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The Cariboo Sentinel 1873-07-19

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 >���  :":
uir��. j
i    '
id to
ptfi. ;
and j
icek :
'   feftTTtf" n���'Jiff
Vol lo.
arkerriiie3 - William- - Creek, R.G., 'Saturday. ��� JMj,
I do��-csrt rouod ibe corner of. Y&fces anaft&twM
s^roment siineeis, tWte&steteroed ���&��5��3>1les��e��y 3
over, the botse fell, and "Mr Haw ar-3, vrfr�� tobl=?
.S0T51S. ��E5!TACr3 ft ;CT��, 4s&.:
Pablxsbfcdsrery S&tsrd$y by
Subscription,..;- '.-.. -5.0 Cents per Week.
��ror��ae ��4a&ret^a��iAch^ firs? UHftttltttt,-.
��* ��    ������:.*��� one-month,  -
Fortwos^n*re^firsUasertio��,     ��   ��  -��
j under the cart contrived i�� f^'HaaseSi i?amjj gJSJTK ��^Wll0i
Hb* wreck.. ' The horse. fcaefced vktieiattfy as��a|       -
I did much damage .to tbe vehide. hm spss]
j finally secured.   Mr Hasrard escaped. mii al
| severe shaking, - |
j    Tbe .steamship Prince Alfred sailed for.Sas!
^rariciseo a? 7 o clock last evening.  Tbe pas- jj
Agents for the * * Cariboo Sentiaei."
Van Winkle.. *   v ���
Soda Greek,* "-,
Cliuion, ������*��� *.:    '������'
Yale,       -,.- -     ���.'��
New Westminster,
VicU'riatf -,.
J.. P. Fisbcrt   ���
fientt fc Co.,
G Street, . ���;-::'. ������-
'   Baraai\Ts-Repress
���:. y ���'������ Barnard - s Ks|��ress
'-'-������ ������'��� B��raai*!V Express
>���      ��      ��*0vn Murray ���
���.   ���    . ���;���   -. * J��r >Yehst*T.
; '* >_.    ��-.    San ��Htjn?co
' ~      -      Shu VrancisC��
SSCornhtU, l*m��1ca. K.C.
Curds. Circulars. Posters' and.T^^trrmnmes for
Balls an d Th e.u ri ca) \.En lerlnl n men ts
^S-fixectited with neHtnessand dispatch^^^
Terms moderate..
Clln'on: Jiiiy ie-BaVhWrd^down slage
arrive^ hirre>yesterday at 11 a.m. and left for
%e11i:\v \lus in����r11in��;at 5 ��.m.   THe  tip stage
- a n i ve i i a I 3; ��� p. i n.; w i t h  M ess* rs. Job n ��� T Pit I ch;
���and G��v��mi, C.P.R R. Survey, for.150 mile
house ; Xir ViAvell; f����r Omineca ; MrBeedy.
fm VanWii.iile ; Messrs. D. Witlirdw,AD.
AdiimfC and Mrs ��� yco'tte., for Clinton. ? 7/
^PearsimrK ^ip/sia^e left^at i^Ait^ VlHii Mr
Green. Inr Qiiesnel; down ��tago urrlvvd at 0
senders nucjoered ^. -,% ;
Sentence wiU be passed cpan lie Indians!
in (he assault case to-day at hooQj wiieia $&e]
Grand Jury vrlll be discbargrd.
.   The Standard says: We are in a posmoa to
state the Postal Department has no ialeeUon I
of canceling the contract with the ow*Ders of i
tbe Prince Alfred, unless, tbe -Prises Alfred]
should perforna the duty so badly as to irar-1
rant the departaieai-in doing so
; A co; r^pondest wriung from San Juan |
says that' Dotuthttfa Day was observed by. Mr
P.Donjrlas and friends:   When firing a Royal |
salute, however, a small  csnuon burst, the
ifr����nneriis flying Iu all directions, fortnuately
without hurtin*r any ojie.   At Sunnyssde one
of the 'EnglishVfteg^whiohv belongs
English camp once stationed on thu Island,
and:nised <by. ihlem"-for-thirteenV. years, floated
gaily .16 tlm breeze.   Tbe people of San.Junn
c en e nil I y are \ n go od spirt is, aud j o'yTut in
mttictpafion  of excellent xrops,   but  more
especially: glad   that the Island  has   been
p n rged of .r th e fou l m 11 rdorers w h o, it is a I *
Iftged, killed Mr.��� Fuller and vMr  and; Mrs
! The.'Enterprisa took ^tip^ yesterday^ one of
| Dodged improved reaper's . and Mowers for
Messrs Iuues's-duiario.farm, Langley.
../.<���:z '"��� UNITED* STATES.^ '\:A\'���'.' \. .'
;   NW -York, July  10-^A statement of the
Ci ty of- y\\ asbi nglon ?s passengers charges lS*e I
���loss of the ��� eteumer to the crisaiaai negfasft-J
and Crt re!ess'riess b i the officers aad; ��ew?,\��ad j
suys that*: all just barely:;escas|^3 b^% ��*����� j
gulleuV   An ocean ;'captain/a p^ss^gs^r.&��^
intently-wtwnert the%'hief officer thai 2a^ ^^^l
runotnsr  ioo   'ar   northward,  and  *:c^sf'4l
3�� to isS&ra. ^hear fticods-'a3i-fl':'i*hs imb In tioA Aw-
The Celehrated XKXrAL
-      *    .
of>l&r' X.-Cssiou"  ������-..- ��� ���-, --; ! >: ,-'.:<!- ������.���.'������ -;;���:>'- :.V    :."'-.VV"   ': -':> A:':"\   ���''-'::;-iV j
iriU.be raanata^oi^|aiJd^l^j|*>fias^��sa 2��
tail in iis pttriiyyaad. ��� ; '���       - ������ ���;;' "���
Tlie best Liquors
constantly kept oa.hand..-    -:  t .
The Lodging
���will be.always carefully attended to. and the bestJ ''������������' _'<-"���>   \ h^ ���:^V" A'/ '".'���":"���"      '"-' v-. '.^J
Beds and accDtaoiodaiifa   provided for,.their -ess
,...��������� ....
... 2 ."...-. L"^.  : . _:_j'   :..'in ��_i_ . I* it.���U..��.��< . -iC.J!j��<    '(aTftfe  ft  ���
a.m. to day. and left for below \il.5,   . ViVouVnt t^VmUes f��rth��r south.- but ;tfeeiitwa.D
.. �� �� h *\ i v-kvii wAk-4 -d&^y^ffiartlei'U.- 'although������. thes^catfan
Bridge Creek, July li^Th�� Mm ��to^ ^^#SliU'-No sight was *feni|
bia Telegraph Oo^opwu'Hl an o1tl^��  hu^  fef
day.   Tlw telegraph olHcea at ^inlU liviU^
and Blue Teut have bnut oUwu\ ,
: ���    VrOTOlUA.
Victoria. July 11 ���Tho m'<mmt��r IMlice Alfred arrived hero early yenkntlay Wui'njlig;
4^ days from San lrra��ult<��0.
On Friday morniug UtHt A limit IHtmiMl FiU
rel was oevorely ^tubb^d lli All fifft'My ftt ^
Gen.-Scbofldd> U> nrrttfp b.MfOf^ Ae military cornmifksiofi only th<iw* Mf^lO'J VVllO &B!
directly SinpllcaM f�� M)�� iWlirrff*!' Ut OmM;
U����nby, Or,. Tlivmnh Mil Imih 8\m:WM{(\".-
The" other* am Ut bit twM iw itf^(f*WiiMii��-.
This is to .prevent^ .difflfftfj^. t|J��4. WftHitt
ensue from itoritiftwtiifimte $m\p\IWM "1
the whole of Murm, wtiwh wom Pfefc IBMI.C'H;
approval o! ljw�� tittrftt/g fij f'Hrt^ Of ��.I8 W/'fl
by the Pre��f4��r4^'
i*m$&$ (ttufw? mtmw*?
Ottawa Cai^^i W*^ "pffi&W W m W��l>t '..' '������'
(S'O^i^vS in VAftftiftS' ?a^��y.   Til'* ?��ieaw^rIs-!j
m\m\ M\m\fi w���� ?M��i a��nii no* ��*/��^Ci|
imil teHH vaWw lhe ^,,,ni of "**IJ" ��!
I'iiiiMiiVin'fiiii/ July -������Tl�� wiw ^ ^1|
riifrf�� firtlUra Will W fiM^ ^�� i��*��w��5 paw<in
mmwm^f-   A--yw?:A^rz:*w- y���'. /)(
^Ueaamv^ W taft&fr I*** **vv?��i!ti^,    AU ;3s^|j   ;ffik.- 3TA��t   rt\iTritsiaiH vwiUi ttioi -3b^t wj??h?s:
��� -* -��� .
Ob�� l^tfe^m&����!
Mc^��wJA.-M��^^ WWW*/   - .     I ��������� *toto#d r^wA��^������*.ftw.��^M��
i<rTcmKir <sf {gBsas^L: ^^tfk jots .
_i   'Ga(jiil��chvnrv, unii-at* 3Bwi3tfias,, avUI i^- liejld ait,
n;irih = o'l utft ���2niacrm<iiitiowitllilitOGB:8iKTfiltw^H, ^jaOTept-
^Etttc, lioiiiiivx, :wsvy a��.
3 /ccttau. '.UTHTrfdivy, &Kisy'25L
3v*aniUiyp\. Wti��lJieKd;>y.,'UiPj-^2S.
^Ci niton, aiondivy, .7jum���� .
iOit'tawj'/taou ci s.. 3?!tfc i i��y: .Tlwaitn..
3ticnhdl4,3Jties04iy, ^Jnn:; 'J'i.
3^^iiL -��IXRDIirL
<����esj>uirrw��ntii.-.to:h(i :tteud dienuilter.anaaiyauish-
���X/Iisfcon, -El ttrrsday, Ocina er .ii.
3ianil��9n*,.1 71^esm>y, 'Ocmoho; *7,
H^tton, lUoiuktv, ���irmtaWcr-l.'i.
.    ^������.alc'Tjinwdgy, (fP'.ntic-.aii. .
3Siw,:W.cscnitnrasi. 7LVnRrt.*?;.-. .frototici-21.
4LaiTV^U^R^^<":^-> .^Si2^a^^dnu^u^c!��cvaijrc^ai/-^s��3teees-
" ^ U'   ���""     <^muUt,or tthe;wiWi����ft;��l^.3Pi��<lfi^^
-���jrarK -Asn,
;i:],;..l.,"vV.... .'...  ���.'.iV>-vi"Vr.' ' !J^':;^jr;;-.-i-X..'^~-.^8''^s.-��'.^'  '   .._..������-...>����� �� ������ .....���...��� ���:
 ��.. - **^.-����4-.-'.'. ,v���i.........   ^j|.Jl 1 '..W.I. y^f ^VW'^.vj'..^' ������������������',:''';? js 't';;:.:.;;- -' *;���������:��������� ���������/.<���������������' :>,- -'-V*---;^ ^ -i^'-; ''K-'/:^:^'i'5&v::' jV'/i/v:J}'^^>'^,",'^Si;.;'i-- Al '"'A "'"'AAll" A. AAAIW^'WA'AAAj >,:'yK  'M - ,.  ,. ... ; ./    :!   *<*J������-i Trtannn :lxa ZrinfrmhiTT i '  ;I)j$$pi,>.and���������. ia the* Electoral ,-District of  Kootenay :'.- ������������������':"'*'������������������'.-'������������������ ���������".'/-.*.-. ���������'"���������-. ..-  pl^^KNOWVtE that We do order and  proclaim that ":Thtj County Courts Extension"  ^^ppTVr^shall-:from^and after the :rjate  yreo^have;ftil( force >nd Effect in the Elec-  t^iMstricfc^of ^"Cariboo;>xcept.that portion  ^m^:^1inqwri/a8:^ibe^^Omir):ec8 Tolling J>j  vision; and in the Electoral District of Kootenay.        - - ���������:*.-- ���������        (      ..  In JFesttmoxy "Whereof, We-nave caused  ��������� these 0 h t ��������� .f > ? i l.-, * -" to be made 'Paten t, a nd  P the Great,, Sea! of the Province' of-'British  , f -  Co\\i m bia ,to he, hereu a to  a IBxed :    Wit- ���������  ���������,   '.iiESs,. the, Honorable  Joseph William  " .   Tkutch, Lieulenaat-s-c7 enior .of the said  ��������� Province of British Columbia, in the City  of  riot da. in. the said  Province, this  ,, Frot?rth day of .March; inrthe year of Qnr  :.., A.-tord One thousand*eiglit hundred.,and  A seveniy-threeVand iu the thirty-sixth year^  , "of Our Reign.   '", l     .",-.,     ���������'  By/command.   -    , - J  ^^S^^^S^^g^ i- '<; i aawi  4 i I -\- t % Provincial .Secretary. <��������������� ���������., mr22 4m  Y'-r-k:  PUBLIC  rAAAAAAwiAmm  :-U--wA  I'M  NOTICE*  lE^SaW^t(si������iE)fi:Aet.:l;B7a^  WHEREAS t������y a Proclamation, <iated 4th Jlnrch:  -187^ tlie MnniUnd ot LmJdi foium.Uk was i^f  the mirpo\ -o of the ������bcve Aci, dulled into,fiw Bead--.  igtr*   -      '   :  'lut L'.inLon Di **iU  ^TlicLtllooet KoaV.:nistfict;     ���������  The Yale Road rnaWl  -     'JTLe 5 ootena <T Roail B^l rif/c,.  Tlif Stej   i*v '.ipjinnir Jw������u TVstrla  'MjIICC  7?>   HEEEBY^LYEN;  th4-thi'"folibwin|  ���������Collectors hayo been appointed for-the'saia'DMricts:  /'imlmci FoilingOjy^jnn^W. H. FiteswrMrf, Esq.  in  Appointmerits  Provincial SECRisTAitYJ$ Office,  . ',..>.,-.4th March* 1873. -..  > .  Hia .Excellency-the.-���������LientenantGowrabr  has been pleased to make Urn following appointments under *;.The Sheriffs Act, 1873 ?':;.  Richard Woods, Esq.,for Yaneouver.Island;  : ��������� H knrv ;. V, JEdmonds , $so^. for ^Uie ^CViy.j-of  New Westminster. .   -   ���������  ���������' G'korge Byrsks, Esq., for 3u riboo. <     ���������  "���������  By command,       "    . .    ���������   \, - -  JOHN ASH,    , :  . .   . , Provincial Secretary.  PitoyilvcrAL Secretary's Office,  4th March, 1873.  : His Excellency the Liehtenant Governor  h as i; been - pleased to' ab ppol n fc Henry Slye  Mason,'Esq.^.tc be Deputy Registrar :of tbe  Supreme Court of������ British'Columbia. :,M ;!  >,    vBy commands ' , :. *  iW.wA"AAwlA^ :JOm^!Am^wiAAWAAw-  A---,        v*'        -   ������J     Provincial Secretary.  ��������� v'iA < -: -y   :: ^ i ^OVJNOIALtS^ETART^S--OFFICEji  ,4th March, 1873. ;  v His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor  has beer pleased?.to aj>pointfWi Or Bbrkblky,  fi5Q.^ to '.he.-Audit Glerk for the province" of  SHtiBh.Golutnbia.     .,    ���������   t  ,   "  r*^'7 ; r By command, ,,^-'J  aaaHa.    r      -   JOHN,:ASH���������  "Jonif shair'  lay, J. E. McMillan, and ,D. tehcvae  ofv< ,  Esquires.   :-,1,:.  ��������� -���������   ' -   ���������'.'-���������" :'    ^ W ^ktk  A'Jeromiah Ro^crs-aad Cooto' M. Gh'&ihiiVre ^���������  ranUnlet, Enquires,    -t ... -^"-B^j  G. H. Wilson Brbsvri, of AJderloy,. Esonji*  ���������v: W.H.VMorrovv, John j; <2aibraitll^ aDa-r^' ���������  of.Kootcnay.rEsquircs. '  : :-W\ ....    onD.--,  James Robb and GI F. Dnahblo: of Comn������:������  qaires;. W;. '.^r.vw* ������������������������������������:'���������:*'���������;������������������'"���������;���������   ��������� ��������� "��������� I*  - James 3rack!e, of,iAngley^Esquire.      .    '  .���������; .Charles Bf '-R5w������r*i; 'of: Matsqiii; Ksqujro,     -  ;i r������qnald.Mi^������ivery:.and Bayld'Aiiiier, of'sumnc* t-  quires. '���������>-  , ���������   , ���������- -^"jis.  -:  Thomas 'BDli;-'E'dwardl&eareon.-John ciii��������� ,:,  JorialhanNutt, of Barkbr^lh*, Esquires       {P| n3  (.Richard Dei^htpn^BdjD/McNaughtoc  of na���������  CrcekjEpqwir^        '" !      *****!  Adatn Pn-j t      "��������� ' ���������   Turnout Mnir,,"ann Johtftnu  stone Roberteoir, of Lightnfng.'Creek, Esquired'  . ���������'.Abraham -BarWwJf of .the Town of QUesn^i p.n,,;  : ��������� Robert BurnloMcMickingf of Y������l������, Esqujre^9   4  ' , James'-Cunnlngljam and '}fi Clarkson, of New xpMl  niinfiler; E?qmr<;a.      '     '.. . m.  ., W.-D. ForrM and H. L. BeBecfc/of.North-*���������������  Fr.ser River, Esquires.,   .   ,\ t.      .. - : 5  W. H. Ladncr,' ol South Arm, Frascr River, Esq  -    By command.      ���������    '        ' '"v  .ARTHUR J. G. PTNDER  ap2flja       '���������'"'"    ������     ' Private Secretary;1 ,  .   ''    ��������� ��������� Provincial Secretary.1,'? Qfi]������  -- ,: .      '- : S5tbtApril, 1873.  ( HiaExcell^ncv;tlie Ueut|pftnt Governor has ^B  pleased to appoint' thoJoUowing^ehtiomenio rtcciv!  a ppl ici tions' lor Reg i s tni-tfon an (J Kccorcl, under'1 iht  ..pl9VT8foh9'^pr^^^The:^tiiil������R^i3(ly;-AcM, 1S70.*������ &'  *i The,'Land iRcplstry Ameiidiucii t Act,-1873,'! m-t���������������  WilIuj������sLt������i.c p* iiii^ Dcjiion -c. fC J ope; '   o.  ; .Canoe; Greeic and Clin ton'- Polling Division*���������C. ������:  Pope, Esq. '    '     fe'V.'T^''''���������',-���������"'- ":,:";-r:^    '-     ���������       ���������  :     Fro^;a���������\Mi( Bntiah Colinnjbi?, iu ffie Cirv  . of  Yicton;^  iVi  the iai*l  P^o^uice. t'iiiS  ^pA^Sl-:":^:-::*;-^  3 rin] Qoe TlMiiiRiKinl eigrh't hundred and  6������pMify-,[n   \ ^d Iu the Lhirly-sixfch year  AiwA'AwA KI':-- wimwM A wk :aa . A a '-SfM^M^Mfy te a ; ;SrS ^; i ;:SiyS ���������;: $ S'4'PI!  ;S:^5B^ r:;,iM;^"r::::::;;:::/;:iyv:^.^;;.:;7^;-:;:v;;;V^>'v';;'::By:::eb������iriia:oil��������� :vf:': ���������:^:i;::>xf::,;;::;:���������,'<:::>;:^���������Mr.rS^  ;S:ffl'ASf|^;f������:::������;fS  fe;:S.v;;::;;:;|g;;;;^  ���������S  IIIIIIRI^  ��������� '   C    PROYINCB OF BRITISH COLUMBIA;  TIOTORTA, hy the .Grace of God, of Hie  United Kingdom^of -G-reat DHlain'an���������Ireland, Queen, defender"'of llie/Faiih, &c, &c.  I'o all to wljcra these presents shall come���������  '.        A"1     '   -    ���������   ��������� ;       *>&.$?* - 'Gbeetixg. ''���������������������������;  ! t ���������   [A  {'  ,/  --- r\ .     a .frcnolavation:4':    ;;  . ^ko% , A./Walkkxi, ) WHEREAS 'it  is pro-.  ���������"' , l   *' ���������* Attorney-General* f '"virled by Section 1 of  '"::-; :;-���������;;;'.^3;he;:Cojih'i^;Coh  ;; ^tBftt^The -Mining :GourfcycbnstHiited under  ,������������������' w.������yThe Gold . Mihin'gJ������������������;Ordinance, 18fijji-slthll  :^>ibe;^and is':'herehjr 'merged';. in. the County  . v"ConrTj:a^  ; ��������� '* Britisii Coininbia shallJ have and be pos*  ;"* sesseel of (bo.s������imo jurisdlelion, powers, and  ���������'...! ^iftiitlibrilips* as those had; and exercised by  ���������,'������������������; ^*'^he;:Gbia'-GnmniisKiouers���������.ap'poiiiied, nctin^  ., ��������� '���������'*.* arjdvp^sJdjng as Judges of the said Mining  A-pJ^mkyi, W$a':$ {^proceBdings' ���������; ;lhereu nd er  :: v f*, filial I be HaU and;micen in accprdance with  :A:^hPiPpif^^M.Athe Sold Mininv;.Ordin  ,.,,;^ Rnce;iv18b7^and/T^  ���������/C.meiit'^%:JM^Vw^'':waJ.a[-A-':',.;:;���������.\  A "������������������ ������������������:. An#y^p$*B& riek 'that ���������-i h e;  :-;;^A^t;shoji|4j;dpJj^rbave^ :lti 11 ^rcO;and effect in  :: sncii:^  'Oo^ru^r in Counfeirml^  l.. A hy Proc'liinTiatiori: or5efe>':';;'y ���������-��������� ���������;. ���������������������������'������������������ '-.'".it: AAaa ���������  ���������;������������������.:'���������;..;��������� Andwijereasit is exp o ri I eia fc t li at tne snfd;  ^X5|:fth0ttld b^  ; El^toral pislneto^<^riboo/except that por-  iftloii: tharsof knowa as tb������ ;Omih0oi. PQllini?  ..'- ":������������������: -":>���������..:/���������',;:������������������;::      : w',:W- &���������*������������������*,'*��������� >��������������������������� .-������������������a- ��������������������������� ��������� -��������� b l  7" fft :i<i -LTiipe Pjlijn^ Dlvisioiis-^^  Eva hs, Esq;  "Kootj ^r ffciTaicr ' '    ,   -  '^il'I rU*c e, Krr3 CfpAki a ad ^i^nnti CK^k'l'ohu'i*  .pivisions^pC. .Booth; Ksci,^'-'";;, . ;lAAAl  A'AA  -r! Chilliwback, .-Larigtey, .^Tew- Westminster.- Burraril  Tnhit, ;irsd;;,Korth .Aria -.^ollirig, Divisions���������H, ii w':  moQ'Js, Ksq. ' - '   '.,   .  ���������^w;::we^^ AyA ii w. a aa ���������;���������'  By Ci T-iand. ' ���������-    '-'  ''    ' ���������  r     JOHN Am, ���������  ,T. A   .    ,,    ��������� 'A    Provincial Secretary.  r -Vic ton a, Apnl 4-tb, 1ST3-. > ���������     r-   ap28~  ,    ' ���������     PllOVIXClAL fiKO^iiTABY'sOjrPICR,  Agwly������Am^  His "Excellency- the liieutenunt-Governor.  fa as been pleased' to appoint i he following  .gentlemen to bo V.ssesso h and Collectors under and lo carrv out the - provisions :ofi "'��������� The  Land. Tax'Act 1878".:���������  Esquimau andiMaicno;-;n District Ss'quimalt  To;vn District, aud .Lnlio and Saauich Districts."*- , - \  William.Stewart, Esq., for ���������:<'���������;.puimo-Dis  trict.   ' ���������  John Morlkt.Esq,, for Cowichan and Salt  Spring Island Districts.  ���������  Joski'h Rodkllo: Esq., for Coraox District.  HiiNur V.r Edmonds, Esq.,- for-.'New Westminster District. - ;*������������������_,/  wjl. A. Baowx, Esq., for Port l'>.v:^irton^  Eexjamin P.  Guikflv, Ksq., - for Yule Dis  tirlct. ���������  .,        ' ���������    ������    ��������� -  '"Tho;   )l B\m% Esq.. for Lytton' District,  .m  In tlie Siigreme Court I of  [British ColnmMa. -"  \ - ,   ���������-       'GENERAL ORDER.  .\TOTICE .is hcrehy piv.cn, that :tbe Supremo Court  ���������������\r will^sit In Biinc,1- for the hearing of. all motions  argiimi-ntvappGal^ an<) othor mutton coirihi"' li������fore  the Court; in Bano,;afc tlioSuprGnic Conrt Xtoum in tho  ���������City of Vic,torin.- for^the' lojlowlng-torms, oh the days'  ���������nereinaUer tnentioneil, namely: ;������  Jor Hjl^y Terra 'from the IStb t6v25th rcbruarv w  F.i,r Kn.st.Qr T(;rm from .'tiro,15th to 25th April ��������� * *>' ���������' '���������  for Michaelraas.Term frohvtho 15tn to 25tli November.  .' Tliore win tie no -siking. In ,Bnnc in Trinity Torm  y Jn case.any ot'.tiio daysorthe^latesmiinod/or the  geginniu^ onvending, 01.. the Tefms ��������� siiouhl: fiilf on a  ���������?Ai.t?������3fr- o"J^;Ptt.WI������; WrlWiiy^ Aen: tbo -iferoi ^Ul'b-^lii:  or end; on;the n ext follwrioff rlay������������������ ���������-:';; -..���������,'-. :��������� -���������.������������������  trict.  Edward Tfxox, Esq.. for Lillooet District  ,;. Gkoiuji^^  Cokmilius Booth, Ksq��������� for Kootenaj District. - ��������� ���������    -        i -  By command.       ;   i  ;J0HN ASH, 'x- .      :  . mr22 3m.        , Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Offlcey  S ^?S;!|^(^ vS^lK^-'- ^: :;1:'c:r?-:iou( Apni, is73.;:-:^  nlS^ceJlencp th e -LI cut en a nt Governor lias been  .     :pf>s������se(l: lo appoin V the foilowing god tlemen lo  T)C,^wirmhg,OfriovrB lor; the several Electoral Dii������  trictfl ol tllft .Frovlno",  uufler an I ?to cirry out the  prpylsfobs of "The ifembvr*' >Ihdemuity Act; 1873 V  . ' : CARIBppArames Jjmlsiy. Esq.;  aJLLQUF/i'���������A -W. Smith, '^q.  KOiyriS^Ay-rCornelinxriooth; Esn.p        H   ;  ,TAI.K^Wiiu 'Ii'atmf^i^q.  -,(p\y WKSTMlNSTEft CITY AND DISTRICT-.1  v f;H. V. Kdmonds, Esq.  ...';' ��������� '*    Bycommaadj '  .rt '       '     JOfWASH,"'  !ymylOh-y   ������������������ ��������� >-:; 4 :::;v;_. ���������������.   ��������� ���������; ^Provincial Secriitary>  and the "Cuttle Rsemptiou Act, 1871"," ta and L  tho^ElpctoratCf Mstricts; on Pol I ing Divisions of ei^.  tORU.'pistritiP, te^iinp^no thyir^re poeLivchtttni? '  W, H.Fitz^r.dd, K.-ti., PoliiRff Division of Omhwj,'  ��������� .?.. Bowront E*q_l,'"Polling''DivistoDS'of Bictithild and  Lightning Creek  ,   0. Hari?, Esq., Polling Divisions of   Keilhlcy Cwei  - C.^ E.1 Pbjie, Ksq.j" Pullhij?  Divisions bf ffilliami  Luke, Cmoe Creek, umi CJsiiton;  A   F. ,������m'������'h   <^<| , -Poll-in? IHvH'Jon M" Mliflxt,  ���������;:hW, Tenguo; K-q., MlofJot.'J 3ls?t>^t n������" ������'al\  - "'H-; ,V. ���������minonW,- Ksq;' Electoral -,JDisiricts, of Kcw :  WesttoiDster 1 Hv ������m J i������j;lr ct,  ^. Uooi/\ L-q , ElfclonJ tiisf.j'r t 01 Kon! >aiv,     >  By<&o?)uuu;?��������� -   JOEN A^K,     '  ^t;;;:;';::y^:;:;::;;-;|^  T^f:.::^  Provincial Scsci-tun-'sOIIlc?,  2> h  U'ril, 1ST3.  '"���������^TJfs Excellency,tho tii'utenant'tJovcrnor I-rs- b������  .plcaseij. to appoint tho 'folio wint; ?:��������� "s*l"ineii t>* )je 1),.  trict -Registrars under <lThe Births, ^)eaths,vaiid IU������������������':.'  ri '-;-:-   kt, 1872,r���������  . ,"   ' District No. 3���������TL V. EHmor.<is, E.=q ';:.'':  ]      ������     '   ������i   1-W. Tcinr?..-.  I   '..  /    V   6-A. W^n-ifh, *->q.  11   7���������J   BoW'roii.  Esq.  ������ a���������c. gootb  ' ,.    - , By   - '���������-   A    ' /    JOHN/.fE.  OTy^ Al AlA'l aAi^MA'A'- AASlAPrtirXpelal^Socr^rrr.';:;;  lit  UPPER'FRASER RIVER,  J^URING THE SUMMER WILL LEAVE  SODA CREEK "ON THURSDAYS,  As.sooB hs pass!Me^aftor the arrlval ol" SAHNABD':  & Co.'s Stages, and     -     ' >  QUESNEL ON SUNDAY AFTERNOONS,  AT 4 O'UJjOCIv.  Th* utKlersigno'd' hopiv hv a strict attcnllOBUd  onslhess, lo-merit a cunt!ritiiin6c''6T the pntroaag*  hitherto eitenUea to> M.ess������:.;Manrfu?& Wright  ���������Freight, per1 ton,   , .-, " -  --. -      $20  ���������. A 'Passage;    - t   --   --      - .   -   -, 35 V  c V A   , "Aww   &KANT  &  ARNDT.  Soda Creek, April.1, i������73/     . ; niyl0 6w  wm.  (UATT. T.'-BRGBIR;C. J. ";������������������'���������"���������-  I J. HAMILTON GRAY, J.      J  ^^^^���������^<^9 1878.  J^OTIOB IS HEREBY GIVES, THAT BY  toto n Pr?cl^^r3 dnt-^ *e 4th March  1873, the Road Dislnola therein- .nhraed were  -.created nnd������r^ the. provisions of '" The Koad  Extension Act. 1873."  A''^"IW^^110^;4 op "^ ^nd Tax  Act,;:1S!&������ \t-is provided that (lie Koad J)h-  Act, 1873/' shall be Land Tax Districts for  the nnrp.os.es.:of (ho Act.  ^Thev.-Uo-aVl; Pisfricte.;Wiherto established on  "^^F^^^^are^hderlhe'same^  -made Land Tax :^i8^6^;lbe;pnip(i^or  toe /iCK. ..*.'"  : jDa(ed:the^8t!i day of March;; 187^  By Command. :';-:(  R '/...���������[-'+'������������������:   ;   JOHN ASH,  aP* ������'������������������:��������� ..   -Provincial Secretary,  .   Provincial Secretary's Office,  x    ,; ':      :: !        19thApril, 1873.  EIS Excellency tlie Xieiitenan t Governor has been  . pJoiisofi to appo j n t the followruj' gen 11 em en to  .be������������������Rcgwirars.pr ccrtiiin Electoral'..Districts.; un������'lor and  ^cnrryout:theprovisions:of :������'Xhe QuaUflcatioa and  Jtegistmiiyn of Yntimtf Act, 1871."  AVV'cirilBOO-^JoHa BowronV Bstr;  :; ���������   KOOriCKA^Cornehus; Booth, Esq,  ������������������: l IJLT.OORT -A.1 W: Smith, Pl������<j ��������� ���������"������������������������������������ ���������>���������  NEW WESTAlI.V.STKR CITY   AND ���������  fl. Y. EtJniontfg, Esq,  By-coin man (I,:."  JQITN ASH,  Wllm  DISTRICT-  LEA & PERKINS' ;  Celebrated      i    ,  WORGES T ER S=H I aB   SAUCt  Declared by Connoisscurf iolie,   ' ���������    ���������  /THE   ONLY   GO(DX>  SAUCE.  mylO  ���������f. .'-.'��������� :    **   Prov 111 ciul Score ta ry.  Provincial Secretary's Office  19tli April, 1873;  IS Excellency tho Lieul.ear.nt Governor has been  ���������2Lafa;? 'm,k0 U'������ l0"������^i.n������ appointments:!  Bonjamln   Douglas  and   Robert   U.   Mc^iok ntr  ������3?{5V yJ:1"> t0 b0 ^uers ror* the m^i  . >.        By command,  mvia 'JOHN ASH,     -  my 'r Provincial Secretary.  : Private Secrktarv's Office,  4th April, 1873.  HIS Excellency tho Lieutenant-Governor has boon  , ., aP.'casedno place the -following Gentlemen on ih<I  Coinifijsslon of, the Peace loathe Pro v in co of Jjr thh  Columbia:     ... _ ������������ww*  .Hi A. TuzOj W; Cartis Ward. R.r p. Rithet   n  Wallace, J. H. Tumor, ^^aderMcJ^ a^fl^.  Caution against Fraud.���������The .successor tift  most ii el lclo'ii������ 11 n d u 11 ri va Hod Con tl I men t ha vfng  nniisetl certain Uealorstoupply thfinaiiii* t>r*��������� Wurc^s-  icrshiro Sanco" to ihoir own Inferior compounds "'fl  puu11c Is hereby I n formcd tha 1 tlicoiily way '.0 j>r*  cure the genuine, ie to ....':  ASK FOE  LEA &   PEBBINSV SAUCE  and to sea that .tlieir na mes aro upon the wjrapph*  tABKLB,ST(>M������KR  ami JIuTTI.E.  HI  -.-.,,..���������,i.lv)ulMU(UJlusl  Jjome 01 the.;0reign m>trlceis hav 1 nc Iicen snpi������H������*  whu aspuiionfj Worcesters!iir<Sauce,upon tlieivnip-.  per ami labels of which tho names of Lea and Putriw  have, been forged, L. and I������. Rive notice I ImUht/  have turnUhed their correspondents with power..0!  attorney to take instant proceo din at ago ins 1 man&-  ACTORKRsfln,i TKA:������������KSdrsucli; or any otl/erini������������v  0nsby whichtlRMVr^htinaybeinrringctl.  A?fefo^ LEA- & PBRBINS' Sauce and see  Stome������?n  WraPPei-i Label, .Bottle, and  .. Wholesale and .for export by the Proprietors, W*  by>roodrsA?>ioamoa;univorsally-   ,   :'     '  ^B;:  wm  s#i������i  W  1������-������ jMil!.-W- ���������'*���������������������������"  .���������.-.���������;���������������������������,��������� -r-H-'rll. ���������..IJIIijW.iV; WSlr '  ���������nw������s'  !,... E3������Tjb���������  'BSE&ffleRs.  am  ER,  clary.-'  - OS  1  flee,  1873.  is.bepu  dcr ih������  V! ac4  siip?B.  liti'mw,-  ,1873,".  ami fa  >f El*'-  ������������:���������   g  llwci V-H  1  :Sffi  :���������  E.-  A,  AVE  31  this  ving  n-58.  , tho  pro*  lied ���������  nip.  rf.us  hey  r.oi.  Ntf-  or-  jisiisillisK-"  1111111$  illillll  llfl  111  mm  1SHB-.  'PES  HsiS  fjEj  ia  sang  H  Si'  * r -  Vol 15.  Barkerville, William Greek, B::^  n;  Published ������verv Satardaj-'. tiyi  r o b; b r t   h;o l l o w a y.  Subscription,/ - , -;_ 5.0 Cents per Week.  BATEVOF ADVERTISING.  For one square (one Inch}, first insertion,. ���������   $3-  V*    '..:*.'    .-       ''i  . one month, .;-. .r.   &���������  Fortwos^uares, flrsthiscrtionj   . ���������. .   .   -5  one mouth, ������������������...;..   .   A.   8  '*,  Agents for .the'* Cariboo; Sentinel.".  Van Win We, i - v>  QuesneJmonth, ' '  Soda;Creek,:. ,>,., ���������  Cllnloii^-^--'-' :.-'\ '  Yale,-,-., -vr-- Av  New' Westminster,  : Victoria,*;; ~-k J-vi^  J.. P. Fisher, -'  Beau & Co.,  0 Street. ��������� ��������� .��������� -   .v  ;-: - :;.��������� 4- j A D. ��������� Mclnni?8.  .'" "���������;'"' Barnard'sExpress  ', ������������������- ��������� j'Barniir.d ',s Express  . v .- i..'"-Barnard's Express  .'-,.- ....... do/.-.     ������������������>.,. (hi.....  ������v ���������    .-:.'.   ^obn Murray- '  ���������|;k.    ������������������: .;* Mr Webster.-.  ������"'" -   ' ��������� SiiD'Fnincisco  i-*' - :. ���������'-.-��������� -.San. Fran Cisco  SQCornhiK .London, E,C.  TrlS OAR!BOO SHNT1NRL  Card's; Ci r.cii t it rs, Posters and ;Pro<rrammes for  : Balls and Theatrical;Entertain merits    .'l  Victoria,./,uly i^titfs^eyeiUnii.'jiB.^;^-:  ward, R;M.; of Esqnjmalt, was driving in his  dog-cart round-the corner of Yates and Gov-  ������rnment streets, the vehicle turned completely  over, the botse. fell, and Mr Haward, who'wa'*  under, the cart, contrived to freehimself 'from  the wreck. The horse kicked violently and  did much damage to the vehicle, but was  finally secured.: Mr Haward escaped. with a  severe shaking. ':*;..'  ������������������;.���������/.. ....'.-  Tbe steamship.'Prince. Alfred saiied,for,Sao  Francisco at 7 o clock-last evening. The passengers .nuinbered 60, ������;��������� a, A. wv\ VAw ���������-. A  Sentence will' be passed upori the Indians  in'the.assault case to-day at*nooiij .when1 the  Grami Jury will be discharged./' v .   '   ''    ':  ir^The^Sta'ndard says : Me are in a position to  state the Postal Department has.hoJh.tention  of cancelling the con tract; with the owners of  tbe Prince.Alfred^' unless the Prince Alfred  should perfortri^tfie VJut^fld .badlyas to war-  ra_nI the departirieatjri doing so. -''.-7  ��������� A.';coi,risspondent writin^ from San;Jnaii  sa y s" th a t Do in iiiloii Day' was ob'B eryed ,by,. Mr  P.Dmi'irlas and frieiids.   When firing a Royal  sa iu te,: however, a. sm al j .can u on bu ret,' tb e  fragnienls flying in all-difecU6ns,/forlunately  without hurting:, any oue.   At Sunnyside one  of the  Eu'g 1 ish ;i flags' I vvjb jch> belorjged to the  English camp once stationed on the Island.  HOTELS; RESTAURANTS, &c.  MISCELLANBOUa  V*aa; V6lk^bur^;'&:;;^  ^���������fexecuted with neatnespand dispatch.^^ and u'wd?by them for thirteen: years,: floated  ��������� /.; ^SUCCESSORS .TO;-N; CUNIO,] ;; \\  Beg to-lnform their 'friends'l-siniOthe pub lie that thu  have.taken the well known.premises lu-Barkerville  so'toog favorably patroaised while in the occupation  of-Mr- N.-Cuaio.--"-���������: ���������: -.:- ���������',.'���������  ���������'-'���������������������������������'. ---.:  .:;���������-���������. , _;. e-      .:: *���������������-,",���������/  -A    ,.���������    ^.. . ��������� / ���������  The Celehrated XXXlAl,  wlUbo:"manufactufed|andAsold|by|w^olesaleraiid R������;  tail in iis purity,'and ������ <���������- ��������� ���������. ��������� ���������'������������������..-.; ��������� .'������������������ '������������������ i"</   ��������� .;;.������-;  ^We^^s^^m^)4W^  J���������AR2>������������������:,     h:  1*erras moderate.  *  -*���������"������������������'     ,':', ^ . .'-9MNTON.. . ,. (i J;'-;'   '  arrived h������;re )eslerdity at 11 a.ni. and left for  ti el o w ji Ins morning at 5 a.m. i' The lip stage  Trutch  Wrr i v ei i at 3 ;p. in. i >y i I h ���������" M ess rs. John  and" Green. ,C.P;RR.Suryey,-for:^lo0 mtl<J  luiiiie;; Mr VowelUfur Ominecay Mr Beedy.  for   VimWiiikle ;" Messrs.   D7 Withr6[w," D.  A������lamkmid Mrs ���������.ycoUe, for Clihtoti; v AwilA  bitipii; tor Quesuej |;do\yn*������tage arrived at 3  a.ml to-day, and left for below 'a I 5.  , Bridge Creek, July 16^-Tjie British Obium-  bia Telegraph Co!-open������*d- an Office lure today; The telegraph offices.at 83imile house  and Blue Teat have been closed. :. /. "  '������������������''AAA VICTORIA/    ?0  Victoria, Jajy 11-The steamer Prince_A1-  fred; ���������aiTfve.dSher&V-earl morning,  4i days from San Francisco. fy f    ,~  On Friday morning last a man named Far-  rel was severely stubbed ini an affray at Se  attle..'.' -m  Geo. Schofield is toarraign before the military commission only those Mo dot s ��������� who audi rectly implicated in the murder of Gen  Onby, Dr. Thomas, and Lieut. Sherwood:-  The others'are to be held for instructions.  This 13 to. pT.eventlbe..difficulty that would  ������nsuet from;the indiscriminate arraignment of  ihe whole of them, which would risk the n'on-  by the President;    ���������  '������������������:''"-  DOMINION CABINET CHANGES.  The following arrangement of places in. the  Ottawa Cabinet was effected'on 2d inst.:  A'exander Campbell. Minister of Interior ;  John1 (*X)onner^ A  Gibbs, Minister of Inland Reveuue;  Hugh  McDonald. Militia of Militia..-..;.        ;      .  lixMaybrLumly Franklin is reported lying  ill atJB^RfKiScfeiJp'&f P.r^Wi'ii^^-: iV.  The Prince- Al^Q^ brought'neither English  nor Canadian mails yesterday,.     ; ;.:_ -,;���������;'  Mr Voweil, Gold Commissioner at Omineca.  leaves fori that district>by steamer Enterprise  this moriiing." ^i^ w __-;. C";        A' A Ay'. ."  The-United States, war, steametvgaranic,  flag ship of������������������AdmFral Pennpck, sailed from ������an  Francisco for Sitka via,; Victoria and fuget  So u n d on Satii rdSy j as i* ij A a     tJ  The Lady Lanipson, from Victoria, arrived  at Lontloo ^on 18th June/ The prince; of  Wales," for Victoria; sailed on 17th June from  London. -���������;��������� '������������������.-���������>.,.   /A ��������� ���������'���������'.'  Mr Dupont,  Internal Revenue Gommis-  feioneri Mrs Dupont, and Mrs Gray and family,  arrived on the;Prince Alfred,    ; v   i:; ;���������  X /mitijtb .'nieetipff;.',:tp r consider,:; {jbp $aJ?r  queBtiokiE:'1Mt'Hii&7lMd to^^g-lji'i. ��������� J"';:y; ���������""*'  gaily to tl?e breeze. ''��������� The p.ejppie:p;f:;Sa^J.dan;  generally are in good spirits, and: joyful in  a n"t let pal i o n v6f " exce i rent \ crb ps, but more  especially gl������d that the Islaud has been  pii i-ged off th e fo u 1 m ur d erers \y h p,. it; is al -  legedj kiiicd, Air .Fuller and Air., and. Mrs  Dwyer.- -:.' A.:'. .        ��������� ���������'-���������,;���������'.  Th * 'Kri te.rnrise took *\yp] J ?ste rd ay* on e of  Dod ge's- i m pro ve d;' reit pe rs; an d; :Mb wers fo r  Messrs Iunea,s\tfii.tariolfa'i m', Langley.  I New York; /July . 10���������A statemerit: of J-the  Ci ty of-W ash i ng ton '9; passengers ch a rges t He  loss) of. the ' steamt-r to the/crimiiVal fneglect  aud cm re!esshesa. 01 the oflie'era- and;crew; and;  snys, that ��������� all" just barely escaped-being^eifi  g 111 ifi d ;��������� ��������� An - ocean: pa pt ai n i a passenger, f re-  q lien fly -warned^ the chief officer tha.fr h*i was  r 11:)}i n i ng too. J {ar', n or th ward. . a n d advised  v 1 jn nil i g (00. m i Yes fn i; ther so.111 h A but : the:; arl.  ;vice was disregarded.-ajthough ; the second  officer coincided"with'.jit. 'No sight was taken  fo r sp v en r. rl ays,. n o t w i t hs ta ri d i n g vw hi ch V1 he  vessel w as go i ii <r. tli 10 ugh a he a vy fog at th e"  rate of 12 or 18 knots.an hour.  ' naiifax,'Juiy lO-jTlVe'wreck of the City; of  WashinVtoii broke into pieces on Gull kbek"'  shoals this morning., Th������ csiptain, officers,;  i*rid*crew were on h0ard &t the time, bni.'auc'  deeded in landing -Palely.- 'The "steamer Ti-  eueaarrived at Labor last evening. All; the  passengers7.., luggage .was ..taken, en ; board  through the night and the passengers em-  b a iked this mor n i ng.  .       ���������"���������/-,       A .:\A W  Milwaukee, July 10���������A young burglar,  named Jelirehs"i was shot dead this morning  while trying to escape (rom thevofficprs; He  bad been, robbing the store of l������is;uncle.  .    /  Philadelphia. July 10���������The Mint is now  engasred in re-melting vast quantities.of. light  ffold'coin. Since January 1st $23,01,0,000  worth has beonJ melted. $10,000,000 more  will be recoiried this week. Orders for new  trade dollars will be filled in the early part of  next week.-* Over a million dollars in gold  has been received-from New York to-day for  recoinage. ���������������������������'. ��������� '.--."���������  New York, July 10���������Mr Bellows has re  signed the Vice-Presidency of  the   Pacific  Mail Steamship Co. ;������������������..:,  Colonel Tom Scott sailed from Philadelphia  to-day. He goes to Europe to place tbe bonds  of the. Pacific Railroad, and for the purpose  of settling the French clajms against the "El  Paso Company, and at the same /time vindicate General Fremont, the then^flkial representative of that Company. He will return  about 10th October.  EUROPE.  London, July 11���������There is considerable  excitement in Belfast in consequence of apprehensions ol disturbances to morrow during  the parade of the Orangemen. The authorities  have made extensive preparations for maintaining order, and have resolved to prevent  the re-enactment of the scenes of last year.  \n extra force of policemen have been sworn j  in Placards were posted this morning signed  by Mr Johnson,M'^W Belfast, deprecating  tho Ocaage cttlebt'auoa*/ U  .:>.������������������.: >?.*���������**+&  constantly-.kept on hand. ������������������ ;.nJ w.-y.'j.-^iiiW.-i AssAuA.  ..A.:-,AwWAA- "::;���������'.,-��������� .������������������i,'y :'���������':���������. '"''���������-.'���������... VV.V-:  will be always carefully attended to,: and the h������5t  tBccIs and aocommodation   provided for .their, cos���������  toniers'flh''- Af alWl ^WW-1jAwAA\AAA$<$&^  J  A SUPPtt OF THE.  WAYS ON HAND.  ^uri^er^^^liuiii|eri^  Kestauraiii&SaloOT  sonA&. :dal^:  . EG TQ.ANNOUNCE THAT THbTHAVE RBMOVSD;  !3   ui'iim spacious premises" forinerty; known as tfc.e  St. .George. S.iloou, wfiero .-.they; will bo at all tinicsi  prepared:to furnish ':./; ' .    "���������,-....'.   ;, ������������������;...  BOARD   -AND    MEALS.  of: the best jquauty.  Tae   BAR    fafhlshod with" tlie finest   WINES  UQUOltS audi CIGARS.  Boards -   $12?p^ Week  : A RE preparc(L.������o:,furnlsb -Lumber,at:.their.Mlils,^  ^"TVmianTC^lc^^eHyer it; to';oMer.-;';-;--;; -.������.y,  LUMBE^DELIVEKED ON LlCrH^INOi  :  Having'a Ptonfag Machiae'In^ioperation; they.wU^  also;fumishT-:^:;   . .-. 0 ��������� A;,- -. ?..���������><?.':;.   *���������'. ,,*.. " '-'x  at satisfactory rates.  I^ejii^ij^^^g^^;  -AMD  general; lAg;-enc^  el7t>m  :':;i.;::P'E-iB ola,:.;-  ; A'-'' ���������>   - ���������'?���������   *���������   /DEALER IN ;   ���������.-.:    ���������������������������-i  AW  Liquors.  ROASTED DAILY AT THE STORE. ;  V0EP.OT     FOR  PIONEER MILLS EXTRA FLOUR  A fresh supply of which has just been received.  GROUSE     CREE  Delivered to Miners on the following outlying Creeks:  Antler, Oumungbaui, Stevens, Beggs Gulch,  ^s? The-Goods-sold at this Store will, as usual, be  ar thTbcst. mwmv apd.a.t th,������4oweat market prices;  Grouad Creufc,May W, Ul*A,m:, .;/������������������������W*������  aplotf  J AiyiES^ VVfCKHAM^,  .-..���������   f:-;. .'.:���������-,:,; -.Barkervillc.:  as  +?*%  G-roceries aiid; I^ovisibiis,%  I &H f'N I N G  apl2  e:  CB B B K  ���������;"��������� notice;: ;;:;:;;;::;:;,;:  4 GOtJBT OF  GENERAL ASSIZE AND  A    Gaol Delivery, and of Nisi Prius, will he held at  oach'of thenndermentionod places as follows; except -  the same bo heroafter changed by Order io Council;-*��������� -  ...       SPRING CIRCUIT.:  New Westminster, Wednesday,.May 11.  Yale, Monday,' May 19.  Lytton; Thursdayv Muy 52; V  Karaloop:*, Wednesday,.May,28*  Clinton; Monday, June 2;  QuesnelmimlH, Friday, Jane 11.    ���������  Richfield, Tuesday, June 17.  FALL OIRCDIT, .  RlchQeld, Tuesday, September 16* . =  Qucsndniouth, to bo tixed hereafter, if any ousl ���������  .  ness. -  Clinton, Thursday, October 2.  K������mloo(is, Tuesday, October 7.   ���������  Lyiton, Monday,-October 13.  Yale, Tlmrsilay, October 16.  . .     New Westminster, Tuesday, October 21.   /  :   Assizes at Nanaimo and elsewhere will, when necog.  sary, be hereafter fixed. .  Dated .lHh day of April, 1873. .  By command. A- ���������       ��������� .-.    ��������� v  myl<iL.-:'--'  .      :..-.��������� -\:Ai-^'yw;V^vi^i^Mm^^i^^  V;���������':..'.���������.'��������� :���������'.'' ���������' '-*.^i -.'���������'���������'.'  ��������� - 4P3,, A:.-3 v-'rW WyWsy:^AAA-MMSfS^SA?^i2Si't y  tm  wmsteaa  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  '      .   SATURDAY, JULY 19, 187:-'.  THE NEW MINING ACT;  Oil Monday next, the 2lit day. of July:  "The Gold Mining Act, 1873," will come  into fore������. Some difference of opinion exists  -������g to the wisdom of the section allowing  claims of 640: acres ��������� to b������ located[by si ngje  companies,but anothersectionguardsiagainst  anyevil wbichrjjigbt aribelrom.the,location  ���������f such large tracts of land by providing that  Etejuch record shall be tnade of land-which  ���������hall be availableTOrbeing^ free  tnihera.   The Legislature, therefore, while of:  fering ycry,liberal inducements to capitalists  to embark%,Uiilarge mining enterprises, ha?  also been carefuT in protecting the interests?  of the' worki ng m mer.   After a careful con  eideratipn of the provisions of the new law.  miners-wt th yeryj few except ions, adthli that  It most have a beneficial effect, as it removes  oil those stupid restrictions which have so  *erioasry interfered with the development of  the mining::\nterestfiVef Cariboo;  The owner  of mining property will. be placed on the  game footing as the owner of.any other kind  of property, and have-the right to do with his  own what be likes: if be thinks it advisable  ���������to work.six men ipstead of.twelre, jt will.not  lie necessary;:iu order to do BO; to.obtain the  permission of-the Gold Commissioner; and  If .tbe^meana ,bf a Company; have ^ been, ex.  \ feaQBted'tbeyjwlll iio t be forced^ as;'un^r the  present law, to continue theirroperations, or  ������t>taia. l* leaveybf absence?^- from the Gold  iJommlssioiier to order' to avoidthei risk of  tjavin^their.j'prpperty";������������������.' jumped-'* -by any nn  scrupulous "individual who  may think fit to  ,3d so according to .law;*; :The permanency to  property established by the hew^Act cannot  Iwtbefa great^advantage.- The man.who;ad  ranees i is money on a 'mining; claim Wj II feel  ; ������ecure;j &na' tlie. mi her w bo- has. ex pen ded  .hundred of; dollars in; pfospee i i ng his claim  Will, b^s^curi^a titie'to ' his'ground, have  ���������bmetbmg which be'usari; callhis .own.:;A' AA  .; The,course, tobe; taken/ to obtain record  of... location or. grant is very Bimpie, . y iz: V  Posting   a   n-oUee.   on- the- door' of   tbe  Court House of the district twenty daysapreviously to the application, and also publishing  4he notice in any newspaper (if any) pub  lished In the district.- The forms required to  be filled by applicants are tup plied by the  ing the result of bis application, he has purchased a number of Henry rifles, six shooters,  Ac, bo that bruin, in case of attacking and  devouring the sacred person of the mail carrier,' will find that he has dined on less  digestible articles than a pork-eating Celestial.  Courts .op Revision.���������H.' M. Ball, E?q.,  Registrator of the Cariboo District, will hold  Courts of Revi&ion under the Registration of  Voters' Act in the several polling divisions  specified '<��������� in. the advertisement i user ted in  another column.  i Mb Thaddkus Habpek arrived in town yesterday.   .'.';��������� c,".. \ ���������  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  VOTIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE  *���������* * Copartnership heretofore".existing J between  Charles B.Eazle and James Griffin, Farmers,  under the Firm of Eagle & Griffin", is tbls day dissolved by mutual consent '  < HAUikfi B. Kagle will continue the business and  assume all liabilities of the Fir.u", and collect all accounts duo to the late Firm.   .  JAMES GRIFFIN.  \A-w-A-.    ^CHARLES B. EAGLE.  Witness���������John Sayvka..  :   1*0 MiJe Poet, July 15,1873.-. jul9  VrdTICE IS -HEREBY GIVEN that unless  ii all Assessments due and. accruing due on the  Onequtirur Interest owned by.H. COLLIN'S in  the Costello Company, Lightning Creek, i^pnid  on or before . Twelve o'clock on Wednesday,  the 30th day of July ^1873, tint the same;, will be sold  by Pubhc'AdcUdnat.Barkervilleon said date. ���������.  ��������� Also, at same time, 3-^4' Interest in the Cos- \  tellp Company, the.property of the Company���������this  Interest being sold for the purpose ot" equalising the  shares, ���������;'    . . ���������. :/..':  J. 0. UcMIIXAV.,  ���������.  '     ''A   ".' '.-:���������', ( .���������'.;   Forcings).  ::.Ju!ylM873.w.;/:.v   S'll'-.   A' ���������   ^:   jalld  A Chinamas Eaten by Bears.���������By the ar  ylval of the mail from the Forks of Qoesnel.  we learn that/'a Chinaman was killed and  ; ������aten by Cinnamon bears last week on  the  trail between the Forks and Keithley Creek.  arid wUhui a few miles of the latter place.  The poor Mongolian was1 So: completely de  ���������nolisbed that only a few of his bones could  \i* found.within a radios of- half a mile���������just.  .tnongh,swe presume, on which to hold, an ih-  q������������*st. * The leading Chinamen at the Forks  offer a regard of $100 per head for tbe guilty  Bruins, which ought to be a sufficient induce-  luent for some of our crack shots to  take a  * pastar" in that direction.   Perhaps some of  f^e gentlemen  who gained fame last year on  pic-nio excursions to Mount Agnes might take  ������ hand.   We understand that some of the re  Gowned bear.bimters on the other side of the  Bald Mountain are very busy just now���������their  work is (������\iite prensing���������and it would only be  seighborly for some of its to go over and  ������bow them our prowess,   Do not " stand on  ihe order of your going"^don't wail to decide aay niee.-questions of etiquette as to who  fiball take the lead���������but mount your caynses.  and asingie day will suffice to  land you in  perhaps too great propinquity to (be savage  beasts who have already tasted human blood,  and who are probably not yet educated lo  any nice distinctions between the Mongolian  and Caucasian races as an  article of food.  "We are informed that the expressman on this  dangerous route, fully alive to the necessity  of  using every precaution for the ^safety  ������f her Majesty'g mails* will apply to the Do-j  mlMm Authorities for m mm������& $&qqeL ������m&-!  Registratlbn" of TMers,  \   CkRlBOO DISTKieTr-  COURT OF REVISION; TJJTDEK .T|TE  RegisirUioni of Votrrs*'Act "will.rbe hrH at the  undermeniioned Pulling. Divisions in tbe.Cariboo Pia-  >rict on tbe.respecti vo days speipjfied ��������� *:,  '; :>  ���������;'   WILLIAMS LAKR*   ; ; ���������  At Mr A. S.' BATES', on Tuesday, 12tb August*' ������������������:  '.'"'.:': r:QUESNEiAi6iJTH,":'- w ���������:  At thi POST OFFICE, on  Thursday, the 14th  August.. .  RICHFIELD. :������������������������,  At the COURT HOUSE, oil Monday, the iSth of  LIGHTNING CREEK,     ^  At tho TELEGRAPH OFFICE; oh Wednesday, the  2dia August. ���������������������������';������������������'  HARVEY CREEK,     ������������������  At Mr SMITH'S STORE, on Friday, the 29th Aura-it.  Tho Courts will be opened c&������h iayat Eleven a.m.,  when the atten-l.-uace of the Collectors of each Polliog  Divisiou will be required.  II. M. BAfX,  Eocrlstrar of .the Cariboo District.  RjcbfiohV������ulyl������, 1873.   ��������� .  jull9  'NOTICE  .   ** Whereas by an Order in Council, dated  the 7th day of Jnn������, 1S73, of-the Honorable  the PriVy Council of Cauttda, it has been de  cided "that r^aqiiiraalt. in Vancouver Island,  '��������� be fixed as the Terminus of the Canadian  *��������� t^acific Railway, and that a line of Railway  "be located between the harbor of Ejfqninialt]  '{ and Seymour Narrows on the said Inland ;"  and whereas in accordance with the Terms of  the' said Order in Council, application rm*  been mode to bis Excellency4i the Lieutenant  " Governor of Britishi Columbia,.-for a.-reker-  *4 vat)on and for \he conveyance to the Do-  ** minion Governmeot, io" trust, nceorJing to  ������������������ the llih Paragraph of the Terms of the  " Agreement :;������C; Union, of a strip of Land  " Tweety Miles in  width along the Eastern  4* Cyo������,eti of; Vanootiver. Island, between Key-:  *' mour Narro ws ian d the IIarbor of Esqit i���������  ���������4 malt, in fiirtherance of the construction of  ���������' the said Railway," 'A  Anrl whe'rea������ tt has-been deemed advisable  that the: Land within the ii mi ts aforewud  sb on! d foe Reserved, p rior to any con v ey a a ce  af oresa id jbeiii t? in ade th ereof. Pu b 1 ic n o I ice  is therefore hereby gi veil that fro m a n d a Iter  this date a strip of (Land Twenty Miles "in  width along the . Eastern Coast of Vancotiver  Island between Seymour Narrows arid the  Harbor of Esquirrialt is hereby Reserved.  By Command.  John Ash,  Provincial Secretary, ;  Provincial Secretary^ Olfice, .  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  CARD.  to Dr. Butt and tue Latin's ������n.i Y.l\ a a������J  kindly  ministered to the wants of the deceased .dur-  iag his last illness. - - KAWK3.  W. FORRIST.  Barkerville,July7r16:3. Ju!12  NOTICE IS hereby given that Thomas  LAVERV hns retired from the business hiiheno  carried on in Bnrkerville as Saloon-keepers and  Brewers  by   the  ftrra  of   VailUncour,   Hunter  &  C6 Vaillancour having purchased T. Lavcry.������s interest'the business will in future be carried on by C.  Vaiitancour and Joseph Hunter.^ -^^^  T. LAVEKY. IA A A  ' Witn^s'���������O. Byrkes. '       , .,A  July 11,1873.   . .     ,. Jul"  Assessment Notice.  \TOTICE is hereby given, that unless all As-  IN scssmenta now duo and that may become due  on the Interests severally hell in ihevulciui Coin.  p������nv;uglmudjr<*.������k\ and standing on-the Company's Books in the names ot   ���������  jAMt5s>L. McMillan. "  HSNHY; SHANNON, and  JOS. MONTGOMERY.  be not paid on-or before the Tweuty-thlrd July, 1873,  they will be sold by Public Auction on that dny to  totem*.*���������..;...;.    ; ,0UNWiATER|>...  juI12 .   ' : ���������  . -Secioury,--  NEW ADVERTISEMT5NTS.  Barnard & ���������oV  m  TinCM AND AFTER THIS DATE AND  JP-  until lurther notice,  Treasure toV any amount  Will be carried between BarkervtUe and Victoria at  JAM RS A. NE WLANTJ, Agen t.  Birkerville, May 12, 1873.. mylT  NOTICE.  T HEHEBY GIVE NOTICE TO ALL WHO  X ure indebted to me either by Book Account, Note,  or Mortgage, that I wish such indebtedness settled,  as i am dosing my business in Cariboo. All liahjlj.  ties unpaid ������>r satisfuutonly arr.inged oue nu.nth rwui  this dale will be humted to my Solicitor icrcolkcUoo  THE BALANCE OF MY STOCK  WILL BE SOLD at COST.  GOOD TOBACCO  FIFTY  CTS.  PER LB., J. B. PACE'S $1.  And other Goods in proportion.  Burk*.rvllle,.B.C:, July 1, 1873.  H. TODD.  July I in  S*jsaaro or Semi-Grand^  Folding Top, wUh nil modorn improvements  *  ; aud attachments in "perfect order, " .^ -     $ 150  200. Tickets at $5 each,     ���������. ' ���������     $1,000  The; highest throw tn take the Piano. th������������ lowopt the  Sowing..Machine.-.-The ubovo to ho ra'flled at the  Brewery, Barkerville, A.ugust 9, 1873.'  #������*. For Tickets, apply at the. Brewery.       ju512  THE BANK of BRITISH  THAT    WAYSIDE'   HOUbE,    favorably  1     known as M UNDORF'S, or" the 124 Mile lli.uy ,  itonaparuj, with BAHNS uud Outbuildings coiupUutt  and in good order.  ���������  about 40 acres now under cul������ivatli>n,wlth Fanning;  Implements complete.   Also,  The: ahorc is a; dosimble Waysb'.e \H������������u.J;. * "in-f a  good business. ;Tt will he sol-i with thr Cultl.'. A:������*t  &c. -or to suit purclust-rs. ��������� If not ������.l I hy"l������������eC.>th  Atmn^t, It will be-then put: up and S"l .at In lie  Auction. . '....-.���������     ��������� . ��������� V   . -;  F<>r farther particulars, inquire on the premi*������'>  jttl5 2iB ....       ; JACOK MUXDOH!*.  ii  THE CARTBOO1 AGENCY OF THIS Bank  5    will be HE-OPENED for business oh MONDAY,  14th lost;  DRAFTS ISSUED ON  Victoria, London. San Francisco, Portland,  New York arid Canada.  Jul 12 WALTER POWELL, Agent.  Road TaxJLists, 1873.  VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIViSN, THAT A  ii List of ull, prson3 within tho Kiel ;flel- J, Light  tnng Cr.rek and Qu's-mdmotith Pollinw Divisions, who  ar; liable to pay Ruad Tux lor tho yo.tr 1873, can b*  iDftpected at the.following places:  Court IImike. Richfield.  Post Office. Van Winkle.  Foal Office, Que&nelttioiifb.  , JAMES LXKOSAV,  my8l Collector uaJer lhmd Ordinance*  OTICE.  f HE PROPRIETOR HAS REDUCED the  I   Price of  WINES AND ilQOORS  To suit the tithe'?, to  12*-cents per Drink,  Billiards 25 cts. per G-ame,  Pool in proportion.  ^The patrons of this Saloon will always find n collection or i ho la tost dates of L< miou, Montreal, JS������������  York, S>i������ Franciso, au.l Pnivliicinl nt;\vsp.npcrs.   .  The put.'ljc ������rc assured that tho Bsr will be constantly supplied with the b"*t- Wlni*s, Liquors :ind  Cigars, und by so rloing tho proprietor hopes to merit  a lair share ol' public patronago,  W. W. DODD.  July 5,1873. juJ5  NOTICE.  rr  DECEASED.  AX������L .PERSONS indebted to  or  r having  , Lindlutrd.  Claims nieiiinfft the estate of J. W, Lindh������rf  Itite of VnnWinklf, Lightnine Creek, Merchant, <le'  ceased, ar-; requested to p������y such debts, or send in  ptrticuhirsof su.������.h claim*, to Theodore Lindhard and  A. Towns'-nd, lit Vun'WlMtle, the Aomjoistrators of  the deceased.  THEODORE LTNOHARD, 1 Adtnlnls-  A. TOWNSEXD,. .    J trators.  Van Winkle, Lightning Creek,  July 1,1873, jul5  r    determined to.CLOSE my Res  11   tauwnt Businftss on the 30th day oi Juno uSI  ���������ftll'peraonM indebted to me ������re requested forthwith tn  pay the same to George Byrnes, uuto whom al!  accouats against me must bo presented.  JOHNQ-. GOODSON.  Wak.e-������|>.Jj������i[e Bastaarant. -'  OFFER FOR SALE,  Their entire and wel I-assorted stock of  'til oecu  &c, &e., &c.  $m* Parties intending to bay Goods of any  description will find it to their advantage iff  giv������ u@ & call before pnrohttsing,eis������wto^  Is  K������"v  tt*    i''*si'??i*!Un   "  ;'" :.-.h  Si������*-  m T1IECAEIB00 SENTINEL
SATURDAY, JUL*  19, 1873!"
Victoria. My- 15.- Tbe. .steamer. OMer arrived from the north at 6 x>'.clock this evening.
Tenders are invited for the construction of
a trail from tbe North Awn Settlement to
FaiseCreek. -..'-. "   "..-.,
The U' S. man-of-war Saranac, Capt.Thoj?,
Phel}>s ��(Himand!og, arrired iu Esquiina.lt
���harbor on Saturday evening, seven days from
San Francisco. She is en Totile for Sitka.���
Admiral Pen nock has recently transferred his
fliig from the condemned frigate California lo
this vessel. O'u arrival in -port salutes wer��
interchanged   with   the ships  of  our.  own
squadron. ���;.-'.    ?-'_-.������:';'.
Our Collector of Customs on Saturday received from Ottawa by telegraph.In uracil on?
(o raise the epizootic blockade and allow the
importation ot horses us before.
The following telegram was received here
last evening:
���������Stelacoum, July 14���To-R A. Stsr, Vic-
iorin.���The Term iiius is located at Tncomat
Let the folks rejoice.   (Signed.)   L. M.Stak."
from a letter received  at Seattle from  a
The police are doing their best to secure* Ibe
Spaniard   Roscoe,. full  reliance not %&��
placed in the story of Lizzie King, that sliej,
bud no accomplice, and never knew Roscoe"
aud don't believe there fsaoy such man. Sbe:
explains the fact of four chambers of the pis,
tol   found by Goodrich's body beiiig discharged, that three shots in Goodrich'* bead
were from her pistol, and that after be was
dead she took the pistol and dtschareed fnttr
Phots down I be cellar.   Miss Palmer; the betrothed  of  Goodrich, remained  with Lizzie
King until a late hour last evening; object
not ascertained. ���"������"_.
��� �� '
pipsenger per ship'Wild wood, we learn that
/.this lamntts vessel arrived at Melbourne. Aits
tr.lia. from fiurrard {nlet, on April   12. hav-
'fiitf m-��de the trip from Cape'Flaitery to Mei-
'hntcne in* 49.-daysJfi bunrs, which is said to
J)e tie quickest trip on, record.     ; ....      ...
���On Sunday night last Wt��. Karris, eook of
the English bark Star of Jamaica, in a Item pt-
���ii.g to escape by jumping overboard, was
drowned in Royal roads. It appears that the
rush man had attached a* life buoy to his
(body, which, however. l>y some .means be j
ky.tuje disconnected. Norris cried for help
an ;1 a o oa l w as I o >v*red i in died iu t e I y, ��� b u t i i
fuded it> reach hint, as he. sunk .within sixty
\M(h of it. Deceased .w;,.s about 2G years of
ijce, a.u-wive of Hath, England. He bad jusl
'been teieaVed fro.ni a terra of imprisonment
}.u- desertion upon a former occasion^' He in.
jjf��Mi��*r��Jly .spoken, of as haying been a well-
bidiiivcd* and steady young man.
Vicnviia. .Inly 18���Mr Marcus Smith. ac>J
���fBc��iatpaiiied -by Mr Tieumair, CE, and mem-
f Hjbers -f the L ��cal Government, "proc'ieded to
\AJa' ��J|;.K-quiiuall \eslerday and drove tbe first siuk*
* ''yw'"1' lJ" locaH'-n-of I be purvey of she rail r oh d
rtt,,��?���gfr.tin rv-qunnalt to N/*naimo. Stakes were
. Bd riven-.at south coi.er of-Dockyard fence and
warn lla�� ere.-te.l. "The health of: the Canadian
fill wd'aciii ��� Railroad was drank in flowing bum-
~��13B'p,*i"s ot citaioti.agne.. Slakes .were driven to
'V^aEP'^aiii sight. The. location of the terminus
vt-sRwill b^ at Constance Cove.      .:; .
wArS'  ll JK thought, ami it; wa��' reported that eve
1 \,��*i;nU' that Hon Dr. Helmoken, one ot tbe Di-
^^Rlectora, wil! turn the first sod to morrow.
;JH .     _ ��� BOAT RACE. :   *
;|l8K   New York, July 17���The: entries for the
^^^^Ra>oat race for Bennett's Challenge Cup wore
! ^B'B^ntou, of Amherst;. Bowie, of McGill Uui
B ~^��vt-rsi!yt Canada ; and Phillips, of Cornell.���
IS HEAfter an exciting struggle, Bowie won. He
'^^"Soiadn (wo miles in 11 minutes 18A seconds ���
^r'c^fchiUip'* was second by only ll��'Heconds be-
'��|ii9B-hi ud B'��wie. lt����nton was distanced, and fell
11 st^lout of race on last quarter.
p^B ��� -CANADA.'.
aAavM    Halifax.  July  lo���The  bodies  of a man.
| ' ^..jMwomiin, nnd child, steerage passengt*rst were
^recovered from the Allan tic wreck on Wed-
^^Hl^^day Ubt in a decomposed slate, and buried
j||||jfj||j&l Prospect. .      .    .    . ;
^^^R The ship Juanita, from the West Indies, ar-
^^^Brived at Sydney on Monday with yellow fever
SJ^S'Oit board. Six of the crew died on the
*\;yW parage.
m {\A��    The steamships Kangaroo, Edinburgh, and
^^BHihernia will proceed to  Lloyds1 cove, Ca^ie
^HK Breton, wliere the. new cwble will be landed.
New York. July 18���Aaron Meekraan. ft
Buenos Ayrefi correspondent, narraien the
particulars of the dlsewrery in a province of
the Argentine Republic of a wonderful gold
mine, said to be tbe richivst in tbe world ���
One-half of the mine has beea sold, according
to the narrator, for a hundred imlliou of dollars.' a', ..'
Kingston, Jamaica: July 15���A Spanish
ship of war has arrived here. Her coming
created alarm for the safely of the stenmer
Virginua. Tbe Spaniards threaten lo take
her. Sada declares he will blow her up. no
matter at. what -sacrifice, rather than permit
her to be captured. TbeiJtiited States Con*
sul went last night with ��ome Cuban residents^
here to solicit the interference of tbe British
Colonial attibotiiies. The excitement in tbe
city growing out of the affair is great.
EUROPE . ;���'���
Berlin, July 11���The permanent retirement
of Bismark from the Prussian Cabinet, announced some months since, is on-tbe eve of
accomplishment./ It..'waRotated iu a dispatch
aent from this city on 17��� h tilt., that tbe Prince
had taken steps for bis withdrawal. He will
��etaio the Cennan Chancellorship. .VonDriven
is reported to be Minister"of Pu'reign ArTdiri*.-
Cholera has ap|��eared in vartfius places in
Germany. *. A;'number of cases have'occurred
at HatigboQ, Bavaria. ;:
Bayonne. July 17���At ten o'clock on We��l
riesday morning  Don  Carlos entered bptiin
amidst great*enthusiasm.   Starting irom.Pau
and Bayonne,.he reached Usiaretz at 5 in; the
thoming on horseback, accompanied by .la.o
French  Legitimists and one Carlist.officer
Tfiree correspondents left immediately for the
Spanish  frontier..;; The party were, not uni-
toniied, betngjn citizens clothes and carrying
forged passports.  -Near'the foot of the Reus
Pltira. the Marquis of Vat-daz Hena and Gen.
Lizxorga met;them with 'their'Staff.   Here D ��n
Carlos donned a brilliant uniform^ and tie
party proceeded to Seuzirramary. where several  thousand   troops were encamped.   AM
the. Republican prisoners were released,;gn:.8
fired, and the day given to universal hih-r y;
T..e Cartifis have 3<V)00 troops.   Tlie mai ���
iViro'e is under Eli<o on the coast of Biscay, to
cover the landing of cargoes of arms and am
munition.   Carlos has issued orders that the
Cure of Santa Cruz is to be treated asa rebel.
Brussels. July 17���The ex-Queen of Spain
[sobella is in this city.
London. July l��--'An Irish team won the
tilcho shield at. Wimbledon.
Sir Sidney Watet low, Lord Mayor of Lon
don,  will be  made   a   Baron,   and   Sheriff
Thomas White and  Frederick  Perkins have
been knighted.   Lord Westbury is hopelessly
id.    ...,:.
B'lyomw. July 18���Advices from Carlist
�����tiroes state thai tbe Cure of Santa Cruz has
resumed his clerical robes and gone to Rome
to ask.forgiveness of the Pope..
The friends <if Don Carlos entertain strong
hopes of a recognition of their bell-gerent
TBeRjr* H. M. Baa, E^ ��� ���kiJ4 CcmmtexxLtt ja*
Tuesday, Jnly IS, 1873.
Patterson & Goodson vs. <jAi��GiL���Judgment by default for $68.
cent Crtsfss-examffied :���He slated tbe reasoa
why tbe goods were debited to J. A. Laldlasr
& Co. was becadse be did net know ��t time of
delivery the nameof foe eislm j that be koew
tbe Rhareboidera, aod lha detmdn&l m&sno*
oftsem.    .  .;.' ���.;������"'
Jarn^j Steele denoted that Keify had fo!4
bim that-aiilen Laidlaw paid, Todd woali
^kaksox Baa. iiLT. FtxrcaES.���Action far* Jock to hha (Kellyl for payment
5S^5S-S?V^J"   Pef^n^^t paid into Conn 5    The records were then -pat hu aliowimr *&*
$29  75, and pleaded a set off to tbe 'residuel""    '      = ��      ��� ���
for damage to defendant's goods.
It appeared  that plaintiff^ bad carried a
package containing 190 !bs. ��f goed�� tor de
fendant from Yale to Last Chance. By mistake they were taken to Barberville, and -subsequently^, delivered to defendant at Last
Chance. - '���"���..
The defeadaot depased that the package
when received had the nails in one end of the
lid ^started, and the  wageou in  vhlcb the
goods   were   brought to bis preimses waa
driven at a fast trotlo Ms bouse and the bottom of it coveted with lime, which  had es
capedfrom a barrel  of that article in  ihe
wagon.   When he opened  the  package be
fouttd several lamps and other glass articles
broken.   Ue produced a receipt from plain
tiffs' agents at Yale, being a receipt for the
package in good order;  and said that tbe
puckage had a mark on it, '.This side up wilb
care"     On   cross-examinalion,   defendant
stated the goods were packed by Henry Jewel
it! Victoria ;; ibere were flat items, but in separate compartments;   there were also spoke-
sbavesand handsaws with the glass ; be could
.not swear fitrther as to the coittents of the
package ;  be knew there would.be litigation
when  lie opened the package, but be did not
preserve the lid with the writing upon it. -J.
On behalf of. the plaintiffs, Edward Pear-
yon swore he.saw the case at Barkerville.; he
bad examined it carefully and it was in good{
order ; the lid was not started;and there were
uo marks of writing . upon it; iu his 'opinion'
ihe packing of hardware with glass was highly
Imprudent, v
A b Long, vplai hti ffs' teamster was cat I ed.
and swore "ifiat the case was in good order
when deUVeVed; that at defendant's request
be i?aited White the package was opened and
s iw the broken glass. On being cross-ex-
iie stated that Peat sod would notpay bitn for
bis work unless.he would give evidence and
���anleee be Won the suit.
J. H.Todd stated-the packing of any kind-
of hardware with glass was highly impru
denf;   he ;bad ;tieeu' a' trader iii Gai iboo tor
several year8r...,-      .    ��� V .-���-.'���,.
On tbe part of the defendant, Mr Bamston
addressed the jury, stating the plaintiff was
bound by his .receipt of the goods in good or.
der. and as atiommoh carrier was an insurer
of the goods. The damage arose through his
own" negligence.. His teamster drove at a
furious rate, so much so tb&t lime from a barrel in; the wagon was scattered all over it.
.The"Chiitaman'aevidence was evidently bi-
assed. The goods bad been damaged by tbe
plaintiffs1 negligence, and defendant was entitled to a verdict.
Mr Davie, for plaintiff, remarked that the
receipt was an'admission that the package
was in good order, but did not extend to tbe
contents of it, for as to tbeir condition the
carrier could not have known anything with-
defeudaot was a member.
After -addresses from Ut Barnstoa, fcr da-
feadaat. and Mr.Davie, for pialnrlff.
The Judge told the Jory all they bad to
consider was. were tbe goods supplied to tiro
company. ��$\ as snggesied by tbe defendant
to Laldlaw alose! If to the company, tha
defendant was liable, aad ,tbe ioterest followed as a legal -eocHequesce. If the good*
wel a1 supplied to Laidlaw alone, tbe defend? ���
ant was entitied 1^�� verdict.""
Alter deliberating fire boors, the Jury w
tnrned a Terdict for.defesdant....
[In (bis case a new trial feas been asked for
on the ground, amongst others, that tbe ver*
diet was against the weight of evidence.]
Liu.TKS vs. Caksai*.���Ae^oe for $107 53 ���
goods sold and delivered. Defendant paid
$52 into Court, and pleaded a set-off as to Ute
remainder, $55 50L * - *
Detenda'ni stated plaiatuT etnpioyed bim ts
work in First Cbapee co^ Jack of Clubs creek.
nt -$G a day ; that be worked 18f days. ac4
the sum of $111 wjisdue, one-half of wmcJi
bad been paid to. bim. ."-... ��� * ; ��� .-".;-
Plaintiff stated he bad engaged defehdasft
for Mr Maury, and told defendant be (plain*
tiff) did not; want bim, as he bad a mani :;ea*
gaged to work his interest; that defendant
knew be was going to works for Maury, and
had;, asked Maury for payment ;'the "money ��*r
viz;, $55 50 V-was due up on bedrock, Maury,
at del end atitrs request, Itad paid plaintiff $55
50, which' plaintiff bad credited to defendant)
defendant was engaged at $3 a day cash and
SS'biedrock.'- -.��� %���';,::.���::*���:'"-.:AWA r-['
Mr Maury was called and corroborated tba,
plaintit!'s statement.������;.���'-.    ,        ,AA'AAA,:A.���
Mr Davie for the plaintiff. Verdict "foe
plaintiff*'' A-AAA4 tAwA'AA'AA'A-     .-���.-������������?������<'���
TuvRsukT. July '-17i ?: -
Ah Choso Co. vs. Ah Hat.���Action for
ejectment.    Tbe ground in dispute is oa
Keith ley .creek, the defendant claimint? a par*
ticular-'lO.O feet of plain tiffs* ground for���.-sum,:'-
representation. .:������.'. \ '..':    ���';��� 'A
��� The Judge ordered that the company. staEco
Lo'ff 100; feet put of their ground fordefe��dp>
ants, and pay costs of both sides. A
Messrs. Barnston and Darie, for plainUsa $
Mr Fark, for defendant        '.y    .   -    ..A'-~ -..
^^B    Halifax. July 17���The decision of llw Court
��� ?:ff ot Inquiry into tbe cauaeof tbedlnaster to the
*<- Sstl'**lDer city of'Washington ban been rentier
,:y|��ed.   Capt. Phillips h suspended to we year.
^M ���- UNITED STATES. ':.
SlM Sucker Flat, July 15���A horrible aocWent
WSm *0Cuf,Ped bere tbis aftenioon, abo111 fi n'clock.
0m$L A Mr Holmes, an old rwidmt of Tim hue too,
SS working -the Knterprise claim,.'had been at
���mMm work a few minutes when a cave came iUrwn.
The men started to run, but several were
caught, including Holmes, Muffler, and Lee.
Two of them escaped with slight cuts, but
Holmes" was caught and buried beneath,
A bun t 60 men are engaged in ��catching for
hfo body.'
San Francisco, July 15���The great $50,080
trot on Saturday next is tbe great talk ol; Urn
town to night.   Bets of 5 to I on Hardy Win-
ning, also in 2.26, being made.
New  York. July 15���Tbar�� la still much
fghls by Fratice as soon as they get ptoses
sioii of fortified lowus and establish a Guv
\ Paris. July 18~Renry Rocbefort will be
sent to New Caledonia on .the 31st.
Purls. XiiJy 16���Government, bus instructed j
Prefectsof "depart me'riia to  interdict pubtir
rejoicing on tbe ocoAsbm of Ukj evacuation
of their territory by German troops.
���,,. ..i.. �� <�����^j&t��.����� ��� *������-��� ��� '���-
Tuk roof a house in Chinatown caught fin'
yesterday from a defective stovepipe. The
Fire Hrigade were quickly on the spot. a::d
tlie fire extinguished before any -serious
damage was done.
Bahxaro'h down Express of tbe 13th took
away tbe following pttssengers:���Jas. Aiken
head and W. Favel,*for Yale %  Madame Mm
dixen, Mary Bent, and Miss Missouri Jones.
for Quesijelmouth.
To Oiikss Pi,aykbs.���All persons desirous
<,f joining in a Chess Tournament are re-
quested to meet at the Library, Barkerville.
at balf-pastT orclock p.m- on Monday next.
21st inst. -'������*..
A CtffMAHAN had a leg broken by a cave in
out opening the case, a duty not imposed on
carriers. The. goods were not proved to bavt*
been in good order when delivered to plain-
li'ffs, and may have been damaged between
Victoria and Yale. No doubt the damage
was caused by tbe packing of such article a**
handsaws and spokesbaves with tbe glass.���
Aa tor the package, some notice should have
been given of its fragile contents. The word
ir I ass-was not upon it. and the other words,
�� This side up with care,,J were not written on
il. if ibey believed plaintiff, and the delend
ant had not produced tbe lid, wbeu he could
have dot.e .ho.
The Judge left two questions to the Jury :
Was the damage cawed by the carrier's negligence or defective packing? If the former.
The defendant was entitled to a verdict; il
the latter, tbey would give a verdict for tbe
plaintiff. m     , .    _
The Jury returned a verdict for defendant
J. ii. Toon vs. A. Kbllt.���Action for goods
g ild and delivered to tbe Montrose Company,
of which defendant was: a member. Tbe
amount tor goods sokl was $275, and plaintiff
a j so cl aimed i nterest fro m September, 1S7G.
at 2 per cent a month.
J, H. Todd, swjrn. deposed:���I delivered
these goods to the company���some to Laid]
law, tb�� foreman, and one item to defendant:
r&��ily, one oi  tt��e members;  in Septembers
I87d". I deavered'a hl\\ to Ihe comjmny which
contained a notice that unless the  ��cco?i��t
was' paid in  30 days interest would tfcesce-
forth be charged at 2 per cent ;   tbe prices
charged for goods were fair and have no'
been paid ; had" written ��o deteodant and instructed my lawyer W write to him as to pay-
meat for these goods y the .first letter was on
D*-C   21st,  1871;   Laidlaw, oa behalf of the
CAJmpany, agreed that if I would wait a wbita
The Forest Rose is paying over expenses,,
The Ballarat co. are putting in air pipes.���������
The   Cariboo, Caledonia,   Macpbersno   and i
other creek claims are working.   Tbe Bed
Rock Flume co. cleaned ��p-'50*nz,-raat week*
. ANTLKR CRKK2C       :
The Lothalr co. cleaned up'21-ox. on Ts*��v.
day ; expect to get about 100 oz. for tbe week.
Tbe Nason co.'s machinery is complete; have
only a email portion of: the flume to fini^,
and will be ready, to. start work in fire or sis
days. ��� .
JACK OF CLCBS CBKEX. ���' '     .   }
The Two Sisters co. is taking ont good pay.
tbe Two Brothers co. macbineiy is fiuisbad*
and sinking will'be commenced immediately.
The Spruce co. commenced work belov ��a
Tuesday. Foiot co. washed np 72'.ox, last
week nnd 28 oz. on Wednesday last, working
on a high bench The Vanwiokie co, are
making good !w?adway with their drain ; tbe
parties at either end can hear the others at
work : they hare abotit SO feet to run. The
Victoria en. have the water down to their
drive. The. Vancouver washed up S3 ox. lasl
week, and 75 oz. on Wednt>sday. The Glad-
stone co. have found noit.iog fo justify
tinuing to prospect tbe top streak.
Babx.akd's up ���. Express, with tbe mails, arrived about 4 o'clock yesterday aftercooa.
aU.kin^s*>f 6^'oUnaho^mess. .'���..'������.''.
eoid Bust and Bars purchased on best
.terms. 7 ��� ���-���'������ ���
Kx&fazmge soW ba Victoria San Fnmdse^ >����
l^fiSl^SSSr.atowi " 5 par. cent.
aaaum, SO days aoiiee.  -   .   g- _^
ffiWW^ W ���-.- .Wr: .ii&JJS^i.
SSfiJiMi^1!^-'" notices:  tfcs.1  JOSEPH W, TRUTpH,.������������������..,.   :;  PROVINCE OFJSRtoSBT COLUMBIA. ,  VICTORIA, by^ the 'Grace of :God, of the  r.: United. Kingdom.^of Great Britaia and Ire  '} .land, Qoebn, Defedderof the Faith, &c, &e  To; all to .whom Hhese presents shall come,���������  'V ���������. Grkktino. "-���������]','  :%'^ ::;"';"  G^:^/ :Walkem? K WHEREAS by Section  ''Attorney-General, ( ;, 2 of AThe Road Ex-  " tension-Act; 1S7V. it is provided that the  Lieutenant-Governor in Council may, by Pro-  tbI a'matibh, create' any portion or portions of  the* Mainland of British Columbia into a,Road  District or /Districts, with such boundaries as  hVshallthink fit": "  i' And1 whereas the Honorabler Joskph ���������' William Trotch,* as such Lieutenant-Governor in  Council as aforesaid, under nnd by virtue,of  tlie'powers :and authorities'conferred upon  him iniCbuQcil as aforesaidyand of;all other  powers and- authorities him .in that - behalf  enabling, bath ordered that the Road Districts^ hereinafter men ti on pd,-be-created :>:-  >ate��������� the fo11owing:Road'Distriois on the Maih-  la'iVd of ^British Cbluinbia;:tbat:is to 'say::'    :  vm^ahl&U^Qlude^aJji* tbat'tract of land'; in,-;  eluded-in the. Cariboo ;Distnct,; as set forth hi  tbo Schedule to ���������' The Constitution Act. 1 87 ]'.?!'  ^hmb).8hai 1 inc.lude all. that, trac t o 1 i a nd::;:in;  cliideS: in the Litlooet District, as set forth tn  ; the;Scheduie to/.vThe Cot 8tUutton,7Act; 1871."  I ��������� ,v������l THE -YALE ROAD^DISTRIQPr which  sii^li r incIude ��������� al 1: thai;; t ract of yItitid' iocl itd ed  I; in' the Yale District: as set forth In the Sche-'  duleHo:(������Thie ^Constitution Act, 1871.",  ���������w/L :THE������ ICOOTENAA������.ROAD; DISTRICT.  . which:shalI-jnclnde all- that tract of land- in  ol tided in the Kootebay? Districti: as set - fo rth  iniuhe: Schedule, fo^ -The tCdnstifcutiori^Act.-  ,1871."    v.     .-:'.;��������� :-;��������� ���������    \s-.w-w^ww:  : ^^THE;NEw Westminster and coast  EbAD^DISTRIpT^^hiclrshaU/ihcliide all  : that fcract-of iariA'��������� inclnded in the: New West-  mi neter 'ahd'Gbnsfr Districts,J as set forth'in the  Schedule to ".The Constitution' Act/18W^  :Cn .TKsnM6NY^-WflEKK6F,t:>we have.caused  : these,Our Letters to. be made^Patent, and  ���������  the Great Seal b f the' P r b vi ri c e or British  Coinmbia to be hereiinto uffixed :-. Wrr-  2itss, the;.'Hotiorable' Joseph William  j' , ?' 'jDtrcTCH; Lieutenant Governor of the said  r - ���������>...^Proyi tice of Brittsb Co 1 utnbi a, in t he Ci ty  'I���������, . of Victoria,' iu the Baid ''��������� Province,- this  ��������� V.'Fourth.day of March, in the year of Our  w .; c Lord One T b ousan d; eight bund red and  seventy-three, and in the thirty-sixth year  of Our Reigu.  ^:  ��������� ,<���������  NOTICES. "-  Dfvisionf'and In- the; Electoral  District  of  Kootenay :  NOW KNOW YE that We do order and  proclaim that.?4 tbe County Courts Extension  Acr;;1873," shall; from"\and after the date  hereof, bave full force anil effect in the Electoral District'of Cariboo, except that portion  thereof'known as the- Omineca Polling Di  vision, and in the Electoral District of Kootenay. "':": ;��������� ��������� ��������� ': "''���������" '!  ���������? In Testimony 'Whereof, We have caused  ��������� these Our Letters to be made Patent, aud  w;.i the Great Seal of the Province of British  Columbia to be hereunto affixed:   Wit-  w ^ness,: the 'Honorable Joseph William  Trutch, Lieutenant-Governor of the said  Province of British Columbia, in the City  ' of Victoria, in the said Province, this  .;��������� Fourth day of Marcbi in the year of Our  Lord One thousand eight hundred and  ���������   seventy-three;5and in the thirty-sixth year  of Our Reign.  By: command;   : * .'���������''.   !'.-..  , r-zJOBN^ASH,^';''.;^ ;���������. .;���������  : .���������     Provincial Secretary."    mr22 4m  NOTICE-  Road^Extehsion Act; 1878  WHEREAS -by a' Proclamation^ dated 4th''-'March,1  ��������� 1873, th c Miiin la u ci of {Brl tislV Col am b la was for  tho purposes.of tho above Act, divided into five Koad  Diistricis,'.viz;':.-' ���������'". A\ \.,.,:.,;,'-.' ;W,A.:,������ ',-;  , A The Cariboo District. ....-,       ��������� ��������� ., .  ���������  '" The Li 1 lobe t'Road District.'-' :������������������'���������'.,  .������������������ "������������������. The:Yalo Road*District;    \f:   : <.   ;"  :��������� '        ���������  t.j -.The Koot:;noy Road District:, ��������� ��������� '.; ;:���������  y. Tlie New Wcfitrainster Roa������l District..  \ NOTICE IS - HRREBY GIVENi,.that the following  Collectors have been appointed for the said .Districts;  CaribooDistkict.��������� v ..   v.  :   :W--:-;-  ���������.'K<MthleylCreek Polling Division���������O.-Hnre, Erq.-  .. "Williams Lake-Polling- Division���������C.- F. Pope, Esq.  IJLT.OOCTDiSTRI.CTV  M     .   ���������    ���������.: \ "<-W"-'' ���������    :  rernon, Esq.  ���������   Okaha^aif PojHngT))vision��������� C. A V  ' '-��������� Nic'dia-hake Polli up Di vision���������Alex. Robb, E=q.  { :Koek.Crcfk Polling Division���������J. C. Haynes, Esq.  i.;-Kamlppps Polling oDivtsion- ;J..8oyd, Esq.  command.'  ^hn.;A.sh,;.:';;\;. .;,,....;.;:  ^:, Proylneial Secretary.  mr22 im  [Aj .     JOSEPH W.TRUTCH.  \y ; >"���������'���������:��������� .-A-' ^CANADA.   -   ^;. ��������� ��������� -   ���������  :'  PROVINCE 0P! BRITISH COLUMBIA.  kooTfk'.vay District.��������� -:'���������  '"     '':'  '"'  i'"Wild Horse,'Perry Creek; and French Creek Polling  DlvisJons-^-C. Booth; Esq. ���������    .  Nkw Westminst r District;  :  Cliilllwhack; Liiugl������y,: New Westminster, Burnrd  Iul-t, and North Arm Polling Divisions���������H. H. Ed  monds, Esq....    ..      ........  Ni:w We^tmixst^r Citt. District. ..     ���������._.'-������������������  H. V. Edmonds, Esq.    .  ;      By command.  JOHN ASH,  ���������':���������:������������������'��������� ������������������ ���������;   -        -f ������������������ ProvincialS^cretTry.  .Victoria-April 4th, 1873 ap28 "m .  NOTICES.  rippointmexits<  Jx.  . . Provincial Secretary's O/Hce     ,  ������������������,���������;���������;    ftth April,. 1873.,..  HIS Excellency the .Lieutenant Governor has been  'plffi to appoint' the loUowing .genUmwir to  be A\tS Officers tor the several Elector^ID s  tricts or the Province, un.ler. and-to c^trry out U,e  provisions oC "The Members' Indemnity Act, 1873-.  CARIBOO���������Jam^Lindsay, Esq.;-   ��������� >.. -;   A, ...  LILLOOET-A. W. Smith   Esq . ��������� .   ,  KOOTENAY���������Cornelius wootu, tsq. - .  VALE-Wm. Tcague, Esq. _  ���������T1,Tr-  KEW WESTMINSTER  CITY,AND DTSTR101-  H. V. Edmonds, Esq.  Bycommaad/   .. joflNAS^,  myl() . ���������-������������������,.; .. Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Office,   ":  ;       ' .     19th April, 1873.  IS -FTfcellencv the Lieutenant"Governor has been  ISpSi>o appoint tho following .gentlenrtj. to  be Registrars of certain Electoral Districts under an  to carry out the provisions Ot -rho QualiUcalion and  Registration of Voters'Act, 1871."  CARIBOO���������John Bo wren, Esq.  KOOTENAY���������Cornelius, Booth, Esq.  VALE���������Wm. Tcague, Erfq.    "  H; V. Edmonds, Esq.  By command, "    ''"'  mylQ    .. Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Office,.';'.'.  19tU April, 1873.  IS Excellency tbe lieutenant Governor lias been  pleased lo make tbe IdlJowimr uppoinlmjDlajr  Benjamin' Douglas  and   Robert   B.   Mcllmklng.  Ksquires, of.. Yale; to be Coroners fer tho Electoral  District of Yale. :    ������������������    ������������������     ���������       ,, ���������  ���������C. Booth, K?q.. of Kootenay, to bo Coroner for the  Electoral District of Kool.my.  By cumtnjud.  .. . JOHK ASH,  ,my 10 ; Provincial Sectary,  Private Secrktarv's Opfick,  4lh April, 1S73.  HIS Excellency the Lieutenant Governor Us been  pleased toplaci- the Mlowlny Gehtlenien on the  Cominlsaiun of the Peace lor the Province ol British  Columbia:  H..A,.Tuzo, W. Curtis Ward, R. P. .Rithct, R.  Wallace, J. H. Turner, Alexander Mcl.ean, G*J Find-  ay, J. E.���������'McMillan-,' and D,'Lenevue, of Victoria,-  Esquires.-    ' ,,  Jeremiah Rogers and Coote M. Chambers, of Bur  rard Inlet, .Esquires. , . ,     ...     ������������������  G. H. Wilson Brown, of Al lorley. Esquire.  W. FL* Morrow, .folru J. GaJbraitli, anuJutni Shaw,  of Kootenay, Esquires: *  James Kobb and G. P.. Dcabble, of Comux, Esquires.:, .    .. ������   v    '. ./.-.,     .:.���������..'.,���������.     ',.   ���������    ���������  James Mackie,of I^ngley, Esquire.    " _  ClKirles* B. SWord,��������� of .Mat������qn\ Ksqiiire: ���������       ". ���������; ���������  Dimald McGilvery and David .Miller,' of ^uraass. Esquires.     ���������'. . . ' ������������������:������������������>-.'  H  MISCELLANEOUS.-  WILMOTS  Lightiiin^, ;Express  LEAVES BARKBBVILLB DAILY at 8 A,M  ':';;.'';AKb���������.'.  ;i': LIGHTNING GREEK AT 3 P.M.  Passage,. $2; for, the ronnd trip, $3.  Freight takea at low rates.' '  apl2 .... V H. a WILMOT.  tt;������P;P^  ji  (Carrying Her Majesty's Mails.)  LEAVES BABRERVILLE FOR YALE  Every Sunday Morning.  .Freight and Passengers������carried througb at tht  lowest possi bio rates'.  For rites of Freight and Passage, upply at the  Express Olttce, Barkervtlle.and at J. W. Msn.  HARD'S, VANWINKLK.     ;..  JAS. A. NEWLAXD, Agent,  raylO Bark'-rville.  ':     ���������   UPPER -PBASKR RIVEII,  IVURING-THE SUMMER WILL LEAVE  ;> SODA CHEEK ON THURSDAYS.  As soon as possible alter the. arrival ol BARNARD  & Co.'s Stages, and- ���������;.;..  QUESNEL ON  SUNDAY  AFTERNOON^.  AT 4 OHJLQCK.  Tim nndersignod hope, by a strict altoml"n to  iiusiucss, to nuTit a couiinu.nce 'd tin- n.tnji^  Inihurt" cxtiiuded to Messrs. Starvluai Wriglii  Freight, per ton,      -  Passage,     - "   -      -  :.  -GRA  Soda Creek, April 1, l������T{i.'  "  .-.;         ���������  lNT  &  ARNDT.  niylPf������,i  Court of  JonatU  Kiel  Crc-ck, li:.5quiri;s'  Adam rrenti?, Jolm Lament Muir, and John Johnstone .Robertson, of LigluuihgCr^U, E^quin-?.  -Abraham 'B-irlmv, ot the Town of Qu.*n 1, Esquire.  Robert Burnio McMicUin^ uf Vale, K? qui re;    '  James Cunningham and \V. Clarkson, of New Vjit  minster. Esquires.  W. D "Ferris nnd  H. L. DeBeck, or N'orlli Arm,  Fraser River, Esquires. ���������  W. H. Ludner, ot South Arm, Fraser River, Ksq.  By com maud.  ARTHUR J. G.   HINDER,  ap26^m \   Priv.aeg.'-cri.isiry.  VICTORIA, by the "Grace of God, of. the.  ���������United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire-  4and,--Qobex, Defender of toe Faith. &6.i &c.  To all to wbcm. these presents shall come���������  .���������-;:  Greeting.1  A  PROCLAMATION. . , ^ . ;.  -.  Gko. A.  Walker j; WHEREAS' ft is prp-  Attorney-Gen^ral.-| ' vided by-'Secfcion 1 of  M The County Courts Extension Act, 1873,"  that  "The Mining Court constituted under  -.'ft 4 The Gold Mining Ordinance. 1867/shall  ,. bo and is hereby-;merged in  the County  -.:M Conrt; and .every Connt v.Court Judge of  ���������**-British Columbia shall have and bepos*  , * sessed of the same jurisdiction, powers, and  " nu tbo rides, astltpse. bad and exercised by  " the Gold Commissioners appointed, acting,  11 and presiding as Judges of the said Mining  " Court;  and ;aU ; proceedings  thereunder  ������ fiball be had and taken in accordance with  '* the provisions of_;* The"Gold Mining Ordin'  " a nee; 18t>7,? arid ' The Gold Mining Amendment Act, 1872.^;,;:;.:  And whereas a proviso is inserted that the  Aot, should only have fnil force and effect in  su c h portions of vtbe Pro vi n ce as the Lieut;.  Governor in Council might,' from time to time,'  by Proclamation order.  J _'���������  And whereas it is expejdieht that the '"said  Act ahould have full'force and; effect, in the'  Electoral District of Cariboo, except that portion Ui^reof -known,. ^ the . Omiueoa Polling  GENERAL ORDER.  VTOTICE is hereby given, that the Supreme Court  l\ iv.il! sit in Banc, for the hearing of all mntic.ns,  arguments, appeals, and cither matt-rs coming before  the Court in Banc, at the Supreme Court Room in tho  City of Victoria, for the loilowing terms, on the days  hereinafter mentioned, namely:  For Hi la ry Term from the i oth \to 25 th Feb ruary ���������  .For Easter Term from the 15th to 25th April; . '  For Michaelmas Term from tho 15th to 25th November.  There will be no sitting in Banc in Trinity Term. .  In case any of the days of the dales named for the  beginning or ending of tiio Terms should riill on a  5uriday: or Public "Holiday,.Lien the Term will begin  or en d on :tho next folio wi n g day.  ���������<^-,v^A"1*    /f-MATT. T, BEGBIR- C. J.  ,  LB.  k���������;: w-y...-^HBNfty.P.-PRLhBWCKEASB, J  fy-*? (J. HAMILTON GRAY, J.   .���������.;,  Dated Victoria, Jantnry 24Ui, 1873; mr22 tf  {  LAK"D TAX ACT, 1873/  Provincial Seen-tarv's Office,  25th April, 1873.  . His Excellency the.I<icuh.,;������<intG<'Vinor has by<;n  pleased to appoint the tollowing genikMiicn to.r-.'c-.*ive  applications for Kegisiration and ltecn.rd, under the  pmvisions of "The Lund Registry Act, 1870,M and  '.'The;Land Registry Amendment Act, 187,%" and to  p norm the duties heretofore allotted to the Ftipm  di.iry Magistrates nmlnr * Tin; Bills ofSilo Ortllinnee,  1870," and "The Hills of Sale Amendment Act, 1373,"  and the "Cattle Exomption-Act, 1871," in imd for  the Electoral Districts, or rolling Divisions of Electoral Districts, set opposite their respective na:nes:  W. H. Fitzgerald, Esq., Polling Division of Omineca.  J. Bowron, F.pq.j Polling Divisions of Rlchfkld and  Lightning Crer-k.  0. Hare, Esq., Polling Divisions of Kcithley Creek  and Quesui'hnouth  C.  E.  Pope, Esq., Polling Divisions of Williams  Lake. Cari'ie Creek, and Clinton,.  A. W. .Smith, Esq., Polling Division Of LUlooeU  W. Teaguc, Esq,, Electoral District or Yale.  ;:H. V. Edmonds, Esq., Electoral Districts of New  Westminster City and District.  C. Booth, Esq., Electoral District of Kootenay.  By command. JOHN ASH  ���������-..,'   Provincial Secretary. "  ENGLISH DRUGS  PATENT MEDICINES,  PROPRIETARY: ARTICLES,  Chevalier's Life, for"tiie Hair  COLTGltvLOZKN:GKS, Ac:, Ac.  j?������* Teeth carefully Extracted and Filled.  $������* Prescriptions aud .Family Recipes accurately prepared.  Bnrkerville. Nov. 20. 1872. no23  T^-OTiOB IS HEREBY GIVEN;, THAT BY.  r-*    a P i'oclam a tio n da ted th e 4 th Ma r ch  1873; the Road'.'Districts therein named were  created .under the provisions of " The Koad  Bxtensioii Act. 1873." r ��������� /  ������������������  An&tiiiitby Section 4 of '��������� The Land Tax  Act:, 1.873/Vit is provided ihat the.Road Dis  .tncts'esiablishedjihder "The Road Extension  Act, 1.873," shall be Land Tax Districts for  the purposes of the Act.  The Road Districts hitherto established on  Vancouver Island are under the same section  made,Land Tax Districts for the purposes of  the".Act. ;*..-,..-.: .,-.���������'...-..���������. -��������� ..'  Dated the;8ili day of March, 1873.  ,. ,   ;.By Commands     ..;.  '.,- ���������".'���������'   ' - -A ���������/ '������������������   w- .,rTOrJNl ASH,\,  Provincial Sccrotary's Ofllco,  25 Hi April, 1873.  His Excellency the LieutPiiant-Gowmor has boon  pleased to nppoint tlie followitig gcnilemon to be1 DIh-  trict .ItCKistrnra under ������T������o Births. Deaths: and Marriages Act, 1872"���������  District No. 3���������H. V. Edmonds, Esq."  ������   4-W.Toague, Esq'  6���������A. W. Smith, i>q.  .7���������J. Bowron, Esq.  9���������0;.Booth, Esq.  By command.  LEA & PERKINS'  Celebrated  WORCESTERSHIRE    SAUCf  Declared by Connoisseurttu be  THE   ONLY    GOOD  SAUCE.  (:  *.  ((  it  It*  it  ���������my 24  -    JOHN ASH,  Provincial Secretary,  Wild Land Tax.  '. the V(!flr'lft7i  may be inspncioU on application to a. Barcw. Ques.  nelmouth, Oi-to- '^    ,  ^-^^ v.;  Caution against Fraud.���������The. nutseenof tills  most deli������lou.s and untivalle<l Comilin<i)t liavlii*  caused certain dealer* to apply tlie nam< ol '^Vorc^  terslnrc h?aucrn to their own Interior compauB'^j,w  public Is liereliy informed that the only way tel'1^  cure the genuine, Is to  ASK  FOR  LEA   &   PERKINS'   SAUCE  an d to"sco l Im t their names are u pen th������ vfaw*  LABKLaiST0t'I'KR,anirn'>TTT.33. .,..!  Some ol theI'orclKn markets having l)cenmipp������C(l  with a Bjpurfiiatt<W������rci^lC]������b]r(-i&iu���������iFta|wn..l])^'vqs.,l''  per and labels of which the names oj Lett tint! ^"7  nave b ec ti l*o rged, L. and P.. %\ v:ii no ti ce t h ������t H"J  have (urn 1 shed their correspondents wither���������,  attorney to toko Instant proceedings against mam;;  actdukks'iuhI vkm)oh8o| such, ot any othorimw*  onsby which tlichright may be Infringed.  Ask for LEA & FERRINS'' Sauce and sjj'  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle,.ana  Stopper. ' '.   /('  Wh oiesal c an ci f 6 r' b xpor t by ��������� t h e Projirletof s, W  nH  '.J*Mliisl "S^4S^5SS^J^i ^cr;OrogSeandBiackwe!l^ohdon,:&C,,&������.;^/:  :,7^.-  ;..-


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