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 'Mi  THE ATLAKTIO  '.   Itja-lmpioseible to inciufo into  1 ' ���������'the.year's exfwdition'without  ^ith the care"takeuy hot" merely to guarct  ^SOTns^idiBastier^bafet^  ^ngtheresulteM  p ay] rig ������������������ out/ anjd ? pk&lng;;np "h^b/e���������ia^Tepeat<J'dT  ?' from five to sevettand a&alftimes >the'Strengtb  ���������" of' tie breaking; ^^igfc//���������i^bere^^tpd^Jtbe-  .i extreme breaking strain^ iniy.paying-cutis |ten  .f"tons',-- the large wheels.; employed' will.bear  seven times,) and the. smallernones nine /times;  ':' l'toat strain.',nTEe; mishaps^bf;last year' were, it  jg useful to remeaib'er, attributable to; the jjo������-  aibility of picking up a "cable from the bottom  of .-the/Atlantic*'!never^���������vha?ing.":vbeen*:contem-  "��������������������������� plated; ^either ionies^^r;^gear were 0yjridr  ������������������^^���������s&a^-c&nti^  '< info Hie seivic'e;gav������ S'ay^lienjput :to������ strain:  ' vtb^^e^^never made to bear;: ���������:'-. Kiwi: pifofir  M^ij^^.iSJfr^  /iaucb'.picking up easy* and'safe onbQardfoe;  Great Eastern., . Las t^ear it could not be dp he;  from the^re^gart'Of *tfie*ship:; this year mat-  ters/^ill be so arratfge^  brought -in* asjffell ^as j p aid /out at'the stern;;  and the having * of-time, "and complications * is  'oUvious.1 Passing from fcecAtlantic cable to  '��������������������������� the grand vessel wbich'f is to/carry it, it is grati-  1 fying to] know;' thatt/her/lc^ei and hull/;,have  " been thoi'dug^ljS ^a^ft^^ cleaned, and ^that  the divers^ -reporfe,shp Wiffiem: < to>be in good  H fiailirig,6rder,,���������' So much .'ti'mpedimenta'- has  it been removed that an 'aWifibn of two knots  w������n hour to her speedds coanted on.    This, it  48 ho^e'djj" will Ifeiye f Ipoyer^of nine knptsj������  *when fully laden^rhigher thank is aeededlfor,  ::]cabledaying;;and-calculated to ensure the hill  ;fcpeed necessary^j e^a -agamst ^ head wind;  ' and ah adverse'sea.. i The, directors of: ttie.Tele-  -' the jMedway;a ship o������i82^ tons, to accompany;  f^he pyeat,;Eas1jei:n on her voyage; out; i^The  '^tt&'dway will^arry-jsoisierhundreds* of jnilaaof  of 7-the/' expedition being ^successful, ��������� > will  re^sonargeHhisMntb ihe-theh-empty/tanks of  tbe ,GreayEas^rn^AtJ.^ewfpaadlandi/x/The  jMeu'wayjrfl^^^  tbebroken;end ilies^to?.&������ buoys^oBmay\be to'  ^mraehce^the'^icU  /Sast^'wn^  -Sbeerness from the/29th June to SrdJuly.nex^  JJBlyee frays will take her to Beerhayen; where  she will rem am nine days ������6 taSe in coal;!Air  dowing^ five^daya > fpT waiting ior favorable  ~ weaiher'for/^^ J^e shdrefend? f nd  fifteen days 5for������h#^s^e to Trinity Bay,] we  may look'for/''ihds^a^y^frb'tf'Xnierica about  thef. beginning:fofiAugust��������� Jaexkr v The :GreWt  Eastern will agwnvSuppiyu herself iwithi coal  at Trinity^/Bay/"aatf aitoncVfollo w the Medway  Itb^tlieV grapplii^^yp^ij^; Jhis ^vill/ take tijrets  days j and eight more^e- given :ftr; grappling^  and five for returning to Trinity<Bay and laying the remainder of the old cable. -This done,  -the return j:<)if^ tie:-Great Eastern -to England  will take twelye^daj^ rxtore, H,anid 'bring her  ;home. abptit the second week in September^-^'  4IMy]^\vs/ ; '��������� '%'���������' :'V ":   ���������' ' '���������,;"--  hptIpng-since. "It'^eems; that |he,bull had  escaped from- the Plaza: du Toros, and "feeling  what it was to be at liberty,' determined to -go]  Sn B>i*|regulai bust."!/: The/furious, animal- warf  firstseenlcpming: down "the Jr%sco at /a> 2 40  Spejed/close^ to.a volahte; >; The negro; driver  whipped his hors������ for life^ and death; and: with  hat off and mouth wide" open yelled most: unearthly for helpr ^ Bu������help;tbhim could never  come.;;^The bull' gained on .himrrrcaught him  r^and^with; one:toss of his head threw. yolatite,f  hprse and rider -about forty ��������� feet/ . iVithbut  sapping;to view the wreek-bf matter:and '(the  ��������������������������� crash of/vlolaiitei hbrsp and; !negro; he ;passed  on-for ihe: plaza^when such a scene ensued. as  was never/witnessed before by the Habanerps.  ���������Without: turning to the right or the >leftl he  cb^ed?ttirbugh/tbe immense > crbwd~~traihp'  ling tbeml down^ and������ goring thenirwith ^his^  frightfuh horns, ut Many i were wounded and  brui8ed^andohelbid;womah>iwa^  lentrajls being Jiterally torn: our.   .On. the in-  ruriated; bea^tr/^she^  lltfe'e'ti- *cle"afing e ver^fiirigjib ei^e^m^tiiFhis  bullshipi reached'ihe ? brihey^ watersof theibay.  Hera heahaltedf i but? for a moment j only���������-  wtien^ turnings he .dashed up another ;streefc  An/Unfortunate negro happened to J)e in his  wayf and ioo late attempted: to escape^ but  the bull was upon him in a second, and caught  him/against ;the wall and- gdred him to:,death;  iifut it -proved equally* fatal to the monster, for  while he was crushing- the poor negro^ his'  pursuers^rushed upouv him and dispatched  him with their sabres> J "��������� \ ''  ���������-. Fttpk DodglaSt���������New Diggings Struce.-t-  We learhi through what we' believe to be re-  liable reliable ^sbureesy' that placer diggings  have been struck on the Douglas Portage; so me  2'6 miles out of town, whichiprospect well and  it is believed^ will pay/good wages: AH the  in that neighborhood had starts out prospect-,  ing, Immediately the discovery becamekno wn.  It is to?be hoped this fresh excitement;^ will  lead to a more thorough .prospecting^ of: aJdis?  ||BLisaEi>viEy������itt/ Monday  PATEr  l&m'A. Thursday.  IiS'^h (' i', *   , "*,,"'." *',"    ������':-''f:AA\'>'    er-r i���������-^~^ '  **   ~'  \       --.|      *< * y   , ^- ,  ificluitng^'coBt of, delivery.)' Payable- to - tbe Carrier  ii  m/:^  Biiiiiiifeiiiiiw  ���������mAMsmS0m':'''' '   'VftiTS8ii  0EASjE^mi  iMMMWM  M|pi^^^  '���������:���������.��������� \.,...j-'-*S;^l   -.- ff ,;���������  Mm  ^Iron^Car  powdee; fuse, m��������� &c.  "���������-//ALSO,  STATJO^  iiR:^  m  Wj^&ER&$tii$&%  |;. %; mad*; fefE:^|^|i^-fe; '^yM  EGS'SO  ANNOUNCE^TOCHER   tRT^T^.iSM  she has refittedi this Me)l knoWn^-Saloon/-where- sbe,  invites tne^>ublio .'to give her a f  II  AWfcWw Bar isvatocked witb^tbe^eet''of* lilQUOfe  a^ii'-SEGARS that: can:;be procured;     "     " IS  Western Union TBtkoiiiPH^-^The. telegraph  line is now completed to Fri^er take ��������� audjthe  ��������� chopping party are some' way ahead.   The  work;is being pushedpn vigorously and it. is  expected the Jme^wiil be stretched to. ttocher  deBoriller, ontl^e Skeena^by the 1st August  Parties are exploring the Skeena river, and it  ! is hoped the'Stickeen -can be/ crossed a; short  i distance from -theI'^oasti; Oyer 250 pack ani-  ?mala are;employed transporting'wire andsup?  plies;   About 100 pack "animals and the same  number !of< beef- cattle left, Quesnelmoufch; on  tile 4th inst. for Eraser Lake.   The boats have.  already made etwo trips to'Forts'Frascr and  Stuart. .  J^Mr.'Peab6dy^s liberal gifts are by no  ; means ��������� ;c;prifihed to Londohi'������ He has given, a-,  ; sum;'.of ������25,000! to\ found an' institute at his  nativeipto4ie/l)an7^jHci^bh:asetis ;' and }a  further sum of ������100,000= to erect a: similar; in-  , stttute in Maryland. ^   It Was he that bore the  Whole expense; connected with the American  portion of:the firstjgreat Ihternatibnai Bxhibi  tion in 1851; and he also bore the chief share  ; of the expense of'fitting: out-Dr. Kane's expe-r  ditiohlh search of Sir John Franklin.     '  ^^ On-Good Friday, ih a town in North  "^J������r^^fii;lyin^tet.wia a bald pate,  juaioiously selected for his; text; "Sly sins are  greater in number than;theh!airsonmyhead.,?  ; "^^^If you want goo^Ooh^e ^ Fell's.l  "  merican papers /record: the death of  xine'Mrs^Forbesi of' Ashfield;* Massachusetts,  at/the^ageipf~ 103, and state/that she rliyed^to  see her descendants to the/fifth t-generations  Her father died at the age of; 90, and her  mother; died in her ,100th year;; Among her  teii$rotherss and sisters but oho died- under  80^ars^the'others reaching 90 and upwards  %&&&*, A- steamboat on ah.<entirely jiew plan  has just been launched at St. Denis to conyey  passengers from Paris to St. Cloud during/the  Eshibition, ^ It consists of ? an elegant ^saloon  in two compartments, coyered: over- with move:  slble glass frames, so that, the passengers may  enjoy an.uninterrupted yiew>; of the country;  and at' the same time -.: be sheltered from -rain  and the heat of the sun. .-;  'j f-'JbS? We would (call -.the V attentib n ^bf those  having goods or Mother^commodities; to move  between the different /towns -oh the creek to  Mr.,H./C.. Wilmott, who has a Horse and Dirfey  ready^at the shortest notice' to execute any  orders he may be favored withy at very reasonable rates. ?'���������-;:'-���������*: 'F^';^'^.'/:,-'v-;i*.  .-IS''  NEUFELiDER  '������ ��������� cm''mBZQ, 'n F'1 E % ? i  Storage and Commission.  E'rHODGENS;  V>v'';'/u:M^0m|I^i):M^^ /Aw'   ;A  .new wiwm^E^irw^  tp "A ' ''^IlKSjED/STArer; ; '" ;%' /  ���������' .-^on^Ca)?AUi^PftI^me,:BraQWt)rd,' Brock-      -  :������������������ w y1������?������TO&^twboroJ0jttaw'ftl' GuelLrh;,>  '   ;    ' ^^^^ffi^An^i    >   * w  ���������1:   i J: ,  .~llM X������.rtlloB^kofMontreul.:''     -,.-'  ;oNiMwSig������i^  .ON:EKGLANfefTEE BANK-feBRITisH/cOLUMBlA; :  ^UBRE?^^feuNfS~ Wuhd' iw iiyMMouSiy not i  les'stbattOn^lpQiiared'DpIIfirs,   .   :     \\ ;  ^ BiUs Dis^j*BWdaa<i OoIKoted; and BHte-bffBjcobang*';  ,oh?Great|BriPni;S������n^Frafleisco^nn^A!Nev^^  ^Governmei8'f;ap;p.tHer|Jffe'w  custodyj'In^^ts-'. d Di'vi *-*-j,'.coHcc;*bV - fe^  .i>jrf..Vr������'A.ijrf>'V,  ?^>V  BAKKERVILLE���������Adjoining the:Express;Office^  T:i��������� N S M IVT'  BABKERVILLB.  Ll  MOUTTET1 & CO;  WHOLESAL& &" RETAlli V    :  KICHFIELD^ Wiiiiams Creek^B. GI  '      >  WE HAVK O^HAN0^a large stock of Provision^^  . . Hardware an ii iv:egetable5r auM^������re.T<ieter-;  mined .to sell them cheaper than .any other "store on  Williams Greek. Come and see and judge for yourselves.  'Ricbfleld, May Sth; 1866. ...,-���������'.  r i  ,: :Th������ ,;U9itEB9Ai������ Praotjccb of; mixing Chicory and  ,o,ther ftdulteratives.with Colfeei, has very mncb daiiiag-  li^ln/PUOliciestlmatiohj-'-wliat ought to be the most  delicious of Beverages. So eftectually have the public  been drugged with such mixtures that the true properties have been, lost sight of, and many prefer a black  and; thick Infusion to a drink rich in spirit and aroma.  KJcneral as is tlie use of -Coffee, it is, little known that  in condensing the vapbra extracted from tho berry in  roasting, a liquor is obtained of the most nauseous  taste,'and of a scent the most unbearable. . Under such  circumstances it is evidently important that all the  gases"and fluids extracted by roasting should be carried off as quickly as possible, in order to prevent their  returning again te tbe Coffee, which is the case in the  confined cylinder. This object is^ admirably accom*  plished by the new and patent "Conical Cottee Roaster"  as used by FELL & CO., Victoria, in which the berry  is directly exposed to tho radiated heat, and thovnpor  extracted carriod off instantaneously. In addition to  tbe advantage, to be derived by the'rapid removal of  the steam containing the objectionable properties, the  pure aroma Of the Coffee is retained, tho essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in th,a Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee is required to remain a much  longer.time in consequence of tho steaming; it undergoes, by the .confined steam.. : It is chemically impossible toxetaitCthe qualities or arrest the deterioration of  Coffee when ground. The heat engendered by the process of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action in the elementary(*parts which gradually destroys  its.fitness,for drink. , But to retain the essential oil  which H contains we have it encased iu tins containing  from 1 lb. to'2$ lbs., and which can be had from any of  tho respectable dealers. We can confidently recommend  those who have .hitherto been obliged .to retrain from  taking Coffee on account of its ill effects that they may  use our Coffee, roasted in the Conical Roaster, beiug recommended by all medical men under whose notice it  his been brought, and by numerous other testimonials  Snte'fOTft <��������� FELL & CO.,   /  ��������� Coffee Jfrrebaatn, Yatws St., V!etona.  WILLIAM  WESfNAUD,  LACKSMITH  BARKERVILLE  B2atisi������:)^6rtli:: 2'America^  jBST^rsHBn^f/1836i/  Head Otficb:.:7, ST. HELENS vLACE LONDON. '  t DRAFTS ISSUED ion louden, &<w Vorfc -San Fran-'  .Cisco,.'Cariboo,, .Canada, I������ew- Brunswick. Nova-Scotia^:  and on/all the. Branches of tfce^atibnal Bank of'fioot-  iattd and 'Provincial Bahk-'of Ireki:U. ^ ''/ ,   ���������  Bills��������� of Exeiiaiige!a1id TOid; ^ilroJiaslili / *���������  , ^Interest on Special}Deposits^)f Money allowed at tk������  rate of a quarterjof ]one; per/cent^per montHl     ���������',   / <' C  ��������� ^As^AySFFieej:'.";; ���������  Gold Ddst Melted and.. Assayed,\and returns,mad*  within 24 hoursin Coin- of Bars.* -  ������', Ores,of every^dcscriptionoarefully Assayed.: "],  ' N ./B'.~-Ahy ihstrdctions-'as to the disposal of-thW-prv*  beeds of Gold'Dust Ifbrwardod'to tbe?omce:in;Victoria  forrAssay will be carefully'atteuded^ to.;.  ../ >;v      -J. G. SHEPHERD, Manager.  Victoria; V;. I./April. 1868. e l:s  B ARNAHD'S  BARKERViLLE  BREWERY^  BREWER.  PRAGER   &  BRO.,  MEROHlITS;  WILLIAMS AND GROUSE CREEKS,  UEALKRS IN  Wholesale and Retail.  EC. GILLETTE,  CAMEKONTOWN.  JAMES   PURDIEj  BLACKSMITH,  RICHFIELD.  HENRY   SGHORLING,  VAX WINKLE,  Dealerin all kinds of Provisions, Clothing, &c.  , jJSgrStahiins Sot Horses ; K*yt .-Barjey; and Oats tl-  ���������.-^prjre'cBk hand.'. '      /.",.    A '    .,"'.'!'.    ^'3  Connecting.:.at jLiliboet and Yale with ;i)iETZ &  '.: A, NELSON'S" for New Westminster & Victoria, '���������,  W" :il^ ��������� ARRTO .ANp;./M^  : Barkeryille, to.connect with the steamer ^Enterprise?' at Quesnelmouth, and the STAGES /at Sort a!  freak',;/EVEJtYyWEE^^  and VAtyABi.32S for all parts p f the world   ���������-,; Also, Com -.  missions received arid /forwardedi'/by Express for the  collection of Notes, Bills and ��������� the' purcha se of articl��������� n  to be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria, San Fran-,  cisco.or en route, and returns mado with dispatch." ..  ;        ,.J<HN B.LOVELL, ,  1-a Agent,- Barkervills.  BARNARD'S STAGES will carry passengers from  : Williams Creek to Yale for $76 OO.  ���������jKQT Tickets must bo procured at the ofilce in B&r-  kervillo. ,  '/  19  . JOHN B. LOVELL, AgenU  v  ^EXPRESS.  Reduction in the Prices of Express Freight.  ON A^DAFTjER THIS DATE the rote for Express  Parcels from Valo to Ba'rkerviile will be  Parcels from: 6 to 50 fts. 76 cts. $������ fti,  do "  do   50tpl00fts.   " : "��������� 621-2'cts. $ &,  do ;   dp .100 Ifcs. and oyer   60 et&, %4 ft.  JOHN B. LOVBLL,  ,   Agent, BarkervilI*.  June 20th, 186������, 14  AUCTIONEER, MINING & COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,   '  tlRKBSVILLE, ' 17. ti'  i������  %&  bauaagaBaaiBaauian1 wamam iua%*manrwmtn  A  Agents for tke "Qariboo Soatmol-?J ;  Van Winkle, :��������� - -���������.-;.'' -- ' -. ���������������������������-������������������ N. L. McCoffery  QaewieimouthV: Hr./'GouVJlo, Barnard's Express Office  Yale, jpj. -. '������������������   -      Mr. Evans,.-' - .'do ������������  LMoodt, "^    ^' W.F08terJt-   do do    -  *ew Westminster, ;~v -v,-;;^ ��������� .-.;    Clarfcson & Co  '.;.* ������������������������������������vs.  ~   .-���������'..���������������������������������������������...���������  .'/..     :<R. Mallandaiue  ���������icterla,.;'/-.-/'-.��������� ",���������;.    '������������������'    =\-. v | ��������� Lyrie- ' .  "     .   /; TO ADVERTISERS. ���������        ---  The "Cariboo: Sentinel", is published every Monday  and Thursday.- Ad vernsomeuis inteaded for insertion  must be delivered at: lat&t*t~6frdoclct p.m;> the day  before publication."; / :"��������������� AAAA-.-  / viar All Advertisements (not insertedfor any definite  ���������ptriorf^viH bo continued untilj.orjterui out and charged  < /or accordingly.  '/.' t   "/; ���������:.; ���������;������������������"���������        ' -     . .    '���������  -���������--  ?he caribocSISl  ;, THURSDAY, -JULY 19, 1866.  '���������>*'<:  mLLIAMS, CREEK:MEADOWS:  There is no instance on;record, that we are  , aware of, where human industry, has been so  perseveringly applied with^such meager ^re-  stilts as the attempts made' to prospect the  meadows of, Williams creek..-. Hundreds of  hardy explorers, generally men of great mining experience; gave their labor for years and  expended; all they possessed, in the fruitless  effort to develop these celebrated fiats. Tradesmen^ and- merchants even,-vin the   different  Inaxte M thspvsi ^dlcaxies^par-ticipated-ia. Jbhe.  herculean struggle, and after( involving them-  . selves in difficulties that have      since weigh-  :ed like an incubus upon all concerned,,;were  in common with ^  don:the fieW, which' during -the last: two years  thas* presented a> scene:, where'the wrecks of  wheels, pumps, shafts and flumes, with rows  of deserted cabins, remindVpne strongly / of a  deserted battlefield, and/the site of a former  -encampment. A A.:. "���������:'.; '^S^AA^'-f^.'  ; It is estimated-that ttlly^a'VniilliQn dollars  were, expended. in./ the ;:unavaiiing", efforts to  conquer the. miners ;best friend, when under  control, but his worst enemy when too power-  fdl'. to ���������; cope with^w^err .Persistently has the  '..��������������������������� -miner striven t������ combat ^e/watery element;  he"may have -beenvbeated at; one point, only  ���������to redoubleJftis efforts at' aether; and should  A, /. iuman. forcfc only;. ie "sdspended .for. a. sfaort  :~    interval "the relentless-toe w;pujd g^  sufficient to,baffle ever^e^tion that might  ���������:������������������   be inade for, siibdnirig^t^Jthu^iscouiaging the  ..-.4^^!t/da^  practicable; the next question that arises is  that in relation to funds; this we think' is not  so difficult; of response as people -imagine.:  Let a Joint Stock Company bo formed,-with  shares at $10 or.$20 each, so that everyone  could take a few or many in accordance with  his means," (there can bono doubt that everyone interested in Cariboo would gladly take  a proportion), these * share's : distributed over  the whole- population"would -give a capital  quite sufficient.to .accomp lish all that isre-  quisite., and wejirmly: believe 'that the lucky  hplders;of stock would have -no cause: to repent of their investment, we, should then be  independent of the much vaunted aid extended to us in otheivcase8 by New .WestmiuBter  and Victoria; -That "&$;' Government,- would  grant all the privileges required and;''all the  aid that could be prudently, applied, we;have  no doubt, as hundreds of laborers .would be  employed and a source of wealth opened up  that would take many, years to exhaust; it  would/bring new life to Cariboo and .produce  industry and cheerfulness throughout the colony where depression and sadness now exist.  CHIMNEY  CKEKK.  Here there are two ranches, the uppermost; is  on the trail, /the crops on which I cannot flatter; but on the lower one they looked extremely well. I saw a crop of the best beans, considering tlie season. I have yet seen anywhere.  About 24 miles further oh lies  ���������. .. ; ALKALI' LAKE > VALLEY, '"A".     . \'.'z.  which I consider the best situated of-any-in  the country for agricultural purposes, and is  also well adapted" for stock ranges." Vegetables and grain of all kmds appear to dd fully  as well as any where .'in llie 1 ower. country\ aritl  being so:],far in'the interior the value;of:.these  productions is enhanced ��������� in proportion tb the]  cost of transportation. -"I'noticed about. 150  head of cattle ��������� belonging to ��������� tbo* two ranches  located here. , Next in the list of agricultural  districts comes /   -'-'���������- ���������'��������� ��������� ��������� ~ ���������,   '  ;  "-' A:-;'; \ '  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  WILL SOON  RECEIPT^ OPvA.LAgfip  WELL ASSORTED STOCK: OB^  AND  AGRICULTURAL ITEMS.  ,&<  do ws is how Weir-Tc'n0 wn^he^fire^appljances  . were .quite Inadeqivafeiclaimhoiderajiie      anticipating/the quantity/bf water aubsequeatly  -found,: wheii theysiinkto^the .depth .of 30 or  ��������� ;# ".t"egt; the smalI wheels a,t ..firsife Jn .rU8e:,_were  all removed and new   ones, displaying in  inany cases; the most-remarkable engineering  ingenuHy, replaced-ifaep* at,an.>.enormous ex-  pbnse, labo������i&nd materials being then very  fj high; again-3fe strugglet begun-;,but as agroat-  ;?br depth was reached the water became too  strong for the now machinery^., and still-with  the strong hope that buoys the miner adove  every difficulty, another attempt was made  with;,powerful iron pumps, manufactured expressly at Victoria, and brought up here at a  f. .^reat cost.. The Long Point1 c6*y, under the  *.-superintendence of Major Downie, brought up  one, and the New Richfield cd/y-'the other, the  Cpowerfnl character of th<?se pumps was Such,  Uiat it was calculated their united force would  riot only  drain   the . claims to which they  severally belonged, but also the adjoining  ones., Alas! how futile is human calculation,  the pumps were found unequal to the drain-  ���������age of the claims belonging to their owners  and with this last effort ended  the  combat,  nnd mortal endurance succumbed,: The struggle was certainly great and long protracted,  but the prize to be won was worth it all, for  it is well known now that where the meadows  at present afford good feeding ground for  ���������cattio on*e existed, in ages past, a vast basin  [  Clinton, 28th June,/1866.  To the EniTOR op this "Cariboo Sentinel"  Sib,���������You have not forgot your humble  friend, "Peter Puilet,,, who promisedTyou a  fewlines^now and again7 tb^puth'is few old  friends, in remembrance of his being still-in  Me**ianct bi the'lIvTng/ahd^once'mbrTjourney:  irig along his favorite  *.:.-/:....- _;:������������������, /. ��������� /-OLD-RIVER-Tit AIL.. ���������' ' ^/'A'. ������������������  I lefttheSteambpatknding.afew.days  early in the morning���������^with the first rays of the  sun.   How beautiful everything looked ; the  chirping of birds, the exquisite odour;of the  flowers; and the verdant grass, laden with the  morning dew pending in crystal drops and  reflected by the sun's bright rays, made up a  scene of loveliness seldom enjoye'd in these  mountains,/impressing the:mind of the traveller with new hope and energy. \ Soon however a sad feeling crept over me as my thoughts  were carried back to poor overcrowded Eu-  rope,/as it ro^oup before my vision, how many  millions  of poor  destitute  families/: there,  thought I, would be made^happy if they could  only^tave but a few acre$ ot all the unoccupied", lands that lie' along this trail.1 -As yet the  very" best and most accessible land has only  been taken up, and even this not with the in-  tention/of ^making comfortable homes,/bat to  vyield' their t occupants for tunes with* which Ho  return. .to their former homes and enjoy it.  No.care they to be. blamed, for to make a good  home anywhere it is requisite .to have a. good  housewife to/superintend it; such*a" want seems  to be the general rule in this country, so far  as my observation lais extended.    But! even  .supposing that families were settled there,  what prospect is there for the youth receiving  a proper education? 'Did   the   Home  Societies, 'in place of sending: Priests to go  among the* rancheries. of the natives, draw^  their attention to schemes for the education of  settlers7   children,   their   time   and   means  would be far'.more profitably'spent and to  better purpose, for, from my own observation  and experience, so far from doing good by  going to their rancheries the efforts of the  Priests in this respect, I am inclined to believe,  have a quite contrary effect    It is'a: well  known fact that those claimed to be civilized  by these travelling missionaries are the,biggest drunkards, rascals and thieves that can  be found anywhere; so much so that ifchas become a common pro verb, if an Indian comes'  to your camp with a cross or crossing himself,  ���������'look out for him, for .if he does. not steal  something before he leaves it will he because  he has no chance."    [We cannot quite endorse the conclusions arrived at by our correspondent, for we believe that the missionaries  who plunged into this wilderness long before  the White settler ever dreamed  ��������� A A. DOG CHEEK VALLEY, -/ . ;>' / ,_���������     ;.  In which are located three ranches';. the. principal one is owned by Messrs.:Brown & Gas-  pard, who possess a grist and saw mill^.the  former of which has proved a great benefit,  not alone to the neighboring settlers but to the  Colony at large, for thousands of dollars have  been retained in the country which, but for  this mill, would have gone abroad for .flour.  This mill, so far as ray knowledge extends, was  the first that was ever erected in the Colony;  at first it got a bad name "for making poor  flour, but experience and farther improvements  have remedied this, and from my own examination and:thew use^ the  T"f6uf'aT~d*^  ing now an excellent article. Some of the  wheat however brought to this mill, owing I  believe to the wetness of the.harvest.season  last year, has first to- be washed and dried.before going through the smut machine. :1 cannot conclude rhy remarks about this mill with-;  out wishing Mr. Brown that success and.prosperity which his energy and perseverance in  helping to open up the agricultural resources  of this district most justly deserve, in doing  which I am heartily joined by.every .well  wisfcer for the good of the Colony.., .About  12 miles further down the trail, we arrive at :  '-������':"     ���������  i'i   /'./".   CANOB.CREEK,^ '  ,',''.���������;.;../; >"=:' ���������  Rendered famous for its excellent potatoes,  which are generally acknowledged to be the  best in the country; they are raised in such j  quantities by the Indians that they not only  supply other tribes with.; that article, but nearly the whole of the houses along the waggon  road fronr here up to the 127 mile post.    The  Indians here also have several acres; of wheat  under cultivation.   . Mr. Rftchie^hai,::Vif-/I am  rightly informed, rented his farm to some Chinamen for three years, the Chinamen under-:  taking  to  cultivate the .same and equally  divide with Mr. Ritchie air grain and vegeta-j  bles raised thereon.    I should judge . that  about 100 acres are under cultivation on this  ranch, and considering the facilities for Working and irrigating it, the  crops looked thin  and  but slightly advanced, which  must be  owing either to the soil or the crop being put  in too early. ..,,-������...:  Now here, as you are perhaps aware, there is  a trail, called the Middle Trail, which goes up  Canoe creek and joins the waggon road at the  57^ mile post, the distance being about 40 miles:  this is the trail generally taken by pack trains;  Another was made last year from: the 3G mile  post, which is a far shorter one to Lillooet than  the former, or by way of the old trail. Still  another goes along theFraser, and this iscall-  P.H thf������ nM Piv^p Trail      n������    ���������  HARBWAEErClOTHEG  ^^%^??>^ v'l,:  :;:'���������,,: L&&gg sol*i XfOWEST,/PRICES '  t; :Wil|lam8X3rccki Jwlyidth, ifei.' '^;r;% ':5^  :MAS03^]^;/^  rj^HE'MEMBERS OF THE MASONIC FRATERvttv  X, are requested to attend'a m^tin* ������������ ^.tr..uJ  looc.CameroDton. on  att������n(1 a meeting, at Lorine'������ i  .y^. Catnerontpn on SATURDAY-.-EViNiVQ \p5"  the ������lst July, at 8 o'clock,"p.* m7 "** *" ?   'W  July 18tb, 1866/  22^111  In; the. Supreme Court of/Civil Justice of  '������:' British Cplumbiar^ :*   -;:  .-;��������������������������� .���������-���������{���������: .Vs;.-:'- -,tA :Re-.Fsston. .���������- ���������; '..; ���������  .     .'.  WEE- SECOND  EXAMINATION of .Waltib-^  J.    Fknto^ a Bankrupt,, will be held at tbe 0jUr  House, .RichflelcJ; beforo the Honorable Matthew Bmiiu  Begbie, on Wednesday, the 25th day of Jub insi  the hour of ll-o'clock in thbforenbon.: ..: '��������� w ai  ;,    .--?0.v .-...;,-.... ,--?   .J-.- .T/'vJOSEPE.PARK,'    "  ,.:   ./-j.-.'-...    .?'���������-,    : .��������� .-.Counsel for Petitioner    ���������  Klchfleld, 17th July, 1S68.V ; ... &������������  OCCIDENTAL HOTEL &1ES1MKI  :\r���������;*':,;;',' ^ae^er^iL'Le,^;;...  *':':������������������:.:.���������.-   .   K . ���������     -KEPT BY' \������\*      :,".'...     ������������������[  ���������MISS   E i   T H U R B E K \i   ;:  THK HOUSE HAS BEEN NEWLY PITTBD UP0������  giho;Ee8taurant princlpFe with a view to the comfen  of; the.public, ;and will, -be conducted in /a/manner to  ensure the satisfaction of those who are disposed to  favorjher with* their patronage.       /". ���������;    ������-.-.  ..', '* Meals at ail Hours. Good Beds.:  jS^ftie; Bar ie Mrnished with tho bwt soleotioo of;'  LIquois arid Segara,-~:  :-'���������'.       A >"��������� '.':'��������� '���������''''������������������'���������' i ��������� >22'  A TIT I ON.  PARTIES- ARE-;HEREBY CAUTIONED-AOAI.S'ST  .^negotiating a certain Promissory Note: drawn by  us in favor .of VICTOR DU RAND, and dated Barker  yille, Cariboo, Juh������ 17th, 1865, as the undersigned bare  certain claims against said Victor Durand which'sltiU  boj&4,uctc������,from the amount oi the said PromiaKff  ���������4 \'A''i'fA^ .^NV''.' ' ���������'.,,. OPRENHEI3iEli-&( &-  ��������� ������WUliftms^Cree^,- Jnly Mthj 1866.'     ; '. \':?-r���������������������������������&������������������ '���������.  ft ��������� i'_ *..-*������������������-'.     ''  ��������� '���������        '' ���������' .y'.:   * ��������� - '. i      '  ... ''' ���������   ������������������  ��������� ��������� ' - '  .   't������..-     ���������.-;?������������������'.::"        ."���������. ,;  t  coming  vthoir waters particles of quartz and gold, crash*  fid aud pulverized by the action of ice and  boulders; aud that these accumulations must  ���������:. ������������������������"tain a largo portion of .the fine gold brought  ... , -from the surrounding mountains nas-beob, to  our thinking, proved by the little that has  been done.to lay open the vast receptacle.  .  .     Starting then with the-fact that a large deposit of gold exists in the meadows, we are  unwilling to admit that, with -the knowledge  -&'V&e<i in so much hard experience, the disclosure of what we have every; reason to be-  /   vneve contains millions of wealth, can be an  impossibility.   May we nothav������ approached  :;.;tbe enemy on the wrong side Tilsit not pos-  '   stbie that by first drainingihe -lakes that en-  :   virbn the eastern side of Williams creek, Vai-  :ley creek, etc., we should annihilate the water  iV^:tOfttpw deamted theeibrts of 6iH pred������ceasors?  And after thi������, which woiild be a work" pre-  ^R^Ej^M^mlt^ the  forination of a drain,, comhjencing near the  junction with Wijiow river; overcome all the  obstacles that fortoely cost so ^nxuch money  and labor; at a ./.comparatively, .'small outlay?  jhw. supposing that our rniggmtiom' are all  ���������    . ever dreamed  of   .���������_.  -into which tbe numerous streams, and gulches hither, renouncing the comforts of civilization  that flow into Williams creek -have borne in and risking their live3 for the good of the savage, deserve our warmest sympathy. We are  inclined to believe that the good they have  done has often been undone by the evil influences.of unprincipled, white men.���������En.]  But to return to my journey. I arrived at  the Springfield-'Ranch before the proprietor or  bis lady were up, and therefore had an.opportu-  nityof examining the crops. Here there is a  wheat-field of about 80 acres, to irrigate which  a flume has been erected across a low flat, as  nearas I can judge, of about 600 -yards in  length} the wheat had a fine appearance and  promises a good return to its owner. I next  passed the Williams Lake ranches.   The late  ed the old River Trail.   On  CROWS BAB,  About 12 miles from Canoe creek, Mr. Smith-  son has a.few.acres .under- cultivation, but  only enough for his own use, his priucipal occupation being stock raising, and but few have  passed along this trail who have not partaken  of this gentleman's hospitality. A few miles  from here, but not on the trail, is Smith &  Blairs ranch, who are also stock raisers. On  Big Bar creek, 10 miles farther' on, though  land and water are abundant, but.two ranches  allocated, one of them was only started this  spring.  As I will in a few days take a trip to Lillooet, and perhaps to Bridge-River, I will in  due time bring this next on the list, so with  more anon,- .  -.  Yours respectfully,  Peter Pullet..  A XL KINDS: OF: LUMBER SAWED TO ORDER sad  Ji kept constantly on hand, which will be sold at tte  Lowest" Market ��������� Bates, and /.delivered . FREE 0?  CHARGE at any point on the waggon road,   .  Orders:left withl Buie Bros., BarkerviUe';'��������� H. tr������������  ho}ni. Bicbflcld; or at the Mill, below Cameron ton, will  "be promptly attended to.   .������������������������������������������������������������������������  ���������.  AA ������������������:.  , -.I).  ���������     ,:    JOHN R. ADAMS.  July 16tht 1866.     ..������������������., '.  ���������   .   -  .     ....        21  ������������������������������������.    ,   .."    '.J        J  .        ���������'-      ,.       -i .:-_. ...- ���������  Bathing    Establisliment!  barkerville; / / :;  / (Next Sink of British North America.)  D-LEWIS begs leave to inform- tbe Ladle* uA  ��������� CJcntlemen of Williams Creek.and .vicinity tw  he has fltted up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a share of their patronage. -  ��������� #g~ He will also attend to -Extracting,. Filling w  Cleaning of Teeth.'  :.;,.....;..'    . -. ��������� '. ; ���������*:   -  RICHFIELD',. ," ^  BEGS TO  INFORM  THE   ^HABITANTS. 05' TO  liaras Creek.that sho is prepared to sell end deiiw  MILK in quantities, form one gallon aad upwaroa,  75 cents per gallon.   -  July 9th, 3866.  -19-410  ���������ains had done considerable good here, as the  land cannot be irrigated. Crops of ail kinds  looked well , Mr. Pinchback was busy making improvements on his distillery, which, by  the bye, Miv Editor, is really turning out a  good article of whisky ; and I would advise  you to send for a few gallons, if only to treat  your friends wlie������ they come to see you, for I  can tell you your office looks rather dry, not  a bottle to be seen anywhere, except tbe ink-  bottle, and that ig not pleasant, you know, to  a   fa\\i\*rr   nAwviMiM   i���������"������..TlV    Ul_  ii .._i.i������    1.1'. n    ���������  Leases to Silver Mining CoMPANiESi-iW6  made some comments about a month ago on  a paragraph that appeared in the 'Chronicle*  stating that the Government of British Columbia had granted the Cherry Creek Silver Mining  Co. 18 square miles for mining purposes.  We  are glad to learn that such is not the case, as  will be seen from the following extract from  'Colonist'& Chronicle' of the 28th* ultimo. "An  impression has gone abroad that the; silver  mining companies who have located leads at  Shuswap have secured free 'grants' of sixteen  miles.square.   This impression is erroneous.  They are allowed to select a square mile Of  ground for mining purposes within a radius  of sixteen square miles,, and are bound to  make a selection within a few months' time.  The remaining fifteen square miles ���������will then  New   El Dorado  BARK3SRVILLE.  THE PROPRIETORS TAKE PLEASURE in aj^������'  1  ing to their friends and *bo public K^rauy  they have refitted this epacloua Saloon, and %'������ ������r  the same on TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, when.W  wmbb.lmppytocntcrtaln-aHw^y^^  ���������������������������.._���������..,  ,-:< ;-   ������������������'������������������������������������:������������������..KUvS   ...proprietor .,  Barkcrvillo, July 2nd, 1868i   r is  a fellow coming inwita his throat full of dust  be open for p?e-emf.ti6n by other  companies  5J  ALL PERSONS HAVING LAWFUL.OLAWSbJ\  tbo Estate of the lute JOHN fc*������%5tft$Wt'  quired to call on the uridcrsigncdrat J. ��������������� fu , reCeiv������  BarkerviUe, on or beforo the 20th.^b^dEstate  their pay. And ail parties Indebted\io themiw ^  are requested to call on or before tho tiSoroce^-  sbttlo.tho.Eame with the undersigned, or icgoi f��������� .  ihgB-will bo instituied for the coUection^uere  . BarkcrviHey July 4tb, 1866. .  RS.  E. BROOKS begs to  .- debtee! to her to CALL'  COUNTS AT.OKCE so as to prevent any  .and expense. ������������������;���������:���������   '.���������..������������������-.���������.  Ckiiii������votttoB,,:'2Stti Juno  he^ to requost those * S0^     nm  S SETTLE THf������ ^     fc  iMrm  I Uf. JtWJBJiSWtMWBUmgi U3������Ok^lJ&g3tWttB]^^WU^Wi**gB2m,*  pgSy:-MTIML  ;or  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S* COURT.  '  (Before W.JS. Cox, Esq.)  ���������.A .:       ?   .Tuesday, ltftk*July, 1866.;  Cornish Cofy vs.Dutch BillGo'y.���������Thissuit  brought to make defendants.show.cause  hv they had committed a trespass on plain-  & ditch property/by depriving plaintiffs of  ie wafer, and to compensate plaintiffs by such  amages as might be awarded. ,, Aw,: \wA-  Mr.WalHem appearedas eouusel for plain-  tfj ........ r^.   .... ,.,v,.... ���������     ��������� ,���������;.',   .".  Wm. Hazeltine sworn���������I am foreman of the  jrnish Go?y; the (Jornish Gofy are owners of,  e ditch in question-; it; was;*constructed by  em* the record of the water-right *is dated  ebtemher,��������� 1861, claiming 100 inches of water  om McCaliiims-gulch ;rsubsequent records  ,ere made claiming 100 inches more; before  onatructing the ditch application was made  3 Mr; Elwyn for permission to use the old bed  f Williams creek for conveying such water  ) any point we might think fit to construct  ur ditch, which was granted. . [The records  nd written.permission wereihanded in.]     -  Tbe Court stated that he could not recognize  r. ElwynVorder, as it did not appear on the  ecords.   He would protect plaintiffs in their  fecords, which gave them 200 inches of water  from McCallums gulch without,any interfere  we%'rtfi* WIlhamT  ������rplaintiffs on Williams creek was therefore  j trespass on miners rights, as miners were en-  Ktled to the free use of the water of that creek  .id had a perfect right, ;and authority from  Sim, to tear down any dam. that obstructed  ;,ie water course of said creek. He therefore  smissed the case; /;   ��������� ���������  V / ���������:'   Wednesday, 18th July.  Hugh' Gilmore vs. Wm. Thaterson.���������Claim  for $81 for blacksmith work furnished to the  Sniery Tunnel CoJy, Stouts gulch. Plaintiff  Itated that he had made application to differ-  |rit members of the' company for payment.of  lis bill, and although several of the members  Admitted the account, and were willing to pay-  ieir proportion of it, still he/could get no.  Settlement. The Judge continued "the case  |lr Friday, at 10.' o'clock; a. nr., in order to  jiye the Secretary of the eo'y an opportunity  ,arrange the matter. ...���������,:'..���������';���������,/.. /,'.���������...'/..'. /'":.; :'",  Lung Chow, Sam Toon, Lun Hinn and Sam  je.va. Foley & Co., Last Chance cfeefc-^Suit  jrought.tp. compel defendants to show cause  |vhy plaintiffs" should :hot"be ptrt in"possession  )f a creek claim/ on Last Chance^cre^ek now  teld: by defendants^   Jit appeared. tKatttje  foley or .Australian Co'y originally held 1600  feet frontage on the bank of: the. creek as hill  jlajms; last .winter-however they-made appli-  sation to the Qold/Cpmmissionei^fprlOOOfeet  lore frontage, which included the bed of the  jreek;; thi3 was granted, and Stakes were then  )laced in the ground/tomark:'the boundaries?  Subsequently^^ the plaintiffs iocated grburidjtt  Ithe bed,of the creek immediately above, and  fencroached on a portion of defendants' last  located ground;   This.action was accordingly  fbrought by the plaintiffs to be put in possession of it.  The Court, after hearing the state-  pente of both parties, and with their consent,  ^authorized Mr. Bell, to proceed to the ground  land measure it off and report.  COUNTY COURT.  ffj'���������i"^������HMgrflwi*M������iBffl  BIG- BEND; ;  We have beejL-permitted to make an extract  from a-private letter,'received by'a gentleman  on this creek, from Mr. John Morris, dated  French creek, which goes on to say: :;'���������* -  f? I purpose leaving, for the Shuswap Lake  to-morrow, from thence to the Cherry Creek  Silver.Mine, where I will stay for a month,  thence (if not established there) to Montana  or California. :..-'���������.  AAA -; :A- i ������������������./��������� ���������������������������/ \;    \ ������������������'-..-  ."This place is a consummate bilk; the peddling :merchants and packers, the anonymous  correspondents���������who have been the authors;  of so much misery arid suffering-���������have much  to account for, for such venal and. perfidious  conduct.; A good many of the Cariboo men  who came here have returned again to Cari-,  boo;; they acted wisely not to have remained.  :''" "I surveyed a line of'road from the Eagle  River, on the south arm of the Shuswap, to  the Columbia, by which a pack train in one  day/over most favorable grades, could pass  with heavy loads from water to water���������that is  from the Eagle to the Columbia Rivers.  .".It has been a sad blunder not to have made  arbad-from the Spellimacheen River to the  Columbia; which would traverse the plains  and prairies of the Kamlobps, the Okanagan  and Shuswap, and by which means beef, mutton, pork,-and butter, and vegetables of all  kinds could be thrown to the Columbia at little expense of transit.    *.���������',"'  .  *' When I reacbi Cherry Creek I shall devote aione, ana no aouot asleep.  , iie; :was  a month of careful ^  iTS^raM^COLONISt & CHRONICLE.^  The Y������LHouse of Assembly have been occupied in passing the estimates.���������The Governor and Colonial Secretary had visited Leech  Riverj-and were: highly pleased-with-the :ap-  pearanceof things at the mines; His Excel-  leucy,.is about to take steps for completing  the miners ditch.--A lunatic' confined in  jail  aaaaaa&gt^a^tar-  ������.v3?  ^EW^^O^EUTISli^fEOTS^^  oi'MfMimti &&  iliMi  House of Assembly into ther condition of the  police department.���������The exports of coal from  Nahaimb for the month,ending June 30th, was  1,420 .tqhs.~Mr.R.Brbderick had been award*  ed/the;contract for supplying.H.* M. Ships at  Esquimau wittf TOter.^/ohn Taylor fa >ol*.  ored man, who was; accused ��������������������������� of-.-having 'beak  en and kicked an Indian' ;to; death, was discharged in consequence of the, finding of. the  Coroner's jury, that deceased died from inat-  tirai causes.���������Pic-nics appear to be the order  of the day in Victoria, the people having nothing better to amuse them. . .!  FROM iimho:    .. /    '   / ��������� ���������  On the morning of the 12th June, about 8  miles from Boise, the. Indians made an attack  oil the camp of Columbus Gossett, situated/in  Flint district, and about one mile from the  town of Oro. It appears ;that Mr. Gossett was  alone, and no doubt asleep. ":, He;:Was;shot  WH6i^SAi*B;AN^RETAlii' DEALERS IN  '"���������:'/"���������'i-AAA."A".'.'AtiWS-OF wAw: a--'-';'.  ALL  opnient of the silver lead  "Nine-tenths of the people here are in a  state of dispair, and hardly know how they  shall get away from the place.: Twenty-one  houses have been built here, twelve of which  are empty. There is not, much food upon the  creeks, and unless -something be struck very  little more will come* in. /. ���������  . "McCuUochs Creek, is'something of the  character'of Lightning, below Van Winkle,  and the same madness pervades. the miners  here that influenced them ;there,' by thinking  they can with pumps exhaust, water 70 feet  deep, continually 'supplied through porous,  strata from a considerable creek running along-:  side the 'puDipa."       ^:.  ���������   The British Columbia ^Tribune' of the 9tb  inst., contains the following:���������';' ' '}  We have news from these mines to the 26thv  ultimo. .At-that. time there >yerc about five  hundred men scattered over the country���������.  spaa������ prospecting and others: waiting for the  high water :to subside. On French Creek,  there^were^i!rumbei?..of companies at work.  The Discovery Company were taking out a:  little goldj not as -much as wages.- Shep.  Bailey Company were making from S12 to $14  a day to the hand. The Munroe Company had  not got their flume completed. ^Judge" Pcr-  rier^s Company had commenced washing, with  what restdt pur/infqrmarit did notflearn. The  Dupuy Company had struck some prospeote;  The Half-breed Company were sinking. The  Gottonwo6d*Smith Company hadf to stop work-  on account of too much water; they were  about to construct more powerful machinery  than they had in use. The water had fallen  somewhat in the creek, but it is supposed that  the late, warm-weather/ would increase:: the;;  flood again. A great deal of building, was'  going on, and at last dates Romano was reported to have sold $6000 worth of timber-^  on credit. On McCuilough's Creek there was  very little going on, and on Carne's/Creek j  there was only one company at work.; .On ithe  creeks between the Columbia river and Seymour a number of men. were prospecting, but  the snow was still too deep to allow: them to  inake much progress.:';, /Our informant,; who is  a Califbrriia; miner',;��������� states that he has met with  very fine looking quartz; showing ��������� excellent  mdications of^ silver- and^ he thinks the mining- interest of that; section pr tho country,-  oanfr, |  -  that mm  opfn ' w$~Ap I  ihey ^w  .call. Mm  nt  Hp  ���������  ���������I  I  (Before W. G. Cox, Esq.)  .:-������' Monday, 16th July, 1866.  N. Maury vs. McOerby.���������Suit for $87 ^D,  $ balance of account.    Judgment for plaintiff,  pfor $20, to be paid in one months ���������,  John O'Donnell:vs. J.?���������������.^ Crbssier.--^Suitfor  $60;^ Judgmentftr $4^:anUcb9ts*l; ^  Ah Toi & Co.,-ys. Manuel Guter������jB;^-nSuij; for  $250.: j:Adjourned ibr the production of wit-1 frcutf Lake Shuswap^ to ;Big^ Bend/"��������� will ;be  'quartz leadSi Provisions have: arrived on  French Creek by pack-trains from Seymour,  and prices were getting moderate}' : Major  Downie and a party were prospecting around  the lakes for quartz.   \  A report was in circulation that a new  creek which falls into the South Arm of Lake  Shuswap had been discovered, and that prospects equal to an ounce a day to the hand  were found. What reliance cari be placed in  the rumor remains to be determined.:  ., j^rWe have been requested by Mr. Lind-  hart, plaintiff in the suit Lindhart vs. Ritchie,  decided before a jury on the 15th ult., and reported in our columns on the 18th ult., to. correct an error we fell into instating the. amount  awarded to be $800, when it should have-been  $89oV .;./���������_���������������������������:"*-v-'-\ ; ;" ��������� ���������_'  Court of Assize.-An adjourned sitting of  the Court of General -Assize, and Goal Delivery for Cariboof Bast, will be held at the Court  House, Richfield, on Wednesday, the 25th Instant. The Court will sit tlie first day at 11  o'clock, a. m., and each subsequent day at 10  o'clock, a. m. ���������*-_.-���������; '���������:���������.;  Contract.���������Mr.._ James Mann has taken the  contract to lay the Raby Company's Flume,  which has to be finished within one month  from-data. -*���������   ���������-  nesses.  John Williams vs. Wm. Heron.���������Suit for $48.  Judgmeht for plainliff:.;  AccmENT^Oh Monday forenpon, as a horse  and dray belonging to Miv J. R. Adams, of the  ^ameronton Saw Mill, was proceeding to Rich  acid with/^/load;;.bf dumber,' it was met at a  very narrow portion of tlie road, immediately  >{!elow:^wn, by theExpress waggon, and while  tne drayman was endeavoring to back the ve-  mcle in order to alio w the waggon to pass, the  wneel slipped over the bank; throwing both  florae and dray down a distance of somefour-  jeenfeefc. Luckily there was no injury sus-  r^^/the horse or damage done to the  ������;i7t This mishaphowever; ought to show our  authorities the urgent necessity for the imrae-  Qiate construction of "turn off points" where  venicies would be enabled to pass without the  ganger of a recurrence of accidents of asim-  1]ar character. .  'idf!������ A^.w.il1 :be observed "by a reference to  our advertising columns^ Mr. G. B. Wright will  iTJ\m ^P* of lar&������ stock of goods,  ^ported specially for this market, which he  W1u dispose of on very liberal terms.  W^l i shearing in the case Borealia Co. vs  **at������on Co., comes off this moraing.  split open with an axe,.and from appearances  they used a long handled shovel,, beating his  head and arms as he had no doubt endeavoiir-  ed'to ward off the blows. On /Tuesdayhorning when his body was found, it was quite  Warm.. It is supposed there are fifty or sixty  Indians, from the great'number of tracks, and  the large.district they .travelled over gathering up stock." They took about sixty head' of  horses and some cattle; Other, outrages have  been committed by: the band^ soldiers /and  volunteers have started in-, pursuit./ / :.;. ,.  , Overhiier & Miller's saddles train to?.'Flint,  consisting of five horses and one/mule, together.  with all their rigging, was taken by the In^  dians on the night of the 12th" June. It" appears when the-train, arrived at Oro; they  went to the.corralj stripped the.animals, left  saddlesj_bridles,;and. eyerythlng in the corral'.  The Indians drove the stock into the: corral  caughtjvsaddled, bridled, mounted and rode  them off;to tlie Forks; of .Owyhee.. ���������. ��������� y>?  . ���������  That portion of the party that went on ;the  Red Mountain expedition last spring, aud rfe-  maineddn that section of the coiintry prospeptr  i ng and who. were reported all killed, haye jnef  turned all-safe.- We have had no conversation with any of the party, .but. understand  they met with very little success in finding gold.  Immigration still continues to arrive at this  place from California arid Oregon. Silver  City, is fast^eing��������� increased in: population and  improvements^ -A.   >. - .      ��������� ., * ^  ;  Still they come by scopes and 'hundreds.  She tide of celestials isJb6un(i f &^idaho;;an d  Monta^^The:Snakes.don't seem tp;Btbp them  nevertheless they': make^ sad: havoc: amohgst  them when they make a strike., '  The 'Jharnibhious^^Bemdcracy^ of Idaho, had  a prettyfgerieral/fow in,Jheir ��������� Territorial Convention at Boise on the 18th^���������a/sort, of knock-  do wn and.: drag-put ^rr^gementi^Theixbw  finally culminated in a -shooting spree, : in  which most of the coppery magnates took a  lively interest, Burmester and p. ���������W. Dduthitt,  took shares in it, and the latter in a playful  mode, fired:a^revolver"-poittf blank at Street,  the editor of the 'Worldj^wha was only saved  from a trip to; the next world by the ihterven-  tiori of; a pocket,bpok- in s. -bis -/-breast pocket.  Streefgaye yeht tb his'hilarity/arid good^ feeling, /by r firing ��������� a /shot at our p. WmJ; which,  ho wever, oveshot the mark and lodged in/ tbe  ceiling!/^ The;; row; ^wen^v on ��������� pleasantly-rand  gaily for some time, but at;".lisJ accPunts, all  was quiet on the border, i."../ ..' \' ��������� ������������������'../',". r:'X, \~  Holferobk was nominated'; lor:;delegate/ to  Congress.���������^Oregoniari.'./;_-,'. ":��������� -.; '��������� ��������� ��������� ���������'��������� ���������  ; Chinese LicBNSEs.~^Mr. Cooney, who ��������� was  out during the last week on Lightening creek  and its.tributaries collecting Chinese licenses,  has returned. He informs us that he was unable to collect more than $450: MnC. believes  there cannot be less than a 1,000 Chinamen in  that district, some of whom have licenses, but  the greater portion have none, they were; so  poor however that nothing could be got:but  of them. As the season advances and they  have had an opportunity of making some-  'thing, another visit might be more profitable.  jffi������* A China washerman, in Barkerville.  who bad been ailing for some time past, "shuffled off his mortal, coil" on Monday morning  last. This; we believe, is the first instance of  a Chinese death in Cariboo. His friends buried; hiiri in Ri chfield graveyard after the fashion of his country.      /  Thunder Stokm.���������Last night we were visited by a very heavy ��������� thunder storm; the sky  assumed an inky darkness, the lightning flashed with a vividness truly alarming to those j  thunder?  PB<msi0isg������l^  All 'A^0^0^M^wA  AAMRQ0MfrSi&E$A:A ' :  ....,,;��������� it��������� j.y....;.';;*>���������>!;:.���������'.-;;���������'"'���������',.";" ���������/:- ���������'-.-;   ~  Beg to call the attentioniof'.^firiers and others  '     to tbdr fuir'a^bftment of SUPERIOR GOODS  ;: ������������������ - ; i '/iwh|ch' will. bo. sold .-' ;.-..���������. '   ���������;  :A T"JC:-O^T---'P:feS'6:i-S---!:  to makoroom for a:. NEW STOCK to'arrive, *o.soon m������  ��������� ^>..���������"���������'   ,;���������  v: ;. thp Rosidsare opCD,;'.,.,..- *'��������� ���������;;...' -  ^50* Liberal "allowance ' will/be, made to  Rostauraiit aud Hotel Keepers anil thc/fradegeheMlly  on large orders.������-.;-; ..A.):-.' ��������� ���������������������������' -tA   ���������'-'-,���������  :.,���������.'.       .-.!..  ?lv '���������-���������: >'     v R I C;H;F I E L 'P^A-^Tt^   ' :  M~ ESSRS. HABBIS & CO. bog:-to inform the.  MincfrSj Hotel Keopera ynd the'ihhabitaiits in gor-.  oral of Williams 'Creckj that they have opened a Firs!  Class:Butcher Shop in;the :tovvn;of;RICHF1 ELD,.and  triist to meritali.berai.sliAreof the public patron)ig*s  and that their bicTffieniisVill kindly givQ'thera U ball.  Richfleld, July 5ta,.1866.      A- "..18-401.  iM^OBi|^^:toHI]^ERS.  , * .. Tho undersigned is prepared to  ���������;.  CLEAN ^BtJAGKvSANIV J3I^6WIKGS iND  ���������; Vy-V'^^MNI^GS;--'-^^.^.;;'-;  '  On Commission, or \*U1 -purchase any.quantity on th������  ��������� .  MosiLibeiul Terms, at the "'.'������������������>  ���������fit . . ,i:-!4 .'    ���������;������;���������- v,  / .   . j-j  i- ;. Beading <jBoom, .^ameroiitoii,.; ";   ���������  The Suhscriher is well known1:on'Williams"Creek, and  from tho confidence;*rejxfced: in hitn;I heretofore/in the  above business,*.he'lippes^Orrecuive)the patronag* of;  the Mining community; the ensuing seaaoh:/  n-i������i  JOHN:BOWROV.  ' Ai  :-;&'  ������������������ :<������������������.. viVHOLESALB^.^BTAlli.-.pEAI^RS-IV-/ .  iiQiioili&^eM  -rAtv'D���������  GENERAL:; MERCHANDIZE,..,.  ;..;'bar^rvilije:'/  5������= A full.assortment of GaocERiES and EL B.-' Co. ������s  Liquor's always on.lian'di-- "''t-.--: c- :-.1. ���������;    . .* '���������_   ��������� /��������� 16-  ESTATE OF fIN & CO:, RICHFIELD.  A& ������������������ WoWrbE:.iir-:'  THE FIN'AL DIVIDEND IN THE ABOVE ESTATE  is now payable at the office of the Bank of British  Columbia, WUhams Creek, and irom this date the busi-  ness ol* the date firm-will-be carried on by Mr. Kkaxoois  Laluer oh his own account, and all debts*due:, to tbo  late firm of Pin t Co. are to be paid to the said Francois LaUier. ���������       '- '���������;.- '^ '������������������������������������'  :j. -      '}..-���������'  H. SHIRLEY BLUNTr  -���������   '��������� ���������'���������        .-.'     ���������������������������'������������������.-"������������������".   Assignee.  4th July, 1866. 18-lra  ....     RICHFIELD;/   /       ./  PATRICK"������������������.KIB.-vyiN, f���������?%;���������,������������������.,���������  Best Billiard Taiiles/on the Creek; the Liquors  and Cigars are of the finest quality. -     . 0  JAMES   P.   TAYLOR,  . DRtiaG-ISTV  BARKERVILLE,  AS CO^STANTLV ON HAXD the choicest selection  j[ of Drugs ^ Patent MEDiOiNEs;also, Hair Brushos,  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powders, Fancy Soaps of  cvsrv description, Lubuis Extracts  other::Perfumeries, Gartieri Seeds? .  choice lot of No. 1 Havana Segars. /  Rose/Water, an-i  !C.^ &c^ ; Ali0t a  ii  Hailolv: -01$^P|p,s: tove!.  JUST RETUKNED- FIIQM, BEING . OT A BENDER I  Fully prepared to Repair -ail BOOTS ���������; and SHO������������.  CHEAi' for CashA'-M6 ^^^������"v.i.U������;one and. all, great =  andsmnll,:togivehimaca;il.--^.:\: :A -; A ���������';';-':  BARKERV>1LLE--G������xt-door to J. H ,Todd?s.-      16     .  THE >GARIBO(> SMTINBL"  -o���������  Cards, Bill Heads,.Gtroulars, Posters  Progra^mesfoT Bails and The atrial  ';%-���������, . Entertainments, ���������'���������������������������'.  possessed of weak nerves, and, the .������������TrZ~te*tiM*i& ^fttn^ ���������A m&mM  shook, the earth witn its ponderous voice,| b*^^1 **-*-  whilst:the rain actually fell m torrents.       ������������������ 1  w  ������������������'jggr. tsrB&6:" -M ������i������rat������ ��������� '*8t&*  I  m i Snake :SroRt from the Capbt of: ixopja  : Ti^e.La- correspondent of the 'JJitenhage  '< ^mea,Jrwritingtr*m the^interhoek, s^ypf  ������ Vn ^aorolttary snake/^affalr^ occurefcin  this neighborhood a:few Sun^ys^^vA  suuke of the cobra tribe* about4 feet 6 in.ch?s  ���������"''���������������������������      ���������  ���������    ' ���������*���������        ^���������������������������liouse^:;it::-iS'  ceMedhimselt under an har^oniuto  SundayaffernSpn ,��������� the, chUdxenfcelg^Bcbj  the ianner and hislwife^w^re qtnetly enjoying:  AT>  BILLIARD  f' ttHERE&T^^^^ BARRY,  V. gives a general..invitation/ to,:his friend's and/the  ������������������^-r^^.  :GOLON!Al- RESTAURANT,  ������      j    ,. ,    i I QUESNELMGUTH,'? m W     ������v >,  - -���������": '   P.J :L/JOHNSON; Proprietor^ 7 -^  Meals''at-ill^^  ' ���������:���������'''''   '"-"���������'"':.'?"' description!'���������/>;>:."/��������� .^ ;/��������� s /.,j: ���������  ir"I:-xT-rt������ M'Uilihir flip Wife sitting'-in"front public at large to Vail and5:j'uJgo for themselves tbe  windows *Thesnake qnM)|cr|^ejUMic, ^^g^Rjgi^^tiQUQ'Ki- :/,Tfte Orchestra^  Bperceived under the good woman ftenn-' ^18 otiift.armusicitti^.i8 Fir5t:Cla8s,r/vg;lQi!  ��������� and *wisted its'elf round her leg from::������i^p^^_,,v( /;--;��������� wjw^^r^  ^^t������npeVceiv6d under the/good woman  v)61ine,an5  -wifeWfche^ile^  kittens toofcno notice of It* iintil vat lengthy  ^karessfbr:^ ^nrpo^^g^^her  eurprise on finding so deadly? cj8^ure|wisj-  ^drround hen leg: <��������� SJ^sat p<rfceJly������sUll,  Uofe even lobking athe*husband!.es^  " disturb: the reptile^-Jlfc la>t4tmcoUed/i^elf  and twisted itself about b^.foo^The.s^e  ���������flitM4bose^ fter  foot, madeToneabound a^?^ ^,p0^#?������  culiaiier Husband's attention Mbe'cause'of  chareed th'ewife, a^^was^only!topt.off^y,the  Imatnud'Wifctf'his*Sunday^ cbate It; soo*" re-  treated and got under' a footstoo," putting/pnt  ;^t '..j&'.Hx^ t  .ii^vT^r^^^T  ;-r'-n  itiy-vmfaML'.fij l.Ar<i:i Am >->>.������������������'  MsAmMA*  ������i^:  A LL LGVER3 OF .THE TERPISCHOREAN-;ARTrare  A invited to call and 'enjoy themselves, when a^hcarty  welcome, will be extended;  ftVJii.  r, ifi������*Tho best ot JWines> Liquors rand Sogars,  and Good Order observed./: ~Z 'AAA'A'rA^ W ���������"''A  H* '^   '-���������''   ^   ' ' MAKTIN^COOK-Prbp'rs.v,.  ^-....-,.0���������������������������������������������������.*���������..,.  Qoo^-B^I-B&tefeantr'M  / Stabling; for norscR, Hay and Oats:/ /   a     ''  ;\:V \;;.<3lRdDi& GUICHON, ^;    '.  . - ���������   ; ." - Old, , Established .Generax j Stor'b,:''' ^/ ^ *��������� j  PROYISIGNSi ^HOi^ESALE ^&||)iC)MMiS-:  >,*.yX -u,:,,, SION JVIERCHANTS, '��������� ^ ; ^ -  ' ^ Storase^ &cV-*Terms imost Moderate.1?: ]  ;,./:';-- i\���������.���������-T::,V.:-r QUESNELMOUTH.;, bi;t   f. r4 s..t '���������  a XV^ci.KE^aiid CRBMicXtiB/ Fah^ and Toilet-Articiw  ,8pong^?-Br^8hes^3E^r^ery,^  ���������j������\\- iROAD SIDEiMOUSES,m^?^i^t^  ���������^ >, ;T(: JBOYD: ^HEA/TH, Proprietory\  IHIS.HOUSE is situated,-26milesfromQuesuelmouth.  . stick to pieces.* vThisTexasper^aed; the.^ci-eaj  v ���������  '"killed-;'t/^:^ :^N^...t^-:-v-"v-,^iv-^ -��������� v  Allison Ranch MrNE^Receitly^ says-the  ^Grais Yaliey '.nnlonV'we^gaw^'t'^witTtp this  nofr'd mine. ^Tha-company in forking a%a.  deptu of four hiindrea; arid ^nty^five rTeetj  incline. ^Weiwpre shown onetbpusand ounces  oftim(i;lgam,'theresult,of!-fou|daysruaof the  batteries.   The amalgam jsr/aluedatp 50  an ounce, making the,nice htte sum of $7,500  'for four days run:-?������<c ; 'uAAfix    AA  ;    3?^ The public will find j. much .to their  "���������advantage to"call-at.the-stoi formely, occuf  ^Sieti'liy^S: /Elsasser^Gameron ja, and examine  ���������Wqua^  nsfioKted stock of general4meihandise; ;/con-  swting -in- part, viz: - GentsJ [lothing,,Boots;  Shoes; Uqupra,-;"Bc5������r? <**f ^T?noopi^t*  whole stock'must be .closed dtuimme^atelyj  . thureforAgoqds. are;now eellip-- at extremely  ^mrWmAAy^:U./Tr ; M:yti . , ;-!  ^���������'^���������-.ftie'-'Christian!Indei^an?'American  'papfthus prefaces an ob^-'But^week  since we recorded ^the deathfe onerwho ^as  :ai{;01$'fa^r^theX#^  or the *Index,' and who-paidor������ee papery  in advance," '   --x "  There is no distillery-kep ti n thisestablishmen t!3  si'iv and 8(rychnine!dnd;rot-igut Sad nQiplace here./ ;.2  ���������:U-������*.t;  ��������� -      ,   /..   ��������� van, winkle; ���������. ������.   (t.  BEGS 'TO' INFORM" HIS''CUSTOMERS' AND'" THE  .public generally thatihe intends5 tb^furnish^tflem  BEEF OR MLTFPOJ^so soon: as packing is practicable,  at their respQctive/cMrnV on/the different creeks, or  reeHences, at the Most Reasonable RXteso A: A'.  '^Tan.WinkW/'JatiSll'tbVJgfle;-'*:^  ���������-  " ���������     ^11  WW  ���������������ffl  ���������AA-:(-w-AA ~  ... 1)  _.     \   -f Wm leWe;feOI)A GREEK .z\ _ / i  ^HONDAY^THUR^i^Mofe^  ;^. r  ,.,".AT  DAYLIGHT;,,     .   ".   ' /-  ;WEDNESDA^;^;SATnRD^5MORNINGS,  ^'^Siu :r 'WifS^AX^'^ClXXiK^ ^A, wVAw $"A:  Connecting, at Soda Greek������witb Babxard's; Stages on  -/, ��������� W^ednesday^s:,trip^  . #& Freight toQuesnei licts.''^ lb.   % '   \  the:iuxuries.thaCcan' be;procured;/:the Bar i8,-wrcllsup-������  ^Kf^r^^iv^tL/,:  ;/:���������;,: S^^Wf|*Or^������ltt ^  ;y,\ ,;���������- w ?AV\ }yv-^ i������PoXTKRr oy/, /'' ���������     '-��������� V-'" ' '���������  '"  StfgHslrjK French^^ Silks/ Sb1iwls/IiresBeB- Hn  J^'derclotbingy =:'^^8W^^'������������������^eript^n,^  :-.::.:- 4> :T^:������3-y-^jjrape^i.goc^' ^^S^-^JI;  i >R?cmye regularsuppUca by Express viaHnamal,  byka ing .vessels via Cape^Hornf % :W ww^T^  "^'P^rticUlrrf attention^gtvento air orden'^  i1v  tondonFirm-^ . *    j'  -���������ji':n������v)>,'T''  clw,  ?re':.  Fv^T  ^*,^PM,amIGK,S^GORNEBP^^^  : ���������/; ;.' ^ * ��������� rn, ^* ^ ,ui i" WA wu ��������� ui^I ? ^'-' -'������ - -.]''  i1qbantf/yictoria>'Y..?L, - ��������� $  :'    r^.^  ������o:  SOpTS  ^BOOTSSi:  ,i;%-;'  ;pharj^;and!BUtier;^  6/, ;tMcLEESE &./SENNyixProp.rietors^^c- '  rPHBiPUBLld^ARBhl^iTilbiTOwC^  JL ���������:-'Houses: * Th ere is. 6opd j Meals | Good Beds ������ Stabling,  fbr.pci^;;JJarle^^te^  ���������fitiV,^  1-S  TS''OPENt  J,  FORh THElACqOMMORAlTON Tf QF;.1' THE  X ^Travelling / public| the bedrooms are spacious tand |  airyand tho Beds'^D^pt/^be'su'r^&sgd^'fbr clipa.nlinoss  and'comfort by anyrih;the Jbw.er cp'untiryf;' the, Tabl6 ��������� is  always supplied with the'tbest1 of victuals.W Stabling  for Horses j i Hay,;Oats and Barley^constantly.pa/hand;  'H6us#an'd":Garden^Ia'ntsj'fSt'anaard a'rid^Dwarf>Brian  ;ofi^yery^ variety ts^atalo^es^/a'pplicalionl/i^-l^  lish, Bl'xekKmith 'and ���������annel/Goal;./<Orders;sejjtU)  CniomWharf. yi ctoria- tV; ?L; - wiU tree ei ve- immelfkti  attentfoh^'  i.'; *i'. IS? THOMPSON; ;Pb:  :/JAMES; ANDJ3|lSPJ(i Vice  : JOHtf MAcLAitENr^     .. _  llWR.' W: B^ WILKINSON^ WptoroBB.   1  /JOTNgaDATR;  JOHN BOWRON;  *- i ' ���������'  SEOaETABt  ��������� WHIBi'lNSTITlJTION at presentucOJ ns ? aj>put.v500  .  ��������� r- volumes of Choice Literature, cohsif g of Religious^  foi^i^c^His^ca^and Poetical;wc , and works of  F W-lrciter's Liirge Pictorial Dictiona Ure'srPicWon^  ,>,rv bi^Uic,Arts, JIanutactur.e8_ftnd.:Mi,���������XippencoW's  >Pronoun^hgGazettecr.of the:World, Homans.Cyf  -clopedia of Oommerce will always/be|^in^he room  * U rcfefenbe. , LW A'^^A?'^^  CoUi_  LlBBASUW.,  Steamer ^Enterprise,!-  ,, May, 21st, 1868.    r J  7 lillgoet;advertisements.  ! 141 i^MEEiB^HQlff&B,jj; [''  DENNIS MURPHY, Proprietor.^ This House  is;furhished with /every/'conyenlence. for th6;fcom-  foh 'of* Travellers |Vthe' Culinary < depart men ������ is *ukder  the sUperititendenceZofc an experienced cook; the Beds  are^clean and/comfortable -;,. the>Bar. .contains the,1 best  of ,Liquoi3, Segars; &ct " Stabling, .Hay^BarleylS- Oatsl  ... y^and.tbe, travelling;/public; generally, tthat ;hoA;has  iaken the ahoyo.Ranch and is prepared;to"supply:them  with:First; Class- Accommodation. *, *} Good Staliling:tbf'  >horseB;iHayjand^Grain^; ������������������'ul'i'..- '.^;;>r ���������;*-y-'Vi Airl-si {  W'-  i>\ ENTIUE'S^ BKbtograpbio ;G-aEery^iGoyem'.-  ..lj- mejiit S[t^ytctorla,^ L^bp^site.Hot^Me.FrftDce..-  ..Views'ot' Gariboo:ai^d.Scenery throughout/BritisttCol-  umbia-inciuaihg'views'oftheirtu^  oh'jftaWa'^ib!B.raf.j������te������r'-,y *>*'> '"^yi-^'iwu  HIBBEN & GARSWEiL, Impor^ng Book-  SELLERS & STATl0NE^:;cp^n(I^|jij^||^'A4:!.  rccclying'from best sources', -Schoolr!sthndaT(lj:ah^Mis.  ceHnnCbiis BoofesfftM Staple srid'^ancy>St'at0iierriiD.  aH'ttiiBranchcsl^vConierJvatesCa'ndsIia^  Victoria,iVancouveEjBlBiid. ,.',    ,iS^f^ "c<. ���������, Ifm  P. WHEAR, TAiLoR'-'frO^Tpirr^'al.Fort'Stre^V::  - ��������� ^%y3toriairy^Iv ^p^osite B������ jfflfye. Hotel,- wherein  is.prepared:to supply his numerous p,aironswlth%erT  -'rcflu isitc Ybr .'QptBf tig >uiteb^^r^very season of.tb,  year: '*���������'.*���������'��������� ^-:!^-* ��������� "������������������-"'',:   ���������.'��������� ?-Tv*;'���������'T'*���������-"'��������� ^"l-s  /THOMAS; WHiSQN,f& ^X),,, Importers, er ������Bg-  li lish Merchnndiie, wholesale and::retail;.dfcalers..ia.  Cry Goons,' &c.yTates Street^fttdria^V. I.''M if  after 1st iTuh'ehestin (^vcmmentf Btreol^ bpj^������ ^if fe  'Bank o������ Bf1tis\,.Chlun^ia;,'<.^]'j,r'*/,;;i^; tiyi^m;  vn  LIUL0OEU  NliiiLS;  x.x  fWH  THE impERSIGNBD are now. mauhtacturing FLOT������B  :/of all "grades:  Extra, 'Superfine: and Fiue.     Kced  Crushed to:drder.; ' "'''"* ���������������������������'"���������' gt'^A-'A ���������: '.'- -W     ^ a -  5 : iLILLOOETT FLOUR MILIiiCO,,:^^!/1  .'��������� ��������� :'^Ar ..-;;��������� .,;''.- ,jj Fiv^j-FostKR, Agents. -  1-8;  $2 per  ubscribers at  eadin^Room  illbexharg-  mootb^ '"Single volumes Loaned^to  .60 ct^. per.volume, with,$1 deposit,;  Pci^jhs'not subscribers yjsjimg t  an r making use of the Books anil PA'  ::eu ^crs^r^acb.visit* ; / ���������;���������,���������'-. ^  ������^Tlie Room will be opeu from XQp._tiIIX0 j>. m.  "���������'. .       :  ..; / .:,:   ;"\johsl)wron,  i-|7. ,-���������' -.?������������������ .:���������--'���������.���������':.--'  ficcretrary|Librari������B.  FiBALER itf DRY :G00D3i CLOTHING, iBATS/AND  XJ-^/Caps. Boots and Shoes, iGametings. Oil. Cloths;  Wall Paper, &c,. LilloOet, B.- C>   . r,'V.;_:/ A.   / 'Sffc  ..   ^��������� _SBSi.   .  :M. HANSON,5';'/:.   :/^'i^:a:.;^clean^ i  -^ . -"^- ��������� >,v.   ^���������'Proprifitorvvv :: t -    !  ' (   ...^Agent;  XHIS ���������HOTELS IS? 'LARGE AND ;WELL: FfetfeWuPj  for the comfort of travelers;. the iTable.: is ;sui5plied  with the! hest;ofv every thing .that; can j be prpcurd, /and  the cooking is'not.inferior to any.onJtbe;road;, Bedrooms  for ��������� families;jS'taWinjjJj Hay^/Barley and'. 6ats.'::'' I-si!  th*-  upptted  /affords..- v In; tho^r. will,be,found, the -choicest I19W  ,'lgqratetied, j^ms|^c������. rt-^ Z*i-,'������iU- fvAA^M''  /f/-Ba/^iLE:'HOtjse^::::::  .:y(/LBERi:^YSLERhas opened the' above flouse for  ^/the/reception/of Travellers; the Table is,wl!].fc'6j>t  andr/thel LiqUors' cannotf bo surpassed ��������� thc Becis are  clean aiid; comfortable.   Stabling for Horses, Hay-and  Oats.AwwA-kA AAh-   '��������� :-W--w. ������������������-������:- ������������������    -r, .-'���������;.l������s';.-  >;    LILLOOET    BREVVER Y,    ;  ' TACOB SIILITZ, .PropHetOr*. has always von  O-.hand, a -large and superior..stock -, of ;tager Beer j. at  the.Bar .will' bo foiind.'.the: 't)^t.3r^di]i^-'.0^hes!'iiiid  Sega^j/ihe public are Invited to call/ ,rPrepared to'dll  ail;ordcrs.promptly-���������'*. '���������'���������'"��������� /\. ���������'��������� w  *M r���������������������������-.-.;:%-?':-tl:sVr  kST)  wAAA'AA   ���������,rBarkerville^.B;,P|  ;���������'��������� :ivcry thing is done in connection w  roen t-tii give satisfaction to the custo*  ��������� /igr-3KCealB &t all,hours,::/'  BARKKRVILL  :3&BS |THURi5ER it MR.^LAW  npHIs: HOUSE HAS BEEN NEWLy  I- tho Restaurant principle with a yi  ������f the,public, -and will bs conducted  'cafrurc the sntififaction' of toosb- who  lA^or thfl proprietors with their patroij  ���������t-^eo. ������^e^-a;t;all- Hours; ���������X^oi  jttr Tho B-ir/is f������raisbe4 with th������  Li^vrs Sn-d "Solars.  CPELMAN' and 'McKENZIE, Propfiefes.  O This House is well fitted [up with Good Beds;arid  the Bar is furnished with the best Liquors; Meals are  served at all hours On the Restaurant principle ;J Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &c: ; .. ,.      :��������� .. ���������, 1-s. ���������  'TAMES HTJRONv Proprietor. This'commbdif  fJl :ous Hotel is well fitted up;with: every convenience  for; Jjhe:comfort of)(ho.public;, the \ Beds ,aro. all that 1 a  weary traveller'.could hesire;... the Table is supplied with  .the' best of fare; /the Bar contains the | chblchst: bran ds  ;6f IJiqubrsan'd'Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, Oatsj"  BaHey^&c^----.'   -;,., w--w   -f"---&-���������-** -���������'  ������������������    l-a '  BEERS, ,aud LIQXJORSi and .depot pi/Havana Seg&rs.  ;^ppfd3''fofwnrl!ed.;t9;the;3tfih1ng  "A FRANEEBv Vicjfcbrja;; :y, iw^lirfafm  .'A. SKr.vs.-HibKS, Wool, &c ,.liberaladvance^  on Furs consigned.    Reference-^;. Sutro* ������o.}.^T  bbrg&'RneflT; vrctoriaV'vi r.:J:'A' :'���������!'��������� .������������������;  -ttrtltfi  Bioneer Hotel--Lil3^oetr  GHARXiES''KSn^O^-'Pro^'eiiof/' i:This;bid  -estaWished House is well fitted up.for the comfort  of: Travellers; the Table is supplied with the .best; of  everything that can be had, and the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country; HedVooms  ftir Families;; Stabling for Horses, Horse Food, &c.  The Express stops hero, v :l/s  SJEy-----.'  IOItENSO LEABTO,Prbprietor^j This house  j vaffords - ev(������ry = accommodation for ��������� the I comfort; of  Travellers; the Table }s furnished with all the dolicMcies  of the season, and. the Bar is stocked .with the. choicest  of Wines' Brandies "As Segars f/goodT stabling for horses;  Hayi Barley and Ontti constantly on hand at low rates.  Novvly milled Flour for sale cheap, ���������'���������-���������. -l-s  MBS. HEIN, Milliner & Dress ������Affi������:$2  men tStrcot,1'Victoria; V.'LrAir kinds of Sfiflwer/  of ..tho latest, stylo kept constantly.on hand, vran*  rrom the country phnctiially'attended toy l'\_  PETER McQUADE,.Ship ^handler aji^  1^ dealer in Paints, Oils, and .Window Gte:;WJ  (in haridJ^a- large stoctorRopo and Canvass,.. ww"  atreeyVicto^a,^;!;-//1/;'^^^^^ -AA Vr/^'^jgi.  'TAt SOOlJa;^lff&^<?wpim(^R^fffi^&������"  1 porters and Dealers in fChinese'Oopds,/Kicyw  Opium; Nut 60i Provisions, &c\, Co'rmUraHt*StW>ip-  toritt, V, i. .nwr-:-. brwAv^ v** ���������*,&&?������*���������}*.��������� *���������  "WIAT^ON,, Watchmaker,,  era men t street, Victoria, V. I. j.'..\A-AJ.  :n up on  ie-corafoTt  lanner to  jisposed to  PORT DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS: .;  MACDONALD'S    HOTEL :   J  WM. HACDONALD, Propidetor. Miner' and  others destined,for tho Bridge River Mines will  /find every convenience and accommodation afforded  "them.1 'Good Beds afed a Table well supplied with all  the delicacies ot the.season,   : ��������� .. . 1-s  :^TlieV:^pi^pgfTt?g House,; \  S* BayLLEW;& ;i?ARK:E^', PropristorsV at, tho  , Junction of the Cariboo "and Big Bend Rbads^;is  how open for the accommodation: of the public; ��������� Distance from Clin ton, 26 miles; from S&vanus Steamboat  Landing,, 22-miles;- from Spence's Bridge, 30 miles;  Travellers will find prices and adcommodjitions to suit  .the times. Give them-a.call. ��������� Stabling,; Hay .& Grain';  attentive hostlers. . Stage leaves here twice ,\wcek lor  Bi^ Beud aud vale, and once a week' for Cariboo    ��������� 1-s  t !  QPORBORG :.&i-ROOT������' [&J^fot W*  ������Or CHANTS,; Wholesale; Bealors in ABpcag^4*.l4  .8i6������8,"B66i������*^OEi Whttrl/streot,nTicOHl������^-  <j[PROAT^^^&:eO:niate'Anderson *-g^S^  V. I.  it) '-.-  'Li SMITH " fi'. ��������� CO., Propri������tors. This ' House is  ������ /-well fitted up for the accommodation of Travel-  . lers. to (the Bridge Rivor Mines. Good Beds, StaWang  for Horses., Horse.Feed, &c, . A stage runs twice a" week  .b.etweeh this house and Port Douglas oh the arrival of  'thVst^'in^fe'from b������kw and connects '"with" th������ Lak������  Boa*ef������f:Lm������a9t.:..        ,. ��������� \j . 1^.  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S. v  A T THIS -WELL KNOWN HOUSE,- half-wiy Between  ii. Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.  .Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines ' Fresh Butter, Millc  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed^    1-S  .."'i!",",l,l,u-L .   ..'..' ' .;:3t  1 Urcuwan  T. YTTON SQUARE, Kew Westminster, B. a  Xj .now occupied by. W. E, STEIN. , TI10 above mvi  otoly known house is now open to.the public; the Bar  is constantly.'supplied with-'*-tfe-������- ^iei*8si br*ods'*'of  Tin.uo������s and Sagim. :   IZm-  \J.   CXGAR^.TOBACCO, MecrahjJumHB^i f������������������>��������� ���������������  corner of yateB.ano; ^^^^M^SX-^^j  J ��������� .nor of Sales AB^G^^  PIERCE ^S^^^t^^L^^  ^ ypJgwtfbtaB,- BrbadlStreet^ victori^/^������^^T  ?iaire & <������i^PFV^Si^*^!i  ���������Jl j AVharf street, Victona,--V.-i, ��������� ' ^^^r^  b opposite the Bank'ot British^ortCj^^^^  ma^^n������ine;coi^t^^


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