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The Cariboo Sentinel 1870-07-02

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 Props  FLO  J. HAl  NT  VoT.9.  !^J_eif^^,.-.Wllliain Creek, B.C., Saturday, July 2, 1870.  No. 9  11  Hi  t:19B|  ���������  fS  _���������  ill  sfiSSI*  B  s  F__  THECAitlBOOBEpiNEL  Published every Saturday by     ...:  ROB E R T     II 0 L L 0 W AY. I  Subscription,   -   -  50 Cents per Week.  Agents for, the *' Cariboo Sentinel."  Vaa Winkle,- .,,.; ..? ,.,; - __  Q nes nel mouth,'.--'.. .<..;,-��������� .,.:.  Soda Crock, yAA'Ary* . ���������-���������  Clinton, ���������' ���������**��������� 'A'"' '.'-"'.���������������������������; *  Yale,' *i-'^-\ : Mr; Evans,  New Westminster'.,.:��������� ;';������..'-��������� y  Victoria, .-1 .'-'"/���������'"*'��������� V -i ���������  L.^P. Fisher; ;;;, .-' .y.V :"...*���������  Hudson, k Menet; '���������'' - ��������� y ��������� ���������' -.  MrG. W. Llndhart '���������������������������*  :.- 7   Bamavd'R Rxpress  : -... Barnard's Express  -,..   Barnard's. Express  dft.,-':...:,;'."fe :.do'^ ;y  ... ; Clarkson &Co  ���������:;-:f^Jnritfi>Gollt.������iiB  - ,ws San Francisco  .   fe ���������   New York:  J 0 B ��������� ���������iu N T t N  Cards, Ci rcUla*rs,, Pob ters and Prograinmes for  Balls and Theatrical Enter tain m^n Is  "'jjJi'rlSe^  :....:- Terms" moderate.:::     '.."; ' ���������  ���������MINING RECORDS.  : . blacs; ' jack oulch. :V.M 'ii m : ���������..  J si n c 18 -Wm.; Ilosford, one creek clai m  a dji(ilning". tb������ 'upper line.��������� ������bf Goodykoontz  claim ;; also'.in favor ^of F^nk^pniiiaez one  hill claim ^illeTt;;.side;,aa^  !iru> of Goodvkbpntz,; claim;: To Reworked  with said claim;u3d known as tbe Neosho co.  discovervifru^Jiin������20~R.. B. Devlin; J. 2.  1 k������ u gh. -I o ft n:;Cl en de;m ra&3o_i n McKay,^ta.  Hi-ephenpori A and NW1 Shaw, six disco very bill  cl .ii m * o ri Vail i-y_ Mo n n tai n. situ ated a 1 i t tl e  nbnvH ami opposite the month of the Biiliarat  C'>.*a <1 rain. T-> .tie known as the "Discovery  co. Tlu* ex'.f.w Oisco very, ground .'gran tedr ������������  -production of'gold. ���������" , ��������������������������� ':"V ^ ���������.���������������������������.  WALKKlds OlTLCii. \c--  Last Trial co .���������June; 20���������Catherine Smith,  one creek claim 'adjoining'. ..the upper /line of  the Last .Trial co: To form part of the Last-  Trial claim;'"--"-:   j .;���������;���������;.:;-;��������� Ayy.A"A:iAy.^  T^slTnar^  an (1 F ran co is. L al 1 for- each A o n"e creek -;dai m;,  co m m en ci ng at the upper line of the; Last  Trial co. and. running up stream 20Q feet.., To  form part of the; Last Trial- cd* }j-/yt- y.r 'y'xA'M  Last Trial co;���������June 20^Recorded in favor  of the Lust Trialico. a discoyer^y, grant p/r^SO  feet adjoining the upper line of. the;' said co.  and ab o've the last record of the 20th.  First Trial ; co.---"June ��������� 21^-H. ���������' Schorling,  An ton G alster., Theodore Thormahlen. arid-  Louis Wilde, fbtir creek claims commencing  iit tlie upper lines of the Last Trial co������ from  1 hence running lip stream 4.00 feet.  To be  known as the. First Trial co.  Golden Hope co.���������June 23 ��������� U.KcDerniptt,  ���������I. McLaughlin. J. BarlleUy Ed; Frigon and C-  Cltisholm. five hill claims of 100 feet frontage  wi south bank, commencing at about 136 feet  nbovc the La������tTrial;s co.*s southeast corner  i-take, and running down stream 500 feet to a  point about 2G0 feet above the court house.  fFo be known as the Golden Hope co.  Torquay co.���������June 2_���������John Bruce, Alex.  Jack, Jas. L. Crimp, Andrew Jeffrey, Thoa.  riell, Robert Patterson, P. M^iietta, Thomas  Lavcry, John G. Goodson and Wm. Manson.  ten hill claims on south bank, commencing at  fv point on the south east side line of the Last  J'rial ������o��������� about 400 feet below their upper  corner slake, and running up stream 1000 ft.  To"be known as the Torquay co.  Shamrock��������� co.���������June 27���������Thomas Kenny.)  John McCabo and. Pat McCabe, three bill  ���������Maims on south-east 6ide, commencing at the I  upper line of the Golden Hope co. and run-  *������ng np,stream alongside the .Last -Trial co.  to the lower lines of the Torquay co. 300 feet. Nason, six quartz claims eastward from Mea-  MISCELLANEOUS.  To bo known as the Shamrock co.  ;    f    ;y- I-KJUTXINO CKEKK.  , Union Jack eo.-June 18-Adam Steel and  Hu^h GrlUis, two hill claims on right side ud-  joioiDg the upper Hue of the Perth co.. and in  front,by; thefGreat \Vestern co. To form part  ofrUnion Jack claim.  K.yfij^ 21���������Henry Charlton  'one creek claim adjoining the lower line of  the,Yancouver co. To form part of the Vancouver claim; < AyA  'A .Vancouver^ co.���������June 21���������P. T. Bran, one  interest in the Vancouver co., abandoned by  ^..���������Walter.;-/  ���������,;���������..:;; A AAA: '������������������. aktler creek. ������ "'"'  Harkinico.-7-June 20���������James Harkin, Geo.  ttoCau^ and G. A.Morrill,  .'.^^^^Ifei^'^the Harkinco., consisting  oLfourtt east side.   Re-record.  ./A.AA;:;'/r!',yi.:;grouse creek.  t Carolinei'.cp^June 20���������William Bowman,  thjBfwhplepf .tbejC  four interest^ jliill claims, together with the  ���������Caroline co^g ditch, - Re-records. ..  ", J Caroline: co.~ June 20���������William Bowman,  for the parol ine cb., 100 i n ch es of water from  a branch of Antler creek near the head of  Grouse; creek;;'the same amount of water  brought intoGrouse to be taken out at the  proline,co7s;^itch; bead, subject to the rights  of Antler miners.f; Re-record.  ilied :;Gauntlet co.���������June 21���������Five creek  .aridfeieight bill claims.   Re-record.  A ,Lady; of the" Lake co.���������June 21 ^-Eleven  creek:pliaims;.contaiiiing 1070 feet. Re-record.  ���������fe :; - ���������^���������fey-;;'y.-:';;yCANiDrA\ CUKKK. ;������������������!---  ;. ^^lbx?acket co.���������June 21���������Thos. Oatson.  Wm. Baun^on,^.. H. Woolcock, Wm. Bow-  ;man:and .DavM>Robertsoni five creek claims,  com menci rig 200: fee t be lo w th e u p per 1 i ne of  the New Dominion co. (abandoned) and running up stream 500 feet. To be known as the  Yellow Jacket eo.,   .  ; ;- JJ'\iyfA     <3BDAR CREEK.  n Aurora COi-^Juae 24���������Lee Yak, Ah Man.  Ah: Si ng, Ah- Young, Ah K wong,. Ah Qui ck,  Ah7.-Yet,~:A.h-Singy Ah Kwing. Ah Kang, Ah  Poon, each one interest; Ah Yong, two interests in A urora cb: -  Ai&^A������f h������na.-ed feet above upper j gh     t and Cast jron StoYeS;  hue of Aurora co.s claims. j      mv9^  ���������������-���������-������������,    A    ������������������t,^ .������������������.  ;y fe? '   duckorkkk.   .; |   TIN PLATE & SHEET IRON.  i/June-24���������Ah Quon, Ah Chow, Ah Mon, Ah  Yon, 400 feet creek claims about three miles  from Ca rib o.p lake. ;  fe      ,    ,       .    CBPAU CREEK,  June 24���������rAh Leong & co., two creek claims,  part of abandoned discovery ground.  ;:; Jnne,24���������Jas, Copland and Wm. Jones, two  hill claims on right bank in rear of discovery  cabin.  A    :i KEITH LEY CREEK.  June 24���������Lung Tack, Io6 feet creek claim.  upper stakes commencing 150 feet below  Frenchman's cabin.  June 24���������Jin Tap & co., four creek claims,  lower lines commencing about 200 feet from  corner of Smith's store.  June 24���������Ah Fonk & co. three creek claims  commencing at upper lines of, Ah Chung's  claim and running up stream.  June 24���������Ah Chong & co. one creek claim,  lower lines commencing from Polly & co.'s  dump-house. ^  June 24���������Ah Co'J, one creek claim, upper  shakes commencing from lower line of Ah  Chong's claim.   .  WU.LUM CREEK.  Casket ep.���������June 22���������Thomas Potter, three  fullinterest- on east side.   He-record.  British Columbia Quartz Mining co.���������;June  22���������Ed. Lenning. James Wickham, A. M.  Sabin. W. A. Meacham, J. R. Meacham, J. B.  cham & Nason's sawmill 1_ miles. To be  known as the British Columbia Quartz Mining  Co.  June 24���������Sentiuel co.���������John Murphy, 150  feet.   Re-record. t  Brouse co.���������June 27���������11,' Coulter and W.  Stephenson, each two interests.   Re-record.  June 27���������John Murray, one creek claim  commencing at the incline tunnel of Last  Chance co.and running down stream 100 feet,  having for width the whole breadth of the  creek.  ������.      LOWUEE CREEK.  Russell & Robinson co.���������June 24���������Mat.  Lynch, 308 feet.   Re-record.  LITTLE LAKE CREEK.  ' June 24���������Ah Chuck & co. two creek claims,  lower stakes commencing about a quarter  mile from mouth of creek,  .y  June 24-rAh Yong & co. two creek claims,  lower stakes commencing opposite upper lines  6raracksmitir8~cVaimi ~ ~  A June 24���������Ah Ling & co. 400 feet creek  claims, commencing at lower line of Blacksmith's claim.  June 24���������W. Sing, one creek claim ; lower  stakes commencing from upper lines of Ah  Leong &co.?s claim.  :     '  ".      :  June 24���������Ah Coon, one creek claim, upper  stakes commejacinjj at lower line|of: Ah Ling  &co.*������ claims..    '^' v;. ���������'���������.���������-.  ���������  i'ORTH FORK. QCWSyELLE.-   ���������   ���������:,   :  Jane 24���������Frank Gee, one full Interest in  McEvev &> co.1s .claims, abouttwo miles aboye  MitchelTa bridge.  June 24���������Ah Tuck <fe co., four hill claims  on right side, about one-half mile below  MitcheU's bridge.  SOUTH   FORK QUESXEJ.LE.  June 24--Ling Cbovie. 100 feet on right  side, about l J miles from Ah Fat & co.  , QCKSXia.LE.  June 24���������Ling Chovie, 100 feet on right  side Forksjof Quesnelle river, just belowjhe  falls.   Also 25 inches of water.  MiSCELLANF.OUS.  HYDRAULIC  HOSE,  STRONGLY  AND  NEATLY   MADK.  ORDERS left at Mr Xeufeldcr's or Mr Francis I,���������l*.  lier's, Richfield, will be promptly attuadod ta  and thanklully received,      '     ������������������  je41m JOHN ANDERSON*. .  t  I  ,.KSSRS.. MEACHAM & NASON nro prepared t*  ill furnish i.umbor at tlieir Mills, William Creels,  <������r deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON, LIGHTNING!  CREEK AT.THE SAME HATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK. ,  ...      i     ,,.  Having a Planing Machine in operation they will  also-furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory riles; :���������������������������  Pluucd Lumber and Sbinglcs,coustantly on hand.. ���������  .    .. 3uii tf a, .  ��������� ���������' -;  For Sale,  At Low Prices^  ���������AT���������  THOS.  FLETCHERS     :  Se c on d-li a n dV St o re;  BARKKRHLiX j  j������n  A1  LI.TOBB1KC WORK IN* TIN', COPPER .Sheet  jt__ Iron,Ziucan(1 Lead Piping, attendc������ to with  romptness, and- warranted tu give entire 6atl  action.  Hardware   Iron & Steel,  *; Powdei%  HARNESS,    Etc.,    Etc.  ypn SALE.  E. PEARSON & BKOS:,  . BAKKBBVn.L*- AND QuKSXKLMOUTH.  Miners' Provision  Store.  BARKERVILLE,  Next Do on to Skxtixel Of kick.  .4 T this Establishment will .ilways be found a well  _\. selected and varied assortment ol'the  FRESHEST GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  IN CARiBOO,"  ALSO���������A good selection of Clothing, Hardware, Glos  and Crockery.   Host brandfpbf Tobacco,  M-.x  ���������'Modicibes, etc., etc.  Beist Java Coffee Roasted and. Ground DAILY.  ALL GOODS SOLD AT LOWEST RATES*  Tbe BAR is fully suppliod with thechoicest  '   Havana Cigars, Win ee and Liquors.  I trust by strict, tttention to business, and fair and  square dealing, to merit a continuance of the I iberal  patronage heretofore extended to m e..  A large l"t of HE VWOOD'S CHlfbrated BACON  forsalo, at a vorr. tow figure.  Feb. 20,1969.' ���������m  yPTEWS^DEPOT.  THE undersigned having bought.out;theNewspapfife  I   business hitherto carried on by Messrs. Cluto. At  Major, is {now prepared' to snpply nil Newspnper*,  Foreign, and Colonial, Magazines, Periodicula, Iscv.  &c.,..many of them   '  :      AT   irEDUC ED. PRISES.  Always on hand, a stock of all kiuds of  STATIONERY, BOOKS, &c,  LATEST NOVELS OF THE DAT  -ALSO,-    ���������        =. .Ai.;  Concertinas, Fifes, Violin and Guitar String*, Blank.  Books,��������� Memorandum Books, School Books, Toya*.  Watch Glasses aud Hands fitted  t������r Diaries for 1870. t$~. Subscriptions for paper,  nYu-l'be in advnnce.     ...:"_.'  G. B.:MURRAY        i "     "  Front street, Now Westminster.  je4 itn  -     ��������� ���������. ������������������ ���������������_.  Keduction in Freight.  rrHR RATK������ OF FREIGHT FROM BODA CREEK T������"  .1    Quesnelmouth on the  :":S^7E-A-M'E ft    VICTORIA  TPillinfwtnre be  ONE   CENT    PER    POUND,  PASSAGE,  -  $5.  The undersigneil will hereafter be prepared to receive goods at Soda Creek and forward them by  Wagons'or P.������ck Trains to Williams Creek at tb������  LOWKST. RATES OF.FREIGHT,  FREE FROM DUAyAGE; STORAGE AND  <    COMMISSIONS,     '^  Collecting Freight-upon Williams Creek,   We respectfully ask for consignments, y  .     '   ..                                    MARVIN k WRIGHT.  We are not responsible for leakage of Hulls in tic,  . -8odn Oreok, May 14,1870. my28tf  COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND  GENERAL   DEALERS  ��������� ���������   ���������IN���������  (xroceries,  ProTisions, and  nors.  ���������ON HAND-  THK   CELEBRATED  ly-  ii  ���������li  ' "Si,  yM  ... t\>i  i  jjEtf Particul-ir attention paid to ConBignjnecta ���������%  ICeuntrv Prvduc*. '-" ^4 3������ .  , .>  ������TO���������fnimwwR!HB3!n_BIS____BlBa[! ������������������������   . ;~My*?���������yr ���������  rHR.C.AHI.BOO SENTINEL  "~   '-"SATUttDAYTjuiTT^  1870.        ~  THE STATE OF.CARIBOO.  will keep la bo rah ead of._r$&u l.fcui n t il- next  Tear. (Jeneral 1 yi howcver, :tlie stafeof Cari-  bobmay.be snid to be 90 far sa tisfactbry ab  to promise a;baiance. in favor of the work  at the end of ihe season-  Si'  V. :,  ...   ; .  li  lt  i/i'  ���������'Ji-'lfe,;  ' AM  ���������y': ������������������  &������������������  :;?'fe ^  yfeYes^rday the;celebration of the; Third Ah-  : n i ve rga ry o f; f he: J)o minion of Can ad a look  place in Barkerville. A large number of  people atten ded a nd the wea th er... wa s in ost  fa vorabl e. 'A sal itte was fi red; a t. i2 "6 'clock  on T h tj rsdayl n iglit, a n d a Roy al -; sal ii te., w as  fi red -at n oon - 0 n * V ri day. A" I arge; p latform  was erected for the 0 ccasio n * ahd'���������; a band 0f  mu si (i p 1 ay'ed ch 0 ice ai rs d 11 ring tlie d ay. A c-  commodaiion was also provided,for;ladies to  view 'the sports. Mr; S.. Pearby, opened' tlie  p ro ceed 1 ngs by a few re ma rk's p fop er to tb e  occasion, and the sp or is commenced after the  tTati 0 n al A n th em' h ad bee ng i veri by t he band.  The1 Judges of the Sports wore Messrs. W.  Davison. J. Bowron and W. H itchcock. The  Judges for-the��������� horse races were Messrs. Jobn  Wnrk;. Goo d fe J low; an d' il rvvel bclc*' The p r 0 -  gramme; of,sport a came off as follows':'��������� ;���������  ':.;..;, Ay.. -,-."'��������� ���������'; feytnop-sKip^JUMP.^ Ay:yAirAyyy.y  A Istprizp/Slp; 2<\i$q.��������� Entered~S,Walker*  JAUmdA J!yH;;Sulli������|an and;0TIvej3,netIy.-r-  Wal ker to ok; firs t p ri ze, Re 1 d se co n dr  STANDING TJKAP.  . 1st ptfze. $10 ;. 2d, $5.^Entered-Samnel  Walker. J. Rndtancl S. Pearcy. Walker, first  prize; Pearcy. second. .      y   .    y -  STANDING  HIGH JCMP..  1st prize, $10; 2d. $/).���������Entered Walker  and McDonald.   Walker first1 prize.  ���������    RHXNINQ KlGir JUMP.  1st prize, $10 ; 2d,'$5.~Entcred-T. Mc-  DoiigaH; A. McDonald, S. Walker, J, Lindsay.  McObiigaU and McDo.nald tied.   .    ���������-,  PUTTING TITK STOXE���������22 LBS..   A\'  ..._     _ " 1st prize., $10:  2d, $5.���������En teredo-D.M c-  PQndency.,.i8 manifest.    Without assislantferjDoRahirA^fcAUnden-and A,4IcDonaJi,__D.  too." ;Let only a fractional part of the life in- McDonald  took the first and A. McDonald  second prize.    .      .    PUTTING-TUB STONE���������15 LBS.  1st prize. $10 ; 2d." $5.���������Entered--Av Mc-  Alinden. J. McKav and I). McDonald.- Mc-  Tbe condition of Cariboo lijk matter of no'  ���������Bmallimportance to the entire, colony, and a  few' words thereanent may not be uninteresting at a time when, owing to the small yield  of gold, much apprehension as to Ihe future  ���������burthens the minds of those whose interests  are ".identified with the prosperity of the  mining*community. Dullness in all branches  ���������of business and industry seems to prevail  throughout the colony, but judging from the  observations of those who:have recently had  aa^opportunity of forming comparisons, Cariboo, dull as it seems, would appear to show  the .most hope and activity in contrast with  any other section of the country. Whatever  color present appearances take, there is no  Incurable cause; for despondency, while one  of the richest mining countries of the world  has not'yet been half developed. It would;  Indeed be a matter of surprise if a destructive  fire and two years of drought had not some-  wji n't' score hed. the energy.. of. a. t iny co m ra u-  nity. Cariboo, and, in'fact, the whole col-  ony. is in a condition similar to that of a man  Whoyhaving stumbled on good fortune and  not made a-proper use of it; grumblys at the   times, tlie counlrj, the government, anything  b n t bis o w n i m p r6v i den ce.>V. S u ch p 1 ai a ts are  not more commo'h here than in tbe other  parts of. the colony.. Here a courageous de-  ^erminallon-to^rise^a^oye '"the". sloYigb :*of des-.  BUSINESS NOTTC^  r ���������-" ~ ' NEW AD VERTISEM ENTS.  For Sale w to Let,  4 BOARDING HbTJSE, Pjiiiato'iit-tho hWrtVr q/  A, Gulch,.rurDishcd'; withy Rnljge an { oVwvM ?Ut  necessary for llic bu<?ihpBS..t T n������s moiU.rn(0 * ��������� H  l Ay    Apply to ���������Ayi0. . JfeTHOS.: FLETCHER    : ��������� ���������  ���������>olItt 'fe"     -Mi. AA'y    Barlco^u.'  Notice.  -tr  'M,  ������������������' "-i't,"  fe '������������������  ������������������%    n  fused into other mining- countries by \hc cap,  Ualist doctors be imparted to this and the  patient would soon scarcely be recognizable  in his improved condition. Our best gold  placer leads, such as are known, have not  yet been broiigtit'dralf way tp the pdintof ex-  :���������������������������-' haustion, and the main lead of all, the coun-  terpartrof. the^great Blue lead of California,  has yet Jo be discovered. The u quartz era^  ��������� !s 3 till' ������at th e i n f ti a I. ,pb i nt 'o f. i ts d a w n. Co n-  sidering wbatJarge-Tsums aniiriall^leave the  district for "taxes "and freight, its elasticity^  and strength, under the weight of those burdens, is surprising. Two things have dnring.J  the past six months proved a heavy addition  to those burdens. ..The stoppage of< work on  this creek; by the choking of the bedrock  drain and the Omtneca scare. While donbt  existed as_to the effect' the discovery of rich  mines would have upon the business and population of Cariboo, all enterprise was ;'laid  over" as well as the claims. Miners reserved  their means for the new mines, and every-  . . body.'else shaped their policy accordingly.  The consequence wag that the winter season  was remarkably. b arr$u of, p roll ti ��������� by t. th e suspense and inactivity thus caused, and al-  iho_t a-cleaf lois of time, instead of, being  employedltfsiristmLin^;^  panqgyjpr. Ahe sun i mer sea son. ��������� No w, ho w-  e verbal fare settled to work, and a remunerative season is in prospect Remunerative,  but not so bright as preceding seasons, and,  i t wo u I df] be sheer fo I ly; to a item p t ���������: i mp a r t nig  a fa! se co I o r to the. picl u re.. It is - too m u c h  the custom to estimate the condition of Cariboo by looking at the big yield of a few  claims, without'taking into consideration the  number;of men profitably employed throughout the district. Last year, for example, a  few .claims on Stout and Conklin gulches  and William creek yielded well while very  little, was being done iu the district. This  year, there is only the big output of the  Lightning company as an offset to tho large  y i e I d^oC' (he fe w, cj a i ms y re fe r rod to \ but \ here  is a far greater degree of activity on all the  creeks iUian; there-1 has? been for a couple of  years. It is/premature; to speak of the new  channels or ?-athei* old channels found on  Walker's gulch and French creek as affording  expectation of a revival of the large yields  c n sto m a ry i n ^ n eigh b O ri ng c h m h els. but as  they a^-e situ ate in the rich - p ay i ng ra n ge,  they Skill certain ly pay well -when fairly  npened.    A great deal of work is being done  on Ugh in ing c reek ;an d tri b uja ries, b u t tbe.  ������iflicu if/ ol h ot tonj ing i he deep ch ah nel there  Kay. took Grst and McAlinden second prize..  ":        FOOT RACK- 150 YARP3.  14'prize. $15; 2d.- $7.���������Entered J.-Adair,  Si Rogers, Haynes, Lindsay, A.McDbiia.ld and  ���������an Indian. The Indian won-first'and Mcpon:  aid the fcecond'prize.      ���������'������������������'' y ; .  .    -.:.;. rOOT KACE���������100 YAUDS.     ' '"  Isf prize. $10 ; 2d, $5.-Entered���������O. Wil-  son, .S.,Wal keryrD. Mc Donaldy andfeJDoc^ j English.  "Walker first, and English second." v;  ::   .. HUKDLE RACB..  ..." .    -  "i - y '���������  Ar 1st prize. $10:\��������� = =2dg $5.���������Entered^-Samnej  Walker. J. R_ici,::A. Mc^onaldi?, Reid won  firstpnzc^ McDonald.second.-^fefe-i AtMA'A'-  ���������:���������<-������������������ :x..\'.y M ;fe-"-. ''������������������:'-. i^--'-i fe'        .;������������������  y,;.fe- TirkEK-LBGGKD.BACKfe   ���������'.*  ���������1st. prize...$10,;��������� 2d. SS.^Entered���������A.Mc-'  Don aid.and Wilson ; ,D. McDonald and George  Gay lor; W.' Bray, and N. Shaw. > McDonald  and Wlinon too.k.Jhe.first, and- McDonaldTand  Gay lor second prvieAy/y, a a. \ Ar. A.  Aii-   ,.:.'���������; -y.y ���������   SACK RACK.        . /.������������������**���������'  1st prize, .$1:0^ ;2d; $5~EnteredXJN. Shaw,  O.; Wi 1 so n jiii d; AyMcDon al d. N Sh a w won  fi rst p r ize; an d W i 1 so n se co n d.  '  I ;.; J/i.~ '-���������'��������� ^HEKLBARROAV^ RA'CK.y r.i; f'; A SB ���������  .. '���������]$&prize;c$ld'���������:'2d',|'?^5.���������Entered/PAU.  Synin, 0,^118011,^1800, Tv Fletcher an d-N^  Shaw.''Shaw"won first, and ��������� Fletcher second  .prize.;.>.:-.:���������'. V���������';' -'A('] ��������� ���������'���������:.":' \A, A'i... ���������'.-'' ;.-.-'  \ Then followed a ���������������������������Chinaman?s race, and ;:*  Siwash race- of 100 -yards each, for prizes oif  $6 and $3 in each race. _  . :���������.,.  ;v  ., I AA noRSE iiAcKS���������SOtfYAnns; '"'[.       ../  DominionvPurse  of v$75���������Entered��������� John  Peeb 1 es-* b. m.' Lu cy :  T. Poo 1 *i g. h. Ki ng-  bald ���������*.. an(L,john Ailair's b.m. Lina.' Bestin'  Won by Lucy,  .T*iwValiijibio Family M.;:.i_ine lias been widely -and  ,' [ti vuni til y. k now ii i u our ovvh ;an d foreign - coun tne s  upward-oi'  ;���������/;'    THIliTY YEARS.   :: 'A:[  Uhas lost none of its gorxt narac by repeated trial.?,  but c uitf������)nes lo occupy a prbiniuODt position in every  lamily.'m^ilicinc chest; '������������������'-������������������-,--���������' -���������.������������������.  . ;ItiS'������n .External .and Internal Remedy For Summer complaint, or any oilier form of bowel dipeuse in  c li i! il run or ad u 1 ts, it.' is. ft n h J rn os t., .-.ct* r tat n cu ro, and  has, without doubt, been. more successful in curing  the varioiiskinJs cu CHOLRKA th tn/any other known  r.-'mody, or the most skill..ul pliysicnu. ;In India,  Aft'lca "a n cl Ch i na, wil ero tl i is d re ad fu I di sease 13 moro  or less prevalent. th*������Ptiin Killer is r.6nsi<tcmd by tbe  natives,"as well as Eur. ������pr<\ u resided U;. in, thos j cIi *  maU'S, ji"srftR R medy : and wlilb it is a ni'St eill-  cient remedy for pi in. it is r������ p^rtVcily safe medicine,  evsjn in. unskilll'uU hands. .. Diryclions, accompany  each botlle.'fe ���������'-' -*'���������' '' AA '    ''���������'��������� ���������������������������;,  : Soiil;by all Druggists.��������� ���������������������������;Tyji-'    Ml .:���������:    '(   ju_ lm   :  NI3W ADVERTISEMENTS.  ���������:^Aa Gs^d-y/y^y/-  TO all wlmm it may concern, and to 'Mr; STEPHEN  MATTICK, in particular:; I hereby cluillenge any  man in the. Cariboo pistrictj.andttho samojBrr.; Ste-  p!ien Ma tttae esp:cia 11 v; to coh test with . me, in: a  wrestling matcb for the sum of Two Hind red Dollar^  or u p wa rd p, t wo fi rst.. fa 1 Is. To wres tl o < i n an y. fair or  ma u ly s ty le that -t he sa i d Ma tt ice or any o ther party  may prefer.. Any mouoy; ;deposited wi th ifr.' Robert  I.ipsett, Arcide Saloon, Barkeryille, .in;acceptance of  this challenge wHlfelxc-'.prom'iitiy'' accepted, as, funds  are there on hand:.tO;C.over,it.ry y.-.-fe.":.������������������������������������-fe:MA.r. ^���������:-..  Joseph Matthews for THOMAS STOCKER;.  New Restattrant'& B^td-  ins^ House;  BRGS to announce that sho has ri>-bp������hed the build '  ��������� ing known as.'tlieKcvv;"C-fluEfiloi_'.'Diialiifii:Bobotff:  as a 'AAA-A-   MA"' y "'���������"��������� -.-���������'.   :,..       ;: ������������������   ���������  RESTAURANT; AriDBOWRDIN^H  Fi rst ��������� class Mcals: wil 1. be fu rni slied i ari'd the strict-  osi n't toil Mou paid to the wants of her customers:   /.:  mn*nteu^ fob. MivAtE:::pARTiEs. ��������� cook-dl to;  order. A.imx yyA-y AAi-A'AA-MAMyAyAy  WINES,   L IQV&M yM/C I GAR S {  of tlie best qualityf;to:bo"obta;ined;;ftt���������th^Bjjr4,r.1.>liv'',iV:  ' BOAUP.. ��������� .iA '-,...'.''l> fe $ii2 per; week.'',A-  . Barkerville, July 2,1870. "fey fe ;' y  jn2  1776:-:^  :, 94m ANNIYERSARY OF ^AMERICAN:-  ';.';:���������.-'AA/A.A INDEPENDENCE.-. At y;4;>:-'  Monday, Ju^r 40, 1870:  The Committee of ..Management for the celebration of  tho Kourtb. of July have adopted the following    v  ;. " /^'������������������';^/;^RO(JRA\iMR ..;.'���������'��������� ";,A,fe-;"-:"  At Suurisc,: - -:A -��������� - ;,- Federal Sain te.  At ] f; a.m., :- ���������"* - Music���������Hail Columbia.  Reading.of the. Dpcjaratjon,of. Independence  :. A'��������� by Mi*'Wm. 'Mkacham..��������� yV| A MA ���������' i  Music. - . - - - - Star Spangled Banner  0ration. by - "; .-��������� ;* " A^lr Jous.Kurtz.  ; A t MeVid iaii,   -  -' -   - . - -. National Salute.  PROGRAMME OF SPORTS:   "'J  (Commencing after the National Salute.)  I Pri_o.  $5  on  w be n the Di rectors , for A th e ensuing ve������ r u.h i  ������.-  elated . ;      ������������������;.,:j. s, Thompson;secrJ("  : 25Ui June, 1870.. :.y-      .:    '_ 'jjjj  ryUE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existinR between  1 , William Forrist and David Bonney is ttij������i _.,J  mutually dissolved, fe ',. <J  .David Uonivy wiil liquidate all dobts and receiot  for all outstaudiug accounts due lias late firm,  *    . WIM.UAI FORRl^T-  DAVID. UOXXKV ' *  Barkerville; Jupe'23f-1870.  1^5 Tm  ; E. WATSON^  WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER AKI) F.N  graver, Government street, next to the  St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. L. Cbroncw.  eters and Watches cleaned, repaired, arid warranto- ���������  Every description of Jcw-Hery made t������ or'lof. Plain  and;Ornamental Engraving neatly executod.  Orders from Che Upper country proiiiptiy dttcinioi  to. : '���������..._.���������...fe...fe,,:^.;,^'.������������������...��������� ..-.:-.,���������.-  FLOUR!   FtOURl  TtfSTRECEIVED, ilargeidtoTfe;.  DOMESTIG FLOUR, BES^iBRANDS^  For sale by  je25  JAS. WICKHAM,   .  Barkerville.  At fe   DE NOVVlbN & KURTZ,  >'j<������25 lit*'; -i* Ay^AAA ��������� . -A,_ .';il Vlfrvlltos'  a  ^���������'    ������������������������������������ ..v'!.-. IstTrize.  1���������Running Higli Jump,.... :��������� $10  2���������Lnng Foot Race, ITS yar^s,  tbi'ee'heaL������i  ' Scrub Race���������Prize, ' $40���������En ter ed-Li nd-  says b. h. Weasel ;��������� Antone's g. h. Frank, and  Pool's g. h. KinpbahL Ileata, best in three.  Won by Antone a .Frank.  The amusements of the day concliifled with  a performance ;/afc the Theatre, and theau  flitmce showed . their appreciation of the ex-  c -llent actinnf of the Carib. o Amateurs bW  irequent���������������* sbo\vers?' of applause. ;  r;3fBxionY presides over the past- Fkitvj  Cofpkk oyer the present:. The first; lives Va  rich, temple- hung- with glorious trophies, and  lined with tombs; but FkuAs OoVfki. has but  one shrine, and that is every breakfast table  Us aroma walfeaiie earth like, a spirU ' arid  can be found for sale at .every respectable  dealer's in ��������� British * Columbia. ' Beware of  spurious imitntions..'���������'  c ^ir^riT^rP0^                   h>' WTLLSO'N  & RICKMAN. Fort street.TictoHaVliRS siiper-  sede.1 all ofch������r Coffee in the lower country  It is manufactured from  *u-  ' -��������������������������� ���������  20  12  10  6  J2  6  12  6  12  10  6  10  10  6  0  5  3  3  AMMAWotfB&h  ONE. HALr;iNj|jR.EST^IN. THE;  ..i CORNISH-'GLA:iI.I,'  ;   '//.-' fe   RTCHFIELD,> "     .    - ii. ���������  The property of E. G'rancini. : Apply .to'.-.���������'  Jell'-' '.,".,".,,        ;/',"'   rTAMEv..Wf^KH.VM,   ,  Garibdo Pioiieer  :��������� Mill Go,, :"  THE SHARF.HOLDERS' of,- Ibis Com pa ny h.1 v������ ''*��������� *  territined, \vi th a Vic w to en cou rage the to? ting  and working of Quartz Leads- to-   A"?   fe-  CRUSH QUARTZ ON THE FOLLOWING  REDUCED TERMS:  ;': "ONE.TON, ; .-.-���������.;. .;' * ��������� : .;   -   ���������   /.-' ;$20  :   M'������refethan one ton. AT A LOWER RATR. accord.  [n.K to quan tity, to li e arranged, wi tli t he Presi:.Iont,..:  LrB. Nason. r-*y      '��������� ? I. u; KASpx.:  ���������A     :-������������������-; '��������� yJ ::,,:��������� A- > ��������� 'i . ".'��������� ,fe' "��������� '��������� President.    ���������!  J. TI," Tonn, Secretary. -,   ,'.���������:.'���������      . \..  ^ Barkerville; June'22, iS76yy;    y^ '" i-'jeM'-im".".  LAMBERT & BISSaNNETTE,  ' ! BARKKpriLLE^feC., A  . ���������DEALERS IX" ALL, KrSDS OF���������    '  G-rocsries, Provisions,i  the very best raw  coffee, and its,superiority is attested by the  foot that wherever introduced. U has beeonia  I the fa v o r i te r h e ver age L"' . ;.t' ^"������������������ -    .. v.        *.  3���������Sliort Foot Race, 125 yardK '..  . (The winners of the-Lnng H:co,  to be barred from entering in  the Shrtrt- Race.) ' ',  4���������Wheelbarrow Rice, 100 yds ,.;���������.  o���������Riders' rucc, 75 yards'; the rider  not to weigh less than lilO Ihs.,  6-Iiurdle Rice, 125 yds, 5'I'mrJles.  SK feet high, ,... :  T-H.H: 'Kace, 100 yds, ...       ly"  8~Scrub Fool Jiaco (barring out nil  in-evjous winnv-rs of Foot IUcpk)  100 y irds,  P���������Fit Sinn's Rice, 100 vnrds. '  10���������C!dnam--tn}B Race, 150 yards.  11���������Siwash Rtce, 150 yds,  euSesCC"nd PriZ3 l������ b������ pnl<J aUlC^s thvro be throe  HORSE   RACES.  1���������R������ne or 300 yards, in heats, best two out of  ��������� threo. lor the President's Purse nr ������irtn  2-R.crj of 300 yards, i��������� heats, best two out of'  three, for the Peoples' Purse of *=n  S^Scrub Race of 300 yards,  in heats, best two  outortarcc, for n purse of .   ' S3o  **. NO JOCKETOO win.be allowed in the Hw  ^ m-?he particulars of the Horac Races  will appear m the Programme.  H AIL   CO LUMBrA I  t - w " ������   "'      J0HN" AOAlR, Cbnini^n  Ja.% WrcEiuM, Sner^Kj- a������-l Ttm&uw.  to.  tO^Orders from outlying Creeks promptly nttendad.  STORAGE   &  COMMiSSION.  Having added considerably to their pnunistrs, .L. fc  h. arc prepired to receive cargoes of Merchandise ������n  MoraKoand Cummiasion.  tCflU'-All Consignments from the Agricultural 01*-  tricts tvlii receive the strictest attention.  BARKERVILLE,  Jell 3m (Opposite the Post Office.)  : y    ���������DEALER IK���������".������������������-.  Grr o c e r i e s,   Prp^risio_isy  IJi<iUOI*Sr   &CM   &C;  STORAGE   AND   COMMISSION  ���������e^Cohsignmonts car*fuii> atten,!��������������� to and^oHrrs  fnlthjully.executed:,-. ��������� -.'--fe  fe.;���������'. ' 'A - "'.  Barkerville, June_*4tb, IS70. ��������� J������26 3m  ifor  B*worl|  H-ever;  jnga  |Moin  ertf  owe  cvh!  the f  reel  nt,  nto  ut :  or t  Allt  owe  bta:  M  \\r:  is i  ties  Id  20  her  :cel  fifjkTl  line  ece:  urv(  ami  alls I  ost  moi  to  It  SMS  0 ft.  ild  hy Y  %  /A  i  I  M  m  m  m  m  H ^      ^TtTR'DATvJtrtY 2, $^-"}'j iV:'  ||| ^  fjfl[   Messrs." Kurtz . and .Lane,: who   arrived  ^8 on  SaturdayA', last, started out. on  Monday  |Hfor the Meadows,  which  tbey  contemplate  fflffi-worldng. and have been Inspecting the ground  ���������|-every day this week.   Mr bewdney,.who is  ^9engaged as surveyor, commenced work ori  ������HMonday morning.    Tbe survey has been.un-  ffljderta'kep at ihe expense of. Messrs. Lane and  IB Kir'is. aiid is not yet.com pleted.  So far. bow-  -.-... t hey find that the work- p ro pose d to b e  \,, A j}* quite practicable.   From the head of  ; ���������;. of-Clubf lake there is a fall of thirty-nine  ',,:,   villi an average continuation for; a few  i.fe ,   It is estimated that the',.lake.:can be  owe red for ty-n i n 9  feet.help w t h e p rcsen t  jjevel by bringing-up a cut and making use Of  ���������the fall beyond.   The water of Jack-bf-Clubs  reek can be turned arid used to open out a  iit, and then the water of the 1 ake tur n ed;  nto tlie channel so made, must even tii ally  silt a channel deep enongh:tb;drain.the[lake  br the purposes contemplated "in the,��������� worL  iVl 1 tii is can pe d on e. at si f gh t .expense. > By  o we ri ng the j ake' the riecessa ry dij mp; can be  >btained.   From the Bal la rat cp.^sjo^e'ry line  ,o MpArthnr's ']pVi_iHBhy;.;"i!i"- :."didtaniBie:^ot- about a  11 r, tii ere is a fal 1 of ..pearly hi h ety; feet, and  ���������b is estimated that the; entire^; length of five  niles will average. seven ty feet to t he; mi I.e. t  t i_ tbe intention of the company .to;. procure j  20 stam p ' qiiar\ z mill and ?piace, it some  here be t ween. Cam aro n ton :' and:i Mqsqu i to  reek.   By.. tappi ng Wi 11 iairi, "ere eft n ear Cam -  ronton sufficient; water-power  kraed tp drive;ih$jrtiilL���������::thus;.renileriO^^unT  ocessavy the/use o.f steam;"  This is:the first  nrvey of the ^Meadows that has ever.been  ommeneeeV^nd���������tK^^  alls factory .to Messrs, Kurlz and yLane^g The  Host of the: trip *;here and "the" slifvey may  mount  liese  9ZU&2L2&5  f MWftll  ���������  to Jabou t $2000,- Whicli..;looM,.as":.if  gen tl e men : we re th orough ly; i n earn est  |||i wli:i( i h e y ������p ro p ose ~*. to do. .vWes trns fc th at  fmwy w i 11 < ������ b ih! n' s s ich "a .1 ease from the Go ve r n -  li"111 as will plage, j b;erniont pfythOA p o wer; of  rr.nnil b 1 ers' h ri d ��������� cavi 1 lers. req i1iting only  pfiioieni, g lift ran tee a fori the due '���������;,. perform-;  ji i e i������ o f i I in w (i!i'k p rn p osed to b e. u n d e r ta ken.  ���������>e minify, intend  pur'z -mill, as w��������������� ande rata nd they d0, and  1 i'h i i ��������� J ;i c k - o f-C I ii o s: .1 ake ] si n k _?Iia fisf pro en re  {"O-Uor.sp power pumpretc^iheyexperidiiure  ^grc<'f5*nry fOr ������iicb work arid machinery would  ^px'-tr snlHeivnt ^narnntee. ;in onr next issue  mi' hyp* to jjfv'ft l.iieresnlfsof the entiresnr-  j*v. embracing Jack-of;Clubs lake:and Willow  ���������vrr-  ' " : '"^"' '������������������'������������������:  n  y;cw  |g||| I  MIXING INTELLIGENCE.  y';/, ;.'./.';y. -fe' ^nj.iAii cheek;'. '���������;,.-  In the upper part of the creek everything  is: now in good shape for work. The Gold  Hill co;.,.haying .ground-sliiiced ai cut of, 200  feet J n to th e hill, Men d to c o m mence t u nnel-  ling.v The San Juan, Mountain,: 'Bnidleyr.  Nicholson and Downey companies are1 piping.  The":'gold in the Downey claim has been found  only pn the bed rock tin tl 1 receri 11y, bu t i t is  now found scattered throughout the top gravel  as well aa on the bedrock. The Bedrock  Flume, Forward, Wilson, McLaren, Brdiise,  Dijtch ,BiU, Stead man, Six-toed Pete and: Cpr-  nish companies are piping. Several Chinese  companies are gropnd-slnicing and piping.  The Black Jack co. have run off a large piece  of ground this season, and are close on to the  old. ch an n e I; F roui th e a p pearan" ce o f the  washed ground they expect to do well. ,Tbe  Barker co. are running a drain. Tae Cariboo  co.},bave .jiist got tbeir digginga eleaned ont.  The 'Caledouia co. are still fixing up. The  Schnodiac co. have brought up "a ditch to  their grourd for, ground-sluicing. In the  lower part of the creek t he companies a rer engaged in dead: work caused by the freshet.  The Ballarat co. are sfcillrepairing their drain.  The; Forest: Rose claim gave 40 oz. for last  week's work.��������� ��������� -������'.��������� ;���������;��������� '���������" ���������'      .; ._.; ~  [: '���������;������������������'-��������� ^yyy'felWAX/KKR's ofectf:-" ZA//A-A  ", The tast Trial cbf are bringing up a cut to  ground-si it ice. the channel recently discovered.  The Torquay co. are sin king a shaft. Two of  Iheotbernew companies have started work,  arid two have got their claims laid over t  BLACKJACK GULCH.  The Neosho co. continue taking out about  $10 per day; to the hand.  'Ai^ryyA.y.. Myi ;BT0UT GDLCff.'   ��������� ���������      '   r    A      fe  !s ^lie^ffvale co. washed up 60$ oz. fbr last  week.; Tbe Joe kins rco.. washed up over 50  oz.:;::The.:Muc.hb Oro, Tregoning, and two  pther cowpanies are wovking.  MINING RECORDS.  fe' MOSQUITO CHEEK."  Minnie co.���������June i 27  Little Minnie co.���������June i 2,7 ���������AL Driscoll.  si I m Co it v. R. O u i ck-i Ja s. Bl ack:: fo ur: creek  ^filnims. commencing at "the'lowerKlines of the  rillow co., andtrunnin������rfedown stream 400-ft.:  o be knownUsitheL Little* Minnie epA  COOVm-H GULCH.       :  ||iJune 28^^'^n'g'Sco^ltwd; berich;olai  ^������i ii .a ted ab o ii 11 ������ in i 1 es ab o ve the confluer  Msaid creek with Sugar creek.  f|| GROUSE..CREEK;- .,  B Queen  of Sheba' co.~Juhe  aims  confluence  27  mm  Phillip  jparr.. one creek; claim, commencing  at the  '���������������������������������������������': ?nd of the  Queen of Sheba co., and  ;:,g up stream 100 feet.  To be worked as  \   ;" tho Queen of,Sheba co./   ; yy  A/ {-,  ANTLER CREEK. ',j  3 28���������Leen -Ank & co.. two creek claims  i ���������_. -ributary of Antler creek .on.th.e divide  itween Grouse and Antler creeks, commenc-  f? below White Man's tunnel 200 feet and  nning down stream 200 feet. .; V,  -JB,  ���������h  ������������������ -WIU.UM,CREEK. '���������'-���������'���������   <y--'.-y-  wanson co���������June 27���������Wm. Swanson, 100  ^^1^. conumuicing at a. point 400 feet, from the  ^������^'n'mal"l������1wci;;8ide'-line of. the Enterprise co.  upper  William creek, and running up  oam parallel with the Enterprise co.'s front  lu's.   To be known as the Swanson co.  June 28���������John B. Harris, one hill claim on  lit bank of William  creek, adjoining vtho  ^iwer line of the Hurdie. co.^ formerly part ot  ���������Be Dead wood co. fs ground;   Re-record.  *MBKose and Shararock; co.���������June 28���������Pat.  pragan, one hill claim on riffhfc bank ap-  ihiinp: the .lower line of J.-B;Harris' claim  d formerly; part of  the Dead wood co.'s  ound.  To be. worked in con j u action with  frris claim arid  khowit as  the  Rose and  amrock co.  Bxcelaior co,���������June 30���������George Sleitz, 3_  pra-tts; P.Steitz. U interests; and John  fileticr, C. Peiletier, A. Johnson, A..Galster,  CQ one interest.    Re-record. ' '  m  l-''M  fe*  t -  ly  yy  I  1"  fNUGGET-  'MA  fe'."i;  Ar  y  1:1  , , ; -The Welsh co. of Beggs' gulch  ?������^trom their claim last Week a nugget Of  Pic Sighing five ounces and ten dollars.  ,: yy x: -,: COXKLTN* GULCffi *   .   .' ,'i, ' r,  ��������� -.: The Peli i x cp. h aye bo tto m ed an other sh af ti  The. White APqio c (i)������ who bay e; been Ip rospe tt'A  ing for. a long time, seem to have come to pay.  "having taken;out 20^. last%eek. The -New  A1 m ad eh /In d bin Qu.ee n;, ;^Re n fre w;;Lo ri e Star:  Reid...TBri(^n>.Ne,wiLond on; arid tw6Asmaller  coJs are working,' but they have nothing" of  any.importance:to report.������ '    'A-Ay' "' .,:"*���������  '-'"(yy A:M. V; VaLLEV MOUNTArj^     : ;.  A':AjA;y  i fThe Discovery;cof congou  fuesday. and tlie results so far are!so en con r-  iijring  that many  other c 1 aims \.have ��������� been  staked off.   Pieces worth two .dollars^ were  taken  up from  the surface dirt, which was  only, worked a��������� depth of two feet. A The gravel J  ii ml erueath t h e m r face; sti" ji tu in ajsq cp niia ins  ^oldv^but^notso' much as^ the npper:stratum  It i is believed that the gold in  the   lower  si ratin m wil I be fo n n d in 1 arger qnan ti j ies on  Jor near to tbe bedrock.   The whole mountam  seems, to,.b.e.... n pth i ng b'iit grayelj an d It is  strange that, these diggings, so near to Barker-  .ville. are only just discovered and about to  ���������be^workedi y';-.' _ V ���������'������������������'��������� A- y:-A:  :i m'autiiur's GULCH.  The company hydraulicing near the mouth  of this gulch washed up 25 oz. this week.  ?,.FREKSn.CREEK.���������-./,���������" MA  vThey Cosmopolitariv co. -find-the channel, to j  be very; broad and deep, and have not ye|  fairl v\opened it- They are working ;pn one  side "an d getti n g wages; arid: o n the o tii er th ey  are; d r i i\ hg ahead. but are tr o ub'I ed wi tn  wa ter. The North - A merican arid Ambrose  co Js continue tu nn'e 11 ing.,  MOSQUITO CREEK.  A part of the Minnehaha co. are about to  sink a**haft, and the remainfy?r ���������' are washiiig  headings. The Willow co. arev again at. work  in the deep ground. ..The Discovery co. are  taking out 'good pay* The Hohnan co. are  makinji ov'em wages. The Sadoux aud Wright  Lovell co.1. are still rocking the decomposed  .quartz arid casings,  ��������� RED GULCU.  A party ground-sluicing at the top of this  stream arts making $5. to S6 per day to the  hand. The Alabama co. are down with their  new shaft and are taking out pay. The Boston co. are making small wages.  .    .    COULTER CREEK.  The Discovery co. are hydraulicing and  think they will clean up good wages.  HAltpSCKARBLE CREEK.  Halfpenny & co. are working the Discovery  claiin, and have bottomed a shaft on high  rock. They intend to work from it after connecting with the tunnel.  lightning' creek..  The Lightning.coM after pumping out the  water, fou n d th ei r d igg i nga a 11 righ ^ and a re  taking out pay again, They" are getting from  80 to 100 oz. to the set.  Cranston &.co.. working near the Dunbar  claim, have struck n good prospect at a depth  of 30 feet  .CHISHpLM CREEK. , :A  Th������,*6op'd Hope claim continues steadily  paying six ounces lo the set of timbers!' The  company above are alsoygetting, pay. Tlie  North Wales co. have bottomed a shaft at the  forks and got nothing. They are commencing  to drift ''j.,:.; v-' r TAA.A- *.:: Ar ���������������������������['������������������ A  /A/A"'-/:.  V.AXDEKSON.CREEK.--  'The company, at the mouth of this creek are  taking but good pari.; A.  '������������������ i 'NELSON. CREEK.  : Six:; companies are at, work on this creek.  Tile-Dominique, French Peter and Montgomery companies are piping. The latter will  commence cleaning up in a iew days. The  Prussian co. are running a; tunnel. A Chines-'  company will clean up shortly, arid it is said  ihey will get enough gold to pay them seven  or eight dollars per day for the whole time cf  working.  ; HEGGS GULCFTi  The Welsh co.; three men .working, washed  up 20 oz. last week. The,frust-to-Ln'ck co.  are running a tunnel, and are in over 200 feet  The Skym co. are taking but over wages.  ' j,:'..������������������.'-��������� '/������������������' '������������������'��������� ^ntlercrbkK. ���������* y  ; The companies on this creek are nearly all  engaged; in gronnd-sluicing. The Harkins,  Porter and_ Anderaon'.'-.-companies have commenced :washi ng. A large number of miners  ai*e now working on this creek.  COURT-PROCEEDINGS.  {Bcforo  Hon. H.  ������.  Ball.  GoU Commissioner ftnd  Cauuly Court Jtntgo.) ;-  Saturday, Jane 25,1870.  Bradley-Nicholson Co. Vs-MnnNTAix Co.���������  Suit to show caused why defendants should  not return the water of William creek.into  the old channel andleave it; tp the plaintiffs  at the bead of their;-groiind?aad the plaintifTs  claimed $200 dariiages.;:":;  The San Juani;v]BpnDWri^Bradley-Nicho%  s b ri ian d Do wn j e co m panies, adj o ijaing each  other;in.^e;6td^;i^po'^.^each 'ake water for  ground'-sliiicingfrbnivWilliani creek and deliver: it -below'������������������ their 1 ower lines. The Brad?  leyrKicbblson co^tppk: the water from a ditch  e'cmime^ line; of  tbe  Moiiritmri'obmjjanji >'fe'd the: latter company  d i verted the: water from.th e d i tcb so nsed in to  thliir own :gr6tind; whereupon the Brai 1 ��������� j���������  <��������� Nicholson.broughtss.ui<; :vThe object of the  1 alter :Tconij)a^.^ the foreman.  lJalph^tspn^^ '"'  orhy". 'to '-:;the^ water  bad been irirf)pssessibn ; offelhe ground since  ���������1861,; and' therefore entitled: to priur use of  water by the mining law of that lime.  The Gold Commissioner said that that quer-  tion was not before him: as the summons only  called for deciding as to.the delivery of water  byithe Mountain co. atibe head of plaintiffs'  claims. . . -A A: ���������'���������.���������������������������..���������:������������������-'��������� A "*  'Plaintiffs Contended and evidence was adduced to show that the Mountain co. delivered  the water, below the -Bradley-Nicholson claim.  and that they could not me the water of tbe  Sari Juan co.:On account of the tailings, and  that they had suffered damages through the  Mountain co. having taken; water !r,m the  ditch.yfe   *������'fe-'-"--"-'���������"���������'.AryAiA'yi ;  Defendants .contended arid produced evidence to sliow that there was plenty of water  in the creek���������more than plain!iff* cou'd use���������  iif they- had: chosen to;take.:th.e water running  past their claim v'ffoat all. the companies took  the' tailings.1 and that if they had to dump at  their lower lines they could not work. . >  'The 6old Commissioner decided against  plaintiffs,    y  ��������� .Brown* Co. vs. Kelly Co.^The Gold Commissioner decided in .favor of the plaintiffs  with regard to the boundary line claimed by  them, but awarded no damages as it had not  been shown'. that' the defeh dania had washed  up the ground io eluded with in'the disputed  lines. _____  Schools.���������A correspond^ informs us thai  '* the'Lytton public school is in a flourishing  and healthy condition, .partly owing to the  indefatigable exertions of the Board, but f.>r  the most part to the noti-seciarian principle  upon which it is based. The government  grant, together with the voluntary subscriptions, has cancelled all debts, dues and demands against the institution from its opening  up to the first of last month, leaving a balance  in favor of theschoolof $2 oO.7'. Good for  Lytton.... '-'.-" :  p0STArj_-Yesterday the new postal arrangement with the United States came into operation. Letters from this colony to the United  States, if prepaid, are charged six cents, newspapers two cents each, and may be paid in  colonial stamps. Letters from Barkerville to  the United States are charged, however, as  usual, with tbe 2*c colonial postage in addition to the six coot?,  The news of the death of Mr A. McPuersox,  lately of Barkerville, was received here with  universal regret. Mr McFher?dn'waTdrie of  those exceptional men who succeed in gaining  Ihe respect and friendship of all who knew  htm. and the enmity of none, without anr  effort to promote etlher, taking fortune or  misfortune with equal cheerfulness or indiffer*  ence aa it happened to come, and maintaining  under .any cirenms'ances a quiet, conrleout  and manly character.. He was warmly attached to his native country and its people,  as are all good and true men, and never allowed such attachment to take the form of  prejudice but regarded all men as brethren.  He was not only liberal in sentiment, but  liberal on all  occasions  when  any good  r������f  benevolent purpose required pecuniary ashmt*'  ance.   He was a native of Quebec, Canada,  and aged about 50 years.  Fire Wardens - Messrs. D. Kurtz. E. Pear*  Ron and Joseph Denny, who were elected by  th 'William Creek Fire Brigade to act as Fira  Warden*?, have received a commission irom  Hhn. H. M. Ball confirming tbeir appointment,  and granting them authority lo inspect etova-  pipes, bake oveus,: etc., and to muke such  orders for the prevention of fires as may ba-  just and necessary, and to summons person**  before .the; court who may refuse or neglect  to comply with the orders issued by tho Fire  Wardens. We take tii is opportunity of saying  that the confidence which the people of Bar.  kerville feel in the efficiency of the Brigada  is largely due to the exertions of Captain  Oppenheimer. who has labored hard to. per*  Feet the organization, .       '���������"', .  Murder���������Passengers by-the last express  report that a murder took place at Chilliwack  last week. It appears;that an.Indian enter*  tained a'gnidge ^gain-t.the���������family of a���������Mt-  Greer, and in revenge stabbed a child in the  breast, so as to pierce the heart with a-largs  needle or bodkin.   The Indian was arrested  and found in possession of a blood-stained  needle.which ori comparison with the wound  was recognized by Dr. Black as .being the in*  strument with which bv all appearances.th������*  ,,.aSvSuueu >oy  ,u������ ioicu.au,,<leed; was; co^  ^^tes&theTight of pr|. ployedter? in Cariboo, and Mr. John JCarfa.  ate?-forms company; which brought a letter for htm from Mrs. Greer i>  ^_o7h -ri *;. rip i i ha rtrrmi nri e; nr,a f fo mi ing lum of the atrocious act.  Axotuer AccrDi_N*T-On Tuesday last a  miner named Evan Phillips, of the Good Hope  co., Chisholm creek, while getting out timber^  fell backwards over a log. He had an axe ot_  his shoulder.at the time, and Ins neck was severely cut.by falling on it. The wound waa  stitched, and Phillips is said to be doing well.  Fourth op Jclt���������The programme of tho  Committee of Management for the celebratioa  of Independence Day appears in our adver.  rising columns to-day. The committee are-  making all necessary arrangements for a gal* .  d vy, and it will be seen that their program*  is unusually attractive.  -.''���������'���������  Com ikg B a ck ��������� O ne oi the return e d O m in -  eoans says that when he left Lake Tatlah ther������  were fifty men there about to return to Quesnelmouth. Many of these, however, bad not  been to the mines. \[  Express.���������Barnard's express arrived on  Saturday last. "Col. Lane. Mr John Kurtz and  Hon.* _S. fcewdney*were passengers. No east,  erli mail came, by .this,express. Tbe down  express left on Wednesday, morning.  Accident���������O n Tues day- last,.. Mr John "San ���������* *  derson, of the Victoria co.,...Lowhee creek,  had his knee-cap broken and his neck ciU by  falling from a log with an axe in bis band.  Dr. Chipp attended to his injuries..  CUrrry Crkrk���������A party of prospectors,  with nine animals laden with provisions*  passed through Lytton recently on their way  to the Cherry'creek silver district.  Arabian- Stock���������Mr T. Seward, of Lytton,  has just received a four-year old more, Arabian stock, which he intends to put in training  for the Ashcroft races.  Hams���������Van Volkenbnrg & Co. hare just  received a lot of grain-fed hams from Clinton.  A good quality of ham has been rather a  scarce article of late, y "  First���������Tompkins* team, the first of the  season, laden with merchandipe. arrived on  Wednesday last.  RoBBKRT���������Tbe fluiee-noxes of the Holm stj  co., Mosquito Greek, were robbed last week,- -  mm  E_I_I  i ���������Jft-AVI**-.'*"  . ^_VW1 ;- .r&1'4&-.'*<f4\  ���������>'-.  m  ������������m  'V  r .  wyir-aat-a  ��������� tt'.i  I    *  K<  tfe-  OMINECA   INTELLIGENCE.  "r LETTER FROM A MINER..; .;;���������;  : VfTAi. Cheek, Juno 5,1870*.,  "Hu. J. M'B. Smith,���������I suppose you will  - ���������������������������: tin be disappointed at tbe news, as up to  i4s time 'nothing has. been struck; nor any  i ������'iacy taken out from Vital creek. Since the  i st rash there has been, considerable pros-  j jcllng, both co the lower and upper part of  i'.r_ creek, and nothing found tbat will nay.1  Tie Chap mail co. have worked about 100 feet  of 'ground in tbe oreek and got one ounce of  p-ddf so not .finding anything in the creek  t tey are ground-sluicing in the fiat. The Dis  ��������������� tvery co. are grouhd-eluicing, as are also  ��������� vyo. other companies in the old ground worked  inst. Beason. McMillan, May & co. sank a  :,haft _5 feet deep just above the Chapman  co.'s line and alongside of the creek, drifted  about. 18 feet each way and found nothing���������  Ledfock pitching into the hill liat. To-morrow I start into prospect in the ground above  the Discovery, where I have an interest, in  , company with May, McMartin and Miller.  From tho foregoing information, you will  see that everything around here looks rather.  blltei AXD PARTICULARLY THK NEW   ARRIVALS.  A great many have already started below,  and many more are talking of starting down  soon, pronouncing the country a regular bilk.  However, there are a few of na think, better  of tho country, and are satisfied that something good will be found before tho"ihiniug  season closes. ,. ........  I.have been prospecting on outside creeks  from, the 1st of March to the 20th of May, and  found nothing that would pay, except on Silver^ creek, where at low water I can make  lrom; five to: fifteen dollars per day. on the  poi nts/ and sha 1 l6w beclrpck. Jtfyself and Wm...  _____Humphreys:pan^ed;ou't~$2 _ th four days, and  I afterwards panned out" $ 16 in a few days  frora'diifierenE' places along the creek. This  gold I panned from points and shallow rocks,  and 'from off high benches. No one seems to  think anything of the creek, and in fact I do  not tbliik very, much of it myself. I have r,e-  cortled discovery ground both" in hill and  creek',' which it is my intention to prospect.  '���������������������������'������������������li wilt take a thousand dollars to' "bring water  on to'it.; None of .us are satisfied whether -if  will-pay..or not to bring tbe water on it, but  \ t is, our: inten tion to prospect until we are  fiifly satisfied that.it will. pay. -.- t. ;.  i am'interested in three different .places^, on  Vital A creek, Van d .1.'������������������think I will be ub.Ie. to  * 'provei ."tie whole .oif them in.the next five  >veekS.;;\ShouldXnot.fiQ^.aOything in,.either  j>laeo I will be off on a trip to ;east of here,  ubnu"t ICO miles away. ..  Most of us wintering here were in hopes  some of the new arrivals would start out to  prospect the country, but,no one except Black  Jack &nd John White have made an effort to  do eO. I have, no thing further, of importance,  but hope to be able to send some good news  per next express! * Fred. Black. /'  MISCELLANEOUS.  /TO  ;AN1)j;;D,E;NJ^  HAB REMOVED TO B ARKERVILliE, and is pre-  ./pircd to, treat: all kluds . of ; .disease ��������� and execute  DENTISTRY i if all/its, different branches in the neat.'  est--_nd' hest*", styled "Teeth filled with pure Goldjan.d  Silver; also; False Teeth put in on Gold- Plate,: and  upon-pivots on old stumps' or portions of the teeth,  which very, often reraai u ��������� qjait. sou n d in tbe j awbone  after the tops are gone, and this is the ^ best way for  any person to have false teeth;.as they are- never removed for the purpose of cleaning like those upon  plate^and are perfectly natural to the mouth/and  tongue, as much: so.'as^ the original tee th were.  Parties, who h'avo got.soand;teoth .would do well to  call and ��������� ha vo them cleaned, thus avoiding losiug  them as' othors have'doho through the Injurious cfl-cts  of what is called tartar, consisting of salivary (mucus)  animal matter and phosphate of-'lime,- which encrusts  th������������ teeth wltlr/a dark'Scale,: loosens tho gums, con-  tin ue������ **down to tho;febdnes, loosens, theVteeth, and  causes them to GUI out'without being decayed. -  / x&~ Teeth:extrae1'e_;in:thfi> very besV-way known.  Chargesmoderate"'Tlie:best relerences given, and  all work warranted to givef perfect so tlsfacticu.  i_^orFICE^rOpP '���������site the Government Assay Office,  my21 !":!rMM: "BARKERVILLE/-;,/' ���������..;. .(���������  Restaurant  THE Proprietors of this' old and well-known cstab  , 1 ishtnen t., woul d respec tful ly th an k; their n u m er-  ous'frtoaus and the public for the extensive patronage  heretofore bestowed on thera, and trust that by their  usualstrict attention to business they will merit a  continuance of thcirconfldence-nud support.  it  per  Meals, $1.    Board,  $16   per Week.  BREAD MAI)E OF THE BEST FLOUR  We recommend to the public our  GROUND    COFFEE,  which Is a much superior article than any Whicth;caii'<  be h ad from below. We Roas t and Grin d j t ou rscl ves  aud choose the best berries, consequently the public  may bo sure of its being free from adulteration.  PATTERSON h GOODSON-  NOTiC E.  LL parties desirous of obtaining copies of thoir  prkscristions, or of having the same refilled,  will please-call soon, "as I intend leaving for the  Peace rlvcr.Minos as soon as practicable, to open a,  Branch   Drug    Store.  I will take copies of the above with me and lock  up tho original till my return in the fall.  I will also take a select lot- of Drugs, Patent Medicines, and various ichtas, suitable for Miners.  During my absence, I hope my friends will not forget that I have;a large an l choice Assortment of Pa*  tent Medicines at the Old Stand here,/which they can  obtain at reasonable rates.. yyvy/���������;>-. -///-��������� /  A: Parties owing small accounts. will; pjease'cail; and  settle the,.same. y0  iAAAMAyy,yyy-x.   JASM&-   TAYLOR,. .'  ���������.-,/Barkerville./March; 18,1870 . v.v ral9tf  THE-UN DESIGNED. BEGS   TO   INFORM  HIS  friends and the public, that he has fitted up sp.oi.i  COMFORTABLE    BED-ftOO!*vtf  In his dew building, where he Is prepared to give  good-Beds at a reasonable price.���������' Those who will  favor him with their patronage, may depend on the  cleanness and comfort of his nou'se.  He takesjilsothis opportunity to remind the Cari-  ^jooites tbat his Brewery has' received the FIRST  PUIZEvof the.Colony for his celebrated  XXX   ALE  And tbo true amateurs wil I be ableto judge by tbcm  selves tbat such honorable prize lias been j stly  awarded to him.  N. B.~A large front room to et.  Bitrkorville Jan. 2^.1869. K. CUKIO  A/ G-ILMORE; /   -  f R. C H A MT T A1 L^D R,  }:���������       A YATES . STREET,   VICTORJA^  Vip}/ ���������';���������*..  IT^-ON ��������� HAND, ; and .is con start tly. r eceiving7 a  "IX large assortment of CLOTHS,. CASS1MERES  and,Testings,: which he is prepared to make to order  in/the most; approved styles. v;: ,:i.-��������� Mr ������������������  .yPartles oh William.Creek can have their measures  taken by Mr McCallam; Barkerville.     / *,'���������.*..  1  &&��������� AII! orders: from" Cariboo proihptly; attended  j������������" ���������'-. / -"���������;-��������� :>���������:',. AyA.-ypA .-.��������� ���������* mySlem  MISCELLANEOUS.  YATES STUEETyyiCTORrA, VJ.  ��������� jBQr Orders for. Monuments,- ;��������� Tombstones, r kpi  promptly attended' to.. Every ;��������� description . of work  in-Marble executed. ������������������. A List of -Trices' can,Ve.secn, at  the. SEyTixEL-Office ���������-������������������:- AyAAAA; - ������������������:: ;-*- A    xny1 gn -���������  W^  rpHE READIN(i ROOM AND  JL  located in the rooms next.  stand, And'AAAA- [ .i-A:A: A[A:A'A A '���������'���������: A Ayr.  THE  STJBSCtelPITON ;; HAS r BEEN  RE^  ���������fiUCED TO $3 PER QUARTER.  LIBRARY :9re now  door below the .old  June 10, 18T0.  .JOHNT BOWBOH,;.  Librarian;  CHEAP    GOODS!  COMPRISING-  Boots; Shoes Olothing and  : Grroceries^ /    ;  ;. '.fe:6^;^T;n:E;-iE^    jCT. A L IT Yj,;; J;  For sale at the Store of the undbrslgned iu'Barkor-  viUe, opposite the Bank of British Columbia; "  "I!    T. yyA-y.yy v/:V������#;������������������;*���������-*     Wi REKNIE.  sc4tf  as usual.  -;=������.;  LlQHTNINQ CRKKK,  VflKERS-AND-TRADERS will Qnd^it^o-thHr-������d-  ill   vantage to "purchase at this Store, where there Is  ������ LARGE ASSOKTMENT OF GOODS  ,Of the very best description on hand; and .the Stoclc  constantly replenished hy new arrivals. The proprie  ..'  -    ,    ���������-��������� ���������     tors will sell Goods-  CHEAP  AS   ANY  IN   CARIBOO.  Orderspfomptly Ailed, and forwarded with dispatch.  *     BEEDY & UNDHARTV. .  Van Winkle, .;       .   .Proprietors*  MISOELpANEOUS;  lias commenced makiog ber regular trfn  ' " ' -    y ... bet ween .������������������ ���������*���������   ps  SOM CREEK *:QUESNELMOUTH;  4������* The sWamer is tibt responsible for leai^  Qlls, or othc?r liquids shipped in tins. H%  The Steamer ** Onwardj}  y.,.^ CAPT. WM; IRYIXG,  LEAVES Now Westminster; for _*alo on  . days and Saturdays.   /  The steamer will not be responsible forleakn^ ti'  Liquids shipped in tin or glass. fey'  Wedaej,  ���������5m  mm  wm  THE undersigned' begs to inform all parlies wishjM  to ship goods to VitaPs creek and surround ri  country that he will be prepared to forward 60 m!  pounds per month, ou and after the 1st of April t&ih\  from Quesnelmouthjo the heud of navigation  All consignments.attended to with aire and d_  patch, Vi' '"A-. r "1  jam , [yA,   fe.       ,   /',.:.���������- TATRICKBICKEY-  ^;i>:':;';;;'/;;;'^^';/NpipCE^..;:.,,..-.;-. ATI  THE barge HOMINECA,"-Copt. Moore, ijllbe'prt  pared, on the 1st day.of June next, to make her  regular trips from the foottof Stuart Luke to the head'  of navigation' on/ Lake .Tatlah, carrying freight andv  passengers,-' . ��������� ;;   ;. .      ...,;.'  The Omineca is 35 tons bu rd en ,������ an d is provi d ed'���������*[$  six water-tight compartments and capable of earning 25 bead of pack animals on deck.  A'll goods, intended to be shipped by the Ominccr  the panic's shipping will please address J. W. hlnon  foot of Stuart lake, where there will be a good, substantial warehouse for the receiving and forw.ttnti  goods. .J. W. MOOHR  Quesnellemouth, April 16th, 1870. ap23  r  mm  )i  Cai  THAT. WELL-BOILT DWELUNG-HOUSE, formci!y:  the residence.of L. C. Coombs, Esq., plcasanjiy  situate on the point at the mouth of .'Stout Gulch,  containing Two Rooms, a Woodshed, Cellar, and Cur'  rioge Shed.   For particulars, apply to  ... R. U. BROWN,  my21 Ira BurkcrvllU.  mm  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  AND  m, wit  CA R I BOO    R H Y M E  LONDON   HOUSE  GOVERNMENT AND WHARF STREETS  VICTORIA.  J.    H.     aw������������������������.    **.     vv.,  oiporters of/ all descriptions of Dry Goods;  ; Hosiery and Underclotbiiig,  A very full assortment of these good,, suitable for  Wholesale buyers, at their ^harf street Store/ . .'Mf..  - Regular supplies received from; Europe. by sailing  vessels and by Express via Panama and Pacific Rail-  road,  .....        -y '-'V;    _ '/���������'' A' ���������'���������'  /^Particular attention given-to orders from Brlt-  ishColumbia.   ,. y.'yfe  Sole Agent for Alexandre Kid Gloves.  London Firm���������J. P. TUNSTALL & Co.*' 8 Bow Church  ��������� Ay.   r   ;./ .-. - ;���������;. ;Yard./��������� '"���������     ;-'-; y/y/.//:-/...  EIEY'S AlIUNITION  BY   JAMKS  AXUEKSON.  PRICE,  For sale at the Sextixel Office  post, free of chaiee  ONE POU.AR  and forwnr ei! li  imv_w  !iill  Pacific  Telegraph  Hotel,  Store street (betwe������'ri Herald & Fisp in tl),  fe '/      A -i -A..   VICTORIA, B.c.r ;'  Andre^r/Astrico,  F.--;���������"��������� A^   -      Prornetor.  The most commodious and clean Hotr-l in ^*ic(uri^  It* is conducted on .the European principle. Tbe tnMe  is supplied witb the very best the market aflbn's.  Meals at all hours ,of the day. Private Dining  Rooms for Families.  Board: a n d' Lodgi ng! per week. ���������', $550@$C 50.-  Per-day r'-$l:,;--.-"?i n gle m cals^37 i -������ een ts. Beds; 50cr  J8_f" A Fireproof Safe In the. House.  A. ��������� Ca^maybii & Go.,  Commission Merchants & Wholesale Dealers  ���������/���������. ;-^y';/ /������������������:���������:;���������.: ���������/"/���������'ib:'''       /" ���������'-;' ������������������:  GROCERIES,   PROVISIONS,  HA: VAN A  CIGARS   AND   FRENCH  fe    i PRESERVES.  Yates street, Victoria, V.L  ��������� myTSm  Importer and Dealer in Fine Havana  CIGfARS and_ TOBACCO.  The ahovo articles can  bo obtained in nnd out of  B on d, a 1 t h e op 11 on o f t h e;.p u reh as,er.   A g en oral      "      ussortment of  SMOKING   ARTICLES.  -|^ OrJers from the Upper couiitry promptly a  tended to. *  , ,.;' -NO.- 47 YATES STREET/  (Opposito.tho Rank of British North America.)  .VICTORIA, V.I.  -.my7 3m  Mining and Agricultural  Macliinery.  QPRATT k KRIEMLBR������anurncture nil kinds of  U Machinery for Farmers^nd Miners, at the Albion  Foundry Victoria, .,V.I., nnd for cheapness an'i  quality their work cfiunot bo rivnlhd by any other  machinists. First premium Co^lal made Wrought  Iron Ploughs, after the Scotch style, universally acknowledged to be the best in use, price $65. Orders  for Quartz Mills, Iron Pumps, ft*., Ploughs or parts  of Ploughs, promptly attended to. my7 6m  S PRO AT & CO.,  THE BOXER CARTRIDGES  For Sn ider-Enficld of -577 b'brc,  : and for the:Henry^-and Martini Henry Rifles of ,450; bore,  adopted by lier Slajesty/s War  Department, also of -600 bore  for Military Rifles.  WATERPROOF .CENTRAL.  FIRE ������l ET A LL1C CAR.  BRIDGES with enlargod Base  for small bores, adopted by  foreign governments for con-  verted-Chassepot, Bj'rdan, Re-  ;tnIngton and1 other Rifles j also  Cartridges for v Ballard, the  Spencer,and American Hcnrv  Repeating Rifles. / .-'"..���������.'  k^/J^' B?lx!R,, ftr?th.fl cheapest Cartridges  krio   n, carrying their own igniiiou, and being made  ari   cHmat"ela1' ar������ Watef prooi,aI1,1 imPcrishable in  The above Cartridge cases femptv) of all tiro-* ntiA  for the din������rent systems of Breech doading RifioV c ������  he had will, or without, the suitable Bullots andSa  chines for finishing the Cartridges  FLOUR, FL0UJIrFL0lIl{  SODA 'CREEK,,.../ ;/���������/. :*.*'- '  ''  :,y"/   QUESNE^I^;,and  'fe; "���������/'���������      ������     ': 'yA[JdHof/A v - ��������� ;���������  TWO 6-iN. CYLINDER STEAM EKGINES;  ;     WITHBOILERS,  Suitable for small steamers.  .  m  Clinton, April 12th, 1870.  J.  HARPER,  ap!6 Qtn  Van  yollteh^iirg & ' Oo;;  RETAIL   BUTCHERS,  R AR K J) R VILLE,   RICHFIELD,   Am,  MOSQUITO CREEK.  AGENTS FOR  Royal Insurance Co.;  -WHARF STREET, VfCTOKU, V.I.  LEA & PERKINS'  Celebrated  ORCE STERS HI R E   SAUCE,  Dccbired hy Connoisseurs to be  THE  ONLY   GOOD  SATJCE.  my 7 3m  For Sale.  j ANE-HALF interest in the we.]\ kno\vn ������ avtftoop  \i) REOTAURAWMn B^rk.rvill?0 For ���������������JfiJ^  c*������������$** ������/r������^nat ������! aU^Pcrfptlon������ covtuviW. I apply "to J������. JOHN DA tJv, on the pr,m.^  -' ;  ' 'fe-��������� ..���������'���������     : 1        -';.; '���������: ..   ,��������� ��������� .    "   "-- '        my2Him  PIN-CARTRIDGES for Lcfaucheux Revolvers of  12 m. 9-m. and 7-m. bore. r?or  CENTRAT.-FIRE.nud PIN-FIRE CARTRIDOES for  iilLsi2.es ami systems of Guns, Rifles nnd Revo ver/  D.ublci Waterproof and E. R. Caps, latent Wire r_r  nSSj FdiGun Wartflin^ t������r- Breech and K  Loaders nnd every description of Sporling and S  tary Ammunition. .*������**������ j*iji������  ELE  CRAY'S  Y   B  mN  R OTHERS.,  ROAP,   LONDON  WHOLESALE ONLY  mu ui*  Caution against Fraud.���������The success ofihl*  most delicious and unrivalled Condiment havlu"?  caused certain dealers to apply the name of " WofcfR-  teri?hire ^uuce" the public is hereby informed that tht  only way to secure the genuine, Is to.  ASK FOR LEA ic PERRHSTSV SAUCE.  and to see-.that their names are upon the wRApr*:n,  LABELS, RToprKR, and HOTTIE.  Some.ol the foreign markbts: having been supplied  with a spurious WorcestcrshireSaucsC, upon the wrapper andlabels of which the names of Lea and Perriu������  have been'Torged, J,, and P. give notice that they  l|rivo' furn ished ' tii ci r correspondt-nts w i th power of  attorney to take instant proceedings against w**B'  FACTLRKRs and vkndors of such, or any other Imlta  tions by whf.ch their right may be infringed.. -  Ask for LEA & FERRlks'  Sauce and s  Name, on- "Wrapper,  Label, Bottle, an  Stopper.  Wholesa 1 e and for export bv t h e Tropr 1 et r-rs, V w-.  cf?Mrr; Crpf.Sf;?������ttd: Black we.11, Loudon. A*r;, kc ��������� end  by ������r(^rgfr^d oilttHi ������r!ver80ljy.  Hi  m  i..  fe'i'fe  ���������jpr.-.:-    '  / !;.. . *'-


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