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The Cariboo Sentinel Jul 12, 1873

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1873.; ���
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linnet i:
inri- for
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. $m..
���' \, r r(Mf S /y^/// ��� M;H; yf y^^'^^i.^^ 3 e; Oeis�� a go ri ;toftt ^ lac|: th Ir;ra o ra i d j^o o|Ou xy = ^i====^
' *;' _...'.,    ,    '   .'._..- '   embourff . territory.".-   Be.Cassaeorl- was.��� se- .���  *-���...-	
y embourg; territory.";   be;Cassagpri:, was; severely wounded,tand.'Rente slightly.    The
- Assembly adjourned until Friday, in honor of
the'Sha of Persia..,     - \ A
Subscription,/,..   -  5 0, Cents pe* Week.      '    >'  ���  -   UNITED-.STATES. ',//''
* r���"^-m^   V "^t^r'^T    ~~���-y   Springfield, July 5-Phineas Allen, editor
,        <        BATES l,Ti     iWERTISING:    ; .  .  of ^ |ittefi'eld S{ia from l829 to 1872, died
^rouc*^^^ t0:dayi aged 66;   '        V        '
������'  FortwokiwroB, flrstinsfortion,'   -  -  -  .    6     '-Cincinnati, July 4-0nly one death from
, ��� ��� * y.'    **.   *  one month, -��� -   . '-* -�� -     8
f;-  ^ Agents for the;** Cariboo SentmeUV i f
Tiili UAillBOa SENTINEL ;,   , , ^eh other In rapid successioB. cluing immense
-.-..   ��� ,     , >- _ :;..��� ~;-y,;-:yyriyyyy^-yyyy-yyy- ...:-;y y yyy- ���:. ��� -.y....<v ;f-a:- . v-'--:."���-'���';��� ->-'-;         ':.'-'-':.?-:���;��� y<^y;.j'".-y":^v;;\iyy;p,^.f-.��� ���:,:'.:-'v;���-"���'':-..���;.;;:"'-
-���JOB   PRINTING    OFFICE. Rocto^r: yx/Juiv 5-^Two gentlemen.
Caras/Ctoulars Postman II ro'frraiAmesfor ^J^^^:.^?^^
"���        Balls.i&n.d^l'lieatrieal Entevtainme.n.t-s r.A
��� ';J^*Exeeute(i. wi tli^ealiiesi a n^ clispatcn'iS^:
rs-, > j
873;',     'I
*l:M;rv |
VICTORIA-        - *   '
Victoria. July. 8���The examination of teach- only' m<Ai time io arrange'my .alt.: ire.   1 sni
",   ���'     . rt r. ':thi��h ciiBmit m'vspirtd inv  fate with  all   trie
ers  commenced, yesterday  at^��.��.   Seven ^;^^^^
tvmaks and -12 males put in anfoj��p?a��aace |0 |i?s, ceI]-he pftl,ted ^eerfully *with/hb Jje-
''The papers gone ihrough were grs,aiS'iar and puty  giieriff; saying'that bis; sithaljon' was
schooUovernment. - thoroughly o-,a..rstood, but.will not blame
The Re^Lnchlan Sylvester,  of Canada, the world for the tm^nderstanding. ^ _
who   visited -British Culumbla. some yea^    :^*��^^
Bince, is expected here overland -fromyManui y^~ *>**. ^^^-t y^^ ;,   ..
toba  within a lew   weeks.    He is a noted di-
, .vine la the Method-Church,;����d has. (beea Miss M. Penaer^st P-H^Canseji. Mr?. M, J.
'"Biaying some weeks in the sister province, f
Mr Hu n ter, C.E., will lea ve tor ;Howe Sound
"t^ffimorning in conned
���    Indians report H.M.S. Repnhe at'unehor in ���*^^          i^S^^^i:
San Juan harbor.   The tug-Goliah  leftUhe S^ton^J^A           ,                .  ...
mouth Qf the  straits on Sunday evening and Buffal0i july 6���Three distinct shocks iof
" saw  nothing of  her.   Down to June 3^she eai.tBqrtake this morb ing^.ne quite strong
had, not called at Panama.- Il is Relieved that onQ at ^5,: another about 7, and a third at 9;
-ihe is noWaHhe Sandwich Islands; causing,considerable alarm by rocKing- ol
���: Mr JurigermSn. of the W. U. Telegrapli, was buildings and shipping in harbor.    '.        ,.
welcomed home from the East yesterday with ^Buffalo, July 7���Another shock; of ear tn-;
his bride/ v; '- ��� "*: '-' '.' quake occurred at���6;vp:blffQkitlns rnqmngi
' ":EUROBfii.' :;:'v:''""'-��� "'''���-���'������''v-;1-^"i; -v-ii*-nnV^amaBre::;aohe^e'Ste^ay;WiiB:f-OTn���-
y\...  [SUCCESSORS TO N- CUNIO,] , r>:, :J
Bpg to inform theirTriends and tlie pub lirfhattna-;
-Have tiikea tlie well-kEowa^premises in 3aricerviiie;
yy v'j.'vi ���L.-:j>��/jjx^. i-i�� ;-^'��vi -Aii'* d ah (fa* i i��;i�� ��� i.h a '-Ahhii na tion ;���
^fe mm        y    m   ���/- m<
Alfred sailed at 11* a.m.  with - the  following
y|pf/Ay |Sf'|il;i��iSS KN ��KRS. ^:'' 'li1 Jyy;: ^^fyjf
SlissM. Pendergasi. C. H. Cansen, Mrs M. J.
Wallfice, John Wj;Reid, Robt.yYoungj; Jolin
uA.Rhonniat "R.ir.h��rd B. Jones. Kra (rifay and
H{ BeerioisV Richard.:& Jones,' Mra ^y and
preuarod to luraisU
Tlief BAR     furnlsliod wltli ttlie finest WINiES^
oargq tor tnat port.��������� , AAA AA- A bos been found 27 miles ea^of; the Missouri
R6me, Jnly;5^I)e Cameran has failed to river; and the lands as far as goiie^ are gqp.d
form a"���Gabinet/'aiid thei-ciiaiCin'the'MWs^y. arid .well grassed andwatered,
The;Popewalked intiie Vatican grb^
?to:dayUnsupported ^^aiLetidants.-A y {AA
'Vienna; JulJ; 5���Severe rain storms passed
over Uje'ci^td^dayf considerably damaging
the^goodS in'the Ijni ted States jdepartmentot
* the Exhibitiou j aud ruiaing -the fiUks in the
French" 'flection,'
;; London, June 7-r-Uponi: the resuingtiotej^f,
ythe;irial of the Ticfiborne;claimarit'tbisimcjt'n-:
Ing i t was a nnou n ced th at defendant: was sick,
��� and he was excused from attendance upon
the Court for a few; days- yHawkihs; :��f; the
prosecution, sajd they would close tbfeir case
pni^^nesd^jnexl, wl^n an a^ourament of
lea^ays would be ialcen* < .- ; v?      v,, > y
Chippewa, Ontario, July,' 5-Two of the
parti^^who went'ove^Niagara;Falls;were
John Elliot and ^rg^tv/MIin^eaen^o^
Cincinnati, The former was about 20 and the
latter 18 years of age. >;.,;.
r Halifax Tuty 5���Tbe baric Concordia, from
Quebec tor Plyrabulh, Ehglabtl. went ashore
^ CapeAnquinorJunelS^andthecaptaifi.
1st mateVarid;threeofthecreW^
with a line, which was madefast by somefl^
ermen and himself, and; the renmi^pf; the
Swfll in all,/gWd: Tbe^xesof/the
''tiwiifo were reoovered|^3^#^   \-k
  ... -   ^ -.. r.,.t>     ..,.->   .    ^i.& a   %jF.r ...     ���  ^.Si&E,S^;��*M   .:. ��� . AM   - ��� y .     A      ;   ...... ,. ' . .-...j
W^S&^tM^ '      ''��� '     ' 1_    '      -   ���'--'-,    '   ;/'
-���!> Vto the sp^cioWprOioises ^naerlr kuown as tte.  \j{
St   Gi-orge Salooii, wliero thuy. will be at all times
R&ASTE& 0^
D B P 0 T ;  FOR
k fresh s^ply of .which^
,,= :    ;;--y...; *���������: ��� -  ceived.1   "       " ������     ��� ���;---**.*
;G;R;oMf ie
DollvdrQd to "Miners on the following outlying Creeks;
AntleT, G-airiiingliaia; Stevens^eggs Gulcl^
;....,    .-       '   -;   y -   ' -...       ��ZC* , :     ������:���,'��� ' ,;_���   '
Wa_ The Goods sold at this Store; wUl, as~usuajj b��
or^best quality and at thelowest mS^F^
"' A &
n^tf ,   Barkerville.
>     ap!2
.;        :     SPRINCJ43IRCUIT. ^ /
NewWestmiaster,Wedaesday, May 14. 1.      ;,.
Yale, Monday, May 19; ^|..;.
;    X>y tton, Thursday?1 May.^2. ,     ,
^BLJimloop^ Wednesday, May 25.;��..;  y -.
���;:'.' ^Clinton, M^day^Jutto 2.;; ;,'.���:.: vy. y.,,
���'������;v;;:Quesnclrnb.aihviFridayvJ^��:ll>. \'-"'-y ;���":���'.:'���..
Richfield, Tuesday, June 17. :
Elchfleld, Tuesday, Septcm"ber 16.      A ^^^
Quesnelmouth; to be ttxed hereafter, If any.��������-*
���    ��� .-.  . ^hoss"",;.;";���'.." ";,='"���-A,r. '" -��� -"   -r���'���.. .���.'*  r^. ���:
'��< Clinton, Tnureday,* October, 2.    -
..v.B^mioon.B,.;Tuesa��'y�� ������<tetol>er 7i,#-.,
Ly tion, Monday, October 13.
".���X-ale^ThttraUayv OctoberU3.r   -y     y
New *Westmiaster, Tuesday, October 31.
sarv, be hereafter fixed. ,    -
DateitlTth day ot April, 1873, .
..^'"V.     -.' -WvmP^/:-      JOEK^ASHj '
'"'."=   L    A ������ pjoviacial Seor��i��
... BoylQ ., ��� ;..'",; .    ,..       y e f ���'"'������
\"?J^IVCffr^f l", *-* VJ-JT���5 ) i-y,J.  M-;  1:  '���������.'-:.;  EQMJS OF JULY RAGES;  y^. ....  .���������llijJj-ajr,..--^^  tjfiitb^ result of the races post-  ppned. from 4th to, 5tb July : ;    "  ^^6*^t?a;PuTs^$50'j  en trance $2 50, not  iiorse  ,. iJ.1-���������"���������'-"''"'"fr8*"     WUWt,   ,������������������������.���������: Villi  ������UittDUU[l!gll   D  gg^i&cher^  Miners7 IJiirse, 530-;. Ke&ilf;2dn 3,'?  25.yards  ,    distal >y     nnn������r   ol ��������� ^n previous races  &v'f#bdri**>il-;���������'������������������'��������������������������� .TW AWritrf������������IilT>iir An "*o' niura n'riVI  rices., The 'day's sports ps^rVoflr well, and  afforrled both mirth and excitement to the  spectator-.        *     r    ��������� ���������* g  JNEW .AD^ER^ISEMEN^rS:  z-i':?Affi'������'' yyy  /^TSr\BBH"ALF of tHe^rie'rids of the late T. J:t  w yJJJAviFB,' the.^unrtet^i^ed'^ish'toT'ctnrb thanks  t o Pr. Belt, o nd. th> 'l/idies an\l Gent lemon .��������� who "so  i.i^'ji:.','1!: :.������ f_i'i ' i. j -.'.A 1' ill I '���������: .:_ 'i. !-���������-���������-��������� i. V..." .'"._-': l .. ���������- v .-��������� ��������� i v. ~  , *B*trl^v������IH, Jul/7( ir^, :uUS  ������i*ia*V:^  ^-:y.\./"?-*:���������������������������-.;'"-������������������������������������������������������-������������������^ ��������� ���������>-,"cV'":''r'--l;"viS^-- y"*"'^'"'";" "^  uJ������ wy'v"' v->V.',*''.-!v���������"���������������!������-������;;*'"��������������� .������������������* ���������*,V1;<ir���������'���������'. y  *FH& PBOFRIETOB;H AS B������DU<^J*he;  I   fttaeor  w������������^  ���������������<������������������  12k cents .per Drink,  Billiards SSiOts^per  imsmy  IK The- patrons'ot" this Saloon filial w;ayfl find a coilee-  tion of the latest? dates of fLondon;; Montreal^ flow;  :'Torir;,Si>n:'Kra'tacisco^iind'Troyiii'������ial n������wspapers,  ;July  i, imuoy i50 ooiag'tiie-pn?pnt'Lor;uupt;5 to mw  sbare of-pnbUc pa^ronage.^ " y \\\   , ������������������;'���������.*-1"  .    ���������     {     . -  <     . W. \W, DODD,  r 5,18731      AA~r:r?   \ ' ���������    .  Jul*  '.y:������-yry  f///i/AA:y/y  ' "A   Hv ",/^_/s  ,'.  ^OTICE^TCThereby pffiv������n yhat Tborii"as-  ;;��������� Grunbaum: Bros4  ; -Q- ;���������;������������������'. V /OFFER FOR SALE,: /:/// L  NP^AOT^RTKSKMMTS.1  ���������v.-, -.^yA'.-.y^y''<������������������-  y-yu-..",;--,. r.^5 ���������-.;.-  ������������������(Carrying Her Majesty's Mails,)  Express Oftlee^ Barkerville,^ and  at 3, Wi LlKft  HAltD^ VAN W1MLE. y ,   ��������� V "?���������  ������-.'. -    JAS. A. NEWLA-ND. .Agent,  royl������     "        j '-       ; ,,.Bafk������Tvjli^;  1?.: "antillurther notice, y ���������   ^, '.  ,i^4������^;%^^'^^^-^---^^-' ������������������:-!<:' -j-..������������������������������������-'; .���������' yy'1-'- yMyy>-  Their entire and well-assorted stock of >  LIQ U 6 R S-   CLOTHIWO  Will b^carrled between; BarlceryUI^ and Tictoriiai  '   -  '      .   ' JAMES'A. KSftLANP, Agent  BarkerriUe, May IS," 1873.    r mylj     ,  y#;|y;gy-,;c;^;yyv;.'-.  1 ^E������* ,P|j lies mb^d.Mf& to |).ny Goods of,any  , '^^vPartfes. intead.ingto^nyGoods of,any  'SescriptipnV- wil I -firsfi.iir.io' their'; advaiitage" \v-  ^i^y u.s s ftU be 0" J purchasing el $ where,  ;^;;;;;i,';;;;^';:^.;:yy-:^  !&<i&fr#u  |        ,'.     .       .   ,        . , f/oJkenburgli.'X^^ -A FfKusseil and, A: Mc*  ;;i;;;y;;;:y;^;;;%;^;;>;;i  j-   ^ ''.-,,' ��������� H~   FarkAm,  a San F<rA'*f s^cu ^Drt3manr  ������������������TiTTTC W A TVT^f EBITIS H  .TIHKCAB.IBOO AGENCY-OF- THIS Batrfe  ; ly Mnli^e-KiGTOPKNfiD- for, business oc MONDAK  p$m$ wy/y/  W/i    '/i//    W -:  ^M^  ���������'^y^v  -' > s-  '-:'X'-i::^yi-^--'-^yy'c- -i  >'��������� '-' ���������  "THE AG-ENCT OF THIS BANK HAS*beea  I    reopened  m  BarkenMiio, for tbe transaction cf  all ltrada of Bw^iktog business.:       ' ' -   ,  r'<3-old Dust Mid*Bars pi^-hcs^cX on best '���������  terms.   ���������    " ���������        . t ;;:; *.  ^"Exchange sou on Victoria,' Sai I ranci$eo, New   v  york,-CJn;toa, and Lonrlon on reasonauio; tu-iuB,  !"; Deposits received for ctwa^misi;um to the Vic.1 :i H  toria Bnsuoh.    Intercut 'allowed at 5 per cent, per '-^L  .annum, 30 <luya notice. ,*���������������  ������������������'-.'    6. H. MOKR1S. . ..,/������  - ;        --    A������������nt,   'itas  Barkerville, June 9,1873. , juH    ���������������������������^������  .  ; 1 am closing n.j 'b. =1 im     n  ',.>,, oo",  'ill llablli' I J5d ������ prepared t* deliver Bread at any pin of tin  AAMrMMAAAAA.a; AArAA.;:;^^kii      ft mon tb or two. a nd vlsi t-ithe:'diff������r������"n t minin^'  camps, with the view, of acqiurmg: mforma-  ity; regardiny-i������yv mining resourcaa.  ;'���������     DRAFTS ISSUED ON-   .,    ','-  V|ctori>y London   San Frunciaco, Portland,  Neiij fork $nd C-ii/hdn. 7y  ; Jul 12 .   :. ^LTER;i������OTOTX, Agent; }  loistiaic wilt Ninnhed to mv Btilicitor lorcfilcction  ;.i;;-';:y^?^vv-:;;;:;'������^^  ."   ", THE BALANCE OF,MT STOCK"     '  WILL EE SOLD at COST.  GOOD TOBACCO  FIFTY  CTS.  y-   PER LB-., j: B. PACE'S $l.  And'.other.Goodsm���������proportion,., '���������'���������   y.   , .  ... ;'-   *X H. TODD.  Barkeryille;-B..e., July Iv 1873: ,,. jnlii lm  .rfHE THSTDERSIGNED BEC3-S TO mWOUK '  1 j tbcjmbno that ho has opened a   ���������  "ry, at  Last C'  LIGHTNING CREEK,  ^^v'";;';-.;-;.;;  Sifl^A.HRKa;;  ^T?  n.  ENGLISH DRUGSV  I  N0me:������.  Mrryy  'proprietors of :tfie;llafMerf-ill@'B.r^ei;yy!e������Fag  ; /  ^^pto-aibrrow's' ,espi'essyte:-VSnsl'aod;/'/l!^  ^avcf7 'iniing M3 ol iy in Cas51b������o bat, ikh<lfe:  ������1 easan t j on r ne v to h inioM-hom������ -    -  Bar������a*ri)7s ."Express arr-i ved at -L o ;cl ock -y.es'..  ��������� ���������-::'���������'.���������-.*-y-,:;-������������������:���������> .:���������. ��������������������������� fy xx'---.-yy-:- ^--'rS^-'*-:- v- ������������������ y/--<J~ ��������� :���������:���������:������������������.:���������.���������:���������'   -  ������������������-.-'  >���������-������������������...,:. -������������������.: ���������?������������������ '-.-':;���������  today ."afternoon, bringing the malls, as  ex-  /Vtoress; and ifie following passengers for Bar  yierville :VWalter''Powtd lf   Bank  of Brjtfe'b:  ^bjBm^ia^Wm, Hite]l6<^k;^(DbaB. Jloss; ^aiid:  J^plo-by/f^-Ba^^^ -was a  passenger to Last Chan ce. :  Bakk op Bihtish CoLUMDiA,^-Tha Agency  t. *iji������ih-&^ iajBarkervine  on Monday nest, under the management dJ  Hr Waiter Powell; a gentleman favorably  y&aown-fcoliHGarrbboites.?/ ���������'*'        s  Geo. Duff, who went,below ser������ral weeks  since for the benefit of bis health, writes from-  Victoria ,that bis;1 health is much imprpvej^  and intends to return to Cariboo ii* a short  ^���������y--:; 'y-<yyy>'yy. y::y:yyy-y;y::-,yyy-.yy ;��������������������������������������������� : -  :y  ; -time.  ' >A:-       'Ar'.. y    : ,.,;,y  ���������;-.���������   -,.. :.-yy  ?y-  !,ySquare pr'Semi-Grand    - - ' J  PIANOFORTE,  "'"ithe  $850  *mMWfmmrA  mmmmm,: a  Fcldiag Top^; with all modern itiiijiovements  j and utiaobments in perfect .order,j y .     $150  '-   :i     "���������     ���������'-"���������"     '--        y^"    ".--���������;.'-.. '������������������-.ri   y    '���������-       :..;/.- ' y     .<-.:���������  yjho hfgliestlthrow^o ialcerthft^Pinn6. tbe lowest the  Seiving Machine.. :���������; TUo. abovo��������� to be :iB(fled at the  BJ^-w-er^-BaiteryiUe, Jft.u'gus.t 9, 1873;":  A^^f^^^'^1^ '*$* Sreweiy. ���������.'..;. jull2  A. Tt>Wnsca;l, at Van Winkle/the AdAiiuislriitOM of  the.deceased.   -  :.yAi"""*="- ;*"-''���������'     ���������'���������;'';'���������'��������� y-' ���������  ���������"-'��������� -..-.* y���������"> THECiT>0RKXTNDHARIX ���������)"A<lain������is-  '   v-A:TOflrNSENl),'v iUratbrs.  . Van Winkle; lilghtning Creek, ;  . July 1,-1873;.       , . ,      y   juis  m'my������:  M'm$$0i  and In gpodjorder,":  ^-pod Property! for Sale,  TilB lELDORAOO ��������� SALO0N.: BILLIARD  ;���������; TABLKS;  BAM  FlXTUtlES,  PIANO  :      BEDS AKD;BEI)OIN(^^c;-  : V'  THSMPPS!?^E?^^^G T0 RETIRE FROM  ,...--. ��������� ;    ..... ..... ...i. ���������-.;..:,;..       ���������    .... .:.������������������: ���������.-.--. t   .-,-.-. .;, .���������:���������*���������.;���������..������������������.���������...-���������';._���������   .   . ... ��������� . .;    ,  01iev:alier?s Life for t^ Hair  COUGH LOZB^GJES, &c., &o.  &������������������'��������� Tee^Iearefa^ B  L:������xij- ';L^- ii  W-<i'.T ���������������������������'_���������. ,..y:. ��������� ... Illlllt!  en  #@* Prescriptioris anf Slmiiy; gecipes to* ���������-' '-nB .  ra t el j. p re pa red; - * : ' ... '   , ip-m/  BaikerviHe; Nov. 20. 1872. -   hb23     , P" '  Iload Tax; Lists, 1873.  A  ,  , ��������� - .... ^,... Polll ng Di vWcms; who ;  ar> IiaUo v������ pay. Rnfid Tax lor (tho year 1873. c*a !���������������  inspected aMa^fioUywing:places;: - y: VH-; ''c��������� ��������� -.;  ":" "'Ooiir^lioiiife- Ri������liil������ifl.'"-:'-  rost()mce;yanWihklH;: ;AAA:';������������������J;   ;  Post Office, Qiiesnel moit th; /  ^w���������       y     r'A '-  v        MMR3 LIN'DSAV,  ���������nyji.. Collector an clerKoad: On! in unw  is  fu7 ���������  ������, Beds and Bedding, &o,  Wi'i.-W. DGDD.  "-,;.���������-',-,.'  -eMptioit>: GlMni, of  160 Acres,;  ahout;40;tterefl aow, unfe ^uitiTation, iwih Farming  lmplemehts^coinpletey; Als\t}    ,  k,     f.yy       ^  XiAwnEKois & B^BLKT'a Ox-teams, with ma-  ., eb leery ior ,ihs ������>&&������ 4 Eur ia Co., $rr iw������ yes ���������  ���������j-\&. ���������%*& ^"wfrFiJJl*������  oflGattla;  The a6ore is a desiraijlo .-Wayside" House, -idofiiir a  ^oqd tusiness; SJfejsvilt lie solrl with tlie Cattle, &c  &c.   or to suit purchasers.- If not- sold by the 251)!  August, it MillAb&'iheti put up and iiold at Public  AOfftioa.     v   , r ::";������������������.;- - ��������� r  * ��������� For ������rfrfch^j^A^ts*ters, inq������ire on tho premisei.  v^^^V'";>:v'!,^-v-/r*; ;  ��������� Usft^r:y'-.;-:' .;-' y   ."���������--"���������'���������������������������;   :'  '- ���������"��������� ry ,.y     1   ���������  ;:;:;i^ti^E|jlaim. ��������� ;  Apply to   ;  iuU ' -   :'<3E0- ISAAC,.  ��������� jta"      ������������������������������������:��������� -:-:-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������^���������������������������^���������Ori M������eclnlm. ,  N'0^? IS HEREBY el vert that ii LIST  .   , !W -.���������P?KB������ns within t lie District ol' Carl boo who  are lliibio to pUy. the above Tax; lor tbe veor. 1873,  Hm-Lb0.|W^tod on application to A BAaiow. Qtt������s������'  neltnotatb, or to'      ��������� - A'������������������ y-:- ������������������:��������������������������� rr: y-...-      ;���������.  'rhy-:-.", :.r[A,   .:i;,";; G::BVRNK3,'- -,  t������������������ io i J5!,ect0'p ahd Assessor of .Wild LandTaX,  Jtmol2,1873..- ^rk^rvMo. ,  accpunts->gamsfc me-inust.be .presented  -% ;.p'y{-: JPim'GyGoopsojr,  BwltwrJI  ,. THE fiSTATJS OF THIS LATE  Jamer Madisai) BoiSii^ft^  j:BJTMERS; ������.F AdSiNISTBATION hara  fix -oai-n granted to tbe;undersigned, who will p������y  Bstai AWl DJBW. ������W.io������ 1'roin.and to to*  MARVIN P. ELMORE.'-  Qa*saeli^ Mrj- ^ i������73;.; ;       ; ;; ?���������<  ' A- A'- ���������- ',^1^^^^^^^  *���������*  Pr  ^i^  L';  Hfc.  >  . E
"SAtUKb^Y,. JUi^Yl 12/; i��73. jf'? a
la BarkerViHo, oa
MasOT, fcS#��,��; .liati**, ���**��
DIEp;     7
Monday, tth July, "TBoarjus 3..
yy   ; . VICTORIA.  ; .
'" Victoria, July' 9���The.steamerTtinm Alfred '4fl*4u0 torrilght \ .     i
'"���   Foil owing is special to tbe Standard,-: ���
j " Montreal, July S^The Huntingdon Railway Inyes ti gat io n Commi ttee naye; m e t'��anid
"*' tfefuseWto'proceed-in^onaerpeiQceof dlsabik
v , Hy to administer Ihe oath.   The ^Governmej^
qfferpd a Royal Commission ^abme fiytffjfcr?
' **<ifcs^.*#fi^^^
eioo. including the powerAof swearing wit.
ynessea." The^Opposition y minority ^Jused,
and thereby Stopped the mvestSgationi f Tlie
leUersoirwhlctiithe Opposition ionnded their
^charge hav'J since beea published, also the
bWhi���Statement of iSir Hugh Allah; Public
opinion is with the Government.7;/,      ,vl;;
���The parties to engage/-iny the constrnctldn
pf Cape ^eale Lighthouse and'to cut a treil
; thereto wiU leave to morrow or next day.'A*.
German to wn, July 7���A fire broke onfein
��� 'the Fashion saloon at Cok'c^-.n Ihia  morning.
���''Four buildings burned ; loss/about $20,000.
'" !'San:Franc?8Co. Jnly 7���The trustees "of the
Belcher  Mining Company  have, declared  a
dividend-of $B per share, payable onTues-
The first' of HA "73, wheat fleet���the ship
Coronation -sailed /^^ England today.'
Special officer Hopkins was", attacked by a
��� 'gang of hoodlum^ ro.&bbd of  bis club luM
pistol, and severely .beaten.  ��� ,.\"      ���
Capt. rW. J. Wilson,*- produce merchant;,
committed suicide today by shooting himself.
Sacramento. July 7.���Nearly 100 men-were
discliar^ed from the railroad shops this mbro-
ing: and about 50 last Tuesday-^no work for
them |      " .        . 'AA/yAyr
Redding,'July 7��� Batteries A1 G, K and M;
'4i h j A r.' IJe r.y, f i��tdei1 M ajor Th'rock moi ton,.ar-
Mirwt'this mfViniTig,,^Tbey4eft Tnle*Lake on
Shivj r iftj tjoom, and wilt leave,in themoris-
ingfbrStin l^ructsco,   Ac ting- Surgeon ;Semalf
mile of ^e^acfe.dropped into ihefiooM
nvei- and sunk put ot eight. It Appears the'
track had beerj; undermined by the river without attracting ^ttaitioa, ;;. A-ir *v" * ?4��fr. mA.
- $W���!* ftomrpomnin iiiaois and Iowa
show'that while the,reeenVbeavy raiu storms
bav-ainjurefllan rtbe^rops in tittM* Staled
there will fcev* full average crot> of"*malf
gra i p iAAr//Af0AfiA AAAA r: ��� ��� AAA y/y ���.���';;; .-
^ Halifax, July 6-AThe tug boat-Daisy arrived this morning with the;pur"sei Of tlieln-
mun steamer.Oity of-Washington, from whom
the f ol 1 owing parUciklars of the shipwreck are
gleaned-: '      <y  ;TafV   :y'   A        ;:
pool 23d June,&n<Dftorn the,time of. leaving
���that port untilthe; vessel struck,, neither sun
���.nbretsira had been seenVso'that itwae impoa*
aibteio takeobaervationa during the entire
passage in order to ascertain 'the posiiion lof
the, ship. iWhei the steamer strnefy about' 2
b?clock on'Saturday, the log was'M?dense
that no objects could, be * Been threes rods
ahead, &n& everybody; supposed ^ tbe vessel
was prciceeding ;<bn her way to^>New YorE���
The first inttmatiba to the contrary;iw^ hear-
log a grating Bound as the��� vessef�� was/'diiven
^ver tlierough^tt
raniyiThe^ steanjie^-flras;going' al ^lie rateibf
about;nine knots^wheo ��he struck, y No excitement on board, everybody perfectly cabn.
The officers and-.crew irmnedmie'y ;<i about
. lowering the bjoafs and'gettih^the'paBsengers
age passengers were on board.
A^vrry gunswere fired from the ship. In
answer to them men' came alongside in smas!
boats, from whom'the first information was
.obtained of the locality where ilm vessel tnid
been, driven ashore. .'The set* was.calm, the
distance from the mainland ?,<.bor<t*a "quarter
of a mile.- The'boata were launched ,and
mannedjVand'in three hours trom the time ,of
the disaster,every p��;wi\m in^rd w.as landed
itiForl Lehoi, " h ^" lh& InlmUit y^Q ynsic I
t'hemselv^s pro/iding temporary afeomiioda-
tion for;tbepassen^r8^^^^
effepls, ship's, stores.' &c., were aisojaafely
-landed^  , Tbeship is lying on-.au  eveu; keel.
anchor/   The
Are ^ -wsprking twenty] rap-Jiroa'the -iitcri", anVl
will fimsbit next week.,, .^bey^bave etoprje^
pumping Itf order to. change the puinpsT
placing  the; 13 iricti in nS.&co of, the 10 inch
which will be put to the water wheel shaft.
AAyAyyX       W1UXIU& CKKE.iT , ^    \    ���
:\0\ %^A The,;; C/i r ib;ooy; jBaliara t;.-Wdy some
4ither creek^ .claims have ^commenced ::hovk.
'Thef Iffd ran H c ��i��|��is ��� 4 mm ' lA^;cah ye ta a p
wards a^e all .piping -away, takingftftvantage'
of the ;ab^nda.nceo��'water. yy}M '^f^dlL
;!;', :'AA::ATArMK,mM^B3mEm^MAAA^Ay M
' The Two Sisters will be CakingLbut pay next
week. Tm Two rBrotk&m start sinking tin
Monday/'���'���.--;.,~   -v -  ���_    _ _  '������/���'-'' , ,      ���
��� iThe;Spruce..coii.'have��� got"their tome;laid
and .are (piunping.y-Tho;-;Faint;coVJrpaying
well; The" Van Winkle co. Jare: getting on well
iyyhlx th'eit;drain. ��� The;Vahcquyer ebc struck
good payfqn Tuesday, having been 'running*
alqbgsideof ft for some time; washed npM
Vfa. on Thursday ^'the ground^looks firstHrate.
TMe Victoria hav6^o| gotih^^ater outiyeti;
The Gladstone co.haveetarted to work on an
upper strata. .'      . ��� ;
;; The pawsbri;2b;^
The. Alabama are t'o^'?ing thrOli'gh.hard clay:
The Ilarsldw-co",- looks well, and is paying
S10 per day. to . the hnud���last week tiieyv
rifiiu��ed np iO^oa 'Chlmortritwt {Jihcbfl^u
ihe Blue. Jacket ground....:...'The-:Boom���raog;co.
p ay s over ; w a gy s,'" '��� Fo le r Sa o gster &.. Co, are
f<*yiK0-il'��lniemi* - CaryjJLci? *����d ylcLf-od
't^e making 2 io��� 4 oz. (per "day..:Gregg-&;po.
are gr^ound-sluicins, Seve^��'companies are
pc6��pectiDg. , ��� '
^v&S'faomas Ho^vella ^taini no ftie%kft�� b*
P��^^o?t%n4he platfomrabe ^fer ^il
m the.s*nafrv his hands on the rope; fe tr[ed,
*?-BwinB himself out; be let go of- tbe- ^pa
and fell d��wr< i> shaH 1 am heisliW sear "
man ; I - consider fee hoisting gear n Poperlf
hand!ed,and the-accident happened fAtn th��
rope slipping out ofthe nhg; I coiiglder Corr
quite capable of hoisting a man. Ay*
Joseph St. Lawrence, foreman Cataterae
Oo:, aworn:-~I db not; consider Corr a etoa.
*)le man at hojBtmjK^ea^;-never gaveiRijh-
eg;ami   "   "
.   ,       *^fiJH
i    ifter a short del iteration1 tive   Joi'V r��-
turned^the following verdiot:-^1 That Thorn wi,
Hpwells, came to' his death" by tailing down
the Calaveras shaft, having lost Uia bold'oil
the ropeyy   _     ~ r    "  \'' \ A  A A" A
, Death of. Mu Mam-i,    Ablbld^oVaer^'of/
Brit ishGqlws^ Manife, died
in;/Barkervlfie on - Monday last after a short
illhe.-:&, . Mr Manife came to Ihia country it*
IS5& Aaving p tatted "from the Balfea in ^Juiy:
; ]  i    mry-Abr mmms,       \ \   \
ry .jack 05? cscps's GESEKi;
^prjs T,���Two Sisters c'o.-^Reeordecl in
favor of/J'olin Pinketton, 3-Stlis ; M. Pinker
i'5iy I S^y; johu St* season, |; J. Z. Hou^h,
1-Sth-; L Lipsett, l-8th y"J Clendinin,l-10th^
i"  B D^^yl^th^fof;'lb| sei oi *-!arm? kno * ti
as even as if riding at anchor.    The;^engine
room 18 fviU of water, Which ebbs* and; flows
through  it" and it ia supposed a hole is duve  , b Two .Sisters eo.; re-recory
iu tbe^bp.tlbm boueatfi'the engine rooa- The',j..y April 2'A-yA^o Brothers co^lU'^orde'd
second  deck is^pretty clear of water, but below that the ship is full.     ��� ^'   ���-
^���^ienina;:' July "��� l^Notice^ls:^iye-n;1ihnthe
journals -ikm ibe International Patent .Right
COiip^Ji    4\iH    ^GQ^^LS     f*U     I'M?    \!|ff.l.",i    lb
badly wmindcd a? me tinn ��� lh\ Thomas was
kJlied, is" *w'itb; t'bein; and-Gftood the trip very- K-Vienna, ; >)n Imperial Com 'missioneKh.as'b.eeq
appointed  to:"; arrange   pre Urn inaries.      ' *'
���.;,;;We; v,
Louisville, Keritiicky^July 8r���The drawing
of fhe Kentucky Library Lottery besranearly
thU morning " Tick��t 20893 drew S100.000k;
No. 5'6'2'0 drt?w;;$50,000-1^;-JSTb.^i^M.;drew $20,-
000 ;   No. JJ8743 drew  $10,000 ;   No. 10,550,
Nuahville,, July 8-t-T'he city4s'no,w clear 6T
; cholera, iiot^aSingle cas^J being, re po rted for
Alastf 40 hours!  ;On!y, two deaths7;from old
-cases to-day.        '   { "
Bvansvil ie^-Indianai July 8^^A'great storm
and tornltdo passedioyer this city aud vicinity
���  about 8 o'clock I list night. iKronta ofi' houses
A;, par t)y bio wn on tr and ycopsid erajble dam age
done-; to; the.i churcbes ,: Xci ^Eentuclty^rpofs
were blojvn off, car^ blown; froi-n^theiraokr
&e.   A number of-tpersons are'sported in*
��� jured.     ' .*    a ryyA. *, ������ ��� 'r^ ^\yy\..A [ /' ^   . r
���^Springfleld, Uass.t Jiilys- 9^rA  systetp ..of
f'tin d al en t i m ppr.tat io n froni C ahad a of ready
made clothing and/dresa^goodijj which prob
ably has 'been' carrie&nmfbr several years,
has been detected t>y the UnitedvStatea ofa
cers, and tt considerable amount; of goods
Seized. ', ;���'' '    :- ."'"'���       ...    .���
C6ncord; N. H;,.." July 9y~ An attempt .;was
made last* night 'to^.lbro.w;.'ih.e;;.Bbato^^Expreaa
off the; track, near Sii nny Creek*-'- Two men
w e re seen pi aci ng- "trees o u I be tra ck hy a
womaiii;whom they had; beaey insensible and
tti rew among- some: hushes^ ���; She ma imaged to
reach t h e de po t an d tell.; w hat she saw. The
o t)strnciious were renioyedy They; had robbed
the worn any arid herjsaichal, which; contained
her laoney, was founiV with the following note
nlUched: "We made more money than w.e
-should- have if we had thrown the train off
the*track, you fool, *y .
Little Rock, Ark,, July S^There were several fatal cases of cholera .among the poorer
classes during the past week. One death today; v ' "���' -A ' a iA-r ��� '��� ,'���-'.
Cincinnati, July 9���Pour deaths from cholera to-day; . ��� ��� .iyA'A-A-A.
New York, July 9���Young Walworth was
brought do wn from the Toombs'lb-day to the
liii d s r�� u: R i ver; Rai I ro a d depot fo r S i n g Si ng
Mrs W��*!worth was at the Toombs; and wished
to convey her son to"���ihe depot in a private
conveyance, but was Refused. ,
Chicago, July. 9-���An yextraprdinary acci-
dent occurred nearEickapoo StaUen, on.the
line of the Missouri and PaciHc Railroad last
eve aiag. T ho track at ���. this point run a for
��ome distance along the?bank oi the Missouri
*4*erf and euddebly^ ��� wlthoui w&sning,, ba)f f:
to arrange preliminaries. The
1hpi;m ge ^o be ut��^d w* Vi6 Ci.iapv? . wiH b>-
German, but French; and English will be permitted^ The decision of the Congress will be
& 6 rn m up i ca te d * th i* o ng h th e. ; se ve ral Coram is -
sioners to theirrespective Governments. In
veritors and p-roprietorl of 'inventions; tt^rCan-
tively moving in the matter. '���  : ., |!
.London, 9th���A Vi<inna special says an attempt was made ^yesterday to ti re the Exposition t��nildlng.: Correspondents and other persons J^who have .'returned-liere,-have, hi nted that
the buildiug will probably be burnedy
Havana,; July S^The telegraph cable to
���Portovkico isvvorking;^ SeveraRlmndred vagrants who; were sent; to work on;the'terrapes
have deserted and;joined the insurgents.    "'���
f .vor of I. B; N��so.T\, James Wickham, John
���Polmere.'Jnhn Bowron, T. R. f^iiulio, T, V, a
To 1 kentwrgb* ��ach;:3 ��� interest ��� I. O ppe n tie irn-
er, M. AUhAn,- A\J U. ^Hipraon, AUr. 5ta-r,
e ac h �� in teres t>; i e- r-ic ord.
��� -June 18���Firsfc rChanee co.���Recorded hi
f ivbr bfvFirstGhanbecoii 100-inbhes waiter;
re-record.  ' '
Miking Stock on -tXjTghtxinq is agaia looking up; In consequence of the Ya neon ver
Coiin pany hay in g been worki ng o n mo derate
pay Tor the past few weeks, some people.have
jumped to the ���conclusion that Lightning is
not' a rich creek. But rich pay has again
been struck by the; Vancouver* and consequently the faith of tbe doubters has. been renew edi Shares in several companies'on
Lightning; haye cbanged hahds within the 1 ast
few days atari advanced figurfe�� and the prospects bh^tbat^roe^^iitfayi be considered en
couraging.-;:. "'������"--'������ -^;>���'/��,'���]:'"_-...' '-. '
���. Amaloamation.���The C1 aitfc-Cpstello '��* d
Saw mill Companies o tt Li g h tri ing, C reek have
amalgamated. An attempt was made last
week to amalgamate the Grindstone witlr two
or three adjoining companies; but we undaiv
stand the proposition has fallen throughvfor
the present. ���- '..'. '������ ;;'���������',';���
.   ���i i.. ���i        '    ' ��� -1 .   ' .  r   ' ��� . '
BA.��.Nard s do wn express, wI th the maiIs
and the following passengers, left early on
Sunday morning;last:���Rev. Mr Pollard, for
Cache Creek; Mrs JojiQ Bowron and two,
children* for Yale..;/././',,/',AA    $///���
Raffle.���The. raffle for a SteihWayri u"fand
Piano and a Bngei geW^iog Machine haj& been
���     -. AM- , .������':*.: i~L*+*k\W& ��**���; :M'M &M; "��� ' : .
";���""''-': yA'-AMAyiyy A A. A- :ry^yyryy:yy i rMyryAy^
An inqiies'i was held on "Tuesday evening
at Lowhee" Greek by Coroner Dr. Thomas
Bell and a jury over the' body of Thomas
Howells, who was killed ob the im\)rning q\
that day by railing down ^he pala^ras Go.Js
shaft.    It appears from the evidence that the
i lessness, and that no blame can be -attached.
to the man at the hoisting gear. , The-poor
fello^^sj^^native ibf ;^ales^aged about ?S
yeaf^ ?and^ was -a steady, industrious; mak
Death was almostvinstantaneous, as he fejj
head first dowoj the shaft, a depth .of^/75
Ah Vawn, a iChinamanj s^rn,HWas at
the bottom of the shaft at a quarter to 12 on
thei;*^"8iti; iaw a \ man come; down the shaft
head-first; I Was close to the bottom Of the
sbaffc; called John ,Gul 1 ixpn. ,  ,
��Tohn Gullixon, sworn :^~;Was down in the
drive of the Calaveras co.; at,a quarter to 12
bn>the 8th ; a Chinaman at the bottom of the
shaft called to mi to come ; 1 went directly,
and saw Thomas Howells* who I thought was
dead 5 also saw Peter Corr and Jos. Sti;Law-;
rence.cffme down the shaft; we then lifted
Hnwelifcup and found hei'Was-dead'^
; JPeter'��� Corr, sworn::-~Was on the platform
of the .Calaveras i shaft at a quarter''toil'2joir
the 8th v beard so me on e ., dal I ;^h oist up.;
11 ois tv d u p T h om as Ho wells to 'the p 1 atf o r m ;
h e p laced one foot on I he pi atfor ni j the p ther
was a p^pi.a*rently on "the rope; his harid was o n
the r<jpe ;;:berimmedi^teiy slipped the rope
and fell down the shaft; I was hot the usual
man at the hoisting "gear; Rr. Richards is
hoisting-gear.'.man ; I am dump-box man ^-the
work of the hoisting gear man,includes mak-
ing wedges and keys; I am.not a first-rate
man at the hoisting-gear ; upon-my oath I did
my duty; 1 coustder Howells death was
caused by his failure in keeping bold of the
rope ; never had any orders^riot to hoist; R.
Richard^ let me down the shaft directly after
the accinent;; Richards was'standing 6 or 8
feet from the hoist!ngrgear f. th^sUng.went
down with;libwells.: ���'���.'���'; "-,.' .���".;;_;: A ���.*���** Ar" ���
11. Richards, swbrh:^At a quaTtexHo-12:1
was sharpening a;��a<v about 12 feet fronrFthe:
Calaveraa shaft; r fiftw a man who&s name
of that year, witb Capt. McLa ugh Ha !s company
���ihR fi mi party* of gold- .fan titers who mad��
the journey overland ,to Fraser tiveri -, ^ WhmA
passing^h^montb of^plcana^u canybn, ^hey -
i he p at' f ^vei e k-111 ed ?md ^-m al  ����� o si n ?edD
am^g^theyla;tter:;4lr -Manife, who was shol
through'the left tung^and bad/ to be padke^l A
cHitaiifes'iO'Lyr.ror^.a distance ol spme|25'(i
miles, from whence he proceeded iovV!ictdri* .
fof-oi��d:c��[ advice.   'Afterrhlspartial recov*
every,., Mr^Manife- returned; itb^he^mainland;;
a n d engaged la- p a ck! ng, -an don re li ri n g fro ia-'
that business he purchased the Mission ranch
at WiUiams Lake, where'he successfully car*';
ried-/on- farming and -.trading,^ Some * tb're*
years since he-entered into '^partnership ;wiUi -
Mi G. F I nhlevy^ of  Sode   HreeK, wt^ere ha
carried-/ bpL-business.;. ��-ririo"^theytim^
d ( a th    M s f^aui*��� was>;a ma t At c? a idets bi��
onerg3% and wa^l Ii?ffl- :;Id   Ihe e^tiifiali^ of
the ujmw.imHy pq ars honest;;reilablq busiiiiess
man;, Muj h syrapaifey was manifested %j out^i
c*<Ireas for Irir M.\wi'- during hiy lapt illness?
leaving home for Barkerville to take part hiy
the festivities blf;';Dommio
between'��� Qii'esnel mow 'th? ,and.:^a^wi fife lei; aa^ty
o i'onr;h'G  in to ' io wn  I fl ^ very; Io \v; * oadltloai
Notwithsfa-ndmip ihe u taaob fatten don on ibo
part of his physician and the careful nursing
of many friends, he succumbed to the oiseosa
inflammation of the lung���and died at the   ,
residence of Mr J^/il-Newlandat 1
Monday  morning, 7 th, July. -The deceased '
was aJnativeot Missp��nvi, ^Sl}and aged abou4y
42 years." The funeral service*was performed
in Barkerville by Rev. Mr, Hall, Wesleyaa
Minister,   and   .the   body   taken   to^.Soda
Creek  for   interment,   a large  numbe&MJ*-.^
people following the remains aa far: as Rich-
��eld/      ���    , . ���        .
Raxcii-foh Sale.���The 12d~mile hoiiBe, Bo*   .
naparte,' with 16^ acres of good land, and 43
head of catile, is offered for sale by the pro-'
prietor, Mr Mundorf.
I?irstOx TBA��s.r-Byder-a;bxieama|pr'i^etl \
oh /Monday ^and Sperry^s andr Joe DeRou^he'i
on Tuesday. 7 -  ,'-'
Work on the'Nelson Creelr^t^
menced last Mondayi ���. /       ^   y   ;
.Passage, $2; for the ronnd trip, $3.
-Freight taken at low rates.
api2 B.C. WILMOT.
D" i ihii*NG- ir? absence from cabtboo .
I JOHN BIBBr hoW.iay^Jg^AJtwn^.--
{NrtaTTtU*, K��y t\
.'---.��� ��� '.'.'��� \.*ylwrrrMi< *V[iy-^"^;'; '.-..^it.LiJ-^-,^1 [.Ma-i ^j ^-i ;' _ ... _..��-,..,...
.-. 'W^iCw'^^flfcSti^teig^riftt^ftU^Ai^ tt-.".'.  t;]:^ :;t  'A *  w//  jf  y-\y  y  '.'.";'''  ry '���������*;%-,'  ^-feu^-v,y^-.���������;^':���������;^^:oy;^:;/i-:^^' ^:''-' ;"{,!;';;^;;,; y ;^;������^'^o'ri ^-v;-;-!;.; Trki t? t>TTj  so^hM^ ^  g Ar-yA-Ayyy ^J3:j       J.u&.i^H >& xkj  | is   ,        / ,     llliiyl   : IIMapI  :.......M.OVI*rCB OF/BRITISI  p|      y:y:  Division,: and in; the. Electoral District of  Kobtehay :   '.,':*���������" ' ��������� "���������.' " ���������."'���������".  v; NOW; KNOW YE that We do order/and  proc fai m that ?' The Coil nty, Con r Us Ex I eusio n  Act, -;1873,^'sha1lj from; and; after the date  hereof, have full force an^: effect in tbe Electoral Di8tric'������of "Cariboo; except,that portion  t hereof; kn 6 wn as --. th e:"' Om in e ca Pol ling J)i  vision, andin tlie Electoral District of Koote-  tiayv.>>.: y ^XMAAAyAA-My. '������������������.':��������� .,?;':; /  pp^^STiMoxy A Whereof, We have caused  iA������ these Onr Letters.to be made Patent, and  ���������0h theGreat Seal of tlie Province'of British  |0y.Columbia to^be hereunto affixed :   Wit^  3fH7$5&jvlhe: Honorable .Joseph William  y , Tkctcit, Lieutenadt-Goyernor of the said  yJll VrPv i nee p f Br itisii' Co I a m b i a, i n tb e Cl ly  $|| of Victoriaiv in:, the" 8ai<l Pro vin ce. th is  W^*;:*'o;yrUi"'day of;.;5tarch, in the year of Onr  f$r-i Lord Oue ;thoiisand" eigbt- lm 11 dred ���������. and  ;y^--sev.eh'{y'HhreeVand;iuthe thirty-sixth year  p|^'';o?;OHr|Re1gn^ A/A /" ;-'��������� -A ��������� A-     '  ^^6nimnnd.y-A-/-y'i;iAAy'  '      *"'';���������'...  |iiJ''JdiiiN'ASrTl,/;. ....'    ;���������:.'  'SAA:'.-,: s/PrpvincialSecretary...-,���������:A. mr22i 4m .  ' Appointmeiits. ^  PBOViNoiAr., Secrktauy's.Offtce,  y    ; 4th March, 1873.    Xi  His Excellency the Lie a ten ant-Go vera or  has been pleased to make the following; appointments under ���������VFlieSheriffs.Act, 1873" i '  Richard W0003, Esq.;for Vancouver Island;  HExiiy V. Edmonds, Esq.,.for the>. City: of  New Westminster.v iy.'yyy   *iiA-.. ..'A-  George ByRNEStI?S9v for Cariboo.;   ;;"���������-.  By command, .���������; .... >���������' ���������*���������>:  JOHN ASH,.      ^   .  "y. ���������;,. ,'���������;   Provincial Secretary.  ' PUBLIC   NOTICE-  fflpHEREAS ;i>^- a ;l^clamatiohi;;dated 4th 'JIarim;  WjfM- A&T-SS theVMainland.ol'.Bntish Columbia was.lor  ..... ..... ..or  tn^purpo'sos ofYthe abovo"Act,'. divided-. into uvfc Eoad  Di|tnci3^Yi^ AA- '."'���������' '���������. .'>; ��������� ��������� ?y'-"'  f be,Caribco .District." ^        . '. 'A .  ;-������ ' " * ���������������  ^rTbcijilooet:k'6ud'':DistHct/i''::': ' ���������''   "���������;'. ".-'������������������ ::  jlg^hoTale-yRoad^ {W '������������������������������������  .,\ The'Kof^te'nay Roau; District'. '���������'.A   '���������"<'���������.." f" ���������  The New "Wr-'stm ins ter Road .District*.   ��������� .*.���������  "'1%ICE'%; I!ERJEOT;;GlMEN.. that "-tlie following  pRovKcrALSECRETART's Office,  .,.,  4th March,* 1873."   .    ;.-  ; His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor  has been pleased to .appoint Hexrt Slye  Mason, Esq.?-to be Deputy Registrar of the  Supreme Court of British Columbia; ; .,  : By command,;; ;   ���������������������������  ;-..'.'- :'. . .JOHN,ASH,    ���������  Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secreta ry?s Office,  ���������"-.':������������������������������������ ,14th March, 1873.. .  ,r His Excellency the Liimtenant-Governor  has been pleased to appoint Wi C. Bkukelky,  Esq:; to be Audit Clerk for the Province ol  British Columbia. ���������    -;.'... ���������;. j.���������'������������������-. . '��������� /;     .  ; , ;       x'By command, -v.:     ,���������..      ���������':>  ���������  .;. JOHN ASH,, .  -        Pro viuciai Secretary.  lay, J.fK. Moll Jan, ast������J). Lohcvae, ofVi'AA  Esq.ulres,     :'.<ly   *; ' y������ UI ^ctori^  ��������� "Jeremiah H%m aud Ck>ote M. Chambwa ^r.  rardInlet, E?qulrosv������������������ ,\., " of-But.  G. H. Wilsou Brown, "of Alderley. T^anitfi  AW.-H, Morrow, John J.Galbraitlj, ana Join %  of,Kootcnay,-Esquires. .     .   '     *4J0DnSh^(  James- Robb and G. P.. Dcabble, of ComOT-1,  quires.. ������������������;"..:���������.':��������� .y^ ���������-���������:<.������ ���������--������������������. ���������:-:"������������������ -��������� ,      ��������� *������ -1* :  James Mackio, of I^nrfey," Esquire.  :. Charles B. ''Sword,-1 of Miitpq'uij* Rsqaire; ���������  ^ Donald McGilyery and Duvid "Miller, of Sumaa, P  quires^ ���������....,;,. _i ...  -������������������' 't!*  Thomas Bellj Edwartf'Pearson,-John Cliinn  Jonathan Kutt, of Barkervillo, Esquires;      v ' .  . Richard Deighton and D. McNanghien, of "h.^  Creek, Enquires ���������'��������� ���������"        ;: " \        ' ���������   - uarvc7;  Adam Prcntia, John Lament Muir, and John John  stone -Robertson, 6f Lightning Creek, Esquires  ;; Abraham Barlow, ol.tho Town of Quesm-I. fenn?..  Robert. Burnio McMickin?, of Yale, Esquire;  James Cunningham and \y. Clarkson, of Keiv W^l  roinPier, E?quin*.      ���������   ���������',.-.-��������� '������������������"'������������������''"������������������",- ;  . .* W. D   F<rrl������ aud H. L. DeBcck.^ of Xortb -Arm  Fraser River, Esqaires.  ,  . ^ :, . . ��������� ���������  - W.-.H; Ludnor, of South Arm, Proser River, E$*  \   ���������'.;.: .. ��������� By command*,  ������������������    '"'-'''���������'.-'     ARTHUR J. G. PTNDER  ftp20*5n . '  ;: '���������;;;/   Private Secretary,  .'  oi   vicionaf m tne vita rruvui'  ?y���������, ,;;y;,;;.y;;;;;y yygy -y^:^; ||g '���������;;: y;; .r;> y y;���������;:;;; g.;;I?o t'i.rih'-'dity;;������ f ;.M a r cfsi- lintfj ft; yea:r  ;^y;y;^;;vy;;;|:;y  /     -'��������� '      ,    -   '��������� ���������b*>,-������1i.ty-t"hree, and iu thethirty-su  -    ' *of u"r3leieD'  ���������.   -     -���������  ;;;S;'';.-;?^:S;*S-^^^^^^^  * '    ' -      ' - .'"      '���������' ' '    Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary."      rjiT22 4m  ������L.S.] -,-. JOSEPH W. TRUTCH^  .;^;|;;;;ig;CA^  l.    PROVINCE OF, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  m<: Ufr-Lton^���������J   iiindfiay^Esq^ -jo   '  IVjitiib ���������. Cr*3.k I'wlii-vr Biu-inn���������O, Hare, E?q.    ' '  ., Williams Lake Ppllmg Bivisiun���������C. F* Pope, Esq. y  LiKiooE^'-jS'sraicT.^  ;y.Canpe;Greek and Clintons Polling Divisions^-C. fi.  Pope,'E^q. ,        . ,     .  *.,'.;;Li������ooct;Fp]l!ng'..Di������i3|oii^.; ."WfSniith^Esq". ���������':'-. '-.������������������ :.-:'  Ykt.F. D'Wfrry  ',-,   --������������������   ;���������-. .'^- - L-. ��������� . ..-'-'.'-" ' <���������;   '������������������-  iv.;:.; -������������������������������������.:-  -: ���������-. ��������� -       . ^ i--'  ;: 'Qkanagan-.RollingiDivision��������� C:-;A^ern'oh,';Esq* -   -'  y^:Xicm ' Li ��������������� f P. 11 nV' Di n -1 on ��������� V. -r. ^nI,b   U jq.l     ;  34ock < fU't J'ojjing Dvrhum -2J   ���������   JP iynep. Ksq  /hEamloopsPoi]jng'-iDivisiour'- J^Bovd."-'Esq.-: "'    --> '<  I.ytton tand OaclioL Crock Polling" Djviaion^T. Rf  Susy Lrq.  Yalo and IJopo.PoUing Divisions���������\V. Evans, Esq.  IIuOTF^Ai: l^TK.er.  " ~L '    ,  W\U Il������ f   ���������, P rryCrppfc, aud F cnrah 0> y Pubin^  ^pltisioiis--0.;-Booth;^:Esq"y::'-;^  Cnilliwh:iek, lAngley, New Westminster. Burraril'  Inlet, and North Arm Polling -Divisions���������ft. H "Ed '  nmnrlp, Ei([        _    '.' ���������   y  New Westjn\STFRCn'Y District;    ; . ," .'  ��������� H. V.'Eatnoods, Esq. .y,"   ;. : :y.     ... -      '   , ;.;  ^i'^-AA'My^y^i.By^cbinj^Sindi^r iy -yy-'.-A' '";'���������',-"'--  11    "-'-'.'       JOHN-ASHy     "     -.y  rr- i   - -   . " ., ., !-     '  - '  * Provincial Secretary.  yyictom, Apnl:4th^l873.;        ' ;     y'y ap23^in :  In the fSnpreme Court of  "fiiir   ' "  ; ���������'.;���������;     PBOVlXaAL.SHCItKTARV'sOFFfCB,  .:y,-:A ;������������������    -.A :,.   ,4th March, 187.3.  His Excellency the Lieutermnt-Governor  has been pleased i-Xw appoint 'the following  orentlemen to be Assessors and Collectors tin-  (1 e r..; a nil -to carry ion tiit lie p ro visions of: /��������� The  Land;Tiix'Act. 1873'':��������� .-"-.;:.;:���������' y  ^^lhe^uD^ooT)������,; r^.vjforJVic'tpria^istiict  EsqiiiuiuH and Metchosjn District*,- Ksqiiimalt  Town District, and. Lake 'and Saauich Dss-  tricisi y    .  -Willtam Stewart, Esq., for Nanaimo Dis  trick    }  -'_ John Morlky,'Ehqm foriCowichan ^aud Salt  Spring'Island Districts. j     _  Josbph Uodello. Esq.. for Coinox District.  Hknuy y. -Edmonds,- Ksq.,- for ��������� New  Westminster'District.  igR. A. Buowx, Esq., for.Port Essineton.  Benjamin P.  Gkifflx, Esq., for Yale Dis-  lrijct:i||if^|gg^  Tnos. U. Bori-j; Esq.. for Eytton District.  - John- Boyd. Esq., tor Kiimioops District,  Au;xAM)i-.n Hoed, Esq., for Nicola District.  Charles K.Popm, Esq.,' for Liilooet Dis.  trict.  ;/ Edward T.yxox, Esq., for Liilooet District  jGkokoi!* Bykxks, Esq . for Cariboo'District  ���������' .Cobxelids , Booth, Esq., 'for Kootenay Dis";  ti-icL;;^ 7;;';';^;,-^;;-^;'';"!;;\.;>fy'--V:;^^'".";;���������:-:-^^:'--:' -;^:"^;  By command.   '  JOHN ASH.  mr22 3m Provincial Secret ary.  ; Provincial Secretary's otllci*  y.-AAy--   ':'- ..:--";V-y..: . -25tli April,isk  ,. His Excellency the Lieutenant.Governor lias be?n  pleased to appoint tisc^oUoivisg^atlpmento reccivi  applfc'itloos for Registration and Recnntj under i'aa  provisions of- "Tho I/md* Registry Act. 1870" aCd  "The Land Registry 'Amend oicut Act, 1873, ������.��������� and *j  perform the duties heretofore allotted to tho Sup���������.  -flirirv Magistrates under * Tlie'.Bilis'of S:������lo Onliinncc.  1870," and " The Bills of Sale Amcnilmvnt Act.-1873������'  and tho,." Cattle Exemption Act, 1871," in am! for,  the-Klrctoral Districts, or; Polling Divisions of KlJc  toro 1 Districts, sot opposito their,re$p'eoiive ntun'4:  ���������   ="\V. H. Fitzgerald^ >>���������(;, Tolling Division of Oniin������sa.  .. J.-Bowron, Esq,, Polling Divisions of HichUtldand  Lightning "Creek!- \- .--. -.���������-":;-:::;;'-.������������������'��������� :'  :   0; Haw, Esq.. Polling Divisions of /Kelthley Creek  and^uVsni'linouth.. y:5 ;��������������� ;-yv:-   'r:      ; y .  C.  K.' Pqie; E?q.,.* Polling; I)ivisions of iniliaaa  Lafco. Cunoe Creek, and.Chnton.        '   ���������  A. A;W. Smith, Esq". ^Polling r������tvi?foh ofUilooot. ;  W.. Teague; R'q;, B h-ctorai District of Y ft le. "; .  ;H,;.V. B;imon'is, Ksqi'.'-EIecUiraI .Districts of K������������  Weslininstcr City ond pislrict..: /   ";_    -  '". CiBootlipKsqi, Blecli^^istHctJofiKonteiihy.'  ���������     By e^ftiinaud. ' JOHN A$Kt  -    s        ��������� Provincial SocroUry.  1   :'���������-'.;. :' ���������' 25th Aprils 1S73.  His Excellency tho Lieutenant-Governor lm> iiivs.  pleased* to appoint thtii ibilowlng gifutleinen to be Ui>  irict Eegistrars^ under ^^ticBirtbSiileaiiJS, and i!^p  riagesAct, 1872]'���������  District JS'o. Z���������lh V...Edmonds, Esq.  - ���������     "       ,u   4~*\V. TeuKue, E>q. '  s<   .     4'   6-A. W.Smith, K*q.  ������ ������' 7_J. Boivron. Esq. '..-   .'  " ������   9���������C. Booth, Esp     |  By command, ,     JOUK A?B.  - ,     y' Provinci al deer't s?r.   ,  mv21  UPPER FRASER^RBHSte,  yl'/.;y-  'vrOT'ORlA, by  ibe  Grace of God, of the  - > United Kingdom of Oi'eiat'BrUrtirt'anfllre-  ������    *  . ^     land,;<3plEENVBefenderbf'tluj'F  ��������������������������� ��������� >.  "^o all to whom tbese'presents shall come;  f *���������������-*-  .. 'Gkekting;^  '      <A   ���������   - ��������� -  A PROCLAMATION.    " ,  ; 6ro^;a; ^v^LKEM-;r feipro-  ^/^���������tpni'e^^ of  <��������� The.Connty Courts Extension 'Act; 187S,"  ytbat y-"yrhe> Milling Court constituted '.linger':  " f The Gold Mjning|.<Or-diniinceT 1867f? efml'l  ; ry. be and is hereby,!. merged in; the .County ���������  "y* Coii r t; '"and every Co tin ty Op iirt Jiidge of  ���������4m British  Colnuibia; shall^Vhave and be poV*  '   " sessed of ihosaine jurisdictibo, powers, and  ^J'? a t j tho ri lies, as Ihose had and ;��������� exerciRed by  **" ��������� the' Go I d ��������� Co mm m ion ers u p poi ii ted, nc ti ng,  ; Van d p.rest d i ng as Ji t d ges of th e sa i d: St i n i ng  ?';J?6jitt J?and :iaitJ^roc^edipgs;: thei*eunder  /' filial I. Jbehad and .taken in: accordance with  y"*? the. pr.6.vislons,;of. * Tbe Go]d-Minili^Ordin  ;^anee;"'i'8bT;,!rand 'TbeGoIdMihibg Amende  ;-:;';"*iViii#o.V4i^S ".//A   ��������� 'r-A.ry  And vrhereas a proviso is inserted that fbe;  A3t .sh ot i i.d o n ly have full fo rce and eifee tin  eucii portions of"the Province as the Lieu!.>:���������  ���������teoWuorin Co[iiMi\$?ghiifrom 'tinie to time;  by Proc la ma tion" orderly '     ,        Ai/"  '.:���������, ��������� And w11ei\ea"sJiia'expftiilent' that the said  fjke%shoiiId��������� baye/ftt](;���������'fpice ariiciteffect in the  BJeetoral pi strict ;jb/^Cari|bdo/-exce-nat:tbat-p_oi^-,  4^n tor^f known; as tho Omineca;, Polling  GENERAL ORDER.  NOTIGK is 'hcrehy pi veni" tHai the Supreme Court  wUl sit-in;*Banc,for the hearing of all motions  .aigiimfcn.t*, ������ppealH, .ami other matters coming Ijefore  the Court iii.Banc, at the Supreme Court Ko.rni in the  City of^Viit^r^v.rar.ihanfojlQwin^iorm'i. on the days  ntreinafterTneniioned, namely; ���������  For Hilary-Terra from the 15th to 25th February ���������  mr Knster IVrm from the loth to25th April* AA'r--  "For Michaelmas Term from the 15th td;25th November,  There %'ill be no.sitting in Banc in Trinity'r.'rm  y Incase any .or; tlie \days; of; th elates mimed for the  .begmning;:6r;';endiiig;;of; the .Terms; should tii II on-n'  Sum)ay or\ Pulilic -.Hoiidoy, then the Terin wil 1 begin  or end on!the aext following-day, s ���������; ;  'VS^/V A-A'r  ������������������' -fMAtr.''T.\BRGBTR*C;-j;y.:'-;''';'::''  j>������-4-.V?������������������;i,':: ;fHENRY;P.PBi;l,EWCltKASBlJ  / yUated/Vjctgria, 'Janiiiiry 24'th.i 1873.  . ��������� -;mi*22 tf  TAX ACT, 1873,  WJOTIGB IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT BY  XT; aProclainatipn dated the 4th March  1873, tbe/itoad Districts therein .named were  created under the provisions of " The lioad  Extension Act. 1873." 'y *  :.'Ali4ibafi by Section 4 of 'rTfis Lnnd Tax  Act,yl873," it is provided Hint 'the Road VU-  IT^WWt( TW-Boftd. Extension  Act,:J.8;/3/J shall be Land Tax Districts for  the; p n rposes pf lbo Ac t. '  -ATbe RoadDjsfricls biiherto established on  Yanc^iverlslund;ure,under Ihesame seclion  made Land-Tax Districts for the purposes of  tue.Act,,- .y..;;���������/'-��������� .-���������"-��������� ^' ;'  i?ated th#3tn day of Mai:ch, 1873.       '  '-.���������''������������������ By Command. '."'������������������  Ky       ;iiJ���������;.���������.) JOHN ASH,  aj)& 4ai, .  ;v  .Provincial Secretary,  -  y fVovincialSecretaVy'sO'TIce,-  IS ���������Es-cclleiicySthe Li en tenant 'Governor has beeii  , pl.jasod^o nppoinv'the ml lowing geiulenieri to  l>aRr������irniiig\ OiTSci-rs lor the���������sftve?.tl... Electoral������~ti\k  tricts biythft I^rovlnce0 under anUto ctrry otit the:  .provlsipns of:'vrhe.M.embers' fmlemnity Act- 1873''  y; CARfROO���������Tames Uhrlsny, faqi . ' '  :<hptiMKr~ZA ^^mith, feq; v  ;--���������; Kp()TI<;NA;V^C(������njnlitt>; Bbiitii, Esq.     ���������-   ���������   j;  :\,VhIi--Wm. tfe:iuutyE?<i; '  . %EW, WRSTMINSTEft  CITY AND DISTRICT-  * H.y.K'imohds, Esq.      . ^',  By^comniandy  ,  ,."���������[ '-���������. JOffNASH,     '  mylOy_   -...-. ���������  ProvincialSecretary.  Provincial Secretary's Office,  A       19th April, 1873. ���������  IS ������ Excellency, the Lieu tt nan t Governor has hot-n  ^.pleased to appoint the following gentlemen to  ���������������c Registrars of cortu in Electoral Districts.umler ami I  to^irry out the provisions of /< Tlie Qualiilcation and  Registration ..of Voters' Act, 1871.'������        \-  Ay 6aRIBOO���������John Bowron, Esq . "   ;'  ^y;'KOOTRNAA^Ci)rneltasrBooth,^efl^  '  :���������;��������������������������� VALE���������\VmV Tongue, E-=q,"     v        .  ' ;OLLOORT -A. W. Smith- Esq ryy.yy  r yam \vestminster city��������� and district-;  it. v. Edmonds, Esq;  By command,  JOH>? ASH,  AM': '���������"-*��������� Pro vjnpiar Secretary,  nURIW.THE SUMMER WILL:LSATI  SODA CREEK ON TliURSDAYS,  As soon, as ppssible aft<srt tbe arrival of: BARN'AUD  & Co. Js Stages, and       ' " ;  QUJ3SNEL ON SUNDAY-AFTERNOOiNS,  A'/[   -    y    AT 4 0?OiiOdK.  . Tho undersignect hope, 'by :a' stifct .attention;;w  ft ashless, io mu r;t a con ti n mince* of the p;i (ronaj������  lit i her to. ex ifeail ed to Messrs, Harv in: k Wrig li t  !'. Freight, per ton, AA   A-'A. >;* i     $20  ���������;   Pudsago,    -,,.T    i-'-'-.;   -".���������   g5.-  ��������� .- ��������� ; ,   A      '     GRANT '&  ARKDT.  So^l/i Creek, April 1;lS73i M: yy i..^:;yy,m ylt) 6m   ';  ^s*^"  -LEA & PEBB32TS'  .  ���������-.-.'.;..-.   , ���������.. Celebrated   ;  WOReESTErtSHIR^  ,    -y   Declared by Connoisseur^/bo  THE  ONLY   (JOOb: SAUCE.  mm  mytO  Provincial Secretary's Ofllce,  19th April, 1873.  HIS Excellency tho Lieutenant Governor has been  Pleased to mnke the following appoJntin.snV-1  Renjamin  Douglas ana   Rohert  II    HcMIH-imr:  ������3^;^to ^*������������������������- ;*���������  Dy command. . ,   ,'  my19 '      .Provincial Secretary.  : Private Secrftary's OpncB,  4th April, 1873.  HIS Excellency tho Lieutenant-Governor has been  f,A^m'^ Pfcw������e tJie Nlowmtj Gentlemen on the  CulumlfS^11 ������f U,0':Peac^'luiv-tba ^������viuco of British  A H. A. Tuzo, W. Curtis Ward, R'  PyRithet   R  Wallace, J. H. Turner, ilesauasr S������oLda% O-,?;:'Fia a^  Caution against Fraud.���������The successor this  most delicious and unrivalled;CondimciiI tiitvlnft  caused certain dealers to apply the name of' fWorct*  ters ore Sauce" to their own inferior c'on'ipeimd*, tii"  pu bi j c I s h e re 11 y i n for m c d t h a 11 h c on ly >va y to pro1  cure the genuine, is to ..:  ASK FOR  LEA ic   P&RBINS'   SAUQB  and to sea that their namesare upon llio wbaitkb  UnKI,8,STOn-i:R,{UldKuTTI.E.:       ,.  . bninool the foreign markets having, boon aunnliei  * ltn a spurious Worcestershir<Saiico,upon the ivi#-  per and labels of which the naniOR of Lea and Parrin*  have heen forged, L. and P. gfvft notice I tint ther  liavo lurnishecl,thoircorrespondents,withpovvcr.f  at tor n ey to ta k e i n s ta n t p rocee d i ups fffcn insl man ir-  actua bk s a n <I vk,\Do K 8 o j- -g u oh. ri r a ny otiter iurlta-  ���������������sby whichthcjrrigh.'t-m'iiy heinrrmged.  Ask for LEA fc PERRINS* Sauce and see  Stopfer11 ^ra^P6r,Lab.eV.Bottle, a^  Wholesale and Torexport bvthcProprietors, Wor.  ce������ter jgroascand BlackwelLibnclbii^C^^.C.;  DyGroodrsdafcQiltoQaunlvoJreaUr   * .   >       ^  BK  ili  i.'-.  ������ssmw^^ A*"-,,i*Wi*'Mtw''


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