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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-07-21

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 ������������������'���������-:-.-���������     ���������   ������������������-' ���������*'���������     ���������..,������������������        *^^  "....fA^**yffV':gg^^ .,}^;^,;;^.,:^,;,.^;l|i;������������������ -y^T   ���������- ������"~������������������������^TO���������������������������������������������  W A AA f$ f������^";*f &' ������. r ^yT;i-T3>* :���������  a\W-wAawAa<: i__^^A^-^ww^^^^iA-^wAA^f^ ���������.; x    v;    :���������    !--3^*&m  fol.7.  Pip f ^edadsday^  !������.'������;:;.:?  si^wgu  ;e  ?W$$  IJ^W   V=i  EBY WEDNESDAY kiid'1 SATURDAY,  f o BE it i rA^^y w f *h * n  [bjejber^s pre KQ^tf{^  fine timber and 8 &������*?& sosl-present' inviting  E.V|f!~*  jubscriptiOD, $1 perl week; (including cost  aelirery), payable "tofttie carrier.:',;  ' :. ���������  ?icb���������Barkerville, (nextjdoorrtrj Martetto  Grocery-StoreY.ryr       ������ ���������   '  '��������������������������� ��������� '���������'"-;, '��������� '���������"������������������ ?'���������"���������'���������'���������'-��������� '������������������*���������* ���������<r'..-;������'j f ���������;������������������ u?,-,.���������-��������� >  ���������.  Agents for'thel41 Ganbod 'Sentinel;"'  IsnMmoutb.��������� Mr. 'Goudje'j Barnard>s Express office;  hCreek' " - ;"V/^S5i-%^ff^--^aniard.������8:B;xprj^s{  Ee. . -���������������������������'���������/ -= ?. Mr.lSvans,, r dp;--���������������*,��������� jj,do- ���������' j  Lteminster.-", f >   ;..,-.-������i,?-.'*.?���������:. Clarkson & Col  Westminster^  (���������ria,  , .-"  ?.��������� .fisher,;:  .   . ^ - '-.���������.���������,-  _   - Sun-Fraiu  ancisco)  fteERA^S^O^Nb^yF.Ora ' f  At present, fchcr'exarpi.abnn dan t^.i^gcatio.na[,  at Newfoundland will*one day become one-  tbe world's gi'cafe raining rcg^ns.^>XUtIe;  known ; of* it; bey odd. the -shores aroundf  liich'a^shipg^population';6"fM3.0*ffO,0 ln>ye,  llusfered.diviu^'.ajmosfe.entlrely by tho pro-  lace of its splendid^3ae^ts;;^nvd1ib^iesst  83 vet, of-the far .raoro valuable  treasures  ;h:it are-berieath" the snrface   oY 'the .soil':'  S7j tliio - the' 1 iiet fe w.. years; ho we ver? i ul p or tan t  liscovbriea'hav^'beeE^trlaile; iind^att^niion is-  'rigtb drawn to these mat-Jers. "It will as-  ^ained^tpa.,  will find'Nejpfoj^  yinc^Jfequirin^} 'only ��������� ^napltaiivpWH^and  energy .to render it a proBporgu8fland#eaHby  country^^ TaUing^Jnto account ber splendid;  posifiwbetweieiith^'djd 'and.Ihe New  -i^ raaghiBce^^  fisberies-rrher/ rich itnineralgv-ner/X coal and  inarble beds/ aad heavily j timbered -fertile ���������  lands Jn tho west^tris difficnifc^fe name -any}  cohntryiporsseysserljrf auchLaicombinatiiin^Pf \  n aturalfafiy ^nfegea. w A tipreson t,fher?;con-j  ditibir is one of depression land miser y*6*f the!  taitremest (y po*i- An" - islands as *iarge as Trfe-"  land is !nhabile4;by ISOipOO^peopleVof. whotri  a veMilargOrpropoHion-' are .'at, tbis,,moment  in^ live: Id wes t deptbs^of :p o ve r^y^-rinrfact bOD-  ileriiig on starvation.; ;��������� Joined. Jo. a.^eaUhierj  lit;  ������'i i     >-   -���������/ *.'"���������:*        <������->;���������;.  tojxyp  nei^fi  ecimens  at^Italianbaye  xTneTiJominion  i  inorc  Z\yii  and elevating ;heri;naturally fine j: intelligent  people in the scale of beihgja^rigliterftitiire  jopens^bbfbro her.---[S������e.war>rs^^rCcrly.Ma^  xazino^y  lh e worl d is n ���������. -���������  /ei n?r. worked a I T i rt 0 d c i  ���������m'the-northeastern eoast of- Sc\ttfuiiDdiand;  it. the avefagx     aine  bem0  r,  ,,.._,.,,..    .:,  yield of ������6i.000'>,oHh of;'ore;'m bgojyca.ft'i  The fortunate proprietors' are Messrs''C F.  Bennett:and--Smith McKay;   Another mining  cluim in the witfie district/ itfeposed���������?td*b'e)  qtnlly valuable,is abou?,to'6e���������6pencd^, Mr  Murray pronouncesv"the(;wholo:surronnd ing  r^ion, whereveiv tfe serpentine rock appears;  to be metal liferonsy ;and ��������������������������� predicts that /tlie  rroat minitfaf.- held: otthe islancl will bo fonnd  to run fromWhitb-^Bay to\ St. George^s vBay.  In PlacentiaV a yaluablejlead mino has been  found, and Jndlbafionff-'b^siiycr  Rooting slate bfj tKe &esfe]qiialtty4s abrimlatit  in several jocaljljesi-^Theflis^^^  of Eaolin/brchina-cliiyj; is; alsb;;Tecent]yran-  nouncedi ���������> The local papers mentioh the discovery of a fine? spejcimbn.Apt Jgold^bearihg  quartz,-foundon oiit'eastern-sfioroj-.anda.hal;  yzed, wit]i^pi3Ya1ctQ0i: results^ In Halifax^  Professor- Belief Kingston, Ganajlaf^vhen jon  a viait here last ^summer,; p^idtc^/the ^-disco very of. gold in,.J?erwfdun'd^ the;  character pf.tbp foyniatiofis wlitc.fiJ^oertMn'  places, he informe^'W'^resemU  ons quartz .region.pr Noya,Scp.tia. There are"  few whose opinion ;on> siicb: aI-;subjeci as jciv  titled to mqre^weigh^"- Hapj^ly/ror^rsell^  Newfoundland 4s>at-length convinced that  ber interest Uea ini jpimng'tba Dominion of  Can ad a, and in; al t pfpbab tlity 4bevn n iort will  be consummated Itfavifew months'.   Then ber  great natural resonrces will be turned to ac-  coimt. ��������� Tho.railro,ad;p.r6jected by ; Mr: Sanct  fo.nl Fleming will cross the--island from: St.  John73 to St. George's Bay,' linking ua with  the Intercolonial lihe,: and {making; St. Job n's  toe great.port of ;cptnmuhicatibn between, the  Old Worl d and "tlie /Ke w/ bei tig wi th in five  (%s steaming op-tno Irish shores.   The risk  <rf crossing tbe Atlantic:will/thus be greatly  diminished, and the in Ifc' 'of the' passen gers  and fino goods'; tranlcwUl, ,m .all ;p rob ability,  bo attracted to tbis route, as well as all mail  matter. Th.e railroad, .will, open up the island  for scttlement." ' On the 'western sido ��������� the  forinations. are Wholly .diflTerent from those of  ttw eastern and northern.   There a carbon-  iferous region is, found) whoso coal and mar-  AW  |-'; '/./HOTBCSfiRESTAU.RANTS; &c:    ^  ���������(-���������-���������^v   Jffi&r...  Hotise/  Al %z.tyiiKul*?\  \kffi^SEiKEpflROM HArip'PilST FIVE O^rVOCK  .������I vl&thcriribrniujrtlll3IINI5 In:iUo; evonlngi;-bt:Jfia  '. PARKER'S nOABDINGHOUSBj-opposlte the Se.v-  .*:sxv  ISS A. HICKMAN begs to:announce to the Minors  vof BichfloIU and the public Jn general .that; she  jia^ jYiponert % th ei afeoye.v Restaurant -jfbr^tlie surptner. J  Havijiginu'de^e^teusiyQ'.:-ad'd(jrons(tb,''iific^esiauran^  (IcpRrtmerit":an'd^cdrad tho: servic^s'iof a* first-class  Cbolcf JiTiss H. ^lattora liersclf i that1 sho will bteoblo to;  gi fre'* her,; patfons^eyerj;;i 89. tl^Bustion/jianftj hflPPSirby;  strict attention.tQ^busiuess,ito morlt.a,share of..pablia  palronage.   . I'w  A,   ���������   v   .'/  ' \A 'A     A  Bpardijper :ty<^)������ffi$2fj: Sinye^^Ieals^^I;  ' w U������*Tlie; best lliquors anil^ JCigars; always*ixf bo * had  at'tlUBhr/ ���������<��������� ',' %A ���������" A ** ' ' " ;' *. '    my22 2mfr*'  vH03aSLS,.RBSTAURANtSP&c;  be -Rmj&Q&i  fLm/iTrarii.Tfi:', o ^hnnvr nnnanWmA������������ n  ., *,m  " t. r ���������trviffi^**'*������������������^-.w-'.11,'-"  Ar-r:.-,^:/;; iUA:>.v-H~^-^nJj^;ri.^ ".;;i^^i>i .,' ������������������ ��������� ��������� .  TmSESTABLISHllENT-HA^INGBEEN': REFIT-       ,  J'ted lathe most; comfor^tabi^thairaer^with good"' '(;;. v f  beds, tho travclHug pa bile may "r clx' upon be'ihgfWeU  accb'mmodaled^'v^wi^p, % this.;*-���������;#&$& tAiw/ul) ���������>'/*���������?.  ������������������"'-  '; ^ho boat. Win;esi Liquors! and .Cigars t.6;. be.had; al,:: ������������������:- ���������  the Bar.' "V"    /  ^- '-'       ' ^    " '  ������w U  ,    ,.  ^Decernber6,1868.<M ; :"--i*?-if^ ^^i*:^^.^:^'^!..; v;"':.^ :';iv--  ;   Important-".CHinnoArj -Discovery���������A New  :^orl%obemist|in^l^s^  the means ,of .so concentrating the uu^itipli^  properties of vegetable. and .animal .m'atteh  tbat^n^onnfr^rquUe'suuiClent,^  and even ' incfeaBO--his  strength���������.a healthy  tw^t|^ur:bpiir^  ^6r^1t;is;assertfed,i.was^giypn,o  ^ene^iio^and^  and it: -'.' Ho remained during two. fail weeks,  aWiufe TV^tclrfulness, atrthe^  Retreat.- He was .placed in^room,specialiy  prepared :af Uiehbspital^rqyideil phly with  one pound of the compound food, and at the.  expiration ot Hie time 'came ;forth as fresh,-  hearty and healthy in body and mind asjif  heiia������passed'his iortnigbtenjoying.the lu^  "-uifwai of-Delm6nico>.;kitcaen^:,_���������;.;:^?:.;:;,i ^^;^  Br.oiTEixpEsroTis^r'ANew York; paper,  the* World, is enyioiis of the fihancial position,  rSf Canada] In its.issue of Tuesday^ it says.:,  ^Jrhe revenue of tlie Dominion -of Canada,for  the past-month wasa trifle less; than-a ;mif  'lion Vveltpenditiire! something oyer half a.  raU)J6n> So mucii .for;^  Would 4hat- our--despotism- would :^ipat a  JittlOin the same?wayl??: /,     \.: ? r.      ���������  ���������.v;::TnE^NditTUWEST---The fi fertile belt?' along-  the' ^&!Efeis^,;inSkKW :River,:thD Assini;'  boine, and ; the; other: rivers which.fail into  Lake; Winuipeg,; contain. 190,000^000; acr^s/  75^30,000 to 100;do6;006 of; which! are fit for;  cultivation, ,their, xjost at;:^30p,000, only  ���������amounting to' tbree^uarters"./of a ; cent per  acre; or about one-tenth less than Mr Seward  paid ;fdr Alaska.^; ;������������������:''-���������'. ' ������������������; ������������������''������������������ ���������;;������������������, ������������������ -:  .Feloxt���������We see, by a bill now before  thaCanadian Parliament at Ottawa, entitled,  il An Act respecting offences against the person," that the administering of drugs, or the  taking of other means by a woman to procure,  abortion upon.herself,, israade a felony. The  public.sentiment will approve.of this amendment to.the present law in-such cases.  ���������-/  :: Beards.���������French surgeons have demonstrated- by experimenis in Africa, that .sol-,  diers ' wearing ��������� their beards are much less  liable to 'diseases';ot the eye ' than others,  this is saidto be duo to the intimate connection between theServes.and muscles of the  face and eyes. A .... ;;  Stout's G-ulch  mwi MINERS',ON STOUT'S GULCH.. AND :THE:  JL;V public gener|Uyi are' Her*ebyv'requ'cit6d''������to':take  ndUce thatitlic' ab'ovo Hotel, situate on' the} left rsUte ���������  bMlVegulchVbe%con';the^TaffVale;aridithe Coombs  Com'panies' shafts, > ���������������    l< A>- WA '"' :      jf aW-a^I '  h]h/0;;������$  an A the proprietor) assures ali; who niay.f avor hi ra^wj th  their, patronage ;ttiatJ no eflort; \yill be spared to give  satisfaction. "'   '  '        ''.",'';'    l     W  Spard, ^1'3 ^IrVWeelr.  'Single 'Meals, $1,  t?E?m OnV'thelbW of Liquors' an"d-Cigaw*'wiU'bo,  keptai thS Bar. 1        -     '     ' *  '    " J , ' " ' '  rr   ���������>   .if-prud.ERTGK>KOSE, Proprietor:]  THE jPftOP^-I ETOR .of; tiio;abp^e;eBtabI isbm oniwduM  .vrespectfully Infohn his''l^le^8������B<f-.;l:fif6'^iil6lie:'fn '  general: thatfhVis - q^-pre^r^tio/inirol6Ei'<tU^������a ftHh  A, Ho has ateoj at,COFFER%-J5ALOQN. attoched^Jho  ���������ab"brcj? where nOn'e-but;tbe' best Coffee^ Pies aud Ca'k'03  wHlbeserveUipO!',,' ;-> r  .--i A A ���������*   . ^ v.,  ...N.B.���������BEEAD  DELIVERED to'all", par ta or iae  .Creek".   r'^!   - i ' ( &} V'".f5'������ ^'.rV^riA^8*"tmJ'- "  .. I  THEi-Proprietors bf������this well<jcnown: House" tender  tlxoir sincere thanks to their friends' anil" the tra- ���������  veiling public generaiiy,v for their past liberal .patron*  age, andibegitOpiufo^m themIhat injprder to.insure a  continuance'"^  reduced to $3- 60;.;per'A)ay; tSingle Mea.ls,t$-Jot'-OO.  :;Sifi:E������;.   AS on lianil, nri^l-TorsaUff'attbisoStoro. in. Barker  .vilt^iiGKptenira,v^BpY^^i:A^L^ppR^  thtV choicest:; description, ;wbich;:,h^.^l^eU:at ;lp  prices for ^Cas>. ;AlsoXiun^BpotSv and other' articles  required by minprs; '. '��������� :' A-A'"'lf     -/. .'." *   '   A  -BarkerviUfi,iMay 12, 1860.^ -     r     ' i r a   ;   , s ,v.  J. S .THPIViPaON,  May i, am;. ��������� ..  o.ii  Gar^iiters and ;;BiiiK^rs,  CONTRACTS U^fDERTAKEN,;and -ALL KINDS ^O^  ^. ��������� job Work done wi th punctuality and dispatch,  at reason able rates,, /Agotfd s tpek ;p f s,eason?o,d 1 uniber  always on hand; '--'������������������ ��������� AA AA , '"'A '���������"''��������� a' ':A'"' -:"���������  stari  or;  V-   7.ai  .., Quoshelmouth. May ,: 1869..  , ,v    .f    --,,.;,"  ^^������������������ir.i  .jj.^.-w*1������.x������.v.-SAU.:irtSix^'_i  .-.:.:���������   ��������� ���������. ,.������  mHE^UNDERSrGNED^BEGSv;;TO^:rNFORM5:HTS-.  X friends anditbc'publlc, that' he has fitted up sotie  GQMFORTABLE^BEmrRObMS  In Kisotew* bullHlD\$whero :b"b;i������ ?preparedbttf;giva  ^obdjBods, at. ;a.;.roasdnxible; priced. Those. whp-^wi11  'favor tnm-witb their' patronage,- may��������� depend joa������tbe  cleanness and comfortio������his^h.o.use5 A\tv<������$iA\%?i  ���������;.Her takes also this opportuni ty to -rem ind; the ,pri -  "bcioft^s that -his Brewery: has A.received. - tho "FIRST  >PAIZS:-i>f -the Colony for his, celebrated  .-;; > Ap<  And the true amateursfwill betable;to Judge by thcra  selves that such honorable prize has hpen- jaatiy  ��������� awarded" to -him.5  ... N. B.^Ailarge front room to let,;  ; \BarlcerviIlo,;Jan.v23J 1869.' 'A  ;^:':ctJNro3  WHOLESALE;f������������������^^\^f^ W$0.>  ;; Gsroceries^  'BARKEEYILLB: '  Resta1iraia3;t?|)^  '&HE^roar]etora.of^this oldranifr^^rtppwii*������tab���������  '���������1" iislimerit 'wouluTcspectfully! thank-, their=numcr-  ous friends*and the public;fbrlthe;extenstv.e,patronago  heretofore bestowed on them, an,d trust that by their  usun 1 'strict^attentibri fe business thejr- w���������Ui'��������� ment a  cpntinuancp pt\ thj^r^nSdence^ad: ������������PP?r?-i iA<f  :-,:j^eals,;;'j!l^ B6ard,V $16,.^efc^������k.  ���������: Wft recommend! to the 'public pur ro  ;- ,������������������; ;��������� ���������;.  -GROUND   COFFEE,!  which Is-a muclisupcfior article than any which cm  bu bad from below. > We Roast and Grind itourecjvos  and choose the best berries, consequently the public  may be sure:of itaibeing free, from adnlteration,v  l r        -���������, . ;   ,.-PATTERSON,.& GQOPSON.  vBWcrvme,iiiay 1^1869.' 'J   ;1 "; x-'m^l9  TiriNB'RS AND TRADERS will and it to their ad-  M   vantage to purchase at this Store, where there is  A Ti'ARCJp, Assortment.or Goons,  Of the v^rv best description on hand, and tho Stock  constant'l/replenished oy new arrivals.  The proprlc-  ���������i' tors will sell Goods     ;���������      _   ..:  '   ' y.TAs Che a r as anv i ������ CAaiBOO. "  Orders promptly Oiled, -^^d^^^.  iDkle,Mayl2, 1S60. ��������� ���������-.< .   .       Proprietors..  Van Wil  A. ��������� ���������MoPfeerspn,  A^'D  JEWELLER,  Barkcrtill^Mayl, 1869v   .  Photographic  Begs  to   announce( that, ho  has,  reopened  hf������  m  inBarkcrvillp, Wherche is. propnrod to ttjerito nil  workirihislincVinthchigb^^  Cartes do Visits, Arabrptypes, Milauotypcs, Por-  traits in Leather,; White Silk, Linen or Cotton, Views  of Houses, Claims, etc., single or Stereoscopic.^  JEWELLERY work or all desenpuons done in superior stvie.   PRICES MODERATE.       ;   ;  .Novdnibor 26 186S.,-, ���������-=   ;���������   ; ;: :'���������.���������--.���������._������������������ -\  ���������  r~~77   BEMOTAL.7  r\R C3FIJTP has removed to his new office and DRt G  U STORE, nest to Rennio's Sboo Store and nppo.  site the Bank of Britjsh 'Columbia,.where his.biwl w*  wiUbecirried onasusiiaL ���������'"���������'' .      '   y  -..Barkerville, June;18>.18(5P.-.    ��������� - ������������������W?  V  -.&ilW&^^Si������^^ ���������: |  ic-^"i-j1,j;(ii'^riS'i}j?t2SSSS^K t  THE QA RIBOO SENTIjN'FL lQdeed> *f onI^  " "...  .- ��������� and labor as those of Cariboo had  been de  voted to other pursuits���������and especially   to  WEDNESDAY- JULY 21, m<J~  r.  cr  P  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Is/published every Wednesday and Sattird������iv ��������� -All  *dvcrliseinonts intended for insertion, must bo cleifv lom,u������W 6������cq Capitalists as have been and  ���������po'iat litest1 at Six o ���������clock, P.M., tbe day before nre  in   tho'colbriv looked arid look-rather  ubhcaticn.                               - ������',-.������ "��������� :v-     ..=  ���������   "  -i-i���������.'..-.  ���������-  -"   ��������� . more to buying and selling foreign  mer-  .''!������.  1... ._ .1 a?"',    'i i.  ' ��������� *��������������������������� i if    ���������'"'������-" ;"'��������� .    ",-���������'   '.{������������������'���������_.������������������  * ���������'���������_-.��������� ���������������������������. .  .  agriculturerrrthe colony would have been in  a m u ch; b e t ter co nd i tl o n th an it no w isj: IJn-  for t u nately su ch cap i tdl ists ash aye b eeii an d  TO ADVERTISERS.  All advertisements (not inserted for any  definite  period)   will; be.continued   unlil  ordered  out,   and  charged for accordingly.  TO CORRESPONDENTS.   .  -All communications must bo accompanied by; the  re;\l liarno and address of the writer ; not necessarily  with a view of publishing tho same, but as sccuriiy  or Ustgood faith.  MINERS,  DITCHES  AND  CAPITALISTS.  .   '   It Is gratifying to notice that the British  Colonist occasionally manifests some interest  in Cariboo.   A late issue of that journal contains an article referring to  ditches, miners]  and others in  the mining district, and with  ' come exceptions wo entirely  agree to our  contemporary's remarks.   " It is a great misfortune," he says, "that enterprise'in "the  mines has not assumed the phase when ditches  are esteemed^ as in California, the most profitable speculation connected with gold mining."  Now, mining, like every other.industry in the  : f-.colony, is"yet in its;infancy, and there is good  reason why we are behind California in the  matter, of water supply or any other feature  * In miuiug which.requires^capital, for its, development. 'IriCalifornia there is a'compara-  tively large number of capitalists, in Cariboo  ,, -ficarcely any.. In California the  extensive  ./water^works are-principally undertaken'1 by  capitalists, not miners ; in Cariboo, hi conse-  ,. qu once of. tho. ah senc e of 'cap i tails ts;  su ci)  v faorks are left-���������:'(p?rtbe mi:n'ers: to undertake.  :' :rVHcrice, anything like ditches j avowedly for  ���������'���������:-.the'sale of ��������� ^ater/ only, are still to bo  commenced in Cariboo; and wheh.the idea, shall  have taken.a'Tirm^holfl of the; moneyed men  chandixe than* to the development; of the  abundant ;*iatiiral resouricesf. of phet colony;  which alone can bitiId iip' ii; pernianen't' basis  for the settlement;and increase of rjbpulatiori.  In Ca 1 if6rnia, a n d indeed generally thrbugh-  o u t the Un i ted S tatesj th o .do vel op men t of th e  couutry;is the, pritriary object of all: legisl a-  tion, patirio tism and public spi tit j an d capital-  ists look about them athome more than in  fo re igu. markc fcs for p rofi ta b I e in vestmen fc.   .;'.,  Exrn aojidin art. ��������� Yes terd ay a ftern o oh',  abou t illree q!01ock; the.: atmosphere , becaine  dim ahdAdti)las tholigh a heavy,storm of:i-ain  was impending.; ;;The .phenomena did not  attract much attention- until about four  o *cl oc b, by 'will c h ti no e, the gro wing d u 1J ness  be cam e so -dark as;- to. reader necessary tlie  use of lamps and-candles:in;the:lightest kind  of roomslA-By halfVpast fbiir;o'clock complete  darknesshsct iri������ *iod it became manifest;that  something; more = thanmere^s torm clouds oh~;  scu red the sri n ��������� s ligh t.; t arge fi res were h urn%  iug the lorest:; ataxlistanco^a^d'a^hes^erA  scattered-in; ^veriy:'dire'e tion Jr |jbti t "inel ther: the i  smoke from'the fires hpr thojldehsity,lbf -rain::j  clouds could so completely darken the atmosphere as it was by..five o*c 1 ock, and -the  only satisfactory ^xplanaUon|seenis-tb^bethat  a total ccli^se;,;of the sun had'taken place.' It-  was known that an. eclipse 'of the sun had  been pr^ietedyto take pla^e;6ii-the-7th;pf  next mbhth^ but' we are^irTclineii: to Relieve  that the;: astronomical sages; have ; made au  error in^caictilafcion, and tEat thte predicted  eel ipse^ was; tH'at- which to o k^pl ace yes terd ay,  for nothing ^utari eelipse/^uld'Ahave -^yroh  duced such ���������tbtaijdarkbess?; .'According-to  as trono m ical vlore an eel i pse -of the .sun is  caused. byjihpnt^rvenUoabi'rth  such interyehtion ,cdold not have taken 'place  yesterday fethe:moon^ and^uh :^ere not In  such relative ���������positions asHb^cau^e ifc.^- Tuat  the solar^rayBv were complStelyrintercepted;  THE; HtJOSONS] BAY CO. ARE PREPARE D:'. TO  "recei re' at: par'ya 1 uo, aft their Store in Bnrkcrj;  ville, iu exchungoTor Blcrchandisov GOI*D BARS Is-^  sued from the' Govern meat Asssiy OuIcq.-  w%    ^ ������������������.. ��������� -.-.; '��������� ., ���������������������������JOlIN.'ir. WARK,    ;  . Barkerville,'July 12,' 1860. jul4 lm  op^  GENERAL    DEALERS  ANDCprVlMlSSfON MERCHANTS  :-.:  \  ''-"BARKERVILLE,  ��������� ��������� :  Have now on hand a largo assortmoht of���������>'  ���������.:.:AaA.w.   '-AA, , -.Aa-���������A?fp���������;.;        -.;;r. ;��������� ���������;.-. v':.-"',;v:-'  Barkerville, July 13,1809.  juUlra  W^A ������������������������������������;  A G-oId Mim  '' "   Ptiying more than wages..  Apply at tbcomcb of this paper^ or to '.-  '   ROBERT ITOLLOWAV, Carppnt<������rt ."'  .A- '-:' '-:���������:��������� v) A .;��������� Kiehflelii:,  Jul Qim'  of. its--experience as a mining community  without such extensive and expensive works.  and it was not until:capitalists saw bpportu-  ' nities'fpr profitable investments "tharrworfcs  ' : requiring a large.otitlay of money were un-  dertaken. Nobody can be more sensible of  :'.: the advantages derivable from'a plentiful  ancLconLinuous water supply than the miners  ��������� of. Cariboo, but. unfortunately, if there are  ;any capitalists in. ihe colony, they do not, as  In California, come lo the assistance of the  .miners by the construction of  the much-  ��������� needed-waterworks  and  machinery.   However, it is well to.draw.attention.to this subject, whether the remarks of our co temporary  are coincident with facts or not, and we trust  that he. will continue  to labor in the same  field frequently and persistently, aud thereby.  induce  somO of the moneyed men in the  colony, to take an interest-in. the  matter.  With'a plentiful and continuous water supply  a large area of  raining   ground in Cariboo  ..hu>.%>>* *������j p11?vuuinjme op"p^osll.e direction.  Grad tially this;! igh t i ncreasedai.n ti J- the, sh ape  and summit of jthe'hiiiv^  creek ��������� was- discernible^ ;: iShbrtly thereafter  the sky became;jlj^  {something like" what ;WOuld be. thro wn by an  i m m e ns e- fi ro at "a' d is tn n o a!"j .* hvi v; ~...~>--  ;HAXF-������Ay   HOUSE.  >HHIS HdTJSE,^NEAK-THS-.MOUTH:OF  X , Stout Gulch,    . "."*  w IS   NOW   O PEN,   ,  And the finest qualities.of Liquors, Wines and Cigars  triiiy he had o 11he Biir. ���������; ;Try them. ; .^. V      ,- Aa  i -,.     . F. PAGDEN, Proprietor.'  ;^^r:iir-\Vay Hous7, July 6, 1869. jp? irn  New Grrocery and Lictnor  /y'r     :    ; Store,      -::. ���������'/'''/'  \.' PEKDOLA on noun pes. that:, he >as removed to,'  ���������>*���������' the New Store'hfext.' but onc to the, Bank of  British7Colunibia, ah'i hastnereusert hisst6ck,of Gro-.  ceries auu" Provisions, which ho will.scH^.at liis usual1  reasonable prices. He1 has aJso open eel, a bar,;;\There.  he keeps the      ,  CHpidEsrLiQu^^  atid' invitbs his friends aud the :pubile to' test iHcir  quality. 4  . \   .��������� *-  ,���������  '   v,: :���������������������������-.. A ���������������������������������������������^-;AAa.    jus I'm  p^ITAtf -   .. . A~   ''" "' '- '  ���������"  ' :.I)rarte issi'ied'on tfieRnnV'^i A'.  w^m^^Am^mA  OREGON^WWAAA: ^JJ^NClSCo  new yqkk; xlsm&-&m*  ;; Agents for the Bahft of tt������S ������������������ ,G":  ..i .Play's Bank. :W Pms* ;L'a������iM  ON IRELAND���������Tlie Bank of f,. r: i'  on Mexico imiomti^it^ ...  London/Bank ^^^fel  ���������w- A America,,. ' . ���������  ' -      tt v.������?yft:  M>ENaLA^D^The Bank Wcrllisj,S  Kecdy^a: on Depuslt, o^ances^, ^  'A     TBLTSOftAPHIC-'-TRANRPE^     '  Every.deficrfptibn,of Banking Businesstra^  ^hkie%%ndl^tfr5nEi6^  rULI AM    RENN  BOOTMAKER,  ^FFEUS FOR - SAllE THE BEST ASSORTMENT Of  J:. BOOTS-to ho found oxijWiUiain Creek.  r' ��������� I BOOTS MADE TO ORDER, /  .Warranted not to .be-surpassed by. any made en tb  1'acific coast: .     *   -y,,  ., '���������.:"'���������' ::':  : WAX BOOTS CONSTANTLY OK I1AXD.  I 'REPAiniXG done in the best 'manner, at sborlfel  Mm  regular.  Such  conTfl bo worked which now lies idle,   oucn  ditches as wo have produce the moat beneficial results, and the colony generally would  bo greatly benefitted  were  works of  nature .more numerous here.  of ground, not rich enough ���������. ������������������ uusnooi o'clock" tbeVimTaTabout which night, or the  enough to hydraulic, is to be found here,and /ordinary darkness should commence,  the population could be verv nrmMi Sn^-^----,������'  i m ra e n s c ii re at"a d is tan c e> - and a grea t m any  people at : oil ce.: a ttri b u te d th e, lig b t; tq a fi re  w hi ch was; s al d to * be;' -r agi ng: in  th & vi ci ni.ty  of Lightning: creek:   It sdpd became apparent, however, that /this Was 'MAe^crp^.fpv'y^ie  red light gradually lost its fiery color,: and; a  dull gray light, gometliing like tbat^seen at  break of day: after;a very da'rk;night spread  all t b ro ugh the at in osp he re and ho s ign of; a  fire was observable.. About a -quarter to. eight  o'clock   the^re   was : al most -as : much 1 ight  day   time,  and    it    might  as   clear   but -for   the   rain  _j- .the  rain   which : was   falling.  The eclipse theory was then generally accepted, but how to account for it  was   a  matter far beyond the ken of all local astronomical genius,:in consequence of.-the absence  of all knownor apparent intervening cause  otber  than - the naooti.   Ano ther rerharkable  circumstanee"connected with these extraordinary phenomena^ ivas that as soon as dark-  ness, began to set in there were heavy claps  of thunder and frequent flashes of lightning,  and as the daylight (()r. whatever other ligh  it was) began to: dawn the thunder .and light  uirijr subs if? ofl in *"��������� ���������>������������"���������..'       -������������������  ns   in  bavo   been  clouds   and  ;; 1-XT, JOBBrNG^WOKK;vIK TIV, -COPPER,-Sheet; ;  '���������J\..:.. Ironf. Zinc and   Lead  Pipmjj| attended "to"iyith ;  promptness,   and "warran to d  to  gi ve. en tire   satis  faction.,;:;.;:.v.;v ::; :..;;. .    :,..-   . :���������' .���������-.': ���������':���������:,. ;;.-'  Hardware, Iron &r St^el.  ~ g Powder^:  ESS3    ETG.r   Etc,;  FOR SALE.:  .,  E. PEARSON & BEOS.,  A- Inconhectioh vvitli Llio above,, he heps to nottfr bs .  frU'ridsjihd the,publib������Ahftt^lie-hiis on, band a-.eji.4i;  hopes, by Jcecplng^a well sclectc.d' stpbk.oa ha^lr'  merit a share of p.nbile patronage.:  L }���������. A  ���������    Barkerville,: Mny-5; i860." :  riboo ...Mm*ket  ARM  ���������BarkerWlio.  liRTJQ-StbRE;  . _ ,JJU oiwuiojues ot aiikinis on hancf. Also FRESH  GARDEN.SB EDS. Prescriptions carefully compound*  3d at reasonable rates; ;;Next door to :Cunlo's Brewery. ������������������ ��������� .-:��������� -5 ������������������; ������������������ :./,������������������  Barkerville, May 5, 1869.                               ^  .jAAAVAAWAiVB-rtKAA.,  Desire^to-"inform; tlie ^nhabitanls of Barfefe  v i II e, V R icb field and v ic i ni ty - tliat he Itai  opened^,a"'* shop in'Knolls now builiHn^  where he; will- :sell-: -butchers meat of 'thi  choicest desoription, at     : ; .  arid he trusts to receive a* share of busines  and."to- wy AiAlAy. %AA,-rA:.;.;.-..-;.-; ;���������'/.; ���������  CftjM'^iEriMr*:s';  Barkcrvil lo, Jn no 23, ,1869. !    j 23 Irrr   , .������ -v ������/v iuuuu xjere, and  the population could be very much increased  if. means to carry on that kind of mining were  brought into use.   There Is no lack of enterprise on the part of the  minors.   Jn several  claims sums varying from 850,000 to $100,000  jave been expended, but these amounts have  been   oh ta I h;b d  pvinc ip al ly  fro mtbe on ly  cap i ta I Id Cari bo o r~- th pm u s c 1 e an d 1 ab or o f  the miners., Ready capital is not available  .  to ah. amount sufficient to undertake such  2 arge w o rks as wo old be n eeessary for s n p -  p ly ing (h e rn in es w (th wa ter.   In m any cases  miners liave been laboring for years and  getting only sufficient returns  to m^infcaiji  them, and not always that.   The tunnels am  shafts and machinery made in Cariboo almos.  entirely from labor and its profits far exceed  In cost and magnitude the operations of any  S T OVESI   STOVES!A  AD AMS & PE A RO Y,  W    BARKERVILLE,    ..  Have on hand a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  NEW ADVERTISEAIENTS.  ZtNctradeutuvnd^l J0"and\*^}r^ Co**w���������*  faction. 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HITCHCOCK,  mt* crvill* June .SO, .1,809.  je������.iw .;<..: .-_y/.\ k . vtr. .^r-.vB-v ������������������;���������(��������� ���������.-������  ii*ssr**-  fi  :':<s  g  States :.'u ��������� ������������������*  of Montreal, ��������� '���������  is6 J^w Aveni  Jcesniadeijn  UNSPBR8 - 1  Business tfa^elei'  NNf|,  ER,     A'--'^A  STASsonTjfEsrff  am Creek. ��������� -  IRDEB,1/. ' ,.:  >y:<auy made cd ii:  Y ON 1UXD.  mapn������,:aj s  tie.be>p io notiltiiij-  iis on���������.-hand a Mi.  rsttitikda hattyi  ai^ket,  arifs of UiirkPK  >y. -tliat he Ita'  new building  irarnieat of���������p-  s.perll),  are of; businea  ���������;   j:23 Lm  i'cs and Gcntlwwi  the has spared w  DO.M  ior-ibTAVLOB'S;  ry of their p^rpB-  flh Go](), Silverer  Ur,Plate ad ���������������  xperiencc iu lW  j "satfsfacUoD.  riodioais.  G, get������ ?-Vr,7r*  Wcstm   " ������������������"  2NT.XOVVJEB  >rld can  be ha J  d for a IbJ? ������f  r, Barkorvlllf.  9.  'ss on er  nlifl  i iU������r euili'i^i  r) of 2 rpf cCD  rged $4.  sh.  Cbief IT-TIJT.  f li^iEIBO������ -s-Eimpt  \7BDNESPAYf JUrJY/21:18b'9.  ,i""'':'' ^-\'\.;;viiiiiAM creek.;:.;������������������.;���������'  A morei jplerifcitut &upp^;^f^f������r^m--;tDO  1 ate r ai ns has enableld' a .few, o f the hyd ran 1 ic  ���������companies to, resume' piping:, and a good  bead of water; has kept ground-sin icing going  well. Kipingvhttslieen carried,on in��������� tlie-San  Juan cova claim,and siuiciug has'.paid $ 13  a- dav- to Wo .band during Hie past. week,  ". thirix������ti .p'aW'QFj the"' liiiaie!.?waa? eb^a^e4-:lA"fi^dti g  =ii p. ^iVs the byclVaiiiIc ��������� |>i po wushes xii16 the  to an k the , ab'a'nae 1 ���������,, i mprpVes in th U ciai in.  The Nicholsou-Brad ley co: con tia iie ^ns bofore  to make wages, A Th0;:Pow������iQ;e<>:; commenced  drifting- into;tliehill.last week ami obtained  ;35 o������. Trom tlie flfs^aet or Umbers.:," inaking  'the total .amount'for the week's work 54 i;oz.  & new com pahy; h atned the En ter p rise, have  icommeneed Sinki iigf in tka gro i ind betwoen  the saw mill and tlie Exce Isidr co.'s c I a i m.  A (tor si n king, about t wel ve; feet, ������������������ '��������� the .1 alter  -company struck rock and.are attempting to  iXriit, but "the; water from tho creek1'; imp c(1 es  their; progress much, a ;Anp.tlier,:;riciilstrjBak  was struck by, tbe Wilson: bo: in J the."���������'-latter  part of last:!weck������:niaking. tbo total ;fpi;6cee(ls  to r th e; week a bout 17 fi; oz.:;: Fr o m 2 0. .16 iJO  oz. are cleaned kip {pverf' day: in the Klume  co:'s groundy=and'tho;:resuH; pf::tbo week's  work was, as usual about, 150 oz; ' Operations were actively carried .on in the Six?  to ad-Pete clal m last week, there li ay i iig bee n  water enough for bydraulicins and slujcitig.  \ vhi eli will b e c on titiued f until the wa ter fall a.  Jlydrauliciag was also:resumed by tbe Stead?  man   co.,  and tbey are, (about to clean ii p.  ounce'v'a djiy to 'the band, by working oyer  - .the headings of V tlie old Conningham co.,  -opposite the San Francisco co.;S; claim.  Ilydraulicing and groiuidTSluicing,-engaged  the latter company^ during the week. The  iUack tTiick CO. are driving .ahead Jvitlt their  inclined funnel;fthfl;getting-coarse, gold, but  not imon<rh 'to. pay, though they expect iodo  ���������well shortly:-     ���������.    * .  ���������       ��������� .. \  l{elow; Hhe" saiiybn ���������the Dilfer coV are  ^vtirkiiig over"old ground yet, but.expect  -'wttiirfo roaelrthe solid4 groiiod oa tho^ right  .���������.fi^^h^a4iXy^i*Ucr.^������*������XiMXiif^iixluj^JIilci',,,qo;,W1 on .the.  ItilL hiive not yet;got -in^with; thern-tfrnrrel.  A h o utjl 2' oz. were wash ed u p by ' the FoKter-  ���������Oaaipbell co., and 133 oz. by the; liarker^co,,  ���������Ftir-.llia week.. The Canadian co.'are:rUlinUig  ���������a;-. dri^HJ on hi^h rock. The, lialdliead co.  hashed up i&xfii ipr;tiie:week^ ^The-Oariboo  -co. 11aye got to work, but do n61 vXpecfc' any  pay m fori two' or'throe weeks: ;The L|[lboet  ���������ei������. sir ii ck a if air ��������� pf cap c c 11 as fc week, ait'd. arc  'o\v working-in trie deep gronnd..*' Tho Cale-  (Kmia- co;/-'w.asbotl'-iip...4.0 pz;^ior tlie' week*' ��������� A  ;.(new) com pany ;ha-ye;'started to work the. o 1 d  .} U rtta I is gr oiitt d. nnd (in otlie r (new) c o m p n n y  have, also commehced work in th'e Moffat  :ground. They have a newshaft down?about  twenty-firo; f������et, and .will*' sodn comuienee  iirt fti ii g to wii rd the so 1 id gro u n d u n de r th e  'bed of- the.,: airea in, w hi ch l h as - never b ee n  worked. The Gal i torn i a co.. h a ye b ottom ed  a nd fo u u d a few co lo rs and six feet of gravel.  They are nowdrifting ^toward -the hill. - The  Forest Hose aiid; St. .George co in panics are  working togetber. and ;dbipg we) 1,; The tuu-  niel in the Ballanit co.?s ground is in about  2500 lee fc.. ft is expected that bed-rock will  be reached when the tunnel shall have been  j mi 3000 feet: A'con tract for the excavation  -of the remaining $00 feet is about to be  :givcn'out.  ������������������ ���������������������������.- :'  ���������;  ;;-'"-MrxK Gvi.cu. A ������������������'.���������.i  Ori Saturday, the Porsevoranee c������-j who  'ha ve been world ng h e re f 6 r' se r Oral y ea rs  ���������and only getting a little gold now and then,  struck pay dirt similar, to that obtained in  18G3, which then paid very well,   ���������  CONKL1N* Gi;LCH.  This gulch i3 beginning; to look well in its  upper part, and a good deal of prospecting.*  ^a consequence, is in' contemplation for the  'fa 11 a n d wi n ter. Last week th o W b i te Pine  co. got into goo'd^ ground and washed up  oz.���������a great. improvemen upon fornier.  50  results. Another encouraging advance in  yield was found in the wash-up of the Felix  co., who obtained, 101������ oz. for the wockls  work.; ? Bo th com pan i es c o n ti n' u e to do .wel 1.  The McDowell co. a short, lime, since struck  small pay dirt in tho hill, about tweufcy-tire  feet at a semi-angle from the right of'their  shaft. It was similar to the dirt found in the  *elix claim. In order to satisfy themselves  whether the channel was on-.tbe hill or creek  side, they drifted toward the -creek, but did  not obtain a color, and they have gone back  to their drift in the bill. The Indian Queen  co. made over wages for tlie week. The report that the Ericson co. had washed up over  VO oz. was a wilfully talso statement,  * . 6T0UT'GULCir.  Abundance of water during the past week  enabled the paying Claims to work to advan-  tagej   arid' the yield altogether was good.  112A oz. were washed up by the TafTVale co.,  and- 107 oz. by the Coombs co. A good  return for tho week?s labor was also obtained  by the Mucbo Oro co., who got (JIJ oz. In  the Jenk'Q's claim the ground - is improving  and the company made over expenses for  the week. Prospecting by the Alturas.co.  has not yet resulted in the discovery of anything but a small quantity of gold ; neither  have the Jim and Joe co. yet found anything  to pay. Work has been temporarily stopped  by;the Bona Fide co.; and the Hopeful co.  are not yet in working condition, owing to  the presence of too much water in their tunnel. A more encouraging state of things  exists in tho Floyd co.'s claim, where 71 oz.  were washed up for tbe week. " The Iligh-  low-Jack co. are sluicing, and Clearihue '& co.  are running a tunnel and expect in two or  three weeks to reach where the gold is  believed to-bo'deposited.  emery our.cn.  Jeffrey & co. have commenced prospecting  on this gulch.  LOWUEE CREEK.  Notwithstanding the late rains, there is  very little water on this creek, and the consequence is easily understood���������very little gold  is being, taken put. ThcCalaveras co., who  have had water enough to work their wheel  .for hoisting, but not enough for that .and  pumping together, have, for the past few  weeks, been engaged making a drain, so as  to relieve tho wheel from the pump, and they  have completed Ihe drain and would.start  washing: again on Monday. In the.Black  Bull and Victoria claims the. tunnels are  being driven ahead, though slowly in the  latter,.owing to the accumulating pressure of  water and slum. Many of the miners whose  diggings are dry are actively^ engaged in  prospecting���������for berries, and"have struck  several fine prospects.   ' .���������*..'.  MOSQUITO   CKEEK,  ���������The Minnehaha co. apportioned $31 to the  interest from last week's work, and tbe Tabb  co; made wages. The Hocking co. have  stopped work.  REO GULCH.  The Tom & Jerry co. washed up 20 oz. for  the week.   ...  CA.XADUX CREEK- v  The-Clear Grit and Casket cos. are prospecting, and the Miller co. are pb'out to drift,  having succeeded in bottoming-thcir^shafts������������������;-  GIIOUSE CREEK.  The Idaho co. have, bottomed and got  nothing. The Rocky Point co. cleaned up 12  oz. for the week, and the indications (or a  channel in the hill have given out, high rock  haying been arrived, at. When there js  water enough the Cascade co. engage in  ground-sin icing, with satisfactory results.  Scarcity of water prevents the Caroline co.  from working continuously. A'good prospect has been obtained" in the; Ontario co.'s  ground, and the claim is paying about  wages. The Garibaldi co. are regrading  their flume, which has been necessitated by  the late freshet. The Discovery co: have not  vet bottomed, their new shaft, and are making  expenses iu their tunnel ground., Tho Adair  co. are making over expenses.  . :-" ANTLER CREEK.  Great activity is observable on Antler  cf ee k, b u fc .as. n early al 1 I he companies h av e  been .and sfcl 11' are engaged In ground-,  sluicing,.a very small quantity of gold has  been taken out daring 'the sea son,, but all are  confident that they will do well wten they  commence ; to clean up. . About; a hundred  men, it is said, are working ��������� on this -creek,  but we are. inclined to say seventy^ ve..  .; -C'c ���������; ���������-.���������������������������' HARVEY CREEK. '.     ' f AA''  A Chinese company pnthis creek are making-small wnges. The Perseverance co. are  bringing up a cut and geUir.g small pay as  they go on. The Osborne and Lanyon cos.  are running tunnels.; the latter company  having got in about 100 feet. The Last,  Chance co. are prospecting with the Lanyon!  co., and the Blackbird co. are doing the same  with, the Bradley co ; the latter are also laying a flume. The Minnehaha co. are taking  out from 5 to l\ oz. to the set 61 limbers.  Above the falls, the Point co. are getting  small wages. From this claim up to the  Forks all the ground has been staked off.   .  KKITUXEY CIUiEK.  We h a ve n o de tailed r e p o r t as to the results of mining on this creek for the past  week. Nearly all the claims, however, are  giving returns, though not in large quantities.  No new strikes are reported.  LICUTXING CREEK.  Up to last night no change in mining operations had taken place. The Dunbar claim  was doing weII,,as usual, and SG00 dividend  to the iutcrest had been declared from the  result of the week's work.  DAVIS crekk.  With tlie exception of a Chinese company,  the Homeward Bound co. is the only ouo at  work; on tnis creek, and they are sinking a  shaft, with expectation of striking wages.  ' ��������� ���������������������������+i ��������� ^���������  Better .than Expected.--We are glad to  learn that the recent raios have improved the  prospects for crops of grain about  Soda  Creek.   We are informed that-Messrs. Col-  braith '&  Hawkes   will  probably  Harvest  about 100,000 lbs. of wheat. Only a few days  beforo the rains they expected to reap  less  than half, that quantity.   Mr P. Dunlevy's.  crops are also looking well, and be expects  to have as large a yield as in any preceding  year.  Mr Manife is not so. for Lunate.  He will  only have about half. his.usual crop.   The  Alkali lake and Chimney creek farmers will  harvest about three-fourths of an ordinary  crop.   From a letter which we have seen we  learn' that enough wheat will be raised this  year" to supply:the present population with  flour, but whether this, applies generally to  the country or only to that part of it - from  which- the letter is dated the writer doesmofc  state. . If appears that the rains came just in  time to save the crops from the.disastrous  effects of the drought, and the farmers will  do much better than-they expected.  Returned���������.The -Hon. It. W. W. Carrall yesterday returned from Harvey creek, where  he has been for the past two. weeks, looking  after 'his interest in the Minnehaha claim; in  which good pay has been found, -A newly  discovered channel "runs through the claim  for a thousand , feet and it is believed for a  considerable distance in the right bank of the  creek.' ..The hon. gentleman is in.luck again  with bis' mining operations,;and he has been  working in the dump:box uke any other  honest miner. In .coming to Barkerville,  across the.Bald Mountain, he saw four bears,  one. of rthem as big as a rhiubceros, and the  big' fellow, astounded, at suddenly .coming  into the presence of a legislator, rah off as  quickly as he could. The legislator did likewise, the-bear.running one way and:the lawmaker in tbb opposite direction, and the  shaggy monster is supposed to be running  yet. . Mr C/s cheery preseuce. here was welcomed by all who know him, and who does  not?c   -.. ..   :" ���������.:,.���������...:. ���������; ,'  Attempted Robbery���������On Saturday afternoon, an individual thinking to strike a. rich  lead iu the dust of tbe Taylor compauy^ who  had been doing well during the week, entered  the. fore man's cabin on tbe hill, but^ the money  and dust belonging to himself and company  <.werev not .on .the. premises;:;iThe^ burglar .feeling'sore" in .bis disappointment, made a raid  upon .what clothes, were in1 the cabin, when  he. was again disappointed la his expectations  by some one interrupting him in his nefarious  work; and he ran off without gaining anything  by his dishonest policy, leaving behind him  a chisel which may lead to his arrest. He is  no doubt the same individual who made a  raid on the cabin last year, when he was more  successful, having taken away about $300.'  . Just Received.���������C. McCallum wishes to  announce that he has just.received a large  assortment of ready-made' Clothing, which  will-be.sold for cash at cheaper rates than  have ever been Known in Barkerville.  Thankful for past favors, and respectfully  soliciting a continuauce of custom, Mr. McC.  would intimate Ibafc an inspection of these  goods and enquiry as to the price will con-,  vince all as to their unprecedented cheapness. All parties wishing to have their  clothing made, by AjGilmore^ Victoria, inay  have their measure taken by, C. McCalliim, so  as to ensure a good lit. .-<--*   ,  Another Test.���������-Another tank having  been nearly finished^ the Fire Brigade will  turnout this afternoonib testit and also the  new hose. It is expected 'that a;much higher  stream of wafer will be furnished from 'this  than was given fey��������� the other tank, though  that from the latter, was- qui te -Btifficien t.  With'. these; two ��������� tanks a.nd the new hose  always ready for use, a lire could be quickly  quenchedi and 'property-holders and storekeepers feel confident in the security .thus'  afforded to thetr houses and wares. Indeed,  vve have heard a few say that there is now  no necessity to insure. .  Precaution���������In consequence of some ashes  blown from the forest fires at a considerable  distance from Barkerville yesterday having  fallen, Capt. Oppenheimer ordered-the' Fire  Brigade to attach their hose to the tank distributor so as to be-prepared for fire. , The  ground about Barkerville is so well cleared  that it is scarcely probable a forest fire would  affec t i ts sat ety. T h e ash es which foil we re  quite cold, and were carried a great distance  by the stiff breeze. The heavy fall* of rain;  which took place subsequently -to the laying  of the hose extinguished all anxiety and also,"  we hope, the distant forest'fires.  Perturbed.���������Loud roared the dreadful  thunder yesterday, and flashes of lightning  were frequent and heavy. About seven  o'clock rain fell fast and thick,1 and vve are  glad to say continued until wo went lo press,  when1 there were promising indications of its  continuation during the nighty  ; Steamer-��������� Victoria.���������We understand that  the new. steamer Victoria, built by G. B.  Wright, Esq., was so far advanced toward  completion that it was expected she would  make her trial trip yesterday from Quesnel-  mouth to Soda Creek. Her upper works are  not complete, but will be finished after sho  commences running. We'regret to learii  that tbe Victoria will probably make only  one, trip per week, connecting with Barnard's  express, leaving Qu esnel mouth on ..Tuesdays:  nine: oa Fridays. '���������   -  and returning  .- " The July Pinom:1"'���������We are now enjoying what is known in Ireland as "..the, July  pinch"���������the  time when the old potatoes are  too old to be healthy and when the new ones  are likewise objectionable because too young.  ��������� .,  On Sunday a small lot of. new potatoes were  brought into ^Barkerville. ..They must have  escaped tho drought, as they were rather too  aqueous in'composition to be thoroughly appreciated.  More Quartz���������Since tho ��������� arrival of. Mr  Cameron, last week, with rich specimens of  quartz, the mining discourse has drifted into  quartz ledges very much, and several parties  have gone pill to prospeet. Alex. Johnson,  Reece Davis and others have discovered a  quartz ledge somewhere in the neighborhood  of Snqwahoc, and were coming in yesterday  to record and organize a company.  ; Court.���������There is a plentiful lack ot litiga->  ti in th is year 'aSf "co rii pared with p re v io ni  ones, in Cariboo, and without prejudice to  all interested, we are glad' that such is the  fact. There word no cases in; the County  Court yesterday, aua our reporter missed tho  ordinary opportunity of taking a lesson in  accordance with .Pope's precept���������  .   "The proper study of mankind -is.man;" -  To :Trc���������The departure of the professional  danBPuses on Monday seems, to have iuspired  the muses of several of our local poets,,and  we have received' a good many verses on the  occasion: We trttst that their abdominal regions will not yearn too much Yor the absent  ones or for.the ventilation of their inspiration  in print.   One at a time, if you please.  The Best Coffee.���������In .order to obtain a  .first-iclass coffeej it is necessary to secure tbo  very'best berries, and to roast them according to/the: most approved method. 'This is  done' by Wilson &' Rick man,' Fort Street  Victoria, who are' prepared to furnish, for  cash, Coffee that .never; fails, to elicit the apj  probation of those[-irfto.-ueo ifc.^-;y-' -'��������� -;- .^::"  . A New Hotec���������In consequence of the, increasing'travel ?..bet ween .Barkerville. and  Keith ley .'creek. Mr Jennings has commenced  putting ������p a large'hbtel on SawmilVflat.   It  is to be named 'the Musgrayc Arms, ia ihonor  of our new Governor.       '*'  Outside Express.���������R. (A. Lament, as' will  ���������be seen  by: our advertising  columns,   has  taken charge, of the.express -business for  outlying   creeks,  Mr.  Cameron   being  much engaged with other business and  rich quartz ledge he has discovered.  The Proceeds.���������A little over. $250 was  realized from tho^proceeds of the ball given  by the Amateur Dramatic Association, and  that amount will, we understand, be paid^ to  Messrs. Meacham & Na3oa, on account of  lumber furnished for building the Theatre..  Changed Hand3���������Tho Williams Creek Bedrock Flii me Co. v haveA purchased the claim.,  ditch and rhinihg tools and appurtenances; of  the; Tyack company, opposite Richfield for  $2co>.;:.' Aa:-aas/^a.-w:/./Aa.i:aw:a:aa  A Fresh Butter���������Messrs. DeNouvjon & Kurtz  have received anofcherlpt of fine fresh butter  from the farms which they have selected as  those where the dHoicEst butter in^ the colony  ;ismade.;. '::i'i A-aA\'    "V -' .':���������-.���������.. * .������������������    a*. ..  Horticultural���������Mr Deffis has: a choice  selection of flowers in his garden which are  doing well. The. Nemiphilia, a pretty plant,  is la full bioom. " /. ; :;  AccrpENTs.^���������A fea* accidents occurred yesterday evening, in consequence of the. prevailing darkness^ but none of them, as 'wa  learned, were productive -of serious bodily  harm.   t r  Cennei/s team, from Qu esnel month, arrived on Sunday, aod Johnson <fe McAHisters  wagon on Saturday.        ��������� '   ���������,* -  -Gone.���������Tliree of the four professional terp-  sichoreans of Barkerville have left for CuH-  fornia.   Miss'Rosa is the remaining one.  Express.���������Barnard's express arrived early  oa Saturday morning and left on Monday.  j^f- Fei.ljs Copfke has now stood the ti'Kfe  of "the last eight years, has superseded entirely thei mported Cbartres Coffee, and is  now kept and sold by all respectable dealers  tho  too  fha  my26  At DeNOUVION & KURTZ,  ^_fiiE!*^S^^^^iiaSi^^  tj-xi^T'.s^r^'j-iv.wLswruzsKir-i; r,
fc-    ,"
'-. ./.��� ��� A:jA:W-A:ivSW^i.Ar/{AAywyiA.
Though fbrtunafrpy^74��^?rP.?H 9?i4?tW'.I ?
Well raise the standard of the tnind,������ .AA
And hravely scorrif'of:life forlorn-������   v:'. / ���"
Wo- it: inari pur luck' with noble pluck, y< a A. I
Clitigingto trust with firmer hold'Y
." C^^-feark jm*^' ieajc; ip .^eSte^ttBak^ ////. '���)
\Ye J11 bravo; the storta of wind" and foam,;
.���'":"_ ^i^reyl;fl6;never? once'despair; \ A'/'AA''.
life^^uWe^cWe^we Vetoing liom? yJ' ��� '
1 Ho enjby Uie calin angels!'snare./ ���"','': ������.
��� Tboftg&'lpye b^; sfmrtiAdjvlet life Ije^croyeii^d;
And raw^bbfeam^ ;
V/hile^woes and cares:are friiits we iedpi
��� ^en^eroliantM
JVpHiuhomihi wilU ^hon&fc stilly; ::,,
V- Andiippe'"'dad trust-a-better day;. '���..-;.;;
6h> Sod of love11; that' hope: abcve>;:. \
vjfrayrwe neyerlosc'sigtii^ercorV7: ��� ��: '
THIS steamer is now, making regular trips betwqcn
i StyiaGreek; and-:Quesh^lnioiith,; connecting-.:vritb
Barnard's Express*;     " ���,:      ' ,  �� A, ���> V ���*        ���
; "J93r> The steamer is not responsible for leakage of
Oils, or othcrliquidsshippedMn 11 nsVr--7;; ������������*.-,���������;������.>���'    ^':.L
i.'V)-���'��� - nel Rivera ^    '   - -
; k^- ���:>:.���:.. ��� ,>;:-:?���!���!,!JrstV?"��� .;���;��� ^a^aa^aaa^aaaaa
,M&.   CHARLES   DANrELSON  desires  to^ Infonnv
llTiv.'Trader^.P^^rs* Travellers-;nn.dr;otliers that .the
Bpad, frorrt Dog Prairie Ub;irie 16-Miio: Post ^eypnU.
Qhesnefmoutti is ribwr<>pehtarid'iri.^bod condition' for
lPa,ck r Trains and Stocky rihd'tb'ait there M&arjun dance*
of; gooU, feed >* throughout=' Xbofe;is aihousepf qntpr-j
lain men t at; the bridge,:- y v,/-  :;"/'������'������'* ���- >w-: -.���<;$<&%��������� ���
: - v;Bariiard's
TOAILE*7S Hotel, Langley Street;; Vietoria, is still
BAILEY'S Hotel, bangiey ^treetj; vieiorm, is hum
.���.openfor the. accommodation,-oftravellers, and
lie Table and: Beds are kept1 ri the, usual satisfac tory
tvW .���v'.'-:- '���' ' ���'���*' "'*-'���'* W''J""'���; '���.������"��� -"*'   '���"������  -v"-0rn.v,!
; ���:. ���-:��� A AT* *?W9��A ."-'"'
\ tailor, cso^er^iisot^streSt; jrarroitf a.,
Orders from up-country������ punctuallyattended to. .
"^Eo^^5SosC;; ���' '��� i
importers;:and; Cbmmissibn .Merchants,. Insurance
i '���*'��� A'\     '���������'.'  '   Agents, etc-V      v'\���' "-' *' '.' ' ' -l.
^Wharrstrcet, 11 A-/���������'-rw-Z-'w/ ' : ��� :; Victoria, V^:U
Tailor; (Successor to E. Bead,) Groveriunent
V   ���" Ak  'l ;   : Street, "Victor!a".
Orders attended to wl th care and despatch:'
.:,������;.���'���:��� YATES-STRKfeT;"'^^ -A A - ;
.'������ - ���-. -      - -'-- ��� ���'��� -; ���   '
"AS, on hand,
most it ppro-vort styleB*��)-. ? '=;. - ���?J^ l0 ordM.f ia'tW
_�� ...   ..... .. 6m,
While matte rs mb ve^&ri ijv pealing p rp ve,
�� - v-**''ii.*i-. W'-^r, w*nw.WAAA:> ^ '.f.
Jack-j^Clvbs; Julyj I^o9.
ON nnd after.: July'SI,' and until further notice, the
���Regular V/ec)clyvExpress will arrive;at!, Barker-
v-IIIe on S ATURDA Ytf lORNINe, an d re turn at 0 a., m.;
tho following:Jlondny,- r Tlie Express will cjose,every
Sun day night ,o ti 9 o'clock..'. . .:'�� '������> ���.:,
For rates of Freight and passage, apply to :'
., ���,?���<:,.,*}.~wAw..;*  ���!,;.������*���*��� A--MUA. "& .OlWtANDy,
Juno.SO*/,.;.:, ������,:':���,"������Agent, Barken^Ile.
M>ano/i5th:da^bf eacb; month thereafter'?! y*: ^ -w
, I!:
���AA-.-. wiWAuaAj' ���
���Wh'ave ju^lea^rned "Jnat- grjld'^bas'^een
: fliscovetedtln thecbejd i of their iyer'Oassley^onj
^he^fproperty > rjf Ilosehally belotiging^ to^Sir:
>Jjltjne^ ^BaVt^bryiienter^
Rbss-snlre. * About thirty.'men have. -been fafc
���rwork for -thetet week*oritenj days/';and; they
^havei'come lupbn; 'highly���"; auriferous  drifts
lloaehall-isr^ sm^i ektate^t tKS'-junction %%
'��� y the'Myer GasaleyAith th^rivel?v��ykelli|a'fewj
:, ^ile&^abovS; ffie*raiiway,sStion^bf Inversnln!
.    ^fyoinihg^j^ are the :S nthej:Md'estates, pf Sir
Ijg^rtieB. 'JSpjiii^ Hesir pf
llakink'thGirip to:-BaririrVlU&in'al)but'.4Mvay��T'-rA^
���" * "K"'   * . -       Until further notice;- ���   -   i
::By these teams
ims, oia all parcois.of 50 ihs;' and -upwards
���  '  l, ' - ���-��� wilhbe. ,     .; :.:* ��� ��, 'r ���        _., ���]
S5^��ents'. per lb.,    ^ ���
���exci usivejof ��� Bead'. Tolls #
.    . T.  ��rtQTBQLTi- -:   '
Dispensing .Chemist., and, Dniirgist. *���. Importer of Eng
���' ���  1 ish Drugs,' Chem icals, Pit ton t 51 ccllctn es a'n d A
������" Perfumery, Victoria, Y.AA'AAjWiL>; r.":
Ordors from the up-country punctually attended to
���Ifuy X\, 1S00.;,-:   '-'...;, ��� '.���������������. ,"������ A   -1 Cm ������
AAl~':&A'&P.ENQERi:l'A- A:
importer of Bbbks, 'Slatibnory/ :andJ Fancy: Foreign"
''���.���'/   ";:     '.f--     Manufactures,- ='������ ���     -A,
W ���: y W vpoBT STREET, ^VICTORIA, B.C.:
Mayl,. 1800;-.V ���'��� v 1 :, :-r"-ii'- AAA'A.^y   :AA- - ���   u   '
rpHE{undersigned annbunccs that he packs Opods in
*dLfj Victoria ,for^tHe Upper Gountry, and ��� manufactures
Bags.;for Mills,<Merchants,'.'and;Farmers.c gAU kinds
of Machine. Sewing done /-,-���', Orders "promptly attended
������ 'April 24, 1869, 3m   ���        .Yates SVJ Victoria^
Henry; ITatiian,; Jr., &C$-
, : Importers andGpneral, Commission Merchants, -.
A large. assortmeri t oi DryJ Goods,;: Liquors, a nd G ro-
��� - '��� ���'   *   ceries' constantly on han d. ,   * t ~\    ;
Wharf Street,       ..-:',    ;.v^'       -v -  Victoria, V. 1.
������ ;-;May 1.1869. ���.;.:v-.':.��-'.- -Al-/.  ':A''l:-'.-.. . ':::W{-.{Sm.:"'
{7  .:'���'.-., Wagon and.Carriage Makers, ������ '"" '      .
Blacksmiths, etc.,, Govern men t St., Victoria,,be tween
Johnson and Cormorant Streets; west side.      A.
Orders, from the uppor country solicited, and attended
- JA'..%.,AWAA,~,^ i.ito with dispatch...- ." "��� "     . ������'. . ������':%: ,.
Mayl,l869.   Ay ' cm
I1;-   ;v
\ Brpray Strath "Dorian, and "Beraedalerirrallbf
^Shichgplrl has^eeri: jfqund^in^cqnsiderabjle
���:=abnndance;L4Ve menti'tfhed-;-/as far��ttack-;'ak
January last, the3existehbei*J$f -a traditidrr^n"
1* Siitberlandl^hat; golia* -had? beeif found rjf old
? aft RosehalL���[Inveraess:Courier;?. M>.^s   ^ j;
a/ p^im^-^^!^ft6^
teams, for whether with full"Xi-Sifnt or" not they will
'cbme.tnrtupn:';' A *'���'''l:''    -    "*' v u '-       ' ���    -J  "
ft ''MdyT4,V1869;\' * F. J. BARNARD.   .
rtant  to -Traders!
J&t;|,yalej;.B,-; C.-,^,wjll be��forwarded to"iany part of
tho Colony,* on the most reasonable terms, free Of commission .'".'��� - ��� Ar'-  'AGENTS;1.'-''.'-' l'-: ���������' ���'-*  -AtA
���A��g&ii:separ^ted<'meiiland; ^onietiviiyingjin-
,{j=Bew;vmovnthiy^..^a^r/.eh^ii^Jtbe^0ivbrce),-,: isJx>,7 ^AVicUs&Al������'... /.""{'::���-
{ fabout 403;be^artett4inB^liSea^^tri!$^rJ^m^m
A sDcnouvion \t; Kurtz, ���
BarkerviUe.    r
V^BGr'^;notices;-m:/ u
; t|ieJgurnJ) er^p^'Q^p)^ aejparai,cd.:Voiun.tarilfy' '��
^^Jscu^ifx iferjfense^,' and ^louie^-JdeaC *{q^ .14��;
iafdfna^^v"i!0ne;;of^anos^p^ lat
the   inuBio -halls is called "An Appealifpr
��� o��id: SQuf-v tfals is a" Bigniflicarii '^sigaloi��� -the
, . :Umes.^-JPari3Xetter, -'
w/AA^^m^uAiBAOprxiox.~3leferrihgVto  a
- ;��� Washington statement that^tie Canadians Mr
' sire to he annexed because'^ we'^ are oppres^
' Bively taxed," 'the LbnisyiJle Courier Journal
Bayayft%o:are peopi^^i'the* American
iJ^BWkytojt ^r:1^atrjurpase*; desireiio: ^et
themselves joined to this country in her
P^^^l conaUion, :they rnust have hardly
tying. '    '        :-AAA'A..tAy\ .. ���   ���.-���... tl \ y.
V; aS^oxl Canada to ^rNA.---Ilather an exfera-
^T?fe^^ ^^f��/^??^ P^K0^?!?; T&aMiifeoa lately;
.A leaa^iDg pork packer in' that' ci ty' received
'���'{' tip $tb#r feohr "Ch in a ;f or several :to ns of pri me
*W"^!?'I^CT pPPs\^0B to nil the order
. ^? ���:���??'/^I V?bei   It; is {feahi 'this fe the first
shipment  of:-p^ t0
China,.ever made. - A rAA. - ��-i-ir m-.v ",*;-- ���' v.,
- RAEE^Aia sale of rare and curious books
in Mancfiestery ia^fc^^els^a^copy of the first
?d^?9E9/lfflrn^ at 5a, was
In tlie matter of tlie 'Estate andEITeCts 'of WILLIAM
AW'"'��������� til:ivF?r?N'AR]^:;(lcc��asc^ Intestate. ��� A--'
A. LL'persons who'afc indeljtbd:to'ithe: ribove estate
'it*, v.are rehired' to pay the amounts' due forthwith,
and all persons wlio:.:ha^e -atiy.claims against the
above estate are required to send-in their accounts on
or b efore the ,11 th day of ."Sep tomb er,' 1S69' to"'' ��� ���"' ]
AWA-   ��� A-A . ,,��� yy ,:��� * ... .CHAS.- E;-i?00LEY, '-"-'-
if.VLi^t^i'i --���"���; ,������ ���-���-.Official Administrator.
. ������Dated; Richfield, 11 th June, 186.9. A :  ' ���;   ic!6 td
In the matter of the Estate and, Elects of MICHAEL
;:  \..   .���  ^^ARNEV,;deceased,intestate.    .-/'.���;'!������.
ALL persons who are indebted'to the above Estate
before the 24th dayVse^cmber:!^^^13:^ 9F
A-.-. ��� . CHAS; E.: POOLE V,
Bated RichueR 2411, June, iS^^^^'.
Dissolution of Copartner-
rpHB Copartnership.heretofore cxlKtin^ under  the
^omthis aa\ctroS?t|S^WlA^
n4��^eV^SrU^iaat0 an^^s and de-
iarper & Tormey.
Barkerville, B. C, June 25th, i8601
T   H^IP^T^^P of rMcL��e3c feat*,
m, d?Jlsal7ert-hy mutual conscmV   ~
will collect all'o'ntstariding debts an,T ,,.1
counts against thelato firm       ' *lU PW a11 ac*
, Soda Creek, June 2S^h51869.
: ���     ���  ���       .   -. ' '. ,     ROBT, McLRRSE
���: ju7lm
WltnCSS-^JEBOME Harper.
Pacific  Telegrapli  Hotel,
S'TORE iStreet,���; bclwcen1,Herald' \ and : Fls^ard; yicf d"
. ;ria ;:;:.Mcals;a tall -hours. -Uoard and: Lodsinp-pcr
Areek; $5:50'@ $6 50 ;���> Per day; $1:-j Single meals,
37 1-2-cents. Beds.-50 cents. . :., ..,.'?������
;;���;...:,; .. ^DREW.ASTRICO, Proprietor.; :
3Iay lj 18,69.  :;���/'.:��� 'Aw':y: ������;���'������'. ,.-���-;--��� -.- .���:om.- .-'"-'
graver,'��� Governnicut street, next to the
Sti Nicholas Hotel, -Victoria,.V. I.. CbroriomV
o ters and Wa tch es ci eanod -, repa i ro d, a nd wa rran toil;
���Every-description of Jewellery made to order. Plain
and .Ornamental Engra ving neatly executed.
;.:��� May l.'ism , ;; ��� ;'-'������-   - '��� v * ���" ��� -���      ������ l-A-l6m '
&. C, &EROW,
.    , Corn er GOvcfnmcn t and Pan dora Stre c ts    ��� *   '
.     ...-.-.   .-..-: .East side. Victoria; V;-L,
Executes orders for every: description of vehicle.    A
general assortment or Wagons always on hand,
'May;.l-^1869. Cheap rwCASir.-:    - r-'- 'go,
~Wholesal6 Dealer irii- :   : ���
v Provisions;
"   'Havana Cigars, and French Preserves;
Yat^s Street,        .      ,      A   : Victor^ V. I., R, C.
'I.<I;1 \J O ���
;'.'������'   ^^ : Importers of English Merchandise,
���\F H OL' E S A L E  AND   RETAIL.
^^l^lt^K^^^ ****** Dress Mate:
nals, White^nd Printed Cottons, Linenand
;   Cotton Ginghams,  Bl-mkcts, Quilts,
v . and a general Jisffortmentof .
;.   Staple Goods. "
AQ invoice ofgood styleT^0-piy ami T.ipe3trvCar
J. H. TURNER: ���&
��� ^MrbRrRR'g op _'
descnptioaof Drapery Goods   7
nn . i ;iv�� F^ular supplies by EirW;
and by sailing vessels Via rZ tt/
;Hoceive.regu,ars?r,ic,hyKxpr4       a     n
<, via Capo Horn.
London Firm-r^TSvsT^? 1�� ^U ordc^'-^
PUSHED, 18.38.
��� ' A'W , ' Fprt Btreot^Yictoia; ^.i,/ :  J!^ ������
, Spare^no otTprt in soloctfnff find kechincan'��..
ment. of the choicest! artich-a that can G .ft?8?��-.
prbulft:u n����� oMJtHtv. - . ��� A-., *t\. A    * ��aumy bb regartti
";' ' ���������'���"���������'���   ,">;' ;': ���ViT--"-''''' ��� :''>-.^^;.^niylBi^----
.;,- V.LAXD.AqEKT, Etc.,   .'   . '   ''-'' >W>
��py^?ME��T; Strkbt, ; vicTQKiA ���,Y. I:       :
".-.���.'? "���   "       ���"'-      '       ���    '���:'    -       II >���'"-.*. 6lU
A . BAIILOV desires to. inform the people of^"ito
,-rl>-vInterior^ and ^pper coiiutry; that:���luiviW oh.
tin nod the necessary machinery ��� and tin wah?: ho i|i
' iSGi
���'' ffi^il
piffle L
to',he ?Q|i^.tW'tfeVii|2t^ii^l'j��_ ���   	
^���Or^rte^^Dr^Ou/ids^^Tiiiware~- - clht\\&�����* Gardc'i
Field a nd other Seeds, y Eng Ush :and Colon iu] '        ;
Gardca' :
^oii^iis;ale > hotel:
,.v;     0j Krqnt Siree.1) Valo^B ritlsh Columbia:"       ���
THIS house has excellent accoinrnodaiicnforTn
vol 1 ers>-��� Good hods( sni^rior fa re; and. the bCFt
orjjiquoniatithe BaWAHStal>lihgAfqr,ttnimal9-:: Har
and Ofjis,-at the'lowost rates.       ;; :
:.   MayX .136D.    u    ICII.LIY k IlAKE, Pr#riotbrs:'
Dispensing Ch em 1st and > pruggif-t. I Impcrifr'of Eni-
v   lish D.ru^sjl sChemic'ils, Pati-ut Medicine -find .-��� .
��.  'Periumery, Kew JVestmin?ter, B. C. :
FRSSK'dkVrj &t��p? kijh PcpxsTA srtixv tKvrmst'r
Ordfer^ ''from���'���Tip -cpuntry ;c'aT'efttnv.ai^n'dc0..ib.'.t
May 1,1869.  "    \" * j      *"-: *��� * ��� ', ��m
THOMASlWA,LSHjiTtiilor,: New  W:^tminP��|:r, R,f'/
; vCIo thing iriffdc 'to ^order at nio/ler;��tc nitcs.1 - Al-,
��*ays ori' hand, English and. Oregon CU-I.{����,,���  Ordu?
fromltheiiip-qoahtry^attended ;tp;K.with caro, -nvA
dispatch.^ ,;,   ..        ��� n:G
ly 'A '  A,    BARKEftyiLLEI,. ! '
Next Door to S kntixbl O^ncrc. ;.���
T this Esta b lishmen t. w i 11 al ways be twM* ;Wdl
,-; se I e c t eel and varic d Assort m ea tpf t Ii e ���/.... ���
���>���������������-.'��� -'-   �� - IN*CARIBOO. :
ALSO���A good selection ofiCIOthlng, Hardware, Glasi
���:,, and; Crock cry. r -.Best brands of phaceu, v
. :^,     Medicines, etc., etc,     ,, t.
Best Java ComJO Roasted and Ground  DAILV;
:' The BM te full/isujjplicd with the choicest.
-Havana Cigars; Wines and Liquors/:
I trust by strlct-attentioMo business ��M Wj-��iP|;
square dealing to merit a continuance of tlie iiDcrw
pa trpnage her e t<>fore ex ten clc d to m c. ,, , j
A large lot -of ^BY-WOOD'S celebrated BAC05'I
forsalo#ait a ..very .low figure. ; / ' -���:.'-_,
Fchs 20T1869. A
Feb. 6, 1869;
E R R   & -,'S'O
Feb. 6, lfiHQ; ��� ��� -r
Ta^Voikenhtirg & Co-
A supply of froahjm^t^flai descriptions constantly
on hand.  ���-.,-.        .'.,.,      -; ������ ���      ��� .' l^l.������~i~~~""
' ,... . . ...      ������ ������ ���       ���    ���������-
CARI B O <T���R H Y M E S ,
price, : "-.-'v;..-: v ������-���\^.J2S��
For sale at the SE.vrrvEL omed, an��l ror^"wjri��
pogft, free.of ehargeu       .-    }*~     ;. ...
Ihe I
i her
IgS pe.
not a
to the
\-U\ y
S��re   ;
|gS3^J^.^_H.^ A^iuEab.,^^ .  .<_ _


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