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The Cariboo Sentinel 1872-07-20

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 m  *>??'  MlLi  Jn!?tP  .M  1111  If  ''SI  ���������  K  H  111  il  1  i  ���������V&&&3&  ^.^arker^tt^  .���������'VJ'V ^W7-W<  PttJi'ltshed^Vory. Saturday by        ; ;  ^EJO B Eii R T     HO L L OJA Y.  ;'6utoser^  "5 V!' "''"'��������� -V-1" ' -'I -IA zA-x'i -I   *'���������***  ^: "feAlfRS OF "ADVERTISING*���������'&���������  "��������� ; JCQii^nb scuajro tone lAclj)jfnrstinRj?rjion,;*r  ' ^-C*. X'-- ?*& <iV������Y*"'-   Jf--"*'3oneiuontUV1"-k-  :..' Fort wo siqu a res, firs t i h s i^r Li on, ? .-��������������������������� ������������������������ ������������������'������������������-��������� ,- &f ft  ���������-'���������^ /���������/"! <# wt."'f .C-';Oao mouth/. ��������� ?* .���������* *-*'��������� ; ��������� A., *$;  S3  6  5  r a) ���������%"$  > ,f;..  AAwAvA:wiyryfAyt'A^i  Agents for the' *>Cariboo Sentinel.'���������  sQttein'elmoutn,^ *-' ^ >-" Barnard'sExpress  Bofta Creek, ?.-��������� ' - t * Barnard's Express,  ���������ainton,'   -;     -, >., -*    -- < - -   ? Barnard's- Express  *v*ilft'#-;**w^,t ;-;* mv.*,- .���������., "?,*Y*'f dtf -wl':-** &?*   r  J()im Murray  ���������flThTeg  K������*vv Westminster,  T.VicturJa',* **%��������������� "��������� H f *W *? /;i *1:.f,%MriW^>sti:r.;  "I -ipv-Flsbor:**^'������������������*'��������� *���������-���������<- "������!��������� "* ^ " 8an>Francts?co  :'BSin;V'^; -   ; -: ���������������rt,n F���������-���������  \San Francisco  4--Street, 1 ,-"-,.��������� - ... .<     80.CornhlllvlJoacioji,,E.:C:  4'ardstsGii,culars^Pos,tersandProgram.rnes1fpr  Balls and Theatrical Entertainments  E k& uted wfth nea^  ;'   Termsjnoderate.,K :   ^'t-   w  ^ m ���������.  a"  -jMININGr^ MACHINERY^  ' a!>A  3*.r4"  The following^correspondence bet ween-jtbe.  Minister pf:.Cu8t.oms-.and J. Spencer Thomp^:  ������Vin. E������q.. 'Member''of the House of Commons  for the Cariboo-Lillooet District, has been  Im ruled tn us for ptiblication by the latter  gentleman:.       .'.���������'"     : "      ^   -      -  4 *y-������-%*t **'?*-*V :fiIonpie..ot-Gonfmona, ?,-  :y fA:^*mU%&r. ��������� gth Ma^I872/"   '  Sir--X beg to inform ypu that I have re*  ceiyed a telegram sent on behalf of the miners  of Cariboo, requesting me toendeavorto pro;  ciM^wunis^tftn of, the^dfttkj on /machinery  and pumps for gold .and silver mining pur?  pose's i m ported "Into British Qol umbia.  V-#I need not^irifbrm ^ou'tbat the Tprpspeijity;  of "the 'Kb vi h ce * h as:vtot':'1 years ^in" i grea t  rii eastire depended -upon the success of its  'Valuable; mines; ���������jtaitv I may ^wlth propriety re-  ihefeased prbsperifcy 'and stimulus to .itfiini-  ffcaUou which woultl be thereby created^. ,w  ,1 have the honor, &C-, ;:     -,.  ...���������������������������. ...fi ''--A-    ���������'   'J; Spi^Oiia'TfloiteQS. a.  Eos;s. L. TtrxEY. c.b:; r      v;.;���������������������������.;:; ���������  'Minister of Cos to nw.     * .     ^'Jii * v  ir-'f  :. ��������� .;- ;>      L - Custotnai'���������Department..������������������  ' ,-','  , ������      Ottawa, Juno 3d, 1872.   '  J Snt.���������The bon. the Treasury.BoWd' having,  hadunder consideration your letter; of: thet  8th, inst., in regard; to tbo admission^ fmachi t j-  ery formihin^^eVations; iri; British ,Coincfl-;  bia,^thisiDepautraent is'informejji)..Ijjat^^Oiflfti ���������;  tbb ^ct/imachihery for; mining 'is 'at present  liableWj^nty;.fb.ut,-yi������.'Koarj^' are-6t^pinipuj  tbih-tlie-qUesiioh will be aft subject" to* be^  taken into co"nsiderati.on at the nekt session of  Parliament.^..Ak ti ut fA*. * ,,- ~������, -:  " ..';'-.'-  I have the hohor,;&cM.,  ���������,-,-i;,-iv';  ���������:'."'.';     ;���������'������������������';;..-'��������� ,R/S'. M. Bouchistt&,. ;  ""J^'^Spkxcer;TH6^bN, Esq?-M;P.^ " "^ "*"   ���������  W*HousepfCopnons^OUawar..   .S    .:  Tobacco^ in* TjIvbt.t I)b.vant>���������PnrMmvE Cos-  ������������������:���������' l >     - , tome6p tub FukguxsVVv" *' k  A iCorrespdhdent. of=tlie New; York Tcihurie  wri tesnS; foil ^ws/rom thei j Agassiz Exp edition:  This morning we were up early, a large,  party;going asfibrefe^rious scientific purposes, 'Wd the others taking the" ship out in  the ���������char] he I to do a little dredging: liolK parties were very successfuT. fahd added mtich < o  our collections. As we on; the shore were  abou t read So^cytrae! off! wo^wereAvisiteduSy  a * p������r>ly��������� of; wild Fuegmns* five men, four  wbmen. and,njne, ijhildren,..with, three dogsJ  They"camelns an English built boat- stolen or  lost from; sonie;;T5ngUsb;sh^p. : The- men. and  dogs J n nded; an:.d c; am e; to w ards ns w! th, great  jfriinkness of^miVuner., They could talk neither  'English;por^Snanishi; excep|'Jh^.few wprrls;  boat, fire.'to'bac;gallefb;'^arcor But tiiey easily  understood the imperial raanuer of one ofy..our  officers, jw bp * said:; qiiietly, <b u t firmly-,-' *\ Keep  baokii ;those^ dogs;rV ahd; = imm ediatel y - dro������e  back the barking curs wi tb'sticks and stbrjfes.'  Tliey^ warnierj ^themselves .afcy/qur. firo, .and  seemed' disposed to^be?yery?ciW  sweety am iabie-faces. HTbey i Hvey^as^il have  saidj largely, oji iri iissels;:but a^bnljmr^t^  ���������lea ��������� a reh i nsi/clii\t6;HS;"1cI ami) f arils? aiia 'any: flan'  ;or "fowl" they^can; catch.v> Their canoes and  their^nws and arrow!-^shibit>nlbi;e;:rocchani>  acal^kin'than^oDa;'w6ntd',������icpectufron)t:'ikeir.  :want' of' c 1 othihgf aW their wiclwr^ivork- ar-  f *'*���������*-.������������������**;���������,  b'01*8.'.  ^U7?T;';v;  ��������������� Akria-l ; J^AvrtlATibisr^A "French 'aeronaut  Diipuy;(1 o Lbrne; has "constriictedVa ball.6bijv.bf  .colossal proportions atiParis; invWhich he will  endeavor to solve the'practicability of-aerial  navigation^ FbV-'a*1 :.!dtig''period thjj projector  baa been experimenting upon ja system,^ifiu^  ehfi vfroiii. anyoye|;;aiterript^dv arid4Whic;h.rhas  givein.some ver-y>favorab 1 e-Tesu 1 ts 'The::bal-  loon is^elongatedsojhs to^present the area*of  ���������thoVliiasfc reyisianiie/ ?. 'TV |her car us, attache^ ^a  liuge^sail one hundre4,and sixty-one\ feet ein  ,tptal extent;of surface,'Resigned,to actras* a  rudderix- To enable it so-tbact| however,, the;  ��������� balloon%stlgam^ufflc{ent^ be^w^^no^to^  .^rift'jT^itti; i^e"Jyiri4^stn^to <|ffeot:ttu%-n^scrSjtr!  4>;ropej^  diameterj js employed. ^ has beenftVuind;  that by these^ means the balloon of M^'deJ  W&pPltik-niade^bnt all,these\^ttempts;'86-.in^'  yiriably fend,in; failurei tliat Interest inr them,1  through ^repen ted-effi sap ito^  co ni& ?hi n^tti flF; ^If W.3,^:Lp m e, by' sontj^^b orJ;  I iick^shoul^su^ceeltl ^hifrsitec^ss >vill:b^spme-|  ': thi ng; vjoq r^e tb a tv a n i he d ay s*,- vrp nder\.;", aiirjM  ��������� heiitiotild fail; his ��������� hanVe'will* bb swalId^wed up  ampUgihousands of^owers.^jpp^t~" "' ~  ^ame fate.n.(i>  ,;..,.   .'.,    ' "-*j*--,  ;me tithe  Neun  PWIWt'.WWIWJ'i'W  r-r - ���������- AllSCELLANEqUS:   ',  We gave them ^r: ^rem^ning biscuit, and  what little tobacco there was in our;party trt  sjiar&' 7 One ?��������� 'b.fr theni. ���������;accepted; ;a:; pincii' <>f  mark   that  mining  operations have   been snuff and preteuded* to sneeze, "crying "Hat-  !*  AND  (&en^ral%^  greatly retarded on; account of the heavy cost  of suitable machinery, which has consequently  i^ieett��������� jpraejjcajlys^  greater number of mining companies j and I  may. al so cal 1 you r at ten ti o n to th e fa c t tb a t  the jempte:s|(tuajtio.n ot Britjsh Qohunbia en���������  ti t*fe !y1;p rec I titles (li e- i m porta ti ori'-o f mach i nery  fi'6ra.;.any of the oihbr Provinces.    ; .j/..  Machinery such as. required can now be  obtained in San Francisco on favorable terms;  atid^m ajiuf actu rers j n .many, i nsta nces. won Id  bW'tl isp os ed to' gi ve a ce r I ui n am oil n t o f c red i t  on the security of companies known to possess  valuable muring  claims which  cannot  be  worked,,w|y^t'^tPfra^ajpfinM.andl powerful  piiii^is; but when tb the-freigbt by ocean and  inland navigation and tbe enormous expense  *jf land carriage over a wagon road 400 miles  /in length* a;heavy;j3 n.ty>is stiperadded, ifc be-  -comes in the inajbri ty: of "cases an impossi-  bility  for ihe  persevering  and   energetic  in i tiers, w ho ti re, i$������ iifully e trugg 1jng agai ns*  4h& obstacfes^f Mtiftvefib avail (bemselyes of  -those means which alone can ensure success.  Under these- circumstances, I beg rospect*  fully to call':your attention 'to\this matter,  trusting that if possible tbe ...Dominion Gov-  ^enment will;a}lop machinery of the description hi en t m ed afe o via. to be i m pti Ueji free of  <}uty ;  and I am confident that any apparent  Joss of revenue occagipueC.hy such action  chee; lr*/With;rnqckrsolemnity.   An,<oId,<mah  .sgt.dp.^l^' a stone.and.t5arig.to tis a; low,  s weet rec i ta ti ve or ch a nt, in. a,.; ,w N d ke v, o ri  mode, ending oh a rising; hielbdy with each  stanza.   They,, fo 11 o wed .us to the ��������� sh jp, an d we;  /gaWltjierikSome JCaiidb^ anrl beada^anS -to-  bacco, and also bought bowsiand arrows, and  a sea-urchin, paying:tbfehf in "tobacco.   Tbey:  clung to 'the ship as we got under way, men  and Women crying * Tnbaca,,J and frantic to  catch ,any fragment, of the precious weed  thVbwn-to them.' ''But 'at length'Iliey let go,  and we left tho bay in which I began this  letter, and started up Smyth channel.; ,������ ���������������������������  These Fuegians -wero nearly naked.   The  apl5tf  JAME$ MCKHAMi  AW-A; ' : ;Barkervillei;  ;, ��������� ; .HOTELS. RESTAURANTS, &c, u ;  WA>?  Successors to %cuniqj,.  '-i. ������������������'������������������> ji     .*-;>-i    -Y-'���������. ;-vv^-ii.:?.^! ;>'. '���������������������������ytf <���������.,������������������:*:������������������ >���������'������������������.���������;���������: ���������.������������������:���������.��������� j  T3f g to.inform their frlepas and,.-tli jj pub lit that they;'  hiiye ttikentthd 'well kuowii^premtsesMn^ BarkervtUa  so ioug. i'avroruhly������iaiwaisediKwhUe ia; the occuputtya,  ftr'TU** NJ ���������fitiniVt!   " "   -"A". A   '��������� "A '' AA    -   '?���������       '���������'  !  ���������  of Mr MirCuaio;'  AAl< AAAviiiw >'AiWpA I'imAlJi...  Aw3 A ww: zmiAAA ^ Aw $M.f' ywA^Aywsw Kf$.  ^iffSlnvanfSctuM Rs-  tail|ia iU rittrity^aii^ ��������� A'    ���������'        '    ' *"'' 'r -" "���������"'  WW'  rcbh s tan tly kep ton 'hand.  i-^'j' "'-An \     W'Ah ' ���������  Ji ������������������- -yr, ;-<��������� A' t  wtU^h^ral ways Carefully ktlefaded; t^ and* the beat  Stids ��������� land,'* accommodjition * ^proviaed r for^thcir, cji^  mwmAm%mwBfi$.  !-sM,ftf  v-i.  l^is, always stip jilitd-wl'tK UlidVb est'^t^'every Mtifg  that, can .bpi.prycuwU in Cariboo. ;  to extend much belovv tbe hips, nor to meet  i n f ron t: with o u t e ffor t. -.- Th o wo me n h a d .also  a little bit of fur about tbo hips. The children were naked.'- Oiio would .suppose that  wi th this. wan t 0 f cl o thi ng, a 1 ati tn <] e in t he  ft fties, a nd perpetu al &n ow with i n 1000 feet of  t he. sea .level,, tb ey ting h t suffer tvitb cold.  Yet they were fafc, even corpulent, and looked  contented and happy, with certainly a better  expression'of the face than some of the Indians on the Sierra, aud in Nevada. Tbe  young-men-;and women, if washed and  dressed; might easily pass for .south era Eu  S:HEPAaD-v-:^;i'  ..;,..... (Patented J)ecember,lst^ 1868.) .-   y  A* A A ��������� ���������   A\     ;    'ZliA;'-:_ A  :W   A^ -...Aj-- '.,-���������.���������* }���������"���������  Leatlier (Oiitside) Soles,  '-, i - ww :��������� y iroiifclad Heels.  The usmii way of na Ulnar Lent her Solos on Rulibor  Boots .makes hules q.ult<> Uno.u^h the -Soles, which are  ."���������tire tn; ioak;: -Tlwso* Lcalbt-r^ Soles are fas tuned l\v  aiiclior^. embedded in the UuhbiJ'r vvluoi tlie.Bpettt are  maUi}, but dojioigo tlirougli tlie Soloes.; The Boots  are therefore perfectly .Water-Proof, and. the  '-   ��������� *     ' --  '   "   -''     ������������������"---���������������   -������..������.:->-   tUoni'  than  J^  tfW-AA  4  ^Afiip-  fflilll  ���������    -.   ��������� s  it'.  .yy.������ t\ .:..-������������������  ' ��������� J..*  {*"$���������*">*}-,  ?:'  ?t#"sfe  ���������������  ������Vf'i ���������-?"  . if >\ ��������� ��������� ,\p ��������� y*w. -;��������� ��������� xhc tJelcbrited ���������'.  FRESH^ GROUND  A superior article, to any which'cab he had from be..  low; Roasted "add Ground on"'the^^ premises'ironrtlid  best selected ^iiea, aad: warranie.d lr<e:ft0ia ������tla|  oration."     .' ';; ''���������/. ,....������������������ ;>;-V"- ww���������lAA:A,  '>jel7   '  - i. 0. GOOKON  ' 36:i;Rroff<l\ray, N"ow,YorIi. '������������������'���������   :;  Michigan A venue, Chicsigo;  (107 "iiurkei street, San Francisco.  FOR SALK 13 Y   yl A y'\:\ KA"%  : Q,  JcSlm  '> ���������������������������;-.  Wharf street, VicLoria, B.C  . A tL' PERSONS AB.E HEliSBy. CATJ-  \ lionet! against ueKOlintinif' a J'KOMISSORV  KUTB limwa by ALKX. MftWHA in Airor ol'.W, BOW-  MAN. and tindoree'd to Fraiik Trovor or order, far the  sum or ������185 %S\ fhie 1st July, 1872. Any person  ret urniQtf tli o aauia.to th������..undersignbd. wiU. ho suii.  ably: rewarded:'.Aa',1���������  w^tiid he tar more than commentated by iha ropt'aus; two of thciu in particular had t������*J     Jhimrrtti^ May U,.U72,  ^ ^iJORGS Bffi^ft'  EG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE.r HAVB EEMOVl?������!  ���������. to the spiicjDus pr<mist'8 formerly known as il*..  St. George .Salwm, where tlu-y will he at alUhuaa ,  prepared to farulsii. ;      ';.'    ,...';    :w A a--k<- )  BOARD    ANA    MEALS  OF   THE   BESt:  Tito   BA R       fu rn is he d with th c 'fi nes t WIK ISA  TJQUOKSaud CIGAKS.J    ��������� \: ;  Board, -  M*H  Je-17 dm  per^  SI safe  mamm  SSQS  TflE^tiOTOO "SENTINEL  Mi-  *BATTTRDAY. JULY 20! 1S72.  at:  'THE POST'OFFICE AND TELEplUTIT.  fclotfiitig is more safisfat I crypto the general  ���������jprfblic in anyplace where ft'tainm of -any  consequence is lran������acted than|he, possession  of good postaf ahd;telegrivphic-Bieatiso^com-  jwuolcation, aud in every civilized community  means are constantly being devised to im  j������rove and rpgnlate these" accesspfies to torn;  ^trt and aid3 to business;' In ol it countries.  >������nW- aa^-^England,  thepe  departments  are  :worked in such n systematic and efficient]  gpanner tha^ irreguiarUies are imkfiow.n.; and  'jui|tskes^Mbrh'-or .ever ��������� occur. - ���������TmgUnd.  however, is an old country, and the course of  events in the progress of ages will naturally  "have the effect of exposing defects in the most  ^erfecfrlpoiiing/syfitemfl, and thus afford, ah  -ftr>portuhUy for their -reme/ty.   In this Pro-  "tioce things are widely different.   The country is rough, rugged, and sparsely settled, and  - lh e  mo des ������i P. transi t ami  co n yey ance  are  -primitive in comparison with those employed  Jo ol de r s n ������ more fa y ored li > cal i t ies.   11 can,  ibefetore, hardly be expected that postal arrange meii Is aird teVegrajiliic corntn ti nications  ffsbould bo here carried out with that thoroughness of detail and perfection of system attain-'  i!de in older and m ore settled eo^nSries: .Btit  ���������wo certainly do think that an effort should be  ���������made not onlyto .keep the exist|ng systems of  vcornmiinicftimn n p to ihe tn ark, ti*t: aiso gra-  *dtmUy and steadily to improve them-aa de-  ���������fee to in their formation, man age men tor. working become apparent. -In postal matters we  -will certainly admit a (r/eatji improvement has  T>������en made within tlie last few years.   When  loiters .were first "sent through this Province  fineaH& Colony ������f British &oTiirabia> atUhe  rat** of ������������������������������������124 cents per letter, those of us who  J>ad prov<ons4y a long experience of. bigb.express rates thought It oat a great boon had  3>een! conferred uponi-tns .by a fatherly and  benevolent Government, aUhough the general  ^ioanage'rnent of thi department was often the ..,..,  .���������������������������;".���������.   **tf.i������  ' '-   ������       *. ��������� \.������ ' 11  Their numerous mends  wish  tbem a iiappy  object of bitter an,! P������rh������,><. ���������OHietraes mil. j,���������^ a .^^favorod clime. '  -deserved censure.   We ha vet fcowever, made;  ���������a much preater antVvaetefirr^rovement Bjnce-  *. wo became incorporated into the Dominion of  M>mi������a������ ��������� Cne of fbe greafbenetjls^hich we  immediately derived from  that change wap  tlie great cheapening of-postnl rates, a matter  sxt ,the greateit importance in a niining com-  ^nunity, where people are too often subject*to  what we may be permitted to term the most  -unlucky .vicissitudes of fortune. Aud we sup-  <|)oao that io tho towns throughout the colony  'the postal accommodations are about as good  as those witn which places of their size and  importance in other parts of the world are  ���������favored.   But outside of the town*, people  .-are not ?n the same pcsition.   In the Car:boo  and Omineca districts there are mielhg camps  /4>f considerable size end importance, where  -sthere are stores, saloons, hotels,eattn^t houses,  ,^nd perhaps even a jail, but no post office"  ��������� J n. these localities the people have to irwu for  -;. i|^)1r letters and: papers ;to the sorcil 1 ed ex  . $>r������8������inan .who in akes ti is tard y ro u nds per-  : fc a pa mace a week.' a n d as of con rse he can  ; >.nn}������ o������riy .a Jiniited weight e;ich trip and ttie  jcorrespondcivee of the district is supposed to  :W restricted, ji charge is made for the car-  triage which increases in amount as the letters  ^.learease in numbers;   Were tho people of  Vtheire outlying disirida favored with proper  -^pbnctib'comnitinieatiofis.tlsero is.no doubt but  iShat the 4) us m em of the district in" i hat.'���������respect  ,-wnuld largely increase and probably in a  rfih ovi time. pay; i*8 A***������ ex pen*es.   In m i o i ug  vcunips m /gold.countries every one Ws'a ritle  rtcau wrke, and every miner, no matter in what  locslitjv he-may be, is sure to. have business  '' wor fri e nd* in. o th er. p arts of t he d is trie t.   The  ���������jtiecessity' of .itti'epdini". to that h������sibessl and  ri\\e desire to cbiaimunieate: w it.h those friends.  ���������will always fcesi>t05cient inducement to iri *  '<-<#!<!Igejn correspondence .when the %%tm:t\f  ^s'ace are low and -a #osfc'office is within  'i������a'sy r*a ch.   TJnder these ci reu mst ances: 11 Ms  <o be hoped thitt arrangerise������ts \vi 11 be made  *nt an early date by the postal a������thoritie> of  ii he Dominion by .means of  which post offices  ���������wiIVbe est*bl 1 shell on tlie differen't ereel?s in  ���������1% paribooAnd Omineca district*, whore the  nsradertt and miners of ih������ different sectiors  ������������an t^btatw or p.- st' their lettera vithoai' lfe������  $������^tfimi Mmy ������x to jehar^^ ��������� v ���������.., r.:*- ��������� - - - .^  '"Asregards the Telegraph l������re, compl.'iints;  we rearet to say������-are being coaMantty* marie.  Tbe line is constAntly down in bo ihe place,  and personsrtliaye; sometimes to wait and  watch ;for da������y* before XUey can -got a- message  sent,, and If they ar? act forMiiiate enbnjjh to  -st rikt������ t'he ttdegr s'p!i offiee at fbe tune the line  etunmeoee^'.workiiic:-the pro^mbility; is that  ���������they witfiiave to. Wiiiingatu/iur the line nicy  not*work mure than a tew'rniuntes before it  is I again do w������ A', ������iicIi; is Jlie %lorioils u ncer-  tainty of telegraphic com m it n tea lion in Uks  *p r o vi ace. In fact, ace i den ts.' oeou-r ii p o n o������>r  line W i th t !i a t never- end ins cease 1 ess i r regti ^  darlty which the.Tovonto Globe ���������characterises  as being peculiar to the .Grand Trunk JUil  w;oy... Surely .some means 'ought 4o .be found  to a oi el i o ra te .these d efec is. .. W e h a vo h ea rd. l  over and over again that the aii^eiia'endeni'  of the line was about to pay this section of  the country a visit, and in- juet^oe to him and  the operators on the line we !hav,e refrain ed  from co m in en ti u g o n a a la te .of affai rs whic b  ongh t tb 'bc rerhed ied, V bu t which possi b Iy  arises frotn no fault of theirs. It is now, however, impossible to abstJiin;ftny longer from  reflecting on what the public hero are con  staiitly complaining about.' ft is quite likely,  and we belteve that the operators havo too  great.a;length of ddue:to-������tttend, and it ts quite  .tr.uo that ihie is a'.rather rough -eon n try. but  ihat. is all; the ;iiior'e ��������� reason why: the mat ter  sh ou Id! b e -csrefii II y ex a in i n ed i ii to undo  serioit s at tern p t miid e to kee p t he I i tie in w b rk ���������  tug o r4 er. < U Ol ess this is d b ih> U will tie v������r  4������ay,.and will surely be.the oecneion of cea������e-j  less growling and endless, dissatisfaction. It  Is ol ways a d is������ greeat ������le d u ty to be cb m p el I ed  to in ake re-ni^irks wlifeh ma y tend even ind i-  reeiily to .reflect upon oUiers. ^ut . jiwt;ce to  the public, whorn we^4o:a4eriainvfexlfmt'^J'e������:  .present, forces 4is unwiIH ng Iy to rem.wk np������mi  ihe existence of.ti state of affiirs.ra; the Tete-  graph ;Hiie whic^i we sineereJy hope.; for the  sake of all parlies concerned jwill soon Ve  amended.       .- - . a    .;-.   ;���������., = ������������������. ,.-.aa     ..,.,.ai--  : ;Tukatricat���������������Wo - are informed by ��������� ihe  if aWager o f t lie Dram at i c Assoc i a ticia I hat tJhe  corps are now rehearsing the famous and  popular farce entitled ** To Paris and back  for Five rounds,;' neverjbefore' prod need in  Cariboo, and that it will.be. pioced before the  public on or about the.3d pfoximo, with "all  its scenic md stsgeeifectB, Programmes will  be published shortly. -'A'C   .  ; ���������[I>KPAUTJf:JiK.-^Wo have to regret ihe departure "by Uist ex press of Mr. A'. .VignoIp a n d  fam i Iy. for 'mariy years-reahl ents: of thi.d-pfacp  MISCELLANEOUS.  ;   'NOTICE-'  Electsral District of Carirj  . ;. boo.;:  A  COTJFT OT REVISION will be hcM by the  C*ri  Rx-;;i.4ir.ir  nf  Volcrit  al   the   uni1cnr.emir>De4  ;pl.-:e?s iu llie ro������t)rtcti.ve-P������ilHn5 I>i\#i.sli/Uis t������i .i'a  boo Uisirict\m the ilays hereiu puhlishoil, viz :  1. LIGHTV-fiM CUKEK���������At Mr?I.ia'.flii������rd|s' Saloon,  . on ,&U'nrJay, loth Aucust, at haU'-pisl EU-vc-n,  2. WlJ.bUai!? LAKE���������At Mr A. 8 B&twi*, oaTaeB-  day, Ifttli Auv;umi, at Ou^t p.in.  Q0B5S'Ef*M������0TH- At Mr Hjrl'm's Stor?,  on Frl-  U*y, ZOtii August, o������ arrival of- the btoam-r.  4..SAltKimV!IXG���������At Richfivl! C.Mirt Rous..-, on  Mo������?l:iy. iho 19ih Aujju������t, at K)ev.t������n, ������.m. -  5. CKITPLFy CRKEK���������At Mr Smith's Stor<\ n������r-  vpt Cn-'eki " M������nilay, *6th Anguit, *t Twfetvs  oJcJtx:k, aucn.     , .  ' -II. X. BAIti  Registrar'-of Carlhoa District.  KichCeM, July 19th. 1872.' ,;  juU0 4t   .  '���������."   NEW ADVEUTISEMKNTS.  TTavlnjr r������������cMved h'.qnanHtv.of  FrtK^n.DUUGS. r iiiake.theiliU  fejpefit medical nrepnrationsi('������o  Oft^lo fu>������ire inyip������*Hihey,are thw^  reqnirerl strenctb. Personii in  -Cariboo or on the Road will  bertefiiLb^se'ndlne any. prescriptions <>r orders they may wish  ; filled- 'hi    ���������  'Fahiilies on the Road will get  thetn by reiuro Express.  DR.CIHPP;  Drujr Store.     '.  Barker ville.  JOHN EVANS, . ;. \  G    SU RVEYOR.  ���������NKVV ADVERTISEMENTS  ������������������  SUUV^EYS AND PLANS EXECUTED  Aaa .On. reasonable, terms.  #m~ Orders left ai Mr Kelly>, Barherville  will be attended to. 'my85 If  Steamer Victoria  Y an winkle 8tore^  JGKTNING   CREEK,  Mas j us t been replenished witli a hew  and complete assortment of everything  tlie trade requires*  and offers to Miners  Haseommm������M h*r Weekly Trtn*. 1c������������ins Olid    IT&OerS   tllC   00"  Qiiesnel on MONOaYS. and Soda Creek on| .    " ��������������� '.      ."  vantages ot a splendid selected assortment, which cannot  be surpassed in quality or price.  ^^* After the'1st oi* Jiily, G������>o^ )*\\\>.>.  deliveied according to order on' s)! .'���������ni'Mde  Oreek8r:;;';'":>   ':: Aw:w '::'^^.'-:'  -.:.--,������������������- J. W. LlNT)HARt>^  Vho Winkle, June 6. 1872. w- "I f'  FRIDAYS at daylight.  Passaqk,  Fkkigut,  ��������� .   .- -       $5  1 cent per lb.  0&* G^bds conaiffned to Vis from below  forwarded Free of Charge for'Storage or  Cu������imission, v.  MARVIN & WRIGHT.  Qnesriel, May 2,1S72. ,   . ray 11 4m  Auction-Mining Interest.  ELDOIIAOO CO.. LIGllTNISG CU.EHK.  ftTOTICE IS HKKEBY^ ������rTTFtq- - "THAT  il One-tirilf of On<������ Full Inicrcft in fho Eldorado  Oowpnny on Lightning O'reok, owncJ by Herman  Kortn������nn. will ha s������>|-i l>v l?ulilio Auct'en ������t tbe Court  Houp������\ Kiohftr-M, o������ MOVDAY, the 23th July, Inst-.;  at 12 o'clock in the foreucxn, r*T'A;'*������j������ainmts.  A. JOHN..TO.VE, ������:crotar>:.  July id,. 1972. * ju20 i:t  NOTICE.  4 Lli PERSONS ARE HEREBY .CAU-  t\ .tinned dscrtinst- n^otjatine a PROMTSSOKV  KOTE th-awn by Al.KX. M������WH A iny'r������7������r of \V..BO\V.  If Aj)J, na.'l vcndorscd to Frank Trevor <������r orc|cr,"lV>r the  pura of $185 25, ������lu������ 1st July, 1872. Any person  reluming the same to tbe undersigned will, bu suit.  ably rewarded.  ��������� BaAnrvttlft. M������y 81,',1������72. j������l  ^gr-The above Note has been piid by Mr A,   Mc  Wii-i.  Expres s Line S tage s  CARRYING H. M. MAILS,  Will make  Regular    Weekly   Trips  from Barkerville, ���������  Arriving in Yale rjn Tbiiredays. in time to  cOnneot- with flie steamer '* Onward ���������- for  NTew \v*efrtT?iiiiHt<*r. nnd with.tbe XL B, Co.'s  steamer u Euterpriae,^  Tlie California stean������er������ leave Victoria on  the 7th and 22d ot each month.,  np27;Sra  F. J. BARNARD.  Past.Freight Line of  flAVENTG-   FUH0HAS3D   THE    ABOVE  11    Hoii*I ir<Wi Ur'J, J fiobtirtiioo, Uis to inform  tbo tr.ivt'Hinjf labile anil the Itinera of Cariboo that  lift will dv his utmost to anstain the woll oacued .r������  piiution of the house as a ttratclajss Hotel.  Wit! as us������bi4 be furnished wiUi -tbo li������������t ribo Market  airordb.  is well stored Witli Spirits, Ales, Wines an* Clga*s.  A ra comfortably furnish sd, nnd a large addition to  tho number of rooms i/5 now being made!  Ara Vaa best In the nppor eonnt'Ty. and, will ������Jways  b^ ������4$l^uppij&d witfaJUay ana Grain.  iu30  ^  air  A. -Barlow has made arraniremfnts to run a  tine of Stages between  AND   CARIBOO  For the conveyance of  F AST       FR E I'd HT,  ORDiNARY EXPRESS MATTER, ���������<  A NOP A 8 IE N QE R S .  All goods consigned to Barlow's Aprfent  Yale, will be forwarded without delay, and  at reasonable rate������.  Gommistiions ot all kinds promptly executed. Col lection* made, and a General Express Agency transacted  Barkerville Agent.  - '���������-. ���������   D. KURTZ.  QneflneUe, March .25,1S72,        #20 te  RE prepared to furnish lumber at their Mills,  WUUaiu Creek, or liehver it w order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK.  Havimr* Planing Hacbine in operation tbet|witt  also lurui^li  at satisfactory r.ite������i  sell  Van VGlkenaurgli  f^  Sarkerville,  -\  , A J-^-ANC���������  ICHFIEL  A SUPPLY OF THE  m  lA\f('<  m  tSSSi.  1  w Lb  ���������L  ���������&m  SATUROAr, JULY 20, 1872  MiNrNGrSl^:f EL LUG EXC&  f   - triUJAM������XTtKK������..    ,     ^ a  The Tores t Bos������ en. washed tip 9#nz.,Jnst  -Weeks The CorhisbV McLan am 1 in'-, Oil 3ket, aiirl  Flume companies, above itlchfield, are nit  ������|pHning up. Results will bergijren next  week, ���������;'; -,V. ...   '���������  -A. -  J.KMTMSO ORKKIt.    ..-  The Ross en. at last accounts were running  ���������through * canyon; finding sonny pay. TheEl-  do r.������do en. are run nine the new.; tunnel and  working the old tfiggiogH, paying over ex-  penae*.: ���������;1,he;Lij5hthin|f{co. ;took;oufr3^oz. ia  themiddle of last week, aud t��������� oz, for ihe  week'. The Sunt h Wales took out 105 J oa. tor  the week; vlW ��������� Sprue** Co, continue sinking  their wheelr^  Week], aiid 30 ot, at.the|^viiiifM!i^eu������ni of "lhis  week;��������� Tlie Viiuwinkle co. iire; Rejiiri^'aloiig  favorably with therdraih. The:OUtk co: are  si n k i ng an air; fill a ft. and; took mi 17: y & I i ip i ������>  Th it rid ay in or t Ai sr. r ii nhin g a oro ss drive to  ���������the air-shall. The Gladstone Co. wre still  fixing machinery. &c. The fcileveo tff Eiifflaitd  co. washed up 27 ufc.} on Tuesday; and tbe  digging* are looking very favorable, ��������� \  Kiar.rc ckkkk.      ;.  The Wat kern co. are in  between. 600. end  ?00 feet with tlieir tunnel, and find tlie channel about 20-'feet wide- ruck on both  sides  aud good looking gravel in the channel.  cmsuotM .CJtKKK.    ,  Tlie Union co. is'down TO feet with their  shaft; Arid% have struck bed-rock and a'small  prospect: Tin* ruck is pitching into the hill  and the ground looks, .favorable. Messrs. R.  ���������M air iri" and /antes vBurdiek have taken up  e������triu> nevw ground unk are grouad-sluieiug.  ludicntiousgutfd.   ��������� :������������������'       .-'- -'������������������     -���������  COUNTY   COURT.  (iefow IL- K. Bdf,E������a.,. ������oH fSommteslooer. mi  - Cjuaty Cuurt Judge,) ,  ���������   .     '    '  ��������� ���������    Soda OawK^uIy 9, W&;  Amaokk^  ilton/chtiiisel Tor.-itlafOtlflTv ftHto?itii������^H������b-������n;og:i  tiort lor��������� $500 damage^ sustained by tlieplain-  - tut in cmisequericcofibe deferidaht diverting;  i water used and recordedby hinvfortrri^ting  in������rposeR on* bis"nrtfck::*t:'Git|mn^-Cr^k,  dttrihg**h*j'year 1S71 and ,:B!ih^!iefl0y,^^7Hve  plaintiff had 'pre^uipted hisJirtfin in that  locattiyiia;Msj?.;1802.';ttB^;|fMt land was; the  first t h������t was, occu p led, o n ,Cbini ney Creek f<jr  farming purpose*. ' In theA snine: year t he  plaintiff cut a. ditch and UfteuVthe waier oivthe  tann, and ^continued uMtig tlie ;\vater on,' t U$  farm every year mnee that time'np��������� to the;23d  .Juijr?vl8ti8,. whV������u he recorded;;2O0, incheB $���������  that the p]airillff cut the 13mtf di��������� ch- and used  and -record ed I h efu r it \r a I er ;������t1,iat';Ith������,,waters;  of: C li i m n ey G r i ������ek������to t h e aui o u n i fco' ve red by  his re co Nly he ie(ore bel^n^ed ] tiif In nl^ y-^h hi  the wnier hnd been diverted^  defendant to the damage fif the plaintiff in u J  sVi m.-far ���������' la rg������������ f. th an' the a mo n nV;< bu edf, -fu ri; :a������'  would be proved��������� by evid������'tiee^prodiiced; ;  Amadee ;Im)Hrdi be.iiiig HWorii; 'said l--! prei  enipU'd some I mid 'uaOhbnney Creek on the  lyih May. :18(>2 : thai, land I Mill own and*o'J  cu.p'y; I tiiniiueneed cutting a ditch. Jhal  Hpriiig-f,; inf 'lSti4 t^hiiitt a >|uuiAiXApr;sj ven  iriiW Up -f!GiiVimiey- iJreek for the: jViirppse' of  savin? the w������ter ; in 18tio I cut another ditch  alongside my^pt^-jeinptton claitn>and used the  wah������r ever.y ye='i'r,; ll re,corded.:at Lillooet, on  23d July. l8fi8, 200:inches j no objection was  made to my record.;- I:jsettled onGhimney^  Creek^oi^tiirunng purposes!;;. M^rs/feroux  and Peterson were on, tlie creek ��������� when( 1  settled ; they kept a puyic house for. ihe ao  coiutnodationiUf traveliers ;'th*������y commenced  farutitig in 18(55'.���������;- In 18U1) Rose;- who had  Ih.uigot frooij] f^erw��������� x m nd/Eeter������on| cti t'- a1' u'ew  ditch iMd  took th* wate/r. and 1 hrtve since  erty 300 or 400 yirds long | this ditch is uW  now; the watev was a I wars lised frons lime  \gi ��������� time in this .dtteh;; this ditch wa^cupable  of carrying 30 jtiches <>f water;, Id on; t know  who puf the; dam iii; the firsit 61 jectiori"to;  using thewaler was mad������ in 18*59; in 18711  had ahmtt half n crop, f-the'Chinaman ������������idlhe:  water was taken; ft way, to [i which I attribute  the' bad crop f; after taking what- wrfter, I  wanted Ilet^it:g^down;toIsnardrB ditch, cut  in 'l'8C8.' ���������' ��������� * v. - ' - ' ���������' ' ;," l:;''" . ���������. ; ';  ��������� Crow (h Ghinnman).���������On Mny 15th-, 'last  year..Rose 'wetit to,Peaces rfver and left me on j  the,������������������ ranch; ��������� I took , water I wo or three dsys  -   ...    ���������_���������  ..  . . ���������    , ...f,,...,,.-,. ...^.  Jk  UK*r������ might J������e 2<KJ or 300 Jncties of .waier.';' -^  it r ,J)avlei argued tiiat* plalotiJF to succeed  he acquired, were the:Tlw.tVin;?;:rtf^|i������rthn^oi;  both land and ;Watetv ,That;plaintttf _had -no  right to record occupied water,;and the rule.  * priority upright -shall depeud nWii priority.  ot ( record,**\ did fcnot;: apply ,at: the time the  waler was.taken up toi5water;i already in ��������� the  occupation ef other-parties. >, - w ' -'".'���������, ���������  's M r Barustott re pi led, urginio: thaV the phi in-  tiff?** land was the first taken-up; for .farming!  nurpcjHCs; tliat his ditches werefirstxiit and  he|had first recorded; and no notices were re:  qni re<icby;t he;;A;c $������0:  The Discovery, eo. hare.bottomed a shaft,  end have * truck th ree to four dollars to the  ���������pvri! A birjre ainonnt of grotind has been lo-  ������ifcied.and^on������tder.ihle,excitement 'prevails  on the creek.   Other companies are sinking.  VICTOUU OUtXJtf;    ' -   '  Oofi companf ts.vorkihK on this gulch���������  J..������ne>i '.VeUillan, J-unes Hawkins, nnd a  Fr tichinin. They hnve been groun<l-Rluictng  ���������an<i ure cleaning.up this week���������results as yet  unknown.  AXTLKlt CKKKK.  The Porter co. h;tve jn������t started their machinery. The Neil co. are working in the  '= ihed o! the creek. The claim pays a little over  w,tjjes. The Lothair have commenced running,  their drain ahead Irom tk������ shaft sunk last  year. We have been unable to ohtaio infor-  mation respectiug the other companies on this  ������reek. "\ A._ A' ':   -. * ���������:  HARVKT Ca������WK.  -The McMillan cd.^ at the upper end pi: the  creek! have commenced work on Uie^ail-rsce:  Tlie F'^ter co. have finished their wh������el-p|t  yjttndar* y preparing to;-sl nk.; The, Lorne co. is  ^workihi with the Foster^  *} o. are con tl niii ri g their & m in jto the pi i tn pi n jf  $haft ahend in order to drain the water from  the diggings! "The: Gumniings -co. wil I have  tlHr fluine completed at'. -the latter':.:piirt of  a ex t w eeK V The M iinito b a co. have com p Wted  their flu me and a re p repa ri n g to lay a iieiif  truck in their tunnel; The New Dominion coV  Jiay.e put in their fintne and are prepsring to  sink. The Peiseveraiice co>are also Burning  4ho creek, and will have it;fthishe<l in the latter -part of next week. ; Two Chinese companies lyelow.the Perseverance co, have built a  wh ee I: and * have go t their flu m" es tn. 0 n e o f  these companies is taking out good pay, but  how niucb it is impossible to say. George  Veith is building a new butchers shop, and  Mr Smith bus a large stock of goods on hand.  The "Cunningham ������o. have completed and  erected their machinery, and as soon as their  ditoh is comph?ted, wh Ich will b������ vsi three or  four day's,.will commence to bail water from]  the shaffv, Several other companies have been  Jocated on this creekl  been short every ;year ; in May, 1871,1 weM  to Peaceiriver[.iu wii^f camer^ack I found  tbe -cropsi\bad 'been "damaged a great deal;  cause of ^damage, was want of water niid^rrt-  ffjiiinn ; Ui������ water had:Men diverted by de-  lendant; I ordinarily expect 101)0 lbs. to the.  acre ; 1 got about dOOor ���������00 Ihs. to the acre;f  I had m acres under cuiliv^tiou; with proper'  Huupiy ot water they, would "have yielded hp>  ward)? of j 65^0* :\W#. ������l������v only yielded^) ,00^  lbs.; the,di^r^ijpu;was;cnueed;by the diver-  sioc ot water by defciidant aiid.ilam������ge occa-  flioned;upwards of $1000: itm dam I built  saved just enough wate^to; sii ppty;nie ;; both;  of my ditches wheb nil I will hold;! 60 inches1  of water; Mr^Jlose has-;two ditches; they,  were c111 afIer mina ; one was cut i n 1869 ; 1  cut my first ftitcb in 1862^; will swear it .was  in June or July ; no ditch Wus then cut oji  Peterson^^bitiil.; Bose ai������d Peterson have  used water when t hey required it since iSt>2:;  at time I tecorded water I-told Mr ltose  hotluog about it; I always repaired the dam ;  at>. the; limeiLrecqrde4::Hose was using i;the  watevfrotn the creek ;; I used the water first  in I862\f6rfar!ningjmrpoHf3;lheiworanches  are nearly Vwo miies apart; in 1S63 I sold  delendanVgvaiu: plough and harness ; I so wen1  the first grai ri ; th ������8 >:**? W\ !5ist X*m' kti *H><*  rnore water than I-had:; ffetierally both ditches  fu II ; his Hitches wi 11 c'u r ry 160 ihcti es: w a ter.  ; Ah F������ ng (a. O hi nam a q ).���������I am e tn ploy ed  on Jsiiardi's rancj^; our /ditches were only  half full all last 'summer: another man (Rose's  Cliidaman) took; the water ; "lie coutiuued doing so ubout three weeks, just when, w%  wa n ted i I;';' defe11dant?a \\i I chei were al vvays  fui-i Hiui plaintiff's only half bill; 1 spoke to  All Yan (Rose's Chinaman)  not lo  use the  ceiveda- letter,for publicadon front; Quesnel   ���������  compjaiping that a mailJt ^ohslderar^^ under' A:  itifyi infiuijnco-��������� ;bfa H^utfr.;' had5 drawhta-^fitifw;.=!  ..iipSo stwo=toehftlieRft,A^ '  ;the^'town A&9.wn^::attd^had'Other^tse:i^avwt '.';.;  iu a mostiviolent apd $ ptttrageoUe manner;^-  .S'ur co r^rcs "p on d������n t also corn pi a i ns thatf al th o' f ���������.';  the. mat te r,, w as ^represe n ted; ^���������tjt.^-pro per.;aa*7:'���������  Jhbr I ty: herefno' Cons|abl ^i;SK'a1l o w w;jj%|p%:  down, ���������unless oire of the pitrtiM ay^neVed   :  Cijmea froTiv Quesnwl and prejerreil a^obarge:;  alspvthat ^heri the CoustAbh^^^  ..frsm ttisKjilace\ it. Avas^unUevslood that ad* '  oiher ^Miin^^pte iiftjrtft'r'  jriil������^e'r������^������^il  ofilcor down wit|jw  been gcbrii rm ttjSt; ^hi')ibt; a'quesilon, wMcii^i������^'  i'cafeibdiitMtfttiBsin^        .wedo shic^rsly;:  Concur % jjthi our jnorrespondeht J in^hiiij'ilim*;;;;  plaintapibst'..the'couduct orthe(^v^mrriept ���������;  iu^pt replacipts^ the,��������� oflicir:^uv Sva������^tak5ea> ���������  iwSjr^liS ���������l������^di?pHii^et;iillt<>; Sunk:tliR^:peacei  ^ideiaod lawUbidinectti^nsa^  ;p lace lifeeXiiiesnel shoitldi hej left; at the m^rcj''; a  of i airy; rulSart J wbpl is;-crazy, or ^vjUaipoiiRA}  :enoiiiii: to ^ot^  Wilieicitf^  Government-do not place5' it peace oUcw  the re^is-to; assist'^ ;iljetnseiyes3 itt-^: anj^lA tntl lair": 1  emergency thai may arise: ,       ,,  ,   PoUTICAT, , MKKTJNO ' AT   pMSTOK.^rpn^tha  arrival of Burnard's  Express aViClintoa;oh%  , w'asmad* on another's land.��������� (<jjb Jiiiy. tteveraToi  the electors ot the, joint:-''  The ritchW occupants bt water must he re; k���������      - c   .      ���������    ^ r .{j        ��������� n���������^(l  ppccted;:vTh���������JdeJ4e,ndant^ha  right to 30 Inchesi aNo-' a second oceii pa lion  ih/i^69VC.But<"l8ttardi!s5-liil������ -came in .before  .the latter,occupiiiion. His record wu&properly made. - Be,' wjluild;.therefore :*llow-:U!e-  ^rfaferiftanfa. prior.n  more;  The plaintiff^ would be,allowedall;ihe  ^waier his ditches "would ca^  Subject only: to^ tlie;^01^ches^   The^defcndaut  to piCy costsWno damagea sllowed. ^ The- decision appeared to gi ver getteral :satisfactiou>J  '.--���������; i'-s-.vj  ���������:;v':|i|  'WW  iP  ���������     ,'T,  : ���������'. '&'  ��������� AA  . ' Y.'v  : -;^;'^  ��������� ������������������'������������������"���������*-���������;;���������&���������:������������������  AAA-  WW  4>p  yAti  AA' ';���������'<  Ai p  $4-  ��������� -,   j:s?;?s:  .  .      ,itj,2!  ...'-'.' : v'i>v-l'-  '        '&>  w*m  - H  ��������� ���������,;  i?.|^.*iSi  ���������������������������$  ��������� I!  ,. im  ���������    ��������� m4  -   *m  Mr Thompaon, the.represe^afive of the dis-  r''.'r''-i' ���������". :".������..   ft.:....'-.    .,*   /,^mWA*iit      mKrt'    wuu'a  % >':  AliUiyAL -AND EMfif AttTUREB.--Mr Jw, LOW������,  of the firm of Lowe, Stahlschmidt & Co., Ylc.  tori a, who has been making a tour throsgb  the mainland, arrival by Barn aril's last express, and will leave by the'same conveyance  to-morrow. Mr F. J. TUrnard and Mr Pewe,  Post O(See-Inspector, left for Yale on Suttir-  day, 13th lust, by private conveyance.  . Baknahd's Express arrived from below on  Saturday, tho 13th Inst.* bringing a mall, express, and the following passengers :^rMesara  J. S. Thompson and Jas. Lowe, from Yale  and Hi' M. Ball. Esq., and M������������prs. JDarnaton*  water, but he wou'd. pot desist; the crops  were bad in consequence. A .  Christaj ih e r Branstro rn -rWas on Chi ra ney  Creek lust sum mer; am settled there ; recollect the difficulty about water ; Isnardi's Chinaman spoke to me on the subject; J told  him to aret along the best way he could ; 1  know lit lie about the-merits ol the case.  Mr Davie, for defendant, asked for a nonsuit oh tho following grounds:-���������1st. That the  water at the ibrte of Isnnrdi's pre-emption or  recording was not unoccupied water within  the meaning ol the Act of 1#6?>. 2o. That no  notices were posted up as reqnireii by law.  That tins Was virtually a-question of title, ami  this Court, siuing as aCoutuy Court, had no  jnrisdicttou iu questions of title to corporeal  0 r i' i co r p o re al he red Ham en ts.  Some discussion arose between counsel on  , these points, and iX\e w aiter was then at the  Judge's' suggestymi referred, to hini by con-  fte'ftt as S * i p eflhdt a ry M agist rate and Co in iu i s-  sioner, the question to be decided being the  title to ihe water.  Mr Parcston, for plaintiff, put in the evidence preiiofu'sly addneed.  Jacob Rose was then called for the defence.  1 bon'ght the land on the 11th Sept., '6Hviroin  Leroux and Peterson ; the lat;d was occupied  and worked 'in JG2 ;   when I went down iu  of  > ww\ ' ��������� w PCLICKvGOUaT>  ��������� \ -- ^ y  [Before H.'M. Bali,   Esq., Stipcndisry Magistrate/)  Satci:dat. Julyi3,1872J -  Ah Chew, a*Chinaman, who has been lying  ;m^jal&;for some time, was brbughimp on u  charge f<������f,k QI i ag^Tji ^ng, ^o^ea^ Chiiisrnahf  at the,Forks of Qitesnel. ,'',,-��������� v  " Ol ly e r Ha re :-U I. a m cons ttibl e a t the Forks  lof Quesnel; I kiiew Tu Ying ; he -died at the  Porks iu a house belonging to Kwong: Lee &  Co.:on thO;25,th June;last; he was,shot on the  .28>h:Jannary )&#&���������.,Ii)f l^> deceafied^frpm the  floor-after1- he wai sho t j ^the wounu: was balf  way up 'from the knee on the right ihigh. The  ba 11 Wiisal most pro t nuli hg on o pposi i e side.  Tlie4deceased h������s been" confined" to his bed.  with; the exception <>f a: tew days, for five-  months. When the uian^was shot I was told  four; men --'bad done; it^ I found the prisoner  in bed w t th h is c 1 o th es on. I c h arcge'd' h i ni  with "the deed.;^vlie ladjjbed^ and said he  won Id; h uve rn ti away w 1th t lie. res t if,; lie had  shot. I took Mm irr custody.;; I cahiibhed  ���������liiijo; prisoner look ma- to a pile^ of cordwood  a lew:rods off, where he said lie had left, the  pistol: but it was * goner Searched tho cabin  carefully. but foundIjpi pistol.; I then senit  prisoner:over. ,V Cv     ' -A''-~"a\ wf ;���������,,   -.  Cross-examined.���������Ihaveheard ihe man was  suffering from senryy; hBelieve the man was  ! an t f e ri n g fro m' scurvy;; Belle ve,; the hi������ n was  neglected: He hail not proper; medical at*  tendance and was in want of proper food.; 1  bare remonstrated ihree\timsiwith the prisoner's friends for negtecLing prisoner. Told  t hem they. were endangeriiig -t h e in an a \\ f e. 4-  [The other evidence taken in ihiscase duritig  I list winter was published,at tbe. time....   ..  The prisoner was committed for trial, at the.  next assiz.es on a charge of.wilful murder.  M r Da vie, a p peare d tor the p rosecu tio n; a nd  Messrs. liarnsitou uud Park for the defence;  Wi-.D.vKSPAy, July 17.  A. CHnlcer was.brought up on a charge of  giving 'SusanyHn Indian woman, whiskey at  Rich tie Id ond Ktouts gulch.  Chief Constable Lindsay said he had gone  on the prey i o us n igh t ,��������� at Harry Wi I mott?s re.  quest, tti Clinker's cabin, nnd found tlie wnhvao  in Clinker's bed diunk, tfuuud also a'botde of  cocktails.  Iiizzie Wil mot, a pronsising child of S years,  and Jea n 11 \e, an I urf i an w o'ui an, bo th sw o re to  tlie defendant having given ihe women Hquor  oo the afternoon of the previous cUy.  Susan said the defendant ������ si ve me whiskey  in my house. .We all'drii.uk three.times. J  drank once at the cabin.  Ct pss-e x a in i n e (1 -r Ca 11 ed the defendant an o  told him to get me some whiskey, and be did  so.    lie never gave rhe whiskey before,  the Magistrate lined the defendant $39 and  dress a.p'ubUcmeeting, Mr William Howe^  having been appointed chairman. Introduced  Mr Thompson, wno he stated intended beieg  a candidate for re-election ,at t the ensuing  aelterai eleelion., Mr Thompson^um gave^a  review of the principal.features of last sew-.,  aiohVlegislstioni'tdjreiher with the aupron>?������.  ations which had Iwen made by the CttOadlsu  ^ - - im  w %  Al  W\.i.  hbped-that his actions had mef wiih' tlw^ap*  prpval of the inhabitaotsvof the district; aM  Ehonjd they agaiii favorAtf Into with their ;suf*a  frages howonldusahis hesi^xertions^ooirbr,  ,m o fe the wel fa r? ;o^ B ri t ish Col $nibt i and^h^  general -lo teres ts of the Dominion of, Canada.  ; !akk Arrival op --'our OitAWl, Rbfjiess^t- ;  ATiVB.-r-We;hoie, with; pleailire the amraUI/y  last express nf,W r J. Speneer^Fhompiion,-\ otir  representative -ih the ^Doininion x Housa Aot,  Commohs, after.a somewhat trying experiene*  in tlie Ottawa'te gist at ure^ ^Ur^;Tbt>inpsoa  ���������.will -again offer himself wa candidate dbrthy  suffrages of the electors; of the CariboodiiI?  iooet JOistrjcitiVtlie ieria^tliffer^lect.i<>������. nnd ^vill  address^^the; electors of g William i cre^k^ and  AlM  -.A.AWA  m^Ughthingr.cre  I rst-cl sss stan d> fro nihits; 61 n te:i propi^tor,,: || r  f. J. Robertson, who -will iu future, devota  lis at ten tion to mi ning. bei hg in teresi ed "in  May., or beginning of .June that year tney j costs.    ^ _^.<t&������   ahowedmediicb; Isnardinadmo ditch at that   . r    ;    ...'-~l1 ^^^ ^vwiai?V *���������'  Mi twenty, the cduw pursued by- tH������^ ferltisli  Col urn hi a me mbers ?at the;-Tiwat; of - Dominlo a  ���������Legislature;, _ ;, ; . ; ,; . , .������; ^v  '* Rbmoval���������Mr arid Mra"S." Vi Parker ,hav^  left .their:.^l^^^siafirl'-^fnf^lJiiirk^ir,rHV^ii^t*^'-*Tf������-  now keeping thexStanley^Hotel; at Stanley,  ;pn?.; Wghthingr.creek,, having ^purchased thai  'firsts " ' ' ���������������������������������������������<������������������;".<: r.;..,  J.  two of tho !'best ;pnying clain^s,mvlightnitiij;  creek; ,; Mr and Mrs Parker will 'eiide.aTbr t������..  keep ��������� up the favorable character winch thw  house obtained for good fare, clean b^ds and  j;oo d |icjilors an d cigars tind er tlie able management of their predecessor.; ���������       ���������      '',>'.-'������������������'  Justick for John PiiVnamas*.���������The"'ITeathea  Chinese are making rapid advances towards  eivilination in our province. Quite a number,  who being natives of Kong Kong are sup-  posed to be.good British subjects, have. Wo  learn, been placed on the Voters* T.ist at Ol-  I o oe t tl i>o ti g h t he i ustru men tal i ^y of a gen tie.  man well known In polities, who is presumed  to be an aspirant fur the representation <*t  this district in the Housh of Commons._..:;  ������������������* Jidm hiyoii sauee yotee M ee saaao,:  King Qeorge man, yoii befJ  Tuk Chops im thk 'TJvrm! Cocktrt.���������\Va  understand that the farmers alon������r tbe line ������������f  ihe wagon road and on the Fra?er, Thompson,  and Bonaparte rivers will this year have considerably p ver an average crop." H ay -cu t te ra.  are now and harvesters goon will bo in demand on! I he differen 11 a. oc'UesI We h ope t ha  larmers of the upper'eonntry wiUtealiia tb^i?  Ail  :'   W ;mking,k.ec()ri)s.  AAw:U .���������:;r.'-i,j.':irAiivBTcreek.; ��������������������������� ���������.���������:���������.;.���������>���������:..  ?���������������������������;������������������ Foster co.���������July 11 ���������Recorded in favor, of  tf. G. Goodson and/' Tbos. Bell, -200' fxet of  I^rroTmrl in trust for tke'Fostcr eo., adjoin^N^  * 3o wer tine of said '*6&j aidto i orm'p'art of said  "CO."  ������������������ '>>���������      >:.��������� -  ; .    - ������. - -        ,..--,  ....������������������������        ���������.  ���������     . '.'������������������! ��������� ��������� ' ���������        " '*        ' lt*.'       *������������������ >   r'     '        ' '��������� I ���������'���������''���������'    ������������������'������������������'���������  "    Per?everajco ,oo.-rJuly. 1 3t- Recorded in  .favorof Thos. Strr. and August,Sbubert.>one-  ��������� -sixth .'of the->tiu worked j pround of the set of  '*! 1 alms known ' ai; the Persevefaneo eo ��������� o n  : ITarVey; 'creek,' formerly\ held hy P. Kirwan,  1 .fflowabando"nbd.,.^.i:; a y.A:    .-.a .... .:..-.-.. ~;.  ������������������?.������������������;-.'':"������:tf.:-������������������-���������;'''-:" SOGAR<JRRKK.'-;.      ���������  ' ': y'A  r^'.Toogv co.���������Jiy>;'l2pIIef;orde^ of  ^OnjeVand Al) Sick, 2.!dH'Claim9.-beinic a re.  'tecord^bf^  '^^aitl'creet; ;;.('. ..'."'���������.;,-.���������''."' ���������'���������������������������' ���������Ah'-'-Au ,-1"  ifavor'-of; T6ng;'leave;:tO:>divertv;25 inches .qf  Xwater from Cooper^ gnlch'at a:point about  *i| mite above mouths ofsaid;^llclh^o * be coh-  ayfyq<ViQHhe Torig;co.'s .claim on ,SVi<jar creek,  i ^B ran ted! iby tbe G oj d',Cqm m issioner fo r, fly e  s jears, subject to'existing 'miners':rights. Al< :  '���������-' Wim.Ol CRKEX:" . ��������� 'A ?AW\^''r:  ^-Cornish'^ favor ������j  George ^^man^^  *'i2& 9BthJy-*F^  ^jontte? $ iXJflis ;A John Jordan,l 6 -96ths ; F.  ^fiieitz; 6'flfitns\'\���������'-PfManetta,^?;96tbsirifhe  rtCornislr co., conMstiner i h al 1 'of 1100 feet; re-  frecord^^'Also recorded in favor of'aaid': co,.  ?"200 ihch^s ofs water "f rotri' Mcfcn 110m's fgiilch, ���������  ;��������� ,: ,,.,..'   a !r dkgg.h mica^ .,, u^ ��������� M.? j  <i. June 12r���������Recorded in favor of Ali Sun and  fea Teabg, 2 hiil' claims,' formerly' kuown'.as  AirChiu'ng^ claim.- ' . ,     "..-' .'\.:" .  ; MaVlwvn.co.���������June 13���������Kecorded in;favor  of Gilbert Munro,.A-.Gtotworthy, and.John  Lnmley. 3 creek claims, commencing at the-j  1 o vver 'Hne o f tho Tr'tisV to Luck co. and ru u-  hing down stream 300 teet; to be known as  the rdaldwyn cp.... : - :., .y : . v -..���������...,: .A.���������  .Jutie 24���������Recorded in'favor of Ah Snii and  Kqq Teang,:50'jiichcs of water,- to bo diverted  irpm:- Beggn gulch ' at: point abp'iii. 200 fcet  above:'the ground lately known as.Aji Chang's  clairn^ .situated1 ���������' about��������� 500: feet-��������� 'at>ove ibe  raotith of said gti)ch^ ��������� to be used;for work������ug  said Ah Cli an ?As. gi*o Un d.' o ii I y. ���������: n ow' i He p roper ty of Aiv. S im , an d., K u. Te ai>g. Gran ted,  subject to existing xiglits,._..-,      r ,     ; .  ���������;;' W--A ::"rV';;':^FREXCHCKKEX. '  ,- ;h'AAA *'������������������;;; '-���������W't'fi .*? &'������-"    - ���������������������������- '���������'���������',���������    '   ������������������  :rJnIy ^-rrdark.cq^flecprdedjrin favor of  K. aToiinlfort.-:2\interests ; U. Sciiorliiig, II.  McDerm6It, Jobn Ritchin������haih. cach; 1 i int<*r-  est,'j^.H/ ;]B.-,ijfc^  sornier, AVm. HUchcoclc, each -.1'.,.in t er^est!; r���������  "Ross, i of; 1 interest^ rre-recordi of said c.o.������ .  A July ?15���������CpsmdpolUan- co.^-Hocorded in  f?xyor of J. Nutt, \& interests ; Wm.'Galley.'D.  Ercole, j; Seii'ayi J.JEE.;Mpnt^o mery, & Deifij,  'Mi. Bigliej Io': and Joseph. Simw,;'each 1 . interr  est; j ;Fefix:Daoust, 1| interest; re-record. A  Ay '-. ���������' :\'VAi .;..ajcti*br ciimk.';'������������������'/. l w\.]a': '.  ;;.July-IST^Recorded ia favpr:of. Wra.Todd  and Geo. 3I������Canleyi 2 creek claims sitnaied  hear the head of >:tfie bed-rock flumei oa said  creek.  MISQELLANEQUS.  ^-���������-r)^  - MISCELLANEOUS  ������aFgains: isargaiiis  ������LEABiUa OUT STOCK  To make room for Spring Goods  **m*^^ iivJuno' W^^M^^^^ fiw  ^T^^AAlAw w^a ::aA'iy     w;A: ;.V. of A. porter; John 0?DooneUrA7m. ^ahrjeri.  Baiahead co^Jiily 12^-   corded in faypr Jobn ��������� m^Q:;aj,d ,jos^pb^ Carotbors. 5 creek  g the tipper 500 feet of 'i tho v. Laa-  record." " ' " v* .  r      pniuiieau no,���������yui.y ii--aruuiucu mi mvur  John   B������rk{  T^f 'G^W^obi^ claim8: bein  ^tStenhen'-M^ttUf^V'-^.%T--??.?W������.^R^'^���������"f^^iM1*rt"' sen co.* re-  ;nbojir>"������������������.6��������� creefcelaira^ commepcing;at-:.the-;up-  ��������� per lino of'tbo old WelshVco. and running up  * Stream. 600 jeetih; wirl th from; bank to' b a'nk  1 Vif slSe SiilsT 'To be kaown as the Baldbead  ! ^P^h&4r 'Sr::.^"oWS-e>:>>#V wiw!- y ;  %I;,-.:r<:^ ���������.:.���������.;>;,.- .rjoNKUNOTMja.,; v{;v.: i-f;:.���������'-��������� : '  -(> >Thistle;co.^-Jiily 12^Tlecorde3"rn Tavor<^f  *'3lol>ert^ Brodi^;" Alex.' McAftbiir, dndTrahk  * T)broinpz^ 3 hi 11 claims on east ��������� sido of Conk  *"r*lm''s'gUlcli/commencihg at the upper line of  ? I tie old Renfrew ��������� co I an d t\i n n i ng ' 11 p stream:  ���������n. -300 feet'���������? 1.61)a k r>o wn aa fhe Thistle 'co.-; w.' -  't>> Ericsonrcb.-^July 15���������Recorded in favor  f ;������ot;H.Minersdorft;4 interests; J. Gollicksen.  i Cb. Ho Hz,: R. Heal, each i2;interests; John  *ABnu ngartner,: 1. fnterest���������-, 11  interests ;   ro-  -"TeCOrdi; .;- -.-���������'' * ������������������- =.'.'���������.���������: ���������'-������������������ ���������������������������'��������� ���������;> ���������������������������..���������-���������''������: ';  '..-.:������������������,  .���������; .>..-.".JiOWH.BE.CRBRK.;- .     ,;;.;  ^ ' -'��������� Rrown co. ^-"JiineTO-^-Recorded in favor of  - I: Opi peri bei merri ^1 J; i n teres ts ; W. R Jon es, 1  * ^Interest,; . E^VPv Price i*3 4ths of one interest.-;  i A. Clotworthyf. John Sanderson, John Mc-  r'J^ean, John Lumley. Jobn Polmere,and (i.M.  "Morris, each \ of 1 interest in the 13rown co.  . -onLowheo creek-:  re-record of Brown: ������o.  ���������'-������������������- f  * 3.450 feet, and held in 6 interests.    .  .-.;-';/- -,:' ������������������ ..;.-���������" Porous b creek..  * : Juriol8--Short Bend and Full Rijrged ������o  ' ^ariiaigamuted).^Recorded in favor of A. Mc-  y AHnden, 2:3ds,and E. Holloway l-3d of said  - mco, in al^950 feet of ground ; re-record.....  ;.*'.���������   .June 24���������Talisman co.���������Recorded in favor  yi\f John Pomeroy, G. A. Dow. Robt. Dexter,  ^Geo.lG*dd(\V.'W.;Ow-eo? Fred Hanson, the  whole of the Talisman co.; re-record.  ,.t< ^n^r!p:CO-~Jnne 10���������Recorded in fjivor  ������pt 4������ ,b.;Mcirinefl and -O, Hare, each lj interests : re-record.  June 13���������Langen co.���������Recorded in favor  of Langen co.,t;h^ Dud Moniland ditcb with  200 inches of water taken' from1 Swift river;  re-record.- -  *. ~:.,.aw,.W  -. Junei^Sr���������Discovery eo.���������Recorded; in favor  off Jas. M. NYilley. and John Brodje-'2 creek  claims ,on Nngjret gulch, Antler creetcVcoioa������  m enci ng about 200 feet above the . moo tb, of  said gulch and running up -8treara;400 feet,  being in width from back to bank.' Discovery-claims granted by' Gold CpmmUsiouer,  go 1 d ha vi ng bee ri' prodp ced. To b e known  4H the Diacoverr co.  .;. \P-Eir.DQ.LA-,'.;;..  BARKERVILLE,  .COMMISSION; STORAGE.  G-roceries, Provisions* and  DEPOT     FOE  myzu  v.."iiady^of the Lake co^���������Ju ne 3  ��������� an favor of Fell k Neu"fel der, ;1 ir  11���������Recorded  interestj T. Rt  [ I?aiiuJ!o^:Wni. .Hitch co ck, each ,h interest; J.  ^po^tpjr^hli;tifi^ie^ 3?red. Hansen, Q:]A.  j'ttowy % ,W. Owen^ and Geo.^Gadd, each ��������� 5-i  ^H^thsofi interest; i-e-recorcL   ;  Ca ro 1 i b e cfo���������Jn ne 28���������Recorded"'lii favo r  of "A. Mc Alinden, Stuart Sinith, an d Jos, Port-  ^ man i .each pne-tWrdof the wJiule of the Caro-  ������._line co.;-re-record. ������������������ ;'',..;', -.;';'  ^vOAricstij^  ^.jBtiiart Siaith," fpr.'tbo.Caroline co., 50 .inches  . ivater; front -a branc h pi ��������� A:u tler. near head, p i  ; i Grp ii ������e. the same a m piuitfof wa ter b ro light  e into Grouse er^ek to be talten outvat theCaio  .^ibie^djs^itcii bead, subject to- tho xi^hts of  ,Antler ci������?ek.miners ; r^pieco^L\.,'t,    ;'!r     J  f. HAVR bei'n roqucstejrt by"s������verai respecLalkl������ par-  JL tips,' w bo ca)11 f jst i I'y to the cflicacy <i} tny syp tem;  ta again mako public tho iact that.  Moses" Hair Invigoratpr  WILL PREVENT'BADNESS, - ���������.   :  RESTORE, HAIR THAT. I������ BECOMING TEIX  OR VA LLIXG OFF, aua clfectu;i 11y   .  ���������W.:���������.������������������.     . CURE SCUKF Olt J)ANDllUlfF.  ,, 'ThlaiHfii ot a m o r e, assp r ti on en my part, ns I iiavc'  in in y possuss i nu n ������ru erous t as timpri ial s ce'r ti tying to  th ft success olmyru nvsily. ���������''        '~K ."'  I do not. of course pretend that I can make'the hair  growon.hoads.Avblch,havcl>i������cn bald for years ; but  I wi il g������ arantec to s to p t h a tin j r f roin la'l I i u R o tf, to'  increii������o-1 ts growtlL, and eliceitiia fir remove scnrl* or  Dan'drnff. ', -WVf5.' '.VOSES, ;".  UarkervUJe,B.cV'  ' "\\,.,'. ;.:.'/ ' OESTIFICATE.-'. .       ,."'? ' ' ,.;.  Th la is .to certify tha t d ur{ u g. I as t. sp r i n ff ns v liatr  was .rapid JyTalimp: out anfitav lienfl w^TmsI lloooni-  !injr nald, wiif.ni T:applied to Mr W. I> ROSES;Bsrher  RjirkfTville, who in a few webks ro^tQred,my liair-;  it������i tVriner hcaJt-liy states :-/*���������- ��������� jX&YlI) G.I^BO>TS  Barkt.-rv.mo. P*o. ���������^fcilS6# ������..������>������**,      ���������'��������� - 4j^ ���������<*  The 4inderfiigned: beps to inform the Miners  of Cariboo that ho is  SELLING-' AT COST!  -.   i    ���������    . . ������������������ I,'--'  - > ..    . : ��������� ' t> i. (.  . . i   ���������_.     ' ���������   . . ;.���������'���������"���������       ' ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������:  The fo)lo,win|r class of Goods, especially [se  . 1 ec ted tor Miners :'.  :;.   r     '      ��������� i       ;        ���������������������������: f ��������� ���������. A..;'  IJndersMris; Socks,  fialtie and Crimean  ||;;':;|;|i;;;SMrt^|;;;J  P!oatsy Vests, Pants,  -.'������;���������   And ^ -Very Fine class of  Boots,   Slides  ;;^ >-<���������;���������:';��������� Clippers,:  arid  A fine, selection of  Ladies' BOOTS & SHOESv  :A Bne assortment of  G-enaine Meerschaum and  Briar-root Pipes.  *.*--  The FLORENCE is (ho best Sewing r  Machine for Family:use, becauso It T.  eo seldom gets out of order.   If there!., ;'.���������  ��������� is one not working-Well irt  ���������'":.,  CALIFORN'U; .   ;* :" .  '��������� v' '*  ; .''  OREGON,';'     v  v-'    ...      w*  A    WASHiNGTOMTERRITORYi-..-..'  ���������NEVADA, ��������� ������������������:���������'.'���������   '���������' ���������-   w-'  IDAHO,   ^    - ;���������'���������;-.  /'���������'���������ALASKA. ������������������'��������� '���������������������������;'----        '"-''->-"������������������:  BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ...Mexico, ���������'���������'.'/:..''^.'.: ������������������;.;.; 'C;;:^  JAPAN, ,  Or. CHINA, if Irrformeclof It,! wftl  ^ji It., without any .expense;,.t.p. thiill-,  -owner.   ;. ���������  .:   ��������� ��������� -; .7 --    - A I.   ' .':������������������ :-'���������'���������'.  No. 10 Montgomery Street, 8outhru  QRAND HOTEL-BUILD'!N9t  Send for Circulars and tamp lei of  tho" work;   Active Agenta'wanted in'  every ptace. ���������'"��������� '���������* ������������������ m-i[ -'���������/.  ��������������������������� ������������������ ������������������'���������New '-Drugs;;1- A-  Suitable for Cariboo and the nnijfbboiboon*,  : l������.,������������������-. cao-bo o*bt������im������il lit .'��������� ���������'!' ��������������������������� ���������'*!'  ilpS DRUG STORE  AT REASONABLE PRICES.' '    \  j������0*Call .and.Examine prices.^gs2f   Tbe  GocMls will be"Bold. VtiiiY CHiiAi' lor Cash.  A Freph Stocltj of Patent ..^MejilicineR,-  rieeclieis." Lozenpes. St";tio:ner>\ ^rintnery,  RbiHiic Siik Stockings, Knee, Caps. Souks ami  W lis tie. t a. luip'roVeii'ShiViiliIer 15 race?. In Inn 1/  Ft-edin 1pr":Boi* 1 es. Inrlia Ru bber teats, Rings  and Tabs for Teething.  yp!FTeeth Extracted ancl  oarefully'"Filled.  ^fv.Prescriptions and Familj Recipes ac-  cnraiely prepared. my 4 ?.  Barkerrillet.May 17.  my 25  A Court of 0eiieral Assize  And Gnot Oelivety and of Nisi Prius witl be  held at each of the uridermentiouiid places as  -follows ::  ' New Westminster, Wedriesday, 1st May. ;  "    Yale, jVonduy. 6Ui;May. . ��������� f  Ly tton, 3'iiursday, 9t,h May.  ������������������������������������'-Clihtou, Tuesday, 14ih May.".  . Qnesneli Saturday. 25th May.  Richfield,^Friday, 5th Jun.e^     y,  Ri chfie I d, .M oaf lay. D th Sep a ember.,;        ; ;  ���������Quesne 1, Friday, 131li Sep'tember.  Clinton, Monday. 2 yd Sep join ber.   ���������  Lyfen. Friday; 27th Septernbeiv  Yale, Tuesday, 1st October.     , ;  Fall Assizes at New^Vestminster, and Assizes (if. a n y) ��������� at Na n a i in' 6 a nd el se w h ere. to  b0. hereafter fixed as business muy reuder  heceifsary,     ��������� -.: '.*  Dated Victoria, 15tn April, 1872.  -. "������������������������������������������������������ .By command,  i!'  A. SJJCKK" ROBERT SON,- ���������: r  ..." rrovincialSecrefcarj.. >  . a LE4 ;^:^^Bi3p':;:f;:  >Ia'a :  '   'a > \-.   '..Celebrated ,,/   ���������������������������'.;���������:.,=���������;.. A:.A:-:  WQRCES T E RS HI RE    SAUCE  Declared by Connols������cnrf to be   ;:  THE   ONLY   GOOD  SAUCE.  Caution against Fratid-  moBl delicious and um'iyiilled Con<lluu*nt having  oanseii.certain deulbtsfft1������jiply tho n;im e oi'��������� Worccs-  tersijire Sa.uco?' i<j.tl������eir o\vn intorior eonVnonnif^, IH���������  jm b lie .1 s I ��������� r ire h y i n.for in e <l yU a t t)i * on I y wu y 1.0 pm-  cu'ro I'hV genuino, ifi to' ''.  ���������AS5C: WOp '2UJS'A';&\ p^beins',:'.1'saxtcJb  an il t iffic������r i-niv t * tliei r-nam es aro npcii tn^'iurte  labk'ls,ST.oi'i'K������,and KOlTl. 13;���������. : , ���������; .;  Siuneoi tlieroret^n murketP Having hornaupplled  v.-1 th a.s|)dri oils Wor<jr-s t e'rsli i r18nn ee, upon tl>0 w rap-  per arid lab.clsoi wbicli the natne!* mHIah ^iHlPerrlns  have be <; ri forg e i\,' - Ii .and P.' Rive 11011 ce 1 ha t they,  l in v 0 f u r n 1 -s 1.1 ������d the iron rrespdii d t: ri t a yv'i ih pinyer *i*f  attorney to ta k i\ i nsta n t, prect?pdij(>i!S; a-gfliiJfit m an it-  fa cttJKKftsand1 vkndors0/siicli",'erany otherimi.la*  yon & b y. \v ii i 0 IU he i it i ������ h I m a y I) v i n I ringed,, ���������'.' ���������'. ��������� ��������� A  Ask for ,L3SA. '&. PERKINS'-San ee and see  /Name 621 Wrapper,"Label; Bottle, and  ,iStopper. -       '.'.:>,"*':..-   ! >;';:''    '' ���������'' ��������� ''.  .  \7!������nicpa 1 e.aai ��������� fnr������exp(tf.t.b,v;tli aPrnpHeiotf, Wp,r-  afesfe'er: C rosse a' n d B}ft43k)v*Ijl^.lion'd on;.* &c. ,*&<?..J . ,  ������> Grocers aa.d |/I1js$b S?alrciiiritf *.'���������'' -   ' > ;-��������� '^ >** ���������*  i  i  m  ���������


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