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 ehag  ITION  &������:  was������--  wm  if-  IIS  y$S<ii;lliiWh  wgsm-y b  III  tmBHf  KrtSfflKfF  ptSP  llll  mm  iM  mm  5K  IBI  Pill  Vol.-4  Barkerville, Williams Creek, B. C.r Monday ^iiiie 5,  1867  No. 9,  .EUROPEAN SmiMARY.  as  ; : St.-Patrick's da^passed. off very quietly in  _'inIreland,.wbere it hai'been anticipated the  ipenian outbreak iivould; receive ajeerious ac-  * cession of "strength; X 'y/'-y -A' '.''..     A':A  .   .The^PariB Exhibition is $frfr^^^  statf   TbQ.Great-N^rtteml^U'way'-had got nia, on account of,the insecurity "of life Art  'completely blocked iai'ts merchandize de^ -  INSECURITY .OF' LIFE AND PROPERTY  IN NEW YORK.  partment, by the large*.masse's of Exhibition  goods.   The earthworks on the Exhibition'  including the park contain a million;cubic  yards; ironwork j 13;200 tons, of which f:10,QGQ  tons are-in the machinery gallery. .Tlie pa?  lace occupies an area of 140,-184 square yards;  ;of this 61,000 square yards will be occupied  "by France, 21,653 by England, 2,900 by/ tbe  !United Slates.   The first;story: of the "ffdtpl  :��������� Bristol Place Vehdome has been taken during  vthe Exhibition for. the King and Queefi of  X Portugal, at the ratefbf ������60 a day.'  ^y/A/x  The Princess-.gfyalfeBJ^hojeJifo, W]jsm^  ��������� pared of some fmie"ago, js .rapid ly reco ver-  \ing.   It appears she: was afflicted with inflammatory rheumatisra,in addition to her.cares of  ^maternity, and hail to submit to subcutaneous  '^!ejections' of ihorphia, that is morptiia was iii-  ��������� troduced under the skin of the knee joint  "where the pain was intense..        -y/ii/.--   ;  The- past winter has been unusally severe  1 throughout/England ana* the continent of  Europe.  The Mormons are holding concerts in Lon-  -don, in order to raise fimds for enabling those  xwho areiibclined to proceed to the colony of  "Salt Lake; ��������� ."-,..;-.  It ig'definitely settled that the maritime or  'commercial-German flag shall consist of three  Al stripes, black, white, red, this being a som-  'bination'of the" oldv Hanseatic  colors,   red-  ��������� white, with the Prussian colors,: hlack-white.  Mr. Edward G-eflo'wski is preparing a bust  W the late Artefnus Ward from a posthumous  :;/icast.   Ax'AAA A:    .     a'-. ���������' Aa ... A  ���������The-great iron-armour plated ship Hercules  ^5226 tony 1200 horse ���������po\yer>::nn.w..bHildir)g -at  Chatham, is making rapid progress. A A  A "matrimonial'alliance is about'to take  'place between the Duke of St. Albans and  Miss Grey, eldest daughter of General "the Hon  'C. Grey, and'niece to Earl Grey.  The Emperor of Russia has spontaneously  ; amnestred all Frenchmen sent to Siberia _ for  ^participation in the last Polish insurretion.v.-;  .   ^ Th'e'wife of a shoemaker at Rotherham_,gav;e.  birth to three children; mother and  children;  : are do fag'well.  A petition'pray ing Parliament to give.tue;  franchise to women is in course of signature  in the University of Cambridge.  The proprietors of a pit near Barns ley, propose sending to the Paris exhibition a; blpcfc  ;;of coal 'weighing/seven tons, and ten feet iii:  height.    .-..-'-' ;;';���������-;  Lady Franklin, widow ofthe celebrated  navigator, has arrived at Rome. -._ yp:.  There left Belfast, by the Liverpool steamer  en route for. New York, a rather hovel con-;  signmenfc, viz., several hundred sparrows.;  Sparrows in the United States are held in  high repute among the farmers, as they eat  up the grubs and other insects that infest the  soil. -. " '. ".  The Empress Charlotte has recovered her  senses, and her .health, and is awaiting the  arrival of Maximilian.  A new*s:correspondent, March 29th, writes  follows'":* Time was - wheii::residents of the  old -cities, on the Atlantic side, were filled.  ifor-  and  property ; and those who set. at 'defiance the  general impression of .California 'lawlessness,  and persisted' in taking a chahce in theY exhibition of the terrible elephant, were objects  of tearfiil prayers ��������� and distressing farewell  dembnstrafci6ns. Bu t i f Cal ifornia, even in  thevwo"rst; period, of her history, was a bad  country to live> in .what shall we say of New  York and vi ci iiity ii o w-a-day s. It - is ��������� no to-  riohsly.triiethatf tbe streeferdf;New York and  adjacent;towns/>are^rttn>aie;/for pedestrians  after higji^ll;%TMSves*and; murderers crowd  the..omhib.us c^rs,-and.passengers are wayiaid,  |Ji^teiL^:iuafl������r^ tJze/GiQt*  papers'charge that .the car conductors are in  league with the ruffians. On some ofthe lines  of the street cars, timid :persons will not ride  at night.- The thieves are usually in strong  force, and the resisting victim stands;.no sort  of chance.' If he make too much noise, he is  beaten senseless, if. not murdered outright.  Only last night, a man was robbed in a'car,  and attempted to follo^y the thieves and raise  an alarm ; but the. car conductor refused-to  stop until the niftiahs had made a good offing.  This sort of thing happens nightly. Sometimes half a dozen cases are reportedA at. the  police station within a few hours ; but. they  are not all reported at the: time of tbe occurrence. Last night, a lady, Mrs. Mary Thompson, residing.iii Brooklyn, was attacked:in a  thickly populated neighborhood by three  robbers. The account says : one of them  caught her.by the throat, and threatened that  it she hiade a noise, he would blo>v her brains  out; The other two forced open^the front of  her dress, and took her pocketbook, contain-  M\V, ADVERTISEMENTS.  *;���������������'  ������J  At  A K E R  Ww<  Aff' E. \HODGEN S!   OLD - S TANK  BarkervHlo, 1st May;; 1867/; '��������� ��������� .."'" V -1  Dissolution of Partnership  npilE PaRTNEUSUIP* hcrctoforo exist in 5 holwcen tho  X . undersigned la this day. tlissolved,-bv' limitation;  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  PAP Eli.  Ufjfcv.Uitij<! hy...  FFi LDER,- vho wil 1 con ti nue the b u s incss at ��������� the old  stand. ��������� "���������   -. -.:.*.. ;���������:-. -.,    ���������  . A--.. A w   .  A: A A:    AfA XEnJ?ELDEn,  J..J. BHAMLEY;- -  -Richfield, 1st May:-1867.':   "   r    A'.'l:'rA"-  -VA  SEII^W^-EKL-y ^���������  PUBUSHED ^VERV   MpxNDAY    AND   THClftaDAr. ���������  ;; ^ v.,. ALL AN ;<^ C.O.^PnopRiETonsi '���������  OVi-'icB^tJARKERVILLK, Williams ', Creek, ' Cartoon  .'���������';���������      /^SuhScripjion, $1 per Week.  %  (including, codt Of deliver}',) Payable   to theC(irri?f.-  ./A Z vWAKE-UP-JXK������  Restaiirantv Baker^r  ������������������'A'/':i'A'X BARKERVILLE,. ;;  '.   . /  ~-l&AQE&&&&&  . .^..i������>^.v. ^^.  miP..'.-  \     ,  ���������A  Mount Baker.���������A correspondent sends the  following to the Oiympia, (W. T.) Tribune,  under date of March 26th :  It may not be generally known to the readers of your paper that Mount Baker is in active eruption at this .time ; but such is the  fact! During the past 12 or 15 days since  tho ctoar, cold northerly winds have been  prcvailing,dense volumes of "smoke have heen  seen by me and others, to issue from the  southern peak, near the summit of the mountain. The Indians have a tradition that about  30 [?] years ago, as near as they can compute the time, Mount Baker was an active  burning volcano. . They could see the fire  plainly, on dark nights ;" but about that time  a tremendous convulsion took place,-changing ^the whole aspect of the mountain, and  killing .most all the salmon in Skagit river;  since which tirhe there has been but little  seen to indicate a burning crater until the  ���������present winter.  If four Quarters make ayard,how many will  make a garden?  ��������� _., The great demand for FelPs Coffee  m the mining districts, has brought into existence'  teany spurious imitations, but tho intelligence of the  mxni&g population ia Foil & Co.'s gnmntee:  -lGg^$.j-40. They also took the -pattern .of a  new silk dress and a pair of gaiters which she  had purchased in New York during the afternoon. It appears =vthe laijy .fell senseless on  the sidewalk, and was found there by some  gentlemen, and taken to a police station,  where.she revived under medical treatment.  Ttie;outrage_- occurred^at.eight -o'clock in the  evening, just after dark. ,.:'. iWe learn by telegraph that the lady, has \since died.] <  A, Tliis.iucidcht^ to resi-  dehts^of San;Franciscb/ where ���������: a school girl  un'attended may- walkv- in safety from South  Park:to Meigg's-.yytiarf:at:;all hoursl    But it  would requi re top much space,; to men ti 0 n th e  shocking incidents of.a week': in New York  and its ;"siibnrbs< ' The  police reporters are  0 vertasked in a ttenipt Log.; to..- no te them al 1.  New;York.city;employs';:four;Coroners, who  have their hands.full,.and; from; very recent  .devel op ments it wo uld;; appear that th ey are  not always strict 'in; their investigations as to  the cause of^^'defith;"j^^i^^wMch should require the  men i ��������� searching; examinations.   A  cases-in pbiirit is that, bi^ a ;wonian who was  murdered a feiv.days ago by abortionists, but  whose rein'aias;-!were;. permitted to be prepar-  ed for 'burial under a  Coroher?s certificate  that she died, 'fro m" natilral. ca uses.    In this  par ti eular case the , b 0 dy was   carried fo r  sepulchre into another State, where a new  inquest was held resulting in, a . discovery of  the facts.: Ii may safely be assumed that of  the,many unknown persons fptind drowned  or. dead 0 a I the. street, not a few we re vi cti m s  of violence.   The New. York police are immense, numerically considered, but like the  firemen oft the city they lack education. They  are bravo enough, as witness the grand charge  they made on the rioters on St. Patricks day  and ho one  would question their gallantry  after observing with what elegant grace and  p ro p r ie ty   th ey " p ac k " . th e lad ies ac ros s  Broadway.   Bilt persons who can stand it to  live in the Atlantic .cities may venture on a  visit to California with a consciousness of being quite easy in their minds in that land of  uncultivated social habits.  at reasonable rates, x ���������,���������      ....  ^5f' Our Teams' run rcgu)arly between. Yale and  Cariboo and all order3 in oufline: Of business carefully  .attended to. , ... y'.AA PA AAaXaAAAAA. Al-   >  .1  E. PEARSON & BROS.  ���������BARNARD'S STAGES WILL LEAVE YAIiE EVERY  ;.Wi th. "H. M. ���������. Mails,   Expre-js  and *: 3'a.sseng*)rd.   for  Tiritmi   niinfou ��������� <in,\n (Vuiiv   Qucsncllc ahd. Barker-  v Perry 'and- Li I lode t; *  :ic3 Letters, Treasure.  Valuables,  and Express, Freight to. Big Benu,-.'..Cariboo .:  " ���������' way stations. w  ���������l'e  BARKERVILLE- .   ,  MR.   PENFOLD .BEGS TO   ANNOU>'CE ' ?0  HIS  ���������  friends that bis new BILLIARD SALOON is 'now  op'.iu, wh(jre eyery aUentipn will he paid to. the "comfort" of His. visitors.    '���������; ���������.; ';,;,-.'.- -������������������������������������-,'���������   .->���������..' - ..��������� ?  T^E;f^ST' LIQUORS & CIGARS  Thai can be obHmed'' mrthe markot will always���������. b������  found at the-BAR;.: ���������:   ^pwa'w  ...���������:-;  HSSSV  FARE TO SODA CREEfCj  FARE TO BARKERVILLE,   -  .usivc of Steamer -s fare.)  '$60  $85'  I-S'  EXPRESS  f, ���������.-  A-.  A ;  ^ARKERTILLK, ,  '    Have just received a choice selection of:  CAST, M6N eOOKING STOVES  ���������' '���������' -  <' *'  . .    -.. .  - - v  I  J  AND  BRITISH COLUMBIA    .  VICTORIA   EXPRESS,  Conhectihg-at Victoria with WELLS, FARGO & CO\  for California. Oregon, the Atlantic States  and Europe.  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There is a young lady residing in Richland county, Wis., upon wbose_ face a thick  and promising beard has made its appearance  about four months ago, and which has already  attained the length of two inches. The young  lady Will undoubtedly excito the envy of all  thebeardless youths in the couniiy.  .  A-'MAsr has started a paper in' Maine, to be  issued occasionally, which is a great deal of-  rpiIIS INSTITUTION at. present 'contain^ .abnut 500  j. volumes of Choice Lilerat!lre,c<������n.sistini,'of Ke!i_uious,  Scientific, Historical, and Poetical works, and works of  Fiction.  Worcester's Large Pictorial Dictionary, Uro's Diction  ttry of the Arts, Jlanufactures and Mines, Linpencdtt's  Prbhouu cing Gazetteer of th o. World, and. Horn a n 's Cy-  clopudla of Commorco will always ho kept iii tho room  for. reference.  The Heading Room will bo found supplied with tho  litest English, Scottish-y Gau-adiah, Aniericari*, and Colonial Papers ahd Magnifies.  Terms of Si?bsciuptiox���������$������r> per quarter, or $2 per  month. .Single volumes Loahed to noh-sdbscribers at  50 cts. per volume, with $1 deposit.   :  Persons not su bscri b.ers visi ii hg tl) e Read i ng Room  ahd making use ofthe Books and Papers will bo charged 25 ots. for each visit. ,  ,$SrTho Room will bo-open from 10 a.m. 1 illlO p. hi  /JOHN BOWRON,  1 . Secret rary and Lihrarian.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  ���������o���������  Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars, Fosters and  Programmes for Balls 'and_��������� Theatrical  Entertainments,  toner, .the editor thinks, than he will be ftbl'e  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this.Office.  to get his pay for it; . I jgasrTerms -Moderate* -������  .���������NOTICE.  THE     STEAM EE   .  E N ��������� T'.E'.B P,R IS E  WILL RUN AS  FOLLOWS":  LEAVES   QUESNELMOUTH  ��������� ON ���������  Thursdays  and Sundays;  AT SIX O'CLOCK, A, M.,  ,   LEAVES   SODA   PftEEK  Tuesdays and Fridays}  AT FOUR O'CLOCK, A. M.      -  Quesnelmouth; May 2nd, 1867.'      . .' \ y'-    i 1 .7  '������CGiBENTAL: .HOTELj  QUESN ELIIOUTH,  BRaOWN & GILLIS; PROPRiEtoRS.  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table,;^  Sty Ming for Horses* Hay and Oats,;.'..     s    ^  .'COLONlAb' RESTAURANT/  QUESNELJIOUTJI,  .     P: h: JOHNSON, Proprietor;.  Meals at all houte,. and Cooking of t&i  doKcnptiouv i������  u  uiiMimiM.')iBgaMW>i v.wM^.mv.\iU"it:iv:rii THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  MONDAY, JUNE 3, 1867.  THE SEARCH  FOR GOLD.:  We are told by very intelligent people that  'gold is the means employed by the evil one  tp tempt men from the paths of rectitude ���������  ���������arid that iri the eagerness displayed, by those  led astray in the desire-to get richiu a hurry,  ; is. symbolized; the prohoness of human  nature to do that which is forbidden.   In all this  i we see nothing more or less than'."a profound  ignorance of the: wonderful dispensations of  \ an all-wise Creator, who seeks, by means of  .gold, to draw the teeming population of overcrowded portions of the- earth   to countries  that might otherwise remain a hunting ground  for- savages  and   th e haunt of wi I d beasts.  Where the earth would lie unutilized, clothed  in the gloom of primitive forest, and the husband man would  be   unknown.   There  are  other reasons also.   It is welt' known that the  formation of the globe is undergoing constant  change,- where golden fields of corn once gladdened the eyes of happy' farmers and fruit  trees yielded their luscious product, barren,  treeless   wildernesses    now   exist ;    where  marshy stretches bf sea coast predominated,  and were looked upon  TRSPASSING ON GROUSE CREEK BED  ROCK FLUME CO.'S GROUND.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  As will be seen from our report of the proceedings in  the Police Court, four mind's,  workmen and members connected with  the  Canadian Co., on Grouse creek; have been  sentenced by the magistrate to: various terms  of imprisonment, for setting the orders of the  Court at defiance,' by working  on 'certain  ground at present   in dispute between that  company and the Flume Co.   It ia very unfortunate that such a case should ever have  occurred in this community of law abiding  citizens, and were the actual motives bf these  misguided.men to set the law absolutely at  nought, we would not hesitate to say that  they deserved a greater punishment, but we  think;there are certain extenuating; circumstances, that go to show they were; not aware  | ofthe extent of the iofringemeritfofthe law  they were committing.    WTe have no desire  to discuss the case out of which this unfortunate affair arose at present, but simply to relate what has come to our ��������� own  knowledge  in open Court.   It appears, then, that a case  of ejectment was instituted by the Grouse  Creek Bed Rock:Flume Co. vs..Canadian Co.,  iri April iast, aiid "a decision adverse to the  latter company was rendered/which was appealed by them to the Supreme Court, in the  meantime they were ejected from.the ground  EXPRESS   NOTICE.  4 FTER THIS DATE, BARNARD'S EXPRESS IS  A nut responsible lor damage on LIQtTlDS shipped in  Tin or Glass, unless hy special contract.      ��������� ,  Until further notice,, the Express will *y���������^���������  every SUNDAY AFTERNOON', and close for below  every TUESDAY, at NINE o'cloc^P^My ^    ,  ���������  w Agent.  Barkerviije, May 29th, 1867. - 8  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  GEPRAL MRCHAHliE!  To be sold before the arrival of the Pack Traim  make room for new stock. '  ���������.U  . 25,000 lbs. of MERCHANDIZE i j  Miners, Merchants, and Restaurant Keeper  TAKES TIUS METHOD OP INFORMING HIS  friends and tbe public generally, that ne has enlarged and fitted up bis SHAVING SALOON, in'a superior manner, having secured tbo services of an efficient  assistant, he is: now prepared to operate in a  satisfactory manner iu all brunches of the T0NS0RIAL  ART. , ,;  Ho also begs to call the attention of tho ladies to his  fine selection of Perfumery, which he is constantly in  receiptor, from Langley & Co., Victoria, viz., Pomades,  Powders, Oils, Combs, Brushes, and other articles for  the Toil ot.  take a chance.  NO   HUMBUG! GOOD  FRESH  @ $1.25 per lb.  BUTTER  Richfield, 1st May, 1867.  L. MOUTTET&CO  ...    -1-B  PARIS   AND    LONDON   HOTEL  AND RESTAURANT,  RICHFIELD.       l  ati-  om  former state and color.  Also Gentlemen's furnishing Goods ; finest apsort-  men tor Shirt?.-Underclothes, Neck Ties, Scarfs, etc.  27th Mav, 1867 lm  once as a misfortune  w���������^iJie^i^  ��������� crops in/luxuriant fertility?; The reason is  easily understood. Every description of  yegetatioa requires a certain quantity of a  ^variety of substances j: which' in its growth it  ^.extracts from tlie earth,' and when these siib-  '.':. stances are exhausted production ceases. The  o c ean daily receives mil lip ns of tons of rich  deposits from the nunoerous rivers that pour  ; their debris into ite vast, recepticlej  arid the  numerous currents (the Gulf streamfor in-  b tance)* distribute this '���������". new matter, en rich ed  by the salt ofthe ocean;Vall? over the world,  'forming new coritirients and replenishing the  old.   How little the mirier thinks; when he is  bydraulicing some hi 11 "side^ that the dirt, he  ��������� is soiindustriously .washing"' into the strearn  !., that>carries it to the sea>: will possibly form  the basis  of some  continent that -will be  .. peopled by men who may hereafter dominate  the universe  ^Xm>A"  $m$w--:  a^fSci-y'::  m&HAlx.  or th at .the particles he thro ws  so ��������� carel essly to th e ac ti on'of the waters may  fertilize ground that iaipyAfurnish food for  friends he may never meet-again.   The worst  feature ot the chase after the shining metal,  is the fruitful source of discord it creates. Numerous questions of priority rpf right or water  p rivilege or any 6 ther of the thousand* causes  of d ispute natura 1 ly o ecu r, but why miners  should be so eager to carry all such questions  into a court of law,we nevercould understand.  The assemblage of a dozen miners from the  neighboring claims, the election of a chairman, and the settlement of the dispute would  only occupy the  leisure  hours   of a single  evening; no valuable working time wouli  be lost, no money spent,   and   the. decision  would be equitable because every one having any voice in the matter would understand  the question under consideration, the locality  and the difficulties under which the several  parties labored.   But no!'from some unac  countable reason the miner must rush into  law.   He employs a lawyer to whom he pays  a fee for pleading his case, (that occupies a  day at least), equivalent, it may be, to a month  of his gaius on his claim, that he has acquired  with much toil and privation. ��������� He goes into  court quite ignorant of the points of law for  arid against him, and after much expenditure  . of raooey and great loss of time, the case goes  against him, and his gains are mortgaged for  months afterwards to. pay his lawyer.     We  are prepared to admit that.there is much fascinating excitement about law, but looking  at the general result of a suit in the inevitable  . loss'of time and money to both parties, and  the possible ruin  to one of them, we have  come to-tbe conclusion that the end does not  justify the means.   Miners must recollect that  in placing themselves in the hands of lawyers  ,.  theyare. taking so much money out of their  bwn class.   The lawyers toil not/ and they  only spin yarns which in all eases prove costly to th e, unfor tu hate miners, who have al-  ways to pay the piper. xiWe live in a great  mining country, doubtless a hard country to  explore, but with all its difficulties; there are  .plenty of claims to- .be,, found as rich as any  yet kriov/n.   Would it not be better, then, for  the min ing commii ni ty if there sho uid be in-  superable difficulties, outside of law,', to the  retention of a piece of mining ground, that  the two contending parties. taket a toss up,  and the loser, rolling up his blankets; strikes  out for a new locality.    By this means, the  brotherly feeling  so   essential   to a mining  camp, would never be interrupted, time and  money would be saved -to miners, arid tbeyy  as a class, would soon be in a better position  in  relation to   society both in wealth and  morality;  of a trial which came off last week between  the Grouse Creek Flume Co. and Black Hawk  Co., certain facts .were elicited in evidence in  that case which went to show . that the lines  claimed by the Flume Co. in 1864 and those  claimed by them in 1867 differed to the extent of some 8 or. 10 feet, that is, instead of  having 50 feet on the east side of the '. flurae,  they had only 42 feet, and as the Commissioner, decided that the Flume Co. were not  entitled,  under their old charter, to' more  ground than they had staked off,.or their  charter called for,   a small strip' of ground,  8 or 10 feet wide, lying between the Flume  Co.'8 lines, as then established, and the Black  Hawk Co7s lines was therefore declared vacant.   The Commissioner after the decision,  however, anticipating some troubleas to the  ownership of this ground, had an interview  with the foremen of the respective companies  and explained'-to .'them that  he^ should not  permitthe said strip of ground to he worked  by either party until after the decision of the  Supreme Court.   We feel certain that 4there  'musthavebeeu some. misconception ^on the  part of the Canadian Co.; as to the nature of  FOR SALE.  The undersigned have refltted this well known hou!������  which is now open for tbe accomodation of iu  public.  Tlie Bar will bo supplied  with  the best braada ������r  LIQOORS and CIGARS.' ' l  #$r Meals and Beds furnished at all hour*.  Richfield, 1st May, 1807.  G. FONTAINE.  FELIX PQUCKOT,   ' - . -  .   Proprietors.  1  STHOS-mrNmA  X'���������mir^&n&--sm?-~or-T^riiA  Rubber Hydraulic Hose, together.with Pipes aud  Nozzles thereto belonging, for sale choap.  For particulars, apply to Mr. F. W, LAUMEISTER,  Richfield.  26th Mav, 1867. <X' \P   '  H E RT LEI N   &   CO,  T E L  DE   F  LECTJYER k LEBRUN, Proprietors,  4 RE READY TO ACCOMMODATE EVERY ONE IN  \'J\. the above Establishment.  GOOD FARE AND GOOD BED31  ;. Barkerville, 27th 3Iay, 1807. 7-b  Dissolution of Partnership  THE   PARTNERSHIP   HERETOFORE   EXISTING  between P. C DUNLEV'EV and C. C. WALDE.V,  is hereby dissolved by mutual consent.  C. C. WALDEN,  PETER C. DUNLEVEY.  Soda Creek,. May 6th, 1867. 7-3  BARKERVILLE.  XI  r  I  "1  <3  v'/C  'fl  ti  n  tl  li  tl  ci  hi  T(  ti  fb  m  at  fjl  ca  ������i  A GOOD  STOCK OP  HAVE  ALWAYS  ON HAND  Beer, Liquors and.Cigars.   .  Thev would invito their friends to give them a call  4ib"M������y, 1S07. . ' .      1  0 P P EIST H EI ME I &~Ca,  WHOLESALE  .    ��������� AND ���������  ERCHANTS,  BARKERVILLE.--1 ���������  the injunction given to their foreman by the  Commissioner in an oral and extrajudicial  manner and not in the form of an order of  Court, otherwise they would not have in  this  case disobeyed an order which they respected  on a former occasion.   We have' no wish to  criticize the judgment ofthe magistrate whose  duty it is to see that the laws are respected in  every instance, but' with all due deference,  we think that under the peculiar circumstances of the case, the punishment awarded to  the delinquents is rather severe.    A short  term of imprisonment, a heavy fine, or pufj  ting them under  bonds,  would   have  been  sufficient to meet the ends of justice as effectively as adjudging them to such lengthened  periods of imprisonment.    This is the first  case of this description that has ever occurred  in our midst and we trust it will be the last  ?  !!  BANK OF BRITISH C0IUMBI1 B ^  JUST ARRIVING, IN  PRIME  fj sale at reasonable prices:  ORDER,   AND  FOR  .FntE Company.���������At the last meeting of this  company held about a month ago, tha secre  tary was instructed to advertize for tenders to  construct a water tank for the company and  to report at a meeting to be called at an early  day. . We are not aware of anything having  yet been done in the matter. Considering the  highly inflammable character of the buildings  in town, and the near approach of cthe dry  season, it becomes the imperative duty of all  to make some provision for protection against  the fiery element .without delay.  New SrEAMER^Captain Irving is about to  build a new steamer, to run from Soda Creek  to Quesnelmouth. The hull will be 125 feet  in length and the, boilers and machinery of  the Reliance will be used. Mr. J. Trahey has  got the contract.  The largest vessel built in Ireland has been  launched at Belfast, The Istrian is 401 feet  in length, 37 feet in breadth, and 2000. tons  register, or upwards of 4000 tons burden. Although the Istrian is the longest.vessel in the  world, except the Great Eastern, there are  several vessels of greater tonnage���������the Istrian  being a comparatively narrow ship.  GROCERIES, ETC., ETC.  Sugar cured Hams and Bacon, Eastern Butter, California fresh ditto io RoUs, Dried Peaches, Old Rich  Cheese, new Lard, Olive Oil, Pickles, Worcester Sauce,  Yeast Powders, Raisins and Currants, Price's Candles,  Hudson Bay Tea, Wilson & Murray's Coflee, in tins,  Coal Oilj Macaroni and Vermicelli, <5ysterH, choice  Tobacco, etc., etc.  DRY GOODS, ETC., ETC.  Baltic Shirts, Working ditto, Jumper ditto, Duck  Pants, Moleskin ditto, Cord ditto, Cassimere ditto,  Cassimere Hats, Fur ditto, Woollen Socks, Merino do.,  Suspenders, Turkish Towels, Paper Collars, Neckties,  Rubber Boots, ditto Coats, Undershirts and Drawers in  great variety, also Coats, etc., etc.  Thankful for past favors, we respectfully solicit the  patronage of one and all. Our stock this season will be  much larger, and more varied thau any former vcar  '        ,      .���������    ,, J. H. TODD & CO.  Barkerville, May 18, 1867. im  NOTICE;  MR. HENRY SHIRLEY  BLUNT  BAS BEEN  pointed AGENT for this  Bank at BurkcrvMe.  of  ad>  ge:  dis  I  the  wil  y  place of Mr. Robert. Ore Ig, who has  service. . Wm.  - -; Vlctom, April 25th, 1867. *  w,  left the Bank'  C. WARD, ;:  . ^  ;. Manage?. <  ���������'-. .Mb  E. STEPHENS,    ������������������  CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR.  A VINO  TAKE*. AN   OFFICE   I N~   RICHFIELD,  Williams Creek, is prepared to execute Surveys,  Plans, Levels, Sections, fcc, &c, committed to bis  charge, with care, despatch, and on REASONABL5  TERMS.  3 ������S- Oflico, centre of Richfield. -^  N O T r C E.  A S THE UNDERSIGNED INTEN1  New England Bakery,  BARKERVILLE.  WIUj BE OPENED TO-DAY, WHEN PIES, CAKES  f t Coireo. etc^ m*iy he had at all hours.  On and after the FIRST JUNE next, a LUNCH  HOUSE will be opened, in connection with the above  establishment, when CHOI'S, STEAKS, etc.. will be  served.at the shortest notice.  ������S~ Bread���������2lb. loaf, 50 Cents. *������&  nWW     ���������.<,������, JACOB MILLER.  19th May, 1867. ������  CLOSE HIS  business on the first of June, 1867, he requests all  persons indebted to him lo cull and settle their billsoe  or before that date, otherwise ho will put them into  the hands of a collector. Any one having bills again3t  him ore requested to present tho same for payment.  J. DIXON.  Barkervillo, Willtams Creek, >  EH,  Wm  AAmWW';  PJmsm  OH  16th May, 1867.  C.  4-lra  ��������� IS  Carrier and Expressman, ||f|  Between RichQeld, Barkerville and Cameronton.      'fee'  LACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE.  PERSONS HAVING GOODS OR PARCELS TO C0.V-  vey to cither of these towns, should givo him a  call ; he is always to be found on his beat.  He also keeps, In connection with tho above business, a LIVERY STABLE at Richfield, where borsoS  can he hired by the day or week, and all kinds of feed  is sold at reasonable prices. 4������lm  LOST.  sahUc!tes!iC ^ ^^ cautioil0d a������ainst ^gotiating  Blue Tent, lrth April, 1867.  lm  DIED.���������At the French Hospital, Victoria,: V. I., on  the 10th May, of consumption, Robert King, a native  of Bsitb, Ayrshire, Scotland, aged 36years.      ��������� . .  '.'jtigt' Who buys FelFs Coffee I Why every  one who knows what good 'Coffee-should be I  {See yon get ii)  T I C E  ISS   ELIZABETH   THURBER    HAVING    PUR-  chasedmy interest in the, ^Occidental Hotel,5'  she alone is authorized to collect outstanding accounts,  and will al30 liquidate the debts heretofore incurred.  "-������������������WALTER-.& LAWLESS.  Witness���������William Phillips.       .,'  Barkerville, May 201h, 1867. 8-2w .  npHE; UNDERSIGNED HAVING  CERTAIN MALICIOUS PERSONS HAVING CIRW-  \J. lated reports to tho -effect that some flaw, existed in  my title to the property known as the CARIBOO EXCHANGE, situated in Barkerville, Williams Creek* I  wish by this means to givo a most emphatic denial U>  any such statements, and to warn the public againat  being misledon the subject.  I am at all times prepared to show my title deeds to  any person desiring in formation in respect to my property, which is, bnyond the remQtoet question, wholly  and entirely my own. ELIZA ORD.  14th May, 1867, 4-lni  F. V. LEE,  Auctioneer, OollectQr,  ��������� ASD:��������� '���������  counts.  from  for collection. JACOB "#������T<r������~  Barkerville, 11th May, 1807. a-lu>  MINING    AGENT.  ilagust; Staimpehl,  '    ���������    -       BAREEEViLLE.  ^jargo mmpient of Boots and Shoos alwaya on  *  Goods sold on Commission.  SALESRooar, Burkcrville.  Office,  Richfieid*-  6-s  C. STROUSS,  DEALER TN  ETC., ETC.,  BARKERVILLE.  1  Jpla  f;;lifa  A    1  "fm  .;.������������������>..I  led:  A%  ceii  Spd  oft  A.^  lati  trot  ��������� 3S  Fen  29tl  mail  t,   iPrai  Wm ?  SAffa  ���������a**811  X\y I dmti  wm'' R  ^^Slive-  Xxx^w$m--   fp'  |Bav  Tbr-J  llixec  man  ���������'Nt  take  ?sh.t  tore  Tt  alld  Th  Ji tade  m vict(  Th  brou,  Gn  ing t(  Ai  comn  theB  Sal  askir  13th ������  ���������BThen  Hnigat  B San  ���������pul fb;  B- ceive<  ikx  ������or has  M Quere  Of false.  ^ prop oi  I   Itis  B-the he;  BDiaz h  mm  S^:~-,  agf  mm  Jt^i^THuiiuiP^..��������� :_{ ...-���������->  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  MONDAY. JUNE 3, 1867.  'J  The "Roads.���������During the past week, the  road between Richfield and Cameronton has  been undergoing repair, and is very much  improved for the use of pedestrians in consequence. The prompt attention given to the  clearing of the cnlverts, will prevent the road  from being cut up by the innumerable rills  that run from the hill sides' during the spring  ? months, and thus save considerable expense  that would have been incurred, if left unheeded till the damage had been done.  Arrival op Goods.���������Since Thursday, something like 150 animals have arrived on the  creek, with full cargos of goods. The snow  having been shovelled off portions ofthe  road, x enables trains to ge t ; thro ugh with  facility.' "   p "A'-A       '   - '' ���������  "The Baltarat Company have let:a contract  for running 1300 feet of an open cut and tunnel; for $5 50 per foot which Is very reasonable, consi deri ng th at the contrac tors hay e to  ..: Yjjj^^ij $i material; rahVI only recei ve half j  cash, and the remainder when it is taken out  ���������of the diggings.  Mb. Boone's saw mill on Grouse Creek was  -iftsjis<roa:gattrrdiiy, atid:works^elfc''*v",,;r^ ~~  MAGISTRATE'S COURT.  {Before IL M. Rail, Esq.)  TELEGRAPHIC.  . 8*5  A  {From the 'British Columbian.')  London; May 11th.���������The Herald's special  says notwithstanding the apparently satisfactory issue of the Peace Congress, fears are  entertained that war is merely postponed.  Preparations are still going on  iri France,  Germany,  Russia and Greece.  It is said that before the final adjournment  of the Co ogress a proposal will probably be  ���������addressed by England to ail .the powers belii-  \ gerently  inclined recommending a general  disarmament.  May 12th.���������A treaty has been ratified by  'the respective Governments.     Luxembourg  a will be evacuated in a month from the , date  IJS&f the treaty.  The French Cabinet made a satisfactory ex-  ||gplanation to  Prussia regarding recent wartlike preparations.   - ��������� y.  London, May 13th.���������Lord Lyons has been  appointed ambassador to Paris.  Liverpool. May ISth.���������The crew have libel-,  led the Great Eastera .-;���������  Quebec, May 12th.���������Orders have been .re?  celved to place the Vice-regal residence at  Spencer Wood in ordor for the early reception  of the Governor-General and suite.  Montreal, May 12th.���������Reports are in circulation that arms have been collected on the  frontier at different points.  New York, May 14th.���������Burke and Doran,  Fenians, were sentenced to be hanged on^ the  29th May.���������Burke's speech to the Court commanded universal attention and is highly  praised by tho press, it is considered as eloquent as the address of Em me tt.  Paris, May 14th.���������The Minister of Foreign  Affairs officially announced to the Corps. Le-  gislatif, that the peace of Europe will not be  disturbed.:"- :  Richmond; May 13th.--Jeff. Davis was delivered to the; Court to-day-byGen. Burton;  The marshal;served a bench warrant on  3)avis to answer at Norfolk under indictmnrit  ifor treason; Davis was admitted to bai 1, b ai 1  fixed at $100,000. Horace Greeley first bondsman. I . :������������������'���������     IpA;: Ar r, ���������        ly  i Ne w York, May l2th.T^No steps have .been  taken by Chili for the settlement of the Spanish troubles, ^ Preparations are in progress  to resist invasion. ApyA;..'���������'''":  The Peruvian Congress has declared that  all disagreement is at an end.  The Peace Society had expressed its gratitude for the personal intervention of Queen  Victoria to prevent a war;  ���������  The Queen of Spain has sold most of her  jewels in Loudon, one diamond with the chain  brought. ������2,400 sterling,  Omar Pacha and another general are moving to surround the insurgents in Candia. ;  A resolution condemning the purchase of  commissions in the British army rejected in  the House of Commons by 116 to 75.  |||S|. Salt Lake, May 15th.���������The Stage party had  ^S������|.** skirmish with Indians on the night of the  Ig^g, 13th and report the country full of. Indians.  pgw/^he railroad party was attacked on the same  li|S n%hfc; one killed and one badly wounded.  ipR San Francisco, May 16th.���������M. Guillen, Con-  K|wfild for Imperial Mexico in this city, has '.re-'  MIR. ce,ived the following dispatch: " New Or-  Mf'K>, May 14th.~To M. Guillen. The Eniper-  gor has gained three important victories in  Queretaro. The enemy is demoralized. Capital safe. News from Liberal sources all  false, (signed) F. D. Castillo."  w Vera Cruz, May 5th.���������Maximiiiian again  Hproposes to convoke the National Congress.  It is stated he had arrived in Mexico at  the head of 8000 troops on the 29fch April. P.  IDiaz is defeated, losing all bis artillery and  If 1500 nrianaorfl  111  Saturday, 1st June, 1807.  Anthony Mellowda'y, foreman of the Canadian co., Grouse Creek,.was brought up before  the Magistrate on a warrant, setting forth that  he, on the 31st May, ult., did unlawfully and  wilfully commit a trespass upon the mining  ground ofthe Grouse Creek Bed Rock Flume  Co., in contravention of a decision given in  tbe Mining Court, Richfield, on 22nd April  last. After hearing evidence, the Court found  the charge established, and sentenced the. accused to one month's imprisonment.   .  Samuel Walker, Robert Cameron and John  Sanderson, were then called on to answer a  similar charge, and pleaded not guilty.  John Adair, sworn, said���������I saw all of the  accused at work on the Grouse Creek Flume  Co.'s ground,  yesterday morning.   I asked  them who they were working for, and they  answered the Canadian co,   I applied to the  foreman^ and he said they were put: to work"  by him; they were working near a sh aft sunk  by the Canadian co.; last spring, from which  they; we re - -ejected;, by Mr. Spalding.   Th ey  were shovelling dirt and setting sluices within  fifty feet of the flume.   I consider that they  were trespassing on the Flume co's ground ;  last night they were bringing up dirt;and wash-1  "iug"if," i?o'm ground withfn^SO feet of tBelfume.  J. M. Sparrow, sworn���������Was present  at a  conversation between J. Adair and the accused yesterday morning.   Saw them at work  on Flume co's ground, setting sluices.   Tbey  said they were working under the directions  of the foreman of the Canadian co.   I saw  some men putting the windlass in order.  By Walker���������Were we injuring the Fiume  coy's ground by setting sluices ? ������������������'.  Witness���������I consider it was a trespass, when  you were preparing to wash." "'..���������'  .: Walker���������Are you aware that the Canadian  co. claim a small strip of ground lying between  the Flume coy's old line and the Black Hawk  coy's line ?���������-'.'.  Witness���������The Flume co. claim all the  ground up to the Black Hawk lines.  The decision given by the Gold Commissioner on. the 22nd April; in the suit Grouse  Creek Bed Rock Flume co. v. Canadian co.,  was put in and read.  Wm. A.-Fitzgerald, sworn���������I received an  order dated 24th April, from Mr. Spalding, to  proceed to the ground of the Grouse Creek  Bed Rock Flume Co., and to eject any person  or persons at work there, except such as  were entitled to do so, and if not complied  with, to make arrests. I went in compliance  with these orders, and stated my business to  the foreman ofthe Canadian co., Mr. Booth, in  the presence of Walker and Cameron. The  order was obeyed, and I put Mr. Monro in  possession. I arrested the accused to-day;  Sanderson was in the drift underground.Cam-  eron was working on the surface, aud Walker  was pumping.  Walker and Cameron disavowed being  members of the Canadian co.T and claimed to  be only workmen. Sanderson admitted being  indirectly interested in the company.  The magistrate commented on the offence  committed, and said   that the,ground from  which the Canadian co. were ejected by Mr.  Spalding; extended for 50 feet on each side of  the; flume, anil therefore Included the strip of  ground which was   in dispute between the  Flume co; and the Black Hawk co.; decided  by methe other day.   The Canadian co. had  appealed against Mr, Spalding's ruling; to the  Supreme Court, and while that appeal was  pending,^ they had rio right to enter upon the  ground.   Anticipating a misapprehensipn on  the part, of the Canadian, co., respecting my  decision as to the strip of groiuid iri question,  I sent for Mr. Booth, your foreman, and ex-  plained'to him that it should not be; worked  by either party; until the case under appeal  was decided, but that should it be necessary  for the Flume. co. to go through this ground,  in order to work their claim, a receiver would  be appointed to take charge of all gold taken  therefrom.., Mr- Booth, I am informed, made  your company acquainted with these facts,  and afterwards resigned his position j in the  face of this, however, you elect another foreman, and foolishly go to work on the ground,  ia violation of all law and good order, and  contrary to the orders ofthe Court.   Being  members of the company, 1 adjudge Cameron  and Sanderson to be imprisoned for the period  of two weeks.   There being no proof that  Walker is a member ofthe company, I ad-  ML\TING INTELLIGENCE.  WILLIAMS   CREEK.  A deep gloom settled on the countenances  of miners, traders, and-the inhabitauts generally, in and around  Barkerviile, on Friday  afternoon, by the report that the Bed Rock  Drajn  bad. caved in the rear of the town.;  Many rushed to the' scene, which certainly  presented  anything  but a pleasing aspect  The creek, which had swollen' to the dimensions, of a small river, in consequence of the  heavy rain that fell during the previous night  and that day, had burst through the flume in  .which it was conducted, over very bad ground;  in the Welsh claim, and the result was an. expensive cave along the line of the flume, into  which the water and* tailings  rushed with.  great velocity, filling up shafts and tunnels in  a short time, and completely.: flooding but all  the companies on the creek who'depended .on  the,drain,   !No; one but; .feltthat irreparable  damage had been done to the drain, and that  raining on tlie! lower portion>of>thefcreek liad  ceased for the' season; but thanks: to good  luck,  the   dreaded   calamity  was  a verted.  The tailings and sedi men t ha vi ng very sooa  filled up the op ehirigs caused "hy^ the cave/ancl  the rain abating towards night, the water was  turned back to its old channel, where it now  runs.   The  Baldhead  arid other companies  near ,te nr, resumed. ..3?erk '< ye?ier4ayr -whkh  clearly proves that the drain still remains intact, and although a few claims lower down  the creek are. flooded, it is to be hoped that  the damage done to theni is not so  great but  that a few days'labor will put  theiuinto  working order again.  In consequence of the freshet, there is little  to record in the way of mining news on the  creek below this town.   Above Richfield, the  companies who are ground sluicing have had  some detention alko. by reason of their flume  breaking down; they were ail busy on Saturday repairing it, and would be ready to start  again to-day. ' ......  The Bradley-Nicholson and Taylor co's still  continue ground sluicing,.and will not wash  up for some tirrie.���������Dead wood. co.. are running an incline.���������Jenny Lind and Henrietta  co.'s are both sinking new shafts;���������Forward  cb. have commenced washing out of their new  tunnel.���������McLaren co. have been bydraulicing  for the past few days, and are making good  progress.���������The Bed Rock Flume co. are taking advantage ot the high stage of the water  to rphi o'ff. large. quantities, of. tailings.,.. :Th ey'  expect to get up to their lower lines in the  course of a fortnight or three weeks.���������Tontine  co. have commenced ground sluicing.���������San  Francisco co. have been taking out good pay  last.week, and are now putting up a hydraulic  ���������Hilton and party are sinking a shaft on the  side of the hill below the Black Jack tunnel,  in the hope of striking the old Diller lead.���������  Burns co. are hydraulicing and ground sluicing.��������� Chipps co. have started to drift.  evident thai where the creek widens to such  an extent as it does immediately -below tho  Heron coy's lines, a great- deal -of time and  labor must undoubtedly be lost in discovering the exact position of the channel, but we  are certain1 that if there is any continuation to  the Heron lead, it will soon be discovered by  one- or other of-the different companies who  are now sinking shafts" and running tunnels, :  oa both sides ofthe creek. Towards the head  of the creek, a good deal of work is going on *  in the shape of tunnelling and sinking of  shafts. Water is very plentiful on. the creek  jusknowvv ���������/ . ;.v   ';. .       ; y.-:. a Apx.A-  Fountain��������� Head co.- who got encouraging  prospects out of their shaft last fall, are.busy  running a bed rock tunnel/to vdraia their  ground.���������Aurora, co. are also running a bed  rock;tiinneL-^Union Jack,co. are still drifting  into the west side of the creek,but have struck  nothirig.-T-Rankin cb. are now in 160 feet, and  have lost the bed rock.   They occasionally  get some heavy gold in the gravel, but the  large boulders that are consthutly met with  impede i. work so much that tho diggings do  nbt yield more, than small wages.���������Shy Robiu  cb. have not been doing much .lately : ��������� tho  channel, ho we ver, wh i ch ruus d irect into th������  hill, appears to be narrowing, and they are  hopeful of getting good pay again soon.-^Salt  Spring co. having laid   a very   substantial  tyx&ffcw$tey ;r������a<J.y -n ��������� lOf^eoKims n ee- - ground  sluicing on Friday.���������Cascade co., it was reported two weeks ago} that this co. had struck  a channel 300 feet into the hill,,but it turns  ou t, af te r a survey j tha t the c re vice, n ot a  channel, is only about 6'0 feet froui the creek,  and as it appears to be angling into the hill,  the company have decided oh running a drift  from the creek, to work it.   They cleaned up  out of one set of timbers, 1 oz. aud $9*of very  pretty  gold.���������Hippie  co. have commenced  ground sluicing in the creek.���������Caroline co.  have started to grouod' sluice off the bank.���������  Ne'er-do-Weel co. have started their hydraulic  and were rushing off the dirt very fast ; they  will not wash up for some, time.���������Sovereign  co. are making wages.���������Morrill co. are taking  out over wages.���������Discovery co. are about to  WALKKRS  Gm,ClI.  There are two companies busy ground  sluicing in the rear of the Court House. One  of them has been making an ounce a day to  the hand, since they commenced to work. On  Saturday last, as soon as this got rumored  around, the ground was staked .off "both above  and below them.x Three other companies are  at work some distance up ^the gulch, no ne of  whom have yet washed up;; ;������������������;':  ip-)   y 'Xy/ srotMi GULcn.;-"Ap"   ^'i::;/ ��������� "-/>  The Floyd co^, on Saturday; morning, me  with what at first looked like a serioiis accident to their digg^igs,^^ by the; caving of the  old workings of the Pioneer co. iri the immei-  diate vicinity of the tunnel, through which  their flume runs, b 1 ockirig the iurinel comr  pieceiy.   It;was Ioiind, \howey&?/$������$; tiie tunnel sustained no further injury than can be  rectified in a few days.���������\Alturas cp. have got  their wheel  and hoisting gear in working  order, and will be taking out p ay th isv week.  *   We have heard of no damage being sustained by any of the other companies in this  gulch by the freshet.  CONKLBfS  GULCH.  The United co. washed up for tho week  ending yesterday, 335 oz.���������Home Stake co.  are sinking a shaft iu their tunnel, about 250  feet from its mouth.���������Rcid co. have three  pumps going, and are lowering* the water  fast .      ';'. ;'..  BEG(3S GULCH.  commence ground sluicing the upper part of  their claim.���������Full Rig co. are making about  experi3es.-7-Short'Bend co;are making about  expenses.���������Black Hawk co. .washed up .on  Friday, 115; oz,, and 100 oz. yesterday, making  215 oz. for the week.���������Heron co. is paying'  expenses.���������Hard up '.co. are running u new  tunnel.into the .eas^bank,;.are. in;about-fifty  feci���������Water' Witch! arid' Jeweller -Shop co.'s  sank "a shaft jointly on their respective lines;,  in the creek, and came down1 last Saturday on  high bed rock.���������Break-o'-day co^, on the east  side of creek, below the Hard-up co., are cutting a tail race, to enable them to sink a shaft.  ���������Blind Channel co. have bottomed their shaft  on one side ; on the other, the rock pitches  almost perpendicularly, and prospects of four  bits to the pan are obtained.   It is believed  this company is on the ,l lost lead."  KEITHLET?S   CREEK.  Mr. Wright, who has been prospecting on  this creek lately, informs ns that he has discovered excellent prospects oa a bench situ- ���������  ated about a mile below the mouth "of Snow  Shoe creek.   It seems some time last fall, a  company undertook to prospect this bench by  ground sluicing an open cut, but must have  left before properly testing it, for it was at  this, very place our informant found his prospect   After working for. one day, shovelling  into sluices the dirt that had fallen from the  bank during the winter, he obtained loz. of  coarse gold.   The diggings are well adapted  for working by hydraulic, being situated at .  least 30 feet above the level of the creek, and  it is by this process. Mr. Wright and party intend working them.    Having procured the  necessary   tools   and   provisions,   the party  started back on Saturday morning.   Several  miners left for the same locality during the  past week.  LIGHTNING CREEK.  The miners on this creek have not yet begun  to take out much money, but all are in sanguine hopes of doing so soon. The only  claim we hear of taking out pay, is the Blytu  co., which has been yielding about 2oz a day  to the hand.  mft\  judge him to one week's imprisomrient.  COUNTY    COURT.  500 priaoaei'fl.  Ancient Briton co. are still engaged run  ning their tunnel, the bed rock being deeper  than they at first supposed.���������Small Hope co.,  who are just starting to run a tunnel below  the iast named company, found a piece of]  gold last week which weighed $25;  ��������� '���������"'������������������'"'".'.    GROUSE creek;  Althoughmuch has been, done of late in the  way of prospecting on this creek, at various  points, still nothing new has yet turned up to  reward the efforts ofthe energetic companies  who have been hunting__for the lost lead ; but  for $128 and costs, payable within one week, (.instead of repeated disappouitmeat lessening  Ah  Hong   v.   Lindhard���������Judgment   for) their exertions, it seems only to afford fre3h  (BeforeH.M. Ball; Esq.)  Friday, 31st May, 1867.  Brusseau v. Wilmott���������Judgment for Plaintiff, for S85 and costs. .  Wilmott v. Brusseau���������Jury case;. judgment  for Plaintiff for $30 and costs.  Fredden v.Treleven���������Judgment for Plaintiff  Defendant with costs.  incentives for further endeavors.   It le very  On the 29th ult., a correspondent writes us,  Mr. Wright's cows left the 127 mile post, for  Cariboo, and from the appearance ofthe band  the miners will have a good supply of milk  this season.  The Expres3 arrived yesterday afternoon.  Amorig the passengers were Messrs. T. Buie,  J. DeNouvion, B.B. Samson, W*eIsher,Welcker,  G. Oppenheimer, and LeBlanc.  Judge Begbie holds a Court at Yale to-day,  and may therefore be expected here in the  course of eight or ten -days;-.  Sale op a Claim.���������The Morning Star claim  on this creek, was sold ou Saturday, by Sheriff's sale, for $370.    .,  The treasure shipped by the steamer Ac-  ti ve from Vi cto ri a o n the 21 s I u 1 to. n c ar 1 f  reached $-100,000,  ���������K  ���������I  ������j j lAuiaumsmuuiwaamaBn AUSTRALIA.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  J  ES   P.   TAYLOR,  Druggist,  BARKERVILLE.  AS CONSTANTLY  ON  HAND   A  CHOICE   SE-  lection of .Drugs and Patent Medicistbs, including the celebrated   Golden   Balsam, ahd  Murphy's  Mixtures, for thocompleto cure of Secondary Syphilis.  ff  ?umerles, Garden Seeds, fccjizc*  :Just received���������an assortment of Stationerv, Pocket  inmnu  Cpi.TOd'T     n������j   tiinr..^!  m.p.i.   .      ...    .        * '-         NEW    9,O.OT-H .VWa."L-B 8..  i;  The trial of Scott for the Sussex street murder, has just terminated.   A stronger chain of  .   "circumstantial evidence could not  well be  ,;"���������' .'supplied, and the prisoner's conviction, and  ;*seatence to>be hanged, followed-as a matter  .������of-course. .-Connell, the bushranger, was.tried  i-'at the-sanie sitting, for shooting Mr. Eramott,  fa country storekeeper.   He was  also   con-  wicted and sentenced to.death. .  = ,. The hon. Charles Cowper, who bis filled  '��������� >'the office of Premier of New - South Wales, al-.   -������������������������'������- ������,v������������.-������������������������������*������. ������**���������>.������ ������������������;������* wt oumuun v  <mbsfc consecutively since, the establishment of I Di"ri*8 ������>r l887,-.and Billiard Table articles. *  i ���������responsible; government, has retiredqfrom po-j   P> S^gfggPjj^  ,1.-pities,' and joined the extensive mercantile firm  ^kn o wn as To w ns & .Co. ������������������ ' .  Ax R. Johnston, the^late.'ohief teller of the  ���������Commercial Bank,chits'been arrested for era-  . Ahez'/Xing moneys 'belonging to the bank.   Mr.  . .'Gray, manager of the;? Commercial Branch at  \y'Singleton', has 'been -Committed for trial on a  ;j similar charge.:; ���������      .    .' wy.yil  ... ; .The extension of ;the southern railway to  ��������� the Fi tzroy ;iro n. mines, was. olScial If a ceo m-  plished .February. 28th. . A large number of  ^excursionists went up the line.  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  1-s  LONDON  HOUSE,  ���������GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  WHOLESALE  AND  RETAIL.  ,3. tt. turWr. & eo.,  ���������IMPORTERS  OF  English & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses, Underclothing, Gloves, and every description of  Drapery Goods.  Receive regular supplies by'Express via Panama and  by sailing vessels'via Capo Born.   .  /2������f* Par lieular attention given to al lor ders.  London Firm���������J. P. Tonstall &Co. 1-s  ESTABLISHED 1858.  . KOADSIDE ADVERTlSBa^^  ST ABLINCybr lldSi:  William Mc wha  LYTTON CITY, <B. a,   "'������������������  Begs to inform the public generally that asb,  '""" (MAIL ACCOIOBAW  On his premises for upwards of 200 Hors  lMl}J."*?<* Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HlR  ;      TERMS ��������� MODERATE.  . *���������  -���������' ���������  -    :   '       VICTOP.IA..'���������'���������..���������."'.  The mte^ 'closed-on the  *23rd of Fe b r liary. , D tiring the ti me i t re-  ^mained open, there were nearly 3QO,000 visi-  '   tors,: ari.d the receipts for admission amounted   ' iJi&^^soa^^ '���������-~ ���������  The government bad a majority of 21 on the  'division respecting the. new tariff, which is  'iy ������certaih to become a law. .A-'-.  '_..'"      Bills and acceptances representing nearly, a  .i.iriillion   [sterling^-rwere   stolen    from    the  ��������� ������������������ ���������   Oriental   Bank :safe\ on- ;the 29th :ult.    All  ; it Search proved/ unavailing; until a letter was  fowhd s tati tig th at a; p ortio n of tlie bills would  ' 'be found in the bank, and the i: remainder in  .    'one of the pub lie.paries.   Search was made,  .and the whole of the^missing property found���������  ";as indicated.   Dickson, the; bill clerk at the  ���������bank, has been arrested, on suspicion of the  ��������� . ^robbery.  Al   A AAaa'xA/ ���������     A A ;. ���������'.  '' Dennis Murphy has been sentenced to death  for miirdering: a fellow- countryinan named  ������������������:A. \ "Oraara, whose remains were not found and  Ai\' identified. . \ ������������������ 1'1/AA<a'//:        yf-  ^ ��������� yA'A ��������� Cases of arson have ,?be come quite common  '9 f late:   Th ree or four b o a vie ti cms were o b -  ( A .Gained during the i month, and the mayor of  'V. /one of the inland towns.-rs at .present awaiting  'I', atrial on=a similar charge.v������������������ c ��������� ���������,  :-."���������-.- ; Ano th er large and b ean tlfttl native diamond  .: ' jbas b ee n fou n d ;a t" the 'Ovens.. (A/i'iL -X- /..���������'.������������������ ���������  AiX /��������� A vein of-.coal, abo\it three, feet in.tiiick-  siess, has been discovered inGipps Land.  ^An industrial museum is about being es-  :' #abl ish ed. at Mel b ourne......  ��������� .. .. .'..'- 'A/.  The Anglican Bishop of Sydney has ^.pronounced against 'A Ritaalism" -in most unniis-  :   .;*akable terms.    ���������;./ a \   /Ai1  ���������     Great   dissatisfaction   exists   amongst the  American residents at the recent appointment  ���������of a consul at Sydney.'  Portions of a man?s body, apparently severed with asharp instrumentthave been found  boating off Dawes battery, Sydney,  :    The new mines at Emu creek are yielding:  fairly, but nothing like,what was expected.  -Two young men a*ged 20 and 22 years, have  :   been arrested by the western  police for the  murder of Mr. Grenfall, and one of them has  ,   made a partial confession.      ���������  SOUTH   AUSTRALIA.' [ \  A. py Jn d ge   B b o thby   has   o ffi c i al ly  protested  . against his superccssion by tho Chief Justice,  ��������� who^merely carried out the- direction of. the  Legislature.  ;:- The Hurra Burra Cop^r mines are about  being closed. '  Capt. Cadell has been dispatched to North:  era A us tral ia to rep o r t on 1 ts a a I tabl i i ty fo i*  ^���������colonization.  .The civil service is reported as being in a  most unsatisfactory state. Reforms are strongly urged.   -   -  Twelve vessels have been chartered to load  wheat for England.   The Zanoni, one of the  fleet laden with a full cargo,  capsized in the  Gulf of St. Vincent, during a cyclone, and  .went down,at onee; crew saved.  In tense hen t has been . fe! fc  tb ro nghou t the J  colon v.   A shower of insects . fell at Seven  THE U^?Jf>ERSrGNfED IS NOW PREPARED TO  alford tvery accommodalioii to tho travelling public, and hopes by a strict attention to business, to  merit a share of theputronaKe bestowed on the former  proprietors. Tbisis onoof thoniost comforiablc nnd  commodious Hotels on tbe road, contninlng as it does  warm and well furnished hod rooms with good beds..  ThoTADLEis supplied w It la cvorydolicacy it is pos-  siblo.toprocure In the upper'country. *Tho BAR is  stocked with tho best of Liquors, and the choicest  Cigars. ��������� ...-.'-,  .   4ST MEALS, ���������$���������! 50   EACH. -^  ���������Tbcstfbllng for Howes -is'all i-ba-t could be desired,  and the charges are very moderate. Hay forXlorses  per day, $2 j Oatd and;Barley at tho cheapest market  rates.  Tho'undcrslgncd has a largo qtinntily of OAT HAY  on hand, for sale lu large or small quantities.  1-s JOHN PELLETIEI^?Propriclor.  FOSTER,   OF   LiLLOOET,  CHEMIST.  VICTORIA SEED STORE  Corner of Langley Alley and Yates St.  ���������MESSRS. JAY & BALES  Have opened the above premises with a large  and well assorted Stock  FRESHlGRICULTlJRAt, VEGETABLE  AND FLOWER SEEDS.  The business of the late fiivn of Jay & Co., Fort St.,  Jtnd Ppr!n^Sohl Vurspry^will- b<?. carr^^l-on hy- ..Uiain  in all its brandies.  Fruit Trees and Rushes, Evergreen and Deciduous  Shrubs, Hulbs aud Flowering plants of every description. Ms  BOSTON   BAR  International   Hotel.  rpHlS WELL KNOAVxV HOUSE; 19 ^now o>n fo,  1 vellers.   The Table is supplied as formerh,  tho best the market aftords, and the' Cooking ������������  he oxcellcd.    TheBar is stocked1 with the flneV  <V6hs aud*Cigars.   GOOD BEDS.  ���������'WILLIAM CHARTERS  -1'8  Proprieictl  c. e.bombSo^  BOSTON BAR, B. C,  Wholesale and Retail Merchant ia  GROCERIES AND PROVlSlQNSi  our copfee;  TTAS FOB SALE, and constantly on hancl,  11 a well assorted Stock .of Drugs, all too Chemicals  used by Physicians, Photographers, Assayers and  Mechanics. Also tho'popular Patent, iledlclues, and  Druggists' Sundries. '  Retorts, Crucibles, MuHIos, Cupels, 'Ingot Moulds,  etc., eta       i    ��������� -  , -  PRESCRIPTIONS   FAITflFUtLY PBBPAREO.  F. W. POSTER,  Chemist  WR   ARE   FOIUVARDTKG   A  mal  Packed in Tins of from  each.  1-s  tu-o to twenty-five pounds  WILSOX k MURRAY,.  Fort si root, Victoria.  127  BLUE   TENT,  ��������� OR���������     ..  ILE   HOUSE.  TH.OS. WIL SOW i& GQx  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH MERCHADIZE  Wholesale nnd Retail,  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria.   1-s  ���������npHJB UNOEPSIGNED HAVLN'G .PURCHASED THIS  .1 desirable property, is now Prepared to uccommo-  date the travelling public.' the .tabic is supplied with  the_yery best ol viands. The bedrooms and bods arc  as comfortable as could be desired, and the BAR con-  tains'nothing but the best brands'of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.'AA     A ������������������-...���������'���������  A good stock ofGrain and Hay always on hand,  : 3rd:May,-1867. .3 W. WRIGHT.  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  Storage and Forwarding!  YALE, B. C.  ARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE  YALE-LYT-  *02f Route, are advised that  . .     KIMBALL & GLADWIN-  Kave erected an extensive Storehouse and ODock at  Yale; and are prepared to Receive, Store, and forward  Goods.    Goods re-packed, and JVoights engaged at the  Lowest Rates. ���������. ���������;.-���������'������������������ ���������  . Parties shipping goods through us will please, mark  to the care of ....  Is KIMBALL & GLADWIN.  J. C.BEEDY,  COMMISSION &  FORWARDING AGENT,  WILL   PAY   PARTICULAR   ATTENTION   TO   SE-  lec(ii% purchasing, or Ibrwarding Goods lor the  upper conn try.  Any commission entrusted to his care, will receive  prompt attention.  References ;���������W. A. Mkacham, E. A. Wadhams, T.  HAIiPEH,  J.J.  BRA.MJ.Y.  Victoria, April, 1867.  . I    ���������- -- - SS'JIlt-K-P03?,-   BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON,B.C.  TRAVELLERS will find evervaccommodaUoiutJ  Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD BEDS.     I  stabling for Worses.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest RrJ  BOOTHROYD  BROS.  ll-9 Propriutea  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  1 T THIS WELL KNOAYN.HOUSE, lmlf.w^yb������J  ���������J\. Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the YaleR^i  Travellers will tind Good Accommodation. Thcbtsj  living, of Liquors, aud of Wiues : Tresb Butter, 12  and Vegetables.    Good Stabling and cheap feed.'  HOTEL DE FRANCE,  GovKitNsrexV Street, Victoria; V. I.  THE RESTAURANT is Rhppllod with all the  delicacies of the season, mid tho sleeping acc>mo*  dation is replete with every comfort. The best of  Wines. Liquors and Cigars.  The  Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN&  FARKE,   Proprietors, at ri  O.Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roa^js  now open for tlie accommodation of the public, tej  tance from Clinton, 20 miles; from SavanusSU'acb  Landing, 22 miles; frOm ^pence's Bridge, 30oilii  Travellers will iind prices and accommodations to ������  Ibe times.    Givo them a call.   Stabling, Hay &Gr&  attentive hostler?.    Stages leave here regularly5  Talc,  and Cariboo ii  1-8  J. BIGNE & CO., Proprietors.  A. W. PIPER,.-xZi  CONFECTlONE.R,  'Government Street, opposite tho Theatre..  CANDIES- of every description manufactured and  soldj.AYboIcsalo and Retail. ��������� l.s  fpHIS OLD AND WELL KNOWN HOUSE has beenn  1 cently opened by the undersigned, who will mis  it his constant study by h?ing every endeavour to se������  modale the traveling public, to descrvu a share of tb  patronage bestowed on tlie former occupants.  Mtir Tlie Bar con tains nothing but tlie very, best i  LIQUORS and ^CIGARS. . Givn him a call.y ,-  l.s    .-       ';   ���������'.-v =:.'-;���������-���������   KJ>WARD   TROFATIER  y p "  Front Street, Yale, B. C,  EOS TO ANNOUNCE to the inhabitants of Cariboo  .u ������* J^.^H'nds to forward (as soon as the state of  tbe Roads will permit), a large and, well assorted  stock of Cookixg Stovks, which he will dispose "of at  Prices to Suit thb Timks. a- ������������������  Yale, 8th April, 1S67. X  Free Port tor Ever  r  FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE!  PARTIES DESIROUS of shipping freight With Dr������-  patuh, will Cmi it to their advantage by igiving us  a call before engaging elsewhere. ., ,  '    ALWAV & BAILEY.  Yale, April'8th, 1867. 1-s   ,  E THE UNDERSIGNED TAKE  pleasure-in announcing to our numerous customers and. the  public, that we will supply Ihem with the beslERE.vCH  Lhatjjkn Boots (duty ��������� frer?) ever oll'ered in��������� u, C.  . j^fAt our old Stand, Government StM Victoria, V"I  1-s - CHARITV& BUTLER.  A-BOLER & CO.'S  riHEAP Store.    LADIES' and GENT'S CAST. OFF  \J .Clothing bought and sold., . Secondhand VVaiches,  Guns, Pistols, &c ; for sale:  /^Governmentstreet opposite theThealre.    is  Hills College.-  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  .4 FRANKEL, Victoria, V. I., Dealer in Pubs,  >-!.���������* Skins, Hides, Wool, &c. Liberal advances made  on Furs consigned. Reference���������G. Sutro & Co., Rein-  h^irt Bros, Victoria, V. I.        . ila,  ���������]7 WATSON*,.Watchmaker, Jeweler  1j ��������� and Eiagsaver, Gove rn men.t s tro e t, uex t  to the St. Nicholas-Hotel, Victoria, V. I.  VV.; H. Sutton,  DEALER IN WiSes, Liquors, and Cigabs, Coal Oil j  Coal Oil Lamps, &c.., = ;.      ,,-... -  AGENT FOR BtJNSTER'S ALE \  \Vbeklv, 12mos..  with P,,sue, $7 60    OS To: U 7fi     Din?������1J  mos do:. $23 ; 6moH do., $12 so.' * ��������� ''"'     lUltA>  U  AGEW HQTWNG !ZiZ  B L O O D;WILLTEIK  q^HIS HOTEL IS T,ARGEvAND. \Vl5IiL SlTTED tf  X for the co n i fort of tra v,c lers; tho Ta ble; .��������� is!- \sap0  with tho best of everything that icah'bVprocurdj aa!  tho cooking is not inferior to any on thoToad ���������������������������BdditKwi  fbr families; Stabling,'��������� Hay;-Sarlcy and'OatsJ ���������  m~ The trail to Cedar and Eorse-Fly Creeks lc������������:  the Wagon Roatl at this place.;;  __1'!i"   ���������       ;   A:Ai"-Ay   AWkAHENDERSON  122 MIBE HCT[jgEF  tAktivAiffiMi;- vlyyir  f  In Bblsi aiidhalfBbh  Yale, April-18th, 1867.  /  1-s  K^ST4-HN  DOUG-LAS,..Successor to A.  C.  AJ vv ELLS, Saddle and Har.ybss Maker, Yale   B   C  ,6������-A complete assortment of Stock constant!v mi  hand; . - t -t J  F. WALTERS, formerly of the ^ Mile. Hoc^I  r. - 11 a vi nj? ]) u rcha sed th is' Ra nc If, is now. preparw |  to accomodato the traveling public with GOOD MEAW|  and REOS at moderate rates. ���������*' . ".: ���������"-��������� *. 'If: |  6 OL otWiSSA.  SODA   CliEEK.  GREAT REDUCTION lias been made in the chaigei |  at this establishment, so as to snit the''-times.      i  Heals, $1 -'��������� Tt**0   *yr?  Tf\VOXGy LEE.-'&jOO.,- Oommissio-v MEROHA-vWi lar.  A\ porters, and J>2alers in Chinese Goods. Viotbria  V. L, Yale, Iiliooet, Quesnelmouth,   and Williams"  Creek.        '���������>' XW.       -::-"!. , j.3  ��������� ��������� ���������   ...... -������������������ .. .��������������� ������������������������->. . ��������� -  -ii ^   .���������  OSUTRO &.GQ., Importsbs and Dealers in  ������   CIGAR.-?, TOBACCO, ileershaum Pipes, &c, S E.  corner of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria s  E  r   51ALLANDAINE, COLLECTOR  AND GENERAL  J* AGSNTj ^veramwitStTa^-Victoria, V, L   L*  THE C.VDERStGNEDbegs toiaffaftBthomiaotsaad  i. residents in & around Van WiAfctej&at he will ia future keep aa assorted and GOOD S9foc������ oaliand, and  hopes by close attention to bttsiaess,-and fey sellinii  atLOWEB RATES than heretofore,, to meet the patronage, of all* .  Orders from outlaying creeks accompam'cd with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch;- ' ��������������������������� r  #3* Terms CASH, without distinction  i >* ^> w. likdiurd;   ; : ___^    l.s  w������h care and te&g?^?* ,^ ������������������������������������l  W^l^l^?^������  .WHOLESALE  May- let;   ig67.  Beds, 75 Cents.     1;  '   ilcLEESE & SENAY,  Proprieiors.  - -        -  ���������  ^ v - 1-s  & OPLN   FOR THE ACCOMMODATION  OF THE  ��������� -- 1 ravelling, public Mio bedrooms arc spacious m  airy and tho Reds cannot ho surpassed for cleaiiliD������.  ana oomfort by any in the lower country: the Table!  always sUpp|iud with tho best of victuals.    StoW*"'  lor Horses: Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hail*   -���������'  '   '       1-s  TULES UtTEFF, Com  w) Hof������l Building, Wharf  BOYD b HEATH, Proprietors,  T��������� flOUSE is situated 26 miles from Quescclmotti^  J- lhe proprietors having lately fitted up bedroow*  a-no good Beds aro now prepared to afford every afl  modation for Travellers: the Table is furnished vtw *������   x's    |"\clttx������ricBthatcan De procured: "the-Bar is well������J  vimiok Mbwjuaw   Rovil  s Lh iWfUlTTth0 bost ,)h,n(Js of WquorB and Setoff] &  ���������  m  mm  m  m  ^pgg


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