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 ���������Vol. 4.  Barkeryillev Greek, B^Gfi|^ 4yi 1867.  Ho. 18.  EUROPEAN'  COLONISTS  AMERICA.  IN"    SOUTH  ���������   ' Mr. Ford, her Majesty's Secretary of Legation at Buenoa Ay res, reports that there are  ten colonies established in the Argentine Republic, cbinposcd almost entirely of European  familics/of wbich the aggregate number is  1394, containing 7550  individuals.'   Several  of these   colonies  are  chiefly composed of  S-^iss, who have prospered well in their new  homes on the land conceded to them by the  Government,   Some of the Swiss families at  Baradero, 120 miles from Buenos Ayres, are  now worth ,������1000.   The cultivation of potatoes is their principal industry.    One family,  hiwhaad, wife, and five children, in the.colony  of St Carlos; founded by a commercial house  at Basle, came over in 1859, and have now by  industry aa<T labor repaid money advanced to  them by the. company for the voyage and first  expenses and become possessed of a good  farm of their own with 9_ head of cattle, ��������� 21  horses, 5000 fruit trees, and many acres' devoted td wheat arid."Indian corn.    Such an  account unfortunately caiihot as yet be given  of the Welsh colony in Patagonia.;  The ;pro-;  moters of this colony fixed upon the banks of  the river Chupat as a spot eminently .adapted  for the establishment of a colony, in a region  inhabited only by Indians, and cut off from]  all contact with the civilised world.   Another  error, of judgment was committed in fixing the  period at which the emigrants were to' reach  their destination, which was after the season  for sowing bad passed. . In; .the absence, of  crops they had been entirely  dependent- for  the necessaries of, life, pu the charity, of tbe  Argentine Government, whose 'only engagement.to thera consisted in,a .hare concession  of land, but by "this time their crop have been  got in (in January, or February), and it is  hope will compensate them for the. hards hips  and privations to which they have been ex-  jrcrs^L���������Sivity acres were cultivated and sown,  ���������an d cal cu 1 a ti h g 1G8QI h&'Zif wh������. at 'to the'he re,  they wil I h a v e for  the con sum p tip n  o f t tie  present year twice as much wheat as they will  require, and will thus.be enabled to .dispose  of the surplus, it is estimated, at a rate, of  12s. 6d. tho 1001 bs.   Tbey are: in  possession  ���������of 50 cows aud 30 calves.  These Welsh colonists readied the river Cba-1  put on the 28th of July, 1865, having 6ailed  from   Liverpool   three . mouths, previously.  Their number, from   153 vat  starting,   was  raised by seven birtli6, aud liy three persons  wbo joined them.-at Buenos Ayres, to 1(53 ;  but twenty deatlis, and the desertion of twelve  of their party, had subsequently reduced their  total number, on the :30th of' June, I860, to  130 souls.    There are sixty-two adult males  in the^ colony, and forty-one adult females :  also sixteen males and eleven females under  I wel ve years of age ���������making n ine ty faini 1 ies  in all.   Nino marriages have taken placo in  tbe colony.'   The ground'at present occupied  extends on each side of the. Chaput over an  urea of twelve miles.   The climate is very  /fell!  tfood, a 1 ittle co 1 der, drier, and m ore. bracing  8H than that of Buenos Ayres.   The bay of Babia  ���������g  Nneva^abounds in fish ; and game is  pleuti-  Wgm ^-   Seals are met with in great numbers on  the coast, and .inland, there are  numerous  herds of gnahacos, or wild llamas, whose  skins are highly prized, and are used by the  lodians aa their only garment.   Stone is in  every variety, gypsum and salt are met wi**;b,  the latter article in great abundance.   It i.s  also reported that coal exists in the neighborhood of the settlement.   The success of this  Welsh colony may be 'said -.to rest on tho  future support it will meet with in regard to  &������ augmentation in its number ; and new im-  J nigral its would  escape  misfortunes  which  hefel the original settlers.    lb would be vory  ���������;gracious not to record the liberal conduct  0 I tho Argun ti n e Gove rn m en t, to wards th ese  pioneers.   Kroni the date ot; their arrival at  1 at ago nia, a regular supply of provisions has  been forwarded to them;  they have thus  .een enabled to .tide over the serious difficulties with which they-wore surrounded.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS'...  FASHION SAL00%  BARKERVILLE, .'yy ./,mm/..'  WILLIAMS   CREEK.  THE PROPRIETORS BEG LEAVE'TO ANNOUNCE  to tho public that .tbey have enlarged, refurnished,  ���������nnd thoroughly renovated tlieir capacious ami fashionable saloon,-sparing neither pains- nor expense for  the comfort of their Patrons.  This is "cow the largest and'most complete. Saloon in  British Columbia ; 'consisting of three pirgc sepfirato  apartments, viz.: CARD ROOM, BARROOM, and  BinUARJ) SALOON, containing three superb BILLIARD TABLES.  ��������� The best LIQUORS and CIGARS obtainable, are  served hers. This establishment Iv under-thc Immediate superintendence ol-the Proprietors.  -:;/-:-���������   y   ������������������ -ADLER & BARRY",  , Jane 6th, 1807. ���������  ��������� 4m  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS:  *|;^  .-^o:-  THIS  OFFICE  St e ei:a?s- r PwQ.s ������a u ra '&$%  '���������-.    RicnPIELD. '   ;  TmifXQCK OF THIS  OFFICE ?-HAVING .BEEN  'Considerably augmented by the recent-importation  of a variety, of new Ornamen tal type, peculiarly suited  ! .Posters/ Circulars, Cards, "...   '.'.'....''*  ���������.  '{������������������'     :  Billheads,'Programmes for'.  Balls, Concerts, and    ;>  Theatrical Entertainments, r  : Orders for any description of Job Work will bo' executed with neatness and despatch. ���������  IW Terms moderate. *-������& -.-'.- s  NEW : ADVERTISEMENTS.  u  The  Cariboo   Sentinel," Y  SEMKWS.EKLT;  Published fivERf Monday  PAPER.  ��������� and Thursday.  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':'���������������������������, ..:-���������.. }      '-������������������'���������[ 4-3iri.,fe  PEISTFOLD'S  SALOON,;  :;  BARKERVILLE '/  MR. PENFOLD BEGS TO ANNOU-CE TO H14  friends that his new BUJ_IARD SALOON is uow  opejij where every attcntiuii- -\xill be paid, to the comfort of his visitors.        ...  THE BEST LIQUORS & CIGARS  That can be obtained in tho market will always bo  found at the BAR. A'....-..  READING, CHES!  With private entrance, are attache:!  Barkerville, Ui M?y, 1SG7.  to the Saloon, -  is  y  x  i expressed by the accomplice,^ setting aside  very conclusive collateral evidence, makes  the expiation of his crime on the scaffold a  just and necossary consequence, but the whole  character of the  deed  shows   the ignorant  bloodthirsty savage throughout, and assumes  .quite another phase from the blackhearted  crime of Barry*   We fully concur with the  remarks of the counsel for the prosecution  aiid the learned judge, to tbe effect that the  murderer of Blessing was a practiced hand,  and is no doubt familiar with crime of the  worst character.    However this may be, his  evil career will soon be finally closed, and he  will be ushered into eternity where a punish:  CRIMINALfeTRIALS.   MX mentrooreterrible than any human power  ;���������;.; fe.-.'.: ��������� ������������������'���������������������������-____ ;. ���������: ��������������������������� ��������� ���������>������������������ ���������   can inflict   awaits   him and where the poor  The first cases fa this district, involving, jgnoi^ntsavage will meet more favor from  nfon^/nf death, were concluded' on 1W jn all-seeing Judge.   In Europe where such  - -���������-    ���������  ife an<r������ as Barrv are unknown pr at least ex-  Agents .for tbe "Cariboo Sentinel.  ���������A:-   ,, "M^ .'."'"  .   '���������-��������� ��������� A. McWha  2SS'���������: Mr; Goume, Bird'sE^res^O^o  Y������le  -' -*"'    *:-���������   Mr- Evans,      <lo -T"'  '.LillMet,      -   .F.W. Foster,      do    .a���������ksof&Co  K������w Wlstminstcr,     -XyMy     feEa^Sdaioc  Victoria, ..:������������������ .fe   -     ;.-.���������*'���������::     ':*'    \ A. Lyne.  x������itr n-.r.H -      -      Jas. BuU'ock, French Creek  Big Bend,   - ���������..     -      SyEdwards  Van Winkle, y ,,- -y   ������������������ -, .----���������.   *��������� ...-.,  -������������������   ���������- ���������   ���������>  vy  MAM  sentences of death, were concluded; on Tues  day last, when Barry, the murderer of Blessing, and the Indian, Nikel Palsk, the murderer of. .Morgan,  had  the   awful   doom  pronounced   upon   them.   We   have   never  . lived in any community where the extreme  penalty of the law was inflicted,' in- which  opinion ruled so completely against the pris-  soners,or where the punishment was more  justly   meted out as an expiation for the  ^measure of their crimes.  -The case of the convict Kai?ry^vln*cett* $xf &iho tiffc *ot ii am aa r\\b-  pravtty and hardened villainy that makes one  shudder to tbink that human beings, with at  least average intelligence like him, are to be  found at large in our-midst; A It is at least  reassuring to think thit in a British colony,  and even in such an' isolated portion of it as  '��������� this, such wretches will not. ber permit ted the  exercise of such horrible instincts with impunity. ������������������' The facts^ as elicited from the evidence, are tolerably familiar to the publip,  both the preliminary^and subsequent exam-  5nations being fu!ly reported;.in' our columns.,  ' The unfortunate man Blessing was a miner  whose circumstances, as is commonly the case^  compelled him to walk up: to tbe mines.;    He  was accompanied as far as Quesholmouth by  a colored matt -named Moses... Here Moses  baring some business' that detained him a day,  -. tried,to induce Blessiug to remain "with him,  but as the latter seemed: anxious to .proceed  be decided to acconipahy; Barry who was  going'on the following morning^   At parting  with\* Moses, Blessipg' 8ee_uedl*lo have some  presentiment; of coming evil^fcr he ..particu-  1 arly impressed on M pses his' desire that * he  should remember his name- (Charles -Morgan  Blessing),- as he stated in; cam anything should  occur to him.   This we 4hink a remarkable  * evidence of the finger ��������� of Providence, that  .  marks out the course of tho murderer and follows hint to inevitable retribution,    It appears that Barry, and tho murdered man slept  together-in an empty house!at Quesnelmouth  nnd started ou their. journey towar ds Wil -  Mains creek at an early hour, tlie following  morning.   They were subsequently seen together on the road, first at the .-.; 13-Mile House  and afterwards within a mile and a half of the  place.where the horrid deed was perpetrated.  It is supposed that they had chosen a spot  sequestrated from the road to rest, possibly  at the suggestion of Barry, and while the victim was looking in the direction opposite to  where the miscreant was seated, the murderer  fired the fatal shot into the back part of his  head,:and doubtless instant death- followed.  Barry at once secured the miserable fruits of  his crime, amounting to some $60 in money  and a specimen breast pin, the latter turning  out the chief evidence against him, as from  its peculiar form it was  readily  identified.  Barry was subsequently seen by Stark and  Gannon at Van Winkle, and when asked what  had become of Blessing, said tbat he left him  on the road with sore teet.    Barry attempted  to deny that he left Quesnelmouth with Blessing on his examination b_fore the magistrate  and reiterated it when asked by the learned  judge why sentence should not be passed  upon him, both of which denials, in the  face  of the most unquestionable proof, tended more  fully to convinco both judge and jury of his  guilt if a single doubt remained.    The circumstances atteuding the murder of Morgan  by the Indians, though equally horrible, is  less revolting to  humanity inasmuch as the  perpetrator   was an unenlightened  savage.  The inherent hatred of the  white man  may  have rendered the crime less atrocious to his  mind, and the hope of plunder doubtless had  its weight in the commission of it, but there  is no doubt that the savage nature of the Indian prevented his realizing all the horrors  of the deed he was about to commit.   Morgan  it appears had halted by the side of a brook  near the wagon road to partake of his morning meal;  Nikel Palsk and his accomplice  appeared on tho scene, nnd no sooner did  they discern the solitary man than the former  proposed to tbe latter to shoot him, this was  objected to by the other (who turned Queen's  evidence and made the statement), but without avail, as Nikel Palsk fired and shot Morgan in the back, the wounded man tried to  flee from his murderer, but was again shot in  tbe breast, and the foul deed consummated by  tbe witness Chel-Pekin striking bim on the  head with a hatchet.   The dreadful details as  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  beings as Barry are unknown or at least extremely; rare, a great cry has been raised  against tbe infliction of capital punishment.  It Is true that the.punishment of death is i  terrible alternative and should be only resorted to in cases like those under consideration;  But wo are firmly convinced that an all-wise  Creator in the wonderful aid be renders to  the arm of human justice, signifies his wish  that human retribution should be meted out  .to the, criminal who embrues his hands in the  blood of his fellow "mw that  no over-refined sentimentality will be allowed to interfere with what appears to us tb be  the Divine will-  "~  -. . .w^p^w^������������������W____^���������  Pebsoxai..���������Mr. T. C Nuttallwho has been  seriously indisposed for some time past, left  yesterday morning on the stage for Victoria,  where it is to be hoped a change of. air will  restore him to health and strength. He wm  in such ft weakly condition that Mr. Keyes  had to accompany him.  ���������-.  Correction.���������We were in error- in reporting the case Barry & Adler vs. W. W. Hill in  last issue* the cause of action instead of being  for non-fulfilment of contract, should have  read for damages done to paper and saloon  and byi negligence in painting and papering  same and loss of value of paper supplied.  Official Aitotntmbnt.���������We learn from the  Government Gazette that Mr. J. M. Sparrow  has been appointed Inspector of Weights and  Measures for this, district; The appointment  wiU'coroe into operation on and after the  ���������14th. inst. A/)'. [A 'AAiA'- A A. -. y.A       /��������� ��������� "'' ���������  We are. glad to learn that the Ontario Co.,  Grouse creek,: have found good . prospects in  a shaft they bottomed at 41 feet. As much  as $1 50 to the.pan has been obtained.  It was reported last night that rich and  extensive diggings had boon discovered on  Willow river. We were unable to glean the  particulars.  Mrs. W. Allan's grand ball comes off tonight, at Cameronton.  The Alturas Co., Stouts Gulch, washed up  yesterday 94 ounces, for 2������ days washing.  Fourth ofVJtily BaU!  ill friends and tho P^ h^aj Vj ^ ��������� j ,  Grouse <md Lowhee creeks, tbat ������^n[So wning of  the. Pioneer: Hotel,^Ji^5^/^^ ^?l^itn  THURSDAY^ MV���������������r i^ofwbi^ocJc&slbn  a GRAND;BALLfeanJyfJ& *gj :���������d Wintanccs,  she trusts to see allh������;r oldT^naa ������nu   ^  without any ^cr ?^lt^0^n^ uS as the  ry'Sspa_io������������  Ballroom, and no pains will.-oe si*l������������ l  of the BEST entertainments: pf t������e sea^  neer Hotel, Cameronton ; Mr. ������t^������   bwr w,  ville ; and Mrs. Tracey^, Grouse Creek.  fe'25th June,.1867.AmA-aA-. '. "AAM '      ' '��������� ���������   ���������'������������������'���������" ������������������' ^"-'  fe^ '   fe  HAS been opened fbr the conv������jn*mco of"the public,  ���������where Good Meals can be ^ined at all hours.  As the culinary department is under thfjirwt aunffi,  Unceof thoPniprletre^ she������������������?^t^^lS2  every satisfaction to thoee who may fiivorntrwiH*  their patronage. ,  29th Juno, 1867. _____^���������-  NEW AD^RTISEMENTS.  w H o..;it; E;':s, ale -AAA  AND  Eftt5H A  iJAKKERyiLLE.; Ar  1-s  I   EXPREgS  NOTICE^  ^ a TJVPk TillS '��������� DATE; KBARNARD'S  kxpiiess is;  A^e^Mbii ^damageon LIQUIDS shipped in  Tin or Glass, unless by-speclul ct������ntract.y feyfe-fefe,;  -UntiUurtfcer notice, the^xpres^ wiir arriv^hera  ever^ SUNDAY AFTEIWOON^nd^closo^^  '': f -  ' " i'A'A'-    '"��������� "���������['      ' i    '";������������������'' ���������"   ���������' '"^g^at,;V.  ^na^AKrn% Mav^^ 1867. ;     ��������� yy.yy . 8 ;  KERR'S  flFf  BARKERVILLE,  THE CKDERSIGNED HAVIKG COMPLETED ALL  his arTangeiueutfi, will open his Brewery THIS  DAY, when he will bo happy to supply all who favor  him with a call, with a good article of ALE, either in  bulk or in bottle. JAMES H. KERR,  July 1st, 1867. lm  THE  CARIBOO    iSXCHANQE  H OTEL,  S KGW OPEN  FOR  THE  ACCOMMODATION- OF  a. tho raining community, and the public generally.  No expense has been spared to render the house.all  that.could be desired, for comfort and convenience.  The Bar is supplied with a complete stock of Wixks,  Liquors and Cigabs. .  yyyfe J8SJ" Well Aikvd Beds -������&  may bo had at a moderate charge. E. ORD,  July 1,1867.       .    lm        ' ?rop.rietref?s.  ________  A./ BARKERVILLE, , '.x ']  HE UNDERSIGNED HAVIKG OPENED THE  ...jl; above Saloon, would respectfully invito their  friends and the public to KUrp iu and sample their  ALES, WINES and LIQUORS the quality of which,  they flatter thomselvoti, will suit the tastes of the most  fastidious. The best brand of CIGARS always on  hand. SCOTT & McHARDY.  29th June, 1867. lm  . fe, '';;. c OS M ��������� O. POL I :.T, A ;N ' * ��������� .  Restaurant and Bakery,  ,.-    ';. ' fe/BARkERVILLEi-.-fe.-  mHE UNDERSIGNED HAVING THOROUGHLY RE^  I  novated his EsUblishment, has re-(������pened tho saino  for Sie accommodation of tho PuWic, ami  trusts lo  merit a share of their patronage.    His Bakery has aLso  unriergone repair, and he is now ready to exeeuto  nrdera from all who wish jrood brfftn.  orders irom an Jx^QQ YKLTKj propr|etor.  : Juho lftth^l867. ,.yA...^ , A. ���������..:-....A.'..ll*..  REMOVAL.  :o.   STROUSS,  DEALER IN  GROCERIES, HARDWARE, CLOTHING,  ETC., ETC.,  BARKERVILLE.  Has removed to his NEW STORE,  DENTAL HOTEL.  opposlto  OCCIv  13  BUTE   BROS.,  Thos.L. BRIGGS & Co.v  CAMERONTON,  Havo just received, and offer for Sale, 5  AT LOW RATES FOR CASH,  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS of LIQUORS  -T-CONSISTING OF--  Brandy���������Kartell, HenncHsey, and Olard Dupey.  Wines���������Port, Sherry: Burgundy, and Claret; San*  ternc's  French "White Wine*; Sanscvaine'a Gaii-  fornia White Wine.        ':���������������������������>  Cliampagnes���������Douche and Napoleon1- Cabinet.    (  Bitters���������Bokcr's, Sansevainc's, Orange and HoKtet-  ter's, Vermouth, Abscnthe, Peppermint and Anni-  BcttO.  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Whisky.  To arrive, in a few day���������������ftOO gallons choico brands  of Drandy. Wines, Whisky, Rum, etc.  Also on hand���������-20,000 lbs Extra Superfine Soda Creek  Flour, equal to the best brands in the market  And to arrive in a few days���������2,000 lba. Graham  Flour ; 1,000 lba Cracked Wheat.  Goods received on Stokaqe or Commission, at tho  lowest market rates.  1st July. 1807. lm  In tbe matter of tho Companies Act, 1862 ; tho Companies' Ordinance, 1806 ; and ol the Artesian-Gold  Mining Company, Limited.  "VTOTICE is hereby given, that a petition for the wlndr  ���������SS ing up of the above named Coiripany, by the Supreme Court of Civil Justice of British Columbia, was,  on the Twelfthday of June, A. D., 1867, presented to  Matthew; Bafllie Begbie, Esquire, Judge of the said  Court, by Howard Trenbolm, a crerti tor of the said  Company. And that the said petition is directed to be  heard before the said Judge, at Richfield, in British  Colucabia, on the Eigh th day of July, 1867, a"ud. any  creditor or^ contributory of the said Company, desirous  to oppose! the making of ah order. for the winding up  of the said Company, under tlie above Act, should tip-  pear at the- time of hearing, by himself or his Counsel,  lor that purpose, and a copy of the petition will be fur  nisbed to any creditor or contributory of the said Cona-  panyj requiring the same, by the -undersigned, on payment of the regulated cna rge for th o same.  Dated at Richfield. B. C, the 18th day of June, 1887.  "���������'.-'.        A. R. ROBERTi^ON, y  , Counsel for the Petitioners.  DKALKU8 LV  CIGARS,   LIQUORS,  Clothing and Hardware;  BAItKERVILLE.  June 27,1867. *  Accountant,   Collector,  ��������� AS1> ���������  CO  ISSION     AQE  BARKERVILLE,  Offictc��������� Oppositk N. Ct?Niora DRKwanr.  Junel7,18G7. w  Photographic  Artist,  AS NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY  at RICHFIELD, and *3 prepared to take  rnrto do Vi������<ite Trimbre de Poste, Ambrotypes, Leath-  Carer Pictures; Monotypes, Views of Houses, Claims,  otp   Sin de or Stereoscopic.  PortrMts also taken on White Silk, Linen or Cotton  Cloth. 1m  Richfield, 29th June, 1SG7. Ara ���������  E HAVE THIS DAY PURCHASED OF MESSRS.  . . , VanVolkenburgh & Co. tho business of retail  Butchers, on Grouse Creek. Our purchase includes  all book or other accounts duo to tho late firm,.and  wo would request all debtors to the late firm to make  immediate payment to us xdone. In the future management of our business, wo will endeavor to merit  the patronage of the patrons of our predecessors.  J. B. GREAVES,  J. VanVOLKENDDRGH.  Grouse Creek, Juno 12th, 1867. 15-lm  NOTICE.  In the matter of tbe Estate and Effects of  REM I DAZET, late of Williams Creek,  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate.  LL. PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO TUB  _.__ above Estate, are;required to pay; the auiounis  due for th w ith, and all persons who huvo any c luims  against the above Estate��������� are required to send in their  accounts on or;before the EIGHTH dav of SE1TKM-  BEIV1867, to;       A    CHAS. E. POOLEY,  X -.-.- Olficial AdmiuistraUir.  , Dated Lytton, 8th June, 1867.      fe ��������� <     13  LOST.  IN Barkerville, on Thursday Evening last, a POCKET  BOOK, containing Money and N'Jtj*.   ^ny one flnd-  inK the sumo, and leaving it at the Wake-np J������ko Res-  tuurant, Barkerville, wifJ receive tho above reward.  1st July, 1867.  ��������� KEPT BY ���������  rs. Fanny Bendixen,  BARKERVILLE.  THIS SALOON,   WHICH  IS  FITTED  UP IN THE  most elegant style, has just boon opened to tho  public.   None but the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS served at the Bar-  There is a PRIVATE SALOON for tho accommodation of customers.  June 10th, 1867. lm ;  In tlie matter of the Estate, and Effects of  FRANCOIS; CASSE,iate of Williams Creek,  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate.  "\ LL PERSONSfe.WHO~ARE INDEBTED TO THK  H: above Estate, are required to pay the ������P������jr������  due forthwith ; and all persons who Imvo any ������J*5J^;  against the above Estate, are required, io^ send fc|WJ  accf>unts,onor.bcforo the Fl^ DAY of ���������������������  BER, 1867, to CHASV ��������������� POOUSYj-  V     V Official Administrator.  Dated Richfield, 25th June, 1867. ,/A'''  *      N OTIC E.  In the matter of the Estato and K(rofSj ������^WMJf  PURDIE, late of Williams Creek, Blackfi^RU, *K  ceased, intestuto.  A LL PERSONS  WHO  ARE  INDEBTED TOAffl������  A above Ksiate, arc required to pay tho amoun s ������Ju������  forthwith, and all persona who have any claims "b     ,  tho above estate, aro required to sond iu thoiiL^So  on or before the TWENT*-SIXTH day ot SEPTEMBM^  1867, to CHAS. B. rOOLEY,  Ofllcial Administrator.  Dated RiehOeld, 27th June, 1867.  <w������)  Boot and Shoemaker,  BARKERVILLE.  BOOTS AND SHOES MADE TO ORDER AT THE  shortest notice. Gum Boots repaired, and WARRANTED WA'HSR TIGHT, and all other work con-  hected with his. business executed with NEATNESS  and DISPATCH.  4S*r Oppos|to Cariboo Sentinel Office. *&������  Juno 6th, 1667,* lm  San Francisco Store.  , COMMiaSION MERCHANT,  '"������������������ IN ���������  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS,  HARDWARE, CLOTHING- AND BOOTS*  Next Doon to the Skntinjel Ofiicb.      17  Barkervillo, 2_th June, 1807. T~yiWI_B.lffUIJW_BH  THKiMBOaSENTINEL  THURSDAY, JULYfe4; 1867.  13  c.  THE ASSIZES.  i(Before K6A. Kr.: JusticelBegbio.)  v Monday. July 1st, 1367*  ������������������'���������' His LdTdabipiaccorapanied by hta honor H.  M.Ball, Mr.C,jRPooley, ^Registrar, aud Deputy Sheriff^F.V^te������i took his seat on the  bench at-ten ;6;dock-A^ M^ wlien the following gentlemen; wer������;v6a_paanelled as a grand  ���������Wy[/////^ A- ���������  J. IL Todd, foreman, M. Winkler, D. Op.  penheiracrJ E.[A. Wadhams, Dr, Wilkinson, L.  Twing,- R. R. Monro- JblraPolmere, John  Work, E. Dewdriey, F; Neufeider, J. J. Bram-  ley, H.S. Blunt, AJMWXvyk Dr.Carrall, A.  Hoffraeister,,John Adair,; G. Strouss, 1\ Buie,  lVr*VL'/>/'/-r* A-.aa"AA A  . His lordship addressed the jury as to the  unusual littmber of the cases, and the enormity of the offences charged,;a������d adjourned  tbe court to enable the jury to deliberate on  the indictmehts-presented. After the lapse of  an ho untruebills were brought in against the  following persons : James Barry, for tin; murder of ���������. M, Blessing ; Nike! Palsk, for the-  ' raurleF of ^dli^M^rfir rftB^ H*������d -���������������K^  for; perjury.'       *   * ������������������- -';  On his lordshipresuming -his scat on the  bench, tho prisoner, James Barry, was placed  in the dock, arid the indietment having been  read over to him, he ' ^eaded " not guilty,"  whereupon titefoilowlig jury was enipan-  nelled :  W. WinnaTd, foreman. Xreorge Wilson, E.  Vaughan, C. A. Brouse, Wm. Langen, E. Pearson, CvM^orhouse, Jamei A. diuk,  George Dakiri, Frank ^ciiyecvW. S. Melross.]  y >fe for the  prosecntion/ by v';ay speech A of considerable  length, in; which^ he recited-tho various cir-  <jiimst^es conaectei with the murder, which  lie Was prepared "to; bring evidbn-ce to es tab-  lish; ' ,..- .  The prfeejier; was:} defended; by Mr. A. R.  Robertson.  Thefirst wftnees ^called tor the prosecution  was��������� ���������"��������� .-��������� ������.. [  ���������; iWiitiaiaV  said���������Last fall, from information I received. I  went to a place^ ?al>out tworiiiiles on the other  ������ide of;Edtfar^^ Pass, where  I found- thexbqdy. qtui^^AAiJXwes lying behind ah uudalati^ of ground; in a clump of  foush^ ;J &^ b ;  tbe  ������kuli was three or^ fckir ^ards-from the trunk.  Examined the skull, aud found a bullet hole  In the back;partof it, wbibh appeared.to have  -been produced by a six-shooter revolver; the  *clothing was very mu'ch decomposed. I ideu-  itify a sheath knife, tin cup, watch, silver pen-  ������cil case, arid gold pen >#bey have been io  my possession ever ..since I found the body.  IT he cup! h as tb e n aiue C.M, Blessi ng en graved  <onit; the only money I found, was a French  franc piece. I identify the two gold pins now  .shown me ; I took them from a dancing girl  tot autumn, and they have been in my hands  ���������ever since. One remarkable feature about  -one of them is, that when turned in a certaiu  ���������position, the profile of & man's face is distinctly shown.--;;  'Cross-examined���������Itis quite possible that  paper money might have decayed on the body  There might have been paper monoy sowed  Mp in the clothing unknown to me ; I could  recognize  one of tho pins years  after I  had  if any one had ask^d for me," and was answer-! for the murder of John Morgan.    Tbe charge  ed in the negative.   This was on the 1st June, (having been interpreted  to  hiin by Mr. E.  I got to Williams creek next day. A day or  two after this Barry came into my shop, and  I enquired of hiui where my " chummy" was.  He said il your chummy, who is he. ?". I said  the man who left Quesnelmouth with you. lie  replied; "that coon, I left him on the road,  his feet were sore." I asked what time they  left that morning, and he said about four or  five o'clock. On a secoiid occasion, I asked  Barry about Blessing, and got the game  answer. Some time afterwards I asked him if  he had seen the man yet, when he looked savagely at me, and muttered something I could  not distinguish.  Cross-examined���������Prisoner was near enough  Bkssing to hear him; say he had not much  money. Never saw the initials on any of the  articles produced before, but they look like  those Blessing had. ��������� >��������� '���������  II. P. Stark, sworn���������Have known prisoner  by sight for three years ; saw him at Quesnelmouth on 29th May, i860. Asked bim when  he would leave, he said next morning. I left  on the morning of the 30th. Saw Barry at  the thirteen mile house along with another  man I did not know. We all left the house  together, but did not travel far in company ;  we went ahead of Barry and his companion.  I went to Boyd & Heath's that day. Next  day I saw Barry alone at Van Winkle ; Elliott, "Wlnr trarv^Vj������d^ fritb-z&ey askc:!*���������������������������Barry-]  what became of his companion. He answered  that he had sore feet, and would stay at Beaver Pass that night.  . Patrick Gannon, sworn���������Remember driving  cattle to Williams creek towards the end of  May last year. Recollect seeing prisoner on  31st May on this side of Boyd & Heath's.  There was some one along with him, they had  a camp fire, and were taking breakfast; was  in a hurry, aud did not notice the man. Saw  Barry again the 9ame night at Van Winkle,  and heard Elliott usk him about his partner.  William Eraser; sworn���������Got acquainted  with prisoner at New Westminster, in April  18f>6 : was at work at Moody's saw mill. He  travelled with me from Yale to Quesnelmouth ; he carried a six-shooter revolver. He  short of money at Quesnelmouth ; he  was  ���������once seen it. The body was found fifty yards  from the wagon road, and within twenty feet  of the old trail. My impression is that the  murder was committed on the trail, as the  ground is steep towards the road.  W, D. MoseSjSworn���������Knew deceased Charles  Morgan Blessing ; travelled up country with  him last spring. We got to Quesnelmouth at  aevca o'clock on the evening of 28th May,  1866, Saw prisoner on the evening of 29th,  in front of Brown & Gillis* saloon ; Blessing  end I were toogethor^ Prisoner addressed mo  as Mr. Moses, and enquired when 1 was going  tip to the creek ; told him I would not go till  next day. Blessing said he would like to go  tf 1 would 5 told him I was engaged, and could  not go till day after.. Prisoner and Blessing  got into conversation ; Blessing left Barry  and said to me " I don't like to travel with  that fellow." Blessing came to me again, arid  said he thought he would go, and promised to  moot me at Van Winkle.   He Baid his name;  aiked rne for money, as he said he was dead  broke ; I refused, but be got $5 from Dauiel  Fraser. Saw Barry again about first June, at  Oameronton, dancing with the hurdies ; have  seen him paying money for this at the bar.;  John H.Sullivan, sworn-���������!left this creek  on second October last, with a warrant for  the arrest of tbe prisoner. He was given in  my charge at Yale .on tbe 8th. After passing  Cornwall's ranch, he asked me who made the  charge against him. I told hira'he would find  that out when he got to the creek ; he said he  could tell me who it was, and named Moses,  tbe barber ; as he bad asked him several  times concerning a man named Blessing, be  got vexed with Moses,aud told him he was not  the man's keeper. He also said he had  plenty money when he came on the creek,  but went through on tbe hurdiea. Ho said he  left Quesnelmouth alone, but overtook a  Frenchman. '  George Gartley, sworn���������Came from San  Francisco last spring with Blessing. ��������� He  wore a gold specimen piu, which I now identify. Think the two pins were connected by  a small chain ; he valued it much, as it had  been dug out of the mines hy himself.  Cross examined���������I have seen many specimens, but none like the one produced.  William Love, sworn���������Corroborated the  preceding witness as to the identity of the pin.  Frederick Dibble, sworn���������Prisoner worked  with me last summer ; we had a conversation  about the hurdies. with t?hora he had been  dancing. He showed me two pins, one of  which I now identify,  and said that they  wanted them.  Thomas Barry, sworn���������Was interested in  the dancing saloon at Cameron ton last year.  Have Been prisoner in my saloon frequently ;  [ charged him a dollar for each dance ; can't  say how much he paid rae in June. He sometimes got credit; did not give him credit at  -first , ,  George Baker and Mr. Coombs were called  for the defence, to show that prisoner was at  work for them in the month of June, but  failed to prove whether it was in June, July  or August -     ,   .  This closed the case, the prisoner bringing  no further exculpatory evidence.  Mr. Robertson, in an able speech, addressed  tbe jury on behalf of the prisoner, and was  followod by the prosecuting attorney, but our  Dewdney, who was sworn as interpreter, he  plead u not guilty*" . A jury, composed of  the following gentlemen, was then empan-  nelled :;  Wm. Meacham, foreman, Jonah Williams, J.  McNerliaine, A. Ward, John Endt, William  Rennie, Charles Fredden;.Duncan Cameron,  H. Edwards, William Brunton, Alfred Lewis,  James ElUson.    .  "..^ '.;'.'.  Mr. <x. A. Walkem, at the request of the  judge, appeared, for.the prisoner.1 ..  Mr. Walker opened the case for the prosecution, and called the following witnesses :  John Grant, swornr~Know Morgan; when  ho was alive ; saw .him last alive about the  first November, 18C5. Saw his body in a  house at, Soda creek; after it was brought in ;  I identified it,. Thought, oh examining the  body, that!he had been shot on the left side,  although there .were holes on the right side ;  there was a wound near the ear, as if inflicted  by a sharp instrument, and also.one on the  top of the head. Morgan was going down  country.    .      - .-  John H. Sullivan, sworn���������-On the seventh  November, 18G5,1 found the dead body of a  man near Sodacreek -y it was lytyg about one  hundred and. ninety, yards from the 172  mile poat, and about, sixty yards, from the  wagon road. I partially.examined it. on that  <lay,*" a'ffd** foufltt A&k bead; ^rauhed in^ 4here  was also a cut on the ear, running througn to  the skull; next day I examinedit more closely, and discovered, a;gunshot wound on each  side of the body. Found ao money or valuables on the body; saw a leather watch guard  cut near to where the watch ��������� should have  been. 1 attended the inquest, which was held  at Soda creek on the : eighth.. The jury,  brought in a verdict that, deceased was murdered by some person or persons;unknown...  Chil-Pecken, the. accomplice of the prisoner who gave Queen?s evidence, was sworn  through  the  interpreter and said, ������ know  about the murder of a white man two' years  ago.   Prisoner got a musket and a bottle of  liquor at Quesnelmouth and we both went on  down the river and slept at a siwash house that  night; got up next morning and went, on,  after gettiuga hatchet at 'the siwash house ;  we came to where" a white man was sitting,  eating; prisoner told me twice he would kill  him, and I said no ; we both went on again  and found the same man. sitting:by the road.  I had whisky and asked the uiaii to. take some  but be refused.   Sbovtly after I eaw prisoner;  point his gun at the man ; I was afraid and  went back a little ;  prsoner said what are  you afraid of; then prisoner .fired his musket  and shot the man in the back. but did not  kill him ; the man got his v blankets and ran  off: prisoner loaded his gun again and we  both went after the man, he looked round and  prisoner fired a second time, the man fell and  prisoner told me to kill him with the small  axe and I did so; we hauled the body a  short distance off; we took a $10 note, a gold  watch and a specimen from the' body.     The  watch was in the blankets.   We both went to  Mrs. Ritchie's, at Canoe creek, and prisoner  sold the watch to her for S5 50. nnd the specimen for S2 50.   The fust shot was in the back  and the second in the breast.  Cross-examined���������I have not been promised  my liberty to give evidence against the prisoner.  W; -H. Fitzgerald sworn���������Went to Mrs  Ritchie's,Canoe creek, on 23rd Nov., 1865  (being shown a gold watch aud specimen)  1 identify them as those I received from her  at that time ; they remaiued in my possession  till last May. I arrested prisoner on Thompson river in 1S<>5,1 showed him at that time  the watch and specimen, and ho recognized  them and said he bought the watch from an  ^as Charles Morgan Blessing, and said ft be space will not   permit   us to   give   their  ������ure to recollect it, if anything should happen   &     a 8   '  to nie in this country." He then went into  tbo saloon to get his blankets, and went up to  ������io bar to take a drink ; he paid for the  prinks with a Bank of British Columbia bill  J said Charley you are not broke yet; he answered by saying he had $50 or $60 left. I  identify the knife, watch and pencil case;  they were Blessing's. Blessing and Barry  went out of the saloon, in tlie direction of an  empty house, where they were going to sleep,  lhave never seen Blessing since. When I  got to Van Winkle, I enquired at Macaftbry's  speeches in detail.  The judge summed up the evidence in a  clear and lucid manner, pointing out the law  governing such cases, and left the case in the  hands of the jury, who, after deliberating for  an hour, brought in a verdict of " guilty,"  against the prisoner. . ,  A  The prisoner was then remanded till tomorrow for sentence.  Tuesday, 2nd July, 1867.,  The court met this morning at ten o'clock,  when the prisoner, Nikel Palsk, was arraigned  Indian and tho specimen from a Spaniard  and sold both to a woman at Canoe creek.  E. Hodgens sworn���������Was a watchmaker on  this creek in 1806; identify the watch produced as one 1 repaired for John Morgan iu  1805.  Cross-examined���������Have got tho number of  the watch in ray book; can swear to the  watch, could not do so without referring  to tho number.  This concluded the evidence for the ^ prosecution and the prisoner having no testimony  to adduce, Mr. Walkem went over the whole  of the evidence, pointing out the defective  links and urging the jury to give the prisoner  the benefit of any doubt that plight exist in  their minds as to his guilt*    Mr. Walker followed in a speech of some length, iu which  he reviewed the evidence, drawing the special  attention of the jury to. the string circurn-  stancial evidence against the prisoner, corroborated as it was by the direct evidence of  his accomplice and white men, and concluded by asking for a couviction  against the  prisoner.  His honor the Chief Justice explained the  law regulating cases like the 'pro *eut, ��������� and  summed up the testimony adduced iu a very  learned manner, cautioning the jury not to  place much dependence on the statements  of the accomplice unless   they were fully  borne but by other evidence.  ' The court then adjourned^ so as to allow  the jury to deliberate. After a lapse of ti  quarter of an hour, the jury returned a verdict of "guilty." against the prisoner. ��������� '���������  . The prisoner, Nikel Palsk. was asked if he  had anything to say, Why sentence should not  be passed on him, and answered "no."  The prisoner, Barry, was then brought forward, and asked the same question ; when he  answered that he bad nothing to say, furthef:  than that he never committed the murder for  which be was: charged.   When asked if he had  any statement to make, he said '* I never remember travelling with any stranger until f  got to the 13-mile bouse ; the strauget overtook me there.   The witness Stark came' up  afterwards ; we started out together ;Stark  and his companion went on.   I travelled three  quarters of a mile with the stranger, and theft  parted with him, and have not seen him since*  Iadrait that Gannon saw rae alongside of a  camp fire, but when I got there I found two.  men there, and after resting, a little, I went  off.   I passed three or four Chinamen on the  road, and came on to Yan Wiukle that night.  This is all the statement I have to make."      '  The judge then addressed  the prisoner*  Barry, who still maintained the same stolid  indifference which he manifested throughout  the whole trial, and said, " I concur with the  ver/iict^f Jthejurjr; it is one given after due.  consideration of the wBbte cifcumslances.^:'li"  is a matter of extreme importance to have to  decide on a matter pf life and death.   The  longer the jury considered: the evidence, the  more thoroughly were they convinced of your  guilt.   It; is clear that you started with the  murdered man from Quesnelmouth ; that you  knew he had money; that you were penniless;  that you were seen at the IS-mile house hi.bis  company ; and again seen with him a short  distance from the spot where the body was  afterwards found,.that the man   was  never  moi'e seen alive.   'You had money when, you'"  came on the creek ; you were in possession :  of a nugget belonging to the. murdered, man,.  which you disposed of to a witness, which had A  not been produced.   You are found in pos*  session of a weapon that would produce the  crime.   I can no' more doubt your guilt, than  if I had been an eye-witness to it.   I have no  doubt you seduced your victim to leave the  road, and then perpetrated the crime; and that  you did it for the sake of booty, the most sordid qt al 1 motives ���������] that you revelled for  months : on the: pfpceeds, and then 1 oft; that  you gave a: fafte ftauie when a pprehehde&i  You have giveti no'explanation regarding the  nugget, and none asto the disappearance of -  Blessing ; you have appeared perfectly in-y  different.   It has been proved that you did  | not work, nor do anything to get money.   It,  is impossible to conceive a crime more wanton or atrocious than that which you have  committed.   I  can  offer you no  hope of  mercy.   Beside yon stands a man with no  common tie' of blood or color, who slew a  man, actuated with the like pernicious avcr-  ice ; the same fate that dogged your footsteps  awaits him ; you have both dyed your haiuU  in blood, and must both suffer the same fate.  Tho law for the savage as well as tho Christian  is death for death.   My painful duty now is  to pass the last sentence of the law on you  both ; which is, tbat yoii bo taken to the  place whence you came, and from thence to  the place of execution, there to be hanged by  the neck until you are dead ; and may the  Lord have mercy on your souls.7'  Neither of tbe prisoners seemed in the least  affected by- the awful sentence pronounced, ���������  On the contrary, Barry seemed to make light  of his position, to judge from his expression  to the ci'owd assembled around the door of  the court house, when he told them to " clear  the ranks," and let him pass.  The court adjourned till to-morrow at ten  o'clock.  ' Wednesday, 3rd July, 1S07.  The court met at 10 o'clock, when the  case the Queen vs. Hard Curry, indicted lor  perjury was called, and the accused failing to  appear he was declared ah outlaw. The  bondsmen ��������� Van Vleck. W. Wright and E.  C. Parsons were next called the latter only  appearing.  The Chief Justice addressing Mr. Parsons  said, I want the body of Hard Curry, this man  was safe in the hands of the jailor, but afterwords committed to your custody where he  is still supposed to remain ; you are respon-.  sible for him.  Mr. Parsons���������I do not know where Hard  Gurry is.. He went out prospecting some  time ago and I have not seen him since.  Chief Justice���������If it should ever appear that  you were cognizant of his disappearance, you  will be liable to be indicted for his offence. .  and subject to his punishment, which 1 may  tell you would be seven years iu the chaiu  gang. -,  The bail was ordered to be estreated.  The man Doghevty, who got hurt last Sim-  day, whilo working in the Discovery claim  on.Grouse creek, is recovering rapidly.  * NEGRO SERMONS.  ���������./NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  . One Sabbath evening, as I. was walking  from the, General Hospital to my office, I  _eard singing. I enquired of a passer-by. if  tike negroes had service at that hour.. ..He.  said they had, I went. into the church and  took a back seat. , Some of tbe congregation,  however, espied me,. and cried out, . *** We  want to bear the white.bruderpreach.,,fe The  old minister without? any hesitation, came to  me. and said "It am de wish of de.people dat  you deliver yourself of a sermon, and I,;beinJ  de minister of dis xhurch, invite you. to stepj  forward and deliver to do people a sernibn.  No excuse would be received, ; The negroes,  seeing, me; hesitate, cried; (M. bring, de. white  ' bruder along.^ , I went forward and spoke to  tbem. ��������� The;negroes are always pleased when  a white mari -takes notice of them, They, will  ' act.generally upon the advice of a white;man  from the North!. , Sometimes when I was  speaking, I could scarcely be heard, bjr reason of the amens, hallelujahs, arid clapping of  hands. ,  ES   P,   TAYLO  BARKERVILLE.  TTAS CONSTANTLY ON. HAND A CHOICE SE-  H lection of Drugs and Patent Medecikes, incluni-  ingtho celebrated Golden Balsam, and Murphy's  Mixturep, for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis.  Also a: great ya riety , .of Sarsnparillas, .< Ha if. B rushes,  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  ; Just received���������an assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries lor 1807, and Billiard Tablo articles.  .  1 P. S ���������'Prescriptions c'lrofully compounded;'   1-s  ���������*���������*, '.'-rv.-,,-..*.~f.*������~.^. i:.'i J '!.���������������.  Many of tbe readers of Good Words arc  ministers. Writers'on hoiniletics tell them to  make the divisions in their sermons clear. A  sermon which I heard at. Chattanooga, Ten-  tiessee,.frdm a negro, possessed at least clear  . anddistirict divisions.. The preacher*; said he  would take his text from tlie-Psalmist. David,  >��������� Ogive tanks uuto de-Lord.?, .Forcte^Ifcaf  ��������� apprehension of dis truth- recorded,'in de  Scriptures, I will cltvjde mysei-raon intafour  .;'.:���������;metaphors.   [Metaphors lieiiihdeVstp'od to be  . divisions.]: Now. metaphors .are used Ah. de  Old Scriptures/and de^ New,* by". de Psalmist  ,' David, and de)Apostle. Paul, arid I, beiir a  mi nister aitd a set- van fc of: .de Lo rd,; will use  inetaphorsion. dis occasion. ..De;first.'.metaphor dat .1 will use am Psride; .//Now, bredren  '. and^eisters, you never .can give tanks iihtp.1 de'  Lord it you .have .pride.   Pride am de fader  , of sin. vvVrhy,look,5rar ; don Jt you know, dat;  de most of you has sich prbucVhearfedatybii  find it hard to tank de ��������� Lord for .his mercies' ?  A Why";���������when.you were slaves, you had prpiid.  hearts, but you could .give a few tanks unto  . <io.'Lord.; Now, do goverhment; up y darr at  Washington made you- coritrabands ; at. dis  ���������THE UNDERSIGNED, IS NOW PREPARED TO  X alfori every accommodation to the travelling public, and bopes by-a strict attention-to business, to  merit a share of the patronage bestowed on the former  proprietors. This is ono of tho most comfortable and  commodious Hotels on the road, containing as it does  warm and well fnrnishod bed rooms' with good beds.  The TABLE is supplied with every delicacy it Is possible to procure in. tlio upper, country. ' Tho BAR is  slocked with the best of Liquors, and the cboiceat  Cigars.  ���������: :';JBsr MEALS,   $1 50   EACH. -55a  ��������� The stabling for Horses is nil that could be desired,  LOND ON  HOUSE,  government street, victoria. '  ��������� wholesale"and retail.  4. H. TURNER & CO.  .        ;    '   '.'"-.. .    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Fruit Trees and Rushes, Evergreen and Deciduous  S^ubs; ~$uH3*f*ad l^&^vttKg^htnt*- of 4?v-ery .deftcrip'.  tion. .-'���������'       ���������    \k    '������������������.-' Ms  CHEMIST.  - .��������� ���������  fe-  fe  'fe  .; X.  i .  -  '.:  '.  -.,-..  ��������� ��������� .   ���������.  ���������   -  v<,  ..-  /'.  .   ���������-  ;  '  -fe  '   -...  ���������  -:   .  .*'  ���������������������������  ���������'  :  . ���������*���������;  ;  -.  *  - *. .  i' -  *  .'  ���������  ���������...  ���������  . ��������� ,.  '.:������������������ -  you were staves.; p.ut,iiuw,;wiieu ,w,y u������ piu-  clamation of da^ great man,;'wbo has-gphe.Sto.  his rest���������" 0 give tanks; unto de.Lord,?? "dat  de.vnainsdat; killed him xah't ;get'afc bjm���������  vou?v������ gbt.free, and am cal 1 ed freedmen,. der  i.few'i'TMiHm'nn wid   vrvn    mil 'VO.: .CtC\T. Cf>  fl Wtlll  r:ugs.up6ayo_. ....0^ . ; . ������:,-1--1*. .���������=  your (ears ; you am dressed up wia all ae  . 5rihge3yftnd.de" furbelows, and got/so .many  big: ideas in you head, dat you .can't, give  tanks initoide Lord at all. But I jes tell you  <l is ; y ou - am. de sara e niggers. as^ yo ii' were  before de war���������jes de same ; .aiid if you don't  square ��������� rpun; and change yer, pride, you can  never give tanks unto de Lord".   ,    . ���������  Second metaphor dat'I willuse is dis-^Ypu  chew, too uiiich, to backer. Now, bred'ren. and  some of you sisters, too, you use too much to:  backer.; you. do n't expect to give tauks when  yer mouths are full of dis weedi' Why,'I only  uses a little plug, which does me de wh'ple  da,y ; 'but some of you chews and.snuffs and  dips all de time, until ye malie perfect pigs'of  yourself. Now. what does de Bible say, bred-  ren ? ..It says eleauUuess is next to godliness.  .If you ain-t cleanly, you can't be, godly.; if  you ain't godly, you can't give tanks unto de  Lord ; aiid I jes tell you dis, you '.can't be  cleanly, and can't be*godly, and therefore  can't give tanks unto de Lord, if. yquiise so  much tobacker.  Third metaphor���������You swear.;too much.���������-  Now, bred re n, I know dis . am a fault among  ye. Do you tink because you hear de ofti-  cers roup' yer swearin', dat you am goin' to  be ofliecWby imitatin'dem ? Do you tiuk  because you hear de big men roun' yer  ftwearin' dat you am goiir to be big men by  imitatin' dem ? No such ting. Now, what  dofcs de Bible say ? '��������� Can the Ethiopian  chunge his skin or de leopard his spots V\ So  more can you become big men and ofUcers b'y  imitatin' clem iu dis. No, no, brcdrcn, you'll  be de same niggers all de time ; and, mind  ye, don't let me hear any one of ye s\yearin'  .rounf yer, for, if you do,.you can't give .tanks  unto de Lord.���������Good Words.  MAS FOR SALE, ?.nd constantly on hand,  a well assorted Stock of Drugs, all tne Chemicals  used by Physicians, Photographers^ -Assayers* and  ���������Mechanics;. 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Yale, and are prepared to Receive, Store, nnd Forward  Good's.   Goods re-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowkst Kates.  Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to the care of  Is. KIMBALL _ GLADWIK.  A. W. PIPER,  CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, oppnsite the Theatre.  CANDIES of every descriptiuu manufactured and  sold, Wholesale and Retail.  . 1.3  GOItOMAM&y HOTEL,  ������������������������������������.:...>���������; .soda; greek.  1  GREAT REDUCTION'has boon made in theclisrja*  at thisestabilsbmeot, so.i������s;to suit the tini������������!.  ,:;:"; :      IfcLEEifE k SEKAY,  'i-My -y-r-A-      ���������'-'-,' I'ropriotOM.  May   lFt;   18G7.: Vv"i h*  122 MILE HOUSE,  LAKE LA HACHE.  HEXRY GREENBAUM, WHOLESALE LIQUOR  ���������Store, Importer of Fine Mkkrschaum 1'ipes, Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco, "Johnson street, Vic-  toria, V. I. * j.s  JULES RUEFF. Commission* Xkp.cisast,  Hotel Building, Wharf street Victoria, V. I.  Royal  . Is  CLEAL'S Cokpsb HousE. a no Rhstaurant  Government Street, Victoria, V. I. This is the  cheapest, most comfortable, an-1 best attended Establishment in the City  The BAR is always Srtpplied with  the choicest of  Wines, Ltqcoks and Ciu.iks. ;..s  T.  F. WALTERS, formerly of the 04 .Mtr.K Housk,  havitip purchased this Ranch, is, now preparcl  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD .ME.ALS  and BEDS at.moderate.rates.   cA-i-r ' ��������� ,yl"-s ���������:  BLUE   TENT,  ��������� OR ������������������  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  _  Jt    htALLANI)AINTE, COLLECTOR AND GENERAL  j* AGENT, Government Street, Victoria, V. I. - 1-s '  FRANKEL, Victoria, V. I., Dealer in l^'Ris;  j. jl ��������� S kins, H iubs, ' Wo or;j &c. Li b oral ad van cos made  on Furs consigned. Reference���������G. Sutro & Oo., Rein-  han Bros. Violori&j V..I. 1-s  fi SUTRO & CO., Importers ani> Dealers in  IT. CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes, _c, S E  C'Tn^r of-Yates, and Wharf street, Victoria  ��������� s  .  T vVONr(i, LEE;_ 00., C>>mmission_ MbrchaKts*, lat-  pru_'*.CR9, ami 1) .ju 1 crs i h Ch i ujjsij Good:���������:, V\ctoria,  K  V   I.,  CT..'Pk.  Yale,, Liilooet, Quesnelmouth,   and  Williams  1-3  127   MILE   HOUSE.  npHE UNDEDSTGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  JL desirable property, is now Prepared to ncoomnm-  date tho travelling public. ..The table is supplmd witli  the very best oj vhimls. The' bedrooms and beds nro  as comfortable as could bo desired, and thf? BAR contains nothing but the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.: .  A good stock of Grain and Hay alwavs on hand.  3rd-May, 1867. '       3 *W. WRIGHT.  DAILY and WEEKLY "BRITISH COLONIST  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE." Orders for mailing cither the Daily or Weekly issaog of the above to  any part, of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, &c, left attbis office or sent lo Victoria will be  attended to. Tbrms in advance. Wkkki/v, J2������nos  with Postage. $7 60 ; Omos. do., $4 :������>. Duly H  rnos do., $'J_ ; Gtnosdo., $12ol).  A. 8ULER 8u C0.7S  pHEAP Store.    LADIES' and GKNT:? CA^T OFF  v.; Clothing bought and sold.   Secondhand Watches  Guns, Pistols, &u , for sale. '  '  /JT5* Gov er n in en t s treat opposi 10 the Th oa ire.   1-s  17   WATSON,: Watohxrtaker, Jeweler  A"1/* ai?.d Engra^-er, Government street  t������i-t_te Si. Kichoias Hotel, Victoria, V. L  weler. jfc^ i  5t, nbxt-������7|)  VAN WINKLE STORE.  rpHE' UNDERSIGNED heps to inform the miners and  1 res id e n ts in & aroun A Van Win kl ft that h e will 1 n (St-  turc kecp^an assorteil and GOOD STOCK on hand, and  hopas by close attention to bu^in^ss, and hy selliog  at LOWER RATES thau borotoforo, to ..meet the po.  tronae-o of all.  Orders from outlaying cr^Vks accompanied with the  CASH, will be for war -kid with promptness and dispatch.  iS������- T*rm t C A?H ' wi thou t 41 stinctioij.  la J. W. LINDHARD.  J.  A   CASAMAYOU begs leave to state that-  xx. niui rem oved his s lock of Goods cousin ti n _ 0 f G  CKRri-rs, &������., from Wharf street to tho  oh Yates street, a������'joining Cowper'������ Br  site Wei 1.^.Fargo k Co.  ' He will sell his Goods hy Wholesale  rates, for cash. " V1  bo  no-  street to the jJriok Bull ding  * Boot Store, oppo-  at tho  lowest  l.H,  scriptions carefully compounded and orders answered  with care and dippatch.   Victoria, V.I. 1-s  Free Port for Ever !  E THE UNDERSIGNED  TAKK   pleasure in  uf/mtcin^ tn our numerous  customers  an-  . 1      iiwH.wltj,v..-vui    iiu'tjuiMuo    CUSLOinOj'S   /Ul'l    1.110  public, that wo will supply Ihejn with thelM-sl Fkexch  Lkatjiku Boots (duty free) ever otfered in H. c,  jf^At our old "Stand, Govern went St., Victoria, V I'  l* CHARITY & BLTLER.  THE ASHCROFt HOUSE  IKCESSRS. CORNWALL'S; A/'^Tyi  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE; half-way betwcuti.  ' Spence's Bridge and din ton, on tlie Yale Bwite;.'-  Travc.Jler.s- will ilnd Good AccomniodHiiori;  -Thebestof;;  llvina, of Liquors, and of "Wines ;   Frosh Butter,-Milk.-  and Ve ije tu b Ies." G ood-^ta b I j ng an d chea p. reud. ;. 1;������'-���������  1 IT MILE^HGtrSEy?^  age is NiothiNiQ !  BLOOD WILL TELL!;  /THIS HOTEL JS LARGE. AKD WELL FITTED U?  J for t h o com fori of t ra vclers; the Ta h Id is so pp lied  with the best of ������v cry thing that can be procurd,And  the cooking is not inferior to anyon the road pljcd rooms  for fannlirs; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats:  US5" Thf trail to Oodar and Home-Fly Creeks leaves  the WuL'on Road at thjs place.  1-s Wm. HENDERSON.  B  a  m  FOREST_ HOUSE.  30 .MILE    J'OST,  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B. 0.  fPRAVELLERS will And evervnecomraodatinn at this  X Hotel.   Excel Ion tOook ing.   GOOD  BEDS.  STABLING FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Rates.  iJOOTHROTD  BRO'S,  1-* . - Proprietors.  BOSTON    BAR  Internatiohal   Hotel,  rpiIlS WELL KNOWN HOUSE is now open for tra-  J, veller*.   The Table is supplied as formerly "with  the best, tho market affords*, and the Cooking caiui'������t  bo exef-ilod.    The Bar is stocked with tho fin eta M  QFOw���������% aud Cioims ,   GOOD B F. DS.  WILLIAM CHARTERS  1-s proprietor*  sS  mm  H  1  1  I  ill  Is  ������_a?


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