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The Cariboo Sentinel 1865-07-23

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 jgHBTVFrc  \\   il  i  w  /?  lie  .^jt!rs^j.^;������^^;  M*.PI:B#������ifJifirf.0  Y i'A  .������,.v vaiy t."������ ?> ��������� j,-;.; **, if'������ ������:?���������  Br#ish ���������tolu^  SENTINEL  RKERTOLLg, SA^pEI?AYi JUITf 23,>85  tot theIdiora^f/tlwoxplofiog p&rty  th* 6th of June we 'left Summersf far iriv  ��������� is situated at - the junction of ^ Moffat's  withVth* main:Hairw};Fiy;;ft.:|iMi made  exnpi'tb croii tiie main stream but found  higKtb risk. Mr; ^ur^rrjiijri;then kindly  a Indian^  00pound*oft��������� grufeiand personfti effoets  ���������lace ksowa ai th������ wood-pile, which we  "'. "'yf'*^'clri^itoius7 route'' of 10; miles  tl^: atenioW aa'cl jcampe&on t prarik"  llnp&norning w������ crowed t to the  _k   Thes'mam; riveris"' about 60  fdel^^  to,: flow ^ffitunik^ioutt^  JJja turoingto the ?east and tnea veer-i  0 northeast/ and north,,northeast .as we  ity Ifr^rayelirig the diat&tice of 55 or  wepassedVmabyiQi^eki,;whicijre-proai:  i iny������rl^iy^iiJiiiig ptd; buttfta water  o' r*Wgfr$fco.; :Cg^*"iibV'-tH'e."- channel. J-The  g|Sf^^peparating; the ;>��������� Horse Fly Ei ver; from  jSP'^tfie bank of tho ��������� river to the - summit.  '^���������^Sfilt^fcams' on-thia;rangeare the ones we  SS^fe^^jsrospeetib^; &j^������ intend' to1 prospe ct  }^^^r/ I believe in theiliiitancc of 60 nlitea  I^^M&ly saw four small praties, which were  labored rwi^^nrittr^hing^grassU There is < a  _.._.riari&^^  |jp|Mibb is dividedby ���������;i^\otM^,J&npw  ^N^Of timber:-Retail; ascended, the inbuh-;  ?SJ6^j^iicii I.': judge Yd-bVth,rVdvb'ffdurih6us*  -^pS^wfe more.1 WeChad a magnificent view  ?&if|^ Horse  ^^SfJwPf'' Immediately'under bur feet; ��������� the  Sflfe^ - dja-  escaped murderers from WilHams-Lake might  possibly^be;kmd)^;'th^;..;^"\ ���������'��������� y////- A '-��������� )  ;Vif ^uarfeiSiadslat^ rock; are any criterion  to go by there, must be some rich deposits of  theprecious 'inetal- in; the;; Horse-Fly vdi8trict.  Wefhadia good deal of thunder aod lightning,  accompanied;;-)>y rain;  We found tho flies  very, troublesome.  ���������Sr  A  w  m.  W  e  of  of   ^B^erai'  ������������������^��������� ^P^y '.'SvideiAiilie!two^ClaU���������iv^  ^^^p||.ad-.dinding;-t&e -two -lakes tbereis a  ^p^^ptelake:"some ^'��������� bi- 6 mile?, in length,  ;*s?"*<*lMrW;- a Tb^lieS^t- bf usspmo 8 or -10  |S^0ife4 a chainiMformidable, jagged  ^'anow-clad^mountains, as if all thrown  in diie' mass, 'and shoeing bnly their  jieads. \JBifiuNbfth Fork of- Horse  Si^through; this: fromf ;a N^NS^-direioi  7ingr6niy;" a^r&Kor-'backed ridge .be*  and the ^il^uesnetelake.; -'Five  tant saw tbi^junctibn" of the middle  winding from the eaitwaiSy but  incHBingrfrbxn a southerly; SireS?-  river the party; commenced id fol-  br 3d miles; at about; 25'miles1 it  main atr������amis blue from the;<|uan-  jerlserl slate^jy&e< high banlcs werb  color; : In tho bed of the  wps a quantt^r of large boulders and  wtotepk* ^t ^a^2; iprospected the  but, strange to.say, we could not  _r���������.|pij0R   In spots the I^edrock wanex-  p^SiilFrbm the quantity of drift timber in  |||p&s it is evidentithey must have shifted  !iCi1we frequeatly.   Our provisions be-  exhausted we commenced pur return  Jars^ftrm on the 2d July, which place  ^ lied oa,the evening of the 5.t&;.. .-  S^r-ftfter-wa.'leffeour last camp at the  pS-brk^a'dur'-retera we met Tim.M&y,  ^"l^rer, Cfaapman, and John Houger, ac-.  T s ,Ji������d byGedrgeWoiaver.   They,toldus  IpP^r- bad. discovered a good pass to the  '   *    ������ slope of the chains that they could  port& Fork;of the Thompson.   They  ,e some prospecting.   George Weaver  s with the party as far as the suns-  n he intends tb return.   He had b een  South Fork of the Horse Fly to its  rs and had discovered a good pass;  Across country to apprise the party  j������e passed the  debouchment of the  Jork about 8 miles below the Bald  , and as-far m I could observe from  aiathe South Fork drains a low  fall af lak^ aQd swamps.   Weaver  one .camp ������������ .5 Indians; one whom  it iavii",d. bim to visit their camp,  *o*M, believing that some of ihe  0}  To raii EbrrbR op THie PpjomoQ^ Sbntinel.^  < Sir^As you have taken a^prominent stand  in favour of XJnion between : this colony and  Tan cpiiver Island, and as - your sfcatenien to  might, unless opposed, be regarded as an index  of. popular sentiment in Cariboo j I ask the  privilege of jsaying a few words on"the other  side;:-y<?/y������*'y.;. "a'A'.i ''iZAL^'.a*'" ���������T^'a;//* akx  A I cprifsss,.sir, ii^t,11am^unable to see/what  a^rahtiige Aysicolbny; would derive from sucK  a Union, and the very fa  ^fMcbiiverlslanji a^pi^ir/no^jjo anriohs to  Consummate what they formerly so bitterly  opposed,- shows that either they consider'that  there especiaI bericii fc, or else that tliey arb  embued with a greater share of disinterested  benevolence than usually falls tbf the lot; of  weak human' nature. ALook. at thenewspaper  reports, look at your^-own^ ^rrespondent?s  last-letteri. aihd read the accbuats^fthedplhgs  of therContemptibla^G^^b^tveil^  turo of -Vancouver Island, and the Jfunic^par  Council of Victoria; of; the squab bjes ah oti t  Church Reserves and A elephantine dredgbr,  iind tell me if we have noi enough local trbu-  bleai;jof :bur own/without; engrafting1 &ose of  p\\f petty bankrupt pbighbor: on the stem of  ���������burpolitical system.! .It>;'We were united tomorrow, I should expect to see a constant  state of internecine stnfe between the two cbl-:  6nies\purlsliihds cousins; ^Quld^rid^vor, jif  possible, to restore��������� the bld^system of ceriiiralf-  zatibn anb^toiiransfer ithe;capital ;to:Victoria;  treating" us perinanent re^dch^ of British ���������  Coluinbjar as dliensjtb whom they graciously  bffered tKe boon of relieving them of their  bur^ns^/andiby: our;hard toiMnduIgihg.them"  in idfen*es|vanrl luxrirjr;/: Show inej sjr;hpw re-  s^urces^would- be;increased, our, taxatipafre-  Iduceii, ��������� or our social iinp.ortanoe in the; family  |bf natibhs elevateii by this proposed union,  and I will��������� at once give my steady adhesion, to  iti but until:I can^find sbme more convincing  proof than any that I have yetseeh adduced  you .mustiexcuse, my incredulity^vandal think  I am not wrong in; asserting that my sentiments oii this head are shared ��������� by the great  bulk^of the;mining community and permanent  lnha1>itanterdXthe'^ /A 'ii-,  I do not intend at present going into any  prolix dissertation on this matter, my object  being, simply to- protest against ��������� the doctrines  which you advocate (no doubt honestly) feeing regarded as the real sentiments of; the  ���������ininprs^ vthe ] bb fie' Tviid si nepr of the, co untry /  whb}:ffow find it hari enough to support the  Government of one colony, without, like Sin-  bad the sail or when he was forced to carry  the old; man of the sea bh' his shoulders, bearing an additional incubus ' in the shape. of  Vancpuveiv Island. ',:'t    .-  ;ln taking this stand I dp not wish it to be  supposed for a moment that I endorse all the  acts of pur Cplpnial Government; or that lam  Connected with the clique whictv niain tains  that **New Westminster is British -Columbia,??  on Aha contrary, I think that the,system of red  tapie routine and humbug now in force at the  New Westminster circumlocution office needs  a thrpugh reform; I know anil feel with every  one here that our taxation, is excessive, and  that the manner our revenue is raised is unfair  and oppressive, while the inpdo of the disbursement is equally unjust, roads ..and pleasure grounds b eing cons true ted at our expense at New Westminstert and high salaries  squandered on a host of do-nothing officiala  there, while those of Our offlpers here are cur-  tailed-to starvation point;; X enter nay solemn  protest against the infamous Gold Export Tax  as a crying evil and a -gross injustice which  demands immediate remedy; but while I am  ready to admit that we have real grievances  to distress iis, I am decidedly opposed to inventing imaginary bugbears; and though I  cannot^ aeree  with tixe 'British Columbian'  eat^: or ievon brie" cent per pound on flour; Noi  sir,;the idea- is preposterbus;^! If ybu^waiit the  real cause Ibok;! ip the speculators who last  spring with aa ftbuhdant.steck^n hand,Jiils--'  ed^ prdvisibnsf to 'famine pVices^. and through  theii; pwh ;shorl>������ighte)3 pblky ^veMhbt the  mafli;/and instead of sitiating their? inordinate  cupidity broughtlliemBelyes to the fix in which  they.fibWiare; a &nd; lbt-tno now ask ybu4  what occasion have we fort greaterpopulation ly. Why there are hundreds^of mbh;in  Garibpp who^ cannotV get a; day!a /work; not-  withstiuiding: the 'assertions of the 'British  Coiumbian?s^ ^veracious" cbrrespondeat, Mr.  F. P. Hpward/that hands -cannot be procured;  let .us see all the idle men Employed'before  we cry out for more to .swell the.crowd of  disappointed gold^eekprri,;;ana rill, against  theGoyemmentfbpSfaeir^antpf success; ���������*$  ";There,^"rb;maiiy other ^amiflcatibiisjbf this  subject to be discussed, but;^  haybi dpne^1 leaving it tfbr ;��������� fbe'i^tpHai; nier-;  chants and tlieirjemissanes^ who arernow^ go  much disappbinted if the miners^ of (3aribop  show no more cbmmoa������������������ sense .-than to suffer  themselves to^be cajoled; by claptrap. harangues, and sold body^and^ soul to. the custo-  ;dyipf a;cli3U<������!pf ^A?^ fet^y^^^l^torSf  wHb having almost ;ruined\ theirwo^nlcpJoay:  no w;;p|ke ,orpwmng^ ;men,;.: eagerly grasp -at  every straw in their mad struggles to escape  from:; the slough ,6f .desppnd in which |they  awfSbundbrihg ahd^sinking 'de^p^r hbiir'by  haur. Your obedient servant - ���������;Ay v\-[  A \--y ���������.,.;.���������: \\. :.   "iKDERBNaKNt." ',  Wriliams Creek, lithM^  agree  that the present low price of provisions here  is caused by the new tariff, neither oan I admit your reasoning that the prostration in  business or limited immigration is attributable to that measure. Miners are not such  idiots as to be scared from coming to any  country where they think there is gold by the  croaking of a flock of jackdaws or ravens in  Victoria about the extra duty of a quarter of  a cent per pound on beans Which th<vy don't  ^Tothe Editorofthe ^*CawbooSkntin^^[;  ���������^SiB^L^king'^^  urn thfougfr^  ers are; to bfr redrfesscd^ 1 appeal:^ipJypu)--, and  throughybu to thej puSlic^fdr assistahceiin  removing a <very great/ cause bf^diM^isfac-  tion among claim owners generally.iT,'I give  my own case asra'n, example: r I ain ;thet fbrtu-  nate (orunibrtunate)|^ssessbr/of phajfeih-  terest'iii; a blaini^whibh isjsupposed to be payr  ing largely; :but judge; of my tantalising  positibn,when;I tell ,ypu^ Jhat;whilst allvthe  world- supposes -.- that a I a ami receiving large  : dividends from the share;1? am -m''gb iniftffac t  doing no thing ;of the sprt.      V; ;/ ; 1 ' / ���������-���������<  The cpnipany of which I am a member employs Ji very intelligent^ybung;: man as secretary, to whom they pay ten^; <^lar^\per;;day.  I believe his books-are rcraarkably well kept,  but I am unable to judge of this frorahiy own  knowledge aa I nereri ^had v-the 'pleasure': of  seein^^ein^iltis true'4 thaf if ;I weiit to ^the  cbmpany's office thb ��������� secretary would afford  me- fevery^opportunity of;, inspecting liis account; but I. ask,ypjuj Mr> Editor, with what  kind of feeling he"would go through thepper-;  atioaT and; what kind of a; person he would  {desbrjibe me as b ei ng tp his friends ? A Tjien  how could I arrive;at any correct idea of the  accountsI would not a hurried inspection like  this bnly tend to place me; jn a worse <itate  of'uncertainty"? ;: :y/'yy ��������� 'ZZ^/iAa-AaAi  The remedy for this evil I think is remark;  ably a imp lei Why nbti; give to ;cach share^  holder a;fitatement at;the end of: every -fourteen da^B); V; I [am sure:': that the������- time of our  secretary*for instance is not so entirely occupied but thatt he' cbuld; accomplish this without putting himself to, any great amount of  inconvbnience.....,.:.;: ���������l-^Ul>A������>-  y,^--���������;-  I am sure when claimholders rcorae to look  at this unsatisfactory state of affairs in its  true light (whatever the position of their  claim maybe) they will see with me the necessity of bringing about some change in the  way in which accounts are kept. 'Where a  paid secretary is cot employed, the accounts  should; bfe audited r>eriodicaHy by some; of the?  mining agents on the creek, who would be required tpivouch for their, correctness^ and so  avoid the unpleasant feeling that is always  engendered when the accounts are not thoroughly understood.  : Scrutator,  July 13th, 1865. *���������������������������  reasonable: verdict % tb^hieia violence 1roni  punishment; of^.winkingaf^  cpuraglng crime.;.: TheJclrcumstancbsiof the  casgfWere;;.aimply:otneie^:vThes;-;Graiid"'JiU7'  brought; in'a true bill- agaihsl; HenryJ;Felk������f  for^ "cuftliig and; wpuadi^gE,a,inanvaamod  BIBel,: In a qiiarrel last summer. <y A jury cooi-  pos^a bf jnea ��������� wSbseAcharfiicterjsi^to say ibe  least; stand qufte/as high in the estimation of  the people as does l������e character of Jub^������  Begbie, wore chosen Jo; try 'the biase;;''/&     ���������  ^���������-:-n'*Zy*// '���������f.-;''-^Meyreturae(ta-verdlct  ofpmt guilty," and stated that it wast solely  on account of the^ incompletenesg1'of tlie evidence.;; Will it be believed! :tiiatAhls';honor  Chief Justice Begbie, in dwcharging.;theprla-  onerr took occasion; to accuse^ taejiiry of  briBgingiia^  ���������able verdi^; jtha't;hevexp^ at  it and treated'it-asaWbxceptibh'aY-'b'a^e-^aisoKt  of roffence for whibhJtherp; oug^t}Ttb 4be-|6mo  sort of puhishznieiitlv :Nptb^tyjSat~h|siord-  ship informed all Jn ithef court i ^tbatiif asimi-  oniy-aot: receive* itg^u t^uld'lbW^tho  juryl^tflT th^fbfind he  should1 deemmore re^ibriable I a-aA. ���������*.iAA- ���������  *'-.. A * A *' "*��������� w^- As the instrument  of British law;he has preserved brderamong  the lawless horde$iat swaffibed bv,er the pbua*  ^try-in-the-earlyitayfl^^  element: at having nonVof them before *hlrn.  It issurprisin^thatSeshouMthbtil^ltblfto  accommodate: himself ib the brdejlf- bbnditibft  to^^ which he has reducedthe colony. * ���������  At all-events, ;his Lordship wbuid* do just as  well to^usban&Mca^stern resburces^brflo-  calities^^Trheire^ therer-'iseithernbpregs^fepprt  Wm or;where he' has 'i^ij^^hb? wel either  less L. resp ec.tedr or, less; kao wnV^ >l y " / It -  v, ^-���������-" y A^i)-',    ;..'.;';f-     .;.::���������:';'��������� '   ���������������������������"���������"-'���������.--���������������������������* ti-* .'-ri'r     ,-������������������**���������:��������� A:  JUDGE AND JURY IN CARIBOO.  (Frqip tho Victoria 'Olironicle. *)  The value of a newspaper to a community  is shown by the contents of tbe "Cariboo  Sentinel" of,June 24th. Had it not been for  its full report of a trial held before Chief Justice Begbie, in Richfield, a jury of respectable men would have been compelled to bear  the disgrace of acquiting a criminal who had  boen proved guilty; of bringing in an " un- j  advicesifrptniKootenay repwseat ihft^badi-  tibn"' "of .thihgs-1 there-; jas-winpsji' * alarming.    A  number pjfdesperad  bade defiance to"thecb^  These-desperidbes: were mbirtly ^drivlff:ffa?o'ik  the American side by'vigitf ace; comm ��������� t ees  ^ndiare; re^dy; foi- the; perpttraUoaSf:(the  most diabolical crimea.;���������>* Thi'^gobri ^tubtf in  the district a-rer pdwerless ^o- protect them-  8elv0Sirand^when ^^OifKeilly^ltn������^ small  police ^rce^arih'efcon7?the>^  given but ;tlii$ ^ a  feree of -50;^hiarihes ���������* to^entbrcr prderl'WM^n  the trail crpssin^ithe^^^uhJaiaB, Th������ - announcement was made to quiet. tlie roughs,  who treat the a police cbntemptuously. Th^  amount^bf treasure iti the hands of thb*bftc( tn  was very large, andour informant savs-thata  plot for robbing, the IGbvernmeht plice of  deposit andcrosjiing;^ thejine;^^  distant) with, the -booty was Spoken ^f a*  aihbhg the probabilities,-���������^  Kootihmy���������������������������Nxw DiGGijfcs���������Tab hsavt Dvtxbs Dm-  WHO M������������RS OUTJOP/^JliTMii^edLui������BU.^Til������^ Wall*.  Walla 'Statpamaa' or a Ute(date; says.-, A-report tomes  from the directlori of Kootenay that new'^Id'miaw  have been foiind on Elk river:a tributary, of. the Kootr  nay a short Jdistaacettiii >Jfc!o:; of^ tfiafBriii8h lias.  Walbarnfrom MuasTsA Waldron and DrouMard, tap  Kbotei2tty-Exprctfsrh������n7H^at^  in the rrfportsi[at;Fishervillo} ������������������J that*th������folacs w������m"  believed ttf;bel;iui>ep6rj^ii thew, y*.-ry rich. Tho min������  afe.on. American soil,'��������� wtiich. fact.glras "'great, aatlstac-  tiontdthe miners about Fi������herrill������/ who ifitefid to go i  the taxas and dnties on goo<to l^k<fn;Into Briiish Oof.  urnbia mints being 30 extremely high, that, unless  they have ycry rich claImB they iciaaot pay the-prices  and make wages. IfIners can better aflbrd to work:  mines on- this side of tbe liB^that* yield "otie.hhlf'��������� le������������  Kold, than on the other, and If thefilicriver mineaprov*  to be as good is reported, there will* be a generHl de-  pirtur* of the minora from Wild Horse Creek te "America."  ���������- , .-V"   Two PiJtTTBs to ax "Bso6RBr.,,���������A yocallsr  was recently singing at a1 private ..concert, in  Paris, whea the company were so delighted,  that they .clamored for aa 'encore.* .The singer looked at her agent to see what she was to  dof and he turned to the proprietor of the*  house with the remark, "if it is an 'encore,' it  must be one for me. also.".  "Tres bien" was:  the reply   The young lady sang again, and  tho next day double tho bubq  received.   "  AAi ;;" ^.A, ..' A   A ���������  iipou  Irish ^iT.r-In the gallerv of the theatre iii  Crow street Dublin, one night, a coal porter  made himself disagreeable; there was a yell  "Throw him over," followed by th������r exquisitely droll rider, "doaH waste him; kill a fiddler  wid him.,,  %S$T Near Chelmsford, recently, & very singular^and  ?ad incident occurred. Some boys having, found a  snake in a wood, nrstened it^ in fun, round th*> n-?ck of  a girl of sixteen. She wa.4 so much frightened th*t sha  ���������yap seized with byptoric?, and h������K sinc*j besn rezn'^ei  t<������ an asyjmn, iu a tiMa of r*Tiuj nja^sa.  rj  ������������������������������<������>>���������>*-<������������������> THB CARIBOO SENTINEL7  ?j  <Card^ Bill Heads^ ^r^ars^^o^ers and  ft' Pfograinaies fb^iBalll-and'T^ea^calS:  f?.-'-:f .;l:-.%;. ���������%i#i^auiaiexits,-S:i ������   \S\-i  ^ecuted^wlth Nea^eesand Olspalch^at thtajffltee.  "'IP    * 'f' ift^lP1118! Mode^te. -������| ,     ; ^ ��������� ,}���������  rkerHUa^^Willlains -Creek;  THB BANE OP  BRITISH)  ������#&������..  RTEADINQtsPtO������  .A.A -'l ���������.''-��������� AAA&>  ;.,r .-.-^ .���������_.-.��������� -<-������J>4i������  ^^f^f: TERMS OF STJSCRIPTION haye been reduced^  ^incorporated by Royal Charter  #5.  4  Oa#taJ^.:r.:-$l,i50|  glk|l300|.-SHARES,  OF $10olEAd^  II    fWitli Power "to Increase. if  At  _  J. K.  SUTER,  SifpiNG AGENT AND BROKER,  " .     RICHpELD.    f .  ^v  ^1 Itlnds W Agency! Business att^nde^ to.  i"������    place op^site'the Paris and London Hotel. g|  >���������.*���������.���������;,-  .iFOftTSHORE] , V  ^EORGE St,ANGV<MG-Tt S&eneral \Deale? in  Ur GROCERIES,- PROVISIONS, ������&} Fort Hto'ejB. C,  British  EgTABl  I  ���������*-*w....������.������������ ..^n, w  ���������-������ .tcrla:^  ������ -Jet,- aad laQirtdaa^re^uffing supplies of Provisions aad  s v'" ether Goods from Victbriai are hereby informed that we  ^S&Sfjll" purchase $;#pUei������]at A������ipn and otherwise on the  '��������� beit of terms^at 10 percent;CttnMssioh, Including  j<.i(������ charges or'Bhlpmehfcat Victoria,. whero rem!Ounces are.  w -' required to belomarded to our address;. *'Freight eo^  \ - ��������� ��������� *ttw#i4tMpugh,toparibooat;the;lowjcst^rates forcus-  -. ly f ffiftxkfi; ^^ili4rtt^"'''wftiranceft^am'CT,(^minlnfi  : ^r^fcJBIagj^hili Spring  tjs."b^  NAKAIMO���������Bank of BritisaOolumbiaj  3^-^n ; ^BKITISH:COLUMBIA, J-Jr';>p,?,i  NSWPWE^MIN^lfe-Bank>:'ofv-Britlsh Colnmbia;  yAEE^-B^hkiotBritish Columbia;'?<^-u> A. : w   ;nii  MOUra QUES^Et^snk^r'Britb^  aaww ^^^'^^^'J^^^^^ 'PA Zk  r:jg^NClSG0^Ba^;&������itish Coiamhlajrii l.ytyl  _,.-.������: __^j^ahlr;^,BriUf^���������olurabla;' ^  .BfAilCH)^,&^E^^:5 >.'-rt;i-- ,r"  Mofitmi, j Toronto,������'Quebec.-- Hamilton; Lotidoo;iKing������  ysJ atbnj:.0ob6tj%; Belleville,"Brantlord, Broclfe- r,��������� i;  , a? S''T*vffl&Whifoy- iPeterboro, Ottawa, Guelph,,.. , ?, >1;=.  h?J���������--���������' vtll Godesich,'Stratford; Picibri,'Perth;^ -;:;   ; ;_v  ". .j^rJ?: (, rrrinztxi Simcoey'St^.CatheHnea';i 'lm;'' >���������"' --������������������ ���������tv "V  1^^ .iWfi^W^ 4ENGffiAND^v.^li: -:;-::;/ \ ix': [  LOHI^N4-Banfc of ���������British Oolumbia-^SO 'LotobM d 'St. \  A. CURREOT'fACCplINTS; opened for any ^amouat; not  less thea,One* Hundred Dollars. ' A'r :.A--AAA- 'Ap \Aai\  i^'Bills Discotinted?aEd"fG6nccted; and BHIsnf Exoh������nge.  on Great]^rltalai';San Francisco ->'������nd'-New;:yfork* jpitf ���������  cliasecl. . '   -,   ������   ; f������   :   ,,.;,./',   ���������*.*' 6--1 < ^Vi'^"^*  *\  II, the Branchee. and^Agenciee;''; Ay.  . other ���������Securit5������J receiTCd for aafe.  HICK'S. HOIEL, .LYXTOM ^CA������BrNBT^W������STMlSSTE^f  : B. C., Philip Hic^'TrbpfieTorT������,"'"f he above favorably known house is noyrppen^o th'e^ublie'^ ttfd/B^rJ  Ss^cpnstantly^ supplied^with -theAchoicest Uranus "of:  liquors and Begars. ��������� ...-ia~^*������...s���������.*-*.*-������* '****  HENRY i HOLBROOK* Wharfinger, For-:  warding and Commission Merchant, dealer in Ttof  visions, Feed, &c. Bonded. Btorago. for.iOOO 'tona:nf  Goods in Stone Fireproof Warehouse. "Goods Forward-;  ed iqy'co^intry, and every accommodation gi^en'tpvesV  aels loading>jor discharging;? ot ?-the ���������. Liverpool; or! upper  'wharf. ' New rWestmlnsU^,'Bri^ s  THE BANK OF  North   AaieinW  nc 'issc.-  Isooa^cautii) gL vL .. -  f i^CHAiOTre, ft    r   i^fru  Paid up Capital!^- "  Undiviaed rTeit firoi  ii .  "W*  * mm  ������^i������iijft/A^i_  S^xyR4,!<j5isco---F. H. Cfriin & "WvS. Sutherkad * ���������  $&fS^hryr*dj*t Watson & James Smith, Agff  y  Hi 3  A.AwAi:w^y HOT\CEZZfZZZA- -  LL KINDS OF DRt GO0I& CLOTfllNG, BOOTS  and Shoes, can be bought cheaper at the store,-pf>  the undersigned than at.any other place,in, the'colony..  Every article*marlrjid in plain,figures.' *terms--CiStt.*5  N. B.���������Orders from the upper country, receive prompt  attention.   /> l;' = ....,AiilJHUR BULLOCK,  7 %i' A ���������: Opposi te' Colonial Res ta uraa't^ New Westm inster:  iii':  ��������� '.n������*w������^4 >.'-.��������� w  'A'-';,--..  ^J^TERS^BROS.;  ' .������^������--j'"������������L^afoTi. ika TaKlft ;ic"^eli>"-kettt -and?the  #r? 'A A' J  5k  ww* yw  BLAIR BEO&rv PKorRimtoBsi  f ^%lh WrlMt of .eYe^  ^S'^efeinf liIrio^fertbr.vitr'.th'e<;l>������t botel; jra...the lower  *    ���������ountry; Bedroom* for^families ;;SUblmg,:; Hay, and  ' Oalp.   AeJtageskps at the IU MUe House over night.  on Us way down ccuntry- . -  * '���������- ������������������ *���������s   mill i l    immaammmmmsmm^t  ft:,"t,%f-e?. s.  -urns  Received on Deposit, or Advances^made upon': them.  Camerpnton, Williams Greet: A w<���������'-'" vp^^A.  A-  ' 1% -���������-      . '' wwiA$m������r$lly ..:  :.iSW'*V'  :.r^jK3  EXPRESS FREIGHT vAND ^PASSENGER  't/iwZ^ywAw %LINE-;; &; 'ny^xi/^f^  fTHE MOOT-EXPfTJ^US4A A8  ,i- wellas the most comfortable mode of tjaYel^to the  lower country-is bylthisllne7 \:A;AyA~������*'*jAAiii A . ���������: r"  SADDLE TRAIN: leaves Richaeld on MondjlTS and  Thubsdays at NOON, iii time to catoh the STA0E at,  Cottonwood ,for; Quesnel Month i and vine .steamer for  Soda Creefc. rBARNARD'B STAGES leave Soda: Creek;  every^MdJfOikT^and'TBUKsnAY' at 8 a>m;V The Thnrs^  day ''a Stage ^ill-ilay bver;at'!BiAiii!s^ll? mile^pbst^ and  |it;($]ar^K;f9[^..^t^t^ iMpnday-sj Stage m-. Gusto*;  iO'SMT^ botn arriving at irale������������������Mi "time to catehftko fiteam-  $ersfor New Westmitist'er; ��������� t - ; ' - J-v ' '-:' "rv'' ���������"��������� ; >'  =/iaar Through Tickets may b* obtaihedM, the rGfflee;  in Richfield.,, s ,^,     i:,!--^^s-^  'f>i^r^ -p^.i^it; -i''\>  Tj' ; MARKS,; Watohmakeri.jSe;*Jeivr6l6r<v  . Yates .street,' Victoria, 3V.; |., keeps;,con-J  stantly. on -.hand - a superior stock ''of Gold' and C  Silver WATCHES, Gold Chains, Buckles, Plated Ware,'  Clocks, &c;; Particular .attention .paid,,f.6, repairing..  Wateiies and- Jewelryl \ AUi^wort warranted._l. Ordew,,  from thercbuntry^prompUy attended toi(''- wA.yAp 'Ay-  ^TTT  Fell & Goi's Bure Cofiee.  < %V(M.K*-,>  ScoTLaWfcNattoi������VBahlt^r^U^4^  I^iANp^pfbVfiici*! B&nifc ot Ireland j AA^ i? I-  F������A������cE^Marcuard^Akure & Ciof Parts* :WAy,  ..  AusTRAtiA^-Union Bank of Australia; -������������������ ���������;-��������� ���������-���������  I^ii, China & Japan*���������Chartered Merc&aUta a.hV ���������  ">- ���������:^Ittdia);3tie������dbn"andjChinav-^>iiV^ w<vw\  t _ CHANTS, "Wholesale Dealers in GaorjaiqiES and; Pro- '"  visions.-Wharf.street.- Victoria/ V*' l t."    "'  3m  ^.DGrAR & ^AIME, Commission Mercliaiits,  ���������Jut Wholesale ^Dealers, m Grocbriks;as"1)vProti810ms^  Wharf street,:Victoria, Vancouverfelahd.,^  : ,,A-,AAa>n  lit OWE BROTHl^SvOommissioii Meroliants  .'jLi::lnU- Importers \of Pkovisions, GaocERies, French"  ^Wihes^V LiqitCrs^Hava My dig^^;So^i;StbreSj ^'I^pe,-:  Canvas^Gars; *c'- Wharf street, Victoria. *;  a..  VAN WINKLE,; CARIBW^WEST.;  3?^wrW  t&lGILLISf PROPRiBtOBS;  ���������-0?^i;  : a y;;n^^<Si*$tofrfo^^^  B^O^Cr^LEE &<Ja^  $ M$ dealers -to.^afiraE/jSpp^^^t*!--  ?" ,gar, TeaJProvisions/ >    \'-- .--j* "  ���������qu^sne:l j^outs.; ;.��������� ���������  t.-.a.;;,^  .-Li'.:'.  WaaL^^A^^ETML^bVlSldN ^A^D #*������*���������  -    r " ---'-" -KAlt merchant,:;'/;,. ;;.;;;,;;,..,  Z SVioesi' -^jrware^'' JSio.;;  QrpsNELMOUni.:-^ -.,*lw  w  fHS-above gplendid'..HoteLis'ribw^o^ep forthafittblic,  c.; the proprietor having taken great pains thrbughth e  winter -tpimalce;it the;mpst;superior;^ipuse.aa>^Qa,riboo.  Good accommodations, with, .suite of ropms. for, ladles.  ���������.;^l_or private^j^i^^iittwh^tet^������^^*''  **?$. 7;-*ft^?(Sigs.' I^taukant 'M SiairtC. ;,/������������������  where can'be obtained the most choice brands of Wines,  Liquors,Clgars^&c^ '   ���������' .   ' . 'Ay-, ' - ���������  iiyyy.; Aa* ��������� y'���������'-'**Nl''������i-5IcCatfbry^'Proprie'tor.''.';  FELLOWS,, BOSCQE &-qO^ ^Importers- 6������  General Hardwarb and laoif, Hoorejs t Building,������������������  rates street, Victoria,'V. I,:\ A- /A*~, /* ' >'; ^ ��������� -.2m*,������'  DRAFTS ISSUED ori'llondon, New vork, San?^  cisco, Canada, New. Brunswick. Nova Scotia, ail!j3  the .Branches of; the .National,,3*11^ of,SeoUaaff  ���������^rwincia^Bank'of Ireiaad;.^^;4 ���������*******!     %  t Bills oft Exchange' ari& fQa&'Pii$eha^^  Interest on Special Begostts ofiMoney:allowe4ui  ra te of a quarter of one per cent. per month.  ��������� 'j8S3"The. Bank receives Gold rDust aad'; Ban fori  keeping without charge; undertakes, tba parchun':  sale of. Stock:.' the" Collection bl Bills and pother m*  businessin the United StatesaadBritbhJ^^  /ZZ^ZWmmil  x Goia D'cst Kelted vand Assayed,' and .wttirai'ta-i  wiihln^24:hoUr#in:Co1ne^SarSi^5^''''^       'W 4  v;Qres or-evor^de^riRtioi^cftrefuUy A������Siy?i >;,������������������  / N-nB-i-rAny jinstrucUona'aa-to th*,<ttspouiof tfcWH  ceeds of Gdld Dust^rwarded to^thei offlw id 7^^  ^���������AS8ay%lllr^-c^i^fNin^attead^'to^^ v'; ly. ''A.  tf wtewvs ^^;';''^;vJ"^^8^pKHaU������,ii^prf, |  ,Vi  HIBBEN & CARSWELL,; ImportingiBook-'  SELLERS &5STATIONERS,constantly^suppliedand  receHvi ng from besit "sources. School; S^ndartl, \ and M is:  cpllaneous Books- and JStapla rand Fancy Stationery ��������� in;  all its:Branches.:, r Corner Yates and Langley streeti,.  Victoria, yancouyer Island-  ^.yy>^\yy\ y> ^?*i -��������� <*  Af^^Bl0^AWJCM  *!������r.Manufacture Steamv.EhgihesTlMid--?Boilers?-ofCall.;  sizes, Quartz MiUs^Mining Pumps: HwidngrMUls;���������Gang,  Sash'��������� Mulay" and .Circular ^SaWpMills, tIron andvBrass'  Castings'and^evcrything:cqriricc'ted with.the.business^  titoiwy I'riir-i**?^- ^ :! sPMTr& .WIEMLERv;.,  i>!*'-  S'GOTCH';SHOTJSE> Ai McLean a^ Co..  . Hosixrs :>A^a^Biir������B^^POTrtTiMW.^-,} yMiriers i ana  others; will find,"at: the Scotch.House.a splendicl stock of  !Clothing, Boots aiid Shoes, and Dry "Goods of eyery.dear j  icription, all of the best 'quality, and, ;at' Very moderate  .pricea���������'"������������������ Fort-street,?Victoria, Y; X. 'A-h*\ ianl"H>?. >-,s! A.  ^"���������'TOtT^^WANT,  rBUNSTER:  QT. ;G-E0EC5E* SQTEL; Yievr Sofa:%. ^  0"ToRiA.\rThis;Hotel^.talvrhich ia attacjieUM^ :  rant^ and $ Bar ?Kbori^'������ is ���������t>he"et������the^most������ ^^%|j|  e^tablishrnerits --'cf ^e:kia<^pi^.to^(^ 0^-^4^  furnis%d;rpomstorjfcingJie persqnslandifanulia^Ta;,;}'  most 'important* l^ndonj' French^ "and.Califcraiite, ;  ���������'papersre^t\%^^tae-use of board^is. ^^l:y-u("  ���������yyla-R"b:s'0N',':&,;;co^;.DKAfcEB^viN3o6Es, &tw������swgi  ?JS*^usic,aaavMvi'slc^l"Tns<r!amven  f&c.i'iC61urjibkStreetgNe^^cstm^tej. ^*C./:S p  ~ArlAAAAlifasGB^^  O ���������s^Vic^oT^a^vyahcoUvervI5lan^.'. -.';... . . ���������/., .���������* .HM  BA������IEIarBG<^rl^&iCO,vi4to  ?. j2p^igHosMi3u^A*TS,5City| Auction Rdomi-TiV:  street,' yfctoria.t"��������� Cash a'o^vackie^qa;3fei������hafidis������Llda:-  amounV consigned'for sale.J I Reference���������Hon.Rh  ������ATSON,>oflHc B.tGdf>and'Uoyd'������Agent,!-'-?. ^ ���������*!   ���������  ������������������;-.pj:-!["T.--  J3P. ^DAVTES/&, CO ..Auctioneers &vGdn^  ��������������� ^iiifisiON TOkacHJcqit^FfreHProof Stood Bulim  Wharf atree^Witttiirl^y.M ������ Liberal 'AdTaa*^^  ,oa -(^x^n.ments^;i^; fu^^ iA'^ -���������.���������^',4."^:^ ^1'  iO l-COMMSSION;MERCHAN^Cdmmerc^ B^,W^  street, y^^ia^y^couv^^lsiaiid;; s;I lisjj&f? 2tf |  U������5  vGOpD  JOJE. ^i^UIRE-rFpR  i-.:-'._'--.-; *������������������ -��������������������������� -��������� ���������������������������-������������������" ���������-���������  vw   ������____ - . ?���������-.ST0***;, ���������������������������..  --.-.  PROVIBIGKS, "'lra6j^iiiEv:i-,-iiCGMM&  ,^>��������� ��������� .-.Y..-. =/SION;MERCHAOTS,;-;;; ���������;::.;..;;  ���������**  -Sibraie. &o.--Terms most .Moderate.    ..-  Moses'  To p repeat BalSiness,,_. Restore ;^Hairj tiiat -has  '.'--'fallen' 'off;or become- tbiu, and to cure,effectualy������������������.,.  yy. r:>": ��������� >-; ��������� * -.'.:,v^gpurf;pr -DandrulT. "'���������������'- .*;.. J".','.: A'. '������������������;..'.  Goakaktsbs tbt;^ Restcsation of Hair w o������b wbck,  :;>TOR THE:TOTLET--Thi8 Jnyigqratbr is made partic^  ���������nlarIyTor;;iAdie8 a^ter;nmess,^. be ���������used"withrihe;oil:  prepared by the'proprietor'. ;' First saturate the head;  with^the Invigoratorj; "rub iwell with a hard brush; then ���������  oil. ��������� It wULalsq relieve the headache, and givfethe hair  adarTcer^ the\free;use of it wiH ke?p  both the skin ahd hair ih a healthy state.: Ladies, will'  find the Invigorator, a great addition to toilet, both in  coTjsjdeTation-of its delicate and agreeable perfume and  the gpeat?facility'4i aflbrds-.in-dressmg the hair,: which  when moist ���������; wi th it',. can be dressed, ������a any required  form so as-;to preserve Us nlacej whether plain or in  curls.'. When*used oh'children'spieada, it lays the fouh-  daUonfor a good head of, hair.^ ���������:-'.'���������; mi "?<*)  ''.:. ��������� a-. .��������� ���������  . , :. Prepared only by    ;;/ i   ^  ..' *��������� " ' ' " ";   'Al "AA/ /'.W.1..'B.YMOSES, :  -V Barkerville, next door to Madame Bendlxen'B.  ���������Ti���������' MOORHEAD aiid CO.,:< CCbmimdTS :m&  O m .CHANTS and Importers i of GaocBRias ;FRo-  visions; Proddcb, &C, Wharf street, ^ictor,ia, V.: I.;;  s  Importers; and^Wliblesaie Dealers - ihX Groceries, Fi  ,yi8ioN'fi,t -Dry Gqops,- CLOtHifrc, Boots^Laar&Bda, i  two-story ^Fireproof ^Building, jBeld^s-jBlockj-betff  the stores oI'Jl W;ikie*&;C6%a^Stewart^^C^*,,^.  BtreeL'^ictbria.7^'^1^ ;V,*^T-*ii^*5:^.l-'!*'^-*- '-IA  THOMAS AiLSOP, Xiaiid Agent .and Gen-  rral Commission Agbnt, Government street, Victoria^ Vancouver Island. ���������������������������.;        y.yy'-Ai:-- y.y ������?y s "���������  JOHN WIL&IE and-CO.i Merchaiits^Fharf  Street,;Victoria, Vancouver Island. .,��������� J-...;. wwys?,^  B" R;; POWEIiLi, has Removeci ;j������������^bfflqe  and Resiuence' irbrn Fort street .to the premises  late^r occupied^by (the* Mayor^on Broad ��������� street; Victoria,  Y\ I.   Office hours.9 a m;" to:12, j and 8 p; rn. to HO; -��������� s ;  X*HOTEI<tE5t, Importer andcDealeif iiraj  ;CERII^,;PRpyi3lQNSJ?WINES ^WQUQ^Ki  7 WbarT-sHi^et:%etwechvJ6hi������9Uui,'and iates.'Vic^:  ^anCouyeraisiaad.^'^".^^-^^^ V''l%.y/Z  rpHoi^^SH^bTBOLTrl^pensm  X ani> BrcoGisT,^Johnson,.streets IVictona, V ly:  spectfully-Volicits the attenUon of Miners auu thefiy  lie in general to his well aisbrted artoct?df "pure ii$'4  Drugsyr Chemicals, sandiBerftimery ;:als������:to:. his "Jiifl&j  jtori^evmatisn^r^ich; is an Inval^tabla'-j0tfftil%  t'his^^tj^sl&'g^mj^ain^' A 'jAAA^^yAy 't/U*A  'y.h";  AM  m  I!  p  ���������*���������i. ���������,rKeliey-&iian0t^yoprietors.  00OD BEDS  Good Accommodation and the Best of [.Wmctb. GRBiLgy Brothers,  Liquors at the Bar; - Stabling for Horses, &c.       -     ������������������������������������������������������~-~>��������� _  COLONIAL HOTEL,  p#m Weatmlnster, Brrtish Golambla,  ���������     -      Proprietors.  Hay aid Grain at I^weai Ba^es; Good gtabnag.  Gfi;j^tqipaniea,buylnf:Fe^ . a-: ���������  ���������V . W't p; MOSES;: v y >y.  If toub Hue'is falling an^ Bscbiracr thin,  *;���������*      y-:.A:;^  :call.and have'-ii"11' ���������''���������'!;^_---- ��������� ---;;-/:  RESTORED before yoti are bald headed,  :  =W. D. MOSES, ���������:''-"'  S: i   . ;:.  ./. k  i^^; i j .:.-: Barkerville, Williams Creel:;  J. SOUTEtGATE aad.CO., Uxiox���������Wham,.  '������������������ Victoria, V I ;and;Battery street. San Francisco.  Victoria; February 24j 1866.  THE UNDERSIGNED,* having1 purchasea:th'e'goodwill  of the late firm o( Gmu?i Davio feCoi, will continue  the Wholesale Provision, and, Commissiop-Business, * at  the store", cornerr'or Bast ion an d ��������� Wha rf streets, uhd er  the arm of WeISSENBDRGER & SCHLOESSER. ' Mr.  JuleS DAVrb will act as Manager of said business. The  business on.Government street will'be carried on as  heretofore,  ' -. .^EISSENBDRGER & SCHLOESSER.,,.;  EUGENE^THOMAS^iyate^^st^eet -Victon^  ,Wnolesale, and {RaUil,Oealer,in;WZNE&^KiNDia;  BEERS,^ UQtOl^.of ;every.desc^So^.Goods,^  warded'td-tlie-Minihg Districts:y "iiy ^l^AA^AUA  ly  ly  &  P  Si  i  ' s. ���������).������������������-  ttt���������r  ED&AR. MARVIN, Corner Fort ano, Langlry  Street, dealer in IRON k HARDWARE.   Agentfor  the sale of the Boston Rubber Belts.- "s *������ ;  LEWIS LEWIS,: CLOTHIER, tatesstrrbt, Victoria, opposite Bank of British North America-    b  StJTIlO & CO.,  iMPORTRRS AKD  PeaUCrVzN  CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes, "&c, S' Ei  corner of,vates and;Wharf street, Victoria.       ;'.   8  ���������l:M  "lm  'Ci  ���������;t������  ill  M  c!  OrsRKSE-'CAJIERONTON;  m'WAR:&/A- ;;:;  BLACKSMITH, MACHINIST ANB M^KXJ-  ��������� "-��������� I f ^���������CitBB OFv OOOSINO R AKGBS, *���������*../*''  ':'   '":' '������������������>x I A' B ASkM.VJLLS, B. C,-  '    '  .:v-;:---;-,:;.F, V. LEE,.. .  Auctioneer, Mining Agent, and Colleotbr,  ��������� ': RfCHFISLD:"-'^    _'  J5������* .All Agenc^ Business attended' to.-   ���������  F. HEISTERJ^IAN, LAND &GENT, 38, Gov-  H������ ernm'ent street, t wo doors south of Fort street,  V ictoria, - Vancouver Island: 'A "'      ' 'A*'/' T.     "  s  *      ' '      *^���������'*^'^**"**'      "        . .*"'".''~ "'   .      ' .    '������"*   ' ��������� '*     ��������� ' . )',  ' ���������  THOMAS GrOLBENiivWaoiESAtE and BETAit  Dealer in. WINES, BRANDIES, BEERS k LIQUORS  of every description, Corner of Fort and Wliarf streets,  Victoria, Vancouver Island.   ��������� ,' ' lm'  NOTICE "tp  TIME, is Monet, and if you would save both  your  Goods  by the Xale-Lytton. Route".  A.. BARLOW;  CoMMiaf������i0Pr and Forwarding Ag-ent  Bignk and Pierre MASCtET, .^roprieWfS'^1^  iauraht.is supplied wltiraU 'the.delicactefl the w;;  affords.t InXMmr will-berMad ffie^hofcwV^W.-  ^Fa^abedyltpoDis^rtie.-.'^ : &iAj$_ D'c "oi^v������.v,:;  -\J .:SoIev Agents' |for Napoleon's * CabJne't^Ca*nipig  Piotresson de St. Auliin Champagne dry, Bo'uche no^  Jules Mumm Champagnei. Eugene CUcquotiChamp^r  Bok'ere;-Bi.Vters ���������, Salnsev,aiB������s California Wins mJ* ���������  ters,,HoitetterVBitters, Bancrott Ci'd^nUg^.^  GirsPrellor. Clafeu -^^large sl&k' of Bonded m  Brandies, Wbiskeya, and l^qcbrs^of every:de������np������*  always,on hand;. -���������., , >yr f,{GaaLtxr&?lJ**lu������  : **;.;;���������'  ;   Importers aud Wholesale Jh������W| >JW  I-������*���������'���������':: ;*.'?;' Junction ��������� Wharf;and;|dhnaonj^* . jg������  REMOVAL^ --J,-Li., Jui^ermaitmr ^ ^i  - MAKER and JEWELER, has remove4^o^������B: f|g  proof Brick'Building, "within one door of, WaliM*'��������� y$%  k Co.'a Ezprass-Qflice^vates^st^e^Vic^aj^v^ ;jjg  niCKSim^CAMPBmi^: ^^^fef^-S  li aip.vr>iERCHA.vTS, Wharf streeV/^^S ^  verJ IslaHfi. viH.N.ineKaojr ���������&Co,l^:|i^4M^^W���������^^IS  DaWoiiteiGoi, Sas^Fraticisccv:     S-J ������������������,,;���������.;���������;������������������".%^-ff|  H"^NBERSON;':&- i3.XJB^Y^^P^:;i|  and C6ttMissiiiS������.>MERCirASTal.Wliarratree^ ������?*, ; ^  V. I.-,4nd No:t^tJracechurch^eeit^l^ndon.,?  ship  A N EXCELLENT ,RA;NCH,^ .situated on tho Waggon | Fort Tale, British Columbia; begs to inform Shippers  JrL Road, and on which aiiatgaaambdr of cat Ue could j and the public in general that-he-is now-prepared to  _.,       ^..t���������i *.*.._*   . ������. _ .    .    "' "ines-, on'.tho most reasonable  ��������� Ht&fj *7 letter; to: ���������*'A, ** -Cariboo Seni inelVcffica.   3 j flreprepf���������. warahonBfi  ' All goods consigned to tlie!  attended t-o an j-stored in a  fi. MALLANDAINE.-GEN^RAL COMMISSION ���������A^ yg^  |ii;an<l"5 .cp^i^broR,.,Goverhmoat.j^-��������� ,   ^j|  VancduTe'T.Islfind*  pAJY HBBTQH^PRAUR^JJGUNS^PISTOL^S  \Tl.VO ^pE^?^W9ER|&^  JULIUS 3X)EWP ^ddi iMrORTTERS';'a*i> .K&  : Dealers ;vAgeats CoriXilton & ^fcFarlana #������ ,, ~  Burglar i?root Sal^s a^dT^nJj^VjctPri&j^v^^  Tf WOifta'tJEB k 'CO-,'1 CbMSlifisiOsf ^rcbaJtjr^  IV porters and balers m CHINESE ^������y^^  Sugar;Tea,;Provisiori^&c., ������&acgr^;rt*Jh������ ;-<  " Goversmeat and Douglas et^ett,;^^ f*** '*:.'���������''  M  rf-?S


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