fox.���������It is. rep o r ted th at th 6: smal I  pox had broken put L among the Indians ������t  Esquimau and oii/the reserve ; it has also  broke out among the Indians near New Westminster.  If^* Goods are beino: freighted from Talo.  . to" Williams creek for 17cts. per ib.   Freight  The Viee-Chairman proposed the health of j.will even be lower than this as the season advances.  Mi\M. G. Phillips, a gentleman who hud won  ) COUNTY COURT.  (Before W< G .Cox, Esq.)/./..  2/    ^Thursday, 3MMay,1866.  /      D ulrig. &.pop vs.; SicNei'hanie.-r~!Action for  SGI, amount of prppiissory note:.,. A set off  /amounting to $75, ilWvaluc.of a grinds tone'  was put in by defendant. :.'���������;,  IVofessorEndtsworh, testified, that he 'was  lessor then lajdan information /with .thir-Ma-  g;istrate of thoftheft having been committed ;  .that:he"afterwards .discovered the. stona ;in  ���������-." NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN" THAT  THE POST OF FI  ���������"���������; will, uutil further notice, bo kept at the .  LIBRARY inCAMERONT'OWN,  and Mr. JOHN BO WROX will be tho Acting Postmaster  .-. Aw. ��������� AXywyw -���������;.:;';- ��������� wm.vgeo. cox:: T  ' Richfield, B.C.,     1 ��������� ���������        T  n    '  1st May,-A, D: 1866;/; P.llSyA-.  j.'r.  ���������'      Duhig?spossessXoiv:'butt6ok no steps to have  i t, removed; from th ere j ^vxts in the; hali it Pf,  / ; ��������� .'��������� Sharpening his tools on it while it was . there..  Judge Cox-^It is; a wonder,, possessing the  .'   intimate knowledge you do of the art of slight-  of-hand, that the; stone /did not .disappear in  some mysterious way. outpf plaintiffs keeping.  ���������  John Duhig sworn.1���������Said that a man named  Li v in gs ton bough t the - grindstone' and left !it  wi th hinij saying that Mciferh.an.ie .'owed. hiin  '.: 'fio'me.; ; wages and he' had; taken the stone"' as'  ��������� ���������'security: Livingston. took the:'-.-6torio' away  again; , ..       ...    ^  , ������������������-..������������������>  ���������Tli e 'Court said that ,a*sv no/pro of. had.; b een  /brought to show that Duliig had. anyr control  '���������- over the .stone,' he co'd. not tlierefore recognize  that article as a set o ff to' this action.'   T - ^ -r-  QUESNELMOUTH' ADVERTISEMENTS.  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMOUTH,  P. L.> JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all-hours, and Cooking of the bjest  ApA ;,,.-,..'        description. ���������'.-���������.     /..������s /  i������  ���������"���������    " "' ".'   QUESNELMOUTH,/"."' 'A  .-.: BROWN &G^IS,'Proprietors/    .;  Good Beds;. Restaurant; Billiard Table, &������.  / " i / ���������, Stabling for. Horses, Hay and Oats.;.;     s   ;������������������������������������.,  ;        VICTORIA AD^RTlS^li^  ;��������� GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA        '  WHOLESALE/AND/RETA.JL  J. H. TURNER ��������� & CO.  IMTOKT.ERS; OF  51;  ���������  JlERCnANTS'AXD DEALES8 IW. ��������� -;'���������  ���������  PROVISIONS, CLOTHING,; LIQUORS,. &o.  /     GIROD & GUICHON,���������/ ��������� ; ���������  f    -    'OLD   ESTABLISHED   GENERAL   STORE; ':  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE & . COMH&  '..:���������'��������� ;SION MERCHANTS,       '      ='  ~;   Storage, &c.~Terms most Moderate,  ;:������������������;        ;���������     ::/��������� . 'QUESNELMOUTH.   .-:��������� A s   .  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &c.:  -..'....  (Beforo W. G. Cox; Esq ) ���������  /AwAyA  RICHFIELDy Williflms'Crock, B.C.  E HAVE ON-HAND alarge stock:of Provisions,.  Hardware:aud,Vegetables, and :are determined'to sell them, cheaper .than, any other store-on  Williams Creek; Come aud see and judge for yourselves.  ������������������������������������ Richfleld,:May 5th, MfW.-Vf, .'/       ������������������" y ��������� i;...  B>iiery5 Coffee Saiooii  BOYD. & HEATH j Proprietors,       ; .  THTS HOUSE is si tuated 26 miles from Quesnel mouth.  Tho-proprietors. having lately* fitted ��������� up hodrooms  and good Bods are now prepared, to afford cvory accom-  modatidfj for .Travellers; .the Tilblc is furnished with rill  the luxuries that can be procured;' the Bar is well supplied-with* tlio best brands of Liquors and Segars;"pood  Stabling,' Hayt!Oats.and BailciV j6������������ Tho CHEAPEST  House.on the Road;       '..... *   * Vs>  English^;French;Silks,-Shawls,.Dresses r. I  .  derclothing,..Gloves,  and ��������� every, description Z'{  ".���������-���������.'��������� .'Drapery'Goods. ���������.    -w  Receive regular supplies by Express.via Panama  by sailing vessels via Cape ��������� Horn.      ��������� ��������� ' ���������" . ^  /JSTParticularattqntiongiveu to allordera  London Firm-^-J. P.. ToseTALf & Co.      .AAAi  ;������������������������������������ yiy '    E^TABLISHED,18&8.   ^^^  XTTILLIAM ZELNER,-deaIer iu; Drugs' U- I  T,t - .oiNES and Ccemicals, Fancy and Toilet jVi.  Sponges, Brushes, Permmery, &c.    PhysichC ? 1  scriptions care^Iy compounded and orders amLr-  with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V. I. j?  PATTRICK;S CORNER.  R. ROBERTSON, "Wine and Spirit Mc I  . chant, Yictorla, V. L ��������� opmt������Jn|  '���������"���������;'";���������/-���������"'": Z bootsi bootsh    ^^^"  I SAY SAM! H������w is it your Boots wear son  and keep your foet so. dry ?    B'ecuu.so 1 purchRS7(-  Charity aud Butler, Government Street yjctori '  &"���������'  r-AXn���������  .. ���������-' A -/;'���������';/:'-%A R'K'E R VI Li;E-/i';:;.  .,.-,.Pkoprietors.  'Ay /McLEESE ^'SENNY^Prbprietprs,;/';: ;  /TiHE PUBLIC ' AJRE INVITED ��������� TO CALL AT THIs'  X House: TJiere is Good Meals; Good Beds; Stabling  for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay-.- -   - ��������� ��������� - - .���������'; --l-s  'AYVte  . Garden  CO:, Fort- Street, Victoria/ \Vl/jw  and Field Seeds guaranteed.: Haveon lm\  on iiicj  [��������� for having the matter/fadjourHed for. the con-  ;Vsiderati6n of the^Judge of the Supreme Cdurti  ;: Mr. Park for?Bahkrflpt^Hr; Walkem for op-;  . ^posihff Creditors.'     Ai-pyiyAx  yp. Apy ������������������ ������������������ ���������;?���������-   ���������;  II- ;;.'.': ;':Meals ready at sill" liburs.' '. '  "~~     james RURbiE,:.AA  :  ACKSMITH/ /  Is  v>;  RICHFIELp.  : .���������    ,  SCHORLIIStG-  VANr WINKLE  'ir. y>>:  -..  /l)ution to  .        iiothing to give for the cause;/ but there are;  /.in th e : vici n ity;i si x ��������� minis tcrs-^-no t; one : wi IIj  l..preach in the other?s pulpit.; Now I will give.  ���������asmuch, and more than .anyone/else to civil-.  ize* these clergymen."  -. - -i  ir-V  ;  A Bachelor of thirty years of. age writes to  the * Country. Gen tlcman'-for a receipt for heah  receipt!  Dealer in all kinds of Pro visions, Clothing, &c;  ,'": ^������^Stabling for Horses;, Hay, Barley.aud Oats ali  wayson-liand. :."��������� .".:    :;;/::; AXIPA'. -A;s' '1-s  .;:. .,;,. /LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS..-  ^ OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF "THE  x -Travelling jiublic; the,bedrooms, aro spacious and  airy and the Beds c.innot be surpassed for cleanliness  aud comfort by anj* in tho lower country; tho.Tablo is;  always supplied with, tlie best of victuals."' Stabling  for Horses;-Hay, Oat3 and Barley-:constantly oii hand.  ta carefully .'selected stock, of tho above - from tho hi-  European and American Markets. /The.earlv orderT'  thcir'frionds in 'British Cbiumbia-are solicited, v/  ticujar attention is called to their largo stock of firaJ'  -Clover, nnd 'Onion-".Stfeds������������������; of -very rsupeh'or.; 'im/  FnufTrpes and Bushes,-Evergreens, Shruns, Crec"  house.and Garden Plants, Standard and Dwarf Ifoss  of evcrj/vari'ety.-   Cataldgiies;on application;'   "].s  "TV  BRODRICK, Coal avd Produce Dealer  i  XV. large stock of Hay, Oats, Wheat and Barley of fc  attention.  v-:  sM  ft ENTILE'S Photer'aphic' G-allery, Cover-. :  XX,.ment St,, Victoria, V.I.y opposite Hotel deFnnt?. i  T^ENNIS'MURPHYv Proprietor. This.House  .1/' isi furnished /with every .convenience for tho corn-  ���������fort of. Tr������avc]lers;'. 'tho^' Culi nary -. d epa rtmen t is * u n dor  tUcsupbrintendenceof anexperidncedi'cook; llio Beds  arc .clean and comfortable ; the Bar contains tho! best  of Liquors, Segars, kc.   Stabling, Hay, Bnrley.&.Oats.'-  KOJip..   A_lady cojresrjondent replies, " Get  o  uriT/i t)>of kn/\vrrcf TiVvTir f<-������mo lm if '* ���������r������������������- ;  a wife that knows how to make il  ;* Have you fouud'a.verdict^/rsaid a judge  to the foreman of a 'jury. . "No your honor, we  have hunted through every nook and. corner  of the room you sent us to, aiid' we can't find  ,one/; ... ...   ���������... ..;. ..--,;���������;���������-  ���������  >   ���������  JBg-If you.want good Coffee use Fell's.   '/  Vfe like the story of the blacksmith, who  was requested to bring a:suit for slander. 'He  said.he could go into his shop, and hammer  out:a better character than ��������� all the courts of  the State could give him."' .   './; .' - *  The cheerful live longest iuvlife, ���������" and after  it in our regards. Cheerfulness is the offshoot  of goodness. It is a sanitary principle as well'  to the body as to tlie mi ud-, and' it is to both  the cause.and effect of health.  Tun U.viversal Practice of-'mixing' Chicory and  other adulteralives with Coitee, has very much damaged in public estimation, what ought to be tho most  delicious Of Beverages:   So effectually have the public  been drugged with such mixtures that tho. true properties have been lost sight of, and many prefer a black  aiid thick infusion to a drink rich in spirit and aroma.  C.-norul as is the use of Coffee, it is little 'known that  in eondunsiug the vapors extracted from the. berry ,in  roasting a liquor is ob tai nod. of tho ��������� most: nauseous  taste, and of a .scent the most unbearable,:   Under such  ���������e4rs!*m5t*meesb it-is evidently ~i nipbrfca n t-tlyaiyiill - the  HPHE UKDERSIGNED arc now manufacturing FLOUR  X of all grades: Extra, Supe'rflne and; Fine. . Feed  Crushed to order. ,     .'  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,    *  _Jt������ :-": F: W.' Foster, Agent.  -1\7;M. HENDERSON begs-to inform his friends.  ff. and the travelling public, generally (that- ho nas  taken tlie above Rhnch and is prepared to supply thene;  with First Class Accommodation. Good Stabling, for  horses; Hay and Grain.- ;; :     :'v-l-s  receiving from.:bcst sources; School, Standard, auAXL&  El.AP. .WHEARj Tailor &'Octfittkr,:'FortStreef,  .. Victoria, V. I;- opposite:Bee HIvd=Hotel, wlu-rclie  is prepared to supply his numerous patrons with ever,-  requisite for Clothing'nuitable for every season of tia  year/ ' :- ���������������������������>'.'������������������������������������'���������������������������:���������������������������.. jv   - ���������-��������� - -     ���������?    ,-/-> ;..;.;��������� .������������������.���������,-1  EDWIN    TYNON,  DEALER IN"DRY GOODS, CLOTHING; HATS AND  Caps,.Boots and Shoes,  Carpctings; iOil Cloths,  Wall Paper, &c , Lillooct, B; Oyyy ���������-;���������.    V ^l-s  wh.;manson, ;-,',;,   D.(A..McLEA3sr,..  '.'"'. Propriotor,. /,;*'���������' "Agent.  mHIS.HQTEL IS LARGE. AKD :WELL FITTED, UP  X I "or-1 b c comTof I of t ravel ei*s-;-the -Tabid, is ��������� suppl i e < I  with the best of everything, that can be procurd/ and-  the cooking is not inferior to any on the road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats.   : 1-s ..  fHOMAS WILSON ��������� & CO., Importers; of kae-  Jish Jlerchandize,wholesale and.retnil*.dealers fu  Dry Goods,.&c, vates Street, Victoria, V. I. On find  after Ist-Junc ricxUn Government Street, opposite tbo  Bank of British Columbia;'''    '" ���������   -   y     ].s  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  ���������ACOB  hand  the-Bar  Segars;: tho public are invited to call.   Prepared to fill  all orders promptly. ��������� ..������������������ ���������. ��������� ,  -. : ���������/     ;.. 1-s "..  taurant  aflbrds..  In,thcBar will be found the choicest"iigtioRi  Furnished Rooms, kcw   At   ' Is  EUGENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria,  -wholesalo-and.Rv.tail D_ealer in WIKER BKAND1K  BEERS, aud LIQUOI13 anU-~derftt"of HavanaSepri.  Goods ibnyarded to the ^lining Districts.  .: x ',, U    E   ��������� :���������>���������--J.-. .: :���������: ..-��������������������������� .   .'._������������������  i LBERT CRY3LER lias opened the above House for  XL the reception of Travellers; the Table is well kept  and the Liquors cannot-be surpassed ; the Beds arc  cloan and comfortable.  . Stabling for Horses, Hay and-  Oats.. .--:-. .1-s  borg k Rucfl; Victoria','.V. I.  E.S. HEIN,.iaLT.iKER & Drkss Maker, Govern- eg  '  ""*        1  from th o cbuntry i)uuctuilly attendcd "to/;;'        lc  QPELMAN' and'McKENZIE, .Proprietors.  U. This Houso-is welT fitted up with Good Beds and  the Bar is furnished with, tho best Liquors; Meals are  served at all hours.on the Restaurant principle;. Sta-  bling forHorsce, Horse Feed, &c. -.  - 1-s  TAMES HURON,-Proprietor.- This commodi-  O ous Hotel is well fitted up with every convenience  for the comfort of the. public; the Beds are alt that a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with  the best of fare; the Bar contains the choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; goodStahJing, Horse Feed, Oats,  Barley, &c.      ... ., .   :     ��������� 'i.s '  mn 13nod cyliiider. -..I. ThLs object is -ad mirably: aocdm-  ) d is bod by the hew andpatenfc' 'Cou ioal Cofloo Roaster''  CHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old  \j established House is well fitted up-for the comfort  of Travellers; the Tablu is supplied with the best, of  everything that can be had, and the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed. kc.  The Express stops heret . Irs*  :"P  1JUKT DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.  TORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor. This house  Xj anords every accommodation for tlie comfort of  Travellers; tho Table is furnished with all the delicacies  of tho season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wines, Brandies & Segars;. good stabling for horses;.  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on haiid at low rates.  Newly inillpd Flour for sale cheap. . ���������    %:%'  /"FAI SOONG- & G 0., Commission Merchants,  X porters and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Rice. Su.. _.  Opium, Nut Oil, Frovis'ions, kcl. Cormoraut Street, Vic- I  toria, V. I.   . ��������� ' ��������� ��������� ' '-lja 1  ���������   i  Im-  I  0 ON & GO., Importers aud Dealers.in all  kinds of Chinese Goods and Provisions, -Rice, Su- ||  gar, Teas, &c, Cormorant Street, west of Government, |j  Victoria, v. I.                            ChixKav, Manager. |������  I  m  t&jm  meou=Iy  tho:advantage; to bo derived by the rapid removal of  the  ii  preserved and- not exnaustod as in tbo (J.vliader.  K6aster,.where the Coffee is required to'remain a much  longer time in cousequence of tho stoain ing. it under-  goes by the confined steam,   it is chemiciiily impossible, to retain the quajitics or arrest tho detcripration of  Coffee when; ground ��������� ���������'- The heat engchdered.by tlio ..pro-'  GpBs o f roasting, and especially of grihdihg, Creates an  ;nc tion in the ciemei? tary parts which gradual\y des troys.  its fitncss for drink.    But to retain. the .ess.entia 1 oil,  .: whloh.it contains we have it encased in tins con taini ng-  froml lh. to 28 lbs., and which can be had from any  of tho respectable dealers.    We can confidently re-  comincnd those who have hitherto been dbligod to refrain from taking CotTei'o on. accouat: of i ts ill effects,  Wnl they may. use our Coffee, i*oasted in the Conical  Roaster, being recommended by all medical men under  wjjo'je. notice it has been brought, and .'by numerous  other tCKiiffi?a.i^I* i n if .= t'a\-or.   '   ' FE LL k CO- .  .?;Colic:��������� lierchanlf. yytes^t��������� Victorb\.  MACDONALD7S    HOTEL,  Mi "MACDONALB, Proprietor^ Miners and  others destined for tho Bridge. River Mines will  find every convenience and accommodation afforded  .them.   Good Bods and a Table well supplied with all  the deacacies.of the season.      .:���������;.;..... i.s  f\':   BACIG-ALUPE, Mkrchant axd Packkr,- bc-  XX* :tween Douglas and Lillooet;  .JAlwaysonhand.a  Dougl,  good stock of ProvisimiSj &c,  l-2m  IILE I0USE������-DOUGL4S: POSTAGE  ft XT: SxMITH & CO., Proi)ri etons; Th is House is  AX- well fitted; up for the accommodatioh of Travellers to the Bridge River iliiies. . Good ;Beds, Stabling  for Horses. Horse Food, &c.. A Stageruns twice a, week  between tnis.liouso and Port Douglas on the arrival of  the steamers from below and connects with the Lake  Bpats for Lillooet. i_s  The Bonaparte House,  CEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, ^ ������i������  M Junction of tho Cariboo and Big Bend Roads; is  Dis-  Stcamboat  miles;'  .,    ,, ��������� *  -    ~.-..- ....���������..���������������������������.������. to suit  the times.. Give them acall. Stabling,. Hay k Grain;  attentive hostler.?. - Sta^e leaves here twice a week for'  Big Lend and vale, and once a week for Cariboo      1-s  ILSON &��������� MUBBAY, Grocers, : V&oymh  1 f ; Wino k Spirit Merchants, Bakers & Confection^,  Fort Street,,Victoria, V.:I.1   ' ���������    ' \%*  m. cno  CPORBORG- & RUEFP, Commission Mer-  U CHAN.i$, Wholesale Dealers i'n'IOROckmEa,.-FR?vi-  |  sioxs, Hoofs & Shoes, Wharf street, Vfctorii, Y. I.. H ��������� |  m  HOUSE  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  LBWIS.-L'BWIS, Clothier, Yates Street, Victoria,  opposite the Bank ot British Worth America.   ' 1-s  ,.  .        ,������������������, ominodation.   .The best of  living of Liquors, and of .-Wines    ��������� Fresh Butter, Milk  ..and Vegetablos.  .Good Stabling and cheap feed.   ' 1-s  S  V  JPROAT'&;cb;/(iatb^  ; and CoMMissidv Merchants, Store Street, "victons,  . J. *"���������   ��������������������������� :.-��������������������������� !���������" , 1-S  ���������  Be  M ALLAXDAI N'E,CO ELECTOR iGE^.EKAL AGENT  ��������� Gar/irais'^ul-, at roe t, Victoria, Vancouver' I-jlaad.  T   B. HAGG-IN, Pnr'sicu?,' k Surgeok, nc������  O ��������� ner of Yates and GovernniOnt Sts;; Victoria,  near cor-.  ' V..L  PIERCE &' SEYMOUR, dealers in BkdWk  Furpiture, Broad; Street, Victoria, V- I.      ,yfX  nAIRE  AJ Mekch  2 &. Q-BANCTNI, Hardware & ChQCff  chants, Wharf Street, Victoria, V.I.       x'y  fTENBERSON awd BURNABY,  IX WkaH'str&et, Ti������i'������rift., V. I.  Merouan^.  1-s  pon  SoO  peri  the  ���������defr  Mr.  kilk  The  or e1  teret  Don;  they  ques  coati  quesi  were  night  BllfAl]  cilloi  . f :VoL2.
No. 9,
y/yw      a.   Victoria, V. ^ May 18th^ 1866.- r
 Ah attractive feaiure justiaow, for in times
��� of dearth, even crumbs are not.to be.despised
-'-a some what i nteresting'. subject as our; co r-
��� poration.IA As-most of your,readers are aware,
a certain Act, cal led too " Vieto/ria Incorp oration Act, 1861," received -the!.Governor;sas-
���sent (Sir* James Douglas!).. 2nd Aug. 1862.
Passing oyer a .slight technical incongruity at
the threshold of/the Act- (as one of Mr. G. H:
Cary's idiosyncrasies)' that "the tract of land"
should be incorporated,-and not the inhabitants, and'form a-city, and overlooking'also
the slight drawback .that/owing to sufficient
time not being given to the drawing up of the
ordinances, some bf the f>y-laws were sufficiently incomprehensiblej(one; of those on
nuisances, No. 11, beginning, "Arid every such
���: tact ^JiMi^^Se^hiettjto be; an^'if ^btshaHie,^
/1 remember,tke^time,^when Thos( Harris *����s
'yl Mayor land suJ&Men as Gapt. Sbidf Strbnach,
��� / /Hicks^ Lewis, Copland/;McDonald/lfc./ were
nori Austen'Town Clerk- rn thbsfc "days, Lsay,
weliad a c,6rporation;f.and though really ^he ^^
land alone under? :ou'r feet'was;incoriporated,v $?����� ? messenger; with bated j,breath;(though
and hot ourselves, w,e did not knbw it Stre^^
wmlhTOll^nn^ra^^W^ Wrt I* m&rQ,,w:  that ftll nnilfi shall *Tio ^f'^�� a.;w��x n>A*T.U^~*A
surrounding the Church Hill; a deluded man, ly,.I reply,such a by-law of by-la'to must fee
single-handed, flung a stone which" was '/heard "good ones. '-A.Why. do/they': hot'work !>and/ao-
to rattle" on the Bishop's house lay a' man, or somethino- instenrl nf w�� if mo-  no +i���� t*��Ko~k
several mehy set to watch at the extravagant
rate of two dollars1 and fifty cents per night.
(The rates were/*0 low because the - eold[ was
sufficiently intense to keep/them; from sleeps
ing.) -The deluded Amah was collared' red-
handed by ther yigilaht "sexton, and released
only because the Bishop /coming out of the
house said that tlie stone came from;another
direction���probably it was an aerolite. .Well;
all these rabid and patriotic Councillors ; the
plucky, forlorn-hope Thome; the highly argumentative, though- slightly cantankerous. and
long-winded, Carey ; the democrat Lazzell;
the ponderous and inflated Fell;  the dangerous Iiibbard, all grew immortal on the question,, and were restrained from acting further
by means of an injunction at the Supreme
6purt; and it was afterwards made perpetual;
: Well j vthis .Council^thoughuseless aiid mische-
^iousj^was still?aliye. / >B was-sueceeded; last
NovemberJbyandtiier Council^ a gentlemaniy
;dntpoA^(^un^fas Ripply "to $q- &Mnftffij^
siye as; possible^ to<iet-its^small voice;be mishi
Incorpoi, :  ^ ���^w ����,��**, Vf
Heaven,? by virtue/of> wjmt do the Corporation
,exist? , Is.ifc not the incorporation Act,;186��?'
Is it not valid till repealed? -���.. Has it been repealed?   Are riotthere powers as-therein-defined and quoted^,-vW&yvdo notthey work'
then and not bo the effete,- "servile,/trembling
thing they are, waiting.for powers?:-No,! will-
not hear poor absent G. IL Gary's Incorporation Act impugned and called into;questioh by
all and sundry, from; the late Chief Justice
downwards. ; He did no tincorp orate the inhabitants, but they; acted as if; they hadbeen
incorporated ; and since him- no one has had
Shame on .ei ther] .excuse* -{f iiAwi ��� awA-a A -xil. Ax X
>(��/> ......
���." ,~��H'���'��� ip:.'AAA���*':'<.,A       -^
rmmi^g^PXAy %0^t
Z>ZZZ^ffiw^^% t0 Increase;)' 'x, '
���/iyijtiyr X#f$.A- ���/���-������,/. '������:��������� ���'.���-������'���. . Ax ���
'������'��� A-Xy.^^OmA^^ .   yy .      .
Zy/iy^^nm WLITMBIA, \" AX   ���
X.Vy^ -'!yyy y. CARIBOO:      ', ��� ���      '���',.
'/AM ;ptoj: UNITED STATl^,
a. were��levelldd^n^g^^e&j/we had a City Sur--
veydr who oirt up^our; streets, to a wonderful
j    shmlarityof Jeveljjm^
*���; y (ifnpyik lodged: 3>^fore, for/it/cbulcl not get
w'lpvriaf." Houses were; lowereddown jgently by
sere \vs, &om, an uiiseem^
���the footway^ or raised-onr stilts to a dignity
corresponding with jfoe raised level; all Yates"
street ^^ metalled^ * and Hhe^length of ^Gov-
^rnmeiit street from; Johnson street:/Ininrove/
ments werei everywhere gdiri^lon/ " The'View
street drain/was con&tructed/J/ Though this;
hitter work cannot by;, any meahs .compare
wilfr the/'Qfoapa $^ proDa-
ble/duration;ypr even Tfche Fleet* Street Ditchy
< London, still/ wonderful to relate, it was�� and
lot;! believe^ got; his: finai.fo alance^of coia^
I has not
Wt&^elrlfrT^^ its waterp%m?
, seen .it after;a 24 hours^rain-t^ain^without in-
fitelMission^^andwhichijias^ laid; the^gardins
adjoining/and what 'would be/g^dehs' if It
not; w:ere unreclaimed" land, 'in two feet, of
water, I have seen it carry;off this water iii
ab o ut the next 24 hours, i Kort street sidewaSiT
wa^riinout^ beyond^ihe; city iimits,rand -the
coiporaiioh"'was vigorous and lived,.because,
like many;other' things; EngHsh, it ,vneyerJni-:-
tagined-ifc was dead;^ Ifc was Jeft fbr more en*<
iightened^if^ddgenerate;: tihies to^/discover it
-MCM:E2 ^?��i> to vbec0me:a-bye-word,. a hon-
entity, asolecisni^I^as:^
ish,-act;- ahd-thattwaiits biiiysuperfittdus piece
of;machinery. - It appointed an Assessor whose
assessment frequently clashed with that of the
Government/ and; ifi: anyZcase: {Ms salary/ was ���
superfluous,/because -the - Governriietttassessr
that ailjiails shall ;be driven into-the^bbar3s
of" sidewalkSj^anil here^andthere a rottenhoatQ.
I removed; >if ^hjsvil}eAall their, duty; admirably
fdo they fiilfliifc /iBiit if the duty of a;corpb^
���ration be, :and-they have - it^in their power,
laid do wn in -section 25/ (and /it must- be tfceir
duty for;the Act has; never been repealed), f to
^eyen^anfl ?femoye jiuisahceJ3 ;'l do regulatf
and repair roads;ancl;footFaysr&c.p and b^
means of bylaws,. jj'to /niake^regulations for
drainage,preserve from
te regulate; the ?sanator^cqndltion of^- the cit^
public cemeteriesj?? and*even some thingsTare
! describ ed in detail,;as that ^iif property{fipld-
ers-^requisition shall call on the, Council Jt6;
grade, metaLor draih^and ^the Corporation
shall then do>it, and make aerate in such road
or street to'pay the expense /thereof/ fand, enforce, the collection, and-fine .before a Justice
���of: thei iPeace.^^ ��� xf thisJ/F reiien^ibe^o /iniw
..--.-..-i.:V-, -  - "".���;> ���'���������'���.������if'''.-
A&AX :;--/v^?J^^;S^:Catherine3;-;> - . ly
|N^wtpB%3n^r^; b^&:goJdrt, (Ag^us
Ah ..������   "^^;-f|;-^or.tho.Baiikor.3fon.treaI.', = ; ..
6^ IRELAND���UXlov U AKV su? tt>vt amt> t T��.mr,^
:^HE TERMS' brSTJS(3RiTTl6N,Iiavo b^on reduced ta chn
??ft?^dy:i;f^p^ff9^5ividen(la collected. ;���;..
<h^V��been^only;latel3rfaddedtoithe^circulating (Library/-
andfmore are expected dail^.' .Tarties.aro'solicited/te
subscribe.-  .'"   .-: P   s   .y;p��� ,. Ay-y .x,w^yr.>..X A:A,
'" ���'t*s'jri ,     ' t, t       ' JOm? BOWRQ^CilirarlaD. ';
If this^I repeat^ bfestheduiy
.of -the-Gorporationpand if^ it be iheifUuty to
getihalf t^k/re^hue^byfan;assessment^ dri
real(e3tate3n,;tiie city limitsTr not exceeding fl;
per/c^tbn >ffie/Gbvern^
the. rents and ;:profits'acc^
of,corporate ^property^and/other spumes; if
air this, I sailor th^ third;time^ t)e their duty,
thenare they s'in^lariy^v^
then.; arer they> ^n^rte;; then/a^/t&y dead;} then
have wev no > Corporation. ;' Instead 0>f going
;w;hiiiing, to the^Gpvernbr^th^jtha inhabitants,
wiftnt. ihe: cKain-gJang ;fo riclean/iiie igutters; of
the;-'streets,;t6;prevcht;;eyery:6ne from'being
rJolsohed;" The (tO vern oicsnri hi-ipj? th am nn **>
or twice and-.refused    he snubbed: Jhem this
la5t,:time ap^:. complied. / The grpunSof refusal was the urisuitableness (he did not exactly
use these words) of the membersS)f the chain-
gang to work in public.   Men that had helped
tbv d^oralize^Indiai^-��� fe
,._��� P:vr ,ruui�� u.i.u ,au unwise act,! "whisky ;i who had;bro%nmto stores and houses j
though it plu.c^ily tried: tot prove its 'rirt'ht and robbing, tiiis; or ydestroying:: safes;. men/who
m an evil hour. wu�� defeated.    An ornament1 had-smashed the heads- of innocent women on
of th�� bar, who for1 some time acted as Attorr- the highway^ and. 'committed, .vanbus.; pther
ney GeneraL of the,Colony, lynx-eyed discoy- atrocitiei;hadnerves;.fo
eredi ahd'p^oMe^ll^;determine^ the gutters; of,-a street^under the public gaze!
;:..;./   y:THE;BANKl'OF'-" . * ���
-���'; A W
'"��� E3TABu'snai> in issel
'W-t'Xt ���.
lived andrditfgoffa: ;Butitmktmwi^^
POWDER, FUSE; &c.(^c^
' ALSO,-
teiDRXFTSISSUEO W Londbai'New.Vork, San-Francisco, Cariboo,-Canada; >few Bruhsvriek, Nova Scotia,
and.;on all the'.. Branches'of the National Bank of ScoU	
land and- Provincial Bai^oJLIj^.B4^T----:,-Tr~-~"~ """
Jiypotmcatcd revenue not oxceedinjr one-third I
nZl:.&    ^my}m ln*��est fterefor. -That a
 ., A^��j ����nuuuso to u-overnment
at all, as by the Statute provided, was bad
enough; but to repeat' +k*'
stuff.    I
poraaoi could nol^SST^ ����� *j
The ^uicle' and H ��",fr iome tinie-
ifii en^��g^?ed_. ***"< tot.
Men clad itfan; uniiprni /of^-Tjwiii. not, call it
what I)ickens describes as a ,suiti ;of i. dobr-niat,
but Imay safely say-t^old canvass dipped in a
tati-pit,�� with": tjie letters V. P. badly painted
on very prominent parts' of their nersonsf and
the guards "too big for their breeches," as the
Gov. aptly describ eel them, did not want even
I suppose chloride of lime to come "between
the wind and their nobility." Fau^h! on such
���"���   - ���     .    dealkus:in* .:.���������
Storage and Commission. s
^BiUs oF/Exchange and Gold Purchased. .
.,- Interest on.Special Deposits of Money allowed at t^#
rate of a'qua r.t6i\of one per eent. per tnouth.
-.; Gold PcsT Mel ted. and Assayed, and returas made
���wi tb in ��� 2i hours i n' Coin or liars..     .-...:...,.   . ,,.:_...
:   Ores Of every description carefully Assayed.        .
��� 3 N-. B.���Any instructions as to the disposal of tbe proceeds of Gold Dust forwarded to the office in Victoria
lor Assay will be carefully attended to.
��� ���. J. G.-SHEPHERD, Manager.
Victoria, V. I., April, 1860. 1-8
A large supply of Ladies7 Goods on the way.
see by the "mornings paper that; the
chain-gang is at work under the direction of
Mr.���-���I some name quite unknown to me*
^v ^s^yed is still a moot
Ihen: a radical crew ���nrfmi^i>���
ted; got in; them
wprp^i m ramPant; th
l^gH    Lirtl^d0?e^ ^ -ead oTtoe
question.   Then' n m ft i *q t ��V,1���" w Vkt* - * mo on
, ,<**M.*wxi.j.vu��erve
was rampant; then doughty deeds
id were done in thr
Like Goliath' of Gath,
l^pmaermg the z%tP*��fa^"'l'Uy  ��r Sai"son
no doubt a broken down .scion of a�� ancient
house.    But to resume ; instead of going to
the Governor,for the chain-gang, why do. not
the Corporation carry out their duty as per
section 20, raise a reveune, as. laid down in
section 24, or any other way ..they can by bylaw?   Surelya by-law which has been framed
and .brought up as so clearly directed in section 20 ; vide���"that it.shall be reconsidered
not less than 3 days after its passage,. and if
confirmed shall come into effect and be binding on all persons after 6 days from publication of the same in the public papers." Sure-
ly every by-law which "shall bo passed by the
vote or resolution of at least 3 members of the
Council, of a meeting of at least 4 members,
and a copy of which shall have been transmitted to the Governor within 48 hours of the
final passage of the same, and if not disallowed by th* Governor within seven days;" sure-
Adjoining tho Express Office.
. .       BARKERVILLE.
:       BARNARD'S
Gonncctins at Lillo'oet and Yale with DTET2 k
,. ...* 'KELSON'S for New-Westminster &��� Victoria/'
WILL: ABRIVE AND DEPART from the office in
Barkeryille, toconnect with the steamer <(En-
torprise,' atQue'siiclraouU), n'nd tlie STAGES at Soda
Creek, EVERT WEEK, conveying Tuk^sciie, Lkt-
tkus and Valuables lor all parts of tho world: . ^Also,
:Commissions received -arid fdrivarj'iod by Express for
:tuc collection of .Notes, Bills and the purchase of articles to be obtained al New Westminster, .Victoria/ San
Francisco or oncoute, ahd-returns made with dispatch.
\ ;���,; ,./���; [, ��� ia ���;���' a   p jom&. loykll,
;   1;S / "" 4gent, Barkerville. ,
lewis wilde/
oot and Shoe Maker/j
-3^0^ Miners! ��� .
Tho undersigned is prepared to
-^'������'   .-       PANNINGS, "
On Commission,'or will purchase Any quantity ea efe��
v.Af .; Most Liberal Terms, at. the  ���������'.
AsiAi JBeadiug'Boom,;Cameroirton,
rne.Subscriber is well,known* on WiUianis Creek, a��3
from the confidence reposed iu him livst Fall in tho
above business, he hopes to receive the patronage *$'..
the Mining community. the ensuing season.
.; As-,y      ���:���-���  /'���'���^"'":.-;..:..;"i>':jQEN BOWRON. \ ..
|\URING THE ,31lNING*sijASON tho un denned
XJ will be prepared to execute Surveys and transaet
a General Agency^^JBasiness. JOHN M.OPJ5E-;
1-S 6rril J2ndiie��r,
>.-;���, ���
a ������5HSOSKaaflfflESE������S835SB5S  y,,.- ,WM-p'������^n~, jjt >; .< v.?.-\j.><^a ,-iH������rr ���������������. ^ JtVv * '< K^y. T ���������* .^������.iv^������ ������r������a n^yhfi.o r^������^. MWnpj ������������������i^ftti������>*-yi<-.^������������widw^>ww������p  asraBj������aa������8g^aKffr.u.ait^^  Agents for the, "Cariboo Sentinel." '. ''  :-^:3v3:MoWha  ?N.- B.-; JScCaffi>ry  ���������   :1 J^E; Jlaltandaino  .,\ John Poraiu, ;  AsW  '    MONDAY, TONE 4, 1806.  have been taken of the matter^ but the fundamental principles on which mining plights  thave rested have been glaringly trenched on j  andldvery !mah who owns a claim in the coun;  try lias afpersqnal interest in I discussing the  Imattefc v ,lAs for the ���������fears of *Ohyx'$;abQut tEe  jS)sityx.of ;to press,;; we think" that x-yvP are  a^rmly' impressed with the 3j3aowledg6 of thb,  Heavy re^onsibilitiesyyhich are?atfacbed to  our .^position "as he.canpossibly be,^ and jrce.,  ;heMtatenotf to; staiie Ahat onV whateverlin^ter  rwc may ,be cal led on to express our views-we  PANIC IN LONDON.  ���������'ti  Ail  llW:  ',     " 'JUD&I^BEGMB^^D HIS\JUDGES,: I  \   *To the Editor*, ois the ^/jAmnoo^miiv^h  ���������."^  Sm,���������An'attempt lias; bee  s^i. w wss:^-.,c^- yw:  CARIBOO; SS^mEI  33been ^ made Aoiiii&e  ���������MBIGBEND.  Arprivate despatch received last night: announces a great monetary panics in London.  ���������The -great discounting houseVof; Overend,  Gurhey & )GOip latelylfornied Jhto =a .limited  coTn^n^hadla^  had raised its-rate of interest to ton per cent;  The>Barik Act ��������� had fo een susp en ce d> and- an lis?  iifedf ^000000 autHorized,  Th I ^uspensioii  ;of this,firm will; in all ..probability occasion  lojfterheav^faiiu^  jsiiot-^ated^u^is^ aoubttess^afeijjute^le to  the :fe  cirirl  ilin '"Rn'ri'V/ Iv/iinnr   1oi>rt-o   Tlnlririt*a .������-v������ ^AVflinri  u  XAmiy  ;   y   .    A '������������������   A   .  ,i5lii JbttlHU. y '    < A A       A-   ^  jXlPrnxn^vAVj\ar\do'(A  an  old' Oarilirtn minor   XX  jv FromMr. Claridge;, an 'old' Cariboo /miner  ^whpslias jusl arrive d from I^cn^creek, which  place he lofjbA three ^eeks!^agb^ we learn the,  inuWhear^mniind the longhand pamfuUprb-  *y.x Ijatiori'through^mS & juage must pass before^  arrivingmt a seafcupbh tlie}bench ;^the severe;  .course of study ,a^ ^stud<mt, his struggles! for  ' position* and 'advaii^Qn^nt-at ^the Engltefr^af,  ���������^ wliere'heTneetsandhas t'd'contend witihlthe  \ most brilliant  :   rnere.'pastime, ]Aitlrec[uitiee' a - most intimate  linowledge ;o t the. Law>: with unquestionable  -genius. . Let us, look-vnow.at'those'swholset  ..,. u i. ^,.��������� i���������������m..������ ,���������-... .i ^^ ������������e-.,���������,..- -,:.manr;������-pOS:  ji ' *Yf^BATHER.-j-The weather for/the,:dast few  dachas'been rather ^ariablei A we $ave[ hiid  J&casiorial^ showers of rain and ^sleetr; accom-  ^panied^by tbuno^r^ f s'Yos%diiy a heavy sleei  felMyiring;thbyearly Pi^rt^ of the day^ which  vve are apprehensive will {Cause' a, farther rise  in the brcek. \ , ��������� ",;    1 ",'���������'*/ , ./a   ������v.-'.\-  20"ig, they $w in������a-who neitheT by cdaratioa  , or'association, are competent to.judge of ,'the  / fitness of;jhin^a;i^ ���������  jdo not let me be;misunilerstood, I am7- prejiar-  ed to admit itha&there, are. amongst the,miriei*s  men of goedi education and soraej^ossessedof  '^rtnuiflArahlA  !  nrtmniTiPrirR '   sno.h   ' inflAArl ���������'������������������: no-  ^vhichasrpomppsedv o^five men, ^ash lip for  ^ne.day's wbrk^$$8Jr-i There "ivj^ecatfout 500  men; pji;I?rench ereekwhe^p^ Jeffc^  but;few ofrtliem-were doing any prpspcctmg.'  He saw, several mew 'that- he knew .who *had.  :prosp ected' 2 J- miles/ above theto wn and sunk  several' holes - to bed rock, ��������� from 3 to 4 feet in  depth^^^without^^ getting a colore ^Sever'alshafts  had been sunk below the: town fas deep as 85  feet with out"getting'fbed rdck?" The water is  very high "now oit^the ^diflPerent 'creeks,; which;   llilii'lsl  ^UIE WJIXIAMS CREEK 3B& ROci PrniiD-;.'  iJ-^DiTCnC^i^NTicIjMrrBD/calltheatteni^if  ers .to., >' The Williams Creek '.Flume OrdinauS !>  a copy.of whichxanheseen attheir^ffice Si 65'":  caution all persons not.tp^^^^ trespass on^^anvLrmm?cb^  int(������fo"$witli:������^y:rights and privileges therein S? Ut  tothoCompahy,  .v. yw w/ws Ww^^&*mi.  -   l'filA    ' ' >"-'// " a E; A'.%ADHAMS,  ��������� Richfleldrl6th'iray, .3860^.,,/ ," - Secretary-  NOTtCfe T  'li'hMr/^lp:  OFF; THESTAGE,vBETWEEN: BLVE TENT^n Vv  MileHouserohe^ox Boo'^/laddressedXR^^  pT^^^icMeld^^:,pers^  ;lcavmg;it?w.tli:ia^.p^BaimrdV^xpr(^s  be suitah'ljr rewarded.   ' .;���������,    , - ���������    f   * -    ^SSv8 '*.  Ay^^jf. you ���������want good; Coffee use1 -FelPs. <'  '.���������-.���������j-  NEW::AIWERTISEI\IENTSI^-'  i i7i^ ^- '<j' ��������� CA3IER0NT0WN;;'; ;v:.;;'!;  Te^  ^URING THE iPRE3ENT,,WEEK^:wciio. .t.  fcpipve^'ahd^bpoh-a"iPirst C)ass stock of BRAND1 NEW  GOODS,, comprising  mSm^A^iS^Sifmi mmm, mmmm, ������M|  rtn'Mv'inhlVhnhs orAAlf' >n. fptvwnTi wovo-foinnw COAL' OTI    At     \re''  ��������� civilized communities ;-but;I insist: that * there  - Js not.one of-them sufficiently versed in juris-  , .prudence .to assume the right, of criticising the  ���������:'': jiuigm6nisl6^;'Miv- JuS^^^gl>i^p^^':;th^v  'the. specious arguments .of your corresporir.  ' den ts {,?C2" and" "Mine'r./-' ye. egregebusly mis-  ^loLid, and fonn' opinions so atrociously'op-  S.S^-S-y-rA.S\-,WST.W:S -:..������������������:���������:..'..���������..  W^.-.   >���������>:SJ. ;,s���������V.;,V! -v -"  ,-,,,,', S^W-fti*-''?.  "posed to common:sensejias;to producenotun-  irequently ray oi' dpus^ consequences to those  TV dor ilSudetl - folio wLwho^ta]ce/luplLthel.cry.  without un&erstanding\ihe;subject in; question  or its collateral bearings, -���������   l submit, Mr. Edi-  j_   W'l^'-'Xl j_i_ i T       ������'���������    _     ,   - -L '  ''���������''���������-������������������"���������; ���������--������������������"���������--'���������::'"'.-!"  best' intellectual food for a community like  ours.   No oneismorejealous of the'freedom  '��������� of the press thanrmyself, but it' is a great  power to wield for- good * or- evil,; and much  . ;S^tfieentdp)io^ I^regret?tp^ say^yingr^mitoh^  appearance of r^Sson tp^os^who would institute a censorship,; it therefore..behoves every-  Mend to ihe^ fteeddin^bf^thCjiressl "to' cdum  margin for the drritatioii alway^^nroducea^' 6n  allitigant wno comes^oixt air^#ma11^eTu1rDf  the horn ;?^and%heivit;is'^deretS]6d^aythe  motive for?their^efrusions^is orilv: to ���������"force a  Blackfoot country. and; all the/Carib'ooifes  were: returning. here.f-\Tiie best time, for pros-  ;pecting'the Big Bend country"'is said to be in  {themonths of August and Septemberv when"  the|^-bjsr������is^air gpnef atfd; the? water' in the'  creeks is-a"t its, lowest-stage.   His a greaf  mistake tp,|in^igine,.thatl:aU;t^e men who IJiaye;  ^he)td^these mines^thisis^  cons^uence * of their 'money ^and sipro visions  having "given;.but; our informant/states that  many. who.���������were, there, had .supplies. to 'last  them^twjO- months^ but^seeing-the utter'useless-  -ness of .remaining there ^ithoiit'being' able lo  ,dp anythingthad, sold them and .left.    The  trail from S,eymaur !to'the x Golumbiar was * in  ^yery;gooMorcier.with\the;excep tion���������of-;about:  limijes.which was,being corduroyed^1 there  was only about 8 of 10;miles of the itrail that  waB;cbverea^th������6w;"rThe1firatrtarin had  started frpnr Seymour tip the^ Ff'enchmg|iJs 22  miles out, jusl as our informant left.  . ,^F5We are informed that the. cut which  lif 1^em|:;made- at tie head of Me Bed Epck  Plume, is bf no benefit to; that company; it is  simply being run on the front'lines of thtf  various companies having claims fortheir 6wnJ  speciaFservice as a drain. \ ^ The Elunie co?y  will;hayeto carry,their flume atileast 50 feet  further into tlie creek, where the channel is  '��������� $&* Tlie punctuality in' the-arrival of the  Express for.tho.past month'ismUohtoJie^ejmi^  iAll of which have hcen most carclhlly selected andwlll  :bp:;s6ld at the LOWEST RATES;   :.' :���������'���������'- '      '.'���������'.,:.  XlWp cordially invite,, a call from-our'old friends and.  theipublic generally,^-.    v-;.'. -.. ^.  ;;; :\- ���������:.   : .- ,'..  ,.���������  -WWW ..:.-.-��������� y >���������:.��������� --.. "j. Ae: .TODD & CO.  5|Barkerville, B. C., 'June' 4th, 1865.     ;: : :  ���������  /ilNilB;���������A small lot of ltAT.hwA.nE, Paints &'Onis on  hand^ for. sale, at 50 per cent,uBelow Cost. ��������� ; ,   9-2in;; '  Z/i/w ���������, H IT   OR   MIS |S; / ��������� A/. /  W0&ry and Coffee Saloon^  i ^A //a    -.;:-./'-R;ICHFiE'LD^ '-".pi "lZ'\  ';\,'^ACOB:'HEa^QN, Proprietor,;  Bread, Pies and Qakes constantly on hand.  ,;V-,;;,l-,:':,.:RIC,H-F-I;.ELD, .������r  A-yy-  PATRICK  KIFtWIN, Prop^;.:  Best Billiard Table on the^reek; the Liquors  I < -  ';' ��������� ���������' and Cigars are of the' finest quality. ���������       .9  THE>UNDERSIG^ED. HAS:;0^NEb!r^E^XB0VH;  ; rHotel-and^^Restauraht;^ and ;is%ow;prei]ai5  to reciiiyo. Bqardcrs- hy .the week or. d,������yVs '(< > ���������$���������? -,   ���������  ������ il������^ A -first-class' COOK has heen: engaged -..,  Parties wishing to Board but this -season Will find ft  to .their adjrarita������e to' give him a'cairj asliis'liofe\'������  cleanliness;< attentioaito custqjiners,Xand a mod'Tabi/-  cunjrot h^excelled;  ,;l-Py-";- *" "ypA l/^sw*;y   l  Pies,".Gofifee, CKops, and .Steaks ,at. all itoiir?  X^A1^1" u *-"-''r     ALEX-D. HfcINNES,.Prop'r.  StefNH'ElIfffl?Cff^  ; ���������;':;v>;'::;';.;;,i3^KEi^iLLi^;ZZZZ  WHOLESALE AND RETAI^ DEALERS' IN ALL  )yy - - Z"i -i ��������� .-.^kinds W/Z P.-   ��������� i ���������  PEOVISIONC -LIQiORS; S)56p  A AlO't* OJOHlZ "N. X3r-y A  '���������A '^BpOTS: ���������'��������� &"sHOES,^v:^  mmN& TOOLS, &c;.,  Beg to call the attention of Miners and others  ; -to their full..assortment-of-SUPERIOR:GOODS  A'P ".As. i.: ���������.;' wh ich wi 11 he s������l d,       "  ' ��������� ������������������ ���������  0  c  .1]  p  a  'v  d  c  t(  h  s<  h  fc  in  tb  bi  th  Sr  8  ,:���������::-: W :-Ew:CA  MINING":  GILLETTE^  T  GST   PRICES!  to make room for a NEW STOCK .to..arrive-so'soop&a  .. _ .'.'.���������.    the Roads arc open.; -. axi. 7 "���������/.  ,-.3������&*Liberal;allowance -will be . made to  RosUuirant nnd Hotel Keepers and the Trade, g'oifcmlly  on large orders. .*;'-->   ���������> -.-. .   .���������   <   ,   ���������...���������. l  CAMERONTOWN.  p or tion of the contpnts'of tlwir^cirjp ^f ^bitterT  ness down^the throats^ of 'the public,, their  scribbling^will meet^tl^my^al cdntemn  As for Mr. Justice Begpie he is!quite .capable"  of, defending hi mself wherinecessary; and ��������� -Up  certainly woa^t trouble^ hiraself/ abo'iit; tlie'  ;  sting of such.gnats as ^finer,,ratidv< ?62." aAXIa  .   We: cannot-endorse'the vievrarGontainedV'i^  the a&oyeletterpi>pur c^bl^espbndent^Gnyxv'  So. lame is Jhe apology set..up.^tbat^ye; should j  not even have publishedIt.^^ di^" we- not; ,feel  ourselves5 in; justice Iteund to Shear-bo tli '��������� sides  of the question. '?:Ifvthe defence^therein}xeeh-  taia ed palliating the ;actipns, of i^r'?Supreme  Court Judge; is all that, rcah- be Purged in ;his;  fi iy <jr��������� h c> per tiiinly stana's; Sri yery^reak ^ouncB  The whole tenor df^the^letter js^simply-an^ate  toinpt ��������� to ;c^^!dicu^lpavtii6 communications^  of oni* (jpi^espibndents "362?and "Miner,?^  and does; not for once., touch. oii;>any-.6i;::the;  points mooted"in their communications.   .An  (mdeavpuris -very] adroitly made^to^ry^hem  do'ivn by asserting that, they are not; sunlcient-  1 y versed; in the technicalities * ipf, the Ia^v . to  be ^capable of^criticising the judgments";pf ;p;ur  I earned' Chief' ifusticel   '-\V- hat' a misfortune i t  is that the community should bei-cohippsed'of  sHcJ^a^duli^andTthictheaded 'seft of fellows  that none; can be found.^amohg us^vitH.' capacity enough; to penetrate the deep: profundity  of the- legal arguments of the SupremeA.Court  Judge!'        l  't ���������;.'^;^;'// .,, /At Z   .-   / : '  . .-With regard, to the community treating such  eifusions .with' contempt> we venture to say  that the views contained in theletters alluded  to meet with ,the' full endorsement of- nine-  ���������'fontiw-it the inhabHanfcs'b.f Cariboo;; Were it  nn Iy; i iid iv-itlual interests that were, affected  hy ihe late Uccisipii^ \hut'Mlc." notice; would;,  mended when the rough state of the, roads is  ppnsidered. .Heretofore it has^arrived on Sunday afternoon, but the late change,in the ruW \  ning timev of the steamer to1 Quesnelmouth  enables, the Expressman now to get here on  Saturday -afternoon leaving again - early on  Monday; mbrnlhg.- * * '"-'   'A  ' " -.."    ' ��������� ��������� ���������   ;  jG^- With referehce to the ��������� remarks made  :by Judge' Cox in giving 'his decision in the:  ;grpjise;;i3reek:Bed RbckElume c6^y?s case^ oh;  26th ;ult,7'we; acknowledge havingfallen into*  ap error in^bmmittirig to;state that his observation extended..to .all flumes except the! Wil-'  liams;erWlc^bhe wliicfrhas^fulfilledthef.conditions of its: charter.      ���������-  . W. D. Moses has just leased tlie premises  lately occupied by D. J^Dixbh, in Barkerville;  where he intends carry ing on;liis bid;busihess  of Barber and Hairdressen ;Hisarra  ap hot yet completed for supplying his Hair  Trivigorator.    He. invites; a call from his old  'friends and patrons.-   AAA-'At  lAAAA'.   A:*xA:  i   ^^i iiew vbuilding,   called- the^������ Gam-  ?brian Hall^7 was opened at Barkerville, on  Saturday evening. ,f We understand it has  been builtJby a society of Welchmen and wil 1  be used as a; Meeting House and News and  Lecture,Room.. J;  ; 13%$^ If you want' io save' mbney:1get your  Newspapers and Magazines from G. C. Clark-  son & Co., Booksellers, Stationers and News]  Agents, New Westminster, who forward papers  by mail or express to. all parts of the. Colony,  jg^- Private letters1 have heeri received here \  JSTOTICE.  rpUE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing hetween  ~l~Messrs. J. B. CHANCELLIER and N. CUNIO has  heen dissolved to-day by mutual agreement. Mr. Cunio  remains sole proprietor of tho Barkerville Brewery.  ���������Williams-Creek; ���������May-2ard7q866^������������������ ���������ttm���������  r    J.  K.  SUTER   &   CO.,  Commission Agents  ,   AXD ���������-.   ���������  .    DEBT  COLLECTORS.  E   UP   JAKE    ���������  RESTlIJEMTr-BAKERY,  ������io;  B tb.  AN15  m  -������arkeTVilleT^B. CIA  KELLY & PATERSON, PROPniETORS. ;  Everything is done in connection with this establish  menttogive satisfaction.to the customers;^  ��������� $3?* Meals ..at all hours.   ;     ��������� ���������'��������� ���������   '��������� '������������������������������������'1'  m  <  1 Dcp  ���������; Bankrupt Affiiirs wound up and Balance Sheets prepared ; Mining Accounts carefully mado up;1 All kinds:  pf Forms ahd. agreements drawn, and every other des-!  cription of business promptly attended to.  ^je^Ofllce���������RICHFIELD, near the Court Houser   5 :  03? aOODS.  H.   C.   WILMOTT      ,  1SGS TO INFOBM THE MERCHANTS AND PUBLIC  ;of Williams Creek that ho is prepared, at the shortest: notice, to remo'vo goods of every description with  care between the towns of Kichficld, Barkerville* and  Camerontown, at roasonab lo rates. -   ' w,  Richfield, May21st; 186G." 5  PRAQER Jk ]^q.;  ���������:  BARKERVILLE^    ;  DEALERS IN '���������'  A������ss0rte& a*M������������ciiandize  Wholesale; and Retail.      ..      i  \iSk  ^������ mer  '*#   o������  a  by the last Express from Lytton, stating that  the number of men returning from Big Bend  was equal to; theinumber going there, and  that merchants had stopped sending oil further supplies,.  V-..,':  Repeal ; op the Indian LioIuor AcT.-lWe  oloserve that an act has been passed in the I  Vancouver House of Assembly repealing the  Indian Liquor; Act.    Tha'vo to stood 7 for,  mid .3 a sainst. -"  The Steamer   Enterprise^9  /���������/���������-iii-- Wu leave SODA CBEEK  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS, -^  ':jAy/yyi[ X:'A AT--DAYLIGHT; ���������'������������������- " '''/  Ai/sZ'''    ^Wmieaye, QUESNEL    V^ >  YfEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS  A  AT60JCLOCK,  ;���������/   ''���������:A.'-:/"t  Connecting at Soda Crock with Barnard's Stages on  , Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip up.   -  ;^"Freightto Quesnel li cts. ^Ib."    ���������  Steamer'Enterprise,' V '    i;  "���������   - ' ----.-';-j; -��������� ������������������-..   :,,.<���������  :: - 4XA  EVERT EVENING,;;  AT THE-  O  ���������^���������!S  BARKERVILLE;;- !;  LL LOVERS.CP THE.TERPISOIOREAN ART'ars  invited to call and enjoy themselves,-when a hearty,  welcouio will ho extchdod.-      ., . ..,.-., ,,..,Kl ..< ,<:���������,  m here  M  how  I"  I Of st  May :21st, 1866.  M  CAMERONTOWN,  ;       C. FULTOM, Proprietor. ���������  There is no distillery kep t in this establish rnenfc,.  u ud sliych nine and rot-gut Jlntl no place here.    2  jm- Thb host of Wiries, Liquors and. Segars,  and Good Order observed; v   'AAA     ... yy  i 1 .;..:; - MARTINfeCOdK^Prop^v  . ������������������.BAB.KERVI'LIi-Ey;v  MISS THURBER & MR; LAWLESS, Promts;  /FEIS HOUSE.IIA& BEEN NEWLY FITTED UP j$.  X the Restaurant priuciplc with a viow;td the comw  of the public, and will he cowlucted in:.a ipnn5 ,Q  ensuro the satisfaction' of those who are disposes  iavor the proprietors with their patronage.  ;   Meals at all ^burs.; Good Beds. ;.   ���������������������������  i^-Thc Bar is furnished7with the best soleolion 0  Liquors:ami Segars.- ..- A ;' .' > , ",'  fatNe  lusual  - aamwmMwniMiMBsyjMwq^^  ���������  .x   '.:���������.-���������>  .- <-���������������  MINING- INTELLIGENCE.  //.a    ,   .^/WILLIAifS/CREEK.  Work iS:.beingvcarried on in the various  claims from one end.pf the creek to the other  with������*reat energy. ���������No..'-remarkable strikes  -jiavebeeh made however since our last general report. Every;���������'man"appears to be busy,  and even th,������ re^rning.Big Benders, who are  arriving here daily;;- are, readily finding employment.���������We hear;the;.Cameron co'y Uiave  discovered some rich ground on the West side  ofthe creek, and;have. located- a great portion,  of the old Despard"^  ed in 18C3. ���������������������������..;-���������..:��������� '��������������������������� A-- : ���������"���������! " "��������� ������������������'���������yy  ������������������':   . ,,.-,. ���������    MINK: GULCH.     .    A-    ;..  We understand th at a company at the inou th  of this gulch have taken; out good prospects-  during the last week, the gold is very coarse.  -    . > .,   GROUSE 'CREEK;;-  The Ne?er do Well co'y. took out of two sets  of timbers,; last week $500.~The Discovery  co'v took out fortwo days work 50 ounces,.  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  : ' .(Before W.fc. Cox, Esq.")  /i/x ...,"-.-; r..^  : DISGKACSFIJI. ��������� JUMPING CASE;;..;    \  James Lewis vs.,George Wilson.���������This suit  was brought, to. eject Vlefendan t fromi half a  share, in .the Forest; Rose^ co:y?<>n^Villiams  creek.jumped ���������'by defendant, who is a member  of the company. ��������� -.������������������' X -''.J���������., '���������  [    ��������� A;  r ���������;James Lewis.sworn���������1 bought* a half Interest in the Forrest Rose co'y-from Mr. Hill on  the 25th May inst ;..it was-represented by me  oh the night.of the 24th inst:.: < - y-w ���������������������������'��������� Apy,  Cross-exaniincdTrl went,teethe" (, claim' at 7,  o'clock p.. m..; I saw.the foreman; he did not  .as^' me, if.I was representing the claim ;?if this  'case' was lost /I would; lose'ali ? the money  mentioned in the Bill."of Sale,....:,. y/\  ������������������'��������� l\r:-Hi 11 sworrir-i bought half' an interest  in the Forest; Rose co9y in .18.6.4 4 .it has j cost  mo ovpr S2.Q00; I was .on the,claim'on the 21st  inst; I paidall'my nW/ic'������n������n*B������Wet f-*u  gfWtf* ^iatwtw- w nitur���������z ������r-ssx^.AL^������aij^iuft^.jj������^^  400 feet; it .was not recorded then; I recorded  on the 28th. May;��������� I recorded it*', within f������ days  after the timel started over to record it; the  shaft is sunk on the line of the consolidated  ground;,! had 4 men working on the shaft oh  the 26th ult., about 7 or .8 .days prior to this  two men were working ; ���������in Te-staking Or reconstructing stakes Invent round ftp .all the  stakes and drove-them in anew, two of; them  .marl*. t.ronc������ -T wi*lrsi<1 iivim-fr   rtrtfina:'  nnA :������fn *>7������-  for himself .by his kind and obliging dispose  tion.the esteem.and respect of the whole com-  raightoo east;hcwdhld meet with thatsucces.;  which his merits deserved,; and his numerous  ���������j  w^re: working to rind the rim-rock to see h<m  itHj^-'y' ... yypl Ayy . ��������� yA.A^X  . Mr. Walkem-^Did you ever look for a rim-  lock with a key init ? /'. . AAA. Ax .Ay i/ ylA  AyWitness���������No I buU knowrwko had 'tlie key  'ih'his pocket... Wef found the rim-rock, it was  under the soil j I'swear1' that, our three snails  they are busy sinking ah air shaft.���������The Heron  co'y have run a tunnel 170 feet into-the hill,  and sunk three shafts in it, in the. last one -it ���������  was found that the bed rock was;pitcliing towards the creek,.they;havc'gone?back a short;  distance and are sinking-another���������The Reid  :  co'y, 6 shares; -have been; busy . rurihing a  hav.e'foundthe rim rock pitching into the hill  I  some pay was taken out'inside: this;, rim."   '  \  last season;..,'; A'/AAp yyyyisyy   ;  ANTLER.CREEK :    -,v-;  . .- The water has risen in this, creek/s  for a time active operations in claims located  in the bed of it.���������Neil &Co. in the bank below  the canon will commence to wash next week.;  I -r-Ross & Co, are .working' on-: the '. opposite  - bank.���������Last'Charice co'y are still .working on  : their drain.���������Provisions' are plentiful on! the  From Mr. fiewdn'ey, who arrived here on  Saturday afternoon from New" Westminster in  8 days wc gather the following items.,".' 'Ay,' ;  Mr._Dt juliyLcorrob orates~the^tetemRnt" of"  "\ir.*Jeffray, givenin our last number, respecting the diggings on the upper portion of the  Bridgc^River.. He says that none of the Goy-  rcrnment party who.were out last fall had yet  - returned to these diggings and he did r^* h<*-  ... ments'.last fall. ,  The Judge.at this stage.of the proceedings  ���������wished to know-from defendant his'groimd of  defence,.which hprsjated was that;the ground  had not been rep resented. i: piix-yip i  ' The Cour t here remarked that tliis. appeared  to him to be one of the most disgraceful cases  that had ever-come before him'; aparberl endeavours to jump his co-partners claim beqihse  he thinks a few hours..have, elapsed, without  its being represented. Judgment for plaintiff, with costs. ���������-.������������������'���������-; ly - : ; AA ; *''  LvT^mas.Tyn^  a' claim' for ������221 56 .as" wages lor work done  on defendants claimbn Last Chance creek.;;;  ;Thc cvidence of the plaintiff w'enit to show  thathe was employed by defendant to rep resent and work his claim at the; rate; of S75 a  month ; thathe worked for three/and'��������� a������half  months and:had received nothing;but a^pair  of gum boots',;*worth^$17,!and lJVgzs. of gold'  dust..;:/' ;      .'��������������������������� ..; ���������'���������   y/v -y'-s aa; ���������������������������... y;y ..:  -.���������   T\{lPAY\3n*\i. i-nnllflnA .'(h.*& +!������������������>������I**fl! fi. AwkAlnl  in a  ; of. qui* ground  and found Holding on,the.ground;* I told.iirn  appropriate; reinarksl '.  ; The Ch^rmah next; proposed .the healih c,r  the'Hon.'Mr.'Walkem, our worthy member for  ,Carib.oo East,;xyhich was drank'with all tk������  honors.^ ;Mr: Walkem had left before this stage  ?JM - proceedings.... : N r   ;    ���������.: ;��������� -   . .'  :\.       . :  which was cordially responded to .Mr. Allan  i^Afnimnrl fhanlt'S     .'   .-' "   "  returned  ornotice.l:"~  Edward: Stein swofn^I Own iii the Carohne  Co'y; onthe:26th'ult;:Franklin and I wehtto  the Stakes n.n d: fivAd ithpm lr\ n ?V w/> ;hnA   ������rr������+ ol  and put them in again;'  ,...-. Defendant^Wc bOlieve.you-! x.a '//��������� \ /...  -' /Wilness~-Idomt care; whether you.do or  ^not, it won't hurt my feelings but little-either  way; 'x(On-Sa;turday;'.the^6tli;;we;re^et!the  stakes for recording on Monday; did not hear  V  spdirtse -was given. . Mr. Thompson in a- very  .able;and eloquent speech.retuped thanks.  :';;Mr./Husldns6n rose to prbppsKa toast to the.  health of aiilionest and upright inaa-~hc meant  our worthy Magistrate.and .Chairman, Judge .  ;Gox.^Drankwith.all thb honors. / The Chairman,' in returning; thanks, observed that since  lie had CoihcMo .this creek: he had'endeavored  to iVcrform his duties to the sati^fuctioh of the  .Government and the public at,large;, how far  he had succeeded in this it was hot for him to  (V  ���������present//'/;;/ /���������,���������,������������������ = / ./��������������������������� '  ��������� * ���������J l\f v' ���������' Ti' \ T^ii i������i������Op1 1 'Tiivvi\nt?n/T  |.ion that the country above ..the canon is not  I -of an auriferous��������� nature/''; '��������� ���������.;;"  I ��������� The up stage had broke.down:about 4'.miles'.  I this side of Cooks Ferry by, reason of the road  \ getting under-mined-by-the late rains and  \ leaving no traces oh: the surfa'ce to indicate  * the damage. The'forewheels went down as  much as two feet, throwing the passengers forward, with a lurch i:Ut - -'    - -  Ji  the 26th September last, the terms_ of which  were, that plaintiif was to, work for him from  27th'Septemoer> 1865'; to: 1st of May/1866, for  the sum of.������500, and that he; was';.to" be. paid  this sum when the money eame out of the  claim ; that plaintiff had made tMs-Qfe^to .him-  -which^^"cepIeXTn.:the presence. of John  Gannon/; plainthf was on th.e claim- 104- days  but had only worked -71 days, he left saying  he was sick anid came'over to Williams creek  and did not return ':.the amount taken out to  the interest which plaintiff represented during  the term he >vbrked was$143;7l; he;had ������������������ received-goods at different times' amounting to  ������51/-/;: lAwAA/yw-AyA- lyPP'-Pp/Ayy  The Court in summing upreinafkedthat'the  plaintiff had worked 71 days which the Jclaim  had derived advantage from.; he. came o\rer  here in ill'health and never went back, so that  he looses his claim to the $500;- $141 7l"had  been taken out to the share he represented,  and $51 had been received-by him, a'balahce  till after wc made the record -that the. ground ��������� JM^R-Bur���������l proposed the; hcalth./ibf;.Mr.. .  returned ��������� thanks. %���������..; ���������,v ��������� u  The Chairman -then proposed the health of.  the Supreme.��������� Court Judge.of the colony, Mr.  Begbie,'%hich':.was. cordially responded to.  Mi\, H^ger^ai/prpposed;i the ...health.;, of Mr.  inks.- returi  proposed j  .O^Harej.which.metwith^a cordial res])onse.  M.; Hare/re turned'��������� tlianks Jn. a-neat. speech.  Mr./Winkler/prpp^  theheait-h of Mr. Fit:-'  geralcl ;������������������ responded to most cordially. AMiA  Fitzgerald" returned thanks: i The heaM-jo������--/  0      ^* .proposed by-Mr. [Greijr,  alter the;side stakes,-:the,ground is not st'ak-'.  ed off to the summit of the hill../;;/. y '/'���������"  ;.; .��������� Burke sworn���������I know/defendants lb^  sight; I was iii my tent on Monday when Holding came aiid.-got my axe and.rwent.and .blaz;  :fid. fl. (Aisr l.1'Ar������5 ���������   ihia WCta   in    flin    mnvniMfv Xt\a -  i*.nr<L.u   ouaav-o : w.omvwu   UUiB   iiUU Z������,.ld.Uti.l.lll ii  lines; I belong/to" the Cascade 7Co?y, which  joins on FrankUn^s upper Ynie.  ... /     ...j  James Holding . s\yorn���������We /staked off tlie  ouna mijfojy^^  o^cTock; we prit itp'the lower, middle and  ������t>per stakes; I put:up the side stakes* myself;:  they'ran perhaps 250 or -300 feet up'te; hill;  the side lines were staked off/betbre the ground  was recorded;���������-:':A:"W'fryAX"AA'X -" //AyA ��������� i  The'Cdurt ooserved thathadtherelieenany  nrrwir   ((one   On   the   '",n"n'1'-,w' ^.M^^^ecWUA  and no injury sustained - _^__.��������� , ._. _^���������  boltof-thew^gongbTb-rokebutwas replaced by a spare one. and they proceeded oh.  b The California steamer was expected to ar-  I rive in New. Westminster on ;the2nd inst.  On Thursday last the telegraph line was  down.   The break occuredsomewhere below  I Peep creek, and Mr. Burrage had gone down  ] to repair itj but-a thunder'storm comin^ bn  ; he was obliged to desist after receiving several  ���������severe shocks. Jt.was.not in working order  when Mr..D. left Quesnelmouth.  There were several bad breaks in the road  j between Cottonwood and Van .Winkle, particularly one a-short distance below Edwards'  where the road is completely gone, and another  b this side of Beaver Pass,    Mr. Dewdney has  | instructions from Mr. Spence to repair these  I breaches at once,-he will therefore procure  I men and return to-day. :.  FmsTTr^n -A train of 20 animals, being  the first arnvalfor the season/ got InVeste^  titblcSght,ffi a load of potatoes from Qnes-  Sf fc|M^be%sdld at 15 ets. fib:  12SS.S ���������25Jlnima1ls Sot ��������� witli a general nis-'  ISKSd $V^^y^^ between  I however a very "bad  ground;by; plaintiffs' he  should-not allow/the circumstancebf a priority of record to have any weight in decidirig  the case^but; this thpy :had failed: to ..do. -; He  Mr. Park for defendants/ ���������"  We learn thata re-heanng will given to-'clr.y.  PUBLIC  SUPPER.-  -.*   state  of?taSwCThere1iS a������ oto%e in the price  dm-inn. ������;���������~"������������������"".-arrival of several trains  ^E !ie pte.sent week wiu -J������to the effect  : <>f lowermg.prices considerably. .  I tfflfe^ *������ the -break in ������'������  lcpfv������511 ���������res. elsewhere mentioned, we re-  i coved no&spatches by the last Exp      ~  iress..  |J-sTomnSft^f0 una*mand: that Mr.  Sheriff ^T1,;??. beeQ appointed Deputy  After hearing evidence on; both sides, the  Judge decided.that by'the .terms of the order  given by the Gold Commissioner last December, the plaintiUs had a right pf way to the  tunnel, but had'no right to: lay a flume./Judgment for defendants, without costs, :.- ...  ;/���������-'��������� , Saturday, 2nd June, ISC6.  Caroline Co ?y,,per J. K Franklin, vs. Mary  Ana Co'y, per James Holding and Wm. Wilson.���������This suit was instituted for the purpose  of ejecting defendants from 200 feet of certain, mining ground .belonging to/plaintiffs fon  Groiio..Cr^2L-^  ' J, E. Franklin sworn^ own ih.the Caroline'  Co?y; there carefour shares in it;; I took tip the  ground along with ;tw;o:; other; ;men on/Saturday, the"26th ult.;'^^w^'\pSh^mkk at work  on that day; I -had been ..prospecting the  ground for some time., previously; know/both  defendants; Holding ^to{at/-fe^'sU^.vevery'  day; -Henry-Fain,,;John Gannon, Mr. Stein aad!  myself were at work on Saturday; I went to  lie stakes that d!ay and looked at them| saw  my notice d'n the ground; fixed the stakes with  the view pf coming over and recording the  ground; came over to record and did so;as  soon as I got a chance to get into the Recorders/-office; defendants had not driven any  stakes then; did not know that tkc;ground was  jumped till the Tuesday following ; defendants hatched me for two weeks, and tried the  .tot.that name out of my shaft, they said this  themselves.   _ ���������:'-"������������������  Cross-examined���������The shaft I sunk is not on  the Caroline Co.'s ground; it is on consolidated ground ; pur cp?y and the~Ne'er do AYeli  Co'y threw their ground together for the purpose of ..prospecting-! the stakes were first put  in our ground on 29th March last, covering  ���������r-On-^l^r^aTevening- last, the 2nd inst.,Mr."  ur.uuum, uu iue ^ourc R. Greig, late agent for ..the IBank of British  could do wasto give, judgement :aga������ist.d(> jrjolumlfiaiere,and Mr. M. G. Phillips, late  fenaanfcfor SoO each pearly to pay their own (Recorder for this district, were entertained to  costs,-Mr.Park for defendant       :��������� a SUpPer:'by a large circle of their friends,.on  ��������� 'Friday, 1st 'June 186G, ;  the eve of their departure from Caribob. ��������� 'The  Russell &.Co., vs. Kelly-Patch Co., Lowhee affair caraeroff at'thet.pndpn and Paris Hotel,  creek.���������Suit was brought, to. compel defend- RichQcld.    The table was' well supplied with  ants to remove tailings from a tunneL(owned aiVthe delicacies which it was possible at this  as to season to procure, and'nothing was left undone by the courteous proprietors, that could  in any way promote the enjoyment of "the  party.; -Among "those present we/observedi  Judge Cox, Messrs/D. Oppenheimer, Neufelder, J. Buie, Huskinson, Walkem, Blunt, Thomson, Hare and many others. 'Judge1 Cox oc-  eupied the chair, and Mr."D. Oppenheimer the  vice-cliair. "./'��������� ���������'������������������������������������  ���������Al:-. ������������������.     k  draek with .all the honors.   Mr, Oppenheimer  -"- " 31"-,--- '-->-^-������������������- ^--^- of.  our  waht'/of space -prevents - us from'-, notioing,  suffice H to say that the whole affair passed off  with the greatest hilarity and.good fellowship,  .and-the company separated ;';sorry to part but  horm-ir tpjUieet again.'? . ..:���������./  An'"' ridel ress' signed . u ni ve  . oy. every  VlCf  The cloth having been removed, th e Chai r-  man rose and proposed the health of the Administrator of the Government, the. Hon. Mr.'  Birch/which was drank with all.the honors.  . -.The Chairman then rose-and said it was his  pleasant duty to propose the health of a gentleman whom we have all held in thes highest  respect- and esteem eyer since yhe; came"among  us, as well in his social-as in his business relations with us, and who, :is"��������������������������� now ab out to  leave.this community; He proposed a bumper to the health of Mr.-Robert Greig; drank  with ali the honors. / / '['iiAi'..A/'' '������������������/'.:"  Ifr. Greig returned thank's Afoi the. honor  that'had been done him by /proposing. his  health, and the cordial manner it had been responded to i[he had, done his b'est> endeavour  to deserve the good opinion of oil with whom  nis business relations brought lam in contract,  how far he had succeeded in. this is best seen  bytheyery;c6mpliniGntary address which tot'  day had been presented.^o"him by..the inhab-  tants of this creek/ Ir, was gratifying to him  to know that he left ihis place accompanied  as he was by the good wishes of so many kind  friends ; he assuretl them all that, wherever he  was destined, to-take up his future abode, he  woiild always possess a lively recollection of  the many happy days he": had spent in the  mines of Cariboo.  class in our. community was presented to. Mr.  .Gr^gT-efLjtvMelrthe^ copy:  :'   ���������      ''���������      Williams Creek, S..C, 2ail Juue,:18G4.  ROBERT GRE'IC,1S5Q>.. /,'/  A . -i   ���������:   - :  'Deak Sir.���������Wc have just: learned  that you arc about to leave usj and while we regret exceedingly tlie necessity which will-terminate our agreeable social and business intercourse, it allbrds us much ���������  pleasure to bear testimony to your upright, prompt ami  manly-'couduct while Managing Agent.of. the Bank ot*  British Columbia here; ami we hope sincerely that the  change in your position*will be both agreeable, and pro-.  fitablo.to.yoursejr,;.but whether this he the case or not,  you will bear with you our. best wishes for your welfare  and sucess in future life.  Wc remain, very iruly and sincorely,  .-.,.; ;������������������(/-:������������������-'.'     -       Vour Jri*n*V  W. G Cos, J. P.;    I). OrrnximiMER;     Ahvx. Jac^  Robert Bvkrell,   M. Hilton,. '/:'    Jou.v novmoy,  CFulton*;-  ���������       -G. A: Walkkm,       Tnos JIarvey,  ..-J.:.S. TaoMrSo.v, and 400 others.  -  Mr. Greig in returning thanks to the deputation-;vhr>--, -.������  wai te (I on. hi in wi tli the ad drew?, .said th at i t gave Ii i tu  great pleasure to find, on : leaving Cariboo that he had  acquired during his.residence hero tho esteem of so  many friends,. w*hom. he regretted now .to ho compelled  to leave, but whose kindness he should never forgot.  Cwintjse Ltcexses.���������The Gold Commissioner  has had ah order ^anslated' into \the GMnese,  language and posted at the most prominent  plac-ss.aiong^he-^ ���������  men who are at work on tiib^; mines! either on  their bwii accouiit or hired.by others, to takeout mining licenses at. once ; he will, send out  his constable in afew days'to/ascertain yhetlier  they have done sov and: those unable to produce a license will be liable to, a ifine of SoO  or three months iniprisphment." ; This is as it.  should be, indeed, we:'cannot:;see/ why/.tliese;  almond-eyed sons of the ''.''flowery, kingdom  should hay e been alio wed to work our mines  so long,, without being compelled''like their  white brethren to ;c;ohtribute their due. share/  of the general taxes of tlie;jcolony./ In eveiy;  iother country tliey haye to coiitnbute liberally  'to thcTeyenUe. ��������� '^".i ./���������;        "-'��������� A--:Ap  Small Pox.���������It is reported that the small  pox had broken out among the Indians at  Esquimalt and; on; the, reserve ; it has also  broke out among the Indians near New Westminster. ..-'    ��������� .'/���������"��������� : /���������" .,-���������    ' ���������'   ;  ^SS*?"Goods are being freighted from Yale  creek fori7cte. per lb.   Freight  T^���������    _   . . to: Williams w������������������ JVA ^������v������������. #**��������� ^   *���������**-������>  The vice-Cliairman proposed the health of jwm even be lower than this asjlhe season ad-  t,,..*,. _..  _       ,, , vances. ��������� ���������  3Ir. 31. G. Philips, a gentleman who had won  wmffwttawar'aafflnrttrfS -y, -:��������� COUNTY COURT.   ;     ;.  .   .    -T     (BeforeW-G. Cox, Esq.)'     ..  ���������'Ai A il: i, Thursday, 3L������t..May, 1866  Duliig & CoV J8f McNerhanic.���������Action for J  i$pl, amount of promissory note.;:,', A set .off I  umouuting to 875, the value of a' grindstone,  "was})tit in by defehdant.".: / X A *..'.- 5  Professor Endt sworn, testified that he was  : 1 iving at the Mouth .of Quesiielle in tho spring  ..   of,i860; thaf,.defehdarit, when leaving��������� ,for-  ..    ��������� Williams creek, gave him (witness); charge '/of  ;. Ay: his carpenters topis, ancl. other articles, among  :  which was. a grinds tone; that this., grindstone ���������  v.' went a missiug one fine evening;'that the:Pro-1  lessor .then laid an; information with the Ma- *  ;w. ��������� *;.������ * r. /\P 4-\i n '<���������!��������������� ir������ ff-  "h w*������! r> rt' 1 Via artA a a ������y������tyi ? f to ri - ���������  ';?;'^i)u1iig?s possession ; but took ho steps to Lave  .-���������; :it removed from there; was in the; habit 'Apt  "'���������'" sharpening ins tools on- it while" it was. .there!  \    Judge Cox-4lt is. a {wonder, possessing j the  '; intintate; kno wl edge you, do of the ai- fe of slightr  ; of-hand, -that' the stone.' did not 'clfeapp ear.; in  some mysterious way out of plaintiffs keeping.  -   ".':/ John Duhig sworh.~-Said that a man.named  ; . Livingston bought the; grindstone anct' left it  ;  with him, saying, thatMclJerhanic owed him,  _���������_w.n    :~^nrmrin  n^n'rl   V������ ri"\y'f% #1  -'+0I-AW    + Tirt ' f������+r������r> /\ '   e\h  trglilUi   ��������� .  .. ���������. .        ...    .. .;".-, ........      .   ,  l! A /' x. The" .Court s&icl tnat;as no pro of had been  : ":.;; brought to sliow that Suing.had'\any cbiitrbl  NOTICE IS HEREBY. GIVEN THAT-  T HE PO ST: 0 F F10 E  ',��������������������������� ��������� will, until further notice,'be kept at the ������������������,   J*  Al LI BRA RY: in 'CAM E RON TOWN,"  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  L '��������� ' ;': QUESNELirOUXH,  A     TpL. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  /'���������''...: description. s  QUfiSNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS. -    . -- .VI���������TORU ADYERTISEME^r"  LONDOIHGUS  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA^  ..RICHFIELD.  \. ��������� :��������� > Merchants andDealers m:  PJfeOVISIONS,, CLOTHING,^^^ LIQUORS^ &6,  *     QUESNELMOUTH,,  .   -:: ',;.'-.  A BROWN &GILL1S,. Proprietors. ' ���������  Good Beds \ Restaurant;'Billiard Table, &������.  '.; ���������>: .-.,-������������������-: Stabling:for Horses, Huy and Oats.-:   : ;s*- '  WHOLESA.iL-E   AN1> -jRETAlT, I  J. H, TURNER & CO.  ���������' - .A ������������������-���������' IMPOXTER9 0P ��������� .'   %i  English & French-SilkV Shawls: Dres^ m  :  :;dercldthing,: Gloves,  and; every descrimirr'  :..:     '=���������      ���������'���������::'.".Drapery Goods.   -  -   ���������I0& ef  Receive regular supplies by Express via lw,  by sailing vessels via Cap������. Horn.. ���������, anan>ie  jiK^-Particular attention'given to'allbrdera '���������  f. ^London Firm-^J. Pi Tosstall & Co.'.. "        ,  , #   GtRpD;&^T./T..i,���������...,..   .......  ���������;'���������  * ��������� ' Old1 Establishedi'-General*1. Stouk,"'  PROVISIONS; .WHOLESALE; &'. COMMIS-  . Storage, &c.-rTerms most Moderate.  :.;:.' ;���������;���������'       '. :   .QUESNELMOUTH. ..    " - '    - s  XX    /, ..;; ESTABLISHED 1858. -  tiriLLlAM ZELNEK,; dealer in Drocs \r,J  :TT olves and CnEMiCALs,' Fancy and Toilet ati*���������  Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, key ��������� Physiciii^'V-  scrlptious car&fuliy.compourided and orders an**-*  with care and dispatch.   .Victoria, V. I.       ,   * .*���������  Li MOUTTET &��������� CO.,  .WHOLESALE k EETAIL   '  .-  RICHFIELD, Williams Crock, B.C. :' ;:  \17E HAVE ON HAND a largo stocic of Provisions,  .���������tt;..-Hardware and-Vegetables,'and are determined to sell them cheaper .than any; other 'store on  Williams Creefc.' Come'and see and judge for yoarselvcs/  :Kichfield,May5th,l������e<5.".      ;' j i-v:  ; * V   ROAD SIDE HOtJSES, Ml  '  ��������� V ��������� *   4-. iBANKKtJFTOY COURT,,,; y: < r ;  ��������� ' ' :-������������������'        flWnrn'AV-'(ft' f!nv  V.en X-sXW.iW^-i v-rv-  ' ;   ���������"'--'���������    ..tBoforo W. G; Cox, Eso, )���������; -��������� VrN"' AAA  " r '������������������,;'-' ;' '.vv Z/-;a Fr&ayjlst;J"une^:i866.;';  WLUAjVIS,;^  "y.-B AEKER'VILLEy;.- _;���������';     ;;;;':;:'���������  DR.F. &  GQ.*;:;l?R6pRiET0Ri'���������;  ';::-.; Ay A .}"*Meals ready at all hbiirsw. /.,;. ������������������'.  '   Xing creditor.'���������������������������'=���������;-������������������: .-..-: y.AA"i A A Ax. .\ -.; ��������� A\ AP'  "   Mr. Walkem" pppo'sed;^he applicati6k on. feer  : lialf of; the; Creditors,' aiid referred! to', the; Oth  ���������.-���������': -'section-oi;-the "Bankruptcy Ordinance, 1 ������i)5,,?;  ,���������-. for havinglh_e_:maftbr'' adjourned;for the cdn-  '-- sideration of the: Jiidgo "pf the Supreme "Court!  ��������� ';V' Judge Cox'adjouriied-; the case aeebrdihgly*  ��������� ��������� to the Supreme Courtyf1 */   Awx ���������v"��������� ���������������������������-, ��������� ���������   -: ��������� j���������  '���������BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors, J  rpHIS HOUSE is situated 26 milesfrbni Quesnelmouth;  ��������� jl The proprietors having- lately fitted up; bedroom's  and'goodiBods are. now prepared to aiford cverir accom-  modatipn for Travellers j, tho Table is furnished with all  thdluxiirips tbat.cah* be, procured; the Bar is well .supplied with the best brauds of .Liquors and Segars; good  Stabling,-Hayv Oats-and Barley;- jr^The CHEAPEST  i'Houso'.on:tho Roadi.. y-PyX.  ������������������ "i��������� ? ������������������--'������������������'- ;   ''-��������� '��������� i-s * ������  Goloni^liHotel^Soda: Greek���������. fif~ 7,A.h.������.^,���������,.... ..-.,.^. ���������-,  ���������'���������  :'r-'iVAf:T?ud7.V'^' 6:T������vrvT\r-'-T> : '   i'-I    = ' ���������������������������p^."J������c-rTr^.s:nria^Bnshe>v Evergreens!* Shrubs  ,v; MoLEESE & SENNY,.'Proprietors,,; w.;|house.and-GfirUeu.Plants,jStandard*and:pS  of every-yarie-ty; .Catalogues on application.":. 5^'  ^  y    ���������-, ;;PATTRJCK?S CORNER."  R. 'ROBERTSON;.Wine and Strfrit v  ... chant,"Victoria, v.. I. .    ,-   ���������  -"^P^Jlg.  :..,-   BOOTS!  BOOTS!!  SAY SAM J Tl+w Is it your Boots wear fo i J  and keep your feet so dry ? ��������� Because I PUrc,, ;l  Chanty and 'Butler, Government Street -vSjl  TAY: & CO.; Fort; Street,. Victoria, V; nr  O - Garden and Field Seeds guaranteed.! Have cm AA  a carefully?sclccted stock-of-the above'fromS  European.and Ameri.cairMarkets; :.The'earlvo//  their friends iu British Columbia are solicitedI   fc  for Horses';..Barley, Oats arid Hay ;;���������   ��������� ��������� ���������.     ���������' ;    j-.s  -"��������� vv*:richfi:eld. :..���������;.:���������;--  ^T?HgRpi^^  VA^iyiNKLE,;.  . AX/  ' ."-.'.-���������; lJpPN;AbAMS^b for a coiitri-  .' , li utiQfti to foreign missions, remarked: -' *'X have  .. .3 io thing to give for. the .cause;-but i there:: are:  -���������-.. as,much, and more Lhan anyone else to'::civil-"  ��������� izetiiese ciergymeh.^vAlxAiX w Xps.yx.lx. /..  A Bachelor of thirty years of age writes., 'to:  the /Country Gentleman'for areceipt-fbr bean  soup.    A Jady correspondent replies, " Get  i<.. wife.that knows.how.to ma-ke iL^i 'x       ' ���������  - -y ���������' Have you founS^verdiet ? '���������' said a judge  ;   to the foreman of a jury.   "No your honor, we  "have hunted-through' every no ok. and corner.  of the room you sent..us to, and we can't find  ��������� nary one."   ..'/...'  V.-Aiii   ������������������,-; -.',;.��������� ���������    ���������.,'������������������  p&-lf you want good Coffee'1 use.Fell's..'"  "We like the story: of .the'A.blacksmith,: who 1  was requested to bring.a suijbjfpr- slander.,. He  suid he: co aid. go into ;j hisV:shop ��������� and ��������� hammer  out a better character than''"all the" courts oi*  ways- on' ban cl.;....   ;. ,.-'.. ;/'���������;��������� ~''\ f; f/w X*i-s~ ������������������;  ,  .1  Is .open.;'for;the".:ac.c.o*soiodAtion' ,of .'the  Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious and  airy and the Beds cannot be surpassed for cleauUricss  and comfort, by;any in the lower country; .the Table -is  always suppHed.'witli the best, of victuals.- Stabling  for Horses'; Hay, Oats; arid:Barley .constantly on hand.  sp.-^-~-  "D    BRODRIOK, Coal.and Produce DbauT^i  ���������ir r !arfiC. s.t.ock y Hh^ ������^ts' 'Wheat and Barley of ii!  . rkENNIS; MURPH T[ ��������� Proprietor'.' '"This House  ���������JL/is-ftiniisUe d^wiihjey.eryjsonxcnichcp ��������� for^ the: comfort of-Travellers; the .Culinary department "is under  the supcrihtendence of an!experiehced'cook;' the.Beds  are clean and comfortable; the.Bar contains the, best  of Liquors, Segars, '&c:": Stabling, Hay, Barley���������&'Oats.  y.-ment J5tr>ict.oria,.V.'l.,,opposite Hotel ucFran*  \ Jews of Oariboo-andsSceu'ery throughout Brillah Ci  umbia,-jncludingviewsof the route to Big Bend afe<  on baud at liberal rates. ���������' - - '*  s  33SBSB  1-s.  LILLOOET AD\T3RTISEMENTS.:  i - r.  \Z:iZ~i.  mM&z/zz  THE UNDERSIG^TED arc now maunfacturing -FLOUR  of all grades: Extra, Superfine .and Fine/ .'Feed'  Crush ed-to. order. ���������----- '���������.-   ,-^..:...__..-. ,.^.......  1FM1: HENDERSON begs to .inform his friends  TT!.xan'd thd: travelling--public generally (that lie has  taken tho above Ranch and is prepared to supply-thchi  with-First .Class Accommodation. ?. Good Stabling for.  horses;'.Hay'and Grain. ',..:" I ���������.'l v ������������������ ��������� ;....'. l-s*.  I-s  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO'.,  . ,������., AY A Foster, Agent.  the State, could give him.'   p...     .;. ':.  The cheerful live longest iu life, - and after  it in our regards.  Cheerfulness is thooiTshoot  o f goodness.   It is a sani tary principle as wel I  ���������-"to th-j body as tp;the.mind, and' it is to .both  the cause and effect-of health. A  Tiir Universal l'RAoriCEof mixing Chicory and  oihetvadulterativos with Coffee, has very much damaged in public estimation, what ought to be the most;  d(;1 Uriwi.* of Beverages'.   So effoctulilly liave. tlie public!  ���������been drugged with "such nilxflarcs;-itiat the tru0 propei^-  ties hayc-been lost sight of,1 and' many i:pre-ferra: nlack  and thick infusion to ,a drink-ricti ia spirit and aroma.  .General as is the use of: Qplfpe, .it. is:; little known that ]  in eonrlensirig the vapors extracted;fron) theberry in  roasting, a; liquor Is otitaiiied of Ythe;. most nauscbus  tns to, and of a scent the most Unbearable. A Under such  ��������� ci tcumsUncosr it is! ey j dently-,ip.ip6rt? nt jfeh'at ��������� alt 4he  gases arid fluid's extracted by roastingf should be;,caiv  riod off as quickly as possible^ in ordbr. to preyentthcir  return iiig again to tlie - Coffe e, . whicli is the case in tjae  coniiued cylinder;;  This object* is:adminthly vaccom-  EDWIN   TYNON,-  IPkEALER IN-DRVGOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  ��������� JL/ :Caps, Boots: and Shoes, Carpetings, Oil: Cloths,  ; Wal 1 Paper, kc ,' Li 1 looet, B. C. .. yy u./:'     ���������:' -1 -s .  LILLOOET    BREWER^  . JACOB ;MILT2, ���������;Proprietor*v:;.K^-,-alwa>Von  the  .Segar-  all orders promptly, v; .;.:,:,.: . ������������������    'WW s-ii 1-s  .WM; MANSOK,-Zll \ ���������' D?A: ScLEAISr,  Proprietor, .  ,; -.,'���������. :Agent,.  fFHIS: HOTEL IS 'LARGE AND WELL i FITTED =��������� UP  Ia for the Comfort of travelers; the .Tabte is. supplied  with the best.of everything that can be nrbcurd, and-  the' cooking is not inferior to any on the road; Bedroom's  for families; .Stabling, Hay,,Barley and Oats.! ��������� 1-s i.  receiving from best sources, School, Standan{,*f������iid.V:i|  ccllarrcon^ Boold?,-oird-^taple-trnd;-F^ |  all its Branches;."' Corner, vates and- Langlcy mm  Victoria','Vancouyor Islarid. ���������;''".;[ ; ,.' ['. .'.   ..��������� ���������" l-3.ii'  KA" P." WHEAfe, Tailor ,& Oct^ittbr. FortSinit  '������������������ Victoria; V:"T.;. onntilit.o noe*'Hivo H>������irt wbttii  year:  every  U  mm  m  SSB&!  A'hsh Merchandize,'''wholesale-.'and-.retail 'dttlee hIP  pRY������Goons, &c;,.vates���������Street-Victoria,' V. I.' Ou"^  after 1st'June.next in Government Street; opposite t!.������  Bank of Britjsji Columbia. .: ; . -; .,,,    ��������� Asxyl*  HOTEL a5E^RA:N*GE;: Victoria^ VAl'Sm ^^  JSiojfB a.vi>-Pierre -Mancist, Proprietors.' 'Tbe Vd- W������Sm  tauraiit is.supplied with all.tUe delicacies. the'i.mVet K|||  oObrds. In the liar will be found ihe choicest LwioRi wmm&  .Furnished Ko'oJns, kc.    "i "'���������'     u  BEEliS, and LIQiJORS arid depot 'of'HavauaSe^r-; 1  Goods forwarded to tho Mining Districts; !-s '���������'"   1-s  1  83  LBERT CRYSLER has opened the. above House for  the reception of Travellers; the Tablo is well kept  and the (Liqu'ors cannot, be surpassed.; the Beds are  clean and comfortable.- -Stabling for Horses, Hav and  Oats. - - ;    - Ar   'XIq I  .QPELMAN- and McKENZIE, - Proprietors.  O - This House is well fitted up with Good- Beds .'and.  the Bar is Turn ished :wi th the best Liquors; ifeals. are  served at all hours on the Restaurant principle; Stabling for. Horses,- Horse Food, &c. ,, - f A : . - ���������   '��������� .1:8 -:  A ': FRANKEL, Victoria, V..I Dealer-lnFuai 1  iri. SKrN-s,'Hm^Woot.,&c: Liberaladvancosuw-'i 1  on 1 ursconsigned; '. IteTerence���������G." Sutro& Gd.,Spor- m  bprg.& Rueii; Victoria, V; J. :���������/���������,;      .....;    ���������' 1.3  m  '9SB8R  mm  mm  B  ���������TAMES HURON, Proprietor.   This commodi-  *!" TT'-*? "���������"-������������ apuxmnmit**  the best qffarc; tIie:Bar contains the choicest brands  j of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,'j  J Barley,- ko.  - -      ':'.' "-;i;- ��������� ;    1-s  OHAKL.ES NELSONv'Proprietor.   This old.  . established House is j well li tteu up for; the, comfort  of :Travellers;,. the .Table is, supplibd-withthe best of  HOUSE  tyle-kept constantly   irom the country punctualiy attended, to. 'X   - -l*  ]>ETER;.McQU^I)E,' Ship  Chandler and |  X   dealer in Paints,-Oils, and Window Glass.   Always 1  on hand���������a -large stock of Hope and Canvass.' -Wharf  Street, Victoria, V." 1/.',     . . ...   -;. 1.3m  T^Ai SO ONG- & O 0.,' Com mission Merchants, Im-  x ,?^teFs anrl Dcalers in Chinese Goods, Rice,- Sugar,  ppium. ^tOii, ?rovisi6h"s; &'d. Cormorant Slreel,.Vic-'  ���������tonvV. I." '       ���������',/.  . i.3m  The Express stops here*  l-sT  PDRTIDOUGliAS ADtER^EMENT&v  extracted ca'rried off iristaiitaheously, ��������� ��������� ��������� -in addition' to  .tlie advantage to bp jtieriyed. by; tne:rapid; removal of  * the s team containi rig the obj ectioua.ble=properties: >j$������et  pur������ aroma of tbe Coffee is; retainedj;the;- essential.:oil  being preseived arid not exhausted as iri the.Cylibder  Roaster, where the CoJfee is required to reniain a much  longer time in consequence of the steamirig it, under-  goes by the confined ste'ain. .. It is chemically impossir  :blo-to rytain tho qualities 'or arrest the deterioration of  Collie; when ground. - Tbo lieat' engendered by the process of-roasting, and especially of grinding^"cre������'ites an  ac(ii>n in the elementary parts which gividualiy. destroys  its fitness for drink.    But to retain the essential.oil  which it contains wchavo it encased in tins confairiing-  froni 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and which can be had .from, any  of tho respectable dealers.    Wb can..confidently recommend those who have hitherto been obliged to rc-  JVain from taking Coifeo on account of its ill cITects,  that they may use our Coftbo, roasted in the Conical  Roaster, being recommended by all medical men under  whose" - notice it has been brought, arid -by numerous  0zJt$r tesiiJJi'iUiialJ* iri its favor. FELL "&��������� CO., ���������.  ft"?*.lifrcliii 111 ?:, vates gt'��������� ��������� Vic'ori?.. ;  MACDONALD'S:   hotel;  M;MACDONALB, Proiprietor.' Miriersand  .... ./,9>bpwl4^M^j4%iJlh0.*todg9.Eivw.'lfiues will  find every'convenience and accommodation ��������� afforded  them. Good Bods and a. Table 'well supplied with ail  the de$eacies of the season. ��������� ���������   ���������  <��������� '       ��������� i-g  "BAOI&ALUPEjMEiiCHAitT and Packer; bc-  i ��������� tween Douglas-arid Lillooet; ���������>'��������� Always on hand a  good stock pi* Provisions, Ikax . : ���������   ''���������; ;' ���������;&:. :** ���������  i:2m '  TORKNZQ LEAR.-TO, Proprietor.- .This house.  .Jj.;-..aflbrds every:-laccominodation for the. comfort bf  Travellers; the Tabl e is f'urriisho d wi th all the; delicacies  of th c season, and the Bar is. stacked wi th th c choices t  of WinCs/. Brandies &'Segars; good'stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on liand at low rates;  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap.    ;.,,,    ll..ik  The Bonaparte I^iise,  SEMtEN &j PARKE, Propriei?ors, at: tho  Junction: of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is  iiow;open for the accommodation of the public.> Dis-  itarice.from Clinton, 26 miles; from SayanasSteamboat.  Landing, "22 miles; from Spence's Bridge^ .30.miles:  .Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  the times. '.Givo them a call. Stabling, Hay'& Grain;  attentive hostlers/ Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend arid Yale, and once a week for Cariboo   . 1-s  O.OH & CO., Importers ���������arid" Dealers in all  knids of Chinese Goods and Provisions}-Kice, S������-  par Teas, &c,, Cormorant-Street, west bf-Goverament,  Victoria, V. I.       -;  ' .   .        , Chin 3KAY,rManager.  WILSON, & MURRAY, GitboBEs, Piionsroy,  . .Wi ne & Spiri t Merchants, Bakers���������& Corifcctioiicfi,  FOrtStreet, Victoria-V. I.;'..,., :;,.;. ; ���������' 4 H*  ix<  IV,  X. SMITH k CO., Proprietors. A- This House .is  well fitted up for the accomvo0datiori: of Travellers to the Bridge River Mines. ��������� Good Beds, Stablinff  for Horsps^Horse Feed, kci-; A Stage runs twice a week  betweeirthis house and Port Douglas on the arrival of  the steamers from below and connects with the OUkc  Boats for Lillooet. ��������� :." '-.;-������������������ ^g  S^S^S^ & RUEFF, Commission Mer-  .hJ, CHANTS, Wholesale;Dealers ialGKOOERJESr Pko;1-  ���������siosfs, Boors k Shoes, Wharf street, Victoria, V. I. I*9  GRELLEY &.FITERIiE;:Importors:'A^holo  T.. 4 ?',lQ Scalers in Wiaesi; Spirits and-iiauprs,  Victoria; V; L \ '.:""..; ,.-.   y-.y --1*''  QFROAT &.CO.; (late Anderson & Ca j Impobt^  hJ and Cointissi0.v: Mkrchasts,- Store Street^ Victoria,  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  TEWIS^ LEWIS, Clotliier, Yates Street, Victoria,  jbj opposi te the Ban k ot Bri ti sh Nor th America.  \ 1-s  MALLANDA.INTK,COLLKCTOB&GENKRALAGK^T  ��������� G'H'eram*������n.i t *ir-jct, Victoria.. Vancouver Island.  Travel lei's will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter^ Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed. ,. 1-s  HICK'S'"' HOTEL,  T YTTOH SQUARE; New Westminster,B;C.  J j now occupied by W. B.' STEIN. Tho above favorably known house is now bpcu to tho public; the Bar  is constantly-supplied with the choiceyt brands  of  Liquora amt ^are, . %  T, B. HAGGINi' Physicux & Sdbgeon1, near cor-  O . ner of Yates and Government Sts.,VictoriM^;  PIERCE & SEYMOTJB, dealers in mwf'  Porpituub, Broad Street, Victoria, V. X. y_py  C  "1AIRE & GRANCINI,SakdVare'&Clookery  J Merchants, Wharf Street; Victoria, V.I._yiZ  WS^EB^K and BURNABY,  J.X nkarfstnet, Viottria, V..I.  M2RCHA>'������r  1^-  WgM  111  ���������  ill  1  mSi-  m  S  1  wm ^E.TAlt;  ^GO,:-;  '^M. orders^':  Co. &$> wp'  *;!nr"i>Rt08,iJ  *s@^a  ^���������* PhysicianV p3  ������;Ordei^J  indSpiritMe,  IXAAyA  u  'lirxAy^  &9?!*wearajJ  ^.I-purcrf  tStree^viciojij  ed.T:JIayeonfe  he^rlyprrf  ������ sohcitedi.pi.f  go Btcckbr Gra^'L  ������.VRWio������'������J  and:.D.vvarMtasij  iicatipni;*:;, i$  voce nkpM. i  and'Barley of tfe  ^NftnairaOjEii  .Orders, mi  COi^e.,(imnwdinii  w    -<-,.. u-  Hotel.deFraiscf,  lioutBrii^hCfei"  M&'Behdj alV  lPilXiy/lU,  DortingBook--'  itly supplied M.  nutanl^iidMfe  cy-St-aHoatwia-  Langlcyslrks.  >  ��������� wjW*  rE%.FortSir������v  Hotel,,wberek  rbhswithcvfij  ry scascnoftii  . y-i"']Ks  )orte"wpf^!iJ.  etall !<ltale% is  ,'V. V"M'ni  e^bppSsitetii  sAsw'lU ���������  ^.3'Thefe  ies^theaasytet  oicest Lxquop.3, ���������  pi A A A....U.-  ie& Victoria,-  ES,-BRANDS.  [iyaiia^Scgars;;  ; * ' / ��������� 1-s ,  lealcrJn Fuss.  id van cos nude  ���������o"& 6'p.,������Spcr-  -. ;*'���������     1.3  ikkr,. Goverc-  ds of Millinery  and: : Orderj  .-���������'���������.   ��������� -1-s  iridlef and  (ass.' Alwiw  ro'ss.'- '���������"Wharf  : ���������    .1-331  ercbanl?. Im-  -Rico, Sugar,  afeStroei;VJc-  ...1.3m  balers in sil  mSj Rice.SC'  Government.  ���������,-Manager.  \ Provision,  onfectfoneri,  . ��������� . 1-s  ���������  jsioh Mer-  ries, Pkovi-  <iVV.L *������.  lliiquoTS,'  ..;-.yUX  )'lMrOETEE3.  ?et;'Victoria,  yyli  )S,&Mb*  A-   ���������-.s  if. hear cor-  ctoria,^1;  I.   - l*s".  5'CiOOKERV  .LETTER FBOMMCTOR1A.  ";,'���������'-;.;,    " /  Victoria V.X, Ha$ ISffij 1S6&in  '   ''Atfattracti^ 'iow, for in times  *6f dearth,evenfoi^4]|m;^  -��������� ^'���������somewhaPinteresting; subject-is our cor-  "A ;porationi Z$s m$tof^^l^adSriarea^reJ  ; lia-certain^frealM^  ' rtion Act, 1861," ^eceive^'th^<^^noA;a  -  sent (SirlfamesTO  'tbeHiu^shblfe iT;  "���������' ^CaryteitHris^tf^^  ^uldj^^'mco^olpi  1 ���������'tauts).'and-forni^.cityjkantf overlooking also  ��������� vttiesH^  tiime npfrtaifi^^  . ��������� .:t /brJiipkSi^x^  '-pienti^'jih^^  1 nuisances,; itoi; 1 l^Tbegirinin^Md;e very Such  i^shall^^  Trememher ^e-iiTO^henf Thbs^ I&H^^ass  ; p^yprwA$L. ^hl^m^^^eid^tronacli,  '   in the Gouncil,rMr. lieij^^ssesgorand Alger-i  nor Austen^ To%a!���������lerkJ ikShcise ^Seiys, I say,'  we had a coi^oiatiokpand.thougli really the.  land alone underl- our>feet-;#as; incorporated;  and'not ourselyeSfTO. dicl^not know* it Streets  w^re]iev������lM:an<^gTa^^       ha'd a City Surveyor who cut up^biirSstreets^ to 'ia wonderfiir  ?i simHarUy oMeyel; in^|ing \v^erviqdgey wherb.  |if?iievStldd|e|[ #p^e,lfor:^^cbulcl.n6t\get  -���������Sway."' 'Houses"-vi^eio^erecldown gently by  ��������� screws, froniitnunseemlyvppsition^yards above;  the foptwajprbriraised cin btilts tto a dignity  ; v'>corresponding;^itli ;&e rai^l^el;:vaII:Yates  i^treet w^^tktled^a.ndStheiJ&ngtb  ernment street from Johnson street Improve^  ;menteiwere^erywhereigQin^n^^^  "rs^eetrWahfewa^on  ble; dura^ibn;:^;^en!^^ Ditcli^  L ohdon, still, vvontlerM Sqr'elate, it was and  ,.ia .Trrt^ nn-wwri aa1<1 a . 'iii* ^i- jait^'jJLAl ���������_ _tL. IS-S. 1. -    f"' tn* L. "' l.������ -1  Surrounding the^Ghurch Hiilj^ a'cteludedman;  single-handed, flung a! storie" which' was ��������� ^lieard  tor rattle^ on the Bishop's - hbuse" byj a man^ or  several menj ;det tO; watch ^thb^ex&vagant j  rate;of - two{;dbllars; and' fifty cent^jier night. I  (The -rates^were so low because the cold was  Sufficiently intense to * &eep* thenr iTonivsleei^  ing.) A The deluded mate was-^ collared ^red^  handed by thei vigilant sexton]' and/released  :bnly^because; therBishop' :cbmihg;^outrof^She  "hp.use.jsaid that the; sto&e^came-lromianbthefe  dicectioii^probably it was an aerolitbi-; "Well}  all these rabid \ and patriotic; Councillors f:the  plucky^rlora-hopeiThorhe;;thehi^yar^ir  ;mentatiye^1touglir; slightly' cantanlierbus anct;  ibng-winded, Garey;; "the; democrat Lazzell j  ihepbiiderbu^^  ,pus Ilibbard, ail grew immortal- on the quesV  So^dnci^erte resteairiedfroni^actingfurther  4bj&m6affl of: an injunction: vat;tiie Supreme  ���������������biirt; and it wasitfterwartts: made perpetual  WelJ^|his Gcmncilr though?u^e^^ancl mische^  YWpB^ TOsittUialree.! 'Aitiw������& sjicceeclecMast  ^ve^er;]^  4uty pfc & iOouncilUs dimply tb be ^as^uiwbia'u-  siye-5<s,possible,jto let:its;small^oice be.hus^  ed^; to ;keep'& the^haay  [send fcmessenger::;witli, ba^^te^th^&bugh:  bristHng^  thffM^nailOhall, be driven into theibbards  of iide waTks| k^  removed; if,this;be all,, their., 'duty".admirably  ?dp the^fuM,i|r;^.1^ if toe'.dutyc bf 4 a corpb;  laid%wnffi^twnS^aj%  duty for.the:&ct lias ;neyer been^epealed), "to  pr^enfc^d^enipvblii^^ - to^regiilate  ^antoepaif roads^cl'fcMways, &8lf?i anil by  means of by4aws^'uto- make regulations; for  drainage^presLerve from firejt6:^adetrie streets,  fe'1 repl^ ^uph;^; ftyjaw or "by-laws.must be^  good ones: ;'WBy.do\:tiiey*n^  ..:.,.-..... .W"~A'������rimvi-n  |B^������XHa^E8j;&;. ".;���������,  waiting till the - iissembly 'Itbp: jangling Jaiicl  pas3 an Incprppratioir ^t? -^  Seaveri/ by virthe of wbatjdo tbe Co^brafibtf  ;exist?- : Is it not theancorporation Act;- 18G2 ?.  ^^t^tvalidpl'repeal^a ly Ha^itj)e|nSej  pe^ed^ Are'no^  " m&'and o^ibted ?; ^^WbySofnot: the^worl#:  foian^-nbt^be ih^ efM  '     'AAA   i   x*wtP-&--������Ami QF -',.-..   s- ���������  .   >p   .���������   J   '���������'    A-\yyl's     ������������������.    .     ������������������ .    '    .-    ... ���������    ,i_  .*   ,     .  do^iiwards.r ^"He did'iiof ihl^r^brate the: in-  liabitants; but-tiicy acted as if (-theyMd'been7  Inbbr^ra^ed^ an<lSsincesM  ^'d:ability or"4be honesty tbpasa^ better one?  -on either excuse: v .        ,^     ksAw  PAID-UrmMjfUy':; -������������������������������������������������������-������������������ i. ; urmim  A 'i'y'yAM-h^m'SY7^. to Increase.).;-   ���������;:  'V,->-:*>!  M:rTYilXX:  - ww. xxxi^X A aw Apixwyw  'm W"i/--y~'^~^���������-=-a������ ���������>*,.'-'-. v ^ ���������.-. .'*V"*-r^'-j^ >.?" pry., r, -. _���������.i������.������i>rw vi ^^f ^v-v^^p'/y^^"^ s ^ V-wvfw-^l^'p:'1 ;���������^t4  -    -SEII..W-EEKL7rT^P.E-E.',. -    -  Z lEf^^^^^^^S! ;  ;drHCfcBARKER^ii'LE.!; feLLjA^S lCR^fc.(SSfi6o>  ;;--.��������� '0..;,-.;.;...,-, ..;��������� ..r,..;-;;;,.,;.. ? "ii-^Vij -..t.....^ ^--^ - ������������������> .--r-,- ..*'  ���������"J1       Subscription;^!:per -week,- ,- ;-'J- < ^  (Incluaingicos^ of ^deiivcry,)^ Jftffii& fo Xhe '|>arriir J  :-; r. -, '.'IN^GQlIVER.LSTiAND/-.'--.:  BM^eiM^^.coldsibia,;;. ;;���������.-::  '-."'. "���������         '  :   . ���������  ..    ���������   .  ��������������������������������������� .1 ...;.���������  | ii.wwva.1' v.l  .'.'-       -'  '.-'������������������'   :.  o '.'���������-.  ���������';   i"���������'  c  ���������two years)!it"'stilL;delivers ijs^ateri;!!!1^  seen'it, after a^bpnrs7,'^^^ iaf  ��������� termission^aiittiwhi^  h.dj oiiiing^ and what would, be .^gardens ��������� if -it  ���������* nofe^were unreclaimed land,v ;in���������; Jwo feet'of  , water,: I have^seenMilcarry off Shis water M  about ,the next 24 hours..,; For,t strcet.sidewaik!'  ydsjrun out^beyonctf tlfe;cjtyjlimits, aud the  ���������corpbStibiv was vigorbus and lived,; because,;  like.many other;things^English^:it; heverim4  aginedit was-"dear|^ | It gas -left-for more en-^|  lightened,"if bt^eherife^time^ ;ib;discbver; it!  had npl.pbweri-rjto^eco!nJB^ a nori-j  entity,.: a solecisnv ��������� :JKwgmlty;: of .^ne, fbolH  ish; ti&pjMi������ffii& w^a&'its'bMy superfiubus piece'  of maphmerj^;:;It appbinte'd a,^ A^sessoriwhose  a^ssment fiequentl^Gia^  Government, *'aiid' te^ny^caseaWs salary,;was |  superfluous,., because -the-rGovernment assessment mightasrwellhave;been; taken. -Itbad  Council Chambers an'd;J)aid'fet ffiem"; it iwas  not extravagant) it^it^as ^not;^enuriou^ >It  lived ami"did j������ob&V But itMiicVari;unwise act,  describedin^detail, as that^if-pr^pertyholcV  er^lbri reojiisitibn sh^lf call on'the Council  grade, metal or ^clrjun>>:ahd| the Corporation  slialttiien^b;jt^ind^a^e ,������ rateyin suck road  or stree't'tb;pay;theifexpense en^  fox'fipithe, iC^lfectipn, !;and 'fine^befQreLa'^ustice  of the Peacei'^If this;;If epea^ibe iie ^fiy  oi^e^orporationJy9iiflJ^ it  getiialf their-revenue ijby an assessment on  real e^ein/the xi^toitSj^rfeceedin^;!  per :c^if on]i^^^ -and:  ^he renfe and* p^pffiV^ru^ ftbm the lease  of I corp Qcate.:. j^bperfe^^and~!other sources ^il  all this, I say for the;third time, be theirduty,'  then are they singularly: wanting in their duty:!  then arb;tliey effete; *Jheii are they dead; -then;  havbfwe^nb; Corporation.   Instead 'of going!  ^whining; to;;the Governor Mat the; inhabitintsl  want thb-chain-gangr to clean* the gutters;of  :^i;steeets,; ���������to.^rbv^iit. -every otie:; feniubeihg  p oisoned. ,r ^kevGoyernor jSiiubb ecl;them', once  prtwibe-and rWused;;besnflbb*ed5,tbeinthis  last time aritl oom^liea.f. j; The ground of ;reifu-  sal"was-theruMuitalSleftess (he..did not exactly  use these words) of the members, of the chain-  gang to :woi^'in :yubM had helped  to denioralizej Indians, body and soul; by selling to them' (main^ightriing'^.^phene, ^alias  whisky; whdbad broken into slores arid bouses,  READING1   a:  ��������� ...      ��������� s   ' ^       >>_    ���������,������������������;-��������� ,\>t~  AAAA-wW,:   AND  wr ...  ymn.  ��������� ,-.-;. v >   ���������-!'���������'     .. ���������.-������������������.!-.>������������������*���������-!   (;-  *'"!      -     ,'������������������;'      ���������"���������'������������������-l. ���������:.-������':  /   ��������� .CAMERONTON; WILLIAMS CREEK./   i\ \ \  THE .TERMS OF SUSCRIPTIOy have been reduced to-  ? $2per.mctnth������������������ above"MOiVOlumeS'of^NeWfDorics  suKcribe.' .     AlpAl  ry ...    JOTO^QWRON/LiWarian: I  v^ Govern ment; a n i other; Sccnrities received ��������� for; saf������  ;Custodyi^iwest^^nd-Dividends collected:^'*-,   V< :\ '  &k������i.:*���������A.^l^.if ��������� :;i?t  ZiZAlAy, ZfHJ^BAm-W^-'^AA-'--''  ~yy::.���������������yryrif -:;>��������� ���������?���������..������������������ .���������������������:,**���������;:������������������}  /r, J{ ;  *'���������'EsTABiisina)ix 1S36.      ,      . .  M-     p'./i,,;1 .T' A' 'vJ<^^i-.'--.--   . :^: :���������������������������-" .-���������:"-;���������  H^Omc^;;fefe:HELENS "PLACE rLONDOtf.  ?nouStt Jp Plackuy itaed fe ^  in an eyu hour was defeated.   An-ornaoient1 *"*'���������^rfai*^*'*������^i'i**^^Ai**f'^;M������*,s"  of: th������ bar. Mp forBle'iimelftoted as Aftor^  ���������^aeneral^frthe^Ioi^lyn^eyeddisco^  e^and^atnotabaUyrdetermiiia-i������^  *|tooi|to1^itie)ieease.not  c^:by by-kw. Their revenue (it was aefin  ^mJseeaoaMw7������Mse frofe toS  i-TOothicatedfevenae not exceeding oae-tMrd  oi ^chxevenue/;not to,pay,exceoding 12 pee  c������fc per annum interest therefor;   That &  at all as by the Statute..provided, wag bad  31 JUti*? rdHa * -daymen tea eor-  poiabon could not be endured.    To save the  >fr ff ' W?r ihei' eo^deration. Well,  ������leS,V^ff5-the.'corporation wire  Thf������W^t ������4 :H0tknow.it.for. some time.  iS01W������. andA.Q.Bell affirmedTa  Sviia A?f51?e^ PowerlS^od  ^ evil.   At length :it .-erasned iWr h^n^I .  tered and7pn~"1������fT If ped for breathJ tot-  cfllbr frai Svw f   * ^ a vah^t Coun-  ^inicaiiy toiodown some of the fence  had: smri&ed^^  ^;^������wa^?:j aiid;^committed;' various .other  atfocities;had nerves too toely3tiiing to cleanse  the guttqrs .of a street"un;der tiei .public gaze!  Men cladln anuniforra;.of���������I;will;nbt call it  what Dickens describes as:a. suit of'-dbpr-niat,  -but I mUy safely say���������old canyass-dippediua  taii-pit,^.wi'fli;��������� ihei fetters: Y.IE badly painted  on very prbmirient parts of theiruersons; and:  the guards "too big/or their breeches," as the.  ���������OoT^aptl-y described-thorny did; not wanteveri  1 suppose chloride; of lime to come "between  the wind and 'their nobility." Faugh! on such  stuif.  , I.see.by the, morning^paper that .the  chain-gang is at work under the direction of  Mr, ������������������! some name quite unknown to me;  no doubt a broken down scion of an ancient  house.   But to resume ;'. instead of going to  the Governor for the chain-gang, why do not  the Corporation carry out their duty as per  section 20, raise a reveune as laid down in  section 24, or any other way tliey can by bylaw ?   Surely a by-law whieh has' been framed  and brought up as so clearly ��������� directed in sec-  tion 20 ; vide���������"that it shall be reconsidered  not less than 3 days after its; passage, and if  Confirmed shall come into effect and be binding on all persons after 6. days from, publication of the feame in the,public papers." Surely every by4aw which "shall be passed by the  vote or resolution of at least 3.members of the  Council, of a meeting of at least 4 members,  and a copy of which shall have been' transmitted to the Governor within 48 hours of the  final passage of the same, and if not disaliow-  fe������l by i;li������ Governor within seven days;" sure-  POWDER, EUSB, i&p^ &q/ A, w ,. \  :��������� ���������Ay:.,  p "���������   '������������������' ������������������ <ALsb;".;';:   '���������'���������;���������; y yi '  Z ���������' STATIONERY.        1  :;i3R^^iISOT0^aondon,' tfew York, San'Fraa.  ���������ciscd^JCaribop^CanaclaJ'-Kew Brnris*ick," Nova Scotiu;  and-on^UHiie^BranGlics' b'f- the NalionalBa nk of Scot-  laiid'and-Prbvinfeiar5ank.or'jrel^ -'.  :'Bills of -Exchange ^iid G-old-Purchased.  ". .Interest on Special Deposits of Hfoneyiallowed at t^e  rato of a quarter of ono pcr;cpnt. per month.  eufelder; & GO  ���������>  RICHFIELD,  ������   ; DEALERS IN"   '  PROYISIONS^GROOERtESVCiOTEI^  .- ..,   .Storage and Commission.-.  ;���������  - : s-.  COHEN -���������&-{  DEALERS IN:  .vGoLbDi'ST^Vclte^ and Assayed, and returns Baadc  within. 24 hours in. Coin .or Bars...:-.,'.   ...... r .;. .  ��������� ,Ores of 'every descnptibn.carefully Assayed.  A.ii.B.���������Any instructions as to-tho'disposal of tbepre-  cecds of. Gold; Dust ��������� forwarded, to tho office in Victoria  for j\ssav will be carefully attended to;. ���������. r  x::yy.       A.     . fiJ.'G. .SHEPHERD,^ onager.  ���������Victoria, V. r,,April/1866. 1-s ���������     "  BARKERVILLE.  xl large-supply of Ladies5 Goons on the way...  BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining tho Express1 Office.  ' :      WILLIAM -WINNARD,       ;  BLACKSMITH^;  ;:BARk^RVILLEi  ;        ,..;  :->>   ,M.;J;!:;BLACKMAN,'  BAR'NARD^S.  AID'llJ-BEIB EXPRESS,  eonncciinp; at Lillooet ��������� and Yale with DIETZ k  j:   - NELSON'S for Xew Westminster k Victoria,  WILL ARRIVE A^D' DEPART from the office in  Barkerville,^ connect with the steanier "En-  ;tcrprisc,������ at Quesnelmouth, and the STAGES, at, 9bda:.  Greek,-EVERY WEEK, coriveiMngTREisuRB,Let-  iTERS and VALUABi^:s;fprfall parts of tho" world; Alsop  Commissions received. 'and fonyarded hy Express for  ^T^ection^f-^ott^BiliffTind^tho ^rctos^-ofTtrtj^"  cles to he. obtained at #ew"Westminster, ��������� Victoria^ San  Francisco or eniouto,r and returns ina tie wi th d ispatch,  Iw^AwXyyA'- s-Ai JOHN B.-L0VELL, -  \ ��������� i*f;..-?f.'-.w:        AX) l   ���������;',_  Agciit, Barkervilla.  BARKERVILLE.  1  -**  BARKERVILLE BREyVERY.  iq-IGOLAS'OTJNIO,  ���������   -     ��������� BEEWBE-. .-���������;.:  LEWIS  WILDE,  Boot and Shoe Maker,]  .  BAKKERVILLEi 1  ]; lm^orta|it;;;to ;;Mners X  | -.:,';' ;.'���������.; ���������". r The undersigned is prepared to  . ', - '''  CliEAN BLACK SAKB, BLOWINGS Aim  On Commission; ��������� or will < purchase any quantity��������� en t&o  "j'������������������.<;.���������        ;.; Most IiiBERAL Terms, at the       '   "  r ',; .Reading Room, Cameronton,  the Subscriber is well known on "Williams Creek, a#d  from the coniidence roposed: in. him last i^all in the  above business, he hopes lo receive, tlio patronage of  the Mining community the ensuing season.'.  :   s ."������������������;;.-'.     JOHNBOWROX  , iN&-^:&y//r//^  ;    BIG- BEND, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  DURING THE MINING SEASON the unde-jsigne4  will be prepared to execute Surveys, and transact  a General Agency Busiawi,'     .: JOHN "MORRI^  1-s Crril ^a^n?������r. ��������������������������� I'lAgpxrts^fpr'lobes' ^^axSBoo' Sentinel.'',     ;  i   iA\~Z ���������  -.^McW*  ! --vi; -  -' P&q    <$. ii McCaifery  C rouse Crep^AX- -.;  Oiiranelmouffi^ A Mr; ���������io'dtfie^ffiard^-Ex;press:0filc  tY-Xli.      ���������-   - ���������-      Mr. Evu������:-���������      ,eto   '       i       do-'  .. iLiHwet, I - ^ f. W/PdBtferi^o,   '      *   ��������� dd? -  I  ; - ;^o^Sesimin|ter^  ���������Victoria;  Clarkson'-j&'.-Ccu  f E. Mallandaiue  .jfJOhiiiDoran^-  7-''������������;  MONDAY, -JUNBiM, 1866.S  ,-!*..-��������� i������.f;r������'p. .  .-.-l-.-'JIi  'JUDGE BEGBIE AND HIS _ JUDGES/ [ '  ���������  To thb^Editor of the "'Ga^iboo- Sbntisee,^:  Sm,���������An attempt has been1 made on. the'  - ,p^r^of-eome unfp^  '- ���������'' clisreBpect upon; JMge Begbiea)$ some of liis;  late dddistt&iiQ^m:^ ������^^  colony ; a course of- action much to be deprje-  caf cd, att&^whictijsho^d|peet iyfi&P the?? coiK,  bation throu^whicfta 3ndg|^ustpassbeioi,e  ���������'  ^MMblfahWaaV^  wliere he meets ^ndla^/ioicontend^witii^the.  j most'brilliant mto th'isfe rio-  mere pastime, but 'requires:/a inost* intimate  knowledge of the'Lay/,,with un questionable  genius-  "Let us'look, n'bV'at those who;set  : them^lves up m?'M  sessmir. the -qualities.;.described^'i^nthe.;��������� fore-  ���������going, they are men * i/.ao neither- &y education  or association, are competent'to judge of the  ^tness^olpMngs; in bonng ctiou with tthejjjjaj^- 5;  floHi^l^^  ed to admit that there are amongst the-mine^s  < thp'n nf cmnrl Winfin'tfmV ���������findvirimPnok?.pA'ked:Af  have been taken of the matter, but the fundamental principles on which mining rights  haVeJrested have been glaringly trenched in, <|  and e"v^ry;xnpn ;^hd: bwns a, plaimJn��������� thejcoiih-  try hks?a personal interest in discussing ��������� "the  matter.; As for the fears of "Onyx** about 1he:  liberiy'^bf'-tte press, we think thaTwe are  % firmly impressed with the loiowledge of the  . heavy responsibilities fwbich tare attached to...  our^posEion%8 hefcan^possibly bey "and we  hesitate not to state ^that on whatever matter;  we may be called on: to express our views we;  yiir not allow burselves to be bi&eci fry any.  BANIG^IN LONDON.  personal or selfish motive.���������En.   . - /  ?yZ'y/'Z:  BSBEND^ ������;.'-;'���������   " "',;-������  .? ^romT^'ClaTiflge', ;;an><rpld Cariboo miner,;  is hot: one of them sufficiently versed in juris-  u rudence��������� to assume the-riglit of criticising thef  ftp^ihgpj^tibu^  .pSaly: claims^ that iwere ..at; .work: when'he left  yjft^iitii^^ poty arid;  tlie Muhfo cojyr ;He sawthe Halt-Breed co'y,  ^ieCis cbh^ ^vash'^up ���������; for  gjr^^s work, :$18.i^  nien^'b^Erpnclii creek ;whbn ouuin^brmant left,  foiih f b^ of jfhein:.'^erB;doiag. any 'prospecting.:  ^jETe Isaw^se-yjeralv^en iuat he 1 knew^ who^had  .prospecieS^2^ J/miles ab0ve the $own and^surik  ^several liplestto bedf ro ck; ifrpm-i fa 14 ;i^et;'in  deptE/Mithout :getting a colprii;; Several'shafts-  had .beeiumnk below the -town as fSeep-as ^35  "fe^lviiffiol^getting^^ rock;; - - The water, is^  ^j^]h'i|h"Mo5V> on the������difi^rent crefeks^which-  prevents men from' prospecting; the;snow is  Mt*idisl0earihff~^n^  SST""' "'  yxi&. private dispatch receiyedjlast night an-  hounces! a gr^at^monetary - panic;\iri;: London.  The great: discounting!! housp ot Oyere^d,  Cuniey:& Goxf lately formed^into^ a limited  company had failed....s The;- Bank bf^Dgland  had raised its rate of interest7 to ten per cent: I  The Bank^Act had beep, suspencedf andj*nxis-  sue of ^,000,000 authorized.7 The suspension  of :this firm will in all probability occasion  other,ieavy MlureS.- ^ thf-Miure  ismot.stated, butiis doubtless^ attributable\to  the vdisturbed -state ot afiairs on ithevCoiitihent  im^the JBank })eing large holders bf foreign  securitieSi^Gbfonist/ 24Xjx^lfa^wAxwwx > y  A,.        r ���������' '��������� ���������      ''������������������    *        ���������  -      All    :,.';.-,- v.. ���������jZ..���������,,������iii\s^ j       _  AsWsAHEm/-The-weatheit for -theplast-s������hw?  days Jias Ijeen vrathec variable, vretha^el^had  occasional showers of rain. arid^ sleefclaccbinr  panied by ��������� thunder^ ���������' ��������� Yesterday a .heavysleet,  roll during the earlyrpti^  we are apprehensive;will'caiise* a^foirfchtiriMsb  in the creek;.   ' / .       . ; < r. AA; x ��������� -.0;��������� J: If-' ��������� i ���������r;  a  WiniamslGreek ;?Muirtfl  ymppamp^iA^em-"'  t4lo:frc:������lm.oi  Hi  tl  :i;  Siwiifes..    .;������=  ERS.  :: JsS^If;you 5^ant ������bod' iRofifee ^^?"Felt&i A  THB WILLIAMS CREEK .BED ROCK FLUif P fa*  Drrbn- Company,:- I*imTEi>.-'cali the attontioh nft���������  a copy of.;which can bo seeh^ at their office, and KW  caution all persons not to; trespass on' any groniifi Iy  interfer.ojwitb any rlghtsandprivileges therein^������inf2  to'the Cotnpdsy.n'tr t---.������V^.- 'fV.*-y>ni r.       6**n������a  v  ^{^v'A-^.V:':1^^;-.^^^^^  Rlehfield, 16th:May, I8������6.r  'Secretary,  ;t:;o;;s"srl  BSTSoKj-'Rlchfiei d,������  leavjngit with; any  ne suitably rewarded;.^  ���������:-7  O-fQ  .-.*^.-?.w  ������;:-CAMER0NT6^M;'^!^  .j-:/v\ai>-  I'^ii  1 n nderstand the' sophistries ;<"_qo'nce'aled > ��������� under;  '������������������-- xiie^sjiecious^-argum  /]Afi'ta "-?fi2yin.fid <������Minfir'" afip.'p.p-rp'trft'onkl'V-mis-  deiits:  andr  ��������� posed-;to'common sensed.as to produce not;iin-  \?itHou^jmderstaudihg the Subject;in.question  or its .collateral bearings.   \J submit,-fc.-Edif  of bad tastednditefrby/^Mfier,^ afe.notthe  feesf intelroctuM^odfforfa; cbinmrini^-like]  ours. *No.. oriejknrore^ealous^of the freedom*  of the press .wan^'myswii-but 'it>ls������:ra- great!  .poweE to. wield forLgbWdv or. f eyil ? ^ and- much  has1-..been done, ���������*Lregret- $0$ ? sa^ givihg mucht  appearance of reasonSo' those'who .wbuljinsti-l  tute?a censorships ;ifcthereror^behoves;ev1h*y:  Mendito the freedom  . Bel "care and: discrimination.  ;.I have;.oiil^tol  add'that {readers'of le itefsiuch^ those i- writ-;  ten by lP62! f and ^Offinerj!? should alio wa widb -  margin for ^e, irritatibn e^ayS!^oduced^?on;  a litigant v^ho comes but?at *fthe small end of!  the horntf ; and whenvit is'^understood- that the  motive for ttieii^emisionsvis- only Ap force a  portion >of the cbnteuts of &elrjcup of bitterness ;dowm the throats ^'Jfe^ubh^f^ttfeir  scribbling ^ftl me^  Asf for 3ir;^usUc^������Be^ie^h^5 $pntiey capable  of-a^ndingcfiiriself^  certainly ^^^.''^u'bld'i'him^Blf :'abbut -the;  istiiig'bf sucfi:gnats as "Miher'^and'H ?62;?7- yJ  ��������� ���������;" "A.'-  .. ���������   :���������    .-...: ���������   .   '    . ...:.. ;:.,:-, Onyx. -  mm  .. ^, 5ullQchs;.creek;^ a few men= were taking  b^^ iiffi'gblfe^iDite  ^K^ragera^ere^le^ng'; going-?to 'the  J31 ackfoonfcVjbpui^try ^and; /all the J Garibooites  ^ere repniing;tere;1 ^-Thai^est^me.rfoT^pros--:  ;pSc^ngitheJBigiBend bbuntryvis said;to^be in  the months of August and /September v when  the ;snow" is^air gone Wd'^the water in the  ���������creeks is at its^ lowest- stage. /It is a great  .mistake-tqimagine that-all the men^whojtiave  gerie WjJiese: minesjiis' spn^ha&'to leave in  consequence, of 'their/ moneys^ and |)rovisions  ^'^NEW ADTERTISEM^  VUKING'THE PEiESENT-TVeW we  expect to. re-  HJk. csive ahd: biieria iirst Class.stock ��������� of BRANS -NEW-  "A       '' ",       'GOODS,'comprising   'i-"\>   ��������� >������*-. ��������� r  k>'<   "   -'^ COAL OIL; &c:,-&cV ^, 'T*,<  *sA'^iXl;l: ,A,.yr:.y,v .oX, > y Aw:,.,7y>-W A, As} l ..  ' All of.which have:b'een,.most car.efuUy selected and will  be sold at.th'e LOWEST RATES.   ��������� ,    .     ,  ?''-: We:cbrdiaJIy inyite a call :frbhiJ our old frieiids'and  thepublic generally.: A'  wj.AA^pAlWX XIX Xy'W,,.  -r    * <      v *J- H; ,T0DP & CO. ��������� r  ,f:Barkervjlle, B. C., June .4th,{I860.     i   ^ . ,,,. tr t, t;  *" Ni k-^A small lot of 'H^DwyiE^. Paints!& Oit^oir*  Hand; fbr^al&at.50 per centt Below 'Cost. T; Jlxh2\n \y  ��������� Hotel and Restaurant, "nnd 'is now prepared  .to, receive, Boarders by;tbo wook or day..:,  pl^yx  :[X'#&?',A llrst-class PpPK-,lias been engaged..;{;; y * \,  a Parties wishing:to Board;but;this^^ season, wjU find jj"  to their,ad vantage^ tb give mmy-can, .us' bis house for  ^leajilincss/yattontion���������td 'ciitet^erej-iaiidu^d^ie: J  cannotJje.excelled...:jrrr.;i-2'M!'- \ v .^'4 y/~ y-xAp '���������.  : Piesj Uoffee.'CJIionsrand Steaks at all hoirs;;  i^lf^VtfO  i^*f(.0<f-  .    y BARKER^LLE,  'many'who'were-,there h,ad;supplies, to last  [them two'months^ but seeing tlie'utter useless-,  ri(Ss bf reniainiiig there without being Able to!:  do^anyiMng^had^ sold-them and left. _ ;.The.':  trail from.;Seymonr-W the Columbia was in  very good order with' thejexceptibri; of ���������; abput:  lf������' mflfe^ "whictf;was Being corduroyed^ there  was only about 8 pr lO^nlesj^^hejteil ;that"j  was covere'd with snow, i The' first tarin had  startedvfrom'Seymbupto the Erenchman^s 22  miles out, jusfe?as; our inrormaht^le.ft.     "-. AA''  ��������� J .'.J-,"*:^ ���������  :'^r^;       .. :-.H,-..  '   ���������"���������feTy"     -.^.JL-.   ���������-���������������������������".���������'  ;^   .   .���������!>-|1. ���������   V- lv. '.-.V;:.;  > Jt^-^e-are informed tnaf'the ;ctttwiic'h  is; being made at the head of the Bed Rock  Flume, is of no benefit-to'that company j it is  simply being run on?! the front-, lines/ of the  various companies having claims- fbr-their own  special servicei a-s aif! drain..... The Elume co?y  willhaivb to carry1^their 'flume' at Ieafet50feet  further- into the; creek t where the. channel Is \  ^ ~''*e%,ii'' "    '  ' ''"    ���������'  ;mpFfwr^j^yi  Si's.  1 ^WHOLESALE'A^D.:RpAI*L\DEALEl^/.INAI;ii  wmiixm  A :TV  clait  'with  have  /PJpMi  and  arm  ���������ploy  discc  ofth  ���������ofth  edic  ':A'%  ;ofth:  durii  "Th  of.ti]  po'yi  they 5  co'y'i  ah'ds  was:i  ward  ;<listai  ^o'yi..  grour  r^-wi]  have  [���������'spnib  lasts*  u The  for a J  in the  theca  |baiik.;  ftheir <  BOOTS   &, SHOES,  , l   JACOB HEINSON, Proprietor,'J^^-A-\  Bread; Pies and Cakes- constantly' on hand'.  ^Best Billiard Table .on the ��������� Cfeekf iieLiqupf s  '; . \t ;-'^land^igarsare of: the finest quality.;      9������;  E.'C'. .GILLE'XTE,5  .is.tihs  Beg-to call;the attention of r Miners and others  piXtPtheirfuU assortment:of.SUPERIORjGOODS.;  w:i iw , a. y^>r y. ��������� :\vbich"1will;-;;be .atld;!*,'^;';^ ��������� 'plA -  '���������;.* J1-->-  >to Jnake ro6\xi for a"NEWiSTOCK; to-arj-ivc so soon as  Ami .A '".   :''���������" i.\ fche-Roads;are.open^   i ��������� ��������� "'   v.'  ���������"/$$?* Liberal lallowanbe; will be made to  Restaurant ahd-HoterKoepers;and'ihe Trade/geriertlly  on; large orders. ���������!;;���������"' -f/ AAr a. ������ "l    ,      >,��������� 1 ,  m  ;*We 'cahnot^eridbrse^hesviewa ^cohtaihed  the j-bbye letter of .ourcp^respondentf Onyx^  S6;lame!islthe apology- set up fiat we * should;   reel!  nbt> ������������������ ey|n}li^e".^^lis|^ :.  ourselves in justice bound, to hear;,both sides  of the .^ues tibn.=: -, v If :the: defence ? therein^ coti^  tairi^dpalliating the actions of ^ur^Supreme  Court Judge is; ail that ��������� pah' bell urged; in Aihlp  f avor^hexjertaihly stsinds on yery^ weak ground;;  "���������������������������Thb;whbl0 tehbr'qf:ffie ��������� TSf^r7l|^m^J^55ra^  ��������� tempt' fbicast; ridicule" on the communications  of -bur'i^^ correspondents ". J62 ?:^and, "_Miner,??  ��������� and does not for once touch oh A&hy . of 'the  p oints mooted iu 'their .communications.:-,;- A An  endeaVourls ;very| adroitly madb to cry them  down by a-sserting-that the^^areinb^suflicient-  ly versed in rthe -technicalities of /.the. law; ��������� k>;  be cap ab le of criticising th e judgments, pi' our  leai'ited Cln^f Justice.";-^  is that; the community should^bb composed of j  such a dull and; tliick-hpaded ;sbt.;,:bir:'iellowTs  that hbne can b e' found amon g. iis with ��������� cap a-  city;enough to.penetrate the deej)4 prbfundity  of7the legal'iirgumeutsbf the ^iipr.eme^'Couri;  .iJ\ldge.l^;y/'-A'A,A'''Ay  '"'A ��������� /':"'.'" y"y..  With regard io the community treating such.  effusions with contempt* we venture to say  that the views contained in the letters alluded  to meet with the fail endorsement of nine-  tenths ot the inhabitants of Cariboo. Were it  0 ii ly i " di vSflual. i nibrests.; th at Hyere: alfec ted  by life jatedecUioiic,--iilit:JTttic. notice would  _ *.;Th4;'punptualifcyVini;-the;arrivals ofs-the;  Express for &e"pastmontH'u'mucnto'-be cdmrf  mended-when the roughs state of the roads is  considered.^ Heretofore,it has arrived on Sunday afternbbhjlbutlthe late change in the running time of the steamer to .Quesnelmouth  enables"the Expressman nowfl .to get. here on  Saturday afteruoon lending-%gairi -early on  Monday morning; r 3. . ���������; \, -.- /  jm*.. With reference to the remarks made  py Judge.. Cox in giving his ���������; decision iu^the  Grrbuse Creek B������d Eock Elbme co?y7s case, on  26th,ult., wSaclhb^led^ih  i an: error in omniitting to^state thatrhisobser-  !vatioh:Mendea:tb:ailfiumes^^^  :' 11 h.lTI H  f\V C*(\\r ATI A 1X*h inh hnd ���������Fnlfili arl "+Ti t\: nnisJH.  TfiE: CO^A'RTNE'iiSHi^ ^ei^tofbro cxi^tint lictiv������ek^  . ^Messrs. til B^ CHANCBLLIES: and ^N::CUN10; has,  .been dissolved .to-day by mutual;agreement.- JUr.-Qunipl  remains solo proprietor of the Barkerville:Brewery.: X -.  '   Williams Creek, May 23rd, 1866.     =;>"���������"���������'-'������������������*" A Mm ���������������  y.  SUTERA &  iliams;creek one which has fulfilled the condi-  Jtionslbfits charter.";' AAA i\i x- '���������':;  I vjfc p; Moses Ms yustZlea^d; &e; premised  lately occupied by D. J. Dixon, in Barkerville,  Iwhere helntends carrying on his.old.,business  [of Barber.find Hairdresser. His arrangements  |are-not yet completed for supplying his Hair  TnvigoratorV;. He invites a call from his old  -friends-���������aridrpatrphsv--:--1---;-- -.--- yi - - :    *;  ;'. 'JSStiJi:. new; ^building, ^called the; "Cam?  brianHall,^,was opened at Barkervillejron  Saturday evening. We'. understand it has  been built by a society of Welchmen and will  be used as a Meeting House; and News and  Lecture "Room A-'Ail   ";���������';;���������'.;;��������� p .."'���������'���������- :- .  a jsgf* If you want to save money get your  Newspapers and Magazines from. G. C. Clark-,  son & Co., Booksellers, Stationers and News  Agents, New Westminster, who forward papers  I by mail or express to all parts bf; the Colony.  I jg@.. Private letters, have been received here  pby^the last Express irom Lytton, stating that  the number, of men returning from Big Bend  I was equal - to. the numb er goi ug there, and  that merchants had stopped sending on further supplies.:, ���������   A '  \ Repeat, of the Indian Liquor Act.---We  bbserve that an act has been passed in the  "Van cou ver House b f Assein b ly. rep e aling th e  Indian Liquor Act.    Th������ voie stood 7 for,  ������aimissiQii;  V "Tv'- -.  "  "      ; ; ASD  I i AA- xi i)EBTi: COLLECTORS:  :co,;,;,::;  , iBankrupt Affairs wound np and Balance Sheetp-prei  pared; .Mining Accounts carefully madcap; j''All kinds  of. Forms and agreements drawn, and, every .other description of. business promptly attended to. ���������; /,.-.  ''j^C^ce-^ICHFIELD, near the Court Housev ,5;  "      -���������;'"^Ba^lrervme^^BvC:,';^^ /, ;.-,  /,���������:PJLLY;^  j Everything'is-dOno in Connection witli this estaWisfe'  men t to give satisfacMon to^the-enstomeirs.    * ' ' ;  ���������r$@*Meals at all htmr-s;^-.������'wx '-'    '' ���������������������������;-1  PljlAGER  f&  PRO:,  .DEALERS IS  vyiLMOT^n ;  B" EGS TQ.JNFORM TEE MERCHANTS AND PUBIilC  ���������of Williams Creek that.ho.is prepared, at the short-'  'est notice,; to remove godds.of every descriptio h wi tb.  care between the towns of Richfield, Barkerville and'  Camerontown; at reasonable1 rates. : '". 'Ay  I ���������- iBichtleld, May 21^t, 1866. . -; ��������� .   /./:'    . 5  s sorts 0:  ^dli^iidize  Wholesale ahd Retail;  ;Fro  [Satun  'Sdays  Mr;;  |Mr?3e  png'thi  [Bridge  i'ornine  ^ return  Jlieve t  |fioanfc  iohth;  if ah j  The  this sii  ���������Gavinj  ;heda  fmuch j  fcrd'v  iahdnc  oltof  led by.j  r The  ivein  On;1  iown.  ������eep(. c  ;0repa  ie.was,  ievere j  rhen*fli  Ther������  betweei  Bularly  svheretl  l^hissidc  insti-act  ?i'eache  Meaam  mm  a 'e  The -Steamer   Enterprise  ��������� : fA-        "Will -leave SODA CREEK "���������  MONDAY-&;THUI^I^^  ;;���������; n':'';:.,":.:; ;;^t i)AYTjaHT;,;.;. . - '_-;''(  : ���������'';-��������� WHI leave QUESNELi .  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY ^MORNINGS  ���������".;. ;'���������.'���������.'.;. A  . '.&���������*O'clock, - :,'.'',..'.;'  ?  Oonnecting at Soda Crock with. Barnard's Stagps on  Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's.trip up.:  .: J^ Freight to Quesnel li cts. '>$lb.  ^l  .'  Steamer'Enterprise' V '������������������'.��������� '..   ���������  >   May 21st, 1866.      J . ' 5  EVERY EYE"NINGr  AT XHE  ^il;S  0:I:SALOO^:  BARK-ERVILLE.      ;    ;  . A LL LOVERS 'OF THE TERPlSaHOREAN ART arr  il invited to call and enjoy tliomselves/when a nean/  welcome will bo extended, A-.A, ���������-<   . ��������� ���������-.-.-��������� ^ -: ���������.   > ���������'  1MB B  CAMBRONTOWN,  G-.   F U^TON,   rROPRIETOR.  $������* Tho best'.of;Wines,, Liquors; and Sega*^3'  and Good Order observed. w    ,������.  1   " - MARTIN ������ COOK; Prpp'Wr  and 1$ against.  There is 116 distillery kept in this establishment,  an J strychnine and rot-gut find no place hero,    2  .������, ���������������������������:������������������'-...':     : BARKERVILLE,-A :X.x A':  miss -/sEmsm^  nniiis house has been newly FnOT)!^* S  ; 1 the Restaurant principle with a view to the'oww������ ���������  of the public, and will be conducted in. a������ t0  onsuro tho..satisfaction ,of thoso who ore dispose  iavor the proprietors with their patrohago;   ;  ""'��������� KCeals;ki all Hours.. Good Beds.     ���������  I j^'Tho Bar is furnished with, the best solecuoii  liquors and Segars.  ^B First  iS|he'first  llBr1^ bro'  -BBolmoiit  ���������^^^Late in .  lira*"1 ������f  ���������fortmcnl  Sere and  ���������powever.  mf siai}Ie  ���������xpectea  Bariagr-tl  Wgf loweri  m Wihes  *lcgrapl  S^ved n<  J������| Depux>  '     S. Tho  heriff 03  ent dire  tollipB 1  t;  New Y\  ual doc ERS.  xumeakd  ationofjiij,  ance, I866J-  ' **<* herebv  ' ground tor  re3n granted  CAMS,  Secretary  4-4w  f-' AND 150  io same and  "Agents viii  ���������a- Xi  ;t -  *  '{Before W. G. Cos, .Esq..)  Thursday, 31st May, 1866.  DISGRACEFUL JUMPING' CASH.  EL  '������������������> .  "fE/ABOVlJ  'Wpwpwed  will find [t  s house for  i*>Q- Table,  -. all hours.  5, PropT.  a  mTMG;*INTBLLIQE>ICE.  j;' ...  WILLIA5IS GREEK. .,        *      "i  Work is' being carried on' inv the various  claims from one'ehd .'of* the'creek to the other  'with "great' energy?.-"No .remarkable ^strikes  have been made however since bur last general report.-...Every^man^appears to be busy,  and even th������ rerarning^Big Benders, who are  arriving here ' daily,; are readily hnding employment.���������We. near thei.". Cameron co'y -have  discovered some-rich ground on tho West side  ofthe creek, and have located a great portion  ; of the old: Despard claim,- which was abandoned in 1863,    -,   .'.j''.    ..:'.'������������������  v -'������������������     '���������; *:": (;' '^INK^GULCH..*:'. A-... :rl-AA\  A' We understand that a company at the mouth  ^of tins gulch, have taken. ;out. good "prospects  during the last weekj ttie gold is very coarse.  i/. ...   GROUSE   CREEK.; .,;���������     :       \   A .  "The Ne'er do Well co'y took out of two sets  of timbers,��������� last. week/.$600���������The Discovery  co'y took out for .two (lays work 50 ounces,  ^^ "they are busy sinking an air shaft'.���������The Heron  mm ooJy;have run a. tunnel' 170 feet ��������� into the. hill,  pfM "and sunk three shafts iri.lt, in. the'. last 'one it  ||g was found that the bed roqk was 'pitching to-  yl wards the creek, tkejr have gbne.back.a short  IB distance and, are sihking another.���������The Reid  i^ffl co'y, 6 shares,-have been busy running a  TB ground sluice on the opposite side ofthe creek     Thomas Tynon vs Thomas Fol  JR^ wlisre^the^.incnTm^tias: ^emvifmnifr'.ttref ^Mm'ibr.'Sm^^^  l4m have found, the rim rock pitching/into the hill  An 'W*1" *������������������������������'������ ������io?������v*������. t -f-n���������  ! ^S-sprue pay was'takenoutinside; this- rim rock  flastseason.- ���������" ������������������-. ���������.'.'. ,,..'.-,-,,v   .-.-���������'���������  :-.;.:;���������.;���������;.;';;; .". "antler creek:;ix-'xiX :...;..  . !;: The water has .risen in* ��������� this creek, stopping  i;C9|for a time active operations-iu'claims located  A'M in the bed of it.���������Neil & Co. in the bank below  /AM the -canon will commence to wash next week.  vlj-���������Ross'&Co. are., working -on the opposite  *x'Mbank.���������Last Chance;cb.'y.are still working on,  iymtlieir drain.���������Provisions are plentiful on the  192creek.- "���������'���������    ��������� A'-px ;     /. A. ';.'. . '    a.-..  James Lewis vs; George "Wilson.���������This suit  was brought-to eject defendant from half a  share -in the Forest Hose co'y, on Williams  creek jumped by defendant,; who is a member  of the company. ;.. "/ i  James Lewis sworn���������-I bought a half interest in the Forrest Rose co'y from Mr. Hill? on  the 25 th May inst j;it was represented by :m'e  on the night of the 24th inst.   : ' -"���������  Cross-examined���������I went to the claim* at -7  o'clock1 pi* ml; :Isaw the foreman:"; he did hot  ask me if I was" representing the'claim'; if this  case: was lost /Iwould lose .till- the money  mentioned in the Billof Sale;.  .. Mr. Hill sworn-7-I bought :half, -an interest  in the Forest Rose co'y in'1864 ; it has cost  me-over $2:000; I was on the claim on the 21st  inst; I paid all my assessments last fall.   ' ��������� :���������'������������������  The Judge at this stage of the proceedings"  wished'to-know from defendanthis ground; of  defence, which.be stated was that, the ground  had not been represented.-<   ;;-'-^' Ay  ���������The Court here remarked that tliis appeared  to him to be brie of the "most disgraceful, cases  that had ever come before' him j ^partner endeavours to jump his co-partners claim, because  'saLMdAAss&a^iwksaikL^^ ^.^t^snaLj^ua^Uf,'k".'*-��������������������� "'"  400 feet; it was not recorded then; I recorded  on the 28th May;.;!recorded it within 3 day3  after the time I started over to record it ;?the  shaft is sunk.on :the:line of the consolidated  ground; I had 4 men working on the shaft on  the 2Gth ult.; about 7 or 8 days prior to this  two .men were working; inxe-staking or." re-  .constructingstakes I: went;roundAto* all -the  stakes and drove them in anew, two of them  were trees; I picked up:my notice' and stuck  it up on a stake ;  it was the; old notice; ;we  were working to find the rim-rock .to:-see hbw  itlay~ : a .;'. y ������������������ '���������>"���������*  Mr. "Walkem���������Did yon ever look for a rim-  lock^with a key in it?, ' /'A: ��������������������������� - ... AWy .    ���������  ;;.; Witness���������No! but ikriow who badtlib key'  j.Jn bis pocket. ��������� -:We found the rim-rock, it was  under the soil; I swear -that our three shafts  in a line towards the hilfare on the lower line  of our.ground; I went over, on Jhe 2!)fch .ult.;  and-found Holding on theground;-1 told him  he'was on my ground; -he said he did not  thinkhe was ;:I:did not show-him any stakes  or notice, '   "   - .  gy^,irT^TlTPJg!!^a  for himself by his kind and obliging dispo^U  tion theesteemand respect of the whole com-  .munity; hewas, about to leave this Colony  but he trastsd that wherever his future lot  might becast he, would meet with that:succes i  which Moments Reserved; and bis numerous  friends wished him.���������Drank with.all the honors.. Mr. Phillips .returned.thanks'-in- a few  appropriate remarks/ ,.;'       ���������-;���������; . ��������� -; .  '^Tfe;Cha{r^^next^ Cf  \    Mr;;Ne^ '"Press :>'  coupling therewith the:" Cahisoo Sen%nkl;'7  which:was\cordially.respon!ded to.   Mr. Allan  returned.thanks... -'A?Ai:'rl-'*: ���������'��������� A' x-:X  ;: Tte ^halnnan1 uext: proposed "Tho^Mmino' '  Interests;'of' Carjbpo," to which. a: cordial re-  1 sppnse was giyen..' Sir..Thompson in a verv  ���������'���������  Edward Stein sworn���������I,own in the Caroline  Co'y; on the 26th ult. Franklin nnfl T u^nf.^  tiff, with costs.  Tho mas Tynon vs Thomas Foley.���������This was  6th ult. Franklin and I went to  laiid'put'them in again;' tA^X> .  Defendant���������We believe you"!  :Witness-^I don't -care whether you do ^  noty.it wou't hlirt my feelings :btit little either  ��������� WAV. ���������'   On'������RntnvA������xt :iiti* OmX.'. *,W������ ���������,. ���������kt.1 xi.������?  ox  d others  0003  50 B0011 ������S  made to ;  g^rieratly  ��������� "���������1  CORS.  Stablish-  ��������� t -  ��������� ���������Aii::  S   From Mf.lJewbTney;:7who arrived-here" off  Jf Saturday afternoon from New-Westminster in  'pm 8 days we gather the fo 11 owing iterns.     ���������  Z'M   Mr. J), fully corroborates the statement';'of  i^.SMr. jeffray, given in our last number, respect-  '���������Aiiming the diggings-on the upper, portion.-of the  ';">'ST!ndge River. "He says that none ofthe Gov-  ^Mernment party who were out last fall had yet  ���������^Speturnefl to these diggings and"he did not be-  ^fglieve they intended going there���������a very signi-  t������lcaut ^act certainly.: It is Mr. Dewney's o'pin-  ^gon that the country,'above .the"canon is not  ||||bf an auriferous, nature..;.. ��������� '-'-'i   \ >.  BR'-.[The upstage had.oroke dbwn!abont 4 miles  Kthis side of Cooks Ferry by reason ofthe road'  jSRg&tting. under-mined : by the ' late rains and  |Beaving no traces on the surface to indicate  gjtfche damage.     The forewheels went down as  iBmuch as two feet, throwing the passengers for-  ^ward with a lurch but none were thrown out,  aJpiicl no injury sustained by anyone, the. king-  lljibolt ofthe waggon got broke but was rcplac-  |B|pd hy a spare one, and they proceeded on.  ?^S The California steamer was expected-to ar-  jMive in New Westminster on the 2nd inst.  Mm.  On. Thursday last'the telegraph line was  SHoWn.   The break occured somewhere below  on defendant's claim-on Last'Chance.breek.:  . ��������� The evidence of the;..plaintiff wen'iAto \ show  thathe was employed by defendant to -represent and work his" claim at the r rate of;$75 a  month ; thathe worked; for three and ;a;half  months and had received nothing: but a pair  pf gum-boots, worth $17, andl| ozs;of gold  dust.' -���������-;   :���������'.���������.= :./'��������� .'.'   ��������� -A'"..: ������������������:.-. *.; :W. : : \  /.': ���������  '.; Defendant testified/that there was a special  agreement made between him and plaintiff on  the 26th-September last,, the terms of. which  were, that-plaintiff-was-to work for- hira- from  27th September, 1865, to. 1st of May, 1866, for  th<^rim^8^S5-6Qy4tncL4ba-t/he. wa-MiQ,_he.,paid  thlR Slim \v1lPn ;f:hp   mrinAir   onmr* 'r\nf   rtf> +1i������  m  this sum. when.'"jhe money.;carae' qut pf{" the  claim; that plaintiff had-made this offer;to him  which he accepted, in.the presence- of John  Gannon ; plaintiff was ou the. claim 104 days  buthadonly worked 71 days, he left;saying  he. was eick.and'came over to Williams creek  and didnoVreturn ; the amount taken' but to  the '*"  the  ceived goods:  '651.- "iy yip,   . ..., v .,,,..  XTheGonrt in summing up remarked;that the  plaintiff had worked 71 days which the claim  had derived advantage from ; he came over  here in ill health and never went backiso that  he looses his claim to"the"$500 ;,.$L4r:71 had  -all alter-we made the record -that-theground  <w4*s^mp^..etavteif^^  deep. ��������� ��������� ���������--.���������". ..  ;.  ;-. ComW-We -? staked'off; first" bh^Sth/' Mairch  last; on Saturday night 26th I pulled up three  of the stakes and re-placcd them ,v'I did not  alter 'the.side stakes >; thogrbundis'not staked off, to the summit of the hill.  sworn-^I..know defendants by  our worthy; Magistrate and. Chairman, Judge  P^<T-PW������"Jnffi al? the honors. '.The Chairman, iri' returning; thanks,, oh served that since  he had come tp this' creek lie had endeavored  to perform his duties to the satisfaction of the  Government and tbe public' at -large;' liow far  he had succeeded in this it was not for h'irn to  say^tTKree;;cheers were' given- for; the Judge.]  S9..S9Ped tofce/.-flaany; such ,re-unions,as .the  present; ly AAAiAAs 'A'x ���������''���������'���������: \wp  'Mr. R. Burreilm'onosed; thr>* hpnWi x*c'\tr..  G&3, f?w tr9.e*5; this was. in the morning- between 7 and 8 o'clock; he:told me he ha'd  driven stokes betweeir burs and:Franklin's  lines ;��������� ;Ibelbng;to thb :Cascade,..Co'y, which  joins on Franklin's upper line.  - ' !.���������  James Holding sworn���������We staked off the  ground on Monday .morning,;, the :28th ult., at  4 o'clock Two put up; the lowef,~middle and  the side lineswerb stakedvbff before the ground  was recorded. ':  re turned'; thank3.'  The Chairman .then propose/1 the health of .  the; Supreme Court Judge of the colony, Mr.  Begbie,; ,w,hicti{. -was^'cordially ; responded, to.  Mr.. Fitzgerald .proposed;;, the .health - of :Mr.  Laumeister,; which was responded to in a cordial mariner, and'thanks returned- by'Mr. C.  Go wan';. ;The,Chair .proposed the health of,Mr  O. Hare, 'yliich' met with., a'. cordial.response.  M. Hare;returned thanks.r.in, a:;neat ^pee.cl5.  Mr. Winkler,:prpi|'ose'd the health.of Mr.; Fife -  ^^1d;.;;rbsp;onded,^ Mr.  i>rW1 cV*vaf.ii"rn'peV fKor������lro" ��������� ���������"-'Tt������������  1-. *i������it-ii���������'������������������������<���������*  .������  Liz-e  m  iBTj*"**'  t hearty  Jjpeep creek and Mr. Barrage had gone do-  ������orepalrit,but.a thunder storm coming uu  ^e \m obliged to desist after receiving several  fcfre������lM������k?-.- " was not. in working Sr  ������hen Mr. D. left Quesnelmouth.        g  MLt e !^ere several bad breaks in ike road  m ween CoUonwood and Van-Winkle, parti-  ���������bi aily one. .a short distance below Edwards'  ISS k C0������p,etel>;Pue> and another  pHF.������ side of Beaver .Pass.- Mr. Dewdnev Ins  H^etions from Mr. .Spence to repau- "these  nea and return to-day.;  0gars������  BJS ?^^ te������in of ^0 animals;feein������-  13f oismg.   It -belonged to Mr.J. Hallar  Kate i,ffe^ff" to^pold m5ci.|ft.  SoZent iamma,ls S0.1 in with ������ wneral ?nl  Bo4^r;yw^nkl������1S:ltt'*'*&.bad state  It SaS^The^P:tl^<*ange in the price  KHa fff' ^^P^lthoUghJUs  of.$92 71 would still remain, but as  ant had an account for board, all the/ Court  could do was to. give judgement against defendant for '$'50, each'party to pay -their own  costs.   Mr. Park for defendant.-.  A A Friday, 1st*June 1866..  ftussell & Co., vs. Kelly-Patch Co., Lowh'eo,  creek.���������Suit was brought to -compel defendants to remove tailings from a tunnel (owned  jointly by plaintiffs and defendants) so as to  enable plaintifls to work .their ground.  . .-.  After hearing evidence on both sides,-the  Judge decided that by the. terms of the.;order  given by the Gold Commissioner"last -December, the plaintiffs-had a. right of "way.'to. the  tunnel, but had no right to. lay: a Jlume. Judgment for defendants, without costs.-  Saturday, 2nd June, IS66.  Carol ine Cp Jy, per J.; B. Franklin, vs. Mary  Ami;Cb^y, per Jahieslioidin^.^nd Wm. Wil-  son^This suit was mstitiitM for .the purpose  of ejecting defendants 'from ;200 feet of cerr  tain mining ground belonging to ^plaintiffs on  Grouse Creek.; ;���������-;.;(;���������;��������������������������� yl //'".aA.  'X E; Franklin Wprn���������I own in "the Caroline  Cb?y; there are four shares-in it; I took up the  ground along with two other men on Saturday/ tha 26th ult.; there were four men1 at work  on that day;  I had been prospecting the  ground for some time previously; know both  defendants; Holding was at my shaft every  day; Henry Fain, John,Gannon, Mr. Stein and  myself were at work on Saturday ; I went to  the stakes that day and looked at theni, saw  niy notice; on the groimd; fixed the stakes with  Mr.'Park for defendants.  We learn that "aTe-hcarin'g Will given to-day.  Zs.iiTUBJjIC  SUPPER.  rioN  n5Cd W  .tion ������f  * no dispatchesV^^^^  the view of coming over and recording the  ground; came over to record and did so as  soon as I;got a chance to got into' the Recorder's office; defendants .had ; not driven any  stakes then;"did not know that the ground was  jumped till the Tuesday following; defendants watched me for two weeks, and tried the  dirt that came but of ray shafts they, said this  themselves. AAA.   Ai A/':.,..  Cross-examined���������The shaft I sunk is not on  tho Caroline Co.'s ground; it is on consolidated ground ;. our co'y and the Ne'er do Well  Co'y threw tlieir ground together for the purpose of prospecting; the stakes;were first put  m our  ground on 29th March last, covering  On Saturday evening last, the 2nd inst., Mr.  R/Greig, late agent for the Bank of. British'  Columbia here, and Mr. M;,'G. Phillips;. late  Recorder for this dist.net, were entertained to  asupp er: by,a large circle of their, friends, on  the eve of their departure from Cariboo.  The  affair came off at theBpndon and;paris Hotel,  Richfield.",, The,table.was well supplied {with  all the'delicacies which it was possible at this  season to procure, and. nothing was left "undone by the courteous "proprietors, that could;  in any- way 'promote tho enjoyment of. the':  party..   Among .'those; present we. observed,:  Judge Cox, Messrs. D'. Oppenheimer, Neufelder, J. Buie, Huskinson, Walkem, Blunt. Thomson, Hare and many others.    Judge ;Cpx 'occupied the.chair, and;MrrD. .Oppenheimer:tbe  vice-chair. -:. ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������.-   ���������  ��������� The cloth having been removed, the Chairman f ose canjrV jproposed.: the' healtJi bf ;tnb ���������;iAidr  ministr^tor; of the .Gqverniueiit,;the: Hon'.'/Mr.  Birch, wliich, was. drank with,.ail; the, honors.  ���������.. "The Chairman then rose and said.it was his  pleasant duty-to propose the health bf.a geri^  tlemau whom we havo all held in the highest  respect and esteem ever since ne came ��������� among  us, as well.inhi3;sociaIas ih.his 'business r������  lations with us, and.who is now about to  leave .thisCommunity.- He proposed-a bumper to the healtliof Mr. Robert Greig: draiik  with all the honors..      ;;  Mr: Greig( returned ..thanks';jfor tho honor'  thathad been clone him; by proposing;.his;  healtb, and the.cordial manner it had been responded, to; he,had done his -best endeavour  to deserve the good-opinion of ail with whom  his.bnsiness relations broughthini:in contract,  how far he hae! succeeded in this is bewt s;een  by-the very - ctimplimenta>y address which that  day had been presented to him by the ; iriliab-'  tantsof .th^'6^'eT&.^.I.tVe������'^aJiryh^ to him:  to know that he left this place accompanied  as hie was by the good wishes-of so many kind  fHflnrls : ho nksn'rfid them nil fhnf.Xvh^A^A-v >������n  and^ thanks. returned .by .Mr.. Burrell,.. :,T1������;  Chai rhiari next, proposed a toast,. fTo" the -ma: -  ried Ladies pf Cariboo,'' coupling With v/hich  the" name" of /Mrs/; Oppenheimer: , H'hichi ,\yas;  drank with all the honors.. Mr. 6ppenheimer  returned .thanks .on. behalf bf-the; ladies of;  Cariboo.;": ��������� '(;; A AAA 'XX lilAly cyXypli y;: yy;, ��������� - *. ���������  : .-j Many;other toasts. were-; given;;-.which :o\\r.  .want *of -space ^prevents us; from ' noticing,  suffice it:tosay that the whore'affair passed off  with the greatest hilarity, and good-fellowship,  and the company separated "sorry to part but  happy to meet again."-   ������������������������������������:.-.. Alw ���������  '._'* "An^ address, signed univeisally ,by every  class in our community was presented to Mr.  G;reig, of which'the folio whig is a copy:  Williams Crc'ok', B.' C,',' 2nd Jane. 1SG4.  ROBERT -GREIG, ESQ , ;.;   :: '.. ;..y"*.'": . .!;..'  '' .RisAB SiR,-f-We luavo just loarn^d  that you arc about lb leave us, and wtelo v;e regrst exceedingly the necessity whicn will terminate our agreeable, social and business .intercourse, it affords usinuca  pleasure 'to bear testimony to your upright, prompt and  man \y cou duct while Managing Agent of the Bank of  Briiish Columbia here j 'and we hope sincerely that tho  change in.your'posiUon will be both agreeable and pro- .  fitable tn yourself, but whether this be the case or not,  you will bear with yon our- best wishes for your welfare  and sacess in.future life.' .  Wc remain, very truly atid sincerely,  ���������;''..    ',;;.-��������� -..���������������������������'.    ���������;:���������;' Your friends,'.  W. G Cox, J. P.'j    T). OrrKXHEixEK,..  Alex. Jack,  ROBKRT BUKRELL,      MrHlljTON*, ... =   JOh'.V   HOW^O.V,  CFulto.v. ; 6.'A.'.Walkem, ':    Taos -IlAitvjsv;  AY. T'sT     AAA II S.'Thomi'SO.v, and 400 others.  Mr. Greig in retuminprthanks tojthe deputation who  waited on him withthoadJroFP, said that it gave him  great'pleasure to find on leaving Cariboo that he had  acquired during bi3 residence here tho esteem of so  many friends, whom he;regretted how to be; compelled  to; leave;? buFwhose- kindness lie should hbv^r forget'.: :  friends ; ho assured them all. that wherever he  was destined to take up his future abode, he  would always possess a lively recolleotion of  the many happy: .days,,he had spent in the  ^flC^??^'   ' ��������� V������   ,    ,;,    J torWilliams creek forlTcteVper lb.   Freight  m^S lltSm^l^2������SQd'���������*?e ^ fch ������f Iwil1 ^en b9 ^ fc������:-thlB as the season, k  MivM, G. Fhiuips; a gen%man who had won yancos.  : v -tGKiNEsELTCE^ES.~^The Gold Commissioner  has had1 an order translated into the Chinese"  language and posted at thb; most prominent  places along the creek, calling; bri all .China-.  men .who are at work on the mines either on  their own account or: .-hired by 'others, to. take  Out mining licenses at once ; he will send out  his constable in a few days to.ascertain wThether  they have done so, and those unable to, produce a li cense will b e liab le to a fine of ������o 0  or three; months impnsohmerit, . ;This is as', it  should be, indeed we: cannot see why these  almond-eyed sons of the flowery kingdom;  should have been allowed to work our mines  so long, ;:without bemg compelled like their  white .bretliren to contribute their due share  of the general taxes of the colony. In every  other country tliey have, to contribute liberally  to the revenue. .-.������������������;.:'(- '���������  SMATJjPox^It is reported that the small;  pox ha,d broken out; among the Indians at  Esquimalt and on the reserve; it has also  broke out among the Indians near New Westminster. ��������� .   ,        ..;,. ...  Goods arc 'being freighted from Yale .* ..'    COUNTY COURT.
..w:   * ���<��-���; '-���
(Before; W,; a Cox/Eiq.)    .;-,;;���'.
///       ;: Thursday, 31st May, 18CC.
Duhig &. Co., v's/McNerhanie.���Action for
��(J1,.amount of promissory note.;:  A; set off
amounting to $75, the; value of a grindstone,
wasput in by;defehdarit.'',.Ip"���"���/-'A
' Professor' Endt sworn, testified; that he was
.living at the Mouth.Of Ques hell e in the spring
bf 1SG5 ; that .defendant, /\vhen: leaving for
Williams creek, gave him (witness) charge of
;;his carpenters topis' aiid pther. articles, among
which was a griridstorie\ tMt, this grindstone
went a^hiissing one fine evening; that the: Professor then laid ariLiriformation with the Mar
Vgistrate of the theft, haying been, committed ;
that he afterwards discovered .tlie .stone in
. 3 )uhig Js possession; but to ok lib "steps, to have
it removed from there; 'was in the; habit of
'. sharpening his toolsph it 'while lit., was _ 'there.
Judge Cox���It is a wonder^ possessing the
intimate knowledge ,ybu do of the art of slight-
of-haiid, mat the stone ;;��did hot dftappear in
some mysterious way; but of plaintiffs keeping.
.   . John.Buhig sworn.���Said that a man named
Livingston'bought the'grindstone and. left; it
with him,.sayihg;that Mc^erhanic owed him
;   some, wages and he. had taken' the"stone ;as
security;.Livingston took the  stone; away
again..', aAaAA-AAAA:;A' ���'���' i. A AA/Awi\
;  The^Coiirt said that asTno proof had.beei
.brought to show. that'Dubig had'-"any control
b ver the sto ne, lie co M no t therefore re cognize
A -.-mAnt far nl'ainttff'havh.'hVft. hv mnntlilv inst.al-
&jiaBiiiVmaNiitfmwttTiwn\ fflfimw Hr^.V->*"l Vht
��� . will^ until further notice, be kept at the ���    .;
and Mr. JOHN BOWRON will be the Acting Postmaster
wm. Geo. cox,������;;.'
���X: .    J. P.
,- ,Richnold,B.C.,-    *)<���' a.
1st May, A, 1). 1866. j     : A .;:
���   W .;.;   QUESNELMOUTH,
T. li. JOHNSON, Proprietor,
Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best
..- description. ��� '"��� s :
;.-.-.,     .-.-';-;    QUESNELMOOTIT,    .      pp,
-    BROW & GILlilS, Proprietous. ,
Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard!Table, &#.
Stabling for Jlorscs,. Hay and Oats.       s -..-
& CO.,
J. H.
������    . : Merchants and Dealers in
>.-.- ^r.^BT.-w^i?��tt���.-^���-rr.
l: jyioyTtET a cb.,
.... WHOLESALE .&'RETAIL- ';���
Ay."-   KICHFIELD, WimAmsCrcc^ B.C.;..'  " ���':���/;
X\TE HAVE ON HAND a largo stock-of-provisions,
TT .Hard-ware and Vegetables', and are .determined to sell t.h'eni. cheaper than, any:other store oh
Williams Creek; Come and see and judge for yourselves,
ylllichmd, May5th, }$C0-a Al.. ���       j
;'Z GIROD & GUiCHONj. .r
. ; Old -Established General' Stork, Asi-
Storage, <5co.���Terms most Moderate.-. .
������ ���     QUESNELMOUTH.   . "    .s   . -
BOYD & JIEATH, Proprietors, ;. ;
qpHIS.noUSE is'situated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth.
1 The proprietors having lately fitted, up. bedrooms
and good" Beds are now prepared to afford every- accommodation "for travellers; the table is furnished with all
tVift'im-iii-tne fhnt t*nn Ko-mvin.niwl ��� * 1.1m Rftf ik\vf>11 Rim-
English & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses V I
'   ; dcrclotbmg1, Gloves,, nnd.every,.deEcripaon'.r1
-. -. ������;'���' "��� Drapery Goods.;' ���    w
; Receive, regular supplies by Express via PanaiM
by sailing, vessels via;Cape;4Horn.. -.."������:��� A
J3QT Particular attention given to all orders
���London Firm���j; P. TCNSTALL& Co.'    *"���'   ",'
riLLIAM ZELNER, deaior Ju- Drugs vA
ci.nes and CnEjvfiCALs, Fancy and Toilet Arn I
Sponges, Brushes, ^>erfumeryT kc.   'Physicians'i'5
scriptions carefully compounded and f>raer3an��w   I
with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V:I.    ;  *JW
' * -     ' "       '. '_������ ���''"
U. ROBERTSON, Wine and Spirit M* |
��� chant, Victuna, V. I; .;. , ;. .;.; y". * - ^|
the luxuries that can bcprocured;'tho Baris well sup
Bakery^ Co.
Goloriial Hotel* Soda Creek
. ��� ;���>���>^ McLEESE &; SENNY,-Proprietors, 'A a.
House.; There is Good, Meals;. Good Beds; Stabling
for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay;       ,       ������.-. ;^l-s-
I'SAY SAM-!, H��w is- it your, Boots woar so Ir,
. and keep, your foet so dry r. _ Because I purely j I
Charity and Butler, Government Street, Victori-
f.: - ofl*' amounting to $3.3 was allowed t by dpp os-
' ��� ;ing-credit6rV--;'y;\-;:0;;.\:>--:.  ���': iwywyyx .; ;
Mr. Walkem oppose^, the'application.on be-
; ;; iAKKEI^VILLE:;v;   '
MUNpbRF!V&^ PitopniBTORs.
...      :    -Meals'ready at ailhoure., '���; a
c adjourned; for
* sideratibn of thq Judge of the Supreme Court.
-.x'Jnrlrrp; (~!fiY fi^ihin'rinfl '���' tli p. r,n<?f4iirkf'nrflinfr1v
t) Garaena^d,Field Seeds guaranteed..Have onhS
a'carcfully selected stock.-oft the above,from'tbehi.
European nnd American JIarkcts. Thc:oarlyordfR.|
iheir friends In British Columbia-aro solicited h I
^~ -t^lar^1^mvyn-is^'aHe^to--their--large stock of:Gf&-
J 'Clover,.Vhd Onion Seeds j of: very superior-qusiiir'
Fruit Trees and Bu3hes, Evorgreens, -Shrubs, .Grcf-.'
lio'use and'-Garden Plants, Standard'and Dwarf P/i
of oveiy variety.   Catalogues on application. '  i.V
fHENRY   SdHORLINiQ,      ;
/;:.'.:.-;'V:';' AAAAAyas'winkle,'"''a//./ AA'Aaa..
Dealer in al Lki nd s of Pro yisio ns, Cl 6 thi ng, &c
'"im;, Stab ling for Horses;- H��iv, "Barley.and Oats al-
ways on hand. :   ���."���������'���:*    !'"'    '' ":''X.yllA'.'A   .1-8
. i   ' 'F.. W. Fostek, Agent.
posmgoretutors.v '--.'.;-.;-      .- ������  .-������ ;���   -v-Y-
�����:.*.v:'������};"<><���<���..u --;   -y-��� ���''"Xi'iA   " 1'ixp i/Ai;;'���;'
;; ;s  Jorixi AbAms, beih^, called upon for a contribution to foreign missiohs,;remarked:'1^1 have.
'���/.���}: .310 tbing'to give -for the cause j ���:but^ there are
in the; vicinity;. six. ministers���not'. one. will
;;;j>reach in.the.other's pulpit, y -Now I.will give
. , as miich, and. more than anyone: else to civilr
.';ize.these clergymen.^a- ������:���-.   Xv������-���:;: ;a y .A, ;'.��� .;
a iA   t-.i       i.if- t":: '������ ''��� -���������(��� */���������    : -i'W'1. . i^liE" UNDERSIGNED are now maunfacturiug FLOUR
:   A Bachelor of thirty years of age writes to   X. of all grades: Extra;'.Superfine.and'.Fine.. . Feed
tlie 'Country Gentleman'Tor.a receipt for bean  Crushed7 to order. '.���
b6.ii p.    A lady corresp on den t. "rep lies," "Get,
: a wife that^^ knows,-ltdwto make it.":^ ; f   :
���{ Have you found'a verdict? " said a judge
to tlie foreman of a jury; "/'No;y6ur.honoiywe
'   . have hunted through every nook and corner
��� of the room; you' sent lis; to/.and . we can-'t find
nary one," ' '.[��� ,. AAA< A . -..-;v.--., ������      ���-
-j;--' :^p*jf you want good Cbifec Use. "Fell's. .
;. i\Y.e like the story of. the!, biacksmith," who
was requested.to bring a suit:for slander. He
said he could go" into, his shop, and. hammer.
out a better character'than, all the courts..of
the State could give.him.  '/���.- p. .A
The; cheerful live longest in life,, and after
. . it iii our regards.  Cheerfulness' is the offshoot,
of goodness.-   It is a sanitary principle as.well
to the body asitothe mind, and it is to both
the cause and-effect-'of health.
L Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious and
airy.and thc.Bcds.cannot be surpassed for cleanliness*
and comfort by any'in the lower country; the Table; is
always supplied Svith 'the best of victuals.-; Stabling
for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.;
EBRODRICK, Coal and ��� Produce Deaus i
��� large stock of Hay^'Oats; Wheat and Barley of ti
��es.t description always 6n:hand;-'aIsb}-Nanai'mci &.?.
���Rsh,.Blacksmith- and Cannel:Coal..-; Orders.sent'i
VhionfWharf, Victoria, y.':I.,. wilhyreceive. immiHij^
���M-:/ :���
T\ENNIS ."MURPHY, Proprietor. , This House
XJ is furnished with every convenience for the comfort of Trarcllers ��� tho Culinary ��� department; is under
the superintendence of an experienced cook; the:Beds
are clean and comfortable ; -the Bar contains the best
of Liquors, Segars, &c. ' Stabling, Hay j Barley. i&.Oats.
fM. HENDERSON, begs to inform his friends
aud tho travelling public generally/that ho-has
'fi ENTILE'S Photograp"hie;Gailery, Gom
\X ment St, Victoria, V..I,,-.opposite Hotel doFr,w
Views ot Cariboo and Scenery throughout Britishc��
nmbia, includingViews ofthe route to Big Bend, altw !
on hand at liberal rates. ��� i:{ '
TTrBBEN &, CARS"WELL,�� Importing Book-
11 SELLERS & STATIONERS, constantly'sunjW
receiving from best sources^ School, StauUaw. andlfii.
ccllancous Books, and. Staple; and Fancy -'Stationary it
all its.Branchcs, ���, Corner, rates, and Langlev. w'nt:��
ViCtpria,,yan;c6.uvcr Island.    ��� ,..:.,,   ,  :..   ���* fUa '���
���1J Caps, Boots' and Shoos, CarpotiDgs, Oil Cloths,
Wall Paper," &c ,. Li Ilooet, E.G...-       . .. .. l -s
Lillooet   brewery,;
JACOB . MILTZ, ��� Proprietor, has always on
hand.alar^c and superior stock of. Lager ��cer; at.
the Bar will be found "the best Branches, Wines and
Segars; the public are invited to call. 'Prepared to All
all orders promptly:    -(-     ..-.. ,������.,,...���,. i    ���       l*s
WM. MANSON,.. , D. A. McLEAN," \
;     ' Prppriotor, . * ...Agent.
J_ for. tlie comfort of.travelers; tho Tabi�� is supplied
with the best of everything that can be procurd, and
the cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms
for families; Stabling, .Hay, Barley.and Oats.     1-s
"p':..-P. .WHEARj-Tailor AjiOcTPiTTKR.'-l^rtStreti.
lb��� Victoria, V. I, opposi te Bel^Hive Hotel,.vhmh
is prepared to supply his.numerous patrons with evsiy
requisite for Clothing suitable. for.'every season of &
-year.1 "Ay W^yr? ymyyyywyP:yyy:^
t'  ''* ,   -.     ���" ���     '-���.--- -     ���     -   "' ~ *' I
THOMAS "W'lIjSON. ;& .CO., Importers of Euf
J. l.ish Merchandise, wholesale: and ret��il ��<?al��H ki
Day Goons, &c.; Yates Street; Victori'��, V. I." Od enl
after 1st .Tune next in Goverhihent'Strect, opposite t\ I
Bank of British Columbia. .���: '���>-. ��� ���:���...���:  A.:u,
LBERT CRYSLER has opeucd the above House for
c the-reception of Travellers'; the Table is well kept
Thr U.vtvKRSAi* -Practice of. mixiug Chicory and
othi.-r adulterutivos with Coaee, has very much damag-
cd in public estimation, what ought to be tho most
delicious of Bcwrages.   So cnectually have the public
been drugged with such mixtures that the true proper-
lies have been"lost sight"of, and'rfiaiiy"prefer a black
;   and thick iuiusioh to a drink richifn spirit and aroma,
trs'neral as is the uso of Coifee,--it; is-little known 'that,
Jh.condensing tlio'.yapore" extracted from the berry in
_��� ro:,*liinSl a l|q.UQr_is obtained of the most..nauseous
'' faste, aniTof: ascent the most uiio"eafable'.1  'Under such'
. cifcuinstances it is evidently important that air the
,'jnses and Uuids extracted by. roasting should bo:car-
rtsHl'-off as quickly a.s possible, in order to prevent their
n;tur��ing agfiirt to the Coffee' w&iph is tho case in the
conlincd cylinder.   :Thi3 object is admirably accomplished hy the new and patent,''Conical COtlee Roaster"
ax used byM'ELL &;CO., Victoria^. in Which the berry
j ri; directLy exposed to tho rad iatod h cat,' and. th c vapor;
extracted carried ofl*"instantaneously;     In addition tp
the advantage to.bo\derived by the rapid: removal ofthe steam containing tlie objectionable properties, -tlie.
pure aroma of the Cdlfee is rotainqd, the .essential oil
b ei ng p reserved and not exhausted' as in the Cyli a der
Roaster, \yhere the Co/Tee is required to'remain a much
longer time in consequence of the steaming- it. under-"
goes by the contlhed steam.   It is,cheinically imppssi-
1'jle to retain the qualities or arrest"tho deterioration of
Coffee when ground.-  The heat engendered by the pro-.
c��M of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an
action in the elementary parts which gradually destroys
its litness for drink.    But to retain the essential oil
which it contains we have it encased in tinscontaining-
fronvl lb. to 28 lbs., and whieh can-be had from any
of tlie respectable dealers.    AVe can confidently recommend those who have hitherto been obliged to regain from taking Coffee on account of its ill effects,
rhat they may uso our Coffee, roasted in the Conical
li'ix?ter,"being recommended by all medical men under
who&e n otioo 11 has been. brought, and by numerous
a t i lcr tes i i mo ni* i U I a' i ts favor. '.���'.'���' F E LL k -CO.;
ceffee llerchauts.' Yate^'st,. Vict
QPELMAN and McKENZIE, Proprietors.
O This House is welt fitted up with Good Beds and
the Bar is furnished wi tli the best Liquors;. Meals are
served at all hours on the Restaurant principle; Stabling for Horses, Horse. Feed, kc.  ...   '.;..'.'. 1-s .
Pioneer Hotel���Lillooet,
riHARLES "NELSON, Proprietor. This old
\j established House is well fitted up for the comfort
of TraveUerCj^ the Table is, supplied with the best of
everything that can be bad, and the' cooking is not inferior, to,the best hotel in the lower country;: Bedrooms
for Families; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, kc.
The Express stops here,   .      ,   . ; % 1-s
and the Liquors cannot bo surpassed ; the Beds are
HOTEL DE, FRANCE,' .Victoria,* V. I, Jcei .
Biune and Pierre Manciet, Proprietors.  Tl:cR��.
taurant is.supplied with all the delicacies" the muto
aflurds..  In ,tho Bar will bo found the choicest "jqcok
Furnished Rooms, &c. '.:���.'*.     . .     ;. . i-s
BKERS, and LIQUORS and depot of Havaua Scgari
Goods forwarded to the Mining Districts. ,,        1$
. \" FRANKELuVictoria, V. I.,: DeSrl^FS
Ix. Ski.vs, Hides, w.o.ol, kc. Liberal ad varices milt
on Furs consigned. Rcferen'ce~G. Sutro k Oo., Spcr-
borg & Rueff, Victoria; V. I. J "** ��� Is
clean and comfortable.
Stabling for Horses, Hav and
JAMES HURON, Proprietor. This commodi-'
ous Hotel is well fitted up with .every convenience
for.the comfort of the public; tho Beds are all that a
weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with
the best of Dire; the Bar contains the choicest brands
of Liquors and Segurs; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oats,
Barley, &c. i-s
MRS. HEIN, Milliner & Dress.MAKER/Govcrt-
ment Street, Victoria, V.-I. .All kinds of MIHiflrt?
ofthe latest style kept constantly on hand.   Qrdtf
from the country punctuallv attended to. ��� U
 ;        . ;   -. * : ���:';-.-���   "-
PETER 'McQtXAD^;B*hip  Chandler, and
X   dca ler i n Pai n t% Oils; a nd Wi nd o w Glass.. Ato'tf
on hand���a' large stock of Rope and Canvass.   "���
Street, Victoria,-V; I.. .,     -. , '   !    ��� ;'VJ4bi
WM. MACDONALD, Proprietor. Winers and
others destined for tho Bridge River Mines will,
find every convenience, and accommodation afforded
thorn.!! Good Bods and a Table well supplied
IORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor.. Tliis house.
i affords every, accommodation'for tho comfort.of
Travellers; the Table is furnished with all the delicacies
of the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest
of Wines, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for horses;
Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand at low rates.
Newly milled Flour for sale cheap; 	
the delicacies of tho season-..
with all
BACIGALUPE, JIkrchaxt' and Packee,: "between Douglas and Li Ilooet; :   Always on hand a
good stock.of Provisions, &c: l-2m ;;
The Bonaparte House,
SEMIiEN" &: PARKE. Proprietsors, at, the
Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is
now open for tho accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 20 miles; from SavanasSteamboat
Lauding, 22- miles; from .Spcncc'S" Bridge, So mile's.
Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit
the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay k Grain;
attentive hostlers. Stage loaves here twice a week for
Big Bend.and yale, and once a week for Cariboo":.  l-:s
L. SMITH:k CO., Proprietors. : This House-is
wel I fi tte d up for the accorri m odat ion of Travel-
Iers to the Bridge River Mines. / Good Beds, Stabling
for Horses. Horse Feed, &c. A Stage runs twice a week.
betweeu this house and Port l>ouglas on the arrival of
the steamers from behnv and connects with the Lake
Boats for Lillooet. i-s
LEV/IS LEWIS, Clothier ;Vates Street, Victoria,
opposite the Bank ol British North America;     1-s
A T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-wav between
;\. Spence's Brid^o and Clinton, on tho Yale Routo,
Travellers will ihu[ Good Accommodation.   The beet of
living, of Liquors, aud of Wines   . Fresh Butter,,Milk'
and Vegotablog.   food Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s
TAI SOONG- & GO���'Coniinissio|iMercliauaiir.-
porters and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Rice, Sugar,
Opium, Nut Oil, Provisions, kc.. Cormoraut Street,^ic-
toria, V. I. ... ���    .  ..   ���  . . 1-3B
WO ON & OO., Importers and Bailers 'M0
kinds of Chinese Goods and Provisions, Kice,��*
gar, Teas, &c., Cormorant Street,-west of Governing!,
Victoria, y. I,   , ..: .sly Chin Kay, Manager.
1? WATSON*-Watchmaker,' Jeweler A
AJm: and Engraver;' Yatos-street, above Gov* jpjgj
ernmept street, Victoria, VT I.T WA r'~r"T-H~7i*s-
miLSON &: "MURRAY. GiiocKBS, Vstttjgj'
,?��' Wine & Spirit Morchants, Bakers &Corifcctlon��R(
Fort Street, Victoria, V. I.   -,,,;  ; -.;���"   .     '��� : ' **,
; rtRELLEY :&'FITERREt Impbrtcr^&'W^
IT m\q Dealers In Wines, Spirits and LiQW
Y-ctoria, V.I.;   ;    ������ .. yyAy.   ,. ;:     ..-..;-.. 1^
QPROAT & CO.! (laicAnacrson'&&).pfflgjl
���O and CojviMi8SidN: Merchants, Store Street, vici�� -
orably k n own house is now open to the pu hi ic: the Ba r
i \V JrALLAXDAINE.COhLKCTORArGKNKftALAGKNT is constantly supplied with lhe choicest'brands of
toria. | IXt* Govemix^nt^ st-re9*r -Viclorw, Vanc^uvor-lnla-ad.   Li>;
YTTON SQUARE, New Westminster,B.C.
f now occupied by W. K. STEIN.     The above fav-
���������n  sutro ^:dd;ri^B��^'"Am::Bw^j?
XX*  ;CIGAIW, TOBACCO, Meershaum'Pipes, &o., ^
corner of. rates and AVharf street, Victoria, -.yj^.
B. HAO-G-IN, Physician & ^SGEO^noar^
ner of Yates and Government Sts>;, Victon^. ��
PIERCE & SEYMOUR,' dealers in BEDDig I
1.   FntpiTURE, Broad Street, Victoria, Y. y ^ |
AAIRE & a-RA"NCINI, Sabdwarb *'CW**f E
\J   Mttnnn-AWTa   Whnrf sat.wftfc...Victoria.:V.i. *���
qno 1*5 and Bj*gar.-J,
V Merchants, Wharf Street, Victoria,
\Thi��rt'��tr��oi., Viot-oria, V. I.


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