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The Cariboo Sentinel 1867-07-22

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 m  )ecl<ijibti|  F descrlp.  lis  Se;  utv;  ises, Dh*  ion or  1-8  IMAtUV)  c pbuirdi  icioria.  50~  [ADIZB  ia. ;m  TO S&  la for tto  IlreceM -A]  ���������runs,?;   :  i all the  accomo*  best of  ���������ietois.  *e.  ured aD'i  1-s  LIQo'OB  ;s, Stems  ���������eel, Vic-  1-s  PAURANT,  is Is the  4 Estab*  nicest/of  U  r  ������  c in an������  and tha  , Frescb1  oria,Vi  rim.  in FtJRSj  jes mado  o. .-Belli'  1-9  30., S B-  NTS, I*  Victoria,  {Villi a nrt  1-s  i:  l-s  or mail*  bove to  Austra-  will I*  12mps.i  Vol. 4;  r       ..-���������  /j* '-:.;��������� '-<  Barkerville, Williams Creek, B. 0.,. Monday, July: 22, 1867V  No. 23.  'To thb Editor of. the ^ Cariboo-SEN'mEt'"  Sir,���������In your issue of 6th June, I notice a  ^communication from a person calling himself  4k Old Settler."   Hia remarks on. bulls "and  , stallions I highly approve of, but I most say  that his ideas with regard to sheep are truly  ���������absurd.   He recommends the  law givers  to  cause that useful animal to be prescribed.  and not allowed to gnvEe within four miles of  the wagon road, for reasons which, with all  due deference to bis age as a settler, I consider very absurd.   Mr. Editor, I  consider  that no country can flourish without sheep ;  they have, in all ages, been considered one of  the most useful of domestic animals.   The  government, the miner, in fact the colony at  large are interested in their raising and breeding.    How,, therefore, can the ancient'settler,  if he has in any way the 'future welfare of the  -colony in view,wish'for such a law ?   I notice  that some few families in the kac la Hache  ������&!LeyJuwe sheep,. I.mjght jnenjipn .tbe.. 105,  115, and 123 -mile-post ranches.   These men  have made tbe colony their home, and I have  no doubt look forward with pleasure to the  day when there will be an increase to their  flocks so.as to justify tbe establishment of  factories, when the colonist can be: supplied  'with fabrics  of --colonial  production ; thus  keeping money in the country, instead of impoverishing it by imports-from Europe aud  the United States.   What, Mr. Editor, can the  antiquated settler be thinking of, to wish those  poor families to-be.exiled four miles from the  ���������wagon road, for the sole crime of- keeping  sheep?   As the flocks increase, I have no  doubt their owners would find it to their interest to call -on the legislature to enact laws  to assist and protect them iri their laudable  ���������enterprise.   Before concluding, I cannot help  ���������expressing my admiration of the deep solicitude felt, and the  disinterested motives  of  jour correspondent on behalf of packers and  teamsters. r Let him rest assured, however,  that there .will-be grass-enough, in this valley  for gracing purposes, long after- his great  gr^ndtchUdrj^ ./   ���������������������������.  "w?A"' '  A< a'���������;aa,:."��������� TyAiXYiji^Q:iSinra������^-  Lac la Hache, July 8th, 1867:  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  FASHION SALOON,  .    BARKERVILLE,  W t L L IA MS   C RE ������ K >....���������  THE PROPRIETORS BEG LEAVE TO* ANNOUNCE  to the public that they have enlarged, refurnished,  and thoroughly renovated their capacious and fashionable saloon, pparihg neither pains nor expense for  tbe comfort of their Patrons.  This is now tiielargest ami .most complete Salorm in  British Colombia : consisting of*thrae large separate  apnrtments, vii.: CARD ROOti, BAR ROOM, and  BILLIARD SALOON "containing throe-superb BILLIARD TABLES. .  The best LIQUORS and CIGARS obtainable, arc  served here. This establishment is under tho immediate superintendence of the Proprietors.  " ADLER-& BARRY.  Julo 6th, 1867. 4m  Steele's Restaurafttj  tj STEELE BEGS TO INFORM HIS OLD FRIENDS  XXm and P.iirons, that he has opened his OLD STAND,  where he will be glad to see them.  83T Me/LS at all llocRS *i������fc  June 10th, 1867. lis  vSi MOITTTET & do."  BICHFIELI),.. y .  WHOLESALE   k RETAIL   ItfERCHANTS/i  * L\VAYS .AN HAND, CALIFORNIA AND ISTHMUS;  IX Butter, at $1 25 per lb.  SoloAsjehts for Girod & Guichon, Quesnelmouth.  June I'Oth, i867. ' lis :  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINELS  OF  ���������o���������  THIS   OFFICE  HAVING   BEEN  The.stock;  ^considerably' augmented by the recent importation  'of%. variety of new Ornamental Type, peculiarly suited  V Posters* Circulars, Cards, ...  >y.    Billheads, Programmes for  A.. Balls,Concerts, arid���������������'.-���������' ,  ;.������,>,... . Theatrical Entertainments.  Orders for any 'description of Job Work will ho eke*  cuted with neatness and despatch. - .,-:-���������  "'?'..  . .'      #3" terms moderate.; -������a...   v..-  A. McPliersoh^  C  AND  m:  IT hodge M{wb iZi) s ta n if  Barkerville,' istiMay; 1867-  -ls  TifE Head of a Dead Man tries to Speak.  ���������A poor fellow was guliotined here a few  days after our arrival. According to the custom, his head and body were given to the  Burgeons, for the '��������� advancement of science."  An experiment wa3 tried With the head, with  a very interesting result. They injected into  its arteries fresh arterial blood taken from a  xlop, and shortly afterwards the head gave unmistakable sijros of life. The color returned  to tho cheeks and lips, the eyes opened  brightly, and gazed upon those around, the  lips moved, as if attempting vainly to speak,  and the entire face bore the semblance to active life. So soon as the operator ceased to  inject the life blood of the dog, the appearances of death rapidly succeeded. . It was  earnestly held by the eminent surgical gentlemen in attendance, thatdunngthe operation  Ihe brain was in full and natural action, and  that the lips tried-to utter the last thought  which found resting place in the mind of the  condemned.���������Paris Correspondenco of the  Pittsburg Gazette*;,:;;: h.Aw        ......   ,   ,  D.  MOSES  AKES THIS METHOD OF INFORMING HIS  friends and the public generally, that be has enlarged and fitted up his SHAVIXG SALOON, in a superior manner, having secured the services of an efficient  assistant, he is now, prepared to operate in a  satisfactory manner in all branches of the TONSORIAL  art. '���������       ;���������' :" ��������� ��������� "���������    '���������--.'   ������������������ ;���������������������������-; ��������� '���������' ���������' '���������  Ke also begs to call tho.attention of the ladies to his  fine seleciioh of Perfumery, wh ich he .is constantly in  receipt of, from Langley & Co., Victoria; Viz., Pomudes::  Powo" era^ -OiisfGo'iuiis j--Sriisues;"���������&t& ^inn cr articles "for*  the Toilet.  . ���������; '    ���������'  '  Ho also .calis;attention to bis'uhrivalled Hnir"Restor-.  a tive,,gUaMn teeing to stop hair from failing out, in  one week, in ft in reasouabjj time restoring: Hair to its,  form er s t a te and color.  Also Gentlemen's furnishing Goovls ; finest assortment of Shins. Underclothes, Neck Ties, Scarfs, etc. ..  27th May, 1867 '.- *  PARIS   AND   LONDON   HOfEL  AND RESTAURANT,  RICHFIELD.  The undersigned have refitted this well known house  which Is now open for the accomodation of tho  public.  The. 'Bar will be supplied with the best brands of  LIQUORS and CIGARS  j&3* Meals and Beds furnished at all hours.  G. FONTAINE.    .  FELIX 1'OUCHOT.  Proprietors.  Richtieid, 1st May, 1867. 1  W. Wiimard,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE. 1  ... F. V;,LEE,-;"'-,';;  Auctioneer, GolieGtor,  ,-,   '     ������������������ ��������� ������������������' ��������� AN'J>��������� - :���������  ���������    ���������'��������� ;-'- ��������� A  iy  "���������   MINING    AGENT.      .  Goods-sold on Commission.    Office,  RichOcld:'^-  Salk^room, Barkerville. ���������'.      '���������..   -���������'������������������/.'���������'���������;     .6-s  NEW ADTERT1SEMENTS.  ;*'^'j5S.i^>wiEiKLy :pxpeb;;:' Za  PraUsH^;:&������Ry Monday and Thcrsoat;  *j������^y-.$!i^ Z  Omcs^BASBUSRyiLLE, WiuiLMs Cress,,'CAiini*-.  v-:   \ v: Subscription, $ 1 per Week.V : ;  (including: post: of doliverj',) payable to the CarrW.  !  , *-v.aroy  cZZZiAZ^^^M^J^^^t^ a i ���������  .;'  %AAw ^^i Jnst rieceivod a choice. selection of.:: ��������� .: ������������������'������������������  eAS^IiioNvioookiNG' st.6ve8;  i s -T >jif  TEL.^,.,.An������y^  LECUYER k LEBRUNVPiip'rRiiBTORs, a//  ItE RRADY TO ACCOMilbl)ATE EVERY,ONE tK  the above Establishinent. ,.  -;        GOOD FARE AN0;i(5O6i) BEDS!   "'-   i " ���������;  Birkeivilie, '27th May, 1867.  ������������������' 'A    : / ���������    '..- 7-a.  |    ;   t. Stephens,''���������%:��������� Z.  CIVIL -ENGINEER AND. SURVEYOR.'' "���������'  'Afmri-y.vAi������&&:  ���������-��������� /.;  A Graphic Description of China. ���������A  country where the* roses have no fragrance ;  and the women have no petticoats 5 where  the laborer has no Sabbath, and the magistrate no sense of honor; where tbe roads  bear no vehicles, and the ships no keels ;  where old men fly kites ; where the needle  points to the south, and the sign of being puzzled is to scratch tho antipodes on the heel ;  where the place of honor is on the left hand,  and the-seat of intellect is in the stomach;  where to take off your hat is an insolent gesture, and to wear white garments is to put  yourself in mourning ; which has a literature  without an alphabet���������and a language without  a grammar. ...  REMOVAL.  a, sT&oirss;  DEALER IN  J&XlpF&lCRXUSC ::il'XCHFIELX>'<  il Willi.irasCreek, is prepared to 'exheuto Surveys,  Plans, Levels, Sections, Jcc, &c.;, xdiumtttacl  to:hi.������  chfir^e, wi til.: care... despatch, and on REASONABLE  TERMS.   ���������.-.'..  .a  3   ;     Q3T Office, ceiitro of Richfield, -������ji'-  NM.TII.SHOP;  THE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in the above  business next door to Mim-inrfFs stables, Barker  ville, and solicit a share of public' patronage.  CAST    IRON   STOVES  Always on hand.  New Work  and Jobbing  Done at reasonable rates. ;���������",::..  SST Our Teams ruu regularly between Yale and  Cariboo and ail orders in our line of business carefully  attended lo;  l-s E. PEARSON & BROS.  Cariboo Literary Institute  J. S.. THOMPSON,: Pmjcsipbxt.  .JAMES ANDERSON, Viok-Presidbxt.  johnt.maclaren, ���������   y  JOSEPH OLIOARIHUE, \- Directors*  Ay JOSEPH PARK.    .;'  : )  ;; ���������.' with-vafio^'btber. articles h% their line of tr&daV  ������������������A-iW^AWnAA---:AAA/'AA-:.vA-' ���������������������������  . .-������������������������������������������������������ A-  ;}6&r-A\\; JptibiSg in the Tiny';Sheei.Iron,. Copper and  Zinc .tra4e.(aUen^d-.to, and:warranted to give iat'isfacv  tion.; Aa AA AMitiyA,?. <j. '* Ar y-y. ������������������    /;���������-���������:.'.    X  ������������������  S'0 ^l^pl^S^^i -Z.  R e s: ^MMlT: a^ntv B a k 6 r yj  ���������-.-...' :..-. ������������������.���������";.���������.%.������������������:.-.^WJKV.V ->���������--���������.:.,-. v-.-->. *'.'.���������. ',     --.       ;-    .   / ...    .:���������'������..*  AM);  r--::3^|BiaRiERtlLLE^  : ;PATERSi(^&O0PDSON, ;PROPRtfiTO^. '  ���������'������������������" ::'^:..v;^'?|S������^:;^----;. ,vs ������������������ ,;���������'��������� a'a-a,^  JN.;.ANNOU^^raK   REOPENING   OPy#BBf\  form  wilt  all/..  " :~f\^^l^at'.all 'hours.- ��������� ���������: "������������������-        ' I  ETC., ETC.,  BARKERVILLE.  Has removed to his NEW STORE,- ^opposite  DENTAL. HOTEL.  OCCL  13  t jiiAST Tennessee has a tombstone whereon  is inscribed the following epitaph: ." She  lived a life of virtue, and died of the cholera  morbus, caused by eating green' fruit, in the  full hope of a glorious immortality, at the  early age of tvrenty-four. Reader, go thou  and do likewise."  Mil Shea reports tbe discovery of gold-  bearing gravels in the river-valleys of central  ������ew Brunswick, and, judging from' similar  Jteppaitsju California which have proved rich  JQ gold, be believes that the New Brunswick  may b������ werked &t a profit  BUIB   BROS.,  DEALERS IX  CIGARS,   LIQUORS,  Clothing and Hardware,  BARKERVILLE.  June 27,1867.  Accountant,   Collector,  ��������� AND ���������  CO  IISSION    AGE  BARKERVILLE,  THIS INSTITUTION IS NOW .OPEN AT BARKER.  ville, wh ere i t is' now il tted. up w i th a vi e\v to the  -comfort and convenience of the people; of Cariboo.  .  Tlie Reading Room will ho found supplied with the  latest English, Scottish j C:������nadian, American and Co-  loniiil Papt-rs aud Migaisines.  Terms of Subscription��������� $5 per Quarter, or. $2 per  M>nth. Single volumes loaned to non-subscribers at  50 cents per volume, with $1 deposit.  Persons not subscribers, visiting the Reading Room,  an:l muking use of the Books and Papers* 25 cents for  each visit  The Room wiilhc open from TEN, A. M., till TEN.  P. ST. JOHN BOWKON,  Secretary and Tibrarian.  K B ~A fine assortment of Rooks aud Stationery Is  always kept lor sale. 13-s  BRITISH GOLUMBIA '/  AND   VlfcfORlA   E^PRESS^  Connecting at Victoria with, WELLS, FARGO &s G&i'.  for California. Oregon, iho Atlantic Stales  -��������� ��������� ��������� * and Durolie.  AND AT YALE AND LILLOOET WITH BARNAB'd'i'  CARIBOO EXPRESS,  For Big Bend, Cariboo aiid the Northern Mines,  Conveyiug Treasuro, Valuables, Letters, Packages and  Parcels. -1-s  T. N. HIBBEN & CO.  WILL    FORWARD    PROMPTLY,    At    MODERA.TS  'fSSlOb  English,   American, .--  l[ French;   f3-ermani  And othcrXcwspapers and Periodicals.  Scbscriptioxs, addin'g Postage, payable x������ Advakob  15th May. 1S67.   ' .      *'3m ,  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  FARE REDUCED !  BARNARD'S STAGES WILL LEAVE YALE EVERY  MONDAY,  With H. M. Mails, Express- and Passengers,. for  Lytton, 'Clinton, Soda.Creek, Quesnelle and Barker-  viilotwith branches to 'Havana's Ferry and Lillooet.  Barnard's JExpross.carries LetterSj .Treasure, .Valuables, and Express Freight to Big IJend^ Cariboo  and way stations.  FARE TO SODA CREEK.     -      -  Orrtosv���������Oyroarrra F. Cpnio's BitirgBT:  FARE TO BAR^ERVlliLE,   -  tfEsduteive of StjMm.er'8 far*.)  $85  'i-a'"  \:QUESNELMOiITBi, a':Aa'-/'.A  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, &o  Sta hling for Horses, Hay and Oats.     ,, a,  colonial restaurant;  QUESNELMOUTH,  P. L: JOHNSON, PROPRiETon,  Meals at all liours, and Cooking of thb best  description. s  HO TIG  TIIFBI  WILL RUN A3 FOLLOWS I  LEA%rES   QiQESNELiMOUTH  C)N  Thursdays aiid Sundays^  AS SIS O'CLOCK, A. M.,  LEAVES  SODA  CREEK- ON  Tuesdays an d Fridays  At four o?clock, a: yj ' '   '  Q\ie������n3lsaouth.' 21*f 2u4,18>S7A-        '���������������������������   * *  ������������������&&&m  mMSSnSRRiRBMn&HrJurvu! i  HE CARIBOO/SENTINEL  ^MONDAX, OTLM22; 1S.67/  PROSPECTING.  The tenacity with which tlie great bulk of  :_**nr: mining;.populatidn. eliog to , .WilliamsJ  Creek, or its immediate vicinity, is Bpmething  ex trap rdin ary:; ��������� eo n vi need as we,' are that. the  .. auriferous deposits are spread /over such large  tracts of this coiintry, andjknp(wing, as we. dp,  : th^tdeposits'are 'founcj' infpaying. quantities  ., on other creeks;and, .giiiches^aud: in .v|ew'of  the comparatively small^auxface'that has been  property . tested..   r������hexe: are " many  square  in lies of hill\ and cr eek' yet /n b tri ed,; that are  "equally promisiYig7w,it)ttbis 'sectibn, arid yet  there seems, to. be."a reluctance: on the.part of  xn j ners to risk the ti trie a rid.: ������ x pbsu re . n bces-  ���������'sary to develop thphiddoir wealth Chat lies  waiting the labor to'briug it to light.   Minis  .essentially a social being, "and prefers small  wages, and the. vicinity of his fellow nlan,-to  the chances of much  wealth jj.aHhe. risk of a  separation,   Jt is true- that*great  labor is  needed to e x p 1 o rb(:u e w gro iind ; that the di f-  ficiil ty of o b tabling sti pp lies of food and. too Is  is increased witb. the distance'fro iii tbe centre  of pop ula tioh ; but it these /difificulties /bad  fBJ2&ri5 ~n^ ofy 'Wfi-  " 1 ia w s creek, and th is, eo tin try^wotild h avb still  remained a primitivb/ wilderness/ the A bunting  :ground of savages-.and, tbe:������;baiint,"of:>wild  beasts. .71 bo ..,enormous ��������� fbr.tn.nes that, have  been 6.rawn frb m it,wbiildstilfMve-rtemained  > iu itsh native soil, and\ Bnt^  ; inairie/d a terra; incognita; 7 It maybe that; Sye  have: lost the adventurous- spiifits Mho led-the  'van in':i859;fi0vjand; from the-Absence of this  elemen t,ourp rbgress; is arresibd. /Tins won Id  be   a 7 great J temporary:/ misfortune for the  Jcountry.l and we trust it'iiDay^bT6'tf;thp case  b r if so, we h ope to at ��������� al 1 ��������� interested Hi 7 the  wdfare of the colony wiif beatir' themselves,  a nd by e xain pie, ahdi, sub h ipiHSr; attf- as; tb ei r  circumstances will rterfflit^fr^^nd encourage ' the / prospecting :; bf-^^i^^surrbunding  co ii ntry.   To sh o w h p w men /aj^iiibap able o f  fudging as to the p]acea.-:,Wlier&fgoid is":to'be  found, we may cite the ridicu\ef/b:b^tb^ed  may ci te - tne n aicu to oesio w eu on  "th e cp) bred Hien who'] to^������upXlikp p resent Davis claim, one of- the rjciiest^ielaims on; this  "^'er'e^fi:"^Grouse^Creekytbatbj^ai^o richly,  was afeost entirely:deserted^bd x^������bl(l have  reuiainerfsp, had it not bben^for the;-acciden-  a: tat strike in the Disc oyery;'! *Kji^\; Mo re r e-  y^epa^lyfl. Bn rrrs' creek,' -%hichAwai "sup ppsed;:  fcfter'aHiitfle superficial- prospecting/to'be;unproductive^, was, again tried-by spnie adventurous explorers last; year,'Whq,:.af\(*i' a great-  deal 6f fruitless "labor,"gaye'��������� up>"ttie  task/as  unavailing.   A short time ago, hpw.eyer, some  ruiners who had worked out.their. claims on  Nelson creek, decid ed on putting��������� down a  eh aft, and as luck would have.jt,^ truck the  channel.   This  led. to a more systematic exploration on the part of the old hands, which  rosu I te d in th e d isco very o f so vVral rem li n e r-  atiye elaims, tha t otherwise would; have lain  dormant  for  years.   We   merely  stale the  . tibove, which are no uncommon cases, to show  that plenty of rich mining'ground remains to  be-opened up-,.and that nothing'but industry  and perseverance will lay open the riches of  this country.   How. much better it would be  Jf the' time and money so Uselessly thrown  away in litigation^ were applied to the deve-  lppmont of new mines, instead of quarreling  o'ver   the   old ;. the means thus misapplied  would' be all that is requisite to lead to new  discoveries, securing fortunes to-the lucky  finders, and prosperity to-the country.   The  foet is that there seems to be a want of unity  amongst the miners.   If they would act together in. good faith, for mutual benefit^an  unemployed    miner,   (except  from,   choice)  would be an impossibility, and a great part of  the ground in this-vicinity would;fail to  the  lot of Chinamen.     From one to three dollars  per day may appear remunerative to a Mongolian* but we should be sorry to see an-experienced, miner content with so femall a reward for bis labor.   From late information  from outlying creelcs, we learn that  John  Chinaman is no longer satisfied with the cast-  off claims of his European and American  n eighb o rs ; b e is p ros p e c ti ng for h-i'tnsel f, an d  is, iri quiet possession of sbvcr'a.l... brbeks and  gulches, where he is doubtlessly reaping a  harvest; ���������   Minihg ground, of course, is open  to the^first comer7but we regret that the first  comer should be a Celestial. It is well known  that anything that goes into John1 ChinamanJs  purse,; is a-total loss to the colony.   Let the  miners ���������-then, subscribe a dollar arjibbth each,'  for pr osp ecting p u r p oses alp n e- ��������� the pi ace to  be testfed,:to be chosen at a meeting/;*the  j)ro8peptprs, men chosen from amongst the-  miners  themselves.    In .this  way,  ground  would be thoroughly tested, without great individual  sacrifice ; if successful, the- amount  expended would be reimbursed, and applied  for new explorations ; and by this means, the  miners would be benefitting themselves indi-  ^p idual ly and collectively.   We are decidedly  "ftveiso to goyernmental exploring parties;;  they have never yet been known to result in  any real advantage to miners generally.-^ The  temptation to make a job. of the affair. Is too  great ; perhaps the right men in. such cxpe:.  'ditiohs are rarely.in the right place. It Would  be quite a diffiirent'affair, if nrrahged by the  miners themeel vps. as they would only choose  men that they could rely upon. We commend  these /suggestions tb tKe' serious attention of  our cithiens, feeling,', as we dp. that such a  movement wor\ldimpart new life to our mining prospects. :  Importaxt AnnrvAt.���������We have much pleasure in -announcing' the arrival of Mr. Legh  Haruett ou:ibis creek as likely to open a^new  erain bur mining bistorV. Mr. Harnett is a  milling engineer of great experience aifd- acknowledged ^talent, and upon bia report of our  raining ��������� resources - depends ��������� the ; investment "of millions of money and the influx  of a large population from California. ^ Need.  we theu say, that as a community, it is bur  duty to afford bim every facility in acquiring  the noc essavy in fo r ma tio n i u rel ati o n to 7 th e  workiug, produce and extent .of ���������.the;7.varipus  cl aims. We sineerely trus t tb at hiiners will  volunteer all the information in their power,  and render Mr. Harnett all the assistance re-  quisiteih. acquiriug the information desired.  He can-be found at the Hotel de Prance, Bar-  f kc.ryilU!,.:.or. .h.e..wilLxyilLnpjQa ,pujii<ia.vatltheir-  claims :f desired.- Let all lend a helping  hand as it will be for genetai advantage.  : StkVEN's Creek" Plumb Co.���������?������finei's will be  glad to learn, that a telegraphic 'dispatch was  re'eeiyed by the Commissioner from the Governor, last Sun day: in answer to the. petition  forwarded to.liis Ex6ellency by the./present  [lessees':of..theflume,;asking for an extension  of time. His Exceilericy declares the char->  tor.forfeited and proclaims the creek open to  pre-emption.    This .will be a great boon to  [miners, as the creek is already known to be  rich and capable, of absorbing quite a nura-  [ber of our floating population. .; ,7   ���������.  AHrival op  Firis   Arms.���������We learn^ that  f two cases' of rifles or muskets, came inby the  Express yesterday, for the authorities here.  They were forwarded from  Quesnelmpiith by  Mr. Bail,'who stiUFemaius there. ���������  .; . Laiwe Thee.���������7A tree was cut theptherday  for Meacha m & Nas.b n/s. sa w m il 1; ou t ;pf: w-h ic ti,  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  $2 0 Seward,   ZyZ  LOST, a     "i:ZZZ:  1> unlay, a.small package market    h    K.   Al>>"  Aiivi>ftrwnbri������^ns the same 10 this Office will 10  \ny  cefve the ribnyo reward.  Barke'rviilc, 1.7th July, 1867.  TOLIYSS'SEXPEESS STAGE, ,:  Mblifieia and Barkerville.  .. FARI?���������25 CENTS A TR1P-  July Wth, 1^07.  ihv  TO      LET,  RS.   TRAGEY'S    RO'ARmNfc   HOUSE,. GROt.,SR  (.'rock, now doing a good   business.    T1k'* lixiurts  will be pold cheap; if applied fyr InmieillHteJy:  . July 11,1S67.  In connectloh with, the iibovc, the nn������lersigned  hereby requests that all uccoiiuts agitinstliim be swit  ia'on or belore.ihe. TWELFTH August noxi,- and.v 11  accounts due tti bim must -be baM on or -.before tbe  same date. JOHX TRACKY.  arouse Creek; 16th July, 1S67.      V -:;  R. VKTOR LANtlE.BEGS LEAVE TO INT0RM  jtjt the public ihut he lias now oppned a CONCERT  HALL, at KiChileld, epposito the " Lutidon aiid Paris  Hotei:'n Mrs: ffimgc will preside at the Fiiino every  evening, and will play some of tbe. best.^Operas, the  most popular Ballads, and every description or Ounces.  Npno. but. tbe best brands of Liquors and Cigars  served at the Bar.  .   July 6th, 1867. ���������..-���������-.    . .        '     lm.,;  ���������''���������;/ T HS  CARIBOO    BXOHANGHE  : H 6 TEL,    ���������  TS NOW--OPEN* VOK THE ACCOMMODATION OF.  X the minliag community, aud the public generally.  2vo expense has been spared toreador the house nil  that coiild be desired,' .ibr cotnibrt and-convenience.**  The Bar is. supplied with ft complete stock of Winks':  Uquors and Cigars. # ���������.  . ..:...'."  jft5T Wkll Airkd Beds -TfiBft. .";  may bo had at a moderate charge:     '     . ��������� E: ORO,  : July 1, i807." - ���������  . ���������    lm' Pn >prih\ resfe.  NEW ADVEHTISEMESTS.  OP PENH EI MER Ak CO.,  w ii O L ES A L k   ;  -=- AND ���������  Rtt-Ai'L-:M-E RCHA N'TSj  "���������; ;���������". BAHKERVILLE.   : .:.. T i-9  iikr:!  cA&i  ac  &  B>;3P;i  B:A REE II VILLE.  THE UNDESsiGNED HAVING COMPLETED^ Ali  I his ajrarigeniems,- will open- his Brewery THIS  DAY; when-he will" be.hnppy to supply nil who favor  bim with a call: with .a good article of ALE, Mthcrli  'bidkorh^bottfr.'. .. JAMES H. KERR, ; .  -.: July 1st, 1SD7:   >     . '-/���������'���������'������������������'        7 lm  ...     ..    ������������������....-.        )        ��������� ._        ���������    ���������      ..-.  ~~'A:"~ MRS.   PARKER'S  BQABBliiSfa  HLOtJSE,  -UPPER    B ABKERVILLE,    :.  TTAS' been opened-for tho convenience of the public;  Jl: where Goon MeAI-Q cah be obtained at all hours.  A= the culinary department is under the direct survotl-'  lance or ihe Proprietress, slfe .trusts to begbie to afford  cvi������ryv sal is faction to those who iuay favor her with  thelTp.a'trouapo. % '���������                 '"; .'-'.:.'  ���������  5<jtr3tfne; 1807;���������-   ���������'    7 ~A Twy^w  k  4,000ffcet of g-opd salable luxubor~vyas obtain-}r":  eel'.- Not bo bad for Cariboo.    .   .  ' Aiistver 7.toy-:a: -Oard,  :*W  rjt0vMR. -JOE EOEX: Sir. ���������}; should beV very :aorrj';  I''tmleed, a iter your havtng come ;so��������� farj that ;you  should return without transacting a. little business  with me, which 1-ah'fl  my Iri ends began to fear .had  died out: and that I should novcr have another bhauce  ol'entoriftg the roped arena, to' try my ability,' iu ���������Cariboo.    Attd-it likewise gives me pleasure: to inform  Mr. Joe E!cn that:i and my frfen'ls  have not r^pudi-.  nted tbe insignificant sum of two hundred, dollars,'for  his traveling expenses.-   And it likewise gives me still  greater pleasure to iuform the boy that I do not  ineau  parley, but business, and plenty of it, and very glad  of such chances.    As I do not wish to keep Mr. Eden  waiting long, for fear he might spoil, I will name next  Saturday evening, when I will eive a Sparring Entertainment, at Clark & Parker's Saloori,previous to making the match for tbe forthcoming contest,and when I  "will be ready to make the first deposit of five hundred  :do!lars,' for a match of $2,000 a side, as mentioned in  the previous challenge ; and- likewise lo give him the  privilege, being a stranger, of choosing his own place  for the first deposit, on the same night.   And likewise  after the first deposit of five hundred dollars a side, be  shall receive the two hundred dollars, travelling expenses, according to agreement.    If this suits the lad,  he can i)o on hand";  ���������  22nd'July, 1867. GEO. H. S. WILSON/  fife*.  Srtwl������ *Y$* ;W> *!?J-. GjSL  TKW   *������������'.&& 4^5 ������*=* ������\  .EXPRESS   NOTICE.  PEER  THIS   DATE,   BARNAKOJS   .EXPRESS IS  IX. i)Ot responsible for damage on LIQUIDSshipped la  Tin of Glass, ublese.by. special contract.      ...  ���������Uhtiriurtber notice  the Express will urnveneM  pyerv ������������������? UN O'A V AFTKRNOO ^,   and. clo'-se  for below  every WEDNESDAY, at NINE o'clock; A. M.-  ......        .:  ���������. KOBERT POOl^.  ..   -; .'���������   *.-������������������������������������ ��������� Agcni.   ���������  BarkervilK .May 29th, 1SC7."    ..   .       " *'W  / yZ-C OS MO P O L ITAN,  Hesfeurant  and Bakery,  BARKERYHJLK.  Sany?ran.cisco Store,  :;���������--^G)MMIJ5SI0^"51BRCHANT;      : ''/  WEOLSSALE AID SETAE DEALER  :., ��������� ix :���������  ��������� ���������> ��������� ���������    GROCERIES,   PROVISIONS,  HARDWARE,  CLOTHING AND BOOTS.-  Nkxt Door to the Sb.vti.nkj. Okkics.  Barkerville, 2i������;.b Juno. 1S67.  Tffrt;UXDr3R?IGNED HAVlNfJ THOROUGHLY RE:-.  fio-Valed hjs Escablishml'ht..vh.as r������-openud t!iesain������  for thu accommodation of tlie'Public,; and trusts W  mqrlt a share of their patronage,' His Bakery hasalsg;  undergone r-'pair. and' he is now ready to'execute  orders 'from all who wish pond broad... Ay,, A .  ;���������������������������;���������������������������;; JACOB VELTE, Proprietor.  ^uhpl0ih-;lS67.; ,:        >    '';'.:,���������"'.'" /}}*���������  w!."*������������������/ ;:.���������'���������mnKERviLtk:-.;: & . ���������. ;  Boots and  A; large assortment  hand. .  Shoes always or  ��������� :. . !,���������..- v  1?  a  K SATURDAY EVENING KEXT, THE TtVENTY-  Seventh inst., Geo. Wit son will give a Grand Sparring entertaiument, at Clark & Parker's Sidoou, Barkerville, previous to his making the match for the  championship of Cariboo. .All tho a fancy" have yo-  Iubtcered their services for the occasion. Wilson  hopes to see all his friends on this occasion.  Doors open at half-past eight o'clock, P. M.  22ud July, 1867.  Photographic  Artist,  HAS NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY  at RICHFIELD, (for a short time only,) and is pre-  pared to take  Cartes do Visite, Timbro de Posto portraits. Ambro-  types, Leather Pictures, Milanotypes, Viows of  Houses, Claims, etc., Single *>r Stereoscopic  Portraits also taken on White Silk, Linen  or Cotton  Cloth.  The galtery will be opened for a short time onlv. :  Richfield, 29th Juno, 18C7. '" lm  3  F EN T ON!    S A LOO N,  .     KICHFIELD.  ^HK UXD'ERSifiNED   HOPES  HIS OLD   PIONEER'  tri-jttds will ������i\'������ bim a turn, ns;h������ has experienced  heavy w oat her lately.  Juuefiih, 18G7.  E:. F. EDWARDS, .  Formerly of Edwards' Ranch.  NOTICE.  notice;  LL PERSONS INDEBTED TO' THE LATE FIRM  of LIONS & D0DER0,' either by book accounts or  notes, are requested to call and pay the same forthwith. ,to tho undersigned, and save costs.  4 All accounts standing .unpaid by the first August  next, will bo put iu n collector's hands, for immediate  collection. DODERO & MANETTA,  Dealers in General Merchandize, ���������.'.  July18th, 1867.     . ���������;  al Cameron ton, B. C.  ���������Tlios, L. BRIQ-GS & Go.,  CAMERONTON,  Have just received, and offer for Sale,  WHOLESALE  OR  RETAIL,  AT LOW RATES FOR CASH,  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS" or LIQUORS  ] ��������� CONSISTING OF ���������  Brandy-���������Martel 1, Hcuuessey, and Otard Dupeyv  Wines���������Port, Sherry. Burgundy, and Claret; San-  tern e's   French Whi to Wine ; Sauscvaine's Gall-  1'ornia White Wiwt.  Champagnes���������Douche arid Napoleon's Cabinet:  Bitters��������� tinker's, Sanscvaine'H, Orango and Hostet-  PeppOrmiut and Annl-  In the matter of the1 Estate and* Effects of  REM! DAZ.ET, late' of Williams Creek.  Cattle Dealer, deceased', intestate.  S I HAYE COME A LONG WAY, AND AT: A  considerable expense, and not having much time  to waste ia useless parley, I wish to ask a few questions of Mr.."Wilson������nd his fn'eh'dsv;af? they seem very,  backward about broaching tbe busia'ess for1 which T)  have come so far. ��������� , .; .���������   . "    "  1st���������Do they repudiate the $200 allowed ma to defray mv expenses here ? ;  2nd���������Does Mr, Wilson mean business, and for what  amount? ;        .   . ���������  3rd���������If Mr. Wilson means business, let him Fay so,  as I am ready to meet him at any time and place be  may chooso to name. As it is getting rather late in  thosBason, I wish an immediate answer as to whether  I can accommodate Mr. Wilson, or find anew field for  act! on el se w b ere, w i thout furUi er delo y.  ���������July 13th, 1867, , * ������������������ -   ,,-:,; ���������      -��������� JOE; EDBS,  ter'H, Vermouth, Abseuthe,  setto.  Old Tom, Glu, aud Scotch "Whisky.  To arrive, in a fow days���������SGO gallons choice brands'  of Brandy, Wines, Whisky, Rum, etc.  Also on hand���������20,000 lbs Kxtra Superfine Soda Creek  Flour, equal to the best brands in the market .  And to arrive in a few days���������2,000 lbs. Graham  Flour V-1,000 lbs Cracked Wliuat;  Goods received on Stohagb or Commission, at the  lowest market rates.  1st July. 1867. .  .       lm  THE   SNUG-   SALOON,  . BARKER VILLE.  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING OPENED THE  above Saloon, would respectfully invite their  friends and the public to step in and sample.; their  ALES, WINES and LIQUORS, tbo quality of which,  they flatter themselves, will suit the tastes of the most  fastidious. The !bost brand of CI CARS always on  hand. SCOTT & MoIIARDY...  29th. June, 1607. lm  A hi PERSONS" WHO' Afcti lSTDriB*TED TO THB;  JrL above Estate, are required to pay; the amoimls  due forthwith, an I all persons who have any claim?,  against the above Estate, are .fcrjuiipd to sctfd inl",^rr  accounts on or before tbe EIGHTH .day .of SEPTEMBER, 1S07; to CHAS. E.- POOLEY,'      '  ,:'.....-,   Oinciiil Administrator.  Dated Lyitori; 8th June, 1867. 13       ^-  '" NOTICE;  In tlie matter of the" .Estate" and' Effects of  FBANGDJS CASSB'.lato of Williams Creek,  .Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate.  A" LL PERSONS WHO AR^ INPEBTfilX TO THB-  l\. above* Estate, aro.required to pay tho amounts  duo forthwith ; and all persons who have any claims,  against the above Estate,'are p'quirad to send IntJJ'f,.  accounts, on or before tho FIFTH DAY of SEPT&M-  BER, 1807, to CHAS.  E. POOLEY,  ���������.      .'  .   (juicial Adn)lnistrator;  Dated Ric'bflold, 25th Juno, 1807.  NOT I C E.  In the matter of the Estate and .Effects..of. JAMBS.���������  PURDIE, late of Williams- Creek, Blacksmith, ao-  r ceased, intestate.  \;IX PERSONS  WHO  ARE  INDEBTED TO+ OT'  IL above Estate, arc ruquireil to pay tho amounts aw  forth with arid all persons who have auy claims ^"JJ-  tho above estate, are required to send in their nccounw  ou or before" the TWENTY^IXTH i\'^y of SE.PTEMWfc*r  1867, to CHAS. E. POOLEY, ���������   ���������  Official Administrator..  ���������   Dated Richneld, 27th June, 1867. _U~^-  $50   REWARD!  TN Barkerville. on Thursday Evening last, a I>0pK.  1 BOOK, containing Money and Notes.   Any one imq .  i ng tho same, and loaving it at the Walce-up-JaKo ^  taurant, BirkorvilJe.-will r������?coivo tbo aoov������ rswara-  1st July, 186T. i  :MOKDAY:i JIBTE 22^^867;  3*  (IJ;  voir-  ;ihx-  3)  irs:;  aurora.  ir'r  vI3  ���������list::  ter'*/  Ibvr  , Vg?TURN p?^ipgP^toJrjSi^---^  L' Messrs::$":: Hardieianrl"..'^ff^yr^f^ who  %fthere,in company/with Messrs. JredjJBlack  iind IfeabSteveus ' pfr^ 6.th ihafc  on a prospecting ^6u^ Saturday  Morning^ baring ;^6en igpne^u^:si^w(3eks: .:���������;',;.  ;.  .Qa::ieayife^  l- packed allUheir^ pro visions and tools oB their  y. backs, prbceeiiea /to, Beaver^I^ass,/: wliere; they  ���������' ���������% truck aI'iit' i a '"jfte; -Mir^ctioiiy of ^ WWW; riveri  | ��������� ^r h icli they; reac lied ��������� at A atpbiu t near/^ the ^cbn-  f" iluehceo^0eycvebW/Here they^cogstruct:  '������d arattand Van/flc^ri^ ,distaiipe  'of two niil^hut'fin&irig it^ unmanitgable.:in  the swift c (irrehi of th e .riverj7tliey: determine  yd bir buildings a boat oThis pwas/ per&nneii  iy a carppriter,yjwh6 Ijoinei; themy at; ^Deat}-  }v*obd.creek. -The1 t>oit wa^finisliedhi 3 Hays,  when tlie,/carpenterreturiied..:lbavinghi^  iter. Ned Campbe 11, to actioinpahy' thb |Jar'lyV  'Before;th'e;b"bat;was got ready,,Stewarts and  Black st^rfed.bBVaii^^cla^ler.trayellifig.SO railed.  roach1 ed;a., breek: ;whieh 'they; named Muddy  ; ���������'ere ek; /tiki ng i ts rise iri ;th e nor th iind r u n nh'ig  to thb;sbuth^and'bearijig ;16 ibiles to the west  pf Wil 10% ri ver,'   Oil ih c^le ve nth day tliey  /whUifi������ Bf ought;tile boat; laden with 1 their  provisions ;and tbMs>/;upw8rds>of 100, tn.Uei  \\0wn Willow, iiYJefA,.:;Prospb cting was ��������� ��������� inime^  'diately cbram encbdJby��������� a^l^tBb party qri/this  stream, which was^ est!mated to be about ��������� 25  iniles }aa lengtlf and running tot 5 br76-utiles*  parallel With; Qanyoa creek., Near.; its, mputh  Uiere appeared, to be"a slate; formatitfn, intersected at, infcrvals7.v?ith'large quarts reefs/  none of; whicti;seemed to showAihucti iii d ica7  width fro ra fif teeb to twenty milesi:: It- is con-4  fidently b elieved;/ by. iheA ppfty- that good 'dig-;  gings will ��������� eventually -.be; sir tick"' in "that qiiar-,  ter. if the beet / roW cbuld_; orily be reached  Tbe general ap^ara^e/bMhe/countiy b^  :a string; reVemb^  LltJle'caii be dbn'e:at) presenty howeverrinrthe^-i-^B^^^Qbybry;  e of p;roBpectingjc:bvfing\toVtifcge'high staj^  of the , water,in,jtb^v numerous creeks^ The  best Jiin ej^; ��������� ^  bel omttie^rains:s St [vpA, ���������';��������������������������� .-The- prospectors: bad  aA. yery/ itnplea^ant;:;time. of/"it ��������� .througbout.  har^dly,ever errjbying, a .cjry day, and sleeping  of nighli[iii wet blankets,/Under thie shade of  a tree-.." ''-���������;.���������,,;   /- ���������''-  .-.'". ���������      :���������-."���������-   -A.  iliNING INTELlii&ENCE.  n  also-'/  !Ul������V  grauite cap waV not considered;^' be the Teal  ibnnation,. biit only it slide ; byerlaying the;  slate. ������ The party started at tlie mojatli of the:  ]t;reek and/attempted io sink shafts as they^  weiit alqug, but coiild not get any pf them  ^dc^pbr; tbanten feet,-Ijeing/ia;/every / instance  driveii out by water.; Within 5 iniles of the  |nouth they,lcsoaid getM dbeper than 2 feet,  bu t founcf yery. goo(\ pros'r>ec^ts in the gravel \  I-'^he-: gold being ofVa^ nne. sh'oi^ character^ As  '-roolc /was /neared: tbeir'^ros^  ������������������   ' ��������� ' WlLtlAJlis'J���������RERK.h , \   "   [      / ���������./  ,o/,Np: marked imprpteraent; in the state of  mining/operations on this creelccah be jioted  for; the past week; '' Thb Bedrock Drain ^sfcill ]  feniaiii& ,s obstructed, ;notwithstanding-..every,  P&viipp7 is being .used to bave the ? bbstrftc-  tibus tbrbbved A'; It is needless: to say -tb'at the  total; suspension of initiing on creek claiins  between this placejand Cainerontou is dee]) I y  t^'))y^^y'jmj0oT ofyhe c'otii in unity, .but  ;fpr /tbe imfortuiisite a.cciden t to the drain times  would:hayeVbeen -very Iiyely7thi3 /season,7as  it;is,wp: bavo only ;to ibpkfprwardto; a /more  J>rpshfrc^s^ll..^^ing-j^^hlng^p^i^^t  '^fiy&S^i^en^oi. the 'py&ek the compaoies  ha ve /tio: reason, to.- co mp lai n j "the cb pious/rains  tbathave^^fiaUeirduring tne-past three or four  weeks. Ii aye favored their operations in the  liigbest degreb, enttbliiig them to *.d0 an am-  biint 6f. ground sluicing .that; cbiild n'0t p'pssir'  Sly haye^ been'accompushed haci.;'the weather  :been dry;'-',\-\ - - ,t, -,'f'. /���������''��������� 7 ���������������������������;v  Bradley^icholson co; are . working, -from'  their tunnel, which is 20Q,ft. in the hilV and  ; ���������. ��������� Prbspectiiigi is:"Being ^r^rb^i^:^arrigd 7bn  inithls -giil4b<1yith.yery;ejibburagmg:;rbsul^ :  w $ h eJDiscb very. arid Jiicks ^co .?s, are' -waihi ng,  and taking but gQorl pay^Pierc^e '&^Co.,;below the Discovery co, libttomed their.--Bliaifc at  SOL feet and obtained fair: .grbspects^Anptlier-  Bo^any^pyb the^Hicks bo^ got down^ 18ft.  w,itb a shaft but were.driven out with ^yater.;  H6J man co. have J- feottpm ed abd washe&Sbut  2 oz.-rUnited! co. are^lsiiikin^a'shaft.  - 'A ? -- 'A ���������    '.f "EBGGS GULCIL '^   -     \ t     /   y ���������  This. giilch*;prbniises-i jto yie\i richly, if we  are to judge-by the pro^pecte, that are being I  ;6'btained by the AncientBn$nVbb������: wh07have:  not yet reached,the,tfdd^rbck.> Afe were, on  Friday last/ sJibwn a ��������� saiiipjb 'pf;ihe ::SMit ftpnr  this claim, weighing $32^ waslxed ont of three  car. loads';-of,'the;,?gravel: :l)tiring'the present  week, 1|ie; compiiriy are; jn libpes of gbttihg.-bn  the rbck;..wheh^ they-will :-:be-bctter;able^:fe; ������yfc  certain the/value of:their��������� cluim7 JThere/; are  soy era L .companies, busy: at work pii this giilcb,  but none; of theni: have got on }i*yAl ���������'> (;;;; r ;, fn.  the^gmnit^icaii:  \*y  lui  making^ wages.-~Mountaih 60;. are' taking out  about wages^Wide A^est co.'are; making  sinSll wages^Deadwobd^cb; :^re;iy6ing-/bx-.  tr^iely wellr-^Jenny Liu'd co. are running a  drain. -^Forward \ col^ are-'running \f^  drifts.���������Casket co. ar������ making- wages.���������rMc  Laren go; washed/up for the week 50 ounces:  ���������Wil son c 0; c lean ed up las t week 61 io z.*���������!  ;^..; y.^:A <���������*: ���������.:. .//oiiouse- greek* .��������� ai > Ayi*-'- A A-'  A;'.; THmes begi n to^ b e ra 0 re 1 i vely and. ho pes  appear to brightenauion^ the miners on' this  creefc^ not on account of tbo discovery of the  longpc^t Heron,leaa7^wl\icb;> sff'JJ eiu'des ihe  .most eager search,.nor by reason of. the- late  bxQi temen i regard i ng the- Can ad ian c 1 aim, li u t  because ofthe.indications of a*continuation  pfr/pay towards the upperv. ebd of the :creek  beiug revealed. :: It appears that there are  two;pi7three companies ground, siu|cing in:  the; bed of the creek, ab bye lh c sa.wih ill who  l/arejgiettiiig prospects in .the. gravel that war-  fantthem in beliving rich' pay-will be found..  Incpnkequen of this the creek has 'been  claimbd for nearly a .mile above, -and work,  willfbe commenced on the claims at once: -We.  areconfideht that' this portion of tbe creek  will-give a go od account o f i tself su on..  A'A'   '[//A    XKW  DIGGlNG.ar.;      ;'..,'/.������������������'....,'���������  '7:'We;;are informed that very good prospects  .haye;been obtained by a prospecting party  on a7high bench, two miles to the east;;of  ced.  ;ch.  of  eki'  hb;  tits.  imsy.  jeir  B'Jiects���������lessenbd^:: Thbph^tj irb^bpirijon:that  Bibore.^���������arej^ac^y/^rel������;6 o.E;$8-a dsi^ cbiildj  H: to mudeV;lyi������t7talang the cree^d0^the.^yhoie,  fm the diggings ^ouldtrbt averagevCn1ib;re..tliah  S $ 3 and Si. - ,7 It: js very p ro b ab 1 e, fio we ye r ;  mm lhat if bed. r^ck could be'\ i Jached vgoo<l pay  K would 'undpub'tedly   be:  found;7 ^even -o'r  Hill dght sma'lle^'streamg 'rise/in ah, extensive  jasin, at^ttie head :of thisTcr'eek and' fall into a  arge streain, which r.uns north -and south and..  !inp ties in to Wi llbwv river 40; mi ies' from the  ������������������nisei*.   Sbyeti-dUys were'spent in expidriiig  hoc reek, who ii the par ty s tar tedv 0 IT tak i ng^a:  lortherly course, arid at the end of the": third  I ay camped; oh. a ��������� c reek wh i ch head's j;b the  1 or th of Caziy on c rbe k. ; Here the; p ar ty . se-  >araled, Ste wart, Carapb'e 11 and" Stevens re-  nainirig pd the-, creel?. ; Hardy.7aiul ;Black  carted' but^ in a uorthT^est course,  following  pB|| ^01]^ fridge of mountam till within 8'miles  fe������ ^ the F.raser, wiren' finding   nb streanis ��������� in  ISM their progress tbiis for, struckoUt to*the north  A * ast, where after a.days' travel, they discover-  dispute' between the fHume Company a^  Canadian Company j other, than 1 wbat is con*  tained in the^tblegrarri from the Governbr{  which we 1 giviein aribther;column.wThe Cant  adian XSbmpmv-A still refcairi> ppssessipii^ and  coiftinbe to^worltthe,}gf0uhd^whichTve hear  is ; paying welti while' the * F.Lume; Obmpany=������  .have suspended operations altogethbr^ 7 : J    7  7 We understaivd that the Canadian Compahyr,  sent dbwn/byjlast Express;afiilland'detailed'-;  statement;of theirV case to;;tbe. Governor,;'and;  tespfo^bed^ "  telegraphfflis^^cellen^^ been,  do ne.: On "Satur3^'������ itf wasjrepbrterl', th at- an 7  answer ^%e;Me|rarn^ received by ;  Mr. & Bo oth.; A^ in  the- fpl !piwing������wbj$s :;*..���������; R^asslired'that.jifsv;  tice will be ��������� done. ^ Obey thet laws, and; keeji  up theciiayac^ '.   ��������� , . /  7 ;^otkjb/tias^en ;wi^  beh alftpf the Ka^y^prain: eppfthat app licatibn^ ?  will ^Pima^feliy^h^m tyithinjten'days; tb: the>  Gold Com|nfe&neriyfbr JeaybAtpInbcorporafe,  tlie ^bpm:jmriygfp������ ;the purpose / bf ^removing ��������� H  obstructions ..from the present drain.bclow the  upper ^'-UneA ptythe Raby claim, which drain  has been abandoned- by the Williams Creek  ' 1  '' l&  A.ri  A:- 5  :'-���������:> .5  to^ash;;up this.\wee^.-T-Tbe;^  setti^ig boxes nnd washing; ihe^dirt as7they  proceed ato rig.  Itisbbiieyed they^ can iaHhis  wayTnbi^thaii- elear-bxp en^is.=^3Mi������^aims:  ^between Richfield and the' bahyoix are^'mak-  ing inbre or less uroney:T^Austi?aliAn ^0*^are  making, aboirtvwagbsI-TvDavis /co.- washed7^P^  for the week/13d'ounces.-���������Auirora co.^cleaii-  "ed ��������� u p for the week 176' bun ces J-^Las t Ch an ce  cb. ..are  making^; wag;es.~Galifpruik ,cor are  ��������� taking, put. good-vpay^Prairid;; ^Flower :pp.  cleapeSv; up7tor-^the weelcSfe/bunces^-^Forest  .Ros.e co. were oft- paj-in thje ^ariypart of the  week, :but stnick ut.' again "..on FiHda^;:yvhen  tliey wislied.b'ti'ti;16iinces for ,18. hours:work;  ."���������Rabyca. arq unable to workon7accipu;ntof  the stoppage of thedrain.    7  bality7thiS' mbrhing^  LOWUKK CRHES;..  of  ek,"-  nts  ims.  ieir",  SM-'  E3  do-  nst.  1U9  SB,'  I  AWA4.  ET  ;ea-  ed a creek as, large as Williams, which emptied i nto; -\ViI'lqw river.. On this, breek,; wh ich  is 8 miles 1'oiig, they., passed two"' days pros-  l>ecting trpiti^thb.one end: b������ it:to' the other.  On the lo\yer tliree.milea they gotgo0d pros-  i)ects trorn the surface to' the depth of from  two to si x'l fee t, \ wh ere. they struck blue ;clay  h 111 having.- ,no lo bis to r; sin king, they. d id. n o"t  atteiiipt tp'gb through it..' Abbve this,there is  u canypnabbuta utile long, :.in which, and'  and fpr.some distance- beyond it, they coiild  not raise eyen the colore    The gold'found on  this creek was very scaly;    Large (Juah^and  other washed boulders are to be seen in great  quantities, and from the general aspect of the  9reek, it is believed by the, party that the  ^Sgings will pay .from $3 to Si a day. -Re-  ttirning to camp after an absence of, six days,  wey (Hardie and Black) found that SUnyart  and party had prospected   the  first-named  creek for twelve, miles up, finding a little  gold in the surface, gravel,, but in no instance  reaching  the  bed. rock.    The  party  then  headed;to the south,travelling ib;that direction one arid7a:hal'f days, wlien they,again separated, Black anid Hardie going south-west,  and tbe balance went south for three miles,  "where they discovered a creek, on which they  prospected for six or seven miles, barely  , raising the color, and being joined by the  i ?ttlcr two, continued to prospect, with like  Jesuits.   Here it was agreed that Hardie and  Stewart should'  return to  Williams  creek,  leaving the balance of the party to prospect  .  ������ wore creeks, when they would also return  ln the course of eight or ten days.   The raiige  ?l ^intry explored,:by the prospectors  ex-  ������nded in a north.wes.terly direction from this,  creek, a distance of 120 mites, averaging in  .;.:'��������� mink.;gulg������V'-: 7, ;������������������ ,: '.,  ThelVrseyera^c'e; co. are bbginiiing to find  very good' ind ic&tio n s of; big ;p ay. 7. AI tho ugh  they h a ve b ee n d ri f ting for; three w eeks, :th ey  only cb mm en cod. washing last week; On Fiv  day last; they picked* up:. two pieces weighing  $ 2-9. We h a ve' no t iearned h o w m uch they  was'lied up yesterday, but the.dump-box,when  we saw-it, looked exceedingly.." healthy.v  STOUTS GULCH. ;  ��������� The Floyd co. arc still: engaged-in-clearing  out their tunnel, which .was/filled up during  the last freshet.���������Altu'ras cp. washed out. for  week' 169 oz7 The company will start wash-  ino* this weelt-from their, tunnel, and are sanguine /.of taking"' out-big pay.^-Taftvale co;  have f|dt their, wheel and hoisting gear nearly  ready, and will, be ready to wash towards  the. end of the week.���������Jenkins co. having been  employed a grea������ part of the week in securing their drift, did not clo so well as usual.���������  Mucho Oro co. took out abotii 30 075. for the  week.���������Durham co. are sinking a new shait  Emery co. have quit ground sluicing, and are  now running a tunnel. 1  CONKXTN'S .GULCH.      ,,  ��������� United co. washed up for the week 85 oz.���������  The Ericcson co. washed up   for  the week  about 30 ounces.-���������Home Stalce.c'o. ,have not  struck anything yet;���������Reid . co. washed up  about 30 ounces for the week.���������Renfrew co.  bottomed their, shaft. on Saturday at 48 feet,  the rock pitching towards the ���������_ creek. The  Hood co. have .commenced raising a shaft  through bed rock with the view of searching  for the channel.���������J list Struck It co. are in 00  feet with their tunnel; they expect to run 40  feet further before the channel is gained.���������  British Cjueen co., who were doiug extremely  well, got drowned out in consequence of the  caving of their drain.���������Galour co are in 250,  feet with their tunnel and have not struck  'rim rock yet; one hundred feet more, it is  thought, will take them into the channel.���������  Moonlight co. washed out something over.3  ounces from a sot of timbers last week;- they  SSSghan, jBv^eney,. and Keily..; cpntpariies  confliuie ^^^au^cmS^i?iumhago> cp. are  unking $10. to $12 a day to the.hand���������Now-or  i^vpr^co.^are still driftiug across the channel,,  with;good .indications of finding pay.-^East  Bank;I)fscpvery co. are making a bout-wages.  .^Mboriiead ,co: are cutting a tail-racej and  ; Will commence washing soonl���������.Sagemiller co.  are ground sluiciug.���������Chittenden co. put ..in  -their flume last week, and Washed up 12 oz.���������  -First Chance co. washed up for the week SO  :oz; This company' appears to have at last  struck the long lost lead.���������Calaveras co. have  not finished their drain tnunel. They expect  to get through with it this week.  7'\ POOUMAN'S CREEK. .  The.Alliance co.:, who have been engaged  for some weeks past in running a tunnel to  drain the bed of the creek, struck the rock  last' week, and had, for a first washing, $25.  The compariy are' satisfied that the diggings  will pay good wages.  : ..;-. ��������� m\AC������ BEAR CREEK,  .About which no small degree of excitement |frevailed in the early part of last week,  has given no tangible evidence ol yielding so  largely as was at first surmised. So far as we  have been able to learn, Hilton, Perrin & co.,  who first located claims here, got dowu about  six feet through surface gravel, and struck a  bed of quicksand, when the creek rose and  flooded them out. The prospects found iu the  surface gravel were flattering in the extreme.  but beyond this, nothing is yet known, as to  the richness of the creek. . As there are now  over sixty men on the ground, it is more than  probablevthat something definite may be expected in ihe course of a week or ten days.  Bed Rock ;Draiti-'Company, andialso ftn  to . levy toils forv draining; claims adjacent  thereto:i:A] A/ :*:-.v   7' AaZa\ / -   .'.'  ' ������������������ -> ���������,  **P; R.���������Our readers will see by a referencp  tb bur advertising:;coiiimris,,that;tIjie Cariboo'  champipn,:.(Wi 1 son); means blis!ness. / aud :is.'  p repared to * inbeti his: ��������� an tagbn i st w 1 th the ii e-  cessafy furids tfj^semiye a majich.   The. pre)im*  inariiw' will- !������o-������.rrft.no,P>1.������i/'ivi f^uhuvltiv  PVti'ri*-'  from be lo w ��������� yesterday-- afternoon, b ri n ging anA ���������  eastern mail j' .and- ji, smali. es p ress.:': The o bly ')-  passengers were^ Messrs. Legh Harnett, Par  sons and Toombs.; .,-  ���������y Au'cTiox SATiE.^-Tho furniture and fittings  of Pen fold ?b Salbon^ JJarkerville,. were sold hy ,  Mr.F. V. .Lee, atVauctipn, on Saturday.    The 7  ' various articles fetched good prices, consider-,-  ing the dull state'-of the.times.:       .  J obti T; Fid.Weli; / Victoria, c'aused by u' fall  from' bis horse:-7;. --!/ '{AAAy'':ii'''  .    v'. ]:Al'Al.  .s;yA'-s.y r*-^}*, .���������'.���������-,  . ?>f. C. Davis^ 7train: of  -���������v.--; ������������������;���������/ -^w%  -six animate^  C'^..-  i -I T  ' '��������� ���������-���������'���������'.  arrived on Friday with a: load of liquors Tor*  the Hudson,Bay Company.: Mauy.bfthe am^  mals carried 400 lbs. of freight. ������������������  TSLEGR'AFHIC.  (From'tbo'BriVidii Coluinb ian.'1        .;./:.  Chicago, July l.r-The reques't-.of the Bm\  peror Napoleon and Queen Victoria to gh\������  aid 10 save Maximilian did not reach' Mexictf  iu time. : y    ' .4 -1 ;;: *  New York, July,2.���������The. Herald^ London-  special says the Times, Post and'Express pity  Maximilian and denounce tbe action of Juar  AVe are undei\oi>ligations to MivLegh Harnett for a copy of the " Pacific Coast Business  Directory, for 1867," published by Mr. Henry  G. Langley, San Prancisco, which besides affording a ready means of,ascertaining the addresses of business men in the States of California, Oregon and Nevada, the Territories of  Washington, Idaho, Montana and Utah,andtlie  colony of British Co himbia, is aperfect repository of the most i uteres ting and useful statistical information respecting the miuerail,agricul-  tural and manufacturing interests of every portion of the North Pacific coast, Mr.Harnett will  have a limited number of-copies here in a  few days, which he will dispose.of at a very  liberal figure.    Those who wish to procure a  copy of this  call early.  useful work, would do well to  "Ho^ sharp your toe-nails are," as Faddy has expressed himself in favor, of c  said, wh'im--he caught the hornet with Prussia.  .  rcz..   - ���������.-   ���������.- . ���������    i- '-��������� ������������������������������������    --���������������������������  London, July 5.���������The British -governmont  authorities have postponed the grand review-  which was to take plaCb at Hyde Park, on account of the execution ������f Maximilian:  The condubt.-of tlie Mexican Government  in condemning Maximilian to death, and hU.  subsequent execution, causes great indignation here and on the Continent.  New Orleans, July S.���������The Times Houston*  special gives the details of the execution of  Maximilian,   The prisoner was bound and  blindfolded.   No indignity was offered him.  Before he was shot ho recapitulated the cause,  of being caught in Mexico, and denied the  .authority of the court which tried him,-and:  hoped his death would stop the' effusion of;  blood in Mexico.   lie called a-Sergeant of  tho guard and gave him a handful of money  and requested as a favor that tho soldiers,  should aim at his heart Tiv'tf balls entered,  his body, but did not kill him immediately,  when two soldiers were ordered to shoot lam-  in the.side. '.'.���������      ..-'������������������., '���������: ','. '7  Mejiamadeno address, but met his fate  quietly *vnd bravely. . ;7  ;   Escbbedb, presented the sword of MaximiU  ian  to Juarez in..tbo Government palace..  Much grief was manifested by the: spectators,-  . Maximilian^ last words were' "Poor Car-  Lottal"  ,   ', ':��������� ���������- -      :���������:,������������������.���������-.   . ���������-   -X'- /i*'- >  . Ver a. Cruz.surrendered on the 27th June  without bloodshed arid is quiet     . 7  Santa-Anna was shot ori'thb. morning of the  25tlrof June;^ ��������� -  :-' \/;  'New York, July .7th.^-The steamer IJansr^  ar riv ed fro 01 So a tb amp to n w ith dates to J n n ej-  25th :   The Times says-there will be anotherT  fa vorable harvest.  .?; .-.. .��������������� .'= ���������-"��������� ������������������): ��������������������������� ; '->y '���������  The late arrivals bf gold from America.appear to - restore finariciiii c onfidbh.ee.      . ��������� 7 .. -^  The. Ha no variaii: Are p resentati v.e ..at.. Beri^ ���������  ionnebiiti-^' .:-"��������� .:���������'���������   .  TliS-'LAST   WAGER   OP  ; ; ;:; ���������/ w/   -ENGLAND.,  BATTLE   IN  Aw AA'fhere bflS;4ie4;in-Si.^ip^A��������� ^a.'''P^^:'?^'  ���������\'iijfin, ooeevent of-wJipS' history forms an im-  .noitant mark in .the.progress of civilization in  d, especially; asX relating, to the old  \i������n    mnJn    Ai'.A..'Ul.V.>l!r.nil4at>    . rind      + ������������������T-  'airlandl  ; '"barbarous mode ofsettlmg disputes, and try-  -...-   irig caused by the "wager, of./.battel;"   .The  deceased, .Wiliam Asbcroft, was:the last per-  : ion who was challenged in an English;i court  AAio meet Jn single combat,-a man whom he  ;. viaccused as the murderer of bis sister.   On the  ��������� ; ^"26tliMay, 1817, a:;beautiful 'jpnng woman  named Mary Ashcroft;iri her twentieth: year,  ���������;'"went to a dance at Erdiugtori, without pro  per protection.;  Sh'eleft the festive scene at  .ROADSIDE ADVERTISEMENTS.  STABI  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  LYTTON  CITY, B. C,  Bogs to Inform the public generally that he has  On his promises for upwards of 200 Horse?. .  Hay and Oats for. Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE.  .     <; -TERMS   MODERATE. '1-S.  *��������� Ing together at a stile. Jn.ear the;place, btit next  niorning she was found-dead in a pit of water;  Ay. and there was fearful evidences that she had  been abused, violated, and murdered^  Gen-  ':.; fctahtial evidence was against bim  .. winch.was an alibi, obtained a verdict of not  . ^^<k ���������all -ww r?11* .... /*/.,. 11 ,* _.    - C  *���������������* **..*. *������i r������ i-*,     a i\/l  v ^ r> /\ t /yr> rt _  ..'.'.enteredjao;ainst:theverriict by.,,AVil 1 iara_������Asli-  e -     ���������"~,:fn:to:the mur  ine apprehend-  ��������� rem ber, to  be  'trie^before Lord' Ellenbbroiiffh arid>the''full  ��������� .-,,  BOSTON BAR, B. C,  Wholesale.and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES' AMD PRO VIS IONS  LTQUOKS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHIKG, &c.   Is  "... Com* t of Queen's Bench.J:Instead.;of reg  :defence:by;' argiimenls.:: evidences   and  wit-'  'Jesses, Thornton- Koldly defied-all;; present  ./modes of jurisdiction,'and eld right.  : nccording to aucierit custbin, to challenge h is  ^accuser to fight bim/arid decide bis innocence  ;'.':���������  or guilt by the"wagervofbattel.";' His aris-  ;.���������-���������:. : wer to the ��������� cb ur t was;'. < f ;N6t gu i I ty, and:- ��������� I a m  read y to: de fen d the sa me by m y, bo d y.v .-.; H e  accompanied these* words" by the old act of  : ��������� taking off his glove, and ' thro wi ng it. 'i r*wh  .upon the floor of the court "At this' sta^  the pro ceed i ngst Wi 1 Hanii Ashe'roft, who j  ;: ..iri cb ur t; ac tua I ly ��������� '��������� came yfprwa rd, y and :S  .   lib out to accept tb e clial lerige b y p ick in g ; u p  tbe glovei when h'e'wasrkept back by those  did the assem-  The Bonaparte JbLouse,  QEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at the  O Junction of-the Cariboo and Big Bond Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of tlie public. Distance from Clinton, 26 miles; from-SnvanasSteamboat  I/mdmg,"22 miles; from face's Bridge, ������0 miles.  Travellers will 11 ml prices nnd accommodations to suit  tho times.' . Give them a "call; Stabling, Hay k Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stages leave here regularly for  Yale,, and Cariboo .1-s  ES  Druggist,  BARKERVILLE.  TTAS CONSTANTLY ON HAND A CHOICESE-  H Jection'of Dbuos and Patent M������^������JJL^-  ing tbo celebrated Goldeu Balsam, ^J^Wg.h  Mixtures, for the complete cure of beconnarv |\ V* 1^.  Alsort great variety of Sais������p������nlla������, Hmr. BniJK8,;  Tooth Brushos, C������,mbs, Tooth Powders, Sponges 1 a.ncy  Soaps, Lubin's Extracts, Roso Water and other Kr-  lumerii-s, Garden Seeds, &c, &c. n,.������v������V  Just received���������ah assoriment ol Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1SG7, and Billinrtl Table articles;  P. S ��������� Prescri pt i ons c;t ref u lly com pounded.  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  Comer of Lahgley Alley and .-Yates St  MESSRS; JAY & BALES  Have op cned the above premises with a iar  and well assorted Stocs       at':  A. ������������������       .... '   '���������-c9'^. .'  -S  OPEN FOR.THE ACCOMMODATION   OP   THE  I ��������� Travelling public; the bedroonis are spacious and  , ...ippl.  for Horses;. Hay, Oats and BaTley. constantly on hand.  Of  was  was  mHE UNDERSIGNED IS KOW PREPARED TO  1 afford every accommodation to the trawl Imp public, and hopes by a strict attention to business, to  merit a share of tho patronage bestowed on the former  proprietors. This is one of tbe most comfortable ami  commodious Hotels on the ma J, containing as it does  warm and well furnished bedrooms with pood boos.  The TABLE is supplied with every delicacy it is possible to procure, in the upper country. The BAR is  stocked with tho best of Liquors, and tho choicest  Cigars.  4������~ MEALS,   $1 50   EACH. "������������  The stabling for Horses is all that could be desired,  and the charges are very moderate.- Hay for Horses  per day, $2 ; Oats and Barley at the cheapest market  rates. _  -TlfB-WrfcWh'e^^^  on hand, for sale in large or small quantities.  l.s JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  FOSTER,   OF   LILLOOET,  CHEMIST.  rpHlS OLD AVD WELL KNWN HOUSE has been re-  .1 cently. opened by the uiidjcrsighed;! who: will make,  it his constant sturfy by using every endeavour to accomodate'the traveling public." to deserve a share, of the  patronage bestowed on the. former occupants.  ���������}j&&r The Bar contains nothing but the- very best of  LIQUORS and CIGARS.    Give him a call  ;  '.1-s     . ��������� ���������   " . EDWARD    TROFATTER  ;'.  iuch a time of light as tlie'iiine teen th cehturj'?-"  ���������: But with ^greater won der .'a fi d regie t w as. the  ���������A jii%w������St.of tfie court:-received ; ! for,' after  Beveral adjournments,;it;w;asdedded;rn;A:ftnV  iSl 8, th at the law of England 'was" i n''. favor of  y they wager of battel ??ttia^the/old laws saric-  tlobing it had never bcen;repealed ; arid that  thpugh .this mode of (rial had become obsolete  it must be allowed.   Thornton was therefore  '���������;.,. discharged, and being set at liberty, left this  ; countryfor America, where he died in obs-  ���������1  A veht pretty yoiing woman Went to the  '. post office with a letter,' and no direction, and  ������aid to the. postmaster,���������   .     ���������     . '  ," Send that to my sweetheart !".���������  The postmaster took it, looked at it, and  gaid,��������� ��������� ,.-  " What. is his name, and where does he  live?" AAVA-  The girl replied���������-  " Ah ! that is the very thing I donffc want  any one to kt^ow/, ; :;  A 'would-be bride in Dayton, Ohio, sixty-  one years of age, has sued a gentleman of  seventy for breach of promise. She shows  one ofjiis letters, in.yhich he said " he, existed only in her smiies. and that the happiest  day ;of .^his lite: woiild be that, ibix whjch be.  should call her' his own."���������., '���������  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  ^pHIS HOUSE is situated 20 miles from Quesnelmouth.  1 Tiie proprietors having lately fittod. up bedrooms  and good Boos are now 'prepared, to afford every accommodation for Travellers; tbo Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured ;'thc Bar is well supplied with the best brands of Liquors and.Sogers; so'od  Stabling, Hay. Oats and Barley. ,j^-The CHEAPEST  House on the Road.  1-s  122  LAKE LA-HACHE.'  F. WALTERS,, formerly of tho 94 Milr.Hocse,  having purchased this Ranch, is now "prepared  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD MEALS  and BEDS at moderate rates. 1-s  TTAS FOB SALE, and constantly on hand,  Q a well assorted Stock of Dnip-\ all tnc Chemicals  used by Physicians, Photographers, A.^snyers and  Mechanics. Also tho popular Patent Medicines, and  Druggists' sune'rios.  Rotorts, Crucibles,  Muffles, Cupels,  Ingot Moulds,  etc., etc  FBESCiurnoxs faitiifuut-prepared���������  F. .W..FOSTER,-  mal Chemist  ;"YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  BENJAMIN   DOUG-LAS, Successor to A.  C.  WELL?, Saodle ani> Harness Maker,- Vr.lo,  li. C.  .DSrA complete" assortment of Stock constantly on  hand. 1-s  J.  S. DEAS,  Front Stukkt, Yale, B. C.������  BEGS TO ANNOUNCE to the inhabitants of Cariboo  that lie jnb'nOs to forward (as soon as the state of  the Roads will  pTmit),   a lirge nrid.-.well assorted  stock of Cookivo Stovks. which he will dispose of at  Pricks to Suit thf: Times.  Yale, 8th April, 1307. 1  '-. AND FLOWER SEEDS.  ��������� The business of tho late firm of Jav & Co.  port e������  and Springfield Nursery, will, be < carried oh hv \S  in all its branches.     ., AwAi y~A. ..    .   v'Xh**  Fru it Trees and Bushes, ��������� Evergreen and' Dori*.*.  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of every 21 '  lion.   , ���������-���������:���������>;���������:���������,:.;-.-; A     i#1>  LONDON HOtlSE  GOVERNMENT STREET, TICTORU.       *  WHOLESALE   ANDlRETAIl,  J. -H.'TURNER &J-'CO^'  iMPOUTKRS oy A-  Englfsli & French Silks, Shawls, Dresses Ua  ilcrclotbSsg, G1ov>p, and evt^ry description W  :: Drapery Goodft, ���������  Receive repulnr supplies by Express via Paneaa m  by sailing vrssels via C ������pe Horu..  \flt3~ Particular attentlcn srfrcn to. a J! orderi,  jA������ndou Firm���������J. P. Tunstau. L Co.   ' :.  ^"���������^^���������~~^-'ESTAT3ITSHED"1^5T.7'j"  . ��������� ���������     - ���������- - ������������������ ������������������      ��������� ��������� - - i i/  OUR   COFFEE.    ���������'���������  u  \7E   ARE ,FOR"v7AIlDlJ;Q:i.   'L  FIHST CLASS ARTICLE TO CARIBOO,  Packed in Tins of from two to twenty-five pomiij J  each..  . I  .    WILSON i'irURRAY,:..  ;  1-s Fori street, Victoria.-..,1  TWOS. WiLSO  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH MERCiUDIl [  Wholesale and Retail,  DEA  Masonic It.ill Government Street Viciuna., U  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way betweeo  Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.  Travellers will iind Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, 11 ilk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  ���������������������������/i Mister, I say^ I don't suppose you don't  Ivno^of nobody whati' don't want to hire nobody to do .-/nothing, don't ..ybuK The answer  was, " Yes, I don't.'?  COLONIAL  HOTEL,  SODA   CREEK-  .GREAT REDUCTION has been made in the charges  at Ibis establishment, so.as to suit the times.  Heals, $1;  Beds, 75 Cents. :  MoLKESE k SENAY,  Proprietors.  May   1st,   1867. 1-s  FORWARDING.  FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE!  PARTIES DJ?R1 ROUS of shipping freight With Dis-.  fATcii, w! 11 fin ri it to their advantage by giving us  a call before engaging elscwhero  ALWAV k  BAILEY.  Yale, April 8th, 1867. 1-s  W. H. Sutton,  EALER IN Wivj-s, Liqcop.s and Cigars, Coal Oil,  Coal Oil Limps, &c,  l J. C BEEDY,  COAffflSSION Si   FORWARDING AGENT, I  TT7H.L  PAY  PARTICULAR   ATTENTION; TO $h  VV   lectinp, purchasing, or forwarding Goods fonts  upper country; . .     ���������    .  ' Any commission eiitrttstwd to his care, will receln l\  prntr.ptaltontion. A  ���������UofiTPiicr-R.:���������W. A/ MkacsaM, E. A. Wadbasu,!  .'  Harpku, J.J...Bramlt:  '��������� Victoria, April, 1S67. . .1- .  . ...���������._ -���������  HOTEL DE FRANCE,   /.  Government Street, Victoria", V. I.  THE RESTAURANT ih supplied with all ill  I  fivliciicies of the season, and.the Flceping eccoofr-  dation is r-'pleto with every comfort.    The best of  WiD"S, Liquors and Cipars.  1:8 J. DIGNE k CO., Proprietor*.  A. W. PIPER,  CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre.  CANDIES of every description manufactured ������ad  sob'   Wholosidy and Retail. !���������������  AGENT FOR  In Bbl?.  Yale, April 18th, IS67.  BUNSTER'S ALE  aud half Bbls.   '  Is  ������������������;   ��������� ='���������*   -��������� i A "���������,.' ��������� 86 ���������. mile' ��������� posTf'���������   '���������������������������������������������"  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B.C.  A wounded irishman wrote home frr������m the  h asp ital. and fi n isli ed ti p by sayi ng i ���������" I - m for  this country. I've bled for it, and I'll soon  ho able to say Pve died for it."  VICTORIA:: ADVERTISEMENTS..  A. BULER & QO.'S  CHEAP Store.   LADIES! and GENT'S CAST OFF  '-Clothing .bought- and sold.   Secondhand Watches.  , Guns, Pistols,. &c ,for sale. . ������������������ ,:  .  JS3S* Govern in on t street opposite the Theatre. . 1-s  CASAHAYOU begs leave to state that ho  . has removoU his stock of Goods consii?ting of Oro--  CKBn-Sj&c, irom Wharf street to tho Brick Building  on Yi'tes street, arJjoining' Cowpor's Boot Store: oppo-  site Wells, F'irpro & Co..    "  Ho will sell his Goods by Wholesale.' at .the lowest  rates, for cash. l.s  WILLI AH ZELNER, dealer in Diiugs; Mboi;  i f; oises and CiiEMiCAts, Fancy and Toilet Articles,  Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, &c.    Physicians' Pre*  'rScriptiouscarM'ully compounded and orders answered  ���������wUhoaroand Qibpatch.   Victoria., V.L   :' 1*8  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at this  Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD BEDS. ,  ������������������.-:.'.' STABLING FOR HOUSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Rates.  , BpOTHROYD  %fti}%  1-s Proprietors.  BOSTON   BAR  International   Hotel  ��������� /    ���������..������������������  qpHIS WELL -KNOWN'.HQU5E islnow open for tra-  i. vellers.   The Table is,supplied as formerly with  tho best the market affords, and. the Cook in (r cannot  be excelled.    The Bnr i? stocked with the finest Li  quobs and Cigars.   GOOD 13EOS.  WILLIAM CHARTERS  ..1-s Proprietor.  Ill MILE HOUSE.  AGE IS NOTHING!  LOOD WILL TELL!  rpHIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELL FITTED UP  JL for the comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with the best of everything that can beprnenrd, and  the cooking is not inferior to any on tbo road; BcdroOms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley nnd Oats.  JBSTTbe trail to Cedar dnd Horse-Fly Creeks leaves  the Wagon Boa.d *t this pS^ce.  1-s War. HENDERSON.  Storage and Forwarding!  YALE, b. c.  PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE YALE-LYT-  xox Rot-Tf, arc advised that  KIMBALL k GLADWIN  .  Have erected an extensive Storehouse and Dock at  Yale, and are prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods.   Goods re-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates.  Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to.the care of  Is KIMBALL k GLADWIN. .  HENRY   GREEN8AUM,    WHOLESALE  LIQUOR  Store, I in porter of Fine Mkkrschavm Pipes, Stcoi  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson street. Victoria, y. i. u_  TULES RUEFF, Commission* Mpkchant, Royal  O  Hotel Building, Wharf street Victoria, V. I.  !���������* .  I).  VAN WINKLE STORE.  rri-IE UNTDERSIGN*ED begs to inform tho minors and  X residents in k around v,Jn Winkh- that he will in future keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and  hopes by close attention to business, aud by KcIIhig  at LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet the pa.  Iron ago of all.  Orlers from outlaying creeks accompauied with tho  CAfsH, will be forwarded with promptness and dis-.  patch. .  ^T Terms CASH, without distinclinn.  l's J. W.  LINDHARD.  127  BLUE   TENT,  ��������� OR ���������  MILE   HOUSE.  rrHE UNDEDSrGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  X desirable property,!.? now Prep irtid to accommodate the travelling public. Tho table is supplied with  the very best ol viands. The bedrooms and beds are  as,comfortable ns could be desired, and th* BAR contains nothing but tho best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS. ;  A good stock of Grain and Hay always on hand.  - MUfftWr. I. W.WRIGHT.  CLEAL'S Coffer House  ant> R^tacbant,  ~   . Government Street, Victoria, V. I.    Tills is t������������  clteapest, most comfortable, and best attended EsUU*  IMimont'in the Citv ,  The BAR-is always supplied with tho choicest A  Winks, Liquors ami Cigars.     : **8  Free Port ibr Ever!  E.THE UNDERSIGNED  TAKE .pleasure ill ������J'  nouncing to our ,numerous customers and ������"  public, that we will supply them with the best French  Lt'ATiiRR Boots {duty Jrec) over offered in B. C.  ; !jm������&% our old Stand, Government St., Victoria, V'  lrs " CHARITY k BUTLER-  A FRANKEL, Victoria/ V. I., Denier in FWJ,  ii.. Sia.vs, HinKS, Wool, kc. Liberal advances m^'������  on Furs consigned. Reference���������G. Sutro & Oo., ft������B  hart Bros. Victoria,. V. I. Jw  n StTTHO & CO., Importers An-o DmibJ J?  XXl CIGARS, TOBACCO, Moershanm Pipes, teoh *>/���������  corner of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria  If VfATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  i^. and Engraver, Government street, next  to the St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. I.  ANDAINE, COLLECTOR, AND fliS***  ]?   JIALLAI  I1-/- AGKNT,  Goyormrn'nt Street, Victoria; V. L  DAILY and WEEKLY  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE,"  < BRITISH COI.0^  *.s ami v lum i ti a un nujn i uj jb! -"    Oro ors i or    ^  ing either the Daily or Weekly issues otHlu> aoo>  any part of Europe, the United States, Canada, a^> ^  lia, kc , left at, thin bftlco or sent to Victojia Jj������^  nttehded to.    Terms in advance,    Wmki**W~Ttf  with Postape, $7 SO ;  fimoB. do,. $4 71     Pa������*'  mos do., %2S ; 6cro������.do., $1250.


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