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 *P3SB������  miry  ���������Voigai  W^Ph!*;  zraAnU  <ISPH-a  mm  *eei/Vjcfchs.  |S$i;  arl^orders of .  P$fof.Gras;,J  S������3-*  l.deKrande.������������������������������������  ������isM ;  &%$w\iAi  ���������upphed.anfe.������  latiansrpH  ���������: ,^ft������* ���������* /-' / PROM, ���������HINA.^ ._, , ..N; f.  By the Mp Olive) 52 days from Hongkong,  - we;(BulIetin) bayedater datesIfron^Chroa; A  The British bark Palmersfcon waa abanddi-  ���������.ed,a| sea"some^250 miles, from, .Hongkong on  ��������� &4$Mof^gnxary.   Her eagtain;^nd crew  'were (taken ozi'boarafijr the ship Oiner."      ������������������������  ������������������ ThesHongkpng #aily; Press^^dicts great  things: from the establishment toi steam corri-  mumcation betw^  . It save;c%i) 1.1.0::. .,#... ;. ������T������l������i>8 ,(. ; j ;  ���������When the; Saiii Francisco line ��������� of steainera  shall have-been'started? a; mew? preasurerwill  be ofeed'toniankiiidv:' It ^iiltblh^bB^pos-  sib.le to go rounds the .world for, an autumn  Mida^'^ feking" P  month at' tbeMe^a^llc iff Swit^eirla^v or  ���������arun up the Rhine, AyillJtetr; his friend wh6  vasIredThjm wbereibe is"g^  he is'thmkiiig^ of going to fehi*M:a"nri hoine^by  ^Panama- v;$ery jjikely-iconsidering the tendency ���������whicMH^  itheit^rog^edings; jin ^eu^t^dep-recjatoi^ pterins  vr-he wlirsponjlearnj to' call the 'circumnayiga-  'tion of thegiSbe a utrip "rbund#Vbr#there  ^contraction'pf sensations in (the: present) age  of the world' are>ery re&'rklble signs 'Of our  , progress>to^ar(^^np^n^ejactljrknowBwhati  phut generally in the'direciioB/pf 'going ahead;'  j    A meeting'of the -Legislative Council was  Liield a,t;Hoiigkpng.onthe-idtli'p^ffii'cli^heti;  --. the new Governpr #e%iderl>fbrptbe rfirst time;  The new Mint'was nearly- reao'y to! go into  ^Operation/' A V ' ,vu;i} *���������:   ,   .   t;��������� \y4i ���������./,  , ,-.if    i  k. -There was i-no j.political od others ;news of  ^ateregfry^VK,' w "''A! rAAA A*-At. 'i^AAuA"-i  B^er^tfl^  gdiirnals contain accbtirits of a singular;-;$i&f  .nomeiion^hichihaa.-X  gptng*tfe'''i5 the W'gaj  anda^dej^  wh^pne'.afterhoonla* rumbling* noise ������ was  beard, uhdergriound^ ahd/ ^lmost^ iBi^ diaitel^y  l&fterl a' colii itiipof :%atfer;bf tbe; jjj iatn^tier' bfjthe;  "ibSring^hpuse^  With:smoking masses; ��������� of slimey matter land  ashes,-which emitted;a suffpcati*ag*7smeii" of  g-as.2 Engineel^i a$-pftg^p'm^^^ to  tp.makp a'cfiannel^  had become saturatedjiand^ ther walls of the  churches and houses^ around^ wpre ��������� ���������be^inirig  to crack;A', The 'latter were m 'cbn3eqnence  ^aidflatecl 'iby tbeirjhhatoi tantSi y $he erup tion  eo^inuetfuntiiSmidnigh bat iu the- mean-  ticiie about lQ(>;l;p  mat ter ?had fbeen^;lirownJ upj t The lights in the  neighborhopdtwere ordered to be extinguish--  ed^ and ho5 smokers were ailowedcto; approach  I thejSppfcjJj^^ear qfj3^)������$^;fA3!he^^  f^^idoenSTCnce tie the fbrc&������������������.'of  expansion of gits, boi^^ssed. in ^the Jaye*r&lof  ^toJea'fQiJ'and "w^HicIr^^unVl ^au:: issue^ iii (the  orifice made when boring the !\vell.    !'/,������ ,,;  '/- GvRidBvriE* por the Pabis ExHiBtTiby.^We  are p^misefl;most^n^  Exhititipiioftgefc Amongf^ pthera^a^plipto?  gfapfiic machine Jhat takes likenesses^in^ all  cplorsjiut[green^ a'cblox: whicK; slillSremaihs'  obstinate to the inypntoi^sA ^searches. The  Pasha, of Egypt Jias apprpprfet^d ������40^000 for  .lQ,:^0j  BSffl������MHffiS3ev*f 4-AAA 5l^BXPKissBji^  ^wjfh every;;  r^otiEai]- i  ���������*4eaJpiS:-&i .;(  /xctonl, ??  :RA'NDIES ;,������������������  l>';Segftts; ���������  toes w*K.' r  oifvv.H������ .  ^GmmAr:  *A[pneif< ';-  K;6l4fflf: ���������:',  SIP  eciifln^  rAIffay.t..  :!; w$i'  .. ::. .: ,,v_t;., ^a ...... ���������:..,> for the mere fitting up of tliat porflon of the  - ..-.���������       : ���������..:      _.fe- t'- '���������'���������������������������r .^. :.    '������������������������������������/ s/ ]; '; ] building destined to recei#^tiie^6ndersfhb  ;$$?������������?������. ^ft*?,- JV^-J theminaret of her riibsqaeia mausoleum, and  a model pf ;a Turkish house, - withy its ;di vans/  baths^'&c., '&Ci- -Persia has already informed  tlte, committee of her intentioii to construct,  pnginalJbmWi^  nurserieSp Pimim ^huractories, &c.; ', This^  ���������country will, also build:^a 'pavilion; with\i*  model of the Sh'.ah's throne, and also copies of  ������  ^o^'^IJe^^S^th;,^,������������������; -.5:v -������ ue ^.������r esiern  ]B3Kn^hefelias |he fbVfoj^^  M the machine3;a^^&  te# aj cafip!S>f| gpg|wp^^pii t SlO^fiicil  %e^had:;ju^iaCS^  idrserfi^nf ;d^giiised^To de up^t6"^^r^aridl  ira%1"e^ttem  ^e^9^mofUhe'_ robbers n|ed|tf6flS1 :ism&'BISmimm^^^^M^'  tttheman carryingr,the gold, wounding: him1   -tr     rich >arnefV 'fnrpiture  ^    wtinK  L'ffi^^^^^^ tains which^nd it.-    Th^King of Slam,'  ^e^^pero^^^  eigold^and'gallopedkoff' with it towards the  idges; - ^birtoher ^who iia^i seen^the^whble of  he affray just -across J the ^rpad, ran inside)  inatcbedmp thbguti^ and file^'at the retreating robberri-rtewas-already: 20{ftjra|^jtawayr^  Cutting a,'ftall th-cpughihisbpliy intone head  if ^ti^^iprse|jie; waS^liding^ J;Wien ihe horse  rot jieaV:il*he7riSge Jfiev^nan "IfelpdeadraS^the  ^jjjorse galloped ^aylv^'The;" comrade of the  l^^ead;;iriain;immediate!^ the golrl>nd  4|Mejdined two others of ihe party wHb .iia&lSeen  ^^^n the '16'bkrd"ilt^6'������L'^J8i:*>dd the; three  ^rallojgedi b& with ^theirt^ootyj :leay ing their  A^pead comrade behind themls;v ITpon the dead  P^WS^^tiPl^^ ^AAAi'AyAAA:  ���������" ���������     ,      ll-'!!fli# ^^'    ���������"'-'���������  -"-��������� $1,662:501'.  AAAJrrEm^ %^myy ? ���������  i'-.^^:'' >��������� ^TSP^^O'NAMIMO; "-:':   ':A A  Mnnr.M.1:. KSiSllipsa:V-.."3':.!?~i'.'.~(e,iv,?.,9ri*l>i  ^^^M^mlraA������^Ai^  ^^^r^    O thOSe Of a^WAll Irrtviwr. i'������w,lX,������^.J VA.        "."  .qnprs������r. ��������� M  0A  j'fiBTEKS'  'ictori.a.1  S:  %fA-  U^Bfi-  3t6ri*Vi;  1-i  IIL^ w^'-D-fm seen they were found to  ^e hose o^pll known innl/eeper/formerlv  i*rancerItaly,Bortugal, Brazil and'Haytrfor  ���������Ielegmph mp & ^he^razils and.North Amer-  Sca, via Guiana ;.atid.the^ West1 iidia Islands  K3 -SS������fe ������ver. the following Voute:- ^W^: lost sight;of,..������  NfcSa?? Vm -S^ ^jGaizF^ thickinl'usion toadriufct:  R-^9M������ 'earned1 along the coast  RS n3 Lom?'* Goree������' an* Cape o>^Verdi-  ^d passing over the Gape.de Verde*2!'  P  1  I  m  B  ft.  1  seies, will tnnnV *u        '.  wr Be7erai Jand-  SdEnl]fiP?.- ^^ast oft French,- Buteh  Straaitfow?r������ ������Jfe. An appJicatiott for his  J8-!^^^:,already:.announced.that everv  Preparation is beings made ihat fliese" obdi������  toes^ay^e^  ing~Ebc^bitiom=^uropean 'Times.' t^  iron-plated steam cpryette,iwhich had-been  I^r^ed.w^menca^fpr the^Tycooni arriv^  edat^kphamaJinJapan/   ^IJpon examina^  ^n,^e-Japanese ���������Governmen;fcj':considerini  that the vessel was too dear :&d-A^ly:-cbh.  structe^ decided .ftatin'future,: purchases;: of  the kmjshall be, made .only in France or Enff-  land.   It,alsp;ceiisured the Engineer who had  be������npntfeNe^York$o purchase the;cor-  vette.v^hat bfficia!,^yho^is^brother XKbnP of  thea ambassadors ^ho; recently visifedmris  b^ved^imself ^dishonored,;and askedrfbr  ai4 obtained perhiissibn from the Tycool to  commit suicide;  ;He:iconsequently "ended nig  iQa^efcJn^e customary manner in the lire-  jsencVrbf his colleagues, who 'stood in a circle  around him, a Ay ������������������ ���������: A-:} ^Ai; l.:U, .-.���������".���������  \.^"RpJiVEBSAL;PBApTiOE^of mixing ChfcorV^ and  :p.thera4ultera.tive8.wi  jd in; pubhC; estimation, what oaght to be the molt  ~'Tfenrea- that the true proper-  and many prefer a black  ___. ���������..;,._ rr-.-.- - "������������u* rich inspirit and aroma.  (^neralas is t^e:.use of Coffee, Jt. is little.known thai  in condensing the-vapors "extracted from the berrv in  roasting  a .liquor is ^obtained of the :most; nauseous  taste, and of/a scent the most unbearable.   Under such  circumstances it is evidently important that all tho  gaijes and au ids extracted by roasting should be carried off as quickly as possiblo,;in order to prevent their  returning again to the Coffee   which is the case in the  confined cylinder... This object ,1s admirably accom--  .plishodby the[newand.patent^������C6n|ea]Cofloe'Roaster"  as used by FELL & CO., Victoria, in. which the bom-  is directly exposed to tho radiated heat, and the vaoor  extracted carried off instantaneously."' In addition to.  , the advantage-to bo. derived by the rapid removal of  i the steam,containing the olyectionable properties  the  :purfl aroma.of tbe Coffee is ^retained, the essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as In the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coiree is required to remain a much  longer time-inconsequence of the steaming it undergoes, by the conflned steam.   It is chemically impossible to retain tbe qualities or arrest the deterioration of  Coffee when ground.   The heat engendered by the process of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates, an  action in the elementaryPparts which' gradually destroys  Its fitness for drink.     Biutorotain the essential ,>ji  which it contains we have it encased in tins containing  from lib. to .28 lbs., and which can be had from any of  the respectable dealers. "We can confidently recommend  those who have hitherto been obliged to refrain from  taking Coffeia oh account of its ill effects that they may  use our Coffee, roasted in the Conical Boaster, being re.  commended by all medical men under whose notice it  has been brought, and by numerous other testimonials  in Its favor., '���������-, ..' ���������-. FELL & CO.,,  , ...--. "        Csffee Mftrchonts, Tales St.',. Victoria;  0^^y%8SAyedf  ���������i������&Ji'  as,  E.HOD.GENS^  WAfClIAKEl  mm  mm$  ~*immmiim^i������ii ���������  "       J������������������ .J__^__'__'   ' '.'���������.���������.'"':. :...  / M.'f (��������� J}; BLACKM^N,  W50LE9ALE(,&\KETAIL i ���������;/  '.-������������������..���������Established :nr-i83or  ?eA0;-P^.CB:v7r;ST,;^ENS P^ACE LONDON.' '  j,--DB^ isstjed, on jtondon, Xe^Tork^VrtW  ciscp,, Car boo,; Canadii^New; Brunswick^VoS rJiS"^  ������nd on/aU- the' Branched th^alMal^n^f^11?'^  fendand.^^^ialBahkcr^  v Bills <pf' '^xehaiige and ;Gol*^urdhagbdi *  ,..;, Interest on-Speeia^Depogitg. c^MoneyaUowed atthA  -.      ,    RICHFIELD; "Williamsfcrcekj B.'.fe  m^VEOxVHAND^la^es^'ckb  V 'Hardware, aaid ^Vegetables, and, are determined to sell them cheaper than any-other store^on  Williams Creek. Come and see an;a judge for yourselves'  ' Richfield,;^'5th^.^^  ;*" -^^mMM{/^ '���������;;  b;������;^;^1^  v       B'ARKERVILL'B,     ������������������  GoitDDosT Melted and^Assayedi and-returns made  witbinJ2i hours in CoH or Bars. '; ; :,.v -  ; Ores of every description carefalljr Assayed; * ��������� '  ,. N,BA^rAriy ihstructipnsas to tbedisppsalof thepr .  ceeds of :GoW Dust forwa rded to the office .in yictoria  for Assay will be carelully attended to.'''' V ' ��������� ' : *  ym-ry A Ay h ' P|J. 0. SHEPHERD, Wma&jA -  f Victoria, V. I., April.-1866..a���������   . ., .y * ? .- -.v = tLa ���������  .';  '**J^KlBv:Vft^  BREWER.  PRAGER   &   BRb.,  EBCHAKTS;   :  WILLIAMS AND GROUSE CREEKS,  ;.' DBALEKSIN    "' '"���������:   *'-;.*' '  Assorted ryBr-ofe'an^dfz.e  Wholesale and BetaiL   * ���������''  - : 1'  E. C. GiLLETTE,  CAMERONTO\VN.  WILTi; ARRIVE AND,,DE?ART ;from ^thelbmce Jn  . .Barkeryxlle.jto,cOnnect^with,the,steamer->tFii ���������"���������  -terprise^' at Quesnelmouth, and" the STAGF?3'fe  ^d^rr^B^Esibrall jJart^of S^S'^^������  .missions received and ..forwarded by .BxprMsfir rL  ;cpllection:of.Notes, BUIs^d^Jpfehg^iS^;  'i2������2 w.a.1DOdftNe7^^^sterVVictoria,^San^Sn*  Cisco or en route,-and returns ma;de with dispatch       '  : ���������-���������;���������   V^v      ���������-   --JOHN Bi LOVELL,'   :"  ":"';-iV;Mii "i, ",���������'":,' ';��������� 'iJ'lmu/::''^SOn^ BarktirViUe.  'BARNARD^ EXPRESS.       ' ������  Reduotipnin the Prices of Express Freight,,  ON A VD AFTER THIS >DATE the rate fo^ vn^.'  Parcels from.^ale to Barkeiviikf wtiuf EXprS������r  : ���������: Parcels from 5 to 60 fts..; -      ^ 75 r t <? - a iv  ;    .    do      do   fiO to 2001ts.; 621 2 elf ������ ������  ;    .....4o      do: lOOifes.'and over   ���������������c������?������-**;.  ^    ; ;; ;    JOHN b. lovell; -  June 20th, \uk       ���������     ���������   ���������". y*���������' '*V^i:*A  JAMES   PUFtDIE,  BLAOISMITS,  RICHFIE'LI);"  HENRY   SCHGRLSNG,  VAN WINKLfi,     Barley *nd Oats al- .the Mming communit/^the.efLSJ iJ^^"g*'^  igSf* Stabling for Horses ;-'Hay,  ways on hand...    ,..��������� .  CLEAN BLACK SAM), BLOWINGS AND  PANNIN^S,   *;       l-.vv  On^Commission; orwill Purchase any quantity ontha  MosiLibeiul Teems, at tne     >     ���������:A     \  .    o ^ Beading Room, Camerontoix,  The Subscriher is well known <m'Wm'iams'Crflek'---s-hd  .1-8  ;^:OEK, BOWJ30K, ���������:;-:  f^geats ^..t^eV"Caxib6c> Sentmel.-- jy .  :Y  -:<l:.'A.^.y������'K��������� ���������   -"rr-'���������'    ii.y:;-;"i'C      .��������� ��������� A.^McWha  ^rou^-Cre������K, ---- --. :--->;-:^.-r:'    N< T   McCaffery  Yale;.-.-���������-,.i.,-^.���������������������������������������������������������; Evans,  pilofet^^iy F. W. Foster;  'do.  do  Jt e'w '.Westminster,  Victoria,  do  Clarkson '& Co  :������"  Mallaaiaine  Lyno.  BANKRUPTCY LAW  REFORM.  - ���������;-��������� .:-::-;'y.- T0 advertisers.   .  '.The '^arihoO^  nni! Thursdav    A^vertisements.nflteitd^d for Insertion  ^ScSro^at;late8t at s^lock, p.m., thc.day  '-befor^publicatloDv ���������= ';y A ;Vyy;^y..  v- .- ,y. .-!���������,:���������  ������������������'" ass- All Advertisements (not inserted for any definite  'jor accordingly.  ; AAA,' ��������������������������� - -A<���������.���������r'V ' ''; A   .. . n  ^EE.;;GARiBQ������SEITmEL  THURSDAY, JIILYj 12/. 1866.  ���������FENiAN-IgM.'  The late sensation! reports of Fenian raids  ,aud rumored F^ afford*  ���������ed exercise for the' pens o������n^  '.-. and- their attaches^  ���������"iiekrfe qf alVinteresteft i^e ^urth estate,''  :and-filied oftKe! proprietors.   Al-  >-4h������agh;^  ^hose^who -wouldreap^ei*r:h^^tr6^:fields  r^atere^y;the?t(3ars of^o^nding widows  ;an&cbijd;re^  / <.iteredahd;^i^  * ..f^ilpw^ citizen^ Or fte^sberof burning  vsietaiJ tiefetofere 'scea'esytff domestic bappi-  ; ;"ness'������hd'ihdusfry.y I:3'...\'H ���������v"-y":.1  ? IWhatis-Feuianisnif; #tf������questto^  Aytiis "been ��������� ofteir raisM where ho thing ^better  " * than Tmere, hypotheses, ��������� pr^at" le^t-ydpmions,  ��������� more or;fes? #nged$������j^^  ^e fao!du^^ Wei bo^^Hn^istarbecl-by  'any bias;proor con;*���������' can- lg^with dimness  ;and imparHalityon^ having  ^erased, ah- immense -maii^  -*r������rv������0* iWfln������������r������na������li-KTr^t.hA^i(>1m-.rtf V1P.W. whence4  :" The long expected Government bill for the j  amendment of the bankruptcy law ofiEngland'  has been, placed in the hands of members. of  Parliament*'' It is a consolidating bill, containing 317 sections/ and:.is brought, in ;by the  Attorney-General, the r S.ol|citor:G eneral, and  Sir George Grey.' It proposes to continue the  existing Bankruptcy-Vwith, the. existing commissionerVand registrars, arid.with" the1 existing districts. A' Vacancies in:Commissionerships  inthe country are not tp.be filled up ; and in  London^the commissioners are tbvbe reduced  itb two. >.^PoWer<is reserved to the f Queen in  council to transfer to the county court the  jurisdiction of any country;district wJiichmay  become vacant.    The country registrars are  Continued as taxing officers.    The offices of  official assignee and"messenger are to be abolished.-^ The almost sinecure' office' of accountant in bankruptcy is continued, and at the  old salary of ������1500 a' year; but power is  given to the Lord Chancellor, in the event of  a vacancy, to abolish the office, should he so  determine.   A hew. office, termed the "Comptroller itf Bankruptcy," is to be created, also  at a salary of ������1500 a year, whose duties are  somewhat akin to those .of the "Accountant in  Bankruptcy" in Scotland,' and'who supervises  the accounts of all bankruptcies.  ; No . chief  NEW -ADVERTISEMENTS.  TENDERS "WILL BE RECEIVED BY THE ������' RABEY  CO." until the 16th inst., inclusive, to FURNISH^  MATERIAL AND CONSTRUCT A PLUME across their  clulms, of, the following dimensions, viz yFive Hundred  anil Twenty-FWePeet Long, Ton Feet Broad, and Throo  Feet High.' "."    ,:   '-   '     "y"V-'���������' ��������� V  y-;'*';.-y.-  " For further particulars" enquire of the undersignc"d<  '..   -.:;'��������� ���������  By ordor. of tho Company, !.:   .*���������:'  :      .; :..,.. J, H. -WRIOHT^  Cameron ton, 'July111 th ,1866.       ,'..:' y >. A-:". 20.-; ��������� ;  NEW AD\TERTISEMENTS.r  OPFfflfiffilH^^r^  ERCHAIits  ^���������r-:  BAEKEEmiE-^ "CApEOHTOWl  . WKOLESAJ&-AOT RETAIIi, DEALERS  ',���������.".' Ail Au//-AKliim obv"  rr.HE MEMBERSbiP THFy MASONIC FRATERNITY  X' are rcquesttMl to attentl'a meeting, at tbe Cambrian  Hall,' Barkcvvine, on SATURDAV EVENING NEXT,'  tho 14th July, at 8 o'clock, p. hi, ? .;  Julyllth, 1SG0. '      ...        ... "20-liri*  GROU.SE   CREEK  ^v;hat ibfluencedrby^^^^.thet polJTt^of vi e^ when ce  the writer dr^  Xa^fe impartiality in ^  great ^amount, of information iir;relatibn-ffjtp  -this ill-begotten BrOtherbop'd:;,,the remainder?  . carried1 away by extreme opinions, allowing  . passion'1 and ^prejudice thfeir ;fun;sc^'pe':arcVstiil  ; .unanimous with the!reel in considering the action ^f; this 'mis-caHe^^^; fraternity, ani'holdihg  nip these "false liberators: to ^public obloquy,  ^Can any one be blind enongfi to believe th^t  the imprincijpled.mob; who lately made an attempt.to invade Canada were Irish patriots?  "With equal, propriety mighk'tbey hold up  lioone-Helm as a "regenerator^ of the humanx  race.   Is.thcre a genermis whole-hearted Irish."  man whodoes not feel ashamed of the manner  in: which "the: h0nor of . his cojimtry, - and the  liberty he yearns for, is disgraced andprosti-  itited.by these heartless misereante? who in  the first place impose upon the simple minds  -of Irishmen, to robthem of a portion of their  hard earnings, squandering it. in luxury and  dissipation, and then to cover." their infamy induce gangs of idje rowdies, to * carry murder  -and desolation to ��������� the hearths of peaceable  citizens; in many, cases refugees,from the per-  judge is to be appointed, but the Court of Appeal in .Chancery, is 'constituted the; Court of  ^4pp^llijfc?ank and  retiring; annuities, are to be paid out ofymoriey s  to be;" voted by Parliament.   ' Imprisonment  for debt (as the result ;of ������an actiqn ^afc law or  a decreein equity) is* to be entirely abolished.  No'debtor henceforth is .to. be. permitted to  petition for adjudication against himself; but  any creditor' (however smalL thefamount 0f  his debt) may-petition for or against the debt-  orjjf.an ^act of bankruptcy'have ^en com-  mitfed by.: ttie1 latteiv .. Th e pro visions for tb e  administration of. the estate are very similar  tb those of the Scottish system., The>.creditors  at their firstmeeting^are t'6: elect"an assignee;  (termed7 as'iin 'Scotland the ^ti^stee'O, who  may or may not be accreditor;. but who. shall  give;:securityeto' the courfc_;.vXwb pr: more  creditors.(or proxy holders: of-credito.rs) are  then .to; be appointedr"inspectors:?70f-the trustee.   (These inspectors- duties^ai^similar to  those' of the'?commissioner"������������������ in;Scotland.)  Periodical dividends.must;>be niadeyby the  trustee���������the first?at the;expiration of :6.months  I after ;adjudic^ition; and others at tho,ex|>iratioh  "of: each succeediDg .period of .three^onths  until the: ���������wli61erestate has been^ "divided.���������  Four,mohths. after axljudicatjon the" banknipt  may apply ibr his dischai^gei and may ..obtain  it; ifrhis assets suffice to pay a diyidend Jbf 6s.  8d. in;the -p oiirid to all his creditors whb haye  proved; or w'hose* claims are admitted', and if  the trustees give^ him a' certificateithat' He has  rendered a full account, and-rendered willing  assistance,-, In case the estate pay-less than  6s. 8d. in the pound; the bankrupt cannot obtain his discharge until after; six years .from  ad j itdicatio h',"aud' then ..only in ' cas e . he* has  complied with the other requirement's of the  act.   Elaborate clauses are appended, providing foT.' change from bankruptcy to. arrang-  ment/"and for trust deeds for benefit Of creditors, for composition, and for "inspectorship.  The penal clauses are eleven in number.  The  court is directed to commit offenders for trial  before the ordinary criminal court, and if the.  court directs prosecution, the;. costs are-to be  borne as costs of prosecution for felony are  borne.    The. creditors also may  prosecute  without direction of the court.  rpHE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform tho public that  X he has completed bis arrangements for.opeuing.the  above establishment on SUNDAY NEXT,'tho 15th  inst., when .ho will bo happy to receive a call from  his friends. *       '������������������������������������>..  ^er*Bread, Pies.and Cakes alwaya-on hand  forsulo: ' ' V .,.-,,..  ��������� ' ' :    ;  :     A. KELLY, Propriotor.  July 12th.>1860. A\ ...    20 ;  > i^������..<������������.*������.-������������.'.  %    f\ Ol T 1   ���������*  N MONDAY LAST. (9th .July), between Mr,;Park's  office; Richfield, .and; the Court House,/a POCKET  BOOK, containing sundry notes 'arid papers (of no valuo  to any one but tho owner) addressed to J. U. GOODSON:  Any person' flridihg tho same will .be kind enough to  loave it at the Wake-up-Jake Bakery, Barkerville.   -20  Bathiiig .  EstaHishment!  :';' ':;��������������������������� B A RKERVIL.LE,;;;. ���������.;'"������������������' y;-y'-  '������������������:-��������� ''     (Next Bank of. British North America'.)'   ';' ;  eXEWIS bega leave to inform tho Ladies and  ��������� Gentlemen of Williams Creek and vicinity .that  he has fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accbmmodtttion, and hopes by close attention  to business to merit.a share of their patronage.'. % '���������'��������� '������������������-,  ..Xi^.-* He will also attend to Extracting, .Filling-and  Cleaning of Teeth. -. .-r   " ��������� .-.y1?- 'i-  ;. !;'"C t Oi T HIN G;v;;,.,  ;" .���������;"/: B^oTsl^&;'sHbEs;;::'r;;;  ���������$^m<3r TOOLS, &c.  Bog to call the attention of Miners ai^ othen  to their full assortment or SUPERIOR GOODS  "* which will bo sold  {..,������������������-���������- ...  AT  COST   PRICES!  to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive so sood u  '    . ��������� tho Roads ure open. .;    ['������.-.������������������..  ;  ^������"���������Liberal allowance will be;made to  RoHtaurant;and Hotel Keopers and the Tru.ue g'iaerclir  on large orders. ���������      ��������� ....   "'��������� )  ���������Ca:i*i]J60"iiiteraryv;IiiMtutri  ' j; ~S. tHOMPSON^PREsmKN-T;  ���������     JAMES ANDERSON, ViCE-PRKaiDEJfT..  :'.'; ..������������������' JOHN; MacLARB^, ."' / A)   -. ii.A.< 'Z  "     ' DR. W. B. WILKINSON, V DieectobV:  ���������y::   "JOHN ADAIR,       v ) ���������'.,;:'? "-  JOHN BOWRQN,  Secretary & Ltbrabux  llUJlj ."���������: ..y...  i kx PERSONS' HAVING LAWFUL CLAIMS against  ;J������ the Estate of the late JOHN A. FRASER: are required to call on the under'signc<i; At J. H.-TocWs store,  Barkerville, on: or before the 20th ������������������ instv", and.' receive  their pay.; And all parties indebted to tho. saidjBstate*  are requested, to;call on or before tho-above dato<and  settle'the same with the^indorsigned, or legal proceedings will be instituted for tlie.collection thereof!"  . "'-  JOHNS.  y Barkerville, July 4th, 1S60,  MACDONELL,'.'.������  Administrator.-:  . ;..:   19-4in-  THIS'INSTTTUTldN at present contains 'about ,Wl  volumes of Choice Literature,consisting or-Relifiwi,  Scientific, Historical,- and Poetical work.s, and work?of  Fiction.'y =   .<..;���������';...,.'���������'    .y .   ..;... \    ...-,  .. Wprces.ter,8:Lari^e PictorialDictlonarj-j'AJre'sDictlci-  ary of the Arts, Manufactures and Mines. Lippeucoti**  Pronouncing Gazetteer of the World, Una Roman's Cy  eloped i a of. Commerce .will always be k������pt .In th(������ roao  for-reference: ..-,:��������� A. r    ���������;���������-.������������������.   :.',;r *���������,,.;.. Ai  , Tho .Reading. Room will bo found supplied with ti  Jitest'linglish, Scottish; Canadian, American, and Cdo-  nial Papers and Magizlne's.' \''. ':::; \. j S  .Terms or-: Subscription���������$5 per quarter,; or:$2 pa  mofcth. Single volumes Loaned to.n6n-iulKcrll������������K6i  50cis.;per volume,' with $1 deposit.' Ay.'' '������' '::. A-  Persons notj subscribers visiting the Reading to *  and making ns'o-of .the Books and Papers will becimrj-.-.  "od 25 Gi$. for each visit. -    . ������������������ ;���������"...:     ������������������ ���������;..,.���������.-  /^-The'Rbom'wllKbe oipen from 10 a.'m.UUW^m.  :l^���������fy.^.:'.::'.'���������;���������'^.'��������� ; y.y .r';yJOHN;BO\VB0N1'-V  yi f-:-*r:^;-.-.-.u ���������.'..^*y.-;;.'-:.geCre^rU>ry;and'Lil)������riH^  ���������   ���������'��������������������������� RICHFIELD,      '.". "���������;"."  BEGS TO INFORM THE INHABITANTS OF.W?L.4  liams Creek thut she is prepared to sell and deliver  MILK.in quantities, form one gallon and upwards, at  75 cents per gallon.       ;-v .....-.,,..  July 9th, 1866. :. '.    . ��������� l?.4in.';  BARNARD'S  STAGES will carry passengers from  "Williams Creek to Yale for $75 00.:   ''..  , &$t Tickets must be procured at the office in Barkerville. ..:,.. ,     ���������   ''     ry  19                              'JOHN B. LOVELL, Agent.  ',  WHOLESALE & RETAIL  DEALERS'IS;  Mat(M;;'Wo0M  ���������^AMn���������  ^ GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  /jgr A full assortment^ Groceriss and E B. W  Liqu6r3 always .on hand. .  secutiona suffered hi their foijraer homes in^ifar circumstances.   She was taking ber usual  the old country.  . We iuhmreVtrue patriotism  in every part of the world, and wc.are prepared to''.admit that Irishmen have  many  -wrongs to -redress;;.wrongs infficted.on.them  tb rough a; lo hg co'ui's'e, of m isgp yer nmen t; b tit  the vile manner in which a party of lazy* ad-  ��������� ve q tnrers h a ve ��������� seized 6 n I reland7s "tyron gs to  create anarchy, and a; consectuent^^ opportunity  .for plundering the unoffending' inhabitants of  one of England's colonies is d disgrace to the  ���������age we live in, and the extrehie p'enalty of the  law.should be meted out to'iall; in any way  connected with such an atrocious scheme.  As our readers wiU no doubt have seen  many of the articles in the English and Amer-  ���������;���������-.- ioan j burp als that we have alluded to above,  ���������we; shall not attempt to enlarge upon a subject  ieb thoroughly " played out f'^as that of :Feni-  ^inism.    In adverting to it-here we conceive  ���������we are only doing our duty -in: adding rjur  voice .to the universal cry against this impudent attempt at wholesale plunder.: Tbe im-  ' m oral character of this monstrous: F���������emah  abortion, is so patent te; the. ^eli-meaning_ of  .fill religious :sects, that it has - been ^decried  from every'pulpit throughout ..the, Bx'itish feles  : a nd all oyer Am erica.   No one ��������� c^n dpu b t f or  it- moment; the ultimate destruction .of an :or-  gahi&tlonj accursed as it is both^ of God and  many;;-"'^' "        '���������['��������������������������� .       ��������� '. -j.'".:.'"' v .. '"./v-.  iSuDDKN Death of Mks. Garlvle.  lyle died on the 21st April under  Mrs; Car-  very pecu-  |-drive in Hyde-park about .4 o'clock, when her  little favorite dog, which was running by tbe  side of the brougham, was.run oyer.by a carriage. She was greatly alarmed, though the  dog was not seriously hurt. She; lifted the  dog into the carnage and the man drove on.  Not receiving any call or direction from his  mistress as was usual, he stopped the carriage  and discovered her, as he thought, in a fit or  ill, and drove to St. George's Hospital, which  was near at hand. When there it was discovered that she must have'been dead some little  time* ������������������ Mrs. ��������� Oarty le's heal th had. been for  several months feeble, but not in a state to  excite anxiety or alarm. Mr. Carly 1 e is stil 1  in Scotland.���������-European 'Times/  Avoiding, the T*0NNEL.---The Dutch Flat 'Inquirer,' if of, June 9 th', has- the ��������� 'iblip wing:���������We  ieara that a new survey is being made by the  Central Pacifte Railroad Company;, having in  view the avoidance of the * contemplated tunnel through the summit of the Sierra Nevada.  The newjTine will go through Summit Yalley>  whereby the necessity of tunneling will be  obviated.    As the rock at the point where it  was intended to cut the tunnel is. extremely  hard and "is seamed perpendicularly/ much  trouble was anticipated in blasting it and great  danger rjf caving was dreaded; eensequently,  RICHFILD  IfESS^S. HAR-R.IS & CO. beg to inform tho  ill Miners, Hotel Keopers and the inhabitants in general of Williams Creek, that they have ononod a First  Class JButcher Shop in the town of RICHFIELD, and  trust to merit a liberal share of the public patronage,  and that their old friends will kindly givo them a call*  Richfield, July 5th, 1866.      . < >>      18-4m yyi  ESTATE OF PIN!& CO., RICHFIELD./  NOTICE.  -,WAKE   UP  RESTAURiNT;  JAKE  BAKERI  AND  G  fPHR FISCAL DIVIDEND IN THK ABOVE ESTATE  X is hOw payable; at tho office of. the Bank of British  Columbia, Williams Creek, and from this date tho business of the late Arm will be carried on by-Mr..Francois  Lallier on his own account, and all debts duo to tho  l.tto firm of Pin & Co. aro to bo paid to the said FranT  cols Lazier. -  H. SHIRLEY BLUNT,        .  ���������-. *'."--. ��������� ��������� '������������������-' Assigned:,  : 4th July, 1866.'   '.       :   18-lm  "  :-' ���������Barkerville, B. C.������:'.y  ��������� ! ICELLY &'PETERSON,, PKorMETbPS^ ^^  " -Everything is done in connection with thi-*esta"?     ������.r?|  ment to Rive satisfaction" to the customerft-   .     -j    ������^  'JKS-Me'als at ^2^^!^^ ^S  JAMES   P.  TAYLOR,    |jj  :-'-DRIJ&aiSTo;;;p  as; constantly; on;hand the (W������-& I  of Dauos * Patent Medic^bs^o, Hair       v ������  Tooth Brifehos; Combs, Tooth P^^IfwW,^ ^S  every description,  L*buis Extracts R������s0.*vu.jki  other Perl'umcries, Garden ,Seeds, &c. r��������� &v-.    1}  choice lot of No. 1 Havana Segars.,  RICHFIBI^.  Hew   El Dorado   Saloon!  ;  BARKERVILLE.:.;::    ^"r: A-A  THE PROPRIETORS TAKE PLEASURE in announc  ing to thoirfriends and tho public generally..that  they have refitted this spacious Saloon, and will open  the same on TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, when they  will bo happy to entertain all who may give thorn a call. 1  i ROSS&.RURDICK,    .....  ' .   . ; ... .'Proprietors. =  I Barkerville, July 2nd, 1866. 17  'laERCHAlSlS ASO DBAJ^BB ^  PROVISIONS^ CLOTHING,; ^^  ������:  RioHFiELDv;; ,;.  PATRICK ]M[W$^^  Best Billiard Tables on ^^^W-    *P  ,, and Cigars .arc of .the finest qna������^  th ������'railroad company have long been, anxious  $m- Tale road tolls for tbe month ending to find some practicable route by which'they  30th J ike amounted to $5,836 21; and for the could diverge so as to avoid the dreaded tun-  vteck i ndxhg same date, ������1,405 60.-  bime.!  -B. C. *Tri-  nel.   In this, it seems, they "have happily suc-  CQ&ed.  AUCTIONEER, MINING & COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  BARKERVILLE. 17  Hallol Old Jack's  **j������  TUST RETURNED FROM B^l^   ^ au���������  O Fully prepared to Repair all BOW      jI( p  CuBAr for Cash.   He kindly invitee one  and small, to give him a call. ������ -fedd*i>  BARKERVULLE���������n������������fc dw* m'*��������� ..vj'*>^ *  . ... ,1 u  wfinvwwi'inwi^.'wmm i; iiig  TOURSOAX^ULri2,186������.      ���������  ^������tf .���������.;������������������:  ?&*?*:  ���������V-i/i/.-V,-  :M;;iy  dods *'���������������������������.;  E"S  0:800U"u  fiadeio  giaeral)/:  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  "     .v: ������������������.������������������:���������;;���������\Lijfy ::&?#, .;.;. ,-y ;yy:. s'  ��������� A grouse;; creek/ . ��������� y:> '��������� '��������� - -;- ������������������ -  *  The Heron.cb'y bt^e:botltQme'd,;the:.shaft  niW were sinking itf their drift at<10 feet, and  hiri nrospects of- from $2<to}$Wtelthe pan 5  uir pay"dirt is-about*' 6 feet in depth:5 'they  will commence,Jto run;an incline at once.   No  ither Btrikes have boon made this;.week.V   ;  ;..-��������� !A'-y ANTLERi'C^BK^.3;^^r':5^j:? ;  We have * ieartf' 'that" "Springer;"& Cc# who  ^aVe-fc-^:proBpbotingbn.^tfie.r:^ff6^-wh^  Blurrv's store is situated, strucfca.'good prospect the other ;day>:we ^a^ye'^eeri unable to  learn the particulars. L      ",* ]  '  'A. .       LAST CHANCE CREEK.       ;  . Australian. co'y, the. original, .number of  Lliarcliolders iu this.company was 10, but the  number has been reduced to 2 members who  lemnloy Hmen. During'thelast 4 years the  {company have run a-furirieUlSpq feet which  [will be continued 500 feet more before-they  twill breast out ;.they get a little ;pay all the  Lhile.���������Dimoven co'y, this company/ have  Ibeen making about $12 a day-but their.ground  Is now nearly worked out.���������Old Discovery  [co'V are working. Qve'r ground; for, the fourth  feme and making wages^Grey co?y are, work  [creek and making1 wages.^There;are-20wbite  linen.' and-20 Chinamen dt;work;pn.*^8rcreek.  "r. DAvrs' creek; ' - A--:* -,T' * - ��������� :���������  BANKRUPTCr.'COURT.::  Cant. Evans &toj&X^  ,  K'  7n.:^nmAti ,������..������   <&mnlr������w*������H  -.-this  men  land twoChinamen are. employed ;,.this com-  tpanyare making good wages.���������Prior 'co'y,  \mW  pericotrt ;,  lb'sty:  thftrooayl  indCofe-;  rT$2 ptf ||  rUtfrsJyi  iigBoiiy  wdtoitf-jj  I id fja. ll  ���������ariun.^  ^i  \s'>A ���������������  is,  it  I-  :0K*"'  4 men at work hydraulicing, have not; washed  iip yet: this company .are also employed bringing in a ditch two. miles long from another  fereek-as-waterMs1 very scarce.���������Mills"&co'y:  are at work hydraulicing abqut; half a mile  above the last named company* have not wash-  id up yet.���������There are 13: white, men" and ������������������: 8  iChinamen on this creek, "-f',��������� r/;[,;' y; y; ; ?;���������/;  A man named W. Williams is making'5' and  h dollars a day. working; bysfiimselfin anyol4  feunnel run by Capt. Evans.���������Montgomery cp?y  ft men working in the creek and making small  Images; have been Running a tunnel for-;1 the,  flas't three.years.but.abandoned it-latelyyy/..:  ;    V;y";^U^AIN--.CREEK^  Near Beaver S'ass; ��������� is ��������� being '-/worked ^y. a  pmraber.of Chinamen- the ground is only about  |3 feet deep and pays Chinese wages.;   y;'-c  The British Columbia Council:-^A London  gpapcr in an article on  the attempt made'in  i.these Colonies to effect fe trenchnient, thus  speaks of the Legislature of this colony: "The  ifiemi-irresponsible character* of the legislative,  ���������body rendered the work:of .retrenchment, a  Inmost diffcult bnej-audxbe. passing of the estimates little more.than a.matter' of 'form.   So  | impressed with this fact was. the vgpvernment  organ that it pronounced the voting supplies  "a farce."   This we would[ [ consider a -very  moderate term in this province, but the British  Columbia, oligarchs. were ill-accustomed to  hear, criticism, and forthwith*,passed a vote of  censure on the editor of the^Columbian ?for daring to characterise the proceedings as a farce.  This attempt to muzzle tho press, was very  properly denounced by the heavily  taxed  people,, and affords ago od idea of'r the calibre  ���������of the men in -power" '''"'A . v   . v   ',,        ���������  .: The DrpPBRE^Ar; ';Ptoes;;';ani> "tke Mail  Subsidy^���������It is imported that ��������� dispatches have  beeni received- from the Colonial Office, by the  British: Columbia.. Governmenti disallowing;;  th6; Differential Customs) A.ctv.and taicihg?:'ttie  Council to task for its; Direct Steam Subsidy.  The first is pronounced an unjust measure,'  and the last is characterized as useless and  extravagant.���������'Colonist and Chronicle.'  wiW) ^^m ' Shuswap Lake Silver.���������Most flattering news  topss k^ Was yesterday,received .of the assay of .one  hundred pounds of silver pre, sent to San  Francisco on the last steamer. The ore showed an average assay of $1500 of silver to the.  ton and $150 of gold. Some of the specimens  assayed as high, as. $2500 tp the ton. The leads  from which tho specimens were taken belong  to the Shuswap and British Columbia Silver  Alining Company, with a capital of. $500,000,  who liaue secured a grant of sixteen square  miles for mining purp.oses.^Colonist and  Chronicle.' .  ������':��������� '���������:.    i ��������� (Bofore the Hon. Mr; Justice Begbie.)  i: Wednesday/11th July, 1806. ,  ���������In re J. B. A. Reviere.���������Bankrupt appeared  and made.application, for -bis.certificate;, j?:.  * Mr.* D;: Oppehhcimer, ;^.Jh^iCreditors'' Assignee, stated that he had; examined bankrupt's  books acid found that he' had p aid oilt 0 ver  S3000-more than he had received,.and that the  books-were 'quite" unintelligible.- '-; -  'Court^I don't think that it is the least use  for me tp'-giveydu a certificate .of^conformity.1  There is no: evidence before. me to show that  you; have conformed as the law requires. ./^Application adjourned *sin^ die.?0\ -'.''  In re W. L. Fen ton.���������Bankrupt, app eared  for first exahii nation. > The>. petition for adju-  dication.was filed in the. County- Court, on  16th May last; -on opposition having been  made by one of the creditors at the first hearing the whole matter was adjourned to the  Supreme CouTt.   '   " '*���������*���������   -  John O'Donnell produced a note for $20 50.  and being sworn stated that no part of the  amount'he now claimed hadbeen compounded or released by him.:  '' A claim by.Ah Quon, a Chiuaman, for $19  50, being amount due on judgment in County  Court was produced.A-  A claim by Messrs. Evans Bros, for ������64'6s.  being the amount of "..two judgments in the  County.Court including costs; was produced  and admitted by. the. Court-as a -claim at 'pre-  GOLD COMMISSIONERS. C'OTOT.  {Bofore W; G. Cox, Esq.)  .'y ������������������::yv.;.-    .-; *���������   r Monday-, 9th July, 1866, y  J. G. Goodson vs. J. Hendersom1���������Aqfton  was brought to make defendant show cause  T A BiiAVE Feixow;~Qn ther28tii ultimo, iu;  Laughland, an engine driver pi tbey Gran! I  TrunkRaiiwpxofpaaadiarwas driviijg'a:ifreighD  traid;dq[ wn theVline, 0n crossing round tii j  ciirve twp^miles westof���������:Coriiwel 1, he saw;'u  drunjken iriaii si6eping on* thetirack.*-  He  un-  wby plaintiff should,not be put in possession mediately vyhistle^  of one-hal f of' 0 n e f ul I i n teres t in the Wilson cbrid u ctqr and bi^akesm aii applied as qui clay  as'possible;' but the distance was so short tiim  &HuntCo'y. Williains Creek, juinpedby defendant ; ���������* Judgment for;.plaintiff, each par*ty;  to:pay his own costs.-. [���������. \- a. AA'.   ; y ������������������!y.^:AA-  -..-   Wednesday, 11th July.- .  KeidCo'y vs. J/^A. Culvert.���������Action^brought  for $95, being. ampurit76f Assessment' due by  defendant.    Judgment' for plaintiffs, payable  within '6days.      "--������������������-���������_">������.      y <  '>.' ' ) i^~���������i���������k^r.���������.,,������������������'.'������������������  A- y-Ay A "''.  ITEMS FROM 'COLONIST & CHRONICLE.'  The steamer,;A.lexandra was only to. make  one trip a week' 'between.. 1 Victoria anii'New  Westminster; on and after the 2dih. ult, until  further notice; Wednesday is the day she starts  from Victoria.���������Tlie;Governor and Colonial  Secretary contemplated visiting and inspecting the Leech River Mines ; since the discovery of these mines it is' estimated that from  $100,000 to $300,000 has been.taken;.out;:one  man who isat:wbrk there.now regularly- brings  to town weekly .$200,and $300, which he deposits with the Bank of British Xorth America.���������A despatch had5 been received - by the  Governor from the Secretary, of State for the  ������^������eS  it'.wa^impossi^.l^'to pull up in time. ���������' LiaugT;-  land"; immediately run* on to tho co w-catcheiV  and as: the|locornptiye came up he stooped fo-;  .ward'atid/seue'd" the'man by the neck and. ei r I  deayOured.;tp;'-pajf Win on tp^the cow-catcher^  but bping unhble to;do sp:h<f jtiipped off;-with,  tlie mair and succeeded in; thro wing him; cteair  of the train./;\The whole train of; 17 cars;pH0'-i.  ed;the'placef before it could be stpppedr' C������  learning the; ffecte the authorif les 0rdei-eil that  twb days' pay should he Handed over to'Laufrh-  it!  imss  'it  SEWS  mk  r 1  ���������^*The fire-wardens Messrs. Buie & Burrell,  made a tonr of inspection'among the: various  'buildings in Barkerville yesterday; and gave  notice to parties whose, stove pipes were in a  <iangerous contiguity, with their, buildings to  hava.the defects. r.emed.ied. within 4 days!  \ffTF*P������nolJ*i& cox tas appointed  Mr. Cahn of the firm of Jones & Cahn , Van  Winkle, to collect Chinese Licenses on Lightning creek and its tributaries.       . - -.  , -  bP^The/0St 0fflce>' Van Wnkle has  to L/in Clate Pwtaarter there, who deolfned  to act longer without .romttueratio"������.  Bros, that the debt was not compounded or  released. ���������:    > ��������� :      ��������� "  ;; A claim by Mr. F; J. Barnaid' for ������34 8s.,  beingthe amount of two/judgments, was put  im������- Mr. Barnard not being present to prove  that this debt was not compounded, the Court  admitted the claim for. the .present until it was  proved."'       '   ..'     yy ���������.' /./���������'��������� A  The Bankrupt handed .in,to tlie-Court a  Schedule of his debts and assets, the former  amounting-to-$2288 C6.and the latter to $1888.  W. L. Fen ton sworn"^All that I have paid  on'the mortgage of the house is 8150; I sold  my share in the Moffatt claim for..$200, to. be  paid when it comes out; it cost .me:$436, besides assessments; I have had transactions with  Mr. Fiilton, he has lent me $60; he endorsed  for me;;at. the.Bank to the.amount of $800; I  secured hun. by, notes-.of hand.; I.gave him  these' notes' before contemplating Bankruptcy;  Evans Brothers-pressed hie so hard that I was  compelled.to go into Bankruptcy; it was not  because I was giving������������������ preference to other  creditors. :".;..'".; '.";. AA^AfAAA'A A :'���������'��������� -I. ���������  : '' Cburt^���������Hd w mucli of this $ 1888 of assets ;s  ready:to be.placed in the hands of an Official  Assignee?    .-.-���������-v; n    -. ������������������ ���������   ; "  Bankrupt���������-All of it.  ;   Court���������How- much could he got for*- the  house if sold .with the incumbrances?   Yo.u'  have entered it as being' worth S1600.   What  would it realize now?. ���������   y.'-  Bankrupt���������At present it would not realize  more than the mortgage. ;   j'  ��������� Examination resumed���������My. list of debts,  amounting to $109 75, if put up at auction  would bring about $75. ��������� ��������� '��������� '  [At this stage of the proceedings Mr. Park,  counsel for Bankrupt, who had been annoying  the Court, was requested by Mr. Fitzgerald to  step outside.]   Examination continued.���������I passed > over to  Messrs. Bowron and Fulton' certain notes I  had against parties to secure them on a note  they had endorsed for me at the bank; An  agreement was made/by  about the end; of March last aiiS sighed by all  except Messrs. Evans Bros, who refused; the  terins bf the agreement-were, that I *was to pay  10 per; cent Tper month on^my: ;debts^ thp first  paymentito 'be made pri the 15th May, on .the  condition that���������'���������my^bopfa"9h^'^;;I bad-rmade  ^enoughi if tliey shewed that Ihiade more. I  was to pay more; 1 was in debt $600 when I  went into business; I did a. good business; I  lost money the first', two weeks,: the reason  was I gave too good board; commenced business 1st November la,st; I paid Wilcox $750  on account-of the house the cash was procured  on Fulton and Bowron's endorsation; gave  Wilcox.notes for the balance'of purchase  moneyf'subsequcntly paid Wilcox $150 oh  account of notes, and laid out $200 in furniture. "  Th is : cl osed the firs t examination of th e  bankrupt, second examination adjourned !till  25th hist.  In i*e D.. Sires.���������The Official Assignee rer  ported the amount of debts proved, at $1451  10; amount of assets collected, $380 75;  charges, $6105; available balance of cash  in hand $319 70. The Court therefore ordered a dividend of 22 cents on tlie dollar to be  paid to the Creditors.^  In re.C. Lowe & C, Van. Dohlan.���������The Official Assignee reported the amount of proved  debts at $9820 89, exclusive of a claim of D.  Laskey's for S650, which had not been proven  but was allowed to be. included for the pre^-  sent among the debtsj thus making the: total  liquor to Indians; in which he. expresses.his  conviction that toothing could be .more favorable to the growth of the. worthier and less  per nicio us relation's * between the two races  than the repression of the sale of ardent spirits  to. the Indians by unscrupulous European  traders.���������A memorial has been, passed by the  Legislative Council, addressed.to the^Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies^ praying that the present differential duties levied  on merchandize entering the ports of British  Columbia should be disallowed.���������The 'Pacific  Tribune,' (W^T.) learns',that: gold prospects  are "panning out" on the Cowlitz river sufficient to encourage a mining -party to start short-:  ly to prospect.-^The new Masonic Hall was  dedicated on the '26th illt.; there was a numerous. attendance,off the Masonic; fraternity-,including representatives from Nanaimo, New  Westminster and Washington Territory; a procession was formedj; headed by the Volunteer  corps'Band, which proceeded to the Presbyterian Church, on .Pandora-street, where an  address .was delivered, by 'the Chaplain, Rev.  T. 'SpmmefViil e; i n th e even ing a grarjS. b an-  quet.'was. served .at the. new,Hall, to which  about 100 of the brethren sat' down.���������It is  reported that tho^opposition steamers Mpntana  and Idaho would extend, .tlieir- trips to. Vic tori a.-~ Williamson & Co. have struck pay on  Leech river, and are making $5 a day to the  hand.~A man named Shannon had been sentenced in the Police CouH to four months-imprisonment, with hard- labor,: for stealing a  revolver from one James Morgan.���������Two young  men, were charged in the Police Court^with  forcibly entering the 'Colonist &. Chronicle'  office and assaulting two of the printers and  wilfully damaging the property; the prosecution not being pressed they were discharged  on paying costs and giving,bonds for good  behaviour for six months.���������The' schooner Alpha, bound for Nanaimo with" '60 tons of  freight, ran on the rocks at Bayleys Point on  the morning of the 1.4th ult; vessel aud cargo  subsequently saved.���������:Wm. Lyons, of the. New  Zealand-Hbusery  fore the U.S^  T., for attempting' to smuggle liquors into a.  United States "ptort; the^^^evidence given, wes:  not strong enough to convicLhicn''and^^ he was  discharged,;.^ '.;_.;.;... ���������;;;.- '.'._���������;,./;.. y.y..y--  The . Chkrry Ciiebk Sllvkk Mining . Com^  PANY;���������This company opened their "books on  Saturday:last, in this town, for the sale of  shares, and in the course of' a, few hours dis-  posed of sixty-three shares at $ 15 each,. paid  up. Skilled workmen haye^been engaged by  the company, "and tlie' development pf the  mine will be proceeded with in the most vigorous manner duritig the present summer.  The confidence felt in the mine turning out  well is very g rent.. If we can on ly get a ��������� fe w  quartz companies to work in this colony, we  will not long suffer from want of population  as there is little doubt felt that the; country  abounds in the finest quartz leads.���������B. G:  'Tribune.'.; ���������-:'.��������� ,r  . Tub La.tk Isipoktany Discovery in Surgert.  -���������The Glasgow 'Herald' says :-^" We understand that several .minor operations were performed in the Town's Hospital, under what is  termed 'local anesthesia.' The parts operat-  eeu;poh "were rendered insensible to pain by  the spray of rectified sulphuric ether. The  operation was performed by Dr. Robertson,  medical officer of the institution, and the ether  was applied by Dr. J. G. Wilson, in the presence of Sir. James Coxe, commissioner in  indebtedness $10,470 89; amount of assets col-j lunacy, Dr. R. D. Tannohill, and Dr. Barbour,  lected,,$2552; charges, $488 ; not cash on j all of whom expressed themselves highly satis-  hand, $2003.    The Court ordered a dividend j ged with the results."  of 19 cents on the dollar to be paid to thej-   ^Jf   n'^    od Coflii U59 FelFf, . .  .Creditors. "^  land' as a slight reward for his gallant conduct:  ^foritreai'!Gazette.'- -:' ";< "-_ ���������;;,-.* -V'" 'A  PORPOTSRS   AT .THB ZoOLOOICAL-GaIIDENS;^^ :  Three porpoises; caught near Winchelsea, are  now in the Zoological Gardens, in, Regent's  Park, London/-"' Mr, Buckland sayaf:-^-u It H  most interesting to watch these three beauties  sailing round'and round, sometimes all side  by side, sometimes in Indian file,���������'��������� BoraetitneR  slowly, other times at a racing pace.    Their  shining!" india-rubbHr-lilce skins,  lookingAva '  though they had. been Freuch. polished, glitter,  in the sun as they * inake their ? half-ci rcle-1 ike  ^dVve-ic";.tbO't^aterv tteo-Hr^h' -whi&h4-lioy-^������ovtH-  with the same si.lence' an d ease ��������� as a swallow��������� .  hawking for flies over some quiet pool on a  sum mer's:' na> on day���������cu ts.: the . airi; with {her  wing;, r Tennant feeds his p orpoise's ��������� with :1 ive:  eels, and it is great fnn (but not'for the eels)' ���������  to witness the subaqueous courses between1  a b race pf p orp 0 ises, if twb of tl) em h app en  to have .simultaneously singled;ptit the same  eel as'their victim."    '��������� . ��������� 'Ar   - ���������.'���������'���������; '"';  The PosT.TrThe number of letters delivered  in'.the metropolis��������� in 18.64 was ������������������ 170J191.853, as :  compared with. 161,600.322,-in 1863| in'the -  remainder of -Ehgland:and Wales,; 390,128,90!>,���������  as compared with 30)7.725,163 inV 1.863^AinA  Scotland,' 64,261,483,-as-compared with fily  401,678 in ;186^5?iand in Ireland, .54,502,578, en r  c onip ared withal ,5 97.455 in. 18 6 3.; - The. to ta J  number - of. letters delivered .in the jjhited:  Kingdom -ih'/l'^was thus 679,084,822 as.com'--  pared with .642j324,618:in.'.'.18.63.. jn; 1864 if  was ralculat'eiitthat every inhabitant of the ���������  British Isles, received 23 letters,Awhile in 3.863  the corresponding proportion was 2$.^-'Euro-.  peah Timesi'yr^y:;;^y;^^A.-��������� j,yA-A..A ; ���������. yA- A.  :��������� j&B?There happened to; ;gTow���������, up between-  Patrick and a bragginfe dowh-oas'ter, a very'  fierce c0ntest as ������������������ .to the comparativo size of'  differeut animals and insects, in this" and the  "old counthry-" when Mr. 0'FLaherty declar-'  ed that in Ireland the !;baas were ; as. big :a.v  sheep." ;''yery.well,"..interrupted Ichabod,  "how big are the hives?"    "As big as yoiirn .  be.jabers!"   "Then how do the bees; get into  their hives?". "Paddy scratched' his head, and.  after a few moments reflection, replied,   "O,  that's their look out!" ��������� .  .. -   ���������  ^^ Mr. Manners Sutton is appointed Gov-.;  ernor of Victoria, Australia, in the place . of  Sir Charles Darling, recalled.  fi&~ The public will find it much to their  advantage to call at the store formely occupied by S. Elsasser, Cameronton,and examirK^  the quality and prices of the large and well  assorted, stock of 'general merchandise ; con-:  sisting -;in part,?}vizyyGents' Clpthing^3oots,;  Shoes, Liquor������,; ^gars.anrl^^oc^r^^ ",:Tho  ���������whole i stock must; be ��������� cl osed but imm ediatel y;  therefore ^odds.are;how,selling: at extremely i  low prices.^   ...-...,    ;'';";..-.'���������'���������,.���������"������������������'���������:.' ���������;;.'���������:-":  *. ���������;*  '.y^^ We would call; the attention of tho^C  hayihg goods or .0ther cpmm"p.dities tb m0ye '���������'  between the differeht towns oh the creek to  Mr. H. C. Wilmott, who has a Horse and Cray  ready at the shortest no ti ce. to execute any  orders he may be favored with,' &t' very reasonable rates. *  ^���������^^i**-������r^*^^ *��������������������������� ������������������ ���������������*.*-'  BIRTH���������At Victoria, on tho 2dth June, Mrs. Alex.  Watson, of a daughter.  At Seattle, W.T ���������, on the 23rd June, the wife of H. N.  Steele, of a daughter..  WOT IDE.  RS. E. BP0OKS begs.to request those whr������ ar������ indebted to her tbOAU/AMl) SE'rTLB THKKli AKh  COUNTS AT ONCE ;so as to prevent any further iron i>lo  and,expense..-...}���������  .-.;:��������� ������������������'/<��������� ���������/* ���������������������������.   -....      -".,���������. ���������< ���������������������������,.-.  CaoiKronton," 25th June, 1866.:..       .-.".��������� . ��������� ; 15-Ini .,  $4  B ARKER VILLE,  y   :  TRUIiBER ;& MR..LA WLESS,. Prpp^s  MISS  THIS HOUSE HAS :*BEEX "NEWLt F1TTEI) UP OS  the Restaurant principle with a view to tlie comfort  ..of-the public, and will bo..conducted in a manner,m  ensure the satisfaction of tnoso' who are disposed to  favor the proprietors with'their patronage* .      30-    ���������'  Meals at all Hours.   G-ood-Beds.-  jSSrThe B*r is furni.^he.l with the best selection^ v*  Liqu-pfi and Setf^rs. ��������� 2 SB^OTON^NIAN DISPATCHES;
y   ��fie&ffi^
-tains the; folio wing capital,'* take, off" pn tlie
.sensafeionOfeenian-dispatches:    .,!       '   \<,'-.\
'Buffalo June 2^57io^E4nians']baw& ppsses-
, ejon of ally Canada. , ; Rc>ber^
r demands that LqrdRuBs^Lbe;imra^
���lo him b-y^Queen.f^ctor^
\she will��� e\reh*fcnally; express her ,opinion "that
Irel^ud sbalUbe,| freely *If any^oi^aci^nts
dan 0i ir a
A .;^iU:t;QU^SNELMOPra,^   ......
"���, PV L^JOHNSON/ PaopRiETon,
Meals $tf pi'?^ the best
-     ������"���������- ,:.;description.,: s
arrive fipjh ��$
.men there for wearihViof/to1 green/'; Roberts
; ,r      . will at once hang the ,-Goyei'nor, of 'Canada," f;,
Montreal, June td.���The Fenians have hoist-
;Thei:Green. waves 'above "tlie Red ���?; th ere -isn?t
. ��� ^onuscarea^a aia or tne [cause. ��� ,;;y *-> ; , -y^ ��� ^ .;;.[ ?
:   ^Biiffalo,-June 4.���One .'thousand. iron-clads,i
;, ^eachjas large as vibe Nqr ttiumberland,=are afloat"
on-La_kej Erie/;. The; bold Fenians-built, the.!
A to the U. Qr Go vernment^and convey ing tliem
t to the lake, in the space efbne hour fittedf
them'togetherand laudchedthem.   The great--
- *st excitement/preyailsyn this city.   Jt'is be-,
lieved by prominent Fenian leaders that Queen
^Victoria will, ivhea; she hears this .news] imme-
v dlately write to Roberts^ oflforiiig to give\pxp
\; 1 retandi ? s>The biow-Jha&$be'en'? & emlden vbne^
=.but jit-has;been completed. '   M ��>!* -\ u.- V ���- > -:
^A'^^^B^lA^mk; HA8}SbNK J^;,IplpiNDi-~
Alwesfern * p^ thej blow Which
^c'nianisnilhas given to c^mercialenterpise
\ n Ireland i-r~'!\Ve .answer," -- it,, says,. tf that, a
niimnfm-fif��� hiii�� rriitioa'iri- +1iq Woof h\sri���nrrf>\ +"h?b
-k  I :C AWE SO 2ST OWN,
jpublic at;large to -call,knd judgb;'for-themselves: the
merits Of his Billiard.Tablps;- also, the Choice Brands'of,
his SEGARS and HQUORS.r- The Orchestra, which
consists of. four musicians, Is ?First'Gla'sai' - - - 10-3iri '*< ���*
FASM0:1$, S;AL
..,...:,������,^ ,.-... ....liliii^WS^il^ft;
BROWN &rGILLIS^ Proprietors. ���   ,i   t.j: , . tv r ,, ,fc,.Drapery Goods     Bcrl* ��r*
. ,       ,. StaWmg^^prses,;Hay and.pats. ���/, ,s ,yy : .r^^tetiqnleratt^tlo^^S!; ^^*
���'.- yt'::
y; GjROD & GU!GHO%     .     J
' -!':  y )-Ojj> ''Established General-1 Store; >y -,A
SIOJN^IERCHANTS; ;4^ ���        s
���;iH' (;?;y 'QUESNELMOUTH
;��� ���?J��^Partipnlftr attention eiven to 'fflltP*'*' ^
. ����\/y
��^&^ ^t^^si Liquors; aiid^ Sekars,
andGood^Orderobserved;   ������-':   f, (   .-,y, ; , .?��� * ;'
MARTIJJ &^66kj;l?r6p!rs;
from .being  worked���that; capital rtojy;,th!e
- anibunt of: ��20Q,000 was ready-to be-employed
in tbeiri develppraeh^tfiat -Irishf nobleinen
y ri y.i i-:_; ���;-;CAMERdNTOiWN;   *'\ ���  !r-;
'/-./*.jGivFULITON^ Proprietor.  .
"  ..;\//Wi;LL;iXM/'SE;W.EL,Lf . ';,','
BQYD i &XBEA0aj^ BrbpvjeW^-
THIS HOUSE U situated 26 miles from'Quesnelmouth; I
���Thb proprietors; hayin^hitelyifitted; up; hedropms:
and good Beds are now prepared to.afford every accom-'
modation fbr^Tr"iyellers;; the Tablets furniahed with all;
tho luxuries thatcan he: prbcufed|' the Bar IsSyell sup-r
plied ,'w iththe" hostbrkiids of ��� Libj ubrs a nd Segars;' good j
Stahling, ;Hay,- Oats and Barieyi;;i y^r^The.CHEAPEST
H^so;on;therRQad^;;^.;.y^:>Yy-'.;..:-1*:'������ yV'y.-y * -y;.lis.-...
���ichant, Victoria: V; I  W;BQ and WtMej.
y'.v.*f/. i.
dolbiiial' Hoteirsb'dia'CSi^ek
;. Housfe^There;isffG6bdv^fe*al
for;Horses;":Barley^ :Oats and H
and keep your feet'so 'dry ? ' :RecaiS v ar ??M
gharitr.;and; Butler;^
JAY/.&;, GO.AFoft street,. Victoria1' V ? >^r^v
vGarderi and Flelitr Seeds guaranteed' ^^^
thelr^ehds in British;,Columbia (ire-soS^0^
ClpW arid- ,Oni6i^S^6dS-6f^ry^uSS&
h public generally,that.he. intends; to furnish them
r,t?.p ar ' \f tTmv-i v ��� ������. o�� ~" r.,y ��� ^-y~<-i .'.-���:^ -::��� i 'j- -��� ������ ��� ������-.- ..���..----.
^Wy ��?d jthp Bedsp caniiot^e;; surpassed. for cleani iuosa
and, comfort by any In the: lower country; tho*Table is
JJTOS supplied with, the .best' ,6f, victuals.^-Stablingi
for Horses;: Hay; Oats and Barley constantly; off'hand?1
w tth tihe-tongdej"apparently with6nt-di*fficulty j
.and certainly-without the aasibtance of any-
. y one.   Part.of the .works. tlms^iexec'utecL are
; ;, destin^dif^^blic-e persons;
will hesitate; to ' belieye such marvels" unul
.iho^fitness them.%   , -  ,   ���', - ,\ , ;'/
f> -, sWilLleave,SODAvOREEK?i
.-..; .J   > Will leave .Q.UESNEL ���
;^^esday &;sATp;k^
J". ..,.   ,������'-'" i'fl "8 O'CLOCK,-  L-' ' -   2V    -;--
Connecting at-So.dft.Oroelc with .BARyAan's 'Stagfs bn
-' , Wednesday'sitrijjjdown and Thursday's-trip up: '-'*'
y ��& fxeight to,'Qnesnel 14 cts.'^]b: ;���/:: ','
Steamcr^Enterpfiso,? V- ���;'��� ������;
yu^^^^66y'j '���'"���'���'���������"���: :'j"-'--: ' ���'"���**���'���*
��ENNIS ililtrRPHY, Projprietb-rif .This flouse
is Airnished withT cveryf;ponvenienco,'' for.tfie^coiuf���
fort of Tnivellers.';' ther Culinary'%partraerit- is under i
thO superi n tend ende Of an experienced cook 5' We Beds il
are clean and^comibrtabiO;;; ;tli& Ba^contains tho^best
umbl^including(yie;wsoftherputetO.BigBend 'iliin-
on band at liberal ratesV^ - , A A V*P rf,fm m,y
' ft IBBEN %-G^LBSWELtlMportirig eS:
receiving from best sources,.3chpQlj,Standard,;aiiaiIis.
cellaneous Books, and -Staple '^and Fa n 6ys fatlbtt c'rf ta
all its: Branches y ^ Corneryyatesfand1 liangley Elreetl
Victoria^ ^an'couver.. Islan^;""rr'.;p �����,. Al-',.* ,,,13b
'��� taken, tno: aboye Ranch. andrjs^prepared ;to, supply^ tb"ern
wJth;First^Class Accommodatiph..;-;^opd^ahiing^foir
horses ��� :jHay;arid'Grain;:" ;.-'���"'- 'r' "?������ -'!::;-'"''',?; r ��� ���:':'   :"''? "*"'" ���
fijO PRSYBST BATUD^ESS^ restoro^air'-that has fall^
'l> en-oOr or becomei thin" aud'tb euro effectuLaUy Scurf
:: of D-mclf uff. It will also relieVe'-.the "Headachei'and give
.^Jf^^ET;; ; ^; :y
fclv both in consideration o�� the delicate j and agreeable
p rfuuie, and the:|^cat;faciiity!H^fl6f^?ia;dreliSin�� thev
fi:in\HvhichJ.:when,Wioist;with"it, cahlbe dressednnany
*?,'ilufr.cd form, so as to preserve its pl;ic^; whether.plaifl
or in curls." ;WHen used on:children's heads,;it lays the
foWuiitibn'ibr^.^dd^e^^df'balr/ �� r* "';'.'���- : '?
Av'.y :-*Prfr"p'awd?bniyiby;i7 - vyW.rJOl.MIOSES,- ��� -y
'-:.-;. V . .;��� >��� Jy -^ ��� "A- ri> ^Barkervillej'^illiams CreeJci r.
THH ��� IS; TO; CERTIFY that froni sbrie cause or^com-
r ptiiixt" of,;the head btiivlhair;commenced;t'allihg?but-
so r.ipiily that wo feared we should ;ioso; the whole. In
this condition we went to W. D 3I0SEC^V$: strange to
relate; iUriiREK.applications of his wonderful Hair Res-
��� ��� inracivy-ou rrhair ���bec.ame:fi3. strong' a's: ey.er��\. andjs-no w ���
tort an;1.1 ively., We make(tlu>certificitje;,with pi^asure^
. bvlieviufi it to;be'i>3r;tfie^blic'^odw:";y;:   .���;"��������! AA.--
" ��� ���"'"'.''.;��� 5;;.GEOKGE COFFRI^ Cameroiiton^y
-'��� '���'��� r A- >: ��� ROBERT- "S^RRBN,! Barkervilie; ������/.;���
r.-:-\.y rAi V ��� H;��.- REDWRAVJiJ^Richfl^W..: r; At-
���.. 'Williams Creek,' 1st" July r I860..; .'> [I;", A-y^iv -.[;.'"���'.  ':
TO ilR. D. W. SiOSBS ���   Si'S^In te,years,l860 and
tHE; tTNDEi^iGNEp are nowmauhfacturin^ FLOUR
-*1 9t ail gradCB: Extra; Superfine- and1 Fine, * Feed
Crushed to'��� order.�� ^ ��� ������ J ���r-iu->^ ��������� -,A ���
���'���'���:':   v" �� /    *-     y, Fi W. Foster, AgentC;
WI. HANSON,   y y,.. D. A. McLEAN,v-;
'������-������.���.    ;   Propriptor,    /:���*    y   %,      , Agent.
J. rfor the com forti of travelers: tlie: Table is; suppif e d
vvi th the best of: every thing that': "can} be procu rd,v ���&&��!
the cooking's jn ot inferior 'to-any oii.th'e -road; Bedrooms
for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley,and:OatS;y ^ItS.v-
s^ MiiiE h0use;; ^
LB^RT CRYSLER^ hjis.o^enedrthe^ above House for
7>a <Pi WHEARj���TAiLd'R'&",0bwimR'jrdrtStr��et'.
IVii yictoria> V. ,1 f. opposl te:Bee:Hive/Hptel^ whereby
Is pforJarod ;to;sur4)ly^his,numerous patrpng.witheveiy ���>
requisite for Clothing'suitablefor^veVfsVasoDof tt��:
year.        |      '   \ /   AH A/A M\\
rpHOMAS^WILSON &^GO^Importeraiof;Esgf
x llsh.Merchandize,;; wholesale and retail dealers liy
Bry. Gopns^&ttf ������: VatesiStrtret,, -yictori^'VvIi ^Oirsslf
aftefclat jTune nest in ^Government Street, opposite &���?
Bank of-British Columbia^ v ?si t ?3W^ An<h <M
; JjL: BiQNEfANn- P^RWE^fA^ci^;Pr^rietora-%^
Ui.urant;is;supplied with {pllthe delicaciesiilie market
affords., ;:In,tho,B^r wiH be found.the choicest ijQWB,
FurnishedRoOras; kci  ' l" >' \"f "A :f;'' 7 A"���  {U *���
���,,, ; EDWIN   TYNON?
, jGapa, Boots;.and Shoes, Carpetihgs, : Oil Cloths;
Wallpaper, &c, Xillopet, B: 0. .' .; "   ,     "���'-     l^s
^^^^?eI^f��S o^^vellei-s; tiieTable is well kept
m thejL^quors, caiinptf:be,; surpassed,; ;tbe Bods .are
clean and comfortable.
Oats/yyry^-yyy v.;
Stabling for Horses/Say and
'' -'���������'���������������'   ���������   ' " -��� lig
, JACOB,;3VTILTZ,, Proprietor, has. al ways on
v Wl a ^W? ai^. superior stock of Lager Boor' at
the Bar will be found* the best Brandies, Wines4nd
Segars; tho; pbbile are invited;to'call.; ��� Prepared to fi 11
all orders; promptly.,; ; -r-; ;: > "-���-������'. ������  ..    ������  :   a-s
y(;"<nis'tH6tdI isHvell 'fitted ���n^Mit^t'tsv^^'/c^iy<inii^&
for. the comfort of .the public; the Beds are alt'thata
w.eary;;trayeller couJd desire{ thc^Table is supplie<lwith
the best;pf fare; tljP--Bar. contains the;choicest brands
of Liquors an"d Segars; good S tabling, Hprse.Fced,' Oajs,'
Barley,- &cf������!.''������':.V ���'-. '-'A'A''?- ''A'      ''' ���t::"}\- ��� '��� i^s':-'
EUGENE THOMAS, Yates street,Victoria,
^Whplesaio,and-Retail Dealer in WINES, BBANDIH
BEERS,.; and .LIQUORS and depot; of Havana Segara.
Goods *ftrwar,ded;toftlie MiningPisiricts'. "/"} ll-s"
���������>.!���>*���; iFRANEEL^yictbria;, s-V.^ Dealer in Femj .;
��� ��&��� -.: Srins, vHm^Sj ^ool, &c'.v-,.;Liberal'advances mad*,...
onlFurs?cpnsigno.d, ;: Beference^-G;' Sutro'& Oo;; "Spoi; -
bofg & ltuefl}>VictdriaiS*yV >W\ y A   - ������    : ���'   *l-8' ;
VM"RS. <HiE^j/Mi^ A
���JJl m ent Street, Victoria, V. I.   All kitids of Millinery
Of,the latest'-styles fce^t-constaritly-ori:handv/~0'riJte�� y
p*om the countryiDunctually:attended to. i^yAUy.
PATERA Mc&VAiim, t Shii>; - Ch"anaiey * aS;'"
X dealer in Paints, Oils, and Window- <*aass7yAlwji ���;
on^band-^a1 large^ stock c^.Robo;an'd!0^wss;riv*fftorf-;:
Street yictorla,*v\^;] ��^f.   ., ~r.*y;y ?& yl3ffl;  ...
A ������ 18^31, Troma long and severe illness, my hair became
v-ry woak, and was falling off in a most fearful man?
nvrj^U'i I was in dread of becoming entirely bald, when
I wis r..*commenled by a lady residing on Fort street
��� m try your I:������tigorator. After a'few applications by
you, am. alter using three bottles*f.:tho Invigorator,
my lisjir was restored and became as thick arid strong
as it ever it was before;"!'.", -.'���'; MARY'A. LEWIS, .-������
������*'.*,'    ������ ."   ;",     ' 'Johnsonstreet.
,  yictoriat J, I, M^rch 27th, 18G6..   ..;:_...; ;.-..,;'...;'
THIS; 13 TO.CERTIFY that a littio' mpre'ttian four-'
' tc*on -years ago,;; owing to a severe fit. of- sickndss, I
���I-��st nearly all my hsir the crown of head ^becoming
q ui to baU,. and has b een so ever sinceV* uh til; the ��� pist
s u roms*r, when hearing .of the,, marvellous. success ef
W, D. ^Moses in several cases whero it seemed almost
liopM^s to do so, on Williams Oreek['Cafiboo,; r was
.iu.i&i}4ii'f ui lot him try his skill 011 r&e^but without
f.sitb iJt his ability to restore my haiivit having been so
1 ��?ig:out; but miraculous as it may appear,...in.tbrco
months' tiihe'I was. happily surprised"to find a' new |
^rov/th of hair,coming out, which is dally becoming J
tf trong.er"an'-i thicker,   to any one,reqiiirln^ bis profes- j '
ithwii scivic^s as '���- above, ��� I would merely.say that he j
p bosses a skill1 arid kfuowledgo ia restoring>hair that I
Ixhv:fl. never mot * Ufa before/    ��� .     < Li' B; WEITB.
1'iCt<Tix, V.L, Fob; 201^1886..   .   .:: ;        *24--    ,
CPEIiMAN��� and^McKENZIE, Proprietors:
fO�� ThisiHouse is well: fitted up..vytth Good ; Beds and
the Bar.is lurnished with ,the best Liquors;;: Meals are
served,at all hours on tho Restaurant principle; Stabling, for/Horses, Horse Feed, &c. v 1-s
Pioneer Hotel���-Lillooet,
GHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old
.established House is well fitted up for the comfort
of Travellers; the Table is supplied with the best of
everytliing that can be bad, and the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower cou u try; Bedrooms
for Families; -Stabling.for Horses, Horse Feed, &c.
The Express stops here
TAI SO ONG- & O 0.;: Commission Merchants; ^
.pflrteraaod Dealers in Chinese Goods, ���Ricej Sugar,
Opium, Nat Oilj; Provisions; &a: Cormorant Street, Vic-
ioria;Vyi;v^-v'^y> ��<uL- b.#'ilwi rirz^,vw&':
,v .V^ATSON^ Watcbmaker;AJeWel8r>:^
Um and. Engraver^ Yatca street, ;abpye.GpVv<f
rumentstreet, Victoria*, V.'LA:A- '-���'������:%s./ ; i
tfia-UcnaundYiUu, and once a week for Cariboo
M. MACDONALD, Proprietor. Minor and
others destined for. the Bridge River Mines will
find every convenience and accommodation afforded
them. .Good Bods and a Table well supplied with all
tho delicacies of the season.   ���     ' ���-"'.,.. j.s
The Bonaparte House,-
QEMLEN, & PARKE, Proprietors, at; the
p Junction of the Cariboo and. Big Bend RoadjS, is
now open for tho accommodation of the public. j)isr
tanea from CHnran on ��..n^.  '������ ��---        iteamboat
SO miles,
to suit
-. ,-.-., ...vv.^iup,. u,uy at Grain;
���Stage leaves here twice a week tor
Wine & Spirit Merchants^ Bakers & Confectionert,
Fort Street,' Victoria; y. I.; -.-' ��� ".. *; ;";."/.;. r^A
O PORBOBG- & RTJEFF,: Commissiori.^5
O CHANTS; Whoies'al�� Dealers in |Gkocebjes, -PboJ?;
signs,,Boofs &SHbEs,: Wliiirf street; Victoria,; vi [��� **
fi RELLEY & FITERRE, Iropprterfl & P��J*
KX snieDeflicrsinWine^ Spirits arid Lia^'
Victoria,V.l. ���. '.u \y-.yy--^ y--..-j ������>y;y.;' '������&,
QPROAT '-& CO.. (late Anderson & Co.|I��f&**
O and CoMMissiby' MmonAJftk Store Street, victon��,
ft; ��� ;L:: -SMITH: &, CO., Proprietors. Th is House is
VX;..,well fitted up for the accommodation of Travel-
lers to the Bridge River Mjnes.; Good Beds, Stabling
for Horse's, Horse Feed, &c. A stage runs twice a week
between this house and Port Douglas, on-the arrival of
the steamers from "Mow and connects with the Laks
Boats for tillooet. 1,5
MESSRS. --CORNWALL'S.:-'��� ���A'*'1:'
AT THIS; WELL KNOWNHOUSB, half-way between
:Spc-nce's Bridge and Clinton, on tho Yale Route^
Travellers will flnH f-Jnfwi <*/*"'���������������'"    j;
T YTTON SQUARE, New Westminster, B.C
Xj now occupied by W. E.. STEIN. Tho above fav"
orably known house is now open to th�� public;, tho Bar
is-constantly supplied wifrh tho choicest bKands Of i
Liquor* and Segars.., l-3m
SUTRO & CO./ Isiporteks.anp,,Jtoj&?2��
CIGARS, TOBACCO; Mecrshaum Pipes, &ft, ? *'
corner of Vatesand Wharf 'Stree t/ Tictoria: ������ ���>*��� '^J^
B.HA&&IN, I^vsicbiN&SuK^��^
nor of rates and Government Sts^Vicjona^
PTlfecEic SEYMOUR,1 dealers*in'BJPM-f
FikFiTURE," Broad 'Street/ victoria, V;; h.,yJyA
f tAIRE,'&. G-RANCINI,:HardWabeiA,#**��*
\j Merohants, Wharf Street, V^tp^ay^^J^
Wharf street, Victoria, V. I.
T EWIS LEWIS, Clothie-r; **&$^��Pv
Li opposite the Bank;oi British North Amongy^;
*d*> &ov��rnm.ent Strwt, Viot<n">a, ?..}���  ,n.V'\A~-


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