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 e  VoL7v  Barkerville^ TOlliam Creekjl B;Cvi Saturday*,'June15+ 1869,  Nb)10i  .-��������� AAp, p/A. J '"tobmshbd ' ;;.^'i::I;''''.:;-"i;i! y  .-.,.  EVERY ,W^^SDAY;3aad SATURDAY,  }^i% i      l ^ {Aa ###|f|p    ��������� a ������ftf  ''-'��������� <ot deUveryJi^ayafele^b^U^amer.       S 4  V*' <)f^wb���������Barkeryilll; (next doprf to. Manettafy"  /Z-" Ar'.xs iZ?tGroeeryStoiQ%   ... ^si.'';';:*  Mta ��������� the year;^ 1868,-; 500 'officersr were- cash*  iered from the Austrian. army on accountjof  disbpirorabjerbeiayiouri among whic������ ;j6gui:e  very considerably the fact.of not paying tbeir  JvT'v  Agents for the ������������������ Cariboo SejatmeL";  qtt&ncimbuth/Mn GoudieVBarnard's Express Offloe  ,***������SodaCreek,"-y -'y^.-wy >; ���������-  Yale, ���������-��������� ' " Mr* ?vans>  Now Westminster, - /-y. y  'Victoria;    ', -  Xiy As- Hyl  A Barnard's Express  -do      - As    do  i p^Clarksoa &Co  -,,. AAlLync. Ay  ITEMS -0PMIi������-:SBRTS3  [FEOH ALL SORTS- OF S0URCE3 ^ND PLACES.] K' :>.  :/.The New York cWre'spohdeni 'of -roe? Sail-  Francisco^ Bulletin *saysf:���������" I mentioned^ a  few $iaya ago that specujatprs from the White  fine district % bad;/ arrived^ here^ to \ organize  companies-ttf; work the'mines, bat none of  ' them had, be^i ?uG^8ful.;; Th^ f?P?Q*W! ^  that glorious state of ad versityV an# arequite  unable ������0^  I would earucsUy ad^ise^all^ho fame mines j  .to dispose of not to^omo'to ^ewjork^ biittf  , y: *^Awyym\A uiMii^H^Tt^ &'&������&  peFm^atflTpurof^mdli hehas���������"to"Gnd /his  outfit; uniform^ and Biibscribe,, towards; ihe  maintenance of the iregimentai music /corps.  yMAiE. Distorgues; a French c r i tic. says, in .a  jate^number7 of .the;Opiniqu Natipnalei"thai  be never laughed more/heartHyithan upon  readijjgfa few chapters of/Abbott's Life; of  Napoleon; the Thirds ile says that all French-:  men who* have. got the .j fi lues * sbould learn.  English land tlwn read At> b bit's 'me rry {Jbibgj;  raphy.  * ��������� ' ���������;<i ^ 0. h * '"' ''���������.'!, .,���������  A! sporting man in Paris has opened an'  office-for advising inexperienced young men  in regard tbJed-called affairs4 ;of honor. 4 He  teaches;them;for fifty francs how-to insult  4|e!r%6^ereaties la theimo^t genteel nladner,  and how to resent affronts so/as to .-render a  duel inevitable; ^Heiinstructs thethtalso on  iali matters regarding duelsVand challenges;  He is'well patronised.  \ ~w - ���������     - j      ty ���������_  - The ^London papers state that James vMan-  ua^ a man'of ipplor, describing himselfis'an  Affiean Krince������and;the.- son of tbe /.^Irig^pT  ,0ah6meyt" 'was. ��������� recentjy / ��������� c ha rged ���������, b ef ore .Mr  JTyrwMtt, ^at;^tlje fMafUibrouga StreSt^lice  -j^^^^A^^'Ibpd^the house g| one]  ;i'irBaMird!s -; ^Expres^p  i-yt AW\, .���������'. V''-.'.',   ',   W'A*   '.,     .:,; .-P    iX,wf^'A  XWX:.Wi--A^.A.s:.. --���������-.Will.despatch���������' j-> 'll'A������sP '������������������������������������'���������'-. X  >  \,r ���������    yp'     'Ay    ���������-;'���������'   -W-,-.:,-s-     ...   - ..--r    v,--| -I ���������  A/ FIST- FREIGHTJ TEAjtf FRpM .YALE,  Makiiig:the trip to Barkerville in about 14 days. .; .-��������� y  *f,\'.''  ;;. -lAi .-Until farther notice,l.   ^.-  > /. :;'-:_  /"."atRATE'S, OFi^REIGHT1:::; ;;  By these teams, on all parcels: of ��������� ;^50 '������������������ lbs": '.and: upwards  ^;", ��������� I.;;;-. ������������������ A.. ��������� - * ;,;;������������������;;, will; ibe-. ':.;:.;���������;:,-1 A- IPX.;.;.,   aw:  rm  o; Gients;; :per lb.;  .esclusive of Road Tolls.f . ���������eX'��������� * > \��������� ���������.:  Pi est kin d of- amide ��������� her c Wi thou t ge Lting' any-  fbody to do so much as/look at it. Puring/the  *heigh fc 0 fi the '��������� Ne vada-' aud./Golpr&do mi ning  ���������excitement'the-parties/with claims succeeded  in raising ab out $ 20,60 0,0 00 in this city, very  ilifctlerof, which*.has; ever returned a dime.  Nideteen-tw'tentieths of it was'downrignt swin-  ���������dles, and the -balance; was taken by men who  were possibly honest; but certainly over san-  *guine. After that;Vekperience,; /do you Kip*;  ���������pose you; can; get New'Yorkers to invest in  mines again 1 :'i White:P;ne,/with all its.attrac-  'tion?, does not pro mise any better than some  of those,mines did four years,agoi:-It was to  .pay a hu nd red 'per cent dividend every year,  and possibly more, and was vouched for by  lots of nPbie people ; but it never realized a  ���������cent and p rob qfoly never will." ���������/ :'"! 'Ay:  THe Jesuits' ������iare lending all their strength  ���������to the Span ish Re pub licahs in the;hope of  ���������producing a reaction in favor of [the ex-  < Queen. The; order' is 'ti6yr\all; powerful/in  Rome. Jesuits have lately; been installed in  the Congregate nor^traordmary Ecclesias-  ���������tical Affairs in the department of the Secre/  <tary of State; and the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs. .All te reins of the Foniifical Government are in thenvbands, and every day  gives them fresh influence with Cardinal An-  tonelli. The Society of Jesus now numbers  835$4 mc.inbersjdispersed over the world, but  as united in one w^ole is the most perfect  machine.. , / _, ,' /  It is proposed to form a Confederacy of the  British West India Islands. The proposed  ���������Confederacy will have two - subordinate  Legislatures ; oneTin Jamaica, which will include the Bermudas^ Bahamas and Turks Islands, the Leeward Islands���������comprising Antigua, Dominica, St. Christopher, Angailla,  Montserrat, Nevis, Barbuda and the Virgin  Islands, also British Honduras in Yucatan ;  the second division to include the Windward  Islands, Barbadoes, St. Vincent, Tobago,  Grenada and St. Lucia, as also Trinidad and  British-Guinea, ^with the seat of the Legislature in Barbadoes.  i' Partiis slilppin'g by these; teams must order goods  to. -bpi; marked^? S^riyBarnar^'s; Express,-.SLOW"-^  otborwfeo they will be sent by regular Express and.  chargeU^iccdrdingly. ' ,'?'[ aOssa a ':  ���������i'Sbippers inayt; depchd; on -the Regularity of tliese  tearus^for whether with[UiU ]p#}gh} or not they will  come tilirough^'' " ��������� " '" ���������,1" ' ��������� ��������� A w  ,\Way4jl4,18691   .    ,-;;,.-;<���������     J- J- -BARXARp, ,  mwr' Z" Z AmfWf^ 'ffi Z0M������?m  f^0pAfABO(m q^^^^ak |j|i| i^|  "5 BEpiullING 'd^^nM^in^rn'M  ntiticg^     ���������     ti   v? yiA j?li;|i J wfX:  A!i ' r~^TT" i .iJi !w w s ������������������  Tn connection with tho^ove^Ahejbcggrito'aotirv^-his  fri(/nds'and tho pubiic������that *ha hu.&\Snf?hititf& a^clioictf  assor tm en t'!%c?i.,GRO0B ^IgS an il |DR Y^^KJI^ anST  Hopes, by keeping.-a.wo]^fifelected"'stock' oii'''i]iari'd1Ho  merit a share {pfi'publiC;/|^ronagei-^^  .pi > HXj Ap^,  jg������"OPP0SI������^A> K ^isCBRITISHfpOLDirBIA ^'  Barkorviilo, May 5,S18&.  -   Af . f  '',..'<���������>.��������� ' ''-.v  ��������� B&yii&r$& Express. 1'V:  ISEVEN  .THRGU.GHr.TO"-  it'  VICTORIA:  d Aim-x a  w  .. ^ >  Begs' .to1 announce 'tha^^Ji4eA has ^reopened ;  PH0T0������EAPMIIiltESY;  in Barkerville," where fifeiis prepTe.d^to execute all  "wbrlcinhis'linejitftheliigheststylel,o\th0-'art;:..  '  Cartes,de iVisitP.-^Anibrotypes,. Milanotypps,-Portraits in'Leather,-Wliit'e^Sjlk, Linen Or Cottbn^iew3  ���������or,H6uses������i;<Jlalms,--������to?ijalBgle.'t)r Stewoscopido'v--   .  , -JEWELLERY^work/pfeal^descriptions .donejin;superior style.'PRICES MODERATE,      '     w'l  ' -;  .--.November 26'1868;''-/,>   , -    ;    W<Af \' ���������'  Qxmmm  A������  operatives recently  it was resolved that:.a^eneraV^ystiem-^f ;emif:  gratio n b e; started th rough eu t the whole ��������� of  the cotton: manufacturing: dislribts v in .the  spinning department; /so.: tli at:;: all.; surplus  laborers can bo sent off that are. willing;to go  to some other'country where; workmen-are  wanted.- ; ,*.,./ ��������� "/-./",., .-,;  Certain American newspaper proprietors  areBaidto'be making arrangements for fitting  up a 'Qprnpo^ngjobm and. a small stereotype  fo undry oti board some of -the sm all p acke t?,  so as tot have all tt^ English n%s, set up and  cast Into columns ready for use as s6.pn as  the vessel arrives in port.       .-���������������'.  Some of Brtgham Young's " better" frae-  tibns are still at Chicago. eThe-DetroitTrK  bun]^ says^they^fittd; the/morals pf jthat town,  so .closely resembling those of UtaU that they  feel quite at home���������or words to that effect;  ;Commbdoi*3 Vanderbili: recently/ took tf  draught from a vial of bedbug poiaon, but  ^as reciaim^d from ah untimely end.' A New  York journal -says a The pbison was not for  big bugs like the Commo'dore,  The Bourbon /Prince and Princess, whose  romantic.marriage recently created/such a  sensation in New York, are said to have disappeared from a Washington hotel without  paying their board,  ' Froml804'to 1827 North Carolina furnished  air the gold produced in the United States;:  The aggregate of all her gold yield up to  1866 is about $9,300,000. i-  A solar engine invented by a Frenchman  named Mouchot has proved successful. A  concave reflector casts. concentrated rays  up 0 n a boiler b lackened wi th s moke.  Some six million bushels of grain have  been sent direct from Illinois to. Europe during the past winter.  Melbourne has 250,000 inhabitants; and  San Francisco, 150,000.-, = Sydney has over  lio^ooo.  Two negroes were recently elected trustees  of tho South Carolina University,  For rates -of.'Freight and passage, .apply to  ys.ryy.: WrS;WXyA-}yvpl vg;; OBMANDY;'  MaylD,  Agent, Barkerville.  tojjOEtaiit ^^!T^a^.ef&J!  r-'-.i  * LL FREIGHT 'CONSIGNEiy  TOJjC^BEEDr,  iYiiie, 'is C., ^ w ill ho forward ed -., to'. any _v. part;.; of  the Colony, oa the mostceascmabla teruts, free of com-.  mission.*--������<X'    ' :AGENTS:.;M viJ   ;   :;.!A<   y'.A"  Millard &<BeetIv,    \ '���������"��������� ��������� Denouvion &.Kurtz, AA":..  -..-.. Victoria.  ���������*-.   >>.���������;.",  .'Barkerville,.   .w.Js,.  Barkerville; April 17th,' 1S69.' '        '" - ������   ;': ; A.tp.  THE  U^DERSIGNEg^EG3 ��������� TOr INFORM   HIS;  tri ends and the pub/������s^bat he has fitted up so^o^  cleanness.aud comiori^of bis house,     ,  * -  He .takes'^alsottiis'opportunity; to^ Vomind ;the- Cari -  booites that his Briworynhas: received1 thie^FIUST  1*RIZE of the Colony for his celebrated l.X:X.y  'A/ApAi:i Z':^^Z/,^//:^Zi^  And; tli c t ru e amateur? will be a bl e to ju(I go: by tfe em Ai  selves that such- bonbrablc prize hus; b jen j u'siiy;  awarded1 to" bim.- ���������;-��������� ...W -_��������� ��������� :y,l ,.-. yy     . -.., 5    " pyx  -  k.-B;���������a largo front ^rdorii1 to let..'- ���������'.'"''      '���������"-.'���������  ^Barkerville, JaiY; 23,1869;';;   A;-;:;-i':/N;..CU^IO/  Wholesale ���������^:^Mt^{'P'^^  -IX���������  Groceries ^ProYisioiis,  HARPWAR^  ;   .CI^THD^>/B^  ���������Zyi -:v--:-:BARKERVILLB.^:;'' A .:"i/:;-  '-:.:     ,'     ���������"��������������������������������������������� :l$-$  ���������wy.yyAwww-:--wyl  A   a'     yyp-,.s,.-,,, A  ;E;;;;;^T:<|RE|.  LlOUTyr^G. CkEEa...-    l/lAyy ���������  -\iriN3SRS' AND TRADERS" wilt find jt to;/ their art-  Sx .vyaatage.to. purchase aUtMs Stor^^whera,there is;  ,    A Large Assortment^of Goods,  .  Of the very best acscrip tioii^ori'/.hand ;��������� an il. -the Stock  constantly replenished by^riew-tirrivalsil-\ The prjprio-  ..- .--,.-    tors}K\h solttGpods;(..  "'Pyx'-' -r ���������������������������  ; As Cheap  as--'axy' ,i.v  Cariboo./  Orders promptly filled; and: forwarded;with dispatch.  . . ���������������������������k%-*B-EEDY^'Xl&'DHABD, ' ���������  ;Van WinkI e, Mayl2,'-XlSOQiiPiAy X .- ,.-.; -..Proprietors',  HOTEl;;:i^jF.1tA.-iT;C E,  './'; ��������� |--<:-'SBi;RlKERTILLE,:-'-;;--^ ������������������:-������������������'���������  Carpenters and Builders;  ;      '!?    BARKERVILLE.  CONTRACTS UNDERTAKEN, and ALL .KINDS OF  Job Work done w i tb p ii nc totality a n d d ispatch,  at reasonable rates.- A goods tock of seasoned lumber  always on band.   ���������         -   ��������� .     ���������-'���������'���������     -���������''-''  BEDS! BEDS!! BEDS!!!  MRS. S.'P. PARKER BEGS TO ANNOUNCES TO  Her friends and tbo public, that she. has fur-,  nished'a number of Bedrooms in the most comfortable stylo, whjch hepr patrons may depend upon-being  carefufly attended to. >-,      =;  Wines and Liquors of best quality, as usual, to bo  had at the Bar. ':  . April 17th, lSm. -..  OCCIDENTAL    HOTEL,  QUESXELMOCTII.  THE Proprietors of this welt knowii House tender  their sincere thanks to their friends and tho tra-  veiling public generally, for. their past liberal patron-  ajrc, and beg tu inform thorn that in order to insure a  coVlinuanco of the same. Board and Lodging has Ijeen  reduced to $3 50 per Day,  Single Meals  $1 OO.  AH tlie luxuries that the country alter ds n.0 ������m-  stanily kept on tlio table. Private Par ors and feu it.  of Rooms ror Families. ��������� The Bar is stocked with, th.-.  best brands! of Whips, T^nm-sfind Cigars.     .  ThoStable is well supplied *JJS^b?*1S???3F'  O us, Hay and Grain. BROW N &^ILLI^  Quesnelmouth, May 12,1869, ���������  mHTSiESTABTiTSHMENT HAVINO. BEEN. REFIT-    ,  li PtciX in the ;mos^-c^mfor&able manner,--with"good -,   beds, the travelling public may rely upon being well  accommodated,   .-:.:;..  A. The best Wines; Liquors and Cigais to be had.51  the .Bar. ������������������;'���������  The restaurant department has been closed for tbo  winter.';-;  Decembers, 1 SOS.'  t  PAINLESS  tooth extraction:.  DR. CIIlPP.ISPREI'AREn TO EXTRACT TEETH  and perform short operations without pttio, by  "the aid ������tHheapparatusdiscomxid by Dr; Richardson,  of London. This valuable discovery producos insen-  sibiiity in tho;part alone, and.renders unnecessary  the ad'm in istralion Of chloroform.   ;  Oitlce��������� Upper end of Barkerville, above China Town  Office t\yo, $5.'   Teeth extracted, or tilled with Gold, $5  March-27,1869.-,���������.-���������       ;     ' '   --       '   '.   -"��������� -  B. EDWARDS  HAS on handvami for salej at bis. Store iu Barker���������  ville.   GaoCEftiKS,  Provisions an-d  L10.00RS, of  tho choicest description, which he will sell at low  prices for Cash.   Also Gum Boots, and other articles  required by miners;  Barkerville, May 12,. 1869.     ;  J. S; THOMPSON,  A CCOUNTANT,   M I N I. N G   ANti: COMMISSION  ]\   Age a fe, Barkerville.  Mining Companies' Books kept and adjasted,  'H%  pJA,  .'  w;. '���������  .'^i  ^^ydH VfJTVflmMnpvwvaib: * THE GARITOO^glM  : ��������� SATURMy7;JUNE 5." 1860.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINlWi  -f-.-ra :pablisbcd every /Wednesday and '.Saturday. All  *'d;-crtisem<*!t8 Intended for insertion, iwnst ������e ������e,lv*  ere! at litest at Six o'clock, IVIL, ibe duy before  publication.' ���������   . ,..,,   ���������         -.       TO ADVERTISERS.  Air:ndvert(eenicnts (not inserted for any  definite  period)  will  be continued  until ordered  out,  unci  charged .for accordingly. .'." w   ���������' TO CORRESPONDENTS.  is said that distance lends enchantment to the  view. This axiom appears to be reversed in  the case of British Columbia.;; Speaking of  the large;-wash-up? in one* of .tbe clainis on  Stout;igulchv the other day. it^vvas remarked^  that in Oalifornia no one woiil^belie^e^it;  Indeed, few would believe that there was atiy  gold at all in this country, ifc w������s added.  Here, again, is a, great .drawback tb the prosperity of British Oblumbia. Through a variety  of unfavorable circumstances, but-prjricipally  through misYepresentation, the; coloiy is, as ifc  were; shut out from the noticei-bfe; tie world.-  1-'L- -   ������������������*-*' w'.rf*A������-i ������1 i.j rife' fr>rvm  NEW" ADVERTI'SBMENTS.:'^  yiw'%  v.  H*\- ww  '*���������  s-Ar  i  }yAll'. coiinThunicai ions must he accompanied "by the MLfei-^in^iiVi nrk tho^ nni/cmintrieSfrom  real name and address qf tbe writer'; not necessarily Sixain or^onaua atetneoniy cpupiehiioui  wiih.aview of pubUsWng the same, but as security which we may hope to draw increment to our  forUtsgoodfaitn.     '     .y/-\   '  A/: ' V pbpulation^but the cost of emigra^on ^to  ENTERPRISE AND ENERGY.  'p6phlation,-but the cost of emigration : to  British Go lumbia is far beyond' the means of  th e- la b o r i ng p o p u lat i o n o f th ose. j cb ti n tries.  EverytIiing considered\in conneqlioa   with  Miners'- M|eti2ig.  bringing in water to tu#be;id^ot'Stimt'GniifaZXzWfA:'  --;'.. June 5*   -, ���������'::; "���������':,',.  .,:-:.-������������������.  ' AyA '.-.'. ]&������> It."  :: ���������X^^dil:of-:Thajn^AyXii;  .. .   .-��������� .*������������������ v : fi, r - ��������������������������� .        ���������:-��������� r.���������'' -,'   '" ��������� . '.-��������� ���������  tttB dbstre to givel tp; tho gnMh_t p$tid ^cypted;  V V Wil lia m Creek Ki ro Brigade, and t he Clt i sens'  of Willi ani Creek -gtnilfhJlty,-- <* -.���������tribn'to.Vpf. our^ti-  tu ������l e n nil si nct,-rfi, th a nks fo r; thei r he r������?te a h t j pe rsis ten l:  effort s,iii subduing the fijre" in the forestTininoViia,te|#-  ad j 'j ce ii t; to oa r SI a u g h t*r-houso and��������� Corni I ts; there by  saving our property, valued at;^5T0Od^ t'romj.mmjnent  destruction. -���������' wi'-'' '':'. p "'"''-"'-' -X:  ''���������;:''A.  :-. wlil'AXX--  WyJi: V������xYCftiKMX!JWmit.AA  ��������� '.:.'>;,-.. KriWA'RD.TORMKV*-.-..- :���������  JEROME HARPiSlU  ^Sl!^!^Mil^^  yXtf^mZw ;;'-::?:-v^iGEo,.G^.by^-,  {A&JA.  Barkerville, B.CcJuhe.ith,  notice:  B?  ** Safe ;  f\W������  Tnbulttr.:'.-BMlcrv'Tw'i." nL '.     '  '  novviasi^  These arc worite fr^endj used.^cTis- fcfa -^^ ,j is un^ a. ^ertlmt ire lm Wn TJ^^^^^h^aS&  cussing the affairs of-pur Government and the  condition of the Colony, and if we were to  'believe all that we hear enterprise and energy  ore conspicuous only for their.:absence.   But  the colonists as well as their rulers are often  barged with a plentiful lack of those qualities. :Is the charge a true'one ?  ;Few will  gainsay the assertion that in all other parts  ���������cf the world our. countrymen have.shqwn  A Weyj p o S3 ess and ������������������ exercise   en te rp rise   and  energy as niuch as.any other people.    If;', in-  .   crease of po.pulation^and material wealth and  '     .progress are to betaken as criterioos,*.; the  British': Tace- may/fairly cl ai m to b e e n d o w e d  with ehtevpnseland energy inferior to that of  ... .no,otber;p������pp^e. Circiunstances may develop  'Ail ^b^rprp^esswe-quaUlies to different de-  ,J; gree?, but. as a whole, we are justified in.j re-  ;;':;-garding our countrymen with feelings of un-  , Ayi, mixed satisfaction. -Leaving out of consider-  AAxAy  y..f .; ,rv-,  '\^S'W.-A  yj.y.y-  ���������j''-'.'������������������'���������  ' <' a:  A ation the gigantic works of mental and nhvsi-  ��������� '.   y  y.   '   '. .* t .��������� r     ������r       .  Aw-.A cal nature manifest in  the  mother:'country,  ���������Ay;     take Australia or Canada as.an^ll'*ei*,������^"������  ^..Australia, received its II rst.se ttlers"  'I'll".; over thirty years ago. '"'tfut'the/di  .the-  splayv of energy and "enterpTise'J^:/ A-bput  'Al - n i he teen yea rs  h ave ��������� been  g atU er eel; ��������� to V the  harvest of lime since, that' even tl   Melbourne  ip.   has now a population.of 250,000 inhabijants,  ;.    Sv.rtnnv.ov<������r 100.f>00.   No newly-������eLtled cbiin-  try shows so rapi 1 no, ad v a nee ipi p cipu 1 atto n  '   >and wealth as Australia. . Considering her  .geographical position, placed ?in .immediate  without energy and enterprise, '^he extent  of territory, the scattered 'position of the  p o pu 1 a ti o n, th e absen c e o f-; h o m o'genc \ ty; an d  the .unjustifiable want'"of" faith injits- future,  have been .the drags to enterprise/ 'Gradually  all L those; a a fa v o r ab le con d itip ns a re gi vi ng  place- to others, and' tlie p'ro'g'ress'of ffie country, though:slow; is:: sure;- One j of the; best  features how -apparent is Ay.the gradual  increase oi the agricultural, interest; ^here  they" have exercised vigUant^m  understood, their .' business, Hher farmers of  Bri tish ���������-. Columbia ; have niacle ���������:,rnoney mor^  nip i dly than th ose 6 f an y' b th e r A cp u n t ry.;. Iii -  looking'for-, the, cause pfpur^cQmp amatively  slow ��������� progress A through lacky of: enterprise,  two;'conditiohs .^present ;themseiyes;tb,;'tiotice:  api beirig-' the;; principal stuuib4ing blocks in  the way^-the absence' of cheap 'cbmmunica-  tid pi i with - Europe an a Cahadai and the u n-  p opular] ty of our govern men t. ' "With respect  to the first, it,seemsiquite^.fcjear that we need  np^e^pect any- change tor'the^better so -long  as t he sea is the o n 1 y m e di mn b f ���������-, Co m muni ca*  tion^vThev Experience .:pf the;;: past ten years  l^iould be^suffic ie nt to-, es ta b 1 ish that asse r-  ^o^7'&Qiai5?''Sc^bt-rwneffier;".ctvevland'' com-  municyion.;. wpulj:.facilitate imniigtitioji^  but those who aV so have theirjndecision^  fathered by au inimical feeling to union :with  the eastern colonies. As a-part of: the  Dominion, our prospects for obtaining "overland communication would -be-much better.  As a part of the.Dominion,, theisecond condition, -which keeps ns in ihe rear of progress,  competition with the United States, Canala,I Wf>nld fi^nriZZZ '-"-yy ���������yw!-*���������*  b in the rare of dlsWear-(he unpopular ty of our  m in the Ia_ce of, government.   As a Crown coionv. wp !,  too. has  made gigantic stride  progres?. >.,,. Her   rlgo ro vis ��������� climate  and he r  forest-clad^soil  would have made any other  ...   than the Anglo-Sixxon "race despair in the afc-  ���������   .... t<>.rnp t; to b iiil d pp a ci vi 1 ized country inihe  face  of;'supb'- drawbacks to settlement! : Yet  i Canada has'kept.pace even with the United  --    ��������� States, as-statistics prove.   Her wealth and  population have increased  in proportionate  ;-;.-������������������ -.ratio with those of her more favored nei^lib'of:1  ' No lack of enorgy and enterprise is manifest  many of. the Bri tish possessions  where the  >,..;,  y:l"]?te* preponderate.     To return, then, to  ���������    -     British Columbia, an* the assertion so often  made  in  connection   with this colony auent  . ��������� -^m^P.. m. .energy, can it .betrulhmily |  keeper, will tVom to day bo assumed;by,51RS.KUKK^.  \v ho hop es by s t rict a t tt*n t ioii: to ib us i ii'ci& to seoiiro a \  share or public pa troua^.. -,- ."i.s      . :A?:-r.   'A'jA:.Aw.  \ The sleep]n% ap ii ri me ivts :y111 be kept; Vn :' the; b e������t  ord i?r, nh d tl ie* tines t W'i a es^ iLiq un'rs ������ n d. Ci gars' may  be obtained at the Rar.   ��������� \\ . X' A- ��������� sX':aa.-"1  ..,..-,. AAppyx y -ry .tMKt*|?rJSic.:;:-;-'  ��������� Barkervino>;june^4,;lS09. ���������; V A A-As^Aypyp^%A  A;?y:-Zw^  TH B un dcrs i^n ed beg^-to: a nhoc n be, A tb at 'on * siMP  afierLtbe Pirst (1st) day ot July ; ���������ho^t;?/thj'e^..Tel���������������  itmpU Li ri e between Barke rvillo a ml Qa es h"t*jf fi������^ti t'ii  will b? closed.   ; - -,        .. .4  . : -,  ���������, .-,T-. .tt.' BUIE/: A'  May20,,1809; :,,AX '���������-.-A'-.A:iwyA..'yrQ--im- '  a masoniqiInqtice. <:  H^^vWiiiGirr:  ti'Uhe capable bf-TunUrirr-���������Sa^R^.in ^-Wind t' wr  byi mutual consent.--Ult-debts qlu% byy^be^ilt'mlijf  Sterling;& Barry, will;h.e;paid hy���������WtU'uun Stcrll������KV WbO:  is also entitlotl to ��������� collect all iiiontes due -thAfhe said  ���������firm..    ���������'������������������ ���������;' -ri.:s'--A: ������������������ytfyy;.   ^y.y- yWxiAW^  XYtV&TA M ;-:$f ft ftlJN"^'  3^ STORE,  JAS.1'P; TAYLOR desires to slate that  p fcarkcrvme, May 5,1869.: -^ *  lm  BrirkervHlc  Witnes:  ,B.C.t 26tl^ jriiyf 1S09C  as. Burdiclc^r^5 '-  ;niy29,;3ti  SE L UN.G:il:,qr-EiiXAii  -.TIHEjBAfiANCjE OF THE .STOCK OF, U  MOdiTET;  J. ... at Ricli fi vlilA: m tn pr ill tig G rOcfcri es, "Pro v UUmsl.  Clothing,; H irdwaiv^v &G^'ij"6. ?".'.- Al^o,  tho" ^ Ho Use and  tot.    The House bus jt\vo rotiins and a Cellir. in ;Whicb:  \ thero is a well of; s jil end id wa tor ai 11 lie yttir rod a rt;;  A Iso. oija hx fen .}>iil&rl afr- tight; Stove, A11������������riy ina K������:v  ~ *'   "      "for. ciish   ���������:Apply on���������;tli������'  in y 291m  Tito=above will he stdd:cheap" f  preniisfs, Kichfialdi ;;     ' "! l v  / ;;;' -   ;   For. Sale,^       ;  (Onftccbuntof intended depn^ture'fromtheCo!^  t^ymont to suit purchaser, ir.-neiwssarr; part ca^    '  on delivery, and ,.tbe^,^eIraTnaeV;���������ln.:���������m���������������MWy���������ill$tiv /'  .' mehta.    1 nqii ire at the bfflce or the Fextivel ot of tha  ;prpprietress^^^-.:::-v.. '  ^MBS.Pr.I������B2fB������RTiiy;1  Mf-i  'E-  England;  Grown colony, we .need  not Joolti for enterprise on the part of the  government;.   It is to the interest of ofBcial-  dom to^keep the country in its present condition ., An increase of weal th an d p op iii a t i o n  would result in a demand'for responsible and  representative government, and if that system  of: go verrimeni! were., gran ted to us an an -.���������  pleasant change would come over the dream  of oulcialdoni.   We cannot expect that the  Horne Government will grant tis^a' change of  government while weremain adetach'ecl, iso'i  lated colony with a small   pppulalionjj   but  we may bbtainfl; popular ofovcrnrnp.nt \s ������������ ������  ���������;.,.. SAW hi EY^r^LETTEFt-S-: .W,  W- X XkiSD ' ''A ':'-" '"' ' .' 'Ov:-.  C A R I B p O     R H Y M E: S v  :;':-BY JAMBS' AXt)El}$OS. "I"AHx:A'Xr: A v  ?EICEA XA 'liiiAlAS^^iPpAm.,  Tor sale at the ' SEyTiicEL'SSc^-' anWXbrwardeif by-]  POSi; .fr������>_of chitrgdA  iny ������9  ?pHE PROPRIETOR of the above establishment vooM 'A  X>Lyl'rcfppJctfuUy Snforrnjhls fripnfis and the public in fl-  general that be is"hoi^pivpiire'dvte:^ wtii'V'"'''  Bread ,of iite ovvn baking, havjn?secured tbe r-iW  auco-of a competent^ Baker, which, coaWes him  defy competition., ;  '  ;:^He-ha������ also a; COFFEE������SAU)pN������otwchcrt tellto;  above,:Where none but the best Cyflfec, Pies and Oikt-s  wilfLu>H<:rved. ;     '"     -   .  :,- N/B.^-BREAI>: DELIVERED .to/, all parts ;of th������  Creeks,'.-. ���������, :'���������.:,'.'- xlw       AlsA,,,A-A my22 Ira -,...  per  JiA  z y  X'xA-iA -  ������������������'���������' ':.- '���������' A''  . tiaut *i������itit we1 arc oe critia our cou ntrymen t n  ������t ther parU of the emijire ? A1 f fctle over ten  y r������ Lir^ tag.o t Ws so u-n t ������t f) rs t at tra c ted th e snr-  ji'Ius ciinvRts of.emigration, and what is the  . . popniar government  b e co in e p a rt of, tb e D o m i n i o n., an $, $y&xX$ul  iy iniist' of n'ecessUy ��������� ��������� fo 11 o w,  The Dominion Government hive already  commenced the overland road from Lake Su-  " * **:" l~' Fo r t Garry,   When that i s co rn -  SEATED ;OLB?lttWHlSl|^  '".*"*"   " ~        - .y ���������      '   i.;.���������j ^.i ;,-������������������-.. ���������     ......   iii'.^...;' r ���������    .m ������'  BCJARD, $12 Ver;Wkek^;':H^GLE;i������EAi4! $lv  THE undersigned bijw to announce that he bss. ���������  -biiVnmiW: BOARDING HOUSE ftmf FAMXft,. *-.:;;  thi^gulcHi bet ween the: Tatr Vale Jtnd Jenkins c������nn- .-^  .p^nicsrshafts,where his patrons may depenil upon mi ������������������-..-  'pffepliig a ''first'class"Ublc. "-'-���������.��������� /. -. ^ - ��������� _  jjrjiitD^^lO ^per; Week.   SrNOLB Meals, 75c. w  ������roccrifeaf Najl?, etc. ^ for sale ai Barkerville  "s^'-yr ~i--���������_���������-"���������'��������� .-"',prices.-  GOOD t,W<WS AT IHK^BAK. . -^  T?Pp.i'S^;  ���������lliijfS;.!?*)?.  ������tont'S-./-tCJni^!.Hdtel.  be:safsfiea wub the ������&ngs or ofits  . ^h.Abqo.n-entcrpriSmgni(JtlareC(',t]U,iit ^������  *oimbB- has all tbe material oeccaury to nive  employ^.Ao a-vast population, and*the  cl.mate is excelled. fc..t these condition, are  not so rapidly utilized^ thcysho���������id be Of  alt tbe British colonies, Btttteii Columbia h  the most isolated from the eenfe-������s of popuk  .i.ion. This disadvantage j-etai-de proarew  -throttgliltfefcidfImmigration.    Any other  enough aad have failed. CCn U'lttd !on!=f  Briffah Ool,,mbC*C heb������hS tbe. ^  sortment of Drv fton,!- s P-.lar?;������  ShH,,   Drawer? fe^"* P  sck-Ties  lot   of  JTr,  as rnopened  the Bank ol  e as-  ..    ants.  and  other  Se 11 in'gjo'^/wt G o s t!  r   NO   HUNIBUGI  WM.   WOLFF   IS. SFXUSG   OFF   IffS   KKTIRE  \vf-li-ju������.������t'ru-'l   filiick1 of  Clrnhlnsr.   PjtruiHhing  fiwfrts, IIkjjih, H*i?.  Ci^ar^-, Tohitcco, ilaiehca, l'ipofr,  Sutjon|.ryi Arc , AT COST!  /jG>"CiiJ und ju<!^'o I0r votirselves before ptirebafilng  FOESST Hilt EESTAUMlK  R1CI1FIBLD.  Wd tbe jiroprietbr M^m-^jjl������ K^'Srtd ������!���������������  ���������their patronage that no cflort-^HJuosp  satisfaction. ���������     .   "Mf^als. $!������������������  Board.; $12 par Week.   ****g*Ju  tST Onlv the best of U*b������m* ������������arS  koPt nt. tto-Air. . FREDEm0K BOSlCrro,^  .. Stout Oulch-,-May 18,1869.  Restaurant and Bakery-  WA  best  French   and  ^cu.  continues  ap-  ind  his  t ... .-Uitelyattract  j������.vasitide#t imrxj^ratlon ^q its gfconsg#   a  parol.    Also,   a  English  Tweeds. T.,^w.  ouutmnes   his  tailoring business, and makes Pauts to order,  and of the best material. He sells his goods  cheap an(l for cash. *  Rktuakbi*.���������'Judge lirew returned from  j Quesnelmouth yeeturdity. Mr Tool ey has also  ! arrived.  o to.  by  blic  ^iv. ^h. "Vur ' UirS la'r"i:,r ^!,jU' ������1jc will ho Utah  ^rict i(2;'vory ������"UHf������i:Uoiit nn^r hope*,  patronogo t0 b,w^'������������. lo nuriiu sharolofpu  ^Th(Pho^e^ $1T    Sin^e Meata.' $i.  ������U ^ Bar.        Uauonl aiul ������������"������ ttlwuy*' ^ He had  tm-22 2m  DUJTVltLE's   :  CEUBRATED CLB IRISH WHISKEY'  At DkKOUVION & KURTZ.  iiQuhl 'strict attention w  ^tmu-.BCO.of thdrconMonoo.^--^. ^  Meals, $1.   Board^9nL5T- FLOUR  BREAD-MADE OF THE ^T x  m0���������d to the pt*������ ������  COFFEE'  We rccoin  ������ROUND  hotnw! trom bolow.^ K!v^,.������ conscqucn y tlic l  ! ro y26  ^ the hc^ b^rr^^S&  ;tv W mtre of Hs ^\^ft������Jt" Frederic F.ok  j������������- I'icuso take not co ui������fc  ^rdonvoHng Bread ^  :i ufl C  may  ao  . that  lON^rd^ivoringCrcaaof  B^rkerviilo, M������f Is.iaoa'  our hut inf. ftooP8^  1?  KGMm  $������&MRKkimw,WRii2itUMuei!uim mmm:  3S&  133  ������     _  iSiifflSSBiS  SATURDAY, JUNE 5. iS.fo:^  si  ',. Bbd^uook GossiP^Vben;;;tbe;Baliaratdig-  gings in Australia weVe;^rked put from the  surface and bedrock; an=accidental circumstance revealed a new and;equally,extensive  gold feld; underneath;tfie;bed-rock.. It was  noipi^i^:i^P^WiW^ ;Baliarat country  tb at tlie geological form alio b had been disturbed''*0^^ \. bed-rock *ano the ?���������  stratum ot. bluexclay ^presented iteelf.\!This  fact, although ���������contrary ; tb nil preconceived  notions, excited thoVcuribsijfr of a^ fW^  siastic- miners, and ..the^'de������ermUi^d.Xo-ad4 a  n :iipi- ���������to: geolb$cat��������� data^ by sinking; a shat t  through the bed:rock and1 penetrated through  . tie second: stratum' of blue. clay, -if there was  goM'iit the bottom; of the \firat;-9iratum<(j>f;.Mu^;  ������������������'ciay't they argued; why: sbmild;; there not be.  so in o of the p ree io us metal b ehealh th e second  !:������ti Ai un '%.. So; they, ^thought}* and they were  iiyuc^asiilkppened. Deposits of gold were  found co-extensive with the first deposits and  ; equally as rich when they reached tbe bottom  of the second stratum of blue; clay,- Geplo-,  gists -Were, con fou nd ed Jah d wel I������tbey ni igh t  ���������be. Sir'Roderick Murchisotii who first di-  rected^ attention'to 'Australia as.;a-go Id-bear-  .ing country) long before, thediscdyery of gold  in ������CaI i fo mi *���������; had- jwri ttehi tb a t geld, i n al 1 u y i al  deposits would 'not,be/ound at any considerable depth belbwthbsurface;^ The Ballarat  hiiuers gave Sir Ttoderibka lesson^geology,  for they sank several hundred feet be I ow; the  * surface and found gold;;Geologists/ indeed,  have not been astray with;: regard-fe, go Id  al o n e, b u t th ey have b eea decei ve d wi tb re-  spect to coal.1 A few years tago, it i'wil.K bes  remembered, the celebrate^^rofesspr^Jevons  predicted the exhaustion bt^cpaV in ^-England;  His argument .was Tightenbugh; ao^ far^as :it  was based upoa the known deposits; of coal  ;at:the;timeL It excited;great-attention and;no  ���������siha II. amount of alarm^fortM wealth of Eugf  ��������� land depends 'principal ly. u pon tbe supply of  that mineral^ Mr.s Gladstone;: then Chancel lor of';tbeHExbheqtveri; .influenced- by; the  professor-s s tatemen tsj- actual ly ad vise d the  British Parliatpent to , prep are for the jtime  when jtffccaaiL-- would^beibxhausted, by re-  .diicing::the^ national; debt^sathat .thei .burden  4 would ^become iproportioned to the-,anticipated' decline^ of prosperity: Coal,"it was  ;sjtid;r would ^noti,be( fbun6Vv;below-a,certain  depths���������we 'forget ..the particular* ��������� Btrattim  mentioned���������and the exhaustion o>f <kno*wn deposits could be:easily figured out. By a singular coincidence,^ however,, a coal 'Company  were engaged sinking below, the depth stated  as that; beneath which it:was, said, no; coal  would be found ; and" while the debate . in  Parliament; was going: on^ ^th is-company  struck* coal,l and., as. in the��������� case:of the Ba 1 -  larat gold fields, discovered an entirely new.  series of deposits. :Npw, with these instances  before' us of the falsity' of theory as proven  ?>by fact, we may not be-considered rash if we  ventured to assent that beneath the bed-rock  of '* WiUiant creek' it is quite ppssib le that  another stratum of gold-bearing earth and-  another bed-rock may exist. . Certain enthusiastic ^ .'miners entertain;the,?possibility- and  pr obaib ility ofthe correctness.;bf: such.;; asser-  tion. They ;argwe that-:tbe? bedrock:- of  William creek is not the true jbed-r6ck,but  has been deposited by,a slide, and that in  some instances bed-rock^bas: been observed  about Richfield with the blue pay :dlrt underneath, as is the case: in ��������� BaUarafc. On the  other. ��������� han d, pi t is ? argued "that, th ere is ��������� no ���������  analogy between the gebiogicai formation in"  Bri-tish Columbia and Australia.; In Australia there are regularity and continuity in, the  vario us strata, whi Ie in British Go ia ihb ia the-  ..jj?,ve.r5e,;of.thesb-.-conditi&^  ���������If, howeyer,\thev theory;that tlie bed-rock of  William creek has been deposited by a slides  through the action of a heavy wash, be .true,  it seems probable that a more regular formation exists beneath, and that gold lies deposited there through the accumulated aqueous  action of thousands" of years. Indeed,: as  theory has becii confuted by fact in Eugland  and Australia, with reference to coal and  gold, it does hot seem safe to lay down a)  theory with respect to British Columbia, that  the upper strata being irregular it follows  that that irregularity should continue downward. At any rate, there is nothing like  practical demonstration, and it would be a  grand enterprise to test whether a second  channel and bed-rock exists in. William  creek. If it were an authenticated fact that  a second series of gold-bearing strata existed, what a rich and immense field ibr enterprise and profit would it not create? It  would at onco bring British Columbia into  general notice, and give a great impetus to  its slowly advancing prosperity.  I .Agricultural.���������The meadows are luxuriant, with, an abundance .of tall, succulent  grass, and Mr. Dixon.lias twenty, fine cows  ou them. On tbe upland parts of the  meadows a few patches are cleared for cultivation. Mr, Dixon is putting in oat seed for  a hay crop.  i ; Fikes���������On Thursday the forest in Red  G;ulcli;. caught fire and burned some miners7  cabihs near the Bntcher claim. In the eve-  ;niiig ktarge;fire;arose^ in tbe forest ori; the  right of Stout Gulch. : The smoke and, ashes  were carried over; BarkerviUe, .and much  anxiety - was;manifest, for the safety of bur.  new town. The Kirov Brigade were called  oilt and,with thejr buckets,. proceeded to. the  fire .which- th reate ned the slsiug h ter-house b e-  yond Stout Gulcb.: ;��������� Ahpther: catise for alarm  Jo ok pi a ce in to wh. *'' Af'fl iiei n th e residen cef  of a;single lady in Barkerville got choked and  fsbriiew h at b iii*ne a*, arid the fi re men w ere agai ri  called into action;: "A few buckets of water,  however, extinguished th;^flame. During the  iiight tea meh reinained dut so as to give the.  alar hi if necessary; litit for tunately the. slum:  bers of the inhabitants were not;broken by  any hew cause for wakefulness. Yesterday  afternoon the fire beyond! Stout Gulch in:  creased and the alarm was sounded.. 'The  Fire J3rigade, with their buckets, axes, ladders  an d hop Us, .���������, p roc eede d .to the see ne of, the fi re.  The slaughter-bouse and corrals were surrounded b y; b 1 azi ng ii mbers. The Brigade  fo rmed a tin e, toget he r wi th th ose p rose u t,  and fough t agai ns t the fi re, fo r se veral h bu rs  by; taking water from Black Jack; Gulch,  where, fbr tu n ately. a jlittle. d am perved- as a'  reservoir. After.bavingsucceeded in di'enchin g the earth and fallen timbers around the  sla ugh ter-house and ^ other buildings, the.  water' fVonr-Walker7s ;Guilch was turned-into"  the Morning.Slar.ditch;spithat in the event of;  a .Conflagration a stream; of x water ;COuld>| l>e  brought jinto B arker vi lie fro m the hi 1 Iside.-  One������great;, ad vantage has been gained by lhe  fire ��������� beyond Stout gulch;" It has tested 'the  efficiency of the Fire .Brigade., Whenever  Capiil Oppenheimer^., gave, an order it was  strictly and immediately obeyed.-;By detail;  ing men off in dih^rentdSections, where fires  ytere, constantly; breaking dutj ancf keeping a  line'..,of men constantly at work' with 'tbe  ^ucketsjlfefirelwas well. kept. back. Cora-  ^muhicaiipn;:;With:: Barkerville, in the. meantime; was^ainSined^y one ;pf the Brigade  mounted Jon;.horse, ,\e&t tbe.^services of tbe  brigade might be"reqtiired in'���������* town. Thdugh  a cohsiderable,;dist(ap ce; i u tervenes between  where.the.fire;was, raging; and';Barkerville.  yet therer was, cause for.appreheusion. as it  seemed ;as 'though ;fire was sppntaneous and  might break out anywhere at any moment.  The ^ariks!bf;the inhabitants^botti of Richfield aiid Barkerville are due to the Brigade.  MixEnsjMEETixG-^A-m in  terested inihe claiinXduBfout Gulch is called  for at 2 p.m. .to-morrow\ for the; purpose of  making arrangements haying in View the sup-  p lying that gii Ich with wa ter fro m o n tside  so u rees. , F ro ra tb e p ro mo ters of th is m o ve-  ment we learnrthat; the companies onjtbat  gulch, - i f th ey. wd uld n n ite fo r the p u r pose,  oo aid procui*e'. a plentiful su ppi y'. of, water  during the;;whole i^of the open season from  tbe William-Creek Bedrock Flume Company.  A ditch to,connect willi the Flume Co.'s ditch  at.Mink. Gulch'.could-.be constructed so as to  em p ty i n to .that, p art b f - Stou t Giitcfe k no wn as  Erne ry G&lcbi F ro m th is pro posed, di tch th e  whole -of a tUfl cpmpahies working;on Stout  Gulch could be supplied with "wafer; It has  been estimated: /that p ditchi;be tweeny these  points would not be more thau a mile and;a-  half in length^:: The; to tat .cost would ^hptf  amount to; pioipj than .$90p,: and the ] ditch  might be made either��������� by; the companies in  association or by contract. If the companies  would agree to make it themselves^ it.is calculated that twelve men in six or eight days  would do it. We. understand that the. Flume  Company offer to sell water at ,40 cents an  inch per day, and that twenty inches ivould  be s uSic ie nt together���������? w ith-.thc stream in Sto ut  Giilchv If these^a^ttiatiutis'ars^'eoi're'ct;"it;''  will be difBcult to understand why the companies should not agree to unite in carrying  out so' beneficial an enterprise.. When the  ditch shall bave been completed, the subsequent expense for water will be very trifling.  The Scotch Gold DicotxGS���������The excitement about the gold diggings in the Duke of  Sutherland's estate still continues, according  to. the latest accounts. The Duke had published the conditions upon which miuing  might be carried on, and they had caused  much dissatisfaction. Claims are fixed at 40  feet square. Every claim after being worked  out must be levelled up and left tree from  holes or pits. One-tenth ofthe gold must be  paid weekly to tlie Crown. . What with  licenses, charges for ground rent, and replacing the land, it is estimated that 20 per  cent, of the miners' earnings will be absorbed.  The surface deposits had been exhausted and  deep sinking had commenced. No one had  discovered the matrix, though search had  been made. A few of tho miners had made  good wages. One made ������10 for a week's  work, and sevetal ������5. A few nuggets' had  been found, and- great was the excitement,  when one weighing between two and three  ounces was discovered. Like all other gold  excitements it bas its crowd of disappointed  fortune-hunters who pronounce the minos a  "bilk."  WAsn-ups.���������Stout gulch���������The Tafflaie co.  washed up 162 oz. on Wednesday ; the  Coombs co., lOSJoz. Mosquito creek���������The  Minnehaha co. washed up: 35:oz. on Wednesday ; the Tom and Jerry co:; l'3i oz. . Conk-  lin gulch���������The Felix co. on Thursday washed  up,54;oz.. The Taffvale co. washed up again  yesterday and got 148 dz.::-The Barker co.  washed up 75 oz; on..Wednesday; "arid the  .Fpster-Campbell cp. 40 oz. . The.Cobmbs co.  ;washed'up sSjbz. yesterday. .; ''���������        > '  p������������������ ;Thb;:Best. :Coii,FEK.^-In order^ to. phtaib a  firstclass coffee, it is necessary !t"o secure; the  very :best berries, and to roast them according -tbithe. most approved .method..^This is  done::;,by Wilson & Reckman, Fort .Street,  Victoria, who ;are prepared* -to furnish; for  ;,casb,; Coffee' that never fails; to elicit;; the ^approbation ;pf those who use it.      p'; : Ay C? ������������������������������������. -  A^Nicb Girr.���������Spurgeon, the/celebrated  Engl ish;: p reac he tv was re een tly th oil rem pien t  o f ������2.000;; ��������� j T he i n o ney had���������, b een A d ropp e d  iufo his "JetteV-box; and was found lying on  the,; oilcloth in; the ball: His iemale/'servaut  brought it to hini. ..What an. honest girl.  ;;ipMpfqu CuiNAMKN'^he-Chinamenrefarried  ;toin:jdur last mining report as. making; $50  per)3ay, were the Celestials working-near  the^ppint;pf the .canyon, above the San Fran-  ciscp"co;?s ground. ;   j ������������������ ..''''.. ...  >;y0f$ft*������8uJ8 Goitkke has?how stood the test  pfvjithelasteight;years;-has superseded en-  ^irel"y thei mported Ghartres Coffee. ,and! is  ppw kept and^pld^by ^l'respbctable dealers.  RoXp TrAPprd-^Turkfs" pack train; and  ^rpbn'Frank^ train;from; Yale, with geods Jor  Xi, Strpuss,'; arrived ; oh Wednesday. Alex.  Burnett:s train frdrn Quesnelmouth arrived  on Thursday.' . Tompkins' team and pack  train, w th goods for Manetta, arrived this  morning.  Meeting���������At the monthly meeting of the  Fire Brigade, last-night, four members volunteered to patrol.tbe town until midnight;and  four more jvdhmteered to patrol' after midnight to guard against firei  At Beater Pass���������Chief Justice Begbie arrived at Beaver Pass yesterday,-where he intends enjoying.a practical demonstration of  Izaak Walton a teaching. :"-''  ExctSATORy���������Our local readers" will excuse  the late appearance of the Sentinel to-day,  which was caused by attendance.at the fire  yesterday. '���������..,.- ., ���������;. :* ���������-     :'������������������'���������-  ExiMiESS.���������The express bad not arrived! up  to twelve o'clock to-day, when we weut to  press.       '.'- ���������    ;-.- ...  . Launched.���������The steamer Victoria, lately  built at Quesnelmouth^ has been launched^ ���������  :-;..^.;,A^^  ..,V..    ;    iaA A GUOUSE CREEK.   ';  - y^ ,'r  The Flume co. washed up 33 oz. on Sunday, and about the same amount on .Wednesday. Nearly all the companies continue  ground-sluicing. '"'���������'-'���������.      ":  AA: ���������; :������������������ ----.:, ��������� i\ bep,gs' oolchV ? "T pi x A:-.'  Last season the Grappier cp. sank a shaft  pn this gulch, and;; have run. ai tunnel during  the; win!er..   They, naye just commenced  ;washing, and are : taking du t over expenses  land wagesi getting coarse gold.;1 'l"J'A ;;.,.  y/AAwl'i.    : mc'autuur's.gulch./  w\ __;:;...  SThree  men  are  working the.,; Mahrling  claim.   On Wednesday they washed up 9 oz.,  coarse gold^/GabeiMiils, i ^worktng by bim-  self, toward the head; of the gulch, is doing  well. .. i:A-i"' A -..'' A-Ay..  BLACK UK A R CREEK.  A company is about to be organized by tbo  wealthy farmers and others in the-vicinity of  Williams Lake, to run a tunnel to prospect  thi3 creek. Several attempts to sink shafts  on this creek. Which is believed to be rich,  have been made in previous seasons, but. the  water was tod abundant, and all efforts to  get down failed: '" The farmer is a gentle-,  man," says the old-'song.  ."  ���������';;��������� :;^;-;:bOAfINIOK ���������  ; Editor Sentinel:���������I notice a/feeling ^existing among the people of Barkerville to- endeavor to bring abputithe amalgamation of  the celebrations of. the First and the Fourth  of July^' 1 hope, howeyer; that the feeling is  not a sincere one, for surely the ��������� representatives of either country are not so poor���������not  so destitute of this world's goods���������as to barter their identity for a matter of a few dollars  tp each.   For, let the days be amalgamated,  let tbe celebrations be held on one day, and  to whom does the day belong?   To anybody  ���������to.,no,body,!   No|- let us contribute freely  according;.to our. ability to each, and let (hem..  be li eld. separately on the days establish ed for-'  them,   And/ppw. as the opportunity occurs,  and beHeying;that a feeling in favor of Con- 'a-  federation is -/pretty well established  in this  community,.allowroe. throogh the columns of  your paper, tb earnestly call upon the friends'  of that cause'to come forward on the np--  proaching Dominion Day and show to our  fri e n d s across tbe^co n tinen t tha t we. a re n o t  inditFerent. to tbe work tbey are engaged in.  The celebration   herei Vlast  Dominion   Day  formed   a  subject  of  no; small   comment  throughout Canada.. and, appeared to be. a'  source of gratificatiori^tpiitbe.vpvoraoters of  Confe'deratiou that tmnf;vexei:tiohs; had; .met  a hearty response in this rempte,part' of the  Queen ?s posse'ssions'..''       . : ;   :;"������! ; ;  Let us assure the people of tbat-country ���������  tbat a year has not dampened the interest we  then, ex bib i fed.. If it is the expressed policy  of the-British Government that .'���������Confederation will be completed from ocean to-ocean  Within afewmonths," this is the opportunity  to declare whether we are indifferent to .the.  fact or not; to show to. the world bow tho -  announcement affects us ; to make an effort,  to reach the profferred help to save us. or by  tacitly allowing the day to pass, show an in- :  clinatioh to embrace the heel that?crushed..'  us.   But I am not solicitous-about the;;resiilt.  I am confident the preparations for.the:;.com-vv  ing   First  will be worthy of the'people of  Barkerville ; and that our  friends  on   tho  outside creeks will rally to a man and share  in the enjoyments of that day ; .although by  doing so they.disclose to the world tlie bumil-  ia'ing fact that the country is not governed  ���������'according to the weU'understciod:wishes of  the people." - -.  Ontario.  Centre ville, June 4 th, 1SG9.       ��������� ,': ..  ��������� *-������a  -'���������������  < $0  ��������� "���������������������������������  ������������������ x>m  X  ..<:  -  '       c '-V-:  t '���������;  CURRENT  ITEMS.  There are stid to be 11,000,000 believers  in spiritualism in America. ,  The Dutch have ijust taken a significant  step in domestic legislation. They have  abolished the stamp duty on newspapers,  and to make up the. deficiency thus occasioned have raised the duty on spirits.  The latest .''sensation *'in connection with  ���������'��������� revivalism ".'in South London is contained  in a public announcement that a converted  malpractitioneivdescribed as "Ned Wright.  *.-,:���������:���������: the bnrglaiV'would preach at WTandsworih  ��������� qEDAR-creek.        -l  ��������� -^     #    ^ s sc inD \ y ������^0om, and ' vb reak o p en th e d oo rs  : ,:The towra^p.^vave done very well .this 0fhell w'ith a ffospeliemrny.''  keithiey Tn0  ^aroncss Ju^a Ebergenyl, who. as  ���������^yix. .���������:''.-.-...���������'...���������������������������"    ������������������'   x ..-'.     h   ,.,    inav-berememberedV'was about'two years  .  The'Stonewall-Jackson  and the.; Grotto ���������    ���������        ���������        ,.���������-.< ....   .-  companies have got to work again and are  doing very well. A considerable number of  men are working: small claims and making  wages, and others have good prospects? The  Cascade co. have got through with their bedrock drain and struck a very good prospect.  Provisions are plentiful and selling at reasonable rates. Messrs. Tornioy, Bates and Smith  have each opened a.store.  SNOWSHOE CREEK.  Three companies have started to sink shafts.  The Live Yankee continues doing well.  Several other companies are prospecting.  ;Tub Scott company (ground sluicing) have  commenced to clean up.  GOOSE CREEK. ���������  The St. Niniau co. have got to work.  HARVEV CREEK.  The Minnehaha co. have got through tho  rim   rock,  aud are sinking in the channel.  The other companies continue prospecting.  On  LITTLE LAKE 'CREEK,  At the South side of Quesnel river, the May  have   commenced   washing   up   their  i '���������)  co.  ground-sluice, and three or four companies  are preparing to wash.  back condemned to imprisonment for lite, for  having,7 with Count Chorinsky, poisoned the  wife :of the latter, has just made an attempt  , to es ca p e fro ra the p r is.o n o f Nen d or f, i mdei'  the disgu ise o f a v nun.' She w as,. ho we v er,  idetected and stopped by one ot the jailors at,  .the moment she was about to pass through  the gates. A lady belonging to a high family  of Vienna was waiting for her outside with a  carriage.      ���������  The,American Artisan of April 10th has an  excellent illustration of Messrs. Bib ley A  Wad e s irigen io.us app a ra t us lb r recpi v i n g a n d  delivering mail bags while a train is in rapid  motion, whiohhas been salislactoiily t^ted  on. the Boston and Albany Railroad,   The  new method was tried on a train going from  Worcester depot:"'Bags were taken up at  Newton Corner, Newton ville, West Newton  and Natick. and at Aiibunidalo abmkei cou-  taiaing a live dove, two'bottles   of   wine,,  crackers, wine glasses, cigars &c.; was suspended, and wa������ easily scooped up while the  train was proceeding at its average speM- :  33 miles an hour.   The dove was unlnjniv  and the bottles of wine wereldund int>������  Wherever the  bags, were '(suspeudtMi at  prop o v d is fa n ce r. h e v y p c ri in e at' w \\ ?   t'  uughly successful.J: *"'*'.  <%&    Al  ���������m- ������������������'���������!���������  U     !  A-; . .'���������'������������������  ������--':  ������������������'���������������. - .  $    -AJ  4.1  *1-  lot*  j  ��������� / . .   ���������..  AH    I  "*.'���������';   .   j  f  -���������- ���������' ��������� ���������, - -     ,-"-���������*  '  .'".=���������     . -M  ,  ��������� ��������� M  '    ���������rm  ,;- *.n v:  .SH.  p>- $&.  ���������Vv.-T&Y  +.-, ! ���������*���������������������������  'X^EeIl hero-ascen-b at sea.  Two  weeks ^ on board  an   Eoglish  Jiriimera^dboya.edn.n^ear.  W3S discovered on the 4th day o. **���������������'������,  out from Wverpool to ������w*<f.and ������  rfed before the first mate, whose duty it was  to deal: With such ca.ea. fhenquesUooed  ������ to his object ofbptagrtowedaw.y,������nd  ",o brought him oa board, the boy, who  hftd a beautiful: sanny/ace, ^^  l0okeddiiro:tho.v������ry mirrors of tmUvr^Ji*  that bis stepfather did it, ^Tj^0,*,  not afford \to keep him, nor to pay b������l  passage out tb Halifax, where he had an aunt;  ^bo was well off, and to whose house he was  C0ing   The mate did not believe the story,  in spite of the winning face and truthful  acceritsoftfceboy.   Ue bad seen too much  of stow-aways to be easily deceived by then,  he said ; and it was his firm conviction that  tbe boy bad been brbugbt on board and provided with food.by the sailors.; .The'liUle  fellow was very roughly handle^in consequence.   Day by. day he was questioned and  re-q������estioned,. but:al*aya with-the same result.   He did not; know:a sailor on board,  and his father'alone had secreted him and  given bim the food which he ate.    ���������-. .  .' At last the materwewcied by the boy'e persistence in the: same story,, and perhaps  a  Vittle.anxioiis.tb.Wpn'lpatethe sailors, seized  him one day by ������i^coUa.r-, and dragging him  to the fore, told him that unless he confessed  -^ of ������������������  i  [ihcofpora.ted by Royal Charter; 1862].  capital, /i Al~y.. -:Z?^o6'������-i  .:���������:- With: power1 to increase, y...-s;yyy  A  -Dn^issuednh the Bank's b���������g������������r.  ml VANCOUVER ISLAND-VIGTO^IA.  <":':':; :   .   l In tlie United States..:;-.;,"-:.    ....;������������������  '^rWAWMs^-  NE VV YORK,     -   Messrs. Bkll *jGffiTi  AWAAghts for the Bnnkef^ontre^my^y  VW'aAtfAD A^The Bank of Montreal...  OKSCOTLAm^^^  y pany's Bank:. .'. y -  n\T IRELAND���������The Bank of Ireland.  8n ilEXTCOAND SOUTH AMEElGA^Tbe  London Bank   of   Mexico   and  Soum  America. . ���������������;..  ON ENGLAND���������The Bank ofBritisb Columbia���������Head Office���������East India Avenue,  Leadenhall street. -/  Received on Deposit, or Advances inadeou tucm.  STEAMER  "rSS isnot ^sponslblo! ftr ;%*ageXt  ������i^-other fiqamssmpp^ m tins, 'yy;ys .:  i: A^. y McPn%#m,:;f;.:  AND  ^1^j^e:^:.e:l:^^B^  :       BARKERVILLE.    ' '; -  Barkerville,MayV 18S0.     - .��������� . .���������������������������- ��������� ������������������ l--'-  yop YQfkmbm&liiMWPi*  ���������:     RETAIL   BOTCHERS';   :  B AIIK E R VIL L E, * RICHFliLpi;; AND  wiX'-Wl mosquito .CREEk;:v;:;,:.::.;;; y  A supply of fre&h meal of. all descriptions constantly  on band.  ceiiix  KERR   & IfpM.  BlRKEUVltLBi ���������";  Dealers In Dry Good*  ������F^ '        ' il-  Ayiyy^^^^wJ  Alirge jissortmimt of Dry Goods ha V A h ':���������:  WharvSt^l0!<?!���������***S&F*., -jte $  AlM^Lh^^lAw i': Al A      *   ' ���������" VlctorJa.T; t < *$i  lOtiCK\i,  SANlWW6n   fffS  Orders ftaauho nppoKiointrp i&ltS^ Jf-' * '  May 1,18-69,. ��������� - ^dWJ    ^ J  vE  ?0  Feb. 6,1869.  TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS  Granted on Victoria, San Prancisco, Portland, and  New York.  Every description of-Banking Business transacted.  ,_���������... CHAELES S. JOKES, Agent.  the fcrafti.lft.teti minutes irom that  time   ne 1 witiiam Creek, Cariboo. ���������_^^ .  would-^atig mm from tbe yard arm.   He   ' : y .  > w  then-made  him sit down under it on the lS"eVer  OUt,    OI    tilQ  ������ 1610. !  deck.   All around him were the passengers  '. and  sailors  of the: midway watch, and in  C.frout of him stood the inexorable mate, with.I 1_ '-py  Vjlffl chronometer in bis: hand, and the' other g^     t ^d Qastlr0n StOVeS  h Onioer3 of the ship., by his side, ;It was the V? ������. ._-. fi    cnrt-T IRflH  finest sight, said ourjnformant, that he hadt'     llH   rLaiL  a.   OHIiH  lliUiS.  ever beheld���������to see;the pale, pro'nd, sorrow-! .. LL jobbing work in TIM, copper, Sheet  fu'. face of that noble boy, hi3 head erect, hisl A   Iron, Zincand Lead Piping,.attended to with  ^a.aantifut eyes bright^ through, .the.itears thatte^CSS'aad warraated l0 givo cati>r������ S!lUs-  ��������� -^^^^ Iron   &   gtee;L  .;'/   . E. PEARSON & BROS.,'  Barkorville.  .   HARNESS FOR SALS.  P   .  ,. ,   RICHFIELD,    :     ,     ���������   y~*  Is prefaced to do all ki'nda.ot ^joyk^j^o.aWT������-"^^^  Also, HORSE-SHOEING...;  ft., X.     ,A '   ;  VICTORIA ADVEMISEMENTS/pf i  STORE Street, betweeni^wM ,,���������. ���������, "s  w#tfe(!$6:50@:$6^-60^-Per��������� ifi?W? ^^W^;#  m  6m;  IA  Dispensing Chemist and Drnggist . ImrinrtVr Ar vM  .'*'  a .  ^^gKchmaHAU^^ A\  - ;     ���������       Perfumery, Vtetorla. Ti I.    - "     , .L"-  Ord^itonvthe np-coantry paact'ullf attended to,V  '  tlie:mate told him.he had but two minutes to  live, and advised him to speak the truth and  ; save his life \ tut be-replied with the utmost  : 6impUcity and Rincerity, by asking the:mate  if he might pray��������� .'The ,mate -said\nothingf  but nodded his head and turned, as pale as a  ghost, and shook with trembling like a reed  with the wind.���������And there, all eyes turned  on bim, the braye, and noble little fellow,  tins p'oox waif whom society owned not, and  whose; ow^ste rj father could not care for hi m.  therevbe^jfiieil^witn.clasped;hands and ?eyes  upturned  fof&aven,.;while   he  repeated  audibly ^feJHoJd's -Prayer, and prayed the j  dear liOrd Jesus,:tb:take him to heaven, i - '������������������������������������  Our; mfqn^nfeadds - ;thafc there then nfr  curred a scene arof Peatecost   Sobs broke  from strong, hard nearly as the mate sprang  forward to the 1^ ^tf clasped him to his  bosom, and kissed:him^aifeL blessed him, and  told him.how sincerelyUf^noHr.- believed-his  eioryi and: how gla^jne vi^hat he had been  brave enoji������frtof^ee^eat^Sr|i^e willing  ...... to. s^fe', h ^Ah^i^&i^dM^MpB- >^^d;  -[New fork Sun..; \ ���������"������������������' '     .;.  A shipwrecked Yankee was lately rescued  from one of the Marquesas islands, whose  Grst question on being 'discovered was, I  " How  did  tha Mexican wax  gain!  !   STORES!  ;-���������--.     PRIZE  JAY &1b5SP^;:^;  SEEDSME>^^;::v::'vi  TATES STREET, ^ICTO^IA^ly  XXJEUE a^arrto<!  PRI2ES Aa&YJ&J&  }\   aad VICTORIA Agricqltarat *E*<  hlbiiions, for their splotiii)d coiltcUon of  COLOXUL-BAISE0 FARit 'y/y   AND ��������� ��������� -:_..A... -,-'���������"������������������''��������� '.  GARDEN SmMAl/yXW  Wliicli they ofTbr a iitiVF PRICES (Is  m  _ carefully packed. V  March 1% l$W.;' -.- X Sm  ADAMS & PEARCY,  BARKBSVILLB,} :  ,   Have on hand a choice selection of     .  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  TW-,PLATE AND   SHEET::IBOK  With various other articles in their line of traded:  &*T ^j.fjJWjgjtt the .Tin, Sheet Iron/Copper aid  Iction    *^*       > aad iarrailKa to giflsatis.  nnG  .. -' a. g-ilmoiie; x i xy  ER&H ft n yy yAiiA$$i  ":. YAtES;^RkEt^V:-;'' Ay/ ':ypA  TAS on hand\ an d \s consthn tlv iTf-cidv Ingji.,a \a r������e  1 ./assortment of CLOTHS, CASSIMERES'tridjVEST-  lKG%;wbich lie i3 prepared to tma^e to; pfde|j;i%Jhft  most approved styles. /' ^r  Ail orders frbhi Cariboo promptly attended to; illy A  May 1,1868.   ������������������>/:''.  : -A ''rtwy \ . iA.lt ::.:sy )'_ 0m;:  ROBERT   BURiNJABY,i  ;���������-. :;;.:.':LAND -AGENT,^<?m%A..  A1 ] bnsi n ess carefully and p ������ n ctually a I tended to 5c  May 1,1368,.':       "',   ^"    :.'--'���������.- 'A.Vf.iA ! -:;-v6m  Miners' Provision  Store  BAREERyiLLB,,- '  A T this EstabHshment will always be found a won  il     , selected and varied assortment o?5fa  FRESHEST GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  IN CARIBOO.  Best Java Coffee RoMted and 8rin4 ' nilLY.  tv " ������ ouiuici- wno naa left  Oeoeml moU* army before the campaign  closed.  . I would..'do anything to gratify yon ��������� I  would ge to tbe end of the world to please  yo-t Ba������d a ferrantlo^er to the object of his  J^W*P.ta������( stay, 5  I shall he pleased. . "     ^  The Marquis of Salisbury is a man of business.   He supervises a private estate of 30r  000  ALL GOODS SOLDAT LOWEST RATES  t trust by strict attonti  ������n to bnainess, and fair ami  square dealing, to m������rftV������.������ti ���������   ' ?nrt falr an  patronage UafcwnSrS^SJJ,������"������������������ ������' lhe -"or,  -(1^ael'eS'    manaSes    a   railroad  oostine  8130.000,000, and takes part in alltheim-  fc^W0���������? laborer being killed by  a  was,     i)lQ(i 0j- harfl ^j.^^,, .  Feb. 20, 1869.  3tn  FELL   &  FINLAY-SON  Tea and Coffee Salesmen,  Fork street, Victoria V.I..  tori Goi  YALE ADVERTISEMENTS, y /ip  A- BARLOW desires to inform U������o piJbpjo of the  ��������� interior and upper country, ttmt having ob*  tamed tbe necessary' machinery and tinware, he Is.  now prepared to fo mi si i a first '-class quality of Coffee,  ro.is.ioil, prepared am! put up in tins, accord ing to the  Iniostuppfovtvl scjentinc principles, and warrants It  to b'j ti up crl or iomiv o.lhfr.  tfroc?rk-tf, f)r>- Gooti.ts- TlriWr^- Clothing ; Garden  Fi������H and otherS5*^������ -Ewglwh and Odonlttl.  JVaK May 1,1 ^i).  FORT    YALE    HOTeE  ������ont Stroci, Yale, BriUah Columbia.     ,'. ������������������':���������.  THIS houfiii has fxceH<*t������l occomm������f|ftUon Tor Tra-  i. vellers. (;ood Ih-cIh, superior furo, and the host  ���������i Ufj.u������>rs at tho Bar. Stabling for auirnal������ : Hay  ���������ma o.us at ihti hmm. nam. -V  _M.ty lylSm.   u    K1UJV& LAKE, Proprietors.  Tailor, (Raccfssbriibi-E; ;fte^,j;G^nunen^  ''I'-. ���������     <-   v    Street, Victoria,/ ' ���������  wi a Q^61^ amended to with care aod dcspatcli  A iA :m.:MMsmyiZ  TTTATOHMAKEB,    JETOLLER   ASD_ES.^  It*   graver, e-Government- street, next to tb������ ^ll  :St. Nicholas Hotel; Victoria, V- Ii .* Chrenonv ;-1  *tcfs and;Wattohes eleoked, repaired, and wanaatet'.- -K-]  Sierj description' of JeweHery mkio to order. Plaia^ J  tu&fJ Ornamenui^Engtavftig neatly executed-   ��������� //*  w  CARRIAGEj^::;:WAG01fr BUILD2S,  Corner Government andrPandora Streets,   ~  '.,Ji-XiA:-:yl .\vJ^tiBt- ������Idei'\Vteti������f^:yv J^-.;���������** /"-'-'!  Executes orders for every description, of vebifle. i  gencnil assortment or;W������go������5 always.on biri,"  Mayl.tSoi?.       .Cksap. for Cash. ..-.&>  b;vst������ENCER,  Importer of '-Booted siatloneryV- and Fancy'rorslga  sir X-'.y./s- ;". Manulacture?.; ;���������   -��������� ,--:;  F T^    FOnT STREET, .VICTpKW, ;B. (?;  May 1, ifiO������,    ::  th;  iii  do  tin  Al  ne  c.  NEW WESTMINSTER ADVERTISEMENTS  . SMITH,  Dispensing Chcmtet-and Druggist.    Importer'of Eng  h.mj Drup, CJifiMicab-,, Vatent Mcmlcinc-tf,' arid1  ' . . T      tr'u,H������*ry, New Westminster, B. C.  nrLrArKI>ENr HKBDS CONSTANTLY ON HAND.  Mavl isro      ui3-couuLry carefully attended to. '  THrlrHMnTAI'S^ Tailor7"N^v Westminster, B.O,  wivoV������ l>r,m^d,:,l������ or,i"r at. tnoOorato rale^. Al-  frnm ?L .,' ' Knj'likb Hml Oregon Cloths. Orders  Such    ni'C0UQtr>'al Gilded   to   with   care   and  Packing, Bag Making,etc,  JH  ������"������^s>::*^'-s,W  :  ���������     ��������� Havana Cigars, and Freoch J res  ..-��������������������������� Victoria, >.>iP'  Yates Streol,  l-#uoicsale;i5^^.ri������  T. PEICE, ^  Ordersfror^jvcom^  j >   open tor -;������ J^   kopt Jtl uifi ^������ ������     fim  the Table and Bods aro Kuj  puDCtuallyJ^^  siili  style.  HI  m4&mWffl$:  m^ov^m  ^;Hb:,LESAi'E-    ^  ,.,=-,3rH^URNER*:(50:;-    I  EnglUb and -Frcnfib Site    d e;er/      W  Tccive regular WPP^aCa^.H;>r������.  oT^,^   g|  tv Hailing vo������3e s,   ^ ������   ��������� toaU or������ ;^  Iff  irsj  Yiii  ���������a  stc  gii  16*  Fo  Ba  the  W������  fnl  Cu  nu  Wa  st.e  Uk  qn  to  pli  1  Roe  and liy mailing  rKRSfflAtWMB


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