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 Mi  ��������� im-.  M  U  fj������i  taStEr.  the medium of. your, valuable sheet to give ia  fewhufts r^pe^tiijg^;f6pdi $ndfhq%, to takejii;.  The medicarmenr'of the .old BcfiboT taught th^t  a rigorous ^a^ching^of ^ihe tot was unnecessary. ' N6w?a%humbririg'o������!the appetite j is  necessary,^br: ;it^as J>eeh proved te expert  tnlea^; on. J^iij-i^ij^ 6fM^^&k^^i<>f  ��������� living, that ��������� with ft dfarelfeli of;ah article jof  ~ fbQd^?the;ce*w^  othecwiseiiiHence Appetite^riibo^isi^ expression no������< only:?6������ desire^ butyof fitness;  True, there a^e ^cepjipns, bjQth in th^jjjeaithy  I" anddise^d!prgans,lthe: efiildvinusti heae*  strained; and a patient must jpay particular  ik-attention"^  Y diet required;'* 'Mi?' thy siippprt of healthy  rllfesthe naturaltfoi^3:^test|^efbfroupt into  -union%itli the living^ frame^rriot grossly,fl)ut  'Amiydetailr-eaeli-iprganism dem^dSyife;^ii  Tv^^X'^^WSn^' '\^PJ������4!$% "revealgj^^.iis  Irdegjs auoy w^  " whicfi -we" "rob^aTpe^fi  ^qrdlngiyA^f^dhmehtkl law in the;manage*t  > :iaent;of ^eystoj-aj*^  * impiilses'andi to> gratify\the^natural desires.  " .This seems.Vtrf "be an 'reasy;ftle;toyfollw,;in;  some respects' itisjso;jyet.tnere are.a"few.qon-  yoUtians;^^  gratifyourinstincts "we^must at ledst preserve  * them, suffering them'neithp-cto^be-bluntednor  f Apervexted^we^flM ^fr&ih^M^  certain simplicify  nature we "mi^ gratify:  we miist -Hereford -jgive^ theniati, opportunity  to indicate their r'eafprej^  habitualcuse^Of highly seasoned dishesywhich  destroys the true flavor oP th'e'aftible, or the  usefg^rvarie^p^^shes at^*oe|ni^aListoM*  ly opposed ta this'law. What^pne of us but  u prefers the old style', ofi.-rofwkb'eei' ? *. it has-the  ;ad*mitage- of ^^thett^ flavor tuisj^Jled by cbn-,  .indigestionjS^^ORRde^bijr e^  -������������������jthe'~~~~i ~* "���������-"^-"--*���������-���������*���������-������������������*-������������������-���������* ^i������������������-������--���������-���������^���������-----��������� -~^-.-  8or  Maurice Pra^^^Jbh^aBrysk&^A&F  P^Ffid������thatJpJLaintiff; supplie^defendantand  ;fes,pai^era;;witaAg^^ las}.' winter- lo "a cer-  ���������rato-amount and to.dk ^mortgage' oh'Sefen'd-  ant's full-interest (in ihfcCaribo^  "curity fo"r;thb 'paym  was instituted to cbmpef 'defendant to 'pay the  same or jpuPplaintin' iii pbssessibii^of the claimi  -The Court stated that there~ were ������d~:many  qiiestionslb^f la^  would adjourn fHe;fheariri^  'ascertained whether Judge iBegbie -wbuld'cori*  sei$;to;sitMo:n&  Due notice' of the next'sittingVoiild be giyeif  to/������6uriseLys;^  keftfor defendant; y���������n* ty a^-ti ^tvy>^.y :y  y^MsTRAORS^A^^^OBY OP AN, IRON ChEStJ--  What very nearly; .ambuhteoS to' a:; shocking  tragedy,:reminding one nbt^a littley of the ia-,  metis Old story&fythe,.,Md������| ahdMej? ej&sfcj  took pla&3,a������;^  Ral^to Hotelsitf ^  .and Aiboy 'employed'*qn ;thel premises;^, from  fuhjaiid ^ri6yi;y^^,t^  carefully {*, constructed -ifii^ropf opiate Sclies^  ^Another- servanfcalso: in;, -fun, - little '''thinking;  ^hat,he ^as^dding, closed^ttie 'SoM^-yI#fistA  ������neHJwith 'a^spring lock, antethe^*hbrrifie<J;  victims found themselves inclosed) in - an air^  tight box abou������three feetsqpare, by sir;feet  high.    It! is difficult to understand how three  pc^ons. could haw  0ch a place, iortherfrw^  robm^but such is '4he iacfo ? - TJieirtcMes^ sbori'  alarmed' the establishment^ arid{at:,last Ijhe key  Iwas foundfbut/as'might be  .confusion,,undertthe .agonized , eflbrts^oft tlie'  frightened man ^bshad^ shut ^the door, it  brpkei-in the -lock,_. There. wa,s rno\v. nothing  left for it but to b^%in,|^'^^i^^in-  ^try^trengtli of "the*; cloior Tesisted every eflprt  of sledge-fiamme^jlwieldedb^^  (^cI^^-^Io^pii^rjr;) ^j^|to|the5i^^  ������������������>.:? L  '- ���������   ji'v  ;-.".���������"���������.-   ��������� ;-:.f:"--v ' ���������!'  V .���������.-���������-5   ,    :������������������;������������������'-.' .:���������'.*''.;--|-n -.T.:*; ,-.���������-. -.ir-f. -.,-,~,-- :".; r.-. .���������V \\  "?'/iSi-v.": K'tfiiz siiivH '<*':\y -loffn^^ y.hH^-'n.ifp^  pteiiis^-  Ar  rii&M^ymi  :Jw.k '.v-j.' ..i yfe.',H> ^ -j  iUoii'&'-ffi  i-ti  ni  it  i#$t'{$������  ^.fel  ���������������������������'-iAjiihbAiA  ,       IT    ?_/.,  fc   ;   ������        '- Lr       ,s ' "  AM <     y  **isfc -iiojt^aapi^ii^iii  1    *  *-   ^; 'i' ���������' i     -.' /i '���������'. ,f ',,< y  y y.u*^  .   ,^ -   CWitlyfPower to'Increase.)  i. ������i  Ley! '_if; ^^B" ^fig--t>^ ^f.' ��������� <h - ^ [<ty^.;    ;:  ?M#y  rmy  tyvmb ~M,ry  ������������������>":*!  J.15,������E'-?'ft  ^  yt  yy f.  AM  m  M:  m  Mr  TOEGS  ;MAB!A1^E|������^  ^want of sotne simplefboddihatiature calls ^?rkin&l������ r^?gy^.S?#?F4S9^ creatures^  ^^ym!be indicated by "theT ;a^*r^tite;f there ::'is after ^aymg'b een jmmuf^ed Tor more than half;  *!������, reasonfscarcelyJess/poterit in> M diffesl;ive ^a^pur,^y breatag,tlu^ughrthe7viyall ^th  k ;a reason iscprcely lesarp-ofent in j ;^he digestif  ���������vprocess^t is'^ enjoymenti^^h^  ��������� laws .work well f-ogether^^ -pleasure is the judge  .I ,and- mlesan tli^KcasC^ftfeth^^^ fc%fc^fc  which gives* tbeiinost genuine ���������:ani- permanent  ; satisteti6b/;-^A.pr^^^  :ibet^eri eve^^eal^fef  ,valent{ icau^e>^t* ^indigestion it t ha-ai Ibardelaing  the> 8totiaach|:eveir in ' small^ q^iaMties; ^jfbrb  that'brgaii;Ss TOady^for���������'*. its wb*rk. ' -The best  Jito tb;fbllb;w-is ^  at equal, in^^als| Jfc^is tart,be "changed ac-:  ���������cording']to%^*tfe^ jou^ lea<������ as Me working  man'Of^Q^  man of,s^dentary habUs. A If^ digest^urjfppd  r we toist enjoy^ity* we./should'. take it^feisurely  and in?a pleasant frame^of mind; chatted food  is. halt: digeste?d.^ ,TheJ greatest, ejaemy to the  atomacjh^^neiitv^^to^atnxie% is?h-urr^formany  reason^; the stomach iniits normal action conr  fetracts Y?ith each morsel^as it is swallowed, and  ���������w^es-td^recelve51- the ���������'h^'^siafficient time  A^mg, alio wed for this ' movement,'' of course  the ;pray of 3h������"muscles"!!������^&s6ri}erSd;'and  ���������craihprahd^{jpaiB-fut distefitibti^i^ the'result  Wm  Animal food, itVcut ^mayn can be eaten hur*  nedly, but vegetable^^_fpod 'must be properly  : .masticated.; /,If"��������� affcerr g^eatiexertion appetite  ^'ailsra small quantityiof foodshould-be taken  ; Is m^ga^-tQ jinstimdfei^j^  regulatediin a .great; measure Ay inclination ;  T. st���������������e-constitutions".it is much better not to  drmk during m'eais; the habit of washing down;  eachmouthful is aLways objection^., :Nothing  js better.thanu.change in the diet, and some!  times,an occasionaifast gives fresh, life to the  digestive organs^ the ��������� question:6f> the use of  ���������  mm  k  ���������I  Rg  #  m  mmm  the stomach lo6ks':'f6r*s(rb'hg animal food to  '���������wpplyj^ climates  :-^M7?������!^^iM*ft^ the^ Kest diet.  ,f^:Wi^^?^^bM^. =than meat alone;  Ageak of bread made from the/simple wheat  mfeal jvith a matf^^^tQi^^iy^mi  conrains about four times the nourishment of  ^.hne;wheat bread cortimdhly used. Beware'  rfepxi^tmg mmtbUcels;m CS  ^itor, you;ai*e;not.troub,led with.indiglstioni  I remain, vourstrnlv. /  Medicus...  1 remain, ypnrs truly, ���������,  pr^per/imia^p^s^  and^wl|^ih^ .pie.:  nose' aM^qutl^fth^  suffer tvisibly^ though much distressed?^Asfew  niinutes.��������� more���������it is said not - -^e^hd^oine,  if not ;all; must: have^ perishediy^Gonsiderable  crowds called^6tt*n^^e^:hbM> both at the  time and afterward." ^-f ':yi- . * \x  f ^^!3^g-p\i^  ;^dy ahtagej tp-c'all T#t"the y store "^rmel^occ^  pied by S'Msasseri'G^  Ihie jjquality anoV prides-of{the ^largie^aW? ^well  assorted- sto ck pf5 general merct andisp ;' co'n-  silfin^; in ?^art,^z ;^i G^  Shpesi vL*ujuctfs,?$egars and Groceries; - The  whple^^stocl^:miist b9,closedvpu*t inimediately,  thete-fore goo ds are "now^selling -at; 'extremely  lowprices\,-\ \''AAA-, '���������'"-." "A7 m~AA//��������� -"*'������"���������  fe;; j&&We������W)uiaffeajtl %$e attimtiori Kof those  having gobds prr������pther ^commodities to; move  between the/ibUfferent; itoi^ns' ��������� qj$i the i cr^ek !ftb  Mr. H; G; Wilmott^ who has % Bioirse audi Dray  ready-at: tire Shbrfcesl��������� ^o^icelto'^xec^  orders he hiay bo favored ��������� wlthifeat^:ryTeaf  sonable rates... -..MrAiiiAA-/-A-.-..M..:....^^^..^^*.. j  ThrrUsv^Rsi^iV^Xci^ ot -mixing fehicbry ahd  other adulterfttives wi th ColFee;; has vfery,'iriuch damag^  od in public, estimation,;, what, ought to, :be.. the*most  delicious of Beverages. ,"S6 eirdctually have 'tlie public  b$en drugged witlii'shefi .mtstilrQS.tlSattl^' ;Vrud proper-  lies have been lost sight'of, an'd' many, prefer a;black  andr thickJnCusion to a drink rich in spirit and ���������aroma;  General as is tlio use 6f Coffee, it is little known that  in condensing the vaporc������extracted < from -the-berry in  roasting,* a liquor is, obtaincd-pf the -most nauseous  t������$gi iiftjirpC^ scent tli������mji>3t?unhearahie. Undef subbi  rcircumstances it is evidently .important that all tho  gases and fluids extracted- by" roasting should bo car"  rled off as quickly as possible, in order to proyent thejr  returning iagain to the Coffee^ ' Vliich'Isthe c<iso iii tlio  confined:cylinder'.: This" object is admirably acconi:  plished by the new and patent "ConicalCoft'ec Roaster"  as used by FELL & CO., Victoria, in Avhich tho bfeny  is directly exposed to the radiated heat- and tlie'vapor  extracted^carriod off.instantaneously. Iu addition to.  the advantage to be derived by the rapid removal of  the steam containing tho"6b**jcctio'nabl6* properties, 'the.  pure aroma of the Coffee is retained,- the essential-oil  tjelng.presorv;ed and not exhausted, as^ in the;CyIinder  Roaster, whero^the Coffee/is required to remain a -much  ���������longer timo% in consequence of tho steaming it under*  goes by tbe confihed'.stcahi.,; .litis "chejnicixlly nripossi-'  ble to retain the ciualitics>.or arrcst,thcVdetcrioration of!  Coffee when ground. V '<The'beat engendered by the process of roasting, and especially of grinding^ creates an  action in tlie'elementaryfpwts which gradually destroys  its' fitness Tor drink.ri But to retairi'th'e' essential oil.  which it contains we have it encasedin-tins containing^  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and.which can.bo had from any of;  the respectable dealers. Wc-canfconfidently recommend  those who hav6 hitherto been obliged to refrain from;  has been brought; and by riumor'6u&* othor"tcstj monials  in its favor. ... -    . r' FELL., k CO:;.  :������-.: , ������������������ Coffee M'?rbhant?; Tatcs St., Vi'ctcsrla.  ^O^IONS^RGG^IBS^]^  Storage ^'d^CqinmiWbn^  yr$r:  ������������������Mtl-fi-b  M������:M&&MMM$ii  pmtk^i^mm .QuebecyHamilton; LmdimMkc-'  '������������������':^tS^t^f^lei BraQtW,- 'Brock. ? ������  7 Ay '^^m^^StmWit'i*ictOh; Perth'MM^K :  '- -    ' ^Mjr^mtime, SvAditiier^rAy .,  yt  *    -    ^y%gj5;;/ortho-Bankof Montreal1.1 ���������-���������?  -S^Mi^mMIi/A ryAMyAAAAiAMArMli   -  ??.*|her,Securities,received for sal#  ^ and^Divldends1; colliicUdy ���������?' *-v* y,  |8pJli$S;iHI|i-or  "4 ������ -���������fe,, 1   y���������  s     ,i   y ���������{ y   1  if"  ^GbVernmen^  ?fi:  MM  s^^^^m^^m  W~wi&M&.  mmmm  -J ���������-y^i- x .-  y^yyyM^AiM-Ayy'MAMMMMMM.  BARKERVILLE-^Adjoining jtjhe Express Office.  'M. J. ;BL^KM^N, '." s  ii'. it  ������j'itisli;1; ;Jforth.yAm.eriea.  .jy't -yy uyx dy.y^u..t^u���������^y yi'i^y^yiiJoci'.-u^  '  ���������" ; ' ESTABUaHED IN 1836.  ' v   ���������  ;��������� HeId OfVick :" 7^*5T. HELENS PLACE .LONDON  x-. ...   ,*j.&yi. 'y.^yyiih^oyvryyvj'V'W      ,:>  jmAiFTS ISSUED^onhLondon^New'Tort- Sari Frah^  Cisco, CarlboOjijCan^da^Ngw Brnfiswick;dNova Scotia,  and on all the Branchesof Jihe National Bank of Scoi-  land and Proyincial;Bankpf( Ireland. ;  , Billsi ;of. Exchange and' Gold purchased.  "'"Iht^rest :otl Special;-0ejjp'sits of Money aUoweii at'sth������:  rat^e of -a, quarter Of one per 'een t;f-per irion iliiiU r.i' ?������������������*  wi  RICHFIELD, Willialhs dr^ek, B. C.  ��������� , 7AyTM'MAJ1: -|V>\ ������'".. rVrfe;^ ^iiyU^x^Ul^ .-.:f..  ^EjHAVEvON^HAlJ'p. a iarg"8:stb^or:B"to-v^sib^r  tV: Hard ware, and  niin^cltcfseil them;cheaper^thim;any other store'oh  iWilliams'Cfeek. ".Conse aridseeahd'jiidge' for yourselves.  ���������^Richfieldi/May 5tH-1866iVVVi.r;:.i:^ny97^;v^ y^i.j 'tiM  M<M :^sM^&:MWV^ti������ilAM !il-A-  GQLr>DusrU������eltod"an^  ^within 24 hours ii^Cbill>or^teiil'cU'   ������MyU}fAl>l''r  ^cOres^^^ryide^riptipn^arefuj*^^ ra  H r>i ���������B^rrAnyiustruc^ipns as to tl^e disposal oCthe:prn-  beetls of'.Gotd"Dust'Td^waraffttw:tO.*rth,eTdfficVin;Victoria  for Assay will be careAilly attended 'toiACs-A'- A1 MM'  f;r. 0 y )} A<A< ir]:. {/o; h^'!S:iQi SHEPHERD; Manager. '  .^ Victoria,' y. I., -ApriL/1866.1- ������������������-/*?/     ������ ������r " * 1-s" v.-  BARNARD'S  BARKEHVILil������E: BREWERY,  -N-vBRE^KR^tn  ���������r  PRAGER.   *  WlLOA^.vANO; GROUSE ;CRBBKS,;j  jAiiV-.y i  DKAtSRS-'LV  Assorted  ... I  .Connecting .safer LillOoetJ aiid>>*Yarevwith''������DTETZ>ii  ���������:f\ A N51^p'^Silbr^"w>'^^mins"ter &;|Victoria:,-j--.' -  ILL^i"RMVE "i^pHSi DEPA^lr^rn ���������fehft;Office; ia  terpris  Creek,  - missions; received and;, forwardedvbx: Kxpress for th w  Collection .pf- Notes^Bilis^and the purchaBO of articles  -tob'e obtained at XewWestminster,, Victoria, San Francisco or en route^ andTciurris: m ade wi th' *d ispatdh:: ���������-���������-���������'  nis   cA ��������� '{;>^   ������������������ ' AiAMyirMfliS:! B^LOVELL,V A As ���������  1-s      ., Agent, "Barkeryiilo.5  "Wholesale aiid Retail.  E. C. GILLETTE.  i-     V l-'.'t    ���������.������������������-������������������     ii,' i l .1 ��������� . " ���������.  -.     ... , 7,  ������������������J-.C't.  .     .   s ...   ...        - ,-.,'*>;  ,:: ;v:CAMERONTO*^;_ ";'���������;;,; ;',;::..;i.';7";;  r    JAMES fRURDIE,  : ���������!.:, ?;. ,;���������;.:;.;R-i-CH^il#LX>^*/���������:-;���������  . r BARNARD'S;' EXPRESS.;,  u'fe>������>ii fjj;;.';-.''?,i/i*ji.th.:���������M.sS'. ".t&s ������������������')* .*���������*.-j������':*��������� '*ii..  Redxictiori hi. the' 'fifties' of Express Freiglii.  AtlyM yy-n) ?::>:'?.��������� ott>j\*irit ������'<}?. y^y:::?1.:;:-; ui:viyy\ _  ON-.AND,AFTBS?TH^; mtlC the,rato.forrExpress  parcels from;, Sgag.to. Barkerville will l^'e:. ,;...,.. ���������., .  ';'. y. "^r^4^-m������^tafib^������'/ A A' 'ijh cts. *fi"'ii.'' y  ;���������������������������: do; ilo.rSO tp^oq.fe? '"*;tefi&cGPV4&-.  - fe:     do   v do ;, 1W) fts. and - over    fio'ots. $ ft; fefe  ���������i-A- -;.;���������..: iKtfy.* yiyssq^B-tOVM^JyA::^  H'iAr A-r-h ���������:>:yyv:nyiyy?i^\ Agent; Barl������?rvillev;  ;.'^Junc 20th,,:.W6^^| - ���������.::fy."i:,-;. i,;^' ���������,.������������������. 'y: '���������;. A S^M ���������.  ���������y'i-'.t  ryvA^iwmtLB^yL  t f-  w/iys on hand.  ^;-ii U- ... ...  t������������������'.���������{' vj -,; Th*8underajgned.iisj?rep%re(l to .*..-!-'. '/'.:>���������  Amy AA. t A.y iy. P^NNINGS/ A.< A y/y. i- Vis  On QommissiCn, or: will pnrchaSO' any ;q������3nHty- on tha  :yytAiM./A -MASS^'bkba^;Terms,/at thej.-yd���������:o;r  iv.'rj.;,: Beading; Room, i Oaixteroiiton, ���������;   ' ; s  ���������(The.Subscrlher is well J^npwn^pn.>yilliams Creek*, a nJl  from the conndence reposed^in. hj.m 4ieri?toi"ore in flm  abbve;ba"siness, he hopes^Jp^receiye. ^lie'patronage..of  Hhe iliningtemmunif'y fe^^iisirf'ng'siason:'��������� .V ': "���������'*  ?c ���������*3r;;.r.-^j fr:J n-2 "^'^Cfy^'y^oB^^O^OK*^  'y  I  r.v  'I  y  ������������������!''  *y'-  A  A  it  i 1 fe ��������� '''"At  //?/������������������  AAiAAA.,  ������������������'��������� -i'  yyxyxy ������������������������������������ :'fe;  :;^f^::yy  :     I '  lil?;;-;;.  fefefe  '.'ii;  S;!^-y';;X:;;-;-yy^;-  lB;ll|y;-'v-- AA A' ���������  flffe fey'v. ���������-.  illlv;'-^::.^;;,.y^  -    !   ,   fe;  yyyy :yyyfefe-..  tt?Wi>vtfe:.y/^;'::^  fefefeife-���������'. '���������':���������������������������- -.- -'. ���������;.  UMrAAAAAyMi  ymM.i:r-xyy.-,.:y  riM-a   -y ���������/ - ^  -;'y?y ���������  *&?������$���������/&:;... y.;. :������������������:.���������-".':.'. ���������������������������"iv  ityyfey;'������������������-'; '-'.-'."' ���������' '������������������  ���������'5i������y;;";yr:'.;' ,������������������/'  yy,''--} ���������   (  fifj-'' v ���������  v "^CoLONy.oP^YicroaiA;-^Tho: Registrar-Gen^ "   eralrhas'issued^i8^Blae^b:6*ok-fo^i-864i    Off vJ: :      , v        r-r ������������������-"���������-������������������������������������-~ ~~ ���������������������������"-"  4^o entire population, 605,501; as many as 24Vp'AA'AAy/  A -'FOR������THErfe-y;  -���������-963^6 estimated to. form wh>t is known as Y'tflflA nnAf'-^l^AAn'il  ?-:-the*'gold-fields^  lyidg 1,908aboriginals;   -The^ti6n^u>feM*{ioT^-j "   '"���������   'AA' -"- A ^ife.^j.^     * ;  "-   Which Quaatitv HG:4fi3aq.Q a^aHj,vp ^fi,^^-LTliK:-j.-HAvEl I V     uTititklfiW Ok  f$U^^  rr  v    '.    '      -t        QUESNELiJOUTH/1 f'/w        M   "  " ",fe / .tp:T^-jh"FtNfinN^PDr^i4^ -aa ,..  /?fe:i-  Meals at allhours,and;Cookingiofrthe^best  vt������ fiVij i<������ .fedescription. ^ v.;., ,i ^.������fe'  r<i)T t������^u>f8>y  ������������������rf. ������vp..: ;.T*T..     . -      ���������     ,T.-7lT%sf ���������l"'|IP   ������������!������*,   wuu    ^sustenance from it, were mor^than'ninWmi][|' 'v^LL* LOVERS op the TERPISCHo'rean ART are  v������i������  sustenance trom it,were-morethan' nine miP  lions pf livei stock-^640,625 head of-^oattle^  . .,; ...,       ,-quesnelmouth,. ;.,7:,iv."*y;'-r,.;  ,    SRQ^N ;&i GJp^:y^mr^q^/k; r  Good Beds; Restaurant; < Biiiiard^Tabley cic.  .,...- \ .,   Stabling /pr-Horses, Hay bad-Oats*;'������; !*,,,i*! lift  GUICHOFSJ  i-:iGEiiE&AXiyBi6i  . A^lM^EAW^Oiiim'  ,. ;v._^..MEReHMTSpAMwiYiM*  ^*; :;:St������rage, ,W--Teri^'mb'st'iMbde!mte/"j '"  yiMyjyyy-A -QUESNELMOUTH.rD."' -yMyy8'>' A  ������-.fen^.������Jnai^.:.'*..:Tw?:??���������������U]^tti>1.1.  -t- ������  iMiiTu. ji-iii^tiiL...,,  Mft!  ^1^.  5%:^;; y ?.-:��������� Ar y -rMy  ip&MA ���������fyyAyMy  ^yryyAyyiM-  , <jt ,���������������-.-.-. i������;������������!.;  y-ripo&yyine return oi;cattle/,������c.y Killed ;to sup-  c" "ply^'the^'b-piilatl6;n;8h'o ws mitch smaller: num-  ;. ���������:ybers thaii;^in Ki863^i68,116^cattleV 532,867  ^hei6p, and 29,667;pigi3^ ' The supplyrbf'flour  :' weighed 49,032? tons, wMch was^obtained by  |^|Of^69..  ,y^^mM,7^ot^^m^bying^^5  producing 6jI79>712 gaUons^ Doeri^wMch1   ^  were supplemented s;by��������� an ^importation   of  .above 800,000 gallons; 998^reaping machines;  were at work.   There;were 538 manufactories  of various kinds at worli iii the colony.   The  ^j^^^^pB^^^^^  'i ii'.V" L  ">:���������*  rin^clb*ne'-ry^_oh"the^gold-fields is estimated at  "<������t .300,000. 'The rates'of labor -are!'retnrned  7 -���������:'.'i^at -;10& 'ta.20sJ a^*i^k^wi-^(Tatiio^^lfc' agri-  ' ��������� cultural* and pastoral- labourers; -lfla.' a" day;  "without rations, for a'ftisads"; domestic; feervanteJ  'y������30 vtO;������50 aTyearvfe with- board and4lbdging.,  Bread was dear in 1864���������lOdi to*l2fethev4ib;;  ^loaf'f meat was 4d.^M6d.per ib.^tea^ 3s; to 4s^  ''.feard^nrprodiice a little more'rthan^Biiglish  i f}- prices.' -y& lodgihg sidtable to% mechanic and^  - mtiferiniiy'w&io^ veirttnr  y & U: y s^mmwrnyA. v ?; ���������*  1^^ff^?^til*^f5r-Kept in:tfusjes!ahfishment-  and strychnine and rot-gu^findnopiaceiiere. y^2  THIS HOUSE is sedated 26 miles^^f^m Quesnelnibatn:{  :-Tho proprietors havingy lately^ fitted, up- bedrooms  and good Beds are now,prepared to afford every accpm-  Ttiibdatlon for TravJBllera; tte Table is fnniished 'wiM; alii  the luxu'ries 'ihat can; b*e; procured ]7t$6; J^^ls^weli'-siijpr-  . plied with the best "brands of^Liquors a nd Segars';' 'gbod',  ' House on the Road, y x'MAyAAiLy y,-.:iMAiMMAl^\ *>���������  '^andkeepyo^rteelsadrv^S  ^anty and 03ut^ 6oven>r^?^J  ^Garden-and^ield SeedsgteanM^tt1 - S  ;f,.;-.p:LMA-  ^ISailp ys tilpB i;:;:;;? ?  i^'/sti;'^-^  ���������iiij'ii.  i x. r -fc - / , : r^- ' VA3f WINKLE, ^ 1%f; ���������'    ^  ,l"  ;i>EGS TO INFORM .HIS ������CUSTOMERS ^AND< THE  J>.( public generally that he intends, to;ffuraishi(them'  3$EF, iQK MUTTON,,so soon as packing.is practicahler  at their,respective claims^ on; the different creeks^ or  residences,, at the Most Reasonable Rates. -' ���������i^yrM  - 7fVan Wink!?, June 11^-1866:^.   t- ^.n, f������-, {11 ��������� '  X '^Travelling^publicjf the^hedroonis'���������; are; spacious and \  -...*? ������;able.Tor: auf agrfcultural lab oarer ^cost' frdm  yiA'&&l5l$,q!������3Qi> ryyyyX:MMMx>yu^. Am:&m A.AAA  AS������* A baker in England stole a tombstone  ;    M     A,-A   \ ^TJDAYUGHT; iy 71 ;, ), Jj; .  '-     -1-'     "W1U lea-ye. QTJESNEU-    p'  1 WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY^ MORNINGS  AAA ^piA/^ : '-' '"���������  f,  ,X/ .is.furnished with every cbhvenie^e./<9rf-Jtti0-^m'-; i^ceivin^fWni.hfcfifc;ift������i^^^������ -  Mrt-oji^Tra^lers; j1* ttie.: Culina^^epartment:'is-; under:  ith&'supie^  are-cleah and comfortabie ';tl the;^Bar contains the jjos fe  mmz,  feii.i>Ciii.fii.{i  ftTfeFl'^v .KjfJ  MW 3=offi qr becomei thinV aud toicure effectually Scurf  :��������� *$*;:J&*$���������&r.M wiU: alsojelieve the Headache, and give  '^^n?-?- QT&Z^^yMffiiZ&rftte'&B use of  & ;wM fe?epi)oth the skin'and hair Jiir a healthy state'  feP^?J^  y et,)both in consideration of the delicatec andJagreeahio1  . ^rfame.,;:and thegreat;/acility,it^ords.JadressiDg the  ���������hair, which, -.when, moist Withfit^anW dressed in anv  :*^quiredfbrin^so;astd;preservei  ;^^in curlsryWhenusedohcbildren'sh^ads, it lays the  *foan.flation;for..a good:head of:faafiv��������� I'M, 'Mi Mify  <^fe^^repared;onlytoyyA;..,'��������� Mir^Ajy'j^SE^^AiA, -  ytt��������� . ,i   ,. ....,, ������ , . , ^rke^ljey^illiamsCreek'.  ;ri?;  BLUE! TENTER  M. 'HENDKRSO^hegB to^ infdrrriihisfrfends  ;ia|������'n^tHe"aDbve "^"   *  withTirst Clas^>*>,  horecsj] Hs^aiici'Gn  ;*^^i3SSspS^-y'^'r^  proprietor,; ,      ,;    ;   _ ./Agent,  | it Tor the - obmfbrt "of trayel'ers; the; Tablei* is vs'ujj^iied  with;the bfestipf-everytbingj that'cah)bejir6curd,^and  the cookiriir is not infftrthr tn & iw������������i < ������>������i**^ - ������   ^ ^  is prepared to^up-plyhis^anierbuspatMwithte  requisite for Clothingasuitable������  .year.'.ry' - yy-. yyy -   ,:l:4l-^U^H-vJ^v-vyifn  .1 Bigne akd-PierrbSIanoiet,=��������� PrbpHe tbra--The B������ ���������  taur5in,t issupplie^Mith a!l;thejdelicacies'th^nartcl,  auprds., >;In .the.Bar, will -be"-found: the choicestiiQim  ^urmslied Hooihs, ^&cM   :���������-' M      '   yy;-fei.������ I  '"       '."iii? I   '���������'" 'y'-''.-: ->':������������������    : ''X-'x'':' -������������������ '.'V"-:K-f������;.''.'i~f'*-i-ii'. ;->;���������;> {������������������������������������f.  -T-rv;':  ^UmE^IG3^"ar&h6wniaun^  '   ' l!    T LILL00ET FLOUR MlJi'ca ���������'��������� ���������������'  y ^���������^���������-^ ,:  X: LBERT CBYSLERyhas opened, the above House;for  _oL >the reception of^^'Travcliers j; ;the Tableis-wellJcepi  an d-tUe : Liquors 'cannot; tin ii""^ .>*^ - -i ^ ^  IS TO^EBTIFy:that f^^sonioJcadsWbr ^.i VrB&'ffiSW^ifi-riSS^S^^-feiS������??5������  ;^jnHlS IS TO' CEKTIFy.1 that f-roni'sdmaJcUuse br coin-  fe-Air plaint of the.hcacl our hair rcdnunenced falliuK out  fSOTHpidlyfthatwe feared we shbul(l-lose the whole In'  rfe^l?diiM9n we .went tb w: D, MOSES, and strange to  O f hand a large arid superior' stock of "ISger Beer j; at  the Bar will -be found- the bestrBraiidjei" Wiiies^and;  Segars; the public are invited to call, Pcpared to All;  all orders promptlyl -;'  "; "         ~, t I-s si  RS.jHEIN,; Milliner &. Dress. U^ssa. .Goveni-  ym^ut' Street;'VictofiaV.V.,Li.( All" kinds of Millineiy  of the latest style' Kept( constantly bhhaadi ' Orders  SJ^^iuI^^^^^^ :PMEli  Mc&tl"JU}E,P Ship;;rChandler ani  :������hTS?if ^i fi- te^up with' ^firy Convenience -^ "deaier ln!PWn^������W^i&d:"Wl5d^*Glass, ^wap  ^thercoma,rt,of tl^pubhc-theiBeds are;aUtha^  ?^P^9i-the Table;is-8upp1iedwi^  L^^c?5^ihs,a^hpices:t.'branda .^-.i>-. ^^^X--l."-'L' -'-:.rLT .'.* ''.'."''.'��������� ��������� -vw^  Am^^TZT^AA -;;;;-;;;��������� r ' ;-��������� ������������������" A:pAyfA:^'^m:l^in^^^ Q^E^^r  INTERIATIOM, HOTE-ULiOOET B^^IS^  >-i> ROBERT WARREN Barkerville *    ��������� vM i?S^8-TUSMS weU fi^ed up:w th Goid Bods and  ������i-'iS?^^PP������-?������<l the<Barissto<  ���������C * .���������;:������: :V     " yyty -,,-,. ������������������;., ������������������*'.,, : :..,   WInS f������r Horses,-Horso Feed; Ac.  ���������,; ,* 5.-i s*   , ., i?e    (Newly milled Flour for sale ������h������i  /;' Williams Greok, 1st7July; 180&;  :, r. ;XJARD OF ACKNO^EBG-MENT.  T^^Sw--':^. MOSES;  Sifi;-lkiih������ years 1800 and  J.; ia6l, f-romtflongarid severe^^ illness, my hair became  ��������� very weak,- and^vas falling off in a most feariul man-  -naiyand I was m dread of becoming.entirely bald, when  I was recommended hy; a lady residing onFort street  >to try your iNviGORATda.   After a few applications by  ' J-^������ and^Engraveri: Yates "strdef;; above Qoy-m  -ern.ment Street^ Victoria," p -Jmrn -''i!'! *? /^': / ^  riEAELlJS;KELSOW, ;PrOprietdi. This bid QEMLEN & PARKEr Propriet6fs,;,at;the  ly- established House is' well fltteilup rortho comfort u Junction of the Cariboo and Bj������ Bend; Koads, is  of.Travellers;, the Table ;is supplied wit!:tho best of now ������Pen for tb9 accommodation of the public.'; *pis-  eycrything that can be had. and the cookhg is not in^ tonee irom Clinton, '20 miles;: from Savahas Steamboat  ferior to'the best hotel in the lower country: Bedrooms Ending, 22 miles; from Spence's Bridge.-30; miles.  ������������������-"'' 1 for Horses, - :H6r& ��������� Feed,' &c.'  Travellers will find nife^ n������/i .--*������������������  8 - *   -; -  SPORBOR'a' ^:Uv^t/c6ixmssionm'  ���������O CHANTS,''Wholesale Dealers;in\GR0temB. -^  sioss, ;Boo?s 'M ;3H0g^^T>^torstree^ Bcie^1^ jf.  ��������������� .   *������������������������**'������    ������"     . ^Johnsonstreet.  j, Victoria, V.; I, March 27th, 1866..  \  qPHLS, -IS--TO CERTIFY that k: little 'imore fthan fomv  It is  PORT POUGLAS AI)VERTISMENTS.  a Be^aiere i^Witie^ Spirits and���������I^fflw?  ��������� Relley  ���������\3F.*saie~"  Victoria  teenyoara.ago, owing,t������ a severe fit- of .sickness, I;L, ������������������rW|ApiJONALD,8'"-5  HOIEL  i'J.Ln^Jf aU?l?'*-iiv ** <Wwii of head ������ocom% Miner and  (jmteibaid, and has been so ever since-izntir the past W 0^^^^^^^^^^mi^^^m  8������mm,r when, hearing-of toe., mansions "su'ecess ef-H?d every convenience and accommodalon SX j  ���������?r������ D- looses m several cases' where it seemedJ 'almost1 theGli r Good Beds, and a Table well siinrftAd S ������  hopeless totdoso,.on Williams. Creek,- Cariboo,-?!?^ ���������'"to'delicaciesof ^^^W'^-^^  jnouced to let him try his skill .bhme-rbut without : ".' ".';-;::  -:���������~ '-���������    "- -���������"-  ��������� - - " ������������������ "I     ��������� .. 1's ���������-.  TraveUera wnrnAH-Ww:     ������^pc s P���������89j-30 miles,  thft timpv   rf    m prlccs and'abrominddatUs to suit  Big Bend and vale, and on6o;a; wfeek fbr Cariboo ^l| fFstJTRO ^O^S5S^3$!^|  . ;';���������'"'" "��������� " s"    "   ;' ��������� :-^ ---;;  -W-.A CIGARS,'TOBACCO,-Meerehaum Fipes/&������:>.^ -  T*tJC   A ������v 1 1 A-m a.mmbs . - -^ - JT.*iy*  corfierof,-rates'and(Wharf street,'Victori'^;,���������'���������''��������� Ayy^  tJ-L net of vates'and��������� Go"vbrrim^t'St^^cg^..  MESSRS. GORNWAIili'S,-  inouced to let him try his skill oh me���������but without  faith ill his.ability to restore my.nalr,:it halving been so  lone?.out: but  miracnlouR. ak  if .������-,��������������� anna<i������. ;��������������� *i._..  e...,.._y, r_ rrr.re v������������������, WMIUU. iB?.u������uy .upcoming iu. ���������we1lKdMSfif^B?l������^' Jis Hou^ is  stronger and thicker.'-  To any onb' requiring his pro[������! 1^*^ SSBr dWR^r>, n    ^ommodatigi of Travel-  sw,lservjces as,above, I would, merely^say tUt hi  forHorse^ ���������^d������!&S!n^-������ G������������d Bfs! Stablin^  p.'iwu.^es asKill and knovvledgein rfiBtoring:hair 'that T   hTt��������������� rt^K       eed -fe- A-stage runs tr co a week  hW-ueverrmet with before.^.  .... ^S^ITE   V Port Douglas on tie arrival of.  fictoria, V.T., F������b. 3������tbf 18������������;.. ���������:; '*. ? .^/v ]^J^JS^*?61^^4 wanecte* wih the Lake  ..lvuiviq witi una liupU A'  living, of Liquors, .ahdiof. ;*t������iojs 7 .-  and Vegetables.: Good, Stabling and  WSrcF^: ^Y^UR,;^rs^J^?  Accommodation.   Th6 bi^stof ^-.,;F?Rri*r.*JRE; ^road Street, Vjctoria>^,M^ jl^j  Wines7;*;. Fresh Butter; Milk   STAri������n^^  abling and cheab feed'     l^s  i , "T,-3' -&j <*RAw ������INI, HABnwAK������.������      j s,  -,       "v^������^_^.:vj?  -U; MEitCHANTSffW~harf Street,^i^hM^LA^Mr-  J.1 Wharf street,;Victprt������f fV,"-L to'^'^ylU-rrf  T KWIS I,EWIS,,Ctoth^r^t^^^^  -L^opposite* the-Bank ot^' British^Nbr^Amer^^  HICK'S   HOTEL,  T YTTON SQUARE, HOW Westriiinster B a  KfSa^l1 '^ovopentothepubliejtheBar    ,.     . u      ..  ,   ^ ;. . .llin  SSan^o^** wia* the ^o)c������t br^;;of pi/M^^^^oLLH^^^^  .'" :       fe ������������������ n- *'   *,���������   -.j ������������������ -     -.   .". ' '"'Irto*'��������� -:Xrf* ������N)veTJsmen't SttaeL'Victoria, V. L., y^yvy-


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