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 ���������'���������1  m  bfff .3  ii  ������ol;14;  :,- B^^Sattirdayv -gaa^.^  ���������J-i^*:  ���������/;,.������:  Published every S&tnrdaj b^r*"' j  R 0 BERT    H 01*; LOW A Ti.  SubsoriptMHii > ��������� - ��������� -10 Cents per We������ii  "For one square (oncincu^.first insertion, i ������ ..'f ji.  ���������*V.v������.' *-*r. ���������'���������������������������*'. >,: ',.;;{'���������:'.'������������������. owomonth, .-.'** . .&  "%  8  . Ttor two squares, firsUnsertlon,  Agents fpri tKe *! Cariboo :Sentuiel.V-  Van'Wiiilcle;- .f'.-Tfr  , Qucsueimwittv  ' 'nintwa,i;! -���������   "N ���������  Yale,'   '.-  ���������-',. /"..  JhTfaw. Wostrotnatetv  '"Victor!:iii.'.:?.,    -  . '* 'Tj F; Fjshpri: >'���������.. ,-  '  Bean&Co.,.V" ;���������'.,,...������  ' <G. Street,;-   >     -,  A D. McTnnes.  ^Barnard's Express  :> ;"j": ���������Barnard' s Express  < ������     Barnard'a Express  -. *-v   ,    do-   v , , do J ;  ��������� ������   r* / JnhniMurrayj,  ���������  y.-.*; -���������.^MrlWeifcter.-  ���������- .".������������������.';..v fr :-'iii Ban Francisco-  .;. - ��������� - ,, Sua Francisco  180. Corn hill, tendon, E. C,  ridiculously small.!- There is strong evidence  to prove that Charles VVBibanlMrs, fee Fug-  gers, wiidse?wealth- made them; Princes with  aoyereipjn iriptit8������~^belT heir la ilefyihg -Bay*- j  tlW tft tnis/mtnvle 16 expel him as a Jesnttbe-  cause ^ he ? is. a mediatised Prlnee--iiieyer had  more than a quarter of a million, White |!ii  17501scarcely itany������ Englishman could ;have  produced' half ai'million, perteapsCnotf one:-^  The; new scalej/under ���������yjjhle^yte^ii^wUtf less  thanijvnffilio#^ja)mong^  and menp&nbequpted worth twentymillrans,1  nine-attic;- pegging away at hiaV lastj la .much  more1J'r esrtec tub le-'.tfiaofiiie^young,iriau'who:)  left Ms falb or's, farm ^before be ' learned I to  ' work^f Rev'; Henry Ward Beecher.   ;���������&���������*,��������� '$.  Wfttfer^mark Of siicce^s lo^Hfe, b^fean lifeSasrun  apprehtlceIn a ^inWnff^ofee^fit ^o}Parw  to seek work ^as a compositor, and waa for,  so^lime; empio^^  he'returned to- London and/joined' iils ;faihfer  , .r HOTELS,vRSSTAintATSJS, &e.-,-.,  r;- .s imfi /;! ,.v. a ,^Lt' ?i;<;ii*r3-:-^i;?;^' vl;^., ������������������ x^r**^?'^':>i;''; .v. ���������,'  ii  ' "ti  ,-f"- Se  Tti^OAHIBOQ SENTINEL  ^ar4fl������0jroii1ar^^^  " Balls and Theatrical Entertainraeota , !  /Sff^Rxeeii ted-wi thi neatn essan d dlapatcbXj^zf  ? TermaJnoderttte;-.  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Moreover,  the va^ie of drains employed, fe isny great  tnsinesB 1b so' iarge:a portion of Its .capital  -that a rigid esaraate is irappBsible^finpppBe,  for instance, that in 1860 one of theCJnrneyB  had been a splendid Unancier���������or would in  ah immense wimbbr offinstanees involve pil-  lage so gross that succession-duties would be  refused to receivers good-salary. I never d<������  rided wealth, never exhorted you r about-be-;  ui^eppnomical^rl^oni^ as soonwalfc  into my yard and say to my cows, <40h, AI-;  dertteye; ibe careful of your imilk F  A man may be,richipnd yet be a Fo'et Of  one hundred who have wealth, but one knows  how'ito n������e l%f The ^insane \ notion-that * ififa  man only had wealth he-wouldn't want anything else; has been: the ruiirpf Sinany >ypiing  men. Sudden wealth and inimense #ealth  are the dream.of many men, in,cities whjp have  left their farms* and workshobs to come here.  I'M  ������������������-:'/������  ���������1:1  | ,     ' ..i.e.;;  '0'V ��������� *t '' ���������*  1  ��������� '      :  J. Wi'tilNDStAKft  Tan WinkteJttne.5;18ra:[J"  pQ^K^N0^NCB*HATtH^HAVEto0^tO  .)   to tlio spucioua.premises,formerly-kao>vn,as tfcp  :Stl";Gfl6rgo-^tlo^h^wnero  prepared tojfuroish���������<* r\*k^ptt/m^ v^"tf    -���������*-���������'';  ���������:^ifj"BOARD,   &ftty^&������$%: :  mm  ���������''/}'.'  'SSmiS**  =���������ftb'e .PAR. J, turnisliediiw.it|i|itDeJ Cacst WINE3  : < HAVE^boeii* roquesied by^bvera! respebtnblo par-  ..;ties, wlio.cahitestifytOitUo efficaoy bf iny systariii  to agam make public the fact itiat <$.- ^_  ;   \i    ���������  supprefised by popular disgust.    The esti-  . I:  mate for ���������certain other descriptlona of personality���������for example, libraries, is usually very  lenient, an estimate of auction value' rather  than of real value, ^nd the totals therefore  may be accepted as within the mark.   The  number, moreover^ is no indication as to the  number of such fortunes in existence.: Men  liave been accumulating since history began,  but the scale of accumulation has varied ex-  *ceedingly from age to~ age.   We have no  space for toe inquiry just now, but we think  we could prove that no private individual in  -our day, iot even the late Baronv- James  Eothschild, ever possessed such a fortune-  estimating it by the quantity of wheat It  would buy���������as one1 or two of fee- Roman  cobles, while just before the dfee^very of  I venture to:say that the^iTeJv^Jhpuaand j ^I^|SS^S^c6ming^^  youngm  age who  von nit men' here between 20 and 30 years of OB palling 0?P, and Effectually r  '       s' J      l ���������   CURE: SCURF OR' DANDRUFF.  RAVE NOTHING TO DO, ' :  New.-York is full of them. I do not wish to  !be disrespectful, but I ask one of them if he  can do a day?s workt He will answer^ N(fc  Are you good on shipboard! No ; I've never  been to sea. Can yon make a chair ? No.���������  Are you a blacksmith:?: Noi Are you a carpenter! No. Ib there anything on God's  earth that yon can' dot No, not a thing.  [Langhten] Now think, what'can you do ?  Well, Vm a good boek-keeper, [Laughter.]  They can dp nothing and can get nothing to;  do. Not alone is this the case in Nsw York,  but in all the large oities of the Union.  ��������� Thousands of young men would  \ -STARya TO DKATH  on a hundred acres of laud because they  couldn't raise corn. They would be houseless-and ������������������ homeless in a lumber yard���������barefooted with all the leather in the Swamp at  their command, They have abandoned work  and want something nice and easy.   I think  . This is not a in ere assertion on my. part, aslbave  iin raypossessionauraerouatestimontalsoertifying to  itbe success of my remedy.... .; ��������� I '..���������������������������* ��������� ",  i ��������� I do not of course pretetid that I can make tho b air.  groW'.on' heads iw'biob have been bald* for years; bat  I willguaranteeto stop; tho halfifmm fallihgbuVto  Jncreufic its growth, andeffectuallyremoveScurf-or  Dandruff. ; ? W^D^MOSES^, ,:  ,1    . "������������������..;. Barkeryjl!e*B.CV-V'  ;" ��������� GBRTIFI^PB. ������������������:���������>:  ��������� This is to certify tbatduriag last rsptftg; -my 'haj  was rapidly fallitag -.oot and.my head .was f astbocum  infc baid, when I applied to Mr W. B,MOSES; Barber,  BarfcerviUc,whoin a[few weeks restored my nalrF'"  ita-former heaHby-stato'���������:������������������> ' DAVID GIBBONS*-;  ���������'��������� Barker^illo Dee, 29,18e8������   ; ������������������<*&*  ?OAVJNJ&x, PURCHASED THE -!ABOVS  :JJL fiotel iroiri! MrJ. J. Robertson, bogs to inform,  ithe travelling public and tho Miners of 'Cariboo that  he. wjll: do bia-utmost ;to(.sustain the- rwell-o".arned W-  putatleh of tub' bouse as a^flrst-chisa Hotel :; *  Joaetica fpjtunos were in apparmt^Krountf that the respectable German in life .sly by  TTTT  rTHB BATTK OB*BRITISH NORTH AMER*  I tCA at VIcrrOHlA will tintll further "n'btico pay  on money specially < lodged Interest at the rate of  Four per cent per annum  on .deposits.subject]to*S1TteenvDay&'&ot ce'ofj with  draWaltand  Five per cent!, per annum������,  on Deposits suujectTto, Thirty JDays notice of|jwith.  drawal. " ��������� ���������  M  1 HRNRY A.. TUZO,  I Ma n:%er Victoria Branch.  . October 18,1872- oc20>  .|  Wm.aS:������B^l^furni3lic^with;tbs ba8a;th������: Maffeot'  affords;;:;. :   ..   '      ,    ���������'       ,,... ���������. ,-.. , --,u -;������������������; *  Is wem stocked with Spirits, Ales, l^iaos aad OlgarSr -5  Are comfortably furnished, and a targe addition to  the;udmbcr of rooms iis- uowjbciag made.  Are the beat in the Upper Conntry, and will  always be weiKsupplW with.-flay and������tm*  *>wnW!HHXumtW!m y.i\[t
.'���*��*'? * '
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J|JJy: .
�����W1; .-���;"���; '
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as? ��� ��� ���     ���  ";- .        ..      , ���. ������-, *.- :j
SATURDAY, JAN. 25. 1673.
At the first -meeting of the HotiBe tffte? the
^rljournment consequent *npon the chanjre df
Ministry. "Mr 'DeOosmos'briefly sketched (he
Biftecof policy ihe new Government intended
to adopt, and Indicated some of the most important measures 4h��y intended to submit to
' ? the-consideration of the House.  TSfow, while
���wergrre 1he Premier frill credltfor honesty of
���purpose and a sincere desire 1o -place this
'Province In the M van of-progress;" we are
'farfrom eatf^Sed at some of the changes it Is
^propoaed to tnake.   At present we shall Conine our remarks to some of the principal
rmeasures intended'to'be brought forward,
lint **b occasion offers -tibaTl refer to. those
-more particularly affecting this district when
in posseasion of the necessary information
thai-will enable us to arrive at a correct conclusion.
The Premier promises^etrei>i^mmrt is a
nvay that will not impair the efficiency of the
ipublic service   If that is to be done In the
manner proposed in the next sentence���by
the payment of Magistrates and Constables
jIij foes���we mast certainly take exception to
\t  We are told that the 'system obtains in
-ether Provinces of the Dominion, and works
weto.   The assertion we are not prepared to
dispute.   That It'work's well speaks volumes
sfor the virtue and morality of the people, but
$8 no argument in favor of :thit which as evil
;in itself. We can hardly imagine a more per-
���niclons system than the-one under coneider-
;ation.   It opens the door to fraud and cor-j
���ruption, and that ^oo in matters affecting, the
dearest rights e-ndprivlleges of Wall.   Even
as a aatter-'of economy it is a very doubtful
>on�� <w%en cpplied to cbllectors'of the revenue,
Who, if their services are worth retaining at
.all,are worth paying for,and^at too at^nch
:a rate that honorable men may be indwoed to
remain In the public service.   A far better
system of retrench ��est would be fos-nd In
^the amalgamation of offices. Where tbetffflce
Is unnecessary or a elneoure, abolish 4t alto-
^gel/ber., .,-.". .   y ���'���    ���' 0*':; :' ._'r .   :
'ATrffllato^einrrodircedfor the purpose
-of effecting reforms In the Mining Laws, and
judging <by the comments of the Standard
on ifie Premier's speech', it.^ill be^f-a most
'<eCTpT*e^ensive nature. At this distance from
'thfKcapital, we will npt'have an opportunity
��of Criticising the measure until It has become
law.   We have, however, before referred to
Sbb matter, and think the existing law ^but ill;
suited to our altered circumstances, and hope;
that the House will deal with the subject-in a.
ananner befitting He gravity and importance,:
Toro��hits*proper treatment depends not only
the welfare of this district, but the future
prosperity of <ne whole Province will in a
great measure depend-npon the proper devel-
<*pm?nt of our mining resources.
Surveys of land are to be made throughout
1he Province and free grants given to actual
settlers,*��nd blocks of tend wit! be sold for
���colonization purposes. With the security
tJi��ta;Wild Laad Tax will give against look*
Sng Mp valuable tracts in the hands of speculators. "Suc*i a measure will be productive of
1he greatest benefit, and achieve that end so
TOTicti ie. t>e desired���the Betiiement of the
The1 Municipal system is to be extended.
It would be well if the inhabitants of this:
town would give some thought to this matter.
With so maoy matters of purely local interest pressfog u pes *ns, It is surely worth mtr;
while to require the amount of revenue that
�����ould be collected for the support of a corporation, and to consider the advisability of
mdoptiag''ffltinicipaiiii8Htutions; Large 8*wns<
=are rafaed ^ers for jKirpoeea that are quite
withio the powers-of & corporation to deal
with.., We shall be glad to receive the,
Amended ��fonrerpa3 Act, and trust it will be
a measure that will meet our requirements.
The House is to $>e consulted on the advisability of increasing the number of Ministers
<witJjH>wk however, involving any expense Ig
"be country. We trusi the Sous�� villstirori
lls% W
Remaining In the Barkervillc Post Office on
2d .January. 1873. Parties' calling for
letters in the Toll owinglist, ;-will piease ask
for Advertised lietkers: ��� *  V      v
the kind.   An-
(portfolio! of course to eatisfy the ambitious longing of come friend of the Administration, or to bky the support of some factious opponent.   An utter absurdity,���It is
surely not necessary to conduct the business
of thecountry that one-fourth-of the mocibera
of the Legislative body slicwild be in'the Executive Council. Who is the gen$eraan wbo8e;
advice in the Council is so all-Important that
it is necessary to create a-special portfolio for
him.  If this be as strong an Administration
as we claim it to be, we prefer it as it is.
rather than numerically stronger and intellectually weaker.
We are promised that the much vexed question  of Indemnity shall be   satisfactorily,
settled.   It is time it was.   Nothing can be
more undignified than to see. our. legislators
di. puling about the value of services that can-
no't 1)emeasured by adollar and wit ���standard. ' . ...   .   .-.; ������' ...'_���������.-.
the Ballot Is to be 3ntrodueea\~-a meaiure
utterly unsiiited to the requirements of the
country and the spirit of the people.
The Gold Commissioners Cou^te are to be
amalgamated with the County Courts.   So
long as the present Gold Commissioners remain in office that mayj work well enough-*
but Bhould any of those gentlemen retire the'
Dominion  authorities, whose .-servants   the
County. Cosrt  ^Fudges  are,; may appoint
one that it will take a long course of training
to fit for tbe position.   Some practical knowl
edge of mining, experience In the nature of
mining disputes, only to be acquired by a
residence In a mining country, aud tact in
weighing evidence, are of far more value than
a legal training %r a *Golfl Comiaissioner, as
easea, in that Court, where so much is left to
the judgment of the Commissioner, are more
often decided by the elastic rules of 'common
sense than the arbitrary ones ��Btab;iished by
legal authorities; :" ; �����'��,':':   % ���!
The preceding are some of the more, important of the measures that the Ministry will
bring before the House.   Whatever may be.. ^ ts��ii
the faults of some of tiem, and! however much j tra*Ct6Q. &Hu J? liiCu*
we may be opposed to them, the Ministry
have certainly shown that they are not afraid
to deal with great questions; and if ���their wisdom be o<nly equal to their courage, their
skill in detail to their boldness ip conception
we may confidently expect that the House
will meet them in a spirit of fairness and con?
ciliaHoB, and bring the labors of the session-
to a ��ucceasfurisaue. ...
Anderson Robert
Adams Jatn?s   ...
Barker Wiriiam
Burkholder W S
Bridges Thomas  :
CowliogT-W*'' 2 ���;; ���{
Cameron Sfftvx
Charlton "W. .'\'\i\":
DoddWrn/,-: ������
ForbesF, 2 ? vr
Qill Alfred'   :   ������
Greet* Samuel ��� -s   ;
Glover Anthony I)
Harvev Thomas
Halt Wesley, 2
Hough Richard
Holtz Charles
Jones Hatnil
Jones Roherl
Jones W K
Jones WT
Johnson J T    .
Johnson T D
���Knott-John /
LansereWm:.,;;'.;. ���
Xayj*bn!v   ....{" ���
-lianybh Johni "
LirtchMr>!;: ������;^V'..':i
WlcKenzie A-
. McCormick Wra C:
ilcliean Hoyrard ;   ^
iicDougal Roderick
'^cKetfeie'J     JCf.'/>:
Mitchell James -
���Paulson Charles; 8;
'Robertson David
Howe J
Sampson John
Segars 15
Standish WG,    .-.
Sheldon Miss Mary, 5
Tretheway Thos
Worham Harry, 6
Wabh Thomas
The Ross co. are doing well. The Spruce
co. stopped running their drain on Thursday
and commenced to open out, and cleaned up
41 oz. as the result. The Victoria co. will
have their new walkingfeeara in position next
week. The Vancouver col hare lost the rock
and gone back in the drift to feriog up more
grade. The Gladstone-co. are blasting through
bedrock to strike the charm��i further up
Atream. The Eleven of. England will start
their mew pump next week.:
The Two Bisters-cleaned up last week 54
oz.; the Discovery 34 oz. The Two Brothers
co. have at last found clay, aud are prepaiing
tosfnk,        "' .
Thkatkical Pkufor^axck.���The Amateur
Diamatic A.ssoeiatlon. with a spirit that is in
the highest degree ���commendable, are about
arranging for a perfdrmance to be given on
��th,February for the benefit of three little
children whom adverse circumstances have
thrown upon the charity of the public. We
are��quite sure that we need not do more than
refer to this matter to secure them a bumping
benefit. Several ladies and gentlemen not
connected with the association have voltrn*
teered to assist, and no effort will be BpareQ
to render the performance attractive.
ImpttJatl.���For (he first time in two years
and a half.the jail at Richfield is without an
occupant, and the records of the Police Court
for the last month have been'a blank. Long
may it remain so.
Th�� Estimates will be laid -before the
House on Monday next.
Thm William Creek Fire Brigade Bill has
passed a third reading.
'  Mr H M.Baix had one of his hands frosen
OQihewaj from Yale to Ho|>e, . _. 1
Gkevalier^s Life fbr ^Hair
' i     f<XHJGH L0ZKNGES,--ftc.;'Ac.u"'
W*?, Teetk -carefully Ex-
'.pSF. Prescriptions^and Family Recipes ac-
ctrrately prepared: ,
Barkerville, Nov. 20. 1872.;;'   .!\\. no23
' ' '""' PKAr.KR*tk '   " "" ;
G-rbcefiesr T* rp^isibris
on hand.1 , .,   ���- ���;..;, r>, :\':. jno23,;;
the old nnd favbrito stand of tho-Miners' Store,
formerly .kept by Mr P. JIanetta, whore all comers
will be welcomed.
The.best pf Wiries, Liquors
&���# f<y&Tl fH EH A R.
'Barkervlllf, October 31,1672.
,oc26 Ja
Power of Attorney, and is fully autboriz��d te
Collect all Debts duo to me. AH those knowing
themselves to be in my debt, by either Note or Ac*
count,- will please make immediate payment to my
BaT^wvfSlQ, 8M flstobw, WW, , ��J2S Im
of Attorney, and is fully authorised to collect
all debts dde to mo.   All those indebted to mo by
either note or account, will please make immediate
payment to my Agent.        ' ,������.�������-   =
-- ' 8AVDSBS03! PEARCT.  \
��� Barkervillc, Nov. 29,1872. �� a����
The Re&ife|ra%ion of
Birtlis,;l>^thsi aiul Mai-
riages Act, 1872.? ff
PUBLIC NOTTCB I? "jfiWftlbjr ,ffiT��n- that .from"and
after the 1st day of September next, ? all- Birth.��
Deaths and iMarriapes within, the Province of BrffSfc
Columbia a re to bo Re^is toted ,nndet the wilvHtaja'it
" The Repistralioh of Hftittes, IJeaths and iinrrineen
Act, 1872," ��t the Office of the UistrtvtRegiatT��T &
tj'hc District wherein the .same rt��pectively. shall .iaU
^tace, and within ttbe tihtes &i!owt*ug, ttiattis[fy W5-1
BIRTHS���Within 60 days from the dato thereof, f ��� 1
DEATHS���Within 30 days after Interment.  ���
M^RRUGES-rAyithin 90 days from the date thereof.
Every Householder, Head of ji Family. Clergyman,
.Physician, or other person or persons, reqalreil by the
said Act to report1 Births, Deaths and, Marriage*,, wh*
refuses, of wilfully neplects to do-eo, witliiln the times
before nn mod,' wil I tie liable 4o a penalty for each and
every offence ��f not legs than Five Dollars or moro
than Twenty. Dollars, to be recovered with' costs be.
ft��re anyl'lustice of the Peace nayjn?? jurisdiction wiiaia
the locality where any Bach offence is committed
against tho said-Act,'- ....       "..���.:.. ��,
,   .        By command,-'
,H. fl.
Lind Rejristnf Olllce,
Aug. 31,1872.
... Registrar General.
:'" Bell
��� ,  ���  ���   3TQTIOE.
.   .   HorasoF'AsijaMB^Y, '2d*Afl'gBast,*1871.    :
Extract from Roles relative to Private Bills.
6 0. All ��|>p1ieitttons for Private Rills," properly the
rubject of i*gi��]at-1 on by the Le^|��la\ \ ve A^sembly of
British Columbia, within the pniyiewof I'TIie Brl'tisli
North America Act. 1867,^ whottior (of the erectioh of
a BridRo. {he making of a Riiilroail,1 TuriiplkoRoad, or
Telegraph Line; the construction or!mprovjunqht of a
Harbor. Con ril/l/tck.-Dajn/ir Slid e, or other Ilk a work;
the pranl InK of a ri^it of Ferry;' the ^lhc6fporati'>ii of
any particular trade or:call)up, or of any J^lnt Stnck
Company; or othenvis^* for granting to; any! individual
or indivuiuttls any exclusive or 'peculiar riglits or priv-
ilrtges whntoveiv'or; ftir 'dolriR/any -matter or thiriir,
which in its op'ration would affect .the"richt.'or'.pron-'-
crty of other parties, or- relato irtoj nny^pfirticular: clap*,
of tho community ;i of ^br makitifeauy ainrnii men t of ��
like nature to any former Act, shill r qufre a Notio*��,,
clearly and dIstirictly Bp.-cifyinff theuaturoand iiJ\\"ct.
of the upplic-ilion,:,to he publishei!^as followsr viz;��:r
A No t ice inserted jni, the, $ri t is) y ColI urn bi�� f<5iz-t t��',..
and tn' one n^ewspapi'f ���:paDTis'lied iri';tl��e!^dis 1 riel.nf-
fected, or If there, he no '-newspaper puMisheiftberMn,,
then-ln a newspaper In:thernext-mearestpdlsiricV!; im
which a newsp:iper-Is;nublls^p.d.;r*?.'������:~:��;.yy:.;:" ;,,�����: '���,-,;.
j^* Such notice shall be centihuod in.oach C:}S'Vf(��r-
a period of at least six weeks,'-ourl.h^ihV-lBteprJirior*-'-
lime l��etween the closeM;;t1ie; next preceding;8esSion-
and I he consideration'of .the: pet iiiori^*?-f ^ -; y"v?' '/-y-..
. 61.' Bcfnce any,':.Petition, pptyinj? f(��,�� 1 ony^fr|o?fefjnif
In a Private Blll?of:tKe; erection pf^.Tofl; Brldg-'.; '8-
preseated to tho Htmsej thp/pcrsoh oi< pef/ohs* int' 11 =t-
inff tit petition for such' Rill shrtip Hp����n;tfiyiiie the; notice prescrihed In the pf I'ce'diiig Rule,"also a111 w s;i rub
time, and in the s->m�� manner, piv<ii notice-octh^ r .rti*
which they intend to*ask,ythe;extented the:privily,
tho.beieht* of tlie arches, the'interval ��� between Hi*
aimtments or piersfor the passapo of- rafts or vessels,
and mentioning also wheth'T they intend to er.'Cl a
drawhrldgb or not and the dimensions of. the samV.
-..,;.,.>���!,...   :,-.:,v,:.;.::;rCHARLR^GOOD;-,,;���;::;���. ���
; sea in.''���'"       Clerk of ti 10 Legislative ABsembly.
;Also, a good asBortraeol of ���
GROCERIES,' ^VISIONS,    ^^^^^^^^i;;
:  IdQUORS, CIGARS,,      ?   :;
i;     IjARD OIL,J&p., for Macbinwy
October'"t 1872,
'-    -   ! -���
���r. ,���    'i
Oa reasonable terms*
^- Orders 'left at MrKsfttfh BarkervHI*s
������mh v>  ryssai  THE CAIOTOO SENTIM1  .���������SAttJKpXTi >ff XStttf &;���������, -lflSTS.  u- Yale, Jan.^24'���������We ���������have; had a great steal  :���������';������������������ ������of rain during tbe iveel������|; Snow nearly jail  *   gone from the /roads, except .in drifts and  ������������������;   :elidep;r^- /���������'���������'���������';) ������������������������������������:���������'=���������.;. , ������������������;���������'' v.'1,-.::;; ��������� '���������-��������������������������� \ :'.;"'\ -1 ��������� -���������  ? A;.-'Bavarian; named; Wm. Kein, died hereon  tb������ 22d from erysjpeiaa^ >     ;; ��������� I  The up expreas will leave here on-Jlqnday  morning. .; No paggengers for Cariboo'.  ,'; v\;\;"'/^ ���������. |;  : Clinton, Jatti 22~Th* down stage arrived  ������thoot to-day.;yntih Mr ft,Pratt; who la jor  fern way to Canada, andi two other, passengers.  Mr Thaddeus, Harper also, .goes to Victoria  .. from here'.��������� ���������"';- -; ���������;,'���������/... '"'' ���������\'v*7.'.��������� .if .���������  From Mr HarperV who ft'just in from Kafn-  loops, we learn the atobk is all right there; if  no more heavy snow storms' prevail. The  snow baa.malted so that they, can get goad  *fee<&   Weitiherbere mild. f  VICTORIA. j  Victoria, Jan. 23��������� The  build in g at  the  ,    corner of Cormorant and'Store streets known  as the MouhUloeer Saloon, and owned by P.  Gilligaini was destroyed by' fire <\ast night.  The building was insured for? $609. ���������  ;. yiclp^ Jan. 24���������The vacancy.in the Senate "'created- by^the resignation of Hon.  k  Mitchell, has been HI led * by! the afjpof n tmeh t  . of the Hon. Mr Miirchison. of Mtram ieki.    ;'.;  :., It la stated (hat the seoond -Parliament of  ;the ppuiinl^n ,wil| meetaome time during the  latter part o f Feb r u ary.        ... r ,,.' ... _      \  f Mr James Hbggpof Jtamlonp*,' ia;: in town  i;'_.:'ehroute to^Scotland, be having fallen heir toi  ���������". \ an' ������statedhVre^ v"/a' ;r' *"  ; Overaeyeut������ Britiabaubjecta: oiftSan Juan]  .'.;��������� t������I a n- I  tbVfk' the on th of atlegi ance to the  tJnfted ;St������Wlast WnWTajrJ'"  -'.'.'.i^rtCoivtp^h^been vialte'd of late witb  -coiirinu'oiift;������hpck8 of,<������>wthqu^k^.   Atjorre^-  ���������.;;���������'. p MatdVi s t fro j n: Vh ere sa y s o n, the even i n if Of  the 14th inat.; athalC past 10 o'clock, we ware  ->>tnriled by:.al sever* ah <ick of earthqnak e,-  which was^ followed by four or five other dif>-  ,;.ti)������ctphr������ck8 tit in tenuis*<dnri*g the  night.���������  ;������������������.'/.; SI i f? h t vi brat ton a :h aver been fe U during every  ^rltty&^eja^ ' morning of , the J8th,  ; Abwiit \\u 1 f p[art. 10. o'cNicU\ there was a very  i P^'CwptibU aSocft^Sloat of; the Indians*, a?  Jar us heard froVn, are much irlehtened, and  ins* ime inaiaji d^lata I -r������������i������M Ha have Allowed.  The piirtliqvial^fl:Was" particislai ly severe in l he  vicinity of Okanafjau Lik^. Two Indian^  who came over from there^p;triiikat-.a ppinjt  or Und\p^yecilngintrt"i|^ baa disapf  p"arf"<l, aiid that the eirtii was opeaed froni  ^������S iuehea to two feet ui^aHye.raV^  ^tftt������ it I jto that the coii n try was fa IV of a tno lie  from the .north, and .that a nnfse resembling  thunder came from the same direction^ ^f r ���������.  Two mem got into a difficulty yegteivlay  n%outa wo^man ������ad a%at with knives ������a.  sued. ���������-.;.'.  Craufoird, alias H-nasian Bill, attempted to  enter;tfee;irpp!n[-pf ^ woman wit& whom fte  had been living, carrying a large knife in bis  hand f������<r the purpose of attacking a man  named ������ro wn^ wh otn Craw.f6rd anspecled W'  being ?afimate"rwith the woman., Brown  i-ushed ������Sat," aelzed the kriife, and a struggle  ensued In which Crawford aitcceeded in cut  ting several gashes in Brown's head. Brown  wp������������5&e4 *be^ knife from/ (Jr^iford; and cwt  ti ire in the do domen,'in Sic tin g a dangerous  wound.''- "���������-:-,"."������������������������������������;   " ���������;"' V,  respmnihle f-orithe dawngeR eauwd by tin  ParVa,^- Janf ?6~Tbe 'play to which the at-  tentloa of the authorities has been called by  the eenaora is ,4 Coucle," by Victor Sardou.  Washburne, (he* American Minister, disowns  any action or intention on his part of inter-  terlng wiUa theiprpducUpn ot the play on the  Stage,.'.   [H-^^'^--.;:^';.''-;:--"- ;';':.. .-   -"���������������������������''-.���������������������������. .': '������������������  The Frasco-German Boundary Commis*  alonera have concluded their labors..  ;��������� ^broeJJrani^���������������������������������Ih;the.: Chamber of Depu-  ties to -d ay iSi gao r Peashoa naked I that * m eas-  urea be taken to prevent frauds oii emigrants  forwarded by the American Immigration Co.  Miniat������������r Viscount said Government.had Us  atlea"3ioB "called te the deplorable occurrence  which the Deputy sought to prevent, aud  measures were under consideration with, (hut  view. i--.;;.. . [.'; / A ....    ..- ,*  Borlia, Jan. 19���������A grand display,-reUgiou8f  military arad civic, ������cc'nrred at Potadatrt in  the garrison churclu Eighty-six flap captured from the French during the war were  Hnhgon the walls witu"imposing eeremonles.  T le Emperor and Empress, Prince, and chiet  Generals of the army, were present. The Em--  peroT th asked the army for its heroism, the  results of which were eternally engraved on  the'tfablets of history.  Alabama, undent he would; cheerfViWy cotr-  aeat to the f ajmen^of theXxeneya award*;  ladme, Jan. i7-^So wails from Mad M /have  crossed the,frontier, aad the; rnnning^^f :the  trains on the. Sp ������>ti i������S Northern Rai! ro aA a re  sdspended.   The engineei-s refuse to Work in  ^onse(*s;iie:io^toftbteats't^Cairlista, ; ; ^ ���������?  ^usselsi /Jan"; 15������������������ A libiier In ''a lactrvry at  Olrarl ero i ex ploded ��������� this m b'rni n g^ El even  -smrsons Jwere  kilted and-a large7 anmber  -wouuded '- ^ _'.-/ .'���������-....   -���������'.���������.-������������������.   **���������' ���������'������ . i  .*X Rome. Jah; -!6>^Tl#Senate: baa #ppTo'Ve(l  of the b 111 forbid din g theological i nstrivctibn  tn the--.public Bchoola.. ���������, ���������,.    ��������� -��������� :.t'M  The Pope told some yiaitora;that the, bodtes  of the A postiea P hi II i p and Jain es were A is?  covered on Wednesday in the Church' of !:the  Appatiesv   "���������    * ''������������������" ��������� .;:   fc l h- "���������'.'������������������[  London,' Jan. I$������������������ A grand recopt]on: was  glveni todayvjti ChiselhursVby the EnipresH  B\igenie an d Hapnteon tV. to 10.OUH sold iersV  etateamen^ and dintinguished ��������� i'^enehtrien.^  The Etapre������s and her son passed through the  'rooms filled'with'' people all ini the deepest  mptirning; and gay*, "them Her h'and -to be  kissed. The Ira peffallata expect:the speedy j  restoration of the Empire, with the Empress;  as Regent.  Marseilles, Jan.'lfi���������The Admiral. ef- the.  French *<|undron at Villa Franca gave a ball  last night on bo������rd: the flag-ship. The officers  of the Am������i icur������ and British squadrens were  iuvit������d but decline I.      - ���������.        -^  PROVINCIAL   PARLIAMENT.  :STATES... -.   .       J  San FrancIscp,^ Jh^^ 2lafeArrivedv ahip  To i in g. ��������� A in ericti ,��������� 99 days from ^Livet^oo I ~4  "the faateat time ion record between *ba two  (ports.:: fThe flrat 11 days out she sailed 274S  miles ; biff heat run for one day 340 miles.;- ���������.'_���������;  , New York, J������n. 20~Counsel for Stoke*;;are  vpreaaing for a new trial, and rel y much on  the fact that two jurors went outsidet -of the  ���������Court for evidence, one; having: ex iraihed the  ladies1 ataircaae of the Grand Hotel, arid ah������  other examined piatols at a Kunamith'a to aee  to whether four-barrelled could be disfingfiiahed  ^from a six barrelled revolver.   An  affidavit  lias also been embodiedm $i$fy[\M exceptions that before the trial one' of the jurors  said Stokes ought to hang anyhow, and ,another said if be was on the jury lie would  Tianghim.  The small-pox is creating grave apprehen-  aions in Boston and vicinity. Three hundred  cases reported in the city; and the percentage  of deaths is much larger than all other causes  combined. The; epideurb hns had\aserious  effect on commercial interests. ������������������ ���������';. .':;���������-..;  Louisville, Jan. 20���������AtShHTy/last evenine.  a desperado named Bill. WilRon kiTled hia  fourth victim^ a man named James William-  eon.   .. .      ,-s       -.    ���������.   ,, .,, r,  .:.    ^     ,  -\S,     ,:.     .,.-���������  .;.  New Yoric, .tfan. 20--At i boardina: house  on "aladdiaon street, this evening, Marsha*  McGruber fata% shot Clarence Lock wood  for inaulting a female boarder named Annie  Brown.  San Francisco, Jan. 18���������The steamer Prince  Alfred, from Victoria, arrived to-day. ;  The^piKooticliaa reached this city. Fourj  well marked ,caBea are reported.  W. H.'L. Barnes has received $52,000 as his  fees in connection with the Hawes'.wilLease.  John W. Southwell pleaded guilty la 'the  MunicipttlTComri;yesterday to the charge of  forging a note for $45,000 on the First Na������.  iionai Bank of this city.      ,  Eureka; Jan. 19���������A man'named Martin  tussock was found dead in his ca^n, U is  auppo^'d that he died of lead colic.  .'London, Ian. 15 ���������Thefteneral procession of  the Emperor Napoleon started at 11 o'clock,  iqjt^e following ord<*r;:���������A man- bearing the  triroelor, borne npon an ash stick cut at the  lust moment before the cortege moved, and a  deputation of working men from Paris ; the  chtplain of the army..bearing a golden cru1-  cifix, and 4he hearse, drawn by eight horses,  followed by the mourners, who. numbered ������30  jieraons.!, In all. more than 25i000 people  witnessed; the retUHi'na while.lying tn state.-^-'  Queen Victoria'was represenfed at Ih������ funeral  by Viscount Sydney. Lord Cfaa;rabeHaIn.   i .<  A dispatch from Bombay: says a report:  reached there that- a .terrible earthquake occurred at Soong White, a to vvu of India 114  miles north of Bombay* Fifteen hundred per  sons were killed in th^'itown alone. Notliing  heard fVoin the surrouriding country.       .  It is said,that the French Government will  p ermi t th e> final in term eh r' of: Napb ledn *s re-|  maina in France itthe funeral be atinctly priI  vate.and deqeased-be^bdried.aa^ex^mperor^  iuif as kmperor. ' The f cereraonieawutust be  simply 6f a religious character! -:M  Loridoin} Jan. 2 0 ���������There were a large n um-  b e ro of y is i to ra at Chiael h u rat yeste rd ay to  liear preached the funeral aermotijjVer Napoleon. Qiieeii^ Victoria^ and Princess i Beatrice  sent flowers to be placed on his tomb. The  Prince Tmperial w 11 i soon return to schooI at  Woolwich.;;::" ���������''^  Rev. Baptiat Noel, the well-known English  '!theviogian,;iaiidead; ���������-. .v\-.;.%^:.:;;  Onsl o w and Wh al ley. ra em b era of Pari ia^  ment, have been fined ������100 for: publicly. accusing John ;Duke Coleridge of conspiracy to  deprive the Tichborne claimant of his rights.  Madrid, January 18���������It is said that Marshal  Serrano will retire into private life. p  A band of Cariists yesterday burned tome  buildings at Ern, a station on the North Spain  Railroad. They also shot and killed a twitch  tender, but afterwards fled pursued by voluri-  teera. ' The excesses of the Carliats are fearful, and'the liberal inhabitants who refuse to  join their ranks are murdered and mutilated.  It is reported hundreds of young men are  forced into their ranks.  Paris, Jan. 16���������Much excitement exists at  jthe Spanish Consulate in. this city occasioned  iby Secretary Fislrs note to Minister Siokles  'relative to slavery in Cuba.  ! London. Jan, 16 ��������� Itia now stated that sixty  thousand persons were present at Chiselbnrst  yesterday. Many in the city and country  closed their places during the funeral. While  the  Prince  Imperial  was  returning from  VicTORU. Thursday, Jan. 16.  Mr Robertson rose to.a question: "of privilege, ' He asked tht* boiu premier yesterday  if the services of one of the Registrars 'had  been ^dispensed with. He . understood that  one bad bean dispensed with; and he had expected** lull and fair reply to this '.question.'  Hop. Mr DeCosmos-snid a .qnertiion'had  been put to him whicb he would answer. So  far as be was aware no deteroi'matfon had  beevarrived at. and.only an inquiry made to j  see w,bat jnigbt be the result. He asked au  explah'fttloti of the hen. Attoi riey GeneraJ. '  The lion. Attorney Genernl rose to explain.  The telteis wrUteti and referred to were  written in Ms/office and signed iq the House  ufter-it.had,in.g.t. '(, :.(:'��������� ';- - V'������-:i"  Mr K6.bert4on had been: informed; that the  GrdveVhni'ent had dispensed with the services  of orte of ihe Registrars. He would like to  seethe letters. .; ;������������������        ��������� ' ���������   ���������   * ���������        -:  Mr ^DeCoamos .was not; aware that notice  had i)Veri given to any Registrar to .leave> and  unless* nodceKWas;servedth^^uestien'TOuh}  remain under consideration;*1! ��������� ^-f "; r������'  f ���������'-Mr 5R6bertsoti-^I i^want to: :feee;^the ;letter^  Thev. fiorw; Attorney^ Genera I Carrie^ aijettertb  the JiidgeaVo f the 8u p re me flour i |o the effec t  that o ne; of the Regtatr ars'nii^li t' bed ispensed  witb. aiid^ dwrihg kfosehce ipi Circiiltto take  the services iof- the; Attorney General's clerk J  It., was suggested;,tp^oame which of the Regis-?  trars would be most efficisnt. , >.  '* Mr;McCreiglit said the letter wouldn^btbaye|  been written except oh.'the-advice'of the  Council; k ' r \ f'' ':/.���������*'"���������   ^-1 '*./''���������' i-"-!"s "'��������� ':'-  > Hon.VMr DeCpsmps^ tern-,  Attorney General has written(the letterii;;.  Hon; Mr Wal kern was granted leave to introduce the Public Inquiriea Act iAniendffient  187.3; read a first time, aecond reatlirtg on  ���������Monday-.next^;::/^1: V && .^^������������������i;l: m\m*^}  ' Mr.. Robertson was granted leave to:Intro-  duca a bill to extend the Laws of Rep 1 evin.  Read a first tiuae, aecond reading on Monday  next.^      '<������������������. ���������-��������� -  -k :��������� . .������ .������������������    - ���������'���������   .���������������������������'��������� -  -'  Mr Smiths nioved that' arespeotful "address  be presented to the Lieutenant Governor  praying that he will have additions to p dling  places established in Yale-Lytton District as  follows :���������Boston Bar, Foster's Bar, Cook's  Ferry, bead of NiColaLake, Savona^a Ferry,  Okanagan Lake Mission, and Wild Horse  Creek in the Kootenay district.  .  The introducer gave good and fair reasons  for his resolution.. :��������� ���������'������������������'".' *' ,  On tbe suggestion of Mr Barnaiou* Kalmasj  on the 8erailkameeB. was added ; andon the  suggestion .pf Mr Mara> Pringlos was also  added*... ... ".. ':��������� i'\':  J, !:'C   *  **������������������������'.!: ���������*���������'���������  ��������� The Premier wished to know the number of  voters at, several .of the plaices named. -If  there Were no necessity For polling ptace's at  the places named it would only be putting  tbe country to unnecessary expense.  Mr Smith replied  to tbe effect that by the  Be replied, "The Bwperor is dead-Vire la beea vflry materllxUy l!lcre8sed. They should  not go by the old list.   As to the distances  France I"  Paris, Dec. 16��������� Tho French Minister of  War has^ written a letter to Marshal McMahoti  prohibiting the circulation of Bonapartist addresses among the French troop**, and urging  the severe puuiahment of persona found dia*  tributing such papers.  ��������� London, Jan. 17���������Mr Otway, formerly Un  der Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in  a speech last night said ISuglaud was uiorally  they were 25 or 30 miles apart one from the  other.  W&mkT, Jan. IT.  Mr HcCreigbt asked leave to introduce a  bill to secure to wives and children the ben-  $&������������&2������SZ!Z ������f tMt ^   >aB Sxpre.. with the ������,������!.,. arrived oa  '. Mr Walkem asked leave to introduce thehVedacaday night, an������ left again this mom-  Land Act, 1873.   Granted, fiflg.  ���������;;1fe Walkem������������������affcei leave to ^attjerS^va tir*  Sembers IndeumHy Avct. 1873. ��������� <*rnftleit*.  Mt Walkem a������ked i^^ve to Introduce tae  Conntv Ccmrt Act, W?,. KvfaTit#d. ���������  .;fM;r i^eGo^mos informed lh������ Honpo ibat fMif  Wish es tfiTou jrh the ��������� Lieu ten an t ���������Gov (*rnor ta  the Go^rttwr'General in reference to tbe nri������.  etanVon^ of British!settlers on San Juno hs������  and .-had bet-?i forwarded, and'&'reply fro it  the Grovernor General fluid he liad teferre-l  the .matter.to, her Majesty** Seoretary ������of Stnte,  Mr Humphreys moved that a respectful ad-  i3ress.be presented to the.lieutenant/ GoVer-  nor.praying that, fwfl returns may be sent  down tVt%is House of the cost of nil machinery and material in the Government prinin?  office, a������d sbowiag what additiotrs.fit������d- been,  made to the plant since union with, Catuda.  Referred.  /M^EobiirtsWn asked the Premier whetn<*r  GovemtBent intends to set apart, by way of  reserve, any of the public land* of BntiHh:  Oolutnbia for the purpose of affording a*W  for the erection, at same fuluve tin?* ef a P<h^  vincial University and endow!og the same.  .   The' Pre inter replied that tbe Government  in fended to make provisions for tba* purpose^  Mr,Robertson asked the Premier'whether it  Is the intention of ihe Government to nirtk<������ ������  gratuity to such of Ihe public servants as tfeey  may fee fit to Aismiss from the service iupur-  sua nee of i ts reVrenchmeat pel Icy;,.and if, boH  upon what prlricipVsi will lite amounts of such  gratuity be*determined 3  In reply, tbe11 Vernier said tbefinvcrnment  in framing their retrenchment policy intends  to make compensation, to discharged"seryanta.  .;.   . WicpSBs-OAY, f anv 22.  The^ House.me t at. the usual he u iv.. v | :>  The Speaker gitve hfs decision i������ referenco  to the amounts asked to be reinilted on private hills. That it is contrary th the spirit of  the 54Mi section of the Act, and.therefore'out  of order. ...        ....        ,  Mr RobertRon's bill to prevent lhe profamv  ti������m of the'LotdV Day' was read first time.  Mr Booth's bit! to provide for the tncor-  poralion .of a School of .Agricultural Science  within tbe Province .or British-Columbia was  read a first time. . .. ; -.'���������  MfSemlin iniiyed the foil owing Re solution :  That a select Committee, composed of Messrs.  ttobertsonv'Hughe's, ATara and Semlin, be ap-  pointed.to draft an explanatory note -to ao-  coippany.tlie addreis of his .Excellency the  Lieit tenant Gov e r iio r. to the Do mi iiio rt .Pari ia-  men t in reap ecY to legal iking th ������ aal es of I and  in the Province since11B70:   Carried J  i1"  -Mr, Humphreyamaved the following Resolution :���������Th at when papers.,are presented by  command or In pursuance of. an order, of this  House, or in answer to au address, the .same  shall be laid upoii the table in such%-a form'as  to insure a speedy-deli very thereof to ttteal-  Jwi..;^: .���������   :..'.���������'; ..'.��������������������������� ��������� l- ���������������������������������'���������*; * ��������� :::" ������������������ '}'1  ���������Mr?Barnstoii moyed an, addresaJo the Governor p ray i ng that poUing places be. estab-  lished at Matison Creek and Stewart's Lake.  ^Mr-Robertson nsked the Chief Commissioner  of Lands and Works the following quesdon:  Have.any tenders for the construction of the  Graving pock at Esquimau been received?  tfaoV 'state' par ticnlar?.  ^inreply, it was stated that no tenders had  been received, i  :;"f; ilr; Robertaon asked the Premier the fol*  jowing; question :���������What; steps do Covero-  mifftiiitend to take to secure the construction atari early date of a Graving- Dock at  EsqutmalV?:: : ���������  ��������� ������������������        '���������-���������::'���������'  The Premier stated that Government was  not prepared to state what steps they intenl  takingVbut would do so at an early date.  ���������"Mr.;; Ash asked the member for Esquimau  the fpi lowing question r^Viia* provision the  late Gpyerorrient had made'for;tlie construe*  tion of the Esqiiimalt Graving Dock ?  !   Mr RobertBbn replied that the late.Govern.  men t Was p rep are d, in th e e ven t of no tender  xjoming in for the cbhaimction of a Graving  Dock at Esquimau which they could recommend, to the acceptance of this House, to submit to the House the following scheme; The  Dominion guarantee of 5 per cent, for 10  years   on   ������100.000   to be capitalized, the  amount thus obtained to be invested, Provincial debentures; to be issued for the sum required, and the interest thereon to be detailed  out of the profits of the investment of ihe cap*  itulized sum obtained from the Dominion Cover nmeat.   If the Domiulon guaran tee couId  not have been capitalized, it would have beea  proposed to undertake the construction as a  Provineial work.  The Legitimacy Bill was read a second time  and passed through committee of the whole.  Report on Wives and Children's Assurance  Bill adopted.    . .  Committee on Customs and Excise wen fe  into committee of the whole. The debate  lasted till 6 o'clock, when the House adjourned. >  , i    ���������m      grig      ���������-^^f'  ���������'-*������������������ '��������� '' ���������'  m  awWWWMWSWlM >.Wlt;  MB  :;SIV*  ;  ���������is-.--?- ���������. ,* ���������. ���������.  :#-.*-'���������' V*.*' ���������  :v:..i:_!i:,i  .j . ��������������� ���������> i ���������  111  til;  ill  ,;/> h ;  lit!  ���������-Iff  .���������:-;^^if  ::^1  if  ���������y .������������������������������������;���������:*  ;<'���������..���������'*.���������-i  ;^.'..;-4i.  ��������� #i'!t J  if- ��������� .t;  BEGGARS IN VELVET GOWNS.  Those are the fellows that beg the first,  And beg the hardest and beg the worst:���������  3irolcers who beg your cash for a " margin,"  "With profit at naught and-a very ttuge charge  "Iffatoff felfewa with melting pots-;  Speculators in water-lota;  -Smoothfaced gentlemen, high to station,  ������ij  Ready to point to antl operation  .'Seedy writerfl who have an Infernal  Project of starting an evening journal^  Politicians who beg you to run  "For plaoa in a race that can't be won;  lawyers ready your weal to show  In a case that speedily provesyonr woe;  And'a hostofBuob in the begging line .  -Arrayed in velvet and linen fine,  "Worse* than the locusts that came to harrow  *Tbe souls of the serfs of the mighty Pharaoh j  And so persistant in striking your purse  .And begging the 'cost of their'plans to die-  burse, '  That you wish, losing feeling and temper and;  truth,  That the fate of Aktalon to-day was a truth,  And the doga that barked when they came to  ."town,''.  Tfould tear them to pieces and gobble them  ,. down. , ..   ..  Th'h CoNsuMPTiONgOF Bker.���������Some of our  readers may be in the habit of taking a drop  of beer occasionally/; and while we reprehend the habit of those who do -oo if unduly  Indulged In, we think the following information concerning the national beverage of  Great Britain may interest tbem.   The English town of Burton-on-Trent is almost wholly  .'given up to the manufacture of beer.  In fact  the breweries are the town, and the interstices between the breweries simply contain  tepnte dwelling, houses.   The immense breweries of Bass, Allsopp, Inde, Goope, Wprthing-  toh, Salt,.Nunnely, Evershed, and Robinson,  ^are allthere,besides others of lesser, note.  Bass ��������� alone has three breweries there, covering altogether a little .over 100  acres of  ground. Base used last year 267,090 quarters  '���������of.malt for brewing purposes ; if it be reck;  -arted that an acre grows four quarters of barley, "66,750 acres' are occupied in growing the  .limit which Base used. Ofhops hie eoDBiimp-  i\6n was 23,000 cwt, which engrossed about  .2,000 acres of hop-growing country. In malt  tax and license duty Bass paid last year  dE200.000. The total brew of Bass during the  past year amounted to 720,000 barrels���������each  barrel containing 36 gallons; so that Bass  could have served more than half the estimated number of the human race with a glass  -of beer per head from his brewing of one  year. Throughout his Burton premises Bass  owns over five miles of private railway, runs  five private locomotives, and uses 20 steam  engines, witn acolleotive horse power of 436.  Bass employs fa Burton over 2000 persons,  *nd pays more than ������2000!in' weekly wages.  Bass used in1871 33,500' tons of cdalr^ Bass  has in use 36,000 butts, 144,000 hogshead's;  113;000 barrels, and 249,000 kilderkins;; a  etock of casks in all, in store and scattered  ���������over the country, exceeding half a million.  A Capital JoKS.���������The following is cllppe  from the Paterson Guardian:   In the shanty  which, in California'a early days, did duty as  office for the banking, postal and express  business of Wells, Fargo & Co., in MarysviUe,  there sat, one Saturday evening, a misanthropic and dejected individual, whose long  and unkempt hair and beard, cowhide boola,  and  rough dress bespoke the miner.   For  over an hour he sat there, the picture of despair, with not a word or look for any. one  present.   Miners came, left their 'dust/ took  their coin in return, and exchanged greeting  with all present, save the-one morose man,  whose apathy nothing, it seemed, could disturb.   Finally, there entered a young miner  with o beaming face, who, after completing  his business at the, counter,, turned to the  agent in charge and remarked that on the  previous Saturday he had some dealings with  the bank, and thought some mistake bad been  made In, his account  ' Guess; not,' said the  agent.   I Our cash was all right, and I reckon  we keep our books pretty straight.' But upon  the request of the miner; that the account  should be examined, the account was looked  at, and It was found that/ through' a.clerical  error, the miner bad been paid just I fifty dollars too much.  'That's just what I make It,'  said the latter, 'and bereV your1 money.'  With this.he threw down the gold and re*  ceived the thanks of the agent. . While this  conversation was in progress, the miaanthrb-  pip miner had.preserved his look of utter indifference.; but when he saw the money actually returned, his face brightened up,"-be  rose slowly, walked toward the honest miner  with slow and measured step, and' said:  1 Young man, don't you feel awful lonesome  in this country V  American -Publications,-- A catalogue of  American publications recently issued by  Rowell & Co., of New1 York, presents some  interesting  information. : There are 6,432  periodical publications In the United States,  of which only 507 are daily newspapers. The  bulk of this number is made up of weekly |  newspapers, amounting in the aggregate, to j  4,750.   There are 685 monthlies and 55 quarterlies,  the remaining  331  being divided  among the weekly, semiwpekly, and other  occasional publications, Florida has no dally  newspaper.   The Territories have 87 publications, including 18 dailies, and the British  Dominions have 403 periodicals in all;   The  number of daily newspapers ini the country  has decreased 74 during the past year,   New!  York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago are  the great centres.   The State of Illinois takes  high rank in the comparative amount of the  current literature it furnishes���������a larger number than any other State, except New York  and Pennsylvania.   Among the journalistic  specialties, religion has more organs" than  anything else, agriculture, education, Free  Masonry and Odd Fellowship following in  this order,' There are 74 medical periodicals,  and 80"thai are published for the phiidre'n;  MISCELLANEOUS.  MISCELLANEOUS  Van Yolkenburgli & Go;  BARKERVltLE/i RiCHFIELD  ���������AffD-t  A SUPPLY OF THB  BEST QU4LIT? OF FEESH MEAT8  ALWAYS ON HANa  BRASS . FOUNDRY,  i.  THOMAS FLETCHER wishes to toform the  pcoplo of Cariboo that he Is'prepared, to  .  CAST all  KINDS  WORK  OF BRASS  At tho shortest notice.  :J&B* BOXES kept on hand or cast to order  Tho Store is- also supplied with a general assortment  of Go'odB, which he intends to Bell at.ft imall profit.  HEATING APPARATUS  ' Fletcher's Heating Apparatus with Hot Air .  Saves the expense of Stoves, Fuel and labor.  and lesscns^tho danger of Are.   It Is as well adapted  for Shaft-housesas ordinary buildings', ischeap, anp  is warranted to give entire satisfaction,  Last Chance,;Lightning Creekj*V  Novembor2.1872.  ������o2  ��������� 'Qimmtc 'Tbainiso.���������It is stated that one  Advantage possessed by thefQermans over the  ^French in the late war lay in their superior  .������HIVUI������6 gfvwi, o������wjiu{3 j/vwci,au(2 TcoiOLiug  3>ower. Hereditary physique apart, this was  nloubijess due to the more thoroughly scien-  tiidc and systeraatio training in Gymnastics  -which most Germ an lads it ridergo. Aocord-  fng to official reports, the Turn Verein did  ���������"yeoman's service" in qualifying the men for  the ranks. The 1,051 branches of these ihsti-  iutions contain-81,737 members, of whom  1^,009 were called under arms. Of the re-  anainder a large proportion went into the field  m volunteers, 1,119 of them as asBistants in  the ambulance department. Out of the whole  number 1,243 were wounded, 191 died  through fatigue or sickness, and 617 were  killed in battle, or succumbed to their  woundtj. The Turn Verein in America and  England contributed valuable contingents to  the young gymuaet "Volunteers ef the Father-  It&nd. ..  Celebrated  WORCESTERSHIRE    SAUCE  Declared by Connojsseartto be  THE   ONLY   GOOD  SAUCE, .  Caution against Fraud.���������The successor this  most delicious and unrivalled Condiment having  caused certain dealers .to apply thenomeof ��������� 'Worcestershire Sauce" to their own interior compound*, the  public Is'hereby informed thatthvonly way to pro-  curethogenuinc, lis to *  ������������������" '*:A <{--?m  ASK^FOR  tEA  &' PEEBINS������ ^SAtTCE  The FLORENCE Is the best Sewing  Machine for Family use, because it  ���������o seldom gets out of order. ������ If there  fe.ene not working, well ifi ���������  CALIFORNIA,  OREGON,  WASHINGTON ^TERRITORY,  NEVADA,  IDAHO,  ALASKA,  BRITISH COLUMBIA   :  MEXICO,  JAPAN,  Or CHINA, If Informed, ofMt, I will  ^x it withoutjftny expense to th������  ������wner.... _i  SiMUEL; HILL,- Agent,  Uo. 19 Montgomery Street, South,  fRAnDHOmeDILOINa;  Pan JPrakcisco, fxu  Send ifor Circulars and simples of  the work.- Active A gen ta wanted irr  every placed  BARNiRD'3 EXriKESS  STA&ES '  'Under' temporary arranqrement for cobt#j-  ance of the Mails from  Caciie Creek to Okanagan.  Tbe nnderslgned has placed a line of Passenger Stages on the       ���������   ���������  ������**������  RESTAURANT  THIS OLD AND WELL-KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT  Is always supplied with'the best of everything  that can beprocurod la Cariboo, ....  e������  {The Celebrated  AFRESH   GROUND   COFFEE,  A superior article to any which can bo had from be.  low, Koastod and Ground on the promises irom the  best solcotod bo riles, and warranted free from.adul  eration,  W    jm Zu--     a*       9. Q. SOOD50W  :nd to aee ��������� that ��������� tlieir"names are' upon the wbappeb  labels,STOPPKBJand'no'TTLJs;  . ;.. ������  Somooi the foreign markets having-been supplied  with a spurious WorcestershireSauco,upon the wrap,  ���������per and labels of which the names of Lea und Porrin*  have been forged, L. and .P. jgtve notice that they  have famished their correspondents with power oi  ttorney to take.lnstant proceedings against maxd,  ACTCKKRsand-VJBNpoRsof such, or any other imito-  tonsbywhlchtheirrightmaybeinfringcd.   .  Askfor LEA & PERKINS' Sauce and Beg  Name on 'wrapper������ LabeliBottlet &u������  Stopper.- ' ; .       .'.   .M :  Wholesale and for export by tbePwprlottri.'Wbic  cester;Grosseand Blackwoll,London t&c., &������*; V;V  byGrocers an dOilmcn universally  r  l  TS HEREBY GIVEN 'THAT AN APPLICATION WILL  JL   be made at the next Session of the Parll am ant of  British Columbia for an Act to be called The Williams  Creek Fire Brigade Protection Act, for the purpose of  indemnifying Members of:said Fire Company and  Volunteers Whom the Officers of said Company may  call upon to assist them in the extinction of b lire, or  in the removal ot any erection, edifice, or building  which it may reasonably be deemed expodlent to remove, due regard being had to the safety of tho adjacent property :  Provided always,: that in the destruction or removal ef property aforesaid tho imma-'  nities hereinbefore given shall not extend to any person who shall act in such removal contrary or without  the order of tho Captain, Is tor, 2d Lieutenant, or such  other Officer as may be in command.  On behalf of tho Williams Creek Fire Brigade,  JOSEPH DENNY, Captain.  ,     GEORGE BYRNES, 1st Meat.  C. VAILLANCOUft, Bd Lieut  tM������  Running in close connection with the Stages  from Yaleto Barkervilie.  . Persons visiting the Okanagan'District will  And this by far the most convenient mode" of  travel, . .  ;  ^* Stages leave Cache Creek on Wednesday morningsi at 10.o'clock, and will return  ibe following';week in time" to connect wita  tbe Stages going North-and-South.  i  Will-be transacted over the route. Freight  carried. Parcels delivered; / Commission*  executed.   Collections made. ���������  au24'2m F. J. BARNAED & CO.  RE nreparedl'to furnish Lumber at theiijjJMiH������r  iam Creuk, or'deliver it to'order.  LUMBSRgDELlVEREDON MGHTNINO  GREEK;  ffHavingayianinglMachine is operationjthey}wll  also'famish  Bell  1  ���������  mm  mi  m  I^Si^  'HI  iBBaiaa  m  -^ aTOyRtftuinwniii.


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