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 *-r-,-'v*..'-V.f "?5������ft*;  ���������Wr-Ammm  *61feS.  ***?*,  Barkerville, ^illi^ms Creek, B.C., Monday,;July 9, 18.66; ���������  >rde^fe-*,[  yAyy,h'  'Spirit^)  MM  ���������^eonhij.  arlyori!^  ifiit^feftj  ockof Gr.^I  rD.K-arf Ejia-  ���������fe^yBil  ders sentio' I  8-fini'  &AMy  IdeFraD?:  endjalmn  Pi  applied ai'  ationery in I  Fort Stree;  lyvfe; j  witliewi^  a������0nof.!i{:-j  111"  idealers.i  .yon.^  jprcilellj  feTyS'  .Tbefc  ic.marfei.  (From the *Carlboolte#') ���������   ��������� ������._.,.'     .  Mat feeling whicli we c&ll^ymp^thffor'a  fellow beingyiwhqae physical flfanteis being  TO&fcedTby.]ifl'n^  he human bosomi   It exists in every climate,  thelong^tafevex^  tv the botom of every mortal' di^earth;   There  ,re times in the life of the mostheaxgessty-!  ant when, the painful sufferings; sof hisjfellow-'  an will touch the slender cords of sympathy]  ee or the'Godless;: heathen;are not ��������� without  is feelingl Tbe touch to such characters may  > iip-ht^it Amaiy be: but-momentary and upnly  fleeted by -the severest torture ^ andleyfen;  en it may be smothered so. that none but the:  11-seeing eye cah^esc^rmii:;; Still the tender'  ������eling is there; no wickedness;can destroy it;  b'-bintelily^  afcelof hhmm'*&aSi*re*-*ifedC.i-and |prmS;an  frredientln.the character,everywhere?? and  ijvas we find:ifi/ftrming;: tbe .larger; part; of  e^baracter^so'd^  icommuntyfethe/existencevpffhis^eeling  Orally arid: abundantly; is the best possible  ark of the most enlightened/ civilization,  lie HoWiSlPdld; in-the'liisto^of m^kiM,  d perhaps exceeded fey noiie other in gene-  l utility���������is oneofcthe prodUcte^f thiSjfeel-  fff When, where, or by whom this instihz-  ���������i wasArst esiablisbed'is not tothe^rppse  this article' to\ enquiry / Soon.; after the  eptarchy " the: tiom^fbr the sick became  ie Of-ffie^risti^  was Xben ^ntely;de^Meat^ppn the boun-  is of charity /for' tits sup^prtr 'It',was not  iiotioried;bylawfstiiU^  on its precafioiis support to- sticlif an ;extent  A in the course f'of time it: tqqk rranfcas ;thi  tbenevolent/institutioiix)?; the-^eaM.^ But  .irity is7ever'fluctuating*;an������iincfCtainJin  r. practices and^ounties1;-she;cahh6t^be:de^-  ndea^upon to siisMn andk  neat institution/ HenceMMse Parliament  Queen Elizabeth^reign; ^esiring,to make  le /hospital .independent of all such; uncer-  lrti������sp^l^^^tE������:^^  d shoiildbe^bodies;ptilitLcj?ha^j^Jthat le-  Jife, existence* and ^supjiort -whichtheir im,  fiance denfanded. feQF*TOmthat-time^A^e  Station grew -%tnd prospered \yitb ithe iJcuig-  ix|>  feA HOT BATH.  ten  liat  fictoria,  mm  a'Segsa  Mm-  'Orders '��������� pp  if and  g������  Always jg  '���������ti&rm  ������|iH^ itself . Its supportJs no '.longer precari-  "ti^Ks butais permanent land ^^'&3N. (^e'enfe  Bve nueY;' gust as"the >institution^is Jixed and  ^^Brmanent in. .the ������ hearte of: ourpeople: yWe  I Jm not iiye/witbout'.}t,"^i^yq^o^rT^i^y^^  B^Bneration; to believe^we'cannot; : It will be  I Bund to-day iri\every^part ��������� of-the ^Queen's do-  ||������^pnions giving comfort /^d^consplafiion arid  HHpef' tb -the - distressed^ yaixd Isbffceniiig: the  !artsand warmingkj;he life of;tbe^community  here it exists ;.for .-"its good'bticS fcre": not  H|nfined ^ne^6}}tiie> sickff Snd^ldisabled, the  qw-joiig- and stalwart comemnder its benign in-  Jf^Mence, A. Liket its:great;parent, the charch./i);  ^^Br't0" man:7s -;riatoeV'fe.teaching,/=hini;w  f^^griguage7 arid without ostentation, :iut with  I^Keat' power' and ./good; effect^ ..those' -'Piyrae;  IS^^tiths that amthou shalt love" thy/! rifeighboi as'  y A, couple of gentleinen, wbom we sh all jiall  Jojin Smith and James Brown, wer^seatediti  the ante-rooai'of a bath^ofe^awaiting'ffieii^  i'turns^ for a bath. f After 'theyj gof tired | Of  twirling their thumbs,.Smith asked Brown  Whether fcj^preferred; a bbror ,cold' b^th.!  Brown /who was remarkably fond of running  arigfpn any one,8afdhei.wa&soJp  baths^ an^^oyed/ them so Irequeiitly^ that1  ^didnfr tWnk there wa^, aiiyj ptberC^nyin:  ;creation!*that; could reinain'in the -water afrtlie4  teinperature he ordinarily:1 usedife a Smithfe was  one of those kind/of tnen who never permit  themselyes to^ibei^utdo^iin/anythirigf and  one. word led ,on to another until at length-  Smith proposed the following wager, to which  Brown agreed at price..;'/'.'��������� . - A��������� As'.���������:.riy :��������� A'y.'.' -  A\ y!^ baths in roo  prepared;; Cold^ater'tOfelliefedepth of"  inches to be let .in';'?; They1 wereto enter at the  same iristant-^the; hot-water tap then to be  tiiraed,;arid thei.-'.oii'e tbtat first cried' "erioiigli^  was "to; pay for a'4u^peEv;and:.^fixins." ��������� Smith  went ^honestly to ^rk.:e^^efc|he,.baffi.;and.  tarnedVon Ihe bbt waierj taking'; special gobd  cafe^ t<5 draw Ms legs up :aV far ^  3ro^^rnedfetl^/hot; water tai)g1)ut^insf;eM  of perniitting theiwater to: Hn into/the-bath,  he let it out by'means of a contrivance he  managedtOrrigup, The tap was to be (^turned^  tout there was nothing said aboutr where' the  water Should' go;y Brqwn, said ^ohimselft ii'iif  I,dpn?tbpil Smith,;it will .ribt'beniy fault."  Presently Smith found the -water"too hot 'for  comfort.and saidi ^Howis it with you Brown?"  ^Hot enough,,? was the reply. ���������- ^Isball have  togive-np right off if yoirdbn't," he continued;  as he lay cool enough atfe the* bottom of the  bath, i ���������     . A ������������������ '  : ��������� '    '"  '://      '��������� ' ���������'  Smittiwas thinking about giving in beaty  britBrpwri's -words encouraged him -toxoid  out a;little-longer.    . .   ;   fev :,   ..  2f Ifepe.^^  ;TOthedandtmste^^oufc^  t-wo;Mntttes longer, so you'd1 better give up^  Brown." ��������� ,       i   .  - "The water is 'tarnal bpt, you know; but I  dhall-hold-outa^few seconds longer/.' said  Brbwri*..v ',. /; ������������������;    . ''*,    b A '     ���������  ,l'  SmithVcouId not. With a halfsi^prcnsed  cry of pain hesprang from the /hot water literally parboiled. Hastily drawing on some  of Ms cloth roomj arid  saw> him lying very comfortably at the bottom  of the empty bath;Smoking a cigar. He f - 7rid  he had; been /donsybrpwn -as well ss bjpiled;  ^hen:Brown insisted  fairly ������ Jjut as^no t a^ word; ivas said wbere? the  a  $& ������������������'  WMr^mi^A00i^xm  ??  X |8 EMI-"WEEKLY - P A PJZIl/  Pdblt&'ei) Every \Mon������ay j anj> .Thursday.  ;'; ' ffij^:*^^ ,ty  OrFK^AIiKmv^  '{I^clu^^cost''of;:delitojjyj)^yab  ^A^m^XPWB$myA&/  %fe-  -. - -... .^r - ;   -''"'t^fS"^"' "���������' /���������  y$l_-' i   y��������� '"    ,''  A;<  f  ������ '-'"  'ffA-BZE-RVf Tiihy     I '���������-' *k  ry.    yy ���������  yy. y^MyA M: , ..y- <--'*':/:y     fefe'"���������-'���������  ���������/��������� .    .X-fe/y-fefe yfe-rDEALER'INfey;   fe' AA'AA'A^y  c0ymriky, &:.M$^.mh  Cast"-,Ironfe'.G|^S*  ' -:: ���������. xM -POWDEfti^^!^^  - riy %x   ... y ;.: , fefel   -fe -v . yyyy.M^yy  ALSO, /:  :   STATIONEfeiT;  EUFELDER   &  ���������     RICHFIELD,-'  AAiiAy AAA::.DEALER8'IX"Ai i  PRO^SIONS, GROCERIES/CLOTHING, &c  -������������������'���������'.I.    ' =- fe.-. >'���������������   r '"���������   fe fefe'-''   fe**^.   - y fe-.--'---Tfe ..-'������������������".;,,.-.  i,.    f.;   Storage and; Comjnaissidn,,  e; hoog  JB A EKERVlLLE^Ad j oi uing tlie Express ^QtflceJ  ; s-'/n-i.  water tshouldfe goj heA ^preferred;-.- passing/; it  flirbtigh'the giu^-hole.; Smithpromised to pay  for \ we siipp^r as soon as he cpngesiled, which  would take soriie -little tiriie.    AyM y y  ;; 1, fe/'feMy:.:X;;������LAGKMA!Nrif  BARKERVriiLEi'^-   *���������������������������  ���������XX  MQUXTEi:  WHOLESAIJB;& RETAIL  loners,   m  aw: m  .Mt  SRyself,?-fiand that /the; greatest, virtue of the  fe������"e christian;-is- charity..'; Indeed all its/quiet  ^wecepts '.to mankind tend.-"to'.raise/ elevate and  ^Mlly develope the. purity^and goodness of the  SS^ral .ra an. //Well; may ?: the .'^English man 'be  ^Soud'and'boast that his country set the ex-  j||||aple jn making this-one of the permanent  ^Mstitutionfe of the country, and that her gen-  l^gosity in supporting it is riot excelled fey any  J|������her. nation on earth.     .    ;.   .   . ";"   ^8 ''-Does this institution-'- exist'in this^little :out-  Pwst of ^glish;life?   On the hill aboveCam-  ^wontown there is a'dingy, quaint looking log  I^S^in������witli surroundings as bieaklnwinter  WX$ barren in summer as can. be seen in anv  ������������untry.    It is called " The Williams Creek  ||fm������spital," and it is the domicile representing  /ASM iastitutiori which we have attempted to de������  ftlitffoe.   Its history is familiar' to every reader  W3B ^is paper,    to: that^brief history we point  ^ffi a truth of what we have said as to the na-  ^K16' cbaracter and influence of the institution.  |g|-behoves the authorities of the Colony to  ^pamtain and support our littffc establishment  SBithey would;-obey: the laws and fulfill the de-  5������gPs ������^ ^eir country ;.arid as good citizens,  liSW l0yal subjects who love, admire and rever-  '43Sce t?e glories .of our country, ..it becomes  ^fe-fery true Englishman, in this community to  tribute his mite for the same good pur-  e-   It is to be hoped this support will be  en and not withdrawn, and that this mite  1 oe contributed arid not.withheld.  PHILO.  Thr 'UNivER8iL --. Practice of mixing Cbicory.;and  other adulteratives with Cortee, has very/much damage  ed^in public estimation, .what ought to be the most  delicious Of Beverages J   So cflfectually have the public  been drugged witti such mixtures that the true properties have been lost sight of/ arid ;mahy prefersa' black  and thick infusion to.a drink Tich in spirit and" aroma.  ���������General as is..thc:uso;pf, Colfeo- it is "lUtle known that  Kin condensing ihe vaporsr extracted from/ the berry fein  roasting, ��������� & liquor is obtairiud-.'. of the most nauseous  taste, and of a scent the most unbearable.A Under stfeb  icircumstances.At'is evidently important.that.all the  gases and Huifls extracted by..roasting should be car-;  ried^off as.quickly "as possible, in order to prevent tbeir  returning.again ,to the ��������� Coffee,  wh ich. is th e c?iso in the  confined cyliii������ter.   : This. objecfc is admira'bly accom'-"  plishad by the new and patent aCouical Coflee RoasterV'  as used by FELL & CO.,. Victoria, in which the berry,  is directly exposed to the radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously.    In addition to  ithe advantage to.bo derived by tho rapid removal of  .the steam containing the objectionabkJ properties; the  pure aroma of the Coffee is retained, tho essential oiJ:  ,being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cyliniler  'Roaster, where the Coffee is required to remain a much  longer time in consequence of the steaming it untier-  goes by tlie confined steam.   It is chemically impossible to retain'the qualities or arrest tho deterioration of  Coffee when ground.   Tlie heat engendered by tho process of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action in the olomoritarygparts which gradually destroys  its fitness for. drink;     But to retain the esscntini eil  which it contains wo have it encased in tins containing  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and which ean be bad from any of  the respfcetablo dealers. We can confldently recommend  those.who have hitherto been obliged to* refrain irom  taking Coffee on account of its ill eflVcfcs that they may  use our Coffee, roasted in the Conical Roaster, bein;< recommended by all medical .men under whose notice it  has been brought, and by numerous other testimonials  in its favor. FELL & CO.,  Coffee Merchants, Yates St., Victoria;  RICHFIELD,.Williams Creek, B.;.C.; ,������  E Hlvil OK HAND; a-largestock'of ferpvlsions,  Hardware arid Vegetables,. ;and; are determined to sell them cheaper; than AnyA otherYstore. bri  Williams Creek/ Come and see arid judge for yourselves.  Richfield, May 5th, 1866.-        ' ���������- ������������������ v ly  : j. k. sper ;&.::-.b:Ol,::-X  C ommissii oti: ^^je iii:s  '   - and--      ..,;.'     ;.:��������� ;/���������/;  \ DEBT collectors;  '.       -  Head, Office;  ;lfe)rth;-: iMoMi^i.  Esr/LBtisiiED i.v J8S6. ���������������������������������������������>������������������������������������     ,  h ST. HELENS.PLACE LONDON. 5  Bankrupt Affairs wound up and Balance Sheets prepared; Mining Accounts carefully made up; All kinds  of Forms ari d agreements drawn, ^nd every.other description.of business promptly attended to.* ���������  ^Office���������RICHFIELJO,;;near the Court.������������������House:' ;5  y^^^^;    w  :;-^-b;^'A'.c  ���������,;,....,.,,,',,ofe>B^R'KEJU?iJ..ii-L.&f> ��������� ���������'       .....--I-..;..  - DRAFTS .ISSUED onfeLondon,' New York, San Fran-  Cisco, Cariboo, Canada,' New Brunswick, Nova Scotia  and oh aU.the Branches of ::ther. JS ational ;Bank*ofvScot -  land and Provincial Bank of Ireland. / ' ..'  Billsof Exchange and (3;bld Purchased. *.'  Interest on Special^Deposits of Money alio wed at the  rate of a quarter of^ one per centg per nionth:  y  ASSAYfeOFFli^Ev -'  ; Gold Dust Melted and Assayed; and'returns made  within'24 hours in Coin or Bars;     ,    5  ! Ores of every description care;":;lly Assayed.;.'.  . N ..B.���������Any instructions as to the disposui of the pr--  | cceds of Gold Dust forwarded to the office in Victoria  i t'or'Assaywill be carefully attended to.'fe ���������': ,- fe  -. ���������    /������' ; J. GfeSHBPHERD,:Manager. -  ,.; VUtoria, V.:K, April.;1866.; /:  ;- yi- yi. i-$    ;:  BARNARD'S  BARKERVILLE BREWERY.  NICOLAS  CUNIO,  'BREWER.  PRAGER   &   BRO.,  MERGHANTSv  WILLIAMS AN������ GROUSE CREEKS,  DEALERS IN"   /  Assorted Merchandize  -    Wholesale and Retail; 1  Counecting at.; Liilooet: aiid Yale with:.DIETZ &  ..;.:. NELSON'S ..for New Westminster &;victdna,/' -.;. -  TTTILL.ARRIVE AND DEPART��������� from,the office in  \ t. r Ba-rkervxllei to conneGt;with:the;Steaj^ .  terprise?'' at Qu'esrielrnbuth^ and the: STAGES at So������ia  Creek, EVERY;-WEEK,������������������ conveyingTrkasuhe,Lkttkrs  andjVAT.UABLEsforiillpartsofjthe wprklr-'���������*': Also, Commissions received and forwarded-by Express tor the  collection of Notes, Bills and the purchase of articles  to be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria, San Fi'dii-  cisco or en route, and returns made with dispatch'.  . / v JOHN B.. LOVE1X,' ' M-  . X-s /.' Agent, Barkervrilie. A  BARNARD'S   EXPRESS.  ms>  Dse.  il  ^*If you want good Coffee use Fell's.  E. C. GILLETTE,  MIHI1STG- SURVEYOR,  .:    CAMERONTOWN. 7  BARKERVILLE.  MADAME   BENDrXEN  EGS TO ANNOUNCE TO HER FRIENDS THAT  ��������� she has refitted this well known Saloon, where she  invites thoapubiiCrto give her a call.  4������" The Bar is stocked with the best of LIQUORS  and SEGARS that c������n be procured. ; U    '  JAMES   PURDIE;  BLACKSMITH,  RICHFIELD.  Reduction in the Prices of Express Freight.  N-ANP AFTER THIS DATE the rato for Express  Parculs from i'ale to, Barkerville will be  .. Parcels from 5 to.50 fts. : 75 cts. f������ ft.  dp;   do 50 to 100 jfbs.      Am 1*2 cts. $ &.  do      do ; 100 tfes. and over    50 cts. "^ m.,  JOHN B. LOVELL,  -..Ml ./ -.Agent, Barkerville..  June 20th,/1866. 14  HENRY   SCHORLING,  ���������     VAN WINKLE, , .   ���������   '  Dealerin all kinds of Provisions, Clothing, <fec  .agr Stabling for Horses ; Hay, Barley and Oats al-  J ways on hand; ' J-s ���������  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SANI>, BLOWINGS AXD  -   PAJSTNINGS,.   '.  On Commission; or will purchase any quantity on the  ;   Most Liberal Terms, at tne  Reading Room, Cameronton,  The Subscriber is well known: on Williams Creek, and  from the confidence reposed in bim heretofore in the  above business, he hopes', to receive 'the patronage of  the Mining community the ensuing season.  ���������    1 JOHN BOWRON'.   . wm.<  x  m:&^  van  rTgE::GApB0MEyTIgEb  >  MONDAY,.JULY 9, 1866.���������   ;  FROM SOUTH AMERICA.  ���������A$gr\Vci would take it as, a great favor if  parties leaving Quesnelmouth for this place  would call atthe Telegraphoffice,where there  will always be found dispatches for us.  i//X ^?:;:C^YON-"CREEK!' '.''..- ���������  ;t?  OFFICIAL REPOR  '   The follov^ing is the copy of a letter from  the resident magistrate" at Quesnelmouth to  the Government, forwarding copy of letter  iVom-Mr.J.,F,.Hickson the leader of the party;  who recently explored that creek. It contains but; little more than what we" have already given from time to time in our columns  From W. R. Spalding, Esquike, to^ the Colonial Secretary.    ���������  -  Sir,���������I have the honor to transmit for the  information of His Iltfnor the Officer Administering the Government, the accompanying  letter which has been addressed to me by Mr.  Hixon," the leader/ of < the 'exploration* party  which started from this place on the 19th May  last, for the purpose of testing the; correct-  ness;of the repprt^s to-the gold tearing, creek  having beeh.discoYere'dby soineChinese, information of which was conveyed to yon in  my letter of the ?thult.y: /.  Mr. Hixbn's party returned here on the 14th  inst^havirig/ as you will perceive, been com-  |)ened-to do so solely owing to the want of  clothing, food and the; neeeassry mining' implements which would have enabled them to  protract their return. As soon,, however as  these are obtained, i> pro^ring,which I am  aWiredth'ereAvill be no: delay, it is the intention of Mr.'Hixon to re turnip to the; locality,  -suits..  Indeedi^l^i^liuMpne opinion on the  subject amongs^aindmduals who composed this party, ah&;tba^  descriptibny '{'"flaYin?pgpnjers'ed. with each  By the last arrival from Panama'we have  later dates from South America. There had  been no further warlike operations. The Spanish fleet after the unsuccessful bombardment  of Callao withdrew, and the blockade of the  port was declared raised. A letter from Callao, after detailing at length the engagement  between' the Spaniards and Peruvians, the  particulars of which we have already-given,  adds':     ; "���������'i   A  The Peruvians fired the last gun.at .the retreating defeated Spaniards at about 4:45 p.  m.; and as the ships steamed out of reach the  rejoicing on shore took the turn winch an earnest country would most like to see its brave  soldiers give it in a contest for home and freedom. At once measures were taken to repair  any damage done, and the sun rose next morning not only on the batteries and guns of yesterday restored, but ou additional guns erected���������fresh men to man therewith, enthusiasm  roused to the highest to again encounter tho  enemy. ;,  The numerical loss in killed and wounded  on shore is trifling. ��������� A corps consisting principally of foreigners took all the wounded in  charge; the ladies of Lima personally attended  the,unfortunate men, while a^subscription list  on their behalf and for the widows of the killed was no sooner set agoing than it produced  "353,000 on the.���������day following the engagement  British Fleet.���������The Canadian.papers state  that the British fleet concentrated in the Provincial waters, to meet the emergency, numbered twenty-three vessels, carrying four hundred and forty-eight guns and five thousand  seven hundred and seventeen men.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Bathing    Establishment!  BARKERVILLE,  (Next Bank of British' North America.)  D LEWIS begs leave to inform tho Ladies arid  . Gentlemen of Williams Creek nnd vicinity that  he has fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accommodation,.and hopes by close attention  to business to merit a sharo of their patronage.  j&g- He will also attend to Extracting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth.     .. :. .' -->���������   ���������'. -fe   y .'.' , *9  OFPENHEIMEIl^  ERCH ANTlS  &  ������  ?  RICnFILD.  MESSRS. HARRIS' & CO. beg to foform the  Mlnor-v Hotel Keepers nnd the Inhabitants in general of Williams Creek, that.they havo opened a First  Class Butcher Shop in the town of RICHFIELD, und  trust to'merit a liberal share of the public patronage,  and that their old friends will kindly give them a call.  Richfield, July 6th,1S66. 18-4m   .  J/forwar^by^this^inail^a sample of gold  broughtfedSwn^%Mr?vHii^j?6ne ounce; it is  fen'fair specimemdF the o be id 'his possession,  and also apiece of:quartz which appears tp  .me, so far as I may judge/to be extremely  rich, but this I leave to*be detefmined at New  Westminster.   '- *   ������������������.'.'  I perceive the impression has generally obtained- that these diggings are on Canyon  creek and an old discovery. v I presume Mr:  Hixoivs letter to me will, if published, disabuse the public mind on this point.  Mr. Hixon informs ine that there are only  . ^STWe would call the attention of those^  having goods or other commodities to move  between the different towns on the creek to  Mr. H. C. Wiimott,.vho has a Horse and Dray  ready at the shortest notice to execute any  ord era he may be favored with, at very reasonable rates. '-'������������������   . '     : *  ESTATE OF PIN & CO., RICHFIELD.  n otTce.  THE FINTAL DIVIDEND IN THE ABOVE ESTATE  is how payable at-tho office of tho Bank of British  Columbia, Williams Creek, and from this date tho business of tho late firm will be carried on by Mr. Francois  Lalmbjv ou his own account, and all debts duo to tho  late firm of Pin & Co. are to be paid to tbe said Frau-  cois Laltier.' A    '������������������.������������������'.   ���������      ��������������������������� -���������  ���������  ,y   . V/V..V-' : H. SHIRLEY BLUNT,   fe-  - ������������������ ~, y ..���������-���������......* fv^ :���������. ,4....,, -.,,...... --AstignQt*  4th July, I860. . '���������  .'       18-lm  Kew   El Dorado   Saloon!  BARKERVILLE.  THE PROPRIETORS TAKE PLEASURE in announcing to their friends and the public generally that  they have refitted this spacious Saloon, and will open  the same on TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, when they  will be happy to entertain all who may give them a call.  ���������.":������������������ ROSS & BURDICK,  ������������������   ������������������   ��������� i- ��������� Proprietors.-  Barkerville, July 2nd, 1866.    . * 17 y  JZ&'If yon want good Coffee use Fell's.,  NEW  ADYERTISEjMENTS.  QTICE.  ALL PERSONS HAVING LAWFUL CLAIMS against  . the Estate of the late JOHN A. FRASER aro required to call on the undersigned, at J, H. Todd's store,  Barkerville, on or before the 20th iust., and receive  their pay. And all parlies indebted to the said Estate  are requested to;ca.il on or before the above date and  settle the same with the undersigned, or legal proceedings will be instituted fur the collection thereof.  ���������    ;���������;���������;  .   .JOHNS- MACDONELL,  .*  . ��������� y.  . ' ... .   Administrator.  Barkerville, July 4tb,18G6,    /.  . 19-4in  .nineteen Chinamen on .this, creek, that they  .have networked elsewhere than in the bed  of the creek, and are now waiting having been  well supplied with provisions, until the water  subsides sufficiently to enable them to resume  operations. " ' *'   v  . Qiieanel, 16th June, 1866.       -\  ���������Mr. J. F. Hixon to W. R. Spalding, Esq,, J. P.  Slit,���������On my departure from here on the  Jifth May last. I promised to give jou the result of our little- prospecting party.     We returned here last night, and 1 am well satisfied  ���������with my trip.  On ascending tbe Fraser river we had to  "contend against its more than usually strong  current.   We did not reach the creek we left  in search of, until tho third day after leaving  here, though  the distance is certainly iiot  more than 50 miles from the Mouth of Quesnel.  VYe proceeded up the creek, from the. east  : . bank of the Fraser river about,sixmUes, when  we found it branch up north-east and: nearly  parallel with the Fraser about ten miles, when  itbrauchedoff again nearly due east. about  ���������'��������� ten miles.   After some deliberation our small  party of five decided on working the banks  of the creek,'the high state of the water preventing any attempt at testing the bed.  We worked more or less/for several days  .under many disadvantages, being short of the  description of tools most required, and expe-  . riencing much rain and rough weather. With  all these drawbacks we could make from eight  to ten dollars a day to the hand. . The gold,  ,sas;per sample, herewith handed io you, is certainly pf the. most beautiful quality.  /The accompanying specimen of quartz was  obtained out of a cut made by Chinese, and  there is apparently a large ledge   thereof,  about three miles above where this was obtained.  ���������:'���������   Our-party having only gone up, to test the  creek, were forced to return for want of clothing, tools, &c.; but I feel confident that this  creek will turn out very valuable.  I consider this future mining region to be a  ,continuatic>n of the Cariboo mountains which  cross the river about fifteen miles below Fort  George.  Quesnelmouth, 15 th June, 18*36.  In the Supreme Court of Civil  British Columbia.  Justice of  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IV m  MM :    .-���������'.���������;'/:      kinds OF   ^ -'..'.;"; ^  PROVISIONS, LIPOBS,  ;::;;c:LOT:al:';|fe;  BOOTS :&  SHOES, fe  MmiNa:;TOOLs, &cM  Beg to call the attention of Miners and otto  to their lull assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS  which will bo sold  AT   COST   PRICES  to mako room for a NEW STOCK to arrive 'so Boon';  the Roads ure open.  ^p* Liberal allowance. will he made I  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade general  on large orders. ��������� '   '   j  Cariboo LiteraryInstituti  ,;       J. S. THOMPSON, Pre9IDest;  JAMES ANDERSON, Vice-President,  JOHN AfAcLAREN,  DR. W. B. WILKINSON  JOHN ADAIR,  "}  Directors.  JOHN BOWRON,  Secretary & Libra^ux  MATTHEW BAILLIE BEGBIE, ESQUIRE, Judge of  tbe Supreme Court, authorized to net under a Petition for Adjudication of Bankruptcy, filed the 4th day  of��������� August, 1864, against David Sirfs, Trader-in tbe  tho Estate nnd effects of tlie said Bankrupt, when and  where the Creditors who have not already proved their  debts are to coihe. prepared to prove the Sfime, or they:  will be excluded tlie benefit of the said:diyidend, and  all claims not then proved will be disallowed.'  .   OLIVER HARE,     '   Official Assignee.  RicbOeld, June 30th, 1860. 17  THIS INSTITUTION ..at present, contains ^bo'jtJW  volumes of Choice I.iterature,conslsting of BcHgic-^  Scientific, Historical, and Poetical works, and wurk-tf  Fiction. V A''-  Worcester^ Largo Pictorial Dictionnry,-Urft'sD'cfo  ary of the Arts, Manufactures and Mines, hippoiiwit'j  Pronouncing Gazetteer of the "World, and Homan'sCj-  eloped ia of Commerce will always be kept in tberouD.  for rofcrence.        '     .       '���������'. ���������    '   ���������[���������������������������.:-���������  The Reading Room will be found supplied vithCr  litest. English, Scottish, Canadian, American, and Wa  nial Papers and Magizines'.      ":    .; '  ..        Ay.  Terms of Subscription���������$5 per quarter, or $2ps  month. Single volumes Loaned to nqn-fiubscriben a  50 cts. per volume, with $1 deposit.   ,  Persons not subscribers visiting the Readme m.  and making use of the Books and Papers will becbirs  ed 25 cts.' for each visit;   - ������������������   ^^s* The Room will bo open from 10 a;m. tilllOp.t  v       v ��������� JOHN BOWRON,  -.17   . . Siecrotrary and Librarif  a  In tbe Supreme Conrt of Civil Justice of  . British Columbia.  ���������  KICHFIELD,  BEGS TO  INFORM THE   INHABITANTS OF WIL-  liams Creek that sbo is prepared to sell and deliver  MILK io quantities, form one gallon and upwards, at  76 cents per gallon.  July 9th, 1866. 19 4in  CHEAP FARE.  ARNARD'S   STAGES will earrv passengers  from  Williams Creek to Tale for $75 OO.  4������" Tickets must be procured at the olDce in Barkerville.  19 : JOHN B. LOVELL, Agent.  \ LL PERSONS LIABLE TO PAY A " TRADING  1\. LICENSE" underline "L\censo Act 1566,'' are  hereby notified that alter Two o'clock on Wednesdaj%  the 11th.July, clause IV of the said. Act, inflicting a  line of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars, will be carried  into effect. ���������....���������  :'..'.'��������� ... "';������    ���������' .W; G.  COX,        ���������'  tv    ���������" "        mii . Magistrate.  . Itichficld, July Tth, 1866. IB  UimBIIIHIlBlllMl I II ������������������l,^������aaMMMMim������M.M������ll������PWlM������WMMnMi������MMMIII������  In the Supreme Court of Civil Justice of  British Columbia.  MATTHEW BAILLIE BEGBIE, ESQUIRE, Judge of  the Supreme Court, authorized to act under a Petition for Adjudication of Bankruptcy, filed the 19th day  of September, 1864, against Charles Lowe and Chajuks  Van Oohlan, Traders, of Barkerville, District of Cariboo East, will sit on the 11th day of July next, at cloven o'clock in the forenoon precisely, at the Court House,  Kichfield, in order to make a dividend ot the Estate  und effects of the said Bankrupts, when and where the  Creditors who have not already proved their debts are  to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend, and all claims  not then proved will be disallowed.  OLIVER HARE,  Official Assignee.  Richfield, June 30th, 1866. 17  WAKE   UP   JAKE  ���������KESTAURANT^BAKERIi  &m  AND  1  :  Barkerville, B. C,  KELLY & PATERSON, Proprietors.  -  Everything is done in connection with thisest&^v  ment to give satisfaction to the customers.      ��������� ^  &3P Meals at all hours.  J. s.  AUCTIONEER, MINING &  COMMISSION  AGENT, A^D ACCOUNTANT,  BARKERVILLE. 17  JAMES   P.   TAYLOR,  DRUGGIST,  BARKERVILLE,  \S CONSTAN  of Drugs  Tooth Brushe:    _  every description,  Lu.buis Extracts Rose  other Perfumeries, .Garden .Seeds, &c, &c.  choice lot of No. 1 Havana Segars:  mm  WB  RICHFIELD.  NOTICE.  IN   BANKRUPTCY;  :   RoReviere. ������������������"  THE ADJOURNED MEETING for the grant of the  Certificate of Jean Babtisde Arthur Revjerb. a  Bankrupt, will be holdea before the Honorable Matthew Baillle Begbie, at the Court House, Richfteld, on  Wednesday next, the 11th of July instant, at the liour  of 11 o'clock in the foreaoon. ���������  JOSEPH PARK,  Counsel for Bankrupt.  Richfield, July 6th, 1866. 10  Tl^ifw������i"^'"'"W" ^wm   milium mi mhmh���������|||wm ������������������ ������������������ !��������������������������� - i������������������������������������in���������hpi^   ._t     ^^ ������������������������������������������������������������  In the. Supreme. Court of Civil Justice of  ���������#v    Britisli Columbia.  RS. E. BROOKS begs to request those who aro indebted to her to CALL AND SETTLE THEIR ACCOUNTS AT ONCE so as to prevent any further trouble  and expense. ��������� v  Camuronton. 25th Juqc, 1866. 15-lm  WHOLESALE & RETAIL  DEALERS  IN  LIQUORS,   GROCERIES,  ^Sfe  MERCHASTS AND DBAt^RS IN'  provisions; clothing^ liquors,  it..  -AND���������  GEMERAL    MERCHANDIZE,  BARKERVILLE.  JSST" A full assortment of Groceries and H. B. Co.'s  Liquors always on hand. 16  RgFentos..,'  THE FIRST EXAMINATION of WaLekr Loxg Pen-  ton, a Bankrupt, whUh was adjourned for tbe consideration of the Judge of the above Court, will behold  at the Court House, Riclifield, before the Honorable  Matthew Baillie Begbie, on Wednesday the 11th day of  July inst., at the hour of 11 o'clock in the forenoon.  JOSEPH PARK,  Counsel for Petititiner.  Richfield, 8th July, 1S06. llMin  BARKERVILLE, y  MISS THURBER & MR. LAWLESS, Propers  nnins house has been newly fitted up on  A the Restaurant principle with a view to tho comfort  of the public, and will be conducted in a manner to  ensure the satisfaction of tuoso who aro disposed to  favor the proprietors with their patronage.  Meals at all Hours.   Good Beds.  Jigr The Bir is furnished with tho best selection of  Liquors and Segars. 2  ,."���������'.'     ��������� BICHFIELP*  PATRICK  K1RWIN?P^,B^  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek;[the W.  and Cigars are of the finest quamy.  mm  nam  mm  91'  GO-AT-'EM ������a-^  BARKERVILtB>  JAMES LOSING, Proprietor  This First Class Saloon is now open to the lorcrs  EVERY   EVENING-  First Class order will be preserved,jnd tbeprgjf  uorsai  '12-lu>  .eproprf,cr  invites his friends and the P������hlicto give *       orSaji  X������- The BAR is stocked with tbe bestof un^m  Segars.  ���������  mm?}  HaUo!  Old Jack's  TUST RETURNED FROM  BEING-ON iffiS  t)  Fully prepared to Repair ah BOW������       ���������^  Ch������ap for Cash.   He kindly invites one  and small, to give him a call- ������ Tadd'B.  BARKERVILLE���������uext door to J. n * raw.y^VP'aP'Psre^'^a'^^Ty^ UKtff  y.n������yHjw^^iyiH'iiiwiBEasggg������gaga������JLg|g^  prffilARIBOQ. SENTINEI  MONDAY; JULY 9, 1866.  INTELLIGENCE.  ���������IX 'all  .-..*.  ....  'v  tiotbei  w'ote  Eosoonej  made to -  'general*!  r  T.  RAHIAX.  Rd'sia*.  ivorfcrf  man'sty:  . tlie ran  'with'to'-'  anilftl*  or.$2 pfc  bribers it  in? Km  bectaig-,  80S,  ra.riaD.fe  row.  ���������1  Ri  fe'V;.: ;//;';>';; WILLIAMS- CREEK.- '���������  ^ l^aBy %tt the claims on this creek, with the  evceptibii perhaps of those awaiting the coin-  yetion of the Bed Rock Drain, are now at  work and yielding more or less gold. No further danger may be anticipated of any stop-  ba^e to the working of claims by'reason of  theme of the creek until fall, in fact there is  every reason, to fear that there may soon be a  scarcity of water to meet all demands if. the  warra'and^genial: weather we have enjoyed for  the past three weekB long continues. It is to  be hoped however that no, such misfortune  may he telfc/ this season, as such a calamity  would operate very injuriously against the  mining interests on the creek, considering that  a good iflahyclaims havei^nlyljustcbminencT  edto take out pay.; Me give below a statement as niade; up from personal enquiries of  elaimholdersrat .-the*; vdififeOTt:.dalm-fl^^&-':is  as near correct as such a statement pan possibly be :���������   '.' ���������  -   - -;��������� :���������; -yA /��������� ��������� ��������� '     ���������. ���������-': ��������� ��������� .  TheBaMley^icolsonco^  they washed up on Friday last 20 ozs. for that  day's work.-.-Ah Cheek co'y, composed of 8  'Chinamen, who. bought an incline tunnel from  -the old Downie co'y, are' making. Chinese  iwages; this is the first time we have ever seen  fchihauien at work in tunnel diggings on tbeir  fbwh account, they are generally very timid of  [underground. diggings; those who have seen  Sheir work say that they timber too much to  imakc it pay; on asking them how much they  \yrqiq making they seemed shy to give the information, but were very anxioxs^to know  "Where you come flom, John? You come  (Judge Cox ? You wantee Licensee?" On assuring them most emphatically.'we were no  ftaxeollector their visages, which before were  fgloomy in the extreme, assumed a more cheer-  Ifui aspect, and they freely confessed they were  Imaking "Sometime one dolla hap, sometime  Itiee dolla one day, John."T-Simmes co'y, this  [company have not had a wash up yet, they  fare engaged in running a drift to an old breast  [where they expect good pay���������Wide West co'y:  llO men at work, making about wages.���������Hap-  [p^-go-Lucky co'y have not been lucky enough  ltd.strike pay yet; .they are sinking a shaft in  [their drift in the hope of finding the channel,.  -r-Forward co'y, 4 men at work, making from  [������12 to $15 a day to the hand.���������Casket co'y  ^^SwiU'be taking out pay this week,'having just  J^^ggot in their tunnel,���������Well. Mary Ann co'y are  ISS^aking about wages.���������:McLaren co'y are.mak-  fe.y/'ipng over an ounce a day to the hand.���������The  "'''" ^'"IWilson, Brouse, Tennessee, Dutch Bill, Old  iBaileyand Steadman co'ys, having got their  Brain flume completed, have just commenced  tb ground sluice ; the flume is 1250 feet in  length, and answers well for carrying off their  paUings;^Sixrtoed-Pete co'y;;are making wages  fbut will do better as sbon as they get into good;  liwprking order; they washed up;i7 ozs.. being  Ithe result of' one marite labor cleaning upa  piece of bed rock last week.^���������The Cornish and  California..." co'ys have ���������;started Hydraulicing;  the length of flume these :two, .co'ys, together  with the Six-toed-Pete co?y, have laid to join  tlius making  ������������*5Sfe  ImSm  S������SS3^SSB������;  &tf  mSSm-  SP"  %  ers  sof  Mm  mr'0  k .  2-lm  ye-  3flO&  13  the last;named flume is 1600 feet,  .^efei850.feetr^  1 Between Richfieldi andnthe.'canon, the Tyack,  - Stietz, / Gallaber,; Forest/ ;HUi, ^ :^ntine, [ San  Francisco 'and old Cunningham eoiap am  steadily at w;ork ground sluiping and hydraulicing; and will continue the same until the  water begins to fail; when they will cominence  to wash up.-r-The old Burns Tunnel co'y iare  still washing with their hydraulic, they are ih-  -.       ^Q *^e ^ili now akout 100 feet and begin to see |  p|Bf gold in.the dirt;. will not wash up till water  1|S: gets scarce.���������The Consolidated eo?y are near-'  s*������ ly through the rim rock, they begin to get; a?  little gold in the gravel overhead.���������The Kat-  aning co'y have not. yet reached theirpay but  are busy drifting.���������-Poster-Campbell co'y having finished their wheel and gearing, started  washing last week.���������Davis and Aurora co'ys  washed.up to 5 th inst., the day on .which the  last of the disputed ground was worked out,  15104 ounces.���������Watson co'y, having finished  their wheel and gearing, started washing last  ___ night.-^Wake-up-Jake co'y are sinking a new  gjl|| shaft opposite the Aurora's old tunnel, having  ^m    u driven out ������r tlie oia one hy water  -^w X ?h wi-1 not be gofc oufc tiu the Bed Rock  |gx Drain taps it.���������Cariboo co'y tapped the Bed  2&������ liock Drain on the night of 3rd; the Drain is.  S������ n,ow finislled to 30 feet above this co'y ?s lower  Ijllf shaft, 200 feet more will drain their middle  shaft, when that is accomplished very little  labor will be required to drain the Welch,  pf| wake-up-Jake, Australian and Hibernia com-  \$m Ponies7 ground, as the upper portion of the  Ijli oanboo co'y's ground has been well perfbr-  WBk JtGd with drifts that may be made available  111 ^{Jd���������1; this co'y will commence breasting  ������ ?7 to;day.-Mosier co'y started washing on  Hg| featurday; good prospects were found while  mg$ taking up the drain.���������Liilooet co'y, fixiafr up  ��������� !llg gear' wiU be ready t0 wash to-mor-  the RSeT>g0,fc ^ch?niie\12 f^t deeper than  w> Ued Eoek Dram which prospects well:  washed up 9 ozs. out of a small pit in. this  channel the other day.���������Never Sweat co'y is  paying $20 a day to the hand'.���������The Caledonia  co'y for greater part of last week were only  making about expenses; on Saturday they  started a new drift oil top of a former one and  find good prospects ; they picked up a piece  which.was being thrown out among the headings weighing 2������ oz.--Nevada co'y are about to  let a contract to run their tunnel 100 feet further into the hill.���������The Motfatt company are  drifting1 in towards the west. side of tlieir  grpund,where they expect to get pay soon.���������  California co'y on Sunday morning got 9 oz.  to a pan of dirt 6 feet .'from bed rock, washed  up 52 ounces; for week 98 ounces.���������Cameron  co'y washed up on1 Saturday 78^ ounces; for  week of C days 228 ounces.���������Forest Rose co'y  got a prospect on Saturday.of 2 ounces to the  pan, in gravel 4 feet from bed rock; washed  up yesterday morning GC ounces; for week  121 ounces.���������Prairie.Flower co'y are making  about 100 ounces a week.���������Dead Broke co'y  washed up fpr< lastr week about 80 / ounces.r���������  Raby co !y for1 week? before -last ydeclared M  dividend .of $200 to tlie share; \washed up for  last-iweekL ab out 15 0 ounces; this company ."are  about tp flume: the creek the whole1 length- of  their claim, 500 feet, in -order to. work their  open cut;irom the surface; the ifiume iwilly be  10 feet wide by 3.feet in depth; they will commence stripping to-day.���������Prince of Wales co'y  are running a prospect drift.���������Rankin co'y  ai;e making a,u p.nnce. ajdjaj; fat-tfta' iand,.. and  have not got'-td their best ground yet.-���������Bruce  co'y have been running two. pumps ��������� for the  last five weeks and have not got their: shafts  dry; expect to begin washing during the week.  ���������Adams co'y are taking out good pay.���������-  Oram co'y will start washing to-day.���������Hart  co'y started washing on Thursday last, and  cleaned up -on Friday 12 ounces.���������Artesian  co'y are making about wages.1  LOWHEE CREEK.'  This creek, which three years ago was considered but little inferior to Williams'in the  richness of its golden deposits, has lost a good  deal of its former renown ; yet, though there  is none of those big strikes that were common  in times past, there is still .a considerable  quantity of gold being taken out from the one.  end of the creek to the other, and hot.'a.few  of the claims bid fair to rival in richness the  favorite claims of 1863-4. It is true there are  not so many men at work as their was then,  but there is certainly more' who are realizing  a steady remuneration, for their labor than  during any former year. So far as we are  aware, there is not a man on the creek who is  making less than wages, which is undoubtedly  a more satisfactory state of things - than the  enrichment of- the few and the ruin of the  many, as has been the rule heretofore throughout the whole of the Cariboo country. The  great drawback to the working of this creek  is the. want of water as the season advances���������  this want has been to some extent provided,  against the preseht/season by;i"he intrbduetion  of, the waters of Stbney gulch;by? means of a  ditch built last/ fE^- bj; the;Yanghan-Sweeny,  co'y; notwithstahding this additional supply  fears are;entertained that it will soon become  scarce. There is only at present about ISO  inches of water running in tlie creek. . It will  be seen /by the summary given b elo w that  there are 5 6 white men and 21 Chinamen car-:  rying on mining operations oh this.creek.  to the lower line of the Plumbago co'y, a distance of 800 feet, as well tor. the purpose of  washing the tailings from the hydraulic claims  above as for working oyer the old ground,  which is now paying them wages:' 170 feet of  flume has already been laid.���������Boyle co'y, 6  men at work, washed up the other day out of  two sluices, through which, nothing but top  gravel had passed,: 11-ozs.; will commence to  clean up bed rock soon, when they expect to  get big pay.���������Vaughan-Sweeny co'y, 9 white  men and 4 Chinamen at work hydraulicing ;  this co'y wash up on an average.about 200  ozs.iaweck.���������Plumbogo co'y, 4 men at work  cleaning up bed rock, and taking out/good  pay; this was the first hydraulic claim on the  creek, it has been worked since 1863; there is  only a small piece of ground to work.���������Kelly-Patch co'y, 4 white men and 2 Chinamen at  work, making good pay.���������The claims above  this point are all laid over, there being no way  of working them until a drain tunnel has been  mp.. It will be recollected that several companies in1803-4 attempted to put down shafts  but Tailed/in consequeuce of water and quick-  sq.nd.;:'The Balaraat, Blue Jacket and Harrison  co'ys are-among that num ber' on which 1 arge  sums were expended without avail.   Those  novy owning the ground intend to work it by  hydraulic, by which process, it will pay well.  GROUSE   CREEK.        '���������  :���������  The news from this creek continues as encouraging as ever. ���������'. Several new strikes have  ���������been-made durmg^btrpr^if-w^ek;: .and"uthersr  are daily expected .���������The Heron co ,y, who  have been prospecting'so long, have, struck 'a  good prospect at last in their ^new tunnel;  they washed 3 pans of,dirt yesterday and had  just $10,jwithout'"any sign of bed rock.���������The  Bed Rock Flume co'y are working 8 or 10  men and making the best use they can of the  abundant supply of water;-, a-prospect of six  dollars to the pan was obtained.last week;on  some of the ground below ��������� where they are  working.���������Short Bend co'y washed out yes-'  tcrday 40 ounces for li days work.���������Full-Rigg^  co'y washed on Saturday" 3 ounces out of  a 4 feet set of timbers; they are only getting  into pay.���������Discovery co?y .are busy running  two new tunnels, the old one having caved.���������  Auch or French co'y are making oyer, ,wagesv  ���������Ne'er dp Well co'y have been blasting, a  high spur of bed rock which obstructed their  drift; will resume washing to-day���������Caroline  co'y have not got to the bottom of channel,  washed on Saturday 3oz. out of the gravel ���������  The claims above this point are all engaged  in prospecting. ../.,; ^ -% v  MI8QUETO. CREEK,  Situated seven miles below JEdwards' Ranch.  A company composed of five members having  procured a grant of 1000 feet of this creek for  the purpose of laying a bed rock flume, have  been working for nearly two months, have  laid 400 feet and made expenses during  that time; from present indications the company are satisfied that a rich lead will be  found;in the bank.  and settled the dispute which, originated over  some claims hold-by,(he Chinese. The Europeans appear to-have beoriiiu-tne'wrong, for  the Chinese* have been reinstated. The burning of the tents has not been traced to th.'  Europeans: and; it js supposed the Chin pro  did it themselves, with a. view" to; claim compensation. .'.The dispute being'settled, every-  thing'is now going on quietly.";    ���������''  Mr. Macleay- gave notice that he would -  move, upon the1 House going: into1 Committee ;  of Supply; on Wednesday next, that the vole  lately arrivedatin'lavor of granting ������55,000  in aid of the Panama steamship route, should  be rescinded.   / . i ..   ',..  : Newsiupe ii 'Ch^axor.-^Wc confess.' -. to", bei n gJ  not a little surprised ih "opening, pur file of the  'Cbroniele^ecievM by last.Ex press, to.notice  the change ih.;its cognomen. A'periisai however of,tho. number of Monday 25th ult. fully  explained the matter. It appears the proprietors of the ^Chronicle.' in connection with  Mr. W. A. Harries, have purchased the plant  and good will of the'Colonist,'and will henceforth publish the amalgamated papers under  the heading of the 'Colonist and Chronicle.'.  ^3?* The roa,ds betwixt here and Cottonwood are so far improved as to admit! of light  waggons being,driven over tbetn, Barnard's  Express waggon with four horses drove right  through tp Barkerville last Saturday, being  the first time it has/ever reached ���������'tliisi- point  ^fbm   " A~yy7i '���������' y-y^^-'y^-^rM^A^^'-^: >.A:i  TiunEs;Licenses.���������The attentnon of traders  who have not yet paid their' trading license-  is called to a notice in..this.morning's issue,no-  tifying them that Wednesday next is the la������t  day aU6wedj-ter settlement; all. failing to  comply a: that date will' be subject *. to * a fine  of $250. ��������� A/yy ���������'���������/-'' ��������� Ay: mXX /a  ��������� Marker.Pbtc.es/ Retatl;���������Fiouri $22.^ 100 '  lbs.; Bacon,:50.cts..^ lb; Sugar, 37 cts.;. Beans,  25kcts.; Candles, CO. @ 75,cts. by box, 75������ 80  m lb.; Butter,;SL;: rJ'ea, .SI; Coffee, Si; Tobacco, S2 50 @;$3; Gum Boots, $20 "^ pair ;  Nails, 37 ������ 40,cts.*f tib.;; Beeft25'@ 30 cts.;  Veal, 30 @ 40!cts,;feMuttpn,30;@;40;ctsi;; Potatoes, 12h cts5;;Mnk,.yr6;c.ts. ^gallon.: '':  Thanks.���������We-^eSunderfebbligations to  Messrs. Stratm&& Gi.^Periodical ..News De������  AUSTRALIA.  'mm  m  .Starting from the;.meadows;the- first claim  we find is the Calaveras co/y (old Foley and  Eastman), 8;white men and -4 Chinamen at  work,; shaft j8'5 feet: deep ;" last season this  ground paid as high as 30 ozs. a shift; it Is  now paying about $10 a day to tlie hand, but  wilt dd much better when they get near - tlie  ground worked last season; a piece weighing  $HB :,.was..,foundrlmt., Wednesday.;. the pay is  found on the west side pf the creek aiid has  every indication of ru na irig into the. fiat which  falls into Willow river.���������First Chance co'y, 6  white men and % Chinanien at work ; tunnel  600 feet long; struck pay last week and making from 4 to 5 ozs. to the set of timbers ���������  Washburn or Bed Rock Flume co'y; 6 men  at work; will start this week to work from  a shaft sunk last fall on a deep channel, from  which good pay is expected; three men have  been working till now on shallow ground and  would have made wages had their sluices not  been robbed by Chinanien.���������Chittenden co'y,  1 white man and 3 Chinamen at work, making  a little over expenses; the ground it is expected will be worked out in a few weeks.���������Sage-  Miller co'y; 3 white men and 3 Chinamen at  work; this claim that yielded so well in 1863-4  is now owned by three parties Messrs. Mc-  Farlane, Wyatfc and Hough, and for the season  up till now a dividend of $100 to the share  has been declared; there is still something like  400 feet of the bank to work that will pay  about an ounce a day to the hand.���������Moorhead  co'y, 2 white men and 3 Chinamen working,  and making about 2 ozs. a day' to the hand  cleaning up old ground.���������Canon company, 3  men at work digging a drain to tap a piece of  ground from* which 41 ounces was obtained  last fall.���������Bed Rock Flume co'y, 4 men at  work; this company have obtained a lease of  5 years from Government to lay'a flume from  the lower line of the old Discovery claim up  ;/ [DATES TO APRIL 3RD.]  The brother professionals of the late G. V-  Brooke contemplate the. erection of a memorial to him in Melbourne.  :; The.Mandarin bark, bound for Newcastle,  was totally wrecked on the 8th March, at Wilson's Promontory, and it is supposed that the  captain and crew are all drowned.  ���������-; Flour���������This market is very much depressed in consequence of late arrivals from .Chile  and California. As some of these cargoes  have been forced at auction, they have caused  a decline df from 55s. to 50s. per ton.  The amount of gold coin issued by the Sydney Bran ch of the Royal Mint, dur i ng ..the.  week ending March 23d, has been   36,000  sovereigns..  The quantity of gold dust imported into  the.same establishment during the-week, for  the purpose of coinage, has been 13,123 ounces.    ;      . .  The Western Escort arrived during the week  and delivered at the Sydney Branch of the  Royal Mint the following quantities of gold  dust: From Sofala, 1155 oz lOdwts; Bathurst,  1087 oz lidwts 14gr3'; Hargraves, 234 oz 7  grs; Tambaroora, 636 oz 14 dwt 14 grs^; Mud-  gee' 717 oz 3 dwts 6 grs; Orange, 369 oz 7 dwts  6 grs ; Forbes, 465 oz 5 dwts 8 grs. Total,  4665 oz 15 dwts 7 grs.  It is stated that an order in Council is ready  for Her Majesty's signature, declaring the Sydney sovereign to be a legal tender.  I'he inauguration of Theeds's fine bronze  statue of the Prince Consort was'td take place  on St. George's Day, the 23rd prox., when an  address will be delivered by His Excellency.  A telegram from Bathurst, March 23d;says:  "There was a roll-up and a fight between Europeans and Chinese diggers at Napoleon  Reef yesterday, the combatents numbering  over one hundred a side. The Chinese were  armed with saplings jminted like spears, and  the Europeans used sticks and stphes.    The  press:., . ...  papers from .any: quarter of the globe .have  only ,to address;*Messrs;/Stratman &:CdM whoA  will ffive immediate attention-to tbeir border?  response to the petition  or Judjce' "Cox: 'by the  Fire WARi)Exs.~-In.r  presented to His Honor Judge Cox: by  property holdersi,- and others in Barkerville,  praying for the. app ointment of Inspectors of  buildings for,the prevention of fire. His Honor  h as appo in ted;--Messrs,. Rb b er t B u rrell an d  John Buie to act in the capacity of fire-wardens, with power to make such orders thereau-  ant as shall be, (leemed necessary for the preservation of the town against fire.  Chinese Ltcexses.���������His Honor Judge Cox  intends sending- out his officers to collect,  Chinese licenses during the present week ; we  are informed that there cannot be lesstbati  500 Celestials distributed over the different  creeks and gulches emptying into Lightning  creek in the direction of Edwards' Ranch.. A  rich harvest might reward an official visit to  these parts.  ��������� SunnEN Death.���������We regret "to announce;  that Mr. C. E. Simpson, a young English gentleman, formerly connected with the house of  Messrs. Henderson &Burnaby of this city, died  suddenly of disease of the'heart,'-in London  about six weeks ago.. Deceased was widely  known and greatly respected in these colonies.  ���������British 'Colonist.' :   ' *;    ,.  Appointment.���������In the London 'Gazette' of  April 21st, I860, appears the appointment of  Simeon Jacob. Esq., as Solicitor-General, of  Cape Colony, including British Katfraria. ths  appointee is a brother of Mr. N. Jacob of this  city.->-'Chronicle,' 25th June.  Union Rumoks.���������It is reported that a letter  was received from London on Saturday which;  states tbat the Colonies will be, united, with  Victoria as a Free. Port and the capital, and  that a new Governor will be sent out���������-irChron-  icle,' 25th June."  Wires Down. ���������The! telegraph wire has broke  down somewhere below Soda creek, which ac*  counts for there being no dispatches by last  Express. '        ���������.; '        ���������/_/; /-;/ A..a.aAA. / ..  Laroe Mail-^���������By the mail of Saturday over  300 letters were brought, iip, besides a' large  number of newspapers.. . This is the largest  mail we have had for the season.     ^  j^* The public will find it much to their  advantage to,call at the store formely occupied by !"S. Elsasser. Cameronton, and examine  the quality and prices of the large and well,  assorted stock of general merchandise ; con- .  sisting in part, viz:   Gents7,Clothing, Boots,  fight lasted a considerable time and several! Shoes, Liquors, Segars and Groceries, lire  Chinese tents were burned. The Chinese left^'hole stock must be closed out immediately,  the field and came into Bathurst to the Com- therefore goods are now selling at extremely  missioner.   Captain Brown went out to-day [low prices. y  emsmsssssm  wmmmjjssms  '������.&<,'������ ^firM^^-.tSiwy  CHARGE iOE; THE;, TIG&T: :BRIGAB&-  r.i-to.UUl'  f/ii\  'tdxhi  'IO- '.il  0S-  Am  UW  '' At'the1 bar, at the.bar,'.- .lhA/:kM  A "'. 'At thelbar*!thutt^er^d/,' A,ry:}  Thunder^  AThere Btood^  lu^Tfe^irs^one^-huflteaj ���������; ruyy ^y  Calling iofidrinksiia#ain;;v -^ i!.  <���������������' jTBe bar-keepeiiSlumber/d; ,/  v Hark J todr^V arso6hdf from; oneI  : TJi0^h^/theICttrs^,^6ffle', -/.jf;j>;  ^ERom? ea'eh *������dd Aeveryioneu:  /AitQfffi&tidxyAoM.Mntlred.';^ tt  : Into the bar thex fiitch'd, -v^"*  v ^Noble^oldlpp^ife, .-, ;j,:;,^nv,.  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X: < *yv  vBeddeif;ea6^  faster! the'lii^udf flows,t; ��������� A)' *'": - ���������  -Under'tfier-table goeai: <.. ''J A-A r-y  )^H^'o^'^'h^drgd.       ��������� ;,/fr  JBottles toiright.ofjthexn," fe  '- aa:  tfiottles'-to left of thenr; .���������;.,������������������.-; * -ffe--y  'Bottles:ialbrdu&clJ thenar SS KB ^  ii^Bmptiedlarid'aunde^djjv./;-,'/!:  ������hifc fedmlthafod&adfuhroom,', >yiU  Ou*iifroui^ihatdark^satpOn,' wr A; \  ;Ganie forth.a.beery, fuiho, - A ���������. ;':; I  Came forth a dismal moan,  - ;BiitwBbne-of /the hundred? '? ;"/'  Wlien they!awoke1 again''. J\V % _IJkj  ^Jhp^%ei^'pids: did',;p|in;.l;^fe',; '*'';  .^������No: peraon^ptfder 'd. a// - T-'^ *^'  HonOT;^Kppriga4  Honor .tlie. ehargerthpy; iija/le,"  ^^jrsW'j^n^    m&mmmN&AAyAA  .��������� fefe:^/;'^'.:-.,;^,)?;^.^ ;m  ;, .;'hfefei-������.  !AT������  WlHERS" THg|pt^  -iT'f glvpsa general; iiivi tsHtbifr td'JKs ^fiends andL the'  pilbJic/atdai^e^ttffettUl^^  ���������,m*e������ts';9|" hiaiBilliar.d ^tblesj. als.o,: the:Choice Brands of���������  5/S;-SE<^^:#n^  A AM��������� ���������-������������������ ;v������ /,' -'��������� ��������� -^QUESNELilOOTH;- *';"���������';f,��������� F;" ^?- ! ������.  "v ?l^.;0fe^r'^??^^  'l-^f'/" ',/'���������: ,/;descrij^K:J&ii^'S        ! * \'  ^���������i  cohsists'of fohr'niusicilins  fife?' 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Barley^v;j^ ^o-feHE^E^j'S^irfefunyi 'seWcled' Mxj&V tW m% i S?  Enropo������jitftnd'-?AjnericanrMartete-j.;jrhe;e^  tlieij0fn<lsith������ji{ish,p^Jgijtfja'^aroj so]igl^d_^.jpar.  -}Wi^Dtt-.CBMja<Sttat Fancy.and' ToiietUnr?1'  F^fions.carefuUj^pn^p^nde/^: .and/ordersS;^'  ^lth;!car^ ^nd dispatetoiy,Jf^l^f'l^^^  Etouse1 *6ri' the'Rbad.  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A ���������  C.#MctJn4^,S^la^^lwit^  WffKf^W^oxyn^dfTbursda-y's-trip up, ���������  TS ,OPE^ FORvrraE/^CGOMMgDATION  JL Travelling 'pitbllfc';'tho^ljMfropms a^-e spacious, ana'  [airy a^th.������?Bedsrcfl������rtottbe surpassed -for^ahliaess{  andjCpmfOrf h^nyjin^tltefyyfyir cpjunjry ;^>the TabteS  alwajrs supp][ed;wjthv the\^e,^(of-victual$fe,-Stahlini  for Horses';-Hay,'Oat's an^B.arley ;consUn"tly.on'iiand-  MAy^yiiOiy^Mfx 1 ^'^y1-^^^ "-^ H;h"'fei  &1^ I  -f) ENNISi MUBBHY;p^dpri^^>:���������s^^e  tt:$$yitii^fi&^  for to f; Travell erf *t $&% C j\l i n ary depart men tfeis^ihder  the shperintcndence'of #iexppnehc^'cpblc;:the ^pds  are���������clertrf rfiftf'comiortable>p:tne'Bar^ontains 'the hest  eO������kttTO'6^������W&c.:^StablitffffM  l������i..Iarg'e;a.f6-t!Jd"6May^Oa^^  host descriptip^ aUtays;^^^  ^Blackspii.th;and, Cannel-'Xtoa  h:WharlVcTlct6ria:'^-Jl'Vwillk  Union  attJeaWn'l1  1.  ^OrdGrg^scutto  niiMyy^Mr  -..- c-��������� ��������� r,-fe - ������������������,^c^W'^rPTO������^i^Co|!  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Etid iesHtil 1-fin #ttiei Invigoratof' A greatfadM ft dn' tip -tpil?  ��������� '*tf Jtfith'iti coksl'd er. ttio^o������.the:delfcatey      kgreisablel  p.ri^ume, and the groat facili ty it affords jn;;d^sjng>,t^6|  3 ui if A which, .when niois t wi th it,; ca n ��������� be d ressed In ��������� an J  : K^.hircdi form, ?.so ;M -to ^ptssorve-i ts pl-\co^whe(theriplaiff  -oi'in cnrlsi|,.When.usetliOn children'sheards^tlaysthdt  ���������'foonflitfipn tor a gooVr Liead^pT.Mir;Ai AyAAAAA'A.. I. A \ ''������  mL^ooE^^byESTigEAiSTai  HE3tJ]^ERSIGNB]p;are<now,m  ^oh all grades: '-;Extr^ SupefQiie feand'iiPmWVfe.'f eed:  ���������IS!-! KENJDERSON^; Jfegs,' toI ^tprrnMs'f ricn d s  . ^hff tBojfrUVefHhg^  Uket^ thoiabove^l&ncbiand'isipjropafed t<l-sttpply'thSn  TCith.Eirst Class������������������ Accommpdatfon. >������.GoodStablihs- for  ^gds5.gaTfeyapi| Gfain.T" y ryy ^/yAm^t'^AMp^  WM-.-MANSQ-N, Ayy Mj)} &} McliEiteIh!  ���������foft-yyAicrPropriQ&iVGyAi*; Ary.-yiq-sdH iTAgetiW  t^&iW^&yiliA!^  ���������witfl the:hest'oflc^erythmg:that'������������������can';*be.procurd,.:and--  th-a^Okingis not inTeriOr-to a'riy ori .tberroad ��������� 'Bedrooms  *0?.': ffWn*Hiq&;* .Stabling,;) ^Ha^Barl ev^and" Oats!^ .^ >-.'*ila-���������*l"  ���������yst])re^aredrtq: sirppl vth.i^ j'hn merous fpa \ rohs;wi,th every  requisite forpq'tbihg vBUitabie for ''every seaso'ri.of-ifo  year.; M*yy yA ';* yyy AAA yA'A 'AA  !i)MV'>  THbiyjAS fWIBS.ON^.G0^?Im^EteybtE^  , ,, rjiishiMerchand^z&fe^holesaloKand;.retailfejdeaj^rs in  Dry Oppns; \fc d: j: Vates: Sfree t^ pc tor ia % TA ,'0n and  afterVlsstf ;Tuhe next tri* Qbvernmcn f :Str'eetfoppsite1 Se"  Bank-of ^British'Cdlumhia;" -MinAMyAi fefefefi ���������f*-'ii^t  ABi(is������:A^D PiERlRfe^I^ci^,\!Pro^H0^r&:--T/ie%  ^Q)rfnfriB$]ap3^  aflb^ds^:^ In^he/Rari^ll^  jr^nis^ed^poin^wfso.^-r������(!><\������.'sW'^ ?^^*i c^ lliw* W  Crushed to order  c������lLfOfJET FLOlJ^MlET^qo-y^il  Prepared only'by  ���������w^co^rosEs;fe'^'  iBa^eryille^^niamVCre'elcfe  qiJ^lS  3^j^QM3m^[A^C  TOi,CJBKHF)Fy tha^Crqm ^me^causei 6r>.pqm������  piluh (^'.of fetho heacl'our \]li^fr,ci^^^^^^^JivLi  ���������so��������� rapidly that we feared wo shpuliHfoJ3!^:th^  tbis 'q^n^y^Q^^'^f(^^^-^- AIOSESj^hdrSt^iigesto  ���������relate\[ in TitiiTEE app] i catjdns'hf Ji is wWderfiit Hai f Res-  u /rati y e-dor hair befeaniti-As stVong'as <ive^ and. is -now  soft and ilivelyi W*e makefetbis;certificate; with .pleasure,-  b elievi ug ;it=to be; for- tbtfrpdblic ^ood;   f' ��������� v ;i f * j.;; D My"  ,AA A. Aii;iAiAAGMOm%iC0FFU& Cameront6n,';v  ���������'*���������:";' '-M- ';��������� ������������������;���������   !-,-;,R������BERT,'WARR:iDN. Barkerville; ;-'-;  ���������.,=��������������������������� "'������������������.-   H. S.niEBORAYE-Richfield.        fe;:  Williams Creek, rlsl July,, ISUo.r     y.iAA AA-AiyMy  rr-<0 'MR." D^ *^r MOSjis: ���������r Sm; ^-lii-tbe years is&Vand  J..i4861, from;a long and severe-illness* myhair became  v. r>\ weakj. and .was lallmg- ol *������, in a mpsij fearful; ixiaasi  nor, anil I  ] was recom  to trjr'-your.  EQWmyATAXNON  ji-I^'SI^'eR^LISt h^^penlm^he, A^ Hoh������S fto-  t^tthe^repeption offeThivJellersV tboT^blbis-weli-lceptf  land th������  Liquors'; 'cannbtt&o  .llAGOBfe 'MILTZi-l. Proprietbir,-)'. has-valwuysion  jA^W^iJ^W anct^uporipr.,stock of Xager���������3eter'VaC'  P^5ft^itt;.?j;;o*aM.-.^^#  Segars^ :theipubhc are^invited t6:icaii!i ^repareh to fill  all orders prompt Iy.   . . y        :       *.iiy&%&rCi   pt  . a ter Arr-i^ -T������"r.vny������ j ^urpa^pd; j^thcjBedsv'arei  clean, and,.comfortable., s-; Stahli n^: foi;,Hor8esf. Hay *ahd  ^:^.^i;:rf'^H^fe.ty;:a:s^  GopMJfpr^arflCft to,.the,Miu)pg."pistricts-j ��������� ^j(r?,;^;/  :Blt ANKE^rVictpria,' :^E?:i)eal er ia FrasJ  .'^ju^^t^u>|^^^Vp0^:'^d������ ^ o������*U) cyR&) iKJ^aiices maid*  <m J$rs- CQM)gne^.^iBe'fercncQ--<j! 4?Su tro-&. Co., Sgorj  bbfg^iRife^ibtormy'v^lVf'f^y^t'^   :".>-,-   <'.-y ,-   aiV'Mf/.- nM.'.*i|V .|.f?: fey>Ii.s>i r;J^;i r;-4:-  Oats;  I TA^QESf HTJA&QNi ^I^oprietbr^'Cbis.cpyimbm:  ������.r,W-#?M& ^eU'fitted.up jiyitli -every^cprivenience  lor the com fort of th e-puhlic^ the'. Beds' arj a it tha t a  fvea ry -traveller teodia nriSi rUf'th'tf Tiiiil 6 is suppl i ed' ������f i ttiti  ft^ih^st-ofy^irp ;;ithe{Bar contajns -the- 'choicestbr&W$  MRS!) -HEUTVi :AtoiiEVSii .& IBf&MMA^s^ -Gov Jm*  ,. i;rol'nf; Street,' VlctPr3a,feY.7L'f(Ali^-iji^S ofMillinerr  jqr the ;Iaf6st^stvle; ���������tp^^cong (ja^tly, '6E^fe:dr4ers[  jJ^^e'^n'tfpputouailyla^  f*pEtJEB^ ;MgQIJABE^ : S^S fe (^andleiyandl  |X;*'dealer-in'Pai)5ts. Oils,;ahd.Wiajlow.Glass./,/iUwayj-  jrMrnnVi���������avhirge'stock-of Rbge'and ��������� Cariyf^^TOT''  iSdtfe-ot/ Victoria Yi'L^i^iKi. ��������� ^iO^JtlH:?^:!'4/:^^^!.!  8P#flg?7. ^^SP^^^^^^lih^iHprs^ed^oasi?  ^^y|.fe&c^-.fe.^ ^;>.{. .,t. ���������   -v -,.,, ���������.:.���������,.,;,,y ���������";. jV '-,.���������-. il&'J;  ��������� ������Jr������Et,KAiT arid^McKENZIEfe ^rcmri^fcrirs  :,ia  This House is^^ well fitted .up.wi^h Good'Beds alici  .UiO;*Rajc iSifumishooj.withfthvj- bcstLiqu'drs ��������� ���������Sfeals-are  served atalL hours;on., thovRestaurant prinebfe- F'  bjjiig for Horses, .HbrsoFeed,. &c; ��������� ���������;   ,..'.-.,, * A^'  28SS  ;-Sfca-  s;  ; fDyWA;TSOiky-<M^  iM������,.and*Engraver,''^^ Yates"s.trefct'.above,(5oyr ^VJi  PftVWfeQt>Hre<jjg->YfcW^  fe  ^  3^J%?\ Brand ies &Sega rs j >good stabling for liOrM j  ���������5?ft Sar?Sy ??,? P^s constantly*������n haiid at low rates/  ���������^ $.wl3p ���������milled, Flour .for .s^e^ch eap.   ���������-.-. m. ;.,:... , ,j. g.:  .appli  by  ' '    .< Johnson streetyi''  Victoria, V. I,-March,27th, 1866. y'A"- ;y ,;.  pHIS,IS ^OrCERTIFY;-tjial-a Iittk mm'j thanifOur^  .^teen'yearsago, owing te a severe.fltof siclcnesSj I;  lost nearly all my hairHhe^ crown, of head becoming!  quite bald, and has been 'So* ever siheel utitU thetpast  summf^r, wheni bearing :of|fth'e m.arvellpiis ^success >cf  -VV,':I>V.''.Moses in several cases yhere" it'seemed 'almost.  hnpkl&BS'td do so, ph Williams' 'Creek; -Cariboo,-/! -was'  i nd uced . 6; let, him; try; his. ��������� skill on me^-.Un t' wi thou t  rnithi^hi^vability to Restore my hair, it shaving been so  h������n'g* out: oiit; - miraculous.'.' as ' it may appear, .'.in' jthree';  inoii lbs'' ti'iife'T\v-as' bappily-' surprised- to ��������� nrid .'a' how'  growth oi! hair ^coioiing out, vwhicil is dailyj becoming'  Rironger and thicker. ;.;Tp any one. requiring,his profes-  fiitijxmjsejrv'j.ceB.afi; -f above,; I would: merely say thafc he  possesses a skill and kno.wied$ in restoring hair .that I  b.iV5 hev'er m������t with .before.   " :.';l;: b. W*ff VTZA  H-i������r������EIdd.et;  ^HARLES5NELSON, -Proprietor '.This m  ���������W.&mhb8hed ;Houso, iswell.nttoa up for the comfort  .oi Travel Itrs; j the. Table.. is supplied wi tii. tb o best, of  1  The Express stops here;  1-s  |I?OE?PrDOFGI.AS ��������� ADVERTISEMENTS' A.   jl  tanpe from Clinton, 26  Landing;'22! miles;' fi  Travellers wi  miles  roih  , from Snyaipis Steamhoat  , Spence's Bridge,,30 miles;,  the f-mfe-   -tv W.PTtces'anfl nccohnnbdat'ions.to'suit.  t-ne u inert,   (hve thorns call. ������Stabling,  ^^oQ.h'aves  ..gt^ntiye; hostlers,   Stfig"Sves"hc^'^icei^^ibr  i?;.M/   y^?,4 Jal9������ ancl jmcc a;yvcok lor .Cariboo vyl-s;  Vr,;salc DteaU'w,tafWirfe& Spirits: andrLwa^  i  1  %fefeHO^ELii .-Ji  M:. MACB01TALI), 'proprietor.' -Aliner asxAl  otbers.destined for the. Bridge River Mines will  find''eycry convdhience '-an <\ a'6'cbmiriddat'ioh aferded-  themVi -Good' 'Beds ?and a* T.abVe well supplied with sUf  the,delicacies of: the season..;> (;,   : y:   ;fe,/;   r-iT&n  v  JSBOAT:^^ .' I   '     ^lACGO.fMoershauw Pipes, fe^y  ttrri.K!'.. ���������SJiiiJ.^.i' 'irii%tnvia *..'���������?.������������������'������  Victoria,feV. I., JTsb..20th, 1866.  14  U S5HTH. ^'"CO.;- Proprietors: ;! this House "is  well'flttca up for thtf accommodation of Travel-  lers to the Bridge'River Mineis.   feGobdB  for Horses, Horse Feed, fcc.  A:stageruns i  hetween .this house and Port Douglas on fc  the steamers'from b'elow and. conhocts'  Boats' for"' Liilooet A-'"-'   ���������'-'���������"A ":'   :- ���������  giving of Liquors, and ol' Wines   ../Frekb Butt ori .'Milk  and VegoUblus,   Good .Stabling and ehpapl^e" ?,JUS  WAxm'm ^^isreiOTi'K^^^i^f^fe  ^^MEROEA^Ts;>Wharf ^Strdct; Viot^^^  .JL- ^harf s|reet, .trictdria;;y:,!I^:*' 'y,.yjyyALlAZ^A  B'' opposite theiBank olVBrRish^Nortli.*Wp?*y^y ._  I  '-���������  few  ;MALf  Gov  llandink;collectos^& "gen  'ernmentSfreet, Victoria, V. I-


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