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 4  tife"'  ^.���������,;;fe^.������fe-  WXS&TT  \Q ZO  ^pnsiC&e^  i'������"������-.'  OB  . y������fe  ��������� i *  fe.rfeM:  toMM@iSiI# sMuiS|W5i2P^^  '���������aa^m  :.yyy  ������������������ayy  BlNKRUfefCY ^OURT.  ��������� jNBWS vFROM; I*E&CE i RIVER.  ,r, ^ptmts.   Tha court minutely examined them.  SIffaere -was one "item" wlricte"1ite^Tashlp;.aB^-  HSpignee had^^^fefiaae^l^geoda for the-bank*  ^^-tsJ estate from the firm^f.which,he was a  t.iiiei'agioiftni  hin^ if^ jdpjflfj. ./Mr* Hamb urgers-personal  rest, as a trader, ���������wdMd^ilfdue^Hirft^^ell  q asBignee^ ^^wHeii^li^^ttld p&rchasej  apest.  ���������'���������*.. ^��������� -��������� ^y.yA,-A..A, .Aa ������������������ -    y.; ������������������';��������� ���������, A.jt  " :^Hamburger^fylbt(d, Bhad to $ai*Ha|e|  i ffl-v: own? firm 'bee aii'se' th&rW wa_ 'n������rtdon-f  wms*  .ay..,  ^ epQurt,.^  ^ jit^ei^r$ ^Hainburger,  *||ij$j^&^  n i by^yom o wa.���������vpcpitifat??- liere>=whichv -yon I  f>mo5toA&ccepphf&pffi^ :y<m  ��������� s  A  fefe):,  m-m  ir r������������������ -��������� ������������������ u   ���������'������������������������������������������- a *;>*i ^iTOl" Tide's. ,>.. 3���������,  ^H^^^JOT^fe^d,,,, ^ .fefev  fampurgfesr^ft-hei&ri ednfusedj urged  aWxctisesf wbTcVttiS'$MMmiife<ilately  Gau-rtflnaUy^ ^p.sipOHed:,accep^ng the  fltSittttfciLj*th0>offid^  ii������ii_aniine<l and reported on them. -w  i������ipH''H^K5uui:ai'*auj>.^i" **���������:���������������������������.;  PP������INT������E^pP A NfiftV TRADE ASSIGNER.  ������i Court ap*^oint������^Hr^Beas'tfadeia^%riee  |*f|^^'^-**Ca/\^V . ���������iA.\^.4-,������������^A. v *J <fc>  ~>������;   .   *-a. ���������*&.���������*#&t-Jk*>-������w..  ���������\ 1 .'EXAMINATION-������FyOSB, oP/a^fc-^'A^lSOPTS^-rAIS-  ���������'.;;>;;   ,      ���������   fukWeVb^-couiik ' *.  Charles Lowe, one.,������f~the feankru^ts, -ex-  ,fe'*:'VjBtmined:--' ���������  . ;y$2!  a bankrupt what property Md you?  J������������ih^WHlM#tf MoliMiiieeT "ftetel.  Iteel^Ho^dW ^^jbeefftmelposae^d  ^OTffirred-it to ua -'���������    -��������� ������������������-���������'     -" -'-- :-  iBcrupt--He-iB ;at--������LmatiHa Landing*. I  From one of the partners in^tlie. f ur trad ing  firm of Brenamen, John & Cc^Twho returned  to the Mo^ilicofrQftesrii^ itast., we  have obtained Jh^^follgwmg; partibulars from;  Peace river. '^tJur' iufermaiit, in company  with fottr.^the^/leftMoiithof Quesnel-on the  22fld^J/sdy, y$j*&%#)}4ii proceeded ia boats to  Salmon rIver,v^ouY20 miles a^ove Stuarts  rivE '^heyproceeded up tbe former stream  about 10 miles, where they bad. ;tp make -. a  portage of 4 miles'which brought them to a  lake about '8 miles 1 ong. ��������� ..'On t of th is 1 ake a  small ^ream^flo^s in the dsrectioa of Peace  riyer. The party descended it about 220 miles  iti tfteJ; junction with Parsons river, where the  tyfcp streams unite j-^nd,form "what w known as  "Peace fiver.: The^ country-..all the way from  Fraser river is "flit;"*heavily timhered ^ith  cottonwood and pine; and; atiotinda itf lakes^  u^tfnr^KicH" tgi^e"a^^^  lmi������A^^ja}^Q geason.i. Thetpartyi went;  down Peace river about 200 miles to St.j  J^fcas, a statipii pf.^ie.Hudson Mpy* Company,;  where Mr, McKenzie i| in; chaVgeVk The Indi-;  ans were not very^iimeiotia along the routo,������  able^Ttnd:  ���������^���������Beaver tribe.  Fort thtve; free \  ^s^lHe^S^e^Wia," whojmunibered* there  about 250 aft told. The natives ^^fi^.;to' tbe  ffi^Kt-ainsirtw^  ail'd ffiooge. jwhicbjj^^  cient to hv^pttj in t������iimmer>| besides selling  large q-aantftSes' of tJiprimeat to7, tlie {_Iudsqn  ^^^m^/^M0rmM\ f"paHy '"followed'  the aborigines to iHq Tn^untains^pn .d.ogtsleds  wiie1%,ffief -traa^^^t^;itiem.. 'y'Tlieiidufttfcy  aroima J)uiibegan: is -.j op^'prairio .Sittod fpr  :^ricttiture7the^^^^^H ^officials haying  raiBed'Isrops successful)y^there. Tlie wiiiter  is veryi'cold hoifeyer, thence;on the^yeiibe-  ing fuijy seven: >foet thick. ^ J Tho Indians^ do^  not cultivateDagy larid^fe-aiid^e a la-zy set of  tive whjch shdul-d jpreyail.A But there'is'{0Re;  thing%e can tell Gov. ^Kennedy for'his irifdr-,  ma tion and profit, that is^be peed not expeqt  to have in M&Young an obsequious follower  of his policy, whether it is rational or irrational, y She Golqnial Secretary's th'e^-a'dvatttage  <>f tHe?;<36vernor iii every respect -i He1 isfehis  Excelleacy^s superiorih^abili^^e^  (bo {far ^;;^Biniqpuyer ^Islte^^-^bp^^n^)i  and ' adfeinistratife.������wisdpmi^ aui'as: he4s?a8  :indepeii^Lentiin his.position (the ColonialSect  retary beiug intended as a check on tli'e^Gxiv-j  ernor) Ssfthe1 chief of. the Goverpmentliim:  self: his .-Excellenc^Jf Jh.e". desttis" ��������� ;Jbo.��������� obtain  thet hearty cb^peiraJion^n������^ vajfiiablo advice  of the Secretafy*inu# iCftt diff������a������ntly towards  him to what he has.JIone towards other offl-j  ciaKwhom ho found, injoffice pn tjisacriyal;  iiiDthecolSfiy;   Sri^unJG^IviU i^itheFfee^h^  tim idated; to: resignv rior* cant tf single enemyj  aqcuse-y^Im ^-uanythmg yd^nn^ -his;longj  feervlce'Yinbecpmi^ ai  'ptMi^^r^fiit^;-. 37 '~':s  ungbrernahievm  temporizings ;officiatt like^^embertoii^ Crov-  ernor Kennedy will soon ^h% if he i| posses;  ���������feiil^  iSi.il  H:  IT?  arc.  ??  Ik  :tKt\y  (Ojtrn^iB^BARKEKVIfiL E,1 {:Wtuxiis Wmf: feMaSo.'  -$*+������*& vtiiywhyfci ;���������)���������-;--" -fe. ynririoaxm *y ���������������������������.  jrf? *a ^i'r^^?c?iP*i^.>^feP������i5 week^f?L>^ \y  (Including c*JBt j}C-delivery,]h Payahlonto tho; Carrier.  % ft������  ���������irmit    *H.'������ *������CV.St:l  fe't i'A:Vx.A^y:i-f$A^^ r* Im-%>>"'.</< v-s. w'-;yi '^">1 i'-'r  m%  ^ixsnv^wxi iv  ',������*,*Mii,*f*.-*j^y-:n  ������:?:.>, ^(j,^!^  V'U'i'^n' hil.-feii"> niWf'--1  Tho undereigne^ will keep conBtantly on hand  ,;u ML assortment of,.,-; -yfe- fe | j^  .rn>'  *'?fe"l7 if<1 *���������-,.,  ^consist 7  Stationery  11^5^^;,,  jfey  jioni  ft,-J  ;'a������A  "Cm*  titSi *  street.  i'W.';  '. -I. '���������:  W;  3  Vic*8  yy  1.  iJcrup^IidoVh^      j^sel^-tV'as tliere: a^yidlaims there taken  ���������Miiipiftyour'nBme  _   ^^krupt^No,--^ -^ ^W* name. .The  ^^i|rupt fiirther^te$-;|haf������ie had been re-.  ftl ^li^^hting the clMmS8fel5kBbrotlier-in-iaw,  Mer80tJn KKRfe    ^       ������  sel���������Doyoii^swea^ Siat%^s lenow of  r^iteg .reiceiyed, by ^p^p^s^^for  m8f������thii^ithe last itmli ������1 ^ ^  ^^Pfi^?1^ af^'^^-interrogatory was put  rfor^^hird time Mef- wltnesV^inteol and was  fC^^Spppt !Of AW&kTkWytA %iyAMY^- 2 ^ T:?vm ')    ;  WWW tlte ***StlSWiflTlT:o{t^rffiilir&A<it tm-WNi^i.'. *,y ���������**��������� J"  rfiegjostponed to Friday:" .p������������t, ; mh .'d^n-^'vi.-r  ylpBiyB^riic cpmraimicatiosjof fib"Cari-  idiscusaion of the ;8iiSj(ect^t$reSei.t would not  ttoetelegrfi^h oomp^y;ih^i^^^^e7^  |g������<t the Jnjlians. ia .the interior;toi pack,- th_-y  Ivj^L'SiL-woefully--ft deceived on their arrival  Amongst them?������?.^e^e;^were-tno miners on  Peace river laatSsunlmerl-those- engaged there  before that having abandoned it on account of  being i|iixableit0;make wa&os. ^Oiir informant  jwraS shorjjy vQjxmjp .D.u^began,,jivhei;e*,som^  pf ^s^cQinpaiy ren_ain with 'goods for^trad--  mg.-^-So Tar the^  tbeir ?;e^tei^^ejyhaviria^m to<  contend with ~ah<L overcome;- which can only  pe.done by remaining, fo/ some years, in, the  countryrf $hS fulr trader', did'riot prospect on  any of tlie triyers for gold.  t*u  |Bpfehaverthe;r last wordy^ and we tl^erSfore  ;|a������i_te;the ipitbiicatioh &f our fespectei'CGif-  ^^fthden^^lett^3 1";;'n       '     '      " "'^  ;fej&-*y&*i  par. ^AN^Th-a^ltQefypldl mwn9'&fat*  ^^^m^^xe ^sk^'wM the best cigars that  ^P������'"aported. -feHe invites %is legion of  ^tiil- ^ - a?d QnJ������y~ ^ol ftigfaht; weed,  MF1������ sell.\at- a Price u.nparalelled jn Car;  *.D-m������^^JMes^yeryQiiaJto read his^adverr  .tlsetnent in this journal.  land TEjB:qRAPH.-r:yhe telegraph wiVe  -.*e^ut' ^from England by tlie Hudson^Bay  W^^J^ ^e overland telegraph had    "  wed at lvort; Garry, and operations v  ^ciu|vto commence tii  ore  ar-  operatiqns were  at latest accounts.  I In no part^Fibe tW coTdnies wilf tbe neits  be'received^witb^greateFs^^^^^  Cariboo; ,that|the distinguished (ex&xbverhor  haB^t-et&rne^^cl^ England^ after  an absence of&oiW^fiaix?-^  ment of excellent healthr * Under Sir James  BoughtsT ftdminiBtration neithaf hostile tariffs  rior Gold Export4jp.tles-wereiforcedupon tbe  oWntry to lOjipresI the * aiming community,  akdiiurthe <5omp4ratfve"���������e|)^pulation of the  Cfelony a^^thev'd^cp|itent. of;.thBse :who ro-  -raain may be wifJnessf!^ the.re^ilt of. a policy  diffefeWt% that^inau^drdjie^ aind carried put  b)y--biflu -'^ -"We^ $ ve"- expression to tlie unani-  iious feeing p| the. miners of Cariboo when  we'offer Sir J^  oJi"fiis safe return, to, his^Islandrhome.  f -���������"������������������ y������;fe- , ���������- '���������'���������' ������������������������������������ x '*'���������'��������� ������������������ - ������������������     l  , I ^,fX;Cr. Yo^Nfe���������Tbis ,genUemaa has returned te Vic teria,; and; is, > abo nt to resume  his official -fane(ions .tHere.. Sfr. Young for-  Hjerly ipe^formedythe:-duties of Colonial Sec-  retajy-^f 'bothrcolonies, when therftwas ten  jtime.t#s much work to bedone-fpr tbls colony'  ^melal^as tt present, andv^ith remarkable  p-pility and success. We arc 'persuaded that  had Mr. Young been present; in James Bay  during thepast year Governor Kennedy would  not hayejgpt on those shoals and qiucksauds  wbic^;haye made so complete a wreck of his  former .popularity. With only a stranger in  the countryrof the meanest abilities, and  whose knowledge was limited to red tape for-  malispl,.,.tb assist and advise him, Governor  Jvennedy has made many grievous mistakes,  :an:d it willbe difficult indeed to repair the errors an<l shortcomings of his past administration. However the experience and conspicuous talentyoif .MpirYoung will soon become  apparent in improving the Government, if  there exist that' cordiality and co-operation  between himself aud the head of Ihe Execu-  sedC of any>peneti,at^ ilia! iri^Mr.  ifoimg te;will*_ta#%;;^^  ', ,?<.<������������������������������������'&������y.-i\<> .;-:.'������������������--��������� \ M iVfe'fe-:; -fefe '1 'i Of*ill. !&r-������ "i*^ y������S^,  ernment whose co-qp^  will be of imcalculablei benefit to his Excellency^ inHhe> Govetnmentrbf^b^iffolimr^Mt  the aid of sucb'aiman'rcan Only He secured by  his being treated with- that consideration and  way^^iaifesffi|6waf da Wsin^-aMiifgfliBbed  '������������������" 'AAAA'iA Mt'vAiiM;J. ���������������������������.     ~~-T- W^-is"'^*:*?"^  fe- F<oi;rth..!mi[3mTz&.������J^  scarcely an observance of Indepentfkrffi^ayt  oh Williams.GreeR^* -The only ou^^d'������nd!  visible si^wartwo^Ajnericanfe 6^������^rx^nv^  kerville, one;fefCaffiffil^ntoh, ^Shd i^^py$$&  [shaft hou^&n the jcreek.    The^^ffl^iC|li^  [there are^njo^V������^P^^ve^v yqiyieyr^taerr.  jicaii miners j*B>paribpoj the imposition^of _tb������t  [hostile 3&3ffi^a^  jing driven the^^p^^fetbe country  fin f^ormerisea_ons;the;-&nerIcah-!resideteber^  ^lebrated*MtieiJ^nriual carniv^l,/^^^&H|K!  |and pa^ws^jafwfiicb^ek  inost hospitably *;etttiirtained.    The^scen^is  |changedj  American-iCaribooites '"oj^ former;*  ���������year's are now dispersed over Boisejandb^er  jnlaces in their own terntory, in preference "to  Bubmife:to theroppressive taxation of our Gov/  ernment.., i Of courser there {^ere; arfew drinkfl;  taken byithb ������boys?f;in^onoi: of the:'day^ Bill|  Wright was dressed qut,|n a new sjiit ot.bl8^k;  a disciple * of "^culHpius met wUfi^ti Sc^i?  ^ent to his "6meiliug box,"^wfD^^iisf>^  it is rumored, r!g"pt gloriously^ druhlc���������a most  unusuai: thing^witb that jolly old bird.  These  are'the only noteworthy. Incidentso'f, th^/day  in-CariboOi   ^ -   .��������� ���������������������������������������������--- --~-^-.-^-,(^w^-^.^wl.  &^;^I^f ail;si^f!(Sp^  ^rt^fiKF^*^^/ ''y?%/A];yyyAi*y a  ^n^^a^^^;^^    tyi y \  -pAi yaheskqyia\tiy'������^ ~&. '^  GASi^EEKj(Coa&^^^^  M. ^fo&rf" rArfA / /:/:M^fy^:/ y  '���������yy^w^my^yoy  [B^^HEET,������^  P$$������ gRQISr?;CAP.^WHEELS?; 7^ '/yyy ��������� :A  'j-xK.  '.V(������  ���������1  sBOOES;ailsi55es,5  tfci  EUROPEAN f  ' Juno 8th, an Express train on-tbe Soitth������astera road,  carrying "passengers from France.to London, was thrown  bfl' the,track-near Staple Hurst;.top) personsjiTie^e"killed,  'snd;tweBty^wouh(ied>]^ Dickens;.wAfi/oh;the t^ainsibut  escaped yjiaout iRju"rjj* - Sir 'Jos#$e Pa^ton;;diodx)!!'tho^  8th,. after 1^ prptracodillnpss. ��������� The Paris correspondent,  of the Loiitlon. 'Times,'; uadpr date J tJuhe*,x8thf writes as  follows':. ''Jt is certain that.the Mexican ageiit who;has  arrived at Pares was sent,.by Maximilliarn fpr.the eac-j  prosSvpftrjpose of ^explaining the critical *8tate of affairs  in Mexico, tfto"iricaa:oiQg attitude bfjAmerfcaBSfaaod  fear of. His .Majesty >that. war .^v-oulft ,i)e������."declared ..witte  the U. S.now that the war with the Southern pepolo is  over> feThe.FrpnchGoyorDment has, ttoerefer^o gtvuuithe:  '-Washington Cahinet, r to, understand very plainly that  Mcxico is u������der the protocUon" of' Franco, ami that  France won't allow any power to attack it^ that fl Hi butters nnd advetiturers entering Mexican Torrltoryr with  hostile design will,'if: taken ta armiscbe hanged or phot  vlthout Joss of time and without merc^������   .The ;Unlled"  States,. whose .good fa iih wl th > Tra nee should lead ��������� them  to preyeat, and ' they are. expected to do��������� ail ia- their  power to .prevent, their subjects from iujuring.hcr protege. ; t-Ue .Wiisbingtoa Cabinet has no njesiro at this  time to boon bad terms with this country,; arid- will,  no doubt^ act pruriently in this. a (Fain   The' language  and tone ^f France is^.what may be called decidediyrdm  ergetic. It may not he Htorally.correct-vasl mentioned,  bu t i t.; is substantial ly so. V; Kmperor Napoleon a rri vod j  at Toulon on the 5 th Juno.   Before reaching "Algeria- ho  issued a proclamation to the French army of-AmeHca,  thanking them for thair labors and extolling them for  their soldierly conduct* ��������� Ttfe resignation hy I'rinc'i  Napoleon of Vice rresidency of Council and Presidency  of the. Executiyo Commission is acepted,   The Empress  has, issued a decree pronouncing all warnings givan to  French journals null and void.   The attention of the  Peinvian Chambers of Depctation has been directed to  rumors of an impending duel between Hcrr Vqn BL--  mark and Deputy Vfooom,   arising from 'offensive exi-  press ions used by the latter gontlom an during a recent  debate ,     ���������  I��������� ^?\f" c^i^^^er ^;^ ^ ?'"^^^ -.^ ^ ^: yy /yy  ityiil i}^Rp_^o^i^ol.iu:*n������fe^fyoq ,kijjtebi '&  ^mmiY^nmBb^i^^'/ ���������**'& '$������������������ *'<>'&  ." A.*-''*- ..maaAAAA ,.aA  oBaTkerville; WilliiftncGr^ek^  371SQrirtfe--  J A;..;,^'Myes ^QA^EK.m(l\^lsZL,; \j ,ty -,  ',\y:yy> twA A^^P^LIQ^T^fet -M yyA'y:-:  y-.;y,ryl^yfft^UgS-iEL;tof SQDA'CRSEK, 4'-ny ,. fe  ?������T^NESDAYS^fSA^imi)AYS:A^        M.  A^tiy&rtXG wiTk  Will arrryp at Ricjafield pni; >f edniisoayr an di Saturdats  and close on* '-Kond^vcaad ThcrsoXys at 'NOON. c.>n -  veyin^ Treawe^r^tters And Valuables tor A til; PARK?  OF-TH^^W(������9^V irA A ������������������-n^-\ ������������������:��������� yfev; fe:-fe <*>������������������ .  A. .'.fefe-. v-v*. - *  ..<���������:- ft J; BARNARD.     .  A Costxt rnKKBCT.���������Baron James Rothschild has  prescntod to tho eight year old daughter of Prince Met-  ternich, the Austrian Embassador, at the. court of  France, a completely dressed and. Mrousseau'dydoll.  .Nothing was wanting���������whole dozens of pocket, hand-  kt'rch i efs va 1 u ed at 100 fra ncs a p iece, fine a nd exp: *n -  sive lace?, and even a neckltce of pg:irlg worth 10,0tlO  francs, acc'ompjiied the play tiling.  ; j: '^^'!*^Mtf������a3^^^r-i^"j^^^'tJ ' ' ������������������:"'vri'"''.  CEEAK. BLACK SAKt), BLttv^INGS Xnd  a j ii././y^AiyV^^G^A/A':'. /A /y A  On Qonamiasion/'pr-MrUI ^purchase.-apy^ quantity. 6n tho  \    '[y\ "'   Most Libe������al %EMs',''at'the->;';,;.\;;*,:  m. 1 Reading Booni; Caiheron&n,  Subscriber is now well known on >ViUianiS Creek and  from the confidence/repo^ last Fall Ju. f,ha  above {business, hevhopes'to ^reoeive the- patronage of  the .Mining, community the -ensuing season.- . ���������       ���������  \[*\    y.A.A-   ,AA.-: i   y......     JOHN BOWRON,  To whomitiaiay doncern.  THIS IS TO CERTIFY that froni some cause  or complaint of the head our hair commenced fiiUin"  out so, rapidly that wo feared we should lose tho whoh^  In this condition we went to W. D. MOSES  ami  strange to relate, 'in THREE applications of hisVon-  derful Hair Ilestorativo our hair became as strong a?  ever, and i s now soft and I i vely.   We ma ke th Is cert i fi -'  cat- with pleasure, believing it to ho for the public good.  OKORGK COFFRIX, Gtmeroutou,  TIOHKKT-WARHKN, Rarkerviile,  H. S. IlKDRRAVK, MidtUeM.  Williams Creck,l>a July, isti*0. ��������� 5  :- 1  ���������-��������� i  - msEmsmsmam  yy--  v.- ...  fe"'.  V    .  BARKERVILLE, SATf RDAY, JULY 8, '05  *-      't- ' \ " ''$'      '/'.   A'     A. y     ' ..������:  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS;  OTICE.  columns ia issued with this number.Jot the  ������������������.''^^*aUaol^^:,:;y.l!;.. y >..;'.:   :?^c,-,r-!.cy^y:'  '    , O's'X   ''-'   ���������������������������"'.      ��������� ' ,' ' -       ' ���������    *��������� :'- -' ~- ���������'    -f". f*"."     ?'���������>'���������'���������;      i \M'  ; The Cfbyernnieiit orgfcn at New Westminster!  '  SS Made a dashing attempt in a lateJsaue  toproveibat the lw^ itt  Cariboo ia,to beattributedto K^irectimpot-  ; iaiiona" tinder theiTallff itapoWd last spring,  al&d,which,,palledfefortfe,so much indignant  r^monBtranpe '��������� fromythe jinimQg,^onununity.  ! ; 39&1miH<i^ the d&pes  of designing demagogues irt Fwtoria at the  ; ;*i_se; and the-Govemment^gets ttil Use praise  of being the ' benefactor  of ike <������untry.  ,. The p^icepf flour^ in Car^ee''.this-'-year'is  shown to be only hftlf ^lajlii^rai last year*  and the result is booked to &e -prescience of  the Government and! its wise legislation.   In  one of its flighty moments oiar contemporary  !8ays,i4it' would be manif&ily unfair to give  y     All the credit bf;thei re^keiion to the new  Tariff/as itvis attributable  .yf-k'diUtitt'^  creased- competition among merchants."  The  ! prophesies of -tHo'se^mr!said the new Tariff  would depppul^^  ���������     asTajn! and eon^eniptible^ whilst his; Etcel-  tencv'e jmam^ is  landed -fee t&e1 *iies aa 5wohfi*^ t6_'f'-Belng^pre-'  ^erveS iS^KefeafcKives^ ttr c&btfyt^ "jyiftr  we are-not t going -stt-rdeny ^that pi^vUibns are  fe ^  !    ������a^ importation^ has had  A[ libtfcing -whatever ,to do with!>ih������r reduction;  Neither the-increased 'facilities 'of^transit,  -wjti&hhas only Meriatence ia tho imagiuation  of our contemporary~rtf������r<rt^^  y  ^ereaacd^ faeilitiea ii^eJ^|)yeat^^ot.-^^ Afi-  creased' competition of "inerclian^i^aa bad  any thing to do ��������� ywitji ?th$ iruinous* Sncesnow  ^retailing oni the creek;1   The Imposition of  . the high Tariff,;-put on to benefit New West-  m'mater^ ������ciufllx$ly ** * has,:jfeads the* veryl .4sfc-  fectJJanticipaYed by its  opponent*0a Vie  toria,   of  driving  Two-rafRpa, pp tbb-mim;  HRB COMPLBTEtYf ;o*0T*'OP.THK'cbuirf������Tii^4-iie  immediate?effect**1 of the1^Tariff,'as "eyerypny  fewetlIncfcwa;wasvto run ^i^<pric^}<^'^rdi  visions-iitiGar^  &ud tlie miners aionc^  _ uthercourse.^^  ��������� it-he eoiuntryl > ^h^ftcttitie^  the spring for meUtffi ^get^ to; Portland  Victoria; ^j^ribut^  and in a great measure depopuUted the coun-  A try.   The lnVc^n^iq'C01^^ finfqrtunately  ywere deceived'^by^Ihe re^eseja^tonrof the  Goveriimeht organ that^he^SiineirM would ndt  leavej&imported on;'ascale of magnltudjeegual  to former:-;yeai$and> for a'population nptiafe?  therefore been that there itf^^ more p-rojvi^  bious on$R^  its present population for two:year#&nd the  effect of that abundance AimyptjA low .prices?  Unit -We!- ask*yyiU ^the^redu^tipnT an4; Q9&  ������equent "ruiii:'^Ht:iyi&i ' trading interest  permanently !^>e,Dfefi^ ^the country! Moat  ie.jc^inly;;!i]i|0ti'ri.'' Theres ami other Interests  t!<*rbe considered as^^ well as the mining inter-  Aeiia sof the colony^ ^^e^mfir^lu^to^^^he  count#'';:iia?e!liar^e^  tribute" in^agt^teriraU^  ��������� i ol^'ithS^'odmmuKit/'* to \ti# G^ernnaei_t ;as'  wil. as to tS^! ^rospectlngibf the country, and ,;their )ruiii has,fSTfm?*)ap_^' widely  4e$������res8i*ngeffe^tliaii'^^ttrs^whetfan^bther  class Is unsucfesssfui. -  The downfall of the  ev  ty ���������  M  THE Subsertbers rCCpectfully intimate to all who arc  indebted to thorn, either by note or account,. that  In consequence of tho depressed state of trade we are  Pbli.?od. to press,for an. immcdiatp.gcttloment. >"-���������; pfy  ) mi. .J^^omp^oitla authorise������d to collect and^rc'-;  ceipt for moneys due us,   :      .  *    ' J. H. TODD & CO.  ^BariccnriUoy ABsG.* 7th Jtily, 1865; i   yyu r    6-  ���������i'yt;j'  : . f'.'i  iiyji  ^fTiGEl  THE UNDERSIGNED BEGS TO INFORM  the, Public that 1b consequence of* his resigning hia  position in.the.Cpnstabularv^ and holding nootllce now  but that of .Deputy ^Sherifl,,v. ne is . prepared to Collect  Debts, Jaitend to Mining Transactions and Conveyancing  generally^ and i_ also -AnetionfcrJ " * ��������� l y:,:- ��������� - ~'*~t  Offlc?rrNext /door ;.toi- 'Ac B.fe Robertson, ��������� Barrister,  Klchfefl.y,; :>-,;��������� i ���������. fi ,r r Ay-yy, y^My -,.-. ., ;-  'AfM- ���������--���������: *A"A'AA-A Sv-I)AKIEL"b:.CHI3K0LM., .  '^Jalr'4t6vife6*5:;?^ *niy''A -'"-MT!';   -"- ���������: ' 6 ':,!''  b:\rkerville, wil^^^^^  Ilave on hand a large stock of the .following  X <:' fe "goods just arrived^ which Hney- will sell at toe - ���������*-*A'  lowest Market Rates,!-vis:���������--;-  GROQCTIES, <indttdibg il'icfeles, Jj������_uv:iiil kind* bf  WHOLK3AL5  IQtXO1  DEALKBa^V  ^-   ' m  Sauces, &c.'j)y: ,������������������:;  ' ������������������ 5. i 1 .'  HARD WABSj ,CRpCKBUx,'r o 1V  ,.:1 t  rCU-fe.?  S8GARS, TOBACCO,  -fe/V lis  !-}V5;y.  ./  :Peai6y^ 'fe&^rl'do^  !-.Mff)Tt.-:.>!o! fe'- have: Jm������l> received ^ supply t>f ��������� --^ifefefe' fe;  Cj*ST IR^ COOK  varying''in M-Wiroih'erto 9 Inch \ theyj^rei,of fiitst rate  quaiUy; nnd WarratitOd to bake well: fe Al9o, a woil as-  .orted fatoefe-- of: SHEET; IRON,1 birth1 O.ilvaoized aud  PUiA, TIN PLATE, SEKET ZINO^ &' CpHPlBIlri>flAt.  AivAiy?AA~A,yyyyy������!&s������$ A^B^ytAyA '���������--������������������' '!������������������ ������������������'* * '��������� iVV-  Sheet Itob Stores,;f Caking /.Rangisi>- Ky>i  ���������:< ��������� jiaf?M ^or-kfin bu-r}in^ ffttes and!  wirt^ied to give BatiaXacttcc; '^ ' /    f:^f      ?:  '.0  oO./.  l'..Vi," ���������**;���������  Vl 'hfW;^^-> fe^l ADVEtmSKMBKC.;   -. ^ ? '���������'"*��������� '��������� ;^  ^a^aim^ ieiiere iii^%ILX.IAHS 0 REEE  ii,-foists!;Omoe������������,for the Month ending/>: y  'fr^-^^-4^^^8^ "^;;!;^fe,>;  Anderson, Anders Askew^ ThomaSfe (3) A'A[ +  Coxon, GeorgoAy: A'" Cinthwalte, William  Collins, J. "W. y'.yfe-(2).vt ?-;  5 Comeron;. John D.   ���������',;' fe  Conaelly, John .   y.,? -y,,.:.: Aii-y^iy^yUy^ ,,,,,  .r^}1^liiaaa^/-;^. V,i^^^-e*Bu'i'B)"// i=*-������*;  Flynn, Hobart (lj((-.,v,,Florence,:jp^arlei^ , * r*������ y  "Goaseti^'wii!(iain Tra ������������������... ���������������-���������'.^^picivfir^David!^! fe-y I * yAAy.  Gfibsoh,'John v \fe ;feV:^'''vp!.Gilbert,rJamea;;;;;,//���������"��������� :y!;'!/:  Hunter;'Charles^' ^ .' ���������:;!:'-;'IiSe|}ip;'WriHiam1-4 .^7"  Halfpenny; William '. -'  -Hodsbn,' William  -  *v':,       : : ���������''i]' "-"!'';STATIONER^ CLOTHllitS^ '  .-y, ���������.;,-'   ���������������������������y.t-y    : ���������������������������;  ;-v   :fe; jf������,'",������ ,'AfcWn ?ft>: i-lA^t -  Hfe-fe^ yri yfe. j^-.-.BOfipfaAUD J5HO_������fit,  MiKIN������ CTENSIL8,. Including7 AC^X1'. yy/'X ���������  .'���������fefefe.fefefe. ?tV yijfef-Wk/^'^f^,  '.���������'.';������������������' ' ���������-���������f-.f.. ���������,;'    A,  fefefe; ���������;fefe|i<; vJ't^t? l>i.M' .3*>V������.'������',';  ,,.,;..,  /.,M\-y.,:fe,PICK^;fcOKi'llC;  l-^ -^: LI  deae-cal Mercha  fjMS^  *������_���������/( j*l >''J...U'fe..  V:,*"  j9Sf Partkul ar atteaUoo 'la1 call od; to ^onr; fine b  _���������__  1*1": \  'fe'  of L1QU0^;WINES &; SSGAJ^  ^ !Bark������ry ijlii, ,WtWjun^y 1866.: ? rJ  Aim vi *>s-iiv  P .^(., ^ thftpiirpa������ o^el������ctlttg������������������.BoardofsDlrecter������  '^^0^MW^y������!ff^^"������C.{h^dmpMy;^ i:,yW  MeKaugh^bta,VDoaasi'd 3 i  McNab, "^pb.ert ;v;v y,,  ^feOJEOdUB ^ M4?*l^W^^^fe!:fer:fej  ���������*'-      ^  d ii^^AA^^A//;'';a  ipttoa^^'X^; Ay/.  ���������-&}.  ��������� is /  *. -ierri  mercantile i  ������long with thM,w and 4$^ a permanent in-  j\iry behind, because abroad :the>credi^ <rf the  country-suffers; The impaatgpn of theTarlff  nvas undoiibtedlyVthe cause., of -driving |ihe  mineW<wkt m- theAcbuntrjr in ,thb spring,"aiid  we feai!it\wlli-^^^ oa the  nierchants in tte; fall. f" With!flour selling at  twenty-four cents a pound, that cost from thir  iy to' forty1 cents freight from Yale^alppe, can]  Au'y'pne^av^^^ -^ttTb*^ ^f,the-pyil  that mus"^ fall; upon those who'aeted on the  strength of the Goyernmept! representations!  Lot pur contemporary try "as it may: tp cover  ���������up the faM ^^tifces pf, the Governmentp ft is  useless te Atteaapt^feyit^g'that'the legiBlatire  .acti6Wttfl*&������4'itmt&  ihe couatry that it will taS������b years to recover  from.   y^y.r'A- A'A.y-:'...AA. [A.A-A''A-- ��������� ;������������������--.-:-���������  ,    :'   [M Hi���������a��������� ii i ��������� mwmi inn ij ������������������������������������ i'i ii  Pope, tjebrge    fe,;  PoHeyg.Wi!liam<;      K ���������/'  Pilling^ Thomas ��������� j m > '{A  Ross,*fc \m ''W /Am^m-  Sampson, ^William������*' c (4) ���������  8mith,.Hecryfefei_:;fe. y y  8age^^^W..j'i,.;-^2),:';;  Tinlteri peorge'll^ A <//'  Wililams, "Wllliara    (^  whi&timb', H,nM._-;,*'';caj.:.  :- V-!-,fi'jIT-   .i������"*y5 hk-r y :r......  A iuehSel^ *aly StbviSSl  s j MeArttetr,feJXraaldy an 'fe I  ^ s^McPonald,; Jolmh *yf��������� %.- -.  ;^|I^S^ee^ey?'.':'MofgRa,..";:'- j  :���������"'Kewtoai*'Jpsepfi B.;.. y '"- A  /pyy-yy v j-^r -'y.-ry-y-x  Jfef  ������ ~     f ���������  ������������������ ������     -fe a������   ��������� .fe    ���������   " "   -��������� v:s >i i!.  Penberthy, John White!  :';Pin������;*Mk; _:":.��������� 'Lfe'^f'-.r.;.-  Bdbertsoni Charles >BCJ:i: *'  ��������� gwaeney, John- Lv-r' - ^ ; -  t^Stillmacj Henry;R;;{  !.' Vartcas,.^Lionet,Sv, /,;c (.ix;  ..^^erp^iUiami^ '^j' A  -.-,  H>F:CpifSIKUKE,",..,  t-i >   -yypbstmaster^  ���������y?''y:xy\\y-M.vA, &   ty  AM>:X y/'A: ':./���������'��������������������������� :XA*'tt ���������y.xin 0&:_.  fHR fcbove flivo?tft)ly^^knbwn! Estabiwfei^t,'nnder  fey the stipomntendance. of |._tf_������D__M_5-.^AMste  JAM2CS, Its proprietreeai has; just beeh<op$b-&tojtit������  public. The Hotel ig fitted iip in the mbstcomfortablo  style', and tho Restaurant isr supplied1 with all" the'delU  cacies the market an*ord������i A FIKST CliASS CCK)l_h_������  been.secured... "���������..-.,:r:;.���������.������������������,;*-AA- .AA.,.|fjv ������,v* ^noff/S  ^P>#l^t-brs*a&!or  ���������y-fe^fe���������Aiiy.^yy.y.yi^yj: ���������ttMi&ztr'iwu-:  hand.it:i  v i *:������  1  I  -1-.ii���������������>A y-:yv I������:l 1 sh��������� i;.';:;yy *&p,ig! DXfm^ : fe 1|  T^JS^JSSSl1*"* >'OW.PRBPAHSD TO a Wi  ���������1 LYSE ORES ef *%������iripilti^^.  fpr that purpose ;; Charge*> moderate.  MI^W lW������������*i ^ ?oqk ��������� FiuWe And Ditch  AA  Blehfi������l^ JuD;.e;S$th>SiSd5w  V.ili  ?'- ,S\>t^|Mi  tJM -. Ri*l  ������*iV "4i  )^;iil^I%f||MQ:^/|/G.tE>f  XrJB8IW^TU-K8 PI-EAStf&E IN NOTlFTtNG^tt -1  X public-throu^9U^vCMt^:iS^^  1  thii date.to sell atJPttbhc Auction^ .oa anyifwift ,of; H  llama creelc;'every ltitid*bf property, et&tibnaryjor'am   ,-,  r   V:   --*  ���������;ablel^uch.as  .     AA-AcA^  1  any prbperty^whatSoever placed la. n%hahds by Official I  pr,Tr^O;.A^gn^esiin .Baakniptcy^-y Havlng^hatl mora %  than te,a years expericncerin,fth^varioua Branches t< %   -^���������^^^^^^^^^    ^iiotioneeHnfr; I.ho^o;that(ahyjojn^"rcQUirihg myaer.. \  >\AA' izA-'-- ���������<���������-} a: I ".������ rr* ������?? -of-* V'- * ���������*>-J' ^ n '���������* ^ -;   vices "will be klcid ^uo������agn to ��������� give me a qktt. an'd' twi'& $  . ��������� i-t * fe .��������� ">; Vr ��������� --V-.'- ���������.. ��������� *r -TOrii ^ > e-",,f 'i'*   t^V0'to pleasetalL whotniay���������������������������: fatruet itbeir buaineaa tu i  Has Xn^truotions^b sellSe foUowirigvali&ii 5^uiPA^i&W^^i&dp&'to ?  ��������� ���������.' j fe; i ,5.jr_ijiA-l ��������� j-i-*  "'^-    P"���������*���������w  m my posseesion toJ>e}ijpld, .and^ prompt ^^ttloment of f>  alii transactions. !;. *An>; pcraoa'wishing/tp copaiiti ma A  WlU fitiii 4H8 at ib^ btfire; tho'UdlPioheer, stand. r:A-y   y  t^i^lBteTeists'la^^siag^  "l--afefe-:fe^v'.---i ., ^"BrownV.^yr abV^:^ T,:'gW^-**-���������  tfe'fe-M wyu������o -fev fe' *JProVlde������ce^ d6'>,^mt__in-c,attti-^^-?.  lr4  ���������do  do,  doi  'liS^'Uo  =lr4v,-:do;.fe  life V.' -dby'  it:-;,: "-i- do  ?|������rovldeRcer? do7^^mtioafe Qttleh';  fe /'Forrest: RofcsJVCoJyjV^iihamS!Gf--_j  ���������y^^/AMMm' ^wy$bo/A,'s  ^4iCorni8h".fe"i:rffe &liA l^u-*Abi;* ���������!' **  .yiAAl<&&?m  '^Garibaldtf"?   iffefe"do AM'-yy"(do  fe'/Chailenge^fe, f <io-^Cp5a_:Uni:!a������lsh:  ^moofVly   A Mydoy^.^M^doA^y  Alfebfea-few-shares^la.the Various "0ed Rc^JWumo Cojya  fe'^Ali ^hds of business connected with ralnieig prompt  ly and carefuilv'atiendecl'to. A'rr ;' ��������� :'' ff-  -y /���������.-���������. y^  MjtSr Office-^RKJHFIKIJ), n^ar the Coert Honae.  ,0  ^";:fe-  -!..-:-.;! *' 'fe'- -fe;'. -'-" ���������'-" -y ���������-' - ^7^<rf *c.vfi:!.v'^  AiX, THOSE HAVINQ AOOOUKTSi $m!R -V/1  jf  Merehandiasot zt&lkinds Md^atAuctibn^ atidprivats  ��������� yA^A"*-  'JAOOB EHRENBACHER,'-  ���������! \WAttU*& ittifMX.iM*.y. ������, ^public'Auctioneer,.  !^;^������rx!n^;j3t^n������: setbj leefti^f yqq t$ l"i u o U mf '^.  flam        'iS3'Wt><fc1������s������* tf������fl a1Si������������,fc ' '   ^*3^*������iiW f  :ii^-  -^^.V"?.'-- :*-VF3������:������T3&  CA^ERONtOH-  ^���������^^.JTAVV'Hav  j _-ji*  j~_.fe.fe"  In the Supren^ Court of Civil Justice of  i British Columbia.  i ii^rjffe^k'JH: BANKRCPTCr,.;;/ Ii>4-y'fe ;.y'fe  1! !;i ������^j./i V:'< .:;iu:'.Tey MtLSS-Ci^ fe"nAyi-^v;fe  *VT0T4CE is hereby giVeh: that! a'Ciieiitors? Hecttiig -will  ���������jS������-beheld at the Court Housed Richfield, before'Mat-  thew1 BaiHio Begbie,' - Ea'quirs, Judge, on Thursday, the  aothinstantj atlla. m., for the| purpose of swarding  a second dividend in the above esiatei Creditors who  have not alfoady proved;ih&r debts will then be allow*  :'ed~to do'aoV'-''   B^order'of <3burt;   ��������� -:7' ' 'A> ���������������������������  ���������m- .fe- :.. fei-'-'H fe-.fe'OI/IVER- HARBi Official Assignee,  Richfield,-J-ulyHth, 1866. .      { ' \ 6  A'Naw Golb Beabing Ceeee Found.���������A������re-  f)ort had reached New 'Westminster that the  exploring party had found a new creek, ly-  .aig cast of Lake Kamlopps,, and in tlfce same  range of mountaiha as Kooteaayi Ii ������^ated  lhat the diggings will pay $10 per day "to the;  baaC';���������'' / !.; l AAA' "' ,'  ':  A Hew Stbamkr for the FiiASEn.���������Capt.  'Irving'eia^w steamer, the .'Onward,''his lieen  .5aunehied at Victoria, from the yard of Mr*  Ti uhey. The following are her dimensions:  length, 120 feet; bieam, 24 feet; depth, 4 1*2  ,5V pf!; she has Id staterooms and will carry 80  *'jm of freight. Her engines are made by  Spvatt ���������& Krieiuler, of .the. Albion;Foundry.   ;  Iq tho Supreme Court *ef Civil Justice of  ,   ...y vyy-1 ������������������- BriMi CoSnsifeia,!, '-\\   ..!!''  a'a/aaa/a'yy:j^yA^ttfm^/.yAyi,'.   .'A'\  :'".' In e*������^'lboMULH:&' Lowo,- Bsalm^ta,  I^QTICK is hereby given that & Meeting vrlll be held  i3l at the Cosrt House, lUchfleJd, kax Tuesday neitLtho  Uth or July instant, atlla,' mcy before Matthew Batt*  lie Begbie, Esqtttre; ��������� Jwdge, when tho bankrupts are  required to surrender themselves for a second exam in-  atioavand when all isreditors ttot already -proved a\n  prove their'debts; also for gjssstag the aoeouats of Mr, |  Hamburger, the former Trade Ass^^iee of t&e estateJ *  .'*>,!-���������'.'^'liy.order'of <*ourtj���������"-���������������,*.*.*        y y ������������������*   ���������.  ��������� <y-: > fe OLIVER HARE, OfiJclal Assignee.  RichQeld; July Tth^ 1805. '��������� y ������   :, ..JzAU,  Are with due raapeet notified that their,accounts y*M  be cloeod oQaa'd after Ju'i.f 1st. 1865, aftcr^whlch time  .:,.:;fej   'fey. -fefe'our terms wfil be   '   t\ttw. frxitii">0'  ].fe;;S:T:^|p^t^:!^  Wo will make no distinction of dlwrlrnlnatlpnybtit  deal with all alike, and upon tho same terms. It will  be pur endeavor Jo merit a continuance of the.patron-  agelHeretofGre.'B^rVed'at-'thinia-i'd^ er our Yrtcedi ihd  patrons,  BarkcrviUe, Williams Oroek, Ju������e;?@th,;l������e5;^n *(���������  \   Whblceale & Retail Herthants As Dealers in . t-t '  ; J:ikH'i- ������������������irwiii.L4.li!.ii ���������-���������?-*-������������������ '-^y *������.*������������������������* .-������������������ '* ���������:."-;s.7*''-"' A "'A,  '���������XJa\Hjihi<-!j&^^ dlotUing,  Hardware, Mediciaes, X*niga & Miners Tools. ;>t ,\-  ^Thtflih^pesi; prl^on^p^Swki1 u  ^������������������^f-t. vvVt/w.U''  iUivH ���������}���������'*?  t������nl  sW>.vr?-i.ly^^fe  .<     Tl  HE UKBKBSIGKBD being 4eslr������ua of ������renting'*.  _} Flouring, Mill atfeQuesnelmouth,; offer for-salo ������h������  Sraeblnery;ofkfeTBAH SAW MILL, fp* the purpose of  getting? mere1 powerful enninas.   The Mill is coixipHtt,  wad capable of isawlng 8000 Umi la 15 hours j it has ������b  WE W5LL.SHLL, OUR ENTIREI STOCK AT  chinery  buHdiBg������  HARPKR & WRIGHT.  To tho Highest Bidder, .Withoutoth������> SUjghteat  Beisearve, rin lots to suit,;ever3rbodyv vs ,(  yA ':,A-"    '..,. '!cpmn^cii^'oii-..y' !.v\,.?,bi ,/���������,.,  ���������Monday Evening," :3r4"- teistJ,-' at..7 {^-2,|>tp5lpcltfe.  and continue every eyeuitig until the. fr^ioSe^stotk  is sold off.       .       ...   ' ' AA,. .   ��������� .tArr.y , o M?,.;  ^������~ Next'deor to tho Parlor Ssloon, Barkervl^y, i.  BANKRUPTCY NOTICE.  I������ tho Supreme Court of Civil Justfoe^f  British Columbia,     y     :    !1  COURT of GENERAL ASSIZE &GA0I* ������������������    IH  ^_ .will be held at Ihe Court House, Richfl*ld, vm*������  Cariboo District, oi Thursday the.ftHh.of luJjf ������***���������  ,  The Court to'sit oti the first day at 11 a. m*   ���������.,._  i{ (-'....  ^1'  / i"  ..!.-.. ,- . BarkerviUe, 6th My, 1866.  Tho Committee ���������appointed to raise farads for the pur-  pose of sendi-if'th������, children of thei|ate Mrs. Winnard  to Victoria, bng leave to ret^ra thanks tb the generous  public of Williams ������roek for th������r kindness in enabling  them'to carry out that object,  : The amount raised irom tho Entertainment at the  Parlor Saloon, and subscriptions collected by Mrs. Martin, was three hundred aiid two dollars, th o balance of  which, after paying their expanses to Victoria, will be  handed to the Sisters of Charity in that city towards  their maintenance and education.  Mrs. Lowe, who leaves for Victoria on Monday next,  has very kindly volunteered to attend to the orphans  until they reach their destination.  J: SPENCER THOMPSON,  Fv 3. ATCHISON, C hairma a;  Scr.*t:in*.  ��������� Q  ..W:-.yK lN;.BAmRUFS!Cfo*..feMi!fe  ."^  lo p������l?x'paaA% JiAnrmM Jacob Msbjocsoj ^WtortipW.-  WBEEEA3, a Petition of A<tyacatio*i* of Bankruptcy/]  bearing date tho 2Sh day of June, 1*806,.hos oasnr  di^ly fllod by Ilaphoal Lande and Jabob .Morcuse,   of  Liilooet and Barkerville, both in British Coldmbiaj  Traders in Merchandise aud St6rekee|jerB, and they  having been declarod Bankrupts' are hereby required  to surrender themselves to Matthew>BallieBfigbie,.EB*  quire. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Civil Jus-,  ties,-on Monday, the 3rd day of July, for a' first examination, and Thursday, the 20th day of July, 1866/ for  a second examination, at the hour of eleven o'clock jin  the forenofjii, precisely   on each. dnyi. at' the Court  House, Richfield, and make a full discovery and disclosure of thei r estate and effects,  when and; where the  creditors arc to come prepared to prove their debts,1 and  at the first sitting to choose Creditors1 Assignee and ������xi  amine the Bankrupts,     All persons indebted to tha  Bankrupts, or who have any of their effects, aro not  to pay or deliver tho same but to Oliver Hate, "Esquire:  Registrar of tho Supremo Court, Ofiksial Assignee, and  give notice to .:   <  JOSEPH PARK,  Counsel for Petitioner*; RichUeld.  Dat2_ Juai 5Sl\ 1S66. 6  : Rlchflold, 33rd June, 18S&.  In 'iS$]fk$vni& ytiw&$'< Civil -$$lffi<f:  ���������3*  ^OTldE'lsh'sreby given tha.-J Letter* of Adml.DUUJ'  ll' ������ioa^ tho Kstato aiid Electa of Trederick Bibw.  late offeRichfleld, deceased, have bsen granted to OU-  VER HAREi, Esauire, Acting Registrar of ^eSupwnj  Court of Civil Justice of British Columbia, thsOfflclM  Administrator, to whom the creditors 'ar*to send wu  accounts," oa or before WedaesdaV, 12th day ������-JJJ  next, 7 ���������*" oesBoas indebted to\ tho.ssid-illstats, or %w*  hava amy of hia eiTects. aro not to pay?or. deliver .tw  same but to the said OScial Adminlstrator. .  m ,y ,r: ,fe. tl: ��������� ������ .; A; y   OIJV2SR 'BABK, ,  , V.--,.-    -fe .-..-.,���������:������������������������   Official Administrator.  1 Richfield^ June jJSrd, 1806.,  GAZELLE SALOON, Carneronton.  ABLER & BARWi 3__G815k������i30BSXS  OLD COMMISSIONERS COURT.  ,   y; (Before V.jGVCox, P<l-)v  '.',:,A yfqdxm^^  teex co?y.~-~J. Portman :vsy. Chas^Haiikin;  _ ww  an: Thhiwas ati^cfo^ of  ^ l|lf|#: balanoa of Account for sinking.^ shaft  ���������fefefefeifefe. fe;?L������*."; ^ ''"���������**"   *_.'__���������     ik*.      A������-k*������iinn/-at      Ka cl      ������r%f     Kaan  J^ipidccl that the Jontract had not been  ^l^leted; judgment for, plaintiff, but pay-  mAm  of> ti Ai  iffo_&  OffiotC  'elofe_$-  3Ct������?������ fe  tfy*  am ;  termi.  Official  ct more  5h,e������0(  ���������Qyaor-  ; placed  ult rod  >rir_ti  wet,  tot-  <jitiS$to be deferred^������ completion of contract.  MeSas-Sttlt-pThe Barker eo^y.vthroiigh their  A, 8ti������a the plaintiff in fo-MsrcM#lbr  _ damages, or to compel,hinvto complete  _aft;rthe Commissioner deferred judgment  lie would inspect,the ground.      _.,  t ��������� il. ?'**������'A, A i^tt^fty^t^'Jil^ ���������:!  BSlalejr co'y.-^-Iohn Wiikins va. David  ���������ijn^gjhis was an action:", for $445 for labor  i A>r������AAm?Qfi in the above claim; judgment was  d, and six weeks allowed Tor payment.  y^jffltf-rl-kii. co'y.--John Simpson vs. Joshua  .BrM^Tbis,waB,an7 action oa judgment for  fCaptained in' Commissioner's Court; bin  6rder96.:defeqdn.^*<> ?������K^20-0'with-  nth. arid ilto^b&liSnco *ln^wof weeks  or*,.., .������������������., fefer;.ry:fe-v^i.t!'"^Tfe.'fe!'fefefe,f;--;', ! ;!  arid Chief eo?y.~-D, .& tindlay, forer  njfta^lpSurprise .co'y, by Isaac Davis: Action  Ip^H^^aef^dftUts :'��������� show cause ;whyr they  |p^^P>t restore 300 feet of ground >nWil^  pm^^$eltA "Wli^c���������������1_ieyr''Md ^umped," and  |-j^|j^^lii&d'''' been iaid over by plaintiffs; the  k^U^^on tfrd������edith������^o iiiid^ to "hel given  |||jp|lW t&jirppcrjy Represent it  m  B ANKRI7PTCYf COURT.  ���������. i.:4������^y t  ''/ - AM '" ' ':' " yHday^-ith July. 18G5. :  v.^fijSjBLand' and Mercuse-^Bankrupts were  ' ,^mp;u(^-4%&d Williams creek, y The  y������Wp{*|i for proof of debts and examiha-:  :p^pfefefefe--fe'  ���������'following debts were  ylmmmm^t'sotos and iaterest^ ���������  $_40i  SNHmR^H^^v'o^fe";;:;:;";'//:-";  -CfiSiSMtF admihiBtratbri 'Saleeso Estate,  imm^^ &:oo.;/:r^ '-'"*  ' ���������.��������� 1 *!  720  603  :<'787*  1097  'fefefD  %Jfe  thing,  ffj**n*  IH1'  cling ������  sale the  'pose ft  inpl*i*,  fa&StB  } Will trt  rheM������-  UdiDfl.  GBT,  tfVSW  ������Drt������  ats>������  J^F^aboye only represents a {portion of tbe  "w"n||^f' flhe assets -amounted to $6894,  ;|ents to'the 'dollar has been offered  fip^ffi^jiti'oti, ''which1 tSo'general creditors!,  ;ir|^||fcf������epr������_������iited by Mr. Reinhart, are  di������|||KM^Mi| having.the affairs of the  Jl^^^^sm^0ore Aom.--Mr.'Fl,X!aumei8-  SlpiSpfflWWta^d Tra^e.Assigneo. yV,; Ay ':,  :' fe$5F|Ipp������d������' iM ��������� ftxirnliiid . toy 'SSrl Walkem,  ���������;;;oi^||ppf''Mr. Nelson. H������ stated that he  ---gi^B^prtgage.-.on his property in Liilooet  /:^ralraH|lwig^-^^ito^  ^ej^P^P^si: had given goods to Cohen &Hoff-  !.ta'^Jft^Mt'the same time, tb the amount of  ^l||gp|||^flfy a debt which he<..owed them ;  t:|IB|^P^p_ttered in the schedule, as losi was  |(i^J^P^iwhich Mr. Nelson ^kiudly induced"  ! ;l|p!||p^ke In the steamerLttlbb#t, and which  ;;lf||^ as the mortgagee  |il^p^ip^W%i'mself; the one-half of Mr.  S^pS^^tefet was fbr -interest; with the. ex-  ^yylyAitf Mr. Reinhart ..and other"creditors  m ^i^ifia,  the; re^rha'd ['r������c������ved- largo"  S|l^ffiPI|'from;the firiBt^y;1 \ ���������5--.i;-''!' .  y^^S||ircu3e.wasei^SaedTegarding  ���������^^Mith"of:g^DdsfeWhich-he,had sold to  ������*Pp|^feuncertMcate(_' bankrupt on Cun-  ���������BiffiSfflaB*, but bis explanations were not  ;^JlSilW*;^������7 by the Court and the ftu-  ' ^^m^^^mipOAtponed,y r ry.-yy  ���������'���������!^������|BSaft' vo������������������ and Lowo^baakriipts:^.  Chsft^^^Vw^ wa9 accommodated with a  8���������^l4jmng^his examination,^ on the applica-  ;tioiij^ppljapttaflel, Mr. Robertson^ was exam-  ������������������'l^^^':^1^^^ obtlshsif of'the Trade  Judge-���������Mr. Lowe; you have-not a good  memory unfortunately, ae you forget on Friday what took place on' Monday in the same  week.- : '"' ���������'!;!,��������� ���������''!'" "���������'"��������� - ' ",;:  To Mr. Walkem���������l)id not recollect telling  the foreman:of;the p Alturas" oo?y that the interest was his (witness?) and insisted on get:  ��������� ting work.-A ���������,.���������  .   -: ���������'��������� *' u" ;:;'.��������� \,A.  Judge���������Mr. Lowe, can . you recollect any  thing, or is it a temporary loss of memory!  Have you -��������� heard" of any money paid for aa  interest in the Alturas company?  ;:-;'WitriesB^-Np.;fe;.^:' Aa^A/m'/a, '."' ;  To Mr. Walkei_t--*Mr. Oppenheimer called  at witness' house; remained a minute and went  out with Mr. Henderson, but said nothing in  witnesB,r presence about the money for the  Alturas claim; Mr. Hamburger did not suggest  the employing of counsel to defend him.    ;  Mr. Robertson examined tha bankrupt in  order to show that tho claim was Mrs. Lowe's,  and!that;a bona fide sale had taken place to  Henderson after tho trade assignee had ro*  fused to accept it"'/.  Mr. Hugh Gilmouir, foreman of the Alturas  company, was examined by Mr. Walkem. but  he could not fix the ownership of the claim  on Low;e further than -that U was entered in  his name in the books of tho company.  I Mr; Walkem applied that Mr. Hamburger's  accounts should not be received at present as  he was now acting for tho bankrupt and instructing counsel for him and acting against  the interests,of the -estate.  Thei Court severely commented on Mr.  Hamburger^ cbhduct and pOdtpouedpassing  :the--aocouuts* .7:-.r;^y';!fe,,..���������.,,..������,������...A���������...A, ...���������^y.A.y  f The official assignee said the accounts were  far from satisfactory. .This terminated the  business which occupied nearly th<e whole flay.  AN/qRISH^EJI^Mi^T CASE.      *  A case which excited a good deal of amute-  ment camo off to-day before Mr. Cox. J Th<s  Coart House was densely packed^ Mr^ Ehren^  backer sued Messrs; Wadbam and Beedy for  aseaulting him in his own stbro by pushing  him out and hurling him down an incline opposite :thefedobr into the street' ���������'*��������� A,  fe Mr. Bhrenbacker stated that ho had rented  the store: tor a months from tho 24th June, and;  paid the rent iu advancet to Mrl Losky., Mr.|  Wadhamaind another miii fbrcibiy*-ejoetedl  him yesterday, and Mr..Boedy turnedhia.,clork|  (the Original Pieman) but   y^ -��������� -y  Joe, the Original Pieman, was examined,'  and convulsed the court; as well as theraudience; with laughter by ^e^brigined"ahd^  pbic manner lu which ho doscribed ihe forcible ejectment ��������� of himself and master. ^ They  were both forced put by having thoir arms  pinioned from behind. He declared that had  he been the owner of the store be would have  got excited, but aa he was ouiy the- clerk  he kept cool.  The defendants alleged thatAflxe store was  theirs, and that plaintiff promised to leave at  a moments notice when rcquested; he had received six day's notice but had "not left? they  had resumed possession and only used sufficient force for the purp ose. ...  Mr. Cox said there was no evidence against  Mr* Beedy, but he thought Mr. Wadham had  ^exceeded the force necessary to eject the plaintiff and he fined him $5, both parties to pay  their own costs* It was understood that the  caae would cdmo'up^ again on Monday next  in a differeut form. '   ' /   A A:  MINING INTfiLLIGKNCK.  ' ": OOHEfAM 'CltJLCH.  . ���������';' ' y  EXTRAORDINAEY YIELD OT THE ER-  iccson coMpani;   ���������-! !  ; fe    $30,810: INfeQpi  ; This claini seams to inerieaBO In  overy day. The amount taken out for!the  week ending 2nd inst was 1400 ozs. For the  week ending yesterday the 9th ifc amounted to  1926 obs.; viz: oii Tuesday, 883 1-2 6m., Thursday, 439 ozs., Sunday, $03 1-2 oeb.; making a  total of 1926 ouH; worth $30,81*. Out of this  sum the shareholders will have\tp contribute  nearly $1000 to the C^Vernmeiit for Export  Tax. Tho dividends paid on oach itiierest  yesterday was $2,500, leaving a balance after  that amount was paid in the toasury of the  company.     - ''"��������� **��������� *'!;";:A/yr[*/' ,--'., Ayr������������������  i A'aA/m ���������:'.^^wn-Mi-is'.-CTMi.:'.  Our usual weekly review has been crowded bulv There is nothingiiBfjy importaut  however to^'repoirt'': A:, '.yy:  [ ...feC0!W������rOHAM-CEaBK^- y-AyA  Th������? news from this. locality is not at present of a very  exciting character, but iia tho courso of a' wetJc or so  wo fully expect; that ihauors will take a more lively  turn. The ditch was completed last Saturday afternoon* the altitude ct tho. ditch above,: tho flat is such  that hydraulics can be worked with from70 to.lODTett  fall; there are two pipes' at work now, and several oth-  era'arergetUng'raady^ihe-hydfiUiUc^s^  is the most profitable of any where'sufueient fait can he  had, nnd this creek seems prcremlnently suited for the  adoption of the' process. ���������The Wing" Dam co'y are at  work ground sluicing a deep hank off; and as soon as  the creek falls'somewhat they will start to eleaa up;  they have got good pay here in former 7ears.--The  Dutch boy have beea running a cut into' tha bank,  above the first named co'y, and found good prospects;  they washed up on Tuesday $145, but their water has  foiled them so ;hey are compalkd to stop till their ditch;  is finished.���������^Tb������ Fenton-Kambdl co'y, next adjoining  the last named co'y, are eawing- lumber an<l butlding  a ditch, on .which they bavo some 7 or 8 Celestials at  work.���������Tho McKay Jailer co'y, creek claim, wre pre.  paring to turn the stream through a tail-race: ;ttiey  have been.washing isbme of the dirt^ in said tali-race,  and cleaned up over $ ounces.���������-The Point or,Wade co'y  commenced running a cut into th'o Qat ou.Tuesfjay, they  struck high wok on the hill side and are now IWlowtag  the dip of the channel towards the ereek; they have  found several pieces, indicating that they are not far  from pay,���������Tho Sergeant co'y will have their hydraulic  to work In * few^aysand wil^bo(taking!pu> p%y within a week--iKehtucktco'y fare busy at work, night and  day are doing extremely well, on Saturday lis^ they/  thad about 60 ounces.���������The John Grey eo'y havfraayt  through blasting rim rpek,.-glucies all set and erecting  hydraulic.���������The Hontgonie^  lie on the 4th and are now rushing off the dirt fast,  they have a very powerful pipe,���������Tho Hollow ay co'y,  at the mouth of Holloways gulch, struck a flue pron-  pectsSthe other day. t&ey are ..now endeavouring to get  te the bed rock with a cut.���������The Campbell co'y, on a  bar about a quarter of a mile above town, hnve been  ground sluicing, and ''are finding pTospects>of heavy  gold.���������About 3 mites below a large ct������'y2 called the Alpha co'y, Limited, have taken up 1800 feet of a flat; a  shaft has already been sunk 60 feet during last fall and  this spring, but was abandoned- on account of water;  the new co'y Intend patting;in wheel and pumps; fche  foreman, Mr. Alex. Jack, thinks he can get down in-3  weeks.���������A good number of people are comimgandgo-  between Cunningham an<l;WilUams creek, for prospt'ct-  ing and other purposes; many of them only remain a  day or two and simply prospect.tho surface or any ex.  posed crevice of rock, never taking the trouble-to sink  a hole, and leave with the full conviction that there is  no gold to p*y outside of those claims that are opened.  A country would have to be rich indeed to bear such _  test; if mea. would only makecup the&r minds, before  going there at aU to give the place a; fair trial, we have  no doulit but they will find groafid that will pay from  $Tto $10 a day,  QSOITSB' CREKK^, ... ��������� fe   .,.,..   any in'tho couhtry for economy.  !Fliere arW  at prewnt (en men at work,undorMr,(l>iiiicaii  Cameron; tho.'ibreman. :; ���������'A;i i ' "������������������"[" A /\  A-A. yGtoO, FlNp, CREBE. '.' ���������' 'y' ��������� \ fe' A  A company: 'of white men have taken up  ground on this��������� ereek^and intend 'putting in a  tiutoe. A^ largo: hiimber of Chinaihen havo  been at work upon ki but like all their countrymen here they have evaded payment of  license arid recording fees. SinceV (be whito  men made a raid upon them we learn that  quite a number of the Celestials have taken  out, license.;'; / t       ��������� ���������' -l        ''    ' ' A   ' ���������; ���������  '.; ,./��������� .; :'-?:'' 8TBVBK������.'GltBBK.���������. -A - **-',���������* t-    'A''  Mining e*n this, creek is i progressing sot Is-  factorilyi The Blackpool bed roefcfluine coyy  washed upy oil Fridayjasti 60 '^- of coarso&  gold^ ; Thejr ���������* have tocovored; the i old; lead  which has been for some time past^supposed  to',��������� ^b������ lost. 'A WhqA Matrimonial c6V, 'below  Brown & Ketpy% ���������'��������� hate been engaged j^bund  alulcing [ for. tho;last four weeks,-. ��������� ��������� Their j^ bed-  rock looks remarkably well, coarse gold b(������-  ing easily found oh the exposed rock.;' Thoy .  will wash up in about a weet -honce.-' '! We  hope to have further good, liows >. to report  from this; creek shortly. ^ '  %9  '"4'  ^jlEhefitness looked p^le,%and is  ^abbfing'ander aii'attack of illness.  in reply-Jto the learaed counsel that  claim was taken up in-his wljb^s  Jact: which ah inspection of 'thenrecord  tly confirmed;,dttrihg the winter he  0 interest to the Trade Assignee,  d to accept 4t and my the assess-  v ^p^^ aftj^^Hs^ldt^lfi^stto Mr.  ^0U- ^f!l?^n' ^s wife's brother, for $20, and  loprein* ^^l^iself i<p work for wages in it, for  i OffljJjJ: TOp^h*te brother4n-law paid him $275 on the  a������,   ^      last, he was obliged to go to work  means, to support bis family; he  rd and did not know that Mrs. Lowe  arter of aii interest in the Saw Mill  ^aever got any dividends from it  ������s; aware of; bad not heard of tlae  the interest in the Alturas for $1000;  f aa^r jio^ney jsaid^or papers connected with  %^1������ffe/<mr ^r -.fiF0 men" were in witness7  wmn^^u^ mi������ Mr  Henderson a short  *Mi^?|^r hut could not tell what they were &n immediate prospect of the work being car-,  ���������JSlSfK^011^ as ^ (witness) was lving on!rie(iout- Mr. Spence, of the Lands and Works  ���������P^^PpPlB9 at tlie too unwell and took no no-! department, arrived yesterday afternoon for  C-S*$$? nothing of this claim. I tho purpose of mneyizg the ifae.  nd their  of-JaJf  The Nbw Roads.���������As wo etated lately, work  has been commenced on the. Alexandria-Ques-  nel road,, and also oti; the !-Cottonwood road  under their respective contractors. So far  there has not been much progress made, bit  we hope the utmost energy will be employed  to carry out the contracts withont defey. We  have Eot heard 'Of ^aay Government official  from the Lands md. Works Department being  iii this part -ef t&e * country to see _the wwfe  carried out according to the specifications* fo  it not usual to have a supervision of tho imk,  and what is the reason of this-neglect-?  [Since the above was in type we ream ^at  Mr. Spence has been actively employed In  superintending theoperations on raef^sds.]  Accident.���������We regret to say that aa incident of a rather painful nature ;Wfd^ Mr.  David Grier on Saturday evening last, Mr.  Grier was working��������� itt we shaft of ike Bald  Head claim; mwliifc'fo he is a shareholder; the  bucket used for hoisting the clay oat of the  shaft was about being lowered when it got  disengaged If om the rope and fell down a distance of twenty feet on Mr. Grier, striking  him en the left arm and fracturing one of  the bones below tbe elbow* Dr. Bell was  summoned and attended immediately; under  his care the unfortunate sufferer is getting oa  well.  ; SUPREME COUUT?-rIN CHANCERY.  " ;   ;    (Befor.a Hon. Mr. Justice Begbie.)        * '  ;!']>':-."l A:'!:; !V;!;fe!Monday,'3rd July,! 1865-'i  ;. Bpreails co'y vs. Saw Mill co-y���������This caj������o  has not been Anally disposed of, his honor  having granted- an interim order restrain ii i g  defendants until1 affidavits are filed bn>.both  sides^as to the incOhveniencoaild injury likely to!resiiltTromliiriklng th^fi         t^-  fefe���������:���������:���������������������������'    yAi'\ MOTIONS:^C*ffAMBEIW.   '  SevQX&ifcqilbm have been dispoacd of dur-  't^^^qe&Aiy^//yA , ..'������������������' '������������������.������������������>  AlieshvSiGrey^and^tiiere.���������Thlsw^sa motion for an injunctibh in!reference to obstnlcl-  ing the tramway ie AdainsrMill. Hfe honor  ordered the: car wheels to be restored but dc-  clined to order the defendants to supply, thp  ���������'miU-:!'#itt',lum^er;^ ;'������������������.'��������� \.   ���������", 'AA y::..  /Marks .& .Winkler vs8B?6wn, Giilis, Popper  '& Heath���������Tbis was a motion to foreclose a  mo*rtgage,for $6000, granted by Brown ou  partnership -re^l!feeatate;;i'and to take prece-  denceof an assignment by both Brown and  Giilis to Popper* Heath for benefit of creditors getwraH^ H^ decided that tbe  roorfgage.Onty :affe^te<fi Brown������8 part of the  prbperty.y Mr^Walkem wasengaged in both  motions.y A ������������������-. " ^ 'y ; y. ���������   a.  A   ��������� '.���������������������������-'���������_  ���������  yy//y :.:-:-^l^Ii^;ypURTO ; ': "''  '���������[AAy^otewA^^^A^^' P-)  yy/yxyr^/^^y^^^S'  Jesse Pierce aiid William Williams wore  charged by Florence Bennett, an "unprotected female" residinjjln BarkeWile, with breaking into het dwelling and placing her; in"fed:  ilyfeir*<>*^The ease against Pierce'hot jieihg  sufficient he was discharged, 'buii Williams was  convicted and ������enteiiced_ t������fpay; $25 damages  t#complalhattt/ and^^ enter into bonds iri  $1000 to keep the peace for six months:; The  Magistrate expressed Itis domination to piit  down all such rowdyism. ';���������:        ;';Ay  Road on WnxtAMs Crbkh.���������The Government has at length awakened from its apathy  in regard to a road from Richfield to Cameron-  ton, and we aro happy to state that there is  ABm Rock Flu^.^TWcompany, who were  so fortunate as to secure the right of putting  in a fiume here are losing no tit^e in prose-  <cut"rag the work.; Tho flame was commenced  only in August haft year, and 'feere is now  upwards of eleven hundred feet completed  apparently in a most substantial manner; it  is not sp targe as either .Antler''or Williams  credit iutoes, but, la our opinion, it is capacious eaeugh for* <c*reek the size of GRmse.  The company will never have any trouble  with "tailings" from the flume, m at tifepokt  where they are discharged there is a fall of at  least twelve fed A vast deal of wo*fe has  been done this reason in ground i&dci'ag the  bed of the creek where it is designed te lay  the flume^ and thus profit will arisfe te the  company at the same time ifee worfe is -goisg  forward. Within a very short period there  will be a great many feet More of tke Sume  completed, aa '*the bed for it is aow w&dy*  V&likto almost every other Mud of mining, the  actual results of bed reck flumes can om'ly'be  ascertained at tlie end of tt������ season, wbsa th������  water is very loyr and work is about to be  suspended; It w then washing np commences  and the expectations of shareholders are  either reaiieed or dteft-ppointad. From the  prospects of gold got in.the bed of th������ creek  and in the adjacent banks there are good  grounds for anticipations of the final success  oi the Gromftc Creek Flume. The amount expended u|* to the present ia only a little over  $&3,������6G, arid the quantity of work don������ is  amn&ktg for that sura. Whe*n w������ see the  large outlay which often occurs in prospecting a single claim on Williams creek, we can  not help believing that the work which this  icoKpanV has done will bear csmpsriMm #ith  ���������*���������"��������������������������� ������i.->������w wrung, jii'dm to:g?i-any novice  a subject 'Ancl lie'hd*t.., be( tir decamp:    Not li<>c<i -  the' worthy' Slngisfrate^s ay!7lcV'the w'oul������i-be.  per-? 4mfwtah������^tor;bi.ie>tDi6ii<������; the p Vrit; Wb<>n!  A ^cmpbr Jcmpod-^-A miDwho ..-ifpivNiiited himself  *w'������ minor, called at \hA CMd commUBlme^A homo"  on We<ine*4&y la^ anrt finding,-Mr.66x in irl^dto. fey,-!  tract an oplriioa i'rum lum as'to how h* was! to,.**Janip>v  a claim;. Tbe commissioner tolri the iwipndont iiitni-1 -'.  ���������er that he ww in tho wronty, placo tojgjt any advicd  on the subject anil-'he! hat '  ing th  ^.ttmper'  Mr, .cox cosunitte't.bim there and /then; for; contempt.  After nnftergoing two,hourSHpMtary confinement in t^io-  lock-up the 'prisoner wag febrooght before tho! commit -  ioner.'. He oiftir-d the' rap������r$&mbleapology forliis con-  ductj aod promised iflet off'never lo be swh_e������ir ttiw'!  precincts of the ���������court bouse again, Mr. cox discharged *  aim and h* departed a ^mr ir&ot a bettor man for the  sbert incarcoratloa.   Thla Is Just the right war to atop  the reprtjb<wailble practice of which Judge Begbio com -'  plained later/,oa th* bench. '  ; QuESKBb Races.���������.These races came off at  tihe Mouth of Quesnelejh#e 4th inst:'���������':Frank'!  Way's^Bostea OoltJ wen the Istraeo for'$200;  Johnsons horse ^BaeephaliB' the 2nd for ������100;  ���������race was won by a horse iciaifcfl  fourothers. Messrs: Ball, ^F.  P,? and 6a*eo wero judges, and Messrs. Duhig,  aai^ Hunt, stewards. The day was  attendance large, and the races most  : Victoria Lbttbii:���������We prosent our��������� .'reader's  *with an able letter froni onr Victoria corre������'  pondeni It will be fonnd ih the' suppienient'  and will repay perusal/  Bhld OvaR���������We have been necessitated to  hold, over articles on the "Bed Rock Drain?'  and AnOer creek "Bed Rock Flume." :;  No Mail ob Ekprbss.���������The stage having  failed to connect, with the., steamer at Soda  Creek there was neither mail.nor express received to-day.  Cariboo Markets.���������-Prices during the week  have undergone no change; our quotations of  last week remain without alteration.  ������$- All wbo detdre GOOD COFFKE and Fine Spic**  fan have both by always asking for FEU* ������ CO'H, which  can be had from all rapvctabl* Store ka^p^rs. Bo bum  yon get it with onr trade label on oach package.  BIRTH.���������At, Victoria on th- ff^Ui  ef Mr, J- ELrenbtck^r era -isiigbttr.  ������������������������ wi"e  nnuuk UMRmnl Vfe'fe'fefe  TffEt!irama*SESTCfIf  BlRK-pivil^E;^  J ;;!,A. kClM������#;LiABn4Ty^  :v\.-x  The. portion' of\ tl&t la wj^wiiiclt Specifies* the * way  ^accountsfit registered.Gomp.anijJSxare.to:.hqkepfc^makes  ;Pli in a Vreat measure impracticable; it toads ns fptiows-r  ���������V-*'' lSec. 81. All miujng'"( companies so������������������, cohstituc'd' shall  keep a correct account of its^ a^ts and liabilities, tow  W^iMyi^eWM. wSeii "six* would letter  sui*fc������the same; purpose* tEven.^hadftve not iii:  thc^prjlitibal cotistitutioii tb'^Vhich'we are*  bpund ap a? cpnyjiumty'{which however is not  the case) an . articler on this head, moral -aiid  social considerations, as well as physical antl  mateniiPini^sts^nvigfit iirge-tO the recognition of an infinitely wise and beneficent ap-'  poiutment.   Idioticediin*a:rccent issue of an-  :U������'S  AND  (^c^la^  iy* own per  that IBeamylng btlfcvth& bratfcti'-Vfif industry,  Llri^rp great risk; and irequent disappointo  aiS^fo:be ^0������^^pd^as4n gold mining^ ]&  ';",'. qfereditorSjatjall^^^ ?���������  AA" This,may -lS ������������������- *- ������"������- ">*" -  MWtu&flt'ely  ,-(&���������������������������  ���������Oi  &&$$ftehijul, p^vijy;.sp^dely; dlfferenfc^ froni  B!W^!^P^^>^ ^^^^^is^VS^f-. ffio^l^Mlby^ui^nBmen on the saiueoonti-  ^ ~~^Si!mS^9m^^S^m:%^ ^I^feiejievean the good senserof  "thi%mining ^ommunitj',; and ^haveyvno doubt  $kf ^fi^y^i^^haviiei\ ; ot this;apd;of other  blots 'tipbn. our'modern civi)ization/which aiV  but too palpable iu our midst, and would faijv  tlcre the hSp e; th at; the L*tiine s> f cor rec tio h -  nvi'.ich'iti'tftiapart!Of tho'cousUry js no-trillingexpense.  ? All their books'mustnUv shown ^to Ui?' Credi&t' ;#li_  may desire to have a look? at, theni; >jfiadii wonld;ask  .you, Mr; EdHor,���������ii'it would not be a perfect nuisance,  tovbestnra.position where any ignor*int fejlp.w^who from*  mot j'ves of curiosrty or otherwise; ���������; couiH 'demSndd the'  privilege of overhaullag-your fe books, almply because  y<iirhnppcned!vtp;o\veAhini;fi-ve dollars which you could  a u I. read Hy, pay. ? :.��������� At. any rats' this la a sort of liberty  tttatiniherS'Y^  v.Another very^oloectlonlibJe^'" ' ~ '-  moment the ^ordBKegisteyed1,  In th' ..eyes of, tho .public, it. in  "    ' ���������', v'alU^'for jicoplo rduspn^liew^eej ngjttjti" iu AUe company   -i^i^Wfr^&Ud������)ieaxy ^������sessme4t_s^n nd*Are "'tkk ihg car������svto.  sa\'0 tom^elves,* it'doesn'otvm^to^'^  compEiny may? |]>0: getting/ hther? reasoninglisa the^sarae.  Suppose; the Errij^PA^ taking out very  l<rgo^pay, should,-tKko*' M'notip^' id.ggt^hcjrcompany  ��������� MRe^i_ter^d','lwhat*>W6uldtbe . tbel'l3mmc(tiate': cbhse-  <juenco f:, Why!in the opinion :of miners^^^^  tuink^the ErricsonXo^^s g^u^d^abuutv>'prked*oul, no!  ,n mount^oK talking ��������� ^QUl4 ������ouvi nc.o>sthQn^^tp ^e^^p*h-|  ' trsryifaiijll d^wn4 w6uid ^bllhe. priceJof intehestslnfetiiO.  -claiuA v S tii ��������� rm M; *m$Xky S*; ^K^.j^y&y������  . ?The nc^mihingilaws!*as i^ijv'ho'le'are'yfiry 1 ibefai^ui,'  .the M������imiU#lI^  the wants'of thV minVngVommunij.^,*^V^at,th$y jyant  is the.law soamehded, t^at in at.1: : rainfng' jpompaines  the shafehoiderl sha31'"^nly "bo'liame'in proportion to  the iifiouint;. tfte*y^inay) hpld in th^claim^to th is^may  IS NOW 0PKN, lming received the,:largest������;stock  . ^Si.W^^?-'.QW01*^O3ported on the creek, .they comprise all' th'e works of 3IoUerri'Authors -.., ��������� yf e have.: also  :receivedr26^t^0 i- of;the tost brands of 'Haraila: O i-  fegars,sev^ir i mpor ted omtlie t crfeek;- filso', * Chew ing and;  Smoking "Tobacco, j togtUherj Avith a flno Jot -of/ ? Per-j  fumery, Brushes,'Pen Knives,*'&c. yd large variety of  fine ileershau.m Pipes. Wax Matches at .75^cts.^per ^oz���������!  ,.: -./I^'VBIME^SE iSEpUCTiON-!-^^ v/;-  ��������� /!! G-reat\jift &y$b&A$J?xiee of; Segarsv fefe! A,  y-'Genuino.Havana.^^SegarSiOaa now be/had at the Occi?  dental Segtvr Store*, ^arkvrviiie'fer. the,; sinallv price of  ^'iA^^hisM^.^y-^^ -y ^yi ^r -a a ���������;  ������������������, tmhi M:-M yy .^fefe-'^^BEN;YnOHTE^$TEIN/'^:':  .Manager,  CA^RONTON.^! *!M'*  THE  T*B ^ST^^M-EOT-W&   BE   OPRKRD  wm  ������k^^P- ^he^ouso has been nbktlv mt^*viS  .will be founds ^mforia^hom"by *fiM**$m  Meals $-1^50:^;i������eal8 supph^^^^^.i^W  CAMEROlSTT0Nf,  ���������������������������^  indulge the hdp.  iS at hind? *Allowf meHo 'qxpf^i^Avry, $*%$$  alitici^tion^that? ^yoff^ViU lend^ your aid to  ob tain the general observan ce" of aii institution which is ^esigned^^iorfethe highest 'we\p  beiut ahd'chier&docl'6fMa_uaA/A .*\:r -;-  fe-r--.{---:^^s-.&--^^-.,i tru?. ^-^ours^truly,yfe> fej.^y.v-. ���������? r-  William^ C^eekv;20th  l$m  .-toke^a^'^^f^wiUSi saffetyjdr else jroliise! crfediif  ' Vlt a^.u^lair-lha^ ia.���������fe?of^ppa^tn'^rship  eKould'be ,appndd;'to miners', for}m\ni^g��������� ^tiie'r.s^r.e  '���������di'rtef^nt?roM'almi6Stany o^  partnerships ft%auiiai:in-a^  hy -choosing his partners, but in mihing companies itvis  ������iot so, for anyone..can buy into a company -������nd sell out  when he ple_se_>{W.ithout^heiconsent of any oho else.  I am, Your dtcdieWsefvant,    A- X,-;.  Williams Creefe, July 4tK7;i$65^:lRy1 M'A-.  ;i^i_^^  rjM  i  , . ...... ..^teliiH  ���������fe' 'Bas oh hand arFU������l> arirf I^MPt^TE^Wjnti  Wfi  MereKaaai  feWhlchrhe is prepared to������ell 0 v*iy *  C^merpntony Ju,ne *^d^l^/:^ u \ yr / ci ^ /.'i  Tms'MftgniScidn^!^  in C&ribop for ^eipsychorca^feiExe-rcis^  now open, to tue.lovers^of;.............::.,.-,      mrm  '.iS ..Jfe'i.fef sr :J' ::v i -j.'t ''-��������� i*t,!*i  i <;. n >, ������������������ UIU -?'-l >'-*������������������'" ���������'*...-'��������� '  ���������&sa.-������j3  jKfas^^  iP^^oonJ'i^ted^^  Ll^C^S^wh)^^^ 'j  give; hiniJafeall.'  iii^SJfeci8_8tg^^^ the finest ���������Liquors  artdSegars;'fe 'A/\ AA^'^r///y/^A/^^yT  ���������V';:':'nfg>-| !^P^ !Ki'��������� ���������'.":::|  ��������� :',. ��������� ���������!,���������"'���������. ^ '��������� ; ��������� ; at!!'THB,f;. t,y.f    y [....  *;.    )  y vfeK^I.feiT*BA^lfEB;YIEDE. ^fe'^fejfe''-'^'!  ^ch^d^BaT^rnHe^and Ca^roivtil  ^.1  jiith;  (in  W  pi  ;p  ������������������i-iA  AiAfi&K A large" supply^ o^tttertb<j8t !it������j<,  ways otiiiarid>t,t*^e^^^^  iHms-GreeU:^-*''^ *** **-'::'���������.���������.'-''��������� w.^yy-^'-yy-. ^    A:  f .o ''tfiBlEDrrS-fi j 0>;^HBfk*4"C^tiB6p������ SENm'ElKS  scht^g^a^erSfja^ feth������yfe Jeall ji|8tre:^?tU5'l  miniiigs4^^P^^s^  ���������houtd^lfhow.; a������ you|^h^  lis]-,;notj5onjyvhowJmuch gold has4^n;iwa3hJv  e<i upVpn'ia given da^or( week* ^^  amount of ^ti_ae,!.labor^&nd inoney^ have yer-  itably? been> expended^ * pr^viouSf Ip; ttie- lifcfty  etrike/<!Ari&^  any^Qti^'-b^^  hopey pAidO'iiptjthink it ihconsistent'withthe-  design of your jpurnal^tp make knpKnt!that  to ,ti|e Mdu|)usfena*6ir&! of'.'jqaihiin^, iii^^boo  is adde8 'ffi^u^mi'^gatiiig-:-. ciistdm.-pfI Sunda^  labor? vThe^pracUce^ *of������iworking '���������- sevcnfd|gfe-  is iiof regarded, as Either^rpaabna^e^iaw  i a' any !6'ther: paSCof Ahm ^M^e8%/8^pinmipns^  and }h'|tlie-ve^:ojipi^^  he taken/1 believe;1^^is*aft violation of law^ In;  fJL> /fitted ;Up in* (he, best s t ylOifpr * the comfort'and con.  veme^opi^ueste^i] }yyJy y-ih .������������������������<".'-. .i%: ..-������������������"*>-:>;.������������������:  ^ .iSie/Baris supplied Withv'XIQUOSS fahd SEGAKS ctf  the best and choicest descriptionsr-v'v - + A->j 'yy-t '��������� H-  '     ��������� ' - ' "    ���������'"       ��������� ������������������ '���������_���������''���������'' -- '* ��������� *��������� -f- " -  ALI^ 'THE L(OT^vO&^  Vt^t|p^iail������>a*n4-';f^ a  Sji^ifii'earjt^TO yiu  , yff:     ��������� .* <J:,,.,; T . n'?ij   ttf  ������*>v^ r>.'^ -fe f������    aj  f .'���������> ^--f sAfe '?" ffe i* ->s  ;^ J_!^iCfe^ ;an^;������aiicm^^;  ^!- 'Billiaral'p Excellent'��������� vRefre shmente' :an d** jfte  best, of order observed-.* ������f? '(^������������.^i;i-'fi.^^n'*i s'a.f'i  ^fe,?y^,VV(:vfe:*,^y/ ^ir^^T'U^I^^ARTIN &>C0.  ��������� ���������"''<:��������� :tfe:/C-B^Bi^ ��������� y, ��������� \  Mutton always kept;6"n. baud ahdrsup^i  to-Miners arid-Hotels at' reasonable prices.  -3<fi^^^  v^JrrMi������iy^^^ki&/M aaaaXr  THEiwINES^ ^PIBITSV^^J^ SEGARS ^P be ha^at  ^i*i^isiWbofilW?J-.!fch'S' bei^'t-fflit oanbQ.impbrt'is'd. --'���������'���������']-!  .np^HE ^pBSCRIBEBS;��������� w^ill^con.itap.tly4,^eep %n  JL" througlVbnt'tlm season a choice assortment of (^  ;  erM Merchandize, eonrtatlog- of ^"'  iaBtoCER.it*? ^Nl3a PR%f..lSip'M-  /I f'i\X& W$$l*^!^  !Boots A5fivS������0E*V' SiNi^^AKrr- p}rap/ifeoi|  S .^Paints? Oils, yA^Niaui^ B^siiss^  Jf^" The above motto will bo our guide in mtqux'-ip  /ticular.-fe . " ^&,Hi'TO0D-^%M  t- -BArkerviUe,.B., C, Jane. 1st, 1S65./;.._   ,__..,!._..u- A  -y-N. iB.~lik a'fe^M^s^bur^'Spn-ig^Cto^  when vwe^ shall /have , a-jfuU f assortment of :Guhvtt������,;|  and- Coats,. 9ou?wes^er ^"^r^ltpn^puok^ H^||  Powder^ CtTeg-bn'Kam^^a^'l^p. {i^co^ch (%.t"m������sl. g  ���������fe  p,&# p;iA?> Fin^^LA55_J^Anp^? Roprfl ���������/. ,*  Alithelit^  -:;.*? Dxs ;l!'cit ���������; Iwjnial papersstakett itiK'\tf- fe' * M fe: ft - ���������; fi  ing for."those'"contingencies which involve thet  pr^seryatlpn^ of, life ^an-d rproperty aadi?must  epnsSBquentiy, jbe attended-tpv>vjlTheyiiteI_e fa?  narrow vie>? ^of" this Subjectjwho wew it merely asa dogma q& the-��������� church, :a p������rfc iOfrtbe  .-cr-ped'of ."thw prthat body plfeSOTCaliedfchristK  ain^l -;; .^ebave; the. very, h^hesfc^authority^ of  men'belorigirig tpt -. everyjsectr, arid? tOfeiiiofsectr  io support pur belief; pf .-jpjie ? $py< inrseven as \  a natural anijnecessar^andy.n^  instiiutioriJabBoiuteiy demanded for the health,  well being, and even existence of  If the bcrijiturcs bp accepted^ pur  ^4S"!-AlHannonic: Meeting  iheld tovery '.week-^Judge  GAttw0w{ yfiiiuXiis. A!<^&/'B/(A  WH O LESAL E ^ r&ANi Or m WEWl  ['���������.. ty 'A Will he given'pjice.a ^eelt ^������yfthp j-.,   - ..fjy ,.  Cariboo'Amateur Dramatic  Association.  ifeufe fe  ���������/'> 7fg;  f &���������'-������������������ "��������� Hc^Vhe-felie.Willhe. glad io see:a,liiiitT - ' ������  !  y-^fe%fe.'!rfe i\'i. %Wi--xk -yrA   yi'^yy .yya-yyy .-fefe, yn- $ fe*  The Oldest^ Es^biishedVHotei; on Williams  ,'��������� V"-:-!.''!S'.-%.! 'i-/ f''!.���������''*:; creels:- ���������!"���������"/���������   ' _';'  "        .!  MllS. :,eA__Eao.Tx-b<igs iaiiitima te that she has or*n-  A -ed ..tho .PjpsKBR *. Kotb h-jjtaci Cameron ton, which ^is;  -laQUOKSfah'dthe  Kestaurant: will.be supplied with; every delicacy*'   An  efficient, Cook-engaged.. ���������  .grounds1 for a doubt or$$ja\ res^ectingrpi|r, .^^hJ.-Pfitrpuagg.of heroi^viends:,,, >:    .... ,  ...y,  . Ayy rAA-y feCAMERGNTONj  3^i^largg!-Saloon is fitted lip m^a style.pf  fefegSpcS'and'comfort wh'i.chV.fiss no riyal^in thego col6;  hiesVC 'JltxdfltaVrisJ two large Billiard Tsibies' w ith all 'the  b-{^rnl_aiftttvemehl_ .*' & s������'>'��������� - ?***.? > ������������������?;2" -���������'' ��������� -��������� V* ** ���������'  1- l,������3^The Bar/is-furnished With 'MQ0ORS & SEGARS  of; the finest, quality and; best, brands. : hi; jy *-t;i  ; The subscribers lia^ve received-, a machine \for. manu-  facturing.Soda-Wat,e,r, -and. also ono for making. Sarsa-  parilia, j both of' wbich ar'ticlW^heyiare'how prepared  tosiippfy'.tB^us^omerB;.t"'A��������� ')r -'���������':? ��������� -'- A\ '!''''' % V ..  Gofiee ! Salocm!  A\{l PROVISIONS,:,   -/y   \&y *.:-,  -,  ;^':r'.!;;fei::  .liQuoks, ,;      !y ,.fe:/r.!  ���������r;!:' ������������������   "i��������� "������������������'!!!"/; V'v-^Vfe!!,,!TdBACCQt^fe-"^-  ��������� v ������������������',; ���������'.' ;..,y!M,?;(r' -;:^"', yBJLsmM  CtiOCKEUYi    'A/AAyAyyA./ Ay mAam  . :.;;MiNiNautensils,;".;      .mm  ���������k'a"- STATlONEiiy,  ';' ,.   .!   . ���������.���������;,!  'v."'  .\A^///X/y/'/''BQ^^^^''  y^-Gbods bought' kt;ihy Sfore%in*^  i vered FREE 'OF CARRIAGE to all 'portion  llv  of Williams Greek;  r.-ffe  EIBA^B.  dutyjn this matter., Td6>noit%t'aH.,'iyph4er  why 'men are s6:^ii#ous1|6',^  in winter, 'arid even' out of the 'colony'altoVi  gcther, since by the J6p^r<.&i^:^tem','rc1f lar  b'or without respite they; ��������� &6- -;:tas: body*; and  mind that liberation from ^the' fetters7 priniri-  ing. is as great a boon a_������from *rdal- slAvfiry."  But whether or no is Sunday labor HgBt?'^ls  it sanctioned by ourilara? . fels it supported  by the, testimony of every^ enlightened co'ti^  science?    Could not asmuch work be done'  ,'ind aswell done iin^ix days ?,, In support of  thiB last I am . prepared to adduce good evi-.  demett and being:so-fi^Iy;.p^rjmaie4:ofJii3'  truth deem ir all' the more unreasonable thiit  ^7 Hot; arid ,Coldgu^ppi5.fo  -to Richfield will be.    -  ^5 to 25 lbs. ' '^.'  " Ay> ������ y- ���������������������������; ^ <j ' ^ ^-;;y  25-toioa-ifts: ; :-;   -    -:   '-Wltfc-   ���������  ;:pyer:10p,llis' . ..*. y   :...... ^i; ���������, , ,, 75 ^ .-^, ,  ..    .. ��������� >.     TjaatouGa,. is. tes . jbays .,,,..  ' F.X.IURXARI);  ErC. GILLETTE^  A J'y     A YBarkerville,JB'.rC^.,,! v,";/..r/ ~.( /  ��������� [AA' ryA.^'!.KJj_tt^ ?.".;!  i Everything is done inooDUecUon with this establish  me.n.t,to givei satlsfactioa to!the customers.  RICHFIELD.  this'^1^U_i^ri^ov>^ fprcttttoj  en?. The table is supplisd'with the best and cao^  delicacies.   Coffoo-and Pies can be had,at all hon^  mn The Bar contains the FinestIJSam on W w  RIOHtlELD.  ^  '. ih  ip  li  Si  ������  ���������Sfb  fl  feu?  yui  ������������������'ire  .felt  ���������:fpi  ';.������tii  ���������>C(  ;-!tS  iin  fe,Ui  0  AM  ���������M  [/.  m  :w  A  Wi  :,'t)  ?tfe  1  if?  yc;  fe'o  !fl  fei'i  ���������''.fefe  iP  !>C  JI  yj  Ai  /  ���������::-?>  "-<  r  i  <  ,1  ���������i  ,.<  i  i  CONCOBU SPRUJG, WAGGON, capable of eeaii*  nine passengers, besides carrying baggage.  A pair of flno American Horses, with sot of������  a1  harness for sale.   Apply at this office; or to    ,  fe'. fe.--   ���������,'���������. fefe. ,yv- I'-' '���������   MK. -SHAw,  .Smith's Ranch, .Cottonvw  *A  Mbrchasts-akd Dealers w  On ice���������CAilJEHOyTOX  visions*    Liquor s-  r\nd every other 'description of Goods rcquir-  id by the Mining community.  jG3" Moderate Terms.  J  _ *  ,   Neighboring Creeks and Gulches;   i y  JOSEPH C. SPOONER! will run ^^ij  Rn'ontARLT,: in conneption with, BarnaTd*]J%^y^  from Will jams Greek to Grouse-, Steveiw, BegS8^ :/;*.'  Cunningham, and Koithley Creeks. ��������� ��������� J^yrf,',..  Utter?, Ac, to be left at Express Office, #������     , ,  or John Buic>. Barken'illc.  13\JJt-imiWAi&L,VU\Ut SXTi.J-,l'iM:''.E'.-l-I  PSSHO  ��������� ��������� AM%m������*A%  raelj  ads.  *  Barker^^ Goliim^ia,/. Saturday, July 8,1865.  HiinciaiBOo si  r*.c  ASSORtl  ������S&EIZVK/LB, SATURDAY, JULY 8, '65  S^MaS^  AI  P������||  LETTER FJROM VieTORIA^  (From our Correspondent.!) ;���������-;_; ;:      '_���������"'������������������  ' A A/ t      '"��������� ;';" .  . ''Victoria, Ju_ie/18G5.'.  A   ''j|l& ������������������ INTRODUCTION.   :.;      ' ���������' fey'- "fe ��������� .";  ' :V;i^S^ra'.'a vivid recollection of having in an  ;}Sy|������K^mguarded' moment promised ta, do  ���������, ^lifii^Mch my soul abhors���������to write a letter  ^p|a^^Sg you how the world 'wags here., b e-  ['S;lji"6^^^repent,. but will -not break my word.  .,;'yi|i|iM^iisbment is ��������� great arid litusfc be ������������������borne.;  1EAI7! r^!r^K^vor'' somc.consolation, to know that  JJuitWl;/;;r^SS|]l have to read.!,; Remember you have  STW&^^wSB8ffl^.ti>e" evil. ui?oir !      \'  do ub tlosB. they derive boiuq profit in some way  or o ther by th ei r vil lai no us i nditstry ���������-���������tliri y q  upon the roisfortunes of other people. They  ha ve ��������� hjo'wever of late b een completely worst-  fed, and have most signally failed in their ; attempts to arouse even a moderate amount M  indignation^upon subjects which a Few years  ago they reckoned wi tii a- cer tain fry. The f ac t  is people are tired of tlio play and find that  it is lor the most part,a work of fiction���������a.  sensation dran;������ a���������startling and apparently  fine while iipon the stage, ���������, but which "*w jl 1 no; t  bear inspection by daylight.,fe Thus we have  been treated- to agitations upon Free Trade,  'the on ly s resiil t b elhg the. s't'opp tt ge of enter-  prise aud improvement and: a; considerable  diminution of credit and investment. Then  came;an attempted-agitation-- against people  whofhetd more than one hundred and fifty  acres ofiand,'until it was shown that tUthough  .    ,,^���������,^^ a person riiight hold a thousand acres of.land  9t^*ilSll|^^ empty; .that even in .tlrfit.quantity there might;not be  ��������� ��������� ilifepef^le who'remainy  >] khmj^0b .hands in (empty?) pockets, or leaf  ilyS^MlS^iifll1,1^.;,82?.Il<i ecl^ty  uao CPUpi������d-  jajnijjj  xjEtefi;  j^Pi1  the inen to work,;but;.-a change mu^soon  come, and the result ..everybody is confident  will be gratifying.:; Several exploring parties,  both Govern mental .andjothers, ore put, but  there is. no reliaiile; information . of anything,  of importancehaving!been discoyeredy!i' v  fe fe ,r   fiKBDAnDLtJIW.        'M-yy ���������'  Jl&'&i.  ������t  ,        ��������� ^mW^^i "are complain iti g������ o f ha ving too 1 ittle  '"��������� '-'���������'" I^SS^SP^ui rcason of this annual and looked  tcl^supp^M^^3^|i^ss^Pn-���������:.th<>u^b ^g-ueater perhaps this  pricea. ^fet^^lS^V usual ^-arises ��������� from-; the migratory  ������������������Jp^^B*^ -the place, 'fbr;idurihg;;the -summer  ' -'fe;iife'i3S||^raneouyer ..Mand goe^.lto, Gariboo.;  * '^ttgl^&g the winter;months the said Island  >re|ajp||||iKgttig British Columbia along with.  fewp ifei; it ���������: and irigh t we 1 come the jc hang o. ye t so mo.  flren! 0s������"' - ?p e6j|^^r*.tl i'a t' the two place a are s e p ar a te  ^ft Afe-;:fettiiSp^^:dtrjtinet interests. Why tlie two  "S1.0N ycp^Mli^ro 'evidently':one-r-that ������il to say,  'y'itSm ":y?Wi||||^%- W tbq same, now in one, part, now  UB^fiioii MMi^^0portion. The miners are the conn-  m^c y I tcy !$$$$*bole.; c ou.li tr y. a url wi th oil t the m there  -in^^^������|S������Wot: ^>c ivny country, for by them and  5i)l).k*&. ''\ipor������4hem allfethose.wko. are not-miners sub-  _:.;. ,. A. -. [ Mit,-^lltweuld. be a ni ce ��������� dalculatioa to.; work  !������rwiUi^ ifiyL?f'ffc iriueft'���������'-& iiiiher -is worth."arid; how  of;-:<5um-Bffl.'-���������'���������'"���������'        -  ' Swt ra5^vP������lc rs are SUP I? ������ r ��������� ������ d- ^r ^ *lDl r .^������ ct re le  ImcaL fli^SB^e verv great arid embrace many cou a-1  9&b  Oatoicttl  one hundred and fifty lit lor cnfti'vallon;-';-Thtin  came a whispered row on; account of there  '! .T nee d not at te m p t to tell -you of a ccidents  , and offences ; it or ���������. of births,;' marriages, anil  death's;"   One thing, 'however, is it little, surprising, there has notbceii for the pa-st lew  days a skedaddler I.   It has;become quite/ the  fa Sh ion h ere I:o jr u ri kwiiyt an d then th e rascals  who carry; off with themselves'; all 'they, can:  :lay their hands.upon, call'6ut. ?���������'thb law about  imprisonment for debt made me do itr.?;   Out  upon such Ira sh���������they as a rule are a set of  rascals, and the country'-'is well rid of their  presence./ Ko. one would like: to see such fellows walking about here and ��������� laugh ing a i  their creditors. AAA '^"-A "Ayy: ���������-���������'��������� .A..-'-  :������������������ ������������������������������������ ���������������������������; y%A ���������' ��������� '��������� ��������� ^TnKfeDlWSOGKJt.yAAy/y"'*������������������: /''"'  There lios'ythe (idredger/7 an ogre, a Idvia:  : ;. ;^rK.l.Mi;OAT COlXISIONife-"' y,   y-'yi,  ��������� ���������: the Alexandra and'--17d������lrt������^'feo-���������^nto  ,cpl lision one n igh t .Jast week.; the Fidel iter  wen t do wj&gul: has i ot y gtfbeeKgot up>gain J,  One man had his; lower.; jaw frightfully; brok-  .>eri,-that being the only accident- , Who'- >yasy'  to blanio. remains to be" determined;  '; - y* Al  "Q.  ���������5!t^i*p^^lHi''fey;mot; only! tor.support the.  fe^^yej^im|nt,.'but' also, to make; streets,and l'^_i  ;������pi;o^|fS|ifcities unon the lower Fraser���������at  ^SS������������^^ sums of money have been voted  for t/. -���������'ifyin;: New^ Westminster, the inhabi-  't*tik/������{fe%hicli pay little or nothing into, the  '^neV'ayyvenue. In Vancouver Island the  ^eity.lJSs'iiOt only to make its own s tree ts 'out  AotAite A A"iiifunds, but has in addition to support  Aho (Joj^rnmefit.and make roads m;and into!  ^tferiir^i districts,-' In the one.case.i_ib miners  |j|i^|)SJi^ie improvWne.n-t^of !-towas of no use  'p^|tUWm|-elve3 directly ;; iti the" (ft-her the mcr-  v|������.|r] 'diatt^iiwid landowhers.pay.for,the support of  ^^"^   ihe Government, and. the miners,are not tax-  :y<y\ directly at all���������both; systems .are' perhaps  '   x A- m\A$,^*jtiic Br it"yb (Jpluinb iaii one is i u i qui t-  ; - /- r';<ias^3.But where:,on ear-th ami! waadering" ce���������  :"i.^T\cfl_t^wS^raSfe dull in Victoria, this arises from the  -^      -V-'--!^^^^^^",^-^P''mifLers^-yaRii:,;;/second-W, from  ^e^t?alr^iou of im luigritieu;.' hence .the small  ftll|o#  sarisa."  ���������^oi^^Mrs and retail dealer suffer most, but  ^ltW!P!|plb"Sh tlie imports and exports re-  maijigli^t ��������� the same as" last year, and' there-  X6refflg||gitiinate' business is normal;.   The  fefac;t'i||pl'th'erto tho city has been prosperous  <>n,'aC&������Mtof the arrival of ���������immigrants with  iomeipiQ.-py:iu.their pockets, attracted hither  ;by;^hfefet|o|6 glowing accounts of regions of  '^pld������|^nch that they shone like the minarets  ;of; tbe^tfeplefi ,at Constantinople. The place  !&-jipjjSSflfeall.y suite ring the punishment due to  it 'tip if possible with nonrsectariaii members.  Indeed the agitatie.iv was looked Vipoh as an  attempt io bring." up again those antediluvian"  13 qitab b 1 es ab out re 1 i gipus teachiii g . wh ich  have Bee ri buried for years, and are how;'U6-  i_Sng,put;dry'.tipife?.-. The last;,of the! series is'  an attempt to exciic the people abo tit ,wha^isT  termed the ;vC h u rch Reserve, \; ith at pi ec e' of  land ai wn d C brig t Ch u r ch i n Vie to r i ay and to-  wfhicli: the G o venimen t at ho me has given, tho  lUle deeds for the :benefit of that Church in  'particular, and for education in connection  with the Church ;of,England. The politicians,  say it b eld tigs to, the pcop 1 e an d was -into ii de d  aiu an open square.., Sir James Doug-*  I ordered ii to be laid out;.and in-  it for the church���������who have now got  it and fenced ii in. ' These folic es roused tlie  (p re tended) ire o f the p o li ticians; tliey, 11 \ ro ugh  their _t6ols, called a public meeting^it met*;  such a meeting,-scarcely a taxpayer among-  tho crowd. The speakers counselled pulling  down the fences; many took up the idea;  som e fro in f u n, o the rs fro m rel igI o us fan a t i-  cism; about one hundred men rushed t������ th������  barriers to p \ il 11 hem do w a; some ibr a I ark,  ���������others in earnest; they reach tbe scene of intended operations;, march determinedly up  the hill and then when they reach.the brow  thereef���������they march down agai n, they keheUl  the fence s and lb re e p ol ice me n I .. Tims tha t.  fizzled.   The meeting said, the Mayor sftpuld  ;'    TlIKLEOTSLATUttW,.:.. _, ��������� A^yy y.'.y. :'���������;  ���������   The. legislature is Mill ioenbatirig.   It,takes  ten mdntlfelio Imtchan elephant; the'lJegish^!,,l,  hire'.'fc*s.ajii to!'.liayb been .sitting ten month^  and it lias produced; something, .its useful as .���������;'  an elephant would-$q in this couniry-TrthatiR :  ah-nost\iiothing at all. at an expense of about:  $G00O.   ! The Assembly however ;:d6e$. foti^  sewn to be so much to blame, for oycrythifigl.;  they have'hatched has*-been destroyed, by the A  Legislativiy'Coiihcil;���������";������������������ The ikgishttiveCoujh-;:  cil ybu'li ho w !cbn_iatk of -a majority of: ofilciril$'!..  w ho c an 'do a s < t hey p 1 ease. so th at Vancou v or ^;.  jKl,and;is* juBt'a'^much under\ofl1cwlfJyranny^  as ;Brltish';Cp lumblay ���������! excep0ng iifoii'e:''mbstA !-  Impprtanipoint^thc Assei hbly has. the wh61^  power y;of taxaiioir. and. supply, i he -Co unctl; ���������;;  none at alit so that .the^latter cannot aoiiiatcfe,  'o\yn salaries!. An agitation''ft.gcl4Jng'."iii>4^''j  ;amalgaraate";lhe.,Legislative Assembly -apd^  Council iiito pii'e; body;   ;No ;one^hd\veyer ;  seems inclined to take it up,!!becauS6 in iho  fi rst place; it i s useless tin akin g;"bucIV a ohan g o;.  if tbe colonies are: shortly. to��������� be uniteel, ond,  sec o n d ly, th e tidy art tages ar������ n o i so;; ap p arent-���������  a!s'th^:are pretended to;,bq\ in tact;it might ;���������;'- <  . .    .     .   ..,.       bcjjottpftd turn ;a11 the'officials out of the";^  ticular individual, and perhaps iuVone!single v Legislative Gounoil  and- improve"' it/.thW!.)  to bear it.y !Someihii]g b^VtheTthinKs would go on- smoothly. ; At all-event*  ������K  '."���������**������*A*<������ ���������^uv:1 it -* i  person ought  subject.! iiiivy be learned*fe when .j the rep art-of  tiic CommittQe of the House of Assembly is.  made k ii o w n 'A[ O n e tii i \\g. ho we yer Is certain,  that. Gov. Kennedy has a decided ay era; 6 rijip  the scheme:of deepening the harbor, as-he is  to ,evcrythiiig ei ther prop.osed or dohe by his  p re d e c essor S j r J a tii es. Bo Ugla^~-hpii.cc p ro-  bably". the failure: ! It ������������������ is;yery'siu^ilar. Qmt  *j*U6t-. now;nothing it spems can !bc done iinder  the :' Go vern ra eh t, e v eryth in g ta ko n in hand  breaks- down or ia a cbim.dete. fai lure. ' There  is a frightful a mount,of correspondence, writing and. red tape, and flunkyisra, but as for  gettiug any work done to beaefit the colony it  seems to be oh ti rely ah impossibility. How.  can i t be :d th e i'wise \i n d or ' a ni il itary .gen tie-  man^    Let.������ o Id fers s 11 ok to the: s wo rd���������ad  here virtu te.-     Iu otse of .���������Union, of the colonies as it is-, terra ed ihe general vo ice of Van-  ngswouutgo  it-Is-, to be^hoped that" before the Houses"he  hmted care wiljv,be takpirthat nppflieialtfchaU  hay o. a: v pte i ii! 411 er am algani ate d-House; AfyQjM)  may aiid ought to. sit iliei^ for,the use and;i ii-*iy  formation1 ot the; iriembers^but on no account' A  should theybe allowed a vpteVfe The r^ason^  ihei'e6f;is;ol>vibhSi feStich* a'Cpiirieil would dp A,  'we\\ fo r, the u ni tc d co \ on ies; b u t of. co i n-se tl i e y.  officials sh oul d b e cap abl e o f A ei ng el ected ,-;;  if the pcopledikd % elect them well 'and.gopdO  restrict the number and 'persons of tlie pfji-  /eials to be elected if you please..;;. ;    y 'A  ' '/[ y^feTHE   ^CAm*npO/'BE\TIX13L.7:i,-;!fe;^      V-v-  ; Ah 1 welcome little stranger [--r-dcar,' dear,  art-thou!   Let me clasp tliee in my hand and. -  devour thy contents, for.long and anxiou(sly.fe;  have youv been. looked; for- niy little-great'"  Cariboo Sentinel \v   Go on and prosper and  t  rl     ,  --...  ,     .    f, . r��������� , iet.vour..nw>.tto.befethcV..tntth and i^  couver Island wM be in ftivor^r (ivoveraor t}ie"truth: that Mil��������� carry you:_afel*:throuflf">  beymour being,Cxovemoj of tho whole.    ...     the worl(l> ttnd make yournews wbi^hty, of  ...,CAKr castlb. importance, a nd' dernaii d'' as'well W'febmftiand''  Governor Kennedy is very busy improving j belief.-   Your errand ..and; ihissibn is'impor-  Cary Castle for bin ^residence.   Poor gentle-1 tant, your responsibility great,. aiid certain ii  man! do es' lie iraa gi n e the Legisl atu re ; o f  Vancouver Island voted fifty thousand dollars  to make him comfortable for a lengthened  period? ��������� 0 utsi de ra th ink i t w as for G overno r  Seymour..  '   TttK LA.STJOKE. '  and would have nothing; to! d'p with if.; aiid  then two members, who thought the Council  [useless and also an expensive buncombe also,  resigiled. So- we are io' Havo. a; Mii n kup al  election! and the rallying cry down with the  ble of seati*  mw [  got of dfi*.  't#'/y������ ���������  jottonwo"i  Pum:^ icjiocs aoyn ami tuey wouiaowji The kst j0lce is a message of Governor  Urn irresponsible; but the Mayor did not;sec Kennedy to tlie Legislature,askingtheiropin-  that, bat did see conhument m Pemberton-s im ns fi ^eihmi |tfewould not be better, to  hotel. However he brought it before the, compol. .settlors* at Co wi chin to fence in their  ���������^outicd-the Coon oil said i i was all buncombe p^Vathor, .than; make tie.. Indians fence; in  their potatoes, which' the . settlers? bogs destroy ! .���������The Assembly appear to have answered decidedly in the negative. 0! treacle aiid  biscuit twelveindnfchs ago ye were' deposed  , , , -, -,..- ��������� . and ridiculed I 'now���������settlers fence in your  ences. w As though such a thing as a cocrpora- hog^tr^clo UIld bificult- XQ\Zn triumphant!  tion existed I. \Vhy i thtts Mm dead along | ls % adecidedl v wrong or undecidedlv right"  tme, but the Councillors do not know it, or ���������Gwilt 5u>0llgih of niilul, determination and  that they are carrw on. tbcur.exwtencit m foi.^.htpJ. Brag is a good dog, but hold-  another sphere. .How^;range ^it is, U.at the f fc ^ b t(  AHglo-baxon 33 the most avaricious and ieai- ���������--  ���������������������������    %������������������*   D MAYS WK A CfiKOXBRt  has beentold ton thai it has no  ia to say. Sir Jumes Douglas.  says, had no power to appoint  ���������eseitt Coroner has held hh ap-  duriug the ��������� last four year*, ami  existed before htm.  is that neither will be either neglected or.  badly used. I! will ri o' t harro w y 6u, ni v"! li tt 14';  d ear, by fl a tiery or We re verse," b ut fo r" the.'  time being let us enjoy 'ourselves.'-:  RETURN 0*^ SIR ^AMES WuGkASV      A- ������������������ A) A  J ti n 8 ��������� *i T th.~S i r Jain es Douglas an tl hi^i a o n ;  ar n v ed th is m o r ni ng ; . th e f p r mer! is , lo o k i n g  rema r kab 1 y w el 1'.   Cm on i al JS cere tary Yo u ng  also arrived with hffi lady ahCfiiViily, It 'Is  melancholy to haye to t^i'l;you^ that he. losiy.  one o f ii is* b-tfi d ren at Portland, from d ip tho -  ria,. tho .curse ,of that dirty and unhealthy  Bpofci    .   *. '.':'"       ���������:'��������� A .y   ' ...;   -.-.���������  WostCT iv pA������Ac;cAT.--r.';Evl-rybody sm<*������ki?6 In Par-  ���������figaay, and evcry; fVjiti������,ia.nbttvy. thirteoit years of ntf*���������  ch<: wv. I ju ii v.Voh ������;. They do ijcit ch* v.', btj i pis t t.>.'  bacoo in their mouihs, keep it there coh^trttiiiy, ex&pi'  when "aring, iuut, histoaiJyj!' ehf-wing, mil it aWit  wUlt thcjr tuui:u<',.a������<t suck Ir, Only Irn_ii.ia*.j your.s������If  ataout to m 1 uUs tlje rich rod lips at a..tnftgniflp.������;n11 i*,tln  FIr;b������', urrAyoil in satin and tia?hiug wltn di������mnti,^;  fho puts you back with one deli cms l?������nd,w tub with tl?**  j I'd ir, tip*'!- tlnsrors- of the otlwr shu draws from her tnoin h  tilirownish black roll of tobacco, qui to two inelies loan*.  loo'iJiiiR like ii monstrous grub, jiiio dcposltng'Uie saynfj  morsel on the rim of your sombrero, puts up her f������c.iv  nnd is ready for asnluu*. I havo, sounitimy.* s>v\n"ao  fjvcr-dolicaie Foivigm'? turn with a shudder of iouthiu^  under Km*.h clrcmnstajices, and g*'.t tbi? opitnot of el  .saiinco (tho savage) apnli'Jd to hiuV. by tho oft'cudo-l  inin;i yuiuu^io *...^:^ -"r^A-T^l, ���������j:?i } i ! boituty," for this ssnaiUVo squaamishnoss. However,  have been hanged, mearcerated and v,hat not i (tm ^n gytR UBe^ tp_m% -m f>ar;lgU!iyr whero you or.>!  upon th c fi nd In g of the Cor o ne f ��������� s jury j h o w j p f>r;orco of cu.- iom, ob ligoii to u i ���������? s eve ry lady yon u r������  aMipti afono, additional people, *1to will fe.ff ^tor.thoro must be something wrong ^  W8$*fflto toteoSSl^d mato.^tS ttoy bopa������o,nr?������t������. ^ ������ey to !,������, raised fro,n tbe dead';    Bah!! iu^������oM to, ,n,l oue.ha.r vo��������� mm ,������-ri,lly s������  work'l^ard and be. perhaps  unfortunately   being the fate  ���������\v_MS||j[iough he ruin himself'  iPpi't/tl^GoVernmejit and the  ture'dfrithc country.    'But;  ]?.4^ffi?d amusement sWce,;still,there-is"a!...... ...,uwl T_  a**-.-* ^*rly ******** constantly in being; i ^ ^ c  ^l0h6     mmW}W ���������M**B of a man unpleananth1 i      j^f l  an ExP^.  ird's EJPf  Beggs,  0[l  , ��������� ���������pk_   #'$$P from ������lf*ept caused bv the infliction  :o.t--tbi*1(ures administerod by those miserab  persuade themaelvea they are doing God, law  a service! such is um;i������������������Auglo-  ' Saxon men.  him aud to m:tl:e his return and residence in  V ai i c ou ve r Is 1 a u d u n com for tab I _!    I can not  believe for a moment that a man possessed of  inoiiiy havelufis of another.    WUt.ro tbero is  o f^C'.-m,  airtjugvli thcro a.in5t ispit to bo mucli gumption. A  handsome md n i n a ge'ner?il way ain't tnuch of a u������hn.  A byautiful bird eeldoms sins^." Them that -as geajo*  .so irtu ch magn a n ii n 111 y, gen e ro si ty, aiid li n e j h a ve iv > com mon &en������e.   A fellow with on old ea trrow .<  ice.  Ricli^;  ^vioi^uos ac muiistorou by those miserable | M^���������' ox THE ^t^nh. forimc as Ciovernor Kennedy could or would \ rtehfwbito ho who calls him a fool dica.poor.. Tne wori 1  .DemgMbt^ politicians -a clasx of men wbo I    Thore is very little to be said about ihe RtQmA0 Rich a mean action --^ven to one far! is'p a hake4 moat ri^th^up^r crust j������ rich  it?  'ryyy?:, c,a^ ail,i  eVfrr5'bMy  by the &%tei\,MI'' *HuM.he water even ver too high to i<Uow  q^q n'nT ^ ^}\rd iur;!ieiou". ^tujibst juiicf d\ if* tl-.u ���������A*k,.i'.'rflavor'-th������ ���������Al'd*-^ '  ������H������������m.i.Mam������ M  Xiltf .v.*.*y/.,Vrf������/,  ���������jliCirc&laTS,  Cards* Bilt .^ete4������?| Circulars, Foctcrs and  ! Px^ai^el^fbr^Bal-iWd Theatric^-���������-  fefe  -'. y  -.^fe^fej-hite^ainments,.. :;;*'; '���������"��������� '-.'V  ::  _Lwnt������d-w|||r'Neata^        Dispatch at this Office..  AiiOSf Terms' Moderate. -������ft :, ��������������������������� yi  .!. ,'��������� "CrulbodiSentmy" Office,    \ .."������������������'���������,!     , At,  B^rkerrUJe,  Williams |Creek.j  AAA tit apjin q aqqA&mA.*:  fe -A' -fe'.-. it-AA'A ��������� ��������� yi:AA^������ yi AA A '-"..-     '/.       ' fe:  G ii- c ul^iimg -y y&itir&ry!  CAMEBONTO& WI-XIAMS CRKEKv -  CTHETEBMS OF SCSCRIPTIONl^ave been reduced to  1" $2 per montlV; above 100.vvolumes of New Works  have been only lately added tb the circulating Library.  parties are solicited to subscribe.- ,' .  ' :���������;s y     r -yA. am-;*   JOHN BOWRON, Librarian.  THE BANK OF  Incorporated by Royal Charter. Ay  Capitals. "A .'. $ 1,25 0,00 0  IN 12,000 SHARES,   OF $10Q EACH,  '   , -   Witt- Power to Incre ase.   -,.-.���������'.-  J. K, SUTERy! I  , ��������� ' MINING AGENT AND BROKER^  .->���������'/'.        -"..,..������������������' v RICHFIELD:' .    y/.:  AM' kinds -of Agency; Busmc^attendedA to.  '"���������* Om'ce opposite tlie Paris and London Hotel-    ;,  'A\ THE BANKvOF Kfe  British   N^  ca>  J  BEGQ-*-&'.CO������, Commission Agents, Vic-,  tor (a, y. I. Cariboo Merchants f, Mining Coinpan>  lee, and Individuals requiring supples of Provisions and  other Goods frbm Victoria, are hereby informed that we  ���������will purchnse supplies at Auction, and otherwise on the  best of terms at 10 per cent. Commission, including  charges of shipment at Victoria, where remittances are  required:tb!be forwarded to our address.������������������: Freight coh-  t ra cted through to Cariboo a t tlie, low es t rates for customers^, ,-CaribooJrfjfGrences-^James;Cummings, 'Ayr-  vbira Lasa^and 'Prince or -Whales' claims, and Charles  McHardy, 'Salt Spring -Island Ox\ Grouse Creek.     1  VICTORI A���������Bank1 of British Coin mbia;   !    ,  NANAIMO���������Bank of British 'Columbia;'.-������������������: -y  ������������������:���������; ���������; in British Columbia;-1  NEW WRSTMINSTRR^Bank 6r British Columbia;  YALE���������Bank of British Columbia; -���������'-''���������  MOUTH QUESNEL���������Bank of British Columbia;  . ',     JNTH5 TJNITED STATES, .  SAN -FRANCISCO���������Bank of British Columbia;  PORTLAND, OREGON���������Bank.of British ColuaAia;  V^'/'^fe^-feTN.'CANADA,    .'���������'���������  ^ .   !   BAftK   OF -MONTREAL,    .  ���������BRANCHES'& AGENCtES;.  Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Hamilton, London, King-  " iton, ,Cobour#,  Belleville,  Brantfbrd,  Brock-   -  V"       vllhVWhitby, -poterbpro. ^ttawU, Guelpb,  .;��������� Cto'dericu, Stratford,'IMctori, Perth,  y, ...    .   Simcoe, Sty Catherines;  ^yy/y Vy/jN;',;ENGLAND, . a/,,/  LONDON���������Bank of British Columbia���������������6 Lombard St.  FORT -HOPE.  aEOBG-E  LANG-VOIGT,  General Dealer in  -GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, &c; Fort Hope, B. C.  HICK'S HOTEL, Lttton Squabs, New Wkstminster,  B. C, Philip Hicks, Proprietor. The above favorably known house is now* open to the public; the Bar  is, constantly supplied, with the',choicest, brands; of  Liqu orx and Segars;      *��������� y-. *>y/-jy r,y  fe       ; "gy\A'-'  Establish., is 183^   Isc$fci__yr_& ar Rorir  ,   CHARTJSR^y ...     Ay.      fe    lXL  'Paid-up Capital,     -fe;:  Undiviaed Net Profits,  $6,000,000  -     600,000  .. .IfcAn .Orrio^:7, SR^������S PLACE LONDON;  ���������ESTABLISHMENTS:  SANFRaKcisco��������� F.H. Grain &w: a Sutherland V  Ni:w VORK-Walter Watson & W������S?4Sffil,'  ^  ^^jmis^&sih^  yJL.. ��������� travelers .cannot he surpassed;  tne Ta me is Weir  supplied'-.with the; beat the. market affords, !a'nd the Bar  \* stocked with the Purest Liquors ; Beds, Stabling,  H*y -nd 05t������.   ;'���������'���������; ' ��������� __������  93 MILE_HOIJSE.     *  WALTERS BROS.,      ;  HAVE -OPENED TI1E ABOVE ROUSE for tbe recap-  tion of travelers; the Table, la well kept nnd the  '      Uquors cannot be surpassed| iho Beds are clean and  comfortable; Stabling for;-.Howes',; Hay and Oats at  moderate rates. a  \ 111 MILE HOUSE.  -BLAIR BROS., Proprietor.  THIS'HO^EL IS LARGE AND WEIX FITTED UP  for the comfort of travelers ��������� the Table U. supplied  with the beet of every thing that can be had, i������na the  cooking is ..not inferior to the best hotel in the lower  '���������ountryj'-.Bodrooms for families- Stabling, Hay, .and  Oat*. '������������������ Tho Stage stops at the 111 ililo Houae over night  <������o Us way down country. ; .  . a  .   CURRENT fACCOUNTS! iipenod for >any amount -not  lees.'than One Hun<!reci���������Dollars. '' ���������     .:  : Bills Discounted ii ml Collected; and Bills of Escshange  bn-Great Britain, Ssn Jfrancisco and New'-York: pur-  chased,.".' .- ���������'" \    "y'''A"       '".!'" : ���������'' ���������**/,i;  t'i,l'A. f"'?������������������' ��������� ���������*"'",  .Gbyernment/amVother SJecuritiee,^ received for eafe  custody; Ihtoresis and Dividend is collectedl :     *  GOLD BUST AID BASS PUEGHASED,  Received on Deposit,-or Advance, made upon them.  Cameron ton, "Williams Ore������:k. A'.', ���������'''��������� V. fe  .-w  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  :  QUESNEL   MOUTH,  P. L. JOHNSON, .Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the beet  description. &  QUESNEL   MOUTH,  BROWN & GILLIS, Bropribtoi������. :  Good Bed������; Restaurant; Billiard Table, &c.  V: > Stajillng-for Hordes j: Hay and Oats. ;,    s;  :'.-y- '^fcLiNT ��������� yy/y  '���������*������������������ ..FHAWCOIS   CHAPEROk,.  B48_s*kAifD Gbxeral: Store KebpesC !j  KWONG LEE & COvJ i .^  COMMISSION M^  Importers and Dealers; in CHINESE GOODS, &ce, Su-  \.... ���������������������������'.: 4 :��������� , gar,. Tea, Provisions.   .;  !QUESNEL   MOUTH. a !  it   in"    i ' -i r-iinr-^~'' -~-. ;       ��������� ;  "mi ���������   m   ^C'^V^J-feProi^DIN^:.^- "AAAA/A;  WaOLSaALE AND RETAIL PROVISION AND. GENS.  ';"/"'.._������������������ RAL MERCHANT, A . ,��������� \AA  -  Boots. Shoes, Tinware, Etc."'���������������������������  1   QUKSNEL MOT^ril. a  EXPRESS FREIGHT AND PASSENGER ���������  .LINE       '.'. AAyA.A  Stages and Saddle Tra^in!  THE most E^pinrnous AND ECONOMICAL, as  well as the most comfortable mode of travel to the  lower countrv is bv this line* \  ������������������SADDLE TRAIN loaves Richflold on Moa-nAva and  TneasOATS 'at .NOON, in time to catch the S11A.GE at  Cottonwood for Qnesncl Mouth and tlio steamer for  Soda Creek. BARNARD'S ?#AGES leave Soda Creek  every Monday nnd-Tucrsdav at 8 a. m; :The Tliurs-  day's Stage will lay over at Biuur'r^ 111 mUe;post,/anoV  at Clinton for real; tho Monday^ Stage,;at. Clintokl  okj.v; both arriving at valo in tituo tu catch th������Bteam-s  ers for New "Westminster. .;  j������3*-Through Tleketa may be obtained ai the Omco  in Richfield;  VAN WINKLE, CARIBOO W������ST.  HENRY HGLBROOE, Wharfinger, Forwarding and Commission Merchant, dealer in Provisions,* Feed, &c. Bonded storage for 1000 tons' of  Goods in Stone Fireproof Warehouse! '" Goods Forwarded up country, and every accommodation given *w> vessel* loading or discharging at the Liverpool or upper  wharf.    New Westminster, British Columbia.' a  NOTJCE. ;  4 LL KINDS OT DRv GOODS. CLOTHING,, BOOTS  ������L and .SI i'es, caii b������ bought cheaper' at: the store of  the undersigned than at any other place in tho colony;  Every article marked in plain figures.   Terms--CASH.  "Ni B.���������Orders from the upper .'country receive prompt  attention;       !,c     :   ' ARTHUR BULLOCK,/'  As      Opposite Colonial Resta urant, Nev,! Westminster  I J   MARKS, Watchmaker & Jeweler,  j���������   Yates street, Victoria, V..I., keeps; constantly on hand a '-.superior stock- of Gold and  Sljver"WATCHES, Gold Chains, ^Buckle?/Plated Ware,  Clocks, y&c.'   'Particular-1 attention-paid to ire1 pairing  Watches aiid Jewelry. ! AU work-warranted. ;, Orders  from tbeicoiihiry promptly ^len^^Wi;;;^";^^ :a������������������;..."  Montreal^  Kingston;  - Hamilton.  Quebec; ���������    '   Toronto; \  London, C. W; Brantford ���������  ; r,. ,  St.Johns, N. B.j; Victbria/v.^  ���������;%- -fe.,, !    ' ' ���������' ��������� ������������������'. -AGE-NTS:'. !"������������������.!,"'.!;, : ���������' .'���������;' a "���������  ���������  Scotlamb���������Kntional Bank .of Scotland ��������� ��������� -:  iREFAsn���������Provincial Bank of Ireland ������*������i'. ;'* I "A  FaA?fcK-^-ilarcuard, Andre & CSo.- Paris ��������� ������  At'btraua���������Union Bank of Australia ���������   '   >  India China A JAPAX-^Charterod'-UermiU ' Btak *r  India, London and China. -^ ,  DRAI-TS ISSUED on London, New York   Jfentw  c sco Canada, New Brunswick/NoS S, anS o_>i  he Branches of the National Bank of &������Etv������ ,  Provincial Bank of Ireland, '       -     >     -My- "? ���������"!,,  Bills pf" Exchange iadd-bld Purcliaiiei I  Interest on Special Deposits of Money allowed at ifel  rato of a quarter of one per cent; per month  t feJ8Gr The, Bank receives Gold Dust and Bars for saft  keeping without charge; undertakes the purchase .m \  sale of Stock; the Collection ot Bills and other inoew I  businefis in tho United States and British Provinces; A  fefe  -- ~i  Ayr  ���������fefe- ���������  ;,>fefe  ��������� y  SPORBORG- & RtTEFF; CommissionVMer^  CHANTS,; Wholesale Dcalers in CiROOKUi'sa arid' Pj*o:  visions,VWliurf street, Victoria; :' ; "y^'Ar        y: 3m;fe-  TriDGAR: &.. AIME, Commission Mercliants,  JBi' Wholesale I)ealers in Grocbki^s and Provjsioms,  Wharf street, Victoria, Vancouver Til&tid.  -Ay     : ��������� y s  FELLOWS, ROSCOE &! GO.. Importers of  . GEstRAL ���������; HARnwAita asu 1rok? M66rers;. Build ing,  Vales street, Victoria, V. 1.^      ;:   '. \ *   ' \ 2m  ���������TTIBBEN &-CARSWEIX; Impprtixig Book-  IX SELLERS & .ST'ATlON-EItS, constantly supplied and  receivingirom ^estsources,.School.:Stahdard} and;Miscellaneous Books, an d -Staplo and Fancy Stat iohiiry 'An  all its Branches. ,;: Corner, yates and, Langley streets,;  Victoria,1 Vancouver Island, fefe.     / \ r   :....    ),< fe s ;; y t.  A LBION IRON! WOKKS, ifeftoria, V: I.,  A- Manufacture, Steam Engines: iand.������������������ Boilers of oil  si_cs, Quartz Mills; Mintng Pumpi.Flouring Mills, Gang,  ^sh,. Hulay.: and CUrcular; Saw If ills.. Iron and Brass  Castings,. and everything connected; With the:;business.  A'a'-:A"> rfe SPRATT &��������� KRIEMLER.  QCOTCH HOUSE. A; McLeaii - and Co.^  \u* Hosikrs anp GES-ERAt, Outfitters. >.-.-��������� cMitiers and  others will find at the Hootch House a splendid, stock of  /pHE above splendid Hotel-is now open for the public,  J   the proprietor having taken groat, pains through the  winter to make it the most superior housa in,(Cariboo.  Gopd.accommodations, with suits of rooms fbr iadiee  .-���������'or private, pa rtios.   : At tached to this Hotel is a  Any FntsT Clahs Restaurant & Bah, ,  wbere-caji be obtained the most choice brands of Wines,,  Liquors, CigarSj &c.  ' ��������� ",....   N. L. MoCArpBP.v, Proprietor.  G<tt.D Dcst Melted and. Assayed, and roturns  within 24 hours in Coin or Bars. :   r \  Ores or every,'descfipUbn carefully Assayed.  N B:~ Any inst ructions as to t h e'disposal of th <i p&  coeds'of Gold. Dust forwarded to the olflce in Yicb,   j  ���������fe'$3������sy7W?iH^^ "������'- -������.������*-^..-������  :- fejv--'- 'fe!.-   ���������   J- G. SHEPHERD, Managtt.   i  y /Victoria, V;-L, Mayy Vm;-A " - * ��������� '���������**'" M> y y ���������'-y<ir ���������  OT. G-EORG-ET HOTEL,;,View Street;' Vio  O vo-ria.. This Hotel,, to which is attached a Beaun-  rant and feBnr Room, is One of the most cdnofortab���������!  estaolishmenus of. the kindon the,, Pacific Coast ��������� W������li  furnished;roOms for singlo persons and families;' Tha  most iinportant London,���������;���������>French, and California new������-  papers received for. the use of boardorg. i-_  CLABKSONJ& CO.,-Dealers in* Books, STATrowimy I  Music and .Musical; Instruments,. NEWS AGENTli h  &C,,, Columbia Street, Kcw Westminster. s       y  I'-TT���������   '     111    --!��������������������������������� I !��������� Ill   fel^lTl     ������������������������! Illllll 111 M I    HI1IMM   . _^_^_^���������������^^^n_.     'fe  JA. McCREAi Auctioneer, Whakp Strsbpt %  ��������� ���������, Victoria, Vancouver.Island,    ���������< .1..'  DANIEL SCOTT & CO.,, Auctioneers and A  Commission- Merchants, City Auction Koonii port    !  street, Victoria.; Cash advanced on Merchandise, to kar, ;  airiouht. consigned for sale.   . Beferen ce���������,Eono i Au    *  layson*, of II. B. Co and lioyd's Agent. ! '  \  ';=���������  &fe  TF   YOU    WANT  I burster:;  GOOD ��������� ALE   ENQUIRE    FOB  T M00BHEAD and GO., COMMISSION MEB-  O . CHANTS and Importers of .GuocERtKa, Pro*  vjsioks, PnoimcEj-fco,, Wlmrf street j .Victoria, ..V, hi ;������  P. DAVIES U CO., Auctioneers & Cot_-  '������#,'������������������������, MissiQx Merchants, Fire. Proof Stone Bui.lQ'i-i,  Wharf street, Victoria, ,Vf I, ^Liberal Advances m-4*������  on\ConsignnienU.     r^iAHyiiir'      A"'���������-������������������'- "-''    'T'-'  JOHN  P. "COUCH; Importer and (jenerai  COMMISSION MERCHANT"Commercial Row, Wharf  street, Victoria, Vancouver Island. .."-'"������  GOLDSTONE and!BROTHEB, Agents for  * tho Pioneer Flour Mill*,. Commission'Mcrcijants,  Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Grocsries, Pro-  visions, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots a������i> Suobs, A:o.t  two-story Fireproof Building, Beid's Block, botweeu  the stores of J. Wilkie & Co. and Stewart & Co.j ATharf  street, Victoria.   , s  Ai  li  L. L'HOTELIER, Importer and Dealer in CK0-  . CfiBIES, PROVISIONS, WINES & LKJUOItS,"No.  " Wharf street, between Johnston, and vatc*, Victoria,  Vancouver Island. j  Q1ROD &  '     Old Ebtaulissjed Gsneral Store,  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  Storage. &c���������Terms most Koderate.  . .   QUESNEL MOCTH. a  FORT YALE HOTEL,  :  KeUey & Lane, Proprietors,  A OOD BEDS, Good Accommodation and the Best.of  * J LJquers at the Bar; Stabling for Horses, ho.      s  Mpsjds5 Hair Invigorator^  To prevent BaUIuess, Restore Hair that has  fallen off or become thin, and. to cure effectually-  \A '���������,.*���������.,  .' Scurf or Dandruff, ���������   .fe :y ..���������;���������'  GCAttA3TBB9 THE BKSTQRATXOX OK JlAIK '.VK 0������S Yf&QK.  FOR THE TOII -ET���������This Invigbrator is made partioT  tularly for Ladies after illness to b������"f used, wi th the od  prepared by the proprietor.;; First saturate the hea4  with the Invigbrator; Tub well with a hard b*ush; then  oil. It will also relievo the heat!ache, and give the' hair  a darker glossy color, and the free use of "it will kaep  both the skin and hair in a healthy state. Ladies will  find the.Invigorator a great addition to toilet, both in  consideration of its delicate and.agreoablc perfume and  tho gi������eat facility if aflbrds in dressing the hair, which  when moist with it can be - dressed in any. required  form ao as to preserve its place, whether plain or in  ourls. When used on children'sjheads, it lays the faun.  dation for a good bead of hair.  Prepared only by  W.  I>. MOSES,  Barkerville, next door to Madame Bondixon's.  COLONIAL HOTEL,  Ne v.-Westminster, British Columbia,  Messrs. Gurllby Brothers,     -!������������������     ���������      Proprietors.  THOMAS AliLSOP, Land Ageiit and Genr  1 KKAf/CoirMissiOK, Agent, Government street, Victo*  ria,^Vancouver Island.   ���������    I   ''"fe "'t.-tl\ ���������''���������        ���������:''" 8';-  JOHN WILKIE and COJv \Merchants,  Street, Victoria, Va ncouyer asland.  Wharf  8 fe  DB. POWELL, has Removed Ms Office  and Residence from Fort street to the premises  lately occupied' by the Mayor on Broad street, Victoria,  V. I.   Office hours'9 a. m. to 12, iind 8 p. m. to 10.    s  /-PHOMAS SHOTBOLT, Dispensing Chemist  X and DawGG 1ST,* Joh nson street, I Vic torfa, V I. #.  spectfully solicits the attention of Miners and the.p������l������.  lie in general to his well assorted stock.of pure English  Drugs, Chemicals, and,Perfumery; also to his Mixmr*  for Bheut'nausiri, which la an invaluable remedy ta  this distressing complaint. Ls  :y  LENEVUE & CO  ���������i  YALE,. BRITISH COLUMBIA,  Hay and <3-rain at lowest Rates  Oiuvifi to parties buying Feed-  Good StabUnp  Fasliionable Hair Cutting!  W, D. MOSES. <  If youit Hai? is palling and becomino then,  call and have it  RESTORED before you are bald headed.  W.  1).  MOSES,"  2 Barkerville. Williams Greek.  J  J. SOUTHGATE and CO., Uxiov Whabf,  Victoria, V. I f and Battery street. Satj Frahcisco.  Victoria, February 24,1865.  THK UNBERSIGKEB, having purcliased the goodwill  of the late firm of Guilp, David &Co^ will continue  the Wholesale Provision. and Commits ion Business, at  warded to tho Mining Districts.  U  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, V. L, W  BlGNE AND PlXEES MaNCSET, PrOprietOM.     TlW ^  ta urant is supplied with all the delicacies the uutf'wl  affords. In the Bar will be found the choicest LxqWJA  Furnished Booms, &c- W  GRELLEY 6c FITERRE, Victoria, V. I..  Sole'AgentsJfor Napoleon's Cabinet Champagne,  ,.��������� i.uciiftn ^.ra.ferffe,,,,,,, nvirh^ Pietrosflon <ie St. Aubtu Champagne dry, Boucho oo dry,  the store, comer oi Bustioo and Wharl streets, under - . M m ranimn-iima Pn5o������p riirnim't fihamnanRe  the iirm of *WKISSSNB[B!tGEK & SCHLOE.>SER. Mr. ^^^H^iW8"9* .^^e.k������^u^affl������t  Jules DAV3D will act as Manager of said business. The I "(>M-^ i������������w������,  buKinestt on Govcrninent streel will bo carried on as  heretofore.  WEI&SEWBUKr^B As SClftOESSKK.  J7DG-ATI MARVIN,  Cokner I'\)ut am������ I^akglky  U Street, dealer in IRON & HARDWARE.   Agent for  the salo of the Boston Rubber Belts. s  EWIS LEWIS, CLOTHIER, tates .strekt,  j toria, opposite Bauk of British North America.  Vic-  s  F toi? wiehTOKE ccrso of diseases of every kind,  without:tlie! aid,of Mercury, call on Dr. SiddaJl,  'either at bis oificfl, Cameronton, or his residence, Marj^-  ville, Williams Cret-k.  ���������   W,   WINN ARD,  iHlAOKBMITn, MACHMST AND MAKT*  r a ri vaka op Cookwo Ran 3 ������sl,  ' bakkkrviixp:, n. r.  F. V. LEE,  Auctioneer,  Mining Agent, and Oolleotor,  RICHFIELD.     ���������''      .   '.,'������������������  ffsP All Agency BuBtness attended to.  H EXCELI^Nl1 RANCH,  situated on the Waggon  Road, and on which a. large number of cattle, conld  bo caVi'd ior In the winter, ail there ip plenty of hay for  feooimr.   Th^ro U������ gu������9d Bwenini; Hoiwe, lose ther with I  f**\<Uo i^i'vdH, Stabhvi, ft,i\, -,r\ tho premisea.  Aivptv, l������y hy  ���������i " A,' * Cy ri 'jo,* ?. ��������� i\ t in������������������ I' oft��������� c..   t  f%    SUTRO & CO., iMi'or.TKEs a*nd Be a lees in  \J.   ClOARi?, TOBACCO, Mcershaum Pipeg, &c, S E.  corner.of Yates aud Wharf street, Victoria. s  IP. HEISTERMAN, LAND AGENT, 38 Gov-  eminent street, two door.-* south of Fort street,  Victoria, Vancouver Island. a  HpHOMAS GOLDEN, Wholbsale am Ret ait,  I Dcalr-r in WINES, BRANDIES, BEEIW& LIQUORS  of every description, Corner of F,ortand Whari hirocts,  Victoria, Vancouver I?lsnd. lm  NOTICE   TO MERCHANTS."  TIME is Mosey,'and if you would save both fchip  your Goods  by  the Yale*Lytton  Route.  A. BARLOW,   Commission and FaawAUDixn Ac.e.vt,  Port Y&do, British Columbia, begs to inform Shipper*.  and the public in general that he is now prepared tv j  Forward GuodH to tho Mln^ja on the mmt reusooable  terms,$tnd without delay..  abOTA will be prompUy ������*  fi i"**prty*i* wa r?b vu.je. ������m  Bokers Bittcra; Sajnsevain's California"Wlno and Bit*  ters Hastctt������r:a Bitters, Bancroft Cid^r, Lognac Clar������'t  G. Preller Claret. A large stock of Bonded Win*,  Brandie?, Whiskeys, and Liquora of every dcgcriptiw  always on hand. " GRKLLtY k. Fitisebe,  Importers aud Wholesale Dealers,  1-s Junction Wharf and Johnson BtreflW-  KjyluVAL.    J. L.  Jungermann,  _ __      _. T Val������h'  VMAKERand JKWELER.7 has removed to the Fir*  proof Brick Building, witbin one door of Wells, Fm9  k Co. !s Kxpress Office, Yates street, Victoria, V. I������ ������  DICKSOK, CAMPBELL  & CO., Commission Mejbchahts, Wharf street, Victoria, Vuucou  ver Island.    Hi N. Dickson A: Co., London;  DeWolf k Co.; San Francisco.  DICK80X,  ft  HENDERSON &   BURNABY,   ImDorteJf  and CoaiMisaiox MnftcnAKT3, Wharf stroet, ViCton*,  V, I., and No. 17, Giacochurch atreet, I/)ndon.        d  MALliiVNDAlNE, GENKRAL COMMISSION AGS^  government stroet,  Vicioria.  i������ and   Oolmctob,  Vancouver Island.  FISH-  p UY HUSTON, DSAUtt ih GUNS, P^^K  VX ixg Tacki._, Powder & Sbot, vate������ 8treet^c^,_.  TUUUS LOKWI & CO., Iwr0RTK������8 A*o ^^'d  J  Dkaixrs; Afiouts tor Til ton & McPartand Ft** ������  BurKlar Proof Safes and Vaults, Victoria, V. I.  K" WONG UX k CO-, CoatMisaiON MER^^r|,^  . paru������r> aud Balers m CHINL^L. Wy1^;,.*^  Uti'led ti a til atrrvt in j! jsajiar, T*i. Provisio-ei, /to., O?nnor������ct-*tr������������. r -  ' ������'H"vemaient and thu^Ua mrveu. ViccriH, >  1.


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