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)    wl
���I'; ��� ���-���'-!
'-VS.  '*"  .
"ki- '���*
Barkerville,;; ISTI^^c.^ffe
'w'i'i FuUrished every; Saturday- by
B.0 B EXT   /HOLLO Wf A Y.,"���
Subscriptroii,  -  --.'60Gents per.Week.:.>
JUTES OF��� ADVERTISING;-      "..       ���
Vp6r on'o B(iu'.rc(oneinch); Brailn^rMon,-  - /?��'
i",-uV-^,'i':/-:;;,''r... -   oij'Utionlh,   -   -    rlp"^i
^rtwbsgii'iVcs, Ors-l-it^rtlon,y���-... - ,P*-s. |���--;>;
^      ''. ./���."�����: V..*.     t.  ' '  titiA UlftUl.lt   ... i   -���     �����-.:;.��,���!���.�� '   ��������������'; * ;'..���.-.'
"   Agents for tiae^'CfaTiboo Seirtanei,,^ y
'-QuRftiiPlmoutb.' - - - .BhrnartPsBxpreP's
-feiailreek, .' - ^ - - * BArnnrrt ���* fcxpwp
.(SHnr^^- -    . J'i ��� - " ; -'"���'- "��� '��' EanrarjPs Express-,
" ' - YuK * - ��� -"' -'; - /K' - ^' - tl�� ��� ' " ' ^'A ���'���-���
K.'.-y!l\V"cstm-.h'i��fcr,' "'-*v v? ��� V. ��� -  X ��MnvMurray-
��� Virt-na, .- ��� - -AX ���- -��� MrW��1>steJV
I-' 1�� KjVh>r'j  --  ��� -    '���* 'k '-     *     .p4]i.ln?!ie|?ccf
' >��������� IV in -h Oft." !" ' - ��� - " < - ������ - - ���*��� -'��� - s'ul VViiuc^1"0
*4i" rStr^'t-  '   -      -      - ' ��� 30 Cornhtt', I.oiVclo��V. 15.0,
fast tables was!told* that a* lad�� ^ishttl to gee:
him ji^the reception room. He went .In' and
fmind'a''woman' about,50 year's of -nge ' sjahd-
I gjn itbejniddle of .L'tl^JfloV^W?^^!^.
by -a' weUkno\vnV,;deffraded lawyer.��� W��*I
want,^'/IptiiuV f vtllef female !/!* bVackmailer.
fa! ihousnnd / dollars; In! mo iieyy \ and
waii jit now/il \vant a pi nee in ymu^jaivkitifr
konseviht/mfi. hephewfwortli^^ $25C0^��v^?i
^Lsiiall give ydiV' neiiheri"-- wo'a*. the reply.
:aad';!!denoii nee'; yoli^Jiih'jil^^i!]^\?0 ^^"oimce
!y 0 ir .to yon r ��� wil e.?' * Tlie b tfiike r rnnir/li i�� bell,
andlM?^! tf0 sefvan1��|)]ie!ar.e<flie said|^^AfiE
aiy wifrt to step in^here, .and' send in tN
con chin an;J A T11 ey tio t Ir n p p eared ab out tli e
sa in e 11 ine; Tn e co ae n man. was ordere a iogp
lor the fioliee. -Co^rlUiK^ifej/Ui.o^cnt)omn.n
paid;���!���" " Yon have often- 'hearo/lbf'a- bla< fc-
muiler ^ I /wahi Jyoii iSt'o fdolc nt one." Tlie
woni'pol ice'- was eii 6'iigh fo r t r. e yisitors. rah(3
tli ey li ur r ied ou t withou t.. sbaud ing upon the
order .of going.   A'-. '':i  " - ���-: ' , AxA.Ax Awl
"Z '"-NEW AbVI^TISEMBNTB..; /*>'[     - ^/HQpi&j^ 'Zj''t
Tatlie EeGtorsrofilie; Gaja-!
*iboo District. ^  :   j
J" ''^���V$':'A'&DIi^s*F 1-
^nr-!,s:"'CiTCnT��f,<. ;Posj^rs''nnd ?i;o^raTOmes for
'    H^Kl!f*nnd'nit��rttrica^
p&$$x ec>i i ^��T >v \fy "n es ttW^rinddispktcb.^^!
-' ��� '���*'���.���.'* *'���       #erm�� i&odei'ate,/ . ;, \.���_-. yi-tp
'.  ^t ^ ... rt ���;H[]^t?to: RECORDS?*/;% -:.?: ���? ;/-,
. / Ar a -/ T i~'lf< ��ii n ? *����� n: c'n.���Re cd'nfed! in' favor: of
J) A S/ T*(ioit.?r?asC, ^ fj!\" r ;i0^..P^P s ^mon
1 n-Md, H**nryViUeai5; W'Renme* NaHian Grun-
'':?Vtivm.i ^nlv:i: J()hn?on. l^uif ^OQnalfl,.^.creeK
.^kmmeuctn^ galch. and;
r'jtvu^i^nn;atip��rc '800v feety >a.lso eiglxt bill
���olarm's Wn left band Ivanlv, and riinninj? paral-
1' 1^1 wijh the: creek-elahns-; to be known asVtbe
: Johnson co.1  ������";" :^   -:
M iy 1S -~ Uohoirhue en.��� Reef o rd ed in. fa yor
���of M. S. Glynn, tt^upperlQa'feeto^gr|)Had|
in: the: Oonogliue co. :; ;re-recordr!/:;Also in
/ fiivor of ������Aiidi^\%*,Bon'6i3ii]i% 100
' ife^tjn js^id opt; rctrecorci.:'!:
A- A A^-^yAyys HAUVgY ckeek."' !! ���_���
C April' -20^Onirimin^s- ,eo.���Recorded|In
lavor of "S. Smith, 14 interest;  D/Ciimmihg;,
'. T.;R';:!Pattnlio,;^;Ke11^;p;��priicet EoVt H;
Brown, James Lindsay, each;,one uiteresfcin
the Giimininit/cot: also in favor of ^ Hitch-
opclv*. 1 of,, one interest in said co.; consisting
in all of loot) feet'.'creelc claims, re-record. ;.
May 6���liontrospy pp, ~-Reeorded in faVor
q f ,T;im es Laid!aw. 5 in teres^s, and. Duncan
���CSininiings .1 (interest-^ rcTecord.J   ���   '   A A ,
;.'-'���.'    KOKTH FO Illy QUESN Kr*  *
May 10���ltvcord ec! ?i n favor o f Ah Ho ng,
fur the Ah Hon? co.. oh south ,*ido of North
=Fork QuesneC25 uiclif^ water froia a creek
about To nt'-miles above. MHchell?-R bridge./and
���.also 25 inches of:water, from, a little creek
who ut, a quarter of a mile, above Hong Co.'s
d\i^Z'-'i/Z.i'/iwxZ/ ''a '!,' ''!���>"'"���' : ���
. May-10���Recordedl.n favor pf EJwin HoU
16 w ay. th e> Hoi I o wa y di tc h on Cu no i ngb am
-cr��ek., :!���-(,.,���,- :    AAA A A'p' ���
��� A   yip A'A- -KRITHttty.CRiSKK. /
XDiy-13��� CJydesdale oo.���Recorded in favor
.of John Mai4ts;-Uoberfc Youn^.and Colin Rons;
^���e-iel i one' in terest in t he .01 y desd ale cp., c on-
���Jsiing of 300.feet;;/re-record.
Stb G.E.CiMtikn at.OttawL��� Tlie,6ttawa
ajifiearahce of yM 'Basnet rill^ op^ning,^
the Dominion Paiiiamen!:-' -t4 There:'iroes -M:'
Car tie r,' Iii i n ister ofi Mill i i fc c<> vfercjt w i tbgold
lace. Always alert, nimble;! and fetfong;On
liisipinsiv be! dis(laiRSAonse!;a carriage.,. Ue
advances with.^
irgiitaird rapid that t.wo -yonhg" men w.lio acj
company him are Iiardiy able to keep -pace
with bim. But wno are,th*��Pe yo.iipg men?!is,
a js-ke'd','* in il ie c row d v and s o ni <��� i one answers ���
���'���' These are two/mi��mhers. 6ne:froni Manitoba'
and the other from British Columbia, wl!o>r&;
p rese n t bur re ce ti t co nq u eats./ V , ,:
JfOAiJL���w.noii nv:MAr.co>'CEiiN.-r-Please take
h.Otice; ..that' I have, appoj a ted- Mr/ G eo!i?u;k
���6.RKKNV Goup tjitble.;; -Ri c bflel d, - my^ Al U > \pey..
D^r me aiid!. in my-nnni<?^l)l->ee/nnd/sleadv|o
colloet at l ac counts due ; and i(Wlh��': Book
Accounts and Notes which-are ^nowj <Jue-are
nntpaid at once tliey will ",be.: placed in Con r I
for!c?)llection.���D. Siddai-u, Deniisi.ly���������'. -It .
A Blac^m-icr.sca I)R?co��foackp,���A New
Tork? 1 eUev ti*lis; t he fo j So wing story. whieli,
�����!ven it not true; points an excellent mora it
Tlie other -morning cue of our wealthiest
^ankerj*>as4i<j-w^ siUjag down to the breaic-
BRIT-i;S"Hi, !^OLITM3J- A; ^
Electof al Distrs^
: "boo,-to yit:
��� TIIBLIC NOTrCE is hereby given to the
Eilectoi'sof tlie 0ist.netJofrCariboo; that,/Jn-
ot>ed ience t o her Majesiy V,Wri t t o in.e ; d i-;
reeted|!-and .bearing - date the724l.h>day.rof
A pril. in the year of Our Lord qne,tbousand.
eight,liiind red a n d seven ty-l, wo. j require < hp.
prose nee of lhe said * Electors al the Court
House, RICHFIELD, on thei Twontyrttiird
day of May;1 at ��� 12 o'clock, noon: for the jiur^
post? o f BJ����� c ti n gape rso 11 ! o rep res ent 11 i<��m
in die Legislature.bf Urn Province: aud that
in case a Poll be'demanded and. allowed in
the manner by law proscribed, siich Poll will/
be .open ed on 111 e T wonty-secon d day o f J it lie
ai the toll owing Polling Divisions,, between
the hoi i rs of 8 a. in ..a nd 4 p. m.:
Bnrkerville���Riehfield Court Ilonse,    *-
Lighlniiig Creek-tLindhard's   Saloon,  Van
' "''Winkle.; --.-
Keithiey   Creek���Smith's   sloro,':-Mouth   of
.lu40iley, .
Harvey Creole���Sm \ tb's store.
Qne'siielmoiiUi.-rOov^niment Ofllcc!
Williams Luk(!--150 Mile Ilonse.
Oiftiinoca-rrGormansen Creek Court House.
Oi all which''every person'is "hereby required
to take notico and govern himself accord
iugly.'  ;     -:"-   y'' ]    ''���"������ "''':> ��� ���'"'���_
, Given under my hand at Rich Held, the
131h day of >.lay. One ��� tbo.usand eight.
hundred and seventy-two.
myi% i Retarding Ollicer.! '
Vaillaabomv ^-VHtittliw^-'T^
now no;Road'T611sT>lo abolish.-   The^ Mining |o>
Law hus lieefi'yujendo(l.1the; Cana'dianvTariff pf
ad b ptedi^'iind-feviirlcl y: "-'of '��� in easures'; useful
andiiieeessai^y^u the; prospeiity ^tv4thisrfl)is:
ijg'lifipoFsibUrto slaTerwhelher any;. or whai
'a:me^dmenW are via Itheiivfcase/^e^iiired^/
'will^slate,. hpw^ver^ibatsl am/iu,lavciir,0:f
mlhekehTof-My Jeinff. elected ns -your.
represfmtaUve: 1;.;^^
iK powerito'andnoe.^^
��� '-v   V'---.*--.'" ���'��� ������ii.   ���'- -_.i'AS   ,W .X'i. i��   tin tvuVrlu 111 till
will bo manufaclured and sold hy Wholesale aai R&-'
.���p.-:v'c ���'->''���-������-,,><   ���' * ;��� .a .':*>;..:���< zW ������������<- .. ,  i X '.?��� ��� isv'"'    ;i/h:   "' -^   ���
] cohslahtly-kcpVoa hand.^*'
win'oeWways carefully ^ttpn^od'to-nndttw^ertl
������.......T  ... ipH^iaiojuxe^iirees,
of (his'district is becoming moi*e,apparent
every day since the deplh ot.{.lie chaniielsrind
tli,e?d,ifiicult natui'e^of/ the,/^rcatnd where the
riciipst^dejvijsits /lvre:f(Mmo/has-reud^wid;:the
wo rki ng o/f. many: !cl ai in s! ^so'f ex p eri si ve" 1 fia t
lost companies to
ttve rbeeo rue coin p I e tHyxv ri p |ij ed-?i 11 rn ea hs.v v
A\ In conclusion;!: 1/^i I h stated hat should Mie,
elected^.I wi\ 1 -give the present Minisjry..who
ap pear��� -to , ��� h a y e A ho no rabiy< ��u| fi I led, i h ei r
jdedges, a /fsiir,apd/ imp ai;lial ,support, while
at the same'tinie.|.���plaun^jor' myself the full
a nd i ree righ t-to su ii p or t/i n every \eg\ t imale
way my own conviciious , when .opposed*'to
t he ir ineash res. .: ,:.,./..��� yA-i: "x\ :/���'���
���f / S hoa 1 dyy oil[. / fcenfelemen .%co njfnr :>ii ixo/n/roe
t|j�� honprjof^selectini^iine a-SrJ.ojir^rejireis^nU
in my power fo adVanee tlie interests of this
District; - .and up.Z have no ambition'. beyond
profossional and poliiical -hoii'brs;; yuii will
have :*tb��ift%ttiViitfn;l 'J.sifb'ifi'j ty"that i tr/will?be
my ibterestil-as:: 1/know:^\t,i'..is'-1 :!i��y;;desire^i
mit    only ..i to    represent,   you  �� honestly.
���ami fa) rl y", b u t a 1 s o to b e o f set* vice an d as -
distance-m the District. .     ;���    ^ /;       '        /
Ihave the honor tV)^ be.GenUemon; "r ,y l
v : ' ; Your mostobdt. Rervanr./:'      "
Alfr,;y ,   JOHN! & BAtoSTON;1 -
Barkerville, May 15.LS72.:.:   .^ - ..my.lS -y
iy ,,A.^
A Court V>f !G*eneral Assize
An^Caol Delivery and otNisi Priits will be
held'at oaciiipr llie nudermeutioued places as
(ollows;'   - -A      w      --Ay   _ ���-_." -   -
Now Westminster; Wednesdayf!lst May.: ,;
Yale,. Von day.' Clfcli Mny... ."��� ���
LyttonV Thursday,;9th May. c;    .'
Olt nto11. Tiies:day* 14-th U ��y.    ;��� * ' ���   "
Qaesnel, Saturday, 25th Miiy. -   ���
lUebliehi, iMidiy, 61 h June.,
Richrield, Monday, fil.h,Sepsemiier.
Q11 esii e I / F rlday, 1-?>i h ��� Se p t em be r.
() li n t oil,. Mood a y. ��� 2 oil S e pi e n i h er,:       ��� ��� ��� -
Lvttcn. Friday,'27th! September.
Yale, Tuesday, 1st Gcmbor.
Fa 11 Assizes a t Nc w Wesi minster, a n 4 A s-
j sizes (if any)  at Nanaimoand i-Ise^here. io
he. he rea fter fixed as b Usiness may rend e r
necessarv;' /
DaM;'yie^>ria, I5th April, 1S72.
15v coinm-nd,
Provincial Secretary;
w wTAH^QYV "; *"l'r"': w^w
i y, -H>rv'��+y,��---41swpwwspx
"fJ.V,' "��������!;��� 6 l-^j/
i :f'. /��� ,������ [suroEssoRs so;��; cirfftpii:; ';;;u
..'tiiX^'vi'/ i'v- ';���.?'���
~' '.-. *1 '���'; ''^~"^;*'/l'   *'^L/. L-i-'''-' J,-^V-'"''i- -y'������ T^-a.  ;.
- Ay A y
;:������:������ a.-. :���.. ?-::��M
���    SWSS9
' '-.'������'t.,:-::".. :..-^;:
",'; -A'AAiyiB:
��� ���j'^mi
': :i"Aixpy
. ��� -.��-.'. -i-'f,-.-^
!   ^'3
..." ���'. i,mim
���';- .i. * -. -. ���."*
':    !i:.//l
-   ���. '',i; M1
:.-...- :-.i-wy
- '" A:xm
All.. ylXll
:���      ..... :..-��� S it; r.
���'     ���'. "'.i^
��J.. -����� -.
x a
.������-, ,--.-:���.,.-.- pv-v'.��ii
'���'.' '' A-l'-XAw
' , v       ���    .  .&&$��
������-������ t ���:���-?*$$&
::-:: ��� l i-yAW
;'X- '���''Ai'lApA
:;..., 'AlAwXA
������'   ���  \���:',.;>���
^   ���^���-""'it!
-     ' ':���'-'-'    l      '   ���.-.K'ttil-*.-.
:���- ��� .��� .,--    if h '*-'
-.-"������','/;.-'l ���'. ������Si-T/'?
��� ���-. r^
-��� ��� '"���.. ������.' ^ ���'���,-���-���>a--.
������I--;;:-'; W. yyy
THIS ObD AST> TfEn^K^OWy -B^^J^^
L"S-Xuytgupvii^witlc %6 .hest-.ot; ��yci*yanng
hat can be provuriid ia Cariboo. ,      .(^       ( . i<4 ^
.AX G.vG00O&O2f
' '/-/^/
' w^A
'  ''
- ;J
:i fA:
���V ��� to the nincioufi prc-��nseslV>.noprly k a��wa��?��; u,��-
StK^H "her* tiiCy .^-n bo;ait allih^B
prepared to/fur'uisU^_���-.._'_    ! . -:��� ;   .;.
.13 O A R D   ! A*N P'   M FA LS;
Or  THfe   BEST   QJ^LITT:
��� Tim  B*��R  "' "I'nViJ'a'.cd with the  'Shcsi.WX^B?1
|uQUOB6'and.OrGARS.r-_,    5/
Ip^J^Sj^^K^raffi^^l&si^^^^^BS^^^^^^^K^^^^^^'^ t r  ^ffi^Sll^^lSENTmEL  SATURDAY. WJNB 1." 1������72.  REGISTRATION OF VOTIiRS.  ���������Seme^tiihe-emtHj-w* Ceok occasion>to/write  mn articl en po ii the flagiatration and Qiial ifi-  -catipn of Vetera in thisi district. ;$feit.her time!  nor spact ���������will'hd'w "permit us to reiterate  what waB'fhen said io order telifforfn/hos������  ���������who were oth erw tee unable to obtain tbo r?-  ������quistte' information  on   ihh/ ai l-importnnt  poin������    A������  time  passes  on J the more su-  ��������� pineand met* do voters appear to become  upon this vital subject. After the List, which  la -no w; being made; is cons pi cted,. a 11 w bo -are  ��������� not upon that List will, \fiih certain. excep-  Mtana prescribed by the Act, be debarred  from, exercising the privilege of voting; and  Un considering this quesiion H must not be  -forgotten that in a.very short time a general  - Rlectionlfor'tbe^Kotisflj of Commons will.take  ��������� place over tbe length and breadth ot the Do-  ~ minion, and possibly before nnb'i her y������ar  -.4!1. a p sea a ge n er a t eiec t ioo To r t he Local Lag is-  ' 1 at pre wj 11 be/ exci ti ng lhe m i nd s 6 f a 111 h ose  ���������who talw any*iutmost jn ibe 'political condition or welfare of the country.   It may not  yb'e out of place here to remark that it is even  ~oow reported that the fleatletnaa who repre-  *r->������f������n ta ��������� t he ; Lt 11 o o et d istr ie 11 o -. * h e ��������� * Lo ca I? * w i 11  ,:b e a lean did Kte for/ tha /���������'. Ca ri b no- Lil I ooei ;D I-  ���������visioiv'' in! the, ensuing Dominion! Election*  thus leave that claim m the same position as;!  the South Wale������ was Mr. by the Lightning j  ���������coRspatnlively dry. The drain isnow.coni-  ���������plefed fpMlSQO feet; 900!feet on^y -������emains,|  which is calculated do be completed in five  months.being pushed abead with all possible,  speed, three aiiifts being con.llmtaiNyon :.wilh'-:  o������t stoppage for air-shafts. &c.  ���������So you -will perceive, Mr Editor, that Light*  ning'-creelt h in a fair way of being opened  ���������tip''without any large -grants. It would  ibe batter to await the result of present oper-,)  at ions; an d if they shou 1 d fail. and t he grou nd  become again abandoned, then 'it v;ill be time  enough to grant any such privileges, and in  all probablHty ho objection would then be  raised.  iNTCRKSTKp IN' LlOHTKlNG CRKKK.  ' ������ln rtffercivce to. the above tetter, we beg  t/o state that we ar,e not at present acquainted  with tlie particulars of tho a ppri cat ion. We.  hav* not seen *oy notice on lh������ subject, but  if the miners of Lightning creek are desirous,  of expN'ssing their views on the subject the  best plan would bo to call a public meeting  and haye those vie wa put on p*\per in proper  shape.'\ %t!thta, is done tt ran "hardly be supposed fit at the government would give any  grani iejuriohato their interests in;, tlie face  of that clause of the Mining Act Quoted by  Mr Bams ton in his card previously published  la fbis paper.���������Ea SicNTrN-KL.^ ���������'..,,' ./';!  AmiivAii by thk Ciubf Justifw.-r-Qis Lordship tite Chief Justice and Mr PooW, Regis-  Ts'otbimr is more likely than such anevent. 'jwwP ni .......        ���������..,  ^p������lwitb������^ Hie Sufiivme Court, arrived on Wil-  xcimn" of--that gentiemaflvwe --would' nieiely  jmgieM. to the yotevs of Cariboo that there/are  -.other, persons mare intimately connected with  thia districtrwhoufpeThnjw they thight prefer  * to see as iheir representative In the House of  'Commons'; but if the inattention and disre-  - card of.their, poUtic&l, right* at present dja-  plaved"'"bv them is persisted in until after ibe  * 10th of June there is nothing more certain  r than that! the, Ltllooet vote will carry the  *��������� election. "! ���������.       "--.''"  /^EE UGHTNI^.CUEE& GRANT. -  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS1  o\  A Public Meeting of the Electors of tills Bis-  trict will be held in the-      "'. :"���������  THEATRE ROYAL  On Monday Eve'g, June 3,  At Half-past Eight o'clock,  When thev 'will be addressed by thaduTeren  candiilates.  Tenders will be received by the Forest Rose  Company up to the Sixteenth June, for the  following Timbers:  15,000 Feet (rood Sound  Spruce*  S.OOO^Feet  Good  Sound  Dry Balsam.  For "-further particulars, apply to the Fore  man or Secretary.  The lowest or any Tender not necessarily  accepted.   Terms cash.  TUOMASlL. BHIGGS.  jt*l   . Secretary Forest Rose Co  Editor SKNTiKEU���������Sir.^-vVill y<ru behind  enough U .inform; tbe jainei'8; of Lightning | law and good order which 'petwades thi  creek of a XniP ppxp^A^^i^^S the appii- aoinewh at remote district w feltby lhe peopl  -cation for a three - mile gr<������nt, to which air11  ' *   ------ -*"- - ------     * --  :\tetn iu!your. last- is������i������. lias refereRce.   The  ^erarjiing of privilege ttv any-company more  - Hianthe present Mining La wt* allow wilt meet j amount us of the highest tegal authority in  \|iiii vary strong oppoiiitfon from all mineis.! the rS:ovince;bi therefore hailed with satisfac-  irniiKt is prb^etv fr^at i-rnsiirmountable -ob- tion abel pleasure by what we suppose we are  *taeleji exit������t to the pncee^ftil working of the entitled to consider ourselves���������a well-ordered  crtfekiby tbenifau ceBi^vnity^-;;  lintns creek on Tuesday last, 28th \pniA ^De  Chief Jusftce -will, hold a Court of General  Aspixe aiid Gaol Delivei^. commeneingon  .Wednesday, tbeStbday of June nest,- After | To the Electors Of the Canal I the fyuainess pertaining"to the Supreme  Court ia disposed of here.^we nhdei'stand that  it^i������ the intention of bis L6rd������hip to pioeeed  to the slower c6un|ry, but again to ������retnrn and  bold tlie Fall A a*fe������ in Sep ternber, T he ar-  rival of the Chief Jiikticeiu this district after  an/absence of two years! is greeted with  pleaMtre by the commtwrlty at large. The  freedom from anything like on aggravated  atnount of crime and the general regard; for  ?  e  to be; owing .in a very great me&������ure to'the  firm and impartial manner in which ^'justice  has 'been   administered,   and   the   advent  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ZA.r.:.-.i-.-2.TJ?n.-&:  tbw case; in fact* pre>ent. expeii^nce."would  '--���������'���������eem'to indicate thai from the Gladstone co  -down a stratum of clay exi*t* which prevents  the surface water from sinking, and thus that  -part ofthe creek would-be the least expensive  to work.   It would therefore be unjust tn al  toW any one 'Coni pa;vy-: to mo uopo lt������:e t4iree  friilea of ground, which the present Mining  ��������� Law requires to be occupied by on? hundred  feet to eaeb t!m.atL A grant of uROCCupied  - ground should ba/oppd>������ed fer the reason that  Lightning creek, ro far as has been proven.  ' is rich in,, gold j, and as this fact isbe^otwirbg  v Known, miners will naturally draw Inwards it  for a claim, and the ground should be left for  Barxahd'S 9owx Exvrimis left on-Sunday,  the 26tb inst...carry ing the mail, an express,  ] and  the following. passengers:���������To Yale-  James Hocking, Hugh Ros������, G. N. Marshall  and   Robt.  StevenKon.   To  Quesn?*l���������-Jacob  Arnott. G. R. Wright, and Dr.Sidclall. !An  extra stage of this line arrived on Tuesday.  28th inst., >i)ringing an express and tbe follow-  jiug passengers : ��������� Joseph Dennv. Chas. Vail-  lancoiir, Alex. E. B. Davie, Mr Broueseaa,  and John Giscome.  A'TKiMbelorigk-g to B}������rlowr8 fast freight  them to have a chanc������ of success.   A srrant |nnd passenger lino arrived in Barkervitte on  - of occupied. ;gvo*KJd. subject to existing  r%fits,!,w.oul<it>crhapa.be the leaflt objection-  : able, as it could be urged, in case of abandon-!  meat by present owners, that no objection  could be raised to such a company working  what the minera had found beyond their  means ������f ^reaching..nor would such be opposed ft;ihey would wait until such abandonment ; but the present owners would not tol-  - efote such a sword banging over their heads,  which on ti*e leasta^fot'tnne, or the lack of  sufficient means to meet'the requirements of  representation, would bu ready to swoop  down on them and deprive them of the results  o I years of perseverance and top. Ab long  a* t be present Gold Commissioner remained  in office there won!d be no /feeling of in?e-  ���������en r i t y f ot ��������� ferir th at adv.au f a ge. hh sfb l ?hp tak<������n 1  ���������of. ��������� the -discretionary power vested :in fchat j  ���������-<<*fflcia 1 by^the present"Mibing I������aw, fori think  he bas t&������e<u^denc*1 <>f the uiiners in geoeral,  but ftnoMier^night take!liB place.and the dis  - cretionary power might be used in tha matter  of represe n ta ti p n so ��������������������� in l co inpel p rese ri t  owners to abandonment, which would bo as  ���������undesirajbIe as Mo: mucb %uyTiig" dVer. The  Eleven "of England co. has already proved  tha t th at p'o r ti o n of the creek *c a n 4) e w o rk ed"  vwiibont any Obstacles 4rtit wliat^rTeswjt com-  Aifia'nies can overcome.   The Gladstone co. is  in a fair way of overcoming all drfEcullies'  iii the c<Hirse of the nest: threte months. * The j  Volcan co. has amalgamated wifb the Van  louver coi, so far as to assist 4n getting ma  T������k Sauxkrvuxk UEUtSTKa.���������TheFe are at  ! present TEN NAMES oa the List of Claimants at the place of Regiatralion for t&s.Fulling Division-  Tuesday. 28th inst., with a load of freight, and  left Vaawinkle for "below yesterdav.  Pouck Couat.���������Thursday, May 30.���������HaTry  Pearce was brought up on a cjiarge of aggravated a-asoult on a Chiimroan. The accused  was cotntnitted for trial,  NEW ADVBRTBEMENTS.  Gb>h������lkmi������x,���������Having \mw r^qui'xted hy a mimher  of VoiPr*^'-.on I.ijrbtmujf tm\ Wiliiuin CriM-k.< t<������ sum!  at the' comiu*r Election ns a Cua-.lv la tt* tor tlie vicant  M^n.htTfihip fur this Otstrict, I hava much pieamiroin  accrt������ling to that request, an:l trust ihut shmiJ-.t you  honor me hy eleciiUii mo m hue of your rrprescnt-  dtiros, that my. political career will justify your con  fliiciicL*.      .,;'.  ��������� I shitll support no party, either Govf*rnm<*nt or Opposition, for the more snko of party, but will always  advocate tlioao measnrtis that arc cakulatefl to pro-  motJ the intorcn of the District:I represent and the  Prirvioce geasrally.  So many of the old grisvrDcea of this Province were  removed I������st session that it is a liar I mttiU'f' for ine  to mcniiou any measure; that I j>hai������u:������rticulaKy a<l-  vocot?, Jiut or this r.:st a*������urect, that 1 >hall endt.'ayor  as much as lays in-my power t������.������ tve that: the iu terest s  ol' the whole district are not negUcted.  I remain,.Oentlemen,  Your obJt. servant,  ABRAHAM BARLOW.  B*rlyervHle,. May_21,_1872._ __ _   j J''l  J  ew  s:s!  SuiUble for Cariboo and the neighborhood,  cau be,obtained al  9  S  AT REASONABLE PRICES.  A   Fresh   Stock   of   Patent   Medicines.  Leeches. Lnzeupes, Stationery. Perfumery,  Elastic Silk Stocking. Knee C>tps. Sockti and  Wristlets. Improved Shoulder Braces. Infante'  Feeding Bottles, India Rubber Teals, Kings  and Tabs for Teething.  ^ Teeth Extracted and  carefully Filled,  pS~ Prescriptions and Family Recipes ao~  ���������corately prepared. my 4  NOTICE.  LL PERSONS' ARE HEREBY CATJ-  - ttoned 'agultiiit uegotiatinc a PROMISSORY  NOTE *lfawa hyALKX. H^VHA in favor of W. BOW-  MA!^ nod endorsed/to Frank Trovor or order, Pa* tho  auni of $185 25, due 1st July, LS72. Any jwerson  ^reiurning thosame to the uudefsignod wjtl'be suit-  ahlv ro warded.  GKORGE BYRNES.  Barkerviho; May 81, 1S72. jel  Assessment Notios.  V(jrXA"N CO.--L1GHTNING- CREEK.  YorrcE is hekeby given, that  il    tinlesa the AtKsssroenU due on the liajf-tatore^t  held I w M r M ART J N" CAjOS K V, i u th e Vu I u:< ii C on -  .  .      . ��������� , pan v,Liff lun ins Creek.; ho piudh.Moreih^ Ki-ven teen th  ���������ihinery that will overcome the present ntnl-4 01- j,sja^ a will be sold on that diio' &<> d<Mray; tlio  .cully of keeping out tho  wntor.   The Van Uarn������\ together, with costs antl any further Assess-  THREE HORSES tv.vo. White oad cn������ 3ayl,  1 hVivlaK been loft on my Ktuich Inst raII. owner*  Hnbnmvn notice i.? hereby K'ven that unless the  same are re(ineroed prior to that time they will after  tbe lapeeof one month be suM at Public Auction to  defray the coats ol' RanchiDg, Advertising and Expense of Sale. ANT0,NE BItOUS.rKArj.  Quesaclrnouth. May 1st, 16?^ my4 Im  Barnard's^Express.  THE TINDER^iGNED HAS ADMITTED  1 STRPHEN TLVGLEY and JAJIES HAMILTON  into Partnership in ihe.abuva busiaes|;-������, trmi ������n-i after  the fir."?stdav of Aprd instant 'Th* businoas will be  continued henceforth, under th������ UJime or F. J. BAH-  NARD&CX  T. J  BAKNfARD.  Yale, April 18tbt 1S72. my4 lm  JOHN EVANS,  SURVEYOR.  SUUVEYS AND PLANS EXECUTED  On reasonable terms.  j^0* Orders left at Mr Kelly's, JlarV^rville*  wtii be aUeodod to. my2o tf  To the Electors of Cariboo  Districts   .  THAYR ber������ reqncsM hy a nnmh^ror Miners aint  oilier KentleniMi to.offer'tnyseir������s a Gan?:ii1ato to  Ull the vaeam st-at iu thfli'-jiJ^lalirv/Assemhly cr*.  aietl by the resipnailon of Mr Csmellus Uootti. ;*  In   repponse, I now oflcr myself, un'd respectfulty  ���������solicit y������ur Nulfrages.    I will slate briefly, tint f will do all that  l������y������ in:  my poworlor tlie i>res>rvnii������;ii of Mins-rs' exlsttus;!  rights a nd privileges iii tb������:ir intepiiy'..        .    .  I am very much opp.QPWt to the prnfiont amhleu^ai  " Reg:isir;Uion of Vou-r.*' Act." specially as It ap.  plh*s and works in this s^cilon of th- conn iri*. Us ac -  tion beiinr rMtiwr to dis:r.tucbi.se than to enfruicMsii  the >Unor. I would th>*reform emiOiivor to hav������j jit no'  altered and anien.Ied as to lucre ������fo the fiutUUM of  r^'istration and render, the Min-r'a vote Ictu ylian^.  able an'! n������or������.* lasting when recorded.     -'..'.���������������������������-;���������'    '  In view of ihrt lucreasiiig Importance r,f nirvey,.  Keitljley. snrroun������JtiK' and way crook������; I would recommend a postal Riibxtdy, to Imi npplleu ou the r^-Ulo;  between Barken'ille ������nd that District." s\  ' lo my opielon, Jt would he to tbn" intt-rrst of !Uija  .ccmtnuimy to i.ave a, t?rWgrt built across I bo Quesnel  Rfvc-r at Qu-Piielmoui.b. 1 should c^n-oder, iir my  duiv tri recommend the erection of one at the e'urtfen.  possihlp womeut consistent Willi the Huu'ncial statu of.  tue Colony. ���������      ' ^        .     -���������  tn the last session of tho Provincial Parliament a  ������reat many of tbo abuse* tlon^xisiinK were redr-fired, amend men ts to tbo Minin? r,������������wsand otVf.r'uso/-  fnt mt^sur'.-s wore introduced by tlie pr^s^nt Ministry  and piHsad; by "the Houk'*. the* Ministry.ncti'u'g in tic.  cord an ce with* tho well undrrstoo:! wishes .������������������ of. ttf>*  people:. As ioiid as tbey eonimuo fo to act, they will  roenvt* my support. .   -:  .The A.?ricuUoral interests will also have my attfn*!  tion, aud if I ������e returned T shall cousi fer it my *!uvy  ioex:imin������ into tlie vvfirking of i-hu I/ih/V Law?; lo  support F������ieb measures as have for th-'ir ohj-ct- tbo  ameixtnunt of the s������m\ and the from lb? of th? I>av.������  ������o as to be beu tlciil t^> thj present BetihT, and an  encouMKcment to iintutgrntion.X ������������������'���������  1 muy state. In conclusion, that nil gooil nnd useful  measures .will roc; ivo my Hipp"ri,; Svhet'Mf-r th'-y  ������?manate from the present Minl3iry.<=r fruu M:������:.pppy-  alt ion. ������o lomr as tliey d������������ not c-oOlcf with the h������i-r-  ests of :itiy particular secti-n of th.������ Colony.  ybould I h<* returned j������h your r������prestnt������tiv;>, y-or  intere������i������ will Iw m.y const-iot siu<iy,���������1������ ripr ;s tit  you faithfully, cftlcicntly and honesliy is my only Ambition. . ��������� '.  1 have the houor to be. Cectltmeu-,  Your obeuient serrant. .  KOWAKD PKAUS'-'N.  Barkerville, May ������5, 971 my.tl  argains! Bargains!  clearing oifr~sro(;ie  To rnaka room (ur SprmjjrJG"^d������i  The undcwlgn^d hejja to inform th# Miu^ri  "ofCariUoo t.Uiith������ i*  SELLING- AT COST !  The following cjaw or Goods. eipVcUlly! ���������������  U-Cted for Muieis : .  ���������������'���������:  in  *  And a yifr'y.Fine class'of  A fine eelcclioD of  Ladies' BOOTS &  A fine asRortrnent of  G-ennine Meerschaum and  Briar-root Pipes.  J&tS* Call and examine pricw^sf   The  Goods will be sold VERY CHKAP for Ca*h:  Barkorville, May 17.  "vayM'  Mining Claim for Sale.  JE-HALF OF T3  ground held by tho  HIKE-HALF OF THE" WHOLE OF TES  U   groun<  WILLIAM CREEK.  Apply on tbe CHlm to  .. jnylS lm  ���������?  Ni',  m  I  mm  mm  WA >  EafiKil  THE C AJtpOO SENTINEL jgSJ^^ ^^wyW  EUROPEAN.  SATURDAY. 4.UN-E. 1. 1872.  v^^^ESNELMpUTiL.;:  Quesnel', May U0--Barnard's up Express  left at 3.30 p.ai. to-day, with Mr Bishop, Mr  <3trouss. and a China man as passengers.  Bnrlow's team, with full load, left this ufter-  nnon.   Oazilis and Red.,AleckV train? left  this week for Mansen -creek.  :!.--��������� ���������l--:v.YALK./;.. i../y.y  Yale, Slst���������Steaitt^r1 On ward arrived from  New Westminster yesterday with 60 tons  freight and 10 passengers. Barnard** down  ���������Express and special stage arrived from above  list night and went down ea the steamer this  aioruing.  VICTORIA.  Victoria. May 29--A telegram from tyr  Nuihan, at OttrtWa. announces that the Dominion Gov-ern men tare in favor of E^quim-tlt  as the .terminus for the railroad, and that 'if  it U found impracticable to make that port  the termiuut a line will be bsiilt along the  coast of tho Island and a ferry connection  '��������� London, MaySi^-Tbe Atlantic and London j  crews have agreed oo 10th June as the day  for the race.  I Parte, 24#i-rThe Gaulois publishes a letter  of Na p o I eon7s. dated ���������. 0 b isel h i������ rst. M ay. 22d.  addressed to the General commanding the  Fren-eh array. Id it In* eays: y (am re.* pen-.  bible for Sedaw. >The army fought heroically  with .nearly double im si length. After I4.0U0  men bad been killed and wounded, I saw the  The  POLITICAL MEETING.  M^il baa been giving bim a.good dressing on  that suhjrct, showing up bis record of las*  year. ..There have been no divisions.yet, as  little lint ..routine work has been going ou ;  however, ns the session gels older I suppose  some, livelv scenes will ensue.   The Hallway i��������� ���������  m���������-.. . , ������������������  ,    . -��������� ,    ���������  nnd Geological Surveys in British-rCotumbia|:^8ftJar^ uud���������a.oiEdejl_iiLtendttuco.  will be prosecuted energetically. Mr Kich-  aidsoii.pl* the latler service, will probably  go out by next mail. I think:there t������ little  doubt but that the Leather Pass will be selected aa the bv*t for the Railway. The Government! have uut submitted their policy on  thi a. great undertaking, but the feeling among  all parties appears to be that-the work must  be carried on-without delay, and from presen'  eoutest waaan-ueiy one of deaperation  honor of the army having been saved. I exercised my sovereign right and unfurled the flag  appearances lhe probability is that Ud ore  of truce.   It was impossible-that an army ol  tb<������ expiration of the stipulated teu years the  160,000 men could save France.    My heart! whole will hecompleted;  was broken, but my conscience tranquil."  Paris, 23d���������Rdc he fort and other convicted  Communists sail to'-morrow tor the penal  colony of New Caledonia.  Loudon, 23d���������The Times publishes particulars of the loan of vessels off' the coast ol  Labrador and Newfoundland during lhe seal-  ing season this/spring..up to latest possible  mail, dates. Over thirty vessels, including  four steamships, were lost.  London,  20th��������� The Derby was won by j  Cremwne. brother to Flurry, who was second  ^tablished with the terminus of the line ^^3^^^-^-^^- ^  *Up^ inter.     Monn^bernard. one of the JointOigb  .view with the Lieu (..Governor with respect ��������� ?tm:f\(J"   **  to the Bute Inlet route.     ���������: . nJ^1 0t\ >*  H is airain reported that tb* local business f!r^fm*WfR  .   . i to the ace a.5  ������ An agent, of the Post Office department will  leave in about a fortnight to put. the postal  matters, of your province iii proper ishape.  Be ''has" been furnished by the British Columbia m������mb*ra with full particulars of wail ������er-  vices desired.  Ottawa is a pretentious and rather handsome little city.   It is Very.prettily situated.  and contains a large number of handsome  | buildings, while the work of improvenitfut U  going on very/rapidly, a larye number-of  . brick and stone houses being now in course  ' I of construction;   Ttte opening ot the session  On Monday evening. 27th lost,,* a meeting  of the electors .of Lightning creek'-was held  at Van winkle, iri.-Llndhard's saloon.: There* '  Tho '  meeting was called to order at flo clock p.fet.  Mr Adam Prentice was/appointed chairman, r  and Mr Archibald Johnson secretary. 'A ,.-:���������    *  Mr Barnston being then called upon, waa .-���������  favorably received, and addressed lhe iue������> ���������  in g at ao me length.   AI ter re v ie w lug the H f ai* ;  of apolitical Matters previous to the last general election, and con trailing them with their '.  presentconditfini and commenting favorably*  on the measures passed during the last seasloa  of the Legislature, the speaker remarked that  he helieved it would be unnecessary  to say  much on the first point mentioned in hid ad* l  dress, viz,, the introduction of mining in������-'���������������������������  chin vry free o f d u ty.. as i t xrtm reported -1hat  as regards this Province the Dominion Government had either abolished or remitted lit*  duty.   Ho then spoke at some lengili in'relay'  tion to the establishment of a Government:  Loan Fund for tha  assistance  of   private*  mining companies on such croeka as Light*  ntng, where i l was impossible to prospect tha;  deep channels without Ihe aid of expensive  machinery;   After showing that aasiatane* of  tiiis soil bad been extended to privaie'partie*  of the Hudson Bay Co. will shortly be materially changed,'      ;  Victoria; May 30th-The International  Cricket match between British Columbia and  ���������California Clubs commences this morning on  Beacon Hill. Wickets wilt be pitched at 10.30  urn.   A band of music will be in attendance.  2.30 p.m.���������The International Cricket match  ���������c.iiumiuikjW1 at 11 this morning.. The Victorians w<uii in and made only 39 for theiriirst  -JMningi. Bhikeley's round bowling is irre-  ���������'������!.-('ib'lft; some <>f the best players on the Vancouver Island side, being bowled out by the  iir-t !b������ill. Tbe Californians have just coming i c *d 111������; r t! rst- i n;i i ngs with ,e very y rqspect  of W.i.".ni������jf by a (lands'uoe majority. The  *".cond inning's will be played to-morrow.  4.30 p.m. ���������The fust innings of the International-Cricket match just.over. The Oalifor-  li'iaiH only made 36 runs. .The Victorians are  v ictot itnii by 3 runs;, Fielding o n b o t h aid es  splendid.'":    '"'*���������''.. x .*.':.  Victoria. 7.30 p.m.-The Victorians com-  .in-uH'eit second  innings, at 4.30, aud at.5.30  ra ide 30 runs, wilh only 3 wi.keta down.���������  Th* cogti-nt will bersumed at 10.30 to-mor-  r<������w.    Weather l������������velv.  Vic oria, 31 ft���������The Victorians finished  their 2d innings at 7 p.m.; they made 78���������  total for both innings. 117. The Californiana  made only 39, and.seven wickets down.  Latest.���������Cricket match just over, and contrary to .general expectation th** Californians  ...have won. Score���������Californians. 118, and 1  wicket to go down ; Victorians. 117. Up to  ^ o'clock the betting was 10 to 1 in favor of  Victorians. Next match will be played on  Monday, 3d June. Weather and ground  good.  UNITED STATE?.  Cincinnati, May 30���������John Brandum, who  :������iurdered his wife in Owen county, was taken  ���������from jail last night by a mob and hung.  Memphis, 30th���������A telegram has been received stating that Jeff Davis wrote a letter  ��������� to: iWade Ham p to n ; fa vo ri ri g G reel *y. This  ! ������is dehied by Dav'isywh o says he has expressed  lip opinion.j������ -the matterv  New Yo rk, 30th-- A d is pat cb seat to Minis-  ter Schenck yesterday states that the British  ;Ooyijrmiient mlist accep.t the Senate's pr<>po-  iitum or the responsibility of th^ failure of  the Treaty rests upon England. The President does not think there will be any exigency  for an extra session of the Senate.  New York, 30th���������Hannah Fowler was yesterday "acquitted of the murder of her bus  3>and,:  Washington. 29th��������� The Spanish Minister  to-day informed lhe Slate Department that  hi* G r I ver 11 me n t w i U in a f e w day s 1 i ber a te  Dr. Howard and return his confiscated estate.  By order of the President, the Collect orate  of New Orleans! has?been telegraphed not to  .allow the landing of the Greek brigands said  to "be. on'their way to America.   The Greek i  Oe������nsnl denies that Greek criminals are being  Shipped to America,  New York, 28th���������The Republican Commit-  tae says if Greeley fe endorsed by tho Ibitti-  t������ o ro Co ii v e n ti o n > lie will if e lieted^uiak e  S ey m o ������ r Sec re ta ry o I S i ate. .G ree I ey p ro m ���������  ises t o su p p o r 11 h e Dem oar a 6c n o m i nee fo r  Governor of New York.  Washing ton, 28 th���������Up to this hour Secretary Fish received no official notice from  England of ttie acceptance of amended -eup-  .piemental aiticie.  ^ It is again reported that our relations wlih  Bfltihn are very* critical;', it ia uy^a isatd to &$  of the Bri  He also highly, praised the admirable temper  displayed by the United Stales Government  EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCE.  ���������:'��������� Ottawa; April 20, IS72.  . I wrote you last a fortnight since from Montreal i n the m i d st of ano w and w i n ter. and  now I find myself transplanted as it were into  another climate. /When' I came :o Otlawa  first the anow was lying deep and sleighs  wero; ru n n i 11 g e v e ry w h e re. Ho we ve r, i t i i as  si ti ce almost d isa p pen re d. a n d t he s t ree t s are  already thickly covered with dust, while the  weather is very bright and pleasant. The  Ottawa and St, Lawrence are at UK' however,  ice-bound, and it wilt be unusually ��������� lale before navigation ope lis! A  j .Parliament w������s opened-on April 11th Willi  the usual vice-regal pomp and.ceremony. Tbe  day was beautiful, and though the Govern or-  General ;s escort consisted of only mil ilia infantry and artillery, instead as formerly  Bri tun regulars, tbe dbpluy was very tine,  the Senate Chamber.-floor and galleries, being-  crowded with the beauty nnd fashion of the  capital. Atier lhe speech from the throne  had been read, the British Columbia Senators  and members of the House of Commons were  introduced to their respective Houses by  members of the Ministry, and were warmly j wheel, and will have the flume completed ������nd  MINING INTELL1GENCE.  WILUAMCKKKK.  The Forest Ro** co. wnsbed up 313������ oz.  I.ait week, and 86 oz.. ony.Wednesday-laat.���������  Thejiallarat co; are moving ma'5 hi nary, and  wilt sink anew shaft!--The Bedrock Flum*  co.. Cornish, Cask at and other companias have  couimeuced operations ,. ��������� / /  ..;!  VAU.KY MOUNTAIN.  The Discovery iind Valley Mountain companies are piping and cleaning up. Huntingdon co. is ground-sluicing.  .wAi/yAZ'       THK-Mtunows.  . .The boiler ot: the Lane & Kurle co. has  been repaired, and work wilt be commenced  iu lhe drive on Monday.  >v, ���������;������������������;.,-���������-* lowiikkcrbki:.;, ..>'���������..-���������...  / the Black Bull eo. washed up 88 oz. for  twu days'work. The Victoria co. are getting  oa better pay. The Brown eo.'have heen  stopped by melting snow. The Uusscll-Rob  tns6(i nregr.ottnd-aluicing.  UUOUIK CUKEK.  The-claims on the upper part of this creek  are coinmeucing work; The Talisman ore  not working to advantage.buJ are doing well.  The  Lady, of the Lake have put up a large  at; a low rate of in terest. and security, given.  0 n the m a ch i ne ry 1 t*et f aa we 11 ai������ 0 n the  claim and ih������ proceeds.  That as soon as throw  orfour claims were working to advantage iitv  different parts of the'channel there would  probably be no necessity for any further..������������������������.  sistaiice.   The speaker then referred to tbo,  applicutkm reported to be made for a largo  grant of mining ground on Lightning creek,  which included a great portion of the claims  already in the occupation of individual mine re.  spoke.favorably of.the introduction of capiial.  in the country,.and pointed out.to the minera  that the matter lay exclusively with themselves ;/that lhe law gave the Government no  power to *make. such a grant without their.  consent, especially.on creeks Ain their own oc-  | cu nation, and pledged. h i msel f. 10 sup port. th������.  I views of the niiners oh the subject. ��������������������������� -py '/  Mr John X. .Muir and.the .oliairm������������ tfew  s p 0 ke i n. 0 p p osi ti 0 rt f o the g ran t, a rid a i*tf  vote being taken upon the point, ii was round  that the'prbposed grant had!/no aupportera,  the meeting being ���������unanimously oppoaed to it.'  The uieeiiog then adjourned. .'���������       -  received by membera on the Government  side. The duty ot moving tho Address in the  Commons was ent runted to Mr Nathan, as the  youngest member from lhe youngest province.  and that gentleman acquitted himself very  well. Messrs. DeCosmos aud Thompson have  since appeared a������ debaters, both addressing;  the Honse in the discussion yesterday on the  he at work in lhe diggings in about a wc������������a.  V:aoj.b ckkkk.  The Walkem co. are putting in air-boxee to  supply the tunnel with air.  AMADOU CnKKS.  The Tavlor co. are finding coarse sold in  , lhe gravel : have picked up ������5 Hint $7 pieces.  Geological. Survey question. The British {The Amador co. are getting lumber tor shall.  Columbia representatives  in   general  have[        - ^ .  beeu verv well received, and have been,.in-\ wohtnino ci. . . ^ ^^ UIII1U|, luv ^m,..^^, ������������������������ vM������������.������..������. ������^v..������-  vited to dihners/aud evening parties without     The Eldorado co. are continuing the^ir new' ^ hftd sold 4000!ibsrof flour atTutlah Labd.:'  eml.   The majoiity attended Lady Lisgar's  tunnelV^^ AsxXAy-y.yP yw-i  "At Hoin������" ;on therhiglitof the opening of oz. last week.���������The Point co. are noryet in  the House, and the/grand ball given on * the thebot^^ finding  The Van winkle co. ���������continue running  sueceedjng night by Mrs Currior, w 1 fe of ihe  mem ber for O tta w a.   The latter wa s a m ag -  tiificent entertainment; and the suites of reception and dancing rooms \v������sdensely crowded.  0ver 500 persons having been invitedP M opt  of the Columbians were also present at a: dinner given by the Intei-colonial Engineers to  Mr Sandford Fleming, the chief of the Pacific  Railway Surveying Department, who propose  crossing the continent to British Columbia  di i r i ng the p u id m e r. ��������� A re c e p tion was gi ve n  by ������������������Civil Service" (Lodge. F. & A. M,, to  B ro s. N a than a n d Th 0 m p so n, w it 0 w e re reco i ved w i tb gr a ltd ho no rs as re p rese n t at i v es  of the newly established Grand Lodge of  British Columbia. Bros. Carrall, Houghton  and Wallace were also present.  Now for political matters. The Ministry  are safe for this session with a Urge majority,  and their supporters think that the general  election will go all rignt, although the Oppo-i  si  major  little fighting yet iu the House, tlie only exhibition so far given having been one day  this week, when Joe. Howe made a very bitter  personal speech, particularly severe on Ilol-  ton and Mackenzie, the Opposition leaders.  Th ei. 1 at t e r gen Mem an, h as, h <������w- e ver t ap pa r-  ently changed his lactic* for the present, he  having actualjy stated during the debate oh  tfafi Address that he had never opposed .theJ  atotooo 0? ikitiftb-Columbia - TtsJoroutQ  SUPREMK COUHT.  QuKSNKhMoUTff, May 25, 1872.  [Before Chief Justice BKOuitc and a conunon'  Jury.]  Dunlkw & Co. vs. BaocssKAr.���������This WSfl  an action for damages for the improper con*  version by tbe defendant of the plnintiuV  flour,.for negligence in tbe carriage of goou*.  and for the return of money paid for freight.  Mr Davie for plaintiffs, Mr Park for defendant.  Plaintiff* produced a contract of defendant.  to carry goods from Quesnel to Tatlab, and  gave evidence that tha same were damaged hi  part during the carriage, and that the defend-  n'tion claim that they will haye a (.hree-fourth* j  naioritr in Ontario.   There  has beeovoryj  gold.  their drain.���������The Victoria -ami Vancouver  companies aresending tor large iron pumps.  The Clark co. have broken., their. belt and  have bought the Vancouver co.'s belt. ��������� This  claim is now prospecting well.���������The Glad-  stone ?eo, are now digging a new wheel-pit.  This company will put in a 24 foot wheel,  with the. assistance of which iml the punip  bought from tin; Lightning co��������� they expect  lo botlom the channel.���������The. Eleven of. England co. are finding coarse gold, increasing in  quantity,. ^    .  Hoi'sic or Commoxs.���������It is reported that J.  II. Todd, Esq., J.P., will be a candidate at the  election for the Ilo'use of Commons to take  place" this seaupn. It is also stated in the  Victoria Standard that Mr T. B. Humphreys,  il.P.P.* will be a candidate on the same occasion...  Dh. Cinrr s Dni'O, Stoujc.���������Dr. Chi pp has  enlarged and re-tit ted his Drug Store in this  (own, and has just received a new and Varied  &tock of drugs and medicines of all descriptions. All persons in want of medicinal comforts are invited to call and see for themselves  Lgv?3is& CKKSK^Tbe trail to this crcefe is  2^^!ixi'^%re?^^ir*������e,^ '���������''  !"g  A The/defendant gave evidence to the /effect  (hat tlie damage toihe. good ai wfts^caused:!;!byi  there accidiut, and that pjaiutiffa were In*  debted to him.tor freight.   -:: y  His Lordship directed /the Jury -that tlin  gale by de fe r 1 d an t of the pi ai n t i ffe' Sou r w ait  ������, wroagf111 a<st, i0r which the >.0laiat iff was  res pon sib ie ; that if ��������� lhe <i am age to t h e gw'dK;  w as o ccas i 0 ne d b y wa n t of ordI i na ry sjf i l|������; W  the part of the defendaiit, such as overtrading the boat, insuhlciency of tha ere.W, or  uegligence on his part, they would find for  the plaintiffs in an' amount equivalent to what  they considered th* goods were d������uiaced.  The Jury returned a verdict for ������V3'S%  -+~<t-  -*-���������-  Late Abki^am���������Among the. arrivafa h  Bar n a rd a last Kx p ress we n o tico the n ames  of Messrs. J. Z. Hough and H. Braokman. vVho:  ha v 0 b 0 th re tu :o ed fro m a visl fc to their aairvo  countries.  NoTroK.���������As I positively close bii?ihesa In  a short time, 1 have reduced the prices of  Ladies1; Children's and, Men's Boots and  Shoes and Slippers. If you call and see Wm  prices, you will be surprised*"  ,    C. A. NOLTEMBIHt;  . j^/RemQmbertbu Railroad S;otfV liis*  fce-rvilie, AX,/A'  \&Mfi8$i%i .  WEaVl.OrS. FAMILY  SYRAOCSEA^SJ :  ���������     ^MISCELLANEOUS.  [d;?0KGi2vnKy&p tuain.]     ' ������������������ : /  f apologize to Chicago for opettinpr tip its  swindling .riogs^ I urn Horry for expo Ring ihe  fiainlsol San Ivranciaco; I rogret showing  itpith������meamy of NfW York ; I nm on my  -kppes for having strnck right and lett trt cnr-  rnptibn everywhere ; but there is/an exciiae  -for; "��������� it���������I h nd ; never' y ml ed "��������� Sy racuse  i [lanVhter.] This ia my.Fonrth Convention  )ieref and last, thanic God, I reject the vote  ������\fi< ibis.. dead-beat town [applause]. ������������������ - tt is  W?ed with sectarian churches. :���������' [Oh'!] Yjtm  .-am lhe best whipped city I ever .saw./,' -A;fe>r  -deucons/'a few blinkers.p few editpra-of small  ciilfherywith Terwiilejrer at; the head; have  :^ot7ou;wbe,rejob,hnd tlie steel I rap [lond  ghi er].   !M it sic pThes; tfa jred 1 rtns :. can n o t  Mrs ebmmericed ber Weekly Trips; leaving  !'Quesnel; on MONDAYS; nnd Soda Creek m  1     .    /    .'FRIDAYS at duvlighU  Ian  pa  PASSAqfc.  J?KKlGliT.  1 cent per. lb.  i:;; p&*"Goods' consigned to ns from below  ! forwarded Free of Charge for S  ���������������  Storage oi*  Commission.   - '���������'���������*''*        '   '���������"'  MARVIN &WRIGHT.   '  Qnesnel, Mny 2, 1872.   ' mvll 4in  :  A RE T>rep:ired to furnish Lumber at their Mills,  r A.   William Creek, or .deliver it to order.      ..  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAME HATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK. . .  ;s  >ay?their board:bills, >>nd  locjurefs "tiilk.'.to.  ^nmty-behcjies^ [That's so] ' My audiences  liiivi :'bVen. \he J ririresl, and = they con Id be  ���������Crowded into afreet enr [loijrhler.]' It is  ;1onnn.yem: h^feilMf^:^^0;wotideryoiifr^t;  ^lninltand fonnd/coni?olation in yonr alTee  nionaleclanght^ : ;F<������r Svra-  Wise Was the infenial^wri wherelypnr ennou*  old APi\0 was^ttirned "info a. |iii.lav ,��������� o'f snlt  [ [1 augiiiter].;'\ Tli :s is t hp o I ace wjiere th e ,t o w n-  >rose on,the nnjre.ls of the Lord, and took sum-.  .CAItUYINGH. M. MAILS,  'yy   " Will make  RegiTlar    Waekly;;. Trips  ; Z. -from' i Barker ville,  ���������V   -��������� -.>  Arriving in Yale on'Thursdnys. in time lo  corint'ct'-wvith. the siVainei* ������������������Onward" for  New" West mi listen iind  with tho II..J). Co As  ���������   Th e. Ca I i f(> ������* n i a' s tea m ers i oa ve' V i c to r i a o n  the 7 lh.an d 12d ot each in onih..  Priniiii' '"  J   .';". ";   F! J/BARNARD.  flavin;: a Planing Slacbino. Iu' opcratiott .tbey^will  also furnish      '���������/".- . .  DRESSED' LUMBER./  At stitiafactoty. ratea. . y?y-       sell'  J.   J.   ROBERTSON  . t  \A:  DECS TO   ANNOUNCE  TI1AT11K. IlAS.pPKJsED  l!> /!������������������'!' ./.'."��������� /',,   A A'  ' '  ' '  AT STANLEY, '-  -LIGHTNING fcUEEE;  The Tn ble will always bo supplied with lh* hrst/  articles that can be got iu Cariboo, and tbe Bar-with  the    " ' '���������'���������  A. -:  li-  IX  i. ������������������  Wines,1 .. Liqiiors.  r*z  and .".Uisrars,  is  ���������\ji'';  Ihy/clinrches. /Yet,;.wltlv������lMhy miqiiilies;������ye;  haVe not been well- .advertised : Ijitit- b'ence-  Starilcy (Mouth T*a?it"r5ia������r>'ere������lc^'| .  -AurilSS IRtt.      .���������      l-;        ��������� .n.r>9  LEA^^EERHS'  VVbRQeSX&R  Declared by Connoisseur.*-to be    ������ :  ���������    THE   ONLY    G-Cpp  SAUCE.  "-������������������ i  Caution against Frcnd.���������TSio.f uix^sfor this  most delicious a ml' ui;.riv;ijli,<i (Viiditnvnt.baviu^  caused fertuiirdt������ler?'to sjiply ihe inmic of *��������� Wc-.icrsf  u.'Tjsliire Sauoiv' to il-.iir f������wn inl������ rfor <-f mprunds-, ih������  public is lureby iii.rorined thai (In only way ������.o jiro������  cure tbegeiiuiii';, Is lo Pwy ...   '���������'  ASK 'FOR ;!LEA  &"..PEBEINS1    SAUCE  nnd tosRe that thc,ir ^niucsare-ujHjji lhe wieAi'Mi;  I.AEKLS, SVOJTKK ; ;i )}<! lT:)7Tl J'.,  ���������Sonic, ii I thi.'foreign hi irket shaving boon'supi.ili'Ml  with a spuriv.u.* Wi������Yc������Flft'r������l|ir^l?aur'e|.uiVpn:tlJ(' wrap'-  per and labels ot which the names- ol I,e������ and renins  liave-been forged, V,. and V. .eivp m-ijceihai iboy  Ask for LEA: & PERKINS5 Saneo^iKl sco  Is am a on "W r a pp e r,. L ab e 1, B o 11 ie, and  SoOpper.-, '.;.   ...:.;��������� .      ... .-���������-:������������������    v.   ���������*���������'"/:;���������,.  '  Wiiob;.������a 1 <> and ror oxjiort hy tho. Froprioirr.fi,-Wor-  ck i vj'i C r * ������.*f <��������� v. iiA'VA n c k w��������������� M: 1.0 h <! ��������� > 11. & 0.'. A* c.;  by {Jroaera an 'Oi Imon v.njvrs-iiUi'* -': '   -:   A- -  ���������Van;-TolkanburgJi \& Go  - pn ch .0 f; ijiy ��������� firins V one' w ho Ad oes tlie swes ri h ^  iiid!catche^tlie,r 1 i'm s1110p.;.trafuc :. '|ne...oi 1)er  ���������A. Barlow has niarlo":"'Arrangements to run 11  Line of Stages hot ween  ino>������ cunt andhypocrisy in thy prayer meet-  inffs than even io y������iir olrl on central hirth-  pluce, Sodnm and GomoiTsh [loud applause].  AFoRTnxK at ONK Bui.���������fb> following is  -frorh a New York leitcr'to the* New Bedford  Mercury:     .    ;,.;.. (,..;;   ,v..;.-   ;. -'-.. Ay .:  I litjlird lhe other day of.a proCtab3e trans.*  action niado l>y;two yonncr foreigners -who  recently arrived hAre p'enniless and almost in  ���������������*j, w/li i oil. for sh re w.d n ess. and success has  been seldom equalled.' Tliey were walking  about tie town looking for employment,  when they noticed in' the - Cuslom-house a  q n ant i t y b f" *a T i g h il y flam a ge d co Ob e nd yc r-!  tfeed to he sold ut auci ion in .'a. fe w days. A t  ��������� once forming,their plan of operations, they*  immediately visited various wholesale dee. 1-  - ers, and offered to secure thcmcolfee at five  ���������   per cent, discount.. /���������-...-, ���������is-a-. '���������  \.... Th is!���������-��������� w as accep led. a ml! o vd ers   recei red!  firom reliable firms enough to cover the whole  - cargo in the- Custom-house, . On the day of  - sal 0 th esc it wo p over 1 y-s t r fck en' men w ere  among the crowd ol dealers afsenibled to in-  s������>ecfc the,^various, sacks of coffee.- /When the  ��������� bid (1 ing mom menced ��������� these two 0 tl ven fen rows;  o'ne3 :bid very low. Tlie Crowd 16oked at th'-*  ���������poor de vi \n on ce,. thi n ki ti g they vv an led a sac k  or two, let their bid remain good, and it was  knocked-down to ^thein at an extremely low  .fignrey A'Ay ������������������.     ��������� ;';": '.'  ��������� -, -.. i-j0 w 'mueh do y ott wan t, m 0 re th an o n e  sack?-' inquired ihe auctioneer  ��������� " Th a w ho \ e ca rgo'?' (iiey qui ckl y rep! i ed.'  T bet e vv as a pre n era 1 1 a n %\\ a t I h e i r au il ac i ���������  iy. which   increased   when   the   auctioneer  ���������   1 n o ck i n g 1 y it ske d f 0 r th e i r se cur i ty.   Ih 11 th e  / 'tjOiles ,w������re turned when, tlie poor foreigners  Quietly drew out orders from  I cadi ner tner-  ���������<-, \ t ;\rtte. w h ose ge n u i n e aess /could  no I; b e (1 e.  ���������������ii������*rt������ and these before pauperis .found  them-  ���������chives possessed of eighty thousand dollars,  w.i l hunt, j*pen di ng 0 n e cent .to 0 btai n i I, 0 r  meting the 00(Tec at nil- ..���������,.���������. ' \w  For the conveyance of  FA S T   J    FRE I G H T,  ORDINARY EXPRESS MATTER,  A N D     P ASSENGERS.  All poods consigned, to Barlow's Agent.  Vale, will ..he, forwarded without delay, and  ut reasonable rales.,  Commissions of all kinds!'promptly executed. Col loot ions made, aiid a General Express Agency transacted. V  Barkerville Agent,   -   w.   J). KURTZ"  Quesnelie. March %!>. 1^72. np^O 3m  ;to  ,. ^u,,.M BE|TE1-;TH|J GjJfiE.  ~ ���������. 1\\Y R h eon. r equ es ix-'d .by ��������� s e vera 1 r es p ec ta 1> 1 c par?  .. tie's, w.liii calii'.tbstu'y to jfiitiiifncauy.oi^ni'yXy^fimy.  3 again make public the lact Umt ' L     '   f'A.  'Moses'' Haiiv i^^gpfp^^%  WILT, rnRVKN'T'RALPXi-SS, .:-..'.   .'  It ESTOI! K H A Ut T H AT Is B ECOM I>'fi TlUX  A   OU FALLING (jri'^aii'f.er.vxiuiJly ....  'GU'UB riCUHK OU PANDKUi-T.    '  Thlf- i $ not n. ni ere. assertion en m y vn r\,- ns I have  i ix.in y j)i.)Ss.i'S.sion a u m 1 ��������� 1-.mis tes ti mj.i 1 ijals cer t i ly i ng u���������  ihe success ol iny remu-iv.   ._, ���������  /.  I do notol!"conV.<e'pr.itanil that lean n\aketliehriiv  crow on heads which have been bahl f-.iry������:������rs ; but  I xviilcuarioilci* i-n stop thelmir from l.tllinif oif. 10  iiicreusi; im growth,- antleirccluyllvroinovt' Scurt or  ���������Daiii'lriiff. . w! MA MOSKij,  U.irkcrville.B.C. '  Barkerville,   Rrehfield  *-Axn���������  JKtE;  m. -  A SUPPLY OF THK  CEnttFKMYKr. ;���������:���������-.  Tlii? ts to certify Ibat.fUirlnii'l.aSt spring :iny liair  was rapiillv fallinj: nut ami mv hea'.l u*aj������i������i.st hoe,'.������m-.  iiijf iial'l. whi-)i raiiplji'il l������ Mr Vv.. 1) MOSKrj! Harbor.  r������:irkervillr, w110 in a l"e.\v '.vecks'rirslnVi.il niv hair to  Us former health v^taio DAVID (3SBBf)X.S-v;  BurkcrvHlfc I)-.?c. *J9, J86C-���������      ;5������������el ���������>;".,.  Li  ���������tt's-::" -JiiXpreas  A Good Investment.  SA L E  F OR   T H AT/'FiaS T ;^ C L A..S S y  SAi.-6'dN' AMD LODGING  SE  Situate in the most central pnrfc of tlie town  ; 0 f Bitrkervi 11 e,11 n il kn o wn an the  :..  ���������;��������� PABLOR SALOON.���������".'.  The house. ������nnfc������ins a Bnr-room, Parlor. Ten Be<l-  roams, mo?tam\i������������rt!i 1 >ly f"rnish0.J,-and Kitrhon. '  A\?A\ R������r nnd Bar-room. Fixture an-'l Furniture;  Parhir VurniturcJ. Beds, Bedtiinjj, and ttud-ruum -Fur-  nifhre, &������C '   ' '   w''  The above cotnprlwn; Tdblw, Chair?,  Classes,-��������� D*-.  ca n t-< :rs*:   Cwpfl 1 ���������',;" fi ra t - nla ss. Pal a  Beds, Jhi 11 reFsep,,- j  rin iVk *wts,' '^h*"-'M������i 1*111f>wK���������'. i5' 11������w P8���������*,|!*!?j ^5c'*' Hf3ry*  and !overy convehieiice appertaiiunj( to n Saloon and  Lo'ffin^ H'Ui^iJ. ,-,.������-������.  'For fnnhc r pan: ti en Is r������, tippl jr' a t the Skxtin*el  Ollice, or hn'thopremises to.  ;  ���������-  S. V. PARKER, Proprietor.  i*^* A11 par ii ca "fed eh tod .������������tb n u n 'd f rsfg n etd are- re-  quiitikl to c;ill'and Sfttle their'-hills..be!������r!! tho 1st  ony. ..of -May next; fin'l = o]|. p:>r.s������nRjhnyin? claims  afrailist him"are ���������requested to present tbe samo irame-  dinhdv. ���������'   '. '' ...  AI Id eh t s rom ai m ng. un pnht ��������� a f ter 1 w o* Ma y vvi li  be uinccd in the hand$o( an Aitorn������y for colbvUmi  .    < ��������� ''���������' ���������/     W--      --A   ���������'������������������ S-'.P'- PABIvRK  Bayk������rviil^'Kfrc^^ IS'l^ /��������� {���������   ...  OUR    ENVELOPES  Properly Stamped, are now reduced to  12 1-2 Cents each, or $10  for 100.   * /..  Our Agents at wav places use all diligence in seeing  that jettcra ore promptly forwarded to pointis bey on d  th n regula r s ta ge ro u t esi:' .      _"*_..���������.,, I} n  COMMISSION, STOItAGE,  ��������� a:>o  General Agency.  JAMES   W1CKHAM,  aplotf 'Barkerville.  e Notice  4 X,h V RRSONS 1 i Via $ v,- it bin the jm>ci nets of ������'h r  rV Town of Uaru'erville are leqaested by ��������� tho Fire  Wardfus to.. .  turn fim stoYfi. pipes, :'  onit also to bl-'Sif away the LINT ������nd of/nor combupi.i-  hie- naitter from the roof in the nelghhorhood of i.tiro  P'-P--.   - ���������   ���������"'   .::~ ^n'] y .  ���������������* -        ������ft'=20  iw&S    ������    kwiCflrvHte! April 17, J8H.  ALWAYS OX HAN P.  LIGH-TN.I-N-G   CREE  'IKEUS AND TltA-nKflS will Iind it t'n their ad.*  ,t������. vnnLa^iHo purehnscat ih.ih Store;, wljereilicrc Is  of the verv h������rt drpcriptjni.cn- luinrt,. nnd  the. Ptoct:  ftMn'ftt������Btlv ri'pleuishA',! Hy new arrivals. rThepropne-^  ; "^ v      wr will sell Goods---.        /,/!;.  AS CHEAP  AS ANY IN  CARIBOO.  Orders promptly filled and forwarded with dispaioh.  j. \V.tlNmTAllD.'.",f  A:A������;ZP  BARKERVILLEr  eOMMISSIOF, STOR!  G  3-rbceries, Provisions and  v liiqito^sv       /"y  'PI - D.fcr 0 t  If'o R \  -M'CBE������E.-0  1


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