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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-07-30

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 ���������   i  .:kS  w  ���������-#'  %  m  WW  '^^ld^::^?nin  * ,.^H3A������EB0^SUdiIMBRs>ASSIZRS.*  -.pwf '4".$������$*���������* yx^yi':m''yit-ifi-y.n '������������������y*#^iP"-fi-V-j  ���������''''^e^'toiiHoiL'Mr.^flatteii.PegbieA  tZF.% =-;i. ^i..-   :-     A  'Wftwnmihniri; fi1������������������������W*~4/-A   wa^a*��������� ^aig    -'CVi^te^r^^ ^^=T~        ,,������������������Jg[ ���������^-^^      .. ������������������ ,, ZlA. ''AAAf.Aw  'AtV?.  M-i^Cu^ry.^Fgrgst &������.|^Co.^lie jury  ^iledlofag^  ������������������^igcbar^fl^ftai^  there*would be sH&fife������-'sittihg' dfj the * Court^ of  ^ssizciirthe course-ofrtwo-weeksThe;-8iioul4  -consider wijb bis rQiifnt^wnQ^e^Mrwas desir-r  ableWhaVe a&few t rlaLt-wl ������;: i������-i\y������A}. 1/  ' James Dole, ��������� Beak; E.'To6mey and R; .R.  Clarks, the; ..p'ersbfls lb dfcte^t^the:|aBt^sgizes  ior commlHirig a huisance fn slduglitfetirig cat-  Ue-ne^/Ba^keTOUgi^^ndj wl\^ pntere^intq. re?  ��������� We^;-cjil^^^^ The  Court saidHna^ ab&tc  ed he woiil d simply "itfflct ���������; a I fine sufficient to  coyer the,expepse jot fixe^reae^p^oiij gamely,;  ifvely.; ���������. ��������� ^,;. - ���������'.- ���������'     "��������� ���������'   *, ^    '       - ,' ���������;  ,-'; Greenberrj^airi^^sn ?;^C. TOlqbx.^The  fol lowing gen tlem&n werejebi^rtnMeS:-te try the  !case: R. ^MpTOJ^foreraa^;^Jqhn jjj; Martin,  A WoNmafFpii f oiwi^^ patriotic citi-  zen of Alabamalas Jtejfeve^1 liMgelf of the  following; outburst :;rrn:i? a 6? -IO     ��������� -; : ?  -!,"TkKeHff9fc?t^  &e^t|^^  inco^trov^rnbly^pbsfti vely&, cbmparatiye'ly3  and superlatively^great and; gldriouW'coun-  tryv   Th^ann^^  eonipare Fith;it;!6reecfr wasn't a eircrimstatice ;  Rome was ndwhere;:'yeffiiBe^bSl8n^������holctiii&' a  I candle?; wfcile^allMd^e^ ih-  ��������� sigmftcance 'before our'cbuhtryiIul,E��������� hW -long-!  :erjtiyergiand|jnpre of them, muddier, deeper:  [rap /fester-: and-V" go^jtotnerVijaiidir ^make^tnpre  [npise^and^e;higSierf ^dyfell^o^r^and^dp  jmore" damage tban^plbol^jps^fe rivers. It  j has piore^&kes^an������;.t&ey? are bigger and deep--'  [er^Sfid: clearer;; t^an^osefbfany^othernatiqnr  ���������It^aa^oi^^at^cts^: and- they^ lalb farther^  llbo^^a^der^imi^a^^^  more -mountain's, and higher Aones^ and i iiiiore  sadiwr^ptf-^m;11antL^%^r^:Ii^rderff6 get: upj^  and. easier jto|alI4ownj than all other m'oun^  taijus.? It. Has more gbld/iand at'isrbeavieii.and  ^brighter^andiis-v^prth.more^than tfie-gold of  iotber/na'tions^  ^ M^^^imMS:?:  ^^f^^^^gj^jg^%^^  ���������\X-*m  1 M*#fft fi5Bti#^S; #  :W^^i--  fii'fvi  (^M^BAgKERyiLLE:.Wimjams,Ob'Sk' CabSboo.-  ; ;?:!ii: fr> .-��������� sX :-i*x.yiw:yyw .*;..vj-fc>-6'--v'..7k>-v>.?*v:>.'i-  CIndlr.diB>:cdM^:(fcii^^  ^^(Sark, ybbnS^  ?M<:S-  j*&^ -mzsttsp:������  tfJAtixw  W   U Z^i -yXi:   w, $ 1;yAA" A A^ ���������>*  ?^bI>"Uj-  !^%  ;/-r; -r>.'  &A.iw  ..    ���������.B;A^R;K::EEVI^%^^^^;;fe^  )[^j{i  u'u  f",.^ *7*i ^.nifiiwifj >>#'j<J^ut  Ai nori}^pyAp^dylyyyii /n  )J'1'Z- ^WWA-'^iXAX fi    AwiP  xzz!<h:j:w- rS������Pr<-^A^di PAW, wA^w ,.,-f  l-J-rj.-Av"! -  ''.���������   .'}*���������'.-���������:.'.'. .; i ... t  ; ���������,.... %RPI?NTER������/:%MINE^  ;.������k^  FfagerriAlex&McICeii^ieilGe^^  Bell., ���������  ���������' .-���������     r.:,'V,p,>.... .:/, --i:;- ��������� ;��������� - '., -,��������� i;  ^JMs.actjipj^^as instituted >fqri. the^recp.v,eryr  6f^43&30?Jb^  est mereokf J^laintin^si ^a������e iSfeis''fully stated  by Mr. Walkem, who called-,  1 Q|eenb|rr3^Harris, who, Jjeing; sworn,'8ai^  {went'lb ^orVrbr defendant on^tfie 2n^ or  work I did no^fengage:^fbrf^any stipulated  wages;! if wprked,j;ill /tbe%7 fch^ ^wjie/ivdefehdan t  4ischarged^rravis/ ahdSeigaged me at tha same  rate of wages he was: paying Travispnamelyy  $ 100;perin'OTith^^:f ��������� wpTked^its"tcook from :7th  Jufte^ll:YJB!^0ct^^ a������p rofess|cma!^cppK|  have been-'engaged at  i?as 15 ^e^s^Id^lhe^fe the  creek tiM&e tiihe; r^ge5^om^l6o %"$15(|a  ���������fflonthl^Ai'-*4i ������������������tipiyyiitxw'iA't Ay<: BXAfpAXA j:^  Gr6ss-rexammed~I did iiiot go to defendants  lioi^^a a b 6air|3el^;  :b o arding^ $y Ukjprc Do wnid"; :t<iqSl wCtp' see^de-J-.  ieniiattt^ ���������he iQjdse&meI if ^cduld/codfe^and- tolil"  peio go to the .kitchen and try* j^'engageS  idtM{r.Townsend:afterthe^lst;Octpb^  (fefend^ntf^re ugIbusises^ af fSSOanmpnth-  for the w^SrA^^^^^^t^y^uxg 'lower  than in summer^ I "wbfked^or^a month and  left, as .the, climate; wa^-too ^cpldy foiyme \itip  sefctiemen t:liase ^^hi'l>ee^mfl^  ��������� fendantand I;;   / / ������������������'������..; * ���������* > uyZ:Z'rt " Z ;"  ^Cfiistavas ���������'Triiyis'f'BWp^f^c^s^emi)lpyed  ia June.^1864,..by[-Jfilcbx * as1 second 'cookf  worked S] days andtrecei ved $25; Harris to ok  my place; I^gbt''$I0O^iii^,ii[t^,]i6^peis^n^t:  S vless.' : - - - - -- t - -s w-, ..���������--.- - -"-���������-���������:. .u f -v^������.  I ^^^"^S^'^^r^^^f^il^i^ "j?ir^l^^ ������������������'^P?:'1^51  been payingc^phnson Jii| formeiv* cook* Ito/  but would give ine"��������� mbrfe 5"'!Tnis^ closed tlie  plaintiffs'case;;- 'Ai XAij y AwwypyX. wyy^wy* *  ;-MrPRobertson; on' toehaift'ipf- defbndaht'|ex-  i^^'^e-^MnW^6f:-ideie^cSi.& r "tiiev juryj  ���������and-iCaJi^/tl&plaintuT X; ^iv"5u/iKV.,4..Jv/*  ���������S; ������������������PiAKiicoxjiwho^being sworn,^^saH,-Harris  ���������came to.,my house with. Major Downie> about  ^fcU^Siadimg. Pi jninPj^M^i^ 'Major: said  ae promised ���������^giy6fcJiii^/^j������7^tt]i:ib!sTcTaiml:  -but.hadnothl%^.tiitociw&ojjat^that time;  ipltch,.offtthevkack,pftener, and kilUm  !p^tnau^ll^o^err jcafe.' tQur ^sfeamlq o ats "are  ilpiiger^ an^jcarry, bigg^  |bugt^ bftetw^'an^lbe captains ������wearhaMef;  jthan^a^thj|r xl^Unfiies. t-jQur men are: bi|ger,x  blghSySM^cllcerJ  ifaster,aM^ can drink more whiskey;������������hew^  mote'^TSaccp^spltmore-and farther, kick up  jtheir)heels'*tiigheif, and!; do, ^verything^elser  jmorearid better^aM$^  fcquntries ��������� combined; ^ ������ur ladies arerprettier,-  jdr^M^spe^^irnpre pnt)ij^^SrBak^|rimrei  ]He1i2riB^ea.������bi������^rffi^  iand kick up thb 'deviliJge'nerail^Lito a greater  ^extent jjanrallbtiber l^.d^,f OuJ^pjoyticianS)  can spputIdudeg, lie'-harSer, make!gas. fasteij^  |iodge quickerl ^anp tuffljxfteneri mal^mo^ei  jnoisey and So leis^p^ffiaji^^ry^^  jpo liticians." ^^^hi^e^sq^lio^  faste^ and get t'op'tiig for their trousers^quick-  fer than all other children.^, Onr^?ba^ies; are  ionger^bioader^r^KB^er^ sing^ouderTrrand-  ^onger'vtban^ayiother bableS^a-'nd-'all together  : a    ������ Ai *' i; Pi , ���������v  wA    > }   hi I   >     t* t i  cwAp AO^miA MJBB4&&, A   y, <s Z ,  A1MO,  ly^ bpspitab le p^p^b^tl^  of -,Barp.fIb'orxii11'.-."\: r-- w. 'A: wa 'a A- :'"rAr-��������������� ������������������ A ��������� ���������'' \  \ '*a:/:a z/a:Z\/ Z:a^v a zz:"/ \  j .^^ We would call ^he>attentionio| thpse'  hayinggoods"b^fothe^^cjtoniodities^fco move  betweeni theI ^ij^renf ��������� toiras^dn -the^ cre^k^to  Mrl/H.vC���������-. Wilmofij^wKo. ha������ a:Horse and Dray  readyrajfc! /the shortest npiice, ^o ^ecuteKany;  orders lie^mavTie lteyorj3d writhfyai ^ry^&eaij  sonable rates.  frir   ^������ S1?18 ?}ve ^m my houserone week before  i\   11 '^gaged\him;%e 'workedaroutid sawing woo  I  m������  ^^he^d-.ofrtfiesej^StlS^i^d^  weekormonth;'!;pai3 my^ head-cook ������150  tor the\ml6ritihM MayJancP$75-from June^'to^  the end;of the Beasonil looked on Harris as a  boarder for* the first^wiptei: '���������#& jw y ,.y ::y/-  ^ross-examined,���������I- charged some boardera  > ? * #^nft*r*W/bbardedfiiiathe 'kitchen  and I charged'hrm"S25:;.he xvmti&tinly MaW  ^whownrkedfun theJtUchen.;irecpllpct ibis  mapng'ademand on me at>Ne#;Westminsteit  ae wentto Victoria at ;m������- iiivitatioh: and "1  gavehun^g; it^:^lit;^jmb,n%;i;,c6ii]d  ^laej-B-.was. after plaintiff Charged; mer!$.JO0  7 mpnth that I claimed -$"25^fw'his first week's  ooardj don't recollect telling anyone, in Tic-  wna after I handed Harris,the.,$"5 ffiatlwy the  wayltreatedjthoseiello,ws.n t , ���������, fA  Pn Tai^es Gtttoafo Worn^Pfaiilti^ worked as  W ��������� fofuMl-^Maejad]in:18.64;r J was,{).oard-  j .Thr jIT.n'Iv;ebs,vi������-;Pbaotice of ^mixing' Chicory .-an cf  .otblor-,a^ult^raW^'-.^^^6)tejei^has Very; mubl?^ damag-'  ed^ialpubliCi estimatibnj"\/what ;6iighti!tovhe;the .most  delicious of BeyeragpSi;a;So effectualiy have:*he."pubil'c  bee^idruggeci'; with:such!mixtures that the true proper-  ties hav&bepn-lqst Sight of, and many .prefer a black  and thick infusion ?tp ;a>clrin\fc' rlclvin spirit '-and*, aroma.  General as is the use of Coflhe,:. it is liUieTnowif tliat  in; condensing th(?;V.npors-extracted"from \. the bcrry^ dn  roasting a.-llquort isi .ob.tain.ed > of\ the sriiost; nauseous  tastb^arid^of a scent thp.most,u'nbjEiar^^^vyn-dei;sucli  circums tancc^ ji ti .is .Cvi.dehtlyy impprtaii t? that ^li," tfiq  giise's ancU lluids extracted(4>J^roastingushouht^  riedioff:?as^quickly as possible,:i.U;Qr4efttti!^preycnt.theiK  returning'again:-to: the. Coffee, . which is* the case-in the  confined cylinder. This, object....<i& admirably".accom-..  plished .by, the new: and patent^Conical Cofteo Roaster'}  as .use'd' by ��������� PELL%. CO.r,. Victoria,AiinMhicliAhelberry  is directly exposed to the-radiatcd heat,; and. the vapor  extracted carried offinstaatdu'cottslys In addition to  the advantage:; to;tie" xlerivrpd hy A{hvrapid'; reiniova! of  : w[ /Bay ^TjIMM | ft / i   Za1  it  ypxp      -     i    zAwwx  r-      ;  .,}) '/   -y  \} .  ^^^Ki������m&^.SsTHOMPSOX^I^ESjr>EKx;v\^ Siff A  : .w^���������$^������;A}t)E>E1$Q^ A.P  u% /- "    >'- -^.^^,���������.     " ' A -Al'  Awl   #HN7M'actMrnt; ywyp        \    ,   t   ^  $WB^W.'Pj>WILKIS^y. >fDjRECTbR8.     "   ' '  'jOHjs iiDUiu,, AA'A A) y     vmwi Al ;(u  {���������:���������- -''A. A:-i;^MAxy,;:-yy-:. yy.s~-r'--.-- .-������������������"'������������������?.'��������� y: s^s-^w :-'.,:A- Li-^iwAw  ��������� - JowiB(y^Ro^i?X'riW}^  .    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Psy EST^BLISHKP IXIS36;  im.  ; Pw-i��������� <iHOHEIELD; Williams;Greek] B.,C.y^ u-i -^  ;������������������;. .--,:, *;.r 1 rp -������. , ,--,;-~^r ^'^(,4)^4.-. ,TV ''!-.������  .TTTE, H AyjJ$ N, H ANfi. a ;la(r^e stock'of; P^r ovisions}  : ? tv.HaMware aiid'T^W^til^!filmd^r^VMt^'iv:  mined; to selh them������cheapen than -4iny iotherr stoi^e.' on  '.Wji 1 ia ms Creek., .Come and'see and judge for yourselves:  : vRichficld, May.5th,;1^6a.ta ���������u.h'irPsf- XAs^d ��������� --'AAi :i{d  goes  ble t.  Coffco when .ground,-;  wnw ������.*.w������. o.-^v-.-.,. The heat engendered by the process .of roasting, arid especially of grinding, creates an  action in the clemon tary p'trts wh ich gradually; des trpys  its. fitness for drink. ... But to retain the essential oil  Which it con tai us. wc hayed t-eiicasodju tins containing,!  frbrii i$b; ao! 28..lbs.:j andiw'lych.c'tpkb' a bad from iiuy'pfr  i -   lv'^:: '/t->,-���������^Ric,'H,FftE:xi)i'{,'; ^:^f* io1'*':  , * r* * nn <:*j13-3(.������^*'f*;' * u3' -rJ r->iU ^ Ji (V^ hl:-v'l X>H>j l\^s'ai-  ���������������������������'"������������������������������������-'-.V:--.-' ;      \mAX*W&'^A-AA\'iw-AylAwP'i  PROVISIONS,^RQCERI^,^OT  ;.-Wy'l. ey Storagevand Cominissioiii v;'.rA'AAsti  t -HbAo OFPrb::%*ST, - HBliBlfe ^i;A&''lMj50N. /  i iJDR^F^^TJ^^^^iillon,] Newfeork/:San ^h-  Jcisco, ,Garihop,,:r Canada, New .Brans wick, i* o va-ScoUa,������  arid otf al 1 'th^Branches^bHtho' ?'Natiohal Bank'.bf ��������� Sbbt-t  Oah^and ProyinciarSank qirlrehlnd^- 'A'pyW yyw  I -Bi^;p^^x8Kan^^d?8^^  | ^int^rest'bn,!^cial^ejws!ts p? (h^  .ratO'ofla^quarter'olf oiip xySKcenti^p'er month.;/^Uj "^M*  j;' XTbLD'DusV^Melted ?and*>As������aybd,4: and rethrh3!"mad^  11, Ores pf ^ycryidescrjption.carefiiliy. Assayed. - <. A-'/*  j.. 3S vB,,;������4^'ipl^^igp9^y������^ dJSDiisaf of tn^p-.v  ;cecds of :Golu^us^iorwa^e^^^  ior Assay wilhheca'rQfull^ attended: tbyn*':W! yat, :?&������  !'fhti: lo " ijl^^hiim^fi,iSHEPHBRD^'Jilanager^ ':^  1 ,JV'ictoriay,i,K,':IMaApril.ivl866ir' ';*,���������?.X^^j. yll-sXAiA  .iBARrlM A RD;?a  ;GonneJBtmg?aL yliiUoofeand! Male r.witht PIETZ il  ! |,.*,^ELSjON;Svfoj>Novv Westminster(&eVictoria, 1. *,>.  } ,f V; Barlieryille,^.^cunec't -with ithb steamer.;vl^  1  i  P  ���������I  that timer'  Z[^Walkem commented~on the evidence ad  ^^T^^'PWntffi3lMiS was,.followedbv  ^:^erteon,on;^he part.pf.^de^S&xt  thfiLd?e.J ?*������ ������MinJUft^i^his^liotes, left  l^jase w:ithithe:jury^f;;. >ff.vr.������* .,,. -,, 'w  iiiw5^������two hour8, deliberation, the iurv re-  sl?nela v^dicfforplaintiff for "the^iim -^  "fia 'iJ> m wagfl9iat\tWl rafeiot$7ii a mon  of  th.  taking Coflbo ,��������� ���������T,. ���������        ...     ��������� - ������������������..-, ���������    , ,  usbour CbfTce, roasted in the Cpnlcal'Roasterj being re  commended hy all medicaidmeja; under whose notice it  has been brought, and by numerous,other testimonials,  iU'B^Tfwws*--'" ; i, xlAi...A!yp\,:fell &'C0';i,; ������������������-'  Cofl'eo Mercliants,' Yates- SCj Victoria:  in its favor.  gxi&A&lXjtrj^A:���������]  ,. AAAiAME^ ,pu^c>{e,v.v:;'^;'  J3;lAikX3 m &M*Tmy A  IiHi-i  a; ���������'���������>'.= (��������� ?,' Ap-&%ip'fn%rkJjryille; :;, ';���������  ;J*t  ��������� ' jj^1* ticket* must; l>d>rocurt|it ati������he: office Ajn B3 r--������  kerviilo. *n>������.v-, ? ���������-���������.>.'i v,/.:;-.-,;-,-..,.-".'';^    i������.;i>. ���������-.-. ^  ���������....;..    ;,,, = Barkerv^?i B, $.t.. "...  i   KiSLLY <fc SATERSON, PROPRiiiTOR^ "*  , Everything is done in connection with this establish  meat to give satisfaction: to the custom ers..   A . . >.. j.  j isr Meals ��������� at; all lyjurs.. . ... r-, -1  '$Z;:ti&tin.������W������Z  BAR&ERYiLLE���������Adjoining the -Express' Office:  '";  ���������;-, ^wj^i^jf :$P^^^^Z<i^'' Z  '" BARkBRVILLE,  ��������� ���������'* S*      ; / ;'  ���������WILLIAM  WHSNARD,   ; v< n  BARKERVIL-LK-r ������;*���������~'--.J {  i ;!:^BARW^Rgg^ :y;;-  Be'diiction' in the bribes c^f-Express'irreigltt,'J  QN^Sa.AFTE3R.THia'IJ!ATF/.itfi,e:;tate^  ; rParcels;ironi^AlOs to Barkervilie->yiljs her     -���������, . \,: .*  i ^:,l?arceiSi'from-o.-to15o!,i^s;1;^^Y, ^TS-etsJ^lfc^ AA(.r  ! ^-.^..do;-..... no, 6di tQXOQ.fljs.-:..! r jf'^iifl;^;.'^;}!*:"''  , **-'ryo  4,i !db   100 ft'sl' and bv.etJ^50'b(sA^'W-, :''"V��������� '���������  / 'gi-.a-pu .:.:.-:-v a- ^-u-ijfOH^^. immUA' wt:^'  : t^;^rit;^'!r rsc-i ::;o 5<������v?-?s vAgont;-Barkerville:; -���������;  i ^n^SDlth,^^ fc4.fl   .rtTi'Cy. y. w: .<>: t-... AX^HA^ r.  AUG TIONEER, .MINI^Gj; &V QOMAJfiSSioK';  I AGENT,ANI> ACCOUNTANir;! ,V MONDAY, JtrLY-^,':i866.  HMISING BOARD ELECTION.  A notion-is*!^ in  this district that ^ele?^  this yeaxv in accordance Mtfctbe suggestions  of the Administrate bithe iGbVefnmen^wouid  be merely going through^ an i<3K ceremony,  which -would result in; no j; benefit to the* cbm-  .    munity. VWefwpuW  minds of all the! necessity that exists for exerting themselves >to thV utmost ia securing  good legislation, on .which our.future interests  and tbose of ^the! wbo]je Colony depend.  Mr. Birch .has taskedus io, electa Mining  Board, ao'd'h'asexpre^ that  the miners of Cariboo shbuld>have the making  ; of their own laws, ,!Le^  word and;try the exper^eat^ choosing sensible men, in .whose judgment and ..integrity  the fullest cbrifidence can be^placed. p      ; y  The ^present law as a whole is generally re- J  garded.asf a good p>neif:vbut|pb sprae points  (such for instanceasythe^appeal clause) it  :A    -A-    needs umendmentbywhich'i^  /Ay    be conferred"oii therBoata^We do not. think  that ifoe dutie^ majiiy are iii-  v    dined to believe/^  behoove therii.tb  Srid after.framingBuybbyeTlaws1 as -they may  xbnsiderexpedient, sug^s^s^ch^alfcer^tioris  ini the-!\iaw itself -as wbuldCmak^  acceptoble t^  pubiicity'toaii theira^  tuents;;might ie ien^led^^^now^he^r  they'abused'^  Tbfowe believed  ,v tp^ur8uei.an4if i!t^  ,   Mining] Boards, as many-are^ni>w������incjinedp to  :. '^do^rimidgated bumbugs;'^^AAyAi Al:;piiA A  >;��������� A/yyApAywyAmG^  i "' ^e^atr������ IM  the.following extractrfrbma letter,��������� ;rebeived  !by4iriiv:byjast-Expres^i;.frpinchis'brother D.  Jv: Adams,-dated French. Creek^ditb.: July",  : xllM^A^A'-w -Ayy : .;���������-��������� '.vi... */ ^AZZ/a Zip  AA $hese) mines will I think turhiout good and  save,'toe country.'���������'��������� -.Good payis^beihg.';struck  every day Apppfhh creek. The:;Discp very co'y  are running a cut in to.the. bank at the, bead .of  the to wn arid two men are. washing; out ji> oz.  per day. A shaft is being sunk\a little further  in the bank with equally good prospects ;  other shafts are being put down for,a distance,  of three miles up the creek; only one or; two  have been bottomed, with a-prpspect of $1 50:  to the pan. The high, water has kept miners back  and washed them put. twice; but rip w. they are:  ^getting to work again with a.prospect of continuing for the season. r Seven-eights of the  men that came here this spring may be set  down as no miners, and their:works prove it.  There has just been an excitement here about  bank and fiat diggings and all. the ground  around town has been staked<-of������; The dust  begins to circulate freely in tirade, and business will revive. Flour is very scarce and  high, selling this morning at ;45 cents. All  kinds' of provisions' are scarce- pp..  "On McCullochs creek considerable money  has been coming out ail the spring. In gravel  lying on top of tbe clay as high as an li oz,  a day to the hand has been made, and none  make less than $5 a day.    At the bead of this  creek the^flood has washed off; .good portions  of the banks exposing the blue clay, which  resembles in appearance .that found in the  Point claihi on Williams creek with the same  indications^   Two or' three shafts are being  put down tobed rock, and will probably be  bottomed next week; no one has reached bed  rock yet.   We are trading on this creek about  two miles from its mouth;4 we* take in from  two to threehiindrd dollarsiniusteverySin>  day, and still I hear men everyday say there  is not an ounce of gold in the country. There  are in thig district about 1000 men most of  whom are determined to remain- prospecting  till fall.   I think if the newspapers and Cham-  ber pf .Commerce would let this:couritry alone  and -let things -take their natural course times  wouid-improve.   The. weather is just, coming  in fine and the snow ia well off the: mouniains.  V The steamer Forty-Nine has come, to grief  having got pretty well smashed; she has not  made a tripfor over.a month. ��������� The trail over  the mountains from-the: head of Shuswap  Lake is a failure; a new brie is; being looked  out-furtber 'down the Columbia." ������������������������������������  MINING INTELLIGENCE.v.;;;- '  iZpZ ������������������ ���������Z*iti&^^  : There i? no mining news pr much faiporfr  anceto record -in connection with I this -preek  toiday..  It is expected in the course of Spr.lO  days the claims >above Richfield, which .are  no w all engaged, in ground sluicing, will- commence to yield no! inconsiderable amount of  dust;4t is pretty c������rtain-that there !wi)l be  iriore'gold taken out of this portion Of the  creek this year than during any previous, one.  The Bradley cbystillyields on an average  from :$25-'tof $30 a day to -the hand^Tyack  co?y washed up last week from a small portion  of their ground sluice 100,; ounces.; ^Tontine  co'y washed up on Tbursday 4i oz. but of the  ground sluice,"'brie piece weighed 8 ounces  an;d;containedftut'little .dross, it was found  on a level 200. feet higher than the bed of the  creek, a circumstance that proves beyond a  doubt the existance of good hill diggings.���������  Among tbe claims below the canon, we may  mention the Cariboo which has paid about  wages.���������Liiiopet co'y on Wednesday washed  up out of a few buckets of dirt $150, we^bave  not heard what tbey had for the week.���������rCali-  fornia Tunnel co'y washed up for week 68  ounces.���������Aurora .co'y;. Itis.reported that this  company have struck -another:back channel  that prospects well.���������Cameron co'y had.86  ounces for week;���������Forest Rose co'y washed  up 50 ouneesjbr week.    Prairie Flower co'y  cleaned UR'for the week 137: ounces.���������Several  ctaimToelow^  water during the past "week, but wiH resume  work again this week. .  -.,'  Z- '-.'A ,;   .GROUSE   CREEK. . ��������� ���������.}. '  The Heron co'y washed up for the week  100 ounces, being the result cpf the work of  brie'mai picking; $22 to the' .pan; was obtained put pf the gravel last Saturday.���������The Short  Bend co'y are taking out good pay-^Discov-  ery co:y have !struck pay iri:botb their tunnels.  ^���������Ne'er-do-Weel co'y took out for week $25  a day to.the hand^-pGarblirie co'y washed out  for four days' work 15; ounces. ;: -'������fZyPs ���������������' ���������  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  N RESPONSE TO A PETITION OF iTHE. MINERS  of Carihoo, an Election of 12 meinbora to constitute  a MINING BOARD, In accordance with sections; 120,  127,128 ancl 129 of the Mining Laws, will take place on  TUESDAY", the 31st July. Votes will be taken between  the hours of 11 and 3, at the'following -places :> ������������������.... .-.;..  ;       ; *  '  BARRY^S SALOON,!:Cameronton v :       ��������� A  w. ������������������:.       BURMCK'S    do   : Barkerville;   ,..:.;? ���������  ���������.. t      COURT .HOUSE,   ;-   Richfield.. ,....* P^Ay.  . Candidates for the Board must send,in their names  to the, Gold Commissioner before 4, p.- m.t on Monday  the30tb, X'-ypA.    .      "'    "v  -;.-������������������,���������   y,yXAW---xy:-A.   w, G. COX,. GI U -  . Dated Rlchflcld;"July 126th, 1808. pp: 25 ���������������������������" -  WILL������OONBE IN RECEIPT OP; A ^LaM ^  .."   ..::,. TOLL ASSORTED STpCKOp     ***  A    Zi$yW*&^  IMI������RTJE0'WRK(^^MCS^  He;is desirous' if sn^ig^^it Zi'  ] Williams Creek, Julyljitb^Mi '!;4  OTIGE  EVERY MI VER-WISHING TO VOTE AT THE ELEC-  tion on .Tuesday, the 31st, will be-required' to pro-  fluco his Certificate beforo his vote can, be/entered,  Each voter will bo entitled to as many votes as there  arc candidates,'which he'may give to'one candidate  or distribute as he may think fit; .Voters must have  been Free Miners for at least three months previous to  tho Election. ���������-���������.���������',..    - ,- -     ���������.,...- .'  W. G. COX, G.C..  ' Richfield, July 28th. 1866. -,        ���������,.   ���������   U -..   25'��������� >' '  oTTENHirafl^iii^  LOWHEB3 CREEK.  A Calaveras, co'y are,barely making .expenses  but eipect tb get on pay soon^First Chance  co'y! are taking out good pay.^Washburn co'y  preparing to;:.pump .out their s^fttjiat got;  filledSp! by-the swater from the creek -breaking;  ;through.~-Chittenden cojy madetpveii^ages;  last week;--Sage-Miller co^y took out 2bvinces  a day to therfendlast>yeek.���������Moorehea^co'y  are. making over ^ages.-  a shaft.���������Bed Rock Flume co'yididr.well, last  week ; took out one piece -37|; ounces, i^alue  about ^4iu.���������The 'claims:' above, are .'Susy  ground sluicing and hydraulicing. ' /AAA/Ai  ']'������������������������������������ '   STOUTS 'GULCH,     v     .! ���������   y<J -: 'A  Claims on this gulch have, not -yielded so  well during the past week as they have previ-.  'ously:���������High-Low-Jack"co'y continue to average from $14 to"$16 a day to the hand.���������'Fhe  Floyd, Pioneer and Altiiras co'ys still continue ground sluicing and laying their flumes.  ���������Jenkins co'y washed- up for the past:two  two we'eks" $1270.���������- Much o Oro co'y made  about wages for the past week.���������El Dorado  co'y havebottomed their shaft at 30 feet and  started drifting on Saturday ; they got a few-  colors but nothing to pay yet���������Emery co'y ;  in consequence of their tunnel having caved,  this co'y have started to open their diggings  by ground sluicing and laying a flume; the  gulch having good fall "at. this point and the  gravel being easily run off, the co'y expect to  reach bed rock with their cut about the end of  the week.  All' .' ' ���������'. CONKLTN8 GULCII.  The. claims on this famous gulch have.yielded but little last ;week although hopes... are  entertained by the Reid and New Zealand  po'ys of taking out good pay during the present week*';'- "Xpl x A .        ./.  pMMPMmx^^p^0rR  THE BUSINESS HERETOFORE CARRIED ON UN^  der the name and title of.PBAGSR& Brother, Mer-  chants and Traders, on Williams and Grouse Creeks,:,  Cariboo, has this day.been dissolved by mutual consent,*  The business.will in future be carried on in the. name  of Morris Prager, who will settle all debts duo by the;  late firm and to w;hom all accounts due to the said firm  arc-to be paid. ;. .'!���������':.  .       .. ...;���������.. p: ...     -morris prager,  ���������";.'������������������";���������-..      ";" HYMAN PRAGER.  Barkerville, Williams Creek, 1 .,  ;23rd July, 1868.  26-lm  ';'...��������� V-" ^BARKERVILLE, B  ;Ofpicb HouK^'  Mondays;' t"  Saturdays,   -  c.  10 a. m.,   to   3 p; m.> \::  7 to Ilia.in.,& 12;fo3p.m.  10 a. mi,   to  :4 p;m. /: ���������;; \  jpa^No business transacted on'Sundays. All  pyx pA-wyA'AAA '���������::ROBEiarBURRELL,;::-;';;  A.., A;,: .-.A :.ys - -..���������-. -.ly--' PA '���������'. y. .���������/.Manager,'-  21st July, 1866: - .P-iA.piy.yws,  ly. 12ZA, y  :.WHOLESALE;AUDI .^JETAlL PEALEfjSAtS'ALL  a  w.i" :. KiNbs'OPjj," i'X/  PBOVKious- - tioiioas, SE(^  AAA(XiL^Tl'Em:i&wA.  ���������-'-^:;';;BO^xif;^^6k^^;:v:  ^nrm& -^Tpa^fSo-;;  Beg^tocail the attention of .Miner's and others  .-to their full assortment of 'SUPERIOR GOODS  \.    v ���������. ��������� -which will be sold      ���������'������������������*- A\'yl-...  .^%|0^^f||p|������|li;  "to ojaite room for a? NEW STOCK to arrive so soon u  i-yAAk '.A:-������������������A   .-..the. Roads are open. -p. A ���������';. A ...  1 i^r-. Liberal allowance - * will be made lo.  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade geneitll;  onlai^.orders.-v> A -'AX rlPA-w       A.AjAf '..>l. -  GROUSE   CREEK  THE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform th������ public that  tho above establishment was opeued on SUNDAY  LAST, the 22nd July, and that he will be happy to re',  cciveacall from his friends. ���������...."   yy  ������������������������������������.:.. .4^ BOARD $18 PER WE������K. ,-=^ .;.*  1 Bread, Pies and Cakes always on hand for sale.  i-".;'. 23 A   A. KELLY,.Proprietor.  .:. -/a A !;';'BARKlERVlLLE>^^;:w^:y  ,r.. 'I"(Nexi;Bank of British North;Aniertw.1';���������:/  ^'JUEyriS begs leave to inform the. tallies M  __ 5-- Gentlemen of Williams Creek and vfcintty.tbii;  he'has-atted up a BATHROOM at considcral3le.ej^  for fclieir accommodation,* and hopes by closo aUcDlbn*  io..^u^ioeap to merit a share bf their patronage^; :;'">-  5 'to- H^will also-' attend' to^Extracting���������.���������fiUtayiwi  Cleatiingiof Teethv/A-:y wApx. p..y.y>AXvNyi  Dissolution of Partnersliip  THE CO-PARTS'ERSHIP heretofore existing between,  the undersigned, under the style and title of Kerr  & Dunio, Brewers, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due by the late firm will be settled by:  JamesH. Kerr, and all outstanding accounts due.to  the said firm are to be'paid to him.  JAMES H.  KERR,   ���������  ������������������������������������.. D.  D. DUHIG.  Quesnelmouth, B. C, 11th July, 1866.  lf^; El Dorado  ZZ aZw Zaz*$$^^  TH^: PROPRIETOR XAKtf-PLEASURE & aacMK-  -mg to their friends and* the public .generally- that  they have refitted this spacious Saloon,-aud wiUopet  tbesame on. TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, v?heo they  will be happy to entertain all who may give thorn a call.  ���������-?���������'���������{���������;������������������������������������:"���������  :-   a. ROSS & BURDHK,  :>;-.���������;:>���������:    ;  /   ������������������ ���������'.   .-.:���������-.���������,-.:���������=;:- ....'Proprielors.  i .Barkerville, July 2nd, 1866. ��������� v .       A t  .: 1"    -  Flour Mill at Soda Greek.���������Mr. Woodcock,  of New Westminster, "proceeded up country  'jtnis morning for the purpose of selecting a  site for a flour mill at Soda creek.    He pur-  pbses having the necessary buildings erected  lmmediatelyi and the machinery of the Westminster mill will be taken out and forwarded  to; the new establishment.   It is expected that  the mill will be ready for work as sobn. as the  new crop is harvested.   There is a very large  breadth of wheat gro wa in the interior this  year, and the erection of a mill will be a boon  that cannot be too highly prized.    We hava  np��������� hesitation in stating that a mill in the upper country will contribute to an immense  extent in inducing permanent settlement in  the country of a large number of farmers.   Is  Soda creek not too far up the country for the  mill, and would it not do more good; say at  or near Williams Lake ?��������� B, C. Tribuae, July  23td. ��������� "��������� .- ������������������'.;���������' ���������;���������;���������-��������� -  'THE SUBSCRIBER in returning thanks for tho very  I liberal patronage extended to the late firm of Kerr  k Duhig, begs to Inform the public that ho will in -future carry on the Brewery business in his name, and  trusts by a strict attention to business to merit a continuance of the patronage bestowed on the late Arm.  23 3w JAMES H. KERR.  ESTATE OP PIN & CO., RICHFIELD,  notTce.  /[, JtlCHFlELD & BARKERVILLE...  MESSRS. HARRIS &-GO. beg to lingm thi  Miners, Hotel Keepers and tho inbabltaniBWi  of  J&&* It is reported4hattho Mministra'tor of  the GtOTerhmenf was to^tart*o������ W visit to;  Cariboas^me'ttme' dtirihg the* past week, so be  may be expected here towards tbe latter end  of tills or beginning of poxt*  y j^^Mr. Barnard, of Barnard's Express,  came in on Saturday, and the Hon. R. Finlay-  soavyesterday afternoon.   .   ' ' A- /; A"  z-^Xii ' "X, X ���������**"~"^*-'    * * ������������������r���������'' r .' ���������.��������� ";";  ; -lv BAggKRUFreV���������Be^^Benton--^ThiXbankrupt  passed his second examination o*n the ������6th.  mat   Mr. Park for bankrupt  THE FIVAL DIVIDEND IN THE ABOVE ESTATE  is now payable at tho office of the Bank of British  ^Iumbia, Williams Creek, and from this date the busi-,  ness of the hue firm will be carried on by Mr. Francois  Lallibr on his own account, and all debts due to tbe  lute firm of Pin & Co. are to be paid to the said Fran,  cois Lalljer. ���������  H. SHIRLEY BLUNT,  ���������  Assignee. :  4^h July, 1866. 18-lra ;  IMPORTANT to MUSTERS  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND,  BLOWINGS AND  .   '������������������ PANNINGS,' ..'���������  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on the  Most Liberal Terms, at tho  Reading. Room, Cameronton, ^ . .  The Sub3criher i3 well known on Williams Creek, and  from tho confidence reposed in him heretofore in .the  above business, he hopes to receive the patronage: of  the Mining community the ensuing season.. . IA  1 JOHN BOWRO^r,  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  tbe public patronage, and that their.old .ftioafc���������!  kin<Uy give them a call. XtAm'  RiCbfleld, July 6th, I8e6. ' w  OAUTI  PARTIES ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED.WV������  L negotiating a certain Promissory ^gJ^f.  us in favor of VICTOR DURAND, and ^f*^  ville. Cariboo, June l?tb, 1866, aa ihe ^('c;SchsI)  certiin claims against said Victor Dura nd wM"^  bededucted from the amount ol; the, said.r^r <  '^te-- ��������� ;A -i/ ^A/yliw b^ENHEittER^; '  : Williams (reek, July Mtb, im. '      P/f-.r^.  !!  ^���������*ofea|  t  A LL KINDS OP. LUMBER U���������J������������%u**  Luwest  Market Rates  and  dellycwd  CHARGE at any poihCon tho wgW^Si.ifrtt*  Order* left witb Biile Bros., B������rkcrvUle, ^ Wffi  holm, Richfield j'cr at the Mill, below Cameron  ������iQ  be promptly atteaded.to  ���������July 16th, 1866  JOHN R.  21  w&m^^ ���������  Cards, BiU Heads,  Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical ���������  A. .AAA. A '. ."/.;Entertainments,       . ...,,.;  '.  EsocutedWith Keatae88*'and Dispatch; at^thls 0fflc������.  G$t Terms  BARK^RVILL?.;  v '&&* A full assortment of Grocbrxes  Liquors always on hand.  mt&*'%  ^vnRAUUCF^  A   For terms apply at ������i������ office w^^*7^-. jr  July 23?d, im,  im  1 ,j:.*3.V- 1?Mt<Kn.\  ^JDAY,1JULY^30,-I866v.  ^TBLfiCUffAPHOr  CANYON. AQiREBK.  ii  .������.*J.'-.^H..  Great confidence Continues; .to *e, felt, at  iSmouth respecting.^e nchness of tjie  brines found on this creek; twovboats;. left  iafnlace last Friday morning containing 12  %Pmen, a pdrtiqn;of whori ������ame^up ftom  Slow by the stage. A pack tram withprovis,  in,had also started forthemines, asubacrip-  ^havim? previously^been raised to defray  S?S������ *t cutting ^:tra$li^; .*Uw* IflA  iniiDals to pass; a numberrcf men; were, sent  wmA for that purpose^ During: the past week  jJSSng likei������or 12^ol������miners ief^this  iforVftfl^ofl^^  guon* the number wers.Dnnean, MeMarttn  Ivm. Stewart, John Perrin^Geo; Kenny; and  Kparv Cline: by the return of seme of-this  & we may be able io gather some diflnite  Hnformation about that, section of the couut;rv  anoQ   The distance from here to Canon creek  w way of Willow river is said to be about40  Soilea.;. !,y    "   \      ' Z'Z.    ���������'"���������   - '  Rich Qoartz ; l*EAo;-JPe.; understand that  ������ur ^cWorthy, superintendent of Uie.Cherry  Creek Silver 'Mining 'Co., who arrived here  lately paid a visitoh Friday last to the Home  fefcake Co.'s ledge, situated,Vori tbe' mountain  itbat divides Williams from ;<Jrouse   creek,  Lny.  A blast was put into the reef about 4  feet from the-surface detaching; some 3001bs.  fof rock, scarcely a piece- of which did not  jcontam more or less gold which could be seen  Iwitb thenakedeye;!, Mr. Mc Worthy, expressed  Ibimself highly satisfied with the cropping of  the ledge, and we believe has made a proportion to the company that if they will sink 20  ffeet lower in ,tne ledge and transmit half , a  [ton of the rock "to San'^ranciBCO he. will have  fit assayed, and if satisfactory, will bring up a  jo stamp'mill to work the,ledge.'  ; We believe  the company!have accepted -the; proposition  and will commence -sinking. without delay.;  Mr. Mc Worthy leaves with the<Express this  mo'ffling with1 the intention; of proceeding^  ;San Francisco.-* ';' ��������� -��������� ������������������ V..:'.-.:A:x../-._/Aw -���������-���������'  ArbiVau %oM ;Bi6 BisfeDurmg the --past  ifewdaysquite a-:number of old Caribooites  ������agd Victorians arrived here fronvBig.Bend;  ������and;Se:ymour. - Five or six got in yesterday'  ������ among whom-we recognize j! pur old .friend  f&^H^re>Qf*Yate^^^  isv^ry conflicting; all: 'however, ugree*-that  as tie'eeasorf advances-considerable gold will  I be taken out ;��������� the-: number of men at present  I distributed over, the different creeksj does tiiot  exceed 500. ' '-Aw'/p- ypyy/A /'y/AAwi: 'A/,. A  Larqe Nocio2t,rr A beatttiful piece of gold  was foundlast week in the- Bed Rock Flume  Cb.'9 claim, Lowheei weighing. 37.ounces 12  dollars, and containing about 8 oz. of quartz:  It does not. bear the. appearance; of having  been washed and the supposition* Is that it became detached from some.rich ledge in that  vicinity. 'The owners have offered it for sale  for $420; this is the largest piece- we believe  thathasye.t been found in'Cariboo.  Sawxey'b'Letters.���������At the special request  of a large number. of our ; readers, we have  been induced to republish.the. letters written  m verse by a Cariboo mirier to bis friend Sawney in Scotland, which appeared in the Sentit  kel. They are got up on a 'sheet- -of^letter  paper in a form suited for transmission by  mail. Copies can be obtained at:the Reading  Room, Cameronton,or at;0Ut������ffice; $rice 50  cents each, '   A/':l        JV-'.;"������ :'/������������������  -   ���������. (Special Dispatch to the Cariboo SksnsBi/.)-  - ricu6PEAN: .ply.  ���������"��������� The following isi "additionalby the steamer  Nova Scotia: -��������� The ^Tiiries-iblf the 5th> says  the suddenness of theAustrians calamity is  too overpowering for any man-to: speculate  upon the possible consequences or the destiny  of the Austrian Empire. ' The 'Daily News'  shows that the Prussians not only gained the  battle but strategical advantages of .the highest importance.; *They have concentrated the  right .corps of their army and .can pounce  down on the enemy with an overwhelming  force.   They have cut off all communication  between the Austrians and the Federal; army  in the west   The Prussian victories had a decided effect on financial and commercial affair's  There was a general improvement'ia Consols  and other .securities in .the London stock ex;  change.     There was-a great buoyancy in  breadstuffs, ��������� On the Bourse, Rentes advanced  one-arid-a-half and Italian securities four per  cent;  GenV Garibaldi, on the! 3rd, attacked  the Austrians at Monte Eoola (?) The Austrians made a strong resistance and tbe Italian  volunteers finally fell!: back in good order.  Gen. Garibaldi was slightly wounded in the  thigh.   The Prussian and Italian reply to the  proposed armistice had not transpired, but  peace is;regarded as virtually concluded.  w  'Consols closed at 78������@ 78 j.; Bullion in  by Au?rtria;-?fcbeabaadoament bv.lhe,latter p.^ its control of the^^:.Government depends in u  her! claims"m the Buchiep, and inplace of w -great mea3U^:t&9^Jice;an.d happiness bf the  the indemnityntfirst demanded by Prussia; the  ----' ������"'--* ~*������~f" ^i^__._ -.-._.. i-  incorporation of Schleswig-Holstein,  Hesse  Cassel, Hesse Darmstadt, and Brunswick.with  Priis8*i&;L(:tbe population of the Prussian Kingdom weVid therebvbe raised to 25^000,000^)  the Rhine to constitute the western frontier qf  Prussia* and the provinces between theRhine  arid Magin serve-as an indemnity to rthe spverV  eign dispossessed by war; ari exchange of territory to take placeibetween Baden and Bavaria,-  which will give the former nearly the, whole  of the-Rhenish Palatinater; Saxony, Hanover  and1 the:;Duchies of Saxony to conclude a iriil^  itary convention ���������with Prussia; the inhabitants  of Louden to choose .whether they shall ber  long to^France or Baden; the population of  the valley of Sarnerto choose between French  and Rhenish spvereigns;'/. ,<La'Frarice,:;says the  Prussian conditions are the exclusion of Austria ffoin tbe GermaniciConfederation, assuiri-  iog the exclusive command of the military  and naval forces of the Confederation by  Prussia, as well as tbe diplomatic representatives of Germany abroad and' tlie annexation  to Prussia of the Duchies as part of her tern-  tory;already occupied.. fLa France1 also says  the Emperor Napoleon at once sent these conditions to St. Petersburg and London, a^ rais;  ing a question of European interest which can  only be settled by a Congress of the Great  Powers.������������������"'���������  .,������������������-.';;':  ypyA'AAA  A"A.-  ',.:..!.    .-.,       EASTERN   STATES.   :    .        A.AA  ^^The following is a copy of the lists of  candidates nominated;for election to .serve as  a Mining, Board:"A Jri^ependaiit candidates :  JounMacLaM,Geo, Prtff; j.8: Thoriipsbn,P:  McLarenyJblm Bmicej He!i^^Coul^,,James  Anderson, Angus Hardie, S.vA. Smith, Geo.  Shaw and HughGilmore.: Miners candidates:  Capt Bell, Henry Coiilter, GeqVShaw, Capt.  Ferry, Henry Gribble, Dr. Foster,: Jas; Anderson, Samuel Pierce, J. H. Wright, Jonas Williams, Robt Munro and Robt. Browa.  pSt* A gentleriiari of hxoh standing in this  community deserves our thanks for his kind  consideration in refusing to pay our "carrier  for a months subscription to our paper. He  endeavors to get over his scruples by stating  that he did not order it Why did he not notify the carrierafter receiving the first copy to  discontinue his visits 2 His silence in this respect we maintain argues consent He ma  have Law o& Ms side; but we have " Equity  on ours.  t  JS������* Private letters have been received by  several gentlemen here -stating that the Administrator of the Government had expressed  nis intention; of ordering Judge Cox to return  the cane lately presented to him by the miners  ^.f Cariboo. The statement lacks official confirmation however.  Raffle.���������The raffle for a Horse, Buggy and  Harness, came off last night at Ross& Bur-  dicVs.saloon, and was won by the person who  holds ticket'number 38; the number thrown  wm WA" -"-'  '   ���������*���������'��������������������������������������������� w:?i* ������������������>;. _:;,.:���������;--:        .  ^ oa nnaK.i^ x������^_������__;i n*^*^ ^:i;i^,ti*iy from Gen. Thomas:  . Nashville^ July 13th.~To Lieut. Gen. Grant  Washington ��������� Some members of the House of  Repre3entatiyesrin,the General Assembly conduct themselves in a.very /refractory manner,  absenting themselves so ,asr to prevent a quorum, thus obstructing business. The'Gpyorri-  orTc"annot manage tbem/iwitii the means at his  disposal, and he has applied to me for military  assistance; shall I ftirnish itjtpp y- a/wA'w:s  ��������� (Signed,) '���������[ Geo. H. Thomas, -:;  . : "Major Gen^Cbmmahdirig.'  ;.. Theufollowing answer was. immediately given : Gen. Grant will instruct Gen. Thomas that  the facts in said telegram do not warrant'interference of the military"-au^brities in the  adminlsfration^of peace in Nashville, it belongs  prqpelFlj^ to-the State authorities; the- duty of  the United States force is not to interfere any!  ���������way in controversy between the political au-'  thorifeies of the States. ��������� Gen. Thomas: will  strictljr abstain from any interference between;  tbern:^-' A ApAlA AAA A-1-A-- -'.yA^twiAw '���������- wAX -Al  A A. ��������� (Signed;)'''" ;.���������-'���������.���������';' *v*. :-E. ��������� Ml" StAntox,.:,.-"^! ���������  /��������� aZa^aZZ-^aiV������S;Q^&. Seb'y^f Wary :���������  ; New ������brt, July 17tb.���������Gold is strong in>n-  ticipation that the next news from Europe will  be less favorable to the*' restoration of peace.  The stock market is regular ^Government securities steady, without much activity^;  ���������Chicago,-July l^th.���������The Tennessee House  of Representatives passed a resolution in reference to the case of. Williams, of Castor  county, in whose favor a writ of habeas corpus  was issued by Judge Drozier.'" The resolution  denies:the jurisdiction, ^f the Courts, and instructs:, Capt. Haynes, Sergeant-at-Arms, to-  present said reason as his return to the writ.  Governor>Brown now has Williams under arrest and expresses himself determined to stand  to it; he is also bound to have a quorum and  pass the Constitutional Amendment. ^Williams  refused to accept parole.   . Disloyalty is ram-,  pant. ���������,. There'are threats of. dispersing the  Legislature by violence. . Feverish excitement  prevails throughout the city..   Deputies were  sent.to arrest Henry Brown, from Madison  county, but could not find him. . .They'met his  brother, Milton Brown, President of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, who told then! tiiat  Henry would not go if they did find bim,  that President Johnson did .not.want a quorum  in theIjegisia&rel; IHp: said! the;President was.  opposed to their^ whole proceedings and would  soon piit stop to them; :    v;     r :���������--��������� ������������������-',���������;'   ;  , Baltiirioriei, July XS^yallandighami Bright  and C. Faulkaer passed tbroi^gh this city last  night eh route to Washington for an interview  wi th &e Presideiit   A gentleman who travels  with them says one object of their mission is  to recommend the appointment of J. B. Weiler,  of California- Secretary oi* War in view of  Stanton?s anticipated "retirement  Atty.-Gen.'s Office, Washington, July 16th.���������  To Pkesident Johnson���������Sib : I hereby resign  the office of Attorney General of the United  States;-" Be good enough, Sir^ to accept my  thanks for the kindness, consideration and confidence you have ever shown me. I have the  honor;to be, most respectfully,  - "*r - .... .--. James Speed.- ,  Washington, July 11th���������To President Johnson���������-Sni: I have the honor; to. tender herewith  my resignation of Postmaster General, to tal^e  effect upon your notifying me of its. aco.^pt-  ance/H In thus wi fcfadrwing from, tbe Cabinet  It is btit proper to say I do! so chiefi^ because  of difference of opinion between wain.regard  to !the proposed amendment P������ the Cari&titu-  tion, which I approved of, and fay the pro-  ton, 20,000 bale's^losing firmer and advaricing;  :! New York; July!17th.���������The steamer Periere  from Havre via Brest 7th has arrived.    Prussia and Italy have refused an armistice,- The  Italians have crossed the Po and the Austrians have entirely evacuated Lorabardy' and  retired across the Mincioi   Florence journals  declare thatif the Austrian troops evacuate  Yenetia to march against the Prussians, the  Italian army will pursue them closely until a  junction is effected between the Italian and  Prussian 7armies.-. They believe 'in immediate  resnmptibri of the cariipaign  cbritihued.   The Austrian. monarchy' is dismembered.   .'La Pr esse* says, the cession of  Yenetia to France ..is complete and definite  without any other conditions on the part of  Austria, ,except as to withdrawal of arms and  munitions, of; war found ^in fortified: places  within ^ShottTS,- The whole of Venetia will  be French territory and it. will depend upon  the good will of France to keep or part with  it   The'Tt^VfeJiQoy^rnmjsnt will therefore  have to cease ^iinraedlately every act of hostility against Yenetia j it being French .territory;  A- iTench Commissioner is agoing atx>hce^ to  assame its government in the name of the Empire.   Orders ha ve been issued to the ��������� French  squadron in the Mediterranean to immediately  proceed to^Yeriice and hoist the French flag  instead -of the Austrian upon all i ports of: the  Venetian coast   'La Pressef says:furthermore  that King Victor Emanuel has not. at once acceded to the   armistice:. proposed   through  France, alleging as a reason a desire to consult the King. of Prussia. *':." The   Augsburg  ^Gazette' says Benedek has demanded areinr  forcemerit-of; 30,000. . The same paper has a  report ^iat Arch-Duke Albert bas been appointed successor to Benedek.   Fortifications  of Vienna were being increased, and 500  grins .were now in.: position.    The Prussian  army debouching from t&e Electorate of Hesse  has entered Bavaria... A ..fight occurred. at  Mungenin on the 4fch between the Bavarian  corp9 arid !the Prussian army under Fulken-  stein; no ^particulars.   An  Eisenlch dispatch  of the. 5th says some detatchments of Bavarian  troops have been driven from Herscbfield. A  corps of the Prussian army has .entered Austrian Tyrol, .moving towards Calias.  Garibaldi's headquarters are at Nayati; he has about  5u;0QO meniunderhis command; th���������^;are"nbt  coD^letely .eqnrpped but .armed; and haye!  plenty of ammunition;.: Owing; toVthe .appearance of Garibaldi the^war is 1 ikeiy to assume  a peculiar character, ; Soine ,��������� of the Tyrolese  priests have roused up a portion of the peasants by representing the -Italians as bandits  and Garibaldi as anti-christ  Vienna, July 25th.-^Geri. Benedek aiddress-  ed the folio wing despatch, to the Emperor:  Yesterday at3 p. m., after a briiiiant-contest of  five hours duration before Kcenigsgratz, with  our centre at Lippa, the enemy, favored by  rain, succeeded in establishing bimself -at  Chlentz ; our lines being broken through we  were compelled to recede; the retreat was  successfully effected; loss not known, but it is  considerable. . .V  Berlin, July 6th.���������^The victory of Lindoa  has produced great enthusiasm. .The army  under the Prince Royal, although distant from  the fieidof battle, succeeded by great effort  in arriving ini time to direct the attack against  the right of the Austrians, which acFdecided  the victory; the King decorated the Prince on  the field with the Order of Miliary Merit'  The Paris 'Presse' says tbe ioNowing terms  were proposed to the representatiy^s of the  ofliugeie" K^;""-. *": 7har aiioSer be es-i on tbe 14th proxipfto. to whsish I am opposed.  er^������^JSneither^ ^ *e patriotism of *o Union  country, wilt not .permit my holajntfan- equ4> ���������:  vocal attitude, in '|espectto4t. ! JAasurtb^ ybii';  of my personal appreciation of the umforwi  courtesy recei ved.from you, ���������'���������-A  ���������w.:/ '-"���������.. I am,, respectfully yours,  ;.':-;:     AAiAw/AAA.ir,        : W.Densuiow. ���������  /''Executive. Marislprij Washington,' ��������� Jrity* 1 Stb:  To. W, DfiN^isioN^SiR; Your resignation of thev  orilce .of Postin0|ej General, tendered*uryou^  letter of the iltli;is#herel)y accepted.   Fully -.  appreciatfrig*your*kmd assurances of! persona I  regartirI am,;v^sr^respectuilly;yours,;;;';:' :  ������������������ v'���������->��������� AA'A',. ���������;.AAlH-Ay!-,.-.-ANbitKW Jomisoii;  A 'The' letter' of .Senator; Doolittle3emariding'  the views'!of^.tbe^Cabiiiet concerning a new!. '  party.mpveirieri't' is not published. Each1 m������hi-  ber replied." ^Seward says, excuse my surprise..  that ydttiask^hetber I approve the; call for  the National Cpnyention at Philaderpnia: - At- -A-  >ter five';'jeara^dC8tiui.ri<>'n:;by civil war, 'T regard the - restoration arid unity of the country ; ���������  as; its most' immediate as well as vital interest  ^thatrestorationcan be completed when loyal  men are,admittedj as representatives of the  loyal' ���������people^ of^Jleyen States in Congress."  Nothing'more..ifentains to be done, and eyery; *  day's delay will vbe> attended with increasing .  inconveniences,, embarrassments and danger  at home.and abroad.   Congress possesses the '  power exclusively', but after a session of seven'  mohthsetill omife to exercise it.   It is in pei-  fect accordance with the constitution that pep- ���������  pie assembled infconvention to address Con-  be/lawful and a patriotic 'atteinpt in the right  direc^n.f''-?y^-^3-f ���������' A Ax// Ai/'iiy //. A  ���������; AaA/ap A'a .';^iiitFORNiA.! '���������! ���������[/��������� ���������- A'':'- -.:y;i!  Sari Francisco,'July 17th.���������The-funeraV of'   ������  Princess Victori^^f.the Hawaiian KiBgdoiri,' ;  was to take place, at Honolulu! on the !������jpth;  June!!^ An important sale of coffee was cori������  sumated yesterday afternoon, the largest holder of city' stocks* buy ing all the Central Ariieri-,  can and Maniila^atie hancls, of the;.lead ing.  importers; abouJv$>,Q06 pounds, on .terms riot!   .  made pub lie.'  mis 6ohcentrati9n/has'stiffen-;:  ed prices 4 Cbste;Rica is now quoted; at 23i ;;  Central Americari; ZZ\ Manilla. 225.:^      ,   -  ; San Francisco^ July l^thi���������This morning a.!.  fire broke.out, }h. the: rear 0f brick', buildings'  Nps. 4lJ5^^and;'4lY,;Washirigton street; .opposite'���������  the Pos������ oh^^estimated;damage' $30^000^;:;^  :. San Francisco^ July 20thArNine^yessefe!are^  bri the/berth wi]^  merchants .will exgO|t this year .one hundred   -  arid fifty thousand ions.���������  Gbid!i50,tb 1501 /.  * ��������� San; Fran������isco^7 July jii*st^E^  ing out of .order, -beyond Laramie=., up *; tol;^ .  0 'clock, pv m.,3inp;report^vas-'received for this:: .  evening^, paper ?:;tirie-^  Chicago.aiid New York.~~.The United .States* !������  steamer Saginaw,!which sailed,recently for  Victoiia and Peirppaulowski,. encountered * a.  very  heavy;. storm   and', returned. to. Mare  Island* to refit; .extent of damage riot reported..  ���������-A disease among ��������� cattle has been V reportc.dC  in San Joaquin .icounty;, they swell and dio .  suddenly.���������No  later., gold quotations ^'than  those-, ofy ester day.; *::: ,..' ���������'.'.- a.   ': ���������!..-,.; !-.,.';.��������� ���������  Sari. Francisco^ July 23rd.���������Eastern line  down beyond Laramie; no Eastern report re-!  ceived.^���������A private telegram, dated New York  21st,: with intelligence, from. London; to. 12th,  contains words, of peace on the. continent'; no  particulars.-:���������The steamer Continental, which'  left Guaymas July;!3th,- and Mazatlan 16th,  arrived to-day; she brings ������57,525 in-treasure.  She left in port at Guaymas the French man*  of-war Victoire,- Rhin, Venus and Lucifer.--  Since the disbanding of a number of local  Militia companies under the operations of the  new law many;are;reorganizing under tim  old name and purpose keeping their organiia- ���������  tion, and will purchase aripa andx equipments*  at their own expense���������rlt is stated that a Mrs.  Denny shot at Mrs^BeWolfy widowpf the latej  Ga^^eWolgrOi:teBro^  office on^Washington; street this morning; no,  warrant issued.-r-JBare;tp New York by the  opposition steanierlooses Taylor/ 1st cabin,  ' $180; 2nd .cabin,* $$0; steerage, $35.^Tbe  steamship- ConsMtntion .which left Pariama', on.  the 9th, where sheiC.Qnnected..with thesteafner ���������  which left New.rYork on the 1st, farriyed  tc-day.~-Th8 naws from ���������Bogata- is important;  arid indicates a general revolution through out  the republic. Valparaiso dates are to Juno  17th, and Callao to June 20th, news unimpbrU  ant from South America.���������Gold in ;New York  on Saturday 15Qi; legal tenders are quoted in  this market at IWJ&Zli        A. / * >.J   J,;:  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COCBT^ ',!  [Beforo ^. G, Cox, Esq.*J".!.-' AAA'.":  ^���������y^'sZ' ���������:.��������� Friday, 27th-'July'l|(5C-.  - Williams Creejk ^ed. Rock -Fliiirie&-Ditc^  Co. (Limited) yfr,G, A-'SJ^^rrjt^-'i*"/--^**  instituted, for the purpose of ejectin^defeitd-  ari't as a trespasser from cer tain mining grbun^  belonging to plaintiffs. The Court after bear*  ing both parties and* referring rtb the ordinance pasaed during the last session.of the*  Legislature conferring certain privileges ptk  the plaintifis, ordered defendant to give up  possession.'" ���������      '.".-..        .-              'C.   ,        1 . _ -ji -.' j. 1 -   11    1   - ���������*"--   ^^ If you want! good Coffee use FelTe-   , . :���������*%  aieaiBarggn:1.) iv .iwtwtffw.w flrawr  *v,w*i<<-,;* iu\/������^rbuauiu xy^vu.o.Q, eonuhyj are me  -i^orkslpf Omnipqtant ipo wer so grandly 'illustrated. ,?, The itfectiprbduced by. earthquakes.  and theAfi.oods of 'lava created and'ejected; fry,  vol canic^rc^^nrMrig^xjities handredsldC-feet  ,i._ -.^^i^L.,,. ���������' \thrilli   ;N&  ^compared  P." o������V. ������^--iarge *"?. caiir ana- j uage lor -.themselves - the  merits������f his Billiard.Tables; alsb, the Choice.Braa'ds of  his, SEGARS" and,; LIQUORS.. .The Orchestra;^'which  P?B^fs ������fJ9Wmusicians^, is First Class, pi ~rio-3m-  COLONI^  ..;-.;_.,..j..r,3 ;;,QiJEsp:LM6uTH>-.(;^.iv^ .;  ;.'**"* P:-'li.^&^bN/T^H^feif'/:''-  Meals at all hours/and "Cooking of the best  ��������� iwyA    description.^;;*, .;,;, -.,gf- ���������'���������'  ?,?>:>'^.^r  ' Good:Bed^; \Eestaurant; -Billiard Tabled $c.  , j. Xy, A J\ ^W)}^MA^^y!^Y and- f>ats. A * V'l S; *v  ii 8- 21S1 -eo.  history;- by larger streams";than .any- that ;are  ' no Wi visible- is a ^ct-known to all5twhtf ^ Have"  ���������'. "given^thisy subject any' serioiisJ/atteation;^-A ������}  rjyer !that once^j^eo^niore^water^in its chan-  ; oqean>withinitli&:bo^  .plow.edfits way from tneMimmitoFthe Sierras  through Nevada^c6uhty,li.i;;The trend of" theso  o|d;,channels appeaiSto^belin"<a? southerly ;ir������  st^au^of< ;a? westerly direction^ and^i%e^iiiier  tZxlZZ  *������/' ,��������� ';/:    BARKERVILLE. - ': ������*       '  IJX&Vk  ..,,,,.,v;, .������lR!QI^&^  - 'A y.'-W (^ESTABLISHED" GESEKaX *giOB'Ep r'M"(i  PENSIONS}! WHOLESALE-' &a 'GOMMIS-  &a  !;Al^3&3^  i *?;'aav?.tod /to call and, enjoy themselves^wHen*a heart v  !welcome will^be extended,    '"'   '���������''    ���������'   -���������-'-������������������-       ������������������*-���������  ������.-���������'-/  if  scriDtiona������������������ftti&W*^  ..iyyy -. BOYD ? &> HEAffH,; EropHetors,  ���������-?n s-  THI$ H0USE is; situated 26 inileff from Questfelmoutfo  . Tho pi^priet(^.'haviiigi-latelyvflUed;^ up^Bedroonia  and'.gpod Beds.are,"now. p'repar'911 (o.aflbriieyery necpin^  modatiqntorlTrayello^  the luxuries that can lib procurod jrthe:Ba'r';istwelli.suHiv  pliexi iyi th the best;brahds. otVLlquorsjinil Sega rs j i'jgj&tflf  HbiiSe'On the,R6adI   'A " /"���������.-" - -a---' -������������������-'"��������� ���������-.���������-������������������-** - ^  (5olonM^:^eO^S^������efei  ;mHE|pfBLlG^  .;x^������us(V:;;iTher6 u  f^Hprsej;; ^Barlej^^  I TS! OPEN, FORV THE AGGOM5WI^0N'<^^E  I XViTraveiling;-puhlic; theAhedrqomsi hre; -spacious' Ati(!bs  'a'iryvahd the J^edSjCannott h^9iSui^assed>ifor.cJeanliness  arid domforthy any in ihe louver country; tine ^ahie>is  aiwaysfiiipplied^ with !tn'o; h'fefet^ h% Viciu^Is;:- Asikhtihg  fo^Horses^ Hay, Oats and Barley^coifitanily^on liaiid.*'  . ���������  ^vouia be thpughfca ^yild sketchioftth������iinagito  >    . ������-vif>^> unsupported by ;fact and unequaled^by  .   _������������������   fill! fl V.*^ hilt. iinT70BfirpQfir>j1 .���������Jii-nimo, it 'r.   PrJ^i-   ���������������..^ ..  The- Steamer "Enterprise"  ; j u;    ,    Vdl leave, SODA CREEK    , "   .  .,���������s.. cgrafefi  ...,,,.   ....^,..,^,.,r���������;,.^,..,,.. ,,,:.--c:,--v:VaJ^^jrigHh:  /piuui^. these grand ^ridges^-stretching  thai-.  ^.:   -long-lities and-^towering. above";f jtbe'"surround-1 ���������  inuch^less^cscent than the present ones^-and  in tiie^process,of time .became raised^'fby'-.ac^  curnii lationt of - 4obris ;as;high r QT/.higher- than  ���������thejsummit* of gravelt ridges^a^dj|untii Lnewl  ��������������� veJliles, pf>, escape were A ibund ^near-* their  ���������WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS;  .';        '.,',���������,."   AT 6"O'CLOCK,  ddnhecting; at Spda Croek with BarsArd^P Stasis oh*  ly x ^dnesdayJSftrip'dowh^and^lmrsday'strip up%^ -  ^~vFreighytor Quesnel Vt'ots. ^g-ib.:  ;'*���������  l-Steairiew'Enterprise,?.-"!  ;'   ".    '' ,  -���������-;.May:21st",'l866.f���������  /        pA',W;syl    XWXX    5A.  J y::JXIIjti^^ '';  )WZ  ENM^MIJRPH^; ^roiirietd^  Th^Hciser  ;JL/ is "furnished "with every con vehi ence ��������������������������� for ffte^ctiin*'*  fort'of Travcilers; r^e^aUSaryMe^flmdhHs.'unU^  the s uperintendenco of ati eipeiionced cook ;��������� the 'Bedsi  are cle^and'comfortablfe;;*tithe Barjcontains the- tiegu  of t.i(iuprsVSegars5,:&c. r- Stabling, Hay, Barley & Oats/  Views*  AB^^A^^^^mm:^  ..cellanfaoiis Books, and Staple and:Fanev^ Stationery.ju'-j. |  'all i ts Branches Ay Corner.: ^YB^ravld'tlAvMSy streets'  .4^i>B^iifevi "TENIT -RANGH.: " ^  ,^ln%^HEte)i3SON'hegsHo;a  .T,T -..: ,and:the travelling publi of generally Jtliat ^ha basi  taken ^^th^ahoyJ'Ranclfan^ is.prepared to supply, them  ��������� wfth-^irst Class Accommodation. '   Good Stabling.' ilor  horses; Hay andiGrain.        >'   ir",l\'~      '' "';   '  l-s' ^  ^WiV4WWV^WPPPosit������?B  is Prcpare^tosipirfyj^is^n^erQus^trpnsAlh-weiy.-''  iwA i -aw������ XhAss ap .wAy ypp Xiy/yp^  ^noMAsmmmm^ co.pimvbvim cm  t W ^?^Mdi2:e,,fvyb^ie^le.cand.?retall- dealers;)^'  riverain places, and forcing their, waters-in to  ���������    ne\y.J'.channels. >.These new channels/ would  UILI^CXCJET    Mll^liS,  THE.UNDERSIGNED are'rib\v mauhfacturihg FLOUR  _. ���������f&^:8&fa#te1>tW Feed  Crushed to-order.  l a<W--������r      s-xP'w p.:,...  '    ,r    W      '   LILLOOET.FLOTJR MILL.CO'    Z"\  ���������^ww'-^A :-        "- >.r.-"w F::W;.j^sTkii;^geiit.   )  '    this^vp^deep.gulches;,-ravine^antt.���������valleys     i-a-1-'  - ��������� ���������   '������������������- j  :'would:be;brought into existence'^ - -     ���������     <   ' ~~ ��������� w���������:-'!���������' . ��������� '-L-  w  ���������    w 'JL���������i'A..  wA       ..:,. A   "���������"    "   EDWIN{ T  ������    'JmMymwant good Coffee^FelPs.-^: ���������it���������������������������w���������������������������  iri-.riJ,-',',i^i.^iiiiii|,iii,M,|,^.,,^l;.-;il_ll''   -���������  -���������   -  '     7y>' '   -.   , ���������/'        '  S pS  Wi; MAHtSON,' ���������;    A JX^iHoLEA^ wi  ������������������'������������������'���������.y:   V 4. .Propriotor,   ..*'.'..     i: A-A, Agent.,  THIS'HG^LlS 1^^  for^ tlie; ctimfort1 of -, travelers;l tlie; Tab le: is .supplied:  .with the '.Dggt of every thing tJia ti can -:jb e prbcurd,.: and"  the <5p^kihg;is not interior^to any on tb.erpad;; Bedrooms  Yor families^ Stabling, Hayiu Barley and Oats;   /vl-s Ip  ^WNE:A?^REHttE;5lASci^vPropriGtor3:' ��������� TheRes-  taura ut is: sdp^lieU With'Mffithg ftelicacies{the anMeT  alfbrds. ��������� .Tn-rJ^ rjhp win iii* fannA tun *u*-.w-,t.Tt^W  ^^iB^tt^ife Bar wjll ibo;muhd; the choic^tLrQTOia;^'  Furnishod,Rqoms,.;&c:*^,:.;r., .,- :-v>^ =V,V^^- -jI-bV-.  ^i:?^  ^ *;:  BARKERYILL'EV :*y '���������' ���������:  //" ,'' !''/(- ��������� ', KEPT BY     '   tiZZpA'Z'1 A  J IS si:' EZi'l H U R B^E R;  A-������m"^"'"  i-W'MmM-M&vsEAix  :. A���������: LBERX CIVitSLER^has: ojipnpdUhe. ahoye House for  xjl the reception of. Travellers; the Table, is .well kept  and'tho Liquors cannot bo surpassed;1; the Beds arc  clean and; comfortable^:-:Stalling for Horses,- Hay and  ,pat������,-'f-;{!>.v,';--:t-: l ��������� yX;    ��������� y; pyx ������������������;<;.. p :��������� ���������;: py... aw i*8?k  LlLLOQET    BREWERY/  nwiwu w ������u: wc������luuuu uie ;t������estv JBrandi'es,rLrWine^ 1 arid  Segars ;Cth^public.are invited to .caU;y;.:Prepared to fill  all orders promptly. : l\ *   v ,   ' (    i?sbt  ic.best of.fare: -theBar contains .the,choicest brands 1-^* ^w  ���������. ; ...,,-^y  flLiquors and ^giirsvgb6UStjilJIinff;/Hbrse Feed/Oai<i' TA1 SOONG- & 00.| Commission Mercli'aiils, Im-  arlfey^V&Ci''���������:'������������������' C���������'������ i��������� ���������;   - ' -". '? ;".;iv- ' -��������� ��������� 7������-. -1 ���������������: ���������',"��������� >������������������ X. ������������������: *'^   -^'.* ������������������X ���������nyirt.frc ������������ii nm.ioMj������ m^nflon /2rtn^0:;-bjao ���������;-ftwar*  Vor;  <.      v      -^Ti-r"t'���������:"���������:-���������-* rr-v������  "f^-^fe'disposed'  lavyI'^ier with^their.patronage. :������������������ -��������������������������� X;X..w:xw;,i .r.g.^:.  ,^eals^at.all:Eeurs;; GoodrB^ds;; ^^^ ���������  . ^'{Thc-B.;ir;iS! furnished-with, the bStsblcction of  LMiimrs'ana.SegarS". A A    ��������������������������� r. .   ':,.." ;./;���������.'...���������-,-. ������������������;���������, -������,> . .  ." .;'{;;;,J;k|'c:hf1isl.33^  Patrick ;kirwin,e^'bw^  Bout BillUrd TalJlesda the Greek: 'the Liquors  .and Cigma-aw uftheiiujist giiality. S    ������  MEBCHlA3STrpsv  ���������\V ILMA11S Alfft GRQtrSE CilgEKS,  ��������� . I r. '". '".  t A," - BKALKRS:���������IX,  ported.;: M^chm^e]  A  -..! ..'Wholesale and Retail;;'..; /Z,'/%  ���������T;^������B3HZ0 LSAKTO; ���������Proprietor,!" ^(ila house  XJ ) allbrds every -' aeeo fnmo dai ion - for:' tlYO.; cohifort' of  Travellers; the Table is i urhish ed. wi th all th e del icactes <  of the,season, and the Bar. Is stocked with;tho choicest  lot' Wines; Brandies & Segars;.good stabling for horses;  Ha^, Barley and Oats constantly oh hand" at low rates.  New ly mi 1 led Floii r for sal e c beapi.������ -; ',.-������������������'    1-s  QPELMAN'and MoK^ZtEAProprietors:  ���������Or' This -House; is .well fiUed^up with. Good Beds aiid  the Bar is furnished'-with the best' L^uors; .Merits are  served at.all hours on the ?Kestauraht principle; 'Stabling for,; Horses, HorseJToed, &c.: ; I ' - A    \     : l.s. ':  /1HARLES NisLSONv'^^Proprietor.    TJiis'oid -QEMLEN ���������& PARlCE,, Proprietors^ at tho  \J established House,is well fitted8ap'for the- comfort  W;Junction of the Cariboo and" Big Bend Roads, is  of -Travellers;  tho . Table; Js supplied with the host of nownntm 1oy i.r������.������- "���������"   everything that ���������can behad, and the. copkiiig is not inferior to tho best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, kc.  The Express stops here; ���������.'.''*������������������ ��������� 1-s  The Bonaparte  Hoiise,;.'  ��������� 1,1/ lL,������t)]Sr f 6c> MUWKAsYyAGKOcwsy wwviswar,.  ���������'. Mj ^Vin'e k Spirit Merchants,^fiakbrs/&,Goiifeclioners^.-  PORT DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.  MAGDQNALD'S    HOTEL  [^M. KACDONALD, Proprietor.  Miner ������,  ������T i^h?Md>afe!i^ijD^^.BriffM:fijivM Mines wi  d  hid every convenience and accommodation aflbrded  them; Good- Beds and a Table well supplied, with all"  tlje dehcacies; ol the season! : ;   j    ���������  the times. Give them a call. . Stabling,' Hay k Grain;  atten ti vo hos tler^. Stage 1 eaves h ere twi ee a week for  Big Bend and Yale, and bricc ti weolc for Cari boo      1-s  victoria,''V5M.1.J*-    -*/������������������*   ������������������    ^l*p"p'-1 AA. IZ .������������������</���������;  -O -and CoM^issVbif-^IidcnAs'T^. .Store Street, Victoria,.,-,;  'V; 'I;'���������������������������'''--:.������������������������������������'fl fVifl.'ii-'i'' V^'"--     .*-'" T������.-i.������'i"j ,{*���������ia'-J --*'l-s;' ^.^  .. ; MJS������SR������r;CO]^WAIASSU:  AT' THIS WELL KNOWN; HOUSE, Inilf.wny, between  Spence's Bridge and Clinton, .on the .Yal-  ?HENRY   SOHORLIigQ:   :  ,;���������;������������������..;���������!: ;Yan.wi^klk;'; ; ;"r '''\/':''  Dealepgi All jigda of Proviso ns, Clothhig ���������&.  'i1 ^   Travel er^ will hwri>������v ������ T V  " ���������   ��������� 0U l ^ Yale K(*ltc-  l&>'  iravuiers will find Good Accommodation.   The best of  ^y living, of Liquors,, and of Wines - 'Frell Butter mIk  I and Vegetables..   Good Stabling and cfoap g   l&  .corner, _    BA'KAtir&m/Pu^  v-i. ,.r ,^*^! ������������������, n,..���������..nmm,t ������*c   Victoria, v. u  !������������������������&* .subline- fer itr* ������-���������'.' tr      ������ " /     "    T ������- I oetween tms noust  v*r?<������ifh������n^ r1;H-^ ' ^ B.irleyrand-vOats :al-,( the;steamers from'  . ^, ;...;.-...;��������� ;;;. \ v -,-; ,  .^s^tRp^aiorLuiooeL.;  fi- *,?SSHa ^ S?-', Pr������������������Priet������rs.���������-,, :TJiih House is  ij?:,,rt welljitted up.lor Uie accommodation of vim^.  ���������lewito the Bridge River Mines. Good 'Beds, Stabli6r  for Horses-Horse Feed ;&c: A stage rdns twi'ce a w"I  ^2������f������S?S. l^iP^Hfcu the arrival^  HJeK'S   HO TEL  ������������������is. ���������HAitftrjJN, rnYSiOJAW-������ oukujm/������,���������������"-v;^-  ��������� :ncrof Yates and Goyernment Sts., JiG!^Awy  5lil5E; ^''gEy^OIJ^^ea^ -���������  _ ;Furfiturb, Broad;;Slreet!^ ���������ylctoriay ��������� \VJf^yV^;,-,. ������������������.  ty  nAiB&i&n^  \_J; AlERciiA^rs?^iatrStre6t; &}4to���������jlYtfy3zJ^> X ;'  H^ ������^E^G^and;31TO -"  Wharf 'street,' Victoria, V. I. rWj������AyL^xX'''''  orabiy known1 W^Vd^ 0?o^ ^Ih^pubHo^ Bari L:������Piyi!^ha;Ba^������ji g^S^i^^iic?  tmitnt. SirJB������.t|uYicti5ripitT/Jw-J-v^,':" " ��������� - ��������� ..^  -���������: - . -  *������������������>  . f Ja'iuorft anu ^e^in'c.  .  .        ,    i ^���������.  -'   ���������    ���������-'      j ������������������'','' -.���������,������������������'������������������. ������������������-".   ,-s'        .'...'���������,,.-������������������.',-    A'alU  IBSf-  3IALL  Gyvorimit  IP  1  B"  Ir


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