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 V-i  AAAA' '"'. ���������;; -h ?������V*i</  v  oi.7.  ���������Barkerville, William Creek, B.a,|Wednesda^Tjily~7,' 1869i  TIIEGAiunuMoi^  PUBLISH BJ>  ' JjVfiBY/.WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY,  U0,B*'E n     HOLLO W A Y.  Subscription; $1 per week (including cost  ol delivery), payable to the carrier.  OmcE���������Barker ville, (next door to Manetta's  ���������'".'/���������   Grocery Store).  ,     Agents for the " Cariboo Sentinel."  Qucsne'moutli, >Mr. Court's, Barnard's Express Office  S������daCreek-      ���������      ���������      ������������������.     *   '   Barnard's Express  Yale,     -'" ��������� ���������      Mr. Evans,       do do  Kew AVestuiiDStcr, -      -      -      - -" Clark son & Co  Victoria, y ,-.-.-" : -   . .-      -.���������..-'   A. Lytic  TELEGRAPHIC NEWS.  The steamship Great Eastern left Brest on  the 21st ult-,, with the French-American tele-  graphic table. Latest despatches from tbe  steamer say that the work goes on well.  Authority has been given to/ the Canadian  Government, to negotiate a- Reciprocity  treaty -.with; the United stales.  Tlie King of Greece proposes to cut a canal  through the Isthmus of Coriutb.  Marshal Serrano has been swora in as  Regent of Spain.  The .Republicans elected, the Mayor of  Portland, Oregon, on the 21st ult.  In (be House of Peers, .the Irish ;Church  Bill passed a second reading by a vote of 179  ^���������MA/a'aa ... fe--'*:.';-���������/;;  of Suez Canal Company, was marked to be  cut down, but tbe Empress Eugenie has purchased it standing, and now pays a keeper to  watch it.  A colored man, named .Tames Wilson, was  discovered in the bold of the Rising Star recently, bo having remained there since she  left Aspinwall, nearly eight days previously.  During this time he was without food or  drink, the cargo offering no subsistence, and  it being impossible to attract attention by his  cries. He appears now to'be getting well,  being only.a little weak.  An Englishman tvho holds a six per cent.  bond has written to Secretary Boutwell that  be considers sir per cent, too high a rate of  interest for any government to pay. Me has  returned his bond with accrued interest to  the Treasury Department for the purpose of  having the interest reduced. In Washington.  says the New York Herald, where conscientious restitutions are seldom heard of or made,  the British gentleman is regarded as a lunatic.  A German; expedition to the North Pole  was to have sailed on.the 7th ult. The Gcr-  mania and the steamer Harmonia will proceed direct to the Island Jan-Mazen, and then  go northward-and endeavor to discover an  opening in/the ice between the 74th and 76th  degrees of latitude. If by the end of August  the expedition should not havo succeeded,  the vessels will go and-pass tho .winter either  ��������� - ,1  EfOTGLS, RESTAURANTS, &c.  _vfe  V.'.  .19  Miners' Boarding feKouse.  BOARD,. $12 run Wekk.   SfN-oLE Mbam, SI.  s.  mm  it Is: said that .an attempt will be made to re-  ai'jy\i him from the ministry.  Four men attacked the house of Mr. Grey,  ������ ma^lstrate, Cork, and, .0no of them w.as  bp.dly wounded by the inmates/who resisted  the a&tock.' .  CURRENT ITEMS,  Tlie radical factions in Florida'have come  to the conclusion to repudiate tie debt ofllS1  Stale.-N. Y.Herald/'''  The captain of a. vessel recently arrived at  San Fran disco rep 0 r ts that one-hal f of the  population of the Sandwich Islands, are  afflicted with leprosy, and it: \va3 spreading  my'fast  ,     \<\       :':A  y   ''.fefe-yy;  Monsieur Chevalier, a famous aeronaut, 13  making preparations; in New York to.cross  over the Atlantic to Europe in a balloon^  which is 95 feet high, 65 feet/in. diameter,  and has. a buoyancy capable of sustaining  eight'tons. /   ���������..'���������-..'������������������  Webster Bros., of Stockton, California,  have manufactured a traction steam engine  invented by Robert Baxter, and it is believed  that both on the harvest field and ploughing  land it is destined to work a complete revolution in fam labor.  A recent convention of Radicals did not go  oir very harmoniously in Nashville, Tennessee. Such language as ������ God d-d h���������1 fired  WRW thief.V and ������ C}~<1 d-d white limed  pupJ1 was indulged in, if the newspaper reports are reliable.   - ��������� .    '*'  An account from Leeds says that the body  0 Lady Firth, wife of Sir Charles Firth, of  Ieckmondwike, was found in the river  Wltorte, near Bolton Abbey, recently. She  W left the Devonshire Arms Inn at Bolton  *���������lge for a walk the .preceding day, but it is  not known when or how she came by her  untimely death. ;  ���������e Illustration of Parts publishes an en-  e^uig of a great spreading tree near Cairo,  nwer which, according to tradition, Joseph  W Mary and the infant Jesus took shelter  j���������* the liiglu into Egypt The tr  ^ands on ground belonging to  the  t*e j:;.laogin3uT>,,   is. let* tn ring.:  .   Her subject is  the "Social  ti.vki. ollico;  my20 lm  hotels, rest^uSants; &c.  RICHFIELD.  \ TISS A. HICKMAN bogs to announce to the itinera  ill ot* Rl^hflohJ an:l the public iu-general that she  has. npoucdv tho above Restaurant for1 tho hi minor  Having nift-de extensive additions to the Restaurant  department ;and secured the services or a first-elites  Cook, Miss^L natters-herself that she will he able to  irivo her./-pUirons every satisfaction, and hopes, by  strict attention to business, to merit a share of public  patroniigo/fe  Board,. per- Week, $12.  fen  Single Meals., $1%  /JOr-Tho%est Jiquors aud Cigar* alwavs to be had  LltUo.BarA* /    my22 2m  M __ :.     -  at  . Sto&t's   Oulch Hotel.  rpHE MINERS ON STOUT'S*GUrCH AND THE  X. public* generally ore hereby requested to take  notioothatahe above Hoti-I, .situale on the loft side  of ihe guk$, between the Tall* Valo and the Coombs  Companies shafts,  |S    NOW    0 P E N , ' .  ���������  A ��������� ��������� ���������  and the prpnetor assures all who may favor.him with  their pntrmage that no eilort will he spared to give  salisractiom  Board, &3 per Week.    Single Meals, $1.  jft2T OnS-Jho best of Liquors and 'Cigars wilt he  kept at th*-B.sr.  WM ������������������ .KaKORRlCK KOSE,v?roprietor;-  Stout Gq^;:-Mft>vl������, 1809.  ; .. "���������.tni'19 2m :  in'New VfeTO  Evil;"   Miss Adelaide Gfonnart,  M.D.,   has  been appointed examining  physician  of an  insurance company in St. Louis. Mary Walker,  M.D,i is; lobbying in Washington fur a government app olntmen t, w ti ic h  s h e is de ter mi n e d;  to obtain in justice to her sex, who., she says.  are unf ai r 1 y treated  by:, t he rn en.   11 is;' said  she w il I be se tit to Alaska.. P res i d e n I G rani  declined an interview with her unless she ap-"  pea red in fem ale costu ni e. :: She wears p ah ts /  fe Captain Nickspn, of the-ship National, ar-;  rived at San Francisco from Hon^kon>, re-  p 6 r ts tb at 0 h May C fch mad e Sm i t h ^s Isl and,  0 n e; of t h e Isl an ds sou th 0 f Je d j 0 G n 1 f, i ri ia!.  38:15,' long. 139:50. E., and saw a large column  of smoke rising but  of the water.   On   ap.  prpaching, found it to be a volcanic eruption  and an island just thrown out of the water;  with a pile of rocks 50 feet high and reefs extending to the N. E. and N. W. for a quarter  of a mile, and a break of muddy witter sur-  rounding. We passed abo\ 11 mid way between  the two islands, and heard a terrible roaring  noise nnd saw a column of smoke and steam  about 1000 feet high. To all appearance the  rocks must have been very hot, lor when the  surf rolled on them they would send up vast  columns of steam.  The New York Herald, 0f Juno 5, rep0rts  that a lieutenant in command of a small guard  of marines insulted a number of children and  ladies while strewing flowers over the graves  of Confederate dead in the Arlington cemetery. Seeing a lady throw a small bouqiuu  on one of these graves, this lieu ten ant rushed  to the spot, picked up the flowers and. throwing them on the ground, at his feet commenced stamping on them in such a manner  as to attract about him a crowd of wondering  spectators in a very few minutes. Some of  the lookers on, learning the cause of the lieutenant's, rage, commenced to murmur disapprobation, when the lieutenant shouted out,  .< D__-a jou. get away from here, every one  of you, or I'll make you. Guards., come up  here and disperse this crowd."  * ������33* Wmtete ComiB has now stood the test  ��������� of the last eight years, has superseded en-  ree, which tirely thei mporfced Chartres Cott'ee, and is  i IathmuB1  ow kept and sold by all respectable dealers  ^^^^r^B^^^^^^K5)?  J, S.  THOMPSON,  4 CCOtTNTAXT,    M IKING   AND   COMMISSION  tx   Agent. Barkerville.  Mining Compaotw* Books kej)t aod adjusted.  MaylfeXSO-J.     -      .       fe,-, - ���������..., -r'-M-  y -yy BvfeEDWARIJSfe MAy-:  HAS on htiml, and for m 11', at- his Store in Barker.-  ville, -O'aO'cijRXK., 1'iiovisions and 'Liquors,- of  tho oiiiiUiiist description, which he will sell at low  pric-'?for C.vsa. Also Gum Boots^ iiu'd other.articles  roquirfed bv ininTiS.: ���������������������������  - '"'.-.'.'���������  Barfeerviile^ May 12, 1S69.    . y-y  BRUGE   &  Carpenters and Builders,  ,BAR-.KERYTL'LB, v\/  rtONTRACTS UiVDERTAKEN, and ALL KINDS OF  \j Job Work '10hc \\*ith punciu<������I������ly and: dispnIch,  at reasonable rates. A goods took ofseaspned lumber  always on. hand/     'fefe'-  :���������'.'������������������������������������'���������. "���������.-.: ..-:.;  ������������������.-_' .  G.   STROUSS^  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL   DEALER  '���������in��������� i  G-roceries, Provisions,  HARDWARE,    DRY    GOODS  CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, ETC.,  BARKERVILLE.  M  Lightning Ckkkk.  INER.S AND TRADEItS will ilnd  it to their ad-  vnaugu topurchiise at this-Store, where there is  A liMtoii As8oin:.Mi:\T of Goons,   .  Of the very best description on  hand, and the Stock  cons tun Hy rep I ���������������' n is h ed by u ���������-* w n r ri vals.. The proprietors will sell Goyds  As   CiiKAV  as   any'ix   Caui;:oo.  Orders promptly filled, and  forward od with di.=pat.ch.  .       . BfiEDY k LlNHHAKl),  Van Winkle, May 1.2, IStiO. Proprietors.  .,,-..;  NOTICED -:y-  rTHE^ BUSINESS" hUheuno^cJbr^^ceT^  1    in Brirkervillc,   as   Lodging-house and   S.iIoon-  keeper, will from to-day be assumed bv MRS FUNK  who hopes by strict atiention to business to secure h  share or public patronugf. v:->      ���������   ' ���������  The sleeping apartments .viJOfce k?pt Ih the best  order, and the Hncst Wines, Liflddrs and Cfgare m_y  bo obtained at the Bar.  -*-"*������> **-**������-���������������, .������ , . ^  Barkerville, June 2d, ISCiO.  Liquors and Cigar. m_y  ���������$AA>y    .:.     ..'  :.:ryfefeJIR5. FUSK.'  ^���������tfe'. -:.':.     5; fejfc2.''  THIS ESTA B LIST! SI E-NT H A ViNG BEEN REFIT-  red in Lheinosc coaifortabfomanner, with'good  bodSj tbe 1 ravelling public maySely upon being well  accommodated. :%$yy-' ��������� ������������������.'--���������-. ���������  The best Wities, Liquors unit  the Bar.  Decern b cr 5,1868. -��������� - i.^  igaisto bo. had.kt  ;  NEW  vy. and Go:  -:m0AAAA ������������������'-������������������'.  ance of a conn  defy coin pet j  He has also' .   .     ���������._...  above, where none but tire best C^fl'ee'-Ples aud Cakes :  will be served.  A - ��������������������������� '���������-���������"���������' ; " yr"- Ay   ...-. -��������� v.-.   }!���������������<  N.B:���������BREAD; DELIVERED id aU parts-of tho '  Creek. >,. y   .... ,..,;>niy22 lm s  ���������    '^  THE Proprietors of this well! known House tender  tbejr sincere thanks 10 their friends and the travelling public generally, for their past liberal patronage, and beg to inform them that in order to insure a  continuance of the same, Board and Lodging has beea  reduced to $3 50. per Day.   Single Meals, $1 OO.  All tlio luxuries.that the'''country ailbrds arc cbu-  stantly kepton .the  table.    Prirate Parlors and-Suits.  of Rooms' for Fi in i 1 ies. "fe .Th e 'Bar is s locked ���������' wi t-h. Ihe  best brands of Win es, Liq u6rs and Cigars;-;:       fe' A ���������_  Tho Stable is well supplied with the best Timothy,  Oats, lifty and Grain. BROWN _^<HLLIS<  QueSneiraouth, MaArfe;   1869. .  W^SiMM  rpKK .USDEKSr.GNED; BEGS TO INFORM H.r3  1. friends and the 'public, that he has fitted up soma  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  In his new building, \vhere he is prepared to giv*  good Beds at a reasonabIe price.. Tbosc who wi 11  favor him w\th their :palrosage, may dcpend on the  cl ca n h ess an d com fori of his h ouse.,.  '  Hotakes also this, opportunity to remind the Carl-  booitosfelbat his Brewery has", received the FIRST  PKIZ������ of the Colony for his celebrated  XXX   ALE/  And the true amateurs willh3 able to judge by them  selves that such honorable prize.has  been justly  awarded to him.   .  N. B.���������tA large front room to lct^  ��������� BarkerviI i e, Jan.. 23,1860. ' N.- CUNtOJ  A.   McPlierson,  WATCH  erS  AND  JEWELLER,  HARKERVILLB.  Barkerville, May I, 1*09.  Restaurant and.  Bakery.  rpiIE Proprietors or this old aud welhknown estab-  JL lishment would respectfully thauk tlieir numerous friends and the public lor the extensive patron ago  heretofore bestowed on theni, and trust that hy their  usual strict attention lo business they will merit a  continuance of their confidence and support.  Meals,  $1.    Board. '.$10   per Week.  BREAD  MADE   OF  THE BEST  FLOUR  Wo rcco in mend to the p'ubhc our  GROUND    COFFEE,  which is a much superior, article than any which can  be had from below. Wo Koast and Gr10d i t 0urselvea  and choose tho best berries-consequently tho public  mav be sure of its beinjr tree from nd 11 iteration,  Barkerville, May 18,18U9. myltf  A Perfect  Cure.  AT TflOS.   FLETCHER'S  SECOND-HAND STORE  and General Repairing Shop will be found  a  La tlie capable of Turning '^l(i JHting up Car Axles'  and Wheels, Hydraulic Nozzles, Hose Couplings, &c.s  and all repairs of metal work done with neatness.  To be found also. Cooking Stoves, Sheet Iron Stovoa,  Pumps, Hose, Nails, Picks, Shovel.1?, and almost everything requisite for Winers' ne**. at low price*;  VI TER   BARKER VILLE, m - .  ���������KIWLlMftWiU^v  :.*i__t. ydM&gmAAm:- ^^^ii^y������,s2ss^^?������������^-*^^. ������-^----  TflE CARIBOO SENTINEL  WEDNESDAY. JULY 7, 1SG9.    ... .  THE CARIBOO SENTLNELJ 'AAA AAy'>  Ts published every Wednesday and Saturday.   .All  advertisements intended for insertion, must be delivered at latest at Six o'clock, P. M., the day; before  publication.        * '. y'A'-- fey-,- ' '���������"  . J"- TO. ADVERTISERS.  All advertisements (not inserted for any definite  period) wilt be continued until ordered .out, and  cbarged for accordingly. ' y-."  , TO CORRESPONDENTS,    "'fefe     '  AU commiinications'must be accompanied by the  real na-mo and address of tho writer ; not necessarily  A New Species op Rye.���������About eight  years ago a FraSer river miner took from the  crop of a wild swan., which he lulled, a few  curious-looking v grains. On his return . to  California, the extraordiuary size and rich  appearn nee of tb e grai n. which lie carried  awav with him. excited the 'curiosity and  cup fdi ty o f o ne' of : th e in tel 1 igen t form e rs.  MivOakes; settled near; Tuolumne city. Mr.;  Oakes obtained four cif the graina for the  purpose of testing .their value;-He has  p la n ted th e grai n f or th e 1 as fc fe w years, an d  last year the increase amounted to seven or  eight bushels. This was sown on seven acres  of land last February', and the Tuolumne City  News says.���������:.���������'* From the samples of the  heads sent,uS���������now jlist in bloom���������and- from  with a view of publishing the same, hut as security   ^; informati6n.��������� derived    from    competent  _   orUsuoparauK. . ���������     -fe    ry] judges who have seen the field, we feel  safe  . ..INDEPENDENCE DAY., ;-y- - Ar.:'.  It s ce m.3, i u dec d, so me wh a fc strange th at in  a-British country the Fourth of July should  be a gala day, and it might be taken abroad  as an illustration of the political sympathies:  and characteristics of the population, but it  is no such thing.    The  truth is, there is,such  good feeling among tbe population of. Can-.  boo that they are ready to participate-in any;  day of national rejoicing.   Another reas.op;.is",  >'that the mirth and exercises of tlie. day offer;  excellent opportunities for   the   relaxation,  necessary to counteract tlie effects of the Hard  and monotonous labor which the''miner;';'.u'n-'  dergoes.   Besides, as men grow old,  though  they pretend to regard such tWng3.^a^;a;:ce!e^  bration as  " stuff and nousenseT?fe;ftUl,vtbey  cannot: resist   looking   at the   amusements  which once gave them intense pleasure. 'It is  like reluming to boyhood again and reviving  the pleasurable; sensatious  of youth. :.Our  American cousins arc among tbe best of our  population, and have shown great energy and  enterprise.   When they celebrate Ihdepend-  ;.  " en ce   Day/ although   to  thin-ski nned^iadk  :-���������'_;     vldnals. it   may   seem   incora-patiibie;?-witb  modesty to do so in a public manner^:there  in estimating  the  probable yield  -at   from  seventy-five to one hundred bushels per acre.  The   berry   resembles  a cross between the  common rye and wheat.   It is too  clear and  plump for rye, yet not round   enough   for  wheat.   The heads in our possession, though  not yet fully, grown, measure  from   ten   to  twelve   inches in  length, with an average  h ei gh t of fi ve feet i n s tal fc.:��������� Th e  p od o f * the  berry very much resembles that Of the common rye. ������������������ * Theh is to ry of its; cut tly a tio n u p;; to  the p resen fc time shbws that its average 'yletd,  even.on fchje ligh'ter. gi ades -of 1 and, is fu 1 ly  onefe hundred   bushels.    Its  adaptability Jo-  bur ; soil- and- climate; is^a fact^now/exempM::  fied; by practical resiil ts. r ;I lis general)y . be-  lieved that as a: f06 d for ani ni al s ��������� i t:. can no t be  surpassed. ..felts superior, yield per; acre gives j  it still greater advantage'rover all;, other -cereals^ yWe believe :^&^ is riot: far distant  when it will In a manner -supersede the use  ofI barleyy-afe".. a';" feed for domestic animals^  AbpiVtthree':years ago we remember seeing  in -or gardeh on the Sa.anich  *roacl, a curtous  kind   0f 'grain  growing.   It was something  thing like that described above���������-neither like  wheat'nor rye.   The  seeds   were  obtained  also In the sarhe m anrter as those;referred to,  having be en taken. fro m th e. prop of a wild  gobse.;' The plants were very.healfcby looking  when we saw them, but what became of them  we 4id hot learn.  -It improbable, however,  that tliere is somewhere iin British Columbia  a wild rye grow i n g which, when' fo and and  greater is the power of the machine." Ashe  h a������ n o t y e t p ro tec ted h i s d is co ve ry, th e.me-  c-hanicai details are not at present given, and  perhaps this is all one may ever hea r of itiA A'",  ���������fe;,Jost Receiveo.���������C. McCallum wishesito  an n o un ce th a fc h e h as j ii s fc received a 1 arge  assortment of fe ready-made Clothing, which  will be sold for cash at ciieaper; rates th^n  have ever been known in Barkerville. Thankful fo r p as t f avo rs, and resp ec tf u 1 ly solid iti ng  a continuance of custom, Mr McC would in-  ti m ate that an ius p ec tio ri of th es e go p ds a nd  enquiry as to the ��������� price '.will convince all as  to their unprecederited cheapness. Ail par*  ties wishing to have their clothing made by  A. Gil mo re, Victoria, may have their measure  taken by C. McCallum, so as to ensure a good  ftt.----'y'-.:y' ;.-."' :" rrAAyy'yAAAA'''-': ".'.'���������'' "*',.'  The Dukk of EnrNmcraGrr���������By the San Francisco papers we learn that Prince Alfred,  Duke of Ediobur^b, seepud son of Her Majesty the Queen, was expected at, the Sandwich Islands.A He will probably:visifc British  Columbia before his return to England*  NEVV^ADVERTiSEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  , ;;DUNVILtE S ���������:; :  GSLEBUAT������D OLD IRISH WHISKEY,  my 2 6  At DeNOUVION & KURTZ.  CARD.   a\ r ma,  THE, vDominion Day. Committoo, dcsire. to .ret urn  ;..' thanks to Messrs. potUl, Stevens and others for  the; kindly asi?istanco 'rendered in the prcpnraiibn3 f<3r  the-ccleb.rivfciqn of tho socoud aunivcrsiiry.of the uhIon  of the Provinces known as the Domiuion of CaiiadaV'"'������  y.-ju7-.-.fe:'fe:.. AJi- '��������� : 'y   .���������-,..  H. H^IVELOCK, ��������� Secretary:������������������: i-  Ayy yAAyi:M- -AyAy  ISS EMILY herein wishes toexpress^.her most slh-;  ; cero thanks for the grea t. kindricss manirested  and assistance rendered ju her behalf on Monday last  by; the Cariboo: A mat en r Th ea trica Is, a n d to Hi e ladi es ���������  and gentlemen genera]iy \vhd interested tliemseIvo3 in  the success of the performances.    -   . fey  ���������KichfieldyJniy 6,!lSG9. .' fe ��������� fe ju7fe.  TO^rsiife^  [Incorporated l>y Royal Charter,^].  CAPITAX,,   '-;' '//-A.- yy ���������   ��������� :*0e,y A A  AyAyiiy^i^  ;Drafts issued on the Bank's branches  r^y VANCOUVER   ISLAND L VICTORIA:  '������������������ ;       In; the United States :  CALIFORNIA,'-       -:��������� SAN FRANr^nn  OREGON,       -   ;,, :.,..;"  PORTiSIS^  NEW YORK,     -;^Messrs. Be,!;^g^ky  Agents for the Bank of Montreal '  ON CANADA���������The Bank of .Montreal  ON SCOTLAND^The. British  Linen' Com  pany s: Bank. ,        m'  ON IRELAND���������The Bank of Irebnil       "  ON MEXICO and SOUTH AMERlci~The  London Bank   of   Mexico   and  South  America^ ��������� fe.        "ryy'ify,i'A  ON vENGLAND-^The Bank of British Colnin.  bia^-IIead Office���������East'India Avenue:  ':���������':."������������������:, LeadenhalI street: A"' A _y '  Wb. rreneral disnosition to makp it"k rrala Vlav: cultivated,,may prove to be a valuable addK  is a general aisposiuon to maKc^t a galaxyv tion"to,the world's stock of cereals.  The principles embodied in the cause: which I fe fefe=:fe     ���������, ';;..   -.* ;.- "������������������'��������� ���������-.-.- %' y: yAAAMAMAr;  fe- led to the origin .of Inaependehc_^-Diay;^  ;; battle of Buukcr Hill- had been foughtin  ������������������England a century before. When "wo honor  the deeds and principles of our Russells and  Hamprlens it would seem selfish if we could  WM  v-pot pay some regard to those heroes���������Frank-  ;   lin anil Washington���������who  followed in  their  footsteps.   Taxation  without representation  was fought against and  beaten  in England  long before the birth of those heroes." Judeed<  the revolution ia America  was fe one of the  direct results of the revolution in England. It  is impossible for an Englishman-who. honors  A. "the; champions of liberty; in his own country  .;��������� Wk to,find his sympathies moved -when  the  ycolonial heroes are,honored by commemor-  fe atingthe 4th of Julyv ;A wide field has-been  1      opened for the civilization and happiness of  . fe femanynd through the American revolution  .      Every week we read of the thousands who  leave Europe to seek ifc. ;��������� The revolution 'in  ^rvAmerica >nofc oniy gave  to suffering over-  ^fecrowded   humanity   in  Europe a place in  >;^cb  to -labor and enrich themselves, but  ' :fe^t;^ -been productive of a series 61 revolutionstiQf ^a peaceful nature.   Time arid dis-  ,    tancefehave  been dwarfed by the telegraph,  ti}<*'drudgery of fthe sex has been  lightened  by the sewing i2;a;chi*ne, and in all  that contributes to the material welfare of the world,  .'-.-. p ur A m eric an co nsina La ve b een foremost in  A    producing.    What was thought a visionary,  impracticable scheme, even within the remembrance ol' the young, is now an accomplished  fact, aud the Atlantic and Pacific oceans arc  . united by the iron bonds of friendship  and  peace.   A kindly, brotherly feeling between  the  two  branches of the Anglo-Saxon race,  who govern the greatest part of the civilized  world, is most desirable.   No greater calamity to the progress and advancement of the  human race generally could happen than a  conflict between them ; and if the  harmonious feeling  which  generally prevailed on  Monday last were more extensively, spread,  no such calamity ever would happen.  native bnthe'a'fstrief where the gold is found.  Having been a miner in Australia, he had  noticed; that the 'natural formation of the Australian, and particularly of the New Zealand  gold fields, corresponded exactly with that of  his native .strath at Kildonah. The: Illustrated  Loridoh News publishes an account of the  d iggirigs wh i c h is in ter es fei ng as sh owing that  the gold deposits are found under conditions  si mi 1 ar to' th dse ,: in all; k'no wn go I d- b ear i n *  cbuntries. The gotdlies generally in a snb*-  stratum of rocky soil, just above the solid  ro ck, i n th e fissures of wh ich i t is foil n d fre el y  and.it is also abundant in the gravelly deposit above this. It is remarkable that the  gold is v found in no less than three distinct  strata, all formed by the action of water and  lying directly one above the other, the uppermost being within a foot or two of the  surface, just below the turf.- This would lead  to the presumption that the sources are not  farfexhsfcant, and that at various times, some  not far remote, deposits had been made at  the various heights observed. Hence the  general impression seems to be that the matrix  will be found in the hills immediately above  Kildonan. But no gold has yet been discovered in .Ufa; and though quartz is by no  me^ns ^ommon ..through . the district ft is  not, so far as yet observed, auriferous,   bnlv  ana  cniirnmon   ^P   ,-^A.i     .     -    . ��������� *******  fnnrt7ei?rei* mind? a llieceofgold has been  found intimately associated with felspar as  well as quart?;, which has given rise to tho  presumption, favored by (he ffneissosa -infl  granit c character of td rocks If hedltZt  that the Ktldonau gold may bo found to he  associated with granite.   . 1U lQ> Dc  /"HHE Co -partnership of McLeese & Senaj' ts thib ^ay  JL '���������. -di?solved' hy mutual coiisent.   ' Kobt.  jroLooso  wi 11 collect all outstariding debts- and Avill pay n!I; account's against the late firm, fe _        ..  :   Soda Creek, June 28th, IS69. ��������� '                   ';.*������������������ ,"c ��������� fe:  :.;'-I.,,-: ..fe '..'fe..                  'fefe' KOBT. HcT.BE'SE^  ��������� fey. ������������������;;:������������������ -.; fe-    ./ JOS. T. SEJSfAY. -fefe.  .-., Witnossr���������Jerome HaiiperJ    fe-fe ��������� ': j������7lm  Automatic Water E.volxe-a disooverv  connected with the raising of water is claimed  to have been made by Br llouron, a French  physician of some reputation. W a vAA^  simple piece of mechanism he says he ^n  raise a continuous stream of water to almost  any altitude, without labor of any kind ami  withou expense beyond that necessa y for  the first cost of the machine, and this is bv  no means large Or Bouron states that the  ^Tii������f������,T������?i!������ Is ������^ "Pon a natural  Hk iF *��������� W AY    HOgSK.  TOTS HOUSE, .imR'THE'toUTH OF  X yStout Giilch, ���������-...,'������������������: ���������-,  ,18   NOWfeO PEN., y-Ay  And the finest qualities of Liquors, Wines r.ud Cigars  may be had at the Bar.   .Try ittetri.  y'   F. PAGDEK, Proprietor.  Halr- Way Housa7 Ju 1 y, 6, 1S69. .ju7 lm  New G-rocery and Liic_tior  Store.  \PENDOLA announces that he has removed to  - the New Store n^xt but one to the Bank of  British C<������1 umbia, nnd has iucreasod his stoclc of Gro-  caries ami Provisioiirf. which he will 8*11 at his uyunt  reasonable prices. He has also op jned a bar, where  he keeps the    ' fe  CHOICEST LIQUORS, WINES & CIGARS,  and invites his friends and the public to test their  "hulity, -juSlm  ASSAY   OFFICE.  THIS Oflice will be ready for business on  or about  J [on day next. July 5 Mi, in Kanu's new buiiding,  Barkerville. y    . . ���������> '  CHARGES :'  For Assays of Gold Bullion >������ (one-halQ of ip^r cent.  Deposits under S800 will be charged $-t.  Assays of Mineral Ores, $10 each.  ���������   ,       .��������� l y      W. HITCHCOCK, Chief irelter.  ;; - Baraer yy] le^Jone ao; I8g&. ���������'���������'"*��������� 'j������"30 1 m"  60LB BUST AND BARS PURCHASED  . Rebelv.bil. oti Deposit, or Advances made on theiii. ;  /  }    -TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS  Gfii-tedfeOn, Victoria j Ssin-, Francisco, Portland aiid  y��������� ��������� -   'New���������York.'- - ���������'  Every description .of.Banking. Busincss transacted;  ,     CHARLES 3. JONES, Agent, '  William Crock, Cariboo, :      .  l^.!_ii;^W^VRE.N:KIIi  BOOTMAKER,  OFFERS FOR SALE THE BEST ASSORTMENT OF  fe1 BOOTS to bp: found on Wil 1 him Creek. ;   '  fe BOOTS MADE TO ORDER-  Wamtutcdiiotto bo .surpassed by any made on tb  Pacific coast.  GUM BOOTS CONSTANTLY ON HAXD.  iy REPAIRING dono in the sbes>',ttutBBeT^aivfifcorf'^  notice... ��������� fe;'-fe fe. fe-fey:,-���������'���������''' \A ���������'��������� - ....".'������������������ ��������� -,-. '���������  In connection with; the above/ he bvegs'te notify .-to,;  frien ds ah d tho pub lie, tha t . he h as oh  h a ml a clioics;  assortment of ..GROCERIES: and .l^RY.fevGOODS, and  hopes, by keetJihg a;>vell sclcctod stock on band, t������;  merit a share of public patronage.  ^-OPPOSrTEBAXK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA���������%.%  Barkerville, May 5,18S9.     "     .  ���������arktet.'  m,  BE ak.  Desires to inform tho inhabitants of Barker-  vilie, Richfield and vicinity that he h?.s  opened a; shop in Knott's - now bnikhng,  where ;. he /will sell butcher's meat of tlie  choicest description, at  From 10 to 15 cts. per IU,  a rid he trusts to re c ei ve a sh are o f b usiness  atid1 to; ���������;���������'���������''-':,.'-'--!-  "LIVE AND LET  Barkervillc,.June 23, 1869.  !"  >s  CELEBRATES OLD IRISH ������/HISKE������  my2G  At DbNOTJVION & KURTZ.  Selling  effat c'ost!  NO   HUMBUG!  rds^^r- Un'1 JU(3gC f������r i'oursoIrcs ^forc purchasing  '-������������������ 'MA.   je22 lm  &4  -~ife������^  DRUG- STORE.  fwT Mr������RK-r^ork: has been commenced in  bcVhSay 0f?���������l atnd a fev7 Jots^ dmthAve  been -turned into bars. "   -  supersede all wrisUng���������'= * jTlWnn  ulso atates that.h^evo^Zl^ '^l  appear, he has found " the greater the LmX  to  which tbe  water has fo  be rabod fho  Barkerville, May 5, 18GQ.  lm  REMOYAL  R. CIIIl'P ban rci  BftrkervilJo, Juue is  ishi).  ���������19  D.    LEWIS  BEGS LEAVE to inform the Ladies ami GonU^J  ;  of Baikervillo and vicinity that ho baa spareu  paina in Dtting up a .  B A T H J IM G    R O O M        _  for their accommod������iUon,   nest door V'.^Wmn"  Drug Store, and hopes to merit ashure of taeirp-"^  age.  ;iutinS vui������cii"������'i������>'t>' ���������j-���������_   <���������������/������������ton  lino,' Mr Lewis feels assured of giving sausiaco^-  JelOlm     ISTewspapers & Periodicals  TP  YOU   WANT CHEAP REABlVCgct-CJJ3?*  1   CLARKSON, NTcws dealers, New Wcstmiu-ier,  supply you with Papers and Magazines. n,r-rT?  Their prices are over 50 FER GENT. LOWW*  than Express prices. , 3j  Papers from any part of the world can uc  through them. , P     _ ijPt, "  mtT For particulars of prices, snnd ror a ������   ^  ft������tfA������LJOmr B0Wli0N> l'ci Sri1 *' CUBITS;  jel6 lm  Barnard's Express.  tfco  A^ and after July 3d, and until farLher notig^  U    Uegiilar Weekly Express will   ll������\c ��������� Q a>m.  ville on SATURDAY'MORXINO, and ������inf ������JJ    fl  tho following Monday.   The Express .will civ*  Suiifiuy night at 9 o'clock. -t   ,  For rates of Freight and Pass^^^J^^rpY,  June 30. AgVnt, eVrkoi^  T-ORSALE, CHEAP, a full ^^^^^  r  TABLES, complete.    For particular,,WQ$Gt  jo������? lm . ^  Af  y-  M  A  y  y  M  mm.  w  SSSL rter, 1862],  $2,500,000,'  branches   ;  -VICTORIA'  FRANCISCO.  LAND.  ���������*��������� & Gdsdry  itreal.  ontreal.  Linen Com.  relnnd;'  iERlCA^Tbe  1  and ; South ���������  '"���������..    f>j .  Stilish Coliuij.  idia Avenue,.;(  URGHASEDr  lade on iKuiii. :-  5FERSVV-,?y  ,'Portland, an j;:.  ipss transacted; :.  ")NE$, Agent,   .  WuJ%A  ISORTMENTOF  ireck.  ; iv; ��������� ������������������������������������:������������������  iy made, on th  sT HAND.;  wit, at EJior**?l. J|  *g* to.notify liis-  i..hnmi a clinics,  V  GOODS, and  jk on band,to-  iotuiBiA^j-;  rfcet.  K;fe^ ���������'���������������������������  s of Barker-  that hi has  3\v .hutWing,  <meat ofllie  peril),,  of business  !"  ant! esBifcin*8  g Ijas ffp:iriiil ni>  OIVI  to -TATLOB'S  of tlieir mirun-  Plate and w*  erience in that  satisfaction.  iodioals  jrctClXTBfc  !tl can  be had  for a lift, or  mrkerviiu;.  CUljKSO^  :ess.  Lhcr ndtic?, tha  lrQ at Barfed  turn at 6 fc������-  #jU close every  KJIANDV,  BarkcrnW.  gg-snrata  WBDNESDAy, JULY 7,1869.y    ; ;���������  MlM^INTBLLWENGK-: -.y^^y-  ' WILLIAM CREEK,    v ;.fe y'*;,,.-. y;.;,  ��������� The hydraulic companies have; been doing  very little during tbe past week; Tbe Flume,  Jo Heaoed up about 150; oz. for: the:;week,  in not now expect to do much until water  ZcZos plentiful. . The NicholsonTBr.idley  ca'made wages/for tbeTweet.The San Juan  co hw not: yet cleaned -up. ,-The-Cornish  co cleaned up 41 oz. for the week, and fe the  California co. 20 oz:; the San ^pucisco co.  made wages for the week;        ���������;'���������'���������  Below tlie canyon, the.Barker co. took out  11G efc. for the week and the Canadian co, 30  m The Caledonia co. washed up 90 oz., for  the week. Very little/gold, is being taken  outoftheotiierclaiihs..;   fefe    ._,..,;���������_        ..  stout gclouv. ,..'y.y[y ;''"'.fe  The Taffvale co. washed up. 151 oz, Xqr the  week, and the Coombs co.'during the; last two:  days ot the week washed tl ii p, 110. oz���������a! to-  virefherforthe week Ui oz. The Floyd co.  washed up 140 oz. for the week. In the High-  Low Jack co.'s ground the prospects are improving. A new company have taken tip the  hill ground below the Floyd co., looking to  a,continuation of the5 lead in the hill.  ;; T';y"/' CO NX us GULC11.  At'the upper.end of the gulch the diggings  iook well, at present. The White Pine co.  worked about four days and got 22 oz.; The  Felix co. Washed up G-1.J roz. for the week.  The Indian,4ueen continues to pay about  wages, and.the other companies are prospecting. ���������  fey   LOWIIEK CRRKE.  The Black Bull co. are running ahead with,  their tunnel, and tho Calaveras co. with their  drain. Scarcely any gold is now being taken  out of this creek.  CANADIAN CREEK,  fe The: Miller. Clear Grit and Casket have  each obtained small prospects since they were  enabled to .sink and drift through the tunnel tapping their ground and giving them  drainage.; fe \  : GROUSE CREEK.  A Last week the original Flume c.o.'s ground  ^the 12uOvfoet. allowed after "the war*���������  was workefl out. and only a small quantity of  gold taken out during that and the week previous. On Saturday last, the sluice-boxes of  tta Garibaldi co. were robbed. Of course, it  is not known how much gold was. taken, but  tie coin pany, had been getting good pay for  some time, and the robbers no doubt made a  ��������� gno d strike. The Ne'e r-d o- Weel w ash ed up  $784 for the week. ; V   -.. .���������;������*.   ,"..   J   ���������"."  ANTLER'' CREEK.      y   '"  Th ������5 A n tier co. have com p le ted 500 feet p f  1 heir d rain. Three a th er com p ah ies are si n k-  ing above them, and are going  down  with  little difficulty.   They expeet to bottom next  . week.' "' -;..;...'���������A] Ay ';'  HARVEY CREEK.       .'-; yy  The Minnehaha co. have, beeti taking out  very good pay recently,; Sievewright ������ Co.  are getting wages working on a high channel.  Acompany of Welshmen .below the Minnehaha co. are running a tunnel, and the Lang-  ton co. commenced running a tunnel on lion-  day. Below this company-anolher tunnel.is  being run. Carter & Co. are also running in  the hill. A Chinese company at tbe mouth  of the creek are doing well. It. is now /demonstrated that ; th e re is mi o 1*1 eh an nel i n  Iho right bank below the falls. A good  mining camp is expected to be established  here soon. Considerable gold has been taken  out of this creek, but the Minnehaha is the  first company that has attempted to work the  deep ground.  ~* . ...  "  KElTITLEY CREEIC.  Above Davis crossing on this Creek J. Newton & co. have sunk a shaft 15 feet deep, and  obtained good prospects and have si ailed to  build machinery. Jnst below Newton & co.  Koberfr Young is taking out very good pay,  working shallow ground. Carpenter & co.  have just taken up a claim below >;mv ion's  ground and intend starting work this week.  Uelow this point a company or Chinamen say  they are making $4 to $5 a day to the hand.  Lelow the Chinamen, Metcalf & co. arc sinking and had got into dirt with some gold in  u about ten feet below the level of tho creek,  oat have not got to bedrock. Next to this  company, the Walking Beam co. have a shaft  down 17 feet. The Dead Broke co., who  nave been troubled with water, have got in  two pumps, and will commence taking out  pay Uus week. A new company���������Irvine &  co.-nave taken up gronud and intended to  commence work on Saturday last; they will  PHup machinery and sink. The Stonewall  , ;tro talcing a little over wages* The  ^aeicson co. arc making less- than wages.   A  new company have brought in a ditch below  the Jackson co. and,have commenced ground-  sluicing. ;;;.The Cascade co.. have ,gqt: the  boulders removed, .and their diggings into  shape, and expect now .to take but. pay. Three  or Tour Frenchmen working iii tbe creek below the Cascade co. are making, about $10 a  day ? to the hand. .Barber & Co. working on  a ; high cb ahnel, b a ve: been ifiaki n g small  wages j but as tbey get a way from the -bo alders th ey bb tain better <p ay. Nex fc to tb e Bar-  ber co. two Chinese companies are working  the gi;ound;in the creek for the third time,  and say..-,: they are: making good, wages. The  Grbtto co.are making over wages.   ;   ,   >  '������������������fefe...'   ���������.';' fe" SXpWSKOE CREEKl :fefe'',;: ,.*���������:  Stevens and Scott are making:^mall wages  and expect to do much better in a-short time.  CELEBRATION OF THE FOURTH. JULY.  On Monday last j our American cousins in  Cariboo celebrated the 93d anniversary of  Independence Day. The town was gaily decorated with flags. " God save the Queen,"  ''Success;to tbe Dominion," arid "Union for  Kver," were- inscribed iipou large banners  hung across ihe street. The last-named referred to the Union of the United States, and  was stretched from the liberty pole in front  of Sterling's saloon. Several salutes were  fired during the day, and in the evening a  series of beautiful fireworks were displayed.  The sports commenced at noon, and the development of the programme showed excellent management and order.  RUNNLNG HOP-STEP-JOMP.  W. Cochrane. Geo. Grant, S. Walker, J.  Lindsay, W. Adams, J. Cameron and J. Sullivan entered. Walker won : jump, 37 feet  9 inches.  RUNNOT I.OXG LEAP.  \V. Cochrane, Geo. Grant and D. Shaw entered. Shaw won first prize. Cochrane tbe  second.   Leaps, 16 feet li inches, 15 feet 0  inches. ";  mou LEAP.  E. Fooley, J. Lindsay and John McDonald  entered. McDonald won, leaping 4 feet 7  inches,  LONG FOOT RACE.  John Macken. C. Beak, D: Shaw, X Tottin-  gp.r and M. Ad ler entered. Macken came  home first and Shaw second. Distance 200  yards.  shout RACE.  II. Havelosk, D. Shaw, \V. Cochrane, J.  Lindsay, 1\ Donnelly. G. Grant. II. Shepherd  and: J. Fo Iti n ge r ,e n te red., Sh a w to ok firs t  prize and Cochrane the second. Distance,  10*0 yards.  '.-:;.       y, ���������������������������    .:, HURDLE RACE.  E. Booleyi W. Cochrane, D. Shaw and J.  Po:llingcr entered.   Shaw barely won.  ��������� fefe.    ������������������ : .ONE-LEGGED RACE.    ;"'' -*';-.'  In this race one leg is tied up in a;band.  D. Shaw, F. Campbell, T. .Mahring-'and Jno,  Cameron entered.   Shaw won. ,/  . VELOCIPEDE RACE.  One but of the only' two velocipedes in  Barkervi 11 e had been broken, and the con-  testaut3 were obliged to use the same vehicle  al ter nately.. AA' Job n: 'BneU and J. 0. .Bitch le en tered. ,, IJ lie h i e m ad e th e dis tan ce.  250 yards, in.i&i seconds, and Piietz in 59  secondsy "���������''   '   y'V'y  '������, boy's race. -  ...Geo. Reynard and Luke Parker entered,  and the 1 after won. *Si x" feel star t alio wed to  Reynard.  siwash uace.  Billy won the first prize and Charley the  second.  HOUSE KACES.  People's purse���������contested for by Peebles7  mare Lucy and Dixon's horse Charley.   The  mare won. . . ���������  Second prize���������A. Jolmsotvs horse Axo-at-  'em, W, Dixon's horse Charley, W. Walsh's  Oregon John, and R. Sylvester and F. Campbell's horse Frank entered. Oregon John  won. .  .       '  FIUDWOKKS.  The pyrotechnic display was a splendid  success. For variety and beauty tbey were  equal to any ever shown in this, country.  The greatest cordiality and good order  prevailed throughout, aud the committee deserve much credit (or tbe excellency of their  arrangements.  MINING COURT.  (Before C. Brew, Esq., Gold.Commissioner.)    ,  ;.: ��������� Saturday, July 3, ikzify  II.?earce vs.The SiontlnelCo.���������This1 was  a suit; for an order.' from' the court giving the  plaintiff an interest in the ground staked off  recently by defendants. Plaintiff; based bis  claim;to such order upon the; following facts  as sworn to by himself; That be had been, a  member of thelate Raby Co.;. that after the  suit of the Raby. Co. with..-the Bedrock Drain  Cov he had suggested the taking up of the  Raby ground now held by the defendants j  and the . foreman; Mr Murphy, who bad also  been a member of the llaby Co., assented to  tlie ��������� sugffestion, andy as it appeared, acted  npoa; it m'';' conjunction 'with four otber mem-;  bersof the same company; that he had been  left out, and; they had taken up the ground  formerly owned by the Raby and Dead Broke  companies, aii interest;' in which he now  claimed a3 the proposition assented to had  emanated from him. The facts for tbe defence-were not entered into, as, upon cross-  examination of plaintiff, it appeared that he  had never recordedliis bill of sale In- the  Raby Co.> and the objection taken upon this  point alone proved fatal, and the case was  dismissed with costs.  Mr Park for plaintiff; Mr Walkem for defendants.  Jas. BunorcE vs. Jas. Evans���������In this case,  which was reported in our last issue, the  Judge decided in favor of the plaintiff, ordering that the dividends which bad been paid  to the defendant by the Floyd co. on behalf  of his interest, should be paid to plaintiff.  The Best CoL'FEE.;-In order to obtain a  Grst-ctass coffee, it is necessary to secure the  very best berries, and to roast them accord*  ing to the most approved method. This ������  dolie by WtLSON & Ricman, Fort Street  Victoria, who arc prepared to furnish, lor  cash, Coffee that never fails to elicit the ap-  ! probation of those who use it.  New Prospects-Harvey creek is now attracting some attention. It is said that an  old channel has been found in the right bank,  and a lew companies are tunnelling to reach  it. Some rich deposits have been found in  Harvey creek, from time to time, formed ne  doubt by a wash from the channel alluded to.  On Keithley's creek also a favorable prospect  has been obtained by the Cooper co., who got  $46 at the bottom of a shaft just sunk. The  aggregate amount of gold now being taken  out from the Cariboo mines is comparatively  small, but scarcely a month passes away  without some, new discovery-being made,  showing that the gold deposits stretch throughout a wide range of country: ...  Testimonial.���������Mr. tl. D. Rowman took bis  departure for England by the last express.  Mr. H. bad distinguished himself as the  manager of the Cariboo Amateur Theatrical  troupe, and was also held In general esteem  for his amiable yet manly character. The  Amateurs, wishing to give Mr. H. a proof of  thei r es te em for h m\, p resen ted. him, wi th a  eulogistic address at,the. Theatre, on. Saturday n igft t las t, to ge tb e r w ith a p uise; of $ 10 0.  Mr. H. -Was uncertain whether he would return frora; England, and ail who know him  regret bis departure..   Bon: voyage, '. , .������������������;  .Notice.���������������������������Mr. C. McGailum bas_ reopened  business in the store .next above the Bank of  British Golumbia, where he has. a large, assortment of Dry Goods, comprising Pants,  Shirts, Drawers, Neck-Ties and other apparel. Also, a, lot of best French and  English Tweeds. Mr. McO. -contitfuest; his  tailoring business, and makes Pants to order,  and of the best material.' Resells bis goods  cheap and for, cash."      V  y *    .*.;..  Foot RAcE.-^Wheti. the signal was given  for starting in the short race on Monday, one  of the contestants, P. Donnelly, failed to  make a start," and. being considered a fast  runner, a purse of $25,was. gotten: up. for a  race between bim "attd* the win net ��������� of the celebration race, D. Shaw. Avfair start ,was obtained, but Donnelly fell far behind Shaw,  who went in first by several yard3.  Goods.���������Among those who have received  extensive additions to their stock of goods,  hy late arrivals, are Messrs. J. P. Taylor and  Wm. Rennie. Mr. Taylor has received a  large quantity of drugs and chemicals, and  Mr. Rennie a choice assortment of leather of  tbe fiuest description.  Fresh Butter. ��������� Messrs. DeNouvion &  Kurtz are receiving by every fast express  quantities of the finest fresh butter, put up in  rolls, to suit the demand. The colonial butter, at this season of the year, is acknowledged to be superior to any imported but-  td'. ���������:,.:.    Exphess.���������E. D. Howman, Mrs. Ncufelder,-  II. li. Pitts, S. Mitchell, J. Pitten, J. McDowell and W. Dixon left per Barnard's Express  on Monday. The Bank of British Columbia  forwarded $32,102, and the Bank of British  North America $20,704, allin charge of Jas.  Reid, express messenger.  Approved.���������The t{ Ordinance to facilitate  the working of mineral lands" in British  Columbia, aud which was sent to the Queen  for approval, has received the. necessary assent, aiid is now law.  .  Ball.���������The unusually, fine: weather has a  tendency to' lessen the attendance  at the  theatre when the. amateurs give their: regular  performances, and with a view to  obtaiti: l  funds with which to pay off the indebtedri^ss  of thecorps, on a'ccOniit of the bulldingj tb������  Amateurs propose- to give a public, ball  shortly.;.;"We understand that; preparatioriWr  are making for siieh ball, to take place on'":o������'fe:  about the 16th inst., arid, so far, the^prelimim-  ary steps taken indicate that it will be :a"sucVfe:  cess.   It would b e a source of; regret if the  Amateurs were to lose the building,  a������  it  might. be converted to: some other use than ',  the present.; and as there is no 6ther Jiuild- .  ing in to wn where theatrical performances -  cou Id b e giy eh so well, we might lose tb f5  pleasure of tbem during the;wlnter eviemngs'-  Tbo beneficial tendencies,otrtbe���������"��������� theatre 'during ihe winter "are/ of great advantage .to,  business people, as many persons are in*  daced to remain in Barkerville and vicinity  in  consequence of the amusement offeredf  and all should unite in furthering the: efforts  of the theatrical corps. AAA  , Mrss; Emily's Bjesxepit.���������A numeroiia^attendance at ihe) Theatre;,; cV Monday; nighfc  showed: bow popular tbe yoiing Iady is, botb ;  in Barkerville and RichQeld. Indeed, the  audience was remarkable not only for numbers, but for its character, ..All the elite of  Barkerville and Richfield were present, and  tbe Chief Justice also favored the performance with bis presence. With such an  audience the amateurs could not fail to develop their best efforts, and judging from the  hearty applause, and. continuous bursts of  laughter, we are justified in saying that tho  performance gave complete satisfaction.  The young beneficiary was especially applauded, and she bad evidently labored hard  to convince everyone tbat she was worthy-of  the substantial benefit which was given her.  As most of our readers were present, we will  not weary them with a criticiam, especially.  as they seemed entirely satisfied.    '  ���������.       -A  Liberal.���������We understand that the magnificent sura of $200 (two hundred dollars) ia  proposed to be expended for the improvement  of the Grouse creek trail, and that the 'subject is: actually under contemplation by tbe  Government authorities. Cariboo contributes somewhere^ in tbe neighborhood of  $10,000 to the public revenue. The Fire  Brigade cannot raise means sufficient.to  place the. organization in. a. state,of .efficiency.  There-is no public school for the children  growing up around us. .A fine government,  truly.-.,    ._..-.:  Death���������W. II. Sutton, well and favorably  known byalmost every one in British Columbia, died in San Francisco on Saturday,.June  26th. Mr Sutton ca me to th is c pip try. in the  first year of the-gold, excitement; and seftled  in business at Yale; until recehtly:when sick- .  ness compelled.... him ��������� to .retire. : He: was; a  warm-hearted, generouSfeinan. AAyyrA-  pRPXKARDS in Illinois are ��������� likely.. to h a ve a  hard time. .The new; law,classes.; them as in-  sane, persons and idiots, and places ,them  under the care of guardians or overseer^; o f '  the poor; and when a man; has been ��������� declafed. ���������  an habitual drunkard, be has no remedy  from guardianship vintil��������� a year has elapsed.  The Fire Brigade turned but on Monday  morning to test the efficiency offethe, tank3  and the iron pipes now attached to them.  With some hose kindly loaned from the Bedrock Flame Company,-the Brigade threw a  stream high enough; to,::,cover any.houee in  town.'. ,A ,>':. ���������',' .v.,;"1 ;.������������������.; S^;/.// Ai: y. *  Road TitAmc.-?-Geo. Bent's pack train,  from Dbg creek, arrived, on Monday, as .'did  also Itsaes- two:: ox-teams,: from Yale.A Ut-  lanes made the trip from Yale in <36 * days,  and brought 28,000 lbs. of goods, principally  for Kwong Lee.   '���������  Visit.���������Mr. L. G. Coombs, of the. Coombs  company, Stout gulch, left on Saturday on  a visit to his old home in Ihe Eastern States.  Cariboo can spare few such men as Mr.C,  and we hope that nothing will occur to prevent bis return.  Stormy.���������^The clerk of the weather is  " down', on celebrations. On Dominion Day  he sent vis frequent and hea\'y showers of  snow and hail, and on Monday last a few  showers of rain and hail.  Waral���������They, are having warm weather in  the Liilooet district.   In some parts of it tho  thermometer has been, showing 110 dog. in  the shade.    .      M [ ���������   :  No arrangements for an oration were made,  but the " Fourth" was not destined to pass .  without one.   One of the judges mounteiT-a  barrel and spoke a piece.  Donation.���������-The Dominion Day committee  intend to give the small amount of surplus  money in tbeir hands to the Cariboo Hospital.  Hospital-^There are four patienis now in  tbe hospital, and 11 out-door patients,  ..j^U'V'fey -^gfefe^fc^^fe^a^^
ig I did
As I was ia the garden one mornin
As I approached a lilac bnsh tbero were one
kneeling down at prayer ;
In my imagination I tboughtlheard a throng
Of swift-winged angels as I stepped along.
As I moved on further I saw a beauteous
As though it was an angel just come from the
It was as a marble statue���the flesh was off
ber cbeek ;
Cte~aV.a dowuy
I dare not approach her
I stepped a little from her and fell upon my
knees,     . .     .
And whilst in meditation I felt a gentlebreeze
Just passing through the myrtle tree and
brewing over me.
Whilst I still was kneeling there came a gentle shower
As though it was from the heavens and watered all my flowers. R. G.
THIS steamer;is';now making regular trips.hetween
1  Soda Creek and Quesueliriouthj connecting with
Barnard's Express. ��� ��fefe,
US' The steamer; is not responsible,;for leakage or
Oil?, or other liquids shipped in tins, y'yy: fe..- y v     :>
Daiiielsoii's Brid^vQiie^
yy��^yyE^^y./rA /[
MR.   CKABLKS   DANIELSON  desires  to; inform
Traders; Packers, Traveth-rs nnd others that the
Road from Dog Pi* < iric to -the 16 Mile Post beyond
;  Orders from up^bouptry punctually attended to,
AArAM>W&;i:iE^sy[:. i,,
Importers' and; Com minion , Merchants,   -���Insurance,
i'yAry Agents, "etc.,;-; "Ay- ������'�����...
Wharf Streetv.    ', - ���  -. - '���.'.' '-;-��� fe fe .     Victoria feV.l.
a o d 3 5 th' day of each u. ou t h t.herea ft er
'���:������   RyROB!?RTSJy
Tailor,: (Successor to 3E/ Read, j G-overninent
.;;:fe;:Street* Victoria.;, y ';������
fe Order's a tteiid ed ,tp w \ t h care a ri d d espa t ch.
E^rnard?s ;ExpregSy;;
.... ���   -A, A'A Ai :; Will'despatch:'.
Making the trip toBarkervUle in about li #ys.
��� [ (AAA. '"AVitiil further ndt^'e,'.;'fe;fe:.;;fe;;,y';   ;._ v
Bv these teams, on all parcels of 50 lbs, and upwards
'   '     :   " ���      ..will he '       " fe
25 Cents per Io.,
exclusive of Roa'd^Tolls.
A Sensible Item.���A drunken loafer was
picked up ia the street. There was no
4 sense" in his head, no "cents" in his pocket,
a powerful "scent7' in his breath, and he was
"sent" to tbe watch-house.
'.* Come Down Zekiel."���Two day3 before
the recent adjournment of the South Carolina
. Legislature,  when the members were about
to leave for tbeir homes, a card appeared in
the morning newspaper, signed ���' Uncle," a
���well-known barkeeper of the city, in these
words: uJohn A. Chestnut and W. J. Shipper, members of the House of**Representatives, from Kershaw and Beaufort, will please
call on the undersigned aod settle their bills , T
.atonce:".   These two men are negroes, and XmpOytanfe   tQAA fe^raCierS'S;;;!
^'"Uncie'Ma a white man of their party.   Thel iLXU*'*ft^
. bills were of course liquor bills. . -���. | A.   Talr,%B- c.; will fie torwra-ami' to; nt%y: p-^rt of
;������.; :    . I tho Colony,'oa the; ihostr^snu able.terms, free of bom-
. ..��������� Sixguiar.���It is said that if you stroke the 1 mission.   > AGENTS: fefe
Parties ^shipping by,.these.teams must order goods
to be marked;;. I Per. 'Barnard?S; Express;;; SL0\"5t"~
otherwise they'will ho sent; by regular Express and
chnrged acconHnfrly. '
Sbj ppcrs way .depend on the regulnr.ity of these
teams, for.whether With full freight or .^hot they'will
come through.
May. 14^ -1889. ���;.'-: ;y F.J. BARNARD.
Dispensing Chemist and Dru.sgist.   Importer of Eng
-.';  lishlrrug?, Chemicals, P;u-nt Medici
".: ���',:���        yJ>yri'umery, Victoria, Vy I.,
Orders from the up-c<!>onto'- punctually attended to!
Mny:iv?S69--^ ,������'���-���'-���'���'..��� :'���'���'   -'fe   '������'-"������-��������� ���  ������'-'''::" A- AQ��� ���'������������'
Im porte r of: B opks,. S ts tion eryt an ci Pan cyi Fo rejg u
M^nuiiictures. ' fe ,
May Iv 1S69.    ., - - . ��� - " fe - ��� y ..' U
Packing, Bag Makings etc.
THE undersigue<i ��nnounpes that he p.i��jr" Goods in
Victoria for the Upp^r Ct>uatryfe and thanul'*et iirw
Bit gs for Mi 11?, M ere h a n ts,, h hd F��'i rm ers,: ;. Al I k ih d*
Ot MaclMn'e Sewing done.   Orders prompUv attended
to/  Miy-iAAMyyA-iiy    .-  ���'    ;D..KAVTXAN;.   . -. MA
April 24��� 1869.
Yates St.:.. Victor!ai
HeiiiTy Nathan, JrM & CoM
fe importers.and General Commission ilerehantsi
A large assortment ol Dor Goods. iiGUors, and Gi*Or
���.���;-fe\';.'. '��� 'ce'ries .constantly'on hauti.-;-''*"���"���.       ;.;- ",.
Wharf Street;  v*   - -  .     : - ^:fe Victoria; Y. I.
M.i.yyl', T86D.
��� ��� ��� -      \   i- ��� ��� < .���#...
*    ;      W^jgoo and Carriage Makers, ,
Blaclvsraiths, etc., Government St.,. Victoria, hotireea
;;,   Johnson and Cormorant Streets, west side. ; "���'
back of a cat with one hand, and at the -same
. time touch the top of your head with the
forefinger.. of tbe other hand, you will receive ah electric shock equal to that from the
batteries of a telegraph office. The experiment is worth try ing.-
"Struck -'Ims,"���A friend met a schoolmaster the other day, and in slang phrase of
the times, asked him if ..he had "struck ile"
yet. "Yes," replied the teacher. "Aii, how
where���what?" eagerly inquired the friend.
*' It was juven-ile," said the school-master.
Tub Number.���Grant has made a thousand
appointments. Tho number of his disappointments is set down at one hundred
Dignity axi>... Impudence.���You ng Australian. Fatriot-r. Holloa,-Snufnes, have you Parliamentary coves got through already ?
Homeward-bound M. L. A. (with severe dignity).���If, young .man. you want to know
��� whether the ;Ouse is hup, hit his.���[Sydney
Punch, ���
Millard &Becd y^feVy-   Dehoavion:'&' Kurtz,
Victoria..      ~  j   .:.;        Barker7ilLe,,:;-.
Barkerville, April 17th,. 1S69. '
Photographic Q-allery.
Begs   to   announce   thnt   he  has
rooponcd   bis
In the inatter of the Estate and Effects of WILLIAM
,y.     WINVARD, deceased, Iu testate. ]
A IX persons who are indebted to the aheve estate
ri. are r^quiroJ to p.iy the amounts clue forthwith,
finl all parsons who h-tvu anv claims against the
abovei estjite are r.-quirerlto nmM'm th^ir accounts on
or before tho 11th clay of September, 18fiJ), to
^ T ,'���*, , ��� ., -:'   O.ficiul A'lntmistr.itor.
Dated RichOeld, 11th June, 1S69. jel'G td
Ta the matter of the Estate and Effrcts of MICHAEL
. CAR .V E IT, d ecua a ���.<>!, i a tes ta te.   '
A LL persons who ar.; inicbted io the above Estate
4 i are required to \, \y i\v. amnunta ilue forthwith ���
and all persons who huvoany.chiims agninstthe abov*
L��elor3 the 2_th day of Si-p^miwr, 1��89, lo -'" -���
Dated RichacM, 24th June, im^ A^��li���'
In BarkervfHe, where he js propu-od lo estate all
worIc i n h is i f i) e, iu i.ji o N i q 11ca r. h i yi����� r>r (h,��'u YlA
NdVism bij'rSiJS
Have on hand a choice selection of
Dissolution of Copartnership.;
ffm Copirtnythip Iwtnforo.-exixtlnv under  the
1 -5-.OKii<\ hy miinnl con*"nt.    K. Torm������ v n\��n r ��� t; J,
trom^Uls dale lro,n the Orm of VAN VOLKKNBUIiGii
4&w^^!ll|l,I,!,lu au ****** **
Barkerville. n.C, June ��lh, fZ'"��� TOR5^."
Orders from the upp^r con n try soi ici-od and attec ded
to.with Uisptitch; ��� ".'*
sray.l,:iSSD.y '��� ���. \.      y- ��� :,.;y
Pacific  Telegraph   Hotel,
STORE Street, betweehvHerald and Flsgard, Viclb',
��� ������. ria. Mea Is a t al 1 hou't;s. Boartl an d Lod \*\ii e .per
week. $5 50 @ ��6 50 ., Perdav, $1. Single meals,
.87 1-2 cents.    Beds, 50 cents.
w ���''��� !'fe   AKDQSW\ASTRJ.'CO, Troprietbr.
May 1,1860.   . .y   ^ ;   onv
J^WATCIUfAKER,    JEWELLER , ANT)    !���;>*-
an *i Orn t m en tal Eaz ra v iuk n ear I y c xcc u t ed.
SLiyl, lvS69.- \ '
G-; a GEEOW,
Corner Government ?ui-I Pan (lor.! streets,   ���'
_ Kast sid e ��� Victori a' V L       ���'��� 'A*'
Executes orders for every description "'of veh'icln    A
^^snr^A^r^y^ ��^y6m
���Wholesale Dealer in*-
��rcceries,   P r o y i tffmi g;
Havana Cigars, and French Preserve*
Yates Street,        .       ���       t       Victoria, V.I.,13.-C.
With various other articles in their line of trade.
7iS^AUi??ftMJ?g*? *0T,n�� s-cotlrfca, Copper and
Action a,ledt0f;1D{1   w��rra_ted to give ea Lis-
Sheet and Cast Iron Stores
promptness,   uuU   warranter^ tfVIt U���iC/   t0 ;viUl
niction. . l0 ��1VC  entire  satis
Hardware, Iron & steel
HARNESS FOB SALE.  Barkwvl����-
Imporlors orEuglisli Mcrchnndipe, '
^7vJBWf7t?^V;'~",l-w��* * n^�� Mate
htap],-. yootte,,  ..
Ali?oii)cBudr}in.f.Governmt>\>\ vt    A    ��.
Jun.f J, 1809. *��       t,na,cllt w����t# Victoria, B. C
 : , .  2 in
 ^^2D      RETAIL
dweripuon of' Drapery Goods'
ERc^ANT   TAlLbfi
���..:.       ;.   YATES STREET,'--    ���
HAS on J>andtandTis constantly reeMvin^  .',,,:,. ij
assortment of CLOTHS. CASSIMPnU ff'f ,ajW
JOTS, which be is���p^p^dHo^Kt?^?8*"
most approved .��3i-vU\��5.     - -    l0 0ltJer, int^
: iu^k^ ]
���������������  .   :J..-    .,���-r���~���-ii-���-      '������'-. ... ������������    _6m���.;:
.       ;,fe   F^
'���Ay/ yyAA.P^P'��GA^TA%*&;������..     ^
'yA '������^:<lqVKBSJ_BXT'>Sl^BT,:;VICTORU^ ...���
WA!^^^? ^re^11^'a^ Pu"Ctuailyaitendca lo ������
:,-^yy^M .���������.... y ������,y ,;,..,-,.; ...   -������ ������     ���    y ��� ^ -������,y.,; 6m
Coffee ! Gofeej!! Gofiee! 1!
��� -i:; .'BARLOIV"desires to; in(b^m tbe' people of tho
���y * * ? P.teri pro n d nppef cou n! ry, that ho ving ob.
taui ctt the n ecessn ry m ach in'ery ..a n'd: t in ware, he i3
'       ' *   "     " '      " ' rCoiTee,
g io tbefe
,  ..    . .       ,....,.        -     , rrants it
to be'^upenor tonny other.      -
G i*occrtcs, Diy Goods. Tin waref ClothIng ���: Gardca
Field upd other Seeds, Kan 1 ish u_d Colcniai. L
���,y-YaUy.Ma3; 1;'-*]K60:V '-, ���;���'..���"���;:'     . :.:. .      . , ���"���; -.^
v'f fefeFron^Street,..'Yale,- British Columbia,.; fefe .���:
rpHIS .house: has .excei left t accotnmonation for Mi
ii    vet iefcai';.-' CJOnd bed s; superior fa re, n n A .tlie bist
of Liquors at theTJar-     Stahling for animals ; Iky
and Oatsetr the lowest rates...   fe
.;"���. ^iay -i-��� J.-369.- [-.Ahi  KXJA4 %': k LAKE, Proprietors,' A.
h,,w. smith;
DispCDSing ChemiJ?t-.and DruggiR..   Impor".?r;of r.cgr
���iisUDru^s, CheinicHls,. Patent Medicines, aa(i
* Per 'u merj\ K"e w W~c$i ��nins te r. B. 0.-
���y  Orel em' rotn u p- country cu refully a tt end ed to,
Hay la 1S69.    .   ���,*-���:-> �����   ';' -fe .. ���: Cm-
r 110MAS -WAi&U,! tn Hor," K- w Wcsiniinsh-r; BiC,
' pioth 1 nginade to.ordur fit tjloder.-itft rotes Ai-
way son hah U. E o jjl i'sh'. a n d Or op -n Q\o( Wi ��� 0r3n��
from tho up-country attended to . with care ,aw
dispatch,;;v ,    fe :. . ;-ls? ���.
Miners^ Provision  Store,
'       : BARliERyibtB,
Next Doon to Sextinel 0mm.
T this Kstahlishinent will always be found a veil
A. soiectcdand varied assortment cf the
ALSO���A ffood selection of Clothing, IHrdvva re. Glass
and Crockery.    Cost brands of Tobacco,
.  Medicines, etc., etc.
Best Java Coffee Roasted and Ground DAILY.
 The BAR is ^llv^sup^icti.wjth.:^ choicest    :
Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors.
1 trust by strict atLonlioTto huslnoss�� *��{!"'g
squ-iro deallriff, to merit a coniUiunncc ei tW��n��
pa t ron ago he ro tolorv extended to ta c.
Alarse lot of.nBYWOOD'S celebrated BACON!
for fe i i o, a t a vo ry la w Ago re.       .  , gffl
JM-h. 20. 18fi9:
ix Brewery
KERR   &   SO.-,
Fob. 0, 1800.
Van   Volkenbnrg &   Ca
^descriptions cousin
A Supply of frcshjmeat of
on hand.
C A'R IB O O    R H Y
Forsaloat tho 8k*tu<el O/Tjco, and .flwv ^
\��M, fre�� of ehB?gtt.


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