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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-07-02

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 ���������*mm  ���������Wmmma'fCr^k,;jB.0A. AM^^i^^y2Ai^^6A  fe# ,-v*.-  r ;y  ii^,rfi'.  'Pirit.l  puny  ;?$$������ BRITISH ������������������^JffiWllBI^JU^X^^^  If EngUindfehasiar fee*n^"^r#^minencj3?  over other* cdUntf iesriift my MiMoh'iiyf Govern^  mfentit  the peo^ .. ���������  expense and;' ii-yury^ ^ and;  eSl they are "all compelled to admit that no  more augiisi*, ,tnbunal ,exists>orj ^heiglofee, t^an  '������������������ the^udSci^B^  judge is the persbnifie&tiOn^qf aK that is im-''  maculate in erring: manj.   ��������� UnimpeachafeleXin  ?:jn$eg������lt^^^  Jmman. nature, and rarely surpassed in jndg-  h ment anb> lear^*^^  bulwarks oftEe^  ,. ��������� wrongydoingAlAIt^oiri������ too fkibeppfilbfag if  I .we could Bay theVaa'mei'efei theJmenrs^t'oiit^o  s" dispense the law: in !tbe iiifmtiy of l^iM-coir  onies. - Too frequently the colonial judge fbr{  gets the sacred character pf Ms.������offi!C]e,''daJjbles  in unseemly specule^io^  in the qp&rrejs "$f >fte ^^u^-Uytftver which "*������W  mg^olony has Mlehy/Mr.������C6x saysho'holds  no'commission as Depaty Registrar of the Supreme - Court' an d nev er'���������-bfeldx: one;J������������������' and tlierer  tfore comeg to������the natural conolusidh:Jthat> #11  his;acts don^ w;ereV illegal. There is -^brntj-,  thing nidrey howeyer in the> affair thah'apj^ars  c^^e^face of ifc^Mr/ Cox-o^Judge -���������6x7 ab  "he is thos> frequently "termed? is the m'os^pop-  tilar official?. that:; e^ver jreceived afefe appoihtk  ment; in eitherfcploriy^/ The1 rouglaeis^ as *'welI  a,8/tbe ^ juost: 'respectabley miners' ^ in- Garitioo:  tneation- hisihame" with1 respect;-lor'tbe simple  reason he has always teentho *igici? dispenser  ^^tioeiviiiiiih-a^  fear or .favor! A 'Ontyspine -bbcasidris recently  Judge';Begl?ievhaS; *'8ot^O0m'ni%ioffer'"GoX%  decisionals^ in  ;oha"nc^������yi his own decisions iua the^Supreme  an$ ot ml of thege instaticeswe do not pretend  lE^^y^ut^}i^%- tho getieral'feini ng^pubf  lic.^are^vith .the'Gold; Commissibrier^.and-we  mtM^ilsati^  Sew^estmihsteriOE Liilooet: :;We are  v������ i  ^���������;;$^ .  ;  ���������PUBLISHED; EVER* feSfoNnA-v; $ ^fe^URsair;\  //;!aMM  toFlGi^AiKK^ :  1A -A, x, ~ ^^soni^oiL,':: $j������*������lqt$$ee&i - - 'fe7. - >' I  "(Including cost" of; delivery^) fyafhtifa M tho Carrier.  ':'!i;'--!;l,;.''fe;''i)i    .:   ;\t    a-.jjfe/ fe.-j' ; ,fe   \-'-    ..'������������������.,.��������� ' 1  '  ���������  y   - yl^^lxfeftESSlSS- fe  Vfel)*!  ,^:fefe-i ���������*I>;,yif^  I moment' justice^sheathes; his^9wordy packs ,up  'his;,scalesH and turus.hi^Mck^^ejCourtl off'  j 3aV. '"��������� Unfortunate |for theopunt-r^nduinfo^  lunate -ultimately -foi^the Judge'^en ^is  ^Bott'taTfes;..!)  tween corruptioii ranol'confusibn,^ -sirbij  would be ��������� yeiy-sowy'^W. saiy -that there is any:  'probability p-^eiifcher jOf '^|e^loi|ies:jfallingj  into tha^^pldrabfesiihd *dao^6fes^ondition^  wh*������Ti xther nfinPlft Alose'iftllitMth'ilt'.the adminis-i  I to; tbeTfact that Judge1 Begbie, Jhe; only - judge:  ^ 4h7^itish^^uh)bia^jsf ci^aUjfe i^*t^meipU8|  apprehension^^-the-public^mindoH  *boring colony, y- We ���������ha^e^akeady' chronicled  more'than one i^taiwe^  Iriplace, ^here-he hasiJCoolp set a^defiahce the  -sacrea JYerdict of a^juiw, ;aud-valmost ^every  ne\^spaper< from ? British' Golumbia b ringa: us  l^some,additional 1 nstanceof his juaicialieccen-  tricity, JiTt-Hs^uite \^iffiin the bounds of possir  Fbut we tannotfelbse-  Of ;��������� the Circumstance  !iill  :^hat position- morejo^d  ��������� legal'teowle^ge-r^at a: timers n fac t, andVuOjder  ; such circumstances^thatfno jman^i^England Of  '; an"y^ordina^-y4ega1t?repu'too  ��������� cepted; ^^ppp-mtmeiifc ^^n?:tM&;.gteuni3i  therefdre>if^on iio^th^^  [. Judge Begbie tp^be a^i^^^liaiit dispenser  I of* to^law-^nliKfe jfed^-NeeSham^Ke  {extensiveit legal e^erieh^e f;o^^  ���������andtft isrby rfpj^eaiis a iftatjterjbf} su"rpns|  th)i^ ^jdec-isionB, apsteM  ; j iidiciaMlea^riess todl ppiint^vMchare tteiiii-;  versarcharaicteristtcs of^the dooi^oris^o*? iSng-^  lish j^^;V^u^;.b%;^  discqiinfecte^ i^diri^tevfenl-j^;jWh^ weiirid^a  jadgef defin^gfraiid tin&^  ces to-be oiily i ^s^arfc������ess,?^*aad ^haigis'g t&6  tolori-o^er^e't^if^^  ij'eye^prob^ility;bf^e^toraM^^^^ P^  ^t^ {instap ces/dis^ A Me.  Ahqpfejhoflrefeer, thatthingsiwiil not come'^to!  ;such ajpassj although;troublesome:^tipies -are:  evidently, ���������fTOra^the^tone of the miners, brew-S  itig^oni-Villiams Greek.; r< There^is,a uniyersall  feelihgofindignation/at; ihe manner in ^vHichi  ���������minihg.clainis; have been forced intolifcigation.l  *Nb 'ma'ainowfs what he; is buying. ��������� -Wheh'  one or tw;o la\ysuit8 are>byeriand the parties;  in fjoss^ajioja^pji the jgrpupLd^are left undisturb- ���������  ed, a person ma-yjpurcnaseInto a claim, fancy-i  ing. that liti^atiou hasspetit itself; Tbut he finds  himself ^ofuUy mistakeii;/iE'iijltee^JpBrhile the  ^dispute gets lnto?phancefy^ ^nd+;he "disco vers  'when ifcis top late that -his share^iiistead ^of  bei^an interest in the proceeds of the claim,  fe.afepartnerahip in, a-'hiinous; lawsuit., " The  rislcs Je^ining;ai^;a^niere bagateile; it is^ the  risks of *Begbie?s Chancery: Court, that terrify  tbffiminen:i Begfi ie; has feally^J&ec ome ih elbugf  b^lo^tiiej^teny^ and^e  ^:U!^4I^ AA: ify mmm  '      ������ s0^*b, |!o*wor:to Increased (1  'Ay  y..  h yK  ;.���������-DRAFTS'ISSUEDtON THE' BA"N'K'S^SCBtB^  > ,11 VICtORlA :<AND 'NANAIAiO; M: H A& t ''A  AMVf^y&vii^  m^  i^^^BBmm&h^/  mmmm  ^AAyyrMyy::   yr   ,-.:������������������,,.<:��������� ,.y. < y.r"  &f$i POWDER- ������JSB, &&;.&6J   >nA::\  ���������   .    ;'i-/j...A'-'    .i.y    fer; ���������>"���������-. . - ������������������'���������'. - i   ,."1.-  .��������� v ��������� 'fe I-1.,-;      jti^- ���������- \i\    'A,.)- ���������'������'<>''      \  ���������'-;'{'  .w . fe   . , - '      ALSO,    ,  :    ST ATlONEFt Vfe  r-yyyy,   A'^,.-'-i -..���������.. v   'yyyy y,y  ���������jyyAiy '"  t������ y .��������� ,IN^^ TH^iUNITED, STATES,.���������"* ' ���������  SAN; P^ANOI^),- ,PORTrLvNb,:OKEoop;v -  ; on the;b^:,-t of Montreal, in Canada." ;   v  EiJI=:EL.DE  *t  AAAmMy'xMyym I 0 H F I E' VmAA .'MyMMMlAAy  A,.x.AiMy;yy< - AK'yMy^ Ayyjy  r Ayyr������������������:.-.'  fe;   ' ���������; t      ,     DKAiJERSiiY  -,'' j If *:" Storage^ and' Commission1. \ i *     ; s  ..- fyy,.  fii'v.:.'  wsmSfc  7\\\  ii  ���������s' ^  "be disposed to cbtoplimefit; him oavhis ppeti-  ; cal Uluslratio^^ are'Mb:^  i--he"jgnore������*-i*bemtal'dnes^  a} judicial oj^ijofe^ Jv^^^ve ^fiud him be^  r.s|deA^,is..a|rdgati^  : tions which:'0^rrigut:belQngi?to ;a jury,\ we^can  only say British Golumbia" hasygot as?her  'Supreme Judge;:;a;:;^^^ho;;should: not be  ;. anojiher ^dayoipA^^p^fcaltnand exalted a  position; ^A^ttie^elMteit^^here are-great  interests !audf ra^iliterests^Kthe minifig regions of British Cblti^li^^  graceful to thej,a.o#iSm^  ���������tsen-bei^aaia/^-B^wMwd of'litigation,  ruining claimholders, shutting up the couatryW  wealth & causing disasters-iri eomuitt*riities3 him-  cireds of miles away from' the.sceUeVofUiapute.  ���������At such a time as the preseufc, ;,wheu British  Columbia can afford1 to waste no portion ofher  Productive energy, it is a seriou^ thing to have  ainan like Judge Begbie the sole WkrdeF of  judicial decisions. .,j.:We.liaye;by recent actions  m the courts of law in British Columbia been  raadeaware of the. fact that' uo bfficial U i-e-  K* for *Wng doneby(#puty^that  h Zn e :Veated mt^st8 of the colony: may  Sfe:a?diBacrice^ but that  nonoay is.to* blame;, and ori; the heels aim 6st  jLs^J^T^y ^������cisioBs: of; Judge  Begbie, we find.a collision-mbetween-, the ;&  3SffiWWJtwa*on| the Supreme. Court  at the order ^>f the Judgei .The reason^ Mr  ^x migmpf, his fef^alamgiveu elslv^  *e administration of the law iu the neighbor-  -fefKB: UsiyERSAii, PRAcricB,ofl:mizing Chicoryr and  ptti^ir' ad������lterat|ves Avitb: Goff^c>,:h;as'very much damage  ed in public estimation, what oughtr -to - be ?the. most  delicious of Beverages; . So effectually ^have/the public  been.drugged withsuch.mixtures:thatthe trjieipropor-  ties haVe been lost-sight of, and many prefer .a ;,black  and/thick infusion to. a drinlc rich in spirit 'and -aroma.  Gen'p^ it is little knbwn that  .In condensi.DgLthe vapors: extracted from the berry in  |rQasttog,-.-a.:iiquor:is: obtained ot the; mp3t;:;nauseous  I taste,--and jOf a ecent th e niost, unbearable.;.; Undei- such  Hjircaihstanccs it is evidently important that all the  'gases and fluids extracted ^ by roasting should be; car-.  (tied off as cfuickly as possible,.'in .qr^erto^preyent their,  ^turhirig again to the,Coffee: * which.^ is: the c'tsein the  'contiried-eyliiiiler/ A This object:ib; ;ailhiir*ibly: accotnV  ip'lished^by ^heAhew and patent ^COnical Coiled -Roaster's'  as; used hfij- FELL & CO'.y Yictoria;;in whichsthe beriy  is directly exposed to!the radiated heat, nnd the vapor  extracted'oarried off ins tun tan eously;    lu addition to  the ad va ti tage. to be derived b'y - th e ra pid removal: of  thtf steainvcoritain'ihg the bbjectiohabie properties, ^the  .pVi.rft aroma;"of f tho Co flee .is' retained \i the esseritial. oi)  piiiing preserved and nptu^xhaumed'as In;'tne Cyliiuler  Eoaster.-wlifTO the'OHibe; is required to re m'aliit a much  longer time in; cob sequence of* tlie4 Steaming- "i t::U"nder-  goes byahe confined ste'am.   It is chomicaHy impossible to:retain tii6'qualitics or arrest,the deterioration of  Coffee* \Vheh ground.   The heat engendered by tlie process of roasting, and espscially of grinding, "creates an  action in ;th.e elementary partswhichgradually destroys  j is"fl tness for d rib k. MB lit'--1������ f eta������i the essentiai- oi 1  which it contains .we haveit encased in tins Contaihing-  iVom 1 lb. to 28 lbs.,.. and -which can be had. irom. any,  6f;.the resectable;dealers:''. AVo:cian confidently Ver  commend-those who. have hitherto 'been obliged to re-  ;E;^^Q^:;Q;E^S;!J  . l������M-;ifcl^  __..,  ��������� -J' l^KERVIL'LE^-A'ljoi'ning the Express Offibe.-  6 0 ti vand ;#h o a ;;Ma $0$,  Ax \ *'y '[A .BARK"fe*RVlLL-E;-.r?'. '-,., f '*'   . 1    '  G,  MOU?PTElS& cciy  ���������WH6l^ALEfe&/RETAIL; -": Jv ft i  ', RIGHFIEILD, ,William's;<3rd6^'B,.jp. //   .. ���������"'  E HAVE ON HAND^a large stofcfc of Provisions,  iHardware andyVegetables,:;and.^re;detefr:-  "mi hed .to,sbil ��������� them; cheaper, than; -aiiy. p th er stdr.\ on *  Williams Creek.", Comb and see and ju^go ioryotifselves;  ;���������: Wchfleldv May:oth,1866:fe-. AAA -\ A: AM-AMryyrA '"i":,.  ^TABKSriKD I������ 1830.,  'Hrad Office: 7, ST.-:-HELENS PLACE LONpb*tf- '"  ^���������K^-'sWT^ft ���������:"���������&.  .whodp notice.it has been brought, and by uufnerou*  other testimonials in its layer. , FELli k CO. Ay  i -. AA.. '.t    ��������� .. . Cbllep Merchants, Tates St., Victoria.  oon^mi^sioin  'Mr AA- ;������������������: fe':y;Wl'_''^s������?^;fe..--- -^y  a/A��������� A   IjEBi^COLL^tOfeS.  99/,  gen  s  j -Bankrupt AlBiirs wounfl' upv'ahd"sBalaiic'e SJieets'p'rii-  parad; ; Mining-Accou'iits'Carei'ully made up;. All kinds  Of Formsiand Jigroements drawn, and; every-other..dos-.  cription; of ���������;business...pron'tpt-l3''���������',���������.8 itended'tb:.'���������' '������������������- Ay A . ['..' y  '; Ij-JS* Oftlce^ICttFlELp',' n^i\tl^ C^uH H^uso: ,;5  ! iatitl abiil^o^M^^nn^  ;' IBills; of v"Exchange and Gold Purchased.  f  ' * InteVe^-ota^ecu^toop^^  rate, of a/4u������rterpf ipne^er%eent.pcr month;r     'fAMi,  I i Goi^DOst Melted aad Assayed, 'and' returns ;made  |Within *M hdnrs in Coin or Bars^ ":t j c - y .���������-.> yy:  5 ��������� :6res ol' eVeiy,descrtptipurcarefully Assayed. yA," y yy,  |;^V*B.^Any insfcrucl"ions;iis to tiie;dlsposaTof 'Vti'^wvZ  ceeils of Gold Bust forwarded to the office in Victoria-  for Assay will be carefully attftnded^to.i' ' fe ��������������������������� ���������  .... ;��������� ��������� yy:l fe'' --%. O. SHEPHERD,JManagorAiy  :   Victoria, V. I., April,' 1S66,,  ,   y        *   , .i.$.y     -.  .WILLIAM feWINNARD,  BliAPESMITH,  y feB ARKER V";T.l/l*E-.....       r '  . BABKER VIL L E,  JAMBS LORING, PitppiftifiTOR.  This First Class Saloon is now open to the lovers of  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY*  HIGOLJ^GUlSriO^  ;       BREWER.  ?  EVERY    EVENING-.  .: First Class order will be preserved", and; tbe proprietor  Invites his friends and the public togive him:a calL .  ' i jg������������ The.BAR is stocked with the best of Liquors.and  Segars." ' ..'12-lmy  WILLIAM   SEWjGLL,  PRAGER   &  BRO*,  '     ���������BARKERVILLE-,  ;  DKALKKS XX'  Assorted Merchandize  . fe: *' ��������� ��������� -   ..i - *     - ������������������."..������������������..  y-.' WHolesaIea;nd Retail.*   ��������� l  Barkerville,' to ^iJnn^e'c:\v*ith;'tl-j<������;s{'���������&m0^>A\  terpri^'eV^aniuesn^tno^th^. and the: STAGES at Sot ���������* ���������  Cr������.  Commissions reemveu aud forwerded by Expn  the collection of Notes,1 Bills and the "purchase of'ar! A-  eies to be ohtaibe<! at New AVestratnster, Vict<n-i;i.:- -Ft a;  Fraii Cisco or en route, and returns made with djspaicki:  r:''-:-"- '.*''-���������������������������::J0HN-.a;;L6vKLL, '��������� Ai'-AA  1-s '������������������ At.;-,._?��������� -Agent, Barkerville. ���������  BARNARD'S   EXPRESS.  Reduction in the Pnoes of Express Freight.  ON.AND AFTER THIS DATE the rate for Express  Pa reels troin Yale to Barfceryill e Vv i II be .  Parcels from ,5 to 50 ifes.. 75 cis. "������j l\A  do   / do   50 to 100 fts. .   621-2 cts' ? \UA' -  ��������� do ������������������    do   lOO-fbs^ftnd over  ��������� 50 cts ft ifo  ��������� : ���������'.    JOHN B. LOVELL, A^nt.;'::"*:   '���������  .;.. ' .B^kerville, ;��������� ���������  June 20f.h, 1866- _ ,-... 14     .    ;  ._- ��������� A VAN WINKLE,;; ���������"*'"'';  B'EGS TO INFORM HIS; CUSTOMERS AND THE  piibHc eenerally that he intends to furnlsli thism  BEEF OR MCTfON, '������o soon,as packing is pro cticable,'  at tlieir respective claims on the ai!rer-?r.t creeks, or t  reridances, at the Most Rk ASOVAf^E Ratbh.  j  Van Wiulile June ilth, 4866.. 11     j  1 E. C. GILLETTE,   ;  CAMERONTOWNT.  7  ; james purdie,  BXMOKBMXTIIa,  RICHFIELD,  .. a- The untiersiguod Is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS ANI* '  '���������'.���������;������������������: :  PANNINGS;.'*".    '  On Commission, or wi 11 jmrchase a ny q dan ti ty o������ tn *  .      ilosr Libkral T*:RMsr a t.tne .     .    'AA ; :  .���������    Reading Hoom, Gameronton,  The Su bsc ri her is well "kn'o wn on Williams Cree K", ��������������� d 4 i  from tho confidence, ropo^o.d in him last. F-41 in tl'{-*  .ihevohu*ineFS, bo ljopr������s to>:wiv������.the.patronaj?.'r>*y.-*  t-ho'-lining communiry thy t'QFninf'^f'flpnn.   . .'���������***  a JOHN BQWJ������q$*  1 pyfe :Jt. fe ,  if J A  ","':    ' \      *  y fe;-'A i'     -  fefefefe" "���������   : fe ���������.:  ��������� ���������: >    -��������� ,  MygA\ ..- ���������- ���������'  ::<;.--:-:fefeV       :������������������;.-.  ���������:."!-/ fefefefe" '    '��������� --:--:  A Ay  A^yrrA .y....:  AArAyy'y  iyrA-x.- .'fe.-.'-t-;  ife-y?;-fefe '���������'������������������ .:.:'���������'  y fev .  fe"     '-   "1  Mfefefe*  'yyr.  - _ ���������  'y. - \   A  fe'f'r      '  ���������km ma  /\y /  fttfthA'AAM'"  fe^x^1-.-:^ -v.;:.':..;.. ���������;  yyyy-A-  $ll>i      :  ������rh$������  .- fe-.".  fi'^e^v   ��������������������������������������������� ���������  '  mm  myy,  :{'>!;;.. <..  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MAAmAiy        ��������� AyAA  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  fefefe^-fe-^i   feQUESNELl^Oimiy^p^,^.   y...     -  - iv ?4: JV]������' JOHMBON^ ;l^i^a*Tp^-"'. ������������������fefef:  Meals at all liijui's,\ anil fip^diigof, tjiebest  .- " ;. >-:'" f ::"*',: :4,, description. .'.; -; .:���������A; ,* vyi.- ;  i\s fe>y/v  iyM^E^wdiAcnm^  /^ymp^  Good Becls; Kestaurant; Billiard Tubje, &cA ti  ��������� y        'Stabling for Horses, Hay jlnd Oats.. *    s- ���������     i ;  WHff^t^jj  .?fti  n ^ S tfro������j������ pebp ie|bl*d; *Vi tii ;-s61 mUcii ^flippancy and  /. ^ pu6Urrlrr<3pY^s4ib 1^J l^t*!*^1 i^P^- ^ r'yVv' ���������//*' '!;>"  - *.; * fi xiio uued u dated: fdm ales'' here! SverbJ al wars  f:feM b^^i:c^;'FUU-T.ON"  P;/T' aru?fefe. ife--/" - -..'i'.:W. :-ii-i i" ii ��������� fe;   \>^.i>-JCO- ������������������ '"���������s-.ife; fe';.;:-:fe  feno aistiHei^keptintt  I'Stryclinine arid rot-gufc^fin'd'hoplRce hero. ~ :. 2  :;;;���������. .rG!Rttt>;:a:;^^  ;!; Olp , Established t Ge.nehal StorBj ,������  ]?R<HISI^  jy ;SION-MERCHANTS, '  ,*������ij ;������l:  feyStorage, ;&b;--i*eriihs.-!modt''Hodo>ate/'':: v  ���������ROAD ^SIDB ^HOUSES^ ufeo^  lBngh^&iFi^etKl^8h^:-fe ���������  ,,:.^^r^������^su|>pfesbv^  by sailmgVesselsivi^Ca^ ^S^^^  ^^r^ular^  scriptions ^caVM'iillyicdniDb^ifcy ^^ici  WIIfLIAM^ZELKER,' dia'ieMn*-n ���������  Poirei'  ^!?^^?}S!5#^^  Hs^  h:; ;th| yyellow, ^sc"^  ' \r, v<i|ced harpiea;th6y were born;'But-tie higher  'V' '^Ja^f3������%^W^ I'wti&A al-;  yl' niOst/invarijiblTm!akea' lovely ^orrien���������oSe'  r "i!V- P^^'^lJ^ ' 1^  $est AlSiard'^able pn^he/Greek"it the Liquors  Ai:fi/:-ii#nd Cigars,are;of the>flnest;quality.fe;a, ���������.: 9Ay  'feilfe ���������':,.:i;i������ittfYJi"Hl  Mjmm^  wis.  'A'  ^v^^0-Q  ^KqnAfefir.A?Nfi:"6^^  Jv3  GOLD; ii^'p^|i^. a^^J^S  :^":'; ;^Bpyi)S' -H&!m;';^opri^r^ V. i_  11HIS HQUSJB is^si tuated; 20 nil Ies froni Quesnelmouth.  ������ .-, The;p"rdprict6rs,/hayin fitted v,up ;bed'robmB  [and��������� good Bods.'are iiow prepared toafibrd eIve'ry"accom-  '��������� nidation' for T^vellers; *'ftie'Table is-furnisned; wi th all  the luxuries ;that;can be procured; J'thb:iBarlsi welllsup^  plied .with .the best brands of, Liquors andSegars'j good  S.tabliiig, Hay;Oats.an(l:B'arley. }>"��������������������� The. CHEAPEST,  Housbon theRoady?���������} -���������''" s' ,;' *' ' -~^y *���������_*������|.g ��������� ,  V--.' . Jrt-K*-.*W M.' ;,. vtv"  IRI^^fe^^  MM.A-M "JAii, Cily-iUV*'* ^^---",iu  ^fe.t4?i'c^^:  :k:Mf'-fe  ..'^fe.V/  Vf ������������������i.;t|:i.  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Beds; Stabling  fpr^|Iorse|;;'Barley, ?Oats and Hay.r|fA *i$rfij; kA*^ yf  .^���������y|;:;ife"������m          T;Si^^^!feHow:lb^ybilp^'^fe -:  land keep your feetso dry f^S������Sf^  Charity, .^^fr,(4���������  feTA^rot.CO;'; Korti,Stre*et, VicTSrVT  ���������J,, Garden aad.Fleld Seeds guarSi* -I'1 -.  acaremilyyseleciy;^  European^nd.iAmerlclaniMarketsfe(ThviS-^  .t^ir^iends.iniBrUie^CbluiabMa^^  -FruitYrees and'Busheo- Evergreens-IS?'5i  . house^na Garden: Hantfe, mtt^g^  TS^PEXi FOR THEfeAC^Q^ IOF^fTHE?  X Trayeiiingtpublic(;.. the bedrooms', are���������<spacious fe'ntf  ^?: ,krge:s tock^^y^ats,������eaSfe  toeBtdescnptlpn^lways^  always suppjmd ? wi th i tho >,bes t?Vbf ;vf6ifta^ v'^bliiig  for Horses;- Hay, Oatsand Barley constantly toliankl?  5vfe-'-n -vfe:;fe;fe:������  ;ffefe-y-   "  S^.^l1;,-'v'-.--fe  fe r      -  ���������||j:j|   ' ,,  $iii&  // "���������  l|;;|  .���������   ������������������  IIS  "fe-'r*^  'Ife h   !���������  ���������(ife fe--: . 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A.at,'-   ���������'��������� ���������  :Atk  i ' ,M 'MA  ^LL0<������ET FLQBR/MILLGOii ,  yi'-i:j':, A,i[.?X ^r>F9^^B5"Agent. ":  D.: A., M0LEAN4 i *  Ay.y Agent;:  Es^i^;^f^i|^N;  . Klwney to> snuff rd ippi ng, could say:  v j-jj^Tlie iVagfrant infancy of 6p������mbgkf flowers j  AA',; Mowed to my senses.In that" melting "kiss^!  J" ^pB":Ml������ril^i Prlapr'ieWv'^^' ajfways-; on:  Ahanda large'and superior Jstock of. Lager ���������'Beer;" at  ���������;the?Bar: Will .be? found; the ; best tBrahdies, Wines ��������� and  Segars; the public are invited to call., prepared to fill  all pi;dersrprpmptly..   ��������� ' ; J," 1-s!"  OTM/MANSONv.;,  fe;;';���������'". ' l^rdpridtor,  TjHis ������bTE.i������isf large ;; an*d ''$*������& A^Sd'Ije  with the bestof everything, that -can ^dbrocurdyana:  the cooking isapt inferior tb any on t^he road jiBedroohis;  for -families;\Stabling,, Hayv? Barlev.and Oats. Al*3  nmoMAS 'imn^mi&tt  ,.A1 lish ]^er,chandize,vv(wholesale:arid';retaildttlsj  t"-~-,"--~-"'' ��������� --���������* - -���������   ��������� j|fey^tprla, yMm  nmentSfree^cpjiit)  ;y:  'taiirant ls'supplied. with all ..the^delicaci^sMm  -atforcis.'- t'Ih:;the,Bar-wilf fee fd^  FurnishedRtfoms": '&������i'-''��������� '���������*��������� "AAA'M-Mr-'A'!*w  -liv^  8S itlLE  -���������; 1 -LBjSRT/CRYSLERhas PpeneU the above <House; for  :������X the reception.of .Travellers'; the Table;i.s well kept;  tfh'd tlie; Liquors cannot be: surpassed*..'��������� rijie .Beds,aro,  clean and comfortable;   Stabling'for Horses^ Hay and  :Oatsv MAziy \ M*y.r.,' "-r :'������������������������������������ ���������.. fy; yyr fetyy'';..;I'-s;i?  lit  MA.  Wa  MM  yi]  ���������'AX  '���������A: \  ���������v t  ,'x. it  1 ���������', 1%  " -; A  IT, OR.   MIjSS>     ������'���������   ���������:  ������������������ Baike^'and!*(3olbe Saloon,  fe,i fe1-vii>,5M"i'fe:*;ji -y y    -xr-yy-y-^. y ,n .-, ,   < ���������'  ��������� A,yv. - -   .������.,..... RI^H^.IELP^ . .  ry y  ;       ^OOB-M^ "< <���������  ���������:. ..;��������� -Bready Pies; ancI;LG3.kes cons-baiitly on bancl,  ���������������������������������������������y~...      .^.t ��������� .I.!..-,'--|-     M   ^ir-|"irM������������HWi|M|i|. UMpLl.ll^.   ���������m^���������..   -���������'"-���������iMiMiniu  '., in','; the- "pounty^Cl^r^. of /jjfltisb [ '��������� - Ooiurnbia  *- AyA -vA ^HfeHoldenutrRich^ldi'.-������������������>.>; j  ��������� .w' 't;:; '//:AAAiA;i&^q^pmPT^ Aa AA!  Ttf HEREAS,a Petition for adjudication of Bankrupt*  ��������� f'-r "-cy;; h������ia boon duly filed* onf the->16th.;:day- of May���������'  J as t by- WAiiTKR. Long t Fknton, offe���������/ameri>n to wn,.- "Wi 1  lianiM Crook, British.Gplumbia, late.Restaurant and' S:t-  ioon Keeper, and ho having been :adjudicatod a-Jiank-.  ..rupi, is hereby required, to surrender himself to Wm.  r^o. Gox,-Enquire, the Judge of the cibove Court^ for a  BEERS^^d^Ll6^M^aS?a^^  .Goods' forwarded ito the> Mining blsiricts.:' ���������"'���������fl  on .Furs consigned; T^SvSS^i^Gphiij^i^k  taSff. & -Rueflf; Yic.toiiajxV ��������� AlA); y.-^H  ?0 -'bus Hotel is"well fitted'uip with5 every ^'convenience^  fp,r the.com fort of theipublic;- the Beds' "ntti- "aUHha't J a'"  weary traveller could lies������riv *.h������TnhiP ;tt������ii������^uo/i ������.i#h  of the. latestlstyle;.kept.constantl^n^.^^���������^l  from the country punctually..'a^ten^'.tp,! siiicK(  CHARLES NELSOlSr,. Proprietor; ^TJiis'^Id* T OREN5>:h ���������?-ffiiorfin ^   " ^.^ ��������� ^ ^^ 3^ I  established House 'fewell fitted up tbr the Comfort; Jj-airSds^^W^^O, Proprietor^ This house  :oi' Travellers-:^ the Table .Is :sUpplied'with the' best<of ^ivX^itKC^  everything.that-caivbe.had-. and:the. cooking is notAiM of ^S^^^lhl^^'^ rtl3 ^ delicacies  ferior.td the best hotel in.the lower.country -Bedrooms ��������� iS*"ffi,S������ *S? l^ar is stocked withitheichoicest  ������>?. Families*: Stabling for Horses, Horse'Food: te  The Express stops here,    ������������������������������������������������������ ' -* ���������]'. *���������'*'���������':.'; .'."������������������"f ��������� ��������� l-'g ;  'mAL^ObNO- &:'0 (^^iinission SSM>|  -1    ^-i it-i zu.i - ^ .* i *���������*y;:i i. Li..- ife"->iUrsu ^'J^ 7*1^fa  Pitf. HSB  'PORT I>dUGLAS :ADVERTli5EMENTS;  si"  eifi'bts, when and where' thaC red! tors 'are to'come pre-'  ; p %re.d; to.proye .thei r. deb ts, .;���������' and at the. first si tting to  chooso Assignees and at tho last si tting the said" Bankrupt" is required to finish his examination .  ��������� " All persons in-lob tod to the said .Bankrupt or that:  have any of bis estate and effects-are-riot to pay dr de- j  liver the same but to. Mr. K. G; Phillips; ��������� Esq , the- 6M-'  cial Assignee: appointed by thesaid Court, fe .-:.  V> &*&������������������*��������� >���������'.���������"���������'���������''    ������������������ JOSEPH- BARK,   :.  y. AiA ' RichQeld,,    ���������..  n - ** --  - -   Counsel fbr Peti tiorier.  Richfield, ;17th May, 186fl,  y     ���������; w y AAA       4  :.-     A. ' . VAN WIXKLE,   y y.  Dea^erltiall kinds of Pro vision^ Clothing &c.  $$- S tdlri i n^ for Horses������  Hay, Bar! ey an d Oats al -  '.���������TP/ljr^,On,hpUfll. ..������������������;���������.,.'      1-S';  MACDONALD'S ; HOTEL;  :JP*H.^ACDONALD^Prdprietbr.  .Miners an  IT, others destined for tl^ Bridge ;River Mines wi  d  find averyi convenience- and accomraotlaUonJaltorded  tb������m.. . GoodiBeds. and;a Table well supplied with all  the delicacies of the season. *  ' l.g  The Bonaparte House, i  SErS"f0^i;,P^lKE' Proprietors., at.thb  jiu\\ open  lOr tlie aeeornmr\i\hi;/.������ ;.r ��������� i;��������� ������..ilFt������      tm���������  Pis-  am bout  miles.  iV2J?SS-u.??J? tU?!!1 il c<^".  ^tabling, .gay. ^ferain j  BACiaALUPE, Mkrohant axd Pacou, be- 'SSS"^  .  ...    ...        . ... , .. - .    fe     miauu\,ac, and once a week for1 Cariboo   ���������' 1-s  'tween Douglas and Liilooet.  good stock of Provisions, ,&c.  Always on hand a  I-::^feS^im.& CO., .Proprietors,., This House is  , Xt .well fatted up for the accomutodntion of Travellers to the Bridge^River MihesV Good Reds, Stlib'linir  fm-Horses :Horse Feed, &c; A Stage runs twice a week  between tins house and Port Douglas oh the arrival of  the.;stseamcrs frqpi below and connects with the -J,ake;  Boats for .Liilooet, .      ;' - J^Mfe-  WO's03Sr? &' iQO'A, Impdriers .and, De&IeM J  kinds of Chinese Goods and Provisions, WW  ���������g������r3,Teas. &c., Cormora������t.S.treet, westpfgwg  Victoria;:V-.t./^-y*.A 'yrA/J^ffli^  E   WATSON, fj^atch-maker,' le^AjA  ..��������� -and Sngravor^yatcastree^ajjovW^l  ernmeht street^ Victdn^y: i;7.: ,_���������   ^HfeSl  Wind*'fenirltMerehim^-Bakers.&^������H^^  Fort Street;'Victoria; y;T.v/   '.'"' ''~l__-i-^Pf^  O- "CHANTS/ "Wholesalo ��������������������������� Deal ers in '\QrtoCsWt, ^|  ���������sioss, Books & Shoe's, Wharf street ��������� Victorjs,^.!  ��������� -���������7&i  mmm  i i'^���������SSHS' CORNWALL^,:-  il A?r^KS0J?? HOCJSE," hailf-way hotween  liviiiff of Linu-nr? ... ?d^J?mmodalfoB.  .Tlie best of  !..!^.?l^uo^ ������* ;( o  Wues     r^n Butter, Milk*  (rood fctabling.and'cheap'feed.   '"  S  Ijipoinpl  and Vegetables."  1-s  PROAT'^,bo., (late. Ahde^^gl^gS  and CoaiMissibx MKKduiNTS, Store suv^,   ^ i  SUTRO &/CO.r.i^^B^^^|  v^ . CIGARS, TOffAGC0/M^slMwmFOT*L-?:-j 1  corner of rates and Wharf street, Victtna^^l  J   BrHA^I^.^r^iA^  O * ner of rates and Government a^t v ;..-_x  SB  T SWIS LEWIS, Clothier, YateffStroS, Victoria^  Ai op^sae the Bank oj. British North America.      X-s  :KALLAXDAIKR,0O!J.ECTpk&GFATiRAi7\W^  ��������� -eovern-ra.^tjfeWreei, Vietoria-fyah^uver ijl.and.  HACK'S    HOTEL  Orablv known ho n -l j JL" ���������  ' fc rLjIIs ���������     Tll(j ^ovo fav-  Uquow sua WI* .       "CDWCest brands ;;bl  aaalersluf^^i  iW/iWa. \������ *���������.  1   F^B^iTUK^'BroaJs^  AAJRE & GBANOINI, ffflSf1^ '^  iTENBiBSON^a^B^  Jl.Whart,:atr������������l, VI������tS������p|������v'V;.i.    ���������  SSM^   -a^HSf? T'i^K  -^  s#;Co".:."  Mr  '     .1  &****  *&&'  y^M>\\i'<i\  **#*������\  ^"ua.Toiii-r;  ."il  >'    Aj'\:  rsir  r Boots  :ecause I������  KM** ���������  ffejjj  Street,-ftj  :torla, y j  above fi"  ^���������soiiciifti*:  r'stip'i'ncf'r  m^My.0  WDrSSjl  ���������at and .Bark  U-'Hotel del  usfflWKJii  oaportingl  tonilysufpiSI  Standard,"  aDcy.'Stiitej  mAi0i  yyy\]i  veHoteljUlal  )'atrowi "  very,seas^J  niporteis  ���������rTetail i  xect^cp-  rS,f  rietors.':  ;Wimams.C^  asrbiB  I'THB BRITISH rC0LUMBIAN'3UDICIAKT.  If England" has ta" dose*rrM'pto^minencSa;  over btWccfata^ Govern-;  | niraiit isi^h^^u^  I tbe peopleW^"tnVtJniifed States may rail at the.,  expense and injury :of monarchic^       and:  tbe overweeninglnfl^ence ��������� B ti^iigK:eiass-'  es, they are all compelled to admit that no  v mor.e angnst tribnhal ,e^  I they^icj^i^B^ Ai English'  I judge is the personification of aK that is im-  ! maculate in erring man.    Unimpgachahle^ in  f human nature, and rarely surpassed in jndgL  fe ment ancMearhinjjjffiq fornix ;pne< of-the great  bulwarks oftiie'aation-a^  wrong doing.-'A It ��������� Wouldv.be a happy thing if  iwe-could say thefsamero^the men sent'outtq  dispense the law in the i*nfanc;jr bfBritislrcolt  phies.   Too frequently the colonial judge fori  |#ets thei sacred cha^acterrpf Msoffi^f(lal)jbles  I in unseemly speculation, and mjxesj>imself up  fin the quarrels <rf$$e-cc^  fhe*IS called: upon Jtorp^eBide.    Fromlsiich a  hiioliX&Uiij usti'tf"-^  thisiscales,} and tara%lriB;b.ack^^  lla^^^^rtunateVifor th^:oonntr^.andfunfb;*rrf  ^tunateultim^  iuatibn taHes plac^^ttfe^e[M^iM^^^ep^bqA.  Itween corrup tion��������� and coriMsibhvbe^  ftrary injustice and anarchicalvi������fluctioa-de-;  Itween'Judge*Lucre^^*"and:^u,a|e"Lynch: .-We}  twould be very:sbn?yr to^ saty thaf there is anyj  probability of Mther AQ? 'th^seflco3lc?aies falling]  finto tbaVft^  w^en the-people :10se^lK*riw  trationvof* the laiy;bui weqmniti imitMf eyesj  |o therfact that, Jitd^Se^bie, ^li^only^jiidge)  pftBTitisn^  apprehensions in the p ublic mind-of the neigh- ���������  boring colony.'--y^  Sore'than one instancO, and4n more than one  >lace; 'wherehe hasnepoiysset a^flefiance the  |aprecl (#ei$iet stfi a> ju^^nd, $1 i^stjeyery  ^etfspapeiv froin^  ���������his^acts ;dbne were a illegal; a y Tliere 'is '^bnieX  thing; rriore,' ho weter in Kthe ��������� affair thai-h1 ap p'/jarb'  oa-;the face 'oY:ikJ.--fMri ;Gox]br ^ Jiidgb "WoxyW  he is 'most:frequently ^termedyis the most'ppp-  ttlar official? that-eyer ' received-' an fe appoints  meritiii either colony; = ��������� The-rooghesti as ���������������������������well'  as 'the; -mpst / r^spectab le miners - in Garibpb  iiiiontioii his name;with respect;; ior; the sim pie  reason he has always been the rigid dispenser  :of justice, uftfa^  fear or favor. On some; occasions recently  Judge Begbie ; has set. CbmraissionQr".:Cox7s"  decisipnslaside|iand indeed^ has Met* aside. :in  ieihj&nqetyi his own decisions in the,.Supreme  Ooiirt." ���������;;;Whether^ Judge^; Begbie 'was' right tin  any or 'all- of these instances we do ribt pretend  to-6ay, but weiknow; thejgeneraKinining piib'4  lie are Mth ihe.Gold Com raissibner, t a n dyw-i  jkj^^^udge Begbie?s conductrjhas ;^enyas  ni������oh dissa^sfaction  has at New-WestminsterJOrLiiloo.efc; AMe- are!  >*^^de^d"by^e������S'^^^  ^^y^^prbbaMity of the minersr-1 in: one'or  ,|wc>;instances\disregarding;his decisions^ We  :bop0^io1weyeri that things iwill inot comeytoj  s*ach<tpass;:although'trou^  evidently^om^e1 tone of the miners, brew-;  in^on: Williams Greek.; There is a uniyersalj  j^ling: of indignation a^iihe^  iminm^clai-ms. have be  "No man- kno \ys what' he is b uying. - Wh en I  one or two lawsuitslare overhand the parties!  i ia j^sessio^og the ^  ed> a person may'purchase-into aolaimyfancyr!  ing thai litigation h as spent itself f b utVhe fi nds  bimseli^^oiully ^mistaken ;*ia? a; iifctfe ^hiile-- the  disputejgetB into chancery and he discovers  ^whea^ifcis txSoflate-' that his shareJ;ihstead: of  PUBLI8HBD^VEWr:fe3^^A^  UfVyJ;ALL&<fe-tAiy^  pywoB^BARKBRVILLBi iA^ttUAmORKE^:CARiBb(i  '.' A }A- Siibsori-pti6n^$l!^er������.^eeki:fe     J..  {Including cost of^delivery,) fPa^atile ho the, Carrier.  y' :������ &j&mv&K&y*yA //  ���������vB^K^E^I^gB:^:  ;^g:P^  fe ' >,.. - (Witliv|������pwer to Inoroasej). ��������� 11- I:V  ���������),;fe  raJii';a  -ranining .are; a :mere nagatelle.;  risks of ;Begbie?s Chancery Court!that terrify  ym  ' ^^':^^fy^i^i  r*,"*.4-"-*/ fefe-fe Ay,  jMAM'yyAA y,  Iron /'-C^'^W^6elii  powder; arusE, &g.;*&o:  ��������� -  j i -fe-,''fe. L ;"- i'J..j.'fe-' f  '.'.������������������ fe''-I/ <fe   ������������������������.' -t c-.i''.->'���������-������ fe . >fe.   i.'  fe" ./.fe.. ���������-   ALSO,,; j-fefe^    ������,  . A    i -��������� '  STATlIONEft^:   .     1  ;DRAF^ ISSUED^ON THEr^  -������������������;>���������",",(,in:yangoutoislan������,---! ={w ���������  ^-.   >; feyffJCTbRUfeAND^*^^  '      y A?k TIIE;UNITED STATES*; V.'    ,  ���������  y'SAN;FRANCISCO; PORTLAND,;Qt&awAy ';-..  .'.-/'?? -?^M^|y^- ?fP^EAl,,\iN OANAbjL; r   -  ^^at*^;^iroi^^ ^  ,  .8ton,; Cobourg,yBOileW  ������������������������������������������������������ ���������'���������:->-'-zyUle;*mjitb^Bste^^  " mtriiViTJr^.tn^^A^rt: ?$-yM'A'M:  : ������^������ ,:*������v'������ Wa^m  ���������'/.':  y,J^fey;  mAliy  K.i  EOFELDEfi  i  CO,  :I)KA;LBBS;iN'-''  JRR^lSiO^,^R0������M  StorageJ'and Commis^ionl^  ������fe  VS--  '-' !"i f ���������;  )E:yH:0DC3^E]Nl^^  bme aMtional^tanceW hU  U:-:*������"   tw*;n���������.,:^ ���������;sViti������ '.rt;* u���������..^ -Ji>..iv^"���������������������������������������   'bear .Of-.the 'r.nenv. and t.np. snnn'f.r th������ inhn.hu  -rieitjr^fXt^is qmte^itWnt^e bounds of possir  astotts; t   rr   *ut'wecanno^~ll^  Slat :he,'wa^. appointedfeto^ his ^u^gslfipt^Jt  ^pine when -it required as-a qualification,for  fiPat pbsitioii >lnpre ^f ietej7nina||^nVtha'n^ of  ���������^gal &6wi^^^itM^e^m faie ^an^under;  itch circunistances"thati^no;maniri-Ehglandof  ny- brdihary legal-reputatiori would^bave ac-  |epted\ the .;apponitmettfc J^Ott' this^grou  Iherefbre) :#-'bn ihfrxftti^^^  |>earJbfjJthe *pblpny, and the sooner''the^iahabi;  tai^^U^p^t%^ Ikme^.G^erp^n^^^;  udge Begbie tp: bo aryeyry;brniiant dispenser  f ? te^w-^nlike JuSge -^^hamhe'had lib  sctensive:legal experience tOii-ecommendihira"  -and'it is'by: ^;^^a  ttat his decisiojfo, instead! of p)ar|aking of tiiat  Jjidi wai;cleatfiess ������andi pb^Whicfr^ tfeeliin t:  gersal characteristics of ith'e decisions^oty ^hgJi  mh judges;;: tehcji&l?^:ig^mlif tramj>iing,  jsconti^ojiedf and ^*rel^yMtg;^en Ay^n&a  jadgo; defining, fraud  es to be only ^s*ffia*r^ss^a^  teiendants in a mining^iy^witfifelcoy^  abotlrjs^iney^^^^'^ve^ ^cbwemight  )e disposed to cbtopliment him on his poeti-  . jal illustration^vtie are^ther mblinebi to think  ie ignores ^fe?'ataidness?a^ ?0f  judiciai^^ij^;^^en^s find ��������� him *e^  ^fw ons w^^cl1 ������^aright; belongs to,a jury, wevcan  ^t������Dly "8ay Wt?iM'::)Gbluaabia^ has;Sbt;"as7-her:  Conf"  issioEh  EB'iia,'  id'Lifl'  BBDDP  LA;!  I; , l  m^r  ions of BritisheColl^j^-Ma^^  raceM>tp;ih������^$'^^  ���������      i!e?8be^8^d,:anen4i^  lf^^lniing "clain������Mdertj shutting up the countryJs:  ^1k?- of ^iles'awaytrbm'th.e7aceh4V"9;f:dte  ^^^-t.such-alime -.as': ,the- present, ywhen: British  |I^������olttmbia can afford to' waste no portion of her  "^^groductiye energy, it is a seriou^ thiiig tohaye  ^K^?]^^^ Begbie the sole awarder 6f  i3^HuaAclal decisloas. ,.:Wef have by recent actions  :^|!?^P e courts of law in British Columbia been  ^^^S1     aware of.the fact that' no official is re-  iif������Te w^iole.Tested interests of^ the coiony -may  ^^Me^sold to-morrow and sacraficed; brit that  H|H^dy is tb blame; and on. the heels almost  WSSm K.ese ^xfe<>rdinary ^decisionsi"of* .Jud^o  ^^^egbie, we find a collision -between the A^Sfc  l^M^fi^6 Ju^e and the Gk)ld .Oommissidher- on:  ^SHFlUiams^Qreek.;.m; *which;.the' latter .refuses to  KS��������� Wnction from., the Supreme^ Gburt.  pp>t the order ���������pf.tfae Judgei. ,-The. reasons -Mr.  ���������K?: T Wstybi? refusal; are1 given elsewere  9K1^? sho?. the Vpligtt^ into' whfch  ^������ie adrnimstratton of tho law in the noighbor-  m*slplacelwith:a more suitable man thelj^tterl  ^Btii^'(^i^si/   A' y ry ':A '" ,f'";  "��������� i  iytws.y UsiyEftflAii PRACTICE, of mixing'- Obicpryfeand  other ad������ltewti>we.?wit^  'ed:in public estimation^^what oughts;tbcbe;the:mbst  delicious of^ Beverages;;. i So effect uallyhaye.; the^public  been ^rugged wjihisjuch mixtures ..that the trjie'properties haye been lost sight ot', ^nd many;,prefer. a v:black.  and^thickinfusion to,a drink rich, in,spirit.'and i^roma.  iGeiidra liases the^.use pf Coffee, it, is -little known "tiiat  in cpiidehsing:the vapors; extracteti irom the berry in  rp.asbi-ns:, _a.:liquor is:.obtained of; .the most; nauseous  ���������; taste,- and,of a scent the most unboarab:i(^.:;: Undersuch  'circuibstances it! is evidently jmpprtaht":ttiat all' the  ���������gascB and tl ii i ds extra bted' by Tbast ih'g should be cur-  ���������Hed off as Quickly as possible, in,or(ier to,preyent their  -retnrDihg again to the Goffeey which: is the case'in the  'cbhuned' eyjiriderfe ��������� This1 object is admirably accomV  lilished byihelrioVv and patent "Conical Collee Roaster,J  as'used b^tFE.LL & CO.^, Victoria J-.in" which tlie berry}  3s'directly exposed to:the radiated heat, and' the vapor'  extractedparried off instantdheously.    In addition'to:  thea'dvhntage to;be derived by:the rapid��������� refh'oVtil oi  the steamvcohtaimng the-objectioriable: properties, the  -p*ure ftroma of. the Coffee is ��������� retained j} the essential oil  being "preserved and nb^exhausVed'as' In.theCylJJJder  Roaster> where ��������� the Cbflee( is re quired; to remain."��������� a much  longer time in", bob sequence of tlie 'steanVing'it undergoes by the ;c6nfltied'steam;   It is chemicaliy impossible to retiiin-the "qualities or .arrest,, the deterioration pf  Coffee' when ground/ ' The heat engbhdered by tiie process of roasting, and espacially of grinding, creates an  action in; the elementary parts;wh ich grad ually d estroys  Its fitness for drink;. .But to retain the essential oil  whfch It contains we have it encased in tins Containih^-  iVom 1 lb*, to .28. lbs,:, a nd which can be had- - irom, a ny  '"'-" "        --        Wo ^an confidently re-  ?rtp,* b6eh obliged to: re-'.  "accoun't o'f..its.:..ill effects'^  thatihey niay' Use our;CoiTeej roasted in; the:c6nic������L  Roaster,..being. recOniinended by n 11 inedical men uhder  whose notice it h'is been brought, and;by nulnerous  bther testimonials in its favor.A .-.". FELL fi QO.\ i  ,:;.; Ai. si. ���������   .     Cbifee Mercliants, ;Yatcs :st,, yictbrip,  -! dSSKERVIliliE^-AajbiningHhe Express Oflfice;  VARKEBiVmiftA  ..\:'i  1/ ��������� - ^. ^E^i^;^it;DEr;; ���������; \ y:y.:  Bopt,and;a3tooe Make^r,  '"'     l":' - "     ���������BrA-RkE'R.Vix'L3B-,;?l-:^Ar~ V :, l/  .., ?;���������;^^ S|mc;oeii������t; Catherines-y^yM-c^r  ONcNEW YOmZ-qRhtinsr*. BKLt'&'Gi^D%r?(^^W  y  ��������� v   * .  <y i'y*.ft>r the������Biink..of Montreal.'>.>;,-��������� yy  '��������� A'r y->\    ^   "'HcudOVnce/I^mo'ardS^'^n^   ;  ���������y... -yyy ;.r amm^ ma:^���������4^{-MM^:->yyMi)yy^y^ - .  - /CURniSNT:yU:COUKT8 opr-noil.for. any;amount not  ;V Gpyernm$tiV'aiS;^pr^���������^ecjtiritiestri'ceivod^ fbr^wtiH  custody; Intere^tsjnd M^^ y A   _{ t  ,  ���������. :Recelved'on Boposll, bi^dyyces mide upon ihiiafcy  ... .-. i ' ������������������ ���������- <-y''yMx:,yy .y  ;_fe ' ��������� fe "- -fe-- yi,    .-'y.x. -yj-. i,-.,.; i,-;  .'~":.ix;   .'fefeT.fe-fe:yM- -.'-fe--':'������������������-���������������������������,��������� ,-������������������'-'-, xxy   'fe,���������.,<-.fi-j ,-.;,-,fe''';: fe  fe y *y  y fe.fefe  y  .-���������*-_: :,y'- yjM" rr ���������  ,:r fe'ESTABLiaFIED IS 1838.  ���������y\..  "ufe'n?  l; iviot/XTEi" &; CO;,  i/y-'WH[Oli3SALE,-& ���������RETATLytfe..fe'i  V-.  \ ^^*t^Hfil^;''"Wiliia^ .  Ell AVE ON HAND a large stock of !Br6visioiis,:"  UHardware andfeVegetables*. and*tfre^deter.'  rained to.sell: them cheaper thah; any other .stor������.on  'Williams 'Creek. Comeand see'aiia judge for -yourselves*.  . ���������:��������� MhUlili May 5tb, 1866; A AAA M:        ' fe' Ax A "I A  j;; k. 8UTER & eo.  0:68^iii'i#;si^  tegeiiits  DEBT GOLIjEGTdRS.X ��������� v      ;:'  ���������AN-D!  ; KBaiikrU*pt AffiiirsIwoarifl' up: and-'Balauc'c! Sheets'ytrn-  pareijj Mining/iicceu^tscarcfully inadeup;-: All kinds  of Foriusan'd agreements drawn,, and every other dos-:  cription of business .prb.m'pHy^itend'ecj" to.'*'".-; ���������."; '*'A  } j^t^ce^-RlCHFIELg.; n^rt^i^p'^K-^^^  ���������HBAn Office: 7^ ST. ilELENS PEACE LONDOK   *  ,-, DRAFTsJlSSUED dh lindonrlNew;York, San Fri h -  Cisco, Cariboo, Canada, >few Bnirikwick, rNrtva Scoti:,  iand oh; al| -the. Branches;pf :tlie'National Bank.of.:Sc.b't-  'land akd.^roVintSfl'Banlf of 'Trftiand: .���������      -        Av  ; 'Bills Of': Excnange and G-bld ^rchasefd^ A  \ :': Interest 6^i Special>"bopo^  rate of a Quarter of nne ^pcr'-cen t; per month.      ��������� *  ��������� ������������������*"  I.-' 'Go'iip-BitST:Melted.'and"Assayed,-and teturids'-made  :wiLh'in^h(rarS;ih-.Coi-n''or,Bar8V^^ AAAJMAiAfMy-',,:  feOresof e"veiydescriptionbarelully Assayed^ .-,,>.������ ���������>..  j, jTfeB.^Any instruc'tums iis to the-disposal of the pkA  fceeds of Gohl. Bust; forwarded/to\ the ofilce in Victoria:-  for Assay .will- be carefully attended to;; >���������������������������'" '���������' ���������'/y fe? "'.  fe.;,. A yyy yMyy ���������������������������fer*--0::;G;--SHEPHERD,iMaJioger:vfe:  j ^ietbria,.V;I;,-.April,-lS66..:,:y, !.; My .,-���������-.' 1-srv vfe'-fe  BARN MrMs:  ArA v: WILLTAnf ; WINNARD^ " A/y  Aa a ,;,:;';; ?'b a r ke r ^l.l e>, Ti '',.,: y  -AT    BARKERVILLE,  JAMES LORING, PRoriteoit.  This First Class Saloon is how open to the.lovers of  EYERY   EVENING-.  . i First Class order will be preserved^,;and the pr'-jprietor  invites his friends and the public to give him a cull.. ..  ! IKS* Tbe BAH is stocked with the best of Liquors and  Segars.    ' ..   12-lm  BARKERVILLE BREWERY,  :BREWiER.,  PRAGER   &   BRO,,  A'IaA*'-'"   BARKERVILLE^'y  ��������� ���������,'-.. ..."..-.' nKAtERsiN y:.y /  Assorted Merc  WILLIAM   SEWELL,  "   '      VAN' WINKLE,   "'v '      '  BEGS TO INFORM  HIS-CUSTOMERS   AND THE  public generally that he intends, to furnish them  BEEF OR MUTroif, 'so soon;as packing is practicable,  at their resp-;clive claims on tho fli'lVrent creeks, or J  re^ldencop, at the Most Rbaso\af.8u: Rate?. * '���������  {  Van Winkle June litb, iSdS. .11    i  !Whiolesale and Retails  fe        E. C. GILLETTE,      ���������:  ������������������;��������� CAMERONTOWN.    ���������:-, .7y  iebnnecVing at Liilooet'A arid Yale 'withf -':DIETZ.- ^';  |       NELSON'S fbr^few "Westiiiirister &: Victoria, - '  ^/���������ILli^ARRlV^ A^ ^E^^  } f*X Barkerville;' to connect with U)esti>fihi.er;,{fj)i-':���������  terpris.c', at"QbcshplmoutbU-fOx<i-tttfi-'.-STAGES' at S01 *��������� ���������  Creok, EVERY "W"EEK,;conveyingTrk^surKj-Lev::  tbrs and yAUJApriESfbr all-pjirtsorthe wprlf.'.".': ���������Aiw.r.  Com m issibhs recei ved an d' fbrwc rd ed by Express Ur-  the colleciibn of Notes, Bills arid the purclniso of Jari "--  -tiles to be obtain ed itt No. w ;\ycs.tm in ste r; Vic"torla; ft ������������������*':-  Francisco oi* enroute, and returns made with dispatcbv '  ; JOHN.}!; LbVELL,   AAAA"  . 1-s        .....      .     i. ;;Agen t, BarkeryiIIe.  BARNARD'S   EXPRESS,  Reduction in the Prices of Express Freight.  N AND AFTER THIS BATE the rate, for Expro.^s'  Parcels' froin Vale t'o'Barkerville will be  Piircels from 5 to 50 lbs. .75 els. 'ft \\y, ���������":..���������  do   ��������� do  m to 100 Ifcs. ������21-2 c(s V- ttu   ���������  ���������do      do   100 Ifcs. and over     50 c ts ^ jfc"-  . ;.   fe. JOHN B; LOVELL, A^rH'. A "'{  ���������; .    ������������������ '  ' ' .Jifirkon'ilfo.-:-"-  Junc20Jh,lS6S.     . M.A ...:    ':'.-   ���������:.... 14". AA  Important  to  Miners!  JAMES   PURDSE,  ^a^uksmit/b:/  RICHFIELD,  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK  SAND,  BLOWINGS ANir  PANNINGS.; j."--    -%';i:;;  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity or ife<*  . Most Liberal Tkrms, a t tne ���������. : ..  '; -.      Reading Room, Cameronton,   .  The Subscriber is well known on Williams Creek, ������o'?-  from tho confidence: ropojsed in him last. Full in ti. \: -  above business, be bi������p(->s to rcc-oiva, the patronaj?!^,...  1 .the'-lining comtnuni'y tb������ enFUinf^fftsen. '  j       ������ JOHN BOWKOH, -    -TO ADVERTISERS....;:   .  The i������Cariboh SentineV' is;published every Monday  fend Tnuwday.   Advertisement? intended lor insertion  must bo delivered" at latest .at 6 o'clock, p. m., tbe day  bnfore publication.   ��������� 'yAAAA,  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  MONDAY, JULY 2, 1866.  TELEGRAPHIC.  (Special Dispatch to the Cariboo Sbstwbi.. )  . Farther Point, June 18,���������Tho -Pern vian,  :.'" from Liverpool-.June 7th,.and Londonderry  8tb, bas passed en route for Quebec���������Bread-  Ptuffs firm, provisions quiet but steady.���������Bul-  Hon at the Bank \>f England had increased  ������1,400,000.���������The-Prussian troops entered Hol-  steih on the 7th June. . The AustrianB were  concentrating at Altona.,.- These moves are  regarded as a virtual commencement of the  war.���������la the British vHohse of Commons the  Opposition had attempted, a surprise on the  Government. by moving the postponement  of the franchise classing, reform, but were debated; >:- - . A ���������AAAA-y'-yA'  Halifax. June 18,���������The steamer from Liver:  pool, June 9th, via Queehstowri 10th, has arrived. ..Consols.closed on. Saturday evening  ht 85| to 8b*| for money. -Five.twenty's at <>5t.  to 66.���������Con linen tal' news.'continues warlike.  Bismarck had issued = an .important circu lar  ,;,dat$i-the ith,'addressed- to.;Prussian Repre^  ^sehtatives abroad, and' says, ail -our iriforma-,  tion agrees that a determination to make war!  .   is settled at Vienna: Not only was there manifested an litter absence of .%.��������� desire to enter.  : -, into negociations, and to discuss ;the posibili-  ties, of agreement, but; expressions of influen-  .. tlal Austrian statesmen and. counsellers of the  SjEoiperor have been reported to tiie King from  authentic sources, which leave no-doubt that  the imperial Ministry desire war at any price,4  partly in hope of successes ip: ��������� the field j and  partly to heal domestic difficulties,'��������� nay, even  Austrian finances, by "popular; contributions  or by honorab 1 e bankruptic$M The; fact; of  war is settled by this determiiiation at Vienna.  Tbe^only further point is' to cfeodse "a favora-  ble time to begin.; ..The London 'Times' says,  ; "such a dispatch as the aboVeVhas not often  been penned by a; European.;Minister. :, Prussian statesmen nowythiukucofet^  tary in coraiminications with��������� Austria. ��������� All the  pfide and bitter hostil ity wMjii;have neces-  sari ly rep ressed; during lo ngr^egotiatioris may  now be; repeated.  . The. 4i^gatcii febl^aths^a  spirit of war,!aud~seems to'h������ye beeEwnti^.rl;  . in anticipation of an immediateru-ptu:pe>   Tlie  Lohdb!.n 'Tel egraph';says, .with thfc dispatch  the last hope of peace disappearefi.    Hostilities have become evident. i> Ay Prussian division .under Gen. Fliess ha/l.crbssett the Eider  into Holstein.   They are said.. to' have been  ordered to occupy Rendsburgs,;KierandFred-  erickstadti . The Austrians were reported evacuating Kiel, and concentrating at AUona,  where Gen. Goblentz and staff had established  headquarters.   On the 8th (he Prussian troops  moved forward and occupied .Kendsburg;  they were peacefully met by: the. Austrian  garrison who evacuated the same 'day.    The  parting was friendly.   Gen. Goblentz issued  a proclamation  protesting against the Prussian occupation of Holstein.    He, daily ex-  pec t-s Orders to attack the Prussians, and to  uso every effort to rout them. : He has announced the transfer of the Government of  the Duchy of Holstein to the city: of Alton a.  It is reported the Prussians, would forcibly  prevent  an assembling  of the : Estates of  ilolsteih  at  AUona.    Latest  accounts say  tbe; Emperor of Austria has ordered Goblentz  to avoid an engagement.   Goblentz. is further  ordered to retain the civil functionaries in  -PovmTy and:to -delay-a" deelaration������������������ of: marti&l  law.   The Emperor claims that affairs now  stand as they did previous to the Gar.tein. convention. Vienna dispatches say; diplomatic relations between Austria and'Prussia will cease  the moment the Prussian delegation to the  Diet leaves Frankfort to return; /The Crown  Prince of Prussia has been appointed Govern-,  or of Silesia during the mobilizing of the army.  A Florence telegram says, Italy will cora-  SanFrancisco, 23rd June, 1S66.���������Thesteam-  er Oregon, 10 days from point Isabella, on tbe  Colorado river, arrived to-day; on her downward trip, when off the Catalina islands, struck  the British bark Kent from Can*mean island,  loaded with salt for Portland, sinking her.���������  The Golden City, which left Panama on the  evening of the 9th, where she connected with  the steamer from New York of-the first,, arrived early this morning.--Sbuth American  news   unimportant; no. new military movements, business was improving in Valpariaso;  no further molestation feared from the. Spanish fleet.���������A grand banquet was given.in honor of the victory of the Peruvians oyer the  Spanish invaders; no less than a thousand gentlemen sat down c tq;; dinner,, the  principal  European tiatio ns and the United:States were,  representedi^-A calamity cnusing: the; death  of 500 persons occured at "Valparaiso ��������� on. the  20th May in sinking a sub-marine battery! designed as a torpedo;.it was towed in 30 fathoms  water for the purpose of experimenting," that  was the last of ii-r-The election of President  of the State of Panama took place June* 2nd  and resulted in the election of Gen. Vincente,  the popular dignitary, who received every  vote that "was cast.~The last steamer from  Peru brought about 180 Spaniards who had  been compelled to leave the country under a  decree of Government.���������The Panama 'Herald*  says the United States war ship Marengo is  now at Guaymas for the purpose of enforcing  the demands of the American Government.���������  the interior. The French have not started from  there and only keep strict police* to prevent  Corona's agents from creating any disturbance.  Robberies and assassinations are of daily occurrence. . The stages were regularly attacked  and wealthy travellers carried off* for.ransom.    Near  Puebla  a  fight had   occurred  with six robbers, of whom two were killed  and two wounded, who turned out to be naen  of better Mexican society and not driven'by  necessity to so nefarious a profession. 'Twenty-two robbers were brought in after the. ast  sault on the Belgian Ambassador's;. Couch  turned out to. be innocent of this crime, but  was convicted of other depredations since  then.   The assassin of Major Huart was caught  and gave the names of twelve of his accomplices ; they were immediately arrested ; a  hempen cord Will be their fate.   The Liberals  m Sonora were being driven to the American  line.   OrderB have been issueoj at'Tepic for  the formation of an expedition of 3000 men  to operate against the remnant qf Liberals in  Sonora and Sinaloa. ....  oppenheimK  ERCHANTS  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. DEALER* IV 1T>  KINDS OF ������������������'     -���������   ALL  NEW  ADVERTISEMENTS.  liquors,mm,  -.���������v^!q.t"h;i;"kq';-i;  ': '''BOOTS   &: SHQES,: A  MINING: I TOOLS, icr  Beg to call the attentionof Miners and otW  ���������     to their full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS  wbicb will be sold  AUCTIONEER,  MINING & COMMISSION  AGENT,.AND ACCOUNTANT,   -v:  BARKERVILLE.'        17  mence hostilities so soon as war is opened by  Prussia.   A decree was issued in Florence on  the 3rd calling out for service the second categories of classes of 1842-3; others still will  soon be called,���������The cholera is still continuing its ravages in Holland.    Returns from  Rotterdam state that out of 85 cases 45 have  proven fatal.   The cholera has broken out at  Nantz ; .15 to 20 cases.daily, though few deaths.  ���������Financial affairs in Loudon are considered  favorable.   Thebank report shows recipts un-  nsuaiJy large, owing to consignments of gold  from America.   A strong anticipation of a decline in the rate of discount has given firmness  to all kinds of funds.   Rate of Bank discount  is ten per cent, but good private paper is taken :. for nine on the market.   Measures are be-.  ing taken for the establishment of the Consolidated Bank. The report of the Bank of France  shows a turther increase of 390,00.0,000 francs  cash-   Toe Bourse On the (Kb -was quiet."and  M y; Von tea 67 f..t. 0ij'c:: A'y "���������   Ay A A:;.' A A  Ca.pt. James G*. Kaller'an old resident of this  ���������bi'iy and a- ship captain- well known throughout the ^Pacific coast/died on board the steamer Oregon May 13th, and was buried at sea.���������  The Golden City brought a million dolla*rsin  treasury notes on account of Government.  ���������Legal tenders remain 71 @ 72, small sales.  The week closes with good demand for money  without change in real estate, and trade generally quiet   : ���������",���������-'. :   / fe,   t; , .-������������������;-���������.���������,  San Franciscot June. 24.���������Eastern line is  still out of order beyond La.mariei7--.The Ham-  son Opera' Troupe (English) arrived1 by the  bark Japan from Australia yesterday.���������The  steamer G. S. Wright, belonging to  the Russian Telegraph expedition, sailed this morning  for Fetropaulowski with Col. Bulkley and suite  ���������Over 10,000 persons went to the CliiFHouse  thi3 morning to witness Madame Celeste- jwho  accomplished the feat of walking a rope stretched from Cliff House to [Seal Bocks.���������Iaeut.  Col. Pollock and command of 300 meiivfrom  Fort Goodwin, who had been reported���������Jjnnur-  dered, returned to San Francisco by the!.^Ore-  gon yesterday, and will-be. mustered out next  weekl.. v."yfefe;;,. yy/i/y//-l&^^W//'('"���������.  ^:;Sah.Francisco, fJuhe ^th.'-^O.-t^/Perkins,  coinmissibii merchant, doing biisiness at 318  Battery street, committed suicide this morning  by shooting himself with a revolver.���������By the  arrival of the bark Japan we learn that the  British bark Harmon, from Sydney with coals  and 80 passengers tor San Francisco, put into  Tahiti; when a few days from Sydney, Capt.  Perkins was lost oVerboard ; the Vessel arrived in charge of Mr. Coffin, the first officer.  There having been some trouble amongA,������he  passengers, on the arrival of the' vessel at  Papulia charge was brought accusing Coffin  withhaving pushed Perkins overboard.'   He  was imprisoned and brought before the British  Consul,   examined and released May 16th,  there being no evidence to sustain the charge.  . San Francisco, June 26th.���������Eastern line still  silent beyond Laramia���������The Committee .of  Arrangements for the 4th July celebration  gives an encouraging report; they expect to  get up a celebration-that, will do honor- to  the city and all who participate in it���������The  Treasurer of the Branch Mint has received  authority to increase the bullion funds $250,-  000 ; this, fund provided by Government enables tbe" Treasurer to pay  the depositors  amounts deposited before gold can be worked! In  into'coin^The British bark Norseman arrived yesterday from Liverpool in 115 days; this  is the shortest trip made between the two ports  in several years.���������A resolution was unani  mously adopted by the Board of Councillors  that the freedom of the city be tendered John  Rogers and officers'of the war steamer Van-  derbilt and monitor Monadrock.  Los Angelos, June 25tb.���������Fr6m Mr. Engle,  who just arrived from Hurdys Landing, Colorado river, we learn that Moses Little, of San  Francisco was killed at the Macidonia mine,  the murder was committed with an axe, the  stroke cleft his head in twain ; the other employees were absent at the time; it is said that  Indians were the murderers.   We also learn  of the murder of another man by .Indians,  near Trail Spring, which took place a.few  days previous. It seems the Indians are actively on the war'path; they have approached  within ten miles of .our city and murdered two  other men, Mr. McGuire and McGee.  ,  Portland, June 26th���������The Fideliter is advertised to sail for Victoria on Thursday.  San Francisco, June 25th.���������-The following  Mexican news was received by the steamship  New   El Dorado   Saloon.!  AT   COST   PRICES!  to roako room for a NEW STOCK tb arrive ������0Boon J  .the Roads arc* open. ���������. *  J&* Liberal  allowance will he made to  RestaUFaatasd Hotel Keepera and.tho Trade eeneMiiv  on largo orders.      ,  ...; . . y     .        j'  /THE PROPRIETORS TAKE PLEASURE In.announc  X ing to their friends and the public generally that  they have refitted this spacious Saloon, and will open  the same on TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, whon they  will be happy to entertain all who may give them a call.  ROSS ii RURDICK,:  " '      Proprietors. .  Barkerville, July 2nd, 1866. ������������������     17 y.  JAMES   P.   TAYLOR,  ���������'A'       BARkERVlLLE,'  >S COXSTANTLy ON HAND the choicest selecUoa  of Druos & Patent Medicines; also. Hair Brushes  Tooth Brushes ��������� Combs, Tooth Powders, Fancy Soaps of  every description,. Luhuis, Extracts Rose Water ah4  other Perfumeries, Garden.See'd3, &c, kc. aIso *  choice lot of No. 1 Havana Segars.   '"���������    A' A    li  Caribbo Literary Institute  J. S. THOMPSON,'Presidknt:  '    JAMES ANDERSON, Vice-Pkeaident.    '     ''  JOHN MacLAREN,  DR  W. B. WILKINSON  JOHN ADAIR,  ,}  DlKECTORS.  JOHN BOWRON,  Secretary & Librarian'.**  THIS INSTITUTION at present 'contains about 500  volumes of. Choice Literature,consisting of Religious,  Scientific, Historical, and Poetical works, and works of*)  Fiction.  ��������� '��������� .,   ; ��������� !  ���������-. ..;���������:-.'.  Worcester's Large Pictorial Dictionary, Ure's Bsctipji*  ary of the Arts, Manufactures and Mines. Lippencott's  Pronouncing Gazctt'ee'r of the. World, anu Homah?s Cyclopedia* of Commerce'will :a 1 ways be kept in the room  forreference. y -  ^ . .  .-; ,'y       . '/.������..'���������*: -.;";,]yM'M^-^-  * Tlio Read ing Room will' be found 'supplied ^ wi th the  litest English, Scottish. Canadian, American, and Colonial Papers and Magizines.  Terms of Subscription���������$5 per quarter, or $2-per  month. Single volumes Loaned to non-subscribers at  50 cts. per volume, with $1 deposit. ���������   '.  Persons not subscribers visiting the Reading Room  and making use of the Books and Papers will becharg?  ed 26 cts: Tor each visit.  #3*=* The Room will bo open from 10 a.m.*till 10 p.mi  ��������� ��������� JOHN BOWRON, "���������  -.'*  17 Secrotrary and Librarian*. '.  PARLOR   SALpo  A'A/i..   A. 'barkerville, '.:-,���������   .  1'  //a- Madame; ^BENPixe^;-  BEGS ��������� TO ANNOUNCE  TO  HER. FRIENDS THAT  she has-rentted this .well known Saloon^ where she  invites tbc^publlc'to give her a call.    .,',..    ���������   /  ���������$3~. Thei'Bar is stocfeod with the "best of UQD0R3  and SEGARS that can be procured;     y     yr:  jy..  BANC IN (3:  'r' i -'   FOR THE.:: ilM-A;  1,000^000! 1-000,000!  AT  -A.  ��������� M. Ay,     ���������. c A M E R O N T O W N-,, A:iyA~ .....  W'HERE THE PROPRIETOR, T. A. BABRTi  vgives a general invitation to his friends and tho  public at large to call and judgo for themselves the  merits of hia Billiard Tables; also,"the Choice Brands of  bis^SEGARS and LIQUORS. The Orchestra, which  consists of four musicians, Is First Class.       10-3m  In the  Supreme Court of Civil Justice of  British Columbia.  1JATTHEW BAILLIE BEGBIE, ESQUIRE, Judge of  111 the Supreme Court, authorized to act under a Petition for Adjudication of Bankruptcy, filed the 4th day  of August, 1804, against Davjd Sikes, Trader in the  District of Cariboo East, will sit on the 11th day of July ���������  next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely, at the  Court House, Richfield, In order to make a dividend of  the Estate aud effects of the said Bankrupt, when and  where the Creditors who have not already proved their  debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they  will be excluded, tho benefit of the said dividend, and  all claims not then proved will bo disallowed.  "     ���������    OLIVER HARE,  Official Assignee.  Rlchflcld, Juno 30th, 1866. .     17   . .  the  Supreme Court of- Civil Justice cf  British Columbia.  MATTHEW BAILLIE BEGBIE, ESQUIRE, Judgo of  the Supreme Court, authorised to act under a Petition for Adjudication of Bankruptcy, 'filed tlie 19th day  of September, 1864, against Charles IWb and Charles  Vax Bohian, Traders, of Barkerville, District of Cariboo East, will sit on tho 11th day of July nextj at eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely, at the Court Houso,  Rich field, in order to make a dividend of the Estate  and effects of the said Bankrupts, when and where the  Creditors who have not already proved their debts are  to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend, and all claims  not then proved will be disallowed.  OLIVER HARE,  ���������.,���������..'' Official Assignee.  Richfield, Juno 30th, 1866. 17  Continental from Mazatlan 16th: The situation  remains unchanged. Corona made an excursion to Rosariq and returned to the Presedio  where he organized a complete cordon aroiind  Mazatlan, not permitting anybody, even for-  ���������eigners; to get in, but allowing fre'e passage to  Williams Creek Bed Rock Flume and' Ditch  Company, Limited. .,:.;,;  GENERAL MEETING OF THE SHAREHOLDERS  of this Company will be held at their Oflice, at  Richfield, on SATURDAY, 7th of July next, at 2 o'clock,.  p. m , for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors  for the ensuing year and hearing the Annual Report of  the Company.  E. A. WADHAMS,  ���������  , ���������      ., Secretary.  Rich-gold, June 27tb, 1868. 16-3in  Moses' Hair Invigorator.  mo PREVENT BALDNESS, .restore hair that has fall-  1 .en'off or become thin, aud to cure effectually Scurf  or Dandruff. It will also relieve the Headache, aedgiva  the hair a darker and glossy color, and tho free use of  it will keep both the skin and hair* in- a healthyBtato.  Ladies will Und the Invigorator a great addition to toilet, .both in consider! tion of-the delicate and agreeable  perfume, and tho great facility it affords in dressing the  hair, which, when moist with it, can be dressed in any  required form, so as to preserve its phce, whetherp!aitf  or in curls. When us4d on children's heads, It lays the  foundation for a good head of hair.  Prepared only by W, D.J MOSES,  Barkerville, Williams Craek.  "TO WHOM -IT MAY CONCERN.  THIS IS TO CERTIFY, that from some: cause or.complaint of the head our hair commenced falling ou-.  so rapidly that we feared weshoiild-lo'so the/ivholc.ln.  this condition we went to W. D MOSES, and strange to  relate; in three applications of his wonderful Hai? Restorative our hair became as strong as ever, *iad is now  soft and lively; We ma^e, this: certificate with ploasurv  believing it to bo Tor the publlbliood. ,   ��������� ���������  . rf '���������������������������. . .     ���������  ;,v:fe.GEORGE-:COFFR"INT,"Cftnterpntou,   .  ��������� ^ R9BE&%rWARREN, Barkerrille,������������������������������������������  ���������' ,:  VH.feREi>aRAVH;,.Richaeld, ..-.  ^IHiams Creek; l^t-Ju^^^;  y ,.,".   y  CABD OF ACKNS^EDaMBlST.  TO MR. r>. w. MOSESl-��������������������������� Sifc^In-.the years I860 and  . 1861, from a long and severs illness, my hair becam*  very'weak, and was falling off in a most fearful mao-  nor, and I was' in dread of;.bcc6raing entirely ������aW������ *������!J!''  I was recommended by a lady residing on Fort si"  to try your Invjoorator. After a few appiicationJj oy  you, and alter .using three bottles of the Jnvigorawr,  my hair was restored and became as thick and stroos  as it'ever It was before.        - , MARY A. l^Evvl-,  .; Johnson 6tre������t,  Victoria, V.'l/, March 27th, 1866.  that a little more, th?nfotiP :  _ was  ,lllb^t without  Hallo!  Old Jack9s Alive!  TtfST RETURNED PROM BEING 0>T A BENDER l  O Fully prepared to Repair all BOOTS  and SHOES  Cheap for Casu.   Ho kindly iuvites one and all, groat  and snvill, to givo blm h. call.  .BARKERVILLE���������ntxt door toj. H Tadd'a.   '    15  THIS" IS "TO" CERTIFY _ w ......  -..  teen years ago, owing te a severe fit of s^ess,  lost nearly all niy hair the crown of head *JW  quito:bald. and has been so ever since until tnei ^  summer, when hearing of the marvellous succ^  ���������W,D. Moses in'several cases where it seemed aw*^  liopeless to do so, on Williams Creek, Cariboo, *  induced to let him try his skill oa me  faith" *  long  months' time I was happily zuiyuB��������� M.iAhernming  growth of hair coming out, wbicb is daily^S  stronger and thicker. To any one requiring^ J t bc  .sional services as above, I would merr^l'{T thatl  possesses askill-snd knowledge in restoring ^gjyjfe  . nave never mot with boforo. ., . L- "     vii  Ticiofia,-V. I.yFeb. 2<)th^ 2866. *> m tAi-  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  MINING" INTELLIGENCE,  MONDAY, JULY. 2, 1866..  ,Cabib.oo LlBBABY.^This institution received  ;J^t.,*weeJC:*W:vQ.l.iinies of newvbooks.in;;addi-  ti6n to its valuable collection, and, as will be  seen by reference to an advertisement in another column, it now contains upwards of 500  ^ybltinies; of-.standard works* v; Tbe terms .of  Subscription are low and within ithe reacbjtff  rall, being only $2 a month or t$5 a quarter,  'the Librarian has reason to complain of the  1 neglect of-several subscribers itf not returning  ffcooks within a reasonable time; it would  lthereft>re be desirable for those erring in this  respect to returnr them at'once,' so as to give  [others an opportunity of perusing them. .:,  Expj-osi^n.1���������Yesterday afternoon the deni-  fsehs.of Barkerville were alarmed by; a loud  (report which proceeded from Winnard's black-  [smith shop.   On enquiry It was found to have  [been occasioned; by .the explosion of a flask  )f gunpowder that was lying on a shelf i^ the  [shop, which must have been Ignited by a spark  nrom the anvil.; Although a number  {were around at the time, ho one fortunately  ra$.hurt or any damage done other than-' the  lerangementyof the'toplsi ^ /<���������' -iy [ y j. "��������� Aiy A A.VAi  Ac^iDENT.^'VVliile a mirier named John Gan-  loh was. crossing a log, on Friday last, at  rroiise creek, he slipped his foot and fell on  .sharp 1 inib of a -tree, ^oeel-ying-a^very severe  jut on tbe arm;, the wound was over eight  jhclies in length and very painful. JHe came  iver here on the afternoon and had'it dressed  >y a Doctor. '-.''���������'���������.  Another Accident.���������A: man named John  )hisholm who was at work in the Boyle and  Jrarie claim on Lowhee creek, on Saturday  jasthad his leg-badly bruised by the caving  if a bank. -On the, same day another man  lamed John Muir who works in the Vaughan  Sweeny claim, narrowly, escaped being killed  >y a similar cave,- y  Grouse Creek Tiui^.���������Mr. Spence will pro-  feed this morning to mark out a trail from here  > Grouse creek. * Judge Cox will* we uridet-  ftaix'd immediately telegraph to the Adrainis*  ratof of the Government for authority to appropriate funds for executing the work.   Tbe  :pen3e will-be trifling^compared to the great  [ehefit that will be derived by the miners on  lit-.creek. 'y/AyA' -      -._ ��������� -/.-.-���������'/ -A'AA ������  .-'���������;ij;fe������? ; . .; '.     ���������_������������������ . ��������� ���������;      .-; fe '-.'���������'.'   -" -.' '��������� .������" '������������������.* ".  Ganon Creek Exciteme^^A great many  ien'haye gone up-the Fraser fiver in boate  ' 7;.for iifis new creek. - It is^saidihat fawn  K^oreiFsliaye left tfie ranches.for some dis-  K^'below Quesnelmouth and started forrthe  ines; Scarcely any person-is content to:wbrk'  if^wages. *  I QoBRECTiON.--The gen fleman whom we men-  fbned in pur Jast, as having transmitted a  fapeir, froft >the; iBarbacbas mines, was Mr;  lenryiTaftJtoraie^r-ofthe Vaughitn-Sweeniey  lai-m, Lowhee, andfenot jiff.: C. Taft- iatev  mtcher on Milianis creek.,; y %>  rSP0RTiNG.-^duf old -friend Larry' desires Aob  5.-state that he has: been ^challenged *y an  nep t to,throw the -stone; with ;him for $50  rainst$5. a side, ] ��������� Larry has accepted it and  itehds giving.his adversary a '^merry shake'*  ic ��������� of these days. ��������� ���������--������������������ r ��������� '��������� a���������- ��������� \ ��������� -.. -.-;-A  |^0* Our city; wore ^^usualljr livelyfa^  ^arance yesterday^ ^the ^street wgs thronged  #th miners .from the /raneus outlying creeks;  ie day was one ortfiglt eunsh-ipe^ and'"quite*  I number of our female residents could be  ���������jen fluttering betimes among the busy throng  edecked in their gayest attir^,' investing the  pole scene with an appearance of city life  ate uncommon to-this: part of theconn try;  J������F* We are Informed that a Public Meet-'  fg was held at Quesnelmouth -oft Tuesday  remnglast, on the arrival of Messrs. Lau-  teister and MacLaren, when a resolution was  nammously adopted supporting the resolu-  P'S.fiS?^^ at the public meeting held at  icbfield on the 23rd. The Delegates left  tesnelmouth with the steamer on Fridav  lormng. ///- ���������<  -'-GROUSE   CREEK. ���������������������������������������������-'  Since our last visit to this creek the population has increased from  100 to ��������� 240^ and  claims that were then only being prospected  are now yielding large returns; all this has  happened within a month; We venture to say-  that had such diggings been found say from  70 to 100 miles from here, there "would have  (been at least 1.000 men on the ground by this  time, but, as a general rule, tbe same interest  is not felt in diggings that are near, as in those  afar off.    Within the last eight days the ex-  itement has increased in consequence of some  new developments and the. creek has been  staked off for two or three miles.    It is the  opinion of-miners well acquainted with the  country that the lead toll continue straight  into Antler creek." This creek supplies a desideratum which has long been felt in the country ,a namely, mines easy of access to those of  limited means, in as much as men will now  be enabled to open up claims at a trifling expense, wi they eryy -p rosp ect of obtaining  a  speedy return for' their labordwith the additional ��������� advantage (of having diggings that  can be as easily worked during the winter as  in the summer.A We are pleased to; observe  the liyely interest entertained: by miners gen-  erally concerning ^pther and similar creeks,  the beds of which Have been> prospected without; success, and abandoned, for ^years^-MuL  the confidence 'expressed*7 as ��������� to: the development of rich deposits in the "mountains and  benches.' The importance of the recent disco veries'bn this creek will be better understood when we state that there has been as  great;an extent of ground pre-empted . there  lately, as has yet been worked on Williams  creek, and there is every reason to believe  that its'ricbness will not fall much' short'of the  latter creek.   The town, which is fast progressing, now contains a saloon, owned by. Mr.  McArthuf, a butchers shop,  kept by: Mr.- F.  Littler, a store (unfinished) to. be opened by  Messrs. Prager & Bro., of Williams creek, during the present week, and a large Bakery and  Boarding-house (unfinished)  which will be  opened in the course of ten days, by! Mr. A.  Kelly, of the Wake up Jake bakery, Barkerville.;   ..:    ';  ' -fe - "'  The Heron coy have got in 50 feet with  their new.tunnel; the rock through which they  have been running appears, to be pitching,  which leads to the belief that the channel is  not far off.���������The Black Hawk, Lowhee and  Wild Goose co'ys are busy sinking and run:  ning tunnels.--The Bed Rock Flume co^y, un-  (ler the management of Mr. D. Cameron, are  ground sluicing "in the bed of the creek, and  expect to reach bed rock at a distance of 75  feet from the.head of the flume; 9 men are at  present employed by the co'y,' and the work  is being pushed on with every dispatch.���������The  Short Bend co'y are engaged in laying a railway, t^ack and setting sluices preparatory; tp:  ^washing; /this co'y struck .pay in their tunnel  at a distance of 120 feet from the creek ��������� -they  had only washed'tidrt from half a set, of iam-;  bers and got 111 ozs.; this is unquestibhably  a good claim; while we were: examining the  rock; we had the curipsity to dig a littl e of the  dirt with the end of/the .candlestick; arid got  about li ounces- in a few mihutes.--^The Full-  rigged ico'y lately bottomed their shaft and  found prospects varying from 40 to 60 ceiits  to the pan; they have started a tunnel which  they expect will be finished in the course of  10 days.���������Disco very co }y are. feiking put their  usual pay; 3 and 4 dunces a day to the hand.  ^Aucn or French co;y making good wages at  pfesent:-^Mofrell-Perez co'y have got in 40ft.  With their tunnel through hard bed rock.���������  Ne'er do ���������Well. co7y have not yet got to the  bottom of the channel, but are taking out  ':)   " '        ��������� WILLIAMS GREEK.  During the past week there has been a very  perceptible increase in the yield of gold from  the various claims on the creek, which we are  happy" to state is likely to continue throughout the season. The following are a few of  the claims that have been taking out good  pay :���������The Aurora co'y washed up on Thus-  day 219 oz., and yesterday 350 oz., for the  week 698 ok���������The Davis co'y'washed up for  the week about 387 oz. These amounts, being  1085 oz.,are out of the disputed ground 'and  will be divided between the two co'ys.���������The  Carapcoy washed up for the week 55 oz.���������  Tbe Never Sweat co'y washed out for the week  5800  Last  they are just getting into*' pay  Chance coJ.y (incline) washed up on Friday  50"ozs.^The California co'y washed' out 40  ounces on Saturday.���������The Cameron co'y washed up. for 4 days 70 ounces.���������The Liilooet,  Mosier and Cariboo co'ys.we believe are finding flattering prospects in the Bed Rock Drain.  LOWHEE CREEK.   [[  ".., There are about 11 of; 12 companies at work  onthis creek, some of whom are taking out  very; good pay.���������The Yaughan-Sweeny co'y  have taken put for the month of June $7000;  this is a hydraulic claimy and the pay dirt is  from 40 to 60 feet deep* and over 100 feet  le  iason.  It is contemplated by the Masons on  creek to establish a Masonic Lodge this  ,���������0n; A11 menibers in good standing are  quested to attend a meeting, for .that purpose  tlie Cambrian Hall, on next Saturday even-  g, at 8 O'clock, p. m.   ��������� A-A.   .     . ��������� ..  f l?Klul^ent House ^o months ago. got  I with the Express on Saturday.       A   h  iBRowNEb.^One of the hands of thesteam-er  p������ Lake by falling overboard.  ^ In consequence of the line being down  'the East of San Francisco, we have n^  f stem dispatches later than the isfh June  l^The-?������rra Nevada with mails from Ran  ^o, ^ victoria, arrived at New Wea  lister on Sunday evening last.^Tribune!'  gncisco, via Victoria, arrived at New West-  l������8ter on Sunday evening last.^Tribune.'  So^f������rt ������f ?n anti-F^an meeting'  Jim ^H appear in our next. *  -good-pay r-the wash-up for ������������������Friday was 33 o������  ^Caroline co'y have struck boulders.in their  tunnel, which is in 40ft., and are setting their  sluices to commence washing.���������Cascade co'y  are busy running a tunnel.���������Ontario co'y  are down 31ft. with their shaft and expect to  bottom it to-day.���������Robin Hood co V bottomed  their shaft and are running a drift through  bed rock in order to tap the channel.���������The  Re id co'y are ground sluicing; "got a prospect  on Saturday of 50 cents to the pan.���������-The  Fountain Head co. y, located about 150 feet  above the level of the creek, struck a prospect  of 25 cents to the pan while ground sluicing  on the rim nock, they have commenced sinking a shaft; this prospect created quite an excitement on Tuesday last, and the ground was  pre-empted for three quarters of a mile above  this point during the week. We shall await  anxiously to hear the results of the prospect-  fing above this point,  CUNNINGHAM CREEK.  There are some 30 men at work on this creek  but no rich strikes are yet reported, although  great confidence is felt among miners that  good pay will be found during the summer.  The Kentuck co'y are taking out very good  pay,���������A company above them who are running a drift had got $17 out of a set of.timbers.  ^?T^The, Plumbago; co'y are cleaning up  and taking out good pay.���������The Kelly-Patch  co'yare just getting their claim opened up  and arejtaking out ab.pijt ws-S^trr.Qran������e.-Bpyle  * cox Gyllrau'lfeiEg, have not cleaned up yet.  ���������The following companies are at work below,  with what success we have been unable to ascertain, Bed Rock Flumeco'y, Conon co'y,  Butcher co'y, Chittenden co'y. Moorehead co'y,  Fo ley-Eastman co'y and Washburn co'y.  y   ���������; y VALLEY CREEK.  Which empties into Williams at the head  of the,meadows is likely to turnout well; two  companies have been at work prospecting for  some time past on a bench averaging in depth  from 6 to 19 feet; on Friday last one of the  companies washed-up $ 13, the result of two  men's labor for one day; when- everything is  in working order they expect to make wages.  The:creek is extensive and capable of absorbing -a. lai'ge number of miners; We shall  anxiously await further developments from  this quarter.    :'A:yA:''  'DEApW00T> CREEK.  Situated about 2 miles south of Canon creek,  and about 15-miles from Edwards' ranch. A  company of 6 men have been at work for'two  months with sluices and were making small  wages; they are laying a flume by which they  will-be-enabled.:;tot-ground sluice the dirt,  which is from 9 to*I5 feet in depth,, and will  make as they believe an ounce a day to the  handl ; .. ._   L- ���������      BARRY CREEK.  Is situated 4 miles south of the above  named jcreek, and; is from' four to five miles in  length. -Six Chinamen are at work with sluices  !on a portion of this creek and are said to be  making/from 5 to 8 do liars a day; the ground  is froin %:^b 10 feet in dep th.  ���������'"aA/AA ���������[ POVERTY CREEK.   ���������  A Thisi creek^lies/about 6 miles in the rear of  Edwardl'-ranch arid -is about 4 miles long.  Qood:jjfpspects; w^r&found:on it last fall on  high bed rock, y Aq^^^y ^as heen lately  formedrfof^the^piirppse/ of .sinking a shaft;  they are.nqy?^^down 20lieet.and find hard cement and are sanguine, of. striking good pay.  /-fe -;'f,���������/���������  LIGHTNING CREEK.  ' There are about 40 miners distributed over  this creek;prospecting, ;and only two companies that we hear of are taking out any pay.  There are also about: 50 Chinamen working  on various places along/the creek.  GOLP-.COAIMISSIONBPv^ C.QURT..;..  :'     /(^oroTe^iG.c6zyZ^.)A a  .[.'���������yy     y.     , Saturday, 30th June, 1866/  Robert W.'Torrens, by his -attorney, J. K.  Suter,:vs. Geo. Moss.���������This action Was brought  to eject defendant from the possession of onu  half of one full interest or share in the Prairie Flower Co'y belonging to plainliflV       : * .  Mr. Walkem, counsel for defendant, took a  preliminary objection to the case being heard  until plaintiff had given security for the cost:-,  as he was residing in another'colony and beyond the jurisdiction of this Court. / The Cou ri  sustained/therobjection, upon which Mr. Rols-  ertson,  plaihtifl^s counsel, volunteered   tiro  necessary surety.'      ��������� ��������� ���������:; ,..;. ]"���������  It appeared from documents and evidence  adduced that W. A. Browne,,who owned a hall'  share in the Prairie Flower Co'y, executed u"  Bill of Sale of the same, in Victoria last fall,  to E. Chilevich, in trust for plaintiff; that in  May last the said B.Chilovich transferred th<>  same direct to plaintiff; that some time in the  month of November last the defendant jump- ���������  ed the ground on the plea that Torrens waV*  not a free miner; and had since been workin" -  and representing it iu conjunction with a baft  interest he had purelmseu from" the said A. W.  Browne.    It was argued by the defence thar  the transfer by Chilovich to plaintiff was nor  a bona fide transaction, that the Bill of Salt'"  ���������bore o.n-.,its-faoe-th^a5m7$������o?ruL ZUlovl&i Vl  that he owned no interest, and that this tram-.-  fer from Browne to him was against his (C.'s)'  express wish;: it was further alleged by the  defendant that plaintiff had used Chilovich>  License for an illicit purpose with the view to  evade.getting a License himself. After a Ion? "  discussion on< both sides, the Court adjourner.   J  the case for consideration till Monday mortiirij;  Quarz Lode:���������.A short time since, says the  B. C- 'Tribune/.twoCalifornia miners who  were out prospecting in thevvicinity, of Yaloi  discovered a quartz lode which shows pror  mising indicatibiis of silver and copper.   The. .  men commehced'ruhning a tunnel on their  own account, arid/are now in 20 feet    They- ���������  expect to strUce'the.niain lode shortly, as th'fc  indications'areviniproyeing every foot the tun-  nel progresses.    We are surprised the property holders of Yale do not lend a helping hand ���������  to a work the: success of which would redound  so much to the; prosperity of tbe town. ' Somn  specimens from-the croppings have been sent ~  to New Westminscfer for assay.. -  . ..,-.../  BIRTH���������At C������iiieir)Dton, on the 27th ult., the wire,  of Mr Alexander Hardie, of a.soil .������������������������������������ 'yy.  In New:We'stralnstef,''ohthe 18th ult., tho wi'fo of A.  W.'S. Black, Esq," if. D/,- of a daughter.   -.  M -"KT^/H-  WD T LO E i  THE UNDERSIG'^D HAS TRANSFERRED TO MR. ^  . B. VANVOLKENBURGH all Book Debis contract-  ed at the Caraeronton Shop and now unpaid. The shop:  has also been loused; for the room i no ar of tlw season !  to .Mr. Vanvolk<������nborgh, who is fully authorized to collect all the above mentioned debts." '<  EDWARD TOOMEY  June 28th, 1866.    yy ' 16-3ID.-  1STQTICE.  jt&8~ A number of the boys from Cameron-  -tohrpif^'Me ���������Bipress-waggoh-raan a benefit  on Saturday night, by indulging in sundry  drives betwixt the former town and Barkerville at a 2 40 pace, to the enchanting tones  of a superannuated horn.  j^** The public will find it much to their  advantage to call at the store fcrmely occupied by S. Elsasser, Cameron ton, and examine  the quality and prices of the large and well  assorted stock of general merchandise ; consisting in part, viz: Gents' Clothing, Boots,  Shoes, Liquors, Segars and Groceries. The  whole stock must be closed out immediately,  therefpr/e goods are now selling at extremely  low prices,   y *  Quick Trip.���������Mrs. Barnard and family arrived in New York on the 24th June. It is  only twenty-three days since they left Yale.���������  B. C.'Tribune.'  Sixoular Accident���������A singular fatality occurred lately at Clapton North, England, to a  boy named Augustus Leonard, aged 14. A  bell-hanger had bored a hole through the post  of a garden door in order to insert the bell-  wire,, when the deceased, who was within the  garden, unobserved by the workman, supposing he had finished, applied his left eye to the  hole, when the auger was again introduced,  ,and. tbe instrument-entered the deceased's eye, (  RS. E. BROOKS begs to request those whn PTe iv  M debted to her to CALL AND SETTLE THEIR. AC-fe  COUNTS AT ONCE so as to prevent any iurtber trouble  and expense.  Cameron ton. 25th June, 1806. - 16-lra  BUIE  BROS.,  WHOLESALE k  RETAIL  DEALERS IX  LIQUORS,   GROCERIES,  ���������AND���������  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  .BARKERVILLE.    .  XGT A full assortment of Groceries and  Liquors always on band.  H. B. CA  IA  GKREAT   ATTRACTION!  EVERY EVENTING, . .  .       .:  AT TUB  FISHIOi SALOOl,  BARKERVILLE.  LL LOVERS OF THE TERPLSCHOREAN ART airs  invited to cull and enjoy themselves, when ������ hearty  welcome whTbe extended.  S.  .#g- The best of Wines, Liquors and Segars,  and Good Order observed.      ,  1 ...   MARTIN & COOK, Prop'rs.  WAKE   UP   JAKE  ASP  fe  ;  .fe  ������ ' ���������'.  ]������������������:���������  :��������� :������  . ? i.  A  ���������. .(  p9  rf.J  |  I:  '������������������&  hit  h-  m  :|  w  li''  I  u  Barkerrillet B. C,  The old Alpha co'y still continue sinking  and are now down 81 feet, and get a/very fine] perforating..,the -brain .and caueing d^ath  ���������prospect | following day.  KELLY; ;&;FATERSQ^1%^ ���������"  Everything is dob'e in connection,wj^h this Aptablish .....  \faQ j ment to give satisfaction to the cui?t"mers..  W* Moals cat all hours.  'y  ''��������� '-.sir.  'xA  ������������������}'���������'���������:  At is  t fe  fevy-s  m^.^:  To the Editor of the.u Cariboo^ Sbnt^bV:;  Snti���������I noticed in your last, issue a few remarks in relation? to" tbe judgment of phr ^Su:  - preme-Court Judge.: Whatever might appear  -wwngfi'nli'U^  to ariy bias, feeling, :'or prejudice,4 so(far' as  ,t     ��������� English justice is concerned, her; history is;  -'known in every quartor of the "glooe.- ��������� I'-ican-i  tet'think that ,one -holding the poMtibri;.tHat;  our Hon/ Chief 'Justice does 'could!b'e biased*  COLONIALiRESTAURANT.  4      : yy, fe QUESNELMOtyrH,,' _..;../ -Ay A  nttzMa  IS  - by  ariy~ feeling   respecting   col  ���������well  aware   that-England   knows; no ��������� per-  f ^bri^by'Hheir/cdlbfj; indeed ^iWalsi sorry :to  see that such had' been' the stiji'position of  iomeiqh tere^irigiof the arMcletfn^bWL^V  tietnari shouldhave made^^ such^a'difference^iii  hisliberal^istriteutipQ^if it ma^bet^rme-llp)  tt? -partnersatid,copartners\hi\h&sam$niinih'g  gbiincl. ��������� JHe called' itlfriendsMpj^caE^t^ee  how such-an* o veraiglit? occiirre'di ifr iriteriaed  ; to-"\vrdng,*tnyone^ I do;assure^iyou^by taking  ! pro^er^stepsywitlrthe<Ho^?Crbvernm^nt;  that gentleman- will 'rb'e weighed Inthe scales  fcs ma^y fcefo^  #antih&!^  ^ tite;^o^  occasion^thatwroiigMe^beendbne;,,td* me'it  jjeoins1 as tftoiigh^herfe; was ��������� something' rotten'  ' gdifc^where^ &^  ^where/'arid -not be ieoV: astray by the acts of  4fei' *vfe������' Vri \x^n-nift.^^^ex^'Am^''^h't\<'i^tvn\A ^tfn/rfwr  NOTICEIS HEREBY GIVEN THAT,  AMw$MAA&������Mm  A- .will, until further, notice;*; be -kept at they fe ���������j*y  yvvjLIRRAR-YvliN 'CAM^MNidWN; '-  [A.;;,;,��������� p./L;^OHNSO������, Prohrpito^���������;���������,���������'y;  Meals at albhbtirs,A and ^Cooking o������ the best  AAAAy -���������*' - -yA. description,  '-'x - ������������������ Ay;s-'���������*>\.;  Hlffi  ���������yi  ijomm  ';'WHQIiSSAMHA^D^U'yCrv *  d>n*?r r.  AA  ��������� ������ * -r yI-.*Vy  u,,(!^4. v   i'i  F UL T GN, Proprietor.  , ��������� ,,fj,,-,ni-QUESJSrELMOUTH,.'  ,������ ^ yAiy-K  /BROTOT:^ GILIilS, ���������BROPRiBTORs^^fe  >d Beds jiRestaurant ;^ Billiard Table^&cY  fit ;   Stabling forHorses, Hay and Oats. ���������*&y': -i$ ���������������;-!  ���������iJ*"- Hi  ,r^,fe���������:-^..  /#.*  There is nodistiilerykep  fe y arid strychnine and rot-gut find ho place hero, y 2  ��������� fe.-ife-ffet-.fe, lfe?fei^v.:fe.fefe'i fe������������������:������������������-��������� ���������:-'i?:-;.,'.-.>l?il'.{j fl,V-5f' ��������� ������������������������������������"fe- ���������    ���������  Best Billiard Tables on ttoe Greekj the LiquOYs  ,. A A-..-< and Cigars are of the finest quality. :^   ; 9 ;  ^qiRpp & quichon,;  <    Old -Established - General ' Stqhk, '  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE"% ��������� COMl&i  j   ./AA:^JSION MEH^ "'  &d;--Terxhs most Moderate.  ���������i<i '"������������������  QUESNELMOUTH,  .-.--a*  few :*!  fe.-v?- u.^^tir) E?i?������?pBMi^.-o^|;;;;^y  fifogiMrifcj^  & JMPthinft0G|^^^5^ H������ti  T-'^fe**> ^A '^^JfiW Qpoiiar.^- Wl������  ^^Receive-regular Supplies by^^xpretetfcW^h  'by8ailingi.ye8seirvi#&p46rnfefffe  ^5-^S^arUculur^ttehtion^venWanbrd^  ^^ndonjFirm^ ff^^ALL^^^|)  o'7?3;o*? ^r^S',i^uo-fe;,ua:^''i^?v^:;  WIBBI^iZ^WERpeilertSi)^  r oiNfis and Chemicals, Fancy and ToUe^ -1  S|iange^.^Brush^;^p^rum%i^  scriptipns;care)^lly?compounded>'and^rdS  wUb,9areiand.mSpa^h^,Vk^a>^  yr  M  -ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &d-^  ���������:i;-ii  inginto he������ colonies1 the proper -persons tb'ad-  .. ��������� "������������������ *v I ri tb*- a'*������-iTOri ������1 i a "K i 1 a'tir ioVsVI: ",'i ri atiP.H'4 t.ft '''P.fJfth JftTi Irl''  A    y' minister English law and "justices to each arid  everyone1 without prejudice or7 malice/   In a  .high and'noble mindfjthere seldorn;occurs1 a;  derelictkHrof duty, yejb there may bera,Judas  in this affair, H,nd Mm, we will Sad it out. :' I  Sopb.for'the- future, ."any person," or '.persons  wnfiriff'in relation to   wrongs will leave out  : .> o    | \    <y w -RICHFIELD.   - " -    *��������������� >A :r- -  '        yA ^y   MESOBANTS'ASlii-DKALBBS Wj���������    .   "^J.-1 ,'. *  PRoyisioNB^ ^c^fira^  BOYD &;HEATH, Proprietors;u;;;^  npHIS HOUSE is situated Smiles fTom Ojucsnelniio-ath?  Jt::Thet proprietors' hAvlngJ lately flU'ed^upT'bedrooms  and good Beds are now/prepared to afTord every accommodation for,Travellers; the ^Table is furnished w ith all  ttte luxuries;that 'cain bis prqcurisd;7the Bar[&-well 'sjajfc-  plibd'wittt tfreibest' b'rands5 of Liquors iin'd Segars --good  Stablingf Hay, Oats and Barley";    jg������������ The CHEAPEST  ry-  .-('.'���������������  POENEK  ^;;-PATTRI^K^L ���������,^,   ?JA- {Ri [B0^ERT8OT^Mike ahi-Strf^r  Charity and-Butter, Government f"imm  rBe^r^D'titnr'l&or$'d.';"' -^ ���������  '*^S������'!������^r/*������*^*.>*^-A������-^;* *,��������� -^v  fT^Iitfiff.  W:fe ::"fe ,fe!-fe "^-fe    ^UjU..U". Ti- -  '^^���������fe^  ������S-"?.H'li  iS'-fJUS r-j  y* '-'vr'r.i. ���������-���������:''",y^.':j  ���������t������?  fe:.  f������?  ^': '/McLEESE ���������;&, SE^NYj'. Pi^|tora,?iy"?  House:, There is Good-Meals; Good Beds; Stabling  forHorses; Barley^ O^ts'and HayyT ^y fe^*; '"* Mi-A1-*  JAY ^ UO.'������Fort Street* VictoVlirFF  tl GardenrandxPield Seeds ������uarab teed!���������'"���������HaVeL  *: cafefally/ iselecteug sioc'lciioqthe above from ������  i  SfeOPEN,  r?.  ' th at needs no jSucti inqu iry; :��������� J  .colony or any other of Her'Majesty ^'colonies  '-.-fefe-fe-:,--��������������������������������������������� ..���������i-1'fe-.-rfe'- .'yi::^''"y^ y'-:.-Xi--\yx.a;;y.: i'3-fe*^V! i-'���������'-��������� fefe i;i ';.'''!! .-'ft-.'i-  i all persons; complying.with the laws are equtal,  apart from any prejudice whatever.; therefore  it is' unnecessary to speak of -"cblored: persons.  ; *J>iVmmm^JrL*^A&i������: ^A^MiyAy? ������^A?!MA^  this case'the -gentleman may' not.be accused  "of/acting-as a Judge, only.Wa friend' to both  parties,itis-for ihe peoplelo judge of thatfriend  .-!   Will leave SODA CRE^K  ;v 'MONDAY' & ^THURSDAY' MORNINGS, ���������  j -;.; a r  ;,. ': ,4;at dayligh't;       ;     ; - ;;.������  ' ^������ V    ^ ��������� !' WiUleay������feQUESNEL,, ���������',   ,   . :i  iW^NESKAY &-SA;T1^^  jy J O'CLOCK, :'      y/A  M  Connecting at Soda; Creek witb' Barnard's Staofs on  ,i'A /Wednesday's 'trip rtjpwai arid^ Thursdaj^strip upci,/  s  ?R-THE yACCOMMODATXCWf; pFfeTHK  L Travelling jpublic;"the bedrooms are'sspacious and'  airyrind the Beds cannot be .surpassed for ck^aaiiness  and comforts by ������a"oy>in t^ie lp\^er;couptryi*^l'liie Tfrbje is  ticular att^ntifin Is palled to tiieir large ;stoc*feof  Clover 'an'd OnldnJ-rSeed#>4df -iVeryi. saperior^l  ''E3miJt-^^.^^-^������litBuahe^J fivergreensl-- ahrub^G.  house and Garden Plants, Standard and Dffajf i  of every variety.   Catalogues on application?"  however.we must come to the"point._"Does.it  seein tobe commonrsense^to^et aside" a "pro-  _.__._ p0saj ma^e -jjy ar%woVnsjuS^^to idiyide- a-fcer-.  tain^.pjepe^of .mining, .groun^e^.^U^biB't^eQh:  two'c^nji���������^ing'parti^ same:  person to make a i3iyjsiQJ|!'^ certain parties  and leave! out certain other parties in the Davis  co'y?  ;It does not seem to me' xq be justice,  and tojal^whomnita^oes Uot^jthey tavei/iight  to complain.   J was pleased to see the J good  feeling tha% was manifested -to wards-Judge  Cox, we have -proved "Jnpn^nyyihstances his  firraneBs and justice in bis^flScial capacity.  J now speak in relation to^be-Hremarksrmade;  byjLaumeister;' some of -thera' might be^ con-  : sidered liberal^brie remarl^however I bonsF  .-der^rmuch out of place,;thatjis, ^&ese da^es  shall tave their poHi������n^out pOf^:m^-^art,^  which word (darities I mean^ s^hould^not be  used by any gentleman;   '1 congratulate the  people-of Mlliams creefcimiichi in-their selec-  tion-, of Mr.vLaumeister to? go below for. the  purpose p^calling upon the G^ern^r,J much  haste; has been;: displayed <i must confess; but  y    IjILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS..  BENNIS VMIJRPHir;iPrbxmetbr;������ ^  Is furnished with;every convenience for tbe cdtil  Tort- ^f Travellers; the ,Cul jnary departmentA is .}jnder  the superintendence of;an experienced cook; "theBeds  are'clean and comfortable j the Bar contains the best'  of Liquors, Segars,r&c. s Sta,bling;f Hay; Barley & Oats.  ryy.yy y.,T.A  .'.yr,.,,,  r - -.   y> ������������������   y ,. yyj Hr'Mfi vyA  -    BLUE ^ TENT   RANCH?  'li'i'i-1\,  THE l^DERSfGNEp are-ne?v mannfacturing^LOUR  f of .all grades:., Extra, Superfinefeand Fine. ������������������< Food*  Cru'sned" to-order/' '������������������-  !"  '" '.���������-���������������"'   - 'fe, A> - *    ���������  feU.<---:-  'jfes;-  'LIIiLOOET FLOUR>MILL Ct>.,'fe  '  . ������������������',; > ��������� iy rrys .> '��������� ������F.. Wi- OFosTEB^-AgentJ  . f begs to inform his friend's'  ^- and tbe travelling ��������� public gdherally'that/he'nas  taken the ;aboye Ranch and is prepared to supply them  with F^rsi \Class 'Accommodationyr"Goo"d Stabling "for  horses; Hay anjd 6rairi.;;v , ':* AA. AA'AA,;tl-'" Jl-s'"  ^j^lSrge^tock^bt^^,, ,_..t3 .,-���������.������������������ltullIKj���������  best1 description always- 6n'hahd> also; Nanaimd'&I  lish j vBlacksmitbiand ^.Cannei.��������� jCoalv"'' v-OrdeH -r-'  Onion Wharf, - yictorla,,yFvi.fe will receive imE  attention.-:''"  i'"x Ayy r-^-r ��������� .-^---"'"r \;yy?;\  ft ENTl������K������S>bbt^  VfT ment St, Victoria; Vi I;, oppoaitgjRoiel te$jA  jViewsot Cariboo and Scenery throughout OdttHjl  umbiaj Includtngvlew^^f therouie to,Bl|^efllslfnj  ion^band. aNtberalg&)SMym A miMyyAm  H^:'';ffiB^;fe:,fci^1^LLi IniportiiffS  rSEIiLKRS ?'&* STATIONERS/constantly %M^  -ireceiyingsfrpm^jbest-fiOur^^ejiSc^pol^StH  iCellaneoua^^c^ksii'and-f Stapleyahd^Fa^cvSlatiogt^  "all 1 ts .i Bran ches'fe- 'Carrier Yates feand! 'lADgW.m  ]VlciOT7tf;'Yafrco^  ftjl fePlCWHEA^-:^xi^  HXimiVictoria, V. L, opposite Bee Hive Hotel,"iffftj  Isprepared. torsupplx'bisrnumerous patroBSwiti ml  till  it  xhol  ^Ger  ���������fe-'':  WM; SANSON,  iotor.  d:^a, Mclean^  npHOMtAS WlXiSONm G6.jM$ttmd*  lX-ajsh;Merchandize^ whojesale) andijretail.dealfn}  IliRy^GooDS,',&c.,vY4tcs Street,rYJc^rjary^I.iOiiJ|i  aft^r lafctu ner:n^x ^c^#i���������c^tr^'^!^  Bank of British Columbia*  EDWIN  N.DRY-.GQC  A/.:.,Gapsj; Bootsraind Shoes;' Carpetings,' Gil :-;Cioths,'.  Wall Papery &i,, XiUo^tj^B. V.J >, ��������� \ - : 1-s  '|AEAL^.^:i>RY;^GQpp^  :;:y*Lhopo^ej^wilI not be^disappointed in the se������  iectiori"67Meir������dslegates.M   V.J,-' AA B ^���������L.L.  i^*We would calKjhejatteniion of those  having goods oiv otherrcommpdities fe���������; move  between the different towns;:on the creek to.  Mr. Ei G. Wilmotfe,"who has-;a-Horse and Dray  ready at the shortest notice to execute.any  ,. ,, ULLQOET    BRfeWERY,   "  '  TACQBJv MILTZi; Proprietor j- has always' on  O harid a largeand/superier ��������� stock; !<if * Lager Beer;', at  ther Bar will ^egfonhd ;t"^^bestiBrandlesj: Wines and1  Segars;' the public are invited to.call.   ..Prepared to fill  all orders promptly^; * ���������   ; ".   ��������� lLs ;  THIS HOTEL IS; LARGE AND; WELL ,FITTEB; UF;  A for the cpmfort' of ..travelers;'.; the \ Table is. supplied;  witllK,the, best of :evejythingAipxati nan ��������� be prbcjirct^' anil"  the cooking is riot inferior to any on tbe road "jlBed rooms'  for:families; jStebling^fiayvvBariey and tOatsi Axtem A  SPELMAN- ��������� and ��������� McKENZIE, Proprietors.  . This House .is well ^tted up; with .Good Becls arid  the Bar is furnished with.the best;.Liqubrs0  served at all hours on'thb^R,estaurant principle; Stabling for: Horses^ Horse Feed,?&c..; -     -A-l*s  A A IiBBRT CRYSLER1^^ has npenedr the ab'6vei House for  JnL.'tliff reception;of Travellers j .the Tablets well kept  and;the .Liquors: cannot\ be, surpassed -ji,the3eds are,  clean.and, comfortable.   Stabling for Horses' Hay and  Oats; **������������������-; "-^ :-' - y,'     kr A f 'A: ���������>'"* "   l* ��������� \ l-h y&   ;  "     '   - ..MA-  --fe- -' -   y*ys*r?$y^  ^OTEL^D"&feFRANiZ������  ; IO.'. Bigne;an������,PIebbb "MAKOiPr/^Pro^rietors^ .-.T������l  taurant is supplied^^^with.allthe,delicacies^e "^  affotfls.v_In thenar .will be'found .the.cboicest Ufi  Furaished"Rpoipsy^&cI ��������� 'A:': '���������% "-/"'"���������'  1  .tiv.'.'i. '������������������������������������  EUG-ENE THOMAS, Yates street,^  Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINES, BRAN&  BEERS;?-and LIQUORS;arid'?:depoffb^RavawSefl  Goods vi-pij^rd^j $^  *'��������� i:FR ANKEIi; JVic6Jria^ Y^L^; dealer in ft  Hi-i-:;SkiNS,J HmES^Woot,^.! ��������������������������� -liberal adyatws J  on, Furs consigned, yReference���������G^Sutro&>������i������t(  borg;&Ruelf, Victoria,-Y. ii;<  tfV^������������i-  atts  ���������que  y:rm;iEei  MAi*m-nnd  /be'i  gfftmp,t!  tthej  iheai  ^is'e1  iwttl  4nip  JJfP  iuria  JAMES HURONVfeProprietor;A This' commodi-:  /������us Hotel is ;wiell fitted up .with every, converirerice  for the comfort of .the public-, the "Beds arc all that:'a''  weary traveller could desire; the!'TableIs supplied" With  the,best of,fare; the Bar contains the; choicest brands^  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed. Oats,.  B^tiyA&vAiAAAMA AAA"--.y -'���������"'" / ',;fe ' :'. "i^:" ���������  Pioneer HotelT--LilIooet,  stHAElL.ESJNELSbN, Proprietor.  'This o!  j established House- is well fitted, up for the! comfo  of Travellers; the Table is supplied with,the :best of  RSV HEIN,  MlLLJNER & DKES3, .MA^B, W  _ ment Street, iVictbria, Y; ���������fi^-Allkindsof SiH������  on.%f;lat^t?:style.!kep^ons,tari^  from the country punctually, attended Uh ��������������� yy^.  pETEB^^McQUADE^ SHip' OHandif- a  r.fdealerin Paints,'0U>, ahd.Window^IaK;' ^  : on. hari'dr^a; largeitock. of .Rope and Can iff&: ��������� '^  ���������street^lVi(?|orid, ^vpAAy 'AA, AAAAuA-iilM  t       . --, ���������������������������/.-       fe,     *.,.    ..-. ���������- .^everything that can be had, and the cooking is riot fn-'  orders he may 1>,0 favored With,. at very rea- feridr to the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms'  for Families j Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed,.&c.  The Express stops.here.        ' '." . 1-s  eonable rates.  'j������* If you want to save money get your  Newspapers .'and Magazines from G. 0. Clark-  son & Co., Booksellers, Stationers and News  Agents, New Westminster, w;h'6 forward papers  by.maii.or express to all parts of tbe Colony  ^*If you want good 0bffee."use Fel^si  PORT D0,UGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.  LORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor.: This house  . affords every accommodation, for the comfort of  Tnivellers; the Table is furnished with all the delicacies'  of the season, and the Bar is-stocked with tho chbiccBt;  or Wines, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and pats constantly on hand at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap.   V lis A  TAI ��������� SOONG- >teCO.\.' Commiasion^erc^ME  I ...pfirlers. and'Peals^s ta/C.biuese <^.od^;W>^ra  Opium; Nut Oil. Provisions, kci, CormorantStW ^  foria,.-vVI,;*. A >;*'-,-,-..y ��������� AAy:.yyryyy^^K  MACDONALD'S    HOTEL,  ,AM. MACBONAXiB, Proprietor. Miners and  ,tt   others" destined for the "Bridge River Mines "will  find1 every convenience' and accommodation afforded  them.   Good Beds and a Table well supplied with all  the delicacies of the season. 1-s  ���������   ���������:.BARKBRVIL,LE, = .;.;.  MISS: !FHURBER & MR. LAWLESS, Propers  THIS HOUSE HAS BEEN NBWLt FITTED UP ON  the Restaurant principle.with a view.to the.comfort  of the public, arid" will be conducted in ^a^manrier to  ensure the satisfaction ontbose~^ho are dispbsecl-to  f*vor the proprietors with thei&patronage.  Moate at aU Hours. rG-ood .3Beds. -  ^������The' Bar is furnisbod with ^the-be8t selection of  Lfqitt^rssad Segars. ;. yA-..:������������������.'*.���������;��������� A- '2  ri L. SMITH & CO., Proprietors. This House is  " vT������ well fitted up for the accomuiodat-ion of Travel-'  lers to the Bridge-River.Mines. Good Beds,:Stftbling  for-Hprees. Horse Feed, &c. A Stage runs twice a week  >between'this house and Port Douglas on the "arrival of  the steamers from below arid connects with the Lake  I&ats for Liilooet.' ;     ...   - ; ;i.s  The  Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN & JPARKE, Proprietors, at the  JO Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend: Roads, Isi  now open for the accommodation of tho public. ��������� Bis-  tance irom Clinton? 26 miles;. from Savanas Steamboat  Landing, 22 miles; from Spence's Bridge, 30 miles;  Iravellcrs will find prices and' accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling. Hay *& Grain;  attentive hostlers.. Stage leaves herelwicc.a week for  Big Bend and vale, and once a week" for Cariboo     i-s  WILSON' &mffi&2ftA WnSJi  Wli������A.SpirH:Men^nl8/BakoW'frOoflW'-������8  Fort Street, ^ictoriaiV-X     '  Qf,bRBORG& RTJEFF, Cbm^si^gl  O CHANTS, Wholesale Dealers In f^oczw^n u������  sions, BoofsA S^iss, Wharf street.  fi RELLEY .&?: FITERRK, }^frLtm  l^;.sale Dealers in Wines, Spirits and W ls |  Victofia,;V. Hi     A   ��������� .:., -,!fe_i_U^--:l  COHEN &! HOFFMAN,  HENRY   SCHORtlNQ;     ^  : -AAAA^y 7���������������������������'*��������� '���������VA$:wimmy'AAA'' "������������������"; "'���������' 'A:  Dealer in ailkiads of PronsfoasVCibthiiig, &$:  &$r Stabling for Horses; H^yj' Bsrlfty and'-'Oatu ,������!-  ?riys on hand. " 1-s  DEALERS IN  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  ���������A T. THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE,, half-way between  ������\. Sp^mce's Bridge and Clinton,, on the Yale Route,.  Travellers will And Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, Milk*  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and -cheapTeed, fe 1-s  CPROAT; & 0O.,:(late Aad^w������'-*^(vicw*l  O and Commission Merchants,$ btoraMW .-^-m  ri- -sutro &������������������ co:; ���������^j^^i^^^M  VT.fe CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum FW    [ J ^  corner of vates apd-Wbarfstreet,;Yictpn^^^ Eg  ��������� ner of Yates and Go yerana^jj-f^I-^r^' g  BIERCE & Sl^MOTO^alers-in &% |  1   Fubfituke,. Broad. Street,. Y igogjj^ii^ II  '   "'BABKBRVrL-L'B.-""     fe'.  A large fttipply of Ladies} Goods on the wavr  HICK'S   HOTEL, I  TTTTON S^UAHEj.iSewWqsixniR&ex&Ci  Jj:npw occupied by W. E. STEIN. The above fav.  orably known house is now ojen to the public; the Bar  is constantly supplied with the ehoicest brands oi  Liquors ana" Sagars. B  T1AIRE & ORANCINI, V**Z*%1   M  T[ENBERSON, and- BUBNABY, *jE* . A fc  11:Wharf &t*eel, Vletorta,. Y. I.., ���������, ^jjji^^^M  T EWIS LE^Clotl^"^^^ M  h opposite the Sa-nk.qt Brman..?fo^h^^^^^  Tf MALLANDAINE,CO^ECTOR *^g^I**W  '. ��������� ess;  M  a Am  mort  ���������pleas  and i  meet  ed ai  whil������


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