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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-07-23

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 n  m  m  m  i  .sSa  P  |i  HI  *>,   ffl  Mm  WEBrt  !*V*������1i5ifr*  ������J-"-'Pr.-ft-ir������,T  ������������������������"-'  ���������tj,"  Ur'y  ]wZ:h  ���������-fi't  '?AV:OS  .'���������'J'.-.  ���������;^#H  * ^a  >i  - ?*-;������������������!  ;.t'  i  " ���������-���������������������������������--"������������������  f'^"   "'    ������������������j-^-j .v ^-npr- ������������������������& _t   ,,,,     irff-A^Tiv     ra- .3  ~_'������5s-.7j'>'-- ~.!---: h'TRW J^-1<V^-TJW  -1' '  ;1  ������oL&  '-       >S^ J- i&ptp th^^Caribc^lte.?) ���������     ������������������'��������� ,j -/Z  [Many-of the readers, of the Sentinel of last year  ��������� -."- r./ Wiii;:remsmfie^  '"'��������� AA written^by^aiminerioh -WilliamsCreefcfNfo a^friea&ih*  A- Gotland,desctfptiye^f;; the^; manners"and^cistoms of,  <JariboovWWe have-beea-favoFed- with- the- f 'sequel,"  r "^ i;which is given1^^ helow^for theadificat^on of ou'preadere'  ��������� -< ;��������� >ffn3inra,pferaia/3ofiyni.(Sr* manyJwiiljrekd'fiylVLcognize :a;  ;? ' tratbml histor^y 'of-:'heir- own mining experiisnce7, and  . '���������:,-.;cannotrfail!;toVobserve"Jma'hyf.otfUhe "miner's! foibles  i >i;grapMcalIyL deptetedi^ED:! SENsnta^u? nr\ -.-k j ������*?.;������;  ;Vrv.yeBana-awiverediHy last tettery!>������������������ v.#Vj ;.,r  ' A fo^ ��������� ���������;'���������,,w  } :4h>t]aiy!fteeBd Sawney's may he dead.  Bat sic a^JiochtfX carina tholei \ 4 A A..;  It grieves my>������  And 'siteI'll banish7 Fmii'"'  E&lsyss0^G^m MMf^8m^^������^^^^^,  ���������week,  i>#^^^?*ii->������*  /A���������������%ae-^-u-parjaBn^o/;misgiven;; .w; ;;;;-|;.;; .���������,,.  .. ;^ii;^It|lpr^^ Z,y  ;t;;:;j;mU^^ao':BOQ^,i%'aaId? MwJVr'^V^'-ii^-!. /A  :5*^ll&ffl '# 'J r'v*  . ; ;Sae-gif^^^^^ j- fyj,  ���������J iwapiVheir^ ,o!t ^sure'sagun/LJ^ L~! ���������<*  'Ye"caa^a,surely hae forgotrrfr>   ', l.r^  ; f fTeimmTins $ahie^guro^|lay^|3 1;;;���������: a <��������� '  ^hatlftneW^Tam oiSaanter7f says'v"  ���������. * Aboufchissaacieat;; drouthjoprohy^ii % li  ' -' The: decent'body^tfjitfer-;Jphriny, ;(^',  ' (  ��������� ���������������Tarn' 167ed him W$&jrerX'brither;.';  Tliey had^b.een foa for|TOeteHtiegither-'  \j-������i: weel^eUejevtheii^^mi 'wad^iid/A w,' ^  ^Naefsure^^iii a^whieky freendf  /A���������'-?'  "A"draclce^chiel ^e^man canJr^tf2^^^^ ~  : Hie^o^^ras^iSleS'pie |ruat. S/p~''  Gfe me that Irfeenld: thax ne^er-was1 rottj  ���������, t =/ And,;Sawney,;him; J^ino>in yojiyy/c / A  !A dobniight;hpnest, sober maii7/  As ever stood* upon the Ian';' r;':  ^C|ur iove?was nefer^b^getvby^driakvf* ] - ';  \  Bu^o^pnrerStream;T!thin������e^'-' ��������� 'J f' ��������� l  .   Webdth.->mre:^n^rin^a]rl^gear,^  a\ ;(u,^waf po^rfcy iaai 6!roro meaner! ")  o;iiityre w������r^^q^Oilra^in^^alth;' Ay v. i  Itsel a very mineV wealth;  ���������-���������- An' something ^ g?: as j great' a worjh - ^ ^f ::>  As Me can;cver-Ha% on earth;-^'^-���������   l  Aheart that thro^imsfortuhes a7,3vywAil  : Aye, manfully. Or ercomes -them~a^ -  I jAn'mdependen^rjaind,is)wh|T^;7 *"A"  ' vti^&m^ l*yy  It's likely ye he7e������got niy lettei*  ^Gif this be sae Itostill -ybur debtor^ -    -  Or that youpianswep-has mis^carri^d,  '��������� .pr,inr*the inl<^1^.f^ean,^att^;.l  vIViyBrither JonafchMftthat,ga^d'<d6oa/ :;':i  ���������Soajetime lastyeanneariOreseent toon; A  But as we oaaria help what7s gane,   h  ���������^Ei*K������&t caatSx myjbraiuA/y. ,;if.��������� >;;  To igie;ye a7 I^ken th^aAMwZ/ZZ/ZlSSi,  Bui first o7 a^'abo8t^?Bel^K Li^^ i,;;*;j. \J;^  .������������������Awovd.^Qt'ffihJlM^^  Ye nae dppbt thinkiinyi^ouch is lined :'/i  Wi7 golden dust in 6ebriiies coined,/]���������  That Pmas^rictf as'ariy Jew* y-S.. -rA^'/A  That swindles aff; arildT^es.fornew^ i>  ��������� ;-No.0j: j^itha^^v^^^i-n^^to^'ff yy  :I-U .^tmy^omte^  'In^^I-left'niy. hamei'.^'.^yii, ���������l / ./��������� ' /-  hi that; same. year I^oaghtr a claim, >��������� -?   -^  FrRpamer^^  As smart a lad 7s ye'ever saw,- t V���������;t! .   '������  ^te^srgreatest faut was.naaeouicommon  Agaestrong:iUkin7ttj^a^pman;^       ;  Aa ill iloon wi7 'some menlwa* Johnny *..  Bemuse he had:$ae;ffiuckle, Koney; I ; Aw :iZ.  ���������Butrr^e^rawile^e%;an^^      /;/;[ '/���������  Ana^ften.hafevr meS}wft^auiipr;/':-������V /wt/i ���������  The claim;lie,seil7i'^ ���������);'-':'  Aa\ere three=months7IJsiller f!ir>  Gin next year^sprmg'I^ri^  Atprqspeeto^:bufe;Ifgot stuck,  *Vn7 Red Gulch eased meAb7'my cash   -  (I wish I hadna been sae rash). '       ^  ^l^I^eganthemrarld agaia;^ '.Ayyrv  An warkedfbrm6nt3hs wi7 Mnght ah7main/  ���������An when.7twas;draw;ini;towards:>thefaV '-.!  l wasna that fill af������ ava--H -?;- vi ut. ���������;:-.... a   " ,:  ^he^Gameroa77 was!my,auld'stay bye7 "  xo feed my.poiibh when .puipebl dry. w.  *ly- iortane upon Lightning- Creek,:   ;':; ?*.���������{  jwil:-iii'ldve-^ab'& dinna start,          .  jJear'Sawney, I ne'er lost my heart' -!       ' ;'  ^utaace^.theiheft.IV.elang forgive, . Za  jorget the thief^fl^Jerjwhii������ r v��������� n ' : ;;  ������ut to my tale���������Iriell fcrtoTO, |.,1  ^ er head and lugs afiihand aiid glove,  A������a hochtthat Mm oouldeWsurpass      -  am| tocher o'the "^rshireliass'"-^  i trjed mybest tb;,catcK!her fin,'::    "  Sn ? 'tlie Ja'A������ she took me in:'       ���������     [  ; or tour lang months I ran her drift  inen wearied oo.fcgae'r-in a gift!    ''.< '*���������'���������'  *>e back to Williams I did ca'  ^ PlJit' a chlel  A S'unrncr tl  s ye ever saw;  ian I stayed at hamc  While'stmakin7 Thirty CPburiris; a.  a��������� y^t^^^a^M^conMt.''  ^.;K������^    ������laaI shades^^a^the^ctn^side/ -: v '''*' *  ^s^^g^dciqK  ippcit;iJ.ka;dayI7^,sfe . I.  ;me ^Saa^Jnind thV3b3fa������af^! / iy/*  I d;sentJhxy|Ulw l^e^yoa,! ���������', ji, ������^ '  .l^or lang; ^re^he;^inter7^.'snawf'JC7.-.AKS'  wcashto^  , And1left .ine eferi Mthoota ''groat^v=- 1/w '">, i  .OT^still.aUiiudependent^  rPfl^e-1 maun, beginanew^--' ���������'^'i-^w ���������'���������a  1P6 fechMh^illso7ICariood^ZZ    4 /,':;,.  ^Bi^^r^d^'s iba^le.onceib  ���������^o^a;ffiedjoh-^;-ev^r^  Such, :^iwney- ;is Wjminingjlife, A^'A^taZ  Cases like mine ������are unco rifej.1,1'' A"" ;?Ha1  lutfacj^there's^zeng4livltt^ere J^ r-'f:':'''*!A  Hae seen Jhard ^imes>for^mbny a-Vear ?^'f - I  Yet still they'w^asUfcoh^thr^a7v; ;   J''w '  ^h^.'-saristl jae&4h.^r ;d &^^^wiLlAAyA,  But iwhah-a;'nian can donae^etter J  i He/has; tbUeave. the creek'a debtor: -1 ^ f*Ji'*' I  ^; Altha? Bthinkjt is aflicht1'5^    '     ^  :f!  iThat7*no just a?thegither richt^ ; :';'/*  ^Hobe7er sae puir a man may 'be:   >   '; ': - ���������  :Hia^ott&shbuld^b''e������Hdnesiy/ 'l   ; r JUli"; !  Still here;the,miner^on the* whole; yL/.Ai /  ������;a straight gaun'h6nest;soiil] v \y   '":' t:'  ffita^pays^bis debts''bkith fair aiid free "'a t  ���������^if^7s;theimshtbpa^  f6r-mi'nin7newsl^ ' jrd  .';>!  There7s naethingjpn the creek but want, j  In -this cauldseasbn b7 the year \ '^ ).  There-s littleaiie^Jcan!do;up/ftefe,;;;'r' /\ , \  'l&tf-VMk\is--ate 1  Asane wab! hardly pay a nigger!.; ',' /��������� ,, >  ^'There^jio^ht^ut care bm ilka ban V*  . ^, *��������� jQn every^hbur^hat passes^;0:j Iwr.'.. ���������'  ,'iA"a?jSawney, man,%ebae nae chance -1*j  ; / Tb: spark amang;thedassies,(0!jU'v' - i  :L'We?ep a^aHdly^ra^e-jfcnat--.riiBhes.cbkse,.':  '^  -i'Yet a' gangs'tapselteerie, 0^  ^���������Ar^'every houlc^^bptind-^t^eti '  ' ���������  i\A'Is:spenfe������withopfra;dearie;/0     ;   ' "^  1, Eastlsimraer yv:e bad lassies here?       i  rf ���������  ��������� :;V^r.ae: Ge'rmanyr-pther*fiurdies; O !r������4"-.: ���������  ^'i^nd^tr^tliIVbt^aslPm^a^cbt; ,\- ,>w .^���������  \ Thereywaai KateJ aM;Maxy, blithe 1 and'airy,  :'^)^ijL'jiii^ y/fis^-Q:]'  /^jmeMSyi ca7fithe j kangaroo ^?^^ A^A  v'f(,;A^tr^pia^at&in7.'hiz^ Zy^'i \  They danced at nicht in -dresses light?1'���������'?  ; Fraela^tej^CTe '<Sflyi';6,3' ;  But oh^efr;hear(B^  :f^^^:;Whiph,y^pfjih&.}0id^;^iysipi/^ A \  The Dollarrwas tlieir. only love,"     ���������*���������-" ��������� '3 i  ;.-; ^ttAitJMi^ ! yl  Theytdidna care a fleaibr men,        /    ;  ���������;������ ���������* rl^et; them1 coort ^hbqe^^sinic^irely,' QK'-i-. i  They deft thb creek wiJ lots o7 gold, ���������'  \'r ���������  ' ODancedfrae bo'r^h^s;s^ cle^eivQl'j-p.  '^My\blessi^^)aj^ ;; /  >:^;Gifitf eysstay;.a^a^'forv^ -J j  ;,v Cnoitii^i3onnSe arel^he hurdies^ 0! -: >  ;":  :.";.!������     ���������' ������������������' 1^1' TiieiCrermari' hurdy gtirdies/ O!;  '"������������������ ^iww?i./{rphe :daftest'h^ut.,that'e7er! I- spent? i  ���������a- /'';'l \: ^ / 'Was danciii7."wi7 the hurclies, 0 ii  ^KThat; think ��������� ye/.SaJ&ne y,; 0' rmySang ?1; l.';V:i.^i.  ^A&guidlthm^rit7^-no:'^e^lang^.^-'':-.:;'.;-;-���������;��������� ';  The nanielEve gied 7s-^'fThe (merman Lassies,7'  The air.7s the same 7s "Gr^engrows fche'Rasie^77  Maun, Sawii)ey,.ye wad likei;tp see.;';::  The \way iiey dance in tliis: kint ra; "  ;  They lift the lassies aff their feety      ;:    V  In ;sie a; way that.7s 'no; discrbbt,";        . \  : Then a7 a,t anpe'- they711 let. theia drap; :i ���������  ;Syne ilka lad begins to clap, t: -      ; -_. .��������� '���������  I An7 thro'the din an7; fun an^ sfcpiire;  |Ye7li;liear.a v^!B'say/^c^!ii���������^;her;^, /  ;TH^w^n;3thehjtrounfl; in: waltz and galpp ���������  ;Wi?a real .Glengary walopj, -    ;  They-'strike' their hands andbfeat their :,feet  Th������n turn about aiid syne. they^ll meet.  Xn7;afterVeyery dance, just think, /  i?hey walk up to the bar and drink,  They7ir jingle glasses left au7;Hgh.tj;.      ..-',  Their Bpllafs gane���������then "Gesund a,ct/,7  Grif I get hame I'll>put Meg thro7  The' way they do in Cariboo!  There's ae amusement here oure- rife,  >7Twad be an unco sin in Fife,   :  Here some ne'er fash their heads ava  ;JBoot the commands or moral law,.  ?GMf gambliri7 be a Aevil7s snare^ '. ������������������,  There's scores aropnd who dinna care,  Arid gif they'er caught into the trap   .. . ..  They'll hardly fear the del I a snap.  Last night as'l was lyin' asleep,  at  fed=a:dreamjb/Oiae;blabkjsh  ||awkent!faces;doonibelo# ^f-mv-vux"   -  ������^a^hl^werb^layin' ^poker7 t *'^>>  m auld clootie'an7 his stoker: .A'-y-A\l'"  Men^rreeze-ou^some: did ^ wish'to:<p lay,!-'W-  Lhe deilcon entin'^aU'obey;"^    Ai  m for the.whuskey they that ni. hi   ������������������ww  Widoon to play wi? a7 their mlchtJ' ���������    " - - ^  Mt ahpsaidtclootie, Vve nae water, X   '��������� > '^ !  |br whiskey^tho' there7s mbny^a m'alster; uU'  |here s in ray-larder sbm'e^mince -pieiTr'��������� ' ^:.  ','tBuIly^lahhonest'miner cries!   '      ���������;M"'  ^4^^^^^^^tipb^lad^! -w f'if i ?'''  (And auldfpick's?6airns*are richly 'fedi)1 : 'l * 'v  And mbnyjajpieSwas-lost to* sight.    ' - ���������?*-;''  ^o.justras;!^  .4face I sawiB wmn^hamev'' ���������''r) \>:n "���������' ��������� ].:  ������asrhe|iffhapaid^^ ji ''Ji^Z  Jnjuphis thrbat^banle dee^^dlra^ sipllf ^  ���������Nbo, Sawnejyftffi^^ j';i?  tlie; wasi-a country man -o^mysel'!-11 - -!>��������� ^  When sbmeJfolk get awa frae haW '" ' <r,;! ���������'  ^P|������]29|f,a;#n#^j!sinan^ shan% 'v i{'\ A  r An, saej pey care':ni& noo;^y%'aiv1u7-^':*f 1  Bejievih^ neither hell nor heaven!' ,- - V j "  S^atisinSitpfmucBe^evils rise}?' ' ���������* '��������� tw��������� ^1  There's/danger in.auld clootie's pies:; -- r-l '  ���������^^Y^ree.^bom:'kirl������s upon the creek^- If  ;.Qorfmnisters are.a7.sae meek \.. >  ',-.  / ! f  They carina live a year up here,' ''*-      ^ '  tyt ffang Mowibr, warmer cheer;,    , -^   ! ���������  But, maybe, this .is just as weel,   .'-,     :   a  A  Wlje'n'theyVe.awa" so is tha-deil,'----   ' ��������� ��������� ���������',-j  He'll think he-hasuV aJ his ain; ��������� ., -;, \  And for that reason let's alanev,���������',,, . ��������� ,' wa 1,.  Arfhonest.mah���������he's no to ,blame;   ' ���������  ,Gi|;}ie;ev^nJthinks foeaMm/y/ZZZ,  For ^Life: is|sucn^inrQariKQa "/y /Zl I AAA  ^jThat'ane mighty'weel- beHe'veti't trueL ������������������������������������  "Bnt^till wf 11 ivy as "Itabie^writ.,/'^"'  A^A^ili iho f-AHiiel oi8 mm yet V ���������*  WP^awney?4ad^e>sal^.e'^  Abpot.mysel an'-Ganboo,  - '     ^ ��������� ���������  Wi  ���������Mairieadinghnichtbiitgie.ye-M'cr;ble '  ,  (^hech;^;ife^pstage!wadlbe:douoK  Anent"theToIkssaefafav/a?;   '   -    ':'"''."'  AhLSawney^manyl lang-to'see : y y >L ^ w  The.Mendsiathame-sae^dear'tomer'   ? ^   ,  :������yguidauld:mither^hPnestisouIJ, -'*   vi  fioo :muckle she hasjliad^tbIholei4 - *- h; "f f  Frae her wild laddies^thor^htleW^hielsV' 5!  (Ah7^ some ��������� folks -.ca?d vis ne?br-db^weels^j ���������;?:; ������������������  iHbo^aften-has; sh^taferivour^a&t:i Z:rwyiy/  (When faither. wad his raicht assert^   ��������� ."^7���������Klw\  An7;aff the head -of aff the babk ,,;    .>!'������������������*]  Wad-screeh us frae an*unco' whack;    ?    I? }  ,Oor faither ruled us -wi9 a whup,      .*:������������������''���������'.'  But she wi? love-^-a sure'r grup)'  ' l [ J ; ? "  ;Whan)duty made'her^thesh;us sairIA':*w������"yy-1  Sheldv aye b egin wi7/ a bit1 pray er| - -l *   " ������������������   ��������� ���������r :  ��������� An'^syhe/she'd tell^us; that sic,evil���������;-'w'y?'lw/  ;.War3>ih:ak us^bairnibs 0?^ the dpyil,Z ''��������� A ^//A.��������� ���������!  ���������She'd jspeak: b't till her een ^werb Wept/. :f ':Z.-;  An7?fthen;? dear Sa^ey^we}wad greet; ?���������''V^,-;  Jist ae sic threshin'^ifrae'-pbrjM^er^')v\'-v :������": '/���������-;; S  Wad mak us guid;ior' weeks thegither, W-?  ' -1  And;mony, mpnya^m'e%incb"than,v ,; l  ���������Hasrkeepit:;us��������� ftab;dbin7. %raiigA-:/ y ^?' '-^ I  (The.threat'nin's p7 the moral law A A-AyA'^]  Will scarce inatonysgood'&va, ZZwA-A.    1  But jWhan ;Love, speaks, wha can^ withstand^   j  The;chastenin|sPisaejMnd;aHand.) Ari'A/'</  l!bp-teno^ly^e^^eek..tb yv$ekiwx Aiw.ZZ;\  Sl^^hursed us; baith rwMn.^W;jwerb;seeckp:-u;":  Put a';opr dearest ireends Jhegither,y, :\A A Z:  AnV_Sawney,. wha Jsiike.a mither?-v. ).ivhy\A  Gic my regards to a7 at hahie, '. ��������� AA: ;.=.;���������' . A  An' tell;dear Meg that-I'm the same w a.Aa^-1  As vvhan I left the auld kintra       .-   -  To mak her fortune o 'er. the^ sea; ^ :  Arid tho7 I'm.sair:forefoughten.stills-  I'll fecht my way wi7 richt giiid wi 11, -���������':  UntiLauld Scotland sees me back  Wi'siller, or without a plack. y^y  God bless ye, Sawney, a7 ye'r life, '  Happy at hame :wi7 bairns and wife; ���������   ��������� ���������  At e7enin7s whan the fireside gleams;      ���������  Whiles spare a thocht for your friend     '- L  : Williams Creek, 6th March, 1866. ���������   ���������*>'������������������.<'  irTlZi.  ^mmiM^lmmyyii  'A.  llfHEiAKK-op   I   W      -  lm^Mmo������mmAA  ���������     ' 'm : Wpfi ?owar to 'increase:)'v  i*P^^IS^;0NTHE'3AX^SBR4yCHEF;'    i  mXPWwmsi^rAA  ,... , M^^MEiwmuiixA A:' 1  If^'^khwA^wi A^n---sy\.\iYiyyA 1  Ppli^ND;V(iREQb'  irTsiVi  >;r'U^^V������t.^GatIyjnuas;  ^ NBW^OUIf & H^. Baa R G^bb r, (A'g   , u  i^lIllliSsr ^"������sw-..i:  ^:|i??  i#s IliltisiiP^i iiSiMi$$a^ ���������  British; ;^^orth:-;;^mericg.  I; ' Established in 1836:' -"'      -������i...    .  DRAFTS ISSUED on^oadon, N6vir:Yorfc ^d" Fra n:  cisco^Garitoo^na^,f?^^^rdr^  ���������and on alUhe Branche^of the Natiouiil'-B^k^nScbU  landsanil-ProvmcjalfBank'or^relfiiKl. v ;- 'Al ( '''  '"Bills fof-Exchange ^-.iGr^/^oSaBedi '  AnfRjp/^^^fllW.! Deposits of?MOhcy allowed ux tho  r^^oftaguart^of^na-percont.per1^^       ";wu <A  ]BZ^^ :  ,:^MJOjcsT..^M\W"^^y^������*'reiiiras inad������  ;withini24hou)rs;in,Coinpr.Bajs,r      <,:  .    ;.,���������<--,,,������������������,���������  / Pres of .eyery dQsonption.carefullyA^^ ���������  - -&?fiT^?r'i,^V,4clS^^^:'^ti^^ -  ceedsol.Gj)lcl.pust^rwajrde4^b;Hhe? olficuait^iciljrU  lor Assay ;will. be-careinlly attended-$>.'    ;>^^-^ ���������"'-? >> \ ���������,  f. ^.lCfppna,.^.I. rAprU.; 1866.x.   -   r^^AyA A  A .    . BARNARpfS .  GAEIBOO ffl iBIG BEND EXPRESS,  -V^:^^LSp^S.for%w;WMtmh^fcr  \jnW/- APKTO;^fD,;^EFAE.Ol' rrpmvtht ofiicc in  .._.?, ...Ba7k&j^lej^^ancdtrwiUi,:-eb^.e^'mirr !*-U5n'--'-  aorprise^/at^ntenelraputhj.-.andV^the: STAGES' at So.ftt  Creek, '-ByE^-WlS-^^^to,^^^^.  and Valuables for all parts of, thu^orld -Also Corn ���������  missions received .and forwarded, by Express for tha  collection of .Notes, ;Bills and'ttie purchase of"a nicl s  to-bebbtaltf^at^ew^a8tihinsl^/V|otoria;San������Fro^  Cisco or en route, and returns made with dispatch -  ; .      , ,.... r; ; JOmiB, NOVELL,. ,.,.-^  ;z'a'- "'.".'.���������'"'.,:-'.'  ���������": .;'���������' 'A/A/);.' Agent, barkery ill e; ���������  ;.;';;.-(^E^;;|^i^;:;:r,;;~7'.  ARNAlb?S STAGES; will carry pflssentfe^  . WiUiams Creek to Yale for $75' 00.  &&*-.-rickets' must be procured at tlie oliico iu  kerville.: -A .������������������������������������������������������ ������������������ .������**���������;.* ..-��������� .*������������������'. -. -���������-.',.���������; ������������������..���������  ,19.'  ' '' ..      ���������;���������/''..y.9&Sr?>- NOVELL, A^eht;  mm  Bar*:.  u  The;���������;. Cariboo; Sentinely"  S EMI -WEEK 1/2" V  PuBLisilBD ''Eviay  Monday  PAPER.  AND   THUKSDAY.  ALLAN & LAMBERT, Proprietors.  Ot-ncE���������BARKERVILLE, Williams Ckeek, Cariboo.  ,.   Subscription, $1 per week,  (Including cost of delivory,) Payable to tbe C?irrier.  WILLIAM   WINNARD,-      "~  BLACKSMITH,  BACKER VILLI-:. 1  BARNARD^; EXPRESS.    ���������  |Reduotion in the Prices of Express Freight.  3f A>.D(1AITBR:T!HB. DATE the rate fdrixprpss  Parcels from' ralo to Barkerville will be ..:.  ^ ������.  Parcels from 5 to 50!fts;,:;. .:       75 ois. '^ fry ���������:   ���������  i  C21-2ctS. :%1 H.  do      do  50,to 10O.ffcs.  do      do  lOOJis. and ovor    50eta. B 1^.      VOHN B1 LQVELV  V      A������A    io������r  ' Agent, Barkerville.  JuneSOLb,.1866L ������������������,.:.������������������..  AUCTIONEER, MINING* & COMMISSION  "I        AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT.  BAR'KEKVILLE. XT  ,1  At  1  Ai aesei^nsaeavawiBi  tf ti *^PW������} t/SS^SMH������  MONDAY,; JULY 23, 1866. 1 &  -���������., ���������.,^^PpIegatesIiave returned from their mis-  -soh to the seat of Government; and nave hand?  ; edus the answer of His j Excellency'? the -kd-  ' ratnistrator of the Government to the resoiu-  -_     MINING INTELMGENCE.     '    '  l/y '   ;    "    WILLUMS CREEK.       ^   ;      _  The Bradley-Nicholson Co. stall contliue Jtb  [take out regularly from $20 to $30 a day to  iiWi������i*������)&k4&z.������A iltoiv^t- nkA^n. making '$| to $5  ...,.,... .���������,,,.,.  . Jd>~ are jiakin?  wages while drifting/to their old breast.-���������  Wide? Wesfe ;C(fr: malan|f agli ttle-^Fei^fec^  the pan, these prospects continued^ until" bed  rockvvas -reached on Saturday last ������ the^i epth  Of the pay gravel is about ;10;; feet <; thelco'y  washed uplhe dirt that waa^aj^ea put o-������ this  hole; and had 47 ounces.���������Lbwhee 'Go., fstart-  mg aftunnel.^-The Cameron Co ;\ (crbek claim)  wasnledup'ori Thursday ;Io buaces^--Alnerican  Qo*iiqn/west side:piUhe tcreek; ^grbund sluic-  ing, Expect to get good pay when they wash -uoz  mimstratorof.tae Government to the resolu-.j.ward Co. made lf.-?t week about wa^- &*���������  tions passed at the mass metting of the' 23rd kefc Co.- washed up for week .30 ouncea���������M^  'iHa^py-gp-Luckey.C^rcpntinue. to; run th^2  The. Wild Goose Co. have Ke^Sffiffife*m%-  tunnely which is now Jn about ISO leet���������For- ing tA '��������� bank, on Friday they washed out of 7.  ���������   nit*.which is given, below for the information  of the public. ir  We -bM intended to pass a  few comments von the doeunient as a whole,  but our -limited space this ^orning prevents  "    us from giving more than ;a passing glance at  the suggestion of His Excellency,; for ��������� the re-  establishment of a Mining-fBoard:." without delay. > As will be seen by/a perusal of part XI  sec. 134 of the^Mining:iliaw';of 1865, to which  he refers, the Mining Board are vested with  x: *po.wer. to- mafeby^aws,^ and; suggest' the. alteration or repeal of exisfinfe laws, which by-;  I laws, being once sanctioned ,by the Gold Com  missioner;shall bebindihg until disapproved  by the Governor., ; This^ being the case,  let  the$amer^proc^  ' sary steps -f6^^ tbo.v/electioid of this Mining  Board, we have np'xibubtfthe Gold Commis-  : sioner* Hasi received^ the requisite ^ ibstnicMbns  for appointing the^time^d place" for such  /.elecjfo^  'who will initiate laws that will ���������'effectually  ?put a stop to the jurisdiction of the Supreme  -Court in all matters-.relating to miners disputes. , -As far as the-existing laws are con-  jcerned there is ;bjifc little^tliat heeds.amende  Lareu Co. ire preparing to 'breast out t;-.ey  will statf-".washing ���������. to-rday^Well><. Mary Ann  Co. runnj^  tie gold.-^WilsonXlo.; have been ground sluicing they cleaned up -agpiece'-of - bed rock on  pans of dirt 4 ounces.-^-Shorji Bend Go; iwash  upon'^ .average 18 ounces every twoiays.--.  Full Kg:-*: Co. continue' to run; tbeir, tunnel.  and g;'. prospects all the way^nX^piscovery  > ������\^v? h?f$'enWa .running; two .iunhels  for the last thrAP. wppW thbii.^1^ dAU-^-#"%ii-s~w  ���������������������������:',:.:���������.���������>::..       ���������:���������������������������...   ir.���������t.,t.���������7Tm^fJfnWMAJkU  wi;W: A A A; A ,BARKERVI|LE,|l|,: 0-;  O^iceHo^  Mondays.   -    -   7*ft iA0^ h-P-hl  ;^^iisin^s^  -"-  '. ^   wyr'w:w\   :     ROBERT  !S23tBtfJttl^.i$0fl.^;f  f.;L-;. f;W:.  ���������:'.*U  te are  o-wj..vjj   pyvuvniUi>������u;l������UU   UJA-������U^U J.DIC   VJUC. ,   Will  commence washing up this^week.���������California  Go^ having been deprived of waterare unable  to work, this.has:.been������ occasioned"* by a dispute with the ininersbigheriup'the ci'eek with  \^{ipm:they had .a law: suit? - it -is probable  some arrangement ma^^e come lito; beiw^ n  them by. which they^^ili ^e; ehafeledMito! resume operations.���������FromiRichfield^toLtlie canon the majority-of; theiclai msicontiriue^ydrau-  licing and groundsluicingilittlelior^anyl bed  rock, hasjpt ibeenfcle'* )ied^up^TheNrGonsoli-  date3 Go. are; now^ in a?it^1^^?tddn|el MOft.  arid: und|the*befl rock ^e^rimng,^tdwtch off,  thejr fget * a little^ j)ayJ-iKatanrng^ rCo. have  sfcrackmOfcbing;^  gin tb-get.goo/ifprospects.^-Watsoa Gfotakin^  . p.. ��������� at^orlr^: it^tBelupg^r; one  is in SOfeet; on Friday thw.^ struck a prospect  (of $36 to.^ #a^ washing  this week^^^e^o-Weel / Cot bajvo T>^e^ ^annoyed latelyJnliavinj to blaa^a^i^^spur'of  bed roek^but baveSiow^ ^t^lthr^ujh 'arid oa  Friday got aiprospejc^-bf;$40;;kf; tKe^an.^-  Garoline vGo^ haveijiipt ^yafc; ������������������ gpt flrivworking  orders they have a' cKhpei ^out 20 feef wide  with pay gravel���������from^'td 9Teet "deep^Hep-  ple Go. (creek claim) are* making^lz "a clay.  ^-Shy-Bobbin'Co^on west'side of^ ;the xreek,  are just starting-ay tunnel', bh^Thursday ��������� they  washed;up^  and* had aboujj 7 jounces of; heavyr gold j some  of the piebea would weigh? $6 op $7, the^gold  is of va paIe^bolbKv.thau ^ that"������fdxmd\ on the  other side of ^heVcreek^���������Gascade!Go; are' running theii:jfenriel \irhicMs now in a about '> 75  feet.���������Ontario Go. 'have let the mriniug <q������  their tunnel^^on^t^,^^^  ^HEAV^T GAKVAS BOS&ANn'iirvii> 3  '' i ���������'*';'  '^llig:papen:  saitl Court, .whose 4wwif shall be final-is mil  'that would be riece^i ry to put an.end to the  vexatious arid expensive^' litigation, we have  "been heretofore doomed to suffer..  It is very  -likely a notice of the flection will be posted  early in the present week; we hope:therefore  that every miner, who.has -his own interest and  ~!tti'al' of the^ combs unity; at Mart, will: give the  - subject that attention which it.demands, r^'  . . - :-   * -      ' .���������   ������    .      Government House, ,--.,,,, v.v ,  a ^ew^haftjhey bottomed it .at ;65 feet and  commencing to clean ud; haVini?'hP^ o.^n^  'rBrjfliQ .Brewers, is tliis day Oissoffiv^?^"'"  ent.i; ��������� All aeWSftaS'bf ^ late fflgfe J? ������"��������� ^  he BalU#firni prpto.be paw to hiBt^    ,*?^ ?^ tfJelf'  HHE SUBSCRIBER InVreturDlng toatofiSKl  -liberal patrpnngc extendea MlS > ^  taws carry.-on1, the- Brewery ;bkw������������fe  ������ioilgleiJEiK'  :vl.fc,J������.:J������  a newtsbaftthey bottomed it .at 65 feet and  are abw^rifting.^-Mornibg Star Go. wasned:  up vfbr^the week 38 bu ucerJ-^*^*"^��������� "v  now completed 97 feet above the Cariboo  Go^s lower^shafivieQ.:f^t>-riiSd^wilf^iiaebt  it with, the workings1 of the; upper 'shaft'and'  thence to the Welsh Go's line.���������Moshier Co  emanating from a Public^Meetliig;' held at: Rich field; on-1  the 23rUfultimot andrwhich"I received from you-person--  olly on the 3rd ins ml.        "���������   :���������-���������??  .; The^nly^eMution^it^is ;;ncc^^  me to refer to is^that moved,by( M^. MabLaren'and seconded by-Mr. ��������� Berrott, iniwnicb^t^e m  row.���������Never Sweat Go. are making about $20  [per dayl--Caledonia;Gp.Sre fixing up lower  commencing to clean up^rhaving beerfcgiwind  #iicibg for th^pastsix^eeks^^^  having found tf prospect-in,their shair^mreibw  running al tunnel' about^SO ?leOfc labbveH the  loyel of the brbek^ they are>, in some^Oiftefe.���������  Thistle Co. are sinking a shaft.���������Fountain  Head GKbottomed their shaftmnd ar^Kdrifl^  ing; the bed rbcfi'appSars to be pitcbingivailtb  ;r,6weEE;;.CKE^K  ''.?<??���������'?���������'  ���������.LAST, the^ndJ^^n^t^e^Ui;behalf  ce; v,e a cal 1 from his friends.' -''"      '"^ > -y   *  A.-*\ JggiBOARD. $^PER WEEK. -^ ,;  ^ Piesand Cakes always:on band fofsaiV  " ""      :'  '   liv^: KELLY, Proprietor,'  rneetmg'.urges the  """'"""���������ppeai;;:  tion, flndll am ?awaiBftttere i^nol pa%^d>e:WxiooBi-fur  the change" than Mr.,Justice;.*Beiblc.'C Prov!sio|f has  been made in the Estirna^s for the creation of a^s^cond  ..TndffrtAi.hf*. Tnnwnrt t.ha.t:Hna'r-amsaA:'A'atnwri'^, HiVnL,���������..v..i.  ,^yeek_.  ef the ground' since \'63;���������Nevada; CoWare in  700 feet with their tunnel, the berJrock begins  Ijriitntf^tbbatVdelay.^  rC(>urt^^the^C6ibnie^^a.Cp^  rectly^tiabilsbed^'  H  ly * to be' in possession; of the iyie wSiOf' tbe Secre"t������ry w  ������������������ Siute, uutil then I^hoqld not: consldeDmyself justifled  in creatingafresh appointment. '   >J;" ;' " ..  . I must take this, the^first opporlu^^tbat has presented: itseli', for .expressing niy! regreM^that for the  ���������I;ist two seasonsr: the mining community -of Carl boo.  have n6t;.:cbnsidered;^ the  Mioing Board established in ,1862, 'tiiit3iaye;. preferred  .rather by Petitions''and; Public Bieetingsy necessarily  hastilyconvehod, to,representmatters^t;much impor-  -tance and requiring'the most;carefulWn'd attehtiyecon.  sideration;of^ those-whb; should: h^es^;jcpnfldence;;of  * tbe. miners; at a properly constituted 'Mining Board    I  would suggest; to ;youi as representing: the 'miners of  Cariboo, that a new Mining.-Board should be at once  selected to consider any alteration in tho "existing Min-  i-l ng I*twsi'.-wbioli. the; iii^ert ty.;of ..t^eVmlncir^; may. deein  advisable.        > ������,   .^Aa lyAlA-.-y.  I can assure yoii that any suggestions 'emanating from  . such a body shall receive! every itossible consideration,  ' I am moreover of opinion ithat a well selected Mining  ' Board would be able to prevent mucbv^xatlouslitiga-;  ti������m uhderthe pdwers Refined "da part;eleyen/of the '  Mining Law of 1865.; ;,,'   , AAlALlA  -yl;  I shall hope-to visit Ganbop during^the^seaspn and-  sbnil be prepared to'give eveiy attention ;^o any rcprei;  sentatioos which may be made to me on the spot.  ���������Gentlemen,'1 '.' ^ "'"'   y  ."y       y'< ;Your obedient servant, '-    .;������������������'''  Ay:-AlAylA:: ���������Kyy.y.'-j^^RNAXlRCK.  Mkssrs. LAuaiEisTEB >\ ' '    .      ���������  AAyAAAAAAlll  asdM&pLA^SAAA-';fA.lAAA A ���������i:'Ai'jiAW''V ���������'''";."  (Part XI, Sect;;134. referred to in the shove despatch:  -������Tho Mining, Board shall, subject to tbe.pr.ovlsions hereof, have power by resolution to make by-laws, which  shall be submitted for the approval of the Gold Commis-  ��������� si (>ncr,, (any b y-lawe so approved by-'the 'Gold Comm js-  ��������� binner shall be immediately posted in tho Gold Comrhis-  -eionerls OiQce), and also from time to time te suggest  .any alteration or repealer existing laws for regulating  the size of claims and sluices, the anode in which claims'  ���������may be worked, held, and forfeited, and all other matters relating to mining in the district, and any by-law  . so made shall be; binding: a su������h district until the same  *-8haU.have been disapproved by'the Governor,;"J  over.���������Last Ghaace Go. washed up onilVed-  nesday^S"4' buncesf on ������IMday:v64founcesj 'ron  Saturday; 10(> ounces/; yesterday- 22 ^bunces,;  total fbr���������]week,A22ib%������;Ounces.~-=-Cab'forniaOo.  .washed loutfor^weefc 80 ,.ounces.-^M6ffa^X}6;  expect to'''-gpfcon pay ithi^week.^6ameroniGo.  washed u^0vjweehA}^7i orihces; giving a'divi-  dend, after payingjexpenses, of3100(p er share;  ^Forest :^se^Cb^:l.\|ra8he4-.; up ^ for ^wreefc j 50  ourices.--RiibyiCol washed upi?140i^unces]fb|:  week.-^PrairiejFlower Co< tbofc outiSO, ounces  fbr^ weeky-r-liead 'Broke - Go.; worked1 4 -Relays  lastcWeekiand washed out 5& fliincesi} the^caV-  iiig of their ground has hindered thein greatly.  --Prince og^V^esiGp. wasbediup for week 30  ounces^ Rankin. Co. have/made last weekIJ  ounces -a day to thei hand*���������fBruce, Co^a^e  about putting in an elevator pump :being; xmr  able to.; cope ;with the/ water^���������r-Adams;j Co;  washed rip over 100 ounces, ithe dividend  amounts" ro $l00 to, the share;v-Hart Go. wasb-  ed up for,week 50 bunces.^Oraai Co., three  men at work; and inaking-I ounce a .day to  the hand.^Artesto Co; are making about  wages.-- ^ ,k��������� - i*'.:/.'. p .<   ..-''    "���������:;,'������������������ A:i., \  GROUSE -GREEK; ;      /'-  Por the last; two waeks ^the; mining prospects of this creek have been rather unsatisfactory, and many have ia'cbnsequence fee-  pressed opinions about^.the diggings not being -  as rich or extensive as was at -firsl expected.  That the pay isA rather^/spbttecl we readily ad-  m}t, but the chief cause >of the; poor  cleaning up groundi: sluJfce^Hu^  haye;beeii^ inaking" 100 ounces a week, cleah^  ing^up ��������� bed^rbek,?thisi claim 'hpwevef t fenow  worked out;';thV^  work^over^ some p]d^roundi^f^^y'^tebCk);,  arefdoin^ w������llv^ m^Ie-  S143P.-^a^ighan SweeneyjGo^ only' worked  2 shifts IastMoek;;clean) ag.. up; bed irock and  bad 49i ounces; this eompaov have, let.a.conr  tract to Messrs. Chisholin^r&^.jTor^S 1,500,to  continue then* ^itcb;to ^Stpney; creek5 it/ wUr  be completed in the )'c6nrse of a couple ol  weeks when theyexpec t to -have enough water,  at present it is -verylowl ���������' 'A     ' '*'* /������'c'    \  >;    -' A\ LIGHTNING CREEK':  "'""���������., > \   '  v yWe ��������� bavei: been t cre'dibly iriformeij; tbat a  company of SGhinameri, who afe/at wforjk on  this creek, about 5 miles: belo^;the ^Ed^wards^  ianch, took^out last week $70 a iday^ to the  WILL SOON^BE IN^ RECEIPT W^ A lillGfi ANA  WELL' ASSORTED STOCK OF ^ * A  ��������� - - * -    ��������� ���������   - - 7f-l;,y,mtnvii-i* Am w iy:,JK y  Vi-^Y  '?-��������� yAWfi������  iifo^m$xii&^ ',  -   A "A    .     ;,   ���������; \AA '..V ��������� :" . AAi y A.' ~r? A  i ,  He is desirous of fsupplyingthe Trade^anl  ;:t^;:ca>^do":so.;ai, LP^VjE^^cI^bicES^  Williams Creek,. July 16th, 1^66.' - ., Al -A -22-11  fe^he^-Supreme"'- Court :bf; Civile Justice of  Auw ��������� ^v.lW;i|Bri������sfi ^������^MmA/-.;y y/. i  AW.  A -��������� y ���������U'>:0h%> rk-nRe.i^KXTos,* <, ywA  mEmSECQ$& EXAMW^ATIONfiefHWA^RJl^,  X > Fkntq.v, a Bankrupt:, will be held att tbo Cuart  FEJilAN RAID iN'CANAIJA.,! "^   ;     j  The Torontoi'Globe,' of June Stb; teems with accounts  of the Fenian in v'^ioh, the mustering of -Volunteers]  the %ht at Limeridge, tbe gallantcohduct of the; vari^  bus Companies engaged, and the. ultimate dispersion of  the infatuated1 and ill advised mob of rpwdics who at|  temp tod tecarry sorrow; anddeoplatipn; to; the, hearths  of peacca.biearid: unoffending people,-not however with*  out thio cacrifice of several vol������n-i������i^.���������������i������*������.������������������   rn��������� ..���������������-������.-  fBreripbn;  ���������   "AAA    ;s.>4-... .-ri-,t;>. 1 AAA ^OSEPHvPARKj;. ,  ���������>>:������������������, w     -:-/:V,;���������,,,.;    ,., ...Counsel for,l*etitioncrv  . Py$field^I7th ^ulyj 31860, ������*A;;; ��������� l-y^M,,: -  ty  BAR;KE3fcraLL\B^  &i���������'���������,-������������������ tit. Kiffi.-*.i...ftfiTr};w)  MISS" E.  lately m-fthe^^claims that -were cbnsidered  tairly opened, arises from the numerous bb-  stocles that have been met with, such as the  blasting of large boulders, tiae cuttin/r of hie-h  W. Thomson and A. Muir. . Twonty-ctne prisoners were  brougbt. to-Toronto and lodged inr jail v among wham is  a Roman Catholic.Priest.���������'������������������ There are 160 prisoners 'at  Weiland-and, 40 at Brantford. ,::6reat\ curiosity was  I evinced f; says the . ������61o be,' *l by those .of- our ,ci fcizen'B  THIS HOUSE   .  the Restaurant  ofthepublici and;.,..... ,Vw .���������������������������������������. .^ ������ r.  ensure the satisfaction of those who are:.. clisppsed.te  lavorjher with their patronage. '"��������� J "  * :'J\ \,y. (;  "Meals ^alt^ars^  J9������������The Bar istftamfin������a''a^������:-'W6'-WesVBolc!;tioB'.flf'.  Liquors and-SegafsV^'&*'Va?awv --:-s^W^.; ^-f ??"���������������������������-  C  1?  i^^l.  spurs of bedrockandthecavinrrof tunnek- Og}inwscoun<  , .. --^ - ��������� ������.������.���������������*.,, . uy.tuuse.or our,citizen ������  .who happened 'to be on. hand to', see roil, li vp^Fu^i ans;  It was found���������-the ��������� imagination to the c6ntrary~that  they were neither elephants, bippopotami^chimpan'zees  nor demigods, but ordinary human bipeds,' with about  the same .characteristics of physique and manner as  ordinary scoundrels of the human race." ,' Consider-  new ones* to be made.;  All tbese drawbacks  have had a very great tendency to diminish  the yield, and consequently lead to a false  idea respecting the value of tho'mines; During  :the past week however, many of-these impediments.: have been- removed; and the general  prospects look as bright as ever, as will be  seen from the following report:-^The St. Lawrence Co. is the name given to tbe large company we had occasion to mention in a former  report, as..having located ground below the  s are being indulged in respecting the   which tbo Governmenfe ivilJ be'likely to  determine on giving those prisoners.     They, may ibe  tried by tribunals presided over by one or morer Judges  of the Court of Queens -htinnh ������- r^-^    * !  BARTIES "AR'JS'-HEREBY ..CAUTIONED.. AGAINST.-  1' n ego tiating a Certain Promissory Note, '.drawn, by  i us in favor of VICTOR fitritANDi and dated Barker:  ��������� ville, Cu'ri bod, Jdne;17th| 1805;' as1 the undersigned have .  ccrUUn clairns against .said i Victor, PurandiWbicb shall  be deducted from the amount of the������������������ said Promissory  Note.-.   ��������� "-y v-" .���������- ~*('-,f ���������?;-,---^1?:-" '-���������;;, ~--'4 "���������;;   w  ���������'��������������������������� A OPPENEEIMER& CO.'  Williams Crcejk, July 24th, i866... ������������������:-������������������ "���������:; ���������   20  ^* We misunderstood Mr. Coney when we  ^stated m.our. last that he had visited Lightning  .creek and its tributaries. His trip1 only extend ed from Van Winkle to Cottonwood in- t r X������ ^ ���������' y ���������������������������������������������--.- p - -���������r -~ v* 6 yv������ nx*. u������������������ww tne  itwould not amount noinr 7f������n fwuli, p^Z. ?u       ������t sHnK at a  point; /uu.leet back from the creek, in which  a fewcolors tQ -.the pan can be obtain ed.���������  T ThS;? n0' h^estot^sinkinga shaft.  -lheHeonGo^ater running a tunnel 80  feet and losing bed rock commenced sinkiri������  a shaft;, .oa getting.down a few feet the?  struck dirt that prospected from $2 to $10 to  sentence would be so. long postponed as to lose, much .of  the effect as a nnhn*������.: ������A*,rt.    -- ���������    resumed .they:   .. ������������������|j4>Mi ibwijs 01 une 98th Qhaptcr-  of the Consolidated. Statutes of Upper Canada,' passe<l,  i mm ediatejy after the late rob ellion. en ti tied  "An a n.t \  ^hmamen within that circuitwould not amount  to more than 400 The other tributaries would  ������l3o ;^mbit to wbat^we stat-  jjsah Several communications   have <been ������  crowded.out of this issue but will appear in  ���������our next. ��������� ������������������*���������*   - ;  tho fiffp'rf ��������������������� ������ v;���������Vi.   !   "er,vi5,'i'V������������ti as io-lose, much 61  ^Ifc^dSff^h?1^1/5?80^ ^ is presumed they  S4ioKS������r ?#^er the provisions of the ������ua T!h,sw5i  he Consohdated.Statutej  uediatejy after the late t  jrotect tho: inhabitants of  ies,. aggressions ^>ms^ec^-(breign.countries at  ttXSS^  *lffn SS?f>m55y'wK? ^^^d acts of hostility  ^ LL KINDS OF LU3IBER SAWED TO QBDER.anJ  ii. kept constantly on hand, which will be sold at too  Lowest .Market Kates and, delivered - FEEE .������*-  CHARGE at any point on the waggen rdad. :Aj.w^  Orders left with .Buio Bro3':, B arkerville;. H. ,lfj-  holm, aicbficld; orrtat the Mill, beloV Camcronton, wm  be promptly at tended to; - ? ? -; y.\i .;; -. -: ������������������ ? ; - - ��������� ^ ;f ' .  r. ' ��������� .. ���������������������������; JOHN;.B*.'ADABS.  ; July 16th, 1806.   '��������� i!..A A  Al-y.,;'; /A. AyfWAr~  \ ESTATE;OF ^,M'i^^^BS^^  A   'M^<^JaT^  rpHE in -:al divide|ni> ��������� in; THE 'ABOVE f&S:  X is now payable at the. oii)ce;of thcBi|flK������ra  Laf^rf^Tv63v"*' LaW������ster and Mac-  i.aien, our delegates,, and Miv^Worthvi  Mining Co., arrived on Saturday afternoon'by  aess of tbe late firm; will be carried .on by Mr; WJc0..  liALLMR on bis own account: and oil debts doeiw  lato firm of Pin & Co. are to be paid; to tncsaru r*������ ,..  rlthJUIy, 18(56.  18-lm;, ���������' ' -;";.;: y  THE OARIBQO -SENTINEL  ^���������"TTmonday, jvly 23; rafiiv1    T������  ^^?������1fI^o;;?ufil1* {h0 r^cont hot term  only 13 m Brooklyn.    Four cases occurred at  TELEGRAPHIC.  march, ;ahd a battle'* was 'J anticipated.���������:Tlie  Italians have changed their plan of operations.  "y-There hasbeen no further collision in Italy.  ���������Garibaldi', was'. at'take' Iser.���������Tbe British  Parliament,had adjourned till July oth, at the  request of 'Earl Derby, who is forming a cab-  f He sought to obtain', thei "support of  ���������"���������***'*��������� 3 liberals, who have acted  .-(Special Dispatch.to the Cariboo Sentinel.')      ?  ;".'.-  Al. J'; Al'lA: r1������������������-;.  .*���������  New York,' July 10th, 1866.--The steamer  Oity of Lond6n;has arrived >withdates' to the  ���������28th.���������Bank rates remain 'unchanged^-���������The resignation of the Briiish'rMinistry;has been accepted. Lprdiperby.will probably form a  new ministry* butnothing * official had trans-  pired.���������There;; are' 'further reports of fighting on . the pontlmn^ffA^ame occurred on  : jbe 27th in Bohemia, hear '."Neuatadt, sixteen  . miles* north-east .of 1 Koning, -in; the vicjni ty ;of  the fortress of���������'Josephsfcadtrbetween the Prussians and Austrian's. ! The former were beaten leaving many; dead -and. wounded; on the  geld. The Prussians destroyed the railways  and bridges^between'Weidall^ Gross wiVh and leading- whtes and  . Allexberg., TbcrKng of Saxony left Pmgue. affi?Ru&  on me 25th:--A ^rlinJdispat^;,of:;Uie 2fth/ ^lU88t11  " says, the army of the -Elbe had a successful  engagement near Fruano,iast evening, taking  7 Austrian officers and; 500 mon .prisoners.  The A'us'trians haye*retreaf������d;t6theii\ first star  (ion, on/theSelvo.;: /Tire. Italians:have taken  position;nearPort Duitoble.T^nVAricoaa dis-  j)atctfof'27th ^says,' tjwelve/'men:of-war corn-  prisiog.the fleet, appeared'in sight of this port  ���������this morning, but are now; leavirig,,: and the'  Italian squadron is preparing,.to. follow and  attack,:them.���������A. E16re.nee*' telegrami of  '. 'MK SWiJ&:.the battle;���������of ;CMt0.^tliel.  "itrian forcenumbered 'sixty'thbusahd.    TheJ^Tric i"^1 OVUhn������mP���������\ *��������� *  firstltaiianm^  onthe left of Vallagio, held in check an over: ^  whelnining, number of Austrians, before'which ^^^P-, < g?er than ;.y^erday.-~The  Gen.Cravo has been; forced to retire.    Gen.'i  NEW, ADVERTISEAfENTS;  o?fefheim,er;#:;co.,:  listen atMohtovideo, whVri'lho Spanish Cunsul protested Jigaiust .such a breach of neutrality..  Threaten in i  among the  > New 'York, ��������� ..���������- -.w.^Gu ������vtvo ������,w,|.tniw,  July: 6tu, and is 0f tbe highest importance.���������  \The, Prussians have gained ar decided victory  in Bohemia;, both the entire grand armies be?  ing engaged.���������Austria offers1 to .cede yehetia  to Napoleon, arid'the latter %bpospsari arm is-  tice.~A general, belief iii peace has nrodunerl  VraOI^SAtfi^fND RETAIL' DEALER^ JN ALL  /y'Z. V 'XZ'/'Kmm ������P  -ZZ ��������� /'  Wi^giiOifoEs, mm,  &r  SHOES,  Begto call -the attention of "Miners and others  to their lull assortment of SUPERIOR G60DS    .  'W \   yir. :i whicMvillbo sold';-'      -;  BizioVdjv^ipft tbok.prw611.ers;a������ entire bat J  titlion of Austrian.*. The chasseurs ��������� and third  corps took .1000 prisioners. The Italian losses  were great.1," Loss'of ;Austriafis was believed  war.news is highly, important.,.; The Prussians  in Bohemia were -making' victorious progress,  and had taken Gitchen-by storm.-; The" junction of the Prussian army under; the Crown-  Prince and thaiunder Prin.ce Charles had been  Vienna, June 27 th.���������Benedek?s passive afr.  iitude isaccounted for by his desire to have  tbe Federal troopsiform'. a, jubejioa .with; his  army; also to allow the Prussians to advance  into Bohemia; so that he may out: -off -theic re-  treati^jThere ; ; js/V fensiderable^^ldissension  among ;ttipHungai;iau Libcrals;;o.ne party being opposed to. insurrection -unless the. Austrians suffer defeat; ;aud the btl^er'pai'^.fajfor-  ing immediate -insurrection^;. / /���������"/' ' ' ' '  ��������� Florence,' June:^  yesterday requested the -assistance- [of ��������� France  against the Austrians. offering in' exchange  the island of Sardinia in addition to important  '.concessions.upon theRomaa'quWtion^ 'Jhe  Italian array concentrated -at' Cremona and  fraeenza, Frankfort oh the Maine.'' 'A\y. :"������������������  Berlin, June ..27th.���������Prussia has replaced  the principal functionaries iri SavehiaV ���������Ile'sse  and'Hanover.'' ��������� ��������� ���������'-;������*-;;'iij:;, ���������" ; '���������', ������������������ :':' AA.AA: '  Farther Point,: July^li%.^The;steamship  St, David,' from Liveipool 28th, passed at 10  30 this evening;; Nothing is. known of Minis-  Gitchen.-  , ���������....     , beyond  -AddnioiLal per America;,AGitcheh  conditions of his capitulating "with ^honors' of 1 *Aifl^nra. twi ' o *������������������ *v ��������� ^ a. , ri.^zr.. **~a  prisoners haye b een made ;by \ the 'Prussians  since June 26th:; 20,000. Austrians had 'been  killed and wounded* The Austrian army retired to a strong position' between Jbs.ei>hstadt  and Kcenigratz,^fighting the pass three days,  and extended over a greater Hn^ than,on^ the  !27th. The Prussians, though sufiering heavily,  are irfexcellent spirits.: ..The Austrian corps,  under. Gem'Gob \ en fe is completely broken up ;���������  besides ihri uiherab \e pn^on^re} ������0 gu ns3 stand  of colors, and 2 standards belonging.to a corps,  bf Gen. G6Jt)ientz,. Jiavc fallen into the hands  ptlicrs;' tljey kypfcompany uni.il the nineteenth day.  -i-Amung the p.isseuy������;rs by. the Goldrn Age was Dr:  MoGuvvan, p'f Rhpde Island, who is on his way to China  jh tlie'Inti'ivstof the East India Ttle^raph Company.  ���������-Tlie general markets have shown a little activity for  the past wijok compared-with the previous one, though  trado is very dull.". The, 1uj?s of the Hornet inay stifle  the market for some lurids of merchandize, especially  for oils and paints,- of which she had a good invoice.;,,_,.  '.,  Sun Franoisco, July.: 15th.���������President Jurats:writes  Consul GoUey, irom El Rmcho del Paso, under date of  June 13th, 'announcing the arrival-of the Government  thus far 621 the,way to Ci^Uiuabua, and the fact that the  French were preparing;- to evacuate.Duraiigo and fall  buck;on the city, of Mcxicb.��������� A".very slight shock of an  earthquake was felt here, last night. -^Weather cool. ' ���������'  San Fnmoisce, July 16th,-^-The/U. S. steamer Sagin-  T/:g;������^;t^.;-p:ri-c;e.!s 1  to make room for, a; KEW STOCK to, orrivo so soon ������'jh  . ; . -   ���������  : tuel^oadsareopen.   ...    .   ....  ;^^-Liberal? allowance will .be made to  Restaurant'and.Hotel Keepers and the Trade genera 11 v  on !������rge. orders..;;. AyA'.     .   . .-.-.���������  1  Batliing:i;v: Establishi^tl^  A'w''"^"7^'/B^KEa v^"l!Te7��������������� ZZ f  -y     (Next ������amVoi*,British North America,):'/���������  D1 LEWIS begfe ieavo to' ijjform: the'Lad ies a n d   .  ���������   Gentlemen of Williams Creek and vicinity, that  he has fitted up a BATHROOMat considerable expemo  for their accommodation, aad hopes!byiclbse-attenticn  to busiuess to merit a sharo of their putrQnage.- -i  ^S^He will also attend to. Extract ing, Filling and  Cleaning of tTeeth..       -< ..-,.:. ;, >-..';.,,-.     19  of the Prussian trobps.-r-The London; ^Times,7  of the 5thy says: The rapid progress of the  Prussian : army.; created'/ an' impression on  Change, as there js now hd possibility of negotiations for peace.   ,The 'Times7 "of"July 4th  and promised her support   A meeting of the  leading Conservatives was to be held on the  28th, after which Earl Derby would proceed  to lay before tho Queen, the result of the consultation.���������Great Britain has,published a proclamation, of neutrality in Continental affairs.  Of the situation in Bohemia, a Vienna telegram of the 28th says, it is officially announced that in the battle near Glat^, but,previously reported'Nenstadt, the Pmiseisns lost many  prisoners and. 18 guns.-  After -the battle a  (1 russian Major proceeded to the qnarters of  ifehellBenedek, under a. flag, of, truce. *o~  '���������Mitim an armistice,:but the- demand-was re-  hT^A Cracow dispatch of the evening of  ine ^th received this morning,;says the Prussians made a fresh; attack upon OsweamHvhen  jaey were repulsed with heavy^ losses^ ���������   The  ^mns destroyed tbe parepwand^ Vienna  aUioad ln m^ p^; wholijr interrupt-  ������ ���������   1*nan communication with Galeta.^A  ������r������n dispatch says the first Prussian - arm-  corps attacked the enemy at Fiernakan.'The  Sra driJ2lntI1C?d>t n d;ui-   The Brians  Trhffi ��������� v*' W>tt inipertapt battle, ib  T^^^'l*^ ^re principally  Vgea has been in progress.,-to-day--^The  Retaken'   ?I? fla8?ind m^y,prisoners  Utwnr������^ L?sf 9P either side unkiio\TO.-r  ZmLt^^' b0-^ sides plaimingffie  New ~        '"'   ' '-������������������;-���������'���������������������������' --' ��������� ���������'������������������'- ������������������  says ; Horrible as the .carnage.hasibeen, it  must be looked upon as the mere prelude-to  pitched battles in which a quarter of a million  of men will be'engaged on.eitier side,  ������ Farther Point,1 July loth;���������The. Nova Scotia  brings dates, via Londonderry; to July 4th.���������  A. great'battle took place on the 3rd, near  "���������"'"'' ' '" obtaining a  'Washington, July i3tb:���������-The Senate passed .the joint  resolutions giving.the ritfht.'of *ivay to the Union Pacific  Kailroad through, raili tit ry reservations. ���������In tho House  Morrill reported a "hill to protect-the revenue, which  embraces the .administrative: sect ions.of. the late tariff  biji, and*increases' the;duly cm?cig������rs*vnd spirits/ '" -y'~  "XtiW'Tork'^ July; 14 th.^-TluTC is much exci tement: in  Fenian civil.circles, ciuse������I. hyali������?<ced I'rauds. in connection wi th; the North Hi ver .Bank, of -H< )hpken. It is said  that worthies hbtes,". bonds, stocks, &c, were taken to  tho Rdik and deposited- f������tr. which certificiites of deposit bearln'g fntvrost were recciyod.% It is thought  Wall-street is iloodecl with these papers.:; ". ���������  Kew  ^ l  . ��������� ZyZw ,y.;;MRkMvitLE^ ZZZM ���������  THE PKOPBIETORS'TAKfi PLEASURE;m'nnnVun^  ing to their lriends and tho public generally that  they have refitted thfeTepacjous Saloon,, and-wjil op. n  the same on TUESDAY-EVENING*NEXT, when tin y  will ho happy to entertain allwho mhy give them a cal.*  ;������������������..     ,   :, '.'������������������>���������' '    ���������������������������.���������-"   ROSS & BURDIOK,-  ' ���������'^'ir'-: AAAWiywwy aa .1 Ay y r- r; Proprietors.  Barkerville, July 2nd, 1808. ";  ��������� ���������   17 ";;  ;:^^HRa^ii;pv  MESSRS^HAllRIS. &CO;  era  the Austrians. were commanded by Gen. Bene-  dek and the Prussians by the Kiri������ in nerson.  The Prussians met tlie Austrians between Hor-  guitz and Monegratz, {and until 10, ai m.,. was  favorable to the Austrians;. after thafrhour the  advantage,was with the Pmssians. At2, p.m.,  after an obstinate defence, the. Prussians carried by storm the strong position of the Austrians; after which the Austrians were quickly  driven out of their outer position, and by 7  p. m., were in full retreat to Koeiiigratz, pursued by tho Prussian cavalry.   The Austrians  were in eompletejcoute; the.road was strewed  with baggage which they threw away.   The  killed on both sides was great, but bwimf to  Stejam Saw.��������� Mnx~-We. .understand that  Messrs.:Meacbam & Coombs, the proprietors  of the SawMiil in Stouts gulcb, have purchased tbe engine aiid. machinerv of' the steam  Saw Mill at Quesaelmouth, wnich is now being packed'up"and 'will arrive here in the  course of atprtnight. It is-the intention of  the owners to erect this ml ft. at the mouth 'of  Mink gulch, about ^ of a mile above Richfield,  where there iVah abundance of good timber  in the vicinity. A road will be graded from  persou.  the mill to connect with the waggon road, thus  %t -v     tv . , w-��������� ���������! 6eg'to'inform the  Mmers, Qotel .Ke.epuTS and-the inhabltants.in ������oi:'.  1 of Williams Creeks' that they have ^opened'a Firnt  Class Butcher Shop. in.the,; town of RICHFIELD,.ami  trust to merit,a liberal share of the public 'patronage  nnd that their,ohl. friends'i-wjll kindly irive them' '  Richfield, July 5tb,r 1866; -,:18:  BUIE; BROS  m a cull  im  r  : WHOLESALE '& RETAIL- DEALERS IN: "  bIQTJORS;::';:01l9.CERlES,  ���������t^AND-  the extent of the battle had not yet been ascertained.   The Prussians claim to have cap-  (Uiabhng drays and waggons to deliver < lumber at any part .of the creek.    The mill will  be capable of turning out 10,000 feet a day  and aili be in working order by the first of  September next. >.It is a very gratifying feature in these dull times, to see :v/orks of this  description introduced by private enterprise.  We wish the projectors all the success their  energy deserves, and trust that, althongb this  is the first, it will not be thetlast instance of  the introduction of steam as a ��������� mo tive power  iuCariboo.     'A.lWAy  ....   . .. .      ���������  GENERAL  ;MERCHAND!ZE,  BARKERVILLE; ���������  ti@T A full assortment of Groceries and H. B. Co. '3  Liquors always on hand.  10  ZIE,  BARKERVILLE,  DEALER IN  iLi5oo?������^lmT^ Persia froni  1st, aSri iv ���������*' -ancl Qj^enstown, July  i,.',r .nvecl this mornmo-.���������'Thi* ������o^ra tl--J:l*.:  tured, fup to the- evening of the 4th-  14,000  wounded and prisoners,116 cannon and several .flags.   Three Austrian^ Arch-Dukes are reported 'wounded; Miice^  Mudlsiseare were prispnei-s.    The Austrian  Field Marshal, Von Goblertz, arrived at the  Prussian headquarters, at ��������� Horzwitz, on the  evening of the 4th with a flagoif traced���������^The  Paris ^MomteurVbf .^the 5th makes the following announcement: An .important event has  just occurred'; after having maintained "the  honor of his. army in Italy, the Emperor of  Austria concurring in the: ideas expressed in  BrripeVor ^apolepn'S; letter of, June 11 tli, "to  his Minister of Poreigii^Anlairs/cedes:Venecia  to France and accepts ��������� his; mediation for. the  conclusion of peace.   The Emperor hastened  to respond to the summons, and immediately  communicated with the Kings of Prussia and  Italy in 0rder to obtain an armistiee.  H arrived~'mL ^HZl-T^ 'X^I18i;0Wn������ J������ly I San Francisco, Jnly 13th,-The Gulden Ai?c arrived  l,,{t(lictorv - wt m.oinmg*���������lhe news is con- from l3ftna,na*l ono������'cleck to-day. -Returning adven:  Hie virtf ' n Austria and PrUBsia claim I tnrers from the Barluicoas .mines:continue to straggle  <!iw-1   y 0n the '8ame battle field���������A tolZlE I back t0 'P"^nin,    They fully connrm all previous ac-  -A bPatch of tlie 24fh mW*TK������ a,,^AJierll������^ counts of tho .lisappointm.-nt, starvation and sickness.  Seated ������n *h������o**i ^v3-./1^ AUStnans Were . 'How York, July lOtli.��������� Five cases,of cholera occur-  y������ mt z i th, near Nachoo. by the jPenil   re(1 iix l^r-'okiyn this murainLr, all fatal.   The total num-  ; BopKAMS Co. ys V/atsox Co.���������A rehearing  of tills case was-set for Thu rsday last, on the  case being called the counsel .for plain r^T objected to its beiug heard, on.' tlie ��������� grdrjud that  a contempt ha d b een co ni mit ted by ��������� defendants ; ia not ekecu ting a deed of conveyance  to plaintiflfe as required of them by an order  issued troin.the Court of Chancery, arifj until  this contempt'was'."purged, lie urged.' that defendants were barred from hav ing any hear-  jng in Court. While defen^dants3 counsel rose  to answpr the pbiections made, His Hon or the  Chief Justice go t in a p assion, and shutting I  up his books, hastily left the Court without  making any remark.   , Such conduct to. say  the least of iti is very unbecoming to the dignity of ������ Judge on the Supreme Bench.   - - ' yy  Eafflk.^-Ou account of the inclement state  of the weather last evening, the raffle for the  Plorse, Buggy and Harness was postponed un- j  til;Saturday evening next, when all haying  tickets are requested to attend;  CARPENTERS' & MINERS' TOOLS;  Oast   Iron   Car   l^eels,  iPOWDER^vus^^^^  -.also,-." '";; ���������'"'���������'.���������  STATIONER Y. 1  RICHPIELP,  PATRICK  KIRWIN, Prop^  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek: the Liquors  ead Cigars are of the finest quality.    -    9   :  0&*'W6 would call.attention of travellers  who may have occasion to visit Grouse creek,  to Mr. Kelly's restaurant where tliey will be  served with' a good meal on ihe shortest  notice.  L; MOUTTET ^ GO.,  :    WHOLESALE & BETAIt  RICHFIELD, Williams Creek, B. C.,  E HAVE ON HAWVa large stodk of Provisions,  ���������������^ar^are an,(1 VeSOtables, nnd are deter!  mined to sell them cheapo than any other store 011  Williams Creek. .Comi������andsoo itnd juice for vuti r*elv������������s  Kichfleld, May 5th, I860, J    fe       7^^ s.  ���������f.  A.  ���������  T-iv  AA ���������-.a A  ���������yWi  .:>AiW:  yw  3 5$-%, ������������������  rllf '���������"������������������  ;  SI;'  'AA;  jjfh A  %$������ ������������������-������������������':  W# 'Ai'  #1',. ;.���������  1^   " ���������  -I 1 ��������� -;|     ,';.  !���������������������������'',-,' ���������, .;���������!������������������ :���������;������������������  *->V������. ,.;���������'.. ..���������' .'������������������"���������Vi*:'  /tAlAywA  WiAwiyZ'  IAIA.:A^' :'WA  W^-:-aAAA  AArlAi.-A-l'iA  Ay-Al', a-11  '&'������������������ '���������:/-��������� :A ;.  '������������������'.v.:;j.'.."��������� -..-��������� "'���������:  - ;'���������������������������������������������  lt;V.;':'."'-:.-.''  yywi  A :   ���������  f������^>.;  V      mtses were,much infested by;-tats, tried,every  ���������[y   iaeansi io'eifect; tlieirejr^rmination^but-with^  y   out avail, untilihe procured; a sugar hogshead-  ���������'      poured: about 44nehes of /watefconto it, and in;  .-;'   the centre placed' a bdcta ������������Be7then covered  ���������-���������-        the toy with a pieces of par6hment^Qn^ which  1 ./'fie^placAvn^jBir^.fo^^tiie'.r^i:,. Here  ���������:  they feasted;tnemselves for a few days, when  .. be made .several openings in the parchment  sufficiently largetfor.a rat to drop throttgh^  ' - - -   - The baits then being laid, iio. sooner > did, one  ���������      - a of the rats get;on the^ tbp|th'eh he f^Unto the  ,.'  ; water, i He'of course swam'"to the briek,"where  . s     " he moaned most piteously.   The whole community of rats were'Slatmed, anjl then curios-'  itv led them' m great numbers to the; ?spot  ���������      ; when, they had got on; the; parchment he^d;  ���������  ,'     wherethey had otteri o^enbefbremand in|he^  >.   dropped in. .quick, succession. ��������� f There being  : Aonly ofretbrickHn?the^ hogshead^aiW^,ensaedi  ;fl1v';ffor:tb^.pb8S&rfott;bf^ it;    They fought most  i. ^4esperately,^and the: longer tbebattleeontinur  ^ed?thegreater became^he numbed of forces;  for. all 'therafe aWut ^^^rend8^.i������n:.-^ii^.'  ^ whativ^s .the matter,, and -,sharing; the Me of  r feihosei.whb had preceded them-dropped* into  the hogshead.; a The npinber of tb e combatents  ' b^ing;tinw^twt|jBtly inc)fease3i the war las%:  ed some hours,' and was not silenced evcajby.  *'���������<:.'������morning. JWheri at length all became;.silenti  - ���������;���������' the geritleraea'removed" th^jparchmenti; and  discovered:tbe numberjof rats.he^adjjaught  ;      Uo be .much larger "than he had suppose^to be;  '���������'���������.. 'i t:-on:?the-;premises^ AyAAAr:- :*y a������a$'Iawaa1, Ay*  DANCING-  . ���������':,   -."'.FOR THE    '- "' '  t j \ C A ME RON T 0 W K,- A A... V*. . ,  T1THERE-' THE. PROPRIETOR^ T;- A^lBARRY������  i } V gives k general - invitation' to bis' Mends and the  public at large to -call, and - judge fbr theniselves the  .merits of his'Billiard Tables; also, the,Cli6ice: Brands of  his SEGARS a nd LIQUORS.Ay The; Qrchestifa, which������������������  consists of four musicians^ is First Glass. -WyA io>3m *  OTESSBLMODTrf ^  -..-'���������- ������������������'    ������������������������������������'.���������'.'���������- ���������"' ������������������ ������������������ ': -   '���������'���������������������������'������������������    -t���������;>������������������'-.-*i'"t '    -'���������' ** ���������-*.': ���������'*-'* -1. y'l'^'' >:.-.. -   ..:���������.',  a  epLGNIAL RESiTAUR^NT,  >'   ' ..-. ' v quesnelmotjth;';    rv  ' .    .���������;-.���������  -    ; ��������� KlL. JOHNSOj!^ I^|k^to^ j;,-;.'���������';���������."  Meals at all bourse and Cbpking^^of; >the best  "Ay\.i;:A"'"A: .,;.,. ..description.   -"'/?, ../?^ a... - ..  ^^l^9^:ADyj^g^  ^';' '' '-/'[ :_   W QUESNELMb.TJTBf;: ',   ^ViW*., r  f.     BR^W&GILIilS,^ :^  Good Beds:; Restaurant 5 fBill|ard,Table; &c?  yy   -Stabling for. -Horses^ Hay and^Oatsv^^i ishlvi  Gov^iwMENf Street, yicroRU     5  Zw\r ^WX^ ��������� /���������/  Bn^isbr&tFxench'Silks. >ShtfWW "i^ tv  :V<:i m- '  J: "A-'AAr"��������� ���������.': :^V?;^ 'aA- yA^0HsAAAAyAyAnyA.AiiAAAfA-:  bMkM^uaae.  ���������<-.if<  A-/LL- LOVERS^ OF THE TERPISCHpREA^RT are  Al- invited- to call a nd ;enjoy themselves^when a hearty ���������  .welcome-wilLbe ektended;^    ylA^yiAAAAlirAA^A:  v4iim*^������������������������ v ������>* W ������������������>.������.������.'. ���������' i't  fr Dr.>Bai^io^ affipm^!2^  a ; i^!The; best pft WiiiesV?; Iiifjubra; aiid^Segar^f  and Good,Order^bserved. .:t ;���������  AyyAAwAA^^iyyitAA  GIROD &;GUIGHON;;; i    ^  hi -, .,i (r!:, Old Established;?! Geneeal^Stobb,���������������-*' -'' \'  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE^���������:;GOMMS-  /AA ���������,^-r:.-^SpN>MERCHANTS>^Tf^r*i-| /;'/  a - StorakeV'^o^TTermWrihbfet-Mod^a^^^*'''  'r^yr-i'-'VA-tU' QUESNELMOUTH.<; V     y}W 'M*;  -���������:.���������'.   '���������" ���������" '   ���������- u     ':   =      - :���������.������������������������������������   I- - '*WMiii"..iian.nl     h1'*'--  j,  //ftDAI) SIDfi -HOtT^ESi^y^wjy,  ��������� /.������eceiye regular suppiieshy Express v'^fei'  hy;8ailing;veesel8ivi^Cape������&orn^^^aaw^^  IJKS* Particular* attention''felven"'tb ^11 nVriQln  j.i.w*;:/-^iw:-ipr4- yam *jt: in*wwffiz??yy,....  wr:yv, >  tvm pri  Z-ZS- 5QYD; '$ -^piATH^^oprietors^;.,] ���������*m:  THIS;HOUSE issituated'fiamilesfromQuesnelraoutn;;  . The- prdpriotbrs; having, lately'������������������ fitted, up bedrooms'  .���������<ri_,XT... rt^nw-T-    ,        ,andgo*6dTBeds;;are.riow.prepar^^  v Ry^fiTIN? & opOK^Prop'rs.vvi | mpdatjoh for Trailers;! the Table isturrilstiea with ail  __,   _^    ���������     ;,;^,. the luxuries that can beprocured;' .the;BJSr is:Well;s]ap-;  plied; with the best brands of Liquors and Sega rs; good-  Stabling, Hay,',Oats^and.Barley..,-=iJSr^Tlie";OHEAPEST  I.:.", VI"    .'.      ���������.  rCAMERONTOWN,  possesses'some remarkable properties as  a  ,;,. disinfectant.   In several.cases������;where.: he had1  ;,V 1; ' ".'found that a handful of coifcestrewn over tb'e;  ; ;::;���������;;; body ;aiidjab^  '--':bad'bdour. ���������       v: '���������    ���������   -  ;|C:t^^  .:)J|iM.._��������� w. .._���������,.,���������..,,,,,.    .....  between the different ;towns on the' creek.;to!  lifv    TT    fi    Wilmr\ft    tifKr-T lion a TTAr������A n.nfl  Tlrfl!v.  .;.'.-.>; y.':  yyiAAiy-AA-  y w.  6., r*"' -i';-',  Cy F UL T ON, Proprietor.  There'is nbydistillery^kept in this establishment,  yA;:and strychnine.and rot-gut fina^no placejiere.s^2  %'A/y/jWI^ A '���������/Z,  '.."/.,     *    ��������� -*��������� VAN-- WINKLE^   ���������     - ���������. ���������    ������ ��������� i  . %  T)EGS TO', INFORM; HIS   CUSTOMERS  AND   THE  'iB bublic kenerallv that, he,intends to furnish them.  House on the Road.'  rr^t-*-  W.-iitt-:;?-"; '-^lW  nfmi  il*  l) ���������/v McLEESE & SENNY', 'Bkbpfieti^i] fH/  THE?PUBLIC/ ARE i. INVITEB*T$?C^^  House^'t*There is Good'Meals; Good Beds; 'Stabling  for, Horses;' Barley,; Oats.and -Hay.j  ,,   v> .: j > u v. 11-^"  residences, at the, Most Reasonablb Rates. ,:, %,     I  Van Winkle, June 11th, 1866. -   . 11   .  J^-P^';1WC  J;  I  CSiibooiliil^raicy IIns  ;ir/.H  ^ ";.;': I ''''.wm^leaVe'lJOPA CflEfcEEK-'-1;,  S OPEN rFOR THE AGCOMMODATIOIP OF/ 'XHE  A ^Travelling public; ������the bedrooms are?-spacious 'arid"  airy and ihe Beds cannot'"be^surpassed,for>cleanliness  ���������and comfort'by any in the lower.country"; ;the jTable; is  always supplied with the'"b'est\bf victual^ ''Stablmg'  for Houses; Hay- Oats and- Barley constantly oh'J nan^d:<  ;���������: *���������' -' --'-.' -    ���������'    ��������� ���������' -    - y-i   ���������,.-.. ���������   A, l '."/''..''.'���������''A'   '*   "''���������������������������    **t'it\rAii'y i <-'AA*  ������- fyA v;,������PAWBip^9t.fij^S^|rf  dU^teKari^VictorlaVVHV^W^  n*K<l fro^t;(^OOTS!^.OOTSi!I^rAT^  1 'andikeep your feeVsb dry/^SSh������^  ^Garden: and1-FieldSeedSguaranteedV*Haveon"hS  acarefuUyvBelected)stocks of.theabovQ-fromtheZ  European tandaamerica^;Ma:r^et9^^  tlteir,friendsJh British .Columbia are' 8oU���������d    h  tlduIarat^htion-iBWe'dtpthei^  v���������i6ver^: and������On Jon'^ See^s ApVlz<^������u&ij&$L^ A  ''J&TuftiTrees) ftna^Jftsneg^:)^ ;  housemandjOarden^Pl^nts^Standard;a^kl'B   '  Eli7BRbDRiC^^CbAl?i1ay Trodf;c& DkaS^ :!  i^Iatga-stpOCk^Hay^ Oats,tmeat and Barleynhk  h^JOHN  ������ TPHIS.ilNSTITI^TION 'atvpresent jcontains ��������� ahbut^ 500  Ii "<relumes of CboiceLiteratuf^e,cwsisting of*R^ligioufe,  ,i frewntifiCiSrHistoricalrand Poetioal^works^and works of  :*"       ' ""   "     '  " " "' ?  Fiction. .  ..fy ,^<, 'ri  ���������>      ���������.  .;      ,     " ,    " ':i: i .  AVi>rcesUir!s liarge Pictorial Dictionary^lire's Diction-'  nry^of the^Arts, ^anufac^res and ^ihes, ������ipj*>ncott?s  Pronouncing l5az$tteer/of^ the WdrI'd; jthd Homan's Gy-  vays be kept jn the room.  ���������   ,t; Ay 'r\ -'A -��������� A,^- \ '  iing:Room wiir'beifbundffiupplisd^ith1* tb!e:  litest English, Scottish,,Canadian, American, and C0I4-  *."iiial Papers^and Magizines.        lyWi_. lyyy  Tk������is osiSTOsCRiErj&K^$5 pgrquarteri ,JotJ,$2 perl  A,m?>nih".   .SinglevolumesXo^ned,toinon-subscribers at  bO cts. per vijlumer>with $1^-deposit/  -Ji       ���������-.;..-'      y  " Persons not subscribers'visiting the. Reading Room  * an>i,makihgusee^the'Books and PapersJwill; bo cnarg-  edj25cts for each visit.    - '    *v*   "'"'���������''  ���������j^������^: Tbe4 Room; will beopen^rom"10a1mrtilIlpp!;nit'  ^-;,.;,    -,.   ,",,;,,--   -���������     :,-.  t ���������   JOHN-^BOWRON,     ������������������  -   aMA ilA'"wA w* .������Secretra|yjaadlJiibrariaa.  t&iflgtr Freight to Quesnel ��������� H 'cts. ^ lb.'  Steamer 'Enterprise,' T  ;      '  * May 21st^ 1866. ,   J * " "   ,..,   -.;       "   ^    ���������  ���������s ': LILLOOET -ADVERTISEMENTS.  ������������������XJ:���������is'furnished;V;ith;ev^ry cohyenieniiQ for "the com-,  fort-of Travellers^ the- Culinary' departments! under  the; superintendence of fan: experienced coofc; fthe-Beds'  are clean and comfortableijvithe Bar con tains the /best'  iM^y^^S^?-^^?^^^^^^^;-^  Views 6t CaHbobahd^ Scenery5tnrougboutBriifeli Col.  umbia^ including views>of the; rbiile' tfrBigBendj alwaw  P|i^id:aJ^Jihe^rfttfeBJ^M klAy>imninH}m-'':  Wiwn  of Liquors,'Segars.l&cAl Stabling, Hay; Barley^&^at^.,:-  .  'BLUE  TENT   RANCH.   -  ;^. HENDERSON begs- tb lnform^hrisirierids  ,^Jf and;;the travelling public-- generally t that she. has-  taken' the above Ranch and is preparedsto/supply tnem*  with'First Class Accommodation:'    Good Stdblingf fo,r  hdrsesjiHiy and Grain;   '--j~   w    :,,_.,;/.,_ ,i:i:_ ifey-  receivingtfrom best;$outfcesf$Scbobl,5 St'ffinctnrdUand His- ���������  cpllaiteous^Booksf and 3 S^arjleand'l'ancy Station^ ia  all; Us Brancbes^;;.,CtorneriTates. .and :Ljingley.;str������is-; ;  7i6toriaVTaiicbnv^Xslan:a. ;;' V^;    '   A AA }-to    .  :;($;.?��������� r.i t  yVAJSBiUB iJAKE  ���������-.^���������--  - lung:hih������  :   Bao^keryille, B, C, .i  " ;KELLY &'^AT-E^ON^RftPBW.^^/ i  ...Evurything is done inipoulectio"n/wiffi this; establish !  ���������tnea't tv'.give satisfaction to the custoniers^  j2^*Meals at;all;hours.   ������^i^.;ii;:i H. - ^  '������������������'III ������ ���������'������������������������������������"M������������������������������������������������������i^t1!"."'"    ^fpf^^.^.^���������^������������������^  I B AaKER VtULE BREAW ER Yv F >  'pHE UNDERSIGNED are now manufacturing FLOUR  'Ja$oft all grades:: ��������� Extra1, Superfine and Fine.- ��������� ��������� ^Feed  Crushed- to order. ������. >��������� -,  i.- , .; l������������������ <:/ -..';������������������,  .'- y ~ ��������� \* ��������� I ;  ;i'i;  V      ..,���������'     LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.y < -  '���������^I-^,'        ! . X W. Fosteb, Agent.  WM.;;MANSON,     ;: t ;:.id. 'JL.iMBLE������������tl \ *  r^>-m>:  --���������'������������������;- -propriotor, -'-*   ^   ;' ' ! ���������' .: W ;Agen]ti  TSis'HOTEt^'fe MS^r^3������:^ix^Fii#:y^^  I .for the comfort of travelers; the Table is ��������� suppli ed  with; the;; best of fiyery^hing^that can be procurdjTtiffd  the cooking is.noiiriferipr to any on tbe road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling^ Hay, Barley and Oats. ,il.s' j  ���������nmOMASiyEnii^lX^ ..,  ll: lfsh Merchandize, ^-holesale and retail HealeB is-.  jDB.^ Goonsj1 &fciy vates Street^' Victoria, y.1; :0n ad  after lst^Iune hextiimGovera  + * ���������* ������������������������������������    '   ��������������������������������� .'m-iM^.i^ 1 i.f ��������� ip im     ��������� 1-   111-1 1   ii ii   . a   1       wm    m ��������� ���������  ri'l'  ttauraht is suppled w/fchiaiItheL-.delicacles?the::warl[J{ ,-|  affords.. In thenar willbefound thechoicest.LiQuoai  Farnished Rooms,*,^c,A A<\w> A.-1 -,',"'AA W-A4  t Mt:  I" iEA^Rp-'DRV^GQODS^LOT^i^  /  Caps,:fBoots: and Sn6eSjv .."Carpetings,; Oil, ClotHsV  ^Wall Papery?&eV nilooet, B- 0/    - -!   '    ���������   ;  1-s- i  EUGENE THOMAS,^^ TatesWeetrTicstona  ;^hojesale and Retail Dearer Jn WIN^'BRANDIF  1A,,LBERT CRYSLER has opened the.aboveMopsaWt  :':XX the reception of Travellers; ;the Tableis ^ei^kept  and the' Wqu6rs';canh^ ';; the Bodsare;  clean and comfbr table. A. Stabling 'for Horses;' 'Hay and  A V-KRAJNB^3^feotP������������,* .^'vTfii^-,^ealer:in:Fuss,  ttl ���������; 5kws, .HiDEfl^ Wool, &c;-. -,-Liberal -advances. jb������  ;bn Furs-consigned;' Befefc'nce-^G; Sutro &"Ca, Spor-  ������org&RueiTirVictorift^VHr.^ | ;���������     r y   //-^  ....     ...... ...... ������������������������������������ ���������- i ,i'.i        '"ip- .    - j  ii... .'   i* J.,     i     '.''     .      ��������� "**  :?*\^|*lC;|ijr>jp-ET;  ^tXdOB. ��������� MILTZ.. Proprietor,, has /always ',bn  i U i s hand a large and superior 8 tock of Lager Beer; at  the Barwiftibe found the. best Brandies;' Wine#and  Segars^;;;the;pubiic;are-invitedto calL   Prepared: to fill  all orders promptly. '."��������� ..; A- ���������<��������� ". ,  r ^ ������������������.';. ���������:..- ������������������  w IrS: -.  BRBW-ER  SPEL.M^.N and' McKENZIE,. Proprietors.:  This Hquseis well fitted up with Good Beds.audi  tne Bar is furnisbed with the best Liquors; Meals" .are;  served.at-all hours on: the Restaurant, principle; Sta-  blingtbr Horses,' Horse Feed, &c.    :.       \. y A, i:s .  [*ASiES Ht^ibiN^roprieJ:tor^, Thh3xbmmo3i,  :0:.r bus Hotei.is well fitted- up; with - every ^conve'nleriee'  for the comfort of tbe public; ;the: BedSHare^H thafci a  weary traveller could desire ��������� the Table is suppli ed with  t    'RS.r HjEIN, MU.UNER & D^kss *^.W  lUl'- ment Street..Victoria, Y.X  All kinds^f MiUmerf  bf^th'e-latest rstyIeV kepticoystan  from: tbe country;punctually attebded'to;?5^;'il,'l:s  ���������������������������.-t.-'       ���������    ���������-;  t'f ,|.'iiii;���������.'    '    '-���������-'-���������--.-���������- '������ ��������� ;''i*T:    ''* I''      --"i"'     " 1J'.',.'I. ~  ?  PRAQER ' &  BRO.,  ���������;MiR:GH;AM^f,  WILLIAMS AND QROUSE;.��������� CEEBKS,  DKAUESS 1^  ssorted  Mtize  iPIoiieer Hotel--^Iallo6et  CHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old  ;-established House is welLfitted-up for the comfort  of Jravellers; the Table is supplied with the.best, of  everything that Can be bad, and the:cooking is not in^  ferior to the-best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families;��������� Stabling.for Horses,?.-Horse;Feedj &c.  The jExpress, stops here; ���������,. -��������� 1-s: - -.  T ORENZOvLEAR.T6, Prop'rietbr^Tiiis housd  XJ iialfords every accommodation for the \ comfort of  .Travellers;, the Tableis furnished with all therdelicacies  of th9 season, and the Bar is stocked with the. choicest'  of Wines;- Brandies.iE Segars; good stabling for torses;f  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand at low rates. \  Newlyjmillod Flour for sale cheap.:     \:AA a- '��������� i,v ��������� #$} j  pM'baad^..||Ai^ait^ ^1������rf:;  .StreetrVictoria.-Vitin r.;iHi --Ash-d ^m^iW .  wax teob'Nd������&"d'^ -"ffl'  >X porters'ahd Dealers in ^hlneeeGMd^vBice/giiS.  ,Opium,7Nut-OiL{Proyisions^ AavCJormorant'StreeVwc-  The  /rte  ^  CJE^LEN ..<& PARKE, Proprietors, atu the  kj Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads... is  now.Cpen for= the accommodation of tho public.>:,DJsf-  PORT DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.  Wholesale and Retail;  ; E. C; Git.LElTE^  CAMEROJfTOW^  r,    HENRY   SCHORLING^  ���������.'l;;;. .../;; :;;,V'^^'WINKLE^\;:;'-;:/-V;;i;;.   '  Dealer in all kinds of Provisions; Cio thirigy &c;  ^ST Stabling &r H-*ses ; H^v, Barley and Oats af-  ������W3*t on.han'i. I-Sj  S    HOTELj  W3KLMACDONALD,,Proprietor. Miner and  others destined for .the Bridge. River Mines will  find 'every' convenience and accommodation afforded  them. A' Good Beds and. a Table well; suppli ed with, all  the. delicacies of the season..,'.... .  ', 1-s  attentive hostlers.   Stage leaves here twice a week'for  Big Bend and Yale, and oncea', week for Cariboo' *>������ ������li-s  fi:; L.. SMITH & CO.-, Proprietors;' This House is  \JT. well fitted up for the accommodation of Travellers to the Bridge RiVer Mines." Good Beds, Stabiing-  for Horses. Horse Feed, &c. ;A stage runs twice a week  between this house and Port Douglas on the arrival of  the steamers" from below and c������mc������e&s with the Lake  Boms ffcTLilloost. . 1-s  : MESSRS. CORNWALL'S, ir;:: 1  A XT. THIS...WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-.wav between >  ii..Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.,  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter: Milk  and Vegetables;   Good Stabling and cheap feed;   ' 1-s  H i C K7 S    HOT E L,  T YT-TON SQUARE, New Westminster, B: &  XJ now occupied by W. E. STEIN.; The above favorably known house is now open to the public; tbe Bar  is constantly supplied with the choicest brands of  Liquors and Segars. i-am  b: i^^,Jl^  ner of t^s-'w^^TOrgm^gfcfy^S^  iFXmnTmE, Broad Street, yjctPyft-r*iz^i^  iflAIRE.&GRANCMI, ^^f WT  ;V; MERcgANTStvWharf;rSgggg ^iG^m*yAl^A^rA  Wl-B  Victoria  1-3  HENDERSON -and-3UR^AB^;^  Wharf street; Victoria; V; 'I.    "AA__���������-  XJ opposite tne'Bank ol -British yorth^Amei^  .Erf. Ce.voranw.Ht Street, Viclonfl,V- '���������


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