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 - ; A-AJAA  -��������� ^:--*i>w>  . Z/  ., .^.::^'-  Inlllf:.'  ,        Wi  lyww  Vi  .  Bajterville, Wffiams Orfeeky B 22; 1865;  Ko; 8.  P  Yi^ria, Wly 6th, 1865.  SIR ^MBS\I)pUOl,AS^K?q������ hj������A  IIS' remember correctly I left off my for-*  *Mammunicatiociby informingyouof,,the  HH.of' Sir Jamea Bpu^las,. limd 'the:Colo-  ecretary, W.'A:!,G>:Young;:.: Sir: James;  pking uncommonly -well, halo and hearty,;  'everyone is pleased with;his return,   lie;  tmeitsely jiopulari perhaps on* account of  unpopularity of.Gov., Kennedy, and the  ^je suppose that' greai prosperity4s now  itb break upon Vancoityer; Islandv r By  ^process of reasoning: this opihioiTlias  arrived at is an;, enigma^ but ? neyertlie-  *" as had the effect of ^feyiviu^'confidence  Jfc uporithe^rAabitanfe  Jthe' Gbyernment is as niiftli fo^fcliiiS  jine people, as the,fprmejpff^e^i-!4n^^s  Hfepp^hing to excite^ahiL interest .itsmh-  ^ee^piut"carries ateejlf'iwjtfei ih,������' most mean,  r^Miious, and"abiect "atttferM : Sir James  Legislature, being composed partly of Vancouver Isiaiidpepple, would take:good care  so to legislate, as ��������� to encourage miners, instead  of now doing as iriiich as possible to keep or  rjrive them;out. It is very well to tax them,  but itiswrong that so large ja portion of their  taxes should: .be i spent;, at 1. New Westminster  upon .tfte streets,, whilst. New Westminster her-1  self $933 Inoi even uott pay. Municipal -taxes!  Vancouver Island is of; eyery. importance to  British Columbia* in that the former commands  tho'coast of and p  posing the two to remain separate and tpreign  to each other, or imagine for a moment Vancouver Island no: longer; to belong to the  British, what would,be the situation of British Columbia.?. It is as much on this account  as any -other: that Union ought to b e c pns urn-  mated* aad to have one friendly; and united  ^6pieA.//.//A/w'a:..: a ��������� ,. ��������� A/wT A,-;.,':,A-:iA  /.:/- ..'f;.v.THB;HOSTiLB^TARiPF.':';'.:v-:,v.-'..:..  : From ptlier sources tho news, comes "that  ber:Majesty?s,Government is: very likely to  be  Sing away, for iltimeatleast, with that . v    v ,    0(     . m- ,_.  Tr ......  -^gfcir^em^^  B^amitfpathy for much ot -truththcre may ber in this assertion jsucli measures seem a to {b<  it is^hard to,say; but:whether repealed or not  the jiierchants<of Vancouver; Island now>b^  lieve^thdfc it-cannot do them mucli Jiarm, but  Ibimse^ste^  ill  l|gg||g^^ caUed^upon  _^Sate ihafc he is) much {shocked with the  S^^^p%t appeardncc,pf%Ings ��������� in general, and  ���������* ''^fefflBS^? ^ow tne reason of the country hay-  "*     ^%^^^^8<jd ***L P'Halation, the application  ^|i|������madP' aa' well tol Vancouver Island as  l^pffibiumbiar'/��������� He is^said'to be unfavor-  ^^^^tho a^algamationfof JtheVc^loniesr hv^  P^f^klieypught to be so ^^jted that one;  %  w  fi.  It*  km  Mi:  m  %  :<V  m  ;a Aa  k Al  - &M  WQfl|fcuiued in- its purity:^n V^cpuverA feja^  '|||f������tmsiders;of the; most^ital Importance>tp  ^^ftlpplpnies,:an^ /^at IJnioa should :not be  |||||ped excepi upon that express eotidit&ri;  _.iHl^iiprse;the opinionpf such a;;man;is^nti-  ^^^R;very'great^ weight, but as he has--riot  '^^mj^^ed.:that opinion publicly he mav^ after  i^||fiM5?ager resiflence;arid^ after having been'  ;aupM||^with the information..^ the  |;^I|^P&iave 'suu^r^'durihg his' afe^ehce," al*  fef oiyatleast modify,his opinion, although it  AM}well?knpwn he^does ;npt..fprmTpne, hastily,  ���������^uii'.f'^Si^onit, when formed������:quickJy.,   lA,  ?^#|r as regarrls.Frete. Trado ther# cannot  s Aie0M^bt that it is of the utitnpst impprtance  ta^^pUuyer Island as. a separatexolony, be-  |:'faupi^|������:bas .littie~else''.jto^encPurage or en*  Saggl^ppulatiou just now;" True she has  jS^S^^1* ^^P^P^s? but those^eojiirecapi-  ^^^Bpyelop^ them..::: That capital lis more  S^^[J|p. be'~ advanced -v by: merchants -than;  ^Hi������^P?'Islahd are contra^ted^:::^^^^^,:!^  iS^llIJI|>A but no one., will invest his money in  W^^^S-- wood lands (and V, -L has-;se'arcely  ^^g^jfeg otsQ); when he can employ it��������� to ��������� so ���������  l^^^fflbetter adyant^ejand\with^a: great deal  ���������v?i^^^6r^wble and ''risk. "A poor man cannot  :^PMp*time to clear pine ,forests,���������those  ::?W^^^^^Afc'arP^starved^out, .and m'that  lJ������M^crct of the failure of the pre-emp-  -V^i'tipmla^andthe-little progress' agricultural  A'^Mpptmt has made,;   If-Vancouver Island  ���������*^^|^half the siz������ it wpuldibe better. As  ^lfef^cent agitation upou the subject of  AA/^^mSme versus Tariff; it ^certain that the  .tf^-fefegPfepf" PeCosmos iand McClure upon the  ;^ XJJft^tf^nd.Tariff principlesdid liotreptegent  the, feelings of Victoria,' for it must be recol-  .: lectgjl that a large number ptthe respectable  vjMjjp-^fTealthy merchants, are foreigners. and  ^^tiS|p|ese had no vote/if they had had, 'or if  ^|l^|ad been British subjects,-thoso candi^  a.y^dattpwould most undoubtedlyhave beende-  ��������� ;:^ea^; Union with Free Trade-in Vancouver  ���������iiTstod would have been triumphant, andsuch  /i '^VWQ7 would^ have been best for bdthcolo-  ni^;and would;,be easilycarrleriout.; ������.  UNION.--������������������:-: *  :is likely toldouttie minerB^and; British Cot  Ibia much damage^ in^dia^it will have the ef-  and ���������vice ver8a, to pro ve to b oth th ey are in  reality but one people���������branches of the same  'family.. YaW** 'AAA- A ... "','���������:::,::- 'A Ay A; -���������! V-'' ;":-  .���������yA '-[y-AAAAl./wi-\//y-3ply:10^  ���������A (PROROQATION OT THE LBGISLAtUitB^"., ^:  >: -The J^egislature; p&:Varicpuver Island, was  prorogued on Friday, last until the {3rd day of  October-nextf ;it will probably .then be prorogued by prpclamatibii; until a more distant:  day. ; NotwithBtahding < the misplaced; irony:  of Governor Kennedy last year that the Legislature had been;incubating^ fprnine months  and that iii future the hatching processi should  hot take so long, it is rather singular that the  late'session should have!.?set? ten months���������and  addled everything;. but the tctx acts! ; Of all  the bills fhtroduced into thp 'Assembly, many  of them: of cphsiderable importance and  much required/' brily four havp received the  Governor's assent, the remainder haviiig been  stratified ih the LegislatiyeCouricll! Of course  the tax acfe were; passed: and: as^epted'^toj!  In hib'st 'civilized C oun tries" the :Exe cuti ve: has  bly who wish to have a mpre^ constitutional  distribution thereof; the two, &Tp at variance,  T^at a dead-lock-rand npthingcan.be done.^,I  presume ,tlie Governor; to j>e; at variance with  bo th.:���������;   Should guoh a system iie; inauguratVd  in British: Columbia similar results -will 'no  doub t, foliowi and ifeis worth the fiveithpusand  dollars; toknp w; that much. /British Cpluni bi a  is better off ^with her one tyranny than 'Van-'  couver Island1 with her bastard Government.  Would both be better off iinder a free Gdv-  ernnient;? : Everything just how^seems to conspire against popular Government.   Look at  our Municipal Council, itis-ia disgrace to the  place and willv8ei*yo: to keep; it back��������� swoop  suqh felIPws out, or;if the pepp 1 e cannotjcle,ct  ariy ^better let them -'-go; without Municipal  Government.'. aw^'*saa/v~ ^- aA'a-aAa 'wa  *2f  en  .. ,/'.-':;..;;������������������".���������. ^T^iE MAIL STBAMEKSi: .  The tale, about the. California steamersi n o t  coming to Victoria, a,ny more turns out;to be  all mpprishineijand on  litive pufposesl.i, The]country is safe !J sBrjt/  i tirely. iiriheces- *P $&^ PPP^^tidn from jdali p. and so 6h\ t: :N o-V  ���������<ill  ?saryv at?all events hone' appoar ip have^een:  jpVoposed or- passed - * Dame 'xuinor: assprts  yvs&a&h.- -       .^.w.v probably  Wfi^ mu631 occupied with election affairs  ���������-���������affifirakmg after their own seats. ' This sus-  ^Rlft worse;thai "eitheF Uuionror separa-  :^r?S ft?d w"i not be endurod^ very long by  Vancouver Island, forit is stpiitly maintained  that British Columbia has more to gain by  Union than Vancouver Island.   It is follv to  mm*^ tho ^xes of Vancouver Island  W������m ^sen^ fy the change, ibr the con-  trwwill be the case,.but those of British  il^"1 ������,? ^atcnally decreased.    It  ^m^t better for the miners,- because the  ;minesV:^cpUr^such: discpuragementwpuld  jreact; very seriously:upon Vancouver Island;  forVthe twoi countries rise and Ml;together;  iii fact Vancouver Island is suffering already,  .but that she is not losing ground is shown by  theiact that no other;i)lace is rising found  about.eithpr in British Columbia or the United  jstates;r:it is to bo- presumed that the; Government will point::to: thopreSehtcPmparative  cheapness^ of ipfdvisionsi atutlie; mines as: a  proof of the wisdom: of their Tariff! but the  miners must see i^ery plainly;that the pnehas  no, connection ^whatever ^wifch the: pyipr^fpr; rib  direct importatioris have yet been taken into  British[.Columbia, but the: supplies;gp;still as  heretofore from Victoria; The^ierchants of  the latter'place are; riot* to^bpvpnviefl^iftffc  present prices^ruleyery long,- ^t&^feof  little :cpnspqupnce: if the country is benefitted.  ThVre will'howeverbeareaction;" V': *  ..;3,f_,.:,-;. /..'.:. . oovEnxpR KBNNEnt. A/A;;:: yHij. a  i :Thei latest -surprise' arises; from the cJCpIo-  1118^ having suddenly come out very strongly;  against Governor Kennedy J land doub tless it  intends, to adybca'te his removal. ' This is the  unkindest cut of all, for who so much /ber  slavered the new man upon his arrival as the  <iCplonist.,. Donb tless Gov! Kennedy is; ex^  tremely unpopular, arid being down he? may  be kicked by the; brave and maghariimous.:  Why he shpiild be so very unpopular is owing tp ihany causes, oyer which he ;had full  control, but not one has caused so much discontent as the supposition that fie has a desire  of taking all power into his ownhand-^gov-  erning: the- people instead of ruling, through  the will of the people���������and of getting rid: of  representative institutions, or at least so modifying, them as to render theia ; only instruments to his- hands. >It is quite��������� possible that  he has no idea or desire of the kind, for it is  by no means clear tp"; outsiders what his desires or opinions niay be, or indeed Whether  he has any of the latter which endure for  more than a day or two. It is guitei probable  he may have had' advisers, but now that W.  A. G.Young has returned possibly he may  redeem himself���������if he cares at all about so  doing���������for after all he may now be only siif-  fering misrepresentation, what his predecessor bore for a long time, and may at the end  be as popular as Sir James is now. Tbe end  of his term���������that may be short if Union is to  take place. His value may not be appreciated until too late!  IMDEPfiNDANCB DAT-  Independence Day was a great festival in  Victoria���������a regular holiday and no mistake.  An immense gathering took place atCadboro  Bay; a sort of gigantic picnic, the partakers  of which Were both Americans and British���������  the latter were very numerous and enjoyed  themselves amazingly. What a .change has.a  quarter of a century produced! The American, ^.evolution has already become almost a  matter of tradition! How soon will these  colonies have to celebrate(?) an indep en dance  day also? There cannot be a doubt that the  policy of, the British Government now is precisely the reverse of that which led to the  separation of America. She now invites her  colonies to prepare to support themselves.  Faith there is no want of holidays in this  eolony, for the people celebrate* both the  British and American ones, and enjoy both  equally well. This is capital���������it ouly requires  Americans to know the British a little better  thai; the Legismture.: bias "spehtf -riot^ less' tliari  fr^'thpiisandf dollars *fo  printing-4the iwhole :pf which hasvji^en: thus  .--���������K  thihg:!:? The;"dredger^is[thephlything^to:!)^  comparedSiMti'?- In -thisf view 6f������the-bweLit  had beeri^bettpr L that the House had never  met. for then -the -expense would haye be������n  saved and the taxes' would hay e(b een; fewer;  but forbnately, or unfortunately  bus do hot like a-tyrannical- Goycrhmeiip  they bimnot exist under one ; Were even: the:  Goyernor:perfPct, still that^^heshouldexerpise  supreme con tro I .would most assuredly lead  to discontent a,nda^lpud; outcryi;fpr-a chtingp.;  Such;is tlie riature of aireeman.   In Vancouver Island however the,Government ;is ������ven  worsevl^a^^ranhical, -for-' under tyranny; thp;  Executive can act; with vigor when necessary,  but ours is composed of parts that neutralise  each other.;: The Council, being composed;of  a iriajdrity of: Governmerit officials, can; and  havpf opppsed and stranglect; eyery useful:  measure.: Of course some, perhaps many, of  the.Assembly bills were bad: in principle and  even sent there for deatructioh, b ut such could  not haye been the case with alL , Whence  Uipn such conduct? AiPahcy says it is: to bring  rpp.r^seritatiye Tihstitutigns into contempt! ra  studipd lierideayor tolihow^ that tlie coiiritry is  uhfitrto govern itself,; and that a Council like  that of British Columbia, with the majority at  the^ili. and beck of the Governorj'is the  right and proper thing 1  0! perfidy where is  thy blush i:'; Bpub tl ess the great exp enditure,  the.waste.of tirne, the want of Eesuit, will be  held up; to publicoduirii, apd when economy  and retrenchment are asked for, the answer  will Ibe;; gentlemen������ ��������� begin by being more  economical yourself.   The tyrannical Council:  will bejleft put of the question^-rthe very  body which: has caused all the ^mischief-; -but  will the,public he fooled by such an attempt?  Five thousand dollars wasted!. The people's  repre?eritatives treated with contempt.   Well,  if they.suffer-it another session they deserve  the contumely.   The money has not however  been wasted, for independently of the reason  that most of the acts will still be of use, and  must pass during another session, if such a  thing takes place, tlie experience otherwise  gained is,-or ought to be, invaluable both to  Vancouver  Island   and   British   Columbia.  From the example before us let us choose between/a purely tyrannical and a purely representative Government, for the one in Vancouver Island is worse than either; the latter  is powerful for evil but useless lor good.   In  ease of Uiiion of the colonies, Vancouver Island has promised to accept any constitution  her Majesty7s Government may be pleased to  grant, but British Columbia being free from  such foolish promises has none to fulfill, and  therefore, can ask her own terms.    Doubtkss  the affair.s of Vancouver Island will be held  up to show that even the united colonies  are unfit for purely representative Government.   But are representative institutions to  blame here? nothing of the kind ; it is the  want of them, or rather the want of-the removal of ihe tyranny that overpowers them.  Incase of Union then care must be taken  that no officials be appointed to either branch  of the Legislature.   Let them be capable of  election���������but in all cases allow them to sit  'de officio*.-to give information, but not to have"  any vote except they be elected members.  In Vancouver Island we   have a  tyrannical Council who, either by instruction or  choice, wish to centralise the power in the  hands of the Execuliv c;  ���������������j  ithihg iS;talked of in 0regphf but thp superipri ty;  Jof Victoria: to;Portlarid,Afbrwhere there is one.  sjhlpp���������to letiri:the;|brmeacAtherp arp;tweiity tin  tlie:latter^y,This., arisea from the new line tiifi*  tr'ayelyia-Red/Biu*-'^ ���������  PAiPE.1?, /::"' /wA'AAi  .,    ������������������ ���������       '   j-- A  ��������� ���������'��������� -   ������������������ '..:"- .:-!-i-i.'r������ -���������'���������'������������������<.:������������������   :���������"���������'<  George ^  OpFrcBrT-BARKERViLLE. Wxlliavb C&tiBXi Cabebo^.  '���������   'Subscription, $1 per weefc ?       .;- .  (Including: cost of ;delivery-) Piyabie :to tho'CaTrier.  EAED  -o-  The^uhdersignod wilUkieep ioristaritlyorihand  ;    ��������� lA-r-l a, full assortment of      l;   li  -  a Leg ii la tire Aiseni-  ��������� .'-':--���������- ;.    consisting of' "���������.'.' -.' ':: ���������.  .     Bolts. &o, &c.; : ���������:.      L - ��������� ������������������ :*-; nyA ' '.  CARPENTER'S^::BLACI^MlTHT^OLSV   ���������  ^lANDJ CROSSCUT % WHp^^W&g-S-  SAW FILES, all sizes. (SPBAit ������fctrACKS0^:s);  CAST STEEL SHOVELS, ��������� HOE^;^ SLUIGE;  ;-    FORKS; ,-;."��������� .-..������������������-      ,-*r,^ -.: \^-;v  hunt's.axes and hatchets;a':'  axe, i^k^&;bjMti^p^k;  ���������; '-besfequality 'AAA'1 :a;-y:i'y Ay [x//yr: 4....  CAS^EEL;(<^  ;   \v    sizes; -   f  a   -^     '       ; ���������" ���������  ' -    -,. . -,,  .  BLASTING POWDER & PATENT SAFETY;  ���������-';��������� :'��������� io-FUSE;;; ' -: ^, ;': ' ' v-' _���������:;'" i ';��������� - -" '//'������������������'.  NAILS���������C^t & WePught Ironv ife C<fr������K,.giH  ,l-   ,/ sizes;  -.-''   ; ; _''-"���������. ���������-; ..; ;.:,*-   AA/w '  RIVETS-Ikon & Com:it,:ali:sizea;'-���������'������������������ -.Z"'Z' .i  scythes kmA!imM^  BAR, SHEET, IIQOR&IJANDaRON;     r;-  SQUARE &. OCTAGON CAST STEEL;  ��������� x;;  MANILLA ROPE, all sixes j  : \  DUCK '���������& RUBBER: BELTING ���������    -      .;  CAST IRON CAR WHEELS;    :  GOLD SCALES, 32 and 64'ozsM &eA &Mt '���������  BLANK, POCKET, AND MEMORANDUM  BOOKS, all sizes;  LEGAL CAP, NOTE, LETTER & FOOLSCAP PAPER;  ENVELOPES, INK, PENS, BLOTTING PAPER, &c\; '  WEEKLY TIME BOOKS;  VIOLIN STRINGS, SONG BOOKS, &c.     -  A. MACKENZIE,  Barkerville. Williams Creek.  j,*  Steamer    Enterprise,'5  Loaves SODA CREEK for.QlftlSNEL  MONDAY AND THURSDAY MORNINGS,  ATDAYLIG-HT,  Leaves QUESXEL for ������ODA CKEEK.  WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS at 4 A. M.  EXPRESS   FREiGHT.  /THT-" RATES FOR FRKTGHT by tho Stage from Yale  1 tD Richfield will by  Tt to 25 !b������.  Over 100 {1iS  TliR'.'UGU  I.v   TE.v  00  lb  r>A*i>:,  BAKSARD.  mxMt.utriMUum B^Bqwapwyawwir**
���j9^A" SUPPLEMENT containing; eight
columns is issued with this number of the
Through the courtesy of a geii^man on IJiis
creek we are' enabled to place;ttib foUowing
Vnost interesting letter from Mr.; 6'Eeiliy before our readers. ; It contains latef andfaore
important intelligence than has been previously: received from the Southern^ Mines, ^and'
coming from such an authority: may be re-
liud.on. ;������ .ifi" Ay ^;;.'v';'
Wild Horse Creek, Kootenay, |   '
'������ ���   ���    ISthJuue, 1865; ;      ; f ;;
"    ��� . 'AS EXPRESS SfAJtTEpiS1:^^'','/;Z'a
An enterprising individual nauied': lfeiri
(formerly of Jack of Clubs creek) is a^btii to
>tart an express to Hope,
and 1: take/jiidvHiii-
toge of his first trip to aend this letter,: ;|^
The tnines, so far as they ar^:yet known,
are "shallow diggings," from 4 to 10 feet lie-
low the surface, the gold is mostly .found,on
easily worked. . Rut little has beeir done this,j
season, from the scarcity of pro visions, iaU
most famine; that existed in the spring,; and
latterly because of the high stage of the wa-'
ter; also the difficulty that alwaysHakes-glapc^
of working bench and hill claims.wfcile tne;
creek remains umvorked.   Onesebmjj^^iayc^
just completed a-4t&h. nelffly'lEpurf mileali^
*leogthrand .capable of carry in jgg^2 O00;jtiSii es
of water, add in a short time tlieSiUs^wffi&e
prospected, till then i-it is; impossible toj say
anything definite about this caihjjf: ^he;creek
and low benches all pay well,from;l$i0't6.-$i5
���t^the hand, and three companies'nia&e lait
-week as much as 100 oz3..pcr dayjja^preseht
it would be difficult to ascertahr^venapiprex^;
i inatoly either the daily or weekly .re terns;
Thereareabout800men employed^and^abput:
h alt" that number lo ajihg ab olit! jvtid cannot
get work ; "when the water 'subsided A^uch
greater number will get eraploymenfcx: ;>;Ottte
side of  the claims already tafeiif.up^anidj
which arc known to contain' goldyt^rejis: no
prospecting going;on;^ I have, neyer^knptvn ^
<<da$3 of miners- who show less'enterprise
tins- respect.   Fr������m the above you will see
that Kootenay is not so extensive , as^wasTer.
presented; though the claims are Undoubtedly
good and have tbe great advantage; of being
easily worked;;  About a;;f6rtnigh^sWc%Tofer
population numbered 1500, when: a ^report;
reached us that rich diggings had;;been discovered on Elk: river, which flowa into the
Kootenay river about 50 miles -S;J& of, this
place and 15 north of the line; -about 200
started immediately, hut as'yet^othing suffi ,:
. ^cicntly reliable has transpired....-/,.: -,, ; A/
The Upper Columbia river "iaj also causing
ewme excitement; A man named ;Henry:
Cwnos arrived here a few daj-�� sinceifpt the
purpose of. selling liia claims ahtl recording
others on a creek which is called after himself
; Flour/45 cte *$ ib.; bacon, 75 ; sugar, 80 ;
butter, $1,50 ;:beans. 75 tttSO ;.��� dried apples.
,$l\ tea, $2,50: coffee, $1; rice, 80; candles,
SIS tobacco,; S3 to $3,50; beef,-30 to 35; picks,
$4; shovels, $4,50 to $5.'     \_ l a../
\? ;���";' LAJ30R MARKET.    . '.:'���'
; ^Carpenters per day, $10; laborers,��7. /Mr.;
Dewdney couid have engaged 100 men at: $75
perAuionth had he required them. ;
:-v '::������: X'-ai-a-:- ;'   Vfi >"  :, P/ O'Reiixt.
ZZZ^a   ANOTHER LETTER.    ���Zy/Z \
; We:ar%indebted to Mr. toank Dunslan for
the following letter, which he; received by- the
last express from Mr. Jim Gerald; formerly
���welI knovrii^oh:this creek: > ��� ww ; <\" -��� ��� !> w' ��� -��� ��� ������-;.
;    l; I^isherviileVKootenayliin'es, T
'���'";:'i thought I would drop, you a fe\?.iines'-.and.
let you know where I am now, but it ismigh-
'ty. Sard to tell .where I shall be when:ybu receive thjsiy There are lots of Cariboo boys
here, all broke./a^v^ll as myself), and mbst
ortheni wishing theywere back^again; sqr I
suppose you;��rill; be glad you difl-.hot leave
there; I a m sure I "Bay e no desire to b�� ^ b ack
again al though it may; be the best place in the
Sprld^ biit I do not think 60, X think this is a
better coutitry fprme'j(n'pfc,this^
is the meanest plac^:T'ever got,in wit
Oosmppolitaii Restaurantj
:'/yy   AN D'i BAKERY.    '    . j
...:������' 'Ah. -..BARKERVILLE.  " /���    W   /   I
BEG TO INFORM the jniblic that thpy bavo o&pUh
above, when they wUl be hnppy to bavo a call f hl
THE SUBSCRIBER begs J,o intimato that he has re^
cenlly ertreted and fitted up in tha beat style his
;;'���::���   UyfV NEW; RESTAJJRA1^.7 -J ���   , "AA i
The serylcVs of a good cook have Wean engaged, and
the board will be.of the be^Jt description.   ~ Terms for I all those who like a glass of GOOD BEERi
board very.moderate.; ������','���.,,;.., .',.-.-,:_. ���.���.-;.-, ���*,'.���-., :.. ^;,>': f:J )-;Sf3T-A trial is solicl ted;; ���*
/' '  /;;' fl��5"'M^als., ..R^eady '%t ali,'hotirs! f^j,^y%-.;
;: In tbe BAKERt- Depanineht FI^SH^KEAD/iraade
froni the v*>ry finest (lour, -will bo: k(;pt,f6r sale, at thb
lowest markekfates^ ' A r:^^y: Ar :w-yn< rVv��*���#������ :
,.'<S.; -���:", ��� A <:���:.;���-:������;��� ''UlA
^T, Z McN^rliaiiie j
A,Wholesale?ricos :iPor keg, $26 ; pprS(nri^ &m^ ��&
,,S3; Retail Prices: By.the bottle or glass the8a^8'^
at the other. Brewery in town. .������:     oamiim
Barkerville, July 15th> 1S65J ���       ~*   -''' ���'f  '    *^
barkerville; ;S:::c.;
In the i*unremo  Coiirt of 0ivi 1 J,uat Ico of
British  Columbia.
without ex-:
ception), but there .is a gopfl country east of
;l#?S$k#u the American sidey thatis seitling^p^
excitement[about the 0olun&ia^tt preser^, yL
.think there "will b e some good diggings ��� jdis-
coyered in that cou^try^The creek they are
prospecting now is calle^L Oarjies^^cSekjiand^
is about JJ00, miles from.; Colviile j it 'empties
inJVj^ldMuinbia^ and is on the'British
^Imi^ia^slde"6^ '?$&, fiot-rkno%
whether^I,shall go therefor no, I may take^a
notion ;te go; east? hut it is hard to say^ ? Ay
Deposi tand t! b ea ring: i ii terest,
',: do    bearing interest, -
CAItNES ;CItEEK     Aw'lA..^:'W'^-
.Is eltaaled'on the east bank, about.:20;miles
above the Upper Dalles���or at a point, yoii;
���w iii see marked on t be map, "canon 4 miles
long, very narrow, with a number of ro cits in
the channel." He says that there is sufficient
ground tp employ 4000 men, and pay $100
per day to the hand. When he left there were
between 0.0 and 60 men at work; beyond this
nothing is knowli of it. I should not be surprised if a hundred; men were to leave for
these* mines within a few. days.
7HE NEW.' ROVTB.'.   ',
Mr. De wdn ey has arrived and reports th at
lie has discovered,a good line for a trai 1 from
R o'undary creek, by which the total distanee
from Hope:to thevmines will not exceed 350
miles ��� (of conrse you>��� ktiow}the distance to
Boundary creek); irom there to tlie Columbia
r l ver by ills rpu to-, it will be; 6* 0 mil es, fro m
Colombia in ver to Kootenay Lake 65, aud
from the Lake to Wild Horse creek; 80. Mr.
l>e w d a ey w ill c om menc e w ork on Tuesday
(10th June) with 50 men; a portion he inteiuls
to let out to: contract;,and says the whole line
will be open by the, 1st August. This will
Butt yeur book exactly, and you may consider
voui-self lucky in being; able to avoid going
by Colviile, which would add at least 200
miles to your journey, besides being a most
expensive route, with ferries, &c.
^ro are all very quiet,; though if we were
Toi believe ail"^wbiraT one half of the popuia-
lion is made up of murdereraK highwaymen,
and horse thieves. There is very little litiga-
%io% Corn wall finds it hard work to kill time,
particularly aa tbere is no. fishing to be had,
"?. 1 ^ _��.^    nn   V��.**?rlTr   *Q   flirt   ^VflOffr    ��1 f   4VltC
. ;a^tv^Z^:w-:;ZZ
���Tlie letter; of which the following is a copy
is^from-Mr. Fredv^Yhite,;^a: packer, .and was
r^eiv^r^;by^^5o^ iCoplaiidy^d^ktndly al^
lowed us: to publish:it:- . ��� ���.   * w  ���     ��� -
} ; .     rKo6tenayrFisberville, B, Gi,r|
1; h ....  : a a .����� -:   Junel6th, 1855.   ' i   ')    l
'Here' I; am in this So'cl-fbrsakeri cionntry; and
do not know what to' write. : Times are dull,
in^fact dull is no riambi.:; There are several of
thelGaribbo boys here and wiOidut exception
they are the poorest-set I^evdr sawi   The season was very late herey and. when grub came-
in the camp,was in a starving condition ami
eycrybbdy in d eb t (claim holders inJpartfeu-
laiOi'ah d are still so; the water is so' high th at
tocr^e^claims are laid over until August;
-some-ot^lheJbar claiins pay---Vdry welly-ihat-is
for this country, but they are; all �� wheel by
nienv that camer iri last M1J and all siraiigei's
to^nTer ;r ily train: iia^iriade ohe trip -and; will
be back with a second load in about two
weeks;*-i wish T' bad the goods in; some1 other,
place outside: of this?; for I cair t. sell a '''dollar's
worth for cash. * 'Floitr is selling at ^5 cents;
lieaiis, 60; s^gar, 75 ;^bac6n, 75; fresh' beef,
25 anctSO, oh jaw-boue:;; clo^in^isicheaper
liere tliah at- YaM f I will try and close' put
packing thisi season^:if;I doii-1-j^i' broke 'before f canrflp^so/;aoid ^ope' to: soeyou next
winter in Victoria.;! Reports say that diggings
have been struck on the Obiumhia ; I saw a
friend-of mi n e ! he told' me: lie Had get so'me
very good' prospects oh a';creek.about 300
ihiles abb ve Colviile, lie left his party of ab out
40 men there and came; here to sell his claims
and then he is going back; Johnny Gluckstpn.
Bob Nobels; axid several others are there, ahd
we expect to hear from t-hem soon." 'There is
no gambling going on here, "but there is about
a thousand- sp or ts, - an d if you too k the m all
by the heels and gaTe tbem a good shaking
you might possibly be able to shake out $*100.
-;. : 'wwi-A-W IN* nANlCaUITCY.;.;^:.. ��� ,;^i: ��.'
'A in re M. C. Davxsp, a Banltrnptv r.:Ari
"VTOTICE is hereby given thawd'a OredItor!s;Meeting
ll held this day at the Court House,, Richlleld,,a second dividend of. 68 cents to the dollar was declared
payable under this'chtate,at my bfflca in Richfield, oh
Monday morning next, the 24th of July last, ^-{A-w.y
.��� By order,of Court,:. A..- '  ..
��� :%r.-,AiA OUVKR HARE, 6moial As%he��:
! Richfleld, 22nd July, U&.A:'""": A    ' ;���   s;;
"/*��->i.-h *t**&,
GKKERALABSTRACT, shdwihg tho average amount
'tof-the LIABILITIES and:ASSETS ofi the Bakk'ok
'BKmsappi4UBiB^r within the colooiea oft British,061 -;
' Umbi a and. Vancohyer 3 shind, ta ken from tlie several
Weekly Siatemeni3:for the Quarter ea'dlng 30th'June;
'^���ISOSiHli������-���:><yAAwy wj^: a.W aaawayy^yy^~c*A
r^te^iSicirsujla-Uo^-i.-^-?.:;. -.^ _ .^.^ M
Balaricea due to othervBarifca'& >Eranches,
$89/933 85
62,705 22
,142,980 61
Miners?! Boarding House
,;'; y:     , ��� , tp^VHEE CREEK,   ''
y-i) -.vr**;  AA -.;\>>; ' Y ���r\-\y , ���-. ���������:-..j;:'.: *.taA ���-
iiTQUORS, of the "boat quaUty only- :kej>t oa ^
'&&* Thb House is situated at the 0bittentiHaiibto
on the west bank of'the creefc; ��� "'. ��� * 'y
��� ���]/' ���;,/-'vbam^^l^ ��� ;���;������;
Groceries;,/::/ '/Z ,  Z;J[
'constantly on haad,: and gold at^the LOWESli}: W$
KET .RATES..'-""" ." ;.' :.W> wi ��� A- ������ ��� % '-, A 'A . tiffe
/^Barkerville; :Julj:,l4thV 1865. v-.���' "     '-"d ���������.  A'y. '^
' '        ^ZaZaZM
$406,224 &
$192-428 48;
112,376 30:
.24,322 60
Total amount ot Liabiliticaj     -  .''���-���'
Ai--'"/- w'-/yy^'yAwA^^i^AA:' \:'A\
Legal Tenderloin in .Gold'.a hd Silver, ���; ���
Gold and,Silver Bullion,;; w - W^ -t-j; -���>;-'
Lahdicd-and'.othjer.prpperty, (; A A.y -..y,
.Balances' due from other;Banks;<Sc.Branches, 4f6^080'" SO
All debts due to: the Bank, includingfroies,:' ' ^'?
*'���, Bills ^of . Exchange^:���������.and-. rHilti'Stocfe*;an.a"'r/^ A y aw
.Funded Debts of, every; deBcriptioii/.&x-\, aAAwai ��� jAf
'-'ccptiog Notes, Bills and. Balances duo. ,    ,.- , t .ri
from other Banks and Branches",    / '      ,860,610';58;
are���'��� About: winding, "up^ourIm]��l
quested to call and; ^ttl^'before the" ''lstVAugusC' i4lfl -^
jiCcounts remaining .unsettled; after that date will M W
placed in the hamte of an agent for collection. M
���. ������ '7'.-. "���:;.��������� N.-.E;;SOLOMON'&C0..tt3
/Total^amount of-Assets,
Amouut of. Gapi tal -Stock paid; up at the. -closo& *; r \ : A
of the Quarter' eiiuing-goth'. June,, 1865',  -%.C$937,;500
Rate of last^^ pHidehdrdeclare'd'tp/Shareholdersj^ 10; por:
*'"'���#":.,  ��� = ."V.v    ' :;-s. V A:.   [cent.-per annumi'
Amount of the.last Dividend ;declar��di :.;���/,���;. ;Al $41,665
Amount of the Reserved Profits a;t the lime of
declaring such dividend, - ��� . ���������������'��� . $81 ;735
.:���- /:- ;��� :.r-v;'^M'.-LANG-:JJanager,'-;'^',  ,
��; 8      ;:;.;.. W^y-.;,  W^^Jgyto, Accduritaat.r;:
THE UNDERSIGNED being; .desirous..-,o"f. erecting a;
Flouring Mill at '���Juot'u^mouth, offer for.Vsal* th��
MacbirieVyVof a BTEAM SAW MILE;' for the purpose* of
getting m ore; powerful engi n eg.; .The: Mil I 'is ��� chmplete,
and capable of sawing 8000 feet in V21 hours f it: has! an
ex tra 60 -iuch circular Saw, ,' FavorabI e ������ terms .will'. be,.
given to any persons desirous of purchasing. ������. The Ma-,
cbihery is bflered either with or without thc-buildihgs.:v
' ; ..AW--A--      " ���.���������;������, j-v/^i-HARPEB i WRIGHT:: '
; Qucsnelmouth,:jun;e��2pih, 1S66---.: =,:-.:- -������-���? ;:8:2m;r:
.^.,*...����....��.- ,,-.���--.,���..-- ----r, - -���pistol tram fv'
drawing'khi^,,3 nailJtools^2 swedges, 19&wt:l spoin u
r, JAMES .'WALKER, i who emigrated :'f r& Al bion;
:Canada West, iu lii57,;and cameLacroSs ch?;phina
to Gaiifornia; was last, hoard from in February^ J860,
when he was residing at Wf&tsdnvill'e; Santa Ojruz county; ;> Any inforoiatibn'sent to-this oillce,- addressed to
Samuel Walker, will,be thankfully received^;     :
:. San. Francisco. *Alta, ����� /Bulletin,? a-icramcuto /.Union.y
liXiilro>'i^W,/*.jiaa..I,OTUand 'Oregbnian,-' please copy
ahl-Bead accounts1 to office of this paper.     \       7
It's   not   Every
kill a
driver, 1 rule,-l^picaaejhardehini?, 1 rasp,i^XwAl ��
lbs boras,; Vele'dg'o hammer, 1 pick eye Wedge,��� Vtal $.
hamnier/ 1 anvil, I bellows; 1 vice, 3 pair^ongs, M-, ��
being .the full outfit; of/:a^. Blacksmiths shop; ;* TheabOTV g
tools ar3;aU uear\y (n,ewj:. and can-be aeenj at LaumVtf- (|
ter Ar.: Go's/ Richfield j .where application; may, b e/ma^. -^
't/ja^-^Ternw very low/,.. .      . / a '" ;���",'  ,      ... T i
d^nei*al a Fro vision^ ^tore |
situate on the Sagt .Bank,5 opposite the WashburD�� $
claim.. Lowhee;   ,. /.��� ���--������������ A-.-.Ait .. ������-��?*' -''./'���  5J
:  !1    ;r     "���"������; ' EDWARD SHEARER, Proprietor.  $;
rt:'^::::?i,:;;-^^:r^Jv,r^:ri---V- / o
irPHE Subscribeta ree^ectfully intimate to all ,w>w M
JL- indebted to thcrri,^ either by note or: account, (bit ^j
inconsequence ot the depressed: atato of "trade mm. M
obliged to press;fqr an immediate settlement;: :���-.��� ^
l&r'. J. S.. Thompson is; authorised lb collect and �������� (|
rieipt tor moneys due us/    ::: '�� AAM
A-AA '-'Ayr-W ^A AA' J.  XATOJ&&C0AA W
;',; Barkeryille, B; G..,' Jth July, 1866; \
&F Go.
(TO-MORROW) there, will be a Grand
Fresh Pork 'and G-resri Apple Sauce Dinner,
wi th Tea, C.oJfee, <0 ider, Mil k , or Lager Beer, at
THE PARTNERSHIP herRtofore': existiiifr between
Fra^k Wat and G- B. Wright, in the Deep Creek
Ranch, is hereby dissolved by mutual consent. Frank
Way will .pay all the. liabilities and collect all the debts.
s        G. B. WRIGHT.
Beep Greek, July 4th, 1865. ���'���   8.1m
i���w.t.mmi Hi mi m 11.11 mii mlpmi
QEALBD TENDERS will be received av thd Magis-
O trate's Otiice, Richfield, \ipto noon of the 23d JuSy,
1865, and not aft.^r, for tho construction of a Waggon
Roa*^, 12'.feel wide, with bye passes,, from the Gourt
House, RichihUd, to a point at Came ronton...;
With each Tender must bo enclosed a bond of the
person tendering, and of two responsible sureties'for
the payment to the Government of the sum of One
Hundred rounds, sterling, conditional on the non-fulfilment by, him of tho terms of his Tender if accepted.
The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.
Further particulars can he had by applying at the
Magistrate's Of lice, where the specification and bond
can be seen.
Tenders to be addressed to the Assistant Corhmis-
sionef. of' Lands and Works, Kichlield, superscribed
*VTender for Richfiuld-Cameronton Waggon Road.n
have just received.asupplyof
varying in size from & to 9 inch ; they are of first-J*^
qufslity, and warranted to hake well. Also, a well*-
sorted stock of 8KELT IRON, both G^lvanlzo-d aw
Plain, T1K PLA^, SHEET; 2IK-Gj & COPPER-    &
.'.*. ; .ways on hand
SHeet Iron Stovea,  Cooking'Banges, By;
draulio Pipes, <kc.:: ������'
. "^j- All work in our line dono'at reasonable rates*����
warranted to five satisfaction.
12th July, 1865.
W. G. COX, J. P.,
A. G. L. & W.
Important v to Miners.
or will purchase any quantity on the Most Liberal
Terms.   Samples solicited.    Apply, by letter or other*;
wise, at the Prince of Wales claim.
tho Public that in eonsequenco of his signing ��� ;:;
position in the Constabulary* and holding no ��ffl^r/t 4
but that of Deputy Sheriff, he is prepared to tag" j
Debts, attend to Mining Transactions? and .Conveyance  -
generally, and is also Auctioneer. .^��4eti��r
Olilcc���Next door to A. R. Roberteon, Barris^
Ricbfleld.  i�������rvrw
.-..���,.-. DANIEL B. CHISHOU.
. July 4th, 1805.
in mi
i<j i
y$eu *s' was top res mi fed.
THE BOWLING- SALOOH, Oa-merdnton, is
now for sale CHEAP FOR CASH, the present proprio.
tor being bbligod to go below. ALL persons indebted
to tbe undersigned, cither by notes or book account,
will save costs by paying up tu-fon thfj l^t August.
Cr^d iu>ra will piea&e c A\ and re c *i ve tb ��ir c isb.
0 n a -.r: u��en. IS th J uTy, 1�� oo.
. A LL PARTIES INDECTED TO ME are hereby nrlti.
IX. fled that they must oil I  and settle -their accmants
en or before, the 15th of July, or they will be put in
court far collcction r>
On and after tho 15th of July my tx-rms will be ca^h.,
%Sp* *"> rr*a- int\icuiurabs for cm$h.   (laU a ud pfl��.    ��� '
7 J. il. i:COTT.
Q-eneral Merchandiz0'
a ^TI^'flA^J^AYr Jg^Y 22, '06  tolNa OHARGfoAGAINSf THE  DEPUTY SHERIFF.     ;.���������;_;;���������'���������,  today jnbrning; last: aa the; case of  rs Pemhw^B.about,being called  court, before Mr. Justice Begbie,  ter, the defendant's counsel, said he  ^plication to make;.for a:postpone-  fpr the casetb be;heard by his Lord-  jetf   Ho;st\id he had the unpleasant  ���������hargihg a ^pubHc officer with conch struck at < the - foundanion of our  Iflgltiesftthe trial by jury. /The loarned gen-  1 im&Bimn proceeded to read the following  1   liflMaviiMkde fey ^r. John^ertin, who ts ex  it) wn 'as'a'riiiheron. Williams creek  been.in several of the most cel-  s since 1861:    ���������  PerrinV of Richfield,: the above  fend ant, rnake bath: and. say:! 0 n  ' 17th inst.,I was aUnding by the  : fc when Dauieh B. Chisholm, the  friff, came to me and said he wish*  Ho ine; he took me aside out of  ic men standing, around'and said  doubts about' the suit I had  ..jrpuidrgut me#Mi a;safe��������� tracfcvby  3 ^jpny - jury I cnoseV t> iit hesaid be  - -.. lH^^^&pre./compensation^ and:-.that; he  ���������.. '���������/'' W^W^^w^.^e-:said..he,iwouJdgire ine,till  lZ\ S^^H^si^?������ thpugh: I told him at the  t-^^w'have nothing to do with it^ On  Za' ISS^K^ me^ .tfle:.,sMd���������Daniel..B|Chis-:  'vVj/;.-;i|fg3W he asked me to  R i-Bii^^^^P^pi^-sbrrle ^private - place, and he  ^willJI^i^^S1*6* atftalftem  ' '   ^jg^^^pf jurymen and asked'me how I  & C0,, ipfd^Syp^fe, said; for; a "quarter of an iater-  ���������~ ^Ja^^^lacibpOj claim he would summon  ; y   ^<Ki||^Bp|bther: that I wished;" I told him I  ,J&6)j^f^^ ���������: I believe  wm^-i^j^llfi^ircumstancesl.cbuld. not have a  :Kj? ^ir!|i|^i|this!:cause1by"a jury summoned by  isp^t^^S]^lm.>On the>listshown to.:me the  pltu>,l liam^l^SN. Steel did; not appear, and I. am  ^^���������^J^I^^^d/belieVtt'Jthat he has since been  ^^p|pK|p.a3:a.-:juryman. -:... :���������/;;.-: V  i;\.to\. |fl^!?r> *-'.."'���������     ��������� '..:'       John Ferris.-"-  ' ^  5t'^^K^chfleld, onthe 20ttiJuly$efbre  . (��������������� , ..  .���������   ,  '.'".' .CARIBOO SUMMER ASSIZES. Ji    Ij^JW*?1 viA^V^kfcft^c^rjillrta^  '���������'...���������,   f#.  ���������    holm lor nJ^iadiaTfSUOu'm holm^  -' " ;  -,' A '���������' ��������� '������������������' ; ~%   ,. " ~ ��������� , i'     ������������������" "' I". ���������'������������������'���������  with a i>*r'ty in a an it about to eviiyj elf. ������������������������'���������'������������������"���������  (Before Hon. Mr. Justice Bsgoio.) I . *     J    > . ^ -^ .,/;,     ��������� -., .   .  Icng'th the transactions between himself and  Capt Heafteas, and finished by saying that he  was obliged to leave Victoria in consequence  of the pressure brought to bear on him by  Henness, and that he has not been there since,  and rather than Hen uess should get a cent he  would1 spend all, as he felt he was in the right:  here tasked him to sit down,.which he did on  the nearest log; he then went on to say that  he eould not see what standing Capt; Henness  could have in court, as there was no writing  between them, and the.jbnly person, Cunningham, who could throw light on it at all was  dead; here I asked him about the Cunningham oatate, U3 J felt somewhat interested, holding Cunningham's note , for about $300; he  said he thought all would,be wound up when  Cru3. Wright would arrive, and whom he  shortly expected; he then went on explaining  about the affairs of 'the estate, dwelling on  The Assizes for the district of Cariboo wu* commenced at Eichfit'ia on Thursday morning, the 20ih instant.  The Queen's Commission wad read by Oliver Hur^KsiV.,  RefKrir of tho Supreme f.'ourt, after-which tbo grind  panel was called and: ihe following gentlemen sworn yu  the Grand Jury:    y'w  A A    ^^-"-Jj-s-vV  Frederick Peorkes, Esq, .Toreaian; John Bromley, i.:  His lordship,  ��������� -.���������;"-":': .. :. Kisconn coup.t. : . -i-y^y]::-  ��������� Martin vs. Copland et al.^On tho application of}Mr.  Walkem inis'case was postponed to.the rail, to beheard  at New Westminster; .. ��������� ���������,;- y.   y- -fy- >  W'An v;'  Benjamin Lee Henness .v������. John Pemn.-^The follow-  GOLD COMMiSSiONEU^ COTJIIX.., A,  the mining interests j and especially those of  Cunningham and himself in the- Cariboo  claim; he explained to me, h6w he believed  the lead to be running through the upper portion of the Cariboo claim, and that tie;intended sinking a shaft tliere immediately, and that  it would cost'about $1000; I told him that I  thought" a good .deal of the claim at the time  Mr. Hamilton bought into it-, and would have  :������������������ /-A {Eofora W.'G.;Ccx>B*i;,)-  -  ��������� y 'AA'. ;.������������������;.;-������������������'.":'���������'; Monday, July IT,0'' ���������  ��������� William Farren vs.'';Griisr:.co^y^PIaiGiif  wasi-owner'- of 50 fnet^bf ground. on Jthe bill  beside def en������j ariVf, claim by right of :pUrchiw>'.  The "defendants had worked a portioti of'ibjr  same although they had beeri^ warne^d by plala-  tiif not to do so; tbey did''npj ^eswfc however  and this was ah action for damages, the ainotttit  claimed being $1500:;' The Commissioner dinA  rcafiei��������� I missed the' 'c\^se,; each, party to parhia own  , v. Dun-J costs., Mr.; Walkem for plaintiff ftad'"Mr. Wfl-lf  ker for'do^uants.'^-':- ���������      ;' '��������� A.: I -';   :'"',;/':���������/  ,:.V ^COWKTY C.OUK.T:.>/' ..^ Z/;1  \i  purchased then a quarter of an interest if I  had/had the money, and that now the:opinion  abont the claim" was rising/since theliit or  Miss :had struck it; he toldino the Claim was  out of debt, and that if the upper end turned  out as he exnected he would be allngnt yet,  as he himself owned about twolufrnWrestr  I think he said; I asked him then if he would  not sell me a quarter interest, and he said no;  this is solemnly all that ever passed between  us, either before or since, about my asking  bim for one quarter of an interest in the Cariboo claim; /weithen recurred .agajn to the  m  ER-li  >rietor.  int, >M  iaadr-?*/  Jr C^A  At  Co  )V������S  lrst-ww  zed ftfi'1  B.   *  :, fir  6.  ^^.p^^feegistrarof^theT^  LLiiLt*^^^^ 'House was densely throng-  j/AA ��������� Sgg^M|fooleV!' and;' during, -. th e r ea d-  !.:'��������� Al a; W^0^^^^^ davit ���������'���������''; the -': utmost ���������; c o nster-  SiPS?^^^1^^ apparently-, none.; more so'  |^|^l^^edrhimself who was ;present  ftte4pp^|fls official 'duties. yp&., was; :evi-  f ���������. ie^lS^Wptofbund sensation''which was  aabban* pol������||i^Ihe :reading..of the .information  ^^^^^ffi|hat,the matter was not known  lll^^^g^bmpilainant;; his '��������� counsel,-" and  jjifi|nS^^p^:''the -iCourtT-the Judge himself  |^i|i'^|^ly as miich astonished as any  SaJ5|pji|elli||l" Mn Chisholm has been acting  ^Ipf^^Siif under,Mr, P, OJReiUy for - up-  S^p^^Kear,. anil ^notil last month: has  af^^g^fced the duty of Police Constable, j  |?p^^^:; requested by the present Gold 1  ^oB8pftfer ^������ resign. .... .Since the 30 th u 11.,  fillil^^^libted;"in' the:capacity of 'Deputy  Mil������&r -Mr. .O'Reilly./: -/; *.-, ..  W^mmr:Walker, had finished the reading  "ofpSKvit the Court enquired if Mr. Chis-  ^W^jjfeeived a copy of the affidavit? .  ���������S^MSWfe^P^^116' had,*ot ���������-���������:���������,'.'"-:: /,;;--���������  ;J^i||gi^^he^^^  :a::copy:(wEiih was subsequently done by the  KegistMlli^' :    ���������'   -: -ww-ww.-       -  ��������� i^ip|TOhn,. remained -.in court \ all day,  ;.an^^|^^ttt the ^proceedings made no ob-  :^r^$|pl|^ireply'to what passed. '.'���������  !TQe:MffiiySeeiniDgly very much puzzled as  ���������*p.Sil^^^.bourse to adopt under the cir-  cu^s^p3k>:enquired of Mr. "Walker if he could  hoi^ommit.Chiaholm:fo   contempt.  Mr.r,Walker made no reply to the observa-  tionff^ffiged the postponement of the trial.  Th^^frt was averse to' postponing the  case.o? It*:;try it. without a'jury.  /: At length it was agreed between counsel to  exej||^ of challenge and proceed  <-��������� prfi|ip^)&eoted panel which was an unusu-  FOBM SlJ������^R0ne-r-34: persons: being summoned.  ling W* \.      . .^ A MFC CHISHOLM'S'answer,  3^S StJilf Supreme Court/of Civil, justice of  ranciD& BriJisSOolumhia, between^Bdnjaram Henness,  Piplltfid John Perrin, defendant;  ^li^ter to an affidavit made by John  Pe$m$||||a above named defendant in the  aljpy||Mse, I, Dan. B. Chisholm, Deputy  Sherp^^Jariboo East, make oath and say:  ;lst5|^tfthe substance of John Perrin's  affi3ayi|l|ainst me is utterly and wholly false,  _2mi ifhat I met John Perrin at the (fariboo  shsft;6r|po^ay last is true, and the follow-  ^:c|hy|rsation in substance, occurred'be-  t^eM/g^'and in the order here mentioned, as  wcillfp^ean recollectf  Sl^^l tbathebad a big suit coming off in  ffardiutr the tille to a bench cbim in tlw cl.t Cunning-  ham compiny'a ground ori;WtlHams cr������ct. ��������� ������������������  -  Mr rtnoertfioh appeared for the^jlaintul, and M������sv>rs.  Walker aud WnJkem for tho derenoant. .Tho nUlatiiT;  counsel statod"the case to the jury,, alter which he called  - Cant Henneas wh'Q depoaoa as follows; I purchased  one eiirbtU interest in 200/������et of a hill claim fro������n.Mr.  Parria��������� it was next tbeCunningbam claim on \\illiams  creek in which I was a sbawholder.; tlie defendant told  me he ������'nd-Mri Cunningham had pre-empted .the 200  foet in'their.own namosforihe heneflt of thecc^y, ex-  ceoUnjr Mr: Beatty, from whom I had purcnaseiVlrom  unv'sliarein it; WUen I. oirered to buy the .one eighth  intW'st Perrin cOBSUttod: Cunningham an'd.alterwurda  told me ho^,wouid take $2000. for.H,; I offered, $1500 and  he took it, the-mdrieyHtf-bo" paid- ^vhenfU-cameout;  Perrin di I not give me a bill of sale because I:waa already holding as much; ground for the company as I  the time Ibad the greatest.: cunfideuce m the vendor;  at the time t purchased I apked Perrin.ir the title was  rlear and he said it was.; on the ,������Sih August, 1802, I  ������;i'k mv interest to Mr. Arnold, and gayoEim a simiWr  bonveyanceto that I heldmyselV; I .asked llr. Perrin  if he woui'l aco'Vpt Arnold for the: $1000 and releaee  me he said he would; Aruom>nd me $2o00: cash,  ������v!no bV notes, and gave,Mr."Perrin.bis note for $1,500  ty, &c., was al J., true, and that wav was to have  a good disinterested jury,;ahd that he should  have that, for J would show him that evening  or; next morriirj g a list of the names from the  jury panel whom we; ,intended summoning.  The next day, about 11 o'clock, as I was going down^ creek:J :met Mr^Pemh about the  Barker cabin, asked him to come with mc and  would ahow him the-list of nainc3f we went  into the Spanish woman's saloon aud I showed him the list,, we examined each name and  he took exception to none, but said he was  satisfied;to entrust his:'case: ln>:theirvhahds;  ��������� he left; and we have had no conversation- eince,  : ;3rd. The hext -..mbrii iri g-t showed ":Cflpt.  Henness the same list in my; office, and'asked  him the same that I had asked Mr. Perrin,;  viz: if he had any objections to make to any  pf Uiem; and he said no;, there was no-Other  ���������conversation between myself .and Capt.'Hen-  ness but this one; and I; think Mr. Suter was  In.tho room at the time ; Mr. Walker,, barris-  ter'came to the door at the time Mr. Henriess  was examining the list; I invited him in, but  he did not come; on the .morning of tho trial  P showed the * list of j urymen to ��������� Mr. Rob ert~  son, barrister, and asked him if he had any objection to any of them serving, and he said no.  4th. The jury summoned are all those who  were; shown; to Messrs. Perrin and Henness  with the exception of; two or three, and tliosc  were P. Gannon, Robt,' Monroe and H. N.  Steele, and these were added to those already  summoned, for had ascertained definitely only  tbe day before the assize that the cause* ^Martin vs. Lowe Estate' would come oif, and I  was afraid there ./might, not be enough jurymen, especially so if any of theme would be  objected to.  '5th. My anxiety about the jury in the cause  'Henness vs.. PcrFin, arose from the fact tha^  I knew the. litigants were two of the oldest  and best known miners on the creek.  6th. It has always been our practice to as*  certain as well as we could���������-and especially so  when Mr. O ?Reil 1 y was he re ��������� 1 as t year���������-the  jurymen on the panel who might be.interested  bad a suit with tho Cunningham -company-About^portion of the 200 foet of ground which 1 bought from Perrin and the former won the suit; Mr. Arnold followed  me to Beaver'Lnke and demanded $5000 of an abate-.  ment in the price p*Id me; I considered ho had a claim  for  rin  make  pTound taken by the . . .  mduced, to, buy the, onoj:eighi.hJnV5r^t;to hay^vhe  nrrister,  IK  BS  ize������  :'���������������������������.���������.. -; jfiitoif. G;iCpx;:E4qv)*'' /  ' /fi- AA. :��������� ���������:Tuesdft'y, July  Humphrey oV/Ppol Vs. Jplih Peebles^  wasa auit for ���������i-SO," the valued bfa; hotti*,  di^d after having; bofen riddeu last yeftr from  the'iijppiir^country,WYate It appoara l^t  the' deiehdoht had [not; ehabged \Qs^:lV6m  a ec ord in g io < agrecmen t ' ~'' ' * "' * A'" 'rl* *  Jn  This  that  on'lHe rpftd/^ Tha  tiff4 brought  _  prtmisSotTnWdtie'h^ ' ,Tbe'  Court granted a decreo;for; tlie^ iuii^mourit  ... ^.ii������^m������^.  n ���������iniiiii' a . .  MINING''INTELLIGENeK;  out shakiu^Jhis direct testimony,: ��������� ar^ this clus������U.Uie  PlM?l Wai^Bt4cd4he::.'case: ^r^he'de^ndint^&fter  which he called A,.a������    ,    , , ,,  Mr John rPerric; wnojephel to .the learned counsel's  oupsUona as fallows: I was a member of -the Cunningham co'v from the fall of 1661; Captain HeunesB became a raembcri^the spring of 1S������2; C?ptain^Hennrfl������  aooliod to me to sidl bim an 1-8: inkrest in tbe;bench  claims; about that time the lead was. found,going.,by:  JDgllt  paid a very large nrice when he bought in, and I offer:  cd it for $2000; Hem^ rofua^d to give that; hoofler-  ftit S1500. navablo when.. it wouid ��������� come out.^and 1  ed S1000, ...payi  -���������.--,     t   , -jv.  acrecd to take.that amount;Mr. Cunningham said have  the ground surveyed by. Mr .Foley, but Mr .Henness-  said no there is no use, I take it as it stands.:.  Mr. Henry:West was also esamlnod, b ut his evidence'  was immaterial..      ���������     ..    ������������������  A ���������;..-       -  ��������� ���������;," -- '"������������������ ���������-,.-' f  Mr.'.Walkoai'���������reviawod, the evidence on tae part of  the defendant, and   : -     ���������_-���������������������������     ._:  ������ Mr, Rob ef tson followed on t he par L of the plain tin7,  after which V :'���������:" ;h. i ���������':''������������������:.'.��������� ' ;������������������   ��������� A.     A.  ���������  The Court sumtned up mv? left "the' matter, with tna  The-jury not agreeing..were.locked up for.tho  jury.  into court next morning  night; when the Judge c*m  the forcm  lordship d.- .,.--- ,. A ...     ,..,*,  there wore ten in favor of giving a verd;ct lor plJiatiff.  TIIE DEPUTY SHERIFF'S TRIAL.  ��������� ������������������ " ': ��������� ' 'Saturday 28rd July, JS05. ���������"  This case,, which excited groat jaterefit, came on this  morning; the Court House was deadly crowded with  people    His- lordship took his saat on tho beach at  10:30.a. m.   A jury was selected,  Mr. J. T. llixon as  ior������mnn. '  I>an. it. Oiishaim was arr.iign3'd and theIn&ictmmt  for unlawfully oiT<.-ring to take a hrioe iq pack .a jury  floin'g read, fa e pleaded * 'not guilty."  Mr. John Purrin was Examined, and gave su'ostan ���������   *���������* ������������������!a ������*������������������ hi hU affidavit ulae-  . concLTN gulch,- .... -.--������������������������������������-,;���������  The Kricson .company are still; takinf? out; gol.d irt'y  large quahtitie*; this ;,w������*k !l������ vproduce" ��������� of. ihe'lr tiaiai , ���������  amoUnuXo ISOO'.ow, value for $18,700.;,:��������� ������'f';��������� ;;';:;:; ;v "-''  -  IJGHTNINO '.eBKEK,, -Z'XlAk : *a'a'A.  Mining ncwfi'froin tbia creek.;is hot so' favnurahtftaa ;  was auUeipated at the opening ;,or;4heiaa.snpa^.;-/^a;,r.::  hav������3 no hew tliscrjveries io report ao idr,; however aex1'-;;  eral companioa are peWevcriug" with; - the he'j?3.of 'tifa&j-  mate fcuccos?. .The'Bi^cov������ry company have>beeadoia.<  well, taking out'mora then wages for some time pwi.���������  -���������The Bild Head or Kelly co'y have,also;boon, making  wages. ��������� The old Campbell co'y, in.tbo or8ek',;t(K>k,ou*,  80 ou nccs las t week, ;��������� a nd the eld Si da 11 co'y. P?xt th������  Dutch  co'y washed: up 80 .ounces 'on Saturday; ?th������v  later co'j havb-n'ot been >-uccf:?.*ful lately;���������Tae Ayr-:  sulfa Iviaa uoly are 'still prospecting, out so Urwiui-  ���������outsuccesa. ���������   :' ���������'   ���������;'     . ,   7 -  ���������'   7       ' ������       :  ' -- '���������-,-       '    'LAST: CHANCE*CREEK, '"    /���������"'.'  . '  '   We are glad to atate that after i.vir*everin^)viih';th9li;.  jopetatioTia ibr-the...past three yearg.the Australien ^ia-  -neT co'y have at length atrnck exed h;ht P3y,?the'y ha?r  taken out gold - in qua n*i ti es that will' yiel t.i .a liasdifiinV-  return^and Uitir piofipect-j now are Vyry bri^ht^ V   ,';'..  A -Aw        LW   '��������� ��������� DAVIS 'CRSSif^ '���������,': ';' -._'.'. !'"������������������".; A ���������  ITie Bruce co'y and Fred'���������* company &fi ���������; doing:'/wrtiy'.  C ap,t.' Evans Is all 11 prospecting. (      At        \ ��������� ���������'; ?   ,l : ���������  \ v'-^aK'^lMTtitoi^nri: JrjpibiiL' ^mcuix in ;������  -the {British' E������Piri:^-Hc m;.2fc 'iJUBticotte^/;  bio will Iwye Garibwearly on:Monday;;morri - ;  mg next for Kooteniy, where Uie. A^lzeGotirt  for. that district will^be:held iu Uie fall. Vthm :  bis lordship return^ to New.rWeatrainster: af-  terwards io open, court...there ho will havo  travel'led no Hess than:, 20^0. milea > on circui %  We cau safely s^y lb(>t;for extent the judicml  circuit: in this co Id ti y is tinp * rallelcd: in' an r ���������  other part of ihe;Bnfeh;Empire.-^ Two. tlibiv-:  3ond, -ih'iles; 'of,', travelling ./in.';*.; country -whpr������.  there; are no railways. 6x^eambnafa,���������> and> &&,  greater; ^par t no; ro &dij j is A >au;;; tin der ta kin % \  wliicii few :Occupaiits :pf the��������� "benchii homeVor;  inthe.^ol6nies wouldlike:to;:have forced up-:  *w^������- ,,  -   -      ,, *-���������--.[ on-ftieni,: vet Judge Begbie does no tcosnplafri.^  anstatcd that they .could not agree, .^ ^TIjsl()rdShip ha* been "  look npon it���������although with the greatest  luctance���������as something he naatfput forth to  cause a diversion in his favor-.   \  Dan.B. GHTsnouffDep. Sheriff.  Richfield, July 21st, 18GG..  Sworn before me, at Richfield, this 21st day  of July, A. D.31865.  Oliver Hare, A. R. S. O*  Mr. Chisholm g6 into a hack room..  Mr, David Fnmch���������a workman at tho Cariboo shaft,  saw Messrs'Perrin and Ch tabid in Bitting together on a  log near the shaft house one d&y last week.  Mr. Oliver" Hare proved the record in tho case of  Henness vs Perrin.  ��������� Mr. Walker handed in defendant's affidavit.   This  closed the case for the crown.  Captain Henness���������I have known Mr. Chiabolna since  the winter of 1*62; the day before thu trial of Henness  is likelv to be appointed Governor of Idaho.  The treatment of the robete toy the Federals  has been under discussion in. the House of  Lords, it was hoped they would be treated as  vanquished and not disgraced enemies  Eastern News���������The Express and mail arrived to-day. Brcckenridgc and Jeff. Davis'  staff have arrived at Havana.   Admiral Dn-  pout of (he TJ. S.navr ������ dead.   General But- always bi3 aim, and ho wH rtwr aw u������ l������^ ������  theU ^nmoister tssUficd t\ni he had known deftitH-  in cariboo over a mohttMbiVsc- -;  p������i i >ci iviaboen.'i Imdslinc^sfantiy.;.,  en^agBd,' either in court or in chamber*'.";. Wo ������ra h'flp - Al  py'tb.stateWxatthe crmih!'i 1 bnvin'S3-at the��������� two Ara.z-  os which the Judp;e Ib������ h.o-l.i,siuc������j his '.Arrival.'hero hm::l  bo^ri t-xt remoiy ligh f, a'pta! o of M\ In%n which in a gr^a>.;"  measure is* bwing to >��������� fcs' lordrblp'o whoIsnoiho admini; - .  tration of tho laws hmUoford in the -colony. *  Fblkkrs Cask���������We'give ;cleswhere in this  issue sonic extracts from a contemporary on  this case. We notice an error however ivhicK  does Judge, Begbie an injustice. His lordship is made to say that iu future if a jury,  failed to render a proper verdict be would  lock them up until they had done so. Wliat  the Judge said was, that he had the power to  do so, but that he did not. like to exercise it,  San Fbascitoo.���������-Flour was selling forS6,7������%  to $7. "Bishop Potter is dead. Sam. Brannun  met with a dangerous accident, by beintr;  thrown from a buggy. John Bey ine "alto the  Chicken pleaded guilty to assault* tin Tho v  Chandler. The smallpox has broken out  among the Chinese. ���������'��������� ���������  The Retorn Yijfix MAtai.��������� Tho. return  rifle match between Victoria and New Westminster Volunteers came off on the 13th inst;  and was won by the latter by 18 points.  ?0t 500 pack animals have been teiren off  the Cariboo route and placed on the Kootenay route.  j@^ There is no change in the :pri(sea of  last  \y  a iffimy%} and that he felt;anxious about the ��������� put  result;"1 he fn?n w^oi on io cyphiia f.������j mc a!  our leadiu^ article from this issue.  SiiCKP-rra o;  ml'ur*.  fl\p hr~Zr\ V. F. 1  be COrh hJF'^nt, of BARKERVILLE, SATtfRDAX JULY 22, ?65  FROM KOOTENAY AND BOAT ENCAMPMENT  -v-  ANOTHER SUGGESTION.,  .'���������'...'' To THE E6J5& OF THE "CaKIBOO SENTINEL." .  _,��������� -'SiR^TIi^re is a wide difference be tweeri  .:. 5 ffie correo t���������', repfesen tat ions of- the miri in g in*  ^Mteplsta in Cariboojas,given inypurjournai  ��������� \ Qfiid^thosei'J6lf your^^wlVcstminster contein-  fx|forar$ "4;br^  ���������^ ^ql^nsdrVtbe"fC<)lumljian^iell us; "labor is  ^^^ high. f?  Ten  1"JtjdoUars.a da^ia;tlie regular, rate?now-paid,  ;:^nd it tvill soon be s&teeh^f; IFou tell us,  |l&rid weyall khowvthere are many,,unemploy-  :������|ed memwho would :be glad;to: get; $8 a day,  .;���������; 'iihd-there" is scarcely a possibHity that we will  :   ������over see- wages higherilhan^tliit;   In fact  : ; many of us expect;to see; th0m:reducbd i> efore  h* ihe snow fails.T ; You ^contemporary minis  '   wisdom also tells you that you have not beek  4iebb ; lipko enough* to forra' a;correct judg-  ment upon the practical operation of the laws,  "A. arid he thinks too that your former residence  Til Victoria makes you an incompetent judge of  eujcih; matters.   The waiter of that article must  Have dipped his peri in gall Vdbufrle-(listilled'?  to liavc perpetrated such:a sarcasm upon your  'intelligence and cominph sense..   A Si wash  KSWSTO JUNE lfiTfT.  From Mr. Ben. McDonnell, an old Cariboo miner ar������d  the discoverer ofQuesnelte; river, who left Fisherville,  Kootenay, on the 18th day of June, and arrived here  yesterday oh the mail steamer, we; gather the following  pood hews; Provisions were plentiful���������flour $35 and  $40 per. 100 lbs; bacori 80 cents per lb.; sugar, $1; other  groceries in proportion.. A few potatoes w*re the only  vegetables:that had reached the diggings and were sell-  ingat $1 per lb. , There were 1600 men in the mines,  and 600 were seen on the' trail ��������� bound ���������; in. They ��������� had;  been' tb.the Gocufd-1'Aleno mines and^ sa i 1 they .had  fou rid. nothing worth stopping to work. Three or "four  hundred men.were at work on Wild Horse ���������Creek-  wages $7 per clay. The diggings arc shallow���������-pay dirt  from four to six feet deep���������paying Irom- $1.0 to 2 and 3  ozs. per day. Pay is found in the banks mostly.: The  creek pays welt at low water iri spots. ;Tao average  weekly dividend is about $150 to the share. Tbe creek  has not been thoroughly prospected. ;^But will get a  good overhualling during tho; present season. Many  American miners had left for- tho south side of the line  in consequence of the high duties an d taxes which the  British. Columbian -Government is enacting. G-reaj  dissatisfaction was- expressed ��������� th create ' There are 'it  great many h^rd characters on the creek some of whom  were drivon out offBoisc and-, Stinkingwater by the VI-;  gilanco Committee,.-:: -'���������-"���������; ; ��������� ',  v Mri. McDonnell was one of the discoverers of the Boat  Encampment diggings. Tho mipifis~h0^s from that  section is excellent. The miners were making, from  $40 to $50 por day to the hand with rockers on the  banks of tho Columbia and oh a small creek. Mr. 31c-  Dounell has explored 400 miles of the1 country-K, N:  W. from Kootenay, and found fine prospects. Numer������  ons veins of gold and silver bearing quartz1: were found  and specimens brought away for assay. ��������� V ,;  v  Elk River is 60 miles south of Wild Horse Creek. and{  empties into Kootenay River.   : It is1 believed to be in  Oppe^  :?  walking blindfold frcip Yale.to the Meadows j American Territory, and it was reported that as high  by'the usual, route, would be able to tell more  as $50 per day to tho hand was being made with rock -  ������*-.-*i.t*-.V<  i,������*������! v^^.n *s  correcuy. the' -condition of the country' than I QTSX\  Tllf goId wns������r ^e-kfnd .known as: fino float  ������!v ;���������    <? ���������- - -i> s-A *vi   \ *>r:;    e ���������   - -n        ������   * ~ xpld. and was caught wuh ��������������������������� quicksilver,'   - ���������   .-      ,   - ;  .,   vour"cbntomporary.    Yet we are gravely arid  ��������� Beriously told that your short stay on Wil-  '  '  liams*Creek does" not enable you to do what  ..ith at Si wash would readily do!    I fear you  '.will.never survive the: violent sting of this  ���������bitter sarcasm/ <  A: BARKERVILLE,''^u^^pB^^Zl/  Have on hand a large stock of the following  goods jusfarfivod, which they will sell at tho  './A .;.        ."���������'���������'Lowest Market Rates, viz:��������� -     I'/^A'  GROCERIES,- {including Pickles', Jams,\aU:Wndr of  " ';Saucos, kc.,)   ,   '���������'.".''.. .;;".'"' /,.. A/A''", -.' V-V,;'.'.-. A  .'}:;::'������������������.':;PROVISION^,y/- ��������� y/y.\.yA'A:AiAlAZ/AA-  Z-;   HARDWARE^ CRpCKEUv,    I   aZZZa  :'.;.:! :-���������-' ���������.:v^'.v:\;'iiQ^bRs,;'mN:Es^.' 'ZwaiaaZa  A- . ) ^SEGARS.;^BAC6(^i:,.- yA'Z.. A  t.';: ;    ,     ;   ST-mOSERy^Cl'OTlll^:y\  w;"- '/ BOOTS ASJ> SHOES,  MINING UTENSIU5> including    J ;^:   ; yAy.y/  ���������������������������' Z/'l   ���������SHOVKI^,-;FdRK^:;:;;-';;^f^  ..'.-:... ,Z       ly'/; puck,.^ope, '.':��������� a !::,:  ':',';.-", '>���������":���������     ':''::;^\;':;';:''PicKs,;&c.;;&c.  J8@^ Particular attention is callod. to o������r fine stock  of LIQUORS, WINES k SEGARS. '.  .\yy A\  Barkerville^ 12th June, 1865.' y;A ���������: In'  iB  i-y   ������f|TWA|f|.'':::|  zzz^zzzt$  THE^alibve:'ftivior^^ 3&tiniiSTn������ I  the superintendarico of^ MAbAvS^i  JAMES, its proprietress, has just bee7uljAl  public.;, TheHotelis fitted up in thea^ft  style; ann the Restaurant is suppifad'^Sv9  cacits the market affords. 'A FIRST CLa?������ 5B^  been secured:^ :; ;l s :w,:y AawAwT ?fHl  v The choicest brands of Licriiori anil rji^������ ������ mm  hand ���������.'���������:".: : ;: ' ;.-.{.���������'���������:  AAAwAA A A: ���������-'���������   A >��������� rawW|i  ��������� r' But a'boutmy "su������cgestion.',: It ig this: In  ' vie\v7o r tbe f'acis j us t stated that the m inere  ou this creek will take steps at once to express themselves tip on the s'ubj ect of the mis-  rbj)reserita'tioti^: .6f .the '0olumb'ian7 arid l)r.  llp^wardarid'aii'^^^ A. plain simple state-  joent-pf'the facts given by a public meeting  of the;mihera would probable ,put a stop to  sueh-things in future. At the same time such  .a���������meelin'g would.: do -well to set forth our  grievances to the Governnieht in a simple  und truthful manrier. - If your esteemed cor-  .respondent "Lightning" disagress with me on  .4his subject Lhopo he will,tead more carefui-v  ���������' lythan he did beforehand -give the language  used i'ts-. plain meaning.' If Ee will read again  the ^snggestions" which he: answer ed he will  ���������find I never'intimated^a desire to seb the law  declaririgclaJms forfeited for a failure to record repealed. ,: It was only to inflict a"pen-'  ���������alty for such failure, and in case the record  was not then renewed let the ciaimbcforfeited.   On the subject of jury trial we differ  ��������� Avidoly, and we.will continue to differ. ;  .'������������������:���������-��������� :    Boulder,  WiUiams Creek, July 19, 1865.  for the navigation of the Upper; Columbia'<wasi met at  the mouth of Suake River.: Ho expectbd' to; have tlie  steamer running by the first of August ��������� Sixteen largo!  boats, heavily laden, were built and;supplied with  freight at. Colvillo this spring. Ay jyP^-l--  Judge O'Reilly, with a police force had reached the  .digging. Mr. Haynes had started"������������������ for- thu:,Boat En-  campme n t^   From onb  pa ck trai n wb ich' arrived a t  TUe amount of treasure in the hands of the Government  olUcers is said; to be enormous.��������� 'ChronicledV:  -:':::'.;:V;;:;iEVEKY:rEVKNIN6^^^^    .://':  FAS:Hl'OrK.;::...SAL:Q;6M  Z* "Z/'Z r-BaRk^mtKf,H4*''^\i::y  Miner's   ProidsMii $tore!  GAi\iERONl?CiN.   Z :!:ZZ i Z  POLICE COURT.  - . - {Before W. G. Cos, Esq., J. P.)  Harvey Train vs. A. if. Morrow.���������This was  v^iu action for trespass. The plaintiff claimed  thejslide^tb"thei Coriklirf Giilch Saw Mill^ havr  ;ing;purbhasedlt frdm^ pr;:Micha6lsipr $100;  ( The; defendanty otjdo is a��������� workman of Sir. Harrison^,' was: only the5 nominal' defendant, his  - ������mptoyer bPmg the ,party; interested. It aja-  peared that: originally the slide .had. been  built by Michaels^ but in; the flre: of last year  ifc was partially, consumed,. and subseQ.uently  re-built by Mi*. Harrison^ The Magistrate  (lecidedithat ilichaels had:ao:right to sell the  slide and-directed bim to-retiirn thei $100-���������  the slide/ to befihe'joint prb^ Mr, IIar������  dson;and'Mr.:ili������haels. t. wA ������������������.��������� -a -a \ i A,  LIONS  & D^ERp  ,   Wholesale & Retail 3-Ierchahts &;Dealers in;. .  Liquors*   Provisions, ?: &roeeriesv:: Clothing,  Hardware, Modicines;;Prug8;& Arincrs/Iopls., -..  j^**The cheape^p^esl^^^eefc;^ : '  BILLIARD ^S^gjg  RICILFIEIii).; zz:.  PAT RICK    KTRWlN  PROPRIETOR. Z//ZZ.  ACL THE LOVERS OP FUN ARE INVIT-  - -etr'toncair? aM^enjoyrthemsefr^  hearty welcome will be extended;r wZ-  yy Miisie. and: Daneing; ^  ;'"��������� Billiard^, Exriellerit Refreshments and..Me  best- of order observed. ,   - .- ������������������ ���������'���������,yy"kJA' 'A  ���������AAAA---W ?i.;-Uw*^  THE Pi^RLpB SALGQlSr  BARKERVILLE.Zt     >^ ^    ���������;  T;  J,   ATCHISON.  THE WINES, SPIRITS, ALE & SEGiRS >] he had at  Ay this Saloon-are tho best that can bo imported.; y:  CA3IERONTON:  THE  SvT. VVILCOX;PR0f;  THIS  >:STABUSHMEOT. WILL, BE  MONDAY NEXT, tlie 19th inst*,, forffiL.^*  of Boarders. ^Theihouse;has been neatly^-ttAW*  will b;e found7ajcorafortable' home by mineB; ' ;;  j^/LodgihgsFREE. ' Board $16perwoet t������$  Meals ;$l 60.. .* Meals supplied; to night Iwd^.' >g|S  .;';-JENQl^:-'&;VA^  RioMeld, Barkerville and  '.:'������.: yyAA-riii\.^,:yyy...}    *'^y: '���������:��������� fv; .u.-.j*  m  /^^A-largeVlBupply of; the h^M^fpl  ways on*hano^aVthe several stores of the te&������V������������B  h^msXreek;-     *j i.-. AAA'AA-jy: aw, tyiA--.- y^^  y A First Class Reading RoomI ^   :;:  All the latestBnglisli, American,; C anadian ;an d coie-  l *���������*.! ,: . ;��������� -';':'������������������';'���������;nial.papers;taken-ih;-"'-'l::--y- *--v'*-."���������*i*i.i  ;   j^-. A1 Harmonic Bleeting hcid 'every 'weelr^Judge  >nd ;Jury^.., ���������     : ��������� A *.y ' y-1 A:-: ���������:, ; -'������������������ >    y;-;'; '"'��������� A ^. '���������- "��������� <"  :G^3reRONTO^,-r;Wn4^^~iGp.ssBK,- ^Ay .?  A,  w>  AAA  WHOLESALE:   ':A N &    RET/  AM-  Aii  a W ':n  XJRO0ERIES, v >-:4 i:>? w: w... w^i  Mww0?ROVISIONSi>-> ��������� ���������������������������������������������;.- -mwww  ,;      " :     ���������LIQUORS,  v>v..^ ���������:.-.: wwBmMl^'AyW  AAAimsA/S/AA Hc*.^V^4\TOBAS08i  -A/A;Km:ZwAwA AAA  A AAARASmm  GRQGKER1V   '/'      ?.'     *.*>.'���������  '���������"    M  ���������:���������:^.:.:r:MINING:::UTENSILS;> AAA yV-m  ��������� "Crt*f������^ ���������:' \iM  *>. CLOTHING.      '<-m  -'; .       ^t':' ". "���������:        BOOTS*SB^s|  X DRY GOODS, &c.r&c.     - ^  .  .  TERRiBLEAFFAIRmSANFRANCiSeO.  %' San Fraucico, July- T.���������>A;-...terrible' tragedy occurred  ~tb l St. Francies Hotel, corner of Clay and Dupont stpeets  aboiit 3 o'clock thisp- in.   Billy MiiligB'nj-.who. was ex-  pairiatbd'by- the Vigilance Oommittee in 1856, had been  lutiering under an attack of delirium tremens since yes*  n rduy.    TOMtoy he threatened the life of several persons, and .when the police attempted to arrest him: he re.  t rcfatod to his room at SL:Francis Hotel, threatening to  kill any persoa who should attempt t*> euter.   Officer  -���������J Im pptlle en tered the room.: when Mulligan .tired twieo  at him.    Cbappallo retreated without raceiving any  injury-   Mulligan: then- opened his window and fired  -siraight down .Dupont. street.: , John Hart, fiireman of  Eureka Fire Engine,; '���������; was crossing the street- and re-  ceived.theiball.in bishoart, killing him instantly.   Se-  vera 1 parties attempted te enter' Mulligan room.. but  were -intimidated by-hfs -threats.    Jack McNabb, a  gambler well known throughout the,state.; depending  upon feiendship; that .existed, between Mulligan aud  himsel(; a'tten^p.ted.toreach Alulligan'sroom, and pac-  :lfy:" him, but was shot at .from the stairs leading to the  . .room.. The ball stmolr.-. his should prolonging downwards,* and entered the stomach.    McNabb returned  : to thegniund floor exclaimed --"Billy has lulled me,."  and shortly afterwards expired-.  The excitement now  became intense and crowus'of pejpole, gathered eround.  Fcjlioemen armed with muskets,  were stationed at the  windows of the house on the opposite side of Clay skroet  an11 one of4heu2-5catehihg; a glance, of him fired and  jnissed.' Mulligan then came down to the. second floor  jtnd peered out at a doorway when he was shot through  Abe head andiustahlly killed,1 by a'-policeman. Mulligan  was: arrested yesterday, at the request of some of his  i'ri������;n'is, arid confined in the station house all night.  Hiei irjs'mis s������>' he was deliri<ms when dischorgcu ironi  oosiodv this morning and censure tbe police Tor setting  ltihi at ilbcrty wMlis in *o dangerous a state.  Thi3 Saloon ia fitted np in FIRST CLASS  STYLE;;'with!v:;-v^;^;:\:-  Phelan's Biliisbrd: Tal>les!  jar* The BAR is supplied^Ith the FiNEST  LIQUORS which can be procure;'dA '  Q-.  Will be'given once a week; by the  Cariboo Amateur Dramatic Association.  3  HAS  RETIMED TO CxlRIBOG  AND   HAS  aAzEiiLp ;.-s atjO0m  :;;:::;:::; .'cameronton,';:-;, :.--��������������������������� ,y.  Aaler; W^&smy, -ySrop^:  This large Saloon is fitted iip in. a^^yle of  elegance and comfort which has no rival in; these colonies. ��������� It contains two large Billiard Tables with'all tbo  modern improvements.. ;...^ ['j:waa  'A %&- The Bar is furnished with LIQUORS fc SEGARS  of the aiiest quality and best brands. .-     ; y I r> .-���������  The subscribers have received a machine for manufacturing Soda Water, and also one for making, SarsaT,  parilla, both of which articles they are now/prepared'  to supply to ���������customers. -'.A S-  <���������;.<.  ^9^ Goorla bought at my Store will bfl  livered FREE OF CARRIAGE to all po^  of-TVilliam^Creeki^ ������������������ "-���������������������������: y*Ai' :\ A .'.��������� \  ;-'���������..'������������������;'��������� 'Awr AywA^r ;���������'-'��������� ;;s;eLSASSS"-:  RICHFIELD.  Mbkchahts asb Dealers is  Where he will be glad to see all his.  CAMERONTON.  WAKE   UP   JAKE  Bakery,    CoiFee    Saloon  J? ro vision; s ^ ��������� -: '%iquoN������  m  i  JMji  m  -1  AA.  f:  And every other, description of {$m&f^f  ed by tho Mining o>mrmsaait^  ������5T Moderate Terms.'  A-~ri  ASD  The OLdest  Established Hotel  .creek.  oa Williams  ES. CAMERON begs to intimAte that she has opened the 1/ion'eer; Hotel in Cameronton. which is  neatly fitted up witJi every comfort; the Beds are������lean  bnd well kept under her own sup*rihtendance.; the  Bar is ;well stocked with the finest LIQUOBS; and the  Restaurant will be supplied with every delicacy- An  .efficient Cook engageu.      ,  PYom the long experience Mrs. Cameron has had in  .Hotel keeping on Williams Creek j and the large patronage formerly bestowed upon her house, she will leave  nothing wanting in her new Hotel to ensure the support and. patronage of her old friends.  4^" Hot arid Cold Suppers to be had at all hours.  Important to Prospectors  for Qnai>tzv  qpHE UNDERSIGNED IS NOW PREPARED TO AEFA-*  J. LYSS ORES of any description brought to him  for that purpose.    Charges moderate.  Barkerville, B. C.,  A. KELLY, Pkopsietor.  Everything is done in connection with tbis establish  ment to give satisfaction to the customers.  ���������FOR-  LI11LOOET  ; COXKECTIN'G WITH  DTETZ & NELSON'S FOR VICTQKIA,  Will arrive at Richfield on Wjednksdays and Satcjudays  aud close on AtoDAYS and Thuksdays at NOON,; conr  veyjiitr TrfiUHiire, Letters and Valuables for ALL PARffS  OF THE WOfeLD.  F. J. BARXARD.  *~~~~~"       '  l-llllll I     II     III II "' I        IIIIII1IIIIHM.II    .l|������H  Important to Miners!  Neighboring Creeks and Ouldies*  JOSEPH G. SPOONE& will run an W  Reoulahlt, in connection with Barnard's Wr  from Williams Crick to Grouse, Stevens, Begg?,^u'  Cunningham, anli Keithley. Creeks. 'l''^M  L9tters,.fic, io bo left at Kxpress Office, BWBB  or John Buie'g, Barkervtlle-  RICHFIELD. m  _ ������������������      .. 'Am  This EsfcaJblisliment is.now open fbrcttsj^i  crs. The Table is supplied with the best andie* j 4  delicacies;   Coffee find Pies^ii bo had at alf ng j |  jm' The Bar contains the Fmesfc Uojibrs onio^j.^  I 1-4 interests in "Sage Miller" Co'y>  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLAGK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  PANNINGS,  Oa Commission, or will purchase any quantity on the  fiiosT'LiBEKAfc Terms, at the  Reading Room, Cameronton,  . Subscriber is now well known on Williams Creek, and  BLACK SANrD, PANNINGS & BLOWINGS  BOUGHT,   from the confidence rcposod in bim lust Fall in the  or CLEANED on Commas! .n, at .the Aurora CuinpAny'a ; above business, bo hopos to receive the patronage of  Office. ���������, I, the Mining com muni ty lbs cn-juin^ season  0 P. E..DEVINF.     |        * I0UNB0WR0S.  1-2  1-2  1-3  1-2  14  do  do  do  do  do  do:  do  (.'0  do  "Brown'  ^Providence"  a-  Has Instructions to sell the following vai  claims, viz: >  Lowhco Crt8  do      ~ d0 -���������   '<  mrviuenco" do   WatsonsGjig "|  Forrest Rose" Co>, wmf/   |  ���������'Nwada".  4*aarkcrM  "Ornish"  "Garibaldi"  1 c'o "Challenge"  1 do "Hood" ^  Also, a few shares in tho various Bed Rock Fl������������  All kinrfs of business connected with mining T  ly ami cnrefully attended to. -, usfli  8sr Offioe-RICHFIELD, near the Court B������u  do  do  do  do  do  do  do.  do  do  do m  ConkH^ ^  do ��������� w,  $AA  z


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