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The Cariboo Sentinel 1868-06-04

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 <*?  rol:5-  Barkerville,: William Creek,- B.' QA Thursday, June. 4, 1868.  M  .^Wssm0g&^   ic&  PttbPRife\on:j  IJtA^>CR^;i���������lm6|  'imk  wyyi  tf^ver anticipate a;union with Bis: beloved, for  tlfer^^ap more prbbabUity,of meltiogja stone  tbun%f/molli{'yirig; ber terrible 'father, who  Ja^eiolyed"Inever tbTmarry his daugbter to  an^pne^fci^^ court 4Jqancin6rAi?;Unliaj pllV^  tQo, ,tit*-knew, that a real ���������.ob'uiiciUo^ttflfd'.1'tfon  old fellow, lit? 'posseased :considerable; pro?  'p'eriy^^m^i^pef^pes^ry   qua 1 ifl cation*,  W^MiS^^M^^phs/ aaftel^ny^igMon-.  %Sffm.-pot folio under M% arm.'^Thial^vas������:no'  ���������MhflfcjMian*'tb������ cabiuefc nitnmtwi;J ^icbelv^^uti"  ienly he stood stilt, opened tbo portfolio^and  K'lWlsww j', W:s*.,- i^ -'u.;',*-^-^*.'' ���������*kv;/;^:������������*': :������i.u;.���������*--  taking thb letters from1 the secretary^  band$| Pritz. read,, them through' with 'care.  ^ronBiJme1 to time fie-'Questioned- the vbiiner  .man  cely;e  in,' ahcl'gaye ^fuv tier /testimony - to Laufert'fl  ���������it*- ������������������'-  roni^iJme to time," he questioned the yoiing  aq^nd^npi^i'"lHstand^  b tjjtterj tUe^sbreiyd monarchctuibkiy p6r-  |l- that;he fiosVees'ed;a/clear ;understa'nd-  |hd- ability; ,Luckily; tpo:,Eiehel, came  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  "i/A Zx'^W^Z^M  A,fi^clAss TWELVE-HORSE' power vq&t-   A  able-Engine; in'Complete-order:'-    '      .  . wi  -Apply to   '���������- VJv'R,ADAMS, ������oda Creek,;. WyX)4'  : - wQr   ���������  *  ' T.1 L. BRIGGS^Cumerontoa, ������. C. -  > ��������� ,  J|avl;:i803.       "   "=-'"--   -   -'  ���������    h-AwAA'   is       l������v..  ���������". -A  AM  Ap  i'IWW  ���������,^^r^w ^tovppsd ;tbat? he had loft the most import-,  w *yyvl$0M i^ipt letter at home���������s������-ibinf/, that JfreqnvnWy  L tor any dc^ript>Vn pf Job j? > > *#&| $fe������gW  jj^r*Tcnns moderate. ���������*&#     ... ;--  &S B ECBIf :A CQUNGlWg^  ^{"^b^  .,������MT|[B-<HiRMAN.   redertcW the Gresi dmed P^^tuS  Bi At the royal:table; eat .t:io ��������� .Mi  weas^he cliror Algarottt, tbo 5lM^.^f  De.h Metre, Lord Marsha I, ^g^  .teDburgr^d'th0 ���������^enpTyn������d;:J.ol<^  i viands were not lusuridua; but -^py^pW,  VpliaW ������Wiou* the king .4g������A$E$S  if and always diluted what he toolc;.wjtb;  Iter. Ii was' thus that '(b&\g������at|fflg*g������  ed on the, particular day "W������ speak.o^aM  imb������rlam stationed .behind, bia.chftii;,;^^  favorit   log, EJfbj, ^bo from bWM  Pe received ^llc^'te "^������s"3eIsacoJRliMggggi  b th- aleadfif^gr yhonod������,*OTilOtopg  ?, and itiy'her.t^o ;wiiUft paws;tfoa^'  ���������;.mHiter;6.;knees^CQ^tnU:-^  .-. :<��������������� -.r: :^_n::-   ������������J4.������ lUtlis- alU  y H % es , wqat can l no lor you r;   , /.     *.  - ;^^0i!:;caii'"dc mo.a great?fa.yor.,' I+must,riJ  fynrtvfor * letter which I'h'ave left ^behind."  1 '*Ko ; H f^>f/fak^ a sts  -etat*?; secret.:;  'TSKci^is  ?Jlat"T$",-,  v^������rW"itfioufc delav.   He will ba annoyed- ^  he1 hit', to wait.   If im inqulres^for ,me^ make.  ......   JHb<  -Ha! what'stbiV*" asked the king of .tHfe^  [fj;irrasBC(l ciiambftriain'i'who, stooped ,dpwn  j-pick up the paper.. ���������; ;s - i   '     #-  ' ;  [Fate was against him, ho.wey^r. for jtist a,s  document was about to be placod in tbe  [ajf's- bands Bicho snapped atit.iand in the  latent the,paper gave whvj Bicbe escaping  fttb hair. -��������� "' : r-���������;   ';   i-/ s-y y.  i^llow came tliat paper the re ?-? cried Fredr  HCa, h is features beco miiig soi mb re. ���������;.;u I. will  m tbe truth." ', >      yy ,  ! Your mujesty,'* statninered the 61 d man;  poor devil ventured to present a bumble  tition to. you through 'Bicbe/- ��������� v  ���������'And you advised, the proceeding V./w "AAaw  H 'felt sorry for the: yonng man/ and; j  loiight���������rrnA. -.    ".'   X-..:;  "Imbecile! ;Biche has a hnndred ���������;.tirnea  |W sagacity, and has given tho insolent  stitioQer a fitting response. This time T will  ffer tbe affair to pass; but if yon. corru pt;  y dogs you shall feel my displeasure. Men  b'good for nothing, and will, deceive-; me.  iy dogs, if let alone, are faithful.". v "'���������':\  With this he rose from the table and retired  o his study, where he took  up   his  flute.  ''0t be' -���������aatoan dfed AaeWs&xyA ^-did^'np.t^aj^fp^  fiirthet:*.;ibstnictions,;;but. took the.p.oVttpli.o.;  f rSnv; 'tli e: rii\ hw ter*s: basidfta a ci: hpritip dAo.��������� the  palace^ determined toon'ilio ihr beat-,of th������  w������4* Whatt here agam-*J cried the old.cham������:  bfeala. -** Wbat'db'yoa wanfnow?"*   ;-. \*\  4l^lT^make'a rep#>. f t6v tb#king;������ ?  ^r������6ttM������   Motjesllag, sb " a /    i  'WlMwW^elSiS'.'tbe place4- oi   Mmiater  ^grf^^^^^^a-vdidabl^dMl^^  giere, instead of Biche he had-a. tamo monkey  B������fv p.^m comPany, called, in consequence  f his ridiculoug appearance, the court coun-  illw. From time to time Fritz amused him-  JMlf with the. freaks  and gambols of tbe  I^Qiinal; but when these became too wild and  aptravagaat, the court councillor was ejected,  JJ��������� continued to scratch and rap at the door  ^ ml a ?Atua7,untU ^e 'good-natured monarch  Readmitted him.  fl|. Meanwhile the crestfallen chamberlain bad  jKtoi out to communicate the sad fate of tho  ������ Ji?���������������r 7 t0ults aulhor������ a Poor secretary, named  te������Lau^t,whomhe found hovering'about the  $&jm     You miwf. Hitwt ������~ ���������._-  _#.>     .*, -���������':���������**  IWi^H^ S1    tbink no more of tbo-affairf'������  H^r^f0\%^ *m rauch ^vective of the  NiSSt?ll5lche and bi8 owa weakness.  HSu^t0 aid y������u l have jeopardised my  "In  own  youiS7 reS^.that I should have placed  *I^K nap,r(id,!cament'" reP������ed Laufort.  fails?? kck' '?wything  I  attempt  r" Fortune is a ^  ^jm her, and she will Sy  itU^ J* of ber/and  ���������woman, and has her whims,  away from  you;  .... site   will" run  oiten comes  Take old ?X Tn C01ne" unexpectedly.  ������w?hOTti������ J v iiJV fxan������ple"; he received  &1!t ft ength be'won Silesia;'  Wt'8 wd;^r1^ youth, bnt in vain.  lMl eh������������  ^ gone.   He could  'wSmuntv w oia po'rtfolk'���������m> ai������thonty:"  /'������������That is enough for me j   but you  must  await your turn." ; li    ���������   - '  'At last the dreaded momentcame ; kAUterv  felt his heart beat f'ast, and, a momentary gid^  diness^eizedibim. N^veraielesSj he tapped  aV the door. No answer was returned-f.so ne  tapbed again, and rather more loudly., >; Oomo  in^ 'cried a voice; but his courage failed  bim; andbc did not dare to cross.the perilous  threshold. _ *��������� ...  .    f  ,   ������G6me in���������come in, I say, councillor of  ttieoourti" A cried Fritz, fancy ing the monkey  was scratching at the Copras usual.:.  : -Aldiost overpowered^itb;deligh|>^lie?aoo-.  retary tbrew?hitnself i at^the feet of the ki?R  who stared at bim in amazement.  .  "Thanks, sire, a thousand thanks 1 etam-  mered Laufert. ,t , ,J  ��������� w< Who'are you? -J--^WlMtt;"M%yp^>ww.������i'.  asked   Frederick, thinking the young man  ^VfIni^secretwy: laufert, whom your  majestySaSgraciousiyappointed courtcoun,  '.-.^fiai &o you mean! I appoint you cou^  P^KSnt, ^  appear before'-.you."   ;. [LZ^���������   ttto  "BabI I was addressing my monkey. His  nickname ia court councilior." ���������/^Z  ?������But I well know that your majesty never  withdraws irom his word^ answered Laufert,  with the courage of despair.     :   ���������-   .   ,.-  " Hal   You are right������ smiled the king,  t- bufare you so eager for a title that you wil  ac^p^it^om a monkey rather than earn it  WwouTd accept it from a monkey or a  dog" said Laufert.   "I care no   which, so  Ions as I become court councillor       >    ��������� .  ^rhen you are the person who ventured to  nrNefflanolHwI   My happing,  XhS deb^ds on obtaining this  LUI    8hoUld not be so bold were it not  &ySX ministerEicbel, has given  ffltf' X remember ; be has represented  your claims.  But where is Eichel ?   He ought  yon may raqnii-e." .       ,h    wt  * '-Good." said the king.     I e n Hi������a  your qualifications for court councillor.  ,,racru*;,.>'V:-\;: .y .���������-..:-,.;* is y.;.iiK       <aw:-:  ���������Xyl ���������  yp Now,'\ will examine tho pantjida^evl' -said  Kfeiwtli^^Binife^O  Lbafi'dir;,i.,;;;;,. AAAAAaa/A xyixi "wAi^s A  /*<4J|b6p.e 86,:8if������"4v',", '.���������'-. ; v*''V;" t ; T *'*>��������� 4 <  '^feryiifell;^( Sit downy/and��������� write as I dic������  'tat������S������t.W.ei;P^  ���������&c?/^Ii do 'hereby;,appo|ni^in consideratioti  00hSlgservices,^;arid' for������especial merits th������  8ecretai7'^rbut why do you tremble?"���������������'���������,���������''*.  *, ;"^pur* majesty, IHremble for joy;" i AiA'A /  ~ ���������4i-08nH-tre^ble:-n^  youriiiame?^  ���������  .AA' My cama���������"   stammered, the  fortunate  youtfi:,. j   "'  M \Vhy,Ibelieve thefool>has forgotten bis  name:'.   Quick] you see I:have ho time.'!  ^ \yilhelm   Gottlieb   Laufert,,r   said    the  aelsrStaly. A AKA >���������; xA ^.' AA'Ai'-./:". " ,A  ���������'/'^ "Vyiliiam- Gottlieb Laufert to'our cabinet  and privy council."  This,was too much.', Ttfe'/pen fell from  Laufert-s hand, and he sank at the king?s feet  incolSreutlyvmurmuringhis thanks. ' j  ; >��������� Let me see," said Fritzy1 smiling;-..���������! every-.  thing.'is iu order ; the; writing .is, good, and  ]ti\sA talent is by no means .despicable. ^ He  ���������seenis also to liave a good character, as Biche  wpiilifi iiot otherwise haye;- "become\ fond of  -him.'.'^Auim'als have instincts-that put many  ���������m������n''^  arid place mv signature at the foot of his own  certificate. So! Aud now you can;-enter  nptr^vcsnr pew duties ae soon as you please.1/  *:Wll������a'gracious ' motion  of .mis', hand,, the  -Mm^|ook,Ieave-'dY^the;->ow.couacsno^  Vn-rtfching the ante eh am ber, -embraced abe  'cbaiife^iiiMci^^  ^ PROPRIETOR,!     i !    BARKERVrLLE, B.C.   ''  ���������  ������,;*;���������  ;,j- ������������������ ^  m  Boot an:d;-S;ko&^a-ker:;:  'P/aA lyli. / ^.^'B'ARKERyifcliE, ��������� A -p^ ,y ���������/ ap y  BCOTS[/MADE','ib^bRDER. .,,REPAlRI.j|Oj  jdone'iwlttt'iM^tA������8.^S|^ .fe^ '  Boots'kept constantly ba ha nd. ; N"ost door ;to ���������  smTWEt^QFMCEc pA.wwAs AsyX^AwXP/wXX^w  y::My%wmXyyA*..,;^;;yy_;.sp syyyA^py'Ay:  S5tei^ de ;3Fb J|f������St/A  y ��������� ' '  ^BA������KBRVli!iBi;W.,!'C*V."  u  . ''HOTEL/ic:^:   BESTAURANT, '.,;   -  'Also "splendid Bed ^'-'W ,  and the  best-Wiaea *������^  ' -   -,. -;A.-- ;' :;, ������������������. - Cigars..'-.'- ' - -���������'.'  "     .   - ���������    .. ��������� ��������� ^  Wm  ^^;;-^  .,q>������i���������^.^^^^^ ii*  i'tTj p ���������f~-��������������������������� r-. .\ ��������� ���������   -.���������������������������-  mHE ABO VE' HOUSE" HAVING   BEeV ���������REBTjiw1   ' ;  I' and -fitted up for tho accommodation of .tno pub*ic  will bo kept in a -style to;defy compel!tion.' ���������   '  ,���������. Goods sold at Wholesale or Eetall; aad- as choap; a*  ���������tlite.cheapo.511 n Cariboo m?rket. ,   f -   ���������;���������:,���������.- ���������     ; ��������������������������� .    , , ;  - Wholesale ovdersTrom*outlying Creeks     ill U'  fmi&zmBm i������ iiilii   I  Tan iViiikle'; I* jv.IcW5 186|   ������ "vl!^.    1'  .A\A~A.,yA&M$y\, . I-Awa  m^mM?&m*pm������Bmm  yp:yy  AA  Ai'  1  A^  Pa  ;:$0M  ..K.^ii1l.m  is  "'���������''' ' *��������� ,'  Barkervillis. B. C. ,'  Sluy l* 186S-   ��������� " ' -  #!#  Sal 0011^^3^.  CENTREVILLE,;  MOSQUITO. GULPHJ  May8,1868^     -,   '  t  ./  6ju^  ��������� IN ���������  crrcasBiES, provisions*  H^D*W&Sr CLOTHIKG AOT>  BOOTS.  Etnrk'ervnie,3Iay1t 1863.  6m:  Ail  JEWELLER/  AT B.' H ODGEN S'   0 L I)   ST A NJD.  Barkerville, 1st Hay, 1868. v ;   - ^^  WAKE-UP-JAKE  Be ste^aiit J^^  rnup   PROPRTETORS  OF  THIS    WELL. KNOW  KiS^t hanking tho .WhMe 5?d-a tbejr  numcrouVfrien.is for past favors wouUl Madly sohcil  rconaiuianceof their. P^^ngf, " fi*Z^M%  prepared to^QW eve^^g^ ^G^0DS������.  business.    . lAki^^yy .���������/������������������������������������.-      gm  "~~C7a. blAMC,  Photograpnic Artist,  ������S U,C Hd" YMtC Timbre Vic- P������w IMrtr.it,,Ambro  , \^,n;������.r  Pieturea,   MUanotypra, Views o  Clntb.                                                                 6rn  Barkerville, Hay t, 18^______l~-_--- ���������  ���������" NO TI 0 Mi  YALE   MAgjT BOOTS !  WORKMANSHIP "UN* i  A-%6 DD  &  G  SlARKSRVILiiB^ ;;���������; AsAyZZlM  riONSTASTLT KEEP ON   HAND A FULL  STOCIt '^  whic"H'th?yotfer for. sale atjjthc most reasonable ratea,   .  comiAAi^wA���������' - '   '        ���������   :  '''GhBOefiRIES -AND PROVISIONS, ( .  Liauors anH CI^vs, Clothing, Hat?, I.e.ather,Boots. aad ���������-,  ���������sm^uhbaWte, Coats- and Hats i? l^stin^Pow, .  dr^fe^f Iron 'Steel and:^Borax^Bopft Glajs,-  P^ty^anaiesSGoal:Oi^.andgeneral ^u.������������j^SjpS  etc^ic.- ^hankfulfor past lavqrs, wo respectfully  soliclt^a^onti^uanc^ of the same, ��������� y- -p^  '   Miiy-5, 186S:. . '���������     .A     l . ���������" 6m-    :���������-.  ;'��������� ,: -;h O TEL 1    ���������  nrRS. J.'penberth^'begs;'leave to;A^  M^aoancetlia^sho-bas.opened the abovenamed  w%S*n ano comfortable Hotel, for .the ��������� accommt*  dation of;the;publicly ; ;/;-":.   y AsAAp  ;   I^guSr BoAitp,���������...-:''        'aaAAA-Aa  ;: Meai^ at aix Howia.  I'liAXZpi- ���������    ���������"- GooD/Bkos.;;;.:.. ;;  The BAR 'will b>,%pt- stocked" with; tho finest "ti.  .^^^V-limvsmTi   '  ;;.-'-���������'-���������'" .'���������"���������"��������� London and Paris Hotel,  May 5,186S.   ,;,j;*;.'���������.;      Richfield, Williams Craek.  1 ������������������������������������'  Cartes do  type?  on  Selling dt!;:.Selling Off!  '*w'    ' '<���������>'���������-'    AT '   s- '���������'������������������  RICHFIELD,; -    ^    BRITISH COLUMBIA,  Grucorles,       :   Provisions,       .   Dry Goods, .  Hardware,, ��������� \;.;i>riai VeieiaWes,-        Mining Tools;  Also: onespteodiil Bar Saloon Stove, tc, fee.*';  CXT,ioriArom 0,r^  s on  iitA rbe upper country  0. McQUARUH'..  6ro  :   All acconntsdne to the undersigned oauBibesftltM  before the 10th Jnuo; next, A. 'H isoXJTVtf.  RlcWMM, May JLDth, 1858. , ��������� "     W������ im  ji  i  )!���������  (]  it  a  n  E' lffi��M
Ol? \T^f W f"'i Mbsquito imi. and there are also two, other j
him IJLftlit' ittrKo and well- established   uumn*  eanps
====^����===��^1 within a few miles of this town;   to   which
jt>^' ibisb ���-���'��� iLj^-sa*.-��* ��^/i  ��i-   fi-ail. exeent   snen   as
^geiits for the *���' Cariboo Seiituiel/t
VftriAVinkK A ;-:.-' /'AIwaAap l -Ji,;AwlUndbftrd;
The X'Cririboo.Sentinel" is.publish ed every Mtm��.lny
fcft-4 Thursday.j Advertfccmcuts inteiuledj'or insertion
������sanst he delivered at latest u.t 6 o'clock, p.inw, the day
VeibrepufcHcntoori.;        ..  ��� y_    ���        -w.--.-s
there is bo road or vtraii. exeept
haturefeade ;,:wb speak of Grouse nndOami-
diaiicreeks. Private enterprise can do mmm.
and has Addiiei itmich in this ^ountry^; but
against such obstacles ai a e presented by; the
clrelesaiiess *r'indifference of the Government of the eounti-yi- no.���:private enterprise
can succeed.: ��� We;trnnt, ^��t��!|jl^,*,
foreit is too late, the .-Government.of Jirmsh
Columbia, in -view of the .'fact that atpresent^
either directly or indirectly, theinam bulk
of the"revenue':pf tho, colonyyte derived,
through Hhe- 'miring operations; iii CariboOy
will see the injustice of not allowing a portion
efthatreyenneto ':,fe6-ex^n^.:wi^"iu;it��ip^
cine hj;-:HuKbefb re:; theexense of scarcity of
ff of officials ;be.'.r**
udaoii Bay; Co.,
to consider lutiiorrsoii in jj(
411 the faentbens of the Co'uiusi uy aro deslred to be
preset.:, ���-.,-;���, : B; tHtrMA
';', Rrtrkflrvinc^a^ JppAw^lZA   */ ���   ^* U
^wMpsoAWjers Wanted'
4 T GUKSN fl UMO'UTiI.  u�� contract.for thft Lumber
;A: for k Htoatm-r.^. Ahout 4��;066 fret requirod-~i>ricf
cxpnliv lars" d''i'Wr*. aud tlnofc i��l��rikix>#;���'*' - ',.-     : '" " .".'.
: AppiV,  wivhlii; ton1 "days;- to-. KtO'Oner Enterprise,
Quetfueiuiouth; -.p. rsonaily or by^wrUiiig.;; or to- J; fA
Branil^v B*U"kemUc... .-.'-.��� ;.<> ' ���lAlW-xA'AA^ylAi
vjfciy.30/   ; .- J*?*
j it ERE BY   GIVEN   TH A T    t r 1X\ X
with insttuuuuns m *.,* immediately;
Barkerv) 11*>,/May; I,; 1888. A    )"��� :'w'l ^KA U&S; ���'
f  -���
j     susptthded;
vS3*jAll Advertisements(notinsertedforartydefinite \y^       .-^ .y?w~-    ;  - ���
ertod) wilt be con tinaed "until i>r^ered^ut andcharged  FROM. JxMilt AA:   1U
^,lw..aoqordingly/       t * -  ;     ���-. y AX       '  ' "'������-': ��v. r^,
'i'-^-.i, j/iljv.
OUfe GONDltlON.:
II -butono.bol6wth��:Th^ V   UL ^tX? SOQu
AyA}.;.b<*!0't'r.forcoiisultulion driilv1
>:��fa>:.8th;''i8����:.-.;: ���:^ v ."������:-������
.   It may now;be;conii^ered!thattbe:rniriing
j , ' '���     peason.is Mr1y commenced; ;all the claims
S*   ,-,,; , that, \ye^e'lSiil, over last fall, -that are Consid
ered good* are bcin^worked'with an energy
Ax ? y' and a confidence that probably never'beforo.
in-'the history bf:th'e country has beeninani-
f-j^wrher iii? the Portland ;Press; states the
following very intereating facts;:
Proni .Chicago the distance to San JFran-
ciscti hy the:?Padfic;liaiiivay:ia:2338 milea,
which makes the line a croud the continent
fi*bm Halifax;to"; San Francisco; 3^79 miles, as
follows tV;! \ ���' ������'i i    ,      i "���;,
".       '.���.''''���     ;  iA ;'MILKS.,    MILKS,
.;.*.���;.:;,:".-,.;--!N5!b EpLLS,      '���= -' '7
"for Rale, wholcsttlo untl retail^ hy " -, .'
- E, PKARiSON^ Iros
�����w,r.:::,. narkor^hw-
May 1^1808;
ItakkV*��� Gi��BAt ^ea^ijrbvin; ak^i^cijw;to
J   the public.geu>:hilly iliat-they hay�� purchased the
Saloon;   laiolv jjcpupied   by :.Mr,  0,   Fuiioiij;  and
fljtitertbihns'vlvi'S from their lon>,experience.In busb
ne?H .i&miXrti-A l0>��iral fiharc;,0r their ;patrojiage. 'A'A-'AllX
l[A t the flUr Wiil; b e fou ti'd a full. g a j jjily of th ��, beat;
;;.^KervMle,:;May20iij,-180kv ... - ��� ^.-    :- s��aaa���
i>ry xioai>55 and'ljquors.;
���<*���^.^;,r..^::.T   , '.   ;..;^2-';':- :282;;;
St. John to Maine; boundary j^;^ 1��t}p ���; x 3-iS  r
Boundary to Kangbr,      l ^ 110       458 '
Bnngortb Portland, , 138       596
Halifax to Portland, ��� '    -- " -     556
Portland to N.'H. Line, ,, '37-    - ��� -
N.H. Line to Boundary:yt.y 77 ' 11*
White R. Jtinc. to Rutland, 4b*    ._ ,159
Rutlahd.toSchnectudy, 65    ,244
Sebn&etady to' Buspeiision.B^V 2Stl/yt&l
Suspension Bridge to Detroit,: 230 ,; 761
Detroit to Chicago, e ���        ; 244     1045
Portland to Chicagnr   v ���~       1M5
extent, is Ohicago'to M!.;R. at Clinton,:- 138
.REnLAlL   Bl^GHER     1 ,-
public generully Ltiat -t!ii��y riow;bav(vt$vo Markets
In IfHrktrVUU} m<��in.niWf\��kh*K$-Vtt&ia-Centrevilley
all of wijfcli avjII be cohstalitly and well supplied With
good ��� fresh mea is, of the ��� veiy bey t quo 1 j ty th�� t ca xi bo
bought iu British Columbii), and would.respectfully
solicit a continuance p*,*rtbe pairbnage hvretofore
extended ��� to them. w ' * ���
Barkeryille,IBfi.; May 22, 180$; *   jel lm ,
ays Xen-X
Barkerville^ May I, i80S.
miy .   TOmmg, tlietm the ffold beltot-b'ntishtjoinm-.
JW-:'     ' ��^ia is a source of niineral wealth that can be
i: ^&ffiWAWW-nWS-WW :WrSW.>^,M. *.,: ������������-'*,' S-^.i^-- C^WrS r, W S; --������r-W-.s;:-..:.'--.'-. ��� ���,P.s.: w- -w. '-,.-���; ��� <���
tiled'in\no?eountry on  tbe face of the
'e."'; It may ho so'me years yet before  this
Mias. R. to Mo; R. at Omaha;   - 35(5
Gmaha to Summit of Rocky A
Mountains, -Evans? Pass,    v 547
Summit to Bridge's Pass. 142
Bridget Pasato Salt Lake,        38a
Salt Lako to^San Francisco,      ,7 75
ill 83
doany,kind-of drayloirbuslnfjw h<vC'ih do"lfti& hav       '
and^iabUng forhorse.s, at.either Hichflfrld or Barker-      <
-. A"-'- W-A n
The Cariboo Amn tenrsf will perform Huckktone*�� V
1'utghabl-j-larce,   t >
Uieir business by,l5tli proxhao; ofli-r fin asij^'jn     Ad
reduced? priced FOR  CAJSH^thvir ehtini
merchandize, consisting uf���
,��wkA)fy . ���.:';.
Hardware^ ;   n    %t"   Clothingric.ic '       1
ATA,  OV  THK 'lU'^T; QUAI..1TV.   ��� ,1
���   Tobacco/
Air J; S, Thompson
- Mr -Will. Benueu-
- >liss Vy'i !son
- MrsKdly    /   '   *
,;  Hiss Enwiirdis "A: A'
have bfen fonnd on William Creek and ona
r��|wo other.places , attracts hundreds, aye,
;ven fchonsands, -a roup d those pi aces: where
Jhpy., wiU.^linger andr subsist for a whole
Reason honin<r, fpastin^ their eyes  on the
:������������" >- . ������^,'-.-''."   ,r \"f-'> ���sy:ws,ll,>it.- Ht'.yll. ' .yj.^v..- "Ju. -w��:
'   Quarit.Ulos  of-gold lhat are taken out season
;    ... ; ,      , .*fter season, imnpinin^ that to  be  near  the jlndiana. ,151 m Illinois, ':356 in Icw7'an?W
ry ( .    ���  -_ Kuvt *l.ere.U w Uken out is to  he nigh; ob- in Nebraska,  all  in  actual toi The
tiailwuv:!"    ��=    a/       '-    ISTEKLUnK,'.
" GLEE3.," DiriCTTS' 'AND   HO^GS* "
Vcbnclude with Joseph I.unn'ff Farce,     (-
^^.'f1^*1 ^>*^^?<J 1 i*^;����/1> ro^re*��ar; -^ 2 S-* mil es %Vi t li in
He State:'- of Alainc, -15 $ mi ten - bf wh i elf a re
:l;lampshiref; 2$ tulles of which -are ^mpleted ���
G^nmes in the^tateorVyermo
^ymoh- arc; built Aandl the  renminder in  progress ; \352 miles id: theState of. New York
^3t);in: Qanada;-West, 2324n- Midhi��ran  .52 ?��
Steward^"    X
John, \ -ly- r'.-.s* ������-
.S��m S:Jvory, -
Si v G eorjre Cou rt 1 py;
A Idierrai�� n Guyfare^:
Ohfjrl^tifiyftiir*������������;". ������:
EUeo Coiirt'ley,   .'/.
MrD. McKaughtoh
Mr Geo. f.'n.n?.  ,
::'jlr J :��j; Thoinpsoa
J)rC:mvill  r ��� .
Mr ..n.-j?; Ulunt
Mrs -S--J?:.' Parker7'������:'���'
-JBTTl^erville, Mny S, IbG0. - .    , '    lm   ,_      /J
; poors open at 8; ^efronuance to commence .-it 8 30
AdmiSKjon, Uii4.-JKdUir.y- :,.���.       ���?���'-'���'���"��� te'l 2t '
Ifefen considered Impossible:, tOvwork except
n.,old claims.   -This, however, to some extent
m beinjr proved a fallacy ;   yet when compared with other mininpr countries in this
respect Cariboo,,has a disadvantage.    The
facilities .of trayolHnff from place toplace in
Qarjboo is;al^;a;serh)u
greatly to the expense of opening up new
miningy camps fix and amoii^A tbo^numei^oiis
ohstacleii. to the developing of the mining' re-
jonrces;6f Cariboo not the leas> is'that which
is imposed by; the Government of the countrv.
Instead of assisting by bhildinp: -roads and
trails, and in other ways reducin^;the cost of
mininff.Jt would seem' as ������ though .it looked
upon the people ensraRed in;niininir-asden-itt-
mate objects of taxation  ami" spoil.    'The
people of Cariboo are supposed to have  a
wa^on road built with borrowed money at a
wasteful and
s^ill -i^Dipvided tor . thei^construction, ai-e
from^Partland;to,White ^\yerJnneiionAre^
yVVH iso/fte 75 miles or newlihu-- Alllh-it
;is,requn;edtOyinsure-the coinplbtion -of tlds
Atlautic to the,Paciac;.is the dislahce from
Gorhant .to Centre Harbor-adisanco of 57
niilfs;oiily...-..'i-.:   - --���������. -
'-��� 'Mtf??f'Writcrstates tKatitilgZOor srion
��*vy Imo��� will b�� ! completed���;, he So
��� ThedireetHess of tlje Urii^ ifroift-Halfiw to
Sanimacisco is mostrc0lat-k1(bl��.
Huvojust received n'choice Ecleetion^or; J
with various oth or ����� rtlcl <���,< i n t Kef r I i ne of trade��� >. ���
jtegr- Ail Johhing in tho Tin. .Sheet Iron, Coppt-rnn:!
ZirujtriCde attended to, an.i whrraJited to, givesatiPfuc-
tarn;'   :'-,-'   , .-���������',      :       - fi��-- '
X    J-
^7-X'*-of thohtrge.st fiart best.assorted shicks of
reached in a distance of 262 miles WHali!
rffia*todar -"'1-s-,i,"ii�� "�����""
C L'OTHi.S.'G-V ^pOT^lX^pSllO^
', itc., etc., tte; ������''
'.'   BARKERTIUE.   ;:;
oxtravag:antcost, without anr
regard^p route, location or distance, to pass
over wbich- the .miner has to psy H cents per j which is now built or m nro���^
ponnd. for,��yerythino: he eats, drinks, wears ;      1Z      P^ogiem.
���w inaTrPs nae of in any way. and vet even !    Mail   InRKor;urnT(Ks. ��� '\Z""'"
7,^ K ,.   a fiof?-'39 m. and in lono
*5 ^ ?' h?} ����������� * ^wtefico of 1-J8 iniles : a to a
ot,o% miles from Halifax to Portland, ull of
Office oujj.ijnc, ao<}  has, the best ;i.^o5-tmcnt of
Orocones ever ottered for sulo in Barkerville^
Kvor 1 mportod to Carilvio, cot}?ij<5 in;? of siiovelBj ho?*,
i��xiT��, sluice-forkW nMils.ivir aiiit bundle iron, flat, ��?4
riiiDd.:of ?Ul sizes* X��ylor!p on'st; j��'tcejj &a ftpa, W;
\ wmlx::.catr' wheels,1 <:ast-steel axlesr, dimH" actms- bwiiJ
nuts a nil .vviifihcrs of ��H sixes'; onvns,vic'Bl: bellow?;
ami hlacksmi tlis 'tools genciuli y;: hay. ra fe"Sf; -scrt �������>
a nd snathes ��� :��se a nil pick fi an'rt 1 <:?,; rpp \.'sa w��v e,af; *
Fcai-%9, Cflrpeatei-s1: toola,"loekk". hinjjfr.*,'."crews,���������W.���
HiaplCH, hat and ��*oat hookn, files ��ntl runps;.:-.;b��i_cn��*i.*-
aotl hun ttng kni vefi; ca tl.tv 5n fr'Wt vimety, ��n��
ovrry ."article necea-arv for :i nil a ing coimlry....H��o.*
nnci mu 1 eKho.>jj nnd ri��iIs.    Aluo a.guoiJ as-:-nrirafBi��?
|ptfllloiierj%"jtlioi' which he jn t��rv]nu-o'ii tosc-H .{U paci*.
i wh job will defy compctit ion.
j ,'M����y st 180S. . ���  ' -,. .."������ "���:'-,-   >.i.v
fln.d phorter   rond   wqnld   bare.  ln>?ri . Cnn-' New
-��< r?j c'ted * ��� so  roon as i t wa ?. di-aco verM th at! mu ch
"   preboot   road
r-i* ..nresont-. roan  wa�� 3. bilTc and fl. ftihr<��.! Bnrrard iT.hH     e "'^   ��" aeairov^ i-
of the Qovernmonr in.nofbuiid^ a ^d io 4^,^^rg^r^-^^^^ b*v ^"��. car,
st Bred; *ns  reporlod   north   o
5?*ff.   from  which ftfefc^i
wAwible timber mar>�� dc3<ro^vi ni
���cttir* every description ol Jow^lrv, to ex-
-me fctieraring and nEPAUl WAtCHES
my35 lm
tion ornrusra ��nd  Pal��K Kj.licii:;^, *n^Wj
new m'��>ic and Patent Pili.i, Trnsses, .Syr��m;e.s c��tr 7
Pectoral,   ^.rsapnrillas, end Jayna** iikeraliv^ W
purjfyjhj,' the bl'��oil.
If;iir Oilk, H-fiv aud T^-iUi
Ram, U*
156^ '   '     '���
P.-r-. i
"in :.H��
L'i i.,;��<'
^'C*ltfi��s on
0 rr> Cttribon.
vibiirc: on the
i'- .-y. :���)���.��� v..
Tooth p'iCk.s, apn/iscH,- Fancy Soaps, Bay
USnrn Es" p*'*t-c, :��� n, 10 th<t per. nin *n ��� ���*, eiu.,
���   Pres-ori 01 i onih cm r^fn 1 ly C��n��!>'��'�� a��� *'-���''.���      .,;.. Mi m,-.
P. S.~4V> I Hhip up ip��orts every spring �� 'j |-   ;'
JTUffSH. :'C-i so *-��wtiif?- ir.r; MuVn^ th" .UeMruO ��
x*. oi*.ir i'
��'���  C*
''         ��^
��� Rife- tBUKSDAY. JUNE ij ISfife.  Special to the *\ Cariboo -Sentinel.** :  ./;.,'; YfCTOIilA.       ��������� ">..-'���������'���������  Victokja, May 30���������-A fracas occurred via  :^"lctort������'ib'eiW^:-Mr.;- C^;IL-'."Y^uni* ftiUlMr  1.0ng. b f tlie Colonisfc ne ws p a per, jn winch it  iftsaid the former got tnoro than he bargained  -for;      ,   ,-.'. I/-- I :aa' A.y. :;-...  ;At BtirrarrJ-Inlet, yesterday,/* :man;was  rcior tally wounded by a gnnsbot.  ; v; ;; '/AI  ^^   .     "EASTERN. STATIC. V ������������������';  ro  at  plaintiffs.  ���������Ah How'T:aaaii^o:r^tbW.-wA"-iii[ action toejeotdefendantfrom>iai  Ma ^trespasser: The vqneiUoir;wfta;.':whetTri������r  certaiu ground \va������T5o!d bv delendant to the  plaintiffarid included jn the bill: of sale; The  bill of milecalled tor v worked" ground alone,  but the plairitiirwished to claim y uncorked'?  ftTound, tbmmUder. .His honor said-he in tst  give a judgment for .defendant, as he was  tfjomid by the term* ofthe bill of sale, fcliouu-h  h������ Uiought the plaintiff, had been mistaken'**  to the ground he had btiiigbL'-Hl-r Park tor  defendant. l:A a1���������.    .,-.,'������������������"' ���������--���������':������������������ .��������������� -'"; .;.-  ������yw������BiM.  i;o3.srjvSPEaMEK,-.-,MoTi8. Deiils picked up a 'establishes'";her; ideiitit)V   The .manner,; m;  small boulder from the Point claim; oh Tues- Which this piece -was settered.fBhowaytbeil...  day, .which presents af fine a cluster of fossil- Schooher^r^jsthaVe^one io -jriecea.   Tbeire ii  wedmh and shell as we have ever seen ���������:\p,ra naUiing'.-l.^fi'ho^lj'hV^e Seel; .which;i*AjppepZ;\AAAAA  rongh state.   If, property ijutand polished it cut   up; by ihe ;In  vrouui no doubt be a Variable  specimen: Thorn ton. fun n 4 the skeleton of the'woman  Ihel rofossor, wo u^  I Up  ' ZZx  zWPAS  Gi*���������xNAti;;May22--Adnro & most Pfdnn*ihg character wa������ disco veivt  >hbed of from Sao.00,0 to $40,0(10 'hurt nijrht; eigbtorjen duysa^b In tb������ inn^hburliood o  v Wiirsfield. oh.tbvVen>rsnn and Indianapo-  William ^creek; by Mons, \BA Denis; tfod twi  Is&wQtunra Lkmi&AA new quar*2 lode of  "' ;d  tVo  lis Kaijroadi hyiouivinen Avb  ';- the,m.e^e>i^r^;;:.,!v;;;:;-:  o-^v -.W^ri;^-v''-'- '^^������?l^JHkthe-dmebyeren*ha vJn& made to  '*:.-������>������ i'.'i':  ; /.a '���������.���������".   AUSTRALIA. ;.  Advices from Sydney say prince Alfred  iiadleft for England in command ol' Ids ship,  the rialata.; He was we! J. The won id be assassin of ibe;Prihce was executed on the 22d  of  -:;A:y - ABVSSINIA.  ���������.      '"<  Ofliciai deftpatcjies* from Genera^ JSapier.  | received: to-day (Alay :23), any tbe' army has  I reachedrtbe-seaboard and will soon ��������� etptitirk  %/fo'T. England^ A portion of tlie native infantry,  |;  liad;(hen already Sailed tor Bombay,  yy  .. i     _ ..yurovk ./:> ~ [*'' Z:  Sew York, May 25���������La test G re tan;afl vices  8^ >ay a battle was foitpht oh the 1st April "'on  I lhe plains of Horalian.lhree thousand Cretans:  repulsing';a vastly superior number of3-urks,  supported by regular Circassian caval ry. On  tlie o'th. the fere tans aclneved another yictbry.  Sixtv thousand Greta n rei\\gees a re i n Greece  ....     . .... Jngcnia-.. ...  the uold Colchmisaibher an application which  was -granted yesiorday.^^We havb^be^nial--  lowed to take a peep-:at; the xhew^lodb;: HAH  that we cau^Hay at pr^eht is thatit"looks riU  marknhjy well.. It is tiiit%,-d^/6iu<f^^d1^  the aur(������c(������, running, iri^ii ^ouiheastisindnorthJ  west direction ; it is fro;iu two!aiVdVa 'hah^yo;  thi\iefeetin width.   Vei'yn^  obtairieav^bni; tbe/casing  oh|!of a kind of decomposed granitoid, mixed  WIr a great quantity, of! snlphifrefB.   Tlie  .gold is oi a very fright hue. and of, a floury  cbanicpv^^  week for road 161 Is "ami: m hung 1 icehseis \ c 6 utci  not spare SI00 to. clear the show front om*  nnle of road that will probably obstrnc't the  crave Hi a of; for, a month.   -   ������������������:���������"���������������������������.'..'  Uor.n ExroRT.��������� i'he Sjcpress onvTue^dav  took downfori thoiBarik of British;Cbtitrabia  $ol;189iand for;''the'-'Bahk nflM'itish North  America' S2q.O0iK-i:va)l over $81,000. This  amount is. th,e receipt. oi"the Banks-only ,for  three weeks,.and,:of.coiirse,;isfiardly^iri;apr;  pro~ximatc;io tb������actualaioourit taken ouL., ,  Rich StrncK.--1,bo Victoria <Jolonist 1 earns  that the Welsii CoinjiahV-d  strnclc, S100 to U^:pa n'aiid-'IeSpectefjf triStwlS*  but "rlcb  pay^    WonH the meuiliefs of - the  WetehConipa^  hayesueb; a rich claim ! It in true that heirs  lo[O^es ri o th ing by travell i rig;        ' ���������"..,   %" -l  Koubmry. ��������� Ah  Toyr a  Oiiinaman.   was  robbed; by^-coiipie oKlndiads^  po^t ilds shle^ pf";:Qijes  simplyrelieved -hi rttofi^ne^noneybb rhad^ on  h\pi person^ amounting to- $25,- and lei him go  unbarhied."'- '.''.���������     ��������� '"'    "   A"*      * '��������� ���������   >'*  ���������sui  tin  ^i  expo'sed to i^rreafc misery; Tbe Greek Govr  , ernmen t bave s|������ent: $300 fi08,, to save ^lem'  from starvation. .   ' '  IjOxooW. May 23-TIn the Ho^ise of\ C6ni-  inons, bij?raeii moved a yoterof thanks to the;  I    conmiander'of the Abyssinian cxp*nl ition.    '  fl \ '���������A."Rea'rdohv''ii'fen)ber'for-.A  i ; that, he would propose the fol^trin^questionij  I  , lo ..ihe yrov.wmnenl:��������� If tlie bealih  or^jhe;  prqyav  in oar next issue. Mr; .Christie^ ^wbo Was  Ibr^innn of (he- Washburn Co.,' on Canyon  creffk,dast sfefison. has visited the new: ledge  and candidly says 'that; things look,most  favorable in that qtiarter. ShonId the'pi-os-  Vep \ rtlsn it a s is a n ti ci p a f ed / a n e w e ra in  tn iniug operations will dawn upon'this colony. A company lias been formed;las will  be seen from a notice in our'advertising columns, to thorooghly prosp^cif tli^, neiV-ly Jdis-  eovel;eil.<jnart?5 lode:    - <  Thk .Tin: atrk.���������"tho   A mated rs will ' give  aii.oth^..Of tlieir cxceileiit ehtertainments tliis  ijy/rtungr.A AsXyrlW- be^'seeu bytlm iidVerti^e-  ^umt, the pieces selecte^l, are *,**' A Kiss in the  ^ark" and Ay A -Fish out of V^^  inrerhuje of- glees, diiefc}^; and 'songs! ^The  i:: fllibi in the caj?e of Banvcr.  tlm��������� trlerkenwe'l! J or to  ^(ujspirator, failed,  and   his execution  will   "Jo>e  A   t������kp.''i)la"ce^a.i'tbtvexpira'tii>u������of^th  which he is .respited. .IV *.-  , The annual boat race between ibe 'Oxford;  an (\ On m b r i dge ere ws w as w o i i b y tb e fo r mer,  :ruakiirg tbe\run of fo11r and a-half; miles in  twenty -tnliiu'lies', and- l'ovty;secoudft'-~tne(j nick-  pros  pec ted f -���������"; but is -the first; arJjoin ing above tlie  Po i nt clabn. aA lex* J ack :wiasp the1 purchaser;  *>   R a short debate in the Hoiiseof Lonls on  ihes Alabama claims, Boi'd; 'VVestUury .defined  the la\^ of Ko^laiid ted^deni^  thu claims ui^ed by S3r. Seward.;, -   .   ���������. :  .  ; Straxopotitions to the KouseA#if-bonirnOhii  againstMr^Gladstcme^r  receiving uiany signatures, throughout England. "'":',.'  A Tuk .-Sta^'-'O^ California;; yielded iuvlSGO^  ^���������O^M? g^ndns'tif wine ; and in 186'G''yielded ���������  weuUrer ia reported to have beon very bad at, , .,'-    A.-> '-  the  time.    It   is -uiucli   to" be   hoped   the      V      ;  ,     ,   .J >  ���������Wyaiida-wlll be able to clear Up tbe mystery  ��������� '   -^ , ��������� /<_  Thb   : Ktut-KLbx-KLANAThis;;/ niysterioujJ���������   '   "  order, bf win'ch there has.beed a good, deal of ,  late spoken of in tho American press j by soihe \ '' ���������   ���������AA,  refrard^d.as u,inyth arid' by  others as a' mad^ .,  brained, "triflinjr AlTVtir. .bus been discovered;     6V; ,     I   {  Itely^irirthe'ciiy oi Afeniphis to^have had  y ' '<%>  no t von ly a rea I ..ox ift tence b u t to be an o r d er, ,'>,..  f".-powerful and dangerous Snipdrt.   Oh; the yw    A  th  of April  last the police made a descent,    /    ���������  pen a.';' den"  of the order which had been   , ,    ;,   ,  .;*Xlie:objcc\of"tUis;^-ga*H^ation-iS'for  the,   ���������   \    ,-_;.:  ���������yirpose of; protecting thopo^jlo'bf.the^Soutli-      y   '  iw  om the .band of murderers and robbers now ;   '  reyinff dpon them'.-cvun to the last resort���������  pui  fr  assass  '���������tp'  (lev  ?;.;;eSUinieoi,;r^  so earjies^iy to proviae^orvTne^co  sou ree: of ' vat i o u al: wm i se m et j t u n at tei i d c<3  wkhany unpieasajit reflections such as too  eo i n mo u ly fo 1! 6 w in the Ifai n of un \ ut el 1 e c t u a!  enjoytneiit; Profassor Wilson- will, conduct  the?orchestra, assistpri , by 'Alons; Langer;;iMr  pvople wi tmissed. fehe.: race. ���������  MiNlN<i JNTKtL IG ENO fe^  Piiiiiii  H  '! ilfv' v;Thi?:-house|nb;. doubt, wiin������e well 111 led.  [as Uotial; and'we think;there will bo,"no,/dis:  J ap p.oi ii li nent in: regard tu. the character of live  "vnUirtiuuuient.-. sl-yy vpAA 'ixAlAlxAXAw  ���������A-DitAiK;'.*'"ix;IItout.r^.-Alf approhens'ioh in re-  Operatioiis  on. William creek: seemVto; be: :^ard to the. safety of the .bed-rock drain seems  WILMAM OKKKir.  pf o i rig on un iri te r rn p t ed ly . at, presen t; and i f  no unforseen ace id e n t oc cu rs w e. .ni ay 1 obk  lo be allayed:A:. The KabyCOr have opened  bu t th ei r fiti me,', t hro ugh wh i cb: the  wa te r is  [FrotB-...the VicUrtia.CMfvutat.J  ArUIVAL  OK THK  Goyj-JKNnH AXO 3rHS, ^KY-~  ������ou[i.^-H. Mi.H.Kparrowhawk, CapLPorchcr,  arrived ^yesterday- 'even iii jr." oflJ Cadboro Bay  "fro m ��������� Isew I WPa tm inste r ���������. ha y i n gip n b pa rd; I lis;  members here assomlijed, I solemnly ^awear  to be true to the Order, id its members, in-  diyidnaliy and  coUec!.]rely,   and   should  I  ���������-       , v    A  ever, by-sign, word or deed, betray a 'secret^  or a. memher of   ihe   brotherhood,   that  the , 'ly;;  skullupon which! now look may be a couu-        . ' ,0'  terpart;.of .jiiinV, and f hope tha tail.the social ' :     ' A  >f their profits, as in nearly  all :of  those may be now cxpectedva^the great bulk of  claims a large qti an ti ty of to p earth necessar- the" snow  has  left the; in bun tains.   It is a  ily requires to be washed away before any  pay can be;obtained. /Every day; bowerer,  great relief of mind to those who own. valu-  ab lee reek c I aims to feel th at they h ave  a  W&m  eeems *o add to the confidence of the 'miners clear prospect before - them of a profitab le  a nd the faith of the com ra u riity in tb e wealth j siunmer?8 work  that. sti 111 ies  i n tbe * hi I i-sid ei. o f Wil liain ]    p^ ^kssob A xdrbson. : th e, Wizard p f the  :Exc.el:l en cy''} the- Qu ver norland M rs. ;^eyihpurii  ..wbohaye'corhe to take  the; new cap i tai i::;;; -Th e Ap a rtyl:: 1 an d e d.\; aV, lhe  bay and'idroVe^^  i t was met. by the A Vo I ii ivf ee rs, xi nd er >; Cap t.-;  PearsoY!: P rose nti pg arms .;��������� it h c .ban d pi ay i ng���������'  the ��������� national /anthem: A,lAfbeA BparrowhawU  draw ihj^ too in n c h wa tor; fo. r th e -bar a t 'A x he  entrance;; of .this harbor, when; sat; low .tide:;  proven ted; the; vessel a tomiu^intotosvm^ V;  Found Dbatx-^A;;ranu ;.named \Vi 1 Ham ^;At:  kinsou;was fonnd dead on   the   Royat   Oak  'wrWSaaumh^^ w ^ (l A^nM Iii tit that apcrson may kiiow:of;,i  ation assigns; death to.^  ^earfc' ���������'<    bvtlie Grand Cyclops ^  , rel all o hs wh i ch 1 how enj ay may b e, s uude r^ > y  ed :   that honesty in the moni or virtuein^bB  2  feniale may hot be known in^jujLjfainily^ ory 1  gone ration, a������d. that ali who  own Tiny name!  may he branded as  d.tigH; arid -harlots- J J;:;  further swear to-obey )iuplio.itlv,'tbe orders of ;:  the G ra nd . Qy clops, reg 111 ar ly issued througl t  his council, and us Soon as I receive an order ���������;.-'  to hi I fit 1 iv. a I again swear that, shou Id a   ���������  ;n<$raber of the 0rder be hi danger, that, even  ,  ;itt ti j e r'h?k,p t m y; Ufe/ii wi i 1 c I ei eri d ahdr.eh:- ������������������. Al-  deaypr; to save;"Mtri;.j,d!that. ki:}y\ 11 givo;nb hut*���������.  creek..- ���������;..���������:;' . ���������'-������������������"���������'';'  The Bed-Rock Flume Co. let the, water into  their new hose on T11 esday, btit the pressure  North; committed- suicide ��������� at Cincinnatti,  Ohio, lately by shoo ting, first killing his little  son.   Tbe ca Use was domestic trouble.   His  "ffiHB  Sssi  mm  was too great fo r th e pipe ; i t b 1������w   off  the w ife had frequently causod h i m in ti ch anxie ty  nozzle in a jiffy ; but the: few mom outs that it j and trouble of mind. ; On the morn iu^. of his  death, she ran away on the pars' with another  man, and the knowledge of her crime caused  th e Professor to com in it 0 u i ci d e. Si������e has  since returned grief-stricken and almost distracted.  Du. Livinostonk Auvk.���������All doubts of the  salety of Doctor Livingstone, the African ex-  p 10rer, are no w dispel led. Sir Eod eric k  Mnrchison  received a letter, dated London,  stood showed that if it can be made to stand  it will make terrific havoc in the hill.���������The  Kaby company Qleaned up on Tuesday, from  two days' work, 77^ ozi. and anticipate for  the week the largest yield of the season.     -1  r.OWllKR CREEK.  The Cal a vara?? co. made a dividend last  week of $260 to the ioterest. There are cisrht  full interests in the claim.  ��������� Ths;W;kst Coast.���������A laic, arrival from  the  wesfc cbast of the Islaiid sin tos"; : the  1 ndiaus  svho asCendcd orie of the. riVei'S found  pros  peels of gold wherever h������ tried; .'.  Akiuveo 'mum KNOTi.v*;n.-���������rJ,iu} ship Enter*  of tliis; Order, as; so on as the sigh ;J3 giyeu^ I- r ;���������  ;viil   rt^co^tusc; ; dehiud ; and .protect Tas ' ii  ;:  are peaceably inclined towards white, people,   brother^; ^  and  glad vto: .trade, their film and oils (or ar:land in ail ciixumstocos,;bcar true,all^  tides of a more luxuribus sort.: A ^enfcjeman (to tlie; South.and; hor in tenets. -'-'ctW;." in terpreiefi;";-;������^; - ���������].  byiho Snpreme.'Cyclone Cpuiieil, hhd w.lieri-;-:*;'%���������'���������.-.  I deceived i ts; "orders, -'sh oil id I even be in. the ;;;:.;  wm brace of my w ife. 1 will leave her to obey  prise, fro m Li v efpo 01, IM d ay s o u t. a r r i ved th em.   I f 1 u tber s wea r that it,t i rad icala an d;.. -  in   the   0 ii te r   harbor on  W ed n t^da y.   S h e j n (*g ro es \v 1 to h a V d pi abed th o*ji) sel Vea op. p ositpi, '���������":.  brings a nTiscoUaneOus Cargo and two pasfeu- \ w the interests of. the  owilcrd of the soil o|. ;,  ge rsl   H cad w i 1 i d a and   cal m s we re ex p er-1 Te ti it esSee shall to rer et; 15 e ni y.. oil e Knies; '&$&  .-.    ���������  ie n ee d m da 1 ofth 6 vo r 'Age. but lh ������ ca rg ������>. i s u h at 11 n d e v n 0 e i re \ i n t s t uii ces will I. h a Ve 0 the'r ���������  believed to be in good order. J conrtdoiib'ti with t.heiVi, if.I cart  help it, than V  ' TriK whole ofthe Government hef������d> of dw U*> M ^elcOtiJe tbom.^hh oloo(?y hands to bwp  -'-i1 Vm1*1"w**^u*f'^^-*.'''^^"' '���������w^r-?******-'**"*  - ������  '-���������""^^i; y.Tx '.x.c w ~a* ^x^t.^ liltiiY'S/GrRAVE,  tmrnx ���������: ���������  AXiii      '  'aZaa ..  #  ''^r'V/ ;*':";  Thb' far from the spot where^my Lilly lies  '   -������ sleepiugiv V '     ./���������,-:* p ���������   , ������������������"  . a ". ��������� ,���������  ; ���������;' TKo'- seasons hav^^rolled^since;: ner pure  '      spirit fled,  >No rneivsrireof djstarice^crcycle, of seasons,  v   Caii blot from the mem/ry that lone narrow  ' ;    bed; ,- WsiPPy-l y '.��������� ���������-   ' ' -"-;: . ,  '.���������;��������� vv  'The plain'-marble tablet,, unraarred by the  w:'% 'sculptor, .  ; " Ap y-y,yA- y i:,A '''p" /  .Save only to emblem the name of the dead,  The sweet scented daisies,wby" loving hands  -,    y- ���������'        planted,        ,    J   ���������'; *     ;,       tw   .,       ���������  ;\      And'watered with tears with an aching  l'w-    ' .   -A ; heart shed1,, ;   -'A/    AXypi ixA/yA'  'A Are treasures of .meuiW, more .priceless than  p \' "���������,.     ' i' .   v' ������������������ ��������� ''Yocall;it a'Borrd.wjwho'iknaJ  {���������������������������' A.A -X XlA'PA . l ,jj��������� ��������� ������������������, "AX Tiiiit AmmikiH-"fcnVtli������^ linen  ;knbw^nbt;the;hoping  k[ ������;;-v ,  /- - Tliat apeiilri to the< bosom���������yourilarlihg  \A-    a,.  ,   ������������������ j. ' ������������������    ..-;. still-lives,'   -"O; '   ' r x   w  \lw\ :      You , would ;bid; ine to seek a more sensual  h'i3 a-  Ail <������  >>t, \ -   / pleasure;^    ptfllSr f which;������embry  use onr Coffee, roasted in the Con leal Roaster, ������������������ being recommended by all medical men .under whose notice it  has been:brought, and by numerous; otto-testimonials  In itsfavV.-W X^wA        ll FELL & C0?      ;,  k '" ��������� Coffee Merchants,-Tales St.��������� Vlctorla. .  RQADSmE ADVERTISEMENTS.  O CGI DENT A L   HOTEL.,  y '" \ ������������������     QUESNELMOUTH, ; - - - ">':  BROWN: & GILL1S, PnopRiETOBs'i  Good Beds; Restaurant; -Billiard Table, ;&c  i Stnbliug for Horses, Hay and Oats;.-  ':;::May 1,186&-���������,yypl-A:yA\ -.���������'..-.- Ay-.; y-:.$m.y.  164 MILE OR DEEP  S; OPEN" FOR. THE': ACCOMMODATION - OK,, THE  Travelling; public; the���������;-'bedrooms - a ro spacious and  airy and' tho Beds cannot lhe surpassed for clea ul in ess  and c'6mfbrt!i)jr: any-in the lower country;. the Table is  always'suppllea .wit ti tlio best) of vlctualB.; Stabling  'lor.-Hones; ���������*��������� Hay, Oats and Barley constantly ion hand,  M������y4i;lS6S. ,r:  ��������� ��������� 6m   ,  victoria advertisements; -  ... '���������  Importer and Coinmission Merchant,  VICTORIA, V.: I,  ���������..;6m:";.  WHARF. STREET,  Mayl,186S.  ^���������;;;:;:S:;a;T;:R;;p':;;;:&:;Np::0  ,-.      ;! '��������� Corner of Yates and Wharf Streets, yy:.  VlCTOKIA,.V.  I.,  IMPORTERS OF CIGARS AND TOBAqCO  Mayl; 1538; ���������������������������.'.��������� "   '        '  vigtoria^ advertisementr;  EMALLANDAINE, COLLFXTOR AND GENFThiV  ���������"��������� AGENT; Government Street; Victoria v t *<'  4nv  ROBERT   BTJR*N"ABY^  '      /;���������:"      LAND AGENT, Etc.,' ;_ '\y  GOVSRNMEST STHEETi^JCTORIA, V. I. A \  AX1  ; ������������������; Alfbusiness^carefully aud punetuallyatteadcd to  Jfayl.lSOS.  Om  ���������    Thiin the saddemng eomi  f y:-:yyw- ������������������-.. wwy. yy' x- ss, w ��������� ��������� .;---���������::  /fondly- turns to my dear Lilly's  ���������'       M1"-    1:1   ���������-������������������������������������-  pra^in^;<jR'AMOsband.;;  ';A young: Iady.inJ  Bbe would go out and pray t  nights," the   Lord   would  i  "Morristbwn heard: that, if  three consecutive  I tell -a ^epAwhO' she'  Ser  bout;  y-yy yyy: -;"LYTTO^,;BiC..,;;'.; ���������>'">��������� y;'.;  !THE; PUBLIC ARE  RESPECTFULLY  INFORMED  1 ;that tho^ above'*Hotel Is now, open for-tfe.6;accommodation of, travellers. One of tho best Cooks in the  .country is: retained:at th is establish men t, an d .the Bar  is;'supplied with; a: choice. assortment of' Wines;and  Liquors, . '���������.-��������� ��������� , - ^ l,A:'"��������� ��������� - A ,,' ������������������������������������". '  JTfie undersigned would n!soTanhouncetluit:attached  jtotlfoHoterhelfasSn^^  Horses;for hireat moderate rates;   Hay and Oats for  sale cheap. "-l   .���������    '.'.���������'���������  py. , , r ' W. McWHA&CO.,  ' !Dyl4 6m   ;    . /.   ' J .-  ProprietorSi'w  CO F F'^ElE;   ROASTERS  ��������� .-��������� ,  :  ���������        ��������� And Doalors in ���������   ���������    ���������.���������';  GROCERIES, PROVISIOKS, Etc.,  '':.--. -��������� -'���������> A'.. ���������,��������� '���������'Fort Street,'Victoria;:1;T.;I.. AX,���������  Mayl, 1868.    ;       -." ��������� ;"/..-;  .Jii" and Engraver,Government street, nori  to tho' St.;:Nicholas:Hotel, Victoria, V. I.   Cliron-  ometei-s.and Watches cleaned, repaired ana waSam  ,ed.    Every descripiion of! Jewelry made to ord^  : Pla ia.-J6s.it Orniimcntal.Engraving neatly executed    *'  , ;M^-V1S08. ly ^ w .".���������;;-������������������.;������������������'; ' <: /  . $' .-���������; -  DAILY aid WEEKLY^��������� %BRltM.CbLbNli*r1'^  liiidVICTORIA}CHRONICLE;^,-.\Orde'rs'for^win ^  ing either: the;Daily:-br Weekly issues oi: the 'above to;  any part of Europe^ the United .States, Canada, Auslra. ���������  ,1m,v'&o , left at this otllceVor sent to Victoria.Will w  attend ed) tb; V; Tbbms i n ad vii ii ck A -; Wkekly/ lambs:  ,with PpstaKe, S7 50 ; (Jmos. do., $4 76. DaxlvmI  mos do., S2S; pfimosdo;, $12 50.; V <..���������* .',,* -'  a May:l; 1868.  y     > ,/    ( , .      :' fitu  . <  6 m  WELLS, FAIR&6 & GO.^  y,';-.,New Yorki;California, andjEurbpea^ ^press,'^.v ;l  And- Exchange Company. 'Capital $10,000,000; AFor-  the Paclflc and Atlantic States and; Europe.  ;BllIs of  Exchhnge drawn W San Fragcispo, JSpw:York, Bp8tpn,;  and London, at current.rates. -   /  Ollice���������Yates Street,^Victpriaj V. I. > ���������;  May V1888.    , ,     " ���������       .       -; - j   3P? -:  ,rpHE VSUBSCRIBERS, FOR ;; MANY tfEARS PRO-  XvprietorjCoftbejTwenVrNine^Mile ;House, Douglas  I*ortago; beg to announce; that having purchased the  Clinton"Hotel /property', they are prepared to; afford  excellent accommodation to the; travelling public.  The. table will at all times be well supplied,-and in.- tho  3ar will beriound the'choicest liquors^ .. ���������������������������"-"  i Ample stabliijg lor animals, and the,best' of, feed  constantly on hand: - ,  .Tliey respectfully; invite a coll from" their old cvisto-  mersy as iwelllas tho; tr;iv.ellirig public' generally ���������-    <  X Clinton, B, C, May l, 1S085 "       J.,SMITHS.CO;  found im seatad^ in  mpfcr;have-:to wait  g' husband-sqeker earae and  ~%.in\the same-way/thafibe  '"":: ah'dj^reeeiy^d  evening  also  .pleadiog to  kaow  aud^again she   that^h^musi;  Poylel   The vnext morning she uet  d asked hini why he did not wear  ���������iclothest    ''.*'".   .-.'���������--   ,'���������   ' -  Isaid;he was notable.. ,,    "-  rfl11 '-^l- cnifl -whoAit f������>Ki-   ;������   o.irtk  l������niA Un  J   S. TaOMPSON, President.  JAMES' ANDERSON, Viol-President."       .-y  H s;  T; N2 MIBBEN & CP.,;  WUJ* FORWARD PROMPTLY^ AT\MODKRA7E^TERJaS,  ;" Englisih, ::American������ A t ,,      (      a ;:  ..,. '        A- . ,< ^French,;Grerman; t  ������" ���������' "And dther Newspapera'and Periodicals.:  SVBSCRIl������T!OSSf ADDING POSTAGE, FATABU5 IN ADVANCE.  Miiy"i;iSf>8.;; ";,;.;;';-��������� ,;���������   a - *.y rcm-^-  GEOKOK JAMES FIND LAY.  JOHN Bh.\RYr DDRHAM.  .     ' ;       IMPORT.ERS,, ;    /  And General Commission; Merchants, Wharf Street-  ..--'," - -' i" ;���������"  Victoria; V. I.X,       ,    i     ' ������������������ , (::  London Offlce^-31, Great St.. Heleni*. Blshopsgate Str.'  lUyl, 1S63. ty .   6m.^  < fe' ,      ' Well," said -she, ".father is rich; and he  /^r^y lyAiA'yl/.iwm'le''-"      '   m  iXs  m  ^'���������J.Si  -- ���������.  S<!-<:-  $%������&&&:  yy>-:\.  {.IV  letvyou;liav^ihe rapne^,,^;  Beitook itifbrVa> jpretry, good hint, and  a bought a suit of clothes.   In a short tiuie he  , , offered his heart and' hand and;was accepted.  >;- , After\their.marriage he'told her how her  -prayers wererabsweredT"  yyp If any" of the fair readers of this story  should think of praying for a husband, do not  get undera tree, or. if you do, he sure and  examine it::closely, and see if there is any one  Xo answer to it. "^ ������  1 . ^Tiib ; Universal Practice of m j xi ng Chicory and  other adulteratives AvtthCoffee, has verv- mucti Uamag-  edin public estimation, what.ought to be'tlio most  deUcious: of 'Beverages.. So eilectua lly have the public  Genera 1 as is the use of Colfee; j t is li (tie k no wn that  A Jn condensing-the vapors extracted froiri the ocrry in  loasting, a.liquor is obtained of tho most.nuusemis  taste, and of ascent the most unbearable. Under such  ���������circumstances it is evidently important that ali the  gases and fluids extracted by roasline: should he carried off as quickly as possible, in orde-r'to prevent their  BLUNT,;,V   A    \\     "    y-  b  ^JOSEPH CLEARIHUE^ V DmECToas. :  JOHN MacLAREN;       )���������  THIS INSTITIJTION IS N������W i OPEN AT BARKER-  ville, where it is now fitted Up; with- a view.to the  comfort and convenience of tlio people of Cariboo;  ::^e;R5ading;Room'wili be iound; supplied ;wfith; the  latest English, Scbttishy:;Cuiiadiabi. American and. Co-  ioniiil Papers and/SIagazines. /  -' Terms of Subscription���������|o per Quarter, or $2 per  Month.J .Single volumesloarieai; to. noursubscribers at  50 cents per voltimci with $1 deposit,  v Peraons not;subscriber^ visiting the Reading Room,  and making use of the Books and "Papers, 50 cents for  each visit "���������",    -      -  ',  ���������    .   ,������������������ ��������� ���������  ;-- The; Robin wiil;bei open-from^ TEN," A.: 21, till TEN,  P.M. :   ;      JOHN BOWRONj V  ' X ' X -'. ��������� .-:..���������  ....      ������������������- '       . Librarian, a  A ::&.:.B}>-A:.fin������|^assortment of Books, arid Stationery is  always: kepi 'for sale.      .A A- -���������  '&m  red mtim anh mosquito CREEicii  J^^^^^^YONHANDvA LARGE ipVFLY  ; a vminers1; TOOLS,  ��������� PRpVISIONSi CLOTHING, &c, &c,  And for sale at the  liowest Current Prices.  Cash Price asked, consequeuily no long  WATCHMAKER  .A" '- .'  w" A     AND    JEWELLER,  r .    > CLUB BUILDING;  Government Street,  Viotorla; V. I.  Jewelry of every description made to-order.  Mayq.lSCS. /   .  .   ' .   ..;   ; 6m^  Al. g-ilmqre;  m ������'-R-G-HAN T  TAIL OR-  YATES STREET,  Third door below Government Street, Victoria, V. X,  A. Has On .hand, nnd is consta n fly '��������� ;rec"eiv ing a large  assortment. of Cloths, Cassimkres ; asb.;Vkstjnos,  wh i ch be is .prepared to make to. order ��������� i n: the {jam t  approved styles 4  AH orders rroni^Cariboo promptly attended to. :"  ���������I-;May-l.'i868..-;.'-.���������';:���������������������������'������������������-' WAsAyAyy gm .  JESSE  coWper,  DEALER  TN  No. 23 YATES STREET, VICTORIA ��������� \  (0pp0������?lte^w*ell3, Fargo & Co's^''A? '���������:���������  Only one  credit, given.  N. B ���������Minors  ������';  '���������'-|S ".  ��������� . -'gi ���������:  yM-  mi  ���������5>w%::  ������������������.Mi's ���������.-������������������.���������������������������  'vy^s '���������������������������:.'  ��������� :i* "  m  us used by-FELL & CO., Victoria, in which the berry  is directly exposed to the radlatud heat, nnd the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously. In addition to  the ad vantage to be Uerived:by the rapid removal uf  the steam con tain inz the ohlMhr,fni.uVhl������������ nn-������nofMi������s   the  tai oil   , .lituler  Roaster, whero the Cott'ec is required to remain a much  lunger time ia cojisequeuce of ihe"'stoammsr it" undergoes h y the c on fi nod sUoatn." It is c he rn io-.i il v lm possi-  - bie to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration: of  . Coltee ��������� wh en. grou nd. -. Th o 'neat en gen dvred l>y th e pro  cess of -'.roasti'ng *   '  acti/mlh thee  its j'fltn.ess^fbr-  woih h. tilcon tains w  and Prospectors on Willow/River,  Sugarand other Cr-u-ks in that section of country can  be supplied AS CIIKAP and to better advantage tlian  from Williams Creek. iay8 6m  EXPRESS & GENERAL  A G E H C Y !  N   THB   ARRIVAL    AT  OF  ir-  iruuuo. . xoe neat engendered hy the pro.  fng, add e.vp-cially or grinding, creates an  elameolary. p-irts wb (ch grad "nil v d estrovs  r:, A rink.., K w i to r stain lh c e^euti:.-1 6i t  1-A-.  9:  / every .Moil and Lxpross, P. RE1D will leave Bt  ki-'rvillo with an Express for the following places ������������������  Mosquito*nd Red Gulches, Whip Saw Gulch, Lowhce  and AiiUer. He wil also leave regularly twice every  wor-k tor the same places, with the Cariboo S*wmv������;  on the morning:? ol its issue He wilt attend to alt  kinds ol coraoiiseions.etc.for miners, obtain lueses, record do uns, examine record, etc. ''CollMifnrf  He will nIso  Always on hand-  May,!, 1868.;  -Calf, Kip, Shoe Fiudlogs,  etc., etc.  ���������'6m:'.'  FOR T    STREE T,    VI C T 6 R I A  A. McLEAN &; Co., *  G e s b it a l Out fitteiw,     .  TMPORT CLOTHING OF ALL KIVD3 ; also ROOTS  1 and SHOBS, riireet from the best English and  Scotch markets. Sell retail at wholesale prices for  CASH. All orders sent through Barnard's Express.  promptly attended to.  M/iy 1,1863. 'om  BAILEY'S  PRIVATE    BOARDING    HOUSE:  Fort Street.  Victoria, between Douglas.and  Broad Streets.  1  . ATLEY   BEGS TO  INTIMATK TO  . > public    that   ho   has purchased  oiuiimg nod furniture, as ifitely occupied hv  Heal, which he has entirely ivtltted nt creat cost,  trie pr"mi>e3 will now ba found  THK  the  Mrs.  ������.0 fl  wry  GavEBNM������ST Street, Victohu, V. L    -   ".    ...  npHS; pESTATJUANT - i������ supplied:wltii ixi tho1  ,JL-delicaciesnf-Urnh0;ibou,^nd,tho^slet^ing'accoin������v CV;  dntiou is reploto iwith every' cbmfort.    T.h������ 'MdaT^Ph  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.I -:       -   a,a       X   , ^  '  AyAy-s-yy-, -. '.b'-y,: -f'j;:;BiqXE.^;CO'i;-'PrtiiHiitont-.'���������-''.���������n  PACIFIC   TELEGRAEHlm,  ., j ������!.,..���������. ,    STORE .STREET,  -' ' , ,-'    .  i  Between Herald and FIsguard,' Victoria; V. 1^ ;';  *,**"&  NDBE W ASTRICO RESPECTFULLY 1NF0RM3  ^hifi IfrjenaV^^dr-Um^jfe  cne above- Hotel is thc -most comm odious and clcaov  liotel in Victoria.   It Is^ conducted ;on^be Europesa  prlnciple;%ml the tablets supplied; wltb tnotyery best v  themyrlcet atlbrds^r Ap*- ''.%y ,-,;:���������     '-.-';-"';-';���������."������������������   ':lt v-  ' A;rostaurant:bcing attached to the prcmises^moali!  can beh%d at nil hours of tho;day.   Private dimnj'  robins for families.   The rates' of cnarRes afeasfolvi;  lows: Board;'arid lodging per week, ;$6 ftp to$66o J ;  ditto'pe^vyv tl 00 ; Single meals, tlurty>������even anu"  a-halt������cents ; beda} >50 cents;     Terms���������Cash in k&Ay  vance^I'lA^fireproof sale in the house.-  M-vy 1,1868.    i H/AxA        ������in' '  ���������AA'-, GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA;..  wholesaleTnei" betail.  IMrOUTERS of ;  Eugli������b'&,French Silk's, iSliawls, Presses. Ua,'   .  ' derclothirig, Gloves, nnd every;'description of ;|  Drapery Goods.; j  Receive rcgulor supplIus by Express yb Panama uA    A1  by MtEKng vessels via Capo 'If oro.   ���������   "    v. h     .  AA  :    .WHA$P STRECT,' VICTORIA,  -Ax.i '.-"PA-A '"'". "V -:-r-:: Dealers in!.f- x. .yy /-;������������������..: ;-V!  Fine ISnglishvFrencfr & AmericanLicjUors.  Champagne,, Claret and Brandies. .  V LARGE STOCK OF BONDED 'WTNES^AND  J\l Bran dies a 1 wave on- ha n d. To dealers purcbasin^  In large quantities,"a liberal discount'-.will be made ftr  CASH- All orders will receive prompt attention.   >  SGrellv &; Fiterre;: Agenis ;iv>r;-Hostetter?s'.-^ittf^,.;^  Bbkcre?/'Bfticr3;-:-������tfiiv: and-SOLE-AGENTS:^rJvap?^;;:  Icon Caninei: Cbanipagne:;. I5ouchd -do.;��������� Jiiles :Mucia;,,  k Co.,   E:  Clicquot, Prencr, .Claret.     Agents��������� fer  Bouche S<m &C6,, .'of MareuU sur Ay; champagne.^-  trict, Frauce.      y- ��������� Ai     * XA'-'Al '  ���������A To afrive^Goltf: Modal Champagne,:-from BoiiCW,;.;  Sdii.&Co.' St.. Laure.n:t.& La?ib,frt, ;-  ���������-'.���������-. .v ��������� :  '       Agents, Centreville.  May 1, 1368.;::     t . '  '"..        '   '   - Al.     '".  EXCJHAITGE  HOTEL,  SODA CREEK, ^B-.'.C.   .   ���������       '  " 'TBS;  ^PHE; UNDERSIGNED,   PROPRIETORS ^ OF  '1-above wldl known and popular establish menial  fo iriform tb'cir nurnerons friends and the public generally, that they are now prepared to aflord every ������c-  con i mod & t ion to. th e -1 ra veil ing cbmni uni ty, vat -w  most Tonsonable rate of churges. Good cleany*uj  bed-chambers. AXw^Aa nf  The B-ir Is stocked., with the very best branos.-V  Wi nes. Spirits d od Cigars.      A yA  ���������: .y y  A The fable is supplied with all thosubstantial. a������a  luxuries the country affords, and meals aro-aervea*  all hours.. x.'X.< ,,-'���������.������������������ ;..'   y,-'A^'P^wt  Tho Stables are spacious, comfortable, aud f������cpac i  by first-class hostlers, and a -.cpiista^t,^.&uppiy.o> '.h  besl proven d er of a 11 kinds;'      '    ��������� ' ���������      ; A-*w*jv;  In short,.every coovenienco and facility--^"JL  to the comfort of man and beast, will bo ;���������������������'  the proprietors will spare no eflort in ,>r(ler,SP:tab.  Ure satisfaction to all who may patronize tnfv.J*  Asm?  GREAT REDUCTION J  McLEESE k SENA'  t>EG TO RETURN THANKS  D Uir tlio past, ami in order to suit  PROPRIETORS, .  TO THEIR  PATRONS  the times tbey  ,iavd reduced the Pernio of prices, viz.: .        As*  Meals, $1 0,0 ; Beds, 75 cenls ; Board and-WrigM.  per day, $���������* 50 ; Board and LodgingP/-r wevKj ������*  Having recently made largo ad(i,til>nl5tn [c tiw  misessoasto ������������vo finO-claefi accommodati^on i������  eating aiM bleeping dep.xrtments, tbey ^������ ^ f0r  an extended support in the future.   Private iuwm  f8a,ili0S-       will toy* M fcuo-l tho clioioct W?������  mm  W-l>v.y  ^^  j������|||  At the Bar  of WI ues; Liq n ors a a .1 Ci gs rs.  hmtte  .   Tlie Stable is clean, attended hy a 1^ **[^  suppliod with the b*et provender oi the c������b������������*3  M*yl,.U68.  an  frifi  I  P


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