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 ITSCTTJ*'  P\  mjfi*f'"  ws.y,,   .V  m/yiAs: U^i������������;S->v;;; w;;-;-aA^iyA-payA^^m  William  -��������� ^;^-;*v;;;>-^^;r  Subscription* Sl'per week (iriplnding.cost  of delivery), payable to. the carnier^  SW-  Office���������Barkerville; (next door to Jfcpietta?8  ( yypr^^&^A-Z- ^Z'aZ  ' Agents^fOr the; '������0ax������boo.Sentinel.",  ���������  Victoria;'    ,'-,.-      ^      -   . - -   ':' ��������� A. Lyne. .     ��������� ,.  L,JP. Fisher/' V /:' ^ ~".,; - - ,. -  :'. (Ban- Francisco  .  > ���������'..:. ��������� . ���������; ���������;������������������ ���������!���������.-��������� .' j- ���������- '-���������'���������'.-r/'r^ A;-'>:^������L_kil--_i-^LJl-!!-^lj_������--:-������������������ - '   ������������������  ��������� W-  RING;*  w'AA^A  w  |the<fbl-  betweehMike  The New;York Herald p  lowing account of ihe fi������  McCoole and Tom Allen, near St. Louis :  McCoole won the choice -of ground; "and  offered to bet Allen J2JPG0 4bathhe would  win the >flgbfe.   Allen ibaoSa speech, saying  be was an Englishman, had no money and  could ~li6Fac7&jft^^  for fair phiy^'.'The inen^then went to work  with the following result:     ' ,'v  RogndT���������The me������approached;each "other  I   cautioubly, but with cSnBdjegcSe.A There were  g   a lew exchanges and then* he iy hitting at,  close quarters^ FinaUy,McCdolfe plahted a  heavy blow near Allen's eye^%knockihg him  " cliiimed for, McCoole,- although blood appeared on bothJaces.^   ,  Round ^-^Terrific;' Wows; in rapid succession on each other's faces; resulting finally in  favor of -11000016. ly w      i:  ;. p:  Roun o A$��������� The men ��������� eyed each o ther wi th  t h e fe ro c i ty o f glad iators, and after a fe w  severe blows they clinched and fell together.  The struggle caused intense excitement, and,  McCoole's friends realized;-that the;giant had;  met a man worthy of his steel.  "A  Roijn'd 4���������McQoole caiue to the scratch wi th  his face bl eeding profusely fro m a fcerrible  gash under the right; eyeVA Allen fought cai^  tiously, evideh tly .; bus ban ding-- his strerig tb.  McCoole got in heavily on Allen's ribs and  tlie latter went down "to avoid another sock-  dologer. The. wildest excitement now began  to pre vail at the secming; change in ihb prospects of the Sght..   .���������     ;;  Round Ji-���������Heavy 'Gghting; throughout.���������  Tli ere were desperate .exchanges, ; dur.i ng  which Tom administered two, or three terrific  blows on Mike!s face, which seemed to be a  mass of blood fro,m forehead to chin. Ho had  terrific gashes under both.eyes, and his face  was horriblvj^iisfigured.���������','. /the ^combatants  clinched; aad?after' a desperate struggle bo th  went down; together; near "'.'.the -ropes. The  round was decidedly ia favor of AUeh;     -  Rooso 6���������Heavy hitting. Alien seemed  to ba the freshest of the two and looked very  complacent, dancing around his opponent  with case. After some-sharps hitting the  round resulted in his favor, p  Round 7���������McCoole presented a forlorn appearance, and was not very rapid in responding to Mm e������ Allen.looked fresh.and cheer-  ful. After some exchanges of a not very  satisfactory character to McCoole, Allen decided to go to grass in order to escape another of those terrific Mows from the giant's  sledge hammer.  Round 8���������The backers of McCoole urged  him to make short work of his opponent, buf.  in vain, for the prestige of the giant was  rapidly being demolished before the skill  and tactics of. his antagonist. Mike struck  cut wildly with his right, but missed his  ro ark, "bis o pp o no nt ligh ti ng on h is p o la t o  trap -with terrific reflect., f McjGoole recei?^  terrible punisliment in tbisVound, ; an (kit, be?  mrt'w������rt --rt**t <-* f^a*s 4-'-. 4-1* ** i.   LX\ *������'��������� f?������M W 4-'������������������.'*** Anil ������ '..aavm ^v.' j-^a* -\j^i  ' AWWArW W  Aljen^looked bl and and seren e at the close.,  .Ninth; and Last RoDND^-Bbitb meni were  slow in responding to,; the call j 'the noise and  excitement being intense. The referee coujdi  notvbeS heard.^ The,combatants approached  each other and engaged at yery close quarters. In:;,a ,few' Becondsrthejy clinched and  rolled 'over (side by side in close conflict,  while botfr were hugging mother dearth.  Allen placed bis hands on the eyes';of Mc?  Goole; and ; was gouging them desperatelyV  when the cry of if fbut?? was raised;fwm Sfcl  CooleVcorner.       ".'.,,,   ., , -*f  The rope was icut and: the wildest ��������� excite-  ment "prevailed for a few nioments, but the  crowd;80on; after, dispersed, towards the boat  The referee was afraid" to4x"g1y;e his .'decisionv  Severa'l pistols' we^e presented^at his head,  but he refused^ to decide the; m^ter until he  reached St. Louis. t w, **/  " Al tent outfoughtj McCoole al 1 th < ? - way  through j and, to, a 11 appearances, wouldyhaye  won the fight if she- had.been/allowed to ^proceed. McCoole wasimuch,blown and badly  punished, and was, in reality, whipped. The;  fight lasted about twenty minutes.   '���������'  Another .account in the same I paper; says>  It is the general opinipnof those present: at  j^e^h^aadXcempete  was neither a foul bJow struck nor.' any  gouging done by Allen. -The general ^belief  is.;; McCooleJs - friends determined from the  ou tset th at Al len; sh o n Id n o t win the fig h t  nor get any money. It is freely said that  McO.oole's friends acted in the most shameful  manner, diSp 1 aying knives. and. pistols . with  the view of intimidating Allen, and in other  ways sh o wi ng th ey in ten d e d havi ng ey eiw-  thing their own' way* The rope is said to  have been cut as early as the sixth round,  but as Allen was evidently master of the  situation, neither be nor Ms friends made a  point of it. Thev second round was not in  faybr of McCbole, as lpreviously reported,  but Allen punished his; antagonist very  severely, and from that time it was evident  McCoole was no match for;'Allen.; In the  third round McCoole lost control of himself;  became angry, fought wildly, arid: to the end  of the. battle was at the mercy of Al len. AA.  Wh en. the ro pe was eu ton the las t ro nnd  McCoolc's friends crowded;;in the ring, and,  with pistols and knives "'draw n, demanded b f  the refereeAa decisitin-;in favor of lhe "giant.*J  . ;A^cbrrespondeivt; of tho San Francisco  Examiner -says the contest turned^oufc a  mournful surprise party to Mike?s friends.  He, was badly whipped���������there is no rubbing  that out. AU the accounts, entitled to  credence, agree that from the outset it was  evident McCoole?s friends were determined  Ailerishoiildnot.win; but Allen gave such  early proof that he was master-of the field,  his friends thought it necessary to protest  against the unfair mancouvers of the  McCoole-ites to make diversions in favor of  their man." Unfortunately,   the  cowardice  displayed by the referee^McIGnney--pre-  veuteda geueral melee, which might have  happily ridded society of a few score of the  worst fellows of tho country, when on the  ninth round the partisans of McCoole, seeing  their man whipped hopelessly, raised tho cry  of foul, declaring that Allen was gougmg  Mike's eyes,.and demanding a decision in  Mike's favor.  AWs,  ;w.  ^JSwAr A^Ae.  WsyL^,f^/ -  ' ������AApA%l-J+     ' '. IA A^a- -  Meals-asiivEb rMhi haiif-past five o'clock  : .tb thtfonornjTi^ till NlN������;in-:the evening, at Mrs  J^rAREEK'S BOAKDING. HOUSE, opposite tlie Sentinel .offlce^v '��������� ��������� ���������-.-iw   ��������� . Ay'iA-������������������������������������';a:...mv26!lm-.^-.-'  -^fe  ^������* Fblt/s Coffee has now stood the test  of "the last eight years, has superseded entirely tbei mported Cbartres Cufiee, and is  now kept and sold by ail respectable dealers  HAJF-W^HOnSE,  THISpEOUSE,/ NJEAB THE MOUTH OF  ���������'StouMGuich,^   ��������� ���������:;     ���������-,. ���������/,-,-.   ;���������;,-,-���������,���������������������������.-',-  ���������;. >"/ | IS   N.O-.W- OPEN,;;;;,    :;  And tho/fi'llest qoalities of Liqu'ors,' Wines and Cigars  ihay\be;;haa;atxho Bar.- Try tliera." -:-As-y .p.,���������...-,'���������  '! A- A A AM, A ��������� ��������������������������� ��������� ;. -:.:. ���������-   .,-'-"---F. ^AGDEN,"Prbprietor..' "A  '- Half-Wiy House,-July 0,, 1869;v: -;,---"'' A, v'-'ju7'tfm'���������;  ^ -^JZ' rafeHFlELD;  ISS AjkHlCKMAN begs1 to announce to the.Miners  ��������� ;of i'^c^fleld and the public in general that she  has bpehefjr-the above JRestauranfc for. the summer.  Having 'Alie .extensive, additions to the Restaurant  departmfcanv#securedthe services of a'Arat-class  Cook, Mi^fH^flatters ;herseif4that slio wlllbe able to  give, her|featrons every satisfaction, and hopes, by  strict att&tion to business', to merit a share of public  patrOnaga   '   ,Ay-, '   <���������-.  -���������  -A.  Board, |er Week^ $12.: Single Meals^ $ I.  , ^SF'rKtt-bost Liquors and Cigars always to A>e; had  atthjBafe,     r     '     , '���������;.���������'. ��������� ,'    my22 2m ,  CARDS.  ;:r    -fi,.8. THOMPSbN,  : 1*CCOTj������TANl(  "M INING' AND   COMMISSION  rIx>rA&g& Barkerville/ ������ a      '���������   .    :-   . ������������������<��������������������������� Ws  .... ;:,MiM|,Companies? 'Books kept and adjusted.  ���������"JfeyvS       '���������':Vi:"   :'"        '���������''''V:'"i' '   ~ '  t-Wl^c^'-  wyyiBw.  HAS on band- and for sale, at hisU3tore jn Barker-  iville, Groceriks, PEOVTsroxs .ANn' Liquors,��������� of  the choicest description, which lie will; sell;at low  prices fur Cash.' Also Gum Boots, and other articles  required hy miners.      ' ' ""'  Barkerville; May 12,^1869.  .. '.-  ���������.-..���������'���������������������������.'-'..���������   --' ���������������������������  C.  STROUSS,  WHOLES ALB,;: AND- RETAIL   DEALER  ���������iy-  i Q-roc^ries, Provisions,  HARD VV A RE,    DRY    GOODS  CLOTHINGy BOOTS, SHOES, ETC., ;  :'A/w \.v;.;-J'BARKERyiLLE, "   "'   : "Al'l  RETAIL   BUTCHERS;  ';Z  BARKE'RVILLE,   RICHFIELD,   AND  ; ; MOSQUITO CREEK. ;.  A supply of frcshgmcat of all descriptions constantly  ou hand.       ' ,. ��������� A\.  R   &   S  Barkeiiviixe.  Feb, 6,1869.  Miners' Provision  Store,  BARKERVILLE,  Next Dooit to Sentinel Office.  T this Establishment, will always he found a well  selected and varied assortment of the  FRESHEST  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  IN CARIBOO.  ALSO���������A good selection of Clothing, Hardware, Glass  and Crockery.    Best brands of Tobacco,  Medicines, etc., etc.  Best Java Coffee Roasted and Ground  DAILY.  ALL GOODS SOLdTt LOWEST RATES.  "' , The BAR is fully supplied with the choicest  : Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors.  I trust by strict attention to business, and fair and  square dealing,, to merit a continuance oi the liberal  patronage heretofore extended to me.  A large lot of TCEYWOO������*S celebrated  BACON I  for sale, at a wry low figure.  Feb. 20, 1S61V- 3m  THIS ESTABLISHMENT HAVING.B?EJf.i;REFIT-  tod in the most comfortable manner, with.good  beds, the travelling public may rely upon being, Wel  accommodated.' : '. .        -  ,,...  Thobcst Wines, Liquors and'Cigars;to be bad'������l.  the Bar."- A-      "-...���������:; -.:     ;';���������;���������'; -::"������������������-.-.: :,--������������������- :--������������������;-���������--hv'-,.. pwy-  Decern bor 5,1868.- -,- ^ ���������",-  N E W:  E N Q L; A N P  Bakery and Coffee Saloon.  THE PROPRIETOR of the above���������establishment would  > -respectftiljy inform his friends and: the public In ;���������  general that he is- now prepared to furnish them;witb..  Bread of, his ;pwn^baking,.having secured the,;assl3V  ancedfa competent Baker, which enables him  defy competition A- ���������:Asy - A ��������� ���������" '-WA -.-..��������� ':��������� ru-".,'-.-.,.;���������.������������������:���������������������������,.��������� ply  A Ho has also a, COFFEE SALOON attached;) toAika'���������'��������� '-  above, where none but the best Coffeej:Pies andCakea  will be;served;     > ' . ..���������  ?N:B.-iBREAD; DELIVERED: to���������ail /parts' of: the  Creek; ;        '       ' . r      . J       my221m    .  -,.;.. .is :'.."���������"���������.     Qoesnelmouth.  THE Proprietors of this well known House tender  their sincere thanks to their-friends and the tra.;  veiling public generally, for their past:liberal pafrbn?  age, and beg to inform them that In order to insure a  continuance of the;same������Board and Lodging has been  reduceu;td$3,50 perDay. ;;;SinglerMeals, $Vy'QQi-*  All the luxuries that the country .affords" are constantly kept on tbe table. Private Parlors and Suits  Of Rooms for- Families;::'; The Bar is /stocked' wi thJ th������*  :mA,  Oats,  ;.;,Quesnelmouth; Ma^-  '-^'W"\  ���������yxyys  1869.  THE. UNDERSIGNED   BEGS   TO .INFORM':;HIS  friends and the public, that he has fittediip-so-no  COMFORTABLE    BED^0Jd*������3.^  In his new. building, where'.he is prepared to; glv������  gbod Beds at a reasonable ��������� price. Those who-will  favor him with their patronage,.may "depend on;th������  cleanness and comfort of bis house.  . He takes also this opportunity; to remind the Carl-  booites that his Brewery.has received the FIRST;  PRIZE of the Colony for his celebrated  XXX   ALE,  And the true amateurs will be able to judge by them  selves that such honorable prize has been justly  awarded to him.  :,. N. B.���������A large fron t room to 1 e t. ��������� - - A  ^.Barkerville, Jan. 23,1869. ;N. ;C������NIO(j  Restaurant and  THE Proprietors of this old and well-known.establishment would respectfully thank their numer-  ous friends and the public for the extensive patronage  heretofore bestowed on them, and trust that by their  usual strict-attention to.business they will ;merit a  continuance of their confidence and support.  Meals, $1.   Board,  $16- per Week;  BREAD MADE  OF THE - BEST  FLOtfR  We recommend to the public our  GROUND    COFFEE,  which is a much superior article than any which can  be had from below. "We Hoast and Grind it ourselves  and choose the best berries, consequently the public  may be sure of its being free from adulteration.  PATTERSON Si G00DS0N.  Barkerville, May 18,1869. myl9  BOOTMAKER,  OFFERS FOR SALE THE BEST ASSORTMENT OF  BOOTS to be found on William Creek.  BOOTS MADE TO ORDER,  Warranted not to bo surpassed by any made on th  Pacific coast.  GUM BOOTS CONSTANTLY ON HAND.  REPAIRING done in the best manner, at shortest  notice.  In connection with the above, he begs to notify his  friends and the public, that he has on hand a choice  assortment of GROCERIES and DRY GOODS, and  hopes, by keeping a well selected stock on band, to  merit a sharo of public patronage.  ^S-OPPOSITE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  Barkerville, Kay 5, IS69.  r  '���������-������������������-* -'���������~- - -  - -��������� " - ��������� -i���������k������^^ ..-., .���������.J  SffiKJk  '^T-  i.-.in^K'   - * J --''���������*" m^2!-rr!^*-S^-^f- ���������?.<  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  WEDNESDAY. JULY28. ISM.,  r-.-,uy  hs^&^R^x*'  &  PA", THI^CARTBOO;.SKNTLNEf,;d : A"lA A '  lis published every Wednesday and Saturday,; All  advertisements intended lorausertfbnj, must be ;4.el>v-  ercdat latest u'^A.^^^^A^-^^y^^^  publication.     .; '=-.'���������   ���������'''"'���������"'' I'-"A:.   All   '"������������������y.]' . ''A*: ' "\  "��������� TO ADVERTISERS. .. ;.;���������.  All art ver 1i semen ts > (not inserted for - any definite  period) will be continued, .until. ordered out, and  charged for 'accordingly.-: ��������� :p>\ >'--���������' '-,-.,���������" ly.yAwAA.; ���������'  MINING GRANTS, COMPANIES,-ETC;  From Victoria; we 'Mar that steps [arebeing  taken towards organizing a company to;work  r th e mcado w s, and also th at the subject of a  rega Jar water supply is occupying m nab attention. ,So far nothing^  Cariboo to utilize the meadows, neither has  any thing but cursory; discussion transpired  with reference to the construe Hon of water-;  works.   As far as we can learn, the objections of the miners to the late proposed grant  of tho meadows lie against the extent of the  ground proposed to be giveii, and tp the inadequacy ol the means of those who offered  to nndertake tlie, working of them.   They  fear that if the; coveted ground were .alien-;  ,.ated it would not be properly utilized, and  they .hope to he able; yet to undertake the  work themselves.; Wei^rust-Iha^hefbrethe  government give.Ahl^AtheL-:--gcd[uiid;t^-������t,: convj  pany they will exact: sucti conditions as will  . ensure, continu oits working,;and; thus 6bviate  all-dissatisfaction.   The welfare of the coun-  - try, aswell as the satisfaction of the minora,  should be considered in the drawing of any  'charter   granting   a  large  'ansa of mining  ground, whether it he the meadows or any  other supposed rich ground in Cariboo.   It  is to be hoped that complete publicity will  he givien to all applications having in view  the possession and use of the public lands.  Had   this  policy been followed in earlier  days tlie numerous complications and difficulties with chartered companies would have  , tho last session: of the Legislative Council,  .-'��������� took a very wise step in this respect. At his  snggeslion a committee was appointed which  was intended to. work in the same manner  with;respect fo..ttiis pplonyias; the parliamentary committee on priyate ^ilisjppe^aleswith  respect to tho^^tec^  private bill is Introduced into the imperial  Parliament it is submitted; to the consideration of the committee on private billsVwhere  it undergoes ai thorough/ investigation,, and  when the public or any in dividual may contest it if deemed ,inj aiip.us to public or private interests;'^'^ts-^'a'Mchlb^tlijBr; plan of  ascertaining the character of a private bill or  charter than that of submittirig'suchL matters  o  the  consideration of a public meeting,  tWhile, then, we regret that the'/ineadows are  still remaining^dle, we- trus$ that complete  publicity will -be; given to^any application  for.a grant of public lands in  the   manner  ab o ve men tioned'." "-;���������       \y  With regard to-supplying Williamcreek  and the neig^brihg creeks with .water, two  things have yet to be determined.   First, the  ���������   practicability of the much-needed work and,  .    next, in what way could a companv he compensated for the outlay of capital."  It is by  :   no raeans/certain.tbat water sufficient to mp-j  ' ply William creek can be obtained by means  or ditches and flumes.   Swift river, which is  suggested as the, source from which water  enough caa be obtained, has not yet been  determined to be large enough at ihe point  where a ditch or flume would have to be  connected with it ; and those who profess to  he able to decide whether that stream would  be amply sufficient for $ supply of water say  that it could only bo made  available   by  means of a tunnel.   A survey would not cost  more than SJ.,090, and the sooner a survey is  made the better.   Next comes the question  of profit.   Suppose a company shall have expended a large amount of money in bringing  water from Swift river, how could they obtain  returns?   By selling the water.,of course.   Is  it certain, however, that!-they could "sell the  water in sufficient quantities to reimburse  them for their outlay ?   Until last jear there  was always water enough in Cariboo, or  nearly enough, for all purposes, arid there  may be again1; /Mining companies would,' of  course,, n o tip pyi water i f th ey d i d: no fc need it.  Sorne sprt of:a guaranteed interest Would- 6e  giveii -li'' '-ai -water' (company. ,..;^gislatiye  enactment might? give such guarantee; In  what way ? There seem s to b e ori 1 y o ne way,  and :that 'Is by, the collectipn pf: a; rent; frorii  eyery cl ai in oh Tth e creeks whi ch; the w ater  company could supply with water, whether  the mi ni ng co mp anles to ok the water o r riot.  The^consent ofl companies ;nbw working  would of* course;; be necessary tO-'such a law  or charter; but lit - mightitorly be made imperative on; conipanies ppiniiig ;irito existence  after the passage of such - law; to ��������� take / the  water or:pay commutation -rates. * In short,  the municipal system with1 respect to water  supply might be applied to the .mines, with  th is d ifference,; that the, modeA pf��������� c b argi ng  should be fixed according .to; the sys tern ..at  present practised by ditch companies-^that  is, by measuring the water by^the inch arid  the time it is used; Supposing the supply of  water to become plentiful "again, as In previous years', would the waterloompany sti 1 i ]  sell sufficien t to give them di vi den ds':? There,  can be no doubt of that. With a largevaiS  ti ficial sup ply, ..of;.', water . co mm an d 1 n g _������������������; h ill'  ground,- a vast area of ground ��������� would "be  worked which now lies idle, and will do so  tip matter, how-large the natural supply may  become. . .'Numerous ��������� hydraulic,. companies  would start into existence. The mining laws  give creek;claims the first right to the water  and thus cut off hill claims from the supply,  and hence the necessity for a large supply ol  water independent of that obtained from the  creeks. '       -   -r  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  THEATRE^ROYAL;  Saturday, 31 stJi^y y 1869.  Tlie following pieces will be. performed on Saturday,.  ��������� v ���������     ��������� ' :, ���������  y        ��������� '-31st iust.: ..*  -.--  THE   ROUGH   DJAMOND t     ^  . .." ACOlilO DRAMA..-   ;. ;    'A**'"}]  Lordpiato........,.:.....^.,...i....^v.;;w.,Hin   .'   yiiiA  Sir Wm. Evergreen ...Hon. R. W. W. Carrall  C:ipt. Augustus;Blenheim.........T: MeB. Shiltii  Cousin Joe...........................S. Ornuunly  Tom......... '.,..J. Mordaluc  Ladv Pinto.......... *'-......... Miss ���������r-���������-  . Murgery'....' .'*.'...........;..Jliss. Kmily.  ' Lucy. v........................ .'# ��������� ...Miss      .A" '��������� -'.  . _''.<  A:"A: :y A    ������������������������������������-INTERLUDE...,-' ,.1-P  TiiE Drain.���������Tbe William creek bed-rock  drain is nearly cleared; and is working well.  Much of.the choking was due to the, shafts of  some of the companies on the creek not having been raised sufficiently to giiarjl against  the freshets, and it would seem advisable tp  av6\a wrecurrence of their UlUngiAp" again.  by putting them in a condition to withstand  another freshet.  ��������� Fiue ��������� Last ni^ht the Gre-alarum was  sounded. The Brigade was promptly on  hand and in a very short time extinguished:  the fire, which���������������������������.was caused by tbe Imrning of  some rubbish on;the;;;creek at a;safe distance  from any'building.r ;  ';  Bv two well-kuowiiAmateurs.  After.which will bo- rondored to, tho* public, for the  ���������    first time, the scruaming Vaudevillo, entitled. '"���������  DONE    BR O VV N !   A  Filzlang (inherilor fi*c?m Nature or^ most invaluable  ;   proper Ly ���������i 111 pu dfiico).... ,.G oor; G ran t.: ;  '',;  , ...... ,  Mods. Octavo Alfred Lcclef (a.-.Gallic Apollo, dwelling  Al' adjacent , to'-tho^heavens--a garret);>....J.: S.  ��������� -v Tbompson. ,' "-, ���������...-���������:" . .-..- "-.- .-'  "if urp hy: OHu 11 i 1 oo (a. 13 ri 6fc lay or,, a ("������1)0(1 d fellow, an d  ' 4:Vavery Free Mason).. ...j. H. Sullivan.  Mr ;BPpsey.... (a retiring Spirit Dealer,, with; two weak.  ; riess^s���������irascibility and strong grog....i.F, Perret,  Alfred Blnghamp(tho Young Lover���������wciMrossod and  ;,;.: j, amiable, of course)... .I.Mr G. Staples.  i MrsAVinki; (a Ldtlgl nghouso-deeper, a Wi dow���������eligibIe)  ,.: b..������a.Mia8 Durham. ��������� a<-<. ������������������  Doors open at Hal f-Past Eicbt o'clock'.    Performance to commence at 8:30 o'clock,  .' Afl mission $1- 00. ���������: ResOrved Seats, %\l^pA:w-wA A  Tickets tor the rgserVed seats may. be had on ap-  plication to Mr. Gcp. Grants;Barkerville.. '-'A'-A  MINERS AND TRADERS>hi flr^d li ���������  vantage to purchase at tbissiore ���������-h^^���������*Z  Of the very best. description on !?.fn ?   ^ -  constantly replenished {>y iiew a rS-i,^ll0 * Al\  f     A.    A I ">-,'-' tors will sell Goofls1 % '-e!***��������� Z  Ab   CHEAr-iAs:ANv-lS!rjatnoo<:  With'  miAl..,  ^^I'rlistors,.  iriz,  Orders promptly fllljxl^,,,!'rm^ea ^Wp  AND OOIVIMISSKJ.SI^^^  ������������������"������������������'���������/ '��������� :^'.:-:;V''rMUKERVlLu^-:--;      ;������������������ ���������  Have now on handa large Rssortmfnt or  GROCERIES, LIQUORSvTOBACCO.  ���������;'���������.;;;; (;��������� ���������., "���������       ���������'':;..?-and��������� ���������::..,-.I.'.���������  : ;G-eiieral MercliandiEe.  Barkerville, July 13,1863.      -    w    A. ^u A  ]^ew. Grocery aiid^quor  J.Yf.Ay/s. a,. .Store. ���������. . .."-.  1 v  romored to  NOTjCE.  rr\nK   HTJDSONS :IBAY' CO.   ARE; PREP ARK D. TO  1    race i v e a t par yal tic,  at th ei r' gtoro I n  Barker-  ville, in exchange for Slerchahdisc, GOLD B^Ul3 issued from the Government Assay Ofllce;������������������>���������  '   J JOHN JI. WARK,  ���������" ������������������::;-.-'     :"-A ��������� -.; #-.';���������'���������   .���������  .Avcnt.-- '.-���������  Barkerville, July 12,1869/       ' .  ;  : ''   ;gni41m  NEW ��������� ADYERTISBMENfS.  WILL LEAVE. THB H. B. CO.'S STORE FOR  ns,iy^nV7 aadrtKeithiey Creeks on. MONDAY  iLORNIAG, August 2, providing Freight offers.  .       ju2S2t  B^fnarct's: Express.v^  N and: after July 3il, and until further fn6tice, ��������� tho  Regular Weekly Express will arrive at Bisrker-  ville on HAT CRD AY MORtfING, and return at 6.a. mi  th(��������� foIUj wi ng ..Monday.'-  The Express: av \U close evary  Sunday night at 9 o'clopk; .;..:.'..      '':  For rates of Freight and passage, nppfv to     '..-    .  , ���������;;���������.-        S. ORMAXDY,  June 30. :   .. .Agent, Barkerville,. ;,  EXPRESS AND :6������NESAL IGEIGY.;  ON tho arrival at Barkerville of oven* Midi and  Express, R. L. LAMONT will leave 'Barkerville  .with an Express for the following Crooks : Grouse,  S lav ens, C; 11 ifo rn j a, Wel f, An tier, Gil nii ihgh am. Ha r-  vey, Snowshoe, Keithiey and f;oose Creeks. He will  attend to all kinds of commissions, &c. Collecting  will also be attended to. }u21 ������  Letters, P.ire?Is, fcc,- fqr the above places can* be  lefljit the following places :.  Tlie Sextixel Ofllce,' . -.-   .   -   Barkervllle.  ..,.    Rennie's Shoe Store,   -    -   -   ���������   Barkerville  F. Neufeldcr,     .....   .   Richfield.  '  PENTDOLA aanouhces that he hngr.M  Jte.:- the NewStore;nextr; but ona :to the SS   !  EJriMshColumhia, arid has Increased Ids slock of Gm.   I  cerics and ProylsiohSv which he will sell at his mA  reasouablo prices, r Ho lias ulso.opened a bar wli'i  hokeOpslho    .- '        uf.    . . ; '  ��������� u^  GHpIGSSTiLlOHpiis; WINI^& CIGARS,  a nd l nvi tcs iiia fxi euds and ;:t lie public to test tb*J  quality; ���������:���������-,,;.:;;; ..,,..������������������ ;;:;;.,;;���������';���������,;; :.--.-. ju3ia  DEIJa STORE,  TAS. P. TATLOR desires tostate that he "still keep!  Oyph hi*>businessat; the old:stond:::where he W  Patent .Nledlclhes of all kinds on hand. Also K11F.SH  GARDEN SEEDS. ;Prescriplioag carefully cotnpnicj.  eel at reasouabio rates.; ; ivcxt door to Cuuio's Bm-  ary. .  I y ��������� a yAs  ���������.-���������:- ,,. . i  .   BarkcniUc. May 5,1869. lm  SfOVESI  STOVES!  \L M A; M S & ;FSA R C Y,  ; BARKERVILLE;;   , ';  A '-.    Have on hand a choice solectloo of ���������  CASTTlrVON COOKING SIOVES  ZING  TIN   PLATE  AND   SHEET; IKON  With various other articles In their line of tradp.  ���������jJ6?7 All Jobbing Eh the Tin, Sheet Iron, Ooppvrar.-l  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to gjvosut;-  faction. A      .   no6  the quan  BUTTER  ^t^l^^Zx^[<-^ imxQT raU������ in Cariboo  than he now. does, he can and will do thy same.  ���������    p ju28 3w  Miners9 Boarding House.  THE   UNDERSIGNED  DESIRCS  TO  ANJvbuN'CF  ofSnVtom ^?hbiISb.mpn^tfnd solicits'^ continuance  oi custom.   The pnee of Board will remain as before,  BOARD, $12 per Week.   Single Meals, $1.  Riri-nrt^  t i   n, ��������� SAMUEL WALKER,"  ���������barkcrvilf o, July 27,1869.  F.   NEUFELDER,  STORAGE  AND   COMMISSION,  * . ������������������-" Richfield, B.C.  .   ^r Prod ace from the agricultural districts received  and inoney ad van ced oh consign ments.        jy2i 2m  blacksmithingT"  KcFTNTEE wishes to inform his friends and the  p ublic th at h e is p rojn red to do H n rs BP HOEING at $3 per set, and all other kinds of Blacksmith  work nt reasonable rates  R1CHPIELD, July 23, 18G9. .     jy24 tf  ju2S tf  8.  CELEBRATED GLB IRISH Will  my26  EE  At DkNOUVION & KURTZ.  DUN  (Oi  Under the Kanagomoiu of MBS ALLAN.  tJvcHerf"1 fe W* ������^n ^'^ho accommodation of  ^WiSS-."?^ the l1csfc  feundatthcBar     q li(^lguw  vail ������*m.y������ tte  ��������� : '���������        . ,1y24 lm  CAMERON    &    AMMES,  FARRIERS &.GENERAL BLACKSMITHS,  Bakkkrvitxe,.  RAVE purchased the stand formerly occupied bv A  C. C-impbcil and will execute orders for HoW  theZvcStrafelf k W������rk 0T CVtTy dc*���������plion at  Sheet and Cast Iron Stoves  A:  LL.IOBBING   WORK  IN TINT,  COPPER,^-  Iron, Zinc and Lead Piping, attended to wm v.  promptness,  and  warranted  to give enliro satis  faction; .;     .-..'.    .'.,,������������������  Hardware/ Iron & Steel,,  or  ETC,  jy24 2jn  A Perfect  Cure.  ASSAY   OFFICE  Barker "ill? ' JuU oU,J ,n Kane's Ww-building,  CHARGKS:  For As^nys of Gold Bullion \< (ono-halfl on ������������������,  Deposits under $800 wil  beSS^dl?cr cent������  .."   Assays of Mineral Ores, $10 S     $  Barkerville, June^ilSf11000^ GhV^^.  WANTED,  A Gold Mining Claim,  Paying more than wages.  Apply at the office of lids paper, or to  ROBEKT ROLLOWAY, Carpenter,  FOR SALE., rtf,  E. PEARSON & BROS.,  BurkervdSP  C.   M.   BEAK.        |  Desires to Inform the inhabitants of Barker- ���������  ville,   Richfield   and  vicinity  that ht ������"  M  btiildingf  wiir sellTutcVer:9 meat of tbo  shop   in Knott's  now  JulO lm  Wch field.  opened a  where he  choicest description, at  From 10 to 15 cts. per IK  and he trusts to receive a share of busing  and to  "live and munr  Barkfrville, June 23, 1809.^������������������  PAINLESS  TOOTH   EXTRACTION.  iU. CHlPP IS PREPARE" TO EXTRACT WK^  s  my26  At DeNQU VIDE & KURTZ.  'tortious yjj-sjjEK  and perform short  tlie aid of tbe apparatus u   of London.. Th is valuable discovery V��������� :."KJCossaTy  Bibility in the part alone, and rendu* "������  thf> m dm in Is tration of chloroform. Ttirkcrvi,,e'  Boot store. p^rAr.,  tec"th extracted, or  OFFICE���������N\*xt to Ronnie's  Offlcfl Fee,  $5.  $5.  ore. *������"'.'*, -i.j  mS^SBWW "���������: -. WZZXtlw ^IpiyW  ���������l&y 5^*3-^^^  <���������   :\ ,:*������������������  roRp  'jnerethcrtu:  ITEE CARIBOO SENTMEL  ^ nVEDNESDAY, JULY ,28,1SG9.  Tlie  proime..  ipo;'w" "I-.;  RS;---'  nctil of  ^oi\  s removed lo;:-:  Hie Banker  stock of Gra;;^i  a bar, wlieri|?  ��������� cigars,;  to test their: *  j jnOlni:.  ie;;;-  ic still keeps  jore rhe: has'  MsoPREsa.;  y compotcBtl^  iQio's Bm>  "*w A  'ES!;  RCIf  o:or;'.-'''.::'-;;  TDVES  wzzl  r;-IB 0^-1  ���������of trad?.   -aB  Copper*!)'! -B  > give sati-y:;,:B|  I  Stoves  PER, S!i������t.=-;���������  ed to wiih   |������  Hire satis '���������������������  '   '      I  Steel,; I  er  ETC, I  1  kervillf.  f Barker- [  t h������ hM  builfc  at of tbo  $r lfc,  busing  ;iof.  T TEETS  j  t p tin. W  folia nW  jays In**  uiecossary  ;irkcrvH|������\  writ-b fi^=f  sO'l ll!a  m  ���������.. MINING INTELLIGENCE.   -  ' . ������������������-.:v    .   ;';;   WILLIAM CREEK. -. ��������� A      w  Tbe San Juan. cp. are piplug' away at,the  |right bank,,but tbey have hot quite enough  | -w ater fo r ��������� tbe . ground slu i ce. ; Th ey: made  /good wages ft'om the past week's work.. .The  [Bradley-Nicholson.-^  for the week.' -^ood^pay- continues to be;  fo'und in the ;Dow bie ; eo7s drive in th e hi 1 1,  and 33 oz.we>eJpbtained for the;: week;.-four  in en w o r king Jon e shift.- The En tor p rise c o.,  below the Sawmill, are /driving toward the  creek, and the Excelsior are doing the same.  A few colors were fo iind. i^  ���������Tho WI lso iftjo.go c ab ou t .240 oz; for ��������� the week,  and have commenced work in the lower part  of their claim. The, IHume co. during;the  week wet;e engaged;blasting and levelling 6,(1  the bed-rock to lay their flume-to tlie deep  f; ground lately-worked. Work goes on rapidly;  Tliey have taken out about $12,000 this  soflson.' Between the Finrae co> and the Six-  toed Fete there seems to be nothing doing.  The Six-toed 'Pete got 23 oz. last week.. The  Cornish; cb. are putting in a ditch to McQul-  lura Gulch. The California co. are not getting  much pay where thoy; are -now working. The  San^Francisco co. were piping during the  W<&k, and the; Black;Jack-Co;yare; getting  close to where. they expect to fin(J good. pay.  ���������i Bel o w the; cariyo n, the Little Dill er co.:��������� aril  i n wi th their tunnel; in th e: hi 11 a b o u t; 2 (15 fee t  aud cxpeo t so oh to; strike thecb a hh'el to fi n'd ���������  ���������������������������which 0 ve years of almost constan t .lab orh aye  been devottd. vLittle Piller^ls: confident -:oT  success*: The' Big filler;Cb; OhHhe^fl  got into solid grdun d,b utli ave; n ofc; wash ed  up yet.';; The' Barker=co:^wasned^up'208 oz.;  for, the week, and the Fpstev-Cam pbel 1, co.  made ab ou t wages. ���������; The Bat Ahead and' Ca -:  had ia ri co. 's di d y ery 1 i tt.l e du ri rig th e w c pk;  in the way of getting oiltgold^The ^Cariboo  en. washed up 13; pz;;f6r;the;week; arid the  Caledonia co. 75 oz; A company have got  tn work on the -.; old= Borealia>.gr-6und;.. The  New Moffatfrco. have 6btained fajr.prospects  and are , runninga; drive fprdriiinage.' :The.  1 rid e p������ nrl e n t co..: star ted w;ashIng - on M 0 n a ay,  aiid the Sehti ueI cb. ai;e.rpckihgiarid c tean i ng  out their diggings.;-.;-.';'. '���������:/%AAA,iy  ��������� ��������� ..���������* > stoutogloh. " . ..���������'������������������ ������  The TafTvale ;��������� co>y waabed up; So oz. for the  week and lhe Coombs cp/152. ok.; The Much������  Oro co. made over expenses and lhe Jenkins  oo. fe 11 sh or t of; expo n ses for the week. The  y!pyd co. washed up^ 57 oz; tor tiie week.  '���������"cokklin GULcrr.   ;*"'-  -. ,.  Tlie White Pine cp. washed up,M oz. for  tSta week and the Felix cb..67 oz. A very  pood prospect has been obtained in the JIc-  Dowell co.'s ground; ;A;cbmpany is about  to commence svoik above the White Pine co.'s  ���������claim* The. Indian Queen co. scarcely.made  ���������expenses for the week.  ���������������������������'."''   LOWliEE';CREEK.      A'p;j//:'  The Black Bull co/s tun nel Ii as b een.run  'to bed-rock and nothing found thereon. The  Victoria' tunnel is being driven ahead past  where the prospect had been found, the paying strata not beingin the Victoria ground.  Very little work had been done during the  ���������week, the water having become scarce.;.  0ROUSE CREEK.:      .;  Last ..week a small company commenced  groundrsluicing above the Idaho co.^s claim  and inform us tbey are making about an  ounce a day io the hand. Theldaho co. had  not bottomed, The Rocky Point co. were  short of water, and had oh.ly cleaned \ip a  few ounces during the week. The hydraulic  companies bad done very little work.v After  the sn o w h as d isap p eared f reap cut rain s are  required to keep all the; companies at work  on this creek, which is soon drained, though  claims in tlie bed of the creek can manage to  keep going. The Discovery co.. had run a  ���������drain close to the shaft lately sunk and will  tap it this week. The Ada.it' colore sluicing  the right bank at the upper cud of tho Flume  co/s ground/ Nearly all the companies are  getting some gold, but only a few euougli to  pay, owing to the waut of water.  .    M'CUTXUM GULCFT.  A^ small company started work on tliis  gulch on Monday. Several Chinamen have  been working there for some time.  ANTLER CREHK.  A good stream of water keeps running in  this creek at all times, and about a hundred  nien are kept at work in the various claims.  Nearly all have been getting some gold during the season, bu fc few h ave ��������� ob tai ned a ny  large quantities. A.considerable expanse of  ground on this creek has yet to be prospected, only surface prospecting seemingly  Laving been done. At Sawmill Flat two  co ra p anies ar e work i n g, b 111 w i th in d i (fe ron fc  ^access no far, they not having yet got their  digg i ngs j n lo prop er sh ap e. . Bo low- th eni th e  Langen co. (A. Porter & co.);are bringing up  a tail race through old ground to get at the  new ground above, and are making $7 and  $8 a day to the hand. 'Patterson & co. have  been   p rosp ec ting  on   the   old    Discovery  groundi but with slim results as yet, getting  Only  about, $2   a: day- washing; top-dirt.  S m ith & co. are working w ith ���������'a flume; in }ihe  b ed ��������� of the creek ort some new v ground ������������������ and  making fro ra; S8 ;to . $ 12 Aa \ day.   Harkins &  co. (������) are working in old ground in the bed  of the creek, arid occasionally take out 40 oz.  a weeky:..Johnston ffc co.;:are also working.in  th e bed o f the; creek Ayr i th a ti u me, b n t h ave  not yet got properly opened up.   McBride &  co.,  who. -.have  been   gi-ound-sluicing   and  bringing up a drain, are beginning to take  out a little.   The Old Lead -co., after doing ra  great deal of preparatory work, are going  in to the; d eep. gro ri n d "rl, wh1 ch is t h o ugnir io n������t3  gr,od;but so;far have .found but .little pay.  A Portuguese co.. working in the old Hazle-  ton ground, arc stripping piT the top-dirt and  making small wages.   John James, ore vicing  by himself, had picked tip  a uiigget worth  oyer S10 0.   Kb c ke r li j It ���������& co. have not yet  gpfc\ dowu in. tho old Sage Mil 1 er ground, in  which they are sinki hg. ���������; Th ore.: is so ino ne w  gro un d i n th ia claim, co vered ;wi th tai 1 in gs 7.  or bight feet:deep.   SomefsiWeoi have been  fluming. tho  creek, fixing up a pump and  wheel, ��������� etc.,;,and think . they have a;good  claim.   In early days oyer $8,000 were taken  out of their claim,; and tbeire is; some of .the;,  good grou n d 1 ef i y e t.   Wi th ro w & c o. are  sinking ;;ahd ; putting A up a w.lieel and, pump  and getfing alotig wel 1'wi tli. their:"work, ;.but.  were lately .troubled with the; freshet, vAfe  kihson & co. areworkingion a ;sag;ninnlng;  tli r ou gh a b en ch, and are m aki ng fai r wages.  A Chinese co., on the old Bulger Plat, are  said to be doing welI.   Martin & co!. area  c o m p a n y; cp ni p osed ^o f mi u ers; wh ol; 6 b tairie d;  a p rosp e c t ��������� i nAt h ei r.' cl ai i ii i n 1S GI of SI to th 6  pan^ knd. the ground (to which   they  have  lately re turned) lias, never been worked since  thai time; ^Tiiey; are bringing up a. drain of  10 00 feet an '&lmn k i hg fo r th e b ed - ro ck i n; the  deep; grou nd.;' T h e; p r esc n t company w as o r-  ganized; to.  give ���������':"; the   gro n u d  a fair trial.  The re   are  .15 v i n teres! s  in   th o   company.  AboutTpur miles below this last claim,  tbe  Middlesex Co. are "making for deep ground.  On"      y '"\.,s-. -.: v;r .-������������������   ���������    .  W0I.F CREEK   ' ;' (  A few sm all compani������s are w ork i ng, and arc  said to be doing well ivhenlvateris plentrfut;  On  ��������� CAUFORKrA CHEEK  Water-is also scarce. and;very little wprk;is  being done. The. diggings on this creek are,  however, favorably spoken of: '     ���������  Just Recetveo.���������O. McOal lum wishes :to  anhouiiee that he has jiisfc' received a large  assnnment of ready-made Clothing, which  w i i 1 b e so 1 d f o r etisk. at cue a pe ft" bates th a n  have ever been known, in Barkerville.  Thankful for, past favors, and respectfully  soliciting a continuance of custom, Mr. McC.  w o ul d i n ti m ate thI at: an ��������� i nsp e ct io n of these  goods and enquiry as to"the price will convince all as to their unprecedented cheapness. Al I p ar ti es .. wi s h i ng to h ave - the? r  cloihing made by A. Gilmore, Victoria, may,  have their measure taken by C. McCalluirL so  as to. ensure a good. lit. ;:: * ,'  Weix DoxE.^-By the last express the  librarian of the Cariboo: Literary .Institute:  reel ved a co m municatio n from the Hon. A.  T.Bushby, stating thatvMi-s. Seymour; .had  caused a col 1 ec tio n o f b pp ks to b e p laced in  Barnard V Express, to be forwarded here for  the use of the Institute/and that Mr. Barnard  had kindly consented: to forward the same  (roe of charge.  : Improved.���������The trail to Grouse creek has  been repaired and animals can pass over it  easily. The road to Antler and other creeks  is by this improvement made smooth and  easy, although perhaps it i3 a little longer  thtm the other I rails. It is much the easiest  way to Antler, and better time, in consccme-  quence, can bo made.  Express.���������Barnard ?s ��������� express,,��������� from Victoria, arrived early on Saturday morning and  left on Monday morning. Messrs. S. Young,  J. Donnelly and J. Hub arrived from Quesnelmouth, and Mr. Ross (II. B. Co.) from  Boyd &��������� Heath's. Mr. Barnard arrived irom  Vale and left on Monday.  Theatrical, ��������� The Araateu rs annomice  that they will perform on Saturday night  ������������������ The Rough Diamond7? and " Done Brown/5  two very amusing pieces. One ot the Amateurs, who has a handle to his name, will  make his last appearance on this occasion.  Fon Farming Purposks.���������On Maloney's  Fiat, at the head of Grouse creek, is a no lice  slating that James Pulen had on the IGth  inst <4takcn up" the flat for farming purposes.  Supuemr Court.���������Chief Justice Begbie will  sit in the .Supreme Court, at Richfield, on the  2d prox.  ' Tnis^Ga������SE LaboivQukstion.���������The Anti-  Coolie Association, of California, have published a statement which discloses some ugly  facts, lit commences with comments on the  greatevils to which slavery had given rise in  whatever-conn try i t was a re cbgn ised i n sti tu -  -.tioo, and^charges the capitalists of California  with encouraging slavery under the plausible  pretext of Chinese immigration. ��������� The Chinese  who are brought into - California are the  slaves of [the powerful companies : by whom  they ar'ev imported. They no iv number 110,-  00,0, arid) of that number 100,000 are,: slaves,  and are routed out by the' companies in  gangs of from 50;to 5.000. their wages being  paid to the agent of the company, who are responsible for the performance of their labor  and for/the return lof the slaves, .dead or  alive, to the Celestial Empire. About 18,000  to 20,000 boys and girls pf white parentage  me-"uo-W- in' Sin Pranciscoi tbo majority *fof  whom are brought iip in idlenels, as thei^o is  no. opporfcuni ty for them to learn trades. Al J  the ; inferior ; work in :the mills; factoriea;  stdres, workshops, etc.,. that is elsewhere  done by apprentides, is done in Sau Francisco by Chinese. While. Chinese^ labor is  thus becoming generally used, in consequence of ite cheapness, the: anti-coolies say  th a fc I a. co rrespo n d ing red u cti on. ia the p rice  of manufactured articles lias not been made.  The :pace of a blanket, a cigar, ;or: any other  ar ti cl e.: of home m an u f acture, h as, no t b ee n  cheapened one single cent to the cpnsumeiv  b u t. th e,; i ncreased,.: pro fit al 1 goes to the era-  pIoyer. !For twelye o mohtlis an ���������:epidemic  which has baffled the skill ,of medical men  and; sanitary regulations has prevailed in San  Francisco, and the:a mall?pox- or. b lack pi ague  is;^ ^generally attributed^ to.; the .���������Chinese.;  Do ub tless .these, s tatements verge b ey bnd ihe.  limits of accaracy> but there is no doubt that-  the presenceiof a-' large 'body of Chinamen  must ;b6:;Accompanied with a multitude of  evils. The welfare of a country depends  more upon the well-being of the people generally than upon the accumulation of riches  .in.the.harids of the few, and the c������uestion of  race throughout California is becoming one  of great importance."��������� '*-..-.-  A CiiArN of Lakivs.-tMi" Green, who has  been wintering at Bear Lake, and who is  now in Barkerville, brings some information  ab p u t th e cou n try between Cari b o o an d Te te  Jau nevQach e which, we belie v e is qui te. new;  Hi states that at ab o lit three m iles, irom Bear  Like?fchere is anoLher lake^;arid.th.at;.at a dis::  tan^eSof Jalf[alrn7e or^o^froWt^^t^rlake  there is another' large lake about;60 .. miles  lozig:and very deep; ;The^cliniate iriihis^lake  country.-is much milder during? the winter,  than in Caribooi; The; altitude is much lo wer  arid''the: influence "pf: those'large; bodies of  wa t e r lias, of. eo ii rs'e, a mo 11 ify i n g effec t, ah d  the depth of snow last, winter did;not exceed  twel ve: inches. ��������� ;The - large Jake isreported  by Indians to be only about 15 miles from  Tetc Jaune Cache, arid about an equal dis-  - tan ce fro in the Fraser ri ver.. From Co tton-  wood house, on the" wag'on road> to the head  of this lake the country.can be travelled over  val 1 ey s. lying much lo wer th an , Wil lianis  Creek, and & wagon road could be easily run  through theih. This information is somewhat  at vanarice with the statement of the Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works, to the  effect that the; country between Barkerville  arid Tete Jaune Cache is a sea of mountains,  and- therefore nbt adapted for the route, of an  overland road.      ' .  :\  The QuscsNEL River Calamity.���������No information of a definite character has been received since Friday last from the scene of  the great forest fire along Quesnel .river.  Kwong Lee's employees say that in;two or  three days they will learn whether any more  Chinamen have been burned or Dot. It has  been reported freely that about fifty Chinamen have suffered fatally in the fire ; but  this statemeut, we are inclined to believe,  rests only on the supposititious calculation  ���������that about that number of celestials might be  included in. the calamity, owing to the fact  that about 150.men were at work in the  country traversed by the fire. What was  only a supposition has in the course of current rumor come, to be regarded as a fact.  We are glad to say that there seems to be no  foundation, so far, for such transformation.  On Sunday wo met Coroner Lee and Mr.  Fitzgerald, on Antler creek, on their way to  the burned country ; but as they will not return until Saturday next, we will prpbablv  rem airi ��������� w i th out any accurate in f o r m atio n un-  t i I then, as th e Ch in arae n are too much e x-  cited over the occurence to state matters  correctly, and mix up facts with stones of  fire-angels dressed in red coats.  Changed Hands���������Parker's Miners7 Board-  iri������' House, opposite the Skxtlnkl office, has  been purchased by Samuel Walker, who has  made himself popular on Mosquito Creek as  a boarding house keeper, and who together  with Mrs Walker will no doubt secure a large  custom in their new establishment, which is  being increased in size by the building of a  large dini "    ' "  Quartz Mill Movement.���������At length something tangib 1 e is abotit to; be do n'e to wards  inaugurating that much-talked-of epoch, "the  quartz  era,"  in  British Coliiiubia; v; A few.  active-minded- individuals in Barkerville are  contemplating a plan by Which, if car;rieu  out, ample facilities for Resting quartz ledges  will be*afforded.   They propose to procuro  machinery  and   stamps,   to  bo driven .bv  Messrs. Meacham- & Nason^s mill.-:; No- de-  cisio n has yet; b een ���������, come to .as to the ways  and means,, by which th ey. in tend, to ��������� carry out  this idea, but we understand that; a compariy  is contemplated, and- that the public; will be  asked to take stock or subscribe a small sum  for the purpose.   We hope,they will persevere and eucceedi and if the: shares1 are put  at a low Bgure, nearly everybbdy, we ' are  convinced.  will   take  one  or 'more.?A One  quartz mill in Cariboo would sbori lead to  tu������ introducttoU of manyTmUl8/ anil iiew ��������� life  and activity.;'^'; '.;.-..:������-' v ':<A rV':'    ,.;: .   ;'';''; - ;  Prospect^���������The, prospects recently obtained in the McDowell co^s claim on tbo  right bauk of Conklin gulch are generally^^ regarded as settling the question as <;o whether  a continuous channel underlies the hill/and  much speculative conversation is indulged Am  as to whether the channel.goes do'wri French  creek or Coriklin gulcti.;: French creek seem^^  to have; the preference. The con tinned suct  cess of the White. Pine and Felix companiesi  has given .Cpnklin gulch a much higher reputation among miners than; it has had for a  considerable 'time',^^arid a great deal bfv pros^  pecting;.will be;' the ,result.-It is -reported  that a; good -prospect has'been"obtained,Jin  the B lack Bui 1 co, 's tunnel si nee it; li as ; beea  run to bedHrock:on Lowhee ureek. - We hiive  not.heard.the particulars.A.Theindetatigable  perseverance of: thei :;Blac������fBun;c6Vis;most  commendable and^certairily deserves success.  Tb:b 3ESTi;CbFi?^E.^fIa ;order^tb;vobtain a  first-class coffee, iiiis? necessary^;to;secureilfoe  very best berries, and to roast them according to the most approved method. This, is  done by Wilson & Rickmax, Fort Street  Victoria,, who-a re' prepared- to furnish,-for  cash, Coffee that never fails to elicit the ap  probation of those who use it  ... *  Certain���������Py .O'Hare says he is quite certain that.the milk he sells is fresh aud pure.  He does not make any butter, and sells' the  milk in its natural stale. Paddy's statements  can be truthfully! corroborated by his numerous ustbiners;        ,,; '       i ���������  ^^.vCona'E.-^Tlxord^'war������i.\. uo _cases . hefore the  Court jyesterdayy but; the excitement .abput  the new diggings on Conkjin; gulch is likely  tofurnish'a few titapparly'dsiyl^AypPA-. f *  DoNATiON.-r-The; Rev; Mr. Derrick has--presented the Cariboo.: Literary Institute5with  four useful volumes"of the^^ worksi:pf drst-cjass  authors'.1"'.-.-"'-.-,. ��������� A-Al y/y/l/y/'A-AA:.  . Another. Building;���������Messrs.^Meachani^ &  Nason "are getting the grbund prepared for a  building Opposite Tick's bakery'./pA/AAA^/..  Goods.���������Pearson Bros. h ave receh tly ; re -  ceived a large supply of. goods.   ' .;  Caughill's two. ox:teams came in oh-Sun-  day and left again on Monday.  THE MEADOWS AND WILLIAMS CREEK.  y  f-room on the lower side.  Editor Sentinel :^A great deal has been  said about the Meadows, the miners, and the  parties who propose to obtain a grant "of five  or six miles of mining ground to^ the exclu-  sion of free miners. ��������� I have no objection;; for  one,��������� to allow a company: to take up ar large  slice of the Meadows, but-1 should not like  to see a company; get five of six miles of  mining ground while there is a possibility of  working a large portion of it to advantage.  That it could be worked to advantage, aud .  worked by miners, too, I have no doubt. I  have for several weeks been working the  surface ground of William Creek, arid I find  that it will pay on an average, almost anywhere, about $2 50 per day to the hand. It  is often said, and 1'believe the statement,  that, there is yet as much gold in William  Creek aa there baa evor been taken out of it  With the necessary facilities for working, I  believe that two hundred men could find  profitable employment where not a dozen  are now working. What are these facilities,  and how would such a number of men find  employment?. By the construction of a flume  commencing at Willow river and running up  William Creek. The Meadows may be rich,  or they may not. There is no certainty about  that. It is certain, however, that William  Creek is yet rich in gold, and quite enough  so to make a flume a very profitable piece of  property. It would he the means of bringing  all the idle.grouud into use, and a large number of men would be enabled to work. If  miners, as is said, cannot, for want of means,^ r  undertake to work the deep ground of thr*'^;*  Meadows, it seem3 to me that thev ought to /?���������  be able to work the surface op William creek,f -'  which is now affording employment only to :.  a dozen or so of men. I am satisSedj .from  my own experience in rocking, that no better  enterprise can he undertaken., . .  Rocser.  '���������:     'V.\  KAe  LTO.-������iy.t.  , \  Ss-^iSyui^f^s, t.<������.-:������+.< t ���������   .���������;������������������.   t  ^:"  hjjuum^  Behold yon sombre, tbreafening cloud  Enwraps the earth within a shroiid ;  Its blackened hue gets hiacker still,.  It ciothes the yale and crowns the. MIL :  The bold, the reckless and the weak;.  To shiin its wrath for shelter seek; "  The King of Day, so grand to see,    >  Isi robbed by it; of majesty ;;  His brilliant face sends forth no ray-^  The cloak of nijght envelopes day!   ;v  All nature's hushed and 6ilence reigns-���������  Disturb the!stillness, nothing deigns 1  ;  Thei solemn stillness of the tomb  ���������:',- Appears to reign within the gloom ;  Like one that's doomed, awaiting' death*   t  A Sashfrom Vulcaii's anvirfiles 'vv AAA/  And luminates the dismal skies,  A signal that the elements ~  Their Jfrigh(fttl contest now commence,  Th* hills and valleys all around  With heaven'sartilleryJs roar resound.  .021 mother earth's foundation shakes  With; fear each time the thunder breaks.  Flash after flash the darkness rends!  Pea! after peal the thunder sends I.-.  Bach vivid Sasn in rapid flight  Proclaims how deep the shades of night ;  Bach peal with its unearthly boom  Reveals the stillness of the gloom.  From sortia tp sou-h, from east to west, '���������  .The raging elements contest,  While tears of pearl (each pearl a prize)  Are falling from the weeping skies.  These precious tears, like soothing balm,  The tempests furious anger calm,  Faiat grows the J^gfctaing's brilliant (ksh,  And weaker still the thunder's crash;  The clouds disperse, their weeping cease,  ' T&sy're btsrcie away upon the.breeze.  The stona;is ������'er���������it's strength is spent���������  In peace repose each element,  pid Scl onee more regains his sway,  The birds' renew ifceir roundelay;  '^h������ Swollen ter^eia4v^wg^Jln^,"l<;ap3   . Fr^ia.erag to crag, down rugged steeps,  And, wrapped wiUiln its snowy spray,  -It ���������dances ia.the golden ray.  Fair Nature^ countenance'appears  ���������    ���������  Xl&e maiden bezuty bathed In tears;  Eaeh siesder.blade,each tauiv'riaglea?,  V?ffiiksJhreT ih������- tears of recent grief;/  Butsket a.thlagii'ooks gladder than  The j-oyful; ple&sant fas'e of mats.  ���������j.y\   ���������.��������� Tal.oEepios;  AA. SioatQalch, ^U^&9.^e������my.:;lyyy:  smaller boring may be su9pendea a metal  receptacle, into which the debris falls,;and  which is withdrawn when full, or Wraetal  cylinder, with,valves at bottom, opehirig'^in-  wards, receives the debris and raises it, by  working, down and up. A-AivA.  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  BAILEY'S Hotel, Langloy Street, 'Victoria, is still  open ibr the accommodation of travellers, and  the Table and Beds are kept in the usual satisfactory  style.'.; p. :'   '. .t-.*.,- ^<A':a ;$ai.';.���������'  STEAMERS^ EXPRESS, FORWARDING, ic.  THIS steamer Is now making regular trips between  Soda Creek and; Quesnelmouth, connecting with  Barnard's Express,.; ; .  4JG5* The steamer is hot responsible for leakage of J  Oils, or other liquids shipped in tins. |  :..:;,^vfrige,"'' 'Ay  TAILOR,: government street^ victoria. -  Orders from .up-country punctually attended to;  :  A: Jt^m lABB������&i, a/0  Importcrs  and  Commiss ion ^Merclinnts, **Insurance  ���������'  Agents'^ etc;,  ���������������������������..  ���������y:p-'.A'-'A;l A':y.  Wharf Street,:    ;'.\-. .- A. ,-..���������'."/:���������,    'Victoria,' y-J I,  I)km^lBoii?s ^Bridge ��������� (^ies-  f A / A /AZpj&M/^iY^i/AAA  TlTR. CHARLES I)AN7ELS0N desires : to Inform  M. Traders^ Packers, Travellers and others that the  Road from Dog Prairie to the 16-lIilo Post beyond  Quesnel mouth is; now open and in good condition for  Pack Trains and Stock, and that there is, abundance  of good feed- throughout. There is a house of entertainment at the bridge. ;  :> jel2  EXPRISS^NpXrCE.  ON THE FIRST DAY OF JUNE AND ON THE FIBST  and I5th day of each month thereafter  Barnard's  Express  Will despatch  A FAST FREIGHT TEAM FROM YALE,  Making the trip to BarkerviUc in about 14" days.    : ..  Until further notice,,  RATES  OF   FREIGHT    .  By these teams, on all parcels of 50 lbs. and upwards  will bo  25 Cents -per lb.,  exclusive of Road Tolls.  Aw ft.lRQBRR$$y.?Ay&\  Tailor, (Successor toE. Read,) 'Governnient  " ���������;        Street. "Victoria.      ,'.        A Z2  Orders attended to with; care and despatch;- 'AAy  ..' [A- -T.  SHOTBOLT,  "AW:  Dispensing Chemist: and Druggist.    Importer of Eng.;  Hsu Drugs, Chemicals, Pa ten t Med icinos and '>.  Perfumery, ..Victoria, V. I.  .  Orders from the up-country punctually attended to  May 1, 1860. " ' w   6m  ^Ptoria Am^Sri^;  A ";A.:(HLMGRE  ERG HAN T   TAIL An  Ay:iiyy^mj^y\\0^  WGS, which he is prcS" &������������������������  most approved atyien.. l<"������.ae tp.enic. [pi  .;. All orders from Cariboomnm^.i. '���������.&������������������'-'.;.    ���������-"��������� .  ,/, FELL;  &   FIN^vioi^  Port street, yictori|^.i..  D.  SP  CER,  Fancy. Foreign  Importer of Books, Stationary,  and  Manufactures,  FORT STREET. VICTORIA, B.-C.  Mayl. 1869.  Henry Nathan, Jr., & Go.,  .   Importers and General Commission Merchants.  A largo assortment ol Dry Goods. Liquors, and Gro-  cerieK constantly on baud.  Wharf Street,        ... Victoria. V. 1.  Muy 1, iSC9. 3m  Parties shipping by these, teams must order goods  to  fee marked   ** Per Baraard-s Express, SLO\v"n���������  oi'ivct^nso they. wtU fee sent .t>y reguljwHBiipress and  c-uaxged a;cc<>rd3ag]y.  Shlppers.may  depend on  the regularity'of these:  teams, Tor whether'-svith full freight or not'they will  come through. -  May 14, 1S63. . , F. J. BAP>NARD.  Important   to   Traders ! !  ALL   FRETGHT   CONSIGNED. TO" J.   C.   BEEDY,  . .Yale, B. O.^ will be forwarded to any part -of  j the Colony, oa the most reasonable terms; free of com -  ������mission^     ApA.-   ��������� :AGfBNTS:^. ���������'���������;".>:  ' Milard & Keedy,    \   ��������������������������� iDeaaouvlon h Kurtz,  t Victoria.   .,   f        ���������    Barkervme":  j Barkerville, April 17th, 1865.  DUCK   &   SANDOVER,  '"- Wagon and Carriage Makers,  Blacksmiths, etc., Government St., Victoria; between  Johnson and Curmorant Streets, west side.  Orders from the upp:r country solicited and attended  to with dispatch.  May 1,18"39. -  6m  Pacific   Telegraph   Hotel,  j QTORE Street, between Herald  and   Fistfarri, Victo-  lO   ria.    Ifealsatall hour>.    Board and Lodging per  week, 55 50 @ $d 60 .    Ter day, $1.    Single meals,  37 1-2conts.    Beds, 50 cent?.  ANDREW  May 1, I860.  AST RICO,  Proprietor,  tlm  .Dispensing Chemist and Druggist." Importer oLEc^  lisb Druys, Chemicals, Pulent Medicine?, m&pA  Perl urn cry. New West rid aster,' n.CAiAyAy  FRE?H GARDEN SEEDS CONSTANTLY ON IIAXD. 11  Orders from op-country carefully attended to. ,  May 1, 1669.     ; ; .���������;/���������';   ;;V ...     ��������� : - ;gm^  THOMAS WA15H, Tailor, Ke.w Westmiuster, B.C, ���������?  Clothing made to order ntjnoderatft.rattf. Al- "\  ways on haml, English and Oregon Cloth.?.. Onktf J  from tho up^ountry attended: to. with care- nni-j;  dispatch. *' :���������' "AlmbAw  }  ���������J  . Alte&lK^ S&Al?T-S������srK&i&':.SW,  -; ��������� ates-���������Tte p^mpiplem.vohr-eS. lia tMs ������y^tem5 J  ' ,r filaaft paJ^e'C^meee' piaSa <6f fiaiklng ajtssiaii.  ���������\;;weUe^- tjiai^ as. to-say, 2, tao\ mPpen<kepi &t tfe;  :'- ��������� 'pz& ote, "Dspe Is -V raised --op,' fearaeS^. a.; Utile  ���������  fb%o4, o^A^lQ^m^. ia Scop,   fa' aaotor  '.-.;. :ipfp&. tSs^ .s^TO'prlii'Ciple is. carrl������3. out in fhe,  ���������:prfectfe ofpphnvn:t,nmpingV be\es for, bitast-  ;"':&������? 'SwS^fcei Is ceriam ^laarn-es*- Th������ apgll-  eatz^B-ot ������bis jjrlhb^Ie to li������fe ���������������-$%. ot $ f\  ';'���������:'rdlaaasisr,��������� lipwevery -reqxiireil a total change  p mesMsAot rjfaagram^ glras tike details of tliis  meikud.   It eo&tpTises a system of cast-iron ^  ti������ ; t'4%Sii%- and ifee roclc " Nearly all the  ppztt������em Aoze perrormed from, tlie eurfaee,  A small ceo to!l ^orLsg &s Sirst made with a  *maH tool b&miig"& number of eMsels all  along'itsua&ecsarlaasi.   After tills the bor-  itig is enlarged hy means of larger and heavier tools having a number of chisels at e&ch  end, &n& a projectlos fa the mH41e, which  passes iat<������ the ceitra!   fooria^ previously,  termed %$ the smaHer tno% aail wMcb serves]  * as a gtKsde.   The bori&g with ^e tools of the  sesaUer dtat33������ter is always kept so much in  ���������''if1���������---- :''..*-���������������������������������������������-"'  L^GAL NOTICES^  IN THE STTPUBM13 COURT 01? THE MAIN-  liiND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  foa ihe matter or tlie Estate and EfTects of WILLIAM  :-...-���������-���������'-'���������'���������   W12?NTAR1>, deceas ed, rn testa te.  ALLjpefsoas who aie mdehfced^ to the" above estate j  areTequlred to pay the amounts due forthTdtft, j  aaad all persoass who have any claims against the  ���������a'hbvo estate are required to send ia their accounts on  or before the 11th day of Seplemher, JS09. to  CHAS. E. POOLEY,;  OlTlclal Administrator.  Dated Eic^field, 11th June, 1869. jcl6 td  E. WATSON,  rATOIlirAKER, JEWELLER AND EN-  gravcr, 0overnment street, noxfc 10 the  <^������^������ Si-. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. I. Chronometers and "Watches cleaned, r'-p.ttred, and warranted.  Every.description ofjewfih^ry made to order. '1^*0.  and Ornamental Engraving neatly executed.  ��������� Mayl, lSGO. * v 6m ���������  &. G. GEROW,  CARRIAGE   AHD    'WAGON    BUILDEK.  Corner Government and Pandora Streets,  East side. %rictoria. V. L,       .  Execu tes orders for every deseri p ti on . o f vchl cl e.    A  general assortment or Wagons.always on hand,  ifay 1,18S9. Cueap fo* CAsn. 6m  ��������� OF  BRITISH columbE  [Incorporated by Royal Charter, 2-862],  CAPITAli,: i-  ^ - :-.'>��������� - - $2>500,00a..  With power to increase. .  4-.   GASAMAYOTJ, "p  ���������Wholesale Healer in���������  C3roeeries,   Provisions���������'.  Havana Cigars, and French Preserves.  YattsSlreQt,--.--:-^..: .      i      Victoria, V. f., B. C.  IN  IN  THE   SUPREME   COURT   OF : TfTP  MAINLAND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  U ^^tkjfftc ^tate and^OccLs of MICHAEL  ^Ait.N EY, deceased, intestate.:  )S.   WILSON & CO.,  Importers of English llerchandisc,  BE TAIL.  W HO I,E SALE   AND  CHAS. E. VfiOLEV  Dated -RlchUM, ^th June, iSS?* Ato^5^.  Dissolution of Copartner-  sliip.  ffHE-Copartnership herotofnTO cxisti  Dealers in Dry Goods, etc. ; all kind? of Dress Materials, White and Printed Cottons, Linen and  C^tou Cinghains,   Bl-mkets, Quilts,  and a general assortment of .  Stable, uoods.  An invoice of good style three-ply and Tapestry Car  p a ts ju s t roce j tv? i f. ��������� ���������  M isoni c Bu i I fling V Government Street, Victoria, B. C  June 1, 1869.  2m  & ���������0.  X Harper will receive or liquidate all debts and do-  mandsof Ktuper&Tormey.  BarkervilK B.C, June 25th/iS69.  JEROtfR JIARPRR.  RDWARDTOKMBy;  Je2fi  L OK DO IT   HOUSE.  ���������0TEPvNM P^NT STRE ET, *1CTO RIA.  WHOLESAL E  A NX)  RETAIL  J. H. TURNER & CO.,  ��������� "jHfortbx.s oy ���������  English  and French Silks, Shawls, Dresses  Underdo thing, Gloves, and every  descrirjfcion of Drapery Goods.  anama  Draffe issued on the Bank's branches  . yA.NCOUVER   ISLAND-VICTORIA.  In the United States :  CALIFORNIA,   .-' .--. SAN FRANCISCO.  OREGON, .    -      ---.���������-. PORTLAND.  NEW YORK,     - Messrs- Bell & Guxprt,  Agents for the Bank of Montreal.:  ON CANADA���������The Bank of Montreal.   _  ON SCOTLAND���������The British Linea Com-  pany's Bank,;.  ON IRELANO���������The Bank of Ireland.   -  ON: MEXICO akd SOUTH AMBRICA-Tlie  .:   London Bank  of Mexxcp and pfsmto  '"���������' America.; ���������'..-  ON ENGLAND���������Tbe Bank' of British Coin*  bia^-Head Omc���������������Eas|; India Avenue,  Leaden hall street  GOLD BUST illiiES PURCHASED  Received on Deposit, or Advances made on tlicra.  TELEGRAPHiaTRANSFBRS  Granted on Victoria, San  Francisco, Portland, and  . New Vork. ������������������...'' .a  Every descHption of Banking Business transact  CHARLES S'. JONES, AgeaL  William Croek^ Cariboo,  To larger consumers they ofler flveiVfeiS,?^^^.^  prices  ndionalUy;?:���������;*:       .���������   ryr^cllttyasregHta;.]  >"������������������'' !���������"���������"?������������������'���������':;';. "'mjm' "':f"/_ ���������  ; ������������������' yw A,  A/iAA A :��������� YALE:: XPVER^SEMENTyT1^^  Cofiee! Gofiee^! llSofifeeSiI  a A.    BARLOW desires to inform tli? ni>,.������u '*'  A. ��������� interior and upper cooMrrJtfcfffei"  now prepared to furnish a firsti2������X,J  roasted, prepared and put up lo.tlnsSdtairS^-  latest approved scientiflc. principle an^SS'  tc be superior to any other.  ' ''       I>W!t ^  Groceries, Dry^Goods/ Tinware  rif.tiuiwte.V-'  Front Street, Yale, British'ColumnbiaV^,)|  THIS house has excellent accoinmodatiou for Tri-  rr ���������VC*-������"-. #?Oi>������,U0ds������ superior ftireVaiid thV������"  of Liquors at the Bar.     Stabling for.���������anlmah" S-^  and Oats at the lowest rates. '        ���������������������������������������.,, wy  ���������;Mayl,l86������.    u     KILL!Y ;& LAXE,Proprietore:^  NEW WESTMINSTER ADVERTISEM^Ts!  ^M  HI  A������   McPherson,  A^n ���������  Gotfcygsog tools aar������ arranged oa an incline so  sp to produce a boring, connected to the  Walter; bon&g hy an inverted cane.   In. the f  counts against the [ato firm  Soda Creeif, June. 28th, lgga.  Witness���������Jsro^s Hazter.  ROnr. McLRKsf.  ESTABLISHED,'1858.  ROBEPcT   BURNABY,  JC-AKD AGENT, Etc.,  OOVERVXIKXT   STJIEWP,   VICTOKIA,  V\   T.  JEWELLERt  BARKERVILLE.  Barkerville, May 1,1869.  All  em i  C A  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  RHYMES  RIBOO  BV  JAMES  Kor sale nt th������ SEffxiKEi-Offlc������i  t>o.,-(, free of cbarg������.  ANZ>KUS0N*.  '.     'ONE'DOLLAR-  fi������&~*W~ i _���������= ���������_i w^ , _���������,.   . ^    .., _  ���������.-���������..i  .K^-mjii-������


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