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 ���������    ~^������fPW:  it^J'������T*������*.pl������^'."  NW  ,w^  ,y**-*v"  %^  ���������'*-' M-  fcv  fERES{yvfe  ttended  ;VN  *  to.  f80N;  frl..  finiy  ill,  Vol.7:  Bar^ervilie, William Greek,-v^a^^p^^y,^-^|^4*1,. Xf69  No, 86  ;���������-������  ENTS.  Jf, People.of t  $* ha%ob.  dxt uwnr^fieja  qualnyofOoflfeer  acQordiagtoiiii  and :warraiitj It"'1  fliiagjvWfa;  'loniaj. ;/?V-.s  lOTEll  odation for Tr������:  re,anti thebcrf-  -. animals;; Hay  E,:Proprietors.; "i.  HywX  mnortcr of -Ecg.>:  ilicfaos, and : *'-"  r,B,C.: "I--".-'  'hVONIUSD, :':���������:  attended to,-...���������'  :, /     :.6ib..  Hmiuster, B.C,  ratc.rjttf.   A!-l:  3otlis. ; Ordfrs -  with' cart! tioi  ��������� '"���������a ; .; .Mwi  f&ViSu'v Bar! S 'life; (next  " ' :, Ay  X ������ Grocery ,$kot(  BUSINESS" CARDS.  Grrn-7S i Wr nflft���������-������'iJ'-'WWWtrr1'- short; in every branch of indiistry-^immigrai  P:^������ji#jPw: tioh of ifeserving white^ietp^K,,;,        *,    ^THOMP������ON  JjVERY -JVf pNE3DA:Y,,and. SA^yBDAY, ^^^g^ many n0iV here must leave ;/ we: A: ..Agent Barkeryille;  Subscript, ri per weetrf(includi^M  tol  HOTELS^ :REST^R^TS^.&c>  Agents -for i.'is *��������� Canboo;Sej  i Quesnw mouth i^Mr'5Go&tteVtaaTnar'1  Aiil^ksX'''  '"  mm  3e*������  8ft Mi&  SM&  alifii  ���������-'���������-- .. : -.-���������'--   IBaRKISRVILLK"A ���������   '/     V  wm^wmmmmmFm ^������^^^^^^^^^w^ZiZ^mm,  X-   \.-:fMgj:v;,,-^������g/'.   Ay r    ..yAyl  cAyXW:---ym   ^-^-yys y~ -y p���������-y?--��������� <yA  ^i^^^AAA^^^^^^m^Mp wy..AillA   I  .(TtTUi^  :"���������.'' A...',;;: \..':^Drf^^^^  *v-       ' v^gftming ground to  ^������:^-$SS^,2J^^^',pre^nt and--folure  Xf j) j l     'i������BI' ' ������   thT'en'ttre" kUui 0 11. A U litter f. tl ie pi ausi hie'  1 * '��������� Hml' title of ^Ghiiieser.immii'ration1,v   and- the  ter, 1862],  ������2,500,005,  irancbes  VICTORIA.  RANCISCO.  .AND.  mix. '  ritreal.  _    j  Linen'iConi*   1  A ' ���������'  -;   1  jland.   r  JR1CA���������The  and South  ltisb Colflffl-  ;ia Avenue.  RCHASEB  le 011 them.  'ERS  fcrtUori) and  s transacted-  ES, Agcui.  I  1 spacious prelaxt;ofp cheti p labqi!,1' th6hsands  :.||B|-- ������^- barbarians are.being landed in  our  port  ^   gK a ud distri bii ted as sbiy.es t h ro ugh out the State.  m    Th ere are at preseriit so me,; "110,0 00 C hi nese  m in California, 100,000 of whom are in a state  K of peonage or slavery, and are rented out by  m the.Companies owning them to the various  m parties by whom they arc employed, in gangs  J <jf from 10 to 5,000; as they may be required,  m their wages being paid to .the: agent of the  l$$M Com pany, who is responsible for tbe perform -  ^^m ance of their labor, and for the return of ttie  g slaves, dead or alive,in the Celestial Empire.  K The bulk of the female portion of them are  mi scattered through our towns and cities for  'Hi^nj'wilb    f.  mm&tfc? I AAA Ami  f ill 'Ay "Ay   vv-"t>' A  l^tlwmdyy,' "  .       '    AAA X. i X; ^Awkm  !&&%?���������$  ���������->���������������/>,-  To: be found also, Cookiag- Stoves,, Sheet Iron.iStoves,  Pumps, Hose,: Nails, Pleks,. Shovels, and almost.every  thing requisite for. Miners' 'u's'o ftt 16vv prices'  UPPER BARKERVILLE"  every  ml 5  SHeet and Cast Iron Stoves  DOLLAR.  >r.ivsr.<!"'j *V  iny'tf  m the purposes of prosfcitution, demoralizing  ������ our youth and laying the.foundation.of future  W disease and sorrow>to an unlimited extent.  I The fenpwtation of fcheso harlot slaves has  I already led to scenes of conflict on  oiir  I wharves, between the rival Companies own-  I ing them, and threatens; to assume gigantic  I proportions.  j     The employment of these slaves displaces  Wm a like portion of white labor, and more par-  I t'cular^v of fclie rising generation.   There are  1  in San Francisco about 18,000 to 20,000 boys  I and girls, of from 10 to 20 years of age, the  I majority of whom are brought up in idleness,  I as there is no employment for them, and no  I opportunity for their learning trades, all tlie  1 inferio r w 0 rk in 0ur m i 11 a, factories, stores.  I workshops, etc., that is elsewhere done by  I apprentices, is here done by Chinese labor.  I The consequence  is that our boys are but  I preparing for the State Prison, and a vast  I number of bur girls" must, alas, ultimately  I" tink to the lowest depths of degradation.  I      By th(������ general employment of this slave  I labor in onr woollen mills, factories, work-  I  Phops, in our mines, aud on our  railways,  I highways,-furins,- gardens and sandbanks���������In  ;,"���������;���������;       ,;J, or black>plague, isgenerally at-  ^rfK^tea to the^Chinese.   From thederisUy of KERR    &     S  tlieir population and their peculiar mode of lAyAp A/iAx IBARKidB ville,  1 i ving, they '���������< areA subject: * to many diseases  : ?efe * '���������'** 18 69  almost, unknown among the::. Can^asiab .race. .,   fc__     .-,.- ^a  to which we are rendered: peculiarly: liable All-1:'A A J*-.. .F&YIGGZ    \jfXTQ.  ������      *il" ; ��������� ;    j     i> c   rii'  A���������   X.  A AT TflOS,   FLETCHEtt'S SECOND-HAND STORE  by   the   introduction   or  Chinese into  our JL. ami Genei^}; Repairing Siwp1 will he found a  hotels, restaurants and private dwellings as r~lL        >.������.--..������.���������.,..-.-.  ���������cooks, washers ami��������� domestic, servants.-'  ..  It has been objected to our Association  that it is an Irish crusade against cheap labor,  but on the contrary we embody in our own  ranks all classes, creeds and political parties,  imbued not with hostility to the Chinese as a  race, but with a sense of justice to ourselves  and children, and to subvert the attempt to  destroy tbe prosperity ef the white working-  men of the State, and to overrun California  and the Western States of the Union with  a heathen and semi-barbarous set of slaves  who can never ho.mogeneate with the Ameri-  fcan people, fully believing" that all the vast  resources of California can be fully developed, and her railroads, canals, and other  public works, can be well  and profitably  completed by free white labor as they have  been in the Eastern States,   and  that  the  future greatness of California depends more  upon the general prosperity of her industrial  classes than upon the vast, accumulations of  a few capitalists.   ,  By order of the Central State Council of  the Anti-Coolie Association of the Pacific  coast.  P. R. J. Dixon, Secretary.  ;0igfepnn4fe^eSe^lv^^Hh^  ^^Unu^c^wihe.6ame2.B(>ar{limd ^otfglng'has ��������� heqa'.  tEeSai|p^  'PH&; U#DEESI(^E^^^  X friends and tlie public,- that he has fitted up sown  GOMFpRtABi.^   BfeD-ROOMS  I n h Is new .Vnildi ng", where h e i$j prcpa red io gi ve  good,Beds at;a-reasonable price. ^^Tbosc who'will  favor tiim with their patronage,.wny depend on the  cleanness aiid comfort of his house. '-A'- ������������������'���������������������������  He takes also tbis opportunity to reminA. the ���������ari-  hooites that li is Brewery has/received tho FIBST  PRIZE ;'of'the Colony for hi's celobratcU '*:  "  "AAAA/lyxyxXXxkLE/  And the true arhateurswin he able tojudgo by (horn  selves that, s.uch: honorable, prize has  been ju3lly  awarded toll i rn.  -;'.  ��������� --Nv B.���������A large front room to let,  Barkerville,, Jan. 23,1869.- N. CUNIO3  ALL JOBBTNG  WORK Iff TIM, COPPER, Sheet  . Iron, Zinc and Lead Piping, attended, to with  promptness, and  warranted tov give enttro, satis  faction. ::.-',--������������������'���������������������������      :'-.'v '(.-} .'X;a-  Hardwa,re,"Iron & Steel,  FOR SALE.  B. PEARSON & BROS.,  Barkerville.  *  Miners' Proyision  Store,  -    BARKBRVILLJ5,  Next Doob to Sentinel Office.  my26  At DbNOUVION & KURTZ.  ASSAY  OFFICE.  THIS Offlcc will bo ready for business on- or about  Monday next, July 5th, in Kane's new building,  Barkerville.  CHARGES:  For Assays of Gold Ball ion K (one-half) of I per cent.  Deposits under $800 will be charged $4.  -Assays of Minora] Ores, $10 each.  W. HJT0HCOCK, ChSof Mel tor  Barkerville, June 30, ISe?. je SO lm  AT this Establishment will always be found a well  selected and varied assortment of tlie  FRESHEST GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  IN CARIBOO.  ALSO���������A good selection of Clothing, Hardware, Glass  and Crockery.   Best brands of Tobacco, .  .   .      Medicines, etc., etc.  Best Java Coffee Roasted and Ground  DAILY.  ALL GOODS SOLDAT LOWEST RATES.  Tbo BAR is fully supplied with the choicest  Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors.  I trust by strict attention to business, and fair and  square dealing, to merit;* continuance of tho liberal  patronage heretofore extended to mo.  THE Proprietors of this old ;.and well-known estah*  lisbmcnt .would respectfulLy, thank Uieir.numerous friends and the public for the extensive patronage  heretofore bestowed 0������ them; and trust that by' theU  usual .strict .attention to business they .will merit ft  continuance Of their confidence and support.  Meals,; $1.   Board.,   $ 16  per * Week..   ;  BREAD HADE OF'THE BEST FLOUR:  -Wc recom mend to the pub li c. our ..:...,.;_:.-,. ������������������,.:..;...   .  GROUNp    C������F fEE,  which Is a much superior article than any which can  be had from below. We Roast and, Grind it ourselves  nnd choose the best berries, consequently the public  may be sure of its being free from adulteration.  EATTERSON & GOODSO.W  Barkerville, May 18,1809. myl9  LLIAM   REMNIE.  BOOTMAKER,  OFFERS FOR SALE THE BEST ASSORTMENT OF  BOOTS to be found 011 William Creek. .  ��������� ,BOOTi3 MADE TO ORDER,  Warranted not to be surpassed by any;made on th,  I'acilic coast.  GUM BOOTS CONSTANTLY ON HAND.  A large lot of HEYWOOD'S colebrated BACON  for sale, at a very low figure.   .  Feb, 20^868.        '���������- -3m  REPAIRING done in the best manner, at shortest  notice.  In connection with the above, he begs to notify his  friends .and the public, that he has on hand a choico  assortment of GROCERIES and" DRY  GOODS, and '  hopes, by keeping a well selected Mock on- hand, to  merit a sharo of public patronage.'. -.-���������.... -., ...  SS-OPPOSITE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA -������&  Bar-kervilJe, May 5>.i860* w  =*������ii-.  V  ***&/  ���������*i������ia{ttty,J  "fe  m������������9SMl������Ba������������ilfi  ::.^i.i.;;;.-.irft.',U\i������������f0ift'.i^*^'-B'-T^ . ��������� ���������������������������   ./���������:��������� sAT.iJapAyTJuly iu; lif tf fl. v, ���������""  ;��������� *.,     -;.l" :��������� <,titsciisiBoasE^Ti^Er;���������;'[���������' :'xa- ;������������������  , I.? pn bli-^hcd ey*������ry, \\*ed&fls;iay mid S.aibr.hiyA A1 i  ad rerifs;?: aouits ������inten ded for. inscrtion, muk t������e. deliv-  ered .Vijrtttf&t a/lOSiX/ O'qlo'ckVIP. M., the.'.tW .; before  publicpii'turn.;.' ,,  ������������������' - y' s.    s ,   a  .,. y \\ ,t ��������� ���������  .--Tp.'A-Dy'aOTrsERS/ \-/  : Al I a il verf f somen ts 1 (no t i nserted .fo r anv \J efihi te  * ���������4   "���������'" '''"' * *���������"-*   "-'51 ��������� ordered "out and  p c ri ort)   \v j j 1 bf. r-i ������iuih u 3d..... u ii i il  charged f������>r aecor _*.ingly.  A, .. ^;-,,:;;:.:\\;/:TO:;.C0n^E3iJ0XDENTS: ;.:;.��������� '-./; AAA-  All cfmimimications inu?t bo n<:,companSed 'by-.th^  A: ^Tt^iiam^iiuiii-'VdOi^s^-'r'oF ihe writer j not necessarily  -.'.. -wi th r* viow of. publisliing the same, hut as security  ��������� '���������'��������� pr^ita'gOod faith.;; -.'-./-���������'."    y- l.i- ,-y ',���������... f; ..������������������������.-;<  i^-Svi"^ |:i;?^^^.qEKAT,^ANT.-;.v- ���������" <Uv,  / ���������:-.Xli.eu'rp'CCi)_t;FJr.ik.P3 antt prospects <;pnt - &ovv-  JieV ereelc:_fliri/tvQdnk'liftr>feiilc'lit^ririd lhe rich  county cotfirr.  (Before C.- Brew,'Esq., Cou ntyponrt Jndgo.)  I ���������/'.'//'': // Fridays July -������\ 1SS9.  V ���������&" H. SipiiK vs.:;Chas. El Ip rs jia n kHjDefeijflan t ;vns; sniiimoiH^I; to show can&Ovhy ihe  had riot p aid; $ 3&; 25 to A, s; 11 i*������ i'yj; a; j it'd triii ������ ri I,  rendered iliirteeivnionlhs ������������������ u������n.r'gM-ri>������avk..o������  belialf of defendant; stated itivAti:'i$'endmV  ���������ani_..���������  ���������_..,.������ .^_.| ,....w.. -������.-������. jHiipmnu (Kiii  beem-givon. and that, a: suit; f<>vMe Ap\m&. hm\  bc^n; entered;. ��������� Tho AJudges ^a id\ that! that  being: ariothrr ease&boti!d mot^fr^fofo. w)th  d u 6; pit n il i ng,- and the. dole iiid an 1?11 oh I <1 i 5 i (��������� w  cause \vhy.tio con 1 (1 ;��������� iiot pr \yon 1 d-not pay the  p \ a. i ri li if. D e len d an t ex p 1 al n ed a t: Umi gth \v h y  ho 1 iad not. filloiving thar. he bnd ,bb*n"_unnhhi  to do:sb. The Judge adjourneJl; thij-.casa.'. for  a roon th,-'. to gt vo Uefe nd a n t (tine to }i ay. ;  ' ���������  Canadian Tnhiiol Co. vs.'Win,Xfohmiop.���������  J i idgm en fc n guimt d e fe n d n a tfar a 4 essm en is  W TIIK.SUPRRME COURT OP THE MAIN-  . LANDOF J3R1TISU COLUMBIA.  In themat^olUiio Estate and Effects of WlLUAk  v mvrkWr ?!;--,Ll-.U'V? ������������ycl urns against the  ^^QCREElt,  lena y or (loieunnn r.  stmeci    mat .-��������� dote'ri da iii I -rl ,������������ P-Jr^'ng who have any claims nffai  ad a chum against the r>lainiirf.Un a 3ar^r'' ^^-'iyj3^^3-1.? ,Jir:-;rtjqui'r-su to s'?nd in their ac  mount than that for which the TurtianoiU had),>u vr,>CIOr^^S25UMi;ty ^^^r,lS6fi, to  een -iri von. and that a suit f������v th> ;S������,���������,v 'h.,;i.   :;. CfUv?- '���������:���������*>��������� .-1'pOLEv;  accounts  . - OaioialvVdministrator;���������''.-'  Da toil Richjavhi, 2Slh >Tnly, ISflV   -Ay ju31 ini  xh^tfi^rqyal;  Sat^d|;y|3$s������ Mi^ isO^;  son!  T^^llowji^pieco^ij h^^rfb  ��������� ��������� '���������,:' ��������� '������������������ ������������������������������������     ���������; SX'Rt inst.: ���������--���������:���������.-��������� J������  '���������������������������-..���������      : I ... '  :..,''������������������;.- ,.'A"',      -^ *w.?.f  -A^'ft...-.  '   / TV!"' '';*';:. "-������������������"''������������������   - -: ���������*."'" '"T-rrft,'-' tv- .''--.. - '-.mm :.;������, ."In, ' ���������        j 8 Ul Fii '���������  :- '.-PTew:,...,QhroZ^-Z- - -^ -^-^^  Ihmc  jniliaiqry slojjs::-{iayo been or iir^ljeing-taken  -to remedy: I he groat evil���������the .want of :a snffi'-  clefttiiaip.ply of -water. ;:--l&i^her.^mineW,.; nor  tradera h a v e in ea ris en o��������� ugli������ib;u; mler I a-k e an y  worJr tti'-snpply^tfre- mi nes^wl thi; water��������� "  p'.Q'klB  ^Stato have[be^n ioilay ?''-Millions of .dollars  ;Ja v eh een^ sp^|ia^|^iin ti^ibr o b lat n i tfjr  -water, an(VTor.poorer dijrg!ff|f^ii^tv'W������1iaVo:  s .,..-.,.. ...... ���������,   ut v������ Mian 511 ���������: a*Ulii'U  tim t su c K work as- the do fen da ivt'cb iild do was  rea d.y - fo r hi m. /to jr. e the r vv i th g ri i hV. a a d , ��������� th a i  lhe proper niorkefc}ji*ice for his luhor/ would  be allowed, . The -Judge.^ said-lhat if defend-  ml could-: not mnke : jagging: (liai,- was^/nb  reason why lie shon 1 d ��������� lie Iajrgiuir in';payin������  hisdejjjs when other work waj^ offered * linn.  a ud he woxil d g i ve li i in a in on th' tosatisfy; the  judgment or go to jail. -; '-   ,  - l"?y  .  iThos". McGormick vs. Wm; RemBwortlilr-  'Suitv for- $8'1> and; costs':tor/goods siippiieil.  Judgment ^Iven ior plaintiif;, aud>tpy be. satis.-,  fled on^foiiduy next."W':"X'T: A A.'-y"/:  ywhether:the-water sources^about lis can be  .made a vaiiabJe." LeHhe n vers and Iakes abou t  us b<explored, and if It-bo-faiind that" they  ? r^noi|l>eJi? wewJU \ not. linger, io iret-  ���������   fiil 'expectancy of sor������ebo6Ty ,or something  or oilier -turning ���������iig.Jp] ?'ve the miners. an d  sgai nes 'lfemncji^n^3erfVassistttn ce f-in:: dpyeh  0]>ing the' country's enormous"wealth-.  Water  Jcvery where  arid, nb o.e to'work', with. - 'Lakes  and rirers>iil.*ro"iind :iiSjr:;b.ut- nibI'^'mca.ndiwith*'  AAwhich j&  anywiie'ytftohe foi'ind.'jd1 Cariboo iah'd nothing  ibni a'sib th'J at dep eii de n ce 'u p o h ?t h o ii n cei rI ai n  rain clouds  :for^ Lth e i ndispen sab le wavh I ng  .'material; -.- Do ;.not; believe that ;we- cannnt  p^faiu'a sufficient ira'^V?'sttppl���������^TI^nJ���������-lbe,.ad:  j acen t moun t ain -';S I i'ea ms u n 1 i 1 th e sta tetn en t  . shall ��������� have; been ��������� -de iii o ns tra te d.������, by. a s u r v.ey.  Tlie expehpe of such a'siiryey. ought to be  .b or lie by^ihe Government.;-: Thb$ large snms  . o f.;.. m on ey "o.b" tained; fro m y\ i censes, fees, e tc.,  % from ihe ���������miners, and \yhichare not Oxperi'ded;  in the district, justify the expenditure.;. This;  ��������� w HI n 6' d dub t be a ns were d- by ~:: tli e: s tatem ent  .-that it is not the business of the Government  ��������� to; -ii n d ei* take wh a i sh o i lid b e d o ne by pri va te  en terr>rlse, v Considere'd, h6 we ver, .wi th refer-  ; encp to the vast benefits, that would accrue  to Car i b 6 o and I ho co 1 on y' fr b"va ain rge a n d  c onsia n t su pply of wa ter. at th e rn i ne.s  the  -malic? of a survey should be rognrdtd  as  en'sendaily a public work, just as nmeU as the  Survey for a piiWIc road.-; In the event of it  Li^njj demonstrated by survey that the mines  c o \i \ d be su p pi ied w i ti v w a ter say fro m S w i ft  j I v or. them icossp ry w o rk  woul cl n o 11 on g 1 j e  wtMiiing, even, though the ait-vnas to.accr.ni-  plish it were to be. raise������l  In Cariboo.    The  g re at.   irnp ri m w Inch   f h e   mining   in teres t  would voeelve froin sueh- a work would soon  com \)en an!������   Go vern m t kn t- for  th e o u tl ay by  the Iuvreused prosp eri Ly o f the c o u n t ry.  FUzIahgdn  /^������������������;;^>pyrty.^i.mpuuv������vcrv,.i,ij������u.-.uj-M.i^..,, -������������������ ;-- :--::;.:-^--  jJIonii./OcluveAn'rtul Leclcf������������������(tV-GaUH^-Vp"*!'*��������� r������*������*tt-ia?"f���������V&S&y1;  i-l ���������.  ii4j j pen t;::.- to; ;tho   heaveii^������ ��������������� ������������������. ^w/ii t��������� J>: :& ���������], ��������� ���������-^:���������- --;���������  Thompson.';,        *,'   *   ...  . ��������� .  f. \ "b.j     "      i&c.^ X   s ,    -,, ��������� .'-.--^..i  ^urphy O.^niloo?tv Bricklnv-K e-imrs^^:-    -lm  ���������--^twt':  :^f,Boosev-^a.ret^j^t %trU ������>iu^rV:- #iiti-iw#' -'*&&���������,  ^���������^B1-.^?''^'6^^^"'*-^ IaAia  w> os   tm hmm&& ^ j U'c <��������� lo- ^\;;.'   ���������<��������� -A, - - W ^y  Mm&riw&nKkln-h *vy   w   X   Xy/   i  ! ^d /it r,'::,2&.-,-ij;t:br.s rates,.f   ,^v^  I -orK"'":! * ":"r " -- "A ' "":-t" " "���������' -  ^:;  ���������|:SqMWqour#;  .a.  (Before P/ bteiUy^E^^C^^^:Conr������JuflgiIr  ,:���������';���������: - ; :-;. .. -./-���������    LrrroN-i July 16, i$Ml -  ��������� Hare -vstMcQninii-r-Sj\it \or $30 andicosts.  fo%r an chin g ���������.���������'"'cattle.-.*! Judgmeutfor-plaiiitifr  ::;|||^^avys^Smylh^SJii^^  n isiii ng-; d e fen dan fc wi tb'. 1 iiii e j.i i ice,; . J u d g-.  ment lor^plajiiliS;-..":A-''-.'-.A i'���������;'"v-:":;.��������������������������������������������� -fr-'.- -.-  !;William .Deitz. fbrV having soId ^whiskey  without a_ license' was fined ;S5p and^bsts, ; ���������  / t.iliintier>s. P, iKiiroy^-PJaihUft charged  d efend ant wi tb havih g yi so d oh * Ce n e 1 ah -  gi i age. cp n corn ing! his '(p la i n ti fPu), A fo m i 1 y.  Ki 1 r by" de u Led the.- char ge an (i s w o re: th a t. o n  bis cred 11 an d h an or as - a man; h e had ne ver  insu I ted Mr; H a h'tl er's- fain i 1 y.   :  Frank llnbadieux. gave evidence in support o f the charge .all egiag th a t K il ro/ faa d "  ; used the in ost. iiisul ti eg vand; obscene in n-  guage..:/to him, in al iiisio n to Mr, Had (ier's  fkmily.>.:::, .../. -A- aX- . ^ .-������������������ ' ",  ��������� His Ho no r, after p o i n ting on t to Ki 1 roy tfi e  trouble lie had caused oh a previHiis occasion by the. use o f. si m il a r I a ng n age t said he  c o u 1 d ri o t: o ver 1 o o k t b e p res en t o Ife nee. and  would bind him over to keep the peace for  twelve months in .the sum.of340U���������himself  to the amount of $200 and two sureties "nl  S100 each.", A f ter reiirim an d i ng K i 1 lAiyl (n r  his conduct, the Judge requested hiui to Iind.  bis sureties.  urr.rnvt-������v u -& .7-k^ .-,%,- -t Z^ ��������� 'V-%    '^'; ���������"���������' "f hA?r ^ ;:'' ������������������'        -  *&##*< K;��������� yj..vfcA'StO.v.r-- w-vil 'le>r.������- "v'     ^ ""*" '������������������:;:"m- ' *'"*  u*?d'' ���������"***#   ^;C "'' '  'i<i;  ���������gn*.*n-w?r^uir.th*--*m ������������������lypmmwX-A- -c   ..  .   XyAlXil  yi^yo^it^.yi  camirA^UmZiZ^^^ 'FtAT^.     >'���������!    V-     ^'/  ^l^;^WZZ^ ,, ,M , *^ ^    :   .  ^*^- ^������������������Yc>J '        ' ^      '  ioft^.t,the;r^attwfh>ru?*^ ��������� - -'���������':   ^���������!!rrr^:--^ xx:-m?rMkrphiiin% &*&������&������?&''& x-wx  p. -.-.The;S-siNT.t^Kt:XJAko,  -��������� '���������',...> -^ '-' -feiwJiMs:' ������������������-.���������   7^aP,tr:-i������>.^Uc':ft^4''-t,o.->iti'if;:wiTr.f iii-,; ,.v;  - :%^mpwxw,.y'*w?$fc rA^swysylsAW WW  %i.tUiictiii.  SES  TyiLJ/ LEAVE TITk   H:  B;:'.4:C0.������5  STORE   F^R  <-��������� ���������J^V>X:>W Ajgust 2,-provhim^ Frei^it ofll-rs  Jo2S2t - ���������" ..,'���������  -���������-4-  FoRnK.ia.���������A considerable mimber of persons   ?;ave lalejv  been  pasting lo and from  Just Rk cei vb i>.-��������� C.. 'Wc Cal htm  ^Mhes  ��������� o  a q no n n ce  t\iat  fi e  has..- j\ i s t reoe i v������1 a 1 ������* v$**  assortment; of nvody-m^de   Clotliitrjf,  wwi-ut  w j JI be so J d for cash at cir ka pkb jutm thj*d  have   ever    been    known    In  .Ji6rk>-:rv\(\<\  Thankful  for  past  favors,  and  rmn.*cifolly  soliciting a continuance of custom. Mi', ''iVit'-O.  would intimate that an  iftHpyCiioii   (���������{'   lis.iw  goods and enquiry as t-> i\pi- pv''*- ���������  vv?vJ   s:-*������-  vince all  as t������)  ihXiv niior -v ������������������!���������.; ���������.���������...���������;;.- ���������>���������*  ness.    All   ^arl.ie^   wi������^;a.;;   i>   X-iiv-   \:***\i  clothing ma..e by A. (?ilin.>r<j: V.;:: u;.i.  iu^.y  have their measure t.ikefi by C. M-tfJ.diHiu. ,������o  as to ensure a good fit.  Hooks ��������� A short tinm ner������ we *rvr������d -that M  Miners' Boarding House.  T?E: TTXDERSr������XED~irferBES   TO   AN'VOUVrF  ,roH3Wm. x^j^^^vm ^,?si'issr  BOARD, $12 per WkeeI,Single Mbals, $1.  Biitkervilte, July 27,1869.  a mBlo 6  ��������� v|a ��������� ������r  .    .A.y_J~..    *.  '([1 I" f?'������  SAMUEL^WALKER.'  ju28tf  CEIEBMT2D OLD IRISH WHISKEY,  my26.       A At DeNOUVION & KURTZ.  HOTEL   DE  FIFE,  DUNBAR FLAT, LIGHTNING. CREEK,  .   {One mile r.ml a-h;ilf above Vnn Wnkle,)  Cinder the Management of MRS  ALLAN.  This lv>tcl is now open  for the accommodation of  C.  M. ,BE AK.  D es j res to in fo r m t h e i ti h ab i ta n Is; o f Barker-  ville, Bi c b' fi o 1 d.: and v mi a i ly that bo has  opened a shop in Knott's hew building.  where he will sell butcher's meat often'  choicest description, at '���������.������������������������������������ v1  From: 1G to 15 cts. per lb:,;  and ho trusts to receive a share of business  and to    ���������':���������*���������"-. ���������";" .;'    ill- ���������"/  "IIVE Ab XET ""'"  harkervlhb, June 23, 1860.  a./-Zpx :,-;?;p'a������nl*ess:  TOOTH ; EXTRACTION.  01 i/indon. -uusvaiuaoio uiscuv*.  slhllily in tho part alone, jfliwl ri  tbo.ndmiht'stralion of chloroforms ;-..        rt-������*.������*i������i  Ot:_FlCK���������Nvxt to Ucnhlo's Boot store. Baikerrm;  je231m  m.  Oil lee Fee,  $5.  Si*  recth estraetetl, or  01 led with G<H  elif-s m^irls, will ho furnished, nnd tho best  'ii Wiu-.-*, Liquors an J Cigars will alvvavs he  1 "��������� "  jy2.u.m  at Cms Un\  Blunt. late'agentoS''ihy Haiti  in mbia in  Darker ville. hnd  myntikem seen, nnd thev regard  our r-emfe Uepn abaiit.'ehcftnDt(������rIii������ bears in  tho trills with s;ispiciojH. suscentibleness.  As, ho.vMvm;. wp hAvehx. all cases made  known Ut9 bipa;}* ivliose fortune it both been  to gotn jri.'mfH* of the bears, we thereby  esrtaw all resp^jHibiiity.as to the alleged  Prance or tha shaggy-.qnadvnp eds in their  patba.---J orbear I.- -  hih* iu V;. ; ,.;..  ������������������"'^ 'JJH'v*   |-r*4.tn  i .i'  for tlie use of the public \y/  nte pleased to i.earn tliii. hi*  sucmsftii. About fifiy vo,,,^ ���������,:..:���������:.:;  books luive been received bv I>,. in 4,'".'!<l  nnd the. thanks of the mMwiT7fi  library nre duo to Mr Rlnnf  iv     u-    r?   Umj  HiLF.-WAJ__ HOUsi.  TH|uuir������^:!B'  NEAR THE SIOUTH OF  IS.   NOW   OPEN,  h..i ���������.rv.py fr,)U3-, .,uw PimWDm> Fmf^-  ������������������ ���������- 1 - s     J"<  Im  NOTICE. ~  sued irom the Government AssayTjincV  ���������JOHN if.  WARK,  BarkerVlHe, July .12. lSt>P A}?tn/'  BLACKSrvllTHlNG.  3    ifeENTEE wishes tol^mrm his Wen*tt������^  i   .   public Lhat he is promred to jlo JOMMJ*  I.Wat $3 per set, nnd all other kmUs of MM*  work at piason'ahi������ rates.                                  u-e4 (f  RKJIIFIEIJVJu ly-23, 18C9.    ���������    ; JI ���������  CAMERON ���������&"   AMMES,_  FARRIERS & GENERAL BLACKSMIXii-*.  Barker ville,  rj AVE purchasod the Bf'niirt former ly 0CCU^'\J^.'  II    C. Cunpheli, and will.o������:out������ J^e������^aat  shoeing and Blacksmith work of cv,r^uc-cjrvl^2w  tho lowest rates.  WANTED,  A Gold  Mining Claim)  Paying more than wages.   .  Apply at the office of this paper, or to  ROB EKP HOIXOWAV, CfcigJ^  JuXOlm  ;-Ci>riie  i.'idic  JjresU*  ..������:iri*ie  or.  p'  hope :  1     A'  I Hcral  I cover  | ns gre  |; the dh  | Mr Al  f Engim  \ has thi  ��������� ing is  denser  by ah-  lab or i  dur no  ge titer  condor  pump,  densat  a comj  gines i  ried b\  the gp"  tli an  t  the eng  bavo n  at doul  exert c  and the  mak ine  is prat  not at  by its fc  in size,  of fuel,  point, i  denser?  engine  Ktimpt >  fifty-sis  TtiA*  "Wedne:  son Bn  freight  rival ol  EfKa-s!  _. J... iJ������ ������.-:.���������. HE CARIBOO Mlffih  SATURDAY- JULY 31,18G9-  fead creek  Ee lake.   The Barker co.  401  5 oh Wednesday, and the Caledonia cp.; 32  6 same day; The Diller cb;: haye, com-  tnced taking ^ht pay-^TJio.;;JJjwn|c; co.  ^tinaedoihg^ell.andalBoihe Vvilson co  C Coombs: co. washed-up,64 oz,  ���������sday. ' Since ��������� ������*���������������������*������������   te  on v.Wed-  Saturday, last;;;-.when   the  HANlg  ent'of  Hz$J  -J*H3*r  lCfWy-  Lowell co./Htrucii a rich prospect in their  ta m on CbnliUn.gMlehr there <has been, are-  &tion of tbe-excitement which look place  E*F Boring about the diggings at the head of  E?t mi ch ; French creek .and Conklin gnIch  1 been slaked off mr a-considerable,disr  tho'iWcDowcll co.'s, clnin)..,It  wm  Jarker-  iiu/kj  ilding.  ofiti  m  isiness'  !3 lm  tin. l������y  irdsoB,  i������5������n-  :csscryf  !4tf  ritt  hjr *  torsu*  oil at  2m  inues in Conklm! gulch.'  Judging from the  livork done .upoii' it-Bo:;far, the opinion that  'he channel gbeli down French creek, upmost  rriierullY accepted. A Where  the McDowell  '6 have struck it the channel is a considerable distance from: the; present channel of  Conklm ������id ch, and pitches towards- tie hill,  and everything, so/far,favors the presump-  j.ioh. that'lf reach creek is the depository -Of  ftheVprecious.'��������� channel.,The, companies,,on  jfroose and Cunningham creeks are not doing  Ire'-v well.   Arrivals yesterday fmm^IFar^y'.  pieek-report viiothuig"vn  ���������v.>--v si.il 1 occupied: most;of Qio:cohipivnies;;  ,4 A���������  i^htning creek: mattersi.,! remaim:a^m|  sZ &m& ap: before��������� -jeporjtetl;.,-:'N qiiiy o0\\$  QWwbivVAive yet struck:the rieH .lead dis-;  tZ/wdv>v '������������������** D\ihhar^eqy%^h^J^e^We  cr/ K>;^,:: , are  confident  thus  they  ��������� /jirui'fver,   :e-,\i U    On T!mr>d,iy Jhev  '-//imfr'smne- pr<mii?f ng-iooking.'gravel in  ^mPodvlftSt^ir b   bed-rock pitch-  'Ariy^fXMmApy exnmnw*} o j n g well���������  V  ;hv  -Vert u*\n*i 3->- ,fc '''Vi reports  ;,.\ U.i' ft ,u vri<> !0 o? j hr    u  ire d  " %|^'ipp-^fe,,---?lyo." -J.1 r.<,m,cbiium.;s  y#$-  it  y.,.yCv-.-yW-  "���������  WJA-.. /-,'',��������� ���������'...���������  >-...i\r-s-������s.yxs;  l:������  .lilii  P  rc&  ....^M .���������   Wy'^rWWWS;" S   ���������-,.,.,  IX A-. X  'fptW, 'A-X '"���������  A X  '.  -  yy X -   Xl  ^'XAXXvXfA  ���������:wy  im  3������S  tO   pay ; well.  illlt/ftJhmamen about  - < r-1 xx, . r   .: - -     -' ,j wr- u u ma men. noo u & *?������  U������?. ^^^iSrj^rosiiitiglaking out'i'oo^  - .j>.u4^lrV������ck;:-~ U, up pears that in 'rim ning  >Un ck A' ihii I4tunnel,'! 6n.Xbwheecreek..ii  . on ly a sjiufo f.sj ide. rock w h ich jn ad 1.Vei; n  |E;'-e*>me'lf������..,-.' A .little gold was obtained, and the  ������:  M  'mm.  mm  id.  i ;i (Hcfiiion s are fa v o rub lo. Th is tu n n e I: i s tlie  greatest" piece Of.work ever: undertaken arul  carried on,by a.small company jn Cariboo,  or, pei;haps." in any ot��������� I)er ; con n try',' ii ��������� 11 tre  hup e it will rea 1 i ze a 11 th o i r ex pee ta tl���������������> n s.  AG n v. at .1 m pr o v km v. \t. -���������The   G) a fghw  I Herald publishes ii lengthy account of n AA>---  co very, or invention which is destined A-j work  as grea t a. re vol u ti o n i n s tea m -e ngi n && as. d i >. j  the discovery of. the celeb rated Jam<'s W'dM-  Mr A l exa ti d e r. M o r t on, tn an ager o f the A}) e'4 r i  Kngttie Works,,Glasgow., is the person   who  Ji as th us disti nguished h i msel f.   T he  fol I o.\r-  5 ng is a b r ief su mm a ry o f . th e  {t. eject ������i r-nn n -  denser's " merits, discovered and per lee-wi  hy Mr Morton after several years of.'A\W.h*nl  1 abor and expor iirien t: .". The,: ap pi i \ aee ������i"a  (I e r n o ti ce is a p i e ce o f a p p a'ra tu s which alt o-  gether. supersedes the necessity for tbe \k?g**  condensing cy 1 inderand .accompanv���������;:g. X;\-  p it nip, as used b y Jam es Wa tt.   T\ \\> * c m -  |fgB| densatioo o f th e steam is. p'ffec ted i n i*i������. -snv������ 1!  ^S  a com pass" th a t tlie- c o nd enser of a p i i ir" 6 fe n -"  )������$M   K'nes indicating'2-1 h'orse-power can   be  e'-o>  ^^|  rte d b y. any mau o f 6 rdi n a ry stre n g f i:. - w i i \! i ���������  fej   the space   occupied   by   it is but litlie ni --vv'  j^S   tli a n . th lit 6c cu pied by an o rd i n ary 1 ei t.    A--  ^S-. the engines fitted.with* the. ejector-condensi-i  few  have no air-pumps to work they can  he  run  jpll   at double the velocity, and consequeiUty wi'l  ^B   exert double the number of &hor?e power .  and they will work so quietly, that even when  making*250 revolutions per minute:ine mil***  is practically imperceptible; certainly it m  not at all annoying. ..Besides saving pnwer  by its isimpllcity, and space by its s\i\'��������� tiI:iiip.-������  in size, its use is attended vvitli adir<-\:l s-iriifg  of fuel.   In illustration.of the lapt-uj'ir'iont^i  point, it may be staled.that one of ti^e ^n- 1.1 Uh' too lute.to go down  hy  denscrs was recently applied to  a pinnjjing-  engine on  Drunipellier estate, an:3 the con-  Ktunpt of coal tor six hours was red need ii'otn  firty-six hundred weights-to .thirty-three..''  Tisa ttSr-^Toui pkins' two'. teams arH veA o n  W e d n esd ay, and Ryder's, Ceuu el *s an d To a r-  poii Bros.' on Thursday.       :.       -.\  Freight.���������Last Monday'"about fifty tons of  freight were at Soda creek, awaiting the arrival of the steamer*  Wore New JliGGiKOi���������Strikes and rumors  of strikes.are again tbe'. order of they days  Yes ter day i t w as* reported ab o u t to wn that  rich new diggings had.been discovered near  Bear hike. On 'making' inquiry:*.we... found  ihatsotne new diggings had really been  found in the neighborhood alluded to, just  .8 u c n d i ggi n gs as rn ay b e, fo u n d An a I nios t any  part of the country; ..They, are new diggings,  l in I y, b, u t 'n o t sb rich. as rep or ted* Th e, p ar-  ties * w ho re c ovde d the m yes te r d ay say th ey  can i ii a k e $2 a d ay. in th es e; ri ch n e w dig-  gings,".-11iid when t*hey get ��������� iii';a ditch, and  11ii rne-��������� thVy expecit- to make:- wages ! ��������� These  new diggi rigk a re described in ��������� the appl ication  i'o r re e o rd as bei ng s i tii a te don: a be n ch o n  A ii f;l eV;C r eek. a b o a t thi r ty. five mil es. from the  ,t.own 6f Ant!er; and neaf,.- Dear lake. Many,'  lie we ver.,; wil 1 hot be I i e ve th is statem oil t  it b o u fc t li e SI pe r dayid b e cor roc t, ��������� an d th i u k  the discoverers are playing. blnflT until their  fricnds have. secUred,c 1 aims. The resnlt wi 11  p rob a b I y   be   that  ee ye ral    mi n e rs:"' w h os e  clauns are no t? p ay i ii g wel I ,��������� or, wli o Iiav.ej.no  claims,, afc all, will go over to the new d\g-  g i sigs' ; a n d as tl i e w ca t her is. re m ark ab 1 y  p I e it snii t just no w l' no h ar rn can e L m e o t'l h e  eke rcist*.' AI th o Ugh t he d iggi n gs a re described as being thirty-five miles below Antler, t o wii, they a re on 1 y eigl i tee n m lies frotri  \Vi 11 i a m creek i''tho i igh by ;w hat trail we d o  not know.: Williams and -= Booth, are the  names 6 f th e r,ec o rd'e ra, iandi the. Ram b I er! ce.  is tlie name which . they^havei "jriyen' themselves aiid oth ers who i ntead., to. help them.' X  : ;\STRiKR;pX;ANTLKR--?IrHillrenorts ;an.ex-.  e Hem en t ^o n Th ii rsd ay;. o ti;., A n tier; ' Hark iris  -& ;-:0o;&: hd.ft *��������� tnkleh.^6i(it-5 0Xos5.^:aiSd' Bioc:kGr..BIU;  had s tru c k. $ 36; to th e p a n.; A f e w cb ni p a hi es  are trying to bottom-Antler creek, .and, liar-  ���������kins &. Co., after, cutting thro ugh. some rim  rock and running a drain, have succeeded in  getting down. We did not^ ti ear ^how, many  p a rfa lip c* k ei^Bi 11 |h(td fb un d' w i th j th e >fo rego -  itig p r.ospecU p. Great-an ticipations o f success  are��������� indulged in by the miners on. Antler  creek, a n d we a re' tol d, tha t i n: the con rse of.  two or tli ree \v eelcs some big stri kes will be  '���������heard"of:A. if tlio companies who are now  making.for the deep ground on Antler meet  with success in noli, prospecting will be done.  Scarcetyi$aythihgppfc&urface work has,ever  '" Antfer^creek^in^ear  fficaljypof ;boUomiiig;r.-k Of latel  de^p'sinking has been.better]  %WIV\ in Uly Jo'wl.- and 'Antler creek is -yet  quite a  ^yy\y Ay {#? mining." Sirice'the discovery of  s-: I xyX -���������Ay, ion as it is nowdikely to. es-  w '^WJ-f-i [' th {T oi mi p a n i es a t p rese n t e n rrn ge d  in !f>s(h,;r i t^nrlyrshpulil- succeed>- ; Hark ins  cC-'Cti: liave been"doinjrV we)I! jor^some������������������:tinie.  'nh d..;: th eV p rese n I: str i k e;; w i II 'pio re th a ri; e fe r  co ii firm the 1 o n g-e n te rial n ed - opinion tha t th e  deep gro ii nd. of:; hitler "creek; .is-'rich.-'.-V*-;". ''���������  X A N\uW Wat to Pay Old Dkiits,- -Last  Thu rsd.������ y ������������������ John   Willi am s in ten d ed  to ha ve  me.\l Johti  Rees  for; S46 for- work done on  a c c ou ti t o f t h e 1 alter in the To m. and Jerry  claim oa Red '.gulch; 'but by a'm is take on the  . p :-\ r (; o f I h e p 1 ai n ti ft* wh b k new very wel I w h 6 "���������  ihe pefsou was 1 hat he in tended to summon  beI<jre  the   court, but did not exac11 y know  h o w  to sig n i fy  li is  perso n a 1  know] edge in  wr���������������Irig. a 'Ioi.her j>et^na b f, tlie name of Reed  w as s i; in rn ���������> n i k/i. . A f 1 e r tho. s u i h mo" ri s h ad been  I \ >.-���������! i "d f he *������ o 11 !i> e I' fo p: ,t ii e phi in tiff" u n do r took  lo afU*r the nutr.e ol Ileed io Rees, and, as it  i )������������������ i \) p e i 'i ed.'. b o i. h "Re ei La n d Rees - were w 6 rk I h g  lege i her. a ud .both: Re.ed .a n d * Roes; cam e to  ,e������11 v t.   \\ev11. '"i 1 ������������������ j e Ct<'ii _ I' o'���������'a p ]i ear as Rees. an d  Reed objected to appear as Reed.    Under  I.hes<������ Je i i e mas i 111 ees the magist rate o bjected.  io  he ad ii g  the ease: the counsel objected to  ii ie  i n a g.i s t r ale s  i \ ecisi o n.- an d b 0 th p 1 ai n t i ff  and defendant; objected to paying the. costs.  Tin*, p 1; t i n t i if obj ec ted to  a  n e vy si i m m o ns.  uud ws the dele infant and he agreed to settle  (he matter on',of court. the counsel was 1 eft  ;.o pny tiie co.si.s...:..! A11  the. parties con corned  :n the  suit. With   (he  excepdoh- of. coiinsel.  I hen retired   to  the "life h tie id  hotel,  where  111 ey (I r o w n e d a 11 ro co i 1 ec i i o n. o f their. di fife r-  i'-di.'S h'y c'.'piotirf draughts of Dominion .cock?  taiK threlfi'ctw of whfcii produced a.complete  union of 'hearts'and hands.  .  Reported New . D ig g in gs ,���������rNew d ig gings  at Salmon river are reported to have.been  struck which are believed to! be rich and ex-  to n si ve A; T he Ton n datinn. f o r this rep o rt, as  far as we can learn; consists only in .the fact  that a few days ago a miner named Keast had  arrived at Quesnelmouth, and after purchasing mi hi ng i m piemen ts and a go od sto ck. o i  p ro visions, had left again, as w as; su pp Ose d.  for Salmon riyer. vAn Indian,-wbo was aware  of JhO'-ptace'- -!were ��������� Keast had woi*ked. said  th a t Sal m o a ri yer w as, al 1 the, same as Willi am"  oreek, meaning as rich in -gbldl   Keast de-  c 1 i ti ed say i ug. any th i ng ab out his m ov era en ts,  which fact, together with that of his having  purchased tools and pro visions, -" has led ��������� to  the assum pti oh th at he li ad struck rich dig-  giiigs, aiid as the Indian alladed i?^had men-  tioned Salmon Viver as above, the report thaj.  rich diggings" have . been  found there; was  s tar te d ah d -Is gain ing cu r ren cy: though the re  is lio actual1:foundation for ,it except the  above-mentioned circumstances.  ; RKCovFJtY.KxpEnrriox.^--None of the China*  m en at Qu es helm 6ii tli co u 1 d m uster cou rage  enough to start up .Quesnel river in boats to  recover the bodies of their, biirhcd couutry-  men, and . t he K wo ng Lee Oo.'s age n ts engaged -some while men to uhdcrtake tlie ex-  peditiom agreeing to give them $600 to  ascend tli e rive r an d b ring, do wh all the  bodies they might firtdy': Very:r-few of the  Oh; named, i t: is bel ieved,' will return to . th eir  diggings, some of which have-been and still  are very,rich. The superstition of the^Chinamen, who/attribiiteJthe^cpnmi^^tiph^to the  agency of lire-angels, - whiclr sbme 'of the  celestials protess; to have seen in the act of  desceriding. from heaven in coats of flame,  wilb it is saidV^preventShem froth going bac������  to the diggings. -' ...      . ;f] ,   .        > .  y ���������������;TiiE ; -Quesnei, 4ErvEa^C6xPLAGRATio>r.--No  further informati6ri:as tothemumber of Chili am en bur n ed "in the. g re.at fo rest' fi re had  been ree'ei ve d be re up to: yes terd ay even i ng.  The fire .had extended for a'considerable distance up the^ river, and at the :l?orks it was  with difficulty theJitfcle town was saved. All  the riwiiite in^invt6e;rieighlion  collected at the, Forks and worked" against  the flames. /The: jail;-however, was burned,  and Mi* Barry lost about, one^half of his  crqp^ :\Vfi^ba^e; h^ of tbp^Clilha*  men wlio^liad been;badly! burned!:bad died a-t  Qm^ekhbiito!!' Alt6geUier.^asvfar as; known  at pi'resen t",-������Tev.e a ha ve ''siiffered death / Messrs.  L ee> an d! Fitzgerald.;.w lip were ex pec ted to  .-"-���������?���������-''���������"���������."������������������--j---.-��������� -Tr-J4r������-.-;-���������L-rr^-:~;r>***-���������������������������." to-day j- wi\\  doubtless-bring full .particulars'! of the dread.  ful calamity.    - '' ���������'������������������ ���������  \p Eimcj^ T���������The sm all fire Which took place  on the.fl^tj^caused'-byy;the!.b  .4.AcyepTEi).-r-The tasks';. built for the Fire  Brigade having ��������� been fioished. a committee  ap poi0 ted for ; the pu rpose exa mined tho  work, and having found everything in accordance with the speciGcations, and in all  respects satisfactory, the committee have accepted the tanks ou behalf of the Brigade.  Messrs. Bruce & Mann were-the contractors.  Tnfi --BBsfr; CpKJFEK.���������In order to obtain a  first-class co'ifeefit is necessary to secure tho  verybest berries, and to. roast thera according to the most approved method. This ia  done by, \j? it.so jj> & Rick man, Po r t ^ S tree t  Victoria, who are prepared to furnish, for  cash, Coffee that never fails to elicit the ap;  probation, o������those who use it. *  ,: PiiosPECiWGi��������� A party of minors have left  Quesnelmouth .to. prospect Salmon river, a  branch of the Fraser, nearly opposite Bear  river.. Their! boats were well laden with,  provisions'^ and they intend to remain away  until the close of the season. The enterprising; inhabitants of Quesnelmouth cordially  .cou iri b u ted to wa rd t he 0 u (ii t  g@r, F^u/s Cofj-'ek has now stood .tbe-teM  ot the last eight years, has superseded entirely theiraported Chartres Coffee, and is  now kept and sold by all respectable dealers  /������������������Alps SAVINGS' BANK.  Editor"SKNTOEf*:--Why donTt the Govern-  m ent open a 5 b ran ch Sa vi p gs' Ban k ��������� here  under the Act! passed by the Legislature last  winter ??^'It wqiild-be a very great convenience. ;totthose :������whO: have a' few dollars to  sjjare and wbicb!are soon disposed of because  not thought to be'worth while to put into the  private lb ahks/;-Many a dollar would thus bo  ^ii^\Wbio%ii^tRiw unnecessarily wasted.  -     ,       "; PlCULTDKH!.    >  A barkerville, July 27,1869.  ALUiSORTS OF NEWS.  ,Fnom *n 1 k Fonks.���������Han Yan,'.oilv Chinese  r-'p'triei'. n-'urned from tlje Forks of Quesnel  ve.^rerdny ,alternoj'm.. He reports flint ti.ie  forest lire t'Xtendod from Twemy-niilo creek  lo the Forks, and con firms the statement that  one ofthe burned dominion had died, lie  .si'.v Cormier \jee iind Mr. Fitzgerald at the  Forks on Tnest!ay last, who had proceeded  down the river by'ihe Iran, having arrived n  a boat which  laid left the Forks. , About $8,000 worth of  fo-ovisions nnd mining tools,' he estimates,  intd been consumed by the fire.  T mi at :: r c a t.s���������T 0 -n igh t th e Amateur. Dm-  m u li c A ss 0 ci a t i 0 n wil \ p er fo n n th e am u si 11 g  and instructive little comedy '���������The Rough  Diamond" and the very laughable; farce  ���������' Done /Brown.'* Two well-known amateurs  will give an amusing Ethiopian act between  the dramatic pieces.  and th ei r. a p p ara.f us. I n 1 ess th an fi ve m inu tes  from the time ot tho alarm a steady stream of  water was thr0wn on the fire, which was  quickly quenched. The want of lanterns or  torches c a used so me !d e I ay i n co n n ec ti n g ,tb e  li ose, a n d tli ere w as also so m e b u ngling fro m  w a n t o f ex p eri en ce. W hen, h b we ver, the  Brigade shall have a hose-cart there, will be  tittle else to 'do. toward getting the water into  p 1 ay t ban! eon nee ting the h ose. .with th e d is-  tr i b u to r, a n d' t h e a;��������� i n th e e veh t of a fi re, th ree  or foiir.men can in about a couple of minutes  get the water into play.  Su w>K nt D w ATu���������0 n Tu esd ay 1 as fe, Job n  Varney. a French Canadian, died suddenly!at  QuesneIm<dn tli. /He had been for a Iong tirae;  s 11 ffe ri ng from: cons u m p ti on. ail d was a b 0 u t  to leave: Quesnelmotuh,.where he bad resided,  and while going.toward the steamer he suddenly ��������� -threw up his arms and asked the person who was accompanying him to wait a  infinite until, he regained his breath, when  i m mediate]y thereafter he fell .and died in the  arms of his compauion.   ;"'���������  Tns. Express���������It is very-doubifuU whether-  th e; express will arri ve th is mor u i ri g as ��������� usn a 1.  La tes t ar r i y als t rom Qi t es n e 1 mo u th rep or t  that over the river between Soda creek and  Que.cne 1 m0i 1 th a deiise cloud of . smoke pre-*  vailed winch would probably interfere with  the regular trip of the steamer Enterprise.  Owing to the smoke Mr Wright was afraid to  venture down to Soda creek-with his fine new  steamer /the Victoria.,  .        <;���������;'.  ScocBssi-rn���������The new steamer Victoria,  which has been built to ply between Soda  Creek and Quesnelmouth. has proved a complete success. A trial trip up Quesnel rive"  lor a distance of eight miles showed that her  engines and machinery will work well, and  the boat has all the requisite--power and  strength in all respects to tit her for the rapid  currents of the Fraser. She was built under  the pers0na 1 inspection of Mr G. B. Wright.  Iii;Turni-1) ���������The friends of Mr W. Hill were  yesterday glad to see him returned from Harvey creek safe and well altera ramble and  scramble over the mountains, having lost his  way to that creek. Mr H.'s knowledge of  mo nut ain trails has been considerably increased by his late trip.  ^-���������'���������^:neW;;ideal.,l*A writer ' in an English  paper, speaking of the Alabama claims, says,  "jot/Ehgland apologise and pay the damage."  Piracy is;piracy and no two ways about it.;  biit let England demand compensation for  the piracy committed by Americans upon the  w:brte;;o������wBrtU3|t'.:.autl]or9f and the extravagant xilabaina./claims would sink into ihsig-  niticance. /   /  :;/'Aib^rji/pr&rby.-jn a  letter- to  Sir.  Joseph Hawley,.deplores the present  low.,  character ol^the'BHtish" turf, ana* alleges aV  brie/pftbe'reasons that horses are mostly run  fpr;profit and /not for sport.   Admiral Rous,  in a i-eJiCT/.to.JthSjTimes, denies this, and eays  that-heTlias!been%b the thrf for 50 years and  "id tbe good fortune to'  rank who did not run  and   who  did   not,   the;.  moment he found racing did not pay, abandon the sport. ;    /���������  "Afr; Robert ..Lytton, who has published  various poems under the assumed name of  "Owen Meredith." is the son of Lord Lytton,  the famous novelist.  A colored lawyer, Mr. James H. Piles, baa  been admitted to practice in the United  States' courts in. New Orleans. .  ! Mr, R. H., Sawyer,.a .member of the Ba--/:  hamas; House of Assembly, reports the entire  abofitidn of the State Church in that colony. !  Mr. James Hall, the senior partner of the  famous lirra of Hall & Sons, ship builders, 7  Aberdeen, died suddenly, while aiding at the/  -extinction of a fire.   He was; ���������the author of  the, clipper "model'' for ships.    >  Apenny subscription is about to be set on  foot  in   Sunderland,   England,   to  Georgey  Hudson, the *.* ex-rail way King."  A late .number; of the Melbourne Argus  MfQ. JbM it P. miae of am ber has been disco v- -  "ereJ at   Grass Gully, near Rokewood. :"A.-.  professional   mineralogist  reports  that the '  amber corresponds in' nearly every respect  with the brown amber of Europe. w  A Western editor closes his leader in this '  unhappy   strain:  .".The  sheriff's  officer  is a  weiting for ns in the other room, so. we have  no/ opportunity   to'  be  pathetic-,   we   are. V  wanted,   and   must   go.     Delinquent   subscribers���������you   have   much   to answer for I  Heaven may forgive you, but we never can."  The cricket-match  between the Al 1 -England Eleven and the twenty-two cricketers of  Edinburgh and neighborhood, resulted ia a .  majority of 22 for Edinburgh.  The,repudiation of the treaty for the sale  of the Danish West Iudia islands to the  United States on the part of the latter government, has causeu much irritation at  Copenhagen.  A party of disappointed White Pine miner*  have chartered and sailed from San Francisco in a small schooner, for the Alaska  coast, 500 miles beyond Sitka, in search of a:  gold hold.  "*4>tfrb*^  -.;.*.*. >\, .*?.+ ���������..t',  ������������������   " ��������� ���������- !-'������������������:; -.iWiwriMiii*^.j|j-;.���������;,- i.:.3.;'v:#: ^.,.���������y.lSS. ��������� :-yS'.-y. ',;.������ J.  'W^Wmnmm7m\S^-SiS:'~'" "J^i^iaA^^uWm'AW^ ' p  '.    .THE AFRICAN GOLCOWA^ STEAMERS; EXPRESS, FORFAR DING, &c.  Hopetowx, South Afnca, March 18i-~Our   -.  little village is filled with an unwonted ex-|STEABlEfl  citement, caused by the news that a diamond/ ;.     : r   ���������-,-/-"���������- ���������   -.������������������.-���������������������������   : -  <.       .    .   ,. ,   .... .   a v ������'��������������������������� ' ��������� v 1 'THIS steamer is now making regular trips between  or extraordinary brilliancy had beea found II soda Creek and- Quesnelmouth,/ connecting with  in the colonv. "  I Barnard's Express.',,        ;,/; ���������'<'-'���������;./ ''���������'���������AAA) ���������'!./..//-.  VICTORIA ADVERWSEMENTS:  -8������g- The s team er i s :nb t.' responsib lb for leakage of  Oilsi or other liquids shipped in tins.  nel River,������������������;*-'  MR. CHARLES DANIELSON desiresAfp Inform  . Traders, Packers, Travellers/and; others that the  Road: froni Dog Prairie to -the 16 Mila! Post heyon d  Qaesnclmouth is now open-and In good condition: for  Pack Trains and Stbckj and that there 'is abundance  of good :feed throughout. There is a house of entertainment at the bridge. . -P-'AA '���������')     Jel3  ��������� r;: EXp #E;S |^NO %i$iE.Zy  X THE FIRST DA Y OP JUNE AND ON! TEE FIRST  had 15th day of each month thereafter  Barnard's  Express  XWlII.despatch.--. ��������� K:\ \..X       i -i.X  A FA������T FREIGHT TEAM FROM Y^LE,  Making the trip to Barkerville in about 14 days.  Until further notice  RATES   OF   FREIGHT  By these.teairis, on all parcels of 50 Ids. and upwards  will be  25 Cents per lb.,.  exclusive of Road Toils.  iu the colony.  Mr. Schalk van Nieskerk, a PntPhp farmer  living on the banks ofthe Vaal, was the/ discoverer of Ibe first diamond found in 'ibis  region. Undeterred by the adyerge criticisms of various connoisseurs, he continueci  iu his work of discovery like a riian who felt  sure of success, until on tbe afternoon of'tliis  day, at 4=orciock p. m., (it is now evening) be  brought to the aroused people of this place  the largest diamond that has yet been Yound  in Africa,   . 'v/w/Z/!-w  It weighs some 83k carats, and 13 one of  the first water.   Competent judges regard it  as one of the most brilliant ia the 'world.   It  is a little over aa inch fa length bv three-  four tbs of an inch in breadth, and glitters  like pure J3re.   Ii has a slight indentation at  one end, but this is not likely to impair its  value, and will certainly cot hinder its cut- <  ting.   By the delighted colonists it has been  bailed' " Nieskerk *s  Pandeloque," and will  probably  bear  this  came   long: after   Its  original owner is forgotten.  .   Mr. Nieskerk did not find it by .treading  the waters of the Vaal with bis naked feet, as  the natives of ihe district do, but bought it  of a Hottentot or Kaffir doctor, who used it  as a charm in bis profession, for a horse, ten  head of cattle and five hundred sheep.   Tbe  first diamond he bad the good fortune tb find  he sold to ibe Governor of the  colony  for  ������500, but this last and extraordinary stone  he disposed of to Messrs. LillienSeld Bros.  for the round sum of ������11,200 or nearly $56,- teams, for whet  000 of your money.   Uvea that was below come throueh.  its real value, for it is now estimated at from  ������20,000 to S30,00t>;  Besides this diamond, several others have   _.������������������ ������������������-, ..���������,-.   , ,   ���������-,    -        ������������������������������������;      ���������-  .   ��������� - f ���������    ���������, .    tv w ..     ��������� (X& and. after July 3'I, ana until further nntico, the  J>een found in the same region,  all   Of great   \J    Regular Weekly Express will arrirc at Barker-  'purity and  value,   Lust Sunday Mr. 3. G.  t"*TcUo*^^^    Carianns passed through Saltfau's Drift, a Sunday nigiit at 9 o'ciocv.  ���������;"���������������������������--���������       ���������������. .  *_,     -L    "%      ..t.r  For rates of Freight and  village in our immediate neighborhood, with 1  a diamond in his possession, of almond shape,  of splendid water, and weighing s6meM8  'carat*. . The Kaffir Chief, Seborinel^was also  fpnnd by traders to be in posaepsipiix0As^  diamonds, weighing from 3i?^;l0^earats  each, all found along the Vaa.U Jantje,  another Kaffir Chief, found three diamonds in  the same place. Mr. Charles vHpns isthe  owner of a diamond that, though 'small,/ was  regarded as the purest in the souniry.A  >Mr. Gregory������  at one  time ��������� ��������� assistaht  to  Emanuel, the London jeweler, was present at  tbe discovery of the first������tone, and declared  his belief that it was a genuine diamond.  Since   then,   however,   as   we have shown  above, proof has been added to proof, until  credulity is no longer possible! without/becoming stupidity.   Messrs. Liliieniieid iBros.  have invested thousands of pounds^la them,  no mean sign of (heir probable value, for  capitalists  are   proverbially, almost, timid.  Besides  these,  Dr. Muskett and Mr; Louis  Head, the lapidary, both of this place, have  expressed their conviefion that the gems are  genuine. :   ..- * ix persons who'are indebted to the above Estate  This African gem of ours, although an un- Jh' are required^ pay the arannuu due forthwith;  *> * y  ������       u uu    and all persons wbo have atiy claims against the ahovo  USuauy   brilliant   one,   is   Still "surpassed  bv   eetnte  are required  to send  In Uioir accoante on or  pAlLiSY������S Hotel, Langley Street, Victoria, is still  A), open far the accommodation of travellers, and  the Table and Beds are keptin the usual satisfactory  style.!-/-'        ���������'-;-v./'' ������������������;���������-��������� ���������'���������"-:-?' Ay. :.-'-  ��������� -..���������'!,.. -'!;:: em .  AAyyX'TpFBJ^yAAlAyA  TilLOH,! GOVERNMENT STREET,^ VICTORIA.  ��������� Orders from !up������country. punctually attcndo<l to.;  LOWE  BROS;,  Importers  and  Commission   Merchants,/Insurance  , Agents, etc.,  !    *  Wharf Street   ' "/������������������'-./: ;. A/. '/���������' A'-// '-'.yictoria,'. :%'"!.���������/  WWiSsrAi^i^ll  AAA :nXfip;&EfiTipApp  Tailor^ (Successor!to E, Read,) Government  " Street^ Victoria;: ���������  Orders attendtsd to with, carb hud despatch.   W   !'///;!t^'^:s h.o> t bplt^,- '!!;/'.-. /  Dispensing Chemist and Vrugg 1st,    Importer of Ehg  Ush JDriigs, Chemicals, Putt-nt Medlcines and  edti; !������������������/������������������!  AHorderVfrom CarX C  P^^  mm^mmiX:  ?ort &*$, Victoria,yXl   S  c no c/rort in sclertin* ������./.   *  of the: choicAl^ ������h^***'*������#**���������&���������  /;;Sparc ho effort  men t of  To larg  Pricfss   ni-qiittiiiy:  "Perfumery, Victorl������,V. t. ��������� ���������  Orders from the up-country punctually attended to  May 1,1869. "' 6m  *m  YALE ADVERTISEMENT  Parties shipping by these teams must order eoodq  to   he marked   ������Per Barnard's Express   SLOW^  otherwise they will bo sent by regular EsDr^aim  charged according^. bw     r'aI>ress an������  Shippers may de'pend on the regularity of these  .--. P1. J. BARNARD.  Importer of Books, Stationery,  and Fancy  Foreign  Xfniiulhcture*,  FOBT STREET, VICTORIA, B. C.  May 1, 1809. ,., a  Henry N&than, Jr., & Co.,  Importers and General Commission Merchants.  A large assortment ol Pry Goods,  Liquors, and Gro-  :   ccries c^nsian tly on baud.  Wharf Street, . . . Victoria, v. L  May 1,1869. 3m  Barnard's Express.  June 30.  passage, appl? to    ���������  S.  ORMANDV,  Agent, Baricervffle.  Inrpprtant  to^ Trades ! !  1 LL FREIGHT CONSIGNED TO: j! O. BEEDV^  j\X ..Yale', B.-. C.,: will be for warded 'to any part of  the Colony, on the most reasonable terms, Crea of com-  m5ssipn./v!.- -- .- AGEJfTS: 1 Ays AX.   A 'Aa-  A Millard;& Becdy,    \ A   penoiivioh & Kurtz,  :../������������������' Victoria... f Barkerville.  Barkerrille, April 17thi ,1869.' ��������� A''������������������-"  JLjEGAh NOTICES,:-&c.  }  DUCK   &   SANDOVER  Wagon and Carriage Makers,  Blacksmiths, etc   <?nvernmentSt., Victoki hetween  Johnson and Cormorant Streets, westsidc       '  Orders from the upprr couot"ry solicited and attended  Mayl/isoP. to w������ti dispatch. .  ; : ���������    ��������� f._ ; 6m  Pacific   Telegraph   Hotel,  ST������,������E S'r0^ bctwc������n Herald and  Fisear.!  Victo-  -...���������    ANDREW ASTRICO. Pr<W  WATCHMAKKR,     JEWELLER     AND    6N'-  It  \?/^Ze^r^?\Cr^Pctn strccU ������cxt to the  St. N icholas HoteL; Victoria  V f : ���������-.'r11 rAnn������l  eters arid Watches cleaned, rehair?d JniiJSSSSSi  mPJ? SaI E������SMvi^ ������eatly executed.     Z   w  Al W^7 A,,lSby., ������������������....  y,.,.,.,, -,-. ?.:,, .,., -., . ,..y. ,-���������      yS^ ,,...  roasted, prepared and put unVtlw 1, -Jl1^ W"  aumt approved^^sclpntiflc^^ princln c,S' ^.'n^ibj  to be superior to ah v other   ������P--* and ^^nUft  of Liquors nf the Bar "VtnKr'/"-r?'al,d ,b* N -  ^L^^m^mi^^rm^A  Dispensing Chnmlst ianil-Jlirnii^  Importer k Em,  FRESH GARDEM/SEEOS/CONSTAMTLV^ HANI./!  Orders from up-country carefully atttii^ed to 1 'A  May 1,1809.-- "��������� ���������..-��������������������������� y, ... ���������������������������_ ' y'-ffiA&^t- ''  rYfioMASAVAfif^^  A Clothing made to  wrays on hand^ Emir>  'Ui^  yx.i  wc.  ,;���������', rj  zMi  IN THB SUPREME COURT OF THE MAINLAND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  iri the matter of the Estate arid ElTects of BVILLIAM  WINXARD, deceasedj Intestate.   .  A LL persons tr ho are J nrl eh ted to the ahevo' estate  are required'to pay the amounts due/forth witli,  and, all persons- who have any claims against the.  above .estate are required to gen J in their accounts on  or helbre the lltb day of Sepreraher, 1869^ to  ''���������;./. .' Olficial Adm3nlstr.itor.  :i Dated Richfield, lltb June, 1869. ,Jcl0 id   ���������  IN  THE   SUPREME   COURT   Oj?   THB  MAINLAND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA./  fe the matter of.the Estate and EiTects of rillCHAEL  i   CARyEV, deceased, intestate.  OAHBIAG-E  AND   WAGON   BUILDER,  :.   Corner Government and Pandora Streets,     ���������  ;��������� r. East si lie. Victoria, V. 1.,/  Executes orders for every description of vehicle; / A  general assortment of Wagons always on hand,  May 1,1869. Cijeap for Cash. -'���������>.-/ 6m  !:!'-'/!A/':'"QASJ  ���������WJiolesale Dealer in���������,  G-roceries,   P r o^ri si on s,  Havana Cigars, and French Prcscn*ce>   -  Yates'S tre et, !     -      -   / *      Vic tori a, V. I., B. C.  ���������y  many of whica your readers faave doiibtle^s  hear^ The Koh^oor, or ������Mountain *  l^got/y beloagiug to. Queen Victoria, and  *ejSb>cg 186 carata before cutting ; the Or-  lof? diamood, belonging formerly to Catharine of Russia, weighing 125 earais, and sold  for aboufc $800,000; the Pitt Diamond  weighing before cutting 410 carats, and now  valued at S 1,000,000 ; and, finally, the diamond belonging to the Saltan of Mafan in  tbe island of Borneo, weighing 3C7earats  after cutting and worth $3,500,000, are all  far more valuable and magnificent ;  before the mil da^bf Severnb^Sp'"^0  CHAS;.R,'V0dLBV;  Bated Richfield, 24th Jqne, ig"1 Adin!aJ^r.  Dissolution of Copartner-  ship.  THE Coparln orship nerotofore  bxteiVn������       ������      ������  ^meandmyieoflTARPKaVTop^P^ fc,lie  THOS. WjtSON  & CO.,  Importers of English Merchandise,  W H O L E S ALE  AND,   BETA IX.  Dealers in Dry Good.?,, etc. ; all tond������ of Dress Materials, White and printed Cottons, ������ioen and  Cotton Gjnghams,   Blankets, Quilts,  and a .genera I as^ortmen t of  ;sv������������������ i5ta|>le O'oode.  An invoice of good style three-ply and Tapestry Car  pets just received.  Afisoufc Builtliag, Government Street, Victoria, B. C  June L, 1869. 2tu  XX 'lA. 'A-*A :'.'���������;;���������;"��������� ':-":':;.'---..  ..--.-. .,-..--:...;���������.-..���������������������������s-:.w~v?w.i ���������'���������:  3!;/[Incor^dratea .;b^^o^it!0fiarSl^};8^];  CAPITAI*,    .   -'   - wr-' :W-   $2,5Ob;0OO; ��������� ���������  With power to increase.   ", ",,-.;   ���������  DrafU issued oh the 15������nkr8braiicbea ���������."������������������;  IN   Y!ANCOUYFOR,'. ISLAND^VICfORUgl  In the Un?(ed States :  CALIFORNIA,   --X  OREGON,  is,,-i      -    ;��������� PORTLAND.    :   /I  NEW YORK,a 1A ^fessrs. Bkll & GvwrAp  Agents for the Bank of Montreal.      AAA  ON CANADA���������The Bank of Montreal/^  ONSCpttANb--The British  Linen! Com-  ''^:'������panvTs-.Bank:/'':V!:'v'..      HA', :-\'/V  ON IRBL^D^the Bank of Ireland.;  ON MEXICCV am> SOUTH AIVIERrCA-Tba  T -   - ..   ^..i,  of  Mexico /and Soiiln  London Bank  Atnerica.  ON ENGLAND���������The Bank ofBritisbColuni-  k ;������   ttao,a r\mnr* ���������East India; Avcouo,  bia-~Head Office  Lead en hall street/  LONDON  H O....TJ SE.  GOVERNMENT STBEKT, VICTORIA.  WHOLESALE    AN B     RETAIL  J. H, TURNER & CO.  ��������� IMl'ORTB������8 OF  from thi. date W iheTrm oftw^V1��������� *������<*t������   p     $ , ,  ~ ^wrm* or -.  .&CO. '��������� ���������   Jirmor*-A>'V'OLKEN'BUHaH   ^ngiigh   and   French Sitka   Qt,������    t     tv  'JEUOVR ������r*T>i������Pn t>,.������:,.__. ... '"-lJ   V*OOQ8.  A Besld? bookbinder made aeon tract with  two ^aeronauts, by waicli be agreed to commit suicide six months from date. When the  time arrived bis courage failed, and tbe. two  merchants, who bad insured bis life, also  failed to get tbe insurance money.  [arper & Tormey  JRUOMR HARPER,  garkerri������e���������B.c;^nft ^.J������J���������> WB������^  rpne Co partnership of-irel^ese *^������?   .   /     IF'  1 disced by nfutual ������SS,t ^SSt" i?1? d^  will collect all outstanding debts And ������Xi * Mcte-ese  counts against the late firm ttfl WlU Pa^ ^ ac-  Soda-Creek, June 28th, 1869.  WltneM^Jenoare H^raa.   ������^ T' SENAY.  Ju71m  ROBERT   BURNAB.Y  LAND AGENT, Etc ?'  ,(kntmaan Strket, victojua, Vx I.,  Received on Depositor Advances moditoatlieni. ;  TBLEGIlAPina"TRANSFERS    '^  Granted on Victoria, San /Francisco, Portland,,mA'  5 ������������������  . New York. . .  Every description of Banking Business trnosnewo.  :   CHARLES S. JONB&,! Agent.  William Creek, Cariboo.-  McPHersbn.  ������  ���������: AXD ���������  15 AUrCER VILLE.  Barkerville, May.l, 18(39.  LEt'rkR.s  SAWNEY'S  AND ,  A RI B O O    RH >  BV JAMBS ..AKDBttSdS  PRFCE,  ^mSST*1** "nd *���������fr ^tended to '       Format t.hVsExW^Omc0j  6in   past, free of charge.  ONE DOlfM'  d forV*rHc{ bf  am  -,   ^  ,,.J  '     ������������������������'���������'


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