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The Cariboo Sentinel 1868-07-19

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 PI  1  fe^i:  WW.  1 (^.-w.-'-^i^-Ai  .**Vdl'.5i  ^^^ST-yille, ^ William ; Creek; -^ q, Sunday/ July 19, 1868.  ':f;;:M^i-^ff>K^;x;;p'%^|^;^v:  " robert: H6tiid\\^&rfto^^|a#'::  r- ,:' p Sabscriptioai $f fee>;#^^|  (Inclulin? 'oo?t of-delrnsry,) Payable .to the-Cc  JifonlaVe.XJayMi/ifli^fi^^a:  w ^T^3alIs7.eoncert3T|g^^^^g S  " il^Ma^rlcali  Wckleaded'/I^on wound qm fi rep facee"; aides'  'retu't i fin the good oidDftlcn (Hey.  ^h/the House;  i/:>I|osjTO^s^S6rae^l Hie Jrjfficlfc doctors  have started a ^fresh crusade against" ivon  stoy es v-, Dr^Carre t' ifa t; Oh amber j;,* n o tice d a  groat" deal / of. unaccountable{ disease~ in  .schools and institiUioris/arid tlion^hi-h^coitl'd  trace the mischief W the miro'tincl'md oteasJ>  iron;.sicves, -pi\:\Dpville,Mm,a-paper; read  before +v dcade.o? >ia / am, ls:,/s .Lai; h?  l^uyy] by - a t/^ciSc ulca! \ot4n'vnn j'e, l^ii  subh Btov Ms tfc gjr-d oiTmoirns rappnrs. 7^  ^ha&^fw������ b^lW io rnnn^ytcd witb^electrica!'  /apparatus that theyy.sb6uldir-ih^^iienVjiydrp--  srenrdr c^ummc bxfde was giVen>off.* N'of  #%?Wterfotbe' sto^.lnd 'got" tbox-on^hly  :BUsiNBSS>:6ARi)S^  F*  ���������-'-RI OS F I E Li  Hiay'S/1868,.     ' .,'���������/'/���������   */  E U F E L  ^ERCHA^OV  SSQ^  ffi*3  ?&���������  *m.>.  EDGAR   DEWDNEY,  j^the^ay^o/f^  ^forniture than our epsHroo'abOiflinafionFv  Sucb"a reform ^rould ���������; siaturally If ad to -^ the  (?!#se of/tae^wr/etebed frontage oi*CpaiiiiuHv  jeS^ra  F. V, Lee's Auction,UQomsr';  ���������   BARKER VILLE".    -V" :'.  ,.;.:^r :'V^c-i_ii.i^ ^T^:l������%i\&*%.?&ntoj\%l\a  l^^^^^^^^^l^i^^^^i^^^^^P^i^!1?faa   Lep-islaturi  had iddressed  -his^ollo^i'S-lt^letb^  : K not ::mncBin^'S  - - '     - -        ���������      *-*<*- "^ ^o^ernmeiit hou!'&��������� ^q/tolgeOi"ei   j^^ >i^ff,fjtj|  'jftiehs ,were tberafore -set ^en TooVja^d' wejjaj  jnpHviprbceedini/'bu  ���������condUion to^ustii^biM  ||������|| gpK   J: I r ->    AwA w  t/.-.���������:���������������...v -.   ��������� .;<  ?^^������I*������RRER   &   TORMEY,  y^ytAw'A"��������� \niP0RTER3,a|nd .     tl"      :.:'::  ;Ei%^ Stock of istll kinds,  0fjpSJ6i;     .    BARKERV1LLE, B.C.  'WtWai zmz:\.*'... ,..'..   *K-;-#^p->i  "W-'H  A/:  4^ and:  ^������������������3*  ?Tff^OD^EFS?- ^OLD   TSTAN0,  '^W-  ...... -W. .... *  ,j.  ....   >.../.;  S3ES  ; ^JilfGOODS AND LjqirOH^   ' \X [.  5   S^rge siao^fm^ai oIMeon and"'������rEEi   always "to:  -'r:Ba?ieh'i)^ tlj    *     >C3. r ^S6n������  igfrs^  MentilM  ......   .... . ;. ���������e.".'..������rAu*s"=Tfii.-;aEW|TO*1K.  aSiift  ^S  San Fir a H o i s gp;^|EllM  Has jtist ������������������received the La'rgest  and'Best W^H^ff-rf  ,   ,       mA    --  "   stock vf      :   ^^^'r4^;Wl#i  ITnderGlotHiig, &cM  &c,t  ^^^ii  that.has everbeeii'"iMportoiii'Ho'iCwib^-:  ���������<#  w0AA   g   'AA]  - a^bbERiES,fJ^R6^si(3Nsj':^: ?&  FINE^^RAinJS/0#TqB9AOG(D^y  ' Parties' :WiIlirffln<!'it*to tfeclr advantage to Rve'taie'  call hefore purchasing;elsewheWrj -l LAj'A^t^ '"  'jell--. ��������� '; -    - '���������-- S. mi .^' /.;/ - R- '-L WT?ILL.'>  :/:5?  IHilSll:   AS^6it3TANTLY/ON:HAND  tioi    f /Drugs  .nd- Patent  ^���������AlstfStdflctoery,-1������ ^^ !5 ^5 Blf i > 1 nk": Cn &dy, 3cecTa.,;:���������  :3i3!iar(U GlMkV aiidfFpcket^n^eSv ?. jThe^ celebrated-. ���������;  Golden Balsaftnantf iiurphy:5 Mixiorer xvi^the coui*.'^  [ii^.i vA:'a^ Wo,i"-ni ��������� 2v������WU]2   ma hkiiraiiiaa!  iiifi'- ViHissifiaffis Sii &S t!iGES#cififrsM]sfTi^a^^p^:/^  oii'flct    a"*great*variet\c-of:T<jiJet '������'tiel^   4rJfeml^s :  S������ii\0iVwHujr t,nd,Tooih B(mW% -fooih- Vowdera, .v  ifn^olk^^  \   - ,fRETAIL   BUTOHERS;^;i^|  count*^ "r������M^    ihij are 'wlinuf een^ki of  'fllienng   ibylr   pp/sitioai   if   tbeiy   disso-Ived  ��������� and'"were beaten, as' thuy probabfy wou 1 d be?  thfi> iv^r^d b) of}]^ a cosLiy md Ciitnucrc^nuo.  wetbnd i,l iwpnag,   nd du"y h������ih uoth bitter resign at once,   it is entirely for Mr.,Disraeli to'judge ;, and if he'like&to go'through  tlie misery of trying<to manage/thelHpuse for  three months more, in face of a hostile and  resolute majority, he will be ju.sliGp<:������ 1 y-_ the  .��������� peculi arJ ci rcu ms tancos o f th i ���������   iase w  : aking  ..thaicourse.   But both for bis o'to creJs,tLand-  'in'the,interests of "his,:party,;.wlycb'^is^ milu-  ifeelv"       ..--'-  ful tes^his: best:cpursei:w/ebave no/hesitatioh  ��������� in saying, would be to resign at onoo.;'  ������������������ - ]  .Tbe London Keview says/:~-The constifcii-  tiop.al character of the reSblutions ^ars ^mpiy  vindicated by Lord KusseU and Lord Graa-  ,   ville, who showed conclusively' that* it is only  w by means of an address that; an Opposition  ���������" can:obtain thenecessary^assent of the Crown  to tbe introduction of a"measure iu- which its  ���������prerogatives/are involved. - And inlthough  ���������LordCairns drew;a subtle legalIdistinCtion  between what-was done in reference; to the  . Church Temporalities Act in 1S33> and^what  is, proppse.d, to be done now, -be failed, to  Bake eufc that; there, is any //substantial differ-  ence in the,procedure beyond? that which" is;  due to.:the Tact that in thei former year"legis?  / laticn was undertaken by the Governmentf  and that it is how in tbe|bands of the Oppbsi-  tipn.: Want of time, or the /action of the:  House of Lords, may prevent any' legislation:  taking place during the present session j but  it will certainly, not "fail either because its  ends are unjust, or because the means employed are at variance with constitutional  principles and usages.:  ���������The Spectator observes, Iba't if the Queen  could allow Parliament; to abolish her patronage in the Irish Church altogether, she  can allow it-to suspend the same. She is not  asked to give the Commons alone the power  to do either. She is only asked to give-the  mil Legislature the right to do it if they  ���������Please^ 1 he'truth is.that the Tories are at  weir wits'end to know how  t^ueen  ^myhell ITons \\] H Draper W, MoDou-  / all, I L Tilloy, D . C. Tupper, W. P. How-  land and H. Langevin.   ' '  NEW 'A 0VKl^raEMRNTS::  ��������������������������� iK \ BLACKSMITHS.    . ;  C'" HRTSTIE BBOS.^ HAVK  OPENED  THEIR'-NEW  l^iop: opposite, the -Post 0 fHc?, and are prepared; tp  :excjiutft;all kinds of���������'���������;Blactofmi'th/.work with neatness  kiad^Hspatch. . ..... n  [ .BarfcervUIe, June 22,1SR8; ..   ...   ..    -K'22 '  B 4.'RK'ERY-1LXB  N AUCTION TIlLh  >Kooras ., ,-    . 1/H  i3E HELD AT^ THE ' ABOVE;  r'-'������ .. .WALKER .& IS.nrt^^,;v.v,  ��������� '    OSNTRBVILLE, ,   "  ���������.   -1   MOSQUITO GUI^ek  ���������6m   jAAAM  ers and5'Builder Sy  (Opposite Popmoptiliton Salnon),  BAREE-RYILLE.  hONTRAOTS UNDERTAKEN ANI> ALL K1NBS OP  I/ Job^Woric (lone%ith.piin.ctnajity::an'I fhsip'ttcfii��������� at  reasbiiabjerates. Ago6<l sigck of Msone<t.U>mbcr  always on hand.   '       ; 4 ;.\\-( ', ",      J^5 4o.i  Every Saturday, at Kp'oiiv  ' Goods ������solrl on commission. Goods received oj,;  ���������Storage'.' 'JToupv aclvitiiccdon cod(ls...v^"-- ' ":'-:,rA'A"-;-'-  ^I^rchant������ \viirplcase!sp^co:ls/to. Anction.RoomS  n/bt JiitPr thah-FridayiEvoning lor.^aturday?S;Sftle, -  . ">ie8"6in    ' 1?- -V. LEK,Auctioneer.-���������  wmm  ptbgraN' ic  Artist,  fe'-'-irbW^ENED'- HIS PHOTOGRA?fiiC;:GAL-  r,   1 rv. "i   h f'M ������  dh   h nil kin l"3 0)   Vb~ oc,u  pliic:aud'Jowelry.woEki=exeputeau  di the art.:  Cartes do Visite5'TimhW do.:Pbst.e:.^PoBr^:'Arrtl5rc?  : tvpps. Le-ith.v lictuu-s,   jhl.'uoapfs, Views- o  : " - Houses, Ci;iimsV':etc;������Single:cr Stereoscopic^-;r/ //  Portr.iil   also tftlcen   m H^ Sjik, Liucn or Cobttn  AA���������-'Cloth. '   *  A  Sarkerville, Mav4fl868^     - -     " ^i  ���������..:<���������..:  1:  ^  . .       .   WAKE-UPrJAKE  Restaurant and  rHHE^WldfelRTORS   OF  THtS '"W.BLT,, KNOWN  i'wlS^afcin  thanking -the .pobl.o ������n������l t c r  Miaa defivereito-all parts of.$* Cr^!^_;  n ..-_���������..   to  advise  the  Viueen on an address certain to be voted by a  W majority, and which, if declined, will  cause a breach between -the,people and the  ������*������rt out of tboTorv party.  J, T. SCOTT.  ARGADE  J ITS IT  ;R, LTPSETT.  ���������1 5T  iila a  &   LIPS  GREAT PLEASURE IN ANNOUNCING TO  ',������***!������ f wn-t t.ii r.i/' ii ft ro nurcnasoa  nnfJ  T^ep^c genera^U^Tbey hare purchased the  q-Lionn " lately   eccu'filod   by   Mr   C. "Fulton,  ISthem^es fbnn theirIon^fxp^ncem.busi-  ness Li.S/a liberal share of their p|itronago.   .    ;  At the Bar wiil be found a full supply of the best  WHOLESALE   AND \KETAIL ' DEALER  ���������G-roceries^ rroYi^ion-s,;-,  HARDWARE,     ^Y    GOODS,  CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES,.  \ba^k^^^^^w. .--���������  ,������������������;/���������'; :V?.',;     ��������� ���������        ,. ������������������ ihy2^6|ll: i wA '''������������������������������������= ���������'��������� ' w ���������������������������A-  Lies ..requiring  /-^Is^Mjpm^aoafeeMery^feiiin  ���������,^,. etm)ring}fMe^ie'ihP^m^##^;. Oitptalu,in^M:  i������ESH/^n^soVVH5urAUUiHv1npthe'd^ire^  WvSPlAtei AAom 1 WBmwi stBre^ery^, ^/ :;r?S '/���������''^/  EEE? G0NSTANTLY:-0N,HAND..^^^7^^  H='-     ' MINERS*- TOOLS,    J ? S%||l T^#|  '������������������: VTRO VISIOSSK CLOTHtNGy ?0$^$%^&  And for srdft. st thp  f   , :-      ���������/       ^        W   Aw,?  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OS  every Mail and Express, P..REID will leave Bar^  kervilie with an "Express^fbr the -following:- places;:^  HosqiiUo ami Red Gnlches^W/liipStiw Gulph;; Lq\yheQ  Greek; Grouse t3reekf:Stcvens ^reeki ���������Qahlhrnia* Greet  an.i'Antle'r.-' He will.also leave-..regularly.-twice.,. ey,������ry  weeit for the samelpladc^ with the Oauisoo Sentinel,  onsthe mominks ef Its issue He .will I attend/tojall  kinxlsvof?commissions^^tc^^for^mihers, obtainjhcen*  ses^roctJrd claims, examine .records,:etc. =; Collectmg  \v111 also he attended;to^ He winalso>ehd out, ^thre^  timWiniohth, ^n'Eipress -to.Keithley,Creek^PorkS;  of Quesnellei'Gedar ynd^Black;Bear Creeks. Ho aViII  Uaveiiri olOoe a.t Barkeryille^ where. all .nrde^etq^  can he left.. -���������..   *        * , .,   W" ~:~  A'it&v'&Aim.AA* .;.S:.:;-'r-' '\Z'": "'-/;."-:-:"::Ml,  yw  STOVES!   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Lytic, '    ������  0TiieV&iriboo S���������ntine!'* is -published : every/.Smi-lay  en5 T^ednOf������������|.'/y Advertisements intended' forinsertion  must* be, delivered atlatest at ti o'clock, p^iu>:, the day  -/fiefore pubiica tib'ri'i"  v&g: ,-.^J-' ������������������ ������������������������.-. v ��������� .i- - ��������� ������������������'������������������ ������������������ ��������� ���������' >>���������:���������������������������  ��������� $25'! which, munificent sum   w as   deducted-j eta ted   at  Ed%irgb, ^C^."^^;^?  from the license ^^  of wtoi :we speak wits obliged ioA, r^iy -in; had to KDUCAfa/my party>'; to carry the^  order to be privileged to sell supplies to.; the|form Bill^ -^nf  miners >b^  oonennmerafingcreeksanaptilcliesiwhich  Union^aiiy may learn a veiyiiseiull^soft.  Di^aclf educated his party: tlJ05voughIy^:not  in 'tlie doctrines of Conservatism^ but., in the  /NEW; ATXylBRTISEMENTRy  es  m  4  TO^CJKK'KSPOKnKKa^r       -V       ..���������  ! All ��������� communications- must be, accompanied -by thp  faaS name and.-udd ress \ of* the wri tery not neccpsanly  *with a view of pub lisbing tlje.Bpij.he-.bu t-.as seCuri iy for  ^is'gop^fai^  *������  ��������� .   *������ v ���������; , ������������������  . ' TO AlW-KRTZ'SERS.       ...  -v JSST All Adverti^ments (not inserted fprjuiy definite  W. period} wUlbe continued until ordered Out and charged  ." for accordingly." " ���������  :������������������ -~^w 3y ~':iwA ''RP&P&*...!     .,    " "   *.  &   It in anything butvpleasant to be cempelled  to find fault continually with the Government  * /Tor their peeming indifference in regard to the  goads in this upper country, but we think we  would not be doing our duty as journalists to  remain siteni; \vhilsi we.hear,oh every hand  one coatimw?'."in cry of complaint.   For years  tbe people < f On iboo have asked for an ap-  //������ prppriation for a road fifom William to Grouse  ';' Creekj: hn I- wi th out a vai 1; .. and" to-day the  /,>.trail to that creek is as/ifcvwiis live.or six years  /VflgOt ahd.lbp inhabitants .'of that, section have  /.v/'abbut^e&d 'p���������\imk%tsy further expectations  ;|J'������fVQpyerniBenfc support, and had made n p  are similarly situated;, but, we forbear for the  :presenfc as we/thinlv enou^li has ������eeii Said' to  show that the miiiim!: interests of Cariboo have  beerf greatly neglected by the Government  of tbe country in the matter of road appr,pr  pTiatlons of a portion of the revenue raised  by tbertf a lo he tor tbe gen era) purposes of  the colony^ We are not. ignpraht'of the  m^ny: reasons/that may bo urged Sox the; non-  a'p p ro p ri a ti< *n ofmoney for road rb u i I di fig in  SCariboo. The/first "and readiest is '-the want  %f revenue;7? The plain and simple ^answer  to th is excuse is, n o p eo p 1 e sh ot j 1 d- beK taxed  to support a Governmenfc that absorbs'ani utir  due^propprlibn of the revenue in' the'sup port  of officials, to the exclusion - of / publ ic; works  and benefits ; and that; the people of this  colony are thus tuiduiy taxed, we think there  are ���������none who ivil I doubt.  .Anotbei%r-eas6n,  "seem "reasonab^  ]arge amount of money.,.has beeh expended in  bui 1 ding roads f to ��������� tbc GaribOp ; conntry  already, and' to: keep snob roatls in repair a  iargo., amounts of -mouey is necessarily expended annually. It is admitted tliiat enormous sums off money have "been /thns  Expended; np t n ecessari I y������ b u t wan to n Iy;^exr  iravagaatlyind, foplisbly, aadxforbivhiQpiout^  rageibiis'loliythe people "of Cariboo are taxed1  the extortionateiV6um of2^ ceKts>/perJpound  for every articlejof food, clothing: and mining  m ate ri a I' that "p as3es i n to the upper c o u n try/;  which tax of its-elf: Is more taau-sufflcient' to;  pay for the repairs and tbe interest f*a the  money that was squandered in building1 the  **-4������W  history antl^jirinciplesof h^ppwerftil bpppn-  en'ts ;  an d in eve >*y i ��������������� l>o r tan t con lost th at is  the Itnowledge which is strong indeed.   ;   :  Before proceeding further. boweyof, Jtfis  necessary to endeavor to  to be educated >h the doctrine of U;nidn/-who  are to<J>e Hie edu6atoVs and who are/the subjects^ 'and what the: objects to be studied.  Nowf the;first and second! classes hero/can riot:  -be separated���������for the surest test of successful  education is:where the d*?sire and  ability to  learn and leWh;are equaj,  Every r^l^bst^  clo to the'prbgress of Gonfederation ^eliongs;  to the ��������� tb ird class, an"d  sbou I d   beep me, < the  subject of accurate investigation.   It is 'presumed that no individual or body  of^tneii  loyal to the Grown would oppose any such  ^ Union is an Imperial;as well lis a GaWdiaii  policyy and it relies ou; the loyalty o^*Nova  Scotia ������to /support i������.;> Are, otherf Brttisji  colon iea 1 ess I oy al; than .No y a Sco ti a ? '��������� Go d  forbid I ^^lerel^re tbOu in|tru^ijon: U to all  'loyal subjects afiiictcd. with  tbe imaginary  - It is the claims, the character, tlie history  and the strengtu^of those/wU o-T!iise rnaterikt  objections toJtbeJscbeme that require/ to be  studied with /the, greatest care, a nd i n a perfect knowledge of them will the Union party  g Storo  VICTORIA,  OrtOSITE POST OFFICE AHD CUSTOM  Wm  >S   AtWAVg  ON, HAND   A!*b   IS   ifoS'TIIfV  lmiK)rting;tUemast^iHDplet������ aMort'int������i������f " '  /,. .English Clothing,  IJnder clothing,    '���������'; s  w^ *["; ** fW?.d '"?������"!��������������� I" prlc. and tetter &  qaahty than aay1������her;ih.Victorlai. ,      .'       'J?  W^.WI^?? !f^"������ ^Importer in thiitSiioBr "Si-  I  fc������<7^VJ>.>.'lf[  Al 1 -orders; Whojesaie or Reteiiflltl^SpI  Express, ? will/ receive;, Tm^m^ffBEmS^m  ^F- square dealmg, bpth. ������n.Oiimeg������iu^aj^Sp^^  K a gu.:������m ntee for good val iie.'jeli ���������  toria; jSlnce/162  rpadsr;��������� and jvhat^jnstice/is!thereiri compelHrigi at 4ast"find ��������� tbo'strength-bf,victdry,/ for* it cani  mm  THfewv-  _ /fl^(^/r^aia?to;i^nye^ears^      /ipaidSdoiible W/bat it;;lia;9;beyond.a doubtrfor  whatsis U e '% ^^io in <ki *<><kUvh!^ uf  "''4' "  '   "   '���������' "     ''     "   ' ' -Of;  jfOif  also  Kii  Ipi^fti^cfefo'^ejbelieve^feerela^^  ^^Siggiiig^ on Grouse Creek^as hss ew be^li  mm  A'AAsvAr'.  W'->~\>.r<1 ?.  J||iM^||e|>;/|3esI.destqu!^^  ;^s^|gt^e|e^itf tit; wbui'd  &oint -far   oihti   udprospected  creeks and  julches if-'tb'ei 3   w������ re a good road to make  ffayelling easy   and   the "transportation of  :. -   goods cheap.    There are also  beside Grouse  ; / '.Greek, Canadian, French' and Antler creeks,  -���������'-'   Beggs gulch, Cay ot ravine and other places  A-A ol inaportancein tbatVdirection thiit are similarly situated, and would be very much bene-  ? i fitted by a road to Grouse. Antler.Greek, for  ; instance, one of the first discovered creeks in  ,   pariboo,'which is still .being mined, did not  *    receive.goods by a pack train, this  season  v..  until hear the middle of June. Nor are Keith-  ley, Cunningham, Snowshoe, Cedar, Black  Bear and, othercreeks in: that direction in any  lbei^er^cphdition���������ail w;itbout any road except  what.nature has made, and the old dame has  Bot been more favorable iuthe matter of road  - ittajkingin.that;section thaashe has ia other  jparta bf Cariboo.   We now turn to another  and most important; section of the - miriine  :/ country; ^iz^:^  creek:that has all at; once, within one short  year,  proved  itself to be not only uch of  ^# iM^ftbUt/froni its.: locality it must necessarily:  A; become a distributing point for a large^ tract  ,/pf.;...valuable^mining c6untry!-;'andWltbough  -this fact, was well known nine months .ago, so  zoiicb so that -the Legislative Coun cii, at its  last SPSBKm,:<voted $5,000 to out a trail to it  , from WiUiam creek, yet up ;to  the  preseiiIt  time not a dollar has been approp riated for  that  purpose.    Mosquito   Creek  and   Red  .gulch, considered =as one and represented by  the town of Centreviile, is the largest mining  camp in Cariboo, outside of William creek;  and we mustsay that-the access to it from  Barkeryille[���������; is   the   worst   that   can   be  imagined ; in ifact it is so bad tb'at the Gold  Commissioner has not-been able to make it  an official visit, althougii the distance from  Sarksrvilie  does not exceed 7 miles.   Beyond Mosquito, down the Willow river and  to the west, are Sugar and Mustang creeks,  both large and extensive, and are becoming  quite attracting from recent developments, to  which there is no means of getting supplies  except through Mosquito, from which goods  have to be packed by Indians, at tbe rate of  8.cents per lb.   ;Tis true a trail is now beino-  cut by an enterprising individual, on his own  account and at hh own cost, except an ap-  a< portionUir section of the people in-the  colony to pay and suffer for the blunders and  maladministration bf < the Government? If/  in ords- s^ zander to the latere?: % r fa few  wire-pulling schemers, and to' satisfy the  clamors of rival communities in the'/lower  Icounir^an/^np^  extravagantly squandered'in constructing two.  great roads hundreds of miles before they  even approached -the Gari boo ��������� country'; -^^hy,  in-the name of all that is fair and just, it may  he askttd;; should the miners of Cariboo be  saddled vitb tbe penalty of such folly by  beingrm*df* logo v-. khont roads* or modes.of  commnnlcati6n:4n';_that'-part, of the -.country  where ^hey aie niost weeded/ There sre in-  stancesjwhere nature has Jseem( d-,to' -?evers,c  ���������i^s,order;/and-'g' ^tor.b ei \ j) $4si&  fo1?tle^'r:;bii'fcjrt;is;i;i^  of'openings up a eon n fry' lo converge two  gtea^roa^ io t/ie LiteiiGr TaHitf ilmn Ann  with'a singi e trn njv and diverge ine;bttncheJ5  as it intersects tbe inner country. The1 rbads.  tfereibr^ which have been built ia Mit!sh  Columbia and charged, to Cariboo accbunit/  are more numerous, lengthy and expensive  than were required, and were not built with  a/vie w; of benefi tting , the m inera -by gi virig-  tjiem a short and inexpensive way of travel-  11 ng or of: transporting goods i n to the'Cariboo"  country* and for these reasons it should not  be,said that a fair proportion of the revenues  of: the country /has been expended incori^  structing roads for. tbe benefit of Cariboo.  \Ve will upon some,future occasion show how  a single road could be built over a direct and  ***y. route which would intersect Antler,  Grouse, Canadian, Mosquito, Sugar, Mustang  and numerous other creeks and gulches,  winch would become a permanent great road  for many years, perhaps for all time, and  would be an easier and more'direct route from  William Creek- than���������the present one bv the  way of Yan Winkle. ������������������  not be-expected that a nation which more  than: a quarter'of a century ago. indemnified  a few of her colonial', -speculators' to the  amount of $100^000,000.for the effects of an  imperial Act, will"not now: bear, the claims  for indemnity'by other subjects against; another Act/if thkir claims A.R13 Jt-ST. Here:is  where the study bej^in^. l)oes tbe Act "of  Union1 annul in whole ^r in part the rights or  immunities of any subject, whether private;  official or corporate, within tho colonies? It  depends up on that fact whether British Columbia is to.be the;cradle-' or the/coffm; of a'  colony.   '.,'���������., 1������', ���������  BBITjail^COLUMBU,/  , lliiw^w&wA by Royal^Charter. I862i#:^ -;  ' "w '^AwAl'wA -,_^_ AA ������������������ _ ,   w^^m  capital . --���������.." - ���������o '*'4$:sQ*mttm  v ,;; -,-;-,-',    '". With powertb.'ijxereaifee';-- W-.-wj -::. - f , v <-  Drifts issued on the iHnJzA lAwtwhw   \ ;   '���������  m 'aaa i> coulee isfi&D ^ v rcTouii^ *:  -p    f^.'Jn the UnwA States, wr l\\  CAtlFOENI^^* :J S; sm FMNfeiG^I  OREGON. ��������� - '- * t- PORTLAND, V "< . ���������  NEW^ YORK, AwAw& M^ssr^BK'ir^^ :  dfi\ Agents foi   ht Bank (ti: '/lon'cJ., :;   I  CANADA���������The^.Bank of Montreal:/'Aw:$  m  ������*������W������������������������������������I  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS^  '  " '    J RICHFIELD.    -        '  >  IS   T,0Rn?TrTP   THE   EICRT REV. BISHOP' D^  ^���������IIElttiOMEZi D.D.,wniVpi,r{brni'Jtbb Iceremony  of:the BENEDICTION of the above Church ana Belt  xin,Sunday next, tha 19th inst/.    ���������        f       jyl3 2t  "6������- Services to cOmaience at TENio!clock a. iU,*'    /  ^-DJOURNED  NOTICE;  MBETINGvOF   THE"  ���������-CALEDONI-A"  the  ////IN'TJtOOUctlOy.;, .  Innumerable/^lecdotes /iave.:been: told of  ie broneness; of;;pu.bUo journalists to wait  wish for and even,anticipate startling.or im-  l portant events,, one of which we happen  to  I remember.    A'compositor shouted   to   the  editor on the second floor '-that he wanted  four lines to fill the column.5'. u Very well?J  said, the editor,'������' kill a child'at Hull.1' ; " 111  nght,,: said the compositor," but I want two  lines yet."   "Contradict it again >' said the  editor.  Now, this seems to be the unpardonable  mode adopted by many journalists, even in  matters of great importance.   During the last  year the formation of a new government���������  the Confederation of  the  British American  provinces-has been .under the discussion of  the press, and it is remarkable how often it  has been killed and contradicted again; and  the whole history of the discussion lias" b'een  but a series of persistent assertions on the one  side, and as positive denials on the other  Now,  this may u"o  to fill up a column in a  newspaper, but it will accomplish very-little  more.   , *  jThc Recret principle of tbe greatest political  iftz/Bpnevotent'A^  25th, July, at 8. o'clock. - ( " v , ���������      /'  Members .-hnrt intending members, arc Tcqucstod to  be present without fail. ������������������ w*  jyl6 td _.  r. ; POOL, Secretary. !  ON^OTLANp^TbeZ-Bneish^ianen'^Gos^  on i|||||i)| in iwuh sii|i||| I HI  ON MOJITO 1ND AAj i A: AMllRi 1A7 V, *   ���������  r | JlwA*M llwiAnl &S j jq | Bgmh A 'bo? U %  i  Mia.   rEemW>yj j&- -1 si h' I$i$j&^F$m^s  JLeadenhail sir- if.  c'W''C-':  ;Si*  BARNARD'S; EXPRESSl  N FUTURE ANP TILL FURTHER ^NOTICE," THE  Express will, arri v.e in  Barker?i 11c on : Saturday  Evening and close aga in "for be low oh Tuesday i Eva:  ning. at NI>E o'clock../.Passengers lenvingper Ex-  per  press bn;Wednesday, Morning will be iu V.ilo on Suh>  day afternoon.,;  : .June2i.lS68  j;/.5iJKcpi������Jpd;6ii;.0spbs  TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS  ,  ��������� '       ^    '  '      ~ i    '>    -, -     ���������        ^,   <'? >���������-{<<���������  Granted on Victoria, Saa Jrancisco, Portland and $tf  .- .   York. <W'  . -Ererydescription of Banking basinera-; ���������$rans5'ct������d;'i-.  ���������H. SHIRLEY BLUSf,%|erjt^~  ^WiUlamCreek^Cariboo. ���������������������������������������������' ._ - --������������������ ��������� ������������������jnflv:  SfiAVY   JIVSPOftTATlONv  A. C. CAMPBELL,  AS   JUST  RECEIVED   FROM   VICTORIA  of the largest anU best assorted stocks of  HARDWARE  o^r  .      -  ROBERT.POOL, /Agent  DR.   ^Hlpiy-  ��������� M.R.G.S., -Exo./-L.S.A.   Lbx%  ���������y������  At home for consultation daily/  bpltfw the Theatre.   .Office fee. $5.  Offlce two :.doors  _ DENTISTRY���������Teeth Extracted 'or Filled 'With-fGnli,  S5.- .;'-: '-W ���������      A; AW-A '���������'���������   (..":vj'el5 5rn.-  Fariners, Attention!  Evpr imported ;td Cariboo, consisting of shorels, h?*^  axesi slufceifqrke, naiIs; bar and bun������ilo. iron, flat W%  round, of all:sifcps; Naylor's cast'stetl, fiat and octa^(  g<m j cfu"wheei^^tftist steel axles,' double action; bolls������  "������ uts and washers of all sizt'S;, anvils, \rices, bello.ws, |  W ���������, and blacksmiths- tools generally; hay rakes, scythes p.  and snatbes: ,axe and pick hum\l?s; rope, saws,, glass,  sealespcii qienti^rs1 {tools, h)Cks, hihges, screws, hasps,/.  ata pies, ���������; h W a nil coat' hooks,- fil es .and rasps; .buicnersl:  ani J /..liun ting :;kn iy,es;, cutlvry j n grea t ya r{ e ty, and j  everyarHclKheces^iryfor ajniniug: country.   Ilprso^  and mule shoes antlriaiis.    Also a good assortment ot}.  stationery, all of which he Is prepared to sell at prices/  which Avill'defy competition. r7' !''��������� .W-'yr  ' 'May &, 1SSS. .. : '-'- '' :"./--.' ���������"'.;//vA-':'  FOR  CENT  P ER I!;OUNI3  N  ANrD  AFTER  THIS  DATE THE RATE  Grinding at the Son.*. Creek Mill will bu  ONE-HALF  and screenings returned..   A first-class Mi1h> constantly in attendance.   Capacity, one hundred and  nfty barr-ds p.ir day.  jfjijj* Satisfaction guaranteed.  o  ,   ���������'���������','   T       nn J- R. ADASIS.  Soda Creek, June 30, 1868. ���������       j03q  GENERAL AGENT AND ACCOUNTANT ���������REv'TS  U.anrl p.|ns c.il'*cted. AccounU stated, and  Mining or M rcantilc Books made up All bu^imss in  the above hranchus transacted with correctness and"  prornptitulo...  ^Any .messages, or oriers left at the store of the  Hudson Bay Co  will r-c-ire immediate attention.  BarkerviMe, July 13, 1863. ; ������{q  F?������^ ������������ ���������!��������� ^-O-P-k^  INFORMATIOxNT  WANTED  0P Jm THEREABOUTS OF MR-JOHN COX, WHO  U.   has not been heard of by bis wife for about four  Any information regard ing him will hoglidly  /   MRS ANNIE COX,  years,  received by  . Jyl-3 So  'Victoria  SON & PALY BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY  have opened the above Saloon,, and hupo from  their experience and strict attention to merit*sliara  of tiio public patronage  Meals,   Lunches,   Oyster  Stews,  &cy  Served tip at all hours/day and ������^������  BarkervjHe, B.C., June 22. JggL������  60 Yoke Oxen  16. Lai-ge Team  All infinocoadltioni  J.  J"82 lai  HARPSR.  ���������''���������'V/l I ������,������������; y^,,-^,  m  ������������������  i-iA-    :  sjpnpHir:-*  W^k j, > i      e>' *   "**"   ���������'  BiBMiai'!"..'! ������wn������. t������?g ^���������."^gsyy  :���������<*&  ^  ^���������ft*  1  . . :i.l������ViuTaRiA';*v.a. : ..'/<:.  ��������� '  ' - ���������i. ������riwiiriee waS-wrecked on-tlie  ������t ���������S.*?-f'rl lerT*y to'5**"-in S������iD^  / k'1'fTjd&S^< Qaeen Charlotte'  W^S' 'St* previously, unknown.     H.M.S.:  ^^WlMic^^-S^^ scene of- the"  - :&&^* P������rt of' the vessel had-  ^iK&rk was stilt bangtyjft* the rocfe*.  4e������ioak#diupon as a;total wreck. r  ^aSfrnv^d in Victoria from ban Francisco  ^*fife*fedtnerL New . V,  l^plpjii Sam?ra><3isco and Vai-  MilWDigbt^fine l^#tbeMist!l^pr;-aad  ������ur miU;^>^!ctbria ��������� b^lonffing^ to.: Messrs.  ���������%*&$*& mem .by/a Vote of fe against  t&&% ��������� ������n?otwctfmont; of:thev result w^  |reete4^ cheers; by theTory Lords.   The  |������to?bil passedasecond:readi^  ill: the. Lords.        . Tp  ;/fc^r^^ef,arriye4?n,Eng!and(on M  Muist^ immense crowd assembled'at  t^e railroad depot to welcome him;and the  |reatest^ enthusiasm :,w;as,: manifested. The  ������?u/re;0fC^  vote of thanks to the General: and 16fl5bers/oi*  .tin expedition. The Prince of :#&fc������ Prince  W?e(*������������������������ an4 many membersof the Court were  pesent, and all the galleries were crowded  TOf^rilhant throng it being; knownt- that  f*^'^ilP?er .would be-preserit.   The Genera!  wptfedjnd Gladstone seconded the <vote of  thanks;-   ������������������ ; Ak . - :'��������� -:"rrn :���������/>-:������������������' ^-,^w ^,  uiaStv^T^ prdf ^^et the, views of a  ^f|t    rf bscribers, we have made a  WnVWslhl^1? before,for the ftitnre-so  PriT. 'fi /-. i * *tf ��������������������������������������������� " ^J *"**"������ ���������������������������** w* f ajov   to,, i urn is  The  m)o?Pg: .news,^ willi:be  .CANADIAN NEWS. *  rnpBdoATroN of ffitiiii^Nfe  from '���������"Garitiooi  pushed ?ni otlf Wednesdays issueV which  Jlf J"1^ V^ssible to/getcorrectrepOrts of  hlrS^f *MM. ������l������ SUndal that  -inlc^^^,^^0^>^^ tiieirOdrift  ??*&* ^PJS^ from the<obtt6m of; their'shaft  ������^  l^feWrfctefexomman  Ssteamer;Cous'titu*  ss  In  ^ll^^^^jo1^^S^|ig^^p^ ��������� 'rnpyhihg;  ;rj^^^^B������l^^fl^;politic;ians; zM memJ  ^.;f ^^fr#^^mnW������|g^vendou and some:  ���������^^SrSS^^^bfcfirsi������;tr>  joa:witb/tbe following speech^  Honorable Gentlemen of the- Senate, Gentle-  A:%' men of the7 House of Commons1:   -���������-     -  - I ,:am.. jjlad to;- be, "enabled, to "release vou  froBa:fortb������rattendanceU7t������j yotir duties" Jn  fe^^E^^^O/Acis.wbfo  rorremorJeHin^thbMilitiia force of7ihe,'jr3o-1  Jjilttion and .searing :the;defence of ���������yonr^terv  rltory.will, I trust, accomplish the objects  ,wblch you desire to obtain.    I  hope the  measures which * have been' adopted fot.' regulating the fiscal system of   the   Dominion  .will tend to the promotion of commercial en-  "te^ris;eand the stability of tbe public credit.  I congratulate yotfon the passagfe of acts by  which the Executive Departments of the Do-  minion'b;,VL;hecn organised and their effi-  'plency provided "for. I must express my re-  jgret.that the, measures for the assimilation'of  ���������;t% crira i n a r l a w o f tb e se v er a i p r or i n c es ' of  the; Dominion, which were siiboitffetl bj ni?  'direcU-ii s co Parliament, h.- e no1 bec'n'jfre^  sekted fm ih, sanction of Vw Ofo^n  fe ||l ||m|ii ii t IM IIo������ j se of CoSm;^n|:g :'  'rr?|K|fegiik fmr'fof the prov'isioh^"ypn have  fiiate/sr.the^public;services*arstl>'lf1am' satis^  .0e^H;win;:be -applied /with': due.^:rcg������r<i^:to  x^A^AiyAi! wA 'wwouiyr w  *   *\   /  i|^^^enUe1nen?an(I::.Geh1]e^  prPYe favoi^ble !br>-the iJiinCtionlclaira ad-  .^affUalore.^.^  i^ncson cojtfo ^nfclin/^ilcb^whmh^e^iib^  ���������������������������^s^d in our-3asfc issiie, has be^n Confirmed;  The shares-invtbis; company have advanced  }$ a/preUyiHigh/fi������ure;;-S^op-r.b.e^m^efused  ^r/a^sm^]p||n1ere^ jt is reported that the  Talisman co^on-Gronse creek have struck  j?opd pay, wliich is eupposed- to ^be the old  Heron leadS'  ���������   RBApnf^^^gSt'   sis institution,-We are  sorry  k* b'^'i;^^^feen)%finallf .-)os^i tc  .tn^.publlo/^|^t^tiisj$lfowevprj that the' closing ib noc pJermWenuor for a long period^ as  w������2ook,uV^njB^nwVsdtiition as a great  b oon to ������ny -com ft ^ W ] a nd ,ruoi e er- pc cial ly  :to' a/= comrn^mH j'S^fe^Barker^iHe; /-Mr!  Bow.rpn inl������rm^^^^ii e ia oompelled to  close the rooni^������want ���������-*! sufficient, - itron  ������.ft     Surelj  ;t!mmec   j   Cariboo v-d! $ol  ^uffeiv:' t^^^^S^?^?- to' b^giveStijf fiir  such acaus5.^^������^^f^e^Ids'fof'literat^lre  vraiiy.;.at,c5B(ie:M^i|^^c^U^^������n^^   tti'Ct  .'what,has ^������ej*flfflffi^|4ib,oasi?/of Cariboo  ;m'ay;uoti:be|rec-^^^#Mj|^to things'" that  are past.    ?        lWWMv^- '*  AA       ^A  ,  hm-W'Af  - will thhy Co\;a^%(Jovernor Seymour, In  .nskin^ 'the?ooncufrenco^ogti!e;;m;embei;s:'of  . ^always take pleasure in^ajlirig;::gu8llo"<  attention to tmprovemectmji{$ot^iccommp',  iation; v:The^latest ^k^i^o^&i^a'.Ttxj^t^^  at the ExdHANGB HoTEfo Sodfc CreeE   Tli������"  r()oms have been Btted up with special refer*  ence to tfe .cbmlbrt of ladies^arid families  |!^yeWnS to/or from this distn^t,!^ all the,,  little appliances ^ipr comfort "equal/ to any  Victoria bote lv may be en'oyedi^    ^   ���������  / ,*'  . ^%'Mfi^Wjs=jpiT������ a very interesting ^a. ���������  I^IWPl^^-etfisbUtKcTttk'an appreciative  ������������������ - J$^^'-1^: house ^%^j|8o .well k filledr  as u-5tia;l#l^it i1ie-.pi^%rma^WadJiip'..tb:-thi8i'  !?.a*^pother��������� ���������eitotainnient'.will'bd given''  M Wednesday evening nest^when there will  ������������������>|Jt^^)''^^pif^i,ogram^.      , '> /'A  Jlm'-^ ^e'/b'anQ^meti Sn. ^^ k.iti:.  ZeWIous., ���������/ rip.jj ��������� in���������< Esquimalt* larbor,:J wat  recently' stabbed by a cdSradei   The man1  was badly {relied in the ,'baok^of ,the) iieok '  with a/���������Kit:!?|>jut;^j9 ihbught will get ovef'  the wound,      . //.    - .,  ^ B'ApAKn'a l^j-'Rssjg arriVeli huri eyeningl.ai  following "passfengerir ?��������������������������� HilexA Wataoh, Esq.i  Inspector ot the. Bank of. British Colnotbiak  andijr .idamson, of the 6rto of Mamson &  iiurd ; ���������, two.musicians *"for ''Sfcerlipg?s saloosa  were also-amoiig tbe ^passenger's; ���������Ac\\ >'A '"'���������;' '���������  The Atlantic;(kb]e;:������rinolu6beaHtbrfaet' that  >the entire territory belonging-^ the Hudpttl  Ray Company has been ceded tb the -Crown*  Subsequent /news cdnfirms the tenor" of Jih',0a  above despatch.���������W-. T. paper* ' -'" '  i'������t������������'^>^.^..,f^^.t:H^-^'tSJ'.-tr'ry.1������rr'y  Ox the ��������� Road.���������The, following te^/Wani  trains vl^t-Yalelast^ee  \Vard7s w^on. for 'AuivwitiV- im^ > ^ooda ;  for Messrs-.'Cornwall, TuesdayWiiaa Lbpea", >:  tram ,fot William ,Creek j go"bds-fOf Doderd,-:  % A^ne^a Gi-CuQi" Lwortfii^ iiw fo|  milium Creek ; gooo- for Brig^s ^"^(N1"ihdr ���������  .Pearson ( Bros: .George" Cbson's-/train\-foir"''1  ^il'isa. Creek; g-oods for"1 i Stfousaj '  Beedv; 3 mule ��������� teams, : 9,. :yfnf ' r-n; n &*   ti f^;;'  .J.T,";  'M  S-  r.A3.-  ������������0iM!^^^^^^M  ^|:lgfIqr s^tliatSe^ard'^as.purchased "SonOm  :\Md Sinalo from Mexico, also-negotiated with''  , ' Bdrlihgathe 'for: a treaty of commerce with  ; mm i    % |^ *    ��������� - - -���������  .      ?  \ '   : '   ������1        -EUROPE. .  ��������� :A hmhn,:;July  13���������The English^journals  .  publish thff^>latformW principies adopted at  -the Tammany Hall Convention. The Times  eays the platform contains the principles of  partialrepudiation, and should be t fer^waVn-  ' '������������������''��������� J?5l������������i'."th? defeat of the: Democratic ptoy;  ��������� ^HTmies thinks the adoption of this plat-  i *0C[4/renders the election of General Grant  -.almostcertain. -   , :  ���������J"   Yienna, July 9-Beast has wTilfen ai sharp  ��������� S^������r h XH-^W* altocntion of the Pope  : ea^state^ the realm of Austria; saying  ^ntermeddhng of the Pope with th������d������  tbe dignity and independence df'tnelimpire.  s^jffth Wy W^EK Irish .?pfeSK>];te  *M ^s^of Parliament haw t'offtjl a  eutafS^ Lo"?f������llo������r- -Gladstone, Farra^  .{^?^-:totf������WuWied; persons were  pie, of &H*,oUm/*thrti 'm m i^ufgent^Mv^b.'  and  %<"  urrv)d 1 <ke   1 c   ! auw   uoon   what  (assure'&%ri your reisira ib:'-yoiVr hqmds  jmi 5?!Ut,.tevf yourselves in |$umio)!if obed  letice in fhe laws, and incnlesfcin^ attachment  to the free. institutions- uhdcr,.Wliich it is your  happLc. to live.  The speaker^'- of the Senate, then saidj :���������  Hon."Gentlemen of the Senate aodlof the  /House of Gpmmons.-^It is His Excellency  the Governor-Gen era Us. wish and pleasure  that this Parliament be prorogued until Wednesday, first day of July ( next, :to be here  beldy and this Parliament is Accordingly prorogued- until. Wednesday, 1st day of July  .next;- -.;'-:.   :  \ /.-..     -   . :t:'; ���������/,; ^': :v  Seventy-six bills were assented to in ber  Majeaty^ name by the Governor^General.  The cash value of farms, in the Province of  Quebec, not including implements, is\sabout  $171,000,000.       . ' ,  A verdict of\Lwilful murder has been rer  plC'?f -i insist at with the principles of popn1  Iar-repreK-arifation, the-members who .were  elected to 'represent their eonstituents for^a  ^iyen time^can; consent to?hold that position  for anytimefor which 'they have not been  elected; ��������� We wonder if tHey will '* concur???  -Wb pnid a'visit on Friday//eyening:; tp; the  Barker diggings/^ 5hey/haye^strnck -a high  bank of gnave!, prospectin^' remarkably welI.  This, company have ' gone' to i a good  deal/of expense andftabo^ to; cut a/ bed-rock  drain to their claim; going through > old  broken caps and posts a^d a sea of mire and  slum three er four feet deep. Their drain, is  i n every way wel 1 con di ti on ed | in fact, i t is  cpunfe;   hi. KriL^D'S waj'Guf^ miGiih Q������^/'f-5*\^;,   M$l     ,e   ",   ^   ������0m   I  about 134,000 (pbunds .of'mei'cbaijdlsr/ w'er^,i  forwarded.���������[Examindn ^  -w  ohe/oTtbe:bestp^  kind we hare/ever seen in/ >the mines;-; Itre-  ^ ._���������.,.. ...__...,.... fleets:greatcr^  turned by a coroher;s jury against Dr Rowe,  man. }j Harry," and of the  men under  his  for having:: caused   the death by abortion;  command. .:'���������:���������'  tiBEcfi 3JrrK3-^Mr  stayed ttgaSdor^rj?W,0nS 'haV(5 bcen  h % '������������������'. EUROPE  House iTriffi.- 4lh "?8t-   The debate. i0 th*  ��������������� of L6rd8, on Z'i -1*^Tate ie <*������  poiatmenta bill'������"B(re ^m? Church Ap-  filming o 'the &ed���������tU1���������,? ������'oi<wk on  J������ta������������ Prioec Aifr������'h u!f-   Tho Prince of  *"*n e&id ih"Uh fen8 Errni Eari  8a ,-'ll"r������'J had f������il������<} trt  cbmra i tted b y m ec,b an i cal means j 6 fJan/c Ann  Huff,; living" in, Frankfort. // The /..'doctor/has  fled; ,b.U t, the girl's moth er, ha/g h ee n arrested  as particeps criminis and lodged in,Belleville  /Gaol.::;/">:--:/'':A;���������-/''��������� M:���������'/.���������'������������������;���������'���������������������������'������������������'.���������:���������. v':'; ^5  ., A��������� ..nation al siibscripfcion is being made for  the w i Sow and; family of tbe '1 a fee; Darcy  McGee.     ./   '/ y:,^,.:^^,v :.A\-      . ���������.   ;  . A PtSTrxGtnsnei> Gi;kht.'-^T?he Right Rev.  d' Herb o mez,   Oath o 1 i c   Bishop   of ; B ri I ish  Columbia, has been amongst us for the last  few days,:on a pastoral visit  to   his  flock.  To-day, aiVt.0 *t. m.. a most imposing: religious  ceretrtony will take place at Rich Hold, the  Christening of the belt and the consecration  of the Catholic Church by the Bishop.   No  doubt; many will avail themselves of this opportunity of witnessing a religious ceremony  they have never seen before.   Wo learn that  a subscription list is, being   circulated   by  some of our most respectable citixenvfor the  sake of. giving the worthy Bishop,  an  old  pioneer of Washington Territory and British  Columbia, a substantial token of their regard  and esteem, and of their due appreciation of  bis many v i r tues.   We hope th at al 1 th ose  who can contribute their mite towards  so  worthy an object will do so most cheerfully.  Quartz.���������A sample of quartz, from the  Grouse Creek Quartz Co's ledge has been  tested in Barkerville. and found to bo very  rieb in fiour gold, yielding,as high as $.t00 to  tho tog.  upon lis .yesterday in orning to show a sample  of handsome Coarse gold ^ie and his-partners  ���������h a ve 1 atcly ob tai n ed "at' Leech River,   It appears the;y are working at the /upper:'��������� end; of  the ground', w.here the original good pay gave  on t, and have b cen for so ra e ti m e trac 1 ng th e  ead into the side bank, sorae sixty .feet from  the creek.:. They consider they/have struck  tbe old Lead, anil that it will; take them six  months to wash their ground out.; The goid i  obtained is of a.remarkably fine qmility, In.  pieces from two bits to $2 50.���������[Colonist, 7th.  gKOW__Oh Friday night we had a Tall of  snow, and vesterday morning the MM tops  as far as the eye could extend were Covered  with the frosty'fleece.   At the milk ranch on  ���������'������������������i?Sr Allow no one, ^ >j ^ yon oi ? ith any oth^t  Coffee than ^ell'.^EST.- Tof be'bad from all respect;*  able dealers.      -   '        r   ';'./''      ; '���������' .    ':"���������'/'  wmk  MISS  .HICKIVIAM /  HAS OPENED TKEA'Efc BUIEDI^ ADJOINIKS  tlj������-:Pu8t Oifiee as'a^  1     ,  T,    '  ���������; ^wUf^Gg HOUSE', AND' SALOON,  where she hopes to rfceivea^ fair share *of>pubU������  pittronage from:hf.jr iriehds, und the. pubile.   ���������*.���������    W"'���������*"'  The Bar is stocked ,y>*ttU the best of Liquors; and  good BOARD furnished oh the most reasonable^^ terms.  "Also, good BEDS and ROOMS TO TiET; furnished or  itnrurnished. Theklndcst/ttttention will' be paid .W  all Avho njyty favor heryijih (iypaH^:; W :":��������� ;������������������' ������������������:���������:/-^-jy 6- Iri^A-  Be Nouvioii: & Kiirtz>;.;>���������  .' (SuccessorstoBiiieBros.,)  B A BK.ER.Vl h h Bv  .  DEALERS  lJf//:' -''A -'"   ��������� : . ,    '  Fovisloiis  was still summer/even in Cariboo.  The 'Road Tolls received at Tale during  the hVst half of tbe present year amounted to  S1G'?37 u'7 against S12.970 14 in tbe same  poriod of lastyeaf. The tolls re^ed dnrinp  the past month of June amounted, to ^.o.o  07, In Juno, J867, they amounted to U}nd  66.���������[Examiner.  The Expkess will close on Tuesday eve-  ninff at i o'clock and the mail at 8 o'clock.  TbaStage will leave for down country on  Wednesday morning, at 7 e'cloc^.  HAS JUST RECEIVED A LARGE'ASSORT-  men tot JJOOTS of various styles and of the  15EST QWALVE?:; also, Benker15s Fine JOress  Boots rif the host description.  I have Boors ofrny own make warranted not 16 be  surpussed, by -any Boots made either in this Colony or  iu Oaiifornia, either for workmanship or darabiliiy,  Gum 'Bofi'ts coustatitly on hand. Boots made trf  ord er an d RE PAIRING. f J one at the shortest notice;  . .  tm,XEXT DOOR TO THE -SENTTSfEL OFFICE, 'jg$!  jSlS ���������'BARKERVILLB, B.C.  ;     FOR SALE.  A first'class cabin-, near bakke-bville;-^  This cabin was erectea at great expense, and ha.  a vault buneat-h for tho storage of winter Vegetable?,  \Vith very little alteration it might be mado an excel'  leut wjntc-r residence, as it has a donhle roof. .  Apply to-J, K. SUTSR. cr th������ 0,Clc������ of this 4\f*$tt,. I
.���^BKEMONY,'     //    ,
��� ���' Yon bromlsb' now.. goot man dare,;
��� w) "Vot Miands upon ,de vlbor. ;-." A
" To liab dish vooman for your yife, _
- -��� Ufid love her ebjjermoro:   ,     *    '; '
t^ieed'bei', yeHmit squr-kraut;     / ���   T
n   Peons, pUttherhulk-urid scheose, * ' "" '
^l7aAia*tvll*dings.-tol4end^rpui^aid^ .<:.:
^;*-Da.t?vili In-ohiotojier^ease ;j^��^;'"
��� *���'." ite&iW imtfyStrrodraan sthandia^'daro
D.':;-';fi6'bledge your vorddish lay,' ���->������',
jiCat you vill took for your' boospand, r
liiTiDw mani' undInw&peyu Jjfe - '*������' j:
^:;iDat:yqu|f^n'pe^/lma;ppardfHp; him,
>��V,Vosh^!|bn and-menthis clootbes,
& iiiaff ven^lie shmlles, veep ven he; moo*
I ;,;<: Und chare his shoys/uhdvpes ?/' ��������::���
*u5Veil? den/f ribwyiddin dese ya!llsf    ' ; w
*'/'' 'fiit'sboy/und-not^ ���  * ;'' _    "
Bronounch you ��� bo.$'to*pe yon mind,   '' ���
$��^Yj[>ii^ ;.',/������'
^^1 pooblisb,here dese holy,y^nds,^.,   ��� ,
t ^Pefore/Got, mine frow, Hanslmd Eon,
;,v^ Und;^all;dese gazin'eyes.,,,-   ,,���;    * < ,
*VI Und^as dfe|bacred!Sbbripturo says, \.���������
L  "Vot Got?unites togedde��-���"''"-������
^^^et;.D9'maii.dare/a8hunderiputl; ''.''������,-..' - f
'-Y^Lefc no man dare tern sever,; /    ���   t,, v,���
r :(vt[are 1' britek i;oo m.; now schoost you sthop,\
1 l7llboldjtight^fhajt��yo^^cpIla]R'^.'.-^   ^jiA
r^-'Wteefyo^anffi^elfnie'dishting;""' ~\'y~"
''; ' Und dat'S'���vavo ish mine tollar;?
Importer and Commission Mcrchant,
^Mny..l,-1SG8. ���'���/,:
\ 'v ;,���/. -.; ' Om'
H\ ���-' *        ':   LAND/AGENT, Etc.?.��� ^ ���    ��� '/    '
GovERXaEXT Street, Victoria, ��� V. I. ..'���., /:", .
���i All -.business carefully and punctually attended to.
May 1,1868. -, .��� ��� ...      ' - -/.  ,    -  - ,6m
COFI E ��    R Q #!S TERS,
������ ?   ' - ;���;..:.;'     -if-i*��� And -Dealers in ��� %     ��� ��� ;
" ; GROCERIES; i||O^It^H:ETC.,   ;
���������������'  ���'������;. Fort Street, Victoria,' V^'l/f     !; .''������"������"
.,':: New Yorl;,, California, aiid EuropeamExpross,  (;/
And Exchange Company. > Capital $10,000,000.;.'; Forward Lettera; Riclcafres ,an,d; Tr^suriJ, .to',:j*JLpa^s: ;pjf.
Eschangc';drawn .6'ii San'Fraffciscb, Now Yorki Boston;
and^London, at current rates. ' ',   ~A:AW
^Oaice^Yates-StreotiVictoria Y.:I. \f     .,.- ^v-
May li 1868.' ',        ,  .     *       ������.-.' ^ 3m
bnioterstind WatclJ^ cleaned,:repaired ;md warrant
Nf -H^Evory: dcscripiion;bf; Jewelry made, to,order.
Plain'and-Ornai^entalEngraviUg neatly execute^
; 6m
A: v T. >N';- HiBBEN1 &��� CO.,        "z
Snglish, American,
,-French, Genaanfr&rr
!':.. ;:   :4ii��i other '^ewspapers'aBtl periodicals/; i -,-' ; V ���
, Information   Required.���The   number   of
/^j&cres iri'.a ^mAiA iuclr.   Tiia. nature   of the
-'^Hses  hit ihe'-coluied imcsf.    Wl-at'Miid nt
'WWra ic used lr a racing ��� T��'ep.    Too nyss'!-:
^er of toes on % pedestrian's'; fq&i. * - .Tho 'space
of   a   b'd^rocaE   poJloo.   Tb-"   rjnuLivy   of
;iiMmi&i ^required; -Jn. hedging' >a :^ed^; If a'
man ^Vstands^tb.win,',?-whether be will lose if
. ''He' sit^Jd o wn.  - If a in a ri saves 'bis '4' s f e ak? ? ������ by
goh/. with* d -is"dinner,
-    ���'        < - -1       , ���   3_ *
'' ;A^>^AMEEic&'|EfliTOR:s Ears,���^ Western
5waS*,sk9ting rocerilly and vjrolie throngh-the.-
M ��0^'A1b ^ment:m ;-itp;i to'/th e -:ealrs;yb u t-th evh olo
^/hik- fief was  *v^tlng for some ;ori   tc islv^
iii^i'ont hig bv>TS fi'os^, aiiil  rhey  lia^e  sices
'been/ampjijateaj'/a nd are;;iilea? for' doprTinatg.
^ajtM arid ���TV*^i^::t^R1TI^-CQ^1^:
in^either the/Daily dr: Weekly^suc? orthc /a^ye-to
}����rv^art of Europe, the United States, Canada, A ustra-
Iiii; &c' Jloftat this ottloo, or .sent, tp; Jictoria ^iil ^e
Attended to: .TerMs i�� a/lvaiico. *^kuv 12mo^.
with Postage, $7 50,; timoS: do,v$4 75. -..-.DAZUf. Ji'
inb^dt)iV-S33|ifimos-dO.,l $12C0.   ��      t
:May 1,. 1868.;:. \;. - -.: .C_:..._^^���_2->
^'. , GOYERNMKNT,SrKEET, VlQTORJA, V. I.   .   ^ ....'��
riTHE BESTAURANT is suppliedI-with,;all the
���;liI:vdeIfca-Qies of tho season^: and tho sleoping^accomp^
jlation Is replete with every comfort^ ; The ^est ol
Wines,^LiquorsandCipars. :,"   '���'���-'.:,
}     V j. BIGKE & CO-a Proprietors. ,-
'u May 1,1368.    ,   ������,;' v'.v .'-"���'������'"-; , A' \<.::^ /A'?*1'
Gu  SUTPO   &   �� P-,
, ' ,' . .Corner oCYatesonilWhaBLStrcetajv-v-������
,..   . '���������.,��� Vicroitu, :v. ��� I.,,.;      ' - ����� - '^;,.   ,
^:g/:/g^/./;^/j5/ 'STORK ;��sfeBET^//;J:^J^/;g;i/5
,,.,   Between Herald/and Fisgu'ard, Victoria,"^;;J;:
, queskelmocth; ���" >
Good Bed��;-Restauraft|;-Bimaril^*,42
a 6m
Mw % % ;^YTTON; B.Ci' - 'S: :-v^/ /:,
l?v that the uihpvo Hoitel-ls^i^oraro^ftvSS^"-
country is;rctaittpd.utaliis M^bltolsSM^^-    I
, -The undersigned' would also announce that ai h^a -:'-
to the Hotel be lias an.cxiensive Uvcry^S^wi^
Horses,f6r,hire,at moderateTaios^HayS3�� ft! "
sale cheap.  '/   A   *'���  ���   - ��� ���-   ^y" ^"ru Wf��f;
--*'&;:*'.���'"**'  ' - -;;^^ ,v:;^proprietors^??^":
: r ���)���!
iL'his' friends /and,%tM" .���travelling,,^uhlics " tliai
the above Hotel is the most:"commodious/and 'clean*
hotel in Victoria:1 It is sconducted>.oJ3' the, European
principle, audi the tabic is supplied with tho Jv/ery h'eet
tbfe marlcet atfords. - ,i:-;,'. . -.
May 1,1868./ : .;   ""r :>'-,,.,A \:" : ���.-./V;pmT
, sRrMP^^th'e^T^em^^
^rtagc,!?eg to .announco.ythat;b:avin|"purchased rh��:;
Clintoii'{Hpterproperty,' thcyjar^prclmred"to" n��,
excellent���* accoramodatioh/to^the  iin\aii^.publfc
WATCHMAKER      ',.-,.
-''..-     .AND    JEWELLER,
, ^ '  -CLUB BUILDING,  .
,    Jewelry of everj' de��*'.ripUon madc to'onier.;
(J.-T. .MlLLAKO.    7    ,
J  c . Bi-viuiv
Iuioot >'i r- and Bo? (|r| in
"'   *       Wharf slree.'.  ^icioria, B.C.
f^n^fi^M^n|on^i^^^ of   New:
^'Qrleans>; Wnr he 4har/r   By. gum, lie wur.
Fp ^nr a-rlding; tip und dytvn l2p0j3[ s b^hfo-jF
^iabian. r ^wnn" of a 0f00l-s?d s-ther, ^nd n'p
.Jtf-.his'armpits hi blood and-mud/and a givin;
'the British  tbnnder ; the genius of his counV
.  try a hQJdm^'of-her a)gis over he's'head, cotton halft3 i^vcoeering in front to protect him
from danger, and the American Eagle,  with
/the  stars  and stripes in its1 beak,asoarin'
-aloft in the dIubaempyrean, singing (Hail
iColumbia!' ?? -        ���     . ,     ���
'���'Well, my boy, do you know what < syntax 'means V? sap a, schoolmaster to the child
rgf a teetotaller.   ��( Yes, sir: the duty upon
s/spints."" ��� i      '- -
' The, question as to whether or not the
: weat^ISastem���.',' would be the-best vessel in
/^?eb^ibring/live ^tock from Europe to
Amenca being under discussionj it was asked
Mw^niany horses she couId/prbbablpbrin<v
^^��eirip. <<:Not more ��� than two,"��� said a
gentleman present; -"How soW was: the
general inquiry. "Because it takes only two
^���sesjo.make a full car>go," was the con-
vincmg reply,   v   ��� .-. : -.���
Among, the  obituary notices of an.Gbio
paper/we: nndvthe; following:����� Mr. William
, je8 em      . SAN ' PSANCISCO.
7 --A-GOVEhNMENTSTKEKTi VICTORIA.. , '��� ',;; ;
English & Fiencu Silksj: SbUwls, ^breases^ii
derclothing, &io\  ', a.i.i every   Icscriptioli of1- -
'"'" /Drapery ::Goq(IS;
have "red uced' the scale b��prices^ via; ;s,
per^ay $H 5(C ; Boar^gnfeV^^^��^#��
'by: sailing vessels,���yia/.Cjp^Hqrn.-
;: ^^^?artic\\r��r;attciition-gjyen to'alFordersI
London Firm���J  f Tc^ht ?r .1: t p.
- '    ^ ESTaJ^LISRPO 1S58J
Mny 1, 1868 - '.
.... .m
: 6ni/l
fr!F4 iocc bf^ )v��   Goveri n ent Sfr�� e<} 1 icuina, V I//.
Has o'n hand, a"nd is crnistantlv receiving a large'
assortment1/ of /Cloths/: GissiMEitEs '--'^sd ^Vestikg's ���������
which he is .prepared to make to-order in- the most
approved styles.    ":_     ��� .-,���.   "    .
,.-,: All orders from Cariboo promptly attended to,'
; -May li 1888.   '���'" " ".    ��� ���.  ������      * ���"::-   '���-���'��� .". ' : 6m^
'r-r.-'^ ������..;'n,'.'i.v."i7-?u. :���'���;'.''.;���''.'������ v-v1' v-v.':.".-.^-':. * :V;:.^'r.--.-','.'':'.v.'-v-':'-.;.v-:'.-^,V''r-1 -J> ':*-'
--'     .* ��� Dun lore in ���
W\Q'$WWWW:'M;>^-W-'-'y: W}iy>yW:W-WWW?'WZ:":<.���---r.
Fiiie^English,;Frenchv& American Liquors;.
:    C.��.ariipag2is, Cl&ret and Brandies;,".   '
1   - ,   ^i^��Av   i
families      ���  mm    ��� i   \"~W '< ^n,     �����*���*      f-
,   At the Bar willaJways be Icundvtho-cKoicest brandi
I/TheStable/isvclenn; iittehded-by-apiafhosUe'r^aiid
���i ���.--s-.-.-.v.r.i-������.:���,���
'""" im'""'
/    /      f; (Opposite Wells, Fargo & Go's.)    /:
Always on hand���Calf; Kip,. Shoe VmdmgsT e(c:'vOtc]-
May;!, 1868:       ' -       \      ���       .  . Qm
���E OK T: ST/RE'E T,    V IC f 6 RIA
Gifl?fERAL Outfitters,
A- and. SHOES, /dirset .from, the."best, -English' and
Scot ch -ma rket-s -.../ Sell rotai 1 at wholasa Id. prl cos for
CASH. ...AH��� orders:s.e.nt:-:;-through Barnard*s��� Express:
promptly attended to. ��� -    -m-.'
���j--May 1,1868:- ��� ^        '*-.
������ Bmndies.alwiiys.on b^nd.   Tofleajers purc'lmMnc
in; large quantities, SHberaPaiscflunb^wjJI-ho nrnde iiir
CASH.* All orders will reeoj ve prompt attention.
.Si. Lauhe>t,& -Lambprt,   ,
,,.    , Hn ���-   ,   ,          w.       Agents, CenlrcviJie.
/May 1,1868.;' ..    --^   '     ';.. :'em
WS?5.?��h��iadejii attack by Alice -.'Blossom
QiP loomiog widow of th irfcy-five."
of a suit of
tbe color
tbe nian who
words ^ise scales ?-If you '-cut" an -acquaint-
.ance, are you liable for assault ?
'���;������. Steamer- Sterprise.
te^4J with. Barnard's Express,   the
iff^gRsy^, steamer Enterprise will hereafter leave
Quesiielmouth on-Mondays & Thursdays at
/ .6 a.m. ,
Will Leave Soda Creek on Tuesdays and
v   Fridays at A a vv -
Fort Street. Victoria, between -Douglas and :./
. ";     -*���'    Broad Streois.      -  ������  '"..      '.'.'.'
r .Tt-P J pnhhc that he has purchased ���: the
bunding and furniture, us lately oecupio4: hv Mrs
Heal, which-lie 1ms entirely rofittird at great cost ami
the premises will now be found r"plete with even-
convenience for .tbo comfort' of families and ladies and
gentlemen. . #g*��Terms moderate,     ���������   ,*
N. B.���Iu addition to (the above, N. c Btilev also
contmurs U> carry on. the Hote and Roardin" House
on Langley street. �� *����^
j^'yi;i868--,.; 6m V
d��/---.ine steamer is not responsible
.Oils brother Liquids shipped in tins.
- Quesneimouth. June 19,1FM.
ciay light,
for leakage of
je22 im
asliion Saloon,
A OLE R    &    B A R. R Y
- ������ ���  Barsehviixe,. g. "c .
Barkerville, W. C,    \
M.*y 1, -isfts,
| . .     HOTEL  AND  RESTAURANT,  ���
j Also splendid Bedrooms, and the   best Win es and
i ������ -������.-���- Cigars'. ��� ���; -
.  "it*y l, 1506. ���' .-
.Wharf street^ Victoria^:
Offer for sale, at low ratbs :"'.-' "J'
CmpEAN SHIRTS^ with: Collar^ superior
V   quality. *f ^ y
OREGON Flannel Undershirts and Drawer^'
eiwlish ./f ' .... _��.'.7 ���,���'���-���..;*��;:'.
Fine Larabswool Undershirts and Drawers.
HEAVrBHQK PANTS. (;    ���   -    " ������������'-, ^
Blue.,I)iehini Jnm pers^WE '^terallg.'       ��������-"���:
Canvass'Jumpers.- �� ��/*.'-'' i?
Hand-lmit' ��� AtieViipfe'i^ji'^O j^gon^ So ok s,; y.*^.^
English Merino and .LatribSwool ; " *A-uw
Best Scotch -Tweed Pants. '^w-.
OREGpN and CAI^iiRNl^
Grey Dnlling and Grej*Callcos. : \ .��.
White Long Cloth, yard wide, all qualifies?-"
Ladies' Trimmed Hats, assorted sWles*;&v
' ��� ������' ����������� ���������' ���   tv . --v  ���   ���#��� .:���// ���
���AI.SO KOIt SAT.E,���
BEST ENGLISH GU3I BOOTS." "'    ���    '   '
OROSSE & BLAOEWBii's Oilmen^ Stores.
CANADA/PLATE.    ' ' ^'"i
SEWING TWINES, Rope, &c; '   '?
BLANKETS, 2ito-4 point.  '���; v>
case.  - -
DLE8, in 20 lb. boxes.
Wi?arf street Victoria, v.I.
'ab'ovu w��lH'hmvirari-l popular esUMlshment, beg*
if* itUo^ni 'h< if nutj-i t:��s frhui/i^ p>^' r^hfe piibljo/geiie- ���
rally, that.they.-are how: prepare^ toaiTprdleyery ac?,
coniniotlanoQ'to, the travdhn? comrannity, at the
most reasonable' rate "of charges//-1.'Good clean, airy :
bed-chambers, l ���--
The Bar 18 stocked'With the Tory best brands or
Wines, Spirits and Cigars.   .
'%^-The TablOiis^sttppJicd, with .'all the;sobstan;tials.;and
1 uxur|es-thoVcou'atry, :affords^'and ���' meals are. seryedat
ail hours.',,: ' ' . "
? -,The Stables are sr��a'c Jb us ��� comfortable} a unattended
by ftrit-ciass hostlers, anll^cbnstaiit: Supply of iijio
hesfc.proy.e,Ji'Ucrpf iUl;kJnfls,/fs  , /   <    i^'.-V"
. ,v Iu ;sii0rt,:every,convealencd. and fncilHy conduciYe
to the cornfortw'mail end beast, will be found, una
th^prbijri^tpriwill-spare:noeflbrt in order*to give'en.
tiresiitisfacUomto alLwbo .may pa tronizei their estab*
lislimehv; - />s ��� , '    A. S -BATES &C0.i
" Soda.Cree^B.C, HarchlO^lSOS.- mylftn .
Qarifeoo 'Liter aiTy In^Ti|e
' .   X ^...THOMPSON,- PitESiDEXT.      ;
���    ,,   JAMES; ANDERSON, Viok-PresidenT.   %
:H,'S." BLUNT.
��JOHN, ilACLABE^ii ^
Dititicf 6r8.
THis jvstitijtion: is now ope^ at' BARKER
viltfe;'where!lHs how fitted>up^itlv a ylow^.tlie
icbmTort and convenience o��the.ip^ople of Ciiribooi
: ^ThcO^eading Room-wilirb^;^nnyisupplied^ithi����0.
aatest.RnglislijScottish, t^haHiaWi^h^rica^^d to:
loni'ij^ajjers and Magazines.',.", ^,t *,. -������ ^t'^n fii;
, Terms 'of. Su bscri ptton���$5 'per tQuarter; ���;<*;' $2 per
M^n t-h. Sing]e, yolomcs loaned to nbn-shbscribers at
50:,cent3 x>i-*rA'phinie, >vttli SI-deposit.�� '"-.��� '"���. ��� ?''-'ijALL
persons not^u^erib.H'3,'visiting the Reading.-wmt
and making'use of the Books and Papers, ��0 cents lor
eacb..v4r-lt. ..: .'��� *;.,:���' :"- .'-.':-���  -:���-' ���'������'-'-,'���''"". *�������
Ti j c Room w i 11 bo open .from TEN, A. M., till W��i
P.M. .   / JOHN. BOWBON,'.'     '    ..
. .;-    :���������.'���::'  *;.t,'        ���';.:��� ^ -  .   '      ,.; Librarian..,
K;.B ���A fine assortment of Books and Staiionfiry is
aiway*kept for sale. -       ..-, .- . pia,~'
In." the Supreme Court of Civil Justice of
'British Columbia. .,:���;
' ^^.''^'r-;-N;q-TlC;B��:\;>/;;C;V'".;
' ' " ���'In the matter of the Estate an d ����V?Jp ��f ���. > ..,"..
JIKS THOM5 S j6k ES, deceased^ in testate ;       ;
KO^SEPv EDWARDS,    .    {i "   ^.
WILLIAM-TKEV13NA,;:> "-' ^' "���':^J V
HJ3NRYALLEN, V : ^':; / *' .;;*' " ff
Allneraons who arc inuebted to any of #J;S.
e&ifttelUV^-i^uiVed to pay the' amounfs dtietor10-
with,; and all person^ who have fl,ny:c,amJstS in
any ot ,thb. above'estates are required to send.-tneiu i
oh1'or bjeror.o the 17th day of September, 1808- ' :-
Rwhfioidi m-fane: 1865/


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