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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-07-05

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 ifci*S^.fe   ���
:*' fe-T'..^'.
ty DRijOli
Ty ��� ~yr
rid D?rirf
JOE Dii'Jj. ||
eive ims
���Uery, d
'ii M~rJw
j.y- vl!
tail dealeni!
-fe rtii
: -������*�� Mr
510,1 s
A mating] was *^
ult, tft erpurp6se* of which WasHbe^ Expediency
of adopting^defensive *me^ur^agairiai:*ttf.e
threatened invasion:bf the iqwix-byFenians;
\ihe meetiiig, which :w^ composed
���: of^the most;deteMined afid'j^res]^ctpr.le m^n
Mr. Ii. Hautjer, in,, the > Chair, \and (Mr, JT. Bnii
discti^rgingf the ��� Wncilo_|iO^ Se^efe^g'_Vfter
tfie Siairmaflivin [:w'j loiigfr- and enthusiastsc
'speech, expressed the .purpose for whicb the
^eelng>4sjcall^d, ^^h^t^bhqS^iii^&
given. which? were answered by the echo bf
the surrounding^tabuntains., -i ^A-i^^m..^ I #
The Honi. Rober tSn^it*h^^s loudly ��� called;
; for, who [cemie fb]^iBi]^M4W4,^^^^^i|9-
/I ifeel prbud oft: the v prefeaiitidniary: stegsAJty*
are about to take, to defend iiie^toTOidf; iLyt-
ton and colony against-the -Fenian ; invasion,
and-I am well ^aware th^Aqs^P^ wiichyl
see'be-fore me wlir^blte
of this town^orIr|gufiei tg�� |^ng; > therefbrei
; ter^inelitat li^i^^^^
brin ca$in,-;ifc& "^^J^^J^j^q^M^^ ?Mf>
���Lyfiton^and if shbigoeSfedbwn ratherdetiiis 'go*
down along Nyith _^ytMirwet sh^^sUrreiH
derher? either to$
Xet us take- examplevby th-.���nobiej:and?pa'_^ip*
tickets of^the;gpod:people pf New^Westauns*
terj- let; us^cto arms^ lot temttsierf^i_-rBelves'
inie rifle - anwafefiil'Sy^colffpanies, let us. drill
The ; following ?verses^were* written by* a
lo col" poet ftn the* death %fv Mr.\ J4MES Hamilton, a nativer*of; Scotland^' which occurred
TatherjSuo'denly here last winter; they were
not penned with ah^intieriiioil: of bping, ��� jjfijb*
Sishesd, but simply Wav*tritiute;;tb tlie fcehior^;
of a -friendivand ^e^hbw ihsefteci as 'ajspleci-
men: of ithe-^butcrp^p-ing'% of Cariboo Terse;;
i';--'; !'.'*,- ������  ,- ,? ' .rj���:���'��� j;'���-,���'..;'"'.���,'fe-'��� i-,fe.fe"<���������������;'"���v.fei]'��''(' .���'',-*".,'''..fe.\.'.; .���������-���ii'���;..���.; ������''
; ���AA-A Elght.wtwry yeai^ bt toil and;strife,  ,   i'- y:
, A All stern;privations scorning, ; ;������';,.:"yy,[Ar,
A    you^re^calledlto lender up your llt^-l ,';';?
' ' ;Withoiit a moment's warning, ���'"��� A" M y,.: . ,. *
y "  cyc#had%ell-nlght&bvictory won|" ���'���.-. y'
:;���>' i f y y Your lucky star 'seemed- burningffeV -
���  ..  To homo and frienQ^,;wdth'-dmplevwealth
'-l   < ' You dreamt of "soon returning;' ' "���'���
y\ iii)yy->\\:yi].:\iy<--m-.-.wMyx ���'^������i'yVr.vx,'/,-..>:y; *',--. > ;'v.".
���   But God has Interposed lus.will ;>, :i A fe
.��-;^;'fe;iA":feAnd closedvyour eyes forever, ti^iA-Ay
MA- /Tour��� mothers: kind; and; Ipyiiig smile;'; .;.,/���:
'-���Ay A.. Shall beam upon ybu-^neveri-fei Aa '-Ay- ���
"- Jj," Belonging to that class of ^_en   ���'v "   *
if Tf y M * Who live by honest' labor, /       A.
AyA; What fortunelent^you-freely spent; A--
"   \    '"Or shar^ it with your heighbdby5^-
-^5 r'ybn *ere;.n6t Versed in Wiiy/artb}'
.^^^^^9Useoujd^t^dt^nor planyl_ [Ay ������ ;������������  ���
,    ,' ( But were,endeared to'honest''nearta'<"v^ ^
? ^yfe'V-ByWng'ati honest many1'' A1 My A:yy
, ���-,j%;;  Though far^removed -Orom Render,eye, , ^i i
^'4.'".������ k;r"0frfriends^.that wiirdepiorehira^ _|
, ���' ^,, M ���cbtch( hands have pjaoed- him; where-fie/lies
V,'       And Scottish tears weep o?er hlm.>   ��� .
L ;^i��p_i^^^i^
��   I-' ,"'    fey.fewy^^Lw^-r^-feFy*.,-yfe, ^.-'- aa   fey : ^   ,t
I   ���iSufescriptdoa,r$ltp^  * i   -
(Inciting .ooi, _jf MelLveiy,') Payable'to'tho^'Carrler.
-fe^-^      . t-       '  *  v    ..
��� i     '   , 'v "        fei .    ?      fe>      Ay
my yu-MM AMymyi *ymyy
.,.:.-fe; -y ���������-Cfefef :��� i^fe'f;
2V-M*il^j;| "��__f__^5_^��'S
bwer'to Iricreas��.') ^f1'.'.^   '"
fefe5>'''��M'''��feife>T'fefe'iv��yyA?!&T'. 'fe.'.l^ .���*;.'fe-'";.' ;������.���.���������''��� \::',ai{]i.y
If Messrs; B et j; & Gun nav, (Agen U
' for- this&airijie df.^MdhtrfiaT, *' '..>.���''
tea? ,.������
and _dah:e o^*r|ielye^m
that in^^^^&lnva^diug^fbj^'shbilld advance
^potf^UB^we 1 willl^eOprep^
,^g^ehind usname-fi^
bia, "but the ^roudest^ecollectiont of the^
manhood will'alwkys'beV^^achieyements df
their forefathers, jWhpse)'^ names shall appeal^
' Mk^I-Ilroy Was next calleU upon,-who^
most eloquently delivered ^himself \\ thfts,;-���
^ec^B^ty;'' Of ^'_^t%
laitack:fr6mTt1i? Feni-itii :'caahot for oneyino-'
iSmefifbe q^estioiiedpa"M!5als6r t the' ^fortifyihg
toe^bsmksJj of iJthe.Cpluhtbi^
fcEenians'eSexj gekpbssessw
lati_POkanaga*ds sectionc'of cbuntry^there won^t
|be a living -head of;;8tbck left and &eef could
|at^ l^^urcha^d^-aiiy wicfejjfor^^ Fetiian
[ tine^ pu^cter^otf Fe^
ihear iny stpryy ^protect bqt Btock^Keap $j$qf
3^ev^thingVtp; ttie ;bb^yj��(^^t;^pl��H^b;
^It^prieSjf^^e aire jsmall in number but great
>_i:pluck.^  :: {l' ��� AA -y    ;':'. ;���;,::; : *t .,;; \
{'���w The following resolution was moved b j- M*r!.
^i$^^iim^^i,% ��� it4& the y opinion ^f/Siia
^meeting-ithat-mea6urei3ishould'rat biicb^'bk
adopted for,^defendi*h'g-''"t^jibn A^ityAMiA5tti$
threatenedinyasion ofthe Fenian organization^
and -��tiat"_ie^pebple of feE^ibPenfbll tfiemr.
pelves as volunteers, jforrii^ c^mpaiiies( andJ3ref
^ar^fbr'actid&i'.^f!^ny,eme*rgpricy ��� should fel
���qriire -their seryiit;esi".-;t AA /i-A/'/y. ��� A if A, /A/
fe^Aff-erfea. ieng^
;best possibly ihean3;of; defehdi_grLytton: City
and cblon'y in/&&$,; kihe; iiitaders/icahie: tttf.the
Columbia riyreri%crbss;;the.^
and arrive he^eyi&'Nichoto river and Nicomin;
Ares61:d.'dbn1,ii^:^opos^ by Mr, W. Uel
Wha, seconded bylM^;J&Patteribn,;andW
animously carried?, iaaao/ am  vy ;
^.^so^vBrM^That ]a Commit^c^sisti-ai
?J fc5? Cfaairman, ^member of this District aiid
Mr. B. ?attersbn,";be appbirited;t6;draft -aime-
���the Government, to,be signed-;by> the.Ghair^
man of the meeting,1 asking him to send up to
lytton City arms:arid: amuiiitioh sufficient for
���? t?   -^ ^tidtilso asking him to apply tb
the Home Government; for a forced soldiers
to act as a permanent guard to this cttv ot
Lytton and the colony." J!;; ������   '���   :�� *-"f :
After a vote of thanks to the Chairinaa; the
meeting adjourned 'sine die.'       :;     ,.   AAy,
Lytton, June 24th, 1866.
j.], Sib Mi' Peto^^A^Ric��-^{wprfj^ ".daVthe
$Resouee> and^P
just �� een tissued5 by^ SirMbrtbn^Petb^ It dbals!
entirely with the?material and-cbinmercial ^ca-r
pabilUies .of,JhbJ country^ and, as these are
points on which itis:almost impossible to take
too sanguine-a~view>-the book is likely to be
acceptable^on f bqth��������� sides of > the|Atlan|ic.^It
1s^ divided iritq.eight sectipjis/bomprising pop^
ulatibni agriculture^ ������rimn'u^ctures, minerals/
comro erce, railroads,: the ;S duth? and:lts fUtjurey
ynd finance; an3d;furmsheswi*&'
e^^ff w^c^&ejsett^
and skill^ofoar practical^mind;A] The section on
ii^oads and! ^b'^ra^^
Is ?espbci|tlly ;ljfiel^(^t%*aQt npticfe|l^ ^laj*
-tion to the1 power ot.the_country-.to,boar.^
"debt,^on" which^Sir Ifor tbnls'c^rifldeil^^tHere
n^eed,Abe rho dispute j but it;w;iU be necessary
to temper*: his ^Conclusions "ba 'this * point
by lus ibwnfe admission that the cultivation of
free trade will be essential^and^also by'the
reflectipn'that the present tendencies; of .the
people^ like those of * every, btlie'r ?la-r^e"demor
cratic community are^all 'in favor of protect
tipniand prphibitionl r" Ift" he: says, ^{1 feel
assured:of one;thingr more\ liian inpthbr ^ith;
regard to the future (of Amerioaiitab tbatftHat
fiiture can:only b,e; :9uccessM"^;^a't pblicy
which' lias contributed to her present^ppsitioh?;
-rt-vinean/.af policy 'of ���';��� free intercourse with
eyeryination in the wprld-'V^^ps^T^es^
l^ri^E^.The public ;wijlyfind it mnch t^^heir
adyaii^e^i-OfeCalf cat ttie-;^rpr^r_iely $o_n>
pied byS. Elsasser,[Cameront6n, and examine
the quality and prices of the large ; and well
assorted stock of rgeneraV^merchandise ; scon-
sistsihg in part, viz:A Gents' Ciotang^BbotSi���;
Shoes," Liquors, Segars and Grpceries. .������-..;- The
"WholeiWfcock; must;j)e closed;out, immediately\
therefore goods are now selling [ at .extremely
lOW"? prices...    . ,���.: "   ' -''  y:   ��� y ������   ''- ���      . *
lyyyi' HAM: \i
? &k��Mt&
WJIOLESAIiii^RETATL:''"v�� - *
E JIAVE Olf HANp ajlarge stock of provisions;
Hardware. and ybgetables, And are" determined to sell them, cheaperyth&n ..any other store on
Williams Creek. Come and see and judge for yourselves!
Richfield,;llay 5th,, 186j8r;   .     _, ,   , t   ���,  , ,,,ls
;.-     J:. K. S U T E R-/. &/G-Q ^ .V{
Oonimiss.io-ii Agents
' -: ; ���}'���. ���, ' ' ���;.* ���  ���::' U -' >' -and y   - J' lU- * -; * AAA    A I
:* 'kmt y,"feDBBT.-> COLLECTORS;'/-'/ mA
.,.- London A
iRead? Office.;Lombard' fit.,
jitJNTS.jetp.ened -for any amouat'ji_*4
"red-Dollars.,     .   -     A'Ay-iy     4|   ,
GbHec^eti; andlB5ils of-Eschanffa
3an;Franc*.scp;.j ^f^ ^e^^rjt,f Jj urfe
.other 'Securities-received ,'fbrJf��to
}aud;I)iyidcn'ds icollccted^i
f3J Jlecel7ed-on;l>|fiositj'or Advances made upoh^heai^
d andij Assaye.dj^and (returns ����* a.d a
firiptioh'.c'arefntly, Assayodf-'
J'-yit^lj' i.u;J oi i< i*fe_yvw
��ritisBwf^c)#li'- Amerio-a/
Ar A '" y,   ;V-bstab_isbko iN'l836y       ' ^  :-   -^r
>^RA_?TS jISSUEPibfl ^^nV^^v^rkr^Sap^Mn-
cisco..Caritiopp Canada,;'2vTewBrunsvvick,'^pvaScotia,,
and %&kXt\th& Branches Ot-��the'jN*tlonaI JBahk "of Scotland jand^rovmcial-Bank;of ^Ireland,;;ft( ^, 4ys,.';% ���-
;^Biite.;-pf.i Excliangev^nd ,Gpi��^ur(^ais^^:.
^yIhterestbWSpecia;!'.'peVo^it^-cKr^iioney'alioweb aitho
x_te of"ai^uarter;ofjbneipey;centi peRmonth.ciVj?5^*^
' Bankrupt Affairs, wound up and Balance ^heetft^prc-
pared ��� Mining-Accounts careful^
of'Forms and agreements drawn, and every other des^
cription of. b.usihess.prpmptly ;a'ttendedrtb." --yxrAAlrA \
A'j&?Offlce-1 RICHFIELD;-nelr ^ '. "'5]
,;.; ^^Life atbest is not very long,   a few
more ai^
lndZ^QhPA1^ a?d 8uns��^ and clouds;
and darkness, and hasty greet ng, i and abrupt
II     J^* If you want good Coffee use Fell's.
The Univehsai. Pbacticb of-; mixing Chicory and
other a duHeratives with^ffee^ks^ y'fery much damaged In ;puhlic estirtiationj'feWhat^bught7tb'be the most
delicious of Beverages.L. So 'effectually have the public
;heen Idruggbd w i th such; mixtures: th at the true properties liaye been.lost sight of, and many^prefer a black
and thick infusion to a drink rich ih spirit and aroma.
General as is the use of;Coffee, it is little known that
in .condensing the vapors, extracted from the berry iu
iroiisting, a liquor is obtained of ithe most, nauseous
taste, and of a scent the most unbearable. Under such
circumstances it is evidently" important that all the
���gages and:ilnlds extracted by roasting, should be harried off as quick ly as possible, in order to prevent their
returning again to the Coffee, which iS;thooasein tho
con^ned cylinder. This "object is admirably accomplished by the new and patent "Conical Cofioo lioaster"
asused by FELL & CO., Vic tori a,, in wh j ch the. b erry
Is directly exposed to. the radiated heat, and the yappr
extracted carried off instantaneously. .In addition to
the advantage to be derived by the rapid removal of
the steam containing the objectionable .properties,-the
pura aroma of the Coffee is retained, the essential oil
being preserved and not exhausted .as in;the.Cylinder
Boaster, where the Coffee is required to remain avmuch
linger titue inconsequence of the steaming it undergoes by the coii lined steam... It is chemically, impossible to retain the qualities or arrest tho deterioration of
Coffee when ground. The heat engendered by the process of roasting, and especially of grinding, .creates an
action in the clumentary parts which gradually destroys
Its fitness for- drink. But to retain the essential oil
which It contains,we have it encased in tinscontaining-
Xeoh) J. lb. to .28 lbs., ..and which can be.had��� from :ahy
of the respectable, dealers. We can confidently re-,
commend those who have hitherto been obliged to refrain from taking Coffee on account of its. ill .effects,
'thatthey may use our Coffee, roasted in the Corneal
.Roaster, being recommended by all medical men under
whose notice it has been brought, and by numerous:
ottiert&stimonials in its favor. FELL & CO.,
Coffee Merchants, Yates St., Victoria.
a AAA yi^M^f^rM^4Wiryr- A
���: ....- ^BAIiXERVILX'E.5'. Aa'A^A
.    \ ..fe.    , DEALERS E* y----.    .   iy-.rf    ,yfe   :
Assorted; Her
Wllolesalearld Retail. .' ., .".    i
- ��� E. C. Q\LLETTEy//'y'\
-     '   ' CAMERONTOWN.'      '"' ' 'T ��� .j
' va$. winkle; ������".*'1'
Dealer in all kinds of Provisions, Olothing;&c.|
fe^- Stabling for Horses;  Hay, Barley and ������ Data always en hand. 1-s
P Gold Dost Melted and: Assayed; ia.ip.di returns; _a io a
wit_i___-_ours-in''Ctoi^ My
^ Qres of, every description carefully Assayed. Ai. y-
'f N1 B^^Any jnstrucW_ns^s-to%he'diip6sa'I of the proceeds ofi Gold Dastyforwaydpd; tq.:the; offlcelnVictoria
for Assay will be careful lyattended'to. y.y -fy
)i\i;-t: yyy- iy ..���:... K|>jya^BHEP'HBR'D; Manager * ,
t}'VictoriaV:-if:.t April,l&Stjy j . y .s :!; j ��� ,'��,,rl?s.���_ t. *   '
Connecting at-LiUpoet;, andy^alewith DIETZ ���_
v   -'-NELSON'S, for 'New; West thinsterl& Victbria, ��� ���;''.
��� ^ Vv k Barkerville,] ,to cpuh^ct-wdth .the, ^te3.mer J;En-:
'��e-pp_sd**'a*t QiVesneihibuth,1 and tb^ STAGES at Soda
(^ek, .EVEI^'^^)_t,; c(^
"eers and Valuables,for all parts Of rthe,\yorld.;,������ Also,
Commissions received5 arid fonvarded" by Express for
itho Collection: of :Ndtes,. :Bills; and*th'e, ;putchaseof ..arti-
clesto be obtained at New "VVcstmins.ter, Victoria, San.
^ranbiscb or ebroutey aiid' retiirns7marte with'dispatch.
���r-fe7fev)/fefev :-. -i'fefefe ���JOBN.:B..:LOyiSLLy -y-.y ���
1-s.;'     ":'. .       " .    . Agent, Barfcervillo. ,(-
fefe<-Cfe  ?j: . ::.���'��� ''���   ."ij;,.)-,  -V - -i ������ ' -Ox-- fe: A i ������"r.-   ������  :i.-
Reduction, in the Prices of Ezpress Freight.
���������-.'<>   ^-.fe.   '   fe v. ��� -,-x fr<) :;'-f.; fe-::   fe.. fe)"ifefe - ���?:;"
ON.AND AFTER .THIS.DATE the,,,ratov for,JBxpre_a
Parcels from 'Yale to Barkerville will bo   "
Parcels frob51_ 50;fts-   'i:'i"^':\ rfrctsA&'&i A*
AyA'd&A; vdo, 60 to .100 ifcs. vfe'-y&H:&cts���,���&&;
.   .... do ,  ;'do : 100 fts.^and qvor- . '50,cts. "^ Jfe.
}u. ;7v *e"' *-\':>\"i,j6[BD^-B|"*i^^
.,-���:. ������ yy ���fefefey'fe'i'^- *yrA: L-a*; fefe-.'ii'vBar_erville..;
.: June 30th's 1866.     - ��� '..,:., .... , ��� ;,  y .  ���: ..-. .14    .-
���K-'u tyimowhu
; ImportaiitT fto ��� ../M^eiraJ*..:
fe The undersign '
-AyA y>4 :.yAA,^XNOTNGSr?''-- -V-'-'A '->
On Commission, ;or:wilhpurchase any quantity oa t*i��
Ai:  AAA' ^��.9T ^T?kral !^rms, at the        .
;-* 5,6ading' feoom," Camer6nt6nt
The-S'nbscribVr is-weii "known J6h-Williams Greek,--tirt
from the"30nfldenc,evi;ej>osed ;in,.him%;last.Fall,i��. thft
above business, he hOpes* to'.receive"the patrona^o1-of
the Mi n ing connnunii.y-t'fce: ensuing season.      A'
g .     JOHN B'OWROK,
caH.,:;iTlKS!aiSR, I:
Agents for the *'G^riboo SentineU''
"ferou'ee 'Creelcp^V'
vVfta-^inklej^feMv...   -.������.������,,���...,.,..,,,     . . rt~--.
Qu ��snelmou tb; -'-��; Mr. Goud lb-Barnard's Express Office
-    -- ���- '''^Mr^aSvanL'-fe. ,dpy>t-.fe  : ;do;,f,;,
A/Ai     dof
ing ralone would make such an establishment
- "'�����--,    .-. ��� fe- -  --,. 'fe,..  ���f E-Mail a nda ihe
>ria;    ��� ;y A y-  ���-" ���-��� --fe j_-	
Miners and others wishing to send '.'The Cariboo Sen;
'hn I" to'their-friends inCanada, 'England, .the United
r'StiteK'orelsewhere; can^vo-It; mailed'"by leaving;
addresses at tne' publlcationCjoIBce.;   Price,. including
I i���? i   ?a fc-whi_ when 'controllediby the Government very re-
Mp ;>p>v >' fc.fefe NrB;iMcCadery muneratiye, no�� to1 mention the;, greatly advan-
.'   fer.SfeB*^rdyTe^ coanti|in the
A 'KH^-iLv!^ S^n to   quagtz prospecting,.
jMcKpvta tt^
donnant.^;fee caihnpt;urge tho Jrhporarice of
���,-,-.   V* ���*t-|-J.i        .     v-      fe  :.    ��� "     fe.'fe     '���        fe    ��� T$S^     '.    fe
jties.^ its afe The-
assay s ;0 b taihe d ��� in Sa mFranbisco after^ delay
f --yy-.,4:*':���.<���"���/'-' .'���*-><;-������������'���. .V*.   'fe.-,.' r''; ."'fe .V -Viffe.^fefefe-fe-fe- '.'. ���-���-���-'.'��� fe',':fe*fe.   ���������.   ..'���' ���?��� ^-'.
of se veral ihbiiths ��� rare'/ he\^166ked upbri with^
su^lsa^^ the
Teyen^e^o AMy(,AAyAAr\yA:r-iy-~.��y y:y < ^
SyAy    A/    .^W^ApPI^
:^ietfep?.fr��^ are
ab outi si:^ tliis
jfjpsfcy ^
;';--'^f. ^AGENT^ ANI��:A0COU2JT^NT,   . ;f
, JAMES. ANDERSON; Vice-President.-^, -,-.,
'"'',;���. *   feV   '.,*._���*;��..,,.*���.��,<, .  Vs    f''*-     fe      fe��' ���'���������  *������    '���fe'fefe^Ly,   A"
^ >*. , :t-
"TO; CORRESPbNi)EHtS, :     -^,    ' ,;,;
.     All communications, rou?ty^e;accpmpnnied ;byythe
''rial name and-address oMhOAwriter, not<necessahiy
with a view of publisbingithe^ame^hut as security for
' hi_2ood- faith>J ' -~ '      .--���'-<}       - u
,-y..-i*y,f,'fefe ���'(���T,',^j'iAi?���!���-���" 'fe^fe-fe--i.i-fe	
' A
- The'.��eiribootSentinel"'iri�� publlshe��^veiy. Monday
and Thursdayr.feToiv.eHisemeh'^ intended for insertion
'        must tie def^vei��ed*ttt,latest"-at^.^clcbl^ p: m.^ the day
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^JOHN-lfiGLARE^^--f-.^ -y-:yfefe>: ci;^A- i
<Blt W.;Bii,WtoiNSO^:^1I)iR_icTcBgii^^ri"
vJOHN^ADlIR,;}^fey"^; Ay\Ay.A:"
ftfOHN' BOWRON, lM -  SECREWiRrip I_BttAiai_J if-
f y u-Mfe Ir ' /fefefe-fefe ������r. :fe'y:fe";vfet ���',',��� A.u
fHKfeiNSprUTION^tf^re^at^cbnta'iiis nbpnt|50Q;
; volumes of Choice Li tt'jrature, consisting of, Relig!ou3j
'Scientiflc,' HlstoHcaly and" Poetical worksy and works 'of
.Fictionit/:!^.. A'm ) ��� 'l.j':' % MAyy.'' M At, -' 'V ��� fe - y y- s-f :,?iu I i t
-^0IJ_SALE1A__) ^itoAIL^nfi^-v^.
���,r"':y-,y  -���   y, kinds op    ..r.CTvft**-
sloped ia' orcbmnicfrce will always beJkept^ih; the room
forreferehce. ��� ^''?;!'J;"^*l':;^t;/^^;;���,t���,���;, ',-: '��� m$
ilTft*^ Pmi^k strohgholdi to demand liis unconditional s
... -��.r-.yyr^-u!_y-'.- M-r?y>>yrt^^��,:^ <Vi9.y <*+>. , ,,-.,-^ gender.   These men are acting'under or&ers.
��� y* ���:. Ay..��� yy y$?A oi. 1^>h ^i-\-i?r: ���r~h\��&.
;.v.. ���'���si^-tt? y')., .y.^r, whibh: will ':bo: sold^'?^ :^" > m" ��� =,
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.'; .���;���������  ! ������;'.:. ��� .fefefefe, ;���..',':. .vY'fe.-..fefe.fe.-','1fe '��� fe : ,fefefe)fe ���������<��� vfe-'fe-'fe -fe'fefefe i ^^--M-Mr-MMi-
,   l*tp$$QMJitt\ZMyL.  y AA
-y/mfAAy. m/     -1.    rfcp| ji:     -r ?g  Tr^
. .   ,  i;in,out-secondaasue of :thi8 season we bad
'^cccasionjto refer ito; this, suoject,^ and-it, will
,deter^nedfftatT^is.shali; ry>t,rota|ni^o for-'
taxable a i^i_on^ their
i- be seen-"by .whafc foHows that-car. rie wb mere
y,ftnejnt?are;those; mostv;^��tr^liy. _Myrtaiaed.
-.    ^hC'Grahd\Juryn_''ta;^
^���subsidy for the er^c
diaries are busy iu Auckland.    Several firds
ably the: work of'iieslgn. ; One of theb-ffenders
���Terms op Subscripiion^-$5 per quarter, or $2 per'
month. Single, volumes Loaned'to non-subscribers at
50 cts. per volume, with ,Sl{'d'etpdsit;f'. SrrAM$?M' i A   j %
Persons not subscribers visiting .the i "Reading Boom;
and makih'g^uso of the Books' and'Piipers will'bo chars'-*
ed 25 cts. for each visit: y ^    n ��.fe ..:;.' , :.y
4^The Room:will be open5from 10a.m..till 10p.mi:
'('���'...!'.? ft 41
'*- W'fnf..
MCE si
!fe JfSficrptrary���'ahd Librarian. j T
In the Supreme,,. Goitrt, ofvpiyil /Justice of
r "British Columbia^ AAA A       AAJ
. .ojj.ud./tt'al-.'.vd'JAM....
to:make room for a^EW STOCk^ tdjarriveto
>;fas .Til''vo/ r.the.Roa^.aro,��p.e.nj .rt,;j'ti.^
;?i-^_f^ liberal ^allbwahce^wi
Rpstaurantnnd. HotelrKeepprs and"the^ade: geifriiili;
-;^.g.!/y^ f^l'fe
fqn..tojpEci)ordera^f j- ,'S;v;'^-i)'}.
i'i''i {.'.-*.
Another instance showing ,the jessing ne-
..' ..^M^-xyXi- ^.*.fe":*if'y^fe".",'fe*w-'.-.'s. ^i*.   yi-.fe^;^-. .j ���"��� -?t ���;�����,%������'-'��- '.ti'"fefe ''J*''
cessity for such nn auxiliary to. aidsinjthe^ de-
v^elopment of-our-minerf?? .r/ealth:,may; be
given. Two miners of"oui ."acquaintance dis-
covered a quartz ledge of-considerable extent
:at Auckland, Sentence of death was pronouhG-
IS: onHt^hty^fiye ^najdves,*?cohvic*^ecte)f the
inurder -of-Mr.| Eallon Hnd Others on board the!
tKate. Animportantudiscovery in,flax ciil-l"
jure:if5annpunced by, the .Auckland 'lleraldji
by which the raw material is cleaned with'
little labor and* at slight, eost. A man named
Sellywick committed suicide at Grevtown*
while under ;the infljignb��SJf arnica/ Ohristy?&
.MinBtrels were intAtcklaii_.'    .       , -
of August, 1864^ gainst^DAvlD^'SiRK8,; Tracer in v tfi'e*
Districts of Gariboo East;' will si t!.on; th^litii 'day of July",
next, at eI'dven''''-,clock-inrth6.';_)rcno6_^re^^ at the'
Court House, Richfield, lin< order to make a dividend of
jtholSstatc and effects,of tlie said:Bankrupt When arid
where the Creditors who4hji vh not already proved'thelr
debts are tncome>pri:]partfd to prdve^the samo^ Orkney
;wjll bt excludejl;the benefit, of i,the>said dividendjyand'
all claims not then.prove_.will .be disallowedr- ,y>1- A " t
....    ,....^, lV _. >, ,   'oLiyER hare,;/;;^
AAy. fe' ' "yy -y\ '-*; Official-AssignecV'tfe
���?.'.'.Li (.:!������ .I'.laiiJ v*-V iW
H""^ 'lS#^^OTiKfe^^^-_^
of(DiiUGS ^Patent Medicines; also, HdirBrusfo
ToOtIiiBfush^s^Coinbs^:To0th*fPowders,! PacicySoapjof
leyery descriplipnj- liitbuis ,Extracts��rRose, Water -hi
:piher.,PerfnmeriesT .Garden Seeds,-.kci. :-ic; '-Also i
choice lot of *NoM Havana^SekarsI    '    \y ;-. il
Richfield^ June 30tB; I860:'
Lifethe��^Supreine��� Court, of���' feiviFAi^tice%f
f', ?�� ^ ��. -   British CoiumbiaV- /'"Ay^yr
���f vrt'Ui$$U'�� J *
rl the Supreme Court, authorized,,to act under aiPeti-'
tion .^r^fj^ipation of Bankruptcy/ filed.-fh^ldtlt^ay.
;. :>  , ?[   v. BARKERVILLE;..    y,   ;
, tshe has refitted tills' well Ja}(^h;Saloo_^lvn_H:'
invites thcipublic^o give her a call; ^.A"y-[ A /-" A :'
' l>8Sr*Tho Barbs' stoclced with'thesest'of UQCOBS-
and SEGARS that can^be-procm^r^^*^^^^ 15'yl
���y:xx': feyfefefe.fefefe-WiS, ������..-.' ...Hfe:'-'fefer.'fe'��:fe
���;>;.fe''?;.'7'.-i.vL-i.'*.*':'.��-v��''''^,v>i-v��'ii    j-    - -i     -," "<  "fe      .'     i.ii-i:i
��� -';! their: mean^^hollyil-prel" **"      " ���
1  -   !,    ~       fe
feheu* o-^^d p- rt to move
-.foMtfie'yr.'ebuld tafee
Bend it to San Francisco and^ay the; expense
.fe-.      . -   :      '\fefe'. ���.--'-. ���. i ���.
of tvajismiss|on^^ and assay, .tb^ii^funds would
���be perfeVtl^ "Were we to occupy
'loir jo^ual\tQ';the exfcnV^cf -liSif "o�� ��    pajsd,'"
,   .'iiie'could'notI morefeskllimglyftillusi*_iiieythe
;������   urgenXnecessity'^foT erecting; a Test'J 'Quartz.
, Mill by SvhicE'not merely q uai*t_^ but thenu-
,       ���U-ifc��   .,.. W<.*,^���      fe-"-    ���'���.���-'-������    ������*       'fe     '!    '      -' ,,.fe/..';   feii'J   ..;fe'fe,.fe '.J-,.
-merous description of qrock>>cbntaining rich
minerai^i-depesits^'qqvXifhe-.tested vfoiKa moder-
x-x-s fi-yr^yyyx-'.--x.x y^.yy-yr-yrx  -.���-..-.-'-���
��������� **te sum,   ' fe   =y.--   -. -        My ...    ,��� 1
. ��� '^Jfefefe.ti^-fefe ���-������':-v<y- ,i:-y���:A -fe-'fe. ���.'������������-������fai'!; fe-'fef ;;fe;y -., J-
We can readily adders tand that! the ^tate /of
:^pletiou wbach /ith at
��t!ii^'m6_^*at^febife ^vernment
.    tonhesita^^fbre; an rehter^ise of the" Kindy
; butfe^vfaenlt:isi cpnsidefed'ih^t*^^otititi*y Js
rich in valuable quartz tleads* "toe most pe*r-
\manenti sources of wealth-ana mining, comnl?
'    '���     fc?.    - Ai----       V      -.      "fe .,' -fe"" :   ' 'fe   ''fe-fefefe '��� ������������r-fek :���     X       ii       j
' roiinity,'and' that1 'poiisequentlj tbef ^Goyeiji-
Yme*nji ,by;a smaU; 0^
-.. I argely; theigainer in. re venue;{we cannot ��ee
A ;/lhafc _ieM6&t rigid-rpdlific^l;-Won6mist'fcdiiitld
!.obj.ect.:'^a-i-oimm0diate ^apprapnation^^ Ame.-.
: cannotibr^r,parserqeive a^y obstacle in
-jthe ^way;(bf such>a& application "bf^ the ^public
*-] Test Mill had;be��n*p_cc erected by the Govern^
, me nt, private capitalists would soon t, folio w
wi th mi lis! of ���'. greater permanence ^.nd' utility*
atid then the outlay would be small as the re*
'fiuisitelhaterial and-.motive pb\ffef "bould- be;
MESSRS. SAKRIS &^ CO.  beg to inform the;
.J.U^'MineiSjiHQtel Keepers and,.Ufa inhabitants in |?eri-~
era 1 .of-Williams-Creekp'thatthegfi
Cla^s;Butche^ShOp;rinr. thevtown^ot! LICHFIELD, and���<
. txust���ta,. merit .a lib^al sharei^f ;,thei public patronage,
land that their old 'friends'' will kindly give them'a ball
"*-��� ^^^"JW;pth;^^.tM ^*A..r^A,A,i&��m'":
yp<y*^--.mM OLIVER^HARE;.
> ytw?fi,���.-'������ ly-.yy.AAyy1'' My ���':.���-' "Official ^issiirheeii''
(   Richfield, JanoSOth; 1866. y^     ; ;     My-  ! 17
?y^FOR THB>,
'1 -py-fiy
yyy.yj yyya yyr-'yy'.y^,
r^-AT'y 'A*<yys yl Vy -   \
; is now payable at the ofllce,bf the Bank' of Britisli
Columbia j Williams Creek,- and from th is da te tb e busi:
.n^s.?r^latoVfirm will be carried on by Mr, Frangois
7*LXtLiER;0h-his!;own accofiiut, ahd^all debts'duoVi.oj.he
late .firm of Pin & Co. are to be paid to the said Fran.
cois Lallier. ,.     ... i" ..-.      /Mi  - "'���     -!
.fe:;>'    ?y-��� H.'SHIRLEY BLUNT,    -fe':
;���:���������"���;:���'������������.. v. ������'.���:",. Assignee.'.-:-'^
s���'----uu' 18-Ihi" ��� ^iri;Y^"Mir.-Ar.: ���;!
,' / ,\ *, "i\ ^-poMPA^Y,,;LimitedV ;;";'';]}// j *.
illVfeVs   ,0AM-ER';O.NfTAW:Nr^r-f,;.,-,-1
1T  gives, a general invitation >to-hisJfriends;a_i.fe
'public at;;iarge*t<j^;c^ll^!aiiU.fejudgo;'for;'.tH'emsetyes),_:;'
:nierits of bls'-Bf Mato-j^ I
his? SEGAR3?and OUQUORSi-;?qTlieM Orchestra;; which fe
|onsist3v;ol|Xour musiciansj^is First Class;,fe;M0-3a
M Dorado ;,Saloon!
BARKERyiLLB.      !'
Eichfield, June 27t*h, 1866'.
���������'tV'EyA; WADHAMSi/---"j
-.:, ' "��� ��.fe SecroUiry.,i
'������      -���"    .,��� 'fel6-3in/:' r
���f ��ng-4p. their friends and..;the-public generally that
they have, refitted .this spacious.. Saloon, and. will open
tho:saimeon TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, when they
*?��* bobappy to entci-tain all;who;mav give theni'acailJ
:"-y; _ AAAA AA  , ..     y , ". Ross i-.'^t^pie^T:'
��� '^-fe, i'-A.AA ���;��� .;.��� y-y!    ./:y..; .v.-=; yy i .y ..proprietors......
Barkerville, July 2nd,,1868. ������������-. .17      ;
,fe       yy A. - Merchants and Dealers in Ay ;    -, yy
PE^^ONS, yqtOTHINCr; LliJlJOR^Jici \
.0 A L IE 0 FIN! A    S A l^$)Vj
/[A/'/y. ir^W H^:EL;-/;.;!g';:;;y, j
'     ' "���   '��� ���   *r ' ."' '   -'i''    ;.-' '���'.������.��� l * ;-,-' -���,; ...fe fei fefe
Best Billiard Tab ics On the Creek; the Liquors
yy add Cigars are of the finest quality. ' ���'- -0::
r"'^ H^TJCfE^."" '���'������:
RS. Ev BROOKS begs to request those who nro indebted tolijer to CALL AND SETTLE THEIR ACCOUNTS AT ONCE so as to prevent any further trouble
and expense.*; " *���; . --   .        ;y ���., .-
Cameron ton, 25th Jtmej 1866/      ;
(0 PREVEVT;3ALD.VESSi; rosforeliair;that.Uftil.fe
i Jaba*;Off,or become thin., and.to cure;ei^ctuall.y &ff
or B/md ruff;' Ii -will also .-relieve-the'^adache/andgiw
'the hair ��� a' daVker;ahd %los_y ^color, ^and the'free use.�� ;
it will keep both the skin and hair in ai.bfealthyslate..
Ladies will find tho _nvigorator ji great-addition to tflil.:
et;-.-both in consider!tion of k the .delicate. and agr���
perfume; and' the'gfeaVhibUVty'it-'ttfibras^h dressing tbe ���
hair, which, when moist witfrit,'ch'n:;be'dressedIn:anj.
requi re di formvfso asitolpr _servo<;{ tsi pltce,^Wth'er pl^o
or In curls, -j "* When .used on ��biIdren'S:heads,rit laysip
fpuhdatlonl-fbr^a good head of-hair,  r;    fe* <   .,-,���-.
^^y(,PrepaI^d'6nIy���-by.:^:^fe":vfe;Wvv^ .
fA A.y AH#. ^":^y.%iiBarkei^nie,-'WnUaiasCreefe;...;
THIS IS TO;CERTIFY:that from;some, cause w;-
'piaintrof'thoiticad.our haVr. commenced.laliipgrP*j
sbVapidly that'wb'feaired' wb should lose;the;who!e.��  J
this condition we went toW.D'MOSES, and sj^d����
Hallo.! Old Jack's Alive!
Fully prepared to Repair' all. BOOTS nnd SHOES
CftEAP fob Cash. He kindly invites one and all ��reat
and small; to give him a call. - ' ������ .- ���
BARKERVILLE-^-ncxt door''-to J. II Todd's.       15   :
**adon'th^spot; \ It>ypuldoiity:Se nOcessary
���t o choose. a, central position A in, the .district
where water power would be easily availab 1 e;
the timbei; required for .the biiilcling 'can be
iound anywhere^ and there is plenty of skilled
1 abpr. in Cariboo tb erect i fc,    !Aslthe' piirpose
of the structure would only be to^ test"quaftz
���aiid:Mother mineral rock ho; larger expenditure
would be ip.volved, in fact a trifling addition
ftq the. premium now offered for, the erection
of a Quart_ Mill would accomplish the object.
We~suspect.that the Government^ not having
taken the matter';|ufflbiehtly iiito  consider-;
^tip*D> .has raised a bugbear for itself that* wpuld;
epeedily:disappear on the proper c-ilculations j   .   '-_ *,;��� <tWrt t A ':'''"' '
"Jl^xyr?-: fe fK fefe.- ,. ,-.yJv*'; yy yyyAyy,^ \ '��������� .fi��** ATulI assortment of Gbocdriks and H.-B. Co.Js
be nig made, as we- h eh eve vthe. amo u at of tes U Liquobs a 1 wa ys oh h and.    . -; _g-
AAA'..   '   ..''BARKERVILLE',. r.'^-'j
, the Restaurant principle with a view to tlie comfort
of the public, and will bu conducted iu a manner to
ensure the satisfaction' of those who aro disposed to
javor the proprietors with their patronage. .    '
V..   . *��eals at all Hours.   Good Beds.. V. i"-
jfcgKThe Bar is furnished with the best solection of
Liquors and Segars.     ��� . ., ,. .*>. .
believing it't'o'be for the public gdod.-A , ���  .. -y.y)
r,U.������:-.       A-: -/^GEORGE COFFRI^'CameyMjWf,
:,,:_; ,, -ROBERT.WARRENi Barkerville,r
;.:-.-     ���'*�����:   .,,:    iL S. REDGRAVE,,Richfield, y
;;; Williams. Creek, ls>'ji^y;;;i865:" r:; ::     ������ -;'���'
mb MR. D. W.! MOSE��: 'Sir,���In tho years W:"
JL 1861, from a long and sevcmillness, W.y^if,bte?f
and was falling oil in a most
is in dread of becoming entire,
ti'endod by a' lady residing <
iv/GOBATOR. : After a few ap;
, ������,*,��.�����er using, thTpe: bottles of, tht r- ���-.    .
my hair was restored* and. became as. thicfc anu^
in a must- itu..����� - ���
her, and I was in dread of becoming entirely W, *��
I.was recomm'endod by a' lady residing on Hrtb
'to'try your IKvigorator-. �� After ^ffP^Zw,
JAMES LORING, Prohhetor.   '[[������''/[
This First Class Saloon is now open to tho lovers of-���
as it ever it was'before.; ,J MARV; Ar ^St.
:,   - ���-.  ..      . ;..���     yp������������'���:������  ���-.    ���  ��� ���'. Johnsonsirewi
^-Vietoria,:Wl..;March-_7thjl866.: -.
r*pHI*S; 1^ TO CERTlFVlli^^^
3vcre_tot sic*":.'
-lost ^neatly all my 'hair: tie crown of- hea^ bt^sl
been so over
ring of -the uittj.vrffv.r~ .t ,> u^i
W,D. Moses in scvorarcases where it secmcu    ^
i Williams Creek, Canboa,^      t
lt teen years ago,; owing to a severe nt of sicM.^.
lost =heatly all my h ''
quite bald, and has 1
summer, when hear:
W, D. Moses in scvo
hopeless to dOso, on
crown "*��� ��1C";' -j. pjjt
quite bald, and has he.en so, over since;iunlJIc1 ��c,g cf
summor, when hearing of the marye|lo^:|i|V^.
First Class order will be preserved, and the proprietor
Invites bis friends and the public
Ti... t. .,,.       ���        >  u> give him a,call.' .
nui is ak ta isioc_od with th3 beat of Liquors and
��� A a::124m'-';
iiuy^.voo  w uu qu.   Wil    li miinu"    �����..-��� , hilt \V]l'luu
induced to let. him try his skill on ^e���ouv^^
faith ill his ability to restore my.hair, it n^f^ $&
longout; but miraculous as it may app��ar. rfBe?
��� months, tiine I Was-happily surprised ^w u�� M
;growth of,hair coming out, v/hicb is ��� o��"y.^^ ofc8.
stronger and thicker., :To any ono f^^PBwtW3ie
siohiil sefviOes as "above', I would .^^%Xaif^
posse<?��es a skill and'knowledge'ih restoring ^jj,
have never mot w ith before. '"���        ;' h"��� **���      ^
Vir.fOTVH. V, I., Fob. 20th, 1866. 1^^^M^^d^J^^9h  FrttE'fiJTHE ^O^nsi^KThSdSy last the  Lh^itots^fffl^  date of alarm, in consequence of the near ap-  oroachof^^  to the south ofthe-town^ihe wind being high  nediirge fire; brinds>a^grea_ dUtanGeia^de^  K - M- :���������  :P.flotbe���������-  GOODS-  S|'.#!fe  '.so. soar������,  vStfeiS  !.roade'i(o.;  9 geaeriillj  if "jo d.|'l; ;  ^io;3^  {cautions* ha^lMso ^beenf takearto:-attach? a  large hydraulic^pae;;andppip?-to theypeut-  stoek of tho-Tyaekj:claim. on the opposite bank  >f the,creek^td> be lhfe*eadine^sft to.* thrpsy; a  voploiisl^ &-'.  Juiredfb*_t assnight^p  arid- thev' <$0j/(^  fortunate!^  thahthe^es^  that Mr. QlivetHareiiM^ f  forttieFlu^  wodst*hkdiA&Am^^  Rifled wiffi'MFsm  reacii;ttie*������p^^^  Rostrate himself _������jviMr*HmeB;^:^POW"hw..  ireathi^ahd reached- towri' iri:, an exhausted,  'M-uMhi.   .iu.'/fefetfe.'fe.'feV-'\fe,i fe. ?<> .fe.v. i* f''-.;*���������"������   "fe-- fe.  :���������ELEBl^&N"OI^|^  .i ���������������'.  ������y Scarcely had the clock strii^ the; hotir,; pt;  twelye on Tuesday riight before tlfesound of  artillery a wakened tii e sltimb eri rig inhab i tants  of the peaceful -town1 of-Barkerville to the  consciousness of fbeapPr9 aejfoftpimqnrof  the 4th of A3h\y. "r,-I he sudderiness of the' surprise impressed many weak jtimded;; iudiyid-  u^ for tlie r.mbmeht,. with the"i(lea that the  t'Einitigans" had made* gooSI a'i^dii^^and  were bombarfting the city'.-*, All such surmises  ���������:^EM(������lS^^  ferfe.  ���������MM  m  DSF;THA?;  UQU0&3-  '.;. 15; i  jtate./r--]. A*Ai!iAi'iAo>. '^Mi^ym^^t  a - Fir������ ' ^Mi^^^^^^-^^^M^1^-  goon -���������$&'jcobKof J Messrs S^ISi^}?^1!^6^^  Ibrewery caught- fire from thesparks-.ebitted  &&nftst*bve^i^^  Bhthrie^^^^fr^  tnuehees'might have^^.^een.disastrous, as the  fbuildirig;is situated in the^ery:cle)atr������i of the  teowhJ'^we;^  md iiirbp������rt^  |o have: aTcatefuf suryeyi made, oft-^chimneys;  md stove pipes, by applying tq^he^Gqld  Commissioner for ;t^  jpector; otilrisjiecEbrsf y Siibiija prepaution is;  absolutely necessary althl^^eaepnofttheyear;;  Especially when we,^keepr in kview^ the^ many  scapes from firej>roceeding froih ftir;spurce:  atelyjrecordeo^" Weho^  will ^/dnc^b-Mer^the;-re^isit^ ii^gpjiioir' to  )e'madei'^^i':^i'^-'\yt������^':" /'My M^'A y'/  1ant son of \Mirs, had .impressed: into* his; service ^jouple' ^ y^^aWe^ ^  vils arid Was vm anufacturing* thunder ,af an  alarming. r%^  in:as*jriariy ininutes in honor of the^hirty^ur  Stated Jh^JJiiiipn>;:^After ffie ^_i_Ing fe^sisyd  the crowd "adjourned^ to tlie^saloon and pfe  took of a^friendly* glass'inlidhor of<the occasion. Aboiitfour o'clock'iti the morning aii^;  'other saluTe^w&Vfireci: ������v-- * ? ^i;r^;;'  y. Thrbti^outHheSSy ffie^wellClciibwh colors  of England and Amenta:floated; to the breeze  p^er sej&ral buildings in? file uppeVpmiiddle^  and lovver towns, but no active demonstration  were in Suiged {in ��������� tb^eharige^ thewonted quiet  of .the. creek. J; ^i r i AAAr ' /;' yy ��������� "���������;   :.  AAXvl ;the evening,a.4inne*c .was} given :it the  Occidental VHotelin this to^  aridtMr* -;>Lawlessj * which was(well attended.  The,t������bleiwas;siiinptuously,: sprea'd with ^the  best of viantls an 31; 1 iq uors,A to - which; lain pie  justice was. donetby the assembled guests, and  ihe-,affak ������efie,^  worthy hosts.1' /- t*" ' ^''^y f "* -���������'*;'   iK     '  SLBEY,;  and ii?  Ives lis  Irandi.c/.  , \rt.icb  103a  CKiNES*BliiCENSES^It:Would ;be.ivery  nable for &e Gold forira^  ������r inc������;6f hif qffic^l^K^^  wnd gulches _ncl oyerlSuirtfifcChihainen who  are a^wbrkfe ttiei^ ^u^  tfiat;iiie idea(: Of xomin^rfc^ard1 ;.Snd:ffp^ymg;  taxesiof Jheiriowxt: free accord ^is.not;oaeljof  Ghinamen?s<weaknesses;., xlt^is,b.elieye:d;  UMthat thererare 'something likev 200 tat-wp*rk\on  ^Bvould" very materially,'ao^viq ithe depleted  Sjpffersfof our treasury.; " We notice that the*  fnuthprities^Y  |at work^n^heFra&r; to;tinie^ four were,fined  [in theSmi tijgated jpeialty $���������$%& each; S^jiere-  I?after the Gold Commissioner: of ���������Yale has ex?  ������ne  fefe:  m.p ���������������������������tint..  COUNTY fGOD^Ti;  :rrt<y.  ���������mrpA  m  ha-fsll-  ly Sojrf  iridgir?  5 usecf  y jgta?*.  : t0'tOi!-.  Teeatilo;  ?ing tbe ���������  in-anj;  erplaitf  reek.-   [passengers  left Queshelmouth^oh Monday for  '������������������*.������������������     .   ..'������������������"       . mi"   -'. '���������'��������������������������� ,*w*    a ''. "���������  y.:~r*' .  *''*. ���������"���������...������  t ���������  AAAAAAyjifs^mAWy G;'.Cox,-Esq:')-;,. A'1 A'- AAA y  r : fefe:I ��������� fA< . cMonday^nd^Jul^; 1866.;."."  ;l:I^^o^oys.^  48A iudgmentSbr plaintjffly' V *N Ay//' I ?  'ti AA. McWha; vs. Pi McArthur arid Wrh: Heron.  ^uitteri$233^5^  ;oiie4al*^ ��������� judgment confessed by Heron for  theother half! ^'   [,/'\':'/     AA A..  : R. fiuzet. ys. ;SV J. Silcox^-Suiti on,; p romis^  sory nbte for &108. tfJud^ment for pldintift;  Aii&j. Stehhouservs; Jjp. Furdie^-Siiit for $150  l^ihg^^un*t^f:^h accept  to ohe^^ohnstdtfiii 1863^ehdorse^t6plaih-  tiKli Defendant pleadeclnb valued received.^ ;>  A���������>James _?iirdie^5^0111--^ gave Johnston this  note in 1863*rin^^ payment of the purchasje price  olf tfe^ Pitman^claim on  understanding that if any money came out of  the claim J?^quld^akej ifrall ^ight^with him^  l>ut;if theiclainV didiio^urnpKfweU he^wpuld^  riot ask ^anything from nie ^ ^Jbhnstbii .caone;,  baek:the following spring/{I8M) and worked^  the -claim %imselff ^rrd- in; tlie fall \ sol d;ih e  ' -   WILLIA5IS OREfiKfe     ���������., -\  The Cameron cory washed up on Tuesdiay  7li buuees^e;re^lt:6ftthi^  ifornia: cq'yt washed up" on same :day 28|  ouncesi���������Jyiie Ailams'|cp^ washed uji 40 qz'.-Aq  The Aurora coy washed up on Wednesday  about _20 ouncesi ' .      y ��������� yr ���������, ��������� -:���������: ' -; ������������������ ' LyM\'  m >/A/"\ C0NKLIN3 aqLOE.'. :////''''<  Notwithstanding the greatf aihqunt of labor,  ; that h^sj been spent^rr c I ainis^ri^his'gu^h; up^  to the presents time/ nothingiof hnportaAp^has  yet:been struck, although many; of the claims  'are now in a fair way:df taking^out^gobd pay  ���������Sbbn.    "'      y"'     '      .     ' My'MMM - h yfim*  r TheSaw Mill cqlyj-wl^just finished fo-da^  ^-rldrigi -toe^l^utei ^rbuhdr |ri conriection'  with ;*'��������� tlie^tfii^ra^cq^y^ have ^eerr 'making'  ^wages;'.they;'H&f&ffi-^maii;''block:-of-,;the ^bid  channel; leftfrbin^whifch Jjie/l expecfc to get  goQdi-payiHrfThe Ericcsbh; cp?y have beeii; ruii-  ning a, driffc on high.bedxook- but < have found  no?it|iy;~T_e 'United*?Tunnel,:ee?y ^are still  pushing.their;driftahead *thrpughTbed' rockj  they are in 288'Tfeet f|iidJ;ha*fe only 40 feet  more to run ere the. chanriel is reached.^  iUriidn ������Tack |eoJ y( huve ^ee^Ypi^pe^ihgibn  ^h^sbutt sWe W;th^ ihe fteid s  co?y fbr-the^^past twoJye*ers} they r'sunk a shaft  l^t^earfi^ ������;to^tq^b.j:fe;  ��������� t_e;'hiii and iXon^rgol tt^ut i: not in ^paying  quari tities;y ;Not: satisfied- with;these pyospe cts!  they are now Sinking a^sbaft-rurther into the:  ���������hil^and^haye; reached adeptliof o'o feet: with.  ^ gbod:ino".w  W?' ^in^^o^tM^lu^^  washing by *_ie^ end" of the;week;; one\bf the?  sliafts is, 100 feet aiid the btberl|02; feet, they^  hayebeen-steadily "at worlc;^  New Zealand co7y are making rUbout -wages  *with prospects of good^payv^^^fiobji^  nelco?y are now;iirpyer 325 feet,in?a dh-ect  line from the gulch, and���������fiiidigrayel and boulders with everylindicationypf soon;regching^a'  .iVfifinol fefeiT?"an fa\rr or. 7rr'nr\nf.iTin'i������' feninVincr    hnf  jrbmqA  TheJ ���������Statesman^ furiifshes the' following _c*  .count of the;il^at, of ��������� U ajor Marsh a j li by ���������; thr '���������  Indians:^Majbr ^araliall aiid Col. Goppin^er,  with jeighty^fivejtaen,?bad^* a 'brush'-with the  Indians near the;;fbrks, -of; J the - Owyfiee^ %i������i  !weekfin:which^from the superior' number of  fbe'latter^they^were pbligedtb \viiMraw������nd  \efyeitM Indians ;on,Ihe;ground; ; The whohV  iiumber of IndianYwas estimated at irom four  ���������to -fiye] huhdred|*^ith two ^ fifty to  ��������� h U/������A'' h tin dr e (1f; ^ ^"^ " ���������*'��������� :******���������������'��������� * **'- - u'ti >���������������< 'a������������ p* #!������������������������'  -j ���������  three'hundredfigntmg men. >  Ther_i_t'daY  they'ifeup^ac^the^bM^  ground to Chinamen;; when the!note was present^ to;meyb^S*^nhpuse '.: ij,  ^irid /pubiisheditllef&htiih thfe^riewspa^rs over  a year ago. .feWitness. addressing-plaintifF���������  *vYe ken yerra weel Sandy that I dinha owe  this:siller ; todna^ohnstbh'tak.awa'your1 "dbg  &$ASfe<y$ jth?s#qt$ a^mF-riwJ-for^ ,t4nn?;ye  atrfche-time.-that tlie^-note;wasiuselessV7-. The  Gourfcji after 'hearing /.both '-parties^dismisseil  the ��������� case.;:         :���������" A'-:. ��������� AA a ���������     ' . TA"' ":"" - ���������a  which willbe "dispatched '-immediately. ��������� vThe  ^Hpnumber who have already le^forl^ divings  Slim v^a Quesnelmouth Js;abput-50* men. -���������-, '���������:.-1 -   -;  .QuESNELMOOTH^Wild st^wberries are ^quite  entifulJri".the���������!v[icinity:jotffiis^lace.:' ;it; is a  onder sqtne speculator- does not send a sinair  jj||||: consignment:;1 ��������� of ��������� ��������� this' delibious ������������������ friiit��������� ;'thithe*rV  iiSl! ward.;' rib' "dbubi'; he"' "wb'uidr" find ���������;'. a ;:'reatl y. tale  a^>-V;ihem. n -��������� MA :A ,r AAAa A A::. AjAm.A A  strert  %y  a.,  four-  ess, I  iinitf  . pas:  ���������S3 Cf  ;|Jl05'  \V33  vff  \M.  aAtl  %������������������  _  y$&-We would calW.Uie attention- ofnthose  .rf^: ,r aaving goods or other commodities- to move  Wm������. between the different towns on tlie creek to  Mr. JI.*; Ci Wilinptt,^ho:rhit^i a _Ibrse"andl>ray  ready at Me. shortest 'notice^ to execute any  orders he may be favored *with; at very reasonable rates.;:--:'' "A'Aii'MMA; -;;���������;��������� ���������������������������; ;-'���������-���������������������������-*���������.':  $&* Customs receipts for the weekenaing  iturday, June iath.~I).ufcies ^TiOlD TtL: har-  ardues $78 24;. head-money $36 00: tonnage dues S27330 ; inland navigation licenses  $00 ; fees S00.   Total $7,417 30.' Number of  passengers 36.-:B.'Columbian.^, ^ ..:  ^'j^Mt is contemplated" oy the Masons on  the creek to"-establish--a- Masonic Lodge this  ������_������ season-    A11 mernbei'sinigood standing are  ^g requested tb attend a meeting for that purpose  ������K;-at the Cambrian Hall, on-next-Satarday^even-  S:-1D^.at 8 o'clock, p. m.\ ���������-..''.;.    ���������/��������� '*; ;  '. iE������" Messrs. Prager& Bro. sent over yester-  ^ym������ming 40 animals loaded-with some  10,000 lbs* of assorted merchandize for their  store on Grouse creek.,;   -  ?ri^ The Yale-road tolls for the week end-  mg i6rd June> amounted to S1.842 8i^-B. C.  Iribune.' .:,.. ' . . ���������   .  yv������&E&i GOMmSSIO|^_^S:pO0RT.,/r:  A- ���������'. V      ��������� - ; (Before WA te' Cdx, Esq. j A L-,     ' * y::  A.aAA.AA       "       Tuesday, 3rd July, 1866.  .���������;:;:&:riW^oi^nSi by his attorhey, J^KfeSiiter,  vs.;QeoiMoss^-^-This case which was^adjburn-  ed ph .Saturday;,. came fdp,; for ������������������ judgmerit this  morning. .The Court Held that Ghilovich had  only ���������' disclaimed a beneficialfeihteres.t; lit i his  transfer tp: Torrent ;,pf ^theha'lf share in 'tlie;  Prairie; Flo wer; Co ly; b ut had ad mi tied a legal  one by executing such transfer.. Judgment  therefore given for plaintiff; each party paying ;theii* ;Qwrt'Costs.A. MrrPb^ertsoh fbrplain^  tiff, Mr, Walkem for ��������� defend^in t ������������������ A ���������-.���������.������������������-'-;:;_ (j ; ;;  //���������A- y: BANKRUPTCY COURT.-'' A-r A:  yes������  'ISM  i__S  m  mm  WSm-  m  m M-^If you want to save money ���������cefrvour  |3Per^f Magazines from G. &. c������_oik-  l:ZS^'B?Jk*8' Stationers and: News  8-.'v|^'^^ Westminster, who forward papers i uoiwbui. tm^ y������n  | 9?:��������� or express to all parts of the Colonv Ling in all 180 meu.  (Before W. G. Cox, Esqi)   r  ";���������������������������' Monday,:2nd July* 1866i  In re W. L. Fenton.���������Bankrupt appeared to  undergo a fi rst.examination.; Opposition having been offered by one of the creditors, the  Court adjourned the matter for the consideration of the Judge of the Supreme Court, in accordance with the fith section of the������������������" Bankruptcy Ordinance, 1865." Mr. Park for Bankrupt. ';.���������_"  PresentATioN-r-The ^Columbian' of the 20th  ult. says: Mr. J. S. Clufce. who returned from  Victoria yesterday with his bride, was waited  upon last night by a deputation from the Masonic Lodge of this .city, and.presented with  a very handsome silver cup, bearing .the; following inscription:���������"Presented to Brother J.  S.Clute, as a token Of brotherly love and  friendship on. his wedding day, by the\V, M.,  Officers and brethren of Union Lodge/No.  899, New Wcstniinster."  Vonj-MTEEits.T-rNew Westminster can now  boast of three volunteer .companies, nuxnber- i  chahri^:-^Renfew~%o 'y"coritiriup sinking but  are badly trpubled: wittil^vater, ? >���������'-1  :.-_      ' -      sogab"creek. "���������  '     '  =i;; Therels acpnipany of^^hree^men;' on\ this  Oreek wh o' hire %ur;Chiriteerivan good  wages; the same; cp^y^ypreiM l^prk^iuringthe  winter and'did well. .,,.., :,..-yA'A.i\ A  flCTORIA ITE^iERGM^  r-'A cricket match was to come off^at���������olwood|  ^eat^sfarmf bet^eii1the:"C^ub3^ of H^;M S;:  Sutle^ahdlScpu^^  Resolutions' passed*by rthe'Hblise3ot __3sembi^  relative to-the state,of the Colony, *which5the  Governor declined telegra^  Iwere first subniifcted. tb '^the. LegislativefCbun-  cil, were telegraphed &L5ndbn^b*^ihp.Si^aK  erat the instance of the ^use^of^^semblyj  and a public subscription^^  'city tc^'defray- the^xp ense (orie^uri^red;* and  eighty dollars).y^The 'House of Asseinblyv anjd  Gbvernbr are atioi^erheaifea^  a motion was made by that bodyuto* sirienibri  ial ize the Home Government rpr ?Ws^reh^yai;  from office.--The Fakir de was to  give a^and.entertyhirie^  The spleridid new; Maspnic; iHall in iGaptain:  Stamp ?s new fe uildihg was to be fbr^allyopen-  ed on the:2ith;ulfeThe Editor and Puhlislier  of the Nanaimo. 'Gazette? bas at.last succumbed to the heavy pressure of the baflil_s?|^the  plant is. to be removed to Victoria^ ;;i>;feri /a A  A MoNOJiANUAC?s,DEATH.-r-M. Couvreaux. a^  French'. geiitlehidn, aged fift-y-^ur,;: $^  residence so me years ago Vaifr an ;,hpteKonfethb;  hill of Quisiniana. near Castellamare.   yAV  tho ugh evidently Jar2*uriatiby: hbfeWas ;pe):fectlv  inoflfensive; and passed his time in composiug  songs arid :musiefe ! .His two fixed ideas were  living a life of chastity,' and ..dying^withbut  pain. It appears that he cpliected every medi-  [cg,l .treatise-:ori 4eath/.by ithe? guilloimp,,- iarid  nlade up his mind that:death vbyythis: instrument was painless. Accordiiigty he: construct-  ecj.;intlie space which seperated his; sleeping  apartment froni his diriingrroom^ a:. guillotine j  on an improved principle,: the axe of which  weighe dab o ve a hundre d wei gh t.    Se veral  fowls and catscfrora the neighborhood were  missed,, whose lives, had, evidently been victims to the preparatory experiments.    Once  co n vineed o f th e exce 11 en ce of his rn^clii ne;  M. Couvreaux set about adorning it.   Two  magnificent crimson curtains formed the back  ground, against which he erected a *$orfc of  alfeir-table, the steps of which he covered with  black velvet; oil the table he placed a cushion  of eider down.    At half-rpast nine at night  having assumed a dress .of white flannel, he  perlbrmed the hy inn,, to . the, Yirgin,...on. his  organ; after which he mountedyhis scaffold,  lay on his back, his head resting- on the-pillow  let go the pully.to which the axe. was attached, on whi ch it full an d cut off its' coristru ctor 's  head, which remained on the pillow separated  by a 1 ew hair-brcadths from the :body.    Nox t  morning the waiters of the1 hotel found M.  Couvreaux in the position described, a will lyr  iog on a centre table by which his property  was to b e di vi de d among the h o tel servants.  j^* If you want goo d Coffee * use Fell's, :  ���������Tiver ?tor erbai }* jflif %|tick -, ^e^erietiiycm^me A  Tear!; "^Having, crossed  up' tHe^blu'p |vhmli%a^  to ^cSritibiW^^enyr^ it  Tnriinnc; frnm "h^lirnVi thn  ing btrtr^rio pia^^  *cbuldibb reaohedj it was impbssibleito/storrii  fhaf; ^with; so ^^e aa nui^er of Indians in  frpnf and but S5 men1 to work' with.   Major  Jfcirshali thenjre-crosscd?^  back;t& ;i^ri?Bbise to ��������� await the arrival^ of  mpre'^h^feJfc;re-crossirig tli&rivcr thiej^ly  bo at he' hsKl? a 'frail -canvas'sf affair, was; ace k  dentally;^s*K: r ' "'^'w 'A':;/?,..'"''J-, ^/''" ��������� '  , y A PiT Liow^yV. gentleman visiting1 a iouao  in Algeria says ^'inta ieMmiiiutes the"Jdoor  operiedl ajatl^a lipni. entered the room,jth%man  6rily_eadiug^ham b^K  MM'- *:*-:������������������'���������"���������  ���������: ������������������"��������� ���������'��������� ���������������������������,^,--:--.^-y ������������������ .'fe':fe.,i^:-M<   **",l;-( ''������������������--��������� 'r ���������''-���������.'%"%    ������������������'   M  but ,a fo^flong. imade, 'ri^rUiele^, a^i|sj^c t^ y  abli appearance, y Hp did .riot; _ee*m;to> care  ���������*���������,,".���������.������������������,-.������',','  take liberties'with him j- such^as. patting, hiin.  sfialdiigbfe  teeth'and;^claws^    lie showe;d,yhbwever, a  ma rlfe d predileist[ori, inlf&vpriqf .pld-accLuaint-  ances^and lyiQg���������-, do^iy-before; thern^, turned /  on his:ibabkto.b;e scratched;  riascratch  or two lieJbegai to^awn y arid waKf^irly^set-  tlin^iiinselp������ a: na^  edin ljisface, a proceeding: he; eyid^p'tlyl3 did  not-approve ofJ   Rising in, haste, curling, his;  jwas nb������t ^pleased: ;|A;hear^ sn^e|-^mecl^to  restoi������ hini ^^good^emper;^arid * bearing^1!6  riialideih^ re toned  on hini^jrfea^Marteiic^wbt> had ^been'^e  aggressor, by Tubbing his head'caressingly ou  his^knees.^/Amiy:Ay ....-.- A*y... "���������"-.';-m/mA��������� A  I '^^>TalkijffM)f?fashion,'crinoline'is' done  for. It lias gprirout of the fashionable worm  all at onee Irke^riiel'ting snow, or a- -vanishing  iainbo wl'iHpw^ould ^ ^O^fT sayg^^ thihg"? of  ibliauf^^a^jbyjfpf^ Only the^riyarite  and very common pepple%tfar the ^voriderful  expansions,* and^they will drop them as soon  as thej%et ajgood lopk" at their slim betters.  Tho sudden change is^ei*-y^dfblh ^oit-ineet  a! lady^in ihe street, and 4ook liehiridjBp^f^to  Iseelf she has -notV.drbpped ^methirig^y^The  Rotundities gradually coUa^  yariishe<d,; and ai?e n  & -n^inbry dear^f But;what is^becoriie of  ib'e" mariu&cturers of those^ ;wondeJi^liTticteH  which the French;call cages^? . Can they he  [used-in,the; fisheries^br'for; ;hen coopsf A*Nbw  we have the gored.dressps arid .trains "of the  first empire, .which in; a .month's time, wilt .b o  so jbeebmirigand beautiful that we shall $;������^  deEhow we ��������� coulti have admired' ariy^ ojhur  fasfiipn.T-^LpridbnXette^^^      '.      '. y'   A  :yE>#C'E^  THE tTNDERSW ED HAS TRjVN'SFERRED TO MR.  ^iliAVANVOLKENBU^HtUijBook Oobts!��������� contract*.  ed at tlie'Camerbutd_"Slu>p andlaovif'"unpiiilfe ;TtiT*^lvi..p  has alsoLheeh loasftdyfor-*t|fd; rcipnindor Of tho season  to Mr. VanvoiR.f!^ fully a utiiorized to obi-  leo't all ihe above 'iiiV.ritio_������id Uohtj-.. ��������� ;"������������������;y'. ��������� :-y.-.-  M--;.-''-*-'-���������'������������������;-.''���������"'-.'f EDWAR0TOOMEY  June 28th, 1806. yy   y ��������� L:-^- A   .    *   *.$���������&������  G-REAT  :���������;.-:..;.%,    ; B7ERY EVVENING,  I  AT THK  F:l^:HrO;H:S^h.0-:0;  BARKERVILLE.  LL LOVEKS OF THE TERPISCHOHEAN ART ar������  _:3L invited to call J'nd enjoy thomselvcB, when u. hearty  Welcbinu will ho extended. ��������� fe. '. ���������:. .':"-, A-iAAAiAAi "':"i'.-  $gr- tbe best of Wines, Liquors and Sogarjj^  and Ooffi Order observed,  fel        '       \     ���������-'-..    MARTINA.COOKt Prup'rs:,;  WAKE  JAKE  . Barkerville, B. C,:    "A^y.A,  ���������A KELLY & PATSRSQN, Pnontisibss; /  Evorvtlung i^ done in^couawtion with thl������ esf-Wirtv.  tn an t to give sa tiaft otioa u. the cus Lom������r������.  4������3r Moals' at .ell' bour_,   ' I  A  A  Aa  A\ Mfc$ W^^*&f'iss,i'*y*a**  HO^irBTRIKESA^STRAN&KR:  " / . A, ���������;,���������������,. fey* (From the* ;'jC^jibooJtc..') s; , ;. : y^ .���������  'A atrange^yarrivimg; on .WilJia^sfCreek'K  ���������struck v wifch::^tfie^/gort^.que! ytpp^rarice' bij  miners.-and , the,-singular 'manner,,of life-  w hi Ch; ,fchey Ie'ad>j * If. he hap p en sip b o J fro ni.  au o^sefctfo&^q^^ apt' to  place'ihe miner, on ']thB;k^e^cl0Seyfil[m^  .    t'--"'"    '������������������"���������'���������'������������������������������������'"���������".  '���������'���������" ':*: 't"fe'"  ''.fe'-i'^y.     ������������������������������������'" fe;J' fe '���������'''' -|fe "���������'.������i'-'i -^ i- !���������<  QEraSI^MOU^^  diAMi  ��������� disco^e^Jthat many >ofj the.,itnen Awhqr'wle  a pick agd^shbvel' :have;b,een nien of/fesp^cV  ;'��������� fe'feii rfe   fefe ,  (ni ilitary; an d n aval). an d ' rn erchan te,, and,, ac-^  V;' ���������'fe; ^tfsfe^  '/     society. /, But" his astonishment "at. discoVering!  ��������� theirlintelligence is not so great, as. af;jfche; *di-  f '   rectioflfefcheir ambition seems to take?, It would  appear -that the? climax of their ambition .is to  ���������r     -excel >invcard ,piayinglfet? f tieman who cann'ob',  1 -A^ ���������" iplityj&2Q'9&&  ���������-.:":up/^ifreeae-ouy/ior/?,o^b^ge^^l4sVypte.ft^a\ ,V^y���������/  ?    - green-horn and^^.^^ /A* a '-*'  } gooiijjBienuland truxj^iiile ffiaraan,who is an !  tbe adrpired^of a|lri (/ AIfc$s tvuly^a' lamentable  '.���������;���������,    .flUtjbjiitof i&au&w^^ youtfegave'  ^���������^^tiiSiiiise^iibnghfe^  ;.���������.������������������������������������:������������������ :'��������� vfe'*.;"������������������������������������:-���������:-" '������������������'i'.T ������������������"���������'���������"��������� ���������'���������Vi:Vj*?r:.,|'l''fi ��������� {-'���������-<.-rr.'t. ���������'..<-\ '������������������ ' ���������������, * V i.'.'-:--v., --...������    j-fe...,';;.  few >,ift'.&J������jjW3Byjp ��������� HEBEBy;. GiyENTHAT  (B'te  <  will, until further, notice,' be kept 'at the  - u * ���������  ;   L IB;R A li YtMC^_1ER 0 NT 0 W N,  and'Mr, JOHNiBOWEON will be the Acting Postmaster  feifef fe-f;r;jyny fe^yWfefe'fefl  ; ^icbfleidia.o., fei  t,  fe?; ., ,;.  ;  1st Wy, "������M>'.*1866. j/ ltf/" :*  \.y y'���������*i>-'i'i y.yty 'y V":-'- ' '��������� ^ fe\'\ii%-w:if.������,-  _* M.Ayr'... ...'fe yj;'y ':J fe.Jff."; Ayy ' ���������  JVM; GEO. COS,   j.pr  COLONIAL RESTAURANT^"''  , A  QUESNELMOUTH,       yfe,  :������������������,;     ,  :."  *'    P. t. JOHNSONy/PfiOPKDSTOK,.'^' ,' "  Meals.at all hours; and Cooking of, the,best  -' '. i -f\ \-y\\rj A,descriptions ������������������ a A;- t  *. $���������' i  <  ,.,.. A .".���������"/;.'   QUESNELMOUTH, ' ,'  : \, \ ,imOWN:i& ;^LIS;|I%opbietM I|feJ  Good Beds-; Restaurant;5 vBilliard.Table, - &c,*  ;> ������ry fe Stabling, fdr Horses, .Hay and Oats., ns  .,,;  GOVERNMENT STI(EE^/;VlGToafA ' *  ' IH OI_E:Si_^  TURiyER^/C0  IMPORTERS *0P;   *������������������*:'    ";  AA'A[A\  /;'���������'''-��������� GAMERONTOWNf- -���������-" *���������  'vJv^feyy;? ������>������.��������� fe.;^yry-vt|v������.^y'ofefe, r-y-     .y,:  '.,-"', /G. FULTON,; P^^^ob:;^ ��������� y-  There is nodistiliery kep t in .this.esiablishment,  1 and strychnine and rot^gut findnoplace hero.. >2  I  fe^ twenty ialollarsi^btitrthen ''these 'are' the Jgfeafc<  m e/i1 of the count-ry, ana- they feel the im port-1  arice 'of&eir^ thisvwould:  .������, ..^i^. pflrdb'riabWv^e'^ ignorant-'  >'Wgoin,g,W'^ed''at;'2-b  -::;^^ind-;gettirig^.;^  T.ei*npon'.. ih'ey * are- shortening; their lives rby - ;a.  '���������"^;derable\peiiod^jiesidesirehdering.- them-  i., /A:Aa V*ii"neayeksbDA';CRE '   '���������'' ,",  {':' ''^ /*',   ^^/;,A^i^jU6HT;V^\ *-n - - ���������.? ;->  /1'A!w'/.Vi ViH'leave QrasNEii:";;!- "���������/"..  fe:1 ���������   J T-'     ���������'-.     ���������'.'*     '        ���������      ���������������������������-'    '-  .   'fe fe    ' "-.J- !-fe-5; fe'.fefe'fe'      ''  y      ������'fe  j    \GIROD & QUJCHON, j...'v^>  ' ���������' ^ Oix������i Establisheo General-iSiobgj ,. :t.'.  PROVlSlGKS/; WHOIiESABE- & COMMIS-  ; , ���������: '//' Sl^N^MRGHANTS, ^ vr,r-it-I-  'i    f5*torakeV :'������ol~T^i^'mosi-Iffoderate?''  ;Sponges^Bruslie^^ri1ain^:0^  scrip^^ns'carefuily^compounde^  iriidi  ' ;-T);i;;/;^&^^b:^  S^! BOYD &>HEATH,^  1HIS "tfOUSE is sitflated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth;  :JLf * The; 'proprietors ? having'.lately;' fl tted i up. hod rooms';  andigooU^B^ds ara nowjprepared to aflord,every nccoui-  modatibn:fbir travellers ;��������� thoTahle la furnished wi thall  thp luxuries that can be procured;,;the, BarW.well sup'<  !plie_: wfth?th6=bfetb'rand good;  Stabling; Say, Oats' and -Barley. ���������. iMSF. Tho; CHEAPEST  House^on the,Road. 11 y   (f  .. ��������� y, ;*,,.,'.     '     ,., / Ifft������-  jw^tj(ai^ar^ |ridridisp^ofi^j Vjotprla, y Xy y ��������� %  j ;;;:r(;;:y:yi^  ;T^^B(^  BOOTS!^  T^AY SAltt!-  BOOTS!!  generally pne;boot:over, the leg of his pants  aiiilHlie^o-flier1 inside;-!' itfi :a lace'six', inches  longer ifiajn'' ordinary, in short', a very dejected  Jim>earknce in'ererieral; _6;r_uoh 'sof!t,h_t.r-_?fe_v-  iheih4b'engage iii*som_ practical-stitdy,'suclr  :.: lie*' it! spfri 1 rrficiHiri'c;' ~r\r ih ai- sirVni n"i voVn^n't.  A���������i .'��������� a n'^.  p������^f e*Ohfesaay|s'tnp;Sow^ Up:* d ^  ��������� V-^^^Treignt'WQuesnel-li:cts.''^_b;      ;r -  -fe-*vTjfe *-.���������',.. >wfe...i P..,x:r     ���������. ,  .   y.-,   . r;   ��������� v    u     ... .,;.���������.���������'  [Steamer^EnterpHse^-.V**    >;':" <*x*y ,y?y ���������*.?.,Mf4<<^>i..'*<--  i y'mhy&i&t 1866."   7   '"'-"" '���������;:'' ** *'  1���������innw-wii  huyy,  % MA  x-r^.yy  ^IMiQOET^^^RTISEMBNTS;'  THEfePUBLRJ -'ARE'INVITEI) TO; CAIiL Wlo'HIS  House.   Th ere is Good Meals; Good* Beds; Stabling  'for Horses; "Barley, Oats and Hay.   ���������   - -  '^Howiis .it^nr^Boora'weftrwff  .innd-.keepjyour feet so dry?-. .Because inZvH  ������M&?yMy^^  J**lA_iSrco5^^  i Gar^e^/an4;Pield;^e!edsg^ranteQ^^yJS  1-s  n^HE UNDERSIGNEDarenowmanufacturing"'FLOUR  ii-yof 'all^radesy;Eitra;;iSuperfine; and -Fine. Feed  ICrushed to order.    ���������' '**"' A' "',r* y  h$&*   m   '   m IilLtOOET TOQUItiiMII^,CO.,y'(y  Is    M;.n    v   _'!     Vy,    F.;^-^efflT^'^geii^,.;  S; ' -EDVVIN"V T^P^^hfK;l't|X  VEXtER IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  ('������������������&.$. Cap?,' Boots and jShoes,> Carpstings,  Oil- Cloths,;  WalLPaper^&c : l-illdoet; B. C.  ** ���������      1-s ���������  ;'.".,fe''.fe..fec.-- -:. ,������������������'��������������������������� .;';*���������'.' .'.������������������'.'.O'/./.v ��������� ������������������;���������( .  fe - y .fe *,.~./C-t ,fe^'    ������������������  ) x.     .fe ;fe' . fe' 'A'AA- : ���������.���������"-fe.li'.,V-1  -^.'"      ���������-V  '-'���������'������������������.  Btanee iaiJ Lnrill vc"tnr������* tj> jyazf tnoin ilial  21 theywntlyiexpend half the* time ?od; energy  . ori.the acquirement of; any, foreign language  asxthey,do on cards,,-they, will-become quite  proficient,in the same.  ; .,, ,- ������.-  IS' OPEN FOR?THE"AcBoffif6limbN OP: THE  'Trav^llin^ypublic.; jthelhedrooms are' spacious' and  airy- and th&Beds cannd't ��������� he. surpassed ? for clean li ness  arid^cOmfOrt;hy;ahy"in;jth'Bfelowercoubtryj ^o^We is;  always supplied With 3he J best- of -victuals.: y Stabling  for^^ Horses; 'Hayf;^Qats:ahd Barley jconstantly on*haiid.  AMP  - '���������"���������������������������    -   '     j    '  Yours'respectfully,  ; ^' -'^ 'U :i:'^ U';" "���������' ;:'"::' AyrA' [��������� feCfe fe,. AQ$ti$QRys  ;_nuek^eihibit' i*fei phenomena7in a-noisy  ���������w^^Lthbia^am {^servers A for the  1 aj ^^ensj bo^aferding "ver^iliteresting bb-  'TACOB l2ffiIi,TZ;- Proprietor^ has always; on  ���������t/', hand,,a large aiid superiorv'stpck of :fikg;er; Beer J *&t.  tfcfe 'Bar iwill "be nt/juhd t the best ^Brandies jf Wines 'and  Segars^th^publio are invited to call: "Prepared: to jfill  ailorde'rspromptly...l/-^.i .������ y ,'���������������.. ���������=,  '���������fejl^S*^  BENl^/MTjRPHYVPrOprie  i;is?Mr.nished^wlth; every convenience ^ for the comfort ^Travellers ;i the1V Culinary ^department; is tunder  tKo_uperintendence; ofj an experienced coofcj *,thf vBe<ls  are^olean and cornier table ;v_ie,Bar contains, ih^  offeLigddrsitSegars,'"_'c.' ^StabJiniJ Hay,\Barley &it>a_i;  Views or Cariboo .a'hUfeSOehery-tbrbuplioiit British ftf  umbia, including views1 ofihe route'to Big'Bend ;al5ttn I  on hand atliberc\lirates_    ..-yy -..; ;<|,^ I .^  .JC^fiWUfiM;  HIBBEN;<55;,C_lBSKE^Ivlihp  "SELLERS "&- STATIONERS, constantly supplied  receiving irom 'bestpurees; SchoQl^Stan(lani1ai]dJi&  cellanbousB00I&, anh* Staple and Fa^cyStaijoneryl  all itSiBran^hes? t;>Cornef;,yates 'and."Xangley'street.  j^ictona^yahcouverlsland'^.:;^ ^yi^i. *  CM.: ������HENB1_RS0N -hogs; to iinforhi his frietfds  b iand the trayeJling; public geneKilly^ tliKt ��������� he*l|^  taken the above'Ranch and' is prepared to supply{tliem  with First; Glass Accommodation, rrc  is prepared to( supply^s;^raerous|^r^^^  re^ulsiteifor Cldthin^?BuitableyV)JtiPver? season of % j  ym- a;y^-y^;rfe.y.fe,y-y fe^^^^Jfe'y;;/:;yy,:^VL ^;yjj  hoi*ses j flay and Orain.r (  ���������cl   au  Good Stablihg'ffor  tiAAiAM^M  QPELMAN!Jan_l' MMENZlEr BropriMors.  '0-;"'jThis;Hou3&'is well fitted up* witb Gobd^Beds and  thfe'Barlsfurhished'wrch-the best'Lixiuors;���������:Meals .are  served at' all; hoiirs on> the Restaurant-principle;, Stabling; for .Horses, ��������� Horse?Eeed, &c. ���������;-, ���������'   ;  ' '. ;   ���������  1-s;".  Jt*-lishMe^harfdize^fewKoIesale'fandi^tail'denlersis I  Dr _ GoonSj(&Ci, yates' 8ir<s#t(?yic^orj sW^M-P^i ''-  after ^������t, .Tune next in.Government Street, opposile tit i  :!t!?'������'������. 5) '��������� (M'ft ���������"*-.������������ i  iiig- the p^nomenawIiichHhe vblea^ actibh  exhiptt&A A Sfa ips of war of every nation crowd  the porfc,;and are cohstaritly/a'Mving and departing. A third island has risen'-but*-of the ^sea  }/phe imu^diateTadinit^ of fiieSecotid; and'the  firSfc 'man- Mio 'set fop t* 'on 'itr 'while'it" w_s':-- still  PSi-!ji8,k?r"^lan ^*s own ship; w^sAchmetBey,  tlie captauf of the Ottoma-n frig������v,ilt^anchor  in thepart". ;    ��������� " , f--     ^ r*'"      :    .  W;ILLIlMfe/S,E^iJXIiVl  "VAN;  THE  Wmj^y/rAAAiyr  BEG3��������� TO', INPORM^-HIS^IJSToiffiRS^'' AND      ..public: generally that he intendst'to: furnish them  BEEF OR MUTTON"^ so soon as packing is practicable,  af;their-respective claims on the different, creeks; or  residences, at the Most Reasonasle Rates- 1:'.../ y  Van Winkle June llth,:2866.   ,    ,fe.      ���������        il  ;v������i?ioneeS^  nHARBES NELSON^iFroprietor. -his old  xy:: es tablisbed House a is .well ;lltted up for. the comfort  oj;Tr^elle'rs.; "tke*'Tabto.is*XuppUed" with the best of  everything that can' be hacl, rind the! cooking Is not ifXL-  fi^pt.^iihpA^^t^oikilHh^e' lower country .j Bed rooms  for rl$milieV; y^^ . Horse, Feed, i:&g. .  The:Expressstopshere/ -.   r      .* .    . 1-s  PORT DGUGIiAS ADVERTISEMENTS:  ���������y/uM/XCD0NAL&  MAMiA^^AliB. ^Brbprietdr^i Miners and  ^others destined: for the Bridge, River. Mines. will  find every-.eonvenience and accommodation ailbrded  thera;ji, Good',Beds and a Table wellsuppliod with a 11  the delicacies pf the season.      ;'  J 1-Si:  BmEIOUSE^DOIJSMSBOETiG-  L. ��������� SMITH & CO., Proprietors.... Tii is Hriuseu is  JT. weti ii tted .up tot*, the .acebmmodatipit of Travellers ;.to! -the; Bridge River Mines; Good Beds', Stab ling  for Horsus, Horse Feed, &c. A Stage runs twice a week  between this house and,Port Douglas oh the arrival of  the steamers .from below and connects with the Lake.  Boats for, Liilooet. X-s  WM. MANSOISJV '' '"��������� A    I).1, 'Ai. -McLEAN,':  Ax   . _���������;���������'*���������-    Proprietor,1   -  ' f ���������������     ������������������    *At-&i- ^Agont^  rpHIS'HQTEL IS'-LARGE A>S);^WE���������L-Fia_EP^UI?  JL ;foh the comfort'of travelers���������;��������� the--Table, is, supplied  With the best j)f every.thing '������������������ that can be prQCurd^jihii  #&,. cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms  for families; ��������� Stabling,' Hay, 'Barley and Oats'.1 "^Ps *  H0TE^DE'FR__NCEvmbt6riavtY^Iv^  . [.iBiGNB. AND)PmEKE-}^soi^.P_rpp4rieto'K ,, The.fe  taurant is suppli.eici with.allithe.: delicacies'.;(___������������!.  affords: jln ;X_je Bar wili,b e found * tlie^ciioiceit X-Qrost  Furaislie&'B^nis, ftec*** ?>' '���������' ** - *^- A iy-vAA+l*:  f ;iVholesale"'"**'*:1>rt*���������:* n*ATKl,i :|^'Twr.vcav.pp.iwn;k  BEERS.  S3 MILE HOUSE. ;'  ;A LBERf CRYSLER has dpeheel the abdve'iHduse for  ii. tlio,reception of Travellers; the Table is-well kept  and the Liquors ;cannot be sUipa^sed ; the Beds are  clean.ahd ��������� cdmfortabl<|.V -Stabling l^r Horses; j-'Hay and  bats.. ������������������ ��������� ���������.. r    fe'.,-'';;;;;'   ";:' *; ;: ' .*. " ��������� ���������. ��������� Va ���������-.*  Goods, forwarder  Mining. Districts;'  In  I.  'ell  rfi  he  tb������  nt  re  am  ai  h  ���������g?  is  el  ffei  en  11-  eli  ?t  arc  gr  st  ^(  afc  a  ene  arl  he  d.  Lu  rtiti  il\clKs b  ^���������ven  iS������rra{  |und  i FRANKEB, Victoria, vV;i;,-DsaieriiiW ; |  .. ��������� i&m$rtop^tmj$6Tb,&o;. liberal adyanc?B.miile  on Enrs.consigned. ,^ Rcference-^-G.;" Sutro;& Go'i,^  ^tskm^'ViptM;y:^ My.[-''���������\'fyAJh~. AUA  . TAMES; HURONf-Proprietor.. .This commodi-  O......ouflHotel is well fitted *up with' cvery: ;cohvehie'nee  for tlio' com fort of, the/public'; 'the. Beds "fire all tna-t a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplicd^vith  the /best:of ifare f the:Bar contains the /choicest jbpands  oC Liquors and. Segars ;good Stabling, Horse Feed; .Oats'  ���������Barley^-' &c.. - ��������� ������������������  ��������� fe      '���������   '' -. ' ; ���������"' ��������� "*'"   l-s*''  ...MRS;= __E_KT^ Milmxer &;.Dbess iMAiff B,,Gowrii:  ill-meat Street,.;yictbria|, V. ;I;;; All kinds of Mm  otthp^aiesp^siyl^  froni the ;coimti*y punctually 'atiendedH&M^^;.:^V. ^:l  ______       ��������� ^        ChandJer-'ani  PETER   McQUADE,   Ship      Xi>doaleiJ in l^Snt^OUs;������ari^/Windo^lass;i:^W  :dn:han���������������a large stock of Rope;and:Canvass..<;ww'  a  In A the. County Court of British. Opluinbia  A   y   ,: Holdea at Eichfieid.';f M'  in BAxKRUprcy.;1  . TITHBRfi AS, a Pe ti t ion for adj tii ication of. Bankru pt-  . Tt  cy, has'.been duly filed on the latli day of May  Isst by WAXiX-h' Lox������ Fenton, of Cameron town, Wil  ��������� Iiams Creek, British Columbia, late Restaurant and Saloon Keeper, and he having been adjudicated a Bank-  rupt, is hereby required, to surrender,_ums-lf-< to.Wm.  C3o. Coj?:, Esquire, the Judge of the above Court, for a  first examination on Friday the 15th day of, June next,  at elevenTqlolock in the.morning precisely, and on  Monday, the 16th day of July next, at 11 o'clock in the  morning precisely,-^ the Court House^ ..Richfield, and  wake a full discovery and disclosure of his estate and  fleets,;whenand where the Creditors are to come prepared to .prove their.debts, and.at the*; first^sitting to  cooosc Assignees and at the last sitting the said Bank-  mpt is reo^uiPQd to finish his examination.  "���������":." ^ii* persons ;irndebted;to tho said Bankrupt-or that  hire any'of his estate and effects are not to pay or de.  liver tho same but to Mr.M.G.. Phillips, Esq., the OS-  ci ������1 Assignee appointed by tho said Court.  JAM; * y ';���������- -Ay% AAA JOSEPH-PARK,-: -  ,���������....:..,���������,.���������-..-...,...        ., "A     '���������   Richfield,  *���������*���������*'���������������'  ^  ���������     ������������������ ��������� ������������������ -   -- Counsel I'or���������'Petitioner.  RiehrHd.17t.hMTy. 1866;' -   ���������* -. t   .: : 4  rpAX SOQiKG- 6t Q OvV^ommissioh-NMf^^A.  'Xi.porters anjt Deajers''in.Chinese Gooids,/;Bicc,;Sugar,  Opium, Nut Oil, Provisions-''"&_^.Cormorant St^U*- .  toria, y;X      ]A-M. .��������� -������������������^���������ua  This house  T ORENZO LEABTO, Proprietor.  1J aHbrds..every.'accommodation' for tl>e .comfort of  Travellers; the Table is furnished.with all the delicacies  of the season, aud the Burls stocked'with tho "choicest  THE ..'CARIBOO SENTINEL"  Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars,  Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  :.: Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this Office,  ' ��������� >GSf* Terms Moderate ��������� '-'������9  The "British Columbian*'  Published every. -Wednesday' and Saturday, at the  publishing office, New Westminster.'  The; Bonaparte House,  QBMiEN & PAKKE, Proprietors; at-the  U Junction of the "Cariboo and Big.Bend Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of tho public. Distance from Clinton, 26 miles; fromSavanusSteamboat,  Landing, 22 miles; from Spence's Bridge, 30 miles. -:  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit'  the times. Oi vo them a call. Stabling, Hay. & Grain;'  attentive hos tier.?, stage I eaves here' twice a week for������  Big Bend and vale, and once a week for Cariboo !: 1-S;  QFORB.OBG- & RUEFF, Commission fcr  O CHAN^rs,- Wholesale- Dealers in IGroCBHiM-f^  sioss- Books & Shoes," WharJ street, .Victoria,,^.  XXA&tU Dealers in Wines;;Spirits and'Jaqw;*  w  Victoria, -y. i. yy.Ay^y. .yAAr   .'V/s&jLL.-    'm  QPROAT  O. andL'oMMisSJO.v.  yf!tt'"t't  &c CO1., (late Anderson-* Co:J*J^   I  [iss;6^ MERquANTs,;5Storc Street,^'   I  THE BRITISH COLUMBIAN is the oldest newspaper  published in tii is colony, and has a larger circulation .therein than a ny other. Its colura ns a re regularly  supplied with full telegraphic news from all part;*.of  the world, while it contains, a faithful record of local  events, and a. full report of Legislative proceedings ''  , The f.'British Columbian" is supplied to all partsL;or*  this colony by Exprsss upon extremely liberal condi^  ti enis.    For i:��������������������� s, ire.������������������ see Exp ress A geiats.  ���������-������������������������������������   ���������    ���������'.:     'RGBSON & MoMILLAN,  Publishers 'Ak. Prfipri^t^r*;  MESSBS. COBNWALL'S. ���������"'"'1/  ft T.THIS WELL KNOWN-HOUSE, half-way between  IX ^pence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route,  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed. A .1-6  B. __AaaiN,PHysxo^Nj&^ao^^[;  ner of vates and Go.vernment^Sts., victory  '\lRiifpn_, Broad ^t^tf:^iy}o^y^J^^  P'lERpEr  riAiRE & a^i^cxmiA^m^^f^^f   I  V Merchants, Wharf Street, yi-ct'oria^V^^^^.^  i  H \ C K? S    N OTFI  ���������  JJTTCm^AkmANovrWestminster^^ TW^^^M^^^^^  Ij now occupied by w. E, STEIN*.     The above fav-| ������ ������PP^sito,the jftank or 'BrmBhmf^^^A^^  ! orably known house is now open to the imblic: tho Bar ~'~l' " ;���������' i'.V :':.:'���������'..' 'fe :.-*-';.' AAjA^rt^isifniL'AS^  ;-te -constantly supply v'mlym. holiest brand/J ���������&������������W!tm^$^^  Lwftow'-nOwrtM.-   ���������        ������ ���������.    .   ���������   , ���������   "���������-.      ������....< JC/1...feov������rDi*������rft������ street. Y^>X^MllL'^r*yyiJvM'--  TTENDEBSdN'and BUBNABYt  11 WharfstreovViet6YiH,y. 1. ' ;*"   "  ^mngxii  HaSuths  ^^Wyseli  jt|tgiie cl  ^^R:oud  l^fefiher r  SS)st ol  ^^Sl^'ba'  ^^Ss inst;  Slitibe.  _^BFtbiB  S^B a tru  /fjJKre, cli  9 behc  Hlf lo?al  ^^gce th  ^^gery ti  ^^ntribi  ^^S>se.   ]  ^fflpl be


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