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The Cariboo Sentinel 1870-07-30

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 \')  Vol.. 9.  *^i^^  No.1-3  THE CARIBOO SENTIML  Published every Saturday by,     ; :  R 6 B ER, T!    HO L LO W AY.  Subscription,  -' -   50'Cents per Week.  Agents for the "Cariboo Sentmel."  Van Winkle,-     , -      -  Quesnelmouth,  Soda Creek, ��������� '..:.- .  Clinton,. -. -, - :. ; '.  Vale, -." -; ; BIr. Evans,  Now. Westminster' ��������� ��������� -.".���������,,,>  Victoria, - ..... ,,.������������������, .'���������'  LP. Fisher, . :���������-;-, - ,���������;--.-  Hudson k Monet,   ���������'..���������������������������   .' - -  Mr a; W.'Lindhart  ,.  ' ���������, Barha rd*s Express  Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  do. do  -v'!    Clarkson k Go  ;-: ���������-.. John CollenS  San Francisco  ���������������������������'��������� '���������"���������' New York.  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL'  Cards, Circulars,; Posters and Programmes for!  Balls and Theatrical EntertainmentsA/  Jgt-E&eehied with neatness, and dispatch.^^f'  Terms moderate. ; . >  |f������ A: TO ADVERTISERS.^: ���������   Ay y.: ���������  W������ All advertisements (not inserted for any definite  ||| period) will be continued' until ordered  out,  and  W&s charged for accordingly.' ���������;         ���������'���������������������������IA  IU '..-.; '���������= ^to corresponded^':; x/i/wAii  ||| All com in un icat ion s'. m ns t b o accom pa n led by. the  HI real name and; address of the writer ; not necessarily  m$ with a view of; publishing the same) but as security  i$| for Its good faith.. -.  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  er  publication.-;  deli v.  before  bert. Dun. McDerrmd, r/ Deighton, James  ruger.  s  ���������MINING'RECORDS.  ISKhV  I  -m  jm1  mm  H  PS  Mb  y-s   ^WILLIAMS CREEK.  Tnly  18���������.Wm.BeaUte, 100 feet, a creek  claim, fr^rmerly the southeast cor nor portion  of the Wilson co.pA/ xx"-    . Ai- pA  ��������� A    ANTLER CREEK.:.,/ . ��������� y:  Manitoba . co.���������Jiily 15���������Hilaire MoIIeur  fliul "F. Bissonnette. two bill claims on right  bank, commencing near Victoria creek and  running down stream 2Q0 feet; :;als.o, 0;:Lam-  berfc, one hill claim on right bank of Victoria  creek. The whole to be known as the Mani-  tojbaco.   ..-',. . ���������    ���������;--.:--:  Tudor cp.���������July 19���������Jehkin Tudor, John  Rees, Thomas Jugej! -.-JTobn Humphreys, Richd  Evans, Wm. Skym, Hugh Jones, John R. William's, Joseph Minton and W. L. Jones, ten  creels-claims between the Ross and Bulger  benches^being 1000 feet in length ami in  width tlje whole creek.   'T  July 20���������Victor Manin, one hill claim on  left banfe opposite, the canyon, about four  miles above Beggs' gulcb, 100 feet in length  and running back to the summit of the hill.  GROUSE CREEK.  Rocky. Point co ���������July 18���������J. J. Cowley  and J. B. Clarke, the lower 100 feet of Rocky  Point co. Also, 100 feet adjoining the lower  line of said co., and to form part of said co.  1 Eclipse co.���������July 21���������Thos. Bell, Jos. D.  Trelev.en and Norman Mclntyre, each one in-  leres^.   Re-record.  LIGHTNING CREEK. A  July 18���������Clark co.���������Wm. Clark, three-  fourths of one interest in the Clark cd. on  kast Chance and Lightning creeks.  Clark co.���������July 20��������� Henry Collins, Frank  McBrien, John McVicar, M. McGee, David  Allan, each one full interest; Edwd. Frigon,  Dan. Byrnes, each one-half ioterest; John J.  Robertson, one interest  Hurtle co.���������July 21���������W. F. Anderson, Jas.  Cummings, J. S, Thompson, Joseph Hunter,  Lewis Kirkpatrick, M. S, Sullivan, Jas. C. Mc.  Millan, John L. Muir, Isaac Lipsett, HL G-  Nicholson, Joseph Senay, Wm". Rehnie, R  Patterson, A, Pendola, N.F. Foster, O. Lam-  Nicholson, J. W.Hall, Jos. Cohen, M. l_ .o���������  J. J^ramley and J.O, Floyd, 24 creek claim  commencing at the lower lines of the West of  Englandv co. and running down 1200 feet by  60v0 feet in width. To be knownas the 3Iurtle  co. .  /Eldorado co.^-July 22-JohniL.Muir, John  W. Powell, Adam Prentice, James Montgomery, Geo. Grant, in trust for the Eldorado cp.,  five hill claims on right side, commencing' at  the upper line of the Eldorado co. and running  up stream 500 feet. To form part of :the JeF-  dorado'.cb.1.. .'.' . :. -'  Eldorado co^Julyi2^Permission to alter  the base liriesof their stakes to the-side line  of the Ross co. "  Lost Lead eo.���������July 22���������Alex. Jack, Andrew Jeffrey, Geo. Green,.. P. Kirwin, John  Bruce and Ja& L. Crimp; six. hill claims1 oh  easfeside, commencing 300 feet above the  up per line o f the Un ion Jack! co. and r u h ni n g  up stream 600 feet To be known as the Lost  Lead co������ './'!' "'''-:;'; '*'���������.���������".*.. "'.*/...' .;;,.���������' ��������� :.  VFound.Lead eo;-^July 25^th03. Osborhe^  Lewis ^njrip; Di Siddall, W^ Cullia, fphr hill  claimsonright bank,;commencing at the upper lines of the.Union Jack co. and running  up stream ;40f):ieet to the lower lines of the  Lost Lead co." To be known-as-the Found  Lead co. ���������  A Vulcan co.-^July 25^John McCall, one full  in terest in the Vulcan do, abandoned by John  G. Kenny. .-','���������' La.'-' A-   -���������  L; Lightnihg^Ditch cp^Dilch and Bench ��������� Dis-  covery- co.���������July 25^Geo. D Thompson^  three interests ; John,Cameron, one and one-  haU interests.; Alex. Mc Arthur, Dan. Gloyer>  and- Thos; L. Briggs, each one! interest, iand  Al ex; Cameron, one-hal f 6 f 6 ne i n teres t in th e  Lightning pitch co.'s ditch and bench discovery claims, consisting of eight interests, in all  1200 feei.ARe-record. A,//;, ^/A-A*./  ;;"' Vulcan co.���������July 25���������H. Crawford, one interest, abandoned by Johu Healy.  ;., MOSQUITO CREEK./������������������/.'���������*��������� \  i J!iily 23���������Frank .Morris, one.creek claim,  commencing 20 feet above Deslaurier's claim  and running up stream 100 feet.  NELSON CREEK.  J First Chance co.���������July 20���������M. Chambers,  James Ardell, Peter Glen denning, Adam Glen-  denning, four creek claim3 commencing at  the dam and running up stream 400 feet..-. To  be known as the First ChancMo.    :;  - MOSQUITO,CREEK.'  July 18���������Edwd. Deslauriers, 100 feet, creek  claim, commencing at the road and running  up stream 100 feet   ;  SNOWSEOE CREEK. "'"-'*'''  Black Squall co.���������July 20���������R. M.Scott, the  Black Squall co. 'a ditch.   Re-record.  MINK GULCiL  Perseverance co.���������July 18���������James Campbell, one-half pf one interest.   Re-record.  BLACK JACK GULCH.  Glynn co.���������July 18���������M. S. Glynn, one creek  claim, commencingabout 75 feet above the  butcher's cabin and running up stream 100  feet Also, in favor of A. Donoughoe, one  bench claim commencing at the lower line of  Glynn's claim and running down stream 100  feet.   To be known aa the GIyrni co.  VALLEY  MOUNTAIN, v  Mazeppa eo.���������July 18-Florence Wilson,  Geo. Clendinen, Joseph James, Chaa. Vaillan-  eour, Colin McCallum, H. Coulter and J. W.  Stephenson, seven hill claims commencing at  the lower line of the Valley Mountain co. and  running down stream 700 feet. To be known  as the Mazeppa co.  Shoo Fly co.���������July 25���������S. Pearoy, H.'ClWe,  W. Davison, A. Bilsland, four bill claims.  commencing at the Hard-up co.% upper line  and running-up stream 400 feeti To be  known as the Shoo Fly co.  stout gulch.     ..  Clarihue co.���������July 19���������John Butts, two interests.   Re-record.:  MISCELLANEOUS.  Reductipii in Freight.  THE RATE'? OF FREIGHT FROM SODA CREEK TO  , Quesnqlmouih on the" ;'  t:,'.:&|EAMER:'yiOTO!RIA'  a;"', a ';'��������� A'.'. : Will in future ho'''."���������������������������"���������; Ap.-A'A  ON EC ENT    P E Ft    POUND,  lA/A/p PASSAGE, :-lr.pZ.i$������//;i/AA  The unclerslgnbd will hereafter, be prepared to reel ve goods  at Soda Creek and forward them by  Wagons or. Puck Trains to . Wi 11 iams Creek: at  tb������  WWEST RATES OF. FREIGHT,  FREE mm DRAYAGE, STORAGE AND  'A.-.-.' commissions;  Collecting Freight upon Williams Creek.   We respect-  fully-ask for consignments.  ���������',;> -..MARVIN- & WRIGHT.' ���������;.���������  Wc are riot responsible for. leakage of-fluids in tin.  '-'.Soda;Creek,'iIay 14,J8J������.;;;;;.;'     ;',.   ruy28tf  BUSINESS NOTICES.  '- . .������������������  This Valuable Family^Medicine has been widely and  favorably known in our own and foreign countnc������  upwards of ...  ....    THIRTY YEARS.  It has lost none'of its good iiame by repeated trials,  but continues to occupy a prbrnineht position iu every  iamily medicine chest.   ��������� .  ���������    :;  It- is an External and Internal Remedy. For Sum-.  mer complaint; or any other form, of bowel disease ia  cliitdrcn or aiiulls, it is an almost certain cure7 and  has, will) ou t doub t, b een more success f u 1 iu. c u ri ng .  thc! various kinds of CHOLERA thahany other known  remedy, or the most skilKul physician. In India,  Africa and .'China, where this dreadful disease is more  'Or less prevalent, the Pain Killer is considered hy tho  natives, as well as European residen is in those ell-  mates j a sure Tt>MisJ>V ; and while it isamosteffl-  cierit remedy for pa iii, it is & perfectly safe medicina,  even ip unskilU'ull. hands. Directions accompany  e!ich-bottIe:-; '��������� ::;;������������������  Sold by all Druggists; ju2 lm  ,      I  Slieefeand Cast Iron Stoves  ALL JOB BING a. WORK I N:. TIN, .COPPERv Sheet  Iron, Zin cand. Lca-.cl Pi p������ng, attend e d to with  romptnesc, and, ..warranto'd to give entire satis-  fCtiun.;       ���������      ������������������ " *   '    '   '   :      "���������    :.: ���������" ���������  Hardware   Iron & Steel,  M.SIDDALLfI;AM!U.S.f  AlK I S T  r>..  i ��������� .  HARNESS,    Etc,,    Etc.  '���������;���������.;"*'.;" FOR SALE.   / ..'��������� y/"A/  AA/iiB,-PEARSON & BROS^,"  ,     ; BARKBItyiLLE AND QUESNELMOUTH.  9  ;.  Miners1 Provision   Store.  BARKERVILLE,     Z'yi''w  ...Next Door to Sentinel Ofeicb.>.  A  FRESHEST  T this Establishment willalways be found, a well  selected ana varied assortment of the  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  ;    IN CARIBOO.  ALSO���������A good selection of Clothing, Hardware, Glas  and Crockery.   Best brands of.Tobacco,  aredicincSjOtc, etc. -  BestJava Coffee Roasted and Ground DAILY.   ���������  ALL GOODS SOLD AT LOWEST RATES  The BAR is fully supplied with the choicest  Havana Cigars, Wiuesa nd Liquors.  I trust by strict ittention to business, and fair and  squared.eaiing, to merit a continuance of tliel iberal  patronage heretofore extended to mc.  Alarge lot of HEYWOOD'S celebrated BACON  for sale, at a very low figure.  Feb. 20,1S69. 8m  E-UP-  Restaurant and Bakery.  THE Proprietors of this old and well-known establishment would respectfully thank their numerous friends and the public for the extensive patron age  heretofore bestowed on them, and trust that by their  usual strict attention to business they will merit a  continuance of their confidence aud support.  Meals, $1.    Board,  $16   per  Week.  BREAD MADE OF  THE BEST FLOUR  Wc recommend to the public our  GROUND    COFFEE,  which is a much superior article than any which can  bo had from below. Wo Roast and Grind it ourselves  and chooso the best berries, consequently the public  may be but������ of its beiug free from adulteration.  PATTER30V ft GOOPSOH  AS REMOVED TO BARKERVILLE, and is pr������ ,v   .  IX.   pared to treat all kinds of disease and execute /;;  DENTISTRY in alf its different branches in the neaN-:  est and best style. .- Teeth1 filled \vith pure Gold and;'  Silver; also, False Teeth put in on Gold Plate, and' ���������  upon pivots on old stumps or portions of the ;.teeth%'.  'which, very'often remain.quite sound in thejawboh������  after the tops are gone, aiid.this is the best way for  any person to have false teeth,: as they are never re*; .  inoved for the purpose; of, cleaning 1 ike those upon  platei and:^ aVe perfectly'::-natural���������'���������'���������'to the mouth' and  tbiigue, as muchspias lhe original teeth were.        ���������   .  ���������Parties who have got sound teeth would do well tor  call and have 'them cleaned, /thus avdMing "losiugf  them as othei'shave done; through the injurious effects  of what is called .tartar,vcohsis'ting of salivary (mucus) .-  animal matter and phosphate of. lime, which encrusta  the teeth with a dark scale, loosens the gums,- con-.  tinues dovvu to the bones, loosens the teeth and  causes them to fall out without being decayed.  j^-Teeth extracted.in the very best way known.  Charges moderate the best references given, arfd,  till work warranted to give perfect satisfaction.   ; '"AAA  t^.OFFlCE���������Opposite the Government Assay Office^  ;  my21 BARKERVILLE. '',,   ;   y . -  .';.'; MISCELLANEOUS. A"A  MESSRS.  MEACHAM k NASON are prepared, t������,  f urn is h Lumb er at the ir Mills, William Creek.  Lpr deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON  LIGHTNIN  CREEK AT THE SAME RAT?S AS 02*  WILLIAM CREEK.' ;     .^ '  -Having-a Planing Machine in operation they wi  also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates. ���������'  Planed Lumber and Shingles constantly on hand,  jell tf  For Sale,  48  >"w  ���������AT-  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Second-hand Store.  BARKERVILLE.  jell  ���������'��������� E.'WATSON,  WATCHMAKER,,   JEWELLER    AND   E������  graver, Government street, next to the*  &������������ St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. I.    Chronom*  otors and Watches cleaned, repaired, and warranted*  Every description of Jewellery made to order,    Plah*  and Ornamental Engravingneatlyexecuted.  Orders from tho Upper sounti^ promptly attend*!  to.  <s  -iJ^^  v^  Ary  y?  S'A ���������  i\  w,  THE CARIBOO SENTINjl  SaTURDAYT^ULY 30, 1870.  '   RATES ,OF ADVERTISING..    ."  For ono squire (one inch), first insertion,   -   $3  ���������: "*'   ���������   :";,1."  ���������" ���������-   .ofieinoutii,  -'���������- '������������������" ��������� 5  ^For two equarcs, first insertibn,,.������������������* .������"*���������'    5  'AP " : 'o:���������'".- -'   one month,'���������������������������*  -f- "-" -v .���������������?������ 3  ;   LOCAL GRIEVANCES. A ;  public opinion in many parts of England  h as in d ic ted grand juries as a n u isance.;,. 11  appears (hat the government of thi3 colony  entertain a like sentiment; witu regard to the  grand juries of Cariboo, for their recommendations receive no attention. ;.-.-.'��������� Jioth of the  Supreme Conrt judges regard grand juries as  very necessary and useful bodies inh:pew  ��������� country, and doubtless they nre, especially  t n districts riot having co u n ty or m ti n fcl pp 1  government; but the' colonial... government  d Is! ikes   rep resen t a (i veA Ins 111 n t i o ������ s   p rel ty  mucbasSir Oracle contemns the bnrlc of a  dog."or my lord the duke a suggest ire de*  pendent.   The gra n d ju ry Js the o n ly io ca 1  representative body, and it is natural that/  jn the absence of a sufficient representative  voice; In the! affairs of tbe colony, it should  construe the iuslrtictionsof " my lord^vina:  very 1 ibera 1 'manner, and decide on "; recom���������  mentations7' which require; lhe interyention  of the legislature,   Now, the rates of postage  constitute a decided local .grievance, and the  grand j u ry wo iii d do vv el Ito call a iterslion to  tbe;;fact,Vi;  Constant dropping will: wear a  stones : It ia well ttf make known: the! wants  of the- district \in every:; coastitutiohal way>;  and grand juries are>��������� peculiarly constitutional  What iri ou trageously disc rim mating; :tax is  le vied oil Ca rib oo in the sba po 6 f postage!  Is U)jUstifiaMe ? ^: Is not Cariboo a common  benefit to; the colony! and en titled tb comm on  and uniform government?   It is a mistake to  suppose that the differential taxes are not  considered oppressive and  unjust because  the\ppj)uife breath, does mot gather in! storm -  vapor, has been looked for, .is desired, and  expected soon, or patience under,our burdens would long ago have proved a virtue  worthy only of men accustomed to a mediaeval system of go vermnenfc.  Prospecting���������Two of the Bear lake fisher*  men and hunters report bavins:, been oii a  h'u n ti ng aiid p rospecti ng exp ed i t ion bey on d  Dominion Pass in,the country explored last  year.by Black & Co.   Th^y,,boated a greater  distance toward the Pass ihan Blackto party.  h ii t as tli ey had sta rted  ea r J v j n J11 ri e t he  country was in a bad condition for travelling  and prospect ing, and they had to return without accomplishing much.   Tbey tried a few  streams^ having a pan, pick and shovel -with.  them, and found the color in nearly every  plane from which lliey washed a pan of dirt.  On one creek they found as high as twenty-  five colors to the pari. Tlie.water in the creeks  was too liigli for prospecing and they returned.   It is their intention, however, to go  back agji in and reeommen ce / prospec I ing. as  they believe the  country beyond Dominion  Pas* fo the eastward to be gold-bearinjy lo a  considerable extent.   They give a similar description of the country as did Black s party  in reference to the existence of a gold rhnge  between, the Pass and Tele Jaune  Cache.  Si a to ro ck an d q������i a rlz veiiis p redomin ate in  tli e val 1 eys arid creeks.'-. .The p r orpectnrs a re  p re pa ring To r an d X her r ri p,'��������� and we hope 11 i ey  will; s n cceed j n o b tai n ing , p rosp ec ts ; wh ic h  will induce others to follow in their,steps..  St. : Saviour's Ciidrcii���������A general; ni p.-ting  was he!d pn Thursds������y .hist.   Messrs. J. Wark  and J. Goo d fe II o w were elec ted ch ii rch wa r-  dens, i and Mr AE: Pearson secretary.   The  p as tor, Rev, J. R ey n ard, s t ated th a t pi nee I as t  Ch rist mas $22 35 ii ad been paid:o n accpiintof  the buikiing, arid that $2005 would, nay off  ou tstanding in deb ted ties s a nd ��������� compie te  i t,  The Ho n A Mr Jn s lice" Crease, who a tte n ded  the meeting, stated that he would engage, to  |;c 611 ect S10 00' I f lb e c b urbli wa rd en s a nd irrfs'to r  wou I d .ii hder take to raise the remainirig S1005  necessary" to .finish  tho churcb, which was  agreed to. >Afr.Crt;HS^:Sii&scr]bj&d\'$>106''oA his  own account, arid; J\ir Wark, oh behalfof the  Hudson. Bay Co., subscribed $100 cash arid  $50 material..-;��������� -It was also stated that Mr  Lewis Win trip had (ion ated $25V arid would  furnish material; worth about $75< A Mr J. H.  Todd- also stated tba the, woii 1 d gi ve; S50 in  material-, for the building.-; Mr Crease; has  taken an active part since bis arrival; there-in  the affaira of tlie Clinrchv!wbich now^seem in  MA mix nd CATTr.K for th r Island���������A band  of over sixty beeves recently passed through  Lytton from*the interior for the Victoria market, i n charge o f Mr Wren \ a Vi ct o ria butch er.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEAfENTSi  IS! OT I C E.  A LL PARTIES INDEBTED to the firm of TATTER-  J\. SON & GOODSOiV are respectfully requ.-stea, to  se 111 a th ei r'������ ccou n ts on. or ho lore: the 1st day of Sep ���������  temher next, as: after tha t da t e those not se t tl ed will  he sued lor.   -.     . .    ..--'   -..������������������-.  ;; PATTERSON & GOOD?OX.   '  Barkerville, July 30, 1870.   ; . . jii30 lin  For Sale, /'Z..  ONE  FULL INTEREST  IN THE  ! McLAREN CLAIM, William Creek.  >  THEATR|^  TTO3   CAEIBOO   AMATEuis  v.:   Announce that tbey will perform on   - :  Satiirday Ev'g^ Jnly 30  FOR TUB '  BENEFIT 0FMS.PA1KER.  Cpmmcnclnrwith. the romantic Melodrama cmitlM  THE   WINDMiLLl  -Apply to  ja30Iui  ALEX. McKENZIE,  1   At the Claim.  Sampson Low-  The Marquis,  1'eter,-  'A ps-A<  The Marchioness,  Marian, .-.a -" ;   -  H.^lcT)ertuott  L' % Tilomp3oa  r. Perrett  Florence Wilaoa  Mrsl'arkcr  Vahiable  Mining  Claims  for Sale.  ONE FULL INTEREST IN THE DOWN IE CLAIM,  nnd one intort'st iu the Mountain cl������iin, ou William Cr-ek, above l\v Hiwnpll.... Also, "lie interest in  the Ctriboochim, Willhrn Cwk, ani ouo interest in  the Sawmill cl.iim ou Lightning Creek.:  ju231m  Apply to  G; A. TAVLORi  Wiiliani Creek.  ill A1 New Books!;!,:; ���������;:!,;';  JUST RECEIVED,, the first inatalment of a serios of  .'.Bonks orilered for. the C.iriboq Literary Institute;  Hereafter Books; will be recei vati ni on t h 1\*. :  THE   SUBSC1UPTIQN!- HAS.I^  ,.   DUCEI>;TO $3 FEU ;QUAKTER.: lyi  ���������A. john! bowron, Librarian. ;  July 16, 1870. jul6 Ira  To be followed by a Musical Interlude in whirl, n,  :     larlucat Voc.Ui.ts wlllappCS"hlch^  And concluding with the favorite farce  A   FRIEND   IN   NEED.'  ������p������������������, .:;:,-:.-W   .   j^"bvcsc���������L  Jeremy.       - ... .      ������ ������������.������. b.nllh  Mrs Pitchy, -      A   y ' * . ��������� fc^"  Lydia, :���������   %' .-���������:. ...   \\-X. ,a \���������������z/^a  ,    V . '      Aixs Purser  4������" Doors open at half-pist 7 o'clock    Prance toenmmenceat Sd'clnck. '   PittQ^  Admission $100.    Reserved Seats   SI 15a  GRUNBAUIV1    BROS  clonfegainst the government. A The old polli ui������ airairs or the UliiirchV which no w ;se������m i  ceP&9pfl fanner might be exciisahle^ wbenex-'"  ARASTRAsiiOn^ -^''fival.,--^ wi..:.i'. ;A.  lraordinarjr: expensns ;were inciirred oh theii  accoii n fc an(lv tlic pophlatioa seemeo' trarisi t-  ory,.btit an exceptional treatment Is nolo  justifiable.   The populatioh of Cariboo is as  fixed as in any other part of the colony. < Let  the postage rates and cburt fees be uniform;  tbe mining record fees reduced, and better  fa ci li ii es for c om mu h icatio n. establish ed in  the district.   Light taxation stimulates production and Increased production increases  the revenue.   Tbe, result of reduced postage  is generally ah increase of receipts, but whether Rowland. Hill's wisdom is equally applicable to our case or not we demand uniform  .postage as a right, and we. ask up"'on what  *| principle are we required to pay a doubled  t fee for the administration of justice.     The  * c nstoins. tariff., ro ad to 11 s t, m in i ng taxes, an d  v court; fees, aggregate a sum per head of tbe  population out of proportion to pur resources.  End tbe miner is compelled  to. bear taxes  Ator t be en co u ragem en t a n d pro tec tio 11 of olh er  ���������i\*ef':'*\. Industries, while legislalion offers him no en*  t \^.. co'.iragement at: all, bufc it seems - to be di-  y  Ar ASTB A*s-^One y of tbe . q 11 artz 91 aims -..ion  Isl a lid Mo u ri tain has been. p rospec ted to a  depth of thirty. or forty feet, and the vein or  led ge s ti 11 holds oil t a wi d th 0 ft wo an a tb ree  feet It is intended to test the quartz b'yaras-  tras, ^hich are;now being prepared^oti Mosquito creek for the purpose. The qiiilrtz will  be packed to Mosquito ctvek, but should it  turn out well tbe arastras will be placed on  the; claim, or an"eftbrfc will be made, to pro-  ciire a quartz mill. The quartz ledge is -'situate in a ravine which runs down to, the flats  or meadowSsmidway between Jack of Clubs  lake and Mosquito creek. A small stream  runs down the ravine, exposing pieces of  quartz all the way ;duwn,; thus favoring the  p resu m plib ri th a t; the led <re runs ac ross th e  entire mountain. lit Sadoux's claim the  quartz vein is very regular as far as exposed,  and does not appear to haye been broken or  disturbed. Pieces taken from this vein show  fine gold plainly visible to the eye.  Lytton Racks.���������The Lytton horse-races  came off on the 4th inst There were several  competitors for the Confederate purse, the  most notable of which were "Nell Gvvynne."  *vLazy Skihulin " and '* Minahotka." Distance, one half mile. Booking was stricily  prohibited by the.police on the authority of a  recent Act of tlie Imperial Parliament, greatly  to.the morthication of tbe numerous "sports"  who had congregated from al'  Have opened a  B'lM1DTlir'-:G  l&ASvui-v  WHERE they; will keep a choice assortment of  .-rpm-tilasslpl       IPs/)- A ,';   A.-Wy 'A,  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS,   !!  ;!'!"; ^CLOjrHING, BOOTS, . /^  V /MiNI^  GENUINE;MEERSCHAIJM PIPES,(&c7';;y  . Which they will sell at LOWEST RAtES.;.'.. V  wW/A[- XXI     r; Jo23 lih":" '������������������'-  HyDRAULIC HOSE,  S TRONGL^! AND! N E A TL Y  MADE.  ORDERS left nt Mr Neufelder'a or Mr FrmH, r���������  ;���������! Her's, KiehfieM, wiU b0 pro^tly 3K  and thankfully received.. mr.f. (Ultn������ed t������  _j������91m aw: ,;��������� ;;���������   '   ; .        JQHyA^DERSoy:  NOTICE.      -Ai     ^  D:tvid Bonnoy will liquidate nil debt* ind VW;*.-  ferail outstanding accounts du^the^u^firnV     ?Pl  W.AX P., ;.-';    WILLIAM KOKRf5T.  ;^^nie:i^^^  Received eirery We^l^y  "~     vessl   "''/Ap  ^atchiiiakerj  At       DE NOUWBbN  JrtAlm yyAy-wyy.x,y.    wAp-p^rrLx  I   FLOUR!  JD5T RECEiTED, ^tlargc lot of  Next door to Post Office.  ., julg'  1A1BEET& BISSOINETTS  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  AND GE.N'SRAll DEALERS UT  G-ROCERIES,  ;   PROVISIONS, &ov  BARKERVILLE AND ANTLER  CREEK.  We respectfully heft to inform Miners on Antler nnd  ' surrounding Creeks that a full nnd varied assortment  ol the Freshest Groceries and Provisions' in Cariboo,  ani everything required hy Miners, will always be  found at <air Store on Antler  U3U FRESH KANOH BUTTE a always on hand.  ' . .   .      jell 3m  J������25  DOMESTIC FLOUR, BEST BRANDS.  For sale hy  HxA$; wrcKHAM, ���������  -.. ..-.i    B.<rlcervilla^  a. aiLto  EROHANT TAILOR,  YATES   STREET,   VICTORIA.   V.I.,  l"TAv1 ?? HAND������ Mi������* is constantly  receivln?, ������  nruivlll    0SS(>rtmcnt  or  CLOTHS,   CA?SlMRKE3  la lZZn?& which, hc fs ������rCI)arc<* "> ������������ke to order  mine most approved styles.  taking S xiUn\,1 Crftek cau"1m������T������ their mca sur������.  flSl fi?Ir,McCalIu,n������ Barkerville/  to������^* All orders from Cariboo promptly attended  ..'     - my2l6ra  I-  Jv~.fi- -  .   ~v"*������������^������u������uib cnaracter to  x^pne tax on tax.   But let the mercantile, farm-  ; ? tng or manufacturing iiftfrests be touched bv  .government in the sanTe inconsiderate man-  I  g^.^^^wn^ns'.outeyis raised.   Now  :^ej������^ do not sbow an equally p0HtIc'  itWfc it is not because they do not feel the  .Injustice of the special-taxes, but because  j loeir occupation absorbs air their attention  ^Claims cannot be neglected for public meetings.   Besides, while the legislature is com-  posed as it is of tax'masters and tax gatherers  .Itseems impossible to obtain any ameliorating change, and hence the saying, ������ keep  your breath to cool your porridge." will account for the quiescent, attitude of thi* 0ver^  taxed district.   Again,- a thorough change of  VAN    WINKLE    STOR  LlOHTSIXO-- CllEKK.  MINERS AXD TRADERS will find It to their W  A'x  vantage to purchase at this Store, whero theic U  mmm* taking the r^Aoi^^^^ZAZ^.  hJ % .  . V'e, R!,,lroa'3 P"'se of $75 was won  by Seward s horso ������ John Bull."  Those races  HosprT.u.   SunscmrTrov CoMMrTTBB.-TIie  ^f    l^'TKf Carib0������.taTO *PP������lnted four  P������al, espewally f��������� tbe matter of rem 11 ner  ation to the medical superintendent who Iml  no stated salary, but is dependent tar remf  flerauon on what remains from the grant ������  COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND  GENERAL   DEALERS  -IN-  G-roceries,  Provisions, and  -6* nAm��������� Lienors.  THE   CELEBRATED  DUIYIUE IRISH WHISKEY.  &ff- Partlcuhr attention naid io rr,^t  Country Proditco. P        ������ CoDsignmonta of  ' ��������� jc4 3m  House for Sale.  MMU������TM^beit"<.,?or,Ptton:on hand, and the Stock  constantly replenished hy new arrivals.  Theprourl*  tors will sell Goods  AS CHEAP AS  ANY IN  CARIBOO.  Orderspromptly filled,and forwarded with dispatch.  Tan TPInkl*.  BEGDY & UNDJTART),  Prciprhftori*  New Restaurant & Boarding House.  EGS to announce that shb has re-opened tho bu!M-  as a Wg known us tho Ncw ^miniou Dining Rooms  RESTAURANT AND BOARDING HOUSE  *oF!l?^c,S8S Mea,s ^i,! b0 ^rnishod, and tbo strict.  nfivSnn3 KJli t0 th0 wants of her customers.  ordS! PRIVATE   PARTIES   cookod  t9  WINES,   LIQUORS   &   CIGARS,  of tho best quality, to be obtained at tho Bar.  IB  m  I  m  1  Mi  mm  At-k  AA'  fc  AA  sAk  *  w  A  AX A-  :y,  ���������A  1$ WW^M  m  n  'HE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY, JULY 30.1870.  I  m  Jit  HI  m  ���������  ���������  ill  1  11  IB  Wm  m  VS*mmZ<  Si  f������������.  W$i  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  WILLIAM CREEK. '.'���������;'  The Gold Hill co. continue prospecting.���������  I The San Jiian co.; cleaned up 23$ oz. for the  I week.   The Mountain co.,bottomed a piece 6T  Ideep ground and got good prospects.   The  I pownie co. cleaned up 70 oz.   The Flume co.  I have suspended operations un ti l winter, when  I they intend to run a tunnel. The Forward co.  I have rigged up two hydraulics and are rapidly  I opening: the ground.   Good prospects have  I encouraged them to increase lhe ir working  I f:>"?'} nnd apparatus, and a profitable result is  |   .;���������*v'cieC    The "McLaren co. have finished  |.-*!*������:!'ting up -hod took" out 56 oz.'last week.  ,>���������<<; Dutch Bill cleaned iip  115 oz. for the  [   .A-ii.    The Cornish co. have  commenced  1!������������������;���������... ynng up and areworking two shifts,  fhe  rw'Xik in the Cornish claimv which has been  '' nnd er the direcUon of Capt Robertson, has  Ik en v igor o u si y pusl ed forward tli is seaso n f  nnd if the ground should pay as well as before  pood dividends will be obtained.    The first  I ��������������� cl ea n p p,"', o n Th ii rsd a y ���������. gave 5 9 oz.   The  intson co. cleaned up GO pz, last' week.   The  Fust������T-Ca m pbe 11 made over expenses for the  weelc. The Carib oo'; co. to ok o 111 6 ver 70 oz:  The Forest Rose co. washed up 49 oz.and the  St. G eorpe over. 50; oz. ��������� The New; Aurora co.  are fo 11 o w i n g ii p a streak of gravel. w Inch is  believed to be a������' spi 11"��������� from a back clianneK  Tlie Alert co. washed up 13 oz, last week.  A "-'..       ��������� -WALKER'S' GCIXH. /  The Last. TrinI coi washed up 25 oz. from  iboir tail race and prospecting hole.  ;  :'"'"'1-'- ' ���������:.GT<yvr''QMjcnyXlsA;y^:':AA:' A  The Mucho Oro co. got on to pay again last  week a nd took out 27 oz. : The Taffvale co.  ��������� washed up-'37.-Jroz."--;-,"w-':;-V-'. ���������   'AAl V  Tire discovery co::fiispecli to have their ditch  completed; this-week.::- - -   ly"- Ip,. -.;���������..:      xwx  :/���������'-.>���������< .:������������������ ������������������; lowitee'creek, y x a :..���������. a  Tne Brown -cot cleaned rip: Sd oz: for the  Uwi two weeks, a fa abetter result than; was  a s v- e c t ed, as part 0 f the g roiin d had been  worked before; ;" The -Eclipse and: Russel-  R ob er t po n co .'s con ti rtu e Mn kitlff, sb af ts. The  Victoria co; washed up 25 b% for the week,  a nd thevKeKy vco^ W OXi <^hp A Calaveras are  running a drain;        ^      ���������--.-  .   AA"-'yiin&<$iTpmpKKz*XA A:-.'.; Ay  The Little;Minuie. eo:; continue ^running :a  drive to vtbft side ground The "Willow: co."  ha v e reco in m en ced wo rk. The - M idd 1 e Sh af t  co. have been running a drive and in tended'  to breast on 11 hisv week. The Tabb Co. are  washing. The Discovery and Holmaa companies are makiiig \wages.  '        'A   / ^ ;1RB D GDLCH.   '"       . :AA'A ..   I  A few parties are; working on this gulch  and making from $4 to $6 per day.  COULTER CREEK.  There is only one company at work on this  creek and bydraulicihg.  WHIFSAW GULCH.  The Conhnbia eo, are making small wages.  The Chinese co, are making $3 to $4 per day.  '/-.'. FRENCH CREEK. :  The North American co. are running ahead  with their tunnel through good-looking gravel.  The Cosmopolitan co. are making expenses.  CANADIAN* CREEK.  ���������j-.      ��������� j. ..%..._  The Non-su ch cb., at the head of the creek,  iiave got their machinery into operation, and  -?:e drifting and washing.  ill GROUSE CREEK, ������  The Ontario co. washed up 30 oz. The Salt  Spring co. continue bottoming the deep  pound at the head of the canyon. The Rocky  Point co. are doing well. TheQueenof Sheba  co. have got their ground into good working  shape and will soon test its quality. The  Union co. have commenced washing and are  getting satisfactory pay. A few smaller companies are making about wages.  BECJOS GULCIL  The Welsh co. washed up ih. oz.to the band  last week. The Skym co. continue doing  veil, *  LIGHTNING CREEK.  The Vulcan co. have commenced a tail-  race. The Vancouver co. are down 26 feet  in their bed rock dhaft The Victoria co. are  running a ditch. The Van winkle co, have  got their machinery to work and are drifting.  The Spruce co. are still putting in a tail-race.  The machinery for this company is about  completed and will be sent over from William  creek. The Lightning co. washed up over  560 oz. for the week. The Gladstone co. have  pot their machinery nearly completed. The  Eleven of England continue Binking a shaft.  The Eldorado co. expect to strike the channel  :���������/������������������;. i  in a couple of weeks. A great deal of prospecting has been done by thiscompany. Lasl  fall they started a shaft and, not being able  to bottom In consequence of water, they commenced a tunnel about 60 feet below tbe road  and got in 250 feet They then sank a blind  shaft 20 feet, could not bottom, and commenced tunnelling about 40 feet lower down  the'hill and cut through bedrock '200feet.  Here they struck a channel and drifted across  it 80 feet.: Then they came back, sank a  blind shaft 24 feet oiv the rim rock, and drifted  15 feet, where they struck water., The channel is supposed to he the fmler of the Light-  ning claim. The South Wales co. have got  their shaft down 44 feet.  '���������-..���������   LAST CHANCE CREEK.  The Clarke co. have stopped for repairs of  machinery.  ANDERSON CREEK.  The Warren co. wash ed up ab on t lh e sa m e  amount as the.week before last���������CO oz, over  expensed giving a dividend of C oz. to the  interest. ,  OMINECA L\TELL1GENCE. A  A few more miners? have arrived from Vital  creek since our last issue. The news is rather  in ore favornb I e tha n ���������' b efo re. A fe w com-  panies were doing well and others had good  prospects. The party of four men who had'  started for Find)ay river via Omineca river  were expected to relurri in a few days. They  had been away a month; A party of five who  had pone to Nation rive.r were also expected  on Vital creek. A par ty ��������� of twelve b ad al so  gone to Nation river fro.in Tatlah Landihg.  This party took p ro visi o ri s- for a fe w. m on th s,  and wouid probab 1 y stay ti 11; the cl ose of the  season. Mr Fitzgerald was on Vital creek,  an d ith e mi ners were very, well satisfied wi th  all that he had done.  I      ���������     p ' V ��������� ',:��������� .'\.yiTAL'.CREEK. ���������'",' -A. -  The ��������� California co. h ad gr.onnd-slniced a  .1 arge piece of grou nd an d h ad co m m en ced to  clean up.   Their claim is in the lower part'of  the creek; : Hazard had commenced cleaning  up.   The Hain il ton''... co; were doing wel I and  had a piece of ground frcrn wliich they expected to take from 1 to 2 oz. per day to the  hand.;  The Brown and Taylor co. were mak-  ing a li t tl e o ver an on nee per day to the handj  The Vital co. had been making 2 oz. per day  to  th e baud shovel I ing in to sluices.;   th eir  ground was only three and four feet deep.���������  The Discovery co. had struck the ed ire: of the  deep ch an nel an d fon n d -the gold go in % d own  with the rock: A- They were p reparin g to "sink  a shaft top rospec t f- the dee p gro ii nd;   The  Ch apm an clai in, whic h ������������������'��������� pa id we IIX las t year,  was ho t gi v in g  sa tisfac tory re to r iis. ���������  The  Davis "claim was paying something.'   A great  part of th e creek, fro m the iiip per Disco very  claim apwards, had been abandoned except  by one company, who were ground-sluicing.  Mr Elmore was trying to organize a company  to work the Adair grouud. and had made a  liberal offer of provisions for that puruose.  SILVER CREEK.,  Work bad been resumed on this creek, and  twelve or fourteen men were p rospec tin g.~  Laidlaw, McDonald & co. were going to turn  the creek. A:  QUARTZ CREEK. ._  ....  About fourteen men were wqrking on  Quartz creek. One company of Chinamen  were making fair wages, and a company of  white men had commenced operations.  Notice���������C. McCali urn requests all parties  indebted to him to settle accounts on or before the 18th of Angnst.as after that date he  intends to place all unpaid bills in court for  collection. He is now selling off the remainder of bis stock of clothing at and below cost,]  for cash only. .*  Mrs Parker's Benefit���������To-ntgbt tbe Cariboo Amateurs will give a performancejit the  Theatre for the benefit of Mrs Parker. Two  excellent comediettas have been selected for  representation, and a vocal interlude will  give pleasing variety to the programme*  Mr Wm. Wright, owner of the Blue Tent  ranch, died in Victoria on the 7th July. Mr  Wright was one of the pioneer dairymen of  William creek, and was highly respected by  bis numerous friends.  Os the Mountains���������Mr Harper has a fiock  of 900 sheep aiid a band of 115 steers on Buld  Mountain. The sheep were driven up on the  10th and the steers on the 25th inst  The company lately organise'd, through the  enterprise of Mr Bates, of Deep Creek, and  several leading Williams Lake farmers, commenced active operations on Black Bear  Creek yesterday.  The Hon. Mr Justice Crease and party visited the Waverly tunnel on Thursday.^ Mr C.  has displayed much interest in Cariboo affairs while here.  Pearson Bros, are shipping their tools and  stock from their branch store at QuesneU  mouth, to Van Wiukle, where they iutend  opening a store*  GRAND JURY REPORT.  The Grand Jury for the District of Cariboo  beg respectfully to represent: i" Ai.  That in our opinion the fees chargeable in  the County' Court of this district per order of  Court, dated Victoria, 2d June. 1870, are most  exorbitant and calculated to inflict great hardship 'and loss ou suitors. Wei cannot see the  propriety or' justice of charging the .inhabitants of one portion of the colony���������a portion.  ioo, on which the prosperity of the whole in a  great measure depends���������double tae price lor  availing themselves of the advantages of this  court w h i ch is ch arged iii a no th er, and we  therefore lecommend that the rates throughout all tlie.colony may be equalized.   .  The interests of this section they also consider a re no t d n 1 y p ro vi ded for i u the S u-  preme Cou r t. Until ������ few day s.: si n ce the re  has been no registrar or deputy-registrar in  the district for a period^oLovetveight months,  so that no writ coiild be issued, nor document  filed or attested, while an action commenced  after the arrival of the Judge and Registrar  could not be tried here at the present assizes,  if,as is proposed, the Judge remains less than  a month;.' The result is that in any suit for  ovor,S500. except in mining cases,'there is  juuv^njaqtically no remedy in this district, as  p a f ties tri ust' ei th er go to the gr ea t expen se  and i n po n ven i e n ce o f b rin gi n g ac lion in the  lower portion of the Colony or wait a yeur for  ti'iaK We would therefore recommend that a  deput.y-reg?strar be. permanently stationed  here, an d tha t a Jnd ge of ; tli e Co a rt. slip uld  remain in life district during the mining  season as heretofore. ,     v,  ��������� I n con n ecti o n wi th th e sub iec t of tin due  taxation borne by this district over other portions of the' co 1 ony. we would also refertorthe  di tfe ren tial- rates p f; p osta ge ch ��������� vrged on 1 e tte rs  coming froni or going beyond Ya!e--a system  long since exploded iii other countries, and.  in pur opinion^contrary to justice audiaipar-  tial distribution:of taxation     >    *''.' iiy-pAli'p,  We beg to call attention to the condition of  the Cariboo Hospital���������an institution which is  of. inestimable benefit in a mining community,  where men'areAscr^liable to beproslraied by  sickness or accident,:-far; from their lfriends,  and in many cases utterly destitnte of means:  A contribution of S250 per month is how  given by Government. in addii iOn; to wbich  considerablessums are annually raised in the  district by private subscription ; but the reside n t su rgep n, wh b in add i tio n to his o rd In ary  duties has^ duringVthielpaSt; year, dispensed  medicine tojover 300 outpatients, has not received f'rom al 1 sources pver SI per dtiy, re-  mirneration lor his arduous services..:; As it Js  desirous, to;, provide a-permanent fund forthe  support bf this indispensable institution, which  has always, hiiherto been crippled (through  impecuniosity, we would recommend that iii  addition to the annual grant now given the  su m of. on e doll ar; addit io nal b e collected o n  all mining.licences issued, and-retained by  the Gold Commissioner as a special hospital  fund. ; ��������� 'w ..'  With reference, to roads and trails in this  district, we would call attention to the dangerous condition of the wagon road between  Richfield and Barkerville���������a subject which  was strongly commented':on by the Grand  Ju ry 1 as t y ear, bit t to which, strange to say,  no attention has since been paid by the Executive. The road through tbe canyon -is entirely too narrow to admit of teams passing  over it with safety.' "Several accidents have  already occurred, fortunately without serious  results, but a catastrophe of a serious nature  may be apprehended at any time unless the  road is widened in places, which we recom-  mend should be done as soon as possible.  And Ve would also suggest the advisability  of enlarging the turnout in the middle of the  canyon to enable vehicles to pas3 each other  with greater ease and safety. We would also  remark that there are several very dangerou?  points on the wagon road between Soda creek  and Riclifteld which should be improved, several valuable horses having already been lost  in consequence.  We would recommend that a wagon road  be constructed from some eligible point between Richfield and Baikerville to Lowkee-  creek, similar to that already made to Mosquito creek. Lowbee creek is a creek which  has been steadily worked since 1801. and  which promises to maintain a large number  of miners for years to come, and considerable.  attention is now being directed to quartz  leads in that vicinity. The cost of a good  road, if made during the summer inoiuhn,  would be very trifling ; and it certainly is  most desirable that the present wretched trail  should no longer be the only mode of transit-  to such an important locality.  We beg to recommend that an annual p.rant  be appropriated for the support of the William  Creek Fire Brigade corresponding to what is  given by Government to the fire departments  in other portions of the colony, a considerable  expenditure being necessary every year in  keeping the reservoirs in order and providing  hoso a������d other absolute necessaries,  J. B. Thompson, Foreman,  MINING COURT.  (Before Hon. H. it Ball, Gold Commissioner, and  County Court judge.j  ; "A A-A-Ay Wednesday, July 27,1870.  /W; SooBT-ys. Dutcu Bill Co.���������Plaintiff is.*  co-pari ner, o w ni ng one iii terest m the Da toil  Bi 11 cl aim oh Wi 11 ia m creek, an d had b een  woikirig ,sb as to represent his interest, but  was recently discharged by the foreman, Thos.  A11 en, whe re ii p o n pi ai n tiff b rough t suit to  show ca use w hy he sh di iild hot' be. al 16 wed to .  represent his, interest.       ' ;; ��������� ,'.. A. ,1  Plaintiff adduced evidence toshow'that be  bad held one. jn terest in the claim since August, 1869-';��������� that he hud been admitted to re*  present said interest from the said month and  year until last week \ that he had been dis-  ch a rged w he n the c 6 m puny co mm en ced c I ean ���������  ing up. and thatno skilled labor was required  for such work ; that none of the other paru  tiers represented their interests by working in  the claim, and yet the foreman bad undertaken  to discharge plaintiff; that no meeting had  been held to appoint a foreman ; that the  o per alio ns of th e c 6 m p an y were ca rri ed on  without consulting plain tiff; that at the com.  menceinent of ��������� the mining season work had  been begun without any notification having  been given to plaintiff of tho work; that it  was not until soma days thereafter that plaintiff incidentally became aware that work had  been commenced ; that iu these and su ndry  other ways plaintiff was entirely ignored as a  co-partner having a voice in the company's  affairs;. that plaintiff had always obeyed the  orders of thejoreman ; that no cause had been  given for his discharge and that no reason had  been assigned for Such; discharge; that ho; offer liad b e e n rn ade t o h u y his interest by de*  ien d an ts; and that he w. oii Id have pref e r re d  l\io sell out rat her th an "stiiy in the Corn p an y on  account of the treatment be had received. ;.���������������������������'  For the defence, it was argued and eyidenca  was brought to prove that plaintiff was not  capaolii of vvbrking as a miner, and morooyer  that he constantly showed a disposition to disobey orders;  that: several serious accidents,  endangering life and limb, had occurred in  consequenee 'of such ineapacity and disincli-  nation to obey the orders 61 the foreman ?  that on one occasion^ when a member bteach  of the, neighboring companies was directed to  do some woirk for the j>encut of all the/-com-  paniesj the foremen of the said companies re-  fused to accept bis work on the same - fbo 1 ing  as; the wo rk done by thenv tbey' not ccfSsicle'r-  i n <> p lai nti ff a coro p etenf ini her ; th at in' ^oh������ ���������  ieq u en ce of sh c h ;in capacity the Cb in a m eh re-  fused to work wiCh plaintin^:being^Ja^ar%f  accidents tvhicb might be caused by such in-  capac i ty ;' th at plaintiff b ad l. p u r p oseiy o b -  i5tructed the progress of the work because: the  company had chosen- an pUtsicler^insteadiof  himself for foreman ;~ that he had-declared lie  would do all in his power to^keep the work  back because he was dissatisfied with the new j  foreman ; that, bis dissatisfaction and disinclt-  natioii to work as ordered grew worse instead >���������  of otherwise, and that, in short, it was dangerous to work with him;   that lie bad'^een  treated wi th great indulgence and leniency in  consequence of his being a shareholder;. that'  the company would have preferred, to employ  him, and endeavored to conciliate bim, but  were compelled to discharge him ;  that the  foreman was a shareholder, and appointed by  the company before-plaintiff became a member..'  '-.;'��������� ' r ' '*'  The Gold Commissioner said that tbe Mining  Ordinance allowed a co-partner to represent  bis interest, but that the work and labor done  by the co-partner should be satisfactory to the  foreman. The evidence proved that the plaintiff had disobeyed orders and had not worked  to the satisfaction of the foreman. A man had  no right to act as he had done to the foreman  even if he were a shareholder in the company.  It was evident that the company had shown  plaintiff much leniency. He would decid������  against plaintiff.  ^  t  s-s  "���������Ayx-~-,  "l 1  ii'swy  " ��������� PXi  Mkmory presides over the past: Fklt.'s  Cofkkk over the present. The first lives in a  rich temple hung with glorious trophies, and  lined with tombs; but KbXb's Cofmk has but  one shrine, and that is every breakfast;table.  Its aroma walks the earth like a spirit, and  can be found for sale at every respectable-  dealer's in British Columbia. Beware of  spurious imitations. *  ���������-SuavACB Digoin'QS���������The surface disrging*  discovered by Doc. II olio way and pany are  situate between Lowbee Creek and Stony  Creek, A party left Lowhee creek last week  to test them.   Coarse gold had been found.  Quartz���������A lot of quartz was packed to the  Cariboo Quartz Mill irom Sadoux's quarta  claim yesterday.  Mr John Polmere arrived at Barkerville on  Thursday last. We are indebted to his courtesy for Omineca intelligence.  Several teams and trains, with .nkreban*  dise, arrived here this week.  Jcdge Crease and Mr. Pooley will leava  William creek on Monday neU. WAt-H  "AAA i  !'V A a  As     I  ���������;;: 'f  AAA !  ���������;*;<:h--'-;  iZS/i ���������.'  1 ������  ^W$Al  VT*s-  ?���������'������������������"..-  "W  ,|$ A  ;M *.���������  MISCELLANEOUS.  TaxesotfAS A mericanwhen in* htb Clothes.  ..' ; Hafc-silk plush, (JOjier cenf j riband, 60 per  een fc ; "alpacaA Ifmhg for brim; 50 cents a lb.  V and 35 per cenf.; leather; inside, 35 per cent.;  mnsHh^ining,7|;cenfsa square yard; .gluey  : ! 20 p%r;cent.;;;;poa^~clolh, 55 cents abound  and 35 pet* eenh ad yalorem ; silk lining:, 60  : per ceptA] alpaca used;(herein, 50 cents.a lb.  : a nd 35 * per een t. a d valorem;.: biiltonsy if  worsted, 20 cents a lb..and, 35 per cen^-ad  " raid rem ; ! wo rsted. b rai ds. 5 0 een ts alb. an d  35 per cent, ad valorem; velvet fp^! collar 60-  ���������.;'��������� per cent; red? worsted padding, 50 cents a lb.  and 35 per cent; $d valorem; li em p pod dins:.  .'   40. per cent. .-.Paritai 6 ons~ passim ere. 50 cents  *.-. 'iilb* a rid 35 ^per ;cen t.. "ady valorem ; cotton  iised the'rei n, 5 een t s a sqn a re y a rd ; hem p  ;: cloth for facin>r,;40 per cent.; metfil buttons.  ' ; SO. per cent.   Vest���������:siIk or satin, CO per; ct.i;  Iinen.lining.35 per cent, j silk hnttons, COpor  A   Cent.-   Braces. 35 per icent. .Undershirtif  !    silk, CO percent.; if worsted, 50 cents a lb.  ���������*   and;35 per cent; ad valorem ; if cotton, 35  .    per!cerit.   Drawers, the same.   Shirt;���������cotton.  6 cenfs a square yard:j lihcri for the front, 35  per cent.p Buttons���������35 per cent.   Boots���������raw  ';:. li ides, 10 per cenfc-j- tanned! leather, calfskin,  ���������..'.:- 30 per cent,;! if patent Jcail^ ^i> ps^r cent;;  ;.-. \ 661es, 35:iperxcent.^Necierchief~ifsilk, 60  per ct.   Pocket handkerchief--if silk, 30 per  ���������:-. cent.;.if linen, 35Vper;cent.;;:if;cb.Ubri';35iper  een i v (So ve sy, k|!d; igl o^es, 50 per p.-Pocket  ; knife,,35 per ct.v^jiVatch,:.- 25 per>cent.- Silk.  .watch chain, 60:per cent.���������[American paper.  American!and,EnglishMowing Machines.  Reapj n g an d! mow in g m ach i n es,- h ave no w b e-  corae standard implements on English farms;  bitti;in Erance they am still regarded somewhat, as i ti novations ; the 1 o wer rate of wages  A A acrpsS:t^e;Gban!nel 'having-hithertoacted as a  aA ^aiTierj'tO'Vilie -i n trod notion of ^labor-saving  A A machines ���������'.*. i ti "agriculture^;: JWages;tio we ver,  ,t are .rising in Prance) as in most other conn-  vtriesVitnd- the attention, therefore, of agricnl-  ��������� ,-.' turi&isi feected-toihe best to  and'mowing machines.   Several international  ; trials? of tjthese;.-:machines are anri'd'ii ncecl to.  come;off this summer.   The first came off last  mon th at Bqurges, 123 miles son th of Paris, at  wb ich tb ere! was a'-very sli arp - con tes t b e tween  the;English;and American machines. .The  Iron monger states; that a f te r h'���������'.} o n g an d c are-  ful trial th e a^yard'was gi ven in favor of the  .   English machine of Messrs. Howard, of Bedford, which in mowing an acre beat the far-  famed Am or i can ra a chines of Mr W. A. Wo od  .;    and Mr McCorm ick by eigli teen m l nil tes.  ;   Thb Industrial Glasses of the,United' States  haye been the .subject of a long and jnterest-  ing'report by Mr Prancis Clare. Ford, Secretary of the Euglish Legation at 'Washington.  This report was .made in pursuance.of a circular addressed by Lord Clarendon, in April,  18G9, to the diplomatic and consular agents of  ; great Britain, instrucilng them to report upon  the co ndi lion .of the industrial classes in the  countries to which they were accredited,   Mr  ,   .Ford says that the A merican system of com-  Xnon school education has elevated the condition of the native-born; working man; and  has disp ose d h i m to p re fer , o ecu p a tio n s in  which the exercise of the brain is in greater  demand than tbose of the el bo w, and asserts  that; the steady infl.ux of Immigra nts for the  last tvventy years has created a disinclination  on the part of American workmen to engage  an the rough toil of purely muscular labor  which tlie newly-arrived foreigner is ready to  exert for his support.  At Nihlo's Tlseatre, on the night of the 8th  Jnne, during a performance of the drama of  1M N.ot GuiHy,'' and while the battle scene be.  iween the English soldiers and tho Indian Sepoys was being represented, a dark-looking,  Jjandsome man. dressed [n the height of fash-  ion, with irreproachable dress coat, immaculate shirt front, aiidjBparliling diamond studs,  jumped lip from an orchestra chair and be  gan gesticulating wi.ldly, and shrieking out  some unintelligible words.  He was removed,  and^ on search being made a card was found  in his pocket which showed him to be M. Bo-  man'gee Byramgeo Uolati, an East Indian Par-  see.   He is a madman, and has been placed  An Edinburgh paper says that, in these days  of reviVal services, it is to be expected that a  variety of motives will operate in gathering  andiencesi biitsurely few Would!ever dream  that the folio wing-~gi ven-as a literal fitct���������  woiild find a place among them :/��������� Were .you  at 'the meeting last night, Nelly ?"   "Ay, J  h ad na muck 1 e to d o, an? I tho ch fe 1 ro igh t as  weel gang, as it would save the candle l7^ . -  ; Hard Times���������A well-informed gentleman  w ri ti ri g from ;!Wash i n g to n to a f rien d in th is  ci ty. says: *f. 1 do ti ?fc thin k tli e lim es can b e  harder in San Francisco than they are here or  sn^Chicagoand New Yonr. Twenty thousand-  men in; Chicago and sixty thousand in New  York are out of employment and. nothing' to  live on."A-[San Francisco Examiner;',',-:  The ifirst steamboat used iii Great Britain  wa s the Co m el, a sm all vessel; o f! for ty feet  keel and ten. feet aud a h al f beam. wi th. an  engine of three-horse power, which carried  passengers on the river Glvde, Scotland, in  1814.,: ��������� ������������������.;,      ��������� ,: -, '������������������������������������* -Ay.. ���������  MISCELLANEQ.US.  YATES ST-R-JEBT, VICTORIA, V.I.  tho Sentjxel Olllco  my 7 6m  A. Gasamayou & Gov,  Commissioa Merchants & Wholesale Dealers  ���������:. ��������� In'- "."^  GROCERIES,   PRO VISIONS,  HA VAN A CI G A!US   AND  FRENCH  PRESERVES.    ..      . '::'-���������'  Yates street. Victoria, VI.  '������������������'���������'       ��������� ... ..rav7Sm  CoFFKK���������The Coffee prepared by WILLSON  & R1CKMAN. Fort street, Victoria-. lias siiper-  sc d e d al I o Lh e r Co tfe e i n t h e; I C;wer count ry.  It is mailufuctured from the, very best raw  co ffee, ian d i ts s n p e ri o ri ty is attes te d by: the  fuct that wherever introduced it has become  ���������lie favorite beverage:>       V   -..="���������>,-' v;  Ayoik^ iiZfs  RETAIL   BUTCHERS,  B'ARKE RVILLE,  RICHFIELD, !ANL  '<;���������.��������� MOSQIJITG CREEK.     ,  ; A supply o fresh meat of all descriptions constantlj  'o'iihancl;;:^-'."'.'S';-. 'AI .������������������"������������������'.. s.;.  ���������Vr^^rEALJSR^IN^.''-^:.. XI w"  G-roo 0rie s,! Provisions,  Liquors, &c.9 &co,  ST OR AGE  AND   CO MM IS S 10'tf  ���������&������. Consignments carefully attended to and orders  faithfully executed.,,  "; Barlceryille, Juno 24tla, 1S.70.':..;';;        i:Je25 3m  NOTICE.  THE UNDERSIGNED   BEGS   TO   INFORM HIS  friends and the pub lie, that he has fitted up so-ne  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  In his new building, where lie Is prepared to eiv  good Beds" at a reasonable, price. Tuosc who w'n1  favor him with their patronage, may depend on tho  cleanness add comfort of his house.        . ��������� . -   ���������  He takes also this, opportunity to remind the Cari-  ���������������^s tI,at.llis brewery has received the FIRST  PRIZE ofthe Colony for his celebrated  XXX   ALE,  And the true amateurs wil Ibe able to jmiee bvthem  sWvus that such honorable prize has been i stlv  awarded to him. ^ .     *  N, CUNIO'  Mining and Agricultural  ./  M^chinerv^  QPHATT k KRI^rLKlt.Manufacture, alt,kinds of  O Machinery for Farmers and Miner?, at the Albion  Poundrv, Victoria,.-V.I., and mr cheapness air'  qua 1 i ly "i h ei r work can not bo rivalled by any other  Miioliinists. First premium Colonial made Wrought  Iron Ploughs, after the Scotch stylo, universally acknowledged to be'-tlie best in usf, price $65. Orders  for Qunrtz Mills, Iron .Pumps,-.&fv., Ploughs ������>r parts  of Hon ������\\s, prompt ly. a tton d ed to;    ���������-       my7 6m  SPROAT  &  CO.,  IMPORTpSOFtWMS&tlO  .,.-    AGENTS FOR  The Royal Insurance Go;,  ..:���������   WHARF STREET, VTCTORIA^ t.I. :  'AA. tn3r" ^tQ: '"-'.-   - _' y'Ax. "I    ���������'���������-  Pacific Telegraph  Hotel,  /Store street (h,elween Herald&;Fisgard),  ���������   . .      VICTORIA," B.C., '.  Andrew Astrico,: - ���������"-"yX-     Proprietor.  The most commodious and clean Hotel in Victoria.-  It is conducted onthe European principle,' The tabic  is sup plied w i t li 'tl) e very'.'-b est't h e jn ar k ct aflbrds.   ���������  Meals at all hours w tlio day. Private Dining  Konms for Families, ���������"'���������  ,:Board and Lodging per week, $5 50 @ $6 50.���������:  Per,day, SI." Single meals, 87 l-2.ceuts. Bods, 50c.  '.'. j^jr- A Fire-proof Safe in.the House. -..,'..-��������� -;���������' ���������  MISCELLANEOUS.  STEAMER   i^aa,.    VICT0RI4  ^-Hascomraeneed making her regular trjD\  : between"- :"- * ..,.:  SODA CREEK! & QUESNELMOUTH.  jj@* The steam or is not responslh le for ieaW** .  ils, or other liquids shipped ,in ti ns.    -������������������ l -^ ������(  Oil  Th.e Steamer Z: Onwaiti������  ���������"'������������������; Ail A ; OAPTv\V5r. IBVIXG- .'..*  T.!eAVES No\y Westminster for Valo on Wedno.  L   days:and Saturdays.. '. u "ea:fl<!������'  ,Th-i!1^!!!!0!f'i}l "ot 1>0j������?ponsi bie for leakage of  Liquids shipped in tin or glass.  ������������������^LONDON   HOU^E,  GOTERNMENT AND ,WHARF/STREETS:  'AAA.X.A-X     ;;;'';VICTORIA;"���������",.: ������������������'-���������!' ���������.,,:  ui'por tera1 of a 11 d esc ri p ti p ns.. of ��������� Dry. Goods.  !   Hosiery; and Under clothing, pi. A'AyA  A very full assortment of these goods, suitable for  Wholesale buyers, at their Wharf street Stbro.-  Reiru i a r s uppl i es receive d from Europ e b y sal I ing  vessels and by Express via Panama and Pacific Railroad. .  /^Particular attention given to orders from British Columbia. . '��������� ���������'���������..;-  Sole Agent for Alexandre Km Gloves.  London Finn���������J. P. TUNSTALL& Co., 8 Bow Church  Yard. \  FL0UE, FLOUR, FLOUR  SODA  CREEK, ;  QUESNELLE, and  BARKERVILLE.  "AiaO,;'  TWO 6-iK. CYLINDER STEAM ENGINES,  WrfH BOILERS,:   ,    v  Suitable for small steam ers.  Clinton, April 12th?lS70.  J, HARPER,  ap!6 6ra  N. B.���������Ala r/rc front room to ct,  Barkerville Jan. 23 I860.  in a ioapHal  H.   LE  Importer and Dealer in Fine Havana  OIOARS aiid^ TOBACCO,  T1n^0V?.?rtlcI?? Cfl" ,b0 0,)^i"ed in and out ot  Bond, at the option of the purchaser.   A general  assortment of  SMOKING   ARTICLES.  ^.Orders from the Upper countrv promptly a*  tended to. >       *      l  A  NT0,,4 7. YATKS' STJ? K ET,  (Opposito tho Bank of British North America  VICTOIUA, V.I. i3iy73  CHEAP   GOODS!  C0MPR1SI>'G���������  Soots, Shoes Clothing and  G*roceries,  OP  THE  BEST   QUALITY,  Forsalo at the Store of the undersigned in Barker,  ville,opposite the Bank of British Columbia.  W. KENxVIE.  se4 tf  as usual*  ��������� )  5 m  For Sale or to Let,  A B/?AADI?G I?9lJ?E' sUuat0 at l������e head of Stou  tV Gulch furnished with Range and evcrylhint  necessary for tho business.   Terms morimto  AVP]y *������ TflOS.  FLRTCHER,  Barkerville  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  FOR THE OMINECA MINES.    /,  THE undersigned, begs to inform all parlies wi������liin,^  to ship goods to Vital's creek ami surrouiii'Jnf  country that he will bo prepared to forward eoooo  pounds per month, oh and after the 1st of April nest  irom Quesnelmouth to the head of navigation. '  AH consignments attended to. with care and dla  patch, ..      '���������*'������������������  jaStf- PATRICKHICKEY  ^.Z':-AHdrmEix "���������;.<���������:  THE bargc^OMIKKCA,'' Capt; Mocrc, will be pre.  pared, on the 1st day or June next, to make her  regular trips from the foot of Stuart like to the head  of navigation on Lake Tat I ab,.; carrying freight anl:  passengers,-; -.-,       ./"j---'' IA, A.      ._.;._;  The Omineca is Sa tons burden, and is provided with  six wnter-t'lgtit; comparinirnts and capable of carry,  ing 25 header pack animals on deek; \  All goods intended: to ,bb.shipped by the Omineca  the.partios shipping will please address J. W. Mecre  foot of-Stuart; Lake^wliero there.will be a good,-sob!  stantial warehouse for. tlie receiving and forwarding-  goods. -.',' ���������%���������:���������:..:."��������� .;A'XX  's-J. W. 'MOOKE. , ���������  Quesnellomouth, April lGth, 1870.     >���������-.;     ap23  eiefs am u ii tio n;;  ^ THT3, ������OXER;: CARTRIDGES  For Sriider-Enfield of -577:bore,  and for -the Henry;.and Martini Henry Rifles or .450 bore,  adopted by her Majesty's War  Department, also or *5t)0 boro  for Mill ta ry R) tl es, ...  ��������� WATERPROOF CENTRA-. a w,  FIRE MET A I/L IC CAR-' v \. - Zl  ;TRII)GE������S with enlarged Base  ' for sm a 11 < b ores, a d op ted : b y  foreign., g.oy ern ri) en ts,, f or converted ��������� Chasscpo t, Be rd a n f R e ���������  m i ngton a nd ot he r Rill es; a 1 so  Cartridges for Ballard, the  Spencer, and 'Amcrican Henry  .Repeating lliflos.-^!-':''.-..���������     ::   :.   ,  The " EL1SV BOXER1' apoTthe cheapest Cartridges  k n p vvn, carry ing 'their own igii i tion. a nil bellig rnflilo  wholly of metal, are water proo''and IihiKuisliabicin  nny climate, v- '.  The above Cartri dge cases (empty) of a 11: siz^?, ar.d;  for the difl'erent systems ol Breech-loading Ri lies', can  b e had wi th or with ou 11 h e su i ta bl c Bull e ts. a n d ���������' Ma-  chines for finishing the Cartridges\  " BOXER CARTRIDG ES o f ��������� 4b6 bbro for Revolyiug.  Pistois. used in her Majestv'.*-Navy .'���������'-.-.  ��������� COPPER RIM-FIRE CARTRI-DGES of all size?, for  Smith k Wesson's, Tranters und1 other Pocket Ite-  volvcirs.: ��������� .  PIN-CARTRIDGES for. Lofaucheux Rovolvers of  12m. 9-m. and 7-m. bore.  CENTRAL-FIRE and PIN.FIRE CARTRIDGES for  all sizes and systems of Guns, Rifles and Revolvers.  Double Waterproof and E. B. Caps, Patent Wire Of  tridges, Felt Gun Waddings for Breech ami Muzzl*  Loaders, and overy description oi* Sporting aud SUU--  taryAmmunition,   : ^-���������v-.  ElEY   BOTHERS;,  GRAY'S  INN  ROAD,  LONDON,  WHOLESALE, ONLY        62tlflul������ ;  LEA & PERRINS'  Celebrated  WORCESTERSHIRE   SAUCE!,  Declared by Connoisseurs to bo  .   THE  ONLY   GOOD  SAUCE.  m  Caution against Fraud.���������The success of Hil������  ost delicious and unrivalled Condiment having  caused certain dealers to apply the name of ** Worcestershire Sauce" the public is hereby informed that tW  only way to secure the genuine. Is* to  AVD  ;>u u  CAR I BO O    RHYMES V  {BT JAMES ANDERSON.  PRICE,       .      ^     .        ONE DOLLAR  rJ?rrfJSJVflU ?TOOfflfio  and forwarded by  post, free<jf charge3 ,  ASK  FOR  LEA & PERBINS'  SATJCB,  and to sea that-their names are upon tho wraI'p^i  LABKLSj STOPI'KR, and BOTTJE.    . .  Some of the foreign markets having been suppneo  with a spurious Worcestershire Sauce, upon tha wrflp>  per and labels of which the names of Lea and Pernns  have been forged^ L. and R. give notice Unit ������i*J  have furnished their correspondents with powero\  attorney to tako instant proceedings against ^f^.  kacturkks and ve\������obs of such, or any other ium������  tions by which their right may he infrlnred.  Ask for LEA & P3SRRINS' Sauce ^nd������  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, an  ��������� Stopper.       < ��������� w  Wholesale and for export by the Proprietors, ii or-  cester; Crosse and Black well, London, ic, kc ' ana  by Grocers and Oilmen universaliy.  w  m  If  it  mm  x  Pkfe  ���������������������������  ill  Ali-Al-  kl  'A%,  a:/


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