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 E CARIBOO SEiNTlNE  Published every Saturday hy .  R O.BER T . ,HOL LO W,A Y.  ������������������. i  Subscription,   -  -   60 Cents per Week*  /;     RATES. OP ADVERTISING. ..     .  For one-'squaro (one inch), flr'st insertion, . ��������� $3  11    '���������".���������" ������'���������������'.*          ���������         one month,' - '- 6  For two squares, first insertion,     ���������'..'. 6  . ���������.-.- /*   4-  .*���������      "one months- ���������* ���������.  ���������   ----- ���������     8  ' I ���������       .;.".:. ���������- *���������������������������     = . *i   "���������'������������������. %.A   ���������������:  M ' ���������   .  ...     ������^r .         .-...*.. (      --      .... .     -..     >.������  Agents for 'the"������������������ Cariboo-Sentinel."  Van Winklo,-  Quosuelraoutb;-..* v  Soda Creek,    "���������'���������'  Clinton.    ���������     ; ���������  YMe,     ,..' .;:...  New Westminster,  Victoria, .���������..���������������������������   -4,���������:..  T��������� P. Fishor,  Hudson & Monet,"  Mr J, W.'Llndbart  - ' ; ������������������- ������������������ " B a ruii rd' s Ex press  ���������   '  Barnard's Express  .   ,, -      Barnard's, Express  -'���������*.       rda.'.-        do  '- '    -       John Murray  :r  :..v.  , A', ��������� ��������� ���������' Job n* Col Iens  -      San Francisco  *   .   . v.   .   .' New York.  ins of  ao artistic  race worlring.-lhrohM^  iy generations,, ha?d vanished; in -smoke"oat:glories or France.   M. Thiers, m/.bU.re-  "     " e  ������:       i - .luctance to injure Paris, bus allowed Paris to  be destroyed and tbe "Parisians to be buried  ,  A..rfl.fi CARIBOQ: SENTINEL. yA A  i  Cards. Circulars. Posters and Programmes for  ��������� "B i lis and Theatrical En tertainnients;; ������  ffi-S-E'C ecu ted witH n eatness and dispatch^aetf  Terms moderate.  THE DESTRUCTION OF PARIS.  All other incidents "of the Paris tragedy  arf overs!i;iilowed hy the crowning horrors  4>f VVeilnesclMy. Tit e Tail er ies, according; to-  M. Thiers, i* '"* a muss of smouldering*ashes."  tin* Louvre has been fired and must at. least  be partially destroyed, and the Hotel de Ville  1 k in flaint'H, The same fate bus befallen the:  Palace^ Royal, Notre 'Dame, the Sainte.  Clmpetle. and. in a word,, all the famous  buildings of Paris. Compared with this it  \seems a slight matter to add that such build���������  ings as the Ministry of Finance, the Hotel of  the Council of State, and tbe Palace, of the  'Lesion of Honor have also been burnt; nor  have, we a thought to spare for the general  ruin which has been wrought in the heart of  Paris. The destruction of the Tnileries. the  LojiVr^and'flte ^  be b rand������d. in h istory as; the,most demoni9 ca 1;  deed o f Va iul al ism ever pe r p e irate d.   These  'magnificent monuments, with their immea.suiv  able treasures, were the achievement of gen-!  e rati 6 ns.an d th e e m'b od i me at! of Cc e n tu ri es of  history," art and. science,   T-iiere have passed  away with them,not, inerely. Bp.jendid build-!  ings and* beautitu^orname-ala^^iica^^as were;  made on Wednesday and could to-morrow be  rep 1 aced, b ut1 b e a ecu m u late d glo ries pf bun -:  'dreds of years;  historic' associations-of the  most intense and varied -interest, creations of  jOT i us "w hi ch we ro the g 1 o ry" of ��������� Fra u ce  a n d  th e ac mi r a tio n b f th e  wo rid.    W i t li  th e ex -  'ception  of  St. Peter's at Rome;'there were  probably no buildings In  the world ,to be  co in p a re d w i th tl i ese f o r th e i r com b i n a ti oh of  historical, artistic and national worth.   All  has gone in a single day.   The best pictures-  in ibe Louvre may, indeed, be safe, for they  were re tn o ye d at th e co i n m e.n c e m en t of, th e  1P r u ss i ah s i'ege, thou gh   tii e   in y ad ers, wb o  ���������were daily insulted with the designation of  .Vandals, would have shru nk, as fronT- an.  eternal di:jgrac6, at the atrocities their slan-  d e rers h i ive now .per p e tra ted.   Bti t Mu ri 11 os  .and Raphaels were biita small 'part of 'the  treasures which have been destroyed.   Incomparable statues of antiquity, it is to be  fe ar ed,. m us fc now. be "h an dful s co| j cal ci n ed  dust; exquisite carvings and articles of ornament must.be reduced to ashes and indistin-!  gen  many 0>  ���������and dust?' But. even if some of tlie'se* treasures  are saved', the buildings themselves, and  ' among! ������������������" them ��������� the ' Tuileries, Aire A gone���������the  TnilerieSt. which, have beqnAihe; centre of  French history for three centuries, which  were commenced by Catherine d������ Medici,  continued by Henry. IV.,1 rind' extended by  Louis.XIV., Napoleon* L, the Provisional  Government; and Napoleon-1II., until, in conjunction with the Louvre, they formed'one  magnificent and unequalled palace. tWbo*  can,estimate the price!ess.treasures gathered  through many a reign of ''-gl.ory," which are  now "a. mass of smonldering ashes V[ The  very chambers in the Tnileries were historic,  and the most memorable scenes in French history were .enaeb'd within . its walls. These  very walls have fallen, and the local habitation of famous Kings, Emperors, and even of  Republics, is as great a ruin as French glory  guisbable metal;' staircases, ceilings, panel-1  lings, such" as coald only b,e produced by the sacrifl.ee of thousands of lives and millions o  M. Thiers may well exhaust his language of  indignation in denouncing this atrocity  before the National Assembly. It is indeed "an  odious act, one unparalleled in history*" committed by '.* wicked wretches as the crowning  act of tbeir despair."  .These are,no exaggerated terms.  No Goths. Vandals or Huns ever  committed against ''civilization   an   equally  atrocious crime.'. It yciky. ho doubted if they,  ever wreaked an equally sweeping destruc-.  tion ; hot they certainly:-Beyer incurred an  equal guilt.   Not only'is this barbarous ruin  ,w r ought p n F ra n ce by Fre he 11 tn e n,' "o n Pa ri s  by P"arisians, but it is  wrought without a  sh ad ow of- provocat ton ;;;i ts b 1 ack n ess is u n.  relieved even by the necessities of civil war;  it is an  act of deliberate  and demoniacal  malice.   It. is clear the conflagration was deliberately planned, as a mere act of revenge,  when the Communists saw  their  cause  was  ruined.   The bindings were fired  by  petroleum, and it is easy to understand how furiously such structures, filled  with  old  woodwork, would burn when this terrible  inflammatory agent had been applied to them. The  Communists had threatened from the first that  if forced to surrender Paris they would sur-  rander It In; ruins, and  they have fti 1 fi11 ed:  t heir i n fam ous th few t. \ T he s pint is n o th i n <r  less than devilish which wotild  thus consign;  a city\to co������2agration,.ahd a population :to  slaughter, and ' ruin, - in revenge.: for. a party  defeat- ��������� -We had hop ed������'&ve n af t ei* th e sense-  less destruction of the Vendome Column, that  the Red Republicans of 1871  would set an*  example of comparative moderation to French  Revolutionists.    But tbey  have revealed a  spirit too inhuman to have been credited beforehand, and by their last act they will be  1 ��������� damned to:eveilastiag fame.:\    Wa wish we  could ru b s c ri b e' to M". T hie rs' a sse r ti o u,  t h a t  "no.p ries. co u 1 d h av e pre v en ted, t he. er i m e o f  those wicked wi,otclje8.'?   No one, it is very  probable, could'bavc'InUsrfered in ' these last  moments..to prevent the  consummation, and  it may well be believed  the Generals and  troops have done their utmost to avert disasters they must have feared ;  but could  no  one have saved Far fa irom falling  into  such  hands!   Could  not firmness aud foresight,  supported, as they would iuvve^beeu. by regular troops, have retained the capital from the  first in tlie hands of the National Government?   Or, if ibis were impracticable, could  not the" Men of Order -' in Paris, of whom"  M*.Thiers hm told us so much, have trampled  .upon the band of ruffians who have tyrannized over them?   A few hours' delay, a  little hesitation, a s 1 ight shrinking from stern  duty, have led to nine weeks' Civil War, the  under the ruins 4)f their city; while those  who professed.to aim at. tho jndepen'deace  and.supremacy of the capital have converted  it into.'a ruin; The history of the* world "pre-  setits no such national tragedy. .It begun in  . va nity;.and weak uess';" lit; endsin criuie,; in  horroi; a.nd in despair,--[London Times.   ��������� .'.  MA  .MISCELLANEOUS. :  J.  J.   ROBERTSON;    v ,  OEGS TQ ..ANNTGO-XCE:THATHE HAS OPENED A  EXPRKSSES,. STEAM ERS,, &c.  1  e  Gercrw & Johnson's Stages7  'W1LT.V I.BAVB BARKERVILLE;.EVERY= WEEK,,  '\i coDticotlag wiih tlio Steamers ut' Qiieaiml-  Qiouth.and Yale, with Ii.Mr.MAlL, ������XfRKs3 *n$  Passengers.. .,..._      .. .;  .   -;, .. ;. _ .  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The proclamation  of union, it is now definitely announced, will  be made on Tbnrsday next, July 20th, and all  public accounts, of the<dd Colonial Govern-  tfient -Will be finally closed on' the day pre  ceding, when the new Constitution, conferring  tie. rights:of. responsible, government, will  come into effect in accordance with the following officiaj;proclamatioa by; bis .Excellency Governor Musgraye :      , .  11 Whereas, it is provided by ' the Constitution Act, 1871/ that tbe said Act shall not  iatoe- in to operatioh;" ti n ti I i t bas recei ved her  "Majesty's assent, nor until such assent has  ieen proclaimed in/tliis colony by the Gov-  ���������ernor. nor nntil tbie;expiration, of such Jtime  tes- the .Governor^shall direct after-such assent  lias been proclaimed as aforesaid, to.be fixed  hy. tha Go ve rnp.fr. im boo)) Pr ocl a ni a tio n.t :  .And" iwfi ereas: her Majes ty b as :b ee o* graci ���������  <uisly; .pleased . to. give her assebt to the eaid  '���������'A.cfcj;.;;*  ���������. ���������'������������������.''���������.''������������������: A: . ;���������'���������   -'-"'/'.- My/"' A/1'  ��������� And ���������whereas{I,1he said Anthony Mrtsgrave.  flu'siich Governor as-aforesaid,-have fixed-the  19th day of July, next to be tlie date when tb'e  . *aid Act'ahall come into*"operation and take  f&eetiA:. . x.A:AyA /yiA ,AA ':-:.'..       "���������.'���������'���������",  Now. therefore, know ye that-1,- Anthony  IWusgrave,iGovernor of; the'Colony of British  Columbia, do hereby proclaim the assent;of  4ver Majesty to * The Constitution Act, 1871;'  and.I^lb hereby., proclaim and -declare that  ihe said Act shall take effect andHcome into  ���������operalion in.the said colony of British Columbia on, from and after the J9th .day of July.  in the present yea^r of our, Lordvone. thousand  eipht hundred and seventy-one; :  '"���������tssned under tbe public seal of the colony  vpi' British ^Columbia, at .Victoria, -.this 26th  <&������$;��������� brJune. A. D.'lSTl, and������ih the 55th year  ���������of ter* Majesty's reigii;1 ���������yyAyA-'r-  /A%"By command,       Prnur JiHANKtv/'"  :.'. ���������'"-'.��������� -Colonial Secretary.-' ������������������  The above proclamation sets at rest all  4 ou b teJttS'-to ��������� tb e in a i i gu ra t i o n o f . resp o n s i b 1 e  government *'simultaneously" with. Confederation', as, in fact, it establishes that system*  >:e day before the actual admission of our  .province.   In connection with the proclamation of the adoption ol the new constitution.  4he Government Gazette contains the Oi:d r  in Council ratifying onr .union vvil.h Cannila,"  tondlikewise;the Royal assent toSeveral &i 1 Is."  ������mo ng'. o the rs th e fa mo u s C i v i l; List -b i 11 ab on t ta n d was-tin uc h , es teem ed by \ h is n n me vo n s  whi oh so m u c h n o use nse has been tn 1 ked, b u t'  ���������5n wbjcb the law officers pfythe ^iuslr.Gov-:  ernment have been so obtuse as to yseeiho'  f^n.lt: or to find any clause giving pensions to  -oftkials.     . AA.y ���������... . [ ry'���������       :..:... y.y.A  The -QtiBSNmHcuJTK. ?brry^��������� We hear muchi  ������otap taint from .teamslers an d o thers cb h cern-  1ng- the ferry across Qiwsnel0 river 'at ils  m o n th. w h i ch is sai d ��������� toy. b e in: a ve ry u n sa fe  $ ttdilion, and .we have even berti;tdl 1 by a  teitinfltfcr that he declined to be responsible  tfor merchapdize crossing, and swam his oxen  nooner than run the risk of putting them on  the ferry-boat.   If/ these representations be  correct, as we have every reason to, believe;  government should take issmediate steps to  o^mpel the lessee to establish a ferry free  Irom danger to life and property,if soiae ar-  ^ftng:ements cannot  he   made  to   build   a  br^ge,'which would be infinhely pr������ferable  to any feny.   As it is, parties at a high sta^e  of .water have often to wait for days before  v*������mining to' cioas with the present rick������Uy  rontrivances. The l^sfees are not persons of  r sp^nsihiiity ; ferriage is chxroed for cross-  ing on the ice in winter ; the ropes are said  io be old and unfit for reliance, aud the whole  affair is described as a dangerous nuisance,  Such a state of things sh on Id not be tolerated  forVweek. The amount of freight crossing  the river in summer is very great and vain  ������b]fl,and now when heavy machinery is belttg  brought into onr Cariboo mines it is too bad  to expect parties who have invested heavily  In ib������t description of property to run the risk  of loping it in a moment through the culpable  neglect or mismanagement of ihe parties who  bold a charier to. co* ect tolls for the privi-  Irge of rnnniog ihe risk of losing one's life or  j-fop^i*j in crossing a dangeroiii and -mpid  Strikk for Waoks���������" For ways that are  dark and things that are vain the Heathen  Chinee is peculiar.'7 Civilization is, however,  producing its et*&cts,and John keeps his eyes  open alKtlie time for making money. A large  number, of the Celestial race have beentehiij  ployed for some time in.the ...Forest...Ro^qJi  claim, many of whom had learned to .be'tfrst-  rate underground miners. The supplyijj$jp<  skilled workmen in this line being now. very  short, the Celestials struck in the beginnieg  of the we^k for an advance of half a dollar  per day���������namely, from $3 to $3 50. This,  however, the proprietors did not^eel inclined  to concede, and we understand that alter oe-  ing idle for a shift or two most of the malcontents have returned, to work at the old  rates. Times are considered dull in Cariboo,  and there is.not near as much money coming  out and circulating as used to be, but still at  present any roan who is willing, and able to  work can get employment, not of course at  the old rates current in Cariboo, but still,  considering the reduction in the cost of liyiner*  at rates which will compare favorably with  any other mining coNntry. Last week we saw  a"man from Omineca who had gone up the  Skeena. and havi rig no m eans wa'a e o m pe11 ed  to���������: leave ; be was no drifter, but was offered  work at four dollars per day immediately in  a prospecting .claim, .but, the ground , was  damp and a pair of gum boots (requisite for  cow fort, so he preferred to trarn p down-1he  road in search of some* betier job, -which5 he j  may find it hard to fall in with$y AAA/:  WKSLKTAN C-hurch-VRev. Thoraa3 *De'rtiok,  who lias faithfully performed hiMButies 09  minister of. the Wesleyan Chnrchat Barkerville sinoe the establishment of the .mission  nearly three years;since, will preach his farewell sermons to-morrow, being about to  change the field of his labors to Nanaimo,.for  which place he will.leave by the following  Express. In common with all.the residents  ol this vicinity, we Fhall regret the loss of Mr  Derrick, who.-has during his sojourn, at Bar-  kervilie "endeared himsejf to all who had the  p r j v i I ege: o f h i s ���������' ac q'u a i n ta n c e. a nd we c a n  o n ly *e x press ou r s i h ce r e ho pe tb at i h" b is new  abode he will experience the happiness h������  merits, and haye no\cause : to regret leaving  the mountains of Cariboo for the more genial  atmosphere of the coast.   -     !'���������.*:, ....... Ay   ,  D ������ a tu 6T. A [ Pf on E er���������������M r Josep h An sten,  usually known as" Judge Austen from his  having filled the office of-Justice of Peace  in.San "Francisco. died at Victovia on 2d'July  at the advanced age of 89 years, thirteen  yearss ago this month Mr Austen* and the  present writer-were fellow passengers on the  old 'Oregon, since which time the former has  been a resident of Victoria, where he made  some invesim eri ts in reaI estate in early; days  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  jfclllBOO    MOTEL,  [FORMERLY HOTEL DE FRANCE.] ���������  # BARKERVILLEv    ^  A.' KELLY  BEGS to announce to his friends and tbo public that  li������ has purchased the Hotel de. France. Baik^r:  vlllb, which be will open ibis 1st July (Dominion  Day), 1371.     '   y        ^ ������������������     ���������   -y vA  COMFORT ABLE BEDROOMS t     ' i,  A    GOOD BEDS!    :A    ���������  BILLIARD AND BAGATELLE TABLES!  FIRST QUALITY LIQUORS & CIGARS!'^  ^_j^. >."     .'���������        jyi;  ���������  Bankruptcy. Notice. '  WHRREAS a petition for an adjudication of Bankruptcy was on tlio 21 fit day ofJane, 1871, filed  in Her Majesty's Ommty Court ������f Bn/ifb Cojnrobja  l>y Makvi.v P. Elmokk, under which tiio'sjaid Marvin'  P El more has. I) een a dj u d ere d ba b k ru pt. ��������� Notice is  heroby givon-that Mavvjn I*.. Klmure.ls hereby.,re-  q\iired'to surrender to ibe.above named Cnuirt at'tbe  tl ret meeting,of criHlltor3 to be held bclorirthesaitl  Cuurt on tbe 23th day olVJunV* instant, all I o'clock  in tbe forunoon precisely, at Ricliflehi, and, also tn the  Court .on the .21st day of 'Soptember next ensuing,  a t "Qu" estfehnoutb, wb^n' and \vbv.re th e sii i I Ba nk ru])t  s ' required to surrender' to pass his' second ���������examih-  atio?i;.' ���������   ...   .... A ������������������  :.'.. .' ^      ���������   y./....,..-���������...,..-  . At the. first meeting.of creditors* the Registrar will  receive the proof ol\the debts of the creditors, and the  creditors m;iy choose ah Assignec.or;Assi}/nees.of.the,  Bankrupt's estate and erects. At the s--cdn������l sitting  proofs of deb ts;o(.cre<" Hor.-* will alao; bo received, aud  the Bankrupt will bo required tosubmiP to be examined and to make "a full d;>;closur9'>.ltnd,,f1.iscov( ry ol  all his estate and effects, and tov^rijsi^hta-examination. . " My.y "-'--x -.-.  , Notice  said  B  deliver tbe same but.to JaM������3* LiNDSiYvpf "Blchllcld,  Offlcinl Aspijjnee, whom tha Conrr/niis appoiDted, and  give, notice to John G. BARNSTO^Soliciiory of Rich  Held. . ���������-....  JAMES LINDSAY,  KpeiPtrarand Oiflcml A^sijraeo  Riehlleld, J������nc 30tb, 187,1.'       ' Ay '��������� \\y\ td '  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Ho! >for Cariboo and  BAMARD'S STAGES  MAKE THE BEST TIME!  -��������� ^DRip THE BEST STOCK!    "  '  yy'r:"*usa THE BEST COACHESi;    "7,  HAYKTHE MOiST COMPETENT DRIVERS  CARRY THE MOST PASSENGERS I  DO THE LARGEST BUSINESS t ���������  And guarantee tocohnect with the Steamers  at euch end.  Leave Barkervilie on .Monday  at Six a.m.; reach Yal������* Thursday        ;.  at Six p.m.,. ������nd arrive at Victoria on Saturday, at Four p.m.,      .,  FOUR DAYS AHEAD OF  .: .H.M.-.MAILS l-^;  TravelWrs hv the FAST LINE SAVR  FROM, TWELVE TO TWENTY DOLL A U3:  by' hot. loittfring, aa other, lines, do, .on thm  road.-   ��������� .  *     . -    . .:���������' ';���������*;'  '  je!7     ' F. J. BARNARD.   '  ce is ali^o. Rivrn to all p^6)i3ii'oS^l\ted-to the  bankrupt or thcu bavo nny oriiw^effcc^^not to  NOTICE,  friends. Mr Austen was'a nat^eof Halifax.,  No va Soo t i a, and; h al f b ro th er to the- ein i nen t'  Dominion statesmartv Hon.' Joseph Howe.vy  r The RAiLTyAT Sunyrt ~0 peratidns ap.pear  to have been 'started in earnest for the survey  of th e^ d i fFere rit pro n 0 sed ro ii tes ��������� fro m iVjhW  co as t fo r ���������th e... o y e.rf an d rail way. ��������� Th eKiL ea th er  or _y=ell.ow Head Pass will be%nvy&yeft by  Mr Moberly*and party,..and the Kowso Pasa  by Mr,. MoL en n a n an d par 1 y. A lot o f pro -  vi si oris fo r - th e 1 atter p at ty h ave al i ead y been  forwarded to Eisherville, Koetenay district!  The en^ineerfi have arrived^at San Francisco,  a n d wo ii 1 d p rob ab \ y re a ch, Vic to ri a by - the  Prince Alfred, which sailed on July 3d. ':  AccipKNT to Ma SANOKas���������]&; H."SanHers.  Esq., Stipendiary Maofistrate and Gold Commissioner for LiHooet ���������district* was thrown  from his buggy a- few days since and had a  leg broken, the .fcorses havfnf run off and  jumped oyer a fence near 1 he 70-mi 1 e house  on  the wagon-road.    Mr Sanders was taken  to Liilooet. and Dr. Carrall. who was on the  stag-e^ coming tip, set;'.the. broken limb. A  little, so.n^of Mr S.,%?ho was in the baggy,  escaped unhurt.   . .  MONEY    OR'DE'ES  E  ON AM) AFTER THE 1st OF MAY, 3871, MONEY  Orders-' will be isKU^d on tbe Um't������Vi Rin^d^m  by the Post Ofilcea at CARIBOO, Now Westminster  aud Vicioria.  KATES OF COMMISSION AS'f OIXO'WS :  Not.ovi'r. ������������2,.������,. -   -y-[.'���������   --:   -.. ...>: 25.centa., ( ...  :   Over ������������2, and hot exceeding *������&,     60 cintB. / *'..  Oyer    5, and not yxceedin^,, 7,    .75 centSii i  Over ; 7, and not exceeding  10,     $1  .  .   Ko Finglc order will bo granted for raoro thnn'i������10..  No Orders will be issued oa- tho day tho Mail is  made up".; ' ���������- ..y vyy'..ys,.;?- .,.���������;���������' .,;,],,���������   ')  By command, MMMMApy} ; '���������'.���������������������������'���������;'***s*  :  A. TV, BU-$HSiV:|?Acting P.M;G.  "... New, "Westminster, "25 tb Ap^yJ|5*7jv:V:..:ci  :In pccdrdance' with .the .abpve; ii<������tice;- MONEY  ORDERS wMl ba issued on tbe.Umted Kingdom by  t he 'Post Office ai Cariboo.      ;....;������. fe  YALE AND BARKERVILLB,  Importers, Wholesale and:  Retail Dealers in . :  GROCERIES k PROVISIONS, -;<:  WINES & LIQUORS; A</A':A  y  :   DRY GOODS,. CLOTniN.^.  /���������A. HATS A'CAPS.;  A,.  ������������������ may      ��������� BOOTS. &SHOKS;.  AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS.  CIGARS & TOBACCO,1 ''[  STATIONERY;   /y  HARDWARE & CROCKERT.  And a complete assortment of  jol'7inv  ��������� JOHN BOWRO>% ;  Acting Postmaster/  l&u  E  KERY  '���������' Oppimheimor Bros, beg to inform Traders, Mint'rs  aiu d farmers re qui ring a stock of.G<������ods that thgy  hoi da. large, and ...well -selected assortirjf-nt. .and ar#  prepared to p!'lI at the Lowest .Market Prices  j������iF- We invite inspection of;our Stock before pur-  cbasinpelsifwhero. ... .-'-m . .  y$&������ NEW GOODS are being received continually'.lj  :AA <}F" BEST QUAUTY, y^;;" "���������[/ ^:  '   RECEIVED > BY  "EVERY "EXPRESS.^  y      OPPENHEIMER   BROS,  \. ...     -A.y -.-^  niy27 3m .. "yi- [AyA':  Ay NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Dissolution of Partnership  E, THE UNDP.RSTGNKD, heretofore doing busi������  -sie^s at the 127-Milb House,  on  tho Lillonet.-  A lex-and ri a *Wa ggon Road, nnd or the title of "WRIGHT  & PRATT, have this day diBSolred partnership by  mutual consent.  All parties indebted to paid Firm will please settle  with Mr David Pratt, who will pay all debts ?������gainst  tho said Firm. i  .       PAVID PRATT.  ^OHK WRIGHT.  B]������w*>at, ) . . ',���������������*;  |sfe������' 3#?rhr  1R71.      j . -"Xrl'tw',  fVHIS OLD AND WELL-KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT  A is al ways supplied with tbe be������t oi' everything  thai can be procured in Oriboo.  Board, - - ^L2 per Week.  Single, Meall^ - - - - $1.  IE  Tbe Celebrated  '���������'.'"'" ."..������������������ - '  FRESH   GROUND    COFFEE,  A superior article to any which can b������ had froth he-  lay;, Roasted and Ground on the premised ' from the  best 8'dccted beniea, and 'warranted free,frum adulteration. ' '  ���������A jail                                         -J. G, GQODSON.  Steam  Eiigrnp for , Sale.  A TWKNTV HORSE COUPLED HORIZONTAL  f\. Engine aud Boiler, with'or without hoiBting  gear. ���������also���������  The MACHINERY,FOB A FLOUR MILL, complete-  For particulars, apply to EDWARD WILSON, or te  ���������������.��������� A. KTJNSTBR,    *.  w*������ TiVctfpl*.  EG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY HAVE REMOVED  to the spacious prcmisos lornu'rly knovt'n ������g tha  St. George SnJoon, whero they will be at all timfts  prepared toturnish  board; and   meals  OF   THE   BEST   QUALITY.  The  BAR      furnished with the flnesfc WINKS.  LIQUORS and CIGARS.  Board,- - $1S per Week.  . Jol7.lm  GOMMISSIQN, STORAGE-  AND  genoy.  1  HI  S  1  ���������  ra  ������-  m  H  I  H  m  m  ma  *  P  I  I  ���������y.  ���������"m  n  B^TkmTill^  r  i)iy  ?������������������'*'  ]-A I- ���������'���������  >ytf  p  ������8  3,  '��������� '������ -ft'1 ii-IH  /  ���������.u;-p^:ii������-; ;^"^L:#^-MiWia;i^'  SATURDAY; JULY 18. 1871.  ���������;" Mi ; JJiNING IOTfiL.LIGENGl������.  . ''-0//A A:M^^^M^/':/ri/A ":--"'-",-  The Forest Rose coy last w*ek WRsbed ;250  oz/; ��������� ��������� -this < $ eek=(they; have . beeii eonsiti^rab$  ���������'.delayed in co nsequence 6f tbeHhi ftese "fetrikey  The Ballarat cov lust 'week, washed 53 o^ The  $t; Geo rge: co. are making expe'nseB. The  Black Jack; Co., at the canyon, have stopped  p\ v ing a nd. co m the n ced to clean ; nqA The  Ban ".Francisco"'1- co, (Chinese), adjoining the  upper "line of the. Black Jack, haye^also commenced cleaning' up. The Chinese co.;in the  c a hy on b aye re-1 ui d their fl u me a 1.1 o we r ,en d  of. claim. '���������' Above Ricbfield mpiSt of. the eom-  p a n ies,- co n ti hue p i pj ag.y The M c Lare n co.  are commenciiifir to clean up and .;;tbe. Flume  co., th e same. wi th a An or tion o t' the gro u n ti  cleaned in the Forward, .a. a  A:,A       ;;;^'-'-:boNKw:Gui.OH. :-���������;- (������������������-.���������''���������y .:  The Whi te Pine col as t. week w ashed; 35 ��������� oz,  :;  ''-       ���������      ��������� -       '* STOUT.GULCH.     ;      "-;    ���������**   ���������-  . The Golden ;Hppe^coy 'cpirtmne piping and  have washed off a great deal of. ground from  the mo iithnp which had beeri'aiready drifted ;  they.wil! soon be."into ground which has not  been ho much worked. The Taftvale co. are  waking over expenses.    ...  ��������� ��������� ' LOWHKE PRKSK.  Tbe-dBlack *:Bu 1T co.^are^ttfhg good paV  but .are sii 11 greatiy; troub led! wi th bpuldeis-;  last*.week from, less than six sets of timbers  theV wasted' 72 oz. The Victoria, co. 'last  Weic washed a' little over 46 oz* Tbe Brown  : .^"o.r.KrJs^r^.jq j[i|jfiJg>'^������L- n"**f^,-x iu_n iijer."!.'.. TPJi^'^BiirejSA-  co; haw been piping: and are now tip to ther  iiuSSe^ .fine..:The latlerrliave  h'������e n u n able, to". wbrk-1 atter\yAbin'A.accpunt,..ot  ��������� ��������� water.- ���������'..     J ������������������ ^ ������ ' .-��������� - "^ -; -:'        -J a   A r  ;,.   ; GROUSE CRKKK;    y  The : ^rpund; sui ici ������������; ipJaima: $n ifye -upper  ;;��������� pur tftift he creek 1 i bk' welly ah d som ������ are; b e-  -^inningio take oiit a little pay. TheCaro:  . liiie .*co. Mslre'd^uear'ly/40iiizzIast<week/ yfhe;  KimI Gauntlet ep.Vhavey been putting.;up a;  yseeonil whi-el wlth;the*'ihtenti6iv o'f:-working!  ^(*he'(ieep;gr������u*d^  ��������� ��������� -to nhel- runs.'    I ��������� ,r,', :,*;��������� * Ai '��������� yy ;.;. >''' ., 'A.��������� ������������������  AAyy  :   ���������   M*.'������SQU!Tp. GRKKK.    A   '��������� -I A// " \  i 'he q ii n r tz; l.ed ee; o ii, w h ic h the������������������.Sadou r and -  AV'ri^h \ id-mvi& ^^i^ate^^is;im"pi^vin^  ^rHK^eots.   *S������iiouxfei8-vRnkingv6n the ledge.'  rw nd allff'iuiti\xigA^^:'^^^'^^A^^^^^^  itm i oi\fi^^p^mrpPr(&\^6v&^ ������z. of gold.  -  * ;������������������ ' ��������� ���������>' "ltgutn^' crkks:; j;'v"T : (r'- '' -j  ��������� ThePouih-Wales1 c^.;:la������t week washed<297;  i*z. The\Sphifte cd."have been making ex���������  V'Uftes,-and thisweek aiVdbiug better. The  ?j]d pntLjl.Q cti.. are .ip akirig goo.d wages. The  ��������� L i ^ ii tn m a: ��������� co. h a v e go t-1 li eir d lg"g.i h ge p nm pe d  fr������11 sgain and ha ve c.fimm^ii ced -wotrk in the  Mj>ner phaft."^The Gladstone co. have grot  a d d 11 h > na I e lev a to rs on a n d. h ;v-ye, p,n m p ed. 9 u fe;  .: vh'tiir d rive a 1 \d *gofc :t0"..wbrk iigain; ;fevery'  t j ne is ��������� I o.oki ng an x joiialy io. the. resul fc.. when-;  .' th is co m pah y ��������� ge 1 s. f ai r 1 y into: th e ,��������� ch ad ue \!  The ; Vi ctoria. co. are* m aki ng gobd beadway::  dri| ring ifl'roiigbi tbe rock. The; M\fct\e and  Xn ter n a ti o nal. com pan i es are ruhni n g ta) U  races^.?; The,Came ro n oo., grouricl-sl iii cing be-;  low the mouth of Laht Chance creek, have  . jrota channel which is supposed -to-be the  old channel of Last Chance. The Eleven of  Kn g 1 a n d co. are s ti l If ge t ting; pay la the Aii-  ciierson creek chaiinel,       ' "���������  y^-.JiCK tiV CIXJRS CttRKK. CXT.- AAA Ai  The First Chance co, have got their ma-  ohinerv fixfjd and eyerytHiig^rea'd'yrfor wash-  sing \' tbey are; now starling to"tak������ out the  water, The Two Sisters co. are making good  3: ead way with their new shaft; they were  down 60 fee^afc the 'beginning, of ,thtf .week:  The "Victoria co. are down over 90 feet. Tbe  Vaill a neon r co. have been d rifling toward?  the channel through rock, but the water has  jrot too heavy to Contend witlnby hoistiug  aud they intend pnttiug up a wheel.  PASSENGERS  By Barnard?s doivn Express,7th July-^-For  Ya 1 e������������������ M r * J nh n Bruce, Han Fee, Misse������  Louise and Maggie, For 150-mile.house���������-.  Messrs. C. Oppenheimer. A. R. Robertson  ?ind Thos. Harvey. For Quesnelniontb-^Mr  J. H. Flavel.  By Barnard's Express, arrived July 13th~  Mips Minnie Parker. Rev. James Reynard,  Messrs. G. A; Walkem and W. F. Crossley. to  Banker ville;; Mr T Lindhard, to Van winkle;  Hon. R. W. W. Car raj I, to Quesnelmouth;  M ra Nen 1 eld er, to Soda creek ; Mr W. II..  fcariford. to Bonaparte.  By .extra a 1 age (Barnard a).(rem Tale. Jnly  tfth���������Mr S. Fox, to Barkerville ;-Mr and Mrs  Keat and child, and three oOhers, to Soda  creek.  Per Johnson & Gerowa Express, arrived  July 15th^-Mrs Wheeler,, D. McDonald, J.  Bibby. Mr Kifstors, Mr Teague. T. Mitchell,  T. Cock. W. S. Mahan, and two way.  By Gerow & Johnson's down Express, left  July 9th���������John Pratt, to 127-mlie house; J,  W, Scott and������. R*?id, t^ Qy^nelmowth,  mysterious' -"occurrence-am' in-  '*!������������������-*; fant?s' body found in the ,  ':���������:���������..���������.���������;.';. ;;     > creek. . .    .���������.���������..  On Sun 3 ny 1 asf q u tie ah Vexci tern en t was  created-in; Barkerville bythe i'umqr tliafc the  dead body of;a child ;had been found ia^;WiP  1 iapi creek, near.Qamerontpn��������� a ci rcuinstance  pf' astonishment, im; Cariboo where children  are so scarce. On inqiiiry it was-ascei'tained  that ai;Mexicanyhadvdi^coyered-^heybody.  which1 wasym \\ ch d ecq m p osed, esp a. ci al l yA, th e  h ead, and fro ni i ts Co n d i ti on it was ini p o;ss\\h 1 e  io arrive at.any conclusion as to its geneal-  'ogy, b u t th e ge n era) si 1 p pos i ti 0(1 ��������� is th at. i t w aa  either of Chinese or Indian :ongin,. aiid it is  a 1 together P ro b ab 3 e th at i t h ad b ee h b u ri e<t  in tai lings during tire win ter and ; w ashed  ���������d 0 w n: the c reek' d u ri ii g th e rec en fc h i gh r w a! et:.  Qn Monday an inquest:-was; held by the  Corpn e i'i tir. T.. Be 11. a ii d th e f 0110 wi h g J ii ry  was 'em pan nel led :��������� Messrs. Rf. J. Skinner  (fo reman). G. L. S hepber.d, James Mi t-eh������11.  F.- Perrei ;Lf Wildey^,^J>?^ &  Nic5lmlson;B:;YariVolkeriburglvySyP.;P  B. RyDavies, J,; Roseiilyerg;^  From-the^evidence; of, pvR-^?R^neH and  Jesus,Alnaado it��������� apjyeared^ffiat^n ��������� Sunday,  about'np������n;;AImado hiu^firstfseen. the! body  among tlie tailings in the ci^ek a';short%dis-  taiice belowvpameronton. He immediately;  went to Mcponell-scabiuand told him^of the,  fact; ; The- latter thei^wjent and intirmedHhe  C������rdhe'r:^d^thc5iti^y4The^ egs;aiid; a^is-  were tolerub ly ��������� p er I ect; '���������' tlitfr head rwas much  brokeh, Sas: if; frotn being washed 'against  roek8;^nj*r witnesses cod l^cl^gV^������";:'ocj.:;6.pirYi^n as  what ra ce the fihi kl had bei 0 riged to.A  T he ��������� J u ry retn r n ed a y erd i c t ��������� th at the b od y  was thatof an unknnwn raule������ infant which  had been found in vWilliam creek.ybut that  there .was no. hi cans of aBcertaini ngs whether  or not it had been .born alive; or, if so, how it  camebyilis deaths    ���������;       * -  QUESNELMOUTH CORRESPONDENCE. ;  " .,    .QuKSKKf,mouthrJuly 12.187L .������������������������������������  ;Every th ing.'-sti 11 very q n i et a rou n d h er.e.  News "received.- thjs morii)irgyfroni:.sieainer  ^EiHerpnHe^reporlfi thaishe;fcas: reachedAYiiite  Mud ra yd da p n ,&} u ai't?s rtver, hav i ng passed  th ro ugh l?o r t G e 0 rge ��������� c ari:y on5 ���������/p 0;������������������ ��������� the 6 th" 0 f  July witho\\ t aiiy-, "dam$ue.; SiifaB's river ri01  :h a v i n g:; raided much, is ft v or ab 1 e. 1.0 r. lit tt h e r,  progress^ The natives were coasiderably astonished"; when the steamer blew her whistle  at the tnputh ^ofi.Stuarts 'rver; Jihcy; /-were  f righ te ned and sea m pered away into- t h e  wooils. ;:The;. passengers . .0n ��������� :board-.: eiijoy  them se!y e s ���������; aii d" ��������� ?p ass-"' a way - ��������� t he ti m e fis h i n g.  T h e������������������ s^teamer has" abo 111 fif ty Io ns ��������� fre 1 gh t...  Sylvester passed >F6rt St.-Jam.es oti:his way;  up on the 8th inst;,"    yy'Myr  A p r i'va te letter from  Ge r wi an sen  rep 0 rt s  that there are a great many, ��������� 1 nen. h u n gry> a nd  w i th 0 ii t means to go t g r u b; a s; th ey have no!.  '. b ee n a bl e to \w o rk on a ceo u n t of w a te ri;: T li e  prospectsrarestillfehcoiiraging.;   \: ���������   ���������  ::: A Hudson Bay Cp.'s boat, with Mr .Charles  fro m Babi ne 1 ake. arrived /his even ingi - m y  . T h e" p ac kers are v m a kin g gob d. head w ay  with; the  new :trail;from Stuai fc;s. lake direel  to the mines. .A-'vAAv -Occasional.  .,, ^Gli-MR/OF THJERM0METER. ;yv  At'RiCh^ieidv" froni 15 th June: ..fp; Jltli July;  1871, takeri at 9 a.m. .each ;day," sli6wirig  the  highest and ��������� 10west range for;��������� preced ing '24 \  hbtirs:i ; '���������   ":"':'r '       ���������������������������'"'  ; :"**v-;Max.'  MrNi':  .���������y! 'A'-' nxxi  MlN.  June te���������70  m  June 29���������68  35  . .   16���������-53  36  : '  30-6.D  26  1        17-56  ,27  July   1-164-  29  18-58  23  2-V70  32  -  19���������61  33  3-74  - "XW,  20���������������6  36  4-60  41  21���������64  36  5���������72  35  22���������70  32  -6���������66  39  2B���������73  38  '7���������58 "'.  32  ^24���������76  30  8-^71  32  25���������56  29  9���������74  35  .2,6���������68  33  .   10-77- ���������  43  27���������75  42  11���������75  43  Th���������> mcan tem peratn re for Ju ne was 47.86 ������.  the maxiinnm being 80������. on 14th, and the  minimum 21������ on 1st  Last Appkaiunce op =thhs McGinlky  TaoupK���������A benefit will fee given at the  Theatre Royal to-night tovtiie talented young  favorite Bobby, on which occasion the Mc-  Ginley troupe will appear for positively the  last time before leaving for Omineca. Sev-  *e ral a mateura ��������� h ave vol a a teered their v a 1 liable assistance, and Bobby should gefa good  h������use. '  The Hon. H. L. Langevin, G.B., of Quebec,  Mipister of Pablic Works in the Dominion  Cabinet, is it is stated about to visit British  Columbia. Two other members of the  Cabinet will, it. is rumored, pay us a visji  next month.   Thk iaoke encouraging,  ;; Fitoii OMiNKCA--From a?man who: left Ger-.  Hansen preek on 20fch June^; being unable'to  prpcUTe provisions, .;we learnItjiat'imthing  had arrived up, to thai date.   There is'ho  fresh^hiining. hews, and it:would;:be^ .abmi'^ a  mpnfh i^efpri^tihe:claims could:^et;:-toywork,  Se^e^rjack-t rains had passCT-H^)i\t;St. 'Jammr  and ?the: packersr#ere'-ciitting; out a trait  direct to ;Gei*inahsen creek by whichyt Is-siip-  p nse'd^annfh mehse:;aa Vi ng jn--;;trayefe:w  made, An Indian who was acting as "guicfe'  says -\he can: take thein; through in a week  'from tbe,fort; .    . *'-': ui   }y .-J.'"' -...  ,; Thk;;W-iA-rHKR'during^the^ last week;has  been .:very%warmv and;iihe:moiintHinsrbuhd;  'Williams'creek are In consequenee/ getting  nearly bare of snow. The.:Vreek still keeps  up :we II i (a ffb rd i ng- a: b et ter ?>n 1 p p ly of j wai or]  tor: surfa'cerminin^^operations than;'' has-'neeri  seen* in th e; in id d Ii e; p f Ju iy hit her to. .; Yes t pr ���������  day ^a, b^avyf:fejl of ;rain^ sefc^in^after^the  fashidn of July-weajher nine (arid {ten years  agp.Jand; if -it has the effect of drowning the  mosquitoes,' which have beeilviiflush  ,troiiblesbmelately, no-onejwi] 1^omplain  ;���������;'��������� The LiKcyfcAXT CJroyKRNOHSi^A teler,  gran^hasibeen^receiyed by Hon. Dr. CarriiU  announcin^ ^t ������tlie Jlon) Jy WI'Tr.11 telr has  beepf appointed Lieutenant; Governor; of Brit-  ish Columbia-~an appointment which will be  anytyng^ but, gratify ing- to :a good ? mariy :of  ������������������ 0 u r ;Cpj0 n i aj^oi (tic i ajris: and ::asp if a n t s .for- the.  office... Governor Musgrave is to leave Victoria op the 251 h inst; and until the acrival  of .the new, Ljeutenaiit GovernoryColbnial  Secretary Hahkin will hpldjthe; position: of  4Adrn^iniatralor. . i >._ ", ., ^...r_ - ��������� ? s...:,_ _  ; ir  A. Akother MTXiNd A cciDBNTH-We hgve &ad  a good, many;accident8 to record' this season  i n hy d rati I ic claims'. b ti t tliou g hso me' 0 f t hem  were cat tended -with haii^^a"dt;h\������spap:es^ fo;r-  t ii ri ately 'norie ia ye,;. rejsiilted ': serio)isly.: ?,' On  Wej&sday Mr Wro. Sooby, of the 'Sah Juan  Co.;(at)Oye,the Sawinill, was^kaocked������down  ,by���������$��������� eme. sustai n ing so me^bruises:��������� . Dr Ch i pp  was sent fiff ah d'at'te hd ed h i m w i tho n t del ay.  Histhjuries, however,:afe hpfcsevere;:;  r i'Ar  Lake. A.^uirrzJCo.^The", Ljtne & Kurtz^Co.  have; been gettingr every%ina:', ready in the  meadt 0 y/s'for .the ;receptionlAoj ^t,he.i.r^ jtiiaclu n ���������  ery^; Tbe first 101;. inclii.d.ingone;'of; the  boilers forllte;^  0 x -1 earn 0 n Mo n d ay. An d e rs on *s te a mf?;; wi t h  t he other boiler, the smalI engine,- and; other  machineryj will be in to-day.  ���������_���������  Photogr aphtc --Mr Li A; Bi in0, of Barker-  ville. has-been taking a number of photo,  g^aphs of Some of the principal bui Idiwgs in  Bai "ke r vij 1 e 'since. the ���������. D om i rt ion c e lebra ti on.  As- m ost 6 f th eh ou ses s! i 11 b 0 r e t h ei r d eco r-  a(ipns,.the plct.11 res 100k very handsq.me, and  when sent. abr0ad wi 11 give Strangers a: favor-  :able,ynpressiQn;Qf- pur-toWty ���������   / ;   '.,';,".���������  :Thb SupaKSiB ,Couair--r-Judge:Crease and  MrPooley.^e^irar.'o.f ^tlre'. Court, are expected at Richfield to-day.: The Assizes have.  been announced to be held on Thursday,'20th  inst.,.but asthatis 'proclaimed to be a public  holiday it is probable there will be a. postponement,     .  K*qii axcks���������We hope tb e Grand Ju ry a t  their approaching session will take a look at  the Chinese section of Barkerville and. if-possible, take some steps lo abate the dangerous  and inodorous nuisances pwvaJeut in. that  locality in the shape of defective sidewalks  and want.of cleanliness.  Gi'-OLOGiOATi S.uRVEY--Ottawa advices state  that Mr Selwyn, Director of Geological Survey, was at that city o.ri 121h June, and would  leave tor British. Columbia in about a week  to undertake a geological survey of the Province, !     :' ..    , .  Returned���������Y������re were pleased to notice the  return by last express of (he Rev. James Reynard to the seat of his eccloBiaslical labors,  after an absence of two months, looking much  improved in health irom his trip. .    .   ..  .  During tbe week a number of ox and mule  teams have arrived with general merchandize  and machinery. The teams were .those . of  Droucheau, Tompkins, Sperry and Innis.  Hon. R. .W. W. Uahrau, arrived in Barkerville yesterday evening, bftving stopped*for a  / day ai QiK-aueb-QQuta.  MINlNKREQORD&'i  y ' i yA M"AAQXTiWQ'Cvkz&- >��������� A^iyAiyrrA  A Cameron co.~23d June-^Becorded tn fkvot> ���������  of J, A. Cameron, vR,r Wv Hnrpmersr3 Fr N"eu-1  felderf:. TV A M c^ Dbugal 1 <; 4 JjilV ?Wp^l)9^r  line., jO^f Cameron' cb..' th itnl ng "do w fi stream' ay  'and;"'  ;W;  tipper line.; xo rprinpai  ��������� International; jco,���������July- 10.-^Recorded ^lrt*s  favor of T. K Pttttullp; Jas. Wick ham;- R."H. ;;  Brown^'John "Polmere. 4 creeksclain*is, aban*1  doned bv W: SterlingKW^Nelson; li;Chris������<*>;;  and JiBliiinvto be held, in trust for ''tietA'At/h/-;"  'j^..'';;Ligh,Jti(u^;-:Dlich co^July;,. 11���������Recorded  in." fitypr of Jhiin feameronl George Thbtnpsoniy;:  e^chtwb and'One^tblKiinter^^  Briggsr; phe ��������� arid oneTthird^interests. yRfe ::  recoi'di '��������� r : \;' : . _. ' ���������:(y ,-,,,-'; ��������� ,yy.r/u  ���������j 3'" ' " ���������"���������   -:������������������:'*. LAST CHANOB'rjREkfe     " "/ . / ;r <'*, ���������.���������  ��������� 26th Jnne^;Recorded isr favor::pf}lAblIjoyi, V  ;10Ofeet������^commeticihgat:npperiine,ote  ;toiely held by:;V*yr.:Hind,; tp be^workeq(;ln5pofe^;_'���������'���������  junction;;with same. ,,y.  . : y. ��������� A 'Ai ._/ \ .;��������� ^: A: ..  i ������������������" ;' Ay      -     l SWIFT.IWVEE.   b iy/ ^ A..//,'['  \. Recorded in.favor of Chew apdiAh Soo,^^, .,  ireek; cUims, nea*f moiith of Fpuataitt^creek^,^   "������������������'���������'���������"���������������������������; ypAAAs -'..���������;  : ..< ��������� * m wn aa Aii chky.s. ' : f-'  Barrel I co^llu ne' 30 ^Recorded in favoif?  ftf W-in:! TrelaiSe*JL50ifeet, 1 rerrecord voft Sen-. ,VV  ti n el> c Ov, -;-Tto; for ia ? p art 0 ^ M cPh e rsoh *$A\��������� > ff- A A  Cortiislrco.^-July lO-^-Rectfrded fein favb^"  of^eo'rgeTr^  son, 24-96ths,;: F. Nenfelder. 16-Mh^^ A. Jef**���������'"  ���������fi-av.:7^6tlis'; John Jordan, ^���������9fethr;fF.'Stett������?  HA  McCallnm?sffulch.; "Re-record,    =  ��������� y ;  Wide 'West e;^Jtny^?ir-^R^  fa vor 'bf''��������� Lon 1^ Wi ntrtp; 14*i hterht-] ��������� Thbm&a   ' :  McCormack/i interest. -Re'-recprd. yAi m*.  ��������� i, -.- '; ii ��������� y ���������'' bt;aok ��������� sJack -guloh. y ai v t ,��������� \ -.A  fe June 30^-Recorded \ n fa vor qf ;��������� Johnr^Hett )i ?',  derson and^Gharles ^ulsan. tW9^r������efeplwjw^ >  couitnencing, 'about- 20.;,feet .below, Low^������e  trail^ "runMng^ip;:steeam7;V'f     "'       .,      * M'   ���������.  '   '        u Arthur's' -GOtOH.4' ' *' ���������' *"';'{u* .y  ' Jnl^S���������R^ordedrrffav^r:V>^Jb '  one'"creek claim, about SOU-yards-above'/61A'v/  tov/n, corrected (record of that, made June 36;' %  ,, : ���������.   ' ..��������� . ���������    ViLhKy,"MOUN[TXTN. _ ':;   ../", .V yy j   '���������<  }������������������ Hun1inidon.;';feC"pi^Ju.!y) ������������������3^ReCoi-di������:d{^irty: ���������  favor ot A. Fletcher^N. Mcjntyre;;^. :L.,Shepr-.;:  herd.- J: 'D.Treleyetiy Jos, James, John Bpw^"  ron. IP. Bissorineitte,; Joseph l)evlin.^8 liilt;  claims1 adjoining Discovery co; s tipper Hne.^ V  -.; Discovery co;-(WalerO^Jtily 3^Recprdt?4 y:":  in.w;taypr<>pf; J)iscoyer^  from appoint .J mile below Mohawk gpjfeb,;" ���������  Ren-ecord.. , / ;'";v. 'y-'    --'Y1 ���������'���������"���������������������������' ';'-;"K":  y- Tai ley; Mountain co;���������July *6-r^Recordedi*i V  favor .of- R.^ Starret,��������� H,^Bv!'I>ev;ilni- W^gi^*'*  Thompson; John JameSj SamfeWalkef, RobV: ���������  Mtehaelrsix biU claims. ':^e-record.;.���������;.: Ay/;Ay- ���������  ���������A i[ Ay [ WAti5:ER1S; .GULGfT:':;:* !��������� "fe'..' ij' A/l '���������  ' WqiningA-g&i^ yA  favor:bf: Lortie .'.Wintrip, - the' Morning- Staft:'-'  .Ditchi'yRe-reoordvfe AAA/' yA'/'':'-'(-AyA::l  :--"'.. i;. f A '[ A-:-; ���������cinsnoLM cbekk.: y, *:k/ ^A-a^ '��������� ���������v? '  i G0od Hope co;���������! Ju Iy 7^-Record ed inWifir r.:  of TbomasHollidayil^ullvinterisBti:a  ;;y. ;; fe  ;', V   -'..   ; KE ITU f.EY^RREK.;.������,.:.. .  yyMAyAy;y/-���������  June 30���������Recorded, in. laybn of Jiujf \Qe\yy :  Ah H0 ng, 2 creek claims, comprenci ng ab ��������� ut,.;,  100  feet above Smith's store, running^ tip ;'.-  stream.   Re-record;  ���������   *  : SUGAR CREEK. ^'��������� * ��������� 4    ���������.  June 30���������Recorded in favor of Ab ChofJ: "  Ah Che. 2- creek claims adjoining AhTon'g  co.?b hill claimH. ���������������������������,��������� r  Personal���������Geo. A. Walkem, Esq.;'arrived '"  by ' Barnard's Express.    Mr T.   Lindhard.  brother to Mr J. W. Lindhard, of tbe firm of  Beedy'& Lindhard, was also a passenger by  the same express.  The Twentieth 0? Jult is to be observed-      .  as a public holiday, and the, people of Vic-:.  toriaare going to celebrate our admissiou., ;;  We in Cariboo, being as usual a little in ad* ..,  vance, have celebrated,it already. ������������������  Tf|K MAiL--Jobnson & Gerow's oppress ar'-.  rived at 7 p;ra. yesterday-, and will leave oa ������������������"���������  Sunday morning.  1 Baunauo's Express arrived on Thursday  afternoon, aud will leave again on Sundajv ���������  inoruing. .-' ���������'..;*���������������. "V ' "/  The TErfB0KAP*a~7Tbe line last nigbfc wa������  brought ia as far as RiiMeld, and wjl!������'w#  prosu^ae, bu completed to UivkerVlUy \%4*$x  ,i-y.  '\y  m  ;     ..<       X'i  AlA  5 j r  j," i$i  AAA,  yyy>  VI 'I urn  ���������   'f.^-J ���������  ���������ISlI  fill  :-lfer:S!:  'r^'-'-'-l'  WIT AND.HUMOR.  S'^V'-1  It  :)������"-  flf.  &*���������>������*  :ii.;  A Pennsylvania Dutchman committed suicide last-week for the avowed purpose of  dunning"ai^ defunct debtor in the other world.  . A youn^ lady pianist, who has been prac-  ti8Uig>Let me Kb* him for his Mo her,"  aays the more she tries it the better she likes*  yAJiftleBuffalogirl wants to know if fleas  are .white, because :her nnclev told her that-  "'������* Mary had a little lamb with fleas as white  ,88.6Q0W^,J   "';' '" - '':i"A.A^i   ���������;  .'"���������    ���������  Ta_ Wrai Virginia gentleman lately put hi ii.-  ������df>to bed on.the steps of a church, and try-  ' in^to fold the snow-flakes around him, mn (-  tered, every time he ferasped a handful, " the  darned.sheets always tear so."  ,7*.';      r':    -"   "' y1 .   :    .."./���������.   ��������� ���������  ..-; A man was seen near the telegraph station.  the other day mounted on a ladder, and presF-  jng his lips olose to the wires.   On being  :. asked what he was doingi he replied that V be  ���������  was'lcissingbis.wifeby tel%faph.,,/: :A'*;���������'���������������������������  " A inercbaifii* examining a. hogshead of hard-  .   ������������������wore*; on. com pari ng it. w i to. the irrypi ce, fpu n d  feitail right except a hammer less than the in-  ���������voice.   ��������������� Och. don't be troubledj.my honey,\\  Vaid tbe-Irish porter, usnre the nayger took  '..U-pnt. ^ open the hogshead with." _';"',;.-.'.,f  t;;AUtrong-rainded woman,.-in. referring to;  v The EflVro i n a te Man ";j n. a\ ecture, said -.���������*  A>' He is )j ke a weak ppu j ti ce. I i k e a cr om\_ b e-  tweenToot beer and gjinger pop with the^ork  ��������� left -out; .like, a kitten in pantalettes', like, 'a  fliik monkey'' with 'a blonde moustache. 'He  gpe3 through"/life oh tiptoe?, and, djes like  ������olo(ine!water spilt on the ground." A y.AA :  1>' v A descendant of Cromwell'has just died���������  fV America, of; coarse, at least so says a Cio-  cinatti paper, for whose veracity we do not  T.uuch:'/ We 'are afraid this story may rank  ;with the fi yarn ",/that -Shakspeare .was ah  American, conclusively put recently by au  A .American *���������-.' paper'' rthus:���������ru Shakspeare .was-  born-'when .the flag ;of: Old. England and  JimeVica was!on6*rthe.i;cfore Shakspeare was  *n American. ;r ���������.-,.���������..:  ^'%vrrei.y;Witt7-tA retired clieesemon ger  wno hated an" alluaion to- the business that  bad 'enriched bib. once remarked" to- Charles  Lamb, in the .'course of a diseussion on the  Pibr Law,**' Yon must bear in mind, sir, that  .Suyegotnd of all* the stuff which you poets  oftll tlie' * milk of hunian kindness., " ' La nib  looked at him steadily, and gave his acquies-  4mee in Ihcse words: "Yes, sir, I am aware of  H j: you turned it all into cheese several years  MISCELLANEOUS  X P. TUNSTALL & Co.,  *.' 8 hOW CHURCU YARD, LONDON.  J. H. TURNER & Co,r  Y1CTOR1A, B.C.  ommission  ,.p&' Goods bought in the European Markets to order, and consignments of Goods froi  British Columbia sold in London.  ...NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. \  WiNKLE   STORE1  Lightning Crekk.  -.}  ago  .: Jack's Ltttlb Filly���������" Pa, I know what a  H-lbuster i-*." "^'WeU. Johnny, what is a (jli-  biiRter?'* i% It. 'is green clover." "Green  ���������wha!.?" u.Oreen clover ; becausb when  M.acle.Jack"8 little fiiiy foundered herself, he  miiri a little more of the green plover would  H*Jl'uUed lier; and if it had. wouldn't it a'  been afiUy-busterl" "Go to bed, child ; go  to bed." y  Thk Rose by a\y othkh Name'wttx Smell  asSwkkt.���������" Aha I Johnnie lad, yell no get  yer dram the day." said a little boy to a man  "wh x.wrought occasionally in his father's garden, and who^was wont tp, reqeiye..a..daily allowance of mountain-dew from his employer  ���������by way of his " eleven hours."   " What way  that?" said John,.with an air of disappointment, mixed with incredulity, fe"Ah. lad!  ���������my. father, joined, the teetotal yestreen, an;  be's poured aJ the whisky in amo'"the ginger  wine*";-, -A .AA,  .yBisho.p Hughes, in a sermon tp his pariah-*  loners, repeated the quotation "tbat4* all flesh  js'/grass." -The ; season was Lent, and a few  days . a ftor war d ������ h e eh co ii n (e re d Teren ce  0 "Col J i n p, wh o app eared, to . h ay'e so met h i ng  in his mi;id-' /,' The; ton of the morpin?' to  your riverence,'/. said Terence; ". did I fairly  ���������nndern.tand.-your riyeren ce, to say * all '"flush is  grafts;5 last Sunday?".,".To .be sure yon did,"  replied the bishop, " and you're an heretic if  yon,,(lpnbt it."! uOh! d������vii the.bit do I  donbt/anything your riverence says," said  the wily Terence ; "but if your riverence  -pluses I-.wish to know whether in this Lent  time, I could, not be afther. having a email  \ft&* of beef by way of a salad t*   A "'  Miners' Provision  ,        fe1 -BARKERVILLE.  ���������  if THIS STORE will always be found a well-  A   selec'toil stock of the "' '   ��������� "  FRESHEST    GROCERIES    AND  V PROVISIONS YIN   CARIBOO.  f���������y V    ' ^BKST JAVA;COFFEB  RoaKtod'and Ground daily.   .Branch. Store at Last  Gliance, .  Where a good assortment of Goods will always bo  found;  I trust by strict attention to business and fair nnd  squ:tro deaiinp, to merit a continu-'.nco of tho liberal  patronage heretofore extended to me.  fc4  OTJCE.  Tn-ff-E, UNDERSIGNED; BKGS   TO-   INFORM HIS  1 frlcndsandthcptthliCjUjatheuasfittcU upso-nc  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  u his new building, where hols prepared togfvf  good B'eda at' A"roasoual>le price. Those who will  fivor ium with their [). i ire y ape, rr.ay depend' on the  clOHuiiessaut. comfort ol lus house  H^ takesiilsothis ttpporiunity toremjnd tho Can  booitfts .that his Brewery has receivtfu the FIRST  PRIZE of the Colony for'hUcelobrated,  . The FLORENCE isthe best Sewing ''  Machine Tor Family vusej because it"  soseiclom erets out of order.   If there  is one;not working well in  'CALIFORNIA,' '      ;   'A ' \ '  ���������    OREGON, ���������   . ":  WASHINGTON TERRITORY,!-..  NEVADA,    .,',.:>  .  ���������IDAHO/ "     KA//i    ���������'-������������������--'  ALASKA,,.   r. . ;.y    ;:  BRITISH COLUMBIA, -Ay... y  .   MEXICO,.    . ���������   v:  *  JAPAN,     ��������� ���������    * ;    "_    ������������������ A''y A:  Or CHINA, if informed of, it,-! will .  ..    fix it ��������� without any; expense to the  owner. '���������'���������'  <?  -gont, -  : ITo. 19 Montgomery Street, South;  Mm HOTEL BUILDING,     .  pAN  j^RANCISCO', 'pAL.  rrlNERS AND TRADERS will find it to their ad  .11  vantage to purchase at thisStoieywhero tlnr* I  ASSORTMENT GF GOODS  Of the very best description on hand'.uDd tho Stock  constantly replenishes by new arrivals.vThepropnu  torb willsellGoods ��������� iy  AS.:CHSAP .AS"ANY;.IN'.CAEiBO.O.   ,  Orderfproniptlyftlled,and"forwarded with dispatch  BEEDY & LINDHARD,     -1  Van Winkle^,   .      '    -���������     ���������'*..:��������� '->��������� Proprietors.  AAA ?   VICTORIA/ B.C.;  \janltacturf: 3TEAMEN01NES and boilers,  iu   either Higher Low Pressure,    '   " ;  I1NIHGAKD PUMPING I4CHISEEY,  GiiJjt, Qu������rlz and Saw Mills, and In fact aiiythj'njf  Boiler Bulls, Jack'Screwy Brass Cocks, Globe V������|ver,  Cemetery Railing? of dith'rent^Patterris/OafWh^ela  with tron aud Steel,Axlt-8, Steam Pipe:Fittings, &c.i;  All. orders promptly ..attended to. Terms Cajsh, at  our Work's in Victoria.  inyl3 6m SPRATT & IRvI>' Q, Proprietors.  A. GILMORE,  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA. V.I.  order-Jo tlie most apprised styles.  ^5r* Parties on   William   * reek  can  hav������ tLvlr  meiisiires taken"liy Mr^lcCallnm, Barkoryillp  jQ^" All orders I'rdin Carji>oo prouipily atuaded to.  . ...-..!..". .     ��������� ,    mj61tn  Send for Circulars and samples of  tbe work. .Active Agents wanted in  every place. '   ''.    .      ,..,,,'  R. BEAVENj A^rent,  ielO 6ra VSctorin. B.C.  XXX   ALE,  And tbetruoamatcurewillbeabto to judge by them  selves that 3U0b honoruble prize has been justly  uwirdod to hiui.  N. tt.���������A>ir#e front room to let,  Barkerviili,.fan. 23, 1869.   : N. OtfNIO  LEA&  C3leiira������ed. .  WORCESTERSHIRE    SAUGE  Declared by Connoisseur? to be  THE' ONLY   GOOD   SAUCE-.     .  .egra  Store.Street (between Herald and FiBgard)  VICTORIA, B.C. ���������.  ANDREW ASTRICO, ...---   PROPRIETOR.  *'Ttfl most commodious nnrl clean Hotel iriyjctorlti.  It is~cr*nducted on the Eump-sm principle". The table  is snppiie<i with tui* yt-iy best U������e iiiurkct nffurris.  ,ileitis at ;ill hours of the day.; Privuto Dining  Rooms I or F������ millet".  Board" and-'.Lodging p^r week. $0 60 and $6 60.  Per day,   jl.   Single mt:������d>, "3?>< cents.   Beds, 60t.  JCC3*. Fin: proot Sate in the li������ use. iaj*6 6m  BETTER THAI CUE  HAVE been requested b J several 'respectable parties, whoc:th tusttiy to the efficacy oi my system,  to again make public the lact that  Moses' Hair In vigor ator  WILL PREVENT B ALDNESS,  . . RiSSTORK HAIR THAT IS BECOMING THIN  OSi FALLING OFF, and effectu illy  ( . CURE SCURF OR DANDRUFF. ,  -this Is riot a. mere assertion on my part, as I have  In :ny possession hnracrous testimonials certifying to  the siicci'SS of* my remedy. ., ..���������  ��������� I do not iif coarse prstend that I can make the hair  ar>w on heads which have been bald for yr-ars ; hut  I will ttuarauLeo to stop the hair from r<"lliugotf, to  increaso its growth, and effectusilv remove Scurf 6r  DandruQ'.    . , '."���������-.. :   \V. ,D. MOSES*���������  ' . Barkerville, B.G.  CERTIFIOAVK..  Thisi* to certify that during last spring my hair  v.'as rapidly falling out and my head was Inst hecotn-  ing haldj when I applied to Mr W. D.MOSES. Bar her,  Barkerville, who in a few weeks restored mv hair to  Its former.healthy Btato ,DAVID GIBBONS.  ' Bdjlcervilh, Bit. IV, mi. btSdlv*.  Caution, against Fraud.���������The successor this  mojst lidicious and luuiv.rlled Coin'iuieiit having  caused certain deui-.'rs to apply the name oi'.'J Werces*5  tershiro Sauce" to tlieir own interior conipounds, thu  public is lierehy.' informed that the only way to secure the genuine', ia to .     ,  ASK  FOR   LEA <Sc' PEBRINS"'   &AXFG&  andtosej that their names are upon the waaW'Kh  LABKLS, STOPP1CR, and JIOTTLE. .  . Some of theforeigu markets having been supplied  with a spurious Worcestershire-Sauce, upon tho wrapper and labels ol which the names of Lea tind Perrins  have, been forged, L. and P. give notice that they  have furnished .their correspondents with powerof  attorney to take instant proceedings against max it-  FACTUKHRsnnd vkndors ol such,' tit nuy other i mi ta  tions by which their.right may l>ei ufringed^  Ask for LEA & FERBINS' Sauce and see  Name ou "Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper.  Wholesale and for export hy the Proprietors, Wor  cos tor; Crosse and Black well, London, &c., &c, ��������� aud  by ftrocors 911 ft Oil m <x.w u nivi-riin11 y.  SPROAT  & CO.,  IMPflSTEES OF TOES &. LIQUORS.  AGENTS FOR  Tlie Royal Insurance Co.j  For Sale,  ���������AT���������  THOSV FLETCHER'S  Second-hand   Sto eg,  BARKEItVILLK. Jell  Van Tolkenbiirgh & Co.  Barkerville, Rig-hfield  ���������And���������  1  WHARF STREET, VICTORIA, V.f.  .   A SUPPLY OF THE  BEST pEITY OF FEESH E1TH


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