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 W������3.%3?Z  ***** ;&'*������*  v* ������*:. r.tv ...(.>-��������� ...:!  f,?^^'Sfc^^^BBi^|(i*^j^^^|^a4^  i*sOA-c:.f*ifiT  >-': t&$l-tl lM'W^Al-:X<:An OIf F# a; r%;: WWt- ��������� /������������������-..������������������  ', -.., ��������� j ���������$$|i"i trt-S  #iil .$i |iiiwf'atj. * rfc��������� jc jrf &jv-������,;? a "rr1' AT i  '.Subsbrip-tioui ' - " -^50 CehtsTper Week--  ���������'���������'.���������' .���������'"'. ���������     ���������. ������,&*������ tiwt't ffj.. ;.."  v       RATES OF AMORTISING.  "Pbrone square (one inch), first insert ion, -,-   $3  /  ..;,���������. .;,,i^0^; -.���������������&��������� ^lii^rbn^ntni^ - ."'S'l  . .For'twok^ 1  ., -.tr^i/M ^mkmth^-vvrte' ....���������$..!  :':'-.'��������� .���������;���������> ������������������ -^m-^Ai.i^4-^^������������������iJ^Aiittig wo.&i-ro$--"'-A: ',."; J  Miesuelmo.ath,,      -      -: . \ - .;������������������; .IJarinJrcrs impress  Soda Creek,     -      -  ;;:Yale^>:;!-SI.H.i>.  New Westminster,.  Barnard' s Express  ���������' ,Arr ^'���������>*Barnara,s Express  mB^Bmn^moAi  : ���������>.��������� ':���������;���������: i-;.v-..; ,:John Murray.'���������?  ��������� ���������'��������� (Md^HavI^id-JT^^^J^cB:^v^- :-^o*|i|i,',ipo!lenp  NfeWYorlfi  ^^.JGHi^NQEat OF   A ^NAPGL^IG  ���������- ��������� a*.' to"'*,     jc.-Bs"    ,4i''"A    ���������"���������ii-1   "���������''V' ''���������"VS?*'W    ������*���������*���������   "ir'jjsf  ^���������/-rt::#:l- l:l;#i..^*/;���������.;.,TWrJSf��������� mt  118,  f; ^rffcry..ito'IStWW^i ���������P^f^IW*n-.*  I   conn try,; and m^  ''������������������": ^tliS :j;exf ati n|f' ^^ttii^g;I^ s^6i^^^P^is^ will- endJ  y-:': ?and end&very speedilv; in a Bohapartist res-;  t oraliottV itt- fa jfi'asy.doWace ibe^origin of  1 hat beliff, but mnob.more difficult to find fo*r  f   -1 t'-n'ny'.HiI^WAti'^1'*jVi^.i!i^ftffeibn"-'  The majority  \'i  ivltii ibojr; opinion^/'are either ;Jmp'erialists,>  ������������������-������������������; AtU.lf thojr cipinionPi- are ������������������ eirner- ;jmperiaii������ia,i  ;w!ioSfilf-Of1 ^$^i&^}i^iiM'hj their;  '... ^toieln������  ;   with the:.'' defAct'foP'i*3'f:'Wi^le^-jfiaJb they  * *i) rod ic t a res to rat i on. .qf^ tb e i; o bi ec t of,:;ih ei r  an ti p a thy. a s ^ ti ri rt /of threat to the Re pubj i-  . men, itie.y are at heart couversmg.   Their  v?������-KiewsvarejreaSily Seejeiyed^etejf rfot^a?!^11'  '''Son, and especially am oh 5 Its middle class.  the haitreW'!of ^isomer yaSpiuits to a manla^  .^^.^ndiyrsom^vi^^  . the cause of brdei? is presumed^o^ei also?the  '"'��������� e aupe of "the exp ell ed S 0 vereigri, trlib m al n-  ������������������ * . . ������ ������������������ .       , ��������� ...:".   j "*���������"i  ^. :.^; -in ai atS^pxad'P ?e d. f,t h e ^ *degj^*rab le_ ji "pollaigso-v i n  f Fraace: rfhe^ulltUudev!|]0|iv the ^ther hand,  /wiioNtb n*ot?carei*mucii wberaer^rance prospers or. decays, ?provided she only gets rich,  ���������ff #eadlofrSlie GfVil^ar^h|fe^st^el|iiect  that under the Empire Pans. was- a very  pleasant place, aud perpetually cleclare that  the11' Emperor who alloiwedS;his I colonels] to  ^r threate,iy, ^  A':; and Wfeo/maintained permanent reiationfewitb  Irish ��������� disaffection ,y ?was '^always.!'tfie ^firmest  friend of Great Britain on the Continent.  English opinion'is: intelligible^ %hi when'we'  tucnrfrom ijt.to the;facts whichvalone,.oan give  it a baseVthey seem ve'ry tbinindeecl^scarcelyj  ��������� -"J- ������&moiHit ��������� to more than:; a vagueimpressjoti[f  which may of course be an' instinct,' Imt may  ^4- .also be only a wish, that, as so often happens.  * i "iSiistafees itself for-"adthoflghtJ^Wfiat^is ;the  lever through which'the restoration is to; be  : effected*? The Assembly? It is monarchical,  , ipfl.ee^;" but;' jt is Jo a. veryrsing 111 lar,'degree  ������vfrei'$60fioaaparlist bias|and ^eiotfeij either'  to the ancient dynasty or to.the House of Or-  jean|I an4 ��������� ��������� Pajli/imon tary ei nst^tn tions.    The  /peasantry?   The .peasantry,' unless moved by,  ' "���������>'tfie ���������''Ohurch or ehe offflelate'.'������������������ is a very p^s*3'vei  '.force,;., it accuses^ tbe/J^p-fperor;, oh being the  ifiof^hek#ar������fSslbfc^air, j.a as he  In the Evening an KNTKRTAINMENT will ba  "giVGtt-f t:: tfie '^E^RK:;fUiy^jj;^3r.-th^ Cariboo Dm.-  "matia'issoc'lu'tiohi- --'���������'������������������>��������� ^^������������������-���������>-y.s. is*;.-v .���������.;.',;��������� i  ^author  ..yielded to a war party which, as the secret  ���������kvirep0rts showed tiitn, was" ��������� withoiifevhold -pm  France ; and it has been dlse?achanted of its  'ibelie'f in the��������� Napoleonic 1 egendl:  At least, if  :.i t^ has hot, then th e card in a I : cjreed of every  Prench thinker is false, and tbei^e does exist'  '���������>���������;���������' i n.; France a loyal ty to* fi n epartacU lay house  or person';,'which can survive tHerRtost'humiliating aii'd'y^ro-Qramatw-'c&aaU'oiihc^ which ;'Bfc'rfc������vjihnB.c., ju-M^im*.  on  Does "any. ��������� _  qf t|ris -Jritl|i..eyUn if th0rough 1 y sel flsli, real ly  ^s1ts-3n :Franee 1 *Mostteei'tamJy;NSp!oleon  'Ww^fetteiet^ it. \ Or*is i t* the^]Lxmv. wh^ji  is to^bfa the i nstrn men t o f v res to ral i on"? \, Thai  ���������ia*?wft' ima^)rie,'ithp, secret bel ief 0f those .who  p ro phecy^ that tf es^il t, [ They th ink tHa t^when  Paris is once/subijlied the Army <piU/nse in  S������CUl,C^Ir.oni J ,11.1 p . poa&atu 1, v   a ji a.vii^un.uw*,ui;  the jr. d ecree., -That ��������� is co nceiy ab 1 e, o f co u rse, j  if' fffiS ^Srmy;"? Is' ;ia rdehtly^^onapitr ti s &$$ 11V  whe%iia :tlje> ^pre^J^ or^t^ei.prjma;|ac*^i^  iafo^i^of4tite:,exii^'lc^^ feel ingi jn;  a Form strong enough'-'to inUnce the soldieryi  whole.vt!iejn ih^eities wi 1 i Tis^^andU,rTncej  wUl*l5*6^f$-^  do noft often worship /the1 leaders who have  2leid7them: tb tnirtf ilia tion r. even^vhen^ithejy iaje  1 jsgifim a(e; rulers "'$ and j when, th^y^are;Ca?sars>  wh^se ������tijle;is- success; the^u^ially' pronoii u'ce:  against them^[Ij on do h ^peibjai;^r, 'MSjr"! 3f  -J? J*; ?������  ������ - .^yt ;^E)Y,,:AI)VER11SE^ENTS.' ; ;'   . T.  /:?'.     ,1    ���������:,<,,i-Jl5?l    ?A-4  {.t;.t.t .|i.^,.7:''.ii;:^';i'j>'. 4j'A  "^kTlO^-'^T^l^^LSH^-^ '?TH0MF������toN.  ���������' ^^_by; the Banrf anu^Q^mbpq^e^6U^jf������': *  <��������� PRQGBAMME;;OF^PORTS::  3���������Rop, Skip anfl ���������Jutlipi' TVM ���������'������������������������������������' 1Q-  :4~^iing jew* - V... teMV;P:.,:-; 10  10-rFoot Kace, 100 yar.ls,: 10  11���������Mercliants' Racevwhtnera of pre-  o  6  !E" r.  1   &..  -7.:  21  5������  ^M������.R  1G  17.  1^���������  io-^Hiii*Rw������;* -^-A':";.":'" URA -���������' io  \ ���������.C'limiiihg tho Greasy;P61e;-*30 fcet.'!'^? ; '--Z  *& v** aiiglV:-' 'i^Ss---:-i ;-^: **:���������:������ v-;15/v-/.....^  tcSu* Sports'to commence'at1 ElH_V_^'a,m. sharjp  TfvTL  DOMINION "P.URSE���������Open to aU corner^, bea ts,  ��������� SO������ yards, best 2 out of 3, thtraiioe  ���������     Ice $10,  '��������� ���������-���������"* - : ��������� .$150  JCARZ690 Jf U HSE���������Qpen to n 11 comprs, except 1   ...  iS. -.^Ut*- wlniitT of^tli'* --t>o&iJQl(jji- PurSo"*^*' ; ' *  . JSm. J& hea't?t^S00.;ya rd������, 'best. ���������_. oatLoi*������?, tluV. i  t������raiic������ fee $5, '$50  SCRUB -RAiuEr-Qponj-"to all comers, excepting ;  hoVsea enteroU for pornini^n Pur.se untl y"i\-  [ the'winner of the 0Ufi.l>o������������  Pur.se��������� ! .U;  ,.,.:,   ,, ,500 yaru9, en tra nce /co $2 60j_', $25  SLOW RACK���������Owners clninging'liordcs,- -last \ '"���������'.- ���������  "'"   4> li(irse\vih^ eVtrabftfc fee lSl, v'--  ���������***- ]$1S-  No jockey i ng a 1 lo we cl;   Pji t ro 3 J u d.ff es w ill b 0 ��������� apk  poin.teU to. Uecidq r as to, lair or .fouls^in t|ie..Horso  JJiices,",."',.;',; *' .',.   "., ,.';V'''i''.;',."'"'.''-;.,. ���������  '['-\  ' vte^ThePnzesifoT:any.,oC the ayeve sports will be  pai 11 to the winners as sowi as tlie Uecisioh of: the  J utilesJs given.  '"* /1������- No"seoonu, pHaft, fe be given jitji^ess. there be  ���������tbree en tries; Si '" ' -*" ;" ���������? -1 ���������' 'J- -*������������������ V '��������� ���������*> i  % A ROYAL .SALUTE |tq!;b^ 4}re/l .at^ ,."NO0*Kt. and  ������������������dRAND'iLLijJUlNATION AT =*NltSII'E>-'i,,' -'.: h:;:,, ���������  J- II. TODD,       |  'Cliai rman 0f Com 1 n 1 ttces.        0." M. MORHIS, ;  \ .'���������. v';������, J L.',:;- -*.0     I" 1 ��������������� I^^ocretJiry.'"''  \Ar. POWKIif,,  OTWi 1EA-VB vB^EERVItbE lEVERYj /WEEKii  3I w$ t^fln-ap.Ung yyl^vtbefiStettmers^at .Quepn^;  moutji-and���������;X^e,l|������UiJ.ja[.MiVi*lAl*GlvKXi,R13SS>ud;  FGR^LB^#rINTI2RMBDIATBi^lJACBSf  H'J -All??    i^lUl/^^i ��������� i?lti%*f(l   'U,i\* *tipr:-l4y<^fr������hy  ,^1^'p-������������������'0  iliEITKRS^R*^  *''* ?ii;' 'i������' ^'t^'-'if ;,i''' '5  MR DAVID KURTZ'S STOKE;.>0  ������������������ \i%tw. wjgg. :������������������;-������������������ ������������������ .     .;,��������������� .^ ''" ./ -: ��������� - ;; Barkervi^e^ .:  ������<! o������\.f������r^-'*������������i  .^  Steame? j^ictoriai  ]WpTI���������JEt"lB-^EBB^  ���������^���������^ijff thjbo foliowing^-BytL^cRasse^ jy^tK^,  School jjfi������ard!;f, of VV5VJAI iftKV^ JCf *^pp fc?''". X> isJi{;io|^'  havj n gihee u ap or 0 ye*d" by *h is IBxeei lency'th'ef'  e^erabVMtoO^-ttcomll^^  I'������* WheyeasJ'a^ a1#eetitigipfftbe^  ofH\\q) a^o'f^2^yearfl/vjn ihe SchobllDistdofei'  of ^Htia^Cr-eefe held^atgarker.vij Jo, bjit?0J^,  JMarch, F1871, .the,..rtpomnff JResolutjoiil was  adopted, namely:���������That this meeting da an- .  ?lf or^ aM fem^eWiie i^  Sclito*���������)tetri^^^lliasm^ icolleefc.  ahd*?levy^ Jta^oij jrdtei^n^aj It^he^n ale/;f e^'  ,dents;eLthe ace,of 2Qjyeaffi;of *.T-WQ boilnnii  per n������ad^per annum. 0r any less varuou nt that  tbe:* Iftartf: fmav^ftnS sufflcf entrira :meWthevei-  'Peh?se'6f She^sSli-Sdllwa^-ni^- a niw'Mfc?  ImTtierefore^R-eeblT^f$?HSf^Ae^  ^Board for theifljstBic&ofUTOl^^  .collect,, an dare-herebv em powered to collect  .-...;,.,..;.��������� LEAyBfSpDA.CREEK;;;���������f;^'l"*;  Connecting'nejitVday;with the StoamerENTERpMsi;^  ���������.V^^SOI^V?', '^t'iQeyctonwoocl Canyon.  -7^"On-the*���������low  pbn^aii ta^;e^swent&^a'ooye?tuesagej  iyeaityirt'thewd fiistriet^ ������.������f^! (>ifi  ;*^%  mt m  .\f  T-ues;iiA:Yi  tWCfc^'KSIt  freight from SouaTJreek.tb uppi-r Canyon.... 25������;cts;-?  ^retrVoh^^citt ^^^tb3X>i^  Fa 15B/J r.oin Quesuol to,^  'A. fcAivl:..i.-i...i. .h.   .-.-: h -M\.  ;t-������  V;:-^:':;- '���������'���������..������������������      For   r>?^^,Q     ������������������  'Ifilirf^'i' v������bJt- -.Ml-.-Siii* '&ht������ :*/vt>' itjj ;i,-k V- ."*!���������??.-���������    ���������<;  ^"���������rfJf-* ::  :������M^K:^uB^vi^ff,TOt3l������c  ������;,v: '-'ft "i i*t    '���������,"������������������'���������"'!  V- .���������:���������'.: ,.*U^>>-^'->^-..r--:^V*-^.;-."  itled'by 'me"  Approyed^ ihAA ] Ar sljt   %&&*&,&&&**  ,  ,10th May. 1871.. ,   r),--,". :;      -   r   ���������   ,   '��������� =  il^^cc^aifqaiwbhi^i  iM  ; > Tmj>o-rter^anj4? Deafer ito *?.'.��������� "jOj;  rra^lllHvE i*RtrciiES 'CAN BE OBTATNKl>;r^  I anjI^jutr 6X}^tn}\,;������A M optfo& :of: tho^purcjiasor. r  A general assoftniout ofv . '   . ,.'  ���������     SMO KlNG^;AR'TlC;iiSS . :;;j'  JKB* Orders from the Upper' Country promptly at  leuaed:to;''*������ >;: fcyf*:a! ������������**?��������� - ;.r,  '"..'���������     NO. 47 YATE& STREKT.  (Oi^osito; tfed Bnp.k 6f. Brl ti#i i'Nonh America.)  VICTORIA, V.T.      .*     myt5 3m;.  ' "J '(���������  ���������;' v '"���������;"'������������������ iilQH'M;':^ CrIS^K...; ^u:.  anje^vs^f^vti* 0.*^ = ^javswc-irf-,,*&$ '*PAAl  -m^'iti but-?*) \yy$' ^i^i^-'iJ^^'fe ���������:  ��������� *sVfe-::.;-.;';'. ;.,?iMwif,^|fii"ii-",  -.' ������������������ ^':I?a't TiHf.ff:-^il ������������������Mfj'l'i "^''i('f|-,t!,*;f"i:v3. I'"*.*'������������������ " '  ..... .. \1;"-^J ���������\y-'Aii.\v.-- )��������� !f <i&, li-ijri.pw vA>:r: ���������--���������'.:... ^,--  T������an ;^olfe^&urgli M- $o.-;  ;m 'Osv?  ?*fi j'. - ��������� ? 0 ;��������� M: ?'. ;?^ii^ ��������� "������*��������� :"i ft; i^tt:?*  PftWkf jtA^^'E^ Ri;0;Hf;i;&fe D  ���������: ������������������*! SUPPLY OF TfiB '^ ^  ; /JiV'^.ir^W^^^?^  ���������TiflfcERS A"ND"TRA-BBRS wiJlfind it to^heir ad  ill   vantage to purchase a-t thia a tore, where there 1  Ofth  cons  hove ry b es t description 0 n h a nd, a n n* t h 0 Stocjlc  stautlyreplenlsheo l>y now arrivals. Th ep roprio  "*       ;' 'tors will sell Goods ���������  -      \'\' **  1 :^4S9oHa&A������ ��������� iS-J'MSlTiCBr^ caeibcJOv-:  OrVl owpr dm p tl v?l 110 <1, a n d f er war d-ed-wl th <diQ*pa t en  :- .ijjj'^AW    ,!::'-;':' ��������� '.Ai -AA    ��������� ��������� A ���������>���������  Van Tinkle,  BKBDT * LIN'DHAR^  ifESSl^. :.^EACiTA*M. >* '^^;;arVprepnren t*  M'TornishLuitrherafc ���������,tMlr;>tfrfl������,/^hwn-=C-������e*,  pi; deliver-it'to orJcr. .. ���������:'  -*���������> ���������f'9 ._ *���������': |/i.*v^v-.  ' ���������CREEK'AT THE SAME*RATES AS ON  Hnv i 11 ^ a. Mi u ������-h g ��������� Ma bli in e i n ^op or at I on they * t  ���������rriu������tor   I Rls? furnish Prsssed. Lumber ui =atialactory.:rai   ..  #  ' K'4  Ni  jii.wumMWBKWWWUWKMIHlJl w$*.  >4*k\ i  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  :iyA  p  i  i j! ������������������;��������� '  6*-i  ���������kw:  Iiil#  ;w  ;3M  II:  Ijjji  fill  1  ���������Wife  If  IP  -���������'fepji  ���������tri-j <:������  il!C ������������������:*���������:  &>$  ���������SKI  f ;  ''51 i?.?^  i;i-r:'-  ���������  ^ritaaac  SATURDAY. JULY 1, 1871.  THE STANDARDISE AEER, ON THE  RAMPAGE.  i&om������.faw������aek������ago we tocfc occasion to  <flad fautf with the dictatorial course pursued  ���������Ifty th; Victoria Standard in regard te certain  coinmoate passed mpoo; the action of this  journal. AVle headed our article on^tbe oeca-  jion Alinpudence."  This WtOBfi^ur.eootera-  porary objects to, and in ao article tptftolfehed  >atoce remarks that we possessed V evideaily  ,������nly h pocket edition of Webster andcohse  .qnently were short of words to head our ar-  dictes."  Now, we generally ftry to be at con-  ,ei������e as posnibie and .call..things by their  proper names: we see no wee in beating  ���������round the husk for some long-winded phrase  ;io' express oiir tliouj?hfe when <one simple  ���������word will express the. purpose -; and if. our  contemporary, vwho doubtless ^possesses an1  edition of Webster unabridged instead of a  tpocket' one,'-will peruse that valuable work,  ie will find among other meanings igiveii for  ;the;..j*/qsd 3mpudeiicet/" asBursiaee,  accompanied with a disregard "of :tbe -cpioionBi of  iothera"^-and if ihat .'does not suit tbe Standard i*������e -are vary -much mistakes.  $n our ar-  [ticle of *8d June,' weunasserted -that we bad  ^?er advocate^  sitf but that *we could see nobbing "in it to war-  srant the terms in which tt ibad \een dej-  jounced, or to justify -any journal or Indl-  jfTdual in falsely asserting that it "Baddled  \ ,rSt|cty.^Ecia1s on;the.c6urtw?tW'bO'4JOuld only  ���������' &��������� remWed wien pensioned," and we at tbe  tame.time denounced the psofesaionaVagita-  vt^rswho webielieved were ^ibg to make  ^ollikal capital out of a trifle An reality not  ���������worth anything.   Let the Ciarit fclst Bill be  .eontsnued or repealed,it^MmaUe no differ-  anee to tbe country that we cjvq see; bo long  m the offleers perform their .duties efiteiently,  '���������".. ^.presume thai eten ihe Standard and Its  . clique would he willing that they-should draw  4heir salaries, and -would aea^eely go tbe  ������e������g\h, of advocating repudiation  of  tbe  .colotjyfc obligations, and, once an officer is  41*acnitged then there is'nothing more to be  paid to him, Civil List Bill or no Civil List  BiliV  There are, however, we *believ*\ some  i parties who have suffered by the Bill���������and  , who are they?    Why, certain^ pppularity-  .huntinjT; members of .the late Legislative  ���������Council, who would stand a much better  ���������ehance of re-electioa if they could promise  offices to a host of hungry supporters and  raise at ifee hustings tjbefr battle-cry. *'* To the  ���������ictors belong tbe spoils !"   The Standard  fights shy of discussion; it still plays upon  Its;*.*! harp ������������& -thousand 8trtnRs,, to the old  stune, abuses tho Civil List Bill,,and asserts  ithat we supported it....  ���������' 1 do not like thee. Doctor Fell,  . The reason whv I cannot tell,  .   Ikit I do not like tbee. Doctor Fell."  So runs the old rhyme, and. so  runs the  Standard's article with neither rhyme nor  reason.   And how does it prove that we sup-.  ported the Bill!--.- Why, because we ridiculed  the foolish meetings, and" expressed our idea  that " the people of Cariboo had something  else to do without troubling their heads about  s.iiob. nonBejtse.*9-   Just .so ��������� we adheae to all  , we said.   There are many rodae important  ^subjects to occupy, the attention of the next  Legislature.   Next, after tbe passage of the  Bill, we are charged with, flaying that ** We  we re disappointed at not seeing the staff of  the Assay Office,"at least of this branch, in  Ihe Civil. List Bill passed by the last Council."  "Now, why does not the Standard quote a few  lines more from our article on the Assay  Office, when we said that we trusted "that  the administration which will, have the preparation of the nest estimates will hav<������ the  common sense not to attempt to abolish so  useful an institution from any paltry spirit of  ftotitious economy."   We certainly were dia-  app 6i n'ted at not seel ng th e sta ff of the Cariboo Assay Office in the Civil List Bill, which  had been.passed some time before the xlate of  our article, as we thought that if there was to  be a Civil List at all, that office should decidedly be included.  Again the Standard accuses us of having supported Dr. Carrall in  violaiing.his pledges.   We have said enough  on that subject already, j We supported his  Action on the Responsible Government question  because we thought it sensible, aB is  proved by the attainmeot of the object  sought*  The Standard advi3fi8 the Cariboo con*  aLHneucy to be careful of our political leach-  laj, and to fleet no rae-mbeTs wfeo will nof-j  pledge themselves to &ot* for the repeal of  the Civil list Act. We .warn them to beware  of. Victoria political intriguers and their  satellites, and to elect no man who is not  pledged to vote for the amendment of the  Registration Act. the abolition of the Road  Tolls and obnoxious imposts in the mining  districts, the adjustment cf representation,  the maintenance of the Assay office���������that  preat boon to the iplners^-smd the support of  theigeneral interests of the colony at large  and tue mainland in panticttiar.  Tiik weather for the past week has been  warm and generally fine. Go Wednesday  jtherewas a thunder-stofia. accompanied by  theaiyy.rain and bail. On the higher ranges  there :is still a good deal otf soow, but it is  ���������goingvOff rapidly, thus keeping up the water  in the creeks to a fair height. The road  through the canyon has been shovelled out.  and light' wagons are now running to and  from Van winkle ; It will (probably, however,  be a fortnight-yet hefore the road will be  hard enough to admit of the passage tfioaded  ox-teams.   A   ' "  :     *'        :-:  AMAffctm Performance��������� The Amateurs intend to-night to present tbe amusing (arce, in  ^wo RCts.entitied^Thelriabmauin London."  Mr Gomer Johns /will give a favorite song.  and rthe McGrfal������y children: have been .engaged to.assist. , We.look.tor a lull house.  NEW ADVERTlBEilENTS.   /  Dissolution of Partnership  WE, THE"UKDF.nSlGXEI*������, herctoforo doing bus!-  , nops at-the 127-Mile House, on.,th������ Ullftoet-  Alexaudna "Wuggnn Road, under tho.titlc of WRiGHT  h PUATT,r:hHrcfthi3 day dissolved psirtnership by  mutual consent; ��������� -.;  ' AU parties indebted to satd'Firm will please fictile  fwJth' Mr David Pratt,' who will;pay. a! 1 'deb ts vgains t  the said Firm,    .  ';���������--'   ���������   ; DAVID PRATT..-  ������������������ .������������������;"��������� JOHN WRIGHT.  Blu* Tent, d  ���������**J������ne 16th, 1871.      f'-' '"      jyl lm ;  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  MANAGER,^  8ECRETARV,  J. 2. HOUGH.  Q. K. MARSHAU.  MISCEIXAHEOUS.  Ho! for Caribooaad  TH&'uCAltTBOO- AMATEURS  Will-gi^e.a petformanco on  DOMIN.ION    DA Y;  Saturday,! st July, iS71,  Commencing with the laughable Farce, In two Acts,  1  Mr Frost.'  Optnra 9c>-roour,  Mr Coihumi'V."  Murtooh Delany,  Reward,-  Cymon.  . I/>UlBK,  Caroline,   ���������  Cubba,  Mr J. "Hudson.  Mr G.' N. MiiraUall.  Mr .1. 8. Thompson  .    ��������� Mr J. H. Sullivan  ���������      Mr Gomar John 9  .    ' Mr Ed war 4 Fearaoo  Florence WHixja  Mrsri; P. Parker ���������  Miss Jones  T6;*bo follow^ by *  Musical  B^ertainnieait!  v: poors open-at 7.30; performance to com cneoc������ at  8 o'clock. -';���������������������������  1 Admission,���������' $1; ��������� Reserved scats, $1 50.   Tickeu for  the Reserved geats can;be'Obtained or. MtvMarshaH,  Barkerville.      ..V. ���������.        , '-:: : ;f..  ���������..;,, .:AA[x:\}  ^S* liquidation Tickets taken for admisalotL " . .  C. a iii wdo( ;;H otei,  [FORMERLY HOTEL DE FRANCE,]   .  BEGS to announce to bis fflebds and the public that  he has.purchased the Hotel de France. Barker*  viUo, which ho will open this 1st July (Dominion  Way), 1871. ...    ~   . A\'\  rA--   COMFORTABLE BEDROOMS! '  ��������� ���������        ���������     i -       .-  i0Cf()DBEDS! .  BILLIARD AND BAGATELLE TABLES!  FIRST QUALITY LIQUORS & CIGARS i  jyi  ;   Bankruptcy Hoticei,  "\\7HERF.AS a petition for au adjudication of Bank-  J ? ruptcy was on the 21st day of June, 1871,- flled  in Her Maj^ty's.C*mmy.Court of Bniish Columbia  by Mauvi.n P.'*Ei.mork, under which the said Marvin  P. Klmoro has been: adjudged bankrupt. Kotlce is  hereby given that Marvin -P. Elmore^iu hereby required to surrender-.to tbe 'above uameJ. Court at.the  myt meeting of 'creditors to' be held belore tht������ Raid  Court on the 28th day of J.uw\ instant, at 11- o'clock  in the forenoon precisely, at KichfleUl.and al������o to the  on the 21st day of. 8������ptember}tw>xt,ensuinjj,^when  and where the said Bankrupt U required to surrender  to pass his second.examination.. ;..-'    -  At the Orst meeUng of creditors the Registrar will,  receive the proof ot* tlie debts of tlie creditors,-and the  creditors may chooso anAssl^noe or A^^i?,neen of the  Bankrupt's estate and eifccis. At the second sitting;  proofs of debts of: crmiiior* will also be r������;ceiy.ed; ami  the Bankrupt will he required to submit iobiv exam-  in ed a n d tt ��������� make a f u 111 d iPclos*! re, and, d i sfco wry of  all his estate and effects,' and' to finish ;!iii .exaraiU'  ation. .  ;s Notice Is also given to all. persons In dob ted to tbe  said Bankrupt, or that bayiv any ot his: effectk not to  deliver tlie. same but to JAMts LisbsAf. of Richfield.  0(*tlch< 1 AsKijinee, whom tlie Coiiri has appointed, and  give notice to John G. Baknsto.n, Solicitor, of Rich'  field.'*' '       ..'���������;���������������������������-.  .  JAMES LINDSAY,   '���������  ReciMrar and OIHcial As������(������iKnee  JgRichfieW", Arne30th, 1871. - .  ���������      ������������������ .\\ vsjyltd .>  ���������5  yale;and BAREERVILLB^  Importers, Wholesale and  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS,  WINES k LIQUORS, ,  DRY GOODS, CLOTHLNG,   ,  '/'';"'. HATS fcCAPS;  BOOTS & SHOES,  AGRIPUWURAL IMPLEMENTS,  CIGARS & TOBACCO;  STATIONERY,  HARDWARE & CROCKERY,  And a complete assortment of  .1  Oppenheimer groa.beg to inform Trader?, Miners  and Farmers requiring- Ik stock of Goods that tbey  hold a large-and well Elected assortment, and are  prepared to Bell at the lowest Market Prices, ���������      ^,  .Qgr Wo- invite inepectiqn of onr Stock befere purchasing elsew hare.  ^^ NEW GOODS are fcclngf received continually.  K AND AFTER THE Ibt OF MAY, 18T1, MONEY  Orders will be bumed on the United j Kingdom  by tho Post Otlices at CABIUOO, New.Wedtinlttster  aud Victoria,  BATES OF COMMISSION AS FOLLOWS :  Not over <������2,     ....      25..centa.   .  Over ������,2, aud not exceeding &hs    60 cenU.  Over    ft, end not exceeding    7,     \f$ cents.'  Over    7, and not exceeding 10,   . $1  No single order will be granted for more than ������10.  No* Orders will ho issued on tho day the Mail ia  made up.  By commandf ::  .  A. T. BTJSHBY, ActlngT.U.O.  New Westminater, 26tb April, 1871- /    i  In accordance with the above notice,   MONEy  ORDERS1 will ho .issued on ihe United Kingdom hy  t be Post OHlce at Cariboo.'    JOHN BOWROV,  jeJ71m , Acting Postmaster.  BARNAKD'S STAGES  MAKE THE BEST TIME!  DRIVE TUB BEST STOCK!; \     I:  USE THE BESTOOACHESt ";  HAVEiTHE MOST COMPETENT DRIVERS!  CARRY TUE MOST PASSENGERS!.:  DO THE LARGEST BUSINESS 1  And guarft&iee to connect with the Steamers  st'eacbtiftd.-  ':,    . Leave Barkertilie on Monday  . at Six a.m., reach Yale Timrsilny     .  . at Sir ,p-m:, and arrive at'Vic*,  toria on Saturday at Four p.m.,  FOUR DAYS AHEAD OP  U.M. MAILS 1     -;;  ^T REMEMBER   THIS ! ^  Travellers by the- PAST ��������� LINE SAVE  FROM TWELVE TO TWENTY DOLLAHS  by Nnot loitering,  as other li&es do, on this  road.    . ' ��������� :. "' ''  ���������   5*i7 : f. j. barnard;  ^.W:r.-G.Q.OPSl.  y/; ���������' .';'������������������; JUST' RECEIVED    .  'y^A^y^'REN  A large supply of  ,:     : LADIES AND GENTLEMEH'S V  ^&*New  Goads will be receiVtid tirrf  w������ek. during tbtf.-feanon. ^gf  BOO^S, SHOES,  Clothing and Groceries,(  .   OF THE BEST QUALITY.  For sale atthe.Store of tlie undersigned In Barker  rJlle,oppositeth������;Bank of British Columbia.  W. KEKNIE.  jelT  as usual  ���������-W  m TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY HA VEREMOVED  . io tbe BpackntB premises I'ormvrly.laMt-itn as the  St.  George Salwm, whero they will bo ������U all tiroes  prepared to furuiah '  BOARD    AND  EALS  - Tije- BAR to furntobed with the finest WINE0.  LIQUORS and CIOARS,    ���������  AND BAKER  OF BEST QUALITY,   "\  RECEIVED   BY  EVERY EXPRESS,  BROS.  ci^27 3m  rfeNDBRB WILL BE RECEIVED UP TO JULY 3d  I   for Twenty Thousand Feet of Good Sound Spruce  Timbers, to be deliverer* at. tbe Forest Bo������������ Claim in-  mediately,   FAr partirulure, apply at the Claim  jelTtd TaoSLJi, BRW������rSf*eer������"jrr������;  Y.  THIS OLD AND WBLL-KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT  is always supplied with tho best of everything  that can be procured in Cariboo.  Jel7 lm  Single Meals,  The Celebrated  FRESH   GROUND   COFFEE,  A superior article to any which san be had from below, Roasted and Ground on the pronjl������es from the  best selected tonies, and warranted frae from adnl-  t<*ratjnn.  J.   J.  "J>EOS TO.ANNOUNCE  THAT HS HAS OPENED A  AT STANLEY, ��������� * LiaHTOING CREEK.  The Table will always be supplied with tbe'-best  articles that can b������ got lu Canboe, and the Bar with  the  !/  WbatoP- fWmitb fcaet Cbanot Creek,]  "   .Arrtiso.un.  ars.  >  rn -l  i' y if  y  Mr  r*ED  the  raee  *E89  19  3D A  3EK.  besl  with  :he.ca-ribqqsentine  ���������3Z  I SATTODA^^upr-iviyi.  DOMItfiON DAY CELEBRATION:,  The explosion of % torpedo* at 10  a.ra., ahiwp.^n be the *t%gal for the com-  tnettcement of tb������ day's proceedings. ?���������  :   MINING INTELUGEXCS.  WILLIAM CRRKK. N  The Foreet Rose co. last week worthed 200  M>> OP* wetfkdag W  ��������� jmy^resi"^ -fAtA :;\,  Thf' Sotitb Walea co. lawfc week washed' 176  oz; Tbe Sfw^ce co. J are inKkirtg over ex-  penje^'; The' Gladstone eo^avse striick in to  grarel and'.were, compelled to atop to ;put  oil mow elevator*. They have got the shaft  ���������piira ped lout agaii a nd 'commenced work.-f-  Tbe Eleven of Enriatid co. conilaiie taking  out; pay in Anderson'creek and drifting for  the Lightning channel.    ' '  ;:.-<r"f    [./[   '-NBWON-CREEK.  The First! Chance co.  are making .over  . wages;   The Montgomeryso. are piping- >;l ���������  ��������� -'���������:������������������:. ���������:���������:���������   'DAVlBCltK*������.    "'���������   ;.'���������?   ��������� y :'  ' The Amalgansa ted co.'; axe making over  wages'."  LOWHKB CEKEJK.    . >    ..  Tbe Black Bull are gelt&agdfrt -which pays  about 15 oz: to tbe set, but we v<ery much  troubled with boulders.  THE FOREST ROSE CLAIM*  MINING recoros. ;  wim.iam crrek.  Casket co.���������June 21���������Recorded tn favor of  Thomas Potter, 3 interests.   Re-recordi  23ri June���������Recorded in favor of John Murray, one creek claim at incline of Last Chance  co.. running down stream.   Re?reeord. '-.;'.  Brouae co.���������June 24���������Recorded in favor of  M. Coultery W. .Stephenson, 200 feet.$ Re  .record.'' \ ���������.������ ; '���������        ���������[' A-  2tiib Jnrfe���������Record*���������������! in favor of Joseph  KH ward. I hill chum on a small ravin*4 on  weai ������-U<������, about 3U(J yards south ot McAr-  thur's gulch.   -  Alert co.~ June 2(������v~Recorded inTavor of  -  R. Holluway, 5 bill claims on east bank. Re-  lecord.  OHOUSE CRKKK.  Caroline Co.���������20th June ��������� Recorded iu  ���������favor ol Wrn: Korman. "A hill claiins^aire-  recor������l;, aIsu. 50 i nches water from a b rauch  ^>f Antlertcr^ek, near head of Grouse.  Grouse creek cd.���������22d June���������Recorded in  ���������favrtroi bweri Crolly. Jas. E. Patterson, C. P.  O'Xeitt, 3 interest.   Re-record. ; v  Lady of ijthe Lake co.���������24th June-���������Recorded, in ntyor ofi thejLaiy of :the Lake��������� co,.  11 interests.   Re-record.     ^ ' ���������  . Tal isman ;co.-���������%4th June���������Recorded in  favor of -Talisman co.i 6 discovery claims.  Re-record.',.  , Red Gaun tlet co.-r26th r Ju ne������������������Recorded In  far or of O. C. Hank in, o i ie and a th i rd in ter-  *st:; R. Dexter, GvA. Dow. J. Po'meroy.lL P.  ^���������Walker, \V. W. Owen, each fire-sixths interest ; S. A, Rogers, J. Martin; eaeh three-quarters ; F. Hansen. T. El wyn/W. Stirling, John  Adair, each one-half.   Re-record*  News bt Barnard's Exprkss���������Matters at  Paris appear to be settling down, though  there are fears of another insurrection., Governor Musgrave, H,is announced, will leave  ���������JVletoria about 28th mat, and the new Lieut-  Govern or will probabljavrrve in ft few days  thereafter. The Confederations of British  Columbia, ft Is presumed; will Oe proclaimed  <im 20th. Three steamers���������the Prince Alfred  and North Pacific, from San Francesco direct,  ���������and the Oriflamtoe. from Portland���������had ar-  ������rired In Victoria within a week with over 30(1  ���������passengers, a portion ������f those by the 'M<*rtlh  Pacific being for Puget Sound. Br. l*ow������ll  and family were among tbe passengers by th^j  Prince Alfred.  A Re8pos8!si.b Eoo���������Messrs. Oppenheimer  Bros, received yesterday from Messrs. Coi-  Ijraitb & Haw*k*esf ranch. Beep cr*������ek, an egg  measuring .8 by 6| inches, Mr Haw ken  writes.: "The hen still lives In enjoyment of  igood healih." Who says British Columbia  ,can't produce eggs t  TsKManaglsg Committee of the Amateur  Dramatic Association beg to acknowledge  the donation %f Mr Sanderson Peancy of  4hree dozen candtesticks for the ijluaiiaation  ������f the TheatrQ^o^ndgM, for which they tender  4heir than-ke.  Barkakb-b *E*������rrks������ arrived v^-,if������f<]By &t  5ioon, having come through fr^m Quesnel-  tnouth for the seooad itkne wit&^ wagon, m&  made fast toe. \  We had the pleasure this, week of visiting  tbe works of the Forest Rose Company, an  inspection of which i& requisite before any  one can form a correct estimate of tbe magnitude of mining operations in Cariboo, and  the intrastates H be derived from skilful  and economical management.."Persons at a  distance ma^ often form delnsij?* ideas from  reading tbe accounts of ihe yleW of a particular claim, as they have no means of  knowing..what has been the cost of production. In the palmy days of Cariboo, while  claims were.payingenormously,the expenses  wfjre^prbpprtionafcely great, and it was only  w hen/;', ne cessi tfi coin pelted' cliu rn'royrnen: to  work Shelr gro und more economical ly that  any change occurred! The Forest Rose cd;  has now been in existence for more than  eight years. -biit-fpRyea^vit^as onlyst sourca  of constant "expense to; tlie shareholders, The  difficulty bfprociiHng dm theiu  to' try the hoyel ekperim"ent for Cariboo of a  eteain ������agine/ and tho little engine which is  now^sp advantageously; employed was in the  wi ater/pr^l804-65 imppried at enormous expense;; but' still; the ciaim did not pay until  the number of shareholders was gradually reduced-to. the present standard and the work  carried on in the most economical manner.  The ground Which is now being worked is not  what would in former*^ days have been considered worth working, biit it is the large quantity ot dirt taken out and washed daily which  tends now to render this claim one of the  best, it not tfve<besi; in'Cariboo.   The shaft  now worked from, wiiicb is. 100, feet deep,  was sunk  last winter, the  ground   below  having been worked through a tunnel running loathe meadows at th������ old Prairie Flower  ground, which now affords ample drainage.  The channel above'the shalt has been worked  one hundred feet wide, yielding about the  same average all the width,- but the inner or  hill* wall- roe&'lias. not.iyet"^eeu  reached;  There are now hbout fifty men/ employed  daily under the able foreuiansbip of Mr Jarne^  Leah.* a large proportion of these being Chinese, who have adapted themselves to underground'mining. ;.The quantity of. dirt now  averaged is eight sets prr day, the caps being  from tea and ahalt to twelve feet in length,  and Mx-l^esi"! informs us 'that; life' cost to the  set, including itll e^jVehses of "the claim, does  not exceed twenty rtbrefl dollars, so that if each  ,aet pays frpip fourNto fire ounces, it will be  seen that a handsome margin is left for profit.  The quantity, of, tlmber usee) in .the diggings  is   almost" incredible.-'*it;: beitig absolulely  necessary that al 1 the worked out grou iid  shoul<3q joe t tlierpughly timbered in order to  ������*1 tl^taii^ vt'?*1 J1'11?'^!P^lia >pi*������ssur������ from the  surface where it W worked so wider Onthe  surface the engine hoists all'the dirt with ease,  besid��������������� running"'a: saw to eut firewood.   Tlie  dirt is first -eaiptied into a 1 arge dump, where  i t is washed by two hy d ran 1 i c pi pes be fore  passing  into  the , regular dump-box, thus  Having? a great deal of ylabor..   Taken altogether, the clann is worked to the best possible advantage, in ^very way. ^  The great width iof pay dirt and the fine-  nessiof the gold indicate that the ground npw  being worked ib the outlet of a more.confined  channel, which may b^) eventually traced for  miles! throughi the uiountain, especial Iy:as bc-  casional large pieces of well-washed gold,  mixed wltts quartz, are_ found among the fine.]  In any case, the; company have an extensive  area which they know will pay, as there are  several streaks in the ground through which  the tunnel is run which have never been  worked out.  CO.UNTY COURT.  ^gefora.S. M. B*U, E?q.,.������Gold. Commissioner and  County CuttPtJudge.j  , ).''���������"*;��������� Wkdnksdat: June 28th.4871.  Is rb M. P. ELMORK.a Bankrupt���������This was  the; day appointed for tbe first meeting pi  creditors, none of whom, however, appeared;  The'bankrupt -haying filed ,his schedule of  assets and liabilities, the second sitting Was  appointed to ttdce place ������a '2ist September.  Thursday June 29.  Meachaffl & Naacin-vs; G, W. Robinson������������������  Suit for $13 Sis for lumber, and interest for  3i years ai 12 per *ent. perann^ua, S5 Cl.  Defendant had paid into Court the Original  amount, hat disputed the interest���������Mr Park,  counsel for defendant, argued that the Colonial ordinance merely allowed interest .in  casjeB Jwhere it could;feecoliiajted in England,  such as on bills or promissory notes, or wltere  Ihere^ was a special agreement, but that  on ������ air., acco u n t fo r. goods sold. an������d de I i v  ere^the charge was/not:.legal.,���������Defea dan t  producjed several bills paid to Meacham &  Nason at various periods, on which no interest had oeen charged. The present aaouut  sued for wsr for lumber which he.thought  had been paid by another party.-rThe Judge t  decided that interest should be allowed from  one year after the delivery of the goodfe���������  namely, from 3th November. 1808, It was a  legal point, depending oh the customs of  trade. .. ',;  Meacham & N������*on vi. Hurdie Co. (per G,  W. Robinson.���������Suit for lumber supplied iii  1868, $39 36. Decision same as in previous  case���������interest from 27tb August, 18o*9.  C./McCallum vfcvJ. Piokertoa-rBiH. for  clptbipg. .��������� $43 50; ;i)efendant ad|nitted the  debt but asked for time. Ordered to" be paid  in instalments of $20 per month.  C. McCailuin vs* Jr McDonald���������Judgment  confessed.  C. MeCalluoi vs. C. HugheB���������Judgment con*  .feSSiid*.'    :���������:';     "'���������   s     ������������������������������������������������������  ���������:.-.���������.���������'-���������" ���������  ���������,^f:'^f>  ��������� C; McCallum vs. W;. H! Clarke���������Debt and;  costs Si^ 90.   Judgment b7 default        r    J  Ay-AA .;:.*/;������PASSENG)SRS :VC AA'-  A-  Per Barnard's ExpresB, arrived Friday, 30th  Jiit^.���������ITrom Yale���������S. A. Spencer, P. Moy-  pey,, ��������� Holland. ��������� Miirphyi W. Ruckle to  iiuesnelmoit tb. W. Landrlgan, to Cold S tream  ranch. JWm..Hlck".:"G������o.Riokf"Petor McjCabe,  ajid H. Newland (Messenger), to Barkerville.  Froni-.Lytton���������^rs: Grier. to Eagle creek.  From 127-mile house���������Mrs Duncan McDonald, |p,Barkerville. From Quesnelmouth���������  Messrs.������������������;��������� Jate.'- Leighton, Alex. McDonald and  W. Blown, to Barkerville.  ByxGerow & Jobnson's Express, arrived  June 24th���������James McArthur, Yale to Barker:  y,ill*;- James Carson, Yale^ to Soda creek;  and two road passe7)gers>\   -'\-      - . '  Frkight Aniw-vm-^uaa BeraeV'e f)ack.  train, with assorted mercbandw for Messrs.i|  ^Pr^nheiincr Bros., arriied oil Ttoiedsy.  DKATir attiik Hosritax.���������Francfi Waters, a  native of Cornwall, aged about 50 years, died  at tbe Cariboo hospital oo Thursday of effusion on the brain. Waters worked on the  Bedrock Flume last year aad had been to the  Omineca mines this spring, but like many  others was compelled to leave on account of  want of means, and suffered great privations  on his way down from want of provisions.  He had engaged to go to work again on the  Bedrock. Flume, but being taken with a fit on  Monday was sent to the hospital, where be  was attended by Dr. Chipp liH his decease.  Before coming to British Columbia he had  been a-resident of Australia for some time.  Tft$ &PORT8%HHY--The following gentlemen bave been appointed by the Geiteral  Comiaitr^e officers of the 4ay:-~For Horse  Baces^-Starter���������H. M. Ball^ Esq., S.M.  Judges���������Messrs. W. A. Meacham, T. L. Brings  and 0.43. Lane. Patrol Judges���������J. Wickham,  C. Booth. General Spnrts���������Judges���������Mcifsrs.  Davison, C. Bo������th, A. Fletcher Stewards���������  Messrs. T. R. fattullo and J. Wickham.  Caps'. Mmms, of the steamer Victoria, was  taken ill on tbe last trip above Quesnelmouth  with a paralytic seizure.   Dr- Bell was R&������t}  for to Williams .eree& and went down by <jk-  pre,m  The patiea^ lias  below*  been ordered logo  THE^GBliKBRATCOK To-i>ay-^Judging from  the p-Jparations which have been made; the  DomidSbn celebration to-day promises to be  most suceessftrl. The town of Barkerville,  ;fronvon,e end to theothervhas been decorated  in "the moat tasteful style, almost every buiidr  jiig being enwreathed, including some of tbe  "Heathen Chinee,-' in fanciful profusion with J  !evergreen������, the styles of decoration varying  according tb the taste and talent of the artists,  so: tbat a stranger migbt fancy be was entering some sylvan dell In the-evening, after  the close ot* the Amateur performance at the  Theatre, a general illuiuination will take  place, the first which has been attempted in  Cariboo, and wejeel little hesitation in -recording our belief that when tlie dav has  ended our little town of Birkerrille will have  fairly i*arned the title of the -Dominion  Town v���������we are not ambitious enough to pay  u City "���������of the oolbjg^  Tub Iux'Mia.-ArroN *^WiiT--rPiK?i������ant to a  resolution adopted by^e General Dominion  Committee, the regidefits of Barkerville bavd  been requested to illuminate their houses  from the conek si on of fme theatrical performance till 12 o'eloek^yiplacing aligbted  candle in each pane of glass 3ii their front  windows. Particular attention is enjoined to  look out tbat ao precaution' is omitted towards guarding against accidents, from fire.  Messrs. l������������nnie and Skinner have been appointed a committee to patrol the street with  the object of seeing that everything is safe,  and that the candles are all extinguished at  midnight.  TtaB Tf?:LEORAi������H���������Mr James Lfoighton, telegraph operator, who is about to start the  telegraph office at Barkerville and assist Mr  Bowron for a abort time, arrired yesterday.  The line is being put in substantial -working  order at the rate of about three miles per day.  The repairing party will be about Beaver  Pass to-day, and the line may be expected tb  be open thramgh to WilUam oreek in about a  week. Mr Buie having sold but his right te  the dine absve-Que8h*b$$utlv,, the whole now  Masonic Installation and PftKSKXTATtby.���������  The installation4ot. officers.of Cariboo jLodge,  No. 4G9, F. & A. M��������� took pla^ oii tlie festival of St John the Baptist,'24tb June, at'th^  Masonic Hall, Barkerville. The^followihgaro  the namea of th^.newly-installed officers;���������,  Bro. J. S. Thompson;, it. \VYMaster; Bro. F.  Neufelder. Deputy Master.; BrfcM'mlif&n*  nie, Substitute Master; Bro. John Bruce.  Senior Warden ; Bro. Bdwd. Pearson, Junior  Warden; Bro. F. l.Bisxpnnette,* Treasurer ;  Bro. George Byrnes, Secretary; Bro. I������aaO  Hodgson, Senior Deacon; Bro. Charles. Vail*  I ancourK Junior, Deacon.? Bro. A. Ha If man,  Inner Guard; Bro. Angeio Pendoia, Tyler;  Bro. James E. Nicholson, Qrganist'v Bro. A.  yignolp/and G.;VelaUf, Stewards. Jo,: the  evening the Brethren wt downi to a bartquet  in .the ;ha!t������ which was numerously.attended  by the members, of the (-.pdge and:.a larga  num ber of visi i\ng breth'ren. After the regu ���������  lar toast** of. the occasion had been duly honored,:; the newly elected maator presented in  the .name of the brelhreoo.f the Lodge to tho  reti.ring, Master, Bro. Jonathan Nu tt, a very  handsome Past Master'������ jewel, paying, in a  few appropriate remarks, a merged eulogy to  Bro; Nutt, who has presided over; the' Lodgo,  eince its first foundation in 1807.and to whom,  for his' energy in its origination and subsequent, j management, j its,- present \ prosperous  condition is, 1 argely entj tledr. A The jewel is ,a  beau(Ifiil piece . of workmanship,;:. manufactured ; of. Cariboo gbjd by Mr, ISnii.Davispp.  of Barkerville. elaborately engraved. rand re^  fleeting the highest credit1 on ttia. artlsc. Bro.  Nntt returned his ��������� cordial thanks' to: f th������  brethren for their appreciation of1 the manner  in -which he hadxperformed: the' dutiesiof hi������  office, and proposed the health of the/new  Master. The health of the other new officer*  and the/'absent brethren, anu a number of  other toastsV were subsequently proposed, io-  fersperRed with appropnatei music.iso'ngs'an<l'  reci tat ions. and; t he bret hren final ly Separated-  after the enjoyment of one of those^barmon-'  ions festivals where couijord ireiens, and which;,  are al ways rem em bered,"Dy.,their |jarticipatowv  with feelings of delight r   ,;;.;, .-j.-; .:.'^A'r-A  l A cc,i'nBMT.-r-^We regret .to an non n,ce;tbat aa  aecften t. . occti rred; lo ri' Tli ������rsd ay. "m or hi a g |  which hiight have marred the enjpyment to ���������*  day, but-which fdrtunately was not attended  by; any very serious results.  The members  ���������pf the decoration committee for the Dominion  ce)ebfation : were ' engaged��������� in': adorhing 't8v������.  front ef tbe theatre and engine-hmwe;'ahd one  of the large ladders of;the :Fire Department:  had been erected for the purpose, at'the-top :  pf which Mr Joseph Den hie!. 1st Lieutenant of'  tho Fire Departi-aent., wasi* standing;   Messrs. ���������  W. Davison, I. Opperiheimer,' and D;y*Knrii  were on tbe sidewalk about handing ������p to Mr  Dennie one of the small ladders which' wa������t������  be fixed on the front, of the building whes  the Urge ladder slipped, bringing its occupant down with it. and in its fall striking Mr  Kurtz on the bead and back. .Mr Deriai������  leaped off before H reached the groun-d.  apraining his wrist severely and sustaining  some, contusions and abrasions.   Mr Kurfu  fortunately escaped with a slight cut.on tho  head and a contusion on the back.      '   '['  ��������� Shut t:i* your Dogs !���������The Dominion Day  Committee request, that all parties owning  dogs would be good enough to provide for  their being kept off the street to-day during  the sports, as on previous (\eeasions Ihey havo  proved an intolerable nuisance, and-every  one kuowe that on William creek their nara������  iegioR.   A serious accident migbt occur  is  belongs t.o (be colo������y������  during the races owing to some of these  canine fa vorites.; insisting upon taking a shar������  in the sport, but we pity any unfortunate  spaniel, bound, or cur of low degree which is  caught in tbe act to-day, as he may expect no  mercy.  Trb Roads���������Mr T.Rpence. Inspector ������������������������  Roads, has been in Barkerville thl* week.  He i n forms us : that tlie breaks in the road  between Quesnelmouth and William creek  have all been repaired. Mr B. Springer will  remain on this end of the road with a party  keeping it in order.' Mr Green; with some  men. Is engaged putting the road between  Barkerville and Marysvllle In good condition,  so that when the Lane & Kurtss Co.���������"������ machinery arrives they will have no' difficulty h%-  getting it down to the Meadows.   ,     A  Nrw Hotkl and SALOON���������Mr A. Kelly  having purchased the well-known Hotel d������  France in* Barkerville, will remove from his  former premises to-day and open his new establishment, which will hereafter ,bt .kpowti  as the u Cariboo Hotkt,." Mr Kelly has ntted  up the bedrooms with new carpets, &c., in  most comfortable style, and. will be prepared  to accommodate seventeen lodgers. Th������  saloon and billiard tables have been put ������  first-rate order.  x\octnBNT���������John Banmgarten, - a naiiye:of  Switzerland and an old resident of Caribbo,  who was working in the Ericcsoa claim,  Conklin gulch, fell down the shaft off Wed.  nesday night, a distance of about forty fM,  but p*mridentially'nvtt!������.nof' FMotwl/ injftrW.  m  hi.;  ^���������wm.*<.ni������BH.ilVI4IIWLlUlllLKBBHI : y^:^^m^Si^^^*������i:ra?  >Sffirfi%^K."3i������������^^^ft  ���������   sMe li'ife bf'Califoraia co.-'-   ���������,< "������ '��������� 17 ,,,-,*'^..  : wstferfrbtai���������Wallietfs giilcfe *Rje^cordiif- -'���������  '���������-< -rxl^ilsL   ������������������     ,:. T;������������A.a^.-R������ftWi'"ilp.rl''m favor 01  fe^-^H^p  ffi^������3&)^i&������^?^^  business Notices.'������������������/ ;'; ������������������ ���������  ArAm^r, ^SrW^jWifiiw "to, ^Mi'.* ^5%;* j^t'til!*;' 0:4?:' W*>& ' veil ^ ^&mi%&: *^  " ' ���������    '%i ��������� "��������� *   -: A-.rA</-' - - R j, F E a jj j^g^g;_ gj^ jjyj-r,, ���������-, .^"^y^,^ ^t ^rtiJ.M'j;  M& ���������'/"  "���������v-CaSKOt   COl ^CUICUJ-:-maw if���������iiivvwi.w". ,.���������-���������  >^avb?lof^bdmas",Pbtteir^tlie Casket-ditbfi.  ' -^ireci>rd^v.^^^;' ^w#^U*ff- ^^--^  ��������� ^clatm on left ba'ffk/ portion of ^labring od^-;  ��������� ^'Marlitt %oi���������Jim^fl^Re^ordedilrt^ivor  ;..',.iWfi*Wv -B*.*S'fefel$#? Mctroiium^^Hi'FlyhnV^  ������������������A1&\\H claims onf Val^^Meado-wSyadj'oining  iMarfcin cbi'a West'lineVlb form* par t; oP mrn'ei  ' * ���������.'*    j  l'A>: f,WALKER'S GOLCIT.i/':A^r'A>K,  ' ,.,,:,,fli'ast.Trial co.-r~June.S---(l:iecor.deii,in favor  '&,ii.$\n<r y.t>r '-.yry-A &  'fei/O'^oil i!;���������?i*dw'- *������'���������>������������������';~S>������?jw<f iv?'.*lffff l������ltt'|���������*-"���������". <T  So   /m v^JK^mtSR ^ w*m^ :  ;%&sBansb;w^  ; ^of ^Edward Cooper; * 10O'|j^et;v^minenci ngt Aat  i>ipper4ine5of������ banshee cp,^ ^rfoW-vPA?*(JPf  ; '-'j.-.'- ������������������.'.'".'.���������    ..-    '���������' r'p'.. ������'i uitriiTrrR'n. rtA" .l'l.vJf-'.   -v. c. :V ..'���������:��������� 'ft it''] ���������  W.  .-������JVr.  ���������'/iffroi'  '������������������ f: Vl*- 0-v}-"^U''5i;;> *'.''fJ'��������������������������� :i:^'-���������������'���������-<��������� i.J������;   "���������������������������������������������'���������  ...'^ ..*���������'������������������ -���������-���������������'*    ���������������������������;-;���������--. i  jjnfr^-.;''*rj  'r;l' ��������� ^.-'"v'1 ^i"^/^-'-J-  s^:th \  A AAlAAir* ^hA?,^A 7<A ^htb~-At&w&AAl"% {s  j . "     *   *'   ' *-'-"'������������������*  ,., A',������&<T-���������;$&({%$&;������$$; B0:tff"^ ���������'--���������y-^-J!  TJEIE GREAT FAMILY: MEDICINE OF THB ..  ��������� ;,;   v. . age. ���������. ���������:*>������������������[,  .-''!���������''   ��������� .-���������"-���������'..  ���������;*j?:'<:I������jO<~<^ 1*1*1 iV".   ��������� :'''-  ���������'��������� . '  ttave1 elated' since Bthje introdvb'tlon; of ��������� th^.  Pain Killer to the public;and' yet at'ttifc p-fes-.  ent time it is more'popular ano\ commands a  1 arge r ������������������ sale th a a, ev.fr before, A J ts,. pop ijlari ty  is^not confined^.to tjiis.countr^alone ;, all oyey  ,'ibe wpr.l d/1ts Tben^eficial efleets." in*;j-onriijig. ���������'tlij������  f\ \\ Is j that flVslV is liei rl to," are, ack r\ o wle^ge]! ���������'  ian^ ipjp^ci^ alpA^^Kii^n^rfe  famQ'yif*^ /  ,Ifc'rifiejsi oniy.-fo dq lin^aJtcCbe pri^d* '''/yf  time to prove the effica.cVv-of, a*ayrimedjcine. :  and th at th e FAf n- khxkr is deservi n g of all.  its proprietors-���������3r61ajm?fbJrfli is amply proved.  ;by| ^ei'^nnpaTrtl 1 eled' popular ityilit b'iiS1 at-  tainedlq 1.Jt>3S-ja������surb\and^jEFFEcrtvfc remedy.  Sold by all Pruggists.vand Storekeepers.^-  .Directtons.accohiipany each,b ottie. -i   r Je,3   "~~������������������------���������=���������'-���������-���������-��������� i rim ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������    .  ^1     Jt^^^  OTrtte'  !ir  >."ias  ;Wt>it.  ik  ^EttershantH hills claims .on ^utbjvsidej^oojfif-  ,1/mertcing^abont 100, feet? below. ;lowei\qany on,f  ^runnihgrdownvstream:    ,,,,v-  A^} ;ji   >;'���������  ^'���������'^i^   <    ^tlGUTXlNO cnEEK.-.:>���������'���������!-��������� ^ '^/^X ���������  0 ^ ^Eleven Of Englanil'coi^ J urn* 1-9���������Recorded,  !   in favor of Jumes Hockiiigi 206ieet^Richard'  ; fowling;* ,JOA.Je;ate3.jjha|lesifRowe1;Hugh  if-|>a1u*ii*f^1*I>^3r3^& rvA.-.&*;M: ip^v;^.������b p;  FRESHEST    GROCERIES   AND  PROVlSI0N#^N!ieA  .U-I-p j8������8he-not������iwoYking.:w.6llJn i*-*n u;,^.^  l-ii^it-^^^fv-fe'i������&f; .^���������'.���������'jiTw..-5-htw,:������������������,3|n^..-:^������w = ���������  ^''i'^i'iWASflJ.NGTO*^^^  iii> ^^.M'^Sr )^J^^^^ Ar.A V  ^ [;: -i   BRITISH GOmWBIA*;  ^-k :;-,;;  ^v'Wiite ME^ICd?'-"'^?^'  *'m -^ ur^AtA  ; jsr fit ;*r U'" ifjv-feiu v^m-vYi *A.m wrfi' f������!^f n v! 1^^- - '  ������-j"... y^MM^A^ m^mj:^ b :&;r  :;i- t,lbrt cisHM A/*-Af :ijs^te*flfe-&ri W,1^. ^  y,jB-" r*wt% *--..^������ Tr'.^:.'*.    v  "W^^ftftt:a^fion^^  [���������'smM^-'dM of thd liberal  ^y/>M^b^|t}v0im^ ^  ;^.Ajnmenciner at jippor :hne.Q^JfeeRlor^ee|  4owhen'    -!  ������������ I I W������.���������;:... .......        .    .-  W*HA"RF: ffl^J^B;^."'^.'^"^'',^ "' -;YlCfOKlAv  :'������������������-. \{i j Agent}! for. ^British;: Golumbia^mrif  .^\f AXtjFAbTURR^KA^I >ENG 1NKS -ANO; BOlIvl^r*,  ill   uitlter Hi^h or.Low..Pressurr,  ,c^j;,��������������� A.-urdf  ^oo:. and ninnmg^ug;Str(^  ^���������/Baaie,;, \     ' -r>,- * *V J ^/.v-'  ���������.>'���������   4*-.v. ,?  ������V / J *   ���������> **-��������� ��������� - ��������� m   .ANGLER CR.KEK...;,      , r .-. v- , . 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On |ir.n.i ������fl-- "*' i  ������;������ir- irii? la rao iassi "irtra t-������ii t oft "Sited,(Bo r n m\* '������������"���������> iv-'U,  '-* l    1      _    . .    -. ...    t-i....,.~  o������^l-<v    /'l/il������a  Vi.iYffi  Ir.n iron niiu.ow=ui,^a������^.^. ������-i"���������" ^ ������f,r. -������������������--,-v������x   %,,   .,*  All ^rHiTsiproiiiptly���������������attpndcd->toj.}.*J.TeTms--easiii'1 at  iiWlWodcfl in "Victoriav^>:- ��������� o^^''^HO ^(i/*f,'|  '���������srr.'.-i/i.  ������  f^Bfflo^tl^  ftVr^i^?rfiM:4  BARKERVIL;^  IMH  !*���������*"  * G-roeeries, Provisions and  ',":V'*i'*tr;;';' ;!������"W^S-.:'T;'. v,  r������;.. ,���������, .;.���������-���������,. _,.;���������; pi E.p OT-   F';0;R '" ;*?'-f'  K EXI1  '!lia**:  1 * .  .  ���������jsaii  ���������'^.'<i-j$^.  *>.u.  .' 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ONB^1'''(^t>D.:/SAUCEr^':;3/i  '" : - Tha Ominoca Express will cop neot with Barnard*s  :: "fepi^'a^ljaesnfcfmoatli ana William Creek, where  ' ' parcels abrtletters will be rec(S1yedi-'^������-i   ��������� :;   ���������;     ���������>:���������  '.t-'^'  Steain ^Engine ibr- Sale:;  TWENTY   HORSE ��������� COUPLE0 'HORIZONTAL   Engine and Boiler, with .or without lunstjug  jgl-ar. ��������� also���������  "The MACHINERY FOR A 'FLOUR MILL, -cbm]ilo?e.'  For partlcuiarp,l\pply ty EDWARD WILSON; or to  M2m      -        -���������'���������   :.:.'���������   ���������������������������. , Vktoria...:  I HAVE' been- re^iH'fited by several respectable par^,  ���������i itics,: wiio cab- i(������sLU"y"to ilio elficacy; of my sy^ieiii,  to again";make public the,lact that......  .,,;���������', ., .,,.,  '  ^O^EI^KMENT-STREETy VICTORIA, V^L  n-AS'O^HAKT), ANn^S-CONSTA^Tt^ receiving a  ^;iiir^. -; B-g.6*ru������*������n fa ',ofi ^CLOTHSf CA^IMICRKS  .yntt^*VKSTllSfIT*?,������w hifih iip is..,prepared 10 make lo ,������  (ird cr in.t.hoi most unproved, sty 1 es.. AA-'A A   ' '     ���������-)  4Sf*, Parties.,0d, ..,Wj 1 liam.: ,i re%ek = can, h������ye, Aliclt  ....;^Sr.^ A U orders ire in Carihao pi pinptly attended t������.  Caution against Fraud.-The.successor tlilj  3'  wiLt; raeyrnt: i$atd^ss; ,l      - ���������   /. ��������� ��������� t  kfcfiiJOTittB HArR-TH^r IH BRCOMt^GTHIN'   ,,  , f  in :������'i*IOK ,FAfLiLtN(?:;OF'F,.;.aua eituctiially.' -^r"w.   -,.  , :^fc.f' s,-, G.URE jSC.UKF;QR DANBlUIFF.,...\? ���������'"-  This i^ hot a m'ere; (asserh'pn on my part, as I have,  in m y' Ipossessl oh 11 ii ra'e ro as tesumoniai;< cer M t'y i vi% to  thc.Hiicccss ot my romody:;^:..:,,,.-,;/  \   ;.   .. ,:    ������  I do not of course pretend that I can make .the. hair  growim heads which have beenihaid tor yi'ars ;"but,  I will guarantee.to, stopV'tho, hair-. i'ronr.;Talliug on, to  Jncroiine its- growth, ��������� and effectually remove Scurf, or  ���������Dandruff/. ���������'    ...V  ���������/// V-"J: frW^ '  ���������-"      .      -   .. , ������������������;���������- ��������� Barkerville, B.C.. ���������  "ptibl ic is herob y i 11 formed that tht only way; '.o se?  cure the genuinoy.jus to     .-, ..���������.-   t.      {      ...    ..,.  ASK ;FOR; -LEA-/&  PERKINS'   SAUCK  I and to seC;,that-.tUpirlrnames are upon tlie [tyRArrKB  t'frSom e 61 tlie fo reign' m ark e 1's \ h iivi n'g b een Mnpplled  ! iv i th' a s puriblie WOrces te rsivi re Sauce,: u pon th e*"W rap.  per a nd la li el s 0 f: wh i ch t he n am es :o f Lea n n'd. Perr i ns  have b������eiv;forged., L. ,and -IV!giye notlce 1 hat tliey  have f urn Is Jic tl [ the} r. cor r cspo n dents wi th po vy e tf 01  attorney to 'take 'instant proceedings' against ,*������ixfc  J'-actcrkrs and 'vk-vdokb of >such, or any other imita*  lions by which thci r rlghti may- he! nCrittgcd:....,  Ask foivLEA & PERRINS^ Sa-uoe and see  . vv.3Sra:-n9 , on: -, ;%Vrapper, ? Lal\el,, .Bo.ttle r:arid  ^���������Stopper. .._    _.. . ��������� ,' ' ' [ ���������������������������!���������.  ���������;' Wholesalc an d Tor exper t by: the Proprietors, Wor"  coster ���������; .Crosse an rl- Bla'ckwel I, Lou don, &c,, &c;-r an t\  by .Grocers si n tl Oil men lin j v<vrp al ly. ..      ...:.; J       . ' /  }.A->.-:r/t ���������...-    .ICERTtHZCATE. .;*      ..=;, -;:; ���������  This is.to certify that, during, last spring my,'hair  .was riipidlv l'alliug out.and my licari was fast hec<H.u:  ing mh\, when I applied td"Mr:W;- D.MOSES, Barber,  Barkerville, who in'a ie>v weeks restored oiy hair to .  its former healthyHtate      ���������        (OAVID <il HBONS.    j  .Barkerville, Bee,.29^1*60. .;   ,a-?i������Mr  ;��������� ': "[/a/ ;: ;;::^gi?^t& m#. V'  TM B^yal Insurance? rX?a  i       '       "\VHARI' STRBKT, VTCtOBTA, V.Ii  ��������� '  j -    ������������������������������������'' ;L"' '���������-"'!  n^*������"3as." ;'-''���������������������������,:     ' ���������;  ��������� "  n;';; 1';;J'.; .yic!rbRi^.B.p/  ^drkw-Wrico;l::: V?^.;; ra<rtgmon;  ^The most commbViious and cl^nn Hotel in ���������^  tt is conducted on the Kur;.p������an pni.c.p e/, J e |ablo  K sunnlied with the, very best the market nfioijg.  Rooms- lor EVim ill es..- : ��������� i -,��������������������� *   : - !  ''���������"���������. y.    ;',- l*v f W  Per .dav-.'$l: Siuglfi meals, S7K cents. ; BW^'  - ^ Fire i^ot ^ e tn '-thd House. - > - my6 6������������  '"������������������:-������������������; -^   f Wholesale Dealers in ;//'[  v*y$^&  ������������������- ���������-- -:n /,,>;:.'r? ':-������������������';   :A.A--r **%'..   ;:v^-'*. ::>.  idfluors, Havana Oig&rs?  ��������� ���������   *      t   .....' _ ...     ������������������������������������-,   ���������.'.1- .-..'     r.. '. .  ��������� ���������.*;���������' i. ii  .   \  YATKS   STREET,   -  -,  ViCTOEIA..' B.C.  ���������..--. ���������.������������������������������������:  -?       -:.������.;"''   ..-.������l������y 6 y������...', ������������������"  uKULUikWMUHUItnUU  ^ffiS3JfSS!5S!iMl&^f ':Vk;: .' ' '!."! Wj


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