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 j^m^ms^  Eft VILLE, SATURDAY^ JUL09V?65  LD COMMISSIONER'S JDOTJWt   Z  ^Bolto^^-C^48ifl ji!f'y - :,������������������'-���������-:��������� W������&. \ A  s,: ^fy$^^t^0^^f*$$*&  ^,^^idAl^^gA^fji'. by Joni* (Taylory .iris.  W^^m-^ock Drain co'y, by John Adalr.-^  :iMttIna a suit to toake the foffendany show;  riiy 2flwy should, no t clean put; *put ifa  pfctffi Hume that, portion of the Bed Back-  "|%hich;} extends over ith'e^jMaias-:e^-'  | claim j aniwhy ti^^puia.S^^ayi  |damagesfor allowing the drain to care  ,fro occasions and thereby * fill up the  Ps drift :for 39 Says, and also for labor  terial in timbering^ plain tiM drift for  jon of:ij|i|d:j|^j5k- Drain, according to  ^j^SSe'viky-tlie ZGold jCorataissieaer.  as a cross case,o/: tho Bed Rock Drairi  . rs. the Adams ^company, calling  ^^^PV^fi^^^0*^^ sftf s^oo'jor  d^ne; to (^dr^^cJciDWiil ihlAdams:  clear out about 75 feet of old Pxain,'  ^aajpaandlputjit itt-worlring order.!  &rfe6n' appeared'? f6rvthe Adams com-'  fc%Mti ^pr/$rihs>'assignees otJtfiei  ^^.-lengthened fitting oilthelCb^rt;  :' saidHhat^hilst thetowne^ ^claims  jlptect-tne':!^  ,wfc#f the>���������ourt to sa^y the -conXpanr  f.,J^|ffigtir outlet and: they' w������i������ entitled to  y::|pl^r������tiori.-: iHeride^amd41 udgment until  ^Ifflup^ted the placevwhere l the,. Drain, cav-  ;SS3Eww^. ��������� c*~ ^ #U%V.-&* 's^^iT^-'-;? ���������'-.  5g^^������r      .       '   ~" Tuesday,,25th,JuljrVY,  ^^^^p^ jFE%|iit:pRopaR oiVrsiow/^ r:;^r4"'  jli||f^  ^Sl^fel^Pn^t lpt(#infei\a companyJsri the  p^||������l)anl:of;.Williams;-f.ereeki-Called'the  |S^Mp^pany^took^p-40d foet of^irotund,  ������|||jij|^^^iongingi. ;toV:the)^caho������^(^;9m;-  ||������ij||^^gubsequently. sunkSMaft*^feoli  l^l^p^Miy consisted br seven persons, one  ^i^pl^p^ld a: full intei'est and the remain-  ,?|ing||jjf|li!y half interests .each.... After the  ^M^^^SWv^?���������J>|ay&$&iclii CaSjoins theirs,  W^^^^L^py m tBe*..bill, ; it 0^ agreed,  jal^^ teije'^pisbOrfeet of  ;|������i^^^^H^ihe name .tosfh#W^tl(^|er^6^.  ������||^���������BJ^flO0,feift^,JMir. Pioneer^ who origin-  ^^fi^^lOO' foet, not wishing Jo &$$ep.t store.  i^^^ffN>r^a4 Wali5r: 'ta^^y^ii^Q%-^4'  ^^^^ftind- than; asit^fu|l Shareholder,   Mr.  IjpiS^ 1 company.:  |ft^fc^ughan'7and" ^ew^^ccording to  ||||������jM as  ll^^^^lof ;courselhai:-their partners, would'  '^J^^n^ &sd ��������������������������� monger of the company;  - ^!^���������tef actually:; IJ&L0 A ������' nian ���������''. $64; A to  : ^^^^K^?i Ml-interest - fbrtlie week -after  ^Sftttp^mpted. v.. However :it; after wards  ftu������|^^ffitthair with the exceptionoX&pwh,  ' tjj������^^^|ed to mllow the other memb������m to  :-<^^^^^;:an:^he^;^ene^te-vw1iie  ���������|^il^P^ld:eonfor^-^d|s6|i^i:t^  '���������;tiipl|^K&hfc,;J6r'ratfier^e:^  ^:To;;Tira :Ebi^ pp; ta^  i; StB^^ereis npt^much^^  wo^ mentioning. ^ ^^PA^^^P^'v^^^,  3Wc^^^n^i%  latt^ln^harge ofthc.P^^  the Lady of-the Lake, belonging forrnerlyi to  Chapman.^The fanners' yrho bought seed wheat  here are in doubt whether/ or.-]not it^paii��������� fail-  seetl; from {present ^^eanii^a it tei^ldjseeai|  t^be^f as lhe"seed ������r6wiT last 'seaspn; ���������.and"  80wa:fst the same time in the spring with- ini-  ': ported- seed,; is' so far advanced1 as to befit fo)r  harvest^in a for thigh t, while thi;ot&r^������nly  commenbihg to spread but; people areItoo apjt  toTlook at the dark >. aide of-the picture^" bul  certainly it will- be���������; a serious] loss; to:jEhb \'3isr  tric^if such %hpu^d! i>erth^ase." A MP calcup  la^ toih^e ^ew] IsaHe^i&i $he>market iii  "thrie sy^^;rt^v present price is six beh&|  although for cash it can1; be bought fpr four.  The; Ret; Mr? Reece,; of Vibtbria,;jhe}d:1)iVia*  at'HigaBar, owned l>y G/Roiuntree &.jQ6.r3a!  paying wellfthejra^slulci^  '^^EUi^yi^.i W^reshietita Magiitrate^  amred,' in foiir/ days jand iv ^alf-lrbin; thfc  creek. ] i   - ; ty~.- i������ ywj'sl A* -.��������������������������� ��������� Ay  f ^Ii00e^ly43tli^ ��������� l^^swwy:A  A ^BiSGRACfiFori^GoNnux^^hortiy; after Lthe'l  Gold^Gdn&tisslon^tbbk&w  _ J3^^iTOK:OF;^r^^I>- &;^MLOOPSLAXE3.  l^Capt, -'Houat^:^fttp9-.;^dson^'���������-Beiy company?a  ithe  J6rl Motid% laBt^^;{W^::i^  :an; mebrl^fed?fiiinb ,df theiaw,^ who had eonwll5% firom a visit to theselakes^ ' Theiraptkiii  ���������into coWin ;a ^easti^^^s^  A^wsA&^������Wy&fiA ''J&^Aw^yw-^wa^^.m^\_^  pfc$ti0p^  ;river ^llich o^nhectsUhe! two lkkes ������������������ 'Ostnl also  be< jenii������������������^^throiighitovthe. other.-without^ifflcul ty.  Thb:prpje)6t^d fttoa^mer; Will darry^pasVen5gers,  to^ within fortefiye miles of-the} hew diggings  at the Great Mhd o^theC^iumbla:*iy^^The  Coiapany,^we iieaKi willl imroedialely������coni-  mence the construetian of'������ suitable orafti:--  'YictoriaChroniole^ -     ���������- -~-^;-r \.'yn A A A."  ���������Mm  To ran Editor ^jtiib/^ai������|^?jbntinbl.^  Sra,-~-twi8h througfr^oui;r paper to make  known to the pnbUcimy particular- case. \ I  pdjne to jthisCountryi!n;J 1861 ^witht ^he^imall  meansx������fc $200. Rafter trying mining^unfil I  became so.poor;thaTl^was^hardly able to ob-  taina livingl turned my atten^on t^lher  branches of business "for^^pl^i^iAjiA'ppii  br the  r4ng  ;|^Hii^^|and defsadanW  ���������., ^,���������7W  pi^l^^^ as that of ^hich the defendants  A^0^A^MtyraM ordered.thevhUl dainiSitobo  ;;'^^|^K?6������^hail|-^ Plat 'CUsee^^eSik-  ^^^ctslpn'' ^whlcfi > see���������iaed .tegiye igen&z  ^SactionJ'  ''"   " ��������� '.���������"-'������������������ 1 - - >- w]  he 'Columbian9 Isarnsl ihat Antoine  ^,^^^go9" the murderer ofJJHfc. Ogilyyrhas  I- '-^^^eetiedrlSS m^trnMoZ MiCTi-Sr������w  ***"   ^ ^di^ &a"Francisco armed with the,  w papers; toN^flure ������^ of  'Wflmimm.. ^^.m������'^^Jy^t/^m^ --Mdore/  idf tlie flrm, of Searby <fc Moore of  wmj ^hadiwn-fbund flbatihgifa San Firan:-;  -.-. /,J^^feW m'hi&U&en missed^ for several  ^^^p|a;|^4,^lay-wm.leared^-- - "���������*���������-��������� ���������-���������^���������������-  fPhe IndianT Ahab^ohi'of the ���������feilcoa"  t^erers, was^exeeutedr^/ New Weppr  |on|the;ISth inst.w*." a y. \i Ai,<P.i . "tn.-h  wood at the Fprks; of ^Q^esnel'Afm $2,50 per  cord, /lik, tSel winter olpj$6f-Iput; a bridge  across the"; Kbrth Fork' with my^own hands;  fcumng^ Banad  made some money, and also, i^l������63.by������tbe  j|mbla^rs:5in^r86X^  [cut one. toSfieMbrksi 8 milestone 'to Davis'  icrqsaing^K^it^leys cpe^ek,^  ^^SS^Mtfr^jan^ y^al������|llBlairteioh ft^grarid'  ���������expedition;?of cutting^a. tiiail -fi^ojES tfeej 108  mile post, Wrigtit?s ��������� ^g^on^road,/tajQuesneL  jLak^fa^stan^ ; afterjexpending  ^250016r^cf0^I^^Dbii  jj^yeranient formed  $3000 was given Abie^ ^or-that jjurrjidse, j>y  which me^ns-lsUcceededan^u tting ftWeugh  lajstj year. /I .then iad .--to  bui\!d- wfiarires/  houses, aSte^in o^er^������s^  distrtictiohV uhtilShad^ siMt the nica-littfe  sluniof ^i^^OOai^duM^ last Reason l#vpet^  ions crossed; p-rer the Jpkpj;.whdhi1! bharged  $2^p������J* bead; T in 'Jtfiitf: bpemtilbn iX Jpst afeout  $1 ori^e^y2pasj^erij^i*^l^  I boats1 |nd?|hree ? men sojthat i^^J^^%ptniA  JSave cauib' tb ��������� complainl >? ^I^ifbuhd: by eiperi-;  Wnejeitjiat-lhia1 wouldhot dp^SbUs^It&li-fxjpJ;  a! trailiround the lajr^, al^stax^e; of "12 miles^  which eoft^b $l(\Q per mile,; ^this an^liuying^  ahf&e.> Machinery^which^ now lies at^Lillobetjr  ^i me in debt some $800.   Haying two men  employed ia^brde^^thiat'^ie; jpubiic jfibiiid be  acco������nmodat������d;.,;l-tlibji'cbncli|ded I;wipuId go  oh m prospecting tb������rvjip ^the Me, :and.a4so  to lookf(ff'ffte remains ,of two n>iftbrs ^p^s?  ed to h������V������: feeeni^nufdered ^^Indians-last  fall���������which the Government has hot.thought  fit to? look- aiter; ^though 'they have'; bepn inbr  ^ileid'of 'the faptaA' I btoe ov^er to this crbek  toi ^i^me provisions for. that purpose and I  lave applied tor most; -Of the' hierchantr that  ,have'gor6ds:and could not getsownch as a  seick of fiottr.   I.theh^"is1 a last resort, applied  to; Judge Cox, as the i3^vernmeriiLagent, for  ������te loan ������f $260, which was also refuse^ aa  fee had no^^ftuthprity^ ijiit he very generously  oflfe^eb! if ^.l;wouid get:up a subscription list  tojBigii it himself j  I could not do that hbw-  eyerisas if I have got that low in the esUma-  ifdn of tljtft people it is timefleft ^Ke .cbuhtry  for thSountry^good.- -���������"���������--"���������:-���������::- ��������� ^"w*'- -���������-^  * *��������������������������� 1 ���������    ��������� n     ������. -    p"������  - _-������._������������������ -      -.'*'-     * ���������    *  Respectfully^ycfurs;  WMa.ms Creek, July 26(th, 1865,  4 libt very crbflit^bie ^anecddtedsi told  0 the "i&w^ Czarewitch, who has just been  proclaimed heir to the throne. One day,;  when he was^ut walking, an old soldier'sal-  ;ufejd" film with the left hand, andPriniBe Alexander rebuked hjm iii very harffi language.  Thereupon the��������� ro^n^iei his clpak drop^and  flhowbtfthat hU1 right hand had been a?npu-  tatedV; '"Your highness," he said, "J fpjt; |fte  other at Sebastopol in defen.ee of niy couutr^  The prince instead.of aj>blbgjfljpg; replied by  ^alHn^t^i^ajj an idiot.  ;td-bbn^e1^a;i3^^: ;';::At^r>vainly^d>is^,  disturlie������\^.5^'v W  courii the wspeited'Commiiisibtie  bearahceand^cbni^yrtb'al  before hiintiireBfell ;knowh? was reluctlantly  compelled^^4o^hdve-the-drunkard'3Peiaoyed^by  ithp constableppq Nofe/knp^iii^J%baf|be Ji#as  doltig-^^ttrifbrtunato inebriate1 returned^ a"  second and third-\ltimej> w������en Mr, Cox had th^  unpleasant duty ^fceaup^  the:niiserabie* man-tb} be^<^riedinHhe lockr  up until the^i^p^jtfe^^ourt   Itis a sad  speetacle to* see an English hamster l^o Mr;  Park (and wew^ld^  dnt^p^pefly ifiwejia^  hpwfferpainftilkit mayAb&fot us; to^d<> ������<>,)rdis-  gra^ce himself^  clous haljit through w^  resect and .decency in;th^ If  tiiere^were no other r������as^^an^u^pf oonsid-J  efaff6n**i^^  belPtigs,J?:Mr; ?Park should place some restraint;  uppu conduct :^icb>is^f&t������ driving-ti        ;  ruin.    We shouldjhave stated that &e <case  which Mr, ^rk^had Mn hand was kindly ad-  -jpur sed; by4h^^^is^oner:^  idayjtvwhen --y-iiisW^^oir^unWte Jjclien^-iad^the  gPod^etrtesrto linip^  ���������ducfifc^^ y.:i������}*/iAi   A��������� 'Z*Zaa'  iB&faxQApxQw^  W?e were showji]:atle'tterkm-'^dnesda^lftst  from tr-minernaf A^eist. ;|^^tminst^ who ^as  coming- here tdjfioj������?af fcer nisielaims'and who  fW Mmaelf sp^i&^fr^M  <^ve^menTM^;^|iaS, soldV putta*l(his jn|  tresis and abandoned the ppuntry^ He had  b%eri- to iGfaritibb three seasons, and>nas^beeni  iu'the^ha^irdf rMipg^ up and down faking his  horse with 1uhV to Victoria.; On his arrival.at]  New Westminster |&1^ut| a^ ferfcnigp?sincb; be  ^as'called-.upo,n '*i|o^p*y -duty^for the^third'  jtime on the ^ amo j saddle, whiehshe has always  juseS coming tie^ ^n^former seasons. Feeling that sueh arii imposition was only; ajpart  ol^tta^iniquit^sfsystein of^iMn^ta^tia^  ^b^hich^1riinevpr^;aS>Salpn^/^uTyect^ in .this  Country, he s^^fibrs^^-saadtb, and bridlb,  jturned about:sittdjl.bft^'fcyfe^ii;T^h|&re he,  sold his^aimsliaji^ isaTjonttbilea^re rfofeCal-:  ifbrpia.1;;;}:; y&A-^ ��������� An . -Ayi;rjx >A~t w .^ '  1 Taxation ^r|A^QKS^A,statisiticali volume  just issued Irbp tfiel Foreign Office,! eompiled  from pMcial rbtarns, gives ���������:the- ^llowiS^^ci;  cbjint^of ?tto^^^eiiue^f various ^ec^ntnea,,:  itating the,revenue' asl estimated In^the^lSid-  ^etsfelJnitediKingdom (1863);^^0/ppp[  %ea��������� of-p6pula1tion|:?Frahce(186^),^ 0s.Xd������;  Rttssian^ffipi^tT852);rl2l.fu^  I6s: 8d^.Prui89i|r(l86g), ^1 ^2s> 4<i*> 'tMj  (-18G3), *������i -4i:w.VBelgiiim (1863), M 6s. Id.;  HollarMi:L(186^^,oC^d;j.;gFeden^(ir86v)r  andjthe ^ieh-fes' m^A^^^^yA^^^  of Turkey:(186i^7s; 9d.; Spain and^Baleanc^  Islands^ (1862^^61 6s.4d.; Portugaitiafi^Gij  l^s. Id.; GreeloV (iSGl), 16s, Sd.: .passingjto  thS^W^,d^iS^e^^ - Stitosjii;  the'aaanbiaty&at ^O^i^with a-irov^riW'of  Aj^Oh Sunday.jiight, July 16th, a man  named TimptbvL^r ofiSputh^ostori, Misa.f  flipped ft(6m/f|he^ga^  Joha^anlv/intb ^a^  u  m.  /Z, Gk^Mj^^ ;.  'ft.  ; u.ti* w Subscription, :$1' per w^el^^!>  (I^ludiai^,oos3t; of ^fBll^ery,! ?l^������We^?tii^Claitaek;  -. , AAA ^ *'' ^^-t^^-^^L'���������^,-^" ':Z/jy/ ][  The Wdeitiigned^ill ke^p^^  ���������m i/lp'!A 'c?>a^l;a^prtmbnt!'oJr; p'Z \-A/ A;  ���������������(it' izUitiipi ^conslsyng of " ���������; ^'^/V>ZZ .:'  /Z *r, Botirs, &c.,"&S.5;  v������ -  {���������/���������/ .-w.yS'     *  jCARPENTERfa & MiAGSSMlTII WtOM? h  |H^ij^cR0ss^ua^a^ wm^^msf^/^Z,  ^AW^MLE^;:al|;si^"^iil^  10AStSTEEL;SHdVELS, HOJ^^StlJi^  ; ^/FORJKS/;; Z~Z: AyZZt^t:i(^/uZ  .1 Aaa -^e0^nyt0^/ZiAL Aw/ZZ^/ wAZ/Z  A ///f^^i^p/y^ aAPAAA  yAyyy.. yAAAAw^i  -wi i/iwus^i ":s'r "���������: ^y p/\ ^'Z */,'/ Z  V%$&^ all -I  ,:'   '." /sizes,; . ^ ������,. - -Vv, ZaZ' 'Z *-j- t ������������������'  RIYETS-^Iroav������qopbbr, all^Ms- - -> " ^ -:  SCXTHES^BNATHS/OTONES;;^;^xil\f} '  BAR, SHEETS HOOP &^BMttiRQk r   V'   ;  M^NmiC.RO^ aiaiaba;"...-' ..   " /'. P Z>.  CAST^IRO^r.CAR*"WfiEE������S; ^,;;*^  '''' -:  . j^sm^wiQzzzA  BOOKS^all sizes:;t  tL'^^i^-IBi^^  I8s. 8di;;Brazti'(l86iX; 1^ 64:?"Ch*li (1860)  17s^ia^i^e:ru;|^61)^^LlS^4^  , j [The^ revenue 16r| British Cpiuu^bia amounts  "to very littl^ }<psttlian "Sfcld or ������20 per head  jpV ea^ir Jjif eliihafeitantin the. coloriy!~Bp.];  on Stpiits gulch, ,me|:,.with an- 60cMertt;Son-  Tuesda^la^t,^^ whichu ho Cfeceiv^d^a severe  cujt under one of his eyetv- He was^ walking,  from the mill to liis cabin ^^' tfe tepped apd;  feirdo^h an IpKjHuo on some a tones j having  his l%ds i^i&^pppfcets.attlie dime -be. fair ha  was\ufiablb io - prevent his face-fro^ .coming  Into contaot ^ithf,the stones, :thro������#r which  W:F������jeJ^  'tended by Dr. Chipp,., ,,.:  Another accident of $ still more serious  been^up'bnJliQj;^  lbbii cutting ^e. sibod, and onbis return down  hi felij the l^^k part^of his Jead-striking tt^e  aip, bywbicli '$ severe scalp wound was inflicted, severteg a^'.ArleFyibat/bjiAd a good  deal. .pr. ^(^av^n'Vas^called m and he  dressed'- th^ ^4pit 'p ZZ:-w: A wi '-a- * AA- ���������  Ajp&-The r^um match; between (the; fcrrick-  ���������^eters '^A^hif^^iv^^tA^^ ..yictoria.'foame'  off la^ftie Cricket Grbundr Beacon Hill, Vic-  -tori&FbfeMoirfay, the 17thmstA;androsiilted  '^^^^^^���������.^^W^^ by ?4 ^uiis. -A/- '  atiyely speaking, a wpra^/may^bf  XL��������� Yrhw she is forty,'-:;..'"���������'.'.   -  :P^::paper^  ~ !-: awPE^&d^;'WW- :AwaMa/Apai W-yy^y  vmmjt^ time^bqokbZ^Z-^ Zaaawa  vmM &1������}^ ���������///  y --r:;' -.,,;! Barkerville, Williaraa Creekw    ^^Bntexi)ris0,,,;-''  Leaves iSQPA CRRfiK ^fbr QUlSHEL  '  AND TH0RSDA������y M(JRNIKGS,  '���������"' - '���������'-*��������� r.*AT l)AYlilSHTa AZ Z- . / ���������:  ,��������� v  A    Lenves QUBSNEL for SODA CREEK,  WEDNESDAYS^ SATtTRDASTS a* A A.M.  IE,RATE.SjEOR -PREIGHT by theStagefromYate  |to^ichfiel<l will he.-.-wyy,: : /;.-.-��������� 7;.:;,v'^--:'.- >���������  5 to: 25 lili.''' ' I '.y-ZZ ���������*.������- -:' ,$1,00 ^:^;- i,:  go to 100 lbs -...-. i ,Ak:  90~������ tii  over.100. H>3 ....   .-..   . ...  :     .,:.... .,i75 .U'ffe ..:���������-. s  ;"- 'i .:���������������������������'���������'     THROgGHXN TElf T>At3. "  ,'''/"���������'  ���������-:������������������.:������������������ -;V  i^ir%-;v; -v     p. J; BARNARDi>  fPHB. Sabsfiri^crs tcepectfally intlmats to all:#h'6*������f* ~  ���������J-r mde)>ted; toi them, either by note pr apcouritt that.  in consequence of the: depressed state: of trade, we ar$ ,  obliged to press (of :w immef^ate settlemrnt/ " ��������� *  ���������ji Mr. ,|f..S..'rhoDjpson ^s authorised to collect and fe.  e'eipt for moneys due us.  -.!.���������-' J. H. TOD.D.& CQp. ."  Barkerrjlle, B. C. 7th July, 1865, 6  ���������3  ^  SiUl-LlLBaJf  ^ Jd-'^JIiJ^ijiixi'lli-SV- .iit >_se������ta ior 'tho ffdaxibop Sentinel."  ^onWnkle/ fe.     ������*:,'i    ���������A\^Bm^Mpnm  :>fcuthof teesacl,.-   >T-     -      %"        ..:ao    ;  Connlnghaia, Antler, Keithiey, 8te-  "   ���������feSS&:,Uldia,!0?Wr^ 8poonerVEXPr^;  tfa^l BdST^ -   ���������  -      -      v Board's Express  rilV0^ .    * Mr.*Es-ans, Barnard������s Expired Office  - LWocet.  ���������    -      F. W. Foster;      do -       .       do       '  SSrtmniflrtct. -������������������-.���������.     ��������� _. Clarksoa & Co  Vlewia,     -    /-      -   ;:���������:.      ^Riomaa J. Burnes  "-..,.-���������' -.���������������������������. .TO ADVERTISERS.     -  :  ! Th* "Cariboo Sentinel" Is published every Saturday  "*venlngt-at6-o'clock.-.*.Advertisements intended for  insertion must he delivered at latest at eight oMock, a.  sn., on the day of ^publication. _';';   . , " .. .. . .���������.���������-���������������������������.,:  THE CARIBOO  JiARKERVfiiE, SATURDAY; JULY 29, >G5  ���������;:yj^^A-c8UPPLEMBNT-_contdi2^"%������elglit  j&ommna is issued /with this Rumbor of the  ^���������"gtctingL"/:;.  y . y--: ������������������ ��������� " ' ;:.'"/'.   .  THE GOVJBRKpR^ VISIT TO,CARIBOO.  . vWe hare tbe pkasufe of irifoWinjj.ourread-  ~era that Govornor^Scymottr ia now on his way  to Cariboo. ��������� $xti ~fh9 "'��������� ttiu&y ^nuners.; of .tbi*  region lay their grievances before bis Excel-  -leney !n a manly,���������< straightforward way, and  tbeyg will; have effect.; \ Governor Seymour,  <mtli becoming .respect.. A  The new8-wnich we have-latelypublished  from Kootenay, and the Southern Mines gen*  erallv, 1$ not of that exciting or assuring  ;:;-^amc^er^hT^h' every-one^  early part:of -th������ season.:-.. Wild Horae creek  itaelf it would appear ia only; another Keith.  ley* creek in extent.. So limited is it that not  more than live hundred men can find proflt-  afhto^^ emplo jment^therebn.   Where there is a  population lot, fifteen'Imndreti trr two thousand :collected,;With two-thirds roaming about  idle,"diacohtent wilt undoubtedly prevail to  an alarming extent and lead to trouble.   The  miareprewntationa which have been put forth  to'attract apopulation, ,and the exactions of  the Government, ���������coupled with" the -want; of  employment, will engender we fear a lawlessness that nothing; \ but Judge Begbie's pre-'  aence' and Wholesome severity will serve to  keep in'ciieclc.; ;With regard;,to- the yield of  gold wo venture to say that the Ericson claim,  on Conklins gulch, will produce more in the  season than all the. claims on Wild Horse  creek  Nc'i5oubt many men who arrived early  in 1864 in Kobtehay and took up ground will  be well rewarded for, their ' labor, foixtthey  will be few compared with lhe vast population in the district.  So far very little is known  of the hill diggings, which of course will be  aa difficult to prospect as similar ground here.  From a letter which we published more than  a ���������month ago,  from a reliable correspondent  who was working all last summer in a tunnel  claim on Wild Horse creek, we learned" that  the difficulties to be encountered were such  that they Icould notvbe surmounted in one  season.   This being tSc/case we need not  look for much money from the hill claims  this  year.    With  respect to  tho-v Columbia river diggings, .they are purely myth-  5 cal at-p resent; there is mo reliable Information yet received regarding them. The eteries  which tie Gpyernraent: newspaper at New  Westminster propagates about men returning  to; Williams creek and Wild Horse creek to  sell out valuable claims^ in order to return to*  the new El Dorado are  only creations ef the  prolific fancy of the writer.'. Net one Tnam  has returned here'this season from the Columbia to sdll >out a. claim, and;what is more,. a  sniner .with; a good/claim Itt Ca^oo Idbes n61  require to leave forjthe Columbia or any other diggings on a^dgppseehase;e   Cariboo  we consider is/the pbuntry's 1 only hope- yet,  itad a glanced at the return of gold'which is  ^ivenlin^hnolherfl^ convinoe the  -most sceptical that -.what? we state 3������<correct.  We hope that before the pprcrnment begins  io lay out largejsums iB^maiking roads to the  Southern Mines it will %e satisfied that there  is an actual nejsesaij^fpr ft^m.iiCaribbohas  irirfeafty~ too'in^  after calleij*xgpp tp/p^y foife roads to^ft ionn-  try which ixs"���������'a^ye^yor;-itwo.nencemay/ie.'  aliandoned. It is all Tery well to tiei prepared to mceta^^ntii^  may arise, "hut the sliest prodigality in gro-  manure road making may lead to^ theniih-������f  th������ country by overwhelming it in debt Yrhich  it will never be able to liquidate. y  EASTERN NEWS. y^  . President Johnson is dangerously ill at^asbingtoo;  Washington, July T���������In accordance with tho fl&ltT1DK3  and sentence of the Military Commission David C. Bar-  Void, Lewis Payne, Mrs. Mary E. Surrattand George A.  AtseraU were hangod on the 7th at Washington by the  military authorities. Dr. Mu-id and 0:Laughhu arc  to be imprisoned for life. Spanglcr is sentenced lo 0  years' imprisonment at hard labor.In the penitentiary  at Albany.���������The pirate Shenandoah destroyed a whole  fleet of whalers at the entrance of the Artie Ocean on  the first of April.���������A Vera Cruz correspondent mentions  a rumor that the cession to France of the northern Mex  lean States of Sonora, Slnalao, and DurAQgo so long  talked el would be Anally' conauuiated. in a decree to  be issued by Maxlmililam  about July 1st.  The British P&rMainent was to be dissolved on the  lltb July inst. ..*:-. .    :,     : V ���������'''  .* San ���������Francisco-���������The. Paciflo warehouse, belonging to  Messrs. Standford Brothers^ comer of Broadway and  Battery streets, was" tbtaUy consumed by fire on the  night of the 17th inst; i:   Loss $150,000.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  K. Ev SOLOMON & CO;'S  POSTPONED TILL MONDAY NBXT, Slat,  '���������il.  :��������� -'     '      AT 11 OXLOCK,   A. M.  Dissolution of Partnership  THE PARTNBRSH1P hitherto existing between Samuel  Adler and T. A. Barry, as S������loQn'KeepersvCtimerbnton.  has thi3 day been dlaioJvcd by mutual consent.. All  debts due the concern aro to be paid to T. A. Barry,  o������d-&i*<ft������2c������55*&.da9.h.y sh&W oAnu MiLfef^di^iaj^sii,  by s&id T. A. B^rry.y.lx W:��������� ">. ���������;"���������      "-���������;. '\ '-'A   J_:-  J   ��������� ���������;,-'*.,'>      ^SAMUEL ADLEB,  .      ,"       :".AAA-A ..';,,*T.-A..BAEitv,.:  Bated this 29th day of 5uly,19C5.';     AA *        9.  -<..A*,y/     no TrCE,/^ .'.;... //;/  1K-:JOTURE .iH0^Jb&;THS^2PRiffiS3 SB J.SAVINO  on MONDAT,r.tirir on^ee-wVii be opened at 8  o'clock, A..M., oa thai day for the transaction of.Sx-.  press business, ��������� * *  * BOBT. GKKIO,  -        Agant-  Bank of British Columbia,  Williams Creek, July 22nd,   1805  net so, it was onley that a do hot injoy a musement  my hole nimd arid thoughts are for you. dearest, and  I am much happen-whenil am.;by my/5e^ ..ban scolds  me very Of times fer being so nieiincogr, be says I will  be like oldtosieriif I fcee>on; be sayft I am worse then  a man; hesays I "had ot to be as happcy as a young  lark a getting away from CUriboo,; but -my mind tells  me know, that 1 have left all that is dear, bebnvls; bat  dearestjl put all my trust and hopes in you'an-l there-  fore twill try^to hVpaUence until! ybu come. Dearest;  you abid me not to rite, hut 1 could not wait ancy  longer without e&ther hearing or riting, I knew the.  hearing parte wallmposable but tbe ritlng parte I fcnew  I could do, and iny barte told; me tbat you would not  be angry with me. Itfis very warm and the mi*kctor*  is very bad, they ail. most- eat me up. ;; pesrost Dave,  aa I sit here al! by my self roy harte; Is so fuU of emen  tion' tha t It; is aU most iuipbslble for mo to rite; Ot dear  est, -do>'c6iislder,; howvlo'nley,.I am and.; come.io me as  <aulck as/^'will;!etiy6ui; / ^l>ave;^d6 take care ������f youre,-  Belf on tUe-road down, for the cllm'eatis sb'difrent here  to what it is in,Cariboosv -, Dearest,I; will' be a; looking  with ail iny eyes for you when I anye at.my sister's.  ��������� "Dearest davee I ast you to grant ine 'oiiti r^^uest, an d  that is to keep the StwmiU-CUim; I have groat confidence io it, and it will be ab; nice-*o have a small in/  comii from Cariboo.when wo get home;> .bow; dearest,  I know you will grant ;(ni������ that one small; faviprsad  sequrelt tot me.'; .. '���������/-:.. ;������������������ l;l":'; ' ���������:���������:���������'"';'. '71 As. S'l,. '-  O, deareai, how unhappy it makes me to think that  every d*y brings me futher a^way from you; v Dearest,  do settle up your 6 -buisness and come, for-wehaye-but  one life to live and why not let us get togetber.aa.ft6r*n  as possible.   ���������������������������- y:-. -, ~y- * - :;;- ApyA r������:;-:��������� y\rplp'h:i  (Dearest, t hope you will succeed 1nf yduro undertaking, thai���������is a getting yours ,money,:; ^because you have  the best: rite to .it,, and if you let him ,ha ve it he would  onley bother us when w^e are tiyini" to get .together/ ?.  , ���������'-. Well;ideajresl^.���������I must close,- fbr 'tfie mail closes in ��������� a  half komz, we starte for yail this afternoon at 4 *|r^-  w e traVle all k������agh t to r k nigh v for * the -flrsti ...Dearest,  the people Is very kind to me on. the road, the^ do all  to you-he seams all most aa loniey^ov you^as-Iahi, be  spaeks of you everyjday. .' ��������� f - "---���������'���������' % \ rl*-^ '*��������� A-" ?  Well..; my den dear one, >I>will vhaye < tp.&top^;: but I  could��������� rite ail 'day ;tnow.be sure: and rita,;to'-.me every  mail," If Ifcis but three "words it"will be si comfortfto  here frombtfe so dear;A tJ willllook5 to see you.in to  weeks frbin to day j so may I remain yourse ever^ :  -7 A r: t'....:. :: ,%.-., Annuwa.  ~ -Good-byf��������� mavg^t3l������&j^you for me< -.wx.y::~p.?AAP-.:  X  ^  tl.CE,  S FCTURB, SHOL^LT) THE KXPRESSBB LEAVING  on" MONDAY, ibis office wjli be opened������at 8  o'clock, A. Bf., on toat day for the transaction of Kx-  ;press busineiss,. .;���������:-'���������.-.  ,;. .���������-;:-,;- . i^bk������Tburrelv  '..'���������.'' Manager.   ;-���������  Bank of BrltUh North America, \.     A .':; ���������., V  BurkervlUe, July 29th, 1������65.    > :       v        $  AND   BAKERV  ��������� v        - BARKERVltt^ ' '^VA  Bank of  il  ���������.'"fjr'i  GENERAL ABSTRACT, showing tlie averaze an,.  of the LUBII^IE&vand ASSSTSiof theBmai  Bnmsu Columbia, within the colonies of Brlilphp?  umbla;and Vancouver Island, taken from the Mw p.  Weekly Statements for the Quarter ending ioth $  r^/A/il/^y '";"; XUBILrTIKS. - - . :p ''p  Notea In circulation, ^ - ��������� A.... ^g.. J  Balances due to other Banks. Al Branches, wim S  DepoalUh'cVbea'rSng toteMSt? ^$80,933 K6 ..^wm  Ai do i, bearing interest,  :v A 62,t05 22 ;:" '������������������������������������?. i  ZaAaaa1������^*!  }'\-'yi/'^Sr,  ...���������-i���������������...,Pl>-r  ' it^ta! amount of Liabllitlt?, '���������7U -! p; -  :.A.AAsAr, .���������.;;���������--.assets; ������������������������������������wrw  Legal Tender Qolif in Oold-aBdirSilver,-' $1M Cs^  Gold and^ Silver Bullion, '������������������'. A ��������� A"'. - - ..' 12l8:j I  Landed and other pwp^rty^--^ -,,' . toftiA  Balances due from other B*������ka&Branches, ^mb  All debts due to, .the Bank, including Notoe ,  Bi!l3 br Exchange, and all Stock and .  *���������'' Funded^DebtsfoH every description, ex-. ���������  teptihg-Kotes,- Bills and?!Balances due...:-'.-.'  >o������notacr Banks and Branches,   :if ;,   ; 860,61051  /A: a/a t^Mi  Total amount of Asaeta,  -..  -." *. ' -.Ji, '-���������i*WA:'<:L iixj.  Amount of Capital Stock paid lip at the elosb yA ' I'M  of the Quarter ending Wth June^ 1865, $m$������ Aitt  Rate of last Dividend deoUred to Shareholder!, 10 ^ #  ���������tf������v.-.,. Apply ApA.pA'p .;-v,.;v ��������� :(c3Qt. pJrtt^iyp  Amount of the; last Dividend declared, , j������w xy  Amount ������rtha Referred Profits at the time of y  A. declaring such dividend,-. ��������� A-h A- A ������������������ *- :-.:$ll,m.|;^l  wyiy ^izyy~ippj)SH*ALX8&'Manager, AA  ,I g :* ��������� i������W:y A ^ - y���������;: >,.WM, ^WARD, ���������A������coqnU������,, ,ly  KElTDOO^TO THS OLl>)^TO,  ''^a  'rliWuk>i  ApM  all  DAVIS ,&   HERTUEIN,  EGTO! INFORM the public^thatthey baveop^u k  . jlbPXe^yrhen they will bp happy;to: hare a cjUtai 'A������  those who ������ii:eXglas^^f'OOO0:BSlER. ; '      " A.  ��������� '^4  Tho First  Reduce th������ Price of Beef apsX  Mutton.    -; t-.x--":'l  ���������;..::.:.;;V::.;:;^BARKERViLLE.. - ���������  THK PROPRIETOR HAS OPENED lias STORE OP-  poeite the Hiberuia -company's claim, In BArkorvllle,  where he gells BEEF and MUTTON at an immense re.  dwetion in the prise which others have been selling It at  Miners and Restaurant Keepers would do well to patronise; the CHEAP ESTABLISHMENT. Theqiiaiity of  the meat cannot be surpassed.  BEEF,       -       -      : ;5 to 10 cents per lb,  MIJTTON, .   ���������      -    85-to 40       do    -  ; -jjgF" Observe the sddress���������^Same side as Martin's* Sa������  loon and opposite the -fiibernia company's shaft.     9   .  TH������ vgUB90RIB������R cbegs to ���������inMma.������?ti������������^  cently ereeted and -fitted up 'm the best s\y!e his "a:  Z'Zs#^*&x&^^ yy~i *$  The:6ervlcsB;of 'a,good -cook Ihave-ibeen .engaged/and  thebbavd'wlirbepf tho best ..degoription* rT������rrma for  board^eiyjmoderate^ '"I...IP *���������'"*/* '< ��������� \ %s -\ .**���������-  li*'-JE8r- Meala!:ReadyV;"at1,; all hapfe* "feft^' AAA, ,  In th<8^ BAraRT^e|.sTtTnent FRESH-B^EAB, made  from the very-finest fiour^ wHlbe kept for sale, at the  lowest market rates^s'u^.? . w^-yxi. ' ���������>.*���������* yX i-Ap  VAwAwAA 'A A.fpx   AP,s.   v^ JACOB,VBWB^w  fAitriai^ssolicited.- !    I ^ti^y * _  Wholesale���������prices;:.Per keg^fSS^^pe^aingle Gilkv I -^  "$S; Retail Prices:; By the .bottle or glaaa��������� the sanHii '������g  at1'the-other Brewery in~town^? * " - i ''���������'*  Barkev v ille^ JUiyf 1$ th,  ���������A-  ylXWHEE) -GR������EKii>  ;peai4s0wW Carter, p������W  UQUORS; of^ the^ best - uuality only,  kept oa "twwi.  The Hpusels situated rat;4faaCBitttttQ������a sAalm,  ���������VMiat hMilr flf the rriwlr      i     .. ...}������������������  ���������<S  it  B  m  oh'"the west bank of the eveefc  ws-w, ^'svw^s,.i*s>s.ni  I BARJ^RVILPE; ;b; aGs  In the Supreme  Goiirt of A Civil '^pstScpAof,  ���������������������������'.���������/ ". ;.Axi':?BritiBh  Columbia., ;     ** " .\  ������s  95  TH^3 UNDERSIGNED  BEGS LEAVE TO  inform his Frisnds and the Public In general that he  will open on Moxpav next a BATH-HOUSE and will  be prepared to gtye his patrons HOT and GOLD BATHS  in the best ^ylo^\5nc^ influx'  of the Fair Sex he has determined ia\ BRIGHTSN the1  UNDERirrANinNG of Gentleman who will favor him  with a������aH jcBlacking and Brushes^ snd an ample sup-  ply of >������lboiv ,Greeflejf;will lalwayslbe found for that  purpose.   \':V, : 1,. XI -lA-^X.y: ^--:..- 'a .y,\ ���������������������������,������  ���������tfiHsfc, Charges Jesuit the depressed state of things.  Gents who visit the' Casln'oa ���������will >��������� do; well' ia givo me  a cull; tbey will then, be-certain-to make % *SHIKE. \..  .i^-^a)tte^$|l>c-:3eote'B^        25ctsyyyLy  B^rl^rvme,; Jul^29th, T895.  JOSEPH RKVI9,  ^ Ex-Origiaal pieman.  THE SUBSCRIBERS begs, to inform W9 flricrids and  Minsrs in general that he. is once again in the field, ana  will Iceep- constahtly 'on hand GOOiEi TOT BE EF and  MUTTON.a which he Will deliver en Burns Creek,'Nelson Greeks and^Last 'Chance,;: freeilof esto ^charge^  Bce^^andfapc^rMttt^  :.LTI?r-LEB.---;  Wrutf.'iwiaiwii'i.wiini rw������airaacat  //AwpAyti 1&3?A^KRUPTCv.i,;v?;v- 'ai���������aA/AA.  .- In;re M. C.vD4Srise^a Bankrupt'"*^;- Ay//  JOTICS js hereby given thai at a Creditor's Meetiiig;  held tliis day at, tho Court House.  Rich field 5, a aec-  ond dividend of 66 cents'.','tb the dollar was. declaimed  Siyable under this estate, at my' bffici in RichneiJ^on;  :on day morning next,rthe 24th of -July ihsti;; ^:;;,!  By order of "Court, '.' AA': -: :;.:>to WWysl' -:--'':;  .  OLIVER KARE, OScial Assignee^  Richfield, 3ind July, 1865;    1   'l,yw,'Ap.,s'>*sAx  OF JAMES WALKER^^hQ^mi^ratea from Aioioii^  Canada West, in l&bjy and .came across, the,plains  to (j alifornia-, was last. heard ^ from in February, 1860,  when ihe /was residing atWatsotiville; Santa Crux county. y r Any!InTortDation seat to this bIHce," addressed ie  Sauiuol ^alkerj^will be thankfully receivedii i?t %XXi ���������'  "San iSrancisco" 'Alia,.? ^Bulletini \ Sicramento' ^UnioaV?  Idaho Iptofldp pad ^Portland 'OregonIan,! please copy  and send accounts to ofilce'of this pApar.--!������. ,-y ������ A Ail .-��������� ',  >'wp  1 -'\  'wp  fe:  "M  Xlff  And -every thing required for tie mining e&mp, k  constantly oh hand,  and awld pi "ther LOWEST iu:  KKTBATES^-v /. .       a.'A ,-������������������ "sw   iwp  barkerville, July 14th,Hai't A&������$t\$x'$  M  a3  $m$  to Miners;  S;^K; ARBs ABOTJt^^WlNDn^  . a  WAX  iLvneM, persons indebted -.to us ara respfetfai^r-ii;.^'^  W.  quested to call and settle^before .the:..1st-Au'fist������A-tt..,   accounts remaining unsettled after that date will to  . g������  placed ia the hands of anagentfor collection. ^^,  lV     A \ A,    *    A,N. E.'SOLOMO^AC0.:--^S|  .J  x������si  THE 'UNDERSIGNED, is prepired.^to CLEAN BLACK  SAND, BLOWINGS and PANNING^ on commission,  or; will ^puwshatfeJ atiy Quantity foh the*'MosX Liberal  Terms. jSamples-soliclted. i Applv^ by better or otherwise, at the Princo .of W^lcs; claim, y -���������        ��������� ��������� r ; ti  - a  w7A'-':\lAAAA.A.AAA' aA '-     johncamp..  ^IpJ* SKT 0f BLACKSMITHS #0013, eeroprt.  Ing vibe foftowing,^^;withJOthe^,articlestoonula���������Ton,  ,td mention^' vis: 47. bits and'1 braced 1 bor pi������tol;W  1 drawing knife,^nail tools^swedges,"1 saw'j l.*P<*|  shayc^I gold ficaleiWNghtsxomplete,\ it ��������� screw pl������w.l  box coopers rlv4ts^l sawder iron, 1 bar sawder, 2 split-  ting'chisels;%2" cold chisels,,, 3; hand hammers, 1 *������**  driver^ 1 rule, 1 box esse hardening, 1 rasp, 2 flies,1  lbs boraxfrflrslodgo hammer, 1 pick eye wetlg:*, }P\  hammer,,I anvil, ;1 bellows, -i:vic^ 3 pair tongn, w.  being the full outfit;of-,a Blacksmitba shop. Tlieabai  toots are all/nearly new and can heseen n.t I^autup^  ter& Go's, Richfleid; whet* application'.may be sue*-  " jfSF^. Terms very; low."���������,'-::'; '  ts-  T  g^? Alien Francisa Esq., JJ. 8. consuii at  Victoria: has. received ^telegram from th������  lion.^Schuyler Gelfsxi accepting an iuvitetidii  to visit that city^ 'tFh$;^ehttemeri5#ho came  overland with hsia "will' accompany Mas.  ���������f pitrm&*Bi& BENXK-eAbout one hundred  men leftrWHliapis crssk ^dui'iag rthegi^gi;  W0^b6^M^g^^Big;Be^:diggihgs.,. ���������":.-"-.;;  <*&��������� uQTQgon Jack^ escaped frdm the Kew  Wt^minste? j^Q^on the 17th met;, fcy cliinb-  ing' 6i$r ,:th^ 'n&mn wall.  (^3^;^CARr^^  -Pjeaae' glve'the;^  in your columns. -It'was found on WiilJams'CreeTt, and  as there.waa no;eavelop.eiW4th'ftX am at alosa to'find  an owner for H and therefore send it to you fortpubli^l  cation., y\ "i ��������� yi yovjjs,'iMe/ .'���������' a ...���������.������������������ - ,A. - ��������� A A: A. IXdiusr.'. ���������;''  ��������� -   ���������   - '���������'���������A'^^i^mky/iA///Arl:'  ^ * ���������-��������� - ~A";������������������''AJm&ciiwliJuiy:iiOi,"18611. ��������� ,*/  EvssDsar Okb,~.R Is with a very iohley and saj  hart that I soate me downXio ^muuJcAtoafew Waud-  riag lines io'infoTnryou how 5'stood my jouraev down  iWe arived here this eavehmg irt pe^^ctly-good feelt^  w* B������i*/^������g amasingiy well considering: the berdin  we hau. to look out for.    Daarest, yots donot kuowrhow  U, PAltf 1ES INDSOTED TO MIS are hereby aoU^  ^^ fled;that they hfristci-all and settle thHr, accounts  en or- before tho.15th of ^uly^ or they will bo put in  ���������courtiyircollcctioa:/^ .-  '%X���������:.--������������������������������������ y'4 ��������� *.X-iMAylr.{i..irti:M  *l������*?s$$^^}^ ^f i*typ&t iecms; will bo cash.  ��������� j^%eatindu^ forcaehV^CaHandsee."/  r ws$.nwvww^ .. jAlBABOOfT.  '-���������WW  m  tin  m  pe  roi  p't������  gal  pr<  uoi  lot  ea^tl^aig^j^sv'oi^^1* the Wasblwn  claim, LowheeC:    .   .��������� .''"'������������������'  ',.���������,  Ai ��������� ;.... ,.l|^ARD,^HSABERi:Propri^  Lowhes, July Uth,:l8w;   T  nut  ed;  PARTNERSHIP heretofore exiating between  - ,*a?\Wat ax������d G. B. Weight, in the Deep Creek  IMttCb, is hereby dissolved"by mutual consent Frank  Way rwiU pay aU the IlabiHtitee^iidCollect all the debts  '/wAw:A  i't3&/i������������   sAv wWWXKmK VTATi  '*������  -m^^mmmxlxw ^^a  lady i  her husband Wanted me to go but for a rtdewith'them;  spat I refused, saying thatl was to tired, 'wWchwai  noW for-:8a5 CHEAP l-OR CASH, the prcson^pri^  to the nnderaigned,  either by noWs or book account  t reciters win piease c*ii ana receive tbeircfisb.'   T!k  C^m-r:nton? 18th July, mb. '* ^^jfi'  gMesirous of^ereclW,  n6urtng Min; aCQuepneTmouth. offer for ��������������������� ^  Mabhineryof-a'StEAM SAW MILL,1 for the' PurPTe,,(  getting more poweriul engines.., The .Mill is cow tf  and eapiblb of sawfhggom) feet in 12 hours; it 0" b,  extra 00 -inch circular S&WAx 'Favorablo termBJJJJ1^. ���������  anc  hoi  Fib  he  TJic  given;$o...any,pcrsonsvd'esJrousjof purchasing.   - ,, -  chiher v is offered either with or- without-the- baj;"������  m,rypy*jy Apiypw:.���������'���������;.��������� V'gARPER & WWgfJ  Qaiesnelhlouth; Juhe^Oih; ���������** ! " *m  m  m  OmCB���������CAMEROyroN. ^geainodj.1  British n|  ���������������e seithii  ; m ^  IP CARIBOO.SENTINEL  ^^ERYILLE, SATURDAY, alULY 2*,?(t5  ���������$lM,������l^  u,������e*:'  ������,3as''  I..-'-.  '860,610 S|"  m'lA'y  $������;������������������������  >of  'COMBlHl,: -  CARIBOO MARKET REPORT.  U'i   SatuMay,f2^Jul^'i865L  jr^largb ./fralnji- !^ft^l������trrive5 orii -the  ^ujrjfogTtht^  Jdescription, and greatly ihcreasihg the  ptobks already on hah<������   "Inthe begin-  If the,wee^  by .traderal to>< advance������the price of  Ibut^owing tealarge^nnmbe^fcmen  ^riboo!Lfor^the Southcri* Mines'the  |$8nains at former quotations.   A large  of'vegetables came forward since  ?Suf|fp|?and potatoes, turnips and .onions.are  ^     ^ "" "plehtlMrSf Ib������ rb$es.  ,!jJoef jahd  lave sustained, a great reduction in  ppmf the.,facts of .an extensive, British  uan stock raiser * hayingbrought, in  . Prisoner���������For sorry to say it'a too4rue.  FmguiUy^I^lead guilty. ; "*: : *> A  'TSfe.'CbXT-I.mirt.'jserid you for trial to New  Westminster!Assizes?.1 -)vw ',f ���������-'���������' ^'���������:?.- * ���������;"l��������� y. A\ *-\,  The prisoner was then duncommitted,and  Mri' Nelson bound-over Ate. prosecute. It is  supposed that hot less than 100 bzs. was apr  propriated" by the prisoner at the haul on.  Tuesday morning. ;;;The robbery was^committed whilst the second man in charge was absent for. a moment. The punishment for the  oifence, which is grand larceny, ia three years  in the'chain-gang, v -yy-y-yx. ��������������������������� p'-  head  ;whichhe  BEYOND; EI)ITI03ST.:y  "i x,., ZZl \w:^($w*% Morning, July ��������� '31st. ! i  UNPARAIirtBLEb YIELD OF THE ERIC*  ;��������� SON .CLAIM^.7it PAAjyAp,  iibl^yto'dii^o^^f on- fWl^ he has  a opeped a. stpireflin-.; Barkerville and  bed. to slaughter, his beasts, selling the  ery cheap /rates.; The folio wing quo-  ill be. found correct: Flour, 22 cts.  aeon, 50 cts. (a drug in the market);  ^cts.; coffee, 75 cts.; tea- $1; sugar,  ms^62-I^c^ifbu^  , %$; cts^potatees, Wct������fWi0$$,  WctaAAs  ,000 taken out  '*iii Seven Weeks!  1132J ozs. Washsd. .U? on .Jci,r. Stan*.. !!  hmfcti DiscovEi^sb^NrwiL  ^ ��������� XiliMS CREEK. '��������� Asm-mAii  Pbopbl;;  >V oa baud,  fudea eUlss,  AXPPIJX  been discovered about  &b;6yg RfdJ3%ld|whici5 promises  3t:h^-he^:"taken--;up--and- -record  ^mpahy-'who^s^ve-Mt^ea-tO/^workj:  it, so as to ascertain its extent.?  ter of the -quartz Is such that it will  Sly worked, and if the lead is ex-  ^Jgh'the* cbrnpihy^wlU^into the'  ,   J^ftit"��������� immediately.    The gold can-  iif������M5|en; with the naked eye, but the most  :������^^||d|as8ayera can find goldand silver['in  Jc|^^ppil0 quantities in itjy^ portion of  l8^|p|oppiags was "taken 'to tho Bank of  ij^Pl^plumhia;-': Assay office,  whero   Mr.  L|^P^|madeVan:'assay, with the following  Silver, $ 41 '83        A: AAA: "Ay  Gold,     124 OS     :  ��������� sWm������?j������ i  Wmm  Aw,  mum  ill  rp, ^168 8S to the toil,  amount is considerably less  '';.|njippPpalde by unprofessional persons. in  ip e>Ah$������ wa|r|yet it is: looked upon as highly  *vr iiatif^^ti^;In addition to, the gold; andfsil-  ; ��������� '.-y^^^^m^Avety large admixtureo^ l$ad to  /<>.. w.. iM^idi^pl The companyA^earersetoany-  rm&M '^5|^|p||^xcitement' being go?iip about  yws:   'X^&M^Mcy, as heretofore on Williams creek  2,620 OZS. TAKEN OUTINONB WEEK,  3 The prestigei of Cariboo islwell sustained  this^i^asqn by the famous Ericaon claim j which  ii^tliro^rn^^ite the ��������� shade by its  eitra^rdinal^^l^^qf /the; precious metal;  The present'is'* ihe third year the claim ha.s  sinpe,,th|s; BOftson opened it has given forth its  t^^surei!i^flw, ^reate^abundanjce than at  any previoui^erwi afforded evii  dence of beieg;a>miiie of^wealth. Gold was  first taken but in the��������� lall>of 1863, but; the^  anipunti diyi46d^amonggt%thei jsharehqlders-  was hot^'ver^^ greit.S' In^lSBi tho I claim paid'  about ,$8,OO0;cIearytc^ iieariy;  $90,00Vhe������t6l tSecompali^  for this,^seaaonV^inclhdiiig thfa^weelct will  amount-#h^aViy^Hiu^tf to the snare., ��������� Although there ^ay have^b e^^laiins j in;!Carir  bqo:;^hich haye equalled".' the Ericson in the  aihbutit;tak^  tpre Is-noS pie that has^ualledatsproducr  %bji Joj^seveh^successive%eekslike that given below. ; =6a;:-{the;-^th^inst oz8.; were  washed but. If Btich a claim as th is ohe was  only discovered jin| American territory or in  the new^outhelrn gold fielis of; the colony, it  wouloV create an excifenient that would draw  one Sundredftnoilsahd pe<|ple^"to the district  in a few week8, time,7v^dt.4,h^ribqQ there  is not the-least excitmenyabput ii.^ The pnly  remark whichxone yriUAhpppij������?;"Oh! -sure  " everybody knbws^hat thie;hill|f are rich, iut  ^whoiWoula^^tSy in- iJ: country where fthe  i" Crpyernmeht thiiiks ���������pf nothing else than  " ^in^n^dpj5fpt5by^vpppressivei taxation the,  w.w,ss:���������������b-��������� , s*3m0g,?;|; 'T^n's^aice^a^stake^  der Erxcaon, Sweden; Mr. Peter Ericaon,  Sweden; Mr. Alexander McKenzie (merchant^  Cariboo), Scotland ; Mr. Ephraini Harper,  CanadafMr. Ei B; Holt, Cahada|x;^M^  Grier, Wales ^Mr. Eyan Davis, Wales;; Mr;  John Perrin, united States ;&������ W. J. Miller^  United States;;Mr; Chas^-Tatt, United;Statesf  Mrv Samuel; Thompson, Norway J Mr.- Peter  Peterson, / r^nniark - jr---Mfc^ ;M.iSjthith,' IJhited  States.A /the above; is not; an index ^ of the  nationality of the population generally on the  creelc^British;subjects; being;ih the /majority  of- about two-thirds to one-third : foreigners.;  It- is a pleasihg fact to record that the Ericson;,  company,' ��������� although-;sb>hete^ its'  mej^ership^haro^^  ;tog|ither^pn^.!the moat amicable 'terms possib Ie;:  The company ha ve been singularly fortunate  in obtaining the services of: Mr. Pfelson as fbre-  in^irprn, the^firstr in him they have all had  thompst'implibiiM trust.   It is a mat  ter wo think; of; extreme regret that such- a  company as the Ericson of actiye/industripus,  feBpectabie,'and  pie. fortunes, should contemplate leaving the  country where their wealth^ has been^obtained,   ft should stir u^Jthb  in; earnest aboiU>the 'country|s welfare; to  probe Ithe v cause .of ���������=. so: -unsatisfactory :a state  of things.- '>*&.r y \ p*'//s ���������; /[ p'fi'A JA.iAA.;  Af It is a singular feet is; ^nnectipni^ith the  very ground in which ���������ihe^ricsp'hVco^'hare'  taken put all the above large amount of gold}  ������hakHaE&C\������^^.(^  it up in 1862J and'sunk a^sh^ft in the fall of  that year 60 feet deep, a large quantity of  water breaklhg iit^ put; a^stbp' to tfibir work  and they abandoned /the, claim, and thereby;  lost a fortune. "l^'-'A-Z^ *$:-:---: :/w^ 'a/ZI  , .The amount of dividend; jto^each share for;  tte past week^was ^ 230vozs. or $3*680** The  following wefe^th^ washings up during-*the-  weekp . s ': yy \f ' > y '���������  t a  ������    % ' :"  li Tuesday -^25th?July^ 502 ounces;  : ���������:;v- .v;Thursdiay*27th^ -y *  '"--"���������-"'   30thv ^^   1132  amouut in the liand^ of iniuere fe fce.fovedJb  be under tfovactua| swe^  hoElders' sell,more ion $ fourth of theijr gold  h ere, whilst"we a Ho w In oiir. calculation onti  half a|s disposed' ofl ^tjne bbnipany albne^that  "we are aware of hol^jmbre^than a fifth of tho  who! e': a ni 6u ii t; set; d pwp A ?? jn ^he hands of  ihihers1 in vi&W\.**iirmffi  the/pbpuiatidn of Ganb'ob^ this-;year is "not  half; that of last. ye^rV ";;';'*������������������; (,' //. A y/x /I,. ���������.  ti  2620  ENORMQUa^lNCREASE 4l^^THE PBODUCTION'^F  GOLD IN CARIBOa IN 1S65.  camp, w   e^^^^^atsaabout .quartz.discoveries /have  wE?r;i{4 , :^l^i||i|^!DuItti8app ?  CARIBOO POLICE COURT.  OUR-BUS-  AUfllt.   ill  dstevifilrt;  ibn.'-'v.-'v-'!:  E0NAC0-  oo niitaetpot  pialolW  sftw|i#;  rder, 3 spW-  ers, lflC*V  *k*, ? *������;  r tonps, Ac,  at Uwf-  irlisoM4  Wk  on  W$~$JH  O. (^x, Esq.i J. p.)  aZa/4 3"pri^|.8^July|:^:  R������1S*KG A DUMP BOX. t /   , '. '���������','  ^^^p^^rtlaDdwas arraigned on the charge  ;;p������|ipaj|^a quantity of gold.dust put of the,  l^^^^k%t^the^EricflO^ claim- on- Tuesday  ^l^^^^gasl-,,...xl,.-,. ,,.v^y% y.ys:.Aw., ..;:-;-'^  f^^^^gn kelson 'waXexamlned and deposed  Sp^|^p|:���������-Had been acquainted;.with the  pl^^Sliice 1859; he workbdin the Ericson  blMw^Bbree seasons and .never found any-  '^P^^RSjIaf^him^nntillTuesday^a^  ������^a|^||p|g Mr. Ericson and witness found  ���������������:do|^^Sid'idust- scattered^ 'over the shaft  ;i|i|3^^^p|Jeould;not:: ha^e,-,gpt^.there -, with-  oilli^Bpil-play:^onv the previous evening  ���������OT^^^^pam.ed<the place;and found no ap-  * gold dust, so it must have^ got  the night shift on #hi6h prisoner  g suspected; prisbher, bf Jhaviijg,  ,MjIPpp$^umpbox,; and^last night, in com-  E'^'l^^^pKriEricsoaV^bat^tb his cabin when  ,^ 8wi|j^prork; searched it and under a slab  ^fiilli^^pbeii' partly- dispiace^lbUntf eome  gbiil^^Kiled. up ia a cloth (the dust was  prbS|p8|snd, amounted---to 25 ounces, it had  -���������andget^but0pf/it"^ In.former years, when  the country was ruled with some regard^ tb  jiiaticeVithose^k&ing^blft ^large sums5 * irom  X)laima,.;, jlfce*.A, the , Ericson -company,������Invest-*  edlargelyln prospecting; now it is the rreverse/  eyery 'one if striving hard and earnestly ������b  make as much as will, carry, them to some  place where each subject of the State will not  be4&zed/sC20;per head |>erQaihnuin for thejsjup/*  |>ortbf-an army ofofficialsr In the case of  the Ericson company we believe there Is not  a man belonging tp It who is iny eating;; at cent  in ihe* country*!^ prospbeting, ;pr ;aiiy thing  else.;..They are,all anxious to get away from  thb4 bxceptibnal "taxation and oppressive burdens, of., the present Government. If Governor Seymour doub ts the truth of what we here  assert, and desires to find out for Himself the  igeneraf discontent and dissatisfactibn  his AdministraH^n has^produced; let him not  shrink from * coming ^here   and   enquiring  a Although, there^has been a combination of  cir^instisncesoiWhich^ have^ tended to retard,  the p rogfess of Carib ob p during * the? present  yearf yet at no prbrioiw peribd^ave..the^ihei  yielded, S(������abundanfry^aa sihee^the openihg^of  |the^.preseht season. : Little over two monto  Ihave^elapsbAfBince, the ^iners^arriyedfpa^the  various crbefein thedistiipt, and considering  the extremely limited population, not above;  jtvrb; thousand; miners,A the amount taken out  is^ alibgetnVr^ unparalleled! in ^tho history of  the gold?fields of ^sxw;anypother counkry.  If< this terntoir:^werb; uhder \ a Gbvernment  that -would ^s^ and {encourage a ;mi^  population; instead of grinding men down by  exceptional taxes^so as"'tpf, fprcbthem toleave  the coipnyj=inyace:bfoni^pne^ dollars  being produced in 2 mo nths in this vast district  there would be; nearer four������or five millions.  It is well known ,that,within a very few miles  of Williams ^breek j there are! mhumerable  creeks and' gulches > capable of sustaining an  immense populatiph;';: and yielding easily $5  and $6 per day to the ;hand, chut thev are  completely neglected and^unwbrked, simply  ���������bectosSfrainbrs irijt nof stay where the Gov-  erhihen t seeks to drag the las fc cent onto f  their hard earned.money for taxes to support  its iniquitous extravagahce. The folio wing  statistics, collected^ from;; the; moat authentic  sources, speak for Caribop��������� s im;mense, resour:  ces b'btter than^ volumes pi* gibwing narrati ves  li)se those publwhedin^^ bthbr :countrk8 about  .theirgoldfieldsr^;;'"ri-i.r's!-'  ;t/A A-. A."/,A��������� .''WftUA4W:;CnfiKKvWw., '���������'- w-.,:  p. The��������� claims.geheraily,ba^^hhjereek-arenot  pfl.ying;Bgslargejy as ^nnerly^h but there are  a greaterniimbprp^ steady  incomes to their.',sharbhplders. ��������� In.v'',the .early  part bf Ithe ^wejelt ^o^waterj, m )^the'c^ek had  fallbh^ very lb w'an^blaira owners were begin-  i\ng to ap^eh'f^ja ^rbity, ^but,th������irfears  hay e been completely dispollod' by the bopiou s  shc^i^ "pjr;, ybsterday^and' last; night I wh ich  ha ve, raise d- the creek, to 4ts spring like ap -  pbarance. ^OCthejb^e^  (above RicHfielid) spveral companiesnr^w  :ing,!taking outfrom^iJI^t^  From Richfield to ;the canon" ground sluicing  land by^iwHcing ��������� are. going on, with good  ^rkfe^bts of ejiccesi^ ;T  'Conipany aire ^gaged;invwaaning up and tho  manager; is sanguine of the.; fesultf being satisfactory. ' Hard; Curry is giving his old claim  ^b!CTgirvf������.rpB^  success.., At presentf large/wquartz.boulders  are' a ^greaf obistaeleito p^gress.v/The Jnteribr  oftne claim however looks eipeedlngly well,  and; thb skillful;^A3^^n;wiiich; the work U  conducted; reflectao^  judgments'thb siMtantiali manner fin /which  .tbe. daimias, been timbered is qufea^tur������ ��������� -w.,  in&^ii^^bund^w^ at .present sbeing  carried on* bythe, enterprising and-fpr tuaate  bwn������^^\the claim -i3;Jpay^ing ratier;hibjrejthan  expensbsir^The^: ^ummU|^p-y-j liaye not met  with sucbess yet ihJtheir operations;Jthey^rd .  sticking ^tb the work however like men^ and  deserve; credit "for thei^ersbvbranpe,���������Tho  Barker co!yai^^^  4~ThrEa!drHead;bb'y ,have got .Into cgood  pay,liavin|-washed up asyh^hlai40 p?a. or  Tuesday,list!���������The^Kough bnd Headyr������o*y  aWmak^ wages^^he^^  got t^rlne^r m^hiiielryr at wort nnd hope?  soonJlo^strike on the ;lead.-^tie ^lohvco^  for   himself.w: Cariboo   jst even-at :pre4 , .        . ,.-   ��������� ....... .  %enf - thV; only  trub, Extensive ' and  relia- G<jla"^duced in first part of Mining Season  ble gold, field yet discovered... in ..the colo-       of lS6o~twp. months ending 2!Kh July.  WasliW^  ������ropri^fi  19 con)?s:  % bail^'  WBIOW'  8'2m  sftj^^^&t^evenVclbck, yehtMthe,'sha'ft;  ������i(^^^^%rwbner ^me^up^frpm ,^prk..searchr;  :ie^|^^^P' l^uim0S^.gp^upon him, then ask-  "e^pB^bs had^ainy gold? dust in* his cabin  ���������frt^^B^eaied;. produced that now $a-cotM  ���������oS^i^ped if he knew anything of it, or  hp^^^e into his cabin? he replied "I didV  I^^W^and Vm;sprry for''it;", told him if  fe^^m^pHg^e^^re', Jt-ffeer''b<^ip������p&by;^ "-evottld not say  4Wy5Sq|i?fbbut it, and witness- gave him two  I lT b������������ft? ^I^^SI^P^^*1* ont;;-ho did; iiot; ;0O. and afters  ���������      " ^^|S^pe some impertinent remarks tbsome  ^q^^p^^'when a-constables was-sent for and  ^fe^^l^en''in' charge. " l'-'->.---:-s      . w..  A'W4^pk���������-Prisoner, have you any queitiona  ^HsfslVltiiesBt-:.    ---'������������������- w  &&  SWSr���������No, I'm  w  care, I eaiitioti ybu;' any-  gSeay will bo taken down as evidence  '"lu at your trial.  ny, and, if it is abandoned! where wilUthe  Cfovemmeat look for a-revenue ? There is  nq other place to dppend npon^; and just so  atire as the miners arc driven Away from it so  sure will the cblphy,collapse^ -TheEricaon  company have still a iargs extent of ground  to wfitk, but i^.i3.'jUDt anticipated tb pp\$o rich  as mo lead they have been phgaged oh this  sebson. However there will be work enough  in the claim"for���������anpther; yeW-at least' The  following isJheanwunt 'iaken out each week  for the seven wbeks ending to-day:   r> '  "���������17th JuhbJ '900 ounces,  $14,400  y$^/������AAA:m.: Vw-.^-  10,240  mJnly, im   *���������  -22,400  8thw������^A   1926   -"  30,816  wI^tH'w'^"lw"I55^' "-  20,096  2&d A*w w Ag$n   -;������-i  I    20,800  29th   "      2620    "  41,920  10,042  $160,672  Upon the above the company are compelled  to pay the; Government $5,000, which is an  exceptional tax imposed upon the miners exclusively, in^rder if possible to drive them  out of the bbunt^y. We append the names of  the sharbhoiders, with their nationality, which  indicates the- cosmopolitan character; of  a portion r ofi te population. Mr. John  Nelson, foreman, a native of Norway;  John  Taggart,  Ireland;   Mr.  Purchased by the jgankpf British Col-,  umbia and exported tb the Head  office up to 24th July inst, : $410*324  Purchased by the : Banks of British  Columbia and British North America since 24th inst., 40,000  Purchased .and exported by Merchants and Packers to date,        5    30,000  Amount in the ^hands of Minors and  deposited by thorn for safe keeping in-the Banks oftBritish Colum-   ;.     f  bia and British North America,  ; ' 470,324  Total production in 2 mos, of 1565, $950,648  Amount of Gold Produced in same period  - - a ���������    in 18641    '"    l  Purchased by the Bank of British Columbia and exported io.the Head  office up to 1st August, $267,745  Purchased and exported by ���������-Mer-  ;  Chants, &c;, ;        ;. 20,000  Amount in hands of Miners and de-.  J s posited bv them for safe keeping  in Bank bf British Columbia, 2g7 J45.  Total production in first 2 mos. 1804, $575,490  Increase for 1865, $475,158  It will thus be seen that there is an increase  of nearly one hundred per cent, or half a  million %of  dollars!    Tn������ estimate of  the  are making ;>mbre, thau, wages.^Tfae fHlt>or  Miss averagej30 b^Ja.day.���������The.What^heeci  cofy^ prospects; are very gopd.T~rheMbrning?  Star coy average^abbui?20 o^.i^r day^^Th^  Aurpra^p^y vare dbin^, well, Ihey-expect to<  have abbut^OOioas^thisi^e^  fulf>)f^M jtak^  Thursday, 'byIthe. secr^i^^ ^b^oya 3 ozs. ;of"  gold waa washed'out.~5Che. ������avis co'y waphrf '  ed;uij 'Sfl^taursflajr,7 ^for ^^rsfctimejiwheii i  the yield^aaJ^EO^oza.; J^o^&^they;^prashed up^  betweenl30 j������nd M>6z&-~3)he ^ke,:up Jakev  co'y are^pi^ ^L^The-^ ���������?.  resumed; ^brk in-^heir^ upper sjia^S^ThefLiW^  Ibbet' cb'y are still persevering: with'. thefe  work.^The Beauregftrd^an co'y  are in -good '^ay^again; ;inlpac, day this week  they washed;, up :6ft pzs.-^The Cameron-cofy  are avbmgih%v 40 bzs. per day.^Thb Tinker,  Never ^ea^I^adBfo&iLastC  'Prinze of;W^aiesjTOuW^  are pay ing ^ntbre; than expbnses.-^fho! Forest  Rose are sinking a new shaft;'"Ui^arb taking  out frpmJ26?tb 30 bzs. p^dayjfrpm thbirvOld  shaft.-^ThejPrarie Mpwext co'y��������� hafenpt got  into pay'yet.- ' -    / ��������� 'A'a/, \-  '"���������'*'* A,  -���������*���������<.  :', -. ������������������' -1    m'arthcbs guixik / '  i The Discovery;; cbfy? on tils gulch. btrupfcZ  a good prospect last week and have; sinb������ -  been doing>woll.-rThb Burning Mbscow n&%p"\  drifted: aiconsiderable/distanbe^ iVpm; their'.��������� ���������  shaft J but have hot found ahything.~The Axv'  tesiancompahy'ftr������how on the high road ap-.  parently to' prosperity; the full depth of thb;  pay dirt la not yet ascertained but it is bfliev-  ^d to be more than seven feet .The machinery erected on this claim ia of the very best  construction, hot being surpassed by any on  Williams creek; it works exceedingly wall  and keeps the diggings quite dry. , The ut* V-  most economy 1$ used in carrying oh the work  and front the evidences which we saw of thw: '.'���������  claim being a profitable one, wbhave Very  little doubt of its creating an excitement be-:;  fore the end of the season and attracting many ^  persons to the meadows again. '���������  th&. autbsiakccomi;any. ";������������������'" /A AA /.A  I The report^������������������yesterdlay (Sunday) from this;  company isexcellent; very coarsb gbldhaa  been found and it is expected therb will ;be *  large yield during the present week. '  Nonce���������ir the young "typo" who practised a pi-ee  of gross Imposition .upon the stage company^ uaj!^r  the plea that ho was coming herb to work, docs not .re -.  mit the amount of his fare immediutoly to the gentlemen ho has defrauded we will publish his name, in  or������ler that his brother printers nrny exp^l.so%unworthy.  a member of the craft from their society,     : *"  Resigned.���������Mr. Chisholm, Deputy Sheriff  for this district, has resigned his -position anil  loft Williams creek for San Francisco.; v  I^st r.s* Tlie Wnons���������Wt arc jnrorm^d by Mr. Hum.  pbre'ys, of the Express, that Mr. Dvnis C^in has be������a  lost in the woods near Or������> Fino cre^fc for about a wer!fc  without sny tiling beinj seen or hard of bim.  y  ���������>*^^sV ������*>������*'A,.>1*.^������������������M.'**  , rf>^<<il), . /^*������������*...  .,���������.,.;������ .^.^K^^mMvi^tani^.y!a!i-^ .������?#���������  ������  -<?"  1*%' ������������������^���������i>^i^JH-������-p^r^My.*Vff<4.VV  T1IEC  i-j  &.*���������������-  t;  I^RKEIlVILfiE, SATURDAY, JTJI^2$ p������  To thb Editor op thb '"Cariboo Skntinel."   .��������������� ------.----.--.������...-   ,.-.,-    .   -,,     ^^  zS^wf^wy^^ rrt.:.' \w ...X w ;������-{���������    - ^     -1 jhVirginia and will EUbmit it te the, President ?* ��������� aP������  :SiBj-rrJ seethe Government, hack at;^  Westminster attempts ��������� to show that the blame!  ���������of laying Mr. "C^  of ihe Legislative Council doea aotxgst with|  i&^th������ ^ColumbianV) payhiaBter,the.Gov-  %rnnienti l^twi^theilectdrs of this ^district  who it alleges knew before they retnrnedhim  .     .-  EASTERN   NEWS.      .���������"-;   \,.lA.p^.  other proclamation removing all restrictions upon \ internal, domestic,'and coastwise; commerce in the fcerri*  Wtf west of Mississippii ;"-.;- ���������/������������������ ���������������������������  "    Asw- A ,  The Tribune's Washington special: says the Freca-  man'B Bureau has prepared allat  of abandoned lands  *9ppeiih^mer & Co.,  and forty thouaand acres. ��������� ���������  . , -     ������,,  1 pe Gerald's Norfolk special aays Jeff Davis?���������: health  4s exceUent. Aw,-A A  >Afw ���������- -.z/z      A -Au-'-Ar: ... .a"-  At the Municipal elecion In New vork, on she XTth  ultimo, there was much excitement and a heavy vote  vras polled: f A tlarge number of returned soldiers from  the rebel army took every oath required of them to entitle them to franchise.    & CTaiyb, a prominent law-  that he W^.^^offc^lp-Tfo^r dry * nave;l|0 j w was elected Mayerj mite* Tayiort'Iate Adjutant  cbiectionto1 the 'British Columbian* working j General for Lee, was elected -Registrar;' !*A A ���������  lor its rewardi an^l *oi������g any dirty work it ^T*W *w*#������������^:'?eth������������ i������ iteft^rteeatljy* g������s>*-  1 may be put tc^utl do protest against its libel-  h ing thevpeopiekf^thiB district in ���������; the> way; it  v-MBdimeA From w^iit^ource- does; the editor  iot the Govermnent paper derive his ihfonaa������  ition thktiBByf brother electors were oogniiaant  Zbf the faet ofifr. Moberly beinga^ermatieht^  IS>p$6inted^official at the time of his ejection?  ^rtalnly?tioifidm hi* being nphereM;thj&\  tone of' the election, for notwithstanding the;  i ^ditoWasfemued knowledge -of rth^couiitry> I  ^an etftte y^WxAidy 6wii'A Knowledge he; has*  ^everljeeii^fufther into '^e&S^r^ia^ale;  ^la^he^ah^grbundif^n ibKliiijsts^ment,  '. Ahat- we'kaew MrMfolierfy had'beenAppoint--  Aoa^^istont Su^  Ihis^aniMat^e^^  4en|;&hliffiibttlie  ^Hniefb^aW  5u&tolwe^^  ^i^&at;$efwatf "only fBolSiffgV. * tempitfary  ^pbihteent^rlng theal)ae^e:6tMr^utch  tfrwh^he cplonyl^ But! MM^P^lfiptithejaoV  inissioiT of the1 Government mouth-piece,  l;%uppd8ingr<>ltv-i.'to''1 ^A   -*��������� ���������  --1���������     *t���������  out of difficulties between^^ soldiers and negroes.  \ T^e Eerald^a Havana correspondent says" .the British  Consul aiHavan*has made a demand for the surrender  of tho blockade winner Wren; captured aid ran, into  Key -West -l^her captain; ':'��������� -'.:��������� ' '���������,-':;������������������ f;;:;" ���������'- - ''Awy,  j: Paris journals quotaLord Brougham* speech wgtag  upon the American' Qbvemmont a policy oT,'Clemency.  They geheraliy'upraise'itj.itnd several express hopes  that, the humane suggestions therein ehmncia������ed: will be  attended to; The Paris Pa trie says the Apology made  for the jhsult offeredto theAmerican flag; at rHoisolulu.  by an English Captain last Apt il not being satisfactory.  ;to ��������� the 'Washington - Government a. demand l waa"; made  fo? furthersaUafactlon; which the Britisti Government  hae'Just.glwn la a;; dispatch to /President Jobiaflon, expressing regret; tor the ^occurrence. .���������>���������./���������. ������-.- 5-,.:> 1-  The Moniteur in sjjeaklngor large reinforcements for  Mexico, explains that the army in Mexico will receive  cefore,;the 81st Dec., men necessary to replace those  whose time expires by that day. The objecty<|fXthe  movement is to maintain secure I. the strength of the,  army. Tlie foreign^embassy had rcX)tt^atuUte.d. Napoiv  leomeri his 'safe return.: wi 4p y$xp :y fpy 'w^'AAy; ] '������������������ I  Hare on hand a large ^^k^;jth������- ft^io^a%'  :;: ^; :gpc^'j^i, arftv^d," w^h^  :-     A-'ZA.AAtiowpst Mar)wC^^f������i''v|*������^^^v:^:' -\  ������������������CQaSBiKS,  (including I^cUsfc^'tfatii^  :. i vSaoces, &c.,) i 'y '.-:-��������� '��������� Ay "���������'l.AA': A ax. ; '������������������y^/. A Pp. | Z  :       PROVISIONS,      ;     ; ^  HARDWAHS, CROCKERr,  'Ai y    ;?//������������������' /y^i^'j^aiS^ !pw  Alt iCAMERDNTOK  Aa  THE above favorably known:.Eatablisl������n0rit  the , superin tendance- of   MADAME t  JA3d^3,..ita;i>rp������������rietTeS3, has Just beeUoii  puBHo:   The Hotel is fitted up intbe ^^^1^  tyle,^hd.the" Restaurant i������ supped with aihtS- Z  Qsi". Ai  8KGARS, TOBACC������,  ^^Ja^/^l^a^^ayma^aa!gaM^'K^;l^a:  ;������0^Ka������  ALt THOSE ^HAVING- ACCOUNTS WITH  %fl  friOBi^JBir;  ^wete to nominate ^^^pfficialftAnd  *AnctioRtheelectionr6f'&ve ���������ihdepehdent'flieh  d^imeMSBrl btl^&giala^  ^to^pf'Nd^iiiiriiir-;^  f>dint������Jd ^SBistant Surveyor General at:the  thsiettt^hii ������lectionV has his Excellency caft  lied out' tor the letter or in spirit the /instruct  (i^^l^|a5dvireign? ^j������ ^th^pebpjl^ of  to believe that ���������rovefiibr Sepnour  has So fa^forgbtfceii his duty a9;tovtreat ;the  lawM coh^and^  efeigJK i56nlenipit  ;Th%: w ill not; belle ve it  They icahnot" believe-that because Ma;Exceti  low^SS^m^^^ seat thaf" he,  lay liiniseff 'ppen to be impeached. If Mr. Mo-4  b^ri^hlo^tleen^MBfeiafit ^J^TOySr/sH^^  was elected Iild^iio'f .^esi&ie\i^ thatiis  Exceitehcy would httve^^  othe^ candidate, for th^ position which he had  "ytated^ This wPul^li^e Jjeeihfi  Il^oiprUlingli^Ww  .   ,plac^^;r|he  '=' -be������cloe?d^%nd: atter'3"i7iv?lst;-i865^after'~^'  ������j������,*^. * - " e; i Aonv .terms wuTbu-v?r������;>  "  hjwe^e^rl^trpni iC ; In  *Cdlunibian' will not tJbo foixnd  ;thw|eas#.  at discreet adyocatefor its tas toaster and before it ruahea^aih^ in such hot ^aste to'clear  ihe ^verfipawh^it should^  1u patron into a much worBe ^position   "  :to^pAt*AyyW2^Wi   >������������������*-*   "':?   /y  OP  jMMif, t&xXip ;G^:;H:;';  tirae  yyy  We will make noA distinction\or dircriitrfiialion, but  deal with all alike, and upon the same terms; - It will  be our endeavor to merit a continuance of the patronage heretofore received at the hands of our friends and  patrons.     A     I 1*.~?p- ��������� ���������  py  Barkerville, :WiUiam^Ciieekv June 29th, 1865.       5  V N K5C2LLKNT -RANCH, ^ situated7 c^ttie^Waggon  *x . Road, -;and. bn which a .large number of cattle could  , be! caied Xor;in^^^ihe winter, .as^there^S/pleutyiofhayffev  pffeodlng. -f trhere u a good llweUingJiouBe, togethev-rWith  Oattle ShedBfStablee^Isc;^on thepremises; 'p- 'AAA A  i >Apply^ hy lette^to'*^^WK^riu^o Sentinel^ cflace^tl  ww  i*^Mi   wa������^;"Ca^  Sra,^-The New-WeStminater organ has;made  anj^impotent^a^tempfe{RiMa^snumnier to show  ttfaf the ^ov^rnor,Mas"given^ ample proof of  hitf ^e%rminaAKn^<> Bieet the^ views of the  ^ -. ,|Wrof' C^iMlio^^sl^to���������:remove their^griev-  aiJices.I TheyVa>e;told that "th?re i^to %e^a  ;rotfiilmade along'l������iilianw ereek,ihat/a bU  ���������weekly mail-Aa%���������M  Ahe^ benevoJ^n|:aWy^ institutions on., the.  ���������creot afei'to be supporled;" ': Let me askYthy^  these things were;.nofc^ ^pnepJast spring,iand  why &y_-were; delayed  boltfty denounced the % s^orkoofiungs: of the  <jOvfrn^i^!..5^^itB^prp^ ^hy  tioeS^thp ^British \ ^C.olumbi an!-.' no t give - some  reason, fbr t^mohey/TOted aieyen months agof  for the hospital hot being applied un til a week'  IS TQ CERxWrjhat^fhrai sdmfecause  oricbraplaint of tbe: h  but so rajpldly that we feeredlwe'should, lose thetvrhole--1  In .this cond ition nwe went to;:^W. J������;^������0SE2S, ?and:  strange to relate, :so ^E^tBE -applications ;pf his.won-1  tierfUFHair -'ReStOTatlve* bur hair became as strong as  ever,- ahdissiow: soft and lively/; We make this certifU |  m%w4U^leasu^:b.eIieyin^  \ tAsy.//^ -.GEORGE COFFRIN, Cameronton; "<  j ; '  - A , : ROBERT; WARRENVBarkervUle,     ?  yy%     y   \      'H.S. REDGRAVE, Richfield.   t  v iWilliams Creek, 1st July- 1866.  '���������   y-A        S; pll;  Aa'Aa'ai    .;-7:-.:.;-:;;|rrA^  Ayy'AyZA' '. /ZZZ-Zaa3^  MnaTO"irrBNsn^^iocW a/'',. "a'':\ a  \.. a .,���������, ;������HorBiA wpb^.;.'v^Zrh ���������? -  ������������������"' ���������"' "> A'*hZ '"��������� Z/^/w /wpv������K% ROPB^     ' "i-;  -:������������������,-.-.���������;-���������;    '-'��������� ;"pj   .������������������������.-' r'-.������������������' ���������'   ���������������������������*'"   -'wit .-t: ���������.   *���������',.>;���������       '  '   -'A-., i-.���������''"/ A    'i'"4-       : ^iw.^wyev,./*-^*-   j.fcrf,, . j  :���������"..  ������������������>*'';���������"'���������; ; ���������. -Pyy^' A'wAxA... vWS'.������>i ***  8&- Particular aUeistioh W oa'Hed to bw fin* ��������� stock'  pf^jfJtQUOBs^iiw^^ $t������} Zaa /  A' Bark������ryillo, ISth June, 1865. /��������� ^ ���������$ - ^ v;,,- J^-|i 0 ,  ^aoies'the market affords.-  ATIKST CLASs S *'������������������ $  ���������been.securedi'v^-^;^; ^--.���������,-,,r,,;'      :~{5^|-v^  The^ choicest brahdStof Li������uors ao'd Cl2a������i������������- : Ki  han'dP'-1 i^;    .'* A* -'  -  *   ';   ^5ftW*^,  A 4(&lQWGB3ZAtt ^an:h������iiad 6a Sund-1 l^  ' ^  CAHERONTON;  WW  ZZ///^ -'a/a,  Tkis^^A^i^HM^^fwiLL. M^Qgimiii  MONDAY,NBXT,"the, 19th inst., for(thenm/i  of Boarders;- The househas been neatly filled i{J*^S  will be found a cbirifbrtable home by mlaert. .-. -'^ps  ft <M?! Lodgings ITOSE:- ��������� ^ttoiird :$1S per week/' ggSSl  Mea^;|^v-M;^Me������fiB Buppllad;ito night haadst'';j|;5l|  '���������?*;������H  .^������������������>-..-y.-.'.. tfiizzi  ^ARKE^JLi^  ������'ji-j  ed to call and'^e&jojr' tnemftel^ee  wUlteektei^eda;  "A'.M Vw  :SNGOSH 'jsV^A^O  .;,^:-y  . i -.>'-; j1-','-  ���������M <  ������fl9  rii������&* A large iupply s of the beeVM ^  ways on hand^^ atitne sevexalYatom^cf the fitn^Vi  ll\ms Creek.   WjwAxw^AywW^ju- ;-������������������_-.  y. v;;v  CaMERONTON, :\fai4AMB  i\c^KK---v:t.-  ��������� 1-*          .   ���������      . ���������&Xfn^yr*=*'i$Ap.  "A Billiards,;,Excellent RofreehinentA and th������  best of order observed- ,��������� ., -1 :..,.. ..* syyl. , * x  wAWx AxWAWyp ^lA'p '  *l'P.  ss^UniNex'COt  BJKKxaVlMiBi  s>s m  mwiXAf&ryem'X^m  ......j.������-,-.-  THE WIN-B3 -aPlRTTB, ALK- &tSKGARS.te b������;'ha>d������t  wy. tnU Saloon are the heat thai can be impo^d. ;v% p  *<ywy&- m^..w wtxp wy-p:yw^':^p-'*^yA pAlA'i  ^'O^.Ja^I^b^Ci^  \All'inViateatiBngiish,. t American, Canadian andt���������K&fc%  . t-~*u yy-^   5 hialpapers takenin.. * /i( Py.y:^^  i ^^ A Harmonic iieetl^  .and'Jury.;: A ��������� A ������������������ Ay '  vyv-^XA  ._ A-yixmiasai^i^^  WrW$<MWk  r  AKU  ei^ria  BARKERyiLLB.  % Aa . viWill b* given once a weelt By the'; pA yy:  Cariboo Amateur Dramatlo Afisbciation.  GROCEBim/tA  u.mmtmisK^s^imAWA ���������  av: "aaw^ ^w: segars, ������������������   ���������-, '.���������..  ���������w <, .^ Aw yxA a^ TOBACCO,- ^ .. u  HARDWASi  CROCKERY,        ^.-rn���������   -r  o        MINING UTENSILS,  AAlA   A    STATIONERY,;~ -,  lAA^ylim:* > A C������OTHING,   .  ...    .. r ,,   - ,      >: ,;���������; -,BOOTS:"dk-SI10i  ^:"Ci;-.l)iat-r600D^'-^top'Aa-'?  r.t  .'fSia'g:  CAMERONS������Nr  or twh fllnce, ngd-why wag.^ ^jreekly contract  givehout at.firat^Xqp^ thermal!rservice when  ibe terms Of tlie jfeh^er ^epe^^ two mails ��������� a,  weeKf _, And^ lastly, ]w% was ^e(;road;Ofl  Williams cireek.not madk ihV&ayvinstead of  tho^nth^f ^g  no t" gi Ve the Vreaso h, but -I will au^ply it :rr-;  {Because we had no independent paper in the  ic<)l^njvlike. t^  interest of' the se'e^n of .the. country that  pays all the -'toxetv'*,, ^'/nij!\ i%<?ppis> \<rf'^C^iriboo  arejndebted to' you, iir,TJtorgettingJus. even  an instalment of justiGe,:--W<������l hope you will  ^get u������ rnany^ nit������r% ufpr, tijere ��������� are still many  wrongsHo be^dressed. VV = 'A/ y,.w 'AAA... ,y  V  A Caribooitb.  TOl^ms.Creek, July 27lh, 1865*" Tt:  - ���������������������������:  THE UNDERSIGNS) rlEEGS TO INFORM  the Public . that, in consequence^ of his =: resigning his  position in the.C^pmsiabulary, and hold ing no office now  but that of '*Deputy ^.Sheriff, he iaA prepared to Collect  Debts, attend to Mining Transactions and Cohveyahelng1  generally,; and is also AuctiohoeYv -.- ,'���������'  * Office���������Next door to A.. Ri vRobertson,  Banister.  RichQeld. ," AA   'AA-p.y.. .   . ��������� ���������  ,     .    -    ������  'DAN1BL- B. CHISHOLM.  ..*luly-^th, 1865.  This large Saloonj is fittedixxp in a style of  elegance and comfort which has no rival la these colc-  aiesv;:ircohtains'two largo BilUardTat������lea with all the  -modem Improvements -      ' '; "- ;'.'; v *' / -   ' r"' *]'.  I S������^"Thl';Bar is furnished with LIQUORS & SS0ARS.  of"Ahe^fincst o^alityiahd.neat..brands.y'pyypg^A :y;"'  ���������" i The subscribers hav^i received1 armacljiad 'tor mamiV  facturlhg Soda Wat^r, and also oae fov:5*������*iegiaiarsa-  p'arilla ,both of which articles . theyar������. now prep������redl  to supply to customers.",;/ .'���������'.. A':a\A -y^A' ������������������-Pli^AA^i^  Goods bought at mv Store' will Uifl  llrSm *REE OF CARRIAGE to all nortisA  of WilUahis^Creek. -r -l.^;  ���������pyi,x<yyyiAyyyxw j pf "���������'.?*&ELSASSEB,/-  Msacaf bts am������ DaA)UEKa...ur  I<snlj������-J  ii ors.)  ^11  -W  And. every other description of Goc^j r^sir-  eel'^^thjBvSlBS'fig!commuBl'ty.''7,;\   "AAAA A..-..-. A: ������������������:  camM6^7!ton,  'have justtrreceived; a supply xf  Barkerville, B- C*,  '  Everything ie done in conn ection with' this eatablish  meat to give satisfaction to the customers.    ', '';  ���������fKT  ���������  . .Neighboring; Creeks and Gulches.  JOSEPH Of SPtfONEIi will;. run^an WJ  RE^uiiaRLt, ia connection with", ^arnar>5!i $f**  from Williams Crook to ������rouse, Bteveua, Bejgsj^"*/  Cunningham, and JKe^tljaey-Creekst ?���������'���������;������������������;: ?  '���������':Letters,'Jse..,* to.be(deli "at Kxprese fiSee,  or John Buie's. Barkerville.  -HhMtftf--^-^*"'-**-'''-'  jg Reported ithat ^������l: Hawkins, late  of .^;Biilti8fa---0pjum^  sion Jafid' Got.1 Ifoodyi; late Lieut. Governor of  British-..Columbia, ;$ie*L jwit&itf a few-dafys of  aacte other in England.:: 'ffitftafoi -tfanSed gen?  Uemm .is ssrtd'\io'h������������.e'died of ;h^rt:dis������aSe; [  varying in size from 6,-to 9 inch ^they are of flrat-rato  quality, and warranted to bake well. Also, a well assorted stock of SHEET- IRON' both* Galvanized arid  Plain,::.tm PLATE, SHEET  ZING,;& COPPER.     Al-  <X AW&y^QXi. bandar ->  '--:;'"  Aw: ���������.:. Ia  Sheet Xron Stoves, Cooking Ranges, Hy-  Af."- draulio Fipes/&c. -;      ���������  OsW All work jn our line dono at reasonable rates and  warranted to give 'satisfaction.'    ,      '.'.'.'- 6  coNKEcrraa ..wnra     ,. :* i: ^,~a: ���������,,-.������  dSetz & ;nj^son"js FdR:>yictbRu,: '  Will arrive at Richfield on Wkdhssdas������ and Umi&x>AT&  and close on Movdats and Thvb8DA>-s at i^QON: conveying: Treasure Letters a;nd Yaluahles for ALL PAR������S  OF THE WdRLi), i ������������������< ��������� '    wl       ' >:  :.      :T< J. BARNARD.  Ti>is Establishment iai now opeafbr cu^J  <  m. TheTable is supplied with ;the,best and ^ -,,i  delicacies. ^ CfefTe^ and Hescan be had.at.all ho^. ;,,  jm~ The 3Baf contains the Fihost Liquors on.tM������?������ ������������������ -u  j     t-'t, -r.- .������������������ *? ���������; '������������������j t >-y t tr*.<?\' '.'*'A' *.' ?���������?������������������'������������������������������������  ;' ���������.- -";,',',,, ^mwn  ������lacksotth, machinist and manu-  PACT0KER OF COOEIKO RANGES,"-  ���������       BARKERVILLE, B.-C,v!  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  ;...   ...FANNINGS, -   ,-iA' yy f*A-  On Commission, or will purchase agy uusjutjty-oin ths  Most JLibk&a*^-'X������������s$fi, ai the     ��������� y   ., ;- .  Reading Room, Camerqnton*  Subscriber is obw well known on Willian48 Creek, and  from the confidence reposed in him last Fall m the  above business, he hopes' to receive the'' r^troW^e of  me if in ing community thg ensaing season'.1 ��������� '��������� *    ������r< *.: r 1  "* ���������' -T  " JOB������ B0WR05f;i   ���������'  Has Instructions to sell thfe following w  'l-*yp>  1w^:;}:.iiWMw^*������l   w*   - .; ;  w*  1 1-4 Interests in *������age;Millerk^Co*y, liowhes w  X&     do  "Brown''  do.  M.  1-2"  po '';'/ "frtrlde&epAtiQ ;^sonsGul?h  do  dodo <  do:  do'  do:  do  Gt4  -'^ToxrostAR6&&* Co'y, wnu������."J������  'jtlSem&ufo'tf 'i '���������' do       ��������� 7^       i  ,  VBarkerJ'<       *   do   : :���������   ������������������������������ ; yyj  "..^CornYsU"::-"...,.   do...,     ���������>K-.-'.^  '���������Challengo"  "Hood"  do   'ConsW  do  do  (01  Also,, a few shares in the.various Bed Rock Fl������������e     .....^  A 'in iinds of "business connected with mining Pr0    .; j  jjyand carefully attended to._  Tfrt������i?fl   f    I  ������-������T ;P^ccTjRICHFI������Lp, near the Court���������������������������       ^ ���������**���������... :���������������.  S^'PPL.EME.^T   10  -'JttHf  Bark^ Biittoh^^ July 29,1865^  CARIBOO  gE|p||2Rm^  CQUNTr court.;  (Before W. G.Gox,'Esq;y*; ^ ��������� j  v i Mondays 24th"Julj^[lo%5. ?;  JSrd's Express vs^dvmrie^^isVwas:  gpr ������16, amount ,bf fare on the stage io  ^ Jf; defendant^) wife. yyA: decreeJcw-as'  f^^HB|{for'.the fullamount biaimed.Zi'iy ,/  f^S^Bi'Moore' vs.��������� Wm. ��������� Nicholi:���������-Action -on  ;3^^^^tery note for, ������40;14si;;;' Judgment: for  &��������� G rbhbskyivs^ Vlali ^^Thfe'ivis;  ������61 6s., balance of account for goods,  forplainuffa.  Caribbbites here, among thenivTed Sweeny,  Bob Musgrove, Old^Har vey, Cox, Fred. White,  Jack Cain; John Griffin; Jim KeilyjOldLeon,  EpEb^ttb^Ne^  a hbstibf others;; Mike Martin and a few whb  started from Yale this spring will be in to-day  ^Ft&^morrowi: ;I'haveho-more,toaddatpresent th^l^ink^^ldb^  Ishall conclude by^^&ing to be remombei*-  ed to the.bpys./ "Wishing lyou all success and  prosp:������rity,l,am;ybiirs, i^/^AyA,,^%Al j'-y  A:''Daye-send������hw  'stay vrherb ybuirb.' i'' "x"'" AA /��������� ~Z '/, // A A A  mtfnlg^  |||p;already bbtained-bamb5 up on sum-  ^f McWha yi. Allen^;������5j gcott; W.  lp:i2s. Gd^PearceBrb: vs.;Williahi3,  pStrouss vs; Stani^^:������I6i^9s.^iim  |ge; made -ah order for the amounts tb  'Hli_ v :^L ^mp$tey> ^th |uly^ ,,  pried. "atii;-i^prpyipujs ivfioarin^; foE atf  [pf; a; wimess,*icaine^bnf to^avv' '^It  |fbr;������l8 lls^6d^fpr goods;supplied  |p>ss;#^e^  ^s|Snihing ���������claim. ,-^Th'p Action was  _     ^a^airist Mr. y&bss: j^!St^;yvhole  'iip^i^^^&v,- fhad( received, half the. gobdsf  ?^^^^Snd the plaintiffs had' a right to select  tor  ....^WP'' claimed. Mr/Moss did not refuse  ^P^pp'"justsharp of ihe debt, but did not  p^o^Mcthat he should pay  S|^p|W|efpre:- in this rcase; ^a^t^^icam|}lb  i^^^^ffif effects* of .minin^l'cbmpaniesrhbt1  f^^^p|r thb Limited tiability;iaw>i andit  To THB Epif OE OP TUE;"CaRIB06 "SENTWEt.7** X  IISiR^^ermifcme' to^lnfty ^ur^aMntiptt'to'  ^ftatem|te^i^ in last Saturday?s  Issue oftjgoYir; < paper^jundeiv^the^ibad^^pf  ^Cfor^jpsaga^  'effect tbTatT was;^ rbp^stPct; by��������� the ^present  {3-old Commissionerto resign my plape in the  jCpnsta^u^ary or- }thC' cplohy^this^is hot the'  fp^A/ZAA x;AAAA"' A^ SwZAAw Zw AA\A' ��������� * i ���������.  }.^Ablp^rSiJe; .middleioljdfast ^mQnth; I was.  shown a letter from the Colonial Secretary; to.  th^e present Gold  ;ing that the^Gove^  held the-two appointinents^of Deputy Sheriff  an6VC<mstaWbga^  t^^e pTthe other immediately, y :/ A,  ^stmade^myiseieGtion at once, > resigning niy  plaee'iti-thV:Cc6stabu^ry^and rbtaibing: that/  of ,Beputy Sheriff,ahd'hahded my resignation  tOmK'&OXilAyAX  -. ly'lA '-r.-y.  A'AylAhayp thb honor to be, sir,  .AlAAXw-A Your most, pbd't servant,  :wAA?z%itti-xyA.wi, :t ���������"���������������������������' aDax.B. CnisnoLif.  ;��������� Rich%W^ly 24th^ 1865.  ������hap a^ heart, abppvb; them t;a?i^orilike, Jacob  Faithful, ��������� yre^ii I his: mither gaed affon spott--  tahepin3.^mbustion, Ibelieve���������?inibetter luck  next rt}me, an* jwhat's done can't be helped so  there7s, no use cryinV;) Ye hae. nae dopbt no-  ticed a set o^ cockney bodies[-tfib^are up here,  an' feckly inhabit -the dipper; toon^they hae b  michty lpt'o7 airsy-wear-^heir; haltf tb;aeMde  an' look as gif";-they^ were' sbmebbdy;;:they are  abopt as stubborn' as mules an^ as vain a4  peacocksT^tfie fab ds"gif :they3?hacL^only a feather o' this biped i'/'theirrtails they would imf  agine themselves;birds o^aradise^' ''$&/?���������#&'���������  '���������;���������'-A y,f6. wad1 some pow?r the giftie gio^iis  /A'/"-- y.  ��������� 'To 'seo ourSeis^as otKars^sep. lis;.;. lAPy-' ~:'"':-.  It wad fraVmpnie;^  - A Ay '*"���������" -/i^'^r^P^^l^hrnotipH",^.  I:   -W U^,      --���������;���������   ���������;?  I see yere borrbspbndent 'fiixie31 has trot a'  Tiaud^o7 thaelfnes; jist tell^imirne:mei; in;; a  freendly way,,: to; tafe;. them :Jlia^; ^ himflbi;  blit deed, Mri Editbr, yip\had inaybelay: baud  o?"them oorsels, an' it wad be' a guid text forj  every:ane to-;think oV Gif^ we ar had^trans-  parfenciesih oor'breaststherpw  demand for -blinds. ;��������� Wad there iip fc ^Therlejsy  anitherlclass p' gentry ph ;this creek wha'arb:  g'mn usApnitAm  kenhop tKey livb ava���������they are ca?d 'sports/  It's jistf;thb)ithbriiday that^I jead^ih^ Maisterl  Boesticks warks���������and ppesticks is no that  dry a stick hut that^rcai^g������|^me:saj^;p  o7 him7t#eely^as>Lw^^gaun^to say, 'I read^in���������  that the hiah;wha sjperids'ihe %pbk weel^will  keep the Sabbath weel ���������   . Noo, Jsir, four lines  n^ian^I!to;dbpn-r|JKtak;fh^   irab' Burns:*  ,^'Reader;: attend, whether thy/soul ��������� V   V  :rA,,r;., Spars fancy?* flight beyond the pole, A.^ ���������*.'*,',.';  ;.,. ���������/ ; .Or darkling, grabs this earthly nolo'.';.. ���������''.'.; \ ������������������-.  :y- ��������� iZw^- ri^-i-i^-vJ^lPWParsait,'; >-*.A^Ai   ���������  Knowprudoht, cautious,;self ceptrol  PA;���������"  .itAL-������sAit. K4fi yI���������;���������>:''pAfJp wisdom's rboO������w ''*' y'1'   ���������  ���������^y'A'^y^!^r-^'ry^^  yTCm^8.C^k|26th^ly^i^4j::^  ffc  Miner's '���������'^:i^^i^n! v'B t^rb'!  ^MERONTOl^i  m*M'f  mixm W0wm  ;A;;RA]������ELIN, DISCOORSE.  dbes^temsh  us; that miners  ���������,......,. __.,,.      . .    are so, obstinate  9i^ilQHHB^;-,Py^ k measure;tliat!  ^Ojplarjgfdveht the dxtreme hardship of mak-  ^mgrjon^^pay another's- dett,-and-wherc  ^#.fefeta|^ftse he' cari^ry-illa^rd'itL - w;p}    ..rf*f'^-%p*T.-.., ,-.  ���������:ii \  mhg letter W from-a i^iivkhpwn  >|3a|0^|i^who - writes^omrKop;tenayr;tp;^i;  ^|SSBH&t������r being d^tetieayyinJbne^  |i|^������|^^lpng andtediousftrip^ ;I)ave aiid I  tafeivbd43Sbre about ten days-ago; accounts  ^n^^^^ilace were flatteribgtnntilwe reacli-  C^M^^f^anJriver, wherb?wegotaccouhis  l^^p^pes: cbming down -which: have since  ^'^^^were a complete^.hMbu^'^and^hal;  ^Ktosfiat, wherb ituwas^ r^ortedbig  ^phaol^^ been pbtained^;.was; alsors  ^^lMv^9^r������;,;'Wiid.^  pimitarin s^to&Keliileys^niy  I;rimfS^Hgbr and more water; ithe digging  ^r^ab^fe'mile in length,; "the; bbnches on  ^^p^pa;:^;bed^Pf. the; stream^ pay^wpll  lb^������aMqistance, above ori.below that don^t  ia^ra^fcuch ; the diggings-are cbmpara^  ^feS������SISw .Md easily wp^ke^^^but'slx  liuj^^^pn wintered i here and' om tho Gol-  iamb^^^^)u will readily perceive new com-  ������^^^^jim show to take' ujr ground or  j|^|^l^work.; Wages are^sbvbhdbllarspa  :i|������a|S������������������Mork scarce. Most of the late arri-  ;Mp������^���������iiving. for Stirikwater, on the east  ;Si9^^K iRocky mountains; some for ^Elk  riy^||jS|^ib there is some little talk of a camp  be^l^lnd,.but there is nothing definite  St; and some for Boise again.   Jam  -..., ^x������ -,^-I- witb some parties who are confi-  ^^l^plffiiding.somethingnewfessoonm the  ii^^^^0l. down and they are able to get  ;,,S|^^^vith;, hb'rses,"'''b^  ^|g|^^ dull and- uninviting; I should riot  .;;jpM|p^p|y one to come hers under existing  'bi^^^gnces. John-''Libbyj; Pete Libertv,  plplf^rp others came up, thp Columbia in  8^^-^^ Colville,imade a pbrtagb of a mile  affw^|������B^down the Kootenay ii ver to within  ^^OT|s of this place. Bob Nobles, Johh-  aj^lj^pn and their party, who started at  1||fi|inittime, are supposed, to be behind  ^^P^Pr1^- *wo eree5ca a^ou't two hundred  |^������Kimiles::from; here, on .the Columbia,  ;p^^^Sere were nine men camped who had  iW^bme gold, Pete Liberty thinks enough  :������|^Mall wages. Moneyis dreadful scarce.  ^Kii"nurttys" arrived here yesterday. I  J^l������ winter in Victoria. If there is any^  BRt Btraofc I will let you know the first  There are quite a number of  AlPXAA[tif^i}^thenb(i\i]^&nddo\ngp '.���������'���������".  X PS~ -i^Still prepared for any fate,    - ; ���������  j  ��������� -'���������'*' W'- Still achieving���������still pursuing," *���������   ���������*  ;-^^v^^;--^Lcarn to labor and.-to wait."    '���������'��������� '..-' ���������-.  3*0 TiaE EbrrbS of the "Cariboo Sbxtinel."  ^BHfetl'bjn^yery. prppd to_think,that we hae  at last go t axp aper p ^opr ain, .sae that }a body  'can.learh a'Vhat's, gaun oh at his bin door,  ������with6bfc iinpin? awa\toitne Victoria press for  the news; ;^nd' whar ;ainx can; wepl say that  "truth; IsJ stranger ihan ^tibBU" '; Nob, sir;  heariri?. .that. ye?re .a"sensible, decent; sort 67  :bbdy;lifbeL;interested;in:;yererWeeMoin', an'  sae^wi' yere leave 111 jist gie yei^twao������ three  wordsIo!radvice, wbic������ I- dinna .dbobfc."ye'll-  tak in;guid pairt. ".,:Ye'; hae gien yere paper  no an illihame-������������������^TheCaribooSentinePWim-  plyin' merely, watchfulness and truth. Noo,  sir,' acfr'np to? yore^hanie-^be aye reatdy^ to  praise:,,,tlie; guid,; denbiincb;;the;yevili'tbll;thb  |ruth,apd.shame the .dee vil.;;' jjib ye .ken that  sang.;ca?dvfGalier;Herrjn??' .^rejs��������� t\va lines  b^t jisjTricht to Jlibipbint: ��������� / v //p \ A A'., A A i'-." A  i.        ���������!���������'���������"At-ae word aye be yere dealing --A  i"xp. A'a. Truth will stanl;wheI2;a, things failing" . -''Ayy  1;;I ifiinklt^s^aiste^l^  ther p' thab lihesat''ffle'^ fipa4 b^ my letter, and  Ws my bpeenion that there's a deal o? soond  sense P them. Aye^ aye, sir, we maiin a7 learn  to labor an' to wait~-ah? tak my -word forH  this waitin' is the harder lesson o'; the twa,  especially in a'.'jhimin' Srintra.   Jist tak my ain  case-T^I hae been hard at wark for twa years,  baith summer anJ winter, in Cariboo,anJ every  baubeeI hae made has.gaen awa inpros-  peckih,-4-just.like snaw-whpn it maws, man���������  a weel,I am aye learnin? this lesson; o' Lang-  fellow's���������1 winder if he ever prospeckit for  goold?   But, sir, I believe that V-the langrun  perseverance will be rewarded-^-I dinna believe that wi'ScyUa or wi7 Byron that "everything depends uponfortuheland no thing upon  ourselvea,"   It's an auld sayin7 anJ a true ain,  "thai God helps theiri that help themselvcs,7J  anJ believe me, sir, the maist oJ the men wha  hae made money in. Cariboo hae had something mair to mak if by than a "streak o' guid  luck.^   As a general rule, sir, ypu will find  that they hae been hard workin7, persevering  men wha had learnt Langfellow's lesson;  Do  ye no think ityero sell?   There are mengaun  up ah? doon this creek wi' their haunds i? their  pouches ah7 they7!! tell ye that this Mntra?s  {gone in/splayed opt,? &c.; poor simple chiels  ���������bummers or loafers folk ca' them���������it's no  thekintra but their ainsels that's fgone in.'  Theyr canna get wark they say, but, man,  they'll no seek for't.    True enough there are  some deseryin'/ men ootV wark, and there are  strangers wha come here wha are sairly put  to it, boosomdeyer; we're a* like my countryman, Robio Bums, liable to 'misfortunes groat  and smaV an', guid sakes. thae same often do '  us muckle guid^���������but we should, like Robie,  Doesticks that a ^sportwasm gambler by prp-  tessibhj arid therefore a sandier; by nbbessity,  and that it was from rio; excess^br yirtub;that  he was kept Irom ste^ing^^;Isl?bestic!ks;^ght,  thinkhye?-:���������*��������� I dihiia ken,-^he Is an American,  and Americans think they? ken mair than4ther  fbla~--biit gif he be ^wrarig, thenihbb^ do the  f-W ri-:i.i;''-..y������������������*.���������;������������������������������������������'{��������� .v���������!.:..!��������� nteiei  Liquors.  H^Hard  . .alJeaiersin .  . 4p^r^*^t^g,  are, ^lodicines, Drugs A^Miners I'oolaf ^'W  K Iff ������ft*< , iiAH'^* ���������THr'.*\*a ���������I'**?, *f*.V<*t"e  ^^The cheape^^ric^ ^  '���������A  .:^mi%$Aim  ���������$ i  ���������.i'>-J.t.-..  W*Sr  .W-,  .    . S"������.f  B A TRICK    K3R.WIN  PROPRIETORS  :a'-'  '- i?'A  .AS:  -sS-  Aim  geritry,live^ya %^he.men ^ha play ,wii= the  a ������ rt iV+o^a a������"ii v i'ftn \i\? -fbllOWS7^'*' ^������ <*^" *������*��������� "7"'^**"'' 1 rt BU  are" *guidvfellp ws' Ibbcaiise ^they -lo se  their money cheerfully^A ]^ cerbes!; I think  itotthey&e<miohJ^  bbrnin' tlieir money wi' hardTaDpr makapresent b't'to the gainblersf: thetfac is thej are  not' only stupid but downright nngratefu\  Do, yp no think sae|;AAl &ink, vMai^ter; Editor,  that as a class the most iriteliigeritand hardest  wbrkiri, riibri on^this;.creefeare (^nadians���������I,  iheari  Nprth; African ;;������hin^^n^swbnkj  strappin'.. chiplf who. can use. bptetbeir lhands  and feet weel; but/this is-at in the breed thby  come o'���������theyvhae S^^fe  a^oot them an? cc^siderablb'bf ithbAthistle; i'  their griip���������they are an independent; Hud io':  folk^but it-is the right kind of independence;  they hinna the conceited-pride vp^ thef.prood  Englishman, nor the^craW or smartnbsso'the  Yrank, but hae riiuch o? the bhrewdhess an' a  guidslipe p.' the.,closeness o' the canny Scpt,;  hae; a^farj mair afiiablb ^riianner an' pari; mak  theniSelfcatJhamb vw'i';a stranger,in half4he  time a^Sawney cah^' They arb'mtickle gien to  athletic^sp.orja arid manly ex:e^cises,anddanc-  iiig is a^favbrite 'amusbriierii^but whether it's  the lassies or the dancin' they like best I'll rip  ; tokuppn ,me, tb say, if it's the lassies riaebbdy  would,bliiriib therh, fbr      \ ���������,- ^;.;:1,  ',.-.,. .���������.-^^ .f{.ThO;wisesVman^tho^^ world ere saw .;;.,;.  * a'^'X- He; dearly looed the lasses :0! ?.'      *i y A '���������> i I" AP I  Daricin? promotes^circulation and is guid .exercise, cures indigestion and removes bile,  When taken in; moderate; quantities���������pure  muckle A6\ aethirig is guid for naethirig;* but  gif a'man puts in a good honest ten hours  wark he's no needin' to dance muckle for the  sake p* exercise. /What think?   'Brevi  ty is the soul of wit ;r but as I hinna wit  enough to be brief *yo maun excuse me an',  een hear what mair I hae got to say. I ance  heard a*mither tell: her wee bairn to gang to  the back door and play as it was Sabbath.  Shusis���������this was the bairn's name���������said, mither is't no Sabbath at the back door too? Noo,  sir,' we;a' had a Sabbath at the^frbntdbbr,  that was in oor ain kintra, but it's the back  door here wi'us. I wad ask my brither  minefs;;,is't no Sabbiath here too ?:: Sabbath  should be keepit.as a day of rest.as far as  practicable^! quite "agree wi' Maister Thilos'  Thfe ������6alootf is ^fitted?upr iff ^IfiST^CliiSS"  zZAZz..^/A^m^^. ������������������������������������������������������������������������  The B^^ supplied with thb FINES %.  LIQUORSifhibh^anbepro^ , A Ar  ?  AND HiS  .. -J Z ^llSe .* w W? ?^J^ se>|all|l].i.3,;' I  old FRiemas  ���������-.������������������������������������*-  mt  CAMERONT0N:-  The OldestjEstabh^hea-Hotei.ron.W  * *f-v."^,*.v,-.i. v*u--" ���������** *  RS, CAMERON begsitb intiihate thaTshe has open-  ed tho rPioKKBB Hotkl in - Ca moron ton. .which is  neatly fitted up with every comfort;^ the Beds are clean  and well.1 kept under her- own' superintendanoe;;that  Bar is well stocked with-the finest LIQUORS; and the  Restaurant wiU';be��������� supplied withvevery ^delicacy.   An  eflicient CiJpi engaged..,;, ���������;; ���������'.'.. PAr.. ,..--.��������� .,*       -...,. :p.  i   From the long experience .'-Mrs.' Cameron has hacl in"  'Hotel keeping on Williams Ci'eek^and lhe large piitron-  rage formerly,bestowed, upon her house->.she; will leaya-  nothing wanting in?her ^new'vHpiei: to ensure the su|)������  portand patronage of her oWfriendsii ,.., .-,..,  j^-Hor'and Cold Suppers to be had atall hours.  in his remarks on *Sunday Labor,' an? a few  mair on the same subject an?: frae the same  pen wadna be amiss), arid the Sabbath should  be a.dayb'! enjoyment as weel-���������I irieari rational enjoyment 3Ye hae twa very guid  preachers on the creek noo, an' I dinna see  hob it is that a' thae folk wh& gaed to kirk sae  here.;  The facis,  HKREBv TAKE PLEASURE.IN  NOTICING THE,  public throughout Cariboo that I am; prepared from  this date toijell at Public Auction, on any part of Williams creek, every kind of property, stationary or move*  able, such "as    ������'  Merbharidfee, Real Estate, Mining Claims,  ��������� .    Shares In Mining Conipambs.Vjfcfc  I am at all times ready Up.sell,;on reaspnable terms.  nay property whatsoever placed in my hands by Official.  or Trade Assignees in Bankruptcy.   Having had. more;;  thaui..ten years c^petience in the various"Branches ot"  AuctioneeringJI hopes that any one requiring my services will bo kind enough to give me a Call, and I wiU  strive to please all who may intrust their business to  me; ( 0AS&; ADVANCES made' on Jferchand ise placed ���������  in my posseesidn to be sold, arid prompt settlement ���������bf  air transactions. .Any person wishing to consult mo  will And me at my store, the old Pioneer stand.  . Merchandise of all klnds:soTd at Auction and;private  sale,  '  ���������' ���������' '    i      -JACOB EHRENBACHER,  Public Auctioneer.  Barkerville; June 29th, 1865.    '"���������'        ���������.���������-���������������������������---.   5  beiri5 seen i' the kirk���������a man feels a' the better 0' bein' there, whether he be the better or  no. I hae heard an auld sayin' that a 'Sabbath wecTkept is a week well spent;', I dinna  quite agree wi' that, but I wad raither believe  Soda Water & Sarsaparilla  FOR SALE AT THE   .  GAZELLE SALOON, Camoronton.   ,  8 AI>LER & BARBt.  ���������������������������*���������: 'S-.  r^, *���������,���������-������������������.������!*.���������������������.' tv-xiiKa>2anE3?22ttL!!ZZ:',7Zi THE "CARIBOO SENTIKEL33  Bill: Heads,' Circulars; Fosters and  Brpgrainiaes for Balls and Theatrical ; '  a;     :.'-?.    A.A ' ^Sntejrtainbaente, /  likaonted wilh-KeAtness' and.5 Dispatch at_ttils Office.   JOT Terms Moderate.  -* 'itQutteo 8������^in&,yOfflfi*,  Bar&ervUle,   Williams Creek  }  **&���������  i,.  '"_ AiazkDAHm'Moip'MyAs  "     A . A3aT>,ly.p   .1 PA-IA'P,.;.. Ari?  Clr^ulaixaxj^ Library I  CAMRROJm>Nr WILLIAMS CR^K* A  vi ^pe^������^i!itai)0^'lW'^l������iae������-,-or-'S������w Works 1  Iiav* been oi^laUly added to theeireuUtt^Sabraryi  ' ;������V?^::*;* r*-^"'"30HN BOWEON, Librarian.,,!  mffE TJ2CDKRSIGKBD IS tfOWFBliPARED TO ANA4  1 XjTSJS vOKE&���������'W. any ~desl������fpUon brought to bim  for U������i purpose    Charges moderate,-'���������-.-:'���������.'-���������.^-,;';.f->;  BlJlCR-SANlTPJaarc^  ortGU&&������3ZH& QommlsaiQo^ at the^urera Company's  !V*' Wil������-,������w> ������ ������������*.-���������,:.-���������  1<0������&K  ASP  ^Rrio&wJftiK^JSlSA.^^  BRITISH  incorporated by Boyal Charter.  Capital! . :^ $1,25%(  -WitH-Fdwer to Increase*/  VtCTORlA^BMik of BritisfcOrtunibW;* *  HAKAlMO^BaaKoC Pritisb (Xdumbiap  hew"wisainssrEi^  ^ALS���������Banker BriUsfi Columbia- va y v r <  -MOUTH QUES&&k-4Ja*.k of British Columbia;  SAN ra^NCISCOe-Bajttk of British Columbia;  'PORXLAKD, QKEGOX^Bank of -Britisli;ColuHibb;  ^S:^'.^ ^'^^.can^a^S^' ^ ��������� :Z-  ZZAyBAMm&WlAm&lZTMTlAXii  tllt:J^AApiBRAS(&& A,Ay w-l  Montreal, Toronto, Quebec:. HaniUU%: London; Kingston, Cobourg, ^Ballerolle, Braatford,. Brook-     ;���������  'tnieVWhltby, Peterboro, 'Ottawa, *5ue4pfc, ,,-*     \  4oderich, Stratford, Fictoh( Perth,  :'::       -. y  ���������  '-ww,,"'Simcoe^SUCatheiinefi';/'; -���������-���������:i.:|  A ���������-���������,/"��������� rffMSM^r-v-.r,.,' .'���������   f  IjOXWS^B&nk of fetistf Columbia���������������6 Lombard St j  '���������"(������������������  I"?  ������J^ACsSSS6j8A!R6|r ibich Jthil jaecse.aCTorda to;  4rwl������r������t������nD0t be- iurpassed;  the Table is well  ���������qbpfcfc^itt toe beat lhe roa^Kaffordsj aftd de Bar  r'-SrSottswft* WaUfc- '$&* 3Sa������st sX^usks ^Be^-StabBoff,  lessthan Que2Iuitdred ������pilar*." /,,.-,,-. - -"\.-.. ��������� Vs  ���������Bite Discounted andCoBected; anfrBSilB ot Exchange  |m>GreaG iBriiidii$*:': ppx\  ^afledi^isti^f^a^u,:!^* Ax. Aw s'w^-wwsfWKA \: ���������  - ..Drafts issued, oa- all the Branches aiid Agencies.,/^,si  p <^vemmeiai:aiid other S^urUiea/revived. fbr '.safe  custody^Interests anti Dividends collected;^  'MiiTOata::  ^'T^*'^)*^  E^EOUSE;  '.rv  ^AI/rERS^BSOSi;  Sm-WBS&I^ the re#ep-  l$&* of t**r������l*w;; tbe Table is well kept ana the;  yj&wM aaanoi be surpaSS������dT tfie B������da are clean and  -     ibi������;^yxbMn|t forJaoraea>; .Hay^aad^airat  .rat������* *' l'"i" AA AAAAAA "%-" ���������" -": * ������-. *���������" -  A^y-AsAwyyx WtWiA  Becalved on Deposit;:; or Advances inade dpoo them;  MINE^^A���������IENT^aSI) BROKER,     v  ifi -g ;.���������:���������:���������:;.,��������� \'.fj ;richfield.  -���������.- -:U      ���������?���������   "j  All kinds: of ^ene^Bii&mc^ at^       to|  / ;dfflce;%positatneBfi^ j  HOPES:  i,:  v : ^  VT GROCEBIE3, PROVISIONS, ".&c., Fort.Hope,- B; C  HICK'S HOTEL^ Lytkwt Square, Nb^ WisrMMgntaJ  -iJ, C:,' PbSop Bie^"Proprietoi^!~: The above favorably known house is nowopen to the public; the Bar  is 'constanilysuppUed with "the choicest b������aa>, of  ^liquorsandSegars. *'.".���������"/_,   A-yy y  .  ,*. * f. *- ;  Y HOLBBOOK, %harfihgeri For-  wardingahtl'Commi^iom mepcbaat, de������������rhi Fro-  Visions, Feed/ &c. ;v Bonded '/storageIbr :JO@p tons'-of  Goods in Stone Fireproof Waxel^UTO."i: Goods^Forwarded up country, and every accommodation given to yea-  aeUloading or discharging: atnhe Liverpool or:upper  wharf.   New:WestoiM , /.... a'  "-Aa-aaA- tiyHGfttt^Z^ A? A/: '���������  "4 Lt, kinds oy B^/Jc^fe".cLorawGJ;-B6fe  ii. andShoee, can be lkwg^t-'-'^eapeTr^t^the]^tm:<^-  the undereigned.than at any other place in the colony.  Every article marked in plain...figures, r JEermSr-rOASH.  "N"."B.^^Order8 from"the upper country receive prompt  attention. -ARTHUR BGIXOCK,  8/    Opposite^Colonial ^staurant, Kew Westminster  j^'^Yatesratreet;^ yfcttatej* ���������T;-'--L,;r-keep<s'-- coil-'  stantl^^on hand a ^EUperior stock -of Gold end  snver^ATOSE^" Gold Chains, ;������uckle^ Hated Ware,  THE BANK OF  ������i  ESTABUSSJESS tX 1836. nIxCO������POHATEn BY R* -';  ������������������' -. ICssAxnatwi... ������^*i  Paid tip G  Undiviaoa  itaL   ���������������  ^Profits,  - si  ���������Ssaj^owicat''"VOT^^^  /ESTABLISBMKKT3:  antfoni:. HafiaF^ii^sSl  SCJohns,^-^fe^ctoria, V. I..  "JfcJipl  Kingston;������������������    .London, CW; Brantfoni;  e���������Marcuard^Andre & Cicy Paris;  itiA���������Union Bank of Australia;  . '., :.;,'...:.,- -vr f 'v.-AGENTS:.  5e6TLJi3f������>-i-Kati<>nal BankroY Scotland;  iBSi^sn^T^wmctalBanker Ireland;  FEASOt-  AurntAiiA.-  Im>za. Chlva & Japax���������Chartered Merwuitae g^,    T^Uji  ;. India, Loniaoii,and Oiiha/:   A; 7*! JSp  ;^)Ri?TS:^SUB0 oall^doti, NewTork, S������ah?^^^^^  cisco, Canada, New Brunswick, Nora ScoOa, aiid^i *������M!S  the Branches of the National Bant of ScoUtadtgrat|oJ  from5 the ^untiy promptly attended to;  Fell & COi's  SPOKBOBG- & RUEFF, Commission Mer-  CHANTS,-Wholesale Dealers in G&ocsBini and Peo-  --T3Sx4^-:^liatf^sfx^^.-TictoTiv" AA  '     ; S������  m.  tor tbe eQmfl^^,^^W������W:'t&!:3^1^^:fi������Siuad  a4^ihs.^>^iwaythiii^  eooking ia notJinferibr to> the best hotel In thelower  ���������eMtiy^Bed^^allii^Jl^ Bay, and  g������tj. %������������^g������������aoi������ aVtlseaH IDie House over night  ������a ita way down eountry^ x^: a  I, Gold/Dust Melted ahd. Assayed/ and-' returns  within 24hours ih:������oin or Bars; ! ' *" )'��������� * Ik  AX ores of-^ every description carefuOyAsMyed: -  -v'Nj Bt-^Ahylnstiuctionaras the jdlspbsal of the pro-.  &tedaMJGMA^Bai^,^yr^^y^ 4h������ olBce for Assay  vriU/be_careTul3y attended to.  ,/ AAA'p.yAAip"\\'~������������������  ""'v' /''*--intonl"WHu*au^/Creek.". / AA-' A Ai.'A -A-:A  i-r*?.'A-,*;  S S^SIGHirBAHB PASSENGER  ' lAMBAyA.Py^.AAAlA/wA  1  fe'*:&it:?:  leak at all Aonis, and -Coolaiag of tlie best  rpH& MOSt BXPrnmora^lASB EC65?0MICiJLi, AS  X;v w^l-aa4he nK>stoomfortaMe modeof travel to, tbe  lowesi country S "by this Kne/-"i-r ��������������� P, AA. A: i   i-p: r. ' . 'p  ���������^g^BBtfi'TRAIN ���������leaves Bichfleld eh;^fdsmATS and  Tb&bd^**&&OQS^ STAGE at  Cottonwoodr for -fiuesnei .Mouth' and; the ^steamer- for  Soda Cre%.- BSEKAKD^fi ,SI!AGi������ leave Soda'lCreek  every:-v.Ho������nAT and Thcbsd^v* at^.*, m.   The Thurs-J  day's Stage w3llay over aVBtaiB^s, ill^ mlleT������ostf-and  a^Cia2b������sla>rr restji the^Monday-s >Stage'*%i Castes  omlv j-i>oth arxiv4ng at vale-in time lo-eatch ihe steamers JorXew Westjpinster.......  .   ���������"������ ;;/"' I':   -A xA'A: .,-.  :������������������ * ^-Through Txtk^mMy hd ohtaihed at the" Office  inKdha^ia? -     y:ywA   - w    *  /-, ������������������������������������������������������       - ���������   :  ?&.*'&  ������������������Hr%'  / ;,f R>|������qQI8^������HAPBR���������0Xt  EW<^^ ���������*EB a? CO:  : sap i!psto!R* Jn CHINESE GOOI^Kte,, Sfc*  ''~AWlyt&2������*x, ;5^via5flB������*--i;^:-:3.!K iWkv;.., ���������? - i  ^V*S S' E-L^MIH^^'*'-:-.' ^r^;'������- ���������-='1:  >Wholesale J>ealersaui iGaocxBua A3a������iFRoviakHikt.  Wharf street^ Yictosia, Faucouver Island.     ,   ,. j ,a  T OWE BBOTHEKS^ CcmamissionMerclxaiits  J^ and-; Importers of=5 PBOVJaross, Gssocsaizs, French  Wines.. iiquors, Havana Cigars, JJaval Stores, Kojie,  Cahvas/Oars, &C., Wharf street, TlcM)ri< A J, *    V -*1J  Pioyfjacial Bank of Ireland.  ���������'��������� ��������� tb&  <A&if&>p&.: Exchange and Gold Puitiaa������4'th||^P  Interest on Special Deposits of Money allofr^ liifif^W  m tcvof ���������*^uart**r.of one per cent; per month. aKnffl������  5������* The Bank receives Gold Bust and Bah fv<H&^9j8  keeping* without charge;' undertakes tbe pwtbuja*"^^  sale of Stock: theCojieciion ol Bills and..othsr EKa^PS^  buslnesa in tike United States and British Prwriwa COUB������|  Goijj'BcstMelted and Assayodi^aad wtini^crac^  |r^i������^at^^oa^4n,pa!������n^g^  ,. Ores of every description carefully Axsaj\L      nier������  ��������� ��������� N.BL^rAny InstiuttiOiis/as-td the disposal tt^Jg^**  ceedaof Gold Diist foTwarded���������'tb the otfietJamii^ll  for Assay wWhe carefuUy ;attend*d. ta?' a  AwwZjy* AA) As, ���������:'^,a-8HEPHESD1Xuifi.  FELLO^WB, RC^COS & CO., impdrtexsof  Gexskal BAEDWAaa Asn.Umw; Mpore^a funding,  vates street, JVlct6"na, T/I."  /    .       < - '  '*     "^  EN..i&( CARSWELaL., Importing Book-  TTXBB  JULSEL  SELLERS &;SrA^C^EB^-ooiista^Uy supplied and  receiving fw>m:bjestiou!pes* School, Standard, andTMis-  ceUaneoua Book^ and StajJld and Fancy-St aeoait������y in  all its BraachesC? Corner fates and Lanpey streets,  Victoria^ Vancouver Island.-/. , s '   a  A LBIOW IRON WOBKS, ^etoria* Y. 1^  ix. ManufacUireiSJeamiEngSnes /and -Boilers ,of aU  sixes, Quarts-MaiSj-Slining-PumpSj^���������:J5pun.ng.MiEs,?Sa31St.:  Sash, Mulay vahd ^Circular Saw ^MiHs, Ir<m and Brass  Castings," ancT every thing ^ connected with the "business,  ;���������-. -s,,,..-.-.,,:.tA-AAA'.        SPRATT& KRIEMLER  Co-,  Q^a������ORa3^ HOTEL, View Str^vTi  O 'roRiA.,.   This Hotel tO;wfcich ^attached a i^^VJ  Tant^'and/Bar'SD^^is 'oneof lhe: most" eo&tjftivx  furnished rooms for^single persons" and fajnS&i.fl  most important London, Freuch,: and Califoniia h  .papers received for the use/of .boarders, 'r ���������*.* lf    -Ail--. ,.���������^m  '"~'r'-""   '  " "pO'xe~"  ������OT  GLARfiSOK i CO., JXejjubxs us Booxs, SrinmjffljS&R  Music aod-A������usical Ii^ijnEQents,;KEK3 AflK���������������mSi  &c^ Columbia Street. Kew Westminster.      /   1 Pf?F.M!  A"'K a ���������"������������������������ ������������������������������������ "- m   a ���������  i ��������� --,v -   ������������������������������������ ������������������ or,xm  ^���������#GA^lffcCREA*^^^ ^rsnthere^  tl>  rYfctoria, jYancouver island.;, p :- ��������� :,,: ,:. ,���������, -.-'��������� ��������� J& :w^  B" AinSL^;sc30^ra*'jeo^-^^  OoiqPBaiax MvjM^AT!*its, C^ty Aucu<m ^%%<ip  sueet^ Vi������orl&. ,Casbr&dvaneed on Mer^a^^^ii^Jg^e  ajBouiit^-comsigJiedTorsale/    Beference���������Eoa. B. Jr^gSjgj  ;x^rsffiSi .oTfcB: Co Teaii Udyd'* a^t '. /" - ���������.... WE  "'      ------   ���������   -j-gui  i  vT-aP*?IMS1BS & GO.* Awstioaeera & C������k^S  il..v.:-- Kssios. Me������cuaxt������, '���������Ri������-,Ftuo���������ASs6s*.Biil^'"i JgsS  Wharf im^^ctt^-y:lLr ia������*aj/Advanw ar $*M1  ������a' CffiaKgnments,'-41-7'-" ������������������ - ���������'��������� \ - ^- ^' '/''-- ���������     JI gflOlJ  ��������� > . r ;"ri.ij-:   .-'���������;.yr^ggj  mporter aatd G������bh a-w^i-i  COMMISSieK MEKdft^w3csonmercial' Row-lki^Sftr,  ���������������������������i>;- ���������';��������������������������� 1 d-here-  TCSSN P. COUCH.  tJ COHMISSieKaiEBCJL-      _^  street^ Victoria,^ Vanoouve* Maad.-  SCOTCH/HOtJSE.-.""A-"��������� KcZ^ait and   .    , _ K  HosTOS^ Asn1 Ge-vebal OcvfYTTESS.    Hioera snA-\ /^OLJ3STOKS and BROTHER^ Agenti'l'KeS^'  ^tASi3SnQaj^"fs2j^  .~--v>' ������;.  abov^^e^did^oteTisuc^.c^n for thOTpsJblic,  ^proprietor having taken great pa4us through' the  Wlntier-fohWaJce^^  Sqo?1 ,-w^j2jKHsda4loEiai---with 'suite- of roems for>la4les  ���������v...r9r,:^v^.p!srtiesJ-rr. AUached to.th^/EdtsJ-feB.&- A..,  -.//;��������� .^l^ap Ot*s3:^^fc^^'^fea^-*;i/A.  li^uoxs,. QgarSj &c"   ���������  -^  -, -������������������...     * . -.   . ;, _.  others will flndatithe Scotch House a splendid stock of  Clothingj Boots and Shoes, and Dry Goods.of every description, ail of the best quality, and' at very moderate  prices.   Fort street, "Victoria, V. I.:,;"        -AAAAP a ,/  pleaai  TF  TOU/  WANT  I  BUUSTEB.;  GOOI>    ALE    EKQUKE  M the Pioneer Fiour Hills, Caoasssos maw. '^rM  Importers and Wholesale Deal^xa in Gjloosriki, H'^S?^gg  visioss, ��������� Batv Gemot* C^arKcsc, Boors Asn Suba I ithWtfll'  two-story Fireproof Bufldan^, Raid's Block. W* ' 'AwWi  the More* of J. Wilkie k Co- and St������wan & Ga, ffj    a'^aw  FORI street, Victoria. s:"    .    1 ' "V*' '    -.. *.:��������� .^**^  dullp  T MO'ORHEAB abd OOi COMMT5SIOK ;nxi  ti ��������� 'CHAS1S-' and Tmparters of GstoczBiss, - Too-  nsiossj ^sonccs^ &G,���������..���������Wharf street^ Yictoria; V. I.    a  E^jOTKMfcK, Importer and Dealer i������6* loiiM  CEIOiS, PKOTJSIOKS, WINES & UQUORi,! fi(j^  7_Wharf street, between Jolmstos asd'Tatea, ^l^gfl  -;:" '��������� ������������������//';'���������": '���������","'."������������������,/ -llclWi  ITanoouver Island.  THOHAS AXISOP, X������and Agent sad Gtei*.        ^^ lt���������������^���������   ���������������^  sitAvCoMMJSssos AcssT, GoTernment street, ^Scto-   -a. ^������������������������jli���������������������.������������;  ria, Vancouver Island.        J a    j spe*tful|y������^ata the attenUoa.^  SOMAS SHOTBOX.T, JM^pen^ng Chtmiffym  "A3ri>r;lHEeocwr;- <3ohnson stree^ |Vktom, ���������-I.'^BSm  ���������������������������i-i^-/V--'"v.^%eRR.Pa>iNi"l:..- *.;���������;/-=/^j;Moses'' Bali vlBVigorator  ^^^^1^^^^^^ ?^ ^^^* Baldne^ K������tore.-air .tfaafc'fatf  ^^^"^^^W'-'i^lk-vi^"- ���������'������������������->��������� "'^-ffi' ������������������*fafie&off:������'be������Hae U^n.aad.toairee&c4aaSy  G^AwSimsa.. jse J&grosAviaar; b? Ham is .055 .wsss.  ;,.t^j;...  QUESKK, MOUTHs  JOHN WTTaKTE and CO*,; Iferclx^s^i,*-Wb������if  Street, Victoria, Vancouver Island. . = ���������:'<',:���������-.:;? .;; ,:.^ s r  DR*-PbW������3uL "' has' Removed -Pus Offio������  - aad .Residence irom -Wert street^ to: the premses  lately ocoiped ijy~thjg Maye������'.-0������-Br&^'St^^Tfeio3rSa?  T. I * 'Office' hours 9 a. - m.* te>:i12,: and 8- p: ns. to ���������j&'.Vf*  J.  J. SQUTHGA^S and CXX^ Vsmt'lRmmxi  Vtooria,*! , and Sattiery street, San Francisccv  aad#^:>  ������ic.|a.:-g;eae^J.t^ h^,,-s?ell-stoned-sUsck-:^ psw. W.I;  ������. __ -^ ..������*__ - ,^., ^v^ pierlunsery.; "aUo to .'iii* Jfifljb;  for RbcBinalasmi ^rhicb Is aa"invaluabto'.tm^j}-:  "WyA  "Whoiesals."and Betan Dealer'in'WlaVS^ BR4>������g..  EKEB^-^^i^^aRS-^ every dsses^ft. -'Ooodi1 ft  wajple^: 16. tbe :ISiun5g^Estricts, -  l.;.;:- *.' 14  ^I0N S^S^HiSpflB,  Mt'Am*w*wr-jjtotMnn **&<*>   ���������^a ���������i-rAiai.ii-'j'x."   ^~;���������   uuLjax^s. oa Government istfeei win be earned on ias  a darker gtosycofer, aadto^ae i������n.������r������-vfll������������9 lie^Jtu&sre.  '    WElSSSh^UEaSBAaKHLGl^KiL- J  Vxctosia, Februarv M, I^l  li^J^'Pnf!r^^?rt<i?I,?l*^lrtte; vho Wholesale Provlssos and Commissfem-Bus^esa, iat  tt^^tftSS^nw^'^'^-v^v^ ������^ ^������������������ft-������W*������������fl������ and Wharf streets,^der  FT^Tbj^^T\ti^ saturate the nea4 .thefirin.of W������ISSEXBUKGER & SCHLOESSSl   Mr.  >  S-^^f01!^^^^^^ Jras-DAVi������ ������1 actasMajiagerof^o^busiiieS.������e  ^ c������.*.Itwi������al2wrebevetl������he������i*c^a^dgi^ Kiisfoi*^ *W" c������������i^^ir������2i ISiLiSSTT^if.--  boti2--.the skin, and, halrdm a healthy state, ��������� Ladies wul  find theiarigonaor.a great ^addiOoa > toftet, bot&.ia  ^^^., . T,, w s -.������������-  o65toderaSos!i of Us.&&eate ssd ^r^s^e f^&ias ������5s������   f^ATGAS ���������MAKYIN,  ^gsaa^f&^Bcj^t������!^rds'-iii drafenc the hairj whteii  ������feea,S50sat���������'with at.^aa:b<*..dpes&ed"m any..-juptiteS-'  5������eB6r&Xs&&������������������������PronriettfflB;.-' Ji??sam*&*>rP^^^^te.^aoev wnath������r,p2atn,-ori&   ���������N^-Ac^o^aimcffi'ei^  ^^s^;S^^i-^^^/.:;v4^^ ..,."���������; ./' -;  rtu   ;",.^   :-:-;,-"    m,' It -.^QSSa    ���������  .Barserrnie^ ,n,art.:^oos,to Hslame BjasdisaCa,s^  Ooaxxs Tost jesm Lajfulst.  JtL^ Street, dealer in IROK& HABI)V������ABB. Agent for:  the sale of tiie Boston Ku5>ber Belts. ' .    ' 4 ^  OA^'i^lJKi^CK,- Ticferla; T, 'JjT&   '^Bl^S Alib' Ffcc&ES ktA'nSiftTlTr<^etsn.   Tli������J  tasranr s-^gmltaiwiU* aH^i������ dalfcacies '��������� thi-'-^J  aS^rds^, la^Oie Bar,will b������ fostad ^-<feott*it Uw1  " W '    ������!Cff'"--' "       "'        ' -        *4--  .Tj������WiS'X������WiS,' GLOSS^;������iirn strxbt, Vie-*  1^ ^������T^oj5p<3^te������ankof3^t8sfeKonhAm^ira ������  ���������'������!_   SpTRO & CO^lHTGSTsas A5i������ ������saiXBS sx  VT*   QGASS, TOBAOOQ. Keeishaum I^pe^ fccT S ������.*  comer of .Ta;es and Wharf sSs^&e%''Yietoria>���������-' -i ��������� A* ������='  &$ft;A������BStegte! 2������a������^OR.,aT%afcaiflt; CbaniP������P  Hetressoa de ^/AubitiCajampsgne dry, Beacli������ d������>  -���������-���������^^ ���������-     --���������--    tog^sa-dioftuot Cbaoi������*  Botm Bltlera^ Saiai^'ai^fi 'OBfonU ^���������"5^  G..^4er Cteas/^A^ssse *M������Ck of Bon^ ^  Braudtea," Whiskeys.. and Xiott������s.#r ������v������iy w������'r  always ca handr " -"  --'GaiiaasarrA rng8}���������  ���������"-���������;- -. v*:^^:-^pSS|^fe^-"flr^!esai9'l^^  -W.'^  'p^jfcietkst Wharf and Jonnsrt^j  i'^t  P1refeored{OTC  F, BHSTERH1AR; IJaSD-ltiE&^tt.car^  fi-S.������   emm������it sireet^ two doors south of Fort #tre>eL'  Tk^oi^.VsnoBOTerIsland- ' . ���������'���������/'���������/.   &  CASCF3  oo������.  Cos!!-  ������������'  "S3caf: saWKisisv Whan ��������� *ire*t,' Tictena, r  ������������������^*-^^-rr.������.������;J>Kfe������Hrft���������������"iV������<Joa; W(^  ^Frcs-^AMBSOjrrox  JfUUARD,  S3 PAIXISG^ JSuK������ 3ECOMIS6 YEXSC  caH'and ba"ve"ls'  'RSD l>sfore 3?on a^ ������i ieaSe^;  l>.  THOMAS GOLDSN.  Waois&ALfi axd Bsvail'  Jt -Bato..m\\nX&. BHAKDIK?, BEERS'^ LRi0OI^  o^ ererf dosarlpskvc^ Osrser of Fm and Wha>f street^  netoria^-Taoooover Island*   ���������:.-; ������'-;,'��������� -.   - ���������- ���������im.^*-'  rCE is SJusaac; and if" you would saw* both' stikr  .   _5w Goods by tbe Tale -Xyttmi - Ifrmtl  ;BkWoijp & Oa^^aa-55ffS������$s^-i:  ;V^Ei.^d^e>rW^<5ya^eh^rcli it^^B^'l*^������*  ���������-and ��������� Coiisc^os:- Goreraiaeiii str<fls  ���������^ancsto'er^IslaaSla, "->������������������'���������? ������������������'��������� A���������������'* ^v^   "���������;   :" ^>  ������^S,'?ISI������S  fic^  .^owi  ">> ������ p.n>a'iSii- ������itpianwip-j-ji ":r'-i ���������<j?-lm~,.lTi' i'lfn..    *'   "'��������� ' _v  ff.ao^  F, V; t;EE;  ^   a^wiwli^2*Z: ^-fo^-juywiosi ���������Aoave;--i:'f UUDS'ij&fiWI *<XX, tamisrsts'.AJJ ,w  ".Y'^ ���������British GeiumbiA, o*sn& to ������nfoni> Siinnera J Pj  ������-������-��������� fir, , - ? ~��������� - , and the public in general that he is now weDared" to V3  onmg.. Agent,. &ad OE^rtor. | Farwart .tevis- toM������ te ^ .������^ ^^^^  !  Sa/ea aadTaultS,/^^^1^  5^ AS i^?a������r Bs&isa&s ai*fs3������������5 4c.  tons* tod without delay.    All ������be4a������aBB%Be4t to^tna  OorifTTimtnX 'au'S r&u������iaj streew^i^cr.3.  viiii


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