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 ft -
t'X. Jx.
���i-,i*>;i-i..J."l ���-/.���:.
��� n^JP:
..;. '.-���. ��v>*, .-..v^;V--;.,.'*r-"'^.',-;--r-vi'j,>5,-i7,v-''". ��� ������ -;' " ���'. v,,-.^:- :-.-y,. -:.
Barker^0y^ B, f 0||J^Jdajjr, July 15, 1^8^*
���*To(-TBB^Bbnn>B of the ** Caribog Sentinel*"
Sir,���In your, issue of- the 1st of July, In
���chronicling the event ofa-newchu-rchatLy^
too[.and t th* inBtetmeht jtherelnxif a ^ler^y mah^
yoii refer to>y the-faetl of our mines being :-uV.
terly fedes^t^i byythe^
though several -places ��� ofi worship ;still exist;
Your readera will perhaps i-emejmber that in a
former letter te the; Cariboo^Sentipt$T called
their attention to'; the;;same &ctv^Tbis subject
is of, top seribuB a nature to be tPeated 1 ightly^
or igiiore'd; and with your kind*�� permission I
will take the liberty to -make a lew. 1 remarks
upon it; although^it islai, sufyect^ well worthy
tbe corisideration-^f -:a^ more eniightened mind
and an abler peh than mine. V Among y those
^orhi^red amoiigs^ were
a number; 6f gentlemen sent out to this col-
<*&y Jj^Jha t; |ih i ia-g^iigo p i c%4^^^��^^��*- 'S ii r4 ^*^
GovitteA TJM
great miasure justly;)^r^sending out to our
mines i as missionaries, a batch of ^castaway
clergymen ^men; inferior in intellect to the
generality of those amongst whom t hey labored,'and whose teactiihg3^re5 only acceptable' to -the ^few,and men-who were also
slightly given to bigotry and prejudice. - It is
no wonder then, thai their missions were unsuccessful. Yet ~ it is' but fair4 to give Miss
, Coufcts credit for her good in l-eMo^i^butJt
muatlie saM\that she ^^
tial thing, viz., judgment; inltie selection# of
her misdioharies^y In her consignment of girls
for^miners' wivesi^she exhibited the same de-
fie ie ncyJ   It m ust b e th at i fc n ever e aterte d her.
mind that a eonsiniinity of miners consisted of
men of all gradeslaud classes ittsocjtety^men
of; learning and ;ihtelligehce^Collected  together from the four points; of the i compass,
differing in tbeir creeds; and even they of the
Protestant faith, of various opinions.   If Miss
'Coutts, when that philanthropic spirit took
.possession of her ramd,bad.but seat us "quality," a nd no t " quantity,^ the results. migh t
;have been very ditterent .-to-day^.tor;what��^h��y
are. As to others who.have been amongst us?
the less said the better.   Tbe!oniy one in* holy
<orders who ever ventured to pass the rigors
of a winter here, is one of the Roman Catholic clergy; and whatever we may consider the
errors of that faith to be, it is but just to say
that the zeal of its ministers is an example
-well worthy-of the imitation of all Christians.
The man,who wishes to do good, and see his
labors  crowned  withA. success;y must; be a
snaa of undoubted vrightebushess:;;of consiy
derable talent, to command a hearing ; aiid
(Laving a thorough knowledge -of mankind;
atid cap able b f dealing with; the Jo west an d
most depraved moral characters ; at the same
time divesting himself! of; all  sectarianism;
merely preaching the gospel mits simplicity,
��� The fact of our former pastors being unable
to keep together;;a; ; cengregatipn, oh account
���of a deficiency of one or all of.ihe above
rqualities, is sufficient to prove that^ they '���were
[not " the right iaii^ii/hft.tfae:;;'Tight-pifto��/5-v"NWi
fare anJ extraordinary community/ and an ei-
[traordinary man willyonly; |dp   for; us. ;It
j would be well if thesocieties for they conversion of the heathen, gave a moment^ consi-
ideratich to" the more: than heathens; of the
["gold fields of Cariboo. "; ��� A:y:/AyA/AA; 'A A
' :.I:'remain;-etc.,-; 'r Aiy ���',.'������
.; JTal. o EinoN.
July 8th, 1867, ; ��
[En referring to the clergymen who have
[Wintered here, our correspondent has forgotten to mention Rev. Mr. Duff, who spent one
(winter on this creek, but was obliged to leave
in the spring, on account of ill health.���En. S.]
7 coh9id��ably"augmented hy the recent ;��� importation
of avarlety. of;hew Ornamental TypcJ jJeculiariy suited
for-"';,--. ���;.;; A.;,,/;-;':,,"y: *$.y\.��� -yMfi'-MA'��� ������ '��� !'-a ���
Aa< Fosters, jCiroulars, Cards,fe 'rrAA^Myy. Ay
>'..     i Billheads, Programmes for  y ;
yy- 'Balls,Concerts, and;..
AA'y ;fey-;;/Th'eatrical; Entertainments.. Y*
Ordws forany-deacriptlon' of Joh Work will tie, exe-
jcuted.w4-sh;neatiiess:and desjpatch;:;^ ���:��� -Ary .
Terms.moderate. *%5&-\"'K������'\A "
ate a ^IabGENs, old; stand:
^Barkervule^istMay, 'l867. '"���   y .'   >,   ,,  .. 1-s
yyy/iyyyy^yM'-:^^y,>: y^y
AliotwOiieM Go 11 ector.
ArrAAAiA��(--.,-"��������� ���'.:ji�� r-.AN*p,i-  ry.. m^A-MM-A" >
���  A '" "MiSLNGV A.GENT.V,   -
* Goods sold on Commission.
Salesroom, Barkerville.
LEGUYER & iEBRUN,; Proprietors,
ijl' tbe abovo'Establisliment.
Barkerville^7th May; 1867.
X'the abovo Establishment.   "     .,-;,.*
���:���"  ' GOOD FARE AND V300D BEDS I
:p��yyi|fe^TEBHEN^    /;:-: I
v ���     //��� MfeKERVlLLE; V. v ;. "J "���'
1LUAMS   GREEK.;   -
to the;pa*.il<} that tliey^havQ.enlargufJ, refurnished^
and tliorjiighly.renoya^di their- capacious and i fdgh-,
ionable s^ooh,-^.epaHiig'nei ther.pains nor expense Tor
the,comf^pr-thelr:Pa,trons���,yv.,' > y ���     ��� ,.'��'��� A
"This ls:5%;tiip larger in
British-Columbia ; consistlnp' of three large separate
apartment^ viz.: fe<URD^ROOM^ BAR K(K)i^ and
BILtlARIli^ALOON^cohtuining- three superb BIL-
LIARDr.ifc*SLES.ti''-fe;^fs , ^ ��� lA-AAxy ::yyA.y,AxA
A 'The-' hos^ fclQUQRSVand' CIGARS ; phtainable,4aTe
served hosefe Tbis establishment is -uhder. the'tmnie^
diatesnperintenden'cebrthe'Proprietors.'J fe" ,J
y "fe- ADLER& BARRY: fe
Jnnc'et^i867s^'l,   , ���, ;j  ,    A  y    f.'4m   y     ,,    ,
"m * I ���; ��� MeHFIELD.^'^;^:: ^ 'AA'A
aricl Pjitrons^-tliat he:hM^ened his OLD SIAKD,
wUcrp he will be glad to see them:" 7 rr'   '        -     /
:4��" Mbals at Ai/L Hours M>$& Mi.-. ,    *
June 10tb, 186?.       . 11-s.'
^JffOUTTET & Cto;f;.:
////�� RICHFIELD,    A     "   '/"���
;Butter,at $lt25'perlb. ��� ,^    ,   :
Solo Agents for Girod & Guichon, ���QaesnelrobutlKSs
June'10tM';1867.    , "%���:*-��� ,     AXX&A
Plans, levels, tSectionsy &c.y* &c, cottimitted to Jijs
ctiargejf with? care..' despatch,. flncr.^.nVIREASONA-BIiE--
TERSfs.-.-" "; ,'AAA m" "i aa i
A&A:M rviBFy'-.Q(Dce^ cehtrbvof.Richfield. ^��&
....... ?IS
rrHE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in ihe;.above
J.- business next 'dwr.to -Mundorff's\stables;; Barker
ville; and soilcit a share1 of public patronage.
Ay Always or hand;
Tyfew Work and Jobbing
; fe ;.': ���������...,' Pone ..at reasonahle rates.    v;;;.
1:; USgrOttr- Teams run regularly -between yaio and
Gari bob and all orders in our lino, of business carefully
attended to. fe
;*;. 1-s A A      y ���; E. PEARSON &:BROS.;:
.._,.,..     i*f,Bl.....  	
AKES'lmiS  METHOD -OF   INk>RMllN^,:*tfiS
friends ailii the' public - generally,-that ^"e v, has. eh-
lai^ed:and^tte1i?up his;SHA^E����!SAI^ON^ ifra sup&
nor manae^haying secured-;the services of*an'efficient
assistant, -hftyis'" now; prepared ���? to oporate fein'^a
satisfactorySmanher in all branches of the TQN^QRIAK
ART. *
i:" kHe'^so-bS^<^tfil^'attentib h\z\
jineselecti   J/ -'���"'"���v" '���-'      "i"" ��-��� *-'-"- -^---------*y;>-^
\r He "also '������ calls^ attention to,'hiSinnriyall&d HairRestory
atiye3 rguaranteemg'��� to stop ^hair ft^m^falling out, in'
one week, and in reasonable, time restoring Hair to its
former state and; color.    ' - -* - ^ ���    ���
Also'Gentlomen's furnishing .Goods ; finest assortment of ShirtsyUuderclothesy ���: Necfc ^Ties^Scarfs^ etc: A
27th'May,1867-    - : ^ -������ .    :-, * x "���   , y   , ;s ;.
M O N D A Y,   :
Wi th ��� H. Ui, Mails, ��� Express; and ��� Pass engers,  for
v   7 Mm  ,
'"t%        A
-, '^&M'y$is*': ^v'-'fc." 'l-iii'Js^i
A-* . A        iAA
SUBSC24IP310.NS,' ADi>I.NO��TAGE; fmi&%E^AWA$m y
\: jVth;May, j8CTv": fj^j:,: ', S|S /y:":y-L /A'm l>/
. r -' ^'xSta^ngfor^'SBs, Hay* and.-.Oats.; 1
Meals ^all ho,ursj,1Snd,,Cobkin-��J oi the beat
be undersigned have refltied this" veil .known house
which is: now o^en for the accomodation of the
public.    ��� " "...  yy y-"-A:   ��� y   iyy r   ,'������'-' y:
���lThe Bar will be supplied with tho .best :brands bf
UQU0RSand CIGARS. ,....-..    ;      .      /�����
; jB^'Meals and Beds furnished at all hoursV
? G. FONTAINE,   '
f .      FELIX POUCHOT,     r       ?
'::"' *    ' " ''r - 'y - V--'������'���:.',JS Proprietors.' ri.
;"������' Richfield, Istilay, IS67. y : yyMyiyAy JA '
,   AB SIX O'CLOCK, A^M.yfe
:      AT -FO0R O^CLOCK, AM.;
^"^^iielniputhv; Ma^2nd^i8i67,.
Tub Toronto Globe on Confederation*
;*iTa British Columbia.���After quoting an
article from the Colonist, on the subject of
Unfoderation, the Toronto Globe pertinently
|6ays;~. '  - -���'- "���;
''Our contemporary may rest assured that
jjrtten negotiations are opened witli a view to
incorporation, British Columbia will be treat-
pa with in a fair and liberal, spirit.   Mean-.
Ivx,.6 a K00^ deal can be do he towards fad-
fhtating the Union by completing .those high-
Sways to  the  Rocky  Mountains   which are
���under way da the Pacific slope.   It would be
|our business to open up a road on this side.
���A good^-through; route, with encouragement
1*0 immigrants to settle on the fehile prairies
j^hich intervene, are essential to make aa in-
I^roceanic Confederation really useful and
lujibles, and Express Freight to.Big Bend, Cariboo
and way stations.
(Exclusive of Steamer's fare.)
��� AND
Connecting at Victoria ^itli DWELLS, fePARGO &GO 4
for California. OregonVithe Atlantic States' Ay   y
'      - ��� and Europe:-     *  ���' * i A'
AND At YtoiAND m
CARIBOO EXPRESS, ���*,'   -      ������
���For Big Bend, Cariboo and ithe Northern Mines,
Conveying Treasure, Valuables, Lettered "packages and;:
AA'A '---'A   ���-..-.;.   Parcels. ���-.,   1-s.-,""
bpFioB���Opposite N. ComO's Bbbwert.
Juno 17�� 1867..
Cariboo Literary Institute
V    J. S. THOMPSON, President.
JAMES ANDERSON, Vicu-Presidsxt.
^^ If you want good Coffee use Fell's.
villo, whero it is now fitted up with a view to the
comfort and convenience of the. people-of Cariboo.
The Reading Room will be found supplied with, the
latest English, Scottish^ dnadiau, American and Co-
loninl Papers aud Magazines, y
Terms of Subscription���$5 per Quarter, or $2 per
Month. Single volumes loaned to non-subscribers at
50 cents pur Volume,, with $1 deposit.
persons not subscribers, visiting tbe Reading Room,
and making use of tho Books and Papers, 25 cents for
��aThsVBoom wlil bo opon from TEN, A. M., till TEN,
:,".:.. " = ' "- .   Secretary and Librarian,
N. B ���A finotfisortmentof Boolis and Stationery if
Always kept fofsato/ . '.-���".���
���':-B^^^:i$v^A//yMA ���
. Have just received a choice selection of. ,;
, ********��***��*.,
,.;-.-    ETC., ETC.,
.  Has removed to his NEW STORE, opposite
GlotMng and
Jona 2T�� J86T- '���-
with .various other articles i n their. 1 ine of 'trade: ���?���
������.jgST AU Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron,. Copper and
Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give satisfac*
tion.' ".':���'"' '���'���  fe'--.;-  ��� , '.":��� ", ' V '.".-. ���'Air.--A.ir -1 -
a tlr a-jtftiV." Bl ker y^
' ������'";,',..-,��� y-^ARKERVILLE,
house forthe season, the .proprietors wish, to inform their friends.and the public generally, that tftsy
willsparb no pains in order to inerii the pittronago ��?
ail w no give taenia call,
������'���,; "Mf'alis ��� at' all hours* ��� ���:   '���'"'���' ^:   * r  ���������m  ���������1 yt  ���������*J������  ���������HH������  wssfTriyy ^  THE GAMBQ0 SENTgl  -^���������T^MONDAY,. JULY: 15" l$67.V.^;vW  -n-n-  TliK^bUSB CREEK TLUME COMPANY  "A AA.. M?y-m TROUfiti^AGAiN:; A/aa/aA-  A Considerable excitement was crea^d?,befev  on Friday;*laSt, by intelligence received? ft;om  - Grouee^^ Creek^frpm^whicb we gleaned#at^a  number:of nien, about forty strong, includiifg':  all:the members of the ^Canadian Company^  [<M Grouse; Creeki; had; taken^ppssession 9pifoe*  drift belonging to the Black Hawk Cdmpa*oy|  which-immediately adjbir^th  06m*p>'iiyi\ A Of course; dame rum or,, as usual;  fiud -exaggerated the affair in all; ita^detailsi  -ftnd.-'wejheard people gravely inform ;thbir'  ne,igbboS;p.f the exact number of;>killed^and  wouu4e&,;; 'a-correct statement pf the:circiimj  ^ta^e^at&mling the unfortunate, occurrence  will70% found. in lanother;:. column.A We;;onlv  purpose treating in. this pi ace of the; facts;; $0  far as :- weA bay. e1 i been able/ to gather -tjtiein ,-  .   which/.-l.ed^^^to^proceedings   so ^UBiikfeitlie  umlaly conduct. joC :;0ur. icitizeiiSi y The Canadian /^cbwpany;? wasAA formed; y last^y^^rj  and the .jmembe'jrs ^       some: misappre|en-  .'-',;si0a of the.cbnditimw.upbtf; wbbh the Gro*gsc  ���������rCreefe ���������i'FlQmetfeGda^aS^held their-cbartSr,  feprocee;dedAirv^t^  feet prgrpundj/a great part of which was held  - by tlitf' iEiifiri'feiGom^njj^nder /- their 1 ease.  /The; j^eyajling:; impre3eiODi;bn grouse Creek  ;   at^at/p^ib  /   pany *^ lapse/d^ih consequence of  y V.tti������-no^^ ?! Whether  'the"Imprewiori^w-w; right$|������vvro hg; we are not  :   preparedyto^  '"; year .1865/or; beginningJoT 1866;/the^^FluMe  yGqiq\i������jiyi finding^themselyies ilnable/to'fecjto-  ��������� ply withlthe;co^diti.0m:0j!fie\T/charter,M&de  . applieatipiiJtp|/^gOy^ ie-  ^uirementS;& indulgences  'granted; to; theni; aud^wgrej; -referredVtp Mr.  /:  Cox, the/vlGolci'^0 district^  d#;. thai ^ was: - ul.ti^  ; :'rffivt-el^g^ -to-the  / / ^flfect:tbat/thei;Flume:0omb^Tti^ were only re-  ��������� quired /to / cprKstruct, :Twl^hund red. feet of  A liurae;;antl had i permissioi$0 cut a/ ditch. for  ; ��������� 3.000 feet, if^it-was ^-^JL^s^lnecessary;1 The  Flume Company j. it;'wou^teap'pear, had -con-  tracted=with; their^;former;f|remah, to carry on,  the,;works;* for^, the ;^seaspti��������� t������^66;;; in consid-  / - criifton pfra c^  c. m stock/ b ei ng ��������� fci^usfe imi^^^^ in [ of -|  ^rnbney (the: amount we: haveAnqt ascertained,)  being -paid over at stated ��������� intervals.   These  A terms-we understand were complied with by  the company; but the contractor was unable  to carry 0 ut his .con trac t, an d what -is worse,  ��������� involved a number of his friends and fellow-  - workmen in his failure./'The Flume Company again applied last winter to tbe government; tor indulgences, but. were refused all  further concessions. Mr. Cox was then .con-  milted on the part ot the government,; and .he,  in view:-of the then supposed: \ahie of the  grouud, and the injury likely to follow from  the locking up of so large apiece of mining  ground as that held by the ' Company, recommended a grant to the company of 1250 feet,  and the quashing of'the charter. This was  consented to by the Company, and the preliminaries arranged.- Information of the  change having been conveyed to Mr. Spalding, the Gold Commissioner- pa this creek, he  issued notices.in March last; embodying the  fact of the-termination of the Flume Company's charter, and-throwing; open the whole  of the creek (except-1250 feet) to pre-emption.  The Canadian Company, however, did not  seem to realize the position as determined on  by government, aud: ��������� continued to hold their  ground!:y;iThe/agehtSjOf the /FlumeCompany.  ; suminonedthem/berp^  ing, on 22nd Sprit last; who at once grarited  an order for the; ejectment: of the ; Canadian  Company./ Sot feeling satisfied with /-this  action of the court; the Canadian Company  appealed; the case, to tbe \ Supreme.Court,  Meanwhile, the Black Hawk-Company; hbld-  ing ground /adjoining the Flume Company,,  were supposed to have trespassed on: the  Flume (-ompany^s rights^and were brought  before ;Mr!fe'Ball, our present Gold Coramis-;:  woner, o^-fthat charge. The,case, however,  fell to the; ground^ it having been proved1 by  the B1 ack JHawk Company tb at; a certain  stake, tnarking the limits of the Flume ground.  in 1864, was: distinctly recognizable, and the  commissioner . ruled that; as. / the. .company  ch ose to s take the ground in 18.64, th ey were  bound by. their/own stakes, which showed that  they, .were''entitled/to thirty^Beven feet, ^or  thereabout; on the east si de of their. flume, instead of fifty feet, as claimed/ by them ; bi*it  that any rights they possessed, under their  new charter, would only be decided upon  when ife was j>roduceid, said charter not haying reached the creek. It was owing to this  decision that the Canadian Company, still  impressed with the idea.that they were fairly  entitled to the ground, proceeded to work  upon it. and four of tbeir number, at the jn-  Btance of the Flume Company ?s agents^ were  taken before; the Magistrate, oh a charge of  trespassing against- Mr. Spalding?B decision,  and imprisoned for a short, time.,fe After the  liberation of the trespassers,foilowed a period  of quibt. until the. sitting.of^ the.:Supreme  Court commenced. When the seyeral appeals,  Grouse Creek Bed Rock Flume ;Gompany vs.  Canadian Company ; Grouse; Creek Bed Rock  Flume Company vs. Black Hawk ..Company,  were called on before His Honor Jndge Beg-  bie, he decided that by the recent* changes in  the mining laws, he was; not..empowered to  adjudicate in these several instances ; as the  decision of the Gold Commissioner, according  to the new code, is final on all'matters of fact.  Proceedings were subsequently instituted by  the Canadian Company before the/ Commis-  [si6her,.with the view of testing thei^title to  She strip of ground not/included iu:the"Frume  li6mpany?s boundaries, all of which'were'repeatedly dismissed. This; was felt by them to  be very barsh treatmeht,asthey conceivedthey  were possessed of proofs .fully' sufficient to  support their claims, and tlie result has been  that they/ have /taken possession of the disputed ground. As the circumstances con*  nected with the whole proceedings will doubtless be properly investigated, and may lead  to the institution of enquiries likely tb set the  vexed question at rest, we refrain from passing an opinioniqn the merits of/the case, pro  or cofc^TherCanadiauTCamp^  been harshly "arid unfairly treated, but  we are convinced, that; thereare still 'avenues  open to them by -.''wb ich they may 'reach the  justice they feel* themselves debarred from.  To the; Editor of the " Cauiboo SE>���������TI^'KL���������,,  ;: Sir.^Iam instructed by the; members of  the Canadian Company, Grouse -Creek, to solicit you to leake known to the public^through  the medium, of your columns, their/exact pre-  teusions and position.    T^ey 'totally, disavow  the; idea.that they are acting in opposition to  the law of tbe land.  Since the Supreme Court  sat, th^y have made the most strenuous efforts  to bring their/case into court,; not/with the J  view of setting/aside, but carrying out. the  decision of Mr. Cbnirnissioncr Spaldingl Their  case^wduid not be hoard at any time; and any J  actionthey .;may have, taken sinceVis; simply '  with the object of. cbmingintp court-in such  a>' manner j that the rights they - bontend for,  may be . contested on the real ^merits of the  case, suppbrted.by evidence, which is,-J- opine,  the spirit of British Taw.   /    ���������    yAA:A$AAAA  A July lZS*\S(>Iv'A A- ���������-..������.; fe-v.^V.^^-..C..*;BQ0Tii. "  grousb ; cbekk : D|PFicur.TT.-~0*tt Friday  morning last information was comihunicated  to the authorities here that the Canadian Co.  on Grouse creek... had taken possession of  ground belonging to the Flume Co. aud were  working it. His Honor Commissioner Ball  immediately sent officers Fitzgerald, Sullivan  dnd Wilson accompanied by E. Dewdney,  Surveyor, to the scene of dispute, with orders  to eject tbe trespassers and protect the Flume  Co. -it appeared that the Canadian Co. had  purchased a certain portion of the Black  Hawk Co.'3 ground with a right of way  through their incline, from which tbey were  engaged in taking dirt when the constables  arrived. The first step Mr. Fitzgerald took  was to close the mouth of the incline bo as to  prevent ingress or egress to the ground  below, which was submitted to by the  Canadian company without any resistance.  Being disposed to retain possession of the  disputed strip of ground, tbe Canadian Co.  immediately went to work in a shaft previously sunk by tbem on the ground, and  continued working there throughout the day.  In the afternoon, constable Fitzgerald proceeded to arrest one of the men, uamed A.  Ward, who was working at the windlass,  when every member of the company, which  now numbers thirty or forty men, surrounded  him without showing any hostile disposition;, or making any threats of violence,  but simply claiming that ub they all acted as  one man, if any one was liable to arrest they  all were, demanding at the same time the officers warrant which was not produced. Mr.  Fitzgerald not knowing,how to act tinder the  circumstances, decided on returning to headquarters, where he arrived the same evening  leaving officers Sullivan and Wilson in charge  of the Black Hawk Co."s incline. Both companies continued working the ground up till  late last night.  Death of a Piontseu.���������The friends of Mr.  Henry Lam on, formerly of Richfield, received  news, by last mail of his death at Paris, in  February last. Mr. Lamon came to this  country during the excitement ot 1858,.and  was among the first who settled in this, dis-1  trict, where he continued to reside, until sickness forced him, for a time, to seek a more  genial climate; in which he has unhappily  found a premature grave.  /Express,���������Barnard's Express stage came in  yesterday forenoon, bringing a small mail  and express. Among the passengers were  Dr. Trevor, Mrs. Robinson (of Van Winkle),  Measrs, Yan Vleck, Ross and Lawrence.  The K00TEKAT TRAGEinv-Mr |eilson has-  not yet reached this city, so that we.are_ still  , without particulars. It ^{M ^iTmh^  ever, from official despatches^! ten .������atee.  quent to the shooting, and hrojight <out by Mr  ���������Neilson, that Judge Gaggin died of heart ^s  ease, and not in the violent ���������*���������\*X���������t  Lawson^not Lowe, was the ^rneoUheeonr  stable who was shot. It appears that a^hor,e  thief from^ the other side, reached Kofteqay  with several stolen horses. ^He was [oliowed  by the owners, who applied to the ^^ities.  Lawson, accompanied by two men who promised to standby him, went up to the^th 1^  who was on horseback. The man professing  to surrender, Lawson laid hold of his horsey  bridle,when he drew a pistol, and shot the un-.  suspecting constable dead, on, the spot, and  immediately fled for the boundarv. Inasmuch as the despatches are silent about^tne  lynching affair,' and mention that a reward; ot  $500 had been offered/for the apprehension  of the thief-murderer, it would seem improbable that the lynching part of the report was  correet. This is almost.to be regretted, as  itismuch to be feared that once fairly into  the American territory, the chances of ^capture would be . small. The name of the  wretch is said to be Charles Brown.���������British  Columbian.    '  We are happy to Jearn from the, Rev. Fa  .tnerrMcGuickeri, JtfiX"we--.wefeArtiierror, in  stating that the condemned prisoners were  indifferent to his efforts in preparing them to  meet their fate. He informs us that they both  evince great earnestness in listening to his  exhortations. Barry is in.the habit of devoting a great portion of his time daily , to the  perusal of the Bible.   .. ...- ,    ��������� *��������� ���������  SwrniNO Exhibition.���������Joe Eden% sparring entertainment came off last night and  attracted "a crowded audience to witness the  hero. Many of Joe's admirers were present  and several friendly bouts were indulged in  by ainateurs and others, muoh to the amusement of the spectators. ���������'���������;/''. - /  Police Court.���������In the Police Court, on Fri  day, W..D. Moses was charged by special,  constable George Wilson, with having attempted to assault him with a razor, in the.  streets of Barkerville, On the evening of the^  11th inst, and fined $20,      A        "  Large Fish.���������A sturgeon was caught the  other day in the Fraser, at Quesnelmouth,;  weighing 300lbs. and measuring 10ft. in length.  This is the largest fish that has ever yet been;  known.to exist: in the. waters of the upper  Fraser. ������������������-���������,i-yyy; yy    ���������������������������.-.���������       - ��������� ��������� .-  NEW ADVERTiSliMENTS.  OrPEMEIMM&Co;  WHOLES ALE   *)///.  A ��������� AJJD���������   '/  ERCHANTSy  BARKElUatLE.', ^  KERB'S  BARKERVILLEv  The undersigned having completed au,  his arranpfemonti", wlll.6*p<m ;his Brewery THIS  DAY, when ho vfill be hlippy to supply all .who favor  him with a call, with a got>4 article of ALE, cither la  bulk or ia.hottle. ���������������������������-'.      JAME3 H. KERRt  July 1st, 18ft7. .-���������.-;���������       v.'-- .fe-y. lm  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  BETWEEN* ���������  Richfield, and Barkerville,  FARE-25 CENTS A TRIP.  July 15th, 1867.  2w  TO   LET,  RS.   TRACERS    BOARDING   HOUSE,   GROUSE  111 Creek, now doing a good busine������s,   Tbe fixtures  will ba sold cheap, if applied for immediately.  July 11,1867.  g2>������P  l������^������' .lies'  RICHFIELD  R. VICTOR LANGE BEGS LEAVE TO TNTORM  tbo public that he hap uow opened a CONCERT  HALL, at Richfield, opposite tbe " London and Paris  Hotel." Mrs. Lango will presido at the Piano every  evening, and will play some of Ihe best Operas, the  most popular Ballads, and every description of Dances.  None but the best brands of Liquors and Cigars  served at the Bar. y  July 6tn, 1867. f.   .     Ira  THE  CARIBOO    EXCHANGE  HOTE L,  S NOW OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION, OF  the mining community, and the public generally.  No expenso has been spared to render the house all  that could be desired, for comfort and convenience.  The Bar is supplied with a complete stock of Wines,  Liqpors and Cigars.  4^* Well Aired Beds "^i  may be bad at a moderate charge. E. ORD,  July 1,1867. lm . Proprietress.  ������.  Mri>m  Sari Francispo Store.  COMMISSION  MERCHANT,  G^OCEBIES,  PKQVISIONS,    ./  HARDWARE,  CLOTHING- AND BOOTS.  Next Door "to tSie SBj^TtKKL Office '.  Barkervilte, 29th June, 1867.  It  MR!S.   PARKER'S  BOABDHTG'  HOUSE,  tTPPER   BARKERVILLiE, .  HAS been openod for the convenknee of tho public,  where Good Meai.3 can be ob mined at all hour*.  As tho culinary dep:������rtmont is under the direct Kumll.  lanoe of the Proprietress, ah'o trusla.to be able lo affuM  every satisfaction.to those who may favor bcrwluY  tUhlrpoironage,;    ... y   .. , ���������: AAA A- ���������'���������'��������� '.-. ���������  29th June, 1867.,"- ���������' '    yy . ���������������������������.���������  r        EXPRESS   NOTICE.  A FTER. THIS DATE BARNARms^EXPRESS 19  IX not- rOHponsiblc for damnKe oii LIQUIDS shipped la  Tin or Gifts*, unless by special contract.  X'otil mrther notice, tho Express will arrive her*  eyerr Sl'NlUY AFTERNOON..and close for boloir  cv^WEDKESUAY, ut ^f^^^-.;  '���������'������������������'*���������: ������������������'   ' y'. ':���������������������������.-  '-' ��������� ��������� Agent. '  Barkm-illc, May 29thyl867.   ���������"     ��������� 8  ���������       COSMOP O LIT AN  Restaurant  and; Bakery,  BAnKKRVlLLB. .  THE ONDRRSIONED HAVING THOROtGltLY RK*  D'A-aied liis Ks tab lish men t. .lias re -open ed tbeBMn*  for the accommodation of the Public, and trusts to.  merit a pharc of their patronage. His Bakery has ul1*  undergone repair^ and ho is, now ready to ������xtcut������  orders from all who wi*h' pood bread, fe  JACOB VELTK, Proprietor.  rJuno 10th, 1867.   ' 11������  August Stampehl,  O E WI A K E R,  .     *; BARKERVILLE.  A a large assortment of Boots aud Shoes always;co  hand. Ai-  FE  TON    S A L O ON,  RICHFIELD.     '  ^pHB UNDERSIONKD HOPKS HIS OLD PIONEBR  i lricnds will give him a turn, ns ho bn* exp*nencea  heavy weathor lately, E. F. EDWAKDS,  Juno 6th, 1867. Formerly of Edwards'Jto*.  $50   REWARD!  LOST.  IN Barkerville, on Thursday Evening last, a POCKE?  ROOK, containing Money and Notes.   Any 01.0 finn-  ing tho fiamo, and leaving it at the Wuke-np-Jalit' Ken*  lanrant, Barkerville, will recelvo the above reward.  1st July, 1867.   .  Thos.L. BRIO-aS & Co.,  CAMERONTON,  Have just received, and offer for Sale,  AT LOW RATES TOR CASH,  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS ^ LIQUORS  ��������� CONSISTING OF ���������  Brandy���������Mairtell, Hennessey, and Otard Dupey..  Wines���������Port, Sherry. Burgundy, and Claro^; &"*'  terno's French White Wino ; Sansevalno'8 oau  . fornia White Wine.  Champagnes���������Bouche and Napoleoft'ts ���������abfnot.  Bitters���������Boker's, Sansevaine's, Orange and H������st^*  ter's, Vermoulh, Absenthe, Pcppermiut and &nuv  setto. ���������.. ���������'.,���������-  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Whisky.    ,  To arrive; in a few days���������500 gallons choice brand*  of Brandy. Wines, Whisky, Rum, etc       y- ..   _ ��������� c  Also on hand���������20,000 lbs Extra SuperOlie Soda orsea  Flour, equal to the best brands in the market   .  . And to.arrive in.a few days���������2,000 lbs. Granaro  Flour : 1,000 lbs Cracked Wheat. , ��������� /. ���������   ,hfl  Goods received on Stokagk or Commissio**, a* yr  lowest market rates. ; 1���������  ' 1st July. 1867. ���������;���������''..���������.;.��������� im  ^    ��������� #1 9        B-# Jta������ *"������ ��������� ww-|   ,  ���������   .  Photographic  Artist,  HAS NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALt-ER  at RICHFIELD, (for a short timo'only,) and is pi  pared to take ������  Cartosde Visitc, Timbre do Posto PortraitsyArob.^  types, Leather Pictures,. Milanotypes,viewa  Houses, Claims, etc., Single or Stereoscopic. _  Portraits also taken on White Silk, Liuon or w>  Cloth. ' , ������������������ ���������;  . Tbe.gallery will bo dp������ned for a short tim������ oniy.  Richfield, 29th Juno, 1867.  M I'���������  m  u  i .*  *> All,  TTHfe  io favor.  Hher ja  OR,  SE,  3 (public,  I'lioupi..  Biirvi'il.  toalTora  litrwiuj  lef ~  tESS IS  ipped'lo  ve hew  r. below  liWii  igeui;  ery,  LY RS-  tbe Rftina  runts to  nasal*)  ������stcui������  ���������  :l0f.  ��������� IM.  wjiju oo  ������  ������i  lONCKft  ���������rieuced  "S,  POCKET  onofln<1<  uke RiiB'  ward.  ���������  Sale,  2UOR9  pcy.  ot ��������� *BaD'  c's Oali'  fact.  I Hostot-  nd Anni-  fcist,  ALtBR^  id is pre*  ���������Arobro;  Views of  >ic.  ,r Co.tioB  >nly-'"  li������  MONDAY, JULY 15,1867, ;  l. '     - v     ' Km     ' i        -    '       '       ' .-���������  ,  ~~QQLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.    ;  '���������;���������">;;- ���������.- i '^Before S. M.; "Sail; ,E������f*|--."';-: ' ��������� " - /  :   "Tltnw^j^  Canadian Co., *per A. "Meillowday. foreman,  ve.tbe Grouse Creek Bedrock Flume Co;,  $ar- J. M. Sparrovr,  age!at--Thi8  suit, was  brought to. compel defendanta to ubow, cause  why they should not be^ecte&^^m a certain  titrip of ground ^elohgi*h]gyto; -tlie ^plairitiffa^  'commencing" at the upper Vlirie of the Heroii  co., and lying::betweeh the^lackHa'^  Plume co.'s lines, on Gr^iseJ^creefcjjrtfnitf ng  up stream ; and why t^yyshofcldy-abt ipay-  $6,000 damages for gold talkea^  ground.- Case dismissed; with cbst^dA^the  grounds, that the; case had *p:rey iquiu'y; been'  adjudicated OR by Commissiofter Spaldingjbn  22nd April last, and the "ground ;no^ ��������� fijohght  "to be recovered, given to the defendants by  ihatdecision. ^/Oh::^ bad in  the Supreme. pourt, no order "w^s 'made to  reverse it, an& atter tbe^appeal to the Su-  ������ ^preme'Court, an inferior court had no jurig-  tdictibb or power to' bpen;up the case again.  Black Swan Go. vs. Canadian Go:���������-Cau'se of  ghoiil^notibe;ejected ^m^00; feet of mining  -ground ohf (Jro'use - cree^reommencirig &t the  PUBLIC MEETING.  ,";.. A public meeting was held at 5 o'clock  yesterday afternoon, pursuant to a requisition, :ih front of C. Fultous saloon, Barker-  ville, for the purpose of laying a full and  truthful statement of the grievances and position1 of the Canadian Co.. Grouse Creek,  before the public. At the hour appointed  over 50U /persons hud assembled on the  [ground.. Stair. B; Lovell was unanimously  voted to the chair, and Mr. W.W. Hill was  appointed to act aa secretary. The chairman  having briefty explained tho object of the  meeting introduced Mr. Booth, who roso and  said-  upper line :"df ;the;;: BedvRock Fiiirae co.; and  ���������runiiihg ^^str-eamy ? Judgiiwhtforcdefendahts  with costs,%*i" 700- feet^bf Aground,;commenc-  ing at -the vtpper line, of^tbaj Grouse Gree^Bed  Rock JFlume 'coi's ground, and running up  ^trearaMOO feet widej extending from the bri-  ginafclines of Mlie Short Bend and Full Rigg  ^co.;s sidelines, acr#s the preek north-west or;  there abb utejonth^ following grounds : 1st���������'  That the defendants, were ;in; legal i possession  ���������*ince 23-rd ^areb^last|'the ground haying  : 1) ecoine waste lah &, and op en to o cciip atio u,  according'to the notice of Mr. Spalding, of  .'��������� -date 23rd March, 1867.   2nd���������That the record  ..-of.defendants, made ontih October, 1866, established a priority of registration, as against,  tho plaintiffs, and became valid after the 23rd  Match, without the necessity o'f a renewal, on;  \1h������ groundn that tinder the 34th section of the  ���������"Mining Act, the record gave the defendants  fean interest in the property so recorded, for  /twelve months, equivalent "to a lease.    .'  /A *���������:<    -f -Saturday..J'ily43tb, 1867.   j  Williams Crook 'Bcd.Uo:ck Drain Cot vs.1  Last Chance Co.���������This suit was "brougbt to recover $1*40 claimed for 14 days drainage at  $ 10 a day.   DefendanU al leged tipn-i*idebted-  ness, onlhe groiihd that-tliey-hj^^en  4id vantage {from tlie^ drain^; The, ComSi^tlibner  -after weighing";t|ie evidence adtU^  *wi dps, found that as it /had "not been ^ho *tvn;  that defendants had; used Uie drain ;brteM^-  vd an y b en efi t 'theref ro m^ they were ho t-ft ab le  to pay draihage aud accordingly.:: gave ; \ tidg-  "?ncut tor defendants with costs. ;   / ��������� M  His. Ho nor to o k p ccasioii to remark for * th e  1 qformation o f the proprietors of the drain,  that lie was very anxious to assist them in  *cvery way by issiii rig orders for the. pro te c-  tion of the drain, but it was also iheunibent  on the company to use aU; due dilligeuce in  keeping it clear from obstructions.  ; The act  empowers  the  Commissioner A-tor. order-all  obstructions to be  removed, and  the  company are b ou nd to keep the drain j ri tho r o ugh  "working order and repair or else give up  their charter.   The freshet^ it was true, had  paused an accidcnt to the drain tlirough the  fault of adj a een t co m p anies, and it was to. be  tegretted that application had ciot been made  to hi to sooner than it was. ^Considerable  water is nowftovCing into abandoned shafts  ^doing serious injury to the drain, vrhich it is  the Drain "Coi's business to prevent at once.  If there wore any occupied groitnd where  cuch neglect was shown, it would be his duty  to make an order on the offender to have an  Instant remedy applied.   It was evideUt the  claims on the creek had been stopped by the  wilful neglect of the Drain Oo.   In the meantime he should issue orders to the proprietors  of shafts  to  have  them  properly  secured  against tho overflow pf water, and lie Would  also make the same order on Drain Cos. in  respect to abandoned shafts.   Certain reqttire-  meuts had to be fulllUcd by Drain Cosy by  Virtuo of their charters, and if they were unable to carry them out, tbey ought to give  their charters up and allow some one else to  do the work.  Mr. MacLaren said that tho Williams Creek  Drain Co. were prepared to receiye an order  from the Commissioner declaring their charter forfeited.  The Commissioner agreed to issue the order  at once, remarking that it now rested with  claimholders to take such steps and make  Rnch arrangements as they thought most judicious under the circumstances, and recommended them to call a meeting for that purpose.  ^^ If you want goiod Coffee U3e Fell'is,  y Gentlemen, I wish you to'understand that I  am individually responsible for what I say  here;  I represent tho Canadiah Compauy,  although not now interested in it, should I inadvertently utter any sentiment that -might  hurt the feelings of any one present, I will  give them every satisfaction.    The speaker  related succinctly the position of the eoth-  patiy from its formation, and continued.  Tbe  Canadian Co. went to work ou the ground  during the past winter, and were unmolested  by anyone until Aprillast, when they were  notified by Mr. lifunro that.Mr. J. Adair  had  become leasee of tho Fluino Co.?s ground  and ordered to leave,   A bait was brought in  the Gold Commissioner's Court against, the  Canadian Co., it was tried there and - resulted  in tb"e ejectment of tho Canadians y the case  was then appealed  to  the  Supreme  Court.  After J. Adair arrived on the creek, another  suit was entered by him against the Black  Hawk Co.; for trespass, bub the CommissiPner  (Ball) decided they had com mi tted:none, and  ihoreover declared that 'a certain strip of  ground lying between the 6lapk \ Hawk and  F1 ume Co.'s linos- w as waste land.    To? tb is  strip of ground, which was witliin tlieir lines,  the Canadian Co. considered they had an undoubted right,; and went to work on it ] on  this, the Commissioner, after notice, issued  a warrant and incarcerated a h'unibor of them>  I can assure you, geutleiftqti, that all tbe trespass one of these men (Walker)%as guilty of  was merely shovelling gravelon the surface  of the ground. (Iaughter).    Oii their appeal  coming before the Supreme Co\u,tp U was. not  entertained by Justice- Begbiq because of a  certain clause inserted in the new Mining Act;  now! would remind this meeting that! am a  member of the Mining Boardi whb passed the,  suggestio pa upon Which; this act -was. iframed,  and can safely say that there.wasf no; suggestion made by that Board /thaticouldrbe so  construed as to (leprive;any party tp the right I  of appeal.   The Cabadiaii Co. *thenf;iristiSited;1  proceedings in   the   GpmmLssiouer(s^,C  against a party who had jumped their ground,  bat tlie case was thrown 0tit of Coiirt, because  6p th parties were co'hsidei%ed jituip'ers 6f the  Flume 0o/ft ground.    The Canadiaii Co; then  brpught suit. against the Fhime Co., nd^ for  the purpose of overturning Mr. Spalding's  deeisibh, but to; establish a right to the strip  of g ro tin d no t 5 ncluded in, the Flu nie Gb ;'s  boundaries ;��������� this suitwras ai6P thrown but of  coitrt, -The Canadiau Co; don't want io oVer-  'turii the. Commissioner % decision, (cheers).  All they; want is that their case be heard,  (che������rs)v ���������:��������� The -Canadian Co. then became  purchasers of part of the, Bl ack Hawk Co.Js  grbiiud, With the use of their incline, and  weht to Work, when Commissioner Ball sends  ovori tqtie who close tip their incline.   The  company iiaving no desire to set the law at  defianco, gave it up without resistance, and  went to Work at their shaft.   Here again the  constable ordered them to desist; they did  hot, although they offered no violence.   The  next step,.no. doubt, will be to. get a posse  comitatis of aimers to go and drive them out,  (cries of where Will they get them ?)   I will  grant that the decision was legal, and that it  may be right and lawful to keep the Canadian  Co. out of court, blit I would ask if any ot  you saw men day by day taking what you  considered to beloilg" to you, whether you  would not naturally take possession of it;   I  have myself gone to Judge Bdgbie. after the  company failed in getting a hearing, not for  the purpose of asking advice, but because he  was the most exalted dignitary in the land,  and told him that these men wanted ait opportunity to prove their right to the ground,  brtt got no satisfaction.   They are now in  possession of the ground, and I hold that they  are entitled to a fair hearing, whether their  claim to it is just or unjust, (cheers).   There  are three things the most despotic of governments claim, namely, the right to take property, liberty and life.   The two first of these  haVe already been taken from the Canadian;  Co., and there is but one step to the last   I  repeat again that these men do hot wish to be  looked on as outlaws ; they consider they  have been unjustly shut out from having a  hearing, pud. would be perfectly satisfied in  obtaining one, even if a decision was given  against them.   (Three cheers were then given  for the Canadian Co., and three cheers for C.  Booth). .,-: ;..;. .-.''yfe -  Th������ following resolution was then put to  the meeting, and passed unanimously J  Resolve^vThat this meeting, after hearing Mr: Booth's "speech, sympathize with the  Canadian Co. in tbeir present difficulties, and  pledges itself to aid them by all lawful means  to obtain their rights."    ���������  M*r. Booth ..thanked the meeting oh behalf  of the Canadian Co., after which three cheers  were given for the Queen, when the people  all quietly/withdrew.  A^/y MINl^GlNTELLiGENCB.-  their ground, which- proves - satisfactory/ are  getting ready to put up a hydraulic appara*  tus.-^Cascade co.'a ground,,which was abaftv  doned in 1866, has been re-located by a coto;  pan# who *: are making preparatipns ,for  continuing, the old; tunnel,ywhich74������:iia;50i>  feet���������Thp'Gr6ttoco. has aUo ;beeu'V.84o"cated  and work has commenced.!   '. Aa/%A/a  'y   XOWHEE CREEK.   '���������   y.^.h . A  , Thew^ter on this creekybid^/airWbo  plentithl for some time to come,;andSne own*  erfeof hydraulic and gronnd.sluibe.claims^re  ���������not-failing tp take advantage of this by work^  ing night and day.:; ���������       ' ���������; AAfig,      '':'".  Thes Yaughaa Sweeney and Kelly- coVs have  great deal of 'w6rk has; been" performed in  conaeqiience, and.we are certain that ere,long  satf-  by a  metal. We regret to say that. the \ same  guinehopes cannot be entertained Vefepecting  the lower section of. the creek, \vhich has so  long suffered from the.obstruction of the Bed  Rock Drain.. (It is expected, however, that the  gloom,wbicb'nbw;hang3 oyer it will soon dis-  sappearby; the resumption of work among  the various; claims. y    AAA A  Casket co. are making over wages.���������Wilson  co. washed out for the week; 53 ounces.-^-  Dutch. Bill co. only cleaned up a small portion of their ground sluice and had about 25  ounces for-the. -w.eekrr������Tenne8ee-.co..���������.is.-doings  extreme!v well.���������Brouse co. will start washing up this week.���������Cornish co. had about 50  ounces for the jweek.-���������Flumeco. are progressing ^jpe^iiyywi^ the --work ;of laying the,  flnm^aQd wUl'TsPoft be able to commence  washing.���������pieia co. are making wages.���������  Davis co. washed up 175 ounces for the week.  --r-Aurora co. took out 1^5 ounces for the  weekrr-Prairie Flower cb.washed up for the  week.J 5(1 ouiices.7���������Last, Chance, Raby and  Prince of Wales cos. w^ere stopped on account  of the lower portion of the drain getting filled  up. ' .Tflie damage can soon be . rep ai red and  they will ;bey enabled to work ^ again 4bis  week.-y'fe.'y '*'. J '���������'���������" A ������������������''���������''''..%'A. .  ..   Ai'     /  . .W1XXUM8 CUEEK. AA  Fortunately for tbenumerous ground sluicing claims at the upper portion cf this creekl  the water ;smi  contmuea plentiful,  a.^ .^ ^SS^weli-%W<ff  they have wasuedup, & are steadily hydraulic-  iog.���������Boyle cb.. are making wages.-^lumba-  the fraits of aU^ins .industry jill be mad^j*^67a^"tak{hg out "very good^afSSow.  manifest by a rich -harvest of the. precipus^i^ever are drifdhir across the ^am&lfe^  o^Never are drifting across the channel,: and  ������������������audt;yery fair prospects,���������-Bast Bank iDiscov-  Sry cpVaVe making wage's.���������^MporheaA1^. are  making wages.���������Sagcm tiler co?'#e Snaking  irofctSlO to $12 a day to the hand".���������Chitten-  tlfefco. are 1 ay ing a fiume.���������Fi r s t^ C ha hce' co:  washed-up for week ending 7^th inst, 40 oz;,  ah"H'last week about 50 oi. alt-;js. supposed  that they have found the old Washburn lead  ttfa^-^ks lost three years ago.���������Calaveras co. ;  wjlPhaye theirjdram tunnel 'completed, andr  b^ready to wash in two weeks:-  J?4,  .:-feTELE&RA.EH������G^  .'���������/->--;^,-^.--,-.-'.-.s,rouTS Gmsni. y s iy  Floyd co; Wil I be ready ��������� to watul in, Wo  weeks,���������Alturas co. washed up for������the week  ��������� 15? oz���������TaftVale co.:are erecting wbfeel and  hoistihg gear j and will be ready to wash in  ton days^^Jenkins co. made about wages last  \yeek.--|-Mucho ;Oro co. took out about 40 oz.  fbr thelweek. ^ They found ohe nugget 'weigh-  ing;.$8(h, ./y,/ij ' r ������������������-'....-..- "< Ay .-;; fe-fefe ���������:���������  ���������A.' 'x UtZ AAyyCOSKUm. GO lchV ' ���������'���������*��������� * -,- r- :,.\ A 'A  ' ���������:  The United'cb." washed up for the week 31  ounces.���������Ericcson c*o. had for the week 31J oz.  ���������^Reid:cOi;took'out 32 "ounces for the week.  :-: Singularly eiibugh the Week's proceeds of  these three Companies appear to be very  nearly allke.V- /  M'-'A fe   CEGG9   GULCH. *  .,'X   ,'..:���������������������������  '/���������-���������The Ancient Briton Co.. who have been engaged for some ti trie past in running a tunnel,  were very much elated last week at. fiiiding  pieces of gold weighing from $5 to $7 iu the  gra.veWabout three froirt the bed rock. It is  cpnfidantly expected when they reach, the  rock thatrich pay Will be obtained. sSeveral  other companies are engaged in prospecting  in this gulbh.  itUSQUITO   GULfell.      .  The reports from this gulch about which  some little Excitement was produced 6 or 10  days ago,.ar������ Very encouraging. It seems  there are six companies now busy at work  sinking shafts and driving tunnels. One of  these; the DiscPvery Co., having completed  their drain;tunnel, are now washing and getting good pay; the gold is very coarse, pieces  weighing from $7 to $10 being often found.  On Saturday the Hicks Oo. bottomed their  shaft and obtained therefrom prospecta of $6  to the pan.   //.  WALKER'S OPLCtl;  Comet co., situated at the radiith df the  gulch, in the rear of the court bouse, have  washed up the ground they sluiced off, which  has paid them a fair remuneration for their  labor. Tbey are now preparing to drift into  the hill, with fair indications,���������James to., in  the*bed of the stream, are making good wages.  ���������Three other companies are at work some  distance up the gulch, all of whom are taking  out hi ore or less pay;  SCOTU OtTLCli. .   .>  In this gulch, situated about a mile belo^:  Cameronton, a company of six men have located ground, and commenced sinking a  shaft, with good hopes of finding pay^. It is  said that a shaft was sunk there in 1863, and  four ounces washed out of the bottom of it,  since which time no further Work has ever  been attempted.  M'AKTHtfR'S OOLCH.  Discovery co. are washing the dirt which  was drifted out of their claim during winter,  and making $20 a day to the hand.-���������Other  two companies are doing well in washing dirt  drifted during winter.  ; KferrHiiBT'a creek.  Wright & Co. having thoroughly prospected  : r ���������.,     ifj-onjk tho.Colonist ahd XJhron1clo;5 -��������� /  ;���������--i Montreal, June 29tbv���������Another*hew feature  ia-the Union Cabinet is that*the 'Ministers of  Finati'ce}: .ComfheVce'/and' Internal.; Revenue',  with'the Receivergeneral,;.;will*/form a. coin,  mfttee to decide o| alLq^uestions'affectiq^ the  tariff,,currency and banking. * ;.  ���������;l!btptt%V.Ju^  tion^ja largely attonded, there being ^700 delegates.  Among the; resolutionsiia ope declaring, that it;is the dnty of; the. Ca*riadiaii -l  people to cultivate friendly relations with the  United States, and offer every facility^for the  extension of trade^between the two countries;  and regarding it as the ^uty o/the; Canadian -  Administration to meet cordially any oyer-.  tures"from Washington for a new> treaty, and  commercial reciprocity consistent with, the  ho no r. o f bo th' countries. ;. A -; A;       . A '" :* ��������� Ay  .New York, Jupe 129th,���������The ^  the reports of thebaryest of A&erica. and Lu? -  rope are very- enboiiraging.   The wheat crop J. i  of England and"Scotlaiid:.are. generally;jesti-  mated e^ual.toiflioge'bn^ .=,  ^The.TTibuhe,s special says an extra sessioS  of the Cabinet wilt be caviled to resume the\;  consideration of the Attorney General's opinion.- ...  Ay    'AAaAAa     .-"''fe--' ���������:   :' /;;/'- "-.''��������� i ":  Cholera has appeared in several cities of  the United States. '-.'"/ /'///.<.'. '(.-���������,-. A.���������:'. ���������':  London,JUhe 29th.���������Additional intelligence  is received relative to the loss of thb. Sacramento.   The crew escaped iu smalt boats.  No lives lost    ���������..;���������-, ���������   ,���������-......���������'������������������������������������,".���������  The British Government says the -fitate. of  Ireland at this time forbids . the adoption of  any reform bill in-her behalf.  Home, June 29th.���������The Pope received from  the American Clergy $200,000 in gdld coinj  and also a model of the American yacht Henrietta in silver, the yacht being laden with  gold pieces to the amount of $50,000 contri-.  buted by the citizens of Cincinnati. .  New York, June 29th.���������In the House of .  Conuiions (June 19th). Mr.: Hardy. said the  culprits in the Birmirigbani riot would not.  exceed 1500.   He feared no steps would be  taken against the real authors bf the disturbances. :y        -AAAr ..-���������'.-  NeW York; June 30th.���������The N; Y. Herald^  Rome special 6oys the celei3ratioh of the1 18th  centenary anniversary: of St.Jeter's canon-;. .  izatiofl, and the caritfnizatiou of twenty-five  Dutch, French and Spanish martyrs Iri Japan.  as Saints, was one of the most gorgeous ever  witneissed in the World since the;days of King   (  Sblotdpn.   The oliseryancei w  week./- *   "��������� ���������      . * .- . ���������  Rome, June 29th^TheJPpS,?i.'^pP^^'.'l^'y .-  public after the religiods^ cerefiip^eSv an^waa  sblehtnly received with the nibst ^entbustasti.e  ,  manifestations   Of attachment and-devotion  from ati^ i*mnien8e;taultitude of cl^rgynien and  laymen from all parts of the worldly  Paris, Julie 30th>-Tbe SultanSof���������. Ttirkey  has arrived.  Prince Napalebn Has.  residence in Paris;:-.   i *  again tafeeii up his  Washington, Jdiie 20th.-^A^isp^tcb ''-.fromt; A....  New Orleans states that Maximilian waV con-"'  demned to death and shot oa Juiie 29th^   iv'o'  particulars:1-'' '-A'- A yi ��������� M. yA-y&iAAiA-^y/' ���������'���������'  NeW  Orleans, June 29tb>^^ ,/  sloop of War arrived at the, Spirth'West^^^-Paaa;*,,  and landed with ������ telegraph dispatch lor tbe^  Austrian Government.   Her eiiisign^yfras^drap^ /  ed id deep mourning, birt her officers w$t&  very reticent* ���������.'."'���������    ;    ' ��������� y   ���������   / ---v      ��������� ''.-['  ������������������i������^iu���������i���������ii������������i^������i���������*���������"���������?���������*���������,! _.i.'iiiimii'i ifey" "��������� w������������r������iiii������iMMi������uMMggg������!^gg*l  :KABHir^,���������Atft^^^    oo 2&th:utt.,/by^^.' .  ���������Kcv. A. lirpwaing, mvid Spencer,,to Emma. J^^r  DIED.���������At Victoria, m Ui la8t',"toate*yiiftr������J$   '  dattghttBOrCr.- S. N-ann,Bs<iv>'*>S5ltooe month &&\ %'iw  days* y     . - . RETURN NO MOKE. ...y.,.. A ....  , .    6i9$ttow upon the silenfc sh o re.^ -   A '���������  .;y;tThe-8addest���������6fthy;songs, OS^a) ���������������������������:; "-y  '   / And'senil-its-dirge-like-melody       ' i'A  A/0 >er the j, dark ��������� waves^to me: 'A > ';���������   .    ',  > **"* I jjjSlve. b i-xhly freigUteaiibark,. A ���������.."���������,  : "To"sail with thee at golden room, ;  W'/,TAnd od#.on; thy whH'e^ested -waveai;  ,' To'm^to  Foam crested waves! Will ye not bear  .  ;     ''Me-6H:;to'>ome" remoter stran'dy--     ' -  WJie're-h o^perchance; iny gold an d gems  - f Ale scattered on'the sand ?   feyr: a'a,  K <VOh, never more," thy surges say,   H fey,  -, _ Breaking along the sullen shore,,   , A <  , :.yy|^ThfV|^^vS arid Hoj^ we bore fromtbeet  A r . >. And;they return ndfmore." . .v...:a r H\;  ..'   fe mm- . y yy' y - yr- r������������������������������������   .���������;,->  ^hj^;^ ; News.--'  After, an'''existence of four' montlts^.tliV  ���������;'Mdrnlng4|feyps^yesterday- published* it3*'vafe-  dYeto\jMrt\e\e;>y The ��������� edito^iascribes-.oh a  reason' for'disco nti quing the. "publication;- the  inability7 of ���������' the' town to support two'daily  papers/; We' are >sorry it,should have i re-"  quired'^fou^niqnths: qp harjdftoil and ��������� jSeayjr.-  pectmiary Sacrifice to convince our late;c6-  temporaryyofa fs-jt that- was- as1 patent ift:  Fefrruacj is amy rk/ptiv  person not blinded'  ;  ._. .VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  LQIfDON  HQITS  :';;>;"governmentstreet, victoria.  ;'wh:olesale~and. retail.  J, H;;TURNER & CO.  ;���������������������������������������������'-;*'���������', " *fe importers pp.   "A-/..-A.a  English'& French Silks, Shawls, Dresses, tin"  derclothingi Gloves, and every.'--'descriptloh .of  ''���������',. :. '.'/���������. Dmpe'ry Goods.:  r~'-'* :- A    yyr ���������  : Receive regular supplies by Express via Panama and  by sailing.vessels via Cups. Horn. ��������� ";\  &JISr Particular attention given to all orders.  '-''London Firm���������J/P. Tor? stall & Co. .   1-s  &gi/i -     ESTABLISHED 1858.  '������������������AAAA'-  ROADSIDE ADVERTISEMENTS.  Corner of Langley Alley and .Yates Sti  y-w  MESSRS. JAY'���������'& BALES  i'J-iy  Have opened the above premises with a large  i ������������������v.-':     "   and well assorted'Stock       ' ii"  STABLIKGvibr  WILLIAM   MoWHA,  .  LYTTON CITY, B. C,  Begs to inform the public generally that he bas  STABLE & COBAIL ACCOMODATION  . On-his premises for upwards of 200 Horseq,' :  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE.  :       TERMS   MODERATE^  ' yVS  c. e. kombeqt;  '". BOSTON BAR, B. C, A  '������������������ Wholesale and Retail Merebant\\  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, ko.   Is '  -or  tO?bis;o;wM^ o{ Cvervdescrip-jj.'"..   ���������-W   A������   ~n  nkwn������ ^^^ff^  News was first- projected, that the enterprise  would end, in  disaster,- and-.we J^ased that  I p redicti o a ������ p on ' th e llmi to cll amount, o f ��������� b u si-.  "ness,' which Is 'Insufficient to^support even one^  :"5al IfA/myp^BMA L, Theypr.ediction.. .was -��������� re-'  garded by^tbe too-sanguine ^upporters'-V.-of  the News as the offspring of busines3.jeaIousy;  "b ut the res alphas ^proved ,-they'correctness-. ol}  ouropinion;; We^ha-'^ no intention of follow-  "ing "the News lbrohgh-4ja devious andicharae-  leo n-1 ike'p o Ii lib al c ar e er 'i nor to p oint' on t .th e  ,more grow errors lisv lis ��������� conduct.'   -Hadjit  -.been the���������besl:conducted 'paper'. ever..* issued  on^ the:.Island it could no tyhave yielded a profit any more lhaa* the journal 'in which'this  ���������article^ app ears- to-day;; cany long  continue 'to'  .1mak^*i'&;-appe except  ���������there come a speedy change Tor the better.���������  -B.fColonisfe'^''--1'"'"'--1'-''-'"���������-'  ' -*- ���������������������������-���������'���������-������������������  AND FLOWER SEEDS.V;   '  Tlie business of the latA firm of Jay.A Co., Fort St.,  .and Springfield Nursery, will be carried on by them**  in nil it's branches. . y    %   \  Friiit Trees and Bushes,  Everereen and  Deciduous  The Bonaparte House,  SEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at the  Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 26 miles; from SavanasSteamboat  Landing, 22 miles; Irom Spcnce������s Bridge, 30 miles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentn*e hostlers. Stages'leavc here regularly for  rale, and Cariboo. 1-s  NEW-, ADVERTISEMENTS,,  mm: .  barkerville;  AS- CONSTANTLY ON  HAN0   A CHOICE  8R  ..lection of Daces and Patent-Medicixes, inchd.  in? the. celobrated Goldeu Balsam, 'and Murphvi  Mixtures, for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis  Alsoa great. variety.��������� of.Sarsoparillas, Hair' B'rushes'"  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powders, Sponges, Pane*  Soaps, Labia's Extracts, rRose Water and other Pe/.  fumeries, Garden Seeds, &c, &c.        . ��������� -.  JustToceived^-an assortment of Stationery Pockst  Diaries for 1867; and Billiard Table articles.  P. S,���������Prescriptions carorully compounded.1  :l.g  OUR   COFFEE.  WE   A K E   FORWARD I X G -A)  /-^Packed in Tins.] of- from  each.;*:,',, yMA :"'.'������������������.-.  Al'S'Ar"  two'to' twenty-flyo pounds  WILSON &-MURRAY;-'. A-:  .*���������..���������. Forts trqet; Victoria..  iffiPORTERS; OF ENGLISH .MERCHADIZB  AA \A���������'���������i':'..';v:.i':-.i- Wholesale"/and Retail^ -. ;y'y':y;v'.  fin   7 **y������?  Masonic Hill Government Street Victoria^   l*s  IS OPEN. FOR THE ACCOMMODATION .OF THE  .Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious and  airy and the Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any in the lower country; the Table is  always supplied with the best of victuals. - Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  OR 74--  THIS OLD AND WELL KNOWN HOU������E has been recently opened by the undersigned, who will make  it his constant study by using every endeavour.tb accomodate the traveling public, to. deserve a share of the  patronage bestowed on the tormer occupants.  - 0������" The Bar contains nothing but the very best of  LIQUORS and CIGARS.   .Give him a call. . fe'  1-s       .   .   ���������  :      .  ���������    EDWARD   TROFATTER  THE. UKDERSIONtDraS -NOW PREPARED TO  : afford every accommodation to the. travelling pub.  lie, and hopes, by a strict attention to .business to  merit a share of the patronage bestowed on the former  proprietors. This is one pf the most comfortable and  commodious Hotels on .'the road, containing na it doea  warm and well furnished bed rooms with'good .beds.  The TABLE is supplied with every delicacy it is pos*.  sible to procure In the upper country. The BAR l*  stocked with the best of Liquors,-and tbe choicest  Cigars. - * ' y  ir MEALS,   $1 50   EACH. -������&  The stabling for Horsca Is ell that could.bo desired,  and the charges aro very moderate. Hay. for-Homi  per day, $2 ; Oats and Barley at the cheapest marks;  rates"; - ' ' .'."...  ;^^������nde������s*^iM$^li^ &?&&���������. HAT:  on hand, for, sale in large or small quantities.  1-s,  JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  FOSTER,   OFv/LILLOOETj  ...     %. CHEMIST.  '���������      /a- :  A'Wp^DERtT-L   Fish;���������A'' paper' published  " at Saigon," a 'citj and river .-port''of Assam,  'FiiVthei' Iriaiai,  reporfe som-e ^ extraordinary;  ' i teiny \ o f ri a tury i" 1 ii ?t o iyfrom 'ti the 1 and of -the  ' A s.maM<:     Ainonf   o 1 ber  wow)������. c  it    r  ^thej hpf������ ther* a certain iblil called" Ca-ong'  'I d the language of the conn tc^? which A as d IA  i 'lingnished: i fee if ;������o tiiaf "degr ee.^th at -the  ki ng  v  hag- bestowed upon it the proud '-title'of "Nam  har dui bno'ng ������'gnau,j;   which,- as* everybody  kno vvs, means " Great General 6f the Sou th  '':S������a:?'v^l;^ is in  ythehahit ,pf qnietly paddling,round ihe ships  near the coast untilspmejaody -tumbles, overboard^ -He ^then :Nseizes.v hi ra in s tantly, and;  instead 6f eating liira^fe'gently Carries "hira 'in  his month to the shore.- At Wiingftau,. near  " St. Jameses "Gap e, \ they Iceep "a skeleton of th is  ��������� extradrdlKary;!^phiVa:ii&rb^isft^ii-lis" \at>.piit  th ir fcy-fee 11 o ng, possesses fro h t teeth like;' an  e 1 e p haa t;- very; large eyes, a b lack A ski ri very  smoOth���������;a'talI!like a, 1 ofoster, and two wings  on the oack.v Professor ; Owen ought to .look  out for-k specimen of'this young- arid tender  brother of the: sea-serpent;'  '-'���������    ���������. ��������� fe.. ���������.���������; ���������; .;;;. *  /AyAyA/^^/GyBEEDY^y/y-'y'. ;  GpMMISSION: ^ ' FORWARDING " AOENT,  WILL PAY- ���������pA-RTIClJLAR::;?ATiE"^l6^ TO" SE-  Vryleotin^j* purchasing,; or-forward ing Goods for the  upp^rcountryy:,'-': .' A-AAA i'V ���������'- ' ���������. ���������* A AAAAxA'-  Any commission/.entrusted to his care, wiU'receive  pmmpr/attcnlioh'. ���������':".���������'   ".'.....:" V  ���������'���������     ' ':--    A?  "fe  A References ::^W..".A. .MeACHAM, E. A. Wadhams, T.  Haeper. J:J.-;"BiiAirr;v.    *   '���������"' "   ������������������'      :,--'y^.>-...  :!.:Victoria; April ,1867; .y fey v-,y i.' 'AAAyvyrMA ^  ;;"������������������  HOTEL.I)E FRANCE,   -V;/y  *' GOVEBNMKXT STREET, VlCTOKIA,T. I. .    .....'  THE RESTAURANT is gupplied.with all the  delicacies of the season, and th������ sleeping, accomo-.  dation in. replete with every comfort. Tho best of  Wines; Liquors and Cigars.   '.: ;  1-s y... J. BIGNE & CO.,.Proprietors.  /MA--- f   -A.;W. PIPER\    ".  >;;:CONFECt[.O.N0BR,,  /Government Street, opposite the Theatre.    ���������  CANDIKS of every doscription manufactured and  . sold,' Wholesale and Retail. . 1-a-.  Civil War  in;  THfe.;SociETr: IsLANpi-r-A  coramunication* from Papeete, Otaheite, dated  Jan uary 7);h;.; says": ~". The/, group- Of the>Lee-  ward isles, wli^ro'; two of the sons of. Queen  To ni are reign,5 is- in a sla te of ci vi j; war.   You  kno.w,that this.group, although, forming .part;  of the' var'chirVelagb' .of ��������� the So.ciety Islan'ds,;  d o es n 61. de p end ii p o n 7 the. Fren ch pro te c to^  rate:;It is composed of a dozen islets situated  at dJ f e w m i 1 es ��������� h or th-wes t of 0 tab e i te, the.  printjipal of wbicb are Raiatea and Borabora.  The 'tw6 soy'ere'igns;:qf these .islands .oa\y  reiga"npminally'/fand' reside ordinari 1 y at PaS  peete. with their ibotber.   The power'belongs;  in reality/;.to']ih^A^P^^\^^9V^ry, Societyr  wh icW; p osiessefc X; co j lege ihere, w here J tbe  pri n ci pal; p$r%q^t&e^An atiye m issio n aries >yh p  are :found-*S^^^ Islands,;'are  trairled.   Hayiiig.lei'araed thailarms and/'miife  ��������� i tioiri offew^-pil^d^  ships navigatingSnder the flag-of tM prqteqi  torafe;'".a dec"rie^ fof..tbe '29th of December^  1866, has ���������'���������jfbrSJ^je^'allr natives of fOtahMte;  and i te' deperide'nbies, to go to the , tee ward  islands until they ^eA^mp\et^yp^tled^, A^  BOYD'& HEATH; Proprietors;  rnHTS HOUSE is silnated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth.  ���������;Jt The proprietors having lately fitted up. bedrooms  and good Beds arc now prepared*to.afford every accommodation lor Travellers; the Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that can he procured; the Bar is well supplied with the best brands of Liquors and Segars; good  Stabling, Hay,"Oats and' Barley. jJ3* The CHEAPEST  House on the Road. ������������������ : -.    y y. "    ; Ls  .;; 122 MILE HOUSE,  LAKE LA HACHE.  AS FOR SALE, and constantly on hand,  a well assorted Stock of Drugs,- all tn������ Chemlcab  used by Physicians,': Photographers, Ass Ay era tnd  Mechanic*.:1. Also, the popular Patent Medicines, aad  Druggists' sundries. .'..-���������: ....'"���������'". -  Retorts, Crucibles, Muffles, Cupels, Ingot Moul-ij  etc,, etc.  . FRESCRlPTlOXa  mal  PAlTBTOLtT PREPARED.  ���������F.:W.  FOSTER,  Cliemist  ���������:..'���������;-.    YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.* ���������',' ;  BENJAMIN' DOtJG-"LAS,; Sucbessor'-io A. C;  , WELLS, Saodlk am) Harness Maker, Ynle-;B;yC.  53* A completo assortment oi' Stock constantly on  hand; ' *' '   '   : \.%'"-  P. WALTP^RS, formerly of the .04 5[ilk Horsr.,  having purchased this Ranch,.-is now pr'-pjired  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD MEALS  and BEDS at moderate rates. i.s  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.     \  ; between  Route,  best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines     Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and clieap feed.     Is  AytyAAiASyrPiE: A$ M-AA.  Front Street; Yale, B. C.f. -   .  TJpGSTO AN'yOUVCE.to the inhabitants of C.iriboo-  J), that he iuteods to forward [as.soon ns the state of  the.Roads will permit),   a large r.w. well assorted,  stock of Cooking Stovks, which he will dlsposo of at  Pricks to Suit the Times. ���������    ���������  Yale, 8th April, 1867. .   . ��������� M\' '.  FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE!-y  PARTIES DESIROUS of shippinjc freight Wrrrt Dispatch, will find it to their advantage by giving us  a call before engaging elsewhere.  ALWAV &   BAILEYV.  Yale, April 8tb, 1867. - 1-s  HENRY . GREENBAUM,: WHOLESALE ' LIQUOR  Store, importer of Fine Mkkrschaum PrPES, Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson street, Victoria, V. I. ���������  . i.s  .  J" ULES RUEFF, .Commission Mbrcraxt, Royal:  Hotel Builling, Wharf street Victoria, V. I.   i-s .  m  CLEAL'S  Coffeb  Houhe  and  Rkstauraxt,  Government Street, Victoria, V. I.    This is the  cheapest,'most comfortable, and best attended Establishment in the City  v:The BAR is always supplied' with the choicest of  Wi.ves," Ltqi/ors and Cigars. 1-s  DAILY and WEEKLY u BRITISH COLONIST  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE." Orders for mail-  ing either the Daily or Weekly issues of the abovo to.  ,apy part of Europ.% the United States, Canada, Australia, &c , left at this office or. sent to Victoria will be  auended to. Terms in advance. Weekly, 12mos.,  ffrith Postage, $7 50-';'; 6mos. do.. $i'. 75: Daily, 12  :mbs do., $23 ;���������.' 6mos do., $*! 2 50.  W^ \ ' .;������������������:���������'  ,f1HEA.P Store. LADIES' and GENT'S CAST O^F  \J.- Clot,1.ing bough t a n d sold. . Secdndhand "Watches,'  Guns, Pistol"?,; &c , for sale. -  -^^^^rovernmeht street oppositp tho Theatre. . 1-s..  COLONIAL  HOTEL,  SODA   CREEK.  A GREAT REDUCTION has been made in the charges  XL at this establishment, so ns to suit'the times. .  Meals, $1; Beds, 75 Cents. '  McLEESE & SENAY,  Proprietors.  May   1st,   1867.;  1-s  yjltf?QRIA^^VERTISEMESTS..//  AFRANKEL*^cW  * Skiss; Hidjcs;Vyv&"A&cJ   LiberaVidv-ancesinade  on Fars consigned; ;,.Keference-^G. Sutro&G'b.', Bcih-  bart Bros. Victoria, V.;-J.^,;^,: r- r ;-:?> M A -.v. -y ;;^s,;���������  STJTRO&fCOiv Importers 'and DealeR!S .in  y* -CIGABS, TOBACCO, Meorshaum Pipes, &0;, S B  corner of Yates.ajid;Wharf street, Victor|a    i':yA;?.y  KWONG, LEE &' CO., C6iiaiiSBib.v Merchants, Im;  p-^nrbrs, pod Di>alers in Chinese Goods, Victoria,  \. L, Yalo, liilooet, ^esnelmo������thv  ana William*  Cr^ek. ��������� ������������������ yy     .y ', .yy ...1.S"-'-'  ^OASAMAYOU bei?s leave to state tho the  has removed his stock of Goods consisting of Gro-  OERiRSjf&c, from Wharf street to-the Brick BuiMing  ;6jt.Wtes:street, adjoining Cbwper's Boot Store, oppo-  ^sitQ^Wells-.Fargo&Co. , A-y :.-M  '. He^ill sell his Goods by Wholesale, at. the lowest  ra't^sf for.cash.. . . ...   l,s  WILLIAM ZEL^R^ doaior in Drugs, Mkdt-  owes rind Chemicals, Fancy and Toilot Articles,  Sponge's, Brushes, Per.umcry, &c.-.'-:.Physicians' Pre������  scriptions carefully compounfied and. orders answered  with carband dispatch!   Victoria, V.I. : '   j.s  S'ree Port for Ever I  E^THE UNDERSIGNED' TAKE - j>ieafeure in an-  : nouhcihg to our numerous  customers and tho  'public, that vt/o will supply them with tho best French  Leather Boots {duty free) ever offered in B. C.  S^At our old Stand, Governmont St., Victoria, V. I  .': '���������%+��������� .      CHAKirY&: BUTLER.  Ill MILE HOUSE. .  AGE IS NOTHING!  BLOOD WILL TELL!  W. H. Sutton,  DEALER IN Wines, Ljqcors axp Cioars, Coal Oil,  Coal Oil Lamp3, ^c^  . AGENT FOR BUNSTER'S ALE !  In Bbte and half Bbls.  Yale, April 18th, 1867.  19  rpHIS HOTEL IS  LARGE AND WELL FITfED UP  Supplied  and  for I'ainilies; Stabling, Hay, Bar'iey^mrOats.  ^The trail to Ce.lar and Horso-Fly Creeks leaves  the >Vagon Road at this place. .     ��������� :  A lmSA      .''���������'������������������ WM. HENDERSON. :  ���������*i f,tb?CC)mCortof tril���������lers;,tljc Table is supplh  with the best of everything that can be procure!, ai  the cooking is not inferior to any on the road: Bcdroon  FOREST_ HOUSE.  36 MILE   POST,  :; BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, BAG/  TI^VELLERS .will find every.accommodation at this  Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD BEDS,  STABLING FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Rates."  .  .   BOOTHROYD BRO'S, ,   '  Prbprioters..  Storage and Forwarding!  YALE, B. C.  PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE YALE-LYT-  ton Roctk, are advisod that  KIMBALL & GLADWIS  Have ercctoii an extensive Storehouse and Dock *&  Yale, and aro prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goons.   Goods re packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates.  Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to tho care of './.'���������-       .. -'...- *'���������"'- ���������.,.-���������,  Is -:;���������..:'KIMBALL Js GLADWIN;   ���������  27  BLUE   TEN  MILE   H  1-S  BOSTON   BAJ1  International   Hotel.  THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE is now open for tra  ���������A fevclters.   The Table is supplied as formerly with-  the best the market afTords,.and tho Cooking cannot  be excelled.    The Bar is stocked with the finest Liquors and Cigars.   GOODiBEDS.  . WIIXIAM CHARTERS  V8 ��������� Proprietor.  THE UNDEDSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  desirable property, is; now Prepared to accommodate the travelling public.: Tho table is supplied with,  the very best of viands. Tho bedrooms and beds ars  as comfortable ns could be desired,,and the BAR con*  tains nothing but.tho best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.'     ���������;' ,     |. - ' ,;���������;   - '������������������" \  ��������� A good stock of Grain and Hay alwa vs on" band.  -. Srd May, 1807. ,3 W. WRIGHT.,  THE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform tho miners and  . residents in & around Vnn Winkle that he.will in fU; ;  ture keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand,1 and i  hopos by closo attention to business, and by selling ,  at LOWER RATES than, heretofore, to meet tfto pa*  tronage of all. ' - ��������� '  , <Mcrs.rrf>m owl-laying creelcs accompanied with.ths  JASH, will bo .forwarded witn promptness ar  ������S*TQrm������ CASH.  C  patob.  promptness and dis*  1-s  without distinction.  ���������     J.'W.  LlKDHAnD.


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