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The Cariboo Sentinel 1867-01-30

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 '^M^^^^^^^^^^'l  ,"!��������� ���������.'.H ':���������  ''".it  ^orim^^m :^;raEA^^i^doJSENWN^"  ~:JSmtT-^nWgst the v&tf cms nations that have  ^ngFejgateMnltiji������  ^3^prdbably4hi6r# riuMerouslV^irepjfe'seiited  than another; excepting tfie Chinese. Here  there asp -e^rlwhere^h^ Jha������jbe found  ���������^eaiuBg &eel#&^ their  -foreM^  arise^in^he;.minds of me%t nien^who and  .;Ijrary is in-existance on: the creek, it would  '*��������� jriigHt"poreVver the^leaves'of ''its volumes for  ; -;IJ.ndo^ is the oldest  -. nation in eiistance not "excepting the^������eles-  tialSr>> Historic^ records"of-the^nation -were  /kept by. the: ancient -Britons in! tho;f form' of  ^ria'ds; ���������o.Pj^esei historic; tnadsi'there^fcrimeriy  "'existed ttiree hVndfe^ot'whicn*only onVhtin-  dred aadMxt^ar^fc^ tell;us that  ^'^W^^l^%^(^^- *?��������� ^-$^?*' \VP* '"from-.  * Cfomev ijSfi"ii WSsSSb'd^ n  lOfNoah.-^  *-������!io're8rt>fAfi������^^  ^J^sh; have' jeinployed their -'time in It&l&Vat-;  laglit^rattir^, and at the present time teerejis  not a/ more enlightened) dr^ be tier intbrm������d njit  tion onjbe face of the earth. Through alh:  the 'changesi which::o|fier^a^nV$aWT|>ass^  their names bnlyCarolleit M the recotcts: >0  things that' have' beenj the&r languages are;  dead attd'buri^  the>������lahdc6fi their forofetJierSv^nd;speak* the  aamelangu^e which was ohW spoken on the  shores of thfe seav()f Atsoff; a^;;w}iielrtiristiteJ  i6C beingvcorrupted iai purerJtlian fever It Vva's*  i 5-Poetry is ^animously^ciiltivated ^nd^lt is-'  literally true that;- -*---"'..^- ��������� A,.' ^A^ -;:  >   Mal"y^coedyuaml?cnceodd,  Yu'Jrihbb bwtti yiio1 riiao bardd.  ���������AiA'A -A .;^^^a^eibclaa;cdnliarddv������.  i AAflz  r* Like the ��������� woods ��������� aboundihg" in���������?' inusic^in  fevery cot there's a'bard singing sweet songs.  ���������A<4 - ' AAA^A.y---; ��������� Taia 6 Eifion., ;  of Eeirddniihidns -retains -theirjhateejrKimria  ^corrupted into Grim^  BritaintwhiCbi^was^tbSn called Tmya Wen  (the White island), urider?Hugh G?adarh(Hugh  ��������� the-mighty.-)-'- At-a-later^peridd-BrutiiSfa^des-  Vccndanfcift the Trojan line of &in^^ wbo.\wore  * also ^branch o'f the^G^nieHc family also emi-;  grated tOjthe;TOKe]isl^(Ewith 3000 followers  iHe was^ejftunilefcof the: Britannic;Dyiia8ty  ^aa^-th"e'isiah^^asAamed'^afte^  ;.OV.land;���������r---.,;,~^~^-,._.^^^-  ;   ;=, ... .;,-���������,/,-,;���������'  ���������''A The first;.account:bf thei^which>is given%y  English histonans,"falsely; describes^ the^m as  being, a Mdeami; savage race bf'pebple at the  ? time of the Soman inya&otroftBrijain./ ^$en  ���������'? who -standi te the forebi oat v rank;: of fiction  ���������������c writers.hare!:ibllbwed*iath&ir train and^have  -commuteclothesame error.   The prejudice'of  *ihe later) mvader-srof Britain^ soems^to have  it vabidu, they:have "walled 'hi; gine^ahotheFs  i o0tstep3^ aifd ?ha veUa ken lo r gran te d th at  learly%riters:of English histor^wfi������d ajre:j  $m  (sflit, ladyyyho -liveil;. near i-Bb^hester '" and ;fcad.  never seen or travelled <on^a>i/ailrba&-\ Warit-  ^irig; to^go oh a^visit ? to ^iMtill "���������' towa:^/short  distance from the city she thought she 'would,  ���������try onofpf the-I>esky things., \Soishe jwont{ta  ;ihe ticket Office, carry!ng her^reticule bti \one  4Ta^aa^������an *&d*y������&iag������fi^fe  She bought her ticket, walkedibut on the.plat-  forin] fput down: ^er. rocking chair'Jiteat fih it,  took out her knitting an  genttyiC , St&dil^shewor  trains coming'in������and leaving as >the ^car-time  .c^uKxound.   The'pldllad^^a^nb'attempt  to get on tie oars "fiut iepit kkuttingi A': A, A*������ *:.  ^ Tha day drew to a close and night came on.-  'The las t trairi; was' 'about s tar ting when, /the  depioit-master,��������� went ������J>: and asked^ier if\ 4flhe  ,w!as���������goin-g,out. L,{' ;  AtAc ,,:'/','.-{.ti A['   ]  j.- '^Yes sir^ireplied^the old laa^^r ;" ���������:' ���������' ���������?:  ^Ha^n]t^urbelter get ibpard &nQ-8ectt j:e.  a-aekt,?",*said the.depotinasfcer.. A.}    ,( v, v  A ^Tbarik you sir, Pm;very ���������cpm<fbrtable/J! replied 'the elderly dame, '���������<���������>  !'-'  ^UA>'*������nM������-!-;'liL>Kt--'     WVim'"?*������  V:'THBVSGOTCH^MARRZAiQB^LAW.T-A'JpoiWof  THB?mNE OE '-   ^mA,  ^as^unahimously; held that a husband is liable"      '..w.^*,* /  ?to alimenthis^-wife's parents.^"The^dgcisibna urr - *  ?',  Question has tfo>r%een IfaJse^ simpW oii^its  legal merits/andfaUthbritrttively de'cidodrThe  grounds on whic^theCourt proceeded werei  *"'" a husband is liable for,the debts'of'-his  wife/ whetberfuturef -or contingent j Hhatrthe  obligation mvthiscase%as^  rai^UPiCABSgr^fe. A A A���������$f;5i62^0S)  - t.;'        (With Power to Increase.)-  fcA  'DRAFTilSSUE0;bN.'THE-tiA^S;B^ ;.,-:  :s;;s,-  yjlCTORlA  * .*,f^.':'  ^atid/WhWmarried, bebomopenforciblej' like al(  ^her; ;other 'perlJohali ^obligations, - against her  husband^.^"'1;',^;h%?i?ij*Au> >}t.A:i^y ipA,nr-' v"  ;':^^:ThcNew^3rl^  Greely has turned.F^ian^>^he>l^  ^Herald,adds~''Let/n6;t;theri0ld;^  too much^iscoumged.r i Greel^fwouldritwrir  any thing: except his :ol3:trousersi: which between. Jriends are ^rdis^raco ^|iterature> ^>f  ')��������� :JF&$ ;-T? op W^ ^pro^het dowa^64&)iat^:  sentto,^deem ;ttk*wdrld^nli'ail thiri^^  ^heTe^pQi^QJieoC^  Confederate., shin plaster, and ask^d him Ctb-  irorYOye^the-specie^rW4^  thm 'Bank:ofV>^.-;<;V V  "-   ":"' ' ���������'���������-' '  '-  '''':TU.<^^;-r-Artr'K';  ^i"'.-if'".f^fefip  .'<"���������'  The master,'came round  fniThe'traih|leffc;  ? ^Madam,^I shall have-to disturb you, it is  lafe[ the;traina. have? &11; left^; and Ve must  $ose:te 'depbtE' 'Stiall;! send^pa io ^ hotel;  r^'Well/'-^ilaimed^ine^M  her knitting andIholdl^igp^r -hlMids^V-am^ t  , ���������;;, Established;;^ 1838,;  r(HBAb6ppica4hTv OT.IHELENSiPLA^-libNDO^j  ..;.4__.4i-'-'- i- i?uijj::...������./.���������^.^^.-L^-j���������^  y iDRA^TS iSSUE^dn toadfln; ;JNewTork;tSan������atf.:-  Cisco,; Cariboo, Canada, Ne\^-Branswic^:> Nova Scoti^  and bn;all'tlie Branches. 61': tho "National Bank of'Scot,  latiu and Vrovliiti&Bkitittf^ '  . .,;,..,,.,���������  -������.���������...*.,. -; ;������{). -yKii.Uio.-,&'i*"f. --.^'-ilfiK-'.;>.**��������� ���������  '4 ;. ; 'VINwTH^I^MDrSTAfESV. V)^ ��������� - ������  f ^. ^SkN-'^lA^SCK^PORTliAN^ :  :  Montr^^xTorqnt|);; Qufefe HaWiit!oti2^^doiit r"fi:Yjaci  v' ;fllon.'Cobburg,^  ���������v>>r;/Tnie,WiUtby;pe^rboro,Ottawai;feuo3pb^^^   .'.'���������-"  i'iiii������ IV.,,-.��������� ���������Oodorich, atratfordv^icttM^Per'ib'vii  *  ���������;  . ON SCpTLANp-.t|Hfe!f RITj^H^'LI^EN-icp.^ $$&!''  f-i  - ,'m  i    ;^f   Head|OMcertbmbaM St^ofiiioni  ���������*.'   v.1.     '"-'������^������   vt^^i-^L'-l'iVh^'���������{;-. r.iJW .y       -:  A?^8;JhanOae Hundrctf^plJars. > ^ n rr \ ���������i3;;h?T,V  (���������'?������������������'-^;;.  -'chased';  ^Gpv^ment/and ottoifecurt tics 'rWolvW V^ saftj  cnstQdy; .Interests an;d,D^ ���������  .'^p(^fb1fed.Tftlnrtii(Su^  -jfatidii^ ^et'sa^^hattheyrinayi there" oxists|  * B'ibHtaptial^rdols- to;show thati;he^stoo|l, in������  4^ae(fiHt ranlC^f c**ll^^0Q 4^^P!^0i?^?i  th^t tii0^ndjwlity&it> th% continent? cojao:$&  Hheircb lieges ^tb; )������& educated.-; ^om-theffie]  ^ of Csesar toVtSe':: ^������M^xi'^^1^&^i^M(d^\  S^S&M^e^oiie. of vEuglandVit war the!  object 6f their ienerraleato"chisli3heir spiritbf:  in A tin** f\ &i\p.f*!. whrehlthe v^riosfTiffhll v������bel iev-;  outitheirdeslgnslH^e^fre^u^  the:thibg;going* tbVmove 1Y~Bete I brought  my1chaii*; frpni #0%$ Jso^as?feo haLyeJa" seatj^onf  whict sbme^peskyinasico^  'self::i I^e setihere all day^waitin^lbr the thing  ' tp-feo* and I\' had fall' n^^uble^;nptliin^<  l^bough t ifcivaa' tv long^iiho, ;mo ying.   . 1 de-  -cla6:e that,thesefhere'railroads-4s the biggest  nuisances andJhumbugs as?ever wasW.; And-  "Jhc folii lady, ^itihibag;ORone arnx'und 'ibct;  ring chair oii tie. other,-gave ;aiips^^pf feer\i&di  and marched off inl-high indignation; ^ A'Mi;;  :���������' A She; misfopk^ttie depot ':(iof. ttiejcarsj _' and^'  jetted te travel in, it!   '".."'" yA yfK'A;t'A'A ���������  rate of 'ff.qrfartfcrjof on������ prr4cen t^ per raonth;; -' - *    '.-,  . '^;.descri^dn^carefully?Assayea' ,  r^-N. B* rrUny instructions ^s;tO;ibe^lsgosarof .thcfproi  ceeds of -Gold Bust i forwarded to.- the- office in Victoria  j3W&ii:  --;l{0>^^;K  , <!,:-..'j  f.l-''v{������'lV  .M^titiitei  ".<<T'  Wira^ i CoMMANME^^li vThoU'shalt have  hb other wifb bhtf me. :^2. ThoU 'Shalt not; take  their!language ifrbm-tfie face of the -earth.-^Asj  a profif ttiaf-it^ WWBtifc. languajfe; vwhichl'fiasj  ''���������������������������Bus&ideff'ffi^^  ''Cornwall Won lost the name of -b'Sihg apeople;  "after; losin^tbeirl^hgaager- T^^  v about two Bdjisatfabfigsrial _ua&nujcnpts that  have escaped the fate of the vast libraries  " "'"��������� ^theTOOtleetiqia  vthe; ;^ntiriuil  ���������,wW:ii^ro-- w uiy>M -;-w <*"3; ������k������.ff" **f - * v1.^ /��������� ��������� oe n Iui ins, Xv  :'is a re^������kable^ag^ftt:a^>i!e.C���������|^ .what-:  ^veriSouWsmi^xist'.' ,-..,-. -y.;?!;...,..., ���������' ���������.  .Ifi the days of GlySdur'(ih'thc^ time-<ff Henry.  Welshmen were: incapaciated from holding  ���������bfice njidergo.vornmeRt;ihe, Welsh language  "waSproscribedi the importation'"of paper-and  writing materials w^re'probibifed.Under cap1*  ital penalties;,,w-EpgHshtiiaii^ was,allowed to  ���������marry a WelsaVromanrunder; penalty -of fop.  feitureiof goods; with varioUs; other prohihi-  tioasi .i Yeti the result was the reverse to ^the  "expectations oif- the government^Every Kim?  ! ric student, labbrer, artisan and apprentice  left their books and tHrewup their indentures,  ���������andrallied round tho red dragon, the national flag.   Bafds: ,htultiplie.d Ttheir^Gorseddan,  and taught,their people^estorfeineans of.^oRi-  ���������niuhtcallon hitherto"c0nftne4;tci their pwn;or-  "der;! ^'bry tree- sbon becameif ������albobk,'\ a mv^  Bajare/a warning,.or.4:spiritstirHn&^ppeak: ^    f a   ���������,,,,.,,,..  -Meh^ehr^II.jul&nd6A..theJbrohe,.that ^.^^apfer in business in Philadelphia,  'was affected, which hadrbeeh;the catvse of the d^i^the "Bsq.^, to ;his name,-- advised a  shedding of ModS for ^atQirWs, tbe ubIop ������ correspondent to direct his letters to himwitfc  p4^t^.W^M^:mmfh^ head bntany ������^������^^>fl^q'S  ^Mm^ ^Sruiusihimself-^iSiaoe then ed, "A^ios Smith, without any W, Fhiiadei,  liiotWomationirputaM^ejfte^^ pMaj^^ : '���������������������������'-'     'r-;". ������������������;��������� ���������.- '^--^  into thy fhouW any bbMtiMl-bra^n; image'of  W servant girl to -bo w db wnytp ~ he r and serve  hen; for I^anva ^ealdiis ������wife> visiting,^ &Ci ^.  Th6tt*a)������i,lt not take thtfnamc* of thy wife ?ih  fyain, .&��������� EemenxUer^ thiyy;, wife - ',tp'-;- keep;. 5 her  respectably.- S^llbnor thy wifeJs.latlier;? and  mbtljien ;6i5 thbushalt tiottret.; ^^houshaH;  not nol fait ^itli^y^innerr ; 8;^Tftbu shalt  notrch^ew tobacco. f, 9V thou shalt riot be, bc-  'hinS; itiy iiei^|ibpi\ ��������� ;5>10v^u-;stiaU!!hot!'visit  the him tavern; thou shalt;nbtcbvet the tav-  br& keepers rttra,tibr/hisbrandyjnbrhis wine,  labr anything; that is^ behind tihb; bar of the  rumseller.(, "11*, ,Thoashalt not visit the vbil-  liafd4hUil. ���������' And the *i2th commandment is,  fhoii shalt not staycout la|er Uian nine o'clock  at night     . ���������'.'-;;.:":.;.^;''   /j ���������"'��������� -_"/  Na-Tuhal GAs������--The :']iniiabitanis'^ bf^Baku^  oh the;Caspian sea, have recently made use  of the emanations; of carburretted hydrogen  gjasfrom the waters;;for"/lightingvpurpbses.  The gas is;coilected by melins of large funnel  mobthed tubes, which are attached to.llbating  rafts and dip some feet into the water.; Baku  was the sapred city of the ;'GiiebreS, vor Fire  worshippers, and the ^neighborhood": abounds  with naphtha springs and ������������������blowers*", which  consist of streams of iiiflaminabie 'jg^s issuing  from the ground. The most extensive of  these ^blowcrs'Us fchpwij by^the name of the  "perpetual flre,'' and :is, sifoated some miles  to the northeast of Baku, it is an object of  great vene&ttjorij andis^saidnever to have  been ;extingtiishe(i  *A : AA- ''^^'THOMPSOV, PRRstBisx^ ���������J^ :^ - :  % A(i'il "JAMES'^DERSON^yicB-PBEsiDES*^.^-;^;^.'-!  lf' Jofe;MAClkREN, " ' \ A A ' ' '''.'!" ���������''  :-'}i'fy i)R: w; Bv-wrLKixsON: V;bii^ci6n^l:A^ir--i  >iMt  a JOHN-ADAIR,-^ [- -    ������: ' j"1 '-*' [ *>,- ^ '    >.'  ii jokx 3OWH0NJ;: ..;=-���������' Secretary & iisaAau^ {''  THIS^1 INSTittMON' at .'present coiitaiiis" about" 600;  volumes of Choice Literature,consisting of kciigibns,!  ^jenUflc, Historicaij ^  Fiction;, < ,.-. ������,, >'-, ], AA ��������� A} '*,<,'>*���������- : ^ y - '���������'I  ; Worcester's Lir^e Pi'ctorlal Dictionary^ Ure's Diction-;  ary���������'of"the ArtS^MaHut'actures and Mines,~XipX������eii'cbt"t',s!  Pronouncing Gazett.eer.jof tbe;,World, ���������. a rid Horn ah's Cy-[  doped ia of; Commerce will always b e kept i n' the roomi  for reference^ ( .-.. ,~.. -,, ,...: - . ..������������������.. - r^v,, ,/.* ;  ;. ;The ^cading.RpOm1 Syili.bc) found-supplied' AVith -th c?  -litest English, 'gpQttisijJ Cinadiahj; Ainerij^$^n^Cp1o-j  nial Papers and. .Maglzmes. , D / i ' ;./������'- V ���������> ,: t"  '.'Terms ;^^'-,SnBsCRtPTipx^'$5, per quarter, ;6rr $2 jker;  month. ���������; SIngle Volumes Loaned tb'noa^stibscrfhjL'rs a'i>  60 cts. p.ef Ivprume,, witU?$l,deposit;!;!f;-'.-,':'.,' A. A] AA;-.y  .'-:-[,Pers(>4skbt'[subscribers, visiting, the 'Sending Room;  aid making "use of tho. Books and ?apera',wlll .be'cha'rg-:  edicts:T0rWch"visit;':/; .:' -.:,:, ;;���������.'.;,'_;"f- ;"���������;;;���������;;-,;;/;';, ��������� ���������;,'.  .'j^rT&e Room will bo open from 15 a ,,m, till 10 p.m. *  ;���������������������������;   ;..:.' ,,'vJohn R0W3QN;':.,;.;  ,..'..''17.  ;..::,...:,'\;'AA-A 'ASQ?*$*������r*ry and Librallah..',['  ;/.nrPc^f,:-:A^T.^.^^^*iil^_'/������L.i :'-L���������������������������; >'Ay ''Ay  <��������������������������� .--j.-.'���������..''��������� /���������?,-:. v������'' ,*?,��������������������������� .^,ir,v- :���������*! j<7T'������",T!f?f;**.Tp^*>.-���������������������������'  cj.   .   *    '.'....'    ������ f   London,^rtlAirgust^ 1866.  ipROM.AND AFTER 26th SEFTEMB^ isofejlRv  ������������������ ��������� -.-&-���������'  :-?  Conriectin  U  Tk������  Cariboo   Sentiiiel,"  PUBUSHED ON. THK '.I'Stll  AND   30tfli ' OP; EXCH  Month Durixo the , Wintb;i. i    >    ������  ALLAN & CO., Proprietors.  ;     ;  OffncB���������BARKERVILLB;; Wiltjasis Casks,; Cariboo.  ;   /Subscription:, $2_.per mdtith :  {Including cost;.of delivery,) Payable to the. Carrier.  1 - '  -NELSON;?S lor ���������New. Wcs tmllis teV & Victoriaj*' '"'" '  j Barkeryill^, tbxdnnee.t^vlth thV^toainer"*YEn-  terprjseH^atxQuesnoImbutiipandxtaeySTAGEStat Burta-  ,.9reek,JEVERY,(WliBH^;ConVe^ingTHKAsuM  and VAmABLBsTqrall, parts pri.the{world'? ".'Also^Corii*  in issidhs received1: aiiU ^fbrwarcled ibf- ExpresV for;tha  collection bf^Notes^Bills' ftna-HKe^biirbliiVs^of'a'rticliiS  ���������toibe; obtained atNew Westminster^.Victoria^ San^Fraa.  jCjscp cr en;rotfte, and ^elurnSr made; withal ispatcli^v  :-f-*ip- :7.5 ;'v ;Agen^'-Bark������rviH9iA.;:  M#*fr*  fw.>jji<?.>i;a������:-.  THE(iUNDEKSIGNED,^HBBR::MER(DHASa!^i;tieff  tp: inform^ the jirihabltants^lnjgfineralc of Willsams  "--���������- -1 ���������---���������- -    -   -   ���������    "^^'*";sAW;  :b't;v9  ...... ��������� _i'foet  of Lumber per, hour,;any;i('n������th or, width; required M  th'ls^narKet, a''ndot':d .aiit'EBipR; qpaistk.-; =, Ail"orders  left at Mr.W. ,A; .Me'acliara's, BarKervlIlo,'' or-tljc' ilill,  Ohallenge..: Aocepted>:  R. GEORGE' WILSON, the Cariboo Champion, will  i?JL fight'JOE EDEN, .the Champion of Victoria, for any  sum from::$2,000 to $5,000 a-side, and-also .for the  Champions Belt of Victoria and Cariboo, ....TIic. fight, to  comQ^iMMi���������^irHX-'M^<}^ ThbflBrt depositor  $500 to be made oq or before the-lst. July next, and to  be sent BARRY fc-ADLER'S Siloon,=BarkervillOj where  the articles nay be seen. Mr, Wilson Intends to retire  from the P; R. unless a match Is made with Eden.  B*?kerville, Ud'th-Dec 1365.  . i Colonist plassa eop^<  eral share.of the public ��������� patronage and'tha(; their old  friehds .will kindly give them "a call.'; : A'''"':.'" .    ':'  ���������"���������:J.   ;r::       ;1   MfiACtfAll^COoSlBS^NASON.7  , Williams;Creelt-, Aug. 27tlia866. ; ^ W " .}?zt".V-  'BARKER.VILLE  BREWERY. <  PROPllIEivOE.  .;  ���������)  '*''7  ;';;��������� ���������"������������������'     ^AR'KERVILl/B^  (;  .,        : Have j ust received ii'choice sol ebttba of  dAST^^IRONCOQfillSiQ  Sheet Copper, Zinci Tin Plato; andSheet Iron,-  with Various-other articles In their line of trade.  '%& AU Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet" iron? Copper an������t  ..' 1m ' Zinc trada AtUade^ W. ������.a������i ���������*r**rz&t*4 to tff^������ cfttUM  ���������-:'--.    ti<s������i .       i-..-17"v4*-^^r;*-.!*-....; .'.4*f j  : ,,.,X--.  ���������   ���������.���������-.*.:->���������-.���������,.-.*.-������������������     -,  -M  ������������������������r������.r;"S  r-4- am  i a  t uMBimaigaiseji^JUii, iumiuiw, JBgEsfsSrsK^SSS W..-.V.-.-..������-."-.���������������������������. I -i-U-fc. .  . >,..���������������������--.  .   ITfflEXJARIBOO SlNTINBl;  WEDESDAY, JANUARY 30J J86T.  -Agents for. the -Cariboo a������i������������   J,. .������������*������ ^^ifla-ffdffi^Wof th.Coun-  ccransi Creek'   -.-..*". -> - ...--���������-������-"-��������� ���������- "^ M^a oil and so mo citizens to be present at the  - -v*i������ ,��������� 'i'. Wr: Xvansv      do au ....���������,..��������� v.k^������*^ e������ . .  ���������aufect,     ��������������������������� ^..W:Fo%r;:' ���������: do ���������,.    .       do    .;��������� ter tomorrow. .. ,���������   ^r ��������� ,;v -..;:_--  ���������,  iNe.w.'Wefetmlnster, < \A ���������/���������"- ��������� ;; r';V *  v������r������i#;.���������.������������''���������-:*..--K; *:**"-������������������ T    v   ���������"���������'-������������������     -        ���������*  ^Victoria;  do  do  rClarkson* & Oft'  Muliandaine  Off  S j  ,?:c c, A?.' 'to correspondent^. /: ~ :  AU commp������ic*troa8: must.be accompanied by tho  irPRl name and address of; the writer,. not nccesf rfly;  with a view ofpubl*sbing:the same, but as security lor  hls^QOLCltaijtb;}. ;>-.;: Wi ". 'S~ AS A-;, ������������������ iv '���������}������������������ -V;-*   \-_  the, >defAmtiwim  OP-  ' :-^CASE.  ^CHARACTER  ,. ^ /,- Id,, formlrrg /-���������6ur; v, j uj3gmeat ,of other ;men  "v' rashly;.we'wrclagpurselyes and1 those Whom  we judge.   We endow our unjust thoughts  with a.lifejwhich wetcan*not������take away, and  become:laise witnesses to prevent, the judgment of tho world in^geuoral.'/.Very often the  ^;rman who fwould be-ashamed of talking ,afc/a  r hazard'of the :merlt&tifia horse'or a ;dog, will  put forth his-iguegscs .about the character of  hia brother "man ab if bo*had the fullest author-,  ity for all that lie is saying.    Often perhaps  whence are>not��������� wont-to m'ako' such rasfr te-  cdenco tromwe. tips oi,tm>^ ."r-   , %uT������r������������  to meet, Suehpredulity.is anythiDg;but blameless, ;fmdeVe*tt^^ such things.only-  -as we have  5a<*i ye^repeat, sucu uuuB* yuiJ  Uues,Aex lomi,   i������mvMu^._  .    __  ���������as wouave good reason to believe in, we y^fo seleot from either sec tion*sdeh laws as  ^ishouldibetm no hurry^to-vput them ^forward  may he besfc &uitedtb;r the' immediate wants  s   ,^Pec!aJJX,lfthey.we ^ntencesof coudemna^4of the"'community:-^ The'V, I."Bankruptcy  <*���������>.K. Many;perspn^employtl^ magic aid of Law and the law;for the registration of titles  their imaginationonly to gi d their ownroas- to land might I think be .extended, over the  r .ties^the.air; to conduct, them: along those. wh0ie colony.   From the R C. /Ordinances I  ;, - fancied, triumphal.processionsin^-.w^^ would select for general adoption ttose en-  : M%/8p;P^3p;cu^ abling Indian evidence'-to-be accepted in  ^ie8'for;them without battles and; to make Courts of justice, preventing tbe sale of spiri-  them virtuou9:without;effort.-   1 his is what tttous:liqUbrs to aborigine^, and that for; the  l^H?^^ .x?agm*t101^^^ they, cannot protection of their graves: also Postal, Joint  &      "      - ^ ^^ris������t chantv.       ! I ������f:nr,k. Trustees belief, Currency, GamevPro-  TELEGRAPHia       : .  '(Special Dispatch to the'Cariboo Sentinel).  Victoria, Jan. 23rd.���������The Enterprise sailed  *ateighto'clocksthie raornipg.for,New5 West-  open^ng'of the Legislature'at New. Westmins  ter to:morrow.., ,, ^. -,, -,; ���������'���������'���������''' ������������������ -\ A' *  Yale Jan: 22nd.���������Mr. Wallace, member oi  the Legislature from i-his district,: has resigned' DivBlack and Mr. Barnard are. the. can-  didatcfl to fill the vacancy; the.eiestioa comes  off on the: 26th Jan. The dpwn^stage with  the-Hurdies and big load:rof passengors:.ar^  aived^here; safe,:after clearing several... snow-  slides between BostonJ=Bar and :itfe, on, the  i^Otb-'-The Express .and .passengers started,  for New Westminster in^ canoeyesterdayj  -\ .Yale, Jan/23rd.���������The Express with.California inail left at; 3 p.m. yesterdav tor Cariboo.  S vCliuton. Jan. 24tb.-^Stone. -with the down  Express left here, this-morningvin^,/.-. :]V..  - /New Westminster, Jan. .25th.���������The Legislature meet at New \Vestminster?yesterdayv .In  tho Governor's inaugural address he. says.he  has decided to have the' Capital ;of British  Coiurabia.located at New Westminster. .,.  * New Westminster;' Jan.-;24th.���������The House  met to>day. The following is from tbe'Gov-  verno^s speech :--I placepromineutly on the  list of/measures, Bills1 ofldemnity'tb'm'y predecessor in:office on- Vancouver Island and  tor Having oramitieu iu cuiv^^.yv.y**"* i, v  vision's .of the7 V/ I. Sto.ck Act; and. Harbor  Diies; Act 18C6. *1 will endeavour to ^nduce  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  E TH-fi U>:DJERSlGVET> have sold our right, tide  T t aud interest in the Williams Creek BED ROCK  DRAIN CO. (limited), and have also transferred the  Charter ami all the rights and powers wliieh.-it-grants  unto JAMES AXDERSON and JOHN MACLAREV..  ' ;   '       ;,      ��������� ; -ROBT. H'. BROWN  ���������,'Cameronton, B. C.j-Kdv. 2nd 1866. ���������������������������������������������:������������������   :   1  ;':,;/    ,;.   -.-���������'/'.NOTICE..    ���������:-.:',.:.  I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that j have this day revoked a certain Powtr of Attorney drawn by me in favor  ol ISAAC F. BROOKS, and dated ilie "day or February,  1806, and. that the said I. F.BROOKS has no longer  any authority to act for irie.'. '.' '      ���������"'      ;���������*  ;Barkerville, 2nd Nov., 1866...'>    . ���������' 3m  amidst so many suaivco auu *������������w������rw^, ���������������0- -  '-:not .bejrecognized by^he/perspn who.compos;  ed it k. it is .well ,therpfdro; ;to .be. thoroughly  virapressed1 with a* ^ense' of the difficulty^ of  judging about others^ /Sti I judge we must;  'and sbmetimes.^ery hastily j for. the; puYp'oiafea'  ;pf life reguire^t/^Itis;one of; the.''accidents'  'hqf; social-' and business .life that wrong accusa-  r. tions shall be oceasionally -made, and i t.is one  ��������� of the rights that the' state' owes vthe :subj ect;  . that false atid^njurious"accusations shall be  publicly >retracted.' it is only however when  *long acquaihtance, friendship^^ and past cpnfl-!  Vdence, have;beconie the. disttirbing elements;  j-that such cases'stif up all'the^ good and^evil  $ais|oas^>f o^r/naferes."j.-. and^vhen (the&cns-  ;ed avo %tffroriKded%ytmany:jripnds |'phce mii-  ^ual^and ^e,vacou6ati : cri-  . mibal.-nature^'the result is generally as. in the  /present.-cas������ a.sort jo.f. social earthquake;   > ���������  <  ,: The accused has occupied positions of'thel  ���������highest trust in these mines,/in���������'^fact he, has;  ;ijeen considered over-honest by many of the  4rome>8vforbalding>as a sinecure for another  ^hatiWhicik was a valuable legal right of his  owri,' Aa:foreman of .one of. the richest and  ���������most systematic companies in the mines, rhe  .gave/general satisfaction  to the shareholders, and made many fciends among the workmen, one^bf<whonr was/the accuser.    Varying  fprtoe$as*isin^ce?altCred -their Trelative pbsi-  tions; tbVabcuseris foreman of one or the  . richest claims nowiin the diatriot, and the ac-  reused ;wras;a;workman under him ^hen;the al^  leged aboasati6n was. made, / ;   v     ' ;  :   It would not be strange in any case, much  less in this one, if avpublic prosecution should-  follow, unless ati ample apology were made.  ���������An action was entered In tbe Supreme Court  and the..damages set at the nominal sum of  $10,000; the counsel for the defendant failed  ���������to join issue on the Counts of the declaration  within tbe time allowed, and judgment went  againstbim by default; a Court of Inquiry  consisting of the Sheriff and twelve jurors,  was held on the 21st inst., under a writ issued  from the Supreme Court, to assess the damages.   Fortunately perhaps both for plaintiff  and defendant the strict practice of, the Bar  was departed from, and the whole case was  tried /de novo/ so that the whole question of  fact as well as of damages waslaidbefore-the  jury.     .���������;���������;*���������,-��������� / '"' ���������-;;-: ;���������'   '���������';���������  We do not intend to offer even an opinion  on the result of; thjs case^, as it might prevent  some from perusing the /evidence Which we  publish,elsewhere, with that. care, and, atten-  tipn w^cli we consider due to/the interests of  l>oth parties and:f especialiy tor -ttie ��������� olaintiff.  Unlike most suits ��������� the evidence of facts > of  place and of time as produced by- both sides  will be fpuad; to agree with/surprising^ accuracy i and there-is no connict of evidence on;  the essential parts of the case. &���������"'  uhsatisfactory uvuixiny** m-v ^..w ...v.������.._ _    tob������place. ^As.a general.rulevwith. one<..exception all salaries have been reduced from  my own;down wards j. theexception to which  I refer is that' of^^tbe'judicial ^department. 1 It  is to the amalgamation of oftces; ho we ver/.rathe r than to the rediictipn^of salaries^tbat, we  must 'loot for our future econbmy.; I - do noi  propose to 'imdei'takc any public work of magnitude during;the/year, the more pleasing task  of improvement must be left for another year;  it will be sufficient for the present to keep our  great road system in Repair. What "is to be  done with.the' dredging .machine,?^:; Do; you  consider i t desirable to keep up a G-6verri-  ment Assay office? I shall1 address you by  message on the subject of Education- and a  few other topics of importance, .one of these  will prob.ably.be as to thejCatise of the selection made for the seat of Government on the  mainland. No winter has yet seen a more  numerous arid contented mining population  than, that which is no w working = in our gold  creeks;  NE W. AD VERT1SEMENTS.  $&������ If y*o ^mxb goo^ Oo^e������ ub������ Mtt-  f A   CARD.  E THE UNDESIGNED MEMBERS OF tttt JURY  , , OF INQUIRY called for the purpose of determh).  inq the amount of damages in the ense. of J AS. CUM.  MING vs. JAS. A. LAIDLAW, sny that from tho cvi-  dence .presented befonsus, wo believe'that no stigma  fasts upon the ch:)T;Telrr ol' MR. CUMftt N G. ! as; ab  honest an d.straight for" vvard miher, and that we were  dismissed on aCConnt of not agreeing as to the amount  of damages, and that the conduct and language of MR,  LAIDLA^W in the matter was only for the purpose of  Rifling a caso'whjch.his cfuty'as foreman of tho Heron  Company required him to investigate, and was not de-  signed'or intended to injure the character or good name  of MR. CUMMING or any one else.  C F.: Jones,-. . ...*. W.'A. Mea*cham,     '     ���������  H. Elwards, H Trcnham,  Jas. D Lortng, W. G. Coombs,  Jami r Mc Nerbanio,       .   J, H. Todd;  E. C. ^arsons, Wm. A. Simmons,  J. J. Cramley, ;  . Thos. C. Naltull, foreman.  TT IS HEREBY AGREED hv and hctweon JAMES  1 CUMMIKG and JAMBS A. LAlOlAW that the lor.?-  going opinion of the;Juryman; hi;, the case of. JAMES  GUMMING vs JAMES LAIDLAAV is and shall bo. ac^  6epted as a full settlement of all difterehces between  them, and that upon tho payment of the costs by J. A.  LAIDLA^the actioh for damages heretofore commenced  shall be withdfawnVand no further action or actions  will bet>rosecated by JAMES GUMMING on the above  case.'  -v.,.���������.,.,;'. ��������� ��������� /'. ������������������ .--,  ���������'���������'       ���������������������������'������������������A   ������������������ -..; : ' 'A  ��������� - '.���������      Witness ohr hands at BarkervTll,  Signed in the 1    B. C. this 22nd day of Jan.  presence of j    A. 15. 1867/ ������������������.'������.-��������� :    -    .���������:.���������-'  ; Jas. IViokham, -' ���������   - ' ��������� ' JAMES CUMING.  B. P; Anderson. :   J. A  LAIDLAW.  . Wiiiiams Creek^ B: C. January 22nd, 18^7.  THE U^TbERSIGNgD having' bought .the interest of  *E W. LAWLESS jln  tho, OCCIDENTAL SALOON',  Barkerville, will rerqpen ������h the 2nd February.  '  JKar-Thc best of WINES, LIQUORS and CIGARS at  the Bar and comfortable J2EDS furnished at all hours;  e-2in WZZIB THURBER.  ..-:��������� WILLIAMS CREEK  ftftTZ   MILL  CO.  ''       (LIMITED.)  CMPITAL,"    -      ~~-      -    '��������� $10,000;  . In 200 shares at $50 each, thirty dollars of which to  be paid* in tiking of shares and the remainder to be  paid subject to the callof the Company, or at tho rate  ot* five dollars per month until all h pail. *  rpho object for which tho above:'company.*, has l>������en  '1 formed is for tho en������ction of a TEST QUARTS MILL  on-Williams Creek B. C.,iaboVcRichllel i,.th������ position  having brurncirefully. selected on account of, Its abun-  dunt water pri'vircge's as well as its centriVl position anil  ���������Kft..b<>.iR^4^������x.ia.tha..niuift;Wngon>rqa makfog it oasy  lor the convey a nee of Quartz to said 'Mill!; ���������������������������',. .T-.. r'7~; -. **"  ; The promoters in placing this Prospectus before the  public, ex prdss'their fullcon fid nice in the. success of  tlie'uhdertakihg, to those (hat invest as ��������� well as'lh'e  country at .largeyfor the country has been greatly retarded by-tjic wautof a QUARTZ.MILLA.tp prov^e the  Quartz of the c'6un(ry. The extent of the country and  the richness of its placer djggings, aud. the croppfngB  which every d ay come to light, justify the con^pany in  saying that by the erection of the above Mill, with oil  its advantages as regards location, and water,, .that; it  will-, be. remuneration to the shareholder as,well as a  great benefit to the country: Tho following is tho prb:  posed capacity of the Mill: To be six Stamps, with requisite Machinery^ capable of. crushing'10 tons of  Quartz cveay twenty-four.hours.,, ���������',..;.. . .;.'-.;��������������������������� \  Inconsequence of the great facilities enjoyed by the  Company, and the advantages to be derived, riot only  of being the'first Quartz Mill that will be erected,' bnl  giving the prospector the advantage of" i knowing what  his Quart* are worth, without sending it to S.in Fran  Cisco to be'tested as'now," taking'months to find out  what can be ascertained in 24 hours. And tho Direct  -tors would ihrther':state that an investment in* the  above Mill/w.ill be, in their opinion remunerative, after  crushing and assaying for miners on liberal terms and  allowing for working, wear fcc^of mill, they .expect a  large margin.; ��������� ������������������' ������������������ ��������� ���������; ��������� ; =" ���������-: - -'.' ��������� ������������������'������������������ -  : Owing to.the distance the machinery is to bo brought  and the consequent delay" attending such things^ it is  desirable that theshares.be all takeu as soon as ppssi-  ble,/fifty of wHich ar*e already taken, in order to get the  Mill in" running order by the middle of Jane next, 'i*: *  ;������: The above,Mill being, highly recommended by the  Mining Board and also by(.tlie.;late and present. Gold  Commissioners, the Gpmpmy b'avo no hesitation la'  saying that they wiHg������t a substantial bonus-from Government, which will go tb the Company as a sinking  fund ��������� And.;alsp from the long experience of Mr. William Winhard, a gentleman who has had eight years  experience'in Snn'FranciscOj California, in thd'manu-.  facture of Quartz Mills, arid Is- fully 'acquainted with  tho latest improvements, and under, whose; superintendence the machinery .will be selected, wc.havev no  hesitation in assuring the public that the best machinery will be selected for the Company. ' " J .  " An Office of the Company will be opened in the town  of Bir"kervttle,-for" the purpose of giving all 'thc'iiifor-"  motion, required, where a sett of books will be. opened;  Ibr the company and those that wish to take stock.   ������  THE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in tho above  busiuessnext door to Mun dor IPs stables, Barkerville, and soiicit a share of public patronage. .  CAST    IRON   STOVES  Always on hand, New Work and Jobbing done  .'.'.'. at reasonable rates.... ' [.;";;  ^f=-Our Teams.run regularly between Yalo and  'Cariboo and all orders in .our line of business carefully  attended to. .  PEARSON & BROS.  o  A    CARD.  Mb. Wiluam Kirkpatricjc,  Dear Sib,  . K     . In reference to a re  mark made by me in November last, about.some gold  that was romoved irom the Heron claim; I here state  ast did six weeks ago, that the cause of thai remark  was perfectly satisfactorily explained to me "by you,  and I sincerely regret ever having nsod any words  that could in any way injure you~or hurt your feelings in the least. I can also add that T. have known  you intimately for more than six years, arid I have had  a good deal of business transactions with you.'arid  have always found you honest and straightforward  with myself and all others. You are at liberty to publish this if you choose.   ,.*-������������������ ...  Yours, &cM  <     ."--.'- J; A. LAIDLAW: =!  ,i Grouse Creek, Jan..25th, 1867.   . ;������������������'. 6-lm= :  A    CARD.  to Mr. JiS. Cvmmixg, Camerontown,  ,;���������..-, -Dear Sir^   , ....^ * -���������.,..  In reference to words  used by me in November lost concerotng gold, taken  from the Heron:���������"'. claim, I now state from circumstances that have since cane to my knowledge, I haye:  very good reason to Ikdieve that 1 was wrong,, and sin-  cor'dy r*������gr*:;t ever having said anything that could' in  any way injure your character or hurt your feelings.-  I am, yours truly,. ' '���������  J. A, LAIDLAW.  Barkerville^ 22nd January^ 186Y. Qlm  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS, f.  0PfENHElMlR-'& t%  WHOLESALE & RETAIL., ,r  MERCHANTS-  Am   BAEKERVELE, -t  Beg to call the,.attention of the .public, to  ,<"   r-:   -their well selected stock of '*���������;;  PROVISIONS^  IIWES, SE6AS8,  S| :-';C:Lh'l^L-i-wji'^A ���������  "AA ':ifid6T8'--&-: SHOlES;,;^''^   '^vl  a^t <::c-,(a s-'T;;-P-R !-o-e;;S: i  %&-Liberal allowance will be' ihade-to  Restaurant^i>nd Hotrt Keepers and tha Trad������ generally  on largo orders.    ' ������������������.���������-: ���������������������������'���������'��������� ..   *   .  NEW ELb0RAt)0 SAIOON  /'     BARKERVILLE.       {v   ,  HAVlxNO PUBCHASED-liFl^EItSST OF CHARLES  ROS3 in tho above-uamed Saloon, tho undersignfld  would respectfully solicit a contlnuence of the patronage bestowed oh thodate firm, which by. a strict.atten-  tion to businefs thoy. will endeavor to merit.,    .. .,,-  T^ejLR������PlSCH()REAN. ART.is .nightly practised, fct  this saoonranff'tiro'Bar Is stocm^m'-XhtS'^ifi^t-  LIQUORS and CIGARS. - '   ''���������",.     *.:1, '  ^&*-Boys please give ub a call. ���������   ���������"-���������������������������*.> --  ���������,        ��������� ������������������ -'i    **���������: V,    *��������� BURDICK & DEXTER, *.  ... ., 41.1m' ��������� ��������� -   s ���������'���������'������������������:    ' ��������� ; ��������� ��������� ���������    ' ��������� ���������:  ��������� .'������������������ ��������� ��������� Proprietors.  IMPORTANT to MINERS  " '���������''' '   !  : . 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A J������  "THIS IS TO* CERTIFY, that during.last spring-������y  1 .hair was rapiaiy falling out and my bead was fast  becoming bald, when I applied to Ma. W, D   MOS>w>i  BJrW, Barkerville. who in a few-weeks restored my  hair ifa abundance^ its former "bc������ Wl^ GIBBONS. -���������  Barkerville, Dec; 29th, 1866.   ];"������������������/.    t   '��������� ' *;  RICHFIELD.-. ii'.: ���������  THIS HOUSE WILITbE OPEN DURING  THE WINTER MONTHS.   ;  Hbt GIN St JNG and PUNCH to Warm the inner man*  and every comfort for the outer.  "FREEZE OUT FOBFUK" THROWN IN.  l_3tn ..'; 'j   :.        J0HNHED1N.  AT E. HODGENS' OLD STAND    i  Barkerville, Nov; ^12th 1806*  V f ;;.:,/'        -     . _M  ���������''���������NOTICE/'' /.'/-^y1;  -:>".    fO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:       \ r  THE UNDiERSIGNED has a Power of Attorney item  CHARLES-M; BEAK to collect his debts and setus  his accounts. ������������������ ^*,~-*o  GEORGE PESTER  Barkerville, Deo*%^ ia������������'   ���������' ���������    b������n  m  m  W  W-  mfsm.  mm  m  1  ft1  mm  II  S  jrsbSL  aft&m  fs*^  [0M>  ������i^  ma  F,9  :-s.---'yy  M i  OEMUKMyfiSM  <;>/���������;  ^���������������  v^UKt^V.^Ow*-- -������i  ,^>.  ^*:^''*fa/;^������-v^:^  e&m  ������  bSi  : WEDNESDAY- 'JAftUAlijY 30,: I867-  :!'rt:"/r*'!  ��������� SHERIFF'S;  coijrt;  . .7" Li;,-.^H-r- ~-.. :7..^-.January.-21st, 1861; ���������  i *Jaiie^Gummuig^i^sj. James ^A/ Laidlawv  Tbe following jurors answered tb their haihes  ��������� ';������tt'd^ere?6Wornrm:r"A?r,'/.:!/j;. p.- </.:.;. F;?,'7 tJr������*  :-^^&$iutoi^ h;  *������>&������������������������TOT. Tftaa:*J^1tfi������NArh������ini������> W   A  *$)a w'ar^JX WC ;  *-rSunmbad*%^-3^  #iBmnaiey*, H-ITrenhblme,, anfr GL  Mri Tv Gi ;NutiaU>wa^ 'choseu' as forem an.  A.  Coombs.  the? jury^Jashe had ex pressed -his opinions -cse"?-  ��������� veral *tirae������ in regard'tb^the ^iiiatterfi:-:J     '������������������ V;  ;The"Sh������niH^  fpft^^Court^^r^ihg;him;ita; hold a* Court'of  ^Inipir^to :!^ssess jthe^nnipiint of; dathages in,  this case^ Mr. Park -''appeared for tho "plain-:  7 Mr. Ahdersoii- ln>- behalf of the defendant  lasted leat^befbrO going ftirther to file a protest against the proceedings of the court .Mr.;  -Pa^k.^iiedlthat the protest should be filed!  wbich^^ Park at;  last ^onserifed'To aliow-the protest to be hand-;  ������������������?������ j1 Ifctitfiho court; and itu was" informally at-;  ' -tached 4c/the writ4- *- -������������������ -���������- '���������'*'"'-*-;'" }-. . ; . ,  ;'.'''������������������''MrrlMra^^  ecuMon^ Mr^Shenfl^ and gentlemen of the  jury, Its is no part of your duty to ��������� consider the  facts?;pf this" .Caie^ jud^ been;  :giyen; ^ybu|a^%mmpni5d ^ypu^ayo; heard  byjttie'wjtfinwlnch the^Shqr'ift htfs-just 'read;  ��������� ��������� tMeterming thejdetmjigesla^this' case.' ..The  <p Whtiftin^^s'ip^^rily^affied M^ppeii^ap6::  Uogj; the def{5Qa^nt^haaded thim ;.!an >eqaxyo?  caj paper wbfckM]^  Jhit-Xfi^&ffe^t^a^^  weare therefororcompeiled'ito come,, before  you :fbry?ca^ Lin  coln says-in r^fe^^ any  .;one Is guil("jtfit ������ the) matter' Jyptt1 Suib %* it -tiv  undertake 'tb -find-put the -guilty party an d;  have 'thewhele thing -cleared up to, tbe satis-.'  faction' of all honest men ���������.; he spoke ^ hi positive; ftentfe;as ;to; find! rig biat 'the iguilty p erson;;  LawilaW-bame to.mjr{ residence on Thursrtayi  foreripn n" and ;requesfe'i meKt-o resume work]  that -night 'Which 'I^id;in(or4er that-' thevi mat-!  ter nlight be cleared* iip: if possible; upon;  viewingthe^lac^where^ the -gold was said  to. Wfbnnd/j t did* hot ^appear to.; me" '������������������ J������*i'.bfe'.*a  p 1 ace;where gold would be; put in order to  secrete it( and- 'talciiig* into considerafion th"e  rem dval of said'gold' f Mr; Kahe's entry 'in to  and exit; from7thef vdteffinffS-uaseen tit- the-  .suspected^. ��������� 7;;v;.7"- ~':;:\:i'A A;/, y'/yyAi  ...-.,^^ Crbss-������xai3Haed---There was no one Resent  wh^h'Laidlaws^oke/tofmej lie neyergalled-  iKirlcpatnck "and I to^lihei^^Orr, and Xtcawick*  wan tod riie ,tp; take some' g9ld;^ down iihd put|  it .finto ;:Dcncan vCJumraings^, drlye a? lie ";n'������  was  dumpbox'man on the night the'������pid!iwas said  tb Have beeiv taken and;hig; failing ,!tcii 'admit  he was 'there; uhtlj |t *^as brought put ;by the;  mas; tbfit1 saw ���������* tiim rbelow;?; ;i; \ cb"nsidered th e;  whble thing might'bea'vpl^  executed by sotne^pors6hvtoeu%ct^;^ purpose-: fionsecjue;iitly:) I| cpnsideredithe jpcatity  I dangerbus to be; near and > left accordingly.  (Mr. Kirkpatrick read" the fpregpirig ".part of  his evidence from - ���������memotanda, lierhad;'.made  of the ^"several-1 conversations); t;.* The ichai^ge  was laid against the shift because no oneels������  was in -tbe diggings 5; I asked "Laid 1 aw, if it  wpu 1 d interfere, with any p lans 1 aid |f ,.I|sbquld  quit work, ������is tjiere yreve susj^iciphs all rotiiid;  he said he knew, nothing of any plans being  laid for the detection of ^tho guilty* party; I  have known' Oummings7"pnly. since; I ..have  worked with himIn the -; driye.; I haye iknown  him by reputation"frf a >lMg������ t3nie ;vhe,> has-"a  good ^character j I thiiak tljis charge might prevent me from ptijjtirfg-him: to ; Worlr in'*rich  gro|in45: r.commeiiced action but ��������� jvithdrew'jt  b������oaus3 -Laidla%'' feai^ho- wiiS4^iiatedJs henie  madejthe- acc^ation and: he ;n^ertpcf kj id���������-vin^  dicate my character in publie ffid^^^te^J.  instructed' Jeffrey^to^ask; Kane ifhe> * wjt&in the.  diggingsi on Saturday-night and Kane:said he I  was.'-"   y---^yAr\' ... \ .^s-y-J^^AA :   :.:     -'  7 ^r6ss;exaimned^ knew nothing; pf ,tbie  charge againstOurimihgs������n^il Saturday morn j  ing; 25th Nov.; I told Laidlaw that he tshpMld  car j yl was prospecting, before I wenintpj work!  in t^e;Heron;KJaiin^pnjAntl^  wasroeeiying.wages;"I Was;goibg to;^iitier  when I ,met 3as., Allen- who as'ked ,7ne ,lio^iir  present:his jnterest inlbe^Herdii Co^ ,7, J.;7  6.4 Rob erfc Grr s worn-Tf-I waain Laidlaw's1 cabin  jaw^ftheJkne^ ;ai^tiing^mp  heard Laid law say,sJ;believO, it';is bpiwoeii  you;.,I understood him;to ^inean^Kirkpatiiick  and,pummii^s;Jk  hnrt a man and:\iyoixii be a seriqus^fcriment  to'hjs-gettitig employment, },'J A. -< i//'^'-.  y^;: Ci^^xamined^I; firs'tS^  frpm;lCUlipatrick;; I den^  as I promised Kirkpatrick I would ne^erraen?  tion it but I afterwards.^toldriir. Laidlaw, *'\  Andrew Jeffrey wo rii-^-I Jwas question eel if  I saw any one in the diggings ; I asked Kane  ih 'the ^eseiice/qf Dtitnm if he was Bureltwas  on Saturday^hight;lib: measured^ the ^uhriel*;  Kane said; yes; such ia pharac ter would inj ure  a man^ lie Would not be likely; to get work .on,  the'ereek;uhless"lie;WaSyw^ilkhowiiiv UAX&W  - ^OPoney^swora^I was; in the^ dump^bo*^.  the liight tlie^gbld was saidtp haVe bee%taken-;  that^btb^irkpatric and Ouininihgs saiA tyey  wMld*ntit "Wbri?; ���������Ciimmings told'hjm^he^wa^  acditSeS^ told Cbdneyif he valued; $s^situa-  ��������� t^a %^ay no^hin|^ptf  it ;.^easy*j'?. fo r :5::;'su**^e1cteU .-p arties^^^ie ave;  ^o^Tg^gs^my'mtUt^as^in^  confidence in that %hift  .work MiIfee^ c$l;!T;neveV'disc^i^^^iffie^  of W*ml I-hev^e^sliofte ^'tbt^mmiiigff Vi^pm;/  'presence :pf .anyone' .'pni: tue;;;s^e^^^^vet7  bad any desire to injure hiiii.       j > 'f '��������� ��������� l;7f %  1 Oross-examih^d���������I do^hot'deny^hy 'of?ihb '  charg'es'made?"/^ '���������/ \ a'^*']\ "p ���������f*'r!-V7  ! !ij.' H. Brown:sworn���������Iivte weselit'^a^' 'the  siispici on bn; their Mu^jrf h e; ^id ��������� W^ft- B"6'^i������'  and that he -did not'know what^b'raafo^Sf it^  thatthe1 matter was bfetweeh 1ftem;7: "?;4;iU{H  Jwice tfiat eyening^!fii?s'^re'fer������--'io jtho^second,.-,  visit-; *It was 'when;! was^coit^ed with'^eljac-  ciisatibn. th^t'I''ni^:^!^a^     v w;*jteii*S^e-' >;  liihgu^age vJm y; tlii nking^ t^min^f i^eared  ���������uneasy; aTf^-Mi^i-a^ ;  on the^unday ffior hiiig, itrose; lYom ��������� irry'*hav-^  ih"^;a^ery'seve"r-e^headache^and^his^tots^t^  Iba'ce^ a cO'nycr^aiion'upon^raer'hiadejffi-ffi^ ap^^.-;  it up. .     . - ;���������_��������� .;^=   ���������    ,--������?)'' \ijt   ?\ flr.?,i -..'  ; Duncan Otimmihgs^swbrnTT-Am notirelated  lb the'plaintiff; 'Bennis:/ Kane, passed^ nre^on  the; night on which * the* goldi^wafersaid) tqibe  taken/ he said; good evening;ul thinkj^thiSf^e-r  port: is^calculated tb^^injnre >Gummiugs^ith  regarc? to outside -parties; ;,; >' f ��������� ���������. P IU���������,, <*s', ���������; A v,  t$ Ja^hbs *S toele'sworn-lJ havekno wn^the plainr  ryou do; notj khow^ it ^" if yon do-; know it  ;^ou we^excu|Mble^b;.n^  aridprbjfeHhe; | ac t; Jfyou do not kno"^ it you;  "are inexcusable "*fcb ^e^ahd^p^ially^to  persistinthe assertion^ %ffcer yon'tried' and.  failed tprmake^he prboLJ^you need not be  jfiOld. ,thaj^^p^rsfetingvih a'charge which one does  Jib������������ know, -id; li^trup is simply* malicious: slan-  ;der.^?r^Biitjthe^de^elidahtperaisra in this action ��������� because he has^nofccourage; enough >;to  knuckle down;and make &&*>amplet apology:'  'This1 is:a"njo^ p all; miners  I haveMeverl^eea*lwhife|m with;  this^ crimeidnring. the five yearsi:X have  '.>";;���������  A\ ;\Vnliatn^ ;^irfcptei^^s\^n^I? knew  ������������������.jSjugiJK%^^       of$xe\ cpnC^i^gSndin^  or)reinoyittg oR gold^i&the^/Heron ci^m,until j  Laidlaw^informednie^of;itonvSunday morn"-;  ihg; 1ibollt"7:30^;m^p^o^D4ber 2j5th; ^-id^  law enquired W hist if I-had seen, any cope in  the diggings/during-the nighty  ^e"^'^^"!^������^-! pii tfie shifts; I -anE>vje*red;;tfiat  Icould not;recolle^t^pf Seeing any oho)-he  thenI'.tolcl me thiatsome gold had been found  cdhceaicli:efi;S^  Cofeto*d raysJaml Ithat^theiaidl^old lhadi been  removed during the night shi^ tie thenasked  me if 1 ;hiid ever s^en ^  MCummings~tiialIppke^ sus^i^ipus while, at  "work- -1 answered? no j and then added that he  ���������oughtto^khbwMn^Cnramings^better than I  did and asked hint if he did- not consider him  ah hbaesj manj;; ;he" a^s3f^fcthat, he; ���������;cpnsi-  deredhimyniibSest nw^nce^but^ believed  ;he had got deMqralized 7si nee - he had been  jaroiirid so'Aiuch Jrith thaS woman,; and I ;a^ded-  '���������������. fteiievi;itis;hiD| but^ay nothing about itj  of course>i,know; yqii would- have, nothing to,  do with anythihg of the kind;; arid- my consult:  iri'g with_jo'u at this^^ time with a view td derive ihfo;rmatiphTis a p^o^f of my cpnfidence  i in you.- ' Wfien P enquired-of Duncan Giira-  i mings if he had seen any one in the diggings  I ;tha't night,:ho told me thatWiiriis Kane was  j there, aud when I .qhestiqiied;him   as. to  whether he could be mistake^ about the night  he answered no he could not, and that he  would take his oath to that effect.   I went to  Mr. Laidlaw's cabin oii the night of the 28th  Nov to find out bow aside drive was to be  started; the matter;dt. the gold was under discussion when I Went in; I asked Mr. Laidlaw  if he had heard anything .further about the  ^matter; he answered no, it was; in your side  of the diggings and you ought to know something about it; I answered that a person might  be killed at that distance froni me and Iwbuld  know nothing .about it; Mr. Laidlaw then said  I believe it is between you.  I was very much  excited after hearing these .words and I believe threatened to shoot him in his tracks or let  him live jii drder to make him eat his own  Words, bitt Upon second thought concirtded to  defend, my. character by legal proceedings,  Mr. Kane came intoBastedo'srcabin; where I  }*as������ and in a conversation of considerable  urged us to resume work and he would  had secreted!6r removed :gpld;;a^ma^  gofinand out pf^  ���������������Jthihk; t did say; Gummihgs^ettf^imr^  than any one, else to pan put; tne*vorsaid-ahy^  thingoab p;u^^umhiings pairaingi^pld^^we j all  washed pans;bgdir.'t;;JiunderStopfo^aidlaw to  'make a j?JHnti-ic^safcibn;, against iCumnimgi  arid/ myseif y{ Laidlaw^saicl I was after a * stake  now ���������;"' f-'said%$$ ab'o^ jstealmg ^^x|;^r ting  gold, but I wanted:my character;^ vi^rcalied.}  Laidlaw ^aidh^wpti^  actet^'Sutr^Was^^ said J he ��������� fknew.  it ^as^pt^^idlSwTsl. w :  ��������� guilt;tp ;ifre ������; I" maae;^4''?'^^ I  conferred With tiaidlaw>-to a^isfc "tuy meinb.ry;  Laidlavf said^if iTwould;^  ^ld^hptSear'.; G\im iain g!3 f; there.; wevej^y^bl t|;  toen and _-3! GMn^men 0 n the ^hift;^ Cum mi rigs  went ^icAtite. ^up per ^face5 wherpf'tfi e Jdirt ;'vwas  y^M(Mf^^0^^^^ ffcfib -^gom^^gOld' j i*tf  his hand 'fo^|l|6W m^| he "said' he pu fe spMe O f *i t:  in Duncan Ginnihingis? drive to Oxpite him but  he,said it, wpuld;npt stick; ^he ;sho>yed -.me, ?the  goid; the1 ;caiMWas :aboutlull |. he;ajip^ar^d ��������� to  itte to; thro w the go Id into; the car. arid; sc mtch^  edihe dil'twiih^  Itiip7.���������:- ������������������ '. ���������������������������;;:;J,-J7'.]-i'���������������������������.*j;:A-.]/S'������'������������������//'/-:-;*''���������'*'  ^iaintetesworn^^^fi  stolen oh1 the 28tliN6vw;^I cahie;but-:6ttunnel  and took off m  ed 'tb/see me; he said; can't you-;'finil'an^xc'i^'e  tp 1 leave; .:I- said I could Jeaye fathbut ':���������.-aii ex^  cuse, but wanted to know why; he wished me  tp leave j; !hc.said ybu^khow- very; well" why f I  said I did; not. let ine^hearit; he saidgold had  been stolen from.the diggings; I said, d.ojyou  accuse;nie of stealing gold; he said ^hep3.^as  h'o One-down in thei 'diggings that ^night;vaifd  that it was fofthd/near my dVive, ifl would  flook^tthe lining^of :my;^pants^I,v\vguld^see  where the rags were; torn; off tp tiCthe;g6Ja mj  he. said \e^\^otwioii^ sayaiiyfhing about  it on account of my. brother.;, he^saklJieicpuld  not'give me any more work- where there was  gold in the drive; Laidlaw caiiie to. me:again  and said be blamed Kirkpatrick,^asked!We''i.'.if  I had any suspicions.of Kirkpatrick; he asked  me if I saw Kirkpatrick;, panning out gold; I  said we all panned out to be . able to .follow  the lead; he said Kirkpatric can say "more, than  that about you, apd said .he would have us  both together arid see about it'; Laidlaw told  me that Kirkpatrick said.I went further away  than anyone else to pan the dirt; I told him I  always \Vent to tlie well-hole ; he told me to  watch Kirkpatrick ; Pvobt. Orr came down in  the diggings and told ns that Laidlaw sent  word that there, was no more panning to be  done there ; we both-quit work and went, up  to Bastedo's cabin;' D. Kane:persuadedrus-4o  go to work again, and said that he would find  the guilty-party;. I was going up. to Richfield  seven or eight days ago in a .sleigh, Laidlaw  called me and said, lie wanted to settle-; Jie  showed me a paper arid. I would not accept it;  I told Mr. Park to draw, up'an apology and  Laidlaw would riot sign it; I believe this has ,--,-,-   .,  iniured mycharadter ; i'slept with; Laidlaw) thing abput^it or he would have to )nvo ; the  in Brown's cabin one night.befo'retl^ trouble; coun^ P?.  he told me be believed he had a crew of good confidence in Kirkpatrick;  I asked Oooney  m9D now, that there-was onVy one man he j what he heard about takmg the gold; he said  feelitiiyethe;icharga'bft^a^%^e)^imah iil^the  ���������cbnnja,yv;fi >? rj;- - A'S^-a '/sc-^��������� ':Aj!^k.\mHw&"'HI  J John MacLaren sworn���������Ih^have^knowriithe  plain tiff f6t: somef time; ;?I never' heard* of 'him  b^ing cha'rgedMth dishonesty beforef I think  this charge is calculated;to;injlire him ;���������;Iknew  the p laihtiff' fey rep utation '������before *jh ;camel J to  this country^ books>co*hcerning bver:$10()j000  wero'shbwa to>nie; by^a;-Garibbo^ miaer^^wh0:  told^ne ^that the'whole" wasi entrusted? to f^wo  gentlemen withput bondsior-any-others3iga?  tion Ytiid^ithatrbrie t^of Uhesel meh-^was:Gumr  nxirigs^ I- iM&i^o^ah'impression Aatthere  was-; not ah '-honester^'man living than;Gum-?  nungs until! heard this ^charge ;li have never  had ^any business relations withGumraingsic;  v,������Mri fcP;' Andei'sbn m|statingjthe case r for  the defehce-said^Mr. Sheriff and :gentlemen,of  tliejuryV'I shaill read thb<writ tp^yduvyou. will  Pliserve ��������� the'^oWs'of the declaration are vvithr  in.parehth������isisi; we;'dehy thafe these words were  spoken byAe defendant 6r4hat 1;heV;piaintiff  was discharged.��������� frbnV Wprk^^iYo u��������� ^are iassemr  bled as it were to 'hold'acoroners? in^uest^on  the-b 6 dy of James: Laidi aw,1; b u the still /.-lives;  he^ nreaths^ -he ��������� isi animated*^ he is here.   Oh. ac>  count of bur i^norahce they ;:ihave ;obtained;:a  sriap?jiideMent against us^^AVe deny;; thatithe'.  defendant ever -said anything i; of ntbfe ^matter  ekcOpt to 'tlie plaint^ffiie did^^yerythingc;ii:b  keCp^itquie't: /'Itputs-me-iii mind ;Pf an-jold  ' biblc'stbrv"^ we're one^niaii^ J went j to iiahofcher  and sard/if a-manjdid^so and'so^  ; he suffer;;v the answer was; and he shalisurely  suffer death; ^iid Nathan said urito;Davidlthou  art^the? niarivi iGummings^the man, at was he  thati''6ifcu)ated;.%hd^made; ib'^publiCitw It ^de-:  pehds up6nyoii gentlernehv wh etheivthis case  rests'here or^whetl^r ittshalU be:carried luir  liber.'' ^^e;cia'irii������that Laidlaw actednihder.exr  !feii������/':iftid '^^^e.^b^|r^^k  4p^feii^tCfi^y  "7te:i?ark'gaWffia^;:^^     1;ne;/couhSel'^pr': ..  thodeterMant wislie^ '  ���������UrA rinSh mm all: "t/\ flpfciin^fKpnv 5nd 'fKA   T/������aa'4a'' <araa  mostoftho-evidencS to,wh^'^^fir^rnighl -  refer; he.did not* consideritnece?sary/tb Ide-  fain-inenxnnj^ longer y A/A,  ?f:"Th# J. j|ry?J ^fir^^fiolit Jfi^o'el ockl:^ vin������  t6 ey J^eS tq'agr^; M. h ih$ amohiit of3 jdam;  a-Kes^atid-wefedischarsed;;  the  j A^Ex<iiTBMfc:^?:-^heinumerous yield ���������'of <t  IJn ited "Cp^ctbre1 .^eAvatei^ failed^ % t i vm  %re^^4;,^^^^������%^mep^ ^BoWisides^of  Gohklihs'iSnlc&*flmve;since been sjtakedpfl|aU ���������  tbe -way to tlie summitfdf ithc anbuntainjand  stock-itf'ttie ^ HbhierStakeJand^lheHltobd ^jGos! '  p'ectihg^comphnies getting ?down^*tpkthoI"Jbted  rockHnialvery short time^Tttais ^alsp?|repor fe/  ed that a rich strike has been niade ovegi;oh  the' South" ForkiLake;%;Thei ;receipts datKthe ������  RecblHder?S ohlceithisirmqnth^wifc likely^>bo  S teWarf-Co. ;ha^o s truclc ^the^ ledge ih^Jclrif ting  I'ro'ml tfeeir; shaffc^the fpek is ,said ^fbc" ^rlch.  to decid e is - whether^ it was ^ ho t the i plaintiff  'himself that caused'ithe^damage if there.is any.  ; 7The- derendant^worn^Qh .the 24th;Nov! Mr  :Kane told me'he' fourid"gbld bid abou125 /feet  from wher'e CummingS'was wbr king; I began  washin g up on Sti hday ���������=mo rning ab ou t .-six  0 Jcl 0 ck; I we ri t'.do wn ��������� i n the d i ggings 'and" lo o;k-  ed for the hidden gold and 'it was go lie; dApkn  ed the dump-box man if he saw: anyone,rgo  down during the night, he said not;; I i.tjien  ���������asked Kirkpatrick if there was anyone down  he said he did riot see anyone; Kirkpatrick  said Ciimmings went further back to pan put  ; th aii any one e 1 se; *: Ki rk p atriek told, me . n ext  'day that he noticed Oummings seemed very  uneasy; I said I was afraid it was Curhmings;  0 ri Wed nes day ni 0 r 1 ii ng J cam e on t.to have a  talk with Cumraings. I asked him if lie could  ffnd an excuse to leave: he asked ine why; I  told himl thought ho. ou^iit.tp know -;. why, I  said there was gold taken out pf thev Heron  claim and that I was afraid he took it, that..I  could not let him go down in the "face where  a man coiild pick up froni one to two.hundred  dollars iri.a night; Irtold him I would .give  hirn work hi the tunnel; he told me to say np:  ca^lSd^tli^ I^sT'aM^puri^^'fb'e^ Jfbrihed  iq1 prpspe^tit^ 5?!^  a;mpu^t of quartz mintngHstb8k'firi 'the *mafketf  piles'are#|h1ictu^^ -J^l/'? ,������������������$''[?���������*  ]y^^iti^lllQl, ^linqfcti jM^pf^jmr^  Exp ressm an, liksf how two ~.sKjigfis^a 't te .road  between Riclifiel(^anut pam^ntp^/bn9^|  drawing wood .&c^ tiie,;btftcir fbi*;tte"acc^nbf *  vv.--     ,- '-���������.,-,,.  .-,  -.^,^-,^:y,^, y.,^r  6b\ igirig iiriahne^coin mtinds^'-hikn to^ the" p^irpn*  age^f the.pnlijicl :Q,/[���������/������ %Ti'r^7A*rk  y* Eii?ioyA.r],~^The Bank^pf $ British Columbia  hate ".removed ^their; AssayisOi^e.^'om^  place, i' Mr.;Bousiield ieaves here^^.l^yrfthe;-\first  Express to re-open theiAssay office in Victpria  The'want;0f a- roliable,Assrfyev wil 1. be > very  much felt by the miners,:   :t-,\ "AA AA\/t 'A-j'  '���������" fi*3~,We understanfl that 'Mr;; Goudire iri*' ���������  ten ds' seri'dirig li is Jibrary up frorri';;the: Mou th  of;Quosnelle to this Greek.   The- members-of  the Literary Institute should make an .effort  to purchase fch^rri as the- Library reciuires^an  additiqri; of hew 'works. ' ;'.'���������������   ;   ..    $ \ ��������� ,. ���������������������������*"  1., IsfAJtnow. E.scai%.���������0 nMonday 1 ast 9.'sleigh  1 pacied with, wopd went.[ 0ff the rpa'd ,aboye  Ricbile|d^: ��������� Tlie drive/ had ;a vevy 'narrow es-:  cape as,one. of.the stake's of the sleigh' tore  nearly al I the clo tries off li mi ye i he was: n'o'f  SiurL.;.' 1*,/ ,*.' - * ������������������*; '.-'.. ',- 7,"7". .':'V " ''' -'"'���������.',.  jp^T A -petition to the Governor! praying  that .Victoria may, be mado the.Capital .6 f th^  Colony, was sent do\yn"���������.from. jbis district by  the last,Express; with oyer 700 signatures at*  tached toifc; ���������;.. -. a -jAt-".'���������. ,'i\'/^t. A.*'.!.-7.  ..; ^s?"Somc of the .admirers of.jBurns .cele-'  braipd his anniversary;on the nigiit.o.rthe 25th  iristant at Mr. George Stoitz"s Barkervjlle..;,;;  !'^Mr. Barnard has been .elected 'for" thi-  district of Yale instead of Mr. Wallace resigned.  r a  mm  atammaaaKtmmaaaiii ir^jj, .i.it.t"y^"P",""���������"������������������'  v A>   ROMANCE.  7," A Paris.paper says: Amid those specimens of  femiaine archeology, grouped before thowin-  ?tlows of the! shops, you caanot fait to remark a  "jpale youiig woman, of small statue, and expressing herself in English with a silent accent  "which gives to this language a charm hitherto  ^unknowu.   A la4y-of a. certain -age, and .a  gentlemen who accompanied her,".dp. not cease  "to regard her,' and according to! a'popular ;'ex-  }pressioh, have to u, drink her words.^ t..'.'/._ -'7  /., This young woman who has borne,.'for only  -"Btx months, one of the most aristocratic names  of the three kingomsj was called bnt a short  time ago TookboHttka.���������; -Three years ago" she  inhabited ^itb tiieV Esquimaux, her country-  ��������� irn^nr'th*e Bay.-, [of -t Ookpvlear,��������� called': by 'the  English Grloneil's Ba^y^ and)which is situated  : ab oat tbe: sixteenth degree of north; latitude.  ��������� Id the. place .of tlie rich costume she now wears  ���������"with such easeand grace, her attire .consisted  of a vest of seal skirt, embroidered oh, the  eeams .with red and/<wniie wowteU in arabesque; a pantaloon made pf'the. same material,  ��������� confined her small waist and descended .to the  :kaee,' leavings to be seen,.]"! all their'exquisite  propoHions, her legs.and diminutive feet, cased iu boots of pliant red leather.. Finally her  ���������abundant head.of Jiiur of je t, black J was tied  at the top of the head; by a broad blue band  ���������made of,the skin of the,Isatis,'and colored by  .;.���������: the unctous; juice of a pertain kind 'of lichen.  'An adopted orj>hen;6f one or her tribe, she  ;paBsed the summer under a tufu or tent, made  of tho skin of the reindeer j .and nine months  ���������of theyeatin a igloe/ that is;;to say, in a house  the cold,and capped by a dome of, the same  material.  Jn the centre of the same'dwelling,  -a stone lamp, sujpplied-with the fat 'of a * seal,  burning u^  ���������ot* the year^a long'/ ahuTdreary night j "The  ; lightvamong other things, served in lieu of a  fireplace for drying ;tietrjclothes,'.penetrated  by thev^midatraospherbj and forrw.iirraing  her hands.benumb ea by "the ^ cold often times  :>''twentyMegreea^beio.w/"zero:.].{A.. ?; ,\..7. 7.  A- The Esquimaux, have' np means, of. /combat?  ���������ting the rigors of a* winteri like to. which ours  is,' aVfiummer.^('Tfiei,^ebris"cast,, upon .these  Bhores are never: burned byJ4ho ��������� natives ;.for  the purpose of Warmmg Uhem3elv.es, but are"  '*o mp loy ed by them; in:, making sleigb8.(; In fact  : they/leave* unmolested; the. numerous; heaps .ot  ;vcoal which' Lady Frariklin hadicaused to be put  ' ������at different;points;" in the hope that tbey might  ^be of iorvicbtd her.'abusband, whom she be?  lipvod lost and- wanderlug; in these frozen - iregions, AThree years ago;; Lord: Frederic -Fite  made,' as ensign, one of; the crew of.'the George  Henry sent ta search- pf Sir: John ^Franklin;  ThisshipW^  and'jras constructed after, tbebmanner, of the  ���������; Whale ships;; for. a ship. with; ,high .sides' cany  aot"-navigate.those' frozen;seas without ;great  danger. ;7'7������77 ���������7;7;77;':''-.'V:..7--' A.:- ���������-:..  On the approach bf winter the;George Henry  was suddenly frozen up in the ice.���������?: This misfortune produced the most serious inquietude;  the more so as the stores of the ship were getting short, being now/reduced to tainted salt  meat; and;the uncertain chances, of tho chase.  A One'dayiipr-rather-one niglit-rfbr.the. night  ireigns.nine ^months, in the Oocovlear Bay-r  a young girl,.: in, a sleigh, drawn by,, twelve  ttoys, came pn the ;ice alongside the. George  . Henry,.climed with' uncommon agility! to; the  deck of the)ship, and^ .commencedr examining  . with the'greatest curiosity, the " great.wooden  bouse pf the strangers.!' After haying visited  every corner she perceived,'Sir Frederick  stretched upon the captain** bed.'_ Tears came  tpher eyei an she saw'the poor1 young man  about to die .without the hope of relief. She  immediately?Proposed by geijture to take the  young man with her, and to'nurse him at her  own*bouse. A The officers; eagerly; accepted  r tffiS^aace of rslief for their companion, improbable as his cure seemed to be, aiding  Tookboiitka���������tbjs was her name���������to remove  Frederick to the sleigh of the kind-hearted  girl. She gave the signal for; starting to the  dbgs,apeculiar slapping of the tongue against  the roof of the mouth, and drove rapidly .away  with the ensign. Having arrived at her home  after a two hours' ride, she entered a fewmin-  ntea after with a wooden.vase filled with, the  blood of tbe sea-calf. ��������� To -her, great surprise  Frederick refused to drink.. However he soon  overcame his .repugnance, and "found it excellent!-* This is his own expression in the  volume published of his voyage. He partook  every day, not only without distaste, but even  with avidity, of,this medicament, and he felt  6J3 strorigth return; go, fast that in three mon fchs  after, dressed ib.their style,: h^riveiled them  in daring addrea'si; in ;drivibg a sleigh; chasifrg  the sea-calves, sbaling the rocks, and carrying  away "Birds'1 nests across* shoals and broken  ice, not to mention that he managed in the  most intrepid -manner, w^  long, narrow bark made of skinsy and called  aKias. : Tookpblitka accompanied him; ia all  his excursions, and ;'d id not' qiii t b im for a  toment. Endowed with the marvellous faci-  iy of the people cf the-north in acquiring  foreign languages, she not only spoke English'  tmroly, but thanks to the lessons of Frederick;  ���������sbdfead and wrote-ii , Ab.otttthe month of j  April following, the George, Henry was.,dis-  engaged from the ice, and preparing for  weighing anchor and returning to England.  When Tookoolitka learned the' news, she retired to her tent of reindeer skins, pitched on  lhe~ seashore.. Frederick came to her and  'found ,her bathed in tears* " Sister;" said he,  for be . called her habitually by this name,  f- Sister? my mother expects you in England,  corned' Tookoolitka. dried her !tears. gave  him her hand, and accompanied, him without  hesitation on board the George Henry, which  arrived tinexpectediy three months' after in  'England;'. Some time after:. Lady Fitz, who  quit the young'stranger for a moment, still  prettier in the European than in lier 'native  cpstume, prcsehted her to Queen;Victoria as  heV future danghter^inrlaw-iy- >The Queen de-  clar���������|d that she. would sign with her pw n band  the maraiage contract .'between the officer' of  marines and Tookoolitkav J " Iri' ;the .meantime,'* added she, smiling^ l^as thiss name is a  little BtraD'ge, I ask of my young-friend to renounce it aud take that of Victoria.''=  . .Tookpoiitka, now Lady Fitz,; may be seen  promenading in the Palais Rpyalreffering the  singular spectacle of an Esquimaux becomiog  anEngiish lady of distinction.] '���������> A-  ' :���������--;': -^i "defamation^    ; ���������'���������/;���������. "���������/.  , To begin, then, after the. time-honored, cus^  torn in Buch matters, with a definition: = Defamation: as between! private persons is; the  malicious publication of anything untrue of a  person, the immediate ;and natural conse-  quence��������� of which is some temporal;..injury - te  that person. ��������� Here,, then, are: four'things nc^  malice; falsehood, and injury- or? damage ;/.8ut  the law, in all cases; except those of the; pri-  vilieged communications which-w:evshaU p.re-  santlyt mention,, presumes the^existance; of  damage and consbquently, of malice, from the  nature of the defamatory matter; published, in  whichi cases an action is ^technically / said ��������� to  be without alleging special;damage^-It is.as  tpthis latter presumption that the distinction  arises between: the publication of defamatory  matter,1 byi-writirig,'printing, picture.?, or other  signs kcalled jjlibel, ;and > that/,by]word, of  mouth :techniiially^slander,.-damage, .being  presumed much more readily, as we shall,see  inrthe former;case than; the latter/ First,  their,;^we will brief ly. enumerate >;the. different  kinds of matter the publication; of which, iy  any: means is actionable, without alleging spe-  cial damage. ?: Under (this bead come ail words  imputing indictable offeuces,^unless, the circumstances of the case show plainly that the  words were usedrmerely as,: terms :of abuse,  and'without any, serious intention of imputing  a crime; vAs an instance of this exception, tbe  words^/. Thou art a thief j for thou hast taken  my beasts under aujbxecution.and I will bang  thee,":wereheld notvtb be actionable, .because ��������� the: reason given ; for "the. accusation  showed that*iiWaa notraent seriously,: it be:  ingclearly no theft to take beasts. under an  an execution.; - Whence we may .conclude  that an Irishman; may safely .relieve^ his feelings by the use of; such .national epithets. as  ^murthering villain^*':" thief of the, >yorid,7  at least to an Englishman; if he were to use  the words; to a compatriot, ,the certainty that  a breach cf the peace would ensue might alter  the case.. Under the:same-head come, impu-  tationa of misconduct .in: discharge pf any  office/of profit or-trust, and statements calculated to injure persons in their trade, profes-  siony or'occupation. ^Apropos of these last  we may mention the celebrated decision that  it is no libel to call.a parson aipol,the reason  given beingin the:law French of the;old ,re  ports, *i Par ce que on .pe.ut.estre: bon.parson  et grand fou; d'un attorney; aliter,** to which  estimate of-the respective; intellectual requirements of. the two 'professions pur clerical  readers will probably.demur.., Lastly, under  this hoadr are imputations upon, a person  which, if true, would exclude, him from society  as to say that one had a contagious disorder.  Further, than this, the law-does not go as to  oral deformation* or slander, so that words  spoken whioh do not come, under some of the  above clossesare not actionable without, allegation of special damage;. But there .is yet  another kind of matter which, if published by  writing, pictures or? similar signs is defamatory, and actionable without special damage;  viz., anything imputing to a person, conduct  or qualities which would degrade, or disparage or expose bim to public hatred, redicule  or contempt; a tolerably extensive definition  and one which includes most of the remaining terms of abuse and derision, a pleasing  collection of which may be collected from  the reported eases.-���������?Gomhul Magazine.  j^* A kiss on the forehead signifies admiration for in tellect On the cheek for beauty.  On the nose that the kisser is an awkward  fool.. On the chin that be appreciates -^Paradise Lost;** On the hand that he has slighted  the lady. On the lips, love. A short kiss,  that; he is sacred or don't like the article. A  long one���������"Paradise Regained^*  ',. j%* The following definition of the rights  of woman!is given in a Vermont paper: uTo  love her lord with all her heart, and her baby  as herselfr^and to mako good bre������d>:'  QU������S^LMORTH,,A������yERTISEMENTS^  notice;  The Steamer uEAt������rprise,r  : : WiU leave SODA GREEK  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS,  'AAA       AT DAYLIGHT; . .   -/.,,���������:,...:  .[ ���������' rwiil lea-^e QUESNEL: '  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS,  .-.    .,    .-:        AT 6 O'CLOCK,  Connecting atSoda Crock with Barsabp's^Staofs on  Wednesday's trip doprn and Thursday^ trip up,.   .  .. g&? Freight to Quesnel \\ cte. *# lb.. ;  Sto^m^jEnterpriso,* I    ; .:', '        '   ���������: i '5 ;  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &c.  May 21SV186G.  COllDNiAL, RESTAUR ANT* /  1 (.'������������������. ;-'. ' ' "   ' QUESNELMOCfTHi     ...;*'''.  A/)     :&-.L.-:JQ^  Meals atali houirs,-:and^Cooking of the'best  .AAA '       ' descriptiPh. '. ' v ���������'*���������';���������'. [Ifi*   .'  quesiSeUioutAj  BROWN & GILLIS, Propkirtors.  Good Beds'; Restaurant; Billiard Table, &e.  ��������� Stabling for Horses, nay and Oats.'  ; ���������' s  l - -   ���������'������������������'...     "  -     ~" ���������' 1' -   ��������� 1 *  '���������'::' Old" Established 'Gevkral Stork,  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMIS-  ; ���������;;.'; A '.'SION MERCHANTS,;;      : .;;���������!  ���������A. Storage, &c���������Terms' most Mc-aerate.  ,r.        .'    ; '    .'QUESNKLMOUTH.   '   ;���������     i    s   '���������  i^i,-<i<lliOPWra>w-<w������.i. ������m_. Ji.' .1 "nil !_���������������_  LII^LOOET A:DVERTISEMENTS.>;:  *; LILLdOET    iVIILLS.      ; i'  THE UNDERSIGNED are now maunfacturing FLOUR  of all grades: Extra, Superfine and Fine.;   Feed  Crushed to order.   '.':--���������;..������������������"-    '.".*. ��������� '.;.":'-:-.  ,i;    ���������    ':    ���������- ���������'��������� LtLLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,-,  '.���������-���������- I-s ��������� -: (7 ....;...-,���������.:;.:',   .. / ' F. - :W. ��������� Fostkb, Agent....  '\a/^  dl'ealer in dry goods,.clothing; hats.and  *CAps, Boots and Shoes, 'Carpeliugs, Oil,Cloths,  Wall' Paper- &c ,' Lillooot, B.C.     '��������� ;' '"' ; :       "* ��������� -  l^s  ���������      LlL.LGpEf    BREWER Y,     ���������  JACOB: MIIjTZ, Proprietor, has a}ways oh  ; hand a large and superior-stock.of L:-set" Beer; at  the Bar will.be. found* the best Brandies, Wines%and  Segars; the public are.invitcd to call. Prepared to fill  all orilers promptly.        .7, 7..    *^V8'"  Pioneer Itoteir^-Lillooet,  CHARLES-NELSON,' Proprietor. ���������'.This/old  established House is,well.fitted up for the comfort  of Travellers;' the Table- is supplied with'tbe best of  eyerythlhg that can be bad, aha the cooking is not inferior td the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for. Families; .Stabliug for Horses, Horse Feed, &c.  The Express.stops here   ' '        '7.   1: $ -  BARKERVILLE.  THE UNDERSIGNED beg to inform their friends and  the inhabitants generally of Williams Creek," the  neighboring Creeks, and those visiting the "Mines of  Cariboo, that having leased the well-known Bakery  and Restaurant of MUNDORF & CO., the oldest cstab:  lished house in Barkerville, would solicit a continuance  of its long and extensive patronage and will be happy  to sue all.their friends. For.the convenience of miners  we will exchange bread for flour as heretofore, and,at  any time;receive the same tickets for Meals, Lunches,  Piosj Cakes, or anything in our line for their value, and  will be on hand at all hours, day or night, to supply  the wants of our patrons. ���������  .���������i iS^ Good Stabling convenient to the establishment.  P. EDDY & CO.  Barkerville, Sept. 2Cthi 1866: ; ��������� 43-s ���������  Batliing;   Esta"blishtQ.ent!  .  B^AR^E.RyiLLE, ^  (Next Bank of British North America.)  LEWIS begs loavc to inform the liadies i������nd  ~ ��������� Gentlemen of Williams Creek and vicinity that  he1 has fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accommodation* and hopes by close attention  to busineHS to merit a share of their patronage.- ".  $3- He will also attend to Extracting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth. :   ��������� ���������      19  ' GROUSE   CREEK   ~ "~  B9AEDIIG HOSSE^MD BAKERY!  THE UNDERSIGNED hegs to inform tho public that  the above establishment was opened on SUNDAY  LAST, the 22ad July, and that he will be happy to receive a cull from his friends.  ##- BOARD $16 PER WEEK. *%&  Bread, Fie  and Cakes always on hand for sale.  23 A. KELfcY,��������� Proprietor. *  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  Cards, Bill lieads-, Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Thieatrical' '  ���������     Entertainments, ���������-.  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this.Office.  4������-Terms- Moderate��������� *$������ ������������������,<.���������    ��������� ���������  r^=������������������   WILLIAM  WINNARtj,; ;   V;"^;  lli-A'PHRV-Ilili?*,  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,   THI3H0USS is.sjVuated 2Gihiles;frpmQueB&elmouti  The propfiotors having lately flttcd^up bedrooms  und good Beds are now prepared;to affoMe.v.eryaccwn.  modation for Travellers; the^able^sfn'rnishca with all  the luxuries that can be procured.^ -the Bar is well sup.  olied with the best brands of Liquors and Segars; good  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley.^ ;^-.Th^^HEArEsr  House oh the Roady,,, 1    ���������' : ' "���������    ' \*  C O T T Q NWOO Q R ANOH  T'"'to UNDERSIGNED HAVINOJ^DRCHASED^0M  Messrs. HoOmelster &,Co.4his/Bpleudid>iRanq'3; t0.  gcthi?r with, the commodinus two-story, house; known .as  the Cott'pnwood Ho't9l,"is*now prepared, *tq afford ove'ry  accommodatWn^tb the'travelling public, and hopes'by  a'strict'attention to bueihess tot merit * share .of the  patronage bestowed on tho. former proprietors. / -tins is  oneof the "most, comfortable, and ^onimodious Uptels^Y  on tho road-'containing as'it does warm and well turn- \>  Ished bed'fodms'wiW'godd:beds;;':Ttie-TABLE-is stip.  olied with eVery.delicacy.it is possible to procure iu the  upper country. ;Thb BAR Is. stodged, with thebeatof  Liquors and the "choicest Qgars...,...,. r; .- \XAUA I ]'.'  . 'Tho Stabling for HorscsjB all; thtttcduld .bo dCBlifcd;  and the charges are vory moderate. , Hay for. ;Horsw  per day^ $12; Oais and Barley at the clieapest market  rates '- *   *   '' '*'---' -   ���������-'������������������-��������� -��������� ��������� ���������-���������-������������������.     -������.��������� .-.  . .The undersigned has a large quantity; of. OAT. HAY  on hand, for salo in large.or, small quantities.. Panics  desirous of purchasing this article would;do well to  give him a call.. 7; ^^^ ^^  ':   -A '"������������������:''������������������   SODA-eBBEK:^7^<-;lv/���������^[  A GREAT REDtJCriON -has been made In the chargei  at this establishment, do as to suit tho,times<: ���������.,*  ::���������-. :T:^-t^;Meals;T$i'r.*Bedsv:?^^:Ge^srr'v-.'--  ,',-.  ::.. '.���������....;.',: .,..   ;...; McLEE^E & SENAY,,- ...  Y-.r , A' 7. .7 7���������   .'-���������'. *'., . .' Prop'rietcrsr.  ; :Octoberlst, 1866^^*'   7 AA  '/.���������^���������'������������������^-./ ^ Q'.".  TS*OPEN~Oir;tHE ACCQMMObATrON Vp?rini  X.Trayelliiig public; the bedrooms'are'spacio\isaii������l  airy aiid the Beds;cannot",be surpassed 'for-'cleanliiiew  and comfort by;any in the lower country;; tbe Table it  always supplied with, the J>e6t,of .'victuals.* ?; Stabliag  for Horses;-. Hay,XJat's and Barley cbnstnntlyjoij'haad;.  DENNIS.MURPHY/PrbprietOfV .jthizHmai  is furnished. w^th.eVery,'c6hVvnrc)it"et^ >;on>  fort of Tntvellers\ tho CullViaty -deparVme'ut) 1������ ��������� tin<Jrf  the's������ipcrint'endeiice:;bf^ an-e*xp������.rlenced cook; the Beds-  are clean;and.comfortRbly-.;;.>the;Bar4cont������ins tbe;b>fi  of. Liquors,. Sugars; &c..' Stabllntr, Hay, Barley & Oats,  r.. ;'v:Bt:UE }VENt!,;^/^6ttv'7''':  lirM.cHENDERSON begB.tb^ntorra.Iiisfrien^  ?Y and the travcllitg .public'|{emrull}* that be has  taken the above Kanch arid is prepared to SVipply tliciq  with First;'Class Accommodation^ .-Good StabliuK.fcf  horses;. Hay;and.Graln. :...,:.; ��������� -\. 1. ^,-.;. *��������� '>������������������:.,,��������� >j ,;��������� !-&>}  a ill MIL11 Etbtjsi, V  WM. MANSON,.-- ",/;-    D.' AvMoLiSAN,;.':  Propri ator, Agent.  rfiHIS HOTEL IS LA&GE' AND WELL FITTED/UP  J. for the comfort of travelers; the T*blo; ty^"supplied  with the best of everything that-can beprocuro,-ah4  the cooking is'not inferior to aby on the road ;> Bedrooms  for families;:Stabling, Hay,: Barley.and Oats., --I-l.A"!  :    S3 MILE HOtJSEv 7  ALBERT CRYSLER haB opened the above-Houseior  the reception of Travellers; the Table is'well kept  and .the Liquors cannot be surpassed ; the Beds are  clean and comfortable-.   Stabling for Horses', Hay and  Oata. ���������       . ���������  ���������   --  >:-> .;;   : - ������������������ -:  .:<'-:.- u- ? nssl-'  JAMES HURON, Proprietor.;-This.cpromodl-  ous Hotel is well fitted up: with .'every, convenience  for the comfort of-the public j the Bods are "aiUbat a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with  the best of fare} the Bar contains the, choicest brandfl  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse yecd, Oatsj  Barley, &c.    \   /7        . ���������'.- .���������������������������', .'��������� :,'7...M(1  .���������  1  A  J ORENZO LEA^TO,:Propriet������r.-;^Th^ou^  JU'taflbrds every, accomm'od'atron for>he."coiiJlQrt..oi  Travellers; the Table is furnished" with all the delicacies  of the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choloesv  of Winosi Brandies:& Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand, at low -rates'.  NCwly milled.Flour for salje cheap. A. .,.'��������������������������� '������������������;���������������������������������������������: W|  ;Tlie BonapaiitiS"f;!So  QEMLEl^ te PARKE, Proprietors; *t ��������� AJ  IO Junction of tho Cariboo. and;,Bfg ,Behd,.Kqaclg^i*������  now open for the accommodation of.the public. Distance from Clinton,'26 miles'; from Savanas Steamboat  Landing, 22 miles; from Spence'S Bridge, 30 miles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to;smt  tho times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay& Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stago leaves hero twice'a.week W  Big Bend and rale, arid once a-week for Cariboo.1 ��������� !���������������  1111'''  ^SK'-IS;  MfiSSRSi'CDRNWALt-'Sv __  T THIS WELL^KNOtfN HOUSE, half-way ^etwees g  ^Spence's -Bri dge and. Clin ton| on the Yale ��������� Route-, ^  Travellers will Ond Good/Accommod^tiop. ^Theb^0.1 m  living,; of, Liquors,, and of ."Wines,. , Jlrcsb Butter,m^ m  and Vegetables.   Good'S^blin^.arid cheap^eed;-- v? HB  THE SHORTEST ANI>CHBAI^ __  Four Days''td'"the' i'08 Milo Post, via Cddat \^m  .;;: Creek and MitcheU's-Trajl/^^W'i pS  PARTIES GOING BELOW THIS. FAU. a?e informca  that tbey canpaslly.make.Cctlar creek}n l"^Pj?!"fi |  and crossing tho Lako. caii- reach 4nt W^oiriwja ^  twomoro.     ',   ���������  V->   ;"   "-'^���������'i -"-������������������' "- M^TCE*?r^,  C^t������>������? IW. 1849,  life  ^������k.  "->'"-,-  HlBiiii  ���������7


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