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The Cariboo Sentinel 1868-07-02

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 *'������  mesmsn  ������*wn*~rr  BEr-Vfe" ���������"    ~7 ���������^^fefe'T -f  '''1"tl "-fey  '���������'"';";;;��������� fe-' . ; ��������� ���������-   -yx  Ay-y-.      y  ,  :y.  Wit'Myy fe' yy'yyiy I Mr  , t'-y '  AAA  'ilti&'M'Z*-}.  iA^i\M&������M������^<A{  : A'M^imW?"^  'fe: 'i>i'ii";GSyi .'i''1' I- *i'  'V&.  iff^v, ;Oi&hoo; .^entinel,"  lubioriptioii,'?! per "S^k;  -Barkeryilley Wffl^^ 2^/1868! A:  assert his.pviyUeg{^i? as .the;owner of the soil,  to an extreme extent, andrhave thus raised,  AM ^w���������    ,,,.., i n the -bosoms of his/tenants, virulictive . paV  m'l."-"-i 1$-- Vidi&whicliA^ gratified  The fact of ;tlio murder is undisputed.   'Th  'details1*^ cannot makeube leading features lei  l^spi   Such  nity.  he  ....,---._ .,,.,ir... _7.....v^  repulsive tbao tii [  first appeared.,. Nothing,  of course',  can'Jfe&ysc   '.eh barbarity.   It is;  -.fey    .jbunsoi-Apt*"*** t������ *-t     ^.;    ...    fe,,,..     j infact; n natioiib-i'������Jrimity.-  Every Irishman  /' inlik.'cost.ef^eli^^fel^r,foM?y fofeffl;^-^^^ th$^$\ftiT$M hi^cpuntiry  ;! ;   ' ���������-^- ;:>.     ��������� ��������� ,K,Vvrt 'v    "' ��������� *" | unff lerttoWfor its reputation throughout the  fH^>$CA^.0Q;^W?.vK?W>     Aa. ;world-cannot but"feel'humiliated and sad.  is/really:i o^cur^^^So /long, us'they, cpntiuuv,  jwtfj'can ifi^ i iroarii^ of our civ-  i \mi t io 11 ^pT |tlielyi rtiiesjo f ;\thc::'poQr. y It 'Mi a  ; mocker jj^ a "rcligio jis j'eouu try.  : wliUS-m^^^^ to ������olmb.iub together  to pOfj^t^te/Bablv ileec j s, a rid the/peasan riiy'jbf  a count r y-s i d ecu n c o in b \hq[ toge t6;er.; to sc rccn  the r mu rderers; ft*om the pursuit of justice  iTKis is inttrd^^iistardiy coid-jblooi^  ^er^^iu^n^thii/if fgi^ef ^^������cn;;-crimes - the.  peopiepi it/notliiiig A they stiller miich.; %h.$e  ?Mi A 'xiioy'uuviuyMyM 7fr~A A ��������� A%,='--  j/ffiSrtrw* OnmmebudTyp., pecuharly satttd  ���������Posters, Circulars;������aTds;. iM.';,,  ,^iIlheads,-PrOgrammes for  Balls,-Concerts, ana������������������., yr^yyx^..y  *iit fd Ritlt neatness ������m������i despatch, rj>? *������������������- *>������    yy yy  ; 6,CQtS|(Mf^ AL H OT El~r  y yv-'    fe/;'':;   luHSNELMOUTH,,"-; . ,   ''  BROWN & GILLIS, ;PnorRiETOiw.     ���������  Good Beds;^^stauraiit; Billiard Table, &c  , .fe-; ^ rfeSt.Mldijigror,HorseH,,Hay and Oats, "y   ���������":''  '   May 1; 1,869.^ ^-' ^ ' i(/      t.:r-'^   6m ;.  TS /OPEN;i FOR, THE /XCC0*iijlbBATION ?OF ?HK  :L Travelling public jU he. bedroornsv a ro; j*pacioiis aiid  ai u'l corn fort by a'tiy t ii tlio lower conn t ry; ������������������: the.,T������ ble is  a Hva y.|i suppl j oil with.' the bi>g t o f vlctua Is.'/ . SUibl ing  I'or Horses ��������� Hay, Oats and Uarley coustuntly on hand.  Muv i; 1808. .::.������������������ ry yyAMy. - ������������������.., 6mfe,  *~>/ " Mi^-'ir. "^^^^^^ "W^J^W^mm'M^ -.enterp-nso.; -they -driva  TflB i!sS^iS'^^9^P^a.^^^'11' capiuil from the country;. they encourage ail  ������������������'   T rwjTE^N^dF^ESTMEATH.      ..'*' the"- evils ..of. absenteeism.;  they would perp$*  .,yy'1J������lJVx.~x.      ��������� -',������������������; .v -,.������,,���������   ���������    , :.v-fe:..:fe,. -...��������������������������� ���������......., ; .���������..���������* .a- fefe^i.,,fefefevfe;_-.-fe:y,_fe_ ; j..���������w,,:.. ���������=..  Anvtk,.u������ii:  , ,    ���������>     (Kbrthcrn Whig j April: IS.)    .  \ ^  As we anticipated tjvojda^s agoj the wet,;  comogiveii:to the prince and, Princess^Of  Wales in Diibliu was at once taken by some  of the Irish"Tory organs, to prove that .Ireland  -was in a "most siitisfactoi^ cpiidi tipny I he  day was fine ;- Dublin appeared gay andpic^  iiiresque ;?tbe-people were delighted, at .the  /amval"oftheRoyal;pair ; and on all;.uder8j  ���������there were* evidences,;of content, ��������� prosperity.:  ���������and progress. *k If the''agitators would only;  letIrelandalorie/'everything would be^well.  Those words,-which were uttered soon -after  ihe pjissin'g' of, the Reform Act - o'kAS_?2.  irere accpniinglyfe repeated -in. some of the  cooimerits of ttie-Tory, journal anxious fo  assume that alb'things, iff Ireland, and ' especially the'Church  and tbe land-systems.-arc  ���������Amt^^)k^mdh&0-/^ iy^^M^ ^j;  ^ieT^pear^nOre -joyous: and: happ3^^-per#  ��������� wcrti Uierindications of/political disaffectidu  anil social disorganization?   ' / ;.: :  v "It scented; ho we ver, that at; that very ^tim.ei  ���������when' these-;observers saw nothing but %oqd  in the condition of their country, a Depu ty-  Lieutonant "of./ Westmeath, and " a large  landed proprieto iff -was /returning frpm the  brilliantv rece'ption ���������*;:of: theVreprc^cntaUycb ^bf  tua'te-niisery; anarchy, despair. On/the brilliant skv ot last H'ednesday night there was  then a blood-red tinge. We were to be; r^  minded, even when everything appeared; so  joyous andhappynhat,,there ^yaaa^firk-.bacl*-  ground'' where - in rked Murder���������stealthily,  cowardly.- Disaffection did not show: itself;  treason was no where.to be seen ; Fenianisni;  seemed'but a mime. The evil which the as-  sassinalioir'of Mr Featherstone-ilaagh indicated ~rjs not so much political as social; it  waan gangrene, corrupting, destroying,>at-  vitro- the life of a people away,.; Is its cure,  -however beyond the powers of .State surgeryA  To admit this would be to say very Httleyior  :';.: - .     ���������  .      LYTTON, 15.C,      ' ' ]: /   'mA  riUIE PUBLIC ARE USSVRCtFULLY .IXFORMKl)  JLr. ib'ikt' thev above - H(xtel \������ nowaiiien far-tlio accam:,  ^o'ftatliiftvQf^:t?iv,eiicrs.';.Onb pVrih^^MGOokHiI������ the  count rv; j^ii^Sjjwi'i^ t^hMi^0)i.is| jni m ii M^.^S.?/:  \h supplied iwith .jCychbice' assortmontof /^VJaes aji'l;  "Liquurri.''|fe!'fe/ ���������'��������������������������� A A'-' '" ' -"?'. [ 'TA' ���������������������������- i 'fey ".  '--.:- Th c: uuti eV?f gnecDwould; also ��������� iwiiiounce th.'itattflchea  to the Hotel heTiiis aii extensive;Jiivery Stfibl^VSattU^  Horses;for hire at moderate rates;/- :Hay anU,; pats ft>r  sale cheap/ -fe- ; ,-��������� "- ���������*��������� fe".. y " .������-*'������������������ '= A y ��������� An"iy ��������� i:'  ���������'"   - (   ��������� ,, , . ..  ' W: "MoWHA k vo.y <-y'^  fetnyWGm 4      lA Mr A A   :' -   '��������� ' 'l*������������Br,.^.rt:-/  CLINTdW/Ha^  ]/ , ' Clinton'City,:  ' J> bdrt-isii i columb^a.  ���������THE SUBSCRIBERS, TOR MANY YEARS PRO-  X priotorsof tho T,wi������nly-Ni'ne Mile Jl\\y - Doughy  Portage, hcgto^ :Hihiotihcelthat hay tug; pur chase d th������'  Clinton Hotel uroperiyi tlfey. ftre }prepar^fet9;^ffgrj.  excellent- accommodation,to theit iravelling 'public  TglMit thiswpnia/p^  gtatesinanship".   Witn 'this evil,, tne^scnooi- ^r wJll^:m^ tivochoicenljqtwrsi      j- .  mast >v *nd the priest can also do much ; nay, Ampk! stahliug tor aniniiil*, *vft the host or fcoa  we are ii.omid>'add;ihat they arcdoing,;and     ���������������'  /tfiaVljieY/luivj al read)' "done ranch.   Agrarian  asawaSi&tioiVi which waa.piicq.so^ojjpMj^aa-,  TnUc^lfttSrUin?^, l/e/c'ojiie l^ss /.nd Impe-  ouent' ?Tf ia Aotiks years since the-Uzl of'these  &tal acta, was committed.   The  practice  is  MduaUy.dviriff.oiit.   Itjs/to,,be hppjcd that  &V&tetlftiatt&^  tbeir tcnauteare established, and the rights of  each are/fecegiiiscd by the State, wejmay tee,  this evil thdmugiily extirpat^. Xfte^ast  melancholy occurrdttce ought to be aiiindjice-  cnhstantly on ha ml.  AIM ~p]elid!d . Bedrooin*,  and ���������/the  hest W  -' -- : y. y-'r, ��������� Mr MM /:vi.fei'garH.*^ '"""" '"""  Mayl, IS6S.     , A.  s|/lM;l I M&  ^5?*6|  A T ; ]������   S OJJ C/ E | A / 0 L |gi  Barkerville, 1 it ������Iaj , 1868.  ro������^Bngnn^  bM:rail%>to.;theM���������lUng^  ba/abahd^ing:ttec^^  savagery. " *;;'-    -       >u.j ." ': ..:'.fe:    . . *���������;  ?'#rt^:Cox^  examolussofi the d seasc b^inB; ^rongh^i^P  ceriameuj-.-iu..^v.u.^"MV.- ^~'^- ������������������t^:Vr,������;l:tn ���������form  K^,S,fSS'SSfe^|  jTcnernl   belier.     i,J>',,���������_������������������..- oa ���������ViBt ncr  vvvherc, as nsual. his con veyancb/;was waiting  to take hini toiiisresidenbpf;BracUiyuGiistlei?  some four mifeiifrom'4h% yillage ;o f Ivi Htic.auj  .which is itself soraefw  ^arH About ybalj^ast inina.^  n esd ay: n ig h t, when: the illii m in. a ti ons w ere  ..brightest;^  GirhWiearteti 'mmtltude'Ywas/' crowding/ the  streets, dejighted; withj the i*: day?s 'proceed?  i rigg," a nd. w hen thqA el ec trie ] tel egrap h' r was  transmitting   the  pleasing inforina'iion. that  : tveverything.. was remarkabiy; peacefuL and  "happy,v %\r./Featbcratohe^Haug^.-was cross-  ring ajoncly tract of country / between. KiUu-  v/can: and/ Bractlyiv- Castle.^-" In   thisv wild  region���������hot, we believc/ fifty miIes from the  ;.��������� niekopolis he had left behind hint /two /hoiu^  /-before-Uhjs geiitieraan was dragged frpiii������������������; his  . <trap by a band of men/who lay, in Wait for  ���������h i m, an d d el i b era tel y m'urderc d. . The asVai l-  .   ants were armed with guns.   Several shots  :��������� were fire d at  th is De put y*L i e u tc ri ant and  landed proprietors body, and the eflecfc was,  as it was intended  to   be,  instantaneously  fatal.   Such are the leading incidents;of this  ���������ternble tragedy.   rJhere were -"deliberation,  'design, and co-operation.   As soon   as   the  daad was done the band of assassins  dis-  ���������'.persed, leaving the servant whom they.ybad  not attempted to harm, to put  his   masters  dead body in the carriage and drive it home,  we, roust wait/ until the full details arc revived before we attempt to pronounce coh-  ���������'���������Wentty on the reasons which induced a number of men in a presumedly civilized country  to commit so  shocking an outrage.   It is  ���������clear, however, that the object was <not plunder.  There does not appear to -have  been  ajy robbery committed \ and -tho impunity  ot the servant shows that the act was not. in-  mscnminate,  but personal.   Tbe first te.ie-  ���������gram spoke of "evictions" as the impelling  motive  of. the  assassius, and the next <*of  agragnan causes."   There seems, therefore,  ���������only too much ground for believing that we   ^^.Sf^moreoneof those terrible crimes ^nonorv, ������n.nr wi.n������������ ������������������;;;*  ^mmuted against a  landlord   who  might WhStrwmVMyGuj������p^h>.'i-���������  JlSW!y or wrongly have been supposed to J   >KV h 15^-  GREAT REDACTION I- " ���������  '    itcLEKSE &.SENAY     ' * C PR) 1',(''" '  T>EG*Tb RETURN THANKS TO THLEta- PATRONS  BiorthoWtVand'iivordci to ������������n tue times >hcy  have' reduced the scale of pi ices, ,-iz.:"  rini^s so as to el vo nr.st-.class *cepmmona.iiua yuy^  SiJt^^.loepln^aepnrcments, they hop. to megt  f-AtSRarwillaivvaysbefo       A^m .ic -brands  '^^li^^SSk t? * ^ bn.tlcr; ancl  sup|)l&ith the bes't provendt������r or tha  oui������r, y. ^  ��������� ' May 1,vlSCS.   .���������-., --. ..]���������  - '- A'yry- ������������������ -������������������.-.,������������������>:-���������-". '-��������� ������������������������������������������������������'������������������:  :rrHE^S0ERiEiff^  ri umerous'f ri en'ijH'  EXCHANGE  HOTEL,  :.y-y SODA CREEK, B. C.  grives is mistaken  ^|USlSwlS^  to iffofd every ac  I5���������EEsS^fe?=i:  best provender of alt kinds. '  .*. > f  nuv' condnclytf  to the comfert ofrman ^'^^S ^5oWer?t6 k*":  ,ho proprietorial *^  hro Ulflrt^Upn to alt who .m^^!f ^^ES &.PQ.^  mvlfiwi  A. G. CAMPBELL,   y  VS CmV ON THE WAY i"tO������ VTCW1HA 0^  HARDWARE  yan Yolkenh-argh  B public t*ASl   ������������^i  in o! wii'loh-will bo, ������;������^W\:St������iHy WMK&S,  ^cua^tothum.    22)1868. ���������  y;m������  -.��������������������������� p?i.ykorVtllCv-P'>^^y/fe������!fe^^i  niroBTEBSAW  .,cS.8.^,-i"^:i,jLi:',D"a?  'v'.fe.;  vli.liTL'.|-.'-.t.'f.fc  5*^i^i#i  M.   i^^ yA  ^MA^��������� X-   -������������������  .       ''-^ . AnM Birkeryilie^ 'Williaifer'Greek, ^;fe^*^^aif ,���������: July 2, 1868.  _.i__^. ;_.~>    .-^rp.      __^-yry., ,.   y^---fe~yyy ,,...., _ ,. '.     ....   ;;   .     ���������r^-^^-^--���������---.������������������        ..     ..���������r^^"rT~~-~~r:r"  pas  : sfiMW^pAPE^fe^  ;l>������������t?\i7vv^^^ Tl^^fco^thb murder is undisputed.-The  ���������  ROBpRT^piiLUW At Iaa i������������ii   y��������� -     . details ��������� cannot makeihe leading featnresaess  'AyJ^^aviCfcB^ WiaiAiirCnBp, Catudoo'; repulsive than they first appeared., Nothing,  ,Orrtcs,.,....;-;ty^u'-ii; ,iA;;;g^'g\.v :-;y; ,.yfeV v^f -courser'can exciise such barbarity. ^It;is,  Subscription*^l_PPr���������??mj. ; " ������      inj'actj a;nationkt- vi unity.- Every;Irishman  ��������� " ���������4 *A- *������������?���������Carrier.-anxiousto.;i)ro'raPto������������������tU^v.olfaro Of Iris.country.  sipns, which have; been sought to' be-gratified  by hla;murder/'  ROADsfite Advertisements.  i(ihelal!a*?  m*j crrtWK OF THlTb^ICR   HAVING  BEKK  wr ������������������ ������������������ :.-    ��������� . ���������'��������� '."    -i ��������� -��������� ��������� ,., '..     '���������. ���������  .'   . A ���������  *   Posters, Circuiarsi.OaTdS, yy yy yy ..���������. yyy  ���������^iimeads, Programmes fbr ;     yV ,  ���������"'���������*' ��������� ,!    Bans, Concerts, and , -y    ,   ^  ?>��������� ; ���������;': "  Theatrical-Entertainments, fe  M. %' MAi- Afar '&���������)$ &V^}$A^i  ,. ^'ESSELMOUTtf,;- *- f     , , ; , fe '  ... BROWNji GILLIS, Pkoprietous: ' - '  Good Beds:fo|ipstaurant.-; Billiard Table, ic  ',',AI','/ ^)��������� St������btmg for;Horses, Hay and Oats;      ;"���������r  -   May 1,186?;- A'"��������� .:"        - "  '   '"-'.���������  ' ' 6m  r:r.A:^:Ayyy-;yLy  NEW, ADVERTISEMENT^  mm mm ������   m  ^0^^^MA0MAmAmm  .������^jv.'^V - :;f fe, fe^\yfevys^���������v.,^,s^(,..,5  v.^y, '       fe^y^^^  #;:fe;:;^Pi  r.,.feL-..   .. ',     iyy..yy. ,,.,,Jy..,M.j  ELDORADO   $A L OON  William- Stirling;  MERCEA^Tr'  '���������-.-��������� . ������������������      ...    :',.,'.''" fe^fe'������fefe^fe".^~-fe-fe'l-.^n.i.^ Wfe^tfe)'^fe-fe5-fefe:-fe'"������  "Wfi-p  -������������������  -A ���������-   *    s V  H ? .  ������*���������..: ���������.;,..< -fe.. i������  "wnr  to perpetrate mich'deeds, and the peasantry o  a. cou,nfry-side'Can,'ccinbi ne'.together to scroci  f  eeh  ;,   M  ;.;    A,  ��������� i^irtlwrn Whig, AprB'IS ) . . ^  is we anticipated twpj-%3 ago, the wei:  come given to the prince and ( princess a, of  ��������� Wales in Dublin was at once taken,by^sonip  <if the Iriah Tory organs to proye tbatlreland  was in ti most satisfactory cpnditipnv Ihe  day was fine ; Dublin appeared gay and pier;  iurwie;?ihe-people Kere delighted at������o  .arriviil'Sf the Royal .pair ; and on all fBides  there w&eevidenccs/ipf; content, prosperity.;  !4ii'd pn)greas. ;''If the agitators would only  ���������"'teti^iift^  Those \vords, whicfrwere. uttered soon after  fhe passing' of; the  Reform rAct ^of;,4S?2.  ^ere 'accordingly repeated in   some of the  comments''^  assume that alhthihgsih Ireland, and espcc-  ialli   .oe'Church  and tbu lancl-Sj  ���������'.    arc  ; pie appear mo rp joy ou* and' nappy ^' , \*-liere  we'rethc'indicktions of political,disaffection  and social disorganization ? ' . ' ��������� ' J  It seemed; however, that, at thatiTery Ume^  t..:���������ry-ll. '.fe-''��������������������������� 'fe'ii i.~yjL.."-'���������mri'*.'* ��������������������������� .������"������i'fU . ������ 'ri*'.' 1.ti fr: tre\i\t\  tbeyuiui-fieSi^l^    This is mifrdet���������dastardly cold-blooded mur- miiE pubuc ARE nssrkcTFUi;iLT^ixFORMKl)'  der-~and nPthih^e'ser-- By such crimes the vi-;-.iliatth������ above-Hotel is now^H^aX<iriLho'acc������in-  nii'onlAir-iitf nlilliiffcS? ��������� thev Vulfer miich. These Jiuo-tatlM^otktMVjellcj-s. 'v Cue of' tho>liosf. GvnkHin Uw  f*^sassin������tip^:b{ight enterprise,; -they/drive ^ g-^ ^ah>tbL6ictf'a������^'Monty'Win.aii:-fi^  ca^ilaUfrMtihfccbnnti^ ���������'������������������'���������������������������:- :*-.���������-,-,..,,.,.,,, ������������������������������������-,���������,-;-.��������� .,,.���������  the evils .of absenteeism ���������  they would perpe^  LT?3?TOK HOTEIa,  w  *r.^.-"'.   ,,;.    fe   'fe'fefe-:  t  '    1 yt   ^     i  ���������m A >>m:...,: MM ' i,. yAAy     . ... mmi M  tuato' misery, anarchy, despair.   On the brilliant sky ot last Wednesday night;there Was  then a lllood-red tinge.    We were  to  be re-  :miuded, even .when everything appeared fsp  joyoUs and happy, that there was a dark background'' whoro- iurkod   Murder���������stealthily,  cowarill v.   Disaflection did not sho>v itself.;  treason wa3 nowhere to be seen;   Fenianisin.  seemed'but a name.    The evil  which .the assassination of Mr Featherstohe-Hau^h irid^  cate      'S not so muclv political as social f- it  was i gangrene.,  corrupting, destroying, eating  tlie I'ifeofapeople  away.   Is its  cure,  however beyond the powers of^Staie surgeryW  ^ola^mil this would be to say very little lor  ata-i frwaaship.   With  this-evil, the ischoolr  master Rod the priest can also, do much ; nay,  ,:; ;,fy bound to add/that they arcdoing.and  thiit: tie^ave;atrea:^%  'M^S&ffii which, wiiy gngiso, common,^  Fthe^IatrnVtime^; become less and iessfre-  ottenl   Mt is ������������mu years since tho bstpf these  fatal acU  v a   ( /nmlW d.   The; practice  is  gradually dying out,  It * to^ be hpwd that.  Jjfquurs. .tywyy *������������������-,', "���������- ��������� "���������:������������������ y v.yii ���������;-��������� :-A- '��������������������������� -M * -^-^W- -  ������������������:. -This -ii u*l erpigacd Would', also" announce win t; attache a,  to the Hotel hclias^n vxt^nsi vo; U vary. Stg.Iil.fe.-i" Sad^l9  Horses for hire a t moderate ra to.v \ Hay a nd pats for  sale .-clioap: y ;' ' '���������"���������*��������� A -.���������> # i ' " A- u ' /  ���������*     ' ���������   '   y ,        ' W;'Mo\VHAfcCO.,*-^   '  Toyl46ml ; >        V      \.     ,        i������roi)Hc^rrt;  GLINT ON    H 0  ;ill-i>  BRITISH'  COLUMBIA,  THE SUBSCiRTBERS/ FOR' MAXY ,"������EaS: PRO-  1 prietorsof the--.T.wenty-Xino Mile Hmi^e," Dougla^  Poruigo, beg'to Hiniounco.'thai luiviug'purchased tliiv  Clinton Hotel���������'nrbper.tyc tbey.:, Hrtt^preparedvio aflbrd  excelleut accommodat ion, to tho^ rrnyelllng ;pnbhc.  :Tli^rtii1>l������^ wilt--������t all- titp-^FCft^wTeJII ^-WPPl^^^jilff-'JI^il^.  Bar will OoTnaiW^hQfpholcwtliqupre;     y  Ample su������l>lin������ torVanim������iW, >n*|.rtto: best,^pr;food  cnnjiUntly ott-hand.    J   .. 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" > Ar y AMysrA ji i*'v - "''''    ^  yjjuy i;iS68.'    ,       ���������   -/  ���������My.  AM  r,.^,yy. tftfA  'yy���������-  ���������yy, AjM'AAA'AA^A  ���������mm MMMrAA&AAAMiAy.   :^// AAA/yAmm  yA       k, -     fe--     fe',      <  .-.' .'..'.,  feOirv  iM  y  ���������y'       yAy    ���������;  MAA'AiAA-WS  aa.AAjsmMm  yyy  A. McI^rsGiiv^  a't'g-I'Mva^;!:^  A.-MAi;fn ^**to*a������ss  5ii";  .y;  y  yxjyy.  m0M  y  -' ������������������ A'Ai^Mm  *A     >       AyM������?t  "     ,  Ai  : <iM%i  fe..   ..:..:.  ...j ,iA  y  wai<e-Op^aK:e:  MR  , fe  ' ,yfe  ;'fe;.;j;^||]|||^  ' fe,; /My f, fe&S^r,  . -      ; -  * ' 'I fe  y    5       ^/  --���������',  :. v ,-' - - . r  i'������  ifefe  -,-,-fe  1 ancled proprietore body, and the effect was,  as it was intended to be, instantaneously  fatal. Such are the leading incidents :of this  terrible tragedy. J here were deliberation,  design, and. co -operation. As soo n as the  ���������deed was done the band of assassins dispersed, leaving the servant whom they .hud  not attempted to harm, to put his master's  dead body in the carriage and drive it home,  we must wait; until the full details are revived bctore we attempt to pronounce con-  ;jidently on the reasons which induced a num-  her o f rae n in a p resu m ed ly c i v i I i zed co u u try  ���������to commit so shocking an outrage. Jtis  clear, however, that tho object was not plunder. There does not appear to diave been  , uny robbery committed \ and 'the impunity  ot the servant shows that the act was not. iit-  iiBcnminate, but personal. The first telo-  gfam spoke of "evictions'^ as tho impelling  motive of the assassins, and the next "of  -jjsragnan causes." There seems, therefore,  only too ranch ground for believing that we   ���������***? ?*������ morei<me of those terrible crimes  riliH     d againRlr a  landlord   who  might  ^cmtiy or wrongly have been supposed to  each anieo&gnlpd by.tlic btajc wm.ay. Bee  ������������������thfive'vilH!vdTOi@iVy;,<iXtirpat������d. ,lA^,liwt;  toelaaoUoly6ccuriieUce-^ag);tto J������?������W������  irtcl conciliation. 'Vft* cannot fiiw up the  ^t&yf^ym\iMm>^^y^^^M^  be abAudOniiigthe connl^f 'p- barb^fism mif  savagery. J -'--M?-. fe fe_y.L^_ ������������������'   .,  \  Thb GbxTMfioussESSM'&&&'&'���������$&:  iiutims by n������i^-comcrs,:an(i���������**?������*,^B^?.  my to the dangersyt-������M^'f "^f  o^iestions^fcmcdicsl mg^���������^^������  to tlidse Mr. Simon, medical ^cei, o ttt^  ^rfvy  Councilfe>mcd;ft.^.^^^b'������:  Ahem. AVe considci- that hci-cm Jl. Fonssa  grives is mistaken.  Kciliil kvmaaA rBhnmwiyy  T*ra TO KETURN THANKS   TO ' 'H UR-  IM rROXS  'Uavo'-rbdiiced the scale of prices, viz.: . ���������     u  " Meal- "$l 00 : Beds, T5 cents ; 3-jartt ^UQi\pm  P:*H vferccciuly ma<lo large*V������ .\mo.nsv^U^j������rert  mSs^is to give nrst.ctass accpmniQrfation ,imth|  S eScftl 4port nTtHb miu������.   l*rlv,tc rooms for  -A&Bar will ftlway������ baSbuna ,'thn cboic#J^n&  s������ppne&ith ihe bdtpwwarter of ^ cpu^.^  ���������--May l,aSCS, ' ���������;,:, ��������� .���������   AM. aA'AM: y _^.yfe-.���������'���������*��������� \������������������.  A. G. CAMPBEL1,  IK^fflKSJJp"fe  HARDWARE  EXCHANG-E. HOTEL,  SODA CREEK, B. 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He wilt  ��������� "*  fe..'   v,"',r . ,"!       fe^fe'.;  ,, *J  ryMy f mm^-  MMQ  ��������� y  &% -. .^u'wnviar,, p.a  ^'"M-'V SjlSfJS.  iW  -y-'rfey^  ,;fe  ���������:y  ',vfe--  ;fe3y  ��������� -,'���������-��������� .-��������� ���������'-''.    , .  fe       -���������:       '    '  ,. v yy-   ,; .jfeyx-.vr:   * A  .fe;  y^QV?  - ;^fei#l  . j.y,  ...'..  -fefefe  ly  ���������fefefefe  -Ayyi  yyr.  yy.  ry  ~mm  MA  ,fe'.fe,::.v>feife  yyyyy<  m/������.  :$  fefefe'y  yfey;:.y;?y,y  ii.-,1-^j;.y..-j'y -i..'^^-f.^y^;^-'*' ���������  fefe'.-"  ryy:  xvMfc  iiy.  >yy  -  - ijl " -**   "* ���������"  ,v   -";.'������������������ /.-.'���������' ,'.,: fe/.- -.... 'fe  fe' ,-fefe ..'fefefe xy, ���������.-;������������������':r'---y:xMj\y:iy-uyvyys^' ���������:,'-:-  . fe,' fe,fe.y;fefefe_~..  iC,     S|   .    *#*     -,-.-,- fe.'-Vfefer.';fe-fe  ,   fe      '    -���������'   "fe _  ."-fe   fefefefefefe.fefe'' am  ,  ���������Myyyyy,  y.y  ymMAM.  MA.  .^fefefefe-JfeU  fefe   fe-'-'; '-'  '- //'.  ilEfeCMMD-BEITlNEh  ^TllUKtiDAY, JTULY 2< 1868.;  yy-'  Agents for the " Cariboo Sentinel.''  tf^iitfdhard/  ;.tiwmide,.     -     -     -     -    ,A\AV-umYAiZA  ^wsnrtiaoutb,   3Ir. Obudie, Barnard's txpres^pfOcc.;  '- ���������- ASdv. Croot;    A,    y     -      -      Barnard's Express.  j   -  ' - y-yt?       -    ''-      Mr.1 Evans,      do iio  :���������,  AyyA:i^iik^wA^a\n^:c\r   -      A . .y :  - - ' Clarkaon.-fc-Co.-  fefe  , < -5fc\v -Wostininstor,  ^:,y; Victoria,  fBi'MaUahdiime.  ' TnV''Cariboo'Svihii mil" is-pul>lisn������Jd,e.vury.AloiJd������y  -": 6 ad Thursday/ Adverlisement������ inteaclod for.insertion  '      .vu'sVbo (Idlvcrodat latest at 6 o'clock, p. m., the day  f'i-i^Svri"'^^'?*? 'ij^pi?0^ ���������' : ���������  ��������� ~ y.    TO. CORHESVONDENlW  Ul communications must bo^aceompanied, by the  i  :   Viuluame'aua address ,of;the. wrUer^not nece^anly  > nth i view of publish!ng'tlio same, but us security iw  ;   y.:htHAOu'dranh; ���������.    .       ' -���������_.   .  'f-t-A rperlSOwill l>u continued until ordered out ana charged  ' ���������   V  or accordingly. *'  ,.i fefe  M  '..'i A.y-'.jA  pfifi^  ft/ ;   TA9Duugr ss/more   remarkable-, than ..-the  .: ,,feyfeiW4!fcal\yii������rl3 seems to:have come over  the  ;:y<^  ���������fefe-jfe  ���������AMyMgii^h Imes/fe lu'Hhe early days of telegraphic;  Hsfcfprise'^   great  <^al. of--complaint  was.  Am* inade 'Ut Op &ovcrnmuif* did not gi^p RUfii-.  M^^eSlE f������et  tU&t" it  l^fSr did iVot. take the entire control' of and .eon-  S^w,/ sVuciHines oa ,-<Uoir anle account ; and the  '/AA^.yA of the (,���������!������������������ raphic companies woul������  - have been glad indeed if the Government  ��������� had come ^forward ;acd taken the lines off  ���������fe.''their .'hands/ Now, however, when the Gov-.  -"-. eroraent-is willing to buy, and when public  ' Opinion y decidedly in favor of the scheme,  <>'* (QmpynKH a;e unvi'liuT ^'s &c0 The  ���������:f :fe'Ii|(5sSf r omi iien fi a-0|yp03ition., to: the; scheme  is the Electric   and International Co.; ���������J'ifche  J-i-S-iv.-'il.  /A  yy  m  ���������jfogress of events,,}(say9 the; Standards-has  made/it  apparent/that the transfer of; the  ^wires*'from the companies to'the Uovermneflf  wouldSe'aae^  r:/.wMle'on':the/othei  hi\o*l th? imp/ovrd m  ^/tunfis^of -.tiift'-Electric ami International:1 make  \ , y>y'Mo tn^eftiors cwvtjli v* to i^Aga their cbn-t^c  .   '��������� AiiMA'A IhA.liAyiAa \if.:. tW., Rtale ?*    -*Tha'nnnm������.nif  ment control; on Ihe ground: that .#wouldl������  Sr^th^adv^ta^  neiideut, "not upon /the discreUon^of;.\*dh>  sponsible:at any moment to Xvigrtant, Padlia-  ineht." When, the authors of; the pamphlet  assume that commercial men W^ld ojy^t to  having all the telegrams: pass through official  ehannels. they forget that- trotn;^e-ranks gt  trade aiid industry canie:tlm,fi^ |em^: fbr  the transfer of the lines' to ihe; ^t^.;,; that the  ^ssociated-Chamhers of A Commerce,: of the  tfni ted Kingdom petitioned in^yor, of vtlm  change1: tiiat; after enquiring^mtO: the^Hs  of the Belgian system/ the Edinburgh .Chamber ot Commerce sentmp asimiiaf^memoriai;  arid that in the important colony -of ^ictona  thef-coinbinalion��������� of������������������"��������� the Post;(Mif?e.;and^e  Telegraph is in force, and. works/admirably.  These circumstances' show -the feeling in the  mercantile world,'and we /shall bfemuch nurf  at^iimehtsv^  sirabW:.rel0rm."y'-fe Air,' AA'iiyA    r'/  .Ice ix 1)kep .M#s^-The occurrence of ice  i^Wry:deepiniheKi 'Northern .harope.wnot  uQlisual/.In t^Da^emora iron mine at  I*esl)ur������,1n:Svwdenv.mjome places the me  Set^tefcthicfclirdrifts, columns of ce  are left inlieu of wood lor��������� suppoi>s Tbib  fact-however, does not contradict the we4l-  kno vrri law, vvhich Is that pits become warmer  in proportion tbtheirdeptb^ ^  ��������� a At Portland/Maine, a school-bouse caught  fircthe other day. and, as the boys watc tied  it; one in another school said,enthnsiasticallv  and honestly, to his cpmpanion---0, Johnny.  don't you wish it ^vas our school-house?'  ��������� A:''"Detroit paper claims that tbey havo in  thatcity:the-champion buptizer in America,  if not in the woi'ld^a Baptist clergyman who  baptised; forty-six persons iu Lwemy minutes  the other da>'���������a feat .never yet surpassed.  ISX'TK -VCTS FKOM: SA^VN^S THIRD  ���������-������������������/'fe.-/ '^i-AijtfmmA-'y   yAy.-y--  'Tis strange yet.true as soda's a man  Hasguidliiek and-weel nires,; .��������� ���������:���������������������������._ ;,���������/,  ���������H^^eendsiiegtiv  An gi'cn himsel airs ; "���������  Sincerity whiles maks, me, feel   ���������  "... ���������  we "Saddle the wrang.horsc.K  ^Tis we wha being- poor :are proud,  Biit be maun get the curse!   ,��������� *  N"ae doubt there are some men around  Wi self-conceit confined,  A,consequential body.theirs *   ��������� /���������   ���������  To hide a vacant mind.  puirsilly creatures, harmless chields,  O3 glory tak your fill!  Think highly o} yoursels, my freeflds;  Naeithei' body will! ' '���������:   >A--  ,   ( feaiitothe hands of the: Stated 'The ;com^any  .'" ~������' Las-jssued a .pamphlet stfewlogj'tlie ;������bjectiohs;  *.  Hi* G|ove������ 'i-wiit Lay������,^ cot<(iol of 'Am UA  ' ['\ graph liw&    The chief ooj^t^on   urged   io  ; ;;   "*that the Gover*hmeat ia%)n' osc them for poli  \   \ y MAf  ,i&i\ gtl^Ii puvj osea; nnd cites a case of  -���������    an  opposition  men <ire before the House of  Commons, when the Government supporters  : ;     ,."y;iyJ be summoned to attend, and the oppo-  ���������   '���������-    veitiou i(whip"-would be nowhere.   The commercial ��������� world, however, have spoken out in  -ihe. matter.  "Twenty-nine Chambers of Commerce   have   petitioned the House of Com-  i onsj t sk i g ihafc the Government may  take  , ;h������5 control oi ^b^Jele^raph-lines   and   con-  .' ict th v): in connection with" the- post-office,  ������nl e4''.r* the-liues so as to embrace every  ' -:      town ,Aud village of any importance.   The  ���������  rfe/y'em ,has' been  adopted in ihe colony of  : Victoria/and has been found to work well;  and although the charges have not been re-  /    . feduced to.as low a rate as they have beea in  </   Belgium, where the Government, controls/tba  ;.     telegraph lines ; yet tho proportion of tele-  \ s "grams : to.^ letters is equally as great in-Tie-  tOria1 as it as -in the. latter country.   The  "Daily Telegraph concludes an article on this  subject in the folio wing" words; >  .;,-;" fe AM &i&qv: can;:,>yef attach much importance to a  : /y./lmig list drs.tatementsi.inteuded to show that  the Government control of tl-> telegraphs  // would necessariiylead to espionage/and con-  r..-::,'v; fefer.daugerous power on the; Executive, fe The  'late/Sir James Graham/giving^directionsAtq  i open Mazzini }s letters, is dragged 'into the discussion :  and we are asked to consider what  the Ministry of the day might not-do :by tampering with the wires during hiM^&onfht  about the time of a critical division in; the  . House, when the 'm'enib^--jiftd\v.'^.':'t^V^-ttr  mbned from their club si   "What would be  the chance of the Opposition .practically excluded as th������y would be from communication  with their friends?' . It is difficult to believe  .     that such an argument can be'seriously used.  ���������   If it is, we answer in.the words of Mr John  ���������'; Lewis Ricardo,  tho  founder, 'arid long, the  . guiding spirlfoi the Electric arid International  Telegraph Company.   Wriiirig.in:18C.lr years  yMy tfter the * success of th������ enterprise was an esA,  tablishcd fact, Mr Ricardo warmly advocated I  But; Sawney, I could name some .men   "  As open-as the day; ���������.      "r//:  What .'matter-:whether rich or poor  Aye g&itlenien are they...... A ,  What>riiafcter tho1 the elacs be* fiua,  Ora? their-duds threadbare?;1      y  'Tis no ��������� th e coat th at reads the. nas n, :  The heart's the dial there ;y '  But somehoo, Sawney, as a class.  '  Their " backs: are at the��������� waV7   -" *    ^  :Tis may be, as a. miner.said,  ;    ,, *  *,' Because the^r brains are,;smay,,v    :,  0 wr e. sm a? to & teal, o wre^Shia7 to* chea t>  -To gain wealth, by a Ice.  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Eoo^hetterfein your eyes?: /���������',;./  You Sawneys are a vqoral folk, -.���������'*���������  iVltho7 ye/will get foul  *T.w&dq' ye'a'ra sight o7 guid / v  Twa years in Cariboo I ��������� y  MINING COURT.  ��������� FarmerS^ttention!  fc AND '���������i'i^BR''" THIS   DATE THK RATE K>R  -Griudiag at the SooaCkkek Mill, will bo  ,0"-N"E- EiAt������ CEN T  P E R PO UND  and screenings' .returned.-    A Ann-class Miller con-  stantlyin uttcndHiice. .Capdciiy, one hundred and  flfty biirrt-13 per day.;  43-Satisfaction guaranteed.  ���������������������������:���������.'���������' ���������..-''���������.:'������������������:            ������������������������������������J.-It. ADAMj?.   ...  "������������������"'goiiVn^clc;^   - 765*0"  DB.   CHIPP,  fe/'���������;.M-$;<3S;"��������� ��������� '���������'���������Bxa^' I-4'A"-  LoNI)-������  a/���������;suROEp2;r/A%) ACCOUCHEB,  ������������������v-ifijhfee^r'-VtoasttH'titiph daily.   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TbeennMso'fGari^lwveno parallel to  -to celebrate ������W*>A. 1<*������**������.J ������' ^  ��������� ville -AtpneoiBUto-past twelve o'clock  iil'solerattBtillucKB of Ui-.������Mo!kW hour was  Snby.thol6������dpeor<>f Campbell'* awl  .^'���������wiMliD- fortli its tlmnderiog salute of  2 Cw������������K malig the lofty bills of  '-tihSverWate a* tboiipch they had as-  ^t? life ������������" wo KDdhg. *a������-k a roar of  ''m1t, at ."opening up of anew era m the  Jftf/yritl b Golufllbia.   The ������u ro*e  ��������� SffiS "oriU aaa pour,d toll, ft, rays  S *e^ flagstaffs that pomMj9^  <wiSedWith stalwart -miners congregated  Sier-witWe one desirp^tbaxot enjoying.  themselves on the adversary ot. the creation  ;0f tbe great Dominion qi^tLdayMAA^A'A'  Thelreat event of :th������:'day was the. display  ''WuyTI^  brated" throughout the;length'^n(I;^c������dth of  - tlielantife"       '--".   '���������-y.    \:y       ���������     .   . * ;,,  Shortly after one,ejclock, %.crowdy being  then closely packed arouiiJ the platfom; be-  tore Messrs Scott ^Lipsete'ssdlbonj.the meeting was called W6rder;:wheti Si M. Sparrow  c      tffls unanimously caHecLto the chain        .,. .���������  ��������� [The -press' of matter to-day precludes the  . possibility of giving jriore'than a, raoresynop^  ab oflhe^beeedingsy  to givts:'rt;fdU^"jj^i^;������i;'prtjMext issue;) AAA Aii  The cb'airirian fetlien;addressed the meeting.  and shortly reviewed.; the present position of  ���������the colony-whb ; Jfo**:' ad vantages liSclyiMXo  accrue from Confederation. "M^ihen Called  ^ipon Mr McLaren to act as secretary. That  gentleman at once responded aud assumed  the duties. A ���������  I)r/ Carratt-came; forward and proposed the  first resolution, viz.: ;  Whereas, tlie Imperial Parliament of Great  Britain, by ah Act passed ia 18G7, entitled  ��������� - tbe British Nortb American Act," has made  liberal provisions for the admissionVof this  ��������� colony:iiito ihel Dominion of ��������� (Jabada-i?T^a*ad  Order in Goiiucii\of March l^t,'did tmake  formal application for the admission of this  ���������Colony; and, whereas; the people; of this  (Jolony:haye atsundry times' andrplaceSv by  means 0f public������meeting$, demaiided of; the  Government of this Colony to aid and ^assist  in procuring the admission of this Colony into  the Confederation,-': and; all *to���������: np purpose,  therefore-be it icsplVed;: Ay A AAAAAArA:'AA'y  1. That in the 6pinion; ofthis Amoe ting ;- the  conduct of tlie Government of British Go lufe  bia. in .opposing Confederation, is -contrary  both to the.pplicy of, tbe Impenal . Go vor n-  Bient and the declared wi jibes of the people of  Ibis Colony.   A[.A .. y-'AA '-/., ]'"':-'.* '  Tiio doctor, va a most eloqucut speech, d o-  , .tailed; the ad va n tages -of Co nfe deratio u, [' the  ubsurdityfebf annexation,; and thefe absolute  necessity-for adding this colony to the Dorain-  - -��������� **on.   The speaker was  loud ly ;applauded  throughout, and bis address displayed all the  perfections for 'which . he is noted���������fluency,  neatness andvpertinence.  11" "^"^^^^i^^^^!^^  That the ebainnan <? of this meeting dp  ���������      .  . -���������   - ���������-,~   ,-y-  ���������"���������-_ ���������������*���������>*     l������wv  bi^'i       \A.U  nominale a Cbmimitee of '.'five, fecluding the  chair, with power to;add;tp their niimber,.for  the pui-posa of fbrmiii|ftI&Ugueand of taking  su ch other steps tfsr they^^^rnay: deem mpst exr  pedient to further tbe pbjectrof; this meeting.  . ^ Th e resolu tion was s upp or ted by Mr. J ���������  McLaren^ -in. a very, neatfeahd humorous  speech. ;. .    AaAAaAa,>. "A, iiAAA':Ar:::  We a ee d.hardly- add -thai r the .resolu ti bns  \yere cah'iedyin :each::case without a dissentient voice, ������������������ 'A/A- .'���������-���������. A.....A"... A A. iy'-'A Mm  Tbe Committee appointed: consists ,of.��������� the  following gentlemen ?r-r-l)r SafralL Messrs. H.'  E. JSealye, if. McLaren,> Ba'bbitt^aiid TaUA  Sparrow.;:;��������� 'y.. ;.;;;���������. ���������   ���������    am iMAA y. .;���������������������������_  Mr J. T,.Scott then mpyed a yote 6f \thanks  to th e cb ai i*maii,'. wh ich; was earned y w itb  cbeers. ; Three ch������ers rand [ three.: more;; were  given for; the Queen. ���������;':Three clieers-followed  for tlie pptiumipu of Canada,: when l4e'nieeting  separated..   ������������������ - -v .fe; ' -���������������������������    -  i- :We:hav(e.,()fie*n: attended, similar meetings,  ftut no ver :a?sisied;a|: one, where ;:more.. ;unan-  imity oxisted, -;K Ix a'sing 1 evinfc>rruptibu was  oilferedr.tp, the;speakers, and ,every word was  I is ten ed; toT wi th the most rap t;. a tte n tio n, abo w-  ingj the ��������� o verpowering \nterest. felt hy. the  people oi* this: section on; the subject'of Con-  ���������'fcderattom'-'V ���������:'',"'':''.':yy-'''; A,/- "yAi; A':yA'A-:A'  :    THB  SPOUTS.  yy At three ; o'clock,;/ immediate] y, after: the;  c 1 pse of ��������� the; puhlic uneetingj tiie athletic games,  al_:;aSnouoceiL,'iii'tlie prolamine,coiiimoaced^  The games Were: us '"follows SAAA'A/ /'A  A:l. Tliree standing ieaps,;prize $2Q. AA  , % .Standing.long junipj prize:$20.V;^ yy-J  ''���������' .5. Standingvhigh-leap..prize, $20.- ;.^^;'::  :   4.'��������� Putting licavy storie (24 lbs.), S20;  '���������  6. Slinging stOnc. P"5 Ibsi), $20.  ,6. Long race (100, yards), $30.   fe    y    ..  .   7; Short race (75 yards); S20.    .  8.  Hurdle race (75 yards; 4 hurdles), S20.  Mi. Throyving tbe hammer (10 lbi)t $20.  En tran ce fees���������lo ng r ace^ $ 2 S 0;, any ;o ther  game, $1. -. . .;,;   A.  '.- Messrs. IL S. Blunt and A. C.; Gampbell  acted s& judges; and^ Mr James 'Auderspu^aa  umpire,     y  ;   , _       ,y   -��������� *  The ;f olio wing competitors carried ofr the  prizes.:-.   A ��������� yy , -;; ; ." 'A .y  :,.. Three, standing- jumps^rSam,v)Valker: ;i distance; 32 feet 11 inches.  Standing long jump���������Sam. \VTalker;  dis-  tnncOi *10 feet 1 finches.,   /        \  :   Standing high jump���������Edward Ward; 4 feet  ;3inches/-  '-   ,'t ;-", ?   ;"���������',.������������������.'  '."-,. A"-'-  letting heavy st^ne *(24 lbs.i���������J. eamerph;  2o feet IS inches.,,    y^ \   ���������   ,    L  ' 'mm^m&e xt^mr^ im$yi ������> tu  ���������lOvinches..   " A. '.-      :". ��������� yy ���������  Long race (100 yards)���������Sam.'Walker j time  II seconds. -'       -   -  y.Shbrt.racefeYTo yards)���������5fr.;feA,Hartman'-;  time S| peconds.";'���������'.<���������������������������          >     y  :; Hiirdle^race:(75;yards)^Mr.;^- ?haw.; ,r, /,..  Throwing haramor���������:Mr.  F.. Hunter j  98  ���������ieet. ;���������;.���������':   ;���������' ' 'y--..'':r':'  ,:An: extra .purse of:;$25 was; .got^ up for  throwing a;beavy stone (31 lbs); according to  a rule not prescribed by the programme;  prize wo u by Mr. J. Glynn : 27ft. 4i n. (  .An additional' amusement was also improvised by Mr. Edward- Wiird wlio performed  "LaPerch." The.ease:and dexterity with  which Mr; :.Wafd ascended tbe pole and per-  formed his inost. wondei't'ul aud.davingyfeatai  drew forA.peals of applau^e-twi^the^crb^ds  Of admiring spectators, y  : The sports;of the'.-"day being declared, over,  three henrty 'cheers'���������������������������;were :given for the  Dominion, aiitL the crowds dispersed, some to  attend the theatre to witness the performance  minstrels, and others to; attend Mrs.  ���������.'���������������������������; fe'^S^S8* -^ A;., company of .Coniishmen  struuk a.prospect of SL 25 to the ' pan, -on  Martin GfUlchvbn Tuesday evening.   Quite a  numbervmhei: to the new strUveraodJiira  ^W h������urs m whole;.creek' was staked^bff.  lhe;Hiawatha^co; bottomed *K--^ ~i: *L  xfw&������u,m?&M>������iuwjwuvi!:*vi  Mr Babhittsc.conded Ibo resolution, and in of the ���������   a well delivered speech pointed out: the in- Tracers grand^ bail. -.A^ half-past eloveir.at  :   '   ' '" -s        * night a display of firoworka was given, which  Ouattee of the system of; Government under  which we are now suffering.   Ills remarks  were frequently applauded, and did much  ���������credit to -his well known ability as a public  speaker. 'A Am ���������  Mr J. S. Thompson was called upon to pro-  fepose the second resolution, which he did in a  most eloquent speoch.   He pictured in neat  jjnguage the present status of the colony,aud  .tne contrast it would airord when joined to  Pf jMuinion. This geiitleman was ��������� fro-  qwentiy applauded during the course of hi?  rtW1' aria resumed bis scat amidst  cneers.  The following is the resolution:  2 That as the Government of this Colenv  commues to resist the wishes of the inluibit-  Sy W^nt uuestiDu, ..the people  snould at onm. *a^m0*A*��������� ���������_.v J*������ n Mr.M.l.y  -u ������ho tne Dominion of Canada.   ���������  naiinr?;'?00fch Becon^ tho resolution,  aillf.l^ pwSnt ������ysl" of Governm  com"  overniuent to  ���������\o'{h7o/n wnicQ two cu������ Hde :  tho riders  ������o k& fiml ofiichU^ andtii6 anil������als  mm*T^ the ~l<mi8t&   He wound up  KS'^������ of ^ose4iighU.iato fairy-  %"^f������^vhlch,alo^ors from the "Green  noted, ���������reminding one of the lan-  '^uO evr������r    -      -     -  usual,  ���������his  1  ���������Islo  *^*M*���������% lbe a^ionce with him, an  ��������� ��������� j0<f amia witeraied plaudits.  and U-;  r,^t^elj0 ihcXi P^ented the third  ^solution to the mootini  vi;  completed the fullnumber of hours in the  day, and. terminated one of the most en.tUus-  ias'ti c and pleasant days of enjoy meat ever witnessed in Cariboo. The- number, of persons  present upon the occasion was not far short  of 1000, mid the harmony, good order and  behaviour of the people prove most conclusively that.the men who have thus -laid aside  their " toils and their various duties to celebrate dominion Day, have dune so not with  any 'desire to enjoy senseless sport and maddening pleasure, out to show their love and  their . loyalty -to the institutions of a country  that accords to every man who claims its w-  ��������� Iflrfance' the freest aud most enlarged polui-  cai and religious liberty of any naliou under  ���������heaven ;���������_���������.-������������������-<>- --^y _���������-���������.;.-; ;��������� -y'- ;   DiUTix.~On Sunday morning last.Tiobert  Buddie, a native of Scotland, aged 29 years,  died at the, hospital- of paralysis. The deceased had been at tho hospital about, one  month, having been brought from Ke.ithley  creek in a helpless condition.  TrbaSUuk.���������lVarnardrs Express yesterday  took down for tho Hank of British Columbia,  Ml ?72 m dust; and for the Bank of British  North America, S30,S3G���������tho amount oi two  weeks'collection.    Tiui^ Licenses.��������� Yesterday was the day  in which  on me  iir-"-, at I  x    , .. ... .,..-���������. ninnuig  terday, and: commenced sinking. ; Tom and  ^erry co. hayexommencedLwork again.; ;The  Hiawatha.clainr;heipa to drain th^shafty;;;  ,��������� ,We ahyays iakepleasu-re in calling public  attention to improvements in hotel accommb-  datioh.;, The latest addition: in this respect is  at tho Exchaxijk: Hotel,: Soda:^Creek.:��������� The  roema have been Qtted up with special refer-!  ence to the-'comfortof ladies and families  travelling to or from this district^.and:al\; the  1 ft tie ap pliauces for comfort,: -equal:; to any  Victoria ho tel,I niay be enjoyed.-. :: y   ''%'���������-*������������������.   AX?&$$i. J^xmoviAAKy ���������; .reference,. -M-AqUz  advertising-teah^ns it will be seen that J. IL  Adams, proprietor of the Sodi Creek; Mil 1^  has reduced the,price of grinding wheat'to,  half a cent per p pu ml, and the screen i ngs re-  turned.-' This will, be a great benoGii" to the  grain growers of that -'districts ; '���������������������������       ;   ; A  . :.P<>uc^ -Couirr.���������"Williaih AYi] I lams charged  Jesse Pierce with breaking open a cahinand  taidng therefrom j^oods tp.the.amdunt..of;;:iB50.,  The- Stipendiary: Magistrate ,fi n ed the Accused  ;i|i25: with costs ,fo-ryiit default; ef. payment  two: months^imprisonment. '     !  - SAwxKYVLKTTEits.-pWe are giad to find  that',. tboaeV ^very excellent., and amusing  rhymes aj^SSing appreciated by; the -public  and are meeting, with a ready sale. Any person wbo-niay not have obtained one will be  supplied by calling on Dr. Garrall. ���������;  Axxiveksartt ;11 EpouT.-^An extra Annmber  of copies of the ���������SsNrpiXKt.r containing a full  repoi-t of the public meeting and celebration  of Dominion Day, havo been struck off and  can be obtained, by applying at this office. ';,.  GiiEA^trp^Th-a Morning-Star- -Go, washed  up their 'ground-sluice bed yesterday pre?  paratory to laying their sluicorboxes^aud took  up about 200 ozs: of the Gro.;"  fe'���������,  Thb Batx.���������Mrs. Tracey's ball last- night  was well attended, arid came off with great  ..eclaU;.    ; :    -v.'..;^ "y-1 'A [yyyyi.  ';��������� A ,' A.' 4  appear to deserve clwwIfieiiUbn-in  tho ctite  gory of omlignant madness of the worst.ftfrS;  FENIANA^  A ��������� y , ;(From-thck6rViu|po5t^Xprr.-2r^ "'  A After the first feeling' of amazement and  liorror at the attempt, to assassmaie Prince  Alfrsd,' anal' that tooy at; a ;fesrive meeting  where he had"gone to promote a charitable  and beuevbleuVpurpbse, is over, many serious and painful thoughts will iu voluntarily  .arise in'the mine}. It is not only that there is  mo crime toe-wantonly :cruel audutterly mei:  less for the .gfcnians to perpetrate, but  that members ot^the . society ;eapabley of  such enorniitieS are! to be found apparently;  in every region;of; the;.earths f������iA[:thh, very;  time tho trial of persons' charged with ;being  implicated iu ylhe. Clerkenwell ;;expipsion,:  which killed 6r.cHppled-fc)r life7 numberSfebf  the poorest class, is in progress at the Central  CriminaLGourt yThe.FrincearidPriiic^S3\of  Wales bad scarcely gone.on. their mission of  good-will and "conciliation" to Ireland when.  Mr, Feathcrstbiiiiaugh \vas shot in the -pub lie  bi gh way. : The: hews had;; just; arri v e d that  Mr. D'Arcy M'pee,; one of ihe. ^ost;useful  and patriotic B&tesmeh in Canada,;had beeh;  shot at hisowSxloor. :ortlie ;meh: captured:  with -Fenian fire .in .their possession,^^in the  vicinage of Buckinghampalace;^:w say  no more than, that the matter Is,: we hope, .in  progress' of being cleared up. ���������; Such" incidents as these bring, toymind the dedaratiq*  stated te have been putforth some, time ago  from a Fenian source that for every Feuian  convict executed "the life, of .some- prominent  Englishman should bo exacted/'and are of a  nature to make us fear that' this will turn out  after all no empty idle boast. . .   .%  - If the assassin:.OrFarrell had succeeded in  tftkiu-*.- tho. life of the Duke of Edinburgh,  what������possible effect could tot have had, ex^  cent in bringing Fcnianism into greater  odium���������if,-indeed; that be possible���������than it  was in before ? Has there not been innocent  blood enough shed already to make tho name  of this conspiracy pass in history as synonym  inoui. with Thuggishi7?' "irthe onject of Fen-  ianism is murder pure and simpH if-it begins  nnd ends with the shedding of iuuocentbloocl:  for the mere sake of it, such crimes would^e  intelligible enough ; but upon any other  theory they eppefit iuexplicable. ,.  The assassin G?Farrell did not hesitate to  declaro himself "a -.Fenian, tie appears ajso  to have boen prepared to sacvihce as many  lives as ho could to prevent bu own capture,  Arrested on the spot, he fired ������ second.time,  the bullet penetrating the foot of a gentleman  named Thome who happened to be present.  . 1-     ,. nrHA*i.i;<if fltrnrnkv. we find  ffiKs' LiOF.^ES.^\esterdav was the day ^������ iaCases 0f p0f uliar atrocity, we find  ich the half-yearly trade?" ���������liecntt*. m>, ab il,u* ^% the defence to bo set up ���������������  due, and -there was paid rate the trw*- ://ALv .������j aud indeed Fcniaxism itself \toM  iV Richfield-, about *5:000.. ������w^������-. ������ ���������    ,.- ;, ;- ���������-,  . seeiag...���������.��������� .,  be, duly,administered.   ^Ve.have yet to leant  that  persons whom some authorities [ m������y>  chopse  to consider"mad, while otliers maf  consijler them saue, are not to be iriliuencecl  or control led by fear of punishment ; and us-  the-preyeiition of crime is - the first end of.-  punishment, it;ought'to;be iiiilicted in every  case w here s uch a mo ti ve is shown to op.c ratey  on tbe mind of,these..sought io be  kepi, ia;  order bylti  ME:  DlSRA^r  Th^Tall Mall Gazette observes-^Thc(C6ri-%fe  ser.vativ.e-. party, will ace that-it is utterly.impossible to regaYd^as" a'Oqnaeryative.in'any.,,  sense of; tlie ��������� word^:. the1;/author of ^KadicaL  Reform Biff;   and .wiffi'all'liffi'BHgiCI)]^^^  Popery and :no surrender, wbysfipuld teel by  no means surprised if the gallant captain, "  who is to nail the Protfstahfccolora' tb ,th������  mast*, was.-to .contrive--by some "unspeakably .';  dexterous bit of management to let the uaifr������*,  fall overboard just at the last mb^ne'at;'oTh'efy  isv in .the world a class of men���������and .. A Disraeli i s an excel ien I sp ee i men of the - c I nss -r '  wbom A t���������; ��������� JMiselttss to ^xp8ct-4o.;ciie4Huyim.t.a^  -You can bo t b y i nd I rect *m i������ ari^' ge t tl > e 1 >eit tr  of him, for there is.no''sort'of,trick or evarddu- '  of which be is not a consummate masttfe   \ on.  have not the hold upon him wliicl.-yen i^ve ��������� .  upo n ��������� a niau wh o h as any real pri u cip h ��������� a ��������� o f hii  own.   You cannot drive him fro in- office, bj  snubs or humiliations.^^He never will; tako.  ;  the.: very-broadest or plainest hint,   though" -'  wf th  such  p er.sons nothi ng ca ii p ossi b!y _ h o -  done by skill, much may he iIoro  by. force./,  They can be made to swallow almost anything,; .  and by degrees to say they like'it, $.?-, indeed,  they perhaps -do ; and thus Jlr���������-Disraeli, for  what we know, may be.made.to swallow -xhv -  Irish Church - Kesolutions.with a .posinv e.ap-. ���������  petite, and even to ask for mors m y : t ssio^n;  If ho should show a certain degree of pride-J  ���������and t!ake himself ,off,''of course it is all. the  better : but if hcliketf.'to hold on, v " kopo-bo  will be allowed to do so.   At' all events, wo  hope that no dosir - to fore ��������� bim  fe- do what  any other person would ii;.' e 16m.Tong ; incfe  ���������may be allowed to - interfere with the   great  object in band.   If Parliament In thoroughly  and unmistakably pledged to tha  one great  .definite . act ���������. oi  j u <jlisr   ;oA rc\&n il wjuch^a  fipyp so lo/i \ delayed, ytni ^h������(.b ihvi e ia iov:  s o m o h opu cj f o ol- ui 'i p! is tir; g,; an d if ttxo w,p oji, -     ' ���������r "'  Liberal par'tv bty.fl copjmi.rd fcr������ it, ibei^ HA  little'doubt that tb������ {hfiig will be A)ab[ yinil     . . -.  that:speedily/ If the d^gprtpnity Is lost by a,  party, squab ble about office, and *ii  anoppqr-'.  -tuuity is given to Mr Disraeli aud his pariy f������f:  representing all that-has .been done'aj a iney j  party move, it'is impossiblew to say when u ������,  go od au ,occasioh fOr doing right may prmeiit  itself again.   : -A ArA.iA'\   ~r A^-[:-y/A./yM/^/AA  i'A :  :!-v'  "-'     ".ifefefe:.,,;fefe'',f:':.'   ���������!  \-,- My3&ffi$m  w  -  ���������fe      (-    ��������� ,!fe   fe-.  v-   '< (   ���������} fe- > -y  ... .;���������-    .������������������- ..fe',  ymm.  iiyyyrMry..-  Ary    >i  yA  myi  ������������������fefei;.  ������������������"���������    v        'EUROPE^   ^,    ' : '   ;  Telegraphic advices from 'Belgrade (l Seryia,  ���������anounce that the reigning: Ifrinco ,ofvServiuy;;.  while walking in-Ko^sphadore:par^ was siiofc  down on the 10thInne'by thro.e;ineu; withjerfe  volvers.   He\belong-ed to  the   Obernwitch;  family, the reigning dynasty of Serria.   Ther:  Prince was shot atthe^rst. fire'.and ���������expired  imihediajely.: 'The: Prince's cousin .was also  killedj a^d.theaaughter;;of -thelaM^ received  a wound and some of the attendants were also  wounded. One of the.assassins was captufe .  The nephew of the. murdered Prince has bc^n!  since duly proclaimed Prince of-Servia. r[ [iA/  ,The Paris Moniteur states that the Czar hasr  inade proposals to Napoleon that ;Franc������ and;  Russia Unite in an effort to induce all civilized;  nations to abandon the use of tbrpedoesfe aii(i  explosive projectiles in time- of war. ; Tha  same journal -says.this 'hum a ue proposal w  with the approyal of the Emperor, whb.ihp'f-  ever. tiunkslt may^e nec^saryyto .employ;  torpodoes for defensive purposes. ��������� It'is- not������  proposed to. the .Czar ta do away:witUV; ;tlie  itse, of ail.kinds of explosive������������������prpjwtilifk^Si-,.  only^ with rifie and musket ''bullets wbiclvMry  thbnisSlves in the'fiesh md then explode. - l;t;  is th e ''��������� d is use o f. this in u r der cms '���������[ i nyen tion. ���������  which has received the unqualified approval;  of -the Emperor Kapoiebn. ���������������".���������'���������-���������   a. grpatJiiwtfiirigit..ritualists was^ beU lir  London on the. 16th June." Dr.-iPiiseyaiitl;  other eminent divines were present.   A resp.-.  lrittoa 'wi* adopted defending the Irish CJiurch  Establishment as it at present stands, and  maintaining 'the doctrine of the Church .of-  England;- fe;:;;.::fe\fe :-'fe.'-^>���������:���������:'::'/AA:''y//A  ; At Salem, Indiana, a:fow evemhgssincefes;  youug de������perado ��������� named.: Henry .Clark ��������� slipt  an old and rcspectabib ci tizen of: that, place,  named George.: Telle.;: The ferocioua youth;  also severely wounded, a young uiah 'named  i Buena Vista. Dunham. A Clark-��������� was arre&WU..  land ftt: last-accounts;the yieoplc'-Aveje-:.th):gat-  ! cpin^- to lynch him,- ...-*���������' ���������    "        .y;,    -  'Ai.  iM-  ��������� ��������� : .,y  .'-��������� xy  ���������    "I  i: All  ryyy  fe'-ifeittS.il  ', fey k  .fe-fe-yi!  fefefeis  '" A i  !������������������.��������� r. fe  / -;.r .'f  '.. 'Xf M  Mxx  'AAA  ���������MyM  yr y^^m  ' AM//S  ny  W&  'AM  ���������<><������������������ y:\ltfMk  ��������� :fe?t:^i J'fefefefe' fe  , \ M._  'Ai  y  Brawa������_aaCBg__wt_������s^^  ", . ,     ;;    fe  - /-''-:' fe'.'-'fe  ^;:-r'  mr  ^mii]  fe-,/ ;���������-.  :^-!yi;fe  yy  mm������  fe A  Mr  yy,.;  y  :'���������'-��������� a  A: v  1-S-:.  fe"1?:* yy'c .-;������$  -^fefeiyfeifefe  ^^yfey/-^  ^"^i'.f.'i fe  Ar    rMzi   "-  fe;   /\yv-  \ >\,y iryy  ^Vy.'^iJj.rtiVj"  yfe^fe^'i1  , y;  fefefe!fe"  fefefe';  tifecii fe;fe-.fe.i., fe������ ffeife fe-v. Vrrii&,i ���������..���������  v- fe y 'r   ������ g', .,.���������>���������,������fe'   ;yy'  ffl"    '    MMAmAA  iryfe',-^vfe..jfefey.,i-  . ...ii'W--'-c..'fe.'..'.i---J:*fe-t'X33(....    , .  i,jl y -    - v .������  s-' - - :" ������������������"���������  i_& -l - -  yrAny. ' ���������  -fe*-^  *y  piMlM'  I--.1,,-.;  y-  .-AAA  ^-MMA.  AAA:  iy^mm  rry-yy-ryyiyy-x  fefe-  fey  $tf^Vyyi  i. Ay ���������  ^^A^m^B^y A'-AyiAA  "Wonderful pictures-silver white-- \ ' '  Gleam on the window panes to-night ,  Stately forests, ^'oi"ch^^,  roim and 'blossoms, and1 honey heefc.  Atonderfhl pictures���������pure as snow.  " A friend ia of more worth and a kinsman,  fetter the feet sip than the ^tongue.'.  The chasm that divides friends-sarcasm.;  One cannot sweeten the mouth hy Baying  <���������' honey."    t        , A  A foolish friend is, at times, a greater  an,  noyaneethan a-wise enemy.- . .*!  Nature  cures,,.and tho  debtor takes the  credit. y       ���������  Have the courage to wear your old clothes  -uM^to^n^ay-fauie^  A wV^aslfed her h^^ni^^^m^^  gists Keep little else butdie^stnils.    r ,    -   -  "TeUthe SiUhand shame the devil/7 }  ���������mm enu^^ii^dtherthhig^o^e-rs rem.-  Josh Billings.. -,-'���������.,  #ufchWS^  ., touch': the; strings of that niysteriousiRStrti-  ;^ent, the soul, and play the prelude of pur  fate." '     ^      ' .    ���������    ;m ..  .'   Be Tocqueville, in his work on  America.  wars that to suppose newspapers- only serve  to. protect freedom would vbe, to  dimmish  : their;impor;tahce���������they maintain civilization.  . A gentleman, walking with two ladies,  stepped on a "hogshead: hoopi that flew up and  struck]bim ih; the face. JrGood. graci^I^  said be, which,of you dropped that."  ' Agehtleman met another in the street who  waa ill of consumption, and accosted him  thus: " Ah,; my Mend; you walk slowly.?'  'ires," replied the man, "but I am going  fast."  r   Tkr Uxiversal Practice'of*^^mixing-.Chicory and,  A-oM* adtilteratlvtiswith Cdfiee, Ims ver^much tlamag;  olin public eitimatiou, what ought,to.:be tbe.most  delicious of.vBcvera'giis-r.-So effectuallyhavethc public  bjen drugged,with such mixtures that tlie true propor-  ''tica hava been lost sight of, and many prefer avblack  W&tL$ thick infusion to a' drink rlchViu spirit and, aroma.,  " Gon< ral "y fe- '.be use of Cofibc, it is little known that  in. cod flensing the'vapora 'extracted' from the berry in  )    ��������� m    a liquor,.is obtan^d of the most nauseouM  - tasty, ond ol u scsrA tlie'i^pst unbearable. '. Under such  . NEW1 Ab^K*tl^MENTSr.;-;/y  .-���������  J   fi"  THOMPSON. PitBSinBST. .; ��������� y.    '.  'y JAMES ANDERSON, ViCKrPKE^ENT.  ^TORiA^PVEHTigggm^^,  H. S. BtUNT,       .   ���������   \  JOSEPH .-CW5ABTHUE,; V  JOHN. ilACLAKEN, yA );  Directors.  rt^W^ INSTITUTION IS NOW OPEN AT B.ABK-B&  T^J^^^now fitted .'up wiUi. n, view to: ;the  k *m   d conVenience of the peopleiof Cariboo.  iaSSsbt^ottislv^^  Mbntr^^nSle volumes loaned,; to^non-subsenber*- at  nd cents ner volume, with SI��������� deposit-. > yy t     ^fe^y  .y������XA J ���������--.; yiii yyAy-MMAlyyAAyAA^A^^^X^f^.,.:  fe^K-A: Hue a^soSnen t of Books." aiid 'StatfpKr/iB  a 1 ways k opt for zu le.  S an 3?i*;a ito is fc o���������SS t g.;i:e.  1. V/EILL  THOMAS LETT SfAHLSCH  A1THARF STREET,  ^���������ri.iS6S.fe ;..'  m::s!   YICrORlAj 7. I:  Cm  &. c o  ?  . y:->.:'C6riier of Yates and. Wharf. Streets,,.  ���������   ���������  .      VlCTCKlA,  V.   J;  IMPORTERS: OF: CIGARSWn TOBAWO  ���������KUi^.lhGS.. .y A "-fe-.v : :.LiM���������~.  ;.;..:��������� ���������-   ��������� -LAND AGENT, ..Etc-,^....-,';. vfe.fe ���������;.���������-,-.  fe"    ;���������'.:������������������ ^GOV^feT^TREET,., YiCTOnJAy V-' J. -=.:: v.  ^AliWiness carefully and puhclually.attciidcd to;  May 1,186S.  R:  *Uuw������juwf  :.;C- And Dealers in ��������� :   .:  ; GROCERIES, f UOVI������IONS, Etc.,  - -..   Fort Street. VictoriaJ; V. I.  Mav.l,lR6S.  ���������;'   ��������� y^___A~���������AAA-..iiiMAA-A.������  TJjCTOM^fi^gTJ^^^  to the St. /Nicolas Hotk, TJcb^.P^f^  ometcm nnd Watches cleaned^  ^re-n.^^#M*^  ental Kngravingjieatlf executS^fi  ed.    Everj* descr  Plain-aji'tl Oinam  .May 1/1S68.  CinUi  DAILY and WEEKLY '���������'���������u "BRITmw rm hv.iT^  and VICTORIA C0^fcLE.������fe^^;^'  ing either Ihe Daily or: Weekly )������&1^$^  any part or Eumpe, the United StatesyCa^^M^  atttnuled tovfefeTKHMs in advance.   :wHK������T^Sie  (lm  His?.just /received  the IJnrgcst;  y.i:sti>Ck".of-'--i  and  Best ^assorted  American Clothing,  ITnderclotiiing, &c,?  &0.,  .Thatb'^Vvdr.'bTO.-a- imported to C.inl)oo.;'  . . ���������ALSO.���������  '    aROCERIES������  PROVISIONS,  :  FINE BRANDS OF, TOBAQCO &; CIGARS.  -feCParties wili: find ittotheiradyahtago togi ve me  call before purchasing elsewhere. :y. A A: A  . -jell-'. -: '     -    ' ���������      .- ',-,      '     I.; WEILL; fe  ���������i^������PATMT ISDICINES.  MiES  WBL^S, FARGO feGQ.,  New York, California^ and Kuropeau Express,   ;.  ;AnaJKx^nng(re^nr^-G^ial^l^  wardXetteivv ^cka-os and; Treasure, to all jwrt* o  the Faciac and Atlantic States and Europe. ^ Bills of  Exchange drawn on San Fnigcisco, New^York, Boston,  "on(I London,.at current rates..; ^   .-��������� '���������-��������� ;yyxy-  Omce���������Yates Street,;Victoria, A. I.--,yy.yy  MavivlS68.y>���������-.���������������������������������������������.  ������������������������������������.������������������������������������,...- yyiyAM.?  3m  ;    t;n, w  WILL FOIIWARD PJtOMVTLY, AT MODERATE TEiWiS.  English, American,,,    -       ���������< y^  & French, German,  : And other Newspapers and Periodicals.  witlrPostafior^  moa do.,$23; 0m6sdo:;$l2 50.        ^:   WW}-}*  , May,l,l$0S.-    A^iAy-y^A -;:    ���������    ^ 6m  : hqtkl; de; FRANCE, -    :���������  ,     GOVERXMEXT STREET, VlCTORU; V." I.    ^  fpHE RESTAURANT is; supplied withAiti'm  X.delicacies.of the seasoniand the sleeping acc^  datlon is replete.. wltlii every���������'. c6mfortvV^U^>besV: S  Wines,Uquors and Cigars. feyfe^    "  -'MaMiAA ���������"?'cy^fey'fe^'lA  plcmjS te leIIj^I "lom  ������������������fey STORE-STnECTv;:yV,fefe;;\:.:;fe;;  Detwecii Herald and Fisgunrd, Yictorin, '\AhAAA:  Ai.  ND U E.W���������-AST-RICO IUCSPKCTFULLY INFOK5I3  i'X. his." friends- and. the    travelling . public  the abovfcI5otel .is tho. niost comuKulicus nn  hptel in Victoria  prlncliMLi,au).  the inarlcot a ffonls.  \Mnv?l, 1868r  clean1  toria.: , 11 fs condnoted ; on the. Kur&peiin ' :  )���������i^h^tjil?l<! is. s iippli.ed ���������iwiiUi!! lielj VvrjLlJifiL^C  6������i,  L O 3ST B OfeN"  H O TJ.'S.E,  ' ;   GOVERNSIENT' STREET, VlCTORU,  W HO LE SALE   AN D   RE T AIL.  SUBSCR[PTIOXS, AUDIXG: Vi^STAOEt I'AYAIH-ElX Al>VAKCK.  Miivi;iS68:.   "fe.y.fe:.' A' ���������MAM       exny  WIL1IAM G.liJAIIESOK,  . WAT.CHMAKER ..   :" ������������������-  ���������AND    JEWELLER,  CLUB BUILDING, l fe  Government Street, ;    -      -    '. -       Victor ia,- V. I.  is  , . 'ly    .  \ ���������        .       t.'������ie,an'doi ������ accrAtlie n]<ost unbearable. - Under such  ',-  v>   A      's Gucum������tana"i it I.s evidently important that all-the.  . glue  and   uidi e^     . i ; by roasting should be car-  -, fe-.;:  il  mmm.  V AAA:  ;-.,'':" i  .���������-      '   ''   ..       Jfe v '      ",  '���������A  ���������-, "fe.-.. .  yyy*  ! 'fe  ^a^es^ana nuias-ex^ractedfeiby  rietl off as cimckiy as possible, in order to prevent their  ������  reiurnin"gragainVotheCo-Tee; 'wlncb .is thejjasejn the  confine'd/cylinder,.    This object is admirably accom-  ^siillsbed by the now arid patent ^Conical Gofle.e Boaster5������  * *as used by s'FE tt & CO., Victoria, in whi ch the b erry  is directly exposed to:tlie. radiated heat- ahd-tbe vapor  extracted carried-oft' instantaneously. s. In addition to  the advantage to be dcriv.ed.by the,rapid removal of  'tho steam containing the .objectionable properties, the  y pu ro aroma of���������. tho CoiToe' is retai ne d, the cssen tia 1 oil  " being preserved and not exhausted as.In the Cylinder  -Roaster, where the Coflbe is required to remain a much  ������ limger tinie in consetiuence of the steaming H nndcr:  '" :go|s|''by;tlio'bphnned^st^iui)-.:f It is chemically impossi-  Ai3;.CONSTANTLY D.N HANI)-A JCHOICE SKLEC..  tion :of "Drugs aiid; Patent j lledicines,; inclnd ing  new m'idp anil Patent;Pills, Trusses^Syringes,:Cherry  pectoral^ "'.Sarsaparil \dsy snd; Jaync'a. Altcrative, for  purifying the blood. '    .  fe Also Stationery, Red and Black -Ink, Candy, Seeds,  Bill lard Chalk, and Pock e t Ku i ves.- The celebrated:  Golden BatSinv and Slurpliyh Mixtures for the"-.com-  pi e te cure "of::. Sccbnda ry-: Sy p hill is ah d . Rheumat ism,  and Crossman'sand other specific mixtures for Gonorrhoea ; a great Vsiriety of Toilet Articles, as Combs,  Ha ir Oils,. HairAtin d Too th "���������. Brushes, Toot lr; Powders,  Too Ui Picks, Sponges; Fancy Soaps, i5ay Rmn,. Lu-  bin^a Extracts; arid other perlmneries, etc., etc., .  A ��������� Prescr tpiions.care fully, com pounded .;������������������--.;  :: -P; ��������� S. ���������As'.i:sliip up goods every spring and fal 1,:pbr-  ties requiring medicii] e may '���������. rely on.' ob tain ing;' it  FRESH, anti soenstire its having the desired ellect:  .���������-Next.cloor to.Canio's;Brewery,  'ii Mav L, 1868.. :       : 6m MA- '. ���������.'; Rarkorville. R..C.  ���������Tewelrv of every description made to order..  May-1.--1.868" ^m  C.T.MITJ.ARD. J> p. Bebdy.  MILLARD   &   BEEDY,  A Impprtcrs and Dealers in   "'  General Merchandise.  ;    AVharf street, Victoria,: B.C.  Vie-  ^y^;fefe,:wh'ichvit^50htains. .we have it ;encased;in tins contain ing  . from 1 lb. tp28.1b������., and wbich can bo: had from any ol  , fe the respectable dealers. Wo can confidently recommend  s fe ;   those who have hitherto been obliged to refrain from  A A A s ",  taking Coflbe on account of its ill cllccts thai thev ma  Myi  !use our Coffee,.roasted in the Conical.Roaster, beinjgre^  .-.fe cjommended by;a 11 medicalynicn under.whose notice it  ��������� A. has been brought, and by numerous other test j monials  in its favor.'   i      ', FELL &��������� CO.,  ������;.. ��������� -:     .;" ;���������:��������� -Ay. \ Coffee Jlerchants,; Yates St. Victoria:  Steamer Enterprise,  in: order that" it mXy xionnect  with; .' BARNARD'S;: EXPRESS,;;the  s^ steamer. Enterprise will hereafter:leave  Quesnelmouth1;on Mondays & Thursdays at  fe>;rAAi    Ayy.-A..AA. iA'i- 6. a..in������;y. y'rr . .-.���������' ���������'���������-..,_  ��������� Will Leave Soda Greek on: Tuesdays and  >  Fridays at daylight.;  ; ;.JSS^:.Thc steamer is not responsible for leakage of  Oils.or other Liquids shipped in tins.  ,,: QiK-'5-:uelmouth, June 19, 1.S6S. ��������� je22 3m  tn the Supreme Court of Civil Justice of  British Columbia.-  ���������    yKOTlGE.   '  .  In the matter of the Estate and Efl'ects of  MRS THOMAS;JONES; deceased, intestate ;  ������������������'KOSSER EDWARDS, 'V    ',y  fA. '  WILLI AM THE VENA, '���������'���������'"-"        ��������� <������ ���������  IiiSNRY ALLEN,   ;;."..' .���������>       yM   *���������*   ���������  All persons who arc indebted to'any of tho above  es tates a re requ i red to pay tho. a mou n ts duo fbrth-  with ; and all persons who have any claims against  any of the, above estates are required "to send tbem in  on or before the.lTth day of Sfpteraber, ISfiS.  ,   yCHAS. E. POOLEY, .  Officiiil Administrator.  , RED-GULCH, AND MOSQUITO CREEK.  ! ;JoKn B; Loyell & Co, -  "irEEPCONSTA^TLY ON HAND A LARGE SUPPLY  ���������MINERS  ,;: ;PROVISIONS, CLOTEING, &c, &c.,;  And-for sale at tho .���������-;.���������,.;.���������..��������������������������� ���������.'....  'A i A Ay. Lowest .Current Prices..  Only one Cash; Price asked, consequently no long  xredit given..;   yy.-y;  N.B ���������Miners and, Prospectors on Willow River,  Sugar and other Creeks in tliat section of country enn  be supplied AS Q&KAP and to better advantage than  Irom Williams Greek. ,     . myS 6m  Sellmg Off!   Selling Oif!  RED   FLAG  STORE,  RICHFIELD,   -   -   BRITISH COLUMBIA,  Groceries, Provisions. Dry Goods.  Hardware, Dried Vegetables, Mining Tools  Also, one splendid BarSaloon Stove, &eM &c.  .-;���������;���������":���������.������������������'������������������ -AA'yAy .A'G'E.NT-S-  F.O.R   '.'���������  ���������MEBCHA���������NTS, LINE   PACKETS   ^ROM  : je8 6m :;: - SAN   FRANCISCO. ��������� ���������"���������;" --". "    fe-  :    a;gilmore,  ME-R G H A N T   TAIL OR,  YATES STREET, -  Third door below Government Street, Victoria, V. I,  Has on hand, aiid is constantly receiving a  largo  assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres  xmn  Vkstj.vgs,  which bo is prepared  to mako to order in the most  approved styles.  All order/Irom Cariboo promptly attended to,'  May 1, .1868. 6m  '  J: H, ;TURNER. ^ |0.  '.'v'"���������"'.���������  ";'MMrOHTKRS>;'OFJ' -ffi&?&':.-   AyKy  English <fc FreAcb Silksj ^baiyjg; Drespes. In:  derclothing, Glove's^anilfeV^t description of  /;-a..',        ���������'    ''Brapery,;Gor)(iHi ^'/fe ;��������� ���������. ���������'��������� "AA/iA  Tleco:} ye. regular supplied f>y^^^& y ia Pa naina- ud  by saHiiiK vessels.via Capc^Horn;^''i'.,,' '������������������-  i^gr Pa rt icu la ratten Uou'^iv^n Wall orders, ��������� ������������������.���������.������������������������������������  I^ndon'Firm-^Ji P. Tcxstall^itoA -"A^  ,        ;, .- : ESTABLISHED 1858.   ,.  Mayl, 1SC8.     l " .*.' '      6m  gre-lley&^terrIJ  WKAI^y^JH^  'nil  *:.".;"��������� V".'--fe      'fe^I)calcrs1nyr--     ,";y." ;.yAi'A  Fine: English, Frenolx & ^mekcan Liqubr?i  Champagne, Claret.an^ebBrandies.'A*"- ���������  i     LARGE   STOCK-OF    BONDKO    WINES. AND  A\; Brandies always on hand.fefeTo dealer? purcliajsiax  in 1 ar?e quautities,*a 1 ibera 1 difecoun]. \pl\ "be made fyr  CASH.   AH orders will receive prompt "at ten I ion.  St. LxcjJtENT'&. L^bkut;^V  -" "X Agents, d-ntreyille:  May 1.1S6S.     .- A AAAAA 6m:  J E S.S E  COWPER,  ,A11 accounts due to the undersigned must be settlcil  before the lOthJiitKj next.  1 I;   1I0X3TT'ET  Richfield, May 4Oth, 1S0R. mvlj lm  Ii ich fi el d ,* 23d Ju no, 1863.,  je25  DR.   CHIPP,  ;;M.I..C.S. ; Eng.,   L.S.A.  Lo\i>..  STJRG-ECJN   AND   ACCOUCHSR,  ,'; At libme Tor cnn?ii 1 t'a ��������� i������mi dai ] v.  below tlie.T!ieatre.    Ufliya fee, ������b,  OiBes  two' door>'.  .jeio'  J. T. SCOTT. . u> I4I������BETT,  ARCADE  BILOARB IHDJOWlfflG SALOON.  SCOTT   &   LIPSETT  rpATCE GREAT PLKASURR IN AXNOUNCTNT, TO  1 the public generally Uut they have purchased the  ���������SUoon, lately occupied by Mr C. Fulton ami  datter themselves from their long experience in business to merit a liberal share of tlieir pilromu'e  At the Bar will be found a full supply of tile'best  WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS  Barkerville, May _20lb^l^GB. )el 6m '  EDGAR   DE WDN^EY^ "  HlfflC- EI6INEEB AM gUKVETOa  F. .V. Leo's Auclion Uporn:>.  jc? 6m: '  BARKKK.VM.LK. ���������'" "���������  ���������..:' -^-"dkalkr is ���������" yA .  GUSTOI-IADE BOOTS AHD SHOES,  No. 23 YATES STREET, VICTORIA; fe  (Oppos i te Wei Is, Fa rgo & Wb.)  Always on hand���������Calf, Kip, Sboe Findings, etc.. etc.  May I, lg@. Om  _  __.__._^______  FORT    STREET,    VICTO-llIA  A. MoLEAIT & Co.,    :  ���������  Gkxkual OuTKrrrKKS,  TM PORT CLOTI11 NG OF A LL K t N I)S ; a lw> ROOT������  I. and SHOES, riiv<-������>t fnnn tins )>est KngliJ-'h   and  Scotch market.-.   i.eH rt-Uiil at wholosaln jirices fbr,  CA^'IT.    All order* .sent through   Barnard's Kxpress,  promptly attended to.  .. May 1,'IRflS. 6in  -y/y/yy^cym^  JS HEREBY GIVBN TO ALL PAKTIE& DfDEBTED  I to.ilie laic 11 rm of Allan fc Co., proprietors oialw-  Ca ri boo S en 11 nel, t h a t u n 1 ess all ou istan ding account  are paid to Mr W. F. Herre, Barkerville, on or befer^  tlio 20th day of Jano next, proceedjnjja will be instituted ibr the recovery of the same.���������--,:; . yyy  \\i\rkervi 11 e, 18th May. 1S6S.       ������������������-. *'��������������������������� mytS.^  FOR SALE.  TLB STATIONy  ? the waifon   roar.   There is a ft lie substantial house and stabling on tn*  premises. Apply to the proprietor on the prcraJsca.  There ts a good-liay ranch,attached to tho pmpertjv  OO "ITTLB STATION;; oho of the host;localitiesoa  OO' ill * the * wagon   road . from   i'alc. to Cariboo:  Mav.VlfiOS.  2W  ADAIV3SON  &HURP  ''AAy'[A'A A      '~:;.dbalkrs- 1^'hryA-.  PSOYISIOHS, TOBACCO I  DRY GOODS AXD ��������� WQITpRS'-, A  A large assortment rf^ifciwr and Steev always  of Titox and  hand..'- ..  llarkervmc/Hayl^lgS: ���������   ��������� -_  on.  6m  STOVES!  ADAMS & PEABCT,  RA RKERVILLE,  Havo-jivl received a choice selection ������f.  CAST IRON COOKING STOV^  BAILEY'S  PRIVATE  BOARDING  HOUSE  Fort Street, Victoria, behvuon Douglas and  Broad Streets.  N.-C.B-  s1 pATLRY UKGri TO INTIMATE TO THK  vj������ I> public that he has purchased Ihe  building and furniture,, as lately occupied by Mrs.  Heal, which he has entirely re ill. tod at great cost, and  the premises will now be found replete; with every-  convenience for the comfort of families and ladies and  gentlemen.   i^-T^vma moderate.  N. 13.���������In addition to tire above, N. 0. B-nley also  conit in u es u, cm r ry o n tho Ho to an d Boa rd iiiK 'U() use  on Lauglev slrcet.  MaylfelSOS '   flm  TIN   PLATE   AND   SHEET I������OS.  -    ^thvadouBOthorarUclesIn their B-^J^  : mr AH Jobbing in the Tin, ^\^SSS^  Zinc trade attended to, and warrautod to give    ^  tion.  C.  ST.ROUSS, fe. .  WIIOLESALB   AND   RETAIL   DEAI^  ProyisioB^  Q-roceries,  HARDWARE,  \Si  DRY    GOODS  CLOTHING  BOOTS AND SHOES  J    MALL.vmUXK, ('or.id'XTOU   AN'O GKNKHAL  j. AGJ-'NT. (,'ovvrnHicnt t*ireel, Victoria. V. T.  M..y]rlP6S. ' ' 0m  &c, Ac, '&c.    ;  BAEKEBVILXE.  jnyiiD Om y  s^������rtr^v??:y:a-  yyry^y^^^^^/^,..  rawns9iniw*ro  iBSBSBRSareBSlonrawm  am*arnaamnmaamKa*tBmBBtx&rmKSE!&X!2  zyJ'.?!lJlUW������Ul*i&fl_**MJIH3ti


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